We had been married more than ten years. We loved each other very much and had taken care of each. We had grown in our sex life and had helped each other fulfill our fantasies. BDSM had always been the main theme. We started out and me being the Dom and her being the sub. Later in our life’s we had started to switch. Maybe it was part of growing or fulfilling a fantasy but was great. I found that you could learn a lot being a sub, learn to be a better Dom. She learned that too and the fact the being Domme was better than she thought it would be. So depending on our mood ….

Things were not stale, or boring and not really stuck in a rut but not progressing either. Nothing new but good times playing. One afternoon after some yard work we were sitting around with some tea to cool off. Yard work sometimes is a good time to think, alone with your thoughts. I could tell she was still deep in thought. You OK I ask? She looked up like breaking a spell she was in, yes, sure. Why?

Well it looks like you got something to say, something on your mind. What is it? Come on tell me. You know you can tell me anything, come on after all these years.

I am not sure I should tell you. Its just something running around in my head. Something I have been thinking about and can’t shake it, she said.

Ok now you are scaring me, I said.

No its nothing like that, nothing to be worried about…. Not like that. I mean, …

Its ok tell babe. Tell me, don’t be afraid, I said.

She took one more drink, and big deep breath. I have been thinking about strap on play. I like being dome, and this is the next step.

Ok….. we had saw this plenty of times in some adult movies and pictures. I know its starting to be a turn on for you. AND I have always told you that I would do anything for you.

Well, she said, it’s a little more than that. I know that normally couples would start slow and work up to it but….

Go on, tell me I said.

The first time I,,, we do this…. I want this to be… rough, she said. If we start slow I know what I want to do will never be as good as, or I mean it will never be the same as… I am not saying this right she said.

Its ok babe, I am listening. Go on. I think you are trying to say you want it rough, rape play?

Yes she said. BUT I don’t want you to think bad of me afterwards. Or why do I think of this, or like this or.

Ok I told you I would do anything for you. I meant it. I see you need this, so OK.

If I start this, I want to finish it, if don’t I will always wonder how it would have been, she said.

I understand, I said, I have my safe word and I am telling… giving you permission to do whatever you need. We had played plenty rough before, but this must be something different, something special, something more.

She just smiled, looked relived or shocked kind of.

I take that as a yes I said. Ok then, I leave it all up to you.

A few weeks passed and we said no more about it. I had not forgotten, mostly because she had never acted like that before, or been almost afraid to ask for something. So finally one Thursday evening, a normal drive home from work about 30 minutes, park the car and up the stairs to the front door. Just a normal day, nothing looked out of place. Just after opening the door and stepping in side, she was there waiting for me, black pants suit, white blouse, high heels, kind of office casual style. Hi babe was all I could get out before she kissed me. Wow I missed you too, I said, still suspecting nothing, not on a mid-weekday. Another long kiss in which she reached down and grabbed my cock. A quick smile from me. I kicked off one shoe in one direction and the other in another direction. I unbuckled belt and unzipped my pants, placing my hands on the side to slide them off. Thats when I felt the hand cuff. I looked up at her and she spun me around slapped the other hand cuff on me. A quick move I had used on her many times before, only I had never been on the receiving end before. Now I know how that felt.

With my pants about half off and my hands cuffed behind my back, I knew this was the day. She reached under my boxer shorts to grab my dick and lead me across the living room. I was trying to kick my pants off and keep up with her, or have my dick pulled even farther than I wanted or could stand. It was only 15 or 20 feet to the French doors looking out over the back deck and yard. She stopped just inside the open door and grabbed a small rope. The rope had a loop tied in one end, at least the end I saw. She slipped the rope over the top over my boxers and my dick and balls and then pulled up. This hurt a little more than the trip from the front door to here. The rope ran to a pulley in the ceiling, how long had that been there I wondered.

I did not have long to wonder. She tied the other end to a post just outside the door. Making sure I was pulled up tight. Then she disappeared behind me. I could hear the high heels on the hard wood floor, and the rustling of her clothes. She walked around me, only a single finger running around me ask she walked. She had removed her jacket and pants. Now only clad in a white blouse and those heels… plau a black thong. She stood in front of me, looking, thinking. I don’t want to get these dirty by throwing them on the floor she said as she slipped the thong off. Will you hold these for me she ask with a smile. With that she stuffed the soaking wet thong in my mouth. With me being shocked and a puzzled look on my face, she walked into the other room, the bed room.

Now I had a chance to think, wow, she has really been thinking about this. His took a lot of work, lot of planning, I don’t want to disappoint her. How long will she leave me here? What if the neighbors see. It would not take much to see just inside the door. WOW this is really stretching me. If I stand on my tip toes I could get some relief. Oh yes that’s it. That’s better. Just about the time I heard her coming, those heels on the wood floor. Without saying a word she grabbed the rope and put another wrap around the post. Now I have to stand on my tip toes. As she turned around I could see the strap on for the first time. WOW. That looks pretty big. It was not a cheap on either, well fitting, tight.

These are in the way she said, pulling at my boxers. She pulled harder when they did not tear the first pull, then when they did not tear again she really went to jerk at them. My body swinging, the rope pulling on my cock and balls. The sound of the fabric tearing, wow. Next the shirt, she stood in front of me, reached in the opening a pulled in both directions, buttons flying, I could hear then bouncing and spinning on the floor.

She walked around front of me, looking at her handy work. My legs, my calfs were hurting from standing on my tip toes and keeping my balance. She held her hand in front of my mouth but I could not get the thong out of my mouth. She grabbed a pice of the fabric and slowly pulled them out. Next she gave the rope one last tug then loosened it, slowly, allowing me to keep my balance.

On your knees bitch, she said, with her hand on my shoulder to help steady me. Now on my knees the strap on was close to my face. After about two seconds, just enough time to make sure I had my balance, she reached down to her “dick”. Just moving it around some and making sure I saw it, swings back and forth in front of my face. You like my dick she ask? Now she was swinging it around enough to hit my face.

Suck it, she said. With me still looking, thinking what to do next, a few seconds pass. She grabbed a hand full of my hair and said SUCK IT, in a loud voice. I had no choice, I opened my mouth a little and she put the dick on my lips. Slowly she pushed it in. That’s it she said. Suck my dick. Come on. More, take it all, can you? Oh yea, that s it she said as her pace quickened, pumping her dick in and out of my mouth. How many times have I sucked your dick? Now your sucking mine. You look good sucking my dick, she said with a great laugh and with that she pulled it out of my mouth.

She ran an arm under mine and pulled me to my feet. Turned me around and in a few step I was against the couch arm. With a push on my shoulders a fell face down with my ass bent over the arm. I could hear the lube bottle open, I knew what was next, no turning back now. She must have spread some lube on her dick, then she spread my cheeks and pours some down the crack on my ass, feeling in run down to my ass.

This is going to make you mine, she said. She spread my cheeks a little, letting the dick ride up and down, spreading the lube some. That’s it, that sit bitch she said, … hell it was me,… moving my body, my ass. The tip on the dick rested on my hole, relax she said. She pressed slowly in me, first a little then more. About the fourth push I think she was in all the way. Holding the cuffs in one hand she slowly started working in it and out. Oh yes she said, that sit take it all. Now really pushing it in, banging it. Faster and faster she pace quickened. Banging away, our work outs and jogging was paying off. She was in great shape and really using it now.

She slowed, then stopped, pulling the dick out. Did she cum I was wondering? I could tell she was relieved, if that’s the right word. I could hear the strap on unbuckle and see it tossed to the other end of the couch.

She pulled my shoulder back help me to stand but I was too weak dropping to my knees right at her feet. I don’t think she had this part planned, because I looked up and could see a great smile on her face and a bit of a surprise. My dick was throbbing and about to explode.

She placed a hand on my should to balance her self and raised one foot and touch my dick. Those shoes, those high heels, sexy as hell. She pushed my dick back and forth a little the raised her heel a little more. She pressed the spike heel in to my dick and balls, first one then the other, harder and harder. Ok that’s it I knew a saw going to cum. As soon a I started to say… I about to …. With that she sat her feet down and together in front of my dick. I exploded, shooting my cum all over her feet, toes and shoes. What relief.

I looked up into her eyes. She gave me that look… like well. Clean it up she said. Lick it off. Well this was going to be another first, I never really tasted my own cum, buts it a night of firsts, for me and her. I knew was waiting, waiting to see if I would do it. Well I did, I bent down first kissing each foot then starting to lick. I cleaned it all off, with her moving her feet around so I could get it all.

When I finished I looked up at her as she knelt down with me, face to face, or heads laying on each other shoulders. We both said I love you at the same time then let out a little chuckle. She whispered to me… it’s going to be hard to go back, I knew what she meant. I told her, I know, but who says we have to go back? She smiled at me and said, I mean there is no rush. That’s right I said, no rush.

We were both happy, both in love, both comfortable and enjoying our new roles. We’ll switch again… someday. I’ll be a better Dom and she’ll be a better sub. Till then….

June 2018
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