As May began to warm up the frigid weather, Millie decided to take what was known in her line of work as “a mental health day”. It simply meant that she had spent way too many days in the classroom teaching, and she needed her own version of the senior skip day. As the sunshine splashed across her back deck, she took a bottle of wine and a hot novel to her favorite patio chair. She loved the sensation of the sun warming her skin and she dove into the erotic pages of women far luckier than she had ever been. It had been weeks since she had had sex with her husband. She loved the man, but she no longer felt an animalistic attraction toward him. Leaning back into the chair, she began to fantasize about the man from her book. Startled by her doorbell, she sat up and peered through her window into the house. She could not make out the figure on the other side of her front door. It was midday and all of her neighbors should have been at work.

Walking around to the front of the house, her eyes fell upon Johnny Thompson, one of her students from several years back. “Mrs. C.,” Johnny smiled as he walked over and embraced her. “I wanted to bring this to you,” he said proudly handing her an envelope.

“What’s this?” she wondered aloud. Sliding the cardstock from its envelope, she saw the graduation announcement for Johnny’s college printed regally on the paper.

“Oh Johnny, I am so proud of you!” she smiled adoringly as she returned his bear hug. “Come around back and catch me up on what you have been doing,” she smiled.

As Johnny followed behind her, she remembered the erotic novel on the table. She was hoping to turn it over quickly so that he wouldn’t see what she had been reading. He reached the deck at the same time as she did, but she quickly flipped the book over and slid it across the table. “I was just having a glass of wine, ” she smiled. “Would you like one, now that you’re legal and all of that?”

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that, ” he laughed, taking a seat across from her.

“Let me just run inside and grab a glass for you.” As she disappeared inside, she saw him reach across the table for her book. She panicked slightly but chose not to say anything until he brought it up first.

Returning with the second glass, she saw Johnny flipping through the pages. “Whoa, Mrs. C., I had NO idea!” he laughed at her.

“Oh shut up, we old married people have to have some entertainment,” she said, in hopes of laughing it off.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said back. It appeared that he would let it go at that. He leaned back into his chair and they happily chatted for over an hour. It wasn’t until she went to refill her glass for the fourth or fifth time that she discovered the bottle was empty.

“Well, I guess that’s that,” she giggled as she stretched her tanned legs out in front of her.

“Do you have another one?” Johnny was quick to ask.

“I highly doubt that I should get you drunk and then send you home,” she smiled in response.

Before she could register what was happening, Johnny was on his knees in front of her. “Then don’t,” he whispered as he leaned in and kissed her neck, “don’t send me away, Mrs. C.”

“Johnny, we can’t do this,” Millie said as she pressed her back harder into the chair. Her body was responding to this hard-bodied blonde man in front of her while her fuzzy brain was still trying to convince her that it was wrong.

“I won’t tell anyone,” he whispered as he slid his hand up her tank top. He located her right nipple beneath the fabric and pinched it softly while he sucked on her neck. She squirmed as the wetness began forming inside of her shorts. “No bra?”

“I, uh, I wasn’t expecting anyone,” she managed to get out between deep breaths.

“Well, you sure as hell weren’t expecting this, I know,” he said assertively pulling her hips toward him. “I have waited for this opportunity since I was fifteen.” That made her giggle slightly.

“Johnny, you don’t want this right now darling, you will regret it later. It will change things,” she said quietly trying to resist what her body so readily wanted.

“Five minutes. Just give me five minutes, Mrs. C. and if you want me to stop, I will,” he said into her stomach as he pushed her shirt up with his teeth. His tongue lazily traced her belly button and she was unable to resist any longer.

Sensing her arousal, Johnny pulled her out of her chair and laid her on the wooden deck. His mouth never left her stomach. With his hands, he pushed her tank top over her bare breasts and massaged each of her nipples gently.

As Millie’s breaths grew deeper, he let go of her nipples long enough to unbutton her shorts. He grabbed the zipper with his teeth and slowly worked its way downward. All the while, his hot breath was just one thin piece of fabric away from her increasingly wet pussy. She arched her back involuntarily and reached down to pull his T-Shirt over his head.

His body was a long, lean mass of tanned perfection as his muscles seemed to be etched beneath the surface of his skin. Johnny slowly worked her shorts off of her while taking her panties with them.

Suddenly, she was completely bared on her deck as this young man hovered over her pussy with his lusty mouth. He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the mouth. His tongue parted her lips gently and rolled around inside of her hot mouth as his hands freed his own shorts from his body. She was amazed by his quickness and attributed it to the things that he must have learned in college.

Johnny pulled away from her mouth and quickly flipped his body around so that they were in the sixty-nine position. She had never enjoyed this position with her husband, but she suddenly found herself aroused at the sight of this completely new cock and his blonde pubic curls. There was a shiny bit of pre-cum on the tip and she gingerly stuck out her tongue to touch it. She knew that she had experience on him and she was determined to give him the most amazing blow-job that he had ever experienced. As she licked his shaft up and down, Johnny parted her legs as far as he could manage. She could feel her wet pussy tingle as a gentle breeze caressed her. She was fully exposed on her deck for all of the world to see but all that she cared about was getting Johnny’s cock in her mouth.

With one hand, she massaged his balls gently while plunging herself forward to the length of his shaft. She gave long hard sucks slowly and would stop just short of popping him out. She circled the knob of his penis so tenderly that she could feel him harden even more.

Johnny responded to this pleasure by diving down on her pussy. He sucked her clit hard into his mouth and gingerly nipped at it with his teeth. He brought his hands underneath her legs and around to her ass where he massaged the puckered skin. No one had ever touched her there before and she felt her body jerk in response.

Their deepening breaths fueled the fire between them even more as she sucked Johnny to orgasm. He rocked his hips forward and back against her mouth until he could no longer hold back. Cum shot down her throat and she gulped readily trying to take every bit that he had to offer. After a few short thrusts to be certain he had expelled it all, Johnny sighed deeply and relaxed his body.

Millie was slightly disappointed that he was finished and she was nowhere near cumming yet. Johnny seemed to sense this and he lifted himself off of her body until he was once again with just his head at pussy level. He pushed her legs as far apart as they would go and began going to town on her pussy. His mouth was hard against her skin and she reached down to grab handfuls of his blonde, curly hair. She involuntarily pushed his face deeper into her and moaned desperately. She was in such ecstasy that she could not stop herself now. Johnny’s tongue darted inside of her and she wanted to cum more than she had ever wanted anything in her entire life.

Johnny’s fingers once again found the puckered skin around her asshole and he began to massage the tiny hole. As his tongue swept her innermost wetness, she felt her juices running down her crack. Johnny felt them too. He rubbed the juices into her hole and poked a solitary finger inside of her ass. She yelped a bit in surprise, but she quickly silenced herself when she realized how good it was feeling. Johnny massaged her pussy from both sides of the wall that separates vagina and ass. She could feel his tongue trying to find his finger through that wall. Her body rocked in response and Johnny took that as encouragement. He deftly slid a second finger inside her ass and began working her once again. He pulled his tongue out of her pussy long enough to take a tender bite at her clit and suck on her pussy lips. She was really rocking involuntarily now and she wanted his cock so badly that she began to beg.

“Johnny, I need you. I need you now,” she panted in desperation as she pulled at his hair.

“Oh, Mrs. C., you haven’t seen anything yet,” he mumbled as he refused to move from his current position. The waves built up inside of her and she begged for a way to release them. Gently, Johnny pulled back and rolled her over. He grabbed her around the waist and put her knees in her patio chair. Bending her forward over the table, he pulled her ass up to meet his cock. He stuck two fingers in the tight hole again and began to rotate them in opposite directions. His free hand found her clit again and began to massage it as he playfully bit her back with his teeth. She rocked backwards into him, forcing his fingers deeper into her ass. The sensation was both burning and erotic at the same time. She understood what it meant to “hurt so good” at last. Her breaths were coming faster as she approached the point of no return and Johnny quickly pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his rock hard cock. He slid in just the head, at first, and allowed her muscles to contract a couple of times.

She felt herself pushing back on him, wanting more. Sensing her acceptance, he thrust himself fully inside of her and heard a cry escape her lips. He froze for a second and waited to make sure that she was okay. “More!” she screamed out as she pushed herself farther back in the chair. Johnny saw this encouragement as a free pass and he began bucking into her and thrusting with all of his might. Her breasts smacked against her chest as she rocked her body back and forth and she quickly moved her arms underneath them to stabilize them. He fucked her hard and she felt herself climbing up the ladder to orgasm. The wall within her began to give way and cum dripped out of her pussy like a faucet had been turned on. It hit the deck floor and splashed up Johnny’s legs which made him go even faster. As the last waves of ecstasy rocked her body, she felt Johnny spasm inside of her. She felt her bowels fill with his semen and it was a feeling like no other that she had experienced before. They remained locked together, his cock inside of her, as he rocked gently a few more times. No one said anything as he pulled himself slowly out of her. She leaned forward and rested her entire weight on the table.

Johnny playfully leaned down and bit her on the ass.

“I bet you wish you had given me an A now, don’t you, Mrs. C.?” he smiled.

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