My dual life continued with me switching between my role as a wife who was desperate to please her husband and a college girl who had no responsibilities or guilt. It was only with much effort that I was able to keep these two lives separate in my own mind. This ability has been what has let me survive all the regret and remorse I have felt through the years.

My husband Tom and I had gotten involved with a younger couple across the street. Tom was 29 and I was 28. Mark was 23 and Donna was just 21. They had been the aggressive ones and we had swapped partners for the first time a week earlier. I had gone along with what happened because I knew Tom wanted to do something like that. I hadn’t really wanted to become involved sexually with anyone in my role as a wife and mother.

I had classes three days a week at the college where I had returned to school the year before. At school, I had developed a group of friends with whom I played the role of a single college student. They had no idea I was married with three kids and was 7 or 8 years older than them.

I had kept myself in shape since cheerleading in school, and at 5-8, 125, 36-25-37 I easily passed as much younger. I had become sexually involved with several of them and I kept that part of my life secret and separated from everyone. I didn’t really need any further involvement, but Tom was very hot for this sort of relationship with Mark and Donna. I felt like I had to do this because it satisfied my husband and it eased my guilt about my college affairs.

After the night we had changed partners and all ended up in Mark and Donna’s bed, things at home were quiet. The next Saturday, I was studying for a big exam. Tom had been puttering around the yard while I had my nose in my books.

After dinner, Tom pulled me into our bedroom and told me he had been with Donna across the street for about an hour while I had been studying. He said he didn’t want to lie to me, so he just told me about it. I was upset, more hurt than angry.

Tom said they had both been outside doing some yard work and she had offered him a beer. When he went into the house with her, they just started kissing and stripping each other’s clothes off. She had sucked him and stroked him until he almost came right there in the kitchen. Then they had gone to the bedroom.

Tom said they had spent the next hour doing everything they could think of sexually. Tom had cum twice and Donna had several orgasms. She had let him cum in her mouth while he was going down on her. After she got him hard again, she climbed on top of him and rode him frontwards and then backwards, cumming several times.

Tom told me he didn’t mind if I wanted to get together with Mark. He said he didn’t care how often I fucked Mark or what we did. He promised to tell me if he did it with Donna and I told him I would tell him if Mark and I did anything. Tom was a wild man in bed that night! I didn’t know what to think. How could he really love me if he didn’t care what I did? What if he knew about my friends at school and what I was doing with them? Would he still say, “Do whatever you want!”?

I didn’t know whether to be mad with him about sleeping with Donna again or to just take him at his word. Sunday afternoon I answered the phone. It was Mark. He wanted to know what time I got home from school on Monday and if he could stop by for a while. He had Monday off and thought we should talk about Tom and Donna. I knew what he wanted, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to do it. I told him I might stay late and study at school on Monday. He seemed disappointed, but said he’d catch me another time.

By Monday when I left school, I was about studied out. The test was the next day and I had crammed all I could. I knew Mark would be home and probably watching for me to arrive. On the way home I decided that I might as well let him come over. It might take my mind off the test for a while. Besides, I wasn’t certain that he wanted to sleep with me, I just suspected. Maybe he really wanted to talk about Tom and Donna. I made up my mind to let things happen however they happened. If he didn’t call, fine. If he did, well we would let things follow their course.

I got home just after 1:00 in the afternoon. The kids wouldn’t be home until 3:30. I hadn’t been home 10 minutes when Mark called. He asked if he could come over and I told him that it was OK. We talked for a few minutes about the night we had swapped partners and about Tom and Donna fucking on Saturday. Mark wanted me to know that he wasn’t upset and felt very comfortable with Tom and Donna being together. He said that he wanted to be sure that I wasn’t jealous.

I told him I was a little mad that Tom had done it without telling me, while I was studying at the house. I also told him I didn’t want things to get out of hand. I had concerns about the neighbors becoming suspicious. Mark was very agreeable to everything I said and we seemed very comfortable.

We began to kiss and make out on the couch and then moved to the family room to get more serious. Mark finished taking my blouse off and as I undid my bra, he stripped his pants and shirt off. We stood and kissed and felt each other. I tugged his shorts down to grab his cock in my hand, and he kicked them the rest of the way off. As I stroked him, he undid my jeans and pushed them over my hips. I wiggled them to the floor and stepped out of them, naked.

Mark moved me back to the bar and onto a bar stool. He knelt in front of me and spread my legs as I sat on the stool. I leaned back with my elbows on the bar to support myself as Mark began to work on me with his tongue. This went on for a few minutes, and then he stood up and moved between my legs. The stool was at the perfect height for him to slide his cock into my cunt without any adjustments. He stood in front of me, holding my hips and plunging in and out of me. I saw him starting to get pretty excited and I grabbed his cock, squeezing him and pulling him out.

“Your turn,” I said as I slid off the bar stool. As I held his cock, Mark turned and sat on the bar stool while I knelt and took him into my mouth. I sucked him and stroked him until I thought he was going to cum.

“How do you want to do it?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. He just got off the bar stool and pushed me up to it, bending me over so I was lying on the stool with my ass toward him. He pushed his cock into my cunt and began fucking me so hard I thought the stool would fall over. He began groaning and thrusting deeper. As he started to cum, he pulled out and shot his cum all over me.

There was a lot and it was running all over my back and my ass. Some had gone into my hair. He grabbed his shirt and started to wipe it off me. I said, “We’ve got time. Want to take a shower with me?” Mark just grinned and followed me upstairs into the bathroom.

We soaped and lathered each other, kissing and playing with each other. Mark was hard again. He asked me if he could fuck me in the ass. I hesitated, but he begged and I said OK. We got out of the shower, still wet.

Mark soaped my ass, and rubbed lotion on his cock. He lifted me up onto the bathroom counter, pushing everything into the sink. I lay back as far as I could and pulled my knees all the way up. Mark started with his fingers and loosened me up. In a minute I was ready for him and he slowly pushed his cock into my ass. I was wet and soapy and with the lotion on his cock, it was the slipperiest I had ever been. Mark was able to pound as hard and fast as he wanted to, and it was very nice for me too! He came loudly and was deep inside me.

Mark jumped back into the shower and I sat on the toilet, letting him drip out of me. We toweled each other off and dressed. He left me with a kiss and went back across the street just before the kids came home. I felt content and satisfied even though I had not had an orgasm. Tom and I had a really hot night as I told him what had happened. I did have an orgasm while we made love that night!

As I drifted off to sleep, thoughts of Tom and Mark were replaced by thoughts of the group at school, the test tomorrow, and the challenge that my friend Debbie had made!

This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of ‘Road Trip — California’ for a list of the chapters of that series, in order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this one. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please ‘read, enjoy, vote, and comment.’

Synopsis of This Story So Far: After a cross-country road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim now lives with Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen in Nashville. Jim and Crystal are top country music stars. Crystal posed for Playboy in a sex-filled weekend photo shoot. After a busy six months, an incestuous New Years orgy on a Caribbean isle, and busy winter months, Crystal and Jim separate to different parts of the world to make two different movies. Crystal and Jim’s new housekeeper Nadia proves to be a sexually charged vixen with lots of ideas for pleasure; so, Jim and Nadia devastated Ellen one night.

Crystal Clear — Ch. 05

LA, more playmates, and reports from Europe

Crystal’s laughter was contagious, even over the telephone; “Ellen told me you two destroyed her, and you should know she’s more in love with you now — times ten — that she was before you and Nadia did your night of debauchery with her. I wish I’d been there!”

I chuckled, “Well, Nadia was full of surprises, I must admit; the girl in insatiable — even I had trouble keeping her sexual happy. As for Ellen’s feelings, I am trying not to either encourage or discourage her. I do love her, and I love you too.” I thought for a minute, “Hey, how was your dinner with George Rinard night before last?”

Crystal laughed again, “Why, I got laid, re-laid, and parlayed — and that first night, I wiped him out. He’s a considerate lover, and he met all expectations, but he tires easily; he wasn’t a challenge in that regard. We’ve been seeing each other every evening, so you might be prepared to field a question or two if one of the paparazzi corners you. We have been spotted as part of the Parisian nightlife. The movie marketeers love that we’ve been spotted. It’ll help create a ‘buzz’ about the movie.”

“I’ll just say ‘we’re not exclusive’ or something to that effect. Is that all right with you?”

“Yes, that’s about all I can think of. Getting into defining our boundaryless ‘open relationship’ would only create a quagmire of further questions you’d never get out of. I’ll use the same line. And, just know, you are my most special person in the world by … times infinity. I love you, and I thank you for letting me sample others, and I thank you for taking care of Ellen — so carefully too.”

“Just my cowboy ways, ma’am,” I said, faking a western accent. Crystal knew that for much of my life the furthest west I got was Natick, Massachusetts.

“Gotta run, darling,” Crystal suddenly said. “My studly dinner date is here. Go fuck my sister and our housekeeper. I love you.”

“I love you Crystal,” I pledged.

We ended our call. I wondered how many other people in the world had similar calls — sharing sexual details, and encouraging extra-relationship liaisons, even with one’s sister and housekeeper. Although I found internal conflicts here and there, I relished the situation.

I spent my last afternoon in Nashville singing up a storm in our home studio. Ellen had learned how to work the music boards, and she sat behind a glass window manipulating the various controls for the music I heard as well as the voice I produced.

Ellen’s voice came over the PA in the room; “I recorded that one. Shall I play it back for you? It sounded really good.”

I nodded, and the sound of my voice with a full country band resonated from the various speakers in the room. I had to admit; the song did sound good. When it was over I said, “Why don’t you send that one to Terry? See whether he thinks it’s good enough to take to the next level?”

She nodded, and I could see her turn to the computer beside the soundboard. I thumbed through some more sheet music I was supposed to know, and as the afternoon rolled by, we did a few more songs and sent the demos to my agent so he could confer with Sony about them.

About six o’clock, Ellen walked into the studio. She gave me a hug and a kiss. “Honey, we have to pack tonight. Our flight to the coast leaves pretty early — seven-thirty in the morning. We have to leave here at a quarter-to-six a.m.” Part of Ellen’s work included keeping me on schedule for all the arrangements she made, often consulting with Terry.

I groaned at the thought of the early hour. “OK. I’ll miss this place for the months we’re gone.” I looked around the studio as I stuffed the sheet music into a rough-out leather briefcase Terry had given me to enhance my western cowboy image. I slipped my iPad and few other things into the case as well.

Ellen smiled, “I asked Nadia to make an early dinner for us, plus she’ll be up to drive us to the airport and see us off in the morning. If you want, she’ll spend the night with us.” She smiled, and I could tell by her look that she wanted our new friend and consort to be with us.

I smiled inwardly at the thought and recalled the first night I’d gotten Ellen, Nadia, and me together for a sexual romp. Nadia and I had wasted Ellen over a three-hour evening.

“Yes, I want.” I affirmed my desire to have both women with me overnight. Ellen broke into a happy grin, and skipped off to the kitchen. I knew my decision would also make Nadia happy; she liked to be with us, although she pretended she could be entirely neutral about whether we wanted her or not. We always wanted the pretty and petite Russian girl.

The three of us had dinner, did a communal clean up, and then played in the shower and in bed before we all fell asleep, happy and sexually sated. The following morning Nadia saw us off. She would be alone in the big house for the first time. Crystal had helped her arrange to take college courses nearby, and Nadia did have aspirations to be more than a housekeeper, so I thought this might work out. She wanted to work in the background in the entertainment industry in some way after college.

Nadia drove us to the airport in my new Prius, a car that would be primarily hers to run errands in. On the plane Ellen and I slept most of the way across country to LAX, holding hands in the first two seats. I’d opted to fly commercial first class instead of a private jet, so we’d hung out in the VIP room until seconds before they closed the door on the flight. Although I know we got recognized by a few of the other passengers, no one paid us any mind other than to nod a friendly hello.

We were the first off the plane in Los Angeles, and thanks to an efficient airport security staff, we were whisked through some back corridors to a limo waiting at curbside for us. Our luggage would follow. We’d left Nashville a little after seven-thirty a.m. and were in L.A. about ten-thirty a.m. LA time.

I sent Crystal an email from the limo to tell her we’d arrived, and that I was now officially in the movie business. She’d already been filming for a month.

The limo took us to Sony Pictures headquarters in Culver City, dropping us right at the door of the Gable Building, part of the main offices named after Clark Gable. Ellen adopted her most efficient ‘aide de camp’ posture, and followed me demurely to the conference room where another aide produced coffee and a snack lunch for us, acknowledging that we would be jet lagged for a couple of days.

Terry Ross, my agent (and Crystal’s agent), hustled into the room followed by eight other people. Half of them were from Sony, one I recognized from photos as my stunt double Jason Lake, another my co-star Barry Peters, and then there was Jill Danes — the young, beautiful, desirable, and talented Jill Danes. Jill introduced a young woman with a glowing mane of red hair as her aide with acting aspirations; a young woman close to Ellen’s age named Claire. Claire dressed chic and in a manner that commanded notice.

Introductions were made, and then the man I learned was our executive producer, Lloyd Hoffsteder explained his vision and goals for the picture: words that boiled down to a blockbuster, exciting, multi-national, sexy, daring, and explosive movie that would make about three-hundred million dollars in the first two weeks after release. Dream on! Lloyd acknowledged that my name, Barry Peters, and Jill’s on the marquee ensured a high interest in the film by the general public, even before release. He introduced Mark Ang, the director — and no relation to the famous Ang of movie fame, but he was doing his best to coast on those coattails. I liked him immediately, and knew we’d have fun working together. Jill apparently knew him as well. The atmosphere was cordial, and we were all eager to get started.

We all went around the table, and I went last, apologizing for my lack of theatre and acting experience. Everyone dismissed my lack of skill in their industry, and Terry gave me a wink that suggested something was ‘up.’

After the kickoff meeting, two noteworthy things happened. First, Terry pulled me aside, and informed me that he’d arranged intense acting lessons for me for the next month for four hours each morning. “It’ll just give you more confidence. The coach is one of the best and he’s done other fresh start celebrities too, the most famous being Cameron Diaz. You start tomorrow; here’s the address; be there at eight sharp. You have to be here in this room at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow to start a script review.” Terry walked away leaving me with a scrap of paper with an address and name on it; Ellen, who’d been standing next to me, plucked the paper out of my hands so she could takeover managing this part of my life.

The second noteworthy event happened as Jill Danes came over to me, and I must have stiffened. After all, I’d never been this close to a movie star except for Crystal and a couple of other country singers we made appearances with. Jill patted my arm and said, “Jim, calm down. I’m not going to eat you up — yet.” She broke into laughter at her own joke. She maneuvered me into a corner of the room as the others talked; Ellen gave us some space.

Jill continued, “Look we are going to have to get really comfortable with each other and chummy, particularly for some of our love scenes — scenes that I eagerly await — a great deal. So loosen up. Now, hug me and give me a big kiss, and we’ll take it from there.”

I could see the logic in her words and in breaking the ice with a significant kiss. I stepped forward and took Jill into my arms. Suddenly, she seemed smaller than she’d looked just a second ago; only slightly taller than Nadia and not quite as nice an ass — but noteworthy. We kissed somewhat tentatively, before she put a hand behind my neck and pulled me into her for a real soul-scorching kiss with our tongues roaming around in each other’s mouth. When she allowed us to pull apart, she whispered to me, “I hope that’s only the first of many,” and nonchalantly moved off to get a cup of coffee.

I glanced around the room, and the only person who seemed to have paid attention to the kiss was Ellen. She just smiled and winked at me. As I turned, I also got a very friendly smile from Claire; the aide and starlet Jill mentored. Claire smiled enigmatically at me, tossed her mane of red hair, and moved off to talk to Mark Ang. As we went around the table, I’d learned that Claire would have a minor role in the movie we were making, probably thanks to Jill’s sponsorship. I wondered if Ellen would be interested in something similar; however, when I looked at her she hadn’t reacted to the announcement.

I shrugged and followed Jill to the coffee urn. We made small talk about how we were picked for this movie, how she’d learned to act, and how a country music singer could suddenly become an actor. She knew about Crystal being in Paris with George Rinard and said a few words, even hinting about his womanizing; I got a sly look from her, as though she was testing me for how much I knew about what was going on over there. For now, I played Mr. Innocent and Mr. Naïve.

After our meeting broke, Terry gave us a quick tour around the studio, showing us where to check-in, which buildings to go to for what, and so on. He surprised me with how informed he’d become about the movie studio. He also took Ellen and me to the Sony Pictures security office and got us security badges and a guidebook to the property. We were official.

Terry has miraculously connected with our luggage from the morning flight. He escorted us out to a new Mercedes sedan, and we put our bags in the trunk. He then drove us about six miles west on the I10 to Santa Monica and turned north by the ocean to the Oceana Beach Club Hotel. This had to be one of the most expensive hotels in California I thought as we checked in.

Terry saw us to our suite and made sure everything was all right with the two of us. Much to my surprise he handed me the key to Mercedes. “Here. The GPS in the car is programmed to take you to your acting class, the studio, and back here; other than that you’re on your own and will have to program the device yourself. This will be your home away from home; and the place has a great restaurant and gym.”

He explained he had a ‘hot date’ he had to get ready for. He thought he’d see me tomorrow at my first acting lesson, but hinted that how his date went tonight would influence his punctuality. He disappeared and left Ellen and me sitting in the living room part of the suite wondering what to do next.

“I vote for an early night. I think we’ll be around here a while.”

Ellen had wandered over to the window, “Jim, you’ve got to come look at this — it’s the last of the sunset, and there’s the Santa Monica pier.”

I pulled myself out of the chair I’d been in and joined her. I wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her neck as we stood and watched a romantic scene of the sunset and the evening lights blink on along the boulevard in front of us.

Ellen and I had a light dinner in the hotel restaurant, and were asleep before nine o’clock. As seductive as she looked getting ready for bed, we were both so bone tired we just made this one of our ‘platonic nights.’

* * * * *

“I’d like to invite the three of you to dinner at my home tonight — informal, casual, and no preparation — come as you are.” Jill Dane put forward the invitation to Ellen, Claire, and me as the four of us stood waiting for the coffee to brew in one of the meeting rooms at Sony Studios. We were reading through the movie script for the second time — the first time had taken only two days, and Mark, our director, thought we’d whizzed the read through. Barry Peters should have been with us; however, he’d been called back to his last movie to do some ‘repair shots’ as he told us. Ellen was reading his part of the screen play.

Ellen looked at me and shrugged, so I said, “Well, Ellen and I would be delighted to join you. What can we bring?” Claire piped in her acceptance and offered to help too; I could tell she’d been to Jill’s for dinner before. Today, Claire wore tight stovepipe slacks and tall spike heels that proved my premise from the day before namely, that she had a superb looking ass — at least as good as Nadia’s and better than Jill’s. The white blouse she wore revealed generous cleavage. Her mane of red hair had been pulled back in an attractive twist today. When I caught her eye, I found myself captivated by her green eyes. She gave me a million-watt smile.

“Oh, bring nothing but yourselves,” Jill said flippantly “I’m cheating a little, because I have a fabulous person who keeps my home and cooks. I’ll just let her know I’m bringing ‘playmates’ home, and she’ll take care of the rest. I’m going to ask Jason Lake too — if I can find him. I’d ask Mark, but he already has a date. Jim, you and Jason should get to know each other since he’s your stunt double; he’s supposed to learn at least some of your gestures and mannerisms. Oh, yes, is Terry still in town? He should come too.”

Ellen responded, “He might be. Do you want me to try to track him down?”

Jill accepted her offer, “Yes, please. Ask him to come over too. The more the merrier.” Jill gave me a leer that suggested pure unadulterated sexuality as the last remark poured from her lips. I was slowly getting a gage on this woman.

I also wondered about her choice of words when she said ‘playmates.’ Jill had mentioned Crystal’s photo spread in Playboy where she was the December ‘Playmate of thee Month,’ and she’d been overtly flirting with me over the past week as we did many of the background things that satisfy a large corporation such as Sony, keep our agents happy, and keep things clean with the IRS and lots of others. We’d done the script read in between various other meetings with the admin and finance types.

I watched Jill’s eyes as we got our coffee and headed back to our seats; they never left Ellen’s shapely legs. Personally, had I not been watching Jill, I would have been watching Claire’s legs and ass — I found her not only good looking, but also uniquely sexy. Studying her ass, I realized I also missed my little Russian, Nadia. I guess we all saw something in our co-workers that made each day more enjoyable.

Just as we sat down, the door opened and a familiar face appeared. She scanned the room, locked eyes with me, and exploded into the room: Tina Devoe rushed over to me in three steps, bent down, and threw her arms around me. “Jim. Jim Mellon, I heard you were coming out here to do a film with us; I can’t believe it. I had to come over from the our other campus to see whether you were really here.”

I had met Tina in Michigan when I was helping a friend as a substitute masseur. Tina had been one of my first clients, and we quickly moved from the massage to an all-out fantasy fuck. We’d been wonderful for each other. A few weeks later, she’d joined Crystal and me in Dallas where she helped orchestrate a half-time performance we did at a Cowboy’s game; of course, after the game, the three of us had a small orgy along with Terry and Ellen.

Tina then spotted Ellen, and surged around the conference table to her. The pair embraced in something more than just a friendly hug between female friends. The familiarity and our intimate friendship with someone as high-up in Sony as Tina did not go unnoticed by Jill. Tina was an Executive VP at Sony Music. I had always wondered about the role she played when the first album I did with Crystal went to platinum.

We had about three minutes of frantic catchup talk, and then I found a break in the conversation to introduce Tina to Jill and Claire. Everyone seemed to hit it off immediately, and thirty minutes flashed by before we became aware of the time again.

Jill also invited Tina to our dinner that evening. Tina said, “I’d love to, but I’ve got a dinner date with Chase Henderson. In fact, it’s about a follow-up album to The Naked Truth that Crystal and Jim did.”

“Bring him,” Jill implored. “As I told everyone a few moments ago, the more the merrier, and who knows, maybe we’ll need another … male on the scene to balance out all the estrogen. The men will like the odds tonight.” Everyone laughed.

Tina said, “Let me check with him and be sure it’s all right. If you don’t hear from me in thirty minutes, we’ll be there.”

Jill gave her the time, address, phone, and brief directions, and then Tina sailed out of the conference room as fast as she’d entered. I watched Jill text her housekeeper that she had created a dinner party, and then we went back to reading through the script and analyzing certain passages of dialog. My copy of the script started to have more pencil marks on it than print.

I’d been through a week with my acting coach, Dale Tanner. He did private lessons, as he was doing with me, and he also taught courses at UCLA. He built-up my confidence, as he tutored me in acting. Dale gave me a single page listing all the topics we would cover in the four weeks he’d be my tutor. These included vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expression, emotional presentation, use of imagination and visioning, and interpretation of drama, to mention only a few. We would be skipping accents and dialects for this movie, but would touch on improvising, observation, and emulation. He also promised to take me through some of the mechanics about movie making, so I could play to the film editors and directors who had ten or more times the work after the filming was completed.

‘Pressure Limit’ would be an action thriller, so I also had to learn the essentials of stage combat, lest I get clobbered or injured by one of my theatrical nemeses, or I hurt one of them as we faked a fight of some kind. Every day my confidence grew, and I also realized how much I didn’t know about the profession of acting. It had looked so easy — stand and deliver.

Jill had me get up and start to block some of the scenes we’d be doing together. Most of the blocking cues were written into the screen play version of the script that we were reading from. The afternoon flew by, and I found I liked the coaching Jill politely offered as we worked through part of the script. She was gentle, motivating, and a good coach.

We broke at six o’clock. Ellen and I drove back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner.

As we drove to Jill’s, Ellen said, “You know there’s an ulterior motive on the table tonight? Jill wants to put a notch on her gun by having you in her bed.”

“Yeah, I sort of figured that out — and from the look she gave your ass this afternoon, I think you may also be on the menu. I watched her with Claire, and they go both ways.” I thought for a minute and added, “With Jason Lake coming, plus Tina and Chase, she may have to put her plans on hold … or maybe we are misreading her completely, and all is innocent.”

Ellen laughed, “What makes you think everyone else won’t play too. Tina would be up for it — Terry too. If Tina and Chase are ‘close,’ I bet she could talk him into a romp with Jill … and Claire … and me, for that matter. Jason looked as though he’d be fun in bed too.”

I chided her, “Not in my book. It’s important that you’re there. Plus, I thought how it’d be good if you got a better read on Claire. I think she has more influence on Jill than appears on the surface. She has some kind of mystery around her that we don’t understand too; maybe she’ll reveal it to us sometime soon. She surely looks like more than an aspiring actress who got an ‘in’ with a star like Jill … just the way you are with me. What’s her mystery?”

Ellen speculated, “Maybe they’re sex partners. Non-exclusive, but I thought I saw a special chemistry with Jill.”

I shrugged since I didn’t know what to do with that speculation. I saw that too, but the mystery I sensed was something else — something deeper.

A few minutes later, Claire met us at the door to Jill’s gated home in the L.A. hills. “Come in. Come in. Jill is in the kitchen with Anna-Marie arranging dinner.” Claire hugged each of us especially close and slightly longer than would normally be expected. She put her arm around me and led us into an opulent living room that had a bar in one corner, next to where a large walkout glass door showed a beautiful pool, complete with a waterfall cascading into it.

Claire got us wine and gestured for us to sit. “Tina called a little while ago; Chase and she will be here in about half-an-hour.” We had some small talk about how Tina and I had met, a story we glossed over that afternoon. I told the PG-rated version of the story, and that seemed to satisfy her curiosity. If I told her the sexy details, I hoped she would have blushed or lay down on the carpet and asked for a massage — Michigan style.

Jill breezed in and came to meet us, giving Ellen a long special hug and a lingering kiss on the lips. Ellen seemed prepared for it, and went with the flow. She kissed back, and I watched one of Ellen’s hands even move up Jill’s side to almost cup her breast. The two smiled knowingly at each other as they broke apart; Jill looked especially pleased with the reception.

When my turn came, Jill plastered herself against me and even ground her hips into my groin as we kissed. She laughed at her naughtiness, but she wanted ‘you know what’ from me later that night — no doubt. At her request, I got her a Chardonnay; the three women launched into a humorous conversation about my ‘acting’ as a masseur in Michigan when I met Tina. I stood behind Claire and started to massage her shoulders, being gentle but firm. This was foreplay. Claire, God bless her heart, backed her pretty little rump back against the growing lump in my pants. I liked the way the evening was starting.

Terry Ross, my agent, and Jason Lake arrived simultaneously, each with a bottle of fine wine. They got a stellar reception from Jill and Claire. Inspired by their semi-sexual welcome, Ellen also gave Jason an unforgettable welcome too, pressing her lithe body against Jason as they shared a welcome kiss. Jason did a double take, checking with me. I smiled in invitation to him. Maybe this was a Hollywood thing. Terry got the same treatment, as I knew he would.

Chase and Tina arrived and received similar warm receptions from all of us. This time Tina gave me some the hip-grinding kisses that Jill’s welcome had only hinted at by comparison. I blushed because when we separated, everyone else was staring at us. Tina just laughed and said, “We’re old and close friends — very close.” She waved her hand dismissively, yet the unmistakable implication of a prior sexual relationship remained. As the conversation started again, Tina whispered to me, “I’m horny.”

I whispered back, “Me too. Shall we start now — here, or wait until after dinner?” Tina gave me a playful swat on my arm.

We stood in a circle talking, until a bell tinkled in the hallway. Jill announced, “Our dinner is ready. Anna-Marie has prepared Beef Wellington for us; I hope that’s all right with everyone. So many people are going vegan these days.” Jill latched her arm through mine, pulled my elbow to her half-naked breast, and led the contingent across the foyer into the dining room.

Dinner was superb, and for what was supposedly a spur of the moment idea, it had the flavor of party that had been a long time in preparation.

Jill had me sit to her right at the table. Halfway through the meal I felt her barefoot rubbing my leg. I glanced over at her, and caught a leer and a wink in my direction. Her foot moved higher as she adjusted her position in her chair to reach more of my anatomy. I pretended that nothing was wrong but turned to give her better access.

After several minutes of her playing footsie with me, I leaned over to her as some conversation occupied the rest of the diners at the other end of the table. “Jill, I like what you’re doing, in fact it’s arousing — and the higher your foot moves; the more arousing it gets. Am I going to be frustrated by how things end up tonight?” I thought I’d acknowledge the gorilla in the corner.

Jill smiled, pleased at my initiative. “You’ll never leave my bed frustrated; I assure you.” She thought a moment and said, “Maybe I should crank up this party a bit.” She gave me a lecherous grin.

After a silence, Jill tapped her glass with a folk to gain attention, and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, a short game for us — a little romance maybe.” She paused, and everyone hung on her every word. “I would like each of you … to kiss the person on either side of you — women start on their right — with a renewed sense of passion. No arguments now. Two minutes this round. Really kiss.” After a little initial confusion, the pairing for Jill’s first round was established: Jill and me; Clair and Jason; Tina and Terry; and Ellen and Chase.

A couple of eyes got large, wondering where the evening was going. Jill shifted seats so she could sit in my lap, put her arms around my neck, and drive her tongue into my mouth like a pile driver. She was sexy and engaging as we spent our time engaged in more than just one kiss. Before someone said, “Time,” Jill had started to pant. I had too.

Jill said, “All right, now ladies turn to your other side and repeat our game.” This put Chase and Jill together; Ellen and Terry; Tina and Jason, and Claire, and me. Claire pulled the large decorative hair holder from her hair just before we started; she shook her head and her luxurious locks of red hair swept in around her face in a sexy way. Claire also came into my lap; maybe she’d played this game before, wiggled her pretty ass as she sat down. We embraced, and Claire proved to be an even more satisfying a partner than Jill had been. Both our temperatures rose dramatically in just those few minutes of play. She was reluctant to stop, and dragged a finger across my lips in a sexy move as we parted. Those green eyes were also bedroom eyes, promising so much behind them. She whispered to me, “I wish we didn’t have to stop.”

Jill emerged from her embrace with Chase. “The game will continue after the ladies move two seats to their right — men keep your places. This time; however, each of you must remove some crucial piece of clothing from the person you are kissing — and socks don’t count. Start on your right, ladies, and the time limit is five minutes this round.” This put Jill and Terry together; Claire and Chase; Ellen and Jason; and Tina and me.

Since Tina and I had experience with each other, we flowed right into our passionate kisses. She whispered to me, “I think we’re all going to get laid tonight.” I got a feeling the idea of group sex really turned her on.

“Oh, goody,” I said and our tongues clashed.

I unbuttoned the white silk blouse Tina wore. This revealed a filly and nearly transparent bra holding up her full tits. I slipped the blouse off her shoulders. Tina then removed my dress shirt, baring my chest. I cheated and undid her bra and tossed it aside; she looked coyly at me as I started to turn and twist each nipple with my fingertips. As I did this, we spent some comfortable time kissing and whispering sweet nothings to each other, such as, “I sure hope I get to fuck your brains out tonight!” I also got some tongue time on her tits. Tina removed my shirt, and rubbed her nipples across my chest repeatedly as we made out.

Nearby, Jason had undone Ellen’s skirt, revealing her gorgeous legs; Ellen had removed Jason’s pants leaving his lower region in a pair of striped boxers with a huge bulge in them. Claire has lost her blouse to Chase who now only wore a man’s t-shirt. Lastly, Jill’s body had been nearly stripped by Terry — she wore a white bustier; Terry stood only in his boxers — they’d each lost more than just one piece of clothing. More kissing and pawing was going on at that end of the table.

Claire eventually said to the group, “Time’s up,” in a throaty voice. I think ten minutes had actually passed. Jill announced we had to repeat the process to the woman’s left. Jason immediately untied the lacing on Jill’s sexy top until her breasts were flowed out of the bustier — visible and available. Jill took Jason’s shirt, and started to rub the lump that had grown in his briefs. The others became similarly stripped of their clothing.

After a few minutes of making out, Jill laughed, and said, “For the next round the women move back to their original seats, pick the gentleman on their right, and … and, well, I suggest we retire to bedrooms upstairs; four of us in each of the large rooms. Follow me.”

Jill had carefully arranged to have me as her initial consort of the night, not that I minded. She directed Terry and Tina, and Ellen, and Chase into one large bedroom, as Jill, Claire, Jason, and I took to Jill’s mammoth bed.

The few remaining clothes we wore evaporated in the heat of the moment. Neither Jason nor I had anything to be ashamed of; both of us worked out aggressively, and the results showed. Within seconds, Jason and I had both women side-by-side on the bed with our tongues buried in their cunts. The moaning and writhing started immediately.

Claire and Jill held hands tightly, and French kissed occasionally as Jason and I tongued and loved their pussies. I watched Jill stroke Claire’s breasts, even bending to suck on one.

After several minutes of cunnilingus on our directed partners, I winked at Jason and moved my fingers to indicate that we should switch. We did, and I soon had the pleasure of lapping up Claire’s sexual juices. As she writhed beneath me, I inserted two, then three, and then four fingers into her cunt. I tucked my thumb in, and pushed into her sexual tunnel similar to the way I’d seen Nadia do to Ellen. With my other hand, I started to diddle her clitoris as a rapid rate.

“Oooooooh fuuuuuuuk,” Claire screamed. “He’s … killing … me … with … pleasure.” Her red hair flipped back and forth across the bed as her head moved from side to side in her ecstasy. I twisted my hand at the entrance to her pussy, but didn’t push further. I became captivated by Claire’s taste, smell, the feel of her skin, and … well, everything about her.

Not to be outdone, Jason watched our action before he duplicated the moves with Jill. The vocal result was much the same, long wails of pleasure.

After a bit, the women switched places with us, their talented mouths sucking on cocks and our ball sack as their hands danced around our bodies. We switched back and forth again.

And then, the serious fucking started. Claire straddled Jason, and lowered her trim body onto his long rigid shaft. Watching the penetration, Jill and I were extremely turned on.

“You’re next,” I whispered to Jill as Claire started to bounce and grind atop Jason. Claire’s breasts swayed with her fucking motions as her beautiful hair swirled around her head in a sexy way. Claire caught my eye and smiled seductively; she looked longingly at me and blew me a kiss when no one else was looking.

“Do me,” Jill invited with a smile. She lay back and spread her legs, and I beat my shaft against her pussy lips and clit for a minute, teasing her as to when and how I would drive into her. After a minute she begged, “Please. Please put it in me.” I used my thumb on her clit to drive her to an orgasm.

I drove into her body in one fast and penetrating move. Jill gasped in pleasure; her eyes got as large as saucers at my sudden and unpredictable assault. Just as she became accustomed to my motionless presence, I yanked my body back, suddenly ripping my shaft from deep within her cunt.

Jill came immediately in just those two strokes. Her body arched, and she moaned, “Oh, fuck, you made me cum … in … just … that’s fucking amazing. Crystal and Ellen are so lucky to have you.” And then, she started panting as she came down from her peak. I drove back into her body, this time remaining embedded so I could enjoy the quaking velvety tunnel of this movie star. I’d never fucked a movie star before.

Jason tapped my shoulder and winked at me. We extracted ourselves, changed women, and drove back into them. As I moved near Claire, she said, “Do to me what you did to Jill … please.”

I kissed Claire, and then started to massage her clitoris as I used my cock with the other hand to tease her various openings and her other erogenous zones. When Claire started panting and looked flushed, I duplicated my penetration of Jill by suddenly and unexpectedly driving my body into Claire, my cock sinking to the hilt in a fraction of a second.

Surprised beyond belief, Claire gulped for air, and her green eyes locked on mine in what I took as a plea for mercy and a plea for pleasure. “Oh. Oh, dear. I’m so … near … so … suddenly.”

I jerked my cock from deep inside Claire as fast as I could, and the move did indeed induce Claire’s orgasm. She squirted her juice across my abdomen and shaft, arched towards me begging for deep penetration where none existed, and then her primal scream began.

Claire was a screamer; her voice raised an octave, and her wail of pleasure began as the climax swept over her body. I showed no mercy, and slowly buried myself again in her dripping pussy, even as her climax continued. She pulled me to her, rubbing her full breasts against my chest, and then kissing me in a way that showed her penultimate satisfaction with my actions.

Claire whispered to me, “I … I’m falling … you make women love you when you do what you did to me. I’m no exception. You are a magnificent lover; now fuck me some more. Make love to me — love.” I responded well to her words, continuing my thrusts into her body and varying my speed and intensity as our shared time passed.

Jason brought Jill to a climax, and she too made a lot of noise. I heard the two of them cooing at each other in their afterglows.

I looked at the bedroom door, and four nude figures stood in the doorway watching our sex show. Ellen and Tina were bent over slightly as Chase and Terry slowly fucked them from the rear.

When they saw me look at them, Terry said in a humorous tone, “We had to see what all the noise was about — pleasure or murder.”

Jill said, “Look, there’s still room on this bed for you. Come on. Come here.” The foursome broke apart and moved to the bed, casting aside the bevy of pillows piled against the headboard.

I felt lips encircle my cock, and looked down to see Jill inhaling my piece. Since I hadn’t cum, I restored to my ’10′ status quickly. She said, “Now, Mr. Mellon, it’s time for you to sink this shaft of pleasure into my cunt. Come on, your hostess needs your cum.”

Jill moved so her pussy was at the edge of the bed, and I did as she asked. I stroked into Jill as she pushed herself at me; Jill’s full breasts oscillated in sync with our thrusts.

The others paired up and started to fuck. As the night went on, Jill ensured that everyone had spent some quality fucking time with everyone else — a nice gesture, since this gave Tina and me some time together. Matter of fact, Tina fielded one of my explosive orgasms where I try to flood the planet with my semen.

I thought of who’d have to sleep in the wet spot, realizing that the entire bed had become damp with all our sexual juices. Moreover, the room had taken on the unmistakable aroma of sex. Man sex. Female sex. Fucking sex. Cunnilingus sex. Blowjob sex. Anal sex. I inhaled the scents we’d left intermingled in the air, savoring the moment.

Ellen and I got back to the Oceana about four-thirty in the morning. I silently expressed my gratitude to Terry for programming the hotels address into the GPS. We both fell into bed naked next to each other. We smelled like sex, and were sticky. Life was good.

* * * * *

Dale Tanner, my acting tutor, looked at me and shook his head. “Jim, you have to learn how to pace yourself. Jill Danes has a reputation in this city as not only one of the hottest movie stars in town, but also one of the sluttiest. She loves to arrange impromptu orgies, and I’m guessing that you had some fun last night in one them … otherwise, your eyes wouldn’t be so red, and you wouldn’t look so tired.” I had mentioned our dinner to him moments earlier.

I shot an upward glance at my mentor; he was laughing. I had to smile and nod. He’d pegged my previous evening perfectly. I started to ask, “Have you … err …?”

Dale responded, “No. I’m happily married and my wife doesn’t indulge in that side of life. Nonetheless, I’ve heard stories over and over about Jill … and many others in the industry. Just remember my words, ‘You have to pace yourself.’” He laughed again, and then got me to stand and had me speak the same sentence repeatedly, varying the intonation and speed of delivery on each reading: higher pitch and fast speed indicated excitement and drama, while lower pitch, and slow speed indicated boredom and indifference.

Ellen and I sat in the conference room at one o’clock, just as Jill breezed into the room followed by Claire. I noticed Claire wore the same clothes she’d had on the day before.

Jill came over and kissed me hard; in a brash voice she said, “Jim, you are one satisfying lover. We’ll have to do that again some time.” She moved on to Ellen, acknowledging the delight she’d felt when the two women had put on a little Sapphic demonstration for the rest of the guests during one of our recovery periods the night before.

When he stripped off my panties, I suppressed a shiver. I had never felt so naked before in my life. As his hands began to gently caress my breasts, I stood still, resisting the urge to cover myself the best I could with my hands. Even from behind my closed lids, I could feel all the eyes heavy on my body, judging, weighing.

When he took my nipple in his mouth and it grazed it with his teeth I gasped in surprise, my pussy throbbing, the eyes forgotten. Taking advantage of the moment, his hands pressed me down until my back was against the mattress. I opened my eyes and found his, dark, warm and reassuring. His mouth came down on mine urgently, and as he leaned into me from between my legs, I could feel how excited he was. As his tongue worked over mine, his hand caressed my smooth, freshly shaved pussy. His fingers parted my pussy lips and my hips rose to meet him. I groaned against his mouth as his fingers entered me.

My body relaxed and receptive, I opened my eyes and tipped my head back. A heavyset bearded man looked down on me, and was touching himself lightly. I felt myself grow wetter against my husband’s fingers as they glided in and out of me. My hands stoked his back and I writhed against him hungrily. His free hand gently slapped my breast and then pinched my nipple, and I cried out against his mouth.

Abruptly he pulled away and moved his body up towards my head. Gently he coaxed me my knees and sunk his hands into my hair, pulling my mouth on to his cock. I took him into my throat, all the way down, and felt his body twinge in pleasure. Slowly I drew my lips back off his shaft, my tongue trailing along the way. I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock, delighting in his sigh of ecstasy.

As I worked his cock with my mouth, I felt a gentle hand slide against my pussy. It was soft, and I felt fingernails play gently against my skin. Gentle lips kissed my ass. I groaned against my husband’s cock as I felt the carefully manicured fingers enter my pussy. The smooth warm lips continued to move over my ass, and I was nearly overwhelmed by all of the intense sensations.

My mouth was pulled from my husband’s dick, and he drew me up so I was kneeling with him on the mattress. I felt my mystery lover pull back as he wrapped his arms around me and crushed me to his chest. He kissed me deeply and I felt his cock slide between legs, probing the entrance of my pussy with the head of his cock.

Another set of arms slid around me from behind, strong and thick, and I felt a beard tickle against my skin as a mouth kissed the back of my neck. I panted eagerly as I felt a thick cock press in between my ass cheeks. I continued to kiss my husband, as big warm hands groped my breasts and played with my nipples. The strange cock moved in between my ass cheeks, probing gently against my asshole. I knew I must be dripping wet against the head of my husband’s cock.

I felt the head of his cock pulled gently from my pussy and I whimpered disappointment. Looking down between us, I saw a small manicured hand wrapped around my husband’s dick. Looking up, I took in the voluptuous blonde behind him working his cock and knew those hands had been the ones stroking my pussy only moments before. Such talented hands.

My husband’s arms eased up as I felt myself pulled backwards until I was positioned on all fours. Without warning, the thick cock that had been working over my ass entered my dripping pussy, hard and fast. I screamed loudly in pleasure and looked to my husband. His lids were half closed in pleasure, but I could see he was watching me and enjoying what he saw.

I leaned forward and stretched myself until I could take the head of my husband’s cock into my mouth. As the bearded man pounded my pussy from behind, I squealed in pleasure around my husband’s cock. I felt the other woman cease stroking, and shift on the mattress. After a moment, her head was beneath mine, and I soon realized she was working his balls and ass, back and forth, with her tongue and her lips. Crazy with his arousal, my husband fucked my face with abandon.

After a few minutes, I felt my husband pull out of my mouth with a growl. Pulling away from the blonde as well, he moved behind me, and I felt the bearded man pull out of my pussy. I watched as the bearded man moved to claim the sprawled out blonde in front of me. As he entered her pussy and placed her feet on his shoulders, I felt my husband spread the dripping juices from my pussy all over my ass. I knew he must be using them on his cock as well.

Parting my ass checks, I felt my husband’s cock press against my asshole. Usually he entered me anally slow and with tenderness, but he was on fire. Before I knew it, his entire cock was inside my ass. Thrusting hard, he drove a scream from me against the familiar mingling of pleasure and pain. His hand reached around and played with my clit, and before I knew it, I was overcome by the most powerful orgasm of my life. The blonde cried out as well, and our ecstatic noises filled the room and the ears of the other onlookers surrounding the bed. There was quite a crowd now, and their obvious arousal while watching us pushed me over the edge into another orgasm.

Even though he held out as long as he could, I knew my husband couldn’t last long when he was deep inside my tight ass. He was thrusting inside my ass harder than he ever had, and my throat was getting raw from screaming. Finally, I felt his muscles tense, and then his cock spasmed inside me, filling my ass with loads of hot cum. When he finished, he stayed inside me, kissing my back as we watched the blonde and the bearded man continue to fuck beside us.

When my husband finally pulled out, I felt his cum leaking out of my ass and on to the unfamiliar mattress and I grinned. He pulled me to him, kissing my shoulders and neck as we watched the other couple finish up, the bearded man pulling out to spew thick streams of cum all over the blonde’s tits. My husband and I grinned and wriggled appreciatively on the bed.

The people surrounding the bed made flattering comments and some wandered off, and others looked eager to climb on the mattress. I turned to my husband and kissed him sweetly. I was eager to see what the rest of the night held in store…

My plane touched down just after supper. I had been away at meetings for several days and I was very excited to see my Laureen again. My girlfriend is my fantasy. Olive skin, wide hips, perky breasts and the sweetest face; she never failed to keep me satisfied, to keep me coming home. I’m 6 feet tall, husky; nothing “pretty boy” about me, sort of the tall dark and handsome kind, with a face that looks like it’s been hit hard a time or two and hands that were like big meaty clubs. I look rough and tough, but one look in my eyes and it was plain to see, this little lady had me wrapped tightly around her delicate little finger.

Laureen is about 5 foot 4; 130 pounds of woman, with a strong back, strong legs and the prettiest feet I have ever seen. She’s growing her rich, dark hair out, and it looks amazing when she is all done up to go out. She met me at the airport… all done up. I smiled as I walked towards her. My cock jumped and twitched. The other men in the lobby were all stealing looks at her ass, at her full, upturned breasts and I was a proud man. This is what I had to come home to, life is good.

We both have kids from former relationships and our visitation schedules have been set up so that our kids are with us at the same time and every second weekend, we have an adult weekend. I’d been gone for a week to board meetings and as I returned home on this fateful Friday, we had no kids and I was as horny as a moose in rutting season. I felt like uprooting trees and howling at the moon. I stood in front of my lady and she put a gentle hand on my cheek. “Easy now. Hold on for just a while longer and Momma will take care of her man.”

I grunted. My nostrils flared. I wanted to fuck her right there on the turnstile. I wanted to rip her clothes from her body. I wanted to pick her up high into the air and drop her on my angry cock. “I missed you baby.”

“There, there now. I got what you need. Come with me.” She turned and walked out of the reception area and into the airport towards her car. I followed several steps behind. I loved watching her walk. Her posture was amazing; her back so straight and proud. Her hips were hypnotizing to all who watched her walk. I swore I could smell her pussy. She turned to look at me over her shoulder and gave me the look and said just loudly enough for several business men standing nearby to hear, “Come on Big Fella, don’t keep me waiting. I got an itch that needs scratching… very hard.”

The man next to me coughed and smiled. I turned to him and smiled like a man who just received an unexpected inheritance. He shook his head and said with a sigh that betrayed everything that was running through his mind, “Buddy, I wouldn’t keep that waiting long if I were you.”

My grin got bigger. “Dude, you have no idea.” The automatic doors opened with a swish and we slid into her black Corolla and sped out of the parking lot.

“Let me see it.” She reached across the console and squeezed my cock. It was hard, straining and ready for her. I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock as she drove down the highway towards the city. My cock was slick, wet, leaking precum. I was primed for work. She wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock and squeezed. Her purr told me she had waited just as long as I had and tonight, we could both make as much noise as we wanted. She rubbed her finger over the end of my slick cock and brought the liquid to her mouth and sucked it slowly. I felt the heat build inside of me. I reached over and squeezed her right breast, giving it a small shake, appreciating its weight, its supple firmness. She gave a grunting laugh as she looked at me. We both laughed. We knew.

She pulled into the Delta parking lot and it was only then that I realized that we were not going home. “Got us a suite baby.” She said in the sweetest, most innocent voice she could muster. We both smiled. We both knew, there was nothing innocent about what she had in mind. “I feel like making a mess that I don’t have to clean up in the morning.”

“You’re the boss baby.” I followed her through the lobby of the hotel and into the elevator. When the doors closed, the bags hit the floor and I pinned her to the wall. My hand was in her hair and I pulled her head back and crushed her lips in a kiss. She moaned as I forced my tongue between her silken lips, searching for her bubble gum tongue. She bit my lips and I swore at the sharp pain. She laughed. I spun her around and grabbed her by the throat and whispered into her ear. “I want to fuck you right here, right now.”

She sounded breathless as I grabbed her pussy through her pants and squeezed. “Wait baby, just wait.” My tongue licked the perspiration from her neck. She was hot. I was building to a desperate frenzy. I felt like sparks could be seen jumping and crackling from our bodies from the sexual energy.

The bell chimed and the door slid open. An older couple was standing there. We straightened our clothes, I grabbed my bags and we moved out of the elevator around the couple. The woman flushed as I moved past, but the old guy had a smirk on his lips. We heard giggling as the doors closed. It was obvious what was going down here.

We hurried towards our room. 369. Foreshadowing. I had no idea. Laureen fumbled with the key card and it fell to the carpet. I was on her, my arms around her waist, my teeth biting her shoulder firmly, gently. I growled into her ear. 5 seconds and I’m gonna fuck you against the wall in this hallway. She giggled nervously. She knew I was serious. She hesitated. She thought about it. We both giggled as the green light on the lock glowed and she bolted through the door. Her excited giggle was like a starter pistol. My bags hit the floor and the door clicked shut behind us and I was in dead run behind her for the bed. I caught her in mid air as she jumped for the bed and pulled her into me. Her arms were around my neck and her legs wrapped around me as our lips met.

I lifted her up into the air and growled. “I missed you baby; so fucking bad.”

Her face was flushed with urgency. “Shut up, shut up shut up.” She was out of breathe. “I need to be fucked so bad right now. My clothes feel like they are burning my skin, Take them off, help me; hurry.” Clothes hit the floor; hit the wall; like they exploded off our bodies. I pulled her to me. My arms coiled around her waist; my head buried into her neck, I sucked on her skin, inhaled her smell. She pulled my hair hard and grabbed me by the face and smashed my lips with hers. She was almost groaning as her hips moved as if they were possessed and her pussy had a mind of its own, with a single minded mission to seek out my cock and devour it.

I threw her onto the bed and she bounced. I caught her by the ankle and pulled her back to me. She clawed at the blankets trying to escape with an excited, maniacal giggle like somebody who is two steps ahead of the boogie man as they run for the door in the dark; panicked, scared, excited. My powerful hands pulled her to me and she turned to look up at me as I grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her to the edge of the bed; towards my straining cock. I threw her legs over my arms and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her onto my cock. It forced its way into her. My cock burned from her heat and she threw her head back, closed her eyes and moaned.

I pushed against her until I could go no further, but I wanted to. I wanted to keep pushing until all of me was inside of her. She looked up at me. “Baby, it hurts. I’ve wanted this so bad, my pussy was aching. Fuck me. Pleassssse, just fuck me.” I looked down at the woman I love, squirming with need on my cock and that’s exactly what I did.

I fucked her hard and steady; my hands holding her firmly as my cock pistoned in and out of her writhing body. Her head turned from side to side as I filled what had felt so empty this past week. Sweat rolled down my face, forming into drops on my nose and then fell to splash on her heaving breasts. I growled like an animal as she dug her nails into my skin. Drops of perspiration formed on her cheeks, on her upper lip; her face flushed with heat, her hair stuck to her forehead.

I bent down and licked her neck, tasting her saltiness. I licked down her chest and grabbed her breast and sucked her nipple hard into my mouth. Her hand entwined in my damp hair and crushed my lips down into her breast. She whimpered as she looked down at me. Our eyes locked as my tongue circled her nipple. I let go of her arm and sucked at her moist skin, sucking a path between her breasts. My cock pulled out of her grasping pussy as I kissed across her abdomen. She whined in complaint until my searching lips sucked over the narrow landing strip of pubic hair and I reached her swollen pussy. I sucked her into my mouth.

My tongue parted her folds and savored her taste. Laureen has the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever encountered. I could spend and entire day in bed sucking on that pussy and be completely satisfied. I loved licking her. I loved the smell. I love the way she moved when she was building up to an orgasm. I put my hand on her belly and could feel the tension there as she moved around under my tongue. I loved the sounds she made as the urgency built up and her orgasm grew ever closer. Her legs squeezed my head and her hands were entangled in my hair, both wanting to push me away and pull me closer. My tongue danced around her spot and it was there. Her back arched and her cry gave me tingles as the orgasm tore through her body. I lapped up her wetness, drinking her orgasm. My face glistened with her cum.

“Oh my God, that was so quick.” She panted. I smirked with pride. She pushed me away with her feet and she turned to climb up the bed. Not fast enough. I caught her. “NO, baby, I’m too sensitive.”

I just growled and pushed her face into the pillow and spread her legs with my knees. Her brown loveliness winked up at me. “My turn.” I buried my face between her round ass cheeks and my tongue found her rosebud. All the fight left her as she sunk into the comforter with a groan. My tongue in her ass had control of her now. Her arms were above her head and she sucked on her arm as my lips and tongue had their way with her ass. I loved when she sucked her arm during sex. I always envisioned another woman in bed with us, her arm wrapped around Laurs shoulder as she fed my lady her breast.

I moved up her body, kissing my way up through the cleft of her ass, up her spine, to her neck. She purred. I slid my cock between the slick globes of her ass and Laureen squirmed. The smile on her face told me she was ready again. I turned her over and found her lips. I reached down and guided my cock into her pussy once again. I then moved my legs to the outside of her legs, pushing her legs together as I moved up her body. Her arms wrapped around my head as I sucked on her shoulder. I move above her, my cock sliding through the length of her pussy.

“Right there. Baby, you know what I need. Right there.” I fucked her steadily; long slow strokes that had her in heat again fast. I fucked her harder as her need grew. I could feel it coming as her pussy clenched and spasmed on my cock. “Oh baby, Ohhhh baby. I’m close.” I stayed true, not deviating in the slightest, giving her what she needed and then she was there, moaning and writhing underneath me, our bodies sliding against each other slickly, covered in sweat and cum as she peaked and her orgasm was torn from her like doll torn from her hands as a child, desperate fingers trying in vain to hold on but with a moan that came from somewhere deep inside of her. She crested and I stroked smoothly until her orgasm played out.

She was breathless and her face serene as she savored the afterglow. I smiled; satisfaction after a job well done. I climbed off of her and walked to the head of the bed. She smiled as I presented my cock to her, shiny with her essence. She lowered her head onto my cock until her nose was brushing my pubic hair and the head of my cock jumped and twitched as the swallowing action in her throat milked the head of my cock. She growled and patted the bed beside her for me to lie down. I did as I was commanded and she crawled between my legs; her lovely brown hair falling across my legs as she sucked my cock. She slid her hand across my balls, her nails gently raking my most sensitive part. She knew what I liked. I felt a finger sliding lower, circling my backdoor. I felt the pressure as she pushed and I accepted her into me with a moan. Slowly she slid her finger into me as she sucked my cock and stroked me with her other hand.

She rose, my cock sliding from her mouth with a pop. Laureen turned away from me, turning her back to me as she slowly threw a leg across my lap and sat on my cock, her ass looking like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen as I watched my cock slide in and out of her; her pussy clutching my cock as it pulled away, and giving way as I entered her. She pulled my knees up towards her and leaned forward. I could feel her finger at my opening again and she slid a finger into me again. I felt another finger enter me and stretch me. I loved it. I wished that she had her long black buddy with her, strapped to her and pounding me, taking me, dominating me as she filled me.

She pulled her fingers from my ass way too soon and my groan let her know, but she just giggled. She lay back against me, reclining atop me with her legs stretching out beside my legs, her back resting on my chest. She lifted her hips and my cock slid from her pussy. She reached behind her back, between us and guided my cock to her rosebud. I didn’t move. I let her take care of this part. She slid my cock up and down the crack of her ass until it found her opening. She slowly wiggled her hips until my cock entered her ass. I reached around and cupped both of her breasts and squeezed firmly and sucked on her neck as she sunk down on my cock and I was balls deep in her tight, hot ass. She raised her hips and slammed them down again, impaling herself on my cock. My hips moved to meet her. Her nails dug into my hands as she squeezed her breast with me.

We bucked and squirmed as my cock dug into her ass. She turned my head and kissed me. “I love feeling you in my ass baby.” The tone of her voice was husky and filled with wanton desire. She was feeling sexy and I was feeling the first tendrils of my orgasm crawling up the insides of my legs.

“I’m gonna spill my seed in your ass baby. Would you like that?” I moved my hands to her hips and fucked her ass harder as my orgasm built in strength.

“I want to feel it baby.” She hissed as she felt my urgency building. I was moaning as I tried to hold back the tide. She squeezed her breast with one hand and her finger was working furiously on her clit as I rose to fill her ass. “Wait for me, I’m so close.” She hissed. I groaned as the impending hurricane of my orgasm lashed the shores with a furry that would not be contained.

“I’m coming baby. I can’t hold on.” I could feel it in my balls and the cry that built in my chest was torn loose as my cock contracted. I heard her cry and knew she had reached that pinnacle with me and with the first splash of my orgasm deep inside of her ass, her orgasm rolled over her and I held her tightly as we bucked and rolled together in the sweaty sheets of our $400 dollar a night suite.

Our panting subsided and she rolled off of me and collapsed on the bed. I just lay there trying to catch my breathe and slow my heart which I could see beating in my abdomen and all of my pulse points. I rolled over and turned her head to mine. Her eyes were closed and the most content grin graced her lovely lips. “God I missed you Baby.”

She purred, “Mmmm, I missed you too Stud.” We drifted off to sleep naked in our bed, neither one of us noticing the sun through our window as it did its slow slide into darkness. I dreamt of my Lady. I dreamt of her body. My dreams were fevered and darkly erotic. I had no way of imagining as I lay there in dream land, that my woman had a plan for the night, that would address all of those bad, bad dreams.

(I love you Baby.)


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Lunchtime Rendezvous

As I finish putting my soup into my lunch bag Jane comes into the kitchen with a sheepish smile on her face. I smile back, “Have fun today,” I say as I close the lid and zip it up.

“Oh, I will,” she responds as she moves up to give me a hug and a kiss.

“I want to hear all about it when I get home.” I look into her eyes and can see the excitement sparkling back at me. “You nervous?”

She pauses “No,” and then slightly shrugs her shoulders, “but I think I will be when it gets closer to the time.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised that you will be nervous at that time.” I hug Jane tightly to reassure her, “You’ll be fine.” I separate from her embrace and grab my lunch bag.

As I heads towards the front door I turn around and state, “Make sure to turn on your Google Latitude app like we discussed.” One of our agreements is that we always know where the other person is when meeting someone. This is more of a precaution since we meet the person at least once before we take it to the physical stage.

“I will,” she smiles and then turns around to start to get the boys lunch bags packed for them.

I head to the door and ponder, This is really going to happen. I can’t believe my wife is going to fuck another guy. Her first time being with someone else besides me is going to happen in a few hours. I put on my shoes and grab my keys hanging from the hook. “See you tonight.” I shout as I open the door and head off to work.

It has been two months since we opened up our marriage. Jane has been chatting with Gary regularly and they finally found time to meet. With both of their schedules being so busy and us having kids, it has been a matter of timing. It’s going to be over Jane’s lunch hour, but it will be enough time after the long build up for the past two months.

Tossing my bag into the trunk, I hop into the car to head for work. Thank god it is only a short drive or I would go stir crazy thinking about their rendezvous and what will happen. It is going to be a long day and I hope that I can keep busy so not to think about it.


“So they’re at the house”, my phone chirps as if I have not been thinking about it all morning.

“Yep. You okay?” I started chatting with Gary’s wife Amber shortly after this all started. They have been doing this for a few years and having her as a sounding board has made it easier. Plus having another in the same situation allows you to ask questions that you just can’t ask anyone else that does not know our lifestyle. We have also sexted a few times so there is a hint that I could end up fucking her.

“Yes. Little excited. How is work going?” I can’t just talk about what is happening, it will make me get more anxious. As it is my stomach has been in knots all morning with the anticipation of it being over. The excitement and anticipation is like waiting for you wildest dream, and then knowing that it is going to happen shortly. I never thought I would feel this way, then again I never thought I would be in this lifestyle either.

“Good, although working on my performance reviews. Not my favourite thing to do.”

“Yeah. They are a pain.” I have always had a bad taste in my mouth regarding performance reviews. They always are very judgemental and no matter how you perform, even if there is proof that you did an outstanding job, it can always be twisted to be against you.

We chatted for another half an hour about anything but what was actually happening. It helps pass the time and also makes the waiting go by faster. Luckily my good friend Jason stops by asking to go for a smoke a few minutes after we stopped texting. I basically jumped out of my chair and said “YES”. Heading towards the stairwell he notices that I am unnaturally quiet.

“You okay? You going to Jitsu tonight?” he asks with a casual smile. Jason never really could come across as serious since he is always happy. He makes me laugh with his schoolboy excitement about everything even at his age. Not saying that he is old but he reminds me of highschool the way he is so excited. It also helps that he damn good looking so he can get away with a lot more than I could.

“Yes. Well today is the day,” I reply with a smile. Although I think he also saw the slight excitement, anxiety and worry in my voice.

“Really?” he replies in a surprised tone.

“Yep, right now.” We get to the stairs and notice some people coming up them so we quietly head down until they were out of earshot.

“They are at the house right now over lunch.” We get to the door and swipe our cards to get out and hands me a cigarette from his pack as the door closes behind us. Luckily, after a quick glance around, no one else is outside so we can talk more freely. “It is weird, since I am not upset or mad, but actually excited. Wanting to know what is happening is driving me mad.”

“Well, it is weird. So you are going to Jitsu tonight?” trying to change the subject again, he lights his cigarette and takes a drag. “You really should go since you haven’t gone this week. And if you don’t go it means that I will be that much further ahead in training then you.”

“I doubt I will be going tonight. Want to find out the details. And, ” pausing briefly, “Plan to fuck my wife,” as a smile lights up my face. “One of the things is that we tell each other what happens. It is nice being open so that we don’t hide anything.”

“Fucking weird if you tell me.” At this point the door opens and more people come out so he starts to chat up the girls saying that we are going to Ju Jitsu tonight and that they should come out and try it. Once you understand Jason you get used to him speaking what is on his mind. It can make for some very awkward moments but he is a honest guy and speaks from his heart. Of course that can also work against you depending on who you are chatting with. I couldn’t just blurt out my thoughts without knowing the impact. Then again I am slowly changing myself, hell I am letting my wife fuck another guy right now.

Finishing our cigarettes we head inside and back to our desks. Jason chatted on and on how I really need to go to class tonight to get a workout. Honestly I would love to go but my thoughts are focused on what is happening at my house right now. More for knowing how it went as well as wanting to fuck her myself. And going into class not being focused is dangerous since you could get injured if you are not careful.

Even after she told me all the fantasies we have been fucking like rabbits every day so tonight will be even hotter than usual. Actually the sex has gotten better every time we do it. We seem to be exploring and finding more about what makes the other tick. Granted you would have thought that being together over 16 years would have brought this on, but it seems different now. More open, raw and passionate.

“I will talk to you later, need to get some work done and get my mind off it.”

“Okay but you are going to Jitsu tonight. Jits for life!” Jason shouts. He smiles and heads off to his desk as I steer myself to my desk deep in thought.


“Heading back to work,” my phone chirps. My phone says 12:56 pm so she will be a bit late getting back to the office. Doubt her boss will know since she is not always there anyway. Still, I don’t want to have questions raised or worse, other complications with her work.

“K, hope you had fun.” I respond, wanting to ask more but knowing that I will get the full details when I get home.

“Yes I did. ttyl” as she punctuates the message with a smiley face blowing a kiss.

I respond with a wink and then get back to work. Surprisingly the afternoon goes by fairly quickly since a few issues came up that actually had me thinking more about the solution then anything else. When the time comes for my shift to end I pretty much fly out the door to get to my car so I can get home. I wanted to see evidence of their encounter, which may sound weird, but it is one way for me to deal with the events that happened over that hour. I have to know, to see for myself that it actually happened.

Hitting every light on the way home, which is only a short distance away, didn’t help. I had the music cranked in the car as I sang along to Shinedown trying to keep calm. Pulling into the drive I manage to park the car and unplug my phone from the radio. Collecting my bag from the trunk, I briskly walk up the drive to the front door.

Kids are entertained as I close the front door, one on the DS and the other watching TV. At least they are busy so I won’t be interrupted. I quickly drop my bag at the door and drop off my coffee mug in the kitchen as I proceed to go up to the bedroom.

As I approach the bedroom upstairs, I recall that the bed was made and another comforter was on top to separate our blankets. I walk into the room and it looks the same. Nothing really seems disturbed so I head to the bathroom. In the trash can there is an open Trojan condom package. Well he used protection, which is one of our agreements.

The realization of Jane actually getting fucked by another guy hits me. To this point it has been talked about as a fantasy and now it is a reality. We have talked about this for months now since she first approached me in doing this. The thought of another guy sliding his cock into my wife and fucking her has my cock beginning to get hard. This is another thing that I am not used to is that reaction of the fantasy. Glancing around the bedroom one last time I head back downstairs to the kitchen to get dinner ready.

My mind begins to go over the thoughts of what happened a few short hours ago up in that room. I then start to think about Amber and what it would be like to have another woman after so long being with Jane. This does not help my cock stirring in my pants, so I try focus on what to make for dinner to get my mind off of it with little success. By the time Jane gets home dinner is almost ready and my cock is aching to have some attention.

As she walks into the kitchen I can see the sparkle in her eye and she moves in to give me a hug. Wrapping my arms around her I pull her in tight and my cock goes erect almost immediately with her touch. She laughs and gives me a kiss, “Guess you happy to see me?”

“Ummm, Yes. Didn’t you notice?” I reply with a sheepish grin on my face. Wanting to ask her more about what happened today but as I am about to pose the question, our youngest walks into the kitchen.

“What’s for dinner?” he asks with the cutest smile that only a young boy can give. It is that smile that keeps him out of trouble for the most part.

I separate from Jane and head over to the oven, “Chicken and fries, but you already guessed that didn’t you?”

He giggles and runs back into the family room to finish watching TV. The oldest blurts out, “Told you so!”

“We will talk later when there are less ears around.” She gives me a quick kiss on the lips and then heads over to the boys’ school agendas and quickly goes over them as the beep of the oven goes off. Dinner is ready so I should feed the starving boys. It is going to be a long night, as I glance over at Jane seeing her almost glowing from here. Yes, a very long night.


Explosions fill the room as I quickly dispatch another tank with my RPG. It is so calming that I can turn on my xbox and blow shit up to relieve stress. It also gets my mind off the activities of earlier today involving my wife. I can’t sit around and wait and do nothing so blowing shit up and trying to improve my stats in the game helps in some degree to keep my mind preoccupied.

I hear footsteps on the stairs and can tell it is Jane by the way they sound. She appears at the bottom of the stairs out of the corner of my eye and I shift my feet off the bench so that she can easily pass by me to sit on the other end of the couch. I return to my normal position and continue to play my game, not trying to be impatient and but waiting for a signal that she is ready to talk about the events that happened with Gary and her.

Pulling her laptop out and turning it on was not what I wanted to see, so I glance over at her and notice that she is looking at me while it boots up. “Soon,” she says and then looks back at the login screen on her laptop as she types her password.

“Okay, but I am not going to be able wait much longer”, I mutter as I just died from another player knifing me in the throat. “Shit,” I curse as I wait for the respawn timer to count down so I can join back into the fight.

She chuckles, “Having a good game, are ya dear?”

I glance over at her and smile, “Just wait til the boys go to bed,” as I turn back to my game. “Then we shall see how good a time WE can have.”

Quickly hitting the x button on the controller and I am back in the game racing around trying to find anything to shoot at. Was he better then me? creeps into my thoughts as I turn a corner and get shot point blank by another player. Respawn again and with seconds I am killed again. My mind is not focused now, not with her sitting beside me having all the power in the world over me and I am helplessly waiting for the details. I pull up the menu to the game and select quit. Turning the game off I flip over to the videos and select streaming movie trailers as background noise. Don’t need to focus too much and might find something that we haven’t seen or heard about.

“So you had a good time? Was it what you expected?” I questioned. I can’t wait any longer, the boys are upstairs but I have to know.

“I was good. We really didn’t get past the front door before he pulled me into him and we started to kiss. Surprised we kept our clothes on long enough to get upstairs.” She shifted a bit with the thought of what happened. “We did stop long enough to go upstairs and into the bedroom. We both undressed, although I am not sure who was faster.”

“I can believe that,” I commented, “After waiting that long I am surprised you made it upstairs too!”

“He then laid me down on the bed,” she continued, ” and proceeded to eat me out. Not that he needed to since I was soaked by the time I got home. After a short while I couldn’t take it anymore and told him to fuck me as I passed him a condom. He ripped open the package and pulled out the condom which I then took from his hand. I reached for his cock which was standing at attention and I slowly rolled out the condom over his cock.”

“You put the condom on him? Interesting… you’ve never done that with me. Then again you are usually bent over so I can fuck your ass,” my cock is starting to get hard listening to all of this and I am not sure how I feel. Excited? Horny? It is weird hearing about my wife telling me that another guy was about to fuck her and I am getting very excited, to the point that I want to rip her clothes off and just fuck her right there.

I move a little closer to her and she lifts up the laptop from her lap and puts on the end table as she closes the lid. As she is about to continue the story our youngest bounces down the stairs to say good night so we each give hugs and tell him good night and remind him to brush his teeth.

“I will,” he quietly states and then heads back upstairs.

I look at Jane inquisitively, not wanting her to stop her story and she continues, “he then has me roll over doggie style and fucks me.” She pauses and then continues, seeming to relish the experience again as she is telling me it. “He then pulls out and we do it missionary till he blows his load.” She looks at me, try to read my expression which at this point is pure excitement. “He pulls of the condom and disposes it in the bathroom then comes back into the bedroom. We cuddle for a bit and chat about nothing in particular. I then feel his cock starting to get hard again so I go down on him. Before I know it he stops me saying that if you keep doing we will have to fuck again and that we will be late for work. I didn’t realize it was that late,” she says with a slight pout. “So we get dressed and head downstairs where we have long kiss goodbye and head out the door.”

For the second time in so many months I am a bit speechless. Not sure what to say I just sit there quietly trying to collect my thoughts. Jane can see that I am trying to absorb what she just told me. “You okay?”

“Yes,” I pause for a second, “actually very horny right now, and curious,” I gather my thoughts quickly, trying to sort them into a cohesive sentence and can only come up with an easy one. “Will you want to see him again?”

“Yes I would, although I wish we had more time to explore. ” She looks at me puts a hand on my thigh, “Lunch time is really not enough time to play.” She slowly slides her hand up towards my engorged cock.

“And you enjoyed yourself?” I ask even though I think I have asked this question enough over the evening. Feeling her hand sliding up my thigh also has my mind starting to go numb and focusing more on her hand then the topic that we have been discussing.

“Of course,” as she moves a bit closer and slides her hand onto my thigh slowly sliding up to my bulging pants, “but I plan to enjoy your cock tonight too!,” Her eyes almost look like a tiger ready to pounce. The lust in her eyes almost practically has them sparkling. I can almost sense her licking her lips with anticipation of having my cock in her mouth. What has happened to my quiet timid wife? When did she become this ravenous woman who wants cock all the time now?

“If you go a little higher with your hand,” calmly stating a fact with little success, “You can see how much I am looking forward to you playing with my cock too!”

She slides her hand up and places it over my cock, feeling how hard it is through my pants. “Yes it seems that you are awake.” As she leans forward to give me a kiss the stairs creak with my oldest coming down to say good night. I slide back a bit and shift my legs to hide my erection since it is forming a tent that is pretty obvious to anyone looking. Smiling she leans back to her side and waits for our oldest to come give us hugs.

Thank god he is so tall since the hug is more of a shoulder bump and he didn’t notice my hard on. Jane gives him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek and says good night as he heads off to bed. I glance quickly over to see that he is heading towards the stairs and then look back at Jane. She has the “fuck me” eyes glittering at me. She wants a cock and I damn well am going to give it to her.

I don’t know who moved first, but I doubt it was more than a few seconds after he is halfway up the stairs that we both were in each others arms, our tongues searching, prying our lips open to kiss. Our tongues swirl around and tease each other as I pull her in tight to my body. The emotions over the past day heightened my senses with every touch feeling like a shock of electricity running through my whole body. Sliding my hands up and down her back as I separate from her lips and start to nibble on her neck. I smell a slightly different odor and realize that this is Gary, the man who had his cock inside of her that day and it surprised me that I could actually smell him. It also made my cock harder, which I didn’t think was even possible.

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