In the three weeks since my girlfriend Jess had first tried Leonard’s black monster cock, she had been with him twice more. Each time had gone much like the first. In his 70′s, Leonard had simply played Jess like a finely tuned instrument, out-fucking anyone she had ever been with, or so she said. Unlike her first encounter, I had not been present for the follow-ups; Leonard made it clear that he had little use for white husbands and boyfriends sitting around and watching.

Jess and I had reached a crossroads of sorts. Leonard wanted to take her “black-only,” which of course meant that she’d have to give up making love with me. Despite Leonard’s undeniable power and prowess in bed, Jess was having real misgivings about going that far.

“Maybe if we were married for 10 years and had kids of our own I’d entertain the idea more directly,” she’d said. “We’re not even married yet, and as far as I am concerned we’re too young to take that plunge. I mean I definitely want to fuck more black guys, but not if it means cutting you off, sweetheart.”

I’d breathed a big sigh of relief. We’d embraced the cuckold lifestyle and I was fine with that, but having Jess formally go “black only” was just too hard to accept, and I told her so.

“So you’re OK with me cucking you with other black guys?” she had asked. I’d answered in the affirmative, and she’d hugged me.

“I’m so lucky! I thought you’d say that so I set up a date with one of Leonard’s friends tomorrow,” she’d said. “He’s a nephew or something like that – just turned 18 but supposedly knows what he’s doing around white couples.”

Which was how I’d found myself the next afternoon waiting with Jess for our guest to appear. At 2:00 there was a firm knock on the door. He was prompt, at least. I answered the door. There stood a tall young black man, who politely offered his hand and introduced himself as Derrick. I invited him in and introduced him to Jess. Jess asked me for a glass of wine.

“Can I get you something, Derrick? A soda or a glass of water?” I asked, but he declined.

I gave Jess her wine and turned to Derrick. “Tell us a bit about yourself,” I said.

“Well, I just graduated from high school and I’m going to college on a partial athletic scholarship – football,” he said.

“Have you been with a lot of white wives and girlfriends?” Jess asked.

Derrick smiled and nodded. “I’ve been with quite a lot, actually. Mostly younger couples like you all. I prefer it that way and they seem to like me just fine. I like newlywed wives a whole lot, and I haven’t had any trouble finding them.”

“Why’s that, Derrick?” I asked.

“Are you asking why I prefer young white wives or why is it that I don’t have any trouble finding them?” Derrick asked.

“Both,” said Jess before I could respond. She winked at me.

Derrick smiled. “With respect to why I prefer newlyweds, I like being the one to break them in to black cock and cuckolding,” he said. “Seeing the look on a new husband’s face when his young bride just loses it on my big black cock is a real turn-on for me,” he explained. “They’ve just crossed a line they can’t cross back, not ever, not that any of them seem to regret it. Having the husband watch his wife behave in ways she never has with him is like Viagra to me. Some of it is about a little humiliation, but that’s not all of it. I truly enjoy showing a young white wife what a great fuck she’s capable of being, with the right man, that is.”

“As for why it’s easy for me to find new couples, I’m not sure how to explain it except to say that getting cuckolded by a hung black guy is getting really popular with young white couples these days, and I am the last person to argue about it. I mostly meet new couples through couples I’ve had the pleasure of breaking in. They seem to enjoy recruiting their friends,” he laughed.

“Any of them ever regret it?” I asked.

“I can honestly say that none I’ve been with have expressed regrets,” Derrick said. “The last three couples were all newlyweds and all first-timers, and not a one had anything but good things to say. The most recent couple was military – they couldn’t afford to go on honeymoon travel so they were having their honeymoon here. I got introduced to them by friends of theirs I had been playing with,” he explained. “I guess they decided they wanted some excitement on their honeymoon so they took a hotel room for a night and invited me over. That was a crazy night, but they’re into it big time now.”

“Why do you think this is getting so popular with white couples?” Jess asked.

Derrick laughed. “I’ve been asked that question a lot by the couples I’ve been with,” he said. “I’m not sure there is any one single answer that covers it.” He paused, briefly and then continued. “Taboo is a big part of it – you know, for the husband it’s about the pure and devoted white wife defiled by the usurping black man dragging her down into an abyss of lust. Honestly, I think a lot of white husbands just get off on being cuckolded by hung black guys. For the wife, it’s more about finding out just how good sex can be,” he said.

“What do you guys like?” he asked.

“I like getting fucked really hard while David watches me taking it,” Jess replied. “He gets off on seeing me get fucked like a total slut and particularly seeing me filled up with another guy’s cum so he can lick my pussy clean.”

“So you like to be thug-fucked?” Derrick asked.

Jess nodded. “I really learned that from Leonard,” she said. “Each time I was with him alone, he treated me more and more like his white ghetto slut, and the more he thug fucked me, the hotter I got. I swear, he had me doing things I never would have dreamed of. Now I want David to see what a black bull with a monster cock can get me to do, willingly.”

“I’m glad to oblige,” he said. “I like taking the white couples I’ve been with that direction.” He smiled. “That’s enough talk for now. It’s time for you to get thug fucked with another big black dick in your little white pussy while your cuck watches. Take me to the bedroom and get naked.”

Since Jess was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, it took her just seconds to strip. Derrick took a long slow look at her and whistled his appreciation. “Damn, Jess, you are so fine looking,” he said. “What’s the matter with Dave? Lack of equipment?” he asked her.

She giggled. “Not at all, David’s hung quite nicely, thank you. 8.5 inches in fact. I guess that makes us unusual for a cuck couple.”

Derrick laughed and shook his head. “So you might well think, and so did I at first, but experience has shown me that isn’t always the case. It’s true that a fair number of the husbands have been average to small, but a fair number have been well hung, too They just love seeing their wives with black guys, I guess.”

As he was talking, Derrick was getting undressed. When he finally dropped his boxers, Jess gave a little gasp and giggled. Derrick smiled. “Not quite as long as Leonard, I know, but pretty close to him. Thicker, though. Anyway, I’ve never heard a complaint.”

He was impressive, that was for damn sure. Befitting a football player, he was cut and ripped with very little evidence of body fat. His abs were solid and well defined in particular, serving only to accentuate the black snake that hung long and low between his legs. Like Leonard, he was pretty much as big soft as I was erect, and quite a good bit thicker.

“In case you like to keep track, I’m just under 12 inches hard,” Derrick said. “Do you all have a good video camera?” he asked.

I shook my head.

“No matter, since this is the first time I’m going to fuck Jess,” he said. “Next time, I’ll bring a Hi-def camera and you can shoot the video. I video all the white wives I fuck. I’ll drop off a couple of DVDs of some of the other couples so you can see who else I’ve fucked. Who knows? You might recognize some of them – there are a fair number of college couples.”

“I don’t know about that, Derrick” I said. “I’m not sure Jess would want videos of her out there.”

Jess giggled. “Don’t worry about it, sweetie. Leonard’s already shot some video of me and him. I just haven’t had a chance to show it to you yet.”

My surprise must have been evident. It was one thing for a small group of like-minded couples like our fellow tenants to know about our interests, but a video of Jess fucking another guy was a little too public for my comfort level.

Jess pouted. “Aww, what’s the matter sweetie? Don’t want anyone to know that your girlfriend is fucking huge hung black studs? Afraid they’ll find out you love it as much as I do?” she said, in a teasing tone. “Too late for that – I haven’t been trying to hide our lifestyle for a while. I guess we need to have a little chat. After Derrick is finished, that is.”

Derrick laughed and turned to stand in front of Jess and gently but firmly pushed her to her knees. “Suck it,” he said, though she didn’t really need the instruction, having already taken him in her hands.

As I watched, Jess stroked Derrick’s huge black cock with both hands, rubbing her fingers lightly over the opening at the end. As she did so, he started to leak pre-cum fluid, which glistened on his ebony skin. He started to stiffen, and Jess took him in her mouth. It wasn’t an easy fit, but she relaxed her jaw and managed to get a fair bit of the monster into her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down she slurped and sucked noisily while he grew more erect. Derrick stood with his hands behind his back, watching Jess sucking him. To my astonishment, every few times she bobbed her head down toward his abdomen, more of his huge cock disappeared into her mouth. She was managing to control her gag reflex as she swallowed him, though her saliva was flowing heavily, leaving his cock very wet. She let Derrick slide out of her mouth every few strokes so she could breathe comfortably, but promptly swallowed him again. As Jess swallowed more and more of his massive cock, I could see her throat bulge slightly as he slid down it.

Derrick groaned and then grinned at me. “Damn, your girl sure loves to swallow black dick, doesn’t she? Leonard trains white wives to suck like vacuum cleaners.” The he reached forward and grabbed a handful of Jess’s hair, pulling her head up and then back down on his erection. “Come on, girl, swallow my big dick all the way. You can do it.”

As if in answer, Jess reached forward and took Derrick’s muscular ass in her hands, pulling him toward her. There was a moment’s hesitation and then Jess relaxed her throat and in a smooth motion slid her mouth forward until her lips were pressed against Derrick’s abdomen. She had done it, swallowing every last inch of Derrick’s massive black cock. After a moment, she slid her mouth slowly up the length until he was out of her mouth.

Jess looked at me, her eyes clouded by lust. “Come over here and let me sit on your face,” she directed.

I did as instructed, crossing the bedroom to lie on my back. Jess straddled my head, lowering her pussy until I could reach it easily with my mouth and tongue. She was already soaking wet, her smooth lips glistening with her juices. She groaned as her pussy made contact with my mouth and my tongue slid up to her clitoris and started flicking it gently. She pressed down more firmly and began riding me, fucking my mouth and tongue with her cunt.

Jess moaned loudly. “God I love cuckolding you with huge black cocks,” she murmured. “There’s just nothing on earth better for fucking white girls’ pussies, and I intend to let our friends know all about it.”

Derrick laughed. “You have some friends you want to recruit for black cock, eh?” he said.

Jess giggled. “You bet. We have several young married friends who’d be just perfect for cuckolding,” she said. “Once they see the videos and we talk to them, I can just about guarantee success. I feel like it’s almost my civic duty. I mean, why shouldn’t a sweet white wife get to have big black cock if her husband gets off on seeing her do it?”

With that, Jess went back to deep throating Derrick’s cock, sliding all the way down and slowly raising her head about half way. As she did so, she became increasingly wet, until she trembled and shook with the unmistakable signs that she was having a small orgasm. When it passed, she slid Derrick’s cock out of her mouth. “Time to bust my pussy,” she said.

I started to move away, but Jess stopped me. “Strip and come back and lie down again,” she said.

As I did so, she put a pillow on the floor, then added a second one on top of the first. She had me like down so my head was propped up by the two pillows, then straddled me, this time with her upper body pointed toward my feet. Derrick knelt by her butt, and I reached up and spread Jess’s tight little ass cheeks apart so he could reach his target easily. Jess reached around and took his cock in her right hand, rubbed it a few times on her pussy, and then pushed back toward him. Derrick slid in easily about half way, paused for a moment, and then took Jess’s hips in his hands and pulled her toward him as he pushed forward. To my momentary surprise, he slid the rest of his huge cock all the way into her until his balls slapped against her ass. Jess grunted and then moaned. Derrick pulled half way out and then slid all the way in again, a process he repeated several times. Then, apparently reassured that Jess could take him, he started fucking her in earnest, pumping in and out in a steady rhythm.

Jess lowered her hips slightly so that she could press herself against my lips and tongue in sync with Derrick’s thrusts. Her pussy was dripping wet, and squelched as the huge black cock pumped in and out. She began moaning steadily.

“You like that, do you?” Derrick asked, though the answer was obvious. Jess moaned. “I asked you a question, now answer me,” he demanded.

“Yessssss,” she hissed in response.

“Tell your boyfriend what you like,” Derrick instructed, and Jess moaned louder.

“God, I like – I LOVE – big black cock,” she gasped. “I love you, David, but you don’t come close to hung black studs when it comes to fucking. I can’t help it, but it’s true.”

Derrick laughed. “I don’t think you need to worry about upsetting your boyfriend,” he said. “His cock’s as hard as a rock. He’s just like every other white husband or boyfriend when they watch me fucking their women,” he said, and God help me but he was right.

Jess grunted. “Fuck me harder,” she said. “Show David how you can ruin my pussy for him.”

Derrick didn’t need much encouragement. He grabbed Jess’s ass with both hands and began pounding in to her relentlessly. I tried to maintain contact with her pussy, but the fucking was too intense, so I slid out from under her and moved away. Within moments, Jess was climaxing, grunting and shuddering as the waves of pleasure crashed down on her. Derrick never paused but kept thrusting into Jess, increasing his tempo. As he did so, he again grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up and back toward him. She groaned and grunted as he rode her.

“Whose pussy is this, you little white slut?” Derrick demanded.

“Yours – it’s yours,” Jess replied.

“What about your cuck boyfriend?” he said.

“He knows I spread for big black cock and he knows there’s nothing he can do about it,” she gasped. “If he’s cool about it, he can fuck my stretched out cunt after he’s licked all that black cum out of me. If he isn’t cool with it, I’ll get his brother to fuck me and then cuck both of them with big black dick,” she laughed, “and when I’m done I’ll get his brother’s wife blacked. She’s already real interested.”

I was speechless. My brother, Jack, was 21 and had been married for less than a year. His wife, Kelly, was a sweet Irish brunette and just 19. I couldn’t imagine her going black in front of him, but Jess clearly knew what she was talking about.

As if she could read my mind, Jess looked over at me. “Kelly’s already told me I can cuck you with Jack anytime I want. She says he’s wanted to get in my pants since we started dating. Kelly figures if he fucks me, she’s free to go black, not that he appears to mind,” she said. “Besides, even though you’re well hung, I happen to know for a fact that Jack’s over 9 inches and your dad tops out at 10 inches. I bet if I wiggled my tight little ass in front of your dad he couldn’t resist,” she giggled.

I grabbed my clothes and staggered out of the bedroom. I dressed in a hurry and left the apartment, leaving Derrick and Jess to their pleasures. I needed to get away and think about what had just transpired. Was Jess serious about my brother and his wife? About my dad? Dazed, I walked and walked, not paying much attention to where I was going. After a couple of hours of aimless wandering, I stopped and got a cup of coffee and headed home. All was quiet in the bedroom, so I peered in. Jess was curled up under a blanket sleeping peacefully. There was no evidence of Derrick’s presence, so I got a book and started reading. A short while later, the door to the bedroom opened, and Jess came over to me, kissing me gently.

“I’m sorry you left,” she said. “Derrick was incredible. He went home after he was done and dropped off some DVDs for us to watch. How about if I put them on in the bedroom?”

I nodded, and we went back to the bedroom. Jess popped the first DVD into the player and turned the television on. A title screen popped up: “Amy & Brian: Both 18. Engaged.” The title faded to a young and very attractive white couple, sitting next to each other on a bed. A blonde with green eyes and a pert nose, Amy was very petite, slender and quite muscular from what we could see. Brian was considerably taller and likewise fit.

Amy spoke first. “Hi, I’m Amy and this is my fiancé Brian. I’m a pre-nursing major, a gymnast, and a cheerleader. Brian is also a gymnast and a phys-ed major. This is our third time with Derrick, and the first video we’ve ever made. We hope you like it!”

With that, they stood up and disrobed. Amy was stunning – tiny – barely 5 feet tall if that, incredibly fit, with sharply defined muscles, small breasts, and a tight little bubble butt. Except for the straight blonde hair on her head, she was completely hairless. Brian was totally ripped, with muscles everywhere. Like Amy, he too was completely devoid of body hair. He was also quite well endowed, his cock curving away from his abdomen and hanging heavily between his thighs.

Brian lay down on his back on the floor and, like Jess had earlier in the day, Amy straddled his face and lowered herself onto his lips and tongue. After a few moments, Derrick crossed into camera view and stood in front of the tiny blonde, who proceeded to suck and stroke his cock to full erection. Though she was unable to deep throat him, Amy did manage to get quite a bit of the black cock into her mouth. As she sucked, she made low moaning noises in her throat, evidently becoming aroused from Brian’s oral caresses. She reached behind herself and started to stroke Brian’s cock, which rapidly became erect. It was impressive – I guessed he was a bit bigger than I was, maybe 9 inches, and quite thick. After a few minutes, Amy slid clear of Brian’s face, then leaned down and kissed him, eagerly licking the slick pussy juices that had accumulated. They kissed passionately, and then Amy gently pulled Brian up to his knees so they were kneeling next to each other, still kissing as they did so.

A moment later, Amy took Derrick’s massive cock and, still passionately kissing Brian, slid the black monster in between their lips, swirling her tongue over and around the head, while pressing her fiancé’s mouth toward her own, rubbing Derrick’s cockhead on both their mouths in the process. Then she slid Derrick’s cock into her mouth, bobbed her head up and down and then, holding the cock in her hand, pressed it between her fiancé’s lips. Brian resisted for a moment, then opened his mouth as Amy pushed his head down until he had several inches of Derrick’s black cock in his own mouth. Amy moaned loudly as he did this, reaching down to grab Brian’s now fully erect cock and stroking it vigorously. As she did so, she pushed her fiancé’s head up and down vigorously on Derrick’s cock, though by now Brian was actively participating. He took Derrick from his mouth and held him toward his petite partner, who immediately began suck the black cock vigorously. A few moments later, Amy held the monster cock for her fiancé, who again sucked as directed.

I woke up on my mom’s couch. I noticed she must have fallen asleep while massaging me, because she was laying on my back. Her arms around me. Her long beautiful hair laying across my neck. Trick situation. I looked over at the mirror behind the couch. I could see her skirt had risen up even more while she was asleep. I could see parts of her dark panties. I found it a shock to see mom this way. She had always been fairly secretive of her sexuality. Yeah she flirted some with me as some mothers do with their sons. But it was always innocent.

I found myself thinking very sexual thoughts of my mother. Flipping her over and ripping the blouse, skirt, panties and bra right off of her. I longed to be with her. I felt slightly hung-over as you sometimes do when napping during the day. What a day this was turning out to be. I then felt my mom breathing softly against the back of my neck. The feeling was too erotic to allow it to continue.

I found myself at a loss as to how to get out of the sticky situation I was in. If I wasn’t careful I would awaken my mom. If I continued to lay on the couch with him in such a provocative situation I would wind up doing something I would regret. Something sexual. I then thought of how magicians pull a sheet from underneath a table without disturbing the contents on the table. Hmmmm, worth a shot.

I grabbed one of my mom’s arms and lifted it. She mumbled in her sleep some, but did not awaken. I eased out from underneath her arm and slipped off the couch to the floor. I eased mom back onto the couch slowly so as not to disturb her nap. I kneeled for a moment admiring her beauty while she slept. I never saw mom like this before. She always slept or napped in her own room when I was a child. She never showed skin except in a swimsuit, and when she wore one it covered her private areas very well.

I just sighed to myself as I saw the flesh of her ass, free for the world to see, or at least free for me to see. I admired the way her pantyhose was dark and accented her long legs. Mom would flip out if she knew I saw her like this.

She was always so hidden to me. Not like my sisters who would flaunt their bodies around the house. Allowing me to see them in various stages of dress and undress. Carmen was the looser of the two. She had no shyness in her. I saw her naked on a few occasions when she showered and ran to her room to dress. She only smiled the times she saw me. Nadine, however took after my mother and did not flaunt her body around me, at least not intentionally. At times I caught her naked with the bathroom door slightly opened, but she did not do this on purpose. She just thought I wasn’t around. She wasn’t shy about being around me in her bra or panties though and teased me much like Carmen did.

I watched mom turn her head in her sleep and stretch out her legs. Her skirt rose a little more. I could now clearly see her ass covered in black Victoria Secret panties. To say the sight was mouth-watering would be an understatement. As I was admiring the view mom started to stir from her nap. I sat on the lazy-boy chair that was once my dad’s favorite piece of furniture. I flipped on the TV and channel surfed.

Mom became fully awake and sat up. She straightened her skirt down to be decent. She seemed a little self-conscious. Nervous, maybe. She took in a breath and put her high heels back on slowly. I only looked when I was sure she couldn’t see me. She buttoned up 2 buttons on her blouse. A little unusual being that she usually had then all buttoned up around me.

“So, honey, what do you want to do for supper?” She asked, slightly blushing,

“I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to take my beautiful mother out to eat at the restaurant of her choice.” I replied.

“Oh, baby, that’s a wonderful idea! I haven’t been out since your Dad……..Well in quite a long time. Let me go get ready.” She said.

As she stood I glanced over her body with my eyes. Even fresh from a nap she looked every bit the lady. Women half her age would kill for her beauty and femininity. She oozed sexuality even without meaning too. It was a very innocent charm of hers. She walked toward me and continued on to the marble landings of the bottom of the stairs.

She turned back to me and chuckled.

“You always flattered the ladies. That’s why I don’t think you will be single for long. I won’t be long.” She said as she walked up the stairs.

I eased back into the chair. Hard to act like nothing affected you when your mother had you thinking thoughts a son shouldn’t be caught thinking of her. I laughed to myself silently as I realized my mother said she wouldn’t be long. What woman is ever on time? My mother surely never was. She always made up for her lateness with her stunning appearance and kindness.

A half hour later my mom came down the stairs. I looked at her, speechless.

“So what do you think?” Mom asked as she twirled in a circle.

I took in the sight. She wore a backless dress with thin straps. Very sexy. I wondered what got into my mother.

“Well it certainly compliments you, dear lady.” I said as I took her hand and we laughed.

“Thanks, baby.” She said as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

I grabbed one of the ties my father used to wear that was stored in the closet. My mother helped tie it for me even though I haven’t needed help in that department for years. It felt wonderful to have her hands on me. A bit dangerous as well because I wanted more. I couldn’t tell if she knew, but the air seemed charged with tension.

I straightened the tie and looked at myself in the closet mirror. It looked nice on me. One thing is I definitely inherited my parents good fashion sense. I haven’t been out to eat in a long time. Marissa certainly hasn’t been in the mood, but I found out the reason for her distance was that my lovely wife, soon to be ex-wife, was having an affair with my best friend, former best friend, Tony.

As awkward as this seemed, it felt like I was going on a date with my mother. Maybe all the lack of sex and catching my wife fucking my best friend and having sexual feelings come to the surface overwhelmed me that day. It would explain why I was having forbidden, taboo, thoughts of my mother.

I opened the front door and was relieved to see that the rain had stopped. The sky was cloudy, but the air was fresh with that after rain scent. The country enhanced the smell of rain with the many trees to make the scene even more spectacular.

I looked out the screen door and sighed. Behind me my mother slipped on a pair of black high heels. I could partly see her do this out of the corner of my eyes.

“What’s that sigh for? You sad you have to go out with your old mother?” Mom teased.

“Not at all. It’s just been a long day and I am relieved to be spending it with someone who loves me and isn’t lying to me.” I said.

“Oh, baby. You know I love you. My only son. My first-born. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, you know?” Mom said as she hugged my back.

I turned to her and returned the hug.

“I know, Mom. I feel the same way. Now, let’s go eat and forget this day ever happened. I said.

I took her hand and opened the screen door. She walked out carefully. As I watched her I wondered why she never did any modeling. She certainly had the looks. She had long legs. Hair that was classic and could be styled in many different ways. A face that could make a heart beat faster at any time. A body that could make most men hard. I’ve even heard a gay man from her work party comment on how lovely she was.

Mom closed and locked the door behind her while tucking her matching purse under her arm. The outside light was on as darkness was approaching. I took my mom’s free hand and held it as we walked toward my silver BMW. I unlocked the door with my remote control and opened the passenger door for her. I closed it behind her as I rounded the car and entered the driver’s side.

As we waited in line at the place Mom chose for dinner, I noticed all the people looking in Mom’s direction. I felt a surge of jealousy and the need to protect Mom. She has always been innocent to the men who lusted after her. I put my hand on her back and kept it there.

Mom jumped in surprise.

“Why did you do that?” Mom asked.

“All these guys staring at you. I don’t want any trying to pick you up tonight. Last thing I need is my mom dating again before I do.” I said and laughed.

She laughed along with me.

“I think you are just overly protective of your mother. Really, who would want to date an old woman like me?” Mom said.

I laughed.

“Mom look around. There are plenty of guys looking at you.” I said.

Mom tried to glance around without appearing obvious. Everywhere she looked men were looking in her direction or trying to appear not to. Obviously, she hadn’t been aware of the opposite sex’s attraction to her. Mom was always naive this way. Much like my sisters were. At least Carmen grew to notice the looks of longing on men and women’s faces. Nadine took after my mom in her innocence.

Not long after our arrival we were being walked to our table near the back of the diner. I noticed how romantic the place was. The lighting was dimmed and there were lit candled on every table covered in glass to protect from accidents. I noticed the waiter checking out my Mom but trying to be slick about it. I felt a slight anger. Certainly, I understood why he was looking, but I felt possessive of her. I was always protective of her and my sisters. I would be the first to defend all three of them from lewd comments of a sexual nature.

We sat in silence and looked through our menus. I decided first as always. I folded my hands on the table. It was then that I noticed I was still wearing my wedding ring. I sighed and took in a breath. Mom looked up from her menu.

“What is it, dear?” Mom asked concerned.

“I just didn’t notice until now that I was still wearing this.” I said as I held up my hand to show her my ring.

I started fidgeting with it, It felt tight on my finger.

“Let me.” Mom said.

She took a cloth napkin from her silverware and dipped it into her water and she wrapped it around my finger. With a gentle pull she got the ring to slide off. I felt relieved to have it off. I would have hated to be stuck with the ring that signified my wife’s betrayal of our marriage.

Mom held the ring in her hand, She admired it some. She liked jewelry but wasn’t one to flaunt it too much. Funny thing is I noticed the ring matched her earrings. I looked at my mom’s hand and noticed she still wore my dad’s wedding ring.

“What are you going to do with this?” Mom asked.

“I don’t know. I didn’t think about it. I guess I’ll give it back.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“You shouldn’t. She betrayed you. Not the other way around. Do you think she is going to give you your ring back?” Mom asked a bit angry.

“I don’t know, Mom. I really don’t care. It’s only material things. I could live without it.” I said.

“I’ll hold onto it until you decide what you want to do with it..” Mom said as she opened her purse and slipped the ring inside.

“Good idea. I don’t want to make brash decisions.” I said without any meaning.

Mom reached her hand over to cover mine.

“Look, honey. Things will get better. I thought I couldn’t go on without your father. I still have you and Carmen and Nadine. You have us as well.” Mom said.

“I know. Thanks mom. I appreciate it.” I said patting her hand with my other hand.

“Do you know where you are going to live? You are more then welcome to stay at my place, but I am sure you don’t want to drive all the way back and forth everyday.” Mom said.

“As a matter of fact I wouldn’t mind the drive so much. It would help clear my head before going to work. I couldn’t live around her. Right now I don’t ever want to see her again.” I said.

“But you will have to see her. The divorce proceedings. Moving out and other times straightening things out between you as far as possessions. It will be tough, but I will be there for you.” Mom said.

“As for my things I will send for them tomorrow. She can keep anything else besides my clothing and laptop for work. I don’t need the house. I can buy something around here.” I said.

“Don’t be silly you can stay at my house as long as you like. You can save money for a bachelor pad. I can help you decorate it.” Mom said seriously, she loved to decorate.

I laughed. The idea of my mother helping to decorate a bachelor pad is ridiculous. She is a lady not the kind of woman to be current on dating information.

“Mom, I don’t want a bachelor pad. As you said, your place will be fine enough for me. All I need is a place to eat and sleep. I am not big into buying things.” I said.

“Well if you change your mind you know who to ask for help, right?” Mom said and raised an eyebrow. She meant for it to be mysterious, but it ended up looking more seductive.

“Sure, Mom.” I said and laughed.

The waiter came around and took our orders while peeking at mom’s cleavage. I frowned.

“What is it?” Mom said as she noticed my facial expression.

“The waiter was checking you out.” I said.

“No way. Well, even if he was it is harmless. I’m here with the only guy I need in my life.” Mom said and patted my hand reassuringly.

I felt better knowing I wouldn’t be embarrassed by someone picking my Mom up and her leaving me stranded. Funny that before that day I felt bad for my mother and hoped she could move on and eventually find someone else, now I didn’t want her to do that. It was more then just my marriage coming to an end abruptly. I felt a genuine sense of jealousy. I didn’t want mom to be with another man, just me.

While eating our meals, I kept glancing at mom. She never seemed to be this open. Dressing like this. I wondered what came over her. Did she do this for me? She usually worse dresses that were sexy, but still kept a lot to the imagination. Now she seemed to flaunt her body a little. I liked it.

She looked up from her meal and caught me watching her. She smiled and went back to eating. Hard to believe this was a mere dinner with my mother. It felt more like a first date. I felt slightly nervous. As we finished up dinner we talked about what each other was up to recently. Anything but what brought me to her home that day. I helped her up as we paid for our meal and went for a drive.

I drove with the windows down some. Mom’s long dark hair flowed with the wind. She looked much younger. She seemed so alive. I can’t remember my mom being so carefree with herself. She laughed during our conversation. As we took the country back road that led to her house alone in the woods, I felt the anger and depression of the day slip away. Here I was with a beautiful woman who loved me. That was all that matter. As I pulled up to her driveway mom put her hand over mine.

“Sweetie, I want to thank you for such a good time. I haven’t had this much fun in ages.” She said.

“Me neither. The last three months have been hell. Marissa wouldn’t go out with me or do anything.” I said.

“Forget her. You got me, baby. Thanks for such a wonderful date.” Mom leaned in to kiss my cheek.

At the last moment I turned slightly, accidentally, and she ended up kissing me on the lips. We stayed like that for a moment. Our lips close together. Almost close to another kiss. I could slightly taste her cherry lipstick on my lips. My heart beat faster. I could tell that hers did as well. Her dress couldn’t hide it. We seemed to stay close together like that for a long time. I pulled back and we sat silently.

“We better get inside. Looks like it is going to rain again.” Mom said after what seemed like an eternity of tense silence.

As I got out of the car I licked my lips unconsciously. I felt myself getting hard, but thankfully the darkness of the night covered any embarrassing scene for me. I opened the passenger door and offered mom my hand. She took it in hers. It no longer seemed like we were mother and son. It seemed like we were potential lovers on our first date.

We walked to her front door in silence. We still held hands. She unlocked the door. The tension was killing me. I loosened my tie to get some air. We went inside the front door. She bent over and took off her high heels. One at a time. Slowly. I paused behind her. Her ass stopped me from moving forward. I looked at it openly knowing she couldn’t see me watching bent over like she was. She opened the closet door. I thought she was going to put her heels in, but she didn’t. She went behind me and took off my jacket. She helped take my tie off as well. She hung both up in the closet and shut the door.

We were both silent. We were both obviously in a state of arousal. The tension was killing me. Mom turned to me slowly.

“Go sit on the couch. I’m going to go get more comfortable.” She said softly, seductively.

I watched her walk up the stairs slowly in her bare feet. Her bare back teasing me with the sight of her flesh. Her pantyhose darkening the lightness of her legs. Her ass moving up and down with each slow step. At the top of the steps she paused and looked down at me. She smiled slowly but seductively.

I exhaled. Oh my God! I went and sat on the couch and loosened some buttons. I eventually took off my work shirt and kept my plain white shirt on that was underneath. I turned on the TV while trying to control my breath. I flipped the channel until I saw a Bruce Willis movie being advertised as coming on next on Cinemax, or as some call it, Skinimax. The name of the movie was Color Of Night.

I never saw the movie before, so I felt it was good to give it a chance. Bruce Willis isn’t known for erotic movies, so I thought it was safe. Little did I know.

Soon the sounds of my mom’s footsteps brought me back to reality. I looked up and was stunned to see she was in a red silk shirt. It was like a pajama top. She wore no bottom. Not that I could see. Surely, she must be wearing panties. I gulped. Almost choked on the intake of air. She bent over to pick up her high heels. I could definitely see her red silk panties that hugged the perfect shape of her ass as she bent over. She slipped on her heels slowly and walked back toward me. She put up her one heel to my chest and I grabbed it. She smiled as she kept her balance. Years ago she was once a cheerleader in high school. It showed.

I let her heel go and she let it drop to my chest softly. She eased it down my chest until it reached my stomach, then my crotch. She paused there then withdrew her heel, almost reluctantly. She sat down on the couch next to me and curled her legs up behind her.

The movie started. I tried to keep my eyes on the TV screen. I felt her softly blow air on my ear nearest her. My erection twitched. She giggled a little. She ran the tip of her red nails (just noticed she painted them) down my ear, my neck. I gulped again.

We continued sitting like that. In silence. The tension overwhelming. Our hearts beating fast. I heard my mom gasp at a romantic scene on the movie. I glanced over at her and she licked her cherry lips. Then later on, there was a love-making scene on the screen. I heard my mother gasp even louder.

“That’s it!” My said and stood up.

I wondered what she was talking about, She walked up toward me in front of the couch. She kneeled down with her high heels still on. Her pantyhose still on. I could see the outline of her soft nipples on her silky red shirt. She leaned in towards me and kissed me fully on the lips. Soft. Tender. Open mouth, but no tongue. Our tongues eventually teased one another barely. Her chest was rising and falling much like my own, fast and hard. Our lips met and danced. Our tongues did the same going forward and backward into each other’s mouths.

Mom paused for a break to catch her breath. My erection throbbed and mom noticed. She dimmed the lights with her remote control that was on the table behind her. She did this without even moving her body except her arm and head. Her panties were exposed to me and the red silk clung to her. It was apparently wet. I licked my lips. My mom also licked hers as she looked at my erection and smiled.

“Nag nag nag,” Arthur mumbled to himself as he assembled his brand new short tube reflector telescope. The sales clerk had assured him that this was their best value for money buy, and Arthur had thought he was being robbed at the discount price offered, but he reluctantly said ‘deal’ and had the clerk fetch one that was still in the box from the back of the shop. Arthur’s wife was a busy body, always fussing and always nagging Arthur to take up a hobby that didn’t involve the internet. They had recently moved to the country and Arthur appreciated the starlit nights, unobstructed by the city smog and the glare of the metropolis on any low clouds that happened to be meandering by.

Now thirty, having worked in finance for ten stressful years, he still prefered to use pen and paper, his assistant tasked with the electronic duties until one day he decided to hang up his gloves early and ‘retire’ to the countryside, buy a horse ranch and allow his wife to follow her dream – breed horses and teach rich kids to ride. It had seemed a good idea at the time, but he felt his wife had transfered the passion of their love life into her breeding, to hear about this stallion or that mare getting lucky over dinner was the closest Arthur had come to getting laid since moving out to the ranch. That was until they received an advert in the mail for a new broadband package, state of the art computer included.

Arthur had initially found computers intimidating, but with so much time on his hands, he quickly found his feet. He had overheard guys in the office talk about cybersex, and google and once online he discovered google was a wealth of information at his fingertips. He began to spend hours at the computer, surfing blogs, discovering internet chat, and later erotic chat became his favourite pass-time.

It seemed his wife didn’t even notice that he would stay up all night long, acting out fantasies at the touch of a button or two, she was so tired after her day out in the barn or in the local town market buying stores and boasting about her latest foal. She did eventually notice that Arthur rarely went outdoors and that was when the nagging started, “why don’t you come and help me outside, I could do with some company? Why don’t you take up riding? Why not buy an old car and fix it up?” He knew she just wanted him to be happy and not to suggest they move back to the city, and when they discussed this it transpired that she had assumed he was bored and was only trying to get him to take up a hobby. Now he had one, star gazing!

The clerk had been right, this ‘baby’ as he christened it, felt more like a cannon in Arthur’s hands and was remarkably easy to assemble – just three easy steps! After having a look into the distance, Arthur realised that there wasn’t much to look at during the day, from the guest room balcony, you could see miles of grass with a few trees, and the neighbour’s house, which through the telescope, he could read the writing on a poster in one of the bedroom walls ‘Nsync’ an acronym for something he assumed. Still, he quickly became bored and decided to leave the scope out until dark. He went down stairs to fetch a beer , then headed for his study and quietly locked the door.

He thought it funny that he bothered to quietly lock the door as his wife was never home and when she was, she left him alone in the study. ‘lonelydragon69′ he punched in his password and saw only one ‘contact’ online. She profile said she was 18 and still in highschool, he guessed that most of the profiles were not true but this ‘contact’ was definitely a teen. He knew because she would invite him to view her webcam, he had seen her, her thick dark hair, her innocent eyes, full lips with youthful smile and more.

She was an expert tease, she would get on her webcam and give the most seductive looks, every now and then she would stretch backwards revealing perfect tits and perky nipples ready to slice through her white cotton t-shirt. Then she would stand, lifting her shirt a little to show her middle, then quickly turning and flaunting her ass was she bent over her chair and spanked herself like the bad girl he hoped she was. Now as he watched her, she slid her shirt up to show her pink nipples, Arthur thought he had never seen such perfect tits, he felt a bulge in his shorts and he realised his hand was in his pants, slowly stroking, watching, stroking, the vixen on his monitor working him up as her shirt was completely off.

She turned and showed that sexy teenage ass again and slowly slid her pants off to offer a white g-string separating two sexy cheeks. She turned now, Arthur was rubbing hard, the g-string had a small red devil in front, Arthur could see her pubes pressing under the g-string, she slid it down to reveal the sweetest triangle of teenage pubes.

Arthur felt his excitement grow, he had never been this aroused as far as he could recall, not that he was doing any recalling in between pumping his shaft, this girl had his full attention as she dipped a finger into her pussy and then slowly slid it out gleaming wet, again and again she did this until she was working her pussy with two fingers so quickly the webcam had trouble keeping up whilst Arthur felt a familiar tug in his groin and he let out a deep moan of pleasure as he blew cum across the desktop, surprised at the strength of his orgasm. He continued to watch, cock in hand until the girl had stopped and returned to her chair with a satisfied look on her face. He watched a little longer, wondering where in the world a girl like that lived and then it was over, her webcam off as suddenly as it began. Arthur hurriedly cleaned up and took a shower where he wanked again to the images in his mind.

He was back on his computer every day that week, but she was always offline. Friday came and his wife asked him to escort her into town, he needed a few things so he joined her. At the general store, he browsed the latest computer magazines hoping to find something for beginners when he felt someone brush against him. He turned and smiled at the young girl next to him, she smiled back and as he continued reading an article on ripping music, he felt a tingle in his trousers, THAT was the girl on the webcam! Standing right next to him, looking at…looking at the porn on the top shelf? Did this girl have an appetite for sex or what!? Suddenly an older woman called and the girl glanced up and discretely slipped a magazine under her jacket. He knew she had seen him notice the magazine when she turned to wink and feign a kiss before disappearing out the front door.

Mouth dry, Arthur watched her tan legs scamper across the street his mind returned to the webcam images when suddenly a voice in the distance was calling his name, becoming louder, “Arthur are you listening to me? Arthur?” It was his wife, she must have noticed the bulge in his trousers, but she hadn’t, instead she said, “Are you looking at the hat and boot store across the street?” He had stammered yes in reply and later they crossed to buy him a new hat.

Back home, in the quiet of his study, he thought about the encounter in the store. The girl had no idea he had seen her on the webcam. How close he had been to her. Over and over he wondered why he hadn’t spoken to her, at least asked her name, or where she was from. Their ships had passed he thought. Back online he noticed she was offline again, and he decided to give his telescope a try again. He stepped onto the cool tiles of the balcony and looked into the scope, slowly turning it, panning across the farm when something caught his eye at the barn.

The door was part open, he remembered his wife complaining that a hinge had broken and the doors needed repairs, but he could see something else too. He turned the dials and zoomed in on the barn. There was a naked man in the barn, he had a hardon and was walking across towards the hay stacked in neat rows against the wall. Arthur focused on the man’s face, it was no man, it was the neighbour’s son Rick, butt naked in the barn with what could only be a nine inch hardon. Suddenly someone in front of Rick sat up and wrapped her hands around his butt. Arthur couldn’t see her as Rick was blocking her face but one thing was certain, Rick was being sucked off! Arthur felt himself getting turned on, his eye glued to the telescope, his hand rubbing the outside of his trousers. Rick soon turned, Arthur could tell he was in ecstasy as he moved to reveal…

“MY WIFE!” thought Arthur. Rick was being sucked off by his wife in the barn. Arthur could see every detail as her lips squeezed his cock and his balls swung like pendulums, the power of the scope delivering every detail, spit dripping off her chin as her head moved back and forth. Arthur expected to be angry but instead found himself turned on, his trousers unbuttoned and his hand jerking his cock.

Rick stepped back and was preparing to enter her from behind now. She had stood and turned, her clean shaven pussy and ass pointing back to Rick as she bent forward, holding onto a bale of hay, waiting for nine inches of doggy style cock to fill her and fuck her hard. Thats what she got as Rick stepped forward and slid his cock into her. He quickly found his rythmn and Arthur could tell this kid was experienced as he fucked his wife for what seemed like an eternity until he saw Rick pull out and his wife turn to take a gush of cum across her face and then quickly swallow his cock, sucking him dry. Arthur, afraid that someone would see him, quickly went back inside and locked himself in the study, finding a pay for porn website to finish jerking off.

That night over dinner, Arthur mentioned Rick, just asking how he was getting on, helping out around the farm on his vacation. His wife didn’t even flinch as she said he was a great help and a hard worker for an 18 year old, that Rick had been helping out all week as he had very little to do at his parents house next door, their land had been sold off to neighbouring farms years before and only the house remained. Rick’s parents travelled often and Rick only had his twin sister to keep him company, and as Rick put it, “she is an internet chat junkie.”

The thought of an 18 year old kid banging his 30 year old wife actually turned him on, he felt so horny during dinner. After dinner, Arthur suggested they go upstairs and watch the sun set. On the balcony, he let his hand trail down her back, onto her arse and then lower under her skirt, teasing her inner thigh until he found her smooth pussy as he kissed her neck and whispered “No panties tonight?”

The following day he saw Rick hop over the fence and work all morning then head back home. Arthur watched him in the telescope as he splashed into the pool then jogged indoors, he noticed there was someone else in the house and remembered his wife mention a twin sister as he zoomed the powerful magnifier into the large bay windows of their front room.

It seemed Rick was yelling, gesturing with his hands, THE girl came into view, the girl from the internet, completely naked strutting across the room, Arthur lost his breath for a second, he swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly dry, his sensations suddenly heightened.

After a few waves of their hands, Rick approached his sister, Arthur could tell it was Rick’s twin, they looked so alike, yet so different a young man and a blossoming girl. Rick moved quickly, and was on her in a flash. A chill ran up Arthur’s neck as he heard a noise nearby, quickly turning the scope towards a distant hill, and when no further sound was made, he lifted his head up to look around only to see a bird perched up on the roof above, the entire time his mind raced between what he had seen in the house next door and whether his wife had seen him watching.

He returned the telescope to the big bay window in the distance and saw Rick standing between his sister’s outstretched legs, his hips gyrating slowly at first, then faster, as the scope magnified a pair of red fingernails raking Ricks thighs and then the same fingers twisting those perfect hard nipples. Arthur could see her face, pleasure, her hips moving up towards her brother as she got closer to cumming and her brother pumping faster, sweat dripping from his face, down his toned body until he colapsed on his sister.

For a moment they were still, then Rick stood, reached over and got some paper and began wiping his cock and then wiping between his sister’s legs while she lay, still except for her chest gently heaving. “Was there anything this family didn’t do?” Arthur thought to himself before heading for a cold shower.

Later that day, he saw Rick and his wife disappear in the distance on horseback. He recalled something about fixing a fence at the far corner of the ranch that would take hours. Arthur knew better. He went to his study and turned on the computer. There she was, online but not on her webcam. They chatted a bit and she said that she was going to turn her webcam on in exactly five minutes.

She told lonelydragon69 that he was one of five lucky guys who would get to watch her masturbate with a toy. Arthur couldn’t believe his luck. He raced to the balcony to see if he could see her using the telescope. There she was, he could see her, she was still dressed sitting at the computer, but partly obscured by the half open curtain. Arthur knew it would take less than five minutes for him to run to Rick’s house for the peeping tom experience of a lifetime.

He slipped his shoes on and raced across the lawn, a bulge of excitement already showing in his shorts, his breathing quick. He moved slowly as he approached the house and slower as he neared the window because he had to pass the open door first. He got to the window and looked inside.

She sat at the computer, still fully dressed, but flirting with her webcam, fingers running through her hair, turning sideways to reveal a vibrator brush across her lips then down her front. Then she put the vibrator down and slowly lifted her shirt, Arthur felt his throat tighten as he struggled to contain his excitement. She slipped the shirt over her head and flung it to the floor to release those perfect breasts and seemingly ever hard nipples. Then quicker than the last time she stepped out of her pyjama bottoms and was totally naked, her naughty smile reflecting on the monitor she began to caress her body, her hands touching her breasts then gradually moving across her hips, just missing her love triangle to return to her breasts and fondle her nipples. She knew how to get the guys going that was sure.

Arthur moved back towards the door and strained his head inside to see if he could get a better view. He wanted to get closer. He needed to get closer. Soon he was close, right behind the couch he had seen her get fucked on, less than four feet away from the chair that she now sat and teased on. He was quiet. It wasn’t necessary because she had some rock playing from the computer as she suddenly straddled the chair and began rubbing her pussy then fingering it and then nothing. She was typing something. Arthur stood and looked at the screen figuring she was so absorbed in her play that she wouldn’t turn around and see him. He strained to see the text, then saw that layzeeboi69 (Did they all have 69 in their names?) had asked her where she lived. She was busy typing her reply “If you can find me you can have me!”

Arthur didn’t realise his breathing was intense and the girl turned with a look of surprise on her face. He felt himself blush and say “I’m lonelydragon69, I found you, can I have you?” She took a second before she replied “You naughty naughty man, you had better give me something good or I will tell your wife, I know Rick is working for her and I seen you aiming your telescope at the barn!”

Seductively, she ran her tongue across her lips allowing them to glisten in the light. She took the vibrator off the desk and waved it at Arthur, then started rubbing her clit with the tip. “I want you to take the tip in your mouth as you lick my clit naughty man” she said. Like a soldier called to attention, Arthur stepped forward then got down on his knees as she sat on her haunches rubbing the pink vibrator on her clit.

He started licking her pussy lips up to her erect little clit, gently sucking on it until she pushed the vibrator between his lips and into his mouth and then slipped it back into her wet pussy whilst forcing his mouth back to her clit. Arthur worked his tongue, licking her clit, then sucking it as the pink vibrator danced in and out of her pussy right next to his face. He could taste her, she smelled of apple shampoo, her skin warm and smooth to touch. He could hear her breathing quicken and she pressed her hips onto his mouth, her moans louder, faster, until she let out an “oh my god!” cry of pleasure.

She slowly gathered her senses and looked down at Arthur’s rock hard dick about to rip through his shorts, telling him it was his turn to get fucked like he had never been fucked before. She pushed him backwards onto the carpet and pulled his zipper down, then dragged his shorts off him. She pressed her tits together around his dick, moving herself up and down each time breathing into his ear as she teased his cock with her firm tits, until she took him in her mouth, sucking him noisily until he felt like he was about to cum and then as if she could read his mind she stopped, licked around his balls and up his solid shaft once and continued up his chest to suck and pull on his nipples.

Waves of pleasure moved across his body while she slid herself up and onto his cock and rode him like a balanced gymnast, her hands playing with her own nipples, Arthur watched her pubic triangle move up and down his dick, her pussy so tight, feeling her hair brush the base of his cock each time she slid down his cock, hearing her heavy breathing, her voice husky her words ‘I’m gonna fuck you baby’ repeated each time a different word emphasised with her rythmn ‘I’m gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before’ her words true. He felt his climax building, he wanted to find words but his own breath, which seemed to have stopped a while, was now fast and heavy words escaping his lips, “Fuck me like I never been fucked before bad girl!” Her pussy getting wetter it seemed, a trickle of honey running down his cock until he felt the earth disappear beneath him as he exploded hot cum in her pussy and he realised she was screaming with pleasure too.

They lay there for minutes until she stood and said with a grin “That was great, and next time if you lick my arse, you can fuck it.”

Amber’s eyes scanned across the page of the text book sitting in her lap as some Lifetime movie played across the television screen. “I hate history” she muttered to herself highlighting a sentence she thought might be important. Just as she finished final page of the chapter, she heard the front door open and Mr. and Mrs. Callahan walked through the threshold.

“Hello,” Amber said closing her book and sliding it back into her bag. “How was the show?”

“Excellent,” Mrs. Callahan exclaimed with enthusiasm. Amber bit her lip to keep her laughter at bay as she saw Mr. Callahan roll his eyes in obvious disagreement. “I think we might have to catch it again before the end of its run.”

“I think it might be sold out,” Amber replied, earning her a look of gratitude from Mr. Callahan. “That’s what they said on the news this afternoon.”

“Maybe Jack can call in a favor or two from a friend,” Mrs. Callahan thought quickly.

“How were the kids?” Mr. Callahan asked quickly changing the subject.

“Great,” Amber answered honestly. “We ate dinner, which there are leftovers of in the fridge if you’re hungry, and then they each had some homework to do so we worked on that. And then I made them clean their rooms before watching a little bit of TV.”

“Did they go down without too much trouble?”

“It wasn’t too bad. Lisa was so tired she hardly fought at all, and Nick well, you know him. He had about eight thousand excuses to keep him out of bed, but eventually he quit that.”

“Wonderful,” Mr. Callahan said. He didn’t waste any time in pulling his wallet from his back pocket and digging several bills out before extending them towards Amber. She slid the folded money into her back pocket before tossing her bag over her shoulder.

“Same time on Thursday?” Amber asked in confirmation.

“Do you think you could come a little earlier?” Mrs. Callahan asked. “I think we might need to leave closer to 5:30 because of traffic downtown.”

“I think so,” she replied. “I get out of volleyball practice at like 5:00, and I can make it here in thirty minutes. I’ll have to show up in my volleyball clothes but I should be able to make it here by 5:30.”

“Great,” Mrs. Callahan exclaimed.

“I didn’t see your car in the driveway,” Mr. Callahan commented. “Are you having someone pick you up?”

“Yeah, my car decided to crap out on me so it’s in the shop. My brother said that he would come and get me. So, I’m just going to go wait on the porch.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a ride home sweetie?” Mrs. Callahan asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s totally cool. My brother should be here in a few. No worries. I will see you guys on Thursday.”

“Goodnight,” Mrs. Callahan called after her.

Amber slid her phone out of her bag and scrolled through her contacts as she sat down on the bench on the front porch. She quickly found her brother’s name and pushed the send button, connecting the call. The phone rang a few times before getting answered by his voicemail. “He’s probably driving with the music too loud,” Amber thought to herself.

Knowing that it was going to be a few minutes, she began perusing through her phone. After scrolling through Facebook, she noticed the time at the top of the screen. It had been twenty minutes since she had called Ian. She quickly found his name in and called him again. Once again, it rang a few times before his voicemail picked up. “Hey Ian. I’m not sure where you are, but I know you aren’t here, picking me up, like you’re supposed to be. Where the hell are you? Call me.”

A few moments later, the front door opened and Mr. Callahan stepped onto the porch closing the door behind him. “Still here?”

“Yeah,” Amber answered. “I just left my brother a message; he should be here in a few minutes.”

Almost as if on cue, her phone vibrated in her hand. Amber unlocked the phone allowing her to read the text message she had just received. “Or not,” she said dejectedly. “Apparently he got way too drunk at his frat house and now can’t come get me. Fucking A.”

Mr. Callahan let out a deep chuckle causing Amber to slap her hand across her mouth. “I’m so sorry. I promise, I don’t swear in front of your kids.”

“It’s okay,” he laughed. “Come on, let me take you home.” He fished into his pocket and pulled out his car keys.

“No, you don’t need to do that,” she dismissed quickly.

“What are you going to do? Spend the night on the porch?” he asked with humor.

“Well—No, I uh,” she stuttered out.

“Walk home?” he continued, “Because you live a good ten miles from here. Just let me drive you home. It’s not trouble at all.”

“Fine,” she surrendered.

Amber followed Mr. Callahan across the lawn and towards the vehicle. She saw him unlock the doors to the SUV and continued walking towards that vehicle. Tossing her bag onto the floorboard first, she quickly lowered her body into the seat and pulled the seat-belt across herself.

As he started driving down the street he couldn’t help but look at Amber out of the corner of his eye. This was by no means the first time he had driven her home after babysitting. He used to have to drive her home all the time before she had her driver’s license. But for some reason this time, he had to constantly remind himself NOT to stare at her while driving this time.

Maybe it was the way her shorts sat low on her hips, but rose higher up her thighs as she sat. Or the way that her t-shirt, while only a t-shirt did wonders for her eighteen year old chest. Or the way her brown hair was haphazardly piled on top of her head, pieces falling down randomly, almost as though she had gone for a romp in the sheets and didn’t bother fixing her hair.

As he watched her out of the corner of his eye, he almost let a sigh escape his lips as she stretched her back slightly, causing her chest to stick out a tad. Almost as if his hand had a mind of its own, Jack’s hand that was resting on the center console dropped slightly, allowing his fingertips to come into contact with the tanned skin of Amber’s thigh. He felt her leg tense quickly, but then relax and she made no move to get out of his reach. She easily could have slid over in her seat and subtly move her thigh from under his fingertips. But she didn’t.

If anything, Jack could swear he felt her move a little closer towards him. Deciding to play it safe, for a moment at least, he left his hand exactly where it was; Dangling off of the center console, just the fingertips of his right hand skimming across her thigh.

As he pulled up to a red stop light, he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw that Amber had closed her eyes and allowed her head to fall back against the seat. He turned slightly to get a better look and couldn’t help but notice that her chest was rising and falling a little more rapidly than normal breathing patterns would require. Jack needed no further invitation. He dropped his hand further, allowing his palm to lay flat against her skin.

Noticing a lack of protest, he slid his palm across her skin, allowing his fingers to dance across her inner thigh. He allowed his hand to remain there as the light turned green and his car accelerated.

With growing confidence, Jack slid his hand farther up ever so slightly. His thumb brushed against the hem of her shorts while his fingers splayed across the inside of her thigh. Not caring if it was merely his imagination, a smile crept across his face as he felt a heat radiating towards his hand. As he brushed his thumb softly across her skin, the sound of her breathing made its way to his ears.

As his fingers pressed in softly on the flesh of her thigh, Jack heard a sigh escape from between her lips. Moving his hand up her thigh again, his thumb and index finger now rested under the fabric of her shorts. Again, he heard her breath quicken. “If you want me to stop, just ask,” Jack said huskily as he rolled to a stop at a red light.

He smirked as he saw her shake her head back and forth while keeping her head against the back of the seat. Going a step more, Jack removed his palm from Amber’s thigh and danced his fingers across her lap until his fingers found themselves at the center seam of her shorts. Amber felt herself contract slightly at the pressure his fingers pressing into her clothes covered center. His fingers began rubbing up and down softly pressing against the fabric.

“Shit,” she muttered as she felt a warmth start to pool between her legs. As the light turned green, Jack continued rubbing her center through her shorts loving the sound of her rapid breathing. He recognized that he was getting closer to her house and increased the speed and pressure of his fingers. Amber gripped the door handle with her right hand and the center console with her left, as her hips, with a mind of their own, jutted forward pressing back into the fingers that were bringing her so much pleasure.

Jack’s car pulled into the driveway of the dark house and he quickly pulled up on the emergency break to keep the car from rolling. He glanced toward Amber watching her eyes for any sign of protest as his fingers moved up slightly to the button on her shorts, when he didn’t see any he threaded the button through its loop and pulled the zipper down its track.

His hand quickly slipped into the opening and made contact with Amber’s warm skin. His hand rubbed her through her underwear a few times causing her to let out a soft sigh before pushing the fabric to the side and allowing his fingers to come into contact with her folds.

He groaned at the wetness that his fingers pushed through, as he began expertly moving through her. His index finger found her clit and she sucked in a huge breath and squeezed her eyes shut. Moving his finger back and forth a few times, he felt her breathing increase even more. As his index finger danced across her clit, his longer middle finger pushed down and made its way inside her.

As he pushed farther inside of her, he felt her tighten against his finger and a moan escaped from her mouth. “Come inside?” she somehow managed to mutter out in between ragged breaths.

“Are you telling me where you want to come or inviting me in?” Jack asked with a smirk, his deep voice causing her to grow even wetter.

“Both,” she practically moaned in response.

“What about your parents?” As he asked, he pulled his middle finger from inside her and added it to her clit, moving both fingers in a circular motion.

“Shit,” she moaned. “Out. Of. Town” she stuttered out in between breaths. “Home. Alone.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. His fingers still moving around her clit and they both knew that she wouldn’t last much longer.

“Yes,” she breathed out. A few final strokes of his fingers and he pulled his hand out of her shorts. A slight whimper came from her lips, causing him to chuckle softly. As his fingers came into the light, he smiled at the wetness that coated his digits.

As they stepped out of the vehicle, Jack looked around, making sure that no one was in a position to see him. While part of him wanted to shout from the rooftops that he was about to bang a tight eighteen year old, the more sane and the part of his brain NOT thinking with his cock, knew that was probably not a good idea.

Jack’s foot tapped softly as Amber shakily slid the key into the lock, unlocking the door before pushing it open. As soon as the door was out of the way, Amber stepped into the house, followed very closely by Jack. As soon as he was inside, he reached forward, wrapped his arm around her waist and spun her as he used his foot to kick the door closed. Before Amber knew what happened, her back was pressed against the mahogany door and Jack’s chest was pressed against hers.

His lips quickly found hers and his tongue thrust its way into her mouth and her fingers threaded through his hair. She let a small moan pass between their mouths as his fingers dug into the flesh of her hip, slipping below the waistband of her shorts. Amber’s back arched slightly, pressing her chest further into his. In response, Jack gyrated his hips against hers, the friction a pleasing feeling to both of them.

Amber pushed her back away from the door and further into Jack’s chest as she took a step forward. Her arms wrapped their way around his neck as she continued walking forward through the front entry of the house. Making Jack walk backwards, she led him through the living room and towards the hallway. As they walked through the doorway, Amber unwrapped one of her arms from his neck and traced her hand slowly down his body. She allowed it to rest of the waist band of his slacks, pausing momentarily before continuing further south.

Jack almost tripped over his own feet as he felt her palm on his hardness through the material of his pants. She cupped him gently as she continued walking forward, urging him towards her bedroom. Hearing him moan softly caused her to squeeze ever so slightly allowing her to further feel just how hard he was.

Noticing the transition from tile to carpet beneath his feet, Jack’s eyes opened and he surveyed his surroundings. Her bedroom came into view and at that point it took almost all the restraint he had to keep from literally throwing her onto her bed and fucking her into next week. He took control and slowly continued walking them towards the bed, until he felt her legs bump into the edge of the bed. He softly pushed against her body, causing her to collapse backwards onto the bed. He remained standing, her lips falling from his, causing her to let out a slight whimper of protest.

Jack felt his cock harden even more, if that was even possible, at the sight of her splayed out in front of him, her lips swollen and red, her hair disheveled, her chest rising and falling rapidly and her legs spread with her feet planted on the ground on either side of his legs. He made eye contact, silently asking if she wanted to continue, and the smirk she responded with made his cock twitch inside his growing-tighter-by-the-second trousers. Jack leaned down quickly, his hands gripping her side as he kissed her lips. He pulled his lips from hers and trailed them to her chin, across her jaw, across her neck and onto the fabric of her shirt.

With a mind of their own, his lips found her breasts and he sucked softly on the fabric, getting it wet with his tongue. As he felt her nipple hardening beneath her shirt, he suddenly realized that the only thing between his lips and her skin was the t-shirt. “No bra?” he mumbled against her as he moved to the other side of her chest.

“It’s in my purse,” she said with a sigh. “I realized during second period that you could see it through my shirt so I just took it off.”

“Fuck,” Jack moaned into her skin, both from the thought of her going the entire day, her breasts hidden by only the thin fabric of her t-shirt and from the sensation of her hand rubbing his cock through his pants. That caused him to pull his mouth from her hardened nipple and continue down her body smirking as he saw the two wet spots on her shirt. His lips finally reached the waistband of his shorts, those dammed shorts, and he wasted no time un-threading the button and sliding the zipper down.

Not quite ready to lose sight of her pink lacy underwear, he left them alone and slowly pulled her shorts down her legs and threw them somewhere across the room. The scent of her arousal filled his nose as he leaned closer to her, subconsciously licking his lips in anticipation. His hands planted themselves on the tops of her thighs, with his thumbs pointing downward, resting on the junction between her leg and her pelvis and he slid the tips of his thumbs under the seam of her underwear wanting to feel her skin below.

He stuck his tongue out and drug it along the top line of her underwear, from left to right, getting the skin wet. Jack then allowed his mouth to move further south and planted suckling kisses through the lacy material down the very center of her body. He could hear her rapid breathing and that caused him to lick her slowly, slightly pushing the material of her panties into her slightly. He pulled back and almost ripped the material to shreds at the sight of her underwear pushed into the slit of her pussy.

Figuring that he had teased her enough, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and quickly pulled them down her legs, finally allowing him to come eye to eye with her pussy. He could see some wetness on the outside, presumably from when his fingers and been there earlier, rubbing her wetness around. Jack lowered his head slowly and allowed his lips to make contact with the area between her legs.

“Fuck,” Amber moaned as soon as she felt him in contact with her most intimate area. She felt Jack smirk against her skin but before she could scold him for being a jackass-y teasing jerk, she felt him press his tongue along her slit. She almost lost it right there. His tongue moved up and down her a few times, each time pressing a little harder into her.

Amber pushed her fingers into her hair in response to the pleasure she was feeling. Jack’s tongue worked its way through her, licking in varying patterns before pushing it inside of her. She moaned in response to him entering her with his tongue and could only imagine the pleasure he was capable of bringing her. His tongue moved in and out of her at a painfully slow pace before he moved slightly and allowed his tongue to flick across her clit. Her body jerked slightly and Jack knew that he had found something that she very much enjoyed.

Moving his tongue back and forth he could hear her breathing increase, which only urged him forward. His lips suctioned around her and he sucked, pulling part of her skin into his mouth while continuing to move his tongue back and forth. Jack knew that she wouldn’t last long, considering he had already taken her to the brink of orgasm in the car. As his mouth continued its assault on her clit, he pulled one of his hands from its resting place on her thigh and trailed it between her legs. Amber must have had her eyes closed because Jack heard her audibly gasp as he slowly pushed his fingers inside of her. Pushing into her tightness with his finger made him all the more anxious to push into her with his cock. With his finger fully inside of her, he moved it around slowly, feeling all of her with the pad of his finger.

As he felt her tighten around his finger, Jack pulled his finger out, added a second and slowly pushed two fingers into her. Sliding his fingers in and out of her tightness, his mouth released her skin and his tongue swirled around her. Her grip on his fingers tightened and he knew that she was close.

“Fuck,” she moaned. Amber had had orgasms before. Hell, her ex-boyfriend had gone down on her more times than she could count but this time it felt different. This orgasm was going to make the previous ones she had feel like nothing more than a sneeze. She felt Jack increase both the speed at which his tongue lapped at her clit and at which his fingers plunged into her pussy. “Shit. Shit. Shit.” Her eyes squeezed shut as she felt a surge of warmth originate low in her stomach. Needing to grip something, her left hand found Jack’s hair while her right clawed at the sheets on her bed.

Another two or three more thrusts and she was going to cum harder than she had ever cum before.

“FUCK!” she screamed out as she felt her orgasm wash over her. Her toes curled, her leg jerked to the side, her pussy clamped down tightly and her entire body convulsed. Jack’s fingers were literally stopped from moving because of the tightness that surrounded them, but he continued licking at her clit, using her free hand that was resting across her stomach to keep her lower half from moving too much.

As he felt her convulsions slow, he pulled away from her, her arousal evident on the skin around his mouth. “Holy shit” Amber breathed out her arms falling limply on either side of her body.

My wife is a “spanko”. She introduced me to it when we first got together. Skeptical at first, I was a bit surprised to find out it made me hot to turn her ass red before sticking my hard cock into her juicy pussy. I even let her spank me sometimes, but I learned that I have to be in just the right mood for that.

She divorced her husband after we met and fell in love. Her two daughters weren’t really happy about that, especially the younger one. Lori was seventeen when her mom moved her in to live with us. My wife had told me that Lori had learned somehow of her mother’s fetish, and wasn’t pleased. So we reserved those playtimes for days or nights when Lori wasn’t around. The daughters’ attitude toward me, “the man who had taken their mother from their dad”, warmed when they saw how happy their mom was with me.

Just before Lori’s eighteenth birthday, she had a girlfriend sleep over. Brandi was turning 18 within a few days of Lori’s birthday, so we offered to give them a joint party. They loved the idea. While they were upstairs in Lori’s room we overheard them laughing and talking. They obviously thought that their music was loud enough to drown them out. They mentioned spanking and our ears perked up. Apparently they had developed a playful habit of delivering swats to each other. This was proving interesting. “You always swat me too hard!” Brandi’s voice seemed to bait Lori.

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t swat me when you pass me in the halls at school,” Lori replied. They giggled and we heard them thumping and wrestling. It was punctuated by a distinct slapping sound, giggles then silence. Apparently they’d realized they were being too loud.

After a few minutes, however, we heard them talking about the party. They both were hoping to get birthday spankings from the boys at the party. They sounded very eager! On the morning of her birthday, I toyed with the idea of spanking Lori, but when I jokingly said I was going to, Lori flatly forbade it, probably associating it with her mother’s sex life. Kids are such hypocrites about their parents having sex. From the look in her eye I knew she was serious. So I forgot about it.

We chaperoned the party and both girls did, indeed get spanked while “resisting”. They both laughed their way through the ordeal. A few days after the party our life took an unexpected turn. My wife had been having a tough time at work. The board of directors of the company were inexperienced and egotistical. They wouldn’t let her do her job the way it should be done. So she resigned. This meant that she would have to go elsewhere for work, since there were no other positions in our little town for her skills.

She found a good job in a town just too far away for a daily commute. So we agreed she would go ahead and move there and come home on weekends. Lori didn’t seem affected by the lack of her mother’s daily presence. They had a typical relationship when the daughter is Lori’s age. She and I got along well, so things rolled along for several weeks. The separation, though difficult for us ‘newlyweds’, had a positive side. The limitation of our time together made that time sweeter. And our sex more intense.

Then one night Lori made a big mistake. It was a weeknight, so her mom was gone. In the time she’d been with us, I had yet to discipline her myself, but her mom rarely had to, either. They argued, but not about any real misbehavior on Lori’s part. At any rate, Lori called from school just before I left to pick her up. (We live out of town and she doesn’t have a car of her own.) She said she and some friends were going to study at the library for a couple of hours. I said that was fine and replaced my jacket on the hook.

Two and a half hours later, I was beginning to feel suspicious. So I drove into town. I checked the library, but there was no sign of Lori and her friends. The librarian told me they’d been there earlier, but only for about a half hour. So I went on a hunt. I knew all her friends, since I’d watched most of them grow up. Going from house to house only served to alert other parents to their kids’ deception. Every one of the three parents I spoke with was under the impression their children were at the library. I hadn’t intended to ‘blow the whistle’ on them, but that’s the way it goes.

I finally found Lori at the home of one of the boys in her class. His parents were less restrictive than most, so they had gone out of town, leaving their son home alone. They had the mistaken impression he was trustworthy. The whole gang was there. And they’d been drinking. Brandi was already passed out on the floor near the couch. I refrained from taking any real action with Lori in front of the others. I did tell them they’d do well to get home before their parents came looking for them. I also told the three whose parents I’d seen that they already knew they’d lied. They were not too happy to hear that. I ushered Lori out to the car. Fortunately, she didn’t appear to be feeling much effects from the beer she’d had. I directed the boy who lived at the house to drive Brandi home and take his medicine from her parents.

On the drive home I told her how stupid she’d been. I continued to lecture her. She admitted to having only about one and a half beers. I told her that the town cops were pretty harsh on teen drinking and she’d been lucky it had been me that caught her rather than them. “How did you expect to get away with this?” I demanded. “Did you think that because I drink beer at home that I wouldn’t be able to tell you’d been drinking?”

“I don’t know,” she mumbled. She couldn’t seem to look me in the eye. She was angry and embarrassed, I knew. I’d been caught a few times by my own parents in various misbehaviors — including underage drinking. So I knew exactly what she was feeling. But my parents had been ‘enlightened’ and had punished me by grounding or placing other restrictions on me. My intention was far different for Lori. Still,I played the game.

“What do you think your punishment should be, Lori?” I asked the timeworn question. Again she mumbled a noncommittal answer. I pressed her and she finally said she should lose her internet privileges maybe, or be grounded. I knew grounding her would not be much of a retribution, since she spent most of her time at home in her room anyway when she wasn’t in school.

We got home and she continued to exhibit a downcast air. I told her to get upstairs and wait for my judgement. I called her mother and told her what had happened. She hit the roof! She wanted to talk to Lori and read her the riot act, but I told her that since I was the parent on the scene I would have to be the one to deal with it. She finally calmed down enough to see my point. Then she asked me what I planned to do. She laughed when I told her that I was going to paddle her daughter. “If she’s like me, that won’t be much of a punishment! Remember her birthday.”

“I do. But I think it’s the right thing to do. I don’tintend this to be one of those playful spankings like she got at the party. I’m going to use the leather paddle, and do it on her bare ass.” We regularly used the paddle in our play. It could be very punishing, and always left us both hot and ready to fuck or be fucked.

I actually heard my wife gulp. I knew she was being turned on picturing her young daughter’s ass naked and draped over my knee. “Well,” she said quietly, “at least ‘warm her up’ first.” She was referring to a fairly sharp hand spanking to precede the harsher paddling. I felt a twitch in my pants as I thought about my hand on Lori’s naked ass. We continued to talk a while longer. We both knew what the effect would likely be on me, and what might happen. Then my loving wife said something that truly surprised me: “Well, better you than anybody else, Honey. Be careful.” Little more needed to be said. I looked at the phone a while after we hung up. I finally decided that my wife had just given me permission to fuck her daughter!

I stood and retreived the paddle from its place in our bedroom. It swung back and forth from the leather loop on its handle as I ascended to the second floor of our home. Lori’s door was closed so I knocked. Hearing a muffled “Come in,” I opened the door and simply stood with my arms crossed. I’d stuck the paddle in my back pocket before knocking. I didn’t want to tip my hand too soon. “I just spoke to your mother,” I told her as sternly as I could. In truth, my anger had been replaced by another, equally basic emotion — lust. “We have agreed on a suitable punishment.”

She looked up at me from her place lying across the bed. She’d changed into her usual sleepwear: a tee-shirt and boxers. She’d unintentionally made my task easier. I wouldn’t have to deal with stripping her panties off to bare her butt. Her eyes began to tear up as I went on to explain the gravity of her error. Adding in the lying with the drinking, I told her that the situation merited a strict lesson, so she could remind herself the next time she considered something like this. I knew what a load of crap it was, but as I said, I was willing to play the game. What’s that line about everybody turning into their own parents?

I crossed to the bed and told her to stand up. As she did, I sat down. Without warning, I pulled her across my lap. She struggled of course. But as strong as she is, I had the advantage. I locked my right leg over hers and pressed down on the small of her back. Resistance, as they say, was futile. I rested my right hand on her somewhat broad ass. Her struggles waned and finally stopped. She was crying quietly. I felt her gasp once then raised my hand. I brought it down firmly. She jerked and cried out, “OW! That hurt!”

I delivered my lines: “Not as much as it’s going to, young lady!” With that I began her warm up. My hand stung as I delivered twenty or so swats, covering the entire area of her ass. Her struggles renewed, and she cried out repeatedly. I wondered what the real effect of this was on her. I was content to wait to find out. She always called me by name, Dan, but as I continued to punish her, I swear I heard her once or twice call me “Dad”. Finally I stopped. She thought the lesson was over.

Then I released her legs. When she began to raise up, I gripped the waistband of her shorts and jerked them down around her knees. I again captured her legs with mine. She screeched in outrage that she was bare-ass on my lap. I almost lost my grip on her, but I held on. All her struggling did was to cause her shorts to slip down and off her ankles. “Remember, Lori, your mother has consented to this punishment.”

“THAT figures! She likes it!” she was angrier now than anything else. I looked at her butt and was pleased to see that it was nice and rosy. I gave her one last hand swat — hard — that landed on both cheeks. I let my hand remain there for a few seconds. When she realized that, I sensed a change in her mood. I didn’t dwell on it then, however. I pulled the paddle from behind my back. I lowered it so she could see it. It is short and flexible. The handle widens to about four inches at the business end. She gasped as she realized what was about to happen. “Nooo! Please, Daddy!” she stopped abruptly, realizing what she’d said. A few seconds of silence were followed by a gulp from her. “I-I mean, ‘Dan’. “

“Whatever,” I said and brought the leather down with a SLAP! on her tender ass. She screeched, and again with each swat. After the first ten, though, her screeches changed to groans and grunts. I knew what was happening. In fact, I could smell what was happening. I altered the position of my pinioning leg, allowing her right leg to go free while retaining my hold on her left. This effectively spread her legs and opened her up. She moaned wordlessly as she caught her own aroma and realized that if she could could smell it, I also could smell her scent. I stopped paddling for a minute. I set the paddle down on her back and stroked her ass again, squeezing each cheek in turn. She writhed and moaned in pain/pleasure. She was beginning to realize the extent of my intention.

We’d known — in fact my wife had encouraged it — that Lori had been sexually active. Her mother took her to get her birth control pills and had, on occasion, told her she’d probably make more friends if she let on that she ‘put out’. An odd position for a mother to take, but there it was. So far, Lori had only had two lovers that I knew about. No telling whether she’d given blowjobs or hand jobs before she actually gave up her maidenhead. We hadn’t discussed it.

My hand stroked across her ass once more. This time I slid it a little farther south and brushed across her exposed slit. It was, indeed, wet. I regained my grip on the paddle and began to lay it on. I punctuated the swats with admonishments to remember this the next time she decided to go drinking or considered lying. She grunted and her right leg slowly moved out farther. A swat delivered to that soft area just where her ass joined her legs was met with a breathy, “Ahh!”, and a sudden increase in her muscle tension. So I began to concentrate there.

She was panting openly now. “Remember, Honey,” I told her as I once again set the paddle down, “your mom has consented to this whole thing. I ran my hand over her again then made no pretense when I slipped it down between her thighs to feel her cunt. Like her mom, she shaves her pubic hair. She gasped. I added, “ALL of it!”

My finger entered her as I said quietly, “Every bit of it. She loves us both a great deal. And I love you, too.” She arched her back and moaned as I slipped another finger inside. She was tight. I was eager. I decided the paddling was finished. I tossed it to the floor and released her. She stayed in position for a minute enjoying my attentions. I lifted her up and turned her to sit on my lap, facing away. She sat gingerly. Her ass hurt, I knew. I lifted her legs outside my own and ran my hands up the inside of her thighs to her center. She leaned back against me as I toyed with her smooth pussy. Her scent filled the air and drove me crazy. I left one hand where it was and slipped the other up under her shirt. Dressed for bed, she had no bra to impede me. I caressed a nipple, then pinched it lightly. She shivered against me. I knew she felt my hard cock pressing into her red ass.

I left off diddling her pussy to pull her shirt up and off. She rose then and turned to me. She pulled at my own shirt and I let her remove it. When I stood she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. Going to her knees, she pulled them, along with my underwear, down to my ankles. My cock sprang out, just missing her eye. She giggled, but soon was all business again. I let her take control for a while. She pushed me onto my back on the bed and just stood looking for a second. She was beautiful to me. Young large breasts jutting out firmly from her chest, hips widening to a comfortable cushion. When she twisted to survey the damage to her ass, she gasped. She looked back at me and rubbed her butt. Then she smiled and fell on me. She restrained my hands now and straddled me. My cock was comfortably between her outer lips and she dangled a tit in front of me. I lifted my mouth to it and sucked. Her hips moved forward and back a few times.

She raised her weight off me and reached between us to position my hard cock at her opening. She sank slowly down on me. She was really tight! I can’t remember a tighter pussy. When she was again seated fully on me she sighed. Her eyes were closed and she trembled as she adjusted to my size. Releasing my hands she sat up. I gazed at her and took her hips in my hands. I wiggled from side to side and felt her juices ooze out and along the sides of my balls. Her eyes opened then, but only halfway. She was obviously enjoying this. She took her nipples in her hands and twisted them herself as she looked at me. She might have been only eighteen, I thought, but she was a woman already. She rocked back and forth a few times, her breath getting heavier.

I pulled her down on me and worked one leg outside hers. Then I rolled us over so I was on top. I ground my pubic bone against her clit and she jolted into an orgasm. It surprised us both. She cried out wordlessly. I moved my leg back between hers and began to fuck her. I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts and she mounted excitedly to another wave of orgasm. I leaned down and took a nipple between my lips. Having seen her play with them, I knew she would like a little roughness. I pinched it between my lips rather hard. She squeezed my hips between her hands. When I bared my teeth to it and bit, she came again. Her sheathing cunt was becoming even more slippery with her secretions.

I got to my knees and lifted her legs up over my shoulders for maximum penetration. I pounded into her, my balls slapping her red, punished ass. I rocked my hips back and forth while I was up to the hilt inside her. I got the expected shiver as I rubbed my cockhead against her G-spot. I could feel her anus pressed against my balls. This was SO good! I began pounding toward my own orgasm. Leaving her legs over my shoulders, I reached around her thighs to take her shoulders in my hands. This made my thrusts even more powerful. Then she did something that drove me over the edge. She reached for and captured my nipples, pinching and twisting them. My intake of breath was a loud hiss and I unloaded inside her. She yelled out again as she reached her final orgasm.

Afterward we lay there on her bed for a while, not talking. Then she raised up on her elbows and looked over at me. “Mom really said you could fuck me?” She was still having a hard time believing it.

“Not in so many big words, Sweetie. But she knew. What she said was, ‘Better you than somebody else.’ She knew what would happen if I spanked your bare ass.” That reminder caused her to roll to her belly and again rub her half moons. She smiled at me from under a tress of long brown hair.

Her finger went between her lips before she said, “I’m not sure that was much of a punishment, ‘Daddy’.” I smiled at her and rolled into her, throwing a leg across hers. I flexed my knee, bringing my leg up to caress her ass. She flinched a little at the contact. I kissed her then. As I did, I realized we hadn’t, up to that point, kissed. The kiss went on, our tongues sliding against each other. I reached down and pulled the spread over us. She snuggled into me. “Are you going to sleep here now?”

“Yes, Honey. Except on weekends,” I told her quietly. We lay there and drifted into sleep. Just before I dropped off, I tried to imagine how hot my wife would get when I told her all the details. It brought a satisfied smile to my lips.

I’ve got a few ex girlfriends that I still talk with and like a lot of guys I’ve got more that I don’t. Janet was one from the “don’t” category. We’d dated for about 4 yrs and now I hadn’t spoken to her for almost 6 months. The last thing I’d heard her say was “the only way you could make me happy is to kill yourself”

Ok, I know it sounds a bit harsh but considering about 10 minutes before that she’d caught me fucking her younger sister Kim, I guess I deserved it. The two of them were very similar but still different. They were both about 34B, slim hips and firm cup-able asses but Janet had a sweeter, more innocent look where Kim made you think hot, dirty sex right away.

I’d tried telling Janet that it was a one-time thing, that her sister was the one that seduced me and my final statement that I’d do anything to make her happy was what prompted her last words to me. She’d previous told me more than once that her sister was a bitch and from as far back as she could remember they’d been very competitive. Of course none of that really crossed my mind when her sister popped in that night crying that her boyfriend had broken up with her. We had a few drinks, she calmed down and told me how much of an asshole he’d been, that he’d never been any good in bed, he didn’t think she was good looking enough to be seen with him and so on. Of course I fell for it hook line and sinker and when she looked at me and said that she needed to feel like she was sexually attractive and could show me how much I’d been missing by dating her sister instead of her, I ended up fucking her right there on the living room floor – which is where Janet found us. Needless to say Kim & I never went out again because now that she’d broken her sister and I up and proved to herself that she was the better of the two she moved on to new conquests.

I’d had a few more girlfriends since then but I still had strong feelings for Janet and was quite surprised when she called one Saturday night out of the blue. She told me she’d gone out with a few of her friends and her sister was at the same bar – totally drunk. Seems that she was drunk enough to brag to Janet that she had in fact seduced me that night and that it just proved that she was the sexier, better looking one. Janet still wasn’t impressed that I’d cheated but wanted to let me know that she’d somewhat forgiven me. We started talking again and after a few conversations I told her I’d loved her before, still had strong feelings for her and if she was willing to give me another chance I’d like to date her again. It took some convincing but she finally agreed to go out with me the following Saturday night.

Thursday night, I got a call from her sister telling me that Janet was just fucking with my mind to get even and not to fall for her supposed change of heart. Kim went on to say that she was sorry that she’d dumped me and would I consider taking her back.

I pretty much knew I was being played but rather than tell her to fuck off, I told her I would definitely be interested in getting back together with her, I’d just have to call Janet and cancel the date we’d set up. That made her even happier – happy enough to promise me that she’d make it worth my while, basically saying she’d be my fuck toy for the night.

Saturday night Kim came over and we had a few drinks with the pizza I ordered. We were cleaning up after dinner when she grabbed me, pulled me against her and started kissing me. Wow could that girl kiss! My body reacted immediately and I know she could feel me getting hard against her belly. We quickly moved it into the bedroom and were soon enough undressed on the bed. She did have an amazing body – small aureola’s and tiny nipples but I remembered that as small as they were, they were incredibly sensitive. Throughout supper I’d hinted that there were a few things that Janet was too shy to try and she’d responded that she’d be more than willing to try anything I wanted.

We made out for a while until her bare pussy was pretty much running with her juices before I told her what I’d really like was to tie her up, tease her and eventually fuck her without her being able to touch me. She readily agreed and pretty soon she was securely tied to the bed, fully exposing her soaked pussy and hard nipples. “One last thing,” I said as I tied a blindfold over her eyes, “I want you to have to anticipate every touch without knowing where I’m going to touch you.”

Once she couldn’t see, I reached over to the dresser and flicked on the video camera that I’d set there earlier, knowing it was aimed right at her. Then I started touching her with my fingers, rubbing and pinching her nipples, teasing but never quite penetrating her pussy. When she started arching against my fingers I’d pull away and wait for her to lay still. After a while I grabbed a vibrator and repeated the process, never penetrating her nor leaving it on her long enough for her to orgasm. Just to kick it up one more notch, I asked her if she liked porn because Janet would never watch it with me. She replied she loved porn so I left her for a couple of minutes to put on a porn flick – even though she couldn’t see it, the sounds left no doubt as to what was happening and I returned to tease her some more with the vibrator and told her I was stroking myself at the same time.

With the volume up high enough, she also couldn’t hear Janet coming into the room. Oh ya, this was all planned out. When Kim had called to get me to take her out instead of Janet, my next call had been to Janet to tell her what was happening and ask if she wanted to get some revenge on her sister. Not only did she agree, she came over Friday night to work out the details and we’d ended up having some of the most incredible make-up sex I’d ever had. Saturday morning we went at it again for a couple of hours until she’d cum multiple times an I’d cum twice. In the afternoon we’d made love again and once more just before Kim came over – all told I think I put 7 or 8 loads of cum into Janet and after we finished each time she put a butt plug into her pussy to keep all the cum there.

Next I told Kim that I was ready to cum and wanted to cum in her mouth – just to make sure I got a ‘yes’ I started slowly pushing the vibrator into her pussy. As I’d figured that was enough of an incentive (not that she needed one) to say ‘yes’. With the video camera still running I asked, “do you want to taste my cum?” and she answered perfectly…”yes, I want to taste it, I want your cum in my mouth”.

That was Janet’s cue to move up onto the bed, straddle Kim’s face and remove the plug from her pussy. I didn’t know exactly how much cum was in 7 or 8 loads but Kim found out pretty quickly as it started to ooze from Janet’s pussy. At first she seemed confused but when Janet lowered her pussy right onto her sisters face she figured it out pretty quickly. She tried turning her head away but Janet got a good grip in her hair and held her face right against her cummy slit. Kim really didn’t have much choice but didn’t start licking until I told her if she ate her sister I’d at least let her cum with the vibrator. With that she kind of accepted what was going to happen and started tentatively licking Janet’s pussy. Seeing as she was doing what she’d been told, I did what I said I’d do and fucked her with the dildo until she screamed in orgasm. That was enough to set Janet off and she came huge! Not only did she push out even more cum into Kim’s mouth, I could see several squirts of her own cum splash on Kim’s face.

When Janet finally got off her sisters face, Kim was totally pissed. She called us both every name she could think of and swore she’d get even with us. Before untying her I pointed out the video camera and told her not only did I have everything on tape, I told her the angle was such that it only showed her from the hips up which meant it was just her and Janet in the video and Janet’s face was well out of the picture. I also told her I was planning on editing the audio to take out my comments so it would look like she was having a lesbian bondage fling. If she said, did or arranged anything to get back at us, that video would find it’s way to a lot of peoples inbox as well as the internet.

The look on her face told me she knew not only did I know how to do it, I would follow through and send it out. After agreeing not to do anything stupid, we untied her, she grabbed her clothes and she stormed out. Once she was gone, Janet and I were horny enough that we went back to bed and made love again, this time knowing that we were truly a couple and no one would split us up again.

Apparently it was the sister part not the pussy part that had Kim so pissed off because over the next few months we heard rumors that Kim had gotten into sex with other women and occasionally even threesomes with other couples where she enjoyed cleaning up the woman after the guy had cum in her. Of course we always said how surprised we were to hear things like that and then would go home, watch the video we still had and fuck each other until we were both too tired to cum again. Janet’s hinted a couple of times that it felt really good to be eaten after being filled with cum, who knows maybe I’ll try it sometime.

“Bob sweetie, are you sure that everyone is coming today? Even Billy?” Tracey asked her husband Bob with more than a hint of eagerness. They had just pulled into driveway at her mother-in-law’s house, ready to celebrate her 70th birthday. Tracey was hopeful that a certain family member would be present.

“I think so hun. Mike and Gloria are away, but I am pretty sure Billy is going to make it for his grandmother’s 70th.” Bob responded to his wife. She smiled and hopped out of the car.

Thank heavens, Tracey thought to herself. She was desperate to see her nephew. Tracey grabbed the sandwich tray and her little black purse and headed toward the house.

“You grab the baby, sweetheart!” Tracey called back as she quickly walked past the house and toward the backyard, eyes peeled for her target.

“Oh hi Tracey! Thanks so much for coming!” Tracey’s mother-in-law Carol said as she approached.

“Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 29!” Tracey sweetly greeted Bob’s mother.

“Oh thank you dear, I feel it though. You really look great though! It’s hard to believe that you had the baby.” The old woman responded, as she took the tray from Tracey.

Tracey beamed. She always took tremendous pride in her appearance and loved receiving compliments. It’s true, Tracey thought to herself. She had worked hard to get her gorgeous figure back after having her baby nearly 16 months prior. Tracey had exercised regularly to get back in to shape. The extra-curricular exercise with Billy was the best part though, Tracey giggled to herself. The only noticeable difference in her appearance since before her baby was that her breasts had grown a cup size from their original C-cup. Tracey knew that she did not put so much effort into her appearance on that day to impress Carol though. She scanned the yard for Bill. He would not be hard to miss. He was by far the largest member of the family, and the only black relative as well.

“There’s my little girl!” Carol said as Bob stepped toward his mother, holding his young daughter. Ariel was a beautiful young girl, who looked almost exactly like her mother with soft white skin and blonde hair. Tracey was glad that her daughter looked so much like her. She would have been upset if she had looked like Bob. Tracey’s husband was a relatively handsome man, with a fit build on a slim frame. Still, Tracey did not want her children taking after him.

“Carol, is Billy here?” Tracey interrupted her husband as he wished his mother a happy birthday. She could barely contain herself. She did not have to wait for an answer.

“Right here Trace.” Bill answered from behind, his deep voice making Tracey spin around instantly. She was unleashing her perfect smile at Bill, and her big, dark blue eyes looked over him excitably. Tracey had curled her eyelashes and was wearing her usual pink lipstick. Her beauty was not lost on Bill. Tracey’s blonde hair, perfectly manicured as always, was pushed to the side in front and hung just above her shoulders in back. Her innocent beauty never failed to have an effect on Bill. He noticed Tracey’s large pink earrings and necklace, typical for his fashionista aunt, as she moved toward him.

Tracey reached up and put her arms around Bill’s neck. Although he was a foot taller than her at 6’5, Tracey’s 4 inch heels left her at the height of Bill’s chest. Tracey pulled her nephew Bill in for the kiss that she had always greeted him with since first meeting him as an 11 year old roughly 9 years prior. Tracey had kissed Bill on the cheek initially, but over the last two years they had always kissed on the lips. Tracey felt a jolt of excitement shoot through her body as Bill pressed his thick black lips into her soft pink lips. It’s been way too long, Tracey thought to herself. She was careful to make sure that the kiss did not appear as sexually charged as it felt. Still, it was Bill who pulled away as the kiss stretched beyond one second.

“We’re all so glad you came Bill! It’s too bad your parents are still off on their mission!” Carol told her grandson. Bill’s parents were missionaries stationed in Africa at the time.

“I would never miss my grandmother’s birthday. Of course it’s great to see the rest of the family too.” Bill laughed as he hugged Carol. Bill had been adopted by his missionary parents while they were in Africa nearly 20 years ago. He had been brought back to a family that was completely white, and they had accepted him with open arms immediately. Some of the in-laws who would join the family in the following years did not accept Bill completely, but they generally kept their opinions to themselves. Since marrying his uncle Bob when he was 11, Tracey had always been fond of Bill. She was eternally grateful that he had become her nephew.

“Hey boss how’s it going?” Bob asked his nephew as he gave him a playful punch. Tracey was still beaming following her kiss with Bill as she watched. Her husband looked puny and small next to his huge black nephew, and Tracey was more than aware of it. He could never match Billy, Tracey thought to herself knowingly as she felt a tingling sensation in her vagina. Bill was 6’5 and very muscular, although his body retained leanness due to how highly defined his muscles were. Bill shaved his head and had a handsome face with strong, thick African features. His nearly pitch black skin was shining in the summer sun. Bill was a complete alpha male and completely irresistible to Tracey.

“Not too bad at all. I’m liking this shirt you gave me too.” Bill responded. He was wearing the white running shirt that his uncle had given him. Tracey had picked out the shirt, and was glad to see her nephew wearing it. She loved the contrast of white and black, particularly when it was Bill’s black skin. The shirt was very tight on Bill, and every movement caused another muscle to stretch the white fabric to its limit. Tracey could feel herself getting flustered. On Bob, the shirt would have hung loosely and looked ridiculous. She looked down to Bill’s shorts, black with red on the sides and down to just above his knees. Just long enough to conceal that big black cock, Tracey thought to herself. She bit her lip as her excitement grew.

“Billy, I need you to help me get grandma’s present! I need someone with lots of muscles for this job!” Tracey interrupted their conversation and handed Bob her black purse. She walked toward the corner of the house, her cheery disposition hiding the desire in her voice.

Bill ended his conversation quickly and followed after his aunt. He watched her as she walked away, her hips swaying as she walked in her trademark black high heels. Tracey was wearing a little pink sundress with small blue floral designs on it. Bill was happy that the dress allowed him to see so much of Tracey’s body. The dress only went halfway down Tracey’s thighs, and the thin pink straps covered up hardly any of Tracey’s shoulders. Bill had noticed earlier how much of Tracey’s milky white cleavage was visible in the dress, which was aided by her lack of a bra. Bill’s only complaint was that Tracey’s ass was largely obscured by the billowing fabric at the bottom of the dress, the only hint being the way the fabric bulged out immediately below her lower back. Bill loved his aunt’s ass. He had never seen one so big that remained so firm and kept such a round shape. Billy broke into a half sprint to catch up to his aunt as she reached the corner of the house.

Tracey felt a powerful hand grab and squeeze her ass cheek under her dress as soon as she rounded the corner of the house and they were out of sight. Tracey’s pulse raced. She loved having Bill’s strong black hands grabbing her body.

“Damn I miss this perfect ass!” Bill said to Tracey as they continued walking toward Bob’s truck. He let Tracey’s ass flesh fill his hand repeatedly.

“I miss you so much! It’s been so sooooo long!” Tracey replied. She had found the weeks since she had last seen Bill to be very long. Her best friend Shannon had moved to the west coast. Lonely, she had flown Bill in for a two week visit.

“We’ll have to make up for it today then.” Bill responded slyly. He felt his cock twitch. Next to him, Tracey felt her pussy dampen.

Upon reaching the truck, Tracey went to the trunk and opened it. As the trunk opened, she felt her dress lift up and both of Bill’s hands grab on to her ass. Bill squeezed and pulled on Tracey’s ass, moving the round white cheeks around with his large black hands. When he pulled the cheeks apart strongly, he heard Tracey let out a soft moan. Bill always enjoyed watching himself play with Tracey’s ass, but something had caught his eye. He crouched behind his aunt’s ass.

“I thought I told you not to where these.” Bill scolded his aunt as he pulled her black thong down. The fabric clung tightly between her thick cheeks.

“I know baby, I just forgot!” In her excitement, Tracey had forgotten what Bill had told her long before. She was not to wear any underwear when they were going to get together. He did not want anything obstructing his access to Tracey’s pussy or ass.

Bill quickly forgave his aunt. His face level with her gorgeous ass, he could not help reaching up and squeezing it as Tracey leaned forward into the truck. Tracey’s soft white skin bulged out at him, and Billy playfully bit down on her ass. The light, sharp feeling sent erotic sensations through Tracey’s body. Bill continued pulling Tracey’s thong down, enjoying the feeling of her smooth womanly legs. Tracey always had a wax when she knew that Bill would be near. When Bill got down lower he noticed that Tracey was wearing the bracelet that he had given her on her right ankle. It was silver, with one charm hanging off it. Tracey stepped out of her thong, and Bill stood up, placing the thong in his pocket.

“I’m glad to see that you’re wearing your anklet.” Billy said as he began kissing Tracey’s neck, completely obscured from the party goers by the opened trunk.

“Of course! I wear it every single day.” Tracey responded as she took pleasure in the feeling of Bill’s burly black lips on her white skin. Bill had given Tracey the silver anklet with a black spade charm on their one year anniversary. They considered their anniversary to be the day that Bill had first seduced and fucked Tracey. It was a discrete symbol to the world that Tracey was black owned. Tracey loved the anklet. She knew that her body belonged to Bill. Tracey had often told herself that her body was built for black men. Since their first time, Tracey had fucked Bill with regularity and almost complete exclusivity. She occasionally gave her husband Bob a pity fuck, usually on his birthday or on their wedding anniversary. The first time she had cheated with Bill, Tracey had felt guilty and fucked Bob, the result of which was her daughter Ariel. Tracey had no desire to have sex with Bob, and she was sure that white men had nothing to offer her. Tracey only wanted to fuck her nephew and his big black cock.

Bill continued kissing his aunt’s neck as he reached in her dress and began pinching and twisting her nipples. They stiffened, instantly responding to his touch. Bill smelled his aunt’s sweet perfume and could feel his cock stiffen. He was always turned on by Tracey’s body, and he was pleased that she was wearing the anklet. Bill and Tracey both got off on Tracey’s symbol to the world that she belonged to black cock, and Bill’s specifically. No one in their town understood the meaning of the symbol, which would have caused a tremendous scandal. Bill could remember laughing when his uncle had given Tracey additional charms, having noted that she loved wearing the anklet every day. She never wore anything other than the blade spade.

“You miss that big black cock?” Bill softly asked his aunt, his deep voice making her shiver.

“Yes baby!” Tracey answered breathily. She began grinding her ass into Bill’s crotch. Tracey’s pussy throbbed as Bill continued playing with her nipples. Tracey looked at her chest and felt the throbbing intensify. She was enthralled watching the dark black skin against her own white breasts, and Bill’s strong black fingers pulling on her pink nipples. Tracey had dated, and fucked, black men exclusively before she met Bob and settled down. Bill had more than reawakened Tracey’s lust for big black cock. She fucked her nephew whenever the opportunity presented itself, and fantasized about him the rest of the time.

Bill took one hand and pulled the front of his pants down slightly. His semi erect cock sprung out like a cobra. It was as black as coal and nearing 10 inches in its current state. With one hand Bill held his cock, and with the other he held the back of Tracey’s dress up. Bill began rubbing his jet black cock head against Tracey’s ample ass crack. He loved seeing his huge ebony monster between Tracey’s white mounds. Bill would start at the bottom and bring his cock up Tracey’s ass, his head sliding in her crack along the way. When it reached the top, the black knob would spring out from her white buns, more erect than it had previously been.

“What are you going to do with this black cock?” Bill asked his aunt.

Tracey turned around. She could not take any more. Bill was driving her wild with lust, and she knew that she would have fucked him right then and there if her screams would not have given them away. Tracey kissed Bill passionately. Their lips pressed strongly into each other, and their tongues hastily pushed together. Both felt their excitement grow as they kissed and wildly groped each other. Tracey reached down and felt the big black cock that she adored so much. Tracey knew that it was her duty to please Bill’s powerful black cock, and she took her responsibility very seriously. Bill cherished the opportunity to feel all over Tracey’s body, and she was always ecstatic to have his black skin touching her. Tracey was massaging Bill’s tongue with her own while he grabbed her ass, when they heard someone approaching the truck.

“Jeeze what’s taking so long back here?” Bob asked as he reached the back of the truck.

He saw his nephew and his wife facing each other, both looking slightly flushed. He missed the strand of saliva that hung between their lips for a moment. Tracey quickly moved over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek. Bob smiled, always happy to get affection from his beautiful wife.

“Just trying to get that big present out of the trunk. Billy can handle it though, he’s so big and strong!” Tracey looked back at her nephew, her deep blue eyes filled with both lust and relief.

“Oh, and Billy? I forgot to answer your question. Drain it” Tracey smiled and walked away with her perplexed husband. Bill grinned.

Bill carried the present back to the party, while his aunt and uncle walking just in front of him. He noticed his aunt’s ass swaying back and forth more than it had before, and knew that it was for his benefit.

The party continued, with Bill and Tracey eying each other constantly. Both were intent on catching the attention the other as much as possible. Tracey had an advantage in this regard, as her nipples were still erect from when Bill had been pinching them and the flimsy fabric of her dress did little to hide it. Whenever they made eye contact, Bill would give Tracey a long gaze. His dark eyes never failed to make her melt instantly.

Bill eventually broke away from his cousins and moved over to the conversation that Tracey was in. He stood next to his aunt, wedging in between her and his uncle Bob. They were engaged in a conversation with a few of his aunts regarding sweets.

“I just love anything vanilla flavoured.” Bill’s aunt Jill stated. He put his hand on Tracey’s back.

“I love coconut! I’ll have it with anything.” His aunt Nancy responded. Bill brought his hand down to Tracey’s ass, but she brought her hand behind her back and slapped him gently away.

“What about you Trace?” Bill interjected. She felt an iron grip on her ass. Tracey held her hand on Bill’s for a moment, and then removed it. She knew that she could never deny him, and she was confident that no one could see what he was doing. Tracey was turned on by her nephew’s dominance.

“Well I LOVE chocolate. The darker the better!” Bill smirked as Tracey talked. She gave him a quick glance and a knowing smile. Darker is always better, Tracey thought to herself.

“What? Dark chocolate is so bitter!” Bob responded. Bill squeezed Tracey’s ass.

“It’s not bitter. It’s rich.” Tracey snapped back quickly.

“Nothing fills me or satisfies me like a piece of big black chocolate!” Tracey excitedly continued. No one in the circle had ever heard of black chocolate before.

“I prefer white chocolate. So tasty.” Bob replied, still holding Tracey’s purse.

“White chocolate could never satisfy me. If I had my way, I would never have it again!” Tracey answered him. Oh god I need some big black cock, Tracey thought to herself. I need it so bad.

“Most of the girls I know like their dark chocolate too.” Bill stated.

“All this talk has got me hungry though. I’m going to see what desserts we have in the fridge.” Bill continued.

“Me too!” Tracey added rapidly. Their mutual seduction proved highly effective. They hurried into the house together.

Bill and Tracey were accustomed to this. Not a single family get together had come and gone in recent times without Bill and Tracey hooking up at some point. Initially Bill had taken it upon himself to seduce his aunt, but it quickly became a mutual seduction. This was never enough however, as they always rented a motel room at least once every week and fucked like animals. This particular day was a struggle however, because the house and yard were packed with family members. Aunts and uncles patrolled the grounds, while the cousins ran around both inside and out. Bill and Tracey were desperate for some privacy.

“You must be looking for some big, black chocolate.” Bill laughed as he spoke. Tracey laughed as well and rolled her eyes playfully.

Tracey could still feel where Bill’s cock had rubbed on her ass. I NEED that big black cock, Tracey thought to herself as she thought of places they could go. Every room in the house that she could think of would have children running in and out of it, or her in-laws poking around. As much as Tracey loved being with her nephew, she knew that they could not be caught together. She was glad that Bill felt the same way, because she did not trust herself if Bill pushed for them to fuck in a public setting. He’s so sexy, Tracey thought as she felt a tinge of pleasure in her vagina. I could never resist him. Tracey had an idea. She moved to the bathroom, with Bill right behind her. The door was open, and Tracey looked around. Temporarily, there was no one to be seen. They walked into the small bathroom.

After closing the door, Tracey felt Bill’s muscular arms pick her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in. They once again began to kiss, as Tracey greedily suck on Bill’s tongue. Tracey could feel her pussy throbbing. He’s so strong, she thought to herself. Such a man. She released Bill’s tongue and moved her mouth to his ear.

“I need that black cock.” Tracey told him as she bit down on his earlobe.

Bill put his aunt down as his cock shot straight out. He could think of nothing but using Tracey’s body to make himself cum. Tracey lowered his shorts.

“Ohhhh it’s so big and black!” Tracey called out as she began stroking. She was always amazed by the sight of her nephew’s huge black cock.

“Tracey?!” a female voice called from the hallway. Tracey looked at Bill nervously, as he reached for the doorknob to hold it shut.

“… Yes?” She responded nervously.

“Are you ok in there?” the voice asked again. Bill and Tracey realized that it was his aunt Janice.

“Yep, I’m fine!” Tracey responded, her bubbly personality able to mask her tremendous nervousness.

“OK… good then. We’re taking the big family picture now so you need to come out. I just need to find Bill and we’ll be all set.” Janice continued.

“He’s out front I think… you go look for him now!” Tracey responded. She knew that she could not leave the bathroom with Janice standing in the doorway and Bill standing inside. Eventually, they heard Janice walk off. Bill and Tracey kissed again, both feeling excitement at having come so close to being caught together. They rarely had any trouble sneaking off from the family.

Bill and Tracey left the bathroom. They were surprised that two eyes were looking at them as they left. Tracey’s daughter Ariel watched as her mother and her cousin left the bathroom together. Tracey picked up her daughter, unconcerned by what the 15 month old had seen.

“Hello sweetie! You can go with your big, handsome godfather!” Tracey said as she passed Ariel to Bill. She had insisted to Bob that Bill would be the godfather. Tracey gave them each a kiss and touched up her makeup before the picture.

Bob was standing at the far side of the mass of people waiting for the picture. Tracey and Bill walked over toward him, and Bill handed him Ariel. With everyone now in the backyard, they were ready for the picture. Bill stood between his uncle and his wife. It’s only right, Bill thought to himself as he looked at Tracey and then down to her anklet. Her body belongs to me. Bill was desperate to relieve the arousal he was feeling. He wrapped his arm around his aunt and leaned down.

“I’m going to shoot so much hot black cum in you.” Bill whispered into his aunt’s ear.

Tracey’s pussy was aching as she was filled with lust. I want that hot black cum so badly, Tracey told herself. She turned to her side and reached up to grab Bill’s strong arms. He’s so strong and sexy, Tracey thought as she rubbed his arms. She looked next to Bill at her husband, still obediently carrying her purse, and daughter. Tracey loved her daughter with all of her heart, but she resented her husband. He’s nothing compared to Billy, Tracey thought as the black man towered above them both. I’m so stupid, Tracey thought. I was meant to be with black men, and Billy has the biggest, blackest cock I’ve ever seen. Tracey’s arousal grew. We would even have gorgeous babies, she thought to herself as she felt Billy’s hand slide under her dress yet again. Beautiful like me, and strong and black like their daddy. Tracey heard the photographer call out the countdown for the picture. Suddenly, Bill’s finger started pressing against her asshole. Loose from being fucked countless times by Bill’s big black cock, Bill’s finger had little trouble sneaking partially inside. Tracey felt a strong jolt of sexual desire shoot through her body.

The photographer looked at his work. His eyes were drawn to the right. A large black man was standing there stone faced, bigger and far darker than everyone else. A beautiful blonde woman was hanging on his arm, her eyebrows lifted and her mouth wide open.

“It’s time.” Bill said to Tracey after the picture was taken. Everyone was outside now, which meant that there would be no one to surprise them in the house.

Bill and Tracey walked toward the house at a quick pace. They heard someone calling after them that it was present opening time, but neither broke their stride.

“You’re so bad.” Tracey scolded her nephew as they walked into the house.

“What? I thought you loved black things inside you?” Bill laughed as he spoke.

“So bad!” Tracey replied, smiling herself.

“Does that mean I don’t get a present then?” Bill asked sarcastically as they stood in the kitchen. Bill and Tracey knew that the family would soon return to the house, and they needed to find somewhere safe.

“Of course not baby!” Tracey replied as she had an idea. She grabbed Bill’s hand and pulled him with her. They ascended the stairs and headed toward Carol’s bedroom. Tracey knew that it was perfect. The little children knew not to go in their grandmother’s bedroom, and Carol would be outside opening her presents.

Tracey opened the door and took Bill inside. Once inside, Bill and Tracey embraced each other ferociously. He quickly pushed his aunt’s shoulder straps to the side, causing the Tracey’s tits to fall freely. Bill was happy with the way Tracey’s tits had grown following pregnancy, now leaving her with a D-cup. Her nipples, still erect from before, remained pink and pristine. They had both agreed that Tracey’s nipples were for black lips only. Bill took advantage of this arrangement and sucked Tracey’s nipple into his mouth.

Tracey held Bill’s head as he sucked on her nipple, gently pulling on it and running his tongue over it. Seeing her sexy black nephew suck on her white tits, and feeling the pleasure that it sent through her body, always made Tracey’s pussy gush. Tracey reached down and started pulling Bill’s white shirt over his head. I want more of that sensuous black skin, she said to herself. Tracey was in bliss as Bill started sucking on her other nipple, his black hands engulfing her small waist. I can’t take this anymore, Tracey thought begrudgingly. She knew that they did not have time to fuck.

“You like sucking on my pink nipples baby?” Tracey asked as she stepped backward. She wanted to stop Bill from sucking her nipples so that they could progress, but Tracey found it incredibly difficult.

“MMMMMMM.” Bill replied, following his aunt as she moved back.

Tracey stopped as she moved back toward the wall. She did not realize that she had moved to the window.

“Well it’s time for me to suck that BIG BLACK COCK!” Tracey said excitedly.

Bill gave one last tug on Tracey’s tit with his mouth and stood up. Tracey marveled at him. Bill’s chest bulged muscularly, and his abs were incredibly tight and defined. Tracey ran her hands along his body and felt another rush of excitement. She never grew tired of watching her soft white hands against Bill’s hard, muscled black body. Black skin is so perfect, Tracey thought lustily. Her hands finally reached the top of Bill’s shorts, and Tracey quickly dropped to her knees. She pulled the shorts down, and Bill’s thick cock nearly struck Tracey in the face as his shorts hit the floor.

“Now this is MY present!” Tracey giggled.

Bill was always riveted by the sight of his aunt sucking his cock. Her beautiful, innocent face was always filled with determination and desire, and her deep blue eyes always grew wide with amazement at what waited before her. Watching his aunt’s immaculate white face sucking his big black cock made all the sneaking around more than worth it for Bill.

Tracey held Bill in her hand, over 10 inches of thick black steel that was ready to burst. I’m so lucky, Tracey thought happily. She was extremely thankful that Bill had come into her life. Tracey looked at the black behemoth in front of her, and felt her body come alive with desire. There is nothing in the world better than big black cock, Tracey thought to herself with delight. She brought her mouth close to the pitch black head, sitting on top of the cock like a huge, smooth cork. Tracey started licking the slit on the end, desperate to get at what awaited her inside. Bill moaned his approval.

“You like me licking this big black monster?” Tracey asked her nephew as she gazed up at his black body. Look at all those hard black muscles, Tracey happily thought. She was always impressed with Bill’s physique.

“Damn right. What’s your mouth for?” Bill asked. He could see Tracey lustily looking up and down his body. Bill had never come across a woman as hooked on black cock as his aunt.

“Getting off this big black cock!” Tracey responded, and punctuated her statement with a lick all along the underside of Bill’s shaft. Bob is barely even half as long as Billy, Tracey noted. Definitely not even half as thick. He is not nearly big enough for me… and not black enough. Tracey loved the musky taste of Bill’s black cock on her tongue. She licked along Bill’s shaft several times, eventually reaching down to his scrotum.

“AND for drinking your black seed.” Tracey added to her previous statement. Tracey knew what she wanted, and she knew where to find it. Tracey started jerking on Bill’s cock with her left hand while she moved her mouth down to his black balls. Where her husband had testicles the size of grapes, her nephew had balls the size of large plums. Tracey loved the visual that sucking on Bill’s nuts afforded her, as she could see nothing other than his black body as pleasure coursed through it.

She really knows how to get black cocks off, Bill thought to himself. He knew that his aunt had gotten plenty of experience over the last two years, and in her university years before that. Bill felt Tracey gently licking and sucking on his balls and then the resulting buzzing feeling throughout his body. Tracey’s sundress was down around her hips, and Bill could see her breasts bouncing slightly above her tight stomach as Tracey moved her head to and fro, her pink necklace getting lost in her cleavage. He locked onto Tracey’s big, gorgeous blue eyes.

“Fuck Trace you’re going to make me cum buckets.” Bill said, expressing his approval. Tracey was ecstatic to receive compliments on her ability to please black cock.

Bill saw Tracey’s eyes disappear beneath him. He did not have time to wonder what she was doing, as he quickly felt her tongue and lips move along the underside of his balls and trace a path along the soft skin beyond. Tracey licked and sucked as she moved back and forth along Bill’s taint. Bill started breathing heavily and pressed each hand into a side of the window in front of him in order to keep him standing. This reaction only encouraged Tracey further, as she increased her pace. Bill’s body reacted strongly to this new act, as it felt like Tracey was stimulating his whole body.

“Woahhhhh…” was all that Bill could say. He grabbed Tracey’s blonde hair and pulled her head back so that her mouth was level with his cock once again. Tracey eagerly took the black cock into her mouth. Bill watched his massive black cock sliding easily in and out of Tracey’s pink lips, and knew that she would not be denied.

Tracey was proud of herself for drawing such a strong reaction from Bill. Having been fucked and sucked so many times, he was often difficult to surprise. I would do anything to please big black cock, Tracey said to herself. I’ll do anything to make Billy cum. Tracey started licking rapidly on the underside of Bill’s head, flicking her tongue over his slit when she reached the end. Tracey would do this three or found times in a row, and then take his whole cock, just over 10 inches, into her mouth and down her throat. Tracey repeated the process as Bill’s orgasm grew. I need to drunk that hot cum, Tracey told herself as she took the big black cock down her throat once again. I only feel right when I have this full black cock inside me, Tracey thought contentedly as her lips pressed into Bill’s pubic hair.

Bill looked out the window and down onto the party below. He was eager for a distraction, as he wanted to prolong his blowjob as much as he could. He knew that it was a losing battle, as Tracey would have him cumming very soon. He watched as his grandmother opened her presents, and all of his family stood around and cheered. Bill noticed his uncle Bob standing to the side and looking all around. If he looked up, he would have seen his nephew leaning shirtless with his hands pressed against the window, his face screwed up in a look of complete lust. If Bob looked even closer, he would have seen the top of his wife’s blonde head as it bobbed back and forth on his nephew’s hard black cock.

Tracey reached for Bill’s balls and rubbed them gently. She was desperate to taste their contents. Tracey brought her hand to the top of Bill’s sack and closed here forefinger and thumb together. She let the rest of her fingers hand down and brush against the large black balls. Tracey started to pull down and twist Bill’s balls, all very gently. PLEASE CUM, Tracey said internally as her pussy trembled. I never want to go so long without drinking black jizz again. It had been three weeks. Tracey continued to rhythmically milk the big black cock and balls. She would only have to wait a few more seconds.

Bill could take no more. Tracey had driven him to ecstasy. He started shooting his load down Tracey’s throat as she continued to take his whole cock. All of the sexual tension he had bee carrying melted out of Bill’s body and shot straight into Tracey’s pretty mouth. Bill felt like he would never stop cumming.

Tracey loved the feeling of Bill’s hot black juice spurting against her throat and down into her stomach. Knowing that she had gotten the black cock off filled her with pleasure. Tracey moved her head back so that Bill’s cum could fill her mouth. Tracey swished the black sperm around in her mouth, attempting fit as much as possible. Still, some dribbled down her chin and onto her chest. Tracey let the hot cum envelop her tongue, the rich taste driving her crazy. I should only drink black cock juice, Tracey told herself. She wished that more than anything that she could have more regular access. After Bill finally stopped cumming, Tracey swallowed the contents of her mouth in two large gulps. Bob never had that much cum during our whole marriage, Tracey snickered to herself. Not even when I actually used to fuck him. Tracey let the big black cock slide out of her mouth. It hung in front of her, shining with her saliva. It was still thick and long. Tracey kissed it on the head and smiled.

“Was that good baby?” She asked Bill sweetly. The throbbing in Tracey’s vagina was stronger than ever before. Swallowing Bill’s black seed often had that effect on her. Tracey used her finger to scoop up the stray cum and sucked it into her mouth. She noticed that some had landed on her necklace so Tracey pulled that into her mouth and sucked it off, eager to consume more of her lover’s black seed.

“Fuck yes. You must have been craving it bad.” Bill responded as he got dressed.

“So badly! Please don’t ever make me wait so long again.” Tracey pleaded as she stood up, putting her dress back on. She watched Bill getting dressed and cringed. It should be a crime to hide big black cocks like that, Tracey thought to herself.

“I just might have to if you’re going to go at me like that. I’m all tapped out after that.” Bill laughed. He could not imagine that he had any sperm left after he had cum so much.

Tracey walked up to her nephew and gave him a quick kiss. Those big black balls are never tapped out, she thought greedily as they walked out of the room together.

Upon returning to the party, Bill and Tracey separated. Tracey went back to her husband begrudgingly. Why am I with him when I’m meant to be with a big, strong, black alpha male, Tracey wondered as she greeted her husband once again. There’s even a sexy black man here with the perfect black cock I crave, Tracey thought as she looked back at her nephew as he nodded a greeting as someone approached. Tracey knew that no matter what she felt, Bob was her husband and the father of her child. She had loved him before, and still loved certain things about him. Still, Tracey knew that she would give in if Bill had asked her to leave her husband. I could never resist black men or their big black cocks, Tracey noted. She knew that it would never happen. Bill would effectively sever his relationship with his family by publicly taking his uncle’s wife, and Tracey knew that he did love his family. Tracey would have to live with being taken privately by the chiseled, hung black man.

“Where were you? You missed the present opening.” Bob questioned his slightly disheveled looking wife.

“I was opening a present of my own.” Tracey responded absentmindedly. She had just seen who Bill had been greeting.

Bill walked into the backyard with his arm around a beautiful young woman. Tracey knew that her name was Amanda, having seen various pictures of she and Bill together over the last few weeks. Amanda was a slender girl with long brown hair and tanned skin. Her face was very pretty, with a pointy little nose, a bright smile and light hazel eyes. Amanda wore a short tank top that showed off her pierced navel and C-cup breasts, with a pair of tight white jeans. Tracey was filled with jealousy as she heard her brother-in-law, Barry, speak up.

“Look at that. In my day you would never seen something like… that.” He stated. Tracey was aware of what he meant. She knew that where she lived, people had less than enlightened attitudes regarding race. Tracey had never dared bring one of her university beaus to her home, knowing what a scandal it would have caused. Tracey thought longingly of the men she had known and fucked so frequently in university: Trey, 8 inches and a light brown colour; JaMar, 7.5 inches and as thick as a soup can; DeShawn, 8.5 inches and with a pinkish head; Malik, an uncircumcised 8 inches. So many more too, Tracey thought fondly. I should have kept one! Who cares what everyone else thinks, at least I would get a good, black fucking regularly. Tracey looked at her nephew. I never would have met Billy without Bob, Tracey thought to herself. Actually… I definitely would have met him at some point. Bill was the only black man for miles, and was thus difficult to miss. I would have gotten to know him VERY well, Tracey confidently thought as her pussy throbbed.

“God damn coal burners. Turns my stomach!” Barry continued.

“What do you mean by that?” Bob asked, and Tracey noted that her husband was quite displeased. Tracey knew that he had heard rumours that his wife had been with black men in university, although he did not know the extent. Bob did not like Barry talking about his nephew in a negative manner.

“Coal burners! They need that black stuff to keep them hot.” Barry stated with a grimace.

“It’s only natural Barry. Women are meant to go with the strongest, most virile men they can find. It only makes sense that a girl like that would want to be with a big, strong, handsome black stud like Billy with a big… heart.” Tracey caught herself before she went too far. Why didn’t I keep doing what was natural, Tracey lamented.

“It’s not right.” Barry grumbled in response.

“You had it right, actually. Many women need their big black fuel to keep them hot. Do not judge. Come on Bob, let’s go say hello!” Tracey smiled at Barry as she grabbed her husband by the arm and walked away.

Perfect timing, Bill was thinking as he rested his hand on Amanda’s lower back. He knew that Amanda would have been yet another obstacle in attaining his blowjob from Tracey, and was glad that she had been late. Bill felt a slight movement in his pants as he thought about cumming so intensely in his aunt’s perfect mouth just minutes earlier. Bill reached down and grabbed Amanda’s tight ass. Can’t wait to get her back home for a good fucking, he thought to himself. If I still have anything left in me, Bill added as he saw Tracey approaching with Bob.

“Oh hi! I’m Tracey, Billy’s auntie. This is his uncle Bob. You must be Amanda!” Tracey said as she forced a smile at Amanda. She’s not so hot, Tracey thought to herself derisively. Tight body, but not nearly as many curves as me. Tracey was glad that her breasts had grown since pregnancy. Her ass had always been large and firm, and she noted that it hung as highly as Amanda’s despite being much larger. I have a body built for fucking black men, Tracey told herself.

“Nice to meet you both. I’m excited to meet Bill’s family!” Amanda responded. Tracey smirked to herself. She knew that her nephew ran through the local girls at a rapid pace, and Amanda would not last very long. In fact they had an on and off relationship for a number of years, but Bill had never brought Amanda to meet the extended family.

They continued to chat for a few minutes. Tracey hardly focused on what was being said around her. She isn’t even as white as me, Tracey thought as she saw Billy’s hand on Amanda’s tanned skin. There’s nothing sexier than black on white. Tracey felt the aching in her pussy. Sucking Bill off had only made her significantly hornier. Tracey’s body was not accustomed to going weeks without being fucked by Bill’s big black cock. I will compete for that black cock meat, Tracey said to herself firmly. I need to.

“Well I just hope you keep our Billy happy!” Tracey stated, interrupting what her husband had been saying.

“I plan to!” Amanda responded with a smile. Tracey saw Bill’s hand slide down and grab her ass. That lucky little bitch, Tracey thought angrily.

“Well that’s good sweetie. It’s hard to know how to please a man without experience though. Experience lets a woman know just what makes a man… tick.” Tracey grabbed her husband’s hand, but her eyes locked onto Bill’s.

“I know that I would do anything my man wanted to keep him happy. Any time, any place… and any way.” Tracey smiled as she spoke directly to her nephew, staring into his dark eyes. Bill felt his cock harden as his aunt turned away from him and started walking away.

Tracey could feel Bill’s gaze on her as she walked away. I need that big black cock, Tracey thought repeatedly. She turned around, and saw that her nephew was following her with her eyes. Tracey reached down to the back of her sundress and quickly lifted it up, flashing her bare ass for her nephew to see. His widened eyes indicated that he clearly caught Tracey’s secret signal. That big black cock needs to be in me, Tracey confidently sensed.

That ass, Bill thought to himself hungrily. Tracey’s ass was so much rounder and fuller than Amanda’s, while still being soft and tight. He no longer wondered if he had much juice left. He was already prepared to fuck.

“She seems nice.” Amanda said as she faced Bill.

“You have no idea.” Bill responded knowingly.

Tracey’s seduction continued over the next few hours. Tracey frequently found excuses to squeeze in front of Bill and grind her ass into him, always making sure to excuse herself for the disturbance. She was emboldened by the feeling of Bill’s thick cock, growing stiffer with every grinding. Bill was forced to tuck his cock into his shorts to keep his erection from showing, but Tracey had no trouble feeling it. Bill found himself following Tracey around the party with his eyes, and she often rewarded him by lifting up the back of her sundress, exposing her ass for a moment just for him to see. Tracey felt tremendous excitement as she turned her nephew on so brazenly at a family gathering.

Tracey saw that Bill had been pulled into a conversation with his uncle, Barry. He was still looking at her, staring at her erect nipples as they poked into the thin pink fabric of her dress.

“… and in my day we had REAL sportsmen. Guys like Whitey McSween, Red Smith, Harrison Sherwood. I’d stack them up against any of the punks out there today!” Barry was prattling on loudly as Tracey approached.

“Yeah I bet they were really something. I even heard of some of them, mainly from when I broke all their records.” Bill responded with a grin. He knew that Barry was full of bluster and did not particularly care for people of African descent. Bill had shattered records in football, track, basketball and baseball while in school. No one could recall a more impressive athlete.

“That’s right. Billy is the best athlete we’ve ever had!” Tracey chimed in, as she stood in front of Bill while facing Barry.

Barry offered a retort, but it did not register with Bill. He was too busy staring at Tracey’s ass, as she had both hands behind her back and flipped her dress up for him to see. Fuck that thing is amazing, Bill thought to himself. I need to get in that piece tonight.

Tracey was careful to make sure that Barry could not see what she was doing. From his vantage point, all he could see was that Tracey had her hands behind her back. Tracey loved sexually teasing her big, black nephew in front of his racist uncle. Bill loved staring at Tracey’s sexy, white ass.

“None of those white boys are any match for Billy. Everyone knows that black men have the most strength and endurance.” Tracey responded to Barry’s long diatribe. She got aroused thinking of Bill’s physical attributes. I wish Bob was even half as big and strong as Billy, or had even one tenth the endurance. Just as Barry’s face turned a bright red at her response, they all heard the call for supper. Tracey finally covered her backside and she and Bill headed for one of the picnic tables set up in the backyard.

Bill and Tracey sat next to each other at a picnic table, the spotted tablecloth falling covering both the table and the laps of those who sat at it. Tracey saw Amanda approach and sit on the other side of Bill, giving him a short kiss before taking her seat.

It isn’t fair, Tracey thought, rueful of her situation. No one loves black men as much as I do, and no girl knows how to get big black cocks to cum like me. Why should she get to enjoy that amazing cock while I’m with little Bobby? Tracey was always jealous of Bill’s girlfriends, but she knew that she could not begrudge him. With a big black cock like that it’s only natural for him to satisfy his desires, Tracey thought with a slight tremble. If only I could be with Billy. We would be so happy, Billy and me, Ariel, all the little black babies I would birth. Tracey felt her arousal coursing through her body. I would be able to satisfy his every sexual need if we were together all the time, Tracey continued to fantasize. Billy could have me whenever he wanted, and I would get all that black cock and black seed I could handle every day. Multiple times per day, Tracey corrected herself. I would do anything to satisfy Billy and that big black cock! Tracey felt her carnal desires building ever higher. Her pussy was wet and practically pulsating as she put her hand under the tablecloth and reached for Bill’s crotch. Tracey quickly found what she was looking for as she pulled out the big black cock and began expertly stroking it.

Bill felt his balls tighten. Unbeknownst to the other people at the table, including his girlfriend and various aunts and uncles, Bill’s aunt Tracey was slowly jerking off his big black cock underneath the table. Bill knew that no woman he had encountered knew how to handle his equipment as skillfully as Tracey, and her soft hand was already having the desired effect. I need some white pussy, Bill told himself. He knew that he could not wait until after the party to fuck Amanda. I need that round white ass, Bill thought firmly. He looked over to Tracey. One of her shoulder straps was down, and Bill could see that her nipples were still erect from when he had played with them.

“I need you in me.” Tracey whispered quietly to her black nephew. Bill stared into Tracey’s vivid blue eyes and nodded. She felt her body shiver with passion.

“White or dark Tracey?” Bob asked his beautiful wife as he brought a tray of meat to the table, oblivious to the fact that she was giving his nephew’s big black cock a handjob right in front of him.

“I need some dark meat badly, and lots of it.” Tracey replied to her perplexed husband.

“I’ll have white… whatever parts are most tender.” Bill added. He brought his hand to Tracey’s thigh underneath the table. Bill moved his large black hand until he could feel Tracey’s warm, wet pussy. Tracey spread her legs and moved forward on her seat. Bill plunged his middle finger deep into Tracey’s hungry pussy and fingered her wildly.

Tracey and Bill contributed little to the dinner conversation. Tracey found herself nearly orgasming as Bill’s long black finger slid in and out of her pussy. It took all of her strength not to let out a primal scream of lust. Tracey found herself too distracted to continue rhythmically jerking the big black cock she lusted after, and began massaging Bill’s balls in her hand.

“What’s the matter Tracey? You’ve hardly touched your food.” Jill asked, noticing Tracey’s flushed pink cheeks. Tracey had both hands planted firmly on the table, to keep her from touching herself in front of the family.

“Noth… nothing… I’m just getting off… I mean feeling off…” Tracey struggled to answer. Even Billy’s big black fingers can get me off better than Bob ever could, Tracey thought as her orgasm built.

“Are you sure hun? You seem different.” Bob inquired further. NO KIDDING, Tracey thought. You don’t even know what I look like when I’m really cumming. Tracey tried to answer, though each breath was rapid and betrayed her lust.

“I’m just cum… cumming… CUMMING” Tracey was on the verge of climaxing when Bill pulled his finger out of her pussy, which had clung desperately to him. Bill was enthralled from having gotten his aunt so aroused in front of the family. Tracey could only think of getting fucked hard by the man who had given her so much pleasure.

“I think I’m coming down with something. I’m going inside…” Tracey spoke breathlessly as she got up from the table. She left a small wet spot on the bench behind her. Please, don’t keep me waiting Billy, Tracey begged internally. I NEED to get mounted by my big black bull!

Bill lingered at the table for a minute after Tracey left. His balls throbbed as he reflected on what had just occurred. Bill brought his hand up from underneath the table and rubbed his fingers under his nose. He could smell Tracey’s lust strongly, as her sweet smelling juices dried on his finger. Bill was more than ready to take her.

“I should go inside and help her!” Bob said, clearly worried about his wife.

“No, I’ve got this. I know what she needs.” Bill stood up and quickly turned around before his uncle could move. I need to tap that big, sexy white ass. Bob sat down and watched the large black man go to his wife.

Bill walked into the house and through the kitchen. Upon walking into the next room, he felt his aunt jump straight into him. Tracey wrapped her legs around Bill’s waist and pressed her lips into his. Bill noticed that he could feel Tracey’s erect nipples against his chest, even through her dress. They were both ready to burst.

“You want more of that black baby batter?” Bill asked Tracey after pulling his lips from her.

“Take me you sexy black beast!” Tracey moaned as she bit down on Bill’s earlobe. God I love kissing and sucking black men, Tracey thought as she pulled at the small flap of black skin.

Bill carried Tracey up the stairs, desperate to find a location that would afford them the opportunity to fuck. Billy’s hard black muscles are so strong, Tracey thought lustily as she was carried up the stairs. He’ll find us a place to make love.

Bill walked into one of the rooms upstairs, which had formerly belonged to his uncle Bob. Sorry Bob, he thought to himself as he dropped Tracey to the floor, ready to screw her brains out. Bill lifted Tracey’s dress over her head, while she did the same with his shirt. Bill bent forward and aggressively took Tracey’s tits into his mouth, sucking each in succession. Tracey rubbed Bill’s arms as he grabbed her puffy white globes. Black skin is perfect, Tracey thought to herself. I should only be touched by luxurious black skin. Bill moved behind Tracey, ready to begin nailing her from behind. Tracey reached behind her to Bill’s shorts and pushed them down until they hung around his knees. His large cock sprung up, smacking into Tracey’s ample ass cheeks with an audible plop sound. Tracey felt Bill’s thick lips on her neck as her head swam with lust.

“… think she went up here…”

“…better not be near my wallet…”

Tracey and Bill heard two men approaching the door. Tracey quickly pushed Bill behind her, terrified that they would be caught together. Bill hid behind the blue curtains to Tracey’s rear. Tracey covered her pounding womanhood with one hand and stretched her other arm across her breasts as the door opened.

“BOB! BARRY! GET OUT!” Tracey yelled as the men came into the room.

“… I was just checking that Bill hadn’t…” Barry had stored his jacket in the room and worried that a young black man would steal his wallet if given the chance. He took the opportunity to stare at his gorgeous, naked sister-in-law.

“GET OUT!” Tracey shrieked, forcing an embarrassed Barry from the room.

“Tracey you’re naked…” Bob gawked at his wife. She looked amazing with her smooth, supple legs pushed together and her hand covering her most private part. Tracey had taken up running, giving her stomach a sexy level of definition even after her pregnancy. Tracey had a naturally womanly shape though, and her hips remained well rounded. Tracey’s arm covered her nipples, but the rest of her breasts bulged out all around the obstruction. Her angelic face was still flushed, and featured an expression of both shock and nervousness.

“OUT BOB!” Tracey yelled once again, still covering her body as best she could. As far as Tracey was concerned, her body was for black eyes only. She did not want white men like Barry, or even her husband Bob, seeing her naked.

“I thought you were sick… and besides you look amazing…” Bob was getting excited. He was hardly ever given the opportunity to see his sexy wife’s naked body anymore. In their earliest married years they had sex with great regularity, and Bob was always satisfied. Over the last two years however their sex life had almost completely deteriorated. Tracey claimed that she had no sex drive during her pregnancy. In the nearly 16 months since she gave birth, Tracey still claimed that her sex drive was affected. Bob could hardly believe that the woman he had married, who had loved sex so very much, could survive on the two sexual encounters they had engaged in during the past year. Still, Bob trusted that his wife loved him and that her sex drive would soon pick up.

“I am sick… I just needed to cool down for a bit. I must have a fever.” Tracey explained. I have the black fever, Tracey thought to herself. I need my medicine from a big black cock.

“Well I hope you’re cooled down, but you’re making me all hot. Maybe we can fool around in my old room?” Bob was hopeful. He had not seen so much of Tracey’s body in months. His wife often went to bed with him wearing a long nightgown, and refused to let him so much as expose her shoulder. Bob noticed that Tracey still bought sexy lingerie with regularity, and he had the credit card bills to prove it, but he never saw her wearing any of it. He looked forward to the day when they would end their funk and he could see Tracey in her sexy attire.

“Absolutely not! Get out of here Bob.” Tracey chastised her husband. Gross, she thought. Like I would have sex with Bob’s little white penis, especially when Billy’s big black cock is in the room!

“Please Tracey… just a little bit…” Bob was saddened, but not completely surprised. Tracey was still affectionate in public, but once they were in private she seemed to have no interest in him.

“Don’t beg Bob… just go.” Tracey said. How pathetic, she thought. A real man doesn’t beg for sex. A real man takes it. Tracey mused that Bob was not a real man, not compared to what she had experienced. A real man is strong, hung like a horse, and black as night. Billy is a real man, Tracey knew.

Bob left the room with his head hung low, having never noticed the long black cock poking straight out from between the curtains. Tracey revealed her body once again after Bob had left the room. Billy emerged moments later and grabbed Tracey’s waist with his strong hands.

“You ready to fuck?” He asked her.

“Yes baby! Take me with your big black cock!” Tracey pleaded. Bill was amused by Tracey refusing her husband’s pleas for sex and then turning around and begging him for sex.

“Too many people in the house again. We’ll head somewhere else, then you’re getting all the black meat you can take.” Bill pulled his shorts back up and picked up his shirt. He waited for Tracey to put her dress on again before leaving the room. Tracey took Barry’s wallet and placed it in her nephew’s shorts. Bill noticed that Tracey was smiling from ear to ear.

Bill and Tracey were both titillated as he lead them through the house. They were both incredibly horny, and were both high on the excitement of almost getting caught numerous times. Bill took Tracey down the stairs and to the front door.

“Tracey, I’ve had the baby for the whole party and…” Janice spoke to her sister-in-law as she whizzed by with Bill. She was holding Ariel as she spoke.

“Then you won’t mind holding her for a while longer.” Tracey interrupted. She would never be so unpleasant under regular circumstances, but her pussy was throbbing uncontrollably and she knew that she needed an orgasm. She gave her daughter a quick kiss and chased Bill out the door.

Tracey grabbed Bill’s hand and held on to it as he took her around the house. They returned to the backyard, now empty as the party had moved inside. Bill stopped and surveyed the yard before deciding on his course of action. He pulled Tracey to the far picnic table on the edge of the yard, just outside the woods. Bill and Tracey moved around the picnic table so that their backs were to the woods and they faced the house. The sun was preparing to set to their right, bathing them in the day’s last orange light.

“Oh Billy I need you to…” Tracey was interrupted before she could continue.

“No more talk. Time to fuck.” Bill was tired of distractions. He lifted Tracey’s dress over her head and threw it to the ground. Tracey was standing outside naked except for her jewelry, with Bill taking particular note of the black spade anklet, and her black high heels. He bent Tracey over the picnic table and knelt behind her. Bill was eye level with Tracey’s plump ass cheeks and grabbed them, alternating between squeezing them together and pulling them apart. He could feel the heat coming from Tracey’s loins and could smell her liquid desire. Bill wasted no further time before plunging in face first to Tracey’s pristine ass and pussy.

Tracey could feel her knees buckling. A massive orgasm was brewing as Bill went to work on her. Bill began rapidly sticking his tongue in Tracey’s pussy, tasting her juices and preparing her for what was to come. The hours of sexual arousal had left Tracey’s pussy feeling very sensitive, and feeling Bill’s large tongue sliding rapidly in and out of her pussy left Tracey writhing in ecstasy. Tracey could feel Bill’s wide nose pressing against her delicate asshole, sending further excitement through her body. I’m so lucky, Tracey thought blissfully. Strong black hands grabbing my ass, and my lover’s tongue in my pussy. Tracey knew that it was time. She pushed her ass backward, causing Bill’s face to press deeply into her ass and his tongue to push deep into her pussy. Tracey’s orgasm rippled through her body, causing her to wail in pleasure. She held on tightly to the picnic table to support herself as Bill continued tongue fucking her. The previous hours of horniness strengthened the erotic sensations Tracey was feeling throughout her body, but she knew that there was still so much more in her. While Tracey was still moaning, Bill pulled his tongue from her dripping pussy and stood up, dropping his shorts to the ground.

Bill lined up his black cock with Tracey’s pink snatch. Bill could still taste Tracey in his mouth as he pushed his lower abdomen into Tracey’s ass, his hips pulled back so that the tip of his black monster pressed against his white treat. He wrapped his black hands along the crevice between Tracey’s lower back and her firm, full white ass cheeks. Now this is a body built for fucking, Bill thought enthusiastically. He finally thrust into his aunt’s still convulsing pussy.

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