tease and deny

In the midst of making love one night, we were both wild in heat, pawing, licking and sucking each other. I am lying on top of her suckling her delicious hard nipples, grinding my swollen cock into her thigh. Reaching around, I pull her over on top of me, guiding her to set on my hard cock. Head back, she slowly rubs her sopping wet pussy on my throbbing cock. Leaning forward to balance herself, she placed her hands on my wrists, continuing to masturbate.

I start to reach up and fondle her swinging breasts, but she holds me tight. “Hold still.” She breathes, massaging her wide open sex on me, driving me crazy with lust. I stick my tongue out, trying to reach those luscious breasts hanging just out reach. Feverishly I thrust my hips toward her, eager to gain entrance to her love hole.

“I said hold still!” she says forcefully, continuing to pleasure herself on my manhood. Leaning forward, she offers me a breast. “Lick it softly, twirl around it.” Cock throbbing with desire, I do her bidding, eager to please her. Strangely turned on by her forceful bidding.

“Good boy, now take it in your mouth and suck it.”

Moaning with pleasure, I take her rock hard nipple in my mouth, suckling, nibbling, rolling it around in my mouth, rewarded by her hiss of pleasure.

“Keep your hands right there.” She demands, then let’s go with one hand, holding my cock and guiding it into her soaked pussy.

Slowly, oh so slowly she impales herself on my rock hard erection while rolling my nipples between her fingers. Fully seated, she leans forward, flicking her tongue on my erect nipples, while slowly grinding her sex into mine.

Moaning in ecstasy, I thrust into her, cock throbbing, eager to release my sperm. She quickly tweaks my nipple, the quick shooting pain reducing my ardor.

“I said hold still! “She demands huskily, continuing to grind her pussy back and forth, pleasuring herself.

I know she is close, I can feel her contracting, building to an orgasm, then she quickly withdraws, moving her sex toward my face.

“Eat me. Finish me off. I want to cum all over your face. Stick out your tongue so I can fuck it.” She orders while shoving her dripping pussy on my face.

In a frenzy as the musk of her sex fills my nostrils, I eagerly stick out my tongue, making it as hard as I can, shoving it deep into her. My cock twitches and throbs as she fucks my face, smearing her juice from my chin to my nose. Her pussy contracts as she achieves her orgasm, shuddering with pleasure.

Turning around she again offers me her sex. “Be a good boy and lick me clean. Gently, you know I am sensitive after an orgasm.” Then she leans down, licking my balls and cock. Taking me in her mouth, she deep throats me, holding it there until she senses I am about to cum, and then withdraws. She does this for several minutes, every time I get close to climax, she stops.

Whimpering with lust, I beg her. “Please.”

“Please what?” she asks, licking me again

“Please let me cum.” I beg again

She shifts her body, placing her ass to my mouth. “Lick my ass, then maybe I will let you cum.”

Hesitating, I close my eyes, tentatively touching my tongue to the bud of her ass. I draw a deep breath as she takes me deep again, moaning as my cock head hits the back of her throat. Abandoning all decorum, I tongue and lick her ass, probing, trying to enter her.

She pulls her mouth from my cock “Good boy, yes, fuck my ass with your tongue.” Well lubricated, she relaxes her sphincter, allowing me to enter her a little. Excitedly, I continue to push my tongue into her hole.

I gasp for air as she swallows me whole, bucking my hips toward her mouth.

Sharp pain shoots through my sack as she flicks a ball with her finger. “Did I give you permission to move?”

Deep into my role now, every fiber of my being eager to serve and please her, I answer with a low moan “No Mistress.”

Yes, I like that, say it again slave.” She demands, squeezing my shaft, milking it.

“Yes Mistress, as you wish Mistress.” I reply firmly, amazed at the jolt of joy that shoots through my brain.

“You are enjoying being my little fuck toy aren’t you? You enjoy being teased and used as a tool to satisfy your Mistress, don’t you?”

“Yesss.” I whimper as she tugs on my ball sack, running her tongue down my throbbing shaft.

She sits up, facing me, legs spread, watching me watch her slowly finger her pussy. “If you wish to continue, hold your hands in front of you, wrists together.”

Without hesitation, I eagerly comply, trembling in anticipation. My cock twitches as she ties my wrists together with a pillow case. I take a deep breath, knowing the line is crossed, things will never be the same again, and loving it.

Sliding over, she sits on the edge of the bed. “Kneel in front of me. You are going to be taught on how to properly please a woman with your tongue.”

“Start by licking my inner thigh, work your way all around me.” Guiding my head with her hands, she pulls me toward her for more pressure, and pushes away when she desires a lighter touch.

Quivering with pleasure, I breathe deeply, taking in her scent, eager to serve and be used.

She moves her leg, positioning it against my swollen, throbbing cock. “Use two fingers; slowly enter me while licking my clit. You may rub your cock on my leg, but don’t you dare cum until I give you permission.”

I moan and quiver with lust as I masturbate on her leg, fingering and licking her sopping wet pussy.

“Finger my ass.” She moans, grinding her swollen, wet sex in my face.

Barely able to breathe, I slowly finger her ass, enjoying the feel of her bud opening and closing on me.

“Bury it.” She barks, as her pussy convulses, releasing her pent up orgasm. She continues to hold me tight, enjoying the warm aftermath of her pleasure.

“Good boy. You deserve a reward. You may rub your cock on my leg like a little puppy dog. When you don’t think you can control it anymore, you may ask for permission to cum.”

“Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress!” I hiss, whimpering with pleasure as I masturbate on her leg, staring with longing at her open sex.

My brain clouded with lust, I continue to fuck her leg, cock throbbing, pre cum oozing from the tip. She places her finger in my mouth, and I suck greedily, taking her deep in my mouth. “Oh god, may I cum now Mistress?” I beg hoarsely, seconds away from losing control.

“Not yet, my pet.” She replies as she pushes me away and stands up, pulling on my hands for me to do the same.

She turns, bending slightly, backing into me, and pinching my cock between her ass cheeks.

I clench myself as her warm globes close on my nearly purple cock, barely suppressing the uncontrollable urge to shoot my spunk between her cheeks. “God!” I moan “Please let me cum!” I beg again.

She pulls away; kneeling in front of me, then cups her breasts, wrapping them around my cock and balls. “You may cum now slave.” she orders, wrapping her lips around the head of my cock.

Nearly overcome with lust and the overpowering need to ejaculate, my knee’s tremble as I slowly stroke my throbbing cock between her warm, soft breasts. Her mouth and tongue rewarding the head each time it emerges from between her mounds. After only a few strokes into the bliss of her mouth, I lose control, shooting wave after wave of cum between her waiting lips. “Damn!” I whisper in delight “That was freaking awesome!”

“You enjoyed it did you?” she asks with a smile

“Hell yes!” I answer emphatically

“Enough to continue for the rest of the weekend, say until midnight Sunday?”

Smiling, I answer quickly. “I am yours to use as you wish until midnight Sunday, Mistress.”

She holds out her hand toward me, still gooey from my recent ejaculation. “You may begin by licking this clean. While I am taking a shower, you will pick the clothes up and put them in the washer. Once you have made the bed, dust and swept the Living Room, you may take a shower. After that, well, we will see what I am in the mood for.”

Hesitating only a second, I lick my sperm from her hand, while idly wondering what is in store for me for the rest of the weekend.

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