It’d been a long time since I had sex.

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years and usually had sex regularly. At least every other day, sometimes several times a day. Ann used to have a fantastic body. We met when we were both in college and hit it off right away. She is very petite. 5’2″ about, 105 pounds, long brunette hair down to the middle of her back, and a figure to kill. She worked on her figure constantly, starting every day in the gym. Her hard work had definitely paid off. Her body was perfectly toned with a flat stomach, tight firm ass, and the most beautiful C-cup breasts that I had ever laid my hands on. Before I met Ann, I had slept around and had been with many women. Once I met Ann, I knew she was the woman for me and I had never strayed. Sex between us was great. She loved riding me and we would often try new positions. My only complaints, if any, was that she hated giving me a blow job and would only do so when she was on the rag and that she would never try anal, something I had never done but really wanted to try.

As I said we had a great sex life. Ann was on the pill for the first five years of our marriage; until we were ready to start a family. But after almost 5 years of trying, we had almost given up hope. I was pretty sure the problem was her and not me. I even jacked off in cup to prove that I was as fertile as they cum. Fortunately Ann’s parents are very wealthy and offered to help us try fertility treatments. The docs decided to put Ann on some sort of shot to help us get pregnant. I had heard all of the nightmares about the mood swings and irritability but for us that wasn’t an issue. I actually enjoyed giving Ann the shots, and she was in a constant state of arousal. I would come home from work and she would jump my bones. We had sex every night when I got home, before going to bed, and again in the morning.

Ann’s periods have always been very regular. I even remember her telling me with some disappointment that she would be on the rag for her birthday, several weeks before her birthday. When her 37th birthday came, and her period didn’t, we were both excited and nervous. That night we went to the drugstore together and bought an EPT. Sure enough we were going to become parents.

Things went well early on. She had very minor morning sickness and was as horny as ever. I loved watching her body change. The first thing I noticed was her tits becoming more sensitive and increasing in firmness and size. We continued to make love constantly. I think the sex was even better because we no longer had the stress of trying to get pregnant. A few weeks in, we discovered that we were going to have twins.

Then the bottom fell out. Ann was about 20 weeks along, when one night she wasn’t in the mood. I knew that was a bad sign. She woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and was having labor pains. I knew it was too early and I was in a total panic as I drove her to the hospital. Fortunately, the docs were able to stop things. However, they said she was having multiple complications. They put her on total bed rest, and worse of all, said no sex! I was a dutiful husband. Every morning I brought her breakfast in bed and prepared her lunch before leaving for the office. As for the no sex rule, I started taking a lot of cold showers and jacked off regularly for the first time since high school. But I loved Ann and promised her I would remain faithful. Ann tried to help out with the occasional blow job, but something about the pregnancy had made her gag reflex really bad and she couldn’t even take me in.

The doctors scheduled a C-Section for the 34th week and we hoped that Ann would make it that far along. Meanwhile her parents offered to hire a nanny for us when the babies were born. I was invited to help interview the candidates, but instead left that up to Ann and her mom. Ann told me that they had the perfect woman, a 20 year old nursing student at the local community college. She had one semester left to go, but was taking the summer off anyways. Ann said she was perfect, and I trusted Ann. I was told that Ann’s mom would arrange everything and the Nanny, Lynn, would move in the day Ann got out of the hospital and be with us for two months.

Ann could not stand what was happening to her formerly perfect body. All that hard work at the gym, and now, in her words, she looked like a beached white whale. And the very thought of a C-Section was terrifying her. However, her curves growing belly, and now huge tits turned me on beyond belief. Though she had no energy to do anything, every couple of nights, she would let me cum all over her tits and face. I would stand next to her naked body by the side of the bed and caress her breasts while I jacked off. She would massage my balls, pulling on my ball sack as I stroked my 8 1/2 inch dick ever so slowly. I would sometimes slap it against her large brown nipples and she would moan in pleasure. Then once I came, it was my job to make sure she was cleaned up. A few times, I even licked her off and then gave her a long passionate kiss and we shared my jizz between us.

One night, Ann awoke with a scream. She was having pains again and thought she was in labor. We were a little over 32 weeks. I rushed her to the hospital. Almost as soon as we arrived, out popped Andrew. He was premature at 3 lbs 7 oz, but they thought he would be alright. They whisked him away to put him on oxygen. Ann thought she had escaped the dreaded C-Section. But where was the second one? Ann was in heavy and hard labor for a couple of hours. Finally, the Doctor said the second one was breech and he would have to try to turn it around. After an hour of labor, they decided to do a C-Section to bring out the baby. They rushed Ann into surgery and pulled 3 lb 10 oz Amy out. However, Ann had lost a lot of blood and would be in the hospital at least week. And so were the twins. They quickly moved from the ICU to regular nursery and despite their size did well.

The day before Ann was to come home, my mother-in-law called me at the office to let me know that she had moved Lynn in and that she would be home when I got home. That night, I went straight from work to the hospital to spend time with Ann and the kids. I left at 9:00 and headed home.

As I walked in the front door I could hear the TV on in the family room. I shouted, “Hello Lynn I’m home.”

A very young woman greeted me in the hall, “Hi you must be Steve.”

She looked like she was about 17 but I knew she was 20. I must’ve stared at her face for a long time because all of a sudden she said, “are you okay?”

“Sorry, I’m just really tired,” I responded.

The truth was I could not believe how much this girl look like Ann. Her facial features were so similar yet different. Like Ann she had long straight hair down the middle of her back, but Lynn was a redhead. Her eyes and nose were the exact same shape. But, where Ann’s eyes were brown Lynn’s eyes were blue. They were both about the same height and had the same perfectly shaped mouth with pouty little red lips. Though their figures were very similar, Lynn was smaller on top and still had some baby fat around the middle. She was wearing loose pajama bottoms and a baggy T-shirt clearly with no bra. My mind wandered to what Ann would have looked like before I had met her, because I was sure it was something like this.

I told Lynn I was going to get something to drink and asked her if she wanted anything. She went back to the family room turned off the TV and I joined her there a few minutes later with two beers. We chatted for awhile about her expectations of the job, rules of the house, and her background.

Lynn had broken up with her boyfriend a few months earlier and moved back into her parents house. She couldn’t stand being back with her parents which was why this job seemed so perfect. I tried to keep the conversation serious and businesslike, but Lynn seemed to be flirting with me. She had a habit of leaning forward while talking allowing me unfettered views of her firm breasts down the neck of her shirt. I think I also caught her staring at the involuntary bulge in my pants. At about midnight I said good night and headed up to my bedroom.

I tried to go to sleep. But all I could think of was Lynn. My dick was painfully hard and stretching my boxer briefs to the max. I definitely thought about walking down to the guest bedroom and throwing myself at Lynn. I was sure she wanted it. After several months not having sex all I could think about was how warm wet and tight her young pussy would be. But I knew I couldn’t. I couldn’t cheat and I couldn’t do that to Ann. Instead I started jacking off. Slowly rubbing my dick up-and-down while my left hand rubbed my stomach and my chest. After a few minutes I switched to just massaging my balls. Then using my own saliva for lubricant I started faster and faster paying special attention to my cock head. I could not believe how hard I was breathing and how fast my heart was beating. It felt so good. When I finally came it was unlike I had ever cum before. My whole body spasmed as my dick shot out wad after wad. Some even landed on my chin. I laid there, spent, and out of breath. Finally I got up to get some tissues to clean off. As I stood up I felt dizzy and I could feel my legs start to buckle. I cleaned up and went back to bed and fell sound asleep.

The next morning I picked Ann and the twins up from the Hospital. As soon as we walked in the door, I realized how much of a help Lynn was going to be. She fed the twins, rushed to their every need, changed every diaper. It was a godsend for Ann, who was so tired and exhausted that all she could do was sleep.

Over the next few days, Ann tried pleasing me. But she was very weak and tired. She occasionally started a hand job, but found herself to weak to finish me off. We did however cuddle a lot, but my mind kept turning to Lynn.

Lynn, it turns out was a major tease. Not only did she wear skimpy and revealing clothing around the house, but it felt like she was constantly flirting with me. One night, I got up from bed to look in on the twins when I found Lynn in the bathroom. She had left the door ajar and was standing with one leg on the toilet shaving her pussy. Ann never shaved her pussy. I found myself staring as Lynn gently pulled her labia aside and ran the razor over it. I had not seen a smooth pussy since I was in High School and dated the star of the Swim Team. Lynn’s pussy lips were beautiful. She had just the right amount of baby fat on them and they closed all the way when she was not pulling at them, revealing just a slit.

I am not sure how long I was watching, when Ann, without even turning around, looked at me in the mirror and said, “I could use some help, I can never see everything in the mirror and alway miss a spot.”

“Um, sorry, I stammered, Sorry, if I embarrassed you.”

I think I turned bright red. She turned and looked at me, standing there completely naked.

“Oh, no worries, I don’t embarrass easily.”

Wow, her body was beautiful. Her breasts were high and firm, looking like perfect half grapefruits. Her areolas were small and highlighted her hard nipples. And her stomach was just a little bit paunchy, giving her an innocent sweet look. I backed away. I am sure she could see the huge tent in my pajamas. I never even looked in on the twins, I retreated to my room, headed to my bathroom and jacked off. I barely touched my dick, when I exploded hot cum all over the bathroom sink.

I don’t know how I survived those first few weeks. Ann was doing better, but for the first time in her life, had no sex drive. She constantly apologized to me and I would hold her as she fell asleep letting her know that it was alright. And to make matters worse, Lynn kept teasing me. After Ann fell asleep each night, if I was up and about, Lynn would be walking around in skimpy pajamas, or even worse, lingerie. One night, I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs to see if anything was on TV. As I approached the Family Room, I could hear that the TV was already on. I peeked in, trying not to be noticed. There on the couch was Lynn. On the TV was one of those softcore pornos that HBO has on late at night. Lynn had her shirt up over her tits and was rubbing them. I watched as she brought her fingers to her mouth and then very slowly and gently swirled them around her nipples. I backed away, hoping she had not seen me.

I thought I had made a safe escape, but the next morning, as I was drinking my coffee, Lynn said to Ann, “wow there are some weird things on HBO in the middle of the night.” I almost spit out my coffee.

About a week later I was on a huge deadline at my office. I knew I would not be home that night and let Ann know. I originally anticipated pulling an allnighter, but we finished quicker than I anticipated. At about 3am I headed home. I pulled into the garage and walked into the house, As I approached the family room my jaw almost dropped. There was Lynn, naked as the day she was born,watching porn and ramming but huge virbrator in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and I could see her other hand playing with her clit. I could see how wet she was and how swollen her clit had become. From where I was standing in the kitchen I don’t think she saw me. Behind the kitchen counter I started rubbing my dick through my pants. We both came at almost the same time.

As soon as I had regained my composure I backed over to the garage door and slammed it to get her attention.

“Hello, Lynn is that you?” I shouted out.

As I walk over to the family room she quickly cover herself with an Afghan and changed the channel on the TV.

“What are you doing up?” I asked.

“Oh, I had to change Amy and couldn’t fall back to sleep.”

I said goodbye to her and headed upstairs. I hoped that she did not notice the wet spot in my pants in the dark. And, I am sure she was hoping I did not smell the very obvious odor of her sex.

Since my project was done I got to sleep in and stay home the next day. It was Lynn’s day off so Ann and I had some rare time alone. Well, as alone as you can be with two newborn twins in the house.

I asked Ann what she thought of Lynn.

She loved having her around. Lynn was serving her every need and taking care of the babies. Best of all, she said, she had someone she could talk “girl” stuff with.

“I hope she’s taking care of your needs as well,” Ann asked.

“My needs?” I stammered.

“Yes, I hope she’s doing whatever you need her to do as well. She’s here for both of us,” Ann said.

“Don’t you think she’s a bit, well, overtly sexual at times?” I asked.

“No, that’s how young kids are today,” she replied.

That afternoon, Ann and I fooled around a little bit. She tried sucking me off but her gag reflex was just way too much. She did give me a hand job and let me finish by fucking her titties.

When it took me a little longer to finish than usual, she remarked that “her naughty boy must be playing with himself.”

I came all over her face and she took her finger and wiped it into her mouth.

“Yum, I can’t wait until I can down that big boy again,” she commented.

A few more weeks went by. The sexual tension in the house was unbearable — well at least to me. Ann seemed oblivious to it. Finally the night before my birthday, it all came to a head.

I was in the family room watching a ball game. Ann was upstairs reading. Lynn had just put the twins in bed and sauntered into the Family Room wearing a Victoria’s Secret nighty. The top was sheer, displaying her breasts for the world. I could see every inch of her breasts, topped off with those luscious hard nipples. The top also extended down to mid thigh. But I could tell that the underwear she was wearing was crotchless with lots of lace.

She walked right up to me, straddled my lap and whispered in my ear. “Steve, I know you want me. I am all yours.”

She placed both of her hands on my crotch and started massaging me through my pants. I was speechless.

“Wow, you are big,” she remarked. I pushed her off of me. I looked her straight in the eyes, “Lynn, I am a married man. I am faithful to my wife. I can’t do this.” I blurted out.

“Come, on, I have seen the way you have looked at me. You know you want it,” she pleaded.

I knew that if I stayed there one more minute, I might lose all of my will power. I grabbed my keys off the counter and shouted upstairs, as loud as I could, “Ann, I have to run to the office for something.”

As I stormed out of the house, I could hear the twins start crying. My screams must have woken them up.

I was in a cold sweat as I drove to the office. Luckily there was no one there was there when I arrived. I let myself in, stormed to my office, and locked the door. It took me a few minutes to gain my composure. By the time my computer was turned on, I was feeling better, but was still very horny. I decided to check out some online porn. I went to my favorite site and looked for college co-eds. I soon found myself looking at a girl who looked just like Lynn. It was a an interview porno, one of those where the girl thinks she is auditioning for a the adult sex industry. The blond girl said she was 5’5″, had C size breasts. When asked if they were all natural, she blushed and did not answer. Usually, I do not like tats or piercings, but for some reason, her tatoo of a an arrow pointing towards her pussy, was very erotic Her pussy was shaved. Watching her strip and answer questions turned me on even more. I was stroking myself furiously.

The “host” asked her to give him a blow job. She gulped his cock so fast, I thought she was going to choke. He wasn’t very large, maybe 6 inches, but she took him all in. I could see the outline of his cock deep in her throat. As she pulled all the way off, she swirled her head around his tip to give him even more pleasure. I started a similar motion with my hand, just on the tip of my dick. He came in her mouth and told her not to swallow. After he pulled out, he asked her to show what was in her mouth, she opened wide showing a mouth full of cum and then, like a trooper, she swallowed it all. Then he asked her to lay on his desk. He fucked her from the edge of the desk while playing with her clit.

That sent me over the edge. I started cumming all over my belly and pants. But I didn’t get soft, despite all of the cum on my hands, I kept stroking my still rock hard cock.

Soon, the host in the video got tired of fucking the girl’s cunt. He asked her to roll over and grabbed some lube from the drawer. He asked her if she had ever done anal, she hadn’t. But that didn’t stop him, he started entering her rear slowly.

This was a fantasy of mine, as Ann would never let me do it to her.

One of the cameras was on the girl’s face and she was in obvious pain. He kept pushing forward. She was crying now, and begging him to stop. He did, rolled her over, and took his dick right from her ass and put it back in her cunt. He continued to fuck her, this time hard. Finally, with a grunt he came inside of her.

I was getting close myself to a double orgasm. I had had multiple orgasms before, but not recently.

The host, asked the girl to push his cum out and she did. That sent me over the top. I came yet again.

As I started to clean myself up, I heard the host ask the girl what kind of birth control she was on, she wasn’t on any.

“You’ll get the morning after pill right,” he asked, as the video came to an end.

I just leaned back in my chair and fell asleep. A little while later, I prayed no one was in the office as I snuck to the bathroom to wash off, my pants around my knees.

I returned home around 2 a.m. I was kind of noisy coming in to make sure Lynn would hear me if she were up to no good in the family room. I snuck into bed, exhausted.


I listened to the sound of my car sputtering and losing power. I yanked the wheel to send it to the side of the road into a dirt ditch. After trying to start it up again and only succeeding in flooding the engine, I reached for my cell phone and suddenly remembered I had left it at home because it wouldn’t fit into my cute new purse. I slammed my hands against the steering wheel in frustration.

Damn. Damn. Damn! I had just come from a very fine date, gotten well fucked several times by my man of the moment and was feeling just fine and full of my sexual power, driving along home late at night on a lightless winding canyon road.

Now this. Not a great ending to a great night.

I got out of the car and opened the hood. I looked inside in the mass of incomprehensible hoses and gadgets. I walked around the car, kicked a tire in frustration and peered down the pitch-black road both ways. I had better try to flag down a passing motorist for help, if I could find one this late at night. I hadn’t noticed any cars for the last several miles, ever since turning onto this road as a matter of fact. That wasn’t good.

So here I was, alone on a deserted back canyon road wearing a short skin tight white tank top with no bra that barely covered my tits and a short denim ruffle skirt with no panties. Great.

The look is fine when you are going on a fuck me date, but out here? I must look like some sort of hooker… or worse.

Though the evening was warm, I shivered. And waited, leaning up against the car with my arms folded in frustrated impatience.

After several minutes, a pair of very bright lights appeared in the distance. They approached and slowed down, finally pulling up behind my car. I heard a pair of doors open and slam and peered into the blinding glare. I could make out four large dark shadowy figures coming forward through the brightness. One of the shadowy figures materialized rather suddenly into a large man.

“Help you with anything, Ma’am?”

His eyes wandered slowly up and down my frame, and I crossed my arms over my chest, suddenly a little afraid. Why didn’t I wear jeans and a sweatshirt to my date? Jake would have fucked me if I had shown up dressed in burlap, for God’s sake. But noooo, I had to show off and take control of him from the very beginning, laughing as he drooled over me from the instant he opened the door of his apartment. He begged and fawned and kissed up until I finally let him fuck me. Several times. Hard and fast and furious.

The way I wanted it. The way I like it.

“I am having car trouble,” I managed to stammer.

“Well, little lady,” he drawled, leaning very close to me, almost pinning me to the hood of my car. “I think we can help you out.”

I tried to slide out of reach, very nervous and suddenly very aware of my vulnerability. His arm shot out and blocked my exit.

I was really afraid, now. “I think I’ll wait for the….” I stopped, trying to clear my head, “…for the police. Ummm, I called them a few minutes ago on my cell phone.”

The man lazily looked me over and glanced inside the car where my open tiny purse was clearly visible with its meager contents strewn across the seat.

I made a dive for the door handle, but he grabbed my arm and twisted it painfully behind my back. He swung me around and I was presented to his companions, my breasts thrust forward, straining the thin fabric of the tank top.

“This here nice lady needs us, men.” The men hiding in the brightness laughed, the sound eerie in the deep darkness surrounding the brightness of the headlights.

“What say we give her what she REALLY needs…?”

With that, he pushed me forward into the light, past it into the blinding darkness, and with very little effort, lifted me into the cab of a large black truck.

Before I could scramble across the seat and out the other door to free myself, the door opened and another man climbed into the truck.

“Where you goin’, sweetheart? We all gonna give you all the help you need!”

The other men piled into the wide bench seat of the truck, the one holding me lifted me onto his lap.

I struggled and finally found my voice. “Please…. please….. let me go!”

The man next to me reached out to touch my face. “You don’t want to be out here at night… very dangerous. All kinds of wild animals…”

The men all laughed at this quip.

One of then men brushed my right nipple through the thin fabric of the tank top with the back of his hand. It instantly crinkled at his light touch. The light brush turned into a squeeze…. his large hand covered my breast, lifting, squeezing and pulling at it.

Another hand touched the top of my thigh, moving up, reached the hem of my skirt, and lifted it.

“Hey!” he exclaimed as his fingers found my short-cropped bush. “She ain’t got no underwear!! Out here on the side of the road wearing practically nothin’, just begging for it!”

Suddenly, several hands were pulling up my skirt, revealing my naked pussy, still slick with cum from my earlier date.

Calloused fingers rubbed my clit and roughly probed my nakedness. A pair of fingers entered me. My breathing quickened in spite of myself as my body responded to these crude men and their rough sexual handling.

My shirt was suddenly yanked up, exposing my naked breasts.

“Holy shit… look at the size of those!”

“Fucking A, man, pull over!”

The man driving shook his head with amusement. “We’ll be there soon, boys. Then we’ll have some fun…”

The dark man holding me on his lap pulled me over on my side, revealing my ass to the blond man sitting next to him.

The blond slapped my ass hard several times; the cracking sound punctuated their laughter. Unseen hands moved over my bare rear end, running down my crack, pausing to push at my asshole. I jumped and began to squirm again. Oh god, no!

Suddenly the truck turned sharply off the road, and went bouncing across what may or may not have been a dirt road. The truck stopped so suddenly that I was thrown off the man’s lap into the dashboard. I blacked out for a second. I came to and dazedly felt the rising lump on my forehead.

The men pulled me from the truck. I stumbled to the ground, two of the men held me up to keep me from falling. The bump I received on the head had taken the last bit of fight out of me.

“Over there.” The driver gestured toward what looked like a tiny cabin barely visible in the darkness surrounded by tall trees. “You know the drill.”

The men dragged me, stealing squeezes and flipping up my skirt, spanking me forward when I stumbled. They stopped in front of a large tree with a horizontally hanging branch about six feet from the ground.

“Go get the rope,” one of them growled.

A rope? My mind was still fuzzy from the bump. I could barely think. I had no idea what was going to happen. I heard footsteps running through the leaves, and after a moment, they returned.

My arms were stretched up and tied to the branch, so high I couldn’t even bend my elbows. Oh my god. They were tying me up. I tried to put up a struggle, but I had no chance against four strong men, especially in my dazed state.

I tried to think and shook my head. Too late. The rope was knotted expertly and quickly. They grabbed one of my ankles and pulled it straight out to the side, and tied it with a length of rope leading to another tree. The other leg was tied the same way. I was spread wide.

My top was yanked up over my naked breasts. My short skirt was lifted by the wind that whispered through the trees. The breeze caressed my bare wet pussy.

I shivered. I was helpless. Completely helpless.

I tried weakly to pull free. My breasts bounced and swayed with my movements. The men laughed at my struggles.

“Don’t worry, baby,” one of them said, cradling one of my heaving breasts with both hands and gently sucking on the nipple. “We gonna give you what you really need.” His soft sucking suddenly turned into a bite and I yelped in surprise.

“Oooooooh, a sensitive one! Just a little love nibble, my sweet,” the blond man said. He pulled a length of cloth out of his pocket and roughly tied it around my mouth. The cloth tasted of dirt and sweat and beer. I tried not to gag.

Another man moved behind me and lifted my short skirt, tucking it into the waistband. He caressed and squeezed my now exposed ass. His hands ran down my crack and tickled my virgin asshole. I squirmed and cried out against the gag.

Another mouth closed in on my other nipple, sucking and kneading my large breasts with his hands.

Another hand moved up my leg in front and found my clit. I jumped as an electric shock shot through my body. The finger circled my clit expertly. I could feel the heat rising. I fought it, but my traitorous body responded. My juices dripped down my thigh.

One of the men in front of me, the driver of the truck, stepped back and unzipped his jeans. He pulled his cock out and pointed it at me. It was very large, heavily veined and seemed to glow in the faint moonlight.

“Me ‘n my boys, we got all kinds of somethin’ for you,” he whispered almost gently. He stepped out of his jeans and came forward. He pushed the man who was rubbing my clit out of the way roughly. I moaned at the loss of the clit rubber’s erotic touch. The driver bent his knees to lower himself to my level, his eyes on mine; he aimed his huge cock at my pussy.

I looked at him with a mixture of fear and unaccountable excitement. My clit throbbed from the good rubbing it had been getting. His large green eyes stared into mine. One hand snaked around to my ass to hold me steady. I stopped all movement.

There was no way I was going to avoid what was coming next. My self-congratulatory sexual control over men meant nothing here.

I was going to be gang fucked by these men.

My clit throbbed. My breathing was rough and ragged. My nipples ached. My body was bathed in the cool night breeze. I shivered and my skin tingled suddenly like it was on fire. Oh my god, I recognized that feeling. Between the fear and expert caressing, I was on build up to cumming. If he touched me… oh, but he had to! My heart raced and my body strained forward.

His cock touched my wet clit. I shuddered with uncontrollable pleasure. His cock slid back to my slit and moved back and forth against my swollen dripping lips and my sticky wetness covered the long thick shaft.

The round head slowly entered me. Oh god yes, I couldn’t believe how much I wanted it. It pushed inside me with exquisite slowness. I needed more. I had to have it! I strained forward against my bonds. I tried to tell him with my eyes how much I wanted it.

He laughed when he saw the sudden lust in my eyes. His teeth glittered in the moonlight. He teased me by pulling it out completely and I whimpered at the loss. He pushed it in again, slowly, just a few inches. I groaned against my gag. I wanted to scream at him to fuck me properly, hard and fast like I need it.

Suddenly he rammed his full length into me. I screamed in pleasure as heat burst from my groin and shot like lightning throughout my body. My sudden orgasm startled him as I contracted against his cock. He rammed it in me again and again, fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster. His grunts and the wet sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the still night air. I met every thrust with one of my own, my super sensitized vagina building up to another orgasm in seconds.

Yet another orgasm ripped through me and the man shot his load as I spasmed around his shaft. His thrusts slowed and he held onto me for support, breathing heavily into my ear.

I felt my pussy grasp nothing as he slipped out of me, the emptiness almost painful after being so wonderfully filled. It wasn’t enough! I had to have more. Please, I wanted to cry. God help me, I demanded even more satisfaction.

“Fuck, man, move it!” I saw the blond man shove the driver to the side. “My turn!” His pants were already off. I looked around, still shaking in the euphoric orgasmic afterglow. They were all three naked, all of them waiting for their turn.

I looked at blondie. He approached me and grabbed both my ass cheeks as he rammed his ready cock into my cum-filled pussy. The waves of pleasure hit me hard again. He fucked me with short hard thrusts, keeping his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks wide open to the night.

A breeze kissed my exposed asshole.

The tempo of the blond increased and he fucked me hard. I felt my body respond again with glorious heat and building into indescribable tension.

Behind me someone rubbed my quivering asshole with the tip of a finger, tickling it as gently as the wind had. I gasped and clenched my ass in surprise. The coarse finger suddenly pushed inside a centimeter or two. I yelped and strained forward against my bonds, clenching the cock in my cunt in the process. The finger in my ass was dry and I had never had anything — not a finger or a cock or a sex toy — inside there before. I panicked and bucked as hard as I could. The man fucking me held onto my ass cheeks with a vise grip, his cock ramming me from all angles in my struggle.

Insanely I wished I had let my boyfriend fuck me in the ass tonight as he wanted to so I would be better prepared.

Too late now. I was going to get it whether I wanted it or not.

The man behind me pushed the finger in a little more. I screamed again, more in fear than in pain, and struggled wildly against the ropes.

“Man, lookit her squirm!” the dark man who was watching the finger being thrust inside my backside said, his hand stroking his long dark cock. “I bet she ain’t never had a ass-fucking before!”

The finger stopped its slow ingress into my ass and he leaned up against my back. “That true? Sexy little slut like you ain’t never been ass-fucked?” He wiggled his finger inside my hole and I jumped again.

“Shit, lady, you gonna love it!”

I strained around with wild pleading eyes, begging for them to stop. The man in front continued to pummel my pussy with mind bending strong thrusts. The pleasure and fear escalated. My body was on fire. My mind was crazed and panicked.

“Man, lube her. You ain’t gonna get anywhere like that!”

The finger was yanked from my tight hole and I gasped at the sudden exquisite cessation of sensation. I heard one of the men behind me spit a couple of times and a wetness was spread across my anus with a finger. Then a cock, slick with saliva, pressed against my tiny hole. It pushed. I whimpered.

My ass opened and grabbed the head, contracting spasmodically around it. I screamed. It pushed further and further inside.

The intensity of the sensation overwhelmed me. I tossed my head and howled through the gag. My arms and legs twisted against the ropes. My breasts bounced and slapped against the blond fucking me in front. My ass cheeks tightened and relaxed in waves. My mind was blank. The only thing that existed was my body. The feel of the man fucking me in front, filling my pussy with his strong cock, the feel of the other cock behind me, thrusting in and out of my ass filled my senses to overflowing. Nothing else in the world existed.

Pain and pleasure warred as my body shrieked and my mind filled with light. Prickling heat built up in my groin and my clit exploded. I threw my head back and screamed in ecstasy. Pleasure had won the war. My body became the orgasm, throbbing, thrusting, undulating with the waves that ripped me.

“Fuck, yeah!” the man reaming my ass shot his wad deep inside my body. His cock trembled as he rammed again and again, draining every last drop into my raped ass. He slowly pulled it out and staggered backwards.

“Move it, boy!” The final man positioned himself behind me and pushed his much bigger cock inside my strained cum filled ass. Who was it, which one? I didn’t know. I couldn’t remember. It didn’t matter. Another cock was inside me, fucking me. That was all there was.

I moaned as my body stretched to accommodate him. He didn’t take it slow at all, but thrust it in all the way immediately. My sphincter muscle clenched hard around his cock. I grit my teeth against the intensity of the pleasure/pain.

Strange inhuman sounds filled the air. On some level I realized the sounds came from my throat.

All this time the cock in my pussy kept pumping. Little sparks of pleasure, like mini orgasms, shot through my clit with each thrust.

My body convulsed against the assault. I growled and moaned and thrashed. The feelings and pain and pleasure warred and sparred and finally intersected in an intense scream of pleasure ripped through me. My throat was raw from screaming, but I couldn’t stop. Orgasm after orgasm exploded my body apart and then built up again immediately. It racked my soul and tossed my mind aside in favor of pure feeling.

Finally the man in front of me grunted out his hot wad, filling my pussy to overflowing. His spasmodic slapping thrusts slowed, falling out of tempo with the ass reaming I was getting. I was tossed about like a rag doll slammed forward and backwards and flattened as two pelvises thrust into me and then I was suspended on nothing but two cocks in strange turns of syncopated rhythm.

My body responded again, and screaming waves of pleasure too intense to be called anything but fire racked my well-used body.

The ass fucker convulsed with a groan. He grabbed my tits and squeezed hard as he shot his load into my backside. He slowed and stopped. His cock pulled out of my ass with and almost audible “pop”. The cock in front slipped out of me slowly.

My long hair hung in sweat soaked strands around my face and down my back. Cum dripped freely from my holes. I slowly came back to myself.

I lifted my head and looked around, dazed. My whole body felt drained. The men were slowly getting dressed. The driver stopped and looked at me with a lazy grin.

“Sweet thing, I’ll be right back with some more buddies of mine.” He saluted me cockily and strode to the truck, getting in and driving off with a spray of gravel.

More buddies? I moaned and dropped my head in sobbing exhaustion.

Somewhere deep inside me a knot came undone.

There was nothing I could do about it. I was not the one in control tonight.

My tears stopped. Many times over the years I toyed with men and their lusts, learning to tease and control their desires, building them up to unbearable tension with little promises, touches, glimpses, holding back until I decided they had suffered enough and I granted them the prize of my body – or not, as I judged their worthiness on a whim. If I deemed they were not worthy, even if I had granted them access before, I tossed them aside laughing at their pleadings and sneering at their confusion and anger at being played so thoroughly.

I loved the feeling of control, of absolute power over men. They were nothing to me. The pleasure I got from fucking was nothing compared to the pleasure of turning them into pitiful slobbering animals first.

But I was paying for it all now; I was on the other side. My own body was the one being played tonight. My body had never responded to sex like this before. I was filled with animal lusts.

I shivered, but not with cold. I had begged and screamed in pleasure. I had matched their strong thrusts with my own frantic ones. I had strained against the ropes – not to get away, but because I desperately wanted to touch them, to feel them, to… to participate. But I could do nothing but feel my body’s reactions. I was tied up, helpless, so utterly and completely helpless…

And so completely alive for the first time in my life. Every cell in my body was filled with electric tingling and anticipation. The bruises and soreness just added to the mass of sensations that raced through my body like a wildfire. I raised my head up to the stars and felt a breeze lightly touch my face, soft and forgiving as a caress.

Author’s Note: I had much of this story written years ago, but decided this week to actually edit it and submit. I have probably another 20 pages or so almost ready. Hopefully it will be only a few weeks, not years, before I submit Ch. 11. – Jack


Beth had been the first one to get up, only mildly disappointed to see Ron was positioned on his side; effectively hiding what she was almost certain would have been another of his towering morning hard-ons. After a quick shower, she had found Amy in the kitchen, looking rather hung over herself, sipping on a big cup of freshly made coffee.

“Feeling a little rough this morning?” she whispered.

“Oh my god, so this is what a real hang over feels like?” Amy responded with her own rhetorical question. “I don’t really want to feel like this on my first day with my dad.”

“Look, I know you took a shower last night, but a steamy hot shower, some aspirin and that cup of coffee might get you going in a better frame of mind. You go next and I’ll wake up your mom to get her moving as well, okay?”

Amy agreed and when Beth heard the shower water start, she went to awaken her friend. As Pam stirred beneath Beth’s gentle nudging, Ron turned over to his back, much to Beth’s delight. As she had predicted, his lovely cock was jutting up, creating an unmistakable tent in his sheet. Knowing he was nude beneath the sheet caused a slight tingle to course through her yearning pussy. His breathing continued in a slow, rhythmic manner, confirming the deep, alcohol induced slumber in which his body sought refuge to recuperate from the excesses of the previous night.

“Good morning,” Beth breathed softly into Pam’s ear as she sat next to her on the bed. “I have a nice wake-up surprise for you this morning.”

It took Pam a few seconds to gather her bearings, and then follow Beth’s gaze to Ron’s prone body, and his misshapen sheet. “Jeez, Beth, don’t you ever quit?” Pam protested with her mouth, but her eyes never broke from the sleeping teen and the modestly hidden, ridiculously large cock to which more and more of her increasingly demented thoughts focused.

“Let’s take a quick peek, while Amy’s in the shower.” Beth said, as she leaned across her friend’s prone body and reached for the sheet. “Last night’s little flash was way too quick for my taste.”

“Beth! You can’t be serious, I mean, what if he wakes up? You really shouldn’t….” Pam carried on her hushed protests, even as Beth carefully pulled the sheet up and began to move it away from Ron’s body. ‘Ah,… Beth, …..I don’t think…..ah, you should…. be doing this.” Pam continued, although her halting words lacked any real conviction, and her eyes remained ready to take in the vision Beth was about to provide.

Beth dropped the sheet just below Ron’s nearly hairless balls, across his muscular thighs. His cock was now in the open, subject to their lustful stares and further fueling their growing fascination with his oversized and seemingly ever present erection.

“God, look at how big, and perfect it is.” Beth whispered, leaning further across Pam to get a closer look. Beth’s actions, while admittedly flaming her own smoldering desires, were undertaken with the purpose of furthering Pam’s willingness to go along with the ‘inadvertent’ and ‘unintended’ teasing scenarios Beth had scripted in her mind, and hoped to orchestrate while Amy was away with her dad.

“That was really sliding between your tits last night?” Beth asked, glancing down at the curve of Pam’s right breast, escaping from her night gown as she rested on her elbow, visually examining Ron’s penis. “God, I can’t even imagine how sexy that must have looked.” Beth continued, now allowing her finger to lightly trace a path down Pam’s shoulder and into her cleavage, causing Pam’s breath to catch as she comprehended what her friend was doing.

“Beth, what are you doing?” Pam asked, but didn’t make her stop. Pam guiltily recalled the way Beth’s lips and hands had felt the night before, and while part of her knew she should stop her, her wanton, depraved, and ever-growing libido prevented her from taking any action.

Beth traced her hand along Pam’s exposed flesh, then over her gown, across her now erect nipple and down her slender waist, pushing the sheet aside as her hand descended. “Wouldn’t you like to slide that big cock inside you?” Beth breathed into Pam’s ear, her hands moving steadily closer to her pussy.

Pam never broke her gaze from the object of her lust, but did manage to convince her hand to intercept Beth’s before it slipped between her legs. As good as it felt, she kept telling herself that the night before had been a drunken reaction to an unbelievable situation, and that she couldn’t allow it to be repeated now, especially with her daughter just behind the bathroom door.

Beth allowed her hand to be diverted, and then redirected Pam’s hand, along with her own, slowly reaching it out toward Ron’s still throbbing cock. After allowing her lips to lightly graze Pam’s ear, Beth whispered, “Let’s just touch it, just once, for a second,” she continued to breath damply into Pam’s ear and neck as she continued, “we’ll do it together, so we won’t be alone if we feel guilty later…….come on, just a quick little feel.”

Pam couldn’t believe it, but she was allowing Beth to move her hand ever so slowly toward Ron’s dick. Her pussy was on fire already, as much from Beth’s damp breath and talented fingers as from the sight of Ron’s cock towering above his lean, yet defined body.

At that instant, the shower water cut off with a noticeable clanking of the pipes. Pam jerked her hand free from Beth, and they both seemed to break from the near trance like mood surrounding their actions.

Beth got up and gently repositioned the sheet over Ron, gave Pam a knowing wink and said, “Come on, let’s join Amy in the bathroom and get you in the shower.”


Ron awoke slowly, the foggy haze of his hangover clouding his ability to realize the soft lips on his cock were real, rather than those of Pam and Beth, who had been expertly licking and sucking him in one of the myriad of dreams that had overtaken him during the night.

Ron looked down to see Amy urgently sucking his morning erection. She was wrapped in her bath towel, her firm breasts threatening to spill over the edge of the fluffy cotton material. Likewise, her hair was wrapped in a matching white towel, indicating she had already taken her shower.

Realizing Ron was now awake, Amy halted her assault on his cock and whispered, “Mom and Beth are in the bathroom, and I just couldn’t leave the island with you in this condition.” She squeezed his throbbing erection as if it was necessary to clarify the ‘condition’ to which she referred. “Be quiet and I’ll try and finish before the shower cuts off.”

Without a word ever being uttered by Ron, she deliberately engulfed the large pulsing head of his beautifully proportioned penis, taking as much as she could before letting it slip away again, so that only the head was once again subject to her swirling tongue and sucking lips. She knew it was risky, but since her plan to cement their relationship in the hot tub the previous night had failed, she just couldn’t leave Ron behind on the island with no release from the tortuous teasing she had been subjecting him to, often with the unknowing assistance of her own mother.

Ron was nervous about the bathroom door swinging open to expose them to either Beth, or more importantly Pam. After her reaction to his accidental nudity the night before, he didn’t want her to walk in on her daughter, once again, giving him a blowjob. But he knew Amy was not going to be deterred from her task, and rather than fight the immensely pleasurable sensation she was providing him, and the orgasm he so desperately needed and deserved, he decided to close his eyes and let his mind work in concert with Amy to cum as quickly as possible. Of course, as had been the norm of late, he immediately envisioned Pam, first in her workout attire back in Nashville, then her night gown, her bikini, and the way she had looked in the nude, as he spied her from the bathroom closet. The images in his mind’s eye shifted rapidly until he settled on the vision of her from the night before, with his cock trapped snuggly beneath her lacy green bra.


Beth had made sure to leave the door open, barely even a crack, but enough to spy the bed where Ron lay sleeping. Amy hadn’t disappointed her, having immediately descended upon Ron’s sleeping body, and still erect cock. She watched their reflections in the open closet mirror, as the two young lovers exchanged whispered yearnings, and when Ron closed his eyes, obviously surrendering to Amy, Beth knew she wanted to include Pam in on this voyeuristic fun.

“Pam!” Beth whispered, while slowly pulling the shower curtain aside. “Here, take this towel, but don’t turn off the water……..there is something you need to see.”

Pam stood totally nude before her friend, noticing the way Beth’s eyes dipped to take in her nakedness. Even though they had seen each other in the buff in the gym locker room hundreds of times over the recent years, the sexual advances Beth had made recently put Pam’s body on high alert, and she felt a jolt of sexual energy surge through her from Beth’s prolonged glance at her glistening skin. Pam felt immediately sexy and proud of her toned body, even as Beth’s lingering stare led her to wrap the towel across her breasts, and ever-hardening nipples.

“What’s going on?” Pam asked as she stepped onto the soft rug, the shower water still beating against the tub.

“Shh, just be quiet, and come over to the door, you’ll see.”

Pam had a pretty good idea what she’d view through the slightly opened bathroom door, and she quickly let Beth guide her into position. As expected, her nympho of a daughter was hungrily lapping at Ron’s now saliva coated penis.

“Looks pretty tasty, huh?” Beth whispered in Pam’s still damp ear.

Pam didn’t respond to her friend’s leading question, instead focusing intently on the way Amy’s petite hand grasped Ron’s steel hard shaft, stroking it in conjunction with her bobbing lips and tongue. Even when Pam felt Beth’s hands resume the gentle caress begun earlier in the bed, she remained motionless, transfixed on the sexy sight of her daughter and the teenage object of her own growing obsession. Only when Beth’s hand dipped beneath the bottom edge of her towel and began to trace back up her thigh did she recognize the way in which the cool, dampness of her drip-drying body created an exhilarating contrast to the smoldering sensations emanating from her core, now quickly overtaking her with the assistance of Beth’s soft touch.


Ron wanted to cum in the worst way, he had never needed an orgasm so badly, but……knowing that Pam could come out and catch them at any moment, and remembering her threat to tell his parents of his perversions, he just couldn’t seem to free his mind of the fear and guilt cluttering his brain and effectively postponing his release. The sexy images of Pam kept giving way to one of her on the phone to his mother, coordinating a flight home to face his angry father, whose Southern Baptist beliefs would mean there would be a severe price to pay, not only for the sin of lust and engaging in premarital petting, but for the even more serious crime of embarrassing him and his position as Deacon of the church. Amy was giving him her best, not the teasing on and off again like so many times before, and yet, he just couldn’t let go.

His cock remained rock hard, even images of his self-righteous father couldn’t interfere with his always present erection. He kept trying to push the negative consequences to the side, and after settling on the memories of Beth tormenting him at the beach, he finally began to feel the all too infrequent rumblings of a long awaited orgasm.


“God, they are really a sexy sight, don’t you think?” Beth continued her verbal assault. “I’d love to see her make him cum, ………but….on second thought….” She paused, her right hand now tracing over Pam’s silky yet sparse pubic hair.

Pam’s body quivered in anticipation of her friend’s touch, even as she watched her own daughter continue her unrelenting assault on Ron’s manhood. Mentally noting his uncanny staying power, Pam finally responded with a barely audible whisper, “What….ah, God Beth,” gasped Pam, her response interrupted when Beth’s index and middle finger found her swollen clitoris and gave it a gentle squeeze. Squirming voluntarily beneath Beth’s talented touch, she finished her thought “What are you talking about?”

“It would be fun to watch them finish, but…….it would be more fun to stop them before they finish……Just think, knowing Ron was still unable to get any relief from last night, and then to have Amy take him right to the edge again this morning, can you imagine the hair trigger erections he’ll be trying to hide from us……ooh, it makes me hot just talking about it.” Beth ranted in a ragged, near breathless whisper, even as her fingers moved more rapidly over Pam’s now obviously damp and incredibly hot labia and clit.

“Step back from the door.” Beth directed, even as she extracted her fingers from a noticeably disappointed Pam. She quickly turned off the shower and almost at once yelled out to Amy. “Amy, your mom’s through in the shower, if you want to wake Ron up for his.”

Beth then made a racket as she fumbled with the door, before eventually opening it to find Amy moving rapidly toward the kitchen as Ron rolled over to conceal his erection. “You’re up Ronnie boy.” Beth chimed, smiling knowingly to herself at her double entendre.


The cold shower had helped, a little, but Beth’s insistence that he rush to be ready for their cab kept Ron from self-administering the relief he really needed. He actually rode in the front with the driver, knowing his still half hard cock could not withstand another jam packed back seat ride like the one from the night before. Besides, just as Amy had the previous evening, Beth handed him a pair of Bermuda shorts to wear, and he was forced to go without any underwear once again. He certainly wouldn’t be able to conceal an erection in the loose fitting, light weight shorts.

As the four travel companions made their way along the dock toward the ship, Ron admired the three women that had been the source of his near constant erection since leaving Nashville only a few short nights ago. Amy was dressed in fairly modest shorts and a matching tank top. Nothing too sexy for her dad, but like her mom, her ass in most anything was worth a second look.

Pam, on the other hand, appeared intent on showing Dave that no matter how young and sexy his new woman might be, she was not going to compare to what he left behind. The tight shorts and even tighter cotton top left little doubt as to the condition of Pam’s toned and sexy 35 year old body.

Beth, as usual, was a walking advertisement for how to ooze sexuality. Her skirt was tight across her hips, but flared nicely outward, that is until stopping abruptly about 5 inches above her knees. Her crop top was not so thin as to blatantly expose her braless tits, but not quite substantial enough to keep a hint of nipple from providing a rewarding sight to an attentive passer by. The daring V-neckline was tied across the top of her cleavage with a thin ribbon, the loose ends of the knot trailing into the tanned crevice of her swelling breasts. If the knot were to come undone, Beth’s bronzed bosom currently swelling to escape their sexy, but effective confines, would most certainly threaten to break free of the peach colored top.

Ron trailed contently along, lugging Amy’s suitcase and happily admiring the tanned legs and swaying asses parading up the gangplank to meet Amy’s father. As they made their way against the flow of departing passengers, Ron couldn’t imagine how envious Amy’s dad would be of him, going back to the island alone with Pam and Beth, then he looked up to see a man waiving excitedly to Amy, with an exotic looking girl standing at his side, and he realized that his girlfriend’s father was perhaps envy-worthy in his own right.

After Amy ran to hug her father, and as the introductions were made, it became obvious to Ron that he was irrelevant to the rest of the group. As Pam had reminded them several times in the cab ride, he would be introduced as Beth’s son, so that Dave wouldn’t give Pam any shit about bringing Amy’s boyfriend along on the trip. As soon as he shook Dave, and his girlfriend, Sue’s, hand, he was forgotten. Dave, though indifferent to Ron, was ineffective at hiding his repeated glances to admire Beth’s curvy assets. Fortunately for him, the budding tension between the other women soon took all of his concentration.

The conversation was rather stilted, the awkwardness of the group dynamics plainly evident as the women seemed to be settling into their first impressions of each other. And it was quite clear that their initial opinion of one another was less than Dave had hoped for.

Ron’s first impression of Sue certainly didn’t take long, and couldn’t have been more favorable. She was obviously Asian, or at least some mixture of Asian heritage. She looked young, but it was hard to guess how old she might be, and her black hair and dark skin gave her an exotic look that was likely the source of Pam and Amy’s coolness to her. She was petite, even more so than Pam, but unlike Pam, she appeared to have dressed in an attempt to downplay what promised to be a most impressive physique. Her knee length, pink sun dress was not too tight, and based upon the slightest hint of cleavage now visible, was concealing a rather impressive pair of tits. Being left from the conversation wasn’t so bad after all, as Ron took full advantage to steal prolonged glances at Dave’s stunning girlfriend.

After several minutes of forced small talk, Dave said to Amy, “So, I thought we’d take the helicopter ride to one of the remote islands, and do some snorkeling. What do you think?”

“Cool, but I don’t think anyone else brought their swim suits.” She replied.

“Ah, well, sorry if I wasn’t clear, but the helicopter is one of those small little bubble types, that only seat 4, including the pilot.” Dave said while motioning to the still occupied helipad on the upper deck. “I’ve already got it reserved for us. We leave in 20 minutes and will be gone until dinner time, they even prepare a beach side BBQ lunch for us after we snorkel.” Dave continued to sell the outing to his daughter.

“Oh,” Amy responded, the disappointment evident in her voice, “but I guess it will be nice to just spend some time with you and mom alone.” She continued, knowing full well that her dad had not intended to take along Pam.

“Well, ah, honey, the plan was for you, me and Sue to go on this trip. I am sure you understand.”

Amy was surprised at the negative feelings she had for Sue, even though she didn’t even know her. All Amy could see was a young, sexy girl that was threatening to finalize any hope she held for her parents to reconcile. She suddenly realized that even though she had been telling herself for the last couple of years that they would not get back together, seeing another woman hanging on her dad’s arm was making the point painfully evident to her. As a result, Amy found herself acting in a way she had never imagined.

She glanced toward Sue and purposely ratcheted up the heat on her dad. “But daddy, I just wanted to be with you and mommy, alone, I’m sure Sue wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Sue, seeing right through the ‘daddy’s little girl’ routine, didn’t want to give in, but even more so, didn’t want to see Dave be manipulated into choosing his ex over her. Sue knew how to play the game too, and having heard repeatedly of Dave and Pam’s strained relationship, responded, “Sure Amy, I’ll be glad to step aside, if your mom really wants to go.”

Pam responded as Sue had hoped, saying, “Oh no, Amy, you should go with Sue and your dad. I don’t even have a suit with me.” The last thing Pam wanted to do was spend the day with Dave, but felt the need to beg off gracefully.

Amy wasn’t going to give up so easily, and once again turned to her father, “Gosh dad, nobody wants to be the meanie and take the other’s spot. You have to decide. Please tell mom you want her to come along, please. She can wear one of my bikinis.” Amy cooed, cutting her eyes ever so briefly to Sue, as if to make clear to her who was in control.

“Well,” Dave stalled, obviously uncomfortable with the situation. “I don’t know, what do you think Sue?” He was looking for an easy way out, but Sue didn’t oblige.

“It’s up to you honey, if you’d rather take Pam along, that’s fine, just say the word.” Sue said in a tone that hinted it would be anything but fine.

Dave glanced at Amy, her hopeful eyes confirming her wishes, and then to Pam, looking for her to bail him out. Pam suddenly liked the predicament Dave found himself in, and inexplicably decided it’d be worth taking Sue’s spot on the excursion, if for no other reason than the turmoil it would cause him.

“Whatever you say, Dave.” Was her only response to his pleading stare.

Finally, saying no to his daughter just too much to bear, he turned back to Sue, “Ah, hon, you know, we will have the rest of the cruise for you and Amy to spend some time together.” As Dave spoke, the icy stare from Sue intensified. “I know, maybe you and Beth could go shopping.” He was grasping now, looking for something to appease her.

Sue glanced at Amy, the teenager’s brief but victorious smirk not going unnoticed. “Sure. We can go shopping. That okay with you Beth?” Sue continued to speak to Dave without awaiting Beth’s response. “but I don’t have any money.” She finished, her cold eyes locked onto Dave even as he fumbled for his wallet.

As Dave fished out a few hundred dollar bills to offer to his very pissed off girlfriend, Sue simply grabbed the wallet and pulled out his Gold American Express. “This should do just fine, thanks honey. Come on you two!” Sue snapped at Beth and Ron.

As Sue turned to head toward the gangplank, the others agreed to meet back for an early supper, before the ship would depart. As Dave led Amy and her mother toward the helicopter, Beth grabbed Ron by the arm and said, “Come on son, looks like we have some shopping to do.”


The threesome walked along in silence, toward the various shops located nearby the harbor. Finally, as they neared the first store, Sue spoke up, “Look, I apologize for the way I acted back there. I shouldn’t be rude to you two, it’s mostly Dave I have an issue with right now.” Sue couldn’t quite give Amy a free pass, even to her friends.

“Not a problem, that was a pretty awkward situation all the way around.” Beth conceded.

“The one good thing about it,” Sue continued, “is we have Dave’s credit card, and we are going to burn it up! What to you want today?”

Beth had taken notice of Ron’s stolen peeks at Sue. Who would blame him? Her face was incredibly striking, and she appeared to have a body to match, hidden beneath her flowing sundress. Never passing up a good teasing opportunity, Beth suggested they step into the interesting looking boutique, Fun In The Sun, coming up on their right, and perhaps shop for some new fun island and swim wear.

Sue readily agreed, saying, “Yeah, this looks like as good a place as any to spend Dave’s money.”

They split up inside the small boutique. It seemed most departed cruisers had made their way to the beach, or perhaps the straw market closer to town, and this coupled with the relative early morning hour meant there were few shoppers in the entire strip of shops, and none in this particular store. The tall and slender Bahamian girl working behind the counter greeted them briefly as they entered, then returned to her paperwork. It didn’t take long for Beth to find the men’s swim suits, and announce to Ron, as well as Sue, that he needed to replace the trunks he had ripped earlier on the beach.

Ron looked to Sue to see if she reacted to Beth’s inside joke, and has been the case all along, she paid no attention to him at all as she continued to pick through a rack of bikinis.

“Here, how about these?” Beth said, holding up a couple of pair of trunks.

Ron, was staring at Sue as he felt the familiar beginnings of an erection. Anxious not to pitch a tent in his baggy shorts, he grabbed the hangers from Beth, paying no attention to what she was presenting him, mumbled his agreement, and took them to find the dressing room. In the back of the shop, he saw a doorway, partially covered by a curtain. He stepped inside the changing area, not much larger than a closet. He slipped the Bermudas down, his previously tormented cock still mostly in a flaccid state, largely due to the completely unsexy tension of their previous encounter. Redirecting his thought to Sue, and Beth for that matter, was threatening to change things in a hurry.

Ron grabbed the first pair of trunks, and he immediately realized what Beth was up to. These were not the typical shorts worn by so many young guys. These were made from a lycra cotton blend. He was certain they would be absolutely obscene on him, especially if he started to get a hard on. Ron realized he might be learning to like exhibiting himself, as he actually thought briefly about trying them on. But he knew Beth would want to buy them for him to wear at the beach, and remembering how self-conscious he had become standing in front of those two girls at the pool, with a half hard dick in his normal trunks, he couldn’t imagine walking around in these.

As he started to reach back down for his shorts, a hand reached beneath the curtain and grabbed them. “I’ll hang these out here so they don’t get wrinkled.” Beth said very matter-of-factly.

“Beth,” Ron whispered, “Give me those, I can’t wear these, they’ll be obscene.”

“Oh Ron, don’t be so melodramatic. They sell these suits to men all the time, so I hardly doubt they will get you arrested or anything, now try them on and let me have a look.”

Realizing the futility of arguing with her, Ron decided to slip them on. After all, it wasn’t like she hadn’t seen him in the nude. God, she had even had his dick in her mouth, although, the way she kept chastising him in front of Pam the night before, you’d have never known. His dick began to thicken as he recalled the encounters with Beth, even as he pulled the tight trunks up and over his cum engorged balls and lengthening dick. It was at that moment that Ron seemingly stumbled on the idea that if Beth was going to toy with him by literally fucking him one day and then proclaiming complete restraint and innocence the next, he would try to turn the game on her.

Toward that goal, he positioned and repositioned his cock in the suit, trying to maximize the way his thick shaft and mushroomed head were highlighted by the trunks, secretly wanting Beth to yearn for him again the way she had on the beach. In his lust filled adolescent mind, he envisioned Beth, and maybe even Pam, being so turned on by him “accidentally” or “unknowingly” displaying his cock, that they would break down and seduce him, with little doubt as to their true desires and intentions. If he could get them to do that, then not only would he get to fuck the women of his dreams and fantasies, but they would have no way to claim he made any inappropriate advances toward them, other than perhaps that he was once again “showing” his package, but then again, if Beth bought him the clothes that showed him off, how could he be to blame. His innocent strategy continued to bounce around in his head as he once again pressed his swelling prick from one side of his trunks to the other, striving for the sexiest display he could present to Beth.


As Ron was getting dressed, Beth quietly moved over to where Sue was collecting as assortment of bikinis for herself. “Sue, I have a favor to ask.” Beth said in a hushed tone. “Ron is in the dressing room over there, but he gets embarrassed for his old mom to critique him in his swimming trunks, plus he thinks I just say nice things to boost his confidence. He’s at that awkward stage where he just seems to be self-conscious about his looks. I convinced him to try on a suit like he saw some other guys in yesterday, but I think he feels kind of reluctant to wear something that doesn’t hang down past his knees, you know? I think it’d be good for him to break out and try something different, but you know teenage boys and how goofy they can be about, well about most things.” Beth chuckled, glad to see Sue grinning in agreement. “Would you mind going over and telling him what you think? Maybe take the opportunity to give him a little compliment or something.”

“Sure, it’s the least I can do for being so rude earlier.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep over here out of the way. Maybe you can act like you were just waiting for the changing room so he doesn’t think I put you up to it.” Beth said as she stepped further away from the dressing room.

Sue agreed and moved over near the closed curtain. Ron seemed like a polite enough kid, and she was feeling more and more embarrassed by her behavior on the boat. Maybe stroking the kid’s ego some would make him and his mom happy, with the added benefit of helping her to stop feeling like such a bitch.

She waited outside the store’s only dressing room for only a few minutes, still clutching several sinfully expensive bikinis. It seemed the size of the bikini and the price on the label were somehow inversely related. Sue’s efforts not to feel like a bitch to Beth and her son did not include letting Dave off without proper punishment. Knowing that while he was snorkeling with his ex, she had been sunning in a tiny bikini more daring that he would have approved of, and one that cost almost $300 at that, would certainly be a nice retort to his earlier miscue. Seeing the American Express bill next month would mean that these sexy suits would be the gift that kept on giving. Sue smiled to herself imagining Dave’s panic as she would tell him about the many men that had come on to her in her super sexy and expensive bikini.

Suddenly, the dressing room curtain pulled back, jarring Sue from her vengeful day dream. “Oh, sorry, I thought Bet….er, I mean my mom was still out here.” Ron stammered, relieved he remembered to refer to Beth as ‘mom’, and even more relieved he was holding his wadded up tee shirt at waist level, concealing the glove-like fit of his trunks.

“She went back to the racks. I just need to try on a couple of suits.” Sue said, briefly shaking the hangers of barely-there fabric in front of Ron. “You find something you like?” She continued, momentarily directing her eyes to Ron’s partially covered swim suit.

“Ah, yeah…..I mean…no….um, I doubt it.” Ron was taken by Sue’s extraordinary beauty and her seemingly unintended sexiness. He could only imagine her in one of the string bikinis she held, and as his cock swelled even thicker in the tight confines of his suit, he stepped aside so she could enter the changing room. His plan to parade his clearly outlined cock before Beth was one thing, but to do so in front of this near stranger, having no idea how she might react, was another thing altogether, no matter how sexy and attractive she was.

To his surprise, she didn’t move past, instead saying, “Oh come on Ron, I want to spend a lot of Dave’s money, and you have to help me. Now what could be wrong with a new suit that someone else is buying for you? Hold your hands up and give me a turn and let me see how it looks.” Sue twirled her finger in the air as if directing Ron to model for her. She pressed on, trying her best to do as Beth had asked, “That looks like one of the hottest new suits. I’ve seen several Spanish guys on the ship wearing something similar.” She continued to lay it on pretty thick.

“Umm, I don’t know, it’s just not what I am used to, and I feel kind of funny about it.”

Sue had indeed seen several men on the cruise wearing the skin tight suits, and most seemed oblivious to the fact the suits showed their little twigs and berries. She assumed Ron was embarrassed about the size of his own ‘twig’, but decided that if he was already lacking self confidence, like Beth said, she would do her best to boost him up some. She was certainly used to viewing the male genitalia, and should have no problem putting forth a believable lie to help the kid out.

“Okay, I understand, but believe me, you are going to look great in them. Most every guy on the boat that was in these European trunks was fighting the women off with a stick.” Sue smile sweetly, trying to mask her lie in some mild humor. “Now just give me a quick spin and let’s see how they look.”

Ron knew she was exaggerating, but appreciated her friendliness. He also appreciated how utterly hot she looked, and his cock continued to slowly swell and lengthen. Still not hard, but certainly thickening by the second, he decided that if he waited any longer, and she saw him, the erection might be truly offensive to her. So, he decided to give her a quick pirouette.

“Okay, one quick spin, but I really don’t think I can wear this to the beach.”

“Well, just let me be the judge of that.” Sue replied, still planning on ignoring the fact that the trunks would likely be the classic grape smugglers.

Ron began to turn, slowly lifting his arms, and therefore the shirt hiding his cock and balls so thinly veiled behind the tight stretchy material. As he continued to turn, his back to Sue, he glanced down, confirming the obscene bulge. At last he returned to his original position, only now still holding the shirt away from his crotch.

Sue’s eyes took in Ron’s back, legs and even his ass as he turned. There really was something to these suits, she thought to herself. Ron, to be so much younger than her, really did seem to have a nicely developing body. He still had the rather coltish lanky build, but the muscles were definitely filling in quite nicely. She quickly decided her compliments would not be that difficult to come by.

As he turned back to face her, Sue made sure her eyes were locked onto Ron’s. She didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. But almost at once, even in her peripheral vision, the straining material of the swimming trunks caught her attention. Unable to divert her eyes, Sue allowed her gaze to quickly fall down to Ron’s crotch. Not only was the bulge in the material immense, but his balls, cock and even the cock head were clearly delineated against he thin, baby blue material. Pressed over and across part of his left thigh must have been 6 or 7 inches of meaty cock.

Sue’s eyes feasted on the sight before her, but for only a few seconds, as Ron’s embarrassment overtook him and he once again moved the tee shirt to hide his excitement.

Her vision interrupted, Sue attempted to compose herself, “Ah, well, I think those trunks look very nice on you.” She said in as normal a voice as she could muster. “You should really get them.” And with that, she scampered into the dressing room to try and conceal her own flustered reaction to such an unexpected sight.

Sue dropped the various bikinis on the small wooden chair, leaned against the full length mirror, and grinned slightly to herself while taking several deep breaths. God, did she really just see what she thought she did? She now realized Ron’s reluctance to wear such a suit was not because he was too small, but rather just the opposite. God, he was as far away from small as he could get. Sue knew, given her job, seeing a penis outlined in a tight swim suit shouldn’t be cause for such a reaction, but that was the really the crux of the matter, because she looked at penises daily, and she couldn’t recall ever having seen anything as impressive as she had just glimpsed beneath those baby blue trunks.

As Sue began to try on her own suit, the lingering vision of Ron’s impressive manhood was interrupted by Beth’s voice, just outside the curtain. “Ron, there is another rack of men’s suits in the back room, come on and see if you find something else you’d like.”


As soon as Beth and Ron walked a few steps from the dressing room, Beth reached over and snatched Ron’s shirt from his hands, still hiding the front of his suit, and tossed it back on a chair in the corner. She unintentionally allowed her gaze to lock onto the near pornographic sight of Ron’s cock encased in the clingy trunks.

She forced herself to look away, and in as normal a delivery as possible, asked, “So Ron, did Sue like your trunks?”

Having noticed Beth’s lingering stare, Ron decided to go back to his plan to be the willing exhibitionist, and see what might happen. “Uh, I think she did, at least she said so, but then again, she seemed a little flustered for some reason.” He felt completely exposed standing there in the middle of the boutique, with nothing to conceal his bulging crotch. He turned to face Beth before continuing, “Maybe these are too tight, what do you think?”

Beth noticed Ron’s new found confidence, or if not confidence, at least a willingness to play along with their evolving game of exhibitionism. She quickly realized that how she treated him was key to being able to manipulate both he and Pam over the next few days. Her fantasies of how things would play out seemed to be continually running through her brain, and she knew that if she could direct Ron to her satisfaction, these fantasies would turn into some truly sexy teasing and ultimately a chance to enjoy his cock once again.

With her ultimate goal in mind, Beth was committed to not providing Ron an overt response to his exhibitionism, at least not until the time was right.

“Well, maybe she just still pissed at Dave. I think these trunks look good, but let’s find the sales girl and see if there are some others you’d like.

Before Ron could voice an objection to being presented to another complete stranger, Beth waved at the girl doing her paperwork, “Excuse me, miss? Could you help us over here for a second?”

The statuesque Bahamian girl slid down off the stool behind the cash register and moved gracefully over the rack of men’s swim suits. “Yes m’am, and how may I help you this fine morning?”

Before answering her, Beth moved aside to reveal Ron, standing there in nothing but the light blue, skin hugging trunks. “It’s these trunks, Ron likes these but thinks that maybe they are a little tight. We decided to defer to an expert such as yourself. What do you think?”

The sales girl, while obviously accustomed to seeing men in revealing swim wear, was still taken aback, if only for a second. She had been working in swim boutiques for almost 5 years, and this wasn’t the first time someone came in and wanted to show off for her. Most times it was a husband or boyfriend, parading their woman around in next to nothing, and on occasion a man would go out of his way to try and expose himself to her, but it was rare that anyone was quite so blatant, or so endowed, as the young man standing before her now. Especially with the apparent assistance of such an attractive accomplice, one perhaps old enough to be his mother.

“Turn around so, I am sorry, what is your name dear?”

“My name is Leslie”.

“Turn around so Leslie can properly assess the fit.” Beth instructed Ron.

As Ron slowly turned, his heart seemingly pumping equal parts blood to both his blushing face and his still hardening cock, Leslie put on her best professional demeanor and said, “Well, if you are not used to such a cut, I can understand why you’d think they were too tight, but the real test is how much give the material provides as you move around. May I?” Leslie asked as she knelt down in front of Ron.

“Please, I haven’t bought many men’s swimming trunks before, maybe you can show me how to judge their fit.” Beth played along, delighted with the attractive Bahamian girls responses so far.

“Well, obviously, this style is not for the modest.” She said, locking her vision on the thick shaft and head clearly outlined only six inches from her face, “but, it is really something that is gaining in popularity. Many designers equate it to the way women’s fashions hug every curve and accentuate the bosom, leaving very little to the imagination.”

“Gee, I don’t know,” Ron finally managed to interject, “I mean, this just seems, well, almost obscene. I don’t want to get arrested for indecent exposure, you know.” Ron, while nervous and still embarrassed to being ogled by this stranger, was once again experiencing the same surge of excitement he had felt when Amy had coaxed him into standing before the two college girls by the pool, his cock obviously outlined behind his wet trunks, trunks that were the equivalent to a burlap sack compared to what he was now wearing.

“Oh Ron, don’t be so up tight.” Beth scolded, “Now Leslie, Ron’s protests against this type of suit notwithstanding, is this the correct size for him?”

Leslie was eager to push things a little, and it seemed that the sexy older lady was more than willing to let her. She had learned over the years that such situations were not only titillating and fun, but usually came with a very large tip if she managed to play along to the customer’s satisfaction.

“The first thing, obviously, is the waistline. Let’s just see if there is enough play in the elastic for relaxed movement.” Leslie reached up and hooked the first and second finger of each hand over the material, trapping them between the stretchy material and Ron’s hips. She pulled out slightly on the material, and began to slide her fingers further back and around toward Ron’s back. The result was that her face was being drawn closer and closer to the meaty shaft, trapped horizontally against Ron’s thigh.

Ron looked on in amazement, as Leslie leaned in so that her lips were less than two inches from his straining dick. He felt the need to say something, but his lust filled brain and parched lips betrayed his ability to utter a coherent thought.

Beth was equally amazed at the brazenness of the sales clerk, but never one to miss an opportunity for some teasing fun, bent at the waist to more closely follow Leslie’s actions. “So, how far out should the waist band pull to be a proper fit?”

Leslie was now guiding her fingers back toward the front of the suit, pausing just above the now throbbing mushroom head of Ron’s prick as she responded to Beth. “Here, let me show you.” She said, inviting Beth to place her fingers adjacent to her own. “Just pull out until the elastic pulls back with equal force.”

Beth did as instructed, and both Ron and Leslie couldn’t help but let their eyes be drawn to the substantial cleavage and golden orbs of flesh so tantalizingly displayed before them. Leslie’s fingers remained in place as Beth pulled the suit further and further away from Ron’s body.

To Ron’s dismay, his cock was taking advantage of the expanding trunks to push outward and upward, rapidly moving toward Leslie’s slender black fingers. “Um, maybe these are okay after all.” Ron spoke up, at the same time breaking free from their grasps.

“Good, we’ll get them, but maybe Leslie can find you something else to try on that will look just as good, I mean what’s to say we can’t get more than one bathing suit for you today. You two look for something and I’ll go check on Sue.” Beth said before turning to go back around to the dressing room.


Sue was still examining herself in the three angled mirrors, just outside the dressing room when Beth rounded the corner. “Oh my, you look amazing in that suit.”

“Um, thanks” Sue responded, turning to her left and looking to her right to examine how she looked with two thirds of her ass cheeks escaping from the tiny purple bikini bottoms. “It’s not too much, is it?” she asked, knowing full well how good she looked, but always eager for another compliment.

“Oh heavens, no, although I don’t know if I should let you wear that around Ron, it looked like he, how shall I put this, really responded to your compliments earlier.” Beth said, wanting to feel Sue out for her reaction to Ron’s bulging trunks. Beth took in Sue’s sexy dark skinned form. Given their size, she guessed Sue’s boobs to be man made, but, they looked amazingly natural cupped in the relatively undersized bikini top.

Sue felt her face flush red as she looked at Beth, “I am so sorry about that, I had no idea he was, I mean, when you said he was self conscious, I thought is was because, well you know, that a tight suit would be embarrassing, um, well because it would, you know, for a different reason than, ah, the reason it is. God, listen to me ramble, I was taken off guard and I really didn’t handle it so well when I noticed, well, when he turned to show me his suit. I hope I didn’t come across in a way to make him feel badly.”

“No, I don’t think so. I am shocked as much as you are, I mean, I never looked at him, you know, down there before, but it couldn’t really be avoided in that suit.” Beth lied, still not certain how to reel Sue into cock-teasing Ron. “I left him with the sales girl to pick out some other trunks to try on, so maybe she’ll help him get something a little less revealing. He seemed kind of weird about having his mom around, seeing him like that, you know?”

“I can understand that, maybe I should just go ahead and pay for these suits and meet you guys outside so I don’t embarrass him anymore.” Sue offered, although deep down she really wanted to get another peek at the way the skin tight trunks contoured to Ron’s over-sized package.

Not wanting to let Sue get away just yet, Beth seized on a plan, “I don’t think that would be the best thing for him, I mean, if he thinks he offended you, it will just make it harder for him to get past his whole self image hang up about, well, about his appearance. You know how young people are about body image, he has been so uncertain about his looks recently, I was really hoping this trip would bring him out some, that’s why I was pushing for something different with those trunks. I just had no idea he would have such a big, ahem, obstacle in wearing them.”

Beth continued, not sure if Sue was buying her line of bull or not, but decided to forge ahead, “I’d sure hate to reinforce any negativity about his body, especially from someone as young and pretty as you. If you act all weirded out by it, he will too. Maybe, if it’s not too much to ask, you could hang around and act like it’s no big deal.” Beth finished speaking, her words “it’s no big deal” hanging between her and Sue for several seconds, until Sue couldn’t hold it in any longer and began to giggle. Beth quickly joined in, repeating the phrase “no big deal” between their growing laughter.

Beth looked up to see Leslie and Ron making their way toward them, and attempted to reign in her laughter. “Shh, here he comes with the sales girl…..so? Will you stick around and stroke his ego a little, or at least not make him feel like a freak, please?”

Sue managed to suppress her giggles, even with Beth suggesting she ‘stroke’ Ron’s ego. Who was she to argue with a woman basically pleading with her to ogle her well hung son. “Yeah, I guess I can try, I mean, after all, it’s really no big deal.” Sue smile broadly as she repeated the punch line to Beth’s earlier unintended joke, managing to conceal the crocodile smile just as Ron and Leslie joined them.

Beth quickly excused herself to do some more shopping, fulfilling her role as the “it would be to weird to be here’ mother.

Ron held several more suits in front of his still quite swollen crotch, as Leslie spoke to Sue. “Are you finding everything you need Miss?

Ron was trying unsuccessfully not to stare, but it was just not possible. Sue stood there before him in the sexiest little purple bikini, barely covering her tight and petite body. Petite that is, except for her incredible breasts. In reality, they probably weren’t even all that large, he thought, but they certainly looked disproportionate in comparison to her tiny frame. He could see her ass reflected in the mirror, each gravity-defying bronzed cheek starkly contrasting with the purple bikini, and demanding to be noticed.

“Yes, everything is fine. Do you need the dressing room?” Sue responded. She could feel Ron’s eyes roaming over her body, even as he tried to conceal his interest. She was used to having men blatantly stare and make awkward attempts to hit on her, again, part of her job, but she normally either ignored them, or maybe even flirted a little, then gently turned them away. Having this shy teenager with a unusually large penis stealing glances at her was eliciting an unusual reaction from her. Sue could feel her body beginning to tingle and grow warmer. She felt sexy, deviously, deceitfully sexy, given Beth’s plea for her to ‘stroke’ Ron’s ego. She decided at that moment, that she’d play along with Beth’s request, and let things develop as they may.

“Yes,” Leslie responded, “Ron here has some different things to try on. Go on ahead now Ron, try one on and then give us a look.” She said while pulling the curtain back for Ron to enter the small changing room.

Ron stepped in the oversized closet, and immediately spied Sue’s panties and bra sitting atop the folded sundress on the small chair in the corner. They were a matching set, pink, with lots of lace. He confirmed the curtain was completely closed and picked up the panties. As he suspected, they were thongs, and he quickly put them to his nose and inhaled her scent, the aroma seeming to travel directly from his nostrils to further inflate his swollen cock.

His nervousness as to having two relative strangers, both extremely attractive, apparently waiting to critique his new swim suits was keeping him from getting fully erect. God, if Amy were here now, he thought, she’d be parading me around, probably trying to figure out a way to suck me off here in the dressing room while they waited only a few feet away. The thought of Amy providing one of her excellent blow jobs overtook a portion of his nervousness, and Ron’s dick grew longer and fatter still.

“Try the green one first, okay?” Leslie instructed.

His thoughts of Amy interrupted; Ron began to slide the tight blue trunks down over his pulsing cock and full, saggy scrotum. He grabbed the green suit Leslie had picked for him. Ron had not paid any attention to what Leslie had selected from the rack after Beth had left them alone, simply anxious to move things along and get to what he had thought would be the safety of the dressing room. Now, he had both Leslie, and likely Sue, waiting for him to model for them.

He held up the foam green suit, thankful that it looked to be a little bigger than the one he just took off, and tugged it on. It was looser, but not by much, and the material was certainly thinner, and seemed to have more elasticity. Bottom line was that his blood engorged, semi-erect dick was likely more blatantly displayed in this suit than the last one. Ron thought about the way Leslie had knelt and run her hands all around his waistline out in the store, obviously not offended by his appearance. Would she do the same again, even if Sue was standing there watching? The thought excited him, but this was just so blatant, he just wasn’t sure he could parade around like this.

“How does it fit, are you decent?” Leslie asked.

“Yes, they’re on, but…” before he could finish his sentence, Leslie pulled the curtain back, exposing him to her, and also to Sue, standing just off to the side.

“Oh yes, these do fit nicely,” Leslie cooed, obviously having taken the lead from Beth earlier, and now holding nothing back. “Step out here by the mirror and have a look.” She ordered.

Ron, realizing that short of making a scene and hiding in the changing room, really had no choice, and slowly stepped over to the bank of mirror. He noticed Sue’s eyes jerk up from his crotch as he glanced her way.

“Those look very nice indeed, don’t you think?” Leslie asked Sue. “I really like the color, and the snugness of the fit.”

Sue seemed at a loss for words, finally saying, “Uh, yes, they look quite good Ron, you can add them to Dave’s American Express bill along with the others, if you like.” Sue could feel her face flush, staring at Ron’s most impressive cock, clearly outlined in the light green colored trunks.

“Well, before we ring them up, we should really make sure this is the correct size.” Leslie said, as she stepped closer to Ron.

Sue watched in amazement as the sales girl stood directly behind Ron, and placed her hands on his hips as she looked over his shoulder to their reflection in the mirror. Leslie slipped her fingers just inside the waistline and began to tug the elastic material out and slide her fingers around toward his stomach.

“You see,” Leslie said, providing Sue an impromptu lesson on how a men’s suit should ideally fit, “in suits like this, with no draw string, the waist has to fit properly.”

Sue stepped next to Ron, and stared openly at his crotch in the mirror, as Leslie continued on with her ‘fitting’. Sue could clearly see his sexy outline against the suit. It appeared thick and long, and yet the gentle curve of the thick shaft was serving proof that he was not nearly erect. My God, Sue mused, how big and fat must it get if he’s completely hard.

Ron could feel a slight bead of perspiration develop across his forehead, as the two women ogled him in the mirror. He was torn between his instinctive, embarrassed reaction at being blatantly on display, and the developing exhibitionist thrill that Amy had been pushing him toward the entire trip and he was now trying to embrace. Ron rather quickly decided to beat back his embarrassment and try to play along with the once-in-a-lifetime situation now before him. He thought for a few seconds while Sue continued to stare into the mirror, watching Leslie drop her hands down each of Ron’s hips and slip her fingers into the stretchy hemline hugging his thighs.

“The waist, and legs feel comfortable.” He interjected, “but I am just not sure, you know, about the way ‘everything’ is, well, is so, kind of outlined and visible, I mean , that’s not normal is it?” He inwardly relaxed a bit, pleased to have been able to compose his thoughts in a coherent sentence, one he thought sounded at least half way natural, and hopefully not like a perverted attempt to prolong the attention he was receiving.

“I suppose, now that you mention it, it is a little unusual for a man’s suit to be quite so, shall we say, unforgiving.” Leslie responded, “but it is the growing fashion, and like I mentioned to you out by the racks, some designers are equating it to the way women’s bikinis have left so little to the imagination.”

Sue had said very little, but was making no effort to extract herself from the situation, finding it strangely exhilarating to be taking part in such an unexpected game of tempting and teasing. Realizing her body, and mind for that matter, were reacting to such a sexy and serendipitous situation, Sue was eager to play along. She glanced over to see Beth browsing the dress racks on the other side of the store. Not making Ron feel self-conscious, as Beth had requested, was one thing, what this sales girl was so brazenly inviting Sue to do was quite another, and not something Sue was sure his mother had intended. But……Ron seemed a willing participant, and as long as they could proceed without Beth observing, Sue was certainly game.

“It does seem only fair you know, men have been putting women in nearly next-to-nothing swim suits, like this one, for years now.” Sue said, drawing all eyes to her own exceptional body and sexy bikini as she spoke.

“Yes, it is very similar Ron,” Leslie added, “I mean, look at the small cut of her suit. Do you mind?” Leslie asked Sue, as she reached over to display the way the purple material hugged her body.

Sue silently indicated her consent with a brief side-to-side movement of her head, and Leslie continued, “Look at the top for instance, see how the material designed to cover the bosom is not even sufficient to cover much more than her areole, meaning that a woman with large breasts cannot possibly conceal her curvaceous assets. Luckily for, I am sorry, what was you name again Miss?” Leslie asked, still attempting to maintain a professional air even as her fingers traced along the exposed sides of Sue’s breast.

Sue could feel herself getting hot and damp beneath the tiny purple bottoms as Leslie tenderly touched her while Ron gazed on. She attempted to respond as normally as possible, “Sue, my name is Sue Chang.”

Leslie smiled at Sue and continued, “Luckily for Sue, she has a perfect body for a bikini like this one. Her large breasts and petite build really present the sexy vision I am sure the designer had in mind for this suit. So, you see Ron, some man likely designed this bikini with the very intention that a woman like Sue would wear this, and look utterly sexy in doing so. I mean, you can even see that the lining on this particular one is nearly non-existent, meaning that her, well, please pardon my boldness, but her nipples, if the least bit erect, are impossible to conceal.”

All eyes were now locked into the mirror, and onto Sue’s nipples and their increasingly vigorous attempt to burst through, according to Leslie, the bikini top deviously designed by a conniving male.

“So you see, while having your trunks be a little tight might be new for you, we women have been dealing with it for years.” Leslie said.

Ron swallowed hard and licked his parched lips before finding the words to push ahead. “Ah, I see what you mean,” he said, looking from Sues magnificent breasts to her angelic face, “but even with all that, it just seems like I am almost standing here naked.”

“Come now Ron,” Leslie responded, “I don’t think it’s quite that revealing, do you Sue?” Before she could answer, Leslie continued, “let us have a closer look to ease your worries, okay?”

Leslie nudged Sue around in front of Ron, and joined her there, their backs to the mirror providing Ron an excellent view of Sue’s barely covered ass.

Leslie began, “I must admit, this suit is slightly more revealing than I normally see, but, and again, pardon my forwardness, but you fill these out more than most men I sell these to. But maybe I am viewing you with a more critical eye than most people would, I mean after all, I critique people in swimwear all day, every day.” Leslie continued, pleased with herself for maintaining a professional demeanor. “Perhaps we should have Sue offer a layman’s opinion. What do you think Sue, do these trunks offer Ron enough modesty, or are they so tight that he is showing too much?”

Sue looked to Leslie, as if to confirm that she was really asking her to discuss in detail the way Ron’s package was displayed. Leslie gave her the briefest of knowing grins, and nodded her head in encouragement for Sue to indeed respond.

“Well, ahem, first of all Ron, I think the trunks look fantastic on you, but…..um…..I do see what Leslie means. You look to be pretty clearly, …..well, clearly defined behind that thin material.”

“What, exactly do you think you can see?” Leslie asked, pushing ahead.

Sue was again taken aback by her aggressiveness, if only for a moment, as her professional experience kicked in, “Ah, well……it looks like his scrotum is cupped up, right down here.” She answered, leaning over at the waist and pointing to Ron’s balls.

Ron was treated to a fantastic view of Sue’s large boobs swinging away from her body, and as she bent closer to his crotch, her ass presented a tantalizing view in the mirror behind her.

Leslie knelt down, her face now at crotch level, “Yes, I noticed that earlier, but even more noticeable than that, in my opinion, is the way Ron’s penis is trapped over against his pelvis and upper thigh.” Leslie guided the well manicured, hot pink fingernail of her index finger across the length of Ron’s shaft, occasionally grazing his now nearly completely hard cock. “If you’ll look a little closer,” she instructed Sue, “You can even see the, ahem, rather large tip of his penis, right here.”

Ron jerked involuntarily as Leslie’s lovely brown hand drew repeated circles around his now throbbing cock head. He looked on as Sue kept her face still only 6 inches from his crotch, bent at the waist, now resting her hands on her knees.

“Oh my!” Sue whispered excitedly, “Look there!” she continued, pointing to the growing dark spot on Ron’s trunks, indicating his growing excitement by the pre-cum beginning to escape into the tight trunks.

At that moment, the bell over the shop door sounded, and all three looked up to see what appeared to be a family of 5 entering the shop. They also noticed Beth now making her way back toward the dressing room carrying an armload of merchandise.

“Looks like I have to get back to my other customers. I certainly did enjoy fitting you Ron, and I would definitely encourage you to get the trunks we picked out.”

Sue was feeling a little guilty for their tortuous teasing of Ron, now that his mother was making her way back to join them. “Here Ron,” she said as Leslie walked away, “Take this tee shirt, maybe it will, well, you know, cover things up, you know, from your mom.”

Ron quickly realized she was concerned about Beth’s reaction. He had to suppress a grin, thinking how wrong Sue was about Beth’s interest in his modesty. He slipped the loose fitting shirt on, perversely glad that it fell only to just past the waistline of his trunks, doing very little to hide the still obscene bulge in the green swimwear.

“Y’all finding some good stuff back here?” Beth asked, even as she was unable to avert her involuntary, yet unmistakable double take to Ron’s crotch. Gathering her composure, she went on, “I picked quite an assortment myself, I hope you were serious about spending Dave’s money.” Beth had spent her time purchasing the various outfits that she envisioned assisting her in bringing to life the detailed fantasies about how she and Pam would torment Ron over the coming days.

Beth’s quick glance to her “son’s” swim suit did not go unnoticed by Sue, and her degree of guilt at, in her mind, having been busted as a perverted cradle robbing cock tease, overwhelmed her immediately. Failing to register Beth’s question, all she wanted to do was extricate herself from this embarrassing situation as quickly as possible. Sue slipped quickly into the tiny dressing room, thankful to have the protection of the floral curtain that served as the door. Her new friends waited as she changed back into her sundress, dropping the purple bikini on the chair, and tried to think of a way to get away from them for a while.

Beth was taking her usual perverted joy in seeing how her exhibitionist game was affecting Sue, and asked again, “So Sue, like I said, I do have quite a bit of stuff here, are you sure you want to put it all on Dave’s card?”

Still obviously flustered, Sue exited the dressing room, answering Beth and at the same time laying the groundwork for a quick exit, “Sure, I am completely serious about spending his money……….ah, but right now, I need to run back to our cabin, I forgot, um, a stack of post cards I wanted to drop in the mail while on the island, how about you just take the AmEx to pay for everything after you have tried it on, and I’ll meet you two at the little café on the corner for a Bloody Mary in about ½ hour or so?

With barely a confirmation from Beth and Ron, Sue turned and briskly left the boutique.


Beth and Ron were left there, neither having been prepared for such a hasty departure. “What did you do to that poor woman?” Beth asked.

Ron’s fought back his defensive instinct, and as he noticed Beth once again cast a fleeting glance toward his cock, he decided now was a good time to try once again to tempt her with his swollen cock and bulging swim suit. “Um, I didn’t do anything, one minute her and that sales girl are down on their knees, helping me with the fit of my suit,” Ron said while motioning to his still bulging crotch with his eyes, “and the next thing I know, Sue sees you coming and starts trying to get me to wear this tee shirt, kind a’ weird, huh?”

Ron was thrilled to see Beth take the bait, and follow his gaze. She was too good at this, however, to quit playing her role, and immediately recognizing Ron’s emerging confidence in his body, made an effort to reel him back in, “Well, maybe she didn’t appreciate you flaunting your genitalia all over the place, like you tried to do last night with me and your girlfriend’s mother. I mean seriously, can you be much more obvious than this?” Beth finished while motioning with her hand toward his green swim suit.

That was not the response Ron had anticipated, and he was visibly taken aback. Seeing his uncertainty, Beth pressed on, “I thought maybe you had learned your lesson last night, but you seem intent on showing how blessed you are, I guess maybe we should just buy you a raincoat and pair of sneakers, that would make things easier for you to flash your big cock.” She said, unable to keep herself from graphically describing his penis.

“But, I mean, you practically had me pull it out for the sales girl, and you were the one to pick out a tight suit, and well, you know, after the other day on the beach, and our talk at the dance club, I thought you’d want…er be okay with me, well, you know.” Ron replied, losing all sense of discretion, again completely befuddled by Beth and her ever changing morals.

“Ron, honey, we all have moments of weakness…..didn’t I explain that at the club last night? But I also promised I’d behave, and I thought you agreed to do the same…..and then I stumble upon you trying to flash Amy’s father’s girlfriend…..I mean this girl could end up being her stepmother……….I would have thought your little stunt with the towel and Pam last night would have kept you under control. Obviously I was wrong.” Beth said in her most serious tone, pleased to see Ron’s expression wilt with her every word.

Now she would have some fun with him before they met back up with Sue.

“Am I going to be able to trust you with Sue the rest of the day……..I mean she is rather attractive, don’t you think?”

Ron stammered out his reply, “Um, yeah, you can trust me, I wasn’t really trying to, you know, do anything, I just couldn’t really hide my di……um, my reaction very well. I didn’t mean anything, really.”

“Okay, I guess I can see how you’d have trouble being modest in that suit, but you should really do everything you can to not tempt the fairer sex, I mean you obviously are quite well endowed, and some women have a hard time resisting such an unusually large, ah, well,…. let’s just say to present yourself so blatantly can tend to lure a woman past the point of self restraint………I mean, even I had a few moments of weakness on the beach, moments I am sure we both still deeply regret.” Beth said, making her best effort to keep Ron perpetually off balance as to her intentions for this vacation.

Realizing he was incapable of navigating a conversation with Beth through this sexual mine field, Ron simply nodded, and even as his cock began to deflate, uttered a meager apology, ” Uh, okay, sorry.”

“Very well, now, let’s get our purchases organized and get out of here…….I have just a few things I need to try on, so be a dear and hold all this.” Beth directed while heaping her armload of clothes and hangers across Ron’s quickly extended arms.

As Ron stood motionless, the clothes now obscuring his view of the trunks clinging stubbornly to his still semi-erect cock, Beth began to peer intently into the conglomeration of bikinis, lingerie, dresses, and other various articles of sexy clothing dutifully held by her naïve young prey. “Here it is!” she exclaimed, pulling out a slinky white cocktail dress. “I got this one for Pam, don’t you think this will look simply fantastic on her?” Beth continued, holding the short halter dress against her peach colored top and now obviously erect nipples. “Besides giving her a newer sexy look, I thought it would only be fair to spend some of Dave’s money on his ex-wife.”

“Well……….don’t you like it?” she pressed.

“Um, yeah, sure…….but I thought you were going to try on some clothes.” Ron replied, now anxious to get out of the store after once again embarrassing himself while trying to tempt the sexy older woman before him now.

“Silly, I have to try on this dress for Pam, I mean, even though she is a petite, I can tell by how short and tight this fits on me if it will work for her.” Beth said dismissively as she turned to the dressing room.

As she entered the small room, Beth immediately noticed Sue’s discarded purple bikini, along with the other items she had picked out, on the chair. She picked them up, and felt the unmistakable dampness in the crotch of the purple bottoms. Holding them to her nose, the aroma of a woman aroused enveloped her senses, and she immediately had a wickedly clever idea.

Beth took the bikini, flung the curtain back open, and approached Ron.

She placed the purple bikini on top of the pile of clothes Ron still held draped across both arms, taking care to make sure the crotch was on top, directly in front of his face. “Here, we don’t want to forget to buy Sue’s stuff. Plus I need one more thing.”

Beth then bent at the waist to give Ron a clear view of most of each tanned breast, and began to once again peer into the pile of clothes, occasionally poking into the layers of material as she sought out a particular item. “Do you see a matching white bra and panty set?”

Before Ron could respond, Beth, ignoring his still noticeably bulging swimwear, once again excitedly announced her discovery of the skimpy undergarments, and headed back into the dressing room.

As soon as Beth stepped away, Ron looked down at the tiny purple bikini Beth had deposited on the heap of clothing. Recalling the way Sue had looked, and the way she seemed to enjoy looking at his hard dick, Ron felt more blood rush to his penis. Then, as if on cue, he inhaled the unmistakable scent of pussy. It wasn’t exactly the way Amy smelled, but there was no doubt as to the source of the scent. He leaned his head forward until his nose was almost touching the damp bikini bottom. Not only could he smell Sue’s arousal, but could actually see the dampness on the material. Suddenly it dawned on him that she must have been turned on during their little teasing episode. Just as he was contemplating bringing the juicy material up to press into his face, he noticed Beth’s skirt, then her blouse falling to the floor of the changing room, and he continued to watch as she carefully inserted her tanned legs into the dainty white panties.

The purple bikini bottom now forgotten, Ron focused on the prospect of Beth modeling the white dress. To his surprise, rather than stepping from the small changing room, she called to him, “Uh, Ron, I need a little help, would you be so kind as to step in here and lend a hand?”

Ron quickly placed the armload of clothes on a nearby chair, and stepped over to the curtain separating him from the sexy older woman. He started to knock on the door frame, but decided to simply do as she had asked, and step into the changing room to join her.

The sight before him was like something straight from a playboy magazine. Beth had her back to him, wearing the lacy white, and as Ron now discovered, thong panties. They split the tanned globes of her ass, presenting an agonizingly sexy sight to the perpetually horny teenager. Her hands were grasping the bra cups to her shapely boobs, a necessity given that the clasps of the lacy undergarment were dangling between her shoulder blades.

She looked over her shoulder, and for only a millisecond, conveyed the slightest little smirk before saying in as non-sexual tone as she could, “I guess I underestimated the size difference between me and Pam, of course, I wouldn’t typically worry about wearing these under a dress like this.” Beth said, motioning first to the bra in her hand, and then to the little white dress hanging near the mirror. “but, I know Pam won’t wear it unless I get her the proper underwear.”

Ron was making every effort to keep eye contact with Beth as he nodded his agreement to whatever it was she had just said, but the curve of her toned back, down to the contrast of the white lace disappearing between her muscular, tanned cheeks was too alluring a sight, and he knew right away she had caught him ogling her.

Beth knew she wanted to play this as innocent as she could and prolong the tease, so she ignored Ron’s lustful gaze, and continued, “Sorry to make you lend a hand, but, well, I know this is probably not exactly proper having you in here, but my bikini I plan to buy today isn’t much bigger than this thong, and I plan to wear that in public, so I guess having you simply help me fasten my bra shouldn’t be a big deal, right?” Beth, of course, knew the pink elephant in the changing room was that not only had Ron spied her completely naked from the hotel bathroom closet, she had already fucked him while he was trapped in the sand, but having previously pledged to Ron that they would try to forget that episode, she decided to act as if having him so nearby while she was dressed only in her underwear was something that needed justification as an innocent interaction.

Even as Ron’s cock once again began to reach maximum firmness and press obscenely against his increasingly stretched out swim trunks, he agreed with the innocence of whatever it was she had in mind, “Sure, not a big deal, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, like I said, getting this bra and panty set for Pam means it is quite a bit too small for me, but I want to try and get it on, so we know how the dress looks, since it is a little thinner than most dresses you find. So, if you can just get the bra fastened for me, I can slip on the dress.”

Ron stepped closer to Beth to reach for the clasps, and Beth took a step back, her ass inadvertently bumping into Ron’s protruding cock. He flinched backward, hoping she hadn’t noticed the contact.

Again, Beth ignored the feel of his lovely prick against her ass. She knew even without that validation that her cocktease was working its magic on Ron, but to be truthful to herself, she had to admit that her pussy was more than a little damp, and she could feel her nipples doing their best to rip through the lacy bra she still pressed against her bosom.

“Can you get it hooked?”

Ron grabbed the bra straps, his fingers brushing against the soft yet toned skin sloping inward from Beth’s shoulder blades. He tried to pull the clasps together, while at the same time taking care to keep his hard on away from the magnificent ass only inches in front of him.

“I can’t quite get it.” He explained.

“Okay, let me try and help,” and with that, her hands began to move, and for the first time, Ron noticed that he could look directly past Beth’s shoulder and watch her in the full length mirror. Beth slipped her right hand insider her left bra cup and gently pulled more of her boob out of the cup, increasing the exposure of her breast until her nipple threatened to pop free if she continued any further. She repeated the procedure with the right breast, the finished product being a deliciously obscene amount of cleavage being pushed up and together from the dainty bra cups.

“Now try again, I think I may have gotten a little more slack for you to work with.”

Ron again pulled the straps together, and after apologizing for any pain he might be causing her, managed to slip the fastener together. “Ha, I got it.” He stated with a satisfied tone.

“Great, now let me just slip on the dress and we’ll see how it looks, now remember, it will be tighter and shorter on me than on Pam, so you’ll have to keep that in mind during the critique.”

Beth turned in profile to Ron as she retrieved the dress from its hanger, and as she extended her arms upward to allow the dress to slip over her head, Ron was provided an unobstructed view of her now overflowing cleavage. Her nipples had to be only a fraction of an inch away from slipping free. As the material slid lower and obscured the view of her breasts, he shifted his gaze to her bubbly ass, thankful he was able to stare intently without of fear of being caught. Her cheeks appeared so firm and muscular that there was barely even a wobble to the curvy spheres, even as Beth began to bounce and tug at the dress as it grew more snug to her perfect form.

Finally her head popped through, and she managed to pull the dress down firmly so that the straps rested on her shoulders. “Okay, well, that was kind of a chore, but, well………what do you think?”

Beth stood with her arms outstretched, and turned slowly for Ron.

He was awestruck, unable to respond with a coherent sentence.

Beth once again allowed herself a slight smirk, then turned to examine herself in the mirror. She didn’t think she could look much sexier if she tried………and well, she knew she had tried, but to not have had the luxury of previewing an outfit in the mirror to determine the best way to bend and move so as to maximize her allure as she would normally do before going out on the prowl, she was thrilled.

The bra straps were obviously showing, which had been her desire all along. But the cleavage presented by the dress, and she had to admit, assisted by the bra, was enough to make an experienced man drool, but for the naïve teen standing behind her now, it must be pure torture…….Perfect! She glanced down, able to make out only the slightest outline of her panties beneath the white clinging dress. She turned and looked over her shoulder, cognizant of the way her breasts jutted out toward Ron, and took note of how her ass was only a few inches away from escaping the short hemline.

“Well, the bra and panties just don’t work, you can kind of see the panty line, and the bra straps just don’t match with the design of this dress at all. I really love it though. I think if I can show Pam she can go commando with this dress without being too sexy, she still might wear it, what do you think?” Beth asked while glancing at Ron’s cock for the first time in a few minutes. It was obviously rock hard, having managed to shift to an upward angle across his pelvis and pointing up to his hip bone. “Why don’t you give me a little privacy and I’ll try it sans undies.”

The disappointment in Ron’s face was almost laughable. As Beth easily unfastened the previously “too tight” bra, she almost felt sorry for him, but really, how could anyone feel sorry for a kid with a cock as big as his, on a trip with her, Pam, and Amy, and at least for today, it looked like Sue was now a fan of his wonder cock as well.

Beth didn’t really want him to leave, but she knew things were getting rather heated for both of them, and she wasn’t sure she could trust herself to continue. Her mind kept flashing back to his cock emerging from the sand, and the fact that she had been unable to resist taking advantage of him. She wanted it again, but wanted to extend the teasing until she could reel Pam into the fun of it all.

Ron stepped from the changing room, his hard on temporarily forgotten as he wallowed in the self pity of once again being taken in by Beth’s teasing only to be shot down just when it seemed things were going to get interesting. As he took another step, he heard a sudden gasp, then much commotion near the racks of clothes closest to the changing room. Ron looked up to see the mother of the family that had recently entered the shop, trying to divert the attention of her teenage daughter away from the spectacle of Ron’s cock.

By popular demand, this story brings back the heroine from “Spare a Planet” for a fuller story. Once again, all details are true except for the names, dialogue, setting, plot, and characters.

* * *


Jack tried to focus on driving while his erection pulsed in his jeans. Tonight would be his first time seeing Sandy in the flesh since he’d met her. He still couldn’t believe what had happened.

Two weeks ago he had picked her up hitchhiking. Dangerous, sure, but he could not resist when he saw the blonde beauty standing there, her golden hair glittering in the Spring sunlight, her firm legs displayed by her short skirt, her slim torso wrapped in a green t-shirt reading, “Earth Day — Free Taste.” That day in fact was Earth Day, and he sure knew what he wanted to sample.

It wasn’t long into their ride when he asked her about the shirt. She eased back her seat, making herself comfortable. She said, “You know the easiest way to reduce global warming, right?”

Jack admitted, “I probably should ditch this SUV and get a more efficient car.”

“Probably,” said Sandy. “But cars, trucks, and SUV’s put together don’t cause as much global warming as the meat industry. If you went vegan, it would do more good for the planet than trading your SUV for a bicycle.”

“Are you vegan?”

“Sure am. And that’s what my shirt’s about. I’m encouraging guys to join me by offering a taste of something better than meat.”

“What’s that?”

She answered by lifting her skirt. When Jack got a glimpse of her naked fur, he nearly drove off the road. Thank God there was no traffic. Jack controlled the SUV enough to pull it over.

“If you promise to go vegan for just 24 hours,” she told him, “I’ll give you a free taste right now.” She teasingly raised her hips.

Jack had never seen a pussy this beautiful. Her brown fur was trimmed to show off her pink lips, and what sweet lips they were. He reached his hand toward her, slowly, almost afraid to touch, as if this beautiful woman were a mirage he didn’t want to lose.

He touched her thigh. She was real all right. Her flesh was warm and firm and smooth. It was a joy just touching her leg. And he was inches from touching something even better.

Sandy put her hand on his, holding it in place on her thigh. “Do you promise you’ll go vegan for 24 hours and help the planet?”

“Hell yeah.”

“You will?” She looked him in the eye.

He didn’t notice; his own eyes were stuck elsewhere. But he responded to her words. “No meat for 24 hours.”

“And no egg or dairy products either?”

“I promise.”

Sandy lifted his hand and placed it over her fur. Jack sucked in his breath a little as he finally felt her tickling hairs and the warm opening beneath.

Sandy said, “Then you may have a taste.”

They climbed in back to get more room. Jack fumbled to unzip his fly.

“Whoa, hold on,” she said, grabbing his hand. “I said you could have a taste, not a fuck.”

“Wait. I can …”

“You can taste it,” she said. “You can touch it. But your cock stays in your pants.”

Jack glanced again at her pussy. He did want to touch it again. Perhaps even taste it. But he wanted more.

He looked her in the eye with a skeptical smile. “I’m supposed to go down on you, but you’re not going to do anything for me?”

Sandy shrugged, more with her eyebrows than her shoulders. “Most guys want to lick my pussy. Most guys think my pussy is pretty.” There was a twinkle in her green eyes. “Don’t you think I have a nice pussy?”

Jack looked again. Boy, was it nice. Jack knew that for the next several weeks, perhaps for the rest of his life, this was the pussy he would picture whenever he was jacking off. But he didn’t want to be used without getting some use in return. Did he?

Jack slid his hand over her warm folds. He glided one fingertip up to her clit and rubbed, hoping to warm her up a little more. “This is a wonderful pussy,” he agreed. He slipped his finger between her moist pussy lips. “What do I have to do to get my cock in here?”

“Go vegan for two weeks.”

“You got it!” He removed his hand to work his fly.

“No, no. First you go vegan for two weeks, then you get in my pants.”

“What’s the difference?”

“This lady only lets pure cocks inside her. Vegan cocks are clean. You can tell by the taste. So two weeks from now, after your system has had time to clean out, I’ll taste your cum. If your cock is pure enough, I’ll fuck you.”

He nearly begged for a down payment, but Sandy wouldn’t budge. They exchanged phone numbers, and he dropped her off where she was going, his hard-on straining his zipper the whole way. Even after she left his view, his erection remained. Jack had never met a woman who stirred him this much.

He drove a few more blocks and realized he couldn’t hold out until he got home. He pulled over on the empty road and pulled his dick out of his cramped jeans, relieved to finally let it out in the open. It was bright day, but he saw no one around, thank God.

He stroked like crazy, thinking about that luscious pussy he had touched only moments ago, imagining how it would feel wrapped around his cock. Through his half-opened eyes he sighted his rearview mirror and a cop coming. Oh shit! In his SUV, Jack was high enough that someone in that squad car wouldn’t see his lap. Just to make sure, he pulled his shirt over the action. He stopped stroking, but he had to keep a hand there pinching his dick right below the head to keep from shooting. Damn, the effect that woman had!

What would Jack say if the cop asked him why he’d pulled over? What would he do if the cop asked him to get out of his SUV? It didn’t matter. The cruiser passed quickly enough, and a relieved Jack loosened his grip, then instantly regretted it as cum shot up the inside of his shirt. Fuck! He peeled off his wet and sticky shirt, used it to wipe up, and then drove home bare-chested.

In the two weeks since then, Jack talked to Sandy on the phone occasionally, but she said she wouldn’t meet him again until his body was pure. He checked on the internet, and sure enough, several women reported vegan cum tastes better. If he wanted the pussy that now burned in his memory, Jack really had to go vegan.

The Earth-friendly diet was easier than he had expected. Vegan margarine on his popcorn for home movie nights. Bean burritos. Spaghetti with sourdough bread. Tortilla chips with salsa. He cheated only once: the other night at a party he had some of the pizza that was going around. Beyond that, he did perfect. Did good for the planet, good for his health, good for the animals; and now, finally, it would do some good for his dick.

Driving to her house this night, his cock urged to get out of his pants. He was half-tempted to pull over right now. At least it was dark this time. But he wasn’t about to risk another roadside stroke session. Besides, he was already running late.

He finally found her house. When he knocked, she opened the door and her green eyes lit up. “Jack!” She hugged him. It felt nice to have her body against his once again. Two weeks without this woman’s touch had seemed forever.

“Another minute and I would have started without you,” she said with a naughty smile. She wore another of her skirts and this time a classy blouse. She even wore makeup for this special night. She brought him inside, and Jack found she wasn’t alone. Also in the house were two other men, standing naked.


Jack felt a little awkward shaking hands with Dan and Lenny as Sandy introduced them. It just seemed weird: two people naked, their penises right out there, while the other two were fully dressed.

Sandy explained. “I’m trying to do as much good for the planet as I can, getting guys to go vegan for a while. But sometimes guys take advantage of me. The only way I can tell if a guy has kept his word is to taste his cum. And last year, one scum ball lied to me just to get a free blowjob.” She rolled her eyes. “So this year I’m doing things smarter.”

Dan and Lenny stood there bored. They had already gotten this explanation. Lenny’s dick wasn’t even hard anymore, just dangling as awkwardly as his hands.

Sandy continued, “I figure one out of three guys is likely to try something sneaky. So I brought three of you here at once. After I’ve tasted everyone’s cum, whoever tastes like a carnivore has to go home naked. The other two, after kicking out the cheater, get to fuck me all night. So give me your clothes, Jack, and we’ll get started.”

“What if all three of us have been vegan?” asked Jack, suddenly thinking about that one pepperoni pizza, wondering if she would really be able to tell.

Lenny said, “Then all three of us get you — right, Sandy?”

“Hey, I am not fucking three guys. What kind of slut do you think I am? I’m fucking two guys tonight, and that’s it. Whichever one of you has the worst tasting cum is out of here. Anyone doesn’t like the rules can leave right now.”

Lenny showed no interest in leaving.

“Otherwise,” Sandy added, “let’s have your clothes, Jack.”

Jack hadn’t known he would have to compete. He’d thought he had already won. But at least the blowjob was guaranteed, and he had a two-in-three chance at the big prize. If she couldn’t taste a difference in their cum, she’d probably just pick her two favorite men. Jack eyed his competition.

Dan looked like he worked out: slim, youthful body with muscles. He could probably do well with women. The fact that Dan was willing to compete just underscored what a prize Sandy was. Her boobs looked large on her slim frame, and Jack still couldn’t get that gorgeous pussy out of his mind. Jack wanted her firm thighs wrapped around him.

Could Jack finish in the top two? Lenny looked less intimidating: he was a bit chubby and had too much body hair. Jack himself may not have been the hottest stud-muffin, but he was confident Sandy would pick him over Lenny.

Jack didn’t know that he would like sharing Sandy with Dan, but he wanted her, and if he impressed her tonight, maybe in the future he could have her to himself. Hell, if Dan tasted like a meat-eater, Jack would be a shoo-in.

Jack pulled off his shirt, then his shoes and socks. He thought once more about leaving. This wasn’t what he had expected, after all. What if there were more surprises?

Still, she hadn’t actually lied to him at any point, and she had promised a blowjob at least. He took off his pants and finally pulled off his underwear. His cock was no longer raging, but it hung thick enough.

Sandy took his clothes and carried them to another room while Jack waited with the other nude men. He wondered if she had been serious about the loser having to go home naked. How many seconds would it take him to scramble from her front door to his SUV? What bothered him more was the thought of reaching his home and having to get to his own door, with neighbors who knew him maybe looking out their windows and seeing his bare ass as he covered his crotch with one hand and unlocked his door with the other.

Sandy returned. “Alright, where should I start? Dan, you look ready.” Dan hadn’t lost his erection since arriving.

Sandy kneeled before Dan. She licked from his sack straight up to the tip of his cock. Then she slipped her mouth over his shaft and sucked for all she was worth.

Dan got weak in the knees and laid down. Sandy followed him, quickly getting her mouth back on his cock.

Jack watched her mouth slide over Dan’s cock and imagined how good that must feel. Jack’s hard-on returned. Without thinking, he touched his cock, but he tried not to stroke too much. Save it.

Jack glanced over and saw Lenny, too, was hard. Lenny may not have been that handsome, but he was hung like a porn star. Suddenly, Jack worried Lenny could beat him after all.

“Mmmmm,” said Sandy as Dan’s cum shot down her throat.

Dan soon panted, “So what’s the verdict?”

“That tasted good,” Sandy said. A twinkle came into her eyes. “You’ve been vegan longer than two weeks, haven’t you.”

“Well,” Dan admitted. “I’ve actually been vegan for six years now. I never said I ate meat.”

“You little sneak, you.”

Jack said, “That’s cheating. The point was for us to improve. He just stayed the same.”

Dan reminded her, “You never said I had to change. You just said I had to be vegan for two weeks. And I was.”

“You should have told me you were vegan already,” Sandy said. “I would have fucked you right then if I’d known your cock was that clean! But as far as this contest goes, I don’t think I’ll disqualify you. A man who’s done that much good for the world deserves a break.”

Dan grinned. Jack tried to hide his disappointment that Dan was now the favorite and Jack’s own chances of sharing the prize slipped down to 50-50.

Next, Sandy blew Lenny. Her lips and tongue worshipped every inch of his oversized prick. The way Lenny was convulsing, this was the best blowjob he had ever gotten.

Jack held his own cock in his fist, eager for his turn.

Sandy swallowed Lenny’s cum at last, and Lenny asked, “So how did that taste?”

Sandy looked like she was trying to decide something. “Let’s see how you compare to Jack.”

Without getting off her knees, she came over to Jack. He released his throbbing cock and it bounced into her hand. She put its tip to her lips and kissed.

Jack’s breathing became stilted. He had stayed vegan for almost the entire two weeks, and now at last here was the payoff. Sandy slipped her lips over just the head of his cock. With that much inside her mouth, her tongue flickered over it while her fingers stroked the shaft. Jack wanted to make this last, savor the feeling of her tongue’s tip slipping over the little hole in his cock. But he couldn’t hold back. That little hole quickly unleashed a blast of jizm, and then another.

As Sandy swallowed, she moved back away from him. “Unh. You taste like a carnivore. Get out.” She was serious.

“Wait!” Jack panted. “It was only one pizza! I was totally vegan the rest of the time. I swear!”

She shook her head. “They win, you lose. Hit the road.”

Jack was recovering quickly. “Bullshit,” he said. “I’m not leaving just because of one pizza.”

“Boys, show him the door.”

Dan and Lenny approached Jack. It felt weird to Jack, standing here naked and having two other naked men threaten him. But they wouldn’t really touch him, would they? Straight men don’t touch one another naked. Right?

Lenny said, “Sorry, dude. You lost.”

“I’m not leaving without my clothes.”

Dan put a hand on Jack’s shoulder. Jack tried to throw a punch, but the two naked winners quickly wrestled him to the ground. As he struggled to get out of their grip, Jack glanced at Sandy, who looked amused to see the naked men wrestling. Jack felt humiliated, powerless, even more so because he could feel one of the guys inadvertently pressing against his penis. He also thought he could feel Dan’s dick against his thigh.

“Stop fighting me!” Jack said. “If we work together, we could wrestle her to the ground and all three of us could fuck her.”

Dan said, “That’s it,” and hit Jack’s balls. “You don’t even joke about hurting her.” Dan lifted the anguished Jack and moved him to the door.

Sandy opened it and watched her three naked men move to the open doorway. Two of the naked men came back in, and she shut the door.

Ch. 3

Sandy put an arm around each of her naked bodyguards. “My heroes,” she said.

They heard Jack outside pound on the door. He clearly didn’t like being naked out there. Sandy reached over and locked the deadbolt.

“That guy deserves it,” said Lenny. Dan just moved in on Sandy, nuzzled his nose against her jaw, and kissed her neck.

Sandy giggled. “I must admit, watching all that man-flesh in action got me a little excited. You guys think you have enough energy left to feed a hungry pussy?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Lenny. He lifted her skirt. Tonight, she wore panties, but quickly enough Lenny slipped those down her firm legs. As soon as he saw that succulent pussy, he had to kiss it, worship it.

Sandy had one arm around Dan and her free hand was groping Dan’s muscular chest. But as she felt Lenny’s nose and tongue at her fur, she moved her free hand to Lenny’s head, ran her fingers through his hair, let him know how much she appreciated him.

Sandy was feeling good in more ways than one. She had helped the environment by getting these men to go vegan for a while. Now she was going to reward these two and reward herself all night long.

* * *

Outside, it was a dark night, which would have helped Jack hide his nudity except for one problem: he was still at Sandy’s front door, her porch light putting him in a virtual spotlight for anyone who might pass by.

Jack couldn’t go home yet. His car keys were still in his pants pocket.

He knocked on the door again, nice and loud. But not too loud. If neighbors heard, they might peak outside and see. He faced Sandy’s door and kept a hand over his penis so neighbors would only see his backside. Even that was too much. He shuddered to imagine a neighbor with a camera. What if he wound up on the internet? Naked Man Begs to Get Indoors.

Jack decided to get away from the well-lit porch and move over to the dark lawn. He approached her window and tapped. Through a split in the curtains he could see them.

* * *

Dan raised Sandy’s blouse, pulled it off, and removed her bra. “My God, you have beautiful tits,” Dan said.

“I know they’re not that big,” Sandy started.

“They’re big enough, and I love the way your nipples point out.” Dan kissed one of those nipples.

Lenny removed her skirt, and now everyone was naked. Lenny said, “I’ve been dreaming for two weeks of getting inside you.”

Sandy looked down at both erections. “I think I better start with Dan. A cock as big as yours, Lenny, I need to work up to it.”

* * *

Jack couldn’t believe it. He saw Dan hold Sandy from behind and slide into her pussy. Dan! That fuck who didn’t even change his eating habits, didn’t do anything to earn this! Dan had his cock where Jack’s should have been, pumping away inside Sandy, while Lenny kissed her face and her boobs. She reached for Lenny’s huge hard-on, playing with that flesh toy.

Jack rapped on the window some more, but the trio inside didn’t seem to hear. Reluctantly, Jack returned to the porch where at least he could knock louder. After pounding on the door, Jack put his mouth close to it and said, “I need my keys!” He pounded some more.

* * *

Dan shot his wad and fell back exhausted. They still heard Jack’s pounding, disrupting an otherwise blissful fuck. Dan said, “Maybe you should give him his keys. Get rid of him.”

Sandy felt no need to do any favors for Jack. Jack had known the rules and agreed to them. He had cheated on the agreement to go vegan. Worse yet perhaps, on the day she met him, Jack turned up his nose at eating her pussy. She had now given him a blowjob, so she figured it wasn’t she who owed him anything.

But for Dan, her handsome vegan with the purest cum she’d tasted in years, she went to her bedroom, searched Jack’s pants, and fished out his keys. She wrapped her bathrobe around her nakedness and padded to the front door. Jack was still pounding away.

She opened the door and held up Jack’s keys.

Jack looked at her. “It’s about fuckin’ time.”

Sandy was tempted to slam the door on him again, but she wanted an end to this nuisance. She threw the keys over Jack’s shoulder.

Jack spun and chased after them. The keys landed somewhere on the lawn. He squatted down, one hand still hiding his privates, and searched in the dark.

Sandy locked the door again and returned to her men. She glanced at Lenny’s huge cock, still hard and waiting for her. She flashed a smile. “Time to ride the big one,” she said.

* * *

I glanced at the bedside clock, there was still three minutes to go to until the knock at the bedroom door. I sat on the bed and dropped my hand between my legs, I was wet already, anticipating the delicious session that was just about to start. As I rubbed my slippery pussy, enjoying the feel of my fingers sliding between my lips, I thought about the last week and how my poor husband/slave had not been allowed to touch his cock. So unfair. And yet, it was he who suggested it, along with pretty much everything else, at least at first…

I looked at the clock again, another minute to go. I stood up and looked in the full length mirror, noticing every detail of my appearance. My long PVC gloves, the PVC dress clinging to my every gorgeous curve, the high heeled strappy shoes that had taken an age to get used to, ultimately it was all for him… but only on my terms.

The knock came exactly on the dot, as expected. My slave knew by now to not be early or late, but just on time. I walked across the room and opened the door, there on his knees was my devoted husband, his collar and cock ring in place just as I had instructed. I reached forward and attached a length of leather to the D-ring on his collar. As my fingers moved near his face I thought I heard him groan a little, I smiled as I realised the effect the smell of my pussy was having on him, especially as he hadn’t cum in over a week.

“Can you smell me slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” He replied, quietly.

“You love that smell don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress, may I please lick your fingers?”

For a moment I considered slapping his face. The bare faced cheek of the request! But secretly I was pleased. I knew all too well how much my husband craves the taste of my pussy and this week he had been denied even that pleasure as work had become all too tiresome.

“Plenty of time for that later slave.” I said firmly, pulling the leash towards me and dragging him into the room. He crawled on all fours to the edge of the bed and then I told him to sit up on his knees. He kept his head down, not daring to look at my beautiful body without permission. That pleased me, but I needed to see into his eyes. I sat down on the edge of the bed and reached down and lifted his chin so that we made eye contact.

“Now slave, don’t look anywhere else but in my eyes. I have some questions for you, and don’t even think about lying, or fudging the facts, I want the truth and only the truth, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Now my first question is very simple slave, and I expect a simple answer…. Have you cum in the last seven days?”

“No Mistress.”

“And why is that slave?”

“Because you told me I wasn’t allowed to Mistress.”


“Because I love to follow your instructions Mistress, I love to be under your control.”

“Good answer slave, and what else did I tell you?”

“You….you told me that I wasn’t allowed to touch my cock Mistress.”

“That’s right slave, and did you obey my instruction as you promised to do?”

He hesitated, not more than a fraction of a second, but enough.


My eyes narrowed as I could tell he was debating internally whether to lie or to come clean about his misdemeanours.

“I tried to Mistress.”

“But you failed?”

“Yes Mistress. I am very sorry Mistress.”

“Are you sure you didn’t cum?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Positive? Because I find out that you did and lied to me then I will be very unhappy.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Yes you’re positive, or yes you did come?”

“Yes I’m positive Mistress.”

I curled my lip as I looked down at him, so desperate to please me but yet still not entirely in control of his own desires.

“Perhaps, slave, it would be easier for you if you were physically unable to touch yourself in future.”

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

“Yes slave, if it pleases me. When this session is over I want you to research chastity devices, I want to know how much they cost, how practical they are, how many keys they have, everything…. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And if you can’t behave yourself next time, then we will proceed along those lines, is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I’m serious slave, if you can’t keep your hands off of MY cock, then I will take steps to ensure it remains untouched.”

“Yes Mistress. I am so sorry Mistress.”

“You should be slave, I am most displeased.”

My pussy tingled as I thought of locking him up for the week, free to play with myself as he suffered, better yet, free to enjoy his tongue as his cock swelled inside it’s prison, desperate for the release that only I could grant.

“How did you touch yourself slave?”

“With my finger Mistress.”

“Just one finger?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And what did you do with that finger slave, show me.”

He moved his arm between his legs and slowly and gently ran his fingertip up and down the underside of his cock. As he did so I noticed him trembling, his cock straining against the cock ring.

“Is that all you did slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“How many times slave?”

“I don’t know Mistress.”

“You don’t know? So it was obviously more than a couple of times…”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Did you make any effort at all to obey me?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Really slave, it doesn’t sound like it from where I’m sitting, explain yourself!”

“I…I was okay for the first couple of days Mistress, but then I….when I woke up I would be hard and I just couldn’t help myself.”

“I hope you were thinking only about me slave.”

“I was Mistress, of course!”

“I should think so slave, but it doesn’t excuse your behaviour.”

“No Mistress.”

“Surely touching yourself like that is more frustrating than anything though isn’t it slave, I mean why didn’t you just grab it properly and give yourself some proper strokes?”

“I….I don’t know Mistress. I guess it didn’t seem as bad with just one finger….”

“And what were you thinking about me as you were secretly touching yourself?”

“I….I was imagining that it was your finger Mistress, that you were teasing my cock until I was close to cumming and then you would deny me.”

“Really slave, and how close did you get to cumming slave?”

“Very close Mistress.”

“Just with one finger?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“How close are we talking slave?”

“Very close Mistress, right to the point where there was pre-cum on the tip of my…..on the tip of your cock, Mistress.”

I shuddered as I took in this information, I looked down and saw my fingers had moved backed to my pussy without me even thinking about it. Slave had noticed it too and was watching intently as my slender fingers manipulated the slippery folds of my cunt and rubbed gently over my clit. The look on his face was pure lust, he wanted so badly to bury his face between my legs and lap away at my clit until I came on his face, but I wasn’t going to let him do that just yet.

“I told you not to look anywhere but at my eyes slave.” I hissed.

He quickly looked up, his jaw trembling slightly. I paused for a moment, considering my next words carefully.

“Well slave, of course you will have to be punished for your disobedience…”

“Yes Mistress.”

“…but I am at least convinced you have told me the truth as I requested.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Perhaps in future I might mix things up a bit. It seems a pity to make your cock off limits all week when it could be put to better use. I still want you to research chastity devices slave, I’m not ruling that out at all, but maybe I will let you out now and again so that you can be teased, or maybe I’ll just tell you to do it yourself. Sometimes I might watch you slave, how would you like that?”

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

“I bet you’d like that slave, I bet you’d love me to watch you teasing yourself right to the edge of coming, knowing that I was there to make sure you didn’t accidentally push just a little too far….”

His jaw was really trembling now.

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

“Yes slave, if it pleases me.”

I got up and turned around, spreading my legs wide and leaning over the bed, giving him a perfect view of my sodden pussy and tight ass. I reached back through my legs and spread my pussy wide open with my fingers.

“Is that what you’ve been dreaming about all week slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” His voice was shaking terribly and I wondered if he might already be struggling not to cum.

I lifted myself back up and turned around again, then stepped forward so that my pussy was right in front of his face. I lifted the hem of my dress up until my pussy was bared and then pushed it into his face. He sighed loudly as the scent of my cunt filled his nostrils, and then groaned as I rubbed my pussy against his face, the hard bone of his nose stimulating my clit wonderfully. I pulled away and told him to lick his lips. He obediently complied and was obviously enjoying the taste of my pussy when I suddenly bent down and kissed him. As I did so I reached down and slid my palm around his balls and squeezed them as we locked mouths. I broke the kiss and stared into his eyes as I released his swollen balls and dragged my nails along the length of his shaft.

“Who owns this cock slave?”

“You do Mistress.” He breathed.

“That’s right slave. I do.”

I slapped his cock hard several times and then dug my nails into his balls.

“Who owns these balls slave?”

“You do Mistress.” He yelped.

“What else slave?”

“You own my ass and my mouth too Mistress.”

“That’s right slave, and they are mine to use as I see fit aren’t they slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“So why is it that you think you can touch my cock, when I told you not to?”

“I… I don’t know Mistress.”

“Oh come slave, surely you can do better than that?”

I looked deep into his eyes as he tried to think of a suitable answer.

“Don’t think about it slave, I told you before, all I want is the truth.”

“Yes Mistress.”


“I….. I didn’t want to Mistress.”

“And yet you did.”

“Yes Mistress. What I meant is, I wanted you to touch me, to tease me…not to make me cum, but….”

“…to tease you!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Is that what you really wanted slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You wanted me to tease you mercilessly? To bring you right to the edge of coming, over and over again, but not to let you cum?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You like suffering for me don’t you slave?”

“I love it Mistress, I really love it.”

“Well then slave, perhaps I should make you wait another week and see if you can suffer properly this time?”

He hesitated as the thought sank in, but eventually found the words I expected to hear.

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

“Yes slave, if it pleases me….and you’d better please me today or that’s exactly what will happen, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now get on the bed, on all fours.”

He climbed onto the bed and waited obediently for the punishment he knew he deserved. I moved around the bed and picked up a paddle and my whip. I stood behind him for a few moments, wondering if I should push something into his backside, but decided against it for the moment. I brought the whip down a few times and then gave him a couple of swats on each cheek with the paddle, smiling as a very light pinkness started to colour his skin. I reached between his legs and grasped his throbbing cock, it twitched in my hand and I pulled it back, letting it go so that it recoiled sharply.

I resumed the whipping and paddling until his arse was a much nicer shade of pink and then asked him if he thought he might be more inclined to obey my instructions next time.

“Yes Mistress.” He said, but I wasn’t convinced.

“Oh you say that now slave, but in a few weeks time you’ll have forgotten all about this and you won’t be able to resist touching your aching cock again. That’s why we either need to lock it up, or we need to change how you feel about touching your cock.”

I swatted his ass a couple more times with the paddle and then continued.

“Maybe what I should be doing is having you stroke your cock every night, until you can’t stand it anymore. Maybe that would make you more obedient. Just think of all that stroking you could do, slave. Just imagine your cock, lubed up and stroked for an hour or two, or three…. I’d let you stroke as fast or slow as you wanted , but the only thing is, you must never stop stroking and you must never come without permission. How does that sound slave?”

“I….I don’t know Mistress?”

“I’m sure the first night would be fun slave, but the novelty would wear off soon enough, and then it would just be an endless torture of pleasure and edge-riding. Of course I’d have to think of a suitable punishment for you if you did cum, because it’s bound to happen eventually….”

“Yes Mistress.”

“But you’d do that for me if I wanted you to wouldn’t you slave? You’d endure all that and more for your Mistress wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“But of course, you won’t need to if you simply do as your told.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

I raked my nails over the pink cheeks of his ass and then moved my hand between his legs. I pulled his cock back between his legs and started wanking it quite firmly.

“Those balls look very full slave. I can’t wait to see how much cum is inside, IF I allow you to cum. But seeing as you’ve rather disappointed me so far slave, I would say that is by no means certain. Perhaps another week of chastity is just what you need.”

“If it pleases you Mistress,” he croaked, desperately hoping that I wouldn’t put him through another seven days without cumming.

“Hmm, well slave, we’ll see, won’t we.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And of course, if I do allow you to cum, one way or another, you know what you will be expected to do don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And what is that slave?”

“I’ll have to lick my cum up from wherever it lands Mistress.”

“That’s right slave, and you’ll willingly do that to please your Mistress won’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good slave, I love watching you eat your cum… it’s something that I’d like to see more often, would you like that slave?”

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

“Perhaps I should make a new rule that in future you don’t ever get to cum unless you promise to eat it up? Would you agree to that slave.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You sound almost eager slave, who’d have thought you were such a cum hungry slut? Perhaps one day it won’t be your cum I’m feeding you.”

His cock twitched in my hand.

“You like the thought of that don’t you slave.”

“I don’t know Mistress…”

“Well your cock certainly does!”

“Yes Mistress.”

I released his cock and stroked his ass with the palms of my hands, then parted his cheeks to reveal his tight asshole.

“I know you spend a lot of time thinking about my ass slave, the ass you’ve never been allowed to fuck…”

“Yes Mistress.”

“…the ass you love to worship with your tongue, the ass you dream of when you’re rubbing your cock at night….the ass you like to press against when I’m asleep…. what would you give to fuck my ass slave?”

“Anything Mistress.”

“Really slave? What if I said I’d let you fuck my ass, but only if I got to see you suck another man’s cock and swallow his load?”

Slave was slow to answer, so I dug my nails into his asscheeks.

“Well slave?”

“I don’t know Mistress.”

“Maybe not slave, but I do. I know how much you worship and adore me and I know you would do anything for me if I asked you to. Whether or not there was a chance of fucking my gorgeous ass, and if I ordered you to suck another man’s cock you’d do it wouldn’t you slave?”

“Y, yes Mistress.” He stammered, his body visibly shaking.

“You would never disobey me slave, you would never risk losing my beautiful pussy. Isn’t that right slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I moved around the bed to near his head and leaned close to whisper to him.

“Tell me how much you love my pussy slave.”

“I love it more than anything Mistress, I love the way it smells, the way it tastes, the way it feels on my cock, I love the way it looks when you’ve just cum, it’s beautiful Mistress.”

“Very good slave, I love hearing that….do you want to taste it now?”

“Oh yes please Mistress.” The desperation in his voice was palpable.

I reached down between my legs and slid my fingers into my sopping wet cunt, ensuring they were thoroughly coated with pussy juice before I raised them to his lips.

“Lick them clean slave.”

He greedily devoured my fingers, his tongue slipping between them and cleaning them of every trace of juice from my skin and nails. I watched entranced as my wonderful husband showed me just how much he adored my taste, his eyes closed as he focussed on enjoying every second of the pleasure I was granting him. I pulled my hand away and slipped my fingers inside my slick hole once more before stroking my clit with the tip of my finger.

“You’d do anything for me wouldn’t you slave, no matter how degrading or humiliating. Just as long as you can touch my gorgeous body and taste my wonderful pussy.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I looked at him for a moment, my fingers idly playing with my pussy, God I needed to cum now and his tongue was exactly what I needed.

“Well slave, I’m going to give you exactly what you want right now…”

I moved onto the bed in front of him and slid my legs either side of his body.

“Thank you Mistress.”

I pulled his head down between my legs and as I felt the tip of his tongue graze my sodden lips and move upwards towards my aching clit I gave him the usual spiel about making sure he did a good job and that his performance would determine his chances of release.

He did a spectacular job as always, he lives to eat pussy that husband of mine… but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to keep him chaste for another week. But I didn’t tell him straight away, oh no. I stroked him closer and closer to the edge until he was shaking with anticipation, and then I told him. The look on his face was priceless, but he knew as well as I did that that was what he had wanted all along, for his delirious longing to continue for as long as it pleased me. He even thanked me later, for being strong for him.

And for that, I allowed him to eat my pussy again…

“You go on with the girls Ron, Sue and I will come up in a few minutes to watch the games.” Beth said, giving her blessing to his departure. Watching the tiny thong clad asses of Shannon and Courtney escort Ron up the beach toward the resort pool, Beth hoped she’d made the right call in sending Ron with two such sexy little hard bodies.

So Ron is Amy’s boyfriend? I thought Pam told Dave that they weren’t dating.” Sue asked almost as soon as Ron and the college girls were out of earshot.

Realizing their lie had been exposed, Beth responded in an effort to downplay the relationship, “Well, they really just started ‘dating’, if you can call it that, a couple of weeks ago. But Pam didn’t want Dave to get all freaked out about Amy having her boyfriend on vacation, so she told a little white lie. You won’t tell Dave will you?”

“No. If you will keep my Cialis a secret, I can certainly return the favor. Plus I understand how protective Dave is of Amy” Sue responded. She liked Beth and didn’t want to betray her trust, but her impression back on the boat of Amy had been one of a manipulative little teenager that had only recently figured out the secret of controlling men, including her own father. Knowing Ron was Amy’s boyfriend might prove to be an interesting piece of knowledge before this trip was over.

“The drinks are probably making me talk now, but….well, if Dave saw Ron in those trunks, and knew he was dating Amy, he’d sure enough freak out.” Sue said, feeling a growing heat beneath her bikini bottoms, yet trying to make a mild joke of the situation. “Sorry, I know I am talking about your son, but ……wow, I mean no wonder those college girls picked him to join them at the pool.”

The pause in the conversation as Beth tried to figure out the best way to respond was interpreted by Sue as Beth having been offended by her comment. “Um, I am so sorry, I just got a little carried away there, I shouldn’t talk about Ron that way.”

“Don’t worry about it, I mean, you look at coc, er penises for a living, I can’t expect you not to notice Ron’s. If the roles were reversed, I am sure I’d be thinking the same things you are, if not worse.” Beth replied, wanting to keep Sue at ease. ” I consider myself a ‘hip’ mom, but stumbling upon the revelation that your son is hung like a porn star is more challenging to deal with than I thought. I am trying to play it cool, and I sure couldn’t make him change from the new trunks after I had you and the sales girl agree to encourage him to buy them. I am even wearing one of my tiniest bikinis is some sort of twisted show of support for him to feel comfortable so exposed in public like he is.” Beth continued with her manipulative lies.

Before Sue could further the conversation, they heard the PA system by the pool announce the beginning of the games.

Beth stood, grabbed her by the hand and said, “Come on, let’s go see what’s going on at the pool. We need to stop talking about all this sexy stuff anyway, I think the tequila has taken control of our minds as it is, so we should change the subject before one of us says something to really embarrass ourselves.”


By the time the two half drunk and completely horny women reached the pool area, still wearing only their new skimpy bikinis, it was packed with partying college students, all crowding around the pool for the best view of a temporary stage that had been erected for the games.

Beth and Sue used their considerable sex appeal to squeeze past the assortment of jocks and partying frat boys making up more than half the crowd. After numerous lewd comments and more than a few not so subtle gropes, they were right up front.

They could not see Ron or the two girls, but after only a few moments, a stunning raven-haired girl emerged from behind the screen across the back of the stage. She was wearing leather hot pants that laced up the front, leather thigh high, spike heeled boots, and a matching black leather bustier, which displayed her ample cleavage. Her shiny hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail. All in all, she presented a rather imposing vision. Only then did Sue nudge Pam, pointing to a sign that indicated the sponsors of the contest were a web site called bound4plzr.com and one of the big tequila companies.

The leather clad girl began to work the crowd, “Hello my little play things! I am Hilda!” She barked into the microphone in a not too bad fake German accent. She produced a riding crop from one of the tables of props behind her and began to stroll along the edge of the stage, taunting those within reach with the crop. “Who wants to be my slave for the evening?”

The crowd erupted as most every male and numerous females seemed to be volunteering for the assignment.

“I don’t think anyone here has the stamina.” She laughed, “All this leather is making me all hot and bothered.” She continued, dipping her hand just inside the waist of her black shorts. The crowd exploded once again. “Enough about my problems, let’s get on with our fun, and see if anyone else can be made into an obedient slave for me today. Our first game today is called Blue Balls………let’s meet the slaves in waiting.”

Ron, Courtney, Shannon and the other contestants filed onto the stage, all still wearing only the bathing suits in which they had been attired when recruited from the beach. The crowd began to woof and whistle, as most all of the girls had obviously been selected for their curvaceous bodies proudly displayed in less than modest bikinis.

Sue thought that Ron looked noticeably uneasy standing there between the two attractive co-eds. The penis that had been such the topic of conversation just moments ago seemed to be a little frightened as well. Rather than the can’t-tear-your-eyes-away-bulge displayed on the beach, his trunks now snugly displayed just enough to warrant a second look, without screaming out that he was hung like a horse.

“Very goot!” exclaimed the leather babe, interrupting Sue’s wandering mind. “The object of our contest is for each team to gather as many pink ping pong balls from the pool as they can, and to collect only two blue balls.”

As she continued to explain the rules, Sue was diverted by the not-too-accidental friction coming from a short, body builder type standing directly behind her. Her first inclination was to pull away, but already pressed up against the stage, she had no where to go. He wasn’t being too aggressive, but was managing to randomly rub his apparently hardening penis against her ass. The events of the day seemed to have her ripe for the uninvited stimulation being directed her way. So, feeling increasingly naughty and horny, Sue decided to have some fun, and while never acknowledging his presence, would occasionally ever so slightly push her toned ass back into the college boy’s crotch.

Beth failed to notice Sue’s rather discreet dalliance, instead focusing intently as the events on the stage progressed. All the contestants were waiting to down the tequila shots generously supplied by the contest sponsors.

Ron had never taken a shot of tequila, or a shot of anything else for than matter, but as he bit into the lemon wedge, and the sour fruit subdued the after taste of the shot, he decided it wasn’t too bad. As the tequila began to swim around in his brain, the sexy hostess strolled up and down the line of contestants, passing out what appeared to be an extremely over sized pillow case, along with a small plastic bag.

“So that each team will have the same opportunity to gather the balls, each boy must be wearing the same trunks, and since there is no where for them to change, we are providing you your own privacy curtain.” The sexy hostess exclaimed. “So when I say ‘Go’, you should each pull the bag over your heads and change…….but first, to make things a little more interesting, we must make a couple of adjustments.”

The crowd again roared their approval, even thought they had no idea as to what lay ahead. Ron, even though he was rapidly feeling the tequila shot, effectively topping off the earlier drinks on the beach, was growing increasingly nervous about this contest into which he had been drafted.

“I would like the females to remove the contents of your bag, and secure your boy-toy’s hands behind his back,” came the command from leather girl. Any mock protests by the guys were quickly put to rest by her authoritative voice and prodding riding crop.

Ron rather quickly found himself in the same predicament as the other 3 boys in the contest, his wrists handcuffed together behind his back, unable to shield his bulging swim suit from the gaze of the boisterous crowd. Hilda continued with her instructions for the game, but Ron was more concerned with his steadily growing cock, and its increasingly obscene protrusion against his trunks.

Before he realized what was happening, one of Hilda’s assistants had confined Courtney and Shannon by having them wrap their arms around his waist, then handcuffing Shannon’s right wrist to Courtney’s left, and vice versa. The end result was that the two girls on each team encircled their “boy toy” with their arms, their bound wrists ensuring that they must work in tandem for the remainder of the competition.

As Courtney and Shannon stood on each side of Ron, their ensnared hands now dangerously close to both his ass and his crotch, Shannon leaned into his arm, the warm skin of her breasts pressing into him, and whispered, “Looks like you are having fun.”

She motioned with her head to his protruding trunks, just as Courtney allowed her hand to give his rather obvious cock head a quick but firm squeeze. Ron looked to the crowd, hoping that no one was really taking notice of his unmistakable excitement. To his dismay, numerous onlookers, both male and female were openly pointing at his erection. Most were laughing and giggling, although more than a couple of girls stared intently with facial expressions denoting both disbelief and lustful curiosity. Included in the later group were Beth, and Amy’s likely step-mother to be, Sue.

The boy behind Sue had become more persistent, and she could now tell he was completely hard, as he randomly rubbed his dick against her ass. It was obvious to her that his penis was much smaller than Ron’s. Even as she gazed up to the stage at Ron’s bulging trunks, she imagined how it might feel to have something so big and hard pressing against her ass, and she ground back a little more noticeably into her lucky admirer’s crotch.

Beth felt slightly bad for Ron, but then again, how sorry could she feel for a boy with a cock his size, and two sexy co-eds eagerly groping him without regard to their surroundings. Beth continued to observe Ron and the way he stood their helplessly handcuffed, and her mind began to modify some of her recurring fantasies she had been planning to fulfill during the remainder of their trip together.

Several of Hilda’s helpers came out and handed one of the girls a pair of white trunks, then placed the over sized bag over each threesome’s head, letting it drop down to just below their knees.

As they did so, Hilda continued with her instruction for the contest, “Now, when I say go, you are to remove your boy toy’s trunks, and assist him into the ones you have been given. As soon as you have done that, remove your bag and quickly proceed into the pool, where you are to retrieve as many balls as possible in the time allotted, and stuff them into your boy toy’s trunks, but remember, only two blue balls. Ready……Set……..Go!”

The filtered light penetrating the cloth material allowed the three teammates decent visibility as the girls began their task of getting Ron changed into the provided trunks.

“Okay, Shannon,” Courtney instructed, “You slip around and pull down from the rear, and I’ll take the front.”

“No fair!” Shannon protested, “if you get the front taking them off, we should switch places to get the new shorts on.”

Courtney agreed, and as they maneuvered the ¼ turn round Ron’s body, she added, “we have to be quick though, if we’re going to win the contest, so don’t get distracted, okay?”

Both girls giggled their agreement, even as they made every effort to rub their near naked bodies against Ron as they repositioned themselves for the task at hand. They quickly grasped the waistband of the foam green trunks and began to tug them downward. In only a matter of seconds, Ron’s cock sprang free and slapped against Courtney’s well toned abs.

“Umm, that feels nice, and so damn big!” Courtney stated as she steadily slid her body down against Ron and his now rock hard cock. Shannon was doing the same behind him, his cuffed hands feeling first her bikini covered crotch and now her full, soft tits as she squatted to pull the trunks further down his legs. Courtney continued her decent, as first her own rather impressive boobs raked across Ron’s erection and then her face did the same. She kept up her end of the task, pushing her hands, and therefore Ron’s trunks, further down, past his knees and calves. Her mouth, however, began a much more exciting, albeit brief, undertaking as she kissed and licked up the shaft of the granite hard cock bouncing against her face. Just as she managed to plant a kiss on the engorged head, Shannon helped Ron slip his feet from the trunks and exclaimed that it was time to rotate positions.

Ron was at a loss for words throughout the entire ordeal. It was all happening so fast, he didn’t know how to respond, or if he should protest, and as Courtney had begun using her lips and tongue to toy with his dick, protesting quickly became the last thing on his mind.


Beth and Sue watched as Shannon and Courtney began to undress Ron beneath the over sized white bag.

The fact that the bag stopped at around knee level meant that as the girls for each team crouched down to remove the trunks, their bodies from about mid-back down came into view. Their barely there bikini bottoms offered the audience a sexy image as they tugged away the only clothing each boy was wearing.

“Oh my God!” Sue blurted out, “Look how they scooted around, one of them has her face right in his crotch!”

Beth had indeed noticed, adding, “That little tramp is unbelievable, look at the way her head is moving under the cloth, it looks like she’s giving him a blowjob!”

Almost immediately, the sexy asses beneath the sheet began to shift around, until the girls had changed places. It was obvious that the new girl resumed with the oral attack on Ron’s cock as the girl in the rear attempted to coordinate their bound hands to help him step into the new, white trunks.

Ron was amazed at the boldness of Shannon and Courtney. Shannon didn’t hesitate, immediately stretching her lips wide, managing to wrap them around his pulsing and swollen cock head, all he while assisting Courtney is tugging the new trunks up his legs. All in all, his dick was in her mouth no more than 7 or 8 seconds. As they pulled the rather tight shorts up past his cum filled balls to the base of his dick, she allowed him to slip from her lips with an audible ‘pop’. The new trunks were pulled up and over as much of Ron’s swollen cock as possible, but an inch of so of shaft and the entire purplish head continued to jut up from the tight material. Just before her hands were forced to follow Courtney’s as she began to raise the bag up and over their bodies, Shannon managed to grasp Ron’s cock and tuck it safely over at an angle so that his pulsing head was trapped just beneath the snug waistband of the shorts.

Ron’s cock covered, but hardly concealed, he and the girls began their awkward shuffle to the steps leading down the stage and into the pool. Courtney and Shannon were now back on each side of Ron, their handcuffed wrists ensuring that each had one hand positioned across his crotch. The crowd whooped and screamed as the girls obviously began to grope and massage Ron’s substantial bulge, in an exaggerated display of trying to conceal his package. Ron could feel his face flushing with embarrassment, and tried to hurry the girls along to the added concealment of the pool water.

As the threesome eventually submerged themselves in the waist deep water, Ron’s embarrassment lessened, due mostly to the concealment the water offered, but also due to the alcohol induced lust-filled pride at possessing an obviously impressive cock and having two sexy college girls practically raping him in front of an approving crowd. Seeing the way Beth and Sue, not to mention several other co-eds, ogled him as they shuffled to the pool helped to fuel Ron’s brain with sexual yearnings that once again successfully purged any guilt related to Amy far from his thoughts.

Sue had turned to watch the action in the pool, thus breaking the not-so-subtle contact with the horny young man behind her. She made eye contact with him for the first time since he had begun to press his hard penis against her ass. He was cute, in a drunken frat guy sort of way, and the lustful look in his eye was unmistakable. Sue saw the way he was unabashedly admiring her barely covered breasts, and thought for a moment he was actually going to reach out and grab them. She was on the verge of welcoming such a bold move, but was just sober enough to know that it would ultimately be a bad idea. .

Sue was incredibly horny, both from the bump and grind of her admirer, and from watching Ron and his enormous cock being groped and displayed on the stage. She had enjoyed the feel of a hard cock, even though it was obviously smaller than Ron’s, pressing against her ass, but knew her avoidance of any further groping was the right decision. She also knew that he would be back for more as soon as they followed the action back to the stage.

Once in the water, Courtney and Shannon became less focused on Ron’s cock and more intent on gathering the ping pong balls floating around them. They eventually came to a synchronized pattern of gathering as many balls as possible, and stuffing them into Ron’s stretchy trunks. And even though the girl’s hands didn’t linger over his cock, they did seem to concentrate their efforts on forcing the buoyant balls down around his still semi-swollen dick.

After only 5 minutes, Hilda signaled that the contestants must stop gathering ping pong balls and return to the stage.

Back on the stage, each team stood awaiting further instruction from their mistress, Hilda. Each boy stood there in his tight white trunks, his own bulge at least partially hidden by the many ping pong balls that had been stuffed down around his cock and balls by his ever-so-eager teammates.

“Zis is goot!” Hilda proclaimed in her best pseudo mistress accent, as she deliberately strolled past each team, running her riding crop over the misshapen trunks of each boy. “You have successfully completed part 1 of our contest.”

She went on to explain that each team must now remove only the red balls from their boy’s swim suit. The team to produce the most red balls while allowing two blue balls to remain in place would be the winner. Her assistants began to unfasten the handcuffs binding the girls to each other, only to confine their hands once again behind their back, and direct all three members of each team to step into a small kiddie pool that was provided to catch the ping pong balls as they were set free.

“The only other rule is that you must retrieve the balls without using your hands. You have two minutes……..GO!”

Courtney and Shannon looked briefly at each other, then to Ron, and quickly realized what was expected of them. They dropped to their knees and each pressed their faces firmly against the lumpy front of Ron’s tight white trunks. The still damp, thin fabric allowed them to distinguish the red from blue balls. They were taking great pleasure in running their nose, chin and especially their mouths over Ron’s balls and once again rock hard cock as they pushed ball after ball over the waist band of his trunks and into the small plastic pool in which they were kneeling.

At the end of two minutes, Ron’s cock was granite hard, protruding obscenely in his white trunks, as he stood exposed to the crowd with his hands still cuffed behind his back. Their team was determined to have the most red balls in their pool.

Hilda approached Ron, eying his bulging cock as she spoke. “We appear to have a winner, but first your Mistress must confirm you have not violated the rules.” Hilda exclaimed as she playfully swatted Ron’s ass, the suddenness of her actions causing him to thrust his hips, and therefore his cock toward the crowd. As the shouts and applause in support of Hilda’s actions died down, she continued, “Let me confirm how many blue balls remain in the boy toy’s shorts.”

Hilda began to lightly guide the crop around Ron’s misshapen crotch, deliberately tracing up and down the obvious outline of his granite-like shaft. As the crowd exploded with unbridled encouragement, she gave Ron’s cock a gentle, yet firm swat with the riding crop.

Ron jumped instinctively, even as Hilda barked “My slave will remain motionless while I conduct the examination! Any movement is strictly Verboten!! Must I further restrict you for complete compliance?!?” Again the crowd responded affirmatively, even as Ron shook his head to convince the mistress of his cooperation.

“Very well, I vill allow you von more chance to be a proper boy toy, now let me confirm the color of your balls.” Hilda spoke slowly, looking to the raucous audience for encouragement as her hand began to tenderly grope the front of Ron’s shorts.

Ron did his best not to move, even as Hilda increased the urgency of her groping hands. Finally, she turned to Courtney and Shannon, yet speaking so that all could hear, said to her assistant, “Come to me with tequila shots for each of us, all must have some liquid courage as we confirm the winning team!”

After Ron was essentially forced to down another shot of tequila, Hilda directed the two coeds to stand on each side of her, all three only a foot in front of Ron and for the first time shielding him from the gawking crowd.

Losing the fake dominatrix accent, and speaking at a level so that only Shannon, Courtney and Ron could hear, “Hilda” stepped closer to Ron, her lips only a few inches from his face and said, “You’re packing quite the tool there, aren’t you sport? You having fun flaunting that big thing for all these horny girls today?” The entire time she spoke, her hands softly traced along the outline created by Ron’s excitement, as much to torment the two girls as Ron, as they remained unable to free their hands to join the “mistress” as they longed to do.

She continued in her steady voice, “Stand close girls and we’ll see if he has two blue balls.” Hilda then pulled the waistline of Ron’s shorts away from his flat abs, steadily revealing first his purplish head, then steel hard shaft of his cock. She teasingly allowed her fingernails to trace down the granite shaft until her hands could grasp the blue ping pong balls that were nestled against his own figuratively blue balls. She extracted the balls, again prolonging the friction as she rolled them up against Ron’s cock as she slowly pulled the balls free of his shorts.

Before turning to face the crowd, she directed his cock head over so that is was sufficiently, if barely, concealed behind the elastic waist band of the still damp shorts. “I present to you, the winning slave-boy’s balls!!!” she exclaimed, holding the ping pong balls up as if they were the spoils awarded the victor after a gallant battle. The crowd’s roar devolved into some noticeable whoops and laughter as Hilda moved aside so that all could see the unmistakable protrusion jutting up from Ron’s crotch.

“Now, free the losers and remove them from my sight, while I take the winning team to my dungeon for their reward!” Hilda barked at no one in particular. Again the drunken audience reacted as she led Ron and the girls from the stage, alternately swatting the barely covered asses of Shannon and Courtney. The next game host quickly entered the stage to introduce the erotic banana eating contest, knowing she had a hard act to follow.

Hilda led the handcuffed trio to the logo emblazoned RV parked in the lot just around the corner of the building nearest the pool. “Here, we can go in here were it is cool and get you the prize packages.” She said matter-of-factly as she unlocked the door and held it open for them.

The tequila was certainly having an impact on all three, as they continually sought to maintain their balance while entering the RV. The inside of the vehicle was cluttered with cases of tequila and bags full of sex toys and games, all marketed from the contest sponsor’s bondage web site. The small couch along one wall was the only seating available not covered in products. The small kitchen area looked as if the inhabitants had been living on alcohol and pizza, as the counter was covered with empty containers for each.

“Sorry for the mess, but we take this little show from resort to resort around the island, so me and the other girls tend to let it get a little trashed.” Hilda explained.

Not really caring about their housekeeping habits, Shannon asked, “Um, can you unlock us now?”

“Yeah, sure, I mean as soon as Mandy gets here with the key. She was unlocking the others first and she’ll be over in a few. Why don’t you have a seat to wait?” Hilda asked, but then firmly directed Shannon to one end of the couch, deposited her rather roughly given that she couldn’t use her hands to guide herself into position. Courtney was treated in much the same way as she plopped down on the opposite end.

Hilda then turned to Ron, and appeared ready to guide him to sit between the two rather drunk coeds, but then stopped and turned so that he was facing Courtney and Shannon. “You know,” she said, her authoritative mistress voice bubbling back to the surface, “perhaps I should go ahead and retrieve our props, lest I forget.”

Ron traded looks with one bound girl, then the other, all three faces conveying uncertainty as to what was to come. “But, I thought you couldn’t unlock the cuffs until the other girl got here?” Ron ask nervously, as he observed Hilda absentmindedly stroke her fiery red fingernails along the length of the crop still clasped tightly in her other hand.

“Oh, silly boy toy, it is not the cuffs, but do you not recall that the shorts you are wearing are not yours? Surely you didn’t plan to take them with you? I will simply help you remove them.”

As Hilda began to tug the waist band down his hips, Ron squirmed free, even in his drunken state he intended to keep his revived loyalty oath to Amy. He heard the smack of the crop against his thigh, just below his bound hands, before he felt it. While it didn’t really hurt, it certainly got his attention. “Do not move, or I will have no choice but to reprimand you once more, do you understand?”

Ron again looked to Courtney and Shannon, their expressions conveying both apprehension and keen interest in what the mistress might do next. “Yes, I understand.”

“Very goot!” Hilda again tugged on the shorts as she stood behind Ron. His cock was pulled down at an uncomfortable angle until finally plopping free of the snug material. Hilda continued until the shorts were at his ankles. She prodded him to step free and then slung the no longer needed trunks across the room. “Now, perhaps you would like to rest with your girlfriends while I change from this ungodly leather outfit.” Hilda guided Ron forward, turning him at the last second before pushing him back to land roughly between Heather and Shannon.

Ron landed haphazardly next to the bikini clad coeds, his cock bouncing off his flat abs until it settled poised above his belly button at a 45 degree angle. All three were struggling with their balance, sitting more or less on their bound hands, and each girl had involuntarily fallen against Ron’s shoulders as a result of his forced occupation of the center of the couch.

Even though Ron had seemingly been sporting a hard on for much of the trip, the impact of the unknowingly ingested powdered Cialis, coupled with the continuous titillation he was being subjected to, was keeping him at a level of hardness not normally obtained, especially for such a prolonged period. He was further perplexed that the humiliation he had been forced to endure didn’t seem to impede his erection in the least. The thick cock did not go unnoticed by either Courtney or Shannon, as they not so subtly fidgeted next to Ron while repeatedly stealing prolonged glances at the object of their lustful desire.

Hilda stood there in silence, gazing at his cock and taking in the situation before her, trying to decide where to go with this fortuitous discovery of Ron and his impressive equipment. She really liked the idea of pushing the bound threesome to their limits while denying their ultimate satisfaction, evidence of her dominatrix character perhaps bleeding over into the real world.

Ron, the tequila spreading through his blood stream and steadily scrambling more and more of his cognitive ability, still intended to remain faithful to Amy, spoke up, “Ah, can you, well, I mean, are you going to unlock us?”

Hilda tried to maintain a straight face as she responded, “As I have already explained, just as soon as Mandy arrives with the key, but until then, we will all just relax here together, okay?”

“Well, sure, …but can you maybe give me my trunks back, or at least cover me up?” Ron replied, his desire to give in to his burgeoning exhibitionism overcome by his pledge of restraint; a restraint being actively tested by the way Shannon and Courtney were moving against him. As she watched the two girls squirm against the boy-toy, their bikinis beginning to haphazardly shift to expose what little pale skin remained on their bodies, she came upon a devilish idea.

Hilda smiled the way a teacher might bestow sympathy upon a slow learning child, “Certainly, I would if I could, but we don’t have any boy clothes here, and even if we did, I highly doubt it would be big enough for you.” She said, staring at his pulsing cock the entire time. “But let me look anyway, maybe I can find something to at least provide you a degree of modesty.” She moved to a big plastic tub in the corner of the room, and bent at the waist to begin searching through the various products used as give-aways to promote her employer’s web site.

Her drunken audience all focused their attention on Hilda’s tight leather shorts, highlighting her toned ass. Further down, her tanned skin was playing peek-a-boo through the laces binding the leather boots that covered her legs to just above the knee. The spike heels only caused her to have to bend even more prominently to pick the items she desired. Already damp from the fun she’d been having throughout the day, Hilda wriggled her ass even more suggestively, creating a delightful friction as the seam of her leather shorts slipped back and forth against her pussy. She also took the opportunity to untie the knot securing the lacing in the front of her bustier, allowing her movements and gravity to loosen the confinement of what she considered her best feature, her all natural, nearly D cup breasts.

Satisfied with finding each item she was seeking, Hilda eventually stood, likewise untying the laces securing the tight shorts across her hip bones, before turning to face the couch. While holding several packages in her hands, her supple breasts now threatened to spill free of the leather top, just as she had hoped. She could almost feel the laces pull farther apart as her breathing deepened, seeking more and more oxygen to sustain the sex-fueled adrenaline coursing through her body. She slowly moved closer to her prey, as she now thought of the three young spring breakers, acutely aware of the way her shorts loosened with each step. She knelt between Ron’s legs, dropping the packages near his feet.

“Ah, what are you, ah, doing?” Ron asked, the concern evident in his voice. As much as he would love for Hilda to give him a blow job, he was not so drunk as to know that in his current bound state, he would not be able to stop her from fucking him, and was convinced he loved Amy more than he wanted that to happen. On the other hand, he was just buzzed enough to know that if Hilda did decide to take advantage of him, he would soon enough be a more than willing participant.

“Don’t worry, I am only doing as you asked and finding a way to cover you up some. I am sure the girls don’t want to see such large and angry looking penis much longer, do you now ladies?”

Shannon was leaning against Ron more so than her sorority sister, and as Courtney managed to gain a more comfortable location for her still trapped hands, the pressure against Ron lessened, causing both he and Shannon to shift unexpectedly. Hilda watched with keen interest as Ron fell slightly into the bimbo to his right, and the other girl’s head slowly slid right down his chest and stomach, eventually stopping only when her nose and mouth pressed against the base of Ron’s granite like shaft.

Hilda began to open one of the plastic packages, seemingly ignoring what had just transpired. She pulled an indiscernible item from the wrapper, and began to read the small print of the instructions. “Sorry, ” she said, ” but I’ve never used one of these before.”

“Hey,” Ron stated with an urgent tone, “Aren’t you going to help, ah, help…her.. move back to her seat?” he finished, no longer remembering the coeds names, much less which one was which.

Hilda looked first to Courtney, a slight smile playing across her features, then down to Shannon, who was tentatively taking advantage of the situation and beginning to lightly lick the towering shaft at its base. “I have been patient with you boy-toy, but I am growing tired of your repeated demands. The wench will not interfere with my effort to appease your desire for concealment, so she may remain as is.” Suddenly Hilda produced the forgotten riding crop, and pressed it to the head of Ron’s cock. “Do not make me punish you as before, do you understand the need to remain silent?” she inquired, gently smacking his engorged head.

Ron nodded his agreement even as Hilda began once again to read the packaging of the item still concealed in her other hand. “Hmmm, this says the skin should be damp for the best application…..Come here wench and dampen the area for application.” She then grabbed Courtney by the upper arm and pulled her over so that her mouth descended on the head of Ron’s prick. Using her shoulder and her pony tail, Hilda guided the helpless girl down until she gagged after only a few inches, then pulled her free, only to direct her firmly down, this time allowing her to gag a few seconds longer before removing her and placing her back on the couch next to Ron.

Ron was panting at the sudden and unexpected stimulation provided by Courtney’s forced deep throat attempt. Shannon still kissed up the shaft as best she could, her position and restrained hands limiting her range.

“Very goot”, the in character Hilda declared. “Now I will do as young Ron asked and cover him up.” Hilda took what appeared to be a condom made of rubber. Only in this condom there was an obvious hole that allowed much of his purplish head to peek through as Hilda rolled it over his cock. The snug fitting sleeve covered the most sensitive underside of his cock, leaving only the head, including the pre-cum oozing tip of his penis, exposed. She continued to roll down the “condom” until about half of his shaft was coated in the stretchy yet tight black encasement.

The duality of sensations became immediately apparent to Ron, as the pliable sheath applied constant, pleasurable pressure, yet as he watched Shannon’s lips and tongue repeatedly move from exposed skin to the black material, the sudden absence of tactile stimulation was perceptible.

“There, I hope you are pleased now that you are covered up.” Hilda spoke, a hint of smug sarcasm coming through in her words. “Now, to be fair, I have a little surprise for the Frauleins, and this is one of my favorite toys we sell on the web site.” Hilda picked up another package, holding the large egg up for all to see.

Ron barely focused on the egg, his eyes locked on the way her succulent boobs were escaping inch by inch as the laced enclosure of her top spread further apart, until a portion of her large dusty pink areola was contrasted against the black leather. Feeling Courtney squirming next to him, Ron turned to observe the way her eyes darted from Hilda, and the large egg she held, and to her friend, still lazily lapping at the bottom 1/3 of Ron’s thick pole.

Hilda scooted tighter in between Ron’s legs, her large breasts rubbing against first one thigh, then the other. She dipped her head as if she were going to kiss his cockhead, half emerging from the leather sheath, then abruptly leaned across his left leg, touching Shannon’s thigh and urging her to lift her left foot onto the couch, as the right remained on the floor. Shannon did as instructed, never ceasing her unvarying oral assault on Ron. As soon as her legs were spread, Hilda took the egg and quickly slid it beneath Shannon’s tiny bikini bottoms. Shannon squirmed from the sudden contact, then gasped when the egg pushed rather easily past her slippery lips and into her pussy. Hilda grabbed her firmly by her left shoulder, and pulled her saliva coated mouth up and away from Ron’s still incredibly hard penis, until she was once again more or less upright on the couch.

Hilda procured the second egg and turned to Courtney. “Your turn,” was all she said. Courtney looked to her friend, still slowly, yet perceptibly moving her lower body as she explored the sensations provided by the foreign object now residing within her. Feeling Hilda’s hands moving up her thigh, she spread her knees to allow her greater access. As with Shannon, Hilda simply slid her hand and the egg past the hem of the bikini, pressing it firmly over Courtney’s clit as she guided it to its ultimate destination.

Her mission complete, Hilda stood and began to slowly unlace her bustier as she spoke, “You may amuse yourselves while I change from these confining garments, and indulge in a quick shower.” She had all but the last eyelet freed of the leather laces when she stopped. “Oh my, I almost forgot what I like most about those little eggs.” She reached down, again Ron observed how her large breasts threatened to spill from the barely held together top, and retrieved a small item from the floor. She held it out and pressed a button, and immediately both girls gasped as the eggs began to vibrate. “There, now that is much better, no?” she asked of both co-eds.

Their writhing bodies all the answer Hilda needed, she continued to disrobe as all three watched her intently. She again stepped closer to Ron, placing the pointed toe of her left foot on his right knee, and bent slowly to begin unlacing the back of the thigh high boot. The movements were resulting in her nipples now playing continual peek-a-boo with the dangling leather bustier, and the ties binding the front of her shorts had loosened enough to allow the well groomed, dark landing strip of pubic hair to escape between the crisscrossed laces. In short order, the boots were removed and she began to slip the top over her shoulders, turning just before providing the clear view of her chest Ron desired, and headed to the compact shower down the hall. Looking over her shoulder to make eye contact with Courtney, she directed,”I will be quick………..have fun but the boy toy is not to ejaculate while I am away! Or you will be reprimanded!”

Before the three realized they were on their own, they could hear the sound of the shower running from behind the thin wall. “Oh my god!” Shannon exclaimed, “What the fuck is this chick up to?” she finished, her tone more apprehensive than fearful.

“Mmm, I don’t know for sure,” Courtney replied, squirming more and more in response to the vibrating egg, “But I say let’s just go with it, ‘kay Shan?”

Ron looked from one girl to the other as they were seemingly uninterested in any input he might have on the matter, as Courtney continued, “God…look at his cock, it is still as hard as ever. Look how red and puffy the tip looks, and it just keeps oozing……god that’s fucking hot!”

Courtney was scooting off the couch as she spoke, until she could drop to her knees, struggling slightly to regain the equilibrium she lacked due to her bound wrists behind her back. “Come on, help me get a taste while we can.”

“Okay,” Shannon replied, “but every time I move this egg seems to buzz another spot, and, mmmm, and it really is, aahhh, working on me.”

“Me too, but let’s just concentrate on this cock until we get the eggs out, then maybe she’ll make us fuck him……..mmm, it really gets me hot to think about being forced down on this long fat piece of meat, neither of us able to move our hands at all.” Courtney answered Shannon, but stared intently at Ron throughout every word.

Ron could feel a jolt from Courtney’s explicitly depicted yearnings. “Ah, I have a girlfriend.” Ron pronounced, followed immediately by guffaws of laughter from the coeds. “No, really, I promised her I wouldn’t be with anyone else.”

“Oh baby, I just have this sneaky feeling that Hilda in there doesn’t give a shit about your girlfriend, so you might as well just forget about her and have some fun this afternoon.”

By now, Shannon had joined her friend on the floor, and both managed to lean in until their lips were almost touching Ron’s encased penis. “Look at that, it looks like somebody turned on the cum faucet, there is a steady stream now.” Shannon announced. “Let’s take turns licking it off, that should help Mr. true love here to forget about, what’s her name, Tammy.”

“AMY, …It ……is…….Amy.” Ron responded, his voice trailing off as the girls ignored him and began to alternately lick the pre-cum from his already damp balls.

Ron looked on as Courtney licked up from his balls, over the exposed skin of his shaft and then transitioned to the black sleeve. The visual stimulation, while certainly arousing, did not compensate for the immediate absence of sensation as her tongue and lips pressed against him. Finally her steady trek reached the protruding head, and she sucked fiercely, apparently intent to coax every drop from him. While the pleasure was substantial, the black encasement covered up the ultra sensitive underside of his cock head, and he knew there was little if any chance he’d be able to cum while wearing the thin rubber sheath.

Shannon dipped her head and directed the same oral assault to Ron’s genitalia as did Courtney, with much the same results for Ron. Both girls were moaning and squirming continuously as the vibrating eggs worked there magic. And each pass seemed to extract more and more cloudy fluid from Ron’s straining prick, plainly contrasting against the black casing until such time as one of the sexy bikini clad college girls slurped it past their puffy lips.

After about 4 or 5 turns each, Hilda reemerged from the hallway, wearing a thin white robe, tied loosely and hanging to just below her ass. Her black hair was still slightly dripping from her shower, and even as she approached the threesome Ron could see way the dampening robe clung to her large, firm boobs, as well as smell the fresh clean scent of her body wash.

“Enough!” Hilda declared, and firmly tugged on the hair of both girls until they leaned back away from their object of desire. “The key should be delivered soon, and I will grant your release……..but now that I am fresh and clean, I feel we should have another shot.” She assisted each girl back to their original position next to Ron, and in doing so, her loosely tied robe began to reveal the generous cleavage of her splendid chest.

Ron looked down, the rubber sleeve coated and shiny from the combination of saliva and the copious amount of pre-cum still streaming from his cock. Ron’s condition did not go unnoticed by Hilda, as she retrieved the tequila, salt shaker, and a small bowl of lemons.

“Okay, let’s have a quick body shot, courtesy of your benevolent mistress.” Hilda laughed, as she placed the lemon bowl on Shannon’s lap, the salt between Courtney’s tanned thighs, and the tequila bottle next to Ron’s cock. Next, she deftly slipped the robe over her shoulders, allowing it to drop to the ground and reveal her nude body to the three spring breakers.

Ron was transfixed on the busty girl before him. Courtney and Shannon likewise took in her superb form, but the never ending vibration between their legs continued to take more and more of their attention from the events transpiring around them.

“Okay, now Ron, if you would, please help me prepare my right nipple to adhere to the salt.” She said as she placed her right knee between his and Shannon’s legs and leaned forward, her large breast and erect nipple only an inch or so from Ron’s mouth. All protestations of his commitment to Amy cast aside, Ron tilted his head and began to lightly lick the still expanding nipple. Hilda grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tighter to her bosom, forcing him to engulf her entire areola to be swathed by his inquisitive tongue.

“Enough!” She barked once again, as she pulled free of Ron’s enthusiastic suckling. She replaced her engorged nipple with the rind of the lemon wedge between Ron’s teeth, and leaned across Ron’s wavering erection to slide her left hand down and grasp the salt shaker nestled against Courtney’s red bikini bottoms. She could feel the coed’s body hum with the vibration of the egg before taking the shaker and coating her damp nipple.

She then reached down to grasp the tequila bottle. Instead, Hilda’s left hand wrapped tightly around his rubber covered shaft, and pulled upward with reasonable firmness before acknowledging her error. “So sorry, but still hard as a glass bottle, very nice indeed.” Now successfully producing the bottle from between Ron’s legs, Hilda turned it up and filled her mouth with the uniquely potent alcohol.

Tilting slightly to her right, Hilda guided her salt covered breast to Shannon’s lips, tolerating the growing heat of the tequila still held in her mouth in favor of having the cute girl tenderly licking and kissing her ever erect nipple. She then pulled Shannon’s head up by her hair, pressed her lips to the expectant mouth of the nearly panting teenager, and allowed the liquor to seep past their firmly sealed lips and exploring tongue.

Ron was watching with keen interest, never having seen two girls kiss before. The sight was most erotic, and to his surprise, he could feel another noticeable jolt to his groin, and his cock throb beneath the tight sleeve.

Hilda tugged Shannon’s head over closer to Ron as she broke their kiss, and guided her to the lemon wedge still held tightly between his teeth. Shannon, her body tingling from the vibrating egg as well as the sensual kiss from Hilda, tried to maximize her body contact as she licked and sucked the lemon juice from Ron’s mouth and chin, but Hilda held her firm and too quickly pulled her back to sit back against her bound hands on the couch next to Ron.

The sexual tension, erotic anticipation, tequila buzz and vibrating egg had Courtney ready to explode by the time Hilda turned her attention to the hard bodied spring breaker. Courtney’s attempt to savor the luscious breast presented her by their “mistress” was short lived, as Hilda, all too quickly for Courtney’s taste, broke free from her greedy lips and guided her through the same erotic sequence as with Shannon. With the sour taste of the lemon juice still swirling across her taste buds, she once again found herself still bound and seated at the end of the couch, teetering precariously on the verge of an orgasm.

Hilda, her left foot planted on the floor in front of Ron’s wavering erection and her right knee still wedged snugly between Ron and Shannon’s thighs, looked from one coed to the other. Delighted to see them continuing to squirm from the remote control toy, she pulled first one, then the other up to a kneeling position on the couch, each now facing Ron.

“Now it is the boy’s turn to have a shot, and I need each of you to assist me.” As she spoke, Hilda swung her left knee onto the couch and scooted forward until she was firmly straddling Ron’s lap, her now damp pussy pressed solidly against his granite shaft. She could feel its thickness as her outer lips did their best to frame the exposed skin at the base of the rubber sleeve of his cock. She followed the girl’s gaze downward, actually shivering involuntarily at the sight of the impressive penis extending up against her flat stomach and just past her belly button. The thought of impaling herself on such a large cock filled Hilda with equal parts lustful exhilaration and apprehension. She certainly did not intend to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of such an enormous cock.

“I think Ron deserves two shots for all the humiliation he has endured today, so I’d like you each to moisten a nipple for the salt.” Hilda then pulled each girls head closer, until they were able to lick and kiss over the breast closest to them.

Ron watched intently as all three girls were essentially squirming on or against his tortured body. Shannon and Courtney tenderly, yet urgently sucked her taut nipples as Hilda responded by more firmly grinding herself against Ron’s dick. The day’s sexual activities coupled with the Cialis raging through his bloodstream had his body crying out for an orgasm, but the rubber encasement was doing its job, and preventing the stimulation that would provide release. Amy was once again forgotten in the haze of alcohol fueled sexual torment to which he was being subjected and Ron began to grind back against Hilda, seeking friction where there was none to be felt.

After several moments of this writhing and grinding, Hilda pulled the girls free of her saliva coated breasts and began to sprinkle salt onto her damp skin. Courtney was still sitting on her knees and as the vibrating stimulation from her core continued to overtake her body, she simply diverted her lips from Hilda’s lovely tits to Ron’s neck, urgently kissing and nibbling on his tanned skin. Her own breasts were trapped against Ron’s arms and side, the ever loosening triangle of bikini having slipped to allow her fully erect nipples to stab into him. Pushing higher up on her knees, Courtney’s exploring mouth and tongue eventually reached the side of Ron’s face, her damp, frantic breathing washing over his ear.

Unlike Ron, Hilda felt every centimeter of his lovely, thick cock as she ground up and down its substantial length. She pushed his reclining body ever deeper into the couch as she slid higher up the rubber sleeve, until her salt covered areola rested on Ron’s lover lip. Immediately he began to lick and suck the salt from her luscious breasts. As Ron pleasured her taut nipples, Hilda looked to Shannon, appearing on the verge of orgasm as she leaned trance like into the bound boy-toy, her forehead pressed against Ron’s shoulder as her hips seemed to gyrate in rhythm to the unseen stimulation to which she and Courtney were each inevitably being forced to succumb.

Hilda grabbed her by the upper arm, pulling up higher on her knees, and presenting the mouth of the tequila bottler to her lips, saying, “Here, give him the shot, as I did to you.”

Shannon accepted the tequila, pulling away as Hilda filled her mouth to overflowing. The mistress then grabbed Ron by the back of his hair, pulling him away from her chest until his head was reclined against the couch. This movement caused Hilda to slide even further up until her clit and engorged lips were slipping along the exposed head of Ron’s cock.

After the tortuous frustration of the rubber encasement shielding him from feeling Hilda’s grinding movements, the sudden realization that her slippery pussy was now sliding up and across his own equally slick cock head, was yet another stimulation to his sex frenzied body.

Applying gentle kisses and probing licks to his ear, Courtney was beginning to whisper between her labored breathing. “God,…..I ..can …see your,….ah, your ah cock. It looks…..enormous…oh god….I might ….mmm, cum soon. I….think….Hilda is…mmm..getting ready to ….oh my good, look at….her pussy………she ….”

As Courtney’s labored sentence fragments continued, Hilda kept Ron’s head firmly pulled back, preventing him from observing the erotic action being descriptively panted into his ear. He closed his eyes, trying to take in the unbelievable scenario he’d been thrust into as the coed further excited him with her graphic language.

He could feel Shannon moving next to him, and the next thing he knew, her lips were pressed to his, and as he softened his lips to meet her kiss, the tequila trickled from her mouth to his. As she allowed more and more of the fiery liquid to escape her soft lips, he did his best to swallow. In only a few seconds, his mouth was on fire, but Shannon pressed even more incessantly against him, her tongue exploring his lips and mouth in as an erotic kiss as he could endure.

Ron’s brain, increasingly dulled by the day’s alcohol consumption, eventually managed to refocus on Courtney’s raspy words, even as Shannon assailed him with her sensual kisses . “…….her pussy…..mmm..looks like ……oh god, this fucking egg is gonna make.. me… cum!………her pussy looks like it is ready to swallow your big cock ……mmm……god I wish it were me……..god I want, …mmmm, I want to wedge your big fucking cock inside me so bad…….oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!…..”

Hilda was taking it all in, her cunt smoldering as she teased both Ron and herself with the continual back and forth movements. Unable to endure the self inflicted teasing any longer, she slid her yearning womanhood over him until just the exposed head of his prick was nestled at her entrance. Wanting to prolong the delicious anticipation, Hilda kept her position and filled her own mouth with the tequila, allowing a small taste to trickle into her throat. She pulled Shannon away from Ron’ lips, leaving her positioned much like Courtney. Shannon responded and immediately began to kiss and suck on Ron’s neck and ear lobe.

Hilda pulled his hair forward to offer him her remaining salt covered nipple, at the same time, deliberately skewering herself deeper onto his cock until she steadily lodged his engorged head snugly within her tight opening. The invasion of such an exceptional, perfectly shaped and over sized cock head brought some initial discomfort, which rather quickly gave way to pure hedonistic pleasure along with the lustful apprehension of the substantial shaft still awaiting her descent.

As Ron greedily pursued the salt covered orb presented him by Hilda, he tried desperately to thrust his hips upward. His reclined position on the couch however, coupled with the immobility resulting from his bound arms and the weight of Shannon and Courtney pressed so tightly to his upper body, kept him more or less motionless and at the mercy of Hilda’s deliberate movements.

After only 20 seconds or so of sucking and licking her free of the salt, Hilda again pulled his head upward and met his lips with her own. She held her face firmly against him, feeling his body moving from the frenzied oral assault being delivered by both co-eds, until his lips parted. As soon as Ron’s tongue probed against her lips, Hilda allowed the tequila to spill forth into his mouth as well as down over his chin. The alcohol running down his neck only further enticed the girls to more urgently lick and kiss their way from the sensitive skin where his neck and shoulder joined, up until they were essentially joining Hilda in a giant group kiss.

The tequila was quickly absorbing into Ron’s blood stream, his brain and body overcome with a carefree and uninhibited feeling. He felt much of Hilda’s impalement, yet again remained deprived of the stimulation her body would normally inflict upon the rubber shielded skin designed to be the trigger of a much needed orgasm. Watching her face react, seemingly to each centimeter of his cock, coupled with the two college girls attempting to grind out their own pleasure as they kissed and wriggled against his body, continued to motivate Ron to keep striving for release,

Breaking free of the kiss, Hilda leaned back slightly and watched Ron succumb to the intensely erotic scenario to which he was being subjected. Her movements inadvertently sunk another two inches of throbbing prick past her stretched opening. The overwhelming fullness sending shivers of pleasure over her body, Hilda stopped to absorb the sensations, then rose ever so slightly before reversing course and steadily taking another couple of inches. Her juices were now flowing steadily as her usually tight pussy self lubricated to accommodate her deliberate effort to take the entire fleshy staff throbbing between her legs.

At the same time, Shannon managed to nudge Courtney away from Ron’s panting mouth. The latter again snuggled her nose and lips to his ear, glanced down to his cock now steadily disappearing into the increasingly aroused Hilda, and resumed her explicit utterances between labored breaths. “Goddamn, her pussy is really struggling to take your big cock……..God….I’ve got to ….get this….fucking…..egg out of me….and try…..mmmm….try you on for …..size”

Hilda kept up the deliberate progression, up slightly, then firmly down, until she had most of Ron’s penis squeezed firmly insider her overstuffed cunt. The sounds of arousal coming from all around her were affecting her as well, particularly the erotic descriptions coming from Courtney. Seeing the co-ed, her hands still bound by the handcuffs, her bikini top pulled askew, and her bottoms noticeably discolored from her arousal to the vibrating egg, Hilda couldn’t resist reaching out to her.

Placing her hand on the young girl’s waist, Hilda deftly slid it down over the developing goose bumps, until she could slip beneath the tiny thong. She could feel the vibrations as her fingers slid over the well trimmed pubic area, and encountered the wet heat emanating from her core.

“Oh god!” Courtney exclaimed as her clit was directly stroked for the first time since being bound and tormented with the egg. “Ahhh. Yes! Please, let me cum…” she panted in Ron’s ear. Hilda continued to tease Courtney by varying the pattern and pressure applied via her nimble fingers even as she began to slowly ascend up Ron’s shaft.

Ron was still locked in a passionate kiss with Shannon, who was also nearing an orgasm even without the stimulation Hilda was bestowing upon her friend. He could feel, to some degree, the tightness of Hilda’s cunt clutching him, even through the rubber sleeve. As she began to slowly lift her body up, exposing more and more of Ron’s steel hard shaft, Hilda grabbed Shannon by the hair, redirected her to the engorged nipple of her left breast. Steadily, Hilda picked up the pace of her maneuvering fingers inside Courtney’s bikini, as well as with her own hips, now gliding a little more easily around the long cock.

Hilda pulled Ron still closer, and resumed the kiss where Shannon, now essentially trapped between their bodies, had been forced to leave off. She continued to move more rapidly up and down Ron’s unwavering erection, more and more frequently allowing herself to drop all the way down, hitting places deep within, previously foreign to anything but her largest vibrator.

As Hilda neared orgasm, the kiss she shared with Ron became less and less engaged, until she was essentially just moaning and whimpering against his lips. Courtney was doing much the same against his neck and ear, as Hilda’s fingers and the merciless vibration of the egg had her teetering on the edge of her own powerful orgasm.

Ron was doing his best to push through the growing tequila haze, urging his senses to remain aware of the fantasy-come-to-life in which he found himself, doing his best to push his tormented body to the sexual release denied so many times in the past few days. Unfortunately, his drunkenness and the rubber sheath could only achieve a stalemate with the Cialis and debauchery being inflicted upon him.

As Hilda’s now steady rhythm continued to rock him against the couch, Courtney exclaimed next to him, “OH God! Yes! Here…I … Cum, baby……yes..yes…yes…!!!” Her body began to shake and quiver against him as Hilda’s fingers concentrated unrelentingly across her engorged clit.

Courtney’s entire body was still shuddering when Hilda screamed out and dropped her entire weight onto Ron’s lap, burying his cock as deeply within her as possible, and at the same time causing Shannon to fall back against the couch. Hilda pressed down as firmly as possible and began to rapidly grind against him, effectively maneuvering his pulsing prick to stimulate the previously virgin regions of her pussy, as well as tug and pull at the concentrated nerve endings at her opening that were most tightly stretched around the base of Ron’s prick.

“Oh yes, mmm, God what a cock…..what…a….cock………oh oh oh!” were the only words Hilda managed, the rest of her exultations consisted of only grunts, moans, and ultimately screams of pleasure.

Hilda eventually slowed her movements, and had barely joined Courtney in limply collapsing against Ron in a post orgasmic bliss when there came a pounding at the door of the RV.

“Nancy!!! Nanc!!! Open the damn door!”

“Hilda was jarred from her reverie by the urgent voice, and swung her leg to the floor, allowing the still rock hard cock to gradually escape her snug confines. “Oh wow, mmmm.” Hilda said as she caressed her now empty womanhood.

Bam Bam Bam…..”Damn it Nanc, I know you’re in there with that kid, now open the door!”

As “Hilda” went to open the door, Shannon was doing her best to straddle Ron’s now available thigh, desperate for the stimulation she needed to join the other, now satisfied women, in relief of the unrelenting arousal of the past 20 minutes.

As soon as the door was unlocked, Mandy stormed past “Hilda”, who was still tying her thin robe around her tingling body, stopping in her tracks at the sight of the three bound spring breakers on the couch. “Damn Nancy, what the??? Fuck, look at that damn cock.”

“No shit, why do you think I still have them here……….you want to give him a run?”

“Thanks for the offer, but his mom is out there raising hell about finding her boy.” Mandy explained, watching as Shannon almost pathetically tried to hump Ron’s leg.

“His mom?” Nancy repeated, “He brought his mom on spring break with him?” she asked incredulously.

“Well yes, that’s how a lot of HIGH SCHOOLERS come to spring break.” Mandy answered, eager to see her friend Nancy’s reaction to know she had just fucked a high school kid.

“Oh fuck…….” Replied the 23 year old “Hilda the Mistress”. She had bedded more than a few “contestants” from the spring break tour, but never one in high school. “Look at his cock……..how was I to know?”

Mandy was now barely suppressing the laughter at her friend’s expense. “You probably didn’t come out of character long enough to even let him talk, much less ask him what period he had lunch….., or maybe if he was even 18?” She finished, the giggles eventually escaping around her words.

“Bitch!……help me get him out of here, quick. And don’t ask him how old he is, he could be 18 and still in high school, but I don’t even want to know.”

Mandy went to the couch and pulled the still writhing Shannon aside, for the first time hearing the muffled buzzing emanating from the girls’ crotches. “God Nanc, you are even torturing these poor girls……..think they’re in 8th grade yet?” again Mandy was having fun needling her sex obsessed friend.

“Shit, I forgot about the eggs, grab the remote there on the floor and turn them off.” Nancy instructed, ignoring Mandy’s poor attempt at humor.

Both girls bodies noticeably relaxed as the eggs ceased vibrating, however Shannon was still teetering on the edge, saying, “Please, please let me fuck him before you let him go……please I need that cock in me.”

“Sorry babe,” Nancy said, “The kids got to go.” The bound, half nude girls did look incredibly sexy, their pert titties now fully on display from the vigorous movements of the past few minutes. “Let us get Joe High School here back safely, then we’ll see about you.”

“I need to get this sleeve off him, so hold him still.” Nancy directed to Mandy, as Ron’s now very drunken condition didn’t bring much stability. She dropped to her knees and began to roll the sung rubber casing back up to the tip of his cock.

“Good god!” exclaimed Mandy as Nancy rolled the sleeve toward the tip, the thickening tube of rubber growing until it was a single roll, lodged tightly around the base of his tortuously blood engorged and pulsing cock head. “That thing looks like it is ready to explode..be careful.”

“You want to finish him off?” Nancy offered Mandy, “real quick?”

“No time, his mom wasn’t fucking around out there. I think she is afraid you took him away and had your way with him. Good thing I got here in time to protect the poor lad, huh?” Mandy burst out in laughter yet again.

“Okay, okay, I hear you, but we can’t send him back out there with this humongous hard on.” She replied, unceremoniously rolling the sleeve the remainder of the way off. Ron jerked from the intense stimulation and sudden feeling of freedom.

“Sure we do, here, I brought his trunks. You should see the bikini’s his mom and her friend are wearing………modesty is not really their concern, plus it would be fun to see them react to his trunks about ready to burst at the seams. At least it will look to them like you didn’t actually fuck him, right?”

“Whatever, sometimes I think you’re more twisted than me. Why don’t you get him dressed and I’ll get the key to unlock the cuffs.”

Mandy sat Ron on a nearby bar stool and began to slide his trunks up his legs. She could tell the poor kid was having trouble focusing his attention on her as his head wobbled slightly side to side. His cock, on the other hand, was anything but wobbly, and it was all she could do not to reach out and grasp him, but he really did look like he might fire off at the slightest touch. Not wanting a face or hair full of jizz, Mandy kept things innocent, and gently helped him slide the green trunks up and over his immense appendage.

Nancy went to a small bowl on the bar, just feet from the couch and retrieved the handcuff key that had been there the entire time. As she turned to head back to Mandy and the boy, she glanced at the two semi-nude girls still bound and helpless on the couch. A devilish idea came over her, and she stopped a their feet and again retrieved the remote for the vibrating eggs.

“This just doesn’t seem fair, does it…..I mean I came, you came, but you, you’re still all hot and bothered, aren’t you?” Nancy spoke in a sweetly condescending voice, her attention bouncing between Courtney and Shannon before she hit the button on the remote to reengage the eggs.

Shannon uttered something between a moan and a whimper, her ass immediately commenced grinding against the couch. “While Mandy and I return Ron to his mommy, I think it would only be fair if you.” She said, pointing at Courtney, “helped your friend her out while we were gone.”

Nancy then moved Shannon until she was reclined along the sofa, one leg on the floor, and the other foot now pressed against her friend’s thigh. Nancy smiled sweetly at Courtney as she reached down to untie Shannon’s bikini bottom and pull it free of her writhing hips, “You know what she needs, right?”

Courtney, her own pussy again tingling from the vibrating egg, knew what was expected, of her, but even though she and Shannon had kissed, sucked on each other titties, and even kind of touched each other’s pussies on several occasions when sharing a boyfriend, neither had ever gone down on the other. “I……I …don’t …know, I mean I never….”

Nancy dropped back into her Hilda role, saying, “You vil do as I say, now pleasure the bitch!” She then grabbed Courtney by the neck and firmly guided her over until she essentially fell face first against Shannon’s needy pussy.

Mandy had been watching her dominatrix friend, a slight smirk indicating her never-ending amazement at her friend’s perverted nature. “Hey Nanc, you should use that one thing we sell, I know we have one here in the box somewhere, let me get it.”

In short order, Mandy gave Nancy what looked to be several straps of leather. Nancy took the first one, which was really a collar, and buckled it around Courtney’s neck. The next two straps fastened with Velcro around Shannon’s upper thighs. She then hooked a smaller adjustable strap from an eyelet on each thigh to Courtney’s collar, effectively forcing her face right into the other coed’s crotch.

“There now, we must run, but you two behave while we are gone.”

Mandy helped Ron, hardly aware of what had just transpired, to his feet as Nancy quickly slipped into a sexy one piece swimsuit. “Come on, we need to hurry and get cock-boy here to where he belongs, so we can get back and have some fun with those two.”

“Shouldn’t you give him a bag of prizes, I mean isn’t that supposed to be why you took the winners away to start with?” Mandy prompted.

Realizing Mandy was right, Nancy opened one of the big product tubs and scooped all kinds of prizes into a shopping bag. She was giving way more than normal, as she responded, “Ron baby, if anybody ever deserved a bag of prizes, it’s you, my god Mandy, you are really missing out on a fine pieced of cock meat with this one.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have a clear play for him while you’re in jail on statutory rape.” Mandy threw out one last shot at Nancy’s potentially poor judgment. Both girls traded smirks and giggles, the last thing they heard before shutting and locking the door to the RV was Shannon, “Oh god, yes Court, that’s the spot, right there, mmm……”

Stepping into the still bright sunshine was a little shocking, and as Ron swayed left to right, Mandy and Nancy each had to take an arm to keep him upright. “Come on, I think they were over by the pool bar.”

Walking in the foliage covered path just to the side of the pool, Mandy soon pointed out Beth and Sue, their incredible bodies and tiny bikinis drawing quite a crowd of admirers at the bar.

“So, do we walk him over there and just hand him over and say, ‘sorry about the big hard-on, but here is your son back’?” Nancy asked.

“No dumbass, let’s just point him at them and slip away to watch what happens from another angle. It should be pretty damn funny.”

“Okay, Ron….Ron, do you see your mom over there? You think you can make it over to her?” Mandy asked the inebriated youngster, placing the bag of liquor and erotic products in his hand.

“Mom? My mom is here?” Ron responded in a panicked tone. “How did she get her?” His voice even more petrified than before.

The two girls traded alarmed glances before Mandy continued, “Ron, honey, your mom is just worried about you, she is over there by the bar, in the orange bikini. Don’t you recognize her?” She finished, directing his gaze with her hands on each side of his face.

“Oh, that mom.” Ron laughed….”Yeah, I know her.” He replied, then leaned closer to both girls, almost falling over before motioning them in tight to hear him whisper, “I know her so well,” he paused to gather his balance, then went on, ” I know her so well I even fucked her this morning in a store dressing room.”

Before Mandy or Nancy could fully comprehend his last statement, Ron staggered off, shopping bag in hand, his seemingly forgotten erection still tenting the front of the snug green trunks, and wobbled across the pool deck toward Beth and Sue. Just as the other pool goers began to notice Ron’s drunken stagger and misshapen swim suit, the deviant twosome slipped further around the poolside path for a clear view of the reunion to come.


Beth and Sue had watched the banana eating contest without much thought of Ron, fully expecting him to join them in a matter of minutes. After ½ hour or so, as the competition came to an end and the crowd began to dissipate, Beth started to become a little uneasy about having let her rather drunk “son” out of her sight. They found themselves moving against the flow as most headed back to the beach. Even Sue’s ardent fan, who had been repeatedly grazing his hard on against her bubbly ass, seemed to reluctantly accept her departure.

After raising hell with several of the know-nothing security personnel around the stage, Beth finally was directed to someone named Mandy, who at least gave the impression she’d see if Ron was still backstage. Beth was afraid he had been taken by Courtney and Shannon back to their room. She knew they had experienced a firsthand view of what Ron was packing that first night, from the bathroom window, and didn’t doubt they’d do everything in their power to get him alone.

Suddenly Beth heard a smattering of giggles, then outburst of laughter coming from those remaining around the pool. She looked up to see numerous people looking past her and pointing. About that time, Sue grabbed Beth by the arm, saying, “Ah, you might want to see this.”

Beth quickly turned to be confronted by an obviously drunk Ron, his cock obscenely erect and on display behind his swim suit. “Sue…..MOM!” he said much louder than necessary, “What’s up?” he smiled, seemingly pleased to see them, and apparently unaware of the scene he was causing.

“Ron!” Beth took it all in as she spoke. “Where have you been?” Quickly realizing the spectacle created by his bulging shorts, she continued, “You need to cover yourself, I mean, look at you” she said, directing not only his blurred vision to his crotch, but allowing Sue’s eyes to justifiably join them in staring at his misshapen swim trunks.

Haven never been anywhere near this drunk before, the alcohol fueled response was much more confident and nonchalant than would ever come from a sober Ron, “Yeah, that’s something huh? Been like that for days now it seems.” He was grinning from ear-to-ear as he nearly toppled over, causing Sue to grasp his left arm and prop him up.

Sue had to stifle her laughter at the drunken teenager, while continually doing her best not to blatantly stare at his crotch. She had been abnormally aroused every since they’d gotten to the beach, crediting it primarily to having been drawn into the opportunistic teasing of a surprisingly well endowed Ron at the boutique, and further stoked by the sexy contests and aggressive attention from the college boy near the stage. Sue had no inkling her body’s response was in overdrive due to the fact Beth had slyly slipped a chemical stimulant into her drink. Everything factored together, she was as horny as she’d been in ages.

Beth was initially taken aback, but seeing Sue’s eyes darting to Ron’s protruding trunks, she composed herself and quickly regained her bogus role of his mother, speaking sharply to young Ron, “You young man, had better quit talking and get to our room. You are completely wasted and in deep trouble! Come with us right now!”

Ron, still oblivious to the poolside gawkers, was a little startled by Beth’s biting words, and tried to follow her command, but nearly tripped over his own feet as he turned to head for the room.

“Sue, will you help me out here? Maybe help walk him back to the room while I take these bags from him?”

There was no doubt Ron needed some assistance, so Sue stepped in front of him to get his attention. “Ron, we are going to walk slowly to your condo, so just put your hands on my shoulders and walk right behind me, ok?”

Typically shy and discreet, Ron’s tequila persona was lascivious in his ogling of Sue’s purple bikini, so inadequately straining to conceal her luscious titties and the rest of her otherwise petite, yet curvy body. Sue, having carved out a career of having men leer and lust for her, was no stranger to this look, yet today, in her hyper-sexual condition, felt her body tingle in response to this teenager’s unbridled lust for her.

Choosing to ignore his stares, she turned slowly and repositioned his hands back on her shoulders. She began to slowly shuffle to the sliding door of the condo, just past the lounge chairs near the back edge of the pool deck. Ron figured out the cadence and managed to keep up without falling over. After only a few feet, he closed the gap with Sue, yet remained unaware of his cock beginning to bump into her lower back with each step.

Sue, on the other hand, couldn’t miss the repeated jab, then firm descent of his cock against her back before the friction would lessen, then reappear once again as another stab into her back with each new step. God she wanted to turn and free his persistent cock, and get a clear look at what had been tempting her since that morning’s shopping trip, blatantly displayed, yet still concealed by the snug shorts he’d been wearing all day. Knowing that attacking the kid was not really an option, she resolved to relish their current interaction, and continue to assist Beth with her son, contenting herself to stealing some tempting peeks of his bulging shorts when she could safely get away with it.

Beth walked along beside, also noticing the interaction, but choosing to ignore it. She could feel the extra heat between her legs, crediting the lone Sensuvive tablet she’d taken. Knowing Sue and Ron had taken twice as much stimulant as she had, she felt certain they were primed and open to some sexual maneuvering. Always ready to take advantage of, …..or even create, a sexually charged situation, Beth’s mind was working overtime in her analysis of the current state of affairs. Perhaps the Sensuvive tablet had her more primed than usual for some fun, although she doubted it. She knew who she was, but sometimes even amazed herself at the perverted depths to which she was willing to delve for pure sexual pleasure, as she announced, “Almost there you two,….. and Ron, we need to get you sobered up before dinner tonight, ……….so it’s straight to the shower for you young man.”

More to come…..

Chapter 13 in process………here’s a sneak peek:

……..”Oh my, I really think we should do something about him, I don’t want him to fall and hurt himself.” Beth paused for a few seconds, pretending to contemplate all her options, before she continued,. “Ah, Sue, this is really awkward, but, well, given that you are a nurse, and used to dealing with male nudity, well, maybe you could help out here. I mean, it would be just too weird for his mom to see him naked like this, don’t you agree?”

It took Sue a few seconds to comprehend what Beth was suggesting. When she did her conscience was telling her to say no, but her body screamed for a chance to see Ron, or more specifically Ron’s hard cock. “Oh, I don’t know. Do you mean you want me to help him out of the shower?”

“Well, actually I was hoping that since you still have on your bikini, you would be willing to get in there with him and help keep him upright until he can get washed up. If you weren’t a nurse, and didn’t handle men, well you know, didn’t do what you do every day, I would never ask, but I am sure you can treat this professionally. What do you say?”

Sue hesitated, even as her pussy began to smolder. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this horny. She wanted desperately to get in the shower with Ron, but she also had to force herself to behave in a purely clinical manner. “Well, this is really really strange, but, well, if I do this we obviously can’t let anyone else know. I mean even though it is totally innocent, it just wouldn’t look right to Amy, Pam or Dave, you know. Do you think Ron will keep quiet about it?”

Rain hammers down on passing taxis and flashes of electricity pierce the dark night sky. He stumbles out of the door of the local pub in a drunken stupor and stopping only to pull up the collar of his jacket against the harsh wind, before hurrying on up the high street in the direction of the station. The thunder covers the sound of high heels less than 3 metres behind him helped by the fact that his mind is already hazy and his vision blurred from the alcohol. Five minutes of fast-paced walking and he’s making his way down the tiled steps of the subway, almost slipping at the bottom but righting himself just in time. Unnoticed by the man, the sound of high heels behind him has stopped. He takes a left at the bottom of the stairs leading him to the platform to check for the next train.

“Fuck!” He’s just missed his train. The next one is in half an hour. He sits on the bench looking up and down the platform. It remains empty until a business lady smoking a lipstick-stained cigarette and carrying a small black-leather briefcase enters. Her matching grey jacket and skirt are sullied by the pounding rain and her wet hair is tucked neatly behind her delicate ears. He spends a few seconds trying to retain focus for long enough to look up and down her slender figure, eyes momentarily stopping on the curve of her ass and taking in the full glory of her obviously stiff nipples poking through her white blouse. She seemed to have neglected a bra that morning.

After feeling a familiar twinge in his groin, he takes hold of himself and looks away, instead gazing at the graffiti marked walls, trying to make out the encrypted words written there. The alcohol starts to have an effect on his bladder and he feels the urge to piss. He stands, steadies himself and then moves off the platform into the subway corridor in search of a toilet. Slamming open the door with unintended force he makes his way to the urinal next to the radiator, with the vague hope of getting some warmth. Unzipping his trousers and taking out his cock, he begins to piss, leaning his head back and letting out a breath of satisfaction. In fact, so involved is he with his urination that he doesn’t even hear the bathroom door being softly opened and closed.

It’s only when a soft hand reaches round to his chest and the sweet cigarette breath of a woman licks at his earlobes that he even realises he has company. He freezes with shock, wincing at the numbing pain of stopping a piss mid-flow. He can feel the flesh of her breasts push firmly into his back and his mind races with wild thoughts.

Whether it’s the alcohol or just the pure shock of the situation, he can’t seem to move, instead tensing his body in order to receive even the slightest movement of the woman behind him. Her breath, still on his neck, sends shivers down his spine that match the electrical storm raging above them. He lets loose a slight gasp as her other hand makes its way round to the front of his trousers, her fingers fitting neatly around his thick shaft.

“You’re going to do everything I say. Is that understood?”

He nods in agreement, unable to rid himself of the knowledge that his cock was now firmly placed in this mysterious woman’s grasp and also unable to comprehend the fountain of arousal that the situation as a whole seemed to be bringing to him. He was not however, the only one that had noticed his arousal. The woman lets out a low, almost animalistic groan upon feeling the swell of his shaft between her fingers. She turns him around and looks deep into his eyes, giving him a look that could not have been interpreted as anything other than “I want you”. Her knees bend and she slowly sinks to the floor, until her mouth is at the same level as his cock. She lets her tongue slide smoothly across her puckered red lips knowing full well that the man was following every single movement. She lifts her eyes up to meet his and finds them wide with lust. His cock now stands proudly, roughly eight inches long and over 3 fingers worth of girth. Her tongue darts out and lightly licks the tip of his helmet, leaving a shimmering string of pre-come as a bridge between mouth and cock. His whole body convulses with pleasure and the corners of her mouth turn slightly upward to form a sadistic smile. She can feel her skirt riding up her legs as she crouches before him, a wet patch already forming on her white lace panties so that every time she clenches her legs together, her juice sticks to her aching inner thighs.

With almost no warning she pushes her head forward, forcing his dick deep into her hungry mouth. His knuckles turn white from clenching the radiator behind him and he struggles not to cry out in pleasure. Her left hand cups his aching balls as her right hand pulls his loose trousers to the floor. He’s in ecstasy, never before has a woman made him feel this way and he’s so turned on that already, he’s close to climax. Sensing this, she stops and stands up. He looks at her with the pleading expression of a child being told off. Again, the corners of her mouth twitch upwards into a smile, her lipstick now smudged across her cheeks. He reaches out to her but she grabs both of his wrists and places them back on the radiator. Stretching down she pulls a set of metallic, police handcuffs from her unclasped briefcase. Leaning forward, she firmly places her lips against his whilst at the same time handcuffing him to the radiator pipe. Moving backwards she admires her handiwork, taking in the sight of this well-endowed and very erect man straining at his bonds. She slides the bottom of her skirt upwards and hooks her thumbs around her sodden panties, bringing them down slowly to her feet, whilst at the same time giving him a glimpse of her perfectly shaven pussy.

The man is now tearing at his metal bonds in the vain attempt to claim his prize but she just laughs, a short derisive laugh that cuts through the stagnant bathroom air like a knife but even that cannot quell his desire. He must have this woman. Everything about her creates volcanoes of lust within his very core and she knows it. She knows the exact effect of every movement she makes, no matter how slight, and she thrives off it. Kicking off her panties she picks them up and rolls them into a ball, enjoying the warm residue that the wet material leaves in her palm before moving forward and forcing them into his eager mouth. Every muscle within his body is tensed and his cock is so hard that with each pulse of blood it throbs visibly.

Licking her lips she steps back, barely a metre away from his outstretched chest, his hungry eyes. Her nipples creating obvious triangles in the fabric of her blouse, she gives one of them a tweak sending a bolt of sexual electricity to her aching cunt. Small droplets of juice gradually trail their way down her inner thighs. Eyes fixed on his; she reaches a finger down to her soaking cunt before bringing it to her open mouth. He emits a groan of desire and a drop of pre-come falls from his stiff cock onto the bathroom floor. She takes off her jacket, dropping it to the ground before slowly unbuttoning her blouse, not once taking her eyes from his. The last button finally releases her pert breasts and erect pink nipples. Sliding the blouse to the ground she unzips her skirt and wiggles her luscious ass before that falls to the floor as well. She now stands before him, wearing nothing but black high heels and a devious look on her face. Moving forward she kneels down, once more taking his cock into her wet mouth. His muffled moans fill the room and he feels sure that no woman has ever got him so worked up before. One hand steadies herself as the other slides down, palm sliding across her naval before finally resting a finger on her aching clit. Now it’s her turn to moan, working him with her mouth and building up her own orgasm with her fingers. He almost blacks out as he once again nears an orgasm but she senses it and immediately stops, stands up, leans forward and bites him hard just above his collarbone. Filled with a mix of rage and arousal he goes wild, thrashing at his bonds, almost tearing the radiator from the wall. She bites her lip and continues to play with herself, moving over to the sink where she sits, lifting one leg up giving him a clear view of her dripping wet cunt.

Nearing climax herself and aware of just how long she’d played her sadistic game already, she automatically slides two fingers deep inside, moaning heavily as her other hand massages her throbbing clit. Her eyes remain fixed on her struggling sexual acquaintance and just the sight of his desire pushes her over the edge. Her back arches and every muscle tenses within her as she is immersed in wave after wave of pleasure. Still she massages her clit, forcing yet another even stronger orgasm to hit her, blurring her vision and sending almost painful bolts of satisfaction from her tingling cunt to every other part of her body. Now using her hands to keep her steady on the sink, her breathing comes in short bursts as her body twists and contorts with the strength of the multiple orgasms. The man looks on, cock still numb with arousal, eyes wide with lust.

It takes her at least five minutes to come down from the orgasm an even then, her legs feel unstable. Eyes kept firmly on the floor; she makes her way to the pile of clothes and begins to get dressed. Sliding her skirt up over her ass and re-buttoning her blouse, nipples still clearly visible, poking through the fabric. Now fully dressed, she reaches into her briefcase and pulls out a length of thin silver chain with a single key hanging from it. She raises her eyes to meet his, her vacant yet satisfied expression meeting his own look of complete and utter demented arousal. She moves forward and kisses him softly on the forehead before hanging the key-chain for the handcuff release over his still-throbbing cock. Picking up her briefcase, she walks out of the door, leaving no record of her presence apart from the sodden panties left stuffed in his mouth and a pool of pussy juice on the floor by the sink.

PREVIOUSLY — Jonathan is captured by and submits to Mistress Cassandra in an attempt to save the love of his life — Jasmine — from a kidnapping. However, Cassandra reveals that the kidnapping has merely been a ruse to get Jonathan to wear her collar. Cassandra also tells Jon that while Jasmine wants him to be her slave, he must first convince the Mistress that he is worthy of Jasmine’s affection. Jonathan agrees to be “evaluated” by Cassandra in her “playroom,” determined to be judged the right man for the woman he loves.


I rested the back of my head against the cool, beige-painted brick wall and tried to wiggle some feeling back into my shoulders. Mistress Cassandra had tethered the leather mitts enclosing my hands to two of the many tie-down points on the wall. My arms were spread outward and upward so my hands were above the level of my head. My leather collar was also tethered to the wall by a pair of slack lengths of fine metal chain attached to the ring mounted on it under my chin. My cuffed ankles were being forced apart by two-foot long spreader bar. The ankles were also tethered to the wall, though with just enough slack to allow some small movement. Otherwise, I was naked as I waited alone in the room.

Some of my questions about Jasmine’s so-called kidnapping had been answered, but the answers left many more questions burning in my mind. Although I wasn’t gagged, I had been forbidden from speaking, and the threat of retaliation against the woman I loved was all that kept me silent now. But who was Cassandra, and what could she possibly be holding over Jasmine to keep her as a slave for four years?

I grunted as my left shoulder started to ache. In my academic past, I had injured it playing baseball. Even though it had healed, it still gave me the occasional twinge. I groaned and flexed my arms slightly as I leaned forward to take the weight off the affected joint, going until the slack chains on my collar were taut. I shifted my feet to the base of the wall and allowed my arms to bear the load of most me for a moment. Something in my left shoulder popped, and the pain subsided. I sighed and resumed my original position. While my arms were tired, they weren’t in any great discomfort — yet.

Just as I finished assessing my physical condition, Mistress Cassandra entered the room. She was still wearing the ensemble of her black and red silk corset, garter belt, panties, stockings, stiletto heels and leather wrist cuffs over her satin opera gloves. She smiled at me as she closed the door and locked it. She walked to the center of the room and stood there, looking me over slowly letting her eyes drink in every inch of me from my toes to the crown of my head.

I could feel my blush starting when I realized what she was doing. Her burgundy lips parted slightly, showing a tip of moist, pink tongue and straight, porcelain teeth before closing them again. She’d taken her hair out of the bun behind her head, allowing it to fall softly around her face and shoulders. I could feel my heartbeat quicken as I looked back into those beautiful eyes, as I felt the stirrings of an erection once again.

“I missed you too, slave,” she said at last. Cassandra stepped over to the mounted pegboard to her right, stooped and opened one of the containers toward its bottom. As she crouched down, my gaze was drawn to the glossy curves of her thighs and calves, sheathed in the sheer, smoke-colored stockings. She pulled out some sort of device with many straps and metal rings with a small, vaguely pyramidal framework at its zenith. She stood and showed it to me. “Do you know what this is?” she asked.

I shook my head in response. I still had no permission to speak.

She smiled wickedly as she slowly walked over to me. “This,” she said, “is a cock cage. The fun begins when you get erect.” I looked down at the item in her hands again, suddenly nervous. But then I noticed that my erection was well underway. I met her gaze again.

“Good,” she said as if savoring the flavor of the word. She spread the straps of the cage. “The nice part about his particular model is that it doesn’t prevent an erection — just makes it uncomfortable.” She wrapped the cool leather straps around my scrotum and the base of my penis and gently drew them snug.

I suppressed a moan of pleasure at her touch, as the straps of the cage pleasantly teased my privates. It wasn’t until first touch of the cool metal of the rings along my shaft and the cage around the head of my cock that I felt any discomfort at all. And yet, having her there, the warmth of her body so close and yet untouchable, her complete attention, made my manhood continue its erection despite the increasing confinement of the cage.

“Some slaves find it very pleasurable,” she added, “to be caught like this. Teased…tamed…turned on…and completely helpless to stop it.” She lightly ran the tips of her gloved fingers over my exposed scrotum for emphasis, and my privates twitched in their prison of leather and metal as I sucked in my breath in surprise. She laughed musically for a moment then planted an all-too-brief kiss upon my cheek before continuing her task.

She threaded a tiny padlock through a pair of buckles on the cage and locked it home. She stepped back, holding the small key up for me to see. Then she carefully fitted it onto the ring that held the other two padlock keys that rode on a slender gold necklace chain. She stepped in close, letting the keys fall to the top of her generous cleavage. This close, I could smell her exotic perfume again. It was tantalizingly musky and sweet as I drank it in. I tried to move to embrace her, only to be thwarted by my bonds.

She smiled seductively, mere inches from my body. She enjoyed my captivity — using her sexuality and body language to give me all the right signs, to urge me on, only to be held in check by her bonds. I was completely in her power, still wanting her and she knew it. My cock responded to her flirtations and the cage’s rings began to dig into the sides of my shaft. I grunted slightly at the sensation, muffling it as best as I could with closed lips.

Her warm, moist lips found my right nipple, kissing it lightly at first, then slowly encircling it with them and teasing it with her tongue. My breath quickened as she turned slow, spirals around it with her tongue, pausing only to nibble upon its tip occasionally with her teeth. Her gloved hands were wandering across the small of my back, my buttocks and thighs in slow, suggestive caresses. My body trembled under her soft, sensual assault. I moaned through closed lips at first, but more and more loudly as the pleasure continued.

Inside the cage, I could feel the prison closing in around my cock. The metal rings along my shaft were no longer cool to my skin and seemed to be getting smaller every second. The pyramid frame over the head of my penis had a network of slender and unyielding wires that were starting to press a checkered pattern into it as my erection continued to grow. The straps around my scrotum rode across the very base of it, tickling it with each twitch she elicited from my body. My testicles were already aching with the strain of trying to hold back the tide of the climax that was building there.

Cassandra knelt down and shifted her oral attentions to my thighs — kissing, licking and nibbling them — as if she were methodically mapping out the sensitive places to exploit later. Her gloved hands caressed my buttocks, hips and flanks. During her attentions, one of her silk shrouded breasts brushed my knee. Blood-warm stockings with the tender flesh of her legs beneath tantalized my ankles. The heat of her passion seared my naked skin, branding me with red-hot desire for her.

As much as the cage’s rings and wires were starting to hurt my manhood, there was still no stopping its progression. Each of the metal rings was now indenting the flesh of my cock, as it strained against its confinement. The grid of wires across its head were pressing in on it, yet still had enough give not to make it prohibitively painful. A single milky pearl of pre-ejaculate beaded there as my throbbing cock sought some release from Cassandra’s relentless stimulation.

“Speak to me, slave,” Cassandra said suddenly. “Tell me how good I make you feel.” She started teasing my tortured shaft and aching balls with her tongue.

At that touch, I shuddered in the bonds, every tether growing immediately taut as I realized how truly helpless I was now. “Oh God!” I moaned between gasps of pure pleasure.

“Goddess,” she chided with a gentle slap of the cage. I nearly cried out in surprise at the sensation. “Complete submission is what I demand,” she added. “I am your only salvation, so you will worship me, slave.” She resumed teasing my privates with her tongue again.

I grunted and groaned in wanton lust to an accompaniment of softly creaking leather and the metallic rattling of tethers and links, my body trapped in a cat’s cradle of sensuality and raw, naked need. “Oh Goddess,” I heard myself beg between desperate gulps of air, “It hurts Goddess…but please don’t…please don’t stop! Oh Goddess…feels so good!”

Cassandra stopped and slowly stood, raking my thighs, flanks and chest lightly with her fingernails. The sensation sent shivers all through me as I gasped for breath and fought for control. Her lips and teeth found my left earlobe, kissing and nibbling. “Mmmmm,” she murmured softly. “Would you like to cum, slave?”

“Yes Mistress!” I gasped in desperation.

The nibbling on my ear continued as her gloved hand wandered over my chest. She started rubbing one of her stockinged legs against mine. I closed my eyes and fought the urge to surrender to the pleasure, but I was losing ground with each new sensation she gave. “Are you sure?” she purred. “Do you really want to cum now? Or would you rather cum for Jasmine?”

At the mention of my beloved’s name, I found new strength to resist. “For Jasmine, Mistress,” I said, even as a fresh wave of agonizing lust washed through me.

Cassandra stopped and looked at me, showing me a feral grin. Then her lips were on mine, her hot tongue plunging deep into my mouth. Her arms were crushing her incredibly desirable curves against my body. Her perfume accentuated every sensation as she held me there. I struggled in my bonds, desperate to fine either escape or the means of returning her passion. I whimpered in that embrace, my overloaded senses being born down by her sexuality and her power.

But somehow, I resisted the nearly overpowering urge to succumb. My cock throbbed and ached in its cage, the metal digging into my flesh, the straps chafing my balls and scrotum as my manhood fought in futility to find its release from both pain and desire. Cassandra’s attentions slowed and became tender — the crushing embrace and forceful kissing both mellowing to a languid, sensuous pace, giving me time to respond in kind.

Cassandra slowly edged her lips away from mine, exposing the side of her neck as she undid her necklace. I nuzzled her jaw aside and began to lavish attention upon it with my lips and tongue. As I did, I heard her release a shuddering moan of pleasure. She cradled my head with her hands, holding me there. I continued, making each contact longer in duration, occasionally nibbling her neck with my teeth.

But even as I did so, I felt my own need for release flare again. My trapped manhood pressed painfully against the confines of the cage, the unyielding metal and leather checking my passion with unrelenting pressure. I whined inarticulately into her neck as my pain and passion mounted.

Cassandra, gasping and moaning, finally tore herself away from me. We stared at each other, wild-eyed passion alight in our eyes, our bodies quaking in suppressed emotion. She stumbled over to the door behind her and fumbled with the lock, keeping her eyes on me. She practically tore the door open, but her gaze never wavered.

“Jasmine!” she cried without turning her head.

Jasmine rushed into the room, casting a longing glance at me before kneeling before her Mistress. She was still naked, still adorned in the leather cuffs and collar she’d worn when she’d checked on me hours ago.

It was only then that I realized I no longer wore the collar. Cassandra dangled the necklace she wore, the keys on it jangling, placed it and my collar in Jasmine’s hands. “Your slave needs to cum now,” Cassandra said as she begrudged me a smile and a wink. And then she turned and strode out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Jasmine knelt in stunned silence for a moment, her hands clasping the keys and collar, her head bowed. Then turned toward me and stood, resplendent in her near nakedness. It seemed impossible, but my manhood fought even more desperately against the cage, but the pain was now forgotten. Her lips found mine, her warm, soft flesh against mine as her arms wrapped tightly around me. I moaned in relief and desire into her mouth.

She broke the kiss, still smiling. Slowly, deliberately, she placed the collar around my neck again and locked the buckle closed with its small padlock. Her eyes sparkled as she saw the recognition mine.

“Mistress Cassandra says my slave needs to cum now,” she said softly, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I nodded slowly, my gaze never leaving hers.

Jasmine’s smile turned mischievous. Her fingernails toyed with my scrotum, making my whole body twitch. “Are you sure, slave?”


Awhile back, a girl I was dating was home visiting family for the holidays while I was stuck back at our apartment, having to work. She called me that night, in the mood for some fun phone talk. We were a little new to phone sex, so we didn’t really know how to get it started. We giggled a little bit back and forth until we were about ready to give up. We were both horny, but we didn’t want it to be so blatantly cheesey that it seemed like we’re watching a $1 porno. Finally, she said to me, “How about you tell me a story?”

“A story about what,” I asked.

She replied, “Hmmmm, tell me a story about taking me out on a date. A date where you really spoil me and give me whatever I want. Something fun. And don’t leave out any details.”

I replied, “Well, I need to know more than just that. What would you be wearing on this date?” Without missing a beat, she replied, “Short black skirt, thigh highs with garters, low cut colorful satin shirt, knee length high heeled boots.”

That was enough for me to set my mind in motion. I replied, “How about this…”

“We start the night with dinner at a restaurant/bar. We sit far enough from the bar that the bartender isn’t our waiter, but close enough that it isn’t awkward to send me to the bar for drinks. We are seated side-by-side so that you can reach over and “play” all you want, get me revved up, and then make me walk to the bar for another round of drinks while you watch me walk, embarrassed with a big hard-on and noticeable wet spot.

Following this thoroughly embarrassing dinner in which you stroked/teased me under the table while flashing me your wonderful breasts and thighs, we’re off to the theater. Not a movie theater, but live theater. Your favorite play is in production, and we have box seats above everyone else so you have unfettered access to my “parts.” After taking off my pants at your insistence, the fun REALLY starts.”

“How the story so far,” I ask. “I hope it’s doing the trick.”

She replies “If I had on panties, they’d be wet. I like it so far, very much.”

Note to self, when a girl wants to go out, remember that when you make your plans: It all depends on her outfit.

I continue with the story, “With my pants completely off , rather than around my ankles because you like the idea of me being “caught” by the waitress, you use my precum for lube as you tease me while watching the play. You make a show of your cleavage and thighs which makes me practically drool.

Since this is your favorite play, you’ve seen it ten times and know the story. Just to tease me, you quiz me throughout, warning that a wrong answer will have dire consequences.

I have a difficult time concentrating on both your tease AND the production. You’re so good at administrating a Mind Fuck Deluxe!

You give me a break on the 5th correct answer and move your hand to your own crotch for some nice playtime while I watch. After a minute, you bring your hand up to my face and rub juices on my upper lip. Now I have your scent filling my lungs on every breath. Such exquisite torture!

Just as I get used to the new scent in my nose, you replace your hand in your skirt and play some more. While I watch, mouth agape, you bring yourself to a hushed, but nice little orgasm in just a couple of minutes. All the while, I’m panting, tongue hanging out, trying to lick the juice from my upper lip, imagining being between your legs, cock THROBBING and LEAKING all over.

You pull your fingers out and tease me by waving them in front of my face but not letting me lick. The aroma is pungent and makes me swoon a bit. Then without warning, you wipe them all over my face. Then, as if on cue, there is a tap at the door to our box, and we hear “It’s the waitress from the bar. You care for a drink?”

You tell me to go fetch drinks, and I gulp in response. I stumble on weak knees to the door. Since I’m not wearing pants, I merely poke my head around from behind the door. The waitress tries to come in, but I don’t budge. She takes the hint and stands outside.

As I order the drinks, she’s looking at me and hears a loud *SMACK*. I jump into the partially opened door and yelp! The waitress’ eyes are big as saucers, knowing that could only be the sound of skin on skin contact. The direction I jumped gave away what obviously just happened. Upon turning seven shades of red at both ends, she retreats to get our drinks. Luckily it’s intermission, otherwise the entire theater would have heard the spank.

After closing the door, I turn to see that you have a shit-eating-grin on your face, and your eyes are sparkling like I’ve never seen. You look so playful and happy. My heart swoons. I look down and see that you have my wallet from my pants in your hand and a $20 bill lying on my chair. I step toward and reach for the money, and you say, “Leave it right there. You can’t pay her until I’m enjoying my drink.” Instantly, my swooning heart sinks into the pit of my stomach, as that means just one thing.

*Knock Knock Knock*

My head shoots up, eyes wide. You take your seat at the rail as the intermission nears the end. I’m torn between wanting to please you, not wanting to be exposed, wanting to get your drink, not wanting to be seen with a hard dripping cock.


The knock is louder this time. You whisper to me, “If I have to answer that door then I’m leaving with your pants in my hand.” My heart thumping, sweat on my brow, panic surely showing on my red-hot face, I turn and grasp the door knob.

Turning it slowly, I step aside and behind it as I pull it open. The waitress quietly enters as the theater dims and the audience goes quiet. She makes eye contact with you, and you smile at her. Then you whisper, “He’s paying,” as you nod towards me. The waitress turns to me, smiles as she looks me in the eye. Holding the just below her breast level, she must not have seen my bottom half yet. However, she notices my obvious panicked look and sweaty brow. Instinctively, I look down at the floor in shame. Her eyes follow mine, and then it happens. *Gasp*

As the dialogue on stage begins, I hear your giggle as you await my next action. After a momentary pause, the waitress holds her tray to the side as she gives me the head-to-toe-and-back-up appraisal. She smiles, pauses for a moment, and then whispers, “That’ll be $12.25 for the drinks.” Obviously, she’s not planning to give me the drinks without being paid first. So I start for my chair with the money on it. This being a theater box, there isn’t much room for maneuvering, so she steps to the side as I squeeze between her and the back of your chair. My cock catches slightly on her apron and leaves a wet streak on her notepad. I grab the cash and we exchange the money and drinks. She then puts the empty tray under her arm and reaches down to her apron for change when she sees it. She sees the streak on her notebook. She looks up at me, and I look at her. Then I feel you grab my balls from behind and between my legs. You pull down firmly and whisper, “Don’t be rude. Clean up your mess.” I reach to hand your drink to you, but you do not take it. Instead, you tug down harder on my balls.

Getting the picture, I gingerly kneel down in front of the waitress. I reach to set down my drink, and you whisper, “No.” Understanding your thoughts completely, I strain to reach forward with my mouth, but the waitress steps back, unsure of what’s happening. You giggle and tell me to stretch, all the while keeping a firm grip on my balls and squeezing them a bit. You then look up at the waitress and smile at her as you dart the tip of your tongue out and slide it across your lips from right to left. Then you give the waitress another big smile and nod towards me. Looking apprehensive, the waitress takes a half-step forward and watches, mouth hanging slightly open. I strain forward, stretching my neck and ball sac and reach with my tongue. Barely able to reach the waitress, I swipe at her notebook with my tongue. The waitress, looking a little panicked glances back to you. You whisper, “It’s okay. He’s well in hand.” You reaffirm your control over me with an additional squeeze to my balls as you speak to the waitress. I grimace a bit and emit a soft groan. Apparently this finally relaxes the waitress a bit. She takes another half-step toward me, and I reach out and lick my precum from her notepad and apron.

You whisper “good boy,” which brings a renewed reddening of my face and sweat on my brow. The waitress reaches in to make her change when you whisper, “That’s okay. Keep the change.”

My head spins around to look at you in horror! My mind screaming to myself, “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!” But of course, I don’t say anything as I notice a bit of laughter from the audience obviously responding to a joke in the production.

Somehow, you and the waitress exchange looks, giggles and have an entire unspoken conversation in the 3-4 seconds before she leaves closing the door behind her. How you women do that is beyond male comprehension. You then give my balls a super-hard squeeze and tug downward for a moment. I drop my head, hunch my body down and grimace in pain, trying to keep quiet as the theater is also quiet. After a few seconds you release me. I pause for a moment to regain my composure, and then straighten back up. Still on my knees, I spin to face you and extend my hand to offer your drink. You smile, take it from me and take a sip. Smiling at me again, you nod to my drink and whisper, “go ahead.”

It was a warm day in June. Gina walked the stone path to Sam’s back yard, chilled bottle of wine in hand. She had told him she would stop by today for a few minutes, to help celebrate his first week without chemotherapy. The two worked together, but in different departments. They had become friends over many weeks of lunches in the company break room. She learned he had been winning a battle against cancer, but the treatments had been brutal. He’d been sick almost every day for six months.

Over the months Sam had shared with Gina that his wife had moved out around the time of his diagnosis. Each Friday he endured a treatment that left him violently ill, exhausted and emotionally drained all weekend. She was amazed at his determination in keeping that pace for months, and still showing up to work each Monday. Gina had shared with Sam that her own marriage was loveless, that she was just biding her time with her husband until the kids were a little older. But talking to Sam she realized that her problems were small; at least she had her health.

Last week Sam told Gina he had finished chemo, and taken the final treatment. She saw an unfamiliar sparkle in his eye. Sam said he could not wait to live his life again, to work in his backyard garden, to go out with friends, to feel desire for a woman and to please her. He confided in Gina that while he’d been going through the treatment he had no energy for sex, and now he was worried if his sex life would ever recover. Would his body even work the same? He said he wished he had someone to help him ease back into sex without expecting too much, to test his abilities because he was so nervous. Since he didn’t know anyone willing to do that without a commitment, Sam said he would just focus on other things for a while and let the sex work itself out; he had missed so many little joys during his illness.

Sam’s plans for the first weekend without treatment were to relax and spend time in his yard, something he said he had missed doing. Gina mentioned she would have a little free time between errands, so he invited her to come by and see his work.

As she entered the back yard gate she could see that he’d been working on the garden that morning. The stone path was neatly edged, the lawn was freshly cut, and the flowerbeds had new mulch. A wheelbarrow sat near the patio, where she saw Sam stretched out on a lounge chair asleep. He was wearing cut off jean shorts, and his baseball cap was tipped over his face for shade.

Gina contemplated placing the wine bottle on the patio table, and then sneaking away quietly so Sam could sleep. She stood looking at Sam for a long moment, admiring his shirtless chest. She had never seen him outside of his typical work khaki pants and collared shirt. Even after being sick for so long, his arms looked strong, and his stomach taut.

Gina sat the wine bottle on the table, but instead of sneaking away she walked toward the sleeping Sam. Standing over him, she slipped her shirt off revealing her lacy pink and black bra. For a woman in her 40′s she knew she was still sexy and worked hard to keep her body in shape. Despite her workday look she always dressed in frilly underthings underneath, and today was no different. She reached down to rub her full breasts, dipping a finger into the sheer fabric to graze a nipple. She licked her lips thinking about what she was going to do next.

Gina bent over Sam, lightly running her hands over his chest. Deep in sleep, his chest rose and fell with each breath but her caress didn’t cause him to move. She placed her shirt on the ground as a cushion, then sat on her knees by the side of the lounger. Slowly, she massaged his thighs, gradually reaching higher until her fingers were on his upper thighs underneath the edge of his shorts.

Suddenly Sam jumped, sitting up halfway on the lounger, swearing, “What the fuck…!” His quick motion knocked Gina off balance, causing her to fall slightly backwards but still keeping one hand on his thigh. She started to wonder if this had been a mistake, but it was too late to sneak away now. She waited for him to fully wake up…..would he tell her to go?

Sam shook off the deep sleep and looked around. He sat up, with his legs on the side of the lounger straddling Gina. He realized he had fallen asleep on his patio chair, and that Gina was with him. Looking down at her, he reached out a hand to help her rebalance. Then he felt her hand on his thigh, and saw her nearly naked breasts spilling out of her lacy bra.

“Um…” he said, stammering. “Are you, I mean what? I don’t know if I ….” She could see the desire in his eyes as he took in the sight of her, kneeling between his legs.

Gina reached her hand up to his mouth, and put her finger on his lips, saying “shhhhh, hush” and shaking her head as if to say no. He understood. There was no need for talk or worries. She placed her finger over her own lips, as if to hush her own words.

Gina, sitting up on her knees between Sam’s legs, kept one hand on his thigh while rubbing the other hand up to his neck and then down his back. When she reached his belt, her hand ran along it to the front of his pants. Sam leaned forward to kiss her passionately. 
His hands were alternately cupping the back of her head and then trailing along the sides of her breasts. She was breathing heavily as her hand continued to rub his cock though his jeans; she started to feel a growing bulge.

Gina kissed his neck and the side of his face, working her way over to his ear, breathing heavily and moaning softly. She kissed her way down his body as she lowered herself all the way onto her knees. A moment later she was kissing his cock through his pants. Sam could feel the warmth of her breath through the fabric and it made him throb. They were nearly shaking with anticipation. Without a word, Sam removed his belt then slowly lowered his zipper. He stood slightly to pull his shorts and boxers down, and Gina quickly pulled them off and tossed them to the side. She gasped excitedly as his cock sprang toward her hard as a rock, pointing right at her face. She admired how he was neatly trimmed, and his cock was smooth and beautiful. She instantly wrapped her hand around the base of it and stroked upward. A glistening bead of precum rewarded her effort. “Mmmmm…,” she said, showing her appreciation for his amazing cock but trying to keep the silence.

She paused there, looking up at him, her mouth opened and poised to swallow his shaft. A low moan escaped Sam as his cock throbbed in anticipation. Gina closed her eyes and lowered her mouth over his cock. She kept her mouth opened wide though, so her lips barely touched him; he could only feel her hot breath as she slowly surrounded his throbbing dick with her open mouth. When her lips finally closed on him, the sudden warm wetness sent a shudder through his whole body. More than half of his length was engulfed as he felt her mouth surround him the first time. After months of uncertainty, Sam smiled as he looked down and saw his hard, healthy cock in Gina’s mouth.

She slowly dragged her lips up his shaft until only the head was still between them. 
Gina’s mouth opened again and she took him in deeper, a little faster this time but still not touching on the way down. Her mouth closed tightly as she sucked her way back up his rod. She did this a couple more times. His cock was so hard it ached, and Sam wanted so badly just to cum and release months of built-up pressure. But Gina was intent on toying with Sam a little longer and was taking her time about it.
 Once she had turned his shaft to granite with a few sensual sucks, Gina let his cock fall out of her mouth and ran her tongue all over him from tip to base pausing to softly lick his balls. She lapped them gently, teasingly. He pleaded with her with his eyes, tugging at her hair to pull her back up to his cock. She had other plans.

When her tongue found its way to the base of his ball sac, Sam thought he might lose it. Gina was a woman knew what to do with her tongue when it came to licking a man’s balls. Then she pulled back, running her tongue up the underside of his cock and leaving a trail of her saliva along his swollen vein. When she reached the head, Gina took it into her mouth and plunged down on his shaft. This time her lips were wrapped tightly on it, pushing the skin of his cock back as she took most of it in. She bobbed on him, giving a good, tight-lipped sucking for a few moments before settling back on her heels smiling directly at him, panting.

Gina reached under her skirt, bunching it up around her upper thighs and revealing to Sam her lacy black panties. Moaning, she pulled aside the sheer damp crotch to expose her puffy pussy lips. Sam reached his fingers into Gina’s bra to pinch her hard nipples, and watched mesmerized as Gina rubbed little circles around her clit until she came on her hand within seconds, groaning.

“Sorry, I was just so hot from sucking you….” Gina said breathlessly, stopping mid-sentence when she remembered they were being silent. She smiled deviously, reaching back toward Sam’s throbbing cock. She wanted to play a little longer.

Gina’s mouth closed over his cock again and she bobbed with an unhurried rhythm on his throbbing shaft. He moaned as she moved slowly enough that he wasn’t in too much danger of cumming, but fast and deep enough to keep him on the verge. She turned her head slightly from side to side as she sucked, letting her tongue caress the full underside of his cock.

A few times she paused at the bottom of the stroke to get more cock into her mouth. She was taking in about three-quarters of his length as she bobbed, but would force herself down almost to the hilt every few strokes. He could feel the head of his cock pressed against the back of her throat as she crammed the full length into her mouth. Gina went on like that, steadily sucking and occasionally impaling herself on Sam’s shaft.

When she finally settled in and started sucking and bobbing in earnest, her hands were wrapped around the cheeks of his ass. Gina turned up the intensity, her deep sensual sucking going even faster. Both knew there was no holding back. As Sam felt himself approaching the point of no return, the muscles in his thighs tightened and his back arched, pushing his cock further into Gina’s mouth. Gina didn’t slow down or hesitate as his shaft hardened and swelled to the bursting point. Her lips continued their velvety-smooth caressing of his member even as his balls tightened and then released. Sam groaned and shuddered as the first massive gob of cum surged from his cock into her mouth. Gina dutifully kept sucking, drawing two more spurts of cum. 

She gently sucked a little longer, her touch smooth and unhurried.

Sam let out a huge sigh of relief, and smiled as his hand caressed Gina’s head. She looked up at him, wiping a drip of cum from her lips and giggling, “mmmmm,” she said.

“What I was trying to say before,” Sam said, “was that I didn’t know if I could even get it up because I jacked off in the shower a few hours ago. I haven’t done that in so long, I just didn’t think I could go again. But wow….just…thank you.”

Gina stood up, adjusting her bra and skirt, and pulled her shirt back on. She smiled and kissed Sam on the cheek, then walked away knowing he had regained not only his health but also his sexual confidence. “It’s a pleasure to help a friend in need,” she said as she closed the garden gate behind her.

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