The following is written in that quaint variant of English, UK English: you know guys, the original. If this causes you issues either get over them or please pass on.

I’d requested my current lover, Harry, to take me out of my comfort zone: we’ve swapped before, tried a little bondage but I had not expected his response. When I arrived home Friday evening his handwritten note simply said, “Undress, shower, shave your pussy bare and dress in your red shoes, black stockings, blue suspenders, green skirt, yellow jacket and nothing else. Apply red lipstick, green eye shadow, lots of non-water proof mascara and green nail varnish. Get your orange handbag, put your keys and a packet of tissues into it and nothing else. Arrive at the station at six fifty and go to platform four. There a man will identify himself and give you further instructions. Jesus. were the fashion police in for a fun time but I’d be easy to spot.

The platform was deserted so I had to wait, typical Harry. He was a bit of a drama queen and loved to build a little tension. He was certainly succeeding I was almost shaking. Eventually, a train pulled up and a number of commuters descended from the carriages. One of them walked over to me and said, “I’m Jim. I’m your guide. In order to confirm my identity you must unbutton your jacket for me and I should be able to see your bare breasts.”

“Bloody Hell,” I squealed, “what right here with the security cameras and all?”

“Please just follow the instructions, I’m not allowed to discuss them.

I turned my back on the nearest camera and unbuttoned my jacket to show Jim my firm yet ample bust.

He gazed for a few seconds and then said, “thank you ma’am. You may button up. Now hold still whilst I feel under your skirt. If I am the right person I will find that your pussy is smooth and hairless.” He slipped a hand under my skirt, stroked my naked mons making me shiver with anticipation and then he ran a finger along my embarrassingly wet slot, which made me blush hot crimson.

“Thank you ma’am, sorry if I embarrassed you but those were my orders. We are to catch the next train. You will sit by the window and I will sit opposite to you and deliver your next set of instructions.” The train was by no means empty but neither was it busy so we had little difficulty in locating two empty opposing window seats.

“You will come with me and I will take you to where you are to spend your weekend. I will collect you at eight p.m. on Sunday and escort you home. Once safely home you are to reward me by stripping naked and lying face down over your pink pouff. I will then take my pleasure in which ever hole I fancy. One piece of advice I can offer you is to keep your arse well greased, here’s a small pot of Vaseline to add to the contents of your handbag. You may make a trip to the loo if you wish.”

“But… But I’ve never. No one’s… I mean.”

“You’ve not been fucked in the arse. Well long before I get you home that will have been remedied, in all probability many times over.”

I stumbled to the tiny toilet. I was close to tears. I knew that I had requested ‘out of my comfort zone,’ but this was going to be into my worst nightmares. I rubbed my tight little sphincter with the gooey stuff then slipped a tentative greasy finger inside of me; just to feel what it might be like. It was not as bad as I had expected. In fact it was not really at all unpleasant. As long as I was not stretched too wide it might be alright. I washed my hands thoroughly and returned to my seat good and slippery.

So Jim was to screw me or have me suck him off. I decided that I would not mind that in the least. He was young, mid twenties I guessed, probably just a little younger than I. He was slender, muscular and rather dashing. His speech was curious, southern continents, northern vowels; it was fluid and eloquent, no ‘um’s, er’s, nor like’s and when reporting dialogue people said rather than ‘going.’ He was wearing an old fashioned grey suit over a white shirt and narrow red tie; I wondered if the suit had once belonged to his father. His black brogues were highly polished, indeed his whole demeanour was highly polished; he might have been an actor.

“Have you ever had another woman make you come?” he enquired. “By the way one of the rules is that you must always tell the complete truth at all times without prevarication, omission or exaggeration. If you are caught in a lie you will be spanked on the bare bottom, the first time with a wooden kitchen spoon. I have it here, please place it in your handbag and also hand me your keys, I will return them after I have taken my reward from you.”

I was nervous about handing my keys over, especially since Jim clearly knew where I lived. Jim smiled and waved a copy of my own front door key in front of me. Harry obviously trusted him so, with some trepidation, I handed my keys over. Now I had hardly any clothes on, no phone, no money and no way of returning home. I was scared but also curiously excited, my pussy was moist and my nipples like bullets. I just wished the latter would not rub so against the rough fabric of my jacket.

“Anyway, have you ever had another woman make you come?” reminding me of his question.

“Not strictly I replied but when I was a girl the girl across the backs from me, Alice, and I used to finger one another to a lovely warm climax. If Mum and Dad were out we’d lick each others titties too. Sometimes she’d pause and make me writhe on the end of her finger till I promised to lick her to orgasm.”

“So your not a complete stranger to lesbian attentions and have enjoyed them previously.”

“Yes,” I mumbled. I was blushing again. The thought that women as well as men might be about to take advantage of me was a strange but wonderful prospect. That would be, well not a first, but a delightful reintroduction to the pleasures to be had from members of my own sex.

“Show me your tits again, right now!”

I unbuttoned my jacket and held the sides so that they shielded my not inconsiderable assets from prying eyes.

“You may button up once more. Now hitch your skirt until your suspenders and stocking tops just show.”

Jim had sharp hearing because as I adjusted my hem the conductor entered the carriage. I doubt he even looked at our tickets as he clipped them, his eyes were riveted upon my hemline. Finally he smiled at Jim, returned the tickets and said, “Thank you very much sir,” in that nudge, nudge, wink, wink tone that leering men can do so well.” That made me blush, yet again. True to my request, I was well outside of my comfort zone and the evening proper had not even begun.

When the conductor had gone Jim instructed me to “eat these” as he handed me a packet of sandwiches and a large bag of crisps. Lettuce dressed with mayonnaise, cucumber, tomato and strong Cheddar cheese cut thick. Harry had done his job alright, my favourite. I had not had time to eat and I wolfed them down, all four of the thick sandwiches. I offered to share the bag of crisps with Jim but he declined, politely. “Once I’ve delivered you there’s an excellent fish and chip shop not far away, in the back they have a couple of tables and I must not spoil my appetite; the bread and butter’s complementary you know.” I didn’t but he made me feel as if he had let me in on a dark and deadly secret. Given his physique, perhaps it was a dark and deadly secret, Jim’s little weakness, maybe. He was certainly bold enough in telling me about what he was to do to me!

Gradually more and more men developed weak bladders and kept having to walk past us to get to the toilet. That train must have had only that one toilet working. I never knew that a stocking top, a blue suspender clip and half inch of bare thigh could garner quite so much attention but when on public display they obviously do. I was embarrassed by all the attention but proud too, however, I must admit that in the end I was glad to get off that train. We alighted at a tiny station in a small town that I had never visited before. We exited through a back entrance into narrow terraced streets.

The area was a maze of near identical dwellings and as they had back streets as well as front ones Jim soon had me completely lost. We entered one of the numerous red brick houses through a back gate and Jim led me to a small outbuilding. He held open the door for me. “I’m to leave you here. You must undress completely, place your clothes and, once you have taken the wooden spoon out of it, your handbag in the wooden chest in the corner and then snap the padlock shut. Hold the wooden spoon in your right hand and await further instructions.

So, at around eight o’clock I’m stood stark naked in a shed, in a strange house, in a strange town with no phone, no money and no access to my clothes. To make matters worse rather than being delivered by a person my instruction came through a loud speaker. “Teresa welcome to they house of surprises. You are every bit as attractive as Harry promised us. I’m glad you’ve shed that preposterous costume. Your nipples are very stiff, I hope you are not cold. Still it’s a very warm evening. Oh if you need to pee there’s a bucket in the corner and we even left you a little toilet roll; personally, I’m not sure about such indulgent luxuries, a wet rag ought to suffice, but the others insisted.

‘What,’ I thought, ‘I’ve to piss into a bucket. Not bloody likely.’

“Alternatively there’s a big glass of water on the shelf if you need a drink.”

I did. That hot train, those salty crisps and that salty Cheddar cheese had left me parched and I guzzled the whole pint down. Only as I replaced the empty glass on the shelf did I look at that bucket and reflect upon what I had just done. I might just need that bucket soon after all.

“Excellent. You have been fed, watered and I hope rested. I trust your train journey was not too unpleasant and the company not excessively dismal. Whilst in the house you will answer to the sobriquet, ‘girl.’ Please quit the shed now and enter the kitchen, the door is unlocked.”

I had to walk through the yard stark naked. Anyone might see. OK not too many neighbours could overlook my passage but still… I steeled myself, opened the door and slipped up to and into the kitchen just a quickly as I could manage. At least, as promised, the door was unlocked.

That kitchen was tiny but upon the worktop lay another note from Harry, distinctive in its crisp Paperchase light green envelope. The buff coloured paper and dark blue ink conveyed the message, ‘take the steps to the cellar and pull the door to behind you. There is no safe word, there are no limits, you may refuse nothing and must accept everything, this is the place where the extent of your own desires will be explored to the full, this place exists to take everyone out of their comfort zone.’

The door to the cellar was open. I descended the steep wooden steps, anxious in case I took a splinter in my foot. At the bottom was a heavy oaken door which, as instructed, I pulled to. The click of the lock was ominously loud.

“Look around,” boomed the loudspeakers, “there is a hood. Place it over your head. You are not permitted to see who uses and who abuses you.

My hands shook as I pulled the soft elasticated cotton hood over my head. It had a single hole that encompassed my mouth and nostrils, otherwise all was solid impenetrable blackness.

A human voice made me jump. “Excellent ‘girl’, you’re ready. Stiff nipples I see.” A hand groped my sex, “and dripping wet too, just what we like, a little girl who’s ready to go.” A finger probed my anus and I squirmed, mortified, “and well greased, Jim is just too soft-hearted. One day we will have to replace him with someone a little more cruel. Perhaps your Harry might do. He seems devoid of all compassion, we’ve read his suggestions with appreciation but we did refine them with little tweaks of our own. You, ‘girl,’ are in for an exciting weekend.” The voice was female and I had no idea what to expect next.

She fastened a collar around my neck securing the collar so that I could no longer remove it. I heard a click and understood that she had clipped a leash to my collar. “Follow me,” she commanded as she tugged, giving me little choice but to go after her.

“Now we shall play satisfied, used or abused. We roll a dice to decide your fate. One or two and you will be satisfied. Three or four you will be used. Five or six you will be abused. A great cry went up, “two!”

“Good start. You’re to be satisfied but the rules don’t say that you’ll be allowed enjoy your satisfaction.”

I was led to what I presumed to be a bed or couch, it was at least soft and supportive. My hands were secured above my head. My legs were similarly fastened and secured wide apart, leaving my pussy gaping. I was hooded, bound and utterly helpless.

“Hello, I’m Andrew. My task is to suck and nibble your right ear, Harry says you like that.”

“Hello, I’m Beatrice. My task is to suck and bite your right nipple, Harry told me that you liked that.

“Hello, I’m Clive. My task it to suck the toes and lick the soles your right foot, Harry informed me that you enjoy that.

David was to attend to my left foot, Edward my left nipple and Francesca my left ear. Georgina was to kiss me on the mouth and Harold was to attend to my all too exposed pussy and my bum.

I’ve never been made so wet in all my life. Every sensitive spot stimulated simultaneously, well every spot but one; Harold was keeping well away from my swollen clitoris. He would suck the distended lips of my sex, lick the juices from under my hot wet snatch, probe my anus with what I took to be a string of small beads but he did nothing to make me come.

I could not even cry out, my mouth was filled with a hot wet probing tongue. On and on they went making me more and more desperate for release. I tried to struggle against my bonds but I was too well secured to move. Not only had they tied my wrists and ankles, my elbows and knees were also secured and my body was lashed to the bed by some kind of harness that left my sex and breasts all too accessible to them.

At long last the kissing of my mouth ceased and a woman’s voice enquired “shall we let her come now?”

I prayed that they would. A disturbingly loud buzzing noise started up, the lips of my sex were held well apart and I simply screamed when that vibrator was pushed firmly against my clit. I came alright, the sensation almost knocked me out. Orgasms ripped through me, wave after wave of pure undiluted bliss and all those lips kept right on pleasuring all my other parts.

It was several minutes before I began to return to earth and my clit began to return a sensation that, whilst not painful in any way, was so strong as to be quite unbearable. Except, of course there was nothing I could do to stop it. And all those tongues were making the sensations coursing through me even more intense. “Please stop.” I cried. “My clit, I can’t stand any more.” I tried to pull my knees together but they were held down far too tightly. “Please, please stop. I’ll do anything if you’ll stop.”

“You’ll do anything we tell you to ‘girl’ anyway.” At that point I had a brief respite as another wave of orgasms was wrung from my helpless body by that fiercely buzzing monster. The orgasms subsided and left me back in hell. I began to beg and plead in earnest so they pressed some kind of ball into my mouth and secured it in position to silence me.

I was forced to undergo ten sets of orgasms before they ceased their torture of my sensitive little clitty. After four they introduced a somewhat large vibrating dildo into my hot wet snatch which made my climaxes harder still. After six, Harold began to work the beads in and out of my bum in earnest. It was the best and the worst sexual experience that I have ever had. They were literally forcing me to come over and over again whilst making me endure an overpoweringly intense sensation in between them.

When they were done they left me tied down whilst they discussed what my next fate was to be. The women were for having me lick their pussies, ‘the chair’ was mentioned a lot.. The men wanted to play games with me. In the end they settled upon ‘dilemma.’ It was a cruel game. First they attached clips to my nipples which really hurt. Once I was used to those they untied me and pulled me across the room, there was obviously a chain or string attached to the clamps and when it was pulled upon the clips tightened and hurt me even more. Finally the chain was lifted and presumably fixed in place, leaving me with my dilemma. Either I could stand on the very tips of my toes pushing my back up and keep most of the pressure and pain off my nipples. Alternatively, I could relax and stand on my feet but then the nipple clamps tightened and really hurt me. So aching calves or sore nipples, the choice was mine to make.

At least they did not make me play for too long. But the end of the game was when the screams started. I could not help myself. I thought the pain of the clamps was bad. The pain of having them both removed suddenly and at the same time was far more intense. My tits felt as if liquid fire had been poured into them.

The next dilemma was a simple one. I was strapped to a set of bars by the chest, waist and thighs and my elbows fixed so that my hands were held low and my arms allowed only a little movement. My back was arched forcing me to stand on tiptoe pushing my tits up. Once I was secured they fitted wooden bracelets to my wrists which prevented me from flexing my hands down. A large block of ice was positioned so that it rested against my belly and freezing cold water dribbled down my bare mons and over the lips of my sex. Alternatively I could push the block away from me but then my fingers and palms got so very cold that they felt hot. They left me like that for rather longer. Worse someone had the bright idea of playing a fan over me. This caused me to shiver and break out in goose pimples. By the end of their game I was so cold and shivery I could have cried.

When I was untied I could not stand on my own so they put me in the ‘stocks.’ The stocks were really uncomfortable. The forced me into a kneeling position, fixing my head and wrists at the same level. Then they spread my legs wide apart and secured my ankles so the crack of my sex was split and all to easily accessible. Finally a block was gradually raised under my chin forcing my head up. They spent ages tweaking my nipples and slapping my arse making me squeal with the pain. Then the fingers came. First, someone fingered my pussy which was no so bad, although after my mammoth series of climaxes earlier I was not anywhere near to coming. Next fingers invaded my bum. Bearable but the stretching was a little painful. Now fingers were crammed into my mouth, lots of them forcing my jaws apart. Finally someone stuck their fingers in to my nostrils. This is a horrible sensation. It is so invasive and so demeaning, having someone else poke your nose for you. Then fingers began to pinch my nipples and my bum and the tender flesh of my inner thighs and forearms. I would have squealed like a piglet, except the fingers in my mouth effectively gagged me.

“It’s show time girl.” At least that brought my molestation to a sudden end. There’s five men here and here’s what you have to do. We’re going to take things in turns so Andrew goes first. He’s going to fuck you till he squirts his hot smelly seed deep in your hot wet hungry cunt. Then you are going to suck his slick, smelly dick hard again. After that he will fuck you in your arse. Alternatively we can wallop you with this, a searing flame burnt across my buttocks; there was no question, I was going to do as they asked. That was a pain that I could not stand up to.

And that’s just what they did to me. Each of the men shafted me, had me suck their semen coated cocks hard again and then they buggered me. It was the last man, ostensibly Harold, that gave me the most trouble. He was hung like a donkey. First, he stretched my poor pussy more that it was used to. Secondly, he almost choked me as he regained his erection inside my mouth. Thirdly, and in all fairness he did take things very slowly and carefully, he stretched my poor puckered anus painfully wide, making me feel uncomfortably full. I was glad to hear his final grunts of satisfaction as he pumped into my little and rather sore alternative hole.

“How can I thank you for all the hard work you did?” Sue asked in a soft little voice, emphasizing the word hard as she looked down at my crotch.

What a little cock teaser. It’d been like this all week, with this spoiled little rich girl hanging around while her father was at work. In the mornings, she’d came downstairs after her dad went to work in just her pajamas, which were various tight t-shirts, no bra of course, and shorts which outlined her fine ass like they were painted on. Her father had hired me to do all kinds of odd jobs around the house, seeing how he was totally incompetent at doing anything except conceiving hot girls and making shit tons of money.

Every morning when I showed up, he’d just shrink into himself, almost scared of me it seemed. Of course, he was some kind of pussy accountant while I was a handyman, so I guess he felt unmanly around me — who knows? It got to where I’d fuck with him a little each time I saw him, asking him if he’s working out more, balling one of his secretaries, or going out and looking for pussy while I’m working around his house. He would always laugh nervously while I did this, and probably wished he was doing all those things — if he actually had balls that is.

His daughter was another story. Hotter than hot. Long blond hair, a petite little thing and a cheerleader at the high school and by the looks of her, the local slut too. As soon as school was out, she’d come home and immediately take off her bra so I could admire her hot little tits under her tight tops. Her skirts seemed to get smaller by the day too, and the one she had on now took the cake. Shit, I could see her panties every time she moved, and I’m using the word panties lightly, more like band aids.

“Maybe I could make you some cookies or something.” The young woman offered. “But my cooking sucks.”

“What else sucks?” I asked, figuring I’d call her bluff. She’d done nothing but tease me the whole afternoon, leaning over, knowing I was looking down her low top, and every time she spoke, she used every sexual innuendoes in the book, especially liking the one about getting a good screw as I used my power drill.

“I suck all kinds of things — I mean I suck at all kinds of things.” Sue giggled as she once again tossed in a good sexual reference.

“Prove it, or stop with the teasing, honey. When men get all worked up, they can do terrible things to spoiled girls, understand?” I told her sternly.

Sue just giggled as she put her finger in her mouth and sucked on the tip. Fuck! I’d had about enough of this shit. I walked over to her and told her that I wasn’t fucking kidding, but she just laughed at me. Grabbing my zipper, I told her to think about her next move carefully, but she did nothing but drop her eyes to my crotch as I unzipped.

“You wouldn’t dare.” The girl taunted me as I reached in to pull out my cock. Nothing was going to stop me from showing her how serious I was as I waved my hard cock at her.

“Are you ready to apologize?” My dick hoped she’d keep it up so I’d have an excuse to bend her over the arm of the couch.

“I don’t have to apologize.” She gloated, sure that I wouldn’t risk taking this any farther. Grabbing her firmly by her hair, I jerked her head downward. Sue dropped to her knees in pain and took her position in front of me. I was enjoying the hell out of this moment and pulled her closer, until my dick was pressed up against her face.

“I’m waiting…” I was being more than fair I thought, as I loosened my grip on her hair to give her a choice. Her expression turned from being scared to finding this funny. Her lips brushed the head of my cock as she asked what exactly I was waiting for. Putting my hand around my dick, I gave it a few pumps so it’d reach its full size. Sue’s tongue reached out and gave it a lick – that’s when I came unglued, putting a hand on each side of her head and driving my dick into her pouty ass mouth.

“What’s the matter, honey, I thought you told me you suck all kinds of things, didn’t that include cocks? Oh… Fuck, that feels good, I bet you’ve sucked off half the boys in your school, haven’t you?” I taunted her. Giving my hips a shove, my dick pressed against the opening of her throat and I was thinking seriously about seeing how far down I could get it, but didn’t want to end up with puke on my dick either, so I pulled out a bit and moved my hips back and forth, fucking her face at a slow even pace.

That’s when I heard a noise from the hallway, and turned to see what it was. It was her father, standing there with a shocked look on his face. Thinking I was as good as fired, I decided to keep going — at least until I came in this slut’s mouth, then I’ll face the music.

“Your daughter has been teasing me all week, so I thought I teach her a lesson, you don’t want her to be a spoiled little rich girl do you?” I ask her father as his eyes locked on my cock moving in and out of his daughter’s mouth.

“I….” He said quietly, not finishing his sentence.

“Are you going to tell your father what a little slut you are, or do I have to?” I asked her as I pulled out of her mouth and began rubbing my cock all over her pretty face.

“I’ve been bad…” She told him in a sweet little voice, my dick slurring her words as it pressed against her lips.

“Tell him how bad.” I urged her as I moved my dick around her face, leaving behind a trail of her spit and my pre-cum.

“I’ve been talking really dirty and showing off my body.” She replied as she planted a few kisses to the shaft, then used her hands to lift up my balls and run her tongue around them for good measure.

Her father looked like he was going to pass out and stumbled to the nearest chair and sat down, keeping his eyes on his daughters mouth as I stuck my cock back between her lips. I told them both that if she didn’t do a good job, I’d be back tomorrow to give her another lesson.

“I guess this means I’m a cocksucker now, huh daddy?” She tortured him with the knowledge that she was now a confirmed slut. I loved the feeling of her lips vibrating against my dick as she spoke, so I asked her a couple more questions.

“You’ve never drank sperm before?” I asked, knowing that she was lying, I bet she’d drained a dozen boys cocks.

“Nope… I was always afraid to… What if it tastes bad?” Sue replied, looking up at me.

“That’s why you swallow, honey, to get rid of the taste as fast as possible, but some girls love it, who knows, maybe you’ll be one of them.” My balls were straining to release their tangy fluid. I could feel my legs begin to turn into Jello and told her to expect a tasty drink any second.

“Get ready, honey, here it cums….” I grunted as I pumped my hips faster, driving my dick deeper in her mouth, making her gag when I hit the entrance to her throat. Her eyes watered as I began to shoot my load.

“Oh.. Fuck!” I shouted as the first shot entered her mouth. I glanced over to look at her father. I don’t think it helped him that she kept mumbling ‘yummy’ every ten seconds. Turning my attention back to the girl on her knees in front of me, I held her head as I pumped a few more shots of warm sperm down her throat. Sue coughed a few times, but managed to swallow it all down. When she was finished, I pulled out and she smiled as a thin drip of cum ran down her chin.

“Wow, I swallowed it all, didn’t I? How was that?” She happily asked me.

“That was good, sweetheart.” I patted her head as she nibbled on the head of my dick, making sure she’d got the last of my cum, and licked it clean as her father stared at her. His hand rubbed across his lap as he fidgeted in his seat. I think the bastard enjoyed it, and was now as hard as a rock himself. I laughed, thinking what a dip-shit he was. Maybe I should make his daughter crawl over on her hands and knees and suck his dick too, but he clearly didn’t deserve it.

Putting my cock back in my pants, I picked up my tools and made my way to the door. I glanced behind me to see Sue lift up her skirt and stick her hand down her panties, getting ready to rub one out. I guess drinking sperm has made her horny. I chuckled as I told them I’d be back tomorrow and closed the door behind me as her father just sat there.

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