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Chapter Seventeen – New Friends

The ride to her house was eventful. As soon as the lights were out and she had given the female cabbie her address, her hand was on my cock, pulling the zipper down so she could pull it out. When it was free of my pants, she looked up at me and smiled before dropping her head down and taking me into her mouth. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, concentrating on the sensations her mouth was giving me. When I reopened my eyes, the cabbie had adjusted her mirror and was watching Melody give me head. I smiled when she looked up and found me watching her. She smiled and winked and turned her attention back to her task at hand.

Melody looked up at me a couple times, trying to keep eye contact while she smoked my sausage but it wasn’t working. The more she tried to look at me, the less she was able to suck on. Finally, I just grabbed her head and held it in one spot while I lifted my hips up and fucked her mouth.

“Mmph! Oh Fuck!” She said as she pulled her mouth off my cock. She looked up at me with saliva hanging off her mouth with a wide smile.

“You like that?” I asked her as she wiped the drool off onto her shirt.

“Oh fuck yes! God that was fucking hot!” She said as she gripped my cock, jerking it off. I smiled. The cabbie coughed, clearing her throat to get our attention.

“Not like I’m complaining, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen but, please don’t make a mess I’ll have to clean up later!” She said as she looked into the mirror.

Both Melody and I started to laugh. The cabbie wasn’t a bad looking lady, a little rough around the edges, but she was a good looking woman. A hard life had made her look rough. I smiled.

“I’m sorry ma’am, some things you just can’t wait for!” Melody said with a smile as I placed my hand on her thigh and slid it up under her skirt. “Oh baby! You’re gonna have to wait to do that!” She said to me. I smiled and pulled my hand back out and squeezed her thigh.

“Some things are worth waiting for. I can wait if you can.” I said with a smile. She sat closer to me, and continued to lazily stroke my cock as the cabbie navigated the streets. She pulled into a subdivision and steered the old style cab towards the end, back to the secluded section and into a cul-de-sac where Melody lived.

“Nice digs!” I said as the cabbie pulled into her drive. I looked around when we got out, even during the daylight, this place would be private. I held out my hand and Melody let go of my cock so I could help her out. I went to pull out some money to pay the cabbie and she looked out the window up at me.

“To be honest, I’ll give you this ride for free for just a taste of that!” She said as she looked at my cock, still out of my pants and pointing at her. I looked at Melody.

“It’s up to you.” I said with a smile. Melody looked at me and flashed me a naughty smile. I opened the door to the cab and let the cabbie swing her legs out, turning in her seat. I got a better look at her. She must have been a dancer at some point, she had a great body, just her face looked a little rough. Probably drugs and hard times had put her into this shape.

“You won’t be able to go to completion, it will take a while for that, but go ahead and knock yourself out.” I said as I moved closer to the car. She looked up at Melody.

“You sure sugar? This is your man, your cock.” She said before reaching out to touch it. Melody looked at me and then to the cabbie.

“Hun, with a cock like that, you can’t keep that to yourself! You wanna come in? I’m not opposed to an extra body while we play!” Melody said, hinting at a three way with the cabbie. The cabbie looked up at Melody and then to me. She grabbed my cock and pulled me closer, looking at the already spit shined head before putting her mouth over it.

She sucked me in, taking six inches before I hit the back of her throat. She moaned around my cock, obviously loving the feel of it in her mouth. When she pulled her lips slowly back off, she looked up at me, straining to keep her eyes on me while she tried to suck my flavor out the head of my cock. She got one single drop of precum. She pulled her lips off, rolling that drop around inside her mouth before looking at me again. When she opened her eyes, there was a smile on her face.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had some grade-A dick, I’d sure hate to pass this one up!’ She said as she looked from me to Melody. I reached out and lifted her chin up to me.

“Stand up.” I said. She slid her ass off the seat and stood, standing almost as tall as I was. I pulled the barrette that held her hair up and let it down. She shook it out so it cascaded down her back and over her shoulders.

“I’m not much to look at.” She said as she looked away, knowing the years had been hard on her. I smiled.

“Open your shirt.” I said. She looked at me then looked around. “It’s okay, there’s no one for a mile that’s gonna see anything.” I said as I looked at Melody. She was getting hotter by the second. She moved to me, standing to my side, running her hands up and down my back and chest, wanting to touch my cock but resisting.

The cabbie slowly started undoing the buttons on her shirt, starting at the bottom instead of the top. As each button came undone, the smooth skin of her belly became exposed. I was impressed so far, she skin smooth and taut, like a dancers would be.

When she finally reached the top button, she looked at Melody and then me. With her eyes focused on mine, she undid the top button and let the shirt hang open. No bra but with tits like hers, standing high and firm and big, she didn’t need a bra. Melody sucked in her breath before I could, the cabbie heard it.

“What’s your name baby?” Melody asked her. She looked at Melody and I could see the want and need in her eyes. I peered into her mind.

A hard life growing up. Abused by her stepfather and her uncle in Jersey. She ran away at sixteen, hitched a ride with a trucker, a kind old man that let her ride with him until they reached Vegas. He didn’t ask for anything, showing her kindness the whole time, the only shining light she’d ever known.

She got to Vegas and tried out as a dancer for the big shows. Her breasts were too big and she was too young, but they didn’t know that. She slept where she could and when she could. She ended up being a topless dancer, lying to get the job. She did that for a while, met a man with money. He used her and abused her, got her addicted to drugs. He died of an overdose, leaving her with nothing and leaving her addicted. His death was a wakeup call for her, but the drugs had already done their damage. She got clean in an halfway house and finally found her a job as a cabbie. Been doing it for the last fifteen years. I felt for her.

“My name is Anna.” She said to Melody. I smiled and reached out to touch the smooth skin of her belly. She sucked her breath in and tightened her muscles in anticipation of my touch.

“I wont hurt you Anna. That’s the last thing I would do.” I said as I touched her belly. Her skin was so smooth and soft, I slid my fingers lightly up to her rib cage, beneath the shirt and to her breast as I stepped closer to her. Her breath caught in her throat.

“God it’s been so long since a man touched me!” She said as my hand covered over her left breast. I smiled and slid my other hand up her side and over her breast. I cupped them both gently, feeling their smooth skin and weight. She looked into my eyes as I held her breasts in my hands. I opened the shirt, pulling the fabric away from her breasts so I could see them in all their glory.

“Damn! Anna, you’ve got amazing breasts!” I said as I admired their perky and firm shape. She blushed and looked at Melody for help.

“Come on stud! You’ve got two horny women to satisfy tonight!” Melody said as she grabbed my cock. I reached for Anna and grabbed her shirt, pulling her along with me as Melody guided us with her hand on the shaft of my cock.

Inside the house, Melody led us into her bedroom where I finished stripping in near record time and sat back on the bed and watched the two of them strip. Anna was tall, much taller than Melody and their bodies were just as different.

Melody was smaller, but more compact, a gymnasts frame with oversize attributes. Basically a tight little body with big tits and a nice round ass. Anna, was taller with smaller, but still firm, breasts that hung right where they should be, not too high and not too low. Her ass was slimmer and when she stood just right, you could see through the upside down triangle that her thighs created, giving me a perfect view of her protruding pussy lips. Her face was pretty, but once she used to be beautiful. I smiled at them both as they stood at the foot of the bed, watching me stroke my cock without shame at my open lewdness.

“Ladies, I’m lonely up here all by myself. Why don’t you bring those sexy bodies up here and join me and lets see how tangled we can get our bodies!” I said with a smile. Melody jumped up onto the bed and slithered up to me, kissing me on the lips before sliding back down to my cock and taking it most of the way into her mouth and partly down her throat before pulling back off and repeating. I looked at Anna who stood still, afraid to get on the bed.

“Anna, come here.” I said as I held my hand out over the side of the bed. She moved slowly, covering her pussy and her tits as she walked. When she reached the side, she watched as Melody engulfed my cock, taking eight inches into her mouth and down her throat. She looked up to me, fear and uncertainty in her eyes.

“I don’t know if I should be here.” She said, getting nervous and wanting to leave.

“Don’t. Stay with us and enjoy what God gave us all.” I said as I took her hand and pulled her to me. She lay across the bed with her arm laying across my chest as I pulled her face to mine. I kissed her gently, running my hands from her head to her shoulders and down to her breasts, fondling them gently, lightly pinching and pulling at her small nipples.

“God that feels good!” She said as she pulled away and looked down to watch as my hand traveled down over her stomach to the thick patch of pubic hair covering her love mound. Her mouth opened in hesitation, waiting, needing me and almost begging me to touch her pussy. I pulled her face back to me, planting my lips on hers as I slid my fingers gently through her thick coarse hair and in between her legs to her wet pussy lips.

She moaned into my mouth as I gently touched her sex. Her left leg lifted and separated from the other, giving me complete access to her pussy. With my left hand, I held her head, gently caressing her face. I lightly teased her pussy for a moment and then retreated back up to her breasts. She went for my hand to push it back down, instead, I took her hand and placed it on Melody’s head. She looked at me and smiled as she pushed Melody’s head down, forcing her to take most of my cock down into her throat.

“You’re such a dirty girl just waiting to happen aren’t you?” I asked as she let Melody go, letting her come up for air. Melody looked over Anna’s shoulder to me, making contact with my eyes. I smiled at her and watched her smile turn into a grin.

She left my cock and slowly made her way over behind Anna. Her first kiss startled Anna, making her jump closer to me. Melody’s second kiss was right on as she closed in on Anna’s pussy. She could feel the heat coming off Anna’s cunt as it sexed up. It hadn’t been used in quite some time for anything other than an occasional finger session. Anna sighed as she felt Melody’s lips on her sex. I pulled Anna to me and kissed her and with my free hand, I reached down and grabbed Melody’s head and pulled it into Anna’s crotch. She didn’t need and help giving Anna oral, I was just being a dick.

Anna moaned into my mouth as Melody latched onto her pussy, licking and sucking her to heightened excitement. I was left alone and that wasn’t sitting right with me since there were two women in the bed that could take care of me. I scooted over in the bed, forcing Anna to lay down. When I was situated in just the right spot, I pulled her head over to my cock and fed her the hard flesh rod.

She attacked it with a fever as Melody ate her to her first orgasm that wasn’t self induced.

“FUCK! Oh fuck!” She screamed around my pole as her orgasm hit. I smiled as she sucked harder while her orgasm swept through her body, filling her cunt with juice. Melody pulled her face away from Anna’s pussy. She smiled at me with her face covered from cheek to cheek with Anna’s pussy lube.

“You’ve got to taste her! She’s fucking fantastic!” Melody said as she slid up to me. She lay next to me and leaned up, I could smell Anna’s cunt cream on Melody’s face. I slithered my tongue out and licked her chin and her bottom lip. She moaned. “Oohhh that’s nice!” She said, holding on to my face to keep me there licking her. I lapped at her face like a dog would, licking up all the juice I could.

“I gotta have more of that!” I said. I grabbed Anna by the hair and pulled her off my dick. She grunted her dismay at having her lollipop taken from her and rolled over to my side. I pulled her hair, pulling her to me. “Get up here and sit on my face!” I said to her. She smiled up at me as I let go of her hair so she could climb up and set her tasty pussy down on my lips. I grabbed Melody by her hair and pulled her down to my cock. This was heaven, two hot bitches, one sitting on my face, the other face fucking my cock. Couldn’t get any better than this!

Anna sat down, placing her vertical lips down on my horizontal ones. I slid my tongue up inside her and instantly, her juices poured out and into my mouth. Like the forbidden nectar of the Gods, she was heaven. I latched on with my hands on her thighs and pulled her down, forcing her pussy onto my mouth. I licked and sucked her cunt and clit until she came in my mouth, flooding it with her tasty cooze cream.

“Fuck you taste so good! I can’t get enough!” I said as I latched on again. Anna grabbed hold of the head board to the bed to steady herself as I ate her to her third orgasm. Her legs shook and vibrated next to my head as her third orgasm swept through her body.

“GOD! I can’t take anymore! Please! Let me rest!” Anna begged. I couldn’t stop eating her pussy she tasted so good. Finally, halfway to her fourth, she fell over onto the bed, taking what seemed like the fountain of youth away from me. With her off my face, I looked down at Melody.

“Bitch get up here!” I said to her. She pulled her mouth up off my cock and slithered her thick compact body up my muscular frame until she was looking me in the eyes. I pulled her face down to mine and pushed her ass over, forcing her to straddle my thighs. With my cock in my right hand and her tit in my left, I slid my cock along her slit, prying her cunt open so I could jam my cunt pounder inside her.

“FUCK baby! That feels so good, put it in! Stop teasing me! I said put it in mother fucker!” She said as she slammed her ass down, forcing the whole thing up inside her. “Oh GOD!” She said as the full length and girth of my cock forced her pussy to spread wide. Her eyes opened wide as she looked down at me, her hands on my chest, holding her up from going down any farther.

“Bigger than you thought huh?” I said to her with a wicked grin.

“Fuck yeah! Feels so fucking good though!” She said as she rose up slowly and then slid back down the length of my cock, burying it inside her tight twat. Her body shuddered as she sat down, her cunt being filled with my cock. “So fucking big!” She said as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. I smiled and slid my hands up to her 34D tits and squeezed until her nipples popped out between my fingers.

“And you’re fucking tight! Damn I haven’t had a pussy this tight in a long time!” I said as she opened her eyes and looked down at me.

“You like my tight pussy baby? You like how it feels around your big fat cock?” She said, talking dirty to me. I looked over at Anna who was laying on her side with her hand on her pussy.

“Yeah baby, I like you’re tight pussy, but we are neglecting another hot pussy right here!” I said as I reached out for Anna. She slid over to me, running her hand up and down my muscular chest.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a real man. You gonna have enough strength for me too?” She asked as she licked my nipple. I smiled and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to look at me.

“Baby, I’ve got more than enough stamina and endurance for ten of you hot bitches! As soon as she cums all over my cock, I want you to climb on and go to town!” I said to her. It hadn’t occurred to me that calling them bitches might offend them, but neither of them objected to the dirty talk. Melody especially.

Anna smiled and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue slid in between my lips and toyed with mine, showing me a playful side to her. When she pulled away, licking the saliva that collected at the corner of her mouth, there was a twinkle in her eye, a renewed vigor that had long ago faded from her memory. I pulled her down to me, pulling her past my lips so I could whisper in her ear.

“When we are done here, I want to do something for you, something no one else can. If you will let me, I promise you, you won’t regret it.” I said to her. She pulled away with a questioning look in her eyes. I smiled and pulled her back down to my lips, kissing her gently but passionately.

“Oh FUCK! FUCK YES! MOTHER FUCKEEERRRRR!” Melody screamed out as her orgasm tore through her body. I could feel her cunt clutching my cock as she slammed down one last time like she was trying to choke my cock. I let her sit there for a moment as her orgasm swept through her. Anna pulled away and the both of us watched as Melody’s body shook and vibrated. Her head was rocked back as her eyes shut tightly when the orgasm started. When her body finally settled down long enough for her to open her eyes and look at us, there was a satisfied smile on her face. “Gina has no idea what she’s missing!” She said with a smile. I chuckled and pulled her down to me, putting pressure on my cock inside her twat.

“She’ll find out eventually. Right now, I want to know. Are you satisfied?” I asked her. She looked down into my eyes, glazed over and filled with satiated lust.

“Completely! The only thing that will make this better is you’re hot cum blasting my face!” She said with a wicked naughty smile. I pulled her down, mere inches from my face.

“Once Anna has cum all over my cock like you just did, I can arrange a cum facial for you both!” I said before pulling her down so I could tongue fuck her mouth. She moaned into my mouth as I orally raped her with my tongue, feeding her lust.

“You better hurry! I need it bad! I love the taste of cum and I’m fucking hungry for it!” She said with a twinkle, showing me a very naughty side, much different than when we first met.

“Does Gina know you’re a naughty little slut?” I asked, talking dirty back to her.

“No and she wont. She thinks she’s hot shit and has no idea what it takes to pleasure a man, or a woman!” She said. That intrigued me. I’d have to get both of them in a Sapphic three-way with Anna before I joined in later at some point.

“Well, if you want my cum, you need to get the fuck off my cock so Anna can feel what you just felt!” I said as I slapped her ass. She smiled down at me as she pinched her nipples, showing her boldness and willingness to act like a slut.

“Spank me baby!” She said as she rolled off of me. I smiled and slapped her ass one more time before looking at Anna.

“Baby, you said its been so long, I want to pleasure you. I want you to feel like the woman you used to be. Tell me what would make that happen for you?” I said as I got on my knees and pulled her up to me. She looked in my eyes, searching for something.

“Hun, what I really need is some love and tenderness.” She said as she closed her eyes and looked away. I pulled her face back to mine. When she opened her eyes, I was staring into them.

“Then lets lay like lovers. I will treat you like a woman needs and should be treated.” I said with a loving and tender smile.

“And then roll me over and fuck the shit out of me?” She asked with a smile. I grinned to her and pulled her face to mine.

“I’ll fuck the shit out of your pussy and your ass if you want me to!” I said before I kissed her. When I pulled away from her, her eyes were closed, filing the memory and feeling away for later remembrance.

“Make love to me first baby, let me feel that again. Then, have you’re way with me.” She said as she looked into my eyes. I could tell that she needed the loving more than anything. I was drawn to her, much like Melody and the women back in Jersey. But she was different, I wanted to help her, show her that there is life after life seems to end.

“As you wish my beautiful lover!” I said as I pulled her to me, laying back and stretching out, feeling the full length of her firm body against mine.

Slowly, I built up her fire with touching and kissing and lots of caressing. When she was ready, she was panting. Her hips were hunching down onto my cock, begging for it to be inserted in her most sacred of holes. I rolled her over and slowly kissed my way down her body, taking gentle care to kiss all over her breasts and down over her flat tummy. She giggled when I stuck my tongue inside her belly button. As I lowered farther, I noticed Melody as she moved up to lie next to Anna. Melody took her hand and held it, wanting to feel the love and passion as well even though she just had the biggest orgasm of her life.

I kissed down farther until I was stretched out with my head between her legs. Melody had moved closer to Anna and was now licking her left nipple, caressing her breasts gently as she bit and sucked the little nub in between her lips. Anna was in full lust now, Melody’s workings of Anna’s tits and my gently kisses and licks up and down her furrow, tasting her special sauce in between licks on her clit.

“Oh God baby! Now! Give it to me now!” She moaned and begged. I looked up and found both of them looking at me, lust in their eyes. I didn’t say anything as I started to slide back up. When I reached Melody, she licked Anna’s juices off my face before I reached Anna’s lips. She kissed me, tasting her own secretions and smiled when I pulled away.

“Are you ready sexy baby?” I asked her between gentle kisses about her face.

“I’m so ready! Put it in! Please put it in!” She begged as she reached up to my face and held it in place so I could look into her eyes and see her need.

“Okay, okay. You’re ready!” I said as I lowered my hips, going by feel as I felt my cock head hit her bush. I moved down, letting my cock head slide down between her puffy lips. “You might want to spread those sexy lips of yours, I don’t want to hurt you.” I said to her. She reached down, one hand gently taking my shaft while the other opened her lips up.

“It’s been a long time. I know I keep saying it, but you just don’t know how long it’s been.” She said as she captured my gaze with hers. I smiled and bent down. I placed my lips over hers, sliding my tongue in to greet hers again. Slowly, I pushed my hips forward, the head of my cock parting her lips more as it slid into her tight hole.

“Fuck you’re tight!” I said as my head popped through the tight little hole. I looked at Melody. “And I thought you were tight! Fuck this is insane!” I said, hoping I didn’t offend her.

“Take it easy then baby. Make it beautiful and perfect for her.” Melody said, understanding I didn’t mean to offend as she leaned up and watched as my cock disappeared in Anna’s tight pussy. Slowly I pushed until I had about three inches inside her. I looked down and there was a slight look of discomfort on her face. I bent down and kissed her as I held my cock there, letting her pussy adjust to my size.

“You’re so beautiful, so sexy! I could do this all night with you!” I said as I pulled away, she looked up into my eyes, a tear forming. “No baby. Don’t do that!” I said to her. My voice was sweet, tender, gentle. I kissed her tear away and started to pull back out.

“Oh that feels so good!” She said. I smiled when just the head remained and then slowly started to slide back in. Melody had her hand on my ass, massaging my tight buttocks as I slowly corkscrewed into Anna. She let go of Anna’s tit and got up on her knees, kneeling next to me and bent down to whisper in my ear.

“I’ve never met a man like you. I’m not looking for a relationship, but I’m also not ready to let you go!” She said as she licked and kissed my ear and the side of my face. I turned my head and smiled.

“I’m not going anywhere for a while.” I said to her and planted my lips on hers. She latched onto my face with her hands, holding me while I pulled out of Anna and slowly pushed back in, pushing five inches into her. Melody looked down and watched as the look of discomfort on Anna’s face change to a look of bliss and satisfaction.

“I think she’s ready for a little more!” She said. I looked down, Anna was smiling.

“Yeah baby! Give me more!” She said with a happy smile. I bent down and with my lips barely touching hers, flicked my tongue out and licked her open mouth, tasting her lips.

“Brace yourself baby. I’m gonna give it all to you!” I said as I pulled out. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Do it baby, ram that big cock inside me!” She said. I pulled out till just the head remained and then, with a slight hesitation, I slammed back in, pushing eight inches inside her. Her eyes went wide.

“FUCK YES!” She said as I started to fill her up. I didn’t pull back out, just kept pushing until I was completely inside her, my head poking into her cervix.

For a moment, her eyes went wide and her mouth opened. Nothing came out, no words nor breath. She just looked at me and then her body shuddered.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh my fucking GOD!” She said as she finally exhaled, her orgasm reaching its peak, flooding her pussy and coating my cock with her girl cum.

Melody reached down and gave my balls a gentle squeeze before sliding her hand down to where I was joined with Anna. She looked at me and smiled. When she pulled her hand away, it was covered in Anna’s cum.

“Damn baby! She’s so fucking wet!” Melody said as she brought her hand up and licked a finger then offered me her tasty digits. I licked the succulent juice off Melody’s fingers and then looked down at Anna.

“Was that good baby? You like how I fill you up?” I asked her. She smiled up at me.

“No one has ever been that deep!” She said as I held my cock there, giving it short thrusts to try and probe deeper. With each short hunch of my hips, she grunted and sighed. Her smile never left her face. “Okay baby, harder now.” She said as she looked up into my eyes.

I pulled out and pushed back in, not slamming in, just building up a good steady pace. I looked into her mind and saw nothing but cosmic bliss. I read her thoughts and was happy with what I saw. She really needed this, a nice slow fuck to bring her back into the living. Something to give her a little hope for her future. I smiled down at her as I saw her need be replaced with satisfaction. I slid in until I was bumping my hips against hers, giving it a little extra as I bottomed out. She would moan and coo each time I hit.

Not that she needed any extra stimulation, Melody moved gently on the bed until she was kneeling at Anna’s midsection. With her left hand, she reached down and gently rubbed Anna’s clit while the right hand massaged and teased Anna’s nipples.

Slowly, I was picking up my pace, going faster and slamming into her harder until her second orgasm, which was really her fifth, started to rise and her cunt muscles started to grip my cock as it slid in and out. This was my cue to throw all caution to the wind and just pound her pussy.

“Oh fuck! Fucking yes! I’m cumming! AUGH!” She screamed out as this orgasm grew bigger than the last as I pounded into her. I wasn’t working hard, but with the temperature in the room and my own excitement level, I was working up a sweat. Melody pulled her hand away from Anna’s pussy and gave me her fingers to suck on before she used her hand to wipe the sweat off my forehead.

Anna put her hand up on my stomach, telling me to stop for a moment. I couldn’t. Though I held my spot, not thrusting in, I did give her small little jabs with my cock, pushing in only a couple inches to push her orgasm to newer heights. Her eyes went wide as her fifth orgasm turned into a sixth. Now her cum was really flowing, coating not just my cock but my balls too. I smiled down at her as she looked into my eyes.

“Ride it baby, ride that wave of ecstasy! Cum for me, cum hard!” I said as I looked down at her. A small bead of sweat dripped off my face and fell onto hers. She looked up at me, reaching for my face and wiped the sweat off. She brought her hand back to her mouth and licked my salty sweat from her hand.

“Now, roll me over and fuck me into oblivion!” She said with a wicked smile. I smiled down at her before dropping down and plastering my sweaty chest on hers.

I fucked my tongue into her mouth, taking it like I took her pussy. She responded by humping her hips up, sliding her pussy up and down on my cock. I moaned into her mouth and when I opened my eyes, she was looking at me, that lusty look growing inside her.

“I’m gonna wear you out baby. You’re gonna beg me to stop its gonna feel so good!” I said as I pulled my cock out. She sucked in her breath at the sudden vacancy of her twat.

I sat back on my heels and grabbed her hips, I flipped her over to a gleeful squeal and then I pulled her hips up, putting her in position. Then I slid off the foot of the bed to stand and pulled her ass back, forcing her to the edge of the bed. I stood back and admired the sight of her tight ass spread and bent over for me, waiting, begging me to shove my cock inside her. I reached out and felt the smooth taut skin

of her ass. Melody watched as like a surgeon, I slowly built up Anna’s excitement and urgent need as I slowly made my way to her pussy, slapping her ass and rubbing her swollen pussy lips. When Anna’s moans and grunts reached a fevered pitch, I stepped up and slammed my cock completely inside her waiting pussy.

“FUCK! YES! Fuck me baby! Fuck me good!” She said as I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock inside after pulling out just slightly. She grunted and shook as the force of my hips slammed into hers, jamming my cock balls deep inside her cunt. Melody slid off the bed and got down, sitting on her sexy ass as she slid between my legs. She tilted her head back and stuck out her tongue, licking my balls as they passed over her face.

Over and over I slammed my cock deep inside her cunt while below me, Melody licked my balls as they passed over her face. Slowly, through my thrusts, I toyed with her asshole, slowly working my thumb inside her. When she first felt it, first felt me trying to push it in, she looked back at me and smiled.

“Do it fucker! I want it!” She said as I jammed my thumb inside her ass. Her eyes closed and she cooed at the extra insertion. She looked back at me, watching me as I slammed my cock deep over and over, fucking my thumb into her ass in an alternating rhythm. Slowly, her seventh orgasm built. The faster it built, the faster I fucked. The harder I fucked her, the faster her orgasm built. Soon, she was creaming all over my cock. She fell forward, exhausted into the fetal position with her hands on her pussy, holding it and scooping her cum out of her spasming twat and bringing it to her lips.

I stepped back, watching her eat her own cum for a moment before looking down at Melody, sitting there so naked and so pretty. I grabbed her by the hair on the top of her head and pulled her to my cock, feeding her the girl cum coated schlong.

“Suck it bitch!” I said to her as I pushed the head between her lips. She smiled around the head, biting down on it, showing me that she wants to be naughty. I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed my dick at the base and started slapping her face with it. “You want my cock bitch? You want me to fuck you with this big cunt stuffer? Huh bitch? You want my cock?” I teased, letting her lick the head, but not letting her suck it. I wanted it, I wanted to shove it in her mouth, force her to suck my cock down into her throat, but playing with her, teasing her was fun and she was getting off on it as well.

“Come on mother fucker! Let me have it!” She begged. I smiled.

“You want it bitch? You want my cock?” I teased, stuffing five inches inside her mouth. She moaned around my stiff pecker before I pulled it out. I looked at Anna, she was watching the display with amusement and lust as she wasn’t holding her cunt anymore, she was playing with it.

“FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!” She said as I stuffed it back inside her mouth, forcing it down into her throat. She gagged and coughed around it before I pulled it out.

‘How’s that bitch? Is that how you want it?” I asked teasing her with it. Her eyes were on the head, her mouth open, waiting for me to jam it back into her mouth. I pulled my cock away from her face as I pulled her up by her hair onto the bed, on her stomach. I slid up behind her and pushed her legs open with mine, forcing my way into her. I slammed my cock back inside her pussy, jamming it all the way in.

“You want it here? Is this where you want it bitch?” I said as I slapped her ass. She grunted but didn’t say anything. I fucked into her four or five times before I pulled out and slapped her ass with my cock. Her ass was thick, the cheeks nice and round and they stuck out just right. I slapped my cock right down into the deep crevice that the two firm mounds made and slid my cock back and forth.

“You like this bitch? You want me to fuck you don’t you baby?” I said as I teased her.

“Please baby! Put it in me! Give me your big beautiful cock!” She said. I smiled at her as I slid it back and forth over her tight little asshole.

“Okay baby, I’ll give you my cock. How about I slide my big fuck stick up inside you’re tight little asshole?” I said. She looked back at me, her face a mask of fear, her eyes daring me to do it.

“No baby! You’re too big to fit in my tight little hole.” She said, tempting me, telling me that she really did want it.

“Oh sweetie, you’ll love it! I promise you, you’re gonna feel so good, you’re gonna beg me to fuck you like a cock addicted cum whore!” I said as I slapped her tight ass cheeks before pointing my cock at her tight little hole and pushing on the tight anal ring.

She looked back at me and instantly relaxed her ass muscle but still looked back at me with fear in her eyes, playing with me. I flashed an evil smile just as the head of my cock popped into her tight shit hole.

“How that for tight baby?” She said as she looked back at me. Her right hand slid underneath her body and found her clit, rubbing it furiously as I held my cock just inside her tightest of holes. I gripped her ass cheeks in my hands, squeezing them, feeling their thick muscles and rubbing the fleshy orbs, pulling them apart and pushing them up.

“How’s this for thick, strong, iron hard cock baby?” I asked as I shoved four inches into her tight asshole. She looked back at me, her eyes going wide as my pussy pounder opened her asshole wide.

“Oh fuck! Shit! STOP! Fucking stop please!” She begged. I stopped when I reached five inches, where my shaft started to really get thick.

“Aw, is it too much for you baby? I bet Anna could take it, I bet she would love to have my cock deep inside her sexy tight ass. Wouldn’t you Anna? Wouldn’t you like to have me pounding my cock inside you sexy little asshole?” I said as I teased first Melody then Anna. Anna looked at Melody then me.

“Yes.” She said simply. I smiled and held out my hand. She slid down the bed to me and stood next to me as I stood there, my cock buried in Melody’s asshole.

“Look at this baby. You think you can take more than this? Can you take this on the first try?” I asked as I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her to me before letting my hand slide down to cup her ass cheeks and slowly slide in between her cheeks to her tight little rosebud. With my left hand, I slapped Melody’s ass, making the flesh quake, inadvertently making her slide back, pushing another inch inside her tight shitter.

“FUCK!” She said as I spread her tight hole wider.

“Yeah baby! Fuck my cock with your tight ass!” I said to Melody. She grunted her response.

“So fucking big!” She said as she held still, trying to adjust to the size of my big fuck stick. I smiled as my middle finger poked into Anna’s ass. She licked my earlobe, whispering in my ear.

“Fuck that feels so good!” She said to me, her breath hot in my ear. I looked at her and smiled.

“You’ll have it too. Just wait.” I said as I looked into her eyes. They were glazed over with lust as her body betrayed her thoughts. Her hips moved back, pushing her ass into my hand, telling me she wanted more. I smiled and pushed my finger deeper into her ass. “Get on your knees next to Melody.” I told her. She smiled at me.

Anna climbed up on the bed next to Melody and took her hand, sliding over close and pulling her hair out of her face so she could see the look Melody had. Anna leaned in and kissed Melody as I pulled out of Melody’s ass. I gripped her hips and squeezed gently, telling her that I was about to push back in. Then with greater force than she thought, I slammed back in, pushing eight inches of my hard throbbing cock deep inside her tight asshole.

“OH GOD! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” She yelled. I slapped her on the ass for added measure. Her ass cheeks quaked as I gave her a couple small thrusts, pushing another inch and then slamming the last inch in, forcing the last inch of my thick cock tightly inside her. “FUCK Augh! UNGH! It’s too much!” She said as I felt my balls slap against her pussy.

I grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled, pulling her up and back to me. When she was up, I wrapped my left arm around her midsection and with my right, I grabbed her tit and squeezed it. She was wincing with the pain of my cock stretching her tight little asshole wide enough to fit a soda can inside her rectum.

“Oh it hurts! Please stop! Please!” She begged. I liked it when she begged, her voice was so soft, so full of need. She said stop, but she wanted me to go on, keep stretching her tight little asshole wider. She liked the pain.

“I’m all the way in baby. Can you feel my nuts on your pussy? Can you feel my balls slapping your hot wet pussy lips?” I asked her as I gave a couple short quick thrusts, making my heavy bloated balls slap her pussy.

“God you’re so deep!” She said as she flexed her ass muscle, feeling me inside her.

“That’s right baby. I’m deeper than anyone has ever been or will ever be, completely filling your tight ass up!” I said as I pulled out a couple inches and slammed back in.

“OH GOD! YES! FUCK ME BABY! JUST LIKE THAT!” She said, grunting and moaning as I pulled out half way and slammed back in. I gave her five hard thrusts before her orgasm started to build. I let her go to fall back on the bed, back down to Anna and then I grabbed her hips and pulled out till just the head remained. I slapped her on the ass and then rammed the full length of my rock hard cock inside her. “FUCK!” She yelled out as I hit bottom. My balls slapping her pussy, hitting her clit to force her orgasm over the edge. “FUCK! I’m cumming!” She said as her orgasm swept through her body, making her shake uncontrollably and moan out, breathing rapidly as her body went to another plane, totally wrapped up in the orgasm.

Author’s Notes: The Noxus Universe is an expansive story that has been in the works for 11+ years. The Noxus Universe will consist of a variety of short stories, some erotic some not, revolving around Keith Lynn Montgomery and his lover Stately Michel Donahue.

All characters are well over the age of 18 and all sexual activity is consensual. Use of these characters is prohibited. The characters are original and very dear to me. Please respect that.



Stately walked around the edge of the crowd, his violet eyes sweeping over the gala guests. He kept trying to tell himself he wasn’t looking for anyone in particular, but he also knew that he if had to keep reminding himself he was doing just precisely that. He was so distracted in his study that he actually started when someone walked up to stand beside him. Such an awful thing for a Commander to do. He would have reprimanded a solider of his if they had been that distracted.

He look over and up, it was Lady Skylena and she was smiling down at him with a knowing glint in her eye. She was pretty, taller than him by a little under a foot and lean, but strong. She had eerily pale blue eyes and short blonde hair with dark black roots. She was dressed in Noxus finery though she wasn’t from the kingdom, a pink Victorian-esque evening gown bejeweled with fine crystals and opals; she wore diamond accessories and glass slippers. She looked every bit the beautiful princess she should have been.

“Lady Skylenia,” Stately gave her a slight bow, more out of respect of her former station than as something she expected.

She shook her head, “Oh, call me Sky please!” Then she placed her hand neatly in her lap and leaned down a bit and grinned at him playfully, “So…who are you looking for?”

“No one…” He glanced at his feet and felt a blush coming on. He looked back at the crowd, “Why would you say that?”

She laughed, but didn’t answer him, they both knew why she would think that. She watched him for a bit, then looked out into the sea of guests to see if she could possibly spot who he was searching for. It seemed an impossible task, everyone was someone of importance here. This gala was thrown in honor of her and her teammates. Her friends really, people of another place and realm that had dropped everything to be here and aid Noxus in their war. Sky’s Commander Atlanta Johnson and her team’s decision to come to Noxus had been the most logical one. Noxus had never seen people with powers and abilities like the ones their foes possessed. Atlanta wanted to come and help train their archaic armies on how to do battle against shape shifters, water manipulators, telepaths and the like. Their team was ideal for this lesson, for all six of them had abilities as well. Atlanta had asked the Queen not to make a fuss about them, but she had been ignored and now here they all were, at this amazingly lavish gala surrounded by the most influential Noxus patrons.

“Is it a sweet little duchess?” Sky prodded.

“No,” Stately smiled.

“Oh of course not! You are a man of war, you would want a warrior woman!” She giggled, “So a Commander like you? Yes?”

Stately chuckled this time, “No. Nothing of the…” he paused and he fixated on a person in the distance, “sort.”

Sky followed his gaze and her smile widened when she realized who he was looking at, “He is rather handsome…”

“He’s gorgeous,” Stately whispered, ashamed a little by his strong attraction to the stranger. His kingdom was preparing for war and all he could think about was that man.

“I can introduce you two…he’s my best friend,” Sky offered.

“Oh! What?” He looked over, “No no, it’s…” he shook his head with a blush, “no thank you.”

Sky giggled cutely and looked back at her friend. Stately had good taste, but then again, one would have to be blind to not see Keith Montgomery’s physical beauty. Already a handsome man, the evening wear he wore tonight really did elevate him to gorgeous. His soft light blonde hair was french braided and intertwined with white ribbon. The braid sat just above the small of his broad muscular back. He was in a white dress suit, with lace at the cuffs and embroidered lapels. The stark coloring made his light jade eyes stand out all the more. Sky could see why Stately was drawn to him, at one time she had been as well.

Keith was standing next to a pretty woman in an emerald gown and the longer he spoke with her, the closer they would find themselves to one another. He gave her an easy smile and was fully in her personal space when he felt an insistent nudge against his telepathic shield. He swept his eyes quickly over her head, checking to see who might be calling to him. He had his barriers up in full tonight, he didn’t want to be bombarded by the thoughts of others, so only a very strong mind could make him feel the push. He went back to his conversation with lady, she was actually quite charming and if he wanted more than sex from her he would have been paying more attention. Another nudge, this one even harder, forced him to sigh and ask her to give him a minute. He turned his head this time, looking for the source, slightly annoyed that they just didn’t walk up to him, clearly they knew he was here if they were pestering him.

He lowered his mental walls just enough hear: Stop that.

He cocked a brow, the only other telepath he knew was Camille and she had declined to attend. But only another telepath should be able to speak to him directly. He frowned and the expression prompted his companion to touch his arm and ask if he was alright. He turned to her and gave her a smile, but the moment his hand went to her dark curls he heard a very powerful: Keith don’t!

He snapped his head to the right and locked eyes with Stately. Stately was startled so much by the sudden eye contact that he physically jumped. The movement made Keith smirk, Stately didn’t realize he was sending out signals to him. He was intrigued and he told the woman he had to go and he made his way through the crowd towards Stately.

The Commander looked panicked for a moment, before he schooled his features and waited to confront Keith. He didn’t know why the handsome man had signaled him out, but was sure he would find out soon. Keith wasn’t a man that minced words.

Keith was in front of him now, tall and masculine and utterly beautiful. He bent at the waist, grinning wickedly, “You called for me?”

“No,” Stately shook his head, confused, “I have not.”

Keith’s hand went up to his own forehead, “I heard you here, you were practically yelling at me,” he dropped his hand and chuckled, “such a strong mind to break through my barriers. Jealously is rather adorable on you.”

Stately narrowed his eyes, “If you’ve come to gloat or belittle, please be gone.”

A gentle chuckle, “I am merely flattered,” he watched as Stately turned his head. The shorter man was clearly embarrassed to have been found out. He left him alone for now and looked at his friend, “Look at you! Sexy!”

Sky laughed, “In this old thing?” She reached out and gave Keith a hug, “I’ll leave you two,” she looked at Stately and saw his pleading look that she stay. She just touched his cheek, “Have wonderful fun!” Then she was off and into the crowd.

Stately turned and walked further away from the crowd and was annoyed when Keith followed. He turned abruptly to tell him to leave, but was cut off from speech by an invitation from Keith.

“E-excuse me?” Stately looked up at him wide eyed.

“Dance with me,” Keith repeated with a smirk.

Stately looked around, “But everyone…”

“So? Dance with me,” he leaned down and whispered in Stately’s ear, “It’s more than my dark haired companion has gotten so far…”

“You don’t even know her name?” The Commander pursed his lips, “You were hovering so long I would have thought you would have at least gotten that.”

Keith was more and more amused by his indignant huffing. He grinned, “I assure you I would have found out before I fucked her.”

Stately let out an audible gasp at his candid vulgarity, “Must you speak that way?”

“What way? Truthfully?” Keith chuckled, “I had always believed that truth was preferred over a lie. However, if you wish I can tell you that her name is Carmen and she lives with four cats.”

Stately rolled his eyes, “You’re impossible,” but he had a shadow of a grin on his lips.

“So you won’t dance with me then?”

“I don’t dance,” Stately looked up at him, “It would cause too many…issues.”

“With me?” Keith furrowed his brow, “No it won’t, it’s just a dance.”

He shook his head, “No, not you…it’s complicated.”

“Tell me.”


“Stately?” This was said with a smirk.

There was a sigh then, “I am single, famously single, I’ve turned down every formal and informal advance I’ve received for the past five years. Dancing with you will read as a signal to others. Saying I’m open to more advances.”

Keith thought that was a huge leap for anyone to gather that from watching a simple dance, but he thought maybe it was a Noxus tradition or something. He wouldn’t argue against the logic. He cocked his head and whispered, “Dance with me.”

Stately sighed again, “I can’t…”

“You want to,” Keith slipped his arm around Stately’s waist and pulled him close.

“You’re teasing me…maybe even mocking…” Stately frowned.

“You see me as such a cruel man?”

“I do not know what you are.”

Keith placed his other hand between Stately’s shoulders, “Then think of nothing and dance. You’ve been fending off advances for years, you can do it again,” he began to sway with the music provided by the live orchestra.

Stately looked around, “People are watching…”

“Let them,” Keith spoke softly, soothingly. His hand lightly cupped the back of Stately’s head and he guided him to place it on his chest, “Just move with me…close your eyes and only think of me.”

Stately obeyed and shivered pleasantly at the feeling of being so near to Keith. He was such a handsome enigmatic man and even though he knew the advances would come ten fold now he couldn’t help but believe it was worth it. He took in Keith’s scent, a seductive mixture of sandalwood and dark musk. When the music ended he expected Keith to pull away, but the man didn’t, he just kept right on moving into the next composition.

Keith was surprised at how comfortable it was to hold Stately in his arms and move with him. Stately had been right, he was teasing him, wanting to make him flustered with a bit of flirtation. However, he didn’t anticipate Stately’s easy control over himself, the way he could speak fluidly and not like a jittery school girl in his presence had impressed him. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of Stately’s body and the feeling of comfort…no, he thought, acceptance…it gave him.

They danced until their legs ached and Stately had never been happier. He was the first to pull away, looking up at Keith a bit flushed with joy and arousal. He looked around and noticed that the party had thinned considerably. He hadn’t realized they had danced for so long, when he looked back he saw the same shock on Keith’s face.

Keith didn’t even want to explore what it meant that he had so easily became ‘lost in the moment’ with someone. He looked down at Stately and realized suddenly that the man was stunningly beautiful. He didn’t know how he had missed it before.

“I-I should go,” Stately whispered a little meekly.

“I’ll go with you,” Keith answered simply. It wasn’t up for discussion.

Keith walked beside Stately as the Commander walked to his room. Stately lived in the palace, close to the Prince as his security. They didn’t speak as they went, but it was a comfortable silence. Once at Stately’s door they both sort of just stood there for a moment not sure about what comes next.

Stately finally spoke, “I am glad you made me dance,” he smiled, “it was nice.”

“Yes it was,” Keith smiled back.

Sately turned slightly and place his hand on the door knob, but stood there thinking for a moment. Finally he seemed to make up his mind and he turned back to Keith and got up on his tippy toes and gave him a soft, lingering peck to the cheek, “Thank you,” he whispered against his skin.

Keith smirked and wrapped his arms around Stately’s waist, “If you’re going to kiss me,” he said as he pulled him back so he could look into his eyes, “do it properly,” he tilted his head and gently placed his lips against Stately’s.

Stately closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck and kissed him back. For a time it was just a touching of lips, but then Keith parted his mouth and licked Stately’s upper lip softly. He felt the shorter man shiver and heard his light gasp and his own body heat kicked up in reaction. Stately’s tongue tentatively reached out and the tips touched causing a ripple of pleasure to radiate through both men. Keith deepened the kiss then, pulling Stately completely flush to his body and taking control of their intimate encounter in a way that spoke of experience and dominance. Stately softly moaned when Keith’s tongue continued to explore the warmth of his mouth. His entire body was trembling in excitement and pleasure and he gripped the back of Keith’s neck harder.

It was Keith’s turn to moan and when he did he nipped Stately’s bottom lip and was pleased to hear the man gasp against his lips. His arousal was growing and he knew if he didn’t stop he would want to go into Stately’s room and fuck him into submission and even though he knew he could probably push it in that direction he didn’t want Stately’s impression of him to be tainted. He didn’t know why it was important, but in this moment it was. He wanted Stately to like him and he was ashamed that he had been teasing him before.

He pulled back with a soft sound and chuckled when Stately slid down his body a bit on wobbly knees. He caught him and pulled him back up and close to his body and looked into his eyes with a smug smirk. Stately was blushing, but he didn’t break the gaze. Keith found him more remarkable by the second.

“Good night Keith.”

Keith smiled, “Yes, sweet dreams to you,” he let him go and was surprised at how reluctant the action had felt.

Stately nodded and turned and went into his room. Keith smiled then started down the hall towards the guest quarters provided to them. He had only walked a few steps when he looked back and saw Stately’s head peeking out from his doorway. At being caught staring Stately quickly closed the door and locked it. Keith chuckled, but was pleased he had a lasting affect on the other, he continued walking with a smile on his face. Stately, leaned against his door and touched his lips with his fingertips, yes, he thought, the advances from suitors he was sure to get tomorrow would definitely be worth it.

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