Inspired by the new Bioware MMO set in the Star Wars universe. I own none of the characters, obviously.

Celestra collapsed on the floor, facedown, her large breasts pressed against the rough carpet of her quarters. The stocky engineer had held herself upright as long as Sulmad was pounding her ass, but as soon as he dumped his load in her, she fell forward, unable to support herself any longer. Partly that was due to the fact that his orgasm (and a rough finger on her clit) had triggered hers, but it didn’t hurt that he’d released his iron grip on her short hair when he’d cum.

Despite meeting a dozen times since she’d showed up, naked under her coat, at his room to thank him for saving her, she didn’t want to look at him while they were fucking. Or afterwards, for that matter. He might have introduced her to pleasures she hadn’t imagined, but she was still ‘proper’ enough not to do that. Havenites are weird, Sulmad mused to himself as he poured her a drink, cleaned himself up and headed out.

Though it felt rude to his cultural programming, it was what she wanted and for the news she’d just brought him, he was more than willing to humor her cultural quirks. He actually whistled as he walked into the bright sunshine of late afternoon. And the pair of muggers who tried to steal his good mood along with his credits actually got to live, without their weapons, admittedly. On the flipside, they had gained several more bones, even if they were smaller than the ones they’d started out with.

Affixing rad sensors to all the speeders had been Sulmad’s idea, but it had been Celestra who did the work. And who didn’t just attach simple radiation detectors, but the more powerful scanners that had picked up traces from his ship’s engines as well as the bomb that Wraith had been looking for. Admittedly, they were in the Separatist Stronghold, but with both of their goals therein, he wouldn’t be going in alone.

A brief stop to collect Corso Riggs, the mercenary Skavak had betrayed and robbed at the same time he was hijacking Sulmad’s ship, turned into a longer stop when Vidu (the local underworld leader) confirmed that the ship would be there for another day or two as he’d finally heard back from his contacts. It turned into an even longer trip when he stopped to flirt with Vidu’s girl, Syreena, a pretty brunette, with a sharp tongue and soft hands.

Finally, he headed out, flanked by the mercenary. As a general rule, Sulmad didn’t trust easy, but Corso was no deeper than his scarred surface. Tough as leather and a good shot, but not exactly a deep thinker. So long as Sulmad didn’t sign up with the empire and smiled at folks instead of stabbing ‘em right off, Corso’d fight for him and die for him, if need be. The next stop was a reward for that loyalty. The cantina was closed for the night, allegedly for renovations, really because Wraith and her pair of pals were having a night in for once.

The nude, restrained Rodian caught his eye and the mercenary started forward, only to be jerked to a stop by Sulmad. “Wraith.” He said. Moaning was coming from behind the bar, opposite where the Rodian was chained so she could watch, but not reach whatever was happening back there. Sulmad stuck his head over and caught sight of the special forces soldier and the bartender curled around and over each other, each of them focused on pleasuring the other with fingers, tongues, on Ryn’s side, lekku and on Wraith’s side an impressively large bottle that made Sulmad feel just a bit inadequate. Corso, who’d followed him over, almost drooled over the beautiful women, though he did flush bright red and cover his eyes. Eventually.

Wraith pulled her head, though not her groin free and glared up at the mercenaries. “What?” She growled as the Twi’lek moaned her annoyance into the soldier’s pussy.

The annoyance faded as Sulmad explained what they’d found, though the lesbian never rose up off her partner’s face. “Good. We go in the front. Tomorrow. Dawn. Be there, or be left behind.” She gasped as Ryn slipped two well lubed fingers into her ass. “Now get outta here before you make me lose my bet. I got two days on my knees riding on this.”

Sulmad nodded politely and dragged his peeking fellow out of the cantina.

“That was…something else, Captain.” Corso said.

“Depends on the night.” Sulmad countered.

“Lucky dog.” Corso muttered.

“Only some nights. Others…well, the selection can be a bit thin on a smuggler’s station. And often everyone pretty has already got a partner who’d take talking to them amiss. Though they might not miss with their blasters.” Sulmad explained.


“Corso. Do me a favor. Stop by the Jalor Hotel and ask for Lamalla Rann. She’s a reporter. Tell her that we’re attacking the Separatist stronghold tonight at midnight, by coming up through the tunnels. After that, you’re free until dawn. Okay?”

“You want me to lie?”

“Not to her. She’s a smart woman, she’ll know it’s bull and she’ll know how to spread it around so whatever spies the Seps got in here hear about it too.” Sulmad soothed the chivalrous mercenaries conscience with the truth, for a change.

“On it, Captain.” Corso agreed, swaggering off. The shadows gave him and his blaster rifle a large amount of clearance.

Sulmad found a dark corner, ruthlessly evicted the mugger who was lurking there and made a quick call. “So, you finally ready to collect?” Lamalla asked, the holo wasn’t high enough resolution for the mercenary to make out details, but her half-dressed state was obvious.

“If it’s necessary. A friend of mine is dropping by.”

“Pimping me out?” The reporter asked, offended or amused.

“No. No orders here. But, there’s a good chance he and I will be quite dead before long. Do me a favor? You and Qo’el remind him that there’s a lot of reasons to want to be alive.”

She stared at the tiny holographic mercenary before her. “Not a problem.” She purred.

“Oh, and feel free to spread any…thing he tells you around with a big shovel, but not published under your name.” Sulmad continued. She could almost hear him replace the word ‘bullshit’ with ‘thing’.

“Understood.” The reporter agreed. Almost naked shoulders shrugged slightly, which, entirely coincidentally, caused her shirt (such as it was) to fall off. “Oops.” She continued, unconvincingly before hanging up on Sulmad’s suddenly smiling face.

Sulmad gathered up his things, giving Vidu’s girl a smile and a couple of flirtatious comments before he headed out. Yael wasn’t in her hut, so he waited. Sleep was something he caught whenever he could and this was a nice opportunity. The Cathar’s bed was more of a nest after she’d shredded it during their first session, but it was comfortable enough for a man who slept in full body armor.

He woke as soon as the door opened, but Sulmad didn’t move as the Cathar snuck to the bed, looked down at him and pulled off her clothes, before gently stripped off his armor, picking apart the laces and baring scarred flesh. When he was naked, he moved as if he’d just awoken, spinning them around and pinning her to the bed with a single easy motion. One hand was on her throat, the other back, prepared to strike before he froze. Green eyes softened and he released her. “Sorry about—why am I naked?” He asked, as if he didn’t know.

“Thought you’d be more comfortable.” Yael responded, twisting to bring a soft, fur covered thigh against his hardening cock.

“Really? Is that what you thought? Or, were you thinking of sticking my cock in your cunt and using me until you came on it? Again?” Sulmad asked, his voice containing the smile she could barely see in the shadows of the hut.

She stiffened under him as if he’d suggested she ate children (a common slander against the Cathar). “Without your permission? Never.”

“Then why am I really naked?”

“I thought it would make it easier to get your permission.” She admitted impishly.

“Oh, indeed it will. For your information, just you being naked would have been plenty to make it hard…for me to say no.” He concluded with a smile of his own.

“Really?” White canines flashed in the darkness as she twisted under him, legs spreading. “I’ll remember that.”

Sulmad slid back. “Roll over. Up on all fours.” He commanded, hands helping her get there in the dark and groping her unsubtly, just the way she liked it. Furry hands grabbed a thin tube of lube from beside the bed and passed it back. “I take it this means you want it in your ass?” Sulmad asked, one finger dragging along the outer edge of the cat-woman’s pussy, noting its wetness.

The Cathar refugee moaned and whispered her response. “Don’t care where, don’t care how, just fuck me, Human!”

The mercenary smiled as he lubed up his cock. “That how you want it, Cathar?” He reduced her to a pile of furry and lusty traits that had (almost) nothing to do with the woman on all fours before him.

“No. Damnit. I want you to fuck me. Lira-Kan, Humans may be great lovers, but you ain’t exactly swift, are yo—” She was teasing. Then she was yowling. In between the two states, seven or eight inches of thick Human cock had been pressed relentlessly into her tight ass.

Her ass, not having evolved as a trap was looser, loose enough, in fact to be of minimal interest to the average Cathar male. This was another facet of the evolutionary competition between primitive Cathar males and females as the males preferred not to become fathers (and assume the responsibilities that went along with that) but did enjoy sex. Not taking said responsibility never occurred to them. Unlike the man who was currently balls deep in Yael’s ass. Also unlike them, Sulmad was bigger in every relevant sense, so she was still plenty tight for him.

The Human bent forward, groping her breasts as roughly as he could manage from the moderately awkward angle, remembering she needed it hard if she was to feel anything through that thick coat of fur. “How’s that for swift?” He asked.

She opened her mouth to answer and Sulmad bit down (fairly) gently on a tufted ear. Her yowling turned to howling and she fucked back against him desperately bouncing, grinding and writhing against him. “Harder! More!” She growled endlessly. When her savagery actually made his cock slip from her ass, he knocked her hands away, forcing her face into the bed. It stifled her shouts, somewhat. One hand pinned her hands behind her at an arousingly painful angle while the other guided his cock back into her ass.

He pounded her rapidly, using her own hands as a handle to fuck her warm, tight ass. Claws sharp enough to cut armor plate flexed uselessly in the air, an ever-present reminder of his conquest’s savagery.

An extra quarter inch raised on her hands, a painful twist and a finger in her cunt silenced her commands. The same process that had trapped his cock the first time they fucked, trapped the first two knuckled of his middle finger. Then, half-a-dozen lubed, buggering thrusts later, his ring finger, followed by the pointer and pinky.

When Sulmad felt his own orgasm approaching, he made a fist as best he could, around her clit and squeezed hard. The fingers inside her could just barely move (as most cocks don’t flex like fingers), but it was an entirely new sensation for the Cathar. She roared into her pillow and her ass clamped down around him as Sulmad’s own orgasm came.

Every muscle in his body tensed as he flooded her beautiful ass with his cum. This prolonged her own orgasm beyond anything she’d ever experienced as his palm ground against her clit and his fingers twisted and turned inside her, doing unbelievable things to her pussy. The rough grip pinning her own hands didn’t hurt, nor did the massive (for her) cock in her ass. They did hurt, actually, but she liked that.

Finally Sulmad came down, releasing her (and noting that her pussy had released his han) before collapsing, onto the bed, not onto her still sharp and still flexing claws. He lay on his back and just watched as the indomitable Cathar refugee lay there, ass in the air, hands still behind her back, though no one was holding them there now, his cum leaking from her ass, hers from her cunt.

As the afterglow faded, her arms came around, pushing her into a sitting position. She flexed like the cat she resembled, carefully licking her sensitive cunt and sore ass clean before pulling herself over to Sulmad and making sure that every drop of his cum went into her belly. The mercenary patted her on the head, scratching her behind the ears slightly as he sighed contentedly.

She wrapped herself around the exhausted mercenary. “So, what’s with all the stuff?”

“Found my ship. Getting it back’s going to be…tricky. If I don’t come back, well, you can use this stuff more than my corpse can.” Sulmad answered with a shrug.

She looked up at him, eyes worried. “You’ve always made it out before.”

“It’ll be tight and nasty.”

“I’d have thought you liked that.” Yael purred.

Sulmad grinned in the darkness. “Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, I’ll pick up my stuff and say my goodbyes.” A well-muscled arm wrapped around her furry self comfortingly, though the fingers that tweaked her nipple were more naughty than comforting. Though that was comforting in its own way.

“Well then, I’ll have to think of something to motivate you to come back in a hurry.” Yael teased. “Maybe one of us will dream something up?” She suggested.

Sulmad relaxed. He was (almost) always up for sex, but he needed sleep if he was to survive the morrow.

He slept. Shockingly well in fact, as Yael made almost as good a blanket as she did a fuckbuddy. A few teasing comments were all that passed between them the next morning as Sulmad dressed and armed himself, thoroughly and marched off to face the full might of the Separatists.

Corso made it to the rendezvous point from his own rendezvous on time, barely; armed and armored, mostly; and grinning, hugely. So went the mercenaries to war, well-fucked even before the battle began.

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