PERSONAL NOTE: Damnit! My meeting with the CEO has been postponed till next week. Oh well, the excess baggage will be gone soon enough.



Carol hung up the phone, and heaved a large sigh in relief. Mrs. Julander had agreed to hold off the meeting with Harold for a week, but it had required some fast talking. She was just glad she had been able to break into Harold’s files and see what he’d been planning.

Reading over his notes, she began to see just what a monster the man truly was. She had known that he was using the substance on himself to seduce women, but had had no idea he was doing other human testing outside the company. Where had he gotten the resources to pull off any of this? Digging a little deeper it was easy to find. He had seduced enough rich women with the substance, that he had virtually unlimited funds at his disposal. The man was corrupt beyond measure, and Carol knew she had to stop him.

The big question, however, was ‘how’?

She needed to synthesize her antidote first. If she could get that to Mrs. Julander before her meeting with Harold, then Carol might just be able to keep her job. At first she had thought to present his notes to Mrs. Julander as evidence to what Harold was doing, but there was no way to prove that Carol hadn’t planted the notes after she had hacked his files.

Her phone rang, and she answered it before checking the caller ID, assuming it was Mrs. Julander calling her back.

“Mom?” Carol cursed inwardly, as the sound of her daughter’s voice filled the phone. She knew she had neglected her daughter worse than she had her son over the last while, but didn’t know how she was going to face her daughter. She knew that April and Adam had been sleeping together, had even caught them in the act, but had been so overcome with her own lusts, that she had been unable to stop them. Had, in fact, barely been able to stop herself from joining in on the debauchery. The fact that she had now slept with her son twice didn’t help matters. “Are you there?”

Carol snapped out of her thoughts. “Sorry, April, I’m a little busy now. What did you need?” She knew her voice was a little hard, but she needed to concentrate on her work.

The phone was silent for a moment, and Carol started to get frustrated. Why wouldn’t her daughter just talk, so that she could get back to work?

“I need my mother,” the words finally came, and Carol could tell that they were soaked in tears. She began to berate herself for another reason. Her daughter needed her, and she had been too caught up in her own concerns, to worry about April. Her motherly instincts kicked in, and Carol knew that, while she had a lot of work ahead of her, family still had to come first.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” Carol promised, and then erased all her tracks on the computer. She then uploaded her files to her own personal server. Harold wouldn’t get his hands on more of her research; much less know that she had been spying on him.

Luckily traffic was minimal, and Carol soon found herself outside her daughter’s apartment. The door opened before she had the chance to knock, and she was accosted by the younger woman throwing her arms around Carol. She could feel hot tears through her shirt, as April cried against her chest. What had happened? Had Adam been ignoring her since he had slept with his mother?

She was both angered and pleased at that thought. Angered that her son would treat any woman this way, but pleased that she’d had that kind of effect on her son, then angered at herself for her selfish feelings.

Carol guided her daughter into her apartment, and soon found the couch. She sat them down, and let the younger woman cry for awhile, April’s arms never leaving her.

When the tears had finally stopped, Carol just continued to hold her daughter against her breast for awhile, relishing in this ‘normal’ family behavior.

“What was that about,” she finally asked, almost afraid her daughter had fallen asleep on her.

April’s arms tightened for a moment before she responded. “I just really needed my mother,” she said and looked up. Carol noted how bloodshot her eyes were, and could still see where her tears had left tracks going down her face, but she had to admit she had raised a very beautiful young woman. April smiled up at her, and Carol leaned down to kiss her forehead.

“If you are feeling better, then I really need to get back to work,” she said, trying to stand, but April’s arms only tightened, refusing to let go.

“Stay just a little longer?” Carol sighed at the pleading quality of her daughter’s tone, and resigned herself to staying longer. When April finally released her, and stood, Carol was in for another shock. April was pregnant. She had known that it was likely to happen, but the shock of seeing the small bump on her little girl’s belly still surprised her.

“How far along are you?” Carol asked amazed at how steady her voice sounded.

April blushed, and Carol again thought how cute she was. “A few months, I think. Minnie and I are due about the same time. My emotions have been so crazy lately.”

“Minnie?” Carol had forgotten about April’s roommate. She had assumed that the pretense of Adam dating the other woman had been just that, but now she realized just how naive that was. With Adam’s pheromones, there was no way another woman would be able to resist while he and his sister were around each other. Carol knew immediately that Minnie’s child was his too. She just marveled that April seemed to be okay with sharing her brother. “Is she carrying Adam’s child too?” She asked only to let her daughter know that she knew who the father of her child really was.

April’s eyes grew large at the question, and she tried to stammer a denial, before finally asking, “You know?”

Carol smiled, and nodded her head. “For some time now.”

“And you’re okay with it?” Carol could see the trepidation in her child’s eyes, and hear the quiver in her voice.

She pulled her daughter back into a hug, remembering the day she had caught them at home, making love in her son’s room, while she masturbated outside the door. She could feel herself getting wet at the thought, but tried to push it aside.

She didn’t trust herself to speak, and so contented herself to holding April. She started to rub her daughter’s back lightly, consolingly, wanting April to know that everything would be okay. April began to return the favor, and Carol enjoyed the feeling of the gentle touch. A feeling of loving and contentment washed over her, as she buried her face in April’s hair.

Carol’s hands roamed to further and further places, until she unexpectedly found them caressing April’s ass. April moaned into Carol’s neck, and even felt lips brush the sensitive skin at her collar bone. Carol let out a moan of her own at the touch, and felt fire take hold in its aftermath. “Wha– What are we doing?” She asked in a haze, trying to make sense of the situation. Carol tried to bring her hands around to April’s front in order to push her away, and found she was squeezing April’s ample bosom instead.

“I don’t know,” April replied breathlessly, “but don’t stop. That feels good.”

Carol then realized that her daughter wasn’t wearing a bra, and that she was thumbing her nipples through the thin cloth of her shirt. She looked down, not wanting to believe this was actually happening, and found herself staring into April’s big beautiful eyes. Without knowing why she did it, Carol leaned over, and pressed their lips together. April’s tongue immediately sought entrance into her mouth, and Carol was happy to let it in.

A small voice tried to warn Carol about pheromones, and she even tried to summon up enough anger to fight them off, but April’s hands found her slightly smaller breasts, and she gave in to the seduction.

Carol pulled April back down on the couch, their lips never parting. As she lay back, April followed, and was soon on top, as they kissed frantically.

April lifted her head, and stared into Carol’s eyes. “I can’t believe I am about to do this with my own mom!”

April’s words struck Carol, and she froze. What was she about to do? And with her daughter! A hand pressed firmly against her crotch, and the thoughts changed. I’m about to get off by my own daughter, and am doing nothing for her in return!


PERSONAL NOTE: Perhaps the delay in the meeting with the CEO was a blessing in disguise. Either women are starting to become immune to the effects of the substance, or my current batch is faulty. Will try a different batch tomorrow.



Carol reached down, and began applying her own pressure to April’s groin, eliciting a low moan of pleasure. With her free hand, she reached up behind April’s head, and pulled her back down into a kiss. April’s hands moved to the hem of her mother’s shirt, and started tugging it up. Carol broke the kiss long enough to help, and then removed her bra.

“Damn!” April announced on seeing her mother’s chest. She had always wondered what her mother’s tits looked like. While April’s were bigger, Carol’s were soft, and had a wonderful curve to them as they sat on her chest. Unwilling to resist the temptation, she leaned forward, and sucked one of her nipples between her lips. Carol groaned in delight, and then put her hands back against her daughter’s covered pussy.

Carol’s tit hardened nicely in her mouth, as April worked it with her tongue, occasionally nibbling it to the sound of squeals from her horny mother. Why hadn’t they done this years before? April had always thought her mother was a beautiful woman, and often thought that it might be her attraction for her mother that had perhaps been at the root of her bi-sexuality.

April started to work on Carol’s pants, pulling them down as far as she could without releasing the nipple, then using her feet to push them the rest of the way off. She slipped her hand under her mother’s panties, and for the first time felt Carol’s soaked pussy. Knowing that it was her mother’s sex she had a hold of sent a shiver down her spine, and increased her own arousal tenfold.

April finally released the turgid nipple, and began kissing her way down Carol’s stomach. She tried to take it slow and teasing, but she wanted to taste this older woman something fierce. When she finally reached the sodden panties, she gave them one light kiss, before pulling them aside, and shoving her tongue in.

“Oh, April!” Carol exclaimed, and using her hands on the back of her daughter’s head, tried to pull her in more. April was more than content to let her, and began to suck hard. She was rewarded with a face full of her mother’s cum, as her legs locked around April’s head, muffling her squeals of bliss.

When the older woman had finally calmed down a little, April pulled back, and took off her shirt. Carol’s arms shot out to April’s sides, and pulled her breasts to her mother’s waiting mouth. Carol was obviously new to sucking on a woman’s nipples, but she knew enough to make April’s pussy gush a little more. While her mother feasted on her chest, April pulled her pants down and off. She then placed her hands on the sides of Carol’s beautiful face, and pulled her away. Her nipple suddenly felt naked, but she had other plans.

“I want you,” she told her mother simply, and Carol merely nodded in submission.

Taking her mother by the hand, April led her back to her own room, and rummaged around in one of her drawers. She had a few toys from before Minnie and her started screwing Adam, and knew just the one she wanted. When she finally found it, she pulled it out, and grinned wickedly at the older woman. It was a strap-on, with a smaller insert for her.

“I’ve never…” Carol said nervously, and April found it endearing.

April gave her a soft peck on the lips. “Don’t worry, mom. Just lay down, and I’ll take care of everything. Carol nodded, and did as she was told, while April strapped the tool on. She slipped the small phallus into her as she did so, and noted that it couldn’t even compare to her brother, but was at least something inside her. There was a small part that pressed against her clit, and it moved while she applied a bit of lube to the rubber dong.

April bent over her mother, and suckled her left nipple into her mouth, as she rubbed the head of the toy against her mother’s labia. Carol hunched her hips against it, demanding its entrance without using words.

April looked up at her mother and smiled. Carol’s eyes were scrunched tightly closed, and pleasure was written all over her face, in the way she sucked in her breath, and how she bit her bottom lip. April was doing this for her mother, and was receiving her own pleasure in that knowledge. “I love you, mom,” she said while releasing the tit and moving her hips forward.

The phallus slid in easily, and April enjoyed watching Carol’s eyes roll back in her head as she mewled in pleasure. April kept moving forward, until their hips met, then stopped.

Carol’s eyes flew open as she looked up at her daughter. April felt hands grab each of her butt cheeks, and try to pull her in further. April pulled back however, only to be forced back by Carol’s demanding hands. Their hips met with a slap, and both women moaned as their respective phalluses moved inside them.

April moved back again, only to once again be brought down into her mother. They started up a rhythm of this, both building up a sweat, until April heard something she didn’t expect.

“Gawd, why can’t this be as big as Adam’s cock?”

April understood immediately what she meant. Adam’s penis was bigger than this toy, which is why Minnie and her hadn’t been using it. Carol must have realized what she’d said, as her eyes grew large, and filled with fear.

“That’s not what I meant,” she tried to protest. “I– I–” April cut her off with a kiss, and began to thrust her hips as hard as she could into her mother. So she was fucking him too, huh? April wondered how many other women her brother was fucking.

April reached down, and filled each of her hands with her mother’s ass, as she kept up her onslaught. She was getting close, more from the friction on her own clit, than the pinky sized rubber inside her, and knew that Carol was too.

Carol came first, and not for the first time April wondered what it would be like to have a real cock and feel a woman cum on it. She followed soon after, as she bent over and kissed her beautiful mother.


PERSONAL NOTE: Same results with new batch. I was actually downright rejected! I couldn’t believe it. As if any woman wouldn’t give her right foot to be with a man of my caliber. I must get to the bottom of this!



Miss Shelly had been frantic all day. She had failed to catch Adam at home yesterday to tell him the good news, and hadn’t yet seen him in the hallways either. She hoped that he was alright, and nothing bad had happened to him. If any of her students had noticed her behavior, they had been wise enough to keep it to themselves.

Her final class couldn’t come quick enough. She had found herself snapping at some students for no reason, only to completely lose track of what another was saying, because she was lost in thoughts and worries over her beloved Adam.

When sixth period had finally ended, Shelly had to seat herself at her desk, in order to wait for him. She wanted to wait out in the hallway, and run to him when she saw him. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, and kiss him fervently. She knew that none of this could happen till after he graduated next week. She needed to keep her job.

She couldn’t stop a small sigh of relief from escaping her when he finally walked in. All her fears were suddenly calmed, as he looked at her and gave her that special smile that she knew was just for her.

A new worry popped into her head though. How would he take her news? He was young, and still had so much of his life ahead of him. Would he welcome their unborn child, or curse her for it? She had thought she had been careful, always taking her birth control pills, but somehow his sperm had still reached her egg.

The bell rang, and the class immediately went silent. Shelly had hoped that Adam would give her some excuse to keep him after class today, but he behaved exceptionally well. She wasn’t even able to create anything as an excuse to keep him after.

Class went by all too fast for her, and before she knew it, the final bell rang, dismissing her students, and her Adam, for the day.

Feeling rejected because he hadn’t even tried to give her an excuse to keep him after school, Shelly slumped behind her desk, and laid her head on the smooth surface.

Why did he treat her this way? Some small part of her knew that her emotions were slightly askew because of the pregnancy and the hormones, but she didn’t much care right now.

“Miss Shelly?” She looked up, unable to hide the hope that suddenly blossomed inside her. Some students were still filing out, and she fought hard to regain control of her facial features. “I was hoping you could help me with today’s lesson. I seem to have a hard time wrapping myself around the body of these paragraphs.” The way he said some of those words sent a bolt of electricity straight through to her aching crotch.

She sat there looking at him for a few seconds, admiring her young lover, before she remembered that she was supposed to speak. “Oh– Of course. Why don’t you show me your… um… Work?” He grinned at her, and it dazzled her heart to see it. He would understand. He was young yes, but he was intelligent, and would love her and their child.

Adam placed his book before her, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from his face. He started to make up something about what she had tried to teach them about today, but she didn’t hear a word of it.

When the last student finally left, he walked to the door and locked it.

He started to remove his shirt as he walked back, and even though she was sitting, she could already feel herself getting weak in the knees as he did so.

She had to remind herself that there was something she wanted to tell him. Now what was it…? Oh yeah! It was–

His shirt hit the floor.

He wasn’t overly well built, but he was perfect for her. He was strong enough to pick her up, and hold her in his arms.

He was back to her now, a curious look on his face. “Is something wrong? Are you not in the mood?” His questions stung her. How could he think she wasn’t in the mood? She was ravenous; she wanted to feel him in her. She wanted to hold him in her arms, as he filled her full of his seed. His seed!

“I’m pregnant,” the words left her mouth, and for a second she wasn’t sure if she had been the one to say them. Suddenly everything seemed to slow down, as she watched the realization of what she had just said, cross his masculine face.


PERSONAL NOTE: Some personal testing shows that it is actually ME that has become immune to the substance. It no longer bonds with my body chemistry to make the women want me. Somehow my body now rejects it.



“I’m pregnant,” the words seemed to reverberate through his skull. He stood stock still, stunned by the words. Even though his sister and Minnie had delivered the same news to him not so long ago, hearing it again, and from a different source, struck him anew. He still wasn’t sure how he was going to take care of two other babies, and now he had to worry about a third.

For a split second he worried about his mother, but then dismissed it. She had told him she was taking something the morning after that would make sure she didn’t get knocked up. But hadn’t Shelly told him that she was on the pill too? Just like April and Minnie…

Greg was late for class. He ran through the hallways. They were very particular about being punctual here. His health teacher especially. She was very focused on such things. Greg had been late twice this week. He couldn’t help that his car kept breaking down. Ms. Sin was a real hardass and didn’t accept excuses.

Greg had only started his last year of high school here after his eighteenth birthday a few months ago. He was worried about the impressions he was making. He got to the door of his health class and checked his watch apprehensively. It was 7:58. Greg pumped his fist in his victory. He wasn’t late for his 8:00 class. He quickly readjusted his clothing after all that running and turned the knob to open the door.

Inside the room, all the kids were seated already. He looked over to see Ms. Sin had stopped reading out of the study book. He gulped, sweating from the energy he had just expended to run to class.

“I’m glad you decided to join us, Mr. Turner.” Ms. Sin stood up from where she had been sitting on her desk and walked over to the class cabinet, carrying out a study book and handing it to him, “Take your seat now, Greg. Don’t be late again.”

Greg didn’t argue. He walked over to his seat and opened his book to the page on the board.

“You’re late again, G. This isn’t Mr. Lee’s fourth period. You can’t be late for Ms. Sin’s health class.” Andy, his best friend, whispered from one desk over.

Greg hadn’t been late. It was 7:58 when he walked through the door and the class didn’t start until 8:00! He let it go though, nodding his head and looking up to listen to Ms. Sin’s lesson.

Ms. Sin wasn’t drop dead gorgeous in the Hollywood anorexic model. Still, something about her kept Greg’s attention. It’s not that she wasn’t pretty. She was. She was also very intimidating. She stood close to six feet tall, a fact that was accentuated by the heeled shoes she always wore. She had long dark hair and a warm smile, complete with full lush lips, and the crimson lipstick she was fond of.

Not so hidden in Ms. Sin’s blouse were her ample breasts. The black skirt she was wearing today stretched to snugly fit around her thick butt. Greg’s eyes wandered from Ms. Sin’s lesson to her smooth, muscled legs. She hopped back on her desk, facing the classroom, and crossed her legs. Greg’s eyes struggled to see beyond the valley of thigh flesh into her skirt.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked over at Andy. “I never even knew we had a gland there, G. This stuff is sick. Why were you late anyway?”

Greg looked back over at Ms. Sin and saw that she had left her desk, she was turned away from them, writing something on the chalkboard. Greg looked at Andy, he whispered, “I wasn’t late.”

“Oh yes you were. Why do you think Ms. Sin warned you in front of the class?”

Greg was flustered, “I wasn’t late. OK!” He said a little too loud.

The class looked back at Greg. Ms. Sin turned her head and gave him a stern look, which gradually softened.

“You weren’t late, Mr. Turner? The classroom clock tells a different story.” Ms. Sin sauntered down the aisle of desks until stopping at Greg’s, she wrapped her hand around his wrist and lifted his watch arm closer to her eyes.

“Mmmhmm.” Ms. Sin tapped on the glass face of his watch with her nail and then pointed at the classroom clock, “Your watch is a little early here, Greg.” Her brow furrowed for a moment, “Hmm.. this is a good idea.” She squeezed his hand and then released it. Ms. Sin walked back up to the front of the class, her hips sashaying.

“Class,” She started, “Mr. Turner has brought up a good point. I want all of you to synchronize your watches with the clock on the wall. Don’t be late for this class.” Ms. Sin smiled. She added, “It is the most important one after all.” Nodding in Greg’s direction.

The class carried on in an usual manner. Finally the bell rang and kids started shuffling out of the classroom. Greg grabbed his books and headed out the door.

“Wait here a moment, Greg.” He heard Ms. Sin call out.

Greg’s feet weighed more than usual as he circled back to her desk. He knew that Ms. Sin was a disciplinarian and he didn’t want to get on her bad side.

“Yes, Ms. Sin?”

“Oh, I’m so glad you stayed. Usually when I call out for kids to stick around, they’re out the door already. It takes a lot of energy to haul them back here,” She laughed. “I want to tell you…”

The bell rang again.

“I’ll have my next class here in a minute and you shouldn’t be late for another period. Go on. Just come by and see me after school. I’ll be here.” Her next class started pouring through the doorway. Greg nodded his head that he heard her and slipped out the door.

He asked himself, what was that about? Was she going to chew him out after school? Greg didn’t have much time to consider the possibilities before he heard someone call out from the end of the hallway, “Turner!” It was Andy. Greg walked at a faster pace to catch up with his friend through the busy hallway.

“Hey G. What happened? I’m surprised to see you here. I figured Ms. Sin was gonna make an ottoman out of you.”

“It’s your fault!” Greg shouted at his friend, playfully pushing him, though he didn’t feel like fun and games. He was just mad at Andy. “She wants to see me after school.”

“Oh man. That sucks. I bet she wants to lay into you without kids walking in.”

“You think so?” Greg muttered.

There was no answer. Greg glanced out and realized Andy had already walked away to catch his next class. Greg still had a few minutes to catch his class. Greg kicked himself into high gear and ran to his next class, making it just in time.

The hours rolled by slowly. Greg and Andy caught up at lunch and brainstormed over the after school meeting with Ms. Sin. Greg could always say he felt sick if he had to. His afternoon classes went by faster. Even an interesting science class couldn’t take his mind off the incident in health though.

The final bell rang and while all the kids rushed through the building and out the doors, Greg walked slowly, killing time. Greg really did feel sick by the time he made it to the health class door. It read: Ms. Sin Room 96 Health Class

His sweaty palm wrapped around the doorknob and twisted it, opening the door. He walked in and saw Ms. Sin sitting at her desk. She was grading papers and didn’t immediately acknowledge Greg. He closed the door, grabbing the strap of his backpack and dropped it off his shoulder. Greg exhaled loudly in case Ms. Sin hadn’t heard him.

“Take a seat. I’ll be with you in a minute.” She didn’t look up.

Greg sat at the desk directly across from her desk. He folded his hands together apprehensively while she marked something in her book. Greg couldn’t help but notice that a couple buttons of her blouse weren’t buttoned. They had been at the beginning of the school day. He tried not to look because he felt she would see if he did.

His eyes zeroed in on the cleavage despite his brain’s wishes. It wasn’t as if her tits were spilling out of the blouse. That wasn’t it. Greg could see more than he had in the morning. That was what grabbed his attention. He wouldn’t admit it, not even to Andy, but there was something about Ms. Sin which made Greg go wild. This was evident by the erection growing in Greg’s pants.

Ms. Sin’s eyes shot up to Greg’s, “I’m glad you didn’t pretend to forget to see me after school or fake sick, or something like that,” She rolled her eyes, “You’d be surprised what some of these kids try. This is the way to make it easier on yourself.”

“I don’t understand, Ms. Sin. Am I in trouble?” Greg had a confused look on his face.

Ms. Sin smiled, “No, dear. Not at all. I didn’t want to embarrass you by having this conversation during class.” She stood up, walking over to him, “Greg. I like you so I’ve cut you some slack. But you have to realize, you can’t be late to my class. You have to make an effort to get here on time and once you have, you can’t talk to your friends. Do you know how disrespectful that is?”

“Yes. Yes, Ms. Sin. I’m very sorry. My car isn’t reliable. I need to…”

“No,” She cut him off, her tone more serious, “There are no excuses. Do you understand?”

Greg nodded.

“I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl. Respect is very important to me. You show me respect and I do the same. I’m your teacher and I demand your undivided attention in this classroom. Keep that in mind the next time you want to act out in class. You’re dismissed.”

Greg stood, his face red, and apologized again. He grabbed his backpack and shut the door to Ms. Sin’s classroom behind him. He wasn’t going to be late tomorrow.

Greg went home and spent most of the night doing homework. He chatted online with Andy but didn’t go into detail about what happened after school.

It was the next morning already. Greg left early to make sure he was on time. He was one of the first kids at their desks in health class. Ms. Sin gave him a look, signaling that she saw he was on time.

Before long the bell rang and class started. It began with an assignment in the study book. Ms. Sin collected those, then put her piece of chalk down and rubbed the residue off her fingers. She walked through the aisles of desks slowly.

“This is health class. We do more than just busy work around here,” Ms. Sin pointed at a study book on one of the kid’s desks. “Knowledge is power, ladies and gentlemen. I teach the consequences of drug use. You learn the basics here about anatomy.” Ms. Sin crossed past Greg’s desk, her arm sliding over his back as she squeezed herself between the aisle.

“But we also talk about life, living healthy and relationships. We discuss issues of sex with an adult tone. I intend to use my platform here to teach you that knowledge is also tolerance. It’s time to highlight the LGBT community. Do we all know what that is?” Most of the class shouted out in affirmative.

“The ‘T’ in LGBT stands for transgender. Can anyone tell me what a transgender is?” Ms. Sin asked the class.

Someone from the back piped up, “Isn’t that those guys that run around with socks stuffed in their shirt and they wear wigs and stuff?”

“Let me explain. And don’t shout out next time.” Ms. Sin took a seat on top of her desk, “This is a very sensitive subject which hasn’t been treated that way for many years. You’re thinking of a crossdresser. He or she, however they choose to refer to their gender, may be gay or bisexual, but they’re not necessarily a transgender. Transgender people are people who primarily identify with the opposite gender and decide to do something about that.”

Ms. Sin crossed her legs, “That can mean male or female. Let’s take someone born into a male body who identifies with feminine characteristics. When they decide to begin this process, they become transgendered or transsexual. They either take hormones and or get breast implants. They live as the opposite gender, in this case, as a girl. There are post-op and pre-op transsexuals. Post-op transsexuals have gone through sex reassignment surgery. Pre-op transsexuals haven’t.”

Ms. Sin crossed and uncrossed her legs again. Greg was straining his eyes to see in between her wonderful legs.

“There’s also something called a non-op transsexual. We usually call these women shemales. They live as women and have augmented their breasts in some manner but also like the hardware they were given at birth. I’m going to be blunt here, class. They’re ladies with cocks.”

The class laughed at Ms. Sin’s language and the serious nature of the discussion being boiled down so far. Ms. Sin laughed too and readjusted herself on the desk. It was then that Greg’s leering eyes got their eyeful. To Greg’s utter surprise, staring back at him was the head of a flaccid penis. It had to be six or seven inches flaccid, half of it sticking out of Ms. Sin’s pink panties. It was the shock of Greg’s life. Ms. Sin was a transsexual. A SHEMALE!

The class had quieted down from Ms. Sin’s comment and she continued, “Shemales retain their cocks and have the same or an even greater appetite for sex than most men and women too. They enjoy using their penises as much as men do. A lot of shemales make dominant partners. Now I’d like to…”

The bell rang.

“Oh alright. Go on. Get out of here, class. No homework tonight!” Ms. Sin called out as kids started packing up for their next class.

Greg did the same, with a sinking feeling in his stomach. He knew Ms. Sin’s secret. He couldn’t believe his teacher was a shemale. All that time he had been drooling over and fantasizing about a shemale!

“Greg. Come over here. I want to speak with you.” Ms. Sin looked over at him.

What? Did she know that he knew? A lot of crazy thoughts were flying through his head as he walked over to Ms. Sin’s desk.

“What… What is it, Ms. Sin?” He looked at the floor.

“I want to tell you that I appreciate you being in class early today. I’m glad that you’ll take instruction and follow my rules here. It goes a long way.” She paused, “… Is something wrong, dear?”

“No. No, nothing. I just have to make it to my next class.” He stammered, still not making eye contact.

“That’s alright. Run along. I’ll see you in class bright and early tomorrow, right?”

“Uh.. yeah. Thanks, Ms. Sin.”

The rest of the day was uneventful. Greg tried his best to avoid everyone. So much so that Andy rushed to catch up with him after school.

“What’s wrong, G?”

“Nothing. Just nothing.”

“You’ve been wigging out since health class! Come on, what the hell is wrong? I haven’t even seen you since lunch.”

“I said nothing!” Greg snapped back.

Andy thew his arms up, “Ok. Ok. I’m on my way.” He walked off in a direct direction and left Greg alone. Alone with his thoughts. How could he stay in Ms. Sin’s class knowing what he knew? He couldn’t even face her. This was the woman he had jerking off to for months! She had a cock! A big fucking cock.

Greg slept in the next morning. He resolved to miss Ms. Sin’s class altogether. Greg got there in time for second period and tried to push health class out of his mind. That lasted until lunchtime when Ms. Sin found him in the lunchroom.

“Mr. Turner. There you are!” Ms. Sin walked over to Greg’s table, leaning over him and putting her fists down on the table, “I thought you were going to be on time for my class this morning. I figured you were sick when you didn’t make it at all. Imagine how surprised I was when I learned you had made it to school after all, and just in time for second period!”

“Umm… yeah. It was.. err… right! My car. I’m sorry….” He stared down at his lunch

“I’ve been a teacher for almost fifteen years. Don’t insult me with these excuses, young man. This is a total lack of respect. I want to see you in my room after school. Got it?”

“Yeah… I do…”

“Be there, Mr. Turner.” She glared down at him.

Greg muddled through the rest of the day, incessantly worrying about seeing Ms. Sin after school. The final bell rang all too soon. Greg knew what he had to do. He walked through the halls like they were his last steps, sighing heavily at the door to Ms. Sin’s classroom.

Ms. Sin was sitting at her desk grading papers like the last time Greg was here. This time though she looked up immediately at Greg, “Have a seat, Mr. Turner.”

Greg reluctantly threw his backpack off and sat at one of the desks. Ms. Sin quickly followed and surprised Greg by sitting on top of the desk where he had taken his seat.

She began immediately, “I’m a good judge of matters and I get the feeling that something is wrong,” Ms. Sin crossed her legs, “Why did you skip my class today?”

Greg turned away and mumbled something which Ms. Sin couldn’t hear.

“I want an answer, Mr. Turner.” She told him sternly.

“I… I don’t know. I just…”

Ms. Sin grabbed his chin and used it to aim his eyes at hers, “Look at me while we’re talking.” She chided him.

“I don’t know the answer, Ms. Sin!”

Her grip on his chin got stronger, “You’re lying to me, Greg.”

Greg struggled to get up but Ms. Sin grabbed his shoulders and kept him seated in the chair. She was much stronger than him.

“Damn it. Why can’t I get through to you! Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong!” She shouted at him, frustrated with the situation.

Burning hot tears trailed down Greg’s cheeks as he struggled to push his way up, “I saw you yesterday! Ok. You know. I saw that you have… that you’re…” Greg stopped struggling and dropped his head.

Ms. Sin’s hands suddenly gripped Greg’s shoulder so tightly that it hurt. “What! What did you see?!”

“You have a fucking penis! That’s what I saw. The woman I’ve been jacking off to has a fucking penis!” He shouted back at her.

Ms. Sin became aware that they were still in school. She stood up without saying a word and opened the door to check if anyone was around. The place was deserted. She looked at the clock. It was 4:00. The teachers were all probably gone too. Ms. Sin closed the door again and locked it. Ms. Sin walked toward Greg’s desk. She sat down at the desk next to him.

“Ok, so you know I am a transsexual. A shemale. Is there a reason you’re avoiding my class? I don’t see a problem with being a shemale. Do you?”

“No. No. I don’t think so. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to you offend you. It’s just… I don’t know.”

“It’s just…? It’s just… you’ve been masturbating while thinking about me?”

“Ms. Sin. I… I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry for that, Greg. You’ve taken my class. You know there’s nothing wrong with masturbation. It’s quite flattering actually that you would think of me.”

“I’m so confused, Ms. Sin. I was trying to catch a peek at you, and then… and then… I saw…”

“Hush sweetheart. It’s ok. I understand what you’re going through.” Ms. Sin stood up and wrapped her arms around Greg, pulling his head into her chest.

“You.. do you feel confused now?” She asked.

Greg’s head was buried in Ms. Sin’s cleavage and he didn’t make any effort to free himself. The big, soft mounds of flesh felt great against his face, even with her blouse on.

“Feeling this way is okay, honey.” Her arms caressed his neck and back. She pressed her lips against his head and kissed him lovingly.

Greg’s cock had grown in his pants. His cock was leading the charge when his hands reached around Ms. Sin’s wonderful body and cupped her full butt cheeks.

“I could lose my job for this. I know you’re eighteen but it’s still unethical.” She reasoned briefly. Her cock had stirred and scared Greg when it pressed against his chest.

Ms. Sin removed her arms and took a step back, her boner tenting her skirt. “It’s ok, darling. Why don’t we try something we’re both sure to like?” She smiled.

Greg nodded his head but hadn’t found his voice yet.

Ms. Sin kneeled down on the floor and pulled Greg’s legs out of his desk. Her hands pressed against his thighs and finally started squeezing Greg’s erection through his jeans.

“This is good, huh?” Her hands continued to squeeze him.

“Yes!” He squealed.

Ms. Sin chuckled, her nimble fingers finding the button and zipper to his pants, she slowly undid them until his erection was covered only by his boxers.

“What do you have for Ms. Sin?” She said in a husky voice, pulling both Greg’s pants and boxers down his legs. His hard cock sprang free.

“Such a pretty one. I’ve got to have it in my mouth. Unless you’re still confused?” She asked him knowingly.

“No! No, I’m not I mean.”

Ms. Sin wet her full lips with her tongue before wrapping them around the head of Greg’s cock. This was a new, wonderful sensation to Greg. Her tongue did a spin over his tip. She created a tight seal around his shaft and started to take it deep into her mouth. Ms. Sin didn’t stop until her lips met his boyish pubes.

She had taken the entire length of his cock into her mouth almost effortlessly. Having every inch of his cock engulfed in her mouth was indescribable. The competing sensations of warm and wet and tight came together as she began to suck.

She was eighteen and never fucked! A virgin barely kissed. But unlike her friends who went on and on about their weekly romps with their boyfriends who were more interested in spider man than sex, Emma was at a loss. She didn’t want to admit to them her laughs and carefully slotted observations and opinions came from pornos and playboy. She wanted sex but with man not a boy. She wanted someone who could tease and please her. Make her breasts heave and her cunt wet and drip. She wanted man who could drive crazy with lust and dangle her off the edge. But how was going to find that at the all girls catholic private school she and her friends attended?

Then along came Mr. Andrews. Jace Andrews. Emma got wet the moment she laid eyes on him. Fresh out of teacher’s college he wasn’t even thirty yet. He was tall with short, rich brown wavy hair and had very broad shoulders under his dress shirt. His voice was deep and friendly. Also, she could see a slight bulge in his baggy dress pants meant he was packing. She went up to talk to him a few times during his first week and he was also very nice and even gave her a hug once. She smelt his sweet dolce & gabana cologne and bit her lips as the part in between her legs got hot. He was perfect!

She spent nights rubbing her dripping pussy, thinking about him on top of her. She would lie half naked and rub her C cup tits imagining it was his hands and tongue brushing against them. She had to have him and soon! She wasn’t the only one who though he was incredible. Some of the other girls flirted with him and even some teachers. If she didn’t make a move and soon someone else will.

On Friday she went up with the other girls to his desk, handing in mid-term essays. She made sure she was the last one she to ask him a question.

“Sir,” she said in her most innocent tone of voice. “I was wondering, I’m having a lot of trouble with one subject and I was wondering if maybe I can see you after school for extra help?”

“Sure Emma,” he replied. “You know I’m here to help. How about you drop by ten minutes after the last bell?”

“Sounds good Sir.” He flashed her his brilliant white smile as she returned to her desk.

When the day ended, she went to the nearest washroom and changed into an altered version of the school uniform. Then at fifteen past, she made sure the school was empty before returning to Mr. Andrews’ class room. She entered and shut the door, wearing a violet trench coat.

“Ah Emma.” Mr. Andrews greeted. “So what can I help you with?”

She turned around slowly, holding the belt of the coat. “Well sir, I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m so confused I don’t think I can let this go on much longer.”

“There’s no need to be embarrassed.” Mr. Andrews said calmly, waving her forward. “I’m here to help you in any way I can. Just tell me what’s wrong.”

“Well you see, in class I’m having trouble concentrating.” Emma started to say meanwhile she began to pull the knot loose on the belt of her coat.

“Is the material too difficult?” he asked.

“No… It’s you.” She undid the knot and let her coat fall. Underneath she revealed the school uniform but the shirt had a low v-neck neck and was altered to cup her tits up and tight, the material stretching over her push up bra. She had fishnet stockings under a belt-like kilt that showed off her newly tanned midriff.

She looked carefully at Mr. Andrews, praying he wouldn’t shout.

‘Want me,’ she begged internally. To her pleasant surprised he slowly put his pen down and there was a glimmer in his eyes.

“Me?” He stuttered a little which Emma found to be cute. “Am I distracting you in some way?”

“Well yes,” she continued. She walked around his desk so he could get a good look at her.

“Every time I see you in class… I feel strange.”

“How so?”

“Well I start to feel hot. My cheeks turn red and…” He stood up and she sat down at the other end of his desk.

“Go on.” He said in almost a whisper. “You can tell me anything Emma.”

”Oh teacher!” she closed her legs tightly, hoping to excite him. “I’m so embarrassed!’

It appeared to be working. He walked around his desk, staring at her. His jaw practically hitting the floor.

“Please,” he sighed, losing control of his voice. “You can say it.”

“I get hot… down there.” She pointed to her kilt. “Between my legs, in my private area.”

“Really? That must be distracting.” He reached her and caressed her cheek. “You poor girl.”

“Oh my!” Emma turned away a little bit and clutched in between her legs.

“Did I do it again?” he asked.

“Yes.” She turned back to him. “My private feels all warm hot… and… strange… It’s wet teacher.”

She loved the way his eyes widen as he looked down at her hands over kilt between her legs. He was actually blushing a little too.

“Does it… Always get wet?’ he asked her, stepping closer.

“At first it was just hot.” Emma said slowly. “But then as more time passed I started to notice how handsome you are. Your board and strong shoulders. Your legs and…Ah!”

Emma started to move her hand up and down her pussy lips, covered by a lacy black pair of panties. Mr. Andrews couldn’t believe the sight. It was so arousing and wrong at the same time. But it made it all the more exciting.

“Oh no!” Emma moaned. “See what happens. Every time I see you, I just get all hot and wet. And then all I want to do is rub my privates until they sore!” Emma tried to close her legs but still rubbed.

“I’m a good student, teacher.” She looked at him but kept her eyes narrow and lustful. “I’m a good girl. But this keeps happening. Help me Teacher! Help me so I don’t have this constant need!” She moaned loudly.

Mr. Andrews grabbed her hands and slowly pulled them away.

“Yes, Emma.” He said to her. “I’ll help you. I know exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.”

“Oh good!” Emma sighed. “Thank you Teacher.”

He drew his face close to her and planted his lips on hers. He kissed her slowly and when she responded he started to kiss her harder. He caressed her cheeks with one hand and explored her body with the other. He moaned feeling how nicely developed she was for a girl her age. She was actually sexier than some of the women his age. His hand soon reached below her waste and he slowly placed it on her panties, which were indeed quite soaked. When Emma felt his hand, she gasped and pulled back.

“Oh teacher!” she cried. “Is this right? Should you be touching me?”

“In order for me help you Emma, I have to touch you, and more.” Mr. Andrew explained. “Can you let me do everything that I need to? Will you let me and do exactly what I say, no matter what?

Emma stared into his eyes and tried to maintain her innocent school girl confused face, but inside she was doing cart wheels. He was being so sexy and completely turned on by her. She wanted it and him so baldy and was pleased to see he felt the same.

“Alright teacher.” She replied. “Just… Promise you’ll be gentle.”

“Of course, Emma.”

She gasped. He kissed her again and started to rub her with two fingers. She sighed, enjoying the small sensations along her pussy. She had masturbated many times, picturing him fondling her. She was already so aroused she could feel herself getting more wet already.

“Mmm! My my Emma.” He murmured, pulling away to look. “You’re practically dripping.” He began to use his whole hand to rub. His thumb rested tightly on her mound and the rest of his fingers stroked along her clit beneath her panties. He then licked her lips and she licked him back. Shortly they were sucking and slurping each other’s tongues, moaning and sighing.

“Emma,” He groaned between their kisses. “Do you like me?’

“Yes teacher.” Emma sighed. “I really, really like you.”

“Good.” He pulled away from her again and looked at his hand on her pussy.

“You’re still dripping. So I’m going to try to cool you down and dry you.” He said seductively.

“How teacher?” Emma asked.

Mr. Andrews knelt down and spread her legs. “Oh my!” Emma cried as he grabbed the band of her panties and slid them down, pulling them right off her dangling legs. Emma notice her juices stuck to her panties.

“You smell nice Emma.” Mr. Andrew said, his head close to her pussy lips. Emma got more excited, feeling his breath.

“Teacher, that’s embarrassing.” She cried.

‘”I think it’s sexy.” He commented. Emma gasped as he held her legs open and ran his tongue down to up her wet pussy lips. He smacked his lips loudly tasting her.

“Mmmm! You taste good Emma.” Emma couldn’t respond as he began to lick her more. She sighed moaned and held his head close, spreading her legs wider. His tongue flicked over and over and started to worked against her clit. She groaned, “Oh teacher!” as he stimulated her clit with his tongue. It felt amazing! Soon she couldn’t tell the fluids apart. His warm tongue teased her vaginal opening and worked around her pussy lips, making everything very wet.

“Oh Emma,” Mr. Andrews suddenly said and stood up. “It doesn’t seem to be working as I thought. “

“I guess not.” Emma confessed, disappointed he stopped licking her.

“But it seems now I have a problem.” Mr. Andrews held Emma’s face and pointed down. Emma looked and saw a huge bulge at the crotch of his pants. She could see the brass zipper, barley able to contain the swelled member underneath.

“Are you wet and hot too, teacher?”Emma asked, trying not to sound too teasing.

“I’m hot,” Mr. Andrews confessed. “But hard not wet. But I need to be wet. I need to cool down.” He held Emma’s face with both hands and kissed her hard.

“Help me.” He gasped when he let her go.

Emma breathless, simply nodded. He sat beside her and pulled the zipper and button of his pants, and pulled his cock out. Medium, soft chest nut hairs crowned his fleshly dick. Emma was pleasantly surprised to see he was circumcised. His dick was smooth, pink, and had a perfect mushroom top with a clean, visible hole.

“Come,” he said to her. “Wrap those luscious lips around this,”

Emma obeyed, bending down, practically laying. She took the cock in both hands and opened her mouth wide, taking the tip in and began to lick and suck.

“Mmm! Emma!’ Mr. Andrews moaned. “That’s good!” She began slowly, and tried to make the sounds the girls in the pornos she watched made. She moved her lips up and down the shaft, and began to wiggle his balls with her free hand. It felt strange, having this long, soft but stuff log, like a strange tasting, giant sausage in her mouth. When she began to taste the salty precum, she began to enjoy herself and go faster. Mr. Andrews has begun fondling her breasts and sighing and groaning throughout.

“Suck my balls too!” he gasped at one point. “I need to be cooled down everywhere.” Emma released his cock but continued to rub it with one hand as she reached under and tasted his balls with her tongue. “Teacher,” she sighed. “Are you sure this isn’t wrong?’ she asked.

“If you like me, and want this.” He whispered back, “Then no, there’s nothing wrong.” He suddenly grabbed her head, causing her to take almost his whole cock into his mouth, practically choking. “Now you’re about to see how wet you’ve made me.” Emma continued to suck, moving her head faster and faster. Her fingers dripped in her saliva and she used these to rub Mr. Andrews balls. She was ecstatic. Her pussy continued to drip as she sucked his cock, which had become long, hard, and large in her mouth.

“Oh Emma!” Mr. Andrew gasped. “I’m gonna spray it into your mouth!”

He grabbed her head tightly as she hesitated briefly.

“Keep going! Don’t take it out!”

Emma obeyed and continued to suck, faster and faster, moving her head more. She even nibbled the tip.

“I’m gonna cum Emma!” Mr. Andrews cried. Emma gave a muffled moan as Mr.Andrews cock twitched and sprayed his milky white seed down her throat. She tried to swallow, but some of it dripped out of her mouth. Emma sat back, opening her mouth. Mr. Andrews’ dripping cock flopped down as she covered her mouth and swallowed. His cum had an incredibly strong taste. Salty-sweet, but when it hit her throat it was like a shot of vodka. It made her feel light headed.

“Oh my god!” she finally gasped. She looked up at him to talk about how yummy and sweet his cock was when he pressed his lips against her. She let his hand run along her legs and screamed with pleasure when a finger found its way inside her pussy.

“Good girl! You’re incredibly wet.” Mr. Andrews said, pulling his face from her to look down at her pussy. Emma started to scream. “Oohh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Mmmahh! Ohhh!” Loudly and almost rhythmically as he works her pussy hole with his fingers and her clit with his thumb.

“How many times have you fingered yourself thinking about me?” Mr. Andrews asked. At first Emma couldn’t answer due to the stimulation, so he slowed down a little to let her speak,

“Lots of times.” She confessed with a moan. “At first… mmmahhhh! We just… just kiss! Ohhh God! But then we end up having sex! Mmmm ahhhhh! Baby!”

“You’re so naughty!” Mr. Andrews cooed. “I love it!” He started to shove his finger into her pussy, causing Emma to scream loudly. She never thought she could feel anything like this. Her pussy was burning inside and out. Her hips kept trembling and moving forward so her pussy rubbed against his hand. Her pussy throbbed around his finger. He grabbed her breast with his other hand, using his thumb to tease and move her nipple. She moaned loudly.

“Oh teacher!” she cried. “Please, please, teach me how to have sex like an adult.”

“You sure that’s what you want?” He twisted his fingers inside her and she screamed.


It felt like he had torn what was left of her clothes completely off. He cleared his desk with two swings of his arms. Then he carried Emma and laid her on it. He then started to lick her pussy again, moving his tongue into her pussy, licking the walls in circles. Emma saw that as he licked her, he had dropped his shirt and pants and pulled out a condom.

Emma breasts bounced as she moved against his incredible tongue. When he stopped licking her she started to rub her own pussy. She could feel how soaked and slippery it was. She gave soft moans as he licked and sucked her tits. Soon he stopped and stood up. She sat up a bit and saw the most arousing sight. Mr. Andrews stood in front of her completely naked. She could now see how buff and toned his body was. His long arms had beautiful muscles. His stomach was smooth with gorgeous curves running down his sides and melted into his buttocks. His cock was huge, red and covered with a clear condom. Emma smiled but teased him by closing her legs.

“Oh teacher,” she cried. “What if we get caught?”

“Mmm. It’s late.” Mr. Andrews murmured, grabbing her erect tit with one hand and his cock with the other. “No one will come.” He reached her face and kissed her roughly. They took turns sucking and biting each other’s lips and tongues. Emma gasped loudly when he stopped. He pulled her legs wide and wrapped them around his body. He then gazed at her intensely and started stroking the tip of his huge cock around her pussy hole.

“Now, my sexy little student,” he growled. “Are you actually a virgin?”

Emma gave him a huge smile, feeling her pussy drip another glob. “I am. That’s why I want you to teach me. Show me how to fuck teacher!”

“Oh baby!” He pulled her up and kissed her hard again. “It might hurt a bit at first,” He whispered in her ear. Emma moaned loudly, feeling three emotions at once. Extreme arousal. Pleasure. And impatience. He was so close. His cock raised up against her soaked and sticky pussy.

“But I swear, I’m gonna make you feel something you’ve never felt before.” Emma moaned loudly as he put the tip of his cock into her opening.

“And it’s gonna be fucking amazing.”

Emma’s moans soon became cries as he thrust his cock into her slowly, pushing it in inch by inch with each thrust. Emma threw her head back as Mr. Andrew held her from behind and kissed her neck and lower on her shoulders and then her tits. She screamed when he was half way in, her vaginal opening stretching to accommodate his thick shaft.

“Oh Jace!” she screamed.

“Does it hurt Emma?’ Mr. Andrews asked, half groaning with delight at how tight her beautiful pussy was.

“Mmmahhhhhhhhhhh!” was all Emma could say. Her pussy lips throbbed painful but also with sweet expectation. She needed his rod in her now! She grabbed his hips and started to pull her body closer to his. They both moaned as he moved in another inch.

“I’ve wanted this for so long!” she gasped. Her tits bounced as he thrust once more, gaining more ground. “Oh, fuck me! Please! Do it now!”

Mr. Andrews pressed his lips against Emma’s and start to eat and suck her mouth. As they kissed, he started to work his cock inside, using slow but powerful motions, going deeper and deeper until finally…


Emma was in ecstasy! Mr. Andrews had loss complete control and was now plunging his cock deep inside her. His balls slammed against Emma’s ass as he rammed her pussy, using a circling motion. Emma legs tighten around Mr. Andrews’ body as she screamed with lust. Her pussy was burning on his hot rod and she felt every single thrust hit her pussy, ass, and all the way up her to tits and head. Soon he stopped kissing her and start kneading her tits and moaning. Soon she started get really into it, and began to cry:

“Yes! That’s it! Fuck, you’re so good! Oh my God! I’ve never felt this before! Yeah! That’s right. You’re so deep! Yes! Slam your huge cock into me! I’m gonna explode! Oh Jace! Jace! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Take me! Fuck! Fuck!”

Mr. Andrews could only respond by moving his hips in rhythm with her and gave loud groans. He moved her legs on top of his shoulders so he could go deeper still. He now moved faster as his cock twitched and Emma felt a new sensation deep inside her pussy. It started as a thin burning hot fire and soon exploded into river of pleasure that surged through her body. Emma gave a deep cry as her body trembled.

“Yeah Baby! That’s it. Cum all over me!” Mr. Andrews cried. Emma’s pussy literally exploded, as if on command, and her juices leaked loudly from her well plugged vaginal hole. Mr. Andrews sped up his thrusts as Emma’s earth shattering orgasm continued. Then he grabbed her and slammed her against him as his balls tightened and he came.

“FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK! EEEMMMMMAAAAAAA!!!” He roared as his seed squirted into the condom. Emma screamed with him as the last of her orgasm rippled through her body. They soon collapsed on the desk and Mr. Andrews slowly pulled out. Emma moaned and gasped, her body limp and shaking from small after comes. He grabbed her and slowly and softly kissed her tits, tummy and finally her pussy lips. She moved down and kissed him hard.

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “Oh teacher! That was fucking amazing.”

“Yes, it was.” He smiled. “You are such an amazing woman.” He said as he bit her lip.

Emma reached and grabbed his hand and shoved a finger in her still burning hot pussy.

“I want you to teach me more, teacher.” She spoke in her soft, seductive voice. “I want to learn everything about fucking so I can make you come. So I can taste you and smell you all over.” She grabbed her tits and rubbed them hard, moving them around and against her chest. “I want to feel your cum in me!”

Mr. Andrews’ eyes bulged as he stared at Emma whose breasts were pink from being pulled, squeezed, licked, and touched and her gorgeous tight pussy that was already melting on his fingers.

“Oh Emma.” He finally said and grabbed her as he wiggled his fingers inside.

“I intend to teach you everything. My little student whore!”


‘Not you, Heidi.’

Last to leave, you halt in the doorway, my firm tone stopping you instantly.

‘Come here. Close the door.’

‘Yes, sir’. I hear the slight tremble in your voice; you know you are in trouble.

Obediently you shut the door and approach my desk. I watch you carefully, setting my features into grim disapproval as my gaze lingers its way up your body from your white-socked calves, over your firm thighs to the hem of your short skirt, then following the buttons on your blouse to your breasts where the outline of your nipples can just be determined — your bra must be very thin, very sheer. I meet your eyes at last and you blush and hang your head, clasping your hands behind your back and standing up straight so that your breasts strain against the fabric of your blouse.

‘Do you know why I called you back, Miss Presswood?’

‘No, sir.’ You dart me a quick glance and hang your head again. I only call you ‘Miss Presswood’ when you’re in trouble.

I stand up, taking the long wooden ruler from the desktop. My penis is beginning to swell in my trousers but with your head down, you won’t notice it. I move to stand behind you, slightly to one side. You make to turn your head, but I stop the movement by touching the tip of the ruler to your cheek. You flinch slightly.

‘Face the front, Miss Presswood. Hands by your sides.’ I stand very close to you. I can sense you trembling. My penis is straining now, aching. ‘You are a disgrace, Miss Presswood. Your skirt is far too short for modesty, it should come to here.’ I touch your thigh an inch above the back of your knee. ‘Instead it is all the way up here.’ I run my finger up your soft skin to meet the hem of your skirt. My finger is about two inches from the junction of your thighs. I move it a little higher. I can feel your heat. I leave it there and say, ‘What have you to say about that.’

‘Oh, sir,’ you gasp. ‘I’m very sorry, sir. It was all I had to wear today.’

‘Was it, Miss Presswood?’ I move my finger up and down, just a little so it brushes your underwear. Very smooth. Damp. You give a little whimper. I remove my hand and take an audible breath through my nose. ‘Were all your other skirts dirty, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir,’ you whisper.

‘Then you must be a very dirty girl, Miss Presswood. Are you?’

‘No, sir. I mean yes, sir.’ Flustered you blush again.

‘Let me be clear, Miss Presswood. Today you are dressed in a skirt that is far too short for decency and a blouse that is at least a size too small. I detect lipstick and rouge. And if I am not mistaken, perfume.’ I lean very close to your silky dark hair and, taking it in my fingers, smell. ‘Perfumed shampoo and also perfume on your skin.’ still holding your hair, I put my nose to the nape of your neck. ‘Frankly, Miss Presswood, you look like a common prostitute. Is that what you wanted?’

‘No sir,’ your whisper now is barely perceptible.

‘Do you know what prostitutes do, Miss Presswood?’

The merest shake of your head. I’m holding it quite firmly in my fist now. I use it to turn you round and hold your head up to look at me.

‘Then it is time you learnt so that there will not be a repetition of this disgraceful exhibition. On your knees.’

You look uncomprehending but I twist your hair and exert enough force to set you on your way to kneeling. Unbalancing slightly on your way down, you clutch my thighs for support. I let the ruler fall to the floor with a clatter that makes you start, but when I release your hair and unfasten my trousers your look turns from surprise to outright shock. You seem frozen, petrified like a rabbit in headlights.

‘Prostitutes, Miss Presswood, perform fellatio, amongst other things. Or in their parlance: suck cock. You, Miss Presswood, are going to suck my penis like a cock-hungry little slut, and once you have learnt to perform that task to my satisfaction, we shall turn to the rest of your punishment. Listen carefully. You will take down my shorts and use your mouth and tongue on my penis and testicles. You may kiss and lick at first but quite quickly you will take the tip in your mouth and suck. While you are doing this, you will moan with pleasure — I like my whores to sound appreciative. Do you understand?’

You nod. I slap your face, not very hard.

‘Yes, sir,’ you mumble, not taking your eyes from the bulge of my throbbing penis trapped within my cotton shorts.

‘Good girl.’ at these words, a quick smile flashes across your face and the welling tears subside. ‘Be a good girl, Heidi and suck me.’

‘Yes, sir.’ Your reach for the band of my shorts. As you start to pull them down, I put my hands over yours and stop you. You look uncomprehending, almost fearful, as if you’ve done something wrong.

‘Beg, Heidi,’ I say. ‘Beg for my big penis like the cock-hungry little slut you are.

You beg.

‘Please, sir, oh please sir, please let me suck your cock.’ You nuzzle it through the fabric. ‘Please, sir. Please. I need to suck your cock, sir. Please. like the little slut I am. I want it.’ You kiss it through the cotton. ‘I need my mouth filled with hard cock, sir.’

I release your hands and you tear down my shorts. My penis is free and rampant. You clasp it in both hands and moan. Then you look straight up at me.

‘Please, sir,’ you say very calmly and seriously. ‘Please may I suck this magnificent penis. I promise to be such a good girl.’

I nod and you suck. You make little whimpers of satisfaction when I begin to thrust and shift your hands to my backside, crasping and clawing as I begin to fuck your face in earnest. When I come, it feels like a fountain erupting from my balls. You drink it all and don’t stop licking until my penis is clean.

‘Thankyou, sir,’ you say. ‘I hope I have been a good girl.’

‘Yes, Heidi,’ I say. ‘A very good girl. I tug you to your feet by the hair, but quite gently and smile indulgently at you as you beam up at me. I slide my hand under your dress onto your rump. You freeze.

‘What’s this?’ I say, feeling the warmth of your firm round buttock. ‘Are you wearing a thong, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir.’

Then you must bend over the desk, Miss Presswood, and prepare to be punished.

You bend, pressing your upper body against the polished mahogany. I take down your skirt and thong in one smooth motion, revealing your plump little arse and smooth-shaven cunt. My penis is sticking straight out again, and it twitches at the sight. I put the head against the lips of your wet cunt.

‘This will be a most severe punishment, Miss Presswood,’ I thrust my penis straight into you, all the way. You are hot and tight and wet. I tell you so, leaning forward to whisper in your ear, ‘You have a very tight little cunt, Miss Presswood. Such a pretty little cunt.’ I withdraw, then slam into you again. ‘So very tight and wet.’ And you moan as I fuck you with long, brutal strokes. ‘Are you sorry, Miss Presswood?’ I gasp as I fill you with my full length again. You just whimper and nod your head as best you can.

I press my hard stomach against your taut, round young arse, reach underneath you and tear open your blouse, scoop your beasts from your skimpy bra and fondle them. As I brush the nipples, you come explosively, your cunt tightening on my hard penis and you shriek. As you subside, I pull out, still erect. You moan and beg, cry out with alarm as I return, but this time to your anus.

‘No, sir, please, sir. Please fuck me in my cunt sir –’ Your pleas are cut short, turn into a little scream as I force into you. i put my hands on your wrists, holding you down. You squirm beneath me on the desk, grinding your arse against me. Three strokes is all it takes and I come again.

Once I have recovered, I withdraw and you kneel and clean me again with your mouth and tongue. I feel my penis stiffen again and I allow you to suck me to a third orgasm.

‘That will do for today, I think, Heidi.’ I say after your tongue has removed the last traces of semen for the third time. But understand that I shall be keeping a close eye on you and will not hesitate to punish any further infractions even more severely.’

‘Thankyou, sir,’ you say. ‘Thankyou for teaching me to be a good girl again.’ I watch you as you dress and leave, holding the door for you. A girl in the corridor outside catches my notice.

‘Miss Di Ruffia! A word with you please.’

Chapter two. I might suggest reading the first chapter first. Thanks for reading.


I awoke and rubbed my eyes as I looked around. I remembered last night and my hot teacher. I reached over to touch her but she wasn’t there. I sat up and thought it was dream just for a minute. I was in her bed and there were her cloths on the floor and so were mine. I looked towards the bathroom and saw the light on. I rolled the covers off and stood up. I treaded across the floor and stood next to the cracked door. The shower was running.

“Can I come in,” I asked?

“I didn’t think you were ever going to get up,” she replied as I opened the door to the bathroom. I crossed the tile floor to the shower door. I slid the door open a little and peaked my head in. She grinned from ear to ear and said, “come on in, don’t be shy.” I opened the door and climbed in.

“Hello,” she smiled and leaned in for a kiss. As our lips touched my cock bumped her tummy. She bounced back. “And hello to you too,” she purred as she gave my cock a quick stroke. Her touch trembled my legs as her soft hand ran its length. I ran my hands down her back and found her tight ass and gave it a cup. She returned her hand to my cock and stroked it lightly as we started to kiss.

“Ummmm,” she cried as my hand went down her crack and I felt the pucker of her asshole. We started kissing heavier now as my hands worked their way around to her front and in between her legs. I slid my finger tips through her bush and found her slit. She slightly tipped her pelvis forward and slid one leg out to allow me better access to her middle. My finger found the small mark and slipped into her hole. Her pussy undulated on my finger as she softly rolled her hips a little.

“Yes,” she moaned as she stroked me harder. I slowly ran my free hand up her body over her tummy, it softly rippled over her ribs on its way to her tit. I cupped it softly as I found her nipple and pinched it.

“Dam you are so sexy,” I breathed.

“Thank you,” she sighed as I worked my finger deeper into her cunt.

She suddenly twisted around and moved back. “Oh I wish we could spend all day like this but we have to get ready to go,” she sighed as she ran a little water over her smoking hot body. Her face was so flushed as she started to open the door. I looked down and sad.

“Don’t do that, it’s not you at all, we just have to get ready,” she assured me. She slipped out of the shower. She turned back as I watched. She dropped to a knee and her mouth covered my cock in a second. She sucked hard for a few seconds before releasing. The pleasure rocked my body and then was gone just as fast as it started. What a tease I thought.

“You have to get rid of that thing,” she teased as her lips covered it again.

“You keep doing that and it won’t take long,” I replied. She winked as she released and stood.

“We just don’t have the time,” she teased. She closed the door and started to towel off. Fuck I thought as I stood there. May as well finish it I thought as I soaped it up and started tugging.

The door opened again and she gasped. “Geez, I didn’t really mean it,” she said.

“Well,” I stuttered as she looked.

“Come here,” she sighed as I moved from under the water. Her tongue swirled around my head as I felt it start to build quickly.

“Here it comes,” I cried as she started to swallow my seed. “Yes,” I cried as the last burst came out and she still milked it a little. She released my still hard cock and smiled.

“There, now will it go away,” she teased as she turned. She bent down at the waist to get under the sink. Her ass and puss both peaked out at me as I started to get out.

“Not with that looking at me,” I replied. I gave her just a light smack.

“Oh,” she flinched as she stood back up. “Naughty boy,” she replied.

“Me, you are the bad one,” I retorted.

“Hum, hum,” she laughed softly. “We will see about that,” she replied. “Come on we have to get ready.”

She started to brush her hair as I dried off. I laid the towel down as she headed towards the dresser to get on some cloths. She reached up and quickly flattened out a picture of her and her husband. She opened the drawer and looked in. I leaned back on the bed and asked nervously,” so you are married?”

“Yeah,” she replied as she turned.

“Might I ask where he is,” I continued?

“Sure,” she said, a little more relief in her voice. “He is gone on a,” she paused, “Business trip.” “He is gone for a few days to a week at a time and then comes back only to leave again,” she continued.

“Ohh,” I sighed in relief. “So I could be over here quite a bit then,” I asked?

“Ha-ha, maybe,” she teased as she flipped her hair around to look at me with her little sexy look. “He is gone and I do get very lonely,” she said as she smoothed out a pair of khaki type dress pants that hugged her curves very nicely. She pulled out a red lace bra and slid it up and on. I watched as the material hugged her tits and lifted them just slightly, although they didn’t need any lifting.

“What,” she asked as I watched?

“Who me, oh nothing…just wishing I was that,” I said as I pointed.

She slid a dark colored shirt over her shoulders and buttoned it up. She returned to the bath room and pulled her shoulder length hair into a pony tail. She shut the light out and came out. I was still lying naked on the bed with my dick standing up.

“Well I can see what you are thinking about,” she said and she pulled it down and let it go. It sprang right back up to attention.

“You of course,” I replied. “You are so dam sexy how can you be in a rut.”

“I’m not anymore,” she glowed. “But you got to get dressed.” I gathered my cloths and started to put them on.

“You can’t wear those again,” she hollered.

“I have some cloths in my gym locker I can change into when we get there,” I said.

“Okay then, let’s get going so I’m not late,” she said. We left the house and got into the car. We drove to school and acted completely normal.

“Not a word,” she reminded me as we parted way for the day.

“I know,” I replied as I headed for the gym. I did a quick 30 minute workout and tossed in some kicks and shadow boxing to make up for my missed practice. Then I was ready for the day.

The day wore on until I finally arrived in her class. I took my seat. She winked at me as I smiled. Class started and she told all just to work on their projects. She took her seat and I waited a little before making my way to her desk.

“So I was thinking that you might need more help on your project tonight,” she said with a coy little smile.

“Yeah, I sure do,” I replied being serious. “I didn’t get anything done last night.”

“So you want to stay over again then,” she asked with wink.

“Naw I don’t want to stay, I have project I need to finish,” I replied pretending not to know anything.

“You could do extra credit like last night,” she replied in earnest.

“Naw,” I said. “I don’t think I want too,” I replied.

“What,” she asked hurt?

“Just joking,” I said. “I want all the extra credit I can get.”

“Okay, for a minute there I was worried,” she replied.

“You don’t even have to ask you should know,” I said.

“Here is a pass, go call home and ask,” she said. I took the pass and left class. When I returned there was nobody left as the bell had rung. She looked at me with wanton eyes.

“I’m staying since nobody answered,” I said. “I knew she wouldn’t since nobody was going to be home until tonight.” “We argued about this last night.”

“Well are you ready to go then,” she asked?

“Never been more so,” I replied. She grabbed her things and locked the door. We were off.


“Dam this traffic,” she cried as she looked at the clock.

“What’s the rush,” I asked?

“I have to be somewhere at 5:30,” she barked.

“Well we got all night, I can wait,” I replied.

“Yeah but I want you,” she purred. “I have been wet all day thinking about you.” “I thought we could get in a quickie or something,” she teased.

“A quickie,” I replied. “I am no McDonalds drive through.” “Besides once we get going we wouldn’t want to stop.”

“Oh I know but I’m creaming in my pants just thinking about you,” she cooed.

“I can take care of you,” I replied.

“Not while I’m driving,” she said sadly.

“We haven’t moved in 20 minutes,” I said. She thought for a second and was starting to move to unbutton her pants. Traffic started to inch along. We moved forward.

We past a 3 car pileup with cops, fire trucks, and ambulances lining the road all over the place. “Shit that’s why it took so long, “she grumbled.

“Yeah, somebody had a bad day,” I offered.

“Well I feel sorry for them,” she said. We drove on to her house. We arrived at 5:30. I got out and she said, “I will be back as soon as I can.” I went inside and turned on the TV. Hope her hubby don’t decided to come home I thought. Although I don’t pose a threat I just look like a kid.

I sat around and waited until 8:15. I saw light flash through the front window and then heard the garage open. Finally I thought as I rose up.

“I am so sorry,” she said as she walked into the door. “So, so sorry I didn’t mean for it to take that long.” “Then I had to stop at the store and that seemed to take forever to.”

“It’s okay,” I said as I followed her into her room. She turned and sat on the bed and tossed her bag next to her. I looked at her as she looked at me. I lowered my head down and kissed her mouth. She returned the kiss as I gently started to work on getting her shirt undone. I got a few of the many buttons undone as she stopped me.

“Wow aren’t we confident now,” she asked?

“I just know I can have what I want,” I replied. The shirt came unbuttoned. I pushed it down her shoulders and off. Her tits came into view still held in place by the red bra.

“You are so sexy,” I said as I went to kiss her.

“Why thank you,” she said as she dodged it. I looked kind of funny at her. “You can have me don’t worry, just not here.” “I want an adventure tonight,” she teased.

“Oh,” I asked?

“How does the beach sound,” she asked?

I tried to be funny.

“The beach, but its dark out there isn’t it,” I teased?

“You afraid of the dark,” she asked?

“I won’t be able to see you pretty face,” I replied now trying to be sweet.

“Awe,” she said. “So sweet.”

“Plus I have a hard enough time working in the light, now I won’t be able to find my way around at all,” I continued.

“Trust me, you will do fine,” she teased. She leaned over and took a new bikini from the bag and looked at it.

“I know why you don’t get laid,” I teased.

“Why is that,” she asked defensive now.

“You play hard to get,” I replied still teasing.

“I most certainly do not,” she huffed back. “I almost throw myself at him,” she steamed. “I thought there was something wrong with me.”

“Not with you,” I interjected quickly, “defiantly with him.”

“Well I’m not going to let it bother me,” she sighed. “I’m fucking somebody tonight,” she said as she looked at me. I smiled as she bit the tag and pulled it off.

“Me,” I asked? She winked as she spit the plastic out.

She stood and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. I stared as her tits swung free. She watched me as the straps of the suit climbed up her arms and over her shoulders. She clasped the back and adjusted it a little. It was a little more revealing than the black one from the other day. Her nipples harden and pointed out.

“Nice,” I said as I watched she check herself in the mirror. She turned away and unbuttoned her pants. She slid them down over her butt and off. No panties. My eyes popped as she stepped out of them. Her sweet round ass shook gently as she turned and looked at me.

“Dam,” I sighed.

“What,” she asked playing dumb but knowing the effect she was having on me. I am a thong or sexy panty kind of man but that just changed my mind.

“If I had known that then I would have needed a bathroom break,” I teased. She giggled and she stepped into the bottoms. She pulled them up and let go. They started to slide back down over her hips. She untied one side and retied it tighter. She turned from side to side and looked. The bottoms were hiding about half of her round ass as she turned.

“Dam,” I sighed again. She arched her back towards me slightly and looked. “Fuck,” I said as I watched her butt stick out. It was so nice and firm. She faced me and smiled.

“What,” she asked? Her face was now flushed and on fire.

“You are fucking hot,” was all I could say.

“Hum, thank you,” she replied ever so sweetly. She looked down and saw a few hairs. She slid her hand under the fabric and adjusted. She moaned slightly as her hand brushed over her mound.

“I am so wet,” she teased. My dick strained as she spoke.

“You ready,” she suddenly said.

“You just got dressed,” I replied.

“Yeah for the beach, naughty boy,” she coyly.

“Yes that too,” I said as I followed her to the door. She gathered a few other things and then we were off. We made a stop at McDonalds before we made the beach. She pulled the car to a stop as I checked out the lot. Not a soul was around.

“Just us,” she smiled as she turned the engine off.

“Good thing,” I said as I opened the door. I reached into the back and got the blanket out. I met her at the front of the car and took the bag she was carrying.

“Don’t lose that,” she said.

“It’s in safe hands,” I assured her. We walked down the quiet beach to a spot and settled down. I spread the blanket and sat down. She joined me. We looked around before looking at each other.

“Let me see if we can keep you out of your rut,” I said. I leaned in and kissed her mouth. We kissed passionately under the stars as a warm and gentle breeze past over our bodies. We slowly took turns removing clothing as we continued to kiss.

I got her out of her shirt and shorts as she pushed me and climbed on top. My hands worked quickly and I unhooked her suit top in one quick snap. The top popped free and slid down her arms quickly.

“Wow, you are getting better at that,” she said. She playfully slapped me as she stood and tossed her top onto the blanket. She pulled one of the strings on the side and let her bottoms fall off as she started running to the water. I jumped up and started to follow. I kicked my shorts off about half way to the water and ran bare assed after her until we reached the water. We resumed kissing as we stood in knee deep water. My dick poked into her lower tummy as I was aroused.

“Hum,” she breathed as she felt the pressure. I broke our kiss and decided to be bold. I knelt down and eased my nose into her moist bush and blew on her lips. She shuttered in excitement. She tipped her hips forward and flared her legs out just slightly. I nosed in and gave her a quick lick.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as her knees trembled a little. She pulled my head tighter to herself as I ran my tongue along her wet length again. “Yes, oh right there,” she cooed as I found the spot.

One big wave crashed into her butt and caused her to stumble forwards. I dug in and pushed back causing her to stumble and fall. I fell into the water right after her.

“Shit,” I said as I came up and gasped for air.

“Shit is right,” she cried as she floated in the water wiping her eyes. I stood and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waste.

“Wow your strong,” she sighed as I held her easily.

“You are just light,” I teased. She slid down and my cock shaft rubbed against her slit.

“Hum, hum that is strong too,” she purred. We kissed as she slowly slid along it.

“Let’s go back to the blanket,” she suggested. I was enjoying the closeness but decided her idea was better. I carried her back to the blanket and gently set her down. She lay with her legs apart and looked so sexy being wet and salty.

“Dam,” I cried as I settled down between her legs and spread her bush away from her lips.

“Oh yes,” she cried as my tongue ran over her slit down to her asshole. “Hum,” she teased as I tongued it a little. I worked my way back up her slit, over her small tight opening. Back around her soft little inner lips until I reached her little pearl. I slowly worked over it as pleasure ran through her body. Her puss started to flow white from the center as she withered with joy.

“Yes right there, I’m going to cum.” “Yes,” she moaned as her chest heaved and she gasped for air. “Oh fuck yeah,” she cried. Her body tensed as she came. I lapped slowly as she came down from her high.

“Okay, come up here,” she sighed.

“Here,” she yelped as she handed me the rubber. “Fuck me now, I want it bad,” she cried. I opened the foil.

“You remember how to use it,” she asked quickly.

“I got it sweet thing,” I assured her as I unrolled it down my shaft. She parted her lips with her fingers and awaited my invasion. I tossed the wrapper and down it tumbled in the breeze. She giggled slightly at the sight.

Somebody was going to find that in the morning and know someone had some fun the night before. I saw my target and I slowly entered her creaming wet hole. I slid all the way to the hilt slowly as she felt my cock pulse deep inside of her.

“Yes baby, just like last night,” she cooed. “Nice and slow so you don’t cum to fast.”

“Fuck your slow,” I said as I felt how hot and wet she was even through the rubber.

“Well faster then,” she cried as I picked up the pace. My hips slapped her pelvis as I slammed into her. I felt the pressure in my balls to cum within a minute.

“Fuck yes, I’m cumming,” she cried. Her shout startled me as her pussy clamped down around my cock and creamed. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” she cried as she shook.

“Okay stop, slow down, easy,” she cried. I came to a stop. “Just rest for a minute,” she purred. I slowly pulled out and looked at her. She gleamed with happiness. “Oh fuck that was a good one, I came so hard,” she purred. I crawled up and laid next to her.

“Did you cum too,” she asked after a minute?

“No, I just heard you say stop so I stopped,” I replied. “I don’t know much about women.”

“Well you know enough to make them cum awful hard,” she cooed.

“I just know when I cum I need a minute,” I replied.

“Well I don’t need a minute to stop, I just need a minute of slowness to recover for the next round,” she replied. “But that is so sweet of you to worry about me.” “So what would you like as a reward,” she asked?

“Whatever you want to give me,” I replied. She bit her lower lip and seductively thought about it. She reached down and removed the rubber. She tossed it off to the side of the blanket and wiped her hand on the blanket. “Slimy,” she said.

“That was your cum,” I replied.

“Hum,” she purred her little girl growl that I loved.

“Dam that growl is sexy,” I said.

“Hum,” she growled again. “I have just the treat for you.”

She straddled me and took my cock into her soft grip. Oh fuck I thought excitedly. No rubber and I’m going to enter her somewhere. She ran my cock down her slit and over her pussy. I felt heat and wetness as it passed by on the way to the other hole. She stopped and circled it over her asshole before gently lowering herself. My cock applied pressure to her rectum as she continued to lower herself. Her asshole relaxed as it opened slightly and started to let my head enter. She sighed as her hole relaxed a little more and my head slipped in.

“Oh,” she cried as my head poked into her exit.

“Um,” I groaned as the sensation of her asshole around my cock was new and unfelt before. She continued to slowly work her way onto my cock until it accepted most of it. It took some time to get it in since her ass didn’t cream like her pussy and there wasn’t a whole lot of lube left from the rubber. She settled and rested as my cock pulsed inside her. It was so tight I could have cum right there. She must have known this as she rested for a minute before starting to slowly withdraw. She carefully settled back down as she started to build a rhythm.

Rachel was a curious 19 year old student, although she didn’t have the best of records at her private school. She enjoyed most of her subjects, however she wasn’t always the best at them. She found that she had a fascination especially within the sciences, and in particular biology, if not just for the subject. She was always interested further than most students in the new biology teacher. Not for his teaching abilities or his grasp of the academic text, but for his body. For weeks she had fantasised about Mr Brass, she had wondered what kind of body he had under his suit, wonder what he was like in bed and the size of his manhood. She had occasionally gotten lost in thought as she stared at his crotch from across the classroom. Finding her stomach filed with butterflies, she could feel her hands slowly move south under her desk towards the waist of her pleated skirt, finding the urge to secretly put her hands down under the waist line. She felt how wet her knickers got every time she imagined kneeling before him and taking his load down the back of her throat. She knew she was failing her class, she knew that she had no chance in passing the forthcoming exams, therefore Rachel decided to further her studies with a special kind of after class tutoring.

As most of her class mates stormed out of the room at the end of the day, Rachel had decided to purposely slowly pack her things, becoming the last of Mr Brass students to make their way to the exit. She stopped as she approached the door.

“Sir” she asked with an innocent voice, “what is your policy for extra tutoring?”

“As always Miss Gutter” Mr Brass replied, “my policy is to provide the best teaching to all my students. If you require any further help all you need is ask.”

“Sir, there’s no need to stand on ceremony here, please call me Rachel”. She turns swiftly to face him, closing the door behind her, and coyly without him seeing, she turns the lock with her hands behind her. “It’s just that, with the exams coming up, I’m struggling with certain areas of the subject. I’m worried that I’m going to fail certain aspects of my oral exam”.

Rachel walked seductively towards him, stopping and leaning slightly over his desk. Her white blouse seemed a size too short, a purposeful choice when she had dressed that morning. “So Sir, I was wondering if you … could … help me with my oral skills?”

Mr Brass had become aware in the past couple of weeks of how this student had looked towards him. He was not to say flattered, or surprised, as a number of his students throughout his career had grown to come attracted to him, after all they had warned about this in the training. However Miss Gutter had provided something new to him from previous admirers. He always had had a schoolgirl fantasy, imagining fucking innocent schoolgirls in their uniforms. But Miss Gutter’s body was amazing, not like those skinny slutty admirers of the past, she was a beautiful young curvaceous women; size 14 with an amazing set of breasts, and an arse to die for. He found himself suddenly wanting more, an urge to take this further.

“What oral skills do you think you need helping with then Rachel?” He asked, knowing in the back of his mind what she really meant. He could feel his cock swelling slowly in his trousers, something that he knew she had noticed when she had leant over his desk.

“Well you see Sir I’m having difficulty getting my mouth round the lengthy material.” she said noticing the now quite large bulge in his trousers. She could feel herself getting wetter every second of her foreplay, something that she could no longer hold back. She briskly walked round his desk and pushed Mr Brass onto his seat, “I’m thinking that it’s best to show you my problem with my oral skills, and let you be the judge of it”.

She knelt down before him, and slowly started to rub his cock through his trousers. As she pulled the zip down, unhooking the button to his boxers, she reached in, grasping the shaft of his now quite hard cock, pulling it out for the first time. She was surprised, she had never thought it would be this big, she stared at the magnificence of his 8 inch long member “Well Sir, you are full of surprises.” Before he had a chance of replying she started to play with his foreskin with the tip of her tongue, exploring inside the skin, slowly at first and then deeper. As she did so she pulled back the foreskin, revealing the head of his cock. She could see him slowly enjoying the feeling of her tongue circling the top of his head. She proceeded to take him in her mouth, head first, teasing it inside her mouth with her tongue and teeth, and further along his shaft. She started to speed up, sucking and rubbing his shaft with her grasped hand in synchronicity.

“Well I think your oral skills are just fiiiin…”. Before he could finish his sentence Rachel had deep throated the entirety of his huge cock, holding the full length of his member inside her throat for a few seconds. As she pulled back she smiled, knowing the fact she had wanted to do this for a long time. She wanted to taste his cock again and again, to taste the sweetness of his pre-cum. She proceeded to take him in her mouth once more, followed by another, rubbing his shaft and head during breathes.

Mr Brass was bathed in a feeling of ecstasy, he wanted to fuck one of his students for a long time, and especially Miss Gutter. He grabs her hair, quickly pulling her away. With one swift move he grasps one of her arms with one hand whilst swiping the contents of his desk to the ground with the other. Within seconds he had lifted her onto his desk, pushing her back. Pushing her legs apart, he began to kiss along her legs, making his way up past her knee high socks up towards her skirt, where he slowly lifted her pleated skirt revealing a pair of tight black lace knickers. As he licked the soft lacy material he instantly tasted how wet Rachel had become with the desire to equally fuck him. He continued, with every lick her body arching to and throw. He rubbed the surface of the lace, and as Rachel screamed out with desire he pulled the knickers to one side. He sucked and licked at her pussy, pulling her lips apart to find the clit, where he slowly licked it between his tongue and his upper jaw.

The sensation was amazing for Rachel, she could not control herself. With every lick that Mr Brass gave, a wave of pleasure rushed through her body. She held his head down onto her pussy, grasping his hair. “I want your big dick inside of me, I want to feel you cum deep inside my pussy and fill me up” she screamed. Mr Brass was the gentleman, duly arising to the wishes of his fair lady’s charge. He stood up, grasping his cock in one hand whilst rubbing Rachel’s clit with the other. He thrusted his long cock inside of her dripping wet pussy, almost instantly making her cum and orgasm with the sudden pleasure. Even though she could not speak he knew that she wanted him to continue. He started slowly at first, thrusting gently and then speeding things up, going deeper and faster. Rachel couldn’t hold on much longer, this orgasm was going to be a big one, she grasped the sides of the desk top as she felt her cum explode around the tip of his head.

As Mr Brass pulled out his long hard cock from Rachel’s dripping wet pussy, she pushed him back, kneeling down rapidly to taste her own cum still dripping from his member. As she licked it off she took him deep into her mouth, deep throating his long cock again and again, feeling him arch uncontrollably as he moaned in pleasure. Without warning he grabbed her hair, and she felt his member harden suddenly, much harder than it had been, and with a sudden jolt she felt the warmth of his cum hitting the back of her throat. The taste was amazing.

“I think your oral skills are exemplary” he noted with a smile. “Now let’s see what other areas I can work on to get you the best grade possible”. Mr Brass’s face suddenly changed with his desire focusing on Rachel’s body. He guided her off the floor, standing her to attention. His hands started to explore her body and face, making their way upwards finally grasping her hair. Without warning he pulled her head to one side and gentling started to kiss, caress and nibble at her neck. Rachel couldn’t help not show the ecstasy of the pleasure from this act, letting out an almighty moan, with her body arching with a sudden jolt throughout it.

“Please Sir …” she gasps, “please Sir I think I need further tutoring.” Her eyes rolled backwards as she feels another mini orgasm rock her body.

Mr Brass now moves his hands to her chest, grabbing her ample buxom, playing with her breast through her tight white blouse. He quickly unbuttons her blouse, revealing a white hugging strapless push-up bra. He reaches behind her back and with one quick move unfastens the clasps of the bra, allowing it fall suddenly and reveal Rachel’s amazing rack. He wastes no time in playing with these magnificent breasts, squeezing, licking and nibbling at her pert nipples. Again Rachel feels every touch throughout her body. After a few moments, she pushes him away, signalling him to pause and watch.

“Now Sir, I think you should concentrate on another part of this evening’s subject …” she says seductively, as she slowly turns to face the desk. As she slowly turns she begins to lift her pleated skirt, and bend forward raising her arse into the air.

The black lace knickers hugged the curvature of her amazing arse, showing off her pert cheeks and crack. As she pulled them down Mr Brass moved forward.

Suddenly Rachel felt the pleasurable crack of his hand slap against her cheek. Again, this time on the other cheek, varying between the two. The feeling was insatiable, a sudden joy rushed through her nerves on every slap, followed by the feeling of him grasping each buttock in his hand. He began to kneel behind her as she was bent over the table. She could feel him pull apart her cheeks, not only the movement but also through how wet her pussy had become once again from the thought of him entering her.

“Now Miss Gutter, sorry my apologies … Rachel, how deep into the subject should I tutor you on?”

“Well Sir, I think you should explore every part of the subject. I have a couple of holes in my subject area that need filling.”

Mr Brass didn’t hesitate. Almost on command from the end of her sentence he began to lick her arse, kiss and bite at it, making his way to the forbidden entrance. The tip of his tongue began to lick her arsehole, slowly brushing past it at first, and then quite intentionally, circling around before pushing slightly inside. Rachel hadn’t explored anal before. The pleasure was new, slightly confusing at first, but it began to heighten her already flustered body of ecstasy. He stopped, standing suddenly and started to tease her arse crack with his head, pushing at her arsehole, but not entering. Suddenly he thrusted into her pussy. Rachel jolted from the sudden feeling, screaming in pleasure. She knew that Mr Brass intended to pound her until she had been filled with more of his warm cum. Deeper and faster he went, slowing occasionally to suddenly thrust once more. Rachel came, experiencing an intensity of multiple orgasms. The feeling of her legs had gone to jelly from the excitement, and he did not disappoint her. He had filled her up, squirting more and more cum deep inside of her.

He pulled out, knowing that his cock was now well lubricated to explore new depths. He knelt once more to lick the mixed juices of both of them that were slowly seeping from her pussy. He wanted to explore one more avenue of teaching, so once again he moved upwards slightly, to her arsehole.

Rachel felt his tongue exploring and preparing her arse for a new experience. The anticipation was unbearable; she wanted his cock deep inside her arse. She wanted to feel his hot juicy cum somewhere new. The licking had stopped, and she heard him rise once again. His head was pushing at her backdoor, and then the feel of pleasure hit new grounds. He had entered her arse, pushing the tight ring apart with his firm head. With every thrust he started to slowly build his speed up. The feeling was amazing, strange to begin with but the ecstasy of it all had swept that aside. She could hear him groaning with pleasure, like he had done so previously to cuming inside of her pussy.

“Yes Sir, fuck my arse … fuck it … You know you want to fuck this schoolgirls’ arse and fill her up again.” She proclaimed, as she felt him cum deep inside her.

He pulled out after a while. Rachel was overcome with joy and pleasure. She turned around, rubbing her clit slightly, but the feeling was too much for her to bear. “Thank you Sir. I think that has helped me.” She stated as Mr Brass stared at her magnificent body, still half dressed in her school uniform. Her pussy and arse dripping with cum, she stood, looking longingly at him. “I was wondering Sir if I could, maybe, make a regular tutoring appointment?” Rachel wanted more of his cock, she wanted to explore anal, foreplay, bondage and more. She couldn’t wait to fuck Mr Brass again.

“Certainly Rachel, I can’t wait until out next tutoring session”

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Please note: This is a follow-on from Unsuspecting Roomie at Camp chapters 01 and 02. Please read these prior to reading part 3 as it will make more sense.

Jasmine rolled over and climbed off the bed, stretching towards the ceiling and savouring the dull ache in her loins from the pounding Dave had given her the previous night. Her nipple also throbbed gently as it brushed against the thin material of her t-shirt. Padding over to her suitcase in the corner, she peeled her t-shirt off over her head and dropped it to the floor. The shower was still running, Dave obviously savouring the warmth of the water. Dave’s body pressed against her quickly came to mind and she had a passing thought of slipping into the shower with him, but she wasn’t that brave. She probably didn’t even want to be naked when he came out of the bathroom, come to think of it. Despite last night’s forays, she was still a relatively shy person deep down.

She heard the water shut off and walked across the room to grab her towel so that she could at least cover herself up a little. Dave was faster than she expected, though, and she heard the door handle turn when she was only halfway across the room. She didn’t want to look panicked, so she continued at the same pace.

Just then, two things happened. Firstly, Dave, upon seeing her cute little bum sauntering across the room, let out a playful chuckle, trotted up behind her and took hold of her hips, causing her to bend forwards from the hips so that her hands were propping her up on the bed. Secondly, however, a light knock came from the door to the corridor, followed by the door opening slightly and the face of one of the male prefects appearing.

It took a moment for Joshua, a final year student helping out at the camp, to register what he was seeing, but when his mind took in the image of his music teacher, fully naked, being bent forward over the bed by his homeroom teacher, he quickly stammered out something about it being breakfast time in his thick Afro-Caribbean accent and closed the door. Jasmine and Dave listened to his quick footsteps as he escaped the scene. Jasmine looked back over her shoulder at Dave, both of their faces horror stricken. The expression on both of their faces clearly meant one thing: this had gone too far, and now there was the possibility that the entire school community, not to mention their respective spouses, would find out.

Dave swore under his breath, stepping back and letting go of Jasmine’s hips. Jasmine quickly righter herself, heading for the bathroom without saying a word. Behind her, Dave mumbled something about taking Joshua aside at breakfast and having a word with him.

Although Jasmine was quick to shower, Dave had already left the room when she stepped out of the bathroom. She quickly dressed and headed for the meals room, her heart pounding as she came through the doors. Scanning the room, she could see neither Dave nor Joshua. Serving herself a plate of rubbery-looking eggs on toast and a cup of luke-warm coffee, she sat at an empty table and stared down at the unappetising breakfast, her mind racing a mile a minute. Glancing up as she chewed a mouthful of the eggs, she didn’t get the feeling that anyone was looking at her at all, which calmed her down slightly. A moment later, Dave appeared at the door to the dining room, followed by Joshua. Spotting her, Dave came over and leant down to her, mumbling that it should all be ok, then wandered to where he had left his breakfast. Glancing over to where Joshua had taken a seat with the other prefects, there was no sign that he or his group were giggling about anything or that he was doing anything but listening to the conversation around him. This, and the fact that he had always been a relatively quiet boy with a healthy respect for authority – possibly due to his fairly strict Afro-Caribbean Christian family life, from what she knew of him, and having only moved here about a year earlier – made Jasmine relax considerably, even making it possible for her to finish her eggs and coffee in relative calm.

As today was the last full day of camp, and the buses would be taking them home early the following morning, the day was scheduled for sessions on relaxation and trust – a nice calming set of session to finish off the camp. Jasmine was happy with this, having composed herself after the earlier scare. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit that she had been pretty reckless and foolhardy, the heat of the moment getting the better of her, and she was now thinking much more rationally. Dave, for the most part, seemed to be more relaxed, too, and as they entered the large recreational room for the morning’s session, Jasmine breathed a silent sigh of relief that the camp would soon be done and she would be back to the normalcy of home-life.

All students, along with Jasmine and Dave, sat on the floor cross-legged as the session leader, a yoga instructor/mediation teacher in his mid 20s by the name of Cameron, stood at the front and addressed them all. They would be doing a number of relaxation exercises and a number of team-based and pair-based trust-building exercises, he explained. Firstly, he took them through a 20-minute meditation session involving guided imagery. The scene he described for them to imagine involved a rainforest in which they were to sit and simply observe their surroundings. Jasmine relaxed into this exercise but couldn’t help images of the previous two nights popping into her head. She successfully allowed them to pass, however, and came back to the rainforest image each time. As the exercise progressed, however, the images started to intrude on Jasmine’s rainforest scene such that she would suddenly be imagining Dave standing in front of her in the rainforest, his cock inches from her face. Having gently banished this image, she would suddenly have her mouth stretched around Dave’s nob, her tongue teasing the tip gently. Each image was a little more intense than the last, taking her from Dave’s cock in her mouth, to Dave pinching her nipple, to Dave bending her over a the trunk of a fallen tree. Jasmine could feel her nipples hardening and fought to keep her breathing steady. What was happening to her? She thought to herself, dumbstruck at the state her mind and body were putting her in.

Once again Jasmine brought her mind back to the pure rainforest scene, pushing Dave away from her thoughts, managing to re-establish a semblance of calm. Suddenly, though, the image of Dave and Joshua standing side by side appeared. Both were a few metres from her, staring at her with hungry, lustful expressions on their faces. As their eyes roamed over her body, she realised that she was naked, her nipples poking straight out and her legs splayed wide where she sat on a tree stump. Looking back up at the two men, she realised that they were also naked. Dave, older and thinner compared to Joshua’s 18-year-old, toned ebony body. Suddenly both men were a few feet closer and her eyes were drawn to their crotches, sitting at eye level for her. The two cocks twitched under her gaze, Dave’s thick white shaft in contrast to that of Joshua’s. Although Joshua’s looked about the same length as Dave’s, the shape was somewhat different. Whilst Dave’s was almost a perfect cylinder, Joshua’s mushroomed out noticeably at the head, his purple nob sitting like a squash ball at the end of his deep brown shaft. A moment later Jasmine’s hands were wrapped around both cocks, feeling the difference in shape. Involuntarily, her head leant forwards towards the younger man’s twitching member, her mouth opening wide…

“Ok, how was that everyone”

Jasmine heard the words echo through the room and jolted out of her erotically charged meditative state. She must have gasped or made a similar sound, because suddenly all eyes were on her. Her eyes immediately fell on Joshua, sitting forward of her to the left, his head turned in her direction. He wasn’t looking at her face, though, but down between her legs, his tongue tracing a path across his lips as though out of hunger. Glancing down, Jasmine realised that a large damp patch had formed on the crotch of her shorts. Quickly, but as subtle as possible, she brought her legs together, stretching them out in front of her. In a split second, Joshua looked up at her and their eyes met, both of them blushing, before turning back to the front. The instructor made a brief comment that it can be easy to get deep into meditation, obviously trying to bring attention away from Jasmine, and started describing that they would next be doing a music-based meditation exercise.

This exercise went smoothly for Jasmine, the music managing to keep her distracted from her earlier fantasy, and by the time it had finished she had managed to calm herself down again and the patch on her shorts had dried even if the slight moistness between her pussy lips was still lingering.

Next was a team-building exercise, the room being split into girls and boys, and then again into smaller groups of 6 to 8. The idea of this exercise was to stand in a circle then reach across the room and take another person’s hand with one hand, and then with your other hand take a different person’s hand. You then had to, as a group, untangle the knot that you had got yourself into. It was a lot of fun, and tended to end with the group falling into a giggling heap on the ground. It quickly became obvious, though, that the two teachers and the final year prefects were just too much taller than the year 7s, making it difficult. The instructor decided to split the prefects and teachers into a group of their own (as there were only 3 girls, 3 boys and the 2 teachers all up) and then continue. The prefect/teacher group was a little tentative at first, having been grouped based on gender before, but they quickly relaxed as they got used to the physical contact. Jasmine was careful not to take the hands of either Dave or Joshua, worried about how that would look, but contact with them was unavoidable as the knot was untangled and people climbed over each others arms and slid between people. Every now and then David’s elbow would brush Jasmine’s stomach or the back of Joshua’s hand would be pressed against her back as the human knot manoeuvred. The group was soon giggling like the other groups and Jasmine relaxed and laughed along. A few times she made eye contact momentarily with both Dave and Joshua, and nothing seemed at all awkward, making her relax even more.

At one point Jasmine found herself straddling Dave’s arm as she attempted to climb over but got stuck. Dave seemed oblivious to it, his attention being elsewhere, but Jasmine noticed Joshua’s gaze fall between her legs where Dave’s arm was pressed. This was enough to spark Jasmine’s arousal, and her nipples stiffened involuntarily, refusing to subside even after the knot had moved and she was free again. A few minutes later, Jasmine found herself with a body pressed against her back. With a slight turn of her head she realised it was Joshua. Suddenly she realised that there was something hard poking into the small of her back, making her gasp slightly. Looking around nervously, she realised that, luckily, noone was paying any attention to her – noone but Joshua it would appear. She felt him shift his body down, seemingly trying not to push into her as much, but now the protrusion was now pushed against her left buttock. For the second time this morning, Jasmine felt her loins heating up and the stirrings of lubrication beginning to build in her crotch.

Again the knot moved, leaving her – to her surprised disappointment – free again, and a few moments later the knot was completely untangled.

The instructor announced that one more knot would be completed before lunch. Jasmine was day-dreaming, her arousal taking her mind elsewhere, back to her earlier daydream, but when she jolted back to reality she realised that Joshua and Dave were the only hands left to take. Dave looked slightly wicked, while Joshua looked at her sheepishly. Swallowing, she reached across the circle and took the hands of the two men, young and not-so-young, that she had just been day-dreaming about. She hoped that they didn’t notice her slightly sweaty hands, and even the contact of their two hands on hers made her breath quicken slightly. Joshua’s particularly – his big, strong, dark hand gripping her dainty white hand made her quiver slightly.

People started to climb over each other, attempting to untangle the knot. Before long, Jasmine found herself squeezed up against Joshua’s back, his muscular buttocks pushing against her stomach. She was sure that he could feel her laboured breath on the back of his neck as she tried to control the sexual energy pulsing through her, and she felt him push back slightly, glancing at his face as his mouth opened slightly and his breathing quickened. The knot moved again and Dave pulled her, gently but firmly, into a position so that she was somehow straddling his thigh. It would all look fairly innocent from a bystander’s perspective – simply part of the exercise, and for Jasmine it could also have seemed innocent if it weren’t for the way that Dave was rocking her. It was almost imperceptible, his thigh rocking slightly from side-to-side, but it was enough to send shivers through Jasmine. She couldn’t believe the situation she was in – Dave seemingly trying to tease her and turn her on, and Joshua looking sheepish but obviously aroused. Over the next few minutes, Jasmine almost alternated between the two men. Dave proceeded to pull her into precarious position after precarious position, each of which brought various parts of her body into contact with various parts of his body, while Joshua, at least seemingly, would find himself pushed against her – his thigh against her bum, his arm across her chest, his crotch lightly brushing her arm. Nothing explicitly forward, not in contrast with Dave, but still suspiciously happening more than would be expected by chance. Joshua would barely make eye-contact with her, either, only occasionally glancing at her nervously, which only heightened Jasmine’s arousal. Dave, on the other hand, seemed to revel in the way he was manipulating her, his expression when their eyes met subtle but clearly acknowledging to her that he knew that she knew what he was doing and that he knew she was submitting herself to it. Jasmine was more intrigued, and to be honest, more turned on, by the young dark man. She was sure that he could tell what his contact was doing to her, and she could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was aroused by her, too. Somehow no-one else seemed to notice this, but it kept finding its way into her line of site. He was so coy about it, though, so subtle yet constantly present and apparently not wanting to move away from her. The thought of the young man that had always been so quiet in class being aroused by her in this way made her pussy throb. It was all Jasmine could do to prevent herself from moaning as she shifted, one second having Dave’s arm wrapped ‘innocently’ around her so that her breasts were being gently crushed by the embrace, to her forearm being lightly pressed against Joshua’s crotch. She could feel his rockhard manhood nestled in the crook of her arm, twitching from the contact. She gasped – up until now the contact had been subtle, almost ambiguous, but now here she was in full contact with the young man’s (her student’s!) cock. She glanced up as they they transitioned to the next position, Joshua’s eyes meeting hers momentarily and almost scaring her. The look in his eye had changed subtlely but powerfully. Now a look of lustful need knitted his brows, making Jasmine nervous and excited at the same time. Joshua pulled her gently but firmly into position, seemingly no longer feeling the need for such subtlety, making her lift her leg over his arm so that she settled into a slightly bent-forward position, Joshua standing behind her and their hands held together between her legs so that his wrist and forearm were lightly brushing between her legs. The sudden contact with her engorged vulva, albeit minor, caused a soft whimper to escape Jasmine’s lips. Luckily Joshua’s face was the only one close enough to hear, positioned at her left shoulder. She looked tentatively over her shoulder and saw the young man’s nervous expression, looking slightly worried that he had crossed a line. Jasmine felt the need to allay his worries, giving a slight smile that might have expressed more lust than she had intended. Joshua’s face relaxed and he breathed in deeply, a look of gentle confidence crossing his face. Jasmine had never seen him look this way before – he always wore a look of slight timidness. This look suited him, though, and suddenly he appeared to go from being a boy into being a man. Jasmine looked up and saw Dave looking down at her face. Although Dave couldn’t see the position of their hands, he could see that Joshua was behind her and that her arm was going down roughly between her legs. Dave’s face had changed to a look of slight jealousy, of being usurped. Jasmine wanted to feel sorry for him, or guilty, but she quickly reminded herself that Dave didn’t own her – noone did. This thought steeled her resolve, and with this certainty in herself, she gently rocked backwards, her eyes on Dave’s face as Joshua’s wrist brushed her labia, sending a fresh jolt of pleasure through her, and she rested her pubic mound against his large palm, allowing her legs to give slightly so that she was pressed firmly into his hand. Dave saw the look of pleasure cross her face and looked away, shamed and embarrassed. Jasmine didn’t care, her swollen pussy lips her aching for the attention, and she now rocked slightly, causing friction to tease her. She was sure that Joshua would be able to feel the dampness of her crotch, and the thought quickened her breath. Over her shoulder she heard Joshua moan quietly and she grinned within. Wriggling slightly with her hips, she felt that his cock was pressed once again into her buttock, and he was pushing it gently back and forth.

Jasmine knew that they would move again any second, dreading the moment that Joshua’s hand would be removed from her crotch. Just as she was thinking this, however, a sudden movement took her by surprise. Joshua’s thumb, not entwined with any of her fingers, fumbled for a moment around the hem of her shorts and then slipped beneath her panties. Jasmine’s breath was caught in her throat. She was unable to breathe either in or out for fear she would cry out as the young man’s thick thumb clumsily brushed across her bare lips, smearing her juices, then flicked the rock-hard nub of her clit. She bit her lip and stifled a scream that threatened to escape her throat, involuntarily pushing back against Joshua’s thumb. Next thing Jasmine knew, Joshua’s thumb slid along the slick length of her slit and up into the slippery entrance to her already pulsating pussy, almost pushing her over the edge into an orgasm. This time a sound did escape her lips – not a scream, as she managed to stifle most of it, but a slight grunt. This caused the other prefects in the group to turn around, half of them giggling.

“Miss is uncomfortable, I think.” Said one girl. They still couldn’t see what was going on, just that I was bent right forward in what probably looked like quite an uncomfortable position.

“We’d better untangle that section.” Said one of the boys.

Jasmine simply nodded, her voice too hoarse to speak, the kids giggling at how red her face was as Joshua quickly removed his digit from her pussy, panties and shorts, making her eyes half-close for a moment from the sensation. Dave looked at her, a hurt expression on his face. Ignoring him, she climbed over and under another arm with shaky legs, the knot finally becoming untangled. They waited patiently while another couple of groups finished, Jasmine controlling her almost animal lust, and the instructor announced that it was lunch time. Jasmine quickly headed for the female bathrooms to clean herself up, but was suddenly aware that Joshua was following her. He came up next to her and stated simply: “Come with me.” He grinned.

“Don’t forget: be here in my classroom by 5:30 tonight,” Suzanne yelled over the commotion of her students packing up their belongings as the dismissal bell rang. Suzanne’s school band was having a concert that night, and she had prepared them as best she could beforehand. Now it was up to them to shine.

Suzanne was relatively young to be teaching high school–27. She had been teaching for about five years now, and started right out of college. But she had pretty good control of the kids, and since they were all musicians, they all wanted to be there, which really helped.

Jose walked up to her after all the others had left. “Mrs. Baines,” he smiled as his voice was very low, “Sorry about what happened before school today. I don’t know what I was thinking.” He was referring to the meeting they had earlier that morning, at which he made a pass at her. He actually planted his lips on hers before she pushed him away with a shocked look on her face. At that, he immediately walked out. Now here he was, apologizing. “I accept your apology, Jose. Please understand that I am a married woman with two children and don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my family. Besides the fact that it is very inappropriate for us to have any type of relationship like that.” He shook her hand and said, “I understand. It’ll never happen again.” As Jose walked out of her room, Suzanne took a deep breath. Jose certainly was one of the most handsome students in her band, and she was definitely flattered that he was obviously attracted to her. But she knew that there was no way she was going to become a local news story! She packed up her things to get herself home in time to eat, kiss the family, and dress up for the evening. Just as she slung her purse over her shoulder and turned off her adjacent office’s light, there was a call on the intercom from Mr. Jefferson, the school principal. “Mrs. Baines, could you come to the office?” She pushed the Reply button and said, “Yes, I’ll be there in a minute.” While her mind went through the reasons Mr. Jefferson might want to speak with her, she locked her classroom door and made the cross-campus trek to the main office.

Randy “Bull” Jefferson was a tall, broad-shouldered black man, about twenty years Suzanne’s senior. He was known for being “gruff” and stern, rarely smiling, and the teachers all wanted to stay out of his radar range.

When she arrived, Mr. Jefferson was talking lightly to his secretary. “Ah, Mrs. Baines. Thanks for coming in! Step on in to my office.” He followed her and closed the door behind him. “Have a seat,” he said as he gestured to one of the leather chairs sitting in front of his gorgeous desk. He had a very comfortable office, with matching furniture: burgundy leather desk chair, two guest chairs, and couch.

“So, we ready for this concert tonight?” he began.

“Yes, I think so,” she replied.

“Good. I’m going to be there tonight,” he said.

This didn’t surprised Suzanne, as he had been to nearly every concert all year. “Wow, that’s great. Thanks for supporting us. I’ll be sure to introduce you at the beginning of the concert.”

“Great. I’ll look forward to that,” he said matter-of-factly. Then he paused for effect, making Suzanne a little uncomfortable. Then he picked up a manila envelope and removed what appeared to be photographs from it. He turned one of them around so she could see the image. “Recognize this?”

The blood drained from Suzanne’s face and her heart began to race as she looked at the picture. It was a photo of Jose kissing her from that morning, evidently from a security camera.

“M-Mr. Jefferson, I can explain—” she began, but Mr. Jefferson interrupted her.

“I’m sure you can, Mrs. Baines,” he said, emphasizing the “Mrs.” “But no matter what possible explanation you can come up with, these photographs are very incriminating,” he continued.

“B-but you have to understand, I did not kiss him!” she stammered.

“Nevertheless,” Mr. Jefferson calmly responded, “the boy felt comfortable enough with whatever relationship you do have to kiss you. That’s still damning.”

Suzanne didn’t know what to say. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked away from the photograph, at a wall of the office. “Bull” Jefferson, as he was known, let that thought linger for a few moments.

“Now, I can see you’re upset, Suzanne,” he said gently. “Let me tell you, I can understand the circumstance. But if these photos were to get into the wrong hands…” He then let that awful thought linger.

“Tell you what I’m gonna do for you. Do you like your job here?” he asked.

Sniffling, she shook her head “yes.”

“Do you like being a teacher? Do you want to stay on here?”

She sniffled again, this time saying a shaky, “Yes.”

“OK, then here’s what’s gonna happen.” He paused again.

“Suzanne, I got needs. You’ve met my wife Sharlene. She’s just getting old, flabby, and I’m no longer attracted to her. We haven’t been…” he searched in his head for the right word—”intimate, as you might say, in over a year. Mostly, that’s my doing. I don’t want to do it with her.”

Suzanne couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What did this have to do with anything?

“But Suzanne, I’ve had my eye on you since we first met at the interview. You are beautiful, and I’ve wanted to get to know you better for the past few years now,” he said as he looked her up and down.

Now Suzanne was getting it. It was blackmail. What was she going to do? She was completely stuck! If she reported him, he’d release the photos. If she went along with the blackmail, she would be committing adultery.

But as she weighed the problems on either side, she realized that she was not prepared to deal with a public shaming, not to mention what it would do to her marriage! Was it possible to do it for a short time, keeping it a secret?

Before she could decide, Bull spoke again. “So…I’m going to come to your concert tonight. You’re going to be dressed and made up as pretty as can be. And after all the kids get picked up, you’re going to accompany me back to this office, and we’re going to get to know each other a little bit better. Deal?”

Again, Suzanne didn’t know what else to say. After a few moments, and while just staring at him blankly, she finally shook her head “yes” and looked down at the floor.

Bull smiled and said as he stood, “Great! Thank you so much, Mrs. Baines! I’ll see you tonight!” Suzanne let herself out the door without saying anything else.

As Suzanne was getting ready at home, she had hardly said two words to her husband. Tom was a loving man, though Suzanne would get frustrated by his feelings of inadequacy in the sex department. First of all, he wanted it much more than she did, but secondly, he felt his small penis was the issue. She didn’t know how to get it through to him that that wasn’t it—she didn’t care about his penis size! She just wasn’t that interested in sex, period.

Tom came upstairs while she was getting out of the bathtub. She had cleaned herself extra, and shaved her pubic hair to have a clean appearance. She left a small puff of hair on top. She had also done her makeup in the tub. “Hey, I like what I see!” Tom exclaimed as he walked into the master bathroom.

Suzanne just grimaced at his remark, as if to say, “What else is new?”

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m just nervous about tonight, that’s all,” she said.

She reached into her underwear drawer and pulled out a small, black satin pair of panties. If she was going to go through with this, she wanted to feel as sexy as possible.

“Wow,” Tom said as she slid the panties on. “You look really hot tonight! Any chance of a rendezvous with me when you get home?” he teased.

She couldn’t believe the irony of the question. “I don’t think so,” she finally said. “I expect to stay a little later after the concert tonight. I…have some practice sheets to grade.”

“Hm. Okay, honey. Just save some for me!” Tom joked. Again, Suzanne could not believe the irony. She just grimaced again and reached for her slinky black dress in her closet and slid it over her head. She slipped her feet into black high heels and walked over to the hot curling iron sitting on the bathroom counter to put the finishing touches on her long, brown hair.

Suzanne looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the bathroom wall. She noticed that she was slowly gaining weight over the years, and had hips and a butt that was a little bigger than she liked. At the same time, her breasts were not as large as she would like them to be. They were perfect “handfuls,” as her husband would sometimes say to her. She wondered what on earth Mr. Jefferson was seeing in her. Then the stereotype hit her, and she was actually a little amused by it: She had heard some of her black students talk about the girls on campus who had larger behinds, and their attraction to that. Perhaps Mr. Jefferson liked larger rumps as well, she thought to herself. She was actually feeling a little flattered now, instead of just pure disgust. But that made her feel guilty, so she just shook the whole thought out of her head as she sprayed a couple puffs of her best perfume on herself.

As she was leaving her house, Suzanne stopped to kiss her young children and walked past her husband towards the garage. “Hey, what about Daddy?” he asked sarcastically. She turned around and pecked him on the lips quickly, then turned to walk into the garage as she said, “Go ahead and put the kids to bed and I’ll see you whenever I get home. I’ll call you.” Then she climbed into her car and drove away.

While she made the short drive to her school, she thought about her family that she loved, and was glad they had no clue what she was about to do tonight. Then she began to feel nervous about the ordeal all over again.

Once Suzanne got to the school, it was easy to forget about the situation. She had responsibilities. She met her students in her classroom as they arrived, and had them run through some of the tougher pieces. Then she lined them up to take them to the auditorium for the concert.

Moments before going on stage to start the concert, she made eye contact with Mr. Jefferson, who was sitting right in the front row with a big smile on his face. He nodded at her as he continued smiling. She made a quick, closed-mouth smile and looked away from him as she walked up the stairs to the stage. The audience began to applaud and she smiled warmly and bowed, acknowledging their praise.

“Thank you all for coming tonight. We have a wonderful night ahead of us. But before we begin, I’d like to recognize our principal, Mr. Bull Jefferson, who graciously joins us this evening,” and she gestured his direction while the audience again applauded. Mr. Jefferson stood, turned around, and waved at the audience.

Then Suzanne turned around and began conducting the band. Mr. Jefferson couldn’t help but appreciate the view of her round loaves under her slinky black dress. He licked his lips as he imagined seeing them unobstructed later on. He imagined what he was going to do with them in his hands, and hopefully around his face. An erection began forming under his pants, and he smiled at the thought that he was glad to be sitting. He folded his hands over his lap and enjoyed the show.

After the concert, in her classroom, Suzanne helped the students put their instruments away. Bull entered the classroom and walked over to Suzanne, whose back was once again to him. She was bending over to pick up an instrument case, and once again, he took in the view. Blood began pumping down to his nether-regions once more, and he had to lace his fingers in front of his crotch to hide the bulge. He approached Suzanne and waited for her to stand upright again. Jose saw him and said loudly, “Hi, Mr. Jefferson! Thanks for coming tonight!” Bull smiled and quickly waved. Suzanne then knew of his presence and turned around to see him.

“Oh. H-hi there,” she stammered.

“Hey,” he replied. “Great show, Suzanne. You really are talented.”

She looked at the floor. “Th-thanks. Thanks for coming,” she said, hoping he would tell her she was off the hook.

Bull knew what she was hoping for, but would not give in. He leaned down to her right ear and whispered, “Once the kids are all gone, just come on down to the office. I’ll be waiting.” Then he smiled and walked out of the room.

Once again, her heart began to race at the thought of what she was going to have to endure later. A student approached her to ask her a question, and she snapped back into teacher mode.

After the last student left the classroom—ironically, it was Jose—she took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. She then locked her classroom and went to the restroom down the hall to clean herself up one last time before giving that part of herself to another man. She had never done that before her marriage, nor since.

Making the long walk across campus was grueling. It was cold and a little windy, and she kept her eyes on the ground with her arms folded tightly to keep herself warm. She couldn’t think of anything but what was about to happen. She tried to picture how it would go, but had no idea what to expect.

Finally, she arrived at the main office. All the lights were off, but the door was unlocked. She could see Bull’s office lights on, however. She could hear slow jazz music playing inside his office. She slowly walked over to Bull’s open office and peered inside. He was sitting at his desk, finishing pouring a second glass of champagne. “Ah, Suzanne. I thought that was you. Come on in!” he smiled.

Meekly, she crossed the threshold of his office. He stood and approached her and hugged her. She did not hug him back. “I’ll be right back. Go ahead and have a seat, make yourself comfortable, and take a glass.”

Suzanne didn’t normally drink. She didn’t really like the taste of alcohol in the first place. But in this case, she figured that perhaps a couple glasses of champagne might take the edge off of her nerves.

Bull left the office briefly, and a moment later she could hear his keys jingling as he locked the front office door. He returned to his office and closed his own office door, locking it behind him as well. Suzanne could hear all of this happening behind her, and it made her jittery all over again. She took another sip of champagne.

“Here, let me help you take that coat off,” Bull said gently behind her.

She stood and began to take it off herself, but Bull insisted on helping her. He placed it on the couch behind them. She sat again, and continued sipping the champagne. Then she felt him begin to massage her shoulders. They were definitely tense, and they tensed even tighter at his initial touch.

“It’s okay,” he breathed. “Calm down and relax.” He kneaded her shoulders and back strongly, and it did begin to relax her a little. She could feel him move her long brown hair over one of her shoulders, and then she felt him start to kiss her neck. Her heart started pounding, but she made no resistance. His warm, moist tongue began to lick at her neck, as he alternated between kisses and licks along her neck and shoulders. She bent her head forward as he continued, all the while him still massaging her back.

Then, slowly and ever so gently, she could feel her back zipper being pulled and her dress opening up. She just closed her eyes and imagined it was Brad Pitt doing this to her. She was still very nervous.

Once her dress was nearly completely unzipped, he whispered huskily to her, “Stand up.” She obeyed.

As she stood, she felt the last part of her zipper be pulled down, and Bull eased the straps off of her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor, and she was nearly naked. All she was wearing was a black bra and those snug, black satin panties, and her black high heels.

Suzanne then felt Bull undo her bra. “This is it,” she thought to herself. It was really going to happen. He removed her bra, but did not make her turn around to face him. He then reached around under her arms and began to gently massage her naked breasts. His hands were warm, thankfully, and her nipples began to harden at his touch. As he fondled her, he continued kissing and licking her neck, shoulders, and back.

Eventually, Bull began to lick and kiss his way down her back. “Mm,” he admired. “You sure do smell good!”

She didn’t know whether she should respond or not. She decided not to.

Suzanne could feel Bull getting lower, and knew he must be kneeling at this point. She braced herself for his eventual transition to her most private areas.

Sure enough, he began touching her butt, still covered by her black panties. “Wow,” he commented. “So beautiful. So fine,” he said as he lightly ran his fingers over her silky underwear. He then began to squeeze and knead her buttocks, causing her panties to go up the crack. She hated thong underwear for that very reason. She surprised herself when she began to pull them down, knowing it would unintentionally speed things along. Bull quickly got the idea and seemed anxious to help her. She stepped each foot out of them while Bull stopped touching her long enough for her to finish the act. It was a little disconcerting for her to not know what he was going to do next.

Bull picked up where he left off, kneading and groping her butt, opening and closing the cheeks. It wasn’t very long before he began to alternate his left and right thumbs into her crotch. “You like that?” he asked.

For a moment, she didn’t answer. She had hoped she could get through this without saying a word. The awkward silence won out. “It’s okay,” she finally replied.

“Spread your legs just a little,” he gently ordered.

She complied. He began to put his right thumb into her vulva, while a second later she could feel his hot breath on her butt. Now her body was beginning to react. She closed her eyes once again, and started to enjoy the sensations welling up within her. She started to feel guilty, but quickly told herself that this was her body’s normal, physical reaction to the stimulus. Nevertheless, her own juices began to secrete at his touch.

The next thing she felt was Bull kissing her butt cheeks, still rubbing his thumb in and out of her slit. Her heart began to beat faster, as did her breathing.

Then he stopped. “What is he doing now,” she wondered to herself. Was that it? Was he going to just go for it now?

In the middle of her thoughts, she heard Bull say, “Bend over the desk, baby.”

There were pen holders and his name plate right in her way. She assumed he’d approve of her shoving those aside, and she did. She lowered her upper torso onto his desk. She could feel her tummy, then her breasts, touch the paper-strewn surface.

“Put your leg up on it,” he then said. She put her right leg, knee bent, up onto the desk, now fully exposing her most intimate body parts to his face. Part of her hoped he hated it, so he would never do this again. But another part of her hoped that it did not smell offensive (“I just cleaned myself, for crying out loud,” she thought) or was too distasteful so as to not upset him, either.

Then it started. He used both of his hands to spread her buttocks, then he dove in with his face. She could feel his nose press against her anus as his lips and tongue stimulated her vulva and clitoris. This really felt good to her, and she knew that, despite her desire to not engage in this activity, she was indeed going to have an orgasm. The feelings began to intensify as she felt him slide a finger into her vagina. “Mm, yeah,” Bull said between licks. “This pussy tastes good!” That was a bit of a relief for Suzanne. She then re-focused on what was going on in her crotch area.

About three minutes later, she was gripping the sides of the desk, breathing in and out heavily and vocally through her mouth, and her muscles began to tense. Bull’s licking intensified as he sensed her nearing climax, and he pushed two fingers deep inside her love hole. That pushed her over the top in less than a second! “Ah! Ah! Ah!” she cried quietly as the spasms rocked her body.

It was Friday and Heather Baker looked up as her seventh period class filed in the door. Most of the students aimed straight for their seats, but Trent glanced at her with a small smile first. The bell rang, and Ms. Baker went to close the door before addressing her class.

“Okay class. If you would please put your homework in the basket, we can get started.” Most of the class got busy searching and grumbling, but as she looked around the room, she noticed Trent smirking at her with his paper in his hand, just as he had the other two times she’d asked for homework this week.

Seventh period was her Creative Writing class for seniors. Most of the students had finished their required credits and just needed electives to fill their schedules, so Ms. Baker provided some. She asked for three short stories a week, to be handed in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which she took home over the weekend to read and grade. Unfortunately, this meant that she hadn’t yet read any of the week’s stories and so had no clue why Trent was giving her that look.

She was teaching today’s class on the importance of detail, hoping once again that some of it would sink in and she would start getting better stories than she had been so far.

Looking out over her class, Ms. Baker decided she wasn’t going to hold her breath. It was the final class of the day on an April afternoon, with about fifteen students suffering from “senioritis.” When her gaze came across Trent’s, she was pleased to see that she held his rapt, undivided attention. She gave him a small smile to show her appreciation and received one in return. Just then, the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Most of the students raced to the door, eager to be gone. Trent, however, slowly gathered his belongings and strolled toward the exit. As he reached the door, he turned back for a moment.

“Enjoy your weekend, Ms. Baker,” he said, then turned and left. She could have sworn his eyes twinkled as he said it.


When she got home, Heather took a hot, relaxing shower to work the day’s kinks from her muscles. When she got out, she put on a pair of loose-fitting sweat pants and an over-sized shirt, opened a bottle of her favorite wine to help her unwind, and sat back on her bed with the papers her writing class had turned in that week and got ready to grade.

Luckily, she assigned these stories to be no more than two pages each. Otherwise, she would spend all weekend doing this. She didn’t think she could stand that. Most of these kids couldn’t tell an interesting story to save their lives. However, there were a couple with a fair amount of talent. When Heather had discovered that near the beginning of the year, she had begun seeking out papers by those students and putting them at the back of her stack. That way, she could end on a high note instead of depressed by the drivel everyone else handed in.

Heather rubbed the bridge of her nose after finishing a particularly horrible essay. She thought of it as an essay because that’s how it read– fairly informative but not entertaining in the least. She wrote a grade that was, in her opinion, extremely generous, then set the paper aside for one of the last three in her stack. Seeing these, Heather felt better already. The last three were the ones Trent had turned in over the week, and that young man could write! She settled back, relaxed, and got ready to enjoy the story before her.

She hadn’t gotten far when her jaw dropped. Trent had written a story about a young man (who looked amazingly like him) who wanted to fuck his private tutor (who looked amazingly like her). He went into detail about how the young man, Ted, cornered the tutor, Liz, after his lesson one day and proceeded to eat her out with such technique that she was cumming in no time. Supposedly, it was something he hadn’t ever done, but the tutor had her doubts.

Not sure what to think, Heather laid that story aside and tentatively reached for the next one. Once again, Trent had written about Ted and Liz. She read how Liz had shown up for their next lesson blushing and stammering a bit and quite unable to look Ted in the eye. Once again, after the lesson, Ted cornered her and kissed her with all of the pent up frustration of a teenage boy. He then expressed his desire for her to give him a blow job saying that, while he’d had them before, they’d been by girls too inexperienced to be very good at it. She agreed and proceeded to give him the best head he’d ever gotten, finishing by swallowing the buckets of cum he produced.

Heather was pretty sure now of what was going on and what would be happening in the third story. She was not disappointed.

In the third story, Liz returned for the next lesson dressed a little differently. She had on a skirt and a nearly see-through blouse instead of the pantsuit she usually wore, and she had fixed her hair into a feathery cloud of curls.

She informed Ted that their lesson would be a bit different today, then unbuckled his pants, pulled out his dick, and began sucking it. When he was hard, she stood and leaned over the table telling Ted to fuck her from behind. He lifted her skirt, saw her bare ass, and almost creamed right there. She guided him in and made a man out of him. He started out slow, but when she begged him to, he went so fast and hard that he only lasted a couple of minutes.

By the time Heather finished the third story, she was so hot and bothered that she didn’t care if one of her students had written it. She slipped her hand into her sweat pants and started rubbing her clit. As she did, she slipped her other hand in and started finger fucking herself. She slipped in two more fingers until the stimulation was more than she could stand. She came hard, drenching her fingers and pants.


The following Monday, Trent thought of nothing all day except what kind of reception he was likely to get in seventh period. He partly worried that Ms. Baker would turn him in to the principal. Although, if she was going to do that, wouldn’t she have done it already? The rest of his thoughts were tied up in fantasies of Ms. Baker fucking his brains out as soon as he entered class, of him laying her across her desk and eating her until she screamed his name, and of her dropping to her knees in front of him and sucking his dick dry. Of course the fact that if any of these things actually happened, they would have the rest of the class as an audience didn’t interrupt his thoughts for even a second.

Despite Trent’s lapse in concentration, he somehow managed to get through his first six classes. As the bell rang to go to seventh period, his heart hammered in his chest so loudly, he was surprised the whole school couldn’t hear it. He walked through the door to Ms. Baker’s class and glanced at her sitting at her desk. She was watching the students file into the room, but when her gaze met his, her face didn’t give anything away. He still didn’t know what was going to happen. The tardy bell rang, and the class settled down.

“Okay,” began Ms. Baker, “If you could please turn in your homework, I’ll pass back the stories from last week.” It was the same routine as every other Monday, but today Trent felt ten times as nervous as he had on any other Monday this year.

He got up to put his paper in the basket, and when he got back to his seat, his papers were lying face down on his desk. It took him a minute to work up the courage to turn the papers over, and when he did, he saw that there was no grade, but Ms. Baker had written a note across the top– “See me after class.” He looked in her direction to find that, while she was looking at him again, he still couldn’t determine what she was thinking.

The class time passed quickly, and, for the first time since September, Trent had no idea what the lesson had been about. The bell rang, and Trent watched as his classmates gathered their belongings and got up to leave. He put his book and notebook into his bag, then sat and waited. Ms. Baker let him sit for five minutes before she closed the door and turned to approach him.

“Okay, Trent, what’s going on? Those stories you turned in last week, I never would have expected that from you,” she said. “Now, I haven’t informed the principal- yet. I wanted to hear what you had to say first.”

Trent felt himself blushing as he carefully considered his options. He sure as hell didn’t want to tell her the truth. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as if he had much of a choice. She held all the cards. If she went to the principal, he would almost certainly be expelled with less than a month until graduation. It would be thirteen years of education wasted because he wouldn’t have a prayer of getting a scholarship after that, and he couldn’t afford college without one.

“I-I… um, that is…,” he stammered. “Fuck!” Ms. Baker’s eyes widened a bit at his word choice, but she didn’t interrupt. Trent started again, “The truth is that I’ve had a thing for you since the first time I saw you. Just thinking about your long, slender legs and where they go under that skirt makes my cock so hard I can’t stand for at least five minutes. I’ve never fucked anyone before, but I’ve dreamed about the day I would finally get to fuck you. I’ve wanted to tell you all this for awhile, and I knew that if I didn’t do it now, I never would. Please don’t get me kicked out!”

All of this came out in a rush, and when he finished, Trent stared down at his desk, unable and unwilling to look Ms. Baker in the eye, afraid of what he might see. So it was a complete surprise to feel her hand gently but firmly lifting his chin and bringing his eyes up to meet hers. He was glad she had. When he looked up, he saw a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

Trent watched as Ms. Baker got up and locked the door, then returned and took him by the hand. She led him to the sofa in the reading nook. It was a corner of her classroom designed to provide a place for students to read with fewer distractions. The sides not facing a wall were surrounded by bookshelves, and the area was open only in the direction of Ms. Baker’s desk so that she could supervise the students who made use of it. It was not, however, visible from the door, and it was that, along with the very comfortable sofa, that made the location so appealing.

Ms. Baker sat Trent down, then pulled the pins from her hair, allowing it to fall freely and feather out in its natural state. She held Trent’s gaze as she reached forward to unfasten his belt and jeans. She lifted his hips and guided his jeans and boxers down his legs, freeing his rod to stand at attention. While it wasn’t the biggest dick she’d ever seen, it was still a good seven inches and already oozing pre-cum.

Ms. Baker gripped Trent’s cock with one hand and used the thumb and index finger of the other hand to slowly spread the small drops of liquid around his head. Trent closed his eyes and reveled in the sensations. Ms. Baker had barely touched him, and yet it was all he could do not to lose his load.

“Trent, has anyone ever done this for you before?” she asked.

Trent shook his head slightly, finding it difficult to concentrate. “N-no. Not like this,” he managed. He’d had a couple of girlfriends, but they had been squeamish about putting a cock in their mouths. One had actually given him a hand job, but she had been very inexperienced and hadn’t given him half the satisfaction Ms. Baker already had.

Ms. Baker gave him a smile and used her very talented hands to slowly stroke his cock from base to head. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Ms. Baker lowered her head and took his knob into her mouth and began to suck it like a tootsie pop while her hand continued to stroke the base of his shaft.

Under normal circumstances, Trent might have been able to withstand this for several minutes, but this was not a normal day. He had spent most of the day absorbed in his “Ms. Baker” fantasies, and for at least half the time, he had been rock hard. To now be living out one of his favorite fantasies was just too much, and Trent came in her mouth. To his amazement, Ms. Baker swallowed his cum as easily as drinking a glass of water, and she didn’t miss a drop.

“Ms. Baker… Wow!” Trent said when he could finally speak again. “No one has ever made me cum like that before.”

“I’m glad you were impressed,” she answered. “Now then, how would you like to do something for me?” At Trent’s hesitant look, Ms. Baker asked, “Have you ever eaten pussy before, Trent?” He shook his head “no.”

“My girlfriend would never let me. She thought it was disgusting, and I didn’t push her.”

“That was very thoughtful of you, but it means you are very behind in your education,” Ms. Baker said. She sat next to Trent on the couch and raised her skirt to her waist.

Trent noticed three things in rapid succession that made his dick spring rock hard again. First was that Ms. Baker didn’t wear any underwear. The second was that her bush was neatly trimmed into a landing strip. The third thing he noticed, and the one that held his attention, was that her pussy was already sopping wet. It was as if her body couldn’t wait for what would come later.

Ms. Baker noticed the hungry look on Trent’s face and that he was once again fully aroused, and she smiled at him. “Don’t worry,” she said. “We’ll take care of that in just a bit. First, let’s see what you can do with your mouth.”

Trent lowered his face to Ms. Baker’s snatch and gave it a tentative lick. Emboldened by the slight shudder that produced, he lowered his tongue again and slowly licked her slit from bottom to top before stopping at her clit and nibbling a little.

When Ms. Baker started squirming against his face from the sensations, Trent moved back down and thrust his tongue into her hole. He tongue-fucked her like he was lapping up his teacher’s juices from the inside. Trent thrust his tongue faster and harder, and every time he drew it out, he ran it flat over her clit. Before long, he had Ms. Baker nearly crying out her need for an orgasm.

When Trent realized what was going on, he abandoned her hole and started suckling Ms. Baker’s clit until she thought it would never recover. Trent did such an incredible job with this last assault that in less than a minute, Ms. Baker flooded his mouth and chin with her cum.

Ms. Baker stared at Trent with an incredulous look on her face. “Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” she asked him.

“Yes ma’am, I’m sure,” he answered.

“Then how in Hell did you get so good?”

Trent blushed a little. After what had just happened, Ms. Baker thought it was cute. “Well, um… I’ve sort of been studying different techniques for a while now. My father and brother each have a pretty extensive, uh… collection… that I borrow from sometimes. Um, Ms. Baker? Can I… uh… can I please fuck you now? I’ve got to do it soon.”

Ms. Baker was pleased to see Trent blush again with his request. Even with his recent thoughts, Trent was still so much more innocent than any of her boyfriends that it was a refreshing change.

To answer Trent’s question, Ms. Baker slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a lacy white bra holding back her luscious twin globes. She unfastened the clasp at the front allowing them to spill out for Trent to enjoy.

He took them in his hands and used his thumbs to tease her nipples into stiff peaks before taking one into his mouth. Ms. Baker was learning just how talented a mouth Trent had as he massaged and suckled her into oblivion. When she felt his fingers inside her cunt, she almost came again. Instead, she stopped Trent long enough to lead him to the over-sized cushions lining the wall.

Ms. Baker laid down on the cushions and pulled Trent down to her. He looked at her with passion in his eyes before taking her mouth in a searing kiss that contained every ounce of the pent up emotions he was feeling. His tongue dueled hers, thrusting back and forth in the same manner he would soon be using another tool.

Trent kept his mouth on hers while he drew Ms. Baker’s legs around his waist, opening her for his invasion. When Trent had himself positioned, he drove forward, impaling Ms. Baker with his full length.

As Trent started a slow in-and-out, Ms. Baker raised her hips to meet him. Thrust for thrust, she kept pace with him as he drew his cock almost completely out of her, over and over, only to slam it back in.

After a little while, Trent started picking up speed, each thrust going harder and deeper. He drew Ms. Baker’s legs up to rest on his shoulders, giving him even better penetration and allowing him to hit a spot that had Ms. Baker screaming his name. He could feel her muscles clenching as her orgasm hit her full force, and Trent was so close himself that it pushed him over the edge. He shot load after load of cum deep inside her.

They got themselves cleaned up and dressed, and Ms. Baker warned Trent to keep their secret, no matter how tempting it might be to tell someone. Of course he agreed, but all he could think about on his way home was, “I can’t believe I just fucked my teacher!”

Chapter 3. I would read the first two to understand where we are at. Thanks for reading.


Ring, ring. What the fuck is that noise I asked myself as I woke? She rolled over and looked at the clock. 9:33. She answered. She talked quietly for a minute and then hung up.

“Who was that,” I asked?

“It was your mom and she is on her way to get you,” she replied. “She didn’t sound very happy.”

“So what else is new,” I yawned.

“Well let’s get up and wait for her,” she said.

She rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I sat up on the bed and rubbed my eyes. I heard the toilet flush and she came out in a robe.

“I think I am going to need some shorts,” I said.

“Where are the ones you had from the first night,” she asked.

“Probably still in the car with my back-pack,” I said.

“Well I guess I will get them for you,” she said.

She left the room to find her keys. I followed her out and headed for the kitchen. I sat at the table, yawned and streched as I waited for her return. These late nights were fun but tiring.

She returned from the garage with the blanket and the bag. “Here are your cloths,” she said.

I put my shorts on and returned to the chair. She pushed a bagel down into the toaster and sat on the edge of the counter. I smiled at her as she stared blankly at the floor. We were both very tired this morning. Her robe was short and was hanging loosely at mid thigh. She parted her legs slightly. I focused in on them. She caught me and smiled. She opened them up wide.

“See bumpy and red like I said it would be,” she said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” I replied.

“It’s okay, I will get some bikini zone stuff and it will be fine,” she replied. Her puss seamed to wink at me as my dick started to grow.

Pop went the toaster and she hopped off the counter. She started to put some butter on it. I watched as the robe loosened and her tit came into view. She turned and leaned against the counter making no effort to hide herself. She smiled.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind the redness,” she continued. “I am liking this trying new things.”

“Like what,” I asked, absent from the conversation? My mind was on her tit hanging out. They were so fantastic.

“Well, I have never had sex on the beach,” she replied. “And it’s been ages since I have had more than one orgasm in a night,” she continued.

“I do a good job then,” I asked?

“Yeah I would say so,” she replied. “I only have multiples if I play with my own pussy,” she teased.

“I think I like what we have and we could be on to something,” she said as she took another bite. She blushed a little. “Do you want to stay tonight again,” she asked?

“Why do you even ask,” I replied. “You know what the answer is.”

Beep, beep.

“Guess you are going now,” she sighed.

“Unfortunately,” I groaned. “This is going to be fun.”

She came across the kitchen and rubbed my cock with her soft hand. “It’s going to be even more fun if you come back,” she teased.

“We will see what she has in store for me,” I replied.

She leaned in and we started to kiss. My hand began to wander down until it found its way into her robe. “Hum,” she growled as I touched her clit. She was already wet.

“I’m not the only one who gets excited often,” I teased.

Beep, beep! The horn went again.

“Guess I need to go,” I frowned

“Yeah you better before you get in trouble,” she hissed.

“I will try to see if I can come back tonight,” I said. I began the trek to the front door.

“Call me if you can,” she said as I opened the door.

I shut the door and started for the car. I didn’t even have her number I thought as I reached the car. Mom started to ask 20 questions as soon as the door opened. We argued for a while before I got back out of the car and headed back up the side walk to the door.

“Mrs. Wilson,” I called.

“Yes darling,” she answered from the bedroom. She had a mischievious grin on her face.

“She wants to talk to you,” I said.

“About what,” she asked? The grin faded quickly. She had never met my mom but knew from me that it was never good to get on her radar.

“About my project and coming back over here,” I replied.

“Great,” she huffed as she tightened up the robe and pulled the bottom down on it. She followed me out and headed to the driver’s side as I went to my side.

“How’s he doing,” my mom asked?

“Good,” she said. “He is making good progress.”

“Is he becoming a problem,” she asked, a scowl on her face?

“No, he is not a problem, he doing just fine,” she replied. “He needs the help and I am glad to offer it.”

“I hope he isn’t ruining your day,” mom replied.

“No, I have nothing going on today,” she said.

“Are you sure,” mom asked?

“Yeah he is fine, I like having him here, keeps me company and makes me laugh,” she said.

“Well okay then,” she said. She still had a skeptical look on her face.

“How far along is he,” she asked?

“He is almost done, a couple more hours and he will be all done,” she replied.

“This sounds like a big project,” mom said.

“25 percent of the grade,” she said.

“Well, I will bring him back over later on then but I don’t know if he can stay tonight though,” She said. “He has other things he needs to get done at home too.”

“Okay, like I said, a few more hours but staying the night is fine if it’s an inconvenience for you to run back over here and get him tonight,” she offered.

“No I have a friend close by I can stop over and chat with her a while before I come back to get him,” she said.

“Okay, but my offer will still be good if you change your mind,” she offered. She sounded a little desperate.

“If he really needs to but I think I want him home tonight,” mom said. I gave Mrs. Wilson a serious look of ‘shut the fuck up and let it go’.

“I understand,” she replied as she glanced through the car and saw my expression.

“I will bring him by later then,” mom said.

She backed away from the window as my mom put the car into reverse. We left and I started my busy and boring day.

We went to my grandma’s house for some of the day. Then I went to practice for a few hours and then home. I did a few chores around the house before we left to head back to see her.

We arrived at her house around 5:30. I got out and waved bye as I started up the side walk. I knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again. Still nothing. I turned the knob and the door swung open.

“Mrs. Wilson, are you here,” I called. Nothing, the house was silent. What the hell I thought. I walked in and shut the door. I went to her room and called for her again. Nothing. I peeked out around the blinds that covered the sliding glass door in the bedroom.

“Dam,” I cried as I finally found her. She had on the shortest pair of shorts I had ever seen and a little tight white shirt. She pulled on the hose and started spraying the yard to water the grass and a flower bed. She turned to pull a little more. Her nipples pressed hard against the fabric as she twisted. She hose slipped and she bent down to get it. I almost skeeted in my pants as the material pulled tight against her ass and slid into her crack. Her little clam lips poked out from either side of the material.

I cracked open the door and went out. “Those are some nice shorts,” I said. She turned quickly towards me a big smile on her face.

“Are you cold or something,” I asked?

“Ha-ha,” she laugh as she smiled. She was happy to see me. I met her with a kiss.

“About time you came back,” she said.

I took the hose from her. “I tried my best to get back here but this was as fast as I could,” I replied.

“Well that’s okay, at least you are here now,” she said. “I have been wet all day thinking about you.”

“How long are you here for,” she asked?

“A little while is all,” I replied sadly.

“You can’t stay then,” she asked?

“No, but I tried,” I said. “She wants to see my project too.”

“Shit,” she sighed. “Well I saved a few from last year, I can just give you one of them.” She looked down at the hose. “You going to use that thing,” she asked?

“For what,” I asked? She took the hose from me and smiled a sassy little smile. She pulled the handle and sprayed herself.

“For this,” she teased. Her shirt went transparent.

“Dam,” I said as her tits were showing through the fabric now. Her nipples strained against it. I looked around the yard.

“I got the privacy fence for a reason,” she assured me.

“Yeah but the neighbor,” I said as I recalled our first time.

“He isn’t home today,” she said coyly.

“Remember I have no tan lines,” she said. I looked over at the lawn chair.

“Yeah I remember,” I said. “Except for the other day.” “I do remember how hot you were to and how much I wanted to fuck you right over there while you bathed,” I said.

“Well let’s do it then,” she replied. She stripped her shirt off and started walking towards the chair. She reached the chair and the shorts fell to the ground. I followed and began to strip as well. I was naked as she sat down on the chair. She reached under it and pulled a rubber out. She opened it and looked at me.

“If I didn’t know better I would have thought you planned this,” I said.

“I was prepared for anything,” she teased as she grabbed my erect cock and rolled the condom down my shaft. She laid flat on the chair and dangled her legs off the side. Her bald little pink puss parted just slightly. She started to seep white cream out as I admired it. It looked so hot and fuckable. I wasted no time and got between her legs. I looked down and guided my dick into the target. My head parted her folds and glided right on in.

“Dam,” I sighed. Her wetness surprised me.

“Told you I was wet,” she teased as I stroked out and admired her again.

“You are so fucking hot,” I groaned as I buried myself into her again.

“If I’m so fucking hot then why don’t you fuck the shit out of me,” she demanded.

“I’m going to fuck you like a two dollar slut then,” I cried. I started pushing in and out harder.

“Fuck me like a one dollar whore,” she cried as the pleasure started to take over her body.

“I am going to cum fast then,” I cried.

“Just fuck me,” she cried. I started pushing harder, slamming into her pelvis with each thrust.

“Oh fucking god dam,” she cried as nut nuts slapped against her asshole. I railed her as she covered her tits to keep them from shaking so much. I leaned down and found a nipple with my teeth and chewed a little.

“Fuck yeah,” she cried as her hand slipped down and brushed her clit for a second. “Keep going I’m cumming,” she cried. I felt myself start to boil over as she puffed with excitement.

“Fuck yeah, I’m cumming,” she cried. My cock started to expand and fill the latex bag with cum. She felt my cock swell and it sent her into a frenzy. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she cried as she climaxed hard.

The poor chair squeaked as I slammed hard into her snatch. She began to buck herself as her body rode out the pleasure.

“Slow, slow,” she cried as the pleasure started to calm down. I slowed to long strokes before stopping to rest. We both puffed a minute before I had to stand. My legs were starting to cramp and shake.

I popped out of her with a swish and stood shaking from the waist down. “Wow,” she cried. “Fuck where is it,” she asked frantically?

“What,” I asked?

I looked at her cunt and saw the rubber hanging there. Cum slowly ran from the open end down her asshole and onto the chair. I reached down and carefully but quickly pulled it from the contracting hole.

“Did it break, is it in me,” she asked, frantic?

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “It was hanging out of you.”

“Let me see it,” she demanded.

“Here,” I said as I handed it to her. She looked it over before putting it to her mouth and blowing into it like a balloon. It filled and held the air.

“It seems okay,” she said. She placed it by the ground and let it deflate. It fluttered and spit cum on the ground.

“Whew,” I said as I bent down and grabbed my shorts.

“I got to check to be sure,” she said. She sat up and looked herself over. She pulled her lips apart and inspected her pussy. “I can’t tell,” she cried as she stood.

“I got to be sure.” She started running for the house. Her tits bounced in the reflection of the glass as she went towards it. Nice I thought. She disappeared inside. I gathered her cloths and followed.

“Everything okay,” I asked as she flushed.

“Seems fine,” she said as she floated across the room, happy from a good fuck.

She opened the underwear drawer and looked inside. She picked out a pair and stepped into them.

“What do you have in there,” I asked. I walked over and look in. “Got any thongs or sexy stuff that you can put on to tease me with,” I asked?

“Not really,” she replied. “I got a pair of bikini cut panties I wear when I hope to get laid.” “That’s about it,” she continued. “I don’t have much since I can’t wear them,” she sighed.

“What, no thongs or nothing,” I asked in disbelief? “You got to get some thongs,” I said. “With your body and that ass, dam you would look hot.” “Smoking hot, even more so then now,” I continued.

“You think,” she teased, knowing what my answer would be.

“Hell yes,” I replied. “Your ass is so perfect and round and tight and err,” I groaned. “Dam you are sexy,” I said. “You are a 12 on a 10 scale.”

“Hum,” she growled her sexy growl. I started to get hard again.

“Did you like my shorts,” she asked?

“I almost left a mess on the slider when I saw you,” I replied.

“I have had these things for a very long time,” she said looking at them. “They almost don’t fit anymore.”

“They fit just perfect,” I replied.

“Hum,” she growled again. Her face was molten as she pulled out a bra. She pulled the straps up and clasped the back. She moved down to the next drawer and pulled out a long shirt. She pulled it over her head. She started out of the room.

“Where are those panties,” I asked?

“What ones,” she asked as she stopped?

“Your get lucky ones,” I called them.

“Oh, dirty,” she replied.

“Oh,” I said disappointed. “From what,” I asked?

“I wore them before he left,” she replied as she continued out the door.

“Oh,” I grumbled.

“Don’t worry, they didn’t get dirty from him,” she sighed. “I played with my pussy on my own remember, it’s been two and a half months since the last time.”

“It’s okay, you’re not all mine, yet,” I said.

“Hum,” she growled again. The thought made her excited.

“Come on we have to find a project for you,” she called. I followed her through the house to the garage. She moved past her vehicle and pulled the string on the stairs to the attic. The steps folded down and she started climbing up. She flicked on the light and disappeared for a while searching for something.

She returned with a project board and handed it down to me. I took it and looked it over. It was an elaborate set up and it looked like it took a lot of time. “Perfect,” I said.

“Perfect is right,” she said. “Now more time for us,” she teased as she tugged at my dick.

“You bet ya,” I said as I picked her up and started for the house. We reached the kitchen table where I set her down and started kissing her. She lifted my shirt over my head and then we resumed kissing. I pulled her panties down as she wiggled her butt to help them slid off. She giggled.

“We are so bad,” she cooed as I glanced at the stove clock. Almost time to go I thought as dropped her panties to the floor. I leaned down to give her clit a lick. “Oh,” she cried as the first waves of pleasure ran over her body.

Beep, beep!

“Fuck always something,” I cried as I ran my tongue up her slit. Mom was early.

“Oh fuck,” she cried. “Don’t stop,” she begged.

“I have to baby,” I said sadly.

“Fuck,” she groaned as I stood. “I and so fucking horny you can’t leave me like this,” she begged.

Beep, beep again went the horn.

I thought quickly. “Get to my house late tonight and we can go out and fuck all night somewhere,” I said.

“How the hell are we going to do that,” she asked?


I grabbed the project and started for the door.

“Your shirt dummy,” she called. I returned for it.

“Just hold on a minute,” I yelled out the door at the parked car.

“Just pack your bag and come get me late tonight like 11:30, I will figure all the rest out,” I pleaded with her.

“Asshole comes back tomorrow sometime,” she cried.

“Up to you,” I said as my hand went under her shirt and touched her wet hole. Her knees shook.

“Fuck let’s do it,” she finally agreed.

“3691 Orchard street,” I said.

“What,” she asked?

“My address, look it up and meet me on the main road that leads to that place,” I said.

“Okay,” she said.

“Pack a bag with your bikini and something nice for the morning,” I said as I opened the door.

“I have to be home tomorrow,” she cried.

“You will don’t worry,” I shouted back.

“Okay,” she cried as I exited the house.

I got into the car and we drove off.


“You know I have to go to that training camp in the morning,” I said to mom.

“When did you find this out,” she asked?

“I told you about it a week ago,” I said.

“I don’t remember that,” she argued back.

“You never remember anything I tell you do you,” I replied.

“I guess I should pay more attention then,” she replied. Wow no argument for that, what the hell was wrong with her I asked myself.

“When are you leaving,” she asked?

“In the morning,” I replied. “I won’t be gone for that long, just going to work on a few techniques for a few hours then I will be back.”

“What time in the morning,” she asked?

“Early like 5 I think is when we are leaving,” I replied. “I have a ride there so don’t worry about that.”

“Okay,” she replied.

I got home and packed my pretend suit case for the training and then waited until 11:15 before I left quietly out the door. I walked quickly down the road and waited for her. Lights shinned from far down the road. Must be her I thought as I waited.

She pulled to a stop. I opened the door and climbed in. “You ready for some fun,” she asked?

“Are you,” I asked?

“I’ve been wet all night thinking about it,” she smiled?

“Good then drive,” I replied. “Best western by exit 195.”

She turned the wheel and pressed the gas to the floor.


We arrived half past midnight and walked into the sleepy hotel lobby. The desk clerk stirred as he saw me and my hot ass date walk in. She had on a tight black dress that hugged her curves on the top then got loose and wavy near the waste. It was thigh high and made her look hot as hell. He checked her out as I checked us into a room.

We walked up to the room and set our things down. “Not too bad,” she said. “How are we going to pay for this,” she asked? “I can’t spend any money or I will get in trouble.”

“You worry too much,” I said. “I got this.”

“Okay,” she said with nothing further.

“Get your suit on and meet me at the hot tub,” I said.

“Are you crazy,” she asked?

“Adventure,” I said and walked out.

She appeared at the hot tub after ten minutes. I didn’t think she was going to come down.

“I don’t know if I like this idea,” she said.

“What do you mean,” I asked?

“What if we get caught,” she asked?

“Who said we were going to do anything,” I teased?

“You said we were going to fuck all night,” she replied.

“That was last night babe, its tomorrow now,” I continued to tease. “This will be fun, just get in,” I begged. She put her feet in and looked around.

“We can go back up if you want to,” I said.

“No, I always wanted to try new things and this will be very new,” she said. She got in further but was still looking around.

She joined me and settled down. We sat in the warm water and let it pulse over our bodies.

“See it’s not so bad,” I said.

“The water is very relaxing,” she said.

She turned and started to kiss me. We returned each other’s deep tender kisses before I felt a hand reach down and pull my rod from my shorts.

“No pussy fucking,” she said. “We have no rubbers.”

“Any hole is better than no hole,” I whispered.

“Hum,” she growled her sexy little growl. My fingers found their way into her suit bottom. I flicked her clit softly as she stroked me. I dipped further down and found her hole. My finger disappeared into her as she moaned into my mouth. She ground down hard on my hand as we kept kissing deeply.

I changed levels on the steps and floated her up onto her back. She allowed me to have my way with her. Her puss was at the water level as I held her up with my hand. I pulled the suit to one side and exposed her smooth clam. I used two fingers to spread her wide as I dipped my tongue into her slit.

“Oh shit,” she cried as the hot water and my tongue pleasured her. She pulled her top off her tit and pinched a nipple. Her other hand found the step and she held herself up. She breathed hard as I ran my tongue over her clit. I slipped lower and pushed my tongue into her cunt.

“Oh yeah,” she whispered quietly as she felt her body start to cum already. She squeaked very softly as she pinched her nipple. She body shook softly as she came suddenly.

“Okay, slow, soft licks,” she asked as her body began to recover. The warm feeling of her orgasm ran through her veins. “Yeah just like that,” she whispered softly as my tongue gently touched her clit now.

She pulled away slowly and settled down on the seat next to me. She pulled the ties to her suit and off it came. Her inhibitions about the situation were now gone. Fucking was the only thing on her mind. She set her suit softly behind me as she settled in my lap. My cock pressed hard against her freshly licked cunt. The warmth pulsed down from it and made my cock mad with desire. It wanted to find its way in. She gently slid herself along its length.

“That was a good one,” she said softly. We started to kiss again and she started to grind harder on my dick. Her pussy was in over drive now as she felt hornier than ever. She pushed back to hard and my cock started to spread her lips and enter. Just the tip felt her rippling entrance that pulled at it, wanting it to enter. One more thrust forward and it would have buried itself.

She slid away though and looked softly at me with lustful eyes.

“I didn’t mean it,” I whispered as she slid back and my cock tucked under her ass. The head poked out the back as her asshole puckered along the middle part of my shaft.

“I know baby,” she sighed softly. She held her finger to my lips and hushed me. “I want to feel you penetrate me so deeply, but we just can’t yet.” “We have to be careful.”

She slid up and grabbed my dick. She adjusted herself and pressed the head to her tight asshole. It puckered tighter before opening slowly as she reminded it of the pleasure that was to come. It relaxed and slowly she felt the pressure of me filling her exit. She continued to feed it in until she reached the end.

“Man that thing just keeps going,” she whispered. She felt my hair on her puss which meant there was no more to enter her. She was stuffed as she leaned forward to me. We started to kiss softly as she pinched one nipple. She began a soft slow rhythm. We kissed and fucked slowly before her bunched up legs began to tire. She withdrew until just the head was still inside.

“Stay still,” she said softly as she started to turn. She turned until her back faced me and then settled back down. My hands found her tits and I softly pinched her nipples. I gently kissed her neck as she pulled her hair out of the way to give me more neck to work with. She was incredible and had never looked hotter.

“I’m going to cum,” I whispered.

“Okay go right ahead,” she sighed. “I’m very close myself.” “Just let me keep the pace,” she puffed.

My hand drifted to her pussy and found her clit. She softly moaned as I rubbed. She twisted a little as she softly came. It sent me over the edge. I moaned as she felt my cock begin to expand deep in her back door.

“Yes,” she softly cried as I grunted with pleasure. I felt my seed expel into her as she continued her light pace.

I involuntarily pushed my hips up on my last burst. She flinched a little. I settled my hips as I finished. She set still for just a minute and savored the warm liquid sliding around in her asshole. The exquisite pressure of cum in her ass. My dick started to shrink and she knew it was time to dismount. She pulled off and felt me slip out of her. She turned to face me.

“That felt so good to feel cum in my ass,” she cooed. “I haven’t felt that in a very long time.” “You have to listen to me though when I tell you something though.” “Ass sex in painful if not done the right way.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I just couldn’t help it, you sure know how to make a boy cum.”

“Well you know how to make a girl cum too,” she replied. She kissed me softly as she felt the cum start to dribble out.

“I wish asshole could say the same,” she said suddenly.

“What is that dude’s problem,” I asked? I was starting to hate the guy more and more and I had never met him. She always managed to bring him up after me fucked though.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t want to ruin the mood so I guess I should stop bringing him up. I smiled and agreed without saying a word. She had to know.

She leaned forward and we resumed our soft kissing. She slipped a hand down and softly touched herself.

“You are still horny,” I asked?

“I can’t help it,” she cried. “I just want to scream when I’m with you.” “I have never felt this alive,” she said. She reached for her suit bottoms. She slipped them up and tied them into place. She returned to my lap and ground against my cock again. It started to come back to life.

“You are pretty horny yourself,” she cooed as it slid along the fabric.

“It’s all because of you,” I replied.

“Hum,” she growled as she pressed harder. “This is safer,” she teased.

“I told you I didn’t mean it,” I said.

“It wasn’t you, it was my fault,” she whispered. She let out a soft moan. “I’m getting close to cumming again,” she whispered. “Your dick is hitting me just right.”

She slid slowly and kissed hard as she worked herself towards another orgasm.

“Um,” she growled as she felt the wave of pleasure run her body again. “I’m cumming baby,” she cried. She slowed as I felt myself getting close. She stopped suddenly and looked off to the right.

“Security is coming,” she whispered.

“Fuck, I was close too,” I whispered back.

She slid off and tugged my dick a quick second before pushing back into the suit. She was teasing me now. “He’s coming,” she said.

“Folks, the ah, hot tub is closed for the night, so if you could get descent and then out we would appreciate that,” he said.

“Okay,” I said. “But don’t go assuming.” “We are just enjoying the stars and are clothed.”

“Okay, sorry for that but the area is still closed for tonight,” he said again. “I will be back in 5 minutes, don’t be here when I come back.”

He left and I helped her from the tub and up. “We got to get up in the morning anyway so let’s just go up,” I said.

I followed her up the steps and was mesmerized by her ass bouncing up the whole way. It was going to be hard to sleep knowing that ass was next to me.

“The door is stuck,” she cried.

“Um, Mrs. Wilson, that’s not our room,” I replied.

“Mrs. Fucking Wilson,” she teased. “Babe, please, call me Sarah, my first name.”

“Okay, Sarah,” I said, “that still isn’t our room.” I picked her up and carried her down two more doors. I opened the door and brought her in. I set her down in the bathroom and got her a towel. She bent down and pulled her bottoms off.

“Oh,” she cried as she looked back.

“What,” I asked?

“You are leaking from me,” she said as she used the towel to clean her leg.

“It stayed in there,” I asked dumbly?

“Where else would it go,” she replied.

“Guess I never thought about it,” I said.

We dried and then she went for the bed. I hung the suits up and then followed. She was already half asleep by the time I climbed in.

“I am so tired,” she sighed.

“Then rest,” I said.

“No I have to make you cum,” she said very tired.

“We got some other time,” I replied.

“I want us to be even,” she said.

“Who’s counting,” I asked?

“Hum,” she growled. “I like this, this is so nice.” She backed up to me and we spooned as we drifted off.


“Hey babe,” I whispered softly to wake her.

“Hum,” she asked as she rolled over?

“Time to get up,” I said. “Our ride out to breakfast will be here in a little while.”

“Breakfast,” she questioned? “I have to be home today you know.”

“Yeah it’s just breakfast,” I assured her.

“Okay,” she said as she sat up. She rolled the other way and started towards the bathroom.

I heard the shower start so I got up and followed. She sat down on the toilet. I opened the door and walked in. “Hey I’m trying to pee,” she said startled.

“What,” I asked?

“I’m peeing,” she cried.

“Oh,” I said. I disappeared behind the door.

“Okay I’m done,” she yelled. I came back in and we both got into the shower. Seeing her naked and wet from the water started to get me hard.

“Sorry about yelling,” she said. “I’m just not there yet with you but give it time.”

“It’s okay I just thought it was okay to come in,” I replied.

“Soon, just give it some time,” she said.

“Not a problem,” I said. I pulled her close to me. My dick ran up her butt crack as she leaned back give me a few kisses.

“Hum,” she growled as she felt it push against her.

“When does our ride get here,” she asked?

“At 9,” I replied. “It 8:45 right now.”

“You sure,” she asked? She turned and soaped her hair quickly.

“Sure as I can be,” I replied.

“Okay,” she replied and washed the soap from her hair. “I’m getting out then I have to get ready.”

She exited as I rinsed quickly. I followed her out. She was drying off. She ran the towel down her chest, lifting gently to get the water from under her tits. She turned a little and continued down over her flat tummy and down one silky smooth leg. She returned up and around to the back side and got her ass. She saw me watching and gently brushed the towel over her box and licked her lips. I winked. She spread it just a little with two fingers then ended her teasing quickly as she ran the towel up and got her back.

Satisfied with the lack of moisture on her body she started out of the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself.

She returned to the bathroom with the dress she had worn last night. She strutted in with a sexy bikini cut pair of pink panties on. She turned and the ass read kiss, kiss in faded purple. She bent a little and modeled.

“These are my get lucky panties,” she teased. Her little butt poked out as I stared. She bent a little harder to continue the tease. Her lips pressed hard against the material and swelled slightly from the sides.

“Nice ass, can I do what it says,” I asked?

“Maybe later,” she teased as she stood.

“They look worn out,” I replied.

“They have a lot on miles on them,” she offered. “I wear them a lot in hopes of getting lucky but I usually don’t.”

“They still look very sexy on you,” I said. I noted how they cut just around her mound and hung nicely to her hips. They were very sexy indeed.

She slipped on a black strapless bra and then pulled the dress over her head. It fell into place as she smoothed out the wrinkles. She pulled her hair back and brushed it gently. I had seen enough and left to find some cloths of my own. I reached onto my bag and grabbed my outfit.

She came out about the time I finished putting my suit and cloths away from last night. She looked hot with just a touch of makeup and a breath of perfume.

“You ready,” I asked?

“Hum,” she growled, “For what?”

“What did you have in mind,” I retorted.

“Anything you can throw at me,” she teased back. “Although my ass is a little sore.”

“How about some breakfast then,” I replied?

“That sounds wonderful,” she said.

We walked to the lobby and found the car had just pulled up. We climbed in and started on our way to the next town for brunch. “I haven’t been in a ride like this since my prom,” she said.

I thought the obvious about her wedding but didn’t bother to ask. She was still torn about the whole situation so I wanted to keep quiet and let him fuck it up more so she would work my way. We just talked, like in class about anything that came up. Like two adults on a date. It was very pleasant.

We arrived at a very nice restaurant and had a quick brunch before we headed back to the hotel. She was concerned about the time. We arrived and were heading up to gather our things. Her phone started to ring. She looked in disgust and worry as she answered. It must be him I thought.

“Where are you,” she asked into the phone? She listened. “Oh well that’s like an hour away,” she replied. “A little longer then sorry I don’t know exactly where you are,” she barked. “Why were you in Columbia,” she asked quietly? “I don’t want to know then.” “I am home,” she said. “Yes everything is fine, you always worry.” “Sorry but I don’t like to be called that,” she barked. “Why are you always so freaking mean to me, you wonder why we argue.” “Okay,” she said very sweetly. “See you soon.” “Love,” she pulled the phone away and looked.

“He hung up on me that fucker,” she cried.

“Well maybe he didn’t have anything else to say,” I offered.

“No he’s just an asshole,” she replied. “He’s pissed off about some deal that went bad in Columbia.” “I’m going to be in for a shit week while he is home,” she continued. Perfect I thought. Keep pissing her off asshole and make her run to me.

“Anything I can do to help,” I asked?

“Hum,” she growled forgetting quickly of her problems at home. “Now that we have a little more time,” she teased. She stepped close to me and reached for my pants. She unbuttoned the snap and carefully slid the zipper down. She looked up at me with her seductive blue eyes before she slid them to the floor. I reached out for her dress. She slapped my hand away.

“You behave,” she teased.

“I thought I was,” I replied.

“I will when I am ready,” she teased.

She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. I reached for her hips, I just wanted a touch. I wanted to feel her warmth and softness. I got my hand playfully slapped again.

“Behave you,” she cooed softly. I left my hands at my side. She leaned down and stared at my cock. She moved my legs so I stepped out of my shoes. She blew a warm breath of air onto my cock. Then she pushed me down so I fell into bed. I flopped back as she smiled her sexy little smile.

She climbed into the bed to the side of my legs. She was just beyond my reach as she took my cock into her hand. Her tiny hand made me look big. I had never thought I was big until she held it. She blew softly on my cock again from about a half an inch away. My cock swelled as it hopped for more. She felt it pulse in her hand. Her eyes were glowing now as she glanced up at me.

Softly she stuck out her tongue and gently flicked my seeping tip with the underside of it. My hips pushed up slightly at the sensation. She retracted and looked over me with a devilish little teasing smile. She looked very sexy with my cock in her hand.

“I told you when I’m ready,” she teased. She returned her tongue out again and licked my shaft from balls to tip. The warmth of her saliva was quickly replaced by the coldness of the room air. My hips pushed up again just slightly.

“Please,” I asked? My cock was swollen with desire. It wanted it as bad as the rest of me did.

She growled as she inserted just the tip, almost kissing it as her teeth stopped it from entering any further. Her lips pulled the pre cum off the tip and then released. She savored the flavor before moving her hand up my shaft and milking more pre cum out. She returned her mouth to my cock as more oozed from the tip. She parted her teeth and allowed more in as her tongue sought the salty liquid.

“Please,” I begged as her lips left but her hand remained. She teased expertly as her eyes looked coyly up from between my legs. Her head rested on my thigh as she blew air towards my shaft again.

She growled a little before shifting just slightly. I could now reach her if I wanted to. She was testing me. I remained still as my cock pulsed in her hand.

She ran her tongue over my balls. They curled and retracted as the cold air hit them. She continued up my shaft to the tip then off. She blew again. I lay still waiting for just the right moment.

She laid her head on my leg again and slowly jacked my cock off with the spit trail she left. It was painful to watch her do this but I let her continue. I didn’t want another slap.

She leaned back in and opened her mouth slightly. She let the tip enter. Then she returned off. I still held very still. What a tease I thought. I will get her back for this. She smiled as she laid her head right next to my cock. Her nose touched it slightly. She smiled a coy smile. Her eyes beamed. She lifted up and opened her mouth. My cock started to slide inside her. The head went past her teeth. She continued down this time. All the way down until my head hit the back of her throat. She stopped and applied firm pressure on my cock with her mouth. At this point I was a little over half way in. She pushed down a little harder. My dick slid past the back of her throat as she continued down. She stopped and gagged just a quick cough. Most of it was in but the last little bit was going to give her problems.

She realized that and retracted out to the one quarter mark. I felt her tongue swirl around my head as she turned and looked at me. Dam she looked sexy I thought as she smiled. My dick started to return down her throat as she turned her head and closed her eyes. Now I thought.

I reached down and touched her ass. She continued up and down on my dick slowly. I moved my hand down her tight little leg and then up under the dress. She moved just slightly to allow me to touch her in between. I had her now I thought. I pulled her leg towards my face. She moved and I swung her leg over my head. She turned back and smiled before returning to my cock.

I flipped her dress up over her hips and back. I ran one finger over the kiss, kiss to the seam of her panty. The center was soaked and was almost see through. Her puss was slightly parted as I pushed the hem to one side and breathed hard. Her scent made me so hungry for her. Rich and sweet, very hard to describe but perfect in every way.

Her center leaked white as her arousal was evident. Her pink folds were wet and puffy with just the start of blonde hair re-growth. I didn’t waste any more time. I poked my tongue out and into her hole. She moaned with excitement.

My tongue returned, wet and creamy from her honey hole. Her taste started to satisfy my hunger but I needed more. I returned and licked down towards her clit. She moaned louder as I started to focus in on her pink pearl. It budded out with excitement as I continued to work it over. Her pink center continued to flush white as she neared.

“I’m so closed,” she puffed as she paused.

“Me too,” I replied. I moved a finger into her hole. She moaned as she felt the new sensation. She tried to bury my cock into her throat again. She just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She withdrew and tried again. I slapped her ass. She pushed down from the unexpected. My nuts touched her nose as she held my cock deep in her throat.

My balls started to contract and fire. I quickened my pace on her clit as she came off my cock to breathe.

“Oh yes, fuck,” she cried. She returned down on my cock.

Cum started to boil over as she tried to bury herself again on it. “I’m cumming,” she yelped with my cock in her mouth. She didn’t even have to say I could feel her body and tasted her juices as they flooded my mouth. I slapped again hard as I felt the first burst leave my cock. She went down hard. I felt her teeth bite a little on the base as her nose touched my balls again. She retracted.

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