The day had finally arrived when I could go play with Sir D again and it dawned sunny without a cloud in the sky. I woke up to my alarm beeping across the room and I staggered a bit to go turn it off. There were 2 messages on my phone, one a Facebook notification and the other from Sir.

“Good morning. :) ” it said. I smiled through my sleepy haze and wiped my eyes.

I texted back “Good morning Sir” and went to go make my morning tea.

The phone chimed again. “I hope you are ready for today. I have some new things I want to try.” it said.

“Ooooh, like what?” I rapidly texted, my curiosity piqued.

“I’m not telling! It wouldn’t be any fun if you knew what was happening. LOL ;) .” Awww, I thought.

He texted rapidly again. “Have you been a good girl and not touched yourself?”

I paused a moment. That was definitely the tough part of our agreement…from the time he orders me to not touch myself until I can see him again usually runs several days. It drives me crazy.

“Yes Sir. I haven’t touched myself at all.” I texted back. I knew better than to lie to him.

“Good girl. I have a reward for you then. I will send a cab to pick you up.”

“Ehm, ok.” I grinned. If he didn’t want to tell me, no amount of wheedling on my part was going to make him spill anything.

The kettle whistled on the stove. I poured the hot water into my favorite mug, inhaled the scent of spicy chai tea and my phone chimed again.

“Be sure to bring your toybag. I also want you in a sundress with your hair down or in a ponytail.”

“Yes Sir. ;) ” I turned on the tv for some noise.

An hour later, my tea was gone and I was showered and in a brightly colored dress. I decided on a ponytail because my hair wasn’t cooperating. “Stupid frizz” I mumbled. Some days I hated having curly hair. Sure, it was thick enough for grabbing and twisting, but I couldn’t wear any of those sleek styles I liked. Gotta trade off somewhere, I shrugged.

I grabbed my toybag and set it by the door, then after thinking about it I decided to dab on some perfume oil; a little on the pulse points over my neck, decolletage’ and wrists.

The phone rang. It was the cab. I turned the tv off, threw my shoes on, grabbed my purse and toybag and dashed out the door. I ran down the steps and was out the front gate to be greeted by a bright yellow cab.

I climbed in and greeted the cabbie. “So, where are we going?”

The driver said “The Ritz Blaise over on Main. I also gotta give you this.” and he handed me a sealed envelope.

My eyes widened. The Ritz Blaise was one of the swankier hotels and definitely out of my budget when it came to vacations. The cabbie and I talked a bit about obscure architecture while I opened the envelope. Inside was a hotel key and a letter to take my things and go directly to room 1505 on the 5th floor, where I was to put my bag by the entrance, strip down, put on my collar and cuffs and kneel. I felt my pussy twitch in anticipation.

The cab arrived and I got out. The driver refused my fare, saying he’d already been paid, and drove off.

I went inside and was floored by the opulence of the marble, plush rugs, glass topped tables and paintings that decorated the foyer. I found the elevators and went up. My heart rate sped up once the doors closed. When they opened I nearly skipped out and rapidly walked down the hallway with my heart in my throat and my pussy throbbing.

I put the key in and opened the door, my breath catching as I said “Hello?” I went in and the room was a bit dim, but I could make out a single King bed with the covers pulled off. On the table next to it was an ice bucket with champagne, two glasses, several pillar candles, another dark bag and an assortment of thick ropes, artfully arranged and tied off in bundles for easy use. My breath caught in my throat again and I felt my pussy go slick.

I went back to the door and put my toybag down, pulled my collar and cuffs out then put my purse on the table and kicked off my sandals. I didn’t know where Sir was but I figured it wouldn’t do to waste time. The last couple of weeks had dragged by too slowly and given the heated emails between us, I felt he was looking forward to this as much as I was.

I couldn’t get my dress off fast enough, but the cuffs always took a few minutes to put on. I was trying to buckle my collar into place when the door opened and my beloved Sir strolled in. I froze, taking in his posture and the twinkle in his eye. He looked intimidating in black jeans and black button-up shirt.

“You’re not kneeling.” was all he said before he grinned.

“Sorry Sir. You came in as I was still getting ready for you.” I smiled apologetically.

“Oh, so it’s my fault you’re not ready?” he smiled again, raising an eyebrow before strolling quickly towards me.

I whimpered. “No.”

He gripped my hair and spun me around, then put one hand on my throat and held me. “I guess I did come in a little soon. I know you would have followed my instructions to the letter.” He buckled the collar in place, dipped his head to my neck and inhaled my scent deeply as he held me to him.

“Now kneel.” he growled, pushing me down. “Keep your head turned to the wall and don’t look”.

I heard the sounds of buckles and ropes and some movement on the bed. I felt his arms under mine as he pulled me up to my feet.

“You know senses are heightened when one is taken away.” He put a heavy blindfold on and buckled it snug. “Now turn and follow my lead.”

He held my hands and led me to what felt like the side of the huge bed.

“Get on the bed and lay down on your back with your arms up.” I did so and then felt him tie my wrists together and pulled my hands above my head to the bed. There was a pause as I heard rustling of more rope being untied and hitting the carpet. I felt him grab my ankle and pull it wide to one side, wrap it several times to make a cuff around my ankle and pulled it taut, then repeated the same with the other side so my legs were spread wide.

“Feeling vulnerable yet?” he asked.

I smiled. “Well yes.”

“Oh good. I like it when you’re vulnerable.”

He went quiet and I heard clothing rustle. Then I felt him climb onto the bed and he sat on my chest, just hard enough to impede my breathing a bit. I could feel from the bare skin that he was nude and then all rational thought left me.

“Got your attention, love?”

I gasped a little “Yes Sir.”

He slid his naked length between my breasts for a moment, then slid his body downward, pausing to drape his body over mine so I could feel every bit of him. He lay next to me and I could sense him studying his work….his possession…..his plaything….

“You are so alluring. I knew I made a right choice taking you as mine.” He ran a finger down my sternum and continued on to my wet pussy and I gasped as he fingered me to near orgasm, then stopped.

“Just enough to get you ready for me, love. But don’t worry, I plan to wring every orgasm your body can give me before the day is out.” I felt him move so he was above me.

He growled again “Gods, I could eat you like a hunk of meat” and I felt him quickly bite my hip. I moaned and twitched against the bond holding my left leg captive.

He released, moved lower and asked “Ever been aware of your femoral artery?”

Before I could answer, he sank his teeth into my thigh, near enough to my pussy that I gasped loudly and struggled against my bonds. His fingers clawed into my ass as I felt my pussy start throbbing, then I heard him groan. I knew I was drenched when he released and lapped at my clit, making me shudder. I felt him reach for something and then I heard a low hum before he inserted my soft jelly vibrator into my pussy.

“Guuhhhhh…..” I moaned. I couldn’t move from the ropes, but that didn’t stop me from straining every bond. He moved the vibrator in and out a few times, then lapped at my clit again. I started bucking from small orgasms that rendered me to a panting, lust filled object.

Sir planted his hand firmly on my belly and thrust the vibrator deeply. “Cum for me.” he growled. “Do it!! Now!!”

I gasped as an orgasm ripped through me, bowing my spine as far as the ropes would allow, my mouth wide open in a perfect O and I began yelling in one long wail.

Sir removed the vibrator and feasted on my soaked pussy, making me cum several more times before he eased up.

“I think I know what you need.” I felt him leave the bed and I was momentarily left alone, panting and shuddering.

He came back to the bed and forced a leather gag into my mouth, picking my head up and buckling the end under my ponytail. He gripped my throat and talked to me in a low tone.

“You’re getting loud. Normally I wouldn’t mind that, but we have to be considerate of any other guests. Now you can be loud with this.” He released my throat and tapped the gag, tracing my lips with his finger. I felt him get off the bed and start to release the ropes holding my legs apart, then gently took the ropes off my ankles so my legs were free.

He got back on the bed between my legs and I heard something else start humming. He propped my hips up and touched a small bullet to my clit, working his cock into my pussy at the same time. I moaned through the gag and my legs started twitching uncontrollably. He held the bullet to my clit, making me cum as he fucked me.

“Oh, I love fucking this pussy.” Sir panted, punctuating his words with thrusts. “I love it because it’s part of my fucktoy. My hot…slutty…fucktoy.” He dug his nails into my hip, gripping me harder as he fucked me. “This…is…MY…fucktoy!!” Sir panted, thrusting hard between every word, spearing me on his cock and drenching it with my juices.

My moans had escalated to muffled wailing, punctuated only with breaths. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body as his cock assaulted my pussy.

He thrust deeply again, then slowed and pulled out. He teased my clit a little bit more, then stopped.

He stroked my face and breasts a few times to allow me to come down from the high and when he was sure I was cognizant, he untied my hands from the bed and ordered me on my stomach, then retied my hands back to the bed and took off the gag.

“The gag was necessary, love, but now I want you to answer me.” he said in that low, menacing voice.

I panted a few times before answering “Yes Sir.”

“I haven’t cum yet and I want to cum in your ass. I know you love it when I do. Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Yes Sir, what?” he asked, spanking me.

“Yes Sir, please fuck my ass.” I panted out.

“Good girl.” He smacked my ass repeatedly, turning it red and making me moan again.

Sir got on the bed and positioned himself behind me. I felt him smear some lubricant on my waiting ass and heard him slick it over his cock as well.

I felt the head push forward a bit and I tried to relax. “Let me in.” He said, pushing a little harder. I felt my ass give and his cock speared into me, agonizingly slowly. I kept my breathing up and tried to relax as much as possible, but once Sir was inside me there was no way I was going to push him out.

“There….look at that….” Sir breathed. “Got a thick cock in your ass like a good little slut.” He pulled out a little and thrust in again. “All the way to the balls…..gods you’re so tight…..” He got a hand around my throat and began thrusting a little harder, again punctuated by his words.

“Is this what you wanted? Is this what my fucktoy wanted? To be fucked by Sir’s hard cock?”

All I could do was moan in response and barely manage a “Yes..”

Sir gripped my throat a bit tighter. “I’m gonna make you cum again.” he growled. He suddenly released my throat, grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed my head into the bed. “Now cum for me again!!” he barked and thrust into me. I came again, nearly tearing the sheets and screaming into them.

Sir groaned and thrust into me faster. “Oh gods, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your ass and fill it…” he hissed then roared as he spilled into me, filling my ass with hot cum and making me cry out as I came again.

I moaned as Sir’s cock popped out of my ass. The slight burn was making my toes curl. Sir kissed the back of my neck, then bit it hard, making me gasp again. He lay on my side for a long while, caressing my shuddering body, then he untied my hands and massaged my wrists as he unlooped the rope.

“Oh Kittenness….I enjoyed that tremendously. Unless I miss my guess, you did as well?” He took off the blindfold and I blinked several times.

I forced myself to my elbows and gave a lusty smile through my messed up hair. “I did. That was a lot of fun.” I tried to sit up, but it took great effort to not fall over. Sir was left chuckling at my stubborn attempts.

We got ourselves cleaned up in the oversized shower and we enjoyed the rest of the day in bed, naked, drinking champagne.

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur for Tom. He couldn’t get what had happened in his office out of his head, nor did he want to.

All he could think about was meeting Karen after work and taking her home and doing everything he had dreamed about to her. Just thinking about it gave him stiffy after stiffy.

His day was almost surreal after Karen had sucked him off. His brain most certainly wasn’t on his work, so much so his boss had to call him to his office to ask him if everything was ok. Tom replied, ‘Yes, sorry Sir. I think the heat of my office is to blame, it’s unbearable today.’

‘Yes, I think we’ll have to get you out of there’ came the reply.

Finally, 5:30pm came and Tom was hit by a sudden jolt of nerves. He never felt nerves like this, ever. He took a moment to gather himself and then walked out of his office down to reception. Karen had finished before him and would be waiting like she said in the bar around the corner from the office.

Tom said goodbye to Debra, who was on until 6pm.

‘Bye Tom, have a great weekend’

‘Thanks, Debra. You too’, replied Tom.

‘It’s the weekend’ thought Tom. ‘I wonder if Karen has any plans beyond tonight?’ He had plenty of plans for tonight himself. All including Karen in various positions. ‘She’s going to be a busy lady tonight!’

Tom walked casually towards the bar where Karen would be waiting for him, anticipating her sexy body being his tonight. When he arrived there he saw Karen waiting for him at a quiet corner of the bar sat at a table for two with a drink waiting for him.

Tom walked over to the table and sat next to her, ‘hello you, how are you doing?’

Karen replied ‘so much better for seeing you.’

Tom and Karen talked about their day, after the event, and both had similar issues with keeping their minds on the job. ‘Speaking of which, take me back to mine and we’ll pick up where we left off’ said Karen, with a squeeze of Tom’s thigh.


The drive was a fifteen minute one, so Tom and Karen got touchy feely in the back of the cab. Tom began tracing his finger around Karen’s upper thigh, dancing in and out of her inner thigh through her skirt.

He moved to the bottom of her skirt and moved his fingers down past her knee underneath the skirt. She gasped as his fingertips circled upwards towards her mound, but he stopped short and danced his fingers back down her leg. He looked at her mischievously, and moved to kiss her. She responded as he gently kissed her lips. Neither of them at this point saw the taxi driver staring at them through his rear view mirror, and they wouldn’t have cared if they did. They carried on until they arrived at Karen’s home.

Tom paid the taxi driver who gave him a ‘Go on my son’ wink.

Karen opened her front door and let Tom in. She locked it behind her and turned to Tom. Immediately, they both locked on to each other and kissed deeply.

Tom wanted to undress her there and then and fuck her senseless where she stood. He scooped her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and moved into the living room from the hallway. He sat down on the couch with her in his lap, still kissing feverishly.

He began unbuttoning her blouse, pulling it out of her skirt to get the final buttons undone. He slid it off over her shoulders and took in her 36C breasts. She was wearing a white lace bra which fastened at the front, which was slightly see-through, giving him a glimpse of her rock-hard nipples.

He thumbed her nipples through the fabric, rubbing at them, causing Karen to gasp at the sensation of the material against her sensitive skin. Still kissing intensely, Tom worked his fingers inside her bra, fondling her tits and squeezing her nipples. Eventually, he unhooked the clasp of her bra and took it off her. He dropped it to the floor next to her blouse and moved his hands back to her fantastic breasts.

Breaking their epic kissing session, he lowered his mouth to her nipples, licking and sucking them gently. This made Karen purr and moan with obvious pleasure.

She loved the sensations of Tom’s tongue against her and told him so. ‘You feel so good Tom’.

Tom locked eyes with her as he moved from one nipple to the other, working his tongue around her fast then slow, stopping on occasion to nibble her nipples with his teeth.

After a few minutes, Tom stood, keeping Karen locked to him and turned around. He lowered Karen onto the couch and knelt between her legs. He massaged her breasts with flat palms, moving his hands down her flat stomach to her waist band of her skirt.

He unzipped the zipper on the side and slipped his hands under her bum to grab the waist of her skirt. He pulled it down, slipping the skirt off her and discarded it with her other clothes. She was wearing matching panties, which gave Tom a glimpse of her shaved pussy. He began kissing her tits again. ‘Now to return the favour from earlier’ Tom said. He slowly kissed down Karen’s torso towards her pussy. He used his fingers to lightly trace over the fabric on her pussy. He kept his other hand fondling her breasts, circling her nipples, which were now deep pink and still hard.

He began to finger her slit more firmly, causing Karen to shudder as he found her clit.

He removed her panties and took a moment to look at the object of desire that had him fantasising previously of this very moment. He smiled when he caught Karen’s eyes and then began working her pussy again with his finger. She gasped as his finger found her clit again, and he worked his finger in circles around it, causing Karen to moan. He began to circle his tongue around the same place which moved Karen a stage higher in feeling like she was going to explode in pleasure. She gyrated her hips against Tom’s mouth as he licked her pussy, he knew he was hitting the right spot from the sounds she was making.

The combination of Tom’s mouth on her pussy, his hand playing with her tits was exquisite, but she wasn’t prepared for Toms spare fingers working her pussy lips and probing her pussy. She squealed with desire as he worked two fingers in and out of her pussy, all the while not letting up on her clit with his tongue and her tits with his hand.

Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over Karen’s body, now glistening with sweat from the heat of the early evening. She thought she couldn’t feel anything better than what she was feeling, but she was wrong. Tom’s constant work on her brought her to the point of no return.

She felt an overwhelming surge of energy course through her as her orgasm hit her fast. She moaned and wailed and screamed as the pleasure from Toms tongue and fingers continued.

She bucked against his mouth as he licked her juices up, feverishly lapping at her until she quietened.

He moved back up to her and kissed her deeply, ‘How was that?’ Tom asked.

‘Amazing, simply amazing Tom’. Karen pulled him close in an embrace, ‘that felt so good, but also so right’

Tom replied, ‘I’m glad you think so, you were amazing earlier, it’s the least I could do’.

Karen felt Tom’s dick nudging her as they hugged. She looked at him and said, ‘If that was round two, you took the round. Round three will be even though’. She kissed him again and said, ‘I want you inside me, now’

Seconds out, round three!

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