Jennifer sighed, switching off the radio of her black Jeep, as she cruised across the Mojave Desert, well past midnight. The full moon’s glow lit the starry sky in the absence of artificial city lights, offering her a wonderful view that was only spoiled by the somewhat unnerving loneliness.

Her radio had been unable to pick up much of anything save the occasional late night talk show host, and most of them weren’t entertaining or even vaguely assuring. Where she expected to find music, she only managed to find bursts of static.

She glanced sideways out the window at the passing blackened scenery, the starlight revealing occasional bushes along an otherwise barren stretch of Nevada. She had been planning that trip to Reno in some form or another ever since her best friend had moved there last spring.

Suddenly, a darkened canine form darted across the road in front of her headlights, and she shrieked, swerving into the left lane and successfully avoiding it. Jennifer glanced back over her shoulder, sighing and laughing embarrassedly as she saw it had been a coyote, padding across the asphalt.

She had to admit to herself that the isolation of the trip was getting to her, as well as the sleep deprivation. She must have been on the road since the early hours of the previous morning, and she rubbed her eyes often in the struggle to stay awake. After nearly creating road-kill, she was thinking it was time to call it a night.

Jennifer drove on another few miles, before she pulled off to the side of the highway, cutting the engine of her Jeep and leaning her head back against the headrest. She exhaled deeply, finding herself more exhausted than she’d realized, now that she had a moment to relax.

She crawled into the backseat of her Jeep, where she had more cover from the open environment of the Mojave, and curled up using her hoodie as a blanket. She figured waiting one more day wouldn’t kill her friend, and besides, she would enjoy herself more if she were well-rested.

As her eyelids began to feel heavy, she tugged her hoodie close around her body, her breaths slowing to a comfortable, easy rhythm. The last thing she was consciously aware of before sleep claimed her was a sorrowful howl that drifted on the wind, wailed by some unseen beast of the night, god-knows-how-far away.

Jennifer was jolted from her slumber by sharp claws digging into her wrists, and a fiendish snarl inches from her nose, shocking her eyes open. Her gaze was met with the most intense pair of heterochromatic eyes she had ever seen, the right iris green, and the left golden.

Her heart felt as if it collapsed on the spot, as she was seized by a crushing, horrible terror that paralyzed her body and caught her voice in her throat. As her eyes adjusted frantically from the realm of her dreams to the harsh reality facing her, she observed that the powerful eyes were attached to a lanky yet toned body, covered head to foot in inky black fur. Pointed canine ears were folded against his head as he snarled at her, and his wolf-like muzzle snapped a bit at her nose.

A thick, fluffy tail could be seen swaying behind him, and had she not been absolutely frozen in fear, she likely would have tried to pet him to see if he’d wag it.

She came to realize his clawed fingers were digging into her wrists, and that he had removed her hoodie, leaving her in only a thin green tank top and a tight pair of blue jeans.

By now, her fear had subsided some and she started to kick and buck underneath him, desperate to at the very least get some space from the creature she didn’t even believe existed.

The beast growled angrily, and slammed her wrists back against the door, as he took a chomp at her tank top and yanked his head backward, tearing the flimsy material easily. Jennifer hadn’t been wearing a bra, as she’d been traveling alone, and in one of the hottest deserts in the United States; naturally, she gasped as her bare breasts were exposed to the cool night air of the Mojave.

Originally, her fear had been that the beast would devour or otherwise murder her, but then, as she felt his hot breath tease her nipples, an entirely new terror began to overtake her. Her eyes widened and she struggled a bit more violently, to no avail.

The creature maneuvered his tongue to delicately flick one of her nipples, eliciting a muffled whimper from the girl pinned beneath him. Seeming encouraged by this reaction, he bit and licked along her breast, trailing his tongue between before licking her other nipple.

Jennifer continued to suppress her moans and whimpers as best she could, but to her shame she felt her nipples grow hard under the wolf’s enthusiastic attentions.

Meanwhile, the beast had switched to pinning both of her wrists above her head with just one of his paws, the other snaking its way into the waist of her jeans and thong, two clawed digits teasing her clit. Jennifer squirmed, her body feeling hot even against the cool of the night.

Slowly but firmly, the creature worked two of his fingers inside Jennifer’s increasingly wet pussy, and though her mind screamed in protest, she could only whine helplessly in his grip as he began to pump his fingers at a steady pace, in and out of her tight cunt.

The wolf continued to abuse and to tease her breasts with his tongue and his teeth, as his fingers mercilessly violated her. Soon, the pace and power of his strokes increased, until Jennifer found her shoulders pressed firmly against the left door of the backseat.

Abruptly, the beast removed his fingers, and recklessly tore the button on her jeans, yanking them down her legs to her knees, narrowing his independently colored eyes at her thong. He cut its string-waistline with a clawed fingertip, leaving Jennifer’s pussy vulnerable and exposed.

Jennifer began to plead incoherently with the wolf, even though she had no idea if he could actually understand English, much less her panicked attempts at dissuading him. Holding each of her wrists in one paw now, he moved his knees up so that his previously out-of-sight cock was pressed against the lips of her cunt, as well as grinding against her clit.

Even in her fearful state, a small part of Jennifer noted that the wolf’s cock was sizable; she guessed about 7 or 8 inches, and approximately as thick as the wider end of a pool cue, maybe a bit more.

Of course, any fleeting thoughts observing its size were instantly forgotten as she felt the thick head poised to enter her traitorously wet pussy. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she pleaded more rapidly with the creature.

The wolf was unaffected, and with a grunt, he pushed his hips forward, driving a few inches of his throbbing dick inside his helpless captive. Jennifer screamed a cry that was a mix of shame, pleasure, pain, and violation.

She felt impaled by the monster’s aching shaft, gasping as he stuffed the remaining several inches of his cock into her cunt. His hips were soon flush with hers, and she cried weakly, her tears hot as they rolled slowly down her face.

In spite of everything, including her mind’s unheard protests, her body was rather enjoying the wolf’s treatment. Her nipples ached to be touched, and her cunt was wetter than she could remember it ever being before.

Her miserable feelings of violation were interrupted as the wolf began to thrust his cock in and out of her, sending both slight pain and pleasure coursing throughout her entire body. She leaned her head back against the door of the Jeep, unable to stifle the soft moans that escaped her lips.

Their hips slapped together as the beast raped her, his cock feeling both unwelcome and unbelievably good, filling her pussy over and over again. Above her, the monster groaned and growled, savoring the feeling of an unwilling woman unable to prevent him from taking her cunt.

Suddenly, the wolf pulled his cock from her, and Jennifer looked up, confused despite the myriad of feelings overwhelming her mind. The creature recklessly rolled her over onto her stomach, hiking her hips up and keeping her breasts down against the seat.

She looked back fearfully at the beast kneeling behind her, as he gripped her hips with one paw, stroking his cock with the other. Jennifer didn’t understand until she saw him spit onto the head of his cock, and suddenly she felt him press it against her asshole.

If she had been afraid before, she was terrified then. She begged him, she begged God, fate and Mother Nature not to let him do what he was about to. Jennifer winced as he pushed forward; being both an anal virgin and a girl who’d never intended to try it, she was incredibly tight.

Finally, after a fair amount of effort and attempts on the part of the wolf, he felt the head of his dick begin to work its way up her tight ass, and he let out a low growl of pleasure, even as Jennifer cried out in agony.

The wolf took his time to enjoy the feeling of deflowering her ass, which fortunately gave Jennifer a few minutes to adjust. It hadn’t been nearly long enough, though, when she felt the beast thrust forward, pushing about half of his shaft into her.

Jennifer balled her hands into fists, clutching at the seat of the car beneath her, as she felt so much pain, and so broken in spirit. Tears continued to crawl out of her eyes, and she yelped as the beast forced the rest of his thick, throbbing cock up her no-longer-virgin ass.

The monster was impatient now, having been denied his orgasm too long by the process of getting inside her rump, and now he almost immediately began to pump his aching dick in and out of her ass, his hips slapping against her ass cheeks violently, rocking the entire Jeep.

Jennifer cried, moaned, whined, whimpered and squealed as the big bad wolf forcibly assfucked her. Shameful though it was, intertwined with the pain was a strange pleasure, one that was very different from being fucked in her cunt, and her body seemed to get off on being sodomized, as her pussy was still wet, if not wetter than it had been before.

The ferocity of the beast’s thrusts increased dramatically, as did the volume of his snarls. His clawed fingertips dug into her soft, round ass cheeks, spreading them so that he could watch his thick cock disappear inside her tight ass. He could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching, and he had been denied release far too long.

His captive feared as much due to his change in body language, and Jennifer whimpered with every one of the monster’s hard thrusts into her ass, her knuckles white from gripping the backseat of her Jeep.

Finally, the wolf howled his satisfaction as he began to cum, spilling his seed deep inside Jennifer’s tight ass, riding out his orgasm with three last powerful thrusts that rocked his captive’s entire body.

As he knelt in the afterglow, still inside Jennifer’s deflowered rump, his previously tense muscles relaxed, and his tongue rolled out from his muzzle, his chest heaving as he panted heavily.

Jennifer sobbed into her arms, now crossed beneath her head, as she buried her face in them, so desperate to escape from everything that composed her reality at that moment. The last things she remembered were looking up and out the window briefly, the full moon dominating the starred black sky, and the exhausted breaths of the wolf-man behind her, as the shock and the trauma of the experience combined with her still-sleep-deprived state dragged her back into the realm of the unconscious.

As soon as I open my eyes I can tell I’ve been moved. The wall before me is glass bricks, giving much more light than the windowless cinder block room from before. I know I am still in the same building because the smell is the same and the floor is the same. The doorway to my left is where the man appeared. The room next to this is the cinder block room with just the bed. I have no idea how much time has passed or how long I’ve been in this position, but my muscles are sore. This time, I’m completely naked.

My wrists are shackled to two large metal rings in the cement floor but my legs are unrestricted. Raising myself somewhat, I come to be on all fours. I cannot raise my upper body more because of my shackles but I struggle against them in vain. I have almost six inches of chain which make it possible for me to switch my position slightly but I cannot reach the other hand with one.

I scream for help but hear only my own voice echoing in the large empty expanse of space. Terrified that I’ll never escape, tears begin to run down my cheeks as I sob uncontrollably. Unable to reach my face I cannot brush the tears away and they fall onto the cold, damp cement. In an effort to comfort myself, I bring my legs in close, into the fetal position as best I can. Feeling the cold, my body begins to shiver and shake while I cry.

Not hearing him enter I continue weeping. Suddenly and from behind, he reaches down, grabs my legs under my knees and lifts my lower body into the wheelbarrow position. Shocked and terrified, I thrash and kick my legs as powerfully and violently as I can.

He came prepared and swiftly drops my legs. I fall hard onto the floor, unable to soften my landing. Screaming out partially in shock and partially in pain, I scramble to protect myself from more abuse. There is no position that I can get into, to protect myself from this man.

“There’s no use in fighting against me, cum slut,” he taunts. Knowing that I am no match for him physically, I realize he’s right. Still, I can’t just give up. Saying nothing, I continue to try to keep him away from my naked body.

Standing before me, he orders me up all fours. Reluctantly, I comply, knowing that fighting him back would likely cause me more pain. Despite my compliance, my captor slaps my face hard then reaches below me to place hard, tight clamps on my nipples as they hang beneath me. Once the clamps are placed, he slaps my tits together, making me scream with pain. Taking the clamps off, minutes later, a rush of pleasure takes my body as the pain subsides.

“Did you like that, whore?” he asks, squatting down in front of my face and wrenching my head back so ensure I’m looking into his face. Still crying, I moan something inaudible in response. Pulling my head back harder, he slaps my face violently.

“Next time you speak you had better call me Master. You should really know by now, that’s who I am.” His voice is just above a whisper and at this level is almost more terrifying than if he had yelled it. Standing again he uses his grip in my hair to smash my face hard into the front of his pants.

“Suck it, bitch,” he whispers, “Take it into your whore mouth for me. What do you say, bitch?” Looking up into his face I do my best to respond the way he wants.

“Yes, Master” I mumble into his crotch as he pushes himself harder against my face and grips my neck with his left hand again.

Letting go of me with both hands he removes his pants. When he returns to stand before me, he simply says “Suck it.” Leaning up as far as I can go with my hands still shackled to the floor, I take his dick into my mouth. Looking up at him, tears streaming down both cheeks, he returns both of his hands to the back of my head and begins to push my mouth further down onto him again and again. At times, he pulls my face down and refuses to let me back up, causing me to gag and retch loudly around his long, thick cock in my throat. “Do you like getting your face fucked?” he asks in between long, deep thrusts into my mouth.

“Yes, Master” I sob whenever I next get the chance to speak at all. Putting his cock into my mouth he bends over my body and reaches his arms down to grab, squeeze and spank my ass. Making it jiggle with each strike, my ass becomes red within a matter of minutes. My mouth is so tired from staying open so long, that my saliva begins to drip in large, white drips onto the cement floor.

After slapping my ass raw, he begins to rub my asshole from above. Rubbing his fingers along my crack he touches my wet pussy and brings my juices to my little asshole. Forcefully, he pushes the wetness into my hole with the tip of his middle finger. Having never experienced anal penetration, I gasp and scream at the unwanted invasion, but I am powerless to stop him and my resistance is futile against the cock stuffed into my mouth.

I had no idea that the second man was in the room, watching me get face fucked and fingered until the first man spoke to him.

“I think you should fuck her ass wide open, man,” he started, “I got her little asshole ready for you. I know she wants you to.” Laughing he pulled his dick out of my mouth and asked me, “You want my friend’s dick up your ass, don’t you sweetheart?”

Shocked and unable to reply with what would’ve been a resounding “No” I blinked up at him blankly, with eyes that begged to be let go. Getting an unsatisfactory response, the man backhanded my face. Reeling from his slap, my eyes teared again and I begged him to stop. Motioning to his friend, the man continued to slap my face until I answered “Yes, Master” but his friend had already approached my ass with his hard cock ready to fuck my hole. Placing his thick cock at my pussy he pushed in, enough to lube his cock to take my virgin asshole. Terrified and having never seen the man, I screamed around the dick now in my mouth and tried to move away with my more mobile lower half.

Grabbing me hard, fingers digging into my hips, the unknown man began to push his lubed cock into my tight asshole. Wiggling as much as I could, his dick slipped down the crack and back into my pussy. Chuckling, the man pulled out and pushed harder onto my tiny hole and popped the head in. Pushing deeper, he began to slowly pull out and push in, allowing my body time to accept the intrusion.

“You like my cock in your ass?” he asked me. His voice was gruff and low. Unable to respond he decided to take my lack of answer as yes. He began to fuck my ass harder and faster. It hurt like hell to feel his huge dick pushing hard into my ass.

“Tell me you want it, slut,” he said, “I bet you want to taste your ass don’t you?” Pulling his dick out and walking around, he switched places with my captor and rammed his filthy dick into my mouth. I gagged immediately as he shoved himself into my mouth, balls deep.

Crawling beneath me, my captor reached his arms up around my body, forcing me to straddle his body with my knees on the cement while he pushed himself up into my pussy. Riding his dick, I continued to be face fucked.

My captor said to his buddy, “Did you bring another friend? She needs her ass filled while we take these two holes.” Smiling, the second man motioned to the doorway. Within seconds I felt another set of hands grip my hips from behind me. I knew the man was squatting down over my body when the tip of his dick starting rubbing against my asshole. My pussy was already being filled and stretched by the thick cock of my captor when he popped the tip of his hard dick into my ass. I screamed around the prick in my mouth as he stretched my ass. I felt incredibly full, like I might be torn apart this way. Needing to fight back in some way, I began to close my mouth, refusing to allow this man to fuck my face. It was the only hole I could control from the onslaught of these three men.

Keeping my teeth clamped I refused to allow the third dick to penetrate me, but the man did not give up. He slid his hard length over my face in every direction, smothering my face, nose and eyes with his balls in every way possible. He pinched my nose closed forcing me to open my mouth to breathe. With excellent timing, he reached his fingers into my mouth with both pointer fingers pulled my lips back, essentially fishhooking my face on both sides.

Unable to do anything but open my mouth, he slammed his hard dick inside and ordered me to use my tongue to lick him. Holding my lips like this he came into my open mouth, filling my mouth with his hot seed. Letting go with one hand, he reached up and plugged my nose, forcing me to close my mouth and ordering me to swallow his load.

“When you open your mouth, bitch I better not see any of my cum. I want you to swallow everything I gave you.” The other two men, fucking my holes and filling me up wanted to cum in my mouth too. Crawling out from under my body, my captor pulled my hair back and began to jerk his cock over my face.

“Open your mouth, whore. Stick out your tongue,” he ordered, “Tell me you want to taste my cum. Tell me you want to swallow this load like you did the last one.” Sneering down at me, he slapped my face with his dick when I did not respond immediately.

“Yes, Master,” I said, “I want your cum in my mouth, Master. Please, let me taste it.” I opened my mouth under his fast moving hand and stuck out my tongue to catch his cum. Moaning loudly he jerked his dick hard as he watched his buddy’s dick work in and out of my ass. Faster and faster his hand moved over his dick as he watched the other dick disappear into my tiny, tight hole.

“Ahhhh, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum,” he groaned as he positioned the tip of his dick onto my tongue and the first long, thick rope of cum landed in my mouth and over my face, almost reaching my eye. “Oh, shiiiit,” he moaned as the next two waves of cum landed into my mouth. As he finished cumming, I closed my eyes and mouth and swallowed what he gave me quickly to show him that I would no longer fight his orders.

Next, the man who had been plowing deep into my asshole pulled it out with a loud pop and stood before me. “Lick it slowly,” he ordered. Still on all fours, I licked his dick from bottom to the top and swirled my tongue at the top and back down to his balls. I made sure I licked all the way down and not to forget his balls.

“Oh, yeah you fucking whore, suck on my nuts,” he groaned. I took each of his balls into my mouth and sucked, pulling them lower and making them pop out of my mouth. Loving it, he was almost ready to cum. Moaning and grunting his pleasure as I licked up and down his balls and shaft, he reached his hands into my hair and pulled my mouth over and around his cock, forcing me to deepthroat him. As his cock pushed into my throat he screamed, “Fuuuuuck!” and came deep in the back of my mouth, almost choking me. Quickly enough I swallowed the load and he pulled his dick from my face.

Each of them was standing in front of me, stroking their softening cocks and grinning with satisfied faces. My captor collected money from each of the men and told them they were welcome back anytime. Then he walked behind me again and reached between my legs to rub my sore, raw but soaking wet pussy.

He rubbed my clit with his thumb and fucked my pussy with three fingers on his other hand until my body was unable to hide that I was soon going to cum too. As he began pushing harder and deeper, I came hard on his fingers and squirted my juices out onto the cement floor.

“She’s such a filthy cum slut, man,” the second man said to the third, “We should come back tomorrow to give her another little lesson in pain and pleasure, don’t you think?”

“Fuck yeah!” replied the third man.

Sobbing from humiliation, pain and the pleasure of cumming, I dropped to the floor in a heap.

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