She was fuming. He was so irritating sometimes! All she wanted to do was have sex but apparently all he wanted to do was play his new Madden 13. She even wore a low-cut blouse that beautifully cupped her full, firm DD cup breasts. She’d pierced them at a young age, and had worn a bra since to conceal it from her parents resulting in they’re being incredibly perky. She’d done her makeup and curled her firey red hair so it framed her cute, round face. A breeze blew over her bare legs as she walked and around her short skirt. She hadn’t even worn underwear!

It was only a short distance home if she cut through the woods. It was dark out, making her uncomfortable under a feeling of being watched as she reached a small wooden bridge spanning a creek bed. She quickened her pace, her heels clicking rhythmically over the wood.

A rustling started underneath the bridge once she’d gotten about a third the way across. Alarmed, panic took her limbs to a sprint. Vines snaked out from beneath coiling their way around her ankles, thighs, wrists, and biceps, easily overpowering her, dragging her backwards before lifting her into the air. She struggled, and let out a scream. In response, another vine coiled its way around her mouth, gagging her and muffling the cry. She was easily pulled underneath the bridge.

The more she struggled, the tighter the restraints wind, holding their prize. The vine covering her mouth mobilized, sliding around so its tip pressed on her lips. She tightly held them shut, as others began to make their way through her shirt and bra. She heard the fabric easily being torn from her skin and gazed down at her naked, restrained body only adorned by her short skirt. They slowly began to massage and knead her soft breasts, pinching and rubbing her nipples until hard.

Managing to pry its way through her lips, the member at her mouth was steadily wriggling over her teeth, covering her mouth and face with her saliva. At her refusal to allow its entry, the base made a second coil, sliding it over her head to blind fold her. Around her thighs, she felt movement and one of the vines moving slowly upwards towards her cunt, which was growing steadily wetter from the wide-spread attention.

It touched her outer lips, then ran around her labia until wet moving to stimulate her clit. This drew soft involuntary moans from her, the tentacle over her mouth nearly penetrating the barrier of her teeth. In frustration, yet another loop was formed that was placed over her throat. Slowly, as another arm of the plant snaked towards her dripping pussy, the one on her neck tightened, until by the time the arm was circling her entrance, her air supply had been cut off completely.

Frantic, she began to struggle, uselessly flailing her arms and legs against the attack. She needed air, she wasn’t prepared for it to be taken from her so swiftly, and the attention to her body was making her want to breathe more rapidly. Instinct beginning to take over, she began to gulp at the air, giving opportunity for entry. The coil loosened, barely giving her the time to take the air she so desperately craved before pounding into her throat, face fucking her. At the same moment, the one at her vagina plunged in, and they began to pump in rhythm with the one occupying her clit.

She couldn’t help but moan, they were all doing such a thorough job. When she was on the brink of an orgasm, a final vine swapped places with the one ramming her pussy picking up the same pace. Already lubricated, the one that was in her pussy circled her asshole, and slowly pressed its way in. Screaming, she came, covering the plant in her dripping juices but it did not stop. Instead, it manipulated her suspended body into a variety of different positions, some more elaborate than any man could achieve. She came again and again and again, until it became painful.

Suddenly, the plant withdrew from her now sopping wet pussy and asshole. It secreted a foul juice from one in her mouth, and she was forced to swallow it. Darkness quickly overcame her, and she welcomed the slumber. Still gagged and blindfolded by the appendage, she was moved and pressed underneath the bridge, invisible to any passerby.

1969 – Man walks on the moon.

2097 – The first permanent Lunar and Martian colonies are settled.

2198 – Artificial gravity allows thorough exploration of the solar system, and orbital colonies are quickly established around all major planets.

2268 – Warp Drive technology is perfected.

2301 – The DREAM era begins. The exploration and colonisation of the galaxy is in full effect. Several centuries of technological progress has propelled humanity into a golden age, where resources are plentiful, disease and famine are non-existent and human suffering is history.

The story takes place on a rocky, backwater planet in the western edge of the galaxy, Atheana-4. The planet was first settled seven years ago by a few hundred people. The atmosphere was roughly the same as Earth’s, at least similar enough so that humans could breathe without Oxy-suits.

Colony 214-B-6, or Elmaty as it was know to the locals, was one of several colonies on Atheana-4. It was also the one of the first to be settled, nestled away in the corner of an island about the same size as France on Earth. The colony ship had carried several Terra-forming crews to the surface, and immediately they began removing the local habitat, making it more suitable for habitation. The colonies had no need for crop fields or livestock; food was grown in the huge biolabs at the centre of the colony, so despite the colony now numbering more than 11,000 people, it covered just a small area of land.

It was here that Jennifer had spent her teenage years. She reminisced back. The time she and the girls had snuck around the school after hours and filled one of the rooms with Pumice Bugs, her first kiss with David round the back of the library, the time she was almost crushed by falling Allstrand tree that had been hit by a Mag-truck the day before. Now she was a young woman, 19 years old, with piercing blue eyes and pitch black hair down her back. Her curvy figure always drew looks and cat-calls, her large soft breasts standing out from her body. Daughter of a Pylon engineer and an extra-terrestrial biologist, Jennifer was almost guaranteed to play a crucial part in the colony. Without the Pylons, Atheana-4 would be cut off from the rest of the galaxy, and there were still millions of species on the planet that had yet to be identified.

For now though, Jennifer was content to make the most of her youth. Promiscuity was hardly rare in this period of human history, but Jennifer was something else entirely. Her sexual appetite was legendary amongst certain circles, rivalled only by her ability to break hearts.

She smiled to herself as she slipped on the Haz-suit. She remembered last night, how Johny had flicked his tongue over her clit. How his hands squeezed her breasts. How his impressive cock made her scream and beg for more. She smiled to herself. “I’ll be getting some more of that Friday” she thought and she put her other leg in the suit. Haz-suits weren’t exactly needed around the colony. All wildlife close by had been classified a Class-5 threat or lower, and the local flora had been found to contain no harmful chemicals. But regulations were regulations, and it was always better safe than sorry on a colony world. The suit constricted her breathing somewhat, but she had learned to cope over the past 11-months with her job as an outpost relay-woman. It was a simple enough job, just drive the mag-truck full of supplies to one of the several-dozen outposts a few dozen miles outside the colony. And besides, she seized any opportunity she could to get out of the boring colony life.

Climbing aboard the huge vehicle, she shuffled around in her seat to get comfy.

“Stella, please check for malfunctions and damages.”

“Yes, Jennifer… no damages or malfunctions found.” replied the female voice.

S.T.E.L.L.A. was the artificial intelligence that had been created for the colonies. As intelligent as a human and also self-aware, she was programmed into almost everything, from mag-trucks to colony ships, to un-manned drones and even educational facilities.

“Thank you, Stella.” said Jennifer.

Pressing the ignition button, Stella recognised her finger print, and Jennifer steered the truck off into the wilderness.

“Any news on the radio, Stella?”

“Nothing new around here. But there have been reports of attacks by Stump-worms around colony 214-B-2.”

“Ugh, are the victims alright?”

“Yes, fortunately there was help nearby at both incidents.”

Stump-worms were large, native creatures, about he size of a large dog in length, but slightly heavier than a fully grown man. One of the more bizarre specimens of Atheana-4, they reproduced by laying eggs inside an orifice of another creature, then fertilizing them. Even more bizarre was the fact that they evolved at an incredibly fast rate. A mere year after humans arrived on the planet, Stump-worms were capable of using them as hosts. Not only had their ovipositors and genetalia become more scaled to the human form, but they had been observed sexually stimulating and using aphrodisiacs on their victims, who were almost always women, to make them less likely to try and escape.

Fortunately, they were native to a different continent, and so far no Stump-worms had been reported around Elmaty.

Jennifer couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like getting attacked by one of the creatures. Exactly how do they stimulate their victims? How could they have evolved so quickly? If they do those things to keep their victims from fleeing, does that mean that those women enjoyed it?

Jennifer snapped back into the real world as the radio crackled to life. But she noticed her day dreaming had left her a little wet between her legs.

“Come in Truck-7, come in truck-7, this is HQ.”

Jennifer picked up the mic.

“This is Truck-7, what is it, HQ?”

“Jen, it’s Al. Listen I know you were supposed to go to Outpost E, but… well, the colony has lost contact with Outpost A.”

“Lost contact? How? Is their sub-pylon down?”

“We don’t know that yet. But we haven’t been able to contact them for at least an hour. They have a sub-pylon and a reinforced satellite link, so it’s highly unlikely both have failed.”

“So you want me to go and see if anything’s wrong?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“Can’t you just use the Stella there to take control of the surveillance cameras and see what’s up?”

“We can’t. The Stella network at the outpost was disabled.”

“Disabled? Why would they do that?”

“Like I said, Jen, we need you to go and figure out why. All the emergency response squads are tied up around Colony B-2 purging Stump-worm nests. They would come here they said, but only if there’s proof of danger at the outpost. No sense in letting the worms go free if someone’s just sat on the off switch for the sub-pylon.”

“Alright, I’ll re-route to Outpost-A. I’ll be a while though, it’s a long way.”

“Thanks Jennifer. And listen, don’t put yourself in danger there. First sign of trouble, get on your radio and call an Emergency squad.”

“Will do, Al. Talk to you soon.”

Jennifer put the mic back in it’s holder.

“Looks like we’re going on a short trip, Stella.”

“Affirmative, Jennifer. Outpost-A should be reached in approximately one hour forty six minutes.”

Jennifer couldn’t believe her eyes when she pulled up the outpost. It was wrecked. The main door was shattered into pieces. A personal Mag-truck was overturned.

“What the hell happened here?”

“Would you like me to activate the emergency beacon?” asked Stella.

Jennifer paused.

“Not yet. I’m going to see if anyone’s still here. Just… wait a few minutes.”

Before the AI could protest, Jennifer jumped out of the truck and cautiously advanced to the outpost.

Inside was just as ruined as the outside. The sensitive equipment was destroyed, even the normally hardy S.T.E.L.L.A. unit was flattened, an enormous weight had crushed it.

What really caught Jennifer’s eye however, was the clothing on the floor. A shoe, a torn Haz-suit, even some pyjamas had been strewn across the building. As she advanced further into the building she caught the scent of something. It smelled sweet, very sweet, and she felt her legs becoming weaker.

The scent started to ignite parts of her brain she didn’t know existed. She felt something primal growing deep within her.

One step further, she tugged at her collar. Two steps, she was panting hard, her palms sweating.

Five steps, she started to rub her breasts through her suit.

Ten steps, her clit, hard and red, rubbed against the crotch of her haz-suit.

Twenty steps, she stopped dead in her tracks. Slowly she sunk to her knees. Her whole body was aching for release. Sweat poured from her forehead as she started lowering the zip of her haz-suit. The cool breeze against her chest made her shudder.

Jennifer’s hands were shaking as she removed her arms from her suit. Her large breasts broke free too. Her nipples were rock hard, jutting out like diamonds. Her hands caressed them and she let out a quiet moan. What was happening to her? Why did she feel so aroused? So… alive?

Her hands drifted down between her legs. Her thighs trembled at their touch, her pussy leaking it’s juices. Her fingers danced around her abdomen, nails raking against her soft pale flesh when, finally, they found the bottom half of her haz-suit.

A small part of her screamed that something wasn’t right here, that she needed to get up and leave now, but Jennifer didn’t listen. She was already lost to lust. When her fingertips first brushed against her clit she moaned loudly. Her pussy spasmed with glee and a smile stretched across her face. Eyes closed she worked her right hand down into her haz-suit, her left up to her fleshy breast. At first her fingers teased the tender folds of her pussy, going fast then going slow, moving from her clit to her velvety entrance. But she couldn’t take it anymore.

She needed release. She needed it now.

With one move she ripped the haz-suit down to her ankles. She fell on her back and her hands immediately clasped around her snatch. She worked one finger up into herself, then another, then another . In and out, she moved them faster and faster until she could hear her juices flowing. A trickle fell down to the puckered bud of her anus and she smiled again. She had always enjoyed her asshole being played with; fingered, licked, rubbed or fucked, Jennifer didn’t care. She took her left hand and sucked on her fingers. She could taste the saltiness of her cum and it heightened her arousal.

Getting her fingers nice and wet she moved her hand down again, to her rear. Slowly she ran her fingers in circles, tickling her hole, until she penetrated it. She gasped audibly as the fingers in her dripping pussy quickened their pace.

Jennifer opened her eyes and looked down. She loved the sight of her tits jiggling as she finger-fucked herself to ecstasy. She adored the sight of her belly heaving with pleasure, her bellybutton so inviting and sensitive. She saw her hips bucking up and down to meet her soaked fingers.

She turned over onto her stomach. Her breast were squeezed against the cold, hard floor of the outpost and her own bucking body. She raised her ass in the air, her left hand now rubbed up and down her crack before plunging once again into her tight anus. Her right hand came out of her pussy and instead started furiously rubbing her red clit. Her moans became louder and louder, her breaths became faster and Jennifer knew she was close. She closed her eyes again as she remembered last night again. How Johnny threw her down onto the bed and tore off her panties.

She screamed with pleasure.

She remembered how his big, hard cock sprang free from his trousers.

She cried out in lust.

She remembered how he ploughed her for almost an hour, not giving her chance to recover from one orgasm as he pushed her into another.

Jennifer’s whole body shook. Her mouth flew open but nothing but a guttural, savage grunt came out as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. For a minute she saw stars. She wasn’t aware of anything except the intense pleasure radiating from her pussy, up her spine. Her thighs clamped together like a vice as she pictured a hundred men standing around her, all waiting their turn to cum in her sopping cunt. She pictured them lapping at her clit and asshole, shoving their dicks into her mouth only for her to suck on them with wanton abandon. No she wasn’t aware of anything but this moment.

She certainly wasn’t aware of the huge, fifteen-foot-long worm like creature that had been attracted by the smell of her sex and her moans of passion. The Stump-worm eyed it’s new prey from the back doorway of the outpost. It had used the same pheromones to drive all nine of the outpost’s previous occupiers into a sexual frenzy. They tore at each other’s clothes like they were paper. The two men of the base were not nearly enough to satisfy the seven women, so they had started cavorting amongst themselves, slurping at each others lips and clawing their breasts. It sat back and watched them for a while before making it’s move. Best to strike when the prey is at the height of arousal. One orgasm wouldn’t be enough. They would want another, and another, and another. The effects of the pheromones might not even wear off for days, depending on how much the prey was exposed to. Plenty of time for the worm to make his move.

But now there was new prey. The others had been carried off back to the brooding hole a mile away. Normally Stump-worms would just impregnate the victim and then leave, but not these ones. This kind looked after their young, and by extension their prey too. Once captured the prey would be brought back to the lair and imprisoned by a web of sticky secretions and gel. There they could be impregnated at will and without danger from the outside world. There they could give birth to the new generation of worms, only for the same worms to return a week later to impregnate their once surrogate mothers. The effects of the aphrodisiac pheromones would cause the victim to go insane with passion. From the moment they inhaled the first scent of the pheromone their fate would be sealed as breeding stock for the Stump-worm colony.

The worm looked at Jennifer writhing on the floor. In the throes of ecstasy she still hadn’t noticed the worm watching her. Jennifer gasped as the last of her orgasm faded. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut and her mouth hung agape as her fingers slowed their assault on her clit and asshole. Her body shuddered in response to her taking her fingers out of her anus, even a slight bit of drool escaped her open mouth.

But the fire inside her hadn’t disappeared. No sooner had her orgasm subsided she felt the urge building up again; stronger this time. Jennifer flipped over again, and opened her eyes. Staring up at the ceiling she blinked in a lust-filled daze. Her hands once again travelled south towards her shaking legs and her nails once again lightly scratched her inner thigh. It was then the worm made it’s move. Only inching itself forward at first, then it snaked its huge bulk towards its prey.

Jennifer opened her eyes. As she saw the worm her heart stopped, but her fingers plunging into her pussy didn’t. Still under the effects of the worms aphrodisiac, she watched spellbound as the slimy creature moving towards her. Half-moaning in pleasure, half screaming in terror, her hands continued to work their magic on her dripping body. The worm opened it’s gaping maw. A Stump-worms sexual organs were contained in a sheath inside it’s mouth. Another muscle was located below it, something that could only be described as a tongue. Around it’s mouth, six muscular tentacles that would entrap its victim.

As the worm reached her feet Jennifer found herself growing more and more relaxed. More pheromones escaped the Worm’s mouth and Jennifer’s legs shuddered with anticipation. The conscious part of her mind screamed to get up and run, but deep down she knew she needed release. The tips of two tentacles started wrapping around her shins, before snaking their way over her knees. Jennifer watched, transfixed, as they moved closer and closer to her full hips. Two more tentacles, longer than the others encircled her wrists. They pulled her arms away from her pussy and she screamed. Not in fear though, she was so close to orgasm, how could it deny her that? The Worm’s body moved up, until it’s organ came into full view. Red in colour, a full foot and a half in length and three inches wide, it was much bigger than anything Jennifer had encountered before. But she welcomed it all the same. She would have opened her legs wider, but the tentacles holding her thighs did that for her. The final two tentacles stretched themselves out and began moving their way up her belly and chest, leaving slimy trails as they went that made Jennifer’s body tickle and tingle with delight. She giggled as they wriggled around, exploring her bellybutton, her sensitive nipples and the full round globes of her breasts.

Further down, she felt the worm’s mouth engulf her. Her legs were still outside the worm, and the tentacles moved up to her hips to lock her in place. She felt the warmth of the Worm’s body surround her loins. She felt the sticky, wet juices trickle down her abdomen. She felt the thick organ rub against her thighs seeking her treasure. The Worm’s tongue also explored, licking up and down the cheeks of her ass, occasionally dipping down between them and teasing the pink rosebud of her anus.

Jennifer gasped. The Worm found it’s target, and methodically began pushing it’s organ deep into her pussy. She had never felt like this before. The Worm stimulated parts of her she never knew existed, she felt like she full to bursting. The way it writhed around inside her pushed her to the brink of another explosive orgasm. The Worm’s tongue started to push itself inside her other hole, causing her to scream again in pure ecstasy. The tentacles holding her wrists pulled them up over her head, exposing her body to the others. They wrapped around her back, and pulled her up into a sitting position. Her breasts fell against the Worm’s hot slimy body. The tentacles released her back and instead wrapped around her heaving tits.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Worm started thrusting inside her pussy. Jennifer’s legs shook in a thunderous climax. Her pink nipples rubbed against the Worm’s skin, heightening the sensations. The tongue in her asshole thrust forward as well, before resuming it’s own pattern. The orgasm resonated throughout her entire being, possibly even her soul. Jennifer wrapped her legs as far around the worm as possible. She pushed against the tentacles holding her hips and wrists, trying to open her legs further, and bring her arms down to caress her lover.

That’s when she felt something she never thought she would feel. The organ inside her kept pushing. It pressed against her cervix. Even as it started pushing itself through, Jennifer felt pleasure through the pain. She could feel it inside her womb, sending her over the edge of yet another orgasm. Her toes curled up under the intense stimulation, her fingers clenched into fists as she tried to pull away from the overwhelming sensations.

Jennifer’s vision went blurry. She felt herself drifting on the edge of consciousness. Then the Worm began to pulse inside her. She knew what was coming, even through her orgasmic daze. A thick gel began seeping out of the tip of the Worm’s organ. She could feel it being deposited in her womb, the viscous liquid filling her up. It was warm, and even made her tingle on the inside. Her mouth hung open. This was it. The Worm was laying its eggs in her. Soon she would be carried back to the brooding nest to be a breeding slave.

The Graug Kurv Strikes Back. This story contains rough non-consensual sex, futanari, bondage, demon summoning and tentacle sex. No orcs. Special thanks to Etaski for the help and inspiration. Thanks to all those who voted, commented and favorited Orc Bait too. I hope you enjoy Rohmes’ revenge. Cheers, -Ax


-1528, day 11, month 05, Issendora Mountains.

Clouds gathered overhead and dimmed the afternoon sun, bathing the plains around me in overcast light. I slowly and quietly moved forward and peered over a large rock. There was a grey stone building around thirty meters in front of me at the foot of the sprawling mountain range.

I scanned the area and couldn’t see any defences around the keep. That didn’t mean there weren’t any.

I cautiously crept up to the building. Plants and weeds had taken over the front entrance. No one had done any gardening here for a long time, but I knew the place was occupied.

I was trying my best to be stealthy, I didn’t want my presence to be noted until I was ready, but when you’re dealing with mages you never know when you’re being watched.

I came to the large door at the entrance of the keep and scanned the area again. If any place was being watched, it was here. I reached out and felt the tingling resistance of a magical barrier around the door. Expected, and I came prepared.

I reached into my pack and pulled out a scroll. I undid the ribbon, unrolled the parchment and wasted no time reciting the ancient words that were scrawled on it. Thankfully the passage wasn’t too long. When I finished, the words started glowing a bright red and the paper quickly disintegrated in my hands.

I reached out in front of me and the magical barrier was no longer there. I tried the door, it was still locked. I got my lockpicks out from my pack.

I was no master locksmith that was for sure, but this lock seemed simple enough for me to handle. Pretty soon I had the tumblers slid into place and the door unlocked.

I quietly entered the keep. I was not sure if my intrusion had been noticed yet, there was no sign that it had. The interior seemed more homely than the outside, with sconces burning along the walls, casting out warm light. There was some simple furniture dotted around and a large dusty rug spread out in front of me in the entrance hall.

I started making my way down a passageway to my left when I noticed a glowing light down the end. It was getting brighter. I quickly hid behind a pillar, hugging my body to the wall. There was a figure moving down the hallway toward me and the bright light made the shadows in the hallway dance about. I could hear no footsteps.

The creature floated past me and I could feel the heat radiating off it. It was a fire elemental. There were summoned elementals guarding the keep. Again, it was something I was expecting. It would be best to keep out of their sight. The floating apparitions would attack anyone it didn’t recognise, and I didn’t want to have to suffer any severe burns right now.

I waited until the elemental turned off and the light dimmed, then I continued making my way down the passageway. I came to an open door and I could faintly hear a mans’ voice from within.

Beyond the doorway were stone steps that lead down into the dungeon. I peered down and saw dim light coming from below. The voice continued, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

I quietly made my way down the stone steps, descending into the pit. The male voice became clearer to me, he seemed to be reciting the ancient tongue, like I had earlier with the scroll. Someone was performing dark magic down there.

I stopped when I came to the bottom and could see a figure clad in a grey robe. He had his back to me and was standing on the edge of a large, bright red circle painted into the stone floor in the centre of the gloomy, empty dungeon. Dozens of eerie red candles burnt all around. A red pentagram was painted inside the circle.

I stood in the shadows by the stairs and watched as the robed man continued to recite his magical words in a loud, clear voice. He held up a vial and then spilled a dark liquid onto the ground. I could see that it was blood, which splashed onto the stone floor at his feet. I had come by in the midst of a diabolical summoning.

Suddenly there was loud rumbling sound, and I swore I could feel the room shaking around me. It had me feeling a little uneasy.

A burst of flames suddenly rose up from the centre of the pentagram. My place in the shadows was bathed in bright light. If the man turned around he could plainly see me, but he was transfixed on the red and yellow flames in front of him.

I was transfixed too. I watched as a dark figure emerged from the flames. It was a humanoid form, straight away I noticed the shapely feminine curves and a long thin tail and small bat-like wings.

The flames died down and dissipated and the figure was left standing there in the candlelight. She had smooth red skin, long black hair that flowed down to her waist, curved horns sprouting from her forehead and scary glowing yellow eyes.

The demon was also completely naked. Her large round breasts poked out in front of her. Thick metallic rings hung from her dark, protruding nipples. Her feminine body was curvaceous and well proportioned. Her face youthful and symmetrical. The hellspawn was really quite attractive, despite her scary glowing eyes and goat-like hoofed feet.

I had never seen one in person before, but recognised it as a succubus.

I stared down at her hairless crotch, with its’ smooth red mound curving up between her thighs. A tingle went through my body and I felt the nice warm feelings I get when viewing something attractive. There was something very erotic and exciting about her.

The succubus seemed disoriented as she looked around. She looked at the robed man and hissed, and then looked behind him, directly at me. Her glowing yellow eyes seemed to pierce my soul briefly before she turned her attention back to the summoner. She lowered herself down like she was ready to pounce and hissed threateningly at him.

Eka waise ebrithil.” said the summoner in a commanding tone. His words seemed to carry some real power. The succubus raised her head and hissed wildly. “Sitja mor’amr eom eka.

The succubus then turned around bent over so that her hands were on the floor in front of her. Her red ass was raised up high with her long thin tail lifted and swaying from side to side in the air. I was treated to nice view of her puffy red pussy lips and puckered little anus.

“Yes. I’m your master now, you little demon whore.” said the summoner. The succubus turned her head and hissed again, but didn’t move from her position, seemingly bound by his command.

He stepped forward, into the circle. “You’re quite nice for a wild one, aren’t you?” He reached forward and rubbed his hands along her backside and down her thighs. The demon stopped hissing and seemed to smile at him. She wriggled her ass seductively at him and her tail swayed back, rubbing up against his body.

“Yes, you’re all the same. You need it badly. Well I’m going to give it to you, you hell-spawned Slut!” His hands moved back and started undoing his robes, opening them at the front. I couldn’t see it from my position, but I knew he had his hard cock out.

He stepped forward, getting right up behind her. I crept along so that I could get a better view. I risked him spotting me, but I didn’t much care. He seemed to be focused on his submissive demoness anyway.

I crouched there by the wall and could see he had hold of his hard average-sized cock and was rubbing it along her glistening red snatch. The succubus was still looking back at him and smiling. She was fixed to the spot, but trying to move her ass back onto the cock. Her tail was wrapped around his waist, as though trying to pull him forward.

The lewd, exotic sight had my heart racing and my pussy tingling.

Then he pushed his cock forward, it pressed up against the small opening and then speared its’ way into the red demon flesh. The succubus let out a throaty moan.

The man wedged it in deep and groaned, “Ooooh yes! Such a nice hot pussy!” He grabbed her ass tightly and pulled back and then thrust his hard cock in deep again.

My pussy tingled wildly and demanded attention as I watched him pump his cock back and forth. Damn it! The overpowering urge came over me and I had to move my hand down to my crotch and rub it hard through my leather pants. I could feel the juices dribbling out of my tingling slit. The demons’ moans and the slapping sound of the cock was setting me off.

I wanted to take my pants down and slip my fingers into my wet pussy and start vigorously pumping it. No, I wasn’t going to do that.

With some difficulty I managed to pull my hand away from my crotch and stand up. The robed man groaned as he continuously slapped his cock in fast and deep. I silently approached the circle, moving up behind him.

“Ah yesssss, who’s yer master Bitch? Who’s yer master?”

I stood there watching him fornicate with the demoness for a few moments. My pussy was still throbbing and drooling, I took deep breaths and calmed myself. Then I spoke out, “I thought you weren’t allowed to do that any more Duane.”

The man literally jumped and his cock popped out from the red succubus pussy as he spun around and saw me. He stumbled and staggered out of the circle and seized a ceremonial dagger that was lying just outside the circle. I had to stop myself from laughing at his clumsy panicked movements.

He stood up and looked at me, his dagger and hard cock both pointed at me. The hood of his robe had slipped back and I saw his familiar face. The wizard was in his fifties and balding with short dark grey hair around his large ears, and a short grey goatee. He looked at me with his pale blue eyes.

“Put that away, you have no chance.” I didn’t specify whether I was talking about the dagger or his cock.

He blinked at me, “Rohme?”

“Hello Duane.”

“Rohme the Ranger, wh… what are you doing here?”


“I never get visitors.”

“Really?” I nodded over at the succubus who was still bent over in the middle of the circle. She was looking back at us and hissing and waving her red ass about, her tail was swooshing from side to side. She looked very annoyed at the interruption.

Duanes’ face had gone bright red, he quickly drew his robe closed, covering up his cock. “Evil hellspawn, …she used her powers to seduce me. I should not have been so weak.”

I smirked at him, “She’s cute, are you going to introduce me?” I stepped forward, getting a closer look at her.

“STOP!” he cried out, making me halt just outside the circle. “You do not have control of the demon. If you step in the circle anything could happen. She’s a wild succubus, she could rip you apart. You cannot trust her kind.”

I let out a sigh, “Yeah, I have some experience with demons, thanks to you.” I turned and started walking away. “I’ll let you finish up here. I’ll be upstairs.”

“Uh, …yeah …sure, make yourself at home. I’ll be up there soon.” As I started walking up the stairs he yelled behind me, “Watch out for the elementals.”

It was only around ten minutes later when Duane came back up. I was sitting in his cosy study on a padded chair sipping fine wine from one of his goblets. I had managed to get my raging libido under control after the exciting spectacle.

He stood in front of me smiling, “Rohme the Ranger.”

“Duane the Wizard.”

“It’s good to see you again old friend. It’s been too long. You’re looking as lovely as ever. How did you get in here? …You caught me with my pants down there, didn’t you?”

“You don’t wear pants.”

“Touché.” He looked over at the open wine bottle on the table. “My Cyrnian Sauvignon! How did you find it?”

“I’m good at finding things.”

He shook his head, “When I said make yourself at home I didn’t mean steal my best wine.” He went over to the table and started pouring himself a goblet.

“I didn’t know that.” I said innocently. I took another sip, it was a good drop, with rich fruit flavours. I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing it down.

Duane turned back to me, “Where are your companions? The amazing Sierra, sweet Cordelia and your strapping swordsman, …what was his name again?” He scrunched his face up as he tried to remember, “…Streek?”


“Yes Strafe.”

“They’re dead.”

He seemed genuinely shocked at the news, “Oh, I’m sorry. That’s terrible. I’m afraid I’m living in a bubble here. How did they die?”

“Saving the kingdom.”

“I believe that, you lot are the bravest, most heroic people I’ve met.” He raised his goblet, “To Sierra, Cordelia and …Strafe. Our saviours.”

I raised my glass too, toasting my fallen comrades and then took another sip.

After a few moments of silence I spoke again, “So… still summoning?”

Duane looked embarrassed as he nodded his head, “My scholastic pursuits. Here let me show you something.” He set his goblet down on a table and walked over to a desk and picked up a large book.

He came over and put it down on the table in front of me and opened it up. I leant forward and looked over the pages. There was a large picture of a menacing horned demon and a large block of written words.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“My research. I have been observing and cataloguing all manner of demonic creatures from the underworld. There are still many strange demons that are unknown to us. I have made it my lifes work.”

“Oh. So that’s what you were doing down there with the succubus, research?”

His face went red again, “Uh, yes, well, succubi are known for their seductive powers. …It warrants further study.”

I flipped through the book, it seemed he had been busy, there were many more pictures of demons of all shapes and sizes. Some of them looked quite scary. “So you can summon any of these specific demons again if you wanted to?”

“Oh yes. I discover them by blindly ‘fishing’ in the outer layers of Hell, as it were. But once their form is known to me, I can call on their kind again.

I turned the page and saw a very interesting illustration. The demon was almost the shape of a squid. It had a large bulky body with one large eye and a mouth full of sharp teeth. It had scores of long tentacles coming out from its body like spaghetti.

I looked closer and saw that the tentacles had round tapered heads at the tip. “Are those cocks?”

“Oh yes. Fascinating creature isn’t it? I called it The Drogus. All those tentacles are its’ genitals. It enjoys putting them to use too, with whatever victim it can find.”

I closed the book and looked up at him, “I was there when the King expressly forbade you to summon ever again. What I witnessed down there, apart from being quite perverted, was an act of high treason punishable by death.”

Duane visibly paled, “But surely an old friend saw nothing out of the ordinary down there. …Did she?”

I just took another sip and drew it out, letting him squirm. He continued, “I’m not taking any risks, it’s all quite safe I assure you. I’m not taking on any more than I can handle, there will be no repeat of what happened before.”

“When you unleashed powerful demons to wreak havoc on the capital?”

“Accidentally unleashed, it’s an important distinction.”

“And me and my party had to clean up your mess. Those demons were freakin’ tough.”

“Yes I know. I was very lucky you lot were there. The King wanted to take my head, but Sierra managed to convince him to let me live here in exile. She really had a way with people, even Kings.”

“Kings are people.”

He nodded, “Don’t tell them that. …Is Farquad the second still sitting the throne?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“So you won’t say a word about my summoning activities will you?”

“No, and I don’t need to hold that leverage over you either. Not when you owe me.”

He looked at me and stroked his short beard, “Ah, so now we’re getting down to it. You want something. And I thought you had just come to visit me.”

I smiled at him, “That too. I’m going after a witch.”

“Which witch? I have been out of the loop for a while, but perhaps I know her, or of her.”

“Her name is Aerowyn, red-headed half-elf. Quite proficient with poison magics.”

He shook his head, “…No, not ringing any bells. Do you need help finding her?”

“No, I know where she is.”

“Then what do you need me for?”

“I want you to help punish her.”

“Really? What did she do?”

“She wronged me, let’s just leave it at that.”

“What exactly is it you want me to do?”

“Come with me.”

He looked a little startled, “What? …Like a quest? …Out there?” I nodded. “…I haven’t left this keep for over ten years. I’m an exile, if any of the Kings’ men find me I’ll lose my head.”

“The King has other things on his mind, with the war to the north and orc hordes invading his land.”

“There’s orcs too? …Look …Rohme, I would love to help you out. If this witch has wronged you then she deserves to be punished, but…”

“I’m asking for your help Duane.” I stood up and looked him in the eyes, “Are you really going to say no to me? Really?”

He was flustered and looked away, “Damn you …old friend. You break into my keep, interrupt my studies, take my best wine and ask me to risk my neck for your petty revenge. Is there anything else you want while you’re at it?”

I smiled, “Can I take a look at your scroll collection?”

Duane was reluctant to leave his keep to say the least, but he came. The debt he felt he owed my party meant he couldn’t turn me down. I was counting on that.

I think he was glad to have some non-diabolical company for a change. Though there was no mistaking his unease as we left his keep behind and started trekking through the wilderness.

It was dark when we arrived at the town of Codwallow. Duane was complaining of sore feet and how tired he was. Oh crap, we had another couple of days walking to do before we got to our destination. It wasn’t going to be much fun for either of us.

We got a room at the Horse-head Inn, a cosy little place I had stayed a couple of times before. We shared a room with two single beds. Not long after we had both slipped into bed, I heard Duane snoring loudly. Oh great!

I had my soft undershirt and panties on under the blanket. As I lay there unable to sleep because of the loud rumbling snores that filled the room, my mind started filling with dirty thoughts as it often did lately.

I was thinking about the exotic, sexy succubus and her red juicy snatch. About the cock pushing its’ way in and pumping it with deep strokes. My hand slipped down into my panties and I sunk a couple of fingers into my warm, wet pussy and started forcefully stroking.

I moaned softly as my other hand groped at my tits and rubbed around my hard nipples. It felt so good, I was giving my body what it had been yearning for.

As I hungrily fondled and fingered myself under the covers, my thoughts of the succubus faded. I started thinking about the big green orc cocks again, as I often did. The way they roughly penetrated my tight ass and filled it up. The way they forcefully rammed deep into me over and over again until they spurted their hot, wet cum inside my body.

Damn it! What had that witch done to me? She had turned me into a dispenser of deadly magical poison. Enough to kill over sixty orcs. As soon as I could, I went to see a healer to determine exactly what toll it had taken on my body, only to be told I was in very good health. There was no trace of poison in my system at all, and no magics affecting me. A second healer told me the same thing.

Yet that incident at Fort Nikes had changed me. Before that night, I had not had sex for some time, and I was doing just fine. Now dirty thoughts filled my mind all the time. My pussy juiced up at the slightest provocation and demanded my attention. My nipples were more sensitive than normal and can make me moan and shudder just rubbing against my leathers.

I did this every night, furiously finger myself until I have had several intense orgasms. I even fingered my ass, wishing that it would be filled with a large cock.

Aerowyn had done this to me. I will make her fix me, and I will make her pay.

I had four fingers pushed up my soaking wet cunt and my thumb circling around my sensitive clit. The pleasure was heightening, I was heading for a strong climax.

I was breathing heavily and moaning as I worked my fingers deep into my constricting orifice. I moaned as the strong pleasurable sensations hit my mind and my throbbing pussy squirted over my hand.

I caught my breath as I brought my wet hand up and wiped it on my shirt. I laid there in the warm afterglow of my climax. I could still hear Duane snoring loudly over on the other bed.

I wanted a real cock badly. I had seen in the dungeon that my wizard companion was quite capable there. I imagined being like the succubus, bent over as he pumped his cock into me from behind.

No, better not. He had been alone for some time. He might end up wanting more than just a casual fling with me, and I didn’t want to go breaking his heart. We should just remain friends.

The thought had taken hold in my mind though, and I started gently caressing my soaking wet pussy with my hand again. I would probably need to bring myself to orgasm a few more times before I could get to sleep. Damn that witch!

We took the main road on foot, heading west the next day. Duane would visible tense up on the few occasions we passed some of the Kings soldiers, but they paid us no mind.

He had plenty of questions about what had happened in the kingdoms while he was in exile and I filled him in as best I could.

He talked mostly about diabolical creatures, it’s what had occupied his life for the past ten years. I asked pointed questions about their weaknesses and how to fight them. That kind of knowledge could be helpful some day.

We stayed at another inn that night and it was the same nocturnal activities, with Duanes’ snoring and my masturbating.

The next day we left the road and headed into the forest. The wizard had slowed me down quite a bit as we trekked through the wilderness.

“Can’t you walk any faster than that?” I asked as he started falling behind again.

“My feet hurt. I have blisters.”

“Then summon a demon to carry you on its’ back.”

“It doesn’t work that way.”

I sighed, “No, of coarse not. Just keep up or we won’t make our destination by nightfall.”

We walked on a little further through the wood when he eventually said, “Rohme…?”


“You were there when your companions died, weren’t you?”


“What happened?”

“After years of dangerous quest we finally took on more than we could handle.”

“What was it?”

“Just a crazy cult, full of powerful mages. They were performing dark rituals that threatened the entire kingdom. We took them on, things got desperate, we had to bring their temple down on top of them, …and us. I was the only survivor, by pure chance.”

“Oh. Then how did you…”

“Look, if you want more details you can read the book.”

“What book?”

“People don’t even know the sacrifice my companions made for them. I come by some money recently so I’m having a scribe write a book about it.”

“I could have written it for you. I kind of consider myself to be the fifth member of your party you know.”

“Do you? …You should just stick to your demon picture books. …Come on now, don’t fall too far behind, a drop bear might get you.”

Duane looked startled, “There’s drop bears?!” He quickly looked above him at the tree canopies. “What are we doing here if there’s drop bears?! It’s like walking into a forest minefield!”

“Relax Wiz, You’re with Rohme the Ranger. I Know how to avoid drop bears.” Duane stayed a lot closer to me as we strode deeper into the forest.

We walked and walked at a brisk pace, only stopping briefly for breaks. Eventually the sunlight started to fade away and the day was beginning to turn to night as we reached our destination. I was glad to see the isolated wizard tower up there on a hill, bathed in the dim twilight.

Duane looked the tower over as well. “Kabores’ tower. I used to play cards with him, a long time ago. Is he really dead as well?”

“It’s likely. Unless Aerowyn’s holding him prisoner. Who knows? She seemed a tad unpredictable to me.” She had let me live, even after I had threatened to kill her. That was likely because she was attracted to me.

In my search for her, I discovered that she had recently hired a band of mercenaries to take this tower for herself. Paid for with her ear money no doubt.

Kabore had a number of golems protecting the place, but it didn’t do him any good. The witch had taken her new home by force. She didn’t have her mercenaries with her any more though.

I considered hiring my own band of adventurers to come and take her down. But there was another way. I clearly remembered what she said to me when I had threatened her, “I hope you cool down and change your mind about that. I would much rather be your lover than your enemy.”

It made me so angry, that she thought that what she did to me was forgivable. That I might just let it go and fall into her arms.

She was deluded, but I could use that.

“So your plan is to just walk right up and say hello?” said Duane.

“That’s right.”

“What if she tries to kill us, or throw us into her dungeon?”

“We fight.”

“I haven’t been in a fight in over ten years.”

“Just summon something to fight for you and give me magic support. That’s what you do isn’t it? But we shouldn’t have to fight. She more or less invited me to come see her. Just follow my lead, okay?”

“I have a bad feeling.”

“You’ve had a bad feeling since we left your keep. Come on, it’s getting dark.”

We got closer and the tower loomed above us. It was surrounded by a high circular stone wall. The gate was open and we couldn’t see anyone around, how inviting. We cautiously entered the courtyard, I had my bow equipped and an arrow ready, just in case.

There were piles of grey stone all around the courtyard. It was like it was left over from the towers construction and no one had taken them away. But the tower was built centuries ago. Perhaps there had been some reconstruction recently, maybe Aerowyns’ assault had taken its’ toll on the structures.

“What the hell am I doing here?” said Duane nervously.

“Helping out an old friend remember. Let’s go knock on the door.”

“Rohme!” he was startled.

“What is?” I said, tensing up and looking around. Then I noticed glowing runes appear on some of the stones around us. I had my bow raised and the arrow drawn.

The rocks started to move. Humanoid shapes rose up from the piles around us. There was a bulky figure in front of me, it stood around eight feet tall and had a featureless head, its’ body was covered in glowing runes. I knew what it was; a Stone Golem.

Kabores’ tower was known for its’ golem protectors, but I thought they would have all been defeated by Aerowyn and her mercs.

I had fought different types of golems before, flesh golems, bone golems, clay golems, and even a dreaded iron golem. I knew a ranger who swore he had once seen a shit golem. Nobody would want to fight that.

I scanned the area around us, there were five stone golems. I was unprepared for this.

“AEROWYN!!” I called out. “We come in peace. Call them off!!”

The golem ahead started lumbering toward me with heavy steps. I loosed my arrow and it deflected off its’ stony head. My arrows would be about as useful as insults. I tossed my bow aside. I wanted to draw my blade, but that wouldn’t do me any good either.

I leapt sideways as the golems’ big heavy fist slammed down where I was standing.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” said Duane as he tried to stay away from the approaching creatures.

Another golem had a large stone in its’ hand, it hurled it at me and I barely managed to fall backwards and dodge it as it flew past.

Duane started casting magic missiles and the glowing bolts shot into the chest of a nearby golem, but didn’t seem to be slowing it down at all.

“Summon something Duane!” I called out.

“I need you to keep them off me!” he called back.

Without hesitation I ran forward toward the golems that were lumbering toward Duane. I frantically dodged their swinging fists and legs as I yelled, “Come and get me you ugly Pricks!” I rolled past one of them as it tried to bring its’ heavy foot down on top of me.

I got to my feet and ran off again, I had three large golems charging after me, their heavy footfalls were making the ground shake. I lead them toward the stone wall and turned with my back to it. I dodged a flying stone fist and it smashed into the wall.

I dove out of the way as the crumbling wall came down on top of two of the them, bringing them down.

I rolled out of the way as another golem almost slammed a large boulder down on top of me. I quickly got to my feet and was running again.

I saw a new large hulking figure near Duane, it appeared he had summoned an earth elemental. The creature was ape-like and hunched over, around as tall as the golems, with huge arms and fists. It looked to be made of brown dirt, with roots, grass and rocks in various areas of its large body.

A golem approached Duane and the elemental swung its’ huge arm, knocking it away. Another golem swung its’ fist and a large chunk of the elementals’ body and half of its’ huge arm was smashed away as dirt scattered through the air.

The elemental tackled the golem and they both tumbled to the ground. The elemental was on top of the struggling stone golem. Then I saw more dirt rising up from the ground and covering them both. The golem was soon buried under a large hill of dirt.

I was distracted by the spectacle of the huge magical creatures battling and barely managed to dive back and dodge the large rock that was hurled at me. I was on the ground as the golem was charging at me.

Suddenly it slammed into the ground. I saw green vines wrap themselves around the golem and pin it down.

Another golem had its’ fist raised and was about to smash it into the cowering Duane when vines wrapped around it and pulled it to the ground as well.

I stood up and dusted myself off and caught my breath. The golems struggled, but the strong vines had them immobilised. They were familiar to me, I knew where they come from.

“Are you allright?” I asked Duane.

He was quite shaken, “Seven Hells Rohme! I didn’t sign up for this!”

“Aerowyn, where are you?” I called out.

“Right here Rohme.” said the half-elf emerging from the shadows near the tower.

The last remnants of sunlight were fading, but I could see her standing there, smiling at me. I expected to be angry when I saw her again, instead I was struck by how beautiful she was, with her long red hair and pale youthful face and slim, petite body under her elaborate green mage robe.

I drew my shortsword and stood there threateningly. Duane came up behind me.

“Have you come to kill me?” she asked casually.

“No. But I wasn’t expecting to be attacked.”

“So sorry about that. Those golems tend to crush first and… well, not ask any questions.” She stepped closer and her face lit up with a broad smile. “It is so wonderful to see you again Rohme. I knew you would come and visit me. Welcome to Kabores Tower.”

“You’re still calling it that?” said Duane.

“And who are you?”

“This is Duane, he’s a friend.” I said.

“Nice to meet you Duane. Any friend of Rohmes’… Nice dirt monster, but why did you only summon one?”

“Only the most powerful master wizards can summon more than one elemental at a time.”

Aerowyn let out a, “hmphh.” Then gestured for us to follow her, “Come on, let’s go inside.”

We followed her through the front entrance and into the tower. We had entered a large, round, open room which was lit with a large chandelier holding many candles. It had other simple pieces of furniture scattered around.

“Penridge.” called out Aerowyn.

The short, skinny man appeared on the stairway on the wall. “Yes Mistress?”

“We have guests. Prepare some food for us.”

He nodded and looked us both over. I could see the recognition on his face as he looked at me. He smirked, probably remembering me naked. He turned and went up the stairs again.

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked me.

“No, I have something.” I said as I unslung my pack and started going through it. I was tired, physically and mentally, we had been walking through the woods all day, and now that the adrenaline had worn off, I was sore and fatigued from the fight. I pulled out the blue rejuvenation potion from my pack. It was just what I needed.

Aerowyn was watching me, “Careful, people get addicted to that stuff.” I drank it down, it had a horrible bitter taste, but I immediately started feeling better, re-energised.

Aerowyn didn’t stop smiling at me. If she was wary and suspicious of my intentions, she didn’t show it.

I looked around, “Nice place you have here.”

“Yeah, it’ll serve, for now.”

“Yes, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was payed for with blood.” added Duane.

“So many things in this world are.” said Aerowyn. “How do you think Kabore came to live here. He didn’t build it.”

“It was home to an evil necromancer who was menacing the region. Kabore did the kingdom a favour.”

“So, he was a good wizard and I’m an evil witch for taking it from him, is that it? You sound like a simple minded paladin, looking at the world in terms of good and evil. The world I live in is not black and white, it’s a broad spectrum of different colours. One mans’ act of evil is anothers’ act of salvation. I thought a fellow mage might understand that.”

Duane scowled and then looked over at me. I frowned at him, I told him to follow my lead, I didn’t want him getting into a confrontation with our mad witch. We were to play the role of gracious guests for now.

Duane seemed to understand this and held his tongue, “I’m tired, and I was almost crushed to death by your golems. Let’s continue this discussion another time.”

“Yes, of course. Let’s go up to the dining room. I’m sure you’re both quite hungry.”

We followed her up the stairs to the second level, where the dining room and kitchen was. Penridge had some bread, cheese, olives, meat and other food laid out on the large table in the centre of the room. Duane went forward and started picking at the food.

I stayed back at the stairway with Aerowyn. She turned to me, “Not hungry Rohme?”

“Not really.”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I’m so glad you’re here. Have you been thinking about me?”

“Oh yeah. I’m still angry about what you did to me Aerowyn, I want you to apologise.”

“Apologise for what? It all turned out well in the end, didn’t it?”

I grimaced at her, “You did something to me. I can hardly think straight anymore.”

“Oh, you did something to me too Rohme.” she said playfully.

“You know what I’m talking about, with your magic poisons and spells, you made me …hypersexual.”

She gave me a big smile, “Oh, I see. You’ve been a horny little ranger since we last met.”

I stared coldly into her mismatched green and hazel eyes, “What did you do to me? Fix it. Now!”

“Okay, okay. Come with me, I’ll see what I can do.” She turned to her servant who was bringing out another tray of food. “Penridge, I’ll be upstairs with Rohme. See that our guest is comfortable and arrange a room for him.”

Duane turned and looked at me, “Everything okay?”

“Fine, you get some food and rest.”

“Make yourself at home Wiz.” said Aerowyn. “But I wouldn’t go casting any spells. I won’t be held responsible for what the towers’ defences might do.” She turned and started making her way up the stairs and I followed her.

We got up to the third floor. It wasn’t as open as the other floors, it was walled off with three doors set in the stone wall. Aerowyn went forward and opened the middle one. As I followed her in, I saw that it was a fairly large bedroom. There was a window on the far side, a large bed by the wall, a big round rug and other simple pieces of furniture around the room. It looked like it was her sleeping quarters.

“Put your stuff down there.” said Aerowyn, gesturing to an empty spot by the door. I dropped my pack and bow and quiver, and undid my belt, leaving my shortsword there as well. I still had a knife strapped into my left boot, but I didn’t feel I would be needing it right then.

“Now, tell me what exactly you… hrmph!” I was cut off by Aerowyn lunging at me and pressing her lips into mine. Her arms wrapped around me and embraced me tightly as she lustily ground her mouth against my lips and forced her tongue deep inside me. I was taken by surprise, my heart was racing and I found myself hungrily kissing her back.

Our tongues fervently rubbed against each other. Warm tingling sensations emanated throughout my body, particularly around my groin where my cunt was quickly getting wet. I was suddenly so incredibly aroused.

My hands grabbed at the hot little half-elf and forcibly rubbed at her back and squeezed and rubbed her ass through her soft robe as we desperately pashed each other.

As we kissed, she made little muffled moans that were driving me wild. I was losing myself to the wild, carnal lust. Forgetting that I was mad at her. I just wanted her. I wanted to be inside her and I wanted her inside me.

She pulled away from my face and gasped for breath. Her hot, flushed face was so damn sexy. “Rohme…” Just hearing my name come from her ruby lips fired up my passions again. This time I lunged forward and cut her off, forcing my tongue back inside her mouth. There was more of her sexy muffled moans as I squeezed her firm ass.

Her hands came up to my chest and were pulling at my leathers, hastily undoing the cords and opening the jerkin to free my heaving breasts. Then her hands were running over my skin. Her fingers circled around my sensitive, erect nipples making them tingle with pleasure. I kissed her even harder.

Then she got my left nipple between her thumb and finger and gave it a short sharp pinch, sending a vivid dart of pain into my mind. I squealed into her mouth. The intense sensation had my body shuddering and my pussy throbbing as its’ juices flowed.

Then she took it even further.

The intense surge of magical energy flowed from her hand and into my body through my breast. I had felt it before, but had forgotten how overwhelming it was, like an electric pulse of pure pleasure.

I pulled away from her lips and cried out in ecstasy. My legs went weak and I staggered away from her.

I managed to keep my balance and caught my breath. My heart was fluttering in my chest. My pussy and nipples were throbbing. My panties must have been soaking wet.

Aerowyn was in front me licking her lips. She had a naughty gleam in her eye. Damn, how could she be so fuckin’ sexy.

“Heh, I haven’t forgotten how much you like that. My, my, you are such a horny little ranger, aren’t you?”

She turned around and stepped toward the bed. I lunged forward and got hold of her and she let out a squeal. It was like I was losing control of myself, letting the wild, ravenous beast take over.

I brushed her silky red hair aside and started hungrily kissing at her neck. My hands pulled at her robe, grabbing hold of it and lifting it up. I wanted her out of it. She cried out as my teeth sunk into her neck and I lifted her dress up over her body. I pulled myself away from her neck which was bright red from the love-bite and pulled her robe up over her head. She cooperated and raised her arms, letting me slip it off.

I tossed the robe aside, she was completely naked underneath, aside from a rather elaborate necklace, it looked like mythril. I turned her around to get a better look. She had seen me naked before, but I hadn’t seen her.

Her body was pale, thin and petite, portraying her elvin heritage much more than human. Her breasts were small but very cute with their protruding rosy nipples. Her pubic area was smooth and hairless and I could see her tight little cleft curving between her creamy thighs.

I had never seen anything so appealing in my life.

I pushed her back and she fell down onto the bed. Straight away I was on top of her. I brought my face to hers’ and once again we were passionately kissing, with our wet tongues wrestling against each other.

I ran a hand through her soft red hair as the other moved down and fondled her firm little titties. Aerowyn moved her hands up and pulled at my leather jerkin, trying to get it open even further.

I pulled back from her mouth and bit firmly at her bottom lip. Then I started slowly moving my mouth down further, kissing her smooth little chin and then her neck. My mouth ran over her necklace, giving me a metallic taste. I kissed my way lower and lower until I had the firm bud of her nipple in my mouth. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly beneath me.

I was breathing hard as well. My dirty mind was almost overwhelmed with excitement. I knew the best was yet come.

My hand moved down and rubbed over her smooth groin. My finger rubbed along her hot little slit. It was wet and slippery, the feel of it excited me even further. I forcibly pushed my fingers in amongst her warm, soft folds and she let out a deep, sexy moan. Then I clamped my teeth down and bit her nipple, making her yelp and push me away.

“Aaaaah, go easy Rohme.” she groaned, “Ooooh …Slow down, there’s no rush, we have plenty of time. …Ughh …Let’s get those clothes off you.”

I looked up and gave her a wicked grin. She wanted me to slow down. I wasn’t going to.

I pushed two fingers through her slit and deep inside her slippery hole. Aerowyn let out a loud “Ooooh!” as I roughly penetrated her. The warm flesh squeezed around my fingers, damn she was tight.

She couldn’t possibly be a virgin, she told me she was sixty-four years old. She also told me she only likes women, I guess she wasn’t accustomed to large penetration.

I started thrusting my fingers back and forth inside her squeezing pussy. She threw her head back and moaned and squealed loudly. It was such a sexy sound. My other hand groped at her tits and pinched her nipples.

Watching her slender little body writhe underneath me and vocally respond to my furious fingering was turning me on fiercely. My pussy throbbed and drooled and was begging for some of the action that she was getting. But I was determined to get this little red-headed minx off, to force her to climax like she had done to me. I didn’t need magical pleasure surges to do it.

After a little while, I sensed that she was getting used to the rough fingering, so I decided to change tact. I withdrew my fingers from the holes’ tight embrace and shuffled down on the bed until I brought my head between slender legs.

I took in the aroma of her wet, excited sex before lunging forward and sinking my mouth into it.

Aerowyn moaned as my tongue lashed about inside her. Her warm juices ran down my face and I relished the taste of her. I clamped my teeth on her vulva and tugged at it. She responded by letting out a loud “Aaaaagh!” and bucking her hips. She bent forward and tried to push my head away, but I just buried my face in deeper and rubbed my tongue up inside her as hard as I could.

She flopped back on the bed and moaned as more warm juices flowed from her hot, tight cunt. I brought my hand up and dug my wet thumb into her soft folds. I found the little nub of her clitoris and started circling my thumb around it.

Aerowyn moaned louder in response. She was gasping and writhing and her juices were flowing and I knew she was getting close.

I moved my mouth up and replaced my thumb with my tongue, rubbing it around the little clit. I slipped two fingers back up inside her and immediately started fingering her as hard and deep as I could.

Aerowyn moaned and gasped loudly. I pressed my lips tightly around her clit and sucked. The tight orifice made a slurping sound around my fingers as I furiously pumped them in and out.

“Aaaah, …Oh Goddess, …Oooooh …Rohhhhme!” cried out Aerowyn. She threw her head back and cried out even louder as I brought her to orgasm.

Her tight hole convulsed around my fingers and her juices squirted all over my hand and chin. I never stopped roughly sucking and licking and fingering as her body bucked and writhed beneath me as she rode out her powerful climax.

The naked half-elf was left gasping as her orgasm subsided. I got up from between her spread thighs and moved up on the bed. My hand was soaking wet, I smeared her juices over her hot, flushed face. Then I leant in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back.

“Oh, Rohme…” she sighed. “That was mind blowing. Can you take your clothes off now? I love your generous curves …and your smooth brown skin. It’s all I’ve been thinking about.”

I smiled and sat up on the bed. My jerkin was already open at the front and my tits were hanging out, their dark nipples still sticking out erect. I pulled my top off and tossed it aside. Then I slipped off my boots and undid my leather pants and pulled them off. My grey panties were soaking wet, as expected. I bent down and slipped them off too.

Aerowyn shuffled over next to me and ran her hand through my soft, dark pubic hair. I sighed at her teasing touch. She moved her head to my chest and started kissing my tits. I was waiting for her to bite my nipple like I did to her, but she just gently sucked and kissed them, it felt really nice, and had my wet pussy buzzing again.

She pushed me down on the bed and moved my arms up above my head as she planted another kiss on my lips. Then I felt something wrap around both of my arms, I quickly tried to jerk them back but they were held securely. I looked up and saw that her green vines were around my arms.

“Aaaagh, No!” I cried out and tried to pull my arms back with all my might. As I did so, more vines wrapped around each of my ankles. They pulled my legs apart and I was left there, spread eagled on the bed, crying out and struggling against my magic bonds.

“Relax Rohme, it’s just part of the fun.” said Aerowyn.

“No! Release me now witch! I’m not into this.”

“Yes you are. …Trust me.”

I didn’t trust her. The last time she had me bound with these magic vines I went through a horrible ordeal at the hands of a horde of savage orcs.

“Aerowyn, please, just let me…” Once again she cut me off with a passionate kiss on the lips.

Then she stood up and looked down at me smiling. I was laying there, bound to the bed with my legs spread apart. My wet pussy was exposed and vulnerable. I did not like it one bit.

“Come on.” I pleaded, “We can do this without the bondage. I’m not going anywhere.”

She just kept on smiling, “Now there’s an image to keep me warm on a cold night.” She was ignoring me. Getting me back for ignoring her pleas to take it slower. I hoped that was all it was.

Then she bent down and cupped my breast in her hands. She squeezed them together and then let them wobble back down to my chest. She got hold of them again and squeezed and rubbed them. “I love them. Big and bouncy and so much fun to play with.” she laughed.

Then she was more focused on my nipples, rubbing and pinching them. I gasped and moaned. “Ooh, so responsive!” she cooed.

“Ungh, what did you do to me? …ooh!” I said.

“Me? The magic poisons I used have no lasting effects. I didn’t do anything.” She reached down and started rubbing her fingers along my slit. It sent tingling waves of pleasure through my body.

“Uh, …ooh. Don’t bullshit me! …Ungh.”

“It’s true. I think that incident back a Fangrind Forest has awakened a part of you that you’ve repressed.” She moved down between my spread legs. “It’s not good to repress things.” She started lightly licking along my slit.

I didn’t believe what she said. The mad witch was playing with me. I was too aroused to be angry. My wet pussy was tingling wildly. I wanted to be fucked so badly. Her tongue split my lips apart and lapped at my juices. I moaned loudly again.

Then there was some shuffling on the bed as Aerowyn sat up. She forced a leg under mine and wrapped the other one over me. I felt her press her hot, wet pussy into mine. She pushed her weight into me and started rocking her hips, grinding against me.

I let out soft moans as I felt the stimulation on my outer pussy. It continued to tingle wildly and I wanted more. I rocked my hips, grinding back against her.

Aerowyn kept at it for a while. It felt really good, but it wasn’t enough to get me off, no matter how hard I mashed my cunt into hers’. With my arms bound, I couldn’t even rub at my clit. It was frustrating.

Aerowyn was enjoying herself though, merrily grinding her groin against me and letting out soft pleasurable moans.

She eventually stopped and wriggled off of me. She moved her head down between my legs again and continued licking. Then she plunged her mouth into my pussy and I felt her tongue go up and move about inside me, rubbing at my inner walls. It felt so good. I pushed my groin into her face, encouraging her to go deeper.

Her hands rubbed at my thighs as she lustily ate me out. She moved her mouth up and her tongue rubbed around my clit. Her fingers started teasingly running along my slit. I desperately wanted her to stick them in and start fingering me like I did for her. My inner walls were aching to be rubbed.

Instead, her fingers stroked their way lower, and I felt her prodding around under my pussy, at my ass. My anus involuntarily clenched as the finger prodded there, but that didn’t stop it from pushing its’ way in. I let out a loud “Oooh” as my netherhole was penetrated.

Aerowyn lifted her head and smiled at me, my juices were dripping down her chin. “Yeah, you like that. Kinky girl. How many orcs got up your backside?”

It was quite a lot.

The finger rocked back and forth in my tight hole and Aerowyn went back to sucking and rubbing her tongue around my clit. The raw pleasure was building quickly. She was finally getting me off. I needed to cum badly.

“Oh Gods yesss. keep doing that!” I cried out as I bucked my hips.

She did keep doing it until I reached my peak. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as the intense pleasure hit me in waves. She moved her head back and slipped her finger out of my ass.

As I was coming down from the pleasurable ride she put her hand over my clit and the intense magical surge shot into my body. I screamed out as I was hit with another, even more powerful orgasm. My pussy throbbed wildly and squirted juices all over the witch.

And then she did it again. It was too intense for my mind to handle. I thrashed against my bonds and cried out in ecstasy as powerful waves of pleasure assaulted my mind. I gasped for breath, was she trying to kill me?

She did it again and it was too much for me to take. Pure, raw, carnal, ecstasy was the only thing I was aware of before I passed out.

I came around again and my mind was still in a daze. Aerowyn was snuggled up to me giving me soft kisses around my face and neck. I moved my arm up and rubbed my head. My arms and legs weren’t bound any more.

“Wha… Aerowyn?”

“Welcome back Lover.”

“How long was I out?”

“Not long. You got me off, so I repaid the favour, ten-fold. You’ll never have another lover like me. That’s why you sought me out, isn’t it?”

‘No, that’s not the reason.‘ I thought. I rolled over and sat up on the bed.

“You don’t want to stop just yet do you?” said Aerowyn.

“Not at all. In fact, I have a surprise for you.”

“For me? What is it?”

I stood up and went over to my pack and reached inside. Aerowyn was still lying on the bed stark naked. Her bright red hair was draped down her back, she looked so damn sexy.

“You use your magic for my pleasure. I have some magic for you too.” I pulled the scroll out from my pack.

Aerowyn sat up and looked at it with interest. “That scroll holds quite a bit of magical power, I can feel it. What is it?”

“I told you, it’s a surprise.”

“I’m not going to let you cast a spell on me without you telling me what it is.”

“You told me to trust you when you had me bound. Now it’s your turn to trust me. I’m not casting it on you anyway, I’m casting it on myself.”

“Well you certainly have me intrigued, my horny ranger.”

I smiled at her, “It’s going to be great.”

I unrolled the parchment and started reading out the ancient words while the naked half-elf looked on.

When I finished, the scroll disintegrated in my hands and I immediately felt an agonising sharp pain in my groin. I screamed out and doubled over, dropping to the floor.

“Rohme! Are you okay?” called out Aerowyn.

I cried out in agony. It was more painful than I had anticipated. My clit! Oh gods! It felt like it was going to burst.

Aerowyn rushed over and grabbed my shoulder, “Rohme, what are you doing to yourself? Is that alteration magic?”

The pain subsided and I slowly got to my feet and stood up. Aerowyn looked down and her eyes went wide in shock. I looked down and saw a big black cock poking out from my groin.

It was every bit as big as Kuroks’ was, around nine inches long and thick and veiny with a bulging round head. I could feel it too, the weight of it on my groin and the pressure as it was filled with blood and was throbbing. It looked like a real erect cock, but didn’t have a set of balls, just my pussy underneath.

“Oh goddess!” said Aerowyn, “It’s big!”

I got hold of it and rubbed it. I let out a long sigh, it felt good. I don’t know why Duane had a rare penis-growth scroll. He just had a large collection in his keep. I was glad I got hold of it. I was getting very excited again.

Aerowyn didn’t seem so excited. “Uh, …Rohme, that’s nice, but I’m not really into those things. It has been a very long time…”

“How long?” I asked.

“Over twenty years.”

“Well let’s get you reacquainted then.” She squealed as I grabbed her and pushed her back onto the bed. I quickly grasped her legs and spread them wide. I was physically stronger than her. I wanted nothing more than to ravish this beautiful half-elf witch. Violate her with my big new cock.

“Eeeek, No wait!” she cried out. “We’ll pleasure your new …appendage, but just calm down. Go easy, please!”

“Sure, I’ll go as easy on you as the orcs went on me.” I got hold of my cock and started rubbing the head along her little pink slit. It made me shudder with pleasure, the tip was quite sensitive.

“No you don’t!” said Aerowyn.

I felt something wrap around my right leg and the sharp pain of little needles stabbing into me. She had cast Thornbite on me. The last time she did that, the poison made me lapse into unconsciousness.

Not this time.

I reached forward and got hold of her nipple and twisted it. She yelped and cried out in pain.

“Call it off!” I said forcefully.

“Eeek, …Okay, okay!!” she cried. The vine slowly unwrapped from my leg, I could still feel the stinging from the thorns but the poison had no effect.

I let go of her nipple and thrust my hand out in front of her face. “Didn’t you notice my new ring? Greater Ring of Poison Resistance. It was the first thing I bought with my ear money.”

She looked at me coldly through her teary eyes, “I got myself a tower, and you’re a guest here. Behave yourself!”

“Sorry. I can’t help myself, you drive me wild.”

I got hold of my cock again and pressed it into her slit. Aerowyn suddenly bent forward and grabbed the organ. The pleasure surge shot from her hand and I moaned loudly as it throbbed powerfully and gave me an intense pleasurable orgasm. “Ughh …Uh …Oooh Gods!” I cried out as the orgasm soon subsided. She did it again, it felt really good, but this time the throbbing orgasm wasn’t nearly as intense.

I looked down and saw the beads of sweat on her forehead, the strained look in her eyes. She had cast too much, I could see she was spent. She tried it again. I only felt some tingling pleasure in my cock, it wasn’t enough to bring me to orgasm again.

I pushed her and she flopped back down onto the bed. She was wiped out. She was mine to use any way I wanted. I gave her a wicked smile, “Thanks for that Baby. That felt fuckin’ great. Now it’s time for your nice little puss to get me off.”

I got hold of my cock and prodded the head into her slit once again. I forced it forward and the thick head split her lips apart and sunk into the tight sheath. She cried out at the painful violation. I thrust forward, wedging my thick organ in deep. Damn she was tight. It felt amazing.

“Owwwllll!! Aaaah Fuck! It’s too big!” cried out Aerowyn.

I pulled back slowly and then pushed it in deep again. My cock was sensitive after the orgasms, I needed to go slowly. My mind was filled with lust as I moved the cock back and forth.

Soon I began to speed up though. I just wanted to ram my fat organ hard and deep. Her tight, wet cunt felt really fuckin’ good. Her anguished cries were a bonus.

I had her pinned under me and her slender legs spread wide as I continually slapped my hard cock down into her. The pleasure was building quickly. I continued bobbing my ass up and down until the wonderful pleasure reached its’ peak.

I wedged my cock in as deep as it could go, until my groin was pressed up into hers’. Her soft, warm flesh hugged the member tightly as it throbbed with intense pleasure. I moaned as I felt another strong orgasm.

Aerowyn looked defeated as she lay under me. She grit her teeth as she looked up at me, her face was all red and wet. “Take it out now.” Her tone was more pleading than commanding.

No. I wanted to get her off again. I smiled at her as I moved my hand down to her crotch and started gently rubbing my fingers around her clit. She responded by gasping and letting out soft moans. Then I started slowly moving my cock back and forth.

Oooh, it had become quite sensitive again after the orgasm, I didn’t think I could pump her hard right then anyway.

“Uh, yeah! You like that don’t you Bitch.” I teased. “You really love my big cock, you little Kurv.”

I kept at it, and I could see it was having an effect on her. Her breathing became shallower and she was letting out soft moans. Slowly I increased my pace as I fucked her. I could feel her little pussy getting wetter. This was good, I was going to force the hot little bitch to cum from the unwanted violation.

Soon she was gasping and moaning loudly. I stopped rubbing her clit, grabbed her legs and started ramming my cock in hard and deep.

She was crying out, “Uh …Uh …Uh …Ugh …Oh Fuck! …Oh Fuck!”

I fucked her hard as she came. She writhed about underneath me. Her juices seemed to be squirting out of her cunt as my big cock pumped it furiously.

I continued to fuck her hard as she came down from her climax. I held her legs tightly and gave her continuous deep thrusts. She just laid there limply under me. We could hear the repetitive wet slapping sounds as I pumped her.

Pretty soon I was reaching another climax. My fat cock throbbed with intense pleasure again as I slowed my thrusts. I dropped down on top of Aerowyn, pressing my sweaty body into hers’. I kissed her around her lips and chin and neck. She seemed quite unresponsive now, but I was still fired up, filled with burning lust.

After a little while, I slowly raised myself off of her. My cock pulled out from her wet, tightly gripping cunt. It was still fully erect, I didn’t think it went soft like a normal cock. I climbed up on the bed and shoved it into Aerowyns’ red, pretty face.

“Open your mouth for me Baby.

She screwed her face up, “Ugh, ..No.”

“Come on. It tastes like pussy.” I yanked at her hair, when she squealed I shoved my cock into her mouth, past her ruby red lips. “Be a good little Kurv and suck me.”

I felt her teeth press down into my fat member. I grabbed a fistful of her red hair again, “Don’t bite!” I said threateningly.

She gave me a spiteful look, then removed her teeth from my cock and started sucking. I had hold of her head and bobbed it up and down while she blew me. It felt great.

I had given plenty of blowjobs in my time, it was wonderful to finally be on the receiving end. The sight of her pretty face bobbing on my black cock was something I would never forget.

I groaned as I enjoyed the wonderful wet sucking sensations around my big member. The fat head rubbed along her tongue and went deep into her mouth.

“Do you know what those nasty orcs did to me?” I said to her.

I gripped her head tightly as I pushed my cock in deeper. My fat cockhead pressed into the back of her throat. She let out muffled cries and tried to struggle against me as I continued to force it in deeper.

I groaned as my cock entered her throat and slid down until I had the whole length wedged into her and my groin pressed up against her face.

The half-elf franticly hit me and made more muffled cries as I felt her throat constrict around me. I gave a few short thrusts and then pulled it back again. The big cock slipped out from her tight throat and then out of her mouth.

Aerowyn coughed and gasped and spluttered while I smiled down at her. I knew how horrible it was, but I had no sympathy for her. She deserved it, …and more.

I wanted to keep tormenting her. I rubbed my wet cock over her red, teary face. “You know what else those orcs did, don’t you?”

I got up off of her and then started roughly flipping her over. “Ugh, No! Don’t you dare!” she cried out as she tried to fight against me. I held her down on the bed and gave her nice pale ass a few hard slaps, turning it a rosy pink colour.

I spread her cheeks apart and was treated to the sight of her puckered little hole. It was wet and glistening from her pussy juices. I rubbed my fingers around and prodded at it.

“Ugh! …Rohme. Don’t! I mean it!” she cried out.

I pushed a finger inside her and the little sphincter squeezed around it. She seemed to be clenching tightly as I wriggled the wet finger about.

“You might want to try and relax a little when I stick my cock up there.” I told her.

“You are not putting your cock in there!”

“I’m gunna do more than that, I’m gunna give it a hard pounding.”

“NO!” She struggled against me as I got into position, pressing my weight into her and pinning her down to the soft bed. I grabbed my big wet cock and guided it to her little brown freckle.

Then I pushed my weight down and the cockhead pressed up against her. I didn’t think it was going to go in, but I kept on pushing.

Slowly, the little sphincter opened up for me and Aerowyn screamed out like I was killing her. The cockhead forced its’ way down inside her and I felt the intense pressure of the clamping hole.

Then I slipped in several inches and felt the tight ring squeezing around my fat shaft. The naked half-elf continued to cry out and thrash around under me. It just excited me further and I thrust my hips until the big member was wedged in deep.

Oh Fuck! I thought her pussy was tight.

I laid down on top of her and brushed her hair aside and started kissing her neck. My big cock stayed lodged deep in her clenching backside.

“Aaaagh, …oooh , …ugh! Take it out! It hurts!” she cried.

“I know it hurts. This is what you subjected me to Witch, …A lot of this. You really need to try and relax and accept it.” I raised myself up again, supporting my weight on my arms and slowly pulled the cock back.

The friction was intense. I slowly moved the cock back and forth. Damn, the squeezing ring sliding along my shaft felt really fuckin’ good. Aerowyn continued to gasp and cry out underneath me.

I didn’t have the luxury of starting off slowly back at the orc camp. I steadily picked up the pace. It was really exciting, I just wanted to drive my cock hard and deep into her wonderful ass.

Soon I was breathing heavily as I pounded her hard. It seemed she had taken my advice and laid there limply as I fucked her, she never stopped crying out loudly though.

Then I came. I pulled out of her and my cock was released from the little holes’ squeezing embrace. It throbbed wildly again, and I moaned with pleasure. Aerowyn just laid flat on the bed panting.

My orgasm subsided and I sat there for a while, sensually rubbing her thighs and butt.

I wasn’t done with her yet. I grabbed her legs and lifted her up and bent her legs, positioning her like the little fuck-toy she was. I wanted to take her doggy style.

“Ugh, please Rohme, no more!” she pleaded.

“Yes, more!” I said, taking position behind her. She looked really sexy, bent over like that. Her wet, rosy asshole didn’t look quite as small and tight now, but was very fuckin’ appealing.

I lined my cock up and pushed it in again. Straight away I began ramming it in hard and deep. Aerowyn was moaning loudly again and it was driving me wild.

I gripped her hips tightly, pulling her toward me with each hard thrust. It went on and on as I lost myself to the carnal lust and fucked the shit out of my sexy little witch.

The pleasure built again until it wedged my throbbing cock deep inside her and rode out another amazing orgasm.

After a short break I repositioned her again. She didn’t put up a fight, or ask me to stop. I had her on her back, with one leg over my shoulder. I rubbed my cock over her wet pussy lips, teasing her, and then I pushed it up her tight ass again.

This position was good. I had a good view of her nice little titties and her pretty face which was hot and teary and wore a defeated expression. It was such a turn-on. I repeatedly pushed her down into the soft bed as I pistoned the fat cock into her.

Soon her ass didn’t feel so tight any more. I rammed her even harder, trying to increase the stimulation, but it was slipping back and forth easily. I looked down and realised my cock was shrinking.

“Oh no!” I cried out. The spell was wearing off. It was too soon, I wanted it to keep going on and on.

I watched as my wonderful cock withered away and shrunk back down into my body until I was just rubbing my mound against her ass.

Aerowyn looked down and saw my smooth crotch. “Oh Rohme, Lost your manhood? I was just getting into it too.”

“You were into it from the start, Kurv.”

I dropped her leg down and then crawled forward and planted my lips onto hers. She softly kissed me back and then I flopped down beside her. I was spent. My heart was still beating rapidly and I was breathing heavily and was hot and sweaty from the energetic fuck session.

After a few moments Aerowyn turned to me, “Oh Rohme, …my horny ranger. I’ve never been taken like that before. Not in all my years. …You dominated me, forced me, hurt me, defiled me. It was so raw and intense. You were like a wild beast. I’ll never forget it. But damn, my ass is sore. I should go take some healing potion, but I can’t get up right now.

So much for punishing her. But I had other plans. She put her arm around me, but I lifted it off and sat up. “I’m all hot and sweaty.” I said.

“Me too, …and sticky.”

“I need a wash.”

“Have Penridge run a bath for us.”

“No, I saw a nice spring near here. I would rather have a dip there.”

“Oh yes, it is a nice place for a dip. I’d like to join you, but I don’t think I can move, you’ve ridden me too hard.”

I got up and gathered my clothes that were strewn about on the floor and started getting dressed again. “I’ll be waiting for you. I really want to get to know you better Rohme.”

“Oh, you will.” I gathered my gear and turned and blew Aerowyn a kiss. She still looked really sexy laying there naked on the bed, even though she was flushed and sweaty and her hair was messed up. I headed down the stairs.

On the second floor, I found Duane and Penridge sitting at the table, both held a bunch of cards in front of them. There were several gold coins laid out on the table, most of them were stacked in front of Penridge.

Duane turned to me and grinned, “Oh, hello Rohme. Enjoyed the scroll I gave you eh? Judging from the noises coming from up there.”

I smiled back, “Oh yes, very much.”

“What scroll?” asked Penridge.

“Never mind.” I gestured to the coins in front of Penridge, “The gods not favouring your hand, eh Duane?”

“Not yet, but I’m sure that’s about to change.” He looked me over, “Are we leaving already?”

“No, I’m just going down to the springs for a dip. I’ll be back soon.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No. You stay and win back your money.”

“Sure. If you need me you know where I am.” I nodded and headed downstairs again.

I left the towers’ courtyard and walked down to the spring. It wasn’t too far away. The moon and stars reflected in the clear pool. I put my gear down and stripped out of my clothes. The water was quite cool as I stepped in. I dropped into water and swam, it felt wonderful.

It was a nice clear night. Our largest moon Truna was fully illuminated and sitting high in the dark sky. Her sister Etton was elsewhere. On some nights they could both be seen together.

Numerous stars filled the night sky, too many to count. Sierra had once told me that they were all the suns of other worlds, and from one of those worlds, our sun looked like just another star in the sky. It blew my mind.

I wonder if the gods let you travel to those worlds when you die. I think Sierra would like that.

I was calm and satisfied. For the first time in a the last few weeks my body wasn’t craving sex. Perhaps Aerowyn had lifted her curse on me, or I just fucked it out of my system.

Things were going well for me so far. My rough treatment of Aerowyn in the bedroom was a start, and a hell of a lot of fun. I had other plans, and I didn’t think the witch had any idea what was coming to her. That part is going to be fun too.

“Rohme.” I quickly turned around in the water and looked up. Who said that? “Rohme.” Did that frog just say my name? I went over to the green bullfrog sitting on the bank by some reeds. “Rohme.” That definitely came from the little amphibian.

“What do you want frog?” I asked.

“It’s me, Duane.” said the frog.

“Duane? Did that witch turn you into a frog?”

“Don’t be silly. I’m just talking to you through it.”

“How is that even…”

“Magic. Now listen, they think I’ve gone to my room to rest, but I’ve been doing some snooping around. Kabore is still in the tower basement.”

“Is she keeping him prisoner?”

“Yeah, …kinda. Look, meet me in the courtyard as soon as you can and I’ll fill you in. Be careful, she may be more dangerous than you realise.”

“Duane, what did you…” The frog leapt into the water and swam off.

That was strange. I quickly got out of the water, wiped myself with a towel from my pack and got dressed again. I made my way back to the tower.

I cautiously entered the courtyard and spotted Duane in the shadows. I went over to him, “What’s going on?”

“I saw him Rohme, Kabore was suspended in some sort of crystal. There were half a dozen women down there too, all trapped in crystals. It reminded me of something I had read in a book. Some evil wizard from the time of the ancient wars, he found a way to suspend other mages in crystal prisons and draw on their arcane power for potent rituals. I think she is attempting to do that.”

“Shit, that’s not good.”

“Yes it is.” came Aerowyns’ voice behind me. I spun around and saw her standing there in the moonlight, dressed in her green robe again.

“Enjoy your dip Rohme?” There were heavy footsteps as two stone golems walked up and stood behind her.

“Aerowyn, what have you done to Kabore?”

“That’s really none of your business. …Hmm, raping your host, snooping around, you two are not very polite guests. Someone should teach you some manners.”

I quickly drew my shortsword, “Duane, cast Poison Resistance on yourself. We can take her.”

“Sorry Rohme.” said Duane. I felt his hand on my head and then a powerful surge hit me and I passed out.

I awoke under the starry sky. I was a little dazed and confused as I looked around. I appeared to be in some sort of clearing.

There were large pale stone blocks around me. a few burning torches were stuck in the ground nearby, letting off a flickering light. I could see two robed figures standing nearby, Aerowyn and Duane. Penridge was there too, standing further off in the darkness.

What happened? Where was I?

My arms were behind my back, I tried to move them, but they were bound. My legs as well. I looked down and saw that it was the witches horrible green vines again, and I was stark naked.

I thrashed about and cried out, “Aaaagh No! You Cunt! Let me go!”

Aerowyn came up to me smiling, “Back with us eh Rohme?” She squatted down beside me. “You naughty girl. I hoped you would have been satisfied reaming my ass out with your scroll cock, but that wasn’t enough for you was it? Duane told me your plans. You wanted to summon demons to rape me. How mean. But I’ll give you points for creativity.”

I looked up at Duane, and he stared back down at me. “Duane you Prick! You betrayed me!”

“I’m sorry Rohme. I really am.” he said, looking away.

“What did you offer him Rohme? Money? Your pussy? There’s only one thing any mage wants; more power. That’s what I offered him. I can show him secrets to increase his magic potency so that he can do more than summon one measly dirt monster. You just couldn’t compete with that.”

“Where are we?”

“Just a little place not far from my tower. The natural magic is strong here. It’s where me and my coven sisters used to perform our rituals and get up to all sorts of mischief.”

“Your coven sisters? Are they the ones you have trapped in your dungeon?”

“Yes, alas, we had some disagreements. They’re much more useful as they are now. Lending their power to me when I need it.”

I looked around me and saw that there were thick red lines in the dirt. I was in a summoning circle. “What are you going to do?”

“Carry out your plans. Only you’re going to take my place. You’re much better suited to it. We’ll bring out your true submissive, masochistic nature. When it’s all over, you’ll be calling me Mistress.” She turned her head, “Don’t worry Penridge, I’m not replacing you. There’s room for plenty to serve under me.”

I spat at her, “Go to hell.”

Aerowyn laughed and stood up again, “We’re going to bring hell to you.” She produced a folded up piece of paper. “I found this in your pack. Nice picture. So many cocks, I can see why it appeals to you.”

It was a page I had ripped from Duanes’ book. The page with the tentacle demon he called Drogus. I wanted him to summon it for Aerowyn. I had a very bad feeling.

She walked out of the circle. “You can begin Summoner.”

She went and sat on a large stone block as Duane began reciting the ancient words. I tried to slow my breathing and stay calm. Fuck! I was in a lot of trouble again. Duane carried on reciting the words and then poured out his bottled Blood of an Innocent onto the ground. It was just like I had witnessed back at his keep.

The ground beneath me started shaking and suddenly a bright light appeared behind me, illuminating the whole area. I could feel the heat of the flames on my back, but I didn’t dare turn around. I was scared out of my mind.

There was a horrible slithering, squelching sound behind me. I jumped as I felt something touch my back. Then I felt more slimy things slithering over me. Cocks! Long, thick, red tentacle cocks.

The Drogus was right there behind me.

Duane spoke out in his powerful, commanding voice again, “Eka waise ebrithil. Huildr alfrin.”

I felt the tentacles wrap around my waist and chest. I cried out as I was lifted up off the ground. The vines which bound me suddenly came loose and dropped away, but straight away I felt tentacles wrap around my arms and legs.

I cried out and struggled against them, but they were too strong, and gripped my limbs tightly. My legs were spread wide apart, so wide it hurt. My pussy was left open and vulnerable in front of me.

I was left there for a while, suspended in the air in that horrible, humiliating position. I heard Aerowyn laugh, “Nice! Very nice Summoner. And you have control of the creature?”

“Yes, it is bound to my commands.”

“Are you excited Rohme? Up for some hot tentacle action?”

“Ungh! Let me go, you mad Witch, or you’re going to regret it.”

She laughed again, “Go on Duane, tell it to fuck her hard.”

Duane spoke out his commands, “Taka alfrin kona vanta.”

I tried to prepare myself for what was to come. Dozens of tentacles slithered over my naked body, coating it with their slime. They were prodding and rubbing at my body, probing for openings.

I felt one slip up over my crotch and rub into my pussy. Then its’ thick, round head prodded into my slit and speared into me. I threw my head back and moaned as my cunt was stretched open and filled with thick fuck meat.

Suddenly I found my mouth filled with tentacle cock as well.

The tentacle in my cunt forced its’ way deeper and deeper until it painfully pushed up against my cervix. Then it started pulling back until it was almost out and thrust in deep again.

The one in my mouth was forcing its’ way into my throat. I tried to bite down on it, but it wasn’t having any affect. It entered my throat and went in deep, it was a horrible violation.

The two tentacle cocks violated me with long hard thrusts. I struggled to breath as the one in my mouth pushed in and out of my throat and made me feel very nauseous.

My pussy was responding to the deep thrusting intruder, tingling wildly and getting very wet. I was getting raw, carnal pleasure from the rough stimulation. I knew that if it kept going it would get me off.

Other tentacle cocks were still rubbing over my body, which was now quite wet and slippery all over from the tentacles’ slime. I could feel fat cockheads prodding into my armpits and navel and my tits and various other places. Then I felt one prodding into my anus.

My tight hole painfully opened up as another tentacle cock entered my body. It pushed up into my stretched rectum as deep as it could go and then started fucking me with deep hard strokes like the other invading tentacles.

All the stimulation was too much for me to take. All that vigorous rubbing, inside and out. My pussy suddenly started convulsing as I came without warning. Waves of intense pleasure hit my mind. The three cocks just continued pumping into me as I rode it out.

The tentacle slipped out of my throat again and I squeezed my lips tightly around the fat shaft and sucked as hard as I could. I rubbed my tongue around the head. I figured that if I pleasured it well with my sucking mouth, it may not force its’ way into my throat again. It was worth a try.

I sucked and sucked, the tentacle moved back and forth, pushing deep into my mouth, but it didn’t re-enter my throat.

Soon I could feel the tentacle cock pulsing in my mouth. It got stronger and stronger until a copious amount of warm, wet fluid spurted out of the tip. It filled my mouth and my nasal cavity until it flowed out of my nose and down my chin. It was repulsive. That thing had just came.

The tentacle cock slowly pulled out of my mouth and I coughed and spluttered and retched out the thick, white fluid. It tasted foul. I wanted to throw up.

I could hear Aerowyn laughing. I looked at her through my teary eyes, she was still sitting there on the stone block. Duane was standing just outside the circle, watching.

“Tentacle sex” said the angry group of women.

I looked at them, they looked really pissed. “There must be some sort of mistake” said the rumpled and frightened man who was me.

“No mistake” said an angry Asian woman shaking her small fist. “You advertised your web site as having tentacle sex and WHAT do we get when we pay our membership? EVERYTHING BUT tentacle sex.”

The other women looked like they might get violent, as I tried backing up to make a run for the back door. A tall muscular woman beat me to the back door, blocking my exit.

“Oh no you don’t Mr. money back guaranteed,” she said. “Your video’s are no better then your web site,” shouts a vicious looking red head. She looks like she could kill a man easily with those stiletto heals.

“I promise you ladies, it was all a misunderstanding.” I swallowed, my throat feeling dry with fear. “I even have a special club JUST for the tentacle sex ladies membership. Why as fate would have it, we are planning on a floor show tomorrow that will be broadcast live on our website – live.”

“You BETTER have” says a woman in a G I Jane outfit, she is armed to the teeth. Those G I woman take these things seriously.

I wondered if there were any tentacle men who owed me a favor. Reaching into the depth of my mind I remembered a supposed high school head master who DID owe me a favor. Rumor says this high school has a LOT of off world support, surely some of the star faring races that visit earth might have tentacles, or other such appendages. “Yes, yes, ladies I can guarantee there will be some tentacles, ps – Check the website for details.”

They looked at me as if not trusting what I said. Okay, I can understand that, they were right, I’d cheated them and if I thought I’d get away with it would do so again. “We KNOW were you live, more importantly” said one with glasses, “We have all your credit card numbers and will destroy your web site and personal life if you DO NOT come through.”

Shit, a hacker among them, never piss off the hackers, I’d learned that the hard way. “No, really” said I. “By this Friday the web site will have all the details and will also broadcast live for those that cannot attend the live performance. We will also get that tentacle sex section BACK up. Obviously something happened to our site and I do apologize,” I told them. They didn’t look like they were buying it, but hopefully I’d have something for them soon.

First I got on the line to a Hollywood producer I had some incriminating photo’s of. Amazing what they could do with special effects. I figured we’d do a porno film with a well endowed male star. They could add some special effects tentacles and get an actress to pretend she was orgasming to the tentacle effects when they supposedly touched the appropriate places.

For the live show and more tentacles, long feely things and other type appendages…I hoped my contact at a certain Japanese High school might come through. He did come through, after I reminded him of a few things he did when drunk one fine day. But that’s neither here nor there and really it’s so Speciest anyway.

The floor show had pseudo pods, tentacles and elastic alien bodies a plenty. The show started with Mr. Tentacle, he lived up to his name. He was a human looking man with something EXTRA, his muscular hairy chest oiled to reflect the light for the floor show. His long tentacle arms swayed with the beat of the music. He occasionally would whip out a tentacle arm to stroke teasingly a women audience member. I hoped the police were NOT noticing that part, that no touching rule again. Or was it just the audience that’s not supposed to touch the entertainment?

We had Mr. Bluppie next, I think he/it was a Mr. anyway. Imagine a giant green Jell-O mold that can dance, sing and makes shapes in sexually suggestive shapes. That was Mr. Bluppie, he got a lot of money thrown his way. All of the entertainers did, including Mr. silly putty, wow did the ladies like him. He advertised that he could just FLOW into ANY orifice and really vibrate a ladies problems away. There was Mr. Swim In ME – imagine if your warm fluid water in a swimming pool was alive, sentient and there to please and you have Mr. Swim In Me. The women went wild, they threw money, they screamed, threw open their blouses, offered these alien sailors a great many inducements to come home with them and set up house. I had to intervene when the women tried getting on stage and grabbing the alien men (again I think the aliens were all male). The law specifies NO TOUCHING of exotic dancers in these clubs you know.

Now that is how of course all this came about. I did NOT set up Mrs. Potive with an alien lover. If she went with one of the dancers AFTER the show, I can NOT be held accountable. Yes I know she was ninety years of age. Got to admit she had spirit though, I mean what a way to go. She kept Mr. Vibrate active and happy I hear for over ten hours straight. No wonder she had a heart attack! Mr. Vibrate is all torn up over it, he really liked the old gal. I hear the undertakers had to work over four hours to get the smile off her face.

Hey, now that is NOT a way to behave for an officer of the court.

Lousy system, my lawyers say I should plead insanity. I wonder what the food is like in the booby hatch?

[Author's Note: Well, my non-erotic fantasy story "Blades of Cairndale" doesn't seem to be too well-received, so let's get back to what I'm good at, shall we? More monster girls, and different ones for once! You'll notice that these lovely, rapacious ladies resemble already established monster girls from works like the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. But I've renamed them so that I can use my own desired designs and specifications without messing up any pre-established stuff. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this short tale. I assure you, there is much more to come with this story. I just wanted to post the first bit of it so you all wouldn't forget about me, hahaha. As always, comments are much appreciated. And since I'm posting this in December: Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, or in my case, happy Yule to you all. May your holiday season be filled with mirth, merriment, and monster girls!]


My name is Devlin Silvermane, and I am going to be the greatest hero that Thuralia has ever seen. Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be a hero, a warrior who slew monsters without mercy. When I was ten years old, my father was devoured by a monster before my eyes. She’d come after me, but my father leapt in her path and she’d grabbed him, pulling him away from me as I turned and ran like a coward. I’ve never forgiven myself for that, even if I was ten. I could have tried to fight, I could have died with my father.

I spent the next several years training with my father’s sword. I lived alone in our house, and was taken care of by family friends. They never let me roam beyond the village gates, lest I go hunting monsters. I kept my father’s old sword from his days in the military, and I did my best to teach myself to fight. I’d like to think I’m pretty damned good now. I practiced for years, and now I am eighteen and I can go forth and avenge my father’s demise by raining steel upon those evil monsters.

Thuralia’s monsters are an interesting lot. Firstly, they are all female. They take many forms, but they are all women. Some are shy, some aggressive, some timid, others sadistic, but they are all women, and they all crave men. All of these monster girls require males for procreation, and most of them absorb life-sustaining energy from male semen. Some, like the Slime Girls, can also gain nutrition from sweat, blood, and saliva. Monsters are also known to consume males for food instead of or in addition to taking their semen. But men are not the only ones in danger of being raped or eaten by monster girls. If some monster girls capture women, they can feed off of them by eating them, violating them, or in certain cases, they can convert women into new monster girls. Thuralia is a strange, dangerous world. The wilds outside of settlements are not to be traveled without protection. My protection is my sword, and I intend to set out today and carve my name into the world, one monster at a time.

The guards at my village’s wooden gates look me over as I stride past. I’m wearing soft leather boots, cloth pants, and a simple cloth shirt. I have a pack slung over my back and my father’s sword at my side. The guards look confused and a bit concerned, but they have no reason to refuse me passage.

“You always said you would venture off this way,” noted one of the guards. “Go on adventures, kill monsters, and all that. Only none of us ever thought you would do it, boy.”

“I am and I will.”

“You aren’t too big,” noted the other. “Be careful, Devlin. Fight with finesse, not brute force.”


It is good advice, even if totally unsolicited. I’ve found in my training that quick movement and swift strikes are more my specialty. I’m strong enough, but brute strength has never been my forte. So, keeping the guards’ wisdom in mind, I leave my little village behind. I’m off to see what this world has to offer to a young man with great aspirations and nothing much to lose.

* * *

The dirt road leading to the northwest cuts across the rolling hills and green plains of Thuralia’s southeastern region. Short trees dot the landscape and the sun shines high over my head. I’d hoped to get an earlier start, but saying goodbye to my old friends was difficult. I’d grown up in that little fishing village, it was hard to leave, but there was just nothing for me there anymore. Thuralia is so much more than just one little town, and I’ll have to learn all about it if I’m going to be the greatest hero our world has known.

I know this road cuts through a forest a few days’ march to the north. We trade fish for timber from a small outpost on the forest’s southern border. What I’ll meet between then and now I do not know, but I’ll soon find out. My boots crunch on the dirt and gravel of the roadway, a rhythmic pulse set by my stride. My hand rests idly on the pommel of my father’s sword. It is a short-bladed katana, razor sharp, and it will be the bane of any monster I encounter. Just as this thought crosses my mind, movement catches my eye.

Up ahead, in a stand of trees off to the right of the road, I swear I see something moving about, but I can’t tell what it is. A direct approach could quite possibly get me killed or captured, so I move off the road to the left, covering behind the sparse trees and moving as quickly as I can from one to the next until I’ve come level with the little copse on the right. And there amidst the trees I see her, the monster who is fated to be my first kill. And how much more perfect could it be? This monster is of the same sort that consumed my father. My vengeance will be swift and brutal.

They call these monsters Entanglers. She is, like many monster girls, entirely naked. She is a head taller than me, with pretty fair skin and dark brown hair. Her arms, head, and torso are normal in appearance, but where a normal human woman’s legs would be, instead a mass of long, writhing tentacles supports her. The tentacles end in suction cups, which I’ve heard can be used to cause great pleasure and pain. The Entangler is a sadistic creature, raping men into submission before devouring them with her razor-like teeth. It pains me to think what my father endured to save my young life. Now, eight years later, I’ll claim one Entangler as the first of many lives to repay the debt the monsters owe me.

No sooner do I see her than the Entangler spots me, her eyes flashing with excitement and her smile exposing her meat-rending teeth. Abandoning any pretense of stealth, I draw my sword and stride into the road, ready to meet my foe head on. Her tentacles squirm as she glides toward me across the grass, though she keeps her distance from my steel blade.

“A boy,” she sneers. “And you carry the scent of a virgin.”

“That’s no business of yours,” I reply, trying to sound imposing.

“Cute,” she taunts, “the boy thinks he’s a big tough man. Oh, but I’ll treat you like a man, don’t you worry. It will feel so good at first, I promise. Then, it’s going to hurt, a lot.”

Without warning she surges forth, and two tendrils shoot out for me. I barely avoid them, hopping back and swiping with my sword. She avoids the blade and comes in again, forcing me to duck under a high pass of one tentacle and then trying to trip me with another. I skip sideways, stepping over the prehensile limb and dart in to stab at her chest. That is my mistake, and I realize it instantly.

“Mine,” she cries, and three tentacles whip around my legs, knocking my feet from under me.


I fall flat on my back and the Entangler moves over me, her tentacles draped all around me as she stands over my hips. Two tentacles restrain my legs and with alarming ease she knocks the sword from my hand, pinning my arms out to my sides. Already, more of her long tendrils are undoing my pants and pulling them down. I feel the caress of her smooth tendrils, and the gentle tugging of her suction cups on my most sensitive, personal regions. Though I frantically try to pull away, the Entangler is stronger than I am, and her soft touching starts to stimulate my penis until it is standing at attention. My face burns with shame and anger. This can’t be happening, not so fast. I can’t fail!

“Now comes the part where it hurts a lot,” the Entangler maliciously giggles.

A tentacle squeezes tight around my shaft, the suction cup bruising my skin with painful force. Another begins to twist around my balls, flicking its tip painfully against them. I grunt in discomfort and try to pull away when the Entangler leans in so our faces are almost touching. It looks like she’s about to kiss me, when instead she gives my face a long, thorough lick. I recoil in disgust.

“You taste good,” she says over the sound of my pain.

“Get off me!” I roar with indignation.

“I’m not letting my meal go,” she informs me. “But how about I make it more interesting.”

My eyes go wide with horror when I feel a tentacle slide under me and start working its way into me from behind. The limb is just thick enough to hurt as it eases its way deeper and deeper inside of me. It makes my stomach hurt, and I let out a loud groan. The Entangler takes this as a cue to continue licking my face hungrily, occasionally giving my ears a playful nibble, which due to her sharp teeth, hurts quite a bit.

“Want to try and fit some more tentacles in there?” she offers, sending two more of her limbs to prod at me.

“Stop it, please,” I beg, humiliated and revolted at this situation.

“Huh,” she says suddenly, pausing, “you taste kind of familiar, and you look familiar too.”

I’m about to ask what she’s talking about when she gives me another lick, making me shudder in displeasure. My face is dripping wet with her saliva, its running into my eyes and mouth, much as I try to stop it. She looks me over and nods her head.

“Do you have a dad?”

“I did,” I grumble, sighing when she eases her tentacles from my ass. “He was eaten… by an Entangler.”

Could it be? This can’t be the same monster girl who stole my father’s life. Then again, why couldn’t it be. So long as a monster has a steady supply of male life-force, she’ll outlive any human. I redouble my efforts to escape, struggling against the Entangler.

“I carried off your father,” she recalls fondly, “I raped him for days. But then he escaped from me.”


“He’s an Escapist, you know,” she adds casually. “But I tracked him down before he got back home, and then I ate him slowly, and kept him alive for as much of it as I could. You should have heard him screaming. I’ll make sure you die slower, boy.”

An Escapist? What in the Nine Hells is an Escapist? How could my father have escaped at first? The fact that he tried to get back home, but failed due to the Entangler, just makes my sadness more complete. Painfully so. It’s like having a renewed hope, a burning candle that is snuffed out by a fresh gust of bitter wind. I go limp in the Entangler’s clutches, not caring that she’s now licking my neck, not caring that she’s lowering her body down onto me, ready to rape me. Maybe it’ll feel good before I die, who knows. My father’s fate sounds miserable, and if he couldn’t get away, how could I?

Without my struggling, the Entangler relaxes her hold on me. I feel the heat of her most intimate area as she readies to impale herself on my shaft. Then, as if struck by a burst of lightning, I come alive with power, my body reacting of its own accord. I wrench my arms free of her grasp and in the same motion sit up and heave her off of me. Not bothering to stop, I roll sideways and grab my sword, somehow ending up on my feet and charging down the road before I realize what I’ve done. I’ve escaped! I hear the Entangler screaming behind me.

“Come back here, male! I’ll catch you and I’ll make it hurt twice as bad now. I’ll skin you alive!”

How did I do that? How did I just escape like that? I have no idea, but I can’t stand around and think about it right now. I keep running, not stopping until I’m out of breath and far up the road, so far in fact that the Entangler is out of sight. I stop for a much-needed rest in the shade of a tree by the roadside, never letting my guard down. I take a moment to refasten my pants and sheathe my sword in its scabbard at my side. Then, I pull a handkerchief from my pocket and proceed to wipe the Entangler saliva off my face and neck.

“Had some fun, did you lad?”

I whip around at the sound of the voice, my hand flying to my sword. I half expect the Entangler to erupt from out of nowhere and then carry me off like some spoil of war. Instead, a middle-aged man is leaning casually on a walking stick. His clothes look battered and his face is bruised, but he doesn’t seem particularly tired or upset.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“You’re a Silvermane, aren’t you?” he asks. “You look like your old man. How did he not tell you about me, about us?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

He chuckles at that and paces for a moment before stopping in front of me.

“From the look of you, you’re following in your father’s footsteps,” he notes. “I was worried when the Entangler grabbed you, she’s a tough one to get away from.”

“She killed my father,” I mutter bitterly.

“Did she? When?” he looks genuinely shocked.

“Eight years ago,” I say flatly. “For someone who knew my father, you didn’t keep up with him very well.”

“Ah, I assumed he was keeping a dragoness company,” he admits sheepishly. “You know how possessive they are. Even an Escapist has a hard time evading dragonesses. I’m sorry he’s dead, he was the best of our lot.”

There’s that word again, Escapist. What is it and why have I never heard of it?

“What is an Escapist?” I demand.

“You mean you don’t know,” he incredulously inquires. “I’d not have left you to the Entangler if I’d known. My apologies, lad. Escapists are… well we’re men with an inate ability, a reflexive power to get ourselves out of bad situations, particularly captivity. And we’re men who uh… rather enjoy the affections of the world’s monster girls.”

“What?” I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

“You see, lad,” he goes on, resting again on his walking staff, “if monster girls could only rape the men they caught, men would just stay inside and the monsters would attack them en masse. Chaos would ensue. We, the Escapists, are a balancing force, we let ourselves get captured, have a little fun, then slip away. Carnivorous monsters are tricky, but we still manage to evade their hunger for flesh while still satisfying other needs. Usually anyway.”

He looks sadly down the road, in the direction from which I’d escaped the Entangler. He’s thinking of my father, as am I. This can’t be true. My father would let himself get captured by monster girls? He was some sort of pervert, who enjoyed these creatures’ affection. That can’t be the case.

“It’s not so bad as it sounds, my boy,” the man assures me, “Escapists are a good lot. We keep the world stable and, believe you me, those monsters appreciate us even if we get away from them. Though I know plenty of Escapists who’ve fallen in love and let themselves stay captive. I know this fellow named Marcus, not an Escapist mind you, but he lives in a mansion far to the northwest, with three monster girls, and he’s a happy young man for it. A tired one too, I’d imagine.”

I’m at a loss for words. Could I have my father’s Escapist blood? Is that how I was able to shake off the Entangler? And I have to admit, even the painful parts of what she was doing to me felt kind of good. I still hate her for trying to attack me when I was young and forcing my father to give up his life for me, but that Entangler was fairly pretty. Gods, what’s wrong with me?! She’s a monster, how can she be pretty?!

“If you’re going to start being an Escapist,” offers the man, “I’d recommend starting with Slimes or harpies, as they won’t try too hard to keep you captive. I know of a little cave to the east of here where some Escapists practice there stuff, trying to get away from the indigenous critters.”

“I uh… I don’t know what to do,” I murmur.

“Well,” he offers, “take this, just in case you decide to go for it.”

He hands me a book from his pocket, a small volume embossed with the title “A Guide to Thuralia’s Monsters.” I pocket the leather-bound tome and am about to thank the man when I realize he’s already gone a good way down the road while I was glancing over the book’s cover. He’s fast! He’s also headed straight for the Entangler. Eh, whatever gets him off, I suppose. I’m not about to go after him. Would my father have gone toward the Entangler? I don’t know what to make of all of this. It sounds odd, and perverse, to have willing sex with monster girls. But why should it be so? It’s a perfectly legitimate idea, satisfying them to keep the attacks on innocent men to a minimum.

I straighten up and get back on the road. About a mile north, the road forks northwest and directly east. At that point I pause, considering what I can do. The left-hand path will lead me to the forest, where I can bloody my sword with monster girl blood. The right will take me to the aforementioned cave, where I can test my Escapist skills. I make my decision after a few moments of silence. I never knew this about my father, this life he chose to lead before my birth. Now, I will try my best to find out more about it…

* * *

It’s late evening when I reach any sign of a cave. A small, dirt path led off from the main road and through the trees, leading me to the mouth of the cavern. It looks pitch dark in there, and I’m more than slightly nervous. What if I’m not an Escapist? What if my father wasn’t, and that man was just some deranged fool? I can’t be certain, but I still can’t explain how I eluded the Entangler earlier. This is my only clue to knowing more about my father, it’s all I can do to feel closer to him. So I rummage through my pack for my hand-lamp–a small lantern with a focusing lens to narrow and amplify its beam of radiance–and step into the blackness of the cave.

The gloom of the cavern engulfs me in its dank ambiance. My footsteps echo in the gloom and the air smells of musty earth. The focused beam of light from my lantern marks a clear path for me amongst the dirt and stones on the cave floor. The wide entrance chamber narrows into a small tunnel with a ceiling so low that even I have to duck down. So far, no signs of monster girls that I can discern in the near-blackness. But I push on, coming into a room with wide walls and a vaulted ceiling dotted with stalactites. A pool of water off to one side makes a soft babbling sound as it is fed into by a tiny waterfall up the wall. And there, in the center of the room, is a large wooden treasure chest.

I can’t believe my eyes; a treasure chest, just like out of one of those old adventure stories. Surely this one won’t be full of gold gems or magic rings, but still! Maybe other Escapists left items of use in there for curious adventurers like myself. There’s only one way to find out. With a last glance around the room in search of lurking monsters, I stride briskly to the chest and reach for the lid.

The second my hand touches the lid, the box flies open and a loud scream of excitement assaults my ears. A female torso erupts from the box, which is far too small to have contained a full person. The woman, a red-headed girl with pretty green eyes and noticeably pointed teeth, wraps her arms around me and pulls me down toward the chest. I don’t know how it happens, because the chest is far too little to contain one body let alone two, but she easily pulls me into the chest, letting the lid fall closed behind us.

“Finally, a new snack,” she squeals. “I’m going to play with you, boy. It’ll be great!”

“Hey, let go of me,” I protest, more out of surprise than anything.

“No,” she says in a cute, pouting tone. “You’re mine now, and I’m going to rape you until I’m tired. Then I’m going to eat you, but I promise I’ll make it quick. First, I’ll bite off your balls, then your penis, then I’ll eat your throat so you don’t have to suffer anymore.”

June 2018
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