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The greasy garage of Abe’s Auto Shop was dappled silver and lilac in the quickly fading twilight. Shifting ribbons of ghostly light illuminated the shining curves of the cars and turned the oil on the concrete into luminous metallic pools. McKinley Night, flat on her back on the shop’s main workbench, looked like Venus rising from the sea: even tied at the hands and ankles, there was something undeniable graceful—almost musical—about the curves of her perfect slender body. She no longer looked like the perfect snowy princess; her waterfall of golden hair was damp and mussed, her tiny breasts were still heaving up and down, and the smooth pink folds of her pussy were wet and raw and glistening. She was a wanton, writhing creature, a butterfly with flaming wings. She had never looked more beautiful.

Jake Rosetti was standing over her, an Adonis carved of gleaming bronze and onyx. The sculpted lines of his back and shoulders caught the boldest ray of moonlight: the light played over the wiry ropes of muscle and turned him into something fierce and wild and wonderful. He had the look of a lion, all untamed strength and kingly pride. He looked down at McKinley with a surprising tenderness, like she was the only beautiful thing in all the world. The look on his face was shatteringly incongruous with the night: there should have been music playing, the oldest and most regal waltz ever penned. There should have been rose petals and candlelight, beds with silken sheets, boxes of the most luscious chocolates and bottles of the most expensive wine. Instead, there were tied wrists and ankles, a workbench splattered with layers of paint drippings, and a girl with parted pink lips and closed eyes.

When she opened her eyes, however, Jake heard the sensual strains of music and felt the tart dryness of wine on his tongue. Her eyes matched his. Her soul matched his. For one perfect second, the world hung suspended in beautiful, breathless stillness.

And then McKinley blinked. Suddenly, her wariness was back. She was Eve in the garden of Eden, suddenly aware that she was naked and human and wanting. Suddenly ashamed.

“Jake, I can’t,” she whispered. “We can’t do this. Nothing good could possibly come of it.”

He saw in her eyes that she was sorry, but he didn’t care. She couldn’t do this. “McKinley, please,” he implored gravely, “say yes. Please say yes.”

“Why does it matter?” A hint of her old chill crept into her voice. “You took me before. You could take me again.”

He watched her bite her perfect lower lip. He felt something aching and sore twist in the pit of his stomach. He sighed. “I know that, and I will. But not this time. I want you to want me back. I want to feel you want me back.”

“I can’t.”

He touched her cheek and watched a shiver tremble through her body. He smoothed her rumpled hair away from her pretty face and watched her eyes brighten like they were filled with liquid starlight. He leaned forward, so close that he could feel the press of heat from her skin.

Carefully, deliberately, he reached up a hand…. and untied the cable from her wrists. She blinked up at him, so surprised that she looked comical. She watched in dumfounded silence as he untied her ankles and stepped away.

“What are you doing?” McKinley’s voice was petulant. Her creamy forehead was wrinkled like a compressed accordion and her eyes were full of questions and confusion and—was it possible?—disappointment.

“Go home, McKinley.” Jake turned away from her. He couldn’t look at that flawless porcelain skin without wanted to taste it. He couldn’t look at her rosy little nipples, stiff in the impending coolness of the night, or the dewy wetness of her perfect little cunt without wanting to eat her up and swallow her whole. His cock was hard as steel, aching for the velvet silkiness of her body, the sweet tightness of her pussy. In all his life, nothing was harder than moving away from McKinley Night.

But he knew what he was doing, what he had to do. She’d be back.

“Jake.” McKinley touched his back with whisper-light fingertips. She’d put on her shorts and her camisole, but he could still see the little swells of her tits, the piano key steps of her ribs. Her skin was flushed and rosy and looked like it would taste like strawberries. God, but she was perfect.


“What are you doing?” McKinley twisted a strand of her hair between two thin, pink-nailed fingers.

“Sending you home. I won’t fuck you again until you ask me to.”

That brought out the old McKinley in a flash: she set a hand on her hip and raised a flawless blonde eyebrow. “You think I’d ask you to fuck me?”

Jake ran a hand down the curve of her neck and kissed her softly under her jaw. “I think you’ll beg me to.”

McKinley’s cheeks turned a brighter shade of rose. She stepped back. “You’re out of your mind.”

“Go home, McKinley,” Jake repeated coolly. “But remember: what happened tonight? That’s just a taste of what I’m going to do to you.”

McKinley swallowed. He could see the glossy cogs and wheels in her brain spinning, trying to imagine what else he could possibly do to her. “Tell me,” she demanded before she could stop herself.

“I’d like to kiss every inch of your perfect skin. I’d like to make love to you like a girl like you should be made love to: like you’re beautiful and wild and sexy and alive. I want to bite those little nipples and twist them until you cum without me laying a finger on that sweet pussy of yours. I want to fuck you from behind and standing up, with every inch of my cock inside you. I want to see your legs behind your head. I want you to watch my cock slamming in and out of you. I want to make you cum so many times you can’t stand anymore.”

McKinley shifted from her right foot to her left. She wet her lips. Jake wondered if her panties were dampening again, if she was aching to rub her little clit as badly as he wanted to touch her.

“Is that all?”

“Not even close, princess. Don’t even get me started on what I’d like to do to that ass.”

McKinley’s eyes widened. “I’ve never….”

He grinned wickedly, temptation twisted in lust wrapped around a man. “There are a million things “you’ve never”, baby. I’ve got whole worlds to show you.”

McKinley looked up at him, and for one wild moment he thought she was going to tell him yes. But then she shook her head and stepped away, and then she was disappearing into the night.

She’d be back. Of course she’d be back. She’d realize that she couldn’t be a paper doll anymore, that she didn’t belong in a sterile golden cage. He knew just how to make that happen. And his plan started with Kat Baldari.

Kat was a new addition to Petrova’s Ballet Academy. She was not as delicate, not as talented, not as captivating to Jake as McKinley, but certainly more ostentatious. If McKinley was a fragile pink ballet slipper, Kat was a crimson stiletto with a six-inch heel. She had smooth tanned skin and pouting ruby lips and coffee-dark eyes full of secrets. She had long legs, perky C-cup tits that spilled over the top of her leotards, and an ass that jutted out behind her in a perfect heart shape. McKinley, predictably, couldn’t stand her. But the most valuable thing about Kat as the fact that she couldn’t keep a secret. She was a lush red fruit begging to be picked. Her voice, her walk, her smile all screamed sex. She was just what Jake needed.

The next day, Jake intercepted Kat as the girls minced out of their last ballet class of the day. Jake saw McKinley’s lips twist down as he grabbed the raven-haired girl’s arm and asked for her name.

Ten minutes later, Jake was pulling Kat into the shadowy cavern of the auto shop. “I don’t usually do this,” Kat lied, her voice a throaty purr, hungry and jaded.

“I know,” Jake lied back, his lips quirked up in an amused half-smile.

He kissed her full red lips and sucked the tip of her pointed pink tongue. He tasted the dry chalkiness of her makeup and the sharp sting of her perfume and the salty dampness of her throat. He pulled down her leotard to reveal her full, suntanned tits, a diamond belly ring, and a waxed pussy already wet and aching. She moaned like a porn star as he flicked his tongue across her hard, dark nipples and pushed his fingers into her sopping cunt. She cried out his name and dug her nails into his back as he slammed his cock inside her body, thinking all the while of McKinley, McKinley, Mckinley.

He to hand it to Kat: she knew what she was doing. She swallowed his cock like a python: he could see the bulge of it nearly all the way down her throat. Her eyes watered, sending streams of mascara-dark tears trickling down her powdered cheeks. She was a girl who loved to be used—so comfortable in her sexuality, so brazen with her desires. He wanted McKinley to have a taste of Kat’s wild freeness, while still retaining her own charming grace and innocence.

Kat’s pierced tongue lapped at his balls as his cock stretched her throat. He twisted her nipples hard, making them stand out nearly an inch from her tits. He forced his cock in and out of her throat as her fingers dug into his hips and her eyes stared up at him, wide and watering. Her dark hair tumbled down around her face like a sheet of the night sky; she flicked her tongue across the head of his cock and ran her long, cherry-colored fingernails up and down his thick, throbbing shaft. He came in her throat with a low groan and she licked and slurped up every drop of cum that spilled over her lips.

She turned on her hands and knees, offering up her perfect, peach-shaped ass. Her skin was perfectly smooth and tanned; her skin was taut across her muscles. She had the kind of ass that begged to be spanked: it swayed from side to side enticingly as Jake kissed Kat’s spine.

“What do you want, baby?” he asked.

Kat reached back her pretty hands and spread her ass cheeks wide, revealing her soaking cunt and the perfect little star nestled between her juicy ass cheeks. Jake watched as she let manicured finger trace circles around her little asshole; her pussy trembled and dripped as she let the tip of one finger press inside.

“You are a naughty, naughty girl,” Jake grinned. Kat nodded, her eyes closed, slowly working her finger inside her ass. Jake’s cock hardened as Kat added another finger and filled her ass to the hilt, rotating her fingers in slow, sweet circles. She pushed two fingers from her other hand into her ass as well, spreading her hole wide. She was on her elbows now, her tits swaying above the concrete floor. Jake rubbed a finger over her hardened clit and worked two fingers into her hot cunt. Then he leaned forward and kissed each of her ass cheeks, leaving little bite marks behind him. Finally he let the tip of his tongue flick across her waiting asshole; her entire body twitched at his touch. He slowly worked his tongue inside her, playing with her clit with one hand and feeling her body shiver against him. He pushed two fingers into her ass as he licked all around her hole, pulling them out at once and watching her ass gape and twitch in the cool air. He pushed the swollen head of his cock into that waiting hole; Kat shrieked and pushed her body back against him, forcing his entire cock deep into her ass. Her ass was tight and hot and perfect, squeezing his cock like a fist. Her tanned, luscious ass cheeks shook as he pumped his cock in and out of her body. He watched his cock disappear into her ass, enjoying the hot tightness of her body and the sight of her ass swallowing up his hard, twitching cock. He slapped each of her ass cheeks, making them jiggle, until she had bright red handprints marking her lovely skin. Right before he could cum, Kat pulled away from him, her asshole wider and more quivering than before. “In my mouth!” she gasped out, pleading. Jake pushed his cock into her mouth and she licked ever inch of his shaft as he poured his load of hot cum down her throat. She carefully cleaned every inch of his cock, smiling up at him and licking her lips all the while.

Kat’s body was sweaty and shivering; her hair stuck to her cheeks and the side of her neck. Her face was smeared with cum and makeup and her skin was marked with bite marks and handprints. She looked perfectly at home—more like herself, even. She was in her element.

When she left, she left her phone number written on a scrap of old receipt paper and the print of her existence etched across Jake’s back in dozen tiny scratches. Jake grinned at she left; McKinley would find out. McKinley would realize what she was missing.

Little did he know, Kat had a plan of her own.

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