teasing and denial

This is the 2nd Chapter of Liz and Sam’s story. Please feel free to comment if you like it or even if you hate it. Constructive criticism is most welcome as this is first story I’ve ever actually committed to writing all the way through.


Sam woke up disoriented and confused. He tried to stand up but, with his feet and hands being tied up, he didn’t have the balance. The rope around his hands and feet itched against his skin and his dick throbbed with pain as it struggled in it’s cage. His mouth was still gagged with Liz’s panties from yesterday. They still tasted like her. He could hear her talking to Jared.

“Good morning, babe,” Liz said softly. “I thought I’d help myself to some breakfast in bed.”

It all came back to him at once. Last night, the night of their wedding, she had tied him up and fucked his best friend in front of him. He recalled the anger, the helplessness, and most importantly, the arousal.

Sam finally opened his eyes fully and witnessed her slurping on Jared’s cock with her beautiful ass sticking straight up in the air. He was was holding the back of her head with one hand and playing between her legs with the other. All Sam wanted to do was worship her ass as it bobbed back and forth in front him. He wanted his face firmly planted where Jared’s fingers were inserted in her pussy. He feared that would never happen again now that he was only a slave.

As he watched them, his captive manhood tried to push further and further out of the metal casing around it, making him incredibly uncomfortable and endlessly frustrated. He didn’t want to like what he was seeing but his dick betrayed him. Jared held Liz to him and fucked her throat roughly.

Sam’s head felt as if it was spinning as he saw the act. His best friend was using his wife like a sex doll and all he could do was watch. Jared grabbed her tits as he continued to thrust. It was clear that he thought her body belonged to him. It probably did. As strange as it was to see him with her like that, Sam would have to deal with it as long as Liz owned him.

Besides, he had always wanted to be a slave to a woman. He always thought that women were superior to men or, at very least, to him. He didn’t just like women, like most men; he adored them. Just a smile or a touch could completely melt him into submission. He always told Liz that it was his lot in life to serve her. How ironic it was that he would be doing exactly that just when he had accepted that he would never get his wish.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” Jared asked. Liz nodded her head while her throat was still engorged with him. “How about down your throat?”

Liz took his cock out of her mouth and excitedly replied “Yes! Please!”

“Show me,” Jared said and pulled her head back down by her long blonde hair.

After licking his shaft a few times, she took him further down than Sam thought she could ever go. Jared thrusted just a few more times before finishing inside her. After Liz cleaned what was left of the cum off his cock, Jared got up to leave. He dressed himself and they kissed one last time before he walked out of the hotel room. Sam hated seeing them kiss. At the same time, it turned him on almost as much as seeing them fuck. He wondered if she had feelings for Jared. He wasn’t sure that he could live with that possibility but he knew for certain that he couldn’t live without her either.

While he had gotten lost in thought, she had taken her panties out his mouth and was untying his feet. With his hands still bound behind his back, she pulled him by the hair over to the edge of the bed where she sat down. As soon as she got comfortable she forcefully brought his face to her snatch.

“You told me, a long time ago, that a cuckold has to clean his wife up after a night like last night. Well, that’s exactly what I want you to do. So get to it!” she barked, looking a little surprised at her own volume.

He was more than willing to pleasure her. It was what he had been dying for the night before and all morning. However, he hadn’t realized she still tasted like Jared’s seed. As soon as he started licking her, he jerked back in disgust but she slapped him and pushed him back down. It was humiliating, having to lick what remained of his best friend’s cum out of his wife’s pussy, but he had no choice. Liz was actually much stronger than he was. Although, that was not a very difficult accomplishment. Regardless, she could leave him bruised and broken if he tried to get away. Not to mention, she had taken all his money. He was trapped and there was nothing he could possibly do about it.

To avoid further pain, he continued cleaning up Jared’s mess inside her. Liz tensed with pleasure at the touch of his tongue. She rode his tongue, forcing him to lick up more of Jared’s leftovers. He gagged a little at the taste. To keep his mind off of it, he focused on flicking his tongue at her clit as it came in and out of reach with each motion of her hips. After she loosened her grip on him, he licked the entire length of her. Her back arched with the sensation. As he reached her clit again, he sucked on it firmly. In a rush of pleasure, she tightly placed both hands on the back of his head to make sure he didn’t move from that spot.

“Oh god! Right there! Good boy. Good little slave boy,” she encouraged in between heavy breaths. She tensed one more time and tightly pressed his head between her legs, slightly suffocating him, and then orgasmed. When she finally let his head go, he gasped for air.

“Bow!” Liz ordered.

“What?” Sam replied as he tried to catch his breath.

She kicked his balls, which were protruding out of his cock-cage, and pointed to the floor in front of her.

“Face down and ass up. Now!” she demanded as she stood up, towering over him. With the pain of her kick and finally understanding what she wanted, he bowed his head to the ground.

“Kiss them!” She pointed to her feet. Sam wasted no time and began to worship her feet. He licked in between her toes, around her ankles, and back again. When she was satisfied with his performance, she bent down and untied his hands.

“Get changed. We’re meeting someone for breakfast,” she said in a softer tone..

“Who are we meeting? Jared? Another guy?” Sam asked. She stopped where she was and turned around. She gave him a hard slap across the face. She pulled him up to standing by his jaw. Her expression was stern and filled with anger.

“Slaves don’t talk unless asked a question or specifically permitted!” She reprimanded, “Also, if you do speak, you are to address me as ‘goddess’. Understand?”

“Yes, goddess,” he answered weakly. His cheeks were sore with the beating they had received. He decided he should try not to receive too many of those reprimands. Liz wasn’t holding back and she seemed to know what she was doing. Hopefully she didn’t remember some of the more brutal punishments he had told her about when he would ramble on about his fantasies. He shuddered at the thought. He wasn’t sure if those fantasies should be made a reality.

“Take us to that coffee shop down the street,” Liz directed the driver of their limo as they got seated. “Oh and Sam, I got you a little something to let everyone know your place when we’re in public.”

She pulled out a thin black dog collar with a tag that read “BITCH”. His heart raced. Unlike almost everything else that had occurred since yesterday, public humiliation had never been one of his fantasies. He hated the thought of people he knew finding out about his situation; he didn’t even want people he didn’t know to find out. He knew better this time than to object to it. Instead, he sat silently and waited for her to put it on him.

“Don’t look so afraid, my love,” she said sarcastically as she buckled the collar around his neck. “It’s not enough for just you to know you’re my little bitch. I have to make sure everyone else knows how pathetic you are too. Now worship me like a good slave.”

She unbuttoned her shirt, unclipped her bra, and threw it onto the floor of the limo to reveal her perfectly round tits. Sam got on his knees and started to suck on her nipples. Liz sat back and crossed her legs around him as he continued to suck and lick her chest. While he was working on one breast with his mouth he started to play with the other. She slapped his hand and moved it away.

“Slaves don’t get to touch women with their hands,” she explained. “These beauties and my entire body belong to whoever I decide to fuck. You only get to worship me with your mouth.”

His earlier assumption had been true. He didn’t have any rights to her body anymore and Jared owned it now. Of course, this had been what he asked her to do. He begged her before to fuck other men and to not allow him anything but to worship her and serve her as a slave.

“I’m done,” she said plainly. He didn’t catch the meaning and continued worshiping. She pushed him off of her and kicked him to the floor. “I said I’m done! You’re gonna learn to listen. I promise you that!”

She had used her heel to kick him and left a bruise in his side. His ribs began to ache but his manhood hurt worse trying to get hard. His arousal was both from worshiping and just seeing her tits and from experiencing her intoxicating power over him.

“Get up loser!” she taunted. “We’re arriving soon. I never told you who we’re meeting, did I?”

“No, you didn’t”

“That’s ‘no, my goddess’ to you,” she corrected before continuing. “It’s my friend Kiki from college. You remember that emo girl who was a freshman when I was a senior? Well, she’s taught me a lot about domination. Honestly, she’s helped get us to where we are right now.”

Sam didn’t like Kiki at all. She always brought out the “bitch side” in Liz. She always had a bad attitude with him and frequently belittled him, even before he was a slave. Liz told her about his fantasies and Kiki definitely made it a point to play on them, having him get things for her and calling him a “good boy” afterwards. Liz met her when she was a freshman at their college. At the time, she was only 16, having graduated early from high school. Being nothing short of a genius, she got her 4 year degree in 3 years, making her only 19 now.

“Thanks! If you don’t mind, I think I’ll keep you on call. I like riding in a limo,” She told the driver. She got a leash out and attached it to Sam’s collar. “We can’t have you running off now can we?”

It was the most humiliated he had ever felt. He preferred cleaning cum out of her pussy to this. He was a grown man walking the streets of the city on a leash like a dog. Sam guessed he should be grateful he wasn’t being made to walk on his hands and knees. Surprisingly, most people didn’t notice his leash. Although, a couple of women walking by and a few guys sitting outside the coffee shop pointed at him and some laughed. When they got into the coffee shop, Liz spotted Kiki and pulled him by the leash to her table.

Kiki hadn’t noticed their arrival. She was playing with her phone in her lap and had headphones on. Liz took one headphone out.

“Hey Kiki!” Liz said.

“Oh! God, you scared me to death!” Kiki squealed in a panic. After she regained her composure she took the other headphone out. “Hey, Liz. I see your plans worked out perfectly.”

“It was easier than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for all your help.”

“No problem at all. I’m glad to see things in their rightful place. Oh! Let me see that collar you were telling me about.”

Kiki pushed her phone down into her black corset between her breasts and leaned over looking at his collar. Her chest was in perfect view. Her tits weren’t anywhere near as big as Liz’s but they were perky or Liz always said “cute”. He squirmed a little as his dick bulged against his cock-cage.

“Bitch” she read out loud on his tag. “That’s perfect for his dog tag. That’s exactly what you are isn’t it? Little bitch Sam,” she mocked. She gave him a playful slap and sat back down. “I see he’s wearing his cage too. Awesome!”

She must have noticed him squirming in agony with his view down her top. He tried to conceal it more even though she had already noticed.

“Of course he is!” Liz said. She tugged on his leash. “After I locked it on him, he fell right into submission. Although, he does need some work.”

“Which brings us to the next thing.. Do you want to go ahead and get this over with?”

“Oh right. Yes, I guess I do need to get going, Jared said he had something special planned for me back at his house.”

“Alright. Well, why don’t you explain to our little slave what this weekend is all about then,” Kiki said with a mischievous grin.

Liz turned to Sam who was nervously listening to their conversation. He was afraid of where this was headed.

“Well, I am spending this weekend with Jared. We’re probably going to fuck all day and everyday,” she said. Both girls laughed. “Sam, on the other hand, you are going to spend the weekend with Kiki. She is going to teach you how to be the perfect little bitch slave for me. You are going to learn about the new rules of our household from now on and whatever else Kiki wants to teach you. While I am your goddess, Kiki will be your mistress. You’ll address her as such and give her the same respect and worship you give me. You always wanted to be my slave and, since I do still love you, I am making sure you learn how to be the best slave you can be. Understand? “

Sam was speechless. Sweat started dripping down his face. How could his wife just hand him over to someone else? How could she trust Kiki to have his best interest in mind? Maybe that was the point. Maybe she wanted him to have an unrelenting mistress teach him how to truly submit. He wondered if this could really be an act of love.

“She asked you a question, slave! Answer it!” Kiki yelled in his face and stomped his nearby foot with her black leather boots.

“Agh! Yes I understand!” Sam wailed.

“That’s ‘yes, I understand, goddess’ isn’t it?” Kiki asked as she ground her boot into his toes.

“Y-yes, goddess!” Sam shrieked as he cringed in pain.

“No, you address me as mistress!”

“Yes, mistress. Please..”

“Oh, what? Does that hurt? Well believe me, you’re going to be in a lot worse pain than that when we get to my place if you don’t obey me,” Kiki said.

She released his foot from her boot. The whole coffee shop stared at them for a moment but more at Sam. He could feel his face burn red but he was also more turned on than ever. His goddess and mistress didn’t seem to care about the attention they were getting. Liz gave Kiki his leash and the both got up. Kiki pulled him out of the coffee shop and to her car.

“Alright well, have fun with him. Make sure he’s back in one piece for me. He’s got one hell of a mouth and I’ll need him to use it when this weekend is over,” Liz said as she stepped into her limo.

“I’ll make sure he’s even better with it for you.” Kiki called back with a smile. Her demeanor changed to scowl as she looked back at Sam.

“Get in!” she ordered. She unclipped his leash. He stopped for a moment. He imagined how evil Kiki could be. He didn’t know if he could bring himself to submit to a girl like this. She wasn’t strong like Liz. Maybe he could run away. Of course, then Liz would find out. He didn’t want to think about what she would do to him if she ever found him. Then there was also the problem with money. He didn’t have a penny to his name.

“Are you deaf?! Get in!” she snarled.

This was the last moment that Sam could try his luck at running or just break down and submit to her and whoever else Liz wanted him to. He decided submitting would be the easiest option and quickly got into the passenger seat of the car.

“God you’re dense! Although, if you were smarter you wouldn’t want to be so submissive would you? I’m going to have so much fun with you. I’ve got it all planned out,” Kiki said with a smirk as she started the car.

As she drove, Sam couldn’t help but glance at her bust peeking out from her corset. He also noticed her long legs which were being generously shown past her short skirt. They were dressed with fishnets but her boots covered them all the way to her knees.

“My, my! We are curious aren’t we?” Kiki said. “You’ll see plenty of me when we get to my house. No need to stare. It’s one of the few perks of being a slave. Speaking of which, we’re here.”

Her house was practically a mansion. He wasn’t sure what line of work she was in but it must have paid well. When he got out of the car, she clipped his leash back on and led him into the house and down to her basement where she had created some sort of dungeon. Whips and flogs hung on the walls. Strange furniture and tables with various devices were placed all around the room. A large bed was at the center.

“Strip down. You are going to spend the weekend naked in this room and learn how to be a proper slave. The first thing Liz wanted me to teach you is that females are superior to you. All of them are. Me and Liz and all other women are all your mistresses,” Kiki said as she walked over to a wide cushioned table. “I want you to get on top of this on your hands and knees and with your legs spread.”

Sam did exactly as he was told. Kiki seemed to have a wrath like no other and he did not want to be on the receiving end of it. She took some leather restraints from the underside of the table and attached them to his wrists and ankles. She tightened them down so that he couldn’t move his legs and his arms were only movable if he unbent his knees. He tried to straighten his legs out to loosen the grip on his wrists but Kiki pulled his ass back toward her from behind.

“How much of a ‘real man’ can you really be if a young girl like me is fucking you in the ass? Hmm?” she said mockingly as she gave him a light slap to his exposed balls. He jolted at the slight pain but the restraints kept him from moving. “After that, I’d think that it would be nearly impossible not to recognize my authority over you. I’ll start small. Maybe something along the lines of your pathetic little pencil dick. Don’t you worry though, you’ll take the big one over there by the time this weekend is over.”

He looked over at where she was pointing. A large black strapon hung from the wall by it’s harness. It had to have been at least 10 inches or maybe 12. He didn’t think it was going to be possible for that to fit inside him but he knew she would try anyway. Kiki took out a small strap-on from a drawer in the table.

“Before we do anything, I want to tease you a little. I know you were looking me up and down earlier. I want you to see the body of the girl that’s about to own you. So I guess I’ll just stick this here while you get your show.” Before what she said registered, he felt her strap-on plunge its way into his asshole, sending a shock of pain through his spine. A moan escaped his mouth. “Damn!” Kiki bursted out. “Your ass is really tight. You’re going to be so much fun to fuck!”

Right in front of him, she untied her corset and slowly took it off of her body. Just before revealing her chest, she stopped and grinned at his anticipation. After a moment of giggling at him, she continued stripping. Her tits couldn’t have been bigger than an B cup if not smaller but they were as perky as they seemed under her clothes. She had two thorny roses tattooed around the bottom of each breast and her nipples were pierced. He could hardly stand the pain of his arousal and the toy inside him was growing more and more uncomfortable.

“Holy..” Sam started to say before remembering the rule about not speaking. Kiki didn’t seem to mind and smiled at his gawking. After she was satisfied with his reaction, she slipped off her skirt and walked closer to him. Inches away from his face, she slipped off her black lace panties. revealing the prize between her legs. His tongue reached out to taste her but she was just far enough that he couldn’t reach. Wagged her index finger at him mockingly, denying him the taste. She turned around, showing him her petite ass.

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