switch fight

I looked him over, studying his posture, his clothing, the way he licked his lips nervously. I mentally check over the things I have in my bag and their placement. Thank God I had brought all my rope; this was not a small man.

Sure, he came across all cocky online. Switch fight, eh? All’s fair in love and war I suppose, and I’d learned a bit about taking care of myself, even against guys bigger than me. But I had a feeling he relied too much on his bulk to aid him. He appeared to not have any equipment with him.

I look over my glasses at him, cocking an eyebrow.

“You ready to start this thing?”

“As ready as you are.”

It had started off as a joke at a munch, something about jello and wrestling. He was attractive and intelligent so I decided to take the chance. Not that I didn’t come off as super-cocky myself. But then again, what use is it to not believe in yourself?

Seeing him in person made me even more confident. Sure, he was tall, but by the way he carried himself, he had a high center of gravity. A very dangerous thing.

“Are you sure? You could just give in and spare me the work of putting you in your place.”

His response was to roll his eyes and glare at me. He had pretty eyes, at least.

We circled a bit on the mat, aware that others at the club were watching. My favorite bit of rope was in my hands, hemp for a strong grip. I need my knots to hold tonight. I say a quick prayer to St. Catherine, patron saint of fibrecrafts.

He lunges for me but misses, recovers neatly. I grab his long right arm and slip on a lark’s head around his wrist before I get down low and pull. Unfortunately for me, he’s more deft than he appears because he slams into me, taking me with him to the mat. Both of us go down, ass over teakettle.

My hand reflexively remains on the end of the rope. I pull the rest of the length in and see that he’s raised himself on his tied arm which I mercilessly yank, causing him to fall hard on his right shoulder and off of me. I roll on top of him but he uses the momentum against me.

Fuck, I’m pinned, his hips and thighs on mine. Which, I muse, he knows is the strongest parts of me. Fuck. I squirm, my arms pushing his shoulders ineffectually. He grins and pins my hands in one large one. Well, at least he smells good, with just a bit of that tang of exertion. He buries his face in my ample cleavage, savoring his victory, I suspect. He finds a nipple and I arch my back, my body wanting more. I’m enjoying the dissolution in my body which makes me feel more pliable and I push myself further into his embrace.

But I notice the hold on my hands slackening. The tension is seeping out of him as lust and hubris take over. I give him more, my hips thrusting against him.

He groans and rolls over, with me on top, his hands braced tightly on my hips. Apparently the fool thinks he has me beat. I kiss him passionately and draw his hands up to cup my breasts while continuing to grind my hips into him. I’m enjoying watching his eyes rolling back in his head immensely.

Leaning forward, I grab the rope and wrap it around his wrists for all I’m worth.

The look on his face was priceless.

Sadly I didn’t have time to enjoy it as I yanked a pair of handcuffs out of my bag and slapped them on his ankles. I settle my ass down on his chest facing away from him while securing his thighs tightly together with rope. I get up, one knee on his hipbone and grab the trailing edge of the rope around his wrists, binding it to the loops of rope under his legs. Raising his hands only tightens the bonds around his legs.

I lower myself down to his chest to pin his arms against his sides. He’s breathing way heavier than he really needed to from his exertion and I lean over to kiss him again, taking time to suckle on his lower lip. I grab his hair and look into his eyes.

“Go ahead, struggle in your bonds.”

I can feel him squirm and attempt to tip me over, but I’m right above his center of gravity and he knows it. I hum my pleasure and I know he can feel it in his chest. I grab my 3″ blade from my bag and run it along his neck. The flash of fear is intoxicating and I rock atop him.

“It might be prudent for you not to move, don’t you agree?”

He carefully nods.

“Good boy. Now breathe in for me, continuing to look into my eyes. Good. Breathe out. Breathe in again, continuing to keep eye contact. Breathe out. Now feel the bonds around you, holding you tight, as well as your breathing. You can struggle all you want, but it will only cause you to feel weaker and weaker. So tightly bound, so completely in my control now. That’s it. Continue to look into my eyes. You’re so turned on right now, aren’t you? It feels so good to have my legs around you. The smell of my cunt so close to your nose. But your eyes so locked with mine as you breathe deeply, feeling those bindings which just loosens you so naturally. Good boy, you listen to my voice so intently, your cock straining so against your pants as you smell my cunt, so very wet. That’s it. My weight against your chest, my hand on your shoulder as you feel yourself so lost to how helpless you are, especially with my knife at your neck but your eyes are still on mine, impossible to look away but still breathing deeply.”


His entire body slumps back, eyes closed and his breathing even and deep.

“That’s it. Feeling yourself growing weaker and weaker in my control. Your entire body loosening, loosing all the tension you feel, as you are so safe, wrapped up like this, wrapped up in my body and so safe.”

I’ve moved to lay beside him, leg flung over his crotch and hand stroking his cheek as I feel him relax more and more.

“You are so safe, you struggled so hard before, but I know this is what you really wanted.”

He nods, distractedly.

“But now you feel so comfortable going so deep for me now. So deliciously deep, spiralling down and down, seeing reality fade as you sink ever deeper into my control, the spider web of letting go into the bonds. The bonds which make you free, make you fly now for me. Flying now, more and more free. Your bonds making you so very horny as you find yourself bound, bound to my will in all things. Bound to feel more horny the more you turn me on, the more you please me with your tongue. Your tongue is directly connected to your cock, and you feel yourself turned on more and more the more you use it. And you can only come when I do, do you understand?”

Another nod and I can feel him shift his hips as he licks his lips. His very very swollen lips that part in his eagerness. With a flip of my knife I slice off my underwear under my skirt and hold them over his nose. He inhales deeply and squirms. Poor thing.

It feels so good to settle over the top of his face, my ass directly above his forehead. I taunt him by putting it so close, and I can feel his tongue against my thigh and he gives an impotent grunt. His cock is straining hard to the left of the rope between his legs. I stroke it lightly, flicking gently under the head and he strains his other head to bury it in my muff. I continue to lean forward, feeling the strain of his body as he so desperately wants to connect but can’t. All he can experience is the scent of my wet cunt, the tickle of my hair across his face.

I enjoy his groan as I settle my cunt onto his face, feeling him nose my lips apart and stick a tentative tongue tip onto my clit and then to either side. His nose is buried in my cunt and I let him be engulfed in it, which only causes him to lick more desperately. I tease myself and him for as long as I can stand it, before leaning forward a bit. I croon “good boy” as he takes my clit in his mouth, sucking and licking hard as I feel my wet cunt drip onto his face. His tongue is just firm enough, his lips deliciously soft around my clit and he makes such pathetic little sounds when I rub his balls.

My toes are curling and my hands balling as I get closer and closer. He sucks as if his life depended on it and I rock into him, his face pressing against all the sensitive places along my lips and his nose rubbing just inside of my cunt.

“Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh yes oh fuck, fuck yes, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!”

I barely see the large wet spot forming on his pants before I flop down, exhausted and spent.

…vaguely I become aware of the applause and look up through my tangle of hair. A crowd of people has surrounded our mat, which I dimly register before I flop back down again.

Mostly recovered, but still rather woozy, I wipe my bottom’s juice-covered face and kiss him soundly.

“Good job, boy.”

He can only look up with dreamy, infatuated, pretty eyes as I stroke his soft, fine hair and bring him back to the real world. A blanket wrapped around him, I hold him to my chest, rocking him slightly.

“Good boy, oh, such a good boy.”

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