tease and denial


“Hello Darling!” she exclaimed taking his face in her hands and drawing his mouth to hers for a simple though thrilling brush of her lips against his. A polite greeting for all else to see but he felt an instant electric pulse travel through his stomach, cock, balls and even his arse at her touch. He couldn’t hide it.

Blushing, he stammered his ‘hello how are you’ and ‘haven’t seen you in ages’, ‘god’, etc…She never lost eye contact, nor took her hands from his burning face instead she cupped his cheekbones in her palms, her thumbs softly stroking the growing redness of his cheeks.

She smiled into his eyes as he continued his spluttering small talk — she knew that he would be hers whenever she wanted him.

Still smiling, she squeezed his right cheek between her thumb and forefinger, shook it playfully before letting go and half patting, half slapping his face.

As she turned away she whispered “I shall phone you my pet”

Three weeks later he had all but forgotten the chance meeting with his cousin’s ex wife. It’s true that he had masturbated furiously in the days following. Standing with eyes closed, recapturing the feel of her lips against his, breathing in her scent of lipstick and make-up mixed with perfume, and in his endless embellishments, her hand wrapped around his cock or squeezing his balls while her tongue snaked into his mouth and he emptied himself into the bathroom sink convulsing and grunting like an animal.

He had also endured several violently sleepless nights of unfulfilled fantasy — balls in one hand, dribbling cock in the other lying next to his sleeping wife as his mind raged with a passionate lust for the abuse of another woman. He had teased himself with the fantasies, building them slowly, taking himself to the edge again and again, savouring the imagined control she held over him.

But in three short weeks he had managed to recover some semblance of control…until his telephone rang.

“Sweetheart, I need you to come over tomorrow at around three o’clock. You’ll be a good boy and do that for me. Won’t you?”

He mumbled ‘of course’ and ‘yes, yes’ several times, stammered ‘I, I…’ as he blushed again feeling an erection starting to grow against his briefs.

“You’re so sweet, such an angel,” she cooed, “tell me, are you still a virgin?”

His mouth and throat dried up completely as he felt his face burning even more and felt his cock twitch at the question. He couldn’t answer. His mind raced as he remembered her taunts when they were younger — he had been an awkward teenager, she a confident young woman. She had played such mind games with him. He had adored her as much as he had hated himself for his weakness.

“Of course not — you’re married now aren’t you? Ah well, happy days…until tomorrow darling.”

The phone went dead and he was left feeling strangely alone. His balls were tingling, his cock was stiff and he desperately wanted relief. Instead he sat at his desk teasing himself once again with the possibilities that tomorrow might bring. The only certainty was that he would endure another sleepless night of intensely frustrating fantasy.


At forty years old he felt he should have grown out of such adolescent fixations — he had always fantasised about the women around him, always stored memories of their smell, a certain look, a particular outfit or a word or phrase to help fuel his masturbatory needs. His fantasies were invariably based on sexual submission. He was always the weaker in any imagined encounter. He dreamed of being used and abused in every imaginable way and he felt that this was normal, when he was nineteen. But even now, over twenty years later, there were certain women whom he felt spotted his weakness and could exploit it to the very full. These women aroused him in a humiliating, exciting way he found impossible to hide — his blushes and stammering as much testament for all to witness as the bulge in his trousers. However, none had ever acted beyond embarrassing him, yet.

At some ten years older than he, she was just beginning to fulfil her potential as a woman. The divorced mother of two now independent youngsters, she had decided to enjoy and indulge herself. She owed herself a lot of time, a lot of wasted time, a lot of loveless time, a lot of sexless time. She was on a voyage of discovery and she liked what she discovered, about herself and about the world around her. She had a very special talent for finding sexually weak men. She could spot a compulsive masturbator from twenty paces and could have him eating from the palm of her hand within minutes.

“Why do you wank so much?” she would whisper looking him in the eye and taking his hand in hers, “You really do wank all the time don’t you? I can tell…”

Of course her quarry could rarely respond coherently. He normally would stutter a false, shocked denial and attempt to change the subject. She would invariably abruptly press her mouth to his and force her tongue inside, guiding his hand firmly to the growing bulge in his trousers. She took control.


He turned into the in the well-kept residential street at a quarter to three and parked his car a few doors away from hers. He was nervous, excited, shaking and breathing heavily. He had showered and washed and cleaned every crevice of his body in preparation. His nails were filed and his hair groomed. Every stitch of clothing that he wore was clean and fresh. He walked to her door wobbling on legs that felt like jelly and steeling himself he pressed the doorbell and stood back. He felt his cock rise in anticipation and his balls tensed with a sharp tingle as the door swung open.

His throat dry once again he found himself unable to speak as he looked at her figure framed in the doorway. She wore a thin silken kimono-style gown of high mid-thigh length, gathered at her waist and stretched across her breasts showing her large nipples standing proud through the thin material. Her legs were bare. Her neck was bare. He was sure that the robe alone covered her nakedness.

Her manner was terse “You came” he thought he saw a smirk as she stood back to allow him through the door, “Inside then” she whispered.

She allowed him just enough room to enter but not without brushing against her as he did so. He tried his best not to touch her but the space she left him simply did not allow it. She slammed the door shut behind him and in one swift movement, turned to push him against the wall with one hand, taking a firm grip on the hair at the back of his head with the other and pushing her face forward into his. She grinned as she felt him flinch to feel her leg between his own, her thigh pressing up against his balls the hardness of his cock already straining against his jeans,

“Oh God…” he croaked.

She laughed in his face and then kissed him on the mouth hard. She withdrew her thigh for a moment before bringing her knee up sharply into his groin and tossing him to the floor at her feet in one smooth action. He fell to floor like a sack of potatoes whimpering a little as he curled his body,

“Kiss my toe pet” she said placing her foot in front of his face “kiss my toe and say thank you”.

Tears rolled silently from the corners of his eyes as he stretched his pursed lips to her crimson toenail

“Thank you” he murmured.

She placed her foot on his chest and rolled him onto his back

“Look at me” she commanded — his eyes met hers — “take off your clothes”.

He began to undress looking down at his buttons as he did so but she placed her toes under his chin and guided his gaze back to hers

“I said look at me” she smiled at his timidity “Shall I fuck you?” she was stroking his face with her big toe “Hm? Shall I sit on your prick? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Should I fuck your arse with a strap-on dildo perhaps? Reaching around to wank you off at the same time? How does that sound? Take a hold of your cock and wank for your Mistress David because that’s what I am now. Make no mistake, I am your Mistress, I own you darling”.

He lay naked stroking his hard cock with a mixture of fear, excitement and humiliation as she chuckled, seemingly to herself, circling his nipples each in turn, with her big toenail.


So the strange relationship began. She didn’t attempt to conceal her amusement at his feeble efforts at resisting her. She teased him mercilessly. He had no control over his guilty need to attend her, his stiffness throbbing, his balls swollen and aching with the torture of their urgent need for release. He cried many times at his hopeless position.

She would be tender with him at these moments cradling his nudity in her lap, whispering softly in his ear, stroking his hair, and caressing his cock and balls as she licked the salty tears from his cheeks before slipping her tongue into his mouth and pressing him against her bosom.

She enjoyed these moments. He was truly hers at times like these caught in her web and utterly dependent upon her. She would often slip a condom onto her finger and slip it into his arse to fuck as she kissed him. She loved to feel his body jerk with the surprise and stiffen with the self-loathing of the pleasure she was giving him as she did this.

“Hush now. Relax my little one,” she would coo as she drove her finger deeper, softly but steadily stroking it in and out, in and out, in and out until he began to moan.

Her free hand would roam over his body cupping his scrotum, pinching his nipples, stroking his stiffness. She would never allow him release at such times but would torment him until in his frenzy he did not know his own name. She loved him for this complete helplessness in her hands.

A routine developed. She would let him through the front door always leaving just enough room for him to enter brushing himself against her body. She would close the door behind him and watch as he stripped and placed his clothing in a bin bag which she would lock away in her hall cupboard.

She would then secure his right wrist to his left elbow behind his back and vice a versa with a pair of felt lined leather cuffs. She often secured a leash to his balls at this point before leading him to wherever she felt the game should be that day.

His torment could last anything from thirty minutes to four or five hours depending on her whim. He was often released frustrated and aching with precise instructions for how to gain relief (or not as the case may be) but just as often he would have his balls thoroughly drained in spectacular and exhausting fashion.

He never, ever knew which way the session would go. One time he thought that he caught a look in her eye, some indication that she would withhold his pleasure this day and he prepared himself mentally for what he believed was the inevitable.

After showering she stood at the door and presented him with his clothes. He dressed. She smiled and placed her arms around his waist. She pushed his thighs apart with her own. She pressed herself against him. She found his stiffness with her leg and pressed her mouth to his.

She took him by the hair and hissed into his ear “Rut against my leg like a dog you little shit!”

He squirmed as her tongue once again snaked against his “Fucking cum in your pants!”

She shouted into his face “Go on! Do it! Now!”

He was grunting now as she put one hand on his rump squeezing hard, rhythmically, the other cupped his balls also squeezing in time to his jerking movements and he shot his wad into his pants like a schoolboy.

“You’re such pathetic little wanker” she sneered and spat into his face before tossing him out of the door with his saliva covered face beetroot red, his cock still bone hard and his jeans bearing the unmistakeable dark stain of cum.

He did not try to guess again.

It’s not every day you walk in the door to find an elf in your living room – especially a female elf.

Slightly under five feet, she was taller than I expected. She had long blonde hair braided down her back, so that it was easy to see her slightly raised ear lobes that were not as tall as I expected. Her brilliant blue eyes were slightly larger than I expected. Her lips were painted a bright, festive red color, and she wore a little makeup to enhance her beauty. Her skin gave a light golden glow in the sunlight. Her breasts were high on her chest, and certainly much larger than I expected, and she had a slender waist and rounded hips, all covered in a form fitting green and red mini dress as expected, but made of leather which was most certainly not. The total effect was one of Christmas-Elf-Dominatrix – certainly not expected, but an exciting vision, none the less.

“Umm, hello?” I blurted. I know, but what would you say when unexpectedly confronted with a hot elf in your living room?

“Hello, David. I’m glad you are home so we can get started.” Her voice was low and breathy. I could see that I was going to need to lose some stereotypes about elves.

“Started? What are we starting on? And who are you? And how did you get into my house?! Past the alarm system and everything?!” Some sense of normalcy was beginning to make its way into my brain.

“Well, David, as you already guessed, I’m one of Santa’s elves. My name is Sanna. As to how I got into your house… I’m an elf. We have all kinds of powers you are not completely aware of.

But for right now, don’t you think it would be nice to offer me a cup of tea. I’ve been waiting here for you for quite a while.”

Without really thinking about it, I was already moving to the stove to heat some water. “What kind of tea would you like, Sanna?” I asked, before finding a tea kettle I didn’t recognize and a cup ready for tea next to it.

“It is ready to pour. All you need do is serve it.” She put a little extra emphasis on the word “serve.”

“Would you like cream or sugar?”

“No, black is fine.”

I poured tea into the cup, which I also didn’t recognize. The aroma of cinnamon and cloves wafted from the warm liquid. I placed the tea and saucer on a tray, adding a small silver spoon and carried it back to Sanna in the front room. She had moved to sit on the couch, so I placed it at her side on the table, and for some strange reason I really couldn’t tell you at the time, knelt at her feet on the floor. A feeling of calm came over me, and my confusion about everything that was happening slipped away.

She sipped her tea for a minute as she observed me. “I know that none of this is making sense to you. I mentioned that we elves have powers you cannot even imagine. One of them is that I can tell what you are thinking, and influence your thoughts. So let me explain.” Her voice had a slight accent that I couldn’t quite place, but it was reassuring and calming.

“Your Mistress Z has been particularly good this year, as have you, and Santa wanted to reward you both with a special present. So he sent me to find out what that might be. I have been observing you both for the last few months, and have determined exactly what she wants. As it turns out, you will not find it disagreeable,” she said with a smirk. “But enough explanations for now, we have to get to work.”

Sanna set her tea down, and made a gesture at me. I felt a chill, and looked down to see that I was completely naked. She grinned at me, “Oh, yes, this one’s going to be fun.”


A short time later, and I found myself hanging around the front room. By “hanging” I mean my arms were stretched by leather cuffs to a newly materialized frame, which also held my legs wide apart and slightly off of the ground. Various straps and ropes crisscrossed my body and attached to the frame. It was very comfortable, but I wasn’t moving anything any time soon. Sanna sat on the couch in front of me, masturbating herself through her visibly damp panties. She had already cum a few times, but it appeared that another was speeding towards her.

“Oh, yes! That feels so good!” she exclaimed as she shuddered and went limp on the couch. I eyed her hungrily for a few minutes as she recovered.

“Now where were we? Oh, I remember,” she said as she shimmied out of her underwear. She wadded her panties into a ball, and stuffed them into my mouth. As I tasted her juices, my cock got harder before me. Another gesture from Sanna, led to the panties being tightly sealed by a gag, held in place with straps wrapping all over my head. She tasted sweet and musky, the flavor of her fueling my lust even deeper. My eyes glazed over and I longed to cum.

“Now I am sure you are wondering what present your Mistress wants for you both… Pay attention!” she commanded, as my cock took control of my brain. “You are to be teased like never before. You only imagine you are aching to cum now. By the end of my treatment, you will beg to do anything to be allowed to cum. I will then lock you in a chastity belt the likes of which you have never seen before, and leave the key as a present for your Mistress. Sounds like fun, huh?” she asked, impishly. I could only groan.

“Our treatment has already begun. I have changed your brain energies so that my pheromones increase your lust to levels you cannot imagine. If just tasting my juices on those panties in your mouth is already wrecking that much havoc in your brain, just imagine what will happen when I finally allow you to eat me.”

The image of that popped into my brain, and I struggled against my bonds to fulfill her command. I became obsessed with eating her, but my bonds held me firm.

“Before we go any farther, we first have to get you dressed,” she said with a smirk. I was beginning to dread that smirk, and at the same time, I longed for more of it.

Sanna gestured at me again, and I found that I had been covered in strips of gauze. “This may hurt a little bit. At least I hope so,” she grinned at me, tugging the first of the strips quickly from my body. My hair came with it, as well as a scream into my gag.

She leaned close to my ear and breathed, “and that’s only the first one. We have lots to go. I’ll save the ones on your cock and balls for last. Just think how great those are going to feel.” I whimpered into the gag at the thought, quickly turning into another scream as she ripped another cloth free.

A short while later and I had no hair left below my head. Sanna was not kidding when she told me that the hair on my balls would hurt the worst. I could still feel them throbbing. But the pain, rather than hurting, was turning me on. My cock was harder than ever, the tip dripping with precum.

Sanna leaned close, showing off her impressive cleavage, and once again breathed sexily into my ear, “that must have hurt, Sweetie. Let me make it feel better.”

She conjured from the air a kettle-shaped container of lotion and began to slowly rub it into my skin. My body tingled wherever she rubbed it, and then grew warm. The pain of the hair removal drifted away, replaced by layer after layer of heat and longing. She worked slowly, from my fingers and toes, into my hard cock. I realized that I had been hard now for what seemed like hours, with no sign of things changing anytime soon.

As she rubbed the lotion into my cock, I could feel myself nearing the orgasm of the century. I was about to explode, stars were bursting behind my eyes, fireworks; this was going to be epic! Just before this all culminated in something that I was sure would blow the roof off of the house, she slapped my cock and took her hands away.

“I told you, I know what you are thinking. I can edge you like you have never felt before. You can plan on being that close to cumming a lot today, but I will never let you get there.” Tears leaked from my eyes, as Sanna wiped her hands on a cloth and matter-of-factly rubbed her hands together. “Where to next? Oh, yes, getting you dressed.”

Another gesture and I was wearing a cock cage. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It looked soft to the touch, but felt hard around my cock. It was attached to a belt made of similar material around my waist; soft to the touch and flexible. Various wires ran from little packs on the belt to inside the cage. Several more packs were free on the belt at the moment, waiting for something new to attach to. The packs were nothing more than slight bumps on the belt. A large lock was in front, but flat against the belt.

“The material is made just for you by our Science Department at the North Pole. You should be flattered – Santa sent you the best. The material is especially designed to flex like human skin, and will cause you no problems to wear every day. It will easily hide under your clothes. It is flexible – until you try and touch it. At that point it becomes as hard as steel. You will not be able to touch yourself through it, or even feel yourself. When you stop trying, the cage will return to its soft state again. But it will also send a warning that you tried to touch where you weren’t supposed to from anywhere on the world to this box that your Mistress will have. She may at this point want to push this button.” Sanna pushed it, and my cock was on fire and I doubled over as far as my bonds would let me.

“She can do lots of great stuff with this. Just you wait and see.” She pushed the button again and I breathed a sigh of relief as the heat ebbed away. Then she pushed another button. “This one, for example, will keep you company while I continue getting you ready. Then we can have some fun.”

The sensation about my cock was as if someone was giving me a world-class hand job. I could feel imaginary hands sliding up and down my cock, fondling my balls, all ever-so-lightly. I became hard within the device almost instantly. “I can shrink the cage to almost nothing, if I wish. But I think for now, we’ll let your cock expand comfortably in the cage. It is set to keep you on edge, but not let you cum. So enjoy that while I finish dressing you.” I moaned again into my gag and my cock reached straight out in front of me.

A red and white plug was shoved up my ass. It felt smallish going in, but then grew to be huge. When Sanna removed her hands, it almost felt as if it was sucking itself into my body. She attached a wire from a pack on my belt to the end of the plug.

Sanna became a flurry of gestures and conjuring. Soon a pair of huge breast forms grew from my chest. Two more wires were attached from my belt – one to the base of each breast form. A red corset appeared about my chest to support my new ‘breasts’ and hide the wires from view. Sanna enjoyed herself lacing it tightly into place. Then she cheated and conjured another inch from it – I could barely breathe. A pair red stocking appeared from thin air about my legs, and were quickly attached to the white garters on the corset. The corset didn’t cover my “breasts,” but held them up in such a way that they looked even larger. A pair of realistic looking nipples crinkled in the cold air, almost like they were real. A pair of matching red panties appeared out about my hips, holding the chastity device in such a way that it was all but invisible. I noticed she placed it on top of the garters – Nice touch.

My hair and finger nails grew slowly longer, while she conjured up some nail varnish. I soon had candy-cane striped nails on both fingers and toes, and a fashionable hairdo that would make some women envious. Sanna conjured up an elaborate make-up station, and I watched in the mirror as she made up my face, painted my lips, plucked my eyebrows, and otherwise transformed me into someone else. She locked an elaborate and ornate collar about my neck. My ears were quickly and painfully pierced, and matching ear rings were fastened into place.

A pair of red shoes with extremely high heels appeared on my feet. Sanna quickly buckled leather belts to my ankles and ran chains under the shoes, and then locked everything in place. A gesture, and my feet were free. A short chain attached the two ankle straps together, and was locked into place, allowing me only small steps. A skimpy red dress with a white fur trim appeared about my body. I could feel the fur brush my ass in the back revealing that I was wearing not panties but a thong, and that it was going to be pretty obvious to anyone who saw me. My cock strained through the panties and cage, thrusting forth under the hem in the front of the dress. I could feel the fur of the trim lightly rubbing against the cage, revealing that although I would not be able to touch my cock, Mistress would be able to apply any sensation play she wished without removing the cage. The dress was cut so low that the top of “my” areola were visible. My nipples still thrust out proudly in the cool air of the room, thrusting forward proudly in the fabric of the dress.

Sanna gestured one last time, and the rest of my bonds disappeared. “Be a dear for me, and put your hands behind your back,” she commanded, and I was powerless to resist. A red and white arm-binder appeared, restraining my arms and hands tightly behind my back. A belt appeared about each leg above the knee locked into place with a short chain linking them, making my legs even more restricted.

“A few things you should know about your outfit. Your collar works as a gag. It has special properties, or so I am told, that cancel wave lengths of sound – or something. The end result is that any sound you make while it is turned on disappears into the winds as if it never existed. Your earrings work the same way with your hearing. Your corset, besides making you look hot, is designed to slow you down if you are not in bondage. It will tighten on command so that you will be unable to breathe until it is told not to. We have already talked about your cock cage. It works with your breast forms and your butt plug to give you pleasure and to discipline you. So if I push this button,” – the stroking stopped and an electric shock zapped through my cock, balls, rear and breasts. I felt as if I was being ripped apart and collapsed to the floor – “this happens. But if I push this one,” – the stroking came back, along with the feeling of being fucked in the ass and someone pinching lightly my nipples. I was instantly hard as a rock again, and on the verge of cumming – “well, you already know about that. Speaking of which, let’s put you back away.” She pushed another button and I felt a pain and tightening around my cock. I looked down to see that it had disappeared under my dress, and now, for all outward appearances, I had a flat feminine front. I could feel my cock straining to be erect, and the device tightly pulling everything back between my legs under the skirt.

“That’s better. You look so much more lady-like that way.

How would you like to cum?” she asked me simply, with a wink.

I had been on edge for what seemed like hours. I started pleading – promising anything – to cum. I forgot about the properties of my collar, however, putting on a show that Sanna was quite amused by.

“If you play your cards right for the rest of the afternoon, we’ll see what we can do. Remember, we only reward good boys.” Sanna slipped out of her dress. She was now naked except for her stockings and heels. She sat on the couch in front of me and spread her legs. “Let’s see how well your Mistress has trained you. Get over here!” I quickly crawled in front of her.

“Kiss me – make me believe you want to cum.” I kissed her lightly but passionately, my lips brushing against hers. We teased ourselves with this for a minute before our kiss became deeper and more passionate. I breathed in her scent, and I lost my mind. All I could think of was pleasing her in any way she wished. I knew that doing so would bring me more satisfaction than I had ever had in my life. She pushed me down to her breasts, and I licked and nibbled on them hungrily. My cock throbbed in its cage, feeling as if it could explode into orgasm in the next second – and the feeling never went away. I became obsessed with her – would do anything for her. She pushed me down between her legs. I leaned in to please her. I remember that she tasted like nothing I had ever had before. The flavor of her juices was sweet like fruit, musky like the finest of ports – it was indescribable. This was my last coherent thought before my world exploded.

I could feel the smoothness of her skin, but it was as if it was a dream. I was dimly aware of her screaming in orgasm several times. I was dimly aware of my body longing to cum. My cock dripped constantly. At some point she placed a cock gag into my mouth and had me fuck her to climax with it over and over. The gag was removed, and I was put back to work eating her. Her juices soaked into my body, and I lost more and more control over rational thought.

I was delirious – fevered. I felt her fix my makeup. I felt her remove my bonds, and then put me in a restrictive hogtie under the tree. My elbows and hands were cuffed behind my back. My legs tightly tied together, were tied to my belt. I felt her attach a tag to my balls. She placed the remote in a neatly wrapped box, next to a second box she had placed by my side previously. I watched this all happen as if in a dream.

Sanna leaned close to my ear. “Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, David,” she breathed in my ear. She touched my head, and I feel asleep.


A few hours later, I awoke to the sound of my Mistress’ key in the door. I struggled on the floor, but my bonds held me still. The apparatus around my waist kicked everything to life, and I could feel the precum dripping from my hard cock.

Mistress came into the front room and quickly came to my side, concern in her voice. “Who are you? What are you doing in my house? David?!” By this point she was kneeling by my face, and had finally made the identification. “How did you do this to yourself? You couldn’t have! You don’t even look like yourself…

“I like it though.” Worry faded to something more primal in her tone, as she realized that I had set this up for her somehow.

“The tag is a nice touch.” I felt a tugging at my balls and groaned soundlessly at the orgasm that was close but wouldn’t come. “To Mistress Z, from Santa.”

She saw the other two gifts and opened them, one at a time. Reading instructions for the remote took a while, but as the gag was still activated, I couldn’t beg to cum yet. I was aching to, though. I felt like I had been on the edge of cumming for weeks. It turns out I had been – elves it seems can control time, too. Mistress chuckled at the implications of the device a few times, but otherwise was engrossed in her reading. “What a wonderful gift. You’ll have to tell me where it came from some time. Should I feel like turning your collar off, that is.”

After a time she picked up the other gift. “To Mistress Z, from Sanna. Sanna? Who’s Sanna?” She unwrapped the gift. “‘Holliday Lust’ Elf Perfume, containing actual elf pheromones. It certainly smells wonderful,” she said, dabbing a little behind each ear and her wrists. As the scent reached me, I began to drift away again.

I heard her exclaim, ‘ere I drifted out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all, and let’s get you and your tongue over here so you can start making me merry!”


Just a little Christmas fantasy for the season. If you liked it, won’t you give me the gift of a comment below? Merry Christmas to you all!

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