John walked through the door of the Chinese take-out restaurant. Standing at the counter giving her order was a woman with fantastic legs. If the shorts she was wearing had been any shorter, they would be better described as denim panties. She was slightly bent over the counter, looking at the paper menu as she gave the order.

After getting the order she took a couple cups and walked over to the fountain. He watched her step over with her ass swinging back and forth, feeling almost hypnotized. John knew what he needed to order, so his time at the counter was quite short. He stepped over to the chairs that they had near the counter for to go customers and sat down.

This was partially because of the view to fountain/ condiments area. Mrs. Legs was finishing filling the second cup, she must have had to decide what she wanted, and stepped over for plastic silverware and the rest.

Her red shirt showed off just a sliver of skin above her waist, John could tell that she had a tramp stamp, but couldn’t make out the design. It was one of the shirts that one shoulder was left exposed, no bra strap on it. He didn’t know if she was wearing a strapless bra, or none at all. That made him realize she had somehow managed to keep her back turned to him the whole time. He was sure that it wasn’t intentional, but still, he would love to see if her tits were as nice as her ass and legs.

“Hell of a view, hunh?” The guy sitting beside him asked. John had barely noticed he was even there.

“Oh, yeah, fucking great set of sticks,” he replied, nodding slightly.

“Ass and tits pretty sweet too, right?”

“The ass is fantastic, but she has her back to me the whole time. Couldn’t say on the rack, been watching to catch a view.”

“That’s a damn shame. Hey, Joy, Come here a minute.” Mrs. Legs’ real name must have been Joy, because she turned around and walked over to where John and his conversation partner were sitting.

Now he was getting the shot from the front. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but her tits were standing tall and proud. She was apparently cold too, her nipples pushing the thin red material out. She was a few years older than John thought originally but she was still damn hot.

She sat down in the guy’s lap. “Honey, my friend here says you got great sticks and a nice ass. He hadn’t seen your tits before I called you over. Ask him what he thinks.”

“You like my breasts sweety?” She pushed her tits together to make them stand up a little more.

“Um, very nice.” John was damn near in panic mode, ready to spring out of his seat and run to the door if needed food or no.

“Joy, you went and made my friend nervous. I wonder if this would make him feel better.” He reached up and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled down. The neckline dipped low enough that her nipple showed itself. It was pierced with a captive ball ring hanging down from it.

“Billy, knock it off,” Joy pulled her shirt back into place after giving Billy a play swat. She got back up walked back to finish collecting the condiments.

“You married?” John raised his left hand to show Billy the ring. “Joy and I tied the old knot about five years ago, started swinging that summer. You and yours don’t swing do you?”

John had to think about the last time he had even had sex, much less thinking that swinging was a possibility. “Oh no.”

Billy clapped him on the shoulder, “Now, I am going to tell you something. We don’t mind letting the one play on occasion, as long as the other is good with it. We have our little signals, did you notice how she hit me before she covered back up?”

“Yeah,” sounded a lot more squeaky than John wanted it too.

“Well that is her signal that she would like to have a little fun with you. I’d just watch, nothing between you and I, and we don’t mind being discreet. Hell we are in town on vacation, and in a week we are gone anyway.”

“I don’t know man, like I said,” and he raised his hand once more.

“I hear ya, tell you what though, if you change your mind,” he handed him a sheet of paper that said Billy, and had a phone number. John took the paper and Billy stood up and grabbed the bag on the counter, he and Joy headed for the door, Joy putting a little more into her walk to make her ass swing nicely.

When his number was called John stuffed the phone number and receipt into his pocket. He headed home and ate dinner with his wife. She was a wonderful woman, beautiful as hell, but an ice cube in the sack. When they laid down for bed that night, He spooned up against her like he would from time to time. After a minute or too he reached up and cupped a breast. “Maybe tomorrow,” and moved his hand away. Each one thought to themselves, “probably not,” but for different reasons.

The next morning when John was getting ready for work, he noticed the piece of paper that Billy had wrote his name on laying with his keys, he had just scooped everything out of his pocket and threw it on the table the night before. He stuffed it in his pocket and headed out the door to his car. He drove off on his way to work. He pulled his cell out and opened the text ap, punched the number in and typed out, “This is John from the Chinese restaurant. Does Joy still want to play?”

John wasn’t expecting a response right away, it was still early. He stuffed the phone back in his pocket and began to actually watch the road. About five minutes later the text tone went off. He pulled his phone out, the message was from Billy, but it was a photo of joy completely nude. John nearly ran off the road getting a closer look to see both nipples were pierced with a chain running from each one down to her perfectly shaven pussy. They connected to a ring on her clit.

John’s hands were shaking so bad he had to type out “When?” three times for the typos.

“Now is good with us. Drop by the Doubletree room 235 whenever you want. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line if you come later today.”

John had a ton of sick time saved up at work, so he called his boss, it went to voice-mail, “I’m sick as hell,” he even sounded it without trying, “tried to come in but not going to make it.” That even covered him waiting until last minute to call. When he got to the stoplight he made the left that would take him to the hotel.

He strolled through the lobby and thought that he might need something to calm his nerves so headed to the breakfast area. He poured himself a cup of coffee, and made it up the way he liked it, then decided to take some up to his friends in 235. He poured two cups and stuffed cream and sugar in his pocket and headed up.

Knocking was a bit of a balancing act with three cups of coffee but he managed. Billy pulled the door open, “Come right in. Joy, he got coffee for us.” He relieved John of two cups and walked over to his wife that was sitting naked in front of the open window that looked out on a freeway. He pulled the cream and sugar out of his pocket that was growing tighter due to the tent that was growing.

“Oh, fucking bless you.” She poured a cream and two sugars in the cup and took a sip. “Um, its missing something.” John had already sat down on the edge of the bed, not sure what to do at this point. Joy stood and walked to him. She kissed him while her hand moved to the bulge in his pants. He reached up and started kneading her breasts.

“Oh, no you get play with those AFTER my coffee, but like I said, its missing something. She got on her knees and started unbuttoning his pants. She got the zipper down and he raised his ass off the bed so that she could pull his pants down to his knees. “That’s a bit of a monster.” John always thought of himself as large with a bit of thickness to go with it. She slid her fingers around his shaft and started slowly pumping.

He sat somewhat stunned as to what was going on. He looked down when she kissed the head lightly. She smiled up at him then buried his cock as deep as it would go in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off and John could hear a little pop as her lips lost contact. She blew on the wet head making him jump a little.

His jump pushed his cock back up to her lips, “Someone is in a hurry,” while slowly rubbing him. Billy chuckled lightly, he had taken her chair by the window. John had nearly forgotten he was there. Their eyes locked, John saw no malice there at all. He then felt Joy’s mouth slide back down him her lips stopping about a half inch further down the shaft, about an inch from the base.

She pulled her head back once more then pushed herself down until her nose was buried in his pubes, touching the flesh above his cock. The tightness of her throat felt great around the tip, he had never had a woman take all of his cock in her mouth before. She held her mouth there as long as she could before she had to pull back to take a breath.

“Damn,” escaped from John. She kept her mouth on his tip and rubbed his cock with her hands.

“You can’t cum in my mouth, at least not this time. You got to let me know.”

“Uh, huh,” he wasn’t far from shooting his load and she could tell. She pushed the head back into her throat again. He started thrusting his hips lightly while she held onto him with her mouth.

She was so lost in the moment she barely heard, “I’m cumming,” the third time he said it. As she pulled back his orgasm started. His first string of cum shot into her mouth. She backed off and picked up the coffee cup in time to catch the rest of his load in the brown liquid.

“Don’t you go blaming him, he tried to tell you.”

“I know,” as she stirred the coffee with John’s cum in it. She raised the cup to her lips, “umm, much better.” She walked over and sat in Billy’s lap and took another sip of the coffee. “Well you do look a little silly with your pants around your knees and a tie on. You should hang everything in the closet so they don’t get wrinkled. I got more plans for you, and its just going to get in the way.”

He stood to walk to the closet then realized how awkward it would be to walk with his pants at his knees. He pulled them up as opposed to down for the short walk to the closet. Although it was a small closet he stepped in and leaned against the wall. He slowly started to strip. Jacket, tie, shirt, shoes, pants came off and got hung. He stood there for a second before pulling off his socks to stuff in the shoes then with a deep breath he dropped his boxers and kicked them into the corner of the closet.

John came back into the room and headed over to the chair that was unoccupied. “We were beginning to wonder if you got lost,” Billy smiled, “but we see it wasn’t you that got lost.”

Joy drained her coffee and turned to kiss her husband, her ass now coming into full view. John thought that it was time to do something at least a little drastic. He covered the distance to the chair and dropped to his knees behind Joy.

His hands went around her legs and gripped them right above her knees. Joy jumped, “Where did you come from?” She rolled her hips forward so that her pussy was more exposed to him. His tongue danced out of his mouth and found her clit. He ran it circles around the nub. His nose was buried in her pussy taking in her aroma.

Joy’s tongue explored her husband’s mouth as John’s tongue explored her pussy. “That may be the first time anyone did anything like that, what do you thing honey?” Billy asked when he came up for air.

“Ye-yeah,” she responded. John’s tongue explored inside her as he rubbed her clit with his fingers.

Joy had buried a hand in Billy’s shirt and was gripping it tightly. Her body was shaking badly as her hips began to spasm over John’s face. She moaned loudly, as her body fell to her first orgasm of the day.

The aroma and flavor that John was enjoying strengthened. John figured his bravery had worked once, so he moved his tongue quickly to her ass while burying two fingers in her pussy.

“Oh, no.” Joy stood quickly. “We never explained the rules. Billy, I’m so sorry.”

She spun around and sat in Billy’s lap, she looked like she had done something wrong. John sat naked on his knees not knowing if he should say, or do, anything. “The one thing Billy doesn’t share is my ass. That’s just for him.”

“You licked her ass, without asking?”

“It was there…”

“Damn, that takes balls! Tell ya what, gonna let it slide, I mean you didn’t know. Hey, Joy, I think his dick is dry, you should help with that.”

John could see relief on Joy’s face. She truly thought she had done something horrible. “Come on then, big boy, on the bed.” John stood and took about three steps backwards until the back of his knees hit the bed. He sat down and laid back. She climbed over him straddling him. She used her hand to guide his cock to her pussy.

Her lips got about half way down his shaft and she held her self there. She rotated her hips never allowing herself to drop further on him. This sent bolts of electricity up John’s body. His hips started to try to meet her movements. Just as he started she dropped all her weight onto his thighs. “Damn,” a light whisper was all he could muster.

She started riding him, squeezing his cock with her keigel muscles. Her hands pressed into his chest for support. Her riding became more of a thrust, her moans getting louder. John’s hands squeezed a breast each, her body responded with a very intense orgasm.

She collapsed onto his chest, his still rock hard cock inside her. She was still humping him slowly but the position she was in made the thrusts shallow.

“I can see why you went after that ass from this angle. Can’t say I blame you,” Billy spoke up from his chair. “Hell, I want in there now myself. John, have you ever done DP? You willing to try?”

“I haven’t but what the hell? All kinds of firsts running for me today.”

“Hang on one damn minute,” Joy looked back at her husband, never pulling herself from the cock that was buried to the hilt inside her. “I haven’t tried it either.”

“That does make three of us here, but we have talked at length about trying it. No time like the present.”

John slid, holding Joy’s hips with one hand, to the edge of the bed. Somehow he had not let his dick slide from her cunt. Billy started rubbing KY over his cock. He applied a generous amount to his fingers and slid them into Joy’s ass.

Her pussy tightened up against the cock that still filled her up. He slid his fingers out and lined his head up with her sphincter. She rolled her hips back and he pushed in.

John felt like she was going to squeeze his cock off as Billy invaded her back door. “Oh, god,” Joy whispered. Once Billy had gotten as deep as the position would let him Joy started to rock her hips on both cocks inside her. John began squeezing one breast, and Billy must have seen him because he took up the other one.

The muscles in her pussy and ass clamped down on the cocks inside her as another orgasm rocked her body. Once she came down a little from that orgasm she slid her hand between herself and John’s body. Almost immediately she felt another orgasm building.

John’s orgasm built up quickly, she was just so tight like this. “Oh, baby, I’m cumming.”

Joy pushed herself down as deep as she could on him. He exploded inside her, just as his orgasm was waning, she began to scream through another one.

His now limp cock slid from her cunt as her husband continued to fuck her asshole. She leaned in and kissed him deeply. He fought to keep his lips on hers, she moved every time Billy slammed into her. Her tits rubbed up and down his chest.

She moaned in pleasure as she came one more time. She could feel the heat of his cum in her ass. She pulled herself forward and laid on John’s chest. He threw his arms around her and held her in a tight embrace while Billy lay beside them rubbing her leg.

Once she had caught her breath, “I think I need a shower before everyone else gets here. Hey, Billy, do you think John would have fun with our friends?”

Chapter 1

I’m one of the lucky ones. I went to work in a really good job right out of college and was in the right place at the right time to be offered an early retirement buyout package when I was fifty-six. Yeah, how about that? And, it was a good package, too good to turn down.

So, I retired at fifty-six and my wife, Karen, she was fifty-three at the time, we went out and bought a nice travel trailer to do some touring around in. Yeah, like a lot of retired people. Don’t knock it, we’ve had fun.

But the most fun was this year, near the end of summer. Was it ever.

We were on the way back home from a fairly long trip, now on the final leg, the last stop, where we would spend a few days before making the final four hundred miles home.

We got everything situated and were sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine when the couple from the next hookup site came over and introduced themselves. They, like us, were retired, he was Brian, she was Sandra and they were about our age, just this side shy of sixty.

Karen and I invited them over for wine and cheese the next afternoon as we found that, like us, they were staying on for another day, perhaps two. They seemed nice and we looked forward to getting to know them better.

As we chatted with Sandra and Brian, two more motorhomes pulled in across from us and began to hook-up. It didn’t take long for us to call them over to join us and soon, the eight of us were having wine and snacks around our campfire.

The new couples were Kevin and Laura and Jeff and Alice and they’d known each other for ages, often travelled together like this and, like us, were nearing the end of their summer sojourn.

Now this seems like quite a cast and, well, it was eight people. But, let’s consider the four most important people in this story: the women.

My honey, Karen, is fifty-five, still very nice looking, five foot six, one hundred twenty pounds, nice B-cup breasts, shoulder-length brown hair. Sandra was about Karen’s age, shorter at five-two, slender, about one hundred pounds or so, long blond hair and a really nice figure, small but nice.

Laura was also about the age of the first two, medium-height, about five-four, around one-twenty, dark hair with some gray mixed-in, and nice big boobs, no doubt D-cups. She was stacked. Finally, Alice was younger, forty-four, forty-five, platinum blonde medium length, usually in a ponytail, also with a nice figure. They are all attractive women.

So, back to our nice early evening out by the campfire. I’d gone back inside to get another bottle of wine when I heard a shriek from one of the women outside. I ran outside just in time to see Alice with her top down around her waist, her rather large and firm breasts out in the open as she jumped around.

“What was it? Did it go away? What was it?” she was yelping as she hopped around, her nice boobs putting on quite a lovely show. She had been wearing a wraparound top which was now open and mostly off.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Karen.

“Oh, something fell out of that tree above her and landed on her top. I think it was just a small branch or something but we all got a show,” Karen told me as Alice pulled up her top.

“God, I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed,” She blurted out.

Brian said, “Oh, I’m sure none of us guys minded, did we?”

“I sure didn’t. Haven’t seen a Playboy all week so it was nice to see such beauties,” Kevin added.

The bottle of wine was soon empty again and Brian went over to their motorhome and brought a fresh one back as Jeff tossed a piece of bark he’d picked up over onto his wife’s top.

“Come on, hon, let’s show them some more of what I see all the time,” he teased.

“Yeah, they’re so nice, it’s a nice warm summer night, Alice, let’s get them out again for us all to admire,” I added.

Then, she said something that I wasn’t expecting and I’m sure no one else was expecting either, “I’ll flash them again if the other girls will.”

Well, that started all the guys urging their wives to give a bit of show, a little look-see at their boobs. And, incredibly, my wife Karen stood up, asked the other gals to get up with her and opened her top and held it open.

Soon, they were all four in front of us, every one with her tits out to be admired and they were. There were comments galore about the beauties on display when Laura, I’m pretty sure it was her, she said, “Why don’t we all swap? Swap spouses?”

Then, she added, “Well, we might not ever see each other ever again, why not?”

Now, we’ve known people who had told us that they swapped spouses and we had even been approached a few times. But in over a quarter of a century of being married, we had never done it, never even seriously considered it.

“I just couldn’t do it, sorry, we’ve never done anything like that,” Karen blurted out. I knew she was uncomfortable with the idea. She looked over at me and asked, “Is this something you want to do?”

Well, at the risk of starting an argument right in front of everyone, I simply took the coward’s way out and shrugged. “Really up to you, hon.”

Then, Alice said to her, “Look, it’s wonderful that you two have been together as long as you have. But, have you ever wanted a little break from that? As wonderful as I’m sure John is, one of these other fellows, well, they’re going to be different, exciting.”

“Actually, Kevin and I and Jeff and Alice have travelled all summer together and we’ve swapped any number of times. But, we’re each going home with the same husbands we started out with, that hasn’t changed, just some fun and a little spice,” Laura added.

“Well, Sandra and I have done some of this at home, both with Sandra’s brother and his wife, Sandra had a relationship with her brother back to when she was still in middle school, and we also have swapped with a couple, strangely enough, from church. And we’re still together. In fact we love telling each other about the swaps we’ve had, a few of them where all four are in the same room. We’ve loved it.”

“Brian’s right, Karen, we’ve swapped a number of times and, well, variety, they say, is the spice of life. And, we’ve always gone home together, it’s really made us stronger, really. And, after this stop, we’ll probably never ever see each other again,” Sandra added.

“Well, you make it all sound so nice but I just don’t know,” Karen told them.

“Maybe if Karen got a preview of the fellows’ equipment, she might be more interested. Would you want to see them drop their pants, Karen? I’ll bet they’d be happy to show you what they’ve got,” Laura offered.

I looked at Karen and she looked at me as I told her, “Hey it’s no more than what you’d see at a nude beach, hon, might be interesting. You can still say no.”

With that she nodded and Brian, Jeff and Kevin all stood up and were soon standing there with their shorts and briefs around their ankles.

Well, all you heard was the sizzle and occasional pop of the campfire as their three cocks hung down for my wife’s inspection.

“Go ahead, Karen, and check them out, take a feel, I’ll bet they wouldn’t mind and I’m sure we wives won’t either,” Laura offered. Karen looked at me as I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head toward the guys standing there and she smiled and took two or three steps over, reached down and took Brian’s cock in her hand and squeezed softly.

Then she slowly let go, reached over and took Kevin’s dick which was pretty big from what I could see. She gave it a nice feel, then went on to Jeff and felt his. Her hand opened and she stepped back, looked at me and asked, “Are you sure about this, John, that it’s something you want to do?”

I nodded and she quickly added, “I have never been so hot and turned-on in all my life. Yes, yes, let’s do it.”

She really said it, Karen wants us to swap with these couples, do a sexual swap. I just really never thought she’d ever agree.

“Okay, let’s put the names of the four guys in a hat, we can use Kevin’s Red Sox cap, and each of us can draw a name. If you draw your hubby’s name, then redraw,” explained Sandra and we soon had drawn new partners and were to go back to each woman’s RV to spend the next three hours with them. After that, we would all meet back at the campfire at our site.

Chapter 2

I was paired up with Laura who had the most voluptuous figure of the four which promised a fun three hours.

“I’m glad we got put together, John, yours is the only cock I haven’t seen and I’m really eager to get it out and have some fun with it. This is your first swap, right?”

“Yeah, I just never thought Karen would go for it, just never.”

“Well, shows you what holding three nice, new cocks in your hand will do for a woman.”

“I think you’re right. I hope it goes well for her.”

“She’s with Jeff, Alice’s husband and I’ve had him before. Oh, she’s in good hands, believe me, very good hands. His tongue, well…you may hear her screaming all throughout the campsite.”

“Well, I know that’s something she greatly enjoys, I hope it goes well for her, I’m sure looking forward to being with you, Laura,” I told her as she opened the door and turned on some lights.

I followed her to the bed and she turned and put her arms around me and we kissed and groped for a few minutes, then, she leaned back and said, “Well, I’ve waited long enough to see your cock, John, let’s get naked, we only have a few hours,” and we were soon out of our clothes and into bed.

She was sitting there cross-legged stroking my cock with both hands.

“Nice, John, yes, I think I’m going to enjoy this very much, and I’m so ready,” she murmured as she swung up over me, held my cock and eased down over it, driving it up into her then began rocking back and forth as I massaged her generous breasts.

“Oh, yeah, mmm, I was so ready. Mmm, I knew you’d be good, John. Nice and long, I love your cock. Is my pussy making it feel real good?”

“So, good, you are so tight, it’s like the first fuck I ever had and it took me forever to get inside her, but once I was, oh, man,” I groaned as she went back and forth.

“I do pussy exercises almost every day, so it’s not by accident, I work on keeping my pussy tight and toned and every cock that’s ever been inside it had had a good time. It’s something I pride myself on, my pussy.”

“Oh, you should, it’s like a teenager’s, just so tight, so good.”

She kept moving up and down on me, almost lifting me up off the bed when she went up, it was an awesome fuck and her boobs were firm and nice and full. I couldn’t tell if she’d had them done but they sure were nice, especially when she leaned up and dropped a nipple onto my lips to suck.

This woman loved sex, that was obvious, and she loved pleasing a man with her body. And I was thrilled to be on the current receiving end of that as I lay under this sexy, voluptuous creature as she fucked me up and down.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, feels good, mmm,” she groaned. “Oh, yes, mmm, oooh, oooh, your cock…mmm, so good, yes, oh, oh, oh,” she panted. “God, I’m gonna cum, ooh, OOH, OOH, AYYEE, AYYEE, AYYE, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, mmm, good, good, oh, fuck me, mmm, so good,” and she lowered down over me and kissed me, never once missing a beat fucking me up and down.

“Cum in me, John, give me your cum, baby, I want it, put it deep in my pussy, mmm, yeah,” she moaned.

Well, I was just about ready to do just that, she was so tight and so good and in a minute or so, I felt that electric sensation begin to spread from the tip of my cock and shoot out all over my body as I convulsed and arched up into her as my love juice spurted and spurted deep inside her.

“Uh, uh, UH, UH, mmm, mmm, oh, so good,” I moaned and she pushed down hard, driving me as deep as I could go, then twisting her hips back and forth, it was sensational, this woman was all about sex.

She dropped down over me, kissing me over and over but she never stopped moving up and down on me, it was just wonderful. I was still fairly hard and she seemed to just want more.

“Mmm, I love a new man every once in a while and you were just right, John. The end of summer and a new cock deep inside right where I want it. I’m so glad your wife decided to join in. I hope she’s enjoying herself right now like I am.”

Honestly, I hadn’t given Karen much thought in the last hour or so, perhaps not a surprising thing considering what had been happening. I did hope she was having as good an experience as I was, this would surely make or break any future swapping we might do. If it all went wrong for her, then, well, this is the end of this kind of fun.

“I hate to say it, John, but our three hours are almost up, let me set the clock and we can do oral until our time’s up,” and she set the alarm and we got in a nice sixty-nine position and enjoyed the rest of our time together.

When the buzzer sounded, we knew our time together was over and we kissed one last time, and I got dressed and went back to our camper. I went in and Karen was in bed under the covers waiting for me. I quickly undressed and slid in next to her. Not a word had been spoken until we had our arms around each other. All I could think of was that she had had a horrible experience from it all.

“Well, how was it?” I asked.

“Can you just fuck me? I’ll tell you all about it but right now I just want your cock in me, fuck me, John, please,” she begged and I got up over her, suddenly excited that it was looking as though she’d had a good time of it. I got between her legs and she just reached down, took my cock, put the tip at her opening and pulled my hips to her. She was ready for sure.

“Mmm, god, fuck me, fuck me, John, I am so hot.”

I was doing the best I could as she began to tell me of her tryst with Jeff.

“Oh, I was so nervous, well, I haven’t been naked with a man, another man, since we first met and here I was standing there as he began to undress me. I even wondered if I was about to faint. He got me bare on top, then stopped and just kissed and sucked my breasts, well, you know how I love that. He really took his time, I guess he knew I was the one who didn’t want to do all this.”

“But you did, right? You went on with it?” I asked.

“Oh, John, yes, it was the best sex I’ve had in ages. Well, I mean, you’re wonderful and all…”

“That’s okay, hon, we’ve been fucking for a long time, I understand, I really do.”

“Oh, thank you, mmm, just keep going, mmm. Well, so he took his time on my breasts, it was lovely, really lovely. Then, we were both soon naked and he had me on the edge of the bed, my legs up over his shoulders and he was just feasting on me. That’s what it was, John, he was feasting on my pussy. God, it was so good.”

“Well, no one knows better how much you love that than I do. He was good, huh?”

“Oh, yes, but it was also that it was someone new, someone I wasn’t used to. God, it was so hot. I cummed three times just from that. It was wild.”

“Mmm, yeah, keep moving just like that, hon, oh, that’s feeling good.”

“Well, I was so turned-on by that point, I just pushed him down on the bed, got up over him and jammed down on him like I was a crazy woman. Well, maybe I was. God, I fucked him like it was the last fuck I’d ever have. I don’t know what he thought but he sure didn’t want me to stop. Oh, and I didn’t either,” she laughed.

“Well, babe, you seem to still be pretty turned-on by it.”

“Oh, John, just fuck me, keep fucking me. I’m so tired but my pussy is crazy. I never thought something like that was so good, so arousing. I’ve never been like this before.”

“No, you sure haven’t, I”m loving it.”

“Jeff said they were staying on another night and having another swap tomorrow night. I know we’d planned on going home but do you think, well, we’re in no rush, right?”

“Well, looks like you’d like a bit more fun.”

“Oh, John, I’d love it, he said they make sure you get a new partner each time until everyone has had everyone else. Do you think we could stay another night?”

“Well, if we stayed two more nights, then, we could sample everyone’s wares.”

My god, you would think I just gave her the Hope diamond. She jerked me down and kissed me over and over, bucking under me.

“Oh, John, oh, you’re the best, just the best. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll suck you off any time you want, forever and ever. Oh, I love you so much. Remember, I’ll suck you whenever, okay?”

“I think I’ll remember that, yes. I’ll see in the morning if we can keep the space here two more days. Most schools started two weeks ago so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

She rolled me over on my back and fucked me until I finally gave up what cum I still had left. Then, we both fell into a deep, happy sleep.

We all went to breakfast at an IHOP nearby and it didn’t take long for the conversation to really get around to what had made our camping experience as fulfilling as it had been. We were able to stay on two more days (and nights which were why we were staying) and each morning we all went back to the same restaurant to rehash the highlights of the night before.

Each time I came back to our camper afterward, Karen was spread open for an enthusiastic fuck while she regaled me with the suckings and lickings and tonguings and fuckings she had given and received. I have never seen her so excited about anything.

Before we left, we all exchanged email addresses and such and have since traded stories and pictures, even a few videos.

We have met since with Sandra and Brian twice now and once with Jeff and Alice. Next month we link back up with Kevin and Laura and Karen is especially excited because she says Kevin just seems to never run out of steam. Maybe I’ll ask him if he’ll share his secret.

As for us? Oh, my, we now have more sex than we did after we first met. Karen hardly ever dresses around the house, if she does, it’s in something skimpy and brief. She also has me undressed most of the time and seems to always want to play with her favorite toy as long as I have it out.

Oh, and she’s good on her word. It gets sucked whenever I want. I don’t even have to ask. Oh, she just read this and is now kneeling down under my laptop. Gotta go, talk to you later.

Our closest friends are Ethan and Lola. I met Ethan in college, we both entered the engineering program at the same time and just hit it off and have been friends ever since.

When he met Lola, I was already dating Nicole, now my wife, and it seemed that not only were Ethan and I good friends, the four of us also bonded.

We live in the same area, Ethan and I even work for the same company, though in different departments, even different divisions. So, he and I see each other fairly often and the four of us also get together at least once a month or so.

It was several years ago that this all began and it was at their house, late one Saturday afternoon when we were there for a cookout, a frequent summer get-together for the four of us. They have a pool which adds to the enjoyment of an outdoor barbecue.

Ethan had gotten up to get another beer when he asked us, “Anyone need anything?” as he stepped toward the back door.

Nicole and I said we didn’t but Lola shot right back with, “Maybe a good roll in the hay would be nice.”

Nicole looked over at me, it did seem a bit embarrassing but we laughed, I mean what else can you do, right?

“That’s some wife you have there, buddy-boy,” I quipped and Nicole added, “Yeah, there’s a request,” or something like that as we laughed.

Then with a straight face Lola added, “Um, I wasn’t being funny, Ethan. I meant it.”

“Well, hon, why don’t we go inside then and I’ll take care of that.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lola said, getting up.

Then what happened next was totally unexpected.

“You two want to join us?” Lola asked.

Now before I go further, I need to tell you that the four of us were attractive people in our mid-twenties. Nicole had short, wavy blond hair and stood five-four with a curvy figure. For you guys, she’s 36-B and firm and nice.

Lola is a brunette with hair past her shoulders and in the silver bikini she was wearing, well, I would guess C-cup. She’s taller than Nicole, about five-seven and some of that is in her legs, she is a sexy, leggy woman.

Ethan is about six feet even and in great condition. He likes to work out and it shows. Me, well, I’m not into the workout routine but I do play tennis which keeps me pretty firm.

And when Ethan asked if we wanted to join them, I must say, a certain part of me began to get pretty firm. It wasn’t totally clear what he was suggesting, it could be that we were being invited to have sex ourselves, like side-by-side or, maybe just watch, or perhaps do a little trading around. Hard to tell.

I looked at Nicole, knowing we’d never done anything like this before but also knowing that my wife was pretty adventuresome when it comes to sex, especially sex in public places. Well, that’s another story…or two.

“Yeah come with us, might just be lots of fun, you two,” Lola said over her shoulder as she pulled Ethan into the house.

So, I looked at Nicole who raised her eyebrows and gave me a quick nod. I stood up and held out my hand helping her up and we followed our friends into the house and up the stairs to the master suite.

As we followed them we whispered to each other about what might happen and I really wanted to know if Nicole was sure about this but she said she was up for it. I knew that my cock was up for it, I had a massive erection even though I wasn’t quite sure what might take place; I knew it would be good no matter what.

As we went in their bedroom, Lola already had the top of her bikini off and Ethan had pulled down his swimshorts releasing his hard cock as she pulled off her bottoms.

They both turned to us as Lola said, “I guess you haven’t seen us like this before, huh?” and she gripped her husband’s cock and pulled him into bed.

“Um, not exactly sure what the drill is supposed to be but maybe we should get naked, too?” I asked.

“Sure, join the party, have you two ever swapped before? We could just all have a good time with each other, any way we want, I guess,” Lola said, adding, “I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m horny as can be, so I’m up for whatever.”

Nicole and I were quickly out of our swim clothes and they moved over on their bed so we could join them.

“What shall we do first?” Lola asked.

“Maybe you should ask, who should we do first, hon?” Ethan added.

“Okay, would you two want to start out with each other or just trade off right now or maybe just each other only?” Lola asked.

Nicole leaned to my ear and whispered, “What do you think? Would you want to change partners? Do it now?”

I really wasn’t sure Nicole would go for this but, after all, she was now looking at Ethan’s hard cock which was at least equal to mine. And, the adventure of someone new, I’m sure, added to it, after all, I was looking at Lola with lusty eyes myself.

“Sure, they’re friends, after all,” I said and Nicole told them, “We could pair off, me with Ethan, Alex with Lola, if you want to. It’s fine with us.”

Lola laid back, spreading her legs while I got between them as I heard Ethan ask my wife if she had a favorite position and her answer, ‘doggie,’ as she got on her hands and knees so he could move up between her legs.

I decided to do some oral on Lola’s plump, perfectly-shaved pussy and got down as Ethan pushed into Nicole.

I don’t know if Lola had shaved or if she’d waxed, all I knew was she had the smoothest, softest pussy I’d ever put my mouth or tongue to. And she had her head propped on a pillow to watch while I pleasured her.

Out the corner of my eye I could see Nicole circling her hips around while my best friend fucked her in and out, knowing just how good it felt. She’s nice and tight, too, just so fine to fuck.

Lola’s hand was petting my cheek as I licked and tongued her, then she put her other hand down opening herself for me to lick up inside.

“Mmm, oh, nice, really good, I knew you’d be good, Alex,” she moaned.

“Oh, just push hard, mmm, yes, deep like that, oooh,” Nicole moaned as Ethan pushed into her and she moved around in circles. I knew how she loved my cock deep inside while she rotated around like that.

I was tracing my tongue around in circles up inside Lola, taking flicks now and then, knowing how much Nicole liked that as I felt her begin to tremble.

“Uhh, oh, oh, yes, YES, OMIGOD, YES, oh, fuck, oh, my pussy, uuh,” Lola cried out in what was a terrific orgasm. I raised up, grinning at her as she pulled me up and kissed my wet face, licking off her juices, tonguing my mouth as she reached between us, took my cock and pulled it to her pussy and pushed down on it as I pressed as well, sliding up inside.

Mmm, nice, I thought as my swollen, eager cock pushed in to her warm pussy gripping me so tightly. As I pulled back, it took a little more effort than it usually did with Nicole though maybe it’s a difference in their juiciness more than anything. All I knew was that fucking my best friend’s wife was great, even spicier doing it next to my wife and her husband who, of course, were enjoying themselves quite nicely.

Next to us, I heard Nicole coo, “Mmm, oh, yes, that is so good, mmm,” as I looked over at her and she winked at me, all of us enjoying something new and daring with each other.

“Oh, what a great idea,” Lola said, “Ethan and I’ve kinda wanted something like this for a while. Are you guys liking it?”

“I was kinda nervous at first, but, well, it’s really fun to switch off like this, what do you think, hon?” Nicole asked me.

“Yeah, me, too. We’ve all been friends and, well, this kind of adds to that, doesn’t it?”

“We weren’t sure if you two would do it so we kind of staged the whole thing out by the pool. Hope you aren’t upset with us,” Ethan said.

“Not with you inside me, Ethan and my hubby sure looks happy,” Nicole said and I agreed.

“Guess we don’t have to wear anything in the pool anymore, right?” Lola posed and we all agreed that skinny-dipping would be fun and no doubt lead to some enjoyable poolside activities.

“Yeah, Lola and I fuck in the pool all the time, it’ll be great with all of us in there.”

Nicole was the first to have an orgasm, followed by me, then Ethan, and, finally, Lola. We all collapsed in a bed full of happy and satisfied friends.

“Oh, wow, that was so good,” Lola said as Nicole agreed.

“We’ve got some hot husbands, don’t we, girl?” she asked Lola.

“Yeah, nice to find out just how good they are, huh?”

“Well, we couldn’t have two sexier wives, right, Alex?” Ethan posed.

“Now that I’ve had the lovely opportunity to have sex with each now, I must say, they’re both the best,” I said diplomatically to laughter from both wives.

“Looks like Ethan’s still pretty hard, how’s my hubby?” Nicole asked Lola.

“Well what I have in my hand is pretty hard, it’s fun to play with. I like this idea of trading hubbies, how about you, Nicole?”

“Yeah, I do too, maybe we ought to pair up with them next? Whadda you think?”

“Sure, let’s each have a little fun with our hubbies, then, um, could you two spend the night? Maybe you and Ethan can sleep in the guest bedroom and Alex and I can stay in here?”

“Yeah, what do you think, Alex? Spend the night, you with Lola, me with Ethan?” my wife asked me.

“Sure, no real need to go home and, well, this is fun,” I said as I got up and changed places with Ethan.

Nicole lifted her legs into the air, making a vee, that I lowered down into, sliding my cock slowly deeper and deeper.

“Mmm, you always know what I want,” she moaned as I pushed hard into her as far as I could.

I entered her quite easily, sliding in on my best friend’s slippery deposit of semen.

“This was all rather unexpected, wasn’t it?” she whispered softly. “But, you seem to have enjoyed being with Lola.”

“She’s wonderful in bed, you two are a real pair, both of you are the best. You seemed to be enjoying it all yourself.”

“Oh, there’s that saying about variety being the spice of life, right? This kind of puts some spice back in things, doesn’t it?”

“Mmm, sure does. I think we’re both liking this with Lola and Ethan,” I said and she agreed.

“You two talking about our new arrangement?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah, we like it, this was a great idea,” I said and Nicole added her agreement.

“We kind of thought you two might be open to it and, well, we sure are glad we got it started,” Lola said.

“We were thinking that maybe once or twice a month we could get together for a weekend and do this, what do you two think?” Ethan asked us.

Nicole jumped right in, “I think it’s just what we need to liven things up. I was even thinking of us going out on dates, you know, Ethan and me, Lola with Alex. Just going to dinner somewhere we’ve never been just like we were on a double date but with each other’s hubby. What do you think?”

Personally, I was surprised that Nicole was taking to this like she was. She’s generally not the highly adventurous type but maybe this is getting her to change.

“Great idea, Nicole, that sounds fun,” Lola said and Ethan agreed.

“We could even get a suite at a hotel somewhere and all four of us have a dirty weekend like no other,” Ethan said.

I was fucking my own wife, something, of course, that I’d done countless times but this time it seemed that we both had a renewed vigor and excitement.

“This feels more like the first time we ever made love. Remember that little lake cabin we rented that weekend? God it was all we did the whole time. This feels just like that first time,” I told Nicole.

“You’re right, us swapping with Lola and Ethan has really done something to me, I know, and I think it has you too, hon, you somehow feel younger, more vigorous. I love it,” she moaned as she lifted her legs high.

I hadn’t felt this sexed-up and horny in, well, years. I’d never really thought a lot about Lola, she’s quite attractive and rather sexy in her way but they were friends and, while I’d admired her, I wasn’t walking around with a hard-on dreaming about her, either. Until now.

Now, though, I’d had sex with her. And while Nicole was wonderful in bed, so was Lola, each in her own way. Not only that, it was looking like an ongoing thing, fully agreed by all. And even the four of us talking about doing more things as a swapped couple. I had my own ideas, too.

“We could go on vacations together, even a cruise, book into cabins as husband and wife, stay swapped the whole time, then pretend-cheat on each other with our own spouses. How’s that for hot?”

“I think it’s great, Alex,” said Lola, then she added, “We could even change hubbies for a week. I could go live with Alex and Nicole could come here and spend a week fucking Ethan. We’d each kiss the other’s hubby as he went off to work each morning. Then you two could have lunch and tell each other what hot, sexy wives you have,” she said laughing.

“We’re a wild foursome, aren’t we?” I said as I took long, deep strokes in and out of Nicole’s upturned pussy. I could see Ethan’s cum ringing around where I was fucking in and out of her. That seemed so sexy, me fucking into another man’s cum.

The four of us kept at sex until after three in the morning, by then we were literally fucked-out.

The next morning we all got up and made a big breakfast, staying naked with each other, then took a swim and went back to bed swapped with each other’s spouse for one last time. Well, at least for that weekend.

We’ve traded partners many times since, doing some of the things we’d discussed that first weekend.

We did take a vacation to a resort in Mexico, then another in the Caribbean, a cruise, where Lola went as my wife and Nicole was with Ethan the whole time.

There are also weeks where we each live with the other’s wife and we do have swapped date nights as well.

So, we’re quite used to sex among the four of us, hardly giving it a thought these days when we’re together. We’re so much more than just friends.

This is a true story between myself and my current boyfriend. Names have be changed to protect the naughty ;) This is my first EVER submission, so all feedback is welcome (good or bad). This is a part one…

Jake and Lacy met on one of those free online dating sites. It had been a rocky start, but they were happy together now. They had not been dating very long before Lacy and Jake begin slowly revealing fantasies to one another. It started out fairly mild, with Lacy admitting that she liked to be spanked. Jake happily obliged, and later that night reveled he liked for women to “talk down” to him, almost in a degrading manner. He confided in Lacy that he wanted her to be his Mistress, and use him as her personal fuck toy. Lacy made a note of this, and at their next meeting, began telling Jake what a tiny dick he had and how much better her last boyfriend was. Jake suddenly stopped mid-thrust. Lacy thought she had gone too far and immediately began apologizing. “Baby, I’m sorry—”, but Jake hushed her mid-sentence.

“I have a confession,” he said.

Jake figured that now was as good a time as ever. He told Lacy about his deepest fantasy, the one that no one had ever been able to fulfill for him. “I want you to have sex with another guy in front of me!” he blurted out, carefully watching Lacy’s expressions. Lacy hesitated. She was adventurous, yes, in fact she had just used a vibrator to fuck Jake’s ass two days previously. However, another guy? She had been raised to believe in monogamous relationships. It seemed wrong. It seemed dirty. It made her pussy wet.

“Who would you like to see me with, my pet?” asked Lacy, resuming her role as Jake’s Mistress. Jake smiled, pleased that she was entertaining his idea.

“Well, you know, Tyler has always admired your beauty.” Lacy frowned. Jake’s best friend Tyler, was a jerk. Before Jake and Lacy had gotten together, he had tried to talk to Lacy online. He was attractive, yes, but he only talked about sex and Lacy wanted more than that. One night, he had made Lacy really angry buy basically telling her she was uptight and she didn’t deserve Jake. While it was true Lacy had been unsure of Jake, none of that mattered anymore because she had gotten over her fears of commitment. Thinking about Tyler made Lacy’s face flush with anger.

“No!” she said firmly, explaining that he was an asshole and thought she was not worthy of Jake’s affections anyway. “I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me” Lacy said matter of factly.

Jake insisted that he did like her, and found her to be sexy as well. “He has a huge dick, baby. Just think about it.” Jake said, trailing off.

Lacy was still not convinced. “Yes, that’s all I heard about when he talked to me; his huge cock and how he wanted to bend me over with it!” Lacy rolled her eyes. She didn’t believe it. Jake was a bigger guy, 6’4, and exactly the size she loved. Height, body type, and dick size were all perfect for Lacy. She looked up to kiss him, and he could sling her around and fill her up when she was feeling frisky. Tyler, on the other hand, was a nerdy, skinny guy. It was hard to imagine he had a monster between his legs.

“I can ask him to send me a picture if you’d like,” said Jake.

Lacy would be lying if she said she wasn’t excited about seeing Tyler’s dick. When the message came through, she gasped. There was Tyler, all right, she could see his tattoos, and in his hand was the biggest dick she had ever seen. She began stammering, “How big..is..he…holy shit baby.”

Jake laughed and kissed her. “He’s a thick 10 inches baby. What do you think? Would you like to get on top of Tyler and have, hot, angry sex with his huge dick? Fuck him right and show him you aren’t uptight?”

Lacy was soaked and moaning by this point. “Yes,” she stated weakly, “I’d like to”.

Lacy was overcome with lust. She commanded Jake to lay back on the bed. “Make your Mistress cum or there will be punishments!” she snarled. “Be a good boy and I will let you cum as well”. Jake was already hard and Lacy wet, so they got right down to business. Jake pushed Lacy’s legs over her head and slammed his hard cock inside her velvety cunt. “You want to sit over there while I fuck Tyler baby?” Lacy began asking. “You wanna watch me take his 10 inch cock inside this tight little pussy? I bet he’s a better fuck than you. He could probably make me cum so much harder than you ever could!” Jake was whimpering at this point, and Lacy knew he was close. However, he wouldn’t cum until she gave him permission. She could feel her own orgasm building.

Suddenly it washed over her entirely. Her wet pussy clenched down on Jake’s cock over and over as she lost control. Lacy began moaning wildly, scratching Jake’s back and calling out Tyler’s name. That was all Jake could stand. “Please Mistress, allow me to cum. I have been a good boy!”

“Yes, my pet, you have been a good boy. I want you to cum for me, but just know that I was thinking about fucking your friend when I came”. Jake began shooting his load deep inside his beautiful Mistress, crying out in ecstasy as he came. It was the hottest sex they had ever had.

“Call Tyler,” Lacy commanded.

..to be continued..

I’d love to hear from you..should I continue with the story?

Author’s Note: Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so. These stories contain consenting adults in sexual situations. If reading BDSM offends you, find something else to read.

Chapter 1 — Stability, Boredom & Curiosity

I looked around the bright room, but wasn’t impressed. A fortnight ago, I’d told Nik I wanted a new toy, so he’d hired a function room from a hotel in the city, and advertised to our small community that a gathering was being held, and all willing subs come forward for a night of surrender.

As our rules dictated, along with inhibitions, clothes were left in boxes at the door, but as the organiser I was entitled to clothes, and Nik had dressed me in a baby pink corset, skirt and white stilettos. Quite a few subs had turned up, as well as Doms, and a few new faces were mixed in amongst them. Some we’d played with before, and the brave ones had approached us already, but none had caught my interest, and everyone quickly fell into small orgies, toys and rope were littered everywhere. I released Nik from my side, and my dark haired lover was now whipping and slapping a young, hogtied blonde.

I sighed inwardly at the room and sat on an elevated chair, watching the young girl writhe, her squeals muffled behind a ballgag. Nik looked as bored as I felt. If he’d really wanted to, he could turn those squeals into screams, rip endless, unexpected orgasms from her body and leave her tied up on the floor. I loved watching his passion take hold of him like that, but we rarely found a sub so willing.


I turned to look at the only other fully dressed person in the room. The functions manager, a dedicated lifestyler hired us this room at a hefty fee for our regular gatherings.

“Yes?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s nearly midnight,” he said nervously, and I nodded.

“Disband them then,” I said, dismissing him with a wave of my hand. “Nik?”

My lover immediately dropped the whip and walked away from the bound girl. He retrieved his shirt from the back of a chair and came to my side again.

“Are we taking anything home?” he asked, giving me a curious look.

I shook my head, and got to my feet.

“I’m sorry, darling, maybe another time,” he said, taking my hand and giving me a genuinely disappointed smile.

I shrugged.


I led us from the room, while the others started redressing.

“What I really want,” I said once we were out of earshot, “is something so new it doesn’t know what boundaries and safe words are. Something I can break and put back together perfectly,” I added as we walked through the hotel lobby.

Nik looked thoughtful as he held the door open for me.

“Male or female?”

“It doesn’t matter,” I replied smoothly, leading us back to the car.

Nik unlocked it and held the back door open for me. Giving the hotel a dark frown, I got in.

I didn’t speak the whole way home, I didn’t need to. Nik knew what I was thinking about, and left me to my thoughts. As soon as we arrived home, I let him hold the door for me, and walked silently to our bedroom.

He undressed quickly, and I let him undress me as well. He was always gentle, he loved pampering me, giving me everything so I’d never have to lift a finger. I let him tend to me, rubbing a lavender scented moisturiser over my body, from my toes, which he kissed individually, to my shoulders. When he was done, he kissed the backs of my hands.

“Cuffs,” I said, and he gave me that curious look again.

“There’s rope in the cupboard, the cuffs-”

“Bruise, and I want that,” I cut him off shortly.

Nik nodded and then disappeared. We kept a lot of toys in a particular bedside table drawer, but the cuffs were downstairs, and he’d have the walk to the basement dungeon to ponder the rest of the night. I opened the drawer, and pulled out a length of material. We were going to make noise, and Nik still hadn’t organised soundproofing for the bedroom.

Within moments, he was back, two pairs of metal handcuffs and the little key that belonged to them in hand. I motioned for him to turn around, and I wound the material in my hands around his head. He bit down on the cloth, and I tied it into a double knot behind his head.

“On the bed, on your back,” I said quietly, and Nik nodded once again before lying still on the bed.

My lover’s greatest gift to me wasn’t the dresses or the comfortable, lazy lifestyle I’d become accustomed to, it was his submission. Nikolai was well known and highly regarded in our circles as being a ruthless and commanding Dom, but when I walked off the street and into the world of kink, he’d gravitated to me like a magnet. Enclosing me in his arms, he’d claimed me then and there, and the backflip he made to move heaven and hell for me at my every whim still made even the most seasoned switchers shake their heads. Not that either of us were completely one or the other. Nik might give me everything I ask for, and everything I don’t ask for, but it’s always done with such a sense of possession. Yes, I am his Queen, his Goddess, but I am his only. I live in a cage; a golden, velvet lined cage, but still a cage.

I looked longingly at him, his long, lean form patiently waiting, his dark brown hair fanned out on the pillow. Still without words, I took the cuffs from him, and locked one pair around one of his wrists, linking the chain around the top of the bed-head, and then locked his other wrist in. He watched me move, he’d taught me everything I knew, and he once told me he’d never met someone with an appetite as big as his. I smiled at him then, relishing the sight of his relinquished control, and placed gentle kisses on his eyelids. Moving down his body, I pressed my lips against him, running my tongue a wet trail past his bellybutton to the short line of dark hair above his cock. I gave him a predatory grin, and licked the tip of his cock gently, before taking the entire head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. He closed his eyes, his breath coming in soft pants as I licked his engorged head, and as soon as I felt his body relax into the seduction, I grazed my teeth over his slit, making him gasp and tense sharply. Letting the head of his cock fall from my mouth, I blew cold air onto it, and he groaned behind the gag.

I smiled at his reaction, and leaned over him to re-open the bedside table drawer. I dug around for a moment, before my hands found the items I was looking for. Hiding the small clamps in my hands, I opened them both, and before he could blink, closed them over his pert nipples. Nik screamed against the gag, huffing out breath, and struggling not to twist against the handcuffs. I ran a length of chain between the clamps, and pulled on it, and he lifted himself off the bed slightly so the pain wouldn’t be as bad. Ignoring his attempt at lowering the pain I wanted to inflict, I returned my attention to the drawer, and took out his leather cockring, and another length of chain.

He watched, unable to speak, as I clasped the cockring around the base of his shaft. I gave the head of his cock another engulfing warm suckle while I clicked the chain in place, linking it with the chain between the nipple clamps. I pulled the curtain cord off the bed’s curtains, and linked it over one of the canopy beams. It fell to about a foot above his body, and I raised the chains to tie them to the cord. Nik was now at the mercy of the curtain cord, the chains from his nipples and cock raised up in a pyramid to meet it. Finally, I walked around the bed and admired my handy-work. I took a short crop from the drawer and closed it. Running my hands down the length of his body, I marvelled at his even breathing, and his warmth. His cock twitched but I ignored it, and lay the end of the crop next to his left nipple, tracing a line across his collarbone, and then down his side, making goosebumps raise. Without any warning, I raised the crop, and landed a bevy of strikes against his ribs, each harder than the last. The hits made his body jump, which pulled the curtain cord enough to straighten, pulling his nipples, and the base of his cock. Nik arched his back at the overwhelming sensations. Just as his panting raised to agonised moans, I stopped, moved over the other side of the bed, and laid into his other side, giving his right side the light taps that turned into heavy blows until his moans had become muffled cries. Tossing the crop aside, I pulled both nipple clamps off at the same time, and Nik screamed against the gag.

“Hush, love. You’ll scare the neighbours,” I cooed, rubbing his bruised nipples hard enough to make him whimper.

A lesser man would have begged me to stop, but Nik loved me with every ounce of his being, and would never stop giving me everything he had.

I turned back to his cock then, and wrapped my lips around the head, swirling my tongue over it, dipping into his slit, while my fingers manipulated his nipples. His head was thrown back, and the moans issuing from around the gag told me he was caught firmly between pleasure and pain. Mercifully, I drew my hands back from his nipples, and swallowed more of his length, giving him a few moments of sheer pleasure to cling to, until I took firm hold of his balls, and squeezed tightly around them and the base of his member. Another muffled cry reached my ears, and I straddled his hips, tantalising him with the closeness of my sexual heat. I teased him, kneeling so close to his rock hard cock that he could feel how wet he’d made me, but he didn’t dare move. His eyes shone with need, begging me silently while I kept one hand on his ball-sac, kneading his shaven balls painfully.

I hesitated then. I wanted to ride my lover hard, I needed it, but my need to inflict more pain was keeping me from lowering myself any further. I looked into his eyes again, and released his throbbing sac from my vice grip. He groaned as I raised my hand to the curtain cord, and pulled the clamps back down to his body. Shaking his head fervently, Nik’s experience told him this would hurt more than anything else, he knew that I knew that I shouldn’t re-attach the nipple clamps, but I wanted it. I wanted to see tears when I rode him.

His protesting muffles meant nothing to me, but he tried to lift his legs, and struggled more earnestly against the cuffs, making them cut into his wrists. Frowning, I held the clamps in one hand, and slapped his cock with the other, making his whole body jump.

“Be still,” I warned, glaring at him.

His eyes told me he was fighting the instinct to regain control, to put a stop to me, so I slapped his cock some more, and tugged his balls hard. Finally, he nodded, and lay his head back onto the pillow, his whole body relaxing in defeat. His erection had softened, something I would remedy once the clamps were secure. Very slowly, I closed them over his already over-sensitive, bruised nipples, so instead of a sharp sting, he felt only the burning throbbing. A strangled cry escaped him, and I relished it, taking his lax cock back into my mouth. I coaxed it awake, stroking with one hand while I sucked and licked at the head, and eventually he betrayed himself by moaning wantonly at my attentions.

Taking a gentle hand to the chain that ran over the bed’s canopy beam, I gave it a small tug as I took my mouth from his now re-hardened cock. Nik’s eyes flew open again, and he grunted at the pinching on his poor nipples.

“Look at me.”

He raised his eyes to meet mine as I lowered myself over his hard-on. He could barely keep them from fluttering as his throbbing member was encased in my tight heat. I pressed myself down onto him until he was completely inside me, and let my body become used to the invasion.

“Is that good?” I asked, tightening the muscles of my pussy around him.

Nik nodded quickly, and I started a slow, torturous rocking movement, raising and lowering myself on him, holding his hips down so he couldn’t thrust up into me. He got used to my slow rhythm, and I began tightening my muscles as I pulled myself off him, feeling his length leave my body and then pushed myself back down onto him, rubbing his cock against my G spot, sending sparks out to every nerve. I joined his moaning, my pace quickening as I rode him harder, making us bounce on the bed, tightening the slack on the curtain cord and forcing his nipples and the base of his cock to throb repeatedly. Soon the throbbing in his body became too much, and he fought to release himself from the gag, tossing his head from side to side. I watched intently, and, still rocking myself gently on his member, leaned forward and pulled the gag undone. Gasping, Nik fought to breathe and swallow as I leaned back again, and started to ride him hard again, his cock constantly pushing against my G spot.

“Please,” he gasped, “please, the clamps!”

I slowed my movements to a gentle rocking again, intent on making him suffer, and he moaned helplessly.

“What about them?”

“Please, I need them off,” he panted.

I pulled hard on the chain, and he cried out, the clamps pinching his nipples even more, making his cock jerk inside me.

“Miss, please!”

I wanted to sigh, but I didn’t, instead leaned close to him, covering his fevered skin with mine. If he hadn’t been cuffed to the bed-head, he’d clung to me desperately while my cool fingers teased the irritated nubs. Very quickly, I grasped both clamps, and released his nipples from them. Nik screamed out and arched his back, lifting me along with him. His cock, still rock hard, pulsed inside me, his body threatening to, but unable to topple over the brink because of his cockring.

“Give me your lips,” I said, and he whimpered into my mouth as I claimed his soft, trembling lips.

Trails of tears made their way to his temples, and I licked them tenderly, enjoying the salty moisture on my tongue before returning my lips to his, forcing him to part them so I could invade his mouth with my tongue. I fucked his mouth with my tongue, and he sucked greedily at me, sending the sensations straight to my pussy. Lifting myself up, I started rocking myself on his cock again, forcing his chin up to meet my eyes while I impaled myself on him again and again. The tension built inside me, my skin began to buzz and I began to shudder as I felt wave after wave of sweet rapture wash over me, my pussy clenching tightly around Nik as I rode my climax on him. Eventually, I came down from my euphoria, and slowly began rocking on him again, waiting for my body to join my mind back on earth. He was watching me, he loved watching my orgasms rip through me, loved being the one responsible for my passion.

Momentarily sated, I crawled off him, and pulled the covers up to our shoulders, lying so that he could rest his sweaty brow against my breast.

“Do you want me to take this off?” I asked, tugging the chain linked to his cockring.

Nik nodded.

“If it pleases you,” he answered quietly.

I smiled at him then, unclasped the leather strap at the base of his still hard cock, and then cradled his head against my chest before leaning back against the pillow.

“I want you to stay cuffed to the bed tonight,” I said, stifling a yawn.

“Of course.”

His quiet reply was automatic, and I gave him a curious look of my own, as he curled a cuffed hand through my ginger tresses. He was watching me out of concern, even though I’d spent the night tormenting him and still refused to release him. I smiled, but I didn’t feel like smiling; I didn’t feel satisfied, I was sure he’d seen me hesitate too often while he was at my mercy.

“Go to sleep, darling,” he whispered, finally. “I’ll find you a new toy, I promise.”

This is part 3 of my (Tim) story. I am attending my first swingers event. Being a single male I had to pass the initiation or ‘interviews’ described in part 2. I am about to rejoin the group downstairs after showering with Don and Kate.


I headed downstairs wearing my robe that matched the others like a badge of honor. Don and Kate were with me as they had just finished their turn to ‘interview’ me. It was extremely erotic for me and I had just experienced my first cream pie as I went down on Kate after Don had screwed her hard and then pulled his big cock out of her in time to jerk off all over her pussy. A rinse in the shower with the two of them had revived me and I could definitely feel the pills kick in that Kate had given me. One was to ensure a good hard erection and the other was to give my energy a boost, all the men had taken them.

We entered the living room to rejoin the rest of the group that consisted of John and his wife Pat; and Charlie and his wife Liz. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I guess I envisioned them all in a heap on the floor screwing each other. Instead they were all seated around the room chatting with a drink in hand. It looked like a normal cocktail party except they were all wearing robes. I discovered that the norm for these get togethers was to have a rest period in between the sexual episodes.

“Well, I see you survived the interviews,” boomed Charlie as he rose to greet us. Standing 6’2″ with a broad frame he was an impressive man. He wore the same robe as the other men but his barely covered him adequately. He wrapped his big hand around my shoulder and led me to the couch to sit between him and Liz.

Liz was looking quite lovely and she patted my thigh as I sat between them. Although covered up in her robe now I still envisioned her lying on the bed topless, her hands fondling her large breasts as she spread her legs for me and I knelt between them. Charlie had stroked his hard cock watching us as I took in the sight of his wife’s beautiful snatch covered in a wisp of strawberry blond hair before burying my face in her wet cunt and driving her to an orgasm.

Across from us John sat in an overstuffed chair while his wife Pat sat cross legged on the floor in front of him. John was a bit shorter and of slighter build than the rest of the men but I had discovered that his cock was the biggest of any man here. His wife, at 5’2″, was a few inches shorter than Liz and in contrast to Liz’s buxom chest and full ass Pat was quite petite with ‘B’ size breasts and a nice tight little rear.

Everything seemed quite relaxed, as I looked around the room I realized I had a couple of goals for that evening. First, I wanted to feel my cock in Kate’s pussy. I had experienced her skills in the fellatio department and had spent time pleasuring her with my tongue. I had even gotten to cum on her titties, one of my all time favorite things to do, but I was dying to shove my cock in her sweet little cunt. Then there was Pat, so petite but so fucking hot. In my time with her and John she had sucked my cock and I got to see her in her see through bra and panties but I had not gotten to even touch her pussy or breasts. I definitely wanted to do both before this evening was over, whatever the consequences.

I remained painfully aware that as the only single male attending this party I would have to succumb to whatever a couple might request of me. It had me quite nervous at first but as the evening progressed it was turning me on more and more. I knew what at least one person had in mind and that was to bend me over and take me from behind. I have never been penetrated by anything more than a finger but I think that was to change this evening.

I was watching Kate in the other room where she was getting a couple drinks for her and Don when she reached in her robe pocket and pulled out her phone. It must have been on vibrate because I never heard it ring. She answered it and I saw her face just light up and as she relayed something to Don I saw him look my way with a big smile on his face. They motioned for me to come join them which I did.

“That was Roger and his wife Claudia,” Kate began. “We didn’t think they could make it tonight because they had been out of town. Well, they just landed at the airport and are headed our way.”

I just looked at her, she seemed so excited by the news.

“Remember I told you we are an equal opportunity swing club?” she said draping an arm over my shoulder and giving me kiss.

“I do,” I replied wondering just what that implied but having a pretty good idea.

“They are actually the only interracial couple in our group. I am sure you are going to like them unless race is an issue,” she looked me dead in the eye.

I had the feeling if it was an issue I would be the one leaving early. “No, not at all,” I replied as her hand slipped inside my robe and gripped my cock.

“I believe you,” she smiled, “especially judging by the way your cock is growing. I would love to have you and Roger at the same time tonight if that is OK with you. Plus I know we have not consummated our relationship yet, if you know what I mean.” Her hand stroked the length of my cock a couple of times before releasing me. Once again, I felt the blood pulsing through my cock as it started to plump and rise.

Kate gives me a kiss on the cheek before taking my hand and leading me back to the living room where things are beginning to heat up. Liz is sitting on the couch beside John who is stroking her thigh causing her robe to slide open so her beaver is almost in view. Don, meanwhile, is standing behind the couch sensually stroking her head, Liz takes this all in with her eyes closed. Her one hand casually rests on John’s thigh as he coaxes her legs a bit wider apart and I catch a glimpse of her beautiful pussy covered in a very light bush of strawberry blonde hair and I remember how delicious she was when I tongue fucked her upstairs.

Pat joins us and asks Kate if she can borrow me for a bit. My head is spinning with all the sexual tension that is building up in the room. Kate gives me one of her great smiles and passes my hand over to Pat as she reminds me of the rendezvous she has requested for later with her and Roger. Pat gives us a knowing smile, she seemed to know what was in store for me.

I stand there with my arm around this petite very sexy woman and she snuggles against me, her arm around my waist holding me tight to her. We are watching the scene unfold before us as Kate goes over to join in.

John’s hand has made it way all the way to her pussy and she has spread her legs to give him access as his fingers lightly stroke the wisps of pubic hair. Don has untied his robe and with no concern for everyone watching he takes his cock in his hand and slowly strokes it next to Liz’s face. She is still completely absorbed in what is going on as Don parts the front of her robe exposing her large firm breasts and begins feeling each of them and teasing her nipples with his fingers. Don’s cock is completely hard as he strokes the 8 inches of rigid shaft occasionally rubbing it against Liz’s cheek.

Kate kneels in front of John and unties his robe and opens it to expose his huge uncut cock that is lying across his thigh begging for attention. He doesn’t have to wait long as Kate slides her hand under his thick cock and holds it in her open palm as if displaying it for everyone’s admiration. With her hand cupping his cock she slowly starts stroking him with all of us attentively watching as her hand slides down pulling the skin back and exposing the bulbous head. He is not fully hard yet but his size is impressive. Kate leans forward and flicks her tongue across the head of his dick a couple of times before opening her mouth wide and taking his big cock head and a couple of inches into her mouth. She cups his shaved balls with one hand while she holds his expanding shaft in her other hand and we all watch as he gets hard in her mouth.

Liz has recovered from her state of utter tranquility and is licking up and down the shaft of Don’s cock. As he continues to pump it she opens her mouth and he pushes a few inches into her. Both guys are getting their cocks sucked as Liz gets her pussy stroked my John. Then I watch as Kate slides her hand between Liz’s open thighs and her fingers join the ones already there as the two of them stroke and finger fuck her. Kate stands and reaches out for Liz’s hands as she assists her up off the couch and then down to the floor where a pillow is placed under her head as the three of them move into position to take advantage of her splayed on the floor.

Pat takes my hand again and leads me to another room just off the living room that is set up for tonight. The last sight I see of the group is Kate dropping her robe to the floor and kneeling down between the spread legs of Liz. As much as I wanted to see Kate go down on her I wanted some time with Pat even more. We enter the room and she has me sit on the edge of the bed and I look up to see that Charlie has joined us.

Pat stands in front of me just smiling as Charlie stands to the side watching while enjoying his drink. I reach out and untie her her robe and part it to see her nude for the first time. She is stunning with her small pert breasts and light pink nipples like little erasers standing firm and proud. My gaze travels down her lithe body to her pussy that is shaved completely smooth and my fingers slide over her mound and between her legs to feel her smooth silky lips. She lets me enjoy her body and feel her breasts and stiff nipples for a couple of minutes, I think I could have spent an hour just touching and looking at her. She turns around and lets her robe drop to the floor and her fantastic tight little ass is right in front of me. She bends over slightly to give me the best view possible and I can’t resist cupping her cheeks in my hands and squeezing them.

She kneels in front of me between my spread legs undoing my robe. As excited as I am my cock isn’t fully hard yet but is oozing precum none the less. She wraps her small hand around my cock and uses her tongue to lick up the precum and then she presses the tip of her tongue into the slit of my cock head to make sure she got it all. She glides her hand up and down my shaft a few times watching the head disappear on the upstroke and being exposed again as she slides her hand to the base of my now hard cock. I had experienced her fellatio abilities during our ‘interview’ and I couldn’t wait for her to apply her talents once again to my cock. She looks up at me with a dreamy look in her eyes and maintains eye contact as she takes my prick into her mouth. She slowly engulfs all of me until her nose is nestled in my patch of pubic hair as I recalled her husband John had been shaved there. She works her hand in concert with her mouth as she once again amazes me with her ability to give a fucking hot blow job.

Charlie meanwhile has moved to stand beside her, his knee pressed against mine. He unties the robe that barely covers his body. His is a big man, not fat just powerful like a bear, and his big chest is covered with graying hair that matches his beard. Although he is in his late 30′s his coloring makes him appear much older. His robe opens to expose his completely rigid cock , he had in fact been stroking it as he watched Pat suck me. His cock is fairly big but not huge like a couple of the other guys, I judged he was about my size around 7 inches but perhaps a bit thicker. He places one foot up on the bed so now he was standing with his legs spread and his cock only inches from my face. He has a thicket of pubic hair and his balls are most impressive in their size and also covered with hair. I had stroked his cock briefly when we were upstairs and I was fucking his wife. That was before he got behind me and let me feel his very hard cock against my ass while I was pumping my cock into Liz. I had not forgotten that he told me he wanted my ass tonight and I had agreed he could have it.

He leans in towards me and I do the most natural thing which is to cup his big nut sack and pull his cock to my mouth. I open up and suck him in, my tongue licking the head and tasting his salty musky flavor. He doesn’t force his cock into my mouth, he lets me take it at my speed and I do my best to suck him right. I soon developed a rhythm and am surprised how much of his cock I can take, not being experienced at giving blow jobs. His thickness and hardness seem to be in contrast to smoothness of his cock head as I use my tongue on him when he is only in my mouth by an inch or so. I jerk him off as I suck him and I think I wanted him to shoot his load in my mouth, not that I knew if I could handle it or not, but the idea was really turning me on. Meanwhile Pat has me ready to shoot my load in her mouth.

I felt her squeeze the base of my cock. “You’re about to shoot your load, aren’t you?” she states.

“Yes, I am so close, but I want to wait,” I rasp, taking Charlie’s cock out of my mouth and stroking him. “I really want to taste your pussy and fuck you,” I boldly announce.

She stands up as Charlie backs away a few steps, his hard cock still pointing at me.

“I want you to fuck me first,” she tells me, “then you can lick my pussy all you want. I need to feel a hard cock in me.” She gives me a wicked look, “If you want to cum in me, that’s fine, you can still eat me afterward.”

My cock twitches at the thought. She has me stand up and then facing the bed she bends over presenting that fabulous ass to me again. With her legs spread slightly I can see her bare puffy lips between them. I swear I want to get on my knees and worship her ass and her pussy from behind but I know she wants a good pounding first. I step up to her and grab her by the hips as she reaches between her legs and takes hold of my cock. She guides me between her lips and as I push in to her I think I might be in heaven. She is slick but still tight enough to offer the perfect amount of resistance to my cock. As the head of my cock makes it’s way into her love canal I know that I won’t not last long but I am determined to try.

After a few strokes to get everything gliding smoothly I pick up the pace shoving it as deep as I can each time and she responds by pushing her ass back against me. About a dozen strokes in I am startled by a hard slap on my ass delivered by Charlie.

He follows it up with two more as he demands, “Fuck that bitch, you know she wants it hard and deep.”

I do as requested and ram her hard and to the hilt as he randomly smacks my ass. Then as a change of pace I feel him press me into her as he stands behind me and once again I feel his rock hard cock push between my cheeks. I am so close to cumming, my cock buried in her sweet twat, I know I won’t last many more strokes. Then I feel his hands on my butt spreading my cheeks, next thing I know a cool substance is dripped on my puckered asshole followed by his thick finger touching me there. First he gently rubs it all around telling me to relax. Then I feel his big thick finger push its way into my tight rear end and that is all I can take. I moan loudly and start filling Pat’s pussy up with my jism. I send spurt after spurt into her, I have no control between her pussy gripping my cock and him fingering me from behind.

We all take a few seconds to recover then Pat gets up on the bed propped up on a couple of pillows. She looks so ravishing with her skin a perfect tone and her smooth pussy peeking from between her legs. She peers at me and nothing needs to be said. I crawl up on the bed and as I kneel down she spreads her legs for me. First I have to kiss all over her breasts and then suck those tempting little nipples which drives her a bit wild. Then I kiss my way down to her snatch that I had just dumped a big load in. I slip my hands up under her fanny as I bury my face in her crotch. I start licking her up and down her slit but as I go to change positions she tells me to stay on my knees with my butt in the air.

Feeling very exposed and vulnerable I remain on my knees my nearly flaccid cock hanging between my thighs and my ass unprotected. I am so lost in licking her pussy and tasting her juices mixed with my cum I don’t care what happens. I fuck her with my tongue and as rivulets headed down her ass cheeks I licked them up too.

First thing I feel is his huge hands fondling my balls and nearly soft cock. I have to admit it felt good. Then the cool lubricant is dribbled down between my ass cheeks and as it dribbles down past my ass he works it onto my balls and cock. My ass cheeks are spread apart and I once again feel his fat finger on my anus. I swear it’s the size of a small cock. I keep licking her pussy as he pushes his finger into me and fucks my ass with it. It stops after a couple of minutes and I feel more lube dripped on my exposed asshole. I know I jumped, the unmistakeable feel of his cock head was pressing against me, I knew this moment was coming but now the realization set in. He grabs my hips and draws me to him. And then with no further warning he shoves his cock into me. I let out a scream as much out of surprise as out of pain. He has driven his cock half way into me with one thrust and my body is trying to adapt.

He just held it here for a moment and somehow this assault on me help drive Pat to a screaming orgasm as I tried to keep my self focused on pleasing her. She held my head in her hands as if comforting me as I rested my face in her steamy crotch. Charlies started slowly fucking me and somehow I adjusted. It went from being almost unbearable to feeling just uncomfortable as his hard cock finally got to be where it wanted tonight, in my ass. Fortunately it did not take Charlie long to cum and for the first time I felt a man shoot his warm load in to me.

They let me recoup for a few minutes and then the three of us headed for the showers. We soaped each other up, what a contrast between his massive hairy body and her slight smooth one. She washed my back and then her fingers soaped my ass and as her fingers touched my asshole I gave a little start. I was going to be sore for a few days, but it was worth it.

Pat and I went back downstairs and Liz was dressed in her street clothes. Then Charlie came down and he was dressed as well. They thanked everyone for a great evening but said they had to head out. I was thinking it was early but it was actually nearly midnight. I had just experienced a mind blowing sexual romp and I could only imagine what had transpired down here while I was getting my ass pounded. Liz and Charlie made a point of saying how glad they were that we had met, I had to agree as I bid them good night.

I had experienced so much this evening it was hard to even comprehend but there was one last pussy I desperately wanted to fuck, not knowing if I would get another opportunity. That of course was Kate and she had already mentioned she wanted to have a three way that included Roger who was due to arrive any minute. John and Pat and Don slipped off to the hot tub while I kept Kate company waiting for the new guests. We sat and chatted not mentioning what she hoped would be the next and I am sure final round for the evening. I had already cum twice, both of them quite powerful, and although the pills we took would allow me to go again I was sure that would be my maximum.

The door bell rang and I let Kate discreetly answer it, we didn’t need two people in robes appearing in the doorway if any neighbors happened to passing by. She walked them in and introduced me to them. Claudia was absolutely stunning, she was tall with straight black hair pulled back behind her head. She was very long legged and appeared to have a nice round ass. Her jacket covered her breasts but hinted at a nice set of tits. Roger, a quite handsome black man, was a little under 6′ with a powerful but not bulky build. He had been a star football player in college and now just worked out to stay in shape. His dark skin was in sharp contrast to the very pale complexion of Claudia.


Taking the remainder of his sports uniform and shoving it in his duffel bag. Robbie untucked the towel from around his waist and dried the water that beaded on his chest, arms and back. The shower felt good. He loved playing, had a good practice and felt sore. He picked up the boxers off the bench and proceeded to dress.

‘Hey. I thought I was the last one.’

Robbie turned and saw him. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Thick and bulging. All over. Thick neck, wrists. Big hands made for gripping a balls. Or stroking. His heart thumped in his chest, the throb echoed in his cock.

‘Yeah, me too.’

Robbie murmured. He would not have been so nonchalant about being naked in the school locker room if he knew people were still around, especially him.

‘I-I sorry, Mark. Let me get my clothes on.’

Robbie could not really hide his semi hard cock. So he quickly slipped into his boxers. His cock bobbing against his thigh. He glanced up at his friend and saw him checking him out. Mark’s gaze practically brushing against his balls, then sliding down to the tip of his cock.


Robbie and Mark had a complicated friendship. They met at tryouts, both being sports players. Then one day things changed. Robbie kissed his friend and Mark did not stop him. He kissed him back. Then he forced him down, ripped off his shorts and sucked his cock. It took about two minutes for Robbie to cum down his throat. Then after that they had a few mutual jerk off sessions. They did not label what they did, who they were, what they meant to each other.

‘So who is she?’

They locked eyes again for a second then his friend looked away. Robbie grabbed his pants. Robbie zipped his pants and readjusted his cock. His nerves made him horny for some reason.

‘Who?’ Robbie asks. Truly stumped.

‘What do you mean, Who. The girl.’

His friend continued to question him.

‘What girl, man.’

When Robbie turns back to the bench and grabs his shirt his friend holds panties and announces.

‘Dude, who’s fucking panties are these!’

Robbie feels the blood drain from his face and for a few seconds things move in slow motion. Then he quickly recovers. Snatching the mocking pair of panties from his friend Robbie explains.

‘They’re my sister’s.’

Totally honest answer. Embarrassing, but honest.

‘What the fuck are you doing with your sister’s underwear?’

‘Dude, what the hell is your problem? She borrowed my bag and probably left them in there by mistake. You think I wear them?’

Robbie asked his friend.

‘Forget I said anything.’

His friend replied. Moving closer to Robbie. Mark placed his hand against his chest, over Robbie’s heart. Then softly, just for Robbie to hear.

‘Can you forgive me?’

That simple touch. The gesture that became their way to say things that could not be said aloud, made a feeling well inside of Robbie and he sighed. With a nod he let his friend know, they would remain friends.


After school, at home alone, was his favorite time. He knew his parents would be at work and his little sister would be at band practice. He only had football practice for a couple hours. He finished and came home to find the house still empty. Graduation practice wouldn’t be for a couple of weeks so he still had some free time. He went upstairs to his room to take some new panty pics.

There was a creaky step at the top step. When he paid attention, it gave him about ten seconds to conceal anything he would rather not have his parents or little sister see him doing. He turned the corner and opened the door to his room. The dresser was right behind the door and sometimes the door would hit the edge.

One shot showcased his entire body frame. All six foot three inches of his lean athletic build. The others were of his cock: close up. His nine inch cock and shaved balls looked great in pictures. The head of his cock was smaller than his thick shaft. Robbie took pictures of himself sitting in chair, legs open. Then moving to the bed posing and showing his cock restrained in panties. His cock soft, then getting hard and stroking until he came. Taking pictures of each step.

‘Oh god yes! Fuck!’

Robbie lay on his back, in bed, rubbing his throbbing cock. The sheets wet with sweat. He gave his thick cock a squeeze. Cum soaked the crotch of the lacy pink panties he still wore. He was able to rub and stroke his cock longer and longer. Each time he wore the tight, lacy panties. His orgasms were so explosive. Sometimes he would cum so hard, then shoot another stream of cum just as strong. His legs shaking, breathing shallow

At 18, he was obsessed with his cock and cumming. Not so much sex yet. He wanted to explore fucking but was undecided as to what really turned him on. Then one day he got carried away and decided to play while wearing the panties, too. Usually he was a bit more aware of the noises around him. He left the door open a crack so he could hear the creaky stairs when anyone came up to the second floor.

‘Ooooh, god.’

Robbie scraped his short clipped nails against his cock. He was still feeling light-headed, floating after cumming so hard. His skin was tinlgy, his cock was already semi hard again. He pinched his nipple and teased his shaft more, scratching his nails a bit rougher up the length of his cock to the head.

‘Mmmm. Yeah.’

His balls were snug in the panties while his cock rode high over the thin elastic waist band. And, oh fuck. Running his finger nail along the underside of cock, over and over. He did not hear the stairs creaking, but he did hear the door bump his dresser.

‘Robbie! What in God’s name!’

The shriek of his mother’s voice should have doused his lust.


He just couldn’t believe he had been caught playing with his cock AND wearing panties. Really? Wow! For some reason the look of horror on his Mom’s face made his cock throb. It twitched when he saw her look at his cock. Her mouth widened.

‘A-re those…?’

She moved forward. He smelled her perfume and felt her nails scrape his leg as she grabbed at the panties. Her face seemed so close in his lap, so close to his cock and all Robbie could do was moan. Pre-cum leaking from his cock.

‘You little pervert! Get up, right now!’

He scrambled out of bed looked down at his Mom. With him being so tall she barely came up to his chest.

‘Turn around.’

Robbie felt dizzy. All the blood in his body was draining to fill his cock. His Mom pushed his shoulders and he was bent at the waist. His ass angled to her. She yanked the panties down so fast they ripped, almost cutting into his tender cock and balls.


Robbie yelled. Then he felt her swat him.

‘You filthy little pervert.’

Her hand was surprisingly strong. Swift, ample smacks to his ass had Robbie squirming and flinching.

‘Mom! I’m sorry. Your dirty boy is SO sorry!’

Tears stung his eyes. His cock throbbed in time with her swatting his ass. If she kept hitting him he would fucking cum.

‘Oh god, Mom, please!’

He wanted her to stop. Didn’t he? His ass was on fire and she kept hitting him harder, faster. Oh god! His balls tightened and cum splattered his bed sheets. His Mom’s hand caressed his ass. She leaned down whispering in his ear.

‘Next time I will do more than spank your little ass if I catch you wearing panties again.’

Her nails scraping his raw ass sending a fresh streak of erotic pain gripping his cock. Oh man. WTF just happened…


Robbie ran his hand through his hair tousling the brown with blonde highlights. He peered closer in the mirror and examined his skin for any traces of the freakishly gross breakout that was just clearing up. He had taken more interest in his appearance, which he hoped had nothing to do with trying to get his Mom to notice him.

Having wet dreams about a girl he could say kind of sort of looked like a younger, hotter version of his Mom, was one thing. Actively envisioning his Mom naked, spanking him rubbing her tits on his back, ass and cock was another thing altogether. He questioned his sexuality before. Now he questioned his fantasy material. Jerking off wearing panties was hot. Wearing panties (still) and thinking about his Mom, made him cum even harder.

So far nothing had made her ‘catch him’ again. He tried leaving his bedroom door open, leaving the bathroom door open. Jerking off in the living room late at night. Nothing. So this weekend was perfect. His folks were having some weird neighbors get-to-know thing and they needed the kids there. He was almost finished in the bathroom when he heard someone rattle the door handle.

‘Hold on.’

Was all he could say when the door slammed open. Some guy bigger than he was pushed past him and headed for the toilet.

‘Sorry kid. Nature calls.’

Robbie was kind of impressed. This guy did not seem at all put out by the fact the door was open or that Robbie was still staring while he pulled his cock out take a piss.

‘I know, huge fucker eh.’

Robbie felt a blush stain his cheeks. He man chuckled.

‘Well look there. I colored you cuter.’

Robbie saw the man had stopped pissing and just held his cock. Now, he stroked it a bit, squeezing the shaft. His cock was much thicker than Robbie’s. The cock head plump and red. Robbie licked his lips before he could stop his self.

‘Say ahh. Why don’t you shut that door. Give us a little privacy.’

The man walked over to the sink and washed his hands. Then the man walked up closer to Robbie. His breath smelled of alcohol but it was not overpowering. Robbie felt a flutter in his belly. What did this mean?

‘No, no little fella. Just do what I say.’

Robbie obeyed and went to the door.

‘Lock it.’

He saw the man sitting on the counter next to the sink with his jeans open more. His cock was not only thick but long. He cupped his hairy balls in his other hand, his head falling to his shoulder. Giving Robbie a sideways glance, he asked.

‘Your going to give this huge fucker a kiss with that pretty mouth of yours.’

Robbie stared at the man, then lowered his gaze to his cock. Taking notice of this older man offering himself made Robbie’s mouth water. His own cock began harden as he watched the man stroke. He wanted to free his cock, but he was wearing panties and was not ready to reveal that to anyone just yet. As if by some unseen force Robbie drew closer and knelt. He put his face closer to the man’s cock. Breathing in the musky smell of him. Sweat and sex.

‘I don’t know what to do.’

The man caressed Robbie’s cheek to his chin. His finger rubbed his lips.


Robbie parted his lush lips and the man pushed his thick finger inside. Robbie shut his eyes and let the motion of the man’s finger teach him. Let the calloused digit rasp across his tongue and almost to the back of his throat.

‘That’s it pretty boy. Now suck.’

The man inserted another finger. Robbie wrapped his lips around the man’s fingers and sucked. Slurping noises filled the bathroom as he pumped his fingers in and out of Robbie’s tight, hot mouth.

‘Oh fuck boy. You’re a natural born cock sucker.’

The man’s words had an effect on Robbie. Opening his eyes and stared up at the man and sucked harder. Licking his tongue along the underside of his fingers and moaning.

‘That’s it. Suck me good.’

The man began stroking his cock in earnest. Aiming his cock towards Robbie’s face. Robbie’s balls drew up, he was so close.

‘Get ready. I’m gonna cum!’

The man’s warm cum splashed on Robbie’s face. His cock jerked as he came, soaking his panties. The man grunted and another stream of cum shot from his thick cock, landing on Robbie’s chest. The man slipped his fingers from Robbie’s mouth and after a couple minutes stood up and fixed his clothes.

‘You’re a tease. I like that. You ever want to give up your virgin ass to someone that knows how to fuck. You let me know. My name is Wulf Parker. Your Mom knows me. Real well.’

Wulf smiled and winked at Robbie. He unlocked the bathroom and left Robbie standing there. Stunned and cummed on.


Robbie was so glad school was over! He had this summer to either look for a job or whatever. His parents were not that strict. His little sister would be graduating next year. He glanced outside, through the kitchen window over the sink. He saw her sunning herself, while his Dad did some yard work.

He had not asked his Mom about Wulf yet. They were alone in the kitchen and for some reason the outfit she wore was sparking a lustful awareness.

‘Hey Mom, you know a Wulf Parker?’

The dish she held slipped from her hands and crashed to the floor.


She knelt to pick up the pieces. From this angle Robbie could see right down her blouse. Did she have to be wearing a lacy bra? Lace was his favorite. It felt so good against his cock when he wore lac panties. He moaned and hurriedly bent to help his Mom clean up the mess.

‘I got it, Mom. Ow!’

A sharp edge of the plate cut his finger and blood immediately welled into the cut.

‘Oh gosh, Robbie.’

His Mom grabbed his finger and sucked the tip into her mouth. Getting him to stand up by pulling on his arm. The warm, wet heat of her mouth sucking on his finger tip immediately transferred to his already aroused cock. Fuck! Not now! Robbie thought sternly. She sucked hard trying to stop the flow of blood. Pulling Robbie to the sink and slipping his finger from her mouth. He nearly moaned again.

‘Where did you hear that name, Robbie?’

She ran warm water over the cut and held his finger tightly. At the same time she reached over the sink to the window sill, closing the window. Her husband and his sister were in the yard. She watched her shirtless husband labor at some task, sweat glistening on his tanned skin. Mona sighed, clenching her fingers as instant arousal hit her hard.

‘I met him. Ow! Mom, that hurts.’

Robbie’s protest drew her attention back to his wounded hand. She applied a bandage and led Robbie to the kitchen table. The pain of his cut did nothing to alleviate his erection. Openly staring may earn him another spanking. Robbie smiled at the thought.

‘Robbie. Wulf is a person I know from social gatherings. I think at your age you are old enough to know a couple things about your father and I. In case you may have thoughts and feelings that are similar.’

Whatever his Mom was talking about, Robbie just nodded. She was so absorbed in thought. She hardly noticed her top two buttons came a loose and Robbie was getting a better view of her generous cleavage.

‘We have an open relationship and we have other friends we associate with on a regular-’

‘You fuck other guys, Mom?’

Robbie’s Mom blinked then flushed.

‘Well. Put bluntly, yes. I..fuck other guys.’

His Mom gazed at him. Her eyes looking soft. Her lips pursed. Fuck she was so hot! His cock ached.

‘Mom, I think you are really pretty. I think any guy would want to fuck you. I would.’

The last part hung in the air. His Mom blinked rapidly and grabbed his hand.

‘Your cut seems OK.’

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer.

‘Did you hear me, Mom. I want to fuck you. You make me so fucking horny. I jerk off thinking about cumming on your tits.’

His Mom pulled back and raised her hand as if to strike him. Instead she placed her hand to her chest. She felt her shirt was unbuttoned and quickly snapped them close.

‘We can’t ever. Ever.’ She was trembling. Robbie went to comfort his Mom. He stood over her and hugged her from behind. ‘Oh! Robbie your-’

He pulled his hips back, so his hard cock wasn’t touching her soft ass but kept his arms around his Mom.

‘Sorry, Mom. You do it to me.’

His erection had pressed against the curve of her soft ass for a split second and though it was unintentional Robbie could not wait to do it again.

This is a continuation in the story of Cynthia and her husband, Francis, becoming swingers. They were seduced mostly by my wife, Foxy. This story starts out the next day after they come home with Foxy and Larry, a couple of swingers they met while dress shopping. To start the series, go to Cynthia’s Story Chapter 1 Dress Shopping for the complete back story (http://www.literotica.com/s/cynthias-story-ch-01).

Chapter 4 — The Day After My First Swap

*** Cynthia ***

At first, I slowly became conscious of sunlight on my face. I looked up and saw the morning sunlight coming through the skylight and landing on my face. I’m confused as we don’t have skylights, so I lay there trying to figure everything out. I’m still really tired this morning and as such my thinking is a little fuzzy.

My husband, Francis, feels really good to me, so nice and soft. I cuddle up to him and he puts his arm around me. Strange but I would swear that he has tits. I guess I must be still dreaming since I’ve been doing a lot of fantasizing lately about having sex with both men and women. The last few weeks have been fantastic as I’ve been immersed in my imaginary sessions with big dicked guys and beautiful soft women.

I lay my head on his chest and start playing with his tits. Funny, it doesn’t feel like his chest normally feels and I can feel the chain on his chest. As I’m playing with his nipples, I realize that there is some kind of metal in them, like an ear ring. As I feel around, I can tell that his chain is connected to these rings on his nipples.

I cup his tits and feel how smooth and firm they are. Not real big but definitely a hand full and a half. As I’m trying to figure out what’s happening, I take my finger and trace around the nipple and feel it wrinkle up and get hard. When they are hard, I can feel little bumps on the nipple and softly rub them.

The nub of the nipple pokes up and I take my finger and thumb to pinch it and roll it between my fingers. As I work his nipple, I hear him groan. Funny how he seems to sound like a girl. I guess my fantasizing is in overdrive this morning.

I think about our last few weeks after we started pretending to swap partners while having sex. I can’t believe the climaxes that I have while pretending that different guys were making love to me. Scratch that, not making love but fucking. No part of the sex I’ve had lately could be remotely connected to love, just hot, horny, and nasty fucking and sucking.

At first I kind of beat around the bush, not knowing what my hubby would think about me servicing strange guys but I was surprised when I realized that it turned him on for me to ride a big hard cock. Then when he confessed that he was having fantasizes about other women, I knew how he felt.

For awhile, I just pretended to be fucking one of my office coworkers, while he pretended to fuck his little slutty assistant. While he was fucking me, I would close my eyes and pretend to be watching my coworker, Lynn, reaming out my tight little pussy with his big rod.

I could just feel what his big dick would be like in my hot pussy. I was so wet and he told me how good my sweet little cunt felt like as he drove all the way home. I could feel my cunt tingle as I thought about a big cock buried in me. I could just imagine what it would feel like. It was almost like I’d had that big dick buried in me last night.

Funny, before I would never use a word like ‘cunt’ as it sounded so crude and nasty but it seemed like now cunt was falling out of my mouth every time I turned around. I still thought ‘cunt’ was nasty and obscene but now it turned me on to be a nasty slutty girl who had a needy cunt.

As I think about my sweet little cunt, I can feel that it’s a little tender as if I’ve been fucked for a long time. Now that I think about it, my ass is also feeling extra sensitive. Now I know that I’m fantasizing as my husband would not fuck me in the ass because he thought it was dirty.

I can remember being fucked in the ass last night but that has to be a fantasy, right? After all I’m laying in bed playing with my husband’s pierced nipples so I couldn’t have gotten fucked in the ass. As I think about my ass fucking fantasy, I can remember exactly how his dick felt when it popped into my ass for the first time.

Now I can remember how his dick filled me up as he ended up in my stomach when he pounded it home. God, the climaxes I had when he ass fucked me. I remembered laying face down on the bed with my ass up in the air and holding onto the sheets with both hands as I took that big hose up my rear. I remember screaming into the pillow every time I came.

I laughed to myself, remembering that if the police came because of reports of a woman screaming, I would have to explain that it was just me getting fucked in the ass. If the cop was cute, maybe I could give him a quick blow job for his trouble. Looking at his long night stick, I wondered if he ever fucked someone with it. If it was a policewoman, I bet she would fuck me with her nightstick. I really think I must be losing it as everything I think about involves somebody fucking me.

Then I started thinking about my ass fucker’s wife who also abused me. I couldn’t believe that she actually helped her husband fuck me. First he was in my pussy while she held my head up so I could watch his big long dick slide deep into my pussy. I could still remember what it felt like when the head of his dick would hit my cervix. I don’t know if he went into my cervix but it sure felt like it.

The whole time, his wife is leaning over me kissing me while she played with my tits. I remember her telling me that my tits and mouth were hers and her husband was only allowed to fuck me and get his dick sucked. I told her that’s okay as her mouth was so soft and I loved having her tongue in my mouth.

I would watch her and she would come every time I did. She had told me that her husband taught her to come by thinking about it and I knew I was ready for that training also. I couldn’t believe how long she and her husband fucked me last night. I remember a big red headed girl also but she’s still a little vague. I just remember her finger fucking my ass after the guy pulled his dick out and shot off in his wife’s mouth.

Did I really fantasize about watching his wife suck cum out of his dick and then kissing me and sharing his load with me? I think I remember helping clean up his dick also to make sure his wife didn’t miss any cum.

Wait a minute, I’m afraid I’m really losing it, as fantasizes and real life are blending together. I don’t think I’m able to separate what’s real and what’s not any more. I really should think about the fact my husband now has really nice tits that are pierced with gold nipple rings.

About this time, he scoots up to me and starts spooning me. I can’t believe how good he feels pressed up against my back especially since he reaches around and cups my jugs in his hand. My nipples instantly respond as he tweaks them. And I would swear that his big tits are pressed against my back and feel so much bigger than the ones in my hands.

This feels so good with my husband pushed up against my back as I lay on his chest.

Wait a minute! How can my husband be in front of me and still be behind me playing with my tits?

I’m still so relaxed and drowsy, that the impossibility of the whole situation doesn’t really sink in. I just lay there enjoying having my nipples being played with while I play with my husband’s really nice tits. As I play with his tits, I can feel them all wrinkled up and hard as they instantly react to my touch.

His other nipple is right against my cheek and I can feel the hard nub poking my cheek. I bet it would feel really good to have the nipple in my mouth, so I twist my head around a little to take it. At first I rubbed my lips across his nipple and could hear a gasp from him and feel a tremor run through his body. Funny he still sounds like a girl groaning and not a guy.

I blow on the hard nipple with my warm breath and start licking it. Then taking my teeth, I gently bite on the nipple and pull it up into my mouth. I can’t believe how he reacts to this; his whole body stiffens up and completely arches off the bed. He was previously just rubbing my back but when I bite him, he reaches up and grabs my hair and pulls hard.

As he pulled my mouth against his tit, I would swear that he came. I could feel his body trembling and jerking for a few seconds until he collapsed on the bed. I started to softly suck on his nipple while I let him come down and processed what was happening.

Maybe I’m going crazy as none of this makes sense. Could the term, ‘Getting Your Brains Fucked Out’, be really true? Could my fantasy about some guy, his wife, and girlfriend fucking my brains out be really true or just another one of my sick perverted fantasizes, that I love so much?

If this is crazy, I must say I love it!

About this time, he kisses me and his lips felt so good. I can’t believe how soft they are and I would swear that I can taste left over cum and pussy juice on them as I slide my tongue into his hot mouth. The hand that was on my nipple slowly slides down my stomach and starts gently rubbing my tender pussy lips, which are still kind of sore from our sex last night.

Francis is getting much better at playing with my pussy as he is normally a lot rougher than this morning’s action. I spread my legs for him and he puts his leg over mine so I can let him rub his dick against my leg. Funny, if I didn’t know better I would think that I have my leg up against a bald pussy.

I guess that I really am a slut as I automatically spread my legs for a hand rather than clinch them together as a nice girl should.

No matter how I fight it, the sunlight is forcing me to wake up and become alive. It feels so good lying in bed with my hubby that I really don’t want to wake up. My fantasies are so erotic, I don’t want to wake up and find out that it’s not real.

As my thoughts become more coherent, I’m starting to realize that things don’t seem normal and a bunch of things are not adding up.

There is no way my husband could be spooning me from the back when I’m laying on his tits and playing with his nipples. That doesn’t make sense either that he has tits and I don’t remember him having tits? Plus, he has nipple rings and I don’t remember him getting his nipples pierced?

Wait a minute, now he is kissing me on the back while working a finger into my pussy. His lips feel so good on my back and my pussy is already hot and wet to his touch. He’s kissing my lips and face also and that’s doesn’t seem possible. Could I be having another one of my fantasies?

I’m getting so horny from my pussy being played with and he is getting serious about kissing me. His hair keeps tickling my face and I open my eyes to tell him to cut it out. As my eyes start to focus, I see a beautiful brunette right in front of me. As I try to figure this out, I automatically start kissing those full lips of hers and opening my mouth to her probing tongue.

Then all of a sudden, it hits me that I really am a slut now. This girl, who is kissing me, let her husband fuck me last night. Not only did he fuck me but he ass fucked me and I sucked him off! As I think about my ass getting reamed out, I can feel that it is a little tender. Doesn’t really hurt, just seems extra sensitive.

Then could this be Chrissy, the red headed Amazon who double teamed me last night with Foxy, playing with my tits and pussy. I was sure that it wasn’t my husband as he has never taken care of me as well as this girl is currently doing. I don’t know how many fingers she has in my cunt but I’m definitely full and her rubbing my g-spot is making it difficult to think.

I don’t know where my hubby is right now but, he’s on his own as I surrender to these two girls working me over from front and back. Foxy is now playing with my pussy along with Chrissy. I start to tell her that my pussy is already full but her fingers slip in with no problem at all.

I can’t believe it, two girls have their fingers in my pussy and it is feeling so good. All this time, I’ve been working Foxy’s fabulous jugs and playing with her nipple rings. As I play with Foxy’s perfect tits, I imagine how good it’s going to feel when I roll over and Chrissy puts those huge melons of hers in my face.

I can’t believe it but both girls are rubbing my g-spot at the same time. As best I can, I try to relax and open up my pussy for Foxy and Chrissy’s fingers. Before last night, I had read about the g-spot but now know what mind blowing climaxes it gives you.

Plus, now I know what the g-spot feels like and how to work it. Chrissy spread her pussy lips for me and Foxy showed me how to run my fingers up the front of Chrissy’s pussy. It is sort of like rubbing a girl’s abdomen except from the inside. You kind of curl your fingers and rub them against the inside of the pussy.

I was enjoying finger fucking Chrissy so much that I kept forgetting what I was doing and Foxy would spank my ass to get me back on track. After focusing on my training, I discovered the kind of rough patch on the inside of Chrissy’s pussy. It sort of felt like rough leather or rubber but when I hit it, I knew that I was home.

As soon as I got my fingers on Chrissy’s g-spot, she arched back and almost drove the back of her head into the bed. Thank heaven she had a hold of the sheet as I could imagine losing hair from her grip. I looked at Chrissy’s face and I could see every muscle straining and taut. At first her eyes were closed but as I continued to rub her g-spot, I watched her eyes open wide. It was wild to see nothing but white as her eyes were rolled back in her head.

The whole time I’m finger fucking Chrissy and playing with her g-spot, Foxy has her tongue in my ear talking dirty to me. She reminds me about what a slut I was last night and how much she enjoyed me eating her pussy out after Larry fucked us.

I remembered how wet her cunt was and how good it tasted. Besides her pussy, I’m sure Chrissy and my pussy juice was mixed in there. No cum as Larry had strict orders to only finish in our mouths but the next time we got together, I wanted Larry to cum in her slutty pussy so I could clean it out.

So far Chrissy has had two really hard climaxes as I rubbed her g-spot. She doesn’t get as crazy as Foxy but you can certainly tell if you’re doing a good job. It is so neat to watch the tremors develop in her stomach and legs as she gets close. I’ve got my mouth next to her pussy as I pound my fingers up at her spot. I can feel the muscles in her abdomen clinch and relax as she comes. I try to lick her clit as best I can without blocking my fingers.

As Chrissy arches off the bed to come again, I have four fingers in her all the way to my thumb. I bet I could fist fuck her with a little work. As Chrissy comes, she collapses on the bed and completely relaxes. I pull my hand out a little so I can fold my thumb into the palm of my hand and start slipping it back in.

I’m trying to be careful and not get her too turned on as she will start tensing up and then I can’t do her. Now I have my hand in her sloppy wet cunt right up to the wide spot in my hand. I can see Chrissy’s eyes open and so stop for a minute until her eyes close again.

Foxy realizes that I’m going to try and fist fuck her and starts giving me instructions as she breathes into my ear and fucks it with her tongue. She tells me to push it in and twist my hand around to get past the pelvic bone. I’ve got most of my hand in Chrissy’s pussy and now she realizes what’s about to happen. Chrissy doesn’t say anything but just grabs a handful of my hair and holds me.

All of a sudden, my hand fits perfectly and slips completely into Chrissy’s cunt. I can’t believe it but my hand is in Chrissy all the way to my watch. The instant my hand slips in, Chrissy goes into overdrive. She’s screaming, “Fuck me, Fuck me!” I fuck her with my entire fist buried in her sweet little cunt. Boy, I hope the police don’t come as this might be a little too embarrassing to explain. Every time Chrissy comes, her pussy muscles squeeze my fist as I explore her sloppy cunt.

Last night when we were at the Hideaway Lounge, one of the girls there fist fucked me but she was really little, probably about 5′-2″ and Asian. I remember how good it felt and how hard I came from it. Now I’m on the giving side so I can appreciate this part also.

Chrissy is flopping around as I keep working my fist in her cunt. She’s now like Foxy and is coming continuously. As soon as she comes, she immediately starts coming again. Her eyes are completely blank and she is panting through her open mouth. It’s obvious that the lights are on but nobody’s home.

I guess Foxy figures I’ve had enough training and goes up to help Chrissy out. She holds Chrissy’s head and kisses her while twisting Chrissy’s big nipples. I can see Chrissy look at her but it is obvious she is completely gone and knows nothing besides my fist in her cunt.

After probably a half-dozen hard climaxes, Chrissy just lays there and trembles. I can see all of her muscles twitch. She is completely in the ozone. I figure that I’ve probably drove her about as long as I should and start easing my hand out. It was hard going in but just slips out. As soon as my hand comes out of Chrissy’s pussy, she just melts onto the bed. She looks like she doesn’t have a bone in her body as she completely relaxes.

I hope my husband is having a good time but as of right now, I really don’t care as long as I can continue being loved on by these two girls! Chrissy still has her fingers wrapped in my hair and pulls me up to her. I lay on one side with Foxy on the other.

Foxy reaches down and lifts my fist fucking hand up so we can see it. It is completely covered in pussy juice up past my wrist. Foxy laughs and says, “Next time, leave your watch at home!”

I keep telling myself that the people I’ve met in this lifestyle are amazing. I can feel free to do or say anything no matter how sick and perverted! Seriously, everyone is so free and relaxed around each other, nothing you do or say offends anyone.

Chrissy and Foxy help me cleaning up my pussy soaked hand. I have a serious come with the girls sucking my fingers like a dick. Foxy’s lips work my fingers and I know that’s what a guy’s dick must feel like when she polishes him off.

Foxy pulls me over in between her and Chrissy so both girls can abuse me. Chrissy tells me how great that was and next I’m going to have to fist Foxy. Chrissy also tells me if I want it myself, she’ll call the little Asian girl who did me last night. I would prefer for these two girls to take me but she’s probably right that their hands are just too big. But maybe after some more training?

I’m in heaven as I have two girls kissing me and rubbing my tits. My nipples are hard as a rock and super sensitive from being pleasured by two different girls. I’m running my hands through both girl’s hair, Foxy’s curly kinky hair and Chrissy’s long straight red hair.

First Foxy and then Chrissy scoot down and start kissing and sucking my nipples together. While Foxy is sucking my right nipple and pulling it up into her mouth, Chrissy is lightly chewing on my other nipple. My tits are so sensitive from the girls working me over last night; every touch is like electricity running through my body.

I reach down to feel my pussy and I can feel both girls finger fucking me. It feels so erotic to put my hand on top of theirs and feel their fingers going in and out of my pussy. I’m a little sore from Larry’s big cock but all the soreness does is heighten my sensitivity and cause me to come over and over as the girls bury their fingers in me.

Chrissy scoots up and puts her mouth to my ear and starts talking to me and licking my ear. She says, “Do you remember last night?”

I groan, “Yesss!”

“Do you remember what happened to you?”

“Larry fucked my pussy with his big dick and I had to suck him off.”

She repeats, “No that’s not what I’m talking about. What happened to you later on?”

I’m ashamed but I tell her, “Larry did nasty things to me.”

Chrissy repeats, “I don’t want to have to pull this out of you a word at a time. For the last time, what did you do, bitch?”

She called me a bitch but I answer anyway, “Larry fucked me in the ass!”

“Well?” Chrissy repeats.

“I loved his big dick in my ass. It felt so good and my ass was so full of cock and now I’m a slut,” I confessed.

She said, “How does your ass feel this morning? Is it sore and is it lonely?”

“I think I need his dick in my ass again but don’t tell my husband that I let Larry fuck me in the ass again and again. I didn’t think his dick would fit but he somehow buried it deep in my ass. I couldn’t believe the climaxes I was having. I have never come like that before,” I confessed.

Chrissy asked, “Did he shoot off in your ass?”

“No, I wanted him to fill me up with hot cum but he pulled his dick out and Foxy sucked him off. I remember looking over my shoulder as cum was running out of her mouth. I wanted to taste it so bad but she beat me to it.” I said.

“What happened then?” Chrissy asked.

“Well I went down and kissed Foxy’s cum covered mouth and sucked cum off of her lips and tongue. Then Chrissy, I kissed you and gave you some of his juicy load. Then finally I sucked all of the left over cum off Larry’s cock,” I told her.

Chrissy said, “Do you remember what got Larry off?”

“Oh, yes!” I answered. “While Larry was fucking my ass, Foxy put her fingers in my cunt and rubbed his dick from inside my pussy. I could tell how much that turned him on and he started pounding like crazy in my ass. His dick is so big and hard, it felt like it was in my stomach. Please don’t tell my husband that I let Larry ass fuck me until I’ve had a chance to break the news to him.”

“Chrissy, now I remember that you filled my ass up with your fingers after Larry pulled out. I remember it was as big as Larry but didn’t go in as far.”

Chrissy said, “Yes, I had four fingers in your ass, all the way to my thumb. You were so opened up that I was considering fist fucking your sweet little ass but decided to show you a little mercy as this is your first time.”

I asked her, “Do you really think it would be possible to fist fuck me? Do people really do that?”

Chrissy replied, “Some people do it but you have to be able to completely relax your ass and let the fist in. It’s a lot harder than fist fucking your pussy but feels unbelievable.”

“Have you ever fist fucked Foxy?” I asked her.

“No, Foxy and my hands are too big for that. We’ve both tried each other and can take all four fingers but the wide spot across your hand is a little too much. I can almost fist fuck her cunt but haven’t been able to do that either. Theresa, a friend of ours is really small and she can fist both of us but I keep hoping that one day Foxy and I can fist each other.”

Chrissy told me, “Foxy and Larry introduced me into the lifestyle and we are really tight. We feel free to talk about and try anything with each other. Larry was the first guy to take my ass and Foxy taught me to love having a dick in my ass.”

Chrissy continued, “I’ll let you in on a secret. I have a strap-on dildo and I love to fuck girls! Foxy says that it feels as good as Larry’s cock. She likes it because she loves to suck my tits and kiss me while I fuck her.”

I asked her, “Is your dildo bigger than Larry’s dick?”

Chrissy answered, “Yes, it is a little fatter and 2 inches longer.”

When she told me that, I felt my cunt spasm at the thought of her fucking me. Larry’s dick was right on the edge of being too big and I didn’t know if I could take more cock but I knew I was willing to try.

I asked Foxy, “Chrissy just told me that she likes to fuck you. Can you take her dick okay? Larry hits bottom with me and I’m not sure if I could take her cock if it’s longer than Larry’s.”

Foxy giggled and said, “I love it when Chrissy fucks me with her big dick. She can’t pound me as hard as Larry does but it is such a turn on to have those big hooters in my face when she slides her dick into me. You need to try it as sucking her nipples, while she reams you out is unreal.”

Foxy continued, “If you are into really big dicks, we can call our friends, Butch and Kathy. Butch’s cock is well over a foot long and if you think Larry fills you up, you haven’t seen anything yet. He’s not as good a fuck as Larry but the size difference is amazing.”

I asked, “I haven’t had a chance to talk to my husband this morning and I hope that he is doing okay with me getting my brains fucked out. Do you think he is getting any pussy?”

She answered, “From what I’ve seen of Kim, she is a live one and I wouldn’t be surprised if the boys weren’t downstairs taking turns with her.”

I asked, “Do you think she’s really getting gang banged? I was kind of thinking about that myself.”

Foxy laughed and said, “Cynthia sweetie, you’ve got all day to get your ashes hauled and I can just about guarantee you will get fucked all you want. I know Larry really likes you and as you found out last night, he can outlast any guy I’ve ever seen. But I know that the thought of more than one guy taking you is a turn on for you.”

I answered her, “I love Larry’s dick but the thought of pulling a train is all I can think about. The thought of one guy after another fucking me, would be incredible! I must admit that I’m becoming a real slut, not just a play one!”

The girls were playing with my pussy and Chrissy had started working her fingers in my ass as we talked. Remembering how Larry’s big cock felt last night, pushed me right over the top and I started coming hard. Foxy kissed me and fucked my mouth with her tongue as the waves of my climax washed over me.

*** Larry ***

I woke up early as usual and slipped out of bed without waking the girls. Cynthia was still in bed with Foxy and Chrissy. The girls must be worn out as we were up till about 3 AM or so. After I butt fucked Cynthia, I watched Foxy and Chrissy work her over.

Cynthia was turning out to be a real trooper and I think they are going to make a good addition to our inner circle of friends. So far nothing we’ve sprung on her has fazed her in the least. Watching her suck Foxy’s pussy made my dick really hard as I stroked it while watching the girls.

Chrissy was on her knees licking and sucking Cynthia’s pussy while Cynthia and Foxy kissed each other and played with their tits. Chrissy loves to eat pussy and you can tell by the way she gets into her work.

Cynthia was playing with her hair as Chrissy worked her pussy over. Cynthia would get Chrissy going by rubbing her cunt against Chrissy’s mouth. Then Chrissy would climax every time Cynthia did. I had turned on the video cameras and they were recording the whole thing.

I needed to take a shower and figured we could watch the tape later on. I eased into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As I was washing my face, I heard the shower door open then close. Then a nice pair of tits pushed into my back as she reached around to grab my washcloth.

Then Kim said to me, “Here let me wash your back for you.” Then she started scrubbing me down.

Kim said, “From the wounds on your back, I’m assuming that the girls enjoyed you fucking them last night. Tell me if I scrub too hard as they look tender?”

I responded, “Yeah, Foxy will draw blood most of time if she’s having a really strong climax and I think Cynthia did also a couple of times. Funny how having a girl dig her fingernails in you doesn’t hurt at the time but can be a little tender afterward.”

As she washed me, she worked her way down to my butt and legs. It felt really good and Kim was fantastic at this. I told her how good it felt and asked if she was a geisha in a past life. She then turned me around and while still down on her knees, started washing my dick.

She had dropped the washcloth and was using her hands to carefully soap up my dick and stroke it. My dick instantly sprang to life and poked straight out at her face.

Kim said, “Impressive, Sin wasn’t lying when she told me how big a dick you had. I wasn’t able to get a good look at it in the car as she was guarding it pretty closely.” She carefully washed the soap off while stroking my dick and pulling the foreskin back. “I love the way the head gets all purple and shiny when you get hard.”

When she had the soap washed off my dick, she leaned over and took me into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how warm her mouth felt and my dick just slid down her throat. Apparently she had had a lot of experience sucking cock as she easily swallowed me.

I was running my hands through Kim’s hair as she sucked my dick. She took both hands and grabbed my butt so she could pull my cock deep into her mouth. She greedily continued to suck my dick while the warm shower water poured over us.

After a couple of minutes, she let my dick slip out of her mouth and gave it a kiss before standing up and putting her arms around my neck. She kissed me and her lips were so soft and full, then her tongue slipped into my mouth and started playing with my tongue.

Kim told me, “Thank you so much for inviting us over last night. I can’t tell you how good it was for us.”

I asked her, “So everything worked out okay and you didn’t have any problems? I felt bad as three couples don’t divide out right. There’s nothing worse than having to fuck your own partner at a swing party.”

Kim laughed and replied, “Other than the fact I didn’t get the dick I wanted, everything was fine.”

“Whose dick did you miss?” I asked her.

“Yours!” Kim replied. “I wanted to fuck you so bad and I never got to.”

I told her, “There is probably room on the bed if you want to take care of that little problem right now.”

Kim and I dried each other off with the big soft bath towels we have and walked naked back into the bedroom. I looked at the scene on the bed and saw that Foxy was on bottom for a change. Chrissy was sucking Foxy’s cunt and finger fucking Cynthia’s sweet pussy. Foxy and Cynthia were kissing each other and playing with each others tits.

It was a real turn on to watch Cynthia play with Foxy’s nipples and nipple rings. Normally she swaps them out for studs to sleep in but was probably too tired to do it last night. Cynthia would switch between Foxy’s lips and her nipples and was keeping her in a state of perpetual arousal. Cynthia would take the ring and tug on it to pull out her nipple. That was always an easy way to send her over the top.

Cynthia would caress Foxy’s boobs and explore them with her fingers. I could tell that it really turned her on to squeeze and massage Foxy’s tits. I was amazed at how quickly Cynthia had went over to the dark side and enjoyed the girl on girl action.

Chrissy slid up from Foxy’s pussy and started helping Cynthia suck and play with Foxy’s nipples. Chrissy’s face was wet with pussy and Cynthia started carefully licking Chrissy’s face clean. Cynthia reached down and started twisting Chrissy’s nipples and pulling on them. Chrissy loved having her tits worked over and I always worried about how hard to bite her nipples. No matter how hard I bit, Chrissy always wanted you to bite harder.

As Kim and I stood there, watching the orgy in front of us, she was stroking my dick as I had my hand on her butt and rubbed her ass. Kim was standing there drinking in the girl on girl action, with her mouth open. I was wondering if she was thinking of kicking me to the curb and jumping into the pile in front of us.

I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Kim, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to join the girls. I’ll be glad to take a rain check.”

Kim turned her head to me and kissed me with those warm soft lips of hers and slid her tongue deep into my mouth. She reached up and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her. I could feel those big soft jugs of hers against my chest. Her nipples were like two hot spots burning into my chest.

After a nice long kiss, she pulled away from me and told me, “No, I’ve been waiting all night to fuck you and I don’t want to miss another chance. And don’t worry, I plan on taking on the girls after I finish you.”

I pulled Kim down on the bed and stood between her open legs as she rubbed her pussy. I didn’t want to tell Kim but I’d have been happy to just jack off and watch the scene in front of me. The girls were all moaning and thrashing around. Foxy and Cynthia were coming almost constantly from having their pussies sucked and finger fucked.

Chrissy was busily working over both girls with her lips and fingers. I watched Cynthia drive her tongue deep into Chrissy’s mouth as they passionately kissed each other. Chrissy kept at least two fingers in Cynthia and from the angle, I’m sure she was rubbing Cynthia’s g-spot.

From what I could tell, Cynthia’s g-spot got her going just like Foxy. Cynthia would suddenly arch her back and tremors would run through her body as Chrissy finished her off again and again.

And there was beautiful Kim, laying there with her legs spread wide and two fingers buried in her cunt as she looked at me with that ‘fuck me’ look. I started to go down on her to make sure she was wet enough but Kim said, “NO, NO, just fuck me!” while she stared at my dick.

I dropped to my knees between her legs and scooped her legs up from behind the knee. Kim started to wrap her legs around my waist but I stopped her and told her. “No, bitch you are going to get fucked so just get ready.”

I watched her eyes widen as she heard my remark but grinned and lay back on the bed. I stopped for a second and put the head of my dick between the lips of her pussy. Then I picked her legs up until they were almost to my shoulders and pushed them apart.

The head of my hard cock slipped in between Kim’s pussy lips with no problem at all. Her pussy was so wet that my dick just slid in her love tunnel with no resistance at all. I heard her gasp as my dick invaded her pussy. Then I started a slow in and out motion with my dick, feeling how much wetter her pussy was getting.

Kim begged me, “Please Larry fuck me with your big cock. I want to be one of your sluts and I’ll do anything, just FUCK ME, please!”

I’m feeling how wet her cunt is getting and after a few more strokes, figure she is ready for it. I look at her face and can see the need in her eyes and she nods to me as if I really need her permission to drill her lights out.

Then I move her legs up until they are on my shoulders, which makes my dick go in another couple of inches. I can hear her moan as her wet pussy is forced open to accept my dick. I still haven’t given her much more than half my dick but the way I’m fucking her, I know she thinks it is a lot deeper.

My strokes are getting harder now as I can see her surrender to my cock and feel the tremble in her legs as her climax gets closer. Her pussy is starting to drip now and I figure she’s ready for it. She wants to be fucked but she may be surprised at what she’s going to get.

With her legs up on my shoulders, it sort of curls her up and I reach behind her and hold her head up while wrapping my fingers in her hair. I pull her head forward until she can see my dick in her pussy. I hear her groan as she watches my dick sliding into her wet cunt.

Kim says, “God, I’m so full of cock now. It feels so good to have you in me. I love watching you fuck me. I don’t think I have ever watched myself being fucked.”

I tell her, “Reach down and feel my dick sliding in your pussy.”

I feel Kim reach down and stroke my cock, then she groans and says, “Larry, you are still only about half in my pussy. I don’t know if I can take it all or not!”

With that, I hold Kim’s head up and tell her, “Watch!” and ram my dick all the way home. Kim takes a deep breath as my dick slides home and says something like, “Oh my god, Oh my god!”

I can feel our pelvic bones hitting together as she takes every inch of my cock. Kim’s eyes roll back in her head as she shudders all over and I can feel the waves of her climax wash over her. All of a sudden, she sort of collapses onto the bed as much as she can with me holding her head up.

I look at her face and can tell that the lights are on but nobody’s home. Her eyes are about half open and her mouth is open as she gasps for air. I ease up and start slow fucking her to let her come back to earth.

I feel the bed moving, and the girls come scooting over. Foxy starts sucking Kim’s tits while Cynthia puts her arm around Kim’s head and cuddles her to Cynthia’s tits. Chrissy reaches down between my legs and cups my balls as my dick slides deep in Kim’s cunt. Kim is so relaxed that my dick goes all the way home with no resistance at all.

Kim’s cunt is sloppy wet and starts making sucking noises as my dick continues to ream her out in a slow and steady pace.

Cynthia asks me, “Do I look like that when you fuck me? I think she likes your dick!”

Foxy pops off Kim’s nipple and says, “Sorry to burst your bubble Cynthia but most of Larry’s slut girlfriends react the same way when he puts the dick to them.”

Chrissy chimed in, “Yeah, the first night Larry fucked my little cunt, I couldn’t walk straight for a couple of days. In fact, Foxy had to kiss it and make it all better.”

During our little conversation, Kim had came back to life and said, “Cynthia do you like his dick as much as I do?”

Cynthia laughed and said, “Yes, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to tell my husband. Somehow, ‘it was okay’ might not be believed!”

She continued, “Kim, you’re not going to believe this but when you were in the shower with Larry, I fist fucked Chrissy!”

Astonished, Kim replied, “Don’t kid me Sin, did you really fist her?”

Cynthia boasted, “No shit Kim, all the way to my watch. It was the wildest thing I’ve ever done. Well except for last night when Larry butt fucked me! I would show you the evidence but we licked it off.”

Kim looked up at me while I was slow fucking her and said, “Larry, you can’t be showing favorites. You need to do me too. I promise I’ll do everything Sin did and more!”

With that Cynthia started telling Kim in graphic detail exactly what it felt like to be ass fucked. I could tell it was really turning Kim on and started pounding a little harder into her wet pussy. Cynthia reached down and started playing with Kim’s clit. For the first time, I noticed how big Kim’s clit was. It looked like a little dick and Cynthia was jacking her off while telling her what my dick was going too feel like in her ass.

Kim was moaning and got louder as my dick went deep in her pussy. She was so hot and wet, it felt just like a girl’s mouth as it covered my cock. I could feel her pussy squeezing my dick and I could tell that she was really thinking about taking it in the rear.

Cynthia kept talking about Kim getting butt fucked and ran her hand behind Kim’s legs and started rubbing her rosebud. Kim was really starting to jerk as her muscles continued to twitch. I saw Kim’s eyes pop open as Cynthia started sliding her finger in Kim’s ass.

Cynthia was watching Kim’s face as she started to slowly finger fuck her ass. It looked to me like Kim was not having any problem with the finger at all. Cynthia then told her, “Kim, just relax and take it. There doesn’t that feel good and that’s only one finger.”

I could feel Cynthia’s finger pushing against my dick as she worked it deeper and deeper in her ass. Cynthia told me, “Just keep fucking her. I’m going to take care of her ass then we’ll see about your big cock in her tight little ass.”

When Kim heard Cynthia say that I was going to ass fuck her, I watched her start a hard climax. Her legs had been jerking but when she started really coming with Cynthia’s finger in her ass, the tremors hit her entire body.

Earlier this year, my wife and I were talking to another couple and trying to set up a night for all four of us to get together for some fun. We have been swinging for about 8 or 9 years, usually meeting other couples and playing in our home or at a hotel. Three weekends in a row we tried to set something up, but the plans always fell through for one reason or another. Finally, they invited us to a party they were hosting in their home. Gary and Lisa said that they were expecting 10-12 couples, mostly around our ages. (We are mid 40s, and they were a year or two younger than us). We accepted, and looked forward to finally meeting them.

On the night of the party my wife dressed in a low cut black dress that was a little longer and a bit dressier than was appropriate for the party, but she always overdresses for every event. The dress looked great on her, it just was not the type of short sexy dress that I expected most of the other women to be wearing. My wife is about 5’4″, and is not a typical Barbie. She has thick legs, a big ass, and very nice 38D tits. She has put on some weight around the middle, but is really a very sexy, very beautiful plus size woman. She is somewhat self-conscious about her weight, and for this reason does not wear short skirts or clingy pants. She is proud of her breasts, however, and will wear anything low cut or that emphasizes her considerable cleavage.

Anyway, Gary and Lisa’s house was about a 45 minute drive from our home, and we got a little bit of a late start heading out the door. We expected to be the last couple there, but when we arrived there were only three other couples (and the hosts) waiting anxiously for more guests. Gary and Lisa greeted us, and we were pleased to see that they looked the same in person as in their pics. Gary stood about 6′ tall, was stocky, and had black hair and a black goatee. Lisa was about 5’2″, blonde hair, a little on the chubby side, with a nice butt, shapely legs, and breasts about the same size as Maria’s 38D twin puppies. Gary and Lisa introduced us to the other three couples, who were all gathered in the kitchen. As I expected, all of the other women were dressed in short, low cut, or tight dresses. Maria was, once again, overdressed for the occasion. But, as usual, she did not care.

My wife can be very picky about who she plays with, and I knew immediately that there were no likely candidates among the other couples. Nonetheless, everyone was friendly, and I fixed us some drinks as we mingled with the other guests. Gary and Lisa took turns going to the door to admit new arrivals, and the crowd steadily grew. We wandered away from the kitchen and made our way out to the pool. By this time there were easily 12-15 couples present, but still not a couple with whom I thought my wife would be interested in playing. About 5 minutes after we went outside we spotted an ideal couple. The wife was a very attractive, very polished and very classy Cuban woman with shoulder length auburn colored hair and wearing a knee length blue dress that was almost as out of place at that party as Maria’s dress. Whereas my wife looked like she was going to dinner at a 4 star restaurant, this woman looked like she was the CEO of an accounting firm. The husband was a handsome Cuban gentleman, with thinning black hair and just a little paunch around the middle. My wife gravitated toward them immediately.

We talked to Henry and Lilia for about one half hour, during which time we found out that they were a little older than us (early 50s), did not know anyone else at the party, but were friends with another couple we sometimes played with. I could tell that my wife as very comfortable with these two, and gave every indication that these were the two she wanted to play with that evening. Henry disappeared several times during our conversation, and returned each time with a new drink for Lilia. As we continued to talk her speech became more slurred, and her accent became more pronounced. She was quickly becoming intoxicated.

Right about that time the first clothes came off and a two couples jumped into the pool. I went inside to fix us another round of drinks. Maria followed me inside the house, and told me that she would love to play with Henry and Lilia. Before we could make it back outside, another couple started talking to us. They were a somewhat mismatched couple. The Husband, Andres, was a very handsome Venezuelan around 40 years old. His wife, Joan, was a Jewish woman from New York in her early 50s. Her short tight dress revealed a firm, fit, well tanned and very sexy body, but she really was not a very pretty woman, especially as compared to the other women at this party. But they were nice, and we continued talking to them for some time. After about 20 minutes we started to make our way back to the pool, when there was a commotion in the family room (between the kitchen and the door to the pool area). We went to investigate, and found Lilia standing in just her heels, a white lacy g string, and a white lacy bra. She lost the blue dress somewhere outside. Her pale, creamy skin barely contrasted with her white underwear, making her seem even more naked than she actually was. She started dancing around the room very seductively, thrusting her hips and shaking her breasts at everyone. Two things about this performance were particularly shocking. First, she was so reserved and so formal when we initially met, that I thought it was going to take a lot of effort to get her clothes off her. But here she was, practically naked, dancing and gyrating around the room. Second, she had a much better figure than I expected. That frumpy blue dress hid her curves, showing only a little bit of leg. Now that she was nearly naked I could see that she was much trimmer than I thought, with only a little bit of tummy, slightly thick thighs and butt, and breasts that were larger than I thought possible, probably a C cup. For 51 years old, she was smoking hot. I thought she should lose that blue dress, permanently.

Lilia continued dancing around the room, until she spotted my wife. She then danced over to her and started to caress her and kiss her on the lips. My wife reacted by kissing her back, and then unhooking her bra and freeing her breasts. Lilia offered a nipple to my wife, who greedily sucked it down, leaving her lipstick on the pale white orb. Lilia danced around the room some more, and then returned to Maria. Maria felt her body some more as they kissed, and again Lilia offered her a breast to suck. Lilia pulled the straps down on my wife’s dress, exposing her bra. Lilia unhooked the bra, freeing Maria’s breasts, and then tasted each one. She then danced away, circling the room again. After a few moments she squeezed herself between myself and Andres, and began unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled my shirt out of my pants, and then started biting my nipples. At first she was gentle, but then it became more painful. She then kissed me, biting my lip before breaking away. She then turned and did the same thing to Andres, opening his shirt, biting his nipples, and then kissing him and biting his neck. I don’t know how many people were watching as she went back and forth between the two of us, teasing and torturing us. While she kissed Andres she grabbed my crotch and rather firmly squeezed my rock hard dick. I was as turned on as I had ever been at any moment in my life.

At that point, I was pretty sure that I was going to end up fucking Lilia, but there were two thoughts going through my mind. First, I was glancing around the room trying to find Henry so that we could get him and Maria to join us for a foursome. But in the back of my mind I was also starting to realize that Lilia was probably more interested in a threesome with Andres and I, and that left Maria and Henry on their own. I was just getting used to that idea when Lilia surprised me once again. She grabbed Andres and pulled him away from the group, disappearing with him into a bedroom.

To say that I was shocked with being left behind would be an understatement. I recovered quickly, however, and looked around the room for Maria. About 15 feet away I saw Gary, the host, talking to another guy. In front him was Maria, on her knees, blowing him. I sat on a sofa and watched my wife sucking his dick while he continued trying to maintain a conversation with the guy next to him. But after about 10 more minutes of enjoying her excellent skills, Gary handed his drink to the other guy, put both hands in her hair, thrust his hips a few times, and shot his load down her throat. Maria then stood up, gave his dick one last squeeze, then started looking around the room for me. The other guy standing there was obviously disappointed, but she came over, grabbed my hand, and told me she was horny and needed to be fucked immediately. I asked her who she wanted to fuck, and she asked “after you?”

We went to the master bedroom first, but the door was locked. We then opened the door to the adjacent bedroom. That room had two twin beds, and both were occupied with couples fucking away. We opened the third bedroom door, which had a queen size mattress on the floor, and Andres and Lilia fucking doggy style. Lilia’s ass was in the air and her face was buried in the mattress, but Andres looked up, saw us, and signaled for us to come in. We came in, closed the door, and got undressed immediately. Maria laid down on the bed next to Lilia, and I went down between her thighs and started eating her pussy. There was a lot of contact going on between the four of us. I alternately caressed Maria’s thighs and then Lilia’s while I ate Maria’s pussy. Andres managed to lean over and feel Maria from her breasts to her thighs, and the two girls kissed and played with each other’s tits. Maria quickly had her first orgasm as I licked her, and her second came minutes later. She then told me to fuck her, NOW. I easily slid into her soaked pussy, and fucked her with greater enthusiasm than usual. She was cumming almost immediately.

Next to her, Lilia also started cumming. She was practically screaming at Andres to fuck her harder, while Maria was grunting and moaning. The two girls were both cumming in multiples. Finally, Andres grunted and thrust one final time into Lilia. He rolled off her and collapsed onto the bed. I continued fucking Maria, and Lilia leaned over and started sucking her nipples. Maria’s moans grew louder and more intense. Andres got up, started pulling off his condom, and left the room. I started fingering Lilia’s soaked pussy as she sucked on Maria’s tits. Lilia got up, and then sat down on Maria’s face. Maria enthusiastically licked Lilia while I continued fucking Maria. After Maria had another big orgasm, I got off her, put on a condom, eased Lilia onto her back, and started fucking her. Maria sucked Lilia’s tits and used her pocket rocket on Lilia’s clit while I fucked her. I don’t know where she had it, but she takes that toy everywhere. (Which reminds me of another great story for another time). Lilia was soon screaming as I pounded her pussy and Maria continued pressing the vibrator against her clit. Maria stuffed a nipple in her mouth to quiet her down, but a second later Maria was also screaming after Lilia bit down a little too hard.

Just then the door opened, and Andres came back into the room. He came over to the bed and dangled his dick in front of Maria. Maria sat up and started sucking his cock while I continued fucking Lilia. When he was back to fully erect status, he put on a condom and got behind Maria. He entered her in one thrust and started fucking her slowly. I had been fucking Lilia in a sort of kneeling position, with her feet on my shoulders and her ass lifted off the bed. I put her legs down and laid between them, in the classic missionary position. My face was next to hers, and I started kissing her while I fucked her. She kissed back, rather violently. She bit my lips and dug her nails into my back. Her hips thrust upward to meet my stroke, banging her pelvic bone against my groin with every thrust. I continued fucking her, thrusting harder and faster. She bit my cheeks, my chin, and my ear. There were scratches on the sides of my torso, my arms, and all over my back. This woman was a beast.

Finally, I felt my balls tightening. I thrust into her harder and harder. I was no longer paying any attention to Andres and Maria, I just wanted to cum. Lilia was moaning underneath me, but her moans sounded more like growls. I fucked faster and faster until finally I felt the cum rising up my shaft, and exploding into her. I felt 2, 3, 4 spurts, and then I collapsed. I rolled off her and laid on my back for few minutes. I eventually became aware of Andres pounding Maria, and saw that Lilia was now chewing on Maria’s nipples.

I got up and went to the bathroom to discard my condom. I peed, fixed myself a drink, and then went back to the bedroom. When I got there Maria was laying on her back, and Andres and Lilia were getting dressed. I started putting my clothes on, just as Andres and Lilia were ready to leave the room. Lilia kissed me on her way out, and then the door closed behind them.

We got dressed, and made our way back to the family room. I saw that Andres and Lilia were snuggling together on a sofa in the formal living room in the front of the house, but they were the only two people in there. We sat down in the family room in the back of the house, taking in the rest of the guests. It seemed that there were now about 20-25 couples spread throughout the house and in the pool. This turned out to be a much larger party than the hosts expected.

I asked Maria if she wanted to go out to the pool, but I knew that she would not care to go swimming. She then asked me if I was ready to go home, and I told her truthfully, “not yet.” A minute later the door to the master bedroom opened and Joan came out, completely naked. I have to say that she looked even better naked than she did in her short dress. Her body was as firm as any 25 year old, she had no tummy at all, and her small breasts sagged a little, but still stood out rather proudly. She still was not pretty, but in her freshly fucked flush, she was very sexy.

She looked around the room, then came over to the couch and sat on my lap. She asked me if I was going to be nicer to her now, and then kissed me on the mouth. She then turned to Maria and kissed her. I reached up and cupped her small breasts in both hands, while Joan ground her naked ass into my crotch and Maria continued to kiss her. Maria then bent her head downward and took one of Joan s nipples into her mouth. I held her breast and fed the nipple to Maria, who greedily sucked on it. Joan gasped and then started moaning. Maria sat up to catch her breath, and Joan slid off my lap and onto the floor, where she turned and reached for my belt. She opened my pants, pulled out my dick, and started sucking on it. I laid back on the couch and enjoyed her oral skills. Just as she got me fully erect, she turned toward Maria, spread her legs open, and pushed her dress up to her waist. Finding no panties, Joan lowered her fact to Maria’s crotch, and started licking her pussy. It was now Maria’s turn to enjoy Joan’s oral skills. She continued to stroke my cock while licking Maria, but after a few minutes I got up, knelt on the floor behind her, and started licking Joan’s shaved crotch. Maria was soon cumming, while I continued licking Joan from behind, paying particular attention to her puckered rosebud. Joan was soon panting, and lifting her face from Maria’s pussy, asked if we were ready to join her in the bedroom. I did not wait for Maria to answer; I stood up, helped both ladies to their feet, and led them to the master bedroom door.

As soon as I opened the door I saw Henry lying naked on the bed. It became apparent that Henry and Joan had paired up earlier, and that Henry must have sent Joan out to find someone to join them for round 2. I locked the door and started undressing. Joan was already helping Maria out of her dress. The girls then climbed up onto the king size bed, and Maria started sucking on Joan’s tits again. Maria loves sucking on nipples, but she prefers when they are attached to larger breasts. Nonetheless, she wasted no time in attaching her mouth to Joan’s modest bosom. Henry and I sat on the bed and watched the women play with each other. Maria continued sucking on Joan’s nipples, but at some point she turned on her pocket rocket and pressed it against Joan’s clit. Joan was cumming in no time, thrashing on the bed beneath Maria and shouting her approval. Maria did not relent, but instead turned around and got into the 69 position with Joan. Normally Maria prefers to be on the bottom of a 69, but this time she lowered her pussy to Joan’s face and then dove head first into Joan’s pussy. Henry took this opportunity to caress Maria’s ass, first with his hands and then with his mouth. While Maria rode Joan’s face, Henry started to run his hand into the crack of her ass, and after a few minutes began to press a finger into her quickly relaxing rosebud. Maria’s groans became grunts, as she neared another orgasm. I think Joan was starting to have a little trouble breathing as Maria really started to ride her face, pressing her pelvis downward and mashing her pussy all over Joan’s lips and tongue.

After Maria reached her peak, she rolled off of Joan and laid on the bed, trying to catch her breath. But Henry did not give her much time. He told her how much he had enjoyed watching her performance with Joan, and her earlier performance with Gary. Now he wanted to feel her lips wrapped around his cock. Luckily for Henry he was circumcised, because one thing Maria does not like is to suck uncut cock. Henry knelt beside Maria s head and fed her his dick, which she eagerly licked and sucked to full attention. I was already fully erect, and since I had already tasted Joan and she had sucked me on the couch, I was ready to take the plunge into her sweet slippery snatch. I put on a condom, and then entered her in one smooth stroke. We fucked in a variety of positions, starting in the missionary, and ending with her on top and riding me. By this time Henry and Maria were next to us on the bed, fucking doggy style. At one point I turned toward Maria, who dropped her face to mine and kissed me while we fucked our new partners. We broke, and I looked up to see Henry and Joan also sharing a kiss, before Joan hunkered down and started riding me at full throttle. Having already cum with Lilia earlier, I was having no problem controlling my pace with Joan. I felt at that point that between the earlier ejaculation and the dulling effect of the condom, I could probably hold out for a good hour. Joan, meanwhile, reached several loud and strong orgasms, but then started to tire. She finally collapsed on my chest, leaving me unfinished. She climbed off me, and then laid face down on the bed. She urged me to fuck her from behind, which I was more than happy to do. With Joan lying face down on the bed and her legs together, I laid down on top of her and worked my cock into her pussy from behind. The tightness created by her legs being together caused my climax to approach much sooner than I had otherwise expected. Within minutes I was thrusting into her pussy as hard and as fast as I could. She was so tight and so slippery at that same time, and in less than 10 minutes I was filling the condom with my second load of the night.

I never really noticed when Maria and Henry got off the bed, but when I rolled off Joan I saw Maria standing next to the bed, bent over, with Henry standing behind her. He was holding her hips and she was grunting and moaning, and urging him to fuck her in the ass deeper. I realized that she must have really liked Henry, because she allowed very few men to fuck her in the ass, and none had ever entered her chute on the first night with her. Rather, she prefers to offer that orifice only after she has gotten to know a man and become comfortable with his lovemaking. But here she was standing next to the bed with her legs spread and her knees bent slightly, her tits pressed into the mattress and face tilted to the side, and Henry was standing behind her holding onto her wrists while he bored is cock in and out of her ass. It was one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen in my life. And while I watched Maria getting her ass fucked, I was laying with Joan who had curled up behind me and was massaging my dick with one hand while she lightly kissed the back of my neck, my shoulders, and down my spine. The last thing I remember was thinking that she would make a wonderful girlfriend.

The eMail surprised me, to say the least.

I had been posting erotic, sexy stories on the Internet into an old “usenet newsgroup,” a system that doesn’t even really exist anymore. On occassion, I received comments about my stories, many of them complimentary, and gratifying.

A few weeks ago, I received the following:

“Hello Susan. I am an avid fan of your stories. My girlfriend and I read them all – we practically devour them. In fact, we love them so much we have been sharing them with a group of friends at this University where I am a graduate student.” (He mentioned the name of the University, which is located in a city a few hours from where I live.)

“Actually, we are more than just a group of “friends” – we are a club that engages in mate-swapping and group sex. Twelve of us in all, all couples. We have taken to reading your stories out loud at the beginning of our gatherings as a way to get into the “swing” of things (pun intended). Your stories have had a “rekindling” effect on our group; things have become a little placid for us, since our group has been meeting for over three years.” (That was a little hard for me to believe, since I couldn’t see how that kind of group could ever get boring.)

“We just wanted you to know that your stories have gotten us all very aroused, and we have determined to be more creative about our interminglings. The past few months has made us all big admirers of those stories of yours.” (It was signed “Tim”.)

I wrote back:

“Dear Tim,

Thank you for your support. I find it very exciting to imagine you all together reading one of my stories. My vivid imagination takes over, thinking about what happens when the pages are put down. Which story does your group like the most?”

Within a day, I received another note from him:

“Dear Susan,

Our favorite story is “Slippery When Wet,” partly because it involves college age men such as ourselves, and partly because we are intrigued with your apparent fascination with large amounts of semen all over your body. This story has led our group to experiment with having several men ejaculate onto one of the women, while the others watched and made comments. We deemed the experiment a huge success! This line of exploration warrants further investigation, we think.”

Those were his words exactly. From his phrasing, it was obvious that he and his friends were graduate students in science. But it was hard for me to imagine nerdy science students being liberated enough to be into group sex.

I had to send a followup message:

“Dear Tim,

Please pardon my skepticism, but – does this ‘group’ really exist? A dozen college age “swingers?” It’s OK to tell me that you made that up, using your own fertile imagination. I will not be angry.”

His response blew me away:

“Dear Susan,

We would love to prove to you that we truly exist. One week from (date of his message), you are cordially invited to join us.” He inserted directions to the apartment where they would be meeting.

“Your complete anonymity is guaranteed – we will never discuss this outside our group. We are all completely well-behaved ladies and gentlemen, and your safety and well-being are assured. We adore you for the inspiration that you have given to the group, and your presence at our gathering would be a wonderful honor for us.”

I decided to attend. It was hard to let go of my fear of strangers, but quite frankly, these people seemed totally benign and genuinely friendly. My curiosity was piqued. I wasn’t sure if I would actually engage in their sexual activities, and I wasn’t even sure if actual sex was on the agenda. Maybe this would be kind of like a book-signing party or something – lots of talk and congratulations and the like.

The day arrived. Before I left home, I put on a long back dress, velveteen lined with satin. It had spaghetti straps and it went down to my ankles, with slits up each side that reached halfway up my thighs. I never wore a bra, and the vee neck of the bodice extended deep into my modest cleavage. Well, maybe modest wasn’t the best description. My breasts weren’t so large as to leave a Grand Canyon between them. But there was enough to provide a nesting place for the long string of fake pearls that I draped around my neck and let fall into that valley, accentuating the mounds of my breasts. For panties, I chose scarlet satin panties with black lace around all the edges. All of this was rounded out by shiny red pumps, with no stockings. I was trying to play the part of a writer of titillating erotica out to meet her fans. It was a bit like dressing up for the prom.

I drove all afternoon. Fortunately, the weather that day was warm enough so that I could drive with the top down on my Miata. It felt great to let my blond hair stream out behind me, and the wind blew into the top of my dress, sort of inflating it and pulling it away from my chest. The breezes whipped across my nipples for all that time on the highway. It was the most slow and gentle and effective kind of stimulation, and my nipples never lost their hardness for the entire trip.

I had given myself plenty of time to find my way, but nevertheless, I got lost. So when I finally arrived on the doorstep to the apartment, I was almost an hour late. “Oh well,” I thought, “hopefully, they haven’t given up on me.”

I rang the door chime. My heart was beating a little fast out of nervousness. Unbidden thoughts started percolating through my mind, such as, “I have never actually met any of my internet readers. Maybe I should have kept it that way. Followed by, “Maybe Tim’s invitation is a scam, and behind the door are a bunch of macho, sex-maniacs who intend to include me in some sort of non-consensual BDSM episode that they can write up for the Internet.” That was not my cup of tea at all. Stomach starting to ache, I decided to turn around and flee this potential fiasco.

When I had wheeled around and taken a couple of steps toward the elevator, I heard the door open. “Should I run for it?” raced through my mind.

Before I could decide, I heard a sweet and delicate woman’s voice asking, “Is your name Sue?”

I turned my head back to the door, and saw the woman. I could only feel silly for being afraid of the occupants of the apartment. “This person is hardly menacing,” I thought to myself. She was short (maybe 5 foot or so) and pretty and I guessed the best way of describing her would be to say that she was demure, even timid. She seemed more nervous to be meeting me than I was in being met! “OK, I’ll go through with it,” I decided. I turned around and walked back to the door and into the apartment.

In the living room, all of the seats were taken, and other people were seated on cushions on the floor. When I entered, they all stood up and welcomed me in. Crowding around me, they were effusively thanking me for coming. Tim introduced himself to me, and then to everyone else. All the names escaped me, going in one ear and out the other.

I’d never been so much the center of attention, and I found my focus wandering from person to person, responding to their questions with simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. My head was swimming. Eventually the woman who opened the door (this was her apartment) recognized my bewilderment, and offered me a chance to wash up in her bathroom. That sounded great. The three minutes in there gave me an opportunity to settle my nerves and get back into the role of vamping ‘queen of erotica’ that I had chosen for myself. I felt ready, so I rejoined the group.

One of the first things someone asked was, “Have you written anything new, Susan?”

Well, I hadn’t, and they seemed a bit disappointed. Tim asked, “Will you read us one of your previous efforts?”

“I would be happy to do so. Which one would you all like to hear?” I said, smiling.

Several people chime in that they would love to hear “Slippery When Wet” again. I supposed I should have anticipated that, from what Tim had told me.

I had now figured out that Jill was my hostess, and that she was Tim’s girlfriend. They were all exactly as I might have pictured them. Not exactly nerds like the caricatures in the movies. But definitely intensely academic grad students. Of the twelve of them, only two weren’t wearing glasses. Most of the men were wearing Dockers-type pants and button down shirts (a couple of them even had those pocket protector things) and most of the women were following the lead of Jill. They had on unpretentious and wholesome outfits that seemed like they came from the Eisenhower era. Pigtails and braids, blouses buttoned up to the neck, white socks… the works!

Please do not think I was trying to portray them unkindly. Really, they were all totally likable and earnest. But I still couldn’t make this image of them jibe with the fact that they were apparently wild-and-crazy swingers. They looked more like a meeting of “Catholic Virgins Anonymous” or something!

Jill handed me a printout of my story. The pages were kind of worn and dog-eared. This copy had obviously been reread many times. Someone vacated a big overstuffed wing-chair for me, and I settled in and started to read. There were a dozen pages to the story, so it took a while. During my recitation, they all sat around me with rapt attention, eager smiles on their faces. But despite their enthusiasm, they showed little sign of the sexual stimulation that might be expected from Tim’s eMail. The predominant thing that they were doing was simply sitting still with their hands folded in their laps.

On the other hand, that story was getting to me. I hadn’t reread that one in a long time, and it was actually pretty sexy. Having an audience had a funny kind of stimulating effect on me too. I’d been reading and writing stories like this for a while, but saying the words out loud was somehow very different. I had never done that before. It was making me physically warm, and sexually hot. I even felt a bit lightheaded, almost intoxicated.

As I approached the end of the story, we reached the part where the four men were holding me afloat in the big Jacuzzi, and I was sucking on the balls of one, jerking off two of them, and the fourth man was plunging his huge cock into my wide-spread cunt. They all sprayed their cum onto my wet heaving body as I too had my orgasm.

This image was an incredible turn on for me. Semen was usually available in such small quantities, in my experience. In this story, the jets of stringy stuff were splattering onto me in wonderful abundance. As I read, the listeners surrounding me became imperceptible as my imagination focused wholly on the cinematic images that were brought up by the words that I mindlessly (yet passionately) read aloud.

The story ended. I let the sheaf of papers fall to the floor and took a deep breath. I was almost drunk with arousal. I couldn’t see how my new friends had stayed so still and calm.

Ah, but that was not the case. Jill stood up and announced, “I don’t care what we agreed on before! I need to do something! I’m so turned on I feel like I might explode!”

They all started talking. It turned out that they had decided in advance of my arrival that it would be rude to have an orgy with me there. Somehow, they had felt that I was ‘above’ that kind of thing, and that they should be well behaved and proper with me, their special guest, in attendance.

Jill wasn’t the only one who wanted to abandon their rule for the evening. Tim apologized, “Obviously, Sue, this group can’t restrain themselves. I… we… fully understand if you choose to leave the party now. We have no desire to hurt your feelings, but you did such a good job reading that story. Well,” he blushed, “now we want to take care of our… ummm “more important needs.”

“Please clarify for me. Are you encouraging me to leave,” I ask, “or would it be all right if I stay?”

Their faces lit up when I asked that. They immediately assured me that they would like me to stay more than anything else. They had just been too timid to ask.

I realized that this was my chance to live out a bit of a fantasy that I had been playing with in my day dreams recently. The ‘Slippery When Wet’ story involved four men spurting their semen onto me. Why not more? After all, Tim’s eMail said that their group had been experimenting with this kind of thing. So this was my opportunity.

“Yes, I’ll most certainly stay and join you,” I enthused. “I have one request for you, though. Would it be all right if I provide you with the basic scenario for our group play?” Several eyes lit up brightly when they realized I had said ‘our’, rather than ‘your’.

They were thrilled that I decided to stay, and more thrilled that I would be directing them. Somehow, they had built me up in their minds into some kind of guru of uninhibited sexuality. I was far from that, but figured, “What the hell. If they want to think of me that way, who am I to argue?”

At my direction, they pushed all the furniture over to the walls, leaving a wide space in the middle of the floor. The couch and three big arm chairs were all against one wall, with a big coffee table in front of the couch. Jill had gotten several bath towels that she spread in layers onto the table, making a comfortable location.

“OK, everyone undress down to underwear,” I told them. I myself remained fully clothed (for now) in my provocative outfit. My full attention was on the twelve bodies being transformed from conservative to libertarian dress code. I noticed at once that the plain apparel that they wore in public was only a cover for an array of more interesting underwear.

Most of the men were wearing tight bikini pants in dark colors. One of the guys had his cock encased in a tiny strip of a cod-piece, held up by string straps that circled his hips, with a single string disappearing into the crack of his ass. The women were similarly attired in sexy panties and bras that cried out with bright reds and neon greens. A couple of them had nylons and garters, and Jill had a black strapless push-up bra that cut across her large breasts, creased deeply into her wide, brown areolae and left her nipples exposed. She also had crotchless panties, which I noticed when she put her foot up onto the arm of a chair to remove her white socks. This spread her thighs apart, and her entire pubic area bulged out of the crotch. She had an incredible amount of hair around her cunt, and it was dark reddish-brown, like her head hair. This provided a great contrast to the shiny black of her panties.

They were all now stripped down, standing in their underwear, but by some unspoken agreement, they were waiting for my instructions before going on. “Ladies, go make yourselves comfortable on the couch and chairs,” I ordered. “You men, stand in a close line facing the women, with the table separating you from them”. I stood at the end of the table, and said to the men, “I want you to observe the women closely as they all slowly remove their last scanty semblances of modesty.”

Addressing the women once again, I instructed, “It’s time to release your inner slut. At my signal, I want you to remove your bras, and then your panties.” In unison, with me as their ‘conductor’, the women reached behind their backs to unclasp their bras, and then they lifted their hips to slide their panties down their legs. The women with garters left them on. The men kept their tight bikini pants on, outlining their anxious erections within the tightly stretched material.

“Finally, you lovely sluts, I want you to untie, unbraid, or unpin your hair, and also take off your glasses,” I said with a grin to the women.

This last set of actions was the most transforming of all, more than the process of undressing for the men. Whereas I had once lumped them all together as nerdy intellectuals, I could now abandon that stereotype and see them as individuals. Six women of all sizes and shapes, different color hair, all sorts of nipples and different amounts of pubic hair. No longer the mousy librarians, these were hot-blooded women with hunger in their eyes. When I urged them, “Spread your thighs so that these men can see your buried treasures,” there was no hesitation or modesty.

The three women on the couch actually hooked their knees over each other, and the others arranged their legs by taking advantage of the arms of their chairs. With the gaze of the men taking it all in, I continued my instructions to the women, “Start to play with your nipples with one hand, and with the other, tangle and twist your cunt hair.”

Gradually, they worked their fingers into the wet and open folds of their cunt flesh, and gently started to probe and caress their labia and clitorises (Shit! what is the plural of clitoris? Clitori? Or maybe it is like “deer” or “pants,” both singular and plural at the same time!). The hungry look in the women’s eyes was being replaced with a kind of glazed-over stare that let us all know that they were happy, and getting happier.

Now that the women were engaged in exhibitionist masturbation, I turned my attention to the men. “Take off your underwear now, gentlemen.” That command was a relief to them, since the restraining embrace of the fabric had become uncomfortable. Their hard shafts of pink flesh came springing out from their traps, and all six pointed straight outwards and upwards, bouncing against arms as the men bent over to push their bikinis down their legs and over their feet.

When they were all standing upright again, their erections swayed and bobbed randomly. All of the men had wet spots on the heads of their cocks, and I had to sternly demand, “No touching your lovely cock meat, men.” Instead, I made them perform like the Rockettes, twitching their cocks up and down in unison, then grinding their hips so that their erections oscillated in big circles. It was sort of a masculine version of the bump and grind tit-twirling for which strippers are famous. Drops of shiny precum occasionally flipped off the tips of the dancing cocks.

The ladies on the couch still had their fingers teasing their cunts, but the men’s show evoked some whistling and hollering of encouragement. I had to remind them, “Keep up your show for the men, sluts!” Still conducting, I turned to the men and said, “Now you all have my permission to start stroking your hard cocks. But no one is to cum until I say so. Just keep yourselves simmering.”

I felt it was time for me to take part in the ‘show’. Standing on the towel-covered coffee table, I flipped off my red pumps and swayed provocatively. My fingers raking through my blond hair, lifting it over my head, licking my lips provocatively, I stared brazenly at all the hard cocks and dripping cunts. I let my hair fall over my face, and twisted my neck back and forth so that it flailed around.

My hands dropped to my shoulders, pulling the spaghetti straps down onto my upper arms. I slithered one arm behind me to unzip my dress, while the other held the front in place over my breasts. Again, I raked my fingers through my blond hair, reaching upward while I continued my sensuous hula dance. Released from the support of my hand, the top edge of my dress slipped slowly down my body.

My breasts were revealed first, as the sewn edge of the material stuck on the hard points of my nipples before releasing with an inaudible pop. As the liberated weight of my breasts swayed to my dancing, my dress fell further, over my taut tummy and then past my hips. My shocking red panties were now revealed.

Tim immediately exclaimed, “Look how wet her crotch is!”

When I bent at the waist to look, I could see a dark crimson stain spreading in an irregular circle, centered on my cunt. I hadn’t realized how aroused I had become. I guessed I was too busy being the boss of this orgy.

My velveteen and satin dress was now gathered in a pile around my bare feet. Balancing on one foot, I dragged the other one gradually upwards, rubbing it against my leg. It slid up my shin, and when it got to my knee, I let go of my hair and reached down to grab the insole of my foot, pulling it slowly up further and further. This spread my thighs wider and wider apart.

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