Helen and I spent a long time on our fine dinner and even better conversation at Kim Son Restaurant. It was nearly nine in the evening when we left. I let her drive my car and she took us to the lesbian nightclub she had previously showed me.

She walked up to a lady that seemed to be security and hugged her. The woman appeared to be startled at seeing her but almost immediately returned Helen’s hug with a big kiss. Helen said something into the woman’s ear and pointed to me. The woman’s face showed great surprise before again kissing Helen.

Helen grabbed my arm and led me to the dance floor and kept me there until I needed a beer.

I noted I was not the only guy there by far and further noted I was not the only one accompanied by a lady. However my guess was that the majority of the men in the place were most likely gay. It was an interesting mix of people and wondered what Helen had done to get herself thrown out.

Helen and I had our second beer of the night by the back bar and I watched as several women walked up to Helen and gave her big kisses.

I was also amused by the stunned look on their faces when Helen told them she was with me.

We left after our beer and I noted on the way out that there was now a long line of women waiting to get in. Many waved at Helen. Apparently I was out with a legend.

Helen drove us to a strip club in a large shopping area across the freeway from a mall. She kissed the two female police officers at the door then led me to a corner at the back and told me I had to stay there.

She then disappeared into the crowd.

That was when I noticed that the audience was all female and so were the dancers. It was a lesbian strip club. I wondered why it had never crossed my mind that there would be such places.

I looked around and I was shocked to realize I was the only guy there. Weird, lots of guys in a lesbian nightclub and no guys in a strip club. Strange world indeed.

Helen returned holding the hand of a nearly naked Japanese woman she introduced as Cindy and they both asked me to follow them. I soon found myself going up a set of stairs that ended in the control room for the lights.

Helen pointed at a unit and said, “This thing does not work. When you told me the name of your company I knew I had heard it before and while we were dancing I remembered.

I have no idea if you would know anything about this particular thingy but I hoped that maybe….”

I had already removed the control panel and saw the usual problem with that model. It was a motion tracker; it was supposed to follow a designated moving object with a camera. It was perfect for concert venues since a spotlight could easily replace the camera.

The problem was that the wires for the unit when there was a spotlight attached were too long and would get caught in the tracking arm. I asked the ladies for any tape and as soon as I had the cable out of the way I re-booted the machine.

As I sat and fiddled with the program I did notice that Helen was making full use of Cindy’s body, one hand was working on a tit and the other was inside her G-string. Cindy had her eyes closed as she leaned back on Helen who was in turn nibbling on Cindy’s neck.

I then remembered what Jana had said to Helen on the phone and realized that this was that Cindy and this was that club.

I allowed their kiss to linger before I cleared my throat to get their attention

“Will it work?” Cindy asked me somewhat breathlessly. Helen’s hand was still inside Cindy’s g-string.

“Yes, I just need a target, I assume it is supposed to follow the dancer.”

They both nodded and as I waited for the next dancer I heard a deep moan. Helen had apparently made peace with Cindy.

The DJ started new music and announced the next performer. It was Inga.

I looked at Cindy and she nodded. I turned the unit on and noted it also controlled the house lights. They went off and Inga had all the light in the joint on her. The crowd roared their approval. Helen gave me a ferocious kiss. Cindy gave me and Helen passionate kisses then went down the stairs.

Helen took off her jeans and panties, took my cock out of my slacks, sat over it and fucked me hard until her orgasmic scream almost drowned the stage music. She stayed on my lap and kissed me lovingly for a while then got up and dressed. She kissed my cock then put it back in my pants.

“I will take care of that later.

I can’t believe what I just did. Had we been caught that would have shut down this place permanently and that mob downstairs would have ripped me to shreds.

You are a bad influence on me. Thanks.”

She demurely sat on my lap and before she kissed me she ran a finger between my lips, the finger that had been in Cindy’s pussy.

Cindy interrupted our kiss and said, “We need some light in the club area. The women are getting bold with each other down there. Can you control that from here?”

“It is part of its program. It may take a minute to find it and someone needs to relay to me when I have the lights at the level needed.”

“Helen you stay at the top of the stairs and I will relay to you up or down,” Cindy said.

I soon had things how she wanted and saved it. Helen led me downstairs but before we made it out the door Inga, Jana, and Cindy gave me passionate kisses. One of them gave my cock a squeeze.

As she drove us back to my place Helen told me about the club and explained that Cindy’s husband owned it. She also told me that most of the dancers were amateurs, including Inga and Cindy herself.

Helen said, “The rules for females dancing for females are either less strict or mostly ignored and the place is perfect for hunting pussy. Believe it or not most of the women there are straight, but most can also be talked into some pussy. I love straight pussy.”

I said, “If you like you can drop me off, take my car and go back there. However, I would need to find you in bed with me when I wake up in the morning.”

Helen looked at me like I was a recent immigrant from Neptune.

“I have no interest in pussy tonight. I want you. Your cock has a good chance to be the first such disgusting object in my mouth ever. I want a sixty-nine. I want you to kiss me a lot. I want to be in your arms when I fall asleep, I want at least two good fucks before I have to go home tomorrow. I want your cell number on my speed dial in case of emergency,” she ranted.

“Yes ma’am,” I said not even trying to control my happy grin.

Much to my surprise she took my load in her mouth and swallowed.

Much to her surprise I turned her to me and kissed her.

Much to both our surprise my cock was hard again before we finished our long kisses and we had a long, slow, loving fuck.

She again fell asleep draped over my body.

I realized that the feel of her body on mine as she slept would end that night. I had to work hard to keep my emotions in check.

The next morning she used a lot of my mouthwash before we got in the shower. She again brushed our teeth but with a bit less clowning around on her part. She did not brush my eyebrows. Neither of us had any toothpaste foam in our mouths when our after brushing kiss ended.

As soon as we were back in bed I covered her body with mine and started a hard fuck that I kept going until she had a loud orgasm. I then turned us over and she took over the fuck but at a much gentler pace. We kissed a lot. We talked.

“I was surprised you let me cum in your mouth last night,” I said.

“I did not see the point of doing half the experiment. It was just as disgusting as I feared.”

“So you are adding it to the “what was I thinking” file.”

“No, I am glad I did that for you. I had a nice orgasm as you began to flood my mouth so that helped distract me. I will admit that I was surprised by the fact that I liked the feel of your cock in my mouth.”

“I was very pleased with the feel of my cock in your mouth. You already knew I love your pussy in my mouth.”

“I was shocked when you kissed me. I was stunned by how pornographic that was. I was ecstatic when we could fuck before we stopped the kissing. I doubt any woman ever experienced as fantastic a first blowjob as I did.”

With that statement she got serious about the fuck and we again reached our primary goal together.

We cuddled and rested then dressed and went down for breakfast. Afterward we just strolled around hand in hand.

“Most of my masturbations are with my fingers,” she said out of the clear blue. “I have nice toys but I seldom use them. What I am trying to tell you is that you don’t need to fuck me a second time today like I demanded last night. My pussy is a bit sore. You have already fucked me more times than I have been fucked in my entire life and probably for a hundred times the time. I will give you another blowjob if you like.”

I kissed her softly as I absorbed her revelations and said, “In that case lets go to the symphony concert this afternoon.”

“I don’t have anything to wear to it, my clothes are at Inga’s house and we would not make it there and back in time.”

“In that case lets go shopping for a dress.”

“She chose a very nice green sundress and we dressed at my home with just some minor incidents involving her tits. We walked to the symphony hall.

She surprised me by leading me straight to the VIP room and jumping into the arms of a tall brunette and kissing her.

“This is Edie, a cousin. She is slumming this afternoon and is playing with the symphony today,” she said to me.

“This is Roger,” she said to Edie.

Edie must have seen or known something because instead of shaking my hand she kissed me on the cheek.

“I though you were coming last night with Jana and Inga,” Edie said to Helen.

“I was, umm, distracted last night. We did see them later. I am here on Roger’s tickets today. Where is Allen?”

“At the opera house. The mezzo he adores is performing in the matinee. It is the alternate cast today.”

“I hear the triangle choir. Break a leg. Love you,” Helen said to Edie.”

Edie kissed Helen on the lips then kissed my cheek as she patted my shoulder. On the way out Helen stuck her tongue out at the symphony conductor who immediately pretended to chase after her to strangle her as Helen pretended to run away.

Apparently there was a lot to Helen I did not know.

The symphony was playing some very popular works that day so our choice of seats had been limited. Helen wanted front orchestra seats anyway, which are too close to see the entire orchestra but are very close to the violins. I soon saw why she wanted those seats.

She made eye contact with a second violinist and ran her tongue between her lips. The woman tried to frown around her grin, which sent Helen into giggles.

A viola player looked at Helen with a thinly disguised look of want. I recognized her as one of the women that had come up to kiss her at the lesbian club. Helen nodded in her direction and blew her a kiss.

I was sure it had nothing to do with me but I somehow I knew the viola player had already enjoyed Helen for the last time.

I did not feel the same thing about the violinist. I had the impression they liked playing together.

We spotted Edie as she spotted us. Helen pretended to be about to grab my cock then in a flourish picked up the program that was on my lap. I gave them my best major disappointed look, which brought giggles to both.

As he strode in the conductor gave Helen as stern a look as one can give while smiling.

During intermission Helen again led me to the VIP room and was immediately accosted by a tall striking blonde that said something to Helen in German. Helen answered in German and kissed the woman on the lips. The woman shook her head, kissed Helen on the lips then pulled her over to the conductor.

He looked down his nose at Helen and turned away so Helen immediately pinched his ass than ran behind me to hide.

The conductor did an excellent imperious look, said something in German and went to smooch some actual VIP’s. The blonde lady said to me in English, “It’s OK. He said he will kill her later.”

Helen stepped out from behind me and kissed the blonde lady again and pretty much kissed her way back to our seats.

I was about to ask for an explanation when the conductor returned to the podium. He now had a big grin for Helen.

The concert was great. In my short stay in the city I had become a fan of the orchestra. I was sure they were the most underrated symphony orchestra in the country.

As we were filing out after the concert Edie caught up with us and grabbed Helen’s hand. She was still in her working clothes and carried her violin case. She said, “Lets go to the opera house. We should be in time for the last act.”

We hurried to the next block, went through the front of the opera house to the back building where the orchestra seats entrance was and rushed in. A tall old man readily accepted hugs from Edie and Helen in lieu of tickets.

His nametag read Byron and he was much taller than my six foot almost one. He told the ladies that, “James and Lucy, Wendy and Jim, and Ben and Janice are in the lounge. We started late. There were a lot of walk-up tickets sold and then there was some kind of problem that Allen was trying to figure out. We are just now getting to intermission.”

We made our way to the backstage lounge where Edie and Helen were greeted by ferocious hugs from two tall redheaded guys that looked like brothers, and two older guys that looked like old time movie stars. Then they got hugs and kisses from two tall blondes that reminded me of Jana, and redheaded woman in costume.

Helen introduced all of them to me and again she introduced me by just saying, “This is Roger.”

The guys shook my hand with enthusiasm and the ladies hugged me and kissed my cheek. The older blonde took the redhead in costume aside and told her something. The costumed woman immediately came to me and I got one more hug and kiss.

Her name was Wendy and she was the wife of the guy that looked like the star of a WW II combat pilot movie. The other guy was the husband of the older blonde and looked like a star of a TV western.

Before I could spend much time trying to figure things out Helen asked Allen what kind of problem had cropped up. He said the tracking spot would not move. He had to shut it down.

“Is it a Mobieus?” she asked Allen.

He nodded yes and Helen looked at me in such a way that Allen thought I might be able to help. Allen immediately hurried me to the control room and I found myself face to console board with my nemesis. It was the model that doomed the company.

It was the same as the model I had been originally sent down to fix at the Musicals Venue three blocks away. It had taken me over three weeks to get that one to behave and the company folded before I could get to the one at the nearby rock concert venue. I did not know until that second that the opera venue had one too.

The units were designed to track up to five individual people by a face recognition interface. It was designed as a security surveillance unit but spotlights could be added to track the subjects.

Because they had been added as an afterthought the spotlights had made the unit unreliable. The best it had ever done with spotlights was to track three people.

The spotlights had been precariously mounted too close to the optics so that dust, excessive heat, and the slightest jostle changed what the optics told the program it was seeing.

The machine was confused when the faces it had locked in suddenly changed and the machine did not like to be confused. The program immediately crashed or when in a good mood simply shut down. Allen had shut it down before the unit did either so I had some hope I could get it to do something.

I asked Allen for duct tape and a clean cloth then for the password to the unit. When I had everything secured, cleaned, and rebooted I asked him to send out one performer the spotlight was supposed to follow back on stage for a minute.

I figured I did not have time to set the program for more than one performer; after all we were in the intermission of a major operatic performance.

Not surprisingly the lead soprano came out. She knew to look up and as soon as I had her programmed in I gave it a test.

Allen and I watched as the spot tracked her stage right. She looked up and smiled then went behind the curtain.

By then the stage manager and the light technician were with us and I told them that I had only given the thing first aid and to treat it gently, not to ask it to do too much. They told me they were happy since there was only one guy working the spots and now they could just keep it on the tenor.

They shook my hand and patted me on the back. I followed Allen down and as I reached Helen the world famous soprano joined us and asked who fixed the spot. Allen told her I did and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

One of the most famous voices in the opera world had just kissed me. I was stunned.

“Thank you,” she said. “Stars of my magnitude deserve a spotlight on them at all times. Don’t all of you agree?”

Helen’s family and friends answered her statement with a chorus of raspberries, which prompted the soprano to curtsy and say, “Thank you, you are so kind.”

Big laughter and lots of hugs ensued for the Diva after that bit of theatrics. The Diva seemed to fit right in with the family and not just because of her red hair but because she was as “touchy feely” as all of them. In fact the only one keeping his hands and lips to himself was me.

I was amazed by the fact that a world-class opera star felt so at ease with Helen’s family that she felt free to put the diva in her aside for a few minutes.

I asked Wendy if she was playing the countess.

She answered, “Why yes. Did the cheesy costume give it away?”

Groans and boos followed that remark which is the appropriate response for a pun but my big grin obviously scored some points for me with Wendy. I love puns anyway.

I learned that Allen’s favorite mezzo was his Aunt Wendy. She had the smallish role of Countess Camembert in the Merry Widow production. The Diva was of course Hanna, the merry widow. It’s an extremely demanding role and I was not too surprised that the Diva was performing with the alternate cast. There may not have been another lyric soprano that could handle the role within a thousand miles.

Their loud, boisterous conversation ended when they heard the overture and somebody said, “Places everyone.”

I had thought they said that only in movies.

Backstage is the worst place to see and hear any kind of performance. For one thing you do not see the performers very well and the scenery not at all. For another there are a lot of people between you and the stage.

Helen had apparently been waiting for me to realize that because as soon as she saw my frustration she took my hand and led me to a spot directly at the back of the stage. All the others were sitting on the floor leaning back against the wall. Their eyes were closed.

Helen and I sat with them and I immediately understood, the acoustic brought all the sound right back to where we were.

I had never paid attention to the role of the countess and had never really listened to mezzos.

Wendy had the sexiest opera voice I had ever heard.

After the very well received performance ended and we had congratulated the performers Helen’s brother asked her if she had a ride back home.

She said, “Yes, Roger is taking me.”

Before anyone saw the shock on my face her Aunt Wendy was hugging me and saying dinner was at her house. She and all the ladies kissed me, this time on the lips, and the guys patted me on the back.

As Helen and I walked back to my condo I figured out that the reason I could not get the grin off my face was because taking her home was exactly what I wanted to do.

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