taking advantage

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A girl goes to a photographer’s studio for a photo-shoot. She is new to modeling and keen to make a good impression. She thinks it is just a lingerie shoot and doesn’t realize the photographer has plans for much more.

She wears high heels, stockings, garter belt, thong and a bra. She poses for the photographer, all smiles and curves. He snaps away and encourages her.

“That’s a good girl, you look fantastic.”

She giggles, she is new to this. She is both excited and nervous and trying to act the part she thinks she should play.

“You like?”

He knows she is a little nervous and trying to “get it right”, even if she isn’t sure what that means exactly. He knows she wants to please and do a good job. She needs approval and praise and he gives her a strong lead so she knows what he wants her to do and can use the momentum of the shoot to get past her shyness. He knows she wants to do this and he can make it possible for her.

“You bet I like. You really know how to show off those curves. Push your boobs out a little more. You have fantastic tits.”

She giggles again. Her shyness is still there, but it isn’t stopping her. It just makes her feel naughty … sexy … a little slutty … excited. She is enjoying herself.

“Well thank you. And please don’t be shy now. Just tell me what you think.”

He knows to keep pushing. She has more to give and wants to give it, but she needs him to make her.

“I think you’re a gorgeous girl with killer curves and I want to show you off.”

He snaps more shots of her as she smiles and poses and feels like the next move is her idea.

“I had better take this off then.” she says as she removes her bra and tosses it aside. “If you like my tits so much…”

She smiles again, looking up at him from under her hair. He is getting excited now as she is doing exactly what he wants.

“Goooood girl.”

He takes more shots, faster, keep the momentum, don’t let her slow down.

“God you look so naughty. Bend over and show off your ass. I am just dying to photograph your pussy.”

She feels incredibly sexy and doesn’t want that feeling to go away, but she needs to pause for a second. This might be going too fast. She wants it to last longer.

“I’m not sure I can take my knickers off for you.”

He knows he has to push her now. The end game is way further than she ever intended to go when she walked in the door. He has to take advantage of her naivety and eagerness to please. Tell her what to do. She has to feel his confidence, be sure he is in charge, so she can allow herself to do what she is told. She has come this far, trusted him and he has made her feel hot, exciting, desirable. She wants to feel more. She wants to trust him. She wants to be a good girl.

“I think you can sweetie. I think you can’t wait to get your knickers off and show your pussy to the camera.”

She smiles but hesitates.

“What kind of girl do you think I am exactly?”

Now he has to take the risk and push her to the next level. His voice is kind but firm and clear.

“I think you’re a sexy little bitch who gets excited showing it all off. Now let’s get you out of those knickers before your pussy burns a hole in them.”

Her face flushes red for a second, realizing that he is aware of the heat in her pussy, but she doesn’t want this to be over. She wants more.

“OK. Help me.”

He comes over and assists her out of her knickers. Careful to adjust her remaining lingerie leaving it neat and pretty. She stands in front of him, naked except for her garter belt, stockings and heels. Her hands are behind her back as she looks up at him. A little shyness is back on her face, but she wants to do this.

“Do I look nice?”

She needs his approval again. She needs to know she is getting it right because she has never done this before. She is exposed and vulnerable and he needs her to feel safe. His voice is friendly.

“Yes. You look delicious.”

She poses again and he takes more shots. Just like before but less giggling. Just like before but she shows off her pussy. She knows he is zooming in tight and she knows she is showing off everything she has. She feels incredible. So slutty. So naked. So explored by his lens. She keeps thinking of hundreds, thousands of men looking at her pussy through his camera. Looking at her picture and making up their own minds about what kind of girl they think she is.

Every flash of the camera drives home her feeling of being exposed, scrutinized, inspected. Every flash representing an image she can never take back, never hide from anyone. From now on she will always be this naked, wanton little slut that she is being right now. She can never take this back, but she doesn’t want to. Every flash reminding her of that and making her feel more sexual than she has ever felt before. Making her feel oddly proud of herself for feeling so alive. So exciting. So excited.

It feels like she has been putting her pussy on show for anyone who wants to look for an eternity, but eventually he stops. He puts the camera down and moves closer to her. She stands up and turns to face him.

“Are we done?”

The look on his face has changed. She stands before him and lets him look. His hands begin to explore her body as he looks down at her. She lets him touch her. As his hands begin to move over her curves she bites her lip and closes her eyes, but she makes no move to stop him.

“Do you want to take more pictures?”

His voice is deeper, more demanding.

“Later. Right now I want to touch you. I want to feel you, naked in my hands. I want to explore you.” He pauses for a second, two. “I want to fuck you.”

She draws an audible breath. She doesn’t know what to do. She practically whispers.

“I don’t think that’s allowed.”

He speaks quietly but certainly.

“Yes. It is. I can almost feel your pussy inviting me. I know you want to. I want to fill you with my cock. I want you to be a good little slut now.”

He is right about her pussy. It is throbbing. Since before he took her knickers off. But she really can’t let him fuck her, can she?

“I’m not sure.” she whispers.

“I’m sure.” he replies. “I want to fuck you.”

She is still so keen to please. She doesn’t want to argue. She wants to be good and do what she is told. She fights her own conflicting instincts and then she has an idea. She smiles.

“Maybe I could suck your cock for a while. Would that make you feel better?”

He smiles back and she is happy. She feels better. This was her idea so she can throw herself into it and please him. Make him like her. Be a good girl. She kneels in front of him and looks up into his eyes. She licks his cock momentarily and then takes it into her mouth and begins to suck. Her eyes close. Occasionally she looks up at him for approval. When he smiles down at her she smiles back and sucks his cock harder.

“That’s a good girl.”

His words make her feel wonderful. She wants his approval. Her pussy flows.

“Who taught you to suck cock so well?”

She is more relaxed and giggles again.

“I used to practice on my dildo when I was in bed on my own. I wanted to be able to do it right.”

“I knew you were a good little slut. I bet you can swallow my whole cock can’t you.” he says, smiling.

She wants to please him.

“I think so. Shall I have a try?”

He wants her to succeed.

“Yes. Show me what you can do.”

She is very happy that she seems to be doing well.


She goes down on him again and just manages to take his entire length down her throat. She stays down for a few seconds and then comes back up for air. She is very proud of herself and can’t keep the smile off her face.

“Ta da!”

He is very pleased with her.

“GOOD GIRL! You are so good at blow jobs! Who would’ve known?”

She is glowing with his praise.

“Thank You. I do my best.”

Now he needs to move her on again. There is still a long way to go.

“I think we should make my cock a little tastier for you now.”

She is a little confused.

“What do you mean?”

He is firm.

“Turn around and give me your pussy.”

She bites her lip but turns around and positions herself on all fours in front of him.

“Are you sure?”

He must convince her with his confidence.

“Yes. You’ll like my cock in your mouth even more when it has a nice coating of your pussy juice.”

She closes her eyes and holds her breath. He slides his swollen cock gently into her hot, wet pussy. Slowly inserting himself fully into her. He pulls her towards him with his hands on her hips. Inside her he moves around a little but doesn’t withdraw or thrust.

“That’s a good girl. Your pussy feels good filled with cock doesn’t it?”

She responds very quietly, preoccupied.

“Yes. But I don’t think you’re supposed to fuck me.”

He reassures her.

“I’m just making my cock tastier for you. You should suck it again now.”

She is relieved and keen to get back on her knees in front of him. He withdraws from her pussy and she turns around. He is pleased she has learned to be so eager to suck his cock. She is a quick study, even if she doesn’t realize what he is teaching her.

She licks the length of him and tastes her juices. She smiles up at him and mouths “yummy” and then takes him in her mouth fully again and sets about her task. She keeps her eyes on his. She has a plan. Maybe if she can make him cum with her mouth he won’t need to fuck her anymore. She sucks his cock with intent, keeps eye contact and does her best to show off her curves, her boobs, her nakedness, to try and make him cum. After a minute or two he breaks the silence.

“That’s a good girl. You like that cock in your mouth don’t you baby?”

She has his cock deep in her mouth but she lets out a long satisfied mmmmmm and comes up for air.

“Yes.” she says, smiling again.

She attempts to go back down but he moves away. He can’t let her stop moving forward. He has to take her all the way. She will be grateful in the end.

“Good girl. But I think your pussy needs some attention now.”

She is unsure again.

“But I like sucking your cock. Please can I?”

He loves that she said please. She is learning fast and will become a very good slut for him.

“Later. Don’t worry. I want your pussy now.”

She has to make a decision. Should she stop it all? Can she? He sees her hesitation. He has to be firm. She has to learn to behave properly.

“Be a good girl and do what you’re told.”

His voice is commanding her. She is lost in her sense of obedience. She doesn’t know how to say no. She has passed a point and she can’t stop. Her whole body wants to obey. Her hesitance has lost the battle. She can’t stop herself. He offers his hand and she takes it and stands. He leads her to a bed. She climbs on the bed on all fours and he moves behind her.

She remembers him inside her before. Without words he slides his cock into her again. She is worried she will be in trouble somehow, but she is full of his cock and it is hot and hard. As her pussy stretches around it she feels fucked, properly fucked. He takes hold of her with his hands and moves her where he wants. He fucks her and says little. He concentrates on fucking her, enjoying her, making his cock feel good. She feels like her body is being used for his pleasure and it makes her feel valuable. Her pussy is stretched and fucked and used. His words are primitive, whispered directly into her ear as he bears down on her with his body and fucks her with his cock.

“That’s a good little bitch.”

“You look good on my cock.”

“Let me fuck that tight little pussy.”

She loses herself in the act. She is absorbed by it. Her body feels invaded but she doesn’t want to stop him, she wants to be fucked. Her pussy aches for his cock as he pulls out of her and pushes against him as he forces his way back in. Her uncertainty is all but gone. She no longer cares. She just wants to obey. Finally she feels her orgasm rising and she can’t stop it. She feels her juices flowing out of her, drenching them both. He doesn’t stop, he just keeps fucking her, but more slowly as she cums. His cock is still hard. It feels huge inside her. She cums for what feels like forever, quivering on his cock, impaled and helpless. Finally he withdraws and stands. She lies on the bed, dripping with her own juices. She looks up at him and he smiles down at her.

She knows he hasn’t cum yet, but she doesn’t know what’s next.

“Aren’t you done yet?” she asks, but she knows he isn’t.

“No. You should get back to sucking my cock now.”

She feels completely under his control, as if she has no choice but to do exactly what he tells her to. Still trying to recover from her orgasm, she kneels before him again and looks into his eyes as she sucks on his cock one more time. He thrusts in and out of her mouth quickly and after only a minute she feels him tense, ready. He pushes deep into her mouth, and she swallows his cock as far as she can. She looks up at him for his lead. He smiles at her and she releases him from her mouth. As he exits, he explodes. He cums in spurts, all over her face and mouth. She feels it splashing onto her, hot and sticky. She tastes his cum in her mouth and lets it run down her face. She is drenched in cum and it drips off her chin onto her breasts. She smiles up at him and he smiles back. She feels completely at ease covered in his cum. He offers her his cock again and she takes it gently back into her mouth. She sucks cum from his cock as she looks up into his eyes.

He withdraws and moves away. He picks up his camera and looks at her. She is naked, exhausted, fucked, cum drenched, glowing. Beautiful. He begins to photograph her again and she looks into the lens and smiles. She isn’t shy. She shows off her dripping wet pussy and cum soaked face. She feels completely in his hands. He can do whatever he wants and she relaxes into his control. She feels seduced. Obedient. Blameless. Shameless.

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