My wife and I stabilized our relationship years ago. She is in charge and I do anything that I can to please her. It seems odd, she is 5′ 3″ and small; I am 6’3″ and 220lbs, but she is the dominant one in our sex life. She is very imaginative and her sex drive is incredible. There is no telling what she will come up with or what she will require me to do to satisfy her. I am a very lucky man.

This past weekend is a perfect example. We were staying at a hotel in Orange Beach, AL and there just happened to be a Junior College Basketball team there as well. We ran into them on the beach, at the pool, the restaurant and in the halls. My wife flirted with them at every opportunity and it wasn’t long before we had several of the young men around us all the time. While at the pool, my wife invited all of the players present to come up to our room in about an hour. They agreed and she and I left to go on up. When we got to the room, she told me to shower, shave and generally get cleaned up. When I finished, she took her turn and we were soon ready for our visitors.

I knew what to expect in general, but, had no idea what she would have us doing in particular. I could tell that she was very excited and of course, that excited me. We were both naked under our bath robes and while we were waiting, she told me to get on my knees in front of where she was seated and to lick her pussy. I happily complied. Shortly, there was a knock at the door, she told me to go open it and then come back to her. I went to the door, opened it and six of the team members came in. I walked back to my wife, got down and began licking and sucking her cunt again. I could hear her telling them to come in, sit down and that there was beer in the refrigerator. At first there was silence from the men, but, my wife started asking them if they liked what they saw and what I was doing. She continued to lead them on until they were all talking about what they wanted to do to her and what they’d like for her to do for them.

She eventually pushed me away from her wet crotch and told me to wait; then she asked them if any of them wanted a blow job? Of course, it was instant pandemonium, they all wanted one. She then explained that while she intended to participate, she just wanted to watch for awhile. She then interrupted their groans of dismay by telling them that I was her sex slave and that she was going to have me service each of them in whatever way or ways that they preferred. That seemed to shock them and there was silence again.

I am going to digress for a moment and explain that my wife had discovered early in our marriage that I am fascinated by cocks. We would be watching porn and I became the most excited when the screen showed someone sucking someone’s erect dick. She started me on strapons and worked on up to having me suck other men at her command. The only difference in this case was of quantity. She was offering to have me suck six men for as many times as they wanted. I was thrilled, turned on and somewhat apprehensive, all at the same time.

Before more than a few seconds had passed, she turned to me and told me to crawl over to the nearest and ask him if I could suck him off and would he mind if I swallowed his cum. I did as she commanded and the young man turned beet red, looked at the others and finally mumbled something that I took to be a yes. I reached up and pulled down his bathing trunks, revealing a semi-rigid cock. As soon as I got the trunks off his feet, I took his balls in one hand and his penis in the other and started fondling them. I leaned forward so that I could lick the end of it. I was rewarded by both seeing and feeling it get larger and harder. It became fully distended and was both steel hard, but, with that soft, velvety exterior of which only an erection is capable. I licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip and then took him fully into my mouth. He was only about 71/2″ so it was no problem for me to take the entire length into my throat, still continuing to massage his balls. I’d like to say that it was my best effort ever, but, he came quickly. He did have a huge load though and I had some difficulty in swallowing it all.

For the next hour or so, it was just me sucking them off, one after the other, while my wife sat in her chair, shoving a dildo in and out of her cunt and giving directions. Once each of them had cum, my wife decided that it was time for her to get involved. She asked the men if any of them had ever screwed a man in the ass before and they all said that they had not. She told them that she wanted them all to take me that way, that I hadn’t been a good slave and needed punishment. It was easy to see which of them was interested by their various states of arousal. I was not as happy, I like to suck cock and swallow cum, but, I’m not so excited about having one up my ass. I protested and she told me to shut up and to come over and lick her some more. I did and could hear her telling one of the men to get the ointment from the night stand in the bedroom. When he came back, she told him to rub some on my asshole and then do what came naturally.

I felt his hands on my hips and then I felt the tip of his cock touch my tight little hole. He began to push and I resisted. My wife commanded me to relax and take it or it would be the worse for me. I tried to relax, but, it felt like someone was trying to park a Buick in my butt. He continued to persist and I felt it pop past the sphincter muscle; it went quicker after that and he began to pound away. It really hurt at first and then I started getting a warm feeling in my stomach and realized that I was starting to enjoy it. My wife noticed that I was moving in and out with his thrusts and she told him to stop. She pulled my head out of her cunt and asked me if I liked it. I told her that I did and she told me to beg him to continue fucking my male pussy. I did so and he fucked me till he came, filling my ass with his cum.

By this time they had formed a line and the next one was instantly shoving away at my butt; this time I was doing everything that I could to help him. I wanted another cock in my ass. My wife decided that she’d like to be fucked and picked out one to do her; she knelt on the floor so that he could take her doggie style. She wanted to be able to watch me while she was screwed. She told another to sit in the chair where she had been sitting so as to have me suck him. This way I could take care of more of them sooner. I made a contest out of it; whether I could get the guy in my mouth to ejaculate before the one in my ass or the other way around. I can’t remember how many time that I won my own contest, but, I must have swallowed a gallon of cum and had at least as much pumped into my ass. My wife was fucking, sucking and being fucked and sucked by two and three men at a time. Eventually, everyone wore out and our visitors left, happily exhausted.

That evening we returned to the pool, thinking that it would be fun to just float around in the semi-dark. We had hardly gotten in the water when some of our new friends showed up with some of the members that hadn’t been with us earlier. Of course, they wanted us to take them back to the room so that the new guys could have some fun and get their rocks off. My wife told them that she wanted to stay in the water, but, we could work something out. She told them and me to follow her to the far end of the pool, where it was darkest. She had each of them to sit on the edge with their feet trailing in the water and told them to pull out their manhood. She and I were still in the water, she told me to begin at one end of the line and suck then off. I begged to not do it; I was sure that I’d get caught. Anyone could look out their window or walk down to that end. She was adamant and I had no choice but to do as she wished.

I started on my mission and in the excitement, soon lost all my inhibitions. I was in oral heaven, doing what I loved best, sucking cock and pleasing my wife. Around the time that I started on the third one, I felt someone enter the water with me, pull down my trunks and start shoving something at my asshole. I realized that it was one of my new buddy’s erections and I arched my back to give him a better angle. Wonderful got even better and I was filled at both ends, several times that night.

We or at least I did have one scare. We heard someone ask what the hell was going on, in a loud voice. It turned out to be the coach and assistant coach of the team. The men went nuts, not knowing what to do or say. Ever resourceful, my wife stepped in and gave the consenting adults speech; following up with didn’t they want to join in. At first it was not going to be a good thing, but, my wife reached down, removed her bikini bottoms and sat down on a lounge chair. When she spread her legs and told the coach to get over there and help her with her wet pussy, he lost it. He nearly broke his neck getting his face into her crotch. The assistant coach just smiled and pulled out his cock, pointing it at me. I can take a hint and I gave him the best head he said he’d ever had. He also said that he’d never had anyone swallow before. His wife didn’t like to suck and would never swallow.

The time for the team’s curfew came and went, but, eventually the coaches sent them to their rooms for the night. My wife and I were asked if we’d lime to come up and have a “night cap” with the coaches. We agreed and no sooner were we in the room than my wife had her bathing suit off. She told me to sit and watch while she was taken care of. She asked the coaches if they had ever fucked a woman at the same time, one in the cunt and one in the ass. They hadn’t and she showed them how to do it. They started with her on her stomach, on the floor and one of them entering her ass. Once he was ensconced as far as he could get in her cute little butt, they rolled over so that he was on his back and she was on top facing upward. She told the other to come over and mount her in the conventional manner and he did. They began to fuck her with wild abandon while I had to just sit, watch and play with myself. My wife had positioned them so that she could see me the whole time. She thrives on tormenting me. It was really hot.

When they had both cum, my wife ordered me to clean her up; I started to get a towel, but, she said that I had to do it with my mouth and tongue. I got down on the floor between her legs and licked her pussy clean of all the sperm deposited there; as I finished, she rolled over and told me that her ass need the same attention. I licked and sucked until she was satisfied. Once done, we gathered our possessions and went back to our room.

By this time I was in misery; I hadn’t cum once and was suffering from a near case of blue balls. I knew that my wife was still turned on and had hopes of getting relief. As soon as we closed the door, she turned and began to kiss me passionately. She was pulling at my clothes, nearly ripping them in her efforts to get them off. I couldn’t believe it when she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Wow!! It was fantastic!! Then she stood back and asked me if I liked that. I said that I did. She said that if that’s what I wanted I’d have to do something for her first. She told me that she was hungry and wanted room service. I was to order it for her and then, no matter who it was, I had to service the person that brought it, orally. We argued or at least I argued; she doesn’t argue with me, she just tells me. Yes, you guessed it; I called room service and then waited uneasily to see how lucky I would get.

The knock came and I went to the door. Happily, it was a nice looking young man that wheeled the cart into the room. You could tell that he was a little taken aback when he saw my wife reclining on the couch with her robe barely covering the fact that she was nude. You could see most of one breast and all one leg up to the curly hairs at her crotch.

He blushed when he realized that we’d both caught him looking. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he mumbled that he did and he was sorry. I laughed and told him that it was alright to look, she turned me on also. About then she spread her legs and revealed her sopping pussy. You could see drops of her love juices glistening on the hairs. I thought that his eyes would pop out of his head. I asked him if he’d like to make her happy and he said that he would.

I told him to take off his clothes, he was so turned on that he didn’t hesitate and the next thing, he was naked with a very respectable erection that was clambering for attention. I dropped my robe, pulled him over to the nearest chair, pushed him into it and told him to relax and enjoy making her happy. He started to struggle back out of the chair, but, as soon as my mouth touched his cock, he sat back and watched me engulf him. I sucked him in and out a couple of times, then pulled back and asked him if he wanted me to finish. He gave me a very enthusiastic, affirmative reply and I went back to work. Alas, again it was all too quick and I was swallowing his load long before I was ready for it. I cleaned him up, got him dressed and out the door. It was my turn!!!

Mt wife told me that she loved watching me do things for her; she loved for me to do men almost as much as she enjoyed doing them. She took me into the bedroom and told me to lie on my back on the bed. She got on the bed and mounted my head facing toward my feet. She started humping my face and I was tonguing her clit. She started stroking my nipples. I haven’t told you about my nipples, have I? I have incredibly sensitive nipples and she knows it. I couldn’t stand it and started massaging my cock and she slapped my hands away. I could barely hear her telling me that she would let me know when I could cum. What exquisite torture, my cock felt like it was going to burst if I didn’t get relief soon. I could feel her humping, thrusting and gyrating on my face; I was suffocating, but, I knew that I had to continue until she was satisfied. When I thought she was going to rock completely of me, she grabbed my hands and placed them back on my erection. I heard her say that I was to not cum, but, to tell her when I was about too. I started jacking of and she continued fucking my face until I knew that I was about to explode. I frantically waved my free hand over my dick and she got the message, she leaned forward, pushed my hands aside and buried my manhood deep in her throat. I came like a garden hose and she stayed with it; I could feel her throat muscles contracting around it as it pulsed and emptied itself. She took in every drop before allowing it to be drawn out of her velvety mouth. I nearly passed out and hardly noticed as she got off me, turned around and placed her mouth on mine. I could feel her tongue against my lips and opened my mouth wide to receive it. What a surprise when I found my mouth filled with my own sperm along with her warm tongue. We french kissed, sharing my cum between us until we had swallowed it all. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, sexually, physically and emotionally exhausted. My last thoughts before drifting off were thinking that I hoped the basketball team was still going to be there the next day.


My name is Alexi Mercer.

The camera panned to show a devastated post-apocalyptic New York City. A team of soldiers in black gas masks made their way across the devastate landscape. All around them were creeping red and black tendrils and what looked like used condoms and way too many cum stains.

I’m the reason for all this.

The camera angle changed once more, showing our narrator. She is a sexy but creepy looking girl with dark circles under her eyes and massive tits.

Alexi Mercer wore a dark grey hoodie and black leather jacket that was unzipped to show off an ungodly amount of cleavage. Her two full and ripe boobs were squished together in a tasty manner.

Under the hoodie she wore no bra and her nipples poked through clearly; for she was now in a permanent state of arousal.

Alexi watched the soldiers down below with intent eyes. Her well done lashes fluttered with loathing as she took in the sight of the Black watch soldiers with their long weapons . . . not to mention the big machineguns they carried.

Each soldier down there was hung like a horse, with crotches bulging through their Kevlar protective cups.

They call me slut, whore, bitch, I’m all of these things.

Deciding that she watched enough, Alexi went on the offensive; dropping down from the twelve story building she stood on. As she plunged, a person on the ground could see her Daisy Duke jean “shorts” riding up her pussy, showing off a big, round ass and nice hot camel toe.

She landed on the concrete, shattering it with her high heeled whore shoes. Alexi took off at a run, again in said whore shoes.

Sprinting at over two hundred miles per hour, none of the Blackwatch Soldiers could see the tramp stamp of a DNA helix over her tight and round ass. Those Daisy Dukes were on so tight they looked like they were painted on.

She ran past the Blackwatch Soldiers, pulling an atomic wedgie on the commander as she passed by. He screamed in pain and tried to pull the underwear off his head.

Three weeks ago someone unleashed a lethal virus in Penn Station that turns people into zombie sluts and I woke up in a morgue.

Alexi Ran up the side of a building. Eat that, Spiderman.

As she ran, Alexi could feel her pussy growing hotter. She was horny all the time. She had a libido now to match her superhuman powers.

Now I hunt, I fuck and I suck and I consume.

Alexi knocked a city bus aside like it was nothing. Uh, so horny, she needed genetic material soon.

Taking a left hand turn, she busted through the front window of a sex shop.

I’m going to find whoever did this, and I’ll make them pay. But first I need some relief

Alexi quickly selected the biggest dildo she could find. The fun would start later, for now this would just tide her over.

Later that night

A patrol of well hung blackwatch soldiers were making their beat in the zombie infested area of Manhattan.

“Damn, I haven’t been laid in fucking forever,” one soldier whined.

“Then fuck one of the zombies, or find a corpse. I really don’t give a shit, soldier,’ barked the commander; who was largely unsympathetic.

“Help me!” cried a woman, catching the attention of every soldier present.

It was then that a topless woman with a too short miniskirt practically fell into the arms of the Blackwatch commander. It took exactly one half second for every soldier in the platoon to get wood and the commander got it even faster.

Even with her makeup smeared by tears of horror, the woman was still a beauty; blonde hair, long legs and full dick sucking lips.

The mysterious woman clung to the commander. “Oh, thank you,” she moaned breathily as the rest of the platoon shot down a charging gang of zombies.

The women whimpered as the Blackwatch commander forced her to her knees. “Do I look like a boy scout to you lady? Get down there and suck it!”

The woman’s eyes widened as a twelve inch erect cock was shoved into her face. As she tried to protest, a gun was placed between her eyes. “Suck, bitch!” the commander was unyielding and inhuman.

Lip quivering with shame, the women put her head forward and tasted the musky glans. The commander went stiff as she deep throated his thirteen inch member in one fell swoop. He put his hands on the back of her head and pressed. The woman gagged and protested, her masquerade running even more.

The commander grabbed the woman by the hair and started to shove her back and forth on his cock; using her mouth to jerk himself off.

“Enough of this,” said one blackwatch goon. He unzipped his own military issue pants and lifted the woman’s skirt. He was pleased as punch that under her torn miniskirt the woman wore no panties. Not caring which hole he stuck it into, the Blackwatch soldier forced himself into the woman’s tight holes.

The nameless woman suddenly moaned in pain as he ass was violated without any preparation or warning. Her smooth, bubbly butt jiggled as the soldier thrust into her mercilessly. The Blackwatch soldier came in her in about thirty seconds, blasting her bowels with hot seed. What he lacked in stamina he made up for in volume; the woman could almost taste the cum he blew in her ass.

There was no respite for her as another blackwatch soldier shoved the spent man behind her and got into line. This one actually got her pussy, which was almost as hot and tight as her butthole.

The second soldier was as hard and as merciless as the last one, but he had the stamina of a pornstar. The women moaned with distress and lust as she was face fucked and pussy fucked at the same time. She felt like a dirty slut who liked being shamed and used by these men.

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the men got underneath her (the creative bloke that he was) and started to pussyfuck her alongside his comrade.

The woman moaned in pain as two giant cocks entered her pussy at once. Her poor little cunny was being stretched in ways that she never thought was possible. When she was done she’d have a massive gape; possibly be ruined forever. And that thought of that only made her wetter.

The commander suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and slapped her across the face with it. She yelped helplessly as he called her awful names. Bitch. Whore. Slut. He was right.

The guy in her pussy finished, plastering her womb and cervix with more hot cum but the guy beneath her was still pumping away in her stretched cunt. He had the stamina of a marathoner and he was going to get his rocks off.

Just then, a man with an even bigger cock, as thick as a coke can started to enter her ass again.

The woman began to scream as the pressure on her butthole built up from the forward motion of the giant glans. It felt like her ass was going to split in half. Her scream was cut off when the lusty commander thrust his cock down her throat again.

In the war between ass and cock, something had to give and it was her ass. The giant cock finally popped in and the woman arched her hips into him, trying to drive the agonizingly big cock deeper into her. It was hard work though, the soldier had the biggest dick in the company and her ass even lubed by the sloppy seconds and stretched was still tight. He had to force his cock in inch by agonizing inch until at last all fourteen inches of it began to bottom out.

Grabbing her soft, fat ass hard enough to leave bruises, the soldier began to slowly pull out until only the head was left inside; then without any concern for the woman he was using he thrust himself back in as hard as he could.

The woman once more moaned like a whore at the incredible abuse that her holes were taking.

Suddenly the guy below her blew his load and another took his place. It looked like before tonight the entire platoon was going to fuck her senseless. And being blackwatch they’d probably kill her when they were done to dispose of the evidence.

The new soldier on the bottom was a little different. His cock was narrow at the tip, but like a pyramid it got rapidly thicker. So it went in easy but soon was stretching the woman’s sticky, wet cunt new; and the commander was showing no sign of cumming. The guy was a beast.

Several sprays of cum blasted the woman’s torn dress. A number of the men had begun jerking off and had pointed their cocks at her like carnival water guns.

A giant circle jerk formed while someone fucked her in every hole she had. The woman moaned as she started to get off. Suddenly a shamefully massive orgasm ripped through her body.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was violated. In no time, a second and third orgasm tore through her pussy, ass and mind.

She was almost ready to dissolve into a puddle of cum and sweat when the commander roared like a bull in heat and shot his load down her throat.

The woman’s eyes suddenly became wide and alert. This was what she’d been looking for.

Neurons fired and DNA code flew down her line of sight.

An old man in a scientist coat appeared. “I’ll tell you two things about blacklight virus. One: it’ll kill you. Two: it’ll kill you horribly.”

Images of the old men getting blowjobs from young, nubile college interns and images from a genetics lab broke things up.

“Right now military action is only delaying the problem. We need a cure, and that’s what’s going on here at Base Red. Now get the fuck out of here I send you back to scrubbing toilets in Iraq!”

The commander groaned in pleasure, but when he looked down, the good feeling he had vanished very quickly.

The woman before him dissolved into a humanoid mass of red and black tendrils, which then rapidly reformed into Alexi Mercer, the slutty prototype. The loads of cum that had been shot into her ass dripped down from her wide, womanly ass and gaping cunt. Her back door was gaped wide enough to fit a football in her ass.

Then with a flash of her tendrils, the cum was instantly absorbed into her body and her cunt as asshole were once more tight as a drum.

The soldiers were suddenly filled with fear, their erections deflated and their guns went up.

Alexi stood fearlessly before the soldiers, butt crack showing in her tight jeans, giant tits popping out and utterly sadistic expression on her face. “I drank your cum and I know all your memories. Guess I won’t need you anymore.” And with that, her right arm turned into a blade the size of a surf board.

“Oh fuck,” whimpered the commander, who was a lot braver around wanton sluts who let him abuse them. With a slice of her blade, she cut the commander in twain and kicked his top half off beyond the horizon.

Holding up her shapely long leg, her hooker heel turned into a giant pincer claw that castrated a man.

In five seconds flat, Alexi had either castrated or killed the entire group.

The last survivor cried like a little girl and held the bleeding spot where his balls used to be. Then Alexi drove the point of her six inch hooker heel into his brain and she’d won.

Alexi sneered, the taste of cum only leaving her wanting more. The woman she’d turned into had been someone that she’d had lesbian sex with.

With another flash of tendrils, Alexi transformed into the blackwatch commander. By drinking or consuming anyone’s cum, she could take their strength, their shape and even their memories.

This was one slut who had a lot of fucking and sucking to go before she could finally kill the ones responsible for all this.

The next morning

Alexi Mercer stood in the morning rays looking more radiant than before. Atop the empire state building, she turned around and saw a familiar figure. A man in blackwatch armor and a mask.

“You’re here,” said the masked man in an electronically distorted voice.

Alexi nodded, causing her boobs to jiggle, “That’s right.”

“Are you ready for this?” the masked man asked.

Alexi took a step forward, showing even more cleavage than she normally did. It was obvious that she wanted something from the masked man. “I was born ready.”

The masked man shifted and adjusted his crotch. “So are you just talking about sex or about killing General Randal?”

“Both,” said Alexi, losing all patience, “Now fuck me, you silly bastard.” To make her point, she unzipped her hoodie and let her big tits pop out. Her little pink nipples were instantly hard and just begged to be sucked. Likewise her skin tight daisy dukes vanished in a flurry of red and black tendrils.

Her warm cunt stood there like an invitation to any and all men or lesbians out there. It was tight and perfectly shaved smooth.

The masked benefactor waited not one second. Unbuckling his armored codpiece, his giant twelve inch monster came out.

Alexi licked her lips with lust, but a look of disappointment came across her face when he put on a condom. He didn’t want her stealing his identity and memories’ because she could consume cum through any hole.

The masked man had no longer put on his “glove” than did Alexi pounce on him like a horny she-panther. She didn’t even take it slow as she straddled him and lowered her twat onto his manhood.

Alexi gasped as the condom coated goody entered her. Lowering herself all the way, she began to bounce up and down on the cock. Moaning and panting as she did, her hood fell back to reveal her short dark hair.

The masked man in the meantime was bucking in time with her thrusts, for even through the condom she was the best lay that she’d ever had. Her cunt almost sucked him in like a mouth but without the teeth.

His gloved hands went up and grabbed her big bouncing tits. Alexi moaned like a squealing whore as her big fun bags were groped and fondled, prompting her to go faster on the masked man’s pole. A twist of her nipples made her actually cry out in pleasure.

Caught up in what she was doing, Alexi reached behind her and began to finger her ass.

She was bouncing up and down on the cock faster than was humanly possible. Lucky GENTEK built the world’s best condoms.

Before Alexi knew it, the masked man threw her off him and climbed on top of her.

Putting Alexi over his knee, he began to spank at her phat ass. Each smack, smack, smack caused a louder and louder squeak from Alexi, who had a mini orgasm by now.

Alexi then pulled away and got on her knees. Back facing him, she leaned forward and spread her butt cheeks wide. “Fuck me; right in my fat ass, you scum. Fuck me till I can’t walk.”

The masked man was never one to argue with a lady, and condom lubed in her pussy juice, jammed it into Alexi’s ass. Soon, he had a healthy rhythm and was spanking her between each strike.

After over an hour of hot sex, the man blew his load but only inside the condom. That deeply disappointed Alexi but it would have to do.

Standing up, her body was feeling a bit sore; nothing a little prototype regeneration couldn’t handle.

“Alright,” she said, tits hanging out and hands turning into giant claws, “Let’s do it.”

As soon as I heard the captain come on the speaker during the flight, I knew I was in for a delay. I was flying into Houston to catch a connecting flight home, but knew the storms in the area were wreaking havoc. Sure enough, our plane was being diverted to the nearby Air Force base until the weather cleared over the airport.

As soon as we touched down, I powered on my cell and called the hotel at the airport and reserved a room. Having been delayed in Houston on a previous trip, I knew the hotel would fill quickly, so wanted to be ahead of the game.

Two hours later we lifted off and hopped over to the airport and were allowed to disembark. My connecting flight had been cancelled, so I hopped the trolley and went to the hotel. The lobby was a mad house and people were getting frustrated. They had a line set up for people with reservations, and I was shuttled through and given my room key. I turned and walked away from the lines of grumbling people and headed to the elevator.

I was halfway there when I heard someone call out my name. “Noah!” I heard. I turned to look and saw a slim brunette with shoulder length hair waving. I walked towards her and was shocked to see my cousin Cheryl. I had not seen her since our grandfather’s funeral five years before, and her appearance was drastically changed.

At the funeral, she weighed upwards of 180 pounds and had bleach blonde hair. The Cheryl standing before was 120 at the most, and had reverted back to her natural deep mahogany color of hair.

“Cheryl! What are you doing?”

“I just flew in from Midland and got stuck heading home. I guess all the flights are done. The hotel is booked already, so I guess I am going to grab a cab and find the closest one.” She stepped out of line and came closer.

“I have a room. You can crash with me tonight if you want. It’ll save a trip.”

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“Of course not,” I said. “I can’t throw my favorite cousin out on the street.” She was my only cousin, so she had to be my favorite, which was a long standing joke. Her mom and my mom are sisters, and we are both only children. Both our dads are only children as well, so we have a very limited family.

I grabbed one of her bags while she rolled her suitcase and we went to the elevator. I let us in the room and she made a small pile with her bags.

“One bed?” she asked.

“Yeah, sorry, I didn’t think about that. I can take the floor.”

“No you won’t! We can make it work.”

She went to freshen up and I got my stuff situated. She came back out and sat on the bed.

“Want to go get a drink and catch up?” I asked.

“Maybe three drinks. Sounds great.”

We found the lounge and sat at a small booth and gave the waitress our drink order. I sank back in the booth and looked at Cheryl. She looked really great, especially since she had let herself go in the past.

She is a year younger than me, and had married a few years after high school. Her husband had family oil money and even though he supported her well, I always thought he was a callous prick. I went ahead and got him out of the way.

“How’s Chris?”

“He was why I was in Midland. He’s working for his dad at their office there. I don’t know if your mom has told you, but we are separated. I went over to see him to see if we could salvage our marriage. After the last few days, I am more than ready to sign the papers and be done.”

“That’s too bad,” I said. “What happened?”

“All the old cliches. He cheated, I caught him, he swore he would change. I realized when I found women’s panties in his dirty hamper that he would never change. And you? Still a devoted bachelor?”

At 33, I had never married or even come close. I had commitment issues and never had the urge to settle down. “Yes. Probably til I die a lonely, bitter old man.”

I knew Cheryl and Chris never had kids, so at least that part of her separation was easier. I couldn’t imagine giving someone 10 years and having it end.

We had a few drinks and I enjoyed catching up with Cheryl. We had grown up living near one another and had gone to school at the same schools. After I graduated and went to college, we slowly drifted apart, which was sad. I forgot what a big part of my life she had been and it was great to see her again after so long.

“So, you look really different,” I ventured.

“That’s right! Last time you saw me I was a fat cow!”

I laughed at her candor. “Well, a little bigger,” I admitted.

“No, sweets, I was fat.” I smiled at her calling me sweets. She had called me that from the time she was seven all through school. “I was miserable, my husband was cheating on me and I just let myself go. I ate my sorrow away one pint of ice cream at a time. Chris decided he wanted me to go blonde, so on top of the weight gain I looked like a bleach blonde heifer. About two years ago I started letting my hair go back and exercised and dieted. It took a while, but I finally got my self-esteem back and was happy again.”

“Good for you.”

We were both feeling little or no pain, and I was enjoying our talk. She came out of left field with her next question, and it took me a minute to answer her.

“Do you remember the night of my graduation party?” she asked.

When she graduated high school, I had just finished my freshman year at ASU. I came home the week before and after watching her walk, we went to her house for her party. My aunt and uncle were the “cool” parents, and alcohol flowed freely as long as the kids didn’t drive and had their parents permission to drink. They even rented two limousines to drive kids home. I planned on staying over in the spare room, so I drank heavily.

Her question brought back a lot of memories of that night. “Yes,” I said, “I remember. We haven’t ever discussed it, have we?”

“No,” she said, her cheeks flushing a little.

At the party, we had a lot of fun. Cheryl had even set me up with one of her extremely cute friends, and the friend and I had spent some time in a quiet corner of the backyard making out. Before I could seal the deal and get laid, the friend had thrown up and we had to send her home in one of the limos. Much later, after everyone had left and my aunt and uncle had gone to bed, Cheryl and I had sat on her back patio and talked for a long time.

Eventually, we had started rough-housing like we had when we were kids, and that is where the night turned into one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Prior to that night, I had never viewed Cheryl as a woman, despite her obvious attractiveness. Other than a passing glance noticing her beauty and body, I never considered her as anything other than my cousin.

She had ended up in my lap, trying to get at my ticklish spots. I was trying to get her back, when I realized I was hard and my cock was pushing into her ass as she squirmed on top of me. My hesitation at our game made her realize what was going on between us, and we stopped and stared at each other. The 18 year old Cheryl was suddenly a beautiful woman in my arms, and my body realized it before my mind ever did.

I expected her to jump off in disgust, but she stayed there, and subtly ground her ass against me. As I said before, she had long, curly, dark brown hair, set off by glacial blue eyes. Her lips were full and sensuous, and I noticed she was more beautiful than I had ever realized. Her body was a work of art, with small, pert breasts, a flat, toned stomach and an ass to die for. She played volleyball all through school and had an athlete’s grace to match her perfect physique.

“Is that…” she started, then blushed deeply.

“I am so sorry, Cheryl. I swear I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Shhh. No, sweets, don’t apologize.” She squirmed a little and my cock settled in between her round cheeks and fit into the contour of her ass perfectly. In that moment, I knew I should move away, but when she leaned I towards me, I met her and we kissed. It was the best kiss I ever had, and we naturally fell into a rhythm unlike any I had experienced.

We stopped and looked each other in the eye, and started kissing again, this time with an urgency. My hands slid down and cupped her ass, and I lifted her and began to slowly thrust my cock against her pussy. She moaned softly and rode me, stroking my clothed cock with her body. As she took over, I unbuttoned her shirt and pushed her bra over her tits, gazing at her perfect breasts with the dark areola and proudly jutting nipples. When I touched them, she moaned again.

“God, that feels so good,” she said softly.

We continued and I sucked her nipples as she continued to tease me with her lower half. We adjusted positions and she reached down and grasped my cock through my jeans, stroking it slowly as I played with her breasts. After a few minutes I unbuttoned her pants and tugged them down enough to give me access. I slid my hand into her pants and under her panties. She had a little hair, and when my hands slid past her tiny bush, it found pure wetness. I rubbed her and she pulled my hand closer as I slipped a finger inside her.

“I want you,”‘she said. “I want you to be my first.”

It was those words that caused me to stop and think and it was those words that sent us on a path that damaged our relationship.

“Cheryl, I can’t take your virginity. Your first time needs to be with someone special.”

“You are special, sweets. You are the most special man I know.”

“Yes, I know. But we can never be together after this and you need your first time to be with someone you can have a future with. I love you and think you are beautiful and sexy, but doing this, with me, just wouldn’t be right.”

We talked for a few more minutes, and even though I could tell she was hurt, I hoped she would understand one day.

Back in the hotel bar, I looked across the table at the older, more beautiful Cheryl and smiled. “I remember I hurt your feelings pretty bad and I didn’t think you would ever forgive me.”

“I was hurt for a long time. I felt rejected by the one person I trusted more than anything, but knew you were right. When Chris and I met and I was able to give him what I tried to give you, I understood what you did for me. I just want you to know that the night it happened, it was the best sexual experience I ever had. I loved Chris, and gave myself willingly, but I always compared that night to him, and he always came up short.”

I felt the same way. I had numerous flings both before and after that night, and it still was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced. Looking across at her, my cock swelled at the memory.

She gave me a mysterious look and we moved our conversation into safer territory. An hour later we decided to call it a night and headed upstairs. There was a certain friction on the way up, but I tried my best to ignore it. Once in the room, she told me to take the first shower as I would be faster. Once safely in the shower, I leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath. I wanted to reach down and stroke my cock, but decided to just wash and get out. I didn’t want Cheryl knowing I jerked off in the room next to her, so I managed to get washed and slipped on a clean pair of workout shorts and a t-shirt.

Cheryl was sitting on the bed and smiled when I came out. “All yours,” I said. She walked in the bathroom and I gave her a long once over as she walked away.

Her ass was still round and sexy, and her legs were smooth and toned beneath the skirt she wore. She had taken off her boots while I was in the shower, but I still found her sexy as hell. I was arguing with myself about making a move, but decided to let it go. Cheryl was sexy, but she was still my cousin.

I listened as the water hit her body, and could not get the mental image of her naked out of my mind. I had only ever seen her breasts bare, but my imagination filled in so I could picture her round ass, smooth hips, and hairy little pussy.

The water stopped and I heard the curtain pull back. My cock was aching and I regretted not relieving myself in the shower. Five minutes later, she came out, hair damp and rumpled, looking spectacular. She had on a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top, and I could clearly see her breasts had lost none of their youthful appeal with age. Her nipples pushed against the soft tank top, and I could see a clear outline of her areola through the thin material.

She saw me looking at her, but said nothing. Instead, she gave me a slow once over before slipping between the sheets. I stayed on top of the covers as she turned out the lights.

“Goodnight, sweets.”


I lay there, hard cock pressing against the loose shorts, trying to will myself to sleep. I could hear her steady breathing and realized she had found the sleep I could not. An hour later, I finally dropped off into an uneasy rest.

Sometime later I woke from an erotic dream about Cheryl with a start. I was confused at first from the dream, but quickly realized my cock was in my cousin’s mouth. She was between my legs and had the top of my cock out of my waistband and was sucking the head in soft, slow strokes. I moaned and tangled my hands in her hair. I gently pulled her off my cock and looked at her in the dim light.

“I’m not a virgin this time, sweets.”

She dipped her head back down and took me back in her mouth. She pushed my shorts down and I raised my ass to let her, giving in to my own basest desires.

When my shorts were gone, she licked her way from the tip of my cock, down my shaft and licked my balls slowly and thoroughly. “I have wanted to do this for so long,” she said.

I just enjoyed the feeling as she gave me the best blowjob I had ever had. She used just the right pressure and made the wetness perfect, using her lips, teeth, and tongue to bring me right to the point if orgasm. As my cock swelled in anticipation, I stopped her and pulled her up beside me.

“You can finish in my mouth,” she said.

“No, I want to return the favor now.” I pulled the tank top over her head and suckled each perfect breast. Bare, they were a little fuller than the last time I had seen them, but her nipples were just as responsive as I remembered. I kissed her deeply, then teased my way down her body with my mouth, lingering everywhere she moaned or gasped as I went lower. I slipped her boxers down and moved between her legs as she spread them for me.

The first thing I noticed was the little bush was gone, replaced by completely smooth skin. The next thing I noticed was the faint smell of her arousal. The scent hit me like a hammer and I greedily leaned I to taste her beautiful pussy. She was dripping wet and tasted sweet and wonderful.

I dipped my tongue in deep before licking and sucking on each of her lips. I teased her with my to the until she arched her hips of the bed, trying to drive her pussy against my face. I locked on her clit and used my mouth to create suction while I teased her hard clit with my tongue. Within seconds she came, and I kept pleasuring her until she came a second time.

I moved up beside her, my face wet with her juices. She smiled at me and leaned forward to kiss me. She licked herself off my lips and slid her tongue in my mouth, eager to taste her own pussy on my mouth.

“I have never come like that in my life,” she said. “I have definitely never came twice in one night, ever.”

I positioned myself between her legs and rested the tip of my cock against her wet slit. With my cock poised to enter my cousin’s wet pussy, I looked her in the eye and asked, “Are you sure?”

She pushed against me a little and said yes. Still looking her in the eye, I pushed forward, sliding my cock deep inside in one smooth thrust. She gasped at the intrusion and grabbed my back, taking her nails over my skin. She was tight, but her extreme wetness allowed me to fill her completely. “Fuck me, sweets.”

As I thrust into her wetness, I realized, barring affairs, I was only the second man to ever fuck her. A part of me knew it was true, and realized she rarely had sex with her husband. She was so tight she was gripping my cock with her slick walls.

“Your cock is so big,” she cried out. “It feels so fucking good to be filled completely.”

I kissed her and let my hands caress her perky breasts. “Enjoy and relax and I can get more inside you.”

She spread her legs a little more and took a few deep breaths. I slid another inch in her before I bottomed out against her cervix. She gasped at the feeling and wrapped a leg behind me, using it to push against my ass.

“You are deeper than I have ever felt. I can feel your cock against my cervix.”

I fucked her with long, deep strokes, feeling her tight walls caress my cock on each thrust. She was quiet, but the sounds she made were musical. She moaned and let out small cries of passion and pleasure, and soon, I felt her tense as she neared orgasm. With a long, low moan, she came as she thrust her hips up to drive my cock deep inside her. I felt a fresh flood of wetness as she came, and could feel her juices flowing over my balls.

I pulled out and laid beside her, watching her heaving chest as she caught her breath. “I have never come from just sex. I always had to use a vibrator on my clit to get me off. That was the most incredible feeling I have ever had.”

She straddled my hips and guided my cock into her pussy. She lowered herself down, taking as much of me as she could before I bottomed out. With my cock fully imbedded in her pussy, she rocked back and forth, grinding her crotch against me as she fucked me. She was lost in pleasure, head thrown back, eyes half closed as she worked to find what felt the best for her. In no time, she found what she needed and came against me. I lifted her off and moved her to her knees.

I bent her over until her face was resting against the bed and raised her hips up until her perfect ass was spread and waiting. My first view of her naked ass went beyond expectations, and I stared at her curves and lewdly spread pussy. Even in the dim light, I could see her pussy was wet and gaping open from the fucking she had received. I pressed forward and pulled her hips back against me as I filled her in one hard thrust.

I had moved from wanting to pleasure her to wanting to pleasure myself and she sensed the shift. “Please fuck me, sweets. Fuck my pussy and make me your whore. I will be your little whore and do anything you want. Just fuck me.”

Her words sent me closer to the edge, but I maintained without losing control. I fucked her hard and fast, and when I used my finger to slip into her pussy soaked ass, she trembled and came again. I could hold back no more and stroked into her until I finally came.

I shot thick streams of come deep inside my cousin, filling her pussy until it was running out with ever stroke. I had never come like that before, with the volume of that orgasm. The entire time I came, she moaned to fill her.

I collapsed beside her and rested my hand on her ass. “That was perfect, Cheryl. You are so fucking sexy. I hate to ask now, but are we safe?”

“I’m on the pill,” she said.

We snuggled in close, the air thick with the primal smell of sex. Usually a clean freak after sex, I let her juices dry on my cock as I hugged her close. We drifted off in each others arms.

We awoke around eight the next morning and she went to use the restroom. She left the door open and I could hear her piss in the bowl. “What are your plans?” she asked.

“I am about to call and extend the room for another night. I will change my flight for tomorrow evening. You?”

She walked out and I got my first real view of her naked body. I drank it in, running my eyes over every curve. “I guess call and get a flight out.”

“You could stay here with me tonight.”

She wrapped her arms around me. “I would love to. Let’s shower and get me some food so I can come back here and fuck you again. There is so much I want to try with you.”

The story starts out, one late afternoon, of course. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I was planning to play a game of pool with my friend James. James is a good friend of mine, I have known him since he was 13 years old. James was smaller then I, height wise that is. When I was about 17 I always imagined what he was packing in-between his legs. You never know what friends can have, maybe he has a garden hose, a thick Monster Energy drink can, or just a well used HB pencil.

James and I never really saw each other after we had both went to college. We used to always spend time after school, talking about girls, school, you know the usual. But one sad day came by. We turned 18, and ended up taking paths to different directions, only getting to hang out on the odd weekend, or the boring Mondays.

But our relationship took a turn one late November when I was 19 years of age. I was always good at pool, not great against those who play all the time, but I get by. Anyways I never lost against James, maybe once back when we were young, but don’t judge me. I had a plan, and it was a good one, I would let him win at a game of pool, and get what I wanted.

We were in my basement, playing pool. James told me that he was getting better at playing and I thought I should challenge that. So we ended of playing our first game, and of course with precision I had a destructive defeat over James. I only won by two balls (typical). After him bragging that I cheated in the game, I decided to make the bet with him. The bet that if I won, he would have to jerk me off. If he won, then I would have to give him a luscious blowjob (maybe not in those words). I new it seemed fair, because he rarely beat me, and anything more then a hand job, I knew he wouldn’t sign on.

My plan was simple, to let him win, so I would get his well hoped tasty cock in my mouth. James agreed to take the bet, I just smiled and told him that I hoped he was good at stroking something that wasn’t attached to his body. James laughed and told me that he was going to try this time. James wracked up the balls, and let me break. I did not sink any at first, letting him get a head start with 2 stripped balls. I sunk one, then two, making the view for him to look sloppy, but accurate. The game had gone on, I took a small lead, then James did the same. It ended up with both of us with the 8 ball left, and I made sure I hit it just close enough to the pocket for him to get it in, and not me. My cock was getting hard, and I had to hide it, I did not want to get caught by him, and have him back out, or so I thought.

James sunk the eight ball, he looked victorious. But he saw the look on my face and told me that the bet didn’t matter, that he didn’t care. I just stared at him and told him a bet is a bet, and I lost. James just said a simple, “Ok.” and made his way to leaning up against the couch that was near by. I slowly walked over to James, watching his emotionless face as he stared at me. I kneeled down in front of him, and just stared at his crotch. James latched onto his pants, gripping onto his belt he unzipped his fly, his dead stare into my eyes made me shiver. I was still staring at the small opening of his pants when he fetched out his cock. My mouth was watering, it looked delicious. His cock was cut, and looked to be about 7 inches and pretty thick. James slowly stroked his cock to a hardened length, still staring at me.

“You lost.” James said smiling, as he pushed his cock into my lips and past my mouth. I just invited him in, happy that I finally got his cock in my mouth. By the way he moaned, it was like he had never gotten a blowjob, and if that was the case I would be happy to help. Helping is what I did as I slicked up his cock with my saliva, savoring each suck with a burst of yummy flavor. James really did taste good, it was a flavor that I still can’t explain until this day. I needed more of his cock, so I wrapped my hands around his ass and pulled him into my mouth, his cock stretching my throat, making me gag, with tears filling my eyes. James got crazy, he must have enjoyed it, because he grabbed onto the back of my head and held me all the way down his shaft. James never trimmed his pubic hair, it made him feel more manly, but it was a obstacle I had to get around to be able to breathe.

I wanted James to feed me, and I knew I was going to have to wok for it, so I pushed away from James and caught my breathe. I let my tongue explore his shaft, licking him as I stroked his shaft. James held himself up on my couch with his head resting back. I bobbed up and down on his shaft, eyes open, taking it like a trooper. James told me that I looked good on my knees, where all losers should be. I took my mouth off and thanked him, before taking his cock head in my mouth and sucking deeply. I felt James’s cock throb in my mouth, his cock head expanding, I knew what was going to happen next. James didn’t take lightly to breathing faster and harder, holding on tightly to the couch. I wrapped my lips around his cock head tightly and stroked his cock into my mouth. Soon enough I was welcomed with a nice warm load of my friends cum. I kept my motion up, sucking him deeply with spurts of cum hitting my tonsils and tongue. I wanted to keep it to show him before I swallowed, but it was to much cum and I willingly drank down the creamy load.

I took my mouth off of him. James thanked me for going through with the bet, and never thought that I would lose to him, (while zipping his cock away). A agreed and told him that I was on my off game, future games would be different. James told me that if I ever wanted to suck him again, just to ask, he would be happy to give me some dick. I was actually happy that he offered is, and I quickly said yes to his offer. He told me he wanted to come back to my house next week, to give my slut mouth a good slut fucking,

I was up to the challenge.

I had been living in California for a good three months and had convinced myself from the start that after my year and a half long fling with a cop in Texas, seeing him every week or every other week to suck him off with no reciprocation, I was done with men. I only wanted girls going forward. Not to say that I didn’t have fun sucking off my cop, but I was sure I was straight. I’ve since realized that I am a straight-leaning bi guy, that is to say that I prefer women but I still enjoy playing with a man here and there.

Once those three months ran up, I began to get really horny all the time. Too horny to go to a bar and try to make an effort to take home or get to know a girl. I started communicating with my first cock back in Texas. He was surprised to hear I’d moved. The last blowjob I’d given him was truly something special, though I’d kept it a secret as to why I’d made such an effort. He didn’t know it would be his last from me.

Well, we got to chatting online and after a while, he started pointing out that i was lying to myself and that I was born to be a cocksucker. That I needed to do it at least once more. He read through some ads on craigslist and picked out some guys for me. He sent me one that was in town on business, in a hotel nearby. 39 years old. I was 23 myself and had a bit of a thing for older men.

I wrote this guy, his name was Eric. I told him “23m, 5’9 190lbs, 7cut looking to share some time with you this evening.”

“What you into?” he asked by reply.

I told him. Sucking, jerking… that’s pretty much it. He liked fucking and sucking and being sucked and massaging. I knew I didn’t want to be fucked, but I didn’t say anything as to not turn him away.

Well we kept going back and forth by email, flirting… after a while, i got caught up with work and forgot to keep replying. ‘shit, i’ve probably blown it’ I thought. I checked my emails, sure enough, two hours earlier ‘what happened to you?’ ‘Where are you’?

‘Okay’, I thought… ‘well then I will send him an email while I walk to my car (from my phone), if I have a reply by the time I get out the garage then I will go to see him. If not, I’ll go home.

I sent my message “sorry, got caught up at work. Still hoping to see you. You free?”

I climbed the stairs at the garage to the third floor where I was parked. I checked my emails. Nothing new. I got in the car and started it up. Refreshed my emails. Nothing. I decided to stall and looked around my car for my CD’s. I found my CD binder and spent a good four minutes debating what to put in… refreshing my phone once a minute. Still nothing. I put in a CD and slowly drove through the garage. I crept up to the exit and checked one last time. “If you can be here in ten minutes, we’re still on.”

Yes!! (I think). I quickly drove three miles over to the West Hollywood Ramada. I parked my car and ran inside. I found my way upstairs and to the right room number. I knocked on the door. A 39 year-old tall, skinny guy opened the door in his shorts and a t-shirt. I went inside and he closed the door. He instructed me to get undressed and wait on the bed. He’d be right out with some oils to give me a massage. He told me to find something to watch on TV. There was nothing. We wound up with one of the Law & Orders.

He came back out of the bathroom completely naked with a jar of oil. His cock was huge. To date, the biggest i’ve seen in person. He put some warm oil on my back and began massaging me. He went lower and lower and then started on my ass cheeks. ‘Oh shit,’ I realized, ‘I never told him that fucking was off the table’. Realizing he was going to start using the oils to finger my ass… I quickly leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. He seemed upset at first, but quickly gave in to how well I suck. He grabbed my head and started to hump my mouth a bit. It was WAY too big, i’d never get more than an inch beneath the head. He leaned down and turned me so that he could get me in his mouth also. We lay there, 69ing. It was great.

Unfortunately, I was too horny and I came real fast. He swallowed me and I kept working on him. I quickly learned one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my time with men. If I cum first, I don’t even want to be there. Never could I let myself cum first.

I sat there still sucking his cock, faking interest… hoping he’d hurry up and cum. I acted really into it and finally I tasted the delicious flavor of his seed filling my mouth. I swallowed it all as fast as I could. Delicious.

He wanted to cuddle, but I wanted to get the fuck out. I jumped up, got dressed and thanked him. I ran out and said I had to go.

It was one of my least favorite encounters with guys… but I spent a good three weeks after this jerking off to it.

More to come.

I looked my husband in the eyes to determine if he was really serious. He had promised me that for my birthday, he would let me do whatever I wanted to do to him. Most people might find this promise normal or even cliché, but my husband knew I had some downright kinky things in mind… things he probably wouldn’t want to do even if someone paid him a huge sum of money. Therefore, his promise was deeply touching.

He nodded at me reassuringly, his eyes letting me know that he intended to keep his promise. I smiled in anticipation. We had sent our kids away for the night and so were home alone… or so he thought.

I fiddled with the rope in my hand. I had made it specially for tonight out of cotton so that it would be strong enough to tie him up without hurting him. He nodded again, but this time I could see the apprehension in his eyes. He trusted me not to hurt him… much, heh heh.

I gestured for him to get on our bed, and then tied him so that his hands and feet were all tied to a different corner of the bed. Once I was satisfied that he was securely bound and couldn’t escape, I smiled encouragingly, and kissed him. Then, I wrapped a thick blindfold around his head to make sure he couldn’t see anything. I had made this myself as well, and had tested it to make sure it worked.

I chuckled softly; now the fun could begin! I walked to a table on the opposite side of the room and noisily grabbed my massage oil. I planned to thoroughly rub him everywhere but his groin — hoping to provoke a deep sense of sexual frustration.

I returned to my bed, and warmed the oil in my hands. It didn’t take long before my husband responded to my touch. He was pointing at the ceiling in an obvious signal that he was ready for sex.

I looked up to find my friend grinning at me. As arranged, he had stealthily and nakedly entered my room to help me have fun with my husband. I slid off the bed and walked around the room. A moment later, my friend climbed into bed, and started teasing my husband’s shaft with his breath.

Using one finger to tease my husband’s shaft, my friend grinned as my husband squirmed. My beloved groaned in anticipation, and I knew that he was still pretty sure that it was me playing with him. I carefully and silently settled myself into a chair, and checked the video camera sitting on a small dresser next to me. It had a good view, and was recording. It had a full battery, and plenty of memory. I quietly rubbed my hands together as I mentally cackled in glee. We can take our time!

My friend had progressed to licking the erect shaft, and holding it steady with one hand. I eagerly watched as he attempted to swallow it whole, and suppressed a moan. I didn’t want my husband to suspect that we weren’t alone… yet.

I slipped a finger between my lower set of lips, and rubbed my aching little bud slowly. My friend’s head bobbed up and down as he sucked on my husband vigorously. He noticed me out of the corner of his eye a few minutes later, and paused to grin at me. I returned the grin, and nodded permission for him to proceed.

He grabbed the bottle of oil that I had left on the bed, and lubricated my husband’s shaft thoroughly. Then, he rubbed a generous amount of oil on himself, and carefully stood over my husband. Holding his balls and shaft out of the way — so they wouldn’t touch my husband — my friend lowered himself on to the slightly quivering shaft.

My breathing increased, and I had to be very careful not to make any noise. Just watching them was having an intense effect on my body! I was so close to orgasming, and I didn’t want to do so just yet.

My friend bounced and shifted a couple of times, but eventually had my husband’s entire shaft buried deeply inside him. I was breathing fast and hard in excitement now! From this point on, if my husband figured out that there was someone else in the room, there wasn’t much he could do to stop things, so I was a little less careful about making noise, but even so, I tried to keep quiet.

My friend also made sure to keep his noises soft and breathy. Nearly soundless exhalations and pants. It was clear that he was utterly enjoying himself as well! I decided the time was right to wiggle my finger a bit faster, and immediately felt like I was about to melt from the pleasure.

I held my breath to suppress a squeal a moment later as my whole body shook. I felt waves of pleasure wash over me, and continued to rub myself until I just couldn’t handle any more. I quietly exhaled, and then rested for just a moment.

My friend gestured that he was close, and I nodded. Now was the time to let my hubby know that we were not alone. I climbed into bed in an area that I knew wasn’t blocking the camera, and opened my mouth. My friend and I had previously agreed that ejaculating all over my mildly homophobic husband would be completely disrespectful, so I wrapped my lips around my friend’s shaft in order to capture his cum in my mouth.

He gushed copiously, and I swallowed it. Then, I turned my attention to my husband, raking his chest with my nails. I knew he knew that I had invited a friend by this point, but he didn’t say anything, and I think he was more than half afraid to find out who it was.

I licked my husband’s chest and bit his nipples as my friend continued to ride him. I used my nails to lightly scrap along his sides, and licked his lips. My husband was loudly moaning and groaning by now, and it was obvious that he was really close to cumming.

I leaned back to rub his chest and abdomen with my hands so I could watch his body buck and thrash about. He roared in pleasure — his body arching into a bow shape — and my friend held still — signaling to indicate that my husband was pumping him full.

I grinned, extremely grateful that I had gotten this on camera! This was one of my naughtiest fantasies, and having it come true was sheer bliss! I am so going to watch this video every chance I get!

I handed my friend a hand towel, and watched him savor the lingering pleasure for a moment before rising off my husband’s shaft. He held the towel between his legs to prevent any cum from dribbling out, and then nodded when I indicated that he should leave the room. I knew that he would go clean up in the bathroom, dress, and leave. He also took a moment to stop the camera and take it with him; I didn’t want my husband to demand that I erase the video once he found out what had happened.

I stroked my husband’s body for a few moments to sooth him. He still panted in the aftermath, and appeared to be drowsy. I wondered why he didn’t say anything. He must have questions! Maybe he figured that I wasn’t done with him yet.

I contemplated pulling out my toys and inserting them where I know my husband didn’t want them, but then decided against it. I had pushed him far enough already. Deeming it safe, I removed the blindfold, and kissed along my husband’s jaw line to his ear, up his cheek, and finished by kissing each of his eyes lightly. Finally, I stretched out next to him, and used his shoulder as a pillow.

I wasn’t sleepy at all, and my husband wasn’t quite ready for another round just yet, so I shifted to allow my finger access to my greedy bud once more. I closed my eyes, and relived the previous half an hour as I pleasured myself. My husband chuckled.

“You know, if you untied at least one of my hands, I could help you out with that,” he suggested. I suddenly had a brilliant idea, and cackled deviously.

“Nuh-uh!” I vetoed and then sat up. I straddled him and shifted position until I was practically smothering him. I made sure that he could breathe, and then commanded him to, “Lick me!”

He complied, and used his tongue to reignite the fire in my blood. I moaned and cried out happily, and braced myself with the headboard so that I didn’t suffocate my beloved. His tongue is talented, and always has been. I just love the way he makes me squeal!

I quaked with pleasure, and forgot about safety for a moment as I ground my hips into my husband. “Oh God!” I shouted. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and collapsed onto the bed next to him.

I recovered for a few minutes, and then decided that it was time to release my poor captive hubby. I’ll admit that the thought of torturing him all night was highly appealing, but I figured that he had probably had enough by now. He wasn’t really into the kinky stuff after all. He liked his sex to be varied in position, but pretty much normal. He would never have agreed to what I did to him if I had actually told him about it first!

Once he was free, he snatched me, and rolled me under him. He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head to the side. He knew I didn’t let him kiss me after he licked me off, so he didn’t question this, but in actuality, I didn’t think it was right for him to kiss me after I had swallowed another man’s cum. I would need to wash my mouth out first!

“I love you,” he whispered in my ear, and I purred in response.

“I love you too,” I replied huskily, already hoping that he planned to impale me and pound me into the bed.

“So… who was that?” He wondered curiously.

I smirked. “That’s a secret!”

“So I was right in that I probably don’t want to know, huh?”

I grinned and nodded.

He plunged inside me forcefully. “That’s punishment for being naughty!” He informed me. I nodded, and dutifully received my sentence. He chose a medium and powerful pace, and banged into me in a way that made me want to squeal. I whispered encouragement, and held him tight.

“Happy Birthday Honey,” he wished when he was done filling me up.

I sighed happily, purring again, and then grinned. “I can’t wait for next year!” I cackled slightly as I mentally rubbed my hands together, and made plans for what I could do to him next time.

He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Don’t think I’ll let you do this to me again,” he warned.

I tactfully did not say that it didn’t matter if he was willing. He cast me a curious glance.

“So… does this mean that you’ll do whatever I want for my birthday?” He inquired.

The thought of him tying me up and doing anything he wanted made me hot again. “Mmm-hmm!” I agreed.

It was his turn to cackle malevolently, and I snuggled into him. Too bad his birthday was 6 months away!

“We may need to send the kids away for the whole weekend!” He stated, and I grinned. “That way, you’ll have time to clean the entire house and do all the dishes!”

I gasped in faux outrage. “You bastard!” Leave it to my hubby to want a clean house for his birthday! I am so going to have him raped for my next birthday!

He laughed. “I’m imagining it now.” He squeezed me tightly, and I attempted to smack him. I was half laughing, and half trying to kill him for daring to suggest that I clean!

We played around in bed for a good hour after that, before finally deciding to take a nap. I smiled as I drifted off to sleep, thoroughly content.

“No seriously, who was that?”

I giggled softly, but refused to answer. If he still wants to know after our nap, I’ll tell him, but for now, it was better if he just continued to imagine that it was Angelina Jolie.

My wife Julia and I have always had a consistent sex life during our 20+ years of marriage. We have never done much more than tradition sex in various positions as well as oral sex both giving and receiving. I don’t think either of us was looking for anything new, let alone what happened to us beginning a couple of years ago.

What began as a normal mid week sex session changed us forever. We were in the 69 position and going at it in our usual frantic pace. We both love that activity. My wife had already cum a couple of times and I was well on my way. I could not hold back any longer and came with a fury in my wife’s mouth as she came for a third time. As my cock shrunk in her mouth, my wife swung her leg over my head, released my cock from her mouth and began kissing her way up my body. She does this from time to time, so I did not think much of it. As she got close to my face I reached for her soaking pussy and slide two fingers inside of her. About that time she reached my lips and began to kiss me. As the kiss heated up, she began french kissing me using her tongue a bit more than usual. When we french kissed, it was normally me shoving my tongue in her mouth. Well, as we kissed, I notice the kiss was much wetter. It was then that I realized that she had not swallowed my cum load like she normally did but was instead feeding my own cum in this kiss. As she emptied my cum into my mouth via her french kiss, she came all over my two fingers in her pussy. Once I realized what was happening, I noticed that my cock was hard as a rock. I was obviously enjoying what my wife had done. I was confused as to why it excited me so much, but I could not keep a pleasurable moan from escaping out of my cum filled mouth as my wife stroked me while she was administering her cum loaded french kiss. Then my wife said

“Make sure you swallowed it all.”

I willingly swallowed my own cum. Once she calmed down from her orgasm, she rested her head on my shoulder and lazily continued stroking my cock. I laid there considering what had just happened. All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. Why did she do this act? Why did I like it so much? What did liking it so much mean? Where do we go from here? After a few minutes, she broke the silence and asked me

“Did you like what just happened?”

Wanting to make sure I knew what happened, I told her

“I’m not exactly sure what happened.”

She smiled, looked me in the eye and told me

“I just snowballed you.”

“Snowballed me?”

She giggled and said, “Yes snowballed. You know, I fed you your own cum.”

I remained silent as she told me she had always wanted to do that and when she did, she came as hard as she had ever cum. Then she said that I must have liked it because as she described what she had done to me, my cock harden even more than it was already was and I moaned allot! I admitted to her that I knew what had happened but I wanted to know her take on it. I admitted to liking it and also that I was full of questions as to what it all meant. She just smiled and said we should just enjoy the moment and let our passions take their course. I agreed and held her close to me.

At that point she climbed on top of me and guided my hard cock into her pussy as we both moaned in unison. As she began to ride me she did something she virtually never does. She started talking to me as she rode my cock. And what she was saying was not anything like what we had talked about in the past. She asked me

“Do you like cumming in her mouth?”

“Did the “boy” like it when I pushed my cum into your mouth?”

“Did the ‘boy” like the taste of his cum?”

“Did the “boy” like swallowing his cum?”

I was just on fire. She was in command and I loved it. She had me at a fevers pitch as she rode me and talked to me about how this “boy” felt about eating his own cum. Finally she came really close to my ear and whispered

“If you are a good “boy”, I will let you lick your cum out of my pussy once you cum inside me.”

That was all it took. I exploded into her and she went off right behind me. What an amazing orgasm. I was wiped out and so was Julia. Once she slide off of me, she looked at me and told me

“Get down there and clean my pussy up.”

Wow. Where did this attitude come from? Then she grabbed my head and pushed it towards her spread legs. She was in control and she was going to make me do what she wanted done. One thing that we both loved was Julia keeping per pussy shaved. So I slid down her body with her hands on my head and opened her lips with my tongue and began to lap up my cum mixed with her orgasm. She started moaning and said

“You are such a cum slut. I love you eating your cum out of her mouth and now out of my pussy. Do you like the taste of your cum? Do you like licking my cum filled pussy?

I just moaned in approval as I continue to lick her pussy clean. She grabbed my head and pulled it tight against her pussy screaming at me to eat my cum and then she exploded again. I rode her pussy as best as I could trying to get all the cum I could. I could not believe what I was doing but I could not stop licking up my cum load from her pussy. She finally pushed me away and we both laid there recovering. I eventual crawl up next to her. She cuddled with me and asked me if I was satisfied. I nodded and said very satisfied. She smiled a wry smile and said she was also and that we had a lot to talk about in the morning.

She fell asleep almost right away, but I could not. All I could do was think about all that had just happened. My passive, mild mannered wife had just took charge of our love making and put me through her paces. She knew what she wanted and I did what she told me to do. And I loved it. And it scared me. How could I like swallowing my own cum? How could I like licking her well fucked pussy? How could I like being “snowballed”? How could I willingly do all that for my wife? And why did I like it so much? And what did this mean to me as a man? Was I really the totally heterosexual man I thought I was if I liked being made to do things that a heterosexual man would never be caught doing? What did my wife have in mind? What did she want to talk about in the morning?

As I thought all this out, I noticed that I was hard again. What was going on? Every time I think about being made to eat my cum I get excited beyond belief. As I caressed my hard cock, I knew I would cum again if I did not stop. So I got up and went to the bathroom. As I stood in from of the toilet holding my cock and trying to piss through my hard on, I could not help but stroke my cock as I re-thought the events of last night. The more I thought about being snowballed the hotter and harder I got. I was then shaken out of my thoughts as I heard my wife say from the doorway of the bathroom

“I can’t believe you have not had enough cum already.”

I stopped what I was doing and looked at the door. She was standing there naked with one hand buried in her shaved pussy and the other caressing her breast. I didn’t know what to say. I was caught literally red handed. She said

“Well, keep doing what you were doing. And turn towards me so I can watch you cum.”

I began stroking my cock all the while thinking what a slut I was. I could not stop thinking about being made to eat and swallow my own cum and my wife could not get enough of making me do it. I kept stroking until I was beyond the point of no return. When she saw I was close to cumming, she told me to hold out my hand and cum in it. I held my hand out and as I came, I caught my cum in my hand. Here I was standing naked in front of my wife with my cock in my hand and a hand full of my own cum. She looked at me and just said

“Do it!”

I knew exactly what she meant and I raised my cum filled hand to my mouth. My wife lost it at that point and bent over in the throws of a strong orgasm. When she recovered, she told me to finish cleaning up and come back to bed. When I did not move, she raised her voice just a bit to let me know she was in charge and told me to finish licking up my cum in front of her and then come to bed. I realize now that was a moment of truth as I did a somewhat humiliating act in front of her because she told me to do it. That would not be the last time that would happen. It was almost like a weight being taken off of me. I had submitted to her commanding desires and I loved it. I fell asleep quickly thinking about what she wanted to talk about in the morning.

Much more to come…

I woke up to the sound of my wife Julia humming to herself in the bathroom. That, in and of itself was unusual. I normally was up well before her on Saturday. My thoughts immediately went back to the occurrences of last night. Unbelievable was all I could think. In a one hour period beginning with what I thought was going to be a normal, predictable sex session with my wife of 20+ years completed turned my life around. In that hour, my wife went from a quiet, passive lover to taking command of our love making session. In that one hour time span, she snowballed me with a mouth full of cum she had received during our passionate 69 (and told me to make sure I swallowed every bit of it) and then rode my cock to a thunderous orgasm for both of us. And then push my head down to her cum filled pussy and had me lick her clean of my second orgasm. She had never taken that kind of control nor had I ever tasted or swallowed my or anyone else’s cum. I was stunned, confused and excited all at once. And to complete the night, she caught me jacking off in the bathroom while reminiscing about all that happened that night. She took control again and had me cum in my hand and lick my cum out of my hand and swallow it. I was hard again just thinking about it. When I got up to go to the bathroom I past Julia on the way out of the bathroom dressed in only a t-shirt. She had a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. She looked at my hard on and asked

“Are you still thinking about last night?”

I just looked down and blushed knowing that she had caught me again. Then she told me

“Get cleaned up and come to the kitchen.”

As I watched her go out the bedroom door she looked back with a twinkle in her eye and said

“It is a “come as you are” breakfast.”

I looked at her with a questioning look and she said

“Come to breakfast just as you are, naked.”

The look in her eyes made me feel like questioning that statement was not a good idea. As she walked to the kitchen, she yelled back for me to keep my hands off my cock and that after last night she knew what I do in the bathroom when I am alone. As I pissed and then got in the shower, I kept wondering why she was so happy and why I was so excited. I did not have to touch my cock and I was still hard. After I showered and cleaned up I thought “why does she want me to come to breakfast naked?’ It was a strange request for my wife to make. It certainly was not how she normally acted. But when she said it, I knew she meant business, so I walked out to the kitchen trying to avoid the wide open windows along the way.

When I entered the kitchen, Julia was perched on a barstool drinking a cup of coffee. It was obvious she was not wearing any panties under her t shirt. She glanced over to me and my semi hard cock poking out in front of me and said

“Hmmmmm, looks like the boy likes to walk around naked”. I blushed again as I walked over to the coffee pot to pour myself a cup of coffee. I walked over to her sitting by the breakfast bar. She grabbed hold of my semi hard cock and asked me

“So tell me honey, when did you develop this taste for cum?”

I was stunned. But I could feel my cock swell in her hand. What was I going to say? I wasn’t really sure why I enjoyed last night so much. Was it the taste of the cum in my mouth? Was it the fact that I had cum in my mouth? Was it that I swallowed the cum? Was it because my wife told me to take it and swallow it? What did that mean in the bigger picture? Boy was I confused. She broke the silence as she squeezed my cock by saying

“Well obviously the subject excites you. So what is exciting for you about last night?”

God, I am standing naked in my kitchen with my wife holding my now completely erect cock and she wants to know what excited so much about swallowing three loads of my own cum. It was all I could do is weakly smile, blush and look away. That’s when she started firing questions at me, most of which were exactly the ones I was asking myself.

“Did the snowballing excite you?”

“Did you like the taste of the cum in your mouth?”

“Oh, maybe you just liked having cum in your mouth, right?”

“Hmmm, maybe my hubby is a closet cum queen. Did you get off swallowing your cum? Or does it make a difference whose cum you swallow?”

“Or maybe you liked that I told you to swallow your cum. Is that it?”

All I could do is stand there with my cock growing harder and harder as my wife questioned my manhood. But I also knew she was right on target. I think she also knew she was on target and wanted to press the point.

“Well it really does not matter why you are excited or what excites you. The fact is I like what we did last night and I intend to keep doing all that and more!” All I could manage to say was a weak question

“What do you have in mind?”

I think that was exactly what she wanted me to ask because she pounced on the question like a cat on a mouse and said

“Well first of all, you can be sure that every time you cum, you will be swallowing it.”

How did she know that her taking command and dictating that I would eat and swallow my cum from now on would just about set me off. She sensed my reaction and kept up the dialog. “And just so there is not any misunderstanding, no matter where you cum and no matter why you cum, you will be swallowing your cum!”

By now I was no longer able to control myself and she knew it. She was pushing all the right buttons and I was like putty in her hands. She looked me in the eye and asked

“So you agree to swallow every bit of your cum from now on?”

I just moaned as she stroked my hard cock. I nodded and she looked at me with a stern look and told me

“Say it, loud and clear so even the neighbors can hear you!”

“I will eat and swallow all my cum from now on!”

That was all it took and I exploded all over her upper thigh and pussy. I hadn’t realized that she had spread her legs and directed my cock towards her beautiful shaved pussy. This was the fourth time I was cumming in 12 hours which was way more than usual for me. I shuddered to a climactic finish and drained my cum all over my wife. I looked up at her and she had the biggest smile on her face as she offered me her hand which had some of my cum all over it. I knew what she expected and I licked her hand clean. Then she just looked down to the rest of my cum all over her thigh and pussy. I knew what was next and I dropped to my knees and began licking up my cum. She was really enjoying my performance and urged me on

“Oh yeah baby, lick that cum up. I bet it taste good doesn’t it? Don’t miss any. And make sure you swallow ever bit of it boy!”

I was in heaven. My cock actually stayed semi hard as I licked my cum from her body. As I was finishing she took hold of my head and pushed it towards her pussy and told me to finish her off. Her pussy was so hotter and wetter than normal as I licked her off to a shuddering orgasm. Once she finished her orgasm she pushed me away. I remained on my knees in front of her as she recovered from her orgasm. She smiled and said

“You look good on you knees and naked. Get used to the position. You will be there a lot. Actually, you look so good naked, I am going to keep you naked from now on. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I just looked up at her from my kneeling position knowing she was about to tell me what I was to be thinking. Then she said

“From now on, whenever you are home, you will be naked, understood?”

I just nodded, but that was not good enough. She glared at me and I knew what I had to do.

“I will be naked whenever I am home”

“That’s right. Don’t make me remind you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I did not know what she meant at the time and maybe she did not fully understand it either. But when she said that, I could feel my cock swell just a bit more than it was. It seemed that the prospect of kneeling naked in front of her certainly excited me. I did wonder what she meant by “being there a lot”. But it did not matter. And then hearing that I would be naked all the time was just icing on the cake. I was excited and satisfied with the direction our lovemaking had taken in the past 12 hours. I could not wait to see where it would take us.

We spent the rest of the day doing chores around the house. Julia was dressed in her t-shirt and I was in my new role and naked. I will admit that being forced to stay naked did provide a element of excitement and my cock remained at least semi erect the entire day. Julia seemed to enjoy my condition. From time to time she would tease me by bending over in front of me to show me her cute little ass and pussy lip or she would come up behind me and grab my semi hard cock and stroke it as she whispered in my ear how hot it made her to see me working naked with a hard cock. She even went as far to ask me more questions as to why my cock was staying at least semi erect as she stroked it.

“What is the “boy” thinking about that keeps his cock so hard?”

“Is he thinking about all the cum he has swallowed?”

“Is he excited about being naked all the time?”

“Maybe he is wondering what I have in mind for him?”

“Or maybe he has some fantasies he wants me to satisfy, Hmmmmm?”

It was new and exciting and we both enjoyed the sexually charged day. Once we were done with the chores, we ate a light dinner and cleaned up. Julia showered first and as we were passing in the bedroom she told me

“Hit the shower and meet me in the family room, naked of course. And keep your hands off that cock of yours.”

I blushed as I went into the bathroom. With that comment she had reminded me that she had caught me jacking off the night before. And it also reminded me of what I had become, a cum swallowing slut.

As I got to the family room Julia was trying to hook up our laptop to the flat screen TV we had just bought. It was computer enabled and she wanted to project the laptop on the TV. I finished the task although a longer cable would have been nice. When I asked her what she wanted to see, she looked at me calmly and said


I was taken back a bit by that request. We had never been much into porn in the past. But after what had happened thus far, I guess I should have anticipated the possibility. I asked

“Any particular site?”

She said “Not really. Just something that has pictures or videos of men eating cum. I want you to see what you will be doing from now on”

I did not know what to say. But I knew I had better do what she said so I Googled “men eating cum” and then started going to the sites. We sifted through lots of sites. We found a site called Adultism which looked interesting. The site featured pictures and videos of everyday people doing a variety of sexual activities. It took us a while to sort through the filtering process, but we came to a list of men eating cum. We avoided the man on man entries and concentrated on men alone or with women, all at some point consuming their own cum or the cum deposited in their female partner by another man. I will admit I was a little nervous about the “other man depositing” aspect. I was barely at peace with swallowing my own cum. I did not know what I would think of the prospect of swallowing another man’s cum under any circumstances.

Julia took great joy in looking at the pictures and watching the videos of men licking up and swallowing the cum they or someone else had deposited for them. She particularly liked telling me that I looked just like them. She had me hard as a rock as she stroked my cock and constantly teased me. She finally zeroed in on the pictures and videos of men sucking themselves where possible or taking their our cum loads with the help of someone else.

“Oh my” she said.

“I bet the “boy” would look great sucking his own cock.”

“Well that is not likely. I am not near flexible enough or long enough for that.”

“To bad. But I would certainly settle for seeing you cumming in your mouth.”

“As I said, I doubt that is possible.”

“I bet I can get you into the right position. Get down here on the floor in front of the couch.”

So as we watch a younger guy suck his cock on the computer, she had me on my back with my head close to the front of the couch. Then she had me throw my legs over my head. She grabbed them and pushed them over my head and almost on to the couch. I was scrunched up but my hard cock loomed above my head pointing straight to my face. Then she started stroking my cock and caressing my balls as she said

“See, I can get your cock close enough to your mouth. Now, I want to see you cum in your mouth!” I just moaned as she stroked my cock and balls as she continued to tease me and urge me on.

“I know you want to taste your cum, don’t you?”

I just nodded, but as you might guess, she wanted to hear it from my own lips.

“Yes baby, I want to fill my mouth with my cum and swallow it.”

“That’s it baby, be my little cum slut. Show me how much you want to please me. Cum for me.”

I was in a trance. I knew what I was about to do and I loved it. How could I be so excited at the thought of cumming in my own mouth and then swallowing my own cum load? But I was. Just about that time Julia started sliding her finger over my asshole. WOW. What was that all about? My cock stiffened to a new level as she said

“Oh, does the boy like his asshole played with? I will have to remember that.”

I was on fire again. What was up? I am just a slave to being used by my wife. Then she started saying

“Maybe the boy wants something in his ass. Is that what the boy wants? Something sliding in and out of his ass?”

I just moaned at that thought and I lost it. Julia sensed what was happening and said

“Open up wide you slut, here it comes.”

At that, I started cumming as she aimed my cock at my mouth. The first spurt hit my mouth dead on. The second hit my upper lip and than the rest of my cum dibbled into my open mouth. As I finished cumming, I licked the cum off my lips and swallowed it all. I did not notice, but later on Julia told me she came without touching herself. She said seeing my cock spurting cum into my open mouth was more than she could take. And it was more than I could have imagined doing just a day ago. Tasting my cum was one thing, but actually taking it directly from my cock into my mouth and then swallowing it was something else altogether. And where did the anal play come from? What in the world was going on?

The rest of the evening we puttered around on different sites. But we were both pretty played out after 24 hours of playing and experimenting. I think we both needed some time to absorb and process what had happened and what it all meant going forward for both of us. Don’t get me wrong, Julia still maintained the upper hand. I was naked all day Sunday, and she kept up the teasing and innuendos. Although I did not cum, she did have me eat her pussy to a sweet orgasm for her before we retired for the night. When I woke up Monday morning and began getting ready for work, it occurred to me that I had been naked since last Friday evening. It was somewhat odd putting clothes on for the first time in almost three days. When I arrived home from work Monday evening, she told me to get my clothes off, take a shower and meet her in the family room.

“And keep your hands off your dick.”

Once I got to the family room, Julia told me to stand there while we talked.

“So, how did you like what happened over the weekend?”

“I am not sure how to answer that.”

“Well, did you like being told what to do?”

I looked down, but said “Yes.”

“Ahhhh. And did you like doing what you were told to do?”

I was blushing and I could see my cock hardening as I nodded.

“Tell me, what did you like?

I knew what she was doing, but I was too embarrassed to say anything.

“Tell me!” She said in a much sterner tone.

“I liked being told to lick up my cum.”

“Oh you did?”


“What else did you like?”

I was on fire by now. Here I was standing naked in front of my wife with a hard on telling her that I liked being told to lick up my own cum. I looked up at her and mustered the courage to tell her

“I liked swallowing my cum because you told me to.”

“So you are a cum slut, right?”


“And did you like taking your cum load directly into your mouth from your own cock?’

I almost came on the spot when she asked me that. I knew I had loved it and wanted it again. I just said


“So you are willing to remain naked whenever you are home and swallow your cum no matter where you cum?”


“Great. I like what we have done so far. But those websites we looked at over the weekend gave me some great, new ideas. I have decided that it would a great idea to deny you any orgasms for several days. I want to see you take a big load of cum next time. So keep your hands off your cock. Understand?”


“Good. Now set the laptop up. I want to see some more pictures and videos of men eating cum. I bet there is so much more I can do to you.”

So we spent the rest of the week watching pictures and videos of men eating and swallowing cum. Julia kept up the teasing as well as asking probing questions about what she wanted to do to me. I was virtually never without at least a semi hard on. And when Friday came, there was a whole new aspect to our sex life added to the mix.

More to come…

My niece Shelly of twenty-two had been asking me to come to New Orleans for several years ever since my lover Jerry was killed by a person running a red light while texting. I decided to take her up on the invitation. It turned out to be an awesome experience and I regret not doing it sooner.

Jerry was the most awesome of lovers’ I had since high school. I met Jerry in an economics class in college. My family did not know and still don’t of the ability he had to use his manhood to take me to places no one else had. All they know is I have been in a state of mild depression ever since and they have been trying to hook me up with dates to revive my spirits.

I have been searching myself for a guy like Jerry but without much luck in the local night spots and dance clubs. Maybe it’s because I am comparing them to Jerry. Jerry had staying power as well as being well endowed. The guys I have had sex with since Jerry’s accident are the wham-bam type and ready to go to sleep after they fire and leave me hanging. Some were endowed but did not know how to make use of it like Jerry.

My name is Sherry. I am twenty-six. I have a four year old daughter whose father was Jerry.

In the apartment where I live in there is a wonderful lady, fifty five years old that loves Genevieve and Genevieve loves her. Genevieve spends Friday nights, Saturday and comes home Sunday at noon. This gives me the opportunity to bring guys home guys. Lydia lives two apartments down from me on the same floor. My daughter has not asked questions. I started dating about six months after Jerry’s accident at Lydia’s suggestion and her offering to baby sit. By the way, Lydia has some grandchildren that come to visit on weekends so my daughter has company there to entertain her.

For this trip I asked mom to sit since it was going to be a week.

Fortunately there was no delay in the flight from Minneapolis to New Orleans. I picked up my checked bag and headed to the curb site where Shelly was waiting. We hugged and squeezed before loading the two cases and screamed like teenagers. For some reason I felt alive and happy that I made the trip upon seeing my niece’s smiling face.

We talked about family, boys/men, bar hopping and all that goes with catching up with life’s happenings even though we had been chatting and texting and phoning.

When we arrived at my niece’s place which is a three bedroom house that she shares with her sister and father I took a shower, dressed for the warmer weather since it was below freezing at home. I also unpacked as Shelly was setting out some nibbles that she had prepared earlier.

The bed was a queen size and the room had its private bath. It was obvious Shelly made room for me in one of the chest of drawers. The room had two and not of the same style. They reminded me of my college days in the dorm.

Her father and sister were on the east coast visiting. My coming then helped fill a void in the house.

We jabbered about everyone and everything until dinner time. Shelly took me on a tour of the town before we parked the car and had dinner at a sports bar. She introduced me to the local cuisine, some of which I enjoyed and others not, like oysters on the half-shell.

Many people knew Shelly; some came up and asked her who the new chick was while others waved and yelled a hello.

Shelly said that this was a favorite eating spot for her and Linda her sister. During the course of the dinner she mentioned that down the road was their favorite night club to party and that we would be going later if I was up to it and not too tired from the flight.

In the middle of dinner the waitress dropped by and asked, “What will your friend drink, Shelly? Glen is buying.”

I looked at Shelly and she said, “What will it be Sherry? Glen is a student teacher at the U and I have him as a teacher in one of my classes. While you are making up your mind I will have the usual Betty.”

I asked, “What is the usual Shelly?”

I heard, “A virgin Mary, Sherry.”

I replied, “Oh, I have not had one in years. I will have one also.”

We continued with eating the seafood sample platter. We shoved the colas aside when Glen’s drinks arrived.

As we were finishing the meal, Glen approached and said, “Who might be your new friend, Shelly?”

After Shelly explained, I heard, “She looks as hot as you do Shelly. Are you coming to the club later so I can buy more drinks?”

I then heard, “If Sherry is willing we will be there Glen, thanks for offering.”

He said his goodbye and then Shelly said, “He has wanted to bed me since classes started. I have so far resisted but if it gets me an A for the semester I will do it near semesters end.”

I then said, “So you would sleep with a black guy?”

Shelly roared in laughter and asked, “Where have you been the last few years? God they are the greatest when it comes to making you feel so good all night long.”

My heart skipped, I got flushed, my pussy was warming up and I was getting nerves.

Shelly noticed it and said, “I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable Sherry but it’s normal here. Sis and I bring home black guys all the time because they are huge and can make us cum and cum and cum; not like these white guys that think they are gods gift to us.”

I must have gotten redder because I heard, “We can go back and do something else, like watch TV or movies.”

“No, no Shelly let me catch my breath and then explain.”

“It’s okay Sherry. I understand your being uncomfortable. I was the same for me when I arrived here but friends here convinced me to try and god it is awesome.”

“Look Shelly, no one and I mean no one knows this but that is what I loved about Jerry. He was gentle as a kitty cat but a tiger in bed. He was huge and made me sail when we were having sex. His cock took me places where no other white guy ever did. I would cum time and time again. He could cum, stay hard and do it again. I have been looking for one like him but with no luck. I never thought about trying black.”

“Look Aunt Sherry you are away from home. No one will ever know. It will be our secret; think on it.”

“I am thinking Shelly and I think I am wet. Excuse me while I freshen up.”

I was embarrassed seeing how much I had wet my panties from the conversation. I was thankful that the ladies room had a pad dispenser and that I had coins to purchase a few. My nipples were even hard thinking of them being sucked on by a black guy.

I returned to Shelly. She was smiling and then said, “Are you up to partying tonight?”

“Look Shelly, this conversation hit me hard. It brought back memories of places where Jerry used to take me. My mind is spinning with thoughts of a black cock in me. I need to get comfortable first. Take me to the meat and let me see if there is any that I might want to sample for starters.”

“Sounds like a plan to me Sherry. It’s funny you being my aunt and me going to introduce you to something new but sounds like it might just be color difference from your description of Jerry.”

“I guess so Shelly. I know I want to experience those feeling again. I need to ask you; how was it the first time? Where you scared, tense or wet and ready?”

“It was all Sherry. After the initial shock of seeing and touching the guy and pain from the size of the guy and him being so considerate, I was sailing in no time. I just can not get enough.”

I began to laugh and Shelly looked at me as to why.

I said, “We must have some of the same genes. That is one of the things I really miss; those out of body feelings.”

“Sherry if it would help you become comfortable you can watch my friend turn me inside out. Maybe we can double date and if you get turned on and desire, then you can let your guy take care of you. We double date and swap a lot during a night. It’s sex and not love and we all know it.”

“God, Shelly, I have never been in the same room with someone else getting it on.”

“Well we know what we want and need so why hide it,” came from Shelly.

“I guess that makes some sense, Shelly.”

Shelly responded with, “Look, let’s head to the club, let the guys hit on us and buy us drinks. If you see one that might light your fire point him out and I can fill you in on him. My friends in the club trade notes so none of us get surprised. It’s like a safety net. Some guys have some weird request so we are on a guard for that. Most of the guys are much better than the white dudes there in making you sail. Most are bigger and can last long but don’t feel too bad if the guy you choose fires quick because you will be new meat for him but he will settle down and not go to sleep on you. At least it has been that way for me. I’m getting a little excited thinking that maybe you and I will be in the same bed next to each other while some guys are taking us on a sailing trip.”

“Do you and your sis do it together often?”

“Nah, but some of my friends and me do. Sis says she wants her privacy.”

“Shelly I am a bundle of nerves. I need to take a deep breath and calm down.”

“Hey, let’s go without any plans other than letting the guys hit on us and buying us drinks. What do you think?”

“I am game for that. Maybe if Glen is interested in me and I let him do me you might get your “A”.”

“Sounds interesting but I have no data on him. I need to get him checked out if it looks like you have an interest. Oh and by the way, just turn down the drink offers. There will be lots of them since everyone that wants to bed you will want to buy you one being you will be fresh for them.”

Sherry, “If you spot a hottie ask me about him.”

“Okay, will do Shelly and are you sure I am not imposing on you; making you feel obligated to treat me?”

“No way Sherry; otherwise I would not have extended the invitation. It’s been a few years since you were at my high school graduation. I wished then we had more time to become better acquainted.”

“Thanks Shelly and I am settling some and looking forward to seeing what might be there.”

“I need to warn you that it is a mixed club of gays, lesbians, black, white, Hispanic and a few Orientals. Do you have any interest in our sex? If you do we will be going to the right place.”

“God Shelly I need a real live man and not the toys I have been using since Jerry is no longer there to treat me to those awesome bed encounters”

“Don’t be shocked if some girls approach me because I am Bi-sexual. I get turned on by sexy looking friends.”

I sat in shock but tried not to show it. I have always believed in to each his own.

“Shelly, when you are double dating, do the guys ask from time to time wanting you and the other girl to get it on so they can watch?”

“Yes Sherry they do.”

“Most of the time when double dating they will ask; that is how I was introduced to it. It is a real turn on for the guys. They seem to become firmer and seem to fill you up more but then the flip side is they shoot sooner because they get themselves so hot watching. Don’t worry most guys understand the word no. Let’s move down the street to the club and let the guys droll over new meat in the club.”

“Okay Shelly, show me the life here.”

We walked the street and enjoyed the guys comments about our barely covered bodies and what they would enjoying doing with it.

When we entered the club it was nearly seventy-five percent filled. I felt that all of the eyes in the place zeroed in on me.

A waitress came up to us and told Shelly there was a table at the far wall available. I heard Shelly say, “Thanks Jill and hope you come by to take our order.”

I heard Jill say, “I will be by as soon as I make a delivery.”

Soon after we seated ourselves, people came by asking who I was and offering to by drinks. Shelly handled them wonderfully. Shelly indicated that later three of her best girlfriends would be showing up after they got off work at the hospital.

As the evening progressed I relaxed enough to dance with the guys that requested. About one in five did not ask for a date later or a phone number. They all offered to buy drinks.

One guy whose name was Raymond, hit on me about every 5th dance. He was not the hottest looking guy nor was the hottest dancer in the club. My head rested on his chest nicely when we danced close with his chin touching the top of my head. I am five foot-five inches; making him about a foot taller than me I guessed. About the 5th dance with Raymond, I became comfortable enough with him and wanted to get to know him better. Meaning, I needed to know more about him before falling over the edge and regretting it.

After around the 8th dance with Raymond I asked Shelly about him and with a smile she said, “He is hung like a horse the grapevine tells me. He is very respectful of the person he is with so much so it turns most of the girls off because they want a little bit of take it as it comes vs. being asked all the time if they are okay. He is 34 and was married to a white girl that left him for a fifty-five year old white guy that had lots of cash.”

I replied with, “Mmmmm maybe I should let him get a taste of me if he asks. He must get turned down a lot if girls know he is huge.”

“He might be a good choice for the first time Sherry if Jerry was hung. That part would not be an issue then with you.”

Then Shelly’s girl friends showed up and we spent the next hour becoming acquainted.

I danced with guys off and on and when Raymond would ask I made sure not to turn him down.

The more I danced with him the more comfortable I became and color was no longer an issue. When we were doing a slow cozy dance he whispered, “Sherry I would like a date with you. May I have your number if you have any interest? I’d love to call you and set something up.”

My heart began to race and before collecting my thoughts I said, “Maybe you can follow me home when we leave if it is okay with Shelly. Let me check with her and then when we dance again I will let you know.”

I heard, “It’s a deal Sherry. God you perfume is awesome and so are you.”

I asked Shelly about what I told Raymond and she replied, “Sure that will be fine because I was hoping you would take somebody because I need a cock myself.”

I then heard, “I will let Sam know to follow us also. He has been hard all night and needs someone to ease the pressure and I am just the one ready to do it.”

When Raymond asked me to dance again I gave him a big smile and he knew from it he had sealed a deal.

We left the bar around two in the morning. Raymond asked if I desired to ride with him but I declined. The guys followed us to Shelly’s place and once inside I think Raymond was as nervous as I was. I felt almost like the first time a cock was going to make me a woman.

We sipped on white wine and talked about growing up. Shelly’s boyfriend Sam had an interesting childhood living with different relatives with a female cousin taking his cherry when he was sixteen. By the way he was thirty-five, married at nineteen and divorced at twenty-five with no children.

The next thing I recall was waking up in the queen bed, fully dressed with a sheet over me. There was a bulge in the bed and from the dim light I saw Raymond’s face. He was under the bed’s comforter.

He did not stir when I moved. I tossed the sheet and wondered what my next step should be.

I lifted the comforter and sheet and saw that he was naked. I got nervous and decided not to peek further. I then thought since I was willing for him to initiate me to black cock, I was willing to get naked also. I headed to the bathroom, stripped, cleaned up a tad and headed back to bed naked.

I slipped into the bed quietly. I lay on my left side, the same side he was on.

I pulled the covers up. While doing so I tried to get a look at his woman pleasure but the room was too dark. I drifted back to sleep slowly with anticipations of going places were Jerry used to take me.

I woke a little later with a warm black hand cupping my left breast and a hard bone pressing into the back of a thigh.

I placed my hand on top of the one cupping my breast and slide backwards tighter to Raymond and was rewarded with a gentle squeeze of the breast he was holding.

We both must have fallen asleep again because the next thing I heard was, “God Sam you sure know how to make a woman cum.”

I reached over my hips to touch the boner pressing into my thigh. It was as big as Jeffery’s and then I guessed it might be a tad thicker. At the time I wanted a cock so much of that size was it my imagination or wanting it to be as big and do the wonders that I was longing for.

I then heard Raymond say, “Shelly may I…” I cut him off and said, “Raymond do to me as your heart desires. If I don’t like it I will tell you. So use your mouth to please me and not to talk and spoil the mood. Now if your cock can make me sail, you can share this bed again with me. Now what were you going to say?”

Raymond then dropped my breast and used his right hand to lift my right leg at the knee and then moved the hand to my pussy. He inserted two fingers and worked them around inside and then dragged out copious amounts of warm nectar. I felt him spread the love juice over his hard cock. I knew that soon that bone of his would be in me. I then felt him shift so he could aim his woman pleasure to the spot where he had just removed his fingers. He lifted my right leg further and I felt the huge cock head pressing against my pussy door. I was hoping he would not miss and shove it into my ass.

I began to moan and heard, “Shhhh baby, soon, soon you will get there,” as he slid his hand between my thighs and his fingers finding my pussy again. After finger-fucking me for several seconds Raymond reached down and lifted my right leg back and over his so that he was lined up perfectly with the hole in my pussy. “Little Raymond gonna take care of that desire babe so just hold on for the ride of a life time.” Raymond licked my earlobe just as he pushed and slid his meat into my steaming wet canal.

He went in a lot easier than I had expected. He managed to get about half of his cock inside of me on the first thrust. I let out with, “Ohhhhh God, Yes.”

God, I never felt so full! It was big. “Ahh,!” I gasped as Raymond shoved more of his meat into me.

Raymond wrapped one hand around my thigh to keep my leg up and over his as he slowly began pumping his hips. On the third stroke he pulled his hard cock nearly out and then thrust, pushing until he felt my cervix. His balls were resting on my thigh. I heard, “Damn, baby so good.”

Raymond lay still for a few seconds. He must have been savoring the fresh pussy his cock was buried in or as guys would say balls deep. He then let my leg drop and reached over me to find the trigger and began massaging it and at the same time began slow thrust with long strokes. He must have sensed my building and urgency and began thrusting the hard black cock faster and faster with an increase in finger action on the clit. I was moaning like a kitten purrs on the in thrust. I was on my way just like when Jerry did me.

When I hit the edge I went over with a scream that would scare the world if they heard it. Raymond stiffened and pumped copious amounts of his warm semen deep in me which took me to a higher plateau as the warmth from it triggered spasms that would not stop. I was relishing the feeling of being filled with my lover’s warm cum. I began to wonder when he would quit flexing because each flex sent a new spasm through me.

I was in space somewhere and could not get satisfied being it had been so long. I was still horny and needed more. I humped so his cock knew I needed more and moved my body so his fingers continued on the clit.

I was still cumming when Raymond pulled out, threw the covers off, got up on his knees, lifted my butt up to a kneeling position, spread my thighs with a knee and then with one shove buried the hard bone all the way making me let out with, “Yes, yes, yes, God yes, more pleaseeeeeeee.”

I loved getting treated this way by Raymond. Then the icing came when I heard, “Take this meat bitch and show it what your hot snatch can do to it.”

I squeezed the walls of my vagina and reached back to massage his hairless balls. After a few minutes of thrusting his woman pleaser in and out of me he shoved deep, stiffened and growled, “Damn bitch you are hot. Here is more love juice for you.”

I dropped his balls as they drew up next to his sweating body to make the deposit and massaged my clit to send me into no-mans-land as his hands held my hips, pulling me back to him as he shoved his cock in further, his cock swelling more and spewing hot semen while coating my insides more as it flexed.

I tossed my head from side to side as I was cumming and feeling the warm baby making juice coat my insides again as well as screaming, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, god yeah!!”

It was the biggest and hardest orgasm of my life to date. Was it because he was black or maybe better than my previous lover or lack of awesome sex which I had been used to?

When we had recovered slightly but Raymond still making small slow thrust, he pulled out, flipped me onto my back, lifted my legs so the knees were at my tits, and buried his face into my hot leaking pussy covered with cocktail juices and began slow lapping from my asshole to the clit. I lay still trying to recover from the last orgasm and did not have the strength to say no and besides he was building me again. He spread my labia and began eating and sucking the clit as fingers wormed their way into the sopping pussy.

I went into a delirious state of mind and surrendered my body to him.

Soon the wet fingers found my asshole and slowly they wormed their way in. I never had let any guy go there before. I was shocked that I wanted more. I had an orgasm from his tongue and while cumming nearly pulled my breasts off. I do not know where Raymond took me but it was an awesome place.

When I recovered from the cumming slightly I felt that my asshole was stretched more and more fingers were fucking it.

Raymond took me to another orgasm with his mouth and at the peak he pulled away from me, lifted me up on my knees while I was still shaking from the orgasm surging through me and shoved his manhood into my asshole. I let out with a whimpered, “Arrrrrgghhhh,” as it made its journey deep into my bowels.

He forced me to go flat on the bed, reached under me to play with the clit until I was humping his fingers and then he whispered, “Do you like the black meat in your sweet lily white ass?”

I mumbled something like, “Uhhh huh, fuck my lily white ass.”

He began with slow in and out moves and I was going places I had never been. I was admitting Raymond was as good as my previous awesome lover who could get me to sail and even better. But maybe it was because it was new meat for me and maybe the skin color putting some naughtiness into it.

I remember hearing a loud roar and a body convulsing telling me that Raymond was feeling good and shooting any leftover semen deep in my bowels.

The next thing I remembered was waking up, covered and smelling like man’s juice in the middle of a big puddle. I heard voices coming from the house and they were two distinct males and a female. I was too embarrassed to face them. I decide to shower.

Upon standing, semen dribbled down my inner and back side of my thighs. The odor was intoxicating. I wanted to masturbate then and there but was a tad raw from me and him. It let me know I had a good time and that Raymond did also. It made me wonder as to how many days accumulation of nut juice did Raymond have and deposit or was that a normal amount for him. I was glad that I was on the pill for these spontaneous encounters.

As I was showering Shelly appeared, grinning and then saying, “Wow someone had a wonderful time, didn’t she?”

I flushed red and replied back, “Yeah, I think so and that has been what I have been needing for some time, wow.”

“Come on out when you are ready; there is some nourishment and I am glad you and Raymond connected. My god he is hung like a horse. Jerry must have been nearly his size because you took to it like a hot knife to butter.”

“Yeah Jerry was hung. I wonder if a black guy taught him how to please. Raymond sure does know how.”

“Sherry most black guys can do it. That is why we date them.”

“Maybe I should move down here then.”

“Come on, we can party all the time and we can get sitters for the little one. By the way just toss on a robe; you might find it more comfortable to get rid of if you would like another go with Raymond.”

I responded with, “So you think I might want that.”

“I think you are hooked now on black meat and you are going to get all you can before leaving.”

“Oh being a smart ass, huh Shelly.”

“Yep, we all heard you screaming for more black meat. I need to get some of Raymond now that I saw what he had and I can not let my aunt be the only one in the family that experienced him. When Sam and I were watching I got so turned on that Sam had me pinned against the wall making me feel like you were feeling. Let’s swap later. Will it be okay with you?”

“Wow, I have not been here twenty-four hours and look what has happened.”

“Sherry it is three in the afternoon so you have been here more than twenty-four hours. Now get that lily white northern ass out for some nourishment.”

“Okay, wow have we been having fun all night?”

“Nope started this morning at eight and it was non-stop.”

“God, my body says it is tired so it must have been a few hours. I will be right out for some food.”

I dried off, put on the silk purple mid-thigh robe and headed to the food, knowing the guys wanted to swap. So I made up my mind to face the music since Sam and Shelly were spying on Raymond and me.

When I appeared they all smiled at me with a smirk on their faces.

I smiled back and then heard, “Sherry thanks for sharing the night with me. If there is anything…”

I cut him off and said, “Look just be yourself and don’t try to make yourself into something you are not. Us girls will tell you when you get out of line. Just do your polite thing without asking permission or getting approval. You are a sweet guy and I loved the way you took charge in bed. I have never cum so hard in my life and that many times. I am sure Shelly will tell her friends how good you are after spying on us. And I want to see you fuck her like you did me to teach her a lesson not to spy on her auntie.”

“Out of the mouths of Sam and Raymond we heard, she is your niece?”

Shelly answered back with a yes and then tossing in, “And it’s fun showing auntie how things are done here.”

We all laughed while I gathered up food to nourish my body.

After answering a lot of question from Shelly about the fun I had, I asked, “Tell me Raymond when are you planning to turn Shelly on like you did me?”

Shelly spoke before Raymond could and said, “Listen, it was so awesome watching you and Sherry enjoying it. I figure I am going to enjoy it because I am already leaking in anticipation. I will be a new piece for you Raymond and I want you to fill me up with your juice, so let’s hit the club and then come home and party. That will give you a few hours to recharge those balls.”

Sam smiled and said, “Good plan Shelly. That will give me time to load mine up for Sherry. You managed to drain them good I think. I sure will try to make her scream louder than Raymond did but it might be tough. You are really thick Ray. It’s no wonder the girls shy away from you.

“Yeah Sam, that has been a problem since junior high. I was thicker before being longer. Also I am same length hard as soft and when girls see it soft they assume it will be very long when up.”

Shelly then said, “Are we going out for dinner or should Sherry and me put something on the grill?”

Both guys simultaneously said, “Grill.”

Shelly and I dressed to go shopping for food for the grill.

The guys decided to watch sports.

For the grill we purchased chicken. We also bought ready made baked beans and potato salad.

Upon returning from the shopping trip, Shelly suggested we go skinny dipping.

It was easy for her to convince me to do it in the heated pool.

The guys were more interested in the game on the television than joining us.

After doing a few laps in the pool and while standing in the shallow end, Shelly said, “Sherry, Sam asked if I knew your feelings of doing a show for him and Raymond tonight. I told him what I had told you.”

“Do I have to Shelly?”

“No sweetie, I just wanted you to know it was on his mind. But to be honest with you, you have a hot bod and I would love to get it on with you sometime before you leave. You turn me on and I think it would be fun making each other cum and snuggle for the night.”

“Wow Shelly; I wonder how many others of our sex think the same.”

“I bet a lot Sherry. You have perfect proportions even after having a kid. Sherry after having Genevieve, did it reduce the feelings of a cock banging you and that is the reason you are searching for big?”

“For a few months it did Shelly but doing exercises made it normal again. Jerry even commented that at times my pussy felt tighter than before having her. I was worried about that also but my gyno guy told me to be religious about the program he developed for his patients having babies. I remember talking to some ladies that were there for the second and third child and they swore by the exercises so I followed doctor’s orders.”

“That has always bothered me Sherry. Thanks for sharing.”

Shelly then walked up to me as she stared me in the eye and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me tight to her so that our nipples touched since we were the same height. The electrical charge was ecstatic. She continued staring, waiting for a response I guess and then a smile broke across her face and she said, “Well anyway your nipples like it.”

I looked down and they were standing out firm and hard.

“God Shelly I’m so nervous. You are my niece.”

“I look at it this way. If we are two horny women that like the feelings of orgasms and want to get it on when the opportunity presents itself either with a guy or girl, why not?”

“You sure make it sound …”

Shelly mouth covered mine and her tongue went looking for mine. I snorted from the shock but did not pull away. In fact, after a few seconds I succumbed to her and wrapped my arms around her.

I enjoyed immensely the first ever female induced orgasm and was looking forward to the next time when I would be more relaxed.

It took me several laps around the pool to settle down so we could prepare the food.

As I was flipping the chicken and spreading the sauce on it from time to time, Sam came up to me, placed his arms around my waist, pulled me tight to him and said, “Nice show you and your niece put on for Ray and me. Us guys love it when ladies are making out in sixty-nine and we can see.”

I know I turned crimson because I was extremely hot and it was not from the grill. I then heard, “Relax Sherry its only sex and it makes you feel good.”

I relaxed and said, “So you hungry yet?”

The response was, “Yes for a piece or two of that lovely ass of yours that Ray enjoyed. He told me it was the best he ever had. He thought your pussy was going to rip his cock off as if it needed to be fed more and he talked about how tight that other hole is.”

Sam followed up with, “You flip that chicken like you have done it before. Do you do much cooking for your friends? Shelly told me about your misfortune. I hope some of us down here can help heal the heart break.”

“Thanks Sam I might have to make more trips down here or move down.”

“Well the guys would love that so long as you don’t get serious and want to marry one of us. That would put a crimp in our life-style.”

We both laughed and I was getting more comfortable with Sam as we chatted and he spread the sauce while I flipped the chicken from time to time.

I needed to wash my hands and headed for the house. When I got in the kitchen I heard Shelly yelling, “Yeah, there, oh god right there Ray. Don’t stop now I am going to ahhhhh…ahhhhhh…ahhhhh…, oh more Ray more, ahhhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh.”

I tip-toed down the hall and Shelly was naked from the waist down, up on the bathroom vanity, legs spread wide apart, eyes closed, hands on the top of Raymond’s shaved head, pulling him into her snatch as he was eating her out.

I jumped out of my skin when I heard, “Sure is a hot scene, don’t you think Sherry?” coming from the back of me as hands cupped my breasts and pulling me back to his rigid cock in my back. It was Sam.

I turned, smiled and said, “God yes Sam, we better tend the chicken.”

I was flipping the chicken when Sam said, “Sex when you want it is pretty normal in our crowd, even if there are people around. We swap all of the time for variety.”

“I see Sam, wow, different than what I am accustomed to.”

“Let me help with the chicken and you can yell at Shelly to get her ass in the kitchen and tell her that the chicken is about to land.”

I did as Sam suggested. Shelly appeared and glowed. I smiled and said, “Must have been good.”

And I heard, “Damn good!! Can he ever eat pussy?”

“I think so but its been several hours and its all blending together as one huge orgasm.”

“Let me bring the other stuff. The table is set.”

After dinner we watch some TV and then Shelly suggested that we put on some sexy clothes after showering.

In the shower she go it on with me again and I was more relaxed and did the same.

We giggled as we dried off and then I tried on some hot pants, heels and halter tops. When we appeared the guys whistled at our selection.

We headed to the club and I got winks from both the guys and gals. Everyone danced with everyone and made me feel welcome. I did not see Sam or Raymond most of the night. I am sure they were telling their male friends of the previous night’s events. I know Shelly told here friends about Raymond and they all began to show an interest in him. I wondered how soon they would drop him once they sampled him.

Soon the guys showed up after making their rounds visiting and Shelly said, “Their horny let’s take them home and take care of them.”

I said, “You mean you are horny for Raymond and want to get it on.”

“Okay smart ass you are getting to know me too well.”

We laughed as we headed back to the house at the stupidest things said.

When we arrived at the house Shelly suggested we freshen and then just put on the mid-thigh silk robes making it easier to disrobe.

When we returned to the living room the guys had the TV on and watching a basketball game.

I heard Sam say, “Sherry are you talented at blowing a guy?”

I looked at Shelly. She had a smile on her face.

I blushed and then said, “Well depends on the guy I guess; one might think yes and another might think not.”

I then heard, “Why don’t you demonstrate your skill on me but don’t make me cum. I want to save that for that hot looking ass of yours.”

I looked at Shelly and she shrugged her shoulders.

I walked over to Sam and knelt in front of him between his spread legs.

I then slowly undid his belt, his fly, and the button. I reached in and pulled out the semi-hard black snake. I then reached in further and lifted out the hairless sack which held the family jewels. I lifted the cock then and sucked on the head and ran my tongue over it a few times before inserting my fingers into the waist band. Sam lifted his butt so I could pull his trouser down and I was shocked to see he had no underwear on.

With his semi-hard cock, I guessed he would be a little shorter than Raymond and not as thick when fully erect but still big enough to make white guys jealous.

I heard Shelly say, “Raymond do you want some of the same action from me?”

I heard, “I don’t think so Shelly. I have not had many girls try it and I blow so quickly. It really would be nice but it gets over with so quick for me when a girl blows me.”

“Let me try Raymond. I promise not to hurry. Maybe that is what other girls did so they could get it over with.”

“Well okay try and see where it leads.”

By then I was lifting Sam’s balls in their hairless sack and eyeing the tool again that would be ramming into me later. He was growing. He had closed his eyes. I was glancing at Shelly and Raymond out of the corner of my eye since they were next to me.

I then felt Sam sliding his hands into my robe and massaging my breasts so softly. I was licking him from tip to base and dragging my tongue up the vein to the sensitive spot and giving it a few flicks.

After about five minutes I stood, placed my hands on his knees and took the head into my mouth and then slowly lowered my head until my nose was at the base. When it reached there I attempted to swallow more and heard, “No Sherry, I will blow if you continue that. How about pulling off slowly, crawl up here and feed my hard meat to your pussy.”

I did as Sam desired and moaned as the bone went deeper and deeper. My robe opened all the way in the process. Sam then sucked one breast into his mouth and flicked the nipple with his tongue. I was beginning to sail.

I manage to lay my head on his shoulder so I could see Shelly working on Raymond. She had him hard and was lifting off his pre-cum with the tip of her tongue as it appeared at the opening. Raymond was frozen in position with his hands in Shelly’s hair but made no attempt to pull her mouth onto his cock.

We then heard, “Ray, I’m going to take your cock deep throat. Don’t move a muscle or flex or hump or I will quit.”

Shelly opened her mouth and very slowly lowered her head downwards with no fucking motion. When her nose was at the base she just froze. She was kneeling and then her hand went to Raymond’s nuts and she just held them.

It seemed forever before she slowly raised her head in one continuous pullback.

She caught her breath and said, “Good boy Raymond and for that I will do that again. Same rules apply.”

I was jolted to reality when one of Sam’s fingers found my clit and began massaging.

I then turned my head kissed and blew into his ears as his fingering increased in speed, his sucking on the breast became more urgent. My pussy walls tightened down on his cock as the first of the nights cums started in my toes and went charging through my body. I buried my face in the nape of his naked and moaned as waves of pleasure surged through me from a new black cock.

Sam removed the finger and dropped my breast from his mouth. I lifted and leaned in to kiss him. Our French kissing had me climbing again. I began to fuck myself with the black tool in me and made myself cum again.

As I was calming down I looked over at Raymond and Shelly. She was still getting him used to deep throating.

Sam said, “If you want to continue watching them, lift off, walk behind the sofa here, bend over, and let me fuck your hot snatch while we both watch.”

Sam had not cum yet. When I lifted off my juices were leaking. I ran to the kitchen for some paper towels, wiped, then returned to the room. Sam’s black cock was hard and glistening from my juices. I looked him in the eyes, used my right hand to lift his balls, wet with my love juice, and dragged my tongue down to his chest after giving him a kiss and continued to drag it down, down, down, until I reached the hard cock. I opened my mouth and deep throated it as I knelt.

I thought I’d get him close to cumming then bend over the sofa so he could make his deposit but then another thought crossed my mind.

Sam placed his hands on my head as I gave his cock the special treatment that Jerry taught me; long and slow along with nut massage. From time to time I used the leaking saliva on his nuts to massage the area between his nut sack and his asshole. When he began to do some thrusting, my wet finger went further and moistened his asshole.

Chapter 3 – Lynn is caught again

Spoiler alert – read Chapters 1&2 first. I’m nothing if not good for a surprise.


Within a minute Lynn was listening quietly outside the hotel room door. As Jim had only left about an hour and a half before she wasn’t surprised by the quieted room. If he were inside he would certainly have the TV blaring the stupid football game. It would probably be hours before he returned.

She keyed and slowly opened the door. Everything was just as left and she hurried inside with a plan to tuck the boots back, discard the soaked and ruined attire, have a quick shower and clean out the mess created during the encounter. Then a change into loose PJs and a book to finish the eve seemed fitting as it would broadcast to Jim she wasn’t interested in anything else tonight.

She smiled to herself considering an hour earlier, “nothing” was the last thing she wanted to happen with her husband, Jim, tonight. Now, after what just happened, nothing was the only thing she wanted. She knew this wasn’t exactly the plan but hoped he would understand. He was otherwise occupied and entertained for tonight. That should be enough.

As the relief of being alone hit her she couldn’t help but recall how intense what just happened was. Outside revivifying she focused best she could on what needed to be done in the aftermath of this strange new reality.

First Lynn needed to get clean. While her mind spun and tingled with the thought of an unseen stranger filling her completely in so many ways, she was glad for not having his essence dripping down her legs into her new boots as she returned.

She closed the door and stepped towards the bathroom when she felt a hand cover her mouth from behind. Not knowing if she would find the stranger or her husband behind her she wordlessly gasped…and then heard her husband’s voice,

“Nice boots. So what have we been up to my little tart?”

Lynn felt the knot in her stomach quite differently now. Fuck me boots. Panty hose sheared at the crotch. Her husband’s coat. Her stretched pussy beginning to leak its cargo. He’d never seen her anything like this.

“Ummph,” she said underneath his hand as he removed it. In her mind Lynn was still concocting how she might get this evening over with…

“Please let me get cleaned up and then I’ll tell you where I was…” she started.

Jim quickly spun her around and backed her up to the bed.

“I don’t think you need to get cleaned up to tell me that. Besides, I came earlier. I was thinking of trying what we talked about. When you weren’t here I walked down the hall to see if you went to get ice or something.”

Lynn grasped on to what Jim said as if he was offering an alibi. But not having anything to show for a trip to get ice she corrected confidently – almost as if she had been in a situation as this many times before,

“I went to the gift shop for a magazine but they didn’t have anything I was interested in.”

Jim glared at her for a second, looking her up and down as she stood in front of the bed drawing the coat tightly to her with both hands.

“From the way you are flushed I’d say you found SOMETHING you were interested in…Lynn…you wanna tell me what is going on?”

Lynn knew this tone of voice. It was how he sounded anytime he knew more than he was letting on. She also knew that her attire screamed she hadn’t been where she said.

“OK honey, if you must know I took your and Suzie’s suggestion. I went out for a little fun by myself and now I need to get cleaned up.”

“Oh,” retorted Jim with a snort. “I kind of thought that might be it,” he finished but seemed more angry than enlivened she had actually done such a thing.

Lynn was surprised. Jim had seemed sincere in his recommendation, even encouraging that pleasuring herself in a semi-public setting was something he wanted her to do. She never expected him to be upset.

“Didn’t I do what you wanted?” she asked innocently. “Aren’t you glad I challenged my comfort zone?”

Lynn was concerned and puzzled by Jim’s blank expression, and began to worry there may be a psychological implication of what was occurring tonight, even though this very thing had been discussed at length in preceding months.

‘He wanted me to play with myself in the stairwell…and then,’ her thoughts were curtly halted.

“What I wanted was for you to put yourself in a new situation. I was kind of hoping that was what you were doing as I made my way to the opposite end of the hall after not finding you in vending,” Jim stated factually.

‘Oh shit,’ Lynn thought to herself. ‘Is my husband snapping right in front of me?’

“Of course,” Jim went on, “I didn’t want to interrupt you if you found a special spot. So it is a good thing the stair doors have little windows, otherwise I may have embarrassed you.”

Lynn slumped saddened on the bed. But she didn’t start crying. She started getting angry. The only reason this happened was because her idiot husband told her to play out the undercurrents of her desires. She blurted out,

“This isn’t my fault!”

But Jim didn’t give reality a rest. Not for one second.

“So, even though I told you what I would do for you this week you think it would be fun to dress up like a sl…,” Jim caught himself. He knew how his wife felt about this word before tonight. Even though he was well aware of what happened and was said earlier on the stairs…something urged him to save this for later.

“Take a deep breath,’ he told himself and then did. He continued:

“Your dress begs attention. Certainly you are aware that men will get ideas seeing you like this, thinking one so tawdry is seeking such…don’t you? Really, what did you do… go wait in a stairwell for the first guy that came along?”

“That’s not what I did!!” Lynn protested.

With that Jim quickly unzipped his coat revealing Lynn’s naked torso, the blue veins still raised in her breasts after her crescendo, her neck still flushed. He grabbed hold of her tight abused nipples firmly and twisted…hard.

“Owww…..” cried Lynn. “Stop it, that hurts,” she went on without raising a hand to stop him.

“Didn’t seem to be hurting too much before…’strumpet’…was it…he called you?”

“I just went out to masturbate…to be a little kinky while you wanted to watch football instead!” Lynn cried out.

“Well that’s not what you did then is it!” Jim said back sternly, like a school principal. “Tell me what you did!” He continued loudly without shouting.

Lynn was still delirious and in shock from her experience just a few minutes before. She cast aside thoughts of how she must be presenting – cowering on the bed like this. She ignored the fact that at any moment he would discover more of her undoing once the coat tails, still folded over her lap, were removed.

Lynn went silent, not sure whether to argue or sob. She was spent and, not understanding his anger or how to stifle it, just wanted this to stop.

Jim reached behind her neck and Lynn groaned at the angry heat his loins radiated only inches in front of her face. He roughly yanked up on his coat fully unveiling her entire display, including the glistening now oozing from between her legs.

He began angrily, “You think it would be fun to go out and get fucked like this, cutting out the hose over your shaved pussy, letting some stranger maul you and seed that little primed womb, stuffing his fat cock inside you while showing off your rings? And then bringing his load of sod to me?!?!?”

Jim was very angry now. Lynn was worn, torn, spent…defeated. But in this she remembered something her husband gave her years ago: a guide describing how to handle him when he was angry. She thought this not only a long shot, but actually stupid to try in such a situation. But she couldn’t think of anything else.

There were 5 recommendations he had shared in this one page journal. The first 4 ranged from acknowledging his anger, to calmly talking him down, to suggesting the topic may be better coursed with their marriage counselor. Realizing no acknowledgment, kind words, or a counselor 600 miles away would do any good – she considered the last suggestion Jim had written.

No doubt, she thought, this wasn’t the kind of event he had in mind for such a list, especially number 5. But it was the only bullet in the gun that had a chance of making it out of the barrel…

“Jim,” she said, “I can see you are angry right now, so why don’t you put your head down here and take a nice little taste of this pussy.”

This sent Jim on a rail and Lynn began to loath herself for pulling the trigger…the thought was disgusting but her memory interrupted at this point. This has escalated just as he had written it might if he were feeling insulted or betrayed.

Then she remembered a further instruction for such a reaction from him. It was direct and controlling and unsympathetic to whatever he might be going through. She couldn’t believe she was considering throwing another gallon of gas on the fire.

Lynn’s body displayed a slight shudder at the thought of saying these next words. His attitude wasn’t unexpected, but the intensity was. Unable to determine if she was going in the right direction or wrong, she thought to herself,

‘How much worse can it make this?’

She leaned back with her ass resting on the edge of the bed. She raised and spread her legs propping herself up with her arms behind her. Her large, marked breasts heaving from her chest. She could see Jim’s face flush as he saw how red her ass was and the sloppy mess now surrounding the opening of her pussy – relaxing now, beginning to gape after its recent abuse.

Jim was fuming. Speechless.

She took a deep breath tracing her memory, and seductively recounted what he had written.

“Jim, I’m going to count to five and if you’re not interested in sucking my little pussy then we should just get separate rooms for the rest of our stay.”

As the words came out Lynn felt her confidence boosted. She escaped the feeling that she wasn’t good enough, wasn’t properly living up to his wishes as described. But after what just happened in the stairs, after being constrained, used and filled while forced to beg for more, the thought of regaining any control and power was savory as a perfect midnight meal.

She was contented and assured at this point. This is what he said to do. And if it’s not good enough then fuck him. Let him leave.

This had become far more intense than she imagined it could and ending it here, now and forever, would be fine with her.

“You have fucking got to be kidding me,” Jim said lengthening his spine to exhibit his tall posture and pumped up body.

“Just what I want when I come to surprise you, a cum filled slut wife! Fuck you.” He didn’t care about the word anymore or how Lynn felt about it. He stepped back and tried to look at the door without success.

Lynn looked at his eyes. They were wide open. And they were fixated on her sex.

“One,” she said.

This snapped Jim out of his state and he backed away.

“Two,” she went on.

He gathered a few things including his coat, wallet and cell as she said,


He walked toward the door and opened it.

“Four,” Lynn said, noticing his pause there, his eyes floating back to her.

Jim stopped. Lynn stopped. Silence. Jim turned sideways, his profile apparent to Lynn as his face dropped staring into the bathroom. Lynn traced his face, and then dropping shoulders, and lower, seeing the mighty push of his erection beneath his sweats.

She smiled and teasingly began to slowly close her legs. Using all her strength to display confidence in enforcing the ultimatum, she held her breath praying this wasn’t the calm before the storm. Granted.

Jim closed the door, dropped everything in his hands and scurried to kneel in front of Lynn’s spread legs. He began licking and kissing all around her swollen womanhood. Her senses heightened and she thrust back her head.

She called through the pleasure of having her cunt wiped clean by Jim’s wanting tongue.

“Oh yeah baby,” she said. “Are you going to clean out this mess that was forced into me? That’s it, keep washing my lips and clit. You need to restore my used pussy, don’t you baby?”

Jim took a quick breath.

“You think it’s fun to come back to me with a nasty, used pussy you slut?” Jim asked, then renewing his oral efforts, sticking his tongue deep into her hole.

“Mmmmhmmmm” Lynn replied without thinking about it.

“Be a good boy and clean that mess between my legs,” Lynn said starting to heat up once again – surprised at how turned on she was by her husband acting this way.

Lynn surprised herself. The thought of Jim going down on her after she had been filled was almost nauseating in the past.

Now she found herself whorishly aroused – watching him succumb to her demands after being filled by a seemingly younger model moments ago. In the heat of the moment she couldn’t stop watching him lap his warm tongue in broad circles and penetrate her almost begging to release more essence from her depths.

She felt another orgasm, deep as if it started on another floor of the hotel, arising within her.

“That’s it my sweet baby, suck the cum out of my cunt before I get pregnant!” she added now quivering at her impending release.

Jim had nothing more to say. He attacked her dripping cunt with his mouth. He grabbed the heels of her boots in his hands and spread her legs high and wide. He hummed as he vacuumed saying he wasn’t going to let some soccer fag knock her up.

Lynn’s body radiated with this attention. He was like an animal. She began to cum harder than any other time tonight, unable and uncaring to stifle her vocalizations. Jim used the boot heels to rock her filled and sloppy receptacle up and down, lapping at the remains of her previous escapade.

Jim lifted her and moved her up on the bed quickly shedding his sweat suit. He knelt over her, his hardening cock approaching her lips as he dove back in. After a moment he raised and grabbed her hips, flipping Lynn over so she was kneeling over his mouth with his now fully erect cock inches from her face.

“Are you gonna suck it all out baby? Do you want me to push the cum out of my little honey pot into your mouth sweetie? While I suck on this big dick in front of me?”

Jim could only umphh and harrumph as he greedily went to his task.

Lynn sucked his swollen member in as deep as she could take it. She came over and again as she ground herself into his face.

Releasing with her mouth but still grasping his throbbing manhood she would sit upright intermittently, squeezing her insides as hard as she could to evacuate residue into Jim’s open mouth. She ground her pelvis on his face, using his extended tongue to fuck her hole and then rub her clit alternating back and forth.

Lynn had never felt so erotic, in control and out at the same time. She could swear at this point it was her own juices she was pumping out almost in a stream.

Somewhere deep inside her mind, as if from a dark cavern covered by forest surrounded by mountains, a distant cry emerged. Barely audible but reverberating around her like a bomb it echoed…

‘You are such…such a…you know you are a filthy little slu…’

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooo…..” she screamed and then trailed off as a state of continuous orgasm dug into every inch of her.

Lynn once again found herself in a place where her mind, body, and mouth took over. She started to think of where this kind of thing could lead, but at the same time heard familiar rants echo in the room.

“This is what he told me you deserve,” the unfamiliar voice blurted. “You heard him telling me to make you suck out his cum while I taunt your cock readying it for his sloppy seconds!”

At this Lynn felt so dirty her orgasm exploded in a different way. All shame and fear washed away. An inner slut and whore had finally taken over after so many years of stifling.

In the safety of her room with her husband the wash was more intense than on the stairs, she was admitting her carnality and sharing it with the truest and only love of her life.

And he, this perfect and caring man, was bringing the best of her worst fantasies to life…somehow getting past the implication and complication in reality.

He wasn’t only willing, he was completely enthralled in the act of participating in this way. Jim was humming and slurping, pushing his tongue in as far as possible. He swirled it and lapped every inch of her inner sanctum.

He placed his hands on either side of her vulva, spreading her lewdly, sticking his tongue in as far as it would go and swirling in exaggerated circles.

He gently inserted one and then two fingers into her dripping depths, scooping out everything he could find directly into his mouth. Jim licked and sucked his fingers after each penetration. Lynn could tell he was determined to not miss a drop of her lover or of that she was now generously emanating.

“You’re not getting knocked up by some young punk, you cum whore!” he cried out with a trembling voice, as if asserting a claim to territory already lost.

Lynn, now swallowed by what was occurring; no longer caring what happened while being pounded by these waves of debauchery responded,

“You seem to be the cum slut here. Why don’t you be a good boy and finish up so you can have your leftovers.”

When Jim was satisfied with the exalt of her continued orgasm and her cleanliness he informed Lynn she would now be roundly fucked.

He flipped her onto her back, entered, and began pumping into her just at the pace her hips arched against him. Lynn unconsciously started humming an unwavering and static note, like a small continuously revved engine.

Lynn was in another place entirely now. She heard nothing. Saw nothing even without cover of a coat. But she felt everything as if this intensity were a brain cramping mirage. All she knew for sure was she was cumming and cumming and cumming like never before.

Jim, having more stamina than she experienced in years, flipped her over on her haunches, then this way and that. He spoke to her during this in a calm tone belying his physical maneuvers. He encouraged her to admit she let a stranger take her like this, without reservation or complaint. That she, in fact, begged for it.

All she could do was give in, agree, admit, apologize…and beg her beloved not to stop.

“Yes Yes Yes…he took me…took me and made me his slut!” she was now screaming between gasps.

“He used my pussy! He filled it with cum! Is that what you want to hear?!?! Did you like watching him fill my tiny cunt when you were too busy? Did you? Did you? Ungh……don’t stop fucking this hole…please…please…don’t ever stionioifphhhhuuuuuunnnnggghhhhhhh……”

Jim’s pretense of rage had long since dropped. He was overcome with eroticism as he watched his wife now submissively taking everything he had to deliver, for as long as he could deliver it – just as he had seen earlier standing behind her on the stairs.

He became rigid staring directly into her open eyes looking at him, through him. Her pupils were dilated. The rest was blurred, glazed, vacant. Jim flipped her over again grabbing her hips and pulled her ass up afore him.

“So I get to give you another fill now? Is that it, you need another load deep in this used cunt!?” he asked as he slowly sank his flaming manhood into her depths.

Lynn could only mutter, “please,” between gasps.

“Well, I don’t think so,” Jim countered with a grunt.

“Seems I’m the only one here eating cum tonight and that hardly seems fair.”

Lynn was unable to comprehend where this was going, still gasping and moaning through the relentless pounding from behind. By this point she was at exhaustion – a rag doll barely able to keep her knees underneath her.

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