Chapter 1

“Well they better win the whole thing with a 100 million dollar payroll,” Carl said with a laugh.

“Haha,” Roger chuckled, “Sanderson, down the hall, went to see ‘em face Boston.”

“The Lakers are on their East coast swing,” Carl replied, “that’s gonna be a barn burner.”

“Yeah, he’s a huge Laker fan,” said Roger. “Well, I’d love to sit here and talk about the Lakers with you all day, but I have to do these other interviews. So…”

“Yeah,” interrupted Carl, “What do you think?”

“Look, you have a nice resume and God knows we could use another real basketball fan around here,” Roger began. “But we don’t really hire electrical engineers as traders.”

“By ‘don’t really,’ you mean ‘never’,” Carl replied.

“Here’s the thing,” Roger began, “I hire you with NO background in business or finance and you washout, it’s on me. But hey, you come back with an MBA, and it’s an entirely different story.”

“So what would you do?” asked Carl.

“I’d be in business school next term, Carl,” Roger answered, “and get A’s.”

“Alright man,” Carl shook Roger’s hand, “be easy.”

“Have a good one,” replied Roger.

Carl left Roger Conley’s office and headed down the hall. The interview had gone well, except for the fact that he didn’t come away with a job. Halfway through school, Carl realized that bankers were making obscene amounts of money without having to do a whole lot. Then, after they nearly destroyed the world’s economy, taxpayer dollars were used to bail them out! He wanted in on the scam, unfortunately, he was pretty sure an engineering degree wouldn’t get him there. Today’s interview just confirmed a lot of what he already knew.

Carl glanced down at his watch, “Good, only 8:47,” he thought. “Over two hours ’till my other interview.” Carl looked up and realized he didn’t recognize where he was, “I must’ve walked the wrong way,” Carl thought. “My sense of direction is for shit.” Just before he turned around to walk the other way, he noticed the name “Bill Sanderson” on the door in front of him. Carl looked down and saw that the door was only partially closed. He reached down and attempted to turn the knob, but it was locked. When he gave it a little push, however, the door swung open. He stepped into the office and closed the door behind him.

The office was very large. It had a couch, a mini-bar, all that stuff he’d seen in the offices of big shots on TV. What piqued Carl’s interest; however, were the Laker jerseys on the wall. In frames on the wall were a Shaquille O’Neal home jersey and two Kobe Bryant jerseys – both home and away. “Cool,” Carl said to himself, “they’re both signed.”

Carl left Sanderson’s office and headed back the way he came. He finally reached the long hallway leading to the elevators and began contemplating what he’d like to eat for breakfast. As pancakes and bagels flew across his mind’s eye a woman stepped off one of the elevators at the end of the hall. Carl froze dead in his tracks.

She was absolutely gorgeous. She was tall, maybe an inch or two taller than Carl. She had on a thin baby blue sweater over a white halter top and a long flowing skirt with blue and yellow flowers. Her glasses were the same shade of blue as her sweater. The outfit was conservative, yet just form-fitting enough to tell that she had a beautiful figure. “Hmm,” thought Carl, “she looks like a young, sexy librarian.”

Carl didn’t have time to consider the fact that he’d never seen a sexy librarian. She was now turning away from his line of sight. Just when he thought he’d have to pick up his pace toward the lobby, he heard her speaking to the woman at the front desk. “Good morning, I’m Michelle Allen. I’m supposed to start today.”

“Yes, I remember you, Michelle,” replied the woman as she handed Michelle a clipboard with several forms attached to it. “Welcome aboard. You’ll just be doing some light typing since Mr. Sanderson took the day off. Fill out these forms and I’ll be right back to show you what you’ll be doing today.”

With that, the woman walked down the hall on the opposite side of the lobby. Carl knew this would be his only chance to talk to her, but he had no idea what to say. “Bothering a woman on her first day at work, that’s a good way to get a number,” Carl thought. He kept walking toward her and was just a few feet from Michelle as she was sitting down. When she looked up, Carl knew that he had to say something. “Ms. Allen, correct?” Carl asked.

“Yes,” Michelle answered questioningly.

“I’m Bill Sanderson, you’ll be working directly for me,” said Carl.

“Oh… Mr. Anderson, I mean Sanderson, it’s nice to finally meet you,” Michelle replied. She was a little nervous and eager to make a first impression. She stood up and extended her hand.

Carl smiled as he shook her hand. “I can’t believe I said that silly shit,” thought Carl. “I also can’t believe that she’s never met her future boss.” That’s when Carl got an idea. He wasn’t sure what Sanderson looked like and he sure as hell didn’t expect this to work. “But hell,” he thought, “it’s worth a try.”

“Come on down to my office,” said Carl, “you can fill out those tax forms there.”

Michelle stood and followed Carl to Sanderson’s office. As they walked down the hall, Carl was nervous that they might be seen. When he saw a man coming toward them, he dropped his head and looked at the floor. Fortunately, the man was reading something and barely noticed them.

When they arrived at the office, Carl directed Michelle to sit on the couch. “Relax, take a load off,” said Carl. “We have a few things to discuss.” As she turned toward the couch, Carl noticed a picture frame on Sanderson’s desk. He had no idea who was in the photograph, but he was sure that he shouldn’t risk it. He snatched up the photo and dropped it in a desk drawer. He thought the noise would alarm Michelle. But she turned and sat down as though nothing was wrong. “Yeah,” Carl thought, “I’m going through ‘my’ desk drawers. Why would she find that odd?” He gave the desk one more look, and Carl walked over and closed the door. As he strolled back toward the desk, he took the time to admire Michelle once more. She was sitting with her legs crossed and her hands folded on her knee. Her sensible, classy appearence made her that much more attractive. As he leaned back against the desk, he noticed how far away from her he was. It was at least fifteen feet. Just as he was about to speak, Michelle decided to break the silence.

“I’m really happy to be starting today,” Michelle began. “The job market is terrible.”

“Yes, I know,” Carl replied. “Unemployment is way up… but that leads me to some things I wanted to discuss with you. We recently changed our interview process. Normally, I’d interview you but the board decided they wanted to do things differently and… well, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.”

“Well I have two years experience as an administrative assistant,” said Michelle. “I’m finishing school at night and I really feel like I’ll be an asset here…”

“You don’t have to sell yourself,” Carl cut her off, “I’ve read your resume. I know you’re qualified and I trust Roger’s judgment. But there are things that need to be addressed that aren’t brought up in a traditional corporate interview.”

“Like what, Mr. Sanderson?” Michelle asked.

“Well, as you already stated this is a wonderful opportunity for you,” began Carl. “If you work hard and play ball, you’ll have a chance to make a lot of money and open doors that would otherwise be closed to you. Now, even though you’ll be leaving at 4 most of the time, I usually don’t leave until around 8. I spend more time here than I do at home. What that means is,” Carl continued, “I don’t have time to spend on certain activities that others do. That’s where you come in.”

“Oh, you want me to pick up dry cleaning and things like that?” asked Michelle. “I did that at my last job.”

“No, we won’t waste your time with things like that,” said Carl. “It’s like this, for the most part, we don’t really need individual administrative assistants. We have an executive administrative assistant that runs the office. And I may send one letter a week. I type my own e-mails. There just isn’t a lot of filing and busy work for you to do. But there are very important tasks that you’ll be required to complete for me from time to time.”

“What tasks?” Michelle asked with a big, eager smile.

Carl shrugged, “Tasks of a sexual nature. You know, every now and then.”

“What… I can’t do that,” Michelle answered.

“And that’s perfectly fine,” assured Carl. “I don’t want to have to hire someone else. But if you can’t do the job, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Michelle got up and walked toward the door. Carl sat down at “his” desk and picked up the phone as though he had work to do. Just because his plan hadn’t worked didn’t mean he had to let her know that it was a scam all along. As soon as she left, he could leave and take the stairs down a floor or two and hop on the elevator. She turned back toward Carl momentarily. Carl resisted the urge to look up at her. “Holy shit, she might come back…” thought Carl. But his hopes were dashed when she opened the door.

Michelle was halfway out the door when she froze in her tracks. She really wanted this job. The hours were better. The pay was better. This was just the opportunity she was waiting for. Now, she was about to walk away from it all in this economy. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. “At least he’s nice looking,” thought Michelle. She backed her way back through the doorway. Carl heard the lock click and looked up. Michelle just stood in front of the door with her back him. “Ok,” uttered Michelle.

“I’ll have to call you back,” said Carl as he ended his fake phone call. “Yes, Miss Allen?”

“Ok… I mean, I want the job,” Michelle answered.

In his mind, Carl was jumping around and cheering. “I can’t believe this shit is working!” Carl thought. He was fighting his hardest to make sure he didn’t have a big goofy grin on his face. He quickly opened Microsoft One Note and clicked “Record Video” and stuck his flash drive in a USB port. Carl stood up casually and walked toward her. He noticed that Michelle was looking at the floor. She looked just plain sad. “Don’t look so down. Here, come sit down with me and relax,” instructed Carl.

Carl took Michelle by the hand and led her to the couch. He gently tilted her chin up so she was looking him in the eye. “I was serious when I told you that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, understand?” Carl asked.

“Yes, okay,” Michelle replied.

Carl turned her to the side so that Michelle’s back was facing her. He grasped her shoulders and began to give her a neck rub. “If I don’t loosen her up a bit,” Carl thought, “this won’t even be worth it. Ever so slowly, Michelle began leaning backward into him. Her scent was intoxicating. Carl couldn’t hold out any longer. He slowly brushed her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck. Michelle shivered and began melting in his arms. Feeling liberated, Carl pushed her sweater off her shoulders and brushed her hands lightly along the sides of her breasts. Michelle lept from the couch in a start. When she realized what she’d done, she turned toward Carl. He spoke first, “Sorry, did I do something wrong..?”

“No not at all,” Michelle interrupted. “It’s just… can I tell you something?”

“That’s just fucking great,” Carl thought as he nodded assuringly, “Now she wants to talk.”

“I had my boobs done recently,” Michelle began, “well not that recently…”

“What?” Carl was confused, “they’re so, well not small. They look so normal. I mean, at least they do through your shirt.”

“Well, I was an A,” Michelle explained, “and since I’m tall a small C doesn’t look big. Really, I didn’t even want the damn things. My dad was always a jerk growing up and now he’s always trying to buy me things… I don’t want to talk about him. The point is that my breasts are still a little sore. I just got up the nerve to start surfing again and…”

“You surf?” Carl asked.

“Yeah,” Michelle replied, “before I got my boobs done I used to go to the beach every evening. That’s why my hair is so light. The sun bleached it.”

“Anyway, want to see them?” Michelle asked matter of factly.

“No, I changed my mind,” Carl joked.

Michelle slowly unbuttoned her sweater and began twirling it above her head. She strode toward him with the sexiest walk she could muster. When she was within arm’s reach, she wrapped her sweater around the back of his head and pulled his face toward her chest. Michelle withdrew just before his face touched her and walked away. Michelle then turned her head back toward him, laughed and said, “I saw that in a movie.”

Carl smiled, if she was more comfortable with what she was doing, it would’ve been a turn off. After all, who wants their made up image of someone else shattered by reality?

Michelle lifted her halter top over her head and tossed it aside. She unhooked the clasps on her bra and threw it behind her missing Carl badly. Michelle turned slowly removing her hands from her breasts. Carl was amazed. He expected there to be something wrong with her breasts since she was so self conscious about them. But there wasn’t; they were perfect. They were round and perky, but not hard looking. Her nipples were erect and framed by her tanlines. “They must’ve been put in through her belly button because I don’t see any scars,” Carl thought.

Carl stood and grabbed her hand. He sat on the couch and laid Michelle across his lap. He gently kissed on of her nipples. Michelle looked extremely nervous. Carl slid his right hand inside her skirt and cupped her pussy. Michelle’s eyes widened a little as she placed her hand on top of Carl’s. She didn’t move it, though. Carl gently rubbed her bald pussy applying light pressure to her clit with the heel of his hand. Michelle’s face began to flush. She removed her glasses and held them in her hand. Carl took them from her and placed them on the end table. As soon as he set them down he slipped his middle finger inside her. Michelle gasped at the sudden stimulation. Carl swirled his finger against her g-spot and found her clit with his thumb. Michelle closed her eyes and pursed her lips. Carl moved his hand faster and faster, determined to get her off quickly. Just as his hand was beginning to cramp, Michelle shifted toward him and came. She let out the softest muffled shriek in a obvious attempt at being as quiet as possible. Carl removed his soaked fingers from her skirt. Michelle just laid across Carl’s lap with her arms around his waist.

After a couple of minutes, Michelle looked up at him and asked, “How’d you do that?”

Carl just smirked and said, “Stand up.”

He knelt behind her and unzipped her skirt. He then slid her panties over her generous hips and immediately began kissing and licking her ass cheeks. She was absolutely gorgeous and Carl was instantly rock hard. He pulled her panties down to the floor and Michelle stepped out of them. Then Carl thought, “well, I guess this is where it get’s ruined.”

Carl lifted Michelle’s left leg slightly and slipped off her shoe. “Oh thank God,” Carl thought, “Cute feet.” She’d polished her toenails a pastel blue. “She must’ve done that today,” Carl thought since it matched her outfit. Carl removed her other shoe and stood up.

He grabbed her breasts and began kissing her neck. “Careful, they’re very sensitive,” Michelle said as she held Carl’s hands still against her breasts. Carl ran his hands down across her abdomen as he placed kisses all over her back. He kissed and licked her ass and legs. Michelle let out a sigh as she enjoyed the attention she was receiving.

Carl unzipped his pants as he kissed her calves. He stepped out of one leg as he stood up. “Touch your toes,” Carl ordered. Carl reached in his pocket pulled out his emergency rubber. He gazed at Michelle’s amazing ass as he rolled the condom over his aching cock. He spread her cheeks and strongly considered trying to force his cock in her tight little asshole. But he chickened out and penetrated her pussy. Michelle immediately stood up, flinging her curly hair into Carl’s face. A little annoyed and immensely turned on, Carl grabbed her forearms and pulled her toward him as he slammed into her cunt as hard as he could.

Carl pumped into Michelle’s gorgeous body as hard and fast as he could as the smell of sex filled the room. He grabbed and kneaded her surprisingly soft tits. “Oh shit!” Michelle whispered as Carl began rubbing her clit, “You’re gonna make me fall.”

“C’mon, walk with me,” said Carl as he turned her toward the desk. They took comical little steps together across the office. Both were careful not to disengage, as though it really mattered. When they got behind the desk, Carl was pleased to see the screensaver on the computer monitor. Carl pointed Michelle toward it and began pumping again. Carl grabbed her hair and pulled so he could see her reflection in the monitor. Her luscious lips were slightly parted. She was panting heavily. Carl reached between her legs and brought her to another orgasm. Her amazing tits bounced back and forth as she shook beneath him.

While Michelle was still cumming, Carl lifted her up on the desk and turned her face up. She giggled and tossed her hair back over the edge of the desk with both hands. “Having fun?” Carl asked.

“Don’t talk, just use this,” said Michelle as she grabbed his dick. Carl leaned over her and began fucking her missionary across the desk. Michelle turned her head to the side and Carl kissed her neck and he stroked her. She turned her head the other way as a familiar expression began to grow across her face. Carl must’ve inadvertently begun slowing down because Michelle barked, “Don’t stop!” at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him toward her as hard as she could.

“Goddamn it!” Carl thought as Michelle yanked on his neck. She finally loosened her grip as her orgasm subsided. Carl was still pumping in and out of her when she put her hand on his chest and said, “Wait, the condom, it’s starting to hurt.”

“Ok,” Carl said. He bent over her and kissed her deeply. Then, he dragged her to her knees in front of him. Carl ripped off his condom and tossed it aside. Michelle was now face to face with his dick. “I’m not going to do that on the first time,” Michelle said.

“How many times did you cum?” Carl asked rhetorically.

“That doesn’t mean I have to suck your dick,” Michelle argued. “I can jack you off. I have some lotion in my bag.”

“Yeah, go get that,” said Carl.

Michelle wobbled a little on her first few steps away from Carl. She looked back at him and chuckled a little. She retrieved the lotion and knelt down infront of him. Just before she squirted some in her hand, Carl said, “Now, back to you sucking my dick.”

“Look, I said I’d get you off, but I’m not going to put your dick in my mouth today,” Michelle explained.

“Handjobs are for 12 year olds,” replied Carl.

“If you didn’t want a handjob why’d you let me get the loti…” Carl thrust his hips toward Michelle while she was talking. The head of his cock slipped slightly between her lips before she turned away.

“Uhh, condom,” she grunted.

“Almost,” Carl laughed.

“Alright look,” Michelle began, “hurry up and cum. And I’m not a professional cocksucker so I don’t want to hear a lot of complaining.” Michelle reached for his dick and began to stroke his shaft. She licked her lips and wrapped them around the head. Carl watched intently as his cock slid in and out of her lips. Her toungue swirling around his cock.

“Open your mouth wide,” Carl ordered. Michelle complied and for some reason, opened her eyes wide as well. Carl began to poke his dick into her cheek, enjoying the sight of fucking her gorgeous face. Then he changed the angle, got carried away, and poked the back of her throat. Michelle gagged hard, withdrew reflexively, and began coughing. “Sorry,” Carl said as she continued to cough. He really was sorry, but it still turned him on. She was just so fucking sexy. That’s when he got an idea.

Carl bent down and scooped Michelle up in his arms. He layed her across the desk and handed her a tissue. He watched her as she wiped her mouth and took a moment to enjoy her amazing body. He grabbed the lotion and squirted some on her feet. “So for gagging I get a foot massage,” Michelle asked with a grin.”

“Well, yeah, sort of,” Carl replied. He then climbed on the desk, knelt in front of her, and pressed her toes against both sides of his dick.

As Michelle watched him thrust, more amused than anything, she said, “So you like feet, huh? Freak.”

“Freak? Hmm… okay,” said Carl with a smile. He moved forward and straddled her chest, pinning her arms to her sides. He grabbed and massaged her amazing tits as Michelle just stared up at him. Carl reached back and grabbed the lotion, squirting a little between her beautiful breasts.

“What are you doing?” Michelle, asked. She seemed legitimately confused, which made Carl’s dick jump.

“I’m giving you a breast massage,” answered Carl. With that, he squeezed her breasts together, pushed them up toward her chin, pointed his dick toward her cleavage and thrusted.

“Uh,” Michelle grunted as her cleavage was penetrated. “I guess you really like my boobs.”

He enjoyed watching her talk while the head of his cock touched her chin with each thrust. It was too distracting to talk back, however. Fortunately, Michelle wouldn’t stop talking even though he wasn’t responding. “This actually does feel nice,” said Michelle. “It is like a massage. You know, a really dirty one.”

“She is so fucking cute,” Carl thought as he fucked her tits. He could tell he was losing it because images of Michelle were almost superimposing themselves over each other in his mind. A dab of precum was shining on the point of her chin from where his dick kept poking her. “Where do you want it?” Carl asked.

“Want what? Your cum,” Michelle asked. “Don’t cum on me, we still have to work, remember?”

Listening to her say not to cum on her was an incredible turn on. “You face or in your mouth?”

“I’m not going to let you cum in my mouth,” Michelle stated defiantly.

Carl was breathing very deliberately as his orgasm approached, “Okay, your face or your tits?”

“Fine, just cum between my boobs,” Michelle conceded.

After a few more strokes, Carl released Michelle’s breasts and leaned forward. Holding her head still with his left hand and his dick in his right, Carl shot a glob of cum at her pretty face. “Unmph,” Michelle grunted as semen hit her right eyelid. Her mouth flew open in surprise and Carl adjusted his aim. He jerked his cock frantically into her open mouth. As soon as Michelle felt the fluid touch her toungue, she forced it out and it dribbled across her cheek onto the desk. Michelle’s face now flat against the desk, Carl massaged his dick against her right cheek as the remaining cum poured from his cock. Carl gazed at the lovely vision of his semen running down the side of her face across her nostrils.

When he finally let her go, Michelle turned her head up at him without opening her eyes and asked, “How you gonna just cum on me like this is a porno.”

“Well, maybe it is,” said Carl with a laugh.

“Just hand me the tissue,” said Michelle. She was clearly a little pissed.

Carl hopped off the desk. Michelle just laid there with her eyes shut tight and her hand stuck out. She heard a couple of key and mouse clicks. Then she heard tissue being pulled. Carl placed a wad of tissue in her hand and stuffed his flash drive in his pocket. Michelle sat up on the desk as she wiped her eyes, “That was fun until you gunked up my eyelashes,” said Michelle. Carl was too busy pulling his pants up to respond. “I mean seriously…”

She heard the door shut. Michelle opened her eyes and Carl was gone.

—————————————————————————————————————– SUNDAY NIGHT —————————————————————————————————————–

Michelle sat on her bed with her laptop watching an episode of “30 Rock” on her DVR. Only a few days had gone by since her encounter with Carl. She didn’t feel terrible about it, but she was very creeped out. All day Thursday and Friday at work she’d been looking around assuming she’d run into him. After all, “He had to work in the building, or maybe nearby, right?” thought Michelle.

She’d quickly figured that he wasn’t Bill Sanderson. A cold chill came over her when she remembered how she felt when she realized something was off. Sitting on that desk, nude, cleaning herself off, “Shit, that was fucking stupid,” Michelle said to herself. She cleaned up his office the best she could and made her way back to the lobby. She was certain nobody saw her, which was good. On the other hand, there was lotion, or maybe semen on her W-4 form. Fortunately, the receptionist didn’t seem to care that she’d been gone almost an hour and hadn’t seemed to have done anything. “I guess she was too busy to notice,” Michelle thought.

She really felt like a fool when she met the real Bill Sanderson the next day. He was middle aged, flabby, and balding. It never occurred to her that the fake Sanderson didn’t look any older than her. She was thinking about how terrible it must be to have sex with a guy like that when an email popped up in her account. It said it was from bill.sanderson4@gmail.com. She immediately thought it was from the mystery guy she’d fucked.

Michelle opened the email and it said:

For our eyes only.


Michelle clicked the link and saw a countdown. She immediately closed the page and looked back at her television. She stared through the screen for a moment, pushed her glasses back up her nose, and clicked the link again. As the counter counted down, she read the name of the file aloud softly to herself, “for_our_eyes_only.wmv.”

Michelle opened the file. A black screen with the text, “FOR OUR EYES ONLY” appeared in her media player. It cross faded into a woman gyrating back and forth with curly, sandy-colored hair covering her face. Michelle instantly knew it was her. She was being fucked from behind and now she was looking right into the camera. Michelle watched in disbelief at the fact that she was watching herself cum. Then she was on her back, writhing in ecstasy as a man nearly completely cut out of the frame fucked her silly. The taste of latex came back into her mouth as she watched herself greedily sucking dick. Michelle instinctively wrapped her arms across her bosom as she watched her tits getting fucked. She brought an index finger to her lips as she watched herself demand that he not cum on her. She was slightly disgusted, but she couldn’t look away. Even though she knew how it ended, Michelle watched with anticipation as he thrust into her breasts for the final time and satisfied his lust for her all over her pretty face. She bit down on her finger as she watched the sticky semen dry on her face.

Michelle closed her laptop lid. The room seemed much darker with just the glow of the TV lighting the room. She glanced over at the clock. “12:17,” she thought, “I have to be up in less than 7 hours.” As Michelle rolled over to place her laptop under her bed, she noticed something, “Shit, I’m wet,” she thought. She shivered, even though she wasn’t the slightest bit cold. She reached in her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator. She reached for the remote and pulled the covers over her head. Michelle’s hand emerged from under her blanket.


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Chapter 2

Monday was a typical day at work for Michelle. She went to work, was asked to do very little, and was paid well for it. She went to the beach to surf, but the waves were lousy. Instead, Michelle got in a volleyball game. Upon returning home, she logged onto her laptop and found another email from bill.sanderson4@gmail.com with no subject. The only text was, “I’m going to call you at 7:00 tonight. Answer your phone.” It was 6:35.

“I have to shower,” Michelle thought, not particularly pleased with the idea of getting sand all over her apartment. She ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. Michelle went over what she would say when “Bill” called over and over in her head. As she was rinsing off, her phone rang.

Michelle slid open her door and reached out toward the vanity, “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me,” said Carl. “I wanted to tell you…”

“I’m still in the shower, I have to call you back,” Michelle interupted.

“Didn’t I tell you I was gonna call you at 7? Why would you get in the shower?” asked Carl.

“You know just because you pretend to be my boss doesn’t make you… forget it,” Michelle was becoming frustrated, “I’ll call you back.” Michelle ended the call.

About ten minutes later, Michelle, called Carl back. Ignoring standard greetings, Carl explained “I just wanted to say that we should meet somewhere.”

“You know, that’s good, because I was just going to suggest the same thing,” agreed Michelle.

“Cool,” Carl replied, “how about Shooters at 8:30? It’s like a bar about a block from your building.”

“It’ll have to be later,” said Michelle, “How about 9?”

“Cool, see you up there,” said Carl.

“Can’t wait,” answered Michelle. She really was excited to see him. She was convinced that he was going to attempt to blackmail her into having sex with him again. After all, why else would he want to meet? This time, however, she was going to be ready. Plus, this was the perfect day for this. She pulled a new black dress from her closet with one hand as she dried her hand with the other.

“His cock’s gonna explode when he sees me in this,” Michelle said to herself.


Monday, 9:02pm


Carl sat at a corner table in Shooters. He took a swig from his drink and noticed a couple of other guys looking toward the door. When Carl looked up, Michelle was standing in front of him. Her hair was pinned up. She wore a long black dress with a plunging neckline. “Late for the ball,” Carl asked sarcastically.

“You just wish you were taking me,” Michelle replied as she sat down. “And who brings Gatorade to a bar?!”

“I came here to talk to you,” Carl replied, “and what’s the point of drinking alone?”

“You’re really strange,” Michelle began, “but I don’t care about that. For once, you’re going to listen.”

“Great, I like listening,” said Carl.

Michelle leaned across the small table and spoke in a low, stern tone, “You had sex with me against my will and were stupid enough to film it. I’ve contacted a lawyer. You’re going to jail.”

“What?!” Carl exclaimed.

“Keep your voice down,” Michelle continued, “now, I’m prepared to…”

“Okay, let me just stop you there,” Carl interrupted, “you obviously have someplace to be, so I’m going to look into my crystal ball and give you a quick reality check. First of all, everything you did of your own free will. Secondly, that will all be obvious to the prosecutor handling the case after the first few seconds of that video. He’ll decline to prosecute; then he or someone in his office will post that shit on youporn that night.”

“Excuse me,” Michelle began, “where’d you go to law school.”

“Ha ha ha,” Carl laughed sarcastically, “nowhere, but I do predict human behavior pretty well. My record’s even clean. You, on the other hand, were arrested 6 years ago for disorderly conduct. What are they gonna charge me with, making you cum too many times?”

“What?!” Michelle asked, “how in the hell’d you know that?”

“Your employer crawled up your ass prior to hiring you,” said Carl. “You didn’t wonder why I knew where you lived? It’s all in your personel file. Which, as your ‘boss’, I have access to.”

Michelle didn’t like how this was going. She felt foolish for even agreeing to meet him. Michelle dug through her purse for her cell phone. “Damnit, it’s 9:20,” said Michelle. “I have a date.”

“Fine,” said Carl, “we’ll continue this later.”

Michelle turned back briefly, “No we won’t,” and she left the bar.

Carl sat sipping his Gatorade for a minute before getting up to leave. He was upset that he didn’t really get to address anything he wanted to discuss. He really wanted to have sex with her again. It was clear that he had made no progress toward that goal. Then again, he realized that was probably a pipe dream in the first place. What he’d done was pretty slimy, and since she knew, she had no reason not to hate him. “Fuck,” Carl said to himself as he stood up to leave.


Tuesday, 1:08am


Carl sat on his couch playing Call of Duty. He was still a novice at the game and it showed. His headset was buzzing, “On your left, take him out!”

“I’m trying!” Carl exclaimed. “Man, I’ve been looking for a job, I ain’t had time to play this shit!”

“Fool you stink out loud,” came through Carl’s headset. Just then, Carl’s phone buzzed. He glanced to his side and saw that it was Michelle. He nearly jumped out of his skin with excitement.

“Hey, I gotta jump off, but I’m still playing,” Carl informed his teammates. He unplugged his headset from his game controller and plugged it into his phone. “Yeah,” Carl answered.

“Hey…” Michelle began, but didn’t continue.

“Hello?” Carl asked. He figured maybe the call dropped.

“I’m sorry,” Michelle tried to regain her composure, “I just… can we talk for a while.”

“Sure,” Carl answered casually, “everything okay, how was your date?”

“It started out really nice,” Michelle began, “we went to Cavalini’s…”

“What the hell is a Cavalini?” Carl interrupted.

“It’s a really nice restaurant,” Michelle said, “and really expensive. The bill was over $200.”

“Oh… a rich guy?” Carl said condescendingly. “Old dude?”

“No, it’s not what you think,” said Michelle. “He has some family money. He runs a few grocery stores. What is that clicking?”

Carl was concetrating on his game, so it took him a second to answer, “I’m playing Call of Duty, or more accurately, I’m participating in a game of Call of Duty.”

“So you’re not listening to me at all?” asked Michelle.

Carl immediately rattled off a response, “started off nice, Cavalini’s, $200, with ‘inherited grocery stores’ guy. I’ve decided to name him Bob.”

In spite of being irritated with his tone. Michelle was impressed with how closely he was listening. “Well, anyway,” she continued, “we danced and it was fun. But I just wasn’t really feeling it, you know? It’s hard to explain, I just didn’t… I don’t know.”

“He wanted to… umm, he wanted the night to contiue and you just weren’t really in the mood?” Carl asked.

“Exactly,” Michelle answered. “We got back to his apartment and he just wouldn’t let me go home. We spent at least 10 minutes outside of his building with the uncomfortable back and forth thing going.”

Suddenly, this was less boring to Carl, “That doesn’t sound too pleasant.”

“Well it got worse,” Michelle continued. “He called me just now and was trying to, I don’t know, pleasure me through the phone..?”

“Like phone sex?” Carl asked.

“Yeah, sorta, I think,” said Michelle. “But really one-sided, like he was telling me he was going to do things to me, but he was being all vague. Plus he was breathing really heavy and I could tell he was kinda, doing stuff to himself.”

“Well,” Carl replied “it sounds like he likes you, right?”

“You don’t understand…” Michelle began.

“No, I get it,” Carl interrupted, “I was really just joking. It was weird and now you feel bad. You obviously like the guy, then he up and pulls this bullshit on you. He turned what was a nice evening into something you’d like to forget.”

“Yeah, exactly…” Michelle didn’t really know what to say. Finally she just said what was on her mind. “Can I come over?”

Carl’s mind did a backflip. Suddenly, losing 5 games of Call of Duty in a row didn’t seem to matter. “Sure, come through.”

“Where do you live?” Michelle asked.

“About 10 minutes from you,” Carl replied.

“How do you know where I live?” Michelle asked.

“I’m your boss, remember?” Carl answered with a laugh. “How in the hell does a 13 year old girl get arrested for disorderly conduct?”

“Well I was skating with my friends and… you know what, just forget I called,” said Michelle.

“Look, I was just messing with you,” said Carl realizing he’d fucked up a little, “to answer your question: yeah, you can come through, if you want.”

“I’m NOT fucking you,” Michelle blurted out. She felt as though she needed to make that point clear to him.

“Who said anything about fucking?” Carl asked, pretending that wasn’t the sole thing on his mind. “You asked for an invitation, and I gave you one. That’s all.”

“As long as you know,” said Michelle. “I’ll see you in… 10 minutes, I guess.”

“Cool,” Carl said as he ended the call.

By force of habit, Michelle walked into her closet and began to pick out something to wear. She turned back and forth a few times trying to make a decision, then she thought, “Screw him! And it’s 1:30 in the morning,” thought Michelle. “Who am I trying to impress?” Michelle grabbed a hoodie out of her dresser and turned to leave. Before walking away, she couldn’t help but give her hair a quick look. When she turned toward the mirror, she was glad she’d hesitated. “I should PROBABLY put a bra on,” Michelle said to herself. So, michelle took her own advice as fast as she could and rushed out the door.

Michelle had already started her car when she realized she didn’t know exactly where she was going. She re-dialed Carl. “I didn’t tell you where to go,” Carl stated flatly as he answered.

“Do you ever answer the phone with a ‘hello’?” Michelle asked.

“No,” Carl quickly answered, “we live on the same street, which is fucking strange. Just head east a few miles until you get to that Jack in the Box. I’m on the 3rd floor of the building across the street.”

“Uh, Jack in the Box?” Michelle grunted, “gross.”

“Yeah, ’cause you gotta eat there first,” Carl said sarcastically, “otherwise you can’t come in.”

“Okay, okay,” Michelle began, “you know, you aren’t nearly as funny as you think you are.”

“Yes, I am,” blurted Carl before quickly ending the call.

Michelle drove toward Carl’s keeping an eye out on both sides for the burger joint. She had an idea where it was, but she wasn’t exactly sure. Before long, she saw the Jack in the Box sign and pulled over. It wasn’t until she approached the door to Carl’s building that she became apprehensive. “It’s almost 2 in the morning,” Michelle thought, “and I’m at his… Shit! I don’t even know his name! I’m leaving, this was a stupid idea.”

Michelle turned back toward the street and looked around. There were a few people kind of just hanging around, and that freaked her out a little. Michelle quickly stepped back up to the buzzer and hit the one labled “3″ several times. Carl buzzed her up. Michelle flung the door open and dashed frantically up the steps. She stumbled on the last flight, and briefly regretted wearing flip-flops instead of running shoes. Carl opened the deadbolt to his apartment with one hand and played Call of Duty even worse than before with the other. Before he could even step away from the door he heard a knock. “What is your name?” Michelle asked, trying to not seem spooked.

“Carl,” Carl answered as he stepped aside, “come in, sit wherever.”

Michelle sat on the couch against the arm opposite Carl. She looked at the videogame on the TV and was instantly bored. Plus, she was feeling pretty sleepy. “I need to lay down,” Michelle thought. She kicked her flip-flops off and curled up on the couch.

“Man, what are you talking about and why aren’t you killing anybody?! blared through Carl’s headset.

“Look I’m killing as fast as I can!” Carl yelled back.

“Do you realize how ridiculous you look?” asked Michelle.

“Or, you can leave,” answered Carl dismissively.

“Too late,” Michelle taunted, “I’m already quite…” Michelle stretched her arms and legs out gently kicking Carl’s arm, “comfortable.” With that, she crossed her legs and propped her feet up on his knee.

Carl actually found her playful antics funny, but decided not to give her the satisfaction of laughing. Carl glanced in Michelle’s direction, “Sweatpants, no shoes, very elegant.”

“The dress and everything was Bob,” Michelle began. “You get…” she was clearly getting sleepy, “this.”

Carl knew he had to concentrate. His team was on their way to their first win of the night if they could just hold it together. When the game was over, satisfied with a dismal 1 and 4 record, Carl decided to sign off – ending on a high note. He looked at his cell phone, “2:23?!” Carl exclaimed to himself. He turned toward Michelle, who was comfortably dozing on his couch. “Fanfuckingtastic,” Carl thought to himself, “I’ve become a flop-house for wayward chicks coming off bad dates.”

“I outta wake you up and throw your ass out,” Carl said with a laugh. Michelle didn’t even stir. Since she was obviously out cold, Carl decided to just let her stay. He walked to the linen closet and found a clean pillow case. Carl grabbed a pillow from his bedroom and put the fresh pillow case on it.

When Carl returned to the living room, he found Michelle still sleeping. He gently laid the pillow across her and went back to his bedroom.


Tuesday, 7:10am


“Wake up,” Carl whispered as he shook Michelle. “I didn’t know what to make you,” Carl continued, “hopefully, there’s something there you can eat.” On the tray in front of her, he placed a plate containing 2 egg whites, a piece of toast, and sliced strawberries. “There’s some orange juice in the fridge if you want it, but I gotta get dressed for work,” said Carl as he left the room.

“Umm…thanks?” Michelle uttered, barely remembering where she was. She sat up and looked at her plate, “It looks good,” she thought to herself, “but why such small portions?”

As she was finishing her strawberries, Carl ran into the kitchen. “Good, you’re done,” Carl began, “’cause I gotta go.” He grabbed her plate and threw it in the dishwasher. “Don’t you have to work, too?”

“I called in sick while you were getting dressed,” Michelle responded. “I mean, *cough* *cough*, Michelle said, mimicing the voicemail she left her boss, “I’m really sick, I don’t think I can make it in today.” She then looked up, and flashed a big, bright smile.

“Wonderful,” Carl was not amused, “I’d like to be on time, so let’s go.”

“You know, you’re a hater,” Michelle said as she followed Carl into the stairwell, “you know that was funny and you’re just mad that you have to work and I get to go to the beach.”

Carl stopped momentarily on the stairs in front of her. “Hmm…” he pretended to think out loud, “Nope. Not funny and good bye.” Carl exited the door of his building, but was held up when Michelle yanked his arm.

“You have a lady spend the night and you’re not even gonna hug me goodbye?” asked Michelle, with a smile. Carl just stood there glaring at her. Undeterred, Michelle threw her arms over his shoulders and hugged him as hard as she could. After a few seconds, she felt Carl’s arms around her waist. Michelle whispered “thank you” in his ear.


Tuesday, 4:45 p.m.

Carl’s phone buzzed across his desk, “Yes,” Carl answered.

“What’s really good, Boo?” Michelle blurted into the phone.

“What??” Carl asked.

“I said, ‘What’s really good, Boo?’” Michelle repeated.

“You can’t be serious,” Carl replied.

“You mean I don’t sound ‘down’?” asked Michelle.

“No,” Carl answered, “and I’m busy right now, so…”

“I don’t mean to bother you at work,” Michelle could tell he was getting impatient. “I just wanted to ask you if you were free later.”

“I have some stuff I have to take care of,” Carl replied.

“C’mon, I just want to ask you something,” said Michelle. “It’ll take ten minutes.”

“Oh, are you going to invite me to the winter cotillion?” Carl joked.

“No, what..? What’s a ‘cotillion’?” asked Michelle.

“I don’t know,” Carl began, “you’re the one looking for someone to take you to it.”

Now, Michelle was starting to get annoyed, “You know? You’re really fucking weird sometimes.”

“Boss is coming. I’ll be around after 7,” Carl blurted out before he hung up the phone.


Tuesday, 7:20 p.m.

Carl was putting his dishes away when his buzzer rang. When he let Michelle in, she plopped on the couch and made herself at home. “You need to move,” Michelle began, “it’s not that I’m scared to come over here. It’s that when I do, I fear for my safety.”

Carl laughed and sat down on the floor in front of Michelle. She stretched out on the couch and exhaled, “So, what’s crackin’, Carl-tons?”

“Carltons?” asked Carl, “but my name’s not ‘Carlton’.”

“But your name is Carl and you’re tons of fun, Boo,” joked Michelle. “Maybe I’ll just go back to calling you Boo, yeah, I like that.”

“Or maybe you just call me Carl, which is my name,” said Carl.

“But, I FEEL like I can call you anything I want because I’m smoking hot,” answered Michelle with a smile. “Like Rudy used to do on the Cosby Show to that kid Bud.”

“Well, you really made me regret this,” said Carl as he stood up.

“Okay, okay. I’ll be serious,” said Michelle, “I have a proposal for you. You know how we met..?”

“Yeah,” a smile crept over Carl’s face. Then it quickly faded away, “it’s been all downhill since.”

“Oh you know you love it,” Michelle began, “I come over here, I brighten your day, I make you laugh. I’m just delightful.”

Carl didn’t respond.

“Anyway,” Michelle continued, “you made a video of me without me knowing, which is a total creeper move. You owe me.”

“Owe you what?” Carl asked.

“Another video,” Michelle answered.

“Done,” Carl replied as he stood. He grabbed Michelle and threw her over his shoulder and proceeded toward his bedroom.

“Wait, Carl…” Michelle shrieked.

Carl set Michelle down in front of him.

“Geez, what is wrong with you?” Michelle asked.

“You said you wanted to make a movie,” Carl began, “so let’s go make it.”

“I said ‘you OWE me a movie’,” said Michelle.

“What’s the difference,” asked a frustrated Carl.

“Well, this time you aren’t allowed to touch me,” answered Michelle.

Clearly, Carl was skeptical. “Naw, this sounds like one of those things where you try to hang me from the ceiling and whip me and shit. Fuck that.”

“Uh, do I look like one of those white girls that thinks they’re a vampire?” Michelle continued, “Wearing all that ugly eye makeup and listening to sad music all the time.”

“I think you’re confusing being gothic with being a dominatrix,” Carl replied.

“Whatever,” Michelle began, “we made a porn for you. Now I want to make a porn for me.”

“I don’t know…” Carl skeptically replied.

“Well, this is the only way we’re ever having sex again,” said Michelle. Then, she leaned into his ear and whispered, “and I FEEL like you want to fuck me again.” Michelle walked toward the front door and opened it. “I have to go,” Michelle continued, “let me know what you wanna do, Carl-tons,” and she closed the door behind her.

Two hours later, Michelle received a text message from Carl saying, “Cool, I’m in.” She replied, “Awesome. 9 @ my place on Friday!”


Tuesday, 8:58 p.m.

“Hey, come in!” welcomed Michelle as she opened her door. “Want something to drink?”

“No, thanks,” Carl answered.

“Here, you should have some water,” said Michelle as she reached in her refrigerator. She handed him a bottle of water, “okay, follow me.”

They walked down the hallway to Michelle’s bedroom. “Holy shit,” said Carl as he stepped through her bedroom door. She’d created a film set: complete with lighting, two cameras, and a backdrop. There were also spots marked on the floor with tape.

“You like?” Michelle asked with a self-satisfied grin. “It’s no PC webcam, but I think it’ll work.”

Carl was starting to put it all together. All of this had been too easy. Now, he’d walked onto a porn set. “Are you a porn star?” Carl blurted out.

“What?!” Michelle was clearly offended.

“Stripper?” asked Carl.

“Idiot, no!” Michelle exclaimed. “What is wrong with you?”

“Well, look at this place,” Carl began, “look at you. But mainly, look at this place.”

“So these are ‘ho sweatpants’?” Michelle asked.

“You know what I mean,” said Carl.

“No I don’t,” Michelle replied.

Carl decided he was probably mistaken and decided not to bring up her breasts. “Well, what’s with all this fancy lighting and shit?” he asked.

“I make films, like commercials and comedy sketches,” then Michelle added, “ass.”

“Oh…” Carl didn’t really know what else to say.

“I put a lot of work into this,” Michelle began, “so strip down to your boxers and don’t say anything else.” Michelle walked into the master bathroom and closed the door. Carl stepped behind the backdrop and started removing his clothes. He was pretty sure Michelle wasn’t a porn star, but he was not yet certain that she wasn’t trying to set him up.

Once he was finished undressing, Carl quietly slid open her closet doors. “Okay, nobody in here,” he thought to himself.

As he slid the doors closed, the bathroom door opened and Michelle walked back into the bedroom. She wore a short, pink cotton nighty and knee socks with pink stripes. Her hair was tied up in pigtails. Michelle’s panties were slightly visible under her nightie as she walked toward the Carl. “You like what you see?” she asked.

“You look nice,” replied Carl in an attempt to say as little as possible.

Michelle glanced at the tent forming in Carl’s shorts. “Well, your penis really likes it, so I think we’re ready to start.” She extended her hand to him and led him to the bed. They sat down and Michelle decided to lay down the ground rules. “Okay, here’s how this works,” she began, “you may not speak. You may not touch me. And you have to follow all of my instructions. If you break any of those rules I kick you out and call some other guy. Deal?”

“You know I’m not going to do anything weird, Right?” Carl replied.

“I’m trying to make a porno with you,” Michelle shot back. “Just say, ‘deal’ so we can fuck.”

“Okay,” Carl laughed, “deal.”

Michelle walked over to both cameras and pressed RECORD. She sat down next to Carl on the bed and looked into the camera infront of them. “Hi, I’m Mimi and this is my friend Carl. He agreed to come over and make a short film with me.” Michelle leaned over, kissed him on the cheek, and continued, “Now remember, his arms aren’t broken or anything. He’s just not allowed to touch me. So, he’ll either break a rule and then the movies over, or his balls’ll explode or something.”

Carl gave Michelle a quizzical glance. Michelle responded, “Would you like to say something about how that’s not really possible, hmm?” She then turned back to the camera and said, “Oh yeah, he’s not allowed to talk either.” Michelle turned back toward Carl, grabbed his face, and began to passionately kiss him. Their toungues twirled around one another. Momentarily, Carl’s hands moved toward Michelle’s hips, then he remembered the rule. They continued to explore each other’s mouths. Michelle gently bit his upper lip, withdrew, and breathed “I never thanked you for the best fuck of my life.”

“Your welcome,” Carl answered.

“You’re not supposed to talk,” Michelle whispered, “but I’ll let this one slide because you fuck so good.”

Michelle stood and walked over to the taped ‘X’ infront of the second camera. She bent deeply at the waist, revealing panties that matched her socks. She slowly pulled her panties over her firm, round ass. She remained bent over long enough to record a few seconds of her ass and moist slit. She then turned and playfully kicked her panties at the camera lens.

Michelle dived ontop of Carl. She kissed him once more and had him lay with his head at the foot of the bed. Michelle proceeded to straddle his face, facing the head of the bed. She lifted her dress and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. She gently dragged her pussy across his lips until she felt his toungue slide into her. She let out a satisfied sigh and began slowly working her hips around Carl’s face. He sucked on her smooth pussy lips and flicked her clit with his toungue. Michelle could feel herself about to cum. She leaned forward with her palms flat on Carl’s stomach. She let her body relax and breathed in deeply. Carl felt her pussy lips quiver in his mouth as she came.

Michelle crawled forward and stuck her thumbs inside Carl’s waistband. She dragged his boxers off and tossed them on the floor. She leaned over his crotch and when her breath hit his dick, it jumped and grazed her lips. Michelle giggled and grabbed his cock and whispered, “I love how hard you get.”

“Then suck it, bitch,” Carl thought as she continued to play with his cock. Michelle touched the tip of his dick with her index finger. She let his precum stretch between his cock and her finger tip. Michelle turned around and layed across Carl’s chest. She licked her finger and asked, “Carl-tons why doesn’t your cum taste good like this clear shit on your dick? And what is that stuff anyway? Is that some kind of lure to get whores to go down on you?”

Carl just rolled his eyes.

“Oh, you can’t answer,” Michelle laughed. “No matter how silly I act, you can’t do anything. Ha ha ha-ha-ha.” Michelle sat up and turned around again, “Well, since you can’t talk, you might as well eat me out some more.” She reached under her bed and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. She pulled her nightie over her head and tossed it aside. Michelle rested her clit on Carl’s chin and began pouring baby oil on her ass.

Carl watched as she rubbed baby oil all over right in front of his eyes. He began licking and sucking her pussy. His eyes were fixated on Michelle’s fingertips gripping her glistening ass. She slowly opened her ass cheeks to give him a better view.

Michelle ground her clit into Carl’s tongue. She watched Carl’s dick very closely while he pleasured her. “I swear I can see it throbbing,” Michelle thought. As her pleasure heightened, she wished she could watch him cum while she rode his face. Briefly, Michelle imagined what it’d be like to watch one of her girlfriends jerking him while she came. “Nah,” Michelle thought, “I’m not done with him yet.” When she felt herself cumming, Michelle pressed down as hard as she could, “Yeah, eat that pussy.” She closed her eyes and savored the waves of pleasure flowing through her body.

Michelle spun around over Carl while cupping her tits with both hands. She winked into the camera and released her breasts. She looked down at Carl staring up at her. She looked back into the camera and pointed down at Carl, “He likes them, too.” She giggled again and squeezed her breasts together. Michelle grabbed the baby oil and squeezed it on her breasts. She slowly massaged her tits. Michelle licked her lips and put a show on for the camera. Incidently, she was driving Carl crazy. He locked his lips around her clit and sucked it in between his teeth. Michelle rubbed herself all over as she let her mind descend into fantasy.

Carl watched Michelle in amazement. She had the most beautiful body he’d ever seen. And he’d never watched any woman writhe in exctasy from that angle. Let alone one as sexy as Michelle. His dick was so hard it hurt. He began swirling his tounge around her clit. He wanted her to cum now.

Michelle closed her eyes fell into an almost dream like state. She imagined she taking two men at once: one in her pussy, one in her mouth. Then a third dick in between her tits. She opened her eyes when her clit began to swell again. She cried out as Carl brought her to orgasm. Her juices slowly trickled out of her pussy.

Michelle was feeling lightheaded and dizzy. She laid across Carl’s chest and kissed him. She wiped his bottom lip with her thumb and said, “I’ve never orgasmed that way.”

“My toungue hurts,” Carl replied.

“I’m sorry, Boo,” said Michelle as she rubbed his head. She looked down at his cock laying against his abdomen. She scooted toward it and examined it. She picked it up with her left hand, “You get SO hard.” She wasn’t really turned on by it, after all, she’d just cum multiple times. More just a little intrigued. She slowly stroked it and stared. Carl shifted under her in excitement, “It’s about time, bitch” he thought.

Michelle brought Carl’s cock to her lips and licked the head with the very tip of her tounge. She teased the head and licked the precum away. Michelle turned back toward him and said, “If your cum tasted like this, I’d suck that shit out of you every night.” Carl’s eyes opened wide. Michelle turned back toward his dick and smirked to herself. That was really more part of the performance, even if it was partially true. Michelle jumped off the bed suddenly and continued, “But I’m not our cumslut today… no bobs.”

Carl was visibly pissed off. But when he opened his mouth, Michelle cut him off. “Wait, you can’t talk. “Especially if you’re going to yell at me,” she laughed. “Besides, my breasts are all shiny and slippery and they’re not wrapped around a dick yet.”

Michelle reached out and grabbed Carl by the hand. She had him sit at the edge of the bed in front of a spot she marked on the floor. She knelt between his legs and scooped her breasts up around his cock. She worked her breasts up and down. First individually, then together at once. She watched intently as his facial expressions changed with her movements. When he broke contact, she stopped and exclaimed, “Don’t look away! I want you to watch yourself cum into my breasts.” Carl was staring up at the ceiling, clearly ignoring her. Michelle let his dick slip from her cleavage, “Fine,” she began, “if you’re not going to do what I say you can go home and jerk off.”

Carl reestablished I contact with Michelle. “Maybe you’d rather go home and masturbate to my image,” said Michelle,”is that what you like?” Carl glared at Michelle. That last statement clearly pissed him off. “O-kay. I should NOT have said that,” Michelle backtracked. She turned to the camera and said, “Sometimes I swear he’s gonna hit me.” Michelle looked back at Carl in time to see him shaking his head. When they made I contact, they both burst into laughter.

Michelle took Carl’s dick between her breasts once more. “Okay, Boo, I want you to explode for me,” Michelle said excitedly. Michelle squeezed her breasts around his dick and said, “I really love your dick.” Michelle continued as she massaged his cock with her tits, “I mean it’s a dick, so it’s ugly. But it’s hard to look away. It makes my clit throb.”

Michelle was getting impatient, “Would you cum already, she thought?” Then she thought of something. “Hey Boo, you know, I watched the video you sent me.” Michelle wasn’t sure, but she could swear he almost came. “Can I tell you about when it made me cum?” Carl just chuckled. “Something about watching you fuck my feet set me on fire,” Michelle continued. “I don’t know what happened, I just started fantasizing about, well, everything,” Michelle breathed. Michelle looked into Carl’s eyes and said, “I took my big vibrator I call Carl and put it deep inside my pussy. I turned it on and just let it rip. And just as I was about to cum, I took my other vibrator and put it between my breasts. I imagined you fucking my breasts as I came.” Michelle decided to have some fun with him, now, “What do you fantasize about?” she asked rhetorically. “I’ve seen you perv on my feet, and you like to suck and fuck my breasts.” Michelle continued to rub his dick with her breasts. “Oh, I what you really want… my ass,” said Michelle. “You want me to give up my ass to you, don’t you? You’re such a fucking pervert that you want to force your big cock deep in my little asshole. You can’t possibly think I’d let you do that, do you? Let you fuck my perfect, round ass? Oh,” Michelle pretended to be outraged, “You’d force me to go ass-to-mouth wouldn’t you?! You’d fuck my asshole and then stick your filthy cock in my mouth?! Fucking my face until…”

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