teasing denial

This story is not intended for children and if you are not old enough to read sexually explicit material; go away. This story features some elements of female domination (femdom), teasing & denial, chastity training, mild bondage, creampies, cuckolding cross-dressing and a few other fantasies of mine. I hope you find it entertaining, but if you might be offended, stop reading and do something else. The author retains all rights to this story. You may re-post the story unchanged, provided there is no intent to profit from this story (it is not nice to make money from someone else’s work).

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Chapter 10: Champions at last.

Monday, it was such a powerful word this morning of March 31, 1997. So much had happened in these past few weeks but Monday, this Monday was going to be one for the ages as the saying goes.

As I woke for the day my thoughts should have been on the men’s NCAA final game. Arizona was going to play Kentucky and if this would have happened any time prior to this year’s tournament; that was what my thoughts would be about. But no matter how excited I was about the game tonight, all I could think about was Miss Rachel taking my fantasy to the ultimate. My wife had “promised” me that she would make my cuckold fantasy come true tonight in our bed. No secret rendezvous at a hotel, she would have a lover in our house, in our bedroom, in our marital bed!

I had been in chastity for 21 days and during that time I had licked more pussy than most men would in 21 years. As the sun began to brighten the room, by cock was swelling to the limits of the steel wires of my confinement. It hurt but I wanted to feel the pressure, it somehow made me feel more alive than I could imagine.

“Good morning Stephanie.”

“Good morning Miss Rachel.”

“It is going to be a big day Stephanie and the pun is intended as I plan to bring a big cock home tonight for you.”

“Thank you Miss Rachel.” Somehow this was what I wanted as much as I feared it.

“What are you thinking about Stephanie?”

“I am thinking about you having a lover and how excited I am but also how scared I am.”

“Why are you scared?”

“I think I am scared because men are not supposed to want their wife to have sex with another man, especially in their own bed!”

“Are you sorry that you decided to go through with this?”

“No Miss Rachel, I want it to happen very much but it is such a different relationship than what a marriage is supposed to be that it scares me as much as it excites me. I love you and don’t want to lose you to a more traditional man, one that doesn’t get turned on by being forced to wear panties.”

“You need to trust me Stephanie; I am committed to this relationship and if I want you to be satisfied in our marriage I need to fulfill you sexually. Women that don’t take care of husbands sexual needs often lose them to someone else. If you suppress your needs, you will begin to resent me and our relationship. I have read enough of your online stories to realize that many men with your peccadilloes end up going to a “professional” mistress to satisfy their sexual fantasies. I don’t want my husband sneaking around behind my back with a strange woman.”

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

“You were already living a double life sexually by having an online sex life that did not involve me. I think you would eventually have had to find a Mistress to satisfy that part of your life.”

“I wasn’t going to cheat on you Miss Rachel!”

“I know that you did not plan to cheat but you have to admit the powerful pull your sex fantasies have on you. I don’t want to have a relationship were my partner has to settle for less than they desire in the relationship.”

“Thank you Miss Rachel.”

“At first when we started this it was more about punishing you for keeping sexual secrets than fulfilling your sexual needs for me. But as time went on I realized that I was having a great sex life. In fact I found myself daydreaming about teasing you all day at work. By now I am almost as addicted to your sexual fantasies as you are.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, I don’t want to go back to the way we were. We had a good sex life but one with some pieces missing. Like most couples we were getting stale, falling into a rut sexually. I don’t think we are stale sexually any more Stephanie!”

“No Miss Rachel.”

“One thing about the last 3 weeks that you need to remember is it was a lot of work to do this 24 hours a day without a break. It took 4 women plus help from some others to make this work at this level.”

“I guess it did take a lot of effort by all of you to pull this off!”

“It certainly did and things are going to have to get a bit more normal after this. We are going to play sexually a lot, but probably not 24-7 Stephanie.”

“That is probably for the best, I don’t think I could take this much sexual intensity without some breaks. It would be overwhelming.”

“We better get up and get ready for work; we have a big evening tonight with your cuckolding by my new lover and your basketball game.”

“Do you want me to lick you pussy to start the day Miss Rachel?”

“No Stephanie, I want to be very horny tonight when my lover fucks me with his big cock for you!”

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

My cock was throbbing in its confinement as she said it out loud.

“This is the last day for you to lick Miss Lucy’s pussy, so I want you to give her as many orgasms as possible today!”

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

We got up and started our day.

I did my now normal routine of internal cleaning, putting in a butt plug and getting into my corset with Miss Rachel’s help. At breakfast there was no sperm added to anything. When I asked Miss Rachel about it she said that she wanted me to be craving sperm badly tonight, so no snacking today on my special treat.

When I got to work everybody was standing in the parking lot and fire trucks with flashing lights were everywhere.

I saw the building security manager and asked what was up.

“We can’t get the alarms to reset! Every time we reset the fire alarm system another fire detector in the building says we have a fire and the system goes off again. It is never the same one and when the fire department goes to that location, nothing is wrong. The fire company won’t let us in the building while this is going on and the alarm company hasn’t got a tech over here yet!”

Everyone was milling around wondering what to do when a truck from the alarm company showed up.

“Recognize Miss Leslie’s boy toy from the party at my place?” Miss Lucy said quietly so only I could hear.

I spun around and found that she had been standing just behind me waiting for the chance to surprise me with her plan.

“His dad owns the alarm company and he has been working on alarms for years. Miss Leslie made him program the building alarm system last week to go into a special test mode today. No matter how many times they reset the system it will just keep going into the test mode. They explained it to me this way; when you reset the software the fault jumps to a new zone, deletes itself from the last zone and keeps on doing it until the software is reloaded without the fault. In a few minutes he is going to tell the fire department that the software was corrupted, probably by a power glitch and that he is going to have to reload the software and re-program the building.”

I was looking at her is disbelief as she talked.

“They are going to ask him how long that it going to take and he is going to tell them that it will only take about 15 minutes to load the software but at least 4 or 5 hours to test everything.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, and I predict that pretty soon they will make the decision to send everyone home for the day!”

“Why did you plan this?”

“Because I want to spend the day with your mouth on my pussy without much interruption; it is my last chance to enjoy your tongue probably forever!”

“Does Miss Rachel know about this?”

“I told her last week and she said that if I could pull it off, then more power to me; just as long as no one would get in trouble. Besides if you spend the day eating pussy you will be unbelievably horny tonight when Miss Rachel cuckolds you!”

“You know about that!”

“There is not much I don’t know about your situation.”

We had to quit talking as some other people moved close enough to hear what we were saying. About the same time the building manager got on the fire department bullhorn and made an announcement.

“The alarm company has determined that the system has to be completely re-programmed. The fire department can not authorize use of the building until the system can be turned back on and pass their test. Because of the alarm problems the building will be closed for today. Please contact your supervisor for contingency plans.”

I gathered my team together to discuss work and then I informed my supervisor that we were going to call it quits for today and we would plan to work four ten hour days this week to keep our projects on track. He jokingly said that if the Arizona game was during work hours he would have to accuse me of rigging the alarm system.

Lucy and the rest took off right away but I waited about 20 minutes before heading home. When I pulled up to the house I didn’t see Miss Lucy’s car but Miss Rachel’s car was in the garage. I came into the house and was greeted by a buck naked Miss Lucy.

“Miss Rachel had me swap cars with her so nobody would get nosey about a strange car parked here all day.”

It was the first time I had seen Miss Lucy completely naked and my cock hurt so badly in the cage, what a delicious feeling. I had seen her pussy many times and had seen her in a negligee the night she had the “Playboy” party at her apartment but this was a site to behold. Miss Lucy was gorgeous; she was at her peak as a woman in my opinion. Her breasts were high and tight; Miss Lucy had at least C cup breasts with beautiful nipples that people call “puffy” nipples. She had the kind of breasts that are full and round at the chest and then have more of a pointy shape near the nipples. Gravity would probably take a toll on her heavy tits over the years, but right now they were absolutely perfect. She was not carrying an ounce of excess fat but was not so thin that she was showing ribs. Her dark blonde hair was full and healthy and her complexion was glowing. Anthropologists believe men are attracted to healthy hair and healthy complexions because it tells us that the woman will be fertile; that we should be attracted to the women that are best able to have our children. I can say that Lucy was the perfect vision of the fertile young woman. The other thing that drives men crazy with lust are the pheromones that a woman produces when she is fertile. With Lucy’s copious pussy juice I am sure she was putting out a scent that screamed “Fuck Me!”.

“What are you staring at Stephanie?”

“I have never seen a more beautiful woman in my life Miss Lucy! You look magnificent naked, better than you do in clothes. Most people look better dressed than naked but you should walk around naked all the time with your body!”

“Thank you Stephanie.”

“You have a very pretty face, but naked you are fantastic, prettier than most movie stars.”

“Miss Rachel might get a little jealous to hear you talking like this Stephanie!”

“I love Miss Rachel now more than I could have ever imagined when we got married. But we are both old enough that our bodies are past our absolute prime. You are probably never going to be better than you are right now Miss Lucy.”

“Thank you I guess, it must be all downhill from here!” Miss Lucy said with a laugh.

Miss Lucy shifted her legs a bit and I could see her swollen clit sticking out between her pussy lips and said. “Strip and eat me!”

I quickly had my business clothes off.

“Leave the corset and hose on, but take off your panties so I can see you cock trying to get hard in the chastity cage! I just love the look of your cock flesh trying to squeeze out between the wires.”

I knew that the built up lust and sexual frustration was contributing to my adoration of Miss Lucy, but she was a truly beautiful young woman. I knelt between her legs and pressed my nose to her pubic hair. Her bush was trimmed, but there was plenty of hair to trap her scent. Miss Rachel and Miss Lucy had me smelling pussy so often that my head was spinning with lust as I inhaled her heady fragrance.

“This is about my pleasure, not your joy at smelling my pussy!” Miss Lucy stated, breaking my trance.

I pressed my lips to her pussy and kissed the labia. Miss Lucy leaned back against the kitchen counter and tangled my hair between her fingers. Gently she pulled me tighter to her pussy and let out a small moan. I began to lick her pussy lips and her nectar as it began to run down her legs. I loved to use my tongue to chase the dew-marks from her copious pussy juice as it ran down the inside of her thighs. I was licking everywhere except directly on Miss Lucy’s clit.

“Quit teasing me and suck my little cock!” Miss Lucy commanded after a few more minutes.

I placed my lips on her hard mini pecker and sucked it between my lips and as it passed all the way into my mouth I used my tongue to stimulate the tip of her long clitoris. Miss Lucy let a deep moan escape her lips as I continued to make love to her pussy. She must have been sexually charged already because her pussy was leaking so fast that I could not keep it licked up and there were tracks running down her legs like rain drops on a window pane. I was so turned on by Muss Lucy’s pussy and the thoughts in my head about my planned cuckolding. Who was going to fuck my wife with my permission? Would I be jealous or excited to live out my fantasy? I was more excited than I imagined possible but also very anxious about tonight. The thoughts racing through my mind must have distracted me from eating Miss Lucy’s pussy.

“Fuck Stephanie, you are doing a terrible job on my pussy! Most of my juice is leaking down my legs instead of down your throat where it belongs! Lie down on the floor and concentrate on my wet pussy you stupid cunt!”

Miss Lucy had never used that kind of language with me before but I realized she had heard Miss Robin talking that way to me. It is odd what you think about as you bury your face in a wet pussy not belonging to your wife.

Miss Lucy quickly sat her very wet pussy on my face and said. “Pay attention to the task at hand or I will get a wooden spoon out and slap you on the balls if your mind drifts again!”

This is my favorite way to eat pussy, with the woman sitting her pussy right on my face. She can slide her pussy around on my face and coat my entire face with her nectar, she can press her pussy down hard when she feels urgent, she can cover my mouth and nose with her wet labia so that I can hardly breathe and she can lift her pussy off my face so that I have to strain to touch her with my tongue and lips. It makes my entire world about her pussy and giving it pleasure.

Time was forgotten as I made love to Miss Lucy’s fantastic pussy. I lost track of how many orgasms she had but so much liquid had leaked out of her pussy that my head was laying in a pool of her sweet nectar.

“What a wet cunt you are Lucy!” Miss Robin stated, breaking my concentration.

“I know and to think I used to be embarrassed to leak so much from my pussy.”

“You know I am a big fan of teasing wet pussies so if you ever want to let me have a go at your pussy and big clit I am sure I can make you leak gallons. Miss Robin bragged.

“I am not into eating pussy myself, so no; I am not signing up for a session with you Robin. I am sure that by the time you finished teasing my pussy you would have me begging to eat your cunt.”

“I like it when you talk about eating my cunt Lucy, you know it is only a matter of time before you actually put your mouth on my cunt and lick me to orgasm!” Miss Robin announced.

“No fucking way am I going to eat your cunt.” Miss Lucy said breathlessly. “Do me a favor and give Stephanie some love taps on her balls while she gives me one more orgasm, the stupid cunt keeps losing her focus!”

I was losing my focus because these two hot women were talking about lesbian S&M sex with lots of pussy teasing and the forced pussy eating by Miss Lucy of Miss Robin. I was already rock hard in my cock cage to the point of mild pain.

Miss Robin picked up a flexible nylon spatula and said “Spread your legs bitch so I can get a clear shot at those very full balls!”

She pulled up a chair and sat down so in this position she could flick my balls with the spatula and be comfortable doing it.

“I hope you don’t mind but I am going to take off my panties and play with my clit while Stephanie eats your pussy and I flick her nuts.” Miss Robin announced.

“Get your pussy warmed up so Stephanie can lick you to a couple of orgasms before we start getting her ready for tonight.” Miss Lucy answered.

My mind was racing as I used my tongue to play with Miss Lucy’s clit while the image of Miss Robin hiking up her dress so she could play with her pussy was imprinted in my head.


I felt Miss Robin’s first blow to my balls and the stinging along with the surprise timing sent a jolt through my nervous system!

“Oh yes, that got Stephanie’s attention!” Miss Lucy proclaimed as my face was pressed into her wet pussy due to my head trying to come off the floor.

The blow was pretty light, but it caused major nerve activity. Miss Robin continued to repeat the ball smacking in a very random pattern with mostly long delays between slaps with the spatula. Each time she used the spatula on my balls I would jerk and Miss Lucy would feel it through her pussy. They kept me at this new game for about 15 more minutes when Lucy had a very strong climax and fell forward, lifting her pussy off my face a bit. I gently licked her pussy lips as she recovered from her strongest orgasm of the day.

“My turn!” Miss Robin announced once Miss Lucy regained her composure.

The two women switched places and Lucy placed a towel on the chair to absorb her copious wetness. Miss Robin had removed her panties but she was still wearing her dress. It was the kind of dress she favored for everyday life. The top was fitted to her breasts, it had a tight waist and the skirt flared out with a lot of material. It was much more the kind of day wear women wore in the late 1950s and early 1960s TV sitcoms. I am sure that when people ran into Miss Robin doing her shopping they must have thought how conservative and traditional a mother she must be. Little did they realize how kinky she is sexually. The skirt covered me completely so that I was in near darkness as I put my tongue to work on her clit and pussy. Compared to Miss Lucy her pussy was almost dry.

“Make it quick cunt, we need to move this along so we can get you ready for your cuckolding.” Miss Robin instructed.

Miss Robin did not have time or perhaps this was not kinky enough for her but she just wanted a “quickie” on my tongue. No wasted time, get to licking and get me off as quick as you can was her motto for today.

“Hurry up you lazy cunt, surly your tongue isn’t worn out from eating Miss Lucy’s cunt!”

With Miss Robin talking to her subs was part of the domination. I am not sure if she could enjoy herself sexually without heaping on some humiliating comments.

“Slap this lazy cunt’s balls with that spatula so she gets busy!” She told Miss Lucy.

I was licking as fast as my tired tongue could go while Miss Robin was pressing her pussy against my face so hard that I was having a hard time catching my breath. And then the spatula slapped me on the balls. I moaned into Miss Robin’s pussy and jerked my head off of the floor.

“That’s better, now the stupid cow is putting some effort into licking my cunt!”

Miss Lucy kind of set a cadence and began slapping my balls lightly with great regularity. Light blows but over and over again the flexible spatula slapped my very full balls. It was starting to make my balls sting constantly; no recovery between slaps.

“Oh yes cunt now I am starting to feel some enthusiasm!” Miss Robin said through clenched teeth. “Keep slapping the bitch’s balls so she doesn’t let up!”

It is amazing how a light tap repeated many times on sensitive flesh can add up to unbearable levels. I was licking Miss Robin’s clit and tongue fucking her pussy as fast as my tongue could move while Miss Lucy kept her steady pace of flicking the spatula against my balls. My world had collapsed into 2 things, the darkness under Miss Robin’s skirt filled with the aroma of an excited woman and the constant taps against my balls. At that moment you could have shot a gun in the room and I would not have known anything about it.

“Suck my pussy you lazy worthless cunt!” Miss Robin added as she climaxed on my face.

Miss Robin recovered quickly and when she stood up the bright light caused me to slam my eyes shut.

“Time to get you ready.” Miss Lucy announced.

I had been lying on the tile floor long enough that getting up took a little effort.

“Look at that puddle of pussy juice!” Miss Robin said as she pointed to the wetness on the floor. “We should make the stupid cunt lick it up but I don’t think we have enough time for that.”

Miss Lucy handed me a towel and I wiped up their combined juices.

“Don’t bother with your face cunt, it will come off in the bathroom.”

It was about 2:00PM by then and I figured that I had been eating pussy for most of 3 hours. I took a quick look at my face in the reflection of the mirror Miss Rachel had me hang by the garage door so she could check her makeup on the way out. My face was wet and my hair was slicked back from all the pussy juice that had leaked out.

Miss Robin had made a lunch for us that consisted of stuffed pita bread. There was a little chicken in the pitas but mostly it was sprouts, chopped vegetables and a little cucumber dressing. I expected them to put a dose of sperm on my pita but I got the same cucumber dressing they used. I must have hesitated to start eating when Miss Lucy said. “No cold sperm for your lunch today Stephanie, Rachel wants any sperm you taste today to come straight from the tap or from her freshly fucked pussy.”

Hearing Miss Lucy talk about my coming experience caused my swollen cock to bounce up and down, cage and all.

Once we finished lunch the girls took me to the master bath and had me do one more cleaning of my boy cunt (that is what they called it). Once I finished my enema they had me get into the tub filled with hot water and scented oils. After I soaked a while I had to stand up so they could wash my body using luffa sponges and flowery smelling soap. Miss Lucy was still nude but Miss Robin had taken off her dress and underwear, then she had put on an apron. The apron was a cupcake print fabric with pink icing cupcakes, the ties around the neck and waist were pink with small white polka dots and the bottom of the apron had a ruffle sewn on that was a lighter pink. Very sexy and innocent at the same time. She had tied it tightly around her so that it was very revealing. As the bath water got the apron damp it was clinging to every curve of her body and her hard nipples just begged to be sucked. I don’t know which woman was more enticing; the fully naked in the prime of her life Miss Lucy or the bisexual kinky dominatrix Miss Robin in an apron from another era.

Between the hot water, bath oils, being bathed by two beautiful women and the sexual images they were creating in my brain I almost passed out. I was happy to get out of that tub, as they then started drying me with two large soft towels the sexual feelings kept me light headed. After which they rubbed my entire body down with a floral scented body lotion. My caged cock was throbbing with each heart beat as the scents from their bodies and body lotion blended with the steam to make the entire bathroom an erotic rain forest.

How many horny guys get rubbed down by their 20 something naked intern and their wife’s best friend all with the permission of their wife? My life had changed so much these 21 days that nothing would ever be the same. Many times I had been a bit scared by it all but at that moment I wished it could go on forever.

Once I was completely dried the women led me to the bedroom and started getting my ready. Miss Robin had me bend over and my intern Miss Lucy used a large syringe to inject lube up my butt. That was followed by a medium sized butt plug.

“You might be popping your cherry tonight so a girl has to be ready for a hard cock on a big night like this.” Miss Lucy explained.

Next was my white corset. I guess my body was adjusting to wearing a tightly laced corset because it took them very little time to get me laced up. Next Miss Lucy glued my breast forms in place and used the demi cups of the corset to hold them in place while the adhesive set. Next was a pair of white hose with little pink bows at the top. Once the hose were attached to the garters on the corset the girls had me step onto a pair of white silk panties. As Lucy pulled them up she placed a panty liner so that the lube up my butt would not stain the white silk. Next they had me step into a pair of pink marabou slippers with 3 inch heels.

Once my foundation layer was complete they had me sit at Miss Rachel’s makeup dresser and they began to do my makeup after placing a towel over the mirror so I could not see myself. First up was my nails and Miss Robin took great care to give me a “French” manicure using pink and white nail polish. When they were done my nail extensions were the longest in the kit and I had to admit looked like they were really my own. They took their time and when the blonde wig was in place and styled over an hour had gone by. The last think they did was to put on a pale pink lipstick and topped that with a lip gloss to make my lips shine.

“I think you have a nice set of cock sucking lips Stephanie!” Miss Robin stated.

“Thank you both for doing my makeup!” and I meant it very much.

The next item was a white bridal peignoir. The set consisted of a silk slip or top with see through lace accents and a sheer lace jacket or robe. The lace jacket was made from a lace that was soft but had the look of a bridal veil. The set was long enough to reach my stocking tops. I would have loved to take this set off of Miss Rachel on our wedding night.

Miss Robin and Miss Lucy had me practice taking the peignoir jacket off by slipping it off my shoulders. I had to practice several times a slow seductive removal of first the jacket by letting it slide off both shoulders and then catching it with the tips of my fingers as it fell. Then I was to place it gently over the arm of the chair. Next I was to take one hand and slip a thin strap off of the opposite shoulder, drop that hand and then crossing the other hand across my chest slip off the other thin strap. It took a while for me to get the knack of moving my body seductively enough to let the slip slide down my body. And then I was to seductively step out of the slip and add it to the jacket on the arm of the chair. I had got it down pretty well when Miss Rachel came home.

“You look lovely Stephanie!”

“Thank you Miss Rachel.” I replied sincerely.

“Don’t thank me Stephanie, you need to thank Miss Robin and Miss Lucy for your fantastic look.”

“Thank you both very much Miss Lucy and Miss Robin for giving me this fantastic makeover.”

What a sight, a buck naked Miss Lucy, Miss Robin in her sexy but sweet apron and my beautiful wife inspecting my bridal conversion. It was unbelievable to have your wife find you in your master bedroom with 2 beautiful women, one of whom was completely naked and be happy about it.

I was sent to the living room with a pile of fashion magazines to look at while they got Miss Rachel ready. They had covered every mirror I might have tried to use to inspect my makeover. I hated fashion magazines but I was glad to have something to occupy my mind while I waited for the time to pass. I think every magazine they gave me to read featured Miss Meredith in some way. By now it was after 5:00 PM but we still had several hours before the game was going to start. As the TV audience was best if they started about 9:00 PM on the east coast to give the California basketball nuts time to get home from work, it could be a long night before my game started.

I had been thumbing through the magazines for about an hour when Miss Rachel came into the room. She was dressed in an identical outfit except her corset stopped just below her breasts and her nipples were clearly visible through the material of her peignoir.

As I stood I said “You look more beautiful tonight than I could have ever imagined! I love you Miss Rachel!”

“Thank you Stephanie and you look pretty good yourself. I am sure our guest tonight will not be disappointed.”

Apparently time was getting to be an issue so Miss Robin made us a protein shake with strawberries bananas and peanut butter. It was filling and plenty tasty but the main advantage according to Miss Robin was that we could use a straw and not mess up our makeup.

Once we finished our shakes Miss Robin cleaned up the kitchen, got out a bottle of red and white wine and opened each one so that we did not have to worry about our nails. While Miss Robin cleaned up Miss Lucy got dressed. I felt a real sense of loss as I realized that I would never see Miss Lucy naked again and would never taste her sweet pussy again.

Miss Rachel must have been reading my thoughts. “Don’t worry Stephanie, there are many things yet to come that will be just as exciting as Miss Lucy’s pussy, maybe even more exciting.”

“What ever happens in the future Miss Rachel, thank you for what you have given me these 3 weeks! No husband could have a better gift than what you have done for me.”

“You are welcome Stephanie but I also have had a great time as well as my friends. For all of us this has changed our lives in so many ways. We have all talked about it a lot and none of us could have imagined what happened these 3 weeks but all of us loved it very much.”

“All I can say is that I am the luckiest guy in the world!”

“And I am the luckiest gal in the world.”

The girls left and all the mirrors were uncovered but Miss Rachel kept me in a location that prevented me from getting a good look at my makeover. We were sipping our wine when the doorbell rang.

Fear shot through my entire body as Miss Rachel said “Answer the door Stephanie and let our guest in.”

I was shaking as I walked to the front door. Walking in 3 inch heels was a bit tricky still but with my nerves I almost fell twice. I finally made it to the door and when I opened it I had the shock of my life.

“Good evening Stephanie.” Honoré said. (Author’s note, I have put the voice of Honoré in italics to signify a French accent.)

Nothing had prepared me for this shock. Honoré was the managing partner for the Paris branch of Rachel’s company. His father was a “Big Deal” in the French diplomatic office and his mother was a high fashion model from Africa. She was very tall, about 6’2″ and had the very dark skin of a tribal African. His father was also about 6’2″ but had blond hair very fair skin and green eyes. His parents had met when his father was assigned to one of the French embassies in Africa.

I knew all this because I had met them all on a trip to Paris a couple of years back. We had both taken 2 weeks of vacation to add to Rachel’s business travel agenda and had a great time exploring Paris and the wine country of France. While we were there Honoré invited us to visit his family estate about an hour outside of Paris. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights and his family gave us a great tour of the estate and their wine making operation. It turns out his family had been making wine on that estate for several hundred years. And they were still rich enough with old European money to do just about anything they pleased. I liked Honoré’s mother a lot because she did not have an attitude even though she was a famous model and direct descendent from an African king of some sort. Honoré and his father were arrogant and acted like being from an important old family line in France gave them some kind of special status. They both fit the stereotype of snooty Frenchmen.

They did give us the royal treatment but it felt like they were showing off more that gracious. Rachel thought I was being overly sensitive and that I should just go with the flow. I did let a lot of petty stuff just go but I never wanted to visit their chateau again.

As I describe the experience you may wonder why I was so shocked. Honoré and Rachel worked together many times, we had entertained him on his visits to the USA and he was important to the success of European operations for Rachel’s company. All that being said, it turns out that Honoré has been after Rachel to make love to him since they first met about 5 years ago. I guess in the circles Honoré operates in it is pretty common for married women to have a lover every now and then. He has openly done everything he could to get Rachel into bed. On top of that he acts like he is God’s gift to women. To all the men in the USA that have met him, he is a conceited French jerk. But the women mostly fawn all over him; except Rachel until now.

Honoré is tall and lean like his mother, his skin is the color of hot chocolate, his hair is blond curly locks that he wears like Antonio Banderas and he flirts non-stop, laying on the French accent. He is considered one the best looking men the women at Rachel’s company have seen in real life. On top of all that he has an unbelievable pants snake. He is always wearing linen pants that show off the shape of his cock hanging down his leg. He is one of those guys that needs to tell his tailor which side he likes to hang his cock on. Even the guys that have met him on his trips to the US will mention his pants snake. Something like, “I can’t believe the pants snake that fucking Frenchman is packing!”

Nobody had an actual measurement but the speculation was that it was 9″ to 10″ long and 1.5″ thick soft. There is nothing like trolling for pussy when you have a cock like that and all that French charm with the ladies. Rachel had shared some office gossip from the women that he had fucked while on his US trips and by all reports he was twice as long and thick when erect as their husbands or boyfriends. So if the average erect male is 5.5 to 6 inches and taking into account that nobody had used a tape measure I figured he didn’t get much longer when erect but he was probably over 2″ thick when hard.

“Invite our guest in Stephanie.” Miss Rachel said and broke my trance.

“Please come in Honoré.” I was finally able to say.

“Thank you Stephanie, Rachel has told me all about you and how much planning has gone into your special night!” All with his French accent.

It seems that gender is not as big a deal in Western Europe compared to the USA but I was shocked when Honoré kissed me on the cheek.

“Oh look Honoré, you made Stephanie blush!” Miss Rachel announced as Honoré kissed her cheek.

“Please don’t be embarrassed Stephanie, I have know many girly men and always enjoy their company. You have nothing to worry about with me my beautiful Stephanie.” Honoré was laying his French charm on thick.

I could feel my face blushing more than any time in my life. It was very different for a real man to see me in this feminine form. I guess Bitch Roy had seen me as Stephanie but he was part of what seemed like a large extended family, where Miss Rachel’s close friends were very much like sisters. I had always known that they shared everything, including intimate details of each other’s sex lives. But Honoré was from outside our circle of friends and I did not have any trust in him. I had been completely “outed” by Miss Rachel and I was a bundle of emotions. One second I was mad, then scared but always excited. I could not believe how my cock was throbbing in the chastity cage.

“You may remember Stephanie that I attended Oxford to earn my degree in International Studies and then came to the States to earn my MBA at Harvard.”

How could I ever forget hearing all about Oxford and Harvard when we stayed at the chateau.

While at Oxford I had a few experiences with girly men and when I was at Harvard I had a townhouse that I used roommates to share expenses with and one of my roommates was a girly man, so I am very comfortable seeing you this way Stephanie.” Honoré explained in a way that irritated me but sounded like it should be a complement.

“Stephanie, please get Honoré a glass of wine and freshen up our wine at the same time. Then join us in the living room.” Miss Rachel instructed.

I joined them in the living room with the wine and served everyone, and gave my glass an extra little bit. I needed something to calm my nerves.

“Show Honoré how much you have learned Stephanie, give us a little show by modeling your bridal peignoir.” Miss Rachel suggested.

I did my best to do a bit of a runway walk, showing off my sexy lingerie for Honoré.

“Very nice Stephanie.” Honoré stated.

Miss Rachel had me join them on the couch and then she sent me to the moon with her next request. “Stephanie, is there something you want to ask Honoré?”

I knew what she was saying. She wanted me to ask Honoré to make me Rachel’s cuckold. Unless I asked Honoré to fuck my wife then I guess we would just sit around and sip our wine while having idle chit chat. After a long pause and a gulp of wine I started.

“Honoré would you please make love to Miss Rachel?” I said quietly.

“Are you sure Stephanie, you don’t seem very certain?” Honoré replied.

“Yes, please make love to Miss Rachel; I would like it very much if you made love to her tonight.” I said a little louder.

“Is it because you are gay and not just a girly man, unable to make love to a woman?” Honoré asked.

“No, that is not it. I love making love to women; especially Miss Rachel!”

“If you are not gay then why do you not make love to your beautiful wife?”, Honoré was jabbing me with his questions and his sly smile was hard to take.

“Because I can’t right now.” I was getting desperate with these questions.

“Please explain it to me Stephanie!” more sly smiling.

“I am wearing a cock cage that prevents me from getting an erection.” I answered.

I have never heard of such a thing Stephanie, you must show me!” Honoré said excitedly.

I hesitated and Miss Rachel gently said. “Go ahead and pull your panties down so Honoré can see how useless your cock is to me right now.

I was shaking as I stood and parted my robe so that I could pull my panties down enough to expose my caged cock.

“Take your panties all the way off.” Miss Rachel suggested.

There I was standing in front of the couch facing my wife and Honoré, holding the robe of my peignoir set open enough to see my caged cock but the hem of my bridal set slip/top was long enough to cover my caged cock. My hands shook as I slid my panties down my legs and managed to step out of them without falling. Miss Rachel has done this for me many times while wearing heals but having to do it yourself was very different than watching.

I placed my panties on the side table that holds a lamp and once again parted my robe for Honoré to inspect my caged cock.

Hold up your skirt so I can have a better look.” Honoré instructed.

As I held up the hem of the peignoir top Honoré reached out and began to fondle my caged cock and full balls. I immediately jerked back so fast that I did fall.

Once Honoré and Miss Rachel quit laughing she said. “Don’t be silly Stephanie, Honoré isn’t embarrassed by your situation and you did tell me earlier how happy you are so you don’t need to be embarrassed or shy to let Honoré touch your caged cock!

I moved back in front of Honoré and let him resume his inspection.

As Honoré fondled my balls and felt the heft of my caged cock he said. “Well Stephanie I have experienced a great deal sexually but I have never seen a girly man with his cock in a cage. It is very nice for Rachel to know that you are unable to make love without her permission!

“Thank you Honoré.” I didn’t know what else to say but it felt like a compliment.

I understand that it has been 3 weeks since you have made love to your beautiful wife!

“Yes, it has been 3 weeks!” I admitted. Actually more than 3 weeks because we had not had sex for a few days before I was put into my chastity cage.

I have not gone without sex for 3 days since I was 13 and the housekeepers at the chateau found out I had a big cock! Your exquisite wife must love you very much to go without a man to make love to her for so many days!”

“Yes, she does love me very much.” I admitted.

Since you cannot make love to your wife; that is why you want me to give her the pleasure you cannot?” Honoré said as he continued to fondle my caged cock and balls.

“Yes Honoré; that is why I asked you to make love to Miss Rachel.”

Well Stephanie, perhaps you should make sure that I am a good choice for your lovely wife?”

“I am sure you will make Miss Rachel happy with your love making!” I answered, not sure what Honoré was getting at.

I think you should inspect my cock to see if it is large enough for her, after all I understand that your cock is well above average and I would not want her to think that I did not measure up; so to speak!” Honoré said with his sly smile.

I must have looked confused so Miss Rachel spoke “Take his cock out and check it out for me Stephanie!”

I knelt down and reached for his belt with my trembling hands. I tried to will them to stop shaking but they were still quivering as I undid his belt. Between my nerves and the long fingernails it took a long time to get the buckle undone. I tried to be an observer of these hands with very long and manicured fingernails as though they were not my hands. Next I slid down his zipper and un-buttoned the waist band of his trousers. I could feel my face flushing and my head was spinning as I reached into his pants to fish out his cock. I could not manage to extract it due to its length and the tightness of his pants.

“Could you remove your pants I asked?”

Of course Stephanie.” Honoré replied.

As Honoré stood Miss Rachel added. “Be sure to help Honoré remove his pants and hang them with his jacket so that they don’t get wrinkled.”

Honoré stood and presented his foot to me so I could slip off his shoe. I was glad he was wearing loafers so that I didn’t have to try and untie his laces with my long nails and shaking hands. I removed each shoe and rolled his socks so they could be placed inside each shoe. Next I reached up and slid his pants down his legs. As the pants slid down his legs his briefs came into view. He was wearing boxer briefs which surprised me a bit. I figured Honoré would have on silk boxers but as I thought about it for a split second it was clear that with a pants snake like Honoré owned that boxer briefs was the more practical choice.

I took the pants to hang with his jacket and when I returned Miss Rachel had his shirt unbuttoned and was rubbing her hand over his chest as they both sipped their wine sitting tightly on the couch. Honoré still was wearing his boxer briefs.

As I knelt down and reached for Honoré’s cock I felt my own cock throbbing and trying to get hard in the cage. Honoré did nothing to help and I had to work my hand into the briefs and get my fingers around the shaft. His cock was still covered so somehow it was almost like I was not touching a real cock since I could not see it. After struggling for a few seconds that felt like hours, his cock began to come out of his shorts and when it was free I had the waist band of his briefs below his balls. Now it was a very real cock and it was in my hand.

You should make it hard so that you can see if it is big enough for your beautiful wife.” Honoré instructed.

I began to play with his cock and it began to fill with blood. In his semi-erect state his cock was much bigger than mine, both longer and thicker. As I played with it his cock got stiffer and thicker but did not lengthen much at all.

“Use your long nails to tease his cock and make it hard for me Stephanie!” Miss Rachel suggested strongly.

I could smell her pussy already as I played with Honoré’s cock. I slid my hand along the shaft and ran my fingernails around the head of his cock. I used to own a cock and I used to play with it every chance I got so I had good idea what to do with his cock. As it became fully erect Miss Rachel suggested that I put my lips on it to see how thick it was. I had his balls in one hand, slid my other hand along the shaft and leaned forward to place the head on my mouth. I had expected a foreskin but Honoré was circumcised. Which is not as typical in Europe; at least that is what I have always understood, less the ½ have been cut. It is kind of amazing what pops into your head at surreal moments.

The head of his cock had a large mushroom shape and it was difficult to get it past my teeth. But I managed, probably due to all the time I had recently spent sucking on various dildos. At first I tried to imagine that it was not me sucking on the head of this cock but after a few moments it was me and I was starting to enjoy the feel of his cock head in my mouth. I am sure that part of it was all the sexual denial I had experienced recently making me very sexually charged. But part of it was that I was doing this for Miss Rachel. I was making Honoré’s cock hard for my wife’s pleasure! In a way it was my gift to her. Honoré’s balls were very large and heavy. I would say that they were 50 % larger than my own and it felt incredible to feel their heft in my hand.

Miss Rachel broke my trance by asking. “Well Stephanie will Honoré’s cock be adequate for your wife?”

“Yes Miss Rachel, it is very long and thick and his balls are very heavy. I think you will be very happy with Honoré’s cock!” and I meant it very much.

“How much bigger is Honoré’s cock compared to your useless cock?”

“I would say his cock is at least 2 inches longer and much thicker, I would guess that Honoré has an erection that is between 2 and 2.5 inches thick and I am only 1.75 inches thick when I get an erection.”

Miss Rachel had measured my cock a couple of years ago because her girlfriends did not believe her when she told them about my size. Most of them had not seen a cock larger than 6 or so inches and they pestered Miss Rachel to measure it for them. She did one better; she took Polaroid pictures of my cock with a ruler showing my length and thickness. (For the young reading this story, a Polaroid picture was an instant photo that developed on its own in about 60 seconds.) All her girlfriends had seen the pictures and knew for certain what I had in the cock department.

“Do you think he is too big for my pussy Stephanie?”

“I think it will take a little getting used to but I am sure you can take his cock!” I had no idea why I was encouraging her to let Honoré fuck her with his super sized cock.

“Now that you have decided that Honoré has a large enough cock to please me Stephanie, perhaps you can ask him again to make love to me?”

“Honoré, would you please make love to Miss Rachel with your large cock?”

I am not sure that your really mean what you ask Stephanie.” Honoré replied.

“Please Honoré I beg you to make love to Miss Rachel tonight and let her enjoy your long fat cock!” I was still slowly jacking off his cock as I begged him to fuck my wife.

I have decided to help you out Stephanie and fill in for you as your wife’s lover because you are incapable of making love to her like a beautiful women deservers!” Honoré announced.

Miss Rachel got up from the couch as Honoré stood up and they hugged for the first time in a sexual way. Honoré was pulling Rachel close as they kissed and now she was the one with a hand wrapped around his erect cock. Miss Rachel pulled on Honoré’s erection and used it as a lead to take him to our bedroom.

Once we reached the master bedroom Miss Rachel lit several candles in the room and turned off the electric lighting. This was just the way she liked it when we made love, gentle candle light and the dancing shadows that candle light produces. Honoré took his shirt off while Miss Rachel and I turned down the bed. Next I put both of our robes on lingerie hangers as Miss Rachel slid the slip portion of her peignoir off her shoulders just like I had practiced earlier and I hung that up also.

“Stephanie, please remove my panties so Honoré can make love to me.”

“Yes Miss Rachel.” I answered as I knelt and slid her panties off of her legs, folded them and set them on the dresser.

Once that was done Miss Rachel said. “Get my pussy wet for Honoré’s big cock Stephanie.”

Miss Rachel sat on the side of the bed and opened her legs. I knelt in front of my wife and began to make love to her pussy. I had spent so much time giving oral pleasure to the women in my life these past weeks that I didn’t need much direction. As I licked her pussy lips and snaked my tongue into her open vagina I could tell that she was already very wet in anticipation of Honoré’s big cock and lovemaking. Honoré had taken a seat in our bedroom chair and was slowly jacking his cock while I made Miss Rachel’s pussy ready for his enjoyment. It is hard to explain but I was feeling pride that Honoré found Miss Rachel desirable and that he would see how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife. I also felt pride in my ability to give Miss Rachel pleasure with my mouth. I knew my oral skills were very good; perhaps I had become a world class expert at cunnilingus over the last 3 weeks. I had licked more pussy than most men would taste in a lifetime.

“I think I am ready.” Miss Rachel said to me signaling that she was ready to move on to actually fucking Honoré.

The first time it is best if I lay down and you control how much of my cock you can take and then when you are ready let your body slide down my shaft a bit more.” Honoré suggested.

Honoré lay on our bed and Miss Rachel asked me if his cock was still hard. I used my hands to play with his shaft and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I used my tongue to lick around his cock head and then sucked the end back into my mouth several times.

“Honoré is very hard Miss Rachel.” I announced.

It never was my thing to put Honoré’s or anybody else’s cock in my mouth but somehow I had built up to this and it felt like another barrier had been broken. I was now an actual cock sucker for my wife’s pleasure and helping her to achieve tremendous pleasure was rewarding to me.

Honoré got into position on the bed and lay there as Miss Rachel straddled his body.

“Can you guide Honoré’s cock into my pussy Stephanie?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I took hold of Honoré’s cock with my hand and rubbed the large head on Miss Rachel’s pussy lips. I could see the moisture from Miss Rachel’s pussy making Honoré’s cock head all shinny. I carefully aligned his cock with the entrance to vagina and Miss Rachel let her body weight press down on Honoré’s erection. At first nothing happened but slowly his large cock head began to disappear. I felt very happy to see Miss Rachel getting his cock unto her pussy.

Once the entire cock head was out of sight Miss Rachel paused. As she paused I used my fingers to play with her clit and I kissed her with all my passion. When we broke the kiss I quietly said. “I know you can do it, take your time and enjoy his beautiful cock!”

Miss Rachel began to lift up slightly and then press back down and as she worked his cock into her pussy I was overwhelmed by the scene. In our bedroom, in our bed my wife, wearing nothing but a corset and hose held up by garters was taking the biggest cock I had ever seen into her pussy and I was helping. I also was cheering her on in my head and was proud to be her “spotter”. I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined this day happening for real; me helping my wife fuck the arrogant Honoré in our marital bed. I had read plenty of porn dealing with cuckold fantasies but this was very real as my hand was touching the cock of the man that was cuckolding me in my own bed.

Honoré reached up and began to play with Miss Rachel’s breasts as I continued to play with her clitoris and whisper encouragement. I was mesmerized by the image of my hand with long manicured nails playing with Miss Rachel’s clit and brushing against Honoré’s cock as it disappeared into my wife’s pussy. It suddenly occurred to me that a term like “my wife” did not make much sense as Honoré put his cock in the pussy that used to belong to me. I had given away Miss Rachel’s pussy.

It was like time stood still but it was probably only 4 or 5 minutes until Miss Rachel had slid down his cock fully. Once all the way down Miss Rachel began to gently rock her hips as she adjusted to the large cock that had gone beyond anything my cock had ever touched. I know a vagina can stretch enough to have a baby but I was truly amazed to see Honoré’s cock disappear in Miss Rachel’s pussy.

“Thanks for the help getting Honoré’s cock in my pussy Stephanie, but I can take it from here. You can kneel at the foot of the bed and watch Honoré’s cock slide in and out of my pussy while we make love.”

I followed her instructions and knelt at the foot of the bed. From that position I could clearly see how Honoré’s cock was stretching Miss Rachel’s pussy lips. I have not had a lot of different women in my life but even with my above average cock it takes a woman some time to adjust to the size of it in the beginning. Miss Rachel was doing amazingly well with Honoré’s cock.

Once Miss Rachel was comfortable with Honoré’s cock in her pussy she leaned forward and began to kiss him as she slowly worked her hips up and down. At first only an inch or so of his cock became visible when Miss Rachel lifted up but soon that began to increase. I was strangely OK with his cock in her pussy but it was bothering me terribly to see Miss Rachel kiss Honoré. I had always heard that hookers would fuck you, suck you but not kiss you because kissing was more personal. I never believed it until that moment. I was jealous of Honoré kissing my wife with so much passion.

Honoré began to speak softly in French. Rachel had become rather fluent in French due to her firm’s international business going through Paris but I only knew a little bit of the language. I did pick up on a couple of words; juste and minou which would mean “tight pussy” if I heard it right and did the translation right. Honoré was telling my wife what a lovely tight pussy she has or once had now that his cock was stretching her like I never could. I was even more invisible to them as they had their sexual banter in French.

Miss Rachel was never intimidated by my larger sized cock and she was finding a way to enjoy Honoré’s even larger cock. Most of the girls that I began my early sexual journey with had not particularly taken to my cock. Most had found sex on the painful side and I am sure that early on my poor technique had a lot to do with that. I was so turned on I did not give them time to adjust to my erection before I was pounding away. But once I started dating Rachel it was different. She helped me to slow down and give her time to adjust to the length and thickness. She also taught me about cunnilingus to get her good and wet before I tried to enter her and to this day I never put my cock in her pussy without first using my tongue and mouth to prepare her pussy.

I had eaten her pussy tonight to get her wet and ready for Honoré’s cock and she had taken a lot of time getting it inside her pussy. My wife knew what to do with a big cock but now I was wondering if she would still like my smaller cock; would she crave having me inside her or would she now find me lacking. It is odd how a guy will wonder if his cock is big enough even when they know that they are well above average in the cock department; now I had penis envy when I mentally compared my cock to Honoré’s cock. All this was racing through my brain as I watched Miss Rachel slide up on Honoré’s cock and then slowly slide back down. She was controlling the action and was very happy to slowly fuck Honoré. I could tell that she was getting close to her first climax by the changes in her breathing and body language. Honoré on the other hand was just enjoying the slow fuck and did not appear in any danger of an orgasm.

I was wildly going through a range of emotions as I watched Honoré’s cock disappear into Miss Rachel’s pussy and reappear again. On one stroke I would feel pride that Miss Rachel could take this big cock for her enjoyment. The next stroke and I would feel fear that she did not need my caged cock if Honoré could fuck her. Would she ever have any need to remove the cage? Then I was worried that if Miss Rachel un-caged my cock would I fill her pussy the same way after Honoré fucked her with his horse cock. And then I felt great joy that Miss Rachel was getting to fuck this magnificent cock. I finally realized that I had been given a great gift by Miss Rachel these 20 some days and I should not be jealous of her enjoying Honoré’s cock.

I was now a cuckold and I had asked my wife to cuckold me. I had begged Honoré to fuck my wife and I was a witness to my cuckolding. I began to rub my hairless balls trying to get some kind of pleasure as I watched my wife fucking Honoré. If my cock had been un-caged I would be sending cum flying. But I could only poke the tips of my fingernails through the wires and scratch at my cock flesh. Even with this minimal ability to touch my cock my hand was wet from all the pre-cum I was leaking.

Miss Rachel picked up the pace as she approached her orgasm. I continued to play with my balls as I watched the porn movie taking place in our bedroom. I wish we had set up the video recorder to capture the raw sexuality of their coupling.

When Miss Rachel climaxed with a powerful orgasm she let out a long moan and collapsed on Honoré’s chest. Honoré just held still and talked softly in French. After a few moments he began to rub the sides of her breasts and as she gained some control they began kissing.

Are you ready for me to finish?” Honoré asked.

“I can’t move yet, my body has turned to jelly.”

How long had it been since Miss Rachel had turned to jelly from my love making?

Perhaps we could switch position and let me do the work? Honoré suggested.

They didn’t separate their bodies; just rolled over on the bed. Honoré began to pull his cock out a little bit and then back in. He was taking his time so that Miss Rachel could adjust to this position and his deep penetration. By now they had been fucking for close to 20 minutes and I imagined that Honoré had to be close to an orgasm as he felt the tightness of Miss Rachel’s pussy. Honoré had his hands beside Miss Rachel’s shoulders and he was beginning to increase the speed of his fucking motion. Miss Rachel was getting some control back and was able to wrap her legs around his hips. From my position neer the foot of the bed I had a clear view of his cock “wrecking” my wife’s pussy. I was incredibly turned on and was desperately trying to give my own cock some pleasure.

It could not have been long at all time wise when Honoré climaxed and Miss Rachel had a second powerful orgasm. Only a few ticks on the clock but it felt like hours of fucking had occurred as I watched them enjoy each other. Honoré fell forward and they held their position for a few moments but it felt like time stood still to me. I was still rubbing my balls and caged cock in frustration. How did my life change so much I wondered.

Eventually Honoré rolled off of Miss Rachel and I was given my next task. “Time to clean Honoré’s cock Stephanie.”

I had fantasized about this and read countless erotic stories where the cuckold had to clean his wife’s lover’s cock once they finished fucking but now I was about to do it for real. Honoré sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt between his legs and began to lick up there mingled fluids. At first I was hesitant but once I tasted his cock I found that I liked the flavor. I had eaten many samples of sperm but Honoré’s sperm mixed with Miss Rachel’s pussy juice was like food to a starving man. I guess I was starving sexually but even without the denial I had been experiencing I would have enjoyed their taste.

In this kneeling position there was no way I could “deep throat” Honoré’s cock but I could suck about ½ of his length into my mouth. I used my tongue to clean the rest of the shaft and even licked his balls clean. Since he had just cum I was able to move his softening cock around easily to get every bit of juice cleaned up.

“Enjoying yourself Stephanie?” Miss Rachel asked. And I realized that I was humming as I went about cleaning Honoré’s cock. I had gotten into a zone that only contained Honoré’s cock and their combined love making fluids. I was consumed with what I was doing.

“My turn Stephanie!” Miss Rachel announced.

Honoré slid back on the bed and Miss Rachel sat in front of him between his legs. In this position she could lean back against his chest and Honoré could play with her breasts as I cleaned her pussy. Miss Rachel hooked her legs over the top of Honoré’s legs and was wide open for me to clean her pussy.

“Tell me what my pussy looks like Stephanie.”

“It is still open from Honoré’s cock; it looks like he stretched you a lot and that it will take some time to close back up. Your pussy is full of cum. It looks like more cum than I have ever produced when I cum. You don’t look raw from your fucking, just very slick and wide open.” I reported.

“I may be sore tomorrow but I was so incredibly turned on that I was wetter than I have ever been. Fucking Honoré’s big cock after you begged him to make you a cuckold, knowing you were watching his cock vanish again and again into my pussy and knowing that I was giving you your biggest fantasy was the biggest turn-on of my life.”

“Yes Miss Rachel.”

“You can start cleaning my pussy now Stephanie and clean up every drop of our cum before you stop.”

I put my mouth against her pussy and started by kissing every inch of her pubic area, especially her swollen pussy lips. Her pussy lips were still swollen from the blood that rushes to a woman’s genitals during sex. I think most guys have never figured out that women not only get an erection of their clit but they also swell in their labia. It is pretty similar to the process of our cock’s erecting but spread over more body parts. Women are just more sophisticated sexually than men tend to realize. Miss Rachel had taught me a lot about how her body responds during sex and it was very noticeable as I put my mouth to work.

The smell was intoxicating. I have always loved the taste and smell of Miss Rachel’s pussy but this was amazing. Her natural scent mixing with all the pheromones and Honoré’s cum was mind blowing erotic. And as I looked up to her beautiful face I could see Honoré kissing her neck and massaging her breasts. My cock was hurting from the pressure of the cage. Well I guess the pressure was from my cock pressing against the cage. But even that felt fantastic to me. I was enjoying eating Miss Rachel’s creampie but I was also enjoying the feeling of my cock trying to erect in the cage. It is hard to describe the pleasure and excitement I was getting from having my cock press so tightly against the steel wires of my cage.

I would later try to explain to Miss Rachel the joy of absolute sexual denial. Knowing you can’t even get an erection while being completely consumed by sexual feelings is an exquisite torture that can only be achieved through chastity and sexual teasing. If I had a penectomy and could never enjoy sexual penetration again then it would be plain old torture but not knowing when I could put my cock in a warm pussy again while still having the hope of getting my cock wet, well that is why it is an exquisite feeling. At that moment I loved having my cock taken away by my lovely wife. I had not exactly volunteered for this but it was at that very instant while eating Miss Rachel’s creampie that I realized I wanted this much more than a conventional relationship. I wanted my cock controlled and I wanted as much cock teasing as I could stand. What a surprising revelation and gift!

I was swallowing constantly as I licked Miss Rachel’s pussy. With her sitting on the side of the bed gravity was helping the sperm and pussy juice to run downhill to my waiting mouth. I loved sucking on Miss Rachel’s gaping pussy and getting large amounts of their fuck juices in my mouth. I would use my tongue to push the sweet liquid around Miss Rachel’s clit and pussy lips; then I would lick it off and swallow it, every drop. I was enjoying myself and was taking my time. With all the liquid running down to my waiting mouth I could not rush anyway.

Miss Rachel’s clit was very sensitive after her long fuck session so I kept most of my efforts on other areas. I would push my tongue into her wide open pussy as far as I could and try to reach the back of her vagina. After fucking Honoré’s 10 plus inch cock, there was no way my tongue could reach the end of Miss Rachel’s love tunnel. But I was trying my best. Eventually her pussy was clean of their fuck juices and Miss Rachel was building to another climax. Honoré was still kissing her neck and ears while playing with her tits and whispering in French. I was very sensitive to Miss Rachel’s orgasm buildup and she was about to have another when she reached down and gently stroked my cheek. I literally felt my cock jerk in the cage just from having my cheek caressed.

She wrapped her legs around my head and tried to pull me tighter by my hair but I had on a wig. Instead she dropped her hands down to the side of my face and used my ears to grip my head and pull my face into her pussy. For a moment I thought she might be trying to pull my face inside her stretched pussy when she started bucking her hips against my face and had her third powerful orgasm of the night. Nobody could have counted the small orgasms Miss Rachel had enjoyed but the major climaxes were impossible to ignore.

I kept using my tongue and lips to gently kiss her pussy lips while staying away from her sensitive clit as she came down from her orgasm.

“Stephanie, I think that was the best orgasm I have ever enjoyed!” She announced.

“Thank you Miss Rachel, I love eating your pussy and thank you for making me a creampie to enjoy.”

“You are very welcome Stephanie for the creampie and I promise you there will be many more in your future.” She added.

“I loved the taste and you were so wet I thought the flow would never end.”

“I could feel the cum leaking out of my pussy as you licked me all over.” And then she wondered. “How did you like becoming my cuckold?”

I hesitated for a split second before answering. “I went through every emotion possible as I watched Honoré and you fucking. I was jealous one second and thrilled the next. I was very happy that you were enjoying Honoré’s big cock and then worried that you would like his cock so much that you would not need mine ever again. But no matter what emotion I was feeling at any moment I have never been more sexually excited! I hate to admit it but I liked having you make love to Honoré in our bedroom while I watched very much.”

“Better than making love to me yourself?” Miss Rachel asked.

“No, not better but it was fantastic, almost as nice as having my cock in your wet pussy. Having my cock locked away while being part of your lovemaking makes me dizzy with lust. It is like 20 some days of constant foreplay without actually getting to the grand finale of putting my hard cock into your warm pussy. It was better than my fantasies by a mile.”

“Stephanie, I was worried that you would be disappointed and that being my cuckold for real would spoil the fantasy for you.”

“No Miss Rachel, my cock is still throbbing in the cage and I was trying desperately to make myself cum while you were fucking Honoré.”

“I read several accounts of cuckold relationships where the men liked the feeling of being a cuckold so much that they quit having penetration sex with their wives. They only had sex by masturbating while watching their wife have sex with other men. I would hate to quit having your cock in my pussy but if that is what you want you can tell me and I will try to give you what you need.” Miss Rachel said with a hint of worry in her voice.

“No, I love having my cock in your wonderful pussy and I never want to give that up!” I quickly answered.

We talked for a few more minutes until Miss Rachel decided it was time for me to fetch the wine and a tray of snacks Miss Robin had left for us in the refrigerator. The entire time we had this conversation Honoré continued to gently caress Miss Rachel’s breasts and run his fingers along her torso but never added a word. As I headed to the kitchen they moved so they could recline on the pillows at the head of the bed. Miss Rachel was using her hand to fondle Honoré’s cock as they relaxed and began to recover from their orgasms. Honoré had a huge grin on his face as he observed me looking at Miss Rachel hand on his cock.

When I returned with the wine and raw oysters with a special cocktail sauce Miss Robin made with spices to enhance the senses for improved sex; I was presented with a new question.

Stephanie, while you were gone I told Rachel that we made love tonight for the first time but that we could also have a different kind of sex. Instead of making love I could fuck her like a whore. I could use her as my bitch and just take my pleasure. It is not gentle loving but hard brutal fucking. So Stephanie, would you like me to fuck your wife like a whore?” Honoré asked.

I froze in my tracks and had to think a moment before I answered. “I want Miss Rachel to have as much pleasure as possible so if she wishes to have you make her your bitch then that is what she should experience.”

Why don’t you ask her if she wants me to make her my bitch?” Honoré added with his smug tone and smile.

I had almost forgotten how much Honoré could irritate me with his smile and the tone of his voice.

“Miss Rachel, would you like Honoré to fuck you like his whore?” I asked as I set the tray down on the night stand beside the bed.

“Why yes, I think I would enjoy a hard fucking tonight. You are a wonderful lover Stephanie but you don’t have it in you to treat me like a bitch in heat. I have asked you a few times in the past to be rough in bed and you did your best but you don’t have it in you to treat me like a slut so I quit asking. Most of the time I want you to be the gentle lover that you are but once in a while I get the urge to be fucked like a cheap whore. While Honoré is happy to be a gentle lover his favorite sex is anything but gentle. He told me that he would love to fuck me hard and rough.”

“Yes Miss Rachel.” I didn’t know if there was a question in there or not.

“Would you please ask Honoré to fuck my cunt like there is no tomorrow and make me his bitch?”

Miss Rachel hated the word “cunt” so I knew she was giving me a strong message that she wanted Honoré to fuck her hard with his big cock.

“Honoré would you please fuck my wife like a cheap whore and make her your bitch?”

I would be happy to make Rachel my bitch for tonight but you have not convinced me that you want this for her.” Honoré replied.

I thought he wanted me to beg him to fuck my wife like before. But soon after I started begging him to make my wife his bitch and pound her cunt with his big cock he stopped me.

I think you should show me that you want me to rape your wife tonight!”

Rape is such a bad experience for the victim that I would never use that term for sex with Rachel. French is his first language but Honoré spoke perfect English so I don’t think it was a translation problem. Even with his accent it sounded harsh.

“How can I show you that I would like you to make love, I mean fuck my wife?” I truly wondered.

Suck my cock!” Honoré replied.

“I sucked your cock already.”

No, I mean really suck my cock, make me rock hard so that I can fuck you wife’s cunt like a complete whore. The two of you make the perfect combination, Rachel is incredibly feminine and her pussy is wonderful while you like to suck cocks. I can have both of you as my sluts and enjoy both a blowjob and fucking.”

“Honoré may I suck your cock and make it hard enough to give Miss Rachel the kind of fucking she craves?’

I want you to suck my cock completely down your throat; I know you have practiced on a dildo!”

“May I suck your cock down my throat and make it hard for Miss Rachel?”

I had practiced my deep throating technique on a dildo but I don’t know that I had ever had anything as thick as Honoré’s cock down my throat.

“Do it for me Stephanie, I have always wanted to see you suck a cock. I don’t know why but just the thought of seeing you put a cock in your mouth makes my pussy wet!” Miss Rachel added. “I know it will be a challenge to get Honoré’s big cock down your throat but I know you can do it for me, please suck it Stephanie.”

Why did my wife get turned on by the idea of me sucking a cock for her? She had never told me this sexual fantasy. Sucking cock was not one of my peccadilloes. Just about everything we had done sexually during March Madness was part of my fantasies but not the cock sucking. There are so many social taboos associated with putting a cock in your mouth if you are a straight guy that I would be resistant to doing it. But I was way past social convention when it came to sex. I had done things way beyond my former boundaries and did not have any reservation about putting my mouth on Honoré’s cock. No, for me it just was not a turn-on in anyway. But the idea of sucking a cock to please Miss Rachel was exciting.

I told you about my college years and that I had gay roommates but I don’t think I mentioned that they used to suck my cock for me. Once they saw my cock they would actually beg me to let them suck on it. And when I was between girlfriends I would let them. It was very nice to have someone give you pleasure and expect nothing in return. I knew it is considered wrong in the US to take sexually with no plans to return the favor, but it was so nice to have a gay guy suck my cock. Say what you want, a gay guy knows how to please a cock with their mouth.” Honoré explained.

I had planned to suck Honoré’s cock as soon as Miss Rachel asked me to do it so it was not hard to do what he wanted even if I was not gay as he implied. “Please let me suck your cock down my throat Honoré’ so you can fuck Miss Rachel and make her your bitch” I pleaded.

Of course you may suck my cock Stephanie.” Honoré decided.

I suppose in his mind making me beg to suck his cock was intended to be humiliating, but for me nothing I did to give Miss Rachel pleasure is humiliating. I wanted to suck Honoré’s cock for my wife very much and did not feel any fear or nervousness in what I was about to do.

The challenge with deep throating a cock is that you have to have your throat in a straight line, aligned with the cock you are sucking. And with Honoré’s big cock I would have to get my alignment perfect. Miss Rachel wanted to watch me suck his cock so I suggested that Honoré stand on the floor beside the bed and Miss Rachel could continue to recline against the pillows. I would be on my hands and knees on the mattress and with this plan everyone should get what they wanted. Honoré would get his cock sucked down my throat, Miss Rachel would have a great view of me sucking a cock and I would get to fulfill one of Miss Rachel’s fantasies. She had made so many of my fantasies real that I certainly owed her this one.

Honoré was not erect but as I began to slide my hand along the shaft and kissed the head of his cock I could feel it begin to harden. I had felt my own cock harden in my own hand but it was surreal to have another man’s cock in your hand as it became erect. My hand with the long manicured nails sliding along his shaft was visually stunning to me. I could not escape the eroticism of my fingers with the long nails wrapped around his shaft. I was reminded of Miss Rachel’s manicured hand on my own cock. As I used my hand to stroke his cock and my mouth to suck on the head of his cock Miss Rachel began to play with her clit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her fingers gently spreading her pussy juice around and rubbing her hard clit. I moaned a bit and I am sure Honoré figured it was because I liked sucking his cock but it was only due to the sexy way Miss Rachel was slowly masturbating.

Honoré was quickly hardening and I began to slide his cock further into my mouth. He was just standing perfectly still with his hands on his hips and his legs spread enough that his cock and my mouth were at the same height. I am convinced that Honoré wanted his cock sucking whore to do all the work and that even thrusting his hips slightly was more than he should be bothered with. And tonight I was his cock sucking whore.

I soon had Honoré fully hard and I began to try and get his cock to slide past the back of my mouth. It is harder to do than you might think. Your body responds by trying to gag and the nerves are sending messages to your brain that something is trying to cut off your breathing. It is anything but normal to let a cock slide down your throat and fill your airway completely. The whole time you are trying this you have to will your brain not to do what is hardwired to do.

I would slide my mouth forward until I felt like I was going to gag and then I would lengthen my tongue along the bottom of his shaft and swallow. Pull back a bit, take a breath and try again. It probably only took a minute or two at the most but when you are in the middle of something so out of the ordinary and incredibly erotic, well it felt like hours more than minutes. It was overwhelming and I could tell that Miss Rachel was nearing an orgasm from her masturbation and the erotic scene taking place in our bedroom.

The moment his cock head slid into my throat Honoré and Miss Rachel let out a moan at the same time. I began to slide back and forth on his cock and started using my hands to play with his balls as with each movement forward more of his cock disappeared into my mouth. I kept going until finally my nose touched his pubic hair.

“Very nice Stephanie, I knew you could get all of Honoré’s cock in your mouth. Now give him a nice slow blowjob but what ever you do, do not make him cum!”

I would have answered Miss Rachel except that my mouth was full of Honoré’s cock. Now that I could get his shaft down my throat I changed my oral technique a bit. The goal now was to give more of a tease than satisfaction. I needed to keep him very hard but not give enough stimulation that Honoré was in danger of an orgasm. As I pulled my mouth back I would use my hand along the shaft, swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and then very slowly slide his cock back down my throat. I repeated the process for several minutes and if I felt any twitches of his cock I would pull back so that only my tongue was touching the tip of his cock. When the twitching stopped I would slowly slide forward again.

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