The stress was getting to Carla. Having recently moved from a small town, Phoenix with six 6 million residents was hectic. Her new job, her bitchy boss, the deadlines were all piling on. Having met the latest deadlines, we escaped town and turned off our cell phones. The city turned to desert as I plotted our route up and into the mountains. My lovely wife’s only response as she was lying back with eyes closed, “I do not care where we go, just get me away, Calgon take me away”!

I found the timing of the bath reference interesting as the next exit advertised: relaxing, natural, hot mineral springs. I could not pass up such a sign from heaven, pulling off the interstate into a remote desert town. The springs turned out to be less than enticing looking, ran down, and almost deserted. As I voiced my concern, Carla once again stated, “I do not care, just get me away from people”. Well, this appears to be that place, it was practically abandoned.

Leaving her in the car, I stepped through the bamboo gates and up to a trailer acting as an office. I rented a cabin through the upcoming weekend and unlimited soaking for the whole 5 days to include nights. I found our “cabin” to be no more than a gardening shed with a king sized bed. The springs area was not much better. To my surprise clothing was not an option and the soaking tubs were actually horse troughs. Head down, I returned to my chronically depressed wife, “I do not think you will approve.”

She snapped, “is there a bed? Is there mineral bathing?” As it met those requirements, I led her to our cabin with her hardly seeing a thing.

Carla was really out of it. Once in, I handed her a robe telling her to strip and change into it. I unloaded the car, put our food in the mini fridge, filled water bottles with wine, stripped, and put on my robe all in the time it took her to undress and pick up her robe. “I forgot my bathing suit”, Carla mentioned sounding stoned as I helped her into her robe. I led her out the door without explaining that suits are not an option anyways.

Walking her into the bathing area, she did not notice the old shriveled man that walked past, nor the old leather skinned woman sitting in the lawn chair. She did not notice they were completely naked either. I removed her robe and helped her into a large circular tub.

She soaked with her eyes closed. I could see the tension leaving her face, her muscles loosening, her lovely smile returning. All things that prescription medication failed to achieve. “This place is amazing” she told me, “I love it” slowly opening her eyes.

Two elderly men walked in and began undressing at the designated changing area just a few feet in front of us. Carla let out a small laugh as they pulled their underwear off. This was probably her first laugh in a month. It was good to see her coming back.

Having stripped they strolled over to our tub striking up a small conversation. With their cocks just inches from Carla’s face, they discussed how it was cooling off with the sun setting and asked about temperatures of the various tubs, reaching their hand down beside Carla’s nude body to test our water. Then they puttered off. Somehow she has always attracted elderly men with her cute young face a very curvy body.

Another small laugh came from her as she whispered in my ear, “They were naked.” She truly had not been aware that she, I, and the few others were nude as well. After momentary confusion, realizations flashed through her mind: the two men had seen her up close and naked, they were very pleasant, nothing we could do now as they already seen her.

Slowly processing this, she again relaxed. Only now becoming conscious of her surroundings she whispered obvious realizations in my ear. “That woman’s bush is very large. His balls hang down longer than his cock. He shaves his pubic area. Did you know some old men shave their cocks? People are friendlier when naked, there would be no stress in the world if everyone was naked.” Whatever thought that came into Carla’s mind, came out as she slowly re-entered full consciousness.

As dusk turned into night we chatted, sipped wine, and ate a dinner of cheese and crackers under the stars. Sitting in the hot springs completely naked had become a miracle therapy for my beautiful wife. Her expounding upon the new enlightenment was fascinating as she talked her way from “I would have never done this” to questioning if she “could walk around naked as others did? Was the shaved guy the ultimate nude?”

Her return to sanity was very reminiscent of Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, one of my all-time favorite books

We almost floated back to our cabin, walking on clouds, washed clean of all stress. Carla was exhausted but happier than I have seen her in years. She collapsed onto the bed while she continued to prattle. “I do not think I want to have a big bush like that lady, do you think shaving like the old guy is better?”

While she drifted towards semi-consciousness, I suggested we find out. I trimmed her pussy then decided to go “all in” shaving her sweet little cunt completely bald.

I awoke to see Carla looking at her now “very nude” pussy in the mirror. Carla noticed me watching and almost bounced to the bed. “I put on my robe and went for a walk this morning. It was not a dream. We actually are in the nude place. I had 4 different naked old men and a trucker offer to share their tubs with me. I filled our water bottles with orange juice; I am ready to get nekkid”. Her previous lethargic attitude was now almost childlike with excitement.

She was indeed ready practically skipping towards the bathing area. As she removed her robe she smiled to each of the men who watched with interest. She walked to the nearest tub seeking a brief place to hide and regroup her thoughts. I was once again her sounding board “they watched me take my robe off. I think he was close enough to see my shaved pussy. Do you think he liked what he saw?”

After a deep breath she stated “ok, I will relax now and enjoy … well, after this.” Leaving the tub she slowly strolled around the soaking area stopping and talking with each of the old men, feeling how hot their water was reaching her hand down to the water as close to their cocks as possible. Then she would continue to the next old man, each very glad for her company.

One elderly admirer placed his hand on her hip while she talked with him. With the erotic side now out of her system, she truly relaxed laying in the shade, soaking in the various tubs, and casually conversing with whoever struck up a conversation.

We awoke from a nap with the day stretching toward evening. With a bit of irritation we dressed in preparation to take a short absence from our watery sanctuary to find a restaurant for dinner. Would the desert night be as beautifully starlit? We wondered if we would once again have the whole soaking area to ourselves come night fall. There were posted rules concerning intimate contact in the baths, but who would know if we made love? Watching the gorgeous sunset and with our water bottles once again filled with wine, we returned to our new found Eden.

Not a sole was in sight. We claimed a tub in the back corner just big enough for two and cuddled together in the warm relaxing water. Staring up at the night sky, watching the stars begin to fill it, I relaxed feeling Carla’s hand wander over my body. Each time it found my cock, she lingered, softly stroking to ensure I remained hard.

Voices slowly invaded our dream world. Sitting up I could see a middle aged couple stepping into the hottest tub, known as Desert Pete. It was made of concrete and was filled with steaming water which was not tempered in the least.

Until they noticed us in the corner, their conversation was a bit agitated though quiet. Seems that he arranged their soaking mid-week at night; when no one was ever around. She preferred being a social nudist who enjoyed talking with people. Apparently one of his issues was that most at the springs were men. If there was a young woman for him to gander at, it would help him to accept all the old men talking to and ogling his wife.

Carla made a noise bringing attention to the fact that they were not alone. As they apologized, Carla set them at ease assuring them that we could hear nothing over the running water and did not even know they were there.

She strolled over to their tub introducing herself while asking if she could join them. Sitting directly across from them, she called me over.

Carla introduced me and asked about their names, Judy rapidly responded and introduced her husband Todd also. He frowned at her, which Clara took as a challenge. With her friendly tone and large breasts floating in front of him, Todd began to explain that he was in a political field. After a man at a party saw Judy and stated “I did not recognize you with your clothes on” he has been hesitant for either of them to be nude in public.

Our conversation began to flow, and I fetched some wine. I returned to Carla sitting on the edge of the tub with her shaved pussy quite visible to Todd. Before I took my place, Judy moved beside Carla. Both lovely ladies were in full view as I sunk in beside Todd.

The wine and our sexy ladies showing their stuff were bringing Todd out of his shell. Noticing Carla’s wine dwindling, I offered to refill it. She waved me off apparently with purpose in mind. Within a couple of minutes, Carla was reaching past Todd to get the wine herself. Her breast brushed against his arm. Putting it back in place, her breasts once again pressed into his arm. Carla and Judy soon were taking every opportunity to show us and tease us as much as possible.

I had retreated from the heat as well, sitting on the edge of the tub. Judy made no pretense as she admired my cock making flirtatious comments.

Carla asked Todd to sit on the edge so she might have a better view as well. We had noticed earlier that Todd was far from well-endowed and tried to keep his cock from view as much as possible. Carla pointed out to him that she could “clearly see it now, it was a wonderful cock, very hard, standing straight up, uncircumcised.”

She moved beside him pressing her breasts against him while placing her hand on his cock, whispering in his ear. His eyes rolled back with a soft moan as Carla stroked his cock. His hands began caressing her young wet curves, lingering on her ass. Carla has a thin waist but large breasts and hips, on the order of world war II pin-ups.

Judy moved between my legs licking the length of my cock.

Carla pouted that she wished she could suck Todd’s cock. In short order he was sitting beside me with his little cock proudly standing at attention. Carla mixed sucking his cock with talking about what a wonderful cock he had. She knows how to build a man’s ego, and keep him erect. Carla told him how “amazing his cock would feel spreading her tight little asshole.”

Without a word in response, he lifted, Carla turning her and bending her over the edge of the tub. I watched his cock enter her virgin asshole, causing just a small squeal from my sexy wife. Carla met each of his thrusts bucking wildly back against him. He pulled back, staring at her gorgeous ass, Droplets of cum began dripping from her puckered little asshole.

Judy whispered to me in a hungry voice “Fuck me now, I want your big cock in my pussy now!”

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