[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "Cherry Takes on the NFL" To avoid any confusion on my reader's part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]

Things were perfect; Gary was still processing everything that had happened in his life. Holly came for a visit and she left leaving him the greatest gift a woman could give a man. This multi-orgasmic woman was such a wonderful slut. She could not be quiet, no matter what happened. For once, Gary was pleased with the results of her screaming orgasms. Rose, Wendy and Debbie had not just touched his life. They had parachuted into his heart in a wonderful way.

Wendy came to him on Wednesday and told him she was leaving Jason, her useless drunk of a husband. Gary called Dave and got the ball rolling. Wendy told him he could have everything. She just wanted him out of her life. She moved her personal belongings into Debbie’s apartment and then turned everything over to the lawyers.

Mark’s Hawaiian vacation was ending and Gary was anxious to meet his new model. When he saw Cherry on the Red Carpet with Mark, he knew that she would be perfect for the new slut-wear line that was under development right now. She was spectacular in every way. Mark told him that they would be back in Vegas on Monday and that Lori would get him the photos he needed immediately.

Gary decided he had to switch cars. Something larger was definitely required. He loved his Corvette but it wasn’t practical with four in the family. He drove over to D’Orgasmic and opened the garage. He drove in and looked at the available vehicles. Florida laws made collecting cars profitable from an estate tax viewpoint.

There were ten cars in the garage. His Candy Apple Red ’40 Ford with the supercharged 427 Chevy was his pride and joy. Mark had his deuce coupe but he had the car he had fallen in love with when he was just a kid. It was secure under the tarp. He hadn’t driven it in a while but he knew that was going to change.

The same could be said for his Lamborghini. He seldom drove this one either but he sure did like having it. He loved it when Dani was in town. For some reason, just the thought of that car got her pussy wet as could be. He had to give it to Mark; he sure could pick them. Dani was Mark’s private secretary, part-time lover and one great fuck.

He looked at his Maybach and decided that it was too expensive and ostentatious to park it at the apartment.

His motor home was unique and he used that when he wanted to get out of town. This one was several cuts above his old Pace Arrow. He laughed when he thought of all the good times he had with Connie in that rig. He smiled fondly and hoped that she was happy. She sure made him happy for a very long time.

The limo was definitely out of the question. Robert and Maggie loved it but he never used it. His ’59 Cadillac was a classic that had been painstakingly restored. The back seat was as large as a sofa.

The silver Mercedes 650 coupe, the BMW and the Audi were nice but not suitable for what he wanted right now.

He had always shared a fondness for cars with Mark. Banner was jealous of the fact that he had more cars than he did but his own vehicles weren’t shabby by any stretch of the imagination. Gary made a mental note to buy a new pickup truck. He was sure that would push Mark over the edge.

He saw his new silver Mercedes and decided that was what he wanted for now. He parked the Corvette and pulled the Mercedes Sedan out of the building. He liked this car a lot but he seldom drove it. He looked at the odometer and laughed, it only had 3,500 miles on it. Now, that he was a family man he needed it.

He didn’t go into the office. He needed to get to the liquor store and then the market before the girls got home.

He knew at some point, he would have to tell them the truth. He hadn’t said anything to them yet. He was a pragmatist. He wanted to know in his heart that their feelings were genuine and not because of his wealth. He knew in his heart that their feelings were real. They had no idea about his other life. He had taken great pains to live frugally. He dressed like a writer, he drove a nice car but other than that, he was just another single man. Little did they know?

He knew how he felt about them. These three women were exactly what he had always wanted. They were not the high fashion models he usually dated. They were women who had real world experience. They were gorgeous, sexy and loving. They didn’t just fuck like minks; they fucked like super minks on steroids. Damn, those women were insatiable.

Gary received a text from Mark that they would be back in Vegas on Sunday. Apparently, the vacation was going great.

Gary pulled into the apartment just as Rose was parking her car. She saw him get out of the Mercedes and walked over to him. She kissed him and looked at the car.

“Baby, where is the Corvette? This is gorgeous; it is the top of the line Mercedes, isn’t it? Where did you get this lovely…oh look at those leather seats. That leather is almost as soft as my pussy baby.”

Gary laughed at that. “If I had a car with pussy skin seats, do you think I’d ever get out of it?”

“Hell no you wouldn’t. There would be tongue marks all over the damned car though. So tell me, what happened to the Corvette. I love that car.”

“I have several cars but the Vette wasn’t practical now that I have three of the most delicious women in my life. I bought the Mercedes a while ago. I just don’t drive it much. I’m glad this meets your approval.”

“Gary Edwards, why do I feel there is much more to learn about you?”

“Don’t you already know enough?”

“Do you mean do I know that you are the most loving, caring guy a woman could ever hope to find? Do you also mean are you the best fucking lover on the planet? Forget the fact that you can prepare food like a gourmet chef and you bake too?”

“Yeah, that is what I mean.”

“Get your sweet cheeks inside. I have a short memory. I need food, I need sex and I need you right fucking now.”

“Hold on girlfriend. Today we all get to him at the same time.” Wendy yelled as she and Debbie had just arrived as well. “I told you Debbie, she’s greedy. We have to watch her.”

“She’s not greedy; she’s horny, just like we are. That is a nice car Gary where did that come from?” Debbie asked.

“I had it in storage. I can’t take all four of you in the Vette so I swapped this out. Glad you like it. Now, grab those grocery bags and let me in the kitchen. From the looks of the three of you, I’m going to need my strength. Food…I need food”

“Cock, you’re damned right you need food because we need cock and lots of it!” they said in unison.

Gary barely made into the apartment when they were all over him, kissing, nibbling and biting him playfully.

“I need a bigger kitchen. Hell, I need a bigger bed. I need a bigger place to live,” he laughed.

“Just put a bed in the kitchen and we’ll all be happy,” Rose giggled.

Rose and Gary went to work and before long, steaks were grilling, shrimp were scampied and the table was set.

Debbie went out to check her mail and when she came back, she was laughing her head off. “I told you that son of a bitch was fucking around on me. I am so glad he is history. Here, don’t take this wrong, look what just came in the mail for him.”

She threw a box at Gary. He looked inside and started laughing. The box contained five 200-count bottles of 200mg Viagra pills.

“There has to be a thousand dollars worth of the stuff in here. Don’t throw that out. The way you three are, I may need these soon.”

“With that cock, it will be many years before you need that. When that happens, we’ll just buy more darling,” Wendy whispered in his ear.

They ate a delicious meal and Gary learned that the women had already discussed what the plan was for the weekend. There were attachments that had to be explored. It was going to get messy in Gary’s world but that was just wonderful.

“I have to try that G-Spot attachment,” Rose said. We have the entire weekend. We have everything we need; we don’t have to leave the apartment. We don’t have to get dressed. We can just fuck our brains out all weekend.”

“I’ve been fantasizing about the G-Spot thingy with the finger attachment. Oooh fuck, just thinking about that gets me so damned horny. My pussy is so wet already.” Wendy smiled a wicked smile.

“Good you two play with the Sybian, I have cock to suck and fuck and suck some more. I promise I’ll leave some for you.” Debbie laughed as she leaned over and kissed him deeply.

“Rose, how many candles are left in the toy box?”

“There are at least a dozen left darling. I promise I won’t go overboard. They just make us so horny it isn’t even fair. No one should be this horny all the time.”

“Is this one of those things we heard from our parents, ‘eat your carrots, don’t you know there are children starving in India’?” Gary laughed.

“Fucking right, don’t waste an orgasm, there is a broken down crack whore wishing she was getting what is on our plate this weekend. So cum hard just to make her feel better,” Debbie, laughed loudly.

Gary lit a cigarette and walked into his office. He checked his messages and his email. There was an email from Maggie telling him that they were heading into Somalia to deliver food. She told him they would be back in the States in a week and she wanted to get together with him. They had been in Thailand a few weeks ago and had sent him several photographs of them and Jeremy. He fired off a reply that he missed them and looked forward to seeing them soon.

By the time he was finished, the blender was in full Rum Runner mode and he walked out to find three gorgeous women in high heels and smiles beckoning him into the bedroom. Wendy walked up to him, wrapped her lovely arms around his neck, and stroked his chest with her gorgeous tits. Rose was undoing his belt and Debbie as kissing his neck as her own luscious orbs fell wonderfully on his back.

The women were already feeling the effect of the three candles Rose had lit. It was good to see that she was becoming more fiscally responsible. Gary laughed loudly at that thought.

Rose pulled his trousers off and set them aside. Her hand was circling his shaft as she knelt before him. She held him in her tiny hands and looked up to see Wendy’s sweet tits crushed against his chest. She was kissing him deeply. Debbie’s arms came around him from behind; she was stroking his chest together with Wendy’s perfect tits. Debbie was nibbling on his ear and driving him wild.

Rose took his now stiff cock and began to lick him completely. From the day she finally had this man, she never wanted to let him go. She loved him more with each passing day. He brought her contentment. Yes, he brought her to places she never knew existed sexually but it was much more than that. This was spiritual.

He encouraged her to feel like a complete woman. He allowed her sexuality to come to the forefront of her life. She had always known she was an extremely hot woman. Very few men saw past her looks to see her for the woman she was. Gary did that. He showed her that her innermost desires need not be hidden. He encouraged her to be exactly who she wanted to be. Her desire was to be the most loved and best-fucked woman on earth. So far, things were going along just great!

Her lovely lips caressed his balls and she began to lick his shaft. Yes, he wanted her to become the complete slut she had always known had lived inside her for many years. She never had a safe way to become that wanton, cock hungry woman who had been crying out for so many years. She took his cock into her mouth and her pussy gushed as she felt him filling her hot, wet mouth.

Debbie came around behind her to lie between her legs. She began to lick Rose’s wet, sweet puffy pussy. Rose loved that her pussy was in such good hands, lips and tongues. She never would have believed that she would ever get into a relationship with a man who would not only love her but would invite others to love her as well. Debbie had a definite knack for licking her and she was improving every day.

Wendy reached down, took Gary’s cock from her mouth, and pushed him onto the bed. She reached down, helped Rose up and tasted Gary on her lips. She walked to the head of the bed and dropped her lovely, waxed pussy onto his talented lips.

Rose and Debbie repositioned themselves and they both began to suck his cock deliciously. Rose took him in while Debbie licked his balls. Rose offered him to Debbie and her lips stretched wide as he filled her mouth fully. They took turns sucking him and licking him deliciously. They played with his ass and sucked him more. They took turns with his cock and then they decided to suck him simultaneously.

Their lips touched as they circled his cock. Their faces traveled the length and breadth as their eyes were locked on each other. Rose held Debbie’s nipples between her fingers and Debbie did the same. Their lips were delivering so much love to him and to each other.

Wendy was watching them, as they loved his hard cock. She shivered as her pussy was being licked expertly. There was one thing she was certain of; if there was a gold medal to be won for licking pussy, he deserved it over every man on earth. His tongue was simply divine.

There was never a doubt that this man loved her. He took his time to insure that every part of her anatomy was thrilled beyond her wildest imagination. No man had ever made love to her the way he did.

His tongue began its magic on her clit; she was breathless with the thrills he brought to her. His touch was soft and sweet. How could a man who did not possess a clit know how to make one feel this good? Her pelvis started to shimmer and shake as she felt the first of many wonderful, mind-blowing orgasms take her to those sweet places only he could do.

Her breasts rose and her breath shallowed and she concentrated on only one thing – the fabulous tongue that was taking her to paradise. Her pussy flowed with the sweetest honey imaginable and Gary licked it all up. Her lovely pussy was smothering his face and he loved it. He kept licking her sweetly and she kept cumming, each one harder than the last. He was relentless and she now knew that he would not stop no matter what.

His tongue should eventually be enshrined – he was that good. Her toes curled and her pussy pulsed. Her nipples felt like granite as she was tugging on them. With each pull, she came deeper than before.

Wendy watched as the girls sucked him, licked him and loved him with everything they were worth. His tongue was washing her tight, tiny asshole. When it entered her ass, she shrieked. This man was the sexiest man she had ever known. She put her hands on her lovely ass-cheeks and she pulled them apart allowing him to dig his tongue deeper into her precious ass. Fuck that tongue was fantastic!

Debbie pulled Rose from his cock and she dropped her pussy onto him quickly. She needed his cock in her right now. She began to ride him viciously. The only thing consuming her thoughts all day was how she was going to go home and fuck him senseless.

That is what she wanted and that is what she was going to do. Her pussy stretched and she felt every single ridge, vein and bump on his cock totally fill and please her. This man had staying power unlike any man she had ever known. How could he not cum having two horny sluts sucking his cock while Wendy rode his face. Debbie didn’t know and she didn’t care either. All she wanted was to feel him inside her. She was insane with the lust that flowed from him. She wanted him in her pussy, in her ass and definitely, between her lips.

Unlike the other women, she had fantasized about being with him for two years. He was always so kind to her and she had considered him a friend. She had wanted him as her lover. Now that she had him, she was much more than a fleeting romance. She was a part of his life and could not believe how her life had changed. She had never been this happy in her life.

She had learned that she was bisexual too. That fact made her pussy flow constantly as well. She had the best of all worlds’ right here, right now. She had a man, a gorgeous man to love her, to hold her. She knew he loved her. It is much more than just sex with him. The sex is delicious and he and fucks her brains out constantly. When he looks into her eyes, she can see the love inside him and his kiss is earth moving.

Add to that, two of the sexiest women on earth to hold her, love her and fuck her brains out as well. What more could a woman ever want or need?

His hard shaft was pleasing Debbie so very well. Rose began to lick her nipples and her delicate finger rode along her clit as she ground her hot pussy onto him. Nerve endings she never knew existed were firing all at once. She gripped him with all her strength and as she came and rode him tightly. God, he felt so good inside her. Debbie was cumming hard and so rapidly that she could hardly sit on him without help from Rose. Her body was on fire but her heart was singing as the man she loved was pleasing her yet again. She didn’t mind sharing him, there was so much of him to go around.

Rose pulled Debbie off him, crawled onto his prick, and slammed her exotic hybrid pussy onto him immediately. She loved his cock inside her. He was so kind and so special in everything he did. When he made love to them, he made love to them. When he fucked them, it was heaven on earth. She began cumming as soon as she felt herself surrounding him. Her body craved him, her mind had to possess him and her heart sang with the love she felt for him. Right now, she wanted her pussy to weep with lust. She needed to saturate his cock with the flood of love that had been building since she woke up that morning.

Her body was rocking and he felt her spectacular muscle tone as her pussy began that sensational vibration she had perfected. He didn’t know how she accomplished it but it simply felt as if his cock was inside the softest, sweetest vibrator imaginable. If he could only package that, he’d make another billion dollars.

He knew his time had come and as Wendy was soaking his face repeatedly, he felt his body tremble.

Rose tightened her grip; the vibration increased substantially. Rose had a pussy no man could deny. His legs trembled and his arms shook as he felt himself give way. His cock grew inside her. The sensations exploded and he began to drive a rushing current of hot, sweet, ropey cum into her thirsty pussy. Rose came with him and her body flew furiously milking every drop of his love from deep within his balls. Her heart sang as he drove his cock deep into her. Her cervix was bouncing like a rubber ball on the end of his dick. She was trancelike as he stabbed into her lovingly.

She fell forward and her lips grazed Wendy’s clit as she pushed her off his face. She wanted only one thing right now. She wanted to kiss this man for the next few years without coming up for breath.

She wrapped her arms around him as he softened inside her. They kissed deeply and lovingly. His cock slipped from her pussy and Debbie climbed between Rose’s slim thighs. She was never one to let a lovely load of his sweet cream go to waste. She dove in and began to suck his precious pearls of love from Rose’s hot twat. While Rose hovered over Debbie’s sweet face, Wendy lifted Debbie’s legs and went to town on her swollen lips greedily.

Gary lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply as he felt Rose’s tits rise and fall at the delicious effect Debbie was having on her. Debbie was starting to cum from Wendy’s hot tongue and before long, three women were cumming like banshee’s while he enjoyed his smoke.

Screams of joy were heard throughout the apartment. They were loud, heartwarming and noisy.

“Damn, I need a drink. Holly, what would like to drink?”

“Holly, who the fuck are you calling Holly? Wendy snickered.

“Well, if you three are going to start to imitate her, then I’ll just call you all Holly.” The next thing he did was duck as three high heels were thrown at him in unison. He was laughing loudly and could barely walk to the bar.

“You want screams, we’ll give you screams!” Wendy exclaimed as she was adjusting the Sybian at the foot of the bed. She had all the attachments out. “Every one of these babies is going to be put to good use tonight and tomorrow.”

“And not just on us, you’re getting the full treatment too. We’ve been thinking it is about time you screamed too Mister,” Rose smiled sweetly.

“Sounds good to me, I haven’t ridden that thing is quite a while. Someone had better have their lips around my cock when it explodes and trust me, it is going to explode.”

“Oh…pick me…pick me!” Debbie blushed. Everyone burst out laughing.

“I get first dibs,” Rose smirked. “I want that G-spot thingy. I’ve been drooling over that all day. If that thing does what it is supposed to do, I want everyone to know, if I die, please cremate me and keep my ashes until the last of you are gone and have someone scatter us together. Make sure it is a warm, pretty place. I don’t ever want us to be apart. Okay? Now let me see that thing. Damn, that bulb is large; I like it!”

Gary set it up and Rose settled on it. It was a stretch but once it was inside, she was smiling broadly. Gary blindfolded her and turned the sound system up several notches. Wendy brought a candle closer and Rose took several whiffs. Gary started the rotation and Rose loved it.

“Ohmigod, whoever designed this thing is brilliant. Faster please.”

Gary turned up the rotation and then applied the vibration. Rose started humping the clit probe and she began to cum.

“This is fantastic. Oh yes, ohmigod this is perfect. I’m cumming so hard. More, faster, please spin my head off honey, turn it up baby.”

Gary turned it up all the way. Rose was incoherent, her body shook, and she was cumming like a drug-crazed whore. Wendy and Debbie began to lick her nipples. Gary decided to do something as well. He walked in front of the blindfolded vixen and took her head in his hands. He leaned over and told her to open her mouth. Gary took his cock and placed it on her lips.

She inhaled him instantly and went ballistic. She swallowed his cock as her nipples were licked. Her body was one massive ongoing orgasm that she never wanted to stop. The addition of the cock in her mouth was, she thought, the best thing possible. She was experiencing the strongest orgasm of her life.

Gary turned the machine off as he had done before. The room went quiet. Rose kept sucking him when he motioned to Wendy to get the finger attachment. He lifted her from the machine slightly and Wendy lubed her tiny ass. She inserted the finger attachment on the rectal plug and they settled Rose down onto the machine again. He turned the spinner on and Rose moaned loudly. Next, he started putting the vibrations on and he gradually increased the speeds to full power. Rose was fucking insane. She was moaning, cumming, and shrieking on his cock as he fucked her face.

The finger in her ass was the sweetest thing ever. It spun and reamed her tight ass sending sensations that were indescribable. The G-Spot ball was marvelous and she was drenched in her own flood of passion. The music was sending her into a trance and the machine was opening floodgates she never knew existed.

Her vibrating lips wrapped around his cock were delivering the sweetest sensations directly to his hard shaft. Wendy and Debbie began to nibble lightly on her pulsing nipples launched Rose on an exploration of the outer reaches of the galaxy. Her hands were shaking; her clit was vibrating and she knew it was impossible for her to cum more than she already had, but she was wrong.

She grabbed his ass and took his cock deep into her throat. She held him there, allowing the intense vibrations to please his cock fully. She slid her tongue under his cock and began to coax him to cum into her wanton throat. The girls licked her tits, the machine did its thing, and Rose collapsed onto his exploding cock. With each strong spurt, into her belly, she moaned, swooned and wanted his cock in her throat forever.

When they extracted her from the machine, she was almost comatose. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t talk and she definitely couldn’t focus on anything at all. They laid her on the bed and she was trying to smile but she had absolutely no muscle control at all.

“She’ll start giggling in about ten minutes. She’ll be laughing in fifteen and she will be relentless in a half hour. Trust me, this is a warm-up for the rest of the night,” Gary giggled as he looked and saw Wendy already seated on the machine.

He walked over to her, kissed her and put the clit sleeve on the machine. When he was sure that the clit stimulator was perfectly adjusted, he kissed her again and he put the blindfold on her. Debbie had the control and she started it up.

“Motherfucker, holy shit! Debbie, this is fantastic. Take me there baby. Oh, yes! Fuck this is good baby. This thing is fantastic. My ass! Oh my ass, Ohmigod this feels so good.”

Gary was behind her whispering nasty things in her ear. He put his arms around her and cupped her breasts.

“Fuck me darling, feel my finger in your ass. My fist is in your twat and you are going to cum for me. Cum baby, I love you, cum hard for me darling. Soak me; get that lovely pussy gushing for me baby. Feel my cock inside you. You love my cock don’t you darling.”

He began to tug her nipples and Wendy commenced cumming spectacularly. Debbie had turned the machine all the way up and Wendy lost her mind in an instant. She was shrieking and cumming and her lovely legs were trembling. Her body convulsed deliciously. Gary licked one nipple and Debbie licked the other. She was becoming putty when Gary opened her lips and placed his cock between her teeth.

She loved the feel of his cock and she sucked him deep. Her face looked beautiful as she sucked his wonderful cock. Her body spasmed repeatedly and her thighs gripped that machine tightly. Her eyes were tingling; her throat vibrating on his stiff cock. She had never experienced anything like this before. She continued cumming harder and deeper than before.

She too, collapsed onto him and as they moved her limp frame to the bed, they heard the softest giggle from the lovely, sexy Asian goddess.

Gary and Debbie just laughed.

Debbie turned to him and put her arms around him. She held his face and looked into his eyes, “Gary, I love you with all my heart. Before I ride this thing, I want you to make love to me. I want you in my ass darling. I really want you to love me, to fuck me and to slam my ass hard darling. You’re like a drug. I’m addicted. I’m addicted to you, to your love and to the things you do to me.” She kissed him deeply and lovingly.

He felt her heart beating strongly against his chest. She looked into his eyes and then his lips. He did the same and this was becoming the tenderest moment they had ever shared. Their lips danced, teased and they kissed lightly. Debbie felt his cock grow against her stomach and she pushed her hips tightly against him. Their kisses became intense and Debbie moaned into his lips.

The bed was occupied with one snickering Asian and a jello based blonde who was hovering somewhere out in the ozone. They walked out to the living room and Debbie pushed him onto the sofa. She straddled his legs and their lips locked in a wet, slutty, fuck me kiss that got him hard instantly. Debbie was on fire and her nipples were diamonds as they scraped against his chest. She lifted his chin and licked his neck. Her perfume was intoxicating which only heightened his total pleasure.

She slid down his body and took him into her mouth. Her heart was racing as her lips closed over his hard silky shaft. She looked up at him and the love she felt was total and complete. Debbie opened her heart and then her throat and Gary slid right home. Her lips closed over his broad shaft and her head began to bob. This lovely creature was born to suck his cock. Every single day, her desire and skill increased. She wanted him inside her and she climbed back onto his lap and nestled her pussy onto him. She moaned deeply as he entered her tightly. He filled her completely and her hips began to circle and rock on his shaft.

“Fuck me darling, fill me and fuck me again. I can’t believe this is happening to me. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t want this but I never thought it would ever happen. Oh, yes, you feel so good inside me. You’re everything I always wanted. Oh God! That feels so good. Fuck me darling, yes, oh, yes Gary, I love you.”

He held her hips as he took her nipple in his mouth and began to suck sweetly. His hips drove deep into her and she began to circle him frantically. She kissed him wetly and wantonly. She hung on for dear life as she began to flood his lap with her delicious cum. She was wet and he was extremely hard.

“Baby, fuck my ass, I need to have your cock in my ass darling. Nothing turns me on more than that.”

She lifted herself and held his cock at the entrance to her tight ass. She began to sink onto him.

“Oh Gary, ohmigod baby, I love this. Fuck, oh fuck. Never in my life did I ever want this but I am so into this now. Fuck my ass darling. Fuck me, fuck my ass and fuck me hard. Stretch me, use me, love me, and fuck me harder please. I love your cock in my ass baby.”

Gary picked her up, his cock firmly planted in her ass and he turned her around and sat her on the sofa. Her eyes begged him to fuck her ass hard. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide and he began to stroke long and deep into her perfect ass.

“You love my cock in your ass don’t you sweetheart? You want me to stretch your ass and make you cum so hard. Do you love the feel of a big cock sliding in and out of your asshole baby? I love fucking your hot, tight asshole. You make me so happy Debbie. Feel my cock slamming deep into you. Oh baby, your ass is so hot, so sweet and I can’t get enough of it baby.”

“Yes my love, fuck me harder, faster and deeper. I’m cumming baby, Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Her eyes fluttered and she began to shake uncontrollably. Her ass vibrated on his relentless cock and she grabbed her ankles and begged him to keep fucking her. He slammed into her repeatedly, she was whimpering and moaning, and her orgasms were total. He kissed her and she bit his lip and moaned again.

“My love, I want the machine now. I know what I want, give it to me Gary, give me the best orgasm of my life.”

She kissed him again and he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Rose and Debbie were regaining their strength and they smiled as Debbie entered the room impaled on his hard cock. Her body was drenched and she loved the feel of him inside her as he carried her.

“I know what I want baby. I want the two big cocks at once. I’ve wanted this all week,” she giggled.

Gary set her down, attached the dual dildo’s and Debbie climbed aboard.

“Yeah haw, Debbie may not do Dallas but she sure as fuck is gonna save a horse and ride a cowboy,” she laughed as she leaned up and kissed him one last time before he blindfolded her. “You just make sure I get that delicious cock too. I am so fucking horny. Let’s go”

Everyone laughed as Gary started the machine. When the dildos began to rotate, Debbie started to moan.

“Well, fuck me flying, this is absolutely wonderful. I love this. Oh, my ass has never had anything like this before. Oh, fuck I am never getting off.”

“You want me to fuck you flying, you just wait, that’s coming darling.” Gary turned the rotation up higher and she was freaking out. He had not turned on the vibration yet and she had already began to cum. He smiled at Rose and Wendy and turned on everything. Debbie was shrieking, screaming and moaning instantly.

Gary walked in front of her and she began to suck his cock in the greediest way possible. Her body was on fire, her pussy was flowing and her ass had just created a deep seven inch spiritual bond with this machine. The girls licked and stroked her while she enjoyed not only the machine but his sweet cock as well.

She was cumming so hard that she was losing control of every muscle in her body. Gary felt it when she stopped sucking. She had him deep in her mouth and she just held him there. Her body blushed beet red; her legs gripping the sides tightly; she came harder and longer than she ever had before.

Debbie was laid on the bed to recover.

Wendy and Rose were laughing uncontrollably. They tried to stop but each time they looked at each other they burst out again.

“I told you that this would happen. It happens every time. Soon you won’t need me at all. Take a good look ladies; this is Gary sulking. Every woman I have ever let use this thing calls and asks me how the machine is before they ask how I am. A guy could develop a complex.”

Wendy walked to him, her naked body shimmered and those legs drew him to her like a fish to water. Her golden locks fell lightly on her shoulder and her arms snaked around his strong neck. “I love you with all my heart. You’re my soul mate. Hell, you’re soul mate to all of us. We are so lucky to have you in our life. If you don’t pay the power bill, you’re dead meat Edwards; you hear what I’m saying?”

That did it. Gary started laughing and he couldn’t stop. He’d heard some funny things from these three but that topped them all.

“See, better sex courtesy of your local power company. Who needs men?”

The balance of the weekend was erotic, exotic, sensuous and stunning. The women were passionate and loving. The sex was out of bounds and he was truly a happy man.

That happiness would not last. As the girls were getting ready for work, the phone rang. Wendy answered it and called him into the office. He walked into his office and she handed him the phone, “Mr. Higgins from the State Department.”

“Hello, yes, this is Gary Edwards. Yes, I am the owner of D’Orgasmic Lingerie International Inc. What can I do for you this morning? What did you just say? When, where? Oh dear Lord, no, that can’t be right. I just got an email from her last night. Are you certain? Are you positive it was Robert and Maggie? Has Jeremy been notified? Yes sir, I understand. I’ll take care of making that notification. Yes, please give me your phone number. When will their remains be returned to us? Oh my God, are you serious. Yes, I want whatever can be obtained. Thank you for letting me know about this. Yes, it sure is a shock.” Gary hung up the phone, put his head in his hands, and began to sob.

“Darling, what is wrong? Was that really the State Department?” Debbie asked. Gary looked up, his three loving women were standing there worried, and they didn’t know why.

“That was the State Department alright. That was some very bad news. Robert and Maggie Carter were my parents’ business partners and that call was telling me that they have just been killed on one of their damned rescue missions to Somalia. Apparently, their vehicle hit a roadside bomb and they were killed instantly. They have always been second parents to Mark and me as well. Oh fuck, I have to tell Jill too. She is family too. She will be a complete mess.”

Wendy walked in with a cup of coffee for him. “What can we do dear?”

“I’ve got a lot of calls to make. I’ll be alright.”

“You are not going to be out of our sight all day.” Rose picked up her cell and called in to say she would not be at work today. Debbie and Wendy did the same thing.

His first call was to his lawyer Dave. Dave was a part of their gang growing up. He had worked for Mark when the Banner Agency was just getting going. He was a top lawyer and a true friend. He left Mark to work for Gary when Jeremy got in trouble. He was a friend, a confidant and someone Gary and Mark trusted completely. Gary told Dave to let Mark know. He also told him to call a staff meeting and not to say anything about this. “Just tell them that I need to meet with them immediately. Jill will be a problem but you know how to handle her. She is going to know something is up but don’t say a word. Call me back.”

He looked around and saw three inquisitive faces looking at him. He stood up and walked to the living room. He told them to sit down. He explained everything to them.

“So, not only are you a writer but you own D’Orgasmic Lingerie completely?” Debbie asked.

“I own everything, the company, their home in Windermere, the cars, the jet, everything. I need a drink. I have to call Thailand and tell Jeremy about his parents.” He walked to the bar, cracked a bottle of Jack, and went into his office.

Debbie walked to the bar. “What is that great country song, ‘Its Five O’clock Somewhere’? I need a drink too. I don’t envy him right now. This has to be a very hard phone call to make.”

He walked out of his office a half hour later. He was shaken to the core. The phone rang and it was Mark Banner calling from Vegas. They talked for a while and it was clear that both men were feeling the loss. Mark told him that he and Dani were flying to Thailand that afternoon. Gary told him that Jeremy had been told and that because of his legal situation, the State Department couldn’t talk to him. Gary told Mark that he had been the one to tell him. He then told Mark that he was heading to the office. He had to tell Jill and then the executives.

“Jill doesn’t know yet?” Mark asked. “Gary, she is going to be a total basket case. Just hold her and tell her we all love her. I’ll call you from the plane when Dani and I are airborne. I love you bro.”

He hung up and walked into the bedroom. He took out a black suit and got dressed. He honestly could not remember the last time he had worn a suit. He walked out and looked at the women. “I guess there is no time like the present. Since you are all a major part of my life, you had better come and see exactly how much my life has changed this morning. Now you’ll get to see what I’ve kept secret. It is not that bad. I just didn’t want to have to take control so soon and definitely not like this.”

They drove into the parking lot and walked into the building. The receptionist recognized him and smiled hello. He walked past her and took the elevator to the top floor. They walked into Robert and Maggie’s office and Jill was sitting at her desk. She saw Gary in a suit and sat back in her chair.

“Hiya gorgeous, everyone is assembled. What the hell is with you and the suit? Oh, fuck Gary, what is wrong?”

He took her hand and walked into the inner office. He sat her down and introduced the women to Jill. She looked at him with those drop-dead gorgeous eyes of hers, pleading for good news. Gary told her what had happened and as Mark said, she was a mess.

She had grown up with Jeremy, Mark and Gary. She was the sister that none of them had. Well, you could say that she was a sister with major benefits but nonetheless, she was family. Robert and Maggie had tried to marry her off to Mark or Gary repeatedly. She wasn’t buying it because they weren’t interested in losing one of the best friends they ever had.

Wendy and Debbie tried to console her and Gary told Rose to bring her to the conference room when she was composed.

Gary walked into the room and told everyone what had happened. There was a stunned silence in the room. Every one of the people there loved Robert and Maggie almost as much as he did. Gary looked at Ron McArthur who was President of the firm and told him that as far as business was concerned, nothing would change.

The door to the conference room opened and the women came in. Jill was still a mess but she was not going to miss a word. Gary introduced his girls to the assembled staff. He informed them that they would be seeing a lot more of them as of now.

“I want our distributors and retailers world-wide to know what has happened and to reassure them that the business would continue under the same leadership it has always enjoyed. Make certain they know that Ron and Tina are in charge of everything. There will be no change to the product.”

“Gary, how is Jeremy?” Ron asked.

“He is a mess. Jill and I are flying to Thailand later today. Have the 550 ready to go this afternoon please. We will be gone about a week. Ron, I would like to address the entire staff in the auditorium in fifteen minutes please. I will relay your condolences to Jeremy.”

“Dave, I’ve talked to Mark several times this morning. I know you have as well. I need you to do one more thing for me. Robert and Maggie’s household staff are all getting ready to retire. I need to hasten that. I will notify them when I am done here. Give everyone three months severance and accelerate his or her pensions. Make certain that they have moving assistance and no fucking around; they get full pensions and all benefits. If any of them need a car, give them one of the staff cars. I need them out right away, as I will be moving in there and I have my own staff. I want us to give them all the assistance they need. If they want to buy a home, we’ll hold the mortgage at 1%. They are family too. If there’s anything else that you think needs to be done, make it happen.”

“Gary, when will the funeral be?” Tina asked.

“Tina, I don’t think there will be one. The man from State told me the bomb was huge and there are very few, if any, remains to be returned. I would like you to arrange a memorial service in two weeks please. They were well liked in the industry. I don’t know how many people will be attending.”

Ron assembled the rest of the staff and Gary addressed them. They were shocked but reassured that their jobs would not be affected in any way. He told them he was proud of the company and of them. The meeting was simple and brief. He told them the business would be closed for three days and that they would be paid during that time.

He walked back into his office with his arm around Jill. She was sobbing and he was trying to console her. He told her to go home and pack. He checked his cell phone and saw that he did have Red and Nancy’s numbers programmed into it. He told Jill to meet him at his place in a couple of hours.

He sat at the desk and the girls took a seat. He dialed Red’s number in Ft. Lauderdale. He put the call on speaker when she answered.

Red saw the number and answered right away.

“Gary, darling, are you alright. Nancy woke me up screaming when she saw it on Fox this morning. It is so tragic. What can we do darling?”

“Do you still have the plans we worked on the last time you two were in town?”

“Yes I have them. Actually, Nancy and I went over them again and added some pretty and some sexy things.” Red replied

“Good. How busy is your contractor?” Gary asked her.

“In this economy, baby, he is hurting big-time.”

“Then get me the best for the least. I need you to make a few changes. The four bedrooms adjacent to my wing, I want them to be three ultra-luxurious suites with great closets and lots of room for shoes and all the other good things. Make them as deliciously sexy as your own place. I am heading to Thailand this afternoon. What is your schedule like? Are you in the middle of something?”

“I wish; this economy is killing me too baby. When did you want me to start?

“Next Monday would be great. I want you to come to my apartment. Three of the most delicious women you will ever meet will be waiting for you. Introduce yourselves to them and they will give you the keys to the mansion. I want this done right. I want it better than Mark’s.”

“Speaking of your fucking twin; how is that delicious hunk of man-meat?” Nancy said.

“Hi sweetheart, it is nice to hear your voice again. He is leaving for Thailand probably right now. He is feeling the way I am, very upset. We’ll survive but the next few weeks will be hard. He was so pissed at me for keeping you two a secret for over a year. What pissed him off the most was he only learned about you two from the story I wrote about the party at Hydro Bob’s.”

“Hell that was how you met Holly wasn’t it?” Red laughed.

“Yeppers, that story brought her into my life and then she brought my three lovely women into my life as well.”

“You did say three, didn’t you?” Gary, you’re getting greedy.”

“Guilty as charged. You’ll see why once you get a taste of these three wonderful, gorgeous, sexy women. I’ve already warned them about you. Just remember people, and I am saying this to all five of you, house rules exist. High heels only. I am going to be gone a week, so come up whenever you want and take care of these insatiable vixens for me.. I’ll see you next week.” Gary hung up the phone and took the girls for a walk.

He walked down the top floor hallway. He pointed out three offices that belonged to Ron, Tina and Dave. Three offices sat empty. “That was Jeremy’s and that one was Mark’s and this one was mine. They are now your offices. I will have Red redecorate them once she is finished with the house.”

They looked at him in complete disbelief. Much had changed in just a few hours.

Gary drove to Windermere. He was admitted into the gate at Isleworth. He told the guard what had happened to the Carters. They knew he was the owner of the property. He gave the guard instructions to allow the girls access anytime they wanted. He also put Red and Nancy on the list and told them that there would be massive construction going on.

With that said, he drove to the house. The girls were in awe of the homes they passed. They drove into the property and entered the home. Gary talked to the staff who had already heard the news on TV.

They were upset but not surprised that they were being let go. Gary explained every aspect of what would be happening and they understood. He gave them Ron and Tina’s phone numbers and told them that they would be in touch with them shortly.

He took the women on the grand tour and they were speechless. The property consisted of a 15 bedroom, 3 story, 34,000 sq ft. waterfront mansion complete with a brand new, gorgeous pool, 4 hot tubs, tennis courts, fabulous gardens and a 12-car garage. The home sat on 10 totally private secluded acres. This was in addition to the two additional 6-bedroom guest quarters and the 6,000 sq foot servants’ quarters.

He explained that Red and Nancy would give this place a total upgrade. “You won’t recognize this place in a few months. Anyway, I wanted you to see your new home. I hope you like it.”

“I feel like I just got off the Sybian. I’m speechless,” Wendy said.

“Okay, let’s go. I have a plane to catch. Let’s go back to the house. I need to pack.”

When they returned to the apartment, they found Jill had already arrived and had packed for him. The girls were a little taken aback that she had just waltzed in and had taken over.

“Are you okay honey? Did you get the staff taken care of?” Jill asked.

“Yeah I did sis, everything is taken care of,” Gary said.

“Sis?” Rose questioned.

Jill walked up to Rose and smiled sweetly. “He calls me that. He was the first man ever to make love to me. I won’t tell you how old I was because I don’t want him to get in trouble. I grew up with Mark and Jeremy. We played together as kids, we discovered sex together and we love each other like family. An incestuous love, mind you, but family nonetheless. Don’t worry girls, I am not out to steal your man. I may borrow him occasionally but I may borrow you three too. He always has had good taste in women.”

“He tastes pretty good too,” Debbie said.

“That he does girl that he does.” Jill joked. “How is Mark taking the news Gar?”

“He and Dani should be airborne already. They were heading to Thailand immediately. We’ll see them in about thirty-nine hours or so. It is going to be a long flight.”

They grabbed Jill’s luggage and Gary put it in the car. He headed out to the airport. Debbie was confused. They were heading to the executive airport instead of the International Airport. The girls were very shocked when they were met at the airport by two pilots. Jeff and Alan had been recommended to him by Mark’s crazy pilots. All of these men were former fighter pilots and funny as could be.

“Gary, we are so sorry. Robert and Maggie were good friends to us. We’ll miss them more than you’ll ever know. We just got back from Mogadishu last week. We never thought it would be the last time we would ever see them,” Alan said.

They talked as they walked out onto the tarmac. The girls stopped dead in their tracks as they looked upon a sensational private jet that was sitting there. Jeff began to stow their luggage when Rose grabbed Gary’s arm. “I know this has been a bad day but whose plane is that?”

“It’s mine. It is a Gulfstream 550. Don’t worry, you’ll be traveling all over the world in it darling,” he said looking at all three of them. “Speaking of that, make sure your passports are all up to date. You’ll need them. While you’re all at it, quit your jobs, you won’t need them anymore anyway. You are already on the payroll. I love you all. I’ll see you in a week. I’ll miss you.” He kissed each of them and he and Jill boarded the plane.

They stood on the tarmac as the twin Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines sprang to life and the sleek jet rolled down the runway.

The girls were in shock. Debbie drove home, and they walked into the apartment.

“Now I definitely need a drink,” Debbie said. “Do you believe all of this?”

“I can’t even vocalize what is going through my head right now,” Rose said. “Why wouldn’t he tell us? I mean what was the point of keeping all this from us?”

“Did you ever think that he may have had a good reason? After all, think about it. Debbie, you’ve known him for two years. He has always lived here. I know this is an upscale place but fuck, compared to what we’ve just seen; this is not very good. We didn’t know he even had a sex life until Holly showed up. If she weren’t so loud, none of us would ever have known.

What happened next is that we came into his life fast, hard and all three of us fell in love with him totally. Debbie, he knew you. He and I had talked briefly a few times in two years and goofy over there wouldn’t even look him in the eye,” Wendy said.

“So, let me see if I am following you. Here he is, rich and tremendously successful. He has three of us suddenly in his life. He didn’t tell us because he wanted to know that we loved him for who he is and not for his wealth?” Debbie stated.

“That certainly makes sense to me. Who the fuck are you calling goofy? I don’t know about you but I fell in love with a writer. This man is whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I thought that way last week and last night. The only thing that has changed today is the fact that he has some money. I don’t care about that.”

“I feel exactly the same way. I don’t care if he didn’t have a dime, I love him totally and completely and I love the two of you exactly the same way. I’ve never been this happy in my entire life,” Debbie said.

“I hit the lottery the day he whispered, ‘keep packing’ in my ear. My pussy had been on fire all that week. After all the mind-blowing sex, that gorgeous slut got that weekend, to hear him whisper those words in my ear was the sweetest thing I had ever heard in my life. He has thrilled me every minute since. I want the four of us to be together forever. I’m not good in bed, I’m fucking great but so are you two as well. I can’t think of any other man who can satisfy three women like us and still be standing at the end of the night. The fact that he has not just a little money but a lot of money doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that living in that home won’t be great though,” Wendy smiled.

“To the three luckiest women on earth,” Rose lifted her glass and the three women clinked their glasses in a toast. As they did, there was a knock at the door.

Debbie opened the door and started laughing. “Were your ears burning? Hello Holly, it is nice to see you again.”

“It’s Debbie, right? Hello. Is Gary at home? I heard the news and drove right up.”

“Come in sweetheart. No, Gary and Jill left for Thailand a couple of hours ago.”

“How are they? My money says that Jill is a freaking disaster and Gary isn’t too far behind him. He didn’t answer my call so I wanted to see if he was all right. I didn’t know the Carters but I did know how close he was to them. How is Mark? He has to be a wreck too.”

“Mark and Dani are on their way to Thailand as well.”

“That is good. Dani will take care of him. Have you three ladies met Mark or Dani yet?” Holly asked.

Rose got up and walked to the bar. The blender started and she poured Rum Runners for everyone. She handed Holly the glass and said, “No, we have heard his name but don’t really know very much about him.”

Holly laughed and started to speak but Wendy interrupted her. “Holly, do you know what Gary’s house rules are?”

“Fucking right I do. When I first heard them, I laughed and then I realized he was serious. Personally, I think they are the only way to live. Why?”

“Is your luggage in your car? Go get it and then, it is house rules only. We had to promise him that before he left.”

Holly looked at the three of them and smiled wickedly. She got up and walked to her car. She returned and Wendy took her luggage and put it away.

The women met again in the living room shortly. Gorgeous flesh, stunning shoes and a sea of fabulous tits prevailed. Wendy walked up to Holly and got right in her face. Their breasts touched teasingly when Wendy brought her tender hands to Holly’s cheeks. She looked deep into her eyes and kissed her with as much passion as she knew how to deliver. The touch was warm and it was wet. Wendy held her and their tongues darted in and out delightfully.

Rose was next and she moved in and felt Holly’s hot body pressed against her luscious frame. She kissed her deeply, lovingly and wantonly.

Debbie walked up to Holly and said,” Looking at you makes me want to cum so many times. I love you Holly, more than you will ever know.” She took her in her arms and kissed her deeply and lovingly.

“Wow, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. What was that for?”

“Didn’t you get the roses?”

“The four dozen roses, yes I got them. All right, what was the significance? I think I missed the point. I thought Gary was just being his usual over-generous self.”

“There was a dozen from each of us. You had so much sex that weekend and we, collectively came so many times that we lost count. I tell people it was the best sex I never had,” Rose said. “Gary lived below me for two years and I never once talked to him. Debbie and he had been friends for two years but they never did anything until you were here. Wendy and Gary spoke occasionally but nothing ever happened. Then, you, gorgeous, you happened and you changed all our lives forever. That is why we love you and you had better get used to it because, we aren’t going away and we know you aren’t either.”

The girls filled Holly in on everything that had happened and she was smiling.

“You do realize I knew I was turning the three of you on that weekend. I’m such a fucking slutty tease. I love knowing that people are starring at me and if my words can stiffen a cock or soak a pussy, then, I am in heaven. I love having that effect on people. Something told me the way he looked at the three of you that there was something missing in his life. I don’t see him as much as I want to. I can tell you love him and so do I. Many people feel the same way about him. They don’t know who he really is. There is a lot more to him than meets the eye. I can’t say more than that but someday you’ll find out.”

“If there is more to him than what we learned this morning, I am going to need paramedics.”

“What did you learn this morning?”

“Oh not much, we learned that he wasn’t just a writer. He owns D’Orgasmic and he is wealthy as hell. Other than that, not much.” Rose walked to the blender again.

“So you do know. Good, I feel better knowing that I won’t accidentally let something slip I shouldn’t. I love him, yes I do. I don’t have to tell you that I fuck him every chance I get. Why do I get the feeling that I am going to be fucking all of you very soon too?”

“We weren’t kidding Holly. We love you.” Wendy walked in front of Holly and she got a good look at Wendy’s legs.

“Has he ever told you that he has lusted over Carmen Electra for years? He said she had the sexiest legs he had ever seen until he met me. You’re legs are more like hers than mine are. That pussy looks pretty tasty too.” Holly was laughing when the phone rang.

“May I please speak to Debbie?”

“This is Debbie.”

“Debbie, my name is Kate. Most people call me Red. You may have heard Mark mention me.”

“Red, hello. How are you?”

“We’re fine; the bigger question is how are you girls holding up?

“We’re okay, a little taken back by the events of the day but all right. How can I help you?”

“Gary just called me from the jet. He wanted me to call you and tell you that we would be coming up to Orlando in the next few days. He talked to Ron and the staff will be out of the house by Thursday. We can get started earlier than we had thought.”

“So when will you be here Red?”

Holly reached for the phone. She was smiling wickedly. Debbie handed her the phone and she switched it onto speaker.

“I’m sorry, when did you say you would be getting here tonight?”

“Who is this?”

“Listen bitch, it is house rules dammit. My clit is sitting here with three of the sexiest women on earth, we all want you, and that little blonde cumslut of yours up here right this fucking minute. It has been way too long since your lips were planted in my pussy.”

“HOLLY, ohmigod, Holly baby. How are you? You delicious slut, we’ve missed you. What are you doing up there baby?”

“I came to be with Gary but he and Jill left. I don’t mind though. I have three of the hottest women with me. All I can see is beautiful, waxed pussies and my mouth is watering. So answer the question cunt, when are you getting here?”

“Hold on, Nancy, come here for a minute please.”

“What’s up Kate?”

Holly started to laugh, “My clit is hard and you are way too far away. How soon can you get packed and head that thing that Gary is not allowed to drive up her to Orlando?”

“Well, you’ve peaked my interest when you said your clit was hard. That always gets my attention. Keep talking.”

“You are the most delicious, submissive darling CUMSLUT on earth.”

“HOLLY….ohmigod! Is that you?”

“Pack your shit and get up here tonight. Gary’s gone, Jill is gone but we’re going to party.”

“We’ll see you in three hours,” Red said.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking over,” Holly said as she handed the phone back to Debbie.

“Not a bit. I have a call to make.” She looked at Wendy and Rose who were scrambling for their phones as well.

They each called in and quit their jobs. Life in Gary’s world was going to be the life they were going to enjoy as well.

Wendy walked over to Holly and knelt in front of her. “Since I was the last one of the three of us to enjoy Gary, I want to be the first one to enjoy you.”

She ran her hands up Holly’s beautiful legs and Holly parted her legs wide. Wendy’s face traveled up her thighs and her eyes were focused on her lovely, large clit. Holly’s pink gash looked so inviting and her scent was intoxicating. Wendy kissed her inner thighs and Holly began to flow. She glistened as Wendy got closer and when she began to open her folds tenderly, Holly moaned.

“Oh, you delicious slut, you’ve been paying attention to the master. You lick pussy just like Gary does. I am going to love this so much.”

Wendy opened her lips and ran her tongue from the bottom to the top, along the right side. Her tongue was wet and gentle. She loved the taste of this woman and Holly’s hips began to move and flow in unison to her sweet tongue. Wendy moved her tongue lower and up the left side. Holly was wet and getting wetter as Wendy began to open her inner lips. The pink swath opened and her color was intense. Wendy inhaled sharply at the sight and the flavor of this woman she owed so much. She wanted to please her, to tease her and to love her wholeheartedly.

Holly’s long, lovely clit was begging to be sucked but Wendy had a long memory. She grabbed Holly’s ankles and held her legs wide. She began to kiss her legs and she held them up in front of her. She kissed her thighs and then began to kiss the backs of her knees. Holly started yelling and moaning and loving what Wendy was doing to her.

Wendy held her legs wide apart and kissed back up her thighs. She spread her wide and brought her mouth to her pussy yet again. Her face dipped lower and Wendy began to lick between her ass and her pussy. That lovely sensitive inch was a Holly hot spot and she knew it. Wendy drove her wild until she pushed her over the edge. Wendy’s lips hovered over Holly’s tight, tiny asshole; her tongue began to slowly circle with her wet tongue.

“You sweet delicious cunt. Lick my asshole baby. Lick my asshole and I’ll do anything you ever wanted and more. Fuck, this is absolutely fucking wild. Stick your tongue in my ass darling; fuck my ass with your tongue, Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck yes, baby. Oh dear me, Oh your tongue feels to fucking good.”

Wendy drove her tongue deep into Holly’s ass and she loved it. This woman was everything Wendy thought she was and so much more. Wendy moved up her slippery slash and her lips closed over her lovely clit. She held her hood with her lip and she began to take featherlike licks under her sweet, long clit. Holly started cumming instantly.

“Oh fuck baby, oh, fuck you are so good, lick my clit girlfriend, suck me, lick me. Girls, lick my tits, Oh yes, fuck me, fuck this is so good! Motherfucker, don’t stop. Yes, yes you delicious slut, make me cum more, I want more, fuck I love you, more bitch, lick me, bite me, fuck me I love this. Oh, fuck this is so fucking good!”

Rose and Debbie were licking and sucking her nipples. Holly was flailing on the sofa. Her body was drenched and she was cumming hard. Wendy was relentless. She was doing to Holly what Gary did to her every night. She was hell bent on driving this woman over the proverbial edge.

Wendy’s face was soaked and she was cumming as she was licking Holly’s nectar hungrily. Holly was kissing Rose and Debbie repeatedly and she was screaming so loud. She wrapped her legs around Wendy’s neck and raised her ass off the sofa. Her back was arched and she was shaking so much.

“You cunt, you delicious, lovely cunt, lick my cunt you bitch, I love you, I needed this. Lick me suck me. Take it cunt. Here it is baby. FUCK ME! I’m cumming.”

Holly collapsed on the sofa. She kissed Debbie, Rose and she looked at the lovely creature between her legs and put her hands on her face. She pulled Wendy to her and she kissed her spiritually. The kiss was so long and so deep. She was shaking and quivering and still luxuriating in aftershocks as her pussy was still on fire.

The phone rang. Debbie answered it.

“Hello darling. How are you?”

“I’m fine Gary, how are you and Jill?” She put the phone on speaker.

“We’re okay. We just landed in LA. We have to refuel here before we fly to Honolulu. We are going to get something to eat and then we will be airborne again soon. Did Red call you?”

“Yes darling, there has been a change of plans. I hope you won’t get angry but they are coming up here tonight.”

“Why would I be angry? I didn’t think they would be there for a few days. What happened?”

“I happened my love.”

“Holly? What the hell? How are you sweetheart?”

“I heard the news. I am so sorry darling. You didn’t return my call and I got worried. I drove up here to be with you and Jill but I missed you. I love these women Gary. I can’t tell you how much I love you and them too. Anyway, I was here when Kate called and well, you know me. They are on their way. It should be fun. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind one bit. Fuck girl, you know us. We would rather be there licking pussy and fucking all of you instead of this. Wendy, Rose and Debbie I want you to listen to me and know that what I am about to say I mean with all my heart. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. Having said that, on my desk is my private phone book. Jim’s number is in there. Holly please call him.

Girls, Jim is a good friend. He is young, horny and I like him a lot. Holly can tell you how good a fuck he is. I had talked to him last week and he was going to come over this weekend but he wasn’t sure if he had to work or not. I couldn’t get in touch with him so I guess he did. There is going to be six of the horniest women on earth over there. Please do this for me. Call him. Get some of his friends to come over and fuck your brains out girls.

Just know one thing. Jill and I are going to Thailand to be with one of the largest porn producers on earth. Jill and I are sad, yes, but we are going to be laid too. This is my world. You know that. When I make love to you, I make love to you. When I fuck you, we fuck wonderfully. I am saying this to Holly as well. When we party, we party and it is no holds barred, fuck ’til you drop.

Holly, according to Jim, after the party, all his friends were so jealous of him. When you walked to the bar to get him, they were shocked. They are all good looking men and they would kill to fuck you. Enjoy my darlings. Now, with Red and Nancy, I really wish I could turn this plane around and join you.

Rose, you want lots of cock to suck my precious. Well, this week should give you, more cock than you’ve ever seen in your life before. Enjoy them but don’t break them. I want some of them when I get back too.

Wendy, if you haven’t already found out, Holly’s pussy is addicting. You won’t need the stethoscope this time.”

“Already found out? What are you inferring Gary?” Holly was giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Her face is wet isn’t it?”

“That would be an understatement darling,” Holly snickered. “How is Jill?”

A loud pop was heard and Jill took the phone. “Hi Holly. I was close by.”

“You delicious cunt, you were sucking his lovely cock weren’t you?”

“It is a long flight; I’ll probably fuck him many times before we land in Thailand darling. Yes, that pop was his long cock leaving my mouth. What the hell did you think it was?”

“Jill, I love you. Take care of our man.”

“Will do Holly, I miss you baby. Girls, I’ve learned something that makes me feel wonderful since we took off.”

“What’s that Jill?” Rose asked.

“Well, until now, there has only been one women that he was truly ‘in love’ with and that was Connie. I say until now because he loves the three of you more than he has ever loved anyone. I just wanted you three to know that.”

“Jill, my heart just skipped a beat. Thank you,” Debbie said.

“One more thing, Holly you know the secret button don’t you?”

“Yes darling, I know where it is.”

“Okay, there are enough party favors in there to last a month or more. Enjoy them and party. It is some good stuff too. I hadn’t had the opportunity to say anything about this yet. I hope it doesn’t freak my girls out.”

“Are we talking about what I think we are talking about darling?” Wendy asked.

The bong is at the bottom of the drawer. The mirrors and tubes are underneath and the rest is obvious. Enjoy those orgasms. I’ll call you when we land tomorrow. I love you all.”

“Give my love to Jeremy baby,” Holly said. “Tell him I am seriously thinking about doing that movie with his two pilots.”

“Oh my fucking god, you can’t be serious.”

“What the fuck are you talking about, I guarantee they will both have you and Mark tickling their tonsils before the day is over. They are gorgeous. Jeremy sent me their films. I want to fuck them too.”

POP, “I plan on it,” Jill giggled.

“Love you all, Good bye for now.”

Jill looked up at Gary. “They will be fine darling. I know this won’t be our normal trip to Thailand. I am impressed with your women. They are lovely, nice and sexy too. I hope they learn to like me too.”

“Jill, they will love you. They will lick you and send you into orbit baby. They love to fuck, they all are addicted to pussy and you’re right, they sure aren’t hard to look at either.”

Jill put him back into her mouth and swallowed him deep. “It has been too long since I had your hot cock in my mouth darling. I miss it. I love you Gary. I always have and you know, I always will.”

Holly started laughing uncontrollably. “Remind me to bite Jill’s clit off next time I see her.”

“I take it Jeremy has a couple of good looking pilots. Hell, Gary’s pilots are not bad either,” Rose, giggled.

“Not as good as Jeremy’s. They are delicious. They are two retired fighter pilots. They are simply stunning. Hand me my purse Wendy.” She took out her phone and flipped through some photo’s. “Here is one of them. Scroll through these.”

The photo was of an Asian woman who was positively stunning. Each photo was a little more risqué. There were photos of her getting naked and then there were photos of her with a lovely cock in her mouth. Rose kept scrolling until she dropped the phone.

She handed the phone to Debbie and looked at the photos. Holly sipped her drink.

“Are you fucking kidding me? I’m with you Holly; I’d do that in a heartbeat. That has me so hot. WOW!”

Debbie reset the photos and handed the phone to Wendy. When she saw them, she was so turned on.

“They are fucking trannys? Look at those cocks. They are gorgeous. I want to suck those cocks and play with their tits. Fuck, I’d be riding them so hard.”

“You know, I am so glad I did what I did. You three are perfect for him. He’s so wonderful, so loving and so very kinky. It is what I love about him. I am fast falling in love with you too.”

Holly walked into the office and called Jim. She told him that Gary had to fly to Thailand but that there was currently four of the hottest, sexiest pieces of ass on the planet here already and that two more were on their way. He told her that he was off all this week and that he had thought about the day he met her often. She asked him if he wanted a repeat. He said he loved the idea. She asked if he had any friends who would be interested and available. He told her he several friends who had already seen her and they would love the chance.

“Are they all bi?”

“Yes Holly. As a matter of fact, most of them sucked me off just to get a taste of your delicious pussy.”

“Are they available baby?

“There are at least a dozen of them that are sitting at home right now. When did you want to start this party?”

“Right now darling, I want your cock and so do they. We are going to be partying several times this week. It is going to be a fuckfest if they are interested. We want to see you guys sucking some serious cock too. Do me one favor Jim. Make sure they are all shaved clean. We don’t like flossing while we are eating baby.”

“I’m at Gary’s. Call me back and tell me what you’ve arranged. You have to tell them one thing. House rules are house rules. Unless you are cooking, you are not allowed to wear any clothes. The women must be in heels and that is it.” I know you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“Do you mind if a couple of the guys are black?”

“Fuck that sounds great. How are their cocks?”

“Besides delicious, they are long, thick and perfect.”

“See you soon darling.”

Holly walked out and looked at the girls. “We definitely have a party going on. Jim said that there are at least a dozen fine young men coming over and they are available all week so it is going to get wet in here.” She looked at Wendy, “Speaking of getting wet, girl, there are only two men who know how to lick pussy like that, Gary and Mark. You’ve learned well dear. Have you girls met Mark yet?”

“No. Apparently, we have an invite to an upcoming party at his place. All Gary would say was it would be wild.”

“Wild is an understatement. You’ll see for yourself. Mark and Gary are identical. They look the same, they talk the same and they are both wildly successful.”

“We saw him on TV. He is a good looking man,” Debbie said.

“Oh he is very good looking. He is a fabulous lover. Imagine making love to two of Gary simultaneously. I can’t describe it; I can only tell you the last time I fucked them, I lost my voice. Their cocks and techniques are identical. They are the two best lovers in the world.”

The phone rang and it was Jim. He told Holly he had everything arranged and they would be there at 6 pm. Holly looked at the clock. It was only 4:30 pm. We still have time to get to know each other a bit more. Red and Nancy won’t be here for another couple of hours. She went into the bedroom and flipped a switch. A drawer opened up and she started extracting the party favors.

She took the bong out and the weed. She then pulled out the mirrors and the rest of the stuff.

“I’ve never done this,” Debbie said. “I’ve smoked pot and actually I like it but I’ve never blown coke before.”

Rose and Wendy both said they had done both before and they didn’t have a problem with it. They were both pleasantly surprised that Gary was into it.

Holly set up the mirrors and then cut eight nice sized lines. She went and prepared the bong. She lit it and passed it around. This was some major league weed and they were all flying in a very short time. Holly took Debbie to the sofa and brought a mirror to her. She showed her what to do and she took two long lines and made them vanish.

Holly sat the mirror aside and she kissed Debbie deeply. She was reeling before Holly began to please her. The drugs were hitting her hard and her nipples sprang to life immediately. Her body was floating on a delicious magic carpet of total bliss before Holly started to taste her. Debbie experienced a wave of lust unparalleled in her universe.

Holly was a master of all things erotic and she took Debbie to heights never experienced before. Her hot mouth opened Debbie and loved her unabashedly. Her soft talented tongue teased and tickled Debbie who was flowing profusely onto Holly’s sweet tongue.

Wendy and Rose were licking her tits and Debbie was lost in the passion. Every fiber of her body fired and her orgasms were non-stop, sweet and delicious. Debbie’s toes curled and her legs flailed as she ground her hot twat into Holly’s pretty face. She drenched Holly and whimpered as her body was twisted and turned with the lovely orgasms she was experiencing. Debbie’s screams closely matched Holly’s vocal endeavors and she never once cared. She loved the rush, the love and the wet, wanton lust flowing from her body.

Debbie collapsed and began to giggle.

“You are one serious fuck Holly. Dear lord, that was fantastic. I just hope and pray I can become the slut you are. You are sensational.” Debbie kissed her deeply.

Rose passed her the bong and Deb took a long pull.

Rose drew in two lines and turned to Holly. Her eyes were glazed and she giggled, “I hope you like Asian food darling. You gave me so many delicious orgasms the last time you were here. Now I want to return the favor.”

Holly did a couple of lines and they walked into the bedroom. They laughed, hugged and kissed as they fell to the bed. Holly dove into Rose’s perfect pussy and Rose fell into hers. They licked, sucked and ate each other into a total frenzy. Their bodies glimmered as they tasted, touched and loved each other into a steady stream of orgasmic bliss.

Wendy was on fire. The coke had hardened her nipples and her clit was profound. Debbie began to lick her and she was cumming instantly. Debbie drank her love with glee and Wendy gushed her love onto Debbie’s greedy face.

Screams were coming from the bedroom and Rose was flying all over the mattress. Holly was rolling with her, licking every drop of her perfect wet pussy.

There was a knock at the door and Debbie left Wendy’s throbbing pussy and looked through the viewfinder. She didn’t bother to put on a robe; she opened the door butt naked to the delicious redhead and her tiny blonde companion.

“Kate, Nancy, I’m Debbie welcome.”

Red walked in to the muffled screams of the two insatiable sluts in the bedroom. Debbie closed the door and Red looked in her eyes and smiled. “Goddamn Gary, he sure knows how to pick them. You are gorgeous. Who is this?”

“Kate, Nancy this is Wendy. Rose is in the bedroom with Holly.” Wendy walked over to Red and appraised her critically. She kissed her and said, “Gary said you two were fucking hot. He sure wasn’t kidding.” Wendy took their bags and put them away.

“If you have clothes on, I’m not talking to you cunt! Get your ass in here and kiss me you two,” Holly yelled.

“Oh this is going to be good,” Nancy, laughed as they walked into the bedroom. Nancy leaned over and kissed Holly. She tasted Rose on her lips. “Hi, I’m Nancy. You must be Rose. Your pussy tastes terrific. I’m going to just love you.”

Red kissed Rose a warm hello and then she pushed Holly back on the bed and crawled between her legs. She began to lick her hot pussy and Holly was moaning instantly.

“I’ve missed your tongue girlfriend. Fuck, I’ve missed you.”

Red crawled up and kissed her deeply. Rose was blown away by the beauty of these two fantastic women.

“You got here quick. How did you manage it?” Holly asked.

“We would have been here earlier but well, we had a little problem on the turnpike. We, or should I say Nancy took care of it.”

“I hope he was cute Nancy.” Holly giggled.

“Cute and tasty too. We had to be careful, they have those damned dash cams now but hey, the ticket would have been huge.” Nancy smirked.

“Good, get ready, we have a dozen surprises on there way over here right now. You two had better get ready. I only know one of them. Gary and I partied with him before; he is young, gorgeous and he can fuck like a racehorse.”

Nancy stood up and her tiny skirt fell to the floor. She unbuttoned two buttons and she was naked and delicious. “I’m ready.” Her tiny tight body was sexy and looked wonderful.

Red did the same thing and her perfect body was everything Gary had said it was and more.

Wendy walked in with a tray of Rum Runners. Debbie had the bong and she passed it around. “The good stuff is behind the bar. I don’t know about offering that to the others. It is there for us though.”

Nancy and Red went to the bar and did several large lines as a knock was heard at the door.

Holly went to the door and looked out. She saw Jim standing there and she opened the door to greet him stark naked. He walked into her arms and she kissed him wonderfully. She looked over his shoulder and saw a sea of good-looking young men who were staring at her in awe. She told them to come in and they stumbled through the door. If they were in awe while standing out in the hall, they were mesmerized when they walked inside.

Holly introduced Jim and the rest of the guys to the women.

“Come with me and I’ll show you where to hang up your clothes,” Holly said as she led them to the spare bedroom. “When you have that done, come back into the living room.”

While the men were doing that, drinks were poured for everyone. The bong was refilled and Holly had Debbie, Rose and Wendy sit on top of the bar.

Jim led them back into the living room. There were twelve good-looking men, four black and eight white total studs. Holly and Red took over and lined them all up. Holly walked up to Jim and whispered in his ear. She kissed him and then Red took over.

“We are so glad you could come over today. We hope to play with you a few times this week if that is all right with you. In the mean time, it is nice to see that you are nicely shaved. We hate sucking hairy cocks just as we know you want to lick our perfectly shaved pussies.

We love to party and you can rest assured that you will enjoy your time with us. Well, just so that you know, there is nothing off limits with us. Ass, mouth pussy, all combinations work for us. We are the horniest sluts you’ll ever meet. We will drain you, fuck you and suck you ’til you drop. Jim knows what Holly is like. So do we. She is one of the best fucks you will ever have.

We understand that all of you are bi too. We love watching men doing men. Nothing is off limits.

There is one thing you all need to know. There is only one man on this earth that owns our hearts. We love him and no one will ever take him away from us or take us from him. We want you to know that before we start.”

“Wow, he is one lucky man.” One of the guys said.

“He is one hell of a man. I wish he was here today,” Jim said.

“Baby, he is the one who told me to call you and get this party going. He missed seeing you last weekend; I know he wanted your cock too.” Holly told them.

Red turned to the girls and said, “Since this is your first time at a party like this, we are going to show you how we party.” Nancy hit the remote control and the big screens came to life, the stereo came on and the lighting changed to the ‘let’s fuck our brains out’ setting.

Nancy walked over and selected three men and Holly grabbed Jim and two others. Red picked three guys and they moved them into the center of the room. The women looked at each other and they inspected the fine cocks that were in their hands. Satisfied with that, they turned their backs on the guys and walked to the bar. Each one dove into the three wet pussies sitting on the bar. They began licking and kissing them and they had them spread their legs. Red had them each slowly running their fingers up and down their beautiful pussies as they watched.

As if on cue, they turned and walked to their men and knelt in front of the three amazing cocks that were presented to them. They began to suck and within seconds, they had all nine cocks hard and wet.

Wendy, Debbie and Rose were passing the bong back and forth and fingering their pussies when the other three men walked over to the bar. They lowered their heads and began to suck their three wet pussies. They were thrilled at the talent the men showed and they watched as the other three took on the balance of the team. Nancy was balls deep with a lovely black cock in her throat. Another one was fucking her pussy while the third was licking her pussy.

Holly had Jim firmly planted in her throat. She was playing with his balls and she was sitting on a nice long one too. Her third was licking her nipples and playing with Jim’s ass.

Wendy began to cum as the man with his face in her pussy was good and she loved his tongue on her clit. Her hips crushed his face and she was cumming like crazy watching the display in the living room.

Rose was cumming on her man while she was looking at all the cock she was going to suck and fuck. Her cum flowed in torrents onto his tongue, and whoever he was, he was good at his task.

Debbie loved the feeling of an unknown man tugging and pulling at her pussy lips. His tongue slid deep into her twat and he too was pleasing her well. She was cumming before his fingers started teasing her asshole. She took a deep breath as his long finger slid into her ass and his tongue washed her pussy walls beautifully.

None of them had ever done anything like this before but they sure were enjoying it. Rose leaned over and pulled up a mirror. She inhaled and passed it along. They were wasted, wanton and hungry for more.

Nancy, Red and Holly had impaled their asses on three strong cocks and their pussies were about to be invaded too. Rose was sure Nancy would break; her tiny body was stretched very wide. The men stroked them deep and they were in heaven. Holly was getting loud.

“Someone stick a dick in her mouth,” Red yelled. Someone did. Holly took that cock and they watched as it slid down. You could see the outline of that lovely hard cock expanding her tight throat. She was airtight and was soon to be joined by Red and Nancy. The men fucked them, they were sucked and licked, and everyone was incensed.

Rose jumped off the bar and knelt in front of the pretty cock and she inhaled him quickly. She didn’t know who he was but anyone who could make her cum like that deserved a lovely blowjob and she was going to give him one. His tight butt pushed his cock deep into her throat and she loved this.

Wendy and Debbie followed her lead and they began to suck those cocks hungrily. The men were long and hard and they tasted so good. Three men came up behind them and started to fuck them as they sucked those cocks deep in their throats. None of them knew who was fucking them and they didn’t care either. Cock was all that mattered. Nancy was shrieking and cumming. Red and Holly were already there. Cum was flying into wet pussies, down lovely throats and the supply seemed unending.

The men switched women and began to fuck them again. The room was a sea of flesh, stroking cocks, pussies and asses being reamed. Rose needed as many cocks as she could get. She drained the cock in her throat and had been rewarded with a tasty load of cum. She needed more. She wanted every cock in the house. The man behind her was stretching her pussy nicely.

Rose reached for a long black cock that was standing nearby and she held out her hand. He walked towards her and stiffened at her touch. She had never held a larger cock in her life and she pulled him to her lips. Her tongue snaked out and she swirled her tongue over his large smooth head. His color was deep and the skin was so soft. She ran her fist along his length and loved the weight and the size. Her Asian lips caressed his length and her tongue stroked each side. She held the head just below the rim and pushed his long cock flat against his stomach. Her face fell onto his balls and she began to lick him wetly. She flattened her tongue and stroked from the base to the tip in one long, slow stroke.

He moaned as her lips covered his crown as he entered her mouth. She tasted his delicious chocolate cock and watched as it snaked between her lips. His hips moved closer while his cock sank deeper into her mouth. This was what she wanted.

He sank deeper and she felt him touch the back of her mouth. His tight athletic body stood before her and her hands caressed his abs and hard chest, which thrilled her immensely. She inhaled, relaxed and felt him at the opening to her throat; she fell forward. His long cock stretched her throat wider than it ever had been before but she allowed him to slide into her. It was tight but she was determined. His cock fell into her and she welcomed the massive shaft. He kept sliding and she soon had his balls resting on her chin.

The man fucking her came and she joined in right along with him. Her pussy was soaked and she loved this. Someone else dipped their cock into her wet, cum drenched pussy and took a few strokes. That cock moved to her ass and she felt him enter her. He slowed when he felt the tight ring relax and he sank into her. His cock was long and sweet; it felt so good inside her tight butt. He began long, lovely strokes deep inside her while the long, thick cock in her throat began to move. Her head was spinning and both men were fucking her perfectly. Her ass was being treated to a great fucking and her throat was filled to the point of bringing tears to her eyes.

She felt someone slide underneath her and she heard Jim’s voice whispering nasty things to her.

“Rose, you love those long, strong cocks inside you, don’t you? You want those lovely cocks reaming your ass and your hot, slutty throat don’t you? You are such a good-looking slut. I love watching your hot lips wrapped around his cock. It looks so sluttish the way you are greedily sucking his hot cock. You should see how tight your ass is being stretched with that nice big cock up your ass. Suck his cock darling. Feel the other one in your ass.”

Jim’s words were intense and so hot; they made her feel like a total whore, and she loved it. Her pussy was drenched as he kept talking.

“You know what you need you sweet whore. You need my cock in your pussy right now. Would you love the feel of my cock fucking your hot, tight, cum filled pussy Rose?”

With that, he slid his cock into her wild, dripping pussy. She was wet and loving it. She felt his cock slide inside her and the fullness was incredible. His cock filled a void she had only dreamt of. Her body contained three young, hot men and they were stroking her in unison. Those cocks were sliding in and out of her and her orgasms just kept building.

“You like that don’t you Rose? You love the feel of three long cocks fucking you. Let’s go guys, let’s fuck her harder. Stroke her longer. Shove our cocks into her as deep as we can. Pick up the pace fella’s and let’s fuck this bitch like she’s never been fucked before.”

They did pick up the pace. Their cocks became blurs. Her throat was being pummeled, as were her pussy and ass. She was screaming on the lovely cock driving into her throat. She was cumming hard and could barely breathe. Her body was out of control. The only thing holding her upright was the cock in her throat. She felt the man in her ass unleash his load of fiery hot cum deep in her bowel. She loved the feel of his molten missile as it filled her deeply. Her hands cradled the balls of the sweet black man. She felt, as they lifted, his heavy load rushed into her lips and throat. She sucked and swallowed and her heart sang as he drove his tasty cum deep into her stomach.

“I’m going to cum too Rose. Do you want my hot cum to flood your sweet pussy? Grind your twat onto my hard cock girl. Coax every drop of my sweet cum into your hot pussy. You’re such a lovely slut. Now I know why Gary wants you so much. Your fucking gorgeous Rose, everything about you is perfect. Your body is gorgeous, your pussy is heaven on earth and you are such a total slut. You’re perfect Rose. I’m cumming Rose; can you feel my hard cock spitting my love into you?”

Rose continued cumming, she clamped down on all three of the cocks inside her, and the lights went out. Her body screeched to a crashing halt. Jim realized what had happened and they extricated themselves from her. Jim lifted her up and carried her to the sofa. Nancy saw him and came over to him as he sat on the edge of the sofa next to her.

“She came so hard, she passed out. Is she going to be okay?” Jim asked her.

“She’ll be fine in a couple of minutes. I’ve done that too.”

“I did what you suggested and fuck Nancy; it turned her on more than anything I’ve ever seen before. I never say those things to women but it really turned her on.”

“Somehow, I knew,” Rose, babbled as she regained herself, “I figured it was one of them that put you up to that. You are too much of a gentleman but Jim; I want you to kiss me darling. There is only one man who turns me on more than that and he isn’t here right now.”

Jim leaned over and kissed her passionately. “I am so glad to meet you Rose. I hope I didn’t offend you.”

“Jim, as you get to know me better, you’ll know that my heart belongs to Gary. I love him with all my heart. I am his and will always be his but I am just starting to become the total slut I have always wanted to be. Your words turned me on more than I can even tell you. I need a break for a few minutes but I want to fuck you again. Promise me you’ll make me the dirtiest whore you ever fucked. Make me cum like that again please.”

He helped her to her feet and she kissed him again. He headed behind the bar and started making drinks. She found the bong and refilled it. She cut a few lines and asked him if he wanted some. He took a couple of lines and handed the mirror to Rose. She drew in two nice lines and they walked into the bedroom.

One of the men was fucking Holly and sucking his friends cock. Rose felt the buzz immediately; she was watching that man’s cock as it slid in and out of his friend’s lips. She had her arm around Jim and she turned and told him, “That is so fucking hot.”

“It would be a lot hotter if I was fucking you and sucking Gary like that. I love the feel, size and look of his gorgeous cock.”

“Have you sucked Gary off?”

“I sure have and I loved it. I partied with Holly, Ann, and Tom. They are friends of theirs. Tom fucked me with his long, sweet cock and I sucked Gary. When he came in my throat, it was delicious.”

“I love sucking cock Jim, I can’t get enough,” Rose said.

“Rose, you’re my kind of girl. Let’s go suck some cock.”

They walked into the second bedroom and Wendy and Debbie were wildly flailing on the ends of several lovely cocks. They appeared to be just finishing a wild time and the girls were breathless and had collapsed on the bed.

Jim looked at his friends and said, “Ron, Phil and Greg, I see you’ve met Wendy and Debbie. Aren’t they great? I want you to meet Rose. She wants to make sure that before tonight is over, she sucks each of us and she wants to see us do each other as well. So get those gorgeous cocks over here. I want some of your cocks as well.”

Wendy looked at Debbie and they started to giggle. “What did I say Debbie, I mean I said it just yesterday didn’t I?”

“Oh, you mean the part about her being greedy and that we had better watch her?” Debbie laughed.

“Precisely my darling that is exactly what I said.”

Rose had her hands on Ron’s hot cock and she looked at the two sprawled fresh fucked goddesses on the bed and snickered, “Like you two cocksuckers don’t want the exact same thing. Give me a break.”

The girls laughed as they watched Jim take Phil’s firm cock and begin to suck it. They watched as his cock slid into Jim’s rugged face and he sank deep into his throat. Rose began to suck Ron. She was insane with desire and her beautiful face loved the strong cock that was passing between her lips.

“Fucking right, we want them all too,” Debbie said.

Wendy grabbed Greg and she began to suck him while Debbie slid off the bed and onto the floor. She crept over to Jim and took his hard cock in her mouth. She was wet beyond description. They had just finished fucking these guys but they didn’t care. They were watching Jim suck Phil deep into his throat. This lit a fire in their loins and they sucked them deliciously.

Rose looked at Jim and they changed men. Rose sucked Phil and Jim began to suck Ron.

“You are such a sleazy cumslut Rose. Suck his hot cock. He tastes good doesn’t he? You are such a sweet, luscious whore. Suck the cum from his balls. Don’t stop until he shoots his lovely white, hot cum onto your teeth and tits.”

The sounds of his words inflamed Wendy and Debbie and they too began to suck harder.

“Debbie, suck my cock you slut. Look at Wendy; that delicious cunt is a good cocksucker isn’t she? That’s it Debbie, be as good as Rose is. Suck my cock you lovely cunt.”

Rose was wild at the words; she sucked Phil and felt his cock begin to swell. Phil held her head and he gushed a lovely load of cum onto her smiling face. She licked him clean and took Ron back into her lips. She was intent to taste his cum. Ron loved the sight and the feel of Rose as she swallowed him one more time. He began to cum and she drank him all down. She was addicted to cock and the sweet precious loads that they gave her. Everything about sucking cock was thrilling her more than she ever thought possible.

Phil and Ron sent more of the group in and Rose took Greg in her mouth. His cock was nice, wide and tasty. She swallowed him while Marty, Bob, Dave and Ted came into the room. Each woman grabbed a man and Jim took Ted’s long black cock into his throat.

The vision of Ted’s long black cock sliding into Jim’s throat set them all off again. Rose sucked Marty deep, she played with his balls, and her finger slid into his ass. Marty loved that and he rewarded her with a very sweet load of cum that she swallowed as fast as she could. She milked every drop from his cock and made a mental note to suck him as many times as possible. She giggled to herself. Had she developed a sweet tooth?

She grabbed Ted, pulled him from Jim’s lips, and dove onto his fabulous cock. Bob fed Wendy while Debbie dined on Dave. These women were so cock hungry and when one came, they were immediately taken by the next. Jim made sure that Rose was swallowing each of their cocks. She had no idea who had fucked her so many times that night. All she wanted was to be sure that she sucked all of their cocks.

The last group of men drove the girls wild. Tyrone, Johnny and Marv were strong, gorgeous and black. Hank was the remaining white man and he was the largest of the guys. He stood at least 6′ 3″ tall and he was a fucking hunk. His cock had to be at least 10″ and it was wide. The other men were well hung too. Rose knew this was her first time with them and she was on a tear.

She took Hank into her lips and the size of this man was awesome. His cock was heavy and his balls were huge. She was determined to swallow him completely. She held him in her hand and sucked the head of his cock like a lollipop. He was leaking the sweetest precum imaginable and she was coating her lips and mouth wickedly.

Everyone else had lovely black cocks sliding deep but all eyes were on Hank. Few women could take him and they all saw the determination in the lovely Asian’s eyes. She was not going to be denied. Her lips stretched tight and he began to enter her mouth. His cock was very long and wide. Her tongue rode along the base of his cock as he passed her lips. She flicked her tongue along the underside as his stovepipe reached the back of her mouth. He was extremely wide. The head of his cock completely filled the tiny opening of her throat but she relaxed and she pushed forward.

There was five full inches of him to go; she was determined to make that cock disappear. He was stretching her throat and she didn’t care. He moved deeper and she adjusted. He kept moving and she felt him glide deeper. Her eyes were tearing up, not from pain but from joy. She was taking him and she loved this. She pushed forward and saw his cock disappear completely. His massive balls were against her chin. She held his balls and she struggled to move her tongue. She managed and she began to lick the broad underside of his cock.

Hank was moaning; no one had ever sucked him as Rose was doing right now. Debbie and Wendy had tried earlier. They were great but Rose was sensational. She grabbed his hips and he started to fuck her throat. She started to cum and he commenced seriously fucking her throat. She had never felt anything like this. Hank was gentle but determined to have the best blowjob of his life. His long thick cock moved in and out of her throat quickly.

Her throat was so ready for what she knew was coming. He increased his speed and her hand slipped between his legs. Her finger circled his ass and when she touched it, he went wild. His hips were flying towards her face fast. She was talking him ball deep with each stroke. She had never had her throat fucked like that before and her legs were drenched, as her pussy closely resembled Niagara Falls.

She slipped her finger into his ass and he slammed into her completely. Her tongue was stroking his cock, her lips were caressing him, she felt him swell, and then he screamed. He drove his cock all the way down her throat and it was like a high-pressure fire hose that went off. His body was shaking and trembling and he held her head and shook. She didn’t have to swallow, he was long past that but she slid her tongue along his shaft, opened, and closed her throat while milking him with her tongue. She felt his massive load scream into her and it was huge. Her stomach was so full of cum and he was a large reason for that. She held him as he softened. Every twitch sent her pussy another orgasm.

To my readers. If you didn’t like any of the previous series, I am not going to win you over with this chapter. I have been extremely busy so apologies for the lapse between chapters.


Rich couldn’t believe how good his mood was. He had awoken, sore but satiated. Marie had welcomed his body into hers. Not intimate no-one-else-in-the-world-exists lovemaking. No. Something different. Sweaty, dirty sex. The kind where something in the back of your mind tries to push itself to the fore while you wrestle it back. This was Rich’s dilemma. He loved Marie so much, he felt like he would do anything for her. Including exactly what he was doing; letting their friends use her body to carry their baby. But first, of course, she had to get pregnant first, the demon in his mind reminded him. And she chose to get pregnant the old fashioned way. No doctors, no hormone therapy, no clinical in vitro or artificial insemination in this plan.

Rich sipped his morning coffee, catching up on the overnight news. Marie breezed through their living room. “How are you this morning, love?” she queried.

“Fine.” Sparkly really. Happier than I have been in months. Rich glanced at her, realizing she was still in her nightgown.

As if in answer to his quizzical looked Marie spoke, “I took the day off. I don’t have to go to work at all. Last night was like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t realize how much I was missing you. Can you go in a little late?”

Rich nearly choked on his coffee. Missing him? Could he go in late? “I’ll have to double check my calendar, but I don’t think I have any meetings this morning.”

“Good,” she murmured. She disappeared into their room, returning a few moments later. “Rich, let’s go to the living room.” He obliged, curious. Playfully she pushed against his chest catching him off balance and Rich fell onto the couch. Marie pushed the coffee table away so that she could kneel at his feet. His belt, button and zipper were no match for her deftness as she loosened each restraint. He watched in amazement and desire as she yanked at the back of his pant legs and Rich shifted to allow his pants to be pulled under the curve of his ass and down to his knees. His cock was freed to stand upright in its erect glory. Marie wrapped her hand around the shaft and pierced her lips with the throbbing head. Rich could barely keep his eyes open as her tongue began swirling the aching head of his cock, hot, moist and tantalizing. A blow job before work. When was the last time that happened? Rich settled back to enjoy her oral ministrations. Marie rubbed the exposed flesh of his shaft, palming his balls in her soft hands.

“Ugn.” The sound escaped Rich’s lips as his body began to take over. Marie’s tongue flicked the opening, his salty pre-cum telling her that he was fully aroused. She slid his cock out of her mouth – feeling to Rich like a blast of cold air on his manhood and his arousal. His protest was quickly quieted as Marie deftly rolled a condom over him snugging it into place. Rich was vaguely aware of being snugged into this sperm catcher. Marie climbed up to straddle him, her knees placed alongside the cheeks of his bare ass on the sofa. She reached a hand between her legs to guide his cock into the opened lips of her pussy. Rich could feel her heat and slippery wetness even through his latex shield. She leaned back, resting her hand on his knee to steady herself. As she did so, her swollen lips and clit came into clear view. Her wetness coated him with each flex of her thighs as she lowered and raised her womanhood over his full length. Rich watched as her other hand found the throbbing cluster of nerves of her clit.

Marie teased at her mini erection slowly, the tempo increasing with each full envelopment of his shaft. Rich felt his orgasm building watching Marie’s fingers dance over her pussy as his cock plunged into her. He could tell Marie’s fingers were working their magic on her love button as they began to move more furiously and her internal muscles began to squeeze and milk his shaft. Rich closed his eyes as he grasped at Marie’s hips to pull her tighter onto him as his orgasm began to well in the pit of his stomach. Her fingers became a blur as her matching orgasm pulsed through her canal. Rich gave a final thrust as his cock buried itself to the hilt deep inside Marie’s dripping, swollen lips and his cum erupted into her – or more precisely, into the condom. Her folds clutched and squeezed him, hungry for the deposit they both knew wasn’t quite going to reach its natural destination inside her. Their bodies paused against each other, resting momentarily. Marie stood. Rich’s dick slid from from her body, already beginning its new journey to limpness. She again wrapped her fingers around him, slowing his decline with her gentle stroking. Marie kissed him lightly on the lips. “You should probably get to work now, sweetie. Don’t forget dinner tonight.”

The day seemed to drag on for Rich but eventually it was night. Time to clock out, head home and get ready for dinner with Leslie and Tim.

Rich and Marie arrived at Tim and Leslie’s house and rang the bell. They hear Tim yell that the door is open and enter their friends’ home. Rich mused that they had not all been together since they agreed to have Marie carry their baby. Rich was getting a little bit of relief fucking in with Leslie, but not nearly enough.

Rich handed the bottle of wine they brought with them to Tim, “I guess Marie doesn’t get any of this, or at least only one glass.” Tim chuckled, perhaps a little nervously, Rich thought.

“I’ll get the glasses and set us all up with one,” Tim said as he ushered them to the dining room. Rich noticed Leslie emerge from the their bedroom to begin serving up dinner. It looked to him like she must have just finished a shower. Her dark hair was slightly damp and still wavy. Her skin was clean, freshly scrubbed, beautiful in its completely natural state.

As they ate Rich noticed furtive glances between Tim and Marie which were balanced by his and Leslie’s shared looks. He soon realized they had nearly polished off a second bottle of wine before they had cleared their dinner plates. Leslie prepared dessert for everyone and set plates at each place. Marie excused herself to go “freshen up” and the three friends remained making small talk.

“Let me find some music to put on,” this time it was Tim’s turn to stand from the table. Still sipping wine, Rich soon realized it was he and Leslie apparently abandoned by their spouses to finish off the bottle.

“What do you think they’re up to?” Leslie asked him, her beautiful brown eyes gazing deeply into his. Rich shook his head as if he didn’t know, or didn’t have some kind of belief. “Come on,” Leslie grabbed his hand and motioned for him to follow her as they snuck toward Tim and Leslie’s bedroom door. It was nearly completely closed, but Rich could make out the sounds of baby making. His cock stiffened involuntarily. Emboldened by the wine and the fact that Leslie’s hand was still entwined in his, he pulled her toward her guest room. Pushing the door closed he pushed Leslie down onto the bed and placing his body over hers he locked his mouth to hers, mashing his tongue into her mouth breathing in her freshly scrubbed smell. Leslie kissed him back passionately. Rich began undressing Leslie, furiously removing her clothing to expose her breasts. He broke off from her mouth to suck her tiny tit into his mouth, flicking the nipple with his tongue. She returned the suckle by removing his clothing, dropping his pants to the floor.

“What are we doing?” Rich thought, his mouth formed the “what” but Leslie re-initiated their kiss and guided his now naked body into her womanly folds. She grabbed the cheeks of Rich’s ass thrusting his body into hers, taking his erect cock. Their bodies began moving together better than they ever had. The thought of his wife being fucked just two doors down was a bit confusing to Rich. He wanted to be mad, to be jealous. Leslie’s body took him. Distracted him. Thrust after thrust he plunged into her hot, wet womanhood. The smell of their heated bodies filled the air. Leslie’s hands grabbed and pulled at the cheeks of his ass with each plunging thrust into her.

Leslie began to tickle the entrance to his anus with each momentary pause. Rich was consumed with their lovemaking. Withdraw, fingernails scraped the flesh of his cheeks. Thrust into her hot, swollen pussy. Pause to feel the heat and moisture engulf his throbbing cock, and that tickle again of her fingertip. With each thrust and pause Leslie’s finger invaded him just a little more, his tight sphincter muscle surrendering to her insistent advance; each pause lasting just a little longer than the one before.

Rich palmed her tits, rolling the nipples into erect eraser hard points. Leslie moaned as he leaned in to take one into his eager mouth. He felt a new, bolder pressure on his back door. “Leslie has a toy!” he thought, “When the hell did she manage to get her hands on it?”

As he bit down on her breast, suckling it into his mouth, Leslie moaned again and pressed the anal toy past the guardian of his gut. Rich felt the pressure from the supple toy inside him, forcing his cock to throb and stretch to its fullest girth. Leslie felt his cock grow inside of her, filling her with its wanton heat and desire. This was surely the best fucking Rich had given her and now she was also fucking him in the ass with her silicon dick.

Rich’s eyes closed involuntarily, each thrust into Leslie’s beautiful pussy matched by her thrusting into him. The feeling was sensational, his body now seemingly in a kind of erotic drunkenness. Her toy stretched him. The deeper Rich pushed into her, the deeper and harder Leslie drove her toy into his now willing back door. Her pussy swelled, milking his cock – each thrust matched by the dildo she pushed into him. The feeling was electric, Rich’s body sliding into hers. With each complete stroke, Leslie’s pulled her dildo into Rich, bumping his prostate and making his cock swell inside her. It felt as if the silicon toy was inside her, like she was fucking herself with the device. Her pussy was molten, her fuck juices covering them both. The pleasure and pain of Rich’s hands and mouth on her tits was driving her nuts; his cock pumping into her a surreal self pleasuring as she pulled him deeper, the exposed shaft of her dildo becoming a handle to control him.

Leslie withdrew her toy. Rich could feel the slight chill as his anus partially closed. He was ready to explode from the sensation of being totally enveloped in pussy and cock – both real and synthetic. He gasped slightly, the tiniest amount of relief from no longer being filled and disappointment that he had not yet drained his balls into Leslie’s sopping cunt. She placed the inanimate love partner at the entrance of his ass once more.

“Please,” whispered Rich, barely audible.

“Please what?” Leslie teased him.

Rich longed to feel himself filled by her again. “What you were doing. Please do it again.”

“This?” Leslie asked, smiling mischievously as she played the toy around his anus.

Rich closed his eyes, a silent response to the stimulus. His hips continuing to rock against hers. Rich felt the toy dart into him, barely an inch before she withdrew it. With each insertion his breath caught in his throat, his hard cock throbbed and reached into her. The sensation began to change, what was she doing differently? A fuller, warmer sensation, his sphincter was being stretched open. Rich tried to relax his muscles and moved his knees so that Leslie’s thighs were over his own.

The new, bigger toy, whatever it was, began slipping into him. As he sank fully into Leslie’s womanhood a realization began to creep into his mind. Rich opened his eyes, he could see her head rolled back, her own eyelids flittering. And her arms. Her arms were stretched out above her head. Rich stopped moving, his body and hers pressed together, soaked in fuck sweat. The “toy” continued its slow barrage on his back door until it was completely sunk into him. He could feel flesh lightly touching his and he closed his eyes once more. Fear, anger and betrayal began to redden his face. And another feeling. The fire of his sphincter being stretched. An electric charge began to build in his abdomen, as if this new thing were poking at it from the inside. Rich felt his sphincter muscle contract involuntarily, sending a signal to his cock to stiffen. Leslie felt it too, his dick, buried balls deep in her, hardened, then quivered and sent ripples of pleasure the length of her love tunnel. Leslie let out a little moan. The new toy, Rich realized, was not a toy. It began to withdraw and he gasped at the sensation of being emptied, but it stopped before being fully removed and started refilling his ass. Rich didn’t move. He felt pinned on top of Leslie. He felt flesh against his bare butt cheeks and what was that tickling his balls?

The movement began to pick up speed, very slowly at first, but each time Rich felt filled, that same electric ripple flowed through him – his anus tightened and his cock swelled inside Leslie. And each time that happened, Leslie’s moan got just a little louder.

Thwack! “What the hell?” someone had just slapped his ass cheek. Hard. Rich’s head snapped up. He started pushing away from Leslie. The combination only served to cause his ass to tighten around the shaft buried in it and – if it were possible – to push himself deeper into Leslie. And then another new sensation as Tim cock exploded into his ass shooting him full of jizz. Rich’s body was no longer under his control. He felt cum seeping out of his ass to dribble over his balls Tim gave him a few final strokes. He heard sounds that he knew must be coming from his own mouth, but they were strangely far away. Rich felt his balls contract, knew he was nearing his own orgasm. His ass quivered, milking the last of Tim’s juices into him. The room felt like it was spinning as his body began streaming its own cum into Leslie, her body reciprocating with her moaning orgasm.

They lay there for what seemed like ages. Their throbbing bodies and breathing returning to normal. Rich looked up to see Marie standing naked off to the side of the bed. It looked suspiciously to Rich as if she had the beginning of a swell to her abdomen. Rich wondered if this was the end or just the beginning.

Authors Notes:

Disclaimer: Celebrity appearances in this series are in no any way to be considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.

The early morning Las Vegas sun should not have been there but after her marathon lovemaking with Gary last night, she remembered they had made a mess of her room. She looked about and giggled softly. They had trashed it. The maids wouldn’t be happy but they were used to this kind of a disaster. Gary had accomplished what everyone had deemed impossible last evening and together, they celebrated late into the night.

Mark was more than her business partner. He was her lover and her friend. Cherry was her lover as well and she damned sure was not going to lose her friendship ever again.

She lay in the soft early morning light and thought back over her life. She was a practicing attorney when she first met Mark Banner. Their paths crossed over a legal matter and she was impressed with the fact that he was all business. She was tall, blonde, and used to attracting every man that crossed her path. Mark was the only lawyer who looked her in the eyes and not at her tits. She respected that in him. He had just started his own firm and was building his reputation very fast. He had negotiated a huge contract for an NFL player and that information had spread throughout the professional athlete community instantly.

Michelle was a competent lawyer and a natural born skeptic. She lived and worked in Las Vegas and was destined for senior partner status with her firm. That meant long hours with zero social life. She didn’t mind, as most of the men she dealt with were not what she was seeking anyway. She smiled to herself as she remembered that, back then, she had no idea what she was seeking anyway.

Her dealings with Mark had been professional and friendly, albeit they held opposing opinions of a perfect outcome on the legal matter that had brought them together. Each time they met, her curiosity piqued more. Here was a handsome, intelligent man, who obviously had no problem attracting women. She wondered why he had never asked her out.

Part of the legal profession demands fast tracked lawyers attend social events where they can network and become known. For Michelle, all that meant was she had to go to the “meat market” and spend hours fending off the trolls who populated those events. They were not her favorite things to look forward to however business demanded it. She attended an event that profoundly changed her life. The legal conference at Caesars was a necessary to attend event.

The cocktail party was a gala event and she was determined to show up, put in an appearance, and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, when you are a tall, gorgeous blonde in Vegas, you get noticed everywhere you go. Head turning when she walked into a room was normal but put her in a cocktail dress and whiplash abounds.

She entered the room and headed to the bar. Most of the lawyers in her firm were there and she spoke to several of them as she waited to get a drink. While she was chatting, she heard a buzz go though the room, heads turned and looked at the entry. Michelle gawked at one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen.

She recognized her immediately as possibly the highest priced fashion model in the world. She was on the cover of every major magazine. Michelle’s eyes widened when she realized the woman was also on Mark Banner’s arm. Mark looked over towards the bar and saw Michelle standing there. He said something to the woman he was with and they walked straight over.

Mark did the introductions and then smiled, “You look as happy to be here as I am.”

“”You have no idea,” Michelle smiled. “It was either this or a root canal. This won out.”

“Mark, you were right, she is not only beautiful, but she has a wonderful sense of humor,” the lovely model said to him. “A lady could get jealous.”

Michelle inhaled sharply at that comment. Obviously, she had become a topic of conversation. Mark excused himself and went to speak with Oscar Goodman.

“Mark hates these events. He told me about a lovely lawyer he is working with on some big deal. He said he hoped you’d be here. He said you were the only lawyer in town he felt at ease being around,” the model told her.

“That is quite a compliment. I barely know him. How long have you known him?” Michelle asked.

“I’ve known him since we were young kids. He and my employer are the best of friends. I was just getting started modeling and Mark was always around D’Orgasmic Lingerie. He was so kind and so much of a gentleman, even at that age. All I had experienced before was every man wanting to get me into bed. He was never like that. As a matter of fact, the ‘three amigos’ as the guys call themselves are the same. Gentlemen all, to the core. Gary Edwards and Jeremy Carter are the sons of the founders of D’Orgasmic. If you ever meet them, you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“That surprises me. With your beauty, I would have expected him to be anxious to get into your pants,” Michelle said.

“Oh trust me, he got there and in fact, they all did and I don’t regret it a bit. They are just a cut above anything you could ever experience. Stick around him long enough and you’ll find out. If he ever takes you to bed, it will be a day you’ll never forget,” she giggled as Mark made his way back to join them.

“So how did I become a topic of conversation?” Michelle asked.

“I received the paperwork you requested and I called to make an appointment. I learned that you were here so we decided to come and mingle. I figured you’d be here and bored to death,” Mark grinned. “I can drop it by your office tomorrow afternoon if you’d like.”

“Sure, that would be fine,” Michelle, told him.

“Great, my work is done here. Would you like to join us for dinner Michelle,” Mark asked. “I have reservations at the Top of the World. That restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in town.”

“Oh I wouldn’t want to intrude, but thank you anyway,” Michelle said.

“Don’t be silly,” Cheryl, said. “I want to get to know you better. I never know when I’m going to need a good lawyer.”

“Hey, what is that all about?” Mark laughed. “You have a great lawyer.”

“Darling, lawyers are like shoes. A girl can never have enough of them.”

Michelle burst out laughing. “Okay then, yes, I’d love to have dinner.”

They had a lovely evening and they became friends easily. Michelle was amazed at the total confidence Mark displayed. He was refined and poised. He was funny and easy to be around. Cheryl had the bluest eyes she had ever seen and she was as down to earth as anyone could be. They said goodnight and Mark said he’d drop off the paperwork for her the next day.

Michelle didn’t sleep much that night. Her head was spinning. She had had a great time, which, for her, was unusual. For once, she felt at ease and comfortable with them. She could be herself and she had let down the barriers she was so used to constructing.

The following day, Mark delivered the paperwork but he didn’t see her. She was in a meeting. He needed a drink and he headed to the Rio. He entered the Voodoo Lounge and was greeted by several of the waitresses. He had had a fantastic day so far. Business was coming in faster than he could have imagined. He had signed several major athletes this month. His morning meeting promised him another big name to add to his growing list later this week. At this pace, he was going to have to expand sooner than he had planned.

Michelle’s secretary brought her the papers and left. Suddenly she was overcome by a sense of loss that she missed him. She left her office and decided she needed a drink. When she walked into the bar, she looked around and a smile spread across her lovely face.

“Are you stalking me Mr. Banner?”

Mark looked up and grinned. “I was here first, I do believe. Therefore, it is I who should be asking that question.”

“I don’t stalk,” Michelle laughed as she joined him. “I’m sorry I missed you at the office. I wanted to thank you for rescuing me last night. I had a wonderful time. Cheryl is even prettier than she appears in print. You are a lucky man.”

“Oh we are not an item. We are friends. We’ve known each other for years. She models for friends of mine. We’ve been friends since we were in high school.”

“I got the impression that she was more than that.”

“Oh, you mean ‘Friends with Benefits’. I guess you could say that. We are close friends, lovers from time to time but most importantly, we are just old friends. I love her to death but I can never have her anymore than she can have me. You could say it is a perfect relationship.”

“You are a complicated man Mark. Intriguing, but complicated.”

He laughed and called for refills. They talked the night away. They told stories and laughed. He enjoyed her more with each passing minute.

She saw a man driven, not to just succeed, but to be the best in the world at what he did. She respected that. She also saw another side of him that really pleased her. She saw a man who could be the epitome of professionalism and yet someone who really appreciated his friends and refused to grow up in many ways. It was quite charming actually.

He, on the other hand, saw a woman with high standards, drive, and an equal desire to succeed. He wasn’t surprised to discover that she was quite athletic; her body betrayed that. She was elegant, refined and yet, like him, playful and funny. He learned she had many interests outside of law. She appeared to be a student of high fashion and her interests leaned toward the playful side of the fashion industry.

“At work, I dress to hide my sexuality. At home, I dress to make me feel good and sexy,” she confided to him. “I don’t have much of a sex life but I like to at least feel sexy at home.”

“Memo to Mark,” he smiled. “Introduce Michelle to Gary and Jeremy.”

“Cheryl mentioned them to me. They are your best friends I’m told.”

“Yes they are and I do hope you have a rather large closet.”

“Someday perhaps,” she sighed, “Not at the moment though. Recently, the partners invited to become a senior partner with the firm. There is a huge buy in. I’m not living high on the proverbial hog at the moment.”

“Neither am I but that will change. I’ve had some fantastic success and it is bringing me clients faster than I know what to do with them. I couldn’t do what you do. I am damned well never going to be chained to a desk in an office. The world is my office and I plan on seeing all of it.”

“Mark, something tells me you’ll do exactly that. Sounds like a fun way to practice law and have fun at the same time.”

“Exactly my point! Let me ask you a personal question. When was the last time you actually laughed at work?”

“You want me to be truthful?”

“Yes I do.”

“The last time you were in my office, I laughed a lot. I never laugh at work. I’m all business. If I even smile around those people, they take that as a green light to hit on me. I walk around like a woman with a pole up her ass and a gnarly look on my face. That is not who I am at all.”

“No, I guess not. Somehow, I imagined you’d have a wonderful look on your face if you had a pole up your ass.”

She burst out laughing. Her eyes suddenly twinkled and she slapped his arm. “You are so bad, so very, very bad Mark Banner. I can’t believe you said that.”

“Hmm, I’ve been told quite the opposite frankly.”

“Oh really, well are you going to fish or cut bait Mr. Banner.”

He paid the tab, and asked the question, “Your place, or mine?”

The next morning, Michelle woke in her own bed. She couldn’t get the smile off her face. She had just had the night of her life and every part of her body tingled. That man had made love to her. He had done things to her she had only dreamt of. She had lost count of the number of times she had climaxed. She knew that if she took all of her previous sexual encounters and added them up they wouldn’t equal what she had experienced in their first hour of lovemaking. That was just the beginning. They made love for hours. His touch was amazing and the hunger this raised blew her mind totally.

She had poured him a drink and looked at his amazing body, naked on her sheets. She devoured him and reveled in the hardness and silkiness of his wonderful cock. When he came, she drank him down and vowed to herself that her search had ended.

Mark loved the look of this spectacular woman. Her body was everything he knew it would be. She was elegant… tall, strong, and built like a goddess. Her breasts were fantastic, her hips drove him crazy, and her pussy was so wet and wanton. She was a prize to be sure. He sipped his drink and smiled.

“What? What are you thinking Mark?”

“I’m thinking I should have done this before now. You are so much more than I thought you’d be and believe me, I had very high expectations to begin with. You’ve surpassed my wildest expectations Michelle. Wow!”

“I feel the same way. My body is having a tough time processing what just happened.”

“Well dear lady, please don’t think I’m finished. My friends and I have this thing. We won’t fuck a woman until we’ve made love to her first. You’ve had the first part of that. Are you ready for the second part?”

“Oh yes! I sure am,” she cooed as she threw herself on top of him. Their lips met and the hungers erupting between them were impossible to describe.

Mark ravished this lovely woman. Their bodies became one and they fucked like minks. He had found areas that brought very explicit responses. He used each area incrementally to take her to new, delicious heights of pleasure. His hands caressed her and his cock opened her repeatedly.

She screamed with pleasure as he brought her wave after wave of the most delicious pleasure. He knew more positions than she ever thought possible and she loved every one of them. His cock bore a talent that was probably illegal in every other state but Nevada.

He fucked her face and she showed him that she was just as good as he was. His cock was lovely and chiseled. She loved that. She took him, loved him, and he rewarded her with a full load of sweet cum. She knew he had instantly become addicting.

He positioned her so he could see her face in her mirror. When his cock opened her ass and slowly sank inside, the look on her face was inspirational. She was an anal virgin until that night. He took his time. He taught her how to relax to accommodate him. Her ass was so tight and yet, with his soft words and instructions, she opened up to take him in. His soft touches and the incredibly sexy words he spoke relaxed her as he patiently filled her. It was, at that moment, she knew, he owned her heart and soul.

The gentleness faded and raw animalistic wails filled the air as Michelle learned, that night, exactly what truly being fucked senseless was all about. She learned she had places on her body she didn’t know existed. They hurt from the rapid-fire orgasms this wonderful man had given her. She craved his body and she loved his cock. She repeatedly sucked him and took him deep into her throat. She massaged his rigid shaft with her tongue. She milked his last drop of cum with feelings that she would never forget.

She knew she had found a treasure and she was greedy. This one wouldn’t get away.

He stirred at the smell of fresh brewed coffee. She handed him his cup and kissed him sweetly.

“Thank you Mark, last night was truly amazing. I’m sorry I passed out. I didn’t want it to end.” She kissed him again and put her head on his shoulder.

“It doesn’t end here Michelle. I mean it doesn’t have to end at all. That is up to you. By the way, would you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“How soon can we wrap up our business?”

“I just have to get those papers signed and we are done. Why?”

“Get them signed as soon as possible please. It is very important to me that we wrap this up quickly.”

“I’ll take care of it immediately. Oh, damn it. Look at the time. I have to get to the office,” she smiled. She kissed him and moaned. She seriously thought about calling in but she knew she could not do that.

She called him later that day to tell him their business was completed.

“Good, if you’re up for it, I’m cooking dinner tonight,” he told her.

“Are you telling me that you cook too? This just keeps getting better and better.”

“There are lots of things about me that you don’t know yet,” he laughed. He gave her his address and she agreed to dinner.

They had a lovely dinner and a few hours of serious talking. The next morning when she dressed for work, she told him she had made her decision. She kissed him and told him she would see him later that day. She drove to her office, walked into the managing partners’ office and handed him her resignation effective immediately.

Now, many years later, Mark had become her best friend, her fabulous lover and she had become a part of his close loving family. Their success was astronomical, their wealth beyond belief and their lifestyle surpassed anything imagination could conceive.

Her bedside phone rang.

Michelle leaned over and kissed Gary good morning. Jackson had called to say breakfast was almost ready. Gary jumped in the shower. When he walked into the dining room, Mark and Cherry were just arriving. They were both smiling and that was positive.

Mark drank his first cup of coffee quickly and he yelled at Jackson to bring more coffee.

“I’m coming Mark,” he yelled back.

“Sheesh, he’s at it again,” Cherry giggled.

Everyone burst into laughter. Jackson walked in with a huge grin on his face. “Gotcha this time sweetheart,” he laughed. “I’ve missed that smile of yours.”

Over breakfast, they started to bring Cherry up to speed on everything that had transpired since January. She was flabbergasted. Gary explained about the dancers and that he knew that Cherry was not into country music. As a result, he had selected her to do the Clubwear/Sexywear catalog. He also told her that she had a bookend in Orlando who could be her twin. He explained what Ronnie’s part in this operation would be. He also explained that Ronnie and Cherry would be the lead dancers in the professional touring troop.

“I dance, but I’m not a professional dancer the way you want me to be. I always wanted to but it never happened,” she said.

“That is why you are going to Orlando today. We have a very limited time schedule. We are going to run you ragged for the next couple of months. We have to stop in Dallas and then we have to get you back. Brenda is waiting for you,” Gary explained.

“Who is Brenda?” Cherry asked.

“Brenda Lutz is the woman who is going to get you up to speed on the dance routines,” Mark told her. “She is a dear friend and an excellent dancer and choreographer.”

“The only Brenda Lutz I’ve ever heard of was very famous on Broadway,” Cherry said.

“One in the same darling,” Mark smiled. “Brenda is Gary’s next door neighbor.” He then went on to explain everything about Brenda to Cherry.

“Okay, who is Jill and why haven’t I heard about her before?” Cherry asked.

The next thirty minutes Mark and Gary explained who and what Jill was. Cherry laughed and shook her head. “You two really do live up to your reputations don’t you? Jeremy lives in Thailand. That is where you were going that morning wasn’t it?”

“Yes dear, I had just learned about the bombing. Honey, it was a day, neither of us needs to relive. The only thing that is important now is that you are here and you are safe. Just know that I love you with all my heart and so does many people you haven’t even met yet. Anyway darling, you are going to be busy. Throw on some shorts, I need to show you something,” Mark told them.

They drove over to the complex and Gary was pleased with what they saw.

“Holy shit, is this going to be the Las Vegas property?” Cherry asked. “Everyone has been speculating about what this is going to be. George is going to lose his mind. He’s been freaking that someone was opening another strip club.”

They explained what was going to happen and they walked into the Velvet Glove side of the complex. Installation of the stages had just completed and the mechanics were working with them. Gary and Mark watched how they worked and they were ecstatic with the results.

“It won’t be the first stage you’ve preformed on in Las Vegas, just the best one,” Gary smiled.

“We have one piece of business to take care of back at my place,” Mark grinned. They headed back and walked into Mark’s office. Dani had just arrived. Jackson came up with a fresh tray of coffee and they settled down to business.

Cherry read the contract and looked at Mark. “Is this what you want?” she asked.

“If it is something you want, then yes, I want it with all my heart,” he said.

Cherry jumped up and kissed him; she turned and kissed Gary too.

Cherry signed the contract just as Mark’s cell phone rang.

“Thank you Ralph that is excellent news. Now, go get the others. Fry the motherfuckers.”

“I know this is early but we need a drink. First we have to celebrate this,” he said as he waved the contract in the air. “The second thing we have to celebrate is this.” He pulled a chair out and motioned for Cherry to sit down. “That was my head of security. You’ve met him Cherry. He brought you back to Las Vegas. He is a former FBI agent. He just called to tell me that four of the men who raped you are in custody. They were arrested smuggling cocaine into Canada. They are facing forty years behind bars. There are three more out there but they are under investigation as we speak. Detective Thompson is happy as can be.”

“Excellent!” Gary exclaimed. “We’ll get them Cherry. No one will ever hurt you again.”

She started to cry and she looked up at Mark, “Thank you for everything. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. You know I’ve fought off your ‘love’ for a long time. I didn’t think I was worthy of it and I certainly didn’t know how to process it. I do now. I didn’t know it would feel this good.”

“Come on girl, you have to get packed. We are burning daylight. We have a lot to do. You don’t come cheap,” Gary smirked.

“Is he always this way?” Cherry asked Michelle.

“Oh hell no darling, once you get to know him, you’ll find out he can be a real asshole,” she laughed. “But we love him anyway.”

“What are you doing Mark?” Gary asked.

“I have a ton of work to do here. I wasn’t planning anything like this at all. Lori has meetings set for me all afternoon and all morning tomorrow. I’ll be in Orlando tomorrow night.”

Cherry went to pack and Dani came along to help. Dani appeared subdued.

“Does this upset you Dani?” Cherry asked.

“Not at all Cherry. Hell, I’ve been one of the ones pushing Gary so hard to do it. I don’t think you’ll ever appreciate how much he loves you.”

“Dani, sit down please. I know enough about Mark to say this with all my heart. Yes, he is in love with me and I, finally, figured out that I am definitely in love with him. That is not going to change. Here is something else that is not going to change. I know that Michelle, Lori, DeeDee and you love him too. I can name many other women in his life and I know he is going to be sleeping with them too. I am good with that. Hell, I’ll probably be sleeping with them too. I can see how much he means to you, and girl, I can relate. Your relationship with Mark will never change and I can only hope that ours will become a lot stronger.”

Dani started to cry. “Cherry, I didn’t know I was that easy to read. Thank you. You’ve made my day. I can’t bear the thought of losing him but now I know I haven’t. I can tell you something, life with those two men is something that will take your breath away.” She walked over to Cherry and grabbed her. She kissed her and thanked her again.

“You hold onto that thought Dani,” Cherry smiled. “You and I have a lot of unfinished business.”

“You’re going to be busy in Orlando. You’ll like it. Just make sure you come back ‘certified’ baby,” she told Cherry.

“‘Certified’? What is that?” Cherry laughed. “Most people think I am certifiable as it is.”

“Oh darling, you’re ‘certifiable’ all right. You’ll enjoy it. I love it. Let’s go, Gary has a schedule that has to be met.”

They drove to the hangar and Cherry met Gina and Brianna. “This isn’t fair, we get back together, and now we’re apart again. You’re coming to Orlando tomorrow night?”

“Yes dear, I’ll see you late tomorrow night. I love you,” Mark said.

“I love you too baby,” Cherry said and the plane took off for Dallas.

Gary had a car waiting when they landed and they headed into Fort Worth. Ainsley met them at the door. She kissed Gary passionately and turned to Cherry. “It is so nice to see you awake and standing up. You had us worried Cherry. We didn’t think you were ever coming out of that coma.” Ainsley gave her a warm hug and told her she was so happy to meet her.

“I like the reception area. Show us the rest dear,” Gary said as he took her arm and walked into her office. “Red and Nancy did a gorgeous job. I like this a lot.”

“Wait ’til you see this,” she said as she opened the door to her suite. “Red went out of her way on this. She told me it took one redhead to design for another redhead. Do you think she was hitting on me?” Ainsley laughed.

“Would Red hit on you? Only on days with day in the name darling,” Gary burst out laughing.

“Excuse me, I have a question. Would this Red and Nancy be the same as the characters in the Party at Hydro Bob’s?” Cherry asked.

“I didn’t know you were a fan dear. Yeppers, they are the same people. They are beautiful, sexy, and insatiable as ever. I think you’ll like them. They are waiting for us back home right now.”

“Mark told me you wrote erotica and I have become a big fan. I loved that story. I didn’t know they were real people,” Cherry grinned.

“Does that mean you’re going to write about us Gary?” Ainsley purred. Just make me kinky and as beautiful as Cherry and I’ll be fine darling.”

“Ainsley, you don’t need any help on the beauty part. You’re gorgeous. I don’t know about the kinky part but I’m sure I’ll find out. I hope you’ve been taking good care of Mark in my absence.” she smiled.

“Cherry, you should know better than to assume Mark has gone without. None of us has. He has made love to many women but he has only been in love with one person. You are that one woman, I know. Unlike this one,” Ainsley said as she nodded towards Gary. “Mr. Greedy over there has three of the most wonderful, lovely, deliciously horny women in his life.”

“Hey, I was celibate for a long time,” Gary grinned. “I just got lucky. Mark is truly the lucky one. Years ago, I met four wonderful, delicious women. I talked about them ’til I was blue in the face. Everyone thought I was exaggerating until recently when they met them. They work for me now and they run my home. You’ll meet them later today. Mark told me I was full of crap that they could not be that good. He doesn’t say that now. Well, he turned the table on me. He told me you were the most beautiful woman alive and I said yeah, yeah! Well, you’re living proof girl.”

Ainsley took Cherry’s measurements for chaps, vests, and boots. “I hope you have a very large closet Cherry. I am going to be sending you lots of boots and shoes.”

Gary started laughing. “Her closet is bigger than mine or Jill’s darling. She has room for everything and then some.”

“Gary, my closet isn’t that big,” Cherry, laughed.

“Wanna bet?” Gary laughed. They kissed Ainsley goodbye and headed to the jet.

Gary walked into the office and sat at the desk. This was his first working flight on this new jet and he quite liked it. He decided to see what the communications were like. He fired it up and Jill came on the big screen. She told him that everything was coming together perfectly. Cherry walked into the office and Gary introduced her to Jill.

“Girl, it is going to be a pleasure to get to know you. I’ve heard so much from Mark about you. I’ve many people here who can’t wait to get to know you. I know it is going to be overwhelming but you’ll get through it.”

The screen flickered and Mark came online. “Gary, good news, the LA property just came together. We got it at a great price. Actually, the price we paid cut the Honolulu cost in half. Today is a great day,” Mark grinned.

“Did I hear you say Honolulu?” Cherry asked. “You know, I really do need to apologize to Daniel and Kono. At least I’ll get to see them occasionally.”

“That’s right. I’m sure they can’t wait to see you too hon. Anyway, how is the reception on your end?”

“This is very good. I can’t wait to see what it is like on the 650. The G3 is great.”

“I’ll try mine tomorrow on the way to you. Gotta go, Lori is on a roll. I’ll fill you in later but thank God money is pouring in on my end and this is just the start. Love you both.” Mark signed off. Cherry and Gary talked all the way to Orlando.

By the time Gina set the jet onto the runway, Cherry had a good understanding of what had transpired in the seven months since she had left Mark. Gary held nothing back and he had her laughing hysterically. She liked him and he liked her a lot as well.

The intercom chimed and Gina came on, “We’re landing in five minutes Gary. You’ve got two pissed off pilots up here. We love you but we’re keeping score boss. We’ve talked to your girls and they are pissed at you as well. I hope you’ve rocked Cherry’s world. We have been deprived up here. Deprived I tell you. Ohmigod, you’re a cruel, heartless boss Gary Edwards. We’re filing a complaint with the FTC, the FBI, hell all of those assholes. Deprived I tell you…deprived.”

Cherry burst out laughing, “Ohmigod, you have the female version of Jack and Tom.” She turned and walked into the cockpit. Gary followed and waited to hear what was going to come out of her mouth.

“Oh shit, that man is so good. Only one man could fuck me like that and he is in Las Vegas. I had no idea Gary was that good. Oh, fuck. I can’t begin to describe that. It was amazing.”

Brianna smiled and told her they knew exactly what she was talking about. “Honey, you just wait until you do both of them together. It will take you to places you’ve only dreamed of.”

Gina grinned, “Girl let me tell you this. After the next trip to Thailand, you’ll know exactly what heaven is like. There are actually three of them and they are the best of the best. Do the three of them at the same time and you won’t need a plane to fly home. Ohmigod, it is impossible to describe how wonderful they are together.”

“I’m going to love this, but if you wanted a piece of him, all you had to do was say so. That is, after all, what autopilot was invented for isn’t it?” she laughed. “Next time, I may actually do Gary and find out for myself.”

“She gotcha girls,” Gary laughed. “Next time I’ll be a more caring and loving boss. You do know I love you both don’t you?”

“Oh you’ll do him, no question of that. You can’t be ‘certified’ without doing him,” Gina laughed and told them to buckle up.

The girls were waiting when Gina pulled up to the hangar. Jill was with them and they hugged and kissed Cherry and welcomed her into the family. The girls got to know each other a bit on the ride back to Windermere. By the time they arrived they were quickly becoming friends.

“Cherry, we have to warn you, once we get to the house; there are over fifty people who have been waiting to meet you. You are going to be working with all of them and you should have heard the roar that went up last night when Michelle sent us the text,” Jill said.

“Text? What text?” Cherry asked.

Jill laughed and held up her phone. “This was broadcast throughout the property when you agreed to meet with Mark. It read, ‘Mission Accomplished’. This place went nuts. There was hooting and hollering and a freakin orgy broke out. Of course, that happens all the time anyway but, last night was special to all of us. There is one girl who has developed a real affinity to you. She won’t need an introduction. You’ll know her immediately.”

“You have to be talking about Ronnie,” Cherry smiled. “I hear we are very similar. I can’t wait to meet everyone.”

They pulled onto the property and Cherry’s jaw dropped. She shot a look at Gary who had sat quietly listening to the girls talk on the way back from the airport. “A little place in Orlando huh? Son of a bitch, you two are fucking amazing. First, he tells me he is a lawyer and that he represents a few athletes. I learn eventually who he is. That blew me away. Now you, you have a little place in Orlando. This place is huge and gorgeous.”

Rose started laughing, “Cherry, you haven’t seen the half of it hon. Come on, let’s get you settled in. I don’t know about you but I need a Rum Runner.”

“I have a request,” Cherry purred. “Gary, will you make me one of those killer Rum Runners. I did know that one thing. I want one made by the master.”

“In other words darling,” Rose snickered, “Make it the right way.”

“You got it Cherry, I want one myself.” He took her luggage up to Mark’s suite and went to change into something more comfortable. He walked into his suite and Wendy and Debbie kissed him and told him they really liked Cherry. He put on his swimsuit and headed for the bar.

He walked to the Tiki Bar and filled the blender. Cherry was on the patio meeting everyone. Holly heard the blender and brought her over.

“I have to admit, this is impressive. I was told I would get the cooks tour in a few minutes.” He handed her the drink and she took one sip and smiled. “He wasn’t kidding; you do make the best Rum Runner on the planet. This place is fantastic. I like this bar a lot.”

“When Gary remodeled this place, he wanted another bar over here and I was the only one who had ever been to his bar in Key West. I had taken many photos so, we recreated it right here. It is my favorite place here because it was in that bar that I fell in love with him. I made love to him on that bar the first night I was there. So, yes, this brings back memories that will always be close to my heart,” Holly explained.

Gary began making more Rum Runners as he saw six people walking up to the bar. Cherry had her back to them and didn’t see them coming. They walked up quietly and the tall, gorgeous woman turned and spoke to the group behind her.

“When I get my hands on that stupid bitch, I am going to bitch slap her all the way back to Las Vegas. I am serious about that. She deserves it and I plan on telling her a lot of things,” Diane said as Cherry turned to see what the commotion was.

“Ohmigod, Diane it is so good to see you,” Cherry said.

Diane made a sweeping move with her hand and she grabbed Cherry’s face, looked into her eyes, and kissed her startled face. “I am so glad you are alright. I was so pissed at you then I was so worried about you. Now, I am just so glad to see you my darling.” She kissed her again and hugged her.

Cherry couldn’t see who was standing behind her. Diane moved away and Cherry shrieked. “Come here you gorgeous Hawaiian Goddess. Aleka darling, oh, it is good to see you.” She hugged her, kissed her and then she started to cry. Brenda, Joy, Kono, and Daniel were waiting their turn to hold her, kiss her, and talk to her.

“What are you doing here? Ohmigod, I had no idea you’d be here. I can’t believe this.”

“Did you hear about the Honolulu Center darling?” Daniel asked.

“I did, I heard about it this afternoon. Gary says it is going to be spectacular and it is going to have a luau as well. That will be great,” she told him.

“Well, you’re looking at the people who will be running it. We’re excited about it. This is exactly what we’ve all wanted. It should be fun and lucrative as well,” Kono, told her. “Brenda and Joy will be running the D’Orgasmic store. Hell, that is what they already were doing anyway. Now, we’re going to see more of you. That makes me happy as can be. I’m so glad you’re back in one piece darling.”

Gary saw her standing by the diving platform. She was watching from a distance and Gary called her over.

Cherry looked and stopped dead in her tracks. “Ohmigod, I’m looking in a mirror.” She jumped off her barstool and walked up, “You have to be Ronnie. Excuse me if I say that this is kinda freakin me out in a very nice way. Wow, I’m never speechless until now. Will someone tell this woman how gorgeous she is? I’m afraid if I say it you’ll think my ego is on overdrive.”

“Ronnie’s goal in life is to be you Cherry,” Holly told her.

“Sweetheart, I am the last person you want to emulate. Thanks for the compliment though. It is going to be fun working with you.”

“I was warned not to come back home with out the other bookend,” Gary laughed. “I was afraid Ronnie would bite my dick off if I failed.”

Cherry laughed, “Now I know we’ll get along famously. I’ve been known to bite myself.”

“You can say that again,” Daniel said as he grabbed his crotch.

“Oh hush, you loved it darling,” Cherry, giggled.

Gary hit the platform and as soon as he hit the water, everyone joined in. Jill outdid him constantly but that was fine. He loved watching her slice through the water effortlessly. Cherry was just about to dive in when she looked at the platform and saw Linda getting ready to dive in.

“Holy fuck, am I losing my mind. That is Beyonce Knowles. Ohmigod, this is amazing. She’s gorgeous isn’t she,” Cherry smiled.

“Honey, that’s not Beyonce. Her name is Linda Langford. She is a wonderful chef. She worked for me at my restaurant in Boca Raton and now she works for Gary. She has been a big help to me in getting everything ready for the centers. Let me tell you one thing, she is a wild woman in bed, you’ll love her,” Holly told her.

Linda came over and Holly introduced her to Cherry. “God, Mark wasn’t kidding. I’ve seen some spectacular women in my life but you are without a doubt the most amazing woman I’ve ever seen. Now, if you’re half as good in bed as I’m told you are, I can’t wait to try you out myself.”

“That damned Mark, he’s telling tales again. Hmm, I’m gonna have to have a word with him about that,” Cherry giggled.

“Mark didn’t tell me dear. I heard about that from three men who love you a lot.”

“They wouldn’t be football players, would they?” Cherry asked.

“Yes and no matter what you think, they do love you with all their hearts,” she said as she leaned over and kissed Cherry.

“Darling, you just made my day,” Cherry beamed.

“Brenda, over here sweetie,” Holly yelled.

Cherry’s eyes popped out of her head at the sight of the spectacular tall, drop dead gorgeous redhead who somehow just appeared by the pool. The woman moved effortlessly with grace and poise. The bikini she wore was smaller than most of Cherry’s and her body, simply breathtaking.

Brenda walked over to the bar and she stopped and stared at Cherry. She looked at her and shook her head. “Everyone told me they were identical. Holy shit, they weren’t kidding.” Brenda looked again and laughed. She shook Cherry’s hand and welcomed her into the family. “Now I know why Mark has been such a basket case. I’ve known him longer than most people here. I’ve never seen him so depressed. Seeing you answers every question I’ve had. Mark has dated and bedded the sexiest women on the planet. He’s never had to worry about getting a date. I couldn’t figure out how a woman could have this effect on him until right now.”

“Thank you Brenda, coming from you, that means a lot to me. I’ve been a big fan of yours for more years than you’d care to hear. I am looking forward to working with you but I think you have your work cut out for you.”

“I’ll make you a deal; I’ll turn you into a superstar if you teach me your pole moves. I’ve seen you on stage and I can’t fathom how you do the top of the pole strip. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

Cherry looked at her in amazement. “When did you see me on stage?”

Brenda started to laugh. “Cherry, I think you’ve come to realize that there has been a very large conspiracy in play to get the two of you back together. Well, I checked you out fully and I learned many things about you. For starters, you’re a hell of a lot better dancer than you give yourself credit for. Two men in your life both said that. The first one was Ted. When you went back to work for him, he had cameras on you in case someone tried something. He sent me those tapes. George did the same thing. I haven’t seen you dance in person yet but I know I have a lot to learn from you.”

The outdoor lights faded to black, as Gary, Jill and the girls walked to the bar. Gary made a fresh round of Rum Runners and the playhouse patio lights came on. The doors opened and the outdoor big screen came to life. Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Girl (Shake It For Me)’ video came on and the lights came back up. Eleven of the sexiest girls Cherry had ever seen were on that patio dancing in unison to the video.

She had never seen the video before and she was trying to watch the video and the dancers. Something had caught her eye and she was glued to the video. She saw flashes of one girl in the middle of the pack. She watched and saw that Ronnie was dancing her part on the patio. She was trying to see if Ronnie was the girl in the video.

When she danced to the front of the pack, Cherry’s jaw dropped. The girl in the video could have been her twin.

“My God, there are three of us!” Cherry exclaimed.

Brenda grabbed her hand and walked her to the playhouse. The dancers who did that dance were the female professional dancers. Ronnie walked up and hugged Cherry. Brenda introduced Cherry to the dancers. They looked at the similarities of the two women and were stunned. Cherry was taller but other than that, they were identical.

“Okay, let’s do that again but this time, I want all the girls on stage,” Brenda told them. The lights went black again and the video came on. This time there were twenty-nine women dancing and they were perfect. Cherry realized that the girls she had met earlier were dancing with the professional dancers and they were great.

“Everyone managing our clubs is trained in every aspect of the organization and that includes the dance routines. They love that aspect of the training,” Gary told Cherry as they watched. He went on to tell her how this all started and then what happened at Mark’s 4th of July party. He told her how Ronnie handled everything and the routine they did with ‘Save A Horse Ride a Cowboy’ and what happened next.

Cherry laughed at that. “She’s more of a twin than you know Gary. She’s a younger version of me.”

Ronnie was standing with the dancers and she had a microphone in her hand. “Gary, I know you haven’t met the Professional Dancers yet. They are a wonderful group of men and women,” she said as she motioned for the male dancers to join them on the patio. “They all got together after rehearsal today and asked one simple question. I’d like to introduce you to Ann McKenzie. She was elected to be the spokesperson.” She handed the microphone to Ann.

“Hi Gary, Ronnie is correct, we did talk and we love what is going to take place. We are completely honored to have this opportunity. We want to thank you for that. The first thing we all want to do is welcome Cherry into our ranks. We are all looking forward to working with you. The thing we would like to ask is simple Gary. Can we please get ‘certified’ too?”

Gary started to laugh. “I can’t think of a better thing to do but I am going to ask you to give us two days before we start that process. Mark won’t be here until late tomorrow night. He and Cherry need at least one night before we start that process. Is that all right Ann? Now that I’ve said that, ‘house rules’ are now in effect. The certification process is a process; we can party in the meantime.”

“Thank you Gary, yes, that is perfectly great with us. We want the two of them together as much as they do. Thanks again,” she said as she handed the mike back to Ronnie.

Cherry turned to Wendy, “Okay, that’s it. Would someone please explain what ‘house rules’ are and what the fuck ‘certified’ means.”

Wendy, Rose and Debbie giggled and explained everything to Cherry. She was laughing hysterically and shaking her head. “Now I know why Gary said he wouldn’t do the certification until Mark was here. Girls, do I have your permission?”

“Honey, you don’t need our permission for anything. You’re a part of this family whether you like it or not. Go for it,” Rose giggled.

“Well, I should at least adhere to ‘house rules’ first,” Cherry giggled as she stripped down to her heels. “Gary, get your ass over here,” she yelled.

Gary turned and looked at the phenomenal creature. He walked over to her, she put her arms around his neck, and she kissed him, fully and passionately. “Thank you. Thank you for everything. I hoped and prayed that some white knight would come along and put this thing back together and you did it. Promise me one thing. Promise me when the certification process begins, you are the first one to certify me. You’ve given me my life and my love back to me. Thank you.” She kissed him again and didn’t want to let him go.

Lindsay, Ainsley, Hank, and Dave walked up and introduced themselves to Cherry. Lindsay explained that she would be managing the Orlando Center and Ainsley would be in charge of Las Vegas.

“I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of you in Las Vegas,” Ainsley said. “Mark gave Dave and me an apartment on Dani’s floor. Lindsay and Hank will be living here.”

“That sounds wonderful to me Ainsley,” she said as Linda grabbed Gary and Cherry.

“Come with me,” she commanded. “You two have been on the go since early this morning. I have dinner waiting,” she said as she directed them into the dining room.

They sat and enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner. Rose, Wendy, and Debbie told Cherry how the four of them got together and she was laughing so hard she could barely eat.

“Holly is responsible for this? That is amazing,” Cherry, giggled.

“Hon, Holly is that loud,” Gary, laughed. “She will wake the dead. It happens every time. We’re all used to her now.”

Jill joined them and she had a tablet in her hand. “You have to be talking about Holly,” she giggled. “If you think she’s loud, wait till you hear this,” she said as she placed the tablet in front of Cherry.

“Loud, that woman is so loud, I know when she is cumming, and my ass is in Thailand. Ohmigod, now I understand too. Excuse me, where are my manners, Cherry my name is Jeremy Carter. I am so pleased to meet you. I had to do this today; I want to welcome you into the family as well. Mark is so in love with you and now, I can see why. I just wanted to say hello and tell you I am looking forward to meeting you in person the next time you’re in Thailand.

Is Gary there? Ah, you should have heard the call I got today. Jooms is ecstatic. She told me to tell Jill to give you a huge kiss and anything else you might like buddy. Nom and Phoc were flying to Las Vegas if you failed. They want to learn how to dance the pole better anyway. Everyone here is happy as hell. Good job pal.” He signed off.

Cherry laughed, “This did spread all over the world didn’t it? Am I going to get the cooks tour now? This home is positively amazing.”

They spent the next hour and gave her the tour. Every aspect of the house took her breath away. When she walked into Gary’s suite and saw the bed, she burst out laughing. Then she saw the three stripper poles and her jaw dropped.

“Cherry, those aren’t for us. Those are for Gary, Mark, and Jim,” Debbie smirked.

“Oh fuck, I’ll believe that when I see it,” Cherry roared. She looked at the girls and winked.

They went to Jill’s apartment and the opulence and luxury she saw blew Cherry away. When she saw Jill’s closet, she lost her mind. “Ohmigod, look at the size of this thing. I could live in here.”

Jill walked her down and she saw the shoe closet. “I’d kill for a closet like this. This is amazing,” she cooed.

“Oh hush, your closet is much larger than this one,” Gary laughed.

“That is the second time you’ve said that today. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my closet but it sure isn’t this large Gary.”

Gary laughed, “You’re talking about your old place. I was talking about your new home. Sorry for the confusion Cherry.”

“My new place, what are you talking about?” she asked.

“Oh, I was supposed to tell you, Mark needed your apartment so your stuff has been moved up a few floors.”

“Up a few floors? Exactly how many floors have I been moved up to,” she inquired.

“Oh, I believe your new closet is that massive one next to Mark’s. I am sure it is about the size of a three-bedroom house. Sweetheart, something tells me he lost you once; he doesn’t want to let you go now,” Gary smiled as he hugged her.

“Cherry, at least you didn’t have to choose. I had three of them, I was in love with three of them, and they were in love with me. I couldn’t choose so I didn’t. I love each one of them equally. I have since I was thirteen and that hasn’t changed. I have the best life a woman could ever hope for,” Jill told her.

“Gee Jill, how could you choose? I just met Gary and I only saw Jeremy tonight. I don’t think I could have made that kind of a choice myself. The three of them are gorgeous. I’m glad I didn’t have to make that choice. I found my man and I’m not letting go now. Just so all of you know, I do share.”

“That’s good to know,” a voice said as four lovely women walked off the elevator.

Gary turned and smiled as this pretty black woman jumped into his arms and kissed him. “Cherry, I’d like you to meet Tammy, Tia, JoJo and Bobbi. Remember I told about the four women I fell in love with years ago. This is the four of them. They run my house and just about everything else. Get used to them, they are greedy.”

“Hey, I’m the greedy one around here,” Rose smirked.

“We just came up to tell you the golf carts are ready baby,” Tammy said. “If you’re going to give Cherry the tour, quit dilly-dallying and D’O IT,” she chuckled. “Then you can do me too! Sorry girls, I couldn’t resist that one.”

Everyone chuckled at that. They stepped off the elevator and walked out onto the patio.

“There you are, where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you?” Gary asked.

“We’ve been working on Brenda’s house. It is coming along,” Red said.

“Kate, Nancy, I’d like you to meet a big fan of yours. This is the one and only Cherry Anderson. Cherry, Kate’s nickname is Red. I think you’re familiar with them.”

“Okay Gary, now I have to go back and reread your stories. You two are exactly the way he described you. It is a real pleasure to meet you,” Cherry gasped.

“You are as delicious as Mark said you were,” Nancy purred. “He told me that you were the best thing that ever happened to him and I can see why he said that. He is a very picky man.”

They jumped in the golf carts and Gary gave her the tour. The opulence of each cabana left her breathless. He took them down to the dock and the moon was bright on the lake. They headed back to the main house and the party was in full swing.

“I am going to enjoy my time here,” Cherry smiled. “There is nothing like watching wonderful naked people loving each other.”

Rose took her into the playhouse and showed her the theater, the bar, the playroom, and the glory hole room. She pointed to the darkroom and Cherry laughed.

“I know that place Rose. I spent some time in Marks. It’s funny I’m the exhibitionist. I want people to stare at me while I’m fucking someone but the darkroom was a blast. I have to admit that.”

Gary poured drinks and everyone sat and got to know one another. Cherry and Red hit it off instantly. Nancy sat drooling and Jill and the girls were in hysterics at the subtle looks on Nancy’s face.

“She’s kinda small to be a St. Bernard isn’t she?” Wendy giggled. “But you gotta love her tongue.”

“Are they picking on you Nancy?” Cherry laughed. Cherry leaned over and kissed her sweetly. “You and I are going to get along just fine. Hell, I am going to love every single one of you.”

“Darling, you can jump Gary any time you want. Trust me, we’re going to be jumping Mark until the day we die,” Wendy told Cherry. “You are in the same position we are. We love our man but we can never own him. Actually, we love the way things are. We have the man we love and all the sex we can ever handle with really nice men and women.”

“I can see what you mean,” Cherry said as she glanced over at the pool. The chaises and cabanas overflowed with the spectacular naked bodies she had met earlier. “Is she always like that?” she giggled as she saw Tammy devouring a very lovely, long, thick cock.

“Baby, she is just getting started,” Wendy, giggled. “Once she is finished with the appetizers, she will get down to some serious fucking. Gary was the first white guy she had ever done and she resisted him for months. She wanted him but she was afraid. Now, she is almost as bad as Rose.”

“You do know I’m sitting right here,” the insatiable Asian cooed.

“Well it is true hon. We all know you are greedy but hey,Tammy comes in a very close second with you,” Debbie laughed.

“I’m seeing this but I’m having a hard time believing it. She is so tiny and she just swallowed a massive cock. I mean, seriously, she has mad skills,” Cherry exclaimed.

“That is exactly what Chris said the first time they did her,” Rose purred.

“Chris? Are you talking about…”

“Yes dear, Tammy heard about your adventures with them and she vowed that if you could do them, so could she. She has become a very vocal proponent for becoming airtight.”

“Ohmigod, you are kidding aren’t you. Rashad is huge and he’s the smallest of the three. Chris would tear her apart. Trust me, I know.” Cherry stared in amazement as two gorgeous hunks walked up and joined in Tammy’s fun. “She has quite a body doesn’t she?”

Gary laughed, “You can say that again. That woman teased me every day for almost eight months. She is so tiny, so perfectly put together and so nice. She almost drove me crazy. Finally, it happened and it was something I’ll never forget. She had never had anyone touch her ass before me. I was gentle, caring, and patient. I created a monster.”

They all looked over and the tallest young man was lying on the mattress with his long, thick, carved cock firmly planted in her taut, tiny brown ass. He pulled her back to his chest as he slid in and out sweetly. The other two men were stroking her body, teasing her breasts, licking her nipples and stroking her stomach.

Tammy’s head was laying back, her arms stroking their legs, as she reached for and started to fondle their lovely hard cocks. These two guys simultaneously began to stroke her pussy. They were good. They worked in unison, softly, tenderly. They each played to their own side of her clit.

The man with his cock in her ass was stoking the sides of her body. His deep thrusts were strong, steady, and unrelenting. This naked, Nubian goddess, clad only in silver 4″ stilettos was oblivious to everything but the men who promised to rock her world.

Her grasp of the two massive cocks had their desired effect and she gently, but steadily pulled each man to her lips. Her red lips encased each man in turn. The look of complete and total lust that washed over her face said it all. This was a tigress in heat and there would be no denying her.

As the invading shaft sank deep into her, her lips devoured first one cock, then the next. So tiny but with a mouth of velvet, she always took what was offered totally and completely.

“There is nothing sexier than watching a woman who really loves cock sucking on one,” Cherry smiled. “She reminds me of me.”

“So we’ve heard,” Rose, laughed. “I no longer hold the title of ‘the greedy one’ around here.”

One of the young studs moved to mount Tammy while the other lovingly fed her his cock. It was a tight fit but both cocks stretched and Tammy accommodated each one perfectly. The men set up a rhythm and it was good. Tammy’s legs began flailing as three, strong, powerful cocks slammed into her.

She raked her nails across the one man’s back. Her throat expanded and contracted as each thrust sent a delicious cock deep into her throat. Her tiny ass, stretched tight, begged for more.

Their rhythm increased. Flesh slapping flesh. Bodies straining to deliver the pleasure they each sought.

Tammy had been convulsing for several minutes when they kicked it up a notch. Their strokes became fierce. Her body was taking it and demanding more. Her stomach was concave with her orgasmic spasms. Her toes curled in her open toed stilettos. She screamed around the thick log in her throat. Her eyelids fluttered as one by one, each cock erupted.

Tammy was cumming so hard, she had serious trouble breathing, but that didn’t stop her. Her body milked each cock dry. Her ass was like a suction hose. Clamping, sucking, and milking that long, strong cock, slowly deflating in her ass. Her pussy was phenomenal at all times. She used her tight body to its full advantage and she milked that cock for all she was worth.

The cock in her throat was feeling the entire length of her tongue as she massaged and alleviated it of any trace of the precious, pearly substance she lived for.

Four people collapsed, applause wafted thru the complex as by this time, all eyes were on them.

Tammy, shakily but determined, stood on wobbly legs, flashed her drop dead bright white smile and bowed.

Jim walked over with a tray of drinks for them. He kissed Tammy, patted her head, and giggled as he walked away.

“I know I made the right decision,” Cherry beamed at Gary.

Gary excused himself and went up to his office.

He called Mark and asked him what the guys schedule was. He told Mark that the professional dancers wanted certification along with Cherry. Mark checked and told him to stay on the line. He conferenced them in and told them what had happened.

“It’s fucking well about time,” Rashad said. “I was beginning to wonder about you two. What’s up and what do you want us to do?”

Gary told him and said that she had asked him to be first. “What I would really like is that the three of you be next. Then everyone else will take over. She thinks you’ll never talk to her again and I want to put that out of her mind.”

“Why would she think that?” Mark asked.

“Well boss,” Jamal coughed, “We didn’t make any bones about it the last time we talked to her.”

“When was that,” Mark asked angrily.

“We went to see her when she went back to work for Ted. We didn’t pull any punches. We told her if she thought people with conservative values were evil, then she thought we were evil as well. She wanted to play that night and we said no and walked out on her,” Chris said.

“Goddammit. You three assholes. I told you to leave it to me,” Mark yelled into the phone.

“Listen boss, we love you but you were sitting on your hands and doing nothing. We were worried about you and we definitely were worried about her too. We went to talk to her and we laid it on the line. We knew you were going to be pissed but this was too important to us to leave it hanging. You’re important and so is she. You love her and we know she loves you. So shut the fuck up and be glad everything came together,” Rashad said emphatically.

The guys gave Gary their locations and he told them he was sending a jet to get them. “Now listen you fucks, I don’t want you fucking with my pilots until you’ve taken care of Cherry.”

This is the story of the first time my wife Lynn had sex with another man.

We had been married about 11-12 years at the time and had been together for about 14. Our sex life was always good and Lynn was nearly always up for sex. Even when she wasn’t in the mood, all it would take is for a few minutes of gently touching her clit before she would be pulling me into her.

At the time of this story Lynn was 37 with dark reddish/brown hair worn on the short side and has incredible blue eyes. She stands 5′ 8″, weighing 125 with a runner’s body type, sexy small A-B breasts, very sensitive nipples, a beautiful flat stomach and a great round ass. She keeps her pussy shaved with a small ‘landing strip’ just above. Physically she did not look anywhere close her age. I definitely hit the jackpot with her. Not that this really adds anything to the story, but I am a 6′ surfer type build. We are both white.

Often when we have sex I will tell her fantasies of mine and occasionally she would divulge some of hers. My biggest fantasy is to see or hear about her having sex with another man. Often I would mention an old boyfriend of hers or someone else from her past. Quite often I would tell her how hot I would get if she would fuck a black man. She used to date a black man before we met, so this was no shock to her. Lynn would always respond to the stories and scenarios that I would tell her and would have great orgasms, almost always while I was licking her. She would occasionally consider following through with them, but things always got in the way and I would never pressure her beyond telling her how hot it would get me.

Now that you hopefully get the picture, it’s on to her first time. We had a very nice home and often times her friends from work would come over on Friday evenings to hang out. We would just have drinks, food and lots of talk. All of her friends were in their 20s and the topic would always end up on something sexual. This particular night the usual suspects were hanging around along with 2 other friends of friends. They were black guys in their mid-20s, Freddy, who was a friend of some in the regular group and his cousin, Charles. They were very cool, friendly and fit right in with the rest of the group.

As the evening progressed, the drinks flowed, with lots of flirting going on. Fairly innocent fun, but still, this group could be pretty wild when they get together. My wife and I would laugh off the suggestive remarks that came our way, but it was really flattering. I know Lynn really enjoyed it, but would always stop before anything serious came to pass.

Late in the evening, actually early in the morning, people were heading home. Freddy got up to leave and realized he had a very long drive to get his cousin home. He had work in just a few hours, so I offered to take Charles home in the morning if that worked for them. They were good with that, so Freddy hit the road while Lynn grabbed pillows and blankets for Charles, who would be sleeping on the couch. Charles had a great sense of humor and had Lynn genuinely laughing out loud. She finds humor one of her biggest turn-ons. With the house empty with the exception of Charles, Lynn and I went upstairs to bed.

Once there we undressed and climbed into our king sized bed. I was very horned up for her and told her we were going to make a video. For some reason that gets me turned on. I’m not sure if it was the drinks or the flirting that got her hot, but she was more than up for it. I set up the camera, turned it on and climbed in next to Lynn. I was straight up, on my knees and she rolled over and took my rock hard cock in her mouth while I rubbed her clit and very wet pussy. I had not seen her wound up like this in a long time, not that I’m complaining. I nudged her onto her back and moved between her widely spread legs. She was insanely wet and I slide right in as she grabbed my ass to pull me in. We were fucking as wild as we ever have. Soon, I slid off and slid down her body to lick her clit and lightly tweak her nipples. I started telling her my fantasies about her fucking another man. One particular fantasy was a detailed scenario of her being fucked by a young black man. At this point Lyn started bucking wildly and then she took over the story. “I could see me doing that.”, she gasped. Moaning for a few seconds, she continued, “It’s been too long since I’ve had a black cock; fucking me hard; fucking me til it hurts! I just want to be the best pussy for him.” WOW! I had never heard her come out and say this sort of thing. At this point, I mentioned that we had a young black man downstairs. She asked, “Would it get you hot to see me fuck him?” “Yes”, I replied, “It would make me so fuckin’ hot.” She started cumming as hard as I’ve ever seen her cum. At the moment, I thought she was just playing along with my fantasy, but as she settled down and I gently continued licking her clit, she asked, “You really wouldn’t be mad if I fucked Charles?” “No”, I said, “I’m serious.” I was beside myself with excitement now. Was this really going to happen? She started bucking her pussy against my face again. This is unusual for Lynn as her pussy is usually so sensitive after cumming that it takes a long time before she can cum again. Before she got fully into it, I asked if she wanted to invite Charles upstairs or if she would like me to ask. Again she asked if I was sure and would I be ok with this, which I was. I had seen Lynn horny and wild over the years, but never ever like this. It was almost surreal.

I grabbed a pair of shorts and headed downstairs. Charles was still up, taking advantage of the porn tapes we had told him about. I made a little noise coming down so as not to embarrass him if he was enjoying himself. I grabbed us each a beer and after a minute, asked him what he thought of Lynn. He was kind of stuck, trying to be respectful, but did say how attractive and sexy he thought she was. Then I just blurted out that if he was up for it, he could fuck her right now. He got the biggest smile of the night. I told him to come upstairs and get undressed outside our room. Up we went, and after undressing, I let him enter the room first while I went to the bathroom. I didn’t witness this part, but saw it when watching the video after. As he walked in, Lynn was laying on her back, across the bed with her feet dangling off the side, while lightly rubbing her clit. Charles walked up and stood in front of her. Lynn watched this well-built, very large young man slowly rubbing his growing cock. Then, using her feet, she pulled Charles towards her. As I came back into the room, Charles asked her, “Have you ever had a black cock before?” Lynn smiled and said, “Yes, but not for a long time.” His cock was now standing straight out. I have a pretty decent cock at around 7.5′ to 8″, but Charles was really packing. At this point I got a little concerned as Lynn has always said that she never enjoyed very large cocks, but here she was faced with that very thing. Charles slid between her legs. Lynn lifted them high and wide and Charles slid the whole way in. He didn’t slam it in, just a nice smooth move. Lynn let out the sexiest moan I have ever heard as his full length entered. She grabbed his ass as he started to move in and out. He started slowly for several minutes, picking up the pace until he was pounding her hard. Lynn’s legs were still high and wide, her hands on his ass, pulling him in as far as possible. For a woman that claimed to not like large cocks, she was taking all of him and loving it. Lynn loves fucking with a man that takes charge. She’s not submissive, but just likes someone else to be in control. She also loves tall, large men, and Charles dwarfed her. They kissed passionately as she started cumming hard, something that rarely happens when she fucks, as Charles continued his pounding. She was moaning louder than I have ever heard her. After a few more minutes of this, he then started licking her clit, but she needed a little break from that. They both lay back as she cuddled next to him, stroking his cock. She slid down and started sucking him enthusiastically. She would slide as much of his cock into her mouth as she could will stroking the long shaft. It gets Lynn very hot to turn a man on, a feeling of power, I guess. She likes to get a person turned on to the point that they attack her. Anyway as Charles became even more turned on, and so did Lynn. Charles maneuvered her to her hands & knees and slid into her from behind. Seeing him moving in and out and more importantly, seeing that Lynn was completely into it was the biggest turn on I’d ever experienced to this point. She was slamming her ass back to meet his thrusts. Her moans were still louder than ever as Charles told her how her white pussy was just made for his cock.

After a few minutes of fucking Lyn from behind, Charles flipped Lynn onto her back so he could look at her when he cums. Lynn was more than willing. As he slid into her again she was talking so nasty to him. Telling him how much she loved watching his large cock sliding in and out, how much she loved his black cock filling her white pussy. Charles was furiously pumping Lynn’s pussy and then slowed to rhythmic deep thrusts. Lynn moaned each time he entered fully, her head propped up watching his cock slide deep into her over and over. She was telling that she could feel his cock getting very hard and ready to come, asking him if he liked her married pussy. Charles gave it right back, asking her if she like his big cock, if she loved getting fucked by black cock and if she missed it. Lynn responded that yes, she loved fucking his cock, and that she would do whatever he wants to please him. Just as he started to cum, his cock slipped out and sprayed Lynn with one of the largest loads of cum I have ever seen. It seemed she was covered from her neck to her pussy. Lynn lay on the bed shaking and drained. She had cum so many times already. Once things had calmed down we had to laugh about the size of the load.

Charles cleaned up and went back to the couch, very satisfied. Lynn and I continued playing for another hour or so as this encounter was the most erotic thing that had happened to us in years. We each came two times before passing out.

When I returned from taking Charles home the next morning, Lynn was a little embarrassed about being so out of control. I was cool with it but asked her about his large cock, as she’d always said that she was not into that. She got a little more embarrassed and said it was actually a real turn on for her this time, that Charles knew how to use it and that she was really turned on by the fact the he was so much larger than her. One funny thing is that when we would talk about her being with another man, she said she was not really into black guys. It’s nothing personal, just not her preference. I guess we can say that she is flexible on this, though. She’s always surprising me. All I know is that being there to watch my wife let loose like this was simply incredible.

Charles was the perfect partner for this. We got lucky for our first time. He did not mention any of this to his cousin and realized that this was probably just a one-time thing, though he and I would sometimes talk about making it happen again. I’ll leave the results of those conversations for another time.

If anyone likes, I will put together some of our other adventures from over the years. I’ll also try to get some pictures together to give you an idea of Lynn’s appearance.

Thanks for reading!

Hi all here is a story I hope you all enjoy about my wife Becca and me, Mike, on our recent vacation. We had been looking forward to escaping the cold for months. As evidence I got Becca two new bikinis in the middle of Winter just to keep our hopes up.

After lots of strenuous “researching” I had them picked out and ordered awaiting the day Becca got to try them on. Finally the moment arrived and I got to see her come out of the bed room in her new blue bikini. She is only 5’5″ but every inch looked delicious to me her brunette hair looked extra vibrant against the tiny blue triangles covering about 30% of her pert 34b breast. The color contrasted her light tan enough to not notice we hadn’t been in the sun for a few months. Her fit body showed off the hard work at yoga class and when she spun the cut was everything I hoped it was a small Brazilian showing plenty of her good sized round butt that was about the size of half a basket ball. Excited I told her to try the next!

This one was black and sexier it was a banadeu top which squeezed her boobs together a little showing off some seductive cleavage and the bottom framed her hips beautifully before disappearing between her plum butt cheeks. I couldn’t hold off any longer and moved right in putting her on her back sliding the bottom aside and licking her fresh shaved pussy. After a few min she turned over showing me her luscious ass as I slid in doggy and held the bikini to one side. As we fucked her boobs fell out of the top and swung freely adding to the hotness. Finishing on her back so not to stain the new bikini she smiled and commented on the wardrobe malfunction.

Fast forward to finally on vacation laying on the warm beach! Becca wore her black bikini as we walked down the beach for a long way. I couldn’t help but notice people watching us as we went by and was happy everyone enjoyed me so much, lol, I was under no illusion I would look to if such a beautiful full butt was ambling by only slightly cove by a black bikini. After a while we sat down to eat and with in a few minutes a couple came up to us and started chatting. Some people have a gift for conversation and these were two of them.

My gaze kept darting over the beautiful women who turned out to be MeMe, she was about the same height as Becca but straight black hair matching her dark black skin, I don’t guess weight often but she was about 140 with most of it in her curves the cleavage between her D cups was like a vortex sucking my gaze in and when I managed to pull my eyes away they quickly were drawn to her tremendous butt or in this case a real big booty. Glancing up I noticed jon was similarly entranced with Becca so I didn’t feel bad. We talked about all sorts of thing until the heat got ridiculous the girls, now friends, got up to go jump in the ocean. We watched saying nothing just enjoying the swaying asses as they walked away before Jon commented ” I love MeMe’s ass, god when she fucks its all over but in the perfect way”. I was a little shocked since this was the first blatant talk of sex.

“Come on Mike.” Jon laughed. “Beccas got to be amazing to.”

Shaken out of my silence I agreed and we easily transitioned into talking about our girls amazing attributes. Once the girls got back they informed us of their plan to meet up for drinks and dancing that night.

With the sun heading down we split off and went to our hotels to get ready. Shower, change, drink, fool around, put on clothes and all of a sudden a few hours had passed and we needed to leave to meet Jon and MeMe by 11. Becca looked great but I might have been biased since I picked out her black clingy dress that had a slit in the front to her low ribs and backless back down to the top of the swell from her butt, here the dress clung tight to her fit ass cheeks before ending 5″ below her butt.

As we walked in to the club Jon and MeMe were right there drinks in hands. MeMe was sporting a yellow dress that had a halter top and showed plenty of side boob to make any guy double take the tight form fitting lower part might have been loose on many girls but her voluminous butt stretched the material to its limits. Drinks went down fast as we migrated to the dance floor for a great mix of pumping bass to make everyone want to move.

Becca is no slouch at dancing and when she really wants to can hypnotize guys with her butt control moving it every which way as she gyrates around. As the music thumped and drinks kicked in we danced close hands drifting over each others body. Jon ran to the bathroom and instantly MeMe was surrounded by eager guys entranced with her curves. She let them crowd as she spun and moved up and down. Jon got back and smiled asking if he could join us since MeMe was busy. Becca facing me nodded she was fine as he moved in behind sandwiching her between us his black hands on her hips as she ground her body up and down.

After a few song I went to grab drinks and MeMe followed and helped me bring them back we cheers downed our shots and MeMe dragged me to the dance floor she worked her thick butt on my dick feverishly and guided my hands around her body. I noticed Becca half bent over doing her dirty dance and got a clear view down her dress of her perk boobs swinging to the beat. This went on for another hour occasionally all of us switching to dance with other people.

After last call we piled in a cab and went to Jons hotel. No thought was given to it it just seemed right. MeMe went to the mini bar and pulled out some champagne popped the top and with out any hesitation slipped her dress off standing topless in her black thong and high heels. Jon made no mention so the party went on we drank a bit, I watched her boobs swing around with each movement and we put on some music as it came on Becca to dropped her dress with no hesitation, her perk boobs jutting out nipples hard and her round ass framed in a black g string.

Dancing commenced only this time much more seductive MeMe knew how to use her big boobs and would drag them over my body as she pulled my shirt off. As Becca worked circles with her butt Jon peeled off his shirt to fit in. MeMe continued to lead as she unzipped my pants and deftly fished out my rock hard cock she turned and bent over rubbing her massive ass on me as if I needed more of a tease and then quickly dropped to her knees engulfing my cock in her mouth. Looking down her big thick black lips enveloped my white cock and her tremendous boobs swayed as she bobbed her head.

Tearing my eyes from the beautiful view I saw Becce also on her knees licking her way up Jons black hard shaft as he smiled down taking her head and easing her mouth on to is dick. The girls sucked and swirled their tongues eagerly while MeMe alternated burying my dick between her cleavage pumping her boobs up and down. The sound of skin on skin made me glance over to see Becca standing in her heels hands on a chair back and Jon raising his hand for another spank. He let loose with the slap and Beccas ass jiggled side to side before both hands grasped it and spread her cheeks. As he buried his black shat between her white cheeks I laid back and MeMe climbed on top starting off at a tremendous pace bouncing on my cock. Reaching up I cupped her boobs as she worked her hips in magical ways. When I felt myself getting close I rolled her to her back and pulled out spraying my cum on her tits.

We got up off the floor and looked over to see Jon working Becca in a similar position as before only now one leg was lifted up and he was holding it as she held on to the chair and balanced on the other leg. Her but jiggled with each strake and her little boobs snapped back and forth. Jon then pulled out and quickly told her to get on her knees as soon as she did he unleashed on her face a torrent of cum. MeMe was quick to make a joke and keep everything fun offering up new drinks before they went to the bathroom to clean up.

Jon asked if he was right earlier and I had to agree. We all sat on the couch and quite comfortably chatted about how we liked it. Wasn’t long before I was getting excited again this time Jon suggested we take turns and told MeMe she was up first. Jon and Becca watched as MeMe backed her huge ass onto my lap slowly grinding until I was hard again. Then reaching down she guided her pussy onto my cock. Her butt wobbled like a girl in a rap video as Jon encouraged her to work it harder reaching around cupping her boobs as she ground her ass all over I could feel the passion she was giving off, I let a hand go down and rub her clit igniting her to a loud orgasm triggering and erection from Jon.

With a little more work she squeezed my cick so much I was ready to cum again and got her on her hands and knees so I could spank her ass I I shot my load over its vast expanse. She eagerly licked Jons cock as Becca came over to help with the last strokes. She massaged my cock and Jon entered her with a rush. He put a hand on Beccas back and guided her to the floor face down legs spread wide his black cock splitting her round but in half. Sitting back I watched him pound his hardest flipping her to many positions before he to pulled out and sprayed on her ass.

Tired we cleaned again before MeMe grabbed my arm and with a glint in her eye suggested we go to my place. Being across the street I quickly weighed the decision and her sensuous curves won me over. Slipping her dress back on we left with plans to meet up in the morning. In the elevator the drunken partier couldn’t stop staring at MeMe and telling me how hot my wife was. Asking him what he liked best he couldn’t decide but it was obvious he was excited. Reaching around I pulled MeMe’s dress down letting her ample chocolate breasts spill out. Urging her forward I told her it was her lucky night. I started to get hard again seeing her head held as the eager stranger furiously rammed his cock into her mouth causing her to gag he didn’t lat long but made up for it with intensity before pulling out and blasting away at her boobs.

MeMe pulled her dress top back on as the door popped open and we left the now drained partier. We hardly made it to the room as the door closed I literally ripped her dress off exposing her inventing curves. Following suit of the strange I put her on her knees and rubbed my cock on her face before thrusting in her mouth face fucking her eagerly. MeMe groaned and told me to treat her like the black bitch she was, standing her up I had her turn around so I could see her shake her ass intermittently slapping hard with my palm. I stuck my middle finger roughly into her ass then pulled it out making her lick it for lube before repeating.

Then spitting on her asshole I held her big cheeks wide and put my white cock against her dark hole and shoved in. She groaned loudly as I started to pump her ass pushing hard until she lost balance and fell half on the bed. I kept going pulling almost out then ramming home knowing her big cheeks would soften my blow. One hand pulled her hair while the other started a rhythmic spank loud enough for Jon to hear across the street. Flipping her on her back on the bed I slide two fingers in her pussy as I continued to fuck her black ass.

Thoroughly tired by the time I came I shot deep in her ass the last of my cum for the night. By morning my semen manufacturing was at full blast as MeMe will attest to after waking up to a lengthy face fucking before she swallowed a mouthful of cum. Heading back over to meet Jon and Becca in the morning I commented that she got a nice protein shake to start her day and wondered if Becca was hungry. MeMe laughed and said she would bet Becca had her fill of Oreos. Going inside Becca and Jon where up drinking coffee, Becca was wearing her heels and a button down shirt too small to be Jons and certainly not mine.

I never thought of myself as sexually-adventuresome, actually. Well, until recently, I didn’t.

My sexual history is pretty standard, the uneasy gropings in middle school trying to figure out how to give a proper handjob, not as easy as most boys think it is. Just ask us girls.

Then high school, where the gropings turned more into eager exploration and, yes, couplings. I was fucking by the time I was a junior, on the pill, doing it every afternoon after school with a steady boyfriend.

Two years of college saw numerous hook-ups, yes, lots of fun, nothing serious, just a lot of sex for the enjoyment of it. Then my money ran out and I went to work. It was a small company and the ‘dating pool’ was zero.

I hate the bar scene, so my dating was pretty much minimal.

One thing I have found, like the rest of us, is that even though my sex life is ups and downs, my libido, my sexual desires, they remain more or less constant. Actually, I even think they’re growing. Well, I’m twenty and it seems like I’m getting messages from my pussy all the time.

So, again, like a lot of people, I’m sure, the internet has helped in its own way. I do go on a number of the porn sites, mostly looking for ‘amateur’ or ‘homemade’ videos rather than the ones with the pumped-up boobs and the one in a hundred guy with the ten-incher.

I also looked around some of the hook-up sites and, well, you know the name of the ‘everything on earth for sale’ site, you know ‘Somebody’s List,’ right?

Then, one night, sitting with my laptop, surfing one-handed (need I explain?), I came across the listing: 2 yng men/1 yng wm seek gf for fun. And there was an email address for you to reply and send a pic.

Hmm. I must admit it got me wet. There were some unanswered questions, of course, were they looking for someone bisexual, so they can all three have fun with the applicant?

I had never had a thing for girls, though like so many of us, I have had my experiences. A couple of them in middle school at sleepovers, well, this was not unusual as far as I knew. And one in college that actually lasted for about four months and was rather intense. So, I was no stranger to girl-on-girl sex. I did like it, though my preference is for a cock, there’s nothing quite like being full of a man’s hard cock right when your orgasm sweeps you away.

I sat there, slowly rubbing my pussy as I stared at the screen. A foursome. I hadn’t had any sex in five months. I went to my picture file and selected one I had taken in my bedroom mirror that showed me from the chin down. Well, pretty nice. I’m five-four, wavy blond hair to just above my shoulders, full B-cups, no sag at all, none, pretty, pink nipples, flat tummy, narrow waist, pussy shaved clean, yes, I should pass muster.

After I typed up an email about myself and attached the pic, I sat there looking at it for several minutes, then, finally, hit ‘send,’ and off it went.

I got home from work the next night, and there it was in my in-box, a reply. It was from Anna, Dean and Nick and, yes, they were interested in meeting me. They sent several pics, two of them full, naked shots, faces and all, and one of them dressed, I suppose, for work, suits, ties, dress, heels, the works.

They were a beautiful trio. Anna, twenty-two, had dark, black hair, silky complexion, tall, slender, at least C-cups, she was gorgeous. Dean, twenty-four, was tall, fairly muscular, wavy dark blond hair, wicked smile, strong chin, legs that looked like a life guard I once knew, and, oh, my, a cock that was beautiful. Yes, beautiful. I was so wet looking at these pic files.

Nick, listed as twenty-five, was standing on the other side of Anna, he was just shorter than Dean, a bit stockier, short brown hair, strong, muscular legs, flat stomach, and below it, again, a beautiful, long, thick cock. Both were circumcised.

I stared at the pictures for probably fifteen minutes, my hand up under my skirt, worked under my panties, rubbing the wetness around as I dreamed about these three attractive, sexy young people.

Then, I bravely and nervously punched in the phone number. It rang twice, then was picked up by a woman with a nice voice.

“Hi, this is Mia, from the ad I answered. I got your email, so I’m calling.”

“Oh, yes, hi, Mia, glad you called. You were the only one we sent anything back to. There’s sure some strange people out there. But, we all three agreed that we really wanted to meet you.”

“Oh, that’s nice, wow, I feel complemented.”

“Well, good, we were really impressed by what you wrote and by your picture, you’re really quite beautiful.”

“Oh, you are too, all three of you.”

“Yes, and I’m sure you saw the boys equipment. That’s really them, I can promise you they know how to please a woman. Several women, actually,” she said with a snicker. “We used to have a second girl with us but she’s moved away. So, that’s why we’re looking. Any questions?”

“I don’t think so, well, I’m assuming that you and I might do a few things, am I right?”

“Oh, if you want to. I’ve done girl stuff and like it but guys are my real thing. The girl we used to have with us, she and I would sometimes entertain the guys with some girl-on-girl action. So, is it something you wouldn’t want to do?”

“No, I’m like you, guys are my main interest but a little girl-action’s fine, too.”

“Oh, also, anal, none of are really into that, so it’s not part of our fun.”

“Fine with me, never done it and I’m not especially interested in it.”

“So, wanna get together and meet and talk?”

There it was. I let my pussy answer.

“Sure, when and where?”

Then she told me where they live, it’s a house and we set a time for the next evening and that was that. She said if it worked out, I should plan on staying over and since it was a Friday, we wouldn’t have to cut things short the next morning.

I masturbated three times that night, twice looking at the photos they had sent, once in bed when I was just too horny and excited to sleep.

Friday, was a lost day at work. I just couldn’t concentrate and finally, finally, five o’clock rolled around and I drove to the address Anna had given me, a nice house just on the edge of the suburbs of our small city.

I grabbed my small overnight bag and nervously but excitedly walked up the front steps and softly rapped on the door.

Anna opened the door, she was even prettier than her photo, “Come in, Mia, oh, you are so pretty, well, your face matches the rest of you. We’re in the living room.”

We walk down a short hall and turn in and there are the two guys, Nick and Dean, sitting on the sofa. They rise and Anna says, “Here’s Mia, fellows, see, I knew she’d be perfect,” and they each shook hands with me, which, knowing why we were all there, was a bit odd but what else would one do?

They all three were young professionals from the look of it and each very nice-looking.

Anna got us all a glass of wine and we chatted for some time about this and that, often touching on sex, what we each liked, what we had each done, what we might want to do. I did relax and, yes, the wine helped, but the three of them were the main reason, they were all so nice and comfortable to be with.

“Well, the guys and I would like for you to join us as our girlfriend if you’d like, Mia. Any other questions, comments, feel free to say ‘no’ if that’s what you want, it’s quite all right with us.”

“No, I think I’d like to do it, you all seem really nice and, well, sexy, too.”

“Ah, let’s have another glass of wine, then, and toast our new partnership,” Anna said and we all clinked our glasses.

After a few more sips, Nick said, “Well, now that we’re all friends and soon to be lovers, I suggest that we undress you. Is that all right, Mia?”

Was I wet. Oh, my pussy was on fire.

“I think that would be lovely,” I said and we all stood up as they gathered around me. The first was Anna who kissed me gently on the lips and began slowly unbuttoning my white blouse. When she got it off, she leaned forward and gave me another kiss, again, soft and sweet.

Next, Dean moved in front of me, took me in his arms and kissed me very romantically, it was really nice, just sexual enough for the moment, then I felt my bra loosen as he moved back and took it off my shoulders. I was so wet.

“You’re so pretty, Mia, even nicer than your photo. May I?” he asked as he nodded down to my breasts. I smiled and nodded and his hands folded around my breasts as he bent down to kiss each nipple. I was trying not to shake but there were a few shivers as he pulled a nipple into his mouth and began sucking.

He just sucked for a minute or two but it felt wonderful, not too hard, my nipples are sensitive and I don’t like them sucked real hard or bitten hard; gently, yes, mmm.

Then, Dean moved aside as Nick kissed me, again, a nice romantic kiss, the kind I was hoping for in the beginning. When he pulled away from our kiss he began to kneel, kissing each breast on his way down, then unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor, leaned in and tongue-kissed my navel. His next kiss was on my abdomen, then right on my low-cut panties exactly over my clit as he pulled them to the floor, then licked my freshly-shaved pussy sending shivers through me.

Then, Nick stood up and led me down the hall to a bedroom and to the king-sized bed. I got on and all three joined me.

“We’ve decided, Mia, that this is your day with us, we want to welcome you and do everything to make you feel good,” and she held my feet and eased them apart, got down and began kissing and tonguing and licking me in that wonderful way that only another woman can do.

Dean and Nick were on either side of me, kissing and licking me on my neck and shoulders, slowly moving to my breasts where each took a nipple to suck as their hands caressed all over me. I had a hand on each cock, gripping them, squeezing gently, rubbing my thumb in the precum oozing out.

Anna’s hands were also caressing my skin down below, I just had hands and mouths all over me making me feel quite wonderful. Especially Anna’s mouth, oh, she was so good, knowing exactly where to lick and tongue me, I’ve had a number of guys do oral on me and a few girls but Anna was magic.

“Oh, oh, this is so good, oh, I can’t…UUNH, UUNH, UH, uh, mmm, mmm,” and my whole body froze as wave after wave of sensuous pleasure flowed across me, I was just swept up to the skies.

Anna looked up at me, her face agleam with my juices, smiling, knowing how she made me feel, then lowered back to softly lick my enlarged clit sending shivers out in circles as Nick and Dean continued to caress me and suck my nipples. It was bliss as I lay there being welcomed like no other time in my life.

Then, she got up and Dean took her place between my legs, waddling forward, holding his cock as he pressed it to my pussy lips, drenched with wetness, and pushed in, filling me up with his sizable cock. Nick was kissing me as Anna was caressing my breasts. I had one hand on Nick’s cock, one on Anna”s hip rubbing her soft skin.

As Dean’s cock began its work, my pussy was feeling wonderful being filled so full. Anna’s oral pleasuring, truly stellar, was now replaced by exactly what my pussy was intended for, a man’s hard, eager cock.

“Oh, Mia, yes, you were the right one, I knew it when we looked at your picture but, oh, you are so tight, your pussy is fabulous.”

Well, his cock was pretty fabulous, it filled me quite nicely and he was pushing down into me at the bottom of each stroke which I just love. I would wiggle my hips every time he pushed in, oh, it did feel good.

We were both breathing pretty hard, I know my heart was running like mad as my nipples began to tingle and a warm feeling began radiating out across my body from where his cock was pleasing me so much.

“Mmm, oh, yes, this…UUH, UUH, MMM, UUH, uh, mmm, oh, lovely, just wonderful, mmm, thank you, Nick, oh,” and I closed my eyes as the pleasure washed back and forth over me. This was sex at its best.

He kept inside me for a few more minutes until he cummed, then pulled out for Dean to take over.

I have never had such an intense session of sex as what these three were giving me, each one gentle and caring and affectionate.

“Ready for more?” Dean asked as he got between my legs.

“Thanks for asking, yes,” I answered with a broad grin. His cock pushed into me as some of Nick’s cum was displaced, running down my butt. He began moving in and out, his hands rubbing over my mound, making my clit feel so good, as the other two kept me feeling good in their own ways.

“Mmm, Nick’s right, you’re tight. Oh, nice, yes, we picked the right woman, all right. I think you’re gonna like being with us.”

“I sure am so far, this is so wild and so good, mmm, just the best.”

Dean was keeping his cock deep inside me, all the way in, just taking short strokes, maybe an inch or two, I can’t remember ever being fucked this way but it really felt good. His cock was long, too, and he was rubbing me very deep inside where it felt so good.

My nipples were sucked by Nick and Anna whose hands were also all over me massaging me, caressing me, just lightly brushing my skin. I was just totally immersed in their loving of my body.

Dean kept moving just a little back and forth, pushing each time he went in, reaching a wonderful place far up inside me, a place that I wanted him to frequent, a place that felt marvelous when he rubbed the head of his cock up in me, oh, it felt so good.

I was so turned-on, so stimulated, that I soon began trembling as wave after wave of warm, velvety pleasure swept across my body, on and on, I was ecstatic. It was a truly peak orgasm and all three just kept going on and on.

They continued to rotate around me, pleasuring me in every way, with cock and tongues and hands and lips, for hours and hours.

Finally, I think it was about two in the morning, they all cuddled around me and we fell into a deep, peaceful and exhausted slumber.

Of course, there were times I would wake up, I was, after all, in bed with three other people, but I quickly realized where I was and who I was with and went right back to sleep with the happiest pussy I’d had in a long, long time. Well ever, actually.

The next morning, they again basically took turns on me again, almost like the evening before. They told me they were welcoming me into their circle but I was just blitzed with sex from the three of them, almost nonstop.

That began our weekends together as a foursome, giving sex to one another, getting sex from one another. Whatever any one of us wanted, they got, whatever one of us wanted to give, they gave, it was sex on a scale that I’d never dreamed possible.

After about four months, they made me an offer that truly changed my life; they asked me to move in with them.

We now all live together, each with their own bedroom, rarely, well, never, really, sleeping alone, always in bed with one of the guys, there is sex with one or more of my three lovers every day. We are mostly naked around the house and it is common for sex to take place wherever we are in the house, even watching television or a movie.

I never knew there could be so much sexual fulfillment. All from a simple ad.

Sarah is a wife and a mother of two. She has begun her search to clarify her sexual identity. In Part One, Sarah tested the waters looking at Internet adult forums and participating in cyber sex. Now she is ready to move forward with new experiences.


The next day I decided to raise the bar. I didn’t want to participate in more cybersex. There is a small incremental step between porn videos and cybersex. I craved real human flesh. I read Fetish posts, a few orgy stories, sexual role playing, and even “BDSM Talk” on Literotica. By then, I had a pretty good idea what was out there.

It was during Monday Night Football when I asked Ted to watch the kids while I was out with the girls. He mumbled, “Have a nice time,” and I was out the door. I drove ten miles out of town to what people said was a sports bar. It was time to see if a 37 year old mother of two was still attractive enough to get a man’s attention. The bar was busy with young professionals and most of the guys and gals were glued to the TV. Everyone was ten or more years younger than I. The game was in the second quarter when I found a seat next to a nicely dressed man about my age at the bar. We said “Hi” and I ordered a scotch and water, no ice. He didn’t say much and to be honest, it was so noisy that having a conversation was out of the question. It quieted down at half time. By then I was on my third drink and Jason, the man who I was sitting with, bought a round for both of us. I learned he was a recently divorced dad of three, two girls and a boy. He was on a business trip and stopped in the sports bar for the game and company. He said it wasn’t that exciting watching a football game alone at the hotel. By then, I was a little light headed and told him far too much about myself including my insecurities. Jason was a good listener and empathized with my situation. He held my hand and said that I was a beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to have me.

When the second half started, he said the noise was too much and asked if I’d like to join him for a nightcap. I followed him to his hotel only 5 minutes away. By then it was pretty obvious what he had in mind and I guess in mine as well. His hotel room had clothes scattered about and he apologized for the mess. He tried to pick up stuff to make it look a little more presentable, then poured us a glass of whisky from a flask in his suitcase. I hate whisky but took it to be polite. We started talking about our sex lives but I have no idea how the subject came up. It might have been a comment he made about not having sex with a woman in six months. He turned on the TV and dialed up a movie while I sipped my drink. It was no surprise he had chosen porn. I was a little drunk but definitely horny. Jason was no different. More than watching two people fucking on the screen, it was the sounds that turned me on. The woman squealing and the man grunting got me into a frenzy. By the time Jason’s pants hit the floor, I was nude on the bed ready for a much needed release.

Our foreplay wasn’t anything special. He sucked my nipples and rubbed my pussy. I gave him a short blowjob. The moisture in my pussy had built to a point it tricked down toward my ass when Jason was ready to enter me. He was polite about it as his hard thick penis approached my vagina saying how my breasts were exquisite and I had the face of an angel. A girl needs to hear that. I responded by spreading my legs further apart as if to say, “Engulf me with that stiff shaft. I want you inside me.” He read my mind slipping his well-endowed cock deep inside me. Oh, what a beautiful sensation! His motion was slow and deliberate. I needed it a little rougher so I whispered … “Harder, Jason, harder!” He responded by fucked me with athletic energy. At that I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and decided to try out a few tricks from Cosmopolitan. He was a willing partner. For a half hour I took the lead and we fucked in a bunch of the positions suggested by the article with both of us enjoying the moment. I reached two orgasms and Jason gave out a groan that could only mean one thing … he was exploding with repeated spasms. His cum was gushing into my cunt in a way I had never seen or felt. God, this felt great!

Afterward, I went to the bathroom to clean up, then dressed and began to leave. He said, “Sarah, you are a wonderful woman. Don’t change a thing. My ex never allowed me to try the things we did tonight. You are my fantasy lover come true.”

I said, “Ditto,” and added, “The point is, Jason, we needed each other tonight. Thanks, I loved your company.” I drove home around one or one thirty that morning. Clearly, I was still sexy enough for men to want me so it was time to move on from this first encounter with added confidence.

Now, I wanted to find a younger guy and someone that had different ideas from mainstream sex … like meeting a guy with a fetish. After some browsing on the Internet, I met a man that liked to role play and he wanted a woman who would dress up like a whore and service him. He was only 28. He liked the fact that I was older than him. It happened that he lived only 50 miles from me so we arranged to met at a motel half way. I found the trashiest clothes I owned and put on fuck heals and fishnet stockings. I told him fuck me like a whore and do what he wanted with me. Obviously we were on the same page! He obliged. We screwed in four different positions keeping my fishnet on but the fullness of my boobs were exposed and anxious for his attention. The fishnet had a slit at my pussy so he had easy access whenever his cock was ready to be satisfied. Toward the end after he had already ejaculated twice, he asked me how I felt about anal. I couldn’t believe he could still get hard enough to go another round. I explained that all prostitutes don’t allow anal and I was one of them. However, then I said, “Be gentle. This is my first time.” So he ripped open my stockings, lubed his prick and my ass and slide into me like a hot knife into butter. I was so surprised at how good it felt. While he banged into me, I played with my clit and our finale was spectacular! He spurted his cum deep into my bowels with his third load and I actually squirted with a thundering climax. “This is what I had been looking for!” I thought. To make the role play seemed more real, the young stranger dropped a C-note on the bed and said, “You’re a great fuck bitch.” and left. We never exchanged names and I never heard from him again. I cleaned up and drove home in a daze.

It would seem that this was all I needed. Honestly, I figured role playing was about as adventurous as I could tolerate. During the following weeks, I played the role of soccer mom and the good wife. We did some family things like going to a circus and checked out the museum at the nearby university. After awhile, boredom set in and I got the itch again to browse Literotica and that got me excited to try something new. As my excitement grew, I looked at porn movies on the Internet and realized I hadn’t had many of the sexual experiences I saw in the porn films. A gal online sent me a link to a swingers site. I checked it out and there were “parties” in many locations throughout the country. One was in my state and I sent an e-mail to the host to ask about it. They replied with the details indicating they were “all inclusive” meaning both couples and singles were welcome. It also meant this was a multi-racial club. The location was a private home in a small town four hours away by car. I made reservations by filling out a short form asking for gender, race, age and so on. I dressed in casual soccer mom clothes and checked into a nearby hotel mid afternoon. The party wasn’t until 8:00 PM so I shopped at the mall for a couple of hours. After dinner I asked the hotel clerk for directions and showed up at the door as nervous as hell. A woman opened the door. She asked for my name and a security code they had given me online.

“Welcome, Sarah,” she said with a friendly smile. “Everyone’s at the bar. Introduce yourself.” People were drinking wine and mixed drinks with soft music playing in the background so I asked for a gin and tonic and started introducing myself to both the men and women. There were about a dozen people mostly in their forties and fifties. We all looked pretty much like a group at a PTA meeting except the women were dressed seductively showing more cleavage and thigh than might be expected at the PTA. Yet none of the women appeared to be what you would call slutty. They all seemed to know each other so I felt uncomfortable being a newcomer … and I was younger. People wanted to know my name and what I did in life but never really pressed for personal information. There was one lady with huge voluptuous breasts that was having lots of fun joking around with a group of men. My ample boobs looked small compared to hers. She was probably the sexiest woman in the crowd and must have been very pretty twenty years ago.

The house had a large living room and a rec room downstairs. There were bedrooms upstairs and on the main floor. After awhile, people stopped mingling and began pairing up. I had no idea who came to the party with whom. You would see a couple going upstairs then later that evening the same woman went upstairs with another man. Once I saw two men escort the woman with big boobs into a main floor bedroom. That is what I wanted but no one actually asked me to accompany them. I wondered if I was expected to take the initiative. Not being escorted to a bedroom could have been because I was an unknown quantity or I was dressed too conservatively for the occasion. I was doubting myself again. Two stiff drinks fortified my confidence and I was ready to approach a man. He was a black man wearing clothes that were probably bought in the seventies. I started the conversation by asking, “Are you here with someone?”

“Yes, I’m here with my wife. She’s upstairs with Jake and I’m trying to catch my breath after being with that acrobatic lady, Tammy. She’s a tiger in bed. You know her?”

“No, not really. This is my first time here,” I told him.

Then he said, “Would you like to dance?”

“Sure,” and soon his hands were all over me. After a short “waltz” he led me downstairs to the rec room and immediately got down to business by removing my clothes. I was so worked up by the ambiance at the party, I didn’t need much in the way of foreplay. I sucked his massive dick for a few minutes until he was good and hard. We started fucking on the pool table. Believe me, that was better than playing billiards. First I sat on the table facing him with my legs wide apart as he plowed his fat dick inside me. His rapid strokes gave me a tingly feeling all over and my wetness helped let his monster cock slide easily in and out. He turned me over with my feet on the floor and my tits resting on the pool table. He helped himself to my swollen snatch from behind grunting and groaning the whole time. His strong arms turned me back around facing him then pulling my arms around his neck. Quickly he picked me up with my legs wrapped around his waist as he eagerly plunged his greedy rod into me again. I expected him to explode but he came without much of a flourish. Apparently, the tiger Tammy had worn him out. I enjoyed each time he penetrated me although I came only once. It was the first time I had a black cock inside me and it was amazing. I got dressed and thanked the guy for a good time. We went back upstairs.

The sex in the rec room had me aroused more than ever. I could feel my nipples harden against my bra anticipating a man’s lips sucking at them. There were only two men and a woman left at the bar. As I sipped another drink, I got chatting with the guys wondering if everyone had left. They chuckled and said, no, everyone was busy upstairs. I got up enough nerve to ask them something about protocol. “Do they normally allow threesomes here?” They said it happens but most of the ladies aren’t ready for that. Judy, the lady with the hooters does it but not many others. They asked me if I would like to join them in an upstairs bedroom. I pretended to be unsure and finally said, “It might be fun but please be gentle with me. This is my first time swinging and I’ve never been with two men.”

We introduced ourselves while heading upstairs to an unoccupied bedroom. The men, Brad and Tyler, led me toward a nice quiet room with a king size bed. I was undressed for a second time that night. Tyler kissed my lips while Brad got down to his Jockey shorts. I could see his hard-on bulging from his shorts as Tyler eased me onto the bed fondling my tits. After watching his buddy sucking on my erect nipples, Brad removed his Jockey’s and joined us in bed. Moving up to the head of the bed Brad presented his pulsing erection to my mouth and I engulfed it on queue. Tyler stripped down and found my waiting honey pot, taking no time to thrust himself into me. I was sucking one guy while the other rammed into me giving me a strange feeling of being in a dream. Two men couldn’t have been more different. Brad had a long but thin penis while Tyler was short but thick. They switched positions from time to time giving me a taste of each man. I had no trouble taking Tyler all the way into my mouth but deep throating Brad was too much for me, especially since he had a large swollen head at the end of his prick. After seeing these things in adult films, this was a fantasy being played out! The two men were pretty much in charge doing whatever that appealed to them. I was getting a good fucking by different cocks and in different ways. What do they say? “Variety is the spice of life.” This went on until one of them suggested we try DP. I just nodded, OK. It was something I had never done but wanted to try after reading a few women’s comments on the Lit. They suggested every woman should try it at least once. I was on top of Tyler getting pussy fucked while Brad moved behind me. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and spit some saliva in my ass hole. The guy seemed to know what he was doing as he worked a couple of fingers into me until my anal ring relaxed. Entering slowly from behind, I could feel him fill my bottom with his hard heat. They worked themselves into a frenzy thrusting at my holes. All three of us soon became drenched with sweaty steamy bodies. The slurping sounds of sex as well as the animal-like grunts of the men, me moaning and the smell of body fluids forced me to lose all pretense of being a proper lady. When reaching a powerful orgasm, I let out a scream that, frankly, scared the hell out of me. I was finally getting the sexual adventure and satisfaction I had sought.

This continued for another ten minutes, maybe less, but it is hard to say when you are being impaled by two lustful men. When the guys finally exploded, they let loose with a massive amount of man juice. I had gotten a full service fucking, a double orgasm and some much needed attention for myself. I showed my gratitude embracing each of them as they were ready to leave the room. They returned a hug, then showed me into the bathroom. I took my time there regaining a little composure and cleaning my private places. The mirror showed a happy lady with a very red face Finally I left the bathroom only to see another couple on the bed already in the thick of passion. I stood there enjoying the moment until the man looked over and asked if I’d like to join them. I almost agreed but it was getting late. A threesome with a man and another woman would have to wait.

Brad stopped me at the door as I was leaving and said I was the sexiest woman at the party and that as a hobby he occasionally made videos for adult Internet sites. He said he has videoed a few of the girls at work and he would be honored if I was in one of them. I said, no, but he gave me his business card saying to contact him if I changed my mind. The card read, Brad Forsythe, CEO, and it was at the largest corporation in town. Surprise!

I left the party far more satisfied than I had imagined but with my head spinning with questions. Had I gone too far with this? Was I cascading down a slippery slope? Was this an obsession? Shouldn’t I be feeling guilty? How far do I go before calling it quits?

I was back at the motel around midnight. OK, I felt a little slutty but it comes with the territory. Still, can a woman become addicted to sexual adventures and lose all sense of reason? When I undressed for bed, my panties were soaking wet with a mixture of juices that still oozed from between my legs. There was something almost obscene but stimulating about that.

On the way home the next morning, I had a lot of thinking to do. My thinking alternated between craving more sex and becoming the good wife. It was just before noon when arriving home and I had some explaining to do but it all worked out. No one expected I had been on an exploration of sexual awaking. Now, what would be next or should there even be a “next”?

(Part Three coming soon)

Sue, that’s pretty far out there, you know? I suspect he’d find the fantasy was a lot better than the reality. You too, probably.”

“Oh, I don’t know, he seems pretty serious, he talks about it all the time. But I could have goofed up what you and Kristi have. I’m sorry Adam, this whole thing was a mistake.”

There it was, on the table. “Sue, Kristi and I broke up, she’s moving out.”

“Oh, no! That’s too bad. When?”

“As soon as she can pick up her stuff, I guess.”

She looked at me like I was stupid. “No Adam, not when is she moving out, when did you break up?”

“Oh. Yesterday.”

She covered her mouth. “And then I try this stunt today. I’m really sorry Adam. Why did you split?”

“It’s a long story Sue, I’d rather not re-live it right now.”

“Sure, I understand. Adam?”

I looked at her.

“Do you think that maybe someday we could do this? That you could want me? I think I’d really like that.”

I smiled at her. “Sue, I wanted you today. Still do. I think that’s pretty obvious.”

She looked down at my still swollen cock and brightened considerably. “Yeah, that’s true, huh? Wow. That’s nice, you’re pretty sweet Adam. Too bad you’re a gentleman.”

I laughed. Again it felt good. “You have no idea Sue, but thanks for thinking so.”

“Kristi’s crazy if she lets you get away.” I let that ride. “Still, do you think we might do it someday, have sex together?”

“Well Sue, we’re not all that old, but we’re old enough to know that the future can bring just about anything.”

She humphed. “Well, that’s a pretty vague answer.”

I laughed again. “Tell you what. Next time you want to do this, you bring a note from your husband saying it’s OK with him, and we’ll see.”

Now it was her turn to laugh. “Wow Adam, that’s really kinky! Now you’re in the spirit. Don’t think I won’t do just that.” She straightened her clothes and said goodbye, waving over her shoulder as she walked back toward her house.

I watched her round, soft ass sway as she walked away and wondered if I shouldn’t have just gone ahead and done her. What the hell, it seemed the world was designed for those that help themselves and guys that try to have any conscience get shit on.

I became aware that my cock was staying hard, and my balls were aching for release. Kori and Sue had been tough on me today. I looked around quickly, nobody in sight. I sat where Sue had been, pulling my cock and balls out the leg opening of my shorts and starting to slowly stroke myself, squeezing my balls with the other hand.

I used my own pre-cum to lube myself up, and in less than a minute fired the first of several long streams of cum 3 feet out in front of me, where it spattered down onto the dark stone patio. I continued to pump out long strings of cum, gradually decreasing in force until it was only landing a foot or so in front of me. It felt good.

Just then, as my orgasm diminished, Sue spoke from right behind me, startling the hell out of me. “Good god Adam, do you always cum like that?”

She had come back for her lemonade glasses and caught me jerking off, and had just stood right behind me and watched the whole thing. I was humiliated. She was not. She quickly stepped in front of me and bent down, taking my cock into her mouth in time to catch the last couple of trailing dribbles. She sucked to get every last drop out of me, then stood, rolling my cum on her tongue before swallowing. “Mmmm, very good. Sorry I missed so much.”

She looked down at the pearly white cum all over the dark stones. I guess there was quite a bit – I was pretty horny. “My poor Rick would have to cum 5 times to make that much cum. That’s amazing!”

I was still a little embarassed to have gotten caught jerking off, but Sue seemed to enjoy it. She apologized for leaving me in such a state of arousal, and I think she found it flattering that I’d been so turned on.

She said “I think I’ll send the girls over to play at a friends house tonight. I’m gonna need some attention when Rick gets home. Do you think he’ll smell the cum on my breath?”

Uncomfortable now, I replied “Uh, I don’t know. You want some gum?”

She laughed. “No, I want to see. But now I know you have to be the one, you know, the one that plays with us. We’ll see then if he’s serious about going down on me with another man’s load in there.” She looked again at the mess on the ground. “That’s sure to be more than he bargained for! This could be fun.”

She left then for real, taking the empty glasses with her. She seemed a lot happier now for some reason. I went in to grab a quick bite, my late lunch, and to shower again and get cleaned up. Kori should be calling me in an hour or so to come over and get my hair cut, and it was way too sweaty and nasty to cut like this.

I showered, a nice cool one for the hot day, and put on an old pair of swim trunks I had and a clean t-shirt. I’d been caught twice that day because of the thin shorts, but these had the built in pouch and were heavier, and should be more discreet.

I wasn’t surprised when Kori didn’t call until almost 4:00. She’s rarely on time when she gets involved with one of her causes. She told me she smelled like a kennel because of the work at the shelter, and to come over in about 10 or 15 minutes so that she’d have time to shower before she cut my hair.

I wandered over to their place about 10 minutes later and let myself in the back door, calling out for Kori to let her know I was there. Ralph said he was tired and wanted to just stay home and nap in my recliner. Lazy damn dog.

Kori called me back to the bathroom off their master bedroom, which is where she usually did my haircuts. I guess I should have felt strange wandering through her bedroom while Ron wasn’t home, but it had happened often enough that it felt normal.

Kori had on one of Ron’s old white dress shirts, with the sleeves rolled up and the top several buttons open. The shirttails were long enough that it fit her like a short dress. Very short. I’ve always loved that look on a woman, just a man’s shirt and apparently nothing else.

The room was still warm and humid from her shower, despite the exhaust fan, and her hair was very wet. She told me to get out the clippers and scissors, and grabbed her towel to give her hair one last rub.

I was bending to get the needed items as she reached up to dry her hair, and she gave me a good flash, intentional or otherwise. “Kori, honey, much as I love looking at that hot little bod of yours, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, please put some pants on, will ya?”

She laughed. “Yeah, I guess we wouldn’t want a repeat of this morning, would we?”

“Especially with you prancing around and rubbing up against me with a sharp implement in your hands. That’s a recipe for disaster.”

She grabbed her bikini bottoms from her swimsuit and pulled them on, chastely keeping herself covered with the shirttails. “I guess I should think more about that Adam, I’m just so comfortable around you and Kristi that you’re like family, and I don’t consider it to be sexual or anything.”

“Hmm. Well, thanks, I think. If you’re going to think of me as family, maybe you should think of me as your lecherous old pervert uncle that always wants you to sit on his lap and wiggle around.”

She laughed again, and slapped my arm. “You’re so bad! Pull that stool over here and get your shirt off and we’ll get you fixed up.”

I did as instructed, and she laid an old towel over my shoulders to catch the clippings and got started, scissors and comb in hand. I could still clearly see her nipples through the white shirt, and lots of cleavage, but I could handle that. It was kind of nice, every guy should have a barber this hot!

Kori and I had discovered that we talked this way, when she was cutting my hair, really talked. Maybe it was because we didn’t have to look each other in the face as she moved around me, or maybe the intimate, quiet setting helped. Whatever it was, we just opened up to each other and nothing was off limits. We never discussed the hows or whys, it just worked that way. Therapeutic, I think, for both of us.

Today she opened, right out of the gate. “I went by to see Kristi today, at Wendy’s house. She didn’t go into work today.”

“Is that why you were so late getting home?”

“Yeah, I actually got done early, but I stayed with Kristi for a couple hours.”

I hesitated, then “How’s she doing?”

“Terrible, Adam. Awful. How do you think she’d be doing? She’s devastated, she hates herself for what she did to you, and she’s not too thrilled with you either. She’s totally miserable.”

“She’s mad at me?”

“You said some pretty harsh things, you know, and called her some pretty nasty names.”

That was true, I had. I didn’t know what to say. “It was anger K. Just stupid anger, I never could have said that stuff otherwise. I didn’t want to be the only one in the room that was hurting that bad, so…”

“Call her, Adam. Call her and tell her that you still love her. She needs to hear that.”

“K, I don’t know. I’m not sure I can say that. For sure not now, maybe never.”

She stopped cutting and stood in front of me, raising my chin so she could look me in the eye. “I can see that you’re hurting just like she is. You’re going to regret this for the rest of your life if you let this happen.”

“Oh, Kori…” She gave me a hug then, warm and tender.

“You two need each other, anyone can see that. You’re so good together. What about the trip to Lake Powell, maybe you two can make up with a week to relax on the boat!”

I hadn’t even thought of that. Crap, that was a problem. “Oh, Kori, I’m sure we’ll cancel out. Maybe you and Ron can find someone else to go with you, we’ll forfeit our payment.”

“No! Come on, there’s like 4 or 5 bedrooms on that thing, you won’t have to share one! Ron and I don’t want to go alone! Oh Adam, please?”

“I’ll need some time to think about that, K. I’m not sure being cooped up together on a boat would be wise at this point. We could wind up making you guys miserable, and hating each other.”

“Well, OK, but promise you’ll think about it. So anyhow, what did you do today?”

I smiled at her and raised my eyebrows. “You know Sue, from down the street? Well, you’re not going to believe this ….”

So I told Kori the whole tale, about Sue coming on to me, and what she claimed about her husband’s fantasies and desires, and about me backing down. Well, I did omit the part about Sue catching me jerking off; some things are just a little too embarassing to share, and getting caught like that, by anybody, is one of those things.

She asked a few questions as I repeated my experience, and when I was through I said “Can you believe that? That she says her husband wants her to fuck other guys? That’s amazing!”

Sue thought about it for a moment. “Maybe not. Think about it, it’s just what most guys like, except carried to the extreme. You know how you like it when you walk into a room and everyone looks at Kristi on your arm? How all the guys eyes, and even some of the women’s, follow her, and how that makes you feel?”

“Sure, like I’ve got the hottest babe in the room. It’s kind of like bragging or showing off, I guess, but I’m not wanting them to screw her!”

“No, dummy, that’s why it’s the extreme. Rick thinks his wife is hot, and she’s a great lay, she is extra hot when she’s having sex, and he wants the other guy to experience that and at the end of the evening he says ‘See how hot she is? Now go away, she’s mine, and you can’t have her, and you were just tonight’s stiff dick.’ Get it?”

“Not really, no. Maybe he’s not real good in the sack, or a tiny cock, or a quick shooter and he wants her to experience good sex with his approval so she doesn’t go find it behind his back.”

I was thinking about Kristi as I said that, but I was always pretty sure she thoroughly enjoyed sex with me. I know I enjoyed her immensely. “Or maybe he just wants to watch her get laid. I guess if you took the jealousy and feeling threatened out of it that could be pretty amazing.” Like most guys, I’ve always been a little voyeuristic, very visually oriented, so that idea was interesting.

Kori looked at me for a second. “It’s kind of like karma or something for you though, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just look at the timing. Yesterday you get blown up, your girl fucking around, and you feel threatened or inadequate. You start questioning yourself, your fragile masculine pride takes a beating…”

I interrupted her. “Oh come on Kori, I wasn’t that bad.”

“Adam, you’re a little better today, sure, but last night you were a train wreck. I mean it! You’re hurting today, but last night I was really worried about you. And so today, you have a woman practically throw herself at you and beg you to fuck her! See what I mean? Karma.”

She had a point. I had been flattered that Sue had wanted me to be the one, it was an ego boost after yesterday. But that raised another question.

“Why do you suppose she chose me? I don’t really know her that well, just to say hi or wave, or talk about the weather.”

“Well if Rick is encouraging her to do this, like she says, he probably imagines her picking up guys in bars or on the internet or something, but they’ve been married, what, 10 – 11 years, maybe 12? She won’t be comfortable with that. So he finally convinces her that he’s serious, she starts to get a little turned on by the idea.”

Kori was right about that. Sue had definitely been turned on and ready. “And then she starts to think about you, the neighbor, you’re less scary, and you’re tall, and handsome in a sort of worn out, weatherbeaten way…”

“You know Kori, you need to work on your compliments. If that was meant to be one, they really kind of suck.”

“No, no, I mean you look sort of rugged and outdoorsy, you know, and you have a good job, and you’re hung, and you have just that touch of gray here on the sides that make men look so good – which is not fair, by the way – and she thinks hey, if I’m gonna do this, he’s gonna be the one.”

“So then I was just a target of opportunity, because I was there? And anyhow, she had no way of knowing if I was big or small, she’s never seen me naked. Well, ’til now.”

“Adam, women know these things. And when you work around here in the yard and all, and wear certain things or stand certain ways, it’s not that hard to tell. I’ll bet she’s had several orgasms fantasizing about you while she was screwing her husband, and then she worked up her nerve and made her move!”

“And I blew it for her.”

“Well, maybe not. You let her down pretty gently, from what you said.”

“I tried. I didn’t want to hurt her.” Kori was not aware that Sue had actually won the battle, sucking my cock briefly after turning me on so much and watching me cum.

“And you left the door open to screwing her sometime in the future. She’ll be fantasizing about you even more thinking about that, and having seen and touched you.”

“Maybe.” I laughed. “She sure was wet and horny! Her damn clit was as big as the end of my thumb, like that!” I held up my right hand, thumb tip sticking out an inch. I had liked that, it had looked very suckable.

“Well just bear in mind if you ever do this that she doesn’t love you, or want to run off with you. She loves Rick and the girls, and you’re just a decent guy attached to a big stiff dick that she wants to have some fun with. With her husband’s permission. And if a girl can’t have fun with a big stiff dick, what’s the point?”

She finished speaking just as Ron walked into the room. We hadn’t even heard him get home. “Hmmm, I walk in and find my half-naked wife talking to some half-naked guy about big stiff dicks while she caresses his neck. What am I supposed to think about this?”

Kori kissed him, smiling. “I’m not caressing his neck, I’m shaving his neck. And I’m going to shave his balls next, so you got here just in time.”

I feigned horror, quickly crossing my legs. “Woman, you are not getting near my balls with that sharp implement. I sing bass, and I intend to keep it that way. I don’t know the soprano parts.”

Ron stripped as we stood there kidding around, pulling on his swim trunks. “I’m gonna go take a dip, y’all come join me when you’re done.”

Kori stopped him. “Honey, before you go in the pool, fix us up a pitcher of something.”

“Sure. What’s everyone want? Daiquaris, margaritas?” The margaritas won the vote, 3 – 0, and Ron went to mix it up. A swim did sound like fun.

Kori folded up the towel to catch the hair she’d cut off, drying my neck and brushing me off a little with it. “There. You’re beautiful again.”

“Thanks, what do I owe you?”

“Just give me a kiss and we’ll call it even.”

“You’ve got it! Sounds like a win-win for me.”

She pressed herself to me, giving me a long deep kiss, with some tongue.

“Wow K! What was that about?”

“Oh, I don’t know Adam. You’re just… I mean you just are so sweet sometimes, treating Sue so nice, and I always feel so close to you when we talk like this, just the two of us. There is one other thing you could do for me though.”

I looked at her, waiting.

“You could let me call Kristi and have her join us by the pool. Better yet, you could call her.”

I thought about that for a while, long enough that Kori prompted me “Well?”

“Oh, I don’t know Kori. That could be a real disaster. You need to back off a little hon’, and give us some space.” I really did want to see Kristi. Despite my hurt and confusion I missed her terribly. After only one day.

Kori persisted. “Please? She’s very lonely you know. You have us, but who does she have?”

I relented. “Oh, OK. If it gets too tough, I’ll go home and let her stay. It wasn’t fair of me to tell her to stay away from you guys. But you call her, I’m not ready for that.”

She headed for the phone, and I wandered out to join Ron. I figured I should get a few margaritas in me to dull the pain before Kristi got there. Fortunately, I’m a very mellow drunk on those extremely rare occasions that I overdo it.

“Alright, love, I’ll be there in about five minutes.” John closed his cell phone and pulled out of the parking garage.

Behind him in the car, piled up on the back seat, was an absurd amount of luggage for a single week vacationing on the North Fork. It had all been carefully packed that morning by Sara, his girlfriend of four years, who now awaited him outside the front entryway of the New Rochelle High School, where she had just moments ago finished yet another grueling, difficult school year teaching algebra to the ungrateful miscreants of Westchester County.

John had big plans for this vacation. Four years is a long time to be in a relationship, and though he and Sara were not married they had been together long enough so that passion, and therefore sex, now took a way-back seat to bills, careers, and the seemingly endless chores and errands that now filled the weekend days that were once spent as one long, carefree bout of foreplay. Make no doubt about it—John was deadest on making this week all about getting laid. His goal was to get Sara away from the job that seemed to stress her so, away from the troubles and worries that had seemed to make generally grumpy as of late, and try to get let go a little bit for once.

He grimaced at the thought. Sara had made this plan substantially more complicated by inviting their old college friends, Marc and Theresa, to share the tiny, two-bedroom cottage that John had rented many months ago. Sara had certainly had a point—the astronomical weekly price was certainly more palatable when split in half, and they had always had a blast when traveling with Marc and Theresa. To be honest, John had to admit that Marc and Theresa were way cooler and hipper than he and Sara, and though they had been married since college they were still the first to crank the party up a notch, and the first to disappear and then make it loud and clear to those around them—with emphasis on “loud”—that they had managed to maintain in permanence the libido of a horny teenager.

So sure, it would be fun, but still not what John had in mind. Certainly, with another couple around, there would be no room for the kind of spontaneous, naked-on-the-dining-room-table sex with Sara that he had been fantasizing about—and masturbating to—since he first booked the cottage in January.

He pulled into the long circular drive in front of the school, trying to find Sara. The scene was crazier than usual, with students and parents and teachers all buzzing about with the excitement that comes with the last day of school. He couldn’t tell who seemed more jubilant, the students or the teachers.

He spotted Sara and pulled over to the side of the driveway. Despite the fact that she had her brow furrowed in a stern, stressful way that had become quite familiar to him, she still looked fabulous. Sara was petite, with a very fair face and blonde hair that lightly curled around her neck. Both John and Sara had began a rigorous exercise regime in December in attempt to escape the funk of winter, and it taken paid serious dividends for Sara; her legs were taut and firm, and her ass nearly perfect, wonderfully round but hard and tight at the same time. Her blue blouse stressed every so lightly at her breasts, which though small were a textbook example of the meaning if “perky.” John felt that familiar tightness in his groin—there was nothing quite like Sara in her teacher clothes to get him hot.

She spotted him pull aside and walked over to him, opening the door and nearly leaping into the car. “Hey hon,” she said, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.” “Let’s get out of here fast. I don’t want to even think about this place for the next three months.” They had not even pulled back onto the street before she betrayed what she had said, launching into the familiar recount of the day’s gripes, grudges and annoyances, which lasted the fifteen minutes it took to reach the highway and begin the three-hour drive in earnest. He did his best to nod sympathetically and to offer the occasional “Really?” or “That’s terrible,” just to make clear he was listening, at least in theory.

When they hit the highway he tried to make a break in the conversation. “Well, love, you can put that all out of your mind, because we are on vacation!” He slapped her left leg gently for emphasis. He shot her a glance that was cautiously suggestive and placed his hand on her thigh, sliding it no more than a half-inch under the hem of her skirt. “I promise to do my best to give you something else to think about this week…” He slid his hand up another half inch.

Sara gave them that forced, half smile that he had seen so many times, and then took his hand and locked her fingers in his, resting it on her lap. “We should call Theresa and see if they’re on the road.”

“Good idea, hon,” he said, flashing his own forced, half smile. He took his hand back, reaching into the console for his cell and handing into his cell phone to Sara. “It’s all you, babe.” He felt the tightness in his groin slip away, and he looked down the highway, anticipating the many hours of all comfortable silence that would take them to the cottage, and to the scene of grand expectations that had already begun to deflate.

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The following morning Robert woke up before Vanessa. She was curled on her side and Robert watched the rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts as she slept. He really loved this woman. He still had second thoughts about her having sex with Edward but on the other hand he had enjoyed sex with Pamela very much. He loved Vanessa, he had made love with her the night before while he had fucked Pamela before her, he rationalized. One was love, the other raw sex, well not quite, he guesses raw sex would have to be with a total stranger and he was certainly fond of Pamela. He didn’t love Pamela, he loved Vanessa, and he had really enjoyed fucking them one after the other.

He reached out and touched one of Vanessa’s nipples and watched as the areola shrunk and the nipple stiffened and his cock stirred. So did Vanessa, she turned on her back and Robert’s gaze went down to her shaved pussy. Vanessa had her legs slightly spread and Robert adjusted his position to get a closer look. Even though he had been married to her for many years and had touched her vagina and sucked it countless times, this was the first time that he was examining her. He was actually noticing the differences between his wife’s cunt and Pamela. He saw the tip of her clit peeking from the top of her slit, the inner labia partly visible between the outer lips, not as thick as Pamela’s. He reached with a finger and touched her clit lightly.

Vanessa stirred again and slowly opened her eyes. As her consciousness increased she saw her husband lying next to her, he had turned around and his head was just above her pussy. She turned her head and saw his semi-hard cock right in front of her face. Robert hadn’t noticed that Vanessa was awake and he touched the clit lightly again.

Vanessa parted her legs a bit more and asked him “Like what you see.” At the same time she ran her fingernails along the length of his shaft and saw it getting harder.

Just then the smell of fresh coffee drifted into the room, they had left their door slightly ajar the night before and hadn’t closed it. They could hear somebody moving around in the kitchen, certainly Pamela.

Smelling the coffee aroma Robert said, “Mmhh, that smells good. Wanna go get some?”

“I’d love to, but should we dress, or what?” Vanessa asked.

“I don’t know.” Robert answered her, his gaze going back to Vanessa’s crotch.

Vanessa had parted her legs a bit more and now asked, “Like what you see?” and parted her labia with her fingers.

Her musky aroma hit Robert’s nostrils. “I certainly do, and this looks good enough to eat.”

“So does this.” Vanessa said wrapping her fingers around Robert’s cock. She moved her head and took the head in her mouth.

Just then Pamela knocked on the door and without waiting for answer she pushed it open catching sight of Robert as he was slipping his finger inside Vanessa and she was sliding his cock into her mouth.

“Well, look at you, you lovebirds.” She stood at the door watching them, her hands on her hips. She was totally naked.

Vanessa gave let Robert’s cock slip from her mouth but still held it in her hand. Robert moved his finger around inside her a couple of times and then pulled it out. They both looked at Pamela and said good morning almost at the same time.

“Well, you don’t have to stop what you were doing. I just wanted to know if you want breakfast, but if you’re planning on eating something else I’ll just fix something for Edward and me now and you can eat breakfast later.”

“Mmhh, breakfast sounds good.” Vanessa said suddenly realizing she was starving. She got up from the bed and seeing that Pamela was still naked answered her question about dressing. “Come on honey, l’ll fix you a cup of coffee.”

Robert saw the two women walking toward the kitchen admiring their swinging behinds. ‘This really was a new sensation’ he thought getting out of bed and heading for the kitchen.

Pamela was pouring coffee into four mugs and handled one to Robert and one to Vanessa said, “Why don’t you guys go out on the deck, I’ll go get Edward and we’ll be right with you.”

* * *

After breakfast they decided to go hiking so the men could take some pictures of the girls. Pamela wanted to go out naked but they thought that might not be a good idea since they might run into a ranger or something, so the men put on shorts and t-shirts, Pamela put on a pair of cut-offs and shirt which she just tied up under her breasts without bothering with the buttons, leaving the inside part of her breasts exposed. Vanessa chose a button down summer dress and she also left the top buttons undone, she was aware that her breasts might come out of the dress as she moved but she didn’t care too much. She was learning to enjoy this new feeling of freedom and power caused by exposing her body.

They set out along a trail until the found a clearing in the woods with a fallen tree that appealed to Robert. Pamela wanted to go first and began undoing the buttons on her cut-offs but Robert asked her to go slowly. Both men used their cameras as Pamela posed in different ways, first with her clothes as they were, then Robert asked her to undo the know on her blouse and pose in positions that exposed first one breast and then the other one. She took off her blouse and posed for some shots topless finally taking off her cut-offs and posing naked.

When it was Vanessa’s turn, Pamela just remained nude, reclining on a rock, watching as the men took pictures of Vanessa, first exposing her breasts, then pulling up her dress to expose her pussy and finally totally naked.

Vanessa was lying on the fallen tree with her legs parted while Robert and Edward moved around shooting from different angles. She reveled in her new found freedom, noticing the bulge under the men’s shorts, reveling in her power to excite them.

At that moment a couple walked into the clearing stopping in their tracks when they saw the nude women and the men photographing them. Vanessa recognized the guy as the man who watched them from the next cabin. Her first impulse was to cover herself but when she saw the young man staring at her she just adopted a new pose. Edward and Robert had been unaware of the new arrivals but Pamela was also watching their reaction as the young man kept shifting his gaze from Vanessa and then to her. The young woman also alternated looking at them and was blushing furiously.

“Excuse us.” The man said and took his girlfriend’s hand beginning to turn away.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Pamela said walking up to them and introducing herself. “My name is Pam and those over there are Van, Bob, and Ed. They’re just taking some pictures of us. We don’t mind if you want to watch.”

“Uhh… Well… I don’t know…” the young man stammered.

“Well, as you want, but certainly we don’t mind.” Pamela said, “Maybe you would like to pose too.” She sad addressing the girl, “Our husbands are great photographers, especially Robert.”

The girl blushed furiously, and the boy stammered something and then said, “Gee, thanks… but I think we’d better get going.”

After they went down the trail in the direction of the cabins, the four friends continued walking up the trail, to find another spot. Vanessa put on her dress, but Pamela just put on her cut-offs and hung her shirt on her shoulders.

They found another spot on top a hill that overlooked the lake and the girls stripped again while the men shot another set of pictures. Then Pamela wanted them to be in the pictures too. First Edward posed with Vanessa and Pamela on either side of him, his clothes still on until Vanessa asked.

“Aren’t you gonna get your clothes off?

“Well, let me see?” Edward said, he was holding each girl by the waist and looking at Vanessa he added “Do I get a kiss for that?”

As an answer, Vanessa just pulled his head to her and gave him a long kiss. Robert kept on shooting pictures as Edward went on kissing Vanessa and Pamela pulled his shorts down his legs exposing his erect penis. Edward had to break the kiss since Pamela was trying to pull his t-shit over his head and when she succeeded she pulled him to her and kissed him too.

Once he was naked, Robert took several shots of the trio with their arms around each other, and a few more with Edward cupping the girls’ breasts while they both held his cock.

Then it was Robert’s turn, he stripped before going over to them and he kissed them and fondled both of them, while the girls in turn fondled his cock and Edward shot a set of pictures. On the last one Pamela had sunk to her knees and was sucking Robert’s cock while he fondled Vanessa’s pussy and kissed her.

Edward put his camera down and walked over to Vanessa and started fondling her breasts as she continued kissing Robert. Vanessa turned to Edward and gave him a long passionate kiss fondling his cock at the same time.

Pamela had not stopped sucking Robert’s cock and now she reached out to fondle Edward’s balls while Vanessa moved her hand along the shaft.

Vanessa broke the kiss and said in a hoarse voice, “Fuck me Ed! I want you inside me.”

Edward lay down on the grass and Vanessa straddled him, guiding him into her. With a long moan she lowered herself on his shaft until it was completely buried inside her. Pamela got down on all fours next to Edward and Robert knelt behind her, he rubbed his cock against her slit a few times and then placing the tip at the entrance of her vagina he pushed it in slowly but Pamela pushed back and gasped as Robert’s cock penetrated her completely.

They went on fucking in that position. Edward reached out with one hand to fondle one of Vanessa’s breasts and reached under his wife to fondle one of her breasts with his other hand. Pamela turned around and kissed her husband while Robert pounded into her. Robert was also kissing Vanessa and fondling her other breast, tweaking the nipple between his fingers as he fucked Pamela.

It wasn’t long before they all exploded, their climaxes coming in close succession.

To be continued…

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