Blake lay in the darkness, his eyes still closed, his breathing slow and even but his mind very much awake, he hoped he was doing a passable impression of a sleeping person. He’d woken about ten minutes ago, there’d been no particular reason, none that he was aware of anyway, and he’d been about to reach across to his phone to check the time when he’d heard whispers, he’d frozen, listening carefully, Allison’s voice and Hannah’s, behind him. He’d feigned discomfort, mumbling incoherently and rolling over, the voices had stopped abruptly and he knew better than to open his eyes right away. He’d waited, his patience rewarded with the eventual return of the whispers and giggling, and then, then he’d felt safe to crack open his eyes.

At first he couldn’t see anything, just the dark form of a body on its side, very faintly silhouetted against the fractionally lighter side of the tent. From the size he decided the body must belong to Hannah. As his eyes grew accustomed to the low level of light he began to discern more. A hand slipped over Hannah’s hip, its thumb toying with the top edge of her underwear while the fingers splayed out across her buttock, gripping it firmly before slipping down lower. There was a brief mutter and the hand disappeared, Hannah raising her leg and placing her foot flat on the ground, her knee bent and her thighs now spread. The hand reappeared on her panties, the fingers pressing in to the soft shape of her lips. She moaned happily and Blake wondered if she was pleasuring his girlfriend with the same treatment.

He watched Allison’s fingers rub back and forth between Hannah’s lips, slowly, patiently, until they pulled the damp cloth aside, the exposed lips, clearly wet. Allison went back to work, curling one finger up and eliciting a gasp from Hannah. Allison fingered her for a short period, Blake watching the action, his imagination providing a crystal clear image based on what little he could see and the moist sounds he could hear.

Fuck it was hot, he knew his girlfriend and Hannah got up to this kind of thing, he’d specifically given it his approval, but he didn’t expect to watch it happen, and doing so while they were unaware made it all the sweeter. There was a strong urge to slip his boxer shorts down and move up behind Hannah, ease it in to her while he looked down over her shoulder at his girlfriend sucking on those big tits. Maybe Allison would go down on Hannah once he’d finished, bury her head in Hannah’s flooded pussy, lick it all out while he fucked her too?

A mutter from Hannah brought him back to the present events and his eyes refocusing on Allison’s fingers as they moved away from Hannah’s pussy, sliding up under the tight confines of her underwear and stopping on her butt. There was another mutter, a giggle and Hannah seemed to move fractionally, then freeze, Allison’s hand shifting in her panties, then a groan.

“Damn that’s good,” Hannah said, probably a little louder than she intended to.

Allison mumbled a reply.

“Mm-hmm,” Hannah said, her head nodding.

Allison’s hand slipped away and a moment later Hannah’s body lifted fractionally and the underwear was pulled down, her legs bending and a hand reaching to push the twisted, wet material off her feet.

“That’s better,” she giggled rolling on to her back.

“On your stomach,” Allison ordered clearly.

Hannah rolled over once more, bringing her closer to Blake, he closed his eyes quickly, waiting for the sound of the movement to cease before daring to open them again.

Hannah lay flat on her front, her head pillowed on her folded arms and thankfully turned away. Blake let his eyes drift down the side of her now naked body, Allison straddled her knees, she was still dressed in the tanktop and thong she had been when she and Blake had lay down together earlier that night. Her hands were on Hannah’s thighs, slowly ascending until her thumbs ran parallel up over Hannah’s butt, stopping and pulling her cheeks apart. Hannah mumbled something in to her arms.

“I know you do,” Allison giggled, moving her hands, turning one and probing between Hannah’s cheeks with a finger.

Hannah groaned, seemingly trying to lift her hips off the ground.

“Try this,” Allison hissed, shuffling backward on Hannah’s legs and pulling her up by her hips.

Hannah raised her butt off the ground, bending at her waist to take her weight on her knees and chest.

“That’s better,” Allison sighed, her hands back on Hannah’s arse as she stared at the tight puckered hole and warm, wet, swollen lips presented below it.

Blake wished he could sit up, kneel beside his girlfriend and get a good view of the decadent act she was about to perform.

Allison lowered her head kissing each cheek before straightening up. Her hands stroking up and down Hannah’s thighs and cheeks, one finger, then two, dipping between her lips, lubricating themselves in Hannah’s sticky, sweet mess, frolicking inside her all too briefly, eliciting moans and giggles of enjoyment. Then Allison pulled them free with a slow, wet sucking sound.

Hannah mumbled again.

“In your arse?” Allison teased, her fingertips rising and toying gently around Hannah’s tight little hole.

Blake watched as Hannah tensed her body, Allison smiling broadly as her arm moved forward slowly.

“Ughn,” Hannah grunted, “ugh god, fuck, that’s good.”

“You like my fingers in your arse?”Allison giggled.

“Fuck yes,” Hannah growled.

Blake wished she was facing him, he wanted to see her expression as his girlfriend finger-fucked her back-door.

“Deeper Ali,” Hannah moaned, “deep- fuuuck!”

Allison giggled again, one hand gripping Hannah’s cheek hard while the other pushed forward with equal ferocity.

“Mmm,” Allison groaned, obviously enjoying herself, “I love the way you take my fingers.”

“I’m your little arse-whore,” Hannah laughed.

“Damn right,” Allison replied.

Blake was surprised by this side of her, he knew she didn’t have any qualms about taking control but she seemed to be getting off simply from inflicting pleasure on Hannah. Her hand moved with a steady rhythm now, each of Hannah’s grunts of discomfort and joy followed by a tight sucking sound. Blake watched as Allison’s hand on Hannah’s cheek fell, a moment later Allison tipped her head back, her mouth wide open as she silently cried out in pleasure. She looked forward again and lowered her face to Hannah’s arse, biting her cheek before licking it, lust taking over her actions as she pulled her fingers free and replaced them with her tongue.

“Oh dear god yes,” Hannah gasped, lifting her head and looking back over her shoulder.

“Head down,” Allison hissed, looking up from her feast.

Allison snuffled and grunted, her nose pressed in to Hannah’s crack as her tongue danced around the hole, tracing the ring, skipping across it before finally diving in, prising it open and plunging as deep as she could.

Blake felt himself strain in his boxer shorts, thankful that a blanket offered a little in the way of cover. Allison was so going to get it so hard when Hannah left.

Allison reached out her free hand, slipping it under Blake’s blanket, running hastily up his thigh until she found his aching cock. Blake remained silent, not sure if Allison was aware of his fully conscious state. Her hand reached inside his boxers and closed around his shaft, tugging it firmly, uninterested in enjoyment, obviously just desperate for the feel of his thick shaft.

Hannah was panting in to her folded arms, her grunts of pleasure becoming whimpers in an ascending crescendo.

“I love how you, uh fuck, I love how you tongue fuck me,” she moaned.

“You love it, don’t you,” Allison growled, raising her head to look over Hannah’s cheeks, “you love it in the arse, soon I’ll have to wear a strap-on for you, fuck this tight hole with a big rubber cock.”

“Oh please, yes,” Hannah cried as Allison dropped her mouth back down.

“How would you like to have me in your butt and my boyfriend in your mouth?” Allison panted.

“Blake?” Hannah asked, trying to feign surprise through her discomfort and arousal.

“Mm-hmm,” Allison hummed in to Hannah’s arse. “Come on,” she suggested, lifting her face once more.

Allison moved back from Hannah, pulling her hips around until she knelt facing Blake. She crawled over and knelt beside Hannah, making a show of carefully lifting Blake’s blanket.

“He’s pretty big,” Hannah moaned seeing the straining tent in Blake’s shorts.

“You want to see?” Allison sighed, stroking her fingers across his head through the thin fabric.

“You’ll wake him,” Hannah replied quickly.

“Not a chance,” Allison reassured her, “like I said, dead to the world.”

Allison pulled the front of Blake’s shorts down, he immediately felt her breath on his swollen head and her fingers wrapping around him, gently massaging him up and down. He’d closed his eyes as soon as Allison had suggested to Hannah that she move, now he wished he could watch as his girlfriend and Hannah toyed with his cock. He felt another hand on him, around his base, slowly creeping up, nudging the first up and away. A hand cupped his balls, squeezing them gently, then a new sensation: warm and soft, tugging on them slightly and then wet.

“Where d’you learn to do that?” Allison asked as Hannah suddenly gasped for air. “I want to try.”

The feeling returned, then the hand around his cock disappeared, only to be replaced by the familiar and breath-taking sensation of a pair of lips descending his shaft and a tongue lapping at his head. Fuck it felt good, he wanted to groan, to cry out, to at least open his eyes and watch as these two goddesses licked and sucked him up and away to heaven.

“What d’you think?” Allison asked, the caressing of Blake’s balls stopping abruptly.

“I want you to get back there and stick your tongue back in my butt,” Hannah groaned, her breath swirling around Blake’s head.

Blake sensed Allison moving away but thankfully Hannah’s mouth stayed right where it was, rising and falling on his throbbing cock. A few seconds later Hannah grunted, gasping around Blake as she sucked him, mumbling something. Then the feeling was gone.

“This is so good,” Hannah whispered, “having you and your boyfriend at once.”

Hannah’s mouth returned, it’s movements rapidly becoming uneven as Allison’s tongue-fucking rocketed her towards a climax. She panted, her tongue slapping against his head, one hand pumping him discordantly.

“Fuck, yes, yes, that’s it, just… UH FUCK,” Hannah cried.

Blake wondered how the hell she thought he’d still be asleep and risked opening his eyes a fraction, witnessing her bucking through an orgasm, her eyes shut tight, her body up on one hand and her knees as her free hand gripped his cock, her big sweaty breasts swinging beneath her body as she came hard on his girlfriend’s tongue.

“Fuck,” she breathed again. “That was- oh Jesus, no please no more- uh fuck!”

Behind her Allison jammed her two fingers back in to Hannah’s arsehole, tickling around the impossibly tight ring with her tongue while she fucked her fingers in and out.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, mm, yeah Ali, please keep- oh god,” Hannah hung her head, all thoughts of Blake’s cock now forgotten as she swept up towards the crest of the next wave. “Fuck, yes, shit, yeah, in my cunt too, put them in my cu-” she gasped, “-unt. Fuck me Allison, you have no idea how good this is.”

Hannah lowered her mouth once more, sinking it back on to Blake’s length. He felt as if he’d explode in to her throat, desperate to open his eyes wide, kneel up and watch the scene properly. Fuck it sounded nasty, he wondered if Allison would be willing to put on another performance with him in attendance, she clearly seemed to have a degree of control over Hannah, so presumably the choice was hers.

Hannah’s mouth disappeared from Blake’s cock again, her gasps and whimpers reaching an inaudible pitch as Allison pushed her over the edge of another precipice.

“God damn, fucking hell, yes,” Hannah finally managed to groan, falling sideways on to her hip.

Allison mumbled something and hummed appreciatively before breaking in to giggles.

Blake listened again as the two girls moved about the tent, whispering and giggling together. How they thought they could indulge in such behaviour without waking him was beyond him, but he was pleased they thought they could. He risked opening his eyes again and saw Hannah, now re-dressed, lying on top of Allison, their lips mashed together and Allison’s hands groping Hannah’s butt through her underwear.

“That was,” Hannah began, a huge grin on her face, “fucking, spectacular,” she laughed quietly. “We definitely have to do that again.”

“No doubt,” Allison agreed.

“I better get back to my own tent before we wake your boyf,” Hannah giggled, letting Allison pinch her butt hard.

“I’ll see you in the morning, sweet dreams,” Allison replied.

Blake closed his eyes again as Hannah began to move, listening as the zip rose and fell again, the shuffle of Hannah on the edge of the groundsheet outside and then the quickly disappearing sound of her feet in the grass. Then Allison moved, seemingly getting closer until her could feel her body touching his shoulder. After a while, when she hadn’t moved for a minute or two, Blake risked opening an eye. Cautiously he peered down the length of his body, scooting his eyes over to Allison’s beside him, she was laying on her side, that was good, he could causally throw an arm over her. His eyes continued up, his head having to move a little, her breasts bulged in her tanktop, but her position looked odd. With a mumble that he hoped would suggest a natural waking he moved his head and followed the line of her figure up. She was reclining on one elbow, her head resting in her hand as she stared down at him with a sly smile toying on the corners of her lips.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked, unable to stop the hint of a smile from breaking in to a huge grin.

“What?” Blake murmured, hoping the dumb act would work.

“I know you were awake, I hoped you would be, listening and watching Hannah and I. Did you like it?”

Blake looked down guiltily.

“I thought getting her to blow you was a particularly sweet touch on my part,” she whispered, “aren’t I good to you.”

Blake couldn’t stop himself from grinning.

“The only problem is,” he began, “she didn’t finish the job.”

“You cheeky fucker,” Allison laughed as Blake nodded down at his erect cock. “There’s nothing I’d like more than to suck that,” she purred, “well, not much more. Right now though I want it deep inside me.”

Allison sat up, pulling her underwear down quickly and leaving it at her feet before rolling on to her hands and knees and wrapping her fingers around Blake’s length again.

“All I could think of while I licked Hannah’s arsehole was having you buried in me.”

She stroked him up and down, his erection quickly returning to it’s full glory.

“You really knew I was awake?” Blake asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Allison nodded slowly.

“That’s so hot,” he groaned.

“I thought you’d enjoy it. Next time I want you to have a proper view though, I love eating Hannah and the thought of having you by my side while I do it makes me want to cream myself.”

Blake sat up and put his hand behind Allison’s head, for a moment she thought he was going to push her mouth down to his cock and a spark of desire flickered at the idea of reluctantly submitting. Instead he pulled her forward, pressing his mouth to hers and drawing her in to a long, slow kiss, his cock swelling impossibly as he thought of the nasty things he’d watched his girlfriend do.

Allison rolled on to her back, pulling her boyfriend with her, spreading her legs as she looked up longingly in to his eyes. He pushed his boxers down and kicked them off, his cock oozing and leaving a slick patch at the top of Allison’s mound as he lowered his body to kiss her once more.

“Did you like it when I sucked your balls?” Allison asked innocently.

“Oh that’s what that was,” Blake smiled, “yeah, having you and Hannah both on me at once was mind-blowing.”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind doing that again,” Allison sighed happily, “I know I wouldn’t.”

Allison lifted her legs, crossing her ankles over the base of Blake’s spine and pulling him lower towards her waiting pussy.

“That’s all for another time though,” she whispered, “right now can we just fuck?”

Blake lowered his hips, gazing in to Allison’s eyes as he blindly guided the head of his penis to her swollen lips, dipping his body to brush over them, bringing himself up to graze her clitoris and smiling as she groaned and shuddered at the sudden contact. He repeated the movement, loving the way she bit her lip and smiled with her eyes closed.

“Put it in me,” she whispered, reaching her arms up and loosely interlocking her fingers on the nape of his neck.

Blake pushed forward, feeling his head ease through the narrow opening and in to the hot, moist interior. He slipped deeper in, slowly, relishing the feeling of Allison’s velvet caress on every inch of his member. Every nerve ending screamed at him to thrust hard but something in his body betrayed him, holding back, wanting to savour every moment. He wondered what it must feel like to push his cock in to an arsehole, how tight it must be, he considered if Allison would respond favourably to such a suggestion and then immediately realised he’d have a better shot with Hannah. He was about to voice such thoughts to Allison when she sighed, wriggling back against his penetration and smiling up at him sweetly.

“It got me so wet doing that with Hannah,” she confessed. “I fingered myself a bit, but knowing that you’d make love to me later made me want to hold back. I want you to make me cum.”

Blake eased himself back out, feeling Allison’s lips cling tightly to him until just his head remained inside her. Leaning down he kissed her softly, trailing his lips down to her ear and then her neck, brushing over her soft skin, his tongue sneaking out and licking gently, tasting the salt of her dried sweat and listening as she gasped with each flick of his tongue on her throat. As he went he pushed his thick cock back in to her, feeling her give him a welcoming squeeze. He slowly gyrated his hips, feeling Allison push back against him, grinding herself on his intrusion.

“Fuck that feels good,” he groaned, unsure of how long he’d last after what’d happened already that night.

“You like it?” Allison purred.

“Mm,” he nodded with a huge guilty smile.

“Wait a second then,” she replied, pushing him up with her hands on his shoulders and uncrossing her feet from his back.

Blake leaned back, his head still dipped between her puffy lips and watched as his gorgeous young lover lifted her legs, closing her thighs around his cock. She held her legs aloft with one arm behind her knees, and smiled out from behind them.

“Now,” she groaned eagerly.

Blake entered her fully once more, her knees bending over his shoulder as he turned his head and kissed whatever skin he could find. Fuck it felt good, she opened up around him and closed tight as he entered.

“Mmm,” she moaned happily, “that’s nice, fuck me like that.”

Blake wrapped an arm around Allison’s legs, leaning forward and resting his other hand on the ground beside her shoulder, bending her legs back over her body. Every entrance now brought him closer to the climax that boiled up ferociously inside him, he could already feel that it would be big.

Allison reached down and pressed a single digit between her closed legs, landing it directly on her clit and circling it quickly. Her own climax had been lapping away since she’d reached out for Blake’s cock, her tongue buried in Hannah’s arse, slowly rising, each peak on the road to the summit causing a flutter in her stomach, now the summit was in sight though, looming over her, tipped with the white crest that she longed to feel.

“Kiss me,” she ordered, parting her legs and reaching up to pull Blake down by his neck.

Blake fell forward, his mouth opening and accepting Allison’s tongue as it thrashed against his. Her legs now bent, one over each of his shoulders, she moaned with every one of his thrusts, his balls knocking against her and the wet slap of skin on skin. She imagined how it’d be to get fucked by Blake like this while Hannah sat on her face, her creamy interior spread open to be devoured, Blake leaning forward to lick at Hannah’s arsehole just as she had done. Fuck Hannah would love that, two mouths on her at once, one tongue in each hole.

Blake felt Allison tense around his cock, her body locking up, holding him tight inside and feeling as if she’s break him off.

“Uh fuck,” she grunted, “nearly there, don’t stop.”

Blake felt Allison’s pussy relax and swung back out, swirling his head at her entrance before plunging back in.

“Oh yes, Blake, fuck me, god that’s good, mmmyes,” she groaned, her mouth open, her eyes staring up in to his.

Blake fought back the insistent urge to cum, desperate to see his girlfriend moan and writhe in ecstasy before he poured his seed in to her. He looked down, his eyes slipping in and out of focus, her bright face staring back, her cheeks flushed red, her mouth hanging open, her dark hair stuck to her forehead with sweat, and those beautiful eyes.

“Harder,” she breathed, “please?”

Blake found the energy from somewhere to piston himself in and out, causing Allison to buck beneath him, cries of ecstasy ringing out, certainly waking everyone of their friends in the other tents.

“Fuuuck!” she screamed, “yes, ohdeargod fuck! That’s it Blake, yes! Cum in me, yes, yes YES!”

Blake blinked as sweat dripped from his face on to the squirming body of his girlfriend below, her breasts, still inside her tanktop, thrust up as she arched her back against their simultaneous orgasm. He felt himself tense, pulse and gush inside her, her pussy massaging him, seemingly milking every drop of his semen from his manhood. He grunted, his hips still moving with slow, shallow thrusts.

Allison smiled up at him, her hands once more around his neck, pulling him down and kissing him slow and deep.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had,” she groaned.

Blake fell off her, rolling on to his back, his engorged cock, red and drenched in a mix of his cum and Allison’s own juices, still pointing skywards.

“Fuck,” he sighed, his bare chest rising and falling as he gulped down air.

“That was amazing,” Allison said, rolling on to her side and running her hand across his sweat-soaked skin.

Blake turned his head to look at her, her face incredibly bright and perky in contrast to how he himself felt.

“Tired you out a bit did it?” she giggled.

“Fuck,” Blake groaned, “yes.”

“Well you relax then,” Allison whispered. “Get your breath back. I’ll prepare you for round two.”

Blake watched in amazement as Allison got to her knees, pulled her tanktop off over her head and lowered her mouth on to his aching cock, taking it all in and sucking it softly. He groaned and closed his eyes, letting the unfulfilled beast of his lust begin to stir once more.


As usual Hannah was awake early, in the bakery staring at the yawning boy as he fetched her order, her hands drumming on the steering wheel as she slowed and turned off the road and on to the dirt track back at the campsite. She made a pot of coffee and sat at the fire circle drinking it, her eyes fixed on the row of tents, specifically the last in the line, Melissa’s. She hoped, no, she expected to see one of the boys come crawling out of it any moment. Then she’d know who was giving it to Melissa on the quiet, who she was letting put it in her butt. Hannah thought about this, wondering how long Melissa and this guy had been together, how long he’d been entering through her arse, what it felt like. She was beginning to realise that watching Melissa’s tent was a stupid idea given that Melissa was always up late and if she’d managed to keep this guy a secret for this long, presumably it wasn’t by doing careless things like letting him sleep in her tent all night.

There was the familiar sound of a tent opening and Hannah’s eyes darted up and down the line, it was Melissa’s, Hannah held her breath, her mug of coffee frozen halfway to her mouth. A movement and then a head poked out and looked up, it was Melissa.

“Morning,” she hissed quietly as she walked briskly along the line of tents. A huge grin on her face.

“You’re up early,” Hannah said accusingly, looking past her to her tent, wondering if a guy was still asleep in there.

“Yeah, I had a really good night’s sleep,” Melissa replied brightly, sitting on one of the logs and plucking a blade of grass from a coffee mug.

Hannah turned to face her, letting herself relax uneasily. This was unexpected, but then as it concerned Melissa she probably should’ve expected precisely that. She lifted the pot and poured the coffee for Melissa, wondering how to start talking to her.

“I get to you, don’t I?” Melissa said, sipping her coffee.

See, unexpected. Only Melissa could so openly start talking about an on-going and unspoken feud like that, like it was something between two completely different people.

“I don’t, no, what d’you mean?” Hannah replied hesitantly.

“Basically? That you don’t like me very much.” Melissa’s eyes locked on Hannah, not in a threatening way, more like the way a child would focus on a bug.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t like you,” Hannah replied quickly.

“At least not to my face,” Melissa laughed.

“No, no not at all, I think sometimes you’re a bit…”

“A bit what?” Melissa asked, ducking down to try and catch Hannah’s reluctant eyes again.

“I don’t know, sometimes you seem a little cold, a bit unaffected, is that a fair statement?” Hannah looked up at Melissa, hoping she hadn’t hurt her feelings.

Melissa seemed to consider this appraisal, taking another long pull on her coffee and savouring it. She was taking too long, she hadn’t replied, she hadn’t even made any sign that she’d heard or understood what Hannah had said. Finally her eyes came back down and stared back at Hannah.

“I guess that’s fair,” she replied at last, “I wish it wasn’t true though.” She cast her eyes down.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, it’s just that sometimes it’s like you work in a whole different set of rules to the rest of us.”

“Like how?” Melissa asked, holding out her mug for more coffee.

Hannah lifted the pot and poured more without even thinking.

“Well, like yesterday,” she began. “When Allison and I came back and you were with the guys, I got pissed off because you had all their attention-”

“That’s hardly my fault,” Melissa replied defensively.

“No, absolutely, but it pissed me off, and then ten minutes later you were in my tent telling me that Henry was ready,” Hannah let the last word hang, her expression making it clear what an odd series of events it’d been.

“What’s wrong with that? I mean, it was a nice thing for me to do, right?”

“Well, yes, it was kind of nice, I suppose, but weird Melissa, normally people don’t do things like that. And I suppose it kind of confuses me when you do.”

“Maybe you just don’t know me well enough then?” Melissa suggested, “I mean if you were used to it then it wouldn’t confuse you, right?”

“I suppose not,” Hannah conceded, frowning.

“C’mon then, you need to get to know me better.” Melissa got to her feet and held out her hand.

“Where’re we going?” Hannah asked.

“Morning dip,” Melissa replied.

“It’ll be freezing,” Hannah warned, downing the rest of her coffee and standing up.

They began walking down towards the river, their bare feet quickly drenched in the dew and leaving wet footprints as they sauntered across the boulder and stood looking down in to the clear water.

“D’you want me to swim naked?” Melissa asked bluntly.

“What?” Hannah replied.

“I know you like girls too, I just figured maybe you’d enjoy me being naked.”

“OK, that’s another example,” Hannah replied.

“But I’m offering to do something I think you’ll like, that can’t be a bad thing.”

“No, but it’s a bit weird and it confuses people, well me at least,” Hannah said, turning to face Melissa.

“So if I hadn’t asked and I’d just done it?”

“That would’ve been better, still a bit weird and confusing, but better, at least then I wouldn’t know you were consciously behaving in a way designed to please me.”

“What’s wrong with doing things just to please people?” Melissa asked, starting to get a little exasperated.

“Nothing, but most people don’t do that, they have motives, they do things to please people because they want those people to do things for them.”

“Well, yeah, obviously I do things because I want other people to do things for me,” Melissa said, “I mean, if I swim naked because I think you’ll like it, then I hope that in return you’ll like me more and be nicer to me.”

Hannah had no idea of how to respond, she stared dumbfounded at Melissa until she turned to face her.

“What?” she asked.

“You do things like that so people’ll like you?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

“Melissa of course I like you, we’re here camping together. We may have our disagreements and apparently wildly different ways of looking at the world, but I do like you.”

“Good, can we swim now?” Melissa didn’t wait for a reply, she pulled her tee shirt off over her head, wriggled her shorts down her legs with her panties and stepped out of them.

Hannah got a brief glance at the nymph before she dived off the boulder in to the freezing water.

“Fuck that’s cold,” Melissa laughed as she surfaced, “come in.”

Hannah stripped down to her underwear, leaving her clothes in a neat pile, then collecting Melissa’s and piling them neatly too, one eye watching the nude figure distorted by the movement of the water. She straightened up and stood at the edge of the water.

“Not getting naked?” Melissa asked.

Hannah shook her head.

“Why not?”

“I’m not really comfortable doing that,” she replied, wishing Melissa were a little closer so she didn’t have to shout.

“No one’s going to see except me,” Melissa said, drifting closer, “and if I can do it, you definitely can.”

“What d’you mean?” Hannah asked, her forehead furrowing.

“Well, with your body, you’ve got no reason to be shy, but mine-”

“Don’t give me that,” Hannah replied, actually a little annoyed. “You’re body is perfect.”

“Ha! I don’t know if you noticed but I have no tits,” Melissa laughed, her hands cupping the pert little swells on her chest. “I’d kill to have a pair like yours.”

“Now I’m really not sure that I should get in there with you,” Hannah laughed.

“Just get your underwear off and get in here,” Melissa giggled, “it’s so much nicer doing this naked.”She lay on her back and drifted away staring up at the sky, apparently having said her last word on the subject.

Hannah watched, wishing she could see the world as Melissa did. Fuck it, she thought, reaching back and unhooking her bra, dropping it on the rocks and pushing her underwear down her thighs, kicking them off and leaving them halfway across the boulder. With a run and a scream she jumped in to the pool, plunging in to the frigid water, surfacing to a cheer and a round of applause from Melissa.

“Damn it it’s cold,” Hannah cried, a huge grin on her face.

“You’ll get used to it,” Melissa smiled, making her way over, “and doesn’t it feel good to be naked?”

Hannah conceded that it did feel nice to be able to enjoy the water without her restrictive underwear on. She still felt a little self-concious though, floating around nude, her body on full display to anyone who wanted to look. She caught Melissa’s eyes scrolling up and down but tried to ignore it.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I envy your breasts,” Melissa said at last, seeing Hannah’s slightly displeased look. “I can see why guys like them, they’re just so inviting.”

“Er, thanks,” Hannah mumbled, wishing she could hug herself and cover up.

“Why does that make you feel uncomfortable?” Melissa asked.

“Because you’re you. I’d expect a guy to be checking out my boobs, and I can accept an honest critique from another woman, but, well, you’re you?”

“I don’t understand,” Melissa replied.

Hannah sighed and tried to think of a way to explain herself that wouldn’t offend.

“OK,” she began, “you’re perfect, your body, your hair, everything, it’s all perfect. Right? So if you’re commenting on my body I have trouble seeing it as anything more than one of two things.”

“And what are those two things?” Melissa asked, having managed to keep up so far.

“Well, either you’re saying stuff to be bitchy-” Hannah held up her hand quickly as Melissa’s mouth dropped open, “-or,” she said, “or, you want to, I don’t know fool around, or something.”

“Can’t I just appreciate something that looks good?” Melissa replied, uncertainty edging her words for the first time in all the years Hannah had known her.

“But that’s exactly it, I don’t really ever hear you give compliments, and if we’re talking about something looking good, you’re the ultimate example.”

“So you assume I must want to sleep with you then?” Melissa asked bluntly, daring Hannah to back out of her own thought process.

“No, well, I don’t know,” she sighed.

“Do you want to sleep with me?” Melissa added, her eyes refusing to let Hannah’s move away.

“Honestly?” Hannah asked, stalling.

Melissa nodded and released Hannah’s eyes, watching them flick down below the surface of the freezing water.

“Objectively, yes, I would enjoy enjoying your body,” Hannah breathed, her eyes slowly finding the courage to drift back up to Melissa’s.

“So,” Melissa said quietly, eager to phrase her next sentence correctly, “if you want to sleep with me, and you think I want to sleep with you, why aren’t you making a move on me?”

“Because, like I said, objectively I want to sleep with you, if you were a stranger for example, it’s not as simple as just liking someone’s body and wanting to jump in to bed with them.”

“So you felt you had a special connection with both Henry and David yesterday when you fucked them?” Melissa saw the wince flash across Hannah’s face and wondered if she’d gone too far.

“That was, different,” Hannah looked away.

Melissa drifted closer, her hand reaching out under the surface for Hannah’s hip, stroking her softly and ducking down to look up in to her eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean, just, sorry,” Melissa whispered. “Don’t worry about it, everyone gets like that, they do things they don’t necessarily feel great about in the cold light of day, but at the time it felt great. Am I right?”

Hannah nodded slowly, surprised at how insightful Melissa was capable of being.

“I get that too, when I just need to have someone, my ability to spot a bad idea goes out the window and before I know it I’m screaming their name, then thirty seconds later I’m wishing I hadn’t just lost my favourite knickers to the dark ground of the park.”

That got a flicker of a smile from Hannah.

“I bet you don’t have to deal with nonsense like that sleeping with other girls though, right?”

“I guess,” Hannah nodded.

“It’s all gentle love-making somewhere comfortable.”

“Not necessarily,” Hannah replied, a little defensively.


“No, well, tents aren’t comfortable, we also did it up there,” she turned and pointed to the rocky outcrop high above the pool.

“What you and Allison?” Melissa asked.

Hannah nodded, slightly proud of having impressed Melissa when it came to her sexual exploits.

“What’s it like?” Melissa asked.

“What, sex up there? Actually it wasn’t that uncomfortable.”

“No, I mean, sex with another girl,” Melissa asked, her usual bold expression staring back at Hannah.

“It’s nice,” Hannah replied.

“Well, yeah I kind of thought you might enjoy it, but how’s it different, I mean other than the obvious things like not having a cock stuck in you.”

Hannah laughed.

“Well firstly having another girl stick a toy in you feels so much better than doing it yourself, relinquishing control of your pleasure like that. I mean with guys it’s usually about reaching a goal, isn’t it? They want to get to an orgasm as quickly as possible, right?”

“I guess most do,” Melissa frowned as if the thought had never occurred to her before. “Although there was one guy, let’s just call him an older gentleman, he was far more interested in making sure I enjoyed myself. I kept my climaxes quiet because I figured that once he thought I’d cum he’d make a race for the finish himself. We fucked all afternoon before he told me he loved holding back while I rode endlessly on pleasure.”

“Right, but generally,” Hannah replied, “but with Allison it’s about every moment, every touch, I mean yeah, sometimes you just want to feel that orgasm explode,” a guilty smile crossed Hannah’s face briefly.

“And with a guy, once it’s exploded there’s a bit of tidying up to do,” Melissa laughed.

“Yeah, something like that, and then the desire is gone, isn’t it?”

“Usually, yeah,” Melissa nodded.

“OK,” Hannah said, feeling a lot more comfortable after sharing with Melissa, “my turn to ask a question.”

“Fire away,” Melissa replied.

“You’re, let’s say experienced, right?” Hannah began.

“You mean I’ve fucked a bunch of guys? It’s not that many.”

“Well, anyway, my question is, did you uh, ever try, y’know, anal?” Hannah asked, the final word creeping out like a disobedient child confined to its bedroom.

Melissa nodded, her face stern.

“Not good?” Hannah asked.

Melissa’s frown cracked and broke in to a huge grin.

“I got you,” she crowed. “No, yeah, I’ve done that, once or twice, I keep it for someone special, it’s good though.”

So whoever was in her tent last night was considered ‘special’, Hannah noted.

“Why? You want to try it too?” Melissa asked.

“I’m not sure, I mean just between you and I, sometimes I stick a finger up my arse and it feels so good-”

“Oh, you have to get someone to lick it for you,” Melissa interrupted enthusiastically, “that’s fucking amazing.”

“But what about having like a penis in there, isn’t it really uncomfortable?” Hannah asked.

“If you take it slowly, make sure he’s gentle, it’s not too bad, also obviously you’ll stretch and get used to it.”

“So you think I should?” Hannah asked.

“You only live once, why not give everything a try,” Melissa purred, her eyes almost imperceptibly flashing down to take in the sight of Hannah’s inviting breasts beneath the surface.

Hannah gulped hard and took a breath, preparing herself to make a suggestion.

“Come on, let’s swim,” Melissa blurted, suddenly diving down and speeding away through the water.

Hannah watched Melissa’s sleek figure move deep in the pool, half thankful that she’d been spared the opportunity to make a fool of herself, half furious that she’d found the courage only to be denied at the last second. With a laugh she dived under and turned to spot Melissa, following her around the pool and surfacing at the far side.

“Henry went down on me right here,” Melissa announced proudly, her hand resting on the lip of rock.

Hannah imagined what it must’ve been like for Henry, floating in the water, confronted by Melissa’s flawless thighs, spread, olive skin framing her lips, that little flicker of pubic hair she’d noticed, then burying his face in what was surely a delectable pussy. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling herself twitch as her desire squirmed at the thought.

“Have you ever had sex with Henry, I mean besides here?” Hannah asked, her hand beside Melissa’s on the lip.

“Well there was here, and when I blew him and Blake together,” Melissa replied, unable to keep the grin from her face.

“Yeah I heard about that,” Hannah said, “I bet they both loved that.”

“Actually Blake wasn’t to keen to share my mouth with anyone,” Melissa sighed.

“You’re lucky you got him before he and Allison became an item,” Hannah replied, “he’s well and truly off the market now.”

“You think?” Melissa laughed, “I can still have him any time I want.”

“No way, he’s faithful, you’d never get him to cheat on Allison.”

“I can have him today if I want,” Melissa laughed.

“You think? Before midnight?” Hannah replied.

“OK, let’s make a deal, if I can get Blake to fuck me, you have to, I don’t know, give anal a try.”

“OK, no big de-”

“With Henry,” Melissa added quickly.

“Are you insane?” Hannah laughed. “And if you can’t?”

“Then I have to, fuck it, then I have to sleep with you,” Melissa shrugged.

“You mean-”

“Yes, sex. Not that that’s going to happen, you’re so getting Henry’s fat cock up your arse.”

“Wait, if I’m getting fucked by Henry then I think if you lose you shouldn’t get away with just having to sleep with me, let’s say your have to do anything I want for, how about two hours?”

“Anything sexual you want?” Melissa asked, “and I get to watch you and Henry.”

“Yeah, OK, and you have to fuck Blake before midnight,” Hannah clarified.

“OK, today, before midnight,” Melissa agreed.

Both girls fell silent for a moment, thinking over what it was they faced, doubt and anxiety tingeing their thoughts, and neither willing to admit to themselves that whichever way Melissa’s attempts with Blake went, they were cautiously willing to face the consequences.


Blake and Allison were seated by the ashes of the fire when Melissa and Hannah returned, the other boys having apparently woken and downed mugs of coffee before heading to the showers.

“That’s fairly unusual behaviour for them, isn’t it?” Hannah asked.

“Maybe they’re fucking each other,” Melissa giggled, “I’d hate to be on the receiving end of Henry’s cock in that scenario,” she laughed, her eyes glinting as she glanced at Hannah.

“They said they wanted to be ready for our guests this evening,” Allison replied, shaking her head with a smile at Melissa’s flight of fancy.

“They think they’re getting lucky, don’t they?” Hannah asked.

“I think we’re all getting lucky,” Melissa said with a grin.

“You’re very perky this morning,” Allison said, turning to Melissa.

“I’ve just got a feeling it’s going to be a good day,” Melissa smiled.


The day dragged on, Melissa took her book and went to sunbathe by the river, evidently unconcerned about the time ticking away, Henry and David were more than happy to follow her now that she’d become a part-time nudist. Allison told Blake he was welcome to go gawp too if he liked. Blake preferred to lay in the grass staring at the clouds and watching as Hannah and his girlfriend busied themselves around the camp, thinking over the events of the previous night.

“You should watch out for Melissa around Blake,” Hannah hissed as they cleared away the pile of coffee mugs.

“What? Why?” Allison replied, giggling as she whispered loudly.

“I think she’s going to try and get him to sleep with her again,” Hannah answered, wondering if warning Allison was somehow against the implied rules of the bet.

“What makes you think that?” Allison asked.

Hannah hesitated, unwilling to go in to any more detail, then she realised that Melissa would undoubtedly use any means to win and that Allison and herself were best friends was a gross oversight on Melissa’s part.

“We made a bet,” she hissed, her eyes flicking up at Blake.

“What kind of bet?” Allison asked.

“She said she could still fuck Blake even though he’s with you, I said she couldn’t.”

“What? Oh thanks Han, you’re a great friend aren’t you?” Allison replied angrily.

“Sorry, it just kind of got to a point where she had me cornered, and she has to do it today, before midnight,” Hannah sighed.

“So you set the sexiest, most desirable person we know on him,” Allison said through gritted teeth, nodding towards her boyfriend.

Hannah nodded slowly, hating how angry Allison was.

“And what happens when she gets him?” Allison asked.


“You said it was a bet, what are the terms?”

“If she wins I have to let Henry fuck my butt,” Hannah winced.

“Ha! And if she loses?” Allison laughed doubtfully.

“I get to sleep with her,” Hannah replied quietly.

“Y’know what? I almost hope she wins,” Allison snarled, turning and walking away.

“Allison wait!” Hannah called, quick-stepping to keep up.

Blake sat up and watched as Hannah went after Allison, wondering what they were fighting about. He was sure they’d sort it out, girls were always arguing and bitching about one another only to be best friends again five minutes later, weren’t they? He hoped they’d sort it out, the possibility of a repeat performance of the night’s entertainment was very conditional on them staying friends. He wondered if he’d ever get a chance to fuck Hannah, with Allison’s willing approval of course, having all three of the girls during the trip would be quite an achievement. He felt himself swell at the thought of his girlfriend cheering him on while Hannah bounced up and down on his cock, doing it right here in the camp, under the blue sky, his personal harem wandering around naked, just waiting for him to want them.

“Allison,” Hannah said again, grabbing her friend’s arm, “listen. Now you know it’s no problem to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Allison turned and scowled at Hannah.

“All we have to do is make sure we don’t leave Blake alone with Melissa.”

“And how do we manage that?” Allison asked dismissively.

“Maybe he’d be more interested in taking a shower with you?” Hannah suggested.

Allison seemed to consider this, there was no way that she could keep Blake in the shower block for the next, she checked her watch, for the next ten hours, but maybe she could keep him fully satisfied for that long.

“OK,” Allison said, a smile creeping over her face, “but you’re going to have to help me with this, it’s the least you can do.”

“Help you how?” Hannah asked.

“Come with me,” Allison replied, grabbing Hannah’s arm and pulling her back towards Blake. “You have to do whatever I want, OK?”

“OK,” Hannah sighed, beginning to think that Allison was overreacting a bit.

“If you don’t I swear I’ll hand Blake over to Melissa personally just so I can watch Henry rip you in half. Blake,” she said innocently, coming to a stop by Blake’s feet and casting a shadow over his closed eyes.

“Yes?” Blake replied, opening his eyes and gazing up at Allison’s sweet smile, Hannah stood beside her looking worried.

“I was going to take a shower and I was wondering if you could wash my back for me?”

Blake was on his feet like a shot.

“Sure,” he replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

Allison took his hand and began leading him to the shower block, Hannah walking beside them.

“I hope you don’t mind if Hannah comes too,” Allison said softly, “she needs her back washing as well.”

Blake immediately felt himself throb in his shorts, both of them, he was going to get both of them, naked and soapy.

Hannah looked past Allison to Blake, seeing his broad smile and wondering if Allison had any idea how eager she was to get under the water with him. She wondered how far Allison would take it.

Blake followed the girls in to the shower block and was naked before they’d pulled their tops off over their heads. Allison giggled at his eagerness, taking his hand as soon as she was naked, pulling him over and standing close to him as he turned on the shower, her erect nipples brushing against his firm chest and his proud manhood pressing against the soft skin of her stomach.

“Come and join us,” Allison said as they turned to watch Hannah strip slowly.

Blake’s eyes fixed on Hannah’s big round breasts, watching them swing as she sauntered over, no wonder his girlfriend couldn’t resist her. She stepped under the water, standing behind Allison, tipping her head back and letting her hair soak. Allison’s hands were on Blake’s chest, her eyes looking up at him as he stared past her at Hannah.

“They’re magnificent, aren’t they?” she whispered, bringing Blake’s gaze back down.

Allison reached up and pulled Blake’s head down to her’s, drawing him in to a drawn out kiss, her tongue slowly exploring his mouth, trying to hold off the more urgent of his advances. Hannah ran a pair of lathered hands up Allison’s back and on to her shoulders, pulling her away from Blake enough for their kiss to break. Allison looked up at him and smiled, then turned in the cramped space between his and Hannah’s naked bodies, looking up at her other lover and accepting Hannah’s mouth as it lowered to her own.

Blake watched, his girlfriend and Hannah finally locked in a passionate kiss right here in front of him, fully aware of his presence, unabashed, in fact positively eager for him to watch. He put his hands on Allison’s hips moving even closer behind her, having to push his thick shaft down so that it strained up against her butt cheeks. Leaning in he softly kissed her shoulders, his eyes always looking up, focusing on the glimpses of the girls’ lips and tongues massaging each other as their heads turned this way and that. His hands drifted up Allison’s ribs until they brushed the underside of each of her breasts, aware of Hannah’s opposite, mashed against Allison’s. Allison ground her butt back against him and he pushed his fingers on, easing them between the four glistening orbs of flesh to cup Allison’s, Hannah’s hard nipples evident against his knuckles. His mouth curved up on to the side of Allison’s neck, giving little bites and licks as she mumbled and moaned in to Hannah’s mouth.

Allison pushed her butt back against Blake again, this was better than she’d ever imagined it could be: her boyfriend and Hannah all over her simultaneously, two mouths caressing her, four hands on her body, and everything that was still to come. She tipped her head aside and pressed her lips to Hannah’s throat, inviting her to do the same. Hannah’s mouth fell on to her neck beside Blake’s, both of them dancing across her skin planting endless kisses and licks with the occasional soft bite. Reaching up from Hannah’s hips she took hold of Blake’s wrists and pulled his hands from her breasts, turning them and directing them on to Hannah’s, feeling his fingers turn beside her own until his hands and hers, interlocked, groped at the huge wet tits.

Hannah groaned on Allison’s neck, feeling twenty fingers press in to the flesh of her breasts. Her mouth was beside Blake’s now, both of them open as tongues and teeth explored the firm curve of skin, she could feel every time Blake licked. She moved her mouth closer to his, timing her licks to match his until every brush of their tongues caused them to touch. She felt him groped her harder, move his head back a little way and lick at a different angle, his tongue keeping the same rhythm and at the end of each lick flicking up past hers. She looked up from Allison and saw Blake’s eyes locked on her, their next lick brought their tongues a little closer, a definite pause for a fraction of a second as they slipped up past one another. The next lick found their tongues slithering past one another on Allison’s wet skin, their eyes never breaking contact. Finally they both licked, the passing of one tongue by the other bringing them fully together, sliding slowly in to each others mouths as they turned their heads and joined in a cautiously eager kiss.

Allison felt her two lovers kissing beside her head, felt her pussy twitch at the idea and found Hannah’s fingers, as if reading her mind, suddenly appear on her lips, two opening her up as a third pressed gently but determinedly inside her.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped, dropping her own hand to Hannah’s mound and rubbing two fingers over her lips.

Hannah shifted her lips, grinding herself against Allison’s touch, begging her with every movement to penetrate her desperate pussy.

Allison stepped back, forcing Blake to step back with her or fall on his arse. Hannah was left standing under the water, the hands on her body gone. Allison turned, her hands back on Blake’s chest as she gazed up in to his eyes.

“Hannah wants me to make her cum, but she’s been a bad girl this morning so I think she’d better do something nice for us first, don’t you agree?”

Blake nodded, certain that whatever it was Allison had in mind he’d enjoy it.

Allison pulled him back under the water, standing beside him and looking Hannah up and down.

“On your knees,” she ordered, almost unable to keep the begging desire from her voice.

Hannah dropped down, squatting on the tiled floor before the couple, her eyes at once fixing on Allison’s delectable pussy in front of her. Allison leaned back against the tiled wall, spreading her legs a little and beckoning for Hannah to move closer. Hannah eagerly ran her tongue up Allison’s thigh, heading straight for the dripping lips at the apex of her perfect legs.

Blake watched, his cock so hard it felt like it’d explode as Hannah went to work on his girlfriend’s pussy, thrashing her tongue against it before burrowing in, her nose grazing Allison’s clit and eliciting moan after moan.

Allison pulled Blake closer until his rock hard manhood brushed through the tangled curls of Hannah’s wet hair. She ran her fingers in to the curls, grabbing a fistful and pulling Hannah’s head back, turning it a fraction and guiding it on to Blake’s cock. It happened so quickly that Blake found himself engulfed between lips and cheeks and tongue before he knew what was happening. Allison pulled him down in to a kiss, one hand on the back of his head while the other forced Hannah back and forth on his cock. She broke the kiss and smiled up at Blake.

“You love sucking my boyfriend’s cock? Don’t you?” she snarled, stifling a giggle as she jerked Hannah’s head again. She pulled it back and turned Hannah’s head up to face them, her mouth hanging open as she filled her lungs.

“Fuck yes,” Hannah panted.

Allison pushed her back on to Blake’s cock, let her suck for half a second and then dragged her head across, pushing it on to her pussy once more. Hannah switched technique without missing a beat, feeling Allison squirm down on her tongue and knowing that for all the bravado she could still make her do whatever she liked. She was enjoying this though, the mock domination, playing along with being forced to pleasure both of them, fuck she wanted to feel Allison cream herself all over her lips then turn and have Blake paint her mouth and tits with every drop of his cum. That was her goal: to have Blake cum for her rather than for Allison.

Blake reached up and held on to the shower head for support as he watched his friend alternate between eating his girlfriend’s pussy and sucking his cock, he was close now, he knew he’d be emptying his balls in the next few minutes no matter what. Every movement of Hannah’s mouth caused him to groan, his manhood twitching and throbbing unbearably.

“Fuck,” he gasped as she pulled off him again, her eyes flicking up to his for the briefest of moments, a look of focused, desperate lust burning in to him.

Allison turned to see the pained expression on Blake’s face and held Hannah’s mouth firmly on herself, wanting to see Blake slide away from the peak of his climax before letting his ascent start once more. She watched as Blake visibly fell away from his impending orgasm as it became clear Hannah’s mouth wasn’t about to make a sudden return to pleasure him.

“Not yet,” Allison whispered to him, “but soon Blake, I prom- uh fuck that’s good.”

Hannah had slid two fingers deep inside Allison’s pussy, her mouth now caressing Allison’s engorged clit.

“Oh fuck Han, wait, wait,” Allison writhed at Hannah’s touch, the two fingers brushing Allison’s g-spot, beckoning her closer and closer to her first orgasm. Allison fought against the rising tide, desperate to hold off her climax, to keep control firmly in her grasp, but Hannah’s touch felt so good, and having Blake at her side, watching, fuck, his hands now on her breasts, his fingers pinching her nipples, damn it felt good.

“Han wait,” she pleaded, “not yet, please?”

Hannah ignored Allison’s cries, determined to make her cum, knowing that once that first wave had broken Allison would do whatever she asked of her, and there was something she had in mind, something she needed badly.

“Come on Ali,” Hannah snarled, “cum for me, cum on my fingers,” she spoke between laps of her tongue over Allison’s clitoris. “Say my name, say it!”

“Please Hannah,” Allison whimpered.

“Good girl, now cum.”

“Oh fuck, yes yes yes,” Allison reached out and pulled Blake’s mouth to hers kissing him awkwardly as he leaned over Hannah’s crouched form, then pushing him down to suck on her tits.

Blake latched his lips around first one firm nub and then the other, they pointed towards the ceiling, moving as each jolt of Hannah’s hand bounced Allison’s breasts. He gazed up and saw her tipping her head back against the wall, her smooth throat curving up to her face wrapped in ecstasy. Her gasps and pleads to Hannah now coming almost silently as the wave grew impossibly high, Hannah’s hand nearly a blur between Allison’s thighs, just the very tip of her tongue making the softest flicks against Allison’s clit.

Blake felt Allison’s body tense, Hannah’s mouth suddenly forcing its way back on to her quivering lips. Allison looked down at Blake, her eyes wide and pleading for release, then she came, her body bucking on Hannah’s mouth, her hand clutching one of Blake’s to her breast, groping herself as she panted open-mouthed, her other hand reaching down and grabbing Blake’s cock, jerking it violently, wanting him to cum too.

“Uh fuck me that’s good,” she moaned, another tremble shaking her body as Hannah drew her fingers out and pulled her tongue the length of Allison’s wet lips.

Hannah got to her feet, leaving Allison leaning heavily against the wall. Turning to Blake she put her hand around the back of his neck and kissed him deeply, sharing his girlfriend’s nectar with him, letting his hands instinctively reach out and hold her body, her hand stroking his cock gently, rubbing more of Allison’s juice up and down its length. Then she turned from the kiss to face Allison, smiling at her.

“Now it’s my turn,” Hannah purred, stepping closer to Allison, putting her arms around her friend’s waist and sharing a slow kiss with her.

Blake watched his girlfriend sucking on Hannah’s tongue, clearly enjoying her own delicious taste. Hannah leaned down to Allison’s ear and whispered something, the pair then turning to look at Blake and grinning. Hannah turned to face the wall, shuffling her feet back a little and bending at the waist. Allison stood behind her, and slowly got to her knees, one hand trailing down Hannah’s bare thigh while she held Blake’s gaze.

“Come and watch,” Allison said calmly, smiling as Blake moved closer.

Allison rubbed her hands up Hannah’s thighs, slowly up and on to her butt, giving both cheeks a squeeze.

“Hasn’t she got the sexiest arse you’ve ever seen?” Allison asked, turning to look up at her boyfriend. “It’s just so perfect.” She caressed the pair of fleshy cheeks and pulled them apart.

Lowering her head she kissed across one buttock to Hannah’s crack, sneaking her tongue out and sliding it up the tight valley to the small of her back.

Blake noticed Hannah lower a hand and then saw two fingers appear on her swollen labia, one pressing between them and entering herself before withdrawing and spreading them. Without moving her mouth away from its continuous attending to her arse, Allison raised a hand up bringing her fingers to Hannah’s wet pussy and slipping two inside. Hannah released her spread lips, letting them envelope Allison’s knuckles.

Melissa scrambled out of the pool and on to the boulder, water pouring on to Dan as he followed her up. As she pulled herself on to the cool, flat surface the shape of two bodies came in to view across the other side of the rock. Hannah was sitting naked on the ground, her back to Melissa and her legs apparently interlocked with another girl’s, Emma or Emily or something, Melissa couldn’t remember, she hadn’t been paying much attention by the fire. Melissa waited for Dan to catch up and quickly took his hand to lead him over so that Hannah could see him.

As Melissa and Dan approached they heard the soft murmurs of rising pleasure, Hannah and Emily were naked, sitting facing each other, each with their left leg over the other’s right thigh, grinding against one another slowly and rhythmically. Melissa cleared her throat innocently and the pair of girls both looked up, taking in the arrival of the new-comers but quickly turning back to face each other.

Melissa pulled Dan to the ground, directing him flat on his back and straddling him, his cock was hard at the sight of his friend and Hannah obviously enjoying each others body so intimately. Melissa sat her lithe, wet body on top of his, feeling his cock firm against the tight little cleft in her butt as she ran her hands up his chest and leaned down to kiss him.

“Tell me how much you want me,” she whispered in his ear.

“I want you so badly,” Dan breathed, his hands on Melissa’s hips, ready to guide her back and on to his cock.

“No, say it louder,” Melissa said, adding a sweet smile and wondering if he was deliberately trying to annoy her.

“I want you so bad,” Dan repeated loudly.

Melissa turned to look, catching Hannah and Emily as they turned back to their own coupling. Perfect, she thought, she had Hannah’s attention.

“Mm, now put that big cock in me,” she moaned.

She sat up, her hands still flat on Dan’s chest, and lifted her pelvis a little, feeling his rigid dick rise against her lips as she went.

Dan looked up at her, the moonlight on her olive skin was mesmerising, she was truly beautiful but already she was annoying him. He guided her back, feeling her pussy slip on to the head of his cock, its tight entrance squeezing him as she ground back on it.

“Oh, that’s so good Dan,” she groaned loudly, turning her head to watch Hannah and Emily again.

Dan turned to look too, the other girls were apparently paying no attention to him and Melissa, they’d shuffled their bodies closer, arms around one another, fingers in hair and on shoulders, mouths pressed firmly together and knees raised. He could only imagine how good they felt so close. A hand on his face violently turned him back to face Melissa.

“Hey, I’m right here,” she hissed. “I thought you wanted to fuck me?”

“Of course,” Dan replied, running his hands up her flanks and brushing his thumbs over the pair of hard nipples that topped Melissa’s small breasts.

“I’ll give you the best fuck you’ve ever had,” she went on.

Dan could believe Melissa was capable of doing just that, although the attempt would possibly be eased by a gag of some kind. He watched her as she turned again to look at Emily and Hannah, wondering if her obsession went further than the bet Hannah had mentioned.


“Ignore her, she lives for attention,” Hannah whispered as she kissed her way up Emily’s throat to her ear.

“And you’re sure she’s not gay, right?” Emily sighed, “it’s just that she seems far more interested in watching us than in Dan.”

“I wish she was,” Hannah replied, immediately realising that it could’ve come out better. “Sitting on her mouth would certainly keep her quiet,” she added with a giggle.

“I prefer girls with a bit more to them,” Emily said, her eyes slowly dropping down to Hannah’s breasts mashed up against her own.

“Me too,” Hannah moaned happily, casting her own glance down to take in the sight of the two ample pairs vying for space. Emily wasn’t exactly lacking herself. “But it’s something of a matter of pride for me to have Melissa. It’s a long story but if I can keep her occupied until midnight she’s mine for a couple of hours.”

“Mm, what did you have in mind for her?” Emily asked, feeling the pleasure rising.

“I want to tie her down,” Hannah replied, the wet sound of her pussy on Emily’s reminding her of why she liked girls so much.

“Then what?” Emily asked, biting her lip as her breathing quickened beside Hannah’s ear.

“Lick that tight little cunt until she screams for mercy.”

“Fuck that’s good,” Emily gasped feeling Hannah graze over her clit, “I think she’d like that.”

“No, no, Melissa loves to be in control, she plays the innocent but she’s always in charge.”

“So what next?” Emily asked, she’d moved her head back and now as she spoke her breath touched Hannah’s lips and tongue, their eyes flicking up and down, dancing between each others gaze and lips.

“I have a dildo in my tent that I’m dying to fuck her with, I only wish I’d brought my strap-on with me.”

“I wish you had too,” Emily said, her tongue sitting eagerly behind her teeth.

“Then we could both fuck her you mean?” Hannah grinned.

“Huh? No, then you could fuck me,” Emily frowned.

“Why would I need two for that?” Hannah giggled.

“What? How much did you drink?” Emily laughed her frown breaking in to a grin.

“Enough,” Hannah replied, finally pressing her mouth against Emily’s and letting her tongue enter her.

It felt good to be so intimate with another woman again. Sharing Allison with Blake was good and she did love the feeling of that cock stretching her open but there was something so much deeper about the kind of carnal embrace she could only share with another female body. Emily’s body reacted so willingly to her touch, she’d been wet as soon as Hannah had pulled her jeans down around her knees and now, after what seemed like an age of slowly kissing their bodies together over and over with the stirrings of pleasure, a peak was just appearing over the horizon.

Hannah followed Emily’s glance over to Melissa and Dan as he penetrated her, her moan obviously exaggerated for Hannah’s benefit.

“Is she trying to make us jealous?” Emily asked.

“She’s trying to make me jealous,” Hannah replied with a smile.

“There’s something about her that just makes me want to, I don’t know, do stuff to her I suppose,” Emily shrugged, a grin spreading across her face.

Hannah ground her pussy against Emily’s, leaning back on her hands.

“I know,” she sighed, “she just begs to be fucked, doesn’t she.”

“Mm,” Emily smiled, nodding as she glanced back over at Melissa’s tight little body.

As they watched Melissa looked back at them again, clearly enjoying the attention. She leaned down and whispered to Dan again then sat up and slowly turned around on his cock, his face a picture of ecstasy as she did. Grinding back against him briefly she reached forward and placed her hands on his legs then began riding once more, her enjoyment evident.

“I’d love to press that pretty face in to my cunt,” Emily groaned.

“I wouldn’t mind tasting hers either,” Hannah added.

They were both openly watching Melissa now, each picturing how she’d fit in to their love-making. She was obviously beginning to enjoy Dan more than the attention she was getting from them, she’d straightened up and then leaned backwards over his body, the firm little swells of her breasts thrust up, shaking as he thrust up in to her. Her lips stretched around his shaft as it disappeared inside her. Hannah slipped her hand down between the soaking press of her lips on Emily’s, wriggling her fingers back and forth for them both to enjoy.

“Oh, that’s so good,” Emily groaned, turning to smile at Hannah quickly.

“You should feel what I can do with my tongue,” Hannah replied bluntly.

Dan slid his hands up Melissa’s body, covering her breasts and pulling at her nipples as he pulled her down to lay flat on his chest. His cock still buried in her pussy, he arched his back to continue fucking her. Hannah stared at Melissa’s lips squeezed tightly around Dan, meeting again above it’s intrusion and curving up to her perfect mound, God she wanted to kneel down there and lick it, tease Melissa’s clit with the tip of her tongue until she felt the urgent push of a hand on the back of her head. She’d push her tongue inside, happily sharing that pussy with Dan’s cock.

Melissa’s eyes were closed, her back arched against Dan’s chest, his hands holding her thighs apart, her arms reaching up above their heads. Hannah felt the roar of her lust take over, a sudden grip on her need, her fingers darting back and forth and the proximity of Emily’s body pushing her over the edge.

“I want to do something bad,” she moaned quietly to Emily, “something I shouldn’t.”

“I think I know what you mean,” Emily replied, her eyes glinting as they pulled away from Hannah’s to glimpse back at Melissa.

They disengaged their reluctant bodies, their juices smeared across their thighs and the immediacy of their lust grudgingly shifting down a gear. Silently they got to their feet and tip-toed across to where Dan and Melissa lay. Melissa’s eyes were closed, her mouth open a fraction as she enjoyed Dan’s cock, her flawless body stretched out on top of his, every curve and muscle highlighted by the moon, shimmering as they slowly dried.

Dan stared up at them, a frown suddenly appearing on his face and cracking in to a smile as Emily put a finger to her lips. Hannah motioned for Dan to get a tighter grip on Melissa and he slowly curled his legs around hers then reached up to do the same with his arms, casually locking Melissa’s body firmly in to his grasp.

“That’s so good,” Melissa moaned, tipping her head back as Dan kissed the back of her shoulder.

“You’re so tight,” Dan whispered in her ear.

Emily watched as Hannah moved carefully in to position between Dan and Melissa’s legs, kneeling on all-fours, her face closing in on the epicentre of their union. They were so wet, her lips and his cock drenched, a sucking noise every time he withdrew followed by a wet slap of her arse against his body as she bounced on his re-entry. Hannah inhaled deeply, wishing she could bathe in the smell alone. She lowered her head, easing her mouth closer so that each of Dan’s thrusts brought Melissa’s clitoris within licking distance. There it was, that little bud, exposed, erect, positively begging to be tongued. She looked up at Emily, standing at the side of the writhing bodies, her legs apart as she gently ran a single finger up and down over her lips.

“Do it,” Emily mouthed with a grin.

Hannah winked and turned back, licking her lips before dropping them down and closing them on Melissa’s clit, she quickly dragged her tongue up over it, bringing the tip up to dance around it.

“What the fuck?” Melissa gasped, her eyes immediately open as she tried to sit up and look down the length of her stretched body.

Dan’s grip prevented her from seeing more than the top of Hannah’s head as it moved fractionally up and down with her mouth. Melissa turned and looked up at Emily instead, the need for silence gone she’d begun plunging two fingers between her dripping lips, a wet slurp accompanying each movement.

“Fuck, get off me, let me go!” Melissa shouted, wriggling in Dan’s arms and failing to loosen his grip.

Emily giggled as she straddled the restrained body, lowering herself on to Melissa’s taut stomach, feeling the caress of Melissa’s smooth skin against her wet lips. Melissa tried to thrash her arms and legs free but her struggle was completely hopeless against Dan’s grip. He smiled up over her shoulder, watching as Emily clearly enjoyed her position of power over the smaller, bossy girl.

“I bet you’d love me to slide up and sit on your face, wouldn’t you?” Emily asked, running one hand up Melissa’s body, her fingers wet from her pussy.

“Get off me,” Melissa growled, her struggle subsiding as she realised it was futile.

Emily slipped two fingers either side of one of Melissa’s nipples and pinched it between her knuckles, pulling at it as she groped the firm mound of her breast.

“Oh come on,” Emily sighed happily, “I bet you’d love the taste of pussy if you gave it a try.” She pushed her hand further up Melissa’s body, her wet fingers snaking up her throat as Melissa turned her head sharply aside.

Beneath her Dan continued to push up with his hips, slipping himself in to Melissa’s tight body, feeling that despite what her mouth was saying, her pussy was still enjoying itself. He looked up at Emily, groping one of her tits with her free hand, her own pussy juice smeared around the nipple. Emily had always been off limits to him, the only one of the girls who’d been categorically uninterested in him. Sure they were friends but the friendship he shared with the rest of the girls had come with certain unspoken agreements. He’d occasionally seen her kissing Amy or Laura or Steph, but that was as much as he was permitted to witness and never in such a state of abandon as she was currently enjoying.

Emily slipped her fingers back down between Melissa’s breasts and back to her pussy pressing against Melissa’s body, raising herself a fraction of an inch to dip her fingers back in, coat them in her plentiful juices and lift them up, aiming straight for Melissa’s mouth. Melissa grunted and turned her head aside. Laughing Emily grabbed at the girl’s cheeks and held her still while she rubbed her fingers over Melissa’s lips.

“Mmm, I taste so good,” Emily groaned enthusiastically, sliding her fingers in to her mouth, “why don’t you lick your lips and tell me what you think?”

Melissa scowled up at Emily, her lips firmly shut.

“Well we shouldn’t let it go to waste,” Emily replied with a grin, grabbing her cheeks once more and holding her still while she licked her juice from Melissa’s lips.

Melissa tried to struggle in the tight confines of Dan and Emily’s grip but it was impossible. Her body was betraying her, her pussy submitting to Dan’s cock as he continued to fuck her, her arousal slowly ascending as Hannah licked at her clit and finally Emily’s tongue tracing around her mouth, its soft, gentle tip begging her to reciprocate. She couldn’t though, she couldn’t let someone else, other people, dictate how things went, that’s just not who she was. Her mind traitorously flicked back to her submission to Henry in her tent, how she’d loved being used by him, she told herself that that had been different, that this was non-consensual. But god it felt good. Emily was teasing a nipple now as she caressed Melissa’s throat with her tongue.

Emily sat back up, two fingers rubbing her own clitoris as she smiled down at Melissa’s firm little body.

“Mmm, the things I’d like to do with you,” she groaned. “Does she taste good?” she asked, turning to look over her shoulder at Hannah.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Hannah replied, raising her head briefly.

Emily got to her feet and turned then lowered herself back down, leaning forward and dropping her face to Melissa’s pussy. She watched as Hannah lapped at the tight coupling of Melissa and Dan’s bodies, following Dan’s thick shaft as it curved up in to Melissa’s hot cunt. Hannah’s eyes flicked up and met Emily’s sharing a wicked grin before they both moved their heads to kiss.

“Mmm, she is good,” Emily whispered. Then, raising her head and turning it she went on, “Melissa, feel free to have a taste of me back there.”

Melissa didn’t respond, she stared ahead at Emily’s pussy, dripping wet and on display in front of her. She could hear Dan grunting and panting in her ear as he too obviously got an eyeful of his friend. As she watched she felt Hannah’s tongue return to pleasure her, followed by Emily’s, fuck it felt good, triple attention on her aching little pussy.

“Oh god,” she whimpered, her brain demanding to know where the words had come from as she immediately regretted them.

No one seemed to have noticed, at least no one was saying anything, she would have, she would’ve jumped on the opportunity to point out how it proved she was enjoying herself.

“I’m going to cum,” Dan groaned, breaking the already fragile flow of her thoughts.

Emily sat up at once and turned around to face Melissa again.

“You taste so good,” Emily purred, stroking Melissa’s cheek and noticing how she didn’t try to turn aside. “I could lick your sweet pussy all night,” she said, her eyes gleaming.

“Kiss me,” Melissa said, her brain catching up a few seconds later.

“With pleasure,” Emily whispered as she lowered herself until her mouth was hovering about Melissa’s.

Melissa’s eyes flicked down from Emily’s, looking at her lips, still moist, soft and round, parted a fraction, her tongue waiting expectantly behind them. She realised she’d parted her own, Emily’s breath warm as it came in short waves, Emily moved closer, agonisingly slowly, her eyes locking on Melissa’s until the moment they made contact. Emily gently pressed her tongue forward, closing her eyes with bliss, finding Melissa’s coming the other way, pushing hers back and quickly invading her mouth. Emily mumbled and moaned as Melissa drew her deeper and deeper in to the kiss, wishing the girl’s hands were free to hold her body, run down her back and pull her firmly in to the embrace.

Dan watched over Melissa’s shoulder, the two mouths locked together, their tongues swirling and twisting around one another as Emily murmured her lust. He realised that Hannah’s mouth had disappeared from his cock buried in Melissa but it had little effect on the surge of his climax. His short, shallow thrusts were grazing the underside of his head inside Melissa’s pussy, tormenting him unbelievably until his body surrendered, freezing and locking at the pinnacle of one little thrust and emptying. He grunted with the effort, feeling his hot seed flood the girl’s body as she lay on top of him.

Emily felt the sudden release of tension in Dan’s body, his grip on Melissa noticeably loosening. Melissa hadn’t moved though, she remained there, returning the kiss, sharing the taste of both their bodies as it lingered on their lips. Emily wriggled her butt backwards, Hannah had moved her mouth up and was feasting on her swollen and soaking pussy, she knew it wouldn’t be long now, she was going to surprise everyone, hopefully. She felt Hannah’s hand slide up the back of her thigh and on to her arse, one finger easing between her spread cheeks. Hannah’s tongue continued to probe between her lips, lapping at them, obviously enjoying the sweet nectar that was flowing freely. Her finger brushed lightly over Emily’s puckered arsehole, sending a shiver through Emily’s body, that was something she’d never done before and she wasn’t sure she wanted to try now. She moved her hips forward, away from Hannah, and sat up, leaving Melissa’s mouth behind as it grinned up at her.

“I’m going to cum,” she sighed happily.

Hannah moved back a little, realising that she might’ve gone too far by teasing Emily’s arse. Emily didn’t seem annoyed though, she’d simply moved out of reach. Hannah looked down at Melissa’s pussy again, still clinging firmly to Dan’s cock, Dan apparently still hard inside her, his cum oozing out around his shaft and coating her lips and his balls. She lowered her head and began licking at the warm, sticky mess, remembering how Blake had reacted to having his balls sucked she quietly wrapping her lips around Dan’s while she ran the tip of one finger around Melissa’s clit. She gazed up at Emily as she got to her feet above Melissa’s body, towering above the rest of them, turning to look back at Hannah briefly, winking with a grin as her fingers frantically shot up and down on her clitoris.

Melissa was squirming on top of Dan’s body, obviously still enjoying his cock and now the added pleasure of Hannah’s finger. Dan too was groaning, his hips beginning to move again, slowly pumping his length back and forth in to Melissa’s body as Hannah bathed his balls with her tongue. Melissa stared up at Emily’s dripping wet pussy, wondering if it’d be so bad to taste it, the juice lingering around her mouth from where Emily had smeared it had tasted good, now as she looked up she could see it coated the tops of Emily’s thighs, God the girl was so wet. She was panting and moaning too, obviously close to coming as she stood above the writhing sweaty bodies of the other three.

Emily looked down, meeting Melissa’s gaze briefly, her open mouth and eyes full of hunger telling Emily that Dan’s cock and Hannah’s finger were about to push her over the edge. Emily was there too, she could feel her orgasm rolling and boiling to a head like a vast storm cloud inside her, the summer breeze felt cool on her soaked thighs. She wondered how they’d react, would it be too much for Melissa? Would Hannah enjoy it? She was sure Dan was already having the time of his life, she’d been trying to avoid catching his eye, his presence there was something to be ignored, it was the two girls she was fucking- oh God!

“I’m cumming,” she gasped, her face turned up to the star-strewn sky, her fingers still frantic on her lips and clit.

Melissa, panting as her own climax neared, looked up, feeling a drop of rain and wondering where it’d come from. Then another as she watched Emily, the moonlight catching the drops as they flew from her pussy, scattered by the movement of her hand.

“Fuck, fuck fuck fuck,” Emily whimpered, “oh God oh fuck.”

Melissa was mesmerised by the sight, Emily’s juice flicking down on to her body, occasionally a drop catching her cheek or tongue. Hannah too had stopped, raised her head and was enjoying the sight.

“Uh- oh shit, here it comes, I’m, uh-”

Hannah stared as the drops of Emily’s falling juice became a sudden surge, squirting from her pussy down and splashing on to Melissa’s tight little figure. It was over quickly, leaving Emily standing with buckled knees, her finger still stroking her aching clit, another little spurt coming as Hannah watched.

“What the fuck-” Melissa gasped, grinning, Dan’s pace increasing inside her.

“So hot,” Hannah added, looking up at Emily before turning back to Melissa’s body and crawling over it.

“Oh God, lick me clean,” Melissa groaned as Hannah lapped at the thick sheen of Emily’s expelled juices.

Hannah ran her tongue up Melissa’s body, from her clit over her taut stomach, up between the the firm mounds of her tits to her throat.

“L-let me taste?” Melissa said quietly as Hannah’s face rose from her body.

Hannah smiled and dipped her head back down to Melissa’s breast, savouring the sensation of swirling her tongue around Melissa’s erect nipple as the girl groaned beneath her. She rose back up, a thick coating of Emily’s cum on her tongue, then lowered her mouth to Melissa’s, their eyes staring in to each other as their lips pressed together to share the delicious nectar. She was vaguely aware of Emily moving above her, then appearing at her side, her hand turning Hannah’s head to her own and drawing her in to a kiss.

“Both of you, lick me clean,” Melissa groaned, “please?” she begged as the two girls turned to look at her.

Hannah and Emily took their time lapping at Melissa’s body, both sucking on her nipples at once while she held their heads against her body. Then Hannah headed lower, teasing Melissa’s clitoris again and tracing the tight line of her lips as they stretched around Dan’s shaft. Emily licked every trace of her own juice off Melissa’s breasts, repeatedly bringing her mouth up to Melissa’s and enjoying a long, slow kiss as Melissa hungrily sucked her tongue clean.

Emily sat back on her haunches, one hand still on Melissa’s body, smiling at the new convert before looking down to Hannah who was once more sucking on Dan’s balls.

Melissa was panting with each of Dan’s hard little thrusts, moaning with the effort of his intrusion in to her body. She was too exhausted to do anything else, she could feel her orgasm swell up again, another small peak in her bliss came and went with an all too brief tensing of her body on his and against Hannah’s finger.

“Lick my clit,” she moaned, her hand reaching across to Emily’s shoulder.

Emily turned to look at Hannah, her head dipped between Dan and Melissa’s legs, then shuffled closer, her eyes focusing on Dan’s cock stretching Melissa’s pretty little pussy open, she felt her stomach turn at the thought of it. She turned back to Melissa, ready to make an excuse.

Hannah glanced up and caught Emily’s hesitant expression. Taking Dan’s cock in her hand she pulled it with a slurp from Melissa’s gushing pussy, immediately dropping her mouth down on to it and savouring every inch of it. Her eyes stayed locked on Emily who mouthed a thank you as she lowered her head briefly to tease Melissa before pulling her to her feet.

“I think Hannah wants a ride on Dan now,” Emily said softly as she led Melissa a few feet away.

They turned to watch as Hannah crawled up Dan’s body, her mouth lowering to his with a grin as his hands ran up her thighs to cup her arse and pull her down.

“Come,” Emily smiled, “I want you to wriggle on my mouth.”

She pulled Melissa to the ground, lying flat on the rock, reaching across for her bundled jeans to use as a pillow and nodding as Melissa stepped over her torso and looked down as she sunk in to a crouch.

“That’s it,” Emily purred, “on your knees, and lower.”

Melissa was on her hands and knees above Emily’s body, dropping her pussy down and immediately feeling Emily’s breath dance over her swollen and aching lips.

Emily stared up, Melissa’s lips right there, almost within reach, would she reciprocate and drop her mouth down, make Emily her first? Melissa’s lips were still coated with Dan’s cum and Emily fought against her reluctance to taste it, but she knew she’d never get Melissa to go down unless she was willing to make the first move.

Emily took a deep breath, ready to reach up and pull Melissa’s firm little arse down, her hands on the sticky skin of her thighs. Then without warning Melissa descended, grinding her hot, swollen pussy against Emily’s mouth, massaging her own juices and Dan’s cum on to Emily’s tongue with a deeply satisfied groan.

Emily tunnelled her tongue in to the sweet hole above her, loving how Melissa squirmed around her, her pussy contracting and convulsing to her touch.

“Oh god that’s so good,” Melissa whimpered, her fingers clutching Emily’s thighs tightly and her head dropping.

“Lick me,” Emily gasped, lifting Melissa’s body off her face briefly, “please?”

She trailed her tongue over Melissa’s lips, teasing her.

Melissa stared down, her eyes vacant as the rest of her mind dealt with the sudden absence of Emily’s tongue from her pussy.

“Lick me,” Emily repeated, her breath begging its way over Melissa’s clitoris.

Melissa planted her mouth on Emily’s pussy, the humid scent drawing her in.

“Oh Melissa,” Emil sighed, “eat me. Fuck that’s good.”

Spurred on Melissa gave an experimental lick, eliciting an exaggerated cry of pleasure from Emily. She licked again, dragging her tongue over Emily’s clit and burying it between her lips. Behind her Emily dove back in, making a feast of Melissa’s pussy, ignoring the taste of Dan as she tugged at her lips and teased her.

Hannah sat atop Dan’s exhausted body, slowly rocking back and forth on him, his hands fondling her breasts. She looked over at the girls in their sixty-nine, envying Emily for getting Melissa’s mouth between her thighs first but grinning at the sight of Melissa performing so willingly.

“Looks like she’s enjoying Emily’s cunt,” Hannah hissed as she turned back and saw Dan watching.

Dan didn’t reply, he just looked up at Hannah and squeezed her breasts a little harder, groaning as she ground down determinedly in response.

“Why don’t you fill me so Melissa can enjoy mine too?” Hannah sighed.

She leaned down, kissing Dan along his jawline and to his throat then up to his ear. Her hands found his and pushed them down her flanks to her hips. In her position her butt was pushed back, her cheeks spread and the nocturnal breeze cooling and teasing her exposed arsehole. Looking across at Emily licking at Melissa’s pussy that’d so recently been filled by Dan’s cock, and Melissa burying her face in her first pussy, Hannah sighed and realised that it wasn’t the night to be hesitant about her desires. Easing herself forward a little she pushed one of Dan’s hands further back, curling her fingers around his until just one probed between her butt cheeks.

“I want you to put your finger in my arse,” she whispered, her teeth closing around his earlobe as she moaned softly.

Dan swelled inside Hannah’s pussy at her request, his finger inching closer at once and finding the tight ring of muscle.

Hannah pulled his hand back up her body, directing his finger to her mouth, sucking it long and slow, leaving it heavily coated in her saliva and smiling as she released it for him to send it back down to her arse.

“I love having it in my arse,” she whispered, “Allison usually puts her fingers in me to open me up before sticking her tongue up there.”

“Oh god,” Dan groaned, feeling Hannah’s puckered hole ease open before his finger, her pussy clamping tight around his cock at the same time.

Hannah grinned as he obviously enjoyed the picture she was painting for him.

“I had my first cock in there today, Allison’s boyfriend, Blake. God it was amazing, he fucked me in the shower while she watched.” Hannah squirmed at the thought of how it’d felt, hoping it was something she’d get to do again soon.

“Jesus,” Dan gasped, his body thrusting involuntarily as his manhood seemed to defy the realms of possibility and swell even more.

“What I’d really like,” Hannah whispered, wriggling back as Dan buried his single digit deeper in to her, “is a cock in both holes. You think you could help me with that?”

Hannah didn’t wait for a reply, she lowered her face and licked the firm curve of Dan’s throat, down to his shoulder, her big breasts mashing against his chest as she pushed down harder on top of him.

“Which hole is it you’d like to have?” she panted, jerking her body on his cock and finger. “Hmm? How’d you like to have my arse?”

She grinned down at the expression on Dan’s face, obviously he was enjoying the things she was saying, his cock thumping up in to her as they bounced in unison. It felt good too, saying what it was she wanted, not caring about what he thought of her for it.

“OK,” Dan grunted, fighting back his orgasm.

Hannah flicked her eyes back from Melissa and Emily as Dan spoke, unsure of what it was he’d said. Before she could figure it out he rolled her off and on to her back beside Emily, pinning her down beneath his body.

“What-” Hannah began, gasping as Dan pulled himself from her body leaving her lips swollen and drenched.

“Lift your legs,” he ordered, pushing her thighs up and spreading them apart.

Hannah caught on quickly as Dan moved back in closer. His throbbing head bobbing as he slipped it back and forth between the messy wet folds of her labia, grazing it over her clit and then pulling back and down, bumping against her arsehole. His eyes flicked up for a fraction of a second, catching hers and seeming to ask for final clearance.

Hannah gulped, unsure of what she was about to do, or rather what it was she about to let be done to her, but it’d felt so good when Blake had been in there, but was that just because it was Blake and Allison? All of her determination and enthusiasm was suddenly washed away, leaving just the remnants of her hesitation and anxiety. She nodded slowly, biting her lip and bracing herself as she felt Dan push forward, his hard round head feeling so good as it slipped and skidded against her little closed bud. She pushed back, trying to relax and begging her body to open up.

Dan danced his head back up, Hannah’s lips caressing him once more before he pushed back at her arse. He felt her slowly open, her whimper reminding him to be gentle. He looked up from his cock and saw her head tipped back, her mouth open as he penetrated her.

“Damnit you’re tight,” he groaned, feeling her sphincter finally stretch open around his head.

“Please,” Hannah gasped quietly, “please don’t stop.”

Dan continued to push, pausing momentarily every time Hannah gasped.

“It feels so good,” she said, “oh god Dan, go on, put it deep in my tight arsehole.”

“You like it?” Dan asked, wanting to hear Hannah talk dirty.

“Mm-hmm,” she nodded, grunting again as he entered her further.

“You like my cock in your tight fuck hole?” he hissed, shifting his weight and leaning further forward over Hannah’s body.

“God yes, please,” Hannah cried, arching her back and trying to open up fully to him. She stretched her arms above her head, every muscle of her body trying to pull him deeper in. She cried out as he began to withdraw, her arsehole clinging tight around his shaft, then feeling him push back in, opening her up once again.

“Oh god, fuck that’s good, fuck me,” she moaned, her eyes wide open and staring down her body to Dan’s.

Dan grunted, thrusting himself the last few inches before gasping.

“Uh, uh oh-fuck,” he hissed to himself, “uh, uh, uh oh god!”

Hannah felt the torrent deep inside her body, and the sudden disappearance of Dan’s tension. He pulled back a little way, his body nearly falling as he held himself above her on his arms.

“Sorry,” he panted, grimacing as he pulled the bulbous head of his cock back out through her tight ring.

Hannah smiled up, feeling bad for the guilt evident on his face.

“That was good,” she whispered reassuringly.

Dan managed to roll on to his back beside her, his cock slowly deflating as it hung against his upper thigh, red and drenched in his own cum. Hannah tried to move, very aware of how open arsehole was, fuck, and how much it ached as she got to her knees.

Melissa and Emily had apparently concluded their business without Hannah noticing and were now sitting face-to-face, legs interlocked and slowly kissing. They looked up as Hannah got unsteadily to her feet, trying to stretch out her joints after lying on the hard boulder.

“How was it?” Hannah asked, smiling as she noticed Melissa’s hand casually cupping one of Emily’s breasts.

“Amazing,” Emily replied, “she’s a natural.”

Melissa smiled and kissed down Emily’s neck to her shoulder.

“Did Dan just put it up your butt?” Emily asked, turning to share another kiss with Melissa.

“Mm-hmm,” Hannah nodded, wincing as she took a step.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Emily went on, giggling.

“Trust me, it feels so good,” Melissa whispered to her.

“You’ve done it too?” Emily asked, turning back to her new lover.

“Oh yes,” Melissa nodded happily. “You feeling sore?” she asked, giving Hannah a look of genuine concern.

“Only a little,”Hannah replied, “I’ll be fine.”

“I usually make them lick it better,” Melissa laughed quietly.

The three girls all turned to look at Dan, lying flat on his back with one arm folded across his face.

“Ha, no stamina,” Emily chuckled.

Melissa untangled herself from Emily’s legs and got to her feet, taking Hannah’s hand.

“Why don’t you let me then?” she asked, turning Hannah around before slowly dropping down to her knees and spreading Hannah’s cheeks with her fingers.

Hannah turned and stared down wide-eyed at Melissa.

“What?” Melissa laughed.

“Oh god, I’m not turning that offer down,” Hannah grinned, getting down on her hands and knees and presenting her hole to Melissa, wondering where Melissa’s sense of charity had suddenly come from.

Melissa gently lapped around Hannah’s aching ring, cleaning off the trickle of Dan’s cum and then easing her tongue inside.

“Fuck me that feels good,” Hannah moaned, her arousal flickering back to life.

“What else are friends for?” Melissa laughed.

Hannah raised her head and turned to look at Emily still seated on the rock a few feet away.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” Emily hissed, crawling closer and kissing Hannah quickly.

“I can’t believe she’s- oh god Melissa!” Hannah’s knees nearly buckled as Melissa slithered her tongue impossibly deep, teasing her arse with surprisingly dexterous flicks. “God, she’s going to make me cum so- fuck fuck fuck.” Hannah’s mouth hung open.

“Maybe I should give anal a try,” Emily giggled.

“I can’t believe she’s never done this before,” Hannah panted.

Melissa drew her tongue back, teasing Hannah’s ring once more, slipping two fingers up and between her dripping lips and smiling to herself as Hannah dropped her head and let out a guttural groan of pleasure. God it felt good to make another girl cum so hard. Boys were easy, she’d known that for ages, why she’d never seriously considered giving girls a try was beyond her, it was a whole new game to play and by the sound of it she was winning. She drove her tongue deep in to Hannah’s arsehole again, her fingertips stroking Hannah’s clit as she bucked and writhed.

Hannah lowered her upper body, desperate to invite Melissa even deeper, it felt unbelievable, that tongue, those fingers, the carelessness of letting someone do that to her in front of relative strangers, and all of it delivered by Melissa. She couldn’t wait to get Melissa in to a proper bed, thank her fully for everything she was doing and more importantly get an opportunity to explore her divine body.

Melissa raised her head as Hannah looked back at her, hunger and abandon painted across her face.

“Make me cum Lissa, please?” Hannah begged. She just needed a little more to push her over the edge, Melissa had her on the brink, like an entire storm ready to hit as a single violent downpour.

Melissa circled Hannah’s arsehole with her tongue, pressing her thumb up in to Hannah’s pussy and stroking her g-spot as her fingers ran back and forth over her clit. Her eyes caught Dan sitting up and watching, she loved an audience, she winked at him and plunged her tongue back in to Hannah, holding her still with one hand on the base of her spine as she cried out, writhing uncontrollably as the downpour finally came, obliterating the dam, Hannah’s thighs vibrating as if an earthquake were hitting, it’s epicentre her convulsing pussy.

“Uh, your cunt feels so good on my thumb,” Melissa gasped as it clutched her digit, she hadn’t realised how good it’d feel to make Hannah cum, she felt her own pussy twitching as her friend came to her touch.

“Oh god, please, no more,” Hannah begged, “please, stop.”

Melissa grinned and pulled her tongue back, then rammed it back in.

“Uh, uh fuck, Melissa, please, I can’t-”

Melissa felt Hannah’s body tense again.

“You love it in you dirty fuck hole, don’t you?” Melissa groaned, stroking her own clit.

“Mm-hmm,” Hannah nodded.

“Say my name,” Melissa ordered, “tell me how good I am.”

“Please Melissa, please, you’re the best- uh, fuck- please?” Hannah panted, looking back over her shoulder.

Melissa pulled her hand away from Hannah’s pussy, withdrawing her tongue and giving a final wide lick up the length of Melissa’s arse crack. She moved back and got to her feet, watching as Hannah collapsed in to Emily’s arms.

“Jesus,” Hannah said, gasping down the sweet summer air, “that was-” she closed her eyes and lay flat on the boulder.

“I think she enjoyed it,” Emily smiled, taking Melissa’s hand as she sat down beside her.

The four sat on the boulder, Hannah slowly recovering, as they listened to the water gurgling down in to the pool below and the somewhat muffled grunts and cries of the rest of their friends as they too evidently fucked each other.

Dan was the first to move, getting to his feet and walking to the edge of the boulder to look down at the others below, watching as Laura lowered her head to another girls pussy and one of the other guys fucked her. A little way away Amy was kneeling, sucking a cock as the others sat and watched, all obviously relaxing in a post-coital glow.

“What’s going on?” Hannah asked, suddenly wanting to feel Allison’s body pressed against her own again.

“Come and see,” Dan replied.

The three girls got uneasily to their feet, helping one another up and sauntering over to stand along the edge of the boulder.


Allison watched as Hannah turned and spoke to the others standing beside her on the boulder, the way Melissa smiled as she replied looked as if she and Hannah had forged a new friendship. Without another word shared between them the four friends leapt from the boulder in to the pool, David turning from his position behind Laura’s body to watch. As they clambered out on to the bank Amy lifted her head from Henry’s cock and grinned at the new arrivals.

“What’ve you lot been up to?” Allison scolded in mock anger.

“Pretty much the same as you by the looks of it,” Hannah replied, ruffling David’s hair as she strolled past him.

Steph looked up from Blake’s cock, licking her lips as she got to her feet. Amy wasn’t far behind her, leaving Henry in a state of complete satisfaction.

“I need another drink,” Amy declared, her finger wiping a smear of Henry’s cum from her cheek in to her mouth.

“Why don’t we head back to the fire then,” Allison suggested, reaching a hand up for Hannah to pull her to her feet.

“I think David and Laura have some unfinished business,” Blake laughed as the group turned to look at David ploughing away between Laura’s arse cheeks. Laura raised her head, her mouth hanging open as she stared back at her audience watching her get fucked.

“Uh, oh fuck, go on up,” she panted, “he’s not going anywhere until he’s made me cum.”

The group clambered back up on to the boulder and pulled on what clothing they’d shed their, Amy standing naked, grinning as she watched them. Finally dressed they climbed over the fence and wandered back towards the dim orange glow of the remains of their fire. The wet slap of skin on skin, the grunt of David’s thrusts and the steady moan of Laura’s slowly mounting pleasure faded as they reached the fire circle. They all sat down except Amy who disappeared briefly to fetch her clothes from David’s tent. As she returned she looked around the circle.

“Sit here,” Allison said, patting her log as she vacated it. She moved across and sat on Blake’s lap.

Amy sat down and accepted a beer as it was passed to her. The group fell in to happy, idle chatter, Allison particularly interested to hear Hannah recount Melissa’s lesbian exploits. Allison looked across to where Melissa sat close to Emily, the pair talking quietly between themselves. An idea struck her and as Hannah turned to talk to the others Allison whispered in Blake’s ear then slipped off his lap and walked quickly around the fire to Melissa and Emily, stooping to collect another beer on the way. She knelt beside the pair of girls, Blake watching her smile, placing a hand on Emily’s knee and nodding in his direction. Melissa turned and smiled at Blake, he recognised that smile, it meant trouble. Melissa turned back and spoke briefly to Emily who shrugged and nodded albeit reluctantly, watching as Melissa followed Allison back.

“I think Emily wanted a chat,” Melissa said to Amy, giving her a wink as she got to her feet.

Allison sat on the log as Amy left and Melissa slipped her graceful form on to Blake’s lap, sitting with her back to his chest, immediately feeling his hands on the bare skin under her short dress. Melissa grinned, taking a swig of beer as she watched Hannah chatting away to Steph, Henry and Dan. Behind Melissa Allison reached down to Blake’s crotch, unzipping his fly. Melissa scooted forward on to Blake’s knees, allowing Allison to pull his cock from the tight confines of his jeans, feeling it’s warm girth already swelling in her hand.

Melissa turned and looked over her shoulder, giggling as Allison lowered her head and took Blake in her mouth.

“Mm, get him good and wet for me,” Melissa hissed.

“He’s ready,” Allison replied quickly, straightening up and looking across the fire to see if Hannah had noticed what was going on.

Melissa bent forward, placing her bottle of beer on the ground, her short dress rising up and exposing her bare arse, Blake’s fingers sliding up to her hips, lifting her a fraction and sliding her back, feeling the wet heat of her lips engulf the head of his cock as she suddenly jolted her hips back hard.

“Oh fuck,” Blake gasped, Melissa’s hot little pussy closing tight around him as it had done before.

“Good?” Allison asked, her hand on Melissa’s thigh as she watched the pair gradually find a rhythm.

“You wouldn’t believe it,” Blake grunted.

“I want you to lick me clean when he’s cum in me,” Melissa hissed as she turned to look at Allison, “Emily prefers my cunt to be nice and clean for her.”

Blake ran his hands up Melissa’s flanks, bringing them up to cup her pert little breasts through the thin fabric of her dress, then pulling her dress down to expose her to anyone who cared to look. Allison gazed around the group and saw Henry watching, he turned and spoke to the others he was with and they all turned to look, each of them grinning as they watched the action begin once more. Allison caught Hannah’s eye and saw the happy expression drop from her face as the implications of what she was witnessing suddenly hit her.

Allison looked up and saw the huge grin plastered across Melissa’s face, she couldn’t help but share Melissa’s mischievous sense of joy, it only seemed fair after what Hannah had told her.

“Your boyfriend’s cock is amazing,” Melissa sighed as she saw Allison’s grin.

“Thank you,” Allison replied, “I’m pleased he could be of service.”

“Why don’t you come and kiss me?” Melissa continued.

Allison didn’t need a second invitation, the beer helped her to ignore the voice telling her to consider Hannah’s feelings as she stood and straddled Melissa, their mouths finding one another immediately.

Melissa smiled, a flicker of her old self loving that Hannah was watching her there, winning the bet and getting Allison in to the bargain. Allison was Hannah’s as much as was possible and now Melissa had taken her, the old her would’ve crowed proudly at her accomplishment but the new her just loved the sensation of being sandwiched between her two friends. She pushed a hand under Allison’s top, her fingers closing around the large firm orb of Allison’s breast and massaging it as their tongues slithered around each other.

Allison sighed happily as she pulled her top off over her head and guided Melissa’s mouth down to suck on her breasts. Melissa sucked and licked, all the time feeling Blake’s cock throb inside her pussy as he watched her and his girlfriend together. Allison leaned over to kiss Blake, Melissa’s mouth finding Allison’s shoulder and kissing it softly as she watched Hannah walk nonchalantly around the fire to them.

“It’s only eleven-thirty,” Melissa groaned softly, rocking back on Blake’s cock.

Allison looked up.

“It seemed fair, after all you already got what you would’ve if you’d won the bet,” she hissed to her friend.

“Don’t be annoyed,” Melissa said, worried for the first time that she might’ve ruined a relationship, “you’ll still get me, but now you’re going to have to have Henry too.”

Hannah turned and looked back at Henry sitting with Steph and Dan, the three of them chatting happily. Turning back she couldn’t help a worried smile from spreading across her face.

“Oh god that’s going to be a struggle, isn’t it?” she winced.

Melissa laughed and nodded, her hands clutching Blake’s as he continued to knead her breasts.

“I tell you what,” Allison said, “we won’t say anything about it until these guys have gone, I guess you’d rather have as small an audience as possible, right?”

“Thank you,” Hannah replied nodding.

Allison looked up at her friend and smiled, feeling bad for her pivotal role in Hannah losing the bet.

“Come on,” she said, clambering off Melissa. “If we’re not on guard duty any more we can go and have some fun of our own.” She took Hannah’s hand.

“What did you have in mind?” Hannah asked. “Oh…”

Allison led Hannah across to the nearest tent, leading her in to it and closing the flap behind them.

Melissa turned to watch them go, a part of her annoyed that Hannah had taken defeat so well, another, new part, feeling happy that her friend was happy. She pulled herself off Blake, her hand on his shoulder as she turned and slipped straight back on to him.

“You like that Allison and Hannah fuck each other, don’t you?” she sighed as his length filled her once more.

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“You’re going to cum, aren’t you?” Melissa smiled, rolling her eyes as she sensed the urgency in his voice.

“Mm-hmm,” Blake nodded.

“Well whose going to clean me up now your girlfriend has gone?” Melissa groaned, pulling Blake to her chest by a fistful of his hair. “You going to eat your cum from me, huh?”

Blake tried to ease Melissa up and off his body, every inch of his cock protesting as she ground down hard on him.

“You know, I’ve had every guy here, you’ve all fucked me, you’ve all sprayed your hot, creamy cum in my innocent little cunt. I bet you can still taste them all.” She laughed as she lifted her legs off the ground and wrapped them tightly around Blake’s waist, pulling herself harder on to him.

“Fuck, you guys never stop.” It was David, approaching the fire, naked, a half-dressed Laura holding his hand and looking exhausted.

Blake watched him pull Laura around the fire to pluck two bottle of beer from the crate, the flickering orange glow illuminating him, his eyes wide as he took in the sight of Melissa riding hard on Blake’s cock. Blake noticed the wind blowing David’s hair and realised for the first time that the sky had become overcast.

“Wanna swap?” David asked, nodding at Melissa and ushering Laura forward.

“He’s going to fill me, then he gets to lick it all out again,” Melissa cried, grinning wildly back at Blake as he struggled in her vice-like grip.

“Oh, lucky boy,” David laughed.

Blake caught Laura’s eyes widen and glint at the mention of him licking his own cum from Melissa and wondered what she had in store for David if they spent the night together. She smiled at him knowingly.

“Well, we’re going to my tent then,” David announced, “it’s about to rain.”

Laura gave Blake another smile as she was led away.

“You heard what he said,” Blake growled, “we should stop and get inside before it rains.”

“Not a chance,” Melissa laughed.

Blake felt a drop fall on the back of his neck, then another. Looking past Melissa he saw Henry Steph and Dan looking up, the other side of the fire Amy and Emily were sitting together, their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. Another drop fell, and another, big fat summer raindrops.

“We’ll get soaked,” Blake said.

“I will, but you’re going to clean me up, remember,” Melissa hissed, licking up to his ear.

The rain began to fall harder, the three sitting chatting jumped to their feet and headed for the tents, there was an almighty flash and an immediate roll of thunder that seemed to shake the ground. Emily and Amy also stopped and ran laughing for cover.

“Come on,” Blake shouted as the wind tore at Melissa’s hair and the rain drenched her skin.

She pulled her dress off over her head, the rain glistening on her flawless complexion as she rode Blake harder and harder.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, leaning back.

“You’re insane,” Blake grunted, taking her hips and jerking her body up and down on his aching length.

Another flash of lightning and another crash of thunder came.

“Fuck!” Melissa cried out, “come on Blake, fuck my tight little cunt, fuck me like a bad girl.”

Blake leaned down and sucked hard on Melissa’s erect nipples, biting them and rolling them between his tongue and teeth. Melissa pulled him back up by his hair, lowering her own mouth to him and biting hard on his shoulder.

“Ah-fuck,” Blake growled as the pain hit him.

He got to his feet, holding Melissa’s skinny figure as he turned and lowered her in the grass outside of the fire circle. He made short work of stripping himself and plunging back in to her impatient body.

“Oh fuck Blake,”she groaned, “fuck me hard.”

Blake took both her wrists and held them above her head in one of his hands, taking his weight on his other arm and thrusting back and forth between her spread legs.

“That’s it,” Melissa panted, “that’s it, fuck, fuck fuck.”

The rain poured on Blake’s back, feeling as if it were turning to steam the moment it touched him, beneath him the temptress smiled up, her mouth hanging open, her eyes full of wickedness. He felt his orgasm surge up, ready to burst in to her body.

“You want it?” Blake grunted, his bare feet slipping in the wet grass as he tried to find a purchase to thrust harder and deeper.

“Cum in me,” Melissa panted, “fuck my hot little fuck hole.”

There was another blinding flash of lightning and a deafening crash of thunder rolled along the valley.

“Oh fuck Blake,” Melissa cried, “you’re gonna make me- uh, oh fuck fuck fuck.”

Melissa threw her legs as wide as she could, her arms wriggling free and reaching up to find Blake’s butt and pulling him to her body. Blake found another ounce of energy and pumped himself harder.

“Sweet fucking Jesus,” Melissa screamed over the howling gale, “fuck, me, harder,” she grunted with each of his thrusts, “I’m, uh-” her face contorted as her words became silent, her pussy convulsing, dancing around Blake’s cock and dragging his climax up and out as her own hit.

“Ugh, uh god yes,” Blake grunted, “uh, uh oh fuck!” His body visibly sagged as the impatient desire drained from him in a torrent.

“Fuck me that was good,” Melissa laughed, staring up in to Blake’s exhausted face.

Behind him she watched the lightning streak down the sky, illuminating the entire campsite and the surrounding hills.

“OK, we probably should get inside,” she yelled over the thunder and wind, “I don’t want to become and urban legend.”

Blake allowed himself to be rolled off Melissa’s body and lay in the soaking grass, his hand on his stomach as he stared down at his chest rising and falling.

“Come on,” Melissa said, reaching down and trying to pull him to his feet.

Reluctantly Blake stood up, watching as Melissa ran naked along the line of tents to her own, leaving her discarded clothes in the mud around the extinguished fire. He headed quickly for his own tent, unsure if Melissa was still planning on him cleaning her up.

Kneeling down at the entrance of his tent he wished he had a towel to dry himself with rather than soaking everything inside. He sighed and pulled the zip up, opening the flap and looking in.

“Towel?” Allison offered, holding one in her hand.

Blake grinned and took it, patting himself dry quickly and crawling in. He found his tent was a little fuller than he’d expected, being closest to the fire it’d been the obvious shelter as everyone had fled the rain. Fortunately his was also the biggest, although not quite big enough for five.

“Sorry buddy,” Henry smiled, “it was raining.”

“No problem,” Blake nodded, “the more the merrier.”

Henry and the others moved aside, making space for Blake to sit down. Hannah and Allison had pulled their clothes back on, obviously interrupted in the middle of enjoying themselves.

“It doesn’t sound like the storm’s going to stop any time soon,” Hannah said, looking as the tent shook in the wind. “We should get to our own tents rather than all cramming in here.” She kind of hoped Henry and Steph would go first, leaving her behind with Blake and Allison.

“Do you mind if I share with you?” Steph asked Henry, not a hint of reluctance in her voice.

“No problem,” Henry replied eagerly reaching for the tent flap.

“You can’t go back out there,” Allison laughed, “you’ll drown before you get to your tent.”

“We won’t all fit in here,” Henry replied.

“Sure we will, we’ll make it work,” Allison nodded, her eyes flicking across to Blake as she grinned.

“She’s right,” Blake said, “it’ll be snug if you stay but I can’t ask you to go back out there. Everyone find a space and we’ll try and sleep through the storm.”

The five of them shuffled around the tent, pulling off clothing and trying to make themselves as comfortable as possible. The storm outside had done nothing to alter the summer warmth and the mass of bodies were soon feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Eventually though each of them began drifting off to sleep.

Blake lay behind Allison, spooning her, his arm over her body and his hand gently cupping her breast.

“It’s been an interesting evening,” he whispered in her ear.

“You’re telling me,” she smiled.

Hannah lay in front of her, her low breathing suggesting that she’d already fallen asleep. Beyond Hannah lay Steph and then Henry, Allison could hear him murmuring and guessed that he and Steph were having a sleepy conversation.

Allison reached up and took Blake’s hand in hers, guiding it down to the lace trim on the underwear she’d pulled back on as Henry and Steph had come hurrying in. She turned her head a fraction and looked sideways up at Blake.

“You’re insatiable,” Blake hissed, easing his fingertips under the tight fabric.

“What can I say, I never got to finish earlier, besides it sounded like you got yours outside with Melissa.”

“You heard us?” Blake asked guiltily.

“It sounded like you were competing with the thunder,” Allison giggled.

“Sorry,” Blake replied.

“Me too, I promised I’d eat her once you’d finished, I know you both would’ve enjoyed that.”

Blake felt himself swell against the firm curve of Allison’s arse.

“You’re so bad,” he hissed, teasing his fingertips through the soft stubble above her pussy and edging closer to her lips.

“Mm,” she sighed, “and yet so good.”

She released Blake’s hand, letting him find his own way down, reaching up and tracing a finger along the edge of Hannah’s bra before placing her hand over one big, round breast and squeezing it softly.

“You’ll wake her,” Blake hissed.

“Then she can play too,” Allison sighed happily.

“Let her sleep,” Blake said.

“You’re right, she’ll need her energy for tomorrow.”

Blake slipped two fingers between Allison’s wet lips and curled them up inside her, loving the soft sound of her quiet moan as she wriggled back against him.

“Do you mind if I go to sleep while you’re doing that?” she asked, closing her eyes, “it feels so good to be with you.”

Blake didn’t reply, he just slowly pulled his fingers back out and eased them in again, Allison’s velvet walls opening up and closing around him. Tomorrow, he promised himself, tomorrow he’d have his tongue in there.


Blake wasn’t sure if Allison had cum on his hand or not, he’d drifted off to sleep at some point, as had she. His hand now rested back on her breast and her body on top of his other arm. There was a soft sigh and he looked over her shoulder as best he could, in the darkness a silhouette moved in the tent and another sigh was followed by a wet sucking noise and a stifled moan. He tried to raise his head higher to see who it was but couldn’t move enough with Allison on his arm. He listened and heard a soft murmur, then saw the shape of Henry’s head rise up, his body face-down, holding still for a moment then a another little whimper and his body dropped out of sight again.

Blake grinned to himself, unsure if it was Hannah or Steph that Henry was on top of but happy to listen to her moans as his friend slowly screwed her. Listening to the quiet and urgent coupling he fell back asleep with a smile on his face and his manhood swelling back up against his girlfriend’s arse.


When Blake next awoke the light suggested that the sun was making an effort to come up but it was still overcast and blustery outside. He rolled on to his side to face Allison and instead came face-to-face with Steph, her round features and big green eyes staring back at him, her lip held between her teeth as her eyes seemed to plead.

“Morning,” he whispered.

Dave was awakened by the ache of his cock and the delicious smells of massage oil and sex. He had fallen asleep in heaven, with Lynn’s sensuous ass curved into his stomach. She in turn was sleeping with her head on Angela’s shoulder, her hand cupping one of Angela’s large breasts.

Still partly within the veils of the dream world, Dave whispered in Lynn’s ear: “Can I fuck Angela some more?”

Still asleep, Lynn’s mouth opened hungrily. She was either dreaming or having a powerful fantasy of a beautiful woman incessantly lapping at her engorged sex, her labia so swollen and agape that the woman was using her cheeks and nose to increase Lynn’s pleasure, in addition to the relentless onslaught of her tongue. Now she was filling Lynn’s pelvis with a large ribbed dildo, every bump sending spasms of pleasure through her clitoris and vaginal canal as it stretched and massaged her anus.

Lynn’s answer came in the form of pressing her bottom against Dave’s rigid cock. “I want you in my ass,” she murmured, sliding her wet labia along his shaft.

Lynn’s words jerked Dave from his sleepy fog, and directly into the haze of passion. He retrieved the massage oil from Angela’s bag and applied a palmful to the head and shaft of his pulsing cock. He used the remainder in his hand to explore the hot valley between Lynn’s muscular yet soft cheeks.

Lynn began breathing deeply in pleasure, her mouth wide open, her eyes closed. He explored her elastic anus with his fingers, feeling her opening and pressing herself to him. With the slickness of the oil on his fingers and in the cleft of her buttocks, he was able to gently stretch her with two strong fingers.

Lynn made a low moaning sound as she continued to breathe slowly and heavily with her mouth wide open. Dave admired the beauty of her shoulders, the sleekness of her neck, the angle of her jaw leading into her mouth, imagining his penis in there as well.

“Davepleaseputyourcockinmyass.” Her wish had came out as one long word, spoken by someone in a trance. Her back was writhing against him, and he could feel her pulse pounding in her neck.

Dave took his cock by the tip, using his fingers to help him gain entry into Lynn’s hungry ass. The slickness of the oil, the beautiful curves of Lynn’s muscular ass leading into the waist that looked designed to be grasped while fucking her, and the way she began eagerly squeezing his newly introduced penis all made Dave release a surprising amount of precum, he almost felt as if he’d had a small ejaculation, never knowing that such a thing was possible.

His semen added to the mix of lubrication that served to transmit every sweet sensation from his penis to Lynn’s slick passage, and back again, in an ever-building amplification of sexual energy.

“I want to be on my stomach,” said Lynn, more lucidly now. She slowly rolled over, with Dave following her lead, making sure not to lose possession of the heavenly purchase his penis had found.

Lynn spread her legs slightly, and closed her eyes with a wicked smile on her face as Dave ravaged her backside, reveling in the sensation of feeling his cock buried in her, her luscious buttocks spreading to engulf him.

“I need more,” said Lynn, now with a sense of urgency. She used her surprising strength to roll back onto her side, causing Dave to fall completely out of her ass. He quickly replaced his rampant cock into the slick tightness of her backside.

Dave’s left hand was wrapped across Lynn’s chest, and he began playing with her erect nipple. Lynn took his right hand in hers and guided him to her pubic mound. Together they spread her labia, revealing her hungry, hot, slippery vagina. Satisfied that Dave knew the way, she moved her hand to Dave’s buttocks, pulling him closer to her.

Dave tenderly stroked her widening labia minora, enjoying her silkiness and wetness. “Harder,” demanded Lynn, and Dave complied by rubbing the flat surfaces of his middle three fingers against the swollen nub of her clitoris. He began pumping harder in her ass, bringing the glans of his penis through ring of her anus with every stroke, feeling himself losing control.

Lynn’s face was flushed and sweating, her head tilted up, her nipples rigid. Dave flicked the nipple in his hand, feeling her anus twitch around his cock in response to each touch. Their bodies bucked against each other, Dave struggling to maintain contact with her clitoris while her pelvis thrusted frantically. Dave was fascinated by the feeling of Lynn’s body completely given to passion, impaled on the shaft of his cock, and at the tips of his fingers. He put his open mouth behind her ear and felt himself spurt another aliquot of his sperm deep inside her rectum.

He felt his body deflate, but every muscle in Lynn’s body continued working towards her orgasm, and shortly thereafter, she was rewarded for her efforts. As if having to choose between being very loud or very quiet, Lynn shuddered in pleasure without making a sound, eyes squeezed tight, mouth open. Dave put his fingers in her mouth, and she clamped onto them, then as she relaxed, her bite turned to languorous kissing and sucking on his fingers, making the hair on the back of Dave’s neck stand up.

They lay there quietly, Dave no longer feeling uncomfortable next to Lynn, but rather relaxed by her closeness. His penis softened, and slid from the warmth of Lynn’s ass.

Angela continued to sleep, a flush on her cheeks, and a sweetness in her expression that filled Dave with feelings of love and tranquility.

After several minutes like this, Lynn declared, “She’s a snooze rabbit, isn’t she? Let’s go take a shower.”

They dressed and made their way to the community shower. Dave entered the men’s side first, then came back out and said “It’s empty, come on in.”

“What makes you think I meant I wanted to take a shower together?” asked Lynn, in a tone she thought conveyed facetiousness.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you meant…” stammered Dave as he looked embarrassed and apologetic.

“Boy, you ARE fun to tease!” joked Lynn, as she took his hand and led him into the men’s shower. They entered a shower stall together, locking the door behind them, a mischievous grin on Lynn’s face, a questioning look on Dave’s.

Dave adjusted the water and the stall began filling with steam, displacing the chilly air that had surrounded them. Lynn stripped without compunction, goosebumps prominent on her chest and breasts. She stood under the shower and raised her face to the ceiling to wet her hair. Dave admired her perky breasts, and enjoyed watching the angle her pelvis had adopted, tipped forward, exaggerating the jut of her bottom and the swell of her abdomen.

Dave could feel his penis stirring again, more painful than pleasurable after the three bouts it had already endured that afternoon. Reflexively, he pulled his shorts and boxers off to release his cock from the painful binds of his clothing.

Lynn was already feeling slightly wicked for teasing Dave, but couldn’t resist blurting out “You should probably take your shirt off, too, unless you’re too shy.”

Dave complied, and gingerly entered the shower. Lynn took a bottle of bodywash she had brought and lavishly covered his cock with the cold gel. Then she worked the gel into a lather and began alternately running her hands along his shaft, from the base to the tip, until Dave backed away and exclaimed “Oww, that’s too much right now!”

“Oooo, I’m sorry, I thought you liked it,” said Lynn, genuinely concerned.

“It’s OK, I do, it’s just too much right now, let me wash you first,” he countered. David put some of the bodywash in his palm and rubbed it between his hands, then began soaping and massaging Lynn’s neck and shoulders. She put her hands on the wall in front of her, allowing Dave to deeply massage the muscles of her back. She hung her head down to her chest as Dave moved his way down her spine, then focused on her sacrum and iliac crests.

He got down on his knees and continued massaging his way down her buttocks and legs. After he finished kneading her shapely calves, his gaze came back up her legs to her buttocks. He watched the water streaming off her labia, and he nuzzled between her legs and began lapping at her sex with his tongue.

Lynn spread her legs and tilted her pelvis forward to improve Dave’s access to her tender vagina. His penis became erect again, with enough hunger that he was spared the pain of his previous erection. Somewhat abruptly, she turned around and lifted Dave to his feet.

“Your face is kind of rough,” she said. “And I want to play with your penis some more if that’s OK.”

With an impish look on her face, Lynn got down on her knees and began to gently explore his testicles and shaft with genuine curiosity and admiration. She played with his scrotum, trying to determine how the testicles floated or hung, until his scrotum tightened and brought them close to his perineum. Deep in concentration, she stuck her tongue out and touched the tip of it to the underside of his glans, causing it to jump, then bounce back across her lips. She smiled and put her lips around the tip of his penis, continuing her tongue massage now that his bouncing member couldn’t get away from her so easily. She quickly moved into an up and down motion, eagerly pulling his glans deep into her throat.

“You’re really good at that,” commented Dave.

Lynn made a popping sound as she lifted her head to meet his gaze and replied “It’s not that difficult.”

Dave wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to ejaculate again for a fourth time that afternoon, despite Lynn’s vigorous ministrations. Just when he was considering explaining the situation to her, she popped off his cock again, looked him in the eyes with saliva dripping from her lower lip, and said “I wanna taste it.”

She redoubled her efforts, her dainty hand following the path of her mouth up and down his rigid shaft, and Dave felt himself being taken to the next quantum level of excitement. As he felt himself entering the altered state preceding orgasm, Lynn slipped her finger into his anus, and firmly massaged his prostate.

With Lynn’s finger in his ass and her mouth enveloping his cock, Dave felt himself explode in the third of Lynn’s orifices he had penetrated that afternoon. At first, Lynn had to swallow several times in succession to capture all of his ejaculate, then was able to take her time and savor the last portions as his tired erection quickly subsided.

“Interesting,” Lynn remarked as she rose to share an embrace with Dave under the warm water. “Maybe I meant to have said three times is enough for me.”

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