Lane Kim strode confidently into the hotel lobby and walked directly over to the elevator, not even glancing at the reception or the bellboy. It was how her escort agency boss – Madam might be a more accurate description – had told her to act when visiting a client; you had to look like you belonged there, not that you were a high class prostitute going to see a John. Or a Jill in this case. Rory stuck her hands in the pocket of her long coat and waited for the elevator to descend. Her fingers touched a piece of paper, on which she had scribbled the room number and the name of the hotel – a middle range chain in the outer suburbs of Hartford. She didn’t need to pull it out, she had memorised the room as she had the instructions of what her client wanted.

The bell to the elevator dinged as the doors opened. Lane stepped in and pressed the floor number. A man in a suit followed her in and he gave a polite nod. She gave a non-committal one back just enough to acknowledge they were two strangers trapped together in an enclosed space. He didn’t give her another glance, instead looking at his watch. With her glasses, smart bag over her shoulder and long, buttoned dark coat he probably thought she was an young looking professional. It would have shocked him that underneath she was wearing a sexy schoolgirl uniform, the skirt well up her thigh and the blouse tied across her midriff leaving her stomach bare. No panties either. The client wasn’t looking for an accurate representation of the schoolgirl look, more a sexual fantasy.

The bell on the lift dung again and the doors began to open. “My floor,” said Lane and stepped out, leaving the businessman glancing at his watch again.

The teen looked at the room signs and turned left, following them down the corridor. She could feel her pussy tingling with excitement – it always did. Some of the women did escort work for the money. Not Lane, sure it was a bonus to find yourself several hundred dollars richer and she loved slipping the money in her tin under the floorboards. But she didn’t need it, she made more from dealing pot and a little coke. No, she had joined the escort business because she was a naughty little nympho and this way she could get plenty of fucks and sucks.

She stopped at the door and undid her coat, so that the client could see what she was wearing. She was sure the woman would like it; it was suitably sluttish. Most of her clients were men, so it was a nice change to have a woman, especially when she was going to be the dominant one – not that she didn’t enjoy being bottomed or banged by guys, they were fun as well. In fact Lane hadn’t yet found any pairing or act she hadn’t liked. She licked her lips to brighten the gloss and pushed her chest out a little so that her pop-up bra and unbuttoned shirt conspired to make her titties seem even bigger and bouncier than they were. Her knuckles rapped at the door.

It swung open so quickly that the client must have been waiting on the other side of it.

“Lane,” the Jill gasped in shock.

“Lorelai,” Lane replied, equally surprised.


Lane stood in front of the mirror touching up her make-up; she always did it at Rory’s house – her own Mom thinking that lipstick and eye-shadow was the work of, if not the devil, at least someone who was probably going to end up sharing the afterlife with him. The teen pursed her lips, rubbing them together to clear any excess and make sure the gloss was even. Very cute, she thought to herself, and fuckable, which was the main thing.

She turned from the full-length mirror and towards her friend. Rory was wearing jeans and nothing else, frowning in concentration as she looked at a couple of bras on the bed, one a blue which matched her denims, the other as black as coal. “Which one?” she asked Lane nervously.

The choice was easy. Lane pointed to the nearest, “That one.” Rory put it on, sliding the cups over her titties, pushing them up and together. Lane smiled, “It’ll soon be off anyway; I don’t think the guys are looking for a fashion show.”

“It’s still important to look good,” said Rory and gestured for a white pullover, which was crumpled over the chair next to Lane. Her friend passed it her and she pulled it over her head; it was tight and thinner that it looked, the outline of the bra visible. The teen moved her head, pulling any hair strands that had been stuck in the sweater out and letting them hang loose. “You could come as well,” she smiled cheerfully, but Lane had been her friend long enough to know that Rory was nervous.

“Pass me your old blazer,” Lane said. Rory passed it to her, the smile still on her face. Lane took it and looked it over; Rory had removed the badge on the pocket, leaving it a darker colour than the surrounds, but apart from that it looked fine – the perfect complement to the rest of her slutty schoolgirl outfit. She shrugged it on and turned to the mirror, yes, that worked. She turned back to Rory, “You’ll be good.”

“But two guys… at once,” Rory smile’s faltered and her anxious face came to the fore. Then her smile beamed up again as if an idea had just popped into her head, though Lane suspected that it had been their for a while, “We could put them off until tomorrow and then take one each.”

Lane was almost tempted, she seldom said ‘no’ to dick. But Mrs Kim was aware that Lorelai was away at a hospitality event overnight and that Rory was alone, her Mama wasn’t naïve and knew that meant loud music and, despite her strict admonitions, a glass of wine. It had been with some reluctance the older Kim had agreed her teenage daughter could spend the night at Rory’s, thinking it would prevent Rory being tempted to invite a boy round. But in return Lane would need to spend extra time cleansing her soul and a Sunday afternoon’s bible reading beckoned. Lane picked up a joint, pushed the bedroom window open a little more and lit the weed. She sucked it and turned to Rory, offering her friend some. She waited until Rory had taken it and sucked in a lung full before replying, “No, you take them.”

“You sure? Their big dicks, your tight ass? It’s your thing. And you’re better at negotiating than me, I always get tongue tied.”

“I’m going to get my full of pussy tonight, with a Milf with a schoolgirl fetish so it’s not like I’m going without,” Lane took the pot back and took another puff. It was good stuff, “You’ll be fine, I’ve already done the talking; two grand of pot and one grand of coke for two and a half and your ass and pussy. The guys know you’ve not done DP before, but Aaron says neither has Walt, so they’re not expecting porn star style. Anyway once they’re in you, all you have to do is squeak and squeal, they’ll do all the work.”

“Okay,” said Rory. She didn’t sound totally convinced.

Lane grinned, “Honestly, Rory, it’s as easy as falling of a log. And take it from me, you know how much you love one cock, two’s not just twice as good it’s orgasm squared.”

“Sure,” Rory smiled; it was still one which was tinged with anxiety, but it was also one of acceptance. Lane didn’t worry about her friend, she knew Rory would be fine, she’d been exactly the same when they’d gone round to give away her virginity and the teen had loved that. Rory was just a bit of a nervous nympho at times.

“I’ve told the Aaron we’ll go fifty-fifty on the profits,” said Lane, “We just go straight down the middle with our half.”

“Cool,” Rory nodded. “I can get it ready tomorrow afternoon, weigh it all up and get the prices.” She looked a lot more confident now she was talking Math rather than sex.

“Keep some for us,” said Lane. It was her time to look nervous – it would be her and Rory’s first deal, it was important they got it sold; otherwise, no matter how good a fuck Rory Aaron wouldn’t be offering them a dealership again. “I can sell seven fifty dollars worth of coke for double that to your ex, Jesse reckons he can shift it to a friend in New York. You sure you can get rid of the rest and the pot?”

“Louise and Madeline have promised to help shift it round school in return for a small cut of the profits.”

“Good,” said Lane. She forced herself to relax and took another drag of the pot. Time to change the subject, “So how am I looking?”

“Whoever that Milf is, she’s in for the banging of her life,” grinned her friend.


For a few moments Lorelai Gilmore and Lane Kim just stood there, looking at each other. Lane’s brain working overtime – wrong room? No, she had it memorised. Lorelai’s long lost twin? Not unless the twin also knew a Korean cutie called Lane. Lorelai was the client? The door had opened supernaturally quickly, like Lorelai had been on the other side waiting and the Milf was prepared for a guest, her lips recently glossed and her dress both cheap and short and revealing. Lane’s brain clicked round again and she smiled, slipping into professional mode, “Hello, I’m Lane Kim. I’m a naughty schoolgirl.”

She entered the hotel room, pushing aside Lorelai who made no effort to stop her. There was a brown envelope on the desk. Lane walked over to it and peeked inside; inside was a bundle of ten dollar bills; she didn’t need to count it to know there was five hundred dollars – she was expensive, but – as Lorelai was about to find – worth it. She turned back to the stunned looking Milf and waved at her with the envelope, “For me?” Lorelai nodded soundlessly. Lane smiled at her, “I don’t need to count it, I trust you,” she said and slid it into the inside pocket of her coat, before immediately sliding out of it and hanging it over a comfy seat in the corner of the roof.

She turned back to Lorelai; the Milf seemed to be recovering from her shock, a gleam in her eye as she looked at Lane in the short skirt and tied up blouse, the teen’s cleavage very definitely on show. The teen moved to a more seductive pose, putting a hand on her waist and punching her chest out. She let Lorelai admire her slender body and toned stomach, showing her Mom’s friend the sensual, wicked side of Lane that she had never seen before. After all Lorelai had paid a lot for her…

“I wasn’t expecting you,” Lorelai pulled her gaze from Lane’s cleavage and for the first time looked her in the face. “I don’t normally do this type of thing.”

Lane saw she was blushing as she spoke, but she wasn’t denying she’d hired her. The teen smiled, it wasn’t the first time she’d had to calm a nervous client, “I do.”

Lorelai eyes flicked down and she licked her lips, “Do you? I mean… have you? What about…?” she trailed off.

Lane wasn’t sure exactly what Lorelai was asking, but she guessed it might be how good girl Lane Kim had come to be bad girl Lane. Lane shrugged and smiled, “I don’t discuss my personal life with clients,” she replied politely. Lorelai wasn’t the first customer who’d wanted to ask her questions about how she’d ended up as an escort or why, though she was the first who knew her Stars Hollow alter ego. Lane was used to batting the questions aside, as a professional Lane didn’t hold with personal talk, though if she had wanted to reply the answer was simple – it paid well and fucking was fun.

Lorelai nodded and blushed a little more, though she closed the door behind her, suggesting that even if she was still not comfortable she was close to deciding that as Lane was here they might as well fuck. Lane helped her in her decision making by undoing an extra button on her blouse, exposing more of her black bra and the round mounds it was covering. Lane walked over to the desk and took out her exercise book and a pen, putting them down on the blotter, even though her back was turned aware that all the time Lorelai’s eyes were feasting on her. She deliberately bent over, as she went into her bag and letting her skirt ride up her thighs and cling tightly to her shapely behind. She remained in position a few moments, knowing that she was driving up Lorelai’s libido, before she turned to the Milf and pretending she was searching for something, though in reality she had found it immediately. She straightened with the strap-on panties in her hand and opened a drawer and slid them in. Lorelai’s eyes followed the toy, before moving back to Lane as she turned and ran a finger between her cleavage “So you want to do it?”

“Yes,” said Lorelai and she blushed again, turning her head slightly to avoid looking Lane in the eye.

The teen smiled, this would be fun, she hadn’t ever really thought about doing it with Lorelai Gilmore, her lesbian fantasies tending to go for more buxom and blonder women, but now she was here she decided that the Milf brunette was pretty damned hot looking. “I was told your fantasy was that I’m your foster daughter and you’ve just got back from talking to the Principal who’s not happy with my behaviour. You start to tell me off, but it turns out I’m the dominant one. Is that right?”

“Yes,” Lorelai’s cheeks were red and she was looking at a picture of some fruit on the wall rather than Lane, “You fuck me in every hole, totally humiliate me.”

“I was told you want me to call you Mommy?”

Lorelai’s blush was so warm it was almost burning, “I think Lorelai wouldn’t be right. You’re my foster daughter after all.”

“That’s cool, also I’m to verbally abuse you as well, so I won’t be calling you Mommy for long,” she looked at the Lorelai. The Milf was still for a moment, pondering, then she nodded. “I’m ready when you are,” Lane sat down at the desk and opened her exercise book. She figured that naughty schoolgirls wouldn’t do math so instead she started to doodle, drawing matchstick figures with large tits bouncing on other matchstick figures with what looked like five limbs.

There was silence in the room, the only sound the scratch of Lane’s pen on the paper; it went on for so long that Lane wondered if Lorelai had changed her mind and had decided for a quite night in. Just when Lane was about to ask if there was anything wrong Lorelai came up behind her and forcefully put her hand down on the book, “I’ve just been to see Principal Charleston. He’s not happy with your performance, he said you put all your effort in trying to feel up the cheerleading squad.”

If it was a mother-daughter fantasy which was really about Rory that was way off, Rory would be more into being fucked by the local drug dealer, not that Lorelai knew that and Lane didn’t think now was the moment to tell her. Still Lorelai wanted her to be bad and bad she’d be. She turned a sulky look on her face, “So? School’s boring, and so what if I want some pussy; it’s better than being one of those stick stuck up ass types who’s head’s always in a library book.”

“That’s not the attitude I want to see,” said Lorelai sternly, a frown creasing her forehead, “If you don’t improve your grades we’ll be having words young lady.”

Lane grinned inwardly, wondering how much of the fantasy was about sex and how much it was about really having a grade perfect daughter who needed no parenting where school was concerned. But out loud she gave a scowl and under her breath, but loud enough for Lorelai to hear, scowled, “Bitch.”

She turned back to her exercise book as Lorelai stood in mock anger, her hands on her hips, “What did you call me?”

“I called you a bitch, Mommy” said Lane louder, the role-play was kind of liberating for her as well, she’d never dare talk to Momma Lane like that.

Lorelai reached down hard for Lane’s shoulder, gripping it hard and almost pulling the teen to up. Lane stood and turned so she was facing Lorelai, the older woman’s face puce, fake anger mixed with real lust. The Milf stared at her, “Listen to me. I won’t have you throwing your education away like some skank, after some pussy. Even if it means keeping you in the house all day.”

Lane gave Lorelai her most rebellious look, one she had been practising in the mirror for years and never quite got round to using, “You’d like that wouldn’t you, Mommy, you’d like this to be stuck at home with you.” To emphasis the point Lane slid her hands seductively down her slender body, and untying the knot on her blouse that kept it together. Lorelai looked at her, lust etched into her face, and Lane slid out of her blazer, “You want me under your eye Mommy?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Lorelai was so excited by Lane open blouse that she was almost growling, her voice hoarse with desire.

“Yeah, you do Mommy. I’ve seen you watching me, wanting to kiss, nibble at my titties, fuck my sweet little pussy,” the teen felt herself getting wet with excitement. She pushed her bra down just enough for her titties to free themselves and slide over it, pushing away the thin material of her blouse and giving Lorelai a glimpse of her titties, “That’s why you don’t want me feeling up the cheerleaders, you want me for yourself.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” said Lorelai. She was saying the words, but her acting skills weren’t enough to conceal her desire. All the signs were there – the excited gleam in her eyes, the little grunts and pants of anticipation, a hand clenching itself in front of her as if the second she loosened it would be under the dress and hitting her pussy.

Lane knew how she felt, her own cunt was tingling with excitement at doing Lorelai Gilmore. She gave a hard looking smile and said, “So if you’re not a fucking dyke who wants to fuck me stop me doing this.” She slammed her mouth on Lorelai’s, gripping the back of the woman’s head with one hand and keeping her in place as her tongue tried to force its way into the Milf’s mouth. The brunette weakly tried to resist, one hand flailing until Lane caught the wrist and gripped it hard. She pressed herself harder, slowly forcing open Lorelai’s resistant lips and thrusting it in. It was obvious that the reluctance was for show only as Lorelai’s tongue began to engage right back with the teen’s, striking against it, slithering over, twirling and twisting around. Lorelai’s eyes were closed as she leant into it. Lane let go off her wrist, the arm fell to Lorelai’s side, unmoving. Her hand now free Lane took the time to pull the zip on the back of the dress down, still forcing her tongue to control the Milf’s mouth. Then the teen pulled back, a smile on her lips as she wiped her tongue over them, cleaning away the Milf’s saliva, “See, I knew you were a whore.”

“I…I…” Lorelai stammered, whether it was acting or whether she really was confused about how much she enjoyed this was a moot point, but also, to Lane, an irrelevant one.

The teen gripped at the older woman’s dress and brutally tore down the straps, before yanking it down to the waist leaving Lorelai’s tits bouncing as they were set free. Lane grinned, “You want to eat some pussy?”

“No…I…I don’t know,” Lorelai looked flustered. She also looked excited.

“I wasn’t asking whore,” said Lane. She grabbed Lorelai and propelled her onto the bed. The Milf fell forward, turning onto her back as Lane twisted her round and swung her legs up so that Lorelai was lying on the bed. Lane dropped out of her skirt with an easy professionalism, her bald twat was already wet with excitement.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Lorelai stammered her eyes wide as she looked at the cunt on display.

“Eat me bitch, eat me good.” Lane didn’t give the other woman long to examine it before getting on the bed and sitting down on her face, smothering Lorelai with the cunt. “Fucking eat me.”

Lorelai’s mouth opened and she began to lick at Lane’s fuckhole, thrusting between the lips and lapping greedily. Lane immediately gasped and shook as the older woman’s tongue dove into her. It was fast and hard, passionate and powerful – it made Lane think that Lorelai was no amateur; despite the Gilmore’s claim if she hadn’t done this often Lane Kim was a virgin nun. She ground her pussy down on Lorelai, squashing the woman pretty face between the teen’s thighs, “Eat me you fucking whore, eat my cunt like a slut.”

The Milf’s body quivered, shaking the bed as she pushed herself into the wet cunt, slurping at it energetically, redoubling her tonguing as Lane leant forward and started to slap the brunette’s naked titties, “More you cunt bitch, stick your tongue in deeper. Yeah, bitch, fuck me with it, fuck me like a Mommy fucks her little girl. Aaaarrhhh.” Lane had to admit that Lorelai could do things with her tongue that would have made her the most popular lesbian on the Eastern Seaboard if she’d been out; slashing her tongue deep into the petite Korean’s wet hole and hitting the spot with vigorous intensity. The teen moaned again, “Oooooohhh,” feeling the enjoyment course through her, “Uuurrhhh.”

Half of her would have been satisfied to just sit on Lorelai’s face and let the Milf slurp her sweet slit. But the other half remembered she’d been paid five hundred dollars and Lorelai should get her monies worth. The teen closed her eyes for a second, trying to take control of her body and stop herself succumbing to the orgasms. It took a few moments, but she managed, putting the pleasure into one part of her brain, leaving it luxuriating there before she returned to bitch schoolgirl Lane, dominator of her foster Mom. She slapped at Lorelai’s tits, making them wobble and jiggle, “Eat me harder, bitch, use that tongue like the skank you are.” She slapped the titties again, forehand and back, smacking them hard enough to bounce them and leave little red and pale blotches on the skin. “You’re a whore, you’re a fucking dumb, stupid slut who wants to eat teen pussy. That’s what you are, a fucking whore, no better than a street corner hooker.” Her hand slapped again, the tits rocked and swayed as she hit, her palms smacking against the soft flesh.

Lorelai’s tongue moved even faster and harder, her face pressing hard into Lane. The teen groaned and squeezed her thighs tighter, gripping the Milf’s head in a vice, “Eat me cunt, eat me!” she shouted and smacked the brunette’s boobs back and forth. Lorelai responded with enthusiasm, driving her tongue as deep into Lane as she could manage, so desperate to please the teen that her mouth pushed into the hole as well, her lips munching at the wet walls. Lane gasped and groaned, bucking with excitement. The pleasure was too much to take, so intense it was like shooting headfirst down a Helter Skelter. She closed her eyes and let out a gasp, “Fuuucck, yesss!”

The teen got off her, “Stay there you fucking whore,” she ordered as she pulled off her blouse and threw it to the floor, following it swiftly with her black bra.

Lorelai nodded and lay still, the only movements that of her chest rising and falling and a slight turn of her head so that she could watch Lane as the naked teen got off the bed and went over to the drawer where she placed her strap-on panties. She quickly pulled them on and turned to Lorelai, her hand sliding up and down the rubber dong, accenting its length and thickness. She smiled as she saw the brunette’s eyes widen;. “No, please Lane,” there was a tremor in the woman’s voice. Was it possible that Lorelai Gilmore never been banged by a twelve incher? No, she had asked for a big strap-on when she’d put in her request to Lane’s Madame; it was likely all part of the game. But in either case the Milf was in for a treat

Lane got onto the bed and knelt beside her, “You want me to fuck you Mommy? Don’t answer I can see you do, your fucking slut pussy is all wet.”

“Oooohh,” Lorelai gave a moan half excitement, half fear as Lane’s finger pushed under her dress and into her cunt. The teen wiggled and twisted it, letting the warmth cover her digit. “No, please…” Lorelai repeated.

Lane slid herself out and licked the cum away, “I’m going to fuck your whore cunt now,” she said. But before she did so she had one more thing to do. She reached down to the dress of the half-disrobed Lorelai and pulled it down harder. She felt it rip as it came off, Lorelai had deliberately gone for shoddy material, Lane was sure. She threw the dress to one side and looked down at Lorelai. The woman’s hands had automatically slid down to cover her cunt. Lane brutally pushed them away and gazed down at the magical place underneath, the hole was pink and wet, the skin around it shaven with just a bare hint of stubble. Lane resisted the temptation to stick her own face down there and instead gave the Milf the iron stare of a dominatrix, “Get on your hands and knees, slut Mommy. I’m going to fuck you from behind so I can’t see your skank face.”

“Uh, uh,” Lorelai whined in an approximation of a cry, turning onto her hands and knees. Lane noticed that the Milf was facing the mirror, she was going to say something about that, but she decided that Lorelai was the client. If she wanted to look in the mirror Lane would let her, perhaps she was role-playing some rebellion or she might just have wanted to look at Lane as the teen banged her cunt. “Please don’t Lane,” Lorelai continued, though Lane could see the excitement in her reflection.

“Shut the fuck up whore,” said the petite teen as she took the dildo in her hand and pushed it between Lorelai’s slit lips. The Milf pretended to squeal and try to escape forward, but Lane grabbed her waist and dragged her back into place as she slowly pushed the big dildo up the older woman’s cunt. Lorelai still continued to struggle, so Lane laid a palm hard across her buttocks. “Take it you bitch!” she snarled.

“No, no, no,” moaned Lorelai as the cock was forced into her twat. It was huge, not an easy fit, but Lane had been instructed not to show mercy. She gripped Lorelai’s waist hard, for leverage and balance and began to thrust hard, ramming the toy at the Milf. Lorelai squeaked again and shook violently. “No,” she cried again, “No.” But the excitement in her voice was impossible to disguise and her body was moving in excitement, shuddering as she pushed herself back, stretching her lips over the dong, slowly impaling herself on its length. “No, please, no.”

“”Shut it you fuck,” said Lane girding her loins to slam even more violently into the woman’s waiting cunt. Lorelai pounded forward, her eyes like marbles and her expression twisted, her mouth up and down, her forehead creased, a strand of hair falling across it. Lane hammered down, forcing the toy deeper and deeper into Lorelai, ramming aside the obstructive walls and pressing the dildo further in. Lane smiled “Fucking Mommy cunt, I’m fucking Mommy cunt.”

“No…oooohh, urrrrhhh, urrrrhhh,” Lorelai’s body rocked as she was pounded, Lane could see her titties bouncing and dangling in the mirror as she moved. Deeper and deeper the cock went, Lane go at full strength, slamming as hard ad fast as she could. She could see Lorelai’s face contorting as the older woman gasped and moaned, unable to pretend that she wasn’t enjoy the dick. It went deeper and deeper, until Lane was slamming to speedy rhythm, pushing the toy all the way into Lorelai. The brunette groaned and gasped, her body bending, “Ohhhh, urrrhhh, urrrrhhh.”

“You’re a fucking bitch. You’re my fucking bitch. Aren’t you? Say it. Say I’m your fucking bitch.”

“I’m your fucking bitch,” squealed Lorelai.

“You’re a dirty skank whore. What are you?”

“A dirty skank whore,” Lorelai gasped back.

Lane smiled and shifted one of her hands so that it was over the buttock, the thumb resting at the Milf’s puckered back hole. She stroked the tight rimmed flesh and said, “I’m just going to loosen up my next fuck hole.”

“No please, not my ass,” gasped Lorelai. She gave a shudder as Lane ignored her and pushed the thumb in. “Ooooohhh” Lorelai gave a loud groan. It was hard to tell how much was pleasure, as she was still getting pussy fucked hard, how much was pain as the thumb was stuck way down the hole and how much was humiliation, even if was humiliation the Milf was so obviously getting off on.

“If you think it hurts now, imagine how much it’s going to hurt when I stuff this great big strap-on up your ass,” Lane said. She grinned as she twisted the thumb round, working the Milf’s ass. “You’re ass will be gaping by the time I’ve finished fucking it.”

“Ooohhh, nooo, ohhh,” Lorelai gasped and shuddered.

Lane thrust the dildo hard into the woman’s wet cunt, hearing the sucking sound as she pulled back. She rammed down, pushing her thumb into the ass at the same time; Lorelai jolted and bucked, almost like she was a horse trying to throw its rider. Lane pulled out the thumb and replaced it with her middle finger, pressing it down deeper than she had been able to manage before, “I’m going to bang your butt so hard, you’ll be able to stick a football up there.” The dildo slapped down the cunt. “It’ll be wider than the Pacific by the time I’ve finished fucking you.”

Lorelai gasped and moaned again, her body rocking with Lane’s, taking the dildo all the way. The teen pulled the finger out and Lorelai’s ass began to contract back. But only for a moment before Lane pushed in two fingers, driving them deep and wiggling them, stretching at the walls. Lorelai’s head jumped and her back arched, a hiss came from her mouth, “Fuuucckkk. Yesssss. No, I mean, no.”

It didn’t matter what she meant as Lane continued to finger fuck the Milf’s back passage and stuff her pussy. She slammed both holes vigorously, ramming digits and dildo as far as she could into the holes, watching the brunette writhe and squeal in pleasure. The teen continued until she was satisfied that Lorelai’s anal chute was as stretched as two fingers could make it, and if it was not ready for a twelve inch dong it was still as ready as it would be.

She dragged the strap-on out of Lorelai’s cunt, cum dripping from it onto the bed and grabbed the wet dick in her hand. “Let’s fuck a new hole with my big cock,” she said, withdrawing her fingers from the ass at the same time.

“No… no… oh, Lane,” gasped Lorelai whilst pushing her buttocks back at the teen. With one hand Lane pulled at the nearest one, keeping it spread and the hole opening; using the other she guided the prick into the Milf’s butt. Lorelai gasped and grunted as Lane pushed in, her body quivering as she was anally penetrated, “Oh, urrrhhh, don’t… don’t… don’t stop now… oooohhh.”

As the toy went in Lane gripped the older woman’s waist again, dragging her back as the teen worked her own hips. The dildo rammed back and forth, with each thrust going deep, pushing aside the tight walls and going deeper. Lane smiled inwardly, whilst keeping her face dominant and stern in the mirror and pounded harder. Soon the entire toy was in and the teen felt her thighs smacking against the woman’s buttocks. Lane drew back again and rammed forward, the toy hurtling all the way down Lorelai’s anal tube to crash resoundingly at her cervix wall, forcing it in like the wall was made of rubber. The Milf cried out in pleasure as Lane pulled back and hammered in again, and again, and again. Lorelai’s ass was getting easy, loosened by the pounding of the huge dong down it.

And that’s when Lane really let loose. Pounding as hard and fast as she could and hammering the hole like she’d gone psycho. Lorelai screamed and shuddered her entire body quaking like a thousand bombs were exploding within her. Lane slammed in, determined to Lorelai the most vigorous, violent butt-fucking ever; “You’re my slut,” she screamed, “you’re my Mommy skank, you’re my dirty anal fuck-whore.”

“Yes, yes,” cried Lorelai, “I’m your slut. Ram me with your big dick. Ruin my whore butt, bang it open.”

“Take it you whore. Take my cock all the way up your sluttish skank asshole,” Lane shouted at the Milf, so loud it was almost deafening. Lorelai screamed back, and Lane pounded her again, thrusting the dildo deep down the chute and smashing her thighs so hard into Lorelai’s cheeks the skin went white and red. Lane ignored the stings on her legs as she cracked into the Milf, pounding like she was a desperado on the run and had to finish quick. Not that she needed to stop or had any intention of doing so, instead she carried on with an intensity she had never felt before, “You’re an anal slut whore. You’re a fucking dyke bitch who loves me ass fucked. You’re a cheap fucking hooker, a fuckhole, just a fucking hole for my big fucking dildo. Bitch, skank, whore.”

“Yes,” shrieked Lorelai back, “I’m your fuckhole, I’m your bitch. I’m just a slutty, whoresish, skanky piece of shit. Oh fuck, yes, fuck me harder. Fuck my asshole like I’m a two-cent whore, fuck my skank butthole.”

If Lane had ever been asked she’d have laughed at any suggestion she’d ever bang Lorelai Gilmore, but yet, here she was, her dildo thrust deep in her best-friend’s Mom’s butt, not just fucking her, but totally dominating her. And the older Gilmore was loving it, shrieking in excitement as her ass was thrust open. Lane gripped her waist harder, it was sleek and slippery with sweat as Lorelai worked herself back hard at the toy, taking it all in and screaming in ecstasy as it pounded all the way down her asshole, “Aarrrghh, yessss,” screamed the Milf, “Ram my whore ass. Fuck it open. Make it gape. Fuck me like I’m a bitch.”

Lane hammered harder, thrusting in with all her strength, sending the dildo hurtling down the hole, all the time screaming abuse back at Lorelai, “Fucking whore, slut, you fucking bitch. Take my cock in your fucking hooker ass. You’re a fucking dyke skank whore, you’re my fucking fuckhole.”

“Yes Lane, I’m a dirty whore. I’m you’re fuckhole. Fuck me like I’m a slut,” Lorelai shrieked back.

It was what Lorelai had asked for when she’d booked, to be sexually humiliated as she was banged. And it wasn’t over yet, as Lorelai’s instructions called for it to becoming even more so. The teen yanked the dildo out of Lorelai’s ass for the last time, for a second she looked down at the Milf’s butt, the hole red rimmed and gaping, the skin of the cheeks mottled and white where lane’s thighs had smacked them. The hole began to gradually close, slowly moving back to a more reasonable size and Lane got off the bed and stood beside. She leant and grabbed Lorelai’s wrist, pulling the older woman towards her, “On you knees, skank.”

The Milf did as she was told, looking up at Lane her expression a mixture of terror and anticipation. Lane looked down, keeping her own face grim and unyielding, the dom to Lorelai’s sub. “You’ve dirtied my cock with your ass. It needs cleaning.”

“Yes Lane,” said Lorelai dutifully.

But she didn’t move. Lane smirked, “By you bitch; open your mouth and start sucking.”

Lorelai paused, just for a second, but it long enough for Lane to grab the back of her head and force her face towards the dong, “I said suck my dick, whore.”

Lorelai’s mouth opened and she began to wrap her lips round the dildo. It wasn’t easy, despite the Milf’s reputation for rapid chatter and quick-fire quipping, her mouth was normal size; the dick wasn’t. Still she quickly got herself open wide enough to take the tip, and with Lane pushing her at from the back a few inches more. If Lorelai had just wanted a normal ass to mouth Lane would have left it at that, allowing the woman to take the few inches she’d managed and to suck the toy at her own pace. But Lorelai had been explicit in her instructions, she didn’t want to just give a blow-job on the dildo, she wanted to be face-fucked. The teen slid a second hand to the back of Lorelai’s head, interlocking her fingers and cupping the back of the Milf’s skull with them. She gave a smile as she looked at the older woman struggling to take in the cock, “I said clean it bitch.”

Lorelai knew what was coming, and was almost certainly wanting it, but she kept up her role-play and tried to take the dick deeper into her mouth, forcing her jaw down and managing to take an extra half-inch. But it wasn’t enough for either of them and they both knew it. Lane pulled her hips back, “You’re a fucking useless cock-sucker for a whore. I’ve got to do all the work.” She thrust forward, pushing the dildo into the Milf’s mouth. Lorelai gargled and choked, automatically trying to bring her head back away from the dildo, but kept in position by Lane’s grip. The teen brought her hips back and then thrust again, driving the dildo deeper into the Milf’s gullet. Lorelai’s eyes widened and misted over, watering as the plastic prick pushed over her tongue and towards the back of her throat. “Fucking dick sucking bitch,” snarled Lane and thrust again.

This time she was rewarded with a loud gurgling noise and a wash of white bile as the dick struck deep into Lorelai and activated her gag reflex. The woman gasped and choked, struggling for air, sucking it desperately in through her nostrils. Her body shuddered, her chest heaving as it automatically tried to get away. Lane was having none of that, Lorelai was had paid five hundred dollars and the teen wasn’t going to skimp on giving the Milf the face-fucking she desired. She gripped Lorelai’s head harder, “Did I say you could stop deep throating my dildo fuckface whore?”

If Lorelai could speak she’d have said, ‘no’ and if she could have moved her head she would have shaken it. As she could neither of these things Lane just had to imagine her response and resumed jerking her hips. Each thrust sent the dildo pounding into Lorelai’s mouth, making the Mom vibrate as she wretched. Her eyes watered even faster, the tear ducts opening wider and flooding out, ruining the eye-shadow and leaving it in streaks down her cheeks. Lane rammed harder, her feet remained in place and her back straight, the only movements the thrusts of her hips and bounce of her hands as Lorelai’s head was forced back. The teen snarled, “Suck it whore. Your mouth is as much a fuckhole as your slut ass and skank cunt; they’re all mine to use as I want. And I want to fuck your fucking mouth, fuck-features.”

This time Lorelai couldn’t reply, so the only speaking was from Lane, “Whore. Bitch. Slut. Skank. Suck it, suck my dildo dick. I never fucked such worthless cheap cunt. You enjoy sucking dick that’s been in your ass? Only a fucking whore would like that, you know. You’re a fucking whore, slut-bag.”

The words weren’t the only sounds; there was the splatting as the dildo thrust into Lorelai’s mouth, like a hammer smacking into a pond. And then there was the sound of Lorelai, a choking, gagging series of hums and pants as the woman struggled for breath and gasped in air and at the same time spewed bile and spit and saliva. It was flooding from her mouth, a white goo, which looked like male cum as if the cock was real and had blown into her mouth. It soaked her chin, leaving it with a gleaming sheen and over her titties, down her stomach and belly, to puddle between her kneeling thighs, before sliding down them like snow melting on a roof. Lane slammed the dildo in again and again, making the Milf wretch and choke until she was heaving for every breath.

“Fucking cuntish whore,” snarled Lane as she pulled out the cock for the last time.

“Hhuuuurrhhh,” Lorelai fell forward gasping for oxygen and letting more white bile spill from her mouth and down her chest. “Hhuuurrrhhh.”

Lane gave her a few seconds grace as she pulled of her strap-on panties; say what you liked about Lorelai but she’d left the dildo gleaming like it was a new car in a showroom. But Lane wasn’t going to tell her that, it would have ruined Lorelai’s evening to be told how good a cock-sucker she had been. Especially as Lane had one request left to fulfil. She grabbed Lorelai’s hair, “Come with me fuckface.”

Lorelai gave a squeak, “Please… I’ve been good. I’ve been your slut.”

Lane ignored her and tugged harder, pulling the Milf towards her and onto all fours. She half-dragged, half-led Lorelai, on her hands and knees, towards the bathroom, the older brunette squealing all the time. The teen Korean kicked the door open, and brought Lorelai in. She thrust the woman face forward onto the floor and stood over her as Lorelai turned. The Milf’s eyes widened as she saw Lane’s pussy above her, getting closer as the teen lowered herself into a squat, “After fucking a skank bitch I always like a nice long piss. Open wide Mommy.”

Part 1: Welcome

I drove into the parking lot and took a deep breath as I prepared to get out of the car, apprehensive but excited about my first day at my new job. It was my first day at St. Mary’s school for girls, where I would be Vice Principal in charge of discipline, a position I’d been accepted for at the end of the previous school year. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the principal, Miss Murphy again; she was beautiful, voluptuous, with long dark hair, and for my interview she wore a low-cut top that showed off her ample cleavage. I remember I had trouble not staring, and I swear a couple of times she caught me, and smiled knowingly. Despite the distraction, I must have interviewed well as I was offered the job a few days later.

Just the thought of her had made my cock grow and stiffen, and for a moment I contemplated rubbing one out now in my car so I wouldn’t be so distracted for the rest of the day. A glance at my watch, however, revealed I didn’t really have time.

I stepped out of the car and walked across the parking lot and through the grand entrance to the school. The corridor was deserted as I made my way towards Miss Murphy’s office along the marble floor. As I prepared to knock on her door, I hoped my hard-on had dissipated enough so as not to be visible through my pants.

“Come in,” Miss Murphy said, and I opened the door and entered her office. I was thrilled to see she looked just as hot as I’d remembered, again wearing another top with a plunging neckline, and again I could hardly take my eyes away from her heaving breasts.

“Good morning Mr. Johnson. How are you?” she asked.

“Fine thanks. And you?”

“Very well thank you. Please take a seat,” she said, ushering me toward the chair opposite her desk. “Did you enjoy your welcome to the school this morning?”

“My welcome? I’m not sure what you mean.” I replied, sitting down.

“There wasn’t a girl at the entrance this morning to welcome you to the school when you arrived?”

“No…” I said, intrigued by what she was referring to.

“I do apologize. This simply won’t do. Excuse me a moment” she said, and pressed the red button next to the microphone on her desk.

“Will Lauren Spears report to my office at once” she said sternly into the microphone. By now I was even more intrigued about what was going on.

“Lauren was supposed to welcome you to the school this morning. She’ll be here in just a moment.”

“Oh…OK,” I replied. There was supposed to be a girl welcoming me to the school when I arrived? What did that mean, exactly?

While waiting for Lauren, we made smalltalk about how we’d spent our respective summers. She told me she’d spent most of the time on the beach, and my head was immediately filled with visions of her in a bikini, rubbing sun tan lotion all over her exposed body. My hard-on started to return and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

Less than a minute later, Lauren arrived. She was gorgeous – about 5’2,” with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, and while her breasts were not the biggest they looked very pert under her shirt. She was wearing a ridiculously short skirt which must have barely covered her panties, and they showed off her smooth, tanned legs. I wondered how a skirt that short could be considered part of the school uniform, and I had to stop myself from staring at her legs. By now, my cock was fully hard again and I worried the bulge would show through my pants.

“Lauren, our new Vice Principal, Mr. Johnson, tells me you weren’t there to welcome him at 7:30 this morning as we had planned?” Miss Murphy enquired.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I thought it was 8:30!”

“I’m very disappointed in you, Lauren. It was a very simple instruction to be there at 7:30″

“But I’m sure you said 8:30, miss, because…”

“Are you arguing with me?” Miss Murphy said, now raising her voice.

“No miss,” Lauren replied meekly.

“Good. Now get over there and give him the welcoming we talked about”

Lauren nodded and walked over to me, smiled and then dropped to her knees. I couldn’t be sure what exactly was going on here, but I think I had a good idea. Lauren paused and looked back at Miss Murphy, who nodded her approval back.

Why was she on her knees right next to me? I was sure Lauren would be able to see the bulge in my pants, as my cock felt like it was going to burst out.

“Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m here to welcome you to the school,” she said, on her knees and with her hands now on my thighs.

“Hi Lauren,” I replied, my heart racing and my cock throbbing with anticipation.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to greet you earlier,” Lauren said, looking up at me with her big blue eyes and an anxious look on her face, as she reached over and unbuckled my belt. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“That’s…that’s OK” I replied. Lauren was now unzipping my pants as my ever hardening cock urged to break free.

“Lauren is a senior here,” Miss Murphy said. “In fact, she just turned 18 yesterday.”

“Thank you for being so understanding,” Lauren said as she reached inside my pants, then inside my boxers and deftly wrapped her soft, warm hand around my throbbing member. I was so excited I was afraid I might climax right away. I looked up at Miss Murphy and she smiled back at me. Lauren took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it slowly and gently for about ten seconds.

“I hope this will make up for it,” Lauren said as she lowered her mouth onto my cock. Her tongue swirled around my cockhead and she licked up the precum oozing from the tip. The feeling was unbelievable as this hot blonde teenage girl engulfed my cock with her warm, wet mouth. I still couldn’t believe it was happening, and for a moment actually considered it might be a dream, but the pleasure coursing through my veins from the amazing blowjob I was receiving from this talented cocksucker was so great and so intense that I realized it had to be real.

“I hope that does make up for Lauren being late this morning, otherwise she’ll need to be punished,” Miss Murphy said.

I couldn’t respond, and shut my eyes and enjoyed Lauren sensuously sucking my throbbing member.

“Will you have to punish me?” Lauren asked about ten seconds later, lifting her mouth off my cock for the first time. A string of drool linked her mouth to my cock as she looked up at me with those innocent, puppy dog eyes.

“No, it’s OK” I replied, putting my hand on her head and guiding her back towards my cock, pushing it past her lips and back into her mouth.

“Nonsense,” Miss Murphy said. “She’s been a very bad girl and needs to be punished immediately,”

“No really…” I pleaded as Lauren went to town on my cock, sucking it like crazy and taking it so deep into her mouth.

“Don’t worry, I have a feeling you’ll like what I have in mind,” Miss Murphy said, rising from her seat. She walked round to my side of the desk, and put her hands in Lauren’s hair and slowly lifted her head from my crotch.

“I want you to teach this naughty girl a lesson,” she said as she pushed Lauren onto her hands and knees, her ass closest to me. Her skirt was so short I could now see her panties, and didn’t have to wait much longer to see a lot more. Miss Murphy pushed up Lauren’s skirt and pulled down her panties to reveal her snatch. From where I was sitting she looked completely shaved and it was so inviting I couldn’t wait to see what Miss Murphy had in store for us.

“Do you want me to spank her?” I asked, assuming that was Miss Murphy’s intention.

“Spank her? I think we’re way past that,” Miss Murphy replied. “Mr. Johnson, I want you to fuck some sense into this girl!”

Lauren looked back at me, pleading with her eyes, and I felt sympathy for this girl who seconds earlier had been giving me an amazing blowjob. But I looked at Miss Murphy and I could tell from her expression that she would be very disappointed if she didn’t do as she asked; I was Vice Principal in charge of discipline after all. And if this was Miss Murphy’s idea of discipline, I felt I was going to be very happy working here. I got down on my knees right behind Lauren and held her ass with my left hand as I guided my cock towards her pussy with my right hand, the head of my cock touching her snatch, my precum mingling with her pussy juices. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Lauren gasped as I suddenly thrust my entire cock past her pussy lips and deep inside her her hot, juicy snatch. I couldn’t believe how tight and wet she was, and before I knew it, I forgot myself and was really going at it, pounding Lauren’s tight teenage fuckhole. Since she was dripping wet, I figured Lauren must have wanted it so I no longer had any reservations about fucking the hell out of her. Lauren moaned and gasped as I filled her to the brim with my member, and it often felt as if the head of my cock reached the very deepest part of her snatch. I relentlessly thrust my cock in and out of her for about a minute before Miss Murphy said something.

“Lauren, which hole is he fucking you in?” she asked.

“My…pussy…oh fuck” she moaned.

“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear,” Miss Murphy said, and I paused fucking Lauren to look up at her. “Lauren’s been a very bad girl and needs to be punished appropriately. I want you to put your big, hard cock in her tight little asshole”

“Her…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence.

“Not my asshole, please!” Lauren pleaded.

“How dare you talk back to me! I was going to ask him to be gentle with you but it’s clear you need a more severe punishment.” She turned to me and said, “I want you to ravage her asshole”

“Please no!” Lauren begged, but I was horny as hell and eager to both please Miss Murphy and take this opportunity.

“You heard what Miss Murphy said. You’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished,” I said, hardly able to believe the words coming out of my mouth. My heart raced with anticipation, and I slowly pulled my cock out of her, a trail of precum and pussy juices linking my cockhead to her pussy. I put my hands on her perfectly pert ass cheeks and gently spread them, revealing her little starfish, and I practically drooled at the thought of penetrating it in a few seconds. First, I slid my cock between her ass cheeks as if I were lining it up, causing Lauren to gasp. Now I was ready, whether Lauren liked it or not, and gently prodded her asshole with the head of my cock.

“Oh my God…oh fuck,” Lauren moaned as I slowly pushed my cockhead past her sphincter and inside her, stretching her asshole. Her hole was incredibly tight, fitting so snugly around the head of my cock that I wondered if I’d be able to push the rest of it inside her. Her ass was even hotter than her pussy, and already my cock was throbbing. The feeling was so good and intense I would have been happy to keep it there, but no way was I going to pass up this opportunity. My cock was dripping wet with Lauren’s pussy juices and I used that as lubrication, very slowly pushing my cock inside her incredibly tight hole. Lauren’s groans grew louder the deeper I pushed inside her.

“Does it hurt, Lauren?” Miss Murphy asked with a knowing smile.

“Uh-huh” she mumbled, biting her lip.

“Good. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson”

Once I had pushed the entire length of my cock inside her, I slowly slid it out, her anal cavity seemingly gripping it as if it didn’t want it to leave. No sooner had I pulled it out than I reinserted it, again eliciting a moan from Lauren.

“Please, it’s too big!” Lauren complained.

“I’m very glad to hear that,” said Miss Murphy, smiling as she watched me sodomize one of her students.

“Please!” Lauren begged again!

I knew I would impress Miss Murphy by being assertive, so I grabbed a handful of Lauren’s hair and pulled her head back towards me, and leaned forward so that we were looking at each other.

“Listen, you naughty girl, you’re going to take it and learn your lesson!” I whispered in her ear, loud enough for Miss Murphy to hear. I looked up at her briefly and, still smiling, she nodded her approval, her eyes fixed on my cock slowly going in and out of Lauren’s asshole.

I pushed my cock in and pulled out faster and faster, until I reach the point where I was slamming it deep inside her, pounding her impossibly tight asshole. Her pussy was tight beyond belief but this was somehow even better, and the feeling was incredible. Lauren was groaning and moaning all the time now, louder and louder, but I didn’t care, and with a handful of her blonde hair I pulled her closer to me, forcing my cock deeper and deeper inside her, brutally assfucking this gorgeous girl. I wondered if this was her first time taking it up the ass, and if she had done this before, I certainly couldn’t imagine anyone fucking her as hard and indelicately as this. The thought of taking her anal virginity pushed my ever closer to the edge, so I tried not to think about it in order to prolong the intense pleasure I was experiencing.

“You’ve been a very bad girl haven’t you Lauren?” Miss Murphy, who had been silent since I’d been ravaging Lauren’s asshole.

“Mmm-mmm” was all Lauren could say as I relentlessly pounded her tight anal cavity.

“I want you to say it,” Miss Murphy replied.

“I’ve…I’ve been a bad girl” Lauren groaned.

“And what else?”

“I deserve to be punished”

“And what’s the punishment you deserve?”

“I deserve to get fucked up my tight asshole with a big hard cock”

The feeling of my cock being so deep in Lauren’s tight teen asshole was so amazing I felt like I could stay there forever, but hearing Lauren talk dirty like that was too much to take and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Even if I wanted to slow down to delay the inevitable, her anal cavity was wrapped so tightly around my throbbing member that even the slightest movement would have brought me closer and closer to the edge. And what’s more, Lauren was now rocking back towards me, creating more friction and forcing me even deeper inside her. The realization that she was loving having me fuck her so roughly from behind was enough to finally push me over the edge.

With one final thrust as deep inside Lauren as I could go, I reached the point of no return. I paused my thrusting and held Lauren’s ass cheeks still, as my balls tensed up and my cock twitched and spasmed, splashing what seemed like gallons of hot creamy man butter inside her ass. I’d never felt anything as good as this. Lauren gasped as the thick jizz filled her anal passage, some of it being forced up and out, dribbling out of her pink asshole. I pulled out slowly and I hadn’t finished climaxing yet, so I jerked off over her, spraying a few more drops of jizz on her asshole and over her ripe ass cheeks.

For about 10 seconds, Lauren and I didn’t move, me on my knees and her on all fours, spent and breathless after such an intense fuck. Lauren’s asshole was red raw and stretched wide, and some of my spunk continued to dribble out of it.

“So, Lauren, have you learned your lesson?” Miss Murphy asked.

“Yes, Miss,” Lauren replied, wincing with pain, her asshole stinging from the pounding I’d just given it.

“Good. Now go clean yourself up and go to class.”

With that, Lauren got up, and without looking back at me, walked gingerly towards the door and left Miss Murphy’s office.

“The poor girl probably won’t be able to sit down for a few days,” Miss Murphy commented. “How was that?”

“I think I’m going to like working here,” I replied, and Miss Murphy laughed.

“I had a feeling you might. Here,” Miss Murphy said, handing me a tissue to clean myself up. I squeezed out another drop of spunk into the tissue and wiped up the rest before standing up and pulling my pants up.

“Do you know why she thought you’d be here at 8:30am?” Miss Murphy asked, and I shook my head. “Because I told her you would be. I just wanted an excuse to bring her in here and watch you punish her.”

“Wow…” I replied.

“I had to make sure you’re up to the job, and I’m please to say that you definitely are. And I don’t see any reason why punishing the girls can’t also be pleasurable for us”

“That sounds…great,” I replied, stunned at what I was hearing, but also delighted.

I’d been at the school less than than 30 minutes and already I’d fucked one of the girls up the ass, while my boss looked on approvingly, and it sounded like that kind of thing was to be expected of me. This was turning out to be a job beyond my wildest dreams, and as Miss Murphy led me to my office down the corridor, my head was filled with thoughts about the pleasures to come.

5. Owns Me

This is the 5th installment of the Kyle series. This installment is 100% true. All usual disclaimers apply.

Kyle and I spent the rest of the summer as we had originally planned. We partied with friends, worked on our cars, went to the shooting range, but behind closed doors we did some things we hadn’t originally planned: we were behind closed doors a lot. Kyle and I still hadn’t done anything anal. I would suck his dick anywhere between one and four times a day. I loved that but what I really loved is how much we just laid together in his bed and watched movies.

We started playing this game that we both loved. It played into his sense of superiority and allowed me to worship his body unimpeded. Kyle would lay there on his bed fully-clothed and I would strip him naked on my own time schedule. After he was naked he wasn’t allowed to move. I would rub, massage, and kiss his whole body except his cock. Whoever got hard first lost. The first couple times we played I lost immediately. I even got hard once before I had gotten him naked.

I figured since Kyle was still not comfortable with the idea of telling everyone he was in a gay relationship, and not totally comfortable with actually being in a gay relationship; I would let him bring up anal sex. I didn’t want to scare him by asking him to slam my butt; even though I wanted him to, badly.

I know my parents had begun to figure out what was going on and he told me his parents asked him flat out if we were dating. He told them we weren’t; which was fine with me. We had planned to keep it under wraps until we left for college at least. Well, the day came. It was August 21st, and we were moving our stuff into our dorm room. Just Kyle and I living together in a place where no one knew us and was known to be a little more accepting of alternative sexual orientations. I mean its college; you are allowed to fuck whoever, whenever.

We got all moved in, got our class schedules, got something to eat, and that night we pushed the two twin beds together. We didn’t care if any friends came over and knew we were lovers. For the first time ever, Kyle, jerked me off. Before, I would always just jerk myself off while sucking his perfect cock. I was so excited I blew in about 3 minutes and it was a huge load. I knew college was going to be great.

The first month just flew by and we were both always together. We had made some pretty cool friends and made some connections that could buy us beer. Kyle was drinking a lot. It was fun at first because he is so horny when he is drunk. He loved it when I licked his ass but would only let me do it when he was drunk. I guess he was still holding onto the thought that anal play was just a little “too gay” for him.

I decided I was going to take the bold stance and bring up ass fucking since he had still not mentioned it. However, Kyle must be a mind reader because he brought it up while I was still trying to plan what I was going to say. We walked back into our dorm room from the cafeteria and we started pulling out books and notes for some study time. We had been reading for about 25 minutes when he said, “I can’t concentrate. Think you are up for a killing a 12 pack and doing all of those things I like?”

“I can’t, Kyle. You know how much I want to but I have to get some of this stuff done. We have been drinking and fucking around everyday this week.” I said. I wasn’t sure exactly how Kyle was doing in his classes but I know he was close to failing one and running B’s and C’s in the others. I was doing very well and had mostly A’s with one or two B’s.

“C’mon, Levi. I know you want to mess around.” He said in his sexiest, most enticing voice.

“Of course I want to but I don’t think it is the most responsible thing right now. I can do all of the things you like later, but I’m not going to be good at doing this homework later after we kill a 12 pack. Which, by the way, you know means we will end up drinking at least half that fifth of vodka too.” I said in a somewhat whiny voice. He was right, I did want to get drunk and lick and suck his ass, cock and balls for the rest of the night. However, we were both here on scholarships and a little loan money. We can’t afford to fail more than one class a semester or let our GPA drop below 3.0 for a semester.

“I have been holding back on you Levi. I know what will get you to come around to my side. How would you like me to take your ass cherry tonight?” His voice was almost angry sounding and his face was contorted to some kind of villain like grin.

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about and even wanted it, but you will not buy me off with sex tonight. Can’t you just wait 2 or 3 hours? From what I gather you need to study. You aren’t doing so hot in a couple classes right now, Kyle.” I said with my voice getting louder with each word. I was getting pissed. Who did he think he was?

“Fuck you, Levi! You are supposed to be mine! You are supposed to love me! All I hear from you lately is I drink too much, don’t study enough or some other bullshit critique! I’m tired of it. You stay here and study; I’m going to go meet up with some people who know how to have a little fun. I don’t know if I’ll be back tonight or not.” He yelled. His face turned from red to scarlet while he was yelling. I could tell I must have hit some sort of nerve when I mentioned his grades. Maybe he was trying really hard and just not getting it or something. Well fuck him, if he didn’t want to ask for help or try harder he isn’t going to get any sympathy from me.

Kyle stormed from the room and slammed the door. If I’m not mistaken he had started to cry. I did just what he suggested. I stayed in the room and kept studying. I wasn’t going to fail out of college over a fight with my boyfriend. There is no damage that can’t be repaired except a bad grade. I studied for about 3 or 4 hours until I was pretty confident in the material. It was around midnight and I grabbed a beer and turned on the tv. I couldn’t help but to think about Kyle. I wondered where he was, who he was with, how drunk he must be by now. I was not going to chase him or hunt him down though. If he didn’t want to come home, he didn’t have to. I wanted him to but I couldn’t make him and I wasn’t going to apologize to him. I drank 3 more beers before I was little buzzed and decided to call it a night.

I woke up suddenly. I looked at the clock and it read 3:42am. I had to piss like crazy. Kyle and I had taken a little extra out in student loans so we could have a private dorm with our own bathroom. The idea of the community bathrooms/showers just wasn’t appealing. I could see light coming from underneath the bathroom door. I knew Kyle had to be here because I didn’t leave the light on. I didn’t particularly want to talk to him while he was drunk at a quarter ’til 4 in the morning. Our room was set up kind of like a hotel. The sink was outside of the actual bathroom and just a toilet and shower were in the bathroom. So, I pissed in the sink and went back to bed. I laid there awake for awhile listening and I couldn’t hear anything. I was kind of worried. It turned 4:00am. I had to get up for a 9:00am class but I couldn’t sleep not knowing what was going on.

I knocked on the bathroom and whispered, “Kyle.” I got no reply. I tried the door handle and it was unlocked. Kyle was sitting on the floor cross-legged crying. He looked at me with his red puffy eyes. I didn’t say anything and neither did he. I bent down and hoisted him up to his feet. We just stood there with our arms wrapped around each other for a few minutes. He was crying into my shoulder and I don’t know why exactly but I started to tear up a little too. I walked him to the bed. Undressed him down to his boxer-briefs and put him into bed. I laid next to him and whispered in his ear, “Its okay, Kyle.”

“No, its not. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m falling Levi and there is no ground beneath me.” He said.

“We can fix it. Whatever is going on can be fixed, I promise. I have never lied to you and you know that. We can talk about it tomorrow. Just rest; sleep.” I whispered.

I woke up to the alarm clock at 8:30am. Kyle was still unconscious under my arm. I debated skipping class so I could be here when he woke up but decided against it. I thought he should probably have some sober time alone to analyze whatever it is that he is struggling with. I kept rolling things around in my head trying to figure out what was so wrong with him. I thought we were doing great and if he just put some more effort into his work he would be fine. I just couldn’t figure out the problem. I hated to think that I wasn’t as tuned into him as I thought. I thought we were so close that I knew what was going on with him all the time…apparently I was wrong about that. I was failing as a boyfriend and a partner and even a friend.

I only had the one class that day. When it let out at 10:00 I practically sprinted back to the dorms. I thought I might even make it back before he was even awake. I was wrong. When I opened the door I found the room empty. It was weird though, he had cleaned the entire dorm. He even made the bed. I texted him; enquiring to his whereabouts. No return text but about ten minutes later the door opened. Kyle was standing there looking sexy as always and nearly carefree. He was holding flowers. He gave them to me and apologized. He said he was sorry about the fight, about getting sloppy drunk and about neglecting me.

I told him I didn’t feel neglected; I just wished he would tell me more about what is going on. “We are going to spend the day studying. Then, I’m going to take you out tonight. Then, I’m going to bring you back here and with your permission I want to fuck you.” He said.

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted, babe!” I said as I wrapped his slender body up in my strong arms. “I know you apologized and I don’t’ want to harp on you but I really do think we should talk a little. I want to know what’s going on. I want to know what you are having such a hard time about. I love you and I want you to feel like you can be honest and open with me. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Levi, it is done and over with. We aren’t two girls that need to talk about all of our feelings. I was pissy yesterday and I’m sorry. Really, I am. I will be better from now on.” He said and I bought it.

We had lunch and studied for the rest of the day pretty much. A break here and there, but mostly studying. Around 7:00pm we showered together and dressed for our “date” night. My whole body was ecstatic just thinking about him taking my virginity later. I loved Kyle so much and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than letting him cum inside me. His pleasure inside of me would be the highlight of my life. I was half hard all night. I couldn’t shake the feelings of anticipation for even a second. Dinner was great and he asked what I wanted to do and I said “Go back to the room. I don’t know if I can wait much longer. I have been waiting for this night for months. I want you so badly.” Kyle just smiled and off we went.

We got back to our dorm room and it was a race to see who could get undressed quicker. I kept trying to kiss him between taking off articles of either my clothing or Kyle’s clothing. He smelled so good and I was so ready I knew we wouldn’t last long. I dropped to my knees to take off his pants and I just marveled at how wonderful his cock looked in his white boxer briefs. I kissed up and down his cock through the thin white cotton. He immediately took control of my head and started pushing his love tool into my face.

I reached for the waist band of his underwear and began lowering them. First I saw his well-manicured pubic hair and then the base of his already very hard cock. Next was the dark pink head of the most wonderful dick on earth; followed by two low-hanging balls. I took my cue from the pressure he was exerting my head to start licking and kissing his delicious scrotum and balls. I was in complete heaven with the smell and taste of his manliness. I then took his torpedo shaped cock into my mouth immediately into my throat and not a millimeter of it wasn’t in my mouth or throat. Kyle just moaned in ecstasy. I deep-throated him for quite sometime, my ass was reminding me how I couldn’t wait much longer to be fucked by Kyle’s magnificent dick.

Kyle pulled his cock from my throat and said, “We have to slow it down a bit if you want to get fucked tonight. I was thinking since your ass is going to get plowed, my ass should at least get licked.”

Kyle lied on his back on the bed and brought his knees up to his shoulders. I certainly didn’t need to be invited twice to partake in the most secret of his manly places. I shimmied forward on my knees until Kyle’s ass was just a mere inch from my face. I could smell the musty scent of his manliness. I licked his crack from the top to his balls a couple times, just savoring his scent and taste in my nose and mouth. I had to have my tongue all the way in his ass immediately. It was a certainty of life. I dove in and worked my tongue around his beautiful tiny hole. I pushed against his tight anal ring until I finally parted his perfect sphincter. My tongue went in and he felt so hot. Once my tongue was in his hole the tight sphincter closed around my probing tongue. It was so tight and hot one my tongue. I worked my tongue around and around while my lips made a seal encircling his anus. I wanted him to fuck me bad but I certainly didn’t want to leave this position ever. I was so happy to be tongue-deep in Kyle’s ass I had forgotten about most else in life. I heard his voice finally, “It’s time.”

I pulled my tongue from Kyle’s ass and he brought his legs down, one on each side of me. I started licking and kissing his cock since it was right in my face and I was so aroused by him. I finally got up and grabbed some lube. We didn’t have any condoms since we didn’t really have a use for them in our prior sexual endeavors. I squirted some lube onto my fingers and began working them into my ass. I squirted some lube onto Kyle’s cock and he began working all over his man meat. I was feeling a little loosened up and it was now or never.

I stood up and kissed Kyle in a strong passionate kiss. He reciprocated in a manner that left no question for his love for me. He moved his hand to my throat and guided me onto my back on the bed. I instantly brought my knees to my shoulders and Kyle climbed on. He was on his knees pointing his cock at my more than ready hole. He looked me right in the eyes and pushed his raging hard cock into my hole. I couldn’t help it, I screamed a little. He stopped and smiled. I knew he was completely enjoying himself. His mouth was open ever so slightly like he was deep in thought and he pushed some more. I loved it but fuck did it hurt. He never once broke eye contact during his inch by inch invasion of my tight 18 year old man hole.

It took about 8 or 9 minutes but he was finally all the way in me. I thought he would start going to town but he didn’t. He leaned into me and put his hand on my throat again and began to kiss me while the whole of his cock was buried inside. He just left his cock in me and we tongue fucked while he steadily increased his pressure on my throat and neck. He began moving his hips away slowly. Oh, so slowly. I hated it and I wanted all of him back in my immediately. We were still hungrily making out and I started to feel a bit woozy. Kyle wasn’t cutting off my breathing with his hand, he was squeezing the arteries in my neck and my brain was starting to get tired. I was getting sleepy. The last thing I remember was having the greatest orgasm of my entire life. With Kyle’s cock buried deep in my ass, my cock rubbing between our two bodies, his mouth on my mouth, his tongue entangled with my tongue, the scent of his ass and balls in my nose all added up to an orgasm that may have changed my life. I passed out right as I had my orgasm and Kyle screamed in elation as he had his.

I woke up less than 2 minutes later. Kyle had released my throat when he shot his 18 year old cum in the depths of my ass. I guess as soon as my brain got just a little oxygenated blood back into it, it jump started itself. When I awoke I could feel all of Kyle’s weight on top of me and all of the love in my heart was for him.

To be continued…

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Think of this story as taking place in a parallel dimension where everything is the same as our world except for… The Pin.

Heather Johnson and her mother were casually walking into the supermarket early Saturday morning.

“Mom, we don’t need to get a cake. I’m not a kid anymore.”

“I know, honey. You’re eighteenth birthday is the most important day in a girl’s life. You’re officially a woman now. But everyone needs a cake for their birthday no matter how old they are. Let’s stop by the bakery first. Since you’re all grown up, you can help me pick one out.”

As they approached the bakery, Heather recognized the man looking over the pastry selection. Even though he wasn’t wearing his normal attire of a T-shirt and sweats, it was definitely one of the gym coaches at her high school, Paul Richardson. Heather always wondered how a gym coach could be so out of shape. The way he was ogling the bear claws behind the glass gave her a clue.

Paul noticed the motion of someone approaching and looked over. “Hey Coach Richardson,” said Heather.

“Why hello Heather,” Paul replied. He turned to her mom. “Maureen, good to see you too.”

Heather’s parents had known Paul for years, as he had coached their older son, Andrew, in basketball.

“Hi Paul,” replied Maureen. Since Paul noticed Heather looking at the cakes, Paul asked, “Shopping for someone’s birthday?”

“Yes, in fact today is Heather’s 18th birthday today,” said Maureen.

“Wow! Congratulations Heather!” responded Paul.

Paul’s cock jumped at this news. In fact, it caught his attention enough for him to turn his whole body away from the pastry display. Now he was ogling Heather just as he was the bear claws before. And for good reason. Heather was very pretty, like her mom, and had a tight body only an 18 year old could have. He started at the floor and worked his way up: Skinny, tanned legs; perfectly shaped ass; flat stomach; and best of all she inherited her mother’s C cup tits. They looked huge on Heather’s small frame. He was tracing the lines of her bra under her shirt when he heard Maureen quickly say, “Well we have lots to buy. See ya.”

Paul woke up from his trance. He quickly realized he was lost in lustful thought and the silence must have been awkward.

“Oh..uh..one moment Maureen. I see you are wearing your pin. Can I get a quick blowjob?”

Maureen knew that was coming. Before Paul even finished his sentence, Maureen was handing Heather the rest of their grocery list.

“Honey, you finish off this list while I finish off Coach, ok?”

“Ok, Mom,” replied Heather. Paul got one more glance at Heather’s ass before she disappeared down Aisle 3. Maureen had already reached into her purse and pulled out a small knee pad. She knelt in front of Paul, unzipped his fly, and pulled out his mostly erect cock. She grasped the base with her right hand and quickly inserted it into her mouth. Paul got weak in the knees as he felt her warm lips close around his shaft. He looked down to get a view of Maureen sucking his dick but unfortunately could not see much because his stomach was so large. Instead Paul tilted his head back slightly and closed his eyes. He imagined it was Heather who was sucking him instead of Maureen, and he knew the possibility was now close.

“Do you have any chocolate cakes with white icing?”

Paul’s fantasy was briefly interrupted. A petite older woman was trying to get the attention of the bakery worker while at the same time trying to not trip on Maureen’s legs. She sneered at Maureen, not because her head was busily bobbing up and down on a man’s cock in plain sight, but because she wished Maureen had moved away from the bakery’s display window before going down on him.

After a few blissful minutes of Maureen polishing his knob, Paul slowly cracked his eyes to see Heather returning with a full grocery cart. She smiled slightly, but only out of nervousness. She had hoped they would be finished by now but didn’t want to turn around now that she had been sighted. It was her smile that sealed the deal. Paul lowered his right hand to Maureen’s head as he felt the swelling in his balls build. A few seconds later he erupted in her mouth, sending four or five ropes of salty semen down Maureen’s throat. He pulled his spent cock from her lips with a satisfied, “Ahhh.”

Paul zipped up as Maureen stood up. She had placed her knee pad into her purse and was rummaging around for her phone. Paul wasted no time in taking a step toward Maureen. He placed his left hand in the middle of her back to help keep her steady as he reached for her left breast with his right hand. Maureen didn’t so much as flinch as Paul firmly grabbed her breast, lifted up and squeezed three times. He left go and did the same thing with the left. “Her tits feel great,” Paul thought, “just like last time.”

There was little time for reflection. Maureen had her phone ready so Paul grabbed his from his pocket. He started the Pin app and held it close to Maureen’s phone. The devices exchanged data and recorded the “transaction”. A few quick ratings and Maureen’s obligation was complete for the day. She removed the broach that was attached to her upper right part of her blouse and put it in her purse.

Paul was still tapping on his phone in deep thought as Heather and her mom headed toward the checkout registers.

“Do you need toothpaste, shampoo or anything?” Maureen asked her daughter.

“I don’t think so,” Heather replied.

“OK, I think the register on the end has the shortest line,” Maureen said.

Heather walked ahead of the cart to unload the groceries onto the conveyor. There were three registers on their right not being used. On the very last one, a young woman who looked about 25 was bent over the bagging area of the unused lane. Her skirt was pulled all the way up and her panties pulled to the side. Behind her was a man, pants and underwear around his ankles, fucking her hard. Such a scene was not out of place but today Heather took particular notice of the girl. Heather noticed a rather blank expression on the young woman’s face, like she was thinking about what she was going to do later that day. She wasn’t upset that a complete stranger, old enough to be her father, was banging her pussy as hard as he could…in the middle of a busy supermarket. But she wasn’t overjoyed about it either. Heather realized that come Monday, that might be her.

What does Monday bring? And what exactly are the Pins? To be continued…

Phew, what a day, the first day of 4 days interview at Cambridge University, not only am I away from my family home for 4 nights, but I am to be interviewed by university deans and professors with the view to acceptance into the University next summer…

That’s the position I find myself in, a daunting one and with so much at stake it’s difficult to relax in a dorm room with a stranger; however I was pleased to see that the room had an en-suite bathroom and some privacy away from the bedroom. Mum was leaving me shortly and that would be it, on my own for four days with a stranger in my bedroom.

As it turned out the girl who I was sharing with arrived prior to mum leaving, she had her parents with her and like me she was a nervous wreck, we said our hello’s and decided mum would stay a little longer and have a coffee with them to settle any nerves or anxieties.

It was clear we’d get on and I felt at easy with her and of course less worried about sharing a room with her, I am shy but so was she so I guessed we’d respect each other’s space and comforts

An hour passed and mum was beginning to look at her watch with the view to her 2 hour drive home in the dark winter weather, similarly Emma’s parent were preparing to go and we had to unpack and prepare for our first interview. Back in the room we chose beds without conflict and settled into unpacking and making the room our home for the four days.

My first interview came and went and I wasn’t best pleased with how it went, then the second interview which was longer and more intense went ok so I felt a little more at ease and that was it, 5pm and time to eat and get back to my room.

Emma was already there and laying on her bed when I arrived back and instantly we began chatting about all the things 18 year old girls chat about.

As we found out more about each other the more I liked her, the more we laughed and the more at ease I felt with the girl who was a stranger yesterday. Emma had an infectious laugh and an enchanting smile, to compliment that her eyes were big and bright and very welcoming.

I certainly liked her company and thought she was a very pretty girl and was surprised to hear she didn’t currently have a boyfriend , but saying that I’d only began my first relationship a few months ago so maybe it wasn’t to be expected for her to be in a relationship.

We spent the rest of the evening having a dinner in the main school restaurant and getting to know each other, something about Emma consumed my whole attention and without notice we had been chatting and giggling for a few hours. Suddenly the dining room was closing and we headed back to our room, more relaxed than the first time we entered over 5 hours ago.

Instinctively we lay on our beds chatting and covered all sorts of topics and subjects, never a silence and always warm girly chit chat, I even thought to myself how nice it would be if we both got into Cambridge and share a room for three years, we’d be best buddies for sure.

As the clock ticked it became time to get dress for bed and time to say goodnight, I sorted out my PJ’s and skipped to the bathroom to clean my teeth and change for bed. Standing there looking in the mirror I was pleased with what I saw, my pretty face always gets plenty of attention and now my ever growing breasts seem to draw many glances from the boys and the occasional girl.

Recently I’d begun to notice the looks dropping to my breasts and to say I was pleased was an understatement, my sex life had only recently kicked into life with my first boyfriend over the last few months and my sexual confidence has grown and grown. I was now much happier showing a little more cleavage and felt a rush of excitement every time I noticed men admiring me and my new found womanhood. It was almost a case now of looking for the attention and fuelling the sexual excitement I was increasingly indulging in.

Standing there looking in the mirror I turned side on and admired the pretty peach bra I had chosen, it held my pert breasts high and made them look full and very firm, as I turned face on again my eyes never left my breasts and the tingling excitement meant that my nipples were hardening, the thin lacy cups of the bra did little to hide their condition and the sensation only grew as I admired them more.

Unclipped the pretty bra exposed my fleshy breasts and without question both nipples were very hard and very noticeable, as I’m only 18 they didn’t drop at all but sat high and proud on my chest. Without the bra my breast are quite “peaky” with dark pink nipples and bobbly areola but month on month they seem to be gathering weight and filling out. I’m currently a 32C but that down to my slight frame and small back, I think I’ll end up at least a D cup if I’m lucky.

One thing is for sure is that when Jed (my BF) plays with my breasts and kisses and sucks my nipples my pussy erupts and my mind explodes with desire, it’s so amazing to feel somebody else other than me touch them. I have to control my desires and resist the urge to touch my pussy and masturbate to orgasm, saying that though I have also made myself cum just through playing with my nipples and massaging my breasts.

So there I was in my dorm and in my bathroom, I was feeling horny but was in a strange place with a girl I’d met only today, I finished cleaning my teeth and slipped into my strapy PJ top and a small pair of PJ panties.. I liked how feminine I looked and felt a nervous excitement with going back into the room, would Emma notice my hard nipples, did my flush face give anything away or am I just a horny 18 year old excited about her own developing womanhood?

I returned in my PJ’s only to find Emma still fully dressed and still lying on her bed; for some reason I thought she’d take the chance to undress and get in her nightwear whilst I was out of the room. It was only when I jumped into bed that she begin to sort herself out, what happened next took me by surprise and began as sting of events which changed my whole mind set completely

Emma was obviously of a similar age to me but where I am a tall blonde with a slim toned figure, Emma is shorter, chestnut brown hair and a full curvaceous figure. Where I am a size 8 and tall she is probably a size 10 but 5 inches or so shorter than me, her clothes were very nice and her appearance was one of style and quality.

What took me by surprise was that as we continued to chat she got off the bed and began to undress right in front of me; it was a casual nonchalant undress like you would with a sister or mother, nothing in the way of shyness and with no apparent need to turn or cover up. I watched her with intense interest and wondered just how far she would go in undressing in front of me, I wouldn’t say it was an obvious tease but it most certainly was a slow methodical undress which if you were feeling horny like I was; it became a pleasurable and exciting experience to watch this pretty girl undress.

Its t this point I must confess that I’d sometime thought about other girls that I found attractive, and of course sometimes had private moments wondering what it would be like to make love to another woman, but this was truly the first time I’d been in such close contact with a situation which I was sexually excited about.

There had been times at school in the locker rooms that I’d taken a look around at other girls and also whilst having friends round I wondered about their own sexual development and imagined they were having similar thoughts and desires and like me kept them restrained and private.

Those thoughts came rushing back to me as my nipples began to harden even more and now I felt the tingling in my pussy which often leads to me pleasing myself.

My good friend Sally was the one who was most relaxed about these sort of things and often in the confines of my room or when alone in the house with her she’d talk about sexual things and things such as underwear etc, on a few occasions it lead to one or both of us showing the other a pretty bra we’d just purchased, or some lovely panties. On a numerous occasions Sally seemed more than happy knowing either her panties or bra were see through and on one particular occasion she had panties on that were perfectly see through and seemed happy for me to discover her pussy was completely hairless and smooth.

I always felt aroused when we had our girly moments and I felt excited about showing her my womanly figure, I got aroused knowing she was looking at my breasts, pretending to be shy but highlighting the fact my nipples were erect, pretending to show her my panties when all I really wanted is for her to look at my pussy.

Thinking back Sally is the person responsible for igniting those sexual thoughts about other girls as it was after one of those times situations I masturbated to orgasm whilst imaging having my nipples sucked and making out with a girl. I guess we both know it will happen, but up until now its been tease and counter tease

Where was I?.. oh yes…..Watching Emma was becoming a real turn on but what if I was totally wrong about the situation, what if she always undressed in front of strangers, and what would I do for 3 nights if I made a fool out of myself? Just at that point my attention grew as Emma went to lift her T shirt up over her breasts to remove it, this would give me a brief moment to fully take in a perfect view of her breasts whilst she lifted it over her head, however for me to see her fully she would have to turn more to face towards me.

Just then my phone bleeped and I briefly looked away but as I return to our conversation I’m sure Emma was looking down at partially covered breasts and my obviously hard nipples, my little vest top would not be able to cover them fully and with how they ached I knew they were noticeably erect; adding to that I wasn’t leaving much to the imagination with a good amount bare skin on show.

I smiled a knowing smile and one was returned, then without hesitation Emma turned to face me and began to lift her top up and over her breasts, with her hands crossed it pushed her breasts together and with a knowing voyeur she slowly lifted up the hem of her top and pulled it upwards.

It was like slow motion as her white lacy bra came into view and the perfectly full breasts were free to be admired; it was so thrilling and the thought that she was maybe doing it for my voyeuristic pleasure was exciting me so much. The most exciting thing was the shear fullness or her breasts, her bra was holding much bigger breasts than mine and her cleavage was very apparent, not only that but the thin material did nothing to hide large dark nipples firmly protruding from her olive skin.

The moment was brief; but long enough, long enough to be a sign that we were comfortable with each other’s space and deliberate enough to make me think she wanted me to have a good look, and if that were the case then I willingly obliged.

I’d previously had other sexual thoughts about the mother of one of my friends who was around 40 and a classy woman, I found her incredibly attractive because she was not only very pretty but also her business type dress and her very alluring look which I guess drove many men to distraction.

I first realised I had a crush on her after the time I saw her with her shirt off, standing in her kitchen in heels, stocking, pencil skirt and a very pretty bra, ironing her blouse. From then on I wanting to see more and more, I knew these feelings were down to my strong sexual development and I personally was not uncomfortable with them. Whenever I visited Valerie would often be found semi naked around the house and so often I saw her in a skirt and only a bra and this was the first time I thought about a mature woman sexually, It led me to imaging her fully undressed and wonder how sexy she’d be naked and only recently I was given the chance to find out.

My friend Nina and I had planned to go late night shopping and so I went to her house as usual around 5pm, Valerie was quick to let me in but told me Nina had missed her bus and would be another hour. Valerie invited me in anyway and as she was getting ready to go out herself she invited me to keep her company whilst she sorted herself out, for the next hour I sat on her bed as she undressed, showered, dried off, tried on various sets of underwear and finally chose an outfit. During this hour we chatted about all sorts of stuff but more excitedly I saw her in some very sexy underwear and then completely naked.

Whilst naked Valerie made no attempt to cover up and gave me many opportunities to feast my eyes on her perfect breast and neatly trimmed pussy..By the time Nina had arrive Valerie was dressed and said nothing of her voyeuristic show and I also said nothing about my throbbing pussy and desire to make love to her mother!

I also had a girlfriend from school who often talked about other women and sexual things. However this was a whole new thing, those thoughts had been momentary pictures of me and another woman, fantasies and not reality, this however was so exciting and so real.

As Emma’s pretty face came back into view I made it clear that my eyes lingered on her breasts, for a good few seconds I took in the mental picture of her full round curves, her pretty white bra struggling to conceal her big firm nipples.

I commented on her pretty underwear giving me another reason to look at her and confidently she gave me a twirl. I momentarily wondered about her jeans and if she would also remove them in front of me and to my surprise she began to unbutton her buttons, kicking her boots off she pushed her waistband over her hips and as she slid them down it partial took her matching panties with them, again without embarrassment she continues to undress and before she kicked them to the ground and pulled her little panties back up I managed to see her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair.

This was getting hot now, I was in a situation I was unfamiliar with and one I was scared but excited about at the same time. My few brief thoughts about sex with other women had always given me reason to masturbate, but this was real, this was right now, and the other woman was apparently making it easy for me to indulge myself further.

Now standing only feet away was a pretty 18 year old woman with beautiful olive skin, dark chestnut hair and the most perfect of figures I could ever imaging, her full heavy breasts cradled in a soft white lacy bra, little panties covering her trimmed pussy and a look in her face which tells me she quite like standing there and me looking at her!

She smiled a welcoming smile, one that says “over to you” or “what would you like me to do now?” and all I could do in reply was smile back. I think she knew I was nervous, but she would also be able to sense my excitement and I think that’s what made her take the next step. Without continuing the chat she stood facing me and stood upright, her eyes fixed on mine she reach around and reached for the clips of her bra, slowly she drew her hands back with either end in each hand and slowly she released the tension in the straps allowing them to drop to her side, them in the same motion she reached to her shoulders and pushed the shoulder strap down each arm, finally she placed either hand under each breast and allowed the soft white material to fall from her breasts. The bra was quickly discarded and there she was in her most natural womanly glory.

To say Emma was the picture of sexuality was an understatement, just like my friends mother she had very full round breasts and not peaky and pointy like mine, her dark nipples hard and thick and clearly in a state of arousal. I couldn’t take my eyes of her breasts and she just stood there allowing me to enjoy myself, my fingers moved to my lips and my mouth fell open, my heart beating so hard and so loud I thought she could hear it.

My trance like state was broken by the soft sound of her voice

“I’ve never undress for another woman before” she whispered and as she spoke her right hand lifted to her breast and her fingers caressed her already hard nipple.

“And I’ve never felt like I do now” I replied shyly

There was a pause, a comfortable silence and a deep look into each other’s eyes

“I’d like to kiss you” she said

Blimey! This was it, this was the most exciting thing ever, and also the scariest,

“I’d like that too” was all I could say and she offered me her hand.

Taking her hand I was suddenly standing toe to toe with the object of my desires, my eyes in hers, flitting to her mouth and back to her eyes, I wanted to look down at her breasts but her eyes consumed me totally. The desire in them was running very deep and very hot, and then she took both of my hands and pulled me in to her, wow what an amazing feeling!

As soon as I was close enough to kiss her I could feel her heavy breast against mine, my nipples acting like little electric buttons sending sparks through my body, my lips touched hers and my tongue instinctively sought hers. We pulled each other close and our kiss got more and more passionate, we were almost frenzied in our lust for each other, I could feel her nipples big and firm against my pale white skin, my hips pushed into hers and the cries of her pleasure filled my head like the most potent of drugs.

So there we were, standing in the middle of our dorm, Emma in her little panties and me in my skimpy PJ’s, my inhibitions had vanished and I knew I wanted to make love to this beautiful woman forever, my mind was flashing to suckling on her breasts, to spreading her pussy lips and to making her cum hard and loud,

I wanted to grind my pussy into her face and feel that woman’s touch I’d read, if I was going to explore my bi side I’d may as well indulge myself fully right here right now.

We broke from our kiss as Emma put her hands on my shoulders and that gave me a chance to look down between us, our breast were crushed against each other which provided me with the most sexual sight I could imaging as a young woman exploring her bisexuality. Her big heavy breasts, olive in colour and with big brown nipples squashed against the English rose white skin of my pert firm breasts, my nipples barely covered by my top were so sensitive to every little movement and sending pulses of excitement direct to my pussy.

I put up no resistance as Emma pulled my top over my head and the perfect picture was complete by the exposing of my pink nipples; proud and jutting out without shyness or embarrassment, and Emma’s wonderful curves squashed against me, it’s a picture I hold now with excitement and memories of things to come.

We continued to kiss only now our hands began to roam, I was desperate to feel her fingers on my nipples and in turn so very keen to explore her body, one of the few fantasies I had about my friend mother is a vision of laying on my back and her bending over me so her breasts would hang in my face and her nipples in my mouth and this was one thing I really wanted to do with Emma.

I was desperate to feel her breasts and didn’t take long in moving both hands up either side of her waist and under each breast, she stopped caressing me as we both watch my hands move up and caress the underside of each golden orbs, suddenly I realised I had a big pair of tits in my hands and I loved it!

Emma responded with a sigh of pleasure and I took more and more of the weight of her breasts in either hand and the more I lifted the closer my thumbs got to her nipples, the first touch was amazing, she bucked in response to my thumb flicking over one, then the other nipple, soon I was pressing and probing, caressing and flicking, and with every touch Emma fell more and more into a trance like state.

Unlike my nipples which are puffy Emma’s were proud like bullets, every flick made each nipple wobble, and every touch pushed her further and further away from the calm collected young lady I met earlier.

Samantha was 18 years old and in her last year of high school. Standing about 5’5″, 120 pounds, Sammy as her friends called her, certainly didn’t lack men’s attention. She has brunette hair and deep brown eyes that accent her full lips and wicked smile. She knew how to tease, and she used it to her full advantage. Sammy pulled her car into the parking lot of work and saw that Steph was working as well. Both girls worked at a café at a bookstore, serving coffee and various baked goods to make a few bucks during the summer. Samantha couldn’t help but feel slight butterflies in her stomach upon seeing Steph’s car, knowing that she’s going to spend the next eight hours with her.

Sammy walked to the office and punched in, making her way to the café area were Steph was getting ready for the day. As she rounded the corner to the area where the café is, she saw Steph bending over getting a coffee urn. Sammy couldn’t help but stop and take her in. Steph was taller, about 5’10″ with a thin body accented with luscious, firm breasts. Steph was 20 years old with haunting green eyes, the kind that people lose sleep over because they can’t get them out of their head. Her verdant eyes rested sexily behind a pair of glasses, giving Steph the classic naughty librarian appearance. Both girls were in uniform, wearing tight khakis and white polo shirts.

Sammy averted her gaze slightly when Steph looked up. “Hey Sammy!” she shouted warmly. “Hurry up and start helping me.” Samantha giggled and immediately went to work, trying to erase the lewd thoughts she was having of Steph. The frequent shots of her cleavage and ass were distracting indeed, but the day eventually wound down and Sammy was able to control herself. She said goodbye to Steph as she left work for home.

The car ride started out well enough, but Sammy soon found herself preoccupied, daydreaming about what it would be like to tell Steph how she feels. Sammy has been with girls before, usually one-night stands or the occasional month-long relationships, but this is the first time she truly cared about someone this way. Steph was everything Sammy was looking for. She had a great attitude, loved the same things that Sammy did, and of course was unbelievably sexy. Sammy’s relationships with guys were always much easier to get into, although she never met anyone she felt comfortable enough to have sex with. With Steph though…it was different. It was tough to get over the hurdle of just being friends.

Sammy’s mind continued to wander as she finished up her fourth coffee of the day. Tossing the empty cup on her floorboard behind her, Sammy’s stomach continued to butterfly as she thought about Steph. She contemplated what it all meant. Why did she feel so strongly about Steph? Was she in love? Sammy sighed deeply as the reality of her situation set in. Steph wasn’t a lesbian or bi, and to make matters worse, Steph had a boyfriend. “It’s impossible. I can’t do it. I can’t tell her how I feel.” Sammy spoke to herself often when she felt lonely, when she needed someone to talk to.

Pulling her car in the drive, Samantha was relieved to see that her parents were still at work. They always could tell when something was bothering her, and at that time, she really didn’t feel like talking about it. Slowly trudging up to her room, Samantha kicked off her black shoes and sat on the bed. She looked at the full-length mirror across her room and stared, smiling at herself. Sammy grabbed some deep red lipstick out of her purse and put it on, pursing her lips. She looked in the mirror again, brushing her brunette hair to the side with her hands, thinking and daydreaming all the while.

Sammy stood up and unbuckled her belt, sliding her tight khaki pants to the floor. She walked over closer to the mirror, stopping in front of it and turning to her side. She ran her fingers through her hair, turning a little bit more to look at her butt. Sammy giggled, happy that she was one of the few women in the world happy with her ass. Her panties rode low on her hips, white satin with purple lace trim. Pink, green, and purple spots decorated the front and back of her panties. Sammy tugged slightly on the waistband, pulling her panties up in the back and giving herself a slight wedgie. Her soft cheeks hung out slightly from the bottom of her panties. She continued to admire her ass for a few moments before sliding her shirt off of her head. Wadding it up in a ball, Samantha tossed it over onto the floor next to her khakis. Her bra matched her panties, purple lace tracing the outline of her small yet proportional breasts. Sammy put her hands under her boobs and pushed up, admiring her cleavage.

Samantha bent over and slid off her socks, tossing them over near her other clothes and stood back up. She turned and faced the mirror, her hands down at her side. Slowly she brought her right hand up across her stomach, lightly grazing her fingers on her smooth, tan skin. She could see her bladder bulging slightly and could feel the tell-tale signs of really needing to pee, but that could wait. This wasn’t the only time she could think of Steph the way she wanted to, but it was the only time she could at least do something about it, even if her ultimate fantasies remained unfulfilled.

Slowly closing her eyes, Sammy opened them again to see Steph standing slightly behind her. She smiled as Steph stepped closer, dressed in a lacey pink thong with a matching bra. Sammy was running her hands lightly over her own panties and bra, staring at Steph’s tits as she seductively came closer. Letting out a slight gasp of pleasure, Sammy felt Steph lean over her shoulder, her hot breath on her neck. Steph’s light kisses grazed Sammy’s shoulders, sending pleasurable shudders through her body. Samantha could feel Steph’s auburn hair tickling her skin, goose bumps covering her whole body. Waves of pleasure ran through her body as Steph lightly kissed and caressed her skin, sending Sammy into a deep fantasy. Her breath was short as she bit her lower lip, guiding Steph’s hands over her tits, down over her panties, rubbing and stroking in ways only a woman would know.

Sammy suddenly gasped as she felt a burst of pee squirt out of her pussy and into her panties, leaving a small yellowish stain. The fabric glistened slightly as Sammy’s heart raced. She looked at herself in the mirror. The image of Steph was gone, but the butterflies and extreme sexual feelings still remained. Sammy began to wonder what exactly was happening, why her body was responding in this way. She continued to look at herself in the mirror, strands of hair sticking to her slightly sweaty forehead. Reaching down to her panties, Sammy began to slide them off, suddenly stopping. Her small patch of dark brown pubic hair was showing in the mirror as her panties hung halfway, her thumbs in the waistband.

What…what if? Sammy’s mind started to race. Without even knowing what she was doing, she slid her panties back up, feeling the cool, damp spot against her already wet pussy. “Do it.” Sammy looked around, instantly recognizing the soft, cool voice of Steph. Unfortunately, it was just a mirage, but still, she felt the desire, the need to follow Steph’s voice, even though she was nowhere near.

“D-do what?” Sammy replied, knowing full way what she was about to do.

Steph’s ethereal voice answered. “I want you to do it. Go potty in your pants.” Sammy felt almost sick with nervousness. She had never done anything like this, and she knew that people would think she was insane. But somehow, someway, she knew that she must do this.

“I-I don’t know if…if I can do that.” Sammy looked down meekly at the floor, her body trembling, her bladder now aching, her stomach a flock of monarchs.

“Please Sammy. Please do it for me.” She bit her lower lip as she nodded to her reflection, her big brown eyes sparkling like a doe’s.

Sammy felt as if she was above herself looking down, completely not believing that this could possibly be happening, that she was truly about to do what she was. She stood tall, crossing her legs while standing, hands at her side. Moments passed, the room still, Sammy’s breath held in anticipation. Slowly her hand went to her stomach as her lip trembled, her palms sweaty. Her eyes sprang open as another wave of pee spurted out, this time invited. Instinctively, her body clenched tight, holding the piss in. Sammy could feel a small dribble run down her right thigh, cooling in the air of her bedroom. “Don’t worry Sammy. It’s what we both want.” Relaxing, Sammy started to feel the sharp pinch of her full bladder recede as her crotch instantly felt hot, followed immediately by the warm flowing wetness. Golden piss ran down both of her legs as her breathing became erratic, both of her hands now up to her tits, squeezing them, rubbing her nipples through the soft fabric of her bra. A deep hissing sound filled the air, reminiscent of a faucet that is only partly turned on. The piss pooled out from her feet, spreading in a puddle on the carpet immediately beneath her. Sammy knew she was making a mess, but at this point, it simply didn’t matter.

Hot, yellow piss spread up in a half-moon pattern on the front of her panties and halfway across the back, causing the fabric to glisten as the pee soaked through. Sammy could smell her own strong urine, adding to her already indescribable lust. She breathed deeply, running her left hand down over her thighs, slowly across her calves, rubbing her piss into her tan skin. She felt incredible, stunned at the mere thought of what she was doing. Sammy’s right hand went to her clitoris, rubbing it gently over her panties, the piss still hissing down her legs and across her fingers. She felt her pussy start to tighten and then spasm, cumming hard. Sammy slid her hand between her legs to feel the last of the piss flow out, pressing it against her pussy as she came. Tears ran down her cheeks as she lost herself in the pleasure, her stomach still churning, her heart racing with thoughts of her current state and of Steph: her muse, her queen, her goddess.

Samantha took a deep breath as she looked at herself again in the mirror. Her face was now much sweatier, more strands of hair sticking to her flushed cheeks and forehead. She didn’t know what came over her as she laughed and laughed, giggling like a school girl at what just happened. Her legs were shaking as she put her hand on her chest, leaning back. The wet fabric of her panties clung to her ass and pussy, sliding easily in the more slippery crotch, thick with her cum. “You’re not done.”

Sammy looked around, startled at Steph’s sultry voice. “Yes. Yeah I…I thought that’s what you wanted.” Sammy looked at her confused reflection, dark rivers of pee showing up on her russet legs. She barely felt how cool they were in the air now, slightly itchy. “It is what I wanted Sammy. It’s what we both wanted. But you know you’re not done. You know you have to go, well, a little more.”

Sammy looked shocked. “I can’t do that! Seriously. No. I can’t. Please I can’t.” Her stomach immediately jumped again, and her pussy started warming up, sending hot waves through her body. Sammy looked at her reflection dazedly, her chest bright red. She knew the tell-tale signs of her own arousal, and her physical appearance was all the affirmation she needed.

“Yes you can Sammy. No one will know. Just you and me. Please Sammy. Please. I want to watch you.”

Sammy’s hands unsnapped her bra in the back, letting it drop to the floor. She rubbed her nipples softly, pinching and pulling at them. They were light brown, quarter-sized, and rock hard between her fingertips. Sammy bit her lip while smiling wickedly. “OK Stephanie. I’ll do it. For you. But please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t. It’ll be our little secret.”

Sammy felt her cheeks turn even redder, felt the warmth throughout her body. Her blood pounded in her ears, her skin hot but still covered with goose bumps. She shivered slightly as she turned her ass towards the mirror. Looking over her shoulder, she could see how her panties rode up her ass slightly, the fabric clinging with great discipline. Sammy bent over, her hands on her knees. She could feel her fingernails dig into her skin, but her mind had no reaction. She was in a deep trance, overcome with feelings that she wasn’t sure anyone else has ever felt before. “I’m ready.”

“Then go sweetie. Just relax.”

Sammy held her breath and clenched her muscles, trying vainly to go. She took a deep breath and pushed, grunting slightly. She could see her whole face go red as she pushed. Slowly her asshole expanded, but Sammy clenched tight, the feeling too foreign, too forbidden to try. “I can’t.”

Sammy imagined Steph walking close to her, looking her deep in the eyes. “Yes you can Sammy. You know you can do it. You know you want to do it. You know you need to do it. Make me happy.” Sammy’s right hand went between her legs, her left still on her kneecap, knuckles white. Her index and middle fingers slipped under the waistband of her panties, rubbing her hard clit, her pussy unbelievably wet. She could smell her own body, sweat, pussy, piss, all mingling together. Sammy thought about Steph’s hand on her clit as she pushed, once again feeling her asshole stretch. This time, there was nothing to stop it.

Sammy moaned out loud, gasping with heavenly breaths as she felt the soft, warm shit spread out in her panties. She stared at the mirror, crackling sounds filling the air as a bulge grew in the back. The slightly transparent wet areas showed her shit spreading out, light brown staining the white of her panties. Sammy fell backward against the wall, her shoulders pressed hard against the mirror, her hips thrusting forward. Her panties sagged now, the shit forming a half-softball sized mound. Her fingers were rubbing her clit extremely hard now. Squelching, moist sounds were coming from her rapidly moving hands. Her left hand reached back and grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling them up tight. She came again, harder than the first time, feeling the shit spread up her ass crack and down near her pussy. Sammy suddenly could only see in tunnel vision, her mind unable to comprehend the immense pleasure her body was going through. She sank to the floor, dizzy, her body unable to move. She felt the warm bulge pressing against her heel as she rested on her knees, her body slumped against the wall.

Sammy caught her breath, eyes wet with tears because of her new discovery. She had no idea what had come over. No idea why she would ever think to do what she just did, why she would behave in such a manner. Her hand was still in her panties as the overpowering smell of her shit filled the air. The intoxicating smell was enough to get her hot again. Sammy started laughing again as her two fingers slipped into her sloppy wet pussy. She was still a virgin, but at this moment, it was hard to tell. Samantha’s fingers slid in and out as she ground her shitty panties against her heel, sliding back and forth, rotating her hips, feeling the shit spread everywhere inside of her panties. She came again, this time more subtly and quietly, closing her eyes and breathing deeply, softly murmuring to herself incoherently.

Slowly she stood up and saw the mess she made, knowing how much of a pain in the ass it was going to be to clean. Sammy did not care at all, however, because she found something. Found something that makes her feel the same way she does about Steph. Sammy wanted to share these two loves, wanted to experience both of them together, but she realized that it was probably never to be. Still, a smile crossed her face, because she knew that the future is always waiting to be written.

Normally the harsh sound of the alarm clock would bother Sammy, but not today. It was a long three days since Steph agreed to a shopping trip. Now Friday has come, plans have been finalized, and Sammy was excited as she’s ever been. She threw back her covers and shut off her alarm. Hopping out of bed, Sammy adjusted her panties, pulling the material out of her ass crack and into place. She walked over to the mirror and began her normal morning routine. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and began running a bath.

Sammy felt the need to pee, but decided to hold, wanting to try something new. She had been messing her panties every morning since her discovery, and it seemed like every second of her depravity was better than the one before. The water cascaded into the tub as Sammy pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it in the general direction of her hamper. She slipped her panties down her legs and kicked them aside. Grabbing her razor and shaving cream, Sammy slipped into the tub, feeling the hot water soak into her skin. The water splashed as she lowered herself in, getting used to the temperature. Small wisps of steam floated off the surface of her bath, dissipating quickly in the cool air of the room. Letting the small of her back slide across the tub floor, Sammy bent her legs, her head resting on the bath pillow. Closing her eyes, she let her hands run across her body. Her fingertips felt her damp skin, tracing patterns through the light drops of moisture clinging to her flesh.

Sammy leaned forward and shut off the faucet, her bathroom plunging into quiet. Soft splashes perforated the otherwise still atmosphere as she leaned back in the tub again and started squirming around. Her right hand ran along her right thigh, her left, lightly pulling on her nipples, alternating, pinching slightly. Sammy felt them harden quickly aided by the light chill in the air. Her right hand felt up and down her legs, running over her calves, over her thighs. Vibrant flashes of green eyes filled Sammy’s visions. Her hand was no longer there, replaced now with Steph’s.

The slightly older girl climbed into the tub with Sammy, wearing a pair of extremely tight jeans and an even tighter t-shirt. Sammy stared as Steph seductively climbed in with her, moving her body to allow room. Steph’s faded jeans turned darker blue as they soaked up the water. They glistened like moonlight across a still pond as she leaned forward. Steph’s tits lightly rested in the hot water as she looked up at Sammy. Her hands were around Sammy’s ankles, her tits still in the water. Steph bit her lip as she raised her chest out of the water, slowly, deliberately, running the saturated fabric of her t-shirt across Sammy’s spread pussy. Samantha shuddered as she felt Steph’s ample flesh touch her, the hot wet fabric dripping onto her pussy. Steph moved her hands up Sammy’s body, laying down on top of her, pressing her weight into the younger girl. Samantha grabbed Steph’s ass, leaving dark blue handprints, liquid fingerprints spreading out in all directions as she grasped and squeezed her firm ass. Steph kissed slowly up Sammy’s stomach, between her firm tits, up along her neck. She nibbled Samantha’s earlobe, whispering to her. “You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you Sammy? You’ve been such a bad girl Sammy, but you’re doing it because you know we need it. You’re doing it for me Sammy. It’s almost time for your reward.”

Steph’s lips were now inches from Samantha’s, their eyes locked deeply. Sammy could see herself reflected in the emerald pools, hypnotized by the vibrant color. She slowly leaned up for a kiss, but Steph turned away at the last second, moving her head to the side with a short breath. Steph lowered her lips to Sammy’s neck again, placing soft whispers on her warm skin. Sammy gasped as she felt Steph’s hand slide between her legs. She accommodated her by spreading her legs even further, draping one over the edge of the tub and putting her other high up on the wall. Sammy grabbed the fabric of Steph’s shirt, squeezing it, pulling her tightly down. Their tits pressed together, separated only by a thin wall of wet material. Sammy could see the tan hues of Steph’s flesh through the transparent fabric as she continued squeezing her incredibly perfect ass. Her other hand grasped Steph’s hair close to her head. Sammy could see the golden-red color of Steph’s hair darken where it touched the water, focusing on that seemingly arbitrary fact as she closed her eyes. Steph raised her hips slightly, shifting her weight onto her left arm, her right hand still between Sammy’s legs.

Samantha could feel Steph’s index and ring finger spreading her open, her middle finger sliding up and down her slippery slit. Her clit was hard as Steph began rubbing it, moving her fingers expertly in circles, faster, quicker. Water splashed where Steph’s hand moved. Sammy could feel herself on the verge of climax, closing her legs, splashing water all over the floor. She screamed out loud, her shrill cry echoing off of the tile. Steph bit a little sharper on Sammy’s earlobe as the girl exploded, her fingers moving in rhythm to her lover’s hips. Sammy’s breath came in rapid bursts as she opened her eyes. The room spun above her as she sank into the hot water. Her hair splayed out, floating like majestic green kelp, waving gently, subjected to the small currents in her bath.

Sammy regained her breath over time, floating away on clouds of pleasure. Eventually she began to regain her senses, beginning the task of preparing for her day with Steph. She slid her left leg up on the edge of the tub and applied the shaving cream. Swishing her razor in the water, she began the tedious process. Soon she moved to her right leg, leaving it smooth and incredibly sensitive in the razor’s wake. She lifted her arms, giggling slightly as the cool blades touched her ticklish skin. Sammy finally applied the shaving cream between her legs, carefully manipulating the razor around, leaving no trace of hair. She rinsed herself off in the tub, using the showerhead to wash her hair and rinse away all residue of her Purity Pink Frosted Layer Cake body wash.

She felt the need to get dirty. To be nasty. Sammy pulled the plug, watching as the water spiraled down the drain. Sliding back in the tub, Sammy slid her index finger into her still wet pussy. Her hand felt different, sort of foreign on her bald flesh. She slid her lower back along the bottom of the tub, sliding her hips up the wall. Sammy spread her legs wide, fingering herself harder. She thrust her hips with the motions of her hand, squeaking noises coming from her friction with the tub. Sammy came as she spread her pussy lips, pushing hard to release her morning piss. Deep yellow liquid arced in the air and fell down her stomach, running between her tits, pooling near her head. Sammy held her pussy wide as her other hand rubbed the hot fluid into her flesh, feeling it soak, her own natural moisturizer. She moved her hips a little higher up the wall, sending her piss fountain directly onto her tits. Sammy opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, gingerly lapping at the tiny golden droplets as they splashed off of her chest. She could slightly taste the salty and sour flavor of it, enjoying how the heavy aroma accented every last bit of it. Back and forth her hands went over her saturated body now, gliding gently through the foamy puddles of piss, spreading them across her stomach, her tits, her neck, over her thighs, her arms. Slowly the force of her stream decreased as the hissing, splashing noises quieted. Sammy closed her eyes and felt the hot pee slowly cool as it was absorbed into her skin. For over twenty minutes she lay there, waiting for every last trace of her naughty act to dry. When Sammy was good and ready, she stood up, running the bathwater for a few moments to help wash away any remaining liquid.

Samantha slid a towel around her hair as the tub gurgled the remaining water down the drain. She strode across the room, completely naked, no small brown patch of hair remaining between her legs. Sammy bent over by her dresser, pulling out a pair of yellow cotton bikini cut panties with a small palm tree on the front. Closing that drawer, she slid the adjacent drawer open and pulled out a cerulean blue skirt. It was tight at the top, spreading out slightly as it tapered to a stop slightly above the knees. Sammy tossed her panties and skirt over her shoulder, making a swooshing sound effect and giggling to herself. She grabbed a white lace bra off of the top of her dresser and pulled a white blouse out of her closet. The neckline hung slightly, offering just a hint of her cleavage. Sammy jumped back on her bed and put her clothes on. She walked over to the mirror, having a quick flashback of her first dirty encounter with Steph. Sammy felt a slight chill of pleasure as she recalled that day, the moment when her secret love turned her on to her other secret love. She smiled and nodded in approval at her appearance. Her boobs looked nice, her cute heart-shaped ass bulging slightly in the top part of the skirt.

Sammy was busy with her hair as her cell vibrated. “Hey Sammy! Im leaving now. Will c u soon! <3 Steph" She bit her lip in excitement as she finished her hair, moving at a faster pace. Running down the stairs, Sammy grabbed her big white sunglasses and car keys, slipped on her sandals, and headed out the door. Since she lived much closer to the mall, she knew that Steph would only have been there a few minutes before her. She picked up her cell and dialed Steph's number, asking where they should meet. Sammy followed Steph's directions and soon spotted her Prius in a relatively vacant part of the parking lot. Steph was leaning against her lime green car and waving as Sammy pulled up. She got out of the car as Steph finished a phone call, looking slightly annoyed. "Hey Stephie! Excited for our play date?" Sammy giggled as she hugged Steph.

“I’ve been excited all week. Seriously I need to shop. I know it sounds so clichéd. A girl, needing to shop. Shocking!”

Samantha giggled at her sarcasm. “Is something bothering you?”

“Not really I guess. Matt wants to go to some stupid ass party tonight and I really don’t feel like going. We were supposed to stay in and watch a movie, but a couple of his army buddies are in town. I mean, it’s cool that he wants to see them. But I’m also selfish.”

Samantha laughed again. The two girls walked across the parking lot towards the doors. It was almost noon, and the day was already warm. “So you have nothing to do then tonight?” Sammy looked at Steph, admiring her always incredible appearance. She was wearing a black tank top, showing off an amazing amount of cleavage. Her tan legs disappeared into a tiny pair of yellow shorts with white trim. A green “83″ decorated her front right hip, but Sammy was more concerned with the way Steph’s panty line disappeared into her ass crack. Her feet were clad in matching green flip-flops. Steph’s hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail, her bangs framing her face. Her glasses as always looked sexy as hell on her, the frames highlighting her verdant eyes.

“Yeah I guess not. It’s fine I guess. I mean, I was going to stay in anyway, but now I’m by myself anyway. Oh well.” The girls took a moment to let their eyes adjust as they entered the dim mall. “I wanna eat first. I’m starving. I didn’t have breakfast.”

“Fine by me. I didn’t have breakfast either. I was running late all morning. I got sidetracked.” Sammy smiled slightly to herself as she recalled this morning’s events. She felt nervous about asking the next question though, confident though she may be with the answer, the nervousness stemmed from what possibilities could unfold. “So…you want to come over tonight? Let’s go to Panda Express. I want orange chicken.”

Steph looked over at Sammy and smiled broadly. “Hell yeah Panda Express! I love fake Chinese food! And yeah, if I don’t go out with Matt tonight, I might give you a call. Not sure though.”

Sammy looked down slightly at the floor, her heart sinking with this news. “She’ll probably pick him over me. She should though. And seriously, what did I expect to happen?” Sammy rationalized the news and quickly accepted it, deciding not to let it ruin her day. “Alrighty, well if you get bored or whatever, give me a call. I’m not doing anything all night.”

“What? Samantha Leigh doesn’t have a hot date on a Friday night? No boys around? No girls?” Steph playfully pushed Sammy and giggled, teasing about Sammy’s sexual preference.

Sammy laughed too. “No. Actually there hasn’t been anyone in a while. A horrible dry spell!”

“You poor baby. You’ll get yours soon. I promise.” The large expanse of the mall absorbed their casual conversation, swept up in the cacophony of voices from other patrons. Smells from the food court filled their nostrils as they walked on, continuing their flippant chat.

Sammy had quick images of how Steph could fulfill such a promise and felt herself getting wet again. “Oh hell yeah. There it is. Panda Express!”

The girls placed their orders and sat down. “So I forgot to say that you look fucking cute as a button today m’lady.” Steph smiled at Sammy, teasing her but serious at the same time.

“Well thank you. You look lovely yourself.” The girls finished their lunches and began shopping, stopping at a few different stores. Steph browed through American Eagle and Hollister, asking for Sammy’s opinion on several different outfits. Steph made a few purchases and the girls came upon Victoria’s Secret.

“Let’s go in here.” Steph grabbed Sammy by the hand and pulled her into the store. They split apart as they browsed. Sammy’s mind wandered to lewd thoughts. Her panties were dampening by the minute, feeling slippery and silky against her shaven pussy.

“Mmm…it would look so good for Steph to shit in these panties. Would love to have her watch me wear these as I shit for her. Oh God this lingerie is incredible. Would be so fucking amazing to watch the fabric bulge out.” Sammy suddenly snapped back to reality as Steph approached her.

“I’m getting these.” She showed Sammy her purchases. A light blue see-through teddy…a black lace thong…a pair of red satin boy short panties with black lace trim. “You think I’ll look good in these?” Sammy thought of Steph in those tiny items. Immediately her nipples hardened, goose bumps covering her flesh. She felt her chest got hot, her skin flushing uncontrollably. She hard to relieve herself. She had to move. To run away and release herself.

Sammy sucked it up and regained her composure. “You’d look fucking amazing. Seriously amazing. I-I gotta go to the bathroom, so meet me at Kohl’s.” Without waiting for an answer, Samantha spun around and walked out of the store and down the corridor. She approached the bathroom and sat in a stall. No one else was in there as she hiked up her skirt, keeping her panties around her waist. Sammy slid her right hand under her panties as she started pissing, forcing the stream out in a hiss, splashing down in the bowl. She rapidly ran her fingers up and down her slit, feeling herself cumming rapidly. Sammy breathed harder and harder as the piss continued to pour out. She could feel the hot flow trickling on her ass cheeks and over the bottom of her pussy. Sammy came hard, feeling her pussy contract and leak into her panties. The piss slowed to a dribble and then stopped as she focused hard to slow her breathing. Sammy stood up and slid her panties off. She brought them above her head, opening her mouth wide as she began wringing her panties out. Drops of her fluid fell across her tongue, running down her throat. Sammy squeezed harder, unable to get enough of her hot, sour brew. Eventually she ran the still damp cloth of her panties across her neck and over her tits, putting them on the back of the toilet. A dark yellow stain spread over the crotch and across half of the ass. They landed with a wet splat as she savored the light aroma of piss that would be accompanying her the rest of the afternoon. Sammy stepped out of the stall and reapplied her light makeup and splashed herself with perfume. She felt better now. In control.

Sammy and Steph shopped for about an hour more, leaving in the early evening. As they went their separate ways, Sammy couldn’t help but recall the day’s events. She’ll miss her panties, but she just had to relieve herself. In a way Sammy felt startled, a little worried at how she reacted at the seeming innocuous gestures of Steph. It wasn’t supposed to be anything sexual meant for her. Just a friend showing another friend something she plans on wearing for someone else. No more, no less. Sammy shook her head in disbelief. She’d never reacted in that way for anyone, even in deliberately sexual situations. Sammy now was truly frightened. She was unable to control herself. Steph had almost complete power over her, and she didn’t even know it.

The early summer sun was setting as the June bugs began their nightly patrol. Smells of cookouts and sounds of people having fun outdoors filled the dusk atmosphere. Sammy was spread out on her bed, lying on her stomach with a book between her hands. A bedside lamp was on, illuminating the long room. The glowing light disappeared in the A-frame roof of Sammy’s ceiling. She loved her room. Being an only child, she got the entire attic loft of her family’s unique A-frame home. Her parents slept downstairs. She had her own bathroom, laundry room, and even kitchenette across the stair landing. Shadows danced across her panty-clad ass cheeks. Light blue, cotton, tanga-cut tonight. Sammy jumped when her phone vibrated. It was Steph. She could hardly control her hand as she fumbled for the phone, putting it to her ear. “Hey there. What’s up?”

“That invitation still stand? I’m bored as hell.” Sammy quietly pumped her fist and bit her lip in excitement.

“Yeah sure come on over. We can watch movies or something. My parents are at some sort of charity golf thing. I dunno what it is, but they won’t be back until late. We can drink wine and get drunk.”

Steph laughed at her suggestion. “Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll just stay over tonight if that’s alright.” Samantha’s heart was beating faster than she could ever remember.

“Totally. You can crash here.” The girls said their goodbyes. Sammy put on a pair of sleeping shorts, small gray cotton terry cloth. She pulled them up slightly until they hung just below the edge of her ass. Sammy looked at herself in the mirror and put her hands on her stomach, feeling slightly bloated from her lunch. She felt a slight pain but it soon went away. Sammy bounced out of the bathroom and lit a few Yankee candles, enjoying the scent of blueberry scones.

About forty minutes later Steph arrived. Sammy gave her a big hug and exchanged helloes. Steph followed her to her parent’s liquor cabinet as they selected a bottle of red and a bottle of white. “You sure your parents won’t notice?”

“Positive. And even if they didn’t, they trust me to be responsible with alcohol. We’ve had ‘the talk.’ They’re sorta European.” Both girls laughed as Sammy grabbed a couple of wine glasses.

“Wow. You’re room is freaking huge. It’s like a mini apartment.” Steph stepped in and put her bag on Sammy’s bed, looking up at the roof high overhead.

“Yeah I do like my room. I’m spoiled.” Sammy took the DVD Steph had been holding out of her hand.

“So we’re watching the 40-Year Old Virgin tonight? I love it. A semi-oldie, but a goodie.” She walked over to her DVD player and popped it in. Sammy set up the movie to be played while Steph poured them both a glass of white wine. Steph moved Sammy’s beanbag chair against the wall and plopped herself down in it. She looked over at Sammy as she hopped onto her bed, propping up her pillows.

(Note: This isn’t finished yet, but it’s a taster piece. Let me know what you think, and I hope ya enjoy).


The bus stop was empty as when I walked in, blown about in the wind that was beginning to pick up a bit. The clouds had started gathering around lunch time, so it was likely to rain soon. The sky was dark, threatening, with a static tension that hung overhead. The air was heavy with humidity, the scent of pure ozone that I could almost drink in. Soon the rain would be a relief from the merciless heat of the sun today.

Temperatures were hitting 100′F daily, and humidity was high at 50%, making college that little more excruciating.

Today wasn’t much different, except for these dark tall clouds. I felt the pressure of them lowering above my head, closing in.

I sat in the shelter of the bus stop, the bench still searing from the earlier sunshine, but I didn’t mind as it cooled gradually.

The first patters of rain were thick heavy drops, hitting the ground with a splash, and steaming on the pavements and tarmac road. Then the rain really began to pour. So much so, that vision was difficult beyond 50 paces.

Great stair rods of rain, striking down to the ground from the heavens in the bucket loads, causing small clouds to rise from the floor, steaming columns over any metal or dark surfaces, harbouring most of the heat of the day.

The plants glowed strangely, in a green shine that gave an odd shading the rain and surrounding air.

The clouds were still gathering, growing darker, looks like this could turn into a good thunder storm.

Slapping footsteps approaching to my left snapped my attention sideways to see a tall man sprinting towards my direction.

I watched the approaching figure, mildly interested in the sight. As he grew nearer, and began to speed up right towards me, I pondered the thought of leaving before he reached me.

That thought became more prominent as I saw he was looking at me, as he sprinted towards me, seeming on some sort of mission.

I stood up and took a step away debating whether to turn tail and high tail it out of there, or to stand my ground.

He got within ten paces and I decided flight was the best course of action and turned running in the opposite direction into the pummelling rain.

The fact that he was now chasing me, made me glad on my choice to run. He was fast, almost as fast as me, but it would be stamina to prove to winner today.

I ran practically blind with the rain hitting my eyes, but I kept going, using what knowledge I had of the local area to keep him that distance away from me or more.

I ran through the town, slipping now and then on the smooth wet pavements and catching myself with my hands, driving my legs forwards at a punishing pace.

My lungs felt sore, but the burning sensation was easing as I got a rhythm going.

The man was still chasing me, and as I ran around the corner of a building, I flattened myself to the wall hiding as he ran past, then I ran back using a different path through town, while he cursed and turned to chase once again. Yeah, he was definitely after me.

As I ran back to the bus stop the sound of the man chasing me had faded away to silence so I sat down to catch my breath.

I was drenched to the bone, my hair slicked back to my skull, my clothes stuck to me, leaving little to the imagination for any who might’ve seen me. I cursed under my breath.

Suddenly, as I was beginning to relax, I was tackled from the bench to the floor and wrestled onto my front, my arms pulled behind my back and tied together at the wrists. I yelped from the impact and kicked out at my attacker, twisting this way and that, fighting violently, blindly like a cornered animal.

The man cursed at me as I must got a few good kicks to connect, before he hauled me up on my feet and began pushing me forward towards the darker side of town.

The rain increased, the sky darkened and a lightning strike hit in front of us. The wind began to howl through the now empty streets and I shivered, adrenaline still pumping through my veins.

I pulled on my restraints but he kept pushing me forward. Neither of us had spoken a word yet, minus the few muttering curses.

As we walked deeper into the darker side of town, people began to appear, on street corners, hoods up, looking up to stare at me and leer at me, sneering at me, spitting on the floor I walked on. I was an outsider here, I didn’t belong in this place.

The man hurried me past the watchers and down a few narrow alleyways.

He unlocked a door to a beat up apartment and shoved me inside before locking the door behind him. I say lock it, there were two dead bolts, three key locks, four latches and a door wedge. Damn.

I looked around quickly for any way of escape and deflated to realise there were no windows, no other doors in sight, everything was sealed. The only light came from dingy lamps missing lampshades.

The apartment was a total mess, with mail scattered everywhere, old pizza boxes, random articles of clothing, a lady’s thong hung over one of the lamps. I scrunched up my face on seeing that. Gross.

“Welcome to your new home, slave.” He growled as he approached me slowly. No way. He had to be kidding me.

I laughed, “Call me that again, I dare you.” I smirked up at him, his glaring eyes darkened dangerously and my heart beat faster, feeling the challenge, and wanting to meet it head on.

Sure, I’m just a kid, kinda short, not much on the bones, but I have a dominant personality. I will not be treated as a lower in the hierarchy. No chance.

He stood in front of me and lowered his face to glare into me my eyes, “slave.” he whispered.

I felt myself shiver, adrenaline picking up yet again. He wasn’t going to get away with that.

With my arms rendered useless I simply shoved him back with my shoulder and kicked out at him violently, at least I hadn’t gone nuclear yet.

He stumbled and growled in anger and pushed me back. I lost my balance and fell on my backside, not so gracefully might I add.

I yelped and winced from the impact and looked up at him with a small pout, for some reason, this was bringing out my playful side.

I stood up without the use of my hands and smirked up at his glowering figure.

“Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” I said in a slightly childish voice with a wolf grin on my face. If only I had the use of my hands, this guy wouldn’t even know what hit him.

He didn’t say anything, but instead pushed me into what could have been a living room, with a little TLC it wouldn’t be so bad, but that thong just wasn’t pretty.

He went to make me sit on the sofa, but as he pushed me I ducked under his shoulder eyeing the couch warily, “Dude, I am not sitting on that, I really don’t want to run the risk of catching something.” I said, eyeing the sofa, as if it might attack me, there was probably enough germ power that you could have called it a sentenent being. I raised an eye at it, before turning to the man who was pinching the bridge of his nose frustrated.

Then he dropped his hand with a sharp breath, “In that case your first chore starts now. Clean up.” He grumbled and I turned to face him fully.

I gave him a sweet smile, itching for my hands to be free, “sure, just untie my hands first.”

It was now his turn to look wary. His eyes scrutinised my face for a few moments and I squirmed under the heavy gaze.

“Fine, but if you try something, I’m tying you up again, only next time you’ll feel like a Christmas turkey.” I raise an eyebrow at his phrase and he glared so I let it drop, he was going to untie me, he can say any stupid analogy he wants.

As soon as my hands were free I pushed him over and ran for the door.

I unlocked the locks, pulled the latches, freed the deadbolts, and just as I was about to remove the door wedge his body slammed into the back of mine, pinning me to the door with a loud thump. The air was knocked out of me and I coughed struggling to get air back into my lungs for a moment as he breathed down my neck.

His hands were either side of my waist, his legs between mine and his face was next to my throat.

I realised slowly what an intimate position this was, and that his breathing was a little faster. He didn’t move, didn’t say anything.

For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. But as sense came back to me to move, his knee pushed forward against the door, pressing against me and I flinched.

What is he doing? At first I thought it was just to regain some space to push away from me, but as his body surrounded mine closer than a sheet of paper, and his lips brushed my throat, I knew he did it on purpose.

I shivered as he pressed his lips against my throat and he skimmed his nose into my hair breathing in deep.

“What are you doing?” My voice wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be, and I mentally winced at how weak I sounded.

He didn’t respond, but his chest rumbled something like a dog’s purr, but oddly I felt a strange tingle from that sound.

I trembled as his hands left the door and enveloped my waist, one sliding down low over my hip, the other slowly sliding up, over my rib cage, his hand splayed, the pressure even, up further to my chest. I froze as his hand claimed my breast, seizing it and massaging it slowly, digging in his fingering not to be painful, but I almost wish it was, I was enjoying it too much.

His lips kissed my throat, his teeth gently nibbling. I shivered a little more closing my eyes and leaning back against him a little.

His hand resting on my hip slid down lower, around to the front of me, slid down between my legs and his fingers pressed and rubbed low and I gasped pushing back against his hand.

“Slut.” he chuckled into my ear, massaging and rubbing a little harder, a little quicker and I couldn’t think coherently as I moaned, leaning my head back.

“I-I’m not.” I grumbled hoarsely, I wined a little in my throat, moving against his hands. I felt like I was on fire. “I haven’t had any action for a while.” I muttered out and he chuckled again, pulling me back against his body.

Damn it. How did I end up in this position? I shouldn’t let him do this, but damn his hands are so talented. And it’s been so long.

He slowed his hands to a painful pace, sensual, I grew a little impatient. My blood was boiling under my skin now. “How long is a while?” he asked in my ear, his voice was a little breathy and he seemed to be enjoying taunting my body like this.

“Nearly two years.” I growled, opening my eyes to look at him over my shoulder with a glare. His eyes were dark, coloured with heat and lust. The sight nearly got to me, but I held myself as steady as I could. His eyebrows raised slightly in surprise.

“No wonder.” he muttered to himself and suddenly pressed his fingers hard against me and I gasped a moan. My hands climbed the door above my head as I pushed my backside against him. I smirked a little as I heard him grunt and felt him grind into my ass. He was hard, really hard, it felt like a steel rod was rubbing against my ass.

I whimpered as the sensations were now getting the better of me. He suddenly span me to face him, and fireman lifted me over his shoulder and strode down the hallway. I winced as his shoulder dug into my hip a little.

I was thrown down onto a bed and before I could react he pinned me down on the bed with his body. He attacked my lips harshly and I whimpered half surprised half in need. His hands pulled my hands over my head and held both of my wrists in one hand, while his other pulled my t-shirt up quickly. He pulled it over my head, parting our lips momentarily before attacking mine once again. His hand lowered to my shorts, undoing the button and lowering the zip just as quickly.

He pulled my shorts off and as I sat up to grab them back he pushed me down, his hand on my chest between my breasts pressing my back down on the bed.

He looked at me pointedly before backing off a little to take off his shirt and shorts. He remained in his boxers as he climbed back over me.

He kissed my throat, and my hand sought out the steel I’d felt earlier. When my hand found it, I almost moaned. God he was huge…

Ch2 – Ride

The day was winding down as I was locking up the shop; the sun was supposed to be low in the sky, but you couldn’t tell it with the clouds overhead, despite it being the middle of summer. Jingling the keys in my hand as I made a few last peeks around my studio, I swept my hand over the light switches and plunged the tattoo parlor into darkness. Working from memory, I pulled free my satchel from under the counter and stepped outside, finishing off the final locks and bolts, I found myself ready to head home. Walking out the front door, I glanced up and down the street.

And that’s when I bumped into Anya, playing music through the headphones around her neck. It had been a long time since we had last seen each other, and while I had enjoyed her checkups with me, visits which I had looked forward to; given that they involved a lot of good natured swearing and teasing.

The hilariously disrespectful punk had been good at getting the last word in, or taking advantage of the mirrors in my studio to poke fun at me with gestures and goofy expressions while I replaced the saran wrap taped to her bare back. I had enjoyed her regular visits immensely, especially those little intimate moments we had in my studio, with me fussing over the tattoo I had on her back. Anya had taken to straddling my chair for those visits, almost completely topless; she would shuck her tank top and undo her bra, and as she let the latter hang off her shoulders she would throw the former over the back to keep the cold leather from ‘freezing her nipples into fucking skittles’.

Her wording, not mine.

But good times never lasted. And on her eighth visit, she knew it too. Walked in without her usual greeting even though she wasn’t afraid to shout it out with other customers nearby, or a mom carting her kids around outside, and then assumed her position with a little more rigidity than normal.

The last visit had been disturbingly asexual. Clinical, almost. I had peeled off her wrapping, declared her tattoo fully healed… and that this was the last time she needed to come in. After that, she had only been a rare sight. Every now and again, weeks apart, she would come along with a greeting. We would spend time in near silence, her flicking through my sketches on the shelves, or making small talk about music, the weather… nothing of substance.

I missed those first encounters with her. Fresh and lively, it had been so fun and thoroughly enjoyable despite our pants staying on.

Eventually – a month ago – she had simply stopped visiting.

To be honest, I missed her.

And now she was there, leaning against a lamp-post and looking up the street, waiting for a bus.

In the months that I had last seen the crude, bubbly punk her mohawk had changed color from the neon blue I had first seen to a pale white, framed by her almost buzz cut scalp. Her slim figure was bulked up by the clothes she wore, covered by a tightly fitting grey long coat that reached her knees, its zipper done all the way up to her throat, but unzipped from the bottom up to her bare belly button. A thin scarf was wrapped around her neck to keep the headphones from chafing, its color matching the plain white thigh high stockings covering what parts of the legs that her heavy black boots did not, and a black and red plaid skirt completed her trademark look.

She turned as my parlor’s door slammed itself shut (almost taking my fingers with it).

Our eyes met.

Her eyes brightened.

“Well hey there, old man! Got laid yet?” Shouted the teen as she left the bus stop to march the street, her mouth split into a smile to match my own, uncaring of the pedestrians who looked and gawked.

As soon as Anya got closer, she jerked her head back in greeting. There had been always something primal in that gesture, that antithesis of bowing your head. Unlike inclining your head towards the recipient, the act of exposing your neck seemed more barbaric. More animalistic.

On the punk, it suited her fine.

“How’s it been, darl?” I asked when Anya finally reached close enough to meet my raised fist with hers. She pulled me into an unexpectedly pleasant hug, and grinned.

“Got a job. New place opened up and they have me do the first shift of the night.” Anya nodded excitedly, with a grin tapping her still blazing ‘phones as I let my eyebrows and suspicious look do the communicating. Club? Okay, she had turned eighteen three months ago…

I whistled; low and impressed. “Well, you sure worked fast. I suppose you aced the interview?”

The punk’s cheeks went bright red as understanding dawned on her, a slow grin spreading across her features. I quietly celebrated. Score one for the ‘old man’. She turned that smile into a grin of playful malice and whopped me on the shoulder, chuckling as I mocked pain and flinched back.

“It’s a DJing gig, asshole! Don’t think you’re gonna see me strippin’ at some sleazy joint, y’hear?” Anya laughed, throwing another punch just as soft as the first. I snorted, putting a hand up over my mouth to hide the grin I had. Hey, I’d admit it if she asked; I missed talking to her and mucking around like this. The punk in front of me caught that thought, apparently, because she smirked and stepped a little closer, cheeks bright and red as she began her counter-attack.

“Or were you hoping I had something sexy on underneath this ol’ coat here?” She asked in a quiet, almost seductive voice, swaying her hips from side to side as she teased me once again, finger reaching up to her throat, pulling the little metal tag of her zipper up to her teeth. She began idly playing with the zipper, running her tongue over the tip as she looked up at me between the loose strands of her mohawk.

Okay, score one for the kid. I laughed. She laughed.

We laughed.

The magic was back.

God, I missed this.

Finally, I recovered enough to poke fun at her again. “I know there’s something under there; my tattoo.” I riposted, which got a savage punch directed to my ribs.

We chuckled again, as I mocked her for punching me in the nipple, waving her off. Despite the fun of our reunion, I still had things to do.

She accepted the informal truce, and I fished out my keys.

With my back turned to her, I reached out to lock the door. “It’s nice seeing you again, Anya.”

“You too, old man.” Anya returned, smiling as she spun on her heel. “Were you worried that I was making more money than you with this hot little bod here?” The punk showed me her back and wiggled her ass at me, and despite the coat obscuring her legs she made it look sexy as hell.

“Yeah, sure. Keep dreaming, darling.” I threw a bird over my shoulder, and gave the doorknob an experimental jiggle. Her soft laughter was my reward, her fingers thrust into her coat pocket Anya looked at me with a grin plastered to her face.

“Figured you would, old man.” She closed her eyes, still flushed. “But hey, if I went a-whorin’, it’d make for a pretty good advertisement for your tat shop. Hell, work on your spelling and maybe I’d send a few of the girls your way when they want ink on their asses.”

I stroked my chin, ignoring the stubble that had grown here, in a pantomime of thinking. “So that’s where all those new customers came from…” I mock-mused, this time earning me a kick in the shin – not hard, just enough for me to feel it.

“Fuck you.”

“Hmm.” That opening was too tempting not to take; “How much per hour?”

She choked on her next words. The punk stopped for a moment, before bringing around swifter kicks as we played and danced in circles around each other, laughing all the way. “Asshole! I’ll make you pay for that!”

“So you do let them in back there!” My verbal jabs were getting more painful to match Anya’s kicks. “Does that cost extra or are you a whole three holes and a handjob deal?”

“You. Fucking. Perv!” The teen DJ shouted with a wild grin on her face, the two of us roaring with laughter over the sound of the departing bus.

I froze.


Departing bus?

I whirled around on Anya, deflecting her latest kick with my knee. “Whoa, whoa whoa! Time out! You were catching the bus?”

“Yeah, what about…” She broke off suddenly, with that same realization dawning. Both our heads whipped around just in time to catch the rear end of the last bus of the night turning the corner.

The one Anya was supposed to be on.

She summed our feelings up nicely, in the silence broken only by the bouncing nightclub beat of her headphones and the whistling wind coursing through the street.

“Well, fuck. You made me late, old man.”

Deadpan, I answered; “Sorry, should have worn a condom, darl. What’re we gonna call the baby?”

Anya looked at me briefly, before snorting and giving me a punch to the elbow that probably hurt her more than it hurt me. “Shithead.”

I didn’t stop smiling from the turned my head to watch her mentally go through her options, not liking them at all as she mulled over her plans. An idea formed in my head. Why not? “You… want a ride home?”

The teenage punk turned to me, where I was holding up my car keys. She smiled, mischievous again. “Dad told me not to get into a car with a stranger.”

This time, I had the grace to look offended. “I swear I ain’t no stranger, Anya. I knew you well enough to make you late, after all.”

“True enough, old man.” The punk admitted, nodding once before turning to me. “If it’s alright with you… I’ll take that ride.”

“Alright, kiddo.” Reaching for my keys again, I started us on a walk towards my car. “Just two rules: don’t wander off on yournken and remember to look both ways when crossing the street.”

This time, her kick met me on the back of the knee, almost tripping me up as we went for my car. Over my laughter, I spotted her smile as she cussed at me again. “Fuck you, old man.”

I was on the love seat finishing my coffee when my wife announced that her mother was on her way and that the two of them were going shopping for the day. I was disappointed because I was hoping for a nice day alone with her. It was our first full day alone since the kids went to their father’s for the summer.

I loved the kids but they did have a way of making intimate times with my wife difficult to have. When I say the kids I mean my stepdaughter, Carrie who had just turned 18 and stepson, Mark who was approaching his 21st birthday. I would miss them but it would be nice to have some fun with the wife without worrying about being quiet or having one of them knock on the door.

“Well I guess I will take care of the lawn then.” I said as she peeked out the window for her mother’s car.

“Good” she replied with a tone that told me that was what I should be doing anyway.

“Bye babe” is all I heard as the door closed behind her.

Two hours later the lawn was done and as the sun rose to high noon it became clear that I was done for the day. It was just too damn hot to continue. I stripped down to my underwear in the laundry room and headed up to take a nice hot shower.

Just before I got into the shower I decided to get a cold beer. Being home alone I made a dash for the kitchen completely naked. As I turned into the kitchen I was stunned to see Carrie standing in front of the opened refrigerator looking at me.

“KIETH!” she screamed and ran past me for the steps embarrassed by my nudity.

I quickly ran behind her into my room and put on my robe. I did not exactly know what to do so I did what I always do when I am embarrassed I made a joke out of it.

Knocking on her door I said “Carrie sorry you had to see my naked ass. I don’t even like to see it!” I chuckled.

She smiled and giggled and I apologized in earnest. We talked for a few seconds and I headed in to take that shower. In the shower I was thinking about Carrie and how beautiful and sexy she had become over the last two years. At 5’6″ and 110 pounds she was long and lean. Her tight little ass was perfectly heart shaped and her tits were perfect for her body. I guessed they would be a B-cup but perky and on her frame ample. Her shoulder length brown hair framed her beautiful face and her full pouty lips always felt nice on my cheek.

I never thought about Carrie sexually but I am a man and I absolutely enjoyed watching her first thing in the morning or just before bed.Because she would always be dressed in something skimpy if it was warm or tight and form fitting when the thermometer dipped.

I was just toweling off and debating on shaving when there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Who is it” I said with a chuckle.

“Keith are you decent?” she asked

“Yes” I replied as I tied the belt on my robe.

The door cracked and she peeped around it appearing a bit nervous to just walk in. After what had happened thirty minutes ago I can’t say that I blamed her.

“What is it Carrie?” I asked thinking she wanted to get at some of her mother’s beauty supplies which were always a source of tension between the two of them. Carrie always “borrowed” but never returned items and Dee would get angry about it at times.

Carrie slipped into the bathroom without opening the door any wider. “can I see you without the robe again?” she muttered.

“I don’t think so! Are you out of your mind?” I said rather sternly.

Unaffected by my terse response Carrie said “I never saw one that big before. I just wanted to see it again…Please!”

I am well endowed at a bit over eight inches long and six inches round. Carries request made my cock jump a bit and start to fill. As MY mind was racing I reached down and gave it a tug absent mindedly.

“Carrie get out of here now!” I yelled. But Carrie just smiled and stared at my hand on my cock.

“Come on Keith I already saw it what’s the big deal?” she said. Never taking her eyes off of my hand now gripping my hardening cock.

I don’t know what made me say what I said next because I don’t think it is what I meant to say but…”show me yours and I will show you mine.” I said smiling at her.

Without a word or any hesitation she put her hands in the waistband of her blue spandex workout shorts and peeled them down her long shapely lags and my cock got harder than it had been in years! As Carrie straightened I was pleased to see her pussy was clean shaven and like her mother she had lips that hung.

Now it was Carries turn to touch her crotch and as she ran her finger between her damp outer lips I looked into her eyes and dropped my robe. Her eyes widened at the sight of my now raging hard on. In one swift motion I picked her up and tossed her onto the bed behind her and dove face first into that sweet wet pussy.

My tongue went from the top to the bottom of her increasingly wet lips as I reached the bottom of her pussy my fingers separated her labia and my tongue rimmed her tight little asshole. She giggled and pressed her ass against my tongue as my fingers slowly entered her pussy. She moaned deeply as I stood gripping my angry cock she begged me to let her suck it but I wanted that pussy badly.

“Keith it’s too big” she complained as I began rubbing the now slick with pre-cum head up and down her slit.

“It won’t be for long baby!” I said as I sank half of it into her snatch.

“Owe Keith… this isn’t what I wanted! Please don’t fuck me!” she cried out.

“It’s a bit too late for that isn’t it little girl?” Carrie hated when I called her that.

“I’ll show you a little girl you fucking pig!” I hated when she called me that!

I reared back and pumped hard she did the same both of us angry, hot and horny for each other all at the same time. As our pelvises met we both moaned. Her pussy while not virgin territory was certainly not used much because it was the tightest pussy I have ever had.

“OH MY GOD! you are so big!” Carrie screamed.

She is like an animal bucking up against me my cock buried balls deep in her. Carrie keeps me there and works her pussy in circles with my cock buried in her hole, I am barely moving and I have to say this is the best sex I have ever had.

“OHHHHH I am coming…COMING! STAY FUCKING STILL!!” Carrie is possessed and I am watching as she forces herself harder against me. It is almost painful for me she is driving against me so hard. She tears her shirt right down to her belly button and pulls her bra up revealing the prettiest little tits with amazing long thick nipples. She is pulling on them and ramming her pussy onto my cock I am holding her by the waist and suddenly she straightens like a board. Her ass is a full foot off the bed and every muscle in her body seizes.

“FUCK ME!” she screams at the top of her lungs. Her screams are so loud I am beginning to worry about the neighbors hearing! Then Just as suddenly she goes limp and her body seemingly pours back onto the bed. My cock still as hard as it was pulls out with a popping noise. Her body is shaking and she is moaning something I cannot make out.

Her spasms begin to subside and I am looking at this beautiful body glistening with sweat her long brown hair is a tangled mess. I am stroking my cock and I feel my balls tensing. My release is seconds away “Carrie I am going to shoot my load. Where would you like it?”

Carrie jumps up and positions herself in front of me doggie style and looks over her shoulder “You can put it wherever you want Daddy.” she says with a smile. Carrie has never called me daddy and I am taken aback. It is even more nasty now and I realize her calling me daddy just made this more fun!

I pull her back toward me and impale her tight pussy it takes no more than three pumps before I am shooting the biggest most intense load I can ever remember. Now I am the one with the spasms! I don’t know if I made any sounds but my knees buckle as my softening cock slips from her slick cum coated pussy I am on my knees and my view is blocked by her cunt dripping and her tight beautiful rosebud. I weakly straighten up and run my tongue up and down her cum coated lips pull her up and slide my cum into her mouth.

“MMMM” she purred “I am going to like visiting during the summer” Carrie says as she continues to scoop the cum from her pussy and rub it on my lips before kissing and sucking back off.

“Carrie we need to be careful. If your mother finds out we are both dead!”

“Don’t worry about her.” Carrie says nonchalantly.

“I am serious Carrie!”

“So am I daddy. I won’t tell and she won’t ever find out she is so out of touch.” Carrie says.

“She is distracted a lot by work these days but she isn’t stupid Carrie”

“OK…OK I will be carful daddy!”

“You cannot call me daddy in front of your mother either” I scold.

“No daddy that is your name only when we are naked!” She says laughing.

Suddenly we hear the garage door open Carrie quickly gathers her things and sprints for her room as she enters the hall she stops shaking her naked little ass at me she says “I will see you later DADDY!”

I chuckle and shake my head. I head back to the shower and clean the sex away.

I have many more things to tell you stay tuned!

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