“Mmmmmm, it may be awhile before I am camera ready,” I moaned. My dick was still flexing and twitching from the cum that roared from it.

Jill giggled and grabbed the camera, bringing up the display screen as I leaned in next to her. She riffed through the posed pics, resting her free hand on my cock. She slowed as we got to the blowjob shots.

“Wow, look at that thing,” she cooed as she paused on a shot of her tongue on my shaft. “Oh my God, this is so naughty.”

Most of the cumshot photos were blurred, even with the autofocus on – bubbling water and wet skin merged until one shot caught her open mouth as a gob of cum landed on her cheek.

“Oh no, sorry for the bad aim, baby,” I said as she zoomed in.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how much cum you have. Were you saving it all for me?”

“I think you just know how to bring it out of me. Should we delete these?”

“I’ll let you save a couple if you promise you will jerk off over them after I leave.” Jill tugged at my cock twice, her slender fingers moved over it like she owned it.

“Mmmmm, I don’t want you to leave,” I moaned. There it was, out there in the air, but I knew I meant it.

“Well silly, I do have to get cleaned up now. And I’m getting hungry for more than just your high protein snacks too.”

“Ummm, dinner might take a while – unless you want me to call for a pizza.”

Jill stepped from the tub, wrapping her towel around her hips. She looked down over body and giggled at a tiny fleck of cum below her right collarbone.

“Pizza sounds great,” she said as she rubbed the cum into her skin.

“What do you like on top?”

“Besides you? Something meaty always works,” she said shaking her perky ass at me as she walked to the pool house.

I laughed as she sauntered away, and I knew I did not want her to leave. I went inside and called for the pizza delivery, leaving me about 30 minutes to shower.

Jill came in from the pool house as I returned to the kitchen. She had changed into her khaki shorts again, and wore a blue cotton blouse with spaghetti straps. We kissed by the sink and I inhaled deeply, taking in her fresh scrubbed scent and her damp hair.

The door bell rang as I was washing a coffee cup, so Jill went to answer it.

“My wallet is on the front table, baby,” I said. “Make sure to tip the delivery guy, too.”

I turned my back from the front hallway as Jill opened the door.

The voice I heard besides was familiar and female, but I didn’t place it until Carrie called out hello.

She was a friend of my daughter’s since middle school, and when I looked over my shoulder to greet her, I realized she had grown from a chunky redhead to a molded full-hipped hottie with devastating curly ringlets adding bounce to her body.

Her full breasts were bursting the seams of the uniform blouse, and as I smiled and said hello, I reminded myself that explaining to my daughter how I fucked just one of her friends would be difficult enough.

I could not make out what Jill and Carrie said, but it seemed like they took a few more seconds to pay for the pizza than expected. Finally, Carrie told me to say hi to my daughter and left. Jill brought the pizza to the dining room with a sly smile.

“She said thanks for the generous tip,” Jill said, bending over the table as I brought plates. “I think I’m not the only friend of Sarah’s with a crush on her daddy.”

I felt my cock pulsing as I looked into Jill’s exposed top, her brown nipples pressing against her top. “Ummm, I think one is way, way more than I expected,” I said.

“Don’t worry, I said I’d share you.”

I set my slice down and looked at Jill as she laughed. Her ponytail bobbed slightly, her teeth almost sparkled before she took another bite. I did not want this week to end or this woman to leave, no matter what I had to explain to anyone.

“Is it meaty enough for you? The pizza, I mean.”

“It will do, for now,” Jill said, licking her upper lip as she smiled at me.

After supper we went into the den and Jill looked over the shelf of Blu-rays I rarely had time to watch. “What, no porn?” she asked.

“Not on those shelves, no,” I answered. “And I can’t think of anything better to watch than what we have already done.”

I moved in behind her as she looked over the shelves. Sensing me there, she leaned back. I caught her hips, then pushed my right hand into her shorts pocket and caressed her inner thigh.

It was as though her legs turned liquid as my fingertips moved up and down. I pushed them to her panties. With a groan, Jill spread her legs wider. With my fore and index fingers, I rubbed up and down over her pussy.

“You are better than any porn,” I repeated, licking and kissing her earlobe, then her neck.

“You make me so hot,” she moaned, relaxing into my grasp, her hands gripping my thighs. “You make me cum so hard.”

Her hips bucked forward with my hand, Jill’s breath quickened with small gasps. Her skin was heating up, she leaned back for a sloppy French kiss and then suddenly stiffened.

I was pushing my middle finger along her slit, I could see Jill was in the lacy green panties I saw in her bag when she arrived. I wanted them soaking wet now, and as the tip of my tongue slipped into her ear, she came.

“Ohhhhhhyeahyesssyesssyesss,” she groaned, pushing my hand to her pussy. Finally I let go, and Jill turned around. “No one has ever made me cum like that,” she said as a bead of sweat trickled down her cheek.

“We’re even, I have never made anyone cum like that,” I said. “Sorry I don’t have any porn.”

We spent more than an hour snuggled on the couch, watching something I barely paid attention to. As the evening news came on, Jill straightened up.

“I want that late night swim now. And I want you to join me,” she said, tracing her fingers over my slacks.

“Mmmmm, what’s in it for me?”

“You may get a surprise or two,” she said.

It had been about three hours since Jill had sucked my cock, and I could feel I was ready for her again. “Baby, you have been a surprise since you got here,” I said, pulling her close to kiss her.

Jill swung around to straddle my lap, grinding herself into my stiffening shaft as her tongue moved in and out of my mouth. As I reached for her breasts, Jill sprung to her feet, and tugged at my hands.

“You ready for that swim now?” she asked.

I nodded and stood up, my dick pressing through my pants. Jill ran the palm of her hand over my zipper.

“I’m going to get changed, meet me at the pool in five minutes,” she said.

She gave me a quick kiss and flittered away with one more look over her shoulder. I went to my room and grabbed the board shorts drying on a rack in the bathroom. Towel in hand, I tried to coolly walk outside to the pool, stopping to turn on the lights around the edge of the patio.

Jill was still inside the pool house when I got outdoors, but movement near the gate opening to my driveway caught my eye.

“Who’s there?” I asked as the gate latch opened and in stepped Carrie.

“Hey, Warren,” she said as she stepped into my yard. Her pizza delivery uniform was long gone – now she wore a pair of denim shorts cut to the tops of her thighs and a tank top.

“Hey, you made it,” said Jill as she joined me.

“What the…?” I asked.

“Carrie’s here for her tip, right, Carrie?” Jill said. “I told her you had something way, way better than money. Do you want to change for a swim, Carrie?”

“Yeah, I can go to the pool house. You sure I’m not interrupting?”

“What do you think, Warren. Is Carrie going to interrupt anything?” Jill was wearing the one piece she modeled earlier in the evening, and as she asked me the question, she gripped my rod with her thumb and fingers through my shorts. “Or should she join in your hospitality?” Jill stage-whispered.

“Uhhh, no, sure, yeah. Shit, I mean you are welcome Carrie. Go get changed,” I stammered.

The girls giggled as I stumbled through saying yes. By the time I was done, Jill had her hand inside my swimsuit, tugging and caressing. “Should I go help Carrie or stay here?” she asked.

“You trying to kill me?” I asked, watching Carrie walk to the pool house. “My daughter will kill me in my sleep if she finds out I’m fucking her friends.”

“Maybe Sarah just wants you to be happy,” Jill said. “She knows Carrie is hot for you, too.”

“I’ve known Carrie since she was 10,” I said.

“Bet you like the way she has grown up. C’mon, let’s go get in the tub.”

By this time, Jill could drag me anywhere by my cock. She let go long enough to turn on the jets, then snuggled in next to me.

We started kissing again, I let my hands roam over her body and was tugging at the shoulder straps of her one-piece suit when we heard Carrie clear her throat.

Clad in a black bikini with a tube top barely containing what looked like d-cup breasts, Carrie was a long, long way from the butterball who my daughter brought home from school about a decade ago. Looking at her, part of me felt very weird. Most of me felt really horny.

“You two started without me, no fair,” she said.

Carrie stood up, sleek in the night lights, her green suit shimmering over bubbly blue water. She reached out a hand to Carrie.

“C’mon girl. There’s plenty of room, and he’s got plenty to enjoy.”

Carrie was still chunky, her body just seemed to burst from everywhere at once, and her rounded lips broke into a lusty grin as she took Jill’s hand.

“Do you like my suit, Warren?” she asked, standing in the tub in front of me.

“Oh God yes,” I moaned as Jill and Carrie slipped below the water on either side of me.

I was fully rock hard now, but still unsure how to begin with Carrie. Jill took care of the question by grabbing Carrie’s hand and sliding it over my dick.

“Oh girl, you were not lying. He’s amazing,” gasped Carrie.

I could not resist any longer. With my arms around both their shoulders, I pulled Carrie close and kissed her plump lips, drawing them into my mouth and then stabbing her tongue with mine.

She might have seemed innocent when she visited, but Carrie made me quickly aware that she knew her way around men. As Jill tugged my swimsuit off. Carrie stroked my shaft, fast tugs then slow pulls, working it in time with her kisses.

Jill moved in front of me after throwing my swimsuit to the deck. I broke my kiss with Carrie and yanked the shoulder straps of her one piece down, exposing her apple-shaped breasts.

Her nipples were almost sharp enough to cut my tongue, I started sucking at the right one and was stopped by Carrie.

“That one is mine,” she said, and Jill gasped as Carrie and I began licking, nibbling and nipping at her titties.

Carrie leaned up and forward and as she began kissing Jill’s thin mouth, Jill grasped Carrie’s tube top and pulled it down.

“Now these are some titties,” she said, pushing them up with her palms.

Jill and Carrie were making out when I crossed my wrists over each other and started some pussy play. My right hand slipped into Carrie’s tight bikini bottoms, seeking her swollen pussy lips.

With my left hand, I repeated the pussy teasing I had given Jill a few hours ago, with my middle finger moving back and forth over her labia, pushed tight against the crotch of her suit.

Carrie broke their kiss and leaned down to engulf my mouth as my middle finger pushed inside her. She was not as tight as Jill, but sloppy wet and silky. Jill maneuvered her swimsuit my hand quickly found her naked pussy too, and both women began rocking over my fingers.

Jill stood up in the tub, pulling at Carrie to join her.

“If you don’t eat her pussy, I will,” she said, pushing Carrie to the edge of the tub. Before settling back, Carrie grabbed a towel and unfurled it behind her. By the time she had reclined, I was licking water droplets off her leg as my tongue pressed over her right thigh.

She lifted her hips as Jill removed her bikini bottoms, throwing them toward my swim suit. I stopped my licking long enough to let Jill strip Carrie, but by the time her bikini was in a wet pile, my nose was grazing through the sparse red patch of Carrie’s muff.

I dabbled the tip of my tongue over her as I inhaled a musk that could not be disguised by chlorine from the tub. I lapped at her as her hips began to buck. Jill would not be denied either, jerking my cock as she made out with Carrie.

Jill turned back to me, gripping my head up and away from Carrie’s hot snatch. Jill licked the juices from around my chin, then lowered her head and traced her tongue from Carrie’s belly button to her pussy.

I left the tub and moved next to Carrie as she reached for my dick. Groaning and grunting as Jill ate her out, Carrie slobbered over the head of my cock, then inhaled half of it. I tried not to be forceful, but found myself thrusting at her mouth as she sucked. Suddenly, her hips burst up and I pulled away from her mouth as her orgasm roared through the night.

Her hands free, Carrie mashed Jill’s head straight between her legs, and a deep throated moan bounced around as her head thrashed back and forth. I knelt beside her as it subsided, and Jill lifted her head to show moist cheeks and a wide grin.

“Oh my God, you two are insane,” cried Carrie as she caught her breath. “Is this what you have been doing all week?”

“No, we fuck a lot, too,” Jill said and laughed. “And don’t go thinking this is all you are getting tipped.”

Carrie took my dick in her right hand. Aiming it to her face, she began jerking me off, using just her fingertips. “Do you have some cum for me, baby? Would you like to squirt for me?”

I nearly fell into the tub as I scrambled back to the water. Carrie remained on her back, and when I edged closer to her exposed pussy, Jill held my cock and pushed her thumb over Carrie’s clit. She guided me to her wet fat pussy lips and let go as I entered Carrie with one push.

I began kissing Jill as I pumped inside Carrie, pushing in deeper with each thrust and pulling back so the tip of my cock was all that was left inside her. Jill had other plans, though – she stopped kissing me and shimmied out of her swimsuit.

She tossed it into the pile and climbed from the tub, straddling Carrie’s face. Carrie welcomed her, wrapping her hands around Jill’s pelvis and pulling her down. I pounded away at Carrie, using two fingers to stimulate her clit as I rammed deep inside her.

She was sopping wet, and flexed herself over my rod, gripping and letting go. Her noises were muffled, but Jill began to make the squeaks and gasps I was learning to love so much.

In her excitement, she pitched forward, allowing Carrie to reach up and caress Jill’s breasts. Jill slid back and forth over Carrie, painting her face with her juices as her hips shuddered and quivered.

Carrie’s hips also bucked upward, a tremor preceded by a gush as she screamed in delight. Her warmth and wetness coated my dick and I felt the sudden splash just as I made one last push. My cum felt like one long lava flow, filling Carrie deep inside her just as Jill fell forward on her elbows and squealed through her orgasm.

We all lay still for what seemed like days but was maybe only two minutes. My shaft softened inside Carrie, and Jill rolled on to her back as I pulled out.

As we caught our breath, Jill leaned up on her elbow.

“When do I get a turn with your dick?” she asked.

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