[Please keep in mind that this story is totally made up, though it might have some elements that are true. If you want to read 'pure sex', you better not read this story, because it actually has some kind of story as well.]


Yulia Volkova moaned and clung tighter to the satin sheets of the hotel room bed. Her body felt as it was on fire – a hot, passionate fire. She arched her back elegantly, as she felt rushes running up and down her spine. She spread her legs a bit further, and entangled her hands in the hair of the girl who was giving her these pleasures and causing this to happen to her. She felt the girl’s tongue dig deeper into her tender body. It sent another fury of rushes up and down her spine, causing her to half scream as she felt herself tighten up. She was near to the end, and she could feel it; everything became sharper. Her muscles were contracting and a thin layer of sweat covered her body.

All of a sudden, the phone rang. Yulia couldn’t help it, but her jaw dropped the floor practically. She had claimed ‘no phone calls’. She glared at the ringing mechanism, though her glare didn’t match the one of the other girl. Reluctantly, she picked up the phone.

“Hello?” She temperedly asked.

“Oh my God! Is this Yulia Volkova? Like the Yulia Volkova? Am I actually talking to Yulia Volkova? Holy shit! Oh my God, I love you! You’re the best! Like… Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” Someone literally screamed into the phone.

Yulia saw her partner roll her eyes and glare even harder. She had to be in the centre of all the attention, all the time. This didn’t bug Yulia the slightest, in matter of fact, she found it rather cute how easy the younger girl got so jealous. Lena, Yulia’s band mate, liked the girl a lot as well. The girl was slightly younger than the two pop singers. Lena was 21, Yulia 20 and the girl, Ansleigh, was about 19. She had black-brownish hair, and pacific blue eyes, the image kind of compared to that one of an angel. Ansleigh’s facial expression at the moment was far from angelic, though… Plus it was a fact: she was spoiled as hell.

“Cool, erm… Look, I actually don’t have much time to talk…” Yulia apologized. “I know, I’m sorry! But when are you going to release a new CD? Are you and Lena really in love? What’s that thing with Ivan?” The bubbling fan asked again.

“Erm… I don’t know about the CD… Lena and I are in love – at some point, and erm… Well, about Ivan… Never mind. I just have to go now.” Yulia tried to get out.

“Sure. Okay. Thanks. I love you! You’re awesome! Keep making music!”

Yulia hung up the phone, and stared at her lover, who wretched her nose and snorted, obviously irritated.

“Look, Ans, I’m really sorry. It’s not like I asked for this.” Yulia tried. “Whatever.” Ansleigh replied, getting out of bed gracefully.

“Hey, where are you going?” Yulia cried, jumping out of bed quickly.

“I’m obviously not on your mind tonight, so why wasting our time?”

“Look, baby, I know why you’re upset, I fully understand, but it’s not like I can help it, okay? Please, just stay. We don’t need to keep going… I’m not exactly in the mood anymore, and I can see you’re clearly not as well… But please, just stay here?”

Ansleigh looked up at the older girl, and Yulia could swear she saw the longing to stay in the girl’s eyes, together with the feeling of fighting to leave, out of sheer pain. Ansleigh liked to be the best, she always wanted to be the best, and it just became worse when it came on her favourite subject – Yulia Volkova.

Yulia walked up to her and wrapped her arms around the younger girl, before starting to kiss the beauty’s neck softly. Ansleigh leaned into Yulia and rolled her head back. Yulia grazed her teeth lightly right underneath Ansleigh’s ear, she knew that was a spot that got the younger girl going quicker. Ansleigh let out a playful laughter.

“I thought you weren’t in the mood anymore?” She grinningly questioned.

“I know, but there’s no harm in teasing.” Yulia grinned, softly sucking Ansleigh’s neck.

“You can’t tease, baby, you like going all the way too much.” The angelic girl replied.

“I’m really, really tired as hell, sweetie…” Yulia sighed, hugging the girl tightly.

“Then let’s get cosy.” Ansleigh smiled.

She led her lover to the bed, and jumped on it playfully, as Yulia smiled and crawled behind her. She put the sheets plus the duvet over themselves, and snuggled closer to Ansleigh’s body, feeling the warmth radiating from the beauty’s body. It didn’t take long until she felt herself drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

* * *

It was past midnight as Lena Katina opened the door of the expensive hotel suite. She threw her shoes and jacket in the nearest corner, and headed to the bedroom. She couldn’t suppress a smile as she saw Yulia and Ansleigh in the bed, in some funny position, the duvet covering some parts of their bodies, leaving others revealed. Quickly, Lena took off her jeans and her vintage T-shirt, and she slipped into the bed, next to Yulia. She loved how the cutie’s skin felt against hers. She just liked lying next to Yulia. If they lay face-to-face, she’d kiss Yulia’s dry lips sometimes, as the girl was asleep already. If she had to look upon her back, she often ran her index over Yulia’s tattoos on her back, both meaning ‘Deep Love’. The redhead smiled, and snuggled a bit closer to her lover’s body, causing the black-haired beauty to wake up.

“Lena, are you okay?” She murmured sleepily, reaching towards the girl’s body.

“I’m fine. You look tired, though, try to get some sleep.” Lena replied, stroking her girl friend’s face sweetly, admiring the astonishing beauty of her friend.

“I missed you. Kiss?” Yulia whined. Her eyes shot open, and she smiled devilishly towards the ginger-haired girl, her hands searching their way underneath the sheets.

Lena leaned in and kissed Yulia sweetly, massaging her tongue with her own, sucking and biting each other gently. As she let go, she tugged at the younger girl’s bottom lip sweetly, she knew Yulia loved it as someone did that to her.

“Go to sleep now. I love you.” Lena whispered, giving Yulia a quick peck on the lips.

“I love you too.” Came the sleepy reply.

Lena smiled as her friend drifted off again, and right at that moment, Ansleigh let out a snort. Lena grinned, as she looked at the girl, who was shuffling a bit closer to Yulia, though she was asleep. It was incredible to see how much she looked up at Yulia, almost as if she was worshipping her. It hurt Lena to see her like that, because in her eyes she read a total unconditioned love, but with an unsatisfying hunger… A slow killing ache that would never go away.

* * *

The next morning, Ansleigh was the first to wake up. She looked at Yulia, wanting to smile, but the smile fade away quickly as she saw her hugging the redhead tightly in her sleep, a smile decorating both of their faces. She knew Yulia would never want her for more than just sex. That was just the painful way it was. Ansleigh put on a white silk baby doll, and left the bedroom. Instead, she walked to the living room and lay down in the couch, in which she cried herself to sleep.

* * *

Not long after that, the alarm clock went off in the girls’ bedroom. Yulia covered her head with her pillow, as Lena jerked awake and hit the buzzing sound off. She blinked her eyes a single time, and jumped out of bed, putting on her clothes.

“Come on, Yul, time to wake up.” She spoke, tossing some clothes to her friend.

“It’s too early for a fucking press meeting.” Yulia complained, hitting her pillow with her dainty fist. She sat up after all, stretching herself. All of a sudden, she looked around, confused, and frowned deeply, looking at her girl friend.

“Erm… Baby… Where’s Ans?” She questioned.

“I don’t know. She laid next to you as I sneaked in tonight.” Lena answered.

Both girls put on their clothes a bit more rapid this time, and hurried into the living room, where Lena discovered her, laying curled up in the couch, dried tears leaving trails on her cheeks. Lena looked at Yulia desperately, as the younger girl lifted her shoulders. Lena shook her head, and grabbed Yulia’s hand, leaving the suite and heading to their press meeting. They had time enough to worry about Ansleigh later.

* * *

Barely five minutes later, Ansleigh woke up, noticing she was left alone – again. She hated being alone, it ached her, and she never seemed to feel happy. She decided to have a bath, so she walked into the bedroom and turned on the hot water. A few minutes later, she slid her beautiful body in the tub, and looked at the object she had taken along with her. Slowly, she extended her hand to the razor blade, clenched it tightly and scarred her arm with it lightly. Blood dripped out of the cut and slid down her arm, mixing with the water. Ansleigh felt her body get tingly, and she felt sleepy all of a sudden.

* * *

“Stupid media fuckers!” Yulia groaned as she slammed the door shut.

Lena sighed and grabbed her lover’s wrists, in an attempt to calm her down. She kissed the smaller girl tenderly and slid her hands underneath her shirt. They crawled upwards, until they had found Yulia’s breasts, which she started to knead softly. Getting approving moans from her lover, she backed her up against the wall and grinded against her, still kissing and caressing Yulia’s firm tits. The black-haired girl bucked her hips forward, thrusting into Lena’s, as the passion rose higher and higher. Barely a few minutes later, Yulia dug her nails into the redheads’ back, moaning into the mouth of her lover.

Yulia pulled away, kissed her band mate again, stroke a few strands of red hair out of the girls’ face, and let go of her.

“I’ve to pee.” She announced, winking cheekily.

“Yeah, I really needed to know that, Yulia, sure thing I did!” Lena replied sarcastic.

The redhead smiled at her companion’s way of remarking, as she heard Yulia scream at the top of her lungs. Lena dropped her belonging straight away and stormed into the bathroom, where Yulia stood frozen, nailed to the ground. Ansleigh had just jumped out of the bath, and now clenched at Yulia, soothing her down. She wrapped her arms around Yulia’s back, and tried to calm her down. Lena noticed the scar on Ansleigh’s arm, and the water in the bathtub, still a bloody mess.

“What the fuck where you doing? What were you fucking thinking? Do you even think at all?” Yulia screamed, shaking Ansleigh’s shoulders roughly.

Ansleigh didn’t answer. She knew she had disgusted Yulia (and Lena), and she kept her eyes downcast. All of a sudden, she felt her knees give away and she rolled her eyes, sinking to the floor. Yulia fortunately could prevent her actually hitting the floor.

“Bring her to the bedroom.” Lena ordered, grabbing a cloth and making it wet.

Yulia laid Ansleigh down on the satin-covered bed, and lay next to her, holding her close. Lena entered the room, dabbing Ansleigh’s face. Soon, Ansleigh moaned lightly and stirred. She regained consciousness but kept her eyes shut. Lena knew what it meant, and she decided to play along, not wanting to make things worse.

“Look, I’m going to the lobby for a while, talk to Ivan and such. You should talk to her.” She said to Yulia.

“How do I’ve to talk to an unconscious person?” Yulia questioned, confused.

“Just try.” Lena smiled, kissing Yulia’s lips tenderly before leaving.

She knew she had to give Yulia and Ansleigh a bit of privacy right now, though it hurt her as hell. She still loved Yulia, and she knew the feeling was vice versa, but things would never become what it was used to be. It was just too tainted.

* * *

As soon as Lena had closed the door, Yulia didn’t hold in her emotions anymore. Tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks, as she looked at the ‘unconscious’ form in front of her. She could taste the salt in her tears as they reached the corner of her mouth. Yulia laid herself as close as possible against her younger friend’s body, and inhaled the scent of her body, while touching every square millimetre of the beauty’s angelic face. All of a sudden, she felt Ansleigh’s fingers caress hers, as her eyes opened slowly.

“You’re awake?” Yulia half-asked, half-stated.

Ansleigh just looked at her. Yulia tried to read the girl’s thoughts, but she only saw a mixture of joy, pain and hate, what confused her even more. She sat up to take a better look. Ansleigh reached out her hands to Yulia’s face, cupped it between her hands and guided it down to her mouth, where she then kissed Yulia hungrily. Her lips were gently tugging at Yulia’s, tasting her sweet warmth, her perfect scent. She felt Yulia began to pull away, so she pulled Yulia even closer and kissed her harder than she had ever done. She moaned and wound her fingers in Yulia’s black locks, as she could feel the raven-haired beauty caress the small of her back. She worked herself on top of Yulia and start to leave a trail of kisses down the girl’s throat, pausing to moan into her ear gently. Yulia began to slide out of her clothes as Ansleigh was working her magic. Ansleigh pushed Yulia’s back onto the bed, and licked her belly button. She picked up the white silk scarf that belonged to Yulia, from the floor.

“What are you doing?” Yulia breathed in a husky tone.

“Do you trust me?” Ansleigh whispered seductively in Yulia’s ear, while tying Yulia’s hands behind her back.

The raven-haired girl moaned, heavily turned on by the tone of these words. She loved it when Ansleigh talked to her like that. Ansleigh pushed Yulia on the bed, and licked her way down. She started with Yulia’s breasts, which she straddled, and she sucked her nipples until they were erect, pinching the one that she wasn’t sucking teasingly. After she found she had done it enough, she licked more down, momentarily teasing Yulia’s belly button ’til she was almost insane. Ansleigh placed a few kisses on Yulia’s abdomen, and started to massage her inner thighs as she put her head in between them. She flicked lightly over Yulia’s clitoris with the end of her tongue, painfully slow. Then she licked a while around her lover’s inner sweetness. Yulia began to moan as she felt Ansleigh’s tongue dip inside her slender body. She tried to thrust her hips into Ansleigh, but every time she’d try, Ansleigh would teasingly pull away. She tried eagerly to sit up, but her bonds prevented her from doing so, which got her even more frustrated.

“Hmmm…” Ansleigh grinned devilishly, running her tongue over her lips.

She crawled up to Yulia’s face and sucked at her lips, while Yulia allowed her head to fall back in the pillow, moving from side to side and uttering silent words. Ansleigh lay on top of her, and cradled Yulia’s head in her petite arms, lifting it to hers. Yulia was confused with the look in Ansleigh’s eyes; it seemed hollow, yet full of love. She didn’t think of it too long though, and opened her mouth, granting access to Ansleigh’s experienced tongue that now massaged her own. For the second time that day, Yulia felt her girl toy go down on her, now finally giving her what she had craved for day and night. Suddenly, she heard the phone ring again.

“Fuck!” She heard Ansleigh shout.

Yulia quickly managed to get her bonds loose, and extended her hand in order to grab the phone. She turned on her side and put the phone against her ear.

“Hello?” She asked dully.

“Oh my God! This is Yulia Volkova! Someone just told me she had called you and I didn’t believe it and now… Wow!” Someone bubbled at the other side of the line.

“I’m fucking leaving.” Ansleigh mouthed, getting off the bed.

For a moment, Yulia laid down like paralysed, but she seemed to snap into reality, and crawled out of the bed as well. She told her fan to hold a second, put the phone on the side table, and rushed out of the bedroom, quickly wrapping a sheet around her body.

“Ans, baby, don’t leave.” She begged.

Ansleigh had already put on her clothes, and was now putting on her shoes. She gave Yulia the iciest glare ever, and took her belongings. Yulia grabbed the younger girl’s arm and pulled her close, locking their lips together. Ansleigh pulled away immediately.

“Evidently, you don’t have time for this. You can’t ignore the demands of your fans, or they’ll bring you down. Besides, you’ve Lena to fuck you, so why do you need me, anyway? I might call you tomorrow.” Ansleigh stated coldly, before stomping out of the room.

Yulia sank down against the wall as soon as Ansleigh had slammed the hotel room door behind her. Why did Ansleigh do like that? She knew she was jealous and had to be in the centre of the attention the whole time, but why did she say that hurtful stuff then?

* * *

Not much later after Ansleigh’s leaving, Lena entered the room again. She saw her girl friend sitting against the wall, her arms folded around her knees. She walked over and bent down, seeing the tears on the petite girl’s face. She wiped them away, and looked at her sincerely. Not a word was said, as she lift the smaller girl upon her feet, and guided her to the bedroom, where she laid her down and put some cover over her.

“What happened?” Lena asked, knowing it had something to do with Ansleigh.

“Ansleigh. She left, because someone called.” Yulia spoke, barely audible.

“Because someone called? Or were you two busy?” Lena grinned.

The little smile of Yulia that appeared on her face, made the redhead burst out into laughter. She ruffled her companion’s hair, and pulled her head against her chest.

“Yul, she’ll be back. You know how Ansleigh is. Hahaha, I can’t help imagining the two of you laying here and you pick up a phone.” Lena grinned.

“Stay here with me for tonight… Please?” Yulia flashed Lena her puppy look.

“I don’t know… If she returns, she might freak out and get angry.” Lena replied.

“So be it. I need some warmth at night. Please, baby?” Yulia half-begged, half-whined.

Lena sighed and took off her clothes swiftly, before snuggling against her lover. She could feel Yulia’s warmth radiating from her body. Still smiling, Lena put her arms around Yulia’s body, and kissed her deeply, tasting Ansleigh on Yulia’s tongue, strangely. She moaned as Yulia’s hand worked itself between her thighs, and after a few moments, slid a finger into her cunt, stroking her clit lightly with her thumb. Meanwhile, Yulia kept kissing her sweetly, while she ran her free hand over Lena’s breasts. Not soon after, Lena’s breath became heavier and heavier, and Yulia knew she was near her breaking point. She started grinding against the redhead’s body as insane, causing the taller girl to whimper and moan even louder.

“Fucking God! Right there… Ow… Yulia, keep going… Holy shit! Yeah… Right there!” Lena ordered, reaching a spattering orgasm. “Ooh…” She let out softly, as her orgasm subsided. Both girls caught their breath again, still moving a bit against each other. Yulia licked off her fingers, and kissed her lover passionately.

“Wow…” Yulia whispered, a smile decorating her astonishing face.

“You are such a fucking, non-caring, selfish bitch!” Someone shouted.

Yulia and Lena, still entwined with each other, simultaneously turned their heads around, and looked in shock at what they saw. In the door, totally soaked by the rain outside, now in a fury, stood Ansleigh.


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