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Ch. 05 – The Gathering (Part 2) Kara pinched Michelle’s clit between two fingers and Michelle cried out in pain and pleasure. “Vat vas that?” Kara teased in her thick Eastern European accent. “Vat did you call me?”

Michelle whimpered. She had no choice but to give Kara what she wanted. “Please, Mistress Kara,” she emphasized. “Fuck me.”

Kara complied, fingering Michelle’s pussy with an intensity that she never would have believed possible of the woman before. She is not going to beat me, goddamnit, was the last thought to pass through her mind before the orgasm tore through her. For several timeless moments, there was nothing in her world but pleasure.

When she opened her eyes, she found Kara’s hand hovering inches before her face. She raised her head to suck but Kara pulled her fingers away. She took her forefinger into her own mouth and then lowered herself until Michelle could reach her ring finger. Michelle sucked the sweet-tasting cum off of Kara’s fourth finger. They sucked her middle finger clean together, their tongues battling to draw it into their own mouth. Shortly, the finger was forgotten and they were kissing deeply and passionately.

Then the fingers were back inside of her and Michelle groaned into the kiss. She fought to regain her senses while she could. She had failed to improve her position after cumming. Kara still had complete control of her body, had brought her to a powerful orgasm, and, worst of all, was still wearing her absurd leopard-print underwear. Michelle realized to her dismay that she was being dominated. Allowing herself to cum had not helped in the slightest. This time she would resist, she decided.

Kara, meanwhile, had begun to rub Michelle’s swollen pink clit with her thumb as she alternated slipping two different fingers in and out of Michelle’s wet twat. Michelle shuddered and closed her eyes, concentrating on ignoring the waves of pleasure emanating through her body. On and on it went. Kara’s unrelenting fingers drew Michelle closer and closer to the brink of orgasm, despite her best efforts to fight it down. Any time she attempted to escape, Kara held her down more firmly and increased the intensity proportionately.

“I am thinkink that today you lose,” Kara teased. “I am thinkink you cannot handle this for much longer.”

Kara lowered her mouth to Michelle’s breasts and began to suck and bite at her hard nipples. Even with Kara’s weight off of her, Michelle was unable to escape. All she could do was resist. Resist the pleasure of Kara’s fingers sliding in and out of her twat. Resist the pleasure of Kara’s thumb rubbing against her most sensitive spot. Resist Kara’s hot, wet tongue on her breasts.

With a long, loud cry, Michelle came again, harder than before, her body thrashing beneath the attention of Kara’s expert manipulation.

At the height of her climax, Michelle made her move. Contrary to every instinct in her body which wanted only to writhe and moan and prolong the orgasm for every possible moment, she fought to raise herself up and roll over on top of the larger woman. For a long, desperate moment, they teetered on the brink of balance. With a grunt, Kara forced Michelle down onto her back. Michelle attempted to roll away from her, but Kara threw her leg over Michelle’s body and straddled her, forcing her to lie flat on her back.

Kara crossed her arms beneath her breasts and looked sternly down at Michelle, who struggled feebly beneath the weight of the larger woman. “That vas very, very naughty,” Kara scolded her. “You vill be punished.” Kara began to scoot up Michelle’s torso, until her thighs bumped against Michelle’s breasts. “Such large teats on such a small girl,” Kara laughed. “Mine are bigger. And prettier.” She cupped them through her bra. “Too bad you vill not see them tonight.”

Pinning Michelle’s arms over her head, she slid her body over Michelle’s breasts and knelt above Michelle’s face. She placed her knees on Michelle’s small biceps, eliciting a whimper of discomfort. “Your pussy tastes very good,” Kara observed in carefully pronounced English. I hope you enjoy mine.” She pulled the fabric of her panties to the side and lowered her dripping twat onto Michelle’s mouth.

Michelle squirmed helplessly. Her arms were trapped painfully beneath Kara’s knees. She thrashed her legs and lower body from side to side, but could not budge the larger, heavier woman atop her. And now, Michelle realized, she couldn’t breath. The pungent scent of Kara’s arousal filled her world. She poked her tongue experimentally into Kara’s twat, hoping the woman would react by shifting her weight, but all she received was a pleased murmur muffled by the thighs pressed against her ears.

Michelle began to panic. If her arms were not trapped, she could adjust herself in such a way to breath and perform, but she was powerless to free them. She began to buck wildly, trying to dislodge Kara from her throne. She futilely twisted her head from side to side, attempting to create a small amount of space. Success! Kara squirmed slightly above her and Michelle sucked in a deep breath of hot air. That was all she needed.

She plunged her tongue deep inside of Kara, earning a much more satisfying moan this time. And Kara did taste good, she was pleased to discover. That would make her task all the more pleasant. Her only chance of salvaging victory was to take control from this very difficult position. She relaxed and fell into the well-practiced ritual of performing cunnilingus from the bottom, sneaking an occasional breath by stretching her head back just enough to clear her nose for a few moments.

Kara had excellent control, but slowly, over time, Michelle felt her talents sinking their hooks in. Kara began to rock her hips slightly. Every time her weight shifted backwards, Michelle worked her arms outward towards freedom. Soon, Kara was moaning and rocking like a carefully conducted orchestra with Michelle expertly manipulating her from beneath. Sensing her control slipping away, Kara leaned backwards and began to furiously finger Michelle’s twat.

Inwardly, Michelle grinned ruefully. This was familiar. In Sylla’s match against Annie, they had been in this exact position, with Sylla riding Annie’s face and fingering her pussy to prevent Annie from taking control from the bottom. There were two important differences, however. First, Kara, being much shorter than Sylla, was having to stretch further backwards, giving Michelle plenty of room to work. She immediately freed her arms and wrapped her hands around Kara’s smooth thighs, giving her nominal control over the woman’s hips. Secondly, and more importantly, Michelle was much better with her tongue than little Annie. And now was the time to prove it.

With her newly earned freedom, Michelle turned up the intensity to the maximum. She pulled Kara’s uncommonly large clit into her mouth and sucked powerfully. Kara cried out and attempted to pull away, but Michelle used her grip on Kara’s legs to pull herself up with her. Kara’s fingers began to move frantically, but Michelle shut off her mind to the waves of pleasure. She had taken Kara’s best. It was her turn now.

She plunged her tongue back deep inside of Kara, pressing her teeth against Kara’s oversensitive clit while sliding her tongue carefully against the nerve-packed walls of Kara’s twat. Kara’s moans became sobs of pleasure and she abandoned her own attack, focusing only on withstanding Michelle’s tongue. But it was too late. Michelle had complete control.

Effortlessly, Michelle rolled Kara to the side and onto her back. She tore Kara’s panties off and shoved three fingers inside Kara while furiously attacking her foe’s clit with her tongue. Even over Kara’s screaming orgasm, Michelle could hear Sylla’s soft applause and murmur of admiration. “Well done,” Sylla was saying. “Very well done.”

Michelle attacked ruthlessly. She allowed herself an uncharacteristic emotional response to having been dominated and took great delight in exacting her revenge with interest. Ripping Kara’s bra away with a theatrical flourish, she held the now entirely submissive woman down and abused her large, soft breasts with her teeth and tongue. She fingered her until the orgasms ran together into an endless exclamation of pleasure. Satisfied that her victory was assured, she stood and forced Kara to crawl on hands and knees to where Sylla watched. She sat casually on Kara’s face and grinned at Sylla.

The stage was only slightly higher than Sylla’s perch atop Leliel, so Sylla and Michelle were at near perfect eye-level. Sylla leaned over and held Michelle’s face with both hands, pulling her into a long, passionate kiss. Michelle came immediately, eliciting moans from Kara beneath her. The kiss went on and on. Michelle had never felt so alive. So powerful. She was going to win her challenge in front of the entire Club.

The dream was broken by the muffled exclamations of Leliel. Michelle looked down at him curiously but he was staring wide-eyed at something behind her. Before she could twist around to investigate, Kara erupted beneath her. Thrashing and twisting in the throes of a powerful orgasm. What the hell?!?

Suddenly she was dragged roughly off of Kara’s face and thrown down next to Kara. She began to sit up but was shoved backwards by a wild-looking Asian woman. “Tamika!” she cried, before the mad woman shoved a massive rubber vibrator fully inside of her and switched it to maximum power. Michelle screamed.

Tamika knelt before the two woman, wildly fucking them simultaneously with a pair of identical black vibrators. Michelle and Kara writhed helplessly, clutching weakly at each other as orgasm after orgasm was torn from them. It went on and on. Michelle was only dimly aware of Tamika being ordered off the stage by a voice over the loudspeakers, but Tamika refused to stop. Tears leaked from Michelle’s eyes. She had fought so hard for her victory and now it was ruined. Would it be ruled a draw? she wondered, before all thought was demolished by another unwanted orgasm tearing through her body.

A pair of angels climbed onto the stage and approached Tamika warily from behind. She whipped her head around at them and grinned. They took several steps backwards and motioned for more angels to join them. Their courage increased with their numbers and they eventually gathered the nerve to grab Tamika and pull her off stage.

Slowly, Michelle regained her senses. The vibrator was still deep inside of her, buzzing loudly and causing waves of pleasure to flow through her body. She turned her head to see Kara beginning to sit up. Kara’s vibrator has slipped out as Tamika was dragged off the stage. “No!” Michelle shouted defiantly. She reached over and shoved Kara’s vibrator deep into the woman’s twat. Kara screamed and fell back. Michelle pulled the matching vibrator out of herself, shuddering.

Exhausted, and with the lingering after-effects of Tamika’s onslaught ringing through her body, Michelle had to summon every remaining ounce of determination to force herself to action. All she wanted was to collapse and red, but she couldn’t. She had to win. She knelt next to Kara and began to slide the vibrator in and out of the writhing woman. The second vibrator, which she had perversely started to think of as ‘hers’, she applied to Kara’s swollen clit. It was over almost before she started. Kara’s cries echoed throughout the arena. “Ја се предају!” she gasped between orgasms.

Michelle paused, unsure of what to do. “Um, in English?” she asked politely.

“I surrender,” Kara replied, going limp as Michelle mercifully removed the vibrators and switched them off. “You win, Michelle.”

* * *

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