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I sat at Mark and Debbie’s kitchen table, staring at the patterns in the oak. I was feeling somewhere between elation and shock. A little over two hours ago, I had been on Teardrop Tonya’s porch, my swimming trunks around my ankles and my dick shoved down her throat, for all the world to see. It all seemed so surreal. I could remember days when I would see Tonya, and of course she would always look gorgeous, dressed so casually but so provocative. The image of her would stick with me in my mind and later follow me to bed. I would lay up fantasizing about what it would be like to have any kind of fling with her. I would conjure her back up in my head and stroke myself into an orgasm.

And I had just cum in her mouth on her front porch.

She had toyed with me and taken advantage of me, and it amused her to do so. Whatever reason she had for doing that to me, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, or about her. Tonya was pretty much what everyone said she was, but she was so much more. She was a bad bitch, and didn’t care. I loved it. To see such fierceness and sexuality from an older woman was enthralling to me. Tonya had exploited my shyness and elevated my spirits with one single intimately incredible action.

I had come back to Mark’s house, fed his animals, and couldn’t think of a single thing to do for the past two hours except think of Tonya. I had drank a few sodas, but otherwise sat silent at the table. I was waiting for her to appear on Mark’s doorstep, for she had said she was coming over for a swim. With her ability to tease and manipulate, I wasn’t sure if she was leading me on or not. Tonya could very well be sitting in her house laughing, knowing I was waiting here eagerly for another taste of her.

Tonya terrified me a little. I was never ahead of her, never in control. I just wasn’t wired like that, and she was too good at it. I guess that was to be expected, her being twice my age. She was completely unpredictable. At the same time, she drove me crazy. Though I knew I was definitely not the first to say it, I was absolutely smitten with Tonya. Again, this was expected of the quiet type that I was but that made it no less intoxicating.

The doorbell rang suddenly and my heart leapt into my throat. It was her. Tonya was actually coming over to swim in Mark’s pool. I stood slowly, still able to feel my used dick in my trunks, the reminder of what she had given me earlier. I fought off my nerves and forced my weak legs to carry me to the door. Why was I like this? Tonya had just blown me two hours ago! I shouldn’t be so uneasy about all this!

I pulled the door open and there she stood. The sexy seductress stood on Mark’s front step, looking as stunning as I’d ever seen her. Tonya’s long, wavy, black hair fell down across her shoulders, her subtle blonde streaks glimmering in the afternoon sun.

I gawked in amazement at her body in front of me. She was wearing a bikini, of course, but I had never seen her this way, at least not up close. Tonya’s bikini was a black two piece and the top did its best to cover the round forms of her naturally drooping C cup beauties. I could see the tips of her nipples through the fabric, a body part that Tonya seemed to have trouble hiding with anything she wore.

She still had on a pair of cutoff jean shorts, though this pair seemed rediculously short and low on her curvy hips. It was here that I saw the straps of her black bikini bottom rising up out of the waistband, its strings hanging free over the jeans at her wide hips. Tonya had on high heels which had but one strap over her toes, her ankles and tops of her feet left exposed. These pushed her hips up and out, accentuating her lusty appeal.

This was all she wore, aside from her usual smug looking expression. That, and her tattoos, which were now on full display. I had seen her sleeves, the artwork faded, yet intricate and eye catching on her smooth arms, but I could now see a design on her bronze stomach. There was a crescent moon that circled her naval. From here, a trail of stars appeared to drift upward and out, making their way under her left breast. The stars were smallest by the crescent moon but got bigger as they reached her breast, where the trail bent and followed the curve of the underside of her breast up around to her armpit. None of these designs were colored, but were shaded in such a way that they seemed to glow.

“Well, you gonna move, Todd? Or do I have to stand out here all day?” She asked impatiently.

Shaken from my trance, I stepped aside and allowed her to walk in. Tonya did so purposely close to me, staring me in the eyes. I could almost feel an intense gravitational pull as she passed, drawing me to her. As I closed the door, Tonya strutted into the living room examining her surroundings. I stood nervously unsure what to do or say.

Tonya was nodding as she glanced around the house.

“Cute,” she said. “She has good taste. I like her curtains in here.”

I felt obliged to agree, surprised that she was complimenting Debbie but I wasn’t exactly well versed in interior decoration.

“Your friend got anything to drink, Todd?” Tonya asked, making her way towards the open kitchen.

“Uh… yeah, sure,” I said, speaking at last. “I think there’s some tea or soda in the fridge.”

Tonya shot me one of her looks over her tattooed shoulder.

“Surely he has something stouter?” She implied.

As though she had X-ray vision, she pulled open the freezer door. I thought to stop her, but figured it wouldn’t do any good. Mark wouldn’t miss a bit of alcohol anyway. I knew Mark always kept a few bottles of liquor there for when friends came over. Tonya studied the contents of the freezer, with one hand on her hip, which was cocked to one side. I now spotted yet another design inked onto Tonya’s lower back. It was an eagle or hawk of some kind, its wings spread wide across the her lower hip. The tips of its wings appeared to be catching fire. On its head, it wore an elaborate headdress of colored feathers. Judging by all the artwork I had seen on her incredible body today, I knew Tonya must have an enthusiastic fondness of Native American culture.

Tonya reached in the freezer and produced a bottle of spiced rum, a favorite of Mark’s. She set the bottle on the table and gave me a questioning look.

“Glasses?” She prompted, which I should have expected.

“Oh, right.”

“Get two.”

I hadn’t planned on partaking but I fetched two short glasses from the cabinet and proceeded to put ice in them. Just as I thought she would, Tonya poured the rum in straight over the ice, not bothering with a mixer. Following her lead, I clinked my glass to hers and drank. I started to sip mine, until I saw Tonya toss her glass back and finish the liquor. I followed suit, trying not to make a face afterwards as the rum burned its trail to my stomach. Tonya poured us another glass and returned the rum to the freezer.

When we were ready, I led her to the sliding glass doors on the back side of the living room. I pulled one open and allowed Tonya to step out on the back deck. Her back was slender and still smooth and muscled, even for her age. I watched the sway of her hips as she made her way to the pool’s edge to look in. The heels she wore caused her muscled thighs to push high into her round backside. It was then that I remembered the other reason people had taken to calling her “Teardrop Tonya”.

“The water’s, uh, pretty warm,” I said to her.

Mark’s deck was spaciously built around his above ground pool, and furnished with a decorative patio table and umbrella, as well as four beach chairs, the kind that were adjustable for sitting or lying. There was a wooden privacy fence around the perimeter of his back yard. Tonya stepped over to the patio table briefly, kicking off her heels and setting her glass down before returning to gaze in the water. I took a large sip of liquor and set the rum on the patio table as well, then removed my tank top. I watched Tonya closely, my eyes drinking in her curvy tan body that almost glowed bronze in the afternoon sun.

I built up enough courage to say, “Well, you did say you wanted to swim, didn’t you?”

Tonya glanced back over her shoulder at me, her black hair flipping around. She gave me a smug little smirk, which sent my heart sailing. I watched her slip her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and push them effortlessly off of her hips, never bothering to unfasten them. I was treated to the sight of her tiny black bikini bottom, which was wedged out of necessity of size up between her tight cheeks. Tonya, well aware that I was watching, slipped a finger in each side of the fabric over her ass and adjusted as much as she could before stepping out of the shorts.

Tonya then took two steps toward the edge of the pool and dove into the water gracefully. I moved closer to the pool, watching her curvy tattooed figure glide along the bottom of the pool through the clear water. She surfaced with minimal sound on the other side, wiping her face and running her hands back through her dark silky hair. Tonya turned to face me, and my mouth almost fell open.

Her left breast had slipped free of the small black bikini top and was half submerged in the water. The dark brown areola of her nipple was very large, complimentary to the size of her huge breast itself. I saw a glimmer from her nipple, and realized that it was pierced with a silver ring. It was no wonder I was able to see her nipples beneath every shirt she wore. Tonya followed my gaze to her exposed breast.

“Dammit,” she cursed. “This happens all the damn time.”

Tonya glanced back up to me. “The same thing happened at a water park several years back, with everyone’s kids were staring at me.”

Tonya crossed her arms over her breasts, took hold of the bikini top, and pulled it over her head. Her ample bosom fell free to the water, its silver adornments gleaming from her stiff nipples. She tossed the wet bikini top in my direction to land on the deck.

“Wow, w-what are you doing?” I asked her. I made a half turn, averting my gaze politely but awkwardly from her chest.

“I ain’t as shy as you are, honey,” I heard her say.

I stood motionless, my skin warm and flushed, but filled with a cold sensation of embarrassment. It felt like I had been in a microwave oven. I was unsure how to proceed. I knew Tonya obviously didn’t mind my seeing her topless and though I didn’t either, I was taken back by her boldness yet again.

There was another wet sound on the deck. I looked down to see another black article of swim wear near my feet. My eyes shot over to the water to confirm my suspicion. Tonya was swimming gracefully across the pool, her sleek back arched and her bare teardrop shaped ass skimming the surface.

All I could do was watch. Tonya rolled onto her back and waved herself gently along, her eyes shut and her almost golden tits glistening wet in the sun. Her hair fanned out around her head in the water like a bird spreading its wings. Her silver hoops shined like stars from her huge dark nipples. The stars below her left breast seemed to glitter and dance with the movements of her body. My gaze was eventually drawn to her pelvic region, where I saw her neatly manicured pubic hair between her thighs. All she had was a thin black strip that lead down to the hood at the top of her lips.

Tonya opened her eyes and turned to look at me.

“You coming in, or what?” She asked.

I reached over and fetched my glass and took two gulps of rum, trying to fuel up my confidence. Though truthfully, it terrified me to enter the pool with this nude goddess.

“Just enjoying the show,” I said as smoothly as I could.

Tonya smiled her smug smile. She motioned to my shorts and said, “Well, take those off and come be part of it.”

I drained the glass in my hand, the burn of the alcohol not quite as bad as before, though I could already feel my head floating. With a huge sigh, I untied my trunks and for the second time today, my shorts were around my ankles. With a glance to the fence I made sure the other houses didn’t have a view of my hard cock sticking straight out from my body. No one could see, though. The neighboring houses were too far apart and Mark had mentioned how he and Debbie had done this several times before.

I made my way to the ladder and eased into the warm water, trying not to stare at Tonya’s naked tattooed form in the water. The water had a slight coolness to it, not quite as warm as I had thought. I fell gently into the pool and began to swim. My nude lower body felt so free and refreshed. I had never swam naked until now, but I immediately decided that I loved it. I dove under and skimmed along the bottom for a bit, my hard rod swaying beneath me. When I surfaced, I saw Tonya watching me at the edge of the pool, her arms hanging on the siding, and her full breasts spread nicely on her chest. I wanted to swim to her and crush her to my chest and kiss her, to further endulge my every fantasy.

Standing in the pool, I had a thought then. Why didn’t I? Why was I shy? This woman wouldn’t turn me away or she wouldn’t be swimming nude in the same pool with me. It’s exactly what she wants!

I slowly eased into a swim, guiding myself to the tall sultry vixen at the pool’s edge. I was going for it. She seemed to know it, for she watched me with an amused but alluring expression. As I drew close, my gaze couldn’t help but dance between her large dark eyes and the silver rings that hung from her beautiful breasts. I couldn’t deny the horror I felt at making such a bold move, but I forced myself to her.

I came to stand close to Tonya, who waited with anticipation. Swallowing the lump of nerves in my throat, I moved my skinny frame right up to hers, sliding my arms around her smooth curved back, even daring as much to explore her ample backside. She didn’t draw away from me, but eased closer. I felt Tonya’s cold breasts press into my chest, sending a snake like shiver down my spine. Her arms pulled me close, our faces inches apart and my protruding bare dick glanced off her hip and pressed flat between us.

With our bodies now intimately entwined, my confidence now faltered. My breath caught in my throat. My chest felt pressure from both the water around me and Tonya’s heavy jugs crushing against me. I was lost in the dark brown depths of her big eyes. I could make out the subtle hints of age around those eyes, that somehow only made them look sexier.

Tonya gave a knowing smirk at my hesitance and brought her lips close to mine. I expected her to crash upon me with a wild kiss, but she merely closed her eyes and brushed her lips over mine. I could smell a faint hint of rum and smoke on her breath. My lips melted onto hers and I flushed warm at the feel of our embrace. Her tongue slipped inside my waiting lips and coaxed my own into a dance, a dance that she knew well. I didn’t try to assert any sort of dominance of the kiss, letting Tonya take control. Her hand slipped down to grip my firm ass while the other slid up behind my neck.

I don’t know how long we kissed like that, but knew the whole time that I didn’t want it to end. I explored her body freely with my arms and hands, guiding them along her smoothly sloped back up to her shoulder blades, or reaching deep to the lowest curve of her ass where it met her thigh and squeezing gently. I reveled at the feel of her smooth skin, even though I could feel that it wasn’t as tight as it might have been years ago. Still, she had the elegant curves and firmness of a younger woman.

Tonya broke our kiss and gazed into my eyes. She licked her teeth, attempting to suppress a sheepish little smile. This surprised me, for it was the first vulnerable emotion she had shown me. She slipped from the embrace and nodded slowly as she drifted away in the water. I instantly felt abandoned and yearned for her intimate company again. I knew she was teasing me and leading me on as much as she could.

“Not bad, kid,” she said approvingly.

I couldn’t fight my own smile. I watched as she found the ladder and ascended from the water. Water ran down the curve in the center of her back, through her shoulder blades and across her shapely bare ass. Her cheeks and her thighs wiggled slightly with each step she took on the deck. She half turned, and the side of her breast and the ringed nipple that capped it visible to me. It was as though she was beckoning to me silently.

I took her invitation and followed her out of the pool to a set of beach chairs. Tonya laid herself on one and reclined back flat. As she did, her breasts eased apart to lie naturally near her arms. Her areolas had drawn up around her pierced nipples, that were standing stiff and pruned. I marveled at her glistening tan skin, and my eye caught the black strip of hair between her thighs. I almost felt embarrassed seeing her exposed crotch, even if I had imagined it in my fantasies a thousand times.

I joined her as she lie wordless with her eyes shut, soaking in the sun’s rays and their fading heat peacefully. I reclined my chair only slightly, turning my head to drink in the tattooed beauty beside me. My dick lay stiff, pointing up at me. Sitting there naked next to Tonya, drunk on rum and passion, my confidence was bolstered enough to speak with her again.

“Tonya, can I ask you something?” I said.

Without opening her eyes she replied, “You just did, didn’t you?”

I ignored the wise crack and continued, asking, “Why did you give me a blow job earlier? I mean, you just met me.”

Her eyes did open then as she turned to study me. “Does it matter?”

I looked off at the pool. “Well, no… but yeah, it kinda does. That kind of stuff doesn’t just happen to me. Now here you are… like… like this and….”

Tonya gave me a little smile. ” ‘Seemed like you needed it. And you know something… maybe I did, too. I knew you wanted it. Every time you and your buddy are over here, I can see you boys watching me.”

I could feel myself blushing.

“See, us girls are supposed to act like we don’t know that you’re staring,” Tonya said, “but we know you do. That’s how we all get our kicks.”

Tonya appeared to think for a minute, staring at the clear water in the pool. She absently toyed with the ring that pierced her left breast, a simple action that made my bare dick nod.

“I guess I just got tired of that little game we play,” Tonya said. “I’m kind of a sexual being, in case you ain’t noticed. ‘Been a while since I had me a good fix, and I’m a bit burnt out on the bar scene and drunk old geezers slobbering on me, or young college punks thinking they’re just the greatest gift for me. You may not have much going for you in the way of charm, but at least you’re honest.”

I could think of no words to say back to Tonya, so I simply nodded, trying not to stare too much at her naked tattooed body.

“So,” she said, closing her eyes again, “If you’re done wonderin’ why I decided to make your day, let me soak up a little sun before it’s gone. And just know that your day ain’t through yet.”

I looked over her voluptuous body, watching how her smooth art covered skin seemed to drink in the sun’s rays and steal their color.

“You sure you don’t need lotion?” I dared to ask.

Tonya cut her dark eyes over at me and said, “Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you, hun?”

I shook my head and smiled as she closed her eyes again and lay silent.

For the longest time I watched her sunbathe. I studied the art on her arms, admiring the artist’s attention to shading and details. The ink served to accentuate Tonya’s skin and the curves of her body.

At one point, I felt a craving, and went inside to pour myself another glass of rum. It didn’t take me long to return to my private viewing beside Tonya’s marvelous form. The woman was twice my age, but it somehow only added to her beauty, and I couldn’t understand this.

As I thought back, never had I gotten to just examine a beautiful naked woman before. The few girls I had been with definitely weren’t as gorgeous as Tonya, and were simply straight down to business, wanting to fuck and be vulnerable for the shortest amount of time that they could. The sun drifted lower in the sky as I studied Tonya’s every intimate feature, and the rum drifted lower in the glass in my hand as I did. My eyes grew heavy, and my head grew light and weary. I was asleep nude beside Tonya before I could stop myself.

I awakened to stars and warm humid air. I blinked my eyes and stared at the clear dark water of the pool, gathering my bearing. I glanced over to find that Tonya wasn’t beside me. My first thought was that I had dropped the ball and that she’d gone home, but scanning the deck I found her bikini and her heels were right where she left them. She couldn’t have walked home naked.

I rose and slid open the back door, aware of my bare flaccid dick wagging free between my legs. I stepped inside and spotted Tonya in the kitchen pouring herself another glass of rum. She glanced up and made some remark or greeting to me, but I barely heard her. I was staring in awe at what she was wearing.

Tonya had a black and neon pink trimmed sheer baby doll nighty, split at the cups and flaring down to her waist. The see through mesh was so thin that it did little to hide the features of her breasts, her wide nipples and their hoops still plainly visible. The lingerie piece looked obviously too small for her, her ample C cup melons all but bursting from the smaller bra, and the tips of her nipples mashed against the thin sheer fabric.

Tonya was also wearing the matching sheer thong panties, her black patch showing through the thin mesh as well. The straps that wound over her wide hips were pulling tight into her skin, apparently too small for her, too. Though Tonya looked absolutely sexy in the baby doll, a wave of fear swept through me.

“Wh-where, uh… where did you get that?” I asked.

Tonya stepped into the living room, and admired herself briefly.

“You like it? It ain’t my size but I love the colors and this mesh,” she said, ignoring my question.

“But where’d you get it?” I said again.

Tonya put a hand on her curvy hip.

“It’s one ‘a little miss Debbie-cake’s naughty outfits. ‘Found it hiding in one of her drawers.”

I almost fainted. “You gotta to put it back. She’ll fucking flip if she found out you were here, or… or wearing that!”

“What’s ‘amatter, hun?” She teased. Her hand slipped down to rub at the dark strip through Debbie’s panties. “This not look good enough for ya’?”

Tonya tossed her head back and gave a wicked laugh. It was the first time I had heard that laugh and it was just barely short of menacing. Watching her take a rather deep sip from the glass in her hand, I began to suspect that she was starting to get a bit drunk. She was walking slowly towards me, her luscious form like a cat stalking towards its prey. Tonya put her arm around me, my throbbing cock pressing against her thigh. I felt her heavy breasts rub my bare chest, silky smooth under the sheer bra that contained them. My eyes, however, were lost yet again in her dark and dangerous eyes.

“You wanna have some fun again?” She purred, her lips barely not touching my own.

Again I smelt the aroma of smoke and alcohol on her breath, which somehow was an aphrodisiac coming from Tonya. I thought we might kiss passionately again, but she teased me and retreated from my every attempt to close in. I decided maybe I should give her the answer she wanted.

“Yeah, I do,” I whispered.

Tonya suddenly slapped my bare ass hard, stepping away and chuckling darkly.

“Well, c’mon then, stud,” Tonya said. ” Let’s go find some more stuff to try on.”

She was walking into the hall… towards the bedrooms. My trance was broken, I knew I had to try to stop her.

“Tonya, we can’t go back there….” I called after her as I hurried down the hall. “If they find out we were in their room-”

“I ain’t gonna tell if you don’t,” Tonya said.

She pushed open the door to Mark and Debbie’s master bedroom at the end of the dark hall. The light was on and I could tell Tonya had already been snooping around. Debbie’s closet door was open wide at the far corner of the room, as well as her panty drawers at her dresser.

Tonya made her way to the dresser, unclasping the hooks of the baby doll she was wearing and letting it fall to the floor. I watched her peel the matching panties off as well, slightly relieved that she took Debbie’s things off but also disappointed as well. It had looked outstanding on her.

“C’mon, Todd, do some prowling,” Tonya said. Her sleek back was turned to me as she bent over Debbie’s drawers, sifting through panties and other assorted intimates. When she bent over, I got a good look at her snatch between her legs and ass.

“I-I dunno, this isn’t a good idea,” I told her.

“I used to snoop around like this all the time when I was a little girl,” Tonya muttered, ignoring me.

I walked into the room glancing at the clock on Mark’s nightstand. It was only eight thirty. I hadn’t slept as long as I thought. I looked around Mark and Debbie’s room. They had a huge canopy bed with sheer curtains flowing down to the floor. The room itself was pretty spacious, even with the large bed in the middle. Both Mark and Debbie had their own walk-in closets, one on each side of the bed near the corners of the room. Both doors stood open with the lights on. It appeared Tonya had been sniffing around in both already.

“Ooh, look at these,” I heard Tonya say, and I turned to find her holding up a pair of black panties, embellished with dark blue lace. They were simple and sexy, but it was something I wouldn’t have thought Debbie would wear.

Tonya wasted no time stepping in them and pulling them up her long legs. The panties fit snug against her groin, her smooth mound outlined nicely by the fabric. She watched my enthralled expression with a calm amused face as I let my gaze wander up and down her body. She turned around to show me how the thong split her tight teardrop ass. Tonya smiled back over her tattooed shoulder and wobbled her hips, giving her cheeks a little shake.

I was aware of my nudity as my dick stood stiff, but I still felt as though we were trespassing.

“We really shouldn’t be in here,” I said nervously.

“I know,” Tonya said, her eyes flashing. “Exciting ain’t it? Don’t worry, hun, I’m gonna put everything back the way it was….”

Tonya reached down to rub the panties against her snatch with an sly grin and said, “Things just might be a little… wetter… when she finds them.”

She gave another wicked laugh before turning back to the drawers and snooping more. I stood licking my dry lips, still feeling nervous and worried. I couldn’t resist her, though, I knew that. Honestly, I was turned on by Tonya strutting around in another woman’s panties, especially since it was someone I knew.

“Oh my!” Tonya said dramatically. “What have we here?”

Tonya turned around, and there, in her fist, was a giant cock. It was a dildo the color of pale flesh, made to look as realistic as possible. It really looked like Tonya was holding an actual veiny erection in her hand. I was shocked that Debbie owned this cock or even used one, but what stunned me even more was the size of it. This thing was huge! It had to be about ten inches in length, and was extremely thick.

Tonya stared at me, as entertained as I had ever seen her. I didn’t know what to say. Debbie was a soft spoken, petite, sweet young girl that never cursed or did anything wrong. She was a really spiritual person, and rarely watched even the tamest of horror movies. Now, Tonya had found her secret. All ten flopping inches of it.

“Looks like your buddy ain’t giving her all she really wants,” Tonya said with her tongue in her cheek.

“Please, you gotta put that back,” I pleaded, taking a few steps towards her.

“Why?” She said. “I haven’t even tried it out yet.”

My heart almost stopped as she lowered the giant fake cock to her crotch. Tonya rubbed at her pussy and gave me a little teasing moan.

“Don’t! Please… just… put it- “

“Put it where, honey?” Tonya said cutting me off. She squatted, her legs wide open to display what was between them. In one hand she held the wobbling monstrous dildo, and with the other she peeled Debbie’s panties aside. I could see her pussy, which was now blossoming like a flower, her lips puckered and split open. The sight of it gave me nervous chills. Tonya licked her fingers, fucking me with her dark eyes as she did. She rubbed her wet hand down her lips between her thighs.

Before I could react in any way, Tonya had the head of the lifelike dick sliding up and down across her open lips. She reached up to clench one of her fleshy round breasts in her hand, pinching her dark nipple and toying with the hoop that pierced it. She was giving me a show, and I was petrified. The only part of me that moved was my twitching engorged dick.

My breath came heavier as I watched her shove the head of the dildo inside her slick mound.

“Fuck that’s big,” Tonya breathed. She moaned softly through closed lips.

Tonya worked the thick rod in and out of her slowly, dramatically pursing her lips at me and winking. She worked the fingers of her other hand against the hood that covered her clit, shoving the monstrous cock up into her as far as it would go.

“Don’t you wish this was you?” Tonya purred, continuing to pleasure herself with Debbie’s dildo.

As I gawked at her, all I could manage to say was, “I… I w-wouldn’t be near as big as….”

Tonya slipped the fake cock from her with a swift motion, the huge dildo glistening with her juices, and flopped it on the bed. She stood and marched straight at me.

“I don’t care ’bout that, hun,” Tonya told me. “I just want something inside me.”

Tonya was on me at once. Whereas earlier in the pool we kissed slow and passionately, this time was an onslaught I wasn’t prepared for. She flung her arms around my head, her thick pierced breasts crushing into me, and kissed me. Her lips pressed firmly at first, then her tongue fought its way into my mouth, wrestling my own forcefully.

I finally snapped out of my shock and threw my arms around her. I rubbed her back greedily before reaching down to clutch both of her firm ass cheeks. Our kiss broke, but it wasn’t enough for me. I brushed her hair over her back and dove at her neck, licking and sucking at her smooth skin. Tonya was shoving me towards the bed. She flung aside the curtain sheets that hung from the canopy and shoved me in.

I landed on the soft comforter facing up. Tonya immediately crawled up beside me, her heavy natural jugs hanging down from her chest and her silver nipple hoops twinkling. I let her take the lead, unsure what to do in the heat of the moment with a gorgeous predator climbing on top of me. However, she didn’t climb onto my naked lap. Instead, she was inverting herself, throwing one leg over my head and positioning her own head above my throbbing cock.

I had never participated in a sixty nine before. Yet here I was, with Tonya’s wet cunt hovering inches over my face. I could smell her, and the fragrance was delicious. It was a floral aroma, sharp and refreshing, mixed with the natural naughty odor of pussy. Tonya’s tits hung from her chest to rest on my stomach and pelvis below. For the second time today, I felt her hand squeeze the base of my cock before it was plunged into her hot moist mouth.

My legs jerked as she swallowed me and swiftly went to work on my swollen dick. Her hand again crawled down to find my asshole and a lone finger crept in to rub at my prostate. I knew this feeling, and I also knew there was but one thing I could do now. I clutched her left ass cheek in my hand, and with my other reached over her right and pulled aside Debbie’s lace panties. I saw her waiting lips before me, and plunged ahead. The taste filled my mouth and my nose as I lapped at the top of her slit near my chin, my nose all but buried in her pink opening.

My only view consisted of the split of the bottom of Tonya’s cunt, and her tight asshole between the peaks of her cheeks, which was barely hidden under the strap of Debbie’s thong panties. I didn’t know how well I was doing, but as she furiously swallowed my cock, Tonya moaned into me. She then began to rock her hips onto my face slightly, and my face was being smeared with her fluids.

Drunk on her cunt and the feeling of my now thrusting dick in her throat, I tested my luck and copied Tonya. I let one of my fingers creep to her asshole and play with her outer ring before plunging it in to the knuckle. With the same hand I groped her ass cheek while I continued to eat her dripping snatch.

After several minutes, Tonya climbed off of me, panting hard. She switched herself around, now straddling my crotch. I peered past her swaying pierced tits to where she took my slippery cock and guided it towards her pussy. My breath caught in my chest as my swollen head slipped easily into her, and my eyes met her piercing gaze. Her beautiful but messy black hair hung around both of our faces, and we watched each other’s ecstatic expressions as Tonya slid herself down my cock to sit on my balls.

Tonya gave a moan as she did, and she then placed her tattooed arms around my head, her breasts now smashing down on my upper chest. My every breath was now filled with the intoxicating aromas of her hair, her skin, and her quickening breath. Tonya had me locked in. She arched her back, her ass popping up as she slid her slick pussy to the tip of my dick. With a flick of her head, she whipped her black and blonde streaked hair onto her back, her chest rising. Those fleshy melons of hers were in my face now, and I wasted no time burying my pussy glazed mouth into them.

Tonya was riding me skillfully, popping her teardrop ass up to my tip and plunging it back down to my balls, over and over. I had never been ridden this way. The sensation throughout the length of my dick was unbearable, her warm hole swallowing me completely and damn near spitting me out repeatedly. I kissed and sucked at her heavy breasts, careful to alternate between the pair. My lips found a nipple and the cold metal ring that pierced it. I took as much of her huge areola in my mouth and sucked at it, flicking the silver hoop with my tongue.

Tonya let out a wordless cry of pleasure, increasing the speed of her rolling ass. I clutched her hips, holding on for dear life, biting hard at her fleshy tit and grunting loudly into her breasts. When at last I could bear it no more, Tonya knew it. The muscles in her cunt contracted, and my mind reeled from the incredible sensation. She curled her smooth tattooed arms tighter behind my head and crushed me into her bouncing rack.

My cock burst inside her, spitting the first stream of seed into her. She felt it and crashed her ass down onto my balls, shoving me as deep as I could go. Without retreating up my dick, she ground her pussy against me, her black strip of hair brushing against me. She wasn’t stopping. Tonya just continued to ride deep onto my pulsing dick as I shot my load into her. I screamed into her cleavage, biting down on one of her smooth jugs as I did. My hips bucked into her. My hands clawed her thighs. I was seeing spots.

When at last I was empty. My body went limp beneath her. Tonya pushed herself up from my chest to sit straight on my throbbing dick. Her naturally drooping breasts rising and falling with the heaving of her breath. She swept her hair from her face and studied my lifeless body beneath her with those dark eyes. Her tattooed sleeves were sleek and glossy with sweat.

Then she patted my stomach and said, “My turn, honey. Don’t leave me hangin’.”

Tonya then climbed from my lap, my shiny reddened dick slipping from her cunt to flop back to my stomach. She then stood beside the canopy bed, reached and took my arm, and guided me up. I stood beside her, my legs feeling weak and rubbery. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, and I couldn’t think straight, so I followed her lead again. Tonya then positioned herself on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass held high before me, and the flaming eagle above it glaring back at me.

I had never maintained an erection after an orgasm before, but looking down I saw that my dick was still standing straight out, with just a dribble of cum on the tip. I placed a hand on Tonya’s back, but before I could pull Debbie’s lace panties aside, she was handing me something. In her hand was Debbie’s giant dildo.

“You’re… you’re gonna have to get… a lil’ bit kinky to get me there,” Tonya said between breaths.

I reached over slowly and took the fake cock in my hand. It was soft on the outside, but hard through its center, like feeling my own dick. The only difference was that mine was nowhere near this big. My hand barely closed around it, and as I held the base of it, the dildo was so long that it fell to point its heavy tip straight at the floor.

“Um, h-how?” I asked, unsure of what she wanted.

Tonya shot a hungry glare over her tattooed shoulder. “Gimme double. Put that one in the other hole.”

I had what one might call stage fright. Only one girl had ever let me in her ass, and she hated it. Tonya wanted this monstrous thing that I held in my hand inside of her, and it belonged to Debbie! I started once to convince her not to use it, but this was just too hot. Tonya was getting a little impatient, for she spit in her palm and brought her hand around to lubricate her ass with it. I did the same, not wanting her to lose interest, spitting in my hand and rubbing the head of the huge cock with it.

Taking a breath, I pulled Debbie’s thong asside from her hole and guided the tip of the dildo towards her waiting ass. I pressed it gently against her hole.

“Harder,” was all Tonya said.

I gripped my hands around Debbie’s toy in an effort to keep it from bending and increased pressure. I saw the ring of her asshole slowly begin to stretch open around the dildo until the huge head suddenly popped right into her ass. Tonya let out a wail unlike I had ever heard. I saw the muscles in her legs and back tensing. I knew to be slow and let her adjust. I then noticed her hand rubbing furiously at the lips through her borrowed panties between her legs. Could that help her ignore the pain?

Thinking quickly, I reached under her to pull aside Debbie’s wet thong panties and directed the tip of my own throbbing dick towards her lips. Tonya’s rubbing had caused a creamy trickle of my cum to ease from her slit. I had thought something like this would repulse me, but instead it turned me on even more. I pushed my bulging head through her lips, sliding easily inside. Tonya let out a low moan of ecstasy.

I took Debbie’s dildo again and pressed it further into Tonya’s ass and stopped. I could actually feel this monstrous thing in her sphincter from the fleshy wall inside of her warm cunt. I pressed a little more and saw Tonya’s hands claw into the comforter of Mark and Debbie’s bed. She wasn’t stopping me though, so I kept going. Finally, both my dick and the fake one above it were bottomed out inside of Tonya’s holes.

Tonya began to back her ass into my dick, and as she did, the fleshy lifelike dildo was jammed further into her ass by my stomach. I pumped slowly, and every time I drew back, Debbie’s dildo tried to slide out from Tonya’s stretched asshole. I could also feel something warm run out of her lips and down my cock and my sack. It was my cum, I realized. Debbie’s black and blue laced panties must be a real covered mess by now. I shoved back in, my cock driving deep into her moist cunt, the dildo driving deeper still into her ass. Tonya was moaning loud, almost sounding like a long slow yell. She met my hips harder with her teardrop cheeks, flipping her black hair onto her arched back.

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