The following story is a fictional story. I have written it, because it reflects parts of what I have done and parts of what I want to do. Let me know what you think. It is my first proper story – let alone an erotic one – that I have ever written.

* I loved women. A lot. My obsession with women later became a desire to wear women clothing. One day, three months after my 18th birthday, I could not hold back any longer, and I put on the the most accessible lingerie I could find – that of my mother.

Since then, I frequently visited my mom’s wardrobe whenever she was out. I would wear her clothes, and it would make me feel sexy. I would pretend I am a woman, and take sexy pictures of myself. I realized how much I liked this, and this led to me realizing my bisexuality. I wanted a man to make me his woman.

Because I wanted a man so badly, I would often go to Craigslist’s casual encounter ads to find someone willing to fuck me. Every time I did, I would often chicken out from meeting them.

One day, I left my email account open on my computer. I was out with friends. When I came back, I saw my mother sitting on my computer chair with her hands folded. On the screen, I saw an email pulled up in which I had sent a picture of me wearing my mom’s lingerie to a black man. I noticed that my mom had placed the same lingerie from the pictures next to the computer screen.

I was frozen. I wanted to run, but I knew that would make it worse. I looked at the screen, avoiding my mother’s gaze. “What is wrong with you?” she questioned me, “why didn’t you tell me you were gay?”

I was speechless. I tried to force a response, “I.. I.. ummm… I’m bisexual, n-not gay… I d-didn’t tell you because.. I..well I don’t know why”.

“Well son, come here” she said, almost smiling, gesturing me to come closer. When I was right next to her, she lifted my shirt up “well.. look what we have here. My own son is wearing my thong.” She yanked my pants down, leaving me in only my thong. “Bend over my lap!” She yelled.

SMACK! I felt her hand slap my ass. It must have left a red mark. SMACK! SMACK! She hit me several more times. “You’re a naughty boy. You need to be taught a lesson.”

Just then, I heard the main door open downstairs. “Hello?” I heard a deep voice bellow. “We’re up here,” my mom yelled back, as she proceeded to spank me.

Moments later, a massive black man came into the room. I recognized him from the Craigslist ad. He was the one I send my pictures to.

“I know how much of a little bitch you are,” my mom sneered at me “so I called this man. We will show you how little bitches are treated.”

The man ordered me and my mom to crawl up to him and kiss his feet. My mom took of her blouse and pants, revealing lace panties and a sexy bra. Both of us crawled over to the man, each of us licking his two feet.

The man grabbed my mom and me by the hair, and guided pushed our faces together and onto his massive cock. “Take of my pants, you little whores!” My mother looked at me, smiled, and did what was requested. I copied her.

“Now suck my dick, bitch!” The man forced his cock into my mom’s throat. I just looked in awe. “What the fuck are you looking at? Lick my balls! Now!” He slapped my face as he said this, giving my a massive boner. I started by licking his balls.

The man was enjoying himself. After a while, he made my mother and I kiss a french kiss. Then, he joined and made it a threesome kiss. He told me to bend over the bed and ordered my mom to blindfold me and then lie down on the bed, so I would lick her pussy.

After what seemed like ages, I felt something slippery slide inside my ass. The man was lubing it up.

Wow, I thought to myself. This feels good. Just this morning, I was out. Now I am getting fucked by this big black man.

Without a warning, I felt a massive tool thrust into me. I screamed and moaned almost simultaneously. As my reward, my mom forced my face closer to her pussy, so my sounds were muffled. As I was getting fucked, I could hear my mom moaning. I knew it was me licking her pussy.

“You’re a little slut, boy.” My mom was telling me. “You shouldn’t even be a man. Why do you have a dick? You don’t even use it. Tell me how much of a slut you are, you little faggot,” my mom said to me as she thrusted her vagina into my mouth.

“I..I am a… s-s-s-slut..!” I could barely respond, because I was moaning from the hard black dick inside me. “You like feeling like a girl don’t you? That’s what you are now.. You’re mommy’s little whore. Take the cock up your ass, like the bitch you are!”

I was so horny that I could not take this anymore. I came without even touching my dick. The black lifted me up and threw me on the bed next to my mom. He pulled my mom closer, bent her legs on her shoulders and started fucking her.

“Stick your dick in her mouth” he commanded. The then told me to lick my mother’s cunt, as he fucked it. My mom and I were moaning in pleasure.

Suddenly, the black man tensed up a little, and then let out a huge sigh of relief. He took his cock out of my mom’s pussy, which was now dripping in cum.

He grabbed me from behind my head, and guided me to the floor. “Kneel, and clean out your momma’s pussy” he instructed, and I as I was told. “Good girl, swallow every drop” he told me.

I started licking my mom’s cunt. I loved the salty taste of the cum. I made sure to suck and lick out every last drop of cum from the pussy, and I made sure to swallow it.

“You two are good little whores. We will do this again.” He said, and then walked out of the room.

My mom and I laid there panting. We held each others’ hands and looked at each other in the eyes. We began to make out. “I love you mom” “I love you too son, we should do this again sometime…”

TO BE CONTINUED….? (Only if people want it to be)

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