“How’s the party girl?” asked Lisa as she walked into our bedroom. I turned to tell her that Janet seemed okay, but before I had the chance, she saw my wife ungracefully sprawled out naked on the bed. “She’s naked!” she exclaimed. “What are you two perverts doing? Bill! For heavens sake, give her some privacy!”

“Nothing I haven’t seen before,” replied Bill with a grin as he broke his leering gaze.

“Sam, I’m surprised at you! How…”

“It’s okay, Lisa. It’s okay. She’s passed out. Jeez, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but we haven’t done anything to her. We just made her comfortable. We were…”

“Okay, Sam. I just don’t want Bill to get any big ideas that he’d regret,” she said sourly.

“Hey, I don’t regret a damn thing,” answered Bill with unconcealed irritation at his wife’s veiled accusation. “I haven’t touched her! Just what the hell do you think I am?”

“Sorry, babe, I didn’t mean…”

“You did too!”

Lisa dropped all semblance of penitence and snapped, “Oh, don’t give me that ‘I’m offended’ crap! Just keep your hands off of her!”

“I’m not going to touch her!” Bill yelled. Then with contrition in his voice he added, “Wouldn’t be right.”

“Glad you see it that way,” answered Lisa evenly.

Turning her attention from her husband, Lisa chastised us both, “Could you guys have at least covered her up?”

“We were going to do that,” replied a smirking Bill.

Not bothering to reply to her husband, Lisa pulled the covers over my wife’s nude body.

“Okay Sam,” said Lisa nodding towards Jan, “what’s with her?”

“She was upset yesterday. Went to some quack and got a prescription for Xanex. Must have taken some before we came over.”

“Xanex? Oh, Christ! How many did she take? Where are they?”

“I don’t know. In the medicine chest…her purse?”

Lisa found her purse and rooted through it and found the bottle of pills. Straightaway she went into the bath. Moments later I heard the toilet flushing. Lisa returned, holding the now empty prescription bottle upside down. “She won’t be needing this,” she announced as she tossed the empty bottle into a wastebasket. “Most of them were still there, thank God. She couldn’t have taken too many of them. If she was that upset, she should have come to me. We would have talked it through. Why didn’t you talk to her, Sam?”

“She wouldn’t talk to me. Not until late this afternoon. We talked it out…at least I thought we did.”

“You did. She told me in the kitchen what was bothering her. She was afraid of losing you… No thanks to lughead.”

“Hey, I’m sorry,” pleaded Bill calmly and with a degree of unction, “I got carried away. I jumped the gun, but I didn’t force her to do anything.”

“Save it for your priest,” coldly replied Lisa.

Diverting a squabble I asked, “Did she tell you anything else?”

“Yes. That you love her and that she knows you love her.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes. She said that she had fun. That Bill was…is a good lover.”

“See! I told you she’d enjoyed herself!” interjected Bill with a smug look. “Did she say she wanted to do it again?”

Lisa thought for a moment. “I shouldn’t speak for her, but she did say that if Sam was okay with it, then she was okay with it.”

“Hot damn!” exclaimed Bill. “How about it, buddy? Wanna do it again? Yeah, you wanna do it!”

“Uh, I need to talk to Jan about it,” I said.

“You already talked to her. What’s there to discuss? You’re for it, Lisa’s for it, I’m for it and Jan’s for it. That makes it unanimous! Four to zip…we fuck!”

Bill’s celebratory expression faded. “There is one thing though; we need to keep this to ourselves. I’ve been thinking about this, and… For one thing, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life worrying whether or not I need to use a condom every time I screw my wife.

“Bill!” responded Lisa indignantly.

“No, seriously. We’re all clean, so long as it’s a two-way street, I don’t mind you having some fun with Sam, honey, but… let’s not let this thing get out of hand. I don’t want you getting some idea that you can, uh, sleep around.”

“Bill! You son-of-a-bitch! You think I’ve been…”

“Sweetums, I didn’t mean it like that! Honestly. I didn’t mean to imply that I think you’re, uh, getting a little extra on the side. Fuck! Let’s face it, things have changed. It’s just that we can’t put each other at risk by sleeping around. That goes for all of us. So let’s keep this just between the four of us.

“Another thing, we need to keep quiet about this. I don’t know about your clients, Sam, but some of mine will take a very dim view of this sort of thing.”

At that moment I was staring at Lisa’s incredible knockers, soaking up her voluptuous display. She had wrapped her see-through wrap around her torso. Her body was covered, but not covered. I must admit, there didn’t seem to be anything that needed further discussion. Somehow I resisted just blurting out, “Yeah, let’s do it,” and instead formed the words, “Uh, I really need to talk to Jan.”

“Yes, you do,” agreed Lisa. “You need to talk to her, Sam. Tomorrow, sober, she might not feel the same way.”

“Yeah, that’s right… Look, how about if we just call it a night.”

Bill and Lisa found their way out with Lisa leading Bill by the hand as if he were a little kid. Moving to Janet’s side to check up on her, I heard the backdoor slam. Janet seemed okay; her breathing was even and normal. I sat at the edge of the bed, staring off in space, thinking, but not really having any cognizant thoughts. Then it hit me. We had come very close to repeating the mistake that had caused all this trouble. What if Jan was really troubled by what had happened? After all, this sort of thing was out of character for her. What if I had pushed her to screw Bill again, just so that I could screw Lisa? What then? This episode with the Xanex was deeply troubling.

It was early evening, very early, but I undressed and crawled into bed with her. With the twilight still illuminating the room, I snuggled into her, the way she loved to be snuggled even though she had no idea that I was even there. I lay there for some time, holding my wife, my love, the mother of my children, my life partner and playful playmate, thinking of all the awful ramifications that we may have unleashed. It really wasn’t a decision, but I reaffirmed that she was the most important thing in my life. If Friday night was to be a one-time affair, then so be it. The pleasure of having another bounce with Lisa just wasn’t worth it, not if Jan was hurt.

It was a fitful night’s rest for me. For Jan’s part, she slept soundly through the night. I rose at the crack of dawn, much earlier than usual. The coffee was nearly made, when Jan, wrapped in a robe, shuffled into the kitchen.

“You’re up early,” she commented still groggy and not fully awake.

“Went to bed early last night,” I replied.

“Oh… Last night… What happened to last night? We were at Lisa’s… Did I… pass out?”

“Yeah, you passed out.”

“Oh, Sam! I so sorry!”

“You don’t need to be sorry.”

“I guess I ruined everyone’s evening.”

“That’s not important.”

“But it is important.”

“No, it’s not. What’s important to me is you.”

“Did I make a fool of myself? Oh gawd, did I…”

“No, you just passed out. I brought you home.”

She looked unsure of herself, not surprising considering that she couldn’t remember the night before. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” I offered helpfully.

“Thanks.” She took the cup from my hand and sat at the kitchen table. Silently, she sipped the coffee. After a few moments, she looked up at me. “Did I…you know…”

“No. Nothing happened.”

She looked down into her cup, as if she were studying it. A long silence ensued. Eventually, she looked up and declared, “I’m sorry I ruined your evening.”

“I told you, you didn’t ruin…”

“But I did! I know you wanted to… to get together with Lisa. And Bill… Bill wanted to get together with me.”

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is what you want.” I fumbled about, trying to formulate my thoughts and put them into the right words. “Jan, this Xanex thing… I don’t want you taking that shit. It’s not worth it.” I paused wondering how I should proceed, not at all sure that I could fix anything, but I was damned determined to try. “Tell you what. Let’s you and me pack up a lunch and go out to the lake house for the day.”

“But you have to work.”

“The hell with it! I’ll call in. Take a day off. We need to talk, really talk. The company won’t collapse if I’m not there today.”

“We can talk here.”

“I don’t want anybody intruding in on us.”

“Who would intrude?”


“Oh… Okay Sam. If that’s what you want to do, but it’s really not necessary.”

“Not necessary? On that point, I couldn’t disagree with you more. It’s absolutely necessary.”

Two hours later, we were sitting on the boat dock, looking out over the glass-smooth water, basking in the cool morning sun. The only sounds were from the birds, who seemed to be especially happy this morning. And why not? It was a beautiful morning… no ski boats, no bass boats, no jet skis, no children hooting it up, no sounds at all except for the bird calls and the occasional splash of a fish feeding at the surface. I loved weekday mornings like this, mornings when there was no one else around.

As soon as we arrived we had changed into our lake clothes, me in a faded and torn pair of swimming trunks, and Janet in a relatively modest blue string bikini that had belonged to our daughter.

“Couldn’t you find a nicer swim suit? I know you have better ones than that,” she chided.

“What’s wrong with this one?”

“Honestly, Sam! I’m going to throw that old rag away before we leave today.”

We chatted for some time, talking about nothing of importance. Having procrastinated enough, I broached the subject.

“Sam, I only took the Xanex to calm myself down. I was worried. Worried sick. Worried that you hated me.”

“I don’t hate you. I love you very much. I’m worried though, about you.”

“I’m okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Sam. I took a couple of those just before I came home yesterday. I needed it to face you. I just knew that you didn’t love me anymore. I couldn’t face that.” A wane smile came upon her lips. “I guess I shouldn’t have had that wine.”

The conversation went on like that for quite some time, with her professing that she was worried that I might not love her anymore and me reassuring her that no matter what, she was the center of my very existence. Painstakingly, we worked through the drug issue. Then came the discussion of sex.

“Jan, you must be totally candid with me about this. You know, throughout our marriage and even before, the only time we have ever had a problem, any problem at all, was when we miscommunicated with each other.” (God, I can’t believe I actually said that!) “So, tell me what it is that you want. Don’t make me guess. Be clear about it.”

“I want you to be happy, Sam,” she replied tenderly.

“Okay, I’ll accept that, but that’s not really telling me anything.”

“Yes, it is.”

“I said, I’ll accept that!”

“Don’t get testy, Sam. Somebody might hear you.”

“Who? There’s no body here but us!”

“Well, there might be, so lower your voice, please.”

“Well, there’s not… Look, let me ask you flat out. Do you want to do it again?”

“Do you? Yesterday, you said you wanted to.”

“I’m asking you, Jan.”

“If you want to.”

“We’re not talking about what I want.”

“Yes we are. Sam, all I want is for you to be happy. If you want to do it again…”

Exasperated, I blurted out, “Jan, what do YOU want!”

“I told you… Look, it’s sort of like this… one day you’re a virgin and the next you’re not. After that, there’s no way you can go back to being a virgin.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re making this difficult, Sam. You know exactly what I mean. I slept with Bill. You slept with Lisa. Who is kidding who?”

“Do you want to sleep with Bill again?”

“Do you want to sleep with Lisa? Yes! Yes, you do! She’s very attractive, and Bill… Bill’s attractive too. So if you want to do it with them again…okay.”

I surmised through all this murkiness, that the only reason she would do it again was because I wanted to do it. That’s fine on the surface, but… damn, why can’t she just be straightforward with me? She would do it because I wanted to do it? That smelled of a trap. Did that mean that if it was up to her, we wouldn’t?

I decided right then and there that last Friday night’s games would be a one-time affair. “Okay, we won’t do it again.”

“Sam, are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ll tell Bill and Lisa that… Fuck! What do I tell them? It was fun, but… no thanks? Yeah, why not? They’ll understand. It was a one-time deal! Subject closed!”

I looked over at Janet, her eyes were sparkling with laughter, laughter at my somewhat sophomoric proclamation. She cocked her head and leaned back, making her breasts seem larger than they were, giving me that come-hither look. “Okay. That’s fine with me. Whatever you want, Babe.”

At that moment, she was definitely the most desirable creature I had ever laid eyes upon. “You know what I really want?”


“I want to fuck you! Right here! Right now!”

Janet squealed as I pounced upon her, ripping away her bikini top.

“Sam! No! No! Not here! Oh god! They can see us!”

“Fuck ‘em!” I snarled as I pulled her bottoms off, discarding them over the side and into the drink.

“Sam! No!”

Holding her hands outstretched above her head with one hand, I stripped off my trunks with the other. I ignored her protests, taking her forcefully on the dock, vigorously pumping my cock into her pussy, her legs flailing about in the air. The frenetic fucking quickly brought me to the edge. Not wanting to end the moment too soon, I pulled out, letting my glistening cock cool off for a moment. As soon as my impending orgasm had waned, I eased back into her now sopping wet pussy, fucking her slowly and leisurely, making certain that she was enjoying it as much as I was.

Through the years we had copulated out here on numerous occasions, but always at night with no moon and after the kids were asleep. It was always a sizzling fuck doing out in the open where we might be observed. Today was no exception. Fucking out on the dock in broad daylight, Jan was as hot and bothered as I was.

A change of positions was called for. I got her up on her hands and knees and took her doggie-style. Grabbing a handful of her blonde hair, I pulled her head back, forcing her to arch her back as I fucked her.

“Sam! Sam!” she whispered. “Sam? He’s watching us, Sam.”


My attention had been riveted upon the glimmering bead of sweat forming along her spine and the wonderfully erotic quaking motion of her buttocks as I slammed into her.

Looking up, I saw our audience. About twenty-five yards away on the next dock was Lester, an old black guy who tended the grass of all of the surrounding lake houses including ours. He had a cane pole and had apparently come out to catch some catfish. The whites of his eyes shone like two beacons, the gold of his capped teeth glinted in the sunlight as he smiled broadly. It was evident that Lester wasn’t particularly offended by what we were doing.

I guess Jan figured I’d stop after being discovered. Once I withdrew my cock, she struggled to get up. Instead, I held her in position with her hair, took my free hand, lubed up my fingers with her pussy and plunged my cock back into her.

“Oh, gawd!” she moaned as I wormed a finger up her butt as I banged her. A few dozen finger thrusts later, Jan squealed loudly, the walls of her cunt clamping down hard on my cock. That did it. Looking the grinning old man in the eye, I came in my wife, grunting loudly as I ejaculated.

It took a few moments for my lust-addled brain to start working again. Lester exclaimed, “Lordy, lordy, Massa Sam! Fo’ white folks, yo and Miss Jan sho’ knows hows ta git it on! Damn!”

Pleased with the sincere compliment, and not quite clearly thinking yet, I pulled Jan up to stand. Hugging her from behind, I reached around and fondled her breasts for Lester’s entertainment, rolling her perky sensitive nipples between my fingers.

This was a variation of a favorite of mine. Standing before the wall mirror over our garden tub, I would tweak her cherry sized aureoles and torment her nipples until she came. Only this time it wasn’t us watching us, it was Lester watching.

The nipple action quickly brought on its usual effect. In her elevated lustful state, her hips were gyrating erotically. Removing one hand from a teat, I used the free hand to grasp her under a thigh and lift her leg, lewdly displaying her freshly fucked snatch.

At this point in our private game, there were three options to entertain the voyeurs in the mirror. Crouch down and run my dick up her snatch, or two, have her play with herself, or three, if she was already loosened up and slippery, run my cock up her ass while she frigged herself to another orgasm.

Having just cum, my organ wasn’t up for either options one or three. “Play with yourself,” I whispered into her ear.

“Nooooo,” she weakly protested.

“I said, play with yourself.”

Jan emphatically replied, ” No!” and twisted away from me. Standing about in a daze, she ran her hands across her face momentarily before stooping to pick up the ruined top to her bikini. She studied it briefly, trying to figure out how to put it back on. Ripped as it was, it was totally inadequate to give her even a modicum of modesty. Unsure of what to do, she just stood about in all her glory.

“Yo sho’ is purdy, Miss Jan,” declared Lester. “Yo a sight fo’ sore eyes, that’s fo’ sho’!”

Collecting herself, she stammered, “Thank you, Lester.”

“No, ma’am, Ahs the one ta give thanks!”

Blushing furiously, Jan calmly strode nude up the dock and then ran into the lake house.

“Damn!” exclaimed Lester as he followed my wife’s jiggling buttocks all the way to the house. “Dat’s one fine woman, Massa Sam. Mighty fine!”

By now I too had recovered my senses enough to know that I also needed to get inside. Looking around the dock, I couldn’t find my swim trunks.

“Da’s in da water, Massa Sam,” said Lester, helpfully pointing to the lake. “Ah seens dem fall in when yo put it to her. Ahs sorry ah watched yo, Massa Sam,” he said with a sheepish look. His eyes brightened and smile spread across the entire width of his black face, “But, damn… tha’s some fine, fine fuckin’!”

“Uh, it’s okay, Lester. No harm done. Should’ve gone inside, I guess… Well… good luck with the fishing.”

Lester laughed, “Ahs gots the good luck today! Dat’s fo’sho’!

“Ain’t nobody out here today, so if you and Missy wanna, ya know, out here. Ah’ll jus’ watch mah fishin’.”

Heading into the lake house to join my blushing bride, I took furtive glances sideways to see if anyone else was watching. Thankfully, Lester was our only obvious observer.

“Sam! You’re bad, bad, bad! My god! He was watching us! You let him watch!”

“Made his day, didn’t we?” I laughed nervously knowing full well what a lewd spectacle I had made of us.

“And you wanted me to finger myself for him!” she replied with indignation.

“I got kind of carried away. You must admit, that would have given him something to talk about!”

“He has plenty to talk about already! God, everyone’s going to hear about it.”

“What? That he saw a man and his wife during an intimate moment.”

“Intimate? You raped me!”

“Didn’t hear you say, ‘no’.”

“I did too!” she pouted as she struck at me playfully.

“Well, I think I might have to rape you again,” I said whimsically.

“Promise?” she asked in a voice smoldering with lust.

Grabbing her by the wrists and holding her hands behind her back, I ground my semi-erect cock into her stomach. “We got all day, baby. All day.”

Rummaging around my dresser, I found the cock strap that kept for those rainy days when we were out here alone. By the time we got home that night, it was late. That day, we had some of the best sex we had ever had, both earlier on the dock and later in the lake house. Both of us were exhausted. I would be days before our libidos demanded satisfaction again.

Tuesday evening I saw Bill. He waved me over for a beer. Lisa, in her birthday suit, waved at me from her lounge chair by the pool.

“Well, what’s it gonna be?” he asked with barely concealed gleeful anticipation.

“What’s going to be what?” I replied knowing full well what he was getting at.

“Did you talk to Jan?”



“Uh, well, it’s like this, Bill. We’re not going to do that anymore.”

There was a silence. “What?”

“You heard me. We decided that once was enough.”

“Aw, fuck!… You shitting me? Fucker, tell me you’re shitting me.”

“I’m serious, Bill. No more swapping. We go back to…” I didn’t finish my sentence when he swatted the beer out of my hand, the glass bottle shattering on his patio.

“Fuck you, man,” he spat. “Fuck you!”

I had anticipated a poor reception to the news, but was still surprised by his actions. He turned and stormed off into his house. Piqued, I called after him taunting, “We still on for golf tomorrow?” He replied by flipping me the bird.

I wasn’t too worried about his anger. Normally he’d just pop off and then be over it within an hour. Of course during that hour, he was mite dangerous. Next day, as I had expected, he was at the club, ready to play. As was normal for these matches, he had with him a client of his and I had invited a client of mine. That way it was a legitimate business outing. Only difference was that he was aloof and cold towards me. When I sliced or missed a putt his heckling had a certain maliciousness to it.

On the fifth hole, my partner asked, “What’s between you two?”

“Nothing. He’s just pissed off at me. He’ll get over it.”

To make matters worse, for him, his game turned to shit. On the ninth, he had a fit over landing in the rough. Venting his anger and frustration, he broke his five-iron over his knee. That did it. His partner had had enough of him and called it a day. That sounded like a good idea to my partner and me as well.

Next day while Lisa and Jan were gushing over the turquoise T-bird I had brought home to Jan, Bill called me on the phone.

“Hey! What’s the fucking big idea?” he demanded.


“The fucking car!”

“What about it?”

“Lisa’s gonna be nagging me for a new car now, that’s what!”

“Sorry, Jan needed a new car.”

“Fuck! You know Sam, you’re a real pain in the ass.”

“Bill, get a grip!”

“No, you get grip, pal! Look, I’ve been thinking and I want to buy you out of the lake house.”

“How about if I buy you out instead?” I replied testily.

“I offered first!”

“Just what is your problem, Bill?”

“You and your prick teasing wife! That’s the problem! I’ve been catching hell ever since that slut begged me to fuck her!”

“Hey, fuck off Bill! Just fuck off!”

“No, you fuck off, pal! Just be sure you stay away from my wife!”

“I have every intention of staying away from Lisa. The whole thing was a mistake Bill, so let’s get over it.”

“I’ll get over it when Janet stops flaunting herself to me.”

“Asshole, she hasn’t seen you since Sunday! Speaking of flaunting, how about if you tell your wife to wear a top when she’s in the backyard. We don’t have a fence, remember?”

“That oversight will be rectified soon. Don’t worry, Sam, I know you’re too goddamned cheap to pay your half, so I’ll just eat the whole cost.”

“Go right ahead, dickhead!”

For the next few days, the war between Bill and I raged on. War may be a bit strong, as it was just two neighbors squabbling. I did my best to completely ignore him and he ignored me. Of course Jan and Lisa talked, but I stayed away from Lisa like she had the plague. Jan stayed away from brooding Bill as well.

That went on until Sunday, when he strode into my yard while I was cleaning the pool.

“Hey, Sam! We talk?”

The mere sound of his voice made me wince. “Suits me.” Under my breath I added, “Asshole!”

“How long have we known each other?”

“Sixteen, seventeen years,” I replied civilly.

“Yeah. All that time, you’ve been my best buddy. Hell, I almost feel as though we’re brothers.”

“What’s your point?”

“Point is… I miss you. Fuck, that sounds rather gay,” he said sheepishly. “Let me rephrase that. Point is… I want to apologize.”

“As long as I’ve known you, Bill, you’ve never been truly sorry for anything.”

“Up to now, I’ve never had anything to be sorry about… Look, I admit it; I can be a jerk. Lisa says she doesn’t know how anyone can put up with me. Hell, she’s right. All I know is that our friendship means a lot to me… to me and to Lisa.

“Sam, I’m sorry,’ he contritely continued. “I got pushy and, uh, made a mess of things. I should’ve never… you know…have encouraged Jan. Hell, she was drunk. I should have told her to go home to her husband. I should have taken my wife and given her a good spanking…yeah, a spanking really gets her motor going,” he chuckled with a wink.

“All I can really do, Sam is to say, I’m sorry. Truly. All those things that I said, I wish I could take them back, but I said them and… aw fuck! I’m not any good at this crap.

He stood looking down at his feet for a moment and tried again. “I’m sorry, Sam. I’m truly sorry, if I hurt you or hurt Jan… Hell, I’d cut my goddamned arm off for either of you! You know that.”

“You still putting up a fence?”

“Fuck no!” In self-dismay he shook his head “I hate to admit this, but… would you believe… I paid a guy for the fence… in cash. Fuck! What a dumbass I am! I’ll never see that money again!”

Struggling to keep the smirk off my face I replied, “Probably not… You still want to buy me out of the lake house?”

“Offer withdrawn… Can’t afford it. Fuck! I gotta buy a new car. Another thing, I ain’t selling you my share either, so put away your checkbook.”

“You crawfishing on a deal?”

“I never made a solid offer,” he defended with a smile. “So how about it?”

“How about what?”

“Can you forgive me?”

“Already did that, several minutes ago.”

“Several minutes? Son of a bitch! You made me grovel…?”

“You were running your mouth off as usual.”

“Okay, how about if we go back to the way it was before.”

“Before when?” I needled.

“Fuck! You know when! Before we did it!”

“Sounds good to me old buddy.”

“Thanks, Sam. You really do mean a lot to me and Lisa, Jan too.”

The bear hug was a bit too much. “Now, don’t go get mushy, for Christ’s sake. It’s disgusting!”

“Okay, okay. Say, we’ve got some steaks. How about if you and the missus come on over? It’ll be like old times.”

“Tops and bottoms in the hot tub?”

“If you insist,” he replied sullenly.

I was glad that the petty war between Bill and I was over. But like all wars, no matter how petty, there was some collateral damage. Case in point, Lisa no longer casually strode about in her backyard topless or even buck-naked as she had recently taken to. As much as I hated that loss of stimulating scenery, a return to modesty by all parties was just what was needed to keep the peace.

The week went by without incident. The girl’s drove about, showing off Jan’s new T-bird and Lisa’s new yellow Crossfire. I must admit, they do look great tooling about in those open-air two-seaters. It was definitely a big change from the old mini-van and Suburban.

Most importantly, there hadn’t been any additional drug incidents since Lisa disposed of Janet’s prescription. I checked, more than once, just to be sure. The strongest thing in the house was a bottle of Advil and some laxatives. Jan restricted herself to two glasses of wine in the evening. Friday rolled around and I made my way home a little early from work. It was no surprise to find the girls out by my pool, sprawled out face down on sunning mats. What did surprise me was that modest swimsuits of the past week were literally gone. They weren’t completely naked, but almost. Jan had her yellow thong bottom on and Lisa had her white set of strings on. Tops were nowhere to be seen. Gave me an instant hard-on.

Not wanting to be a perv and lurk about the window spying on them, I boldly made my presence known. “What a lovely day,” I said casually as I approached them.

“Hi, baby,” greeted Jan sitting up on her elbows. “You’re home early.”

Turning her head towards me, Lisa lifted her sunglasses and welcomed, “Hi, Sam!”

“Uh, can I get anything for you ladies?” I asked gallantly while I gawked without a trace of subtlety.

“Mmmm, could you put some lotion on my back?” sweetly asked my near naked wife.

“Sure, babe,” I readily agreed. I found the bottle of lotion and knelt by my wife’s side so that I had a good view of the backside of both women. Squirting some oil on my palms, I began with Jan’s shoulders and worked my way down, paying particular attention to her buttocks before finishing with her legs. The entire time I rubbed oil into Jan’s skin, Lisa watched me with a sly smile.

Finishing the last toes I asked, “How’s that?”

“Mmmm, that felt great,” purred Jan. The fun over, I began to stand.

“Would you be a dear, Sam, and do that for me too,” asked Lisa with an unmistakably sultry tone. Jan didn’t say a word, leaving me twisting in the wind.

“Uh, I don’t know…” I stammered unsure if I should.

“Oh, Sam!” laughed my wife. “It’s okay. You don’t want her to burn, do you?”

“Of course not!” I eagerly agreed. Moving around to Lisa’s other side, I knelt down so that I could observe my wife’s reactions while I oiled down Lisa’s backside. Again I started at the shoulders and worked my way down, rubbing the oil into her bronzed skin. With the sunglasses Jan wore, I couldn’t see her eyes as she watched my ministrations to her best friend. When I got to the luscious butt, I decided to err on the side of caution, and bypassed her lovely cheeks in favor of working over her firm upper thighs.

“Uh, when’s Bill coming home?” I asked nonchalantly as possible while I fought with myself to keep my hands from getting too close to her crotch.

“He had car trouble,” answered Lisa unconcerned. “He’s in Rockford today. Guess he’s stuck. Doesn’t sound like he’ll make it home tonight.”

“Oh. That’s too bad,” I replied somewhat insincerely.

“You missed her butt,” Jan pointed out.

“Oh. Okay.” Having been given the green light, I took my pleasure in kneading Lisa’s pliant ass flesh. Applying the oil, my eyes constantly moved from Lisa’s lovely bronzed buns in my hands to my wife’s face to be sure I hadn’t crossed some sort of arbitrary line. Even when I oiled deeply between Lisa’s cheeks, my wife just smiled demurely at me.

Still dressed in my work clothes with the sun beating down me, I was sweating profusely as I labored away. By the time I had finished, I was soaking wet with perspiration and the front of my pants was wet also.

“Honey, you look hot,” said Jan contritely as she began unbuttoning my shirt.

“Maybe I should go change.”

Peeling my damp shirt off she rejoined, “You don’t need to go inside. Just throw your clothes over there. They all need to go to the cleaners anyway.”

Sounded good to me. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants. I felt silly standing around in just my socks and boxers, so I relieved my feet of their covering. The tented boxers did nothing to hide my stiff condition.

Jan lay back down on the mat, this time on her back. “Do my front, Honey.”

Kneeling again so that I could observe both women, I began at Jan’s shoulders. It was a short trip to bared breasts where I took my time to be sure that she was well oiled. The ragged shortness of her breath was a dead giveaway that I doing it correctly. Making my way south, Jan tugged at her thong and breathlessly declared, “Oh, poo! Look Lisa. I’m getting a tan line!” Lifting her hips, she assisted me in relieving her of the root cause of her blemish.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out where all this was headed. The whole episode on the dock now took on a new meaning. That was inadvertent, sort of, but this was deliberate. She wanted someone to watch. I had no doubt that we’d be fucking before long while Lisa looked on. The prospect of a live audience apparently was a big turn on for Jan.

I got her legs oiled up and returned to my favorite playground. I hadn’t touched her cunt yet, but when I did she was hot and wet down there. My oily fingers slipped easily between her nether lips. Jan gasped as I swiped across her steaming clit. Biting her lower lip, Jan squirmed around. Lewdly she spread her legs open. Having full access to her sex, I got down to fingering her slippery cunt.

Lisa sat up to get a closer view of the salacious act. My wife’s hips began to involuntarily punch upwards and her belly began rippling. My attention was split between watching Jan get off and looking at Lisa’s bare knockers just inches from me. By contrast, Lisa’s attention was totally riveted upon Jan’s sopping pussy and the effect I was having upon my wife’s body.

Jan suddenly lurched and curled up into a ball. With some effort, I kept my hand between her legs with my fingers inside her, prolonging her climax until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Grabbing the wrist of my pleasuring hand, she fought to get my hand away from her spasmodic snatch. My sexy wife was primed and ready for a good fucking.

Standing, I dropped my boxers, my drooling pecker at the ready for a good old-fashioned in-and-out workout. Lisa, however, had other things in mind. With her hands around my thigh, she looked up at me like a supplicant. “Sam,” she said with a huskiness that betrayed her desire, “will you put some more lotion on me?” Then she let go, her fingers raking lightly across the skin of my thighs as she lay back.

If it weren’t for the thong, I would have just mounted her, running my cock up her snatch with the first thrust. Kneeling between Lisa’s legs, I began to pull the thong off.

Grasping my hand she whispered, “No, not that.” I remember thinking that she was as hard to decipher as Jan was.

“Just what do you want?”

“Just rub me. Rub me all over.”

Who was I to argue? I made very little pretense as I spread the oil over her big tits, bobbing down periodically to kiss and nibble at her meaty nipples. It was heavenly feeling her oily tits slipping through my hands. I lingered long reveling in the sensuousness of her slippery flesh. The thought of mounting her chest for a titty fuck was seriously considered.

Jan had recovered somewhat and was at my back, watching me feel up and then rub the crotch of our friend and neighbor. Nibbling on my ear, Jan whispered, “She’s going to get a tan line. You don’t want her all ugly, do you?” Who me? “Why don’t you take it off for her. She’s so over dressed.”

Moments later I was slipping the white thong over Lisa’s ankles, taking the opportunity to suck on few toes for good measure. That gave me a great view of her cunt. Flushed with excitement, her inner lips, glistening bright pink and sort of crinkly, now protruded from her slit in a most pronounced fashion. Her vulva seemed more pronounced too and had taken on a darker shade than before. While I was laving over her big toe, Lisa reached down and spread her pussy lips apart, the wet pink interior beckoning me.

The girls were in a serious playful mood and I was game too. They were both stone cold sober as I was. Jan seemed as eager as Lisa at this point. I briefly considered the consequences and put them out of mind. Like a guided munition, my mouth descended on the offered pussy.

With carnal delight, I wallowed my face in Lisa’s flavorful cunt, lapping at her tender flesh, sucking on her meaty lips and sucking on her clit. Lisa was loudly “oh-god-ing” and “oh-fuck-ing” and making all sorts of other vocal racket. I got a couple of fingers up her vagina and finger fucked her while I ate her out with gusto. All the while Jan intently watched the wanton sex acts from close up. Like my wife before, Lisa’s hips began thrusting. She stiffened and fell silent, unable to make any sounds as the orgasmic implosion gripped her. Rolling unto her side, she ripped her pussy away from my voracious mouth.

I had barely grabbed a breath of fresh air when Jan locked her lips on mine, driving her tongue deeply into my mouth. Breaking the hard kiss, she laid kisses all across my face, lapping up the pussy juice coating my entire face. “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. I love you, I love you, I love you!” she said between the kisses, kissing all across my face until she had licked up every drop of cunt sauce. Pulling back, she held my head in her hands and gazed into my eyes. “Are you happy?”

I nodded ‘yes’.

“Good. I want to make you happy.”

“You do make me happy.”

“Does Lisa make you happy?”

My antennae sensed that I was on dangerous ground but I nodded ‘yes’ anyway.

“Good. Because we both want you to be happy.”

“Jan, what happened to…our decision?”

“That’s for fuddy duddies! Oh Sam! I was only worried about what you thought of me. So… do you still like me?”

“Oh baby, yes I do. I love you.”

“I love you too. Now, do you want to fuck her? It’s okay if you do.”

I nodded ‘yes’.

“You can fuck her baby. All you want. But… I want to watch you fuck her.”

Not wanting to give her time to change her mind, I made a move towards Lisa who was still buzzing in a post-orgasmic afterglow. Quickly Jan stopped me. “Not yet, baby. Not yet. The three of us, we have all night to play. You know what I want?” Not waiting for a reply of any sort she continued, “I want to see her suck your dick. Would you like that?”

I nodded ‘yes’.

“I also want to see you fuck her in the butt, like you do me. Would you like that?”

I nodded ‘yes’ again.

“I told her all about how nice it is when you do me like that. She’s ready to try. Would you believe, she’s still a virgin of sorts?”

Coming to my own senses, I had presence of mind to ask, “Have you been drinking?”

“No!” she laughed.

“You high on something else?”

“Yes! But not drugs, silly man. Life, I’m high on life! Life and good sex! These past few weeks have made me hornier than ever. I want to do things. Naughty things. Things I’ve never done before. I want to be ravished, by you and by Bill. You’re going to think that I’m bad, but have you ever heard of a double?”

In disbelief I nodded ‘yes’.

“Sam, I want to experience things before I’m too old to enjoy it.”

“Uh, does Bill know anything about this?”

“No! He’s stuck in Rockford,” she laughed.

“Before this gets too far, don’t you think we ought to let him in on it?”

“No. He’s in Rockford… stuck and…don’t worry, he’ll get his too,’ she said musingly. “Lisa and I have decided that the most important thing now is to keep you guys happy. You both have been such good boys, and we know what will make you both happy.”

“Weren’t we supposed to uh, vote on this sort of thing?”

“Okay, what’s your vote? Middle-age, middle-class blahs or a little wild hedonistic fun?”

“If you put it that way, I vote for fun.”

“Then it’s unanimous!”

The logic escaped me. “Wait a minute…unanimous? What about Bill? He didn’t…”

“Lisa voted for him in proxy. That made it a majority. It’s too bad he’s not here, but that’s not our fault. Your vote now makes it unanimous. Don’t worry about Bill…he’ll go for it!” She leaned in close tracing her fingers across my dick. “We’re now our own little private sex club; the four of us.”

While that statement sunk in, Lisa sat up and snuggled in on me from my other side.

“That was fantastic, Sam,” purred Lisa. “We two girls are very lucky. We have two men who are very good with their mouths.”

“Good with their dicks, too,” chimed in my wife with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.

Lisa’s hand joined Jan’s in caressing my rapidly stiffening dick. “Now you’ve been such a good boy, we think you deserve a treat. Would you like that?”

‘How much is this going to cost me?’ I thought to myself. Casting caution to the wind I nodded ‘yes’. Both heads sank into my lap. I sucked in my breath sharply at the feel of two tongues, one on each side, sliding up the sides of my cock to the tip. Then in unison, they started licking up my cock from the base again.

With the two of them lovingly laving over my dick, without a doubt I had died and gone to heaven. Forget the twenty-seven virgins crap! I had two experienced, desirable, and incredibly sexy women ready to pleasure me at my whim, and I didn’t even have to martyr myself!

Soon Jan yielded my cock to her best friend, sitting back to watch as my dick noisily disappeared and reappeared from between Lisa’s sweet lips. Together we watched with salacious excitement as my best friend’s wife, a woman I’d fantasized about for years, fervently sucked my dick. Looking up at me, Lisa eyes smiled lasciviously as she let my wet glans slip from her lips, a thin strand of pre-cum still connecting us. Slowly she encircled my weeping glans again, rubbing her sultry lips all around in the slippery ooze. The sensation on my cock was intense.

With just my glans between her lips, her tongue flicked out and then slowly withdrew back into her mouth, sliding and stroking along the sensitive underside of my cock until she swirled it around my cockhead. She took another inch of my dick into her soft warm mouth, making lewd smacking noises as she sucked. Again her tongue flicked out to flutter and tease. Slowly, inch by delectable inch, Lisa engulfed my entire rod. Damn! That woman certainly knows how to use her tongue! Her oral ministartions reaffirmed what I had learned two weeks before, Bill’s wife was a great cocksucker of the first order.

Never breaking eye contact, she soon had me gasping, with my toes curled up and my legs shaking. The whole time she was sucking me off, her tongue was always in motion, never still, always rubbing and keeping up its fluttering, stroking motion on the bottom of my dick.

My balls began to boil. I didn’t want it to end so soon, but I wasn’t in control. With an out of control rush, my head jerked back as the sweet agony swept over me. She took my first two spurts in her mouth, then pulled off so that my next three ejaculate shots flew across her lips and face and then she finished me off in her talented mouth.

Releasing my softening prick, Lisa sat up with a sly smile across her sperm covered lips. The girls eyes met. With me in the middle, they leaned forward and kissed. That blew me away! Never had I imagined that the two might have been lovers all these years! With the ragged breath of recovery, I sat in awe as they passionately smooched a mere three inches from my face. By the time they broke it off, Jan’s face was smeared with my cum too.

“That was beautiful,” my smiling wife said to me softy. Then we kissed. It was a sloppy, spermy kiss. Pulling back she left my face wet with my own emission. Quickly Jan’s lips were replaced with Lisa’s lips. She too gave me a sloppy kiss. When she pulled back, all three of us had our faces dampened with my semen. The girls resumed making out across my torso, taking liberties with each other’s tits in the process.

Lisa kissed down Jan’s neck and suckled her cherry nips. Then Jan returned the favor, wallowing her face in Lisa’s massive boobs and licking at her dark great nipples. It didn’t take long for my flagging soldier to snap back to attention, ready for duty. A hand brushed across my engorged organ, and the girls broke it off with each other.

“Lie back, Babe,” cooed my loving wife. “I want to give you something.”

I did as instructed. Lisa swung a long leg over me and positioned herself above me, her well oiled body shimmering in the sunlight. In amazement I watched my wife take my cock in her hand and then guide my lust-swollen glans to Lisa’s dewy pussy lips. Lisa lowered herself, engulfing my entire penis with her hot velvety vagina. Grinding her cunt into my pelvic bone, she arched her back, cupping her tits in offering. My left hand quickly found her left orb while Jan’s lips accepted the excited nipple of her right.

Sliding her hungrily clasping cunt up and down my throbbing shaft, she began fucking me, slowly rising and falling as well as gyrating up and down and around on my engorged cock. On the up stroke she tightened her vagina and relaxed it on the down stroke.

Jan kissed down Lisa’s tummy until she was resting her head on my chest. The way Jan was curled up beside me, it was easy to get a hand between her legs and a few fingers up her snatch. Best of all, my line of sight was now clear to enjoy Lisa’s generous gleaming tit flesh jiggling and swaying, but Jan’s head now blocked my view of Lisa’s cunt lips stretched around the girth of my cock. My wife took that view. Soon, as Lisa used me, I felt Jan’s hand encircle the base of my cock, fondling my balls with her fingertips. Ah, such a fate!

Jan nuzzled her head deep into our joined loins. I felt her tongue flicker out, lapping at the topside of my wet dick as it appeared from her friend’s pussy. She would lick my shaft for a moment, then the sensation would stop. After she had done that a few times, I realized that that she wasn’t just licking on me, she was also licking on Lisa!

Lisa rode me for some time, fucking me shallow and fucking me deep. Her tempo increased, her short brunette hair flew from side to side as she began pulling on her own nipples, obscenely stretching them out until I thought that she would injure herself. A deep flush spread over her face and chest, turning the tanned flesh a ruddy color. With a low throaty moan, the muscles of her belly began to contract, her cunt clasping at my cock. The moan turned into a plaintiff wail as my cock was bathed in flood of slippery secretions. Lisa’s fluid motions became jagged until she stopped altogether. Her face twisted into a grimace as her body became rigid, quaking above me, her cunt muscles wildly pulsating around my dick.

Jan had sat back to watch Lisa cum. When the intense orgasm had passed, Jan pushed Lisa backwards, showering her face with kisses and in the process, she nearly ripped my dick off. I thought that there was going to be some serious lesbo action, but once Jan had cleared Lisa’s body from me, she swooped down on me. I tried to sit up, but she pushed me back down, jamming my cock up her snatch.

Now it was my turn to be raped. My wife fucked me with a fury that I had not seen before…energetic yes, but this? Neither of us lasted very long in the fit of wild passion that now consumed us both.

Sated and with a load of my cum in her cunt, Jan rolled off of me and sprawled out in the sun like a well-used but satisfied whore. The three of remained motionless for time. Lisa stirred first. Crawling over to Jan, she kissed her tits and then their lips met in a display of genuine affection.

As I slowly recovered from the incredible fuck, I thought of the transition that Jan had made. On the outside, she was always prim and proper, a perfect mother and a perfect wife. But behind the privacy of our locked bedroom door, she was always a passionate, energetic lover, willing to try almost anything within the safe and acceptable boundaries of our marriage. While she was within those boundaries, almost anything went. Plain vanilla tender loving was our staple but, anal, light bondage, fantasy lovers, fantasy rapes, and exhibitionism before a mirror, were all within our repertoire. Now that the boundaries had been expanded to include Bill and Lisa, and once she realized that my love for her hadn’t changed, her suppressed desires of all these years had been cleanly swept away. There was no going back. The only question now was how was I going to feel, watching her lustfully and eagerly give herself to Bill, clawing at his back and begging him to fuck her harder and harder. Considering what just took place with Lisa, did I have any choice?

Another thought now worried me. Would she stay within the new boundaries, or would she take on other lovers? I pondered that for a moment and decided that it would simply be out of character for her to leave the new boundaries. She might be fucking Bill three times a day, but I was confident that she wouldn’t stray outside our little group of four, unless… unless I took her there. Bill was right when he said we had to keep this to ourselves, just to the four of us, and not just for the good reasons he had stated.

Then I remembered something that had been said, something that I had said to Bill. That we needed to do it as couples and not sneak around behind each other’s back. Shit! With Bill stuck in Rockford, that’s just what we had just done. There was no fixing that. Even if that bit of restraint was some how possible, it was now certainly inoperable. Now, every time I was out of town, Bill would be between Jan’s legs, and I really couldn’t complain. The die had been cast and I had to live with the consequences.

I must have dozed off for a moment, catching a quick post-coital nap. Waking, I sat up, hot from lying out in the sun. A moment later, the cool shock of the pool water relieved my physical discomfort and at the same time restored me to an alert state. The water felt fine as I languidly floated about, momentarily too tired to do much rigorous exercise. I heard a splash. Turning, I just caught sight of Jan diving into the pool. Then a brunette mermaid surfaced next to me, smiling radiantly. Moments later, she was joined by a blonde mermaid.

“That was amazing,” said the blonde, “the way the three of us made love.”

“Yes,” agreed the brunette, “we’ll have to do that again… soon.”

“Well, I need a little break,” I replied caressing a tit from each woman. “Male biology, you know.”

“Translation, he’s also hungry,” Jan said in amusement.

“Had his nappy and now he wants to be fed,” teased Lisa with a grin. “So predictable!”

“In fact I am hungry, famished in fact,” I stated unfazed by the ribbing.

“We made some shrimp salad. We can eat anytime you like,” said Jan.

I wasn’t sure who had my dick at that point, but hungry or not, I didn’t want to give up the underwater fondling of either my dick or their tits. Jan pulled up close to my ear and whispered, “She did an enema.”

My mind was on shrimp and tits and what she said made no sense to me. “What?”

“Never mind!” she huffed. Spinning away, Jan swam off. Next, the hand slipped off my prick as Lisa floated away on her back, her tits floating above the surface like bronzed icebergs. I was tempted to swim off after one or the other, but knowing female temperaments, opted to swim off away from both of them, lest I hurt someone’s feelings.

With no immediate sexual distractions, my hunger came back with a vengeance. Ignoring my stomach for the moment, I began my laps, knowing that if I didn’t get that in now, I probably wouldn’t get it in at all.

Before I had finished, the girls were out of the water and had the patio table set. Jan and Lisa waved to me to join them. I was only halfway finished, but in the interest of keeping the peace, I cut it short and climbed out of the pool.

The shrimp salad was cool and delicious, a perfect light meal with a cold dry white wine. Not surprisingly. the conversation revolved around sex, mainly how much the girls’ had enjoyed our trio-tryst. That gave me the opening to inquire about any previous private practices between them.

“Oh, god, no!” laughed Lisa in response to my indelicate question. “Today was a first…sort of.”

“What do mean by “sort of”?”

Jan took the matter by the horns. “Well, last week. When you and Bill were fighting, well, we touched each other.”


“And what? We didn’t do anything. We were talking about the group stuff and experimented a little. It felt nice, but we weren’t really ready to do anything serious.”

“What do you consider serious verses not serious?”

“We caressed each others boobs. That not too serious, is it? You’re not mad at us are you? I thought guys liked to see girls with other girls.”

“No, I’m not mad. Just curious as to what you two may have been up to.”

“Nothing, that is until today.” She thought for a moment. “No, that’s not true.”

“It is too!” defended Lisa.

“Not with you, Lisa. Back in college. My roommate and I, well…”

“So you’ve gone down on another girl before?”

“Mmmm, yes.”

“You never told me that,” I replied astonished that she had held that back from me over all these years. So much for being ‘completely open’ as she always put it.

“You never asked.”

Honestly, with Jan, it never crossed my mind. Not that that information would have led to anything at the time. Only now did it have any real meaning.

We had another glass of wine, the girls telling bedroom tales, like the time I brought Jan some brass ben-wa balls back from a business trip to Japan. She didn’t want to try them, but I had insisted. Once she got them in, she had hell getting the damned things out. Try as I might, I couldn’t get them out either. For three days she had them stuck up her cunt, clicking together and rolling around very time she took a step, inducing a constant state of arousal. This while she was doing classroom Mom duties and running a PTA meeting. They nearly drove her insane. Before she had gotten to her gynecologist to have them removed, she had frigged herself so much that had rubbed her poor clit raw. Her doctor instructed her to squat deeply in the examination room. Already humiliated by her plight, she did as instructed. They popped out, noisily hitting the floor and rolling off in two directions. Still she was never very keen on toys after that.

Lisa wanted to try them out and she asked Jan if she still had them. Of course, Miss Thirty never, ever threw anything away that was still useful. Giggling like two schoolgirls, they ran into house. After a few minutes, they returned with the ben-wa balls still in their original cedar box.

I told her that tonight might not be the best time to try them out, as they would certainly be in my way. “Best if you put them in before going to church,” I quipped. “Of course you’ll have to be very careful when you genuflect. Wouldn’t want them to pop out and roll down the aisle.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she laughed.

“Oh, I’ve got something for you!” Jan gushed. Laying cock strap on the table and in a very sultry voice she added, “C’mere stud and let me harness you up!” I had the same thing in mind so I didn’t mind her putting the strap around the base of my flaccid cock and balls.

“Not too tight!” I protested. “I don’t want it to explode!” She adjusted the strap so that it was snug but not overly tight. Once I got hard, I would stay hard until the strap was released. In anticipation of the upcoming marathon fuck, I started to inflate almost immediately, especially with both girls feeling around and checking out the proper fit.

Lisa’s attention was drawn back to set of ben-wa balls. Jan took the opportunity to whisper in my ear, “We, she did an enema this afternoon. I told her that you would do her right and that she would enjoy it. She’s willing, so…”

That did it! My cock lurched to a full erection. The strap was now a bit tight, but not uncomfortable.

“Lisa!” sang out Jan. “Look what my Sam has for you!” With the strap trapping the blood in my cock, it was engorged more than normal.

“Oh, my! Is that for me?”

“Oh, yeah,” replied Jan with a impish smile. “You know where it’s headed?” Lisa’s smile faded. “That’s right, it’s time for a whole new experience.”

Knowing it was time, Lisa moaned, “Oh, gawd,” while her virgin orifice puckered up tightly. “I’m not…”

“We’ve talked all about it, girlfriend. Like I promised you, Sam here is going to open a new door for you. He won’t hurt you. You know that.”

We retired to the sunning mats with my stiff rod leading the way. Taking Lisa by the hand, my wife lead her to the mats for her anal deflowering. I started in the standing position, behind her, playing with her tits and nibbling at her neck and ear until I had Lisa relaxed and her motor humming. Then I guided her down onto the mat, positioning her on her hands and knees. I took a few moments to massage the firm buttocks that hid the treasure that I had been given to take. Sliding my hand up between her cheeks I felt her tense up.

“Relax, Lisa. Just relax,” I said as soothingly as possible as I rubbed her anus. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Oh, I don’t know about this!” she cried with trepidation.

“It’s okay,” comforted my wife while she stroked Lisa’s hair. “Trust me, you’ll like this. I love it.”

Peeling her tan buns apart, I examined the target of my attention. Her puckered brown star contracted, winking at me. I’m not sure what she had expected, but when my tongue first flicked across her anus, she bolted upright.

Thinking back to what Bill had said about her negative attitude regarding anal sex, I said, “Relax will you. I won’t hurt you. I’m certainly not going to rip you apart. I’m just going to make love to you… in a different way.”

“Oh, gawd,” she whimpered as she took up position again. Jan whispered something to ease her anxiety. Now somewhat confident I wasn’t just going to ram my cock up her butt, she relaxed a little. When my tongue again flickered across her anus, she stayed put. After an enema and a bath, coupled with the recent swim in the pool, she was very clean. She was slightly musty, but not at all reeking. If she were, I’d sent to get cleaned up, or dispensed with the oral preliminaries.

With a clean butt hole to work with, I got down to analingus, lapping at the exterior of her dark hole, and teasing it with my tongue. After a minute or so of flicking the tip across her, I began longer licks up her valley and across her sensitive hole. Finally with the flat of my tongue, I bore into her, periodically flicking my tongue tip to penetrate ever so slightly. The entire time, she was softly cursing.

I replaced my tongue with a lubricated finger, rubbing on her hole for a minute before inserting the tip. With practiced ease, I wormed up her butt, a little at time. My main focus at this time wasn’t necessarily to deeply penetrate, but to massage, stretch and loosen up her sphincter so that her muscular ring would allow my much larger cock entrance into her rectum. Soon I had two fingers in. Lisa was still mumbling, but she was now rotating her hips.

At that moment, I wished that Jan had a collection of vibrators. The smaller ones would have slipped in easily and given her much pleasure. Gradually, I could increase the size of the faux-cocks until she was ready for the real McCoy. Unfortunately, the disastrous ben-wa ball episode had forever queered Jan on all toys. “Your dick is my toy,” she would say. “It’s all the toys I need.” It didn’t occur to me at the time that Lisa had a drawer full of the things at home.

The moment of truth had arrived. I slopped on the lube to her ass and did the same with my engorged rod before putting the head to her virgin ass hole. “Relax, Lisa. Relax,” I gently encouraged as I bumped up against her tight nether hole. “Push out, but relax.” Suddenly, her sphincter relaxed enough that the head of my popped inside her.

“Are you okay?” I asked, concerned that the sudden widening of her anus would be painful.

She shook her “no”.

I remained motionless for a moment and then withdrew my penis. Again I bumped into her until she opened up and let my cock head in. I did that for several times, withdrawing, penetrating her anus, until my cock slipped into her immediately each time. Jan asked her, “Do you like that?” Lisa nodded her approval.

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