The night begins with you meeting me at my place for an evening on the town. You; dressed up fine in a hat, tie, and vest – me; my hair pinned up, in a short busty dress and thigh-highs. As you watch me bend over to put on my heels, you notice the small peek of lace underneath, and you can’t resist grabbing me by the hips and pulling me into you – the hard swell under your pants pressing against the thin fabric covering my pussy.

I gasp as your fingers roam, your firm hands keeping me bent at the waist as you explore under my dress. When you finally pull my underwear aside, you’re a little surprised to find how wet I am – my pussy practically begging to be filled. What had started out as a diversion turned into an opportunity not to be wasted. You order me to stand, and push me against the wall, forcing my legs wide with your knees, and hiking my dress up to my hips. Kneeling now, you slowly peel off my underwear -making me blush as you laugh at how they are soaked through already- and make me shiver in anticipation as I stand fully exposed to you.

One hand on my ass, the other on my clit, you begin to tease me with your tongue until I’m groaning and gasping against the wall. Now, as you realize your dick has grown to the point where you need to loosen your pants, your mind turns to other things…you lead me over to a chair in the corner where you sit and pull out your hard cock – motioning to me that it’s my turn.

I get on my hands and knees and crawl up to your lap, taking your whole cock in my mouth at once – making you gasp in surprise and pleasure. I’m so turned on, I feel like I can’t get enough – alternating between sucking on the head, and swallowing the whole shaft. Although your attention is wholly focused on the lips wrapped around your dick, you notice the box of toys behind the chair that I’ve gathered in preparation for tonight – one in particular sparks your interest, and you pull it out without me seeing. You lean over to pull my dress up to my waist once again, revealing my ass and forcing your cock down my throat. You lick your fingers and spread my asscheeks, spreading the wetness around the tight hole. Surprised, my hand reaches back to push yours away, but you grab my wrist tightly and murmur your dissent. On all fours, hand behind my back, and a cock stuffed deep in my throat, I can give you little contest as you begin to work my asshole with your fingers, stretching me open gently.

You let go of my wrist when you have a finger firmly two knuckles down, and your other hand seeks out my clit again; not surprised at all to find it once again dripping. Lost in the pleasure of having all three holes administered to, I am so close to cumming…but there is something else you want to do first.

The butt plug is bigger than your finger, and I moan in protest as you push it in slowly, stretching me wider than before; but your cock stolidly fills my mouth, and as you whisper in my ear how much of a sexy slut I am, I begin to rock my hips against your hands, ready to cum. You fuck me with the plug, pulling it in and out of my ass as you enjoy the deep throating you’re getting. We’re both close, but I cum first – you push the plug as deep as it’ll go, the base of it wedged between my asscheeks, my hole tightening around it as my pussy spasms in pleasure. You cum too, then…finally leaning back and enjoying the sight as I swallow it all.

I’m gasping, shaking from the intensity of it, as you zip up your pants and return my underwear to me with a grin. I reach back to remove the plug, and once again you grab my wrist and explicitly tell me no – you want me to leave it there, under my panties, all night, as we wander around downtown….and only you can remove it, when you’re ready. I look at you incredulously, but you take my hand and lead me out, the inconspicuous toy in my ass, and the taste of your cum still on my lips, our night only just begun…

Pari and Hitesh had known each other for many years – a decade, give or take. Their association began through the world of cyberspace, like any normal modern day relationship. It started off innocuously enough. A few minutes on messenger, a couple of posts on a public forum, etc. Before they knew it, they had started spending hours together online, sometimes being up till sunrise.

They talked about everything. No topic was taboo, even contentious religious ones. He was a Hindu. She was Muslim. And, they argued. Vigorously. Vociferously. Yet, each respected the other’s right to opinion. Their verbal battles never got uncivilized.

Over time, their online rendezvous turned into offline meetings. A coffee here, a lunch there. It helped that they lived 20 minutes away.

So it went for a while. Eventually, sex came up. They were in their early 20s and were as hormonally active as 20 somethings are expected to be. He thought Pari was an extremely hot woman. She had a pretty low opinion of herself.

At 23, Hitesh was your average looking male with an average height and build. But that is where all things average about him stopped. He was sharp, quick witted and very intelligent. He had a way of making women feel good about themselves. He used just the right blend of chivalry and chauvinism. It is a fine line to tread. A lot of men go overboard with chivalry – hold the door open for women, pick up the tab on a date, etc. Some women like that, yes. But almost no woman who likes that sort of thing is worth spending reasonable time with. The trick is to make her do a few things herself, which preserves her aura of being an independent woman, while being extremely courteous and respectful. A man must always make a woman feel safe, comfortable. She should feel free to be herself. Nothing turns a woman on more than a man who does not judge her for who she is.

Hitesh had that effect on women, more so on those women he was interested in. And he was especially interested in Pari. He gave her intelligence a lot of credit. He knew that she would know if he was trying to get into her pants. So, he did what she did not expect – told her bluntly that he wanted to get into her pants.

Pari did not understand why. She did not consider herself to be attractive. She was 24, built a little on the heavier side but her 5’6″ frame gave her a proportioned look. Perhaps it was her dark complexion that made her feel unattractive – India is a country where all maidens are supposed to be fair. He loved her skin tone, though.

Then there was Pari’s belief system. She wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Her religion forbade anal sex. He knew this about her. He knew that there was no way she would consent to having sex with him. Why did he still make her the indecent proposal? She asked him.

Hitesh knew intercourse was out of the question. He was man enough to not try changing someone’s belief system. She trusted him enough to know that he would not force himself upon her. An element of total trust existed between them.

So he told her. He told her that he is not going to do anything she does not want him to do. He told her that all he wanted was to go down on her. He told her that this seemed to be the next logical step in their relationship.

It took her a few days but eventually she agreed. She did not know why. Something about being so intimate with Hitesh excited her. She knew of no man who would be happy only to go down on a woman.

Of course she knew Hitesh was getting some tail. She knew of his sexual encounters with Gunjan. She also knew that his relationship with Gunjan was only based on lust. There was no future in it. Not that she needed to justify her being with him when he was in a relationship with another woman. As far as Pari was concerned, it was a non-issue. Their relationship was not going to be held hostage to such wordly contrivances.

Gunjan, obviously, did not know. He told Pari that he is not telling Gunjan about this. He trusted Pari to understand that. What about Gunjan? Well, what she did not know could not hurt her. Besides, it is not like she was a paragon of virtue. She was a married woman having a torrid affair. Her husband did not know of her romps with Hitesh. Would the pot call the kettle black?

On the appointed day, Hitesh picked Pari from her home. They drove for a while and found a room in a resort. The resort was perfect – the rooms were far enough to afford maximum privacy.

She went into the bathroom to change. His raging manhood was sending him into a tizzy while he waited. The wait was well worth it. She came out with just a towel wrapped around her bosom.

The white towel contrasted brilliantly against her ebony skin. She looked like a Godess carved in black stone. Her ample bosom heaved with her every laboured breath. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. She stood at the edge of the bed, waiting for him to make the first move.

He was not ready. Not yet. His eyes wandered down. The towel was barely low enough to cover her bootilicious bottoms. Her legs were open, her thick thighs drawing him like a magnet.

He took his shirt off. He did not trust himself enough to undo his trousers. Before him were perhaps the sexiest curves he had ever seen on a woman. The woman was within reach. He held her hand and lay her face down on the bed.

He undid the towel exposing her smooth back. She was wearing white cotton panties. Her ran his hands over her exposed flesh. Her body instinctively quivered at his touch. He put his hand between her legs. Even through the offending fabric of her underwear he could feel the heat emanating from her sex.

He considered himself a decent masseuse. He started kneading the muscles on her nape. He could feel the knots. She was tensed. It was her first time with him. She had only ever been with one other man before. He was an idiot to let her go. This woman exuded sex. Hitesh was lucky to have her with him.

As his hands worked their magic, she loosened up. Soft moans escaped her lips. He planted light kisses on her exposed back. He could see the sides of her full breasts jutting sideways as the weight of her body bore down on them. His fingers brushed them occasionally, sending her into a tizzy.

He took it slow. No rush. They had the whole day to explore the depths of their bottled up passion. He was hard, almost painfully erect. His jeans valiantly fought his penis’ attempts to burst out of the confines. He lay on her back, the exposed nipples of his hairy chest pressing against the naked flesh of her back. She felt his erection against the soft flesh of her buttocks.

Slowly, he turned her over. She clenched her fists and shut her eyes. She had never exposed herself to him before. She felt shame. He kissed her on her mouth, engulfing her luscious lips. Her nipples hardened. She wrapped her arms around his neck. The shame had gone. In its place, was lust – pure, unabashed, animal lust.

He started to cup her big breasts. They were big, a size D cup at least. His fingers flicked over her nipples. With his tongue, he traced a path from the valley between her breasts to her deep navel. His tongue rolled over her belly button while his hands worked her breasts. She was breathing heavily now. His mouth moved lower and rested on top of her panty covered vagina. He was experienced enough to know where her clitoris was. He nibbled over her panties. His tongue danced over her nether lips.

Slowly her legs parted. In a flash, he slid her panties off. She instinctively reacted, starting to close her legs. He was too seasoned a player. He dived between her legs before she could completely close them. He hit the right spot. She almost shrieked in pleasure.

The first thing he noticed was the smoothness of her pubes. She had taken the trouble to shave. He liked that in a woman – the initiative to make the oral experience more pleasant. It was almost baby-skin smooth. He loved eating her pussy, loved the sensation of her hairless crotch on his tongue.

Hitesh loved to go down on a woman. Just the very thought of making her orgasm turned him on. It was important to him that the woman had as great a time as he did, may be even greater. He could never come himself until his partner did.

Pari was discovering a whole new side to cunnilingus. It was not her first time. But Hitesh was using his tongue almost as well as she used her fingers to get herself off. Somehow he knew the right tempo, could hit the right notes.

Her orgasm steadily built up. He felt her muscles tense. Suddenly, without warning, her legs crossed, holding his head in a vice-like grip. This had happened to him before – a womans thighs wrapping around his head in an extremely brutal hold. The blood drained from his brain. He licked her harder, faster.

This woman was on the brink of explosion. She was taking her time getting there. His eyes were beginning to pop out of their sockets. He felt light-headed. Her grip on his head tightened. He did not know how long he could go on before he passed out due to lack of oxygen. With one last sinew of strength, he flicked his tongue across her love button. That did it.

Her dam burst. Her legs immediately opened. She pushed him away and let out a muffled scream. Her eyes were closed, her breathing in rapid shallow spurts, beads of perspiration formed on her body. She lay there for a while, perfectly still. As her orgasm began to subside, she turned on her side and curled into the fetal position. She felt her clitoris throbbing wildly, giving her delightful mini-orgasms.

Hitesh had taken his trousers off. His absurdly engorged penis stood up straight. He lay on his side beside her, deftly placing his member in her ass crack, in between the folds of her cheeks. With his hands he softly massaged her breasts while she recovered from her mind blasting orgasm.

Pari was extremely turned on. His cock wedged between her crack was making matters more intense. The heat of his loins radiated outwards and spread inside her like a wild fire. Her pussy was soaking, her nipples stood up at attention.

She wanted to go all the way. Her virginity vow did not make sense to her. Why had she waited this long for something so wonderful? She asked him to take her, to make her a woman. She was ready.

He was a thorough gentleman. He valued their friendship enough to not let a fleeting moment of indiscretion destroy it. Yes, they would probably experience the greatest moment of their lives. But she would never be able to forgive herself later. He knew that about her.

He asked her once. Yes! He asked her the second time. Yes! He asked her the third time. That was his rule. Three strikes. She hesitated the third time. That was enough. He did not ask her anymore. The moment had passed. They had become friends for life.

Her hand went behind her back and found his erection. God, he was hard. She never knew a cock could get this hard.

She leaned over him, her right hand holding the base. Her left hand cupped his sack. She started to engulf him in her mouth.

Her mouth was warm. He felt dipped in a vat of hot oil. This woman knew how to give head. She had done this before, many times before. He could feel her nose hit his stomach. No woman had been able to swallow him completely. She was a genius. Born to perform fellatio.

He knew he would not last long. His head was so swollen he was afraid it would burst. He felt his seed start to rise. He warned her. She increased her pace further until he shot at the back of her throat. She milked every drop out of his balls and swallowed it like the sweetest dessert. The perfect woman.

She lay with her head on his shoulders, her hand holding on to his limp cock. He ran his fingers through her hair as they drifted off to sleep.

Wow. Crazy day.

Okay. Sorry, I’ll fill you in.

I’m a 25 year old white male, about 5’11″ at 210 pounds. My dick is about 7 inches, above average for a white guy. And man, this afternoon was crazy.

Most days, I chill at my house and just hang out watching tv. I go to college, but the grades haven’t been working out as planned. So most recently, I have traveled to my mother’s house to help with my sister. My sister is a newly age of 18, 5’3″ at about 145 Pounds. But man, she has a rack on that young body (much like our mom) with a 33 cc. The beach blonde hair goes down to her big, fat, round ass of hers.

Usually, when I am watching her she goes to her room as I tell her to and I sit in the living room to watch tv. Now today, some crazy shit went down so I decided to sit on the couch and relax my stress by jacking off my cock.

As my cock begins to grow as I spit on the big round head of the penis, I began to hear knocking in my sisters’ room. ” Oh well, no big deal.” I thought to myself. I kept my cock in my pants for awhile to get going but my long penis was too wet to be captured.

As I unzipped my pants, my cock was screaming to breathe so I ripped it out. I began to go to town, slowly placing my left hand around my ass (strange kink I have to slowly finger myself as I jackoff). A little bit of pre-mature cum was dripping out of my cock, and I was wacking away even harder.

All of a sudden, my sisters’ door flew open and she came screaming out , tits bouncing and her white curtail panties bunched up. She looked at me with big eyes, realizing what I was doing, mouth wide open…turning me on even more.

“What the fuck!! David, put that…oh my god. You have a …” She stopped what she was going to say, but I knew.

“I have a what…” I replied, my blood was pumping and I figured there was no turning back now that she already saw it.

“David, what are you doing with your… You know, all out and in your hand? That thing is so wet! What were you doing big brother!?”

Her saying big brother was almost the iceberg, it allowed me to recognize that my sister was astounded at my 7″ cock in the open air. The same brother who use to wrestle with her a few years back, play catch with her, and even help her with school.

“Well Jessica, my cock was getting hard and I was getting horny. That equals me fucking going H.A.M. on my cock.” I said that just to induce a reaction out of her.

“What I was going to ask,” as she placed her hands over her eyes, her tits squished together and I gave my cock a few more strokes. She had a white tee on with no bra. The tee shirt was really thin, one of those Dri-Fit Nike shirts, so I could see her nipples perfectly. “If you wanted to do something, but you are obviously busy. So…” Jessica was about to turn around, but I WANTED to do something with her alright.

“Hey, come here Jess. Come sit down on the couch with your big bro, your BIG bro.” As I said that I couldn’t help but laugh. She resisted for a little bit, but she ended up heading over.

“Ugh, can we hurry.” As she flopped onto the couch showing she didn’t want to, her tits almost bounced out of her shirt. “Seriously, stop looking at my boobs!” She yelled, and threw a punch at my arm but I dodged it.

“Jess, listen, my dick is t that intimidating. Plus, it even seems friendly.” I took my hand off it, and it sorta swung as I let it go. Spit flowing down the cock, and I finally took my finger out of my ass that I had down there the whole time. I couldn’t believe she didn’t notice that. Whew! “Do you want to grab it? I mean, it can’t bite, but I will spit if you do it right.” I laughed again, but she showed a little smile.

“Umm, how about I just wrap my mouth…actually, we shouldn’t do this!! David, I’m still a virgin!” She was staring at my cock the whole time, my cock hardening minute by minute. At this point, it is almost 8″. My vanes were popping, cock turning a fire red almost.

“Well fuck Jessica, I didn’t say lets fuck. I just simply said do you want to hold it. Ha! You do want to fuck don’t you!?” I finally caught her, she was getting wet. Her white panties were almost sweating full of pussy juice.

“Ahh, just fucking take it off David! Take it all off!” She stood up yelling this, putting her arms up in the air, giving me freedom to take her shirt and panties. Her tits looked bigger than ever, panties didn’t even seem to stay to her hips.

I jumped to the moment, got on my knees, cleared the coffee table next to our living room couch and took off her panties. Damn! Her pussy was so tight, lips screaming “EAT ME!” and the new hairs that were growing into a perfect line above her fresh vagina.

“Ah! I just…can’t seem to hold it!” I said it looking straight into her eyes, talking about my cum. Her tits were now off, and I don’t even know how. I was so into the moment of stripping her underwear, she must have gotten weary that I wouldn’t move upwards. The nipples were so big, pussy so tight, my dick so hard! Agggghhhh!

She just grabbed my dick, clearly she was in control now. So in control, she placed it quickly into her mouth. The slapping noise of my dick hit her mouth at a tap, tap, tap, tap within a second. Her head was moving so fast.

“Jessica! You know how to suck a dick! Are you…ah…sure…” I couldn’t even say the sentence without stopping to give pleasure loudly. “Are you sure you are a virgin? Cause’ this is amazing!” Her tongue was just licking my slit on my head, but her saliva was all over. She stopped, looked up and said …

“Well, I have sucked plastic toys, in my room. If that counts? I mean what do you think I have done in my room after school all of these days?” She stared at me with her big blue eyes, eyelashes just batting in the air, her tits covered in her own saliva mixed in with my piss that periodically squirted out.

“I don’t know, but keep sucking bitch!” I slapped her in the face, not even knowing what I was doing. It wasn’t too hard, but she seemed turned on by it.

“Fucking prick! Now I’m gonna make you blast.” Rubbing her dick right on the spot I slapped her on.

I grabbed her tits, feeling all of the juices that spilled onto them. Pinching the nipples just enough that she squirmed a little bit.

“Bend over,” I demanded her to turn over. Her ass seemed to bare, the juices were going. I was GOING to cum. I was surprised I held it so long. “I’m about to fuck you!”

“David, what!?” She seemed confused.

“Jessica, I’m about to cum. Turn over now. Fucking open that pussy.”

“But, I don’t want you to be the first…well…FUCK IT!” She ripped it open, almost making herself scream. Man, she was tough for only being 18.

My dick was slipping out of my hand and I needed to put it somewhere. Her pussy was wide open, as her back laid on the couch that was now soaked with sweat, piss, and her pussy juices. Damn, I’m gonna hafta clean up, I thought to myself. My ass was wet, her tits were wet, my dick was dripping with very fluid you could name, her pussy was dripping. I couldn’t resist, I straight spit on her pussy, and stuck my cock in raw with no condom.

“David, you…AHHHH! OH MY GOD. OH, DAVID. DAMN!!!” I wasn’t even all the way in, my head only halfway in, my cum slipping out. “David, do ..you have a …AHHHH… Condom on!?!?”

“Shut up! I’m going raw!” Slap! I just hit that ass, all the juices squishing at impact, splashing everywhere. “Jess, get ready…”

I was going to countdown 3…2…1…

I pelvic thrusted my cock straight into the air tight pussy, all 8 1/2 inches now, damn it felt so good. The pussy was nice and warm, clinching onto my penis in full grasp. My cock felt like it was going to… Ahh too late.

“David!! What the fuck! Did you just cum?” She was laughing but seemed worried. Her tits were still jiggling from the pelvic thrust, and the few humps I got in. Her moans slowed, and I screamed. The neighbors had to be able to hear it, they well knew my name by now.

“Jessica, AHHHH! I couldn’t …. Hold it any longer.” I was gushing, the biggest shot I ever had in my life. Almost a 30 second bust, assuring that she’d get pregnant…oh well. This pussy was almost fit to explode. All of a sudden, I felt her ACTUALLY IMPLODE right onto my dick. Which made me almost go into another fit.

“Ahh, fuck fuck fuck fuck. David, I just…exploded. Ahh shit!!” She yelled, presenting extreme pleasure in her explosion.

“I’m going I the rear baby!” I gave her heads up, even if she didn’t understand it.

“What the fuck does that…ohhhh. Oooooooo, that is ah!!” Her pleasure was surely a 10 out of 10. I placed my dick right in there, almost promising a cream pie and a pussy full of cum. The two holes just superimposing each other full of cum, equalling about a liter of David Juice.

“Fuck me baby. Come on bro, faster, lets go. Give me the dick, I’m going to swallow!” Jessica seemed set on swallowing even if it was only the second spillover sperm.

I took it out, rubbed it on her pussy and thrusted it in a little bit. She was almost about to explode again, I felt her convulsing. Her tits were bouncing more than a bouncy house full of little kids. All wet, covered in pure sweat. Mostly hers, because she only felt fun, not the pain she was going through. Even if she wasn’t gonna be able to walk straight for over 4 days. This slick dick was enough to put her into a coma. For the next 10 minutes, her mouth was going purely on my head, waiting for my explosion.

“Fuck yea, I know you’re ready. Bring it on. Lets go!” Jessica was so excited, almost uncontrollably.

“Jess, rub those tits. Run the big boobs you have and I’ll explode!” I yelled and demanded it, hearing a car pull into the driveway. Shit! I couldn’t believe it. Crazy.

“Ahh, fuck come on!” I couldn’t believe we simultaneously yelled it. We were both nervous, and I knew what I could do. I put 3 fingers in my ass, Jessica saw that and place 2 of hers into it. My ass was so sweaty and wet that they flew inside.

“David! Hurry bro!” The click clack of the heels from mom approaching. We were on the living room and the room was a mess, I didn’t know what we were into.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Here!!!!!”

I just exploded all over, so much that the cum spilled out of her mouth. The keys almost jingling by now. I didn’t give a fuck though now, I just had the best sex with me 18 year old sister, she was straight swallowing the cum. After a few seconds, after the mouth had been filled to the rim with creamy white liquid, it disappeared. She swallowed it!

“Go go go go! Fuck this, the couch will survive, run!” I slapped her on the ass, leaving a hand print on Jess and I grabbed my dick.

“I want more though baby. That dick is amazing David.” She looked back at me and my cock almost couldn’t take it. Her tits were soaked with piss, cum, sweat, and a lot of saliva.

The door opened, and we were both able to dive into her room. Action movie worthy, as I landed on top of her with my creamy dick sliding into her ass as she lay face down on her bed.

“Hello David, I have a gift for you guys!” My mom was home early!

To be continued…

This didn’t actually happen(but it’s my biggest fantasy). Enjoy! My first story. If you don’t get a boner by this story, please contact me and we can exchange emails so I can become a better writer. Thank you. :D

“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”

- George Carlin

Emily Parsons was in love.

She was sure of it. This was it. Never in all of her nineteen years had she felt this way about anyone. Emily smiled to herself as images of the last few months flitted through her brain like hummingbirds of joy. Kissing on Westville bridge while watching the sun set over the water, holding eachother closely and watching movies, going to dinner at the nicest restaurants in Westville. Emily was definitely in love.

She’d only been dating her boyfriend Jake for three months, but already she adored him. He was absolutely attentive to her every need. He would cater to her every whim, going to great, and sometimes absurd lengths to fulfill her wants. The week before she had mentioned haphazardly that she had loved sailing, and the next day he’d chartered a sailboat for them both. It helped that he was filthy rich and could afford her most lavish desires, but even if he’d been poor she would still love him. He was just fantastic.

These thoughts and more raced through her mind as she ran out the front door of her parents’ house to greet him as he pulled up in his yellow Porsche convertible.

“Hey baby! Hop in!” he said as she ran to the passenger side and opened the car door. “You look fantastic,” he said ogling her.

Emily had gotten herself all done up for the occasion. Today was Jake’s birthday and she wanted to look perfect for him. Her long blonde hair was perfectly coiffed in waves around her face giving her the ideal combination of innocent and sexy. Her big blue eyes, flawless complexion and plump, cherry red lips were made up just enough to accentuate her already magnificent features. But the real objects of desire, what gave her that special something, the feature that she displayed so confidently within her skimpy little sundress she’d bought specifically for his birthday, were Emily’s big 38DD breasts. She’d been blessed with the most exquisite pair of tits in the town of Westville, and most likely many other places. They were usually the first thing that men noticed, which suited her fine. She knew that her breasts were two big reasons why a hot shot guy like Jake would put up with so much from her, and ask for more.

“You bring your suit?” Jake asked as he pulled away from her parents’ house and started driving to the outskirts of Westville towards his home.

Emily smiled sweetly at him and held up a bag. “Of course sweetheart! You excited?”

“To see you in a bathing suit? Hell yeah!”

Emily grinned and reached over to his lap placing her hand on his already growing erection. “You’ll see a lot more than a bathing suit later.”


Jake and Emily hadn’t slept together yet. Emily had decided to hold off for longer than she had with most of her other relationships. She felt like she was always giving away the goods too early and her choice had proved to be worthwhile as Jake was so desperate for her that he would do anything at all. She didn’t want that to end, but realizing that he wouldn’t stick around forever she’d decided that tonight his birthday present from her would be memorable to say the least.

As the Porsche pulled up to Jake’s house she was struck, yet again, by the grandeur of his home. White columns lined the front of a façade that would rival any mansion. A lush front lawn led up to two great doors accented with gold trim. Gaudy maybe, but also lavish, and Emily was fine with taking advantage of every perk that Jake offered her.

They walked together through the foyer and across the great room with its 70 inch plasma screen in the center. Looking around herself, Emily still couldn’t get over just how wealthy Jake was. There must have been at least thirty rooms in the house. A few bedrooms including the master, at least eight bathrooms, a dining room that could easily have doubled as a ballroom with a chandelier dangling from the forty foot ceiling. Five walk in closets, that Emily fantasized about filling with clothes when the two of them got married, and a game room in the basement that seemed like every teenage boy’s dream, with arcade games, big plush couches and every amenity and electronic accoutrement imaginable.

Her white heels clicked on the marble tiles as she and Jake walked to the back of the house where she could already see people around the pool, mingling and basking in the warm summer sun.

Before they opened the back door to the party Emily turned and gave her boyfriend a kiss. “Happy Birthday honey.”

“Thanks hot stuff,” he said slapping her tight ass.

They walked outside to find that the party was in full swing. Music played over a stereo system throughout the pool area while people talked and swam and drank fruity cocktails that the bartender was serving them. Caterers walked around in black ties serving hot, handmade hors-d’oeuvres to the guests. Jake must have spent a fortune on this party Emily thought, as she tasted a bit of salmon tartar. Jake excused himself and walked over to some people while Emily grabbed a drink and glanced around at the guests.

There were probably close to fifty people, and most of them Emily didn’t know. She assumed they were colleagues from work. Jake was a financial advisor and the majority of who Emily assumed were his work friends had arrived in suits with the jackets and ties removed. That seemed to be about as casual as they were prepared to get even on the weekend. Three people were swimming in the pool though, and Emily recognized them as Jake’s real friends Rob, Steve and Steve’s girlfriend Alyssa.

Jake, Rob and Steve had been friends since they were kids, and while Jake had gone on to make a fortune as a financial advisor, Rob and Steve had done reasonably well for themselves opening a landscaping company in Westville. They certainly weren’t anywhere near as rich as Jake, but they seemed to do okay , and they were certainly the most laid back people at the party.

Emily walked over to the pool where the three friends were splashing around and enjoying themselves.

“Hey Em!” Rob yelled out, seeing her approach, “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

“Hey guys!” Emily kicked off her sandals and sat on the edge of the pool. The three others swam up. “You having fun?”

“Yeah, good day to have a swim,” Steve said rolling back on an inflatable raft, pushing the small beads at the end of his braided hair from his face. “Only thing that would make it better is if we had some ganj.”

Emily looked at him confused.

“He means weed,” Rob said smacking the raft and sending Steve drifting, “ever since he got back from Amsterdam he thinks he’s Bob Marley.”

“Bob Marley was Jamaican,” Alyssa, a perky little pixie said swimming after her boyfriend. Alyssa wasn’t gorgeous or voluptuous like Emily, but she was a cute little thing. And Steve and her seemed devoted to eachother. They’d just gotten back from Amsterdam the week before, and Emily was reasonably sure that neither of them remembered much, if any, of the trip.

“Yeah, until he gets rid of those ridiculous braids I don’t think anybody is gonna take him seriously Lyss,” Rob called after them. Rob flipped his black hair out of his eyes and turned back to Emily. “Jake gonna be chatting up the businessmen all day?”

“Probably,” Emily replied rolling her eyes and looking over to her boyfriend who waved at her and Rob and continued his, no doubt, work related conversation. “I think I’ll go change and join you guys in the pool,” she said turning and smiling at Rob who diverted his eyes from her breasts ALMOST quick enough for her not to notice. Emily smiled at the tall, handsome landscaper, knowing that he and every other guy at the party was going to be having a tough time once she put on her little blue bikini.

Emily walked back into the house and up the grand staircase she opened the first door on her left which she thought was the main bedroom, but she quickly realized was a broom closet. This place was always so easy to get lost in. Opening another door she entered the upstairs bar room with its gleaming marble countertops and state of the art appliances. She just wanted a bedroom to change in, but that was proving to be more difficult than she thought. Walking back down the stairs she turned left and opened a door, which finally led into a bedroom. A large four poster bed sat in the middle of the room and across the room were two large windows showing the front yard of the house.

Emily was just about to pull off her sundress when she noticed out the window, one of the caterers who was taking a smoke break in the front yard, and looking at her. Emily and he made eye contact as he took a long drag on his cigarette. She enjoyed when men looked at her, and her self imposed sexual frustration was driving her wild. Over the past couple months she’d had to masturbate at least once a day to keep from jumping Jake and breaking her promise of abstinence by fucking him senseless.

Emily decided to have a little fun with the overworked, underpaid caterer, and began to slowly pull up her sundress. She gently swayed her hips as she dragged the hem up her thighs, never taking her eyes off him. He had forgotten about smoking and was now practically drooling in expectation. The dress crept up slowly, revealing her panties as she suddenly, without hesitation, pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor. Standing in front of the caterer in her bra and underwear, Emily smiled flirtatiously at him and reached up over her head to drag her fingers through her long blonde hair, her hands moving slinkily down her body and onto the heavy breasts so tantalizingly encased within her white lacey bra. She almost laughed as the caterer absentmindedly let the cigarette fall from his hand and onto the ground. And reaching behind her back and undoing the clasp of her bra –

“Oops!” she heard behind her, and turning, she saw Rob close the door. “Sorry!” he called through. “I should’ve knocked!”

Emily turned back to where the caterer had been and saw that he was gone. “I’ll be out in a second. Did you need something?”

Rob peeked his head around the door at the nearly naked beauty. “Not as much as he did.” he answered. “Looks like you left the poor guy hangin.”

Holding her loose bra against her massive chest Emily stood in front of her boyfriend’s best friend and flirtatiously raised an eyebrow. “What would Jake think if he walked in on you and me in this…situation?”

“As much as I like Jake, he’s the last thing on my mind right now,” Rob said staring at Emily with more than friendly admiration in his eyes.

“Yeah?” She walked towards him, her naked hips swaying in her lacey panties as the straps of her bra dangled loosely around the sides her big breasts. “What is on your mind?”

Rob readjusted a certain appendage in his bathing suit as his face flushed at the thoughts he was having about Emily Parsons. “I was just wondering if you’d gotten lost.”

“My hero,” she said rolling her eyes and shutting the door on him.

Emily changed into her bathing suit, a bright aqua blue designer bikini with gold rings attaching the segments, and made her way out to the party. The bikini did everything it was supposed to in terms of covering her up, but Emily’s natural gifts were still on full display as she sauntered across to the pool, enjoying the drooling gentlemen’s stares. Caterer, businessman and landscaping best friend alike were agape as she made her way to the diving board, stopping nearly every conversation with just her luscious body. She paused for a moment to allow the men to look before she jumped and dove gracefully into the cool water.


The party continued as the sun set behind the trees and the pool lights were turned on setting the backyard aglow in a rich umber light. The businessmen, including Jake were getting noticeably drunker as the evening continued. In fact, as it was his birthday, Jake had been imbibing more than his fair share of booze since they’d arrived and was getting pretty wasted.

As Emily sat in the Jacuzzi and enjoyed the feeling of the bubbles massaging her skin she saw Jake, across the party, telling a drunken story, wildly gesticulating and making a general imbecile out of himself. It’s his birthday, Emily thought. Boys will be boys. But she was disappointed at the knowledge that what she had had planned for that evening, after three long months of celibacy, wouldn’t, most likely, be happening.

“Mind if we join you?” Steve asked as he, Ashley and Rob sat down into the water.

“Jesus that’s toasty,” Ashley said tentatively lowering herself into the water.

“Looks like the party’s winding down. The king is honoring us with his presence,” Rob said as Jake waved goodbye to the last of the suited invitees, and drunkenly ambled over to the four of them.

“Hey guys!” he called out while kicking off his shoes and socks and jumping into the hot tub with his shirt and shorts on. “Hey beautiful,” he said kissing Emily and reaching over her to grab another beer out of the cooler.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough baby?” Emily said.

“It’s my burfday,” he replied drunkenly.

“Hey,” Steve said, reaching into his bag and pulling out a joint. “Burfday weed! How bout it Thumbelina?”

“Fuck you!” Jake yelled at Steve.

“Thumbelina?” Emily asked as Steve cracked up.

Rob chuckled, “Forget it. It’s nothing.”

Steve lit the joint and the four of them relaxed into the hazy glow that his, above average weed delivered. Settling back into the Jacuzzi, the five friends chatted and talked about nothing in particular. Steve playing with a plastic football he’d found, and the three of them recounting moments from their senior year when they’d taken the team to the division title. And while Jake was pretty drunk, he seemed to be having fun, and Emily supposed on his birthday that was all that mattered.

Emily, relaxed and high, laughed and joked as the three boys made fun of eachother, knowing all of the little secrets each had from over twenty years of friendship. Steve getting crabs from a Mexican prostitute over spring break. Jake getting high and getting lost in his own house and having to call Rob to find him. Rob dancing the Macarena naked in the middle of town after losing a bet.

Smiling to herself, Emily felt Jake’s hand on her knee, the fingers slowly making their way up her leg as the bubbles shielded everyone else’s eyes. Emily had been looking forward to finally relieving some of her sexual frustration tonight, but she thought, with the amount of alcohol that Jake had imbibed, there was no way they’d be hooking up. Apparently she was wrong, she thought as his hands gently made their way over the bottom of her suit to squeeze one of her ass cheeks.

“So what exactly happened on your trip guys?” Rob asked.

“It was amazing,” Alyssa said, blowing out a cloud of smoke. “We smoked and drank, and we met all kinds of crazy fuckin people man.”

Emily sighed as she felt Jake gently begin to massage her leg, moving tenderly up and down with a finesse that made her skin tingle. God he felt good, she was going to tear him up tonight.

“Hey Thumbelina catch quick!” Steve said throwing the plastic football at Jake who reached up and caught it with both hands.

Oh god, his hand was moving in soft, tingling circles, her pussy was so wet and – Emily looked over at Jake who was playing catch with BOTH HANDS! She suddenly became very aware that the hand on her leg, driving her wild, wasn’t actually her boyfriend’s hand, and looking to her other side she saw Rob not looking at her, but a tiny smirk forming on his lips, as the hand on her leg gave her one last squeeze.

Emily was aghast. Where did he get off? Touching her like that? Getting her so turned on? She was insulted, but at the same time she couldn’t deny how horny he’d just made her, and all he’d done was touch her leg. God, she needed a good fuck, and looking over at her boyfriend who could barely handle the football he was juggling, it most likely wasn’t coming from him.

“There was this one guy,” Alyssa continued, “this guy loved to dance, man. He danced all the time, even when there wasn’t any music, he’d just keep dancing man. Dude was amazing.”

“Then, there was that fuckin mime! You remember the mime babe?” Steve said excitedly. “That mime was the best, remember? And then those backpackers.” He looked over at Alyssa and they both got a funny look in their eye like a secret had been passed between them.

“Backpackers?” Jake said. “What happened with the backpackers?”

“Nah, it’s nothing, man,” Steve smiled.

“What? Come on!” said Rob.

Alyssa looked over at Steve who gave her a nod. “We played a game with them,” Alyssa said mischievously.

Emily, having come out of her confusion at having Rob’s hand all over her legs, asked, “What game?”

“A crazy game man. Basically, if I had to sum it up, I’d say,” Steve began, but not before taking a big hit off the joint in his hand. “Imagine that ‘spin the bottle’, ‘truth or dare’ and just hardcore sex had a baby. And that baby was like superhuman and fuckin radioactive and shit. That’s what this game is man.”

“So what? You get cancer if you play it?” Rob laughed.

“Nah man. You get fuckin laid if you play it,” Steve said.

Alyssa smacked him and explained. “Basically, yeah, it’s like this dirtier version of all the games you played in high school, and these backpackers, what were their names? Anyway, they told us about it, and we just thought it sounded fun. Ya know? Like, exciting, so we did it with them.”

“Annnd?!” Jake asked, dying like the rest of them, to know what happened.

“Let’s just say it was a memorable night,” said Alyssa.

“Oh, shit!” Jake yelled. “We gotta play this game guys!”

“What?!” Emily said.

“I dunno,” replied Alyssa. “It’s not for everyone, I mean, it could get a little weird.”

“Hey, it’s my birthday and I wanna play.” And with that, Jake was out of the Jacuzzi and heading into the house.

Looking at eachother, and realizing the inevitability of the evening’s direction, the other four got out of the Jacuzzi and, drying themselves off, followed Jake back into the house.

Although Jake had already made his way down to the basement game room, Emily wanted to change out of her bathingsuit so, finding the guest room she’d changed in, she put back on her underwear, bra and decided to change into a t-shirt and boyshorts that she’d brought for the next day. There was no point in trying to look her best for a boyfriend who was too drunk to even notice her. Emily walked down the stairs towards the appropriately named game room.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about playing a kissing game in front of her boyfriend, even if he was being a little pain in the ass tonight. There were only two girls and three guys and these kinds of games usually got weird and awkward with so few people. Still, she didn’t feel like having an argument about it, and figured that if she just went along then sooner or later everyone would get bored and watch a movie or something.

Walking across the basement, past the pool table and arcade games, Emily made her way to the plush red couches surrounding the big TV. Each couch had an oversized ottoman so that whoever sat on it could lay themselves out. Emily saw that everyone had changed out of their bathing suits except for Jake who was lying on the center couch, soaking wet having not even had the decency to dry himself off.

“Everybody here?” Steve asked while dragging the couches into a semi circle so that they faced eachother. “Okay, so, if we’re gonna do this –”

“We’re doing this!” Jake called out excitedly from his solitary sprawl on the center couch. Emily and Steve sat together on a couch across from Rob and Alyssa. Rob and Steve had both changed into shorts and t-shirts and Alyssa wore a jean skirt and a baggy shirt.

“Okay well, uh let the games begin!” Steve said, lighting another joint ceremoniously. “So, The Game, that’s what the backpackers called it –”

“Catchy name,” Rob called out smiling at Emily who couldn’t help but smile back.

“Yeah well, uh, The Game its got four different parts to it. Oh! Shit! We need a die. And a beer bottle.”

Jake, having already had an empty beer bottle in his hand threw it over to Steve, and Rob stood up, walked to a nearby closet and opening it revealed every conceivable board game. Reaching into the Monopoly set he pulled out a single die. “Check!” he said.

“Okay, so, like I was saying, the game has four different rounds. And everybody has a turn each round. You start your turn by spinning the bottle, and we’ll just say that whichever member of the opposite sex it lands closest to is who you’ll be playing with. Cool?

“Unless you two want to hook up?” Jake said laughing and pointing at Emily and Alyssa.

Emily rolled her eyes and pointing at Jake and Rob said, “You two first.”

“Anyway,” Steve continued, “in each round there’s four different possibilities you can roll, one, two, three and four. Five and six don’t count; they’re nothing, you just roll again. Okay?”

Everyone nodded as Steve continued, clearly not having planned on teaching the rules to a game in his current condition.

“So spinning the bottle tells you the ‘who’, and you roll the dice and it tells you the ‘what’. Round 1 is simple. It’s like truth or dare.

If you roll a one you ask a person a question and they have to lie.

If you roll a two you ask the person a question and they tell a truth.

If you roll a three they tell you a secret.

If you roll a four they tell you their deepest secret.”

Rob leaned back on the couch and said, “that’s not so bad. What are the rest of the rounds like?”

“Let’s just start with Round 1 and we’ll see whether we wanna keep going,” said Alyssa.

“So I guess since it’s his birthday,” said Steve, “maybe Jake should spin first?”

“Here we go guys!” Jake yelled spinning the beer bottle on the ground and watching as it landed on Alyssa. “Ohhhh!! Ok, Lyss, get ready,” he slurred, while rolling the die. “Two! Okay, okay, you gotta tell a lie?”

“Truth,” Alyssa corrected him.

“Right. Okay, soooo, I dunno. When did you lose your virginity?” Jake slurred, his eyes closing as he asked the question.

“Yesterday,” Alyssa joked. “No, I was sixteen. Josh Hartz. It was awful, but yeah. Sixteen. My turn,” she said, spinning the bottle. It landed on Rob. She rolled the dice and it came up a four. “Okay, well that’s pretty straightforward. Deepest secret Rob.”

Rob looked at Alyssa and then at Emily who was distracted by her boyfriend. Jake, still soaking wet, had seemingly fallen asleep and was snoring lightly over the edge of the couch. Emily snapped her fingers to try and wake him, to no avail. Then she noticed Rob looking at her with a strange expression on his face.

“What?” Emily asked him.

“Rob? Deepest secret buddy,” Steve prompted him.

“Yeah, yeah, right. Uh,” he said staring intently at Emily. She would have looked away, but his chiseled features and deep green eyes were holding her curiosity. “My deepest secret,” Rob continued, “is that a couple days ago…after we all had dinner on the boardwalk?…I had a sex dream about Emily.”

She could feel her cheeks turn crimson as she looked at Rob, and then at Jake to see if he’d heard what his best friend had just admitted. He definitely hadn’t, having started to drool over the edge of the couch. Emily looked back at Rob, her big blue eyes surprised. Rob had had a sex dream about her? She was used to the idea of men fantasizing about her, but it had never crossed her mind that Rob…he was Jake’s best friend. She never would’ve imagined that he was fantasizing about her, but now that she looked at him she found herself imagining…He was undeniably good looking. His strong jaw and dark, longer hair. Tan skin from working outside…

“Okay! That was something…” Steve said passing Emily the joint which she gratefully took a hit from while watching as the bottle landed closer to her side of the room than Alyssa’s.

“One,” called out Steve. “Lie.”

Once again Rob looked at Emily. “What do you think about the dream I just mentioned?”

“What do I think?”

“Do you like that I had that dream?” He said unabashedly as Steve and Alyssa chuckled uncomfortably.

Emily looked at Rob innocently and reaching down to her leg she began to touch it lightly, the way she was now positive, he’d done earlier in the Jacuzzi. “No,” she said, Emily watched Rob get visibly more flustered, a slight indentation in the crotch of his shorts. Emily reached down and spun the bottle herself. It landed on Rob. She rolled a 6.

“Reroll!” said Steve.

Emily rolled again and got a 2. Truth.

Without so much as glancing in Jake’s direction this time, Emily asked, “What happened in the dream?”

“Not sure I wanna hear this,” Steve laughed next to her.

Rob, leveling his eyes at Emily, paused for a moment, the tension in the room palpable, before he started talking, quietly, almost too quietly for her to hear. “We were in an empty movie theater. The movie hadn’t started yet. You reached over to get some popcorn from me, but…” Rob paused, clearly a little uncomfortable discussing this in front of his friends, let alone his best friend, Emily’s boyfriend. “…instead of the popcorn you put your hand on my pants.” Rob looked into her eyes. “On my…my dick. You looked at me and you said, ‘Can I have some?’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’” Emily was getting more turned on as the images fluttered through her mind like their own movie. “So you pulled down my jeans as a stood up in front of you and you started sucking my dick.”

She felt warm. The heat starting to radiate from her damp pussy as she listened to this boy, this best friend of her boyfriend, who sat only a few feet from them both, describe to her the scenario of his sex dream.

“Then the movie started. But instead of a regular movie, it was us. I was watching the two of us on this big screen. You were sucking my dick and I was watching you suck my dick on the screen.” Emily was breathing heavier, her eyes blurring out the rest of the room so that all she was seeing was Rob and the images so vividly playing in her imagination. “Then I picked you up and I started to fuck you. Harder and harder, until you were just fuckin screaming…”

Emily was so turned on at that moment she thought she might explode. Rob’s hazel eyes never wavered or moved from hers, as he continued, “…and we both watched ourselves fucking on the screen, and then we both screamed out at the same time… and that’s when I woke up.”

Nobody spoke. Emily stared at Rob, and he stared right back at her. The visible discomfort that both of their bodies were causing them was obvious. Emily’s face was flushed and reddening, and the hardness in Rob’s shorts had gotten significantly harder.

“My turn?!” Jake suddenly called out having woken from his intoxicated siesta. His eyes were still closed, and a puddle of drool on the couch beneath his face.

Alyssa quickly tried to regroup as she said, “Okay! Well that was…yeah. Anyway, um, that’s the end of round one! Nice job everybody.” Steve chuckled as Emily attempted to get her physical reactions under control.

“So yeah, uh, Round two,” Steve said still chuckling. “Round two is kinda like strip poker. Here’s how it goes. You spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on, that’s still the ‘who’, and the die is still the ‘what’. So…

If you roll a one you take one piece of clothing of your choice off the person.

If you roll a two you take two pieces of clothing of your choice off the person.

If you roll a three you take all the clothes above the waist off that person.

If you roll a four you take all the clothes off that person.”

“Fuckin easy,” mumbled Jake, “s’like skinny dippin n’ shit.”

“Okay,” said Steve. “My turn.” And spinning the bottle they all watched as it landed on Alyssa. Rolling the die, he got a 2. “Alright baby,” he said smiling at his girlfriend, “socks and shirt.”

Alyssa shrugged and quickly and unceremoniously pulled off her socks and her shirt leaving her in her bra and skirt. Emily noticed that she had small, but perky breasts which complimented her badass pixie style well.

“Jake!” yelled Steve, throwing a cushion at Emily’s comatose, drunk boyfriend and watching it hit him in the face.

“W-what?” Jake said, clearly bewildered.

“Your turn dude.”

Jake, clearly not functioning at a high level, spun the bottle as it landed on Emily. He drunkenly smiled at her and rolled the die. Three.

“Everything above the waist,” Alyssa stated matter of factly.

“Sweeeet,” Jake said, standing up and then quickly falling back on the couch. He made a second attempt to stand, this time successful as he walked over to his girlfriend, who was less than enthusiastic about Jake’s current state.

“Alright, alright,” she said raising her arms above her head as Jake brusquely pulled off her t-shirt leaving Emily only in a dark red pair of boyshorts and a lacey white bra which strained to contain her immense 38DD tits.

“Shesaideverything,” Jake slurred, barely intelligibly.

His breath was so boozy Emily thought she might get drunk just from the fumes. He crawled onto the couch behind her and fumbled with her bra, clearly having a difficult time with the clasp. After half a minute of Jake desperately trying to figure out her bra clips, Emily, completely frustrated and getting visibly irritated with her boyfriend, reached behind her back and unclipped her own bra.

Rob thought his eyes might try and jump out of his head as he watched the buxom blonde unceremoniously take off her bra. Barely a few feet from him were the most exquisite, the most flawless pair of breasts, topped with the pinkest, sweetest looking nipples. He knew that her rack would be incredible, but now, seeing it in the flesh, Rob was mesmerized. They seemed to defy gravity. Perfectly shaped, their massive weight hung delicately from the beautiful blonde’s chest.

Emily, on the other hand, wasn’t having anywhere near as good a time, as Jake reached around her to grab each breast, groping lecherously as he yelled out, “Funbags!!”

“Get the fuck off me,” Emily yelled at him, pushing him off her couch and back onto his.

“Guess I’m not getting any action tonight,” Jake said, laying back on his couch and putting a cushion over his face.

“I guess not!” Emily yelled at him. She was livid at her boyfriend. Fuck him. She wasn’t going to allow that prick to ruin her night. Let him sleep, he’s no good to anyone when he’s awake.

And taking a deep breath, which caused her glorious tits to sway from side to side a little, Emily relaxed. She looked at Rob. The expression on his face, as he stared at her tits, was adorable. Wide eyed and dumbfounded. He wasn’t making any attempt to look away, he just stared.

“Rob,” she said giggling, causing him to awkwardly tear his eyes from her chest, “you ok?”

“Yeah…I…yeah,” he replied, blushing a deep red.

“Who’s turn is it?” Steve asked.

“Mine,” said Alyssa, spinning the bottle. It landed on Steve and she rolled a one. “Pants, big boy,” she said smiling.

Steve unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them off leaving him in a t-shirt and boxers.

“I’m up,” Rob said grabbing the beer bottle, hoping beyond hope that it would land on Emily. But it didn’t. It landed perfectly on him.

“Do over,” yelled Steve.

“Uh uh,” Emily said. “It landed right on him. Aaaand he’s the only one with all his clothes still on.”

“Jake has clothes on,” said Steve.

Ignoring him, Emily said to Rob, “You have to roll for yourself.”

Rob wasn’t about to deny the beautiful, half-naked blonde anything so, without hesitation, he grabbed the die he rolled.


“Everything,” Emily smirked, her topless chest flushing red, betraying her excitement.

Rob stood up and began to strip off his clothes. First came his shirt revealing lean, hard muscles and a tanned torso. Emily watched as Rob, her boyfriend’s friend and a guy she hadn’t thought about physically before tonight, suddenly became a hunk. He looked like one of those firemen calenders. Then he unbuttoned his shorts and in one swift, unashamed moment, he pulled off everything.

“Jesus Rob!” Alyssa laughed, “You’re gonna poke someone’s eye out with that!”

Emily’s mouth dropped open as she stared at Rob’s beautiful, thick and, what had to be close to 7-inches-long cock. And it wasn’t even completely hard. She couldn’t tear her eyes away. It was hypnotizing. She hadn’t seen a penis in months. Not since she sucked off Mr. Lehman at her babysitting job and that had to have been at least five months earlier. She realized she was staring and turned her big blue eyes to look up at Rob’s handsome face. He gave her a slightly bashful smile, his big prick dangling between his legs, and sat back down on the couch, .

“Well, that concludes Round 2,” Steve said, “Do we wanna take a break before Round 3?”

“I’m fine,” Emily said, her eyes stealing another glance at Rob’s big penis.

“Me too,” said Rob.

Emily pulled her long blonde hair back into a ponytail. “But tell us what happens in the last two rounds first.”

“Alright,” said Alyssa, “but in the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that we didn’t finish the game with the backpackers. We got to this round. The third round. Then this guy,” she said, indicating Steve, “passed out after too much Absinthe and I carried him back to the hostel. Anyway…in Round three it’s like that game Seven Minutes in Heaven ya know? Basically it works the same as the other rounds with the bottle and the die, but this time,

If you roll a one, you kiss the person’s mouth for one minute

If you roll a two, you kiss the person’s chest for one minute

If you roll a three, you touch the person’s genitals for one minute

If you roll a four, you kiss the person’s genitals for one minute.”

“Kiss their genitals?” Rob asked.

Emily gave him a devilishly sexy grin. “Suck their dick or eat their pussy…right?” She watched eagerly as Rob’s cock lurched enthusiastically and grew to its full length at a cool 9 inches.

“Yeah. What she said,” Alyssa responded.

“And that’s just Round 3?” asked Rob surreptitiously placing his t-shirt over his lap. “What happens in Round 4?”

“Well,” answered Alyssa, “like I said, we didn’t get that far with the backpackers, but according to them, Round 4 is sex. I mean, that’s basically what it is.

If you roll a one, you touch the person’s genitals to orgasm. So, handjob or fingering them ’til they cum.

If you roll a two, you kiss the person’s genitals to orgasm. Blowjob or eating pussy til they cum.

If you roll a three it’s just straight fucking.

If you roll a four it’s, uh, well, anal.”

No one spoke. The tension in the room was magnetic.

“But like I said,” continued Alyssa, “we don’t really need to go that far. It’s pretty crazy, and nothing personal Rob, but this shop is closed for business.”

“Except for me,” Steve said.

Alyssa smirked, “We’ll see.”

Emily spun the bottle which very clearly landed on Steve. And rolling the die once and getting a 5, she rolled again, and got a 1. She turned to Steve who was visibly paranoid about making out with a hot topless girl in front of his girlfriend. He looked to Alyssa, who laughed at his concern.

“It’s ok baby. Just part of the game,” she smiled. And looking at her watch she said, “Ready…Go!”

Emily leaned in a little towards Steve causing her breasts to swing away from her body towards him. As their lips touched, she smelled marijuana, not an unpleasant smell. Steve was being very tentative, and Emily, looking out of the corner of her eye to Jake she saw that he was still totally unconscious. She parted her lips and slipped her tongue lightly into Steve’s mouth. Following her lead, Steve let his tongue gently graze her teeth. Emily looked over to Rob sitting across from her as Steve began to kiss her a little more heavily. Rob was gawking, his makeshift loincloth on his lap. She opened her mouth more and slipped her tongue deeper into Steve’s mouth, giving Rob a bit of a show. Moaning just a little into Steve’s mouth, she reached up and placed a hand on the side of his face drawing him closer into her.

“Time!” Ashley yelled.

Emily pulled back from Steve. A little breathless she looked at Alyssa and said, “He’s a good kisser.”

“Apparently you are too,” Alyssa replied, laughing and pointing at the obvious erection in Steve’s boxers. “You have fun sweetie?”

“I guess,” Steve said sheepishly trying to cover himself. “I mean, yeah.”

“Who’s next?” Emily asked.

“Loverboy here,” Rob said, indicating Steve, not without some obvious jealousy.

Emily was enjoying teasing Rob, and as Steve spun the bottle she realized she’d be getting another opportunity as it landed on her. As he rolled the die, everyone watched on the edge of their seats as it came up a 2.

“Jesus…” Rob mumbled, full of envy as Steve nervously looked at Emily.

“Just part of the game,” Emily reassured him. Then, more for Rob’s benefit than Steve’s, but still just joking around, she reached a hand underneath one of her big breasts and lifting it, she extended her tongue and licked at the distended nipple. “Who’s timing?” she said.

“Ready?…Go!” yelled Alyssa.

Attempting to make it easier for Steve, who sat stupefied watching her, and also trying to alleviate the predicament of his having his girlfriend watching them, Emily reached out and placed her hand behind his neck and pulled his mouth down to her breast. Steve, to prevent himself from face-planting into the glorious, fleshy orb, reached out his hands and grasped both breasts as his mouth was literally dragged onto Emily’s nipple.

“Mmmm,” Emily groaned quietly as Steve started to lick and bite at her huge, 38DD tits, alternating now from one to the other and obviously enjoying himself. Emily looked over to Rob, and almost started laughing. The look on his face was of pure lust and his imagination must have been working overtime because his mouth seemed to be suckling at the air in front of it.

Rob noticed that Emily was looking at him and snapping out of his trance he moved his hand under the loincloth t-shirt, and, to her delighted surprise, began gently stroking his big cock. Emily, still holding Steve’s salivating mouth to her breast, glanced over at Alyssa, who seemed almost bored with the spectacle, as she just stared at her watch. Looking back to Rob, Emily licked her lips naughtily and lifted the breast that Steve wasn’t inhaling. Yet again she stuck out her tongue and licked at her nipple, coaxing Rob to keep masturbating.

“Time!” Alyssa yelled. And Steve withdrew his mouth from her tit, sitting back, breathless and overwhelmed, while Rob pulled his hand out from underneath the t-shirt.

“Time to what?” Jake’s familiar drunken slur intoned as he propped himself up.

“Nothing,” Rob replied.

“Why are you naked man?” And not waiting for a reply, he looked at Steve, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so messed up?”

Alyssa, chuckling, said, “He just sucked on your girlfriend’s tits.”

Jake frowned and looked at Emily. “You let him do that?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? It’s part of the game!”

“I can’t believe you’d do that.”

“Fuck you Jake. Go back to sleep,” Emily replied, wiping Steve’s saliva from her boobs. “You can’t just wake up and criticize me for playing a game that you made us play to begin with, just because you passed out like a punk.”

Jake, looking like a sulking teenager, and clearly having no response, said “Fuck it. Whose turn is it?”

“Yours,” Rob answered.

“Fine,” Jake said brusquely, directing his hostility to no one in particular.

As her belligerent boyfriend spun the bottle Emily was thinking about how thoughtless he was, and what an insensitive prick he could be, inviting them to play the game and then giving her a hard time just because he hadn’t been awake to play with them. Fuck him. She’d been having fun tonight, despite the fact that he’d basically ignored her and gotten wasted. Emily breathed a sigh of relief as the bottle landed on Alyssa. She couldn’t imagine having to hook up with Jake now, especially as she saw that he’d rolled a 3.

“So, what?,” he said to Alyssa, “Do I finger you or do you jerk me off?”

“Gosh you’re classy,” Emily mumbled to herself.

But Alyssa, apparently not too put off by Jake’s terseness, replied, “How about I do it to you? Seeing as it’s your birthday and all.” Turning to Steve she asked, “That cool with you babe?”

“Sure,” Steve said diligently, still overcome by his experience with Emily.

Alyssa stood up and moved onto Jake’s couch as he started to undo his shorts. Encountering some difficulty with the buttons, he finally managed to pull them down revealing a pair of sodden boxer briefs. Emily was curious, having never seen Jake this naked before, and watching intently, she stared as he slipped off his underwear, revealing flaccid and less than average sized penis.

Emily was shocked, but was desperately trying not to show her shock. Jake was small. True, he was still soft, but unless he grew 6 inches when he got hard he was small. Not microdick small, but she doubted that if they had ended up sleeping together tonight she would have felt much of anything.

Ashley reached out and grasped the nubbin between her index finger and her thumb. Moving up and down she started jacking him off. But after a few seconds Alyssa started getting a little frustrated at the fact that Jake wasn’t getting hard and tried moving faster, to no avail.

“You’re not doing it right,” Jake said angrily.

“Well how should I do it?” Alyssa replied equally perturbed.

“I shouldn’t have to fucking tell you!” Jake yelled, pulling up his shorts. “Fuck this stupid game! And fuck all of you. I’m going to bed,” he yelled as he ran across the room and up the stairs leaving them all shocked and somewhat taken aback by his abrupt departure.

No one said anything for bit as they all sat in stunned silence at the abruptness of Jake’s departure. Emily was livid. Where did he get off being such an asshole to them all? Just because he drank too much and couldn’t get his dick hard? That gave him no excuse for treating everyone that way, especially as they’d barely spent any time with him even though they were supposed to be his closest friends. Not to mention the fact that Emily was his girlfriend and her evening had basically been split between watching him talk to other people, watching him unconscious and watching him yell at her.

“Fucking Thumbelina,” Steve muttered. And Rob and Alyssa burst out laughing.

“What?” asked Emily.

Still chuckling and wiping tears from his eyes Rob said, “Nothing, nothing.”

“Come on!”

“It’s stupid,” Steve said pulling his shorts on. “Forget it.”

“You have to tell me,” Emily demanded.

Rob, Alyssa and Steve exchanged looks and finally Rob spoke. “In high school, we had to change clothes in the locker room whenever we had football practice, and Jake got the nickname Thumbelina because…well…” and then Rob held up his thumb and raised his eyebrows. “It’s mean, and stupid. But he was such a asshole tonight he kinda deserves it.”

Emily smirked involuntarily. It was mean. But he was being an asshole.

“Soooo, anyway, I guess that’s all she wrote,” Alyssa said pulling on her shirt and motioning for Steve as she stood up.

Emily glanced at Rob who was looking at her worriedly and making no move to go.

“You coming Rob?” Steve asked.

Emily suddenly found herself worried that the night would end. And without even thinking of the potential consequences, almost as an out of body experience, she found herself saying, “I could give you a ride.”

Rob’s eyes lit up like bonfires. “Yeah…that’d be…I could…yeah.”

Alyssa, already halfway up the basement stairs, yelled, “Suit yourself! Bye Em! Come on Steven!”

“Take it easy guys,” Steve said, pulling on his sandals as he ran after Alyssa.

Emily and Rob listened to the sound of Steve and Alyssa’s footsteps overhead and the echo of the front door opening and closing. Their car started in the driveway. Then it was quiet.

Rob turned to face the topless girl looking at him. “Hi.”


“That was…”


“Wish I’d gotten to go.”


“Nothing, just, everyone else got to play in round three except me.”

Emily leaned back on the couch and crossed her arms causing her big tits to push together, “That’s unfair… I think you should have a turn.”

“You do?” Rob was getting visibly more uncomfortable staring at the reclining hottie.

“It’s only fair,” Emily smiled. She wasn’t sure at this point whether she was still only teasing him or whether this was less innocent, but whatever was happening, it was making her noticeably more hot and bothered. It’s just a game, she thought. They’re just finishing the game, the game that Jake insisted that they played. If it wasn’t for him being such an asshole tonight she’d probably be upstairs right now giving him the best sex he’d ever had, but instead she was here with…

Rob stood up, letting the t-shirt fall from its perch, as his hard 9 inch tool came into view. Emily’s breath caught in her throat once again as she stared at his big member, it’s veiny girth swaying with each step he took. He reached for the bottle and he spun. The bottle landed closer to Rob than to her, and rolling the dice, his eyes whimsical and full of lust, he looked up at her. “One. But the bottle landed on me. Are you gonna make me kiss myself?”

“As much as I’d like to see that,” Emily laughed, “maybe this time we bend the rules.” And patting the seat next to her she watched Rob smile brightly and walk tentatively towards her as if, if he were to move too fast she might take back the offer. He sat on the couch next to her, his big dick only a foot away from her and his face, moving closer, only inches from hers, the tension of the imminence of that first kiss deepening with each passing moment. His warm breath baiting her, tempting her as he leaned closer still, his lips grazing her. The tension was electric, Emily felt like time had slowed, and every breath she took set her skin on fire.

She leaned, slowly into Rob’s mouth. His lips pressing against hers tentatively at first and gradually with more insistence. Emily opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to find her own, both still hesitant, as if giving in to this one kiss would mean something more. But in spite of that, or perhaps because of that, their kissing became more passionate as Emily leaned farther back into the couch allowing Rob to nearly lie on top of her, his big dick pressing gently into her hip causing her to moan in excitement.

And that moan, like a gun signaling the start of the race, pushed the two nearly naked friends past any care of anything else. They began to kiss feverishly, ravenously, tongues moving in the other’s mouth deep and hot.

Rob’s hands were still locked to his side as he didn’t want to push the boundaries, but the temptation to grab this beautiful girl, to push her into the couch and fuck her senseless, to make her scream with desire, was almost too much. He was entranced with her. Aside from the fact that she was the hottest thing he had ever seen, she was also clearly not being given what she needed from her boyfriend.

And as if she were reading his mind Emily panted, as Rob began kissing and licking at her neck, “What if Jake comes downstairs and –”

“He wanted us to play this game,” Rob said breathing heavily into her neck, his hand tentatively moving up from her hip to her abdomen. “The game was his idea Em,” almost asking permission he tentatively placed his hand higher onto the heavy underside of her breast, “…we’re just playing the game.”

And with that, Rob sunk his fingers into the soft flesh, pressing into her breast and causing Emily to moan louder as he continued to kiss her neck and press his dick into her leg. Moving his mouth down he wrapped his lips around her sweet bud of a nipple, sucking and biting gently, and then, overcome, in a frenzy of passion, Rob started sucking as much of the fleshy tit into his mouth as he could, sucking and squeezing her soft pliable breasts with an enthusiasm that surprised Emily.

“Ohhh Rob – oh yes! – mmmm – Is this what you’ve been wanting to do?” She pulled him back up from her reddened tits and kissed his mouth again, tongues dancing wildly over eachother as they clawed, squeezed and moaned into eachother’s mouths.

Rob was on fire. It felt like his dick was going to jump off his body as he pressed it harder into the hot blonde girlfriend of his best friend. She was unbelievable. Her huge tits filling his hands and spilling over, her sweet plump lips pressing into his mouth, her soft tongue expertly running across his teeth and then darting against his own tongue, dancing, teasing.

“Time,” Emily said, laughing breathlessly and extracting herself from underneath the naked stud on top of her. And standing up she turned to look at him, his face one of tragic disappointment. Giggling at his lack of satisfaction she mischievously smiled at the panting and unsatisfied Rob and raised an eyebrow. “Round 4?” she asked. Rob’s eyes went wide as Emily bent over, her glorious ass on display within the tiny boyshorts, her huge breasts swinging beneath her as she reached for the bottle and spun. And without waiting for it to stop she reached for the die and rolled…a two.

Rob’s eyes were like round saucers of eagerness as Emily looked back to him and grinned, unhurriedly making her way back to the couch he was laying back on, naked.

“Hmmmm. I’m pretty sure the rule for rolling a two in Round 4 is…what did Alyssa say…?” Emily asked walking in front of the seated Rob who dared not speak fearing that he might disrupt this. “What was it?…Oh that’s right, I remember,” she said, her big blue eyes lighting up naughtily as she kneeled on the carpet in front of him, placing her soft hands on his quivering thighs, and leaning forward so that her face was barely a couple inches from Rob’s big cock, she whispered, “If you roll a two in Round 4 then ‘you have to kiss… the person’s genitals… until they cum.” And then Emily Parsons placed a delicate kiss on the sensitive head of Rob’s cock.

The electric pulse that ran through Rob’s body at having her touch his cock with her lips was like a mini orgasm. “Fuck,” he sighed.

“Do I keep kissing it?” Emily asked innocently.

“Yes. Please.”

“Mmmmm…okay,” she said kissing the underside of Rob’s cockhead and gently kissing her way down the shaft, “but…mmm… can I only kiss it? Can I lick it too? Can I suck it?”

“I think – ugghh – that’d be okay,” Rob groaned as Emily lay her tongue flat against the underside of his 9 inch cock and slid down the length and then back up, gently licking at the sensitive underside of his cockhead.

“You taste good.” Emily smiled up at him wickedly, “Should I keep going?”

“Yes,” replied Rob, staring paralyzed at the gorgeous blonde between his legs.

Emily loved teasing guys and there was no better way to tease a guy than sucking his dick. She could probably have gotten Rob to cum in under a minute if she’d wanted, especially as he’d spent the last hour with a hard on, imagining nasty scenarios between the two of them. But Emily was going to take her time. She was going to savor every thick veined inch of Rob’s fantastic cock. She was going to keep him from cumming until just the right moment.

And as she continued to delicately kiss and lick at sensitive head of Rob’s dick she thought about her boyfriend who was right upstairs from them. Emily was going to give Jake’s best friend the blowjob that Jake would have gotten if he hadn’t acted like such an asshole tonight. If he had treated her the way she deserved to be treated, the way Rob had treated her. Being a good boyfriend came with benefits and Emily was about to show Rob what Jake was missing out on.

And with that thought in her mind, looking up into her boyfriend’s best friend’s hazel eyes, Emily Parsons bent the massive dick in her hand down towards her open mouth. And slowly, ever so slowly, like she had all the time in the world, like her boyfriend wasn’t right upstairs, like she could’ve sucked his dick for days, Emily moved her mouth over Rob’s thick cockhead and took it down, down, down, her lips stretching over the thick shaft, her throat opening for the swollen head to pierce through and finally, swallowing the last, thickest inch into her velvet mouth, Emily’s tear filled eyes looked up at Rob’s astonished face as he gawked at the beautiful topless blonde completely impaled all the way down his big dick.

“Hhholy shit! – you didn’t – you didn’t even stop – holy shit that feels good – fuck!” Rob’s head rolled back in delirium as he reached down and placed a hand softly onto her hair.

Emily held herself at the base of Rob’s cock, making soft gagging noises as her throat contracted, adjusting to the size. She began to very gently move up and down the very last inch of Rob’s dick, throating it gently, and allowing the copious saliva she had in her mouth to flow down over his big testicles.

“Fuuuuuuck that’s good,” Rob moaned, amazed that Emily had been able to take all nine inches at once, but even more staggered at the fact that she’d stayed down there, at the bottom of his cock, completely skewered, like she could’ve deepthroated his dick all night. He knew she’d be good, but this girl could seriously suck cock. If she kept this up he was going to blow his load any minute.

Emily, still lightly throating his huge dick, not without some difficulty, felt the head of his big penis, deep in her gullet as it twitched once, and she pulled herself off the now soaking cock, her burning lungs quickly filling with air.

“Uh uh baby,” she said after controlling her breath, “I’m not letting you cum…not til I’m done playing with this beautiful thing. Mmmmm,” she said, kissing down the slick shaft, down towards his balls, “You liked that huh?” she said, licking and sucking at the large orbs, calming down his excitement.

“That…was…fucking awesome,” Rob sighed, coming back from the edge.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed, her full lips wrapping around a testicle, pulling it in to her wet mouth and slathering her tongue against the big, cum-filled nut. Emily rolled the mouthful around, enjoying the musky flavor of Rob’s sex. Sliding her soft tongue back and forth against his fleshy sack. And popping her lips off, she dragged her hot tongue up to the tip of his cock as a geyser of fluid spewed into her waiting mouth. “Did you – ” she said looking at Rob, “– did you just cum?”

Rob smirked at the flushed blonde girl between his legs. “When I cum…you’ll know.”

Emily reached her hand up to the magic orbs she had just been tonguing and rolled them delicately between her fingers, the now slippery skin sliding around her hand. “I can’t wait.” She released Rob’s balls and placing both hands on his hips, Emily slid excruciatingly slowly down all 9 inches again, nearly choking on the amount of manmeat she had pushed down her gullet, and pulling off again she swallowed him once more, leisurely bobbing her beautiful face up and down the entire length of Rob’s amazing dick. Her breasts jiggled and shook as Rob reached down to grab one of the handfuls causing Emily to moan around his hot cock.

“Fuuuck! YES! – UNGHH – shit! – you’re the best cocksucker Em!” Rob barely knew where he was, as this dream girl, this fantasy out of some pin-up magazine, pushed her mouth down to the base of his cock, her plump lips grasping at his shaft, her tongue occasionally reaching out at the base to lap at his aching balls. “UNGGGHH – that’s’ it – fucking swallow that cock baby,” His hand squeezed and groped her heavy 38DD breast as she inhaled his cock. Fuck, this was the greatest night ever! Rob released her big tit and leaned back on the couch, overwhelmed, as Emily continued her inhaling of his big tool, never letting up for a second, sucking like a vacuum.

Emily, finally needing some oxygen, pulled off Rob’s dick and gasped for breath, smiling at the reclining, naked stud in front of her. A stream of drool leaked from the corner of her mouth and onto her chest as she reached up and gently stroked his slippery manhood.

“Such a nice, fat cock,” Emily said sitting back on her ankles.

“Thank you,” he replied deliriously.

“Don’t thank me yet,” she said smiling and panting. Emily stood up and walked over to the big ottoman a few feet away. She laid her glowing body on top of it, resting on her elbows and grinning nastily back at Rob who still lay on the couch.

“What?” he asked, confused why she had stopped and walked away.

But Emily didn’t answer him. Instead she turned onto her back and edged her body up the ottoman, draping her ponytailed head over the side. Looking upside down at the naked man across from her, she watched him quickly take the hint and walk towards her. Resting one knee by her inverted head he waited for an invitation as his 9 inch cock swayed above her.

“You can thank me after you fuck my face and cum down my throat.”

Rob knees almost buckled hearing her, and shivering in expectation he pointed his big dick at her open mouth. “Jake doesn’t know what he’s missing,” he said as he pushed the head of his cock past her outstretched tongue and into her soft wet mouth once again. His knees buckled again as he experienced the incredible sensation of his cock slowly sliding into her tight throat. He could see the indent his dick made in her neck as his thick cock pierced her throat, and looking down at the perfect blonde sprawled on top of the ottoman, her big tits on display in front of him as his thick cock pushed down her throat all the way to the base, his fleshy nutsack draped over her sweet face, Rob was in heaven. He held himself, completely impaled in Emily’s throat; feeling her throat contract and choke around his cock. He reached forward and took a big handful of each of her breasts, kneading and playing with her luxurious, soft tits. From deep in her gullet Rob felt Emily moan around his buried tool, and he looked up to find her hand moving underneath the boyshorts, fingering her wet pussy.

Finally extracting his cock from her throat Rob listened to her gasp for air. He edged forward a little and placed his heavy ballsack over her saliva coated mouth, and felt Emily dutifully begin tonguing and sucking at the cum filled testicles as he massaged his dick.

“You ready for it Em?”

“Mmmmpphh – awwwggh – I want – Mmmmmph – I want your cum baby – mmmph – I want it – awggh –” Emily groaned while her hand slid back and forth across her hot snatch.

Rob, moving back, reached delicately under her head to the nap of her neck and once more placing the head of his cock against her lips, he shoved all 9 inches down her throat and quickly pulling out again, he dove down once more. Over and over Rob fucked Emily’s throat with reckless abandon, mercilessly enjoying the feel of her choking and gagging around his weighty prick, one hand on the nape of her neck and the other massaging her breast, as he fucked her throat fast and hard.

“Mmmmmpphh – GAG – MMMmmmmGag,” Emily choked as she frigged her pussy.

“Fuck! Yes unghh fuck!! – Fucking take that cock in your throat! – UUUGHGGH – fuck yes – you nasty slut –”

Emily was close to passing out, between the lack of oxygen and the imminence of her own orgasm she barely knew what was happening. Rob was using her throat again and again, but the sensations running through her entire body were electric and wild. She could feel her orgasm growing quickly like an avalanche of pleasure. And then, deep inside her throat she felt a different kind of pleasure, as Rob’s cock expanded and she heard the familiar groan of a man ready to cum.

“Here it is Em! Swallow it all babyyyyAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!” Rob screamed as he pushed his cock all the way down her throat to the root.

And as she felt the first wave of his load blast directly into her stomach, his hot orgasm so deep in her that she couldn’t even taste it, her fingers dancing wildly around her wet pussy, Emily came as well.

“MPPPRRRRFFFFLLLLPPHHH” she screamed around Rob’s discharging penis. White lights danced in front of her vision as the intensity of her orgasm made her feel like she might explode.

Rob watched Emily writhe and buck while his penis continued to shoot load after load of hot cum into her throat. “Fuck – ughh – fuck – that’s it – take my cum baby – UNNNGGHH –”

And that was exactly what she did. As Rob pumped stream after stream of hot cum, Emily started gulping, swallowing what felt like buckets of cum from Rob’s thick cock.


Finally, as his huge cumload dissipated and Emily’s orgasm also calmed down, he pulled the head of his cock back into her mouth. Emily immediately tilted her head, gasping while she drooled a mixture of her saliva and his cum onto the floor.

Rob pushed his cock back into her mouth, the sensitive post-coital head pushing gently past her lips again as Emily opened her throat to him once more, sucking the rest of his load out and cleaning the glistening shaft.

Rob’s legs almost gave out having Emily drag the last few drops of his cum out. “UnGGH – I’ve had some good blowjobs before – fuck – but that was amazing – you’re fucking incredible,” he sighed as he reluctantly pulled his big dick from her throat allowing her to sit up.

Emily’s was still gorgeous, as she sat up onto the ottoman, but she was a mess. Cum and saliva dripped from her chin down over her big breasts, and her hair, which had been so perfectly pulled back in a ponytail was now almost all loose and down around her face. But the look in the eyes of this cum guzzling, cocksucking goddess was pure, unadulterated passion.

“So?” she said, dragging a finger along her glossy, cum covered chin and wiping it over her lips, playing flirtatiously with Rob’s load. She pulled her hair out of the ponytail letting it fall, loosely around her shoulders. “Are you finished with me now?”

“Fuck no,” Rob smiled. “I still haven’t taken my turn.”

“Mmmm, I wonder what you’ll roll…”

“Whatever it is, you’ll be on my dick again.”

Emily smiled hornily at him. “You’re insatiable, aren’t you?”

“When you’re on the menu? Hell yes!”

Emily ran her hands through her long, wavy blonde hair and walked across the room as she said with a twinkle in her eye, “Well, big boy, I’m thirsty. Why don’t you get me something to drink in the kitchen while I freshen up a little.” And standing at the bottom of the stairway she turned and grinned nastily. “And bring the dice.”

Rob watched Emily walk up the stairs, as he unhurriedly pulled on his shorts, still in shock at the mindblowing blowjob he’d just gotten. He walked upstairs to the kitchen. It wasn’t a very difficult room to find in the mansion. Jake’s kitchen was the size of Rob’s entire apartment, all with state of the art appliances and marble countertops. If Rob was part of the 99 percent, then Jake was definitely part of the 1 percent. It hadn’t always been that way. Jake had been one of the guys for awhile, even taking a job for a couple summers during college to work for Rob’s landscaping company. Rob hadn’t been able to afford college, and his grades hadn’t been good enough for a scholarship, but he didn’t care. He’d done well for himself. Jake may have had the millions and the house and the car and the hot girlfriend, but Rob had just fucked his hot girlfriend’s face and cum down his hot girlfriend’s throat, and now he was going to fuck –

“Hey, man. You crashing here tonight?”

Rob turned around and found Jake standing in his pajamas, his hair mussed and his eyes red like he’d just woken from a deep sleep.

“Uh, yeah,” Rob replied, trying to get his shit together, “That cool?”

Jake reached for a glass from the cabinet and poured himself some water. “Sure. Hey you haven’t seen Em have you? I think I really pissed her off tonight, and she never came to bed.”

“No, man, sorry,” Rob answered. “Maybe she’s in one of the other bedrooms or something?”

“Yeah probably. So?” Jake asked, taking a sip of water. “How was the rest of The Game?”

“Uh, fine man.”

“Anything else happen after I bailed?”

“Nope. Not that I –” Rob stopped as soon as he saw Emily turn the corner behind Jake…completely naked. His eyes must have tried to jump out of his skull because Jake immediately turned to see what he was looking at, but thankfully Emily had jumped back behind the corner she’d come from.

“What?” Jake asked.

“Nothing, I just…I thought I saw…something.”

“Ok.” Jake took another sip of his water as Rob, terrified, but excited, watched Emily appear once again behind her boyfriend, completely nude. Her perfect 38DD breasts swaying lightly and her long blonde hair flowing down over them, like some kind of blonde Amazonian sex queen, but what truly caught Rob’s eye was her smooth, perfect hairless pussy. “Well, night,” Jake said starting to turn around.

“NO!” Rob yelled at him. “That’s right!” he exclaimed, desperately trying to cover, “There was something…that happened…in The Game.”

“Yeah?” Jake asked, curious.

Rob stood, frozen, as Emily, standing a few feet behind her boyfriend, leaned her hot, young body against the door frame and began to mime what her and Rob had just done, barely five minutes earlier.

“Rob?” Jake asked. “What was it?”

“Oh, uh…” Rob tried to think of something, but all he could see was the naked open-mouthed blonde in his peripheral vision licking and sucking and choking and gagging on an imaginary cock. “Popcorn.”

“What?” Jake asked.

“We made popcorn. We…uh…we took your popcorn.” Rob said. “Was that okay?”

Jake looked at him confused, while his girlfriend stood right behind him lasciviously writhing her fantastic, naked body against the door frame. “Uh, yeah dude. That’s fine. I’ll – I’ll see you tomorrow.” And turning towards the now empty doorframe Jake exited towards his bedroom.

Rob took a deep breath realizing he’d just escaped what could have been a disaster.

“Hi,” a familiar sexy voice said behind him.

Rob turned to find the voluptuous naked form of Emily Parson’s leaning against the fridge and playfully tweaking one of her nipples. “Jesus Em,” he said, still reeling from his conversation with Jake, “That was way too close.”

“But so hot,” she replied as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her firm breasts against his naked chest. “It’s so much hotter when it’s risky. Don’t you think?” Emily said as she kissed tenderly at Rob’s neck.

But he was still too overwhelmed by seeing Jake to be able to focus, despite the wildly sexy naked blonde draped over him. Emily sensed his hesitation, but not one to be put off she continued gently kissing his neck, while her hands moved down to his belt and began to undo the thick leather strap. “Mmmm, I think it’s your turn…did you bring the dice?” she asked as her hand reached inside his shorts and wrapped around the, still large, but flaccid piece of meat. Emily’s fingers played gently with his soft cock as Rob reached into one of his pockets and pulled out the dice.

Rob just couldn’t get the image of Jake out of his head. The fact that his friend was upstairs hadn’t really affected him earlier while Emily was sucking his dick, but after talking to Jake it was different.

Not to be deterred by his hesitation Emily retracted her hand and pulling back to look him in the eyes she bent her legs and moved down his body, squatting on the tiled floor as she unzipped him and pulled off his shorts. Rob’s soft, but still impressive cock hanging in front of her face, Emily looked up at him with a grin and said, “Roll.”

Rob’s conscience told him that he should stop her, that they could get caught, that this was the wrong thing to do, but all of those things ceased to matter at all as he watched the naked blonde spread her luscious lips yet again and take his soft penis back into her mouth.

Emily loved sucking a hard dick, but there was something special about feeling a man’s penis grow to full hardness while he was in her mouth. As soon as she felt Rob’s cockhead slip past her lips, and she tenderly began to suck and lick at his cock, she could feel the blood start to pump. His dick flopped around her mouth as she drooled on it, tugging on the length with her lips, jerking him off with her mouth and gently caressing the slit with her talented tongue.

Rob, yet again in the wonderland of Emily’s mouth, moaned quietly as she ministered to his hardening cock. He shook the dice in his hand and rolled it on the countertop above her. A one.

But looking down at the sexy buxom blonde as she desperately worked at sucking his cock back to hardness, her eyebrow raising inquisitively, while she pulled at his now nearly erect tool, Rob decided to choose a different number. “Three,” he grinned. And he watched, yet again awed by her skill, as Emily, groaning in excitement, swallowed his, now fully hard, cock all the way to the balls.

“Oh shit yeah,” he moaned as the hot naked blonde stayed impaled on his big dick, her tight throat gripping it yet again. “You like the idea of my dick inside you, huh Em?” he said feeling her moan in agreement. “You want me fucking you with Jake right upstairs don’t you?”

The mention of her boyfriend’s proximity to them as Rob began slowly moving her head back and forth along his slippery shaft sent a blaze of heat to Emily’s wet pussy. She was so glad that he’d rolled a three, ‘horny’ couldn’t begin to describe what she was feeling at that moment.

Emily pulled her mouth off Rob’s dick as he lifted her up into a passionate kiss. Their tongue’s twisting and searching, Emily’s soft lips opening as Rob’s hands grasped her big breasts, groping and squeezing, moving down to her tight ass, kneading and spreading the cheeks. They clawed at each other, breathing heavily, desperately trying to feel the other. Emily wrapped her hand around the slickened cock and began to slowly jerk it. “I need this inside me,” she said in a desperate plea.

Rob smiled wide at the flushed blonde. With Emily’s hand still wrapped around his slick, solid shaft, he slowly backed out of the kitchen. Emily was puzzled, but gladly followed never letting go of his dick, as she walked past the dining room and into the first door in the hallway, which just happened to be the guest bedroom, the same guest bedroom that Emily had used to change in front of the caterer earlier, the same one that Rob had found her in.

As soon as they’d entered the room, Rob kicked the door shut and deposited Emily on the big four poster bed, her luscious body sprawling over the thick comforter. And getting onto the bed himself, Rob, lost in lust for this crazily sexy vixen, spread her legs wide and crawled on top of her, placing his big dick at the entrance of her hot pussy.

“You ready to get fucked Em?”

“Yes,” she sighed, desperate for his dick to be inside her.

“Tell me.”

“I’m ready to get fucked.”

Rob teased her clit with the head of his cock, rubbing the opening of her pussy. “How bad do you want my dick?”

“I want your dick so bad baby,” she said squirming underneath his muscled body.

“Why?” he asked breathily as he just barely pushed the head inside her aching body.

“Fuck – oh please – just fuck me!”

“Why?” he smirked at the big titted blonde beneath him.

“Because I need it.”


“Because – Because I love your cock. Please just put it in!” Emily was on fire. This interrogation while his penis teased the soft folds of her pussy was unimaginably hot.

“Why?” he said sinking another inch into her tight opening making Emily’s voice raise considerably.

“Because – fuck oh fuck – I love your big cock because –”


“Because –” she screamed as he pushed another fat inch inside her. “– oh shit! Because – ungh – it’s so much better than my boyfriend’s cock!”

And with that Rob slowly began pushing his cock inside her.

“UUUUUNNNGHHH,” Emily moaned. As inch after glorious inch entered her, she felt her head might spin off her body. “Fuuuuuuck you’re so fucking big!”

Rob couldn’t respond as he could barely talk. The feel of Emily’s tight nineteen year old pussy as it clenched against his big dick was mind altering.

“Oh god, oh god – fuck you’re big!” Emily shouted as Rob’s dick finally bottomed out. Emily felt completely full of cock. Rob’s dick was stretching the walls of her pussy so wonderfully, but that was nothing compared to what it felt like when he started moving in and out of her. “Fuck that’s good – Oh god – I love your cock Rob – I love it – fuck!”

Despite being overwhelmed himself, Rob smirked at how much Emily was loving this. He began slowly fucking her tight snatch, allowing her to adjust to the size.

“I love this fucking game,” Rob said as he picked up speed, pushing his fat cock into Emily’s tight wet pussy.

“Oh shit – me too – I’m so glad – fuck – Jake wanted us to play!” Emily began to pant as she raised her hips to meet her boyfriend’s best friend pistoning cock.

Rob began moving his cock even harder into the blonde beauty. “I think – fuck yes, take that dick – I think we should thank Jake – ungh that’s it bitch – for letting us play,”

Rob’s dick was now slamming into Emily again and again, filling her pussy so completely, driving her wild. She began to feel small pin pricks on her skin like every nerve ending was coming to attention, the intensity of her pending climax building gradually. “UNGGHHHH yes! – Thank you baby!” Emily yelled out, “Thank you – fuuuuck – THANK YOU!!”

Slamming his big dick into her with lightening speed, Rob wondered if Jake could hear her, but not caring enough to stop plowing her, Rob fucked Emily even faster causing her orgasm to build with an ever intensifying speed.

Rob was literally jackhammering his massive dick into Emily and she could feel her toes begin to curl as a monster of an orgasm started to spread across her body. Emily was lying on the bed, eyes rolling in her head and mouth open in a silent scream as Rob fucked her ruthlessly. Emily’s white knuckles clutched the blanket in ecstasy as the first wave of a mindblowing orgasm rocked her, her entire body shaking, convulsing. The, already tight, walls of her pussy clenching like a vice around the big dick still slamming into it. “FUUUUUCKK – FUUUUUCK – YES YES – YESSSSSSS!!! – CUMMMMMINGGGG!!!!”

Rob had to force himself not to cum as well as he watched the beautiful naked girl climaxing. The velvet walls of her pussy were so tight, so incredibly tight, but as much as he would have loved to have cum inside her right then, he had something else in mind.

Allowing Emily to finally come down from her orgasm, Rob slowed down and lay on top of her, gently kissing her neck and reaching up to squeeze one of her big tits.

“That was…that was…” Emily moaned.

“Not the end,” Rob answered, kissing down her neck to suckle tenderly on one of her hard nipples.

Emily held him to her breast still reeling from the intensity of her orgasm. “You didn’t cum?” she asked, suddenly realizing.

“I was saving myself.”

“For what?”

He smiled up at the gorgeous, flushed and inquisitive face of Emily Parsons. And without saying a word he opened his palm to reveal the die.

Emily looked over at his hand and counted 1, 2, 3… 4 black dots on the white face of the die, and looking back at Rob she smiled apprehensively.

“I might need some lubrication,” Rob said, moving up her body.

Emily watched as he kneeled in front of her, and for the third time that night she opened her mouth for the long, hard cock of her boyfriend’s best friend. He placed his hard dick against her extended tongue, the shaft still wet with her juices, and he slowly pushed all 9 inches down her throat. Emily took it all, her head bouncing off the pillow beneath it as he began fucking her throat roughly, spearing his big tool in and out of her mouth over and over, choking her with his big dick once again.

Putting her hands on his ass Emily pulled him all the way down and held him there. She reached out with her tongue and gently lapped at his balls as they rested on her chin. And finally, with a loud ‘SCHLLLOOOOOOK’ he pulled his saliva soaked, dripping cock from her throat, Emily gasping deeply and moving herself onto her stomach, her ass pointed up towards Rob who now stood behind her, his glistening manhood covered in her saliva, he placed the head against her asshole.

And as Rob spit on Emily’s taut asshole and placed the head of his cock against it, Emily looked over her shoulder, her big blue eyes filled with lust and trepidation. Rob slowly pushed the head of his dick against her taut anal hole, using more pressure and more until finally, his cockhead popped inside causing Emily to yelp. Rob continued to gently ease his unprotected penis inside her ass, rocking gently a little deeper each time.

For her part, Emily was just a long groan of pain and pleasure, her fingers instinctively rubbing against her clit to dull the throbbing sting of Rob’s 9 inch cock being pushed inside her virgin ass.

“Fuuuuuuuck – oh fuck – I can – I can feel you inside me – fuck! – you’re gonna split me! – AHHHHAHA!” she screamed as Rob finally bottomed out, his cock impaled in the perfect taut ass of Emily Parson’s. Emily was sure that Rob would split her apart, she could feel every inch of his thick cock as it pulsated inside her asshole, but that was nothing compared to when Rob began to slide in and out of her. “OH GOD – GOD – OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

“Ungh, that’s it baby,” Rob moaned as he began giving it to her harder moving his cock in and out of her perfect nineteen year old ass again and again. He could already feel his cum churning inside his balls as they slammed against her, his hands moving down the side of her ribcage to roughly grab one of her big breasts as they swung beneath her body.

Emily was a taking the full length of Rob’s cock in her ass and fingering herself maniacally at the same time, rubbing her soaked pussy, trying desperately to mitigate the intensity of the throbbing cock that was threatening to tear her apart. Over and over Rob pushed his big dick inside her, and though she wasn’t sure of the exact moment, but Emily began to feel good, really good, really, crazy, ‘I’m losing my mind’ kind of good, and an orgasm that made the other two she’d had that evening look like child’s play began to take shape in the deepest recesses of her body.

“Oh – shit – Emily – Em – I’m gonna cum – I’m gonna cum.”

And the one thing that she’d needed to propel her into that orgasmic nirvana, the one trigger that brought her to the mind numbing edge of sexual reality, as Rob roughly plowed into her asshole with a wild intensity, the one spark that set off the bomb inside Emily Parsons’ aching body, happened just in time.


And as Rob began to blow load after load of hot sperm inside her unprotected ass, and as she felt it rocket against her insides, Emily opened her mouth. Yet no sound came from her lips, the intensity of her orgasm was beyond sound as she silently screamed, her eyes wide open as the single greatest orgasm she’d ever had rocketed through her body. Rob continued to empty his balls into her, until finally spent, he fell on top of her, still sliding his cock luxuriously in and out of her and finally he disengaged his cock from her ass with a pop.

“That was fucking incredible,” Rob said, sweaty and exhausted as he rolled over on the bed, staring up at the ceiling and breathing deeply. And replaying the night’s events in his mind so that not a single moment would be lost to him, Rob smiled and looked over at the beautiful blonde next to him. “Em?”

We had gone over a week without seeing each other. I was about an hour late getting home, and had been thinking about what you told me this morning. You said that you wanted me to take you, posses you and your body. I had spent the day thinking about how I was going to do just that.

With the thought of your flesh against mine and me having my way with you, I had spent the last half of my drive home with my cock raging in my pants. I could not get comfortable in my car for the pressure in my pants. My balls were aching for your touch, your lick, your body exposed to my desire. Every bump in the road resulted in a shooting ache in my groin.

The last call I got from you was almost enough for me to pull over and relieve the pressure that was building. You told me that you wanted to taste me. You said that you wanted to swallow me whole. The thought of your mouth on my manhood was near painful at this point.

As I made my journey, you sent me a few texts just to make sure that my cock was raging when I saw you. If you intended to eat me alive, you were determined to make sure that it did not take long to send me over the edge. And the picture you sent, the one of you licking the dildo was the last straw that this camel could handle. I must have you — now!

I had sped the last 20 miles. Police be damned, I was going to have you. I was going to feel your mouth on my cock and feel you do as you texted that you had planned for me — to suck me dry. I was going to take you in every way. All I could think of was the ways I would use you and your body to pleasure myself. Knowing that you would do whatever I said was the only thing that was keeping me from pulling off into the woods and stroking my shaft until my pants would no longer strain against my hardness.

I rounded the corner of our street with the expectation of running into the house and taking you. I met the greatest disappointment I had encountered in months. Our dinner guests had arrived an hour early. This combined with my hour of tardiness had resulted in our dear friends standing between me and what I wanted the most, you.

I pulled into the driveway and paused for a moment. I had to collect my thoughts and hope that the raging erection I had would subside enough to not be seen by a couple I knew was not as sexually driven as you and I. As I sat in the driveway, you sent one more text — this time I knew it to be purely teasing. You said that I needed to hurry because you had to have me in your mouth now. For a moment, this angered me. Then I had a plan.

I entered the house abruptly. I was curt with our guests saying only hello and that I needed to speak with you alone for a few minutes. That is all my plan would take. I walked to you and took your hand and pulled you up with a snarl. You and our friends thought I was upset. Anger was the only emotion I could think of that would hide the heat that had built in me over the last couple of hours.

I dragged you down the hall and into the bedroom, where I slammed the door. I knew our company would not leave. They had been there for the best and the worst, and a little spat would just fascinate them. I am sure they would expect some fireworks from us. We were known for our passion — good and bad, but always hot.

Just to be sure they did not leave, I reopened the door and told them to have a beer, we just had something to work out. He chuckled, she punched him — at least that is what I thought from his sharp grunt. I heard the television come on and the refrigerator open. They would wait.

I turned back to you. Your eyes were wide. Your mouth was agape. You had a slight tremble. You did not know what was coming next. I was on you in one move. I put my hand over your mouth so that you would not say anything. You knew what was next when I held my finger up in front of my lips to say, “hush.” Your look of panic changed, but was still charged. You knew what I wanted, but were afraid to respond.

I did not give you a choice. I grabbed your arm and spun you around. You were now facing the bed and the mirror across from it. I could see the look of concern in your face, and you could see the look of desire in mine. I only gave you a second or two to consider what was to happen next.

I grabbed your waste, pulling it towards me while I pushed the back of your head forward and down into the mattress. You tightened your entire body, clenching your ass which was pressed into my groin. Your back stiffened and you gasped. Just to keep our visitors guessing, I shouted, “what were you thinking,” loud enough that I knew they would hear.

You looked over your shoulder at me with an inquisitive look. Everything had happed to you so fast that you did not understand. You only knew that I was driven, and that I had you pinned to the bed and was shouting. I did not give you a chance to think.

The next thing you knew, I was ripping you jeans down your thighs. You could not fight me from your position, nor did you want me to stop. You knew I was doing just as we had said, I was taking you. You swept your ass from one side to the other, resulting in a swift slap on it from me. I bent forward and told you to be still with another swift spank. I stood on the bundle of jeans that had piled between your ankles. In less than a couple of seconds I had effectively tied your legs into position. Your underwear was the only thing between you and my desire. It was new, but did not last but a second. I ripped it off in one move.

Now you were exposed in front of me. You hips were red from the fabric I had just shredded from them. Your ass was glowing from the spanking you I had just given you. And, your pussy was flowing from what you knew was coming next.

You tried to lift up, and I pushed you back down as I freed my cock from its constraints. I now hovered at the entrance to your heat, your juices and my pre-come blended at the nexus of our impending union. You try to push yourself back onto me, but I hold just at your entrance. I need to calm down for a moment to keep from losing total control upon feeling the grip of your walls on my shaft. The sensation of me at your entrance is causing your heat to rise. You grunt as you try to buck onto my shaft. You yell out. “Now,” you say. I am sure they heard it. I am sure they wonder what had me so hot when I came in the door. If only they knew what we knew at this moment.

When I knew you needed me as much as I needed you, I thrust forward as hard as I could move my hips. A slight shriek emanated from you, and then it transformed into a groan or guttural moan. My first stroke into you had been a shock, but you wanted more. You bucked back into me. We were now frantically pounding back and forth with only the sound of our flesh meeting in the middle to tell the tale of our actions.

You trembled as you pushed back into me. Your rhythm changed to a lurch. Your body changed from a forward and back buck to a spasmodic wave. You pressed your face into the bed and screamed, the sound muffled by the mattress. Your juices were now rolling down your thighs onto mine and then splashing onto both of us. Your knees buckled and only the bed and my shaft in your depths held you up.

I threw a pillow to the ground and pulled you back towards me. You looked back and made eye contact with me. Your eyes were swimming in your bliss and the inquisition of what was to come next. I again spun you around by your arms. I pushed you down by your shoulders. Your knees landed on the pillow, and my cock landed on your cheek. You looked up at me pleadingly, but my look told you what I wanted. You knew that I would not allow you to reject me.

You wiped your own juices off your cheek and ran your hands under my balls and up my shaft. Your touch caused me to tremble. You looked me in the eyes and began to circle the head of my cock with your fingers. I breathed in through my teeth as if you were burning my flesh. As your fingers traversed my shaft again, my knees gave just a little. As much as I wanted to be, you had now assumed control.

I placed my hands on each of your shoulders and pulled you to me. You parted your lips and ever so slowly slid your mouth down the entire length of my shaft. Your eyes were just barely visible under your hair, but were strikingly blue and bright — and drilling into me. As you stroked your lips forward and back on my shaft, you looked directly into my eyes. I had great difficulty holding eye contact with you. The pressure of your hands, one on my shaft, the other under my balls, and the caress of your lips was driving me over the edge.

It only took a few strokes. You felt the head of my cock begin to swell. You could sense my breathing deepening and my heart rate increasing. I lost my eye contact with you. You quickened your pace on my shaft and began to increase the pressure on my scrotum. I was quickly building to a release that I was certain was going to overwhelm you.

You had on a new shirt, and were made up for our dinner party. You had no choice but to swallow my seed. So rarely did I get to feel the heat of your mouth as I came, I tried to hold back but lost total control. You stroked and sucked as I began to buck and shoot into your mouth. Instead of pulling away as I have become accustomed, you drove deeper. You pumped your mouth and hands even faster and harder as my juices gushed into your cheeks. My knees buckled and I began to fail under my own weight. Instead of letting my cock fall from your lips, you followed me down. You kept my cock in your mouth until my legs had completely failed and you had drawn the last of my come from my shaft.

You stood and wiped the corner of your mouth with a wicked grin. You leaned forward and licked my ear, with a whisper. “Any thing else Master?”

You pulled your jeans up, glanced at the mirror and left the room with only a quick flip of your hair, looking none the worse for wear. I was left leaning against the bed with my jeans around my knees and a limp cock between my trembling legs and the door wide open.

After I regained my composure and returned to the living room, you stood and walked over to me. You kissed me on the cheek and apologized for having treated me the way you had. With a look only I could see, you said, “You can punish me later.” Just before you turned back to our guests and asked if they would like anything else to drink.

My name is Michelle. This is the true story of the first time that I let a guy cum in my mouth during a blow job. I was one of those girls that never stood out in a crowd in high school. I was too smart to be popular and my bi-racial heritage made it hard for me to fit into any of the cliques. My heritage (mother was white, father was African-American) is what gave me my caramel colored skin and curly hair. Those traits are exactly what attracted my first boyfriend (who later became my husband) to me.

Freshman year of college, I’d been out on a few dates, but could never find someone to be serious with. There had been one guy that I liked a bit, but it never went beyond a drunken night’s make-out session. Then I met him. Steve was the complete opposite of all of the guys that I knew growing up back in my rural Michigan town. Most guys I knew thought dressing up was putting on jeans with no holes in them. Steve showed up at my dorm room door for our first date wearing khakis, button down shirt with a tie, and holding roses for me. His preppy look and romantic gesture was enough to get my heart fluttering before he even said hello.

From that first date, we both knew that we more than just liked each other. This was a good thing because neither one of us was into the idea of sleeping with just any random person that we met. Steve had only been with one other woman and I was still a virgin.

He said that he did not mind that I was a virgin, but I still felt lacking when in comparison of him. Though a virgin, I knew almost immediately that he would be The One for me to give myself to for the first time. That first time came only four dates in when he took me to a hotel for the night; not much privacy in the dorms. We made love the entire weekend and it was amazing.

I was so self-conscious about my body that I never could fully relax. I knew that Steve’s ex was a 95lbs string bean. That was definitely not me. I was 5ft 8in with curves that I later found out drove Steve wild. But at that time, I felt that I was in competition with his ex. He never gave me any indication that he compared me to her, but I could not help it.

Somehow it came up in a conversation not long after we’d begun sleeping together that he’d had anal sex with his ex and that she loved it so much that she could orgasm that way. Of course I saw that as a challenge. A few nights later I told him that I wanted to try anal sex with him. It didn’t hurt like I thought; it just wasn’t my cup of tea. We kept having anal sex on occasion, but only because I knew that he liked it and I couldn’t let his ex be better than me.

Steve did not have a good breakup with his ex, so there was no love lost in his view of her. He joked with me one night about how horrible she was at blowing him. All she did was form an O with her lips and move it up and down his shaft. She was so bad that she’d never been able to make him cum that way.

He said that all his friends had told him that there was no such thing as a “bad blow job”, but he always wanted to just pass out the phone number of his ex to disprove that theory.

I knew his ex “won” the anal sex challenge, so I decided that I would make it my mission to teach him what a good blowjob was.

That first night we’d made love was the first time that I’d ever seen a cock. It was a different moment for me. I laid there with it in my hands for a minute; rolling my hands across it as I looked up and down its thick 6+ inches of hardness. After examining it like I was back in science lab, I tentatively took it in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just went up and down on it for a minute before stopping. I was surprised to see the way that Steve was acting when I sat back up. He was writhing around on the bed, moaning and groaning. I guess women do have all the power during blowjobs.

In the following few months, I would blow Steve every so often. I did not get any enjoyment out of the act, but I knew how much he liked it, so I did it because I loved Steve. Usually I would stop after a while and begin to have sex with him or finish him off with my hand. But I continued to feel inadequate in comparison to his ex. I could tell by Steve’s reactions while I was sucking on his cock that he thought I was pretty good at. I even began to believe that myself. His cock was pretty thick, but with practice I could take his entire length into my throat. This drove him wild with desire for me. A few times I almost didn’t pull back in time as he couldn’t contain his orgasm. It was after one of these near misses that I got an idea. I’d had no desire, and Steve had never pressured me, to let him finish in my mouth. I knew that not only was his ex not good at sucking cock, she could never get him off that way. So Steve had never had what I’d heard was the ultimate release. Maybe I could take him places that he’d never gone before.

The next time that Steve came to visit me in my dorm, I set my plan in motion. I never said a word or gave him a hint of what I was up to. We laid on the bed together and began to passionately make out. Our hands were running all over each other and our clothes all came flying off. With as worked up as he was making me, I knew that it would be tough for me to not fuck him right then and there. But I was set on my plan to beat his ex once and for all. I broke our kiss, and heard a bit of a whimper escape from his lips.

I began to slowly kiss my way down his muscular chest. By the time I got to his stomach he was breathing hard, knowing where I was going. He thought that he knew what I was about to do, but really he had no idea. One of the things that I love most about Steve is that he never would put pressure on me to do anything that I did not want to do. He never put his hands on my head and pushed it towards his cock. He always let me go at my own speed.

When I finally worked my way all the way down to his beautiful thick, throbbing cock, I could feel myself dripping wet with excitement for what I was about to do to Steve. I’d never been this hot over giving a blow job before. I planted a delicate kiss on the tip of his cock and then kissed along his veiny shaft. I gently fondled his balls with my hands before kissing their undersides. I could feel Steve’s legs clench every time that my lips placed another kiss on him.

I worked my way back up his shaft. With one hand I held his cock straight up, pointing at my waiting mouth. I looked him dead in the eye as I stroked his cock, making a large drop of fluid come pouring out of him. He moaned with delight as I flicked my tongue out across his slit; tasting his sweetness. He gasped though when, still looking right at him, I opened my lips and slid his cock into my mouth. I only went an inch or two down before licking and sucking my way back up. I kept repeating this step, going a bit further each time.

By the time that I had gotten most of him into my mouth, we was squirming around on the bed like crazy and kept saying my name…”Oh Michelle…I can’t believe how amazing you are making me feel…Michelle you are so fucking good at blowing me.”

His pleasure was making me even wetter and I felt like I was again in danger of changing my plans. To calm things down a bit, I could tell that if I’d kept it up, he’d of cum in a matter of moments which is not what I wanted. I let him slip out of my mouth. I once again teasingly kissed and licked up and down the length of his shaft. I kept going up and down the sides as I could tell my teasing was driving him crazy.

Just when he thought that I was once again headed back down his shaft, I surprised him by swirling my tongue around the head of his cock and then diving down on his full length. I furiously bobbed up and down on him before slowing this down again. I relaxed as best I could, took in a deep breath and allowed his thick cock to slip all the way into my throat. I’d tried deep throating him before, but his thickness always caused me to choke. This time, either because I was so excited or so relaxed. I took every inch of him with no problem. My nose was all the way at his base, being tickled by his neatly trimmed hairs. Once I knew that I was okay, I began to slowly move up and down on him again; keeping his cock deep in my throat the entire time. This got a bit harder as Steve’s cock seemed to get even thicker and he squirmed around on the bed even more, but I managed to never let his cock leave the depth of my throat.

After a few minutes of this action, I began to again fondle his balls which only made him feel even better. The pace of his saying “oh baby” and “just like that Michelle” began to increase.

From my times giving him hand jobs and having sex with him, I knew what this meant. And he knew that I knew what it meant. I could feel his body tensing even more as I continued to suck on his beautiful cock.

He said “You’re so good that you’re going to make me cum.”

But I kept blowing him. I could taste the precum pouring out of his cock now.

He again said “baby, you’re going to make me cum.” Yet, to his shock, I kept going.

Finally he all but shouted “Michelle, if you keep blowing me like that, you’re going to make me cum.”

I finally let his cock slip out of my mouth. I looked him right in the eye and only said “I know”.

I then took his cock back into my mouth and began to go faster up and down on him. I looked back at his disbelieving face. I could tell that he was still holding back thinking that there is no way that I wanted him to finish in my mouth. He could only last so long against how I was making him feel. Finally he moaned loudly as his body won out and relaxed his muscles. I could feel him throb as his cum came racing up his cock and into my waiting mouth. I kept bobbing as deeply as I dared as spurt after spurt came shooting out of his cock. It seemed like it would never stop. There was so much cum that between his cock and all the cum, I was quickly running out of room. He finally stopped throbbing and I slowly slid up and off of his cock. When he was out, I could see him looking at me in awe as I swallowed every last drop of cum that he had produced. When I did that, I bent down and licked his still hard cock clean before giving him a loving kiss on the lips. He made me laugh because he did not kiss me back. His mouth just hung there open. It was not because he didn’t love me; it was because he was still in shock at what I did to him.

Afterwards we cuddled in bed and fell asleep together. It took a little bit, he said that I sucked every bit of his life force out of him, but we made passionate love later that night. If his orgasm from the blowjob was as good as mine was that night, then he was one lucky man.

It took the better part of a year, but I finally realized that I wasn’t in competition with his ex. Steve left her for a reason and he chose me for a reason. I’m just happy that I ended up with the greatest prize of them all…Steve.

But in that dark recess of my mind that I never tell anyone about, I know. I know that no matter how many times she came while he fucked her in the ass, my blowjobs will always beat her ass.

A year after that first blowjob we were married and fifteen years after that, we are still wild about each other. Sucking cock has never been one of my favorite things to do, but I know what it does for him. Through practice I’ve gotten really good at deep throating him; even moving quite vigorously with his cock down my throat. Recently I even figured out how you let him cum while still in my throat. Interestingly enough, it is a bit better for me that way because it just shoots down my throat and avoids my taste buds. No sticky mouth afterwards.

Now I surprise him every once and awhile. He says that I’m trying to kill him by surprising him and with my cock sucking talents. Steve says though that if that is how he is meant to go, then he is okay with it.

*Obviously not reality for so many reasons.

This was hard to categorize. I ended up with Erotic Coupling because that’s the most common theme here. But (and sorry for some spoilers) there is also a little bit of anal, group sex, and light incest/taboo themes. I know some of these things aren’t for some people, so I wanted to give warning!

I hope you enjoy the fantasy.*

Everything was going great for Greg Fuller until the Barry twins arrived.

Greg was the most athletic, confident, and popular member of the Elite Sports program at Cinderdale High. This was especially impressive considering that the Elite Sports program was already made up from the most athletic, confident, and popular students in the school. He had entered the program in grade 9 and spent the entire time becoming the king of the class. Now that it was the final few months of the final year, every student catered to his whims.

The program took a rare 5 years of high school to complete, but none of the 18 and 19-year-old students complained. Anybody able to make it to the fifth year was guaranteed a great sports scholarship at a prestigious school. Greg had played a slow, patient game of politics, wits, and manipulation to finally get to the point in which he was able to use sex as the ultimate weapon. He had all the girls under his thumb, and none of the boys challenged his role as king because Greg kept them plenty happy using his personal harem that he affectionately referred to as the Elite Sluts.

Sure, it was easy living for Greg now that all the girls of Elite Sports thought that their only reasons for existence were sports and cock, but Greg felt that he had worked hard to get to that point. Why not enjoy it?

But everything about the Barry twins rubbed Greg the wrong way. They were like a weird alternate version of Greg and his own twin sister, Melissa. Whereas Greg and Melissa were both blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Ted and Connie Barry countered with dark brown hair and eyes.

Ted at least seemed very intelligent, just like Greg, but Connie was too quiet to tell and Melissa was – to put it nicely – pretty stupid. Both the Barry twins were – of course – in the Elite Sports program whereas Melissa was repeating the standard 12th grade.

Greg had practically forgotten that a transfer was even possible. He knew the Elite Sports program was country-wide, but it was so hard to get in and to stay in that he never thought he’d actually be around for a transfer; there seemed to be too few people overall. Greg’s own fifth year program had been whittled down to 13 people. The program was prestigious for a reason.

But, rare or not, transfer the Barry twins did. Forced to move because of their single mother’s job, and now part of the Cinderdale Elite Sports program that had been otherwise largely unchanged in 5 years.

The night before the arrival of the Barry twins gave no sense of the impending trouble they would provide. It had been business as usual…


Cindy bounced on Greg’s dick, letting out breathy moans into his ear. Greg sat with his phone on one ear while he looked at a piece of paper over the naked, skinny teen who was clearly enjoying his 8 inches.

“Sorry Roger, Kyle booked out Sophie all week.”

Cindy clawed at Greg’s back.

“I know I don’t usually book out full weeks, but Kyle had his fourth or worse pick for two straight weeks, so this is my olive branch.”

Cindy pulled at Greg’s hair as she shuddered into an orgasm.

“Keep fucking, slut,” Greg said to her, “What, Roger? Yeah, it’s Cindy. Oh stop your whining, you had Cindy last night. Why did you want Sophie? Her tits? Because Rhonda is free tonight. …What? Oh fuck off, just because being dom is her specialty doesn’t mean she can’t suck your cock as good as any of the other sluts.”

Cindy fell into another orgasm, shaking violently on Greg’s huge dick.

“Jesus Christ, Cindy,” said Greg, “Look. Roger. I don’t know why I’m arguing. Rhonda AND both Indian Princesses are free tonight. Fuck all three if you’d like, but Sophie’s with Kyle. Hm? Okay, I’ll text her. Now fuck off, I need to dump a load in this whore.”

Greg hung up and started to text Rhonda, but grinned at Cindy first. She was the one with whom he had started it all, so Greg admittedly had a bit of a soft spot for her. She was almost the only one he fucked these days. If he considered anybody second in command, it was Cindy.

“Turn around and ride me backwards,” he commanded, “I don’t want to see your face when I empty into you.”

“Uh-huh,” Cindy consented with her trademarked pouty lips. She oozed so much sexuality that she couldn’t open her mouth without making any straight guy want to stuff it full of his cock and cum.

‘Roger needs ur fat tits, slut. Go over asap.’

Greg pressed send on the text to Rhonda as Cindy turned around and used the desk to support herself as she lowered her pussy back down onto Greg’s hard prick. He put his phone down and finally let himself appreciate the incredibly toned teen athlete pleasuring him.

“Uggh, not long now, slut,” he said. Cindy giggled.

Greg saw Rhonda’s confirmation light up his phone as Cindy’s masterful thrusting pushed him over the edge.

“I’m cumming, slut! What do you say?”

“Thaannk youuu,” Cindy moaned as Greg shot streams of his thick cum into the tight teen.

The moment he was finished he stood up without warning, causing Cindy to collapse on the floor.

“Clean and leave,” he said. Cindy giggled again.

“Of course!” she said before obeying. She expertly and quickly cleaned the mix of her and Greg’s cum off his dick with her tongue before swiftly getting dressed. Greg threw himself onto his bed.

“See ya,” he said lazily, but kindly.

“You bet, stud,” said Cindy, “fuck, I always sleep so good after a fuck like that.”

Greg smiled at her and watched her fit ass twitch in her short shorts until she was out of his room. He heard her say bye to his parents and grinned. They had long stopped giving him grief for his actions. His mom was a pushover who hated conflict and his dad was an easy bribe. It only took a single titjob from Sophie to shut him up. It had probably been the most action he had seen in a decade.

How two busty girls were able to make fifth year Elite Sports was a mystery to Greg, but he wasn’t complaining. Rhonda was unusually chesty for a tall girl, but was still the track and field queen. Sophie, despite her short height and giant tits, was an all-star soccer goalie. Greg figured they both paid a fortune for sports bras strong enough to hold their DD and F cups respectively.

The other Elite Sluts were built more like people expected from athletic girls. Cindy had perky A cups and looked like the quintessential gorgeous blonde cheerleader. She trained in volleyball and was a tornado on the court. She was the same way in the bedroom. A confident fireball, and the most well-rounded fuck.

Greg usually told the boys that all the Sluts performed equally, but that wasn’t entirely true. It was a fact that they were all willing and eager to perform any act, and none of them were awful in any regard, but they definitely had their specialties for a reason. Rhonda knew how to be in control. Perfect for when any of the guys got tired of being in charge and wanted a hot slut to take the reins.

Sophie was the dumbest of the girls. Her brown ponytail and round face worked best bobbing on a dick, especially when it was cased in her huge rack. She was a passive fuck and the easily the quietest.

Mika was the Japanese sprinter and the only one who could beat Rhonda in a race. Mika was so flat that most of the guy’s pecks made for bigger boobs. But what Mika lacked in curves, she made up for with her gorgeous face and pure filth in the bedroom. If Sophie was the quietest Slut, then Mika was by far the loudest. Non-stop dirty talk came from the tiny girl at the top of her lungs whenever she got fucked or used in any way. She was usually first choice for anal, multi-fuck nights, and generally anything particularly nasty that one of the boys wanted to try. It was no surprise that Mika was far and away booked out the most by Julian with his sleazy sexuality and small dick.

In fact, if anybody ever made Greg suspicious of being overthrown, it was Julian. Roger was obnoxious and would complain, but he was harmless. Julian was smarter and slimier. Greg found himself most careful when dealing with him.

There were seven boys and six girls in the Elite Sports program, so the resulting scheduling conflicts made Greg often fantasize about Julian disappearing somehow. But, although Julian made Greg uneasy, they were still long time classmates and Greg still provided a valuable service that Julian had obvious respect for, so Greg wasn’t exactly living in fear.

While Mika was probably the most experienced at actually getting fucked in the ass, the Indian Princesses, Ruula and Neela, were the ones actually known for the way their rear ends looked. They weren’t twins, or sisters, or even related, but the two looked and acted so similarly that they were often referred to the Indian Sisters.

Both girls played on the All-Star soccer team with Sophie and probably had the most beautiful faces of all the Sluts. They were both so used to being compared to Ayanna Jordan that it almost wasn’t flattering anymore. They were of medium height and slim with perky B cups. They were the most submissive of the girls and because of all these things, they were often booked out together, making scheduling even more difficult for Greg sometimes.

As such, Greg had reluctantly started booking out his idiot sister, Melissa. He forbid her from having sex, and generally used her as a last-resort bargaining chip if bad luck had given an angry guy the shorter end of the stick.

Melissa was basically a blonde version of Sophie. Her E cup boobs were almost as big and she was only a few inches taller than her brunette counterpart. Melissa was somehow more of an idiot than Sophie – Sophie had to at least ace anatomy exams to stay in Elite Sports after all – but both specialized in blowjobs and titfucks. Melissa had to be the true expert in both categories, though. Whereas Sophie actually concentrated on her sport, Melissa had cared about nothing but cock since her brother had brought her into the Slut circle. It had actually played a major factor in why Melissa had to repeat the 12th grade.

Greg was very protective of his sister and extended his “No Fucking Melissa” rule to his own dick as well. She was a 19-year-old virgin.

Greg’s phone buzzed again and he reluctantly strained himself to grab it off his desk from his bed. It was a text from Mika.

‘comber is done with me’

Always to the point, Mika was. Greg had all the Elite Sluts keep him posted so that they could be booked out multiple times in one night if needed.

‘Thanks. Where’d he unload?’

Greg obviously didn’t actually need to know, but he always found it hot to picture his Sluts doing their work. Plus, Ed Comber was nicknamed “Cummer” for a reason. The guy was nice enough. Average looking, average sized dick, average intelligence. But the two places he stood out were Football and the amount of cum he produced.


Greg smirked. While he considered the girls brainwashed in one sense – he didn’t think they would have been like this if it wasn’t for him – he also hadn’t turned them into personality-less drones. It was more like being an Elite Slut was as important to them as being in Elite Sports. It was something they enjoyed, worked hard at, and ultimately excelled at. Comber was usually pretty vanilla, so Greg replied with this:

‘Good for him!’

‘i no, rite? 1st time 4 him. i got flooded lol’

Greg raised his eyebrows. Strange how Greg considered Mika’s ass so used that he didn’t think there was a guy left in the world who hadn’t cum inside it. Greg put his phone beside his pillow and stared at the ceiling.

Melissa was away for a few days, but his dick felt too drained by Cindy to miss his bedtime blowjow too much. He did feel restless, though, and picked up his phone again.

‘Come over. Bring your roommate. You’ll be staying here.’

It didn’t help dispel the sister illusion that Neela and Ruula shared a place together. To add to the similarities – and part of the reason for their nicknames – both of their parents were very wealthy and independently thought they were paying full living expenses for their daughter. As a result, The Princesses were left with a hefty surplus of cash meant for their expensive apartment and they lived like royalty.

‘Yay! See you soon! <3'

Greg grinned. They were always so polite and enthusiastic.

Not even 20 minutes passed before the beauties were in his room.

“I’m exhausted, and Cindy already emptied my balls. so I just want you two to makeout on the foot of my bed until I fall asleep, then take Melissa’s room.

“Just making out?” asked Ruula.

Greg shrugged. “Wherever the moment takes you. Just don’t be too loud so that I can fall asleep. “

“Naked?” asked Neela, already stripping.

“Of course,” Greg replied.

In less than a minute, the incredibly fit and gorgeous Indian teens were naked on his bed on their knees, tenderly kissing and toying with each other’s pussies. Greg let out a contented sigh from his built chest and fell asleep to the sound of two Elite Sluts bringing each other to hushed orgasm.


“I bet most dicks usually don’t get THIS lost in your cleavage, huh?”

Kyle looked down at Sophie’s miles of young flesh jutting out in front of her. His cock was so small and her tits were so huge that even though he was sticking it into her cleavage from the front, it still didn’t hit her sternum. It probably wasn’t even halfway to it.

Kyle was living proof that the “all black guys have big dicks” legend was, in fact, only a legend. So he, more than any other male in the program, was appreciative of Greg’s Elite Sluts. They didn’t discriminate or taunt. Greg was happy to bring Kyle confidence, as Kyle was probably the nicest guy Greg had ever met. The two had been good friends even before high school, so they enjoyed having someone so easy to trust so close.

“I dunno, they all get pretty lost,” said Sophie.

“Yeah they do. Fuck do you ever have fat slutty tits”

Sophie just kindly nodded, but Kyle knew by now that it was just her way. All the Elite Sluts found that talk flattering at this point. Sophie instinctively started rubbing her huge boobs all over Kyle’s tiny prick, the entire thing easily covered in her teen bust.

“Uhh,” Kyle moaned, “You know what I’m going to do? I’ve been cumming in your mouth all week, or on your tits, but tonight I want to want to cum IN your tits.”

“What?” Said Sophie, obviously confused, but still servicing Kyle’s rock hard, but only 3-inch cock.

“Like, into your cleavage. When I come, don’t ready your tits for me to come on, or don’t put it in your mouth. I want to come in your cleavage like it was a pussy.”

“Um, okay,” said Sophie. Confused, but eager to please.

“It’s fine, just keep rubbing your tits like that. You’re an expert Slut, Sophie.”

“Aw thanks!” the girl said, and pressed her giant slutty tits together as hard as she could, not even able to tell where his dick actually was inside them.

It still worked for Kyle, however, as the dim teen on her knees in front of him was able to work magic with her huge tits.

“Mmm, they’re so high and perky, despite being so fat and slutty.”

Sophie nodded and moaned softly.

“Look at your tiny nipples, how does that even happen? You were built to be the perfect busty whore.”

Sophie bit her lip and worked her tits harder.

“Fuck, there it is! Here I cum!”

Kyle convulsed, but was able to reach down and grab giant handfuls of the teen slut’s big boobs as he came in them. It was unlike any other orgasm he had had. It wasn’t wet or warm like a pussy or mouth, but it was softer, and tighter in weird way. He felt his own cum cover his tiny dick.

“Did it work?” asked Sophie, stupidly.

“Uh-huh” said Kyle, and collapsed on his couch. After a few minutes of post-orgasm relaxation, he spoke again.

“Are you cool to stay over tonight? I love a morning blowjob.”

Kyle hadn’t booked Sophie overnight, as that was a special request for anybody but Greg, so he knew Sophie could answer how she’d like.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” she said, “just drive me by my house in the morning so I can change.”

“You bet,” said Kyle, “now bring those giant juggs to my mouth. I want to suck them until I pass out.”

“Ooo!” giggled Sophie. That was her favourite.


The next morning, the students were all promptly settled at their desks by 9am sharp, as usual. Punctuality and obedience were of upmost importance to do well in the program, and it was this trait that Greg had used to help create the Sluts. Being the best was in the blood of all the students.

The 5th year was special in that the entire day was dedicated to the program. Either through studying the human body, all-day work-outs, or hosting or traveling to competitions. The first four years of high school were more difficult because normal classes had to be juggled along with the intensive Elite Sports program. The 5th year was the final stretch.

Miss Hudson, the Elite Sports head at Cinderdale for 20 years, had always been there before the arrival of every student, but on this morning, she was not. Her absence caused concerned chatter throughout the students. Miss Hudson was extremely strict, but very fair, and as the students got older, they had spent more time under her care and grew to have a lot of respect for her.

As far as Greg knew, Miss Hudson was entirely unaware of the alternate skill sets her students had. As long as the Elite Sports team excelled, she didn’t poke her head in her students’ business, and they definitely excelled.

Finally, at 9:10, Miss Hudson strode in with her typical confidence. She was a moderately tall woman, who looked amazing for 42. Deep natural red hair, a thin toned body, and stern face. She looked as youthful as she could for having no work done, and for sporting an almost permanent frown. She wasn’t an unpleasant woman, but she knew that being nice wouldn’t train the kids.

“I apologize for my tardiness, class, but today is rather unusual.”

She looked to the door she just walked through and nodded.

“Come on, now.”

Miss Hudson kept talking, but the details of her words faded out to Greg. He caught enough of the key words to understand that a transfer had taken place, but his stomach had dropped too much to really pay attention. He stared unabashedly at the two attractive brunettes as they walked in and stood next to Miss Hudson.

He vaguely heard them introduce themselves and tried to understand why this news upset him as much as it did. Connie looked nervous. Her brown hair the same colour as Sophie’s, but much shorter. Her face thinner and sharper. She looked a little taller than the Indian Sisters, but was far more pale. Strangely pale for a girl that Greg figured would have to be outside a lot to keep up with the Elite Sports program.

She was wearing a white tennis outfit – like her brother – and Greg placed her chest at a very full C cup. Could they really be in Elite Sports for tennis? Greg knew the program offered a wide variety of options, but tennis?

Ted looked far more confident. His brown hair was also very short, but his eyes were thin and piercing. He was much taller than his sister, maybe 6’1, and Greg felt threatened for the first time in a very long time. How did Ted get so built just from playing tennis?

Despite his height and muscles, he otherwise looked strangely like Connie. They looked as alike as different gendered fraternal twins could.

Greg finally had to come to when the twins’ introduction was over and they took a seat. That’s when he noticed that the rest of the class were all shooting him looks as if they also needed direction.

It seemed way too late to try and break another two people into their way of life. Especially because twins tended to be close and protective of each other. At the same time, hiding everything seemed difficult as well. The program was often left to their own devices at this point, so conversations were usually explicit. In fact, Elite Sports faculty often took their own transportation to major meets, so the group took to partaking in pretty lewd acts on the bus, just out of sight of the driver.

The obvious action would be to convince Ted first, but Greg was surprisingly void of confidence. Something told him that Ted wouldn’t be an easy sell, despite the willing variety of gorgeous women who would gladly pleasure him at Greg’s command. Greg couldn’t decide if it was because Ted seemed too uptight or too smart. As if he’d be able to deduce Greg’s operation and take it apart in a matter of minutes.

Needless to say, it was a very awkward day. The Barry twins – Ted in particular – seemed perfectly happy to say nearly nothing as they did outdoor training. Eventually some small talk did surface – the Indian Princesses were just too polite – so Greg took the opportunity to try and observe the newcomers.

Connie seemed less nervous than Greg’s first impression of her, but she was definitely quiet. Almost dangerously quiet. Greg had both over and underestimated people’s intelligence based on extreme silence, so he was careful to not make judgments in either direction. Her speech did seem formal, however, which lined up with Ted.

Ted was far more confident in shooting the shit with anybody who asked, although he never spoke first. His voice was loud and clear and he spoke as if he were an English Prince, but without the accent.

Despite seemingly endless questions from the Indian beauties, Greg still barely knew anything about the Barry twins. He now knew more about Utah – where they had moved from – than he had ever cared to. He also now knew about tennis more than he had ever cared to.

However, near the end of the day, it was actually a question from Moon that finally gave Greg some insight. Moon, who – despite his name and being an All-Star Baseball catcher – was maybe the least interesting person in the program. He had lazily asked if Ted had a girlfriend. It was a harmless question, but Ted stiffened up.

“Absolutely not,” Ted said. “I do not have time with my training. Plus, there is too much temptation that comes with such things.”

Before he could hold himself back, Greg chimed in.


“Well yes, of course. I am not nearly ready for marriage yet.”

The rest of the Elite Sports program almost collectively let out a very awkward “ohhhhh”, but Ted seemed unphased and returned to his push-ups.

The rest of the day carried out in silence, but Greg couldn’t help notice all the leers Ted got from the girls. They were all definitely used to being around built, attractive men, but Ted was the cream of the crop. Lined up – despite Paul being the only male to be considered unattractive – Greg was willing to bet that he and Ted would always be chosen as the most attractive. With maybe Roger and Kyle as wildcards.

If the girls were noticing Ted, the rest of the guys were too busy checking out Connie to notice. While this stressed Greg out – he didn’t want the guys to naturally expect they could have her – he also didn’t blame them. Maybe she was quiet, but Connie was a knockout, and had a different look than the already varied looking Sluts.

Greg would start to compare her body to Cindy, but her ass was more like the finely sculpted artworks of the Indian Princesses. But she was bustier than the All-Star Soccer forwards, and her face not nearly as soft. Strangely, Connie’s face was most similar in structure to Rhonda’s thin, pointed, yet oddly very attractive features. But the two girls were so vastly different otherwise, that a comparison there was also inaccurate.

It made more sense just to describe her as “slamming hot”. So Greg left it at that.

At the end of the day, when everybody was slowly making their way back into the school building, Cindy approached Connie; intentionally when the two were only in earshot of Greg.

“So I guess that means you’re single too, huh?” the thin bombshell said as casually as possible.

“Uh, yes. Of course. Yes,” Connie said back, stammering, but not mumbling.

“Nothing wrong with that, just curious!” said Cindy in her bubbly, friendly way. Her kindness set her apart from the otherwise perfectly accurate cheerleader stereotype. Not to say Cindy wasn’t shrewd when she needed to be, but she wasn’t malicious.

Greg called up to Julian to appear as though he was otherwise occupied. Julian whipped his head around to meet Greg’s call, sending his semi-long shock-red hair flying over his shoulder. Greg didn’t have a conversation in mind, but apparently Julian did. It was exactly what Greg was worried about.

“So how’re you planning to induct her, huh? What a fine piece of ass.”

“I dunno, Julian, the whole weird brother and wait-until-marriage thing has me a bit on edge.”

“C’mon, pussy, remember Mika in grade 10? She wouldn’t even say the word “penis”. Now I’ve cum in her ass so many times that I lost track a year ago. That’s your work, man, don’t tell me you’ve lost your touch.”

“Exactly, it’s my work. Everybody’s so spoiled around here. Getting so entitled. We only have 3 more months left until graduation, so why not ride it out?”

“Because I want to fuck that little tennis slut, that’s why!”

“Fuck, keep it down!”

Julian had raised his voice in his lust, but when Greg shot his head around, he noticed they were the only two still left outside. Julian laughed.

“Don’t worry man, I won’t cross you, you’ve given me too much. But I still think you’re being a pussy.”

Greg didn’t really know what to say. It was the first time Julian had explicitly talked about the thing that had been causing tension between the two for months. Julian didn’t notice the silence, and spoke again.

“So hey, can I have Mel tonight?”

“Oh um, Mel’s away for the weekend visiting her best friend in New York. And I don’t want you guys thinking she’s a regular to be normally requested anyway. Plus, I don’t have my schedule with me, you know the rules.”

“Yeah, yeah, I was just requesting for later when you CAN confirm. What about Rhonda, then? That Connie chick has got me in the mood for some big juicy boobs.”

Greg appreciated that Julian didn’t ask for Sophie, whether he knew about Kyle’s week-long stint or not.

“Yeah, sure. She’s been oddly clear this week. Weird since she was top pick for, like, all of January.”

“These things go in waves, I guess,” Julian said. Greg was appreciative of how relaxed the conversation was. He was only usually this way with Kyle.

“I guess so,” Greg replied, “speaking of, that means you’ll be three nights without Mika. What’s that, a record?”

“Oh fuck off, it’s not like she’s my girlfriend or anything,” Julian’s indignance had returned as quickly as it left.

“Yeahyeah, I know. Don’t bite my head off. Speaking of, let’s sign out before Hudson bites off ours.”

Julian nodded and the two jogged back inside.


Greg sat at his desk and punched in the combination to unlock the drawer containing his coveted schedule. He always had a hard copy and was always the only one with access to it. He had considered putting it online with a password for a while, but he didn’t want anybody studying it, or there to be any chance of it getting out.

There had only been one instance when the Elite Sluts were almost uncovered. At the end of 4th year when Greg had finally inducted Rhonda, the trickiest nut to crack, there had been an additional girl in the program. Susan was a rare case of a student making it to the 4th year but not going beyond that. It was the worst possible time to get cut from the program.

Her scholarship options went out the window and she hadn’t applied anywhere else because she assumed she’d be at Cinderdale for another year. She technically had her high school diploma, but no other future to speak of.

As an early inductee of the Elite Sluts, she actually felt betrayed by them. As if it were their fault she didn’t get through. So the former star pitcher of the All-Star girls baseball team ratted out all of Greg’s actions to the principal of Cinderdale.

Susan obviously didn’t think it through because the principal was an overweight male, and a fairly easy bribe for Greg. He felt bad for using Cindy, but she was the person he trusted the most. So the thin blonde sucked the fat principal’s cock every day for the final month of school. Greg made sure to set up secret cameras so that at the end of the year, he was able to blackmail the pervert into never exposing them.

It worked like a charm. The pleasure of a hot teen swallowing his load so often combined with the utter fear of losing his job and status combined with a summer to let things simmer made the entire thing a non-issue when the fifth year started.

The loss of Susan was barely felt, as horrible as it sounded. If anybody was sexually redundant, it was Susan. She was tall, thin, and blonde like Cindy. Susan was hot, but Cindy was hotter. Susan could fuck, but Cindy could fuck better. In fact, Susan had always felt jealous of Cindy, and Greg feared tension between the girls most of all, so Susan’s disappearance was a relief if anything.

Now each girl had such a distinct place that they were supportive of each other. They worked like a well-oiled machine under Greg’s guidance.

With that, Greg went about his usual after-school business. The Barry twins made him uncomfortable, but their presence hadn’t affected operations yet, and Greg went through his list.

There were no major tournaments that any of the girls needed practice for, so that made them all available; always a plus. Same with the guys, however, so Greg knew it would probably be a busy night for him.

First things first, he fulfilled his promise to Julian and told Rhonda to contact her fellow red-headed track and field star. Rhonda’s hair being dyed was beside the point. Both of their houses were safe locations, so Greg didn’t want to assume Julian wanted things to happen at his place. In fact, now that it was 5th year, that was thankfully the smallest part of Greg’s scheduling concerns. Paul and Mika’s houses were the only places that were completely out of the question.

It was Kyle and Sophie’s last night together, so that was a relief. Not only did it stress Greg out to book out Sophie for a week because of the other guys’ reactions, but also because he never wanted anybody to be too attached to another. He turned a bit of a blind eye to Mika and Julian as well as his own affinity for Cindy and Melissa, but overall it was something Greg was acutely aware of.

‘cindy 2nite?’

It was Roger.

‘Sure,’ Greg texted back. With both Cindy and Melissa unavailable, Greg fought off the realization that he hadn’t used any of the other sluts to actually cum in over a month.

The night of essentially administration work went on until he had checked in with all the boys to make sure they were satisfied.

Julian was with Rhonda, Kyle with Sophie, Roger with Cindy, Paul went over to Moon’s place to double-team the Indian Sisters and Comber was interested in Rhonda, but said he was fine with nobody when he found out she was booked. Glad to have things go so smoothly when there was potential for a headache, Greg decided that it was time to use Mika’s famous ass for the first time since he broke it in. He texted the short track star, telling her to come over.

‘omg, its been 4ever. xcited!’


“Damn, Rhonda, I thought tall girls didn’t get big tits.”

“I’m the exception to a lot of rules, stud,” Rhonda said in her deep, sexy voice as she pushed her sizeable mounds together with her hands over her t-shirt. “Am I just going to play with them for you all night?”

“I’ve just forgotten how much I can love a nice big chest, is all. Why don’t you continue to play with those fat tits while you sit on my little dick?”

Rhonda bit her bottom lip.

“Mmm, gladly.”


“Mmm, my sister looks so good in a pigroast between you boys,” Ruula said in her slight Indian accent, a rare unique characteristic separating her from Neela’s entirely Westernized dialect.

It had become so common for the guys to request that the Indian Princesses refer to each other as sisters during sex that they did it by default now. Ruula sat on Moon’s ripped up couch in his basement and fingered herself while watching her roommate get impaled by Paul’s 7 inch dick from behind while simultaneously sucking on Moon’s own 5 and a half inch cock.

“Hey Neela? Your tits look so good when you get fucked. They’re so bouncy and full.”

Neela moaned into Moon’s dick from her friend’s compliment and the extra vibration forced a loud grunt from Moon. The dirty talk spurred on Paul.

“Fuck, Neela, your ass looks so fucking good when I pound your little teen pussy from behind!”

Neela moaned again and Ruula shoved a second finger up her pussy.

“That’s because she’s a nasty slut, aren’t you Neela?” Ruula said between gasps, “she gets off on being a submissive whore.”

“Lookit you!” said Paul, turning his awkward ugly face to smile at Ruula, “piping up without being told. I like it!”

Ruula grinned and furiously pounded her own pussy with a third finger.

Neela couldn’t take all the talk and poured her entire concentration into sucking Moon’s dick. It was too much for the poor boy and he unloaded into the gorgeous Indian teen’s mouth with a boring grunt while she gratefully swallowed every drop.

The act brought both Princesses to orgasm, pushing Paul to the edge.

“Fuckfuckfuck,” he said, “Ruula, get under Neela and lick my balls while I cum in your slutty sister.”


“Are you going to cum in my tits again?” the dumb busty brunette said to Kyle as she massaged his tiny prick with her massive juggs.

“Why do you ask, slut? Did you like it yesterday?” the handsome stud asked, moaning through the treatment.

“Yeah, it was cool”

“Hmm, well I kinda wanted you to swallow my load since we slept in and missed my morning blowjob. However, a slutty suggestion from a big-titted teen is enough to change my mind!”

Sophie giggled and Kyle grinned between moans. Fuck was she ever talented with those huge tits.


“So you don’t mind that you’re basically exclusively fucked in the ass now?” Greg asked as the flat Japanese girl stripped unceremoniously.

“I’m actually kinda addicted now. I’d miss it if it stopped.”

“Well then fuck, lemme stuff that little ass with my huge dick.”

Mika couldn’t get on her hands and knees fast enough.


“Yeah! Take this ugly nerd’s cum, you slut!”

Neela, her mouth now free from Moon’s dick, screamed in pleasure. Ruula moaned as loud as she could for having her mouth stuffed with Paul’s ballsack. She could feel his balls convulse in her mouth as they emptied into her unrelated twin.

“Fuck yes! Fill this gorgeous whore up! Your jizz feels so good!”

Neela’s body now sloped downwards as the pleasure was too much and she fell to her elbows instead of her hands. Ruula’s pussy was right in her face now, so Neela started to absentmindedly lap at it while Paul finished up with the last of his larger-than-usual load.

He kept his softening dick inside the gorgeous teen’s tight pussy as Ruula began sucking on his balls with more vigor due to the pleasure she was now receiving from Neela.

“Oh man, you girls are such sluts.”

Both Indian Princesses moaned loudly into a different set of genitals.


“C’mon, Greg! Fuck my tight asian ass!”

Greg had his huge cock in one hand and was teasing Mika’s already-soaked pussy with it; giving Greg some natural lubrication. She was skillfully rubbing her clit with one hand and supporting her body with the other.

“How does it stay so tight?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know, Greg. I’m such a whore. I get my ass stuffed every day by cocks of all shapes and sizes. I get fucked and fucked like the slut I am, but my ass stays tight. I was born to be a dirty tight slut.”

That was enough for Greg and he plunged his giant dick into Mika’s ass. It was surprisingly easy to enter, but was still as tight as Mika claimed. She screamed in lust.

Greg’s father covered his erection with a newspaper while Greg’s mother turned up the TV.


“Why have I been doing all the work with Mika, Rhonda? You’re a fucking pro and I’m not even moving!”

Rhonda was riding Julian like a porn star. Moaning at all the right times, a long arm tossing her own hair while her other hand lay open on his chest. Her eyes – always full of unspoken wisdom – glanced down at Julian as he spoke. She did not reply, but instead made her hip movements more pronounced and gasped accordingly.

Julian was usually partial to wildly dirty sex talk and taking full control, but this experience was so refreshingly different that it was almost like it wasn’t sex at all. Like it was a completely different, but equally pleasurable act. Julian released his guilt at his lack of effort and decided to lay back and watch the tall and busty beauty ride his little dick at her own pace. He didn’t care if she was faking it or not, the view and pleasure was too good.


“Ohh! Ohh! You’re tearing me up! You’re tearing this nasty slut up! Your cock completely fills up my ass! But I’m such a slut that it feels goooood!”

Greg didn’t even have to say a word as Mika’s slutty ramblings spilled out of her mouth. Greg’s hands were firmed planted on her toned thighs and his beefed up arms pulled the Japanese teen into his 8-inch dick with tremendous force.

“Huh? Stud? Is it tight? Is my slutty ass tight enough? Are you going to dump a load in it?”

Greg was, but couldn’t even bring himself to return the dirty talk. Mika wasn’t letting him give a word in edgewise. He decided to not even warn her.

“C’mon! A little asian whore’s ass clamping your dick? You know you want to fucking cum in this ass, you know you wa- OH FUCK! Oh god! Fuck! Greg! Mmm, not even telling me. That’s right, I don’t fucking deserve warning.”

Mika came at her own degrading words, the 3rd time that night; her fingers unrelenting on her own clit.

Greg grunted and placed both his hands on Mika’s flat ass and pushed her off, the last of his load spraying on her back.

“Fuck, you know how to fuck your sluts good. That’s why you’re the king, baby,” Mika said as she curled around on the floor, somehow retaining her sexiness after the pounding.

Greg debated asking her to clean him off, but felt bad about the request. He rarely had anal sex and didn’t really know the protocol. Mika saved him from further internal debate when she crawled up to a kneeling position and started to lick him clean without being asked.

“Is this okay?” She said with tenderness for the first time all evening.

“Er-yeah. Yeah, of course.”

Mika smiled and closed her eyes as she devotedly cleaned Greg’s dick with her mouth, showing no signs of recoil.


Neela and Ruula munched wildly on each other’s pussies. Paul had finally pulled out and couldn’t help but sit on the couch and vacantly pull at his semi-limp dick. Moon had already gone to bed, but the Indian Princesses showed no sign of slowing down; taking turns licking the other into pleasure convulsions.


“Cum for me. Cum for me, baby.”

Rhonda’s soft coo was unlike anything Julian had heard in a sexual context for a very long time. He came right away, Rhonda’s big firm tits jiggled as she rode his orgasm; moaning loudly but gently.

It was a Friday night in June. The school year had ended just over a week ago and my best friend Kristy and I were well into enjoying our last summer vacation before college. We sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the sectional couch in her basement, legs crossed over one another’s, sharing popcorn and watching a premium channel movie during one of our countless sleep overs that we would have in our lifetime. I don’t remember what we were watching, whatever it was wasn’t relevant to any of our numerous conversation topics anyway.

That night, just like any other I’m sure, the conversation revolved around guys. Who was hot, who was hotter, and what we would do if ever left alone with them. Of course neither of us had done much of anything with anyone at that point, so it was just talk. Both of us had recently turned 18, and neither of us had any trouble conjuring up interest in the guys from school, especially Kristy. As a matter of fact, we both had boyfriends at the time.

Kristy was 5’2, probably 95-100lbs at that time, beautiful shoulder length brown hair, and crystal blue eyes that were so engaging. She had a very curvaceous body, which would only get sexier with time. She had perky 32B breasts with a killer ass, not particularly long legs but so smooth, and a flat stomach. She definitely matured faster than I did. I was barely had a curve on me in my younger years. I was very heavily into dance from the age of 3 until I finished college, so that probably factored into my late development. I was always proud of how skinny I was, maybe my parents did have grounds for harassing me about my eating habits. I was 4’10 and 80lbs. I had a 28aa bra size. The thing that drove me up the wall was my hair. Brown curly hair to the middle of my back. I couldn’t wear it down, as the slightest bit of humidity made it frizz out the the point of no return. I wore my hair straight back in either a bun or french braid constantly. The other thing I had going for me was I did not have a flat butt. It had a nice shape to it, letting me fill out shorts and bikinis nicely.

The movie ended without either of us really noticing or caring, and the next one started up. Our attention was brought back to the screen when we realized it was a “Skin-a-max” movie, the skin flicks with horrible plots and fake sex scenes. We started giggling uncontrollably when the opening scene, with no lead in, showed a man and a woman heavily making out on the couch of a swanky high rise apartment overlooking the city night. The totally buff guy has the asian actress’ dress off in no time, revealing her big, fake boobs. He sucks her nipples roughly and she makes some over dramatic faces, which Kristy and I immediately start imitating to each other laughing.

The next shot shows the woman, now left in only a g-string, with her head in the guys lap, her black hair completely covering everything, as she gives him a fake blow job while he makes some even more obnoxious, over dramatic faces. Kristy looks at me.

“Have you done that with Vince yet?” she asks. Vince was my boyfriend. We started dating right before the end of the school year.

“No,” I replied, trying to sound offended she would ask, though I have thought about it a lot. I had never been past what I suppose is second base. Kristy hadn’t either. “Have you done that with Matt?”

“Ew NO!” she shot back.

“Why ew?” I asked.

Kristy looked back at me and her nose scrunched up, like she smelled something bad. “Because, that’s gross.” I really was surprised at how prudish she was being. Kristy was the first to kiss a guy, first to kiss with tongue, first to let a guy go up her shirt, and she let her current boyfriend Matt kiss her boobs, something that I hadn’t even done yet.

“I don’t think it’s gross,” I shot back, “I kinda think it’s hot. Besides, we’re going to have to do it at some point.”

Kristy thought about it for a second. “I mean, I don’t care if I put his, you know, thing in my mouth, but what about when, you know, he like, goes?”

I laughed, falling on my side. “Goes? What the heck is that?”

“Shut up!” She slaps my ass playfully. “You know what I mean, when he like, orgasms.”

I continued to laugh at my friend’s choice of words. We never really used vulgar language around each other, and certainly with our lack of experience, our sexual vocabulary was still pretty light, but still….goes? I sat upright again, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Yeah your laughing now,” she says making a face at me, “but what are you going to do then?”

“I don’t know, just swallow it I guess.”

“KATIE!” she squeals at me, her eyes wide in disbelief. “Oh my god, you didn’t just say that.”

“What’s the big deal? Liz Breener swallowed for Mike Ross.”

“Liz is a total skank!” Kristy retorted, and she had a point. “Besides, I heard she was so bad she couldn’t even get him off.” This rumor I would later find hard to believe, as I’d learn that guys our age were not hard to get off.

“Well what do you think is a better idea?” I asked. “We’re going to have to do it eventually.”

“Ugh,” she made another face, “I don’t know, make him shoot on the floor?”

“Then clean it up how?” I shot back. “Then your mom and dad could find out.”

“Then do it outside, I don’t know!” My friend had a point there, but I wasn’t conceding this argument.

“That’s weak, no guys gonna like that, plus he’s gonna tell everyone.”

“Ok, I dare you to give a blow J to Vince tomorrow, and you have to swallow his, you know, stuff. I bet you’ll think it’s soo gross after that.”

I froze for a moment. I had definitely thought about it, but now Kristy was putting me on the spot. Maybe it was the extra shot of courage I needed to make that step, or it could have been just blind arrogance and stubbornness.

“Fine! I will!” I said cocking my head back and forth inbetween words.

“Whatever, you won’t do it,” Kristy challenged.

“Oh don’t think I won’t, but If I’m going to do it, you have to do it too!” Let’s see how she liked that turn of the tables.

“No way, you are on your own,” She said.

“No come on, you have to do it too if I’m doing it!”

“Ew, no! I’m not letting Matt do that in my mouth!”

“You don’t have to, just, you know, use your ground idea, see how that goes for you.”

She sat back, shoulders slouched, a big pout on her face. I knew I got to her, that she was going through with it.

“Fine. But just getting him off, that’s it.”

“WITH” I emphasized, “your mouth!” I wasn’t giving her any room to wiggle out of this.

“Yeah, with my mouth,” she agreed, making another one of her goofy Kristy faces.

The next day we made plans to “double” with our boyfriends Vince and Matt that night. And by double I mean hung out at the mall, ate at the food court, and walked through town. We cut through a park that Kristy’s back yard backed up to with a lot of tree cover, 2 baseball fields, and a play ground.

I wore a lavender tank top, some short denim shorts, a front clasping bra, and these white flip flops that I used to have that I loved! Kristy wore a pink sundress. She always looked so cute when she wore them but I didn’t have the body to fill it out.

Vince was tall, I loved tall guys, still do. He was 5’10 (okay so he was taller than my 4’10) dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, very italian. He was on the hockey team and in pretty good shape. He wore an AE t-shirt and cargo shorts with white sneakers with royal blue stripes. Matt was probably just as tall but a little more lanky. He was more of a hippie, wore tie-dyed tshirts and hemp necklaces, listened to a lot of classic rock. Matt didn’t go to our school, Kristy met him at a township dance a little before I started dating Vince.

We made our way over to the swings. We joked around and Vince and Matt pushed me and Kristy, seeing who could go higher. After a while, things quieted down, and Kristy led Matt away to a more private location on the other side of the playground. Vince sat on the swing next to me and we chatted for a minute, I don’t even know what about. I think we were just waiting for that long, awkward silence where the sexual tension can cut through the air. That didn’t take long.

He leaned in and kissed me, open mouthed, his tongue finding mine right away. I was so nervous since I knew what I wanted to end up doing. I got off my swing and straddled Vince, something I’ve never really done before. When we made out we were usually either just standing or sitting next to each other on the couch. This was a different feeling for me, a sexy, almost vulnerable feeling. I could feel his hard dick, the one I wanted in my mouth, rubbing up against my covered pussy lips. Vince’s breathing sharpened and got heavier, almost panting into my mouth, our tongues still battling for the upper hand. I felt his hands cup my round ass and pull me into him. I let out a gasp. My juices were flowing, OH were they flowing, but there was no way I was ready to make that step yet.

I continued to grind my engorged clit into him anyway, just a few more times I thought, when his hands went up underneath my tank top. He was fumbling with the front clasp when it occurred to me that I didn’t have all night. Someone could walk through and break this up, and I still had a mission to accomplish. I got off of him and grabbed his hands and pulled him up with me. He tried to stay seated and pull me back down, thinking I wanted to stop.

“No, its ok, come here,” I reassured him. He stood up, and I went down on my knees… right on the wood chips. I thought I could tough it out, but a second later I decided no. I stood back up, grabbed his hand, and pulled him over to a grassy spot. Like this could get anymore awkward for me! He shot me a look, a look of guarded curiosity, like he knew what was going to happen, but wasn’t sure. I smiled, gave him a quick kiss on the lips and got down on the much more comfortable grass. With the time it took me to get his belt undone, my heart was beating out of my chest. I was beyond nervous, so much that you could say petrified. Maybe it was adrenaline, maybe fear of being a chicken to Kristy, or maybe it was that my pussy was so worked up it was clinging to the soaked cotton fabric of my panties, but I got that top button undone, pulled down the zipper, slipped my fingers inside his shorts and boxers together and pulled down to his knees.

The moment his dick sprang free in my face out in the open air like that is a memory that will probably never escape me, as surreal as it seemed. I couldn’t really believe that I was going to give my first blow job.

I wasn’t totally clueless. Ok, maybe I was, but I’d heard girls, and guys for that matter, talk and I had seen one porn that I found in my brother’s room once, so I knew a little bit.

My eyes got big as it sat in front of my face. I took a second to hold it and examine it for lack of a better word. It was an olive skin tone, much like the rest of his body. An educated guess would be that it was around 6 inches or so, with a cut, big helmet. I noticed how smooth it was, save for a long vein running its length of the underside.

I looked up at him, opened my mouth, and took him in. I heard his breath intake sharply. I had just his head in, and i started to swirl my tongue around it, just checking it out, sucking it slowly. It had a nice spongy feel to it, I remember thinking that it was going to be literally rock hard, and I was ready for more. I slid a little more of him into my mouth, sucking slowly, paying attention to keeping my teeth off of him. He started to moan softly, and my confidence rose from getting a positive reaction. With that confidence I went to work on his cock, sucking a little more earnestly, making sure I had a lot of saliva on him, and getting down as far as I could, which wasn’t very far till his head was hitting the back of my throat. I pulled back an inch or two and looked up at him. He was just looking back, his mouth half open.

He then mustered a “W-whadyou, uh want me to do when, uh…”

I pulled his pole out of my mouth just long enough to say “just warn me when, ok?” He simply nodded and I went back to work. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and put my hand on his balls, something I’d seen in that educational film my brother had.

It couldn’t have been 5 seconds later before he stammered, “Oh shit, Katie, I’m…”

BAM! Or maybe more like SPLURT! A hot thick glob of cum smacks the back of my throat at what seemed to be 100 mph. Now contrary to what a lot of girls say, my biggest issue with cum isn’t the taste, it isn’t the smell, it isn’t the texture. It’s the VELOCITY! I also am so surprised at how hot it is shooting out.

So there I was, my first foray into giving head, and I have basically no warning before a unexpectedly hot shot of semen is propelled into my throat faster than i could have imagined.

And I gagged.

I managed to keep my lips semi on his dick when the next one hit my throat, feeling bigger and shot faster than the first.

That was it for me.

I pulled off his dick, struggling to breathe. I did grab onto him and jerk him off onto what I thought was the ground. Once I got my bearings I noticed that he was staring at my chest with his eyes wide. I looked down and to my horror discovered that my lavender tank top now had streams of dark purple on them. Vince had shot the majority of his load all over my chest, and there was no hiding it. I tried brushing it off, obviously to no avail.


I started to panic a little between the prospect of getting caught, to how I just made a fool of myself in front of Vince, to having Kristy laugh in my face, to having Matt see me like this. I started to cry.

Vince asked what he should do, I told him to go get Kristy. He came back over with her and Matt and they both started to laugh, until Kristy saw me crying, then she went into rescue mode.

Her first suggestion was to turn it inside out, but it had gone through to the other side. I asked her to go get a sweatshirt or something from her house, which was right on the other side of the park. Matt went with her, which made me happy because if he stayed with me and Vince, I wouldn’t have been able to decide whether it would have been better to sit with him in my cum covered shirt or in my bra.

I apologized profusely to Vince. He put his arm around me, told me it was no big deal, that it was his fault for not warning me in enough time, and kissed my forehead.

Kristy came back with a hoodie. She told her mom I was cold in the park and asked if I could sleep over. She said yes but wanted us home.

Vince kissed me goodnight, which surprised me since I heard a lot guys won’t kiss you after you blow them. That made me feel a lot better.

We got inside and down to the basement. I apologized for interrupting her and Matt. She said it was ok because they were already finished, that he came in under a minute. I asked what she did and she said she jerked him onto the ground. I called her a wuss, and she flicked my boob and said it looked like it worked out so much better for me.

I recounted the whole episode to Kristy, even the part where I thought for a split second about going all the way with him.

“I just hope he doesn’t tell everyone at school how much of a loser I am,” I confided.

“Ummmm, I doubt it,” said Kristy. “I over heard him telling Matt, ‘Best. Feeling. Ever. I think I’m in love.’”

I smiled. “Can’t wait to try it again.”

Lucia was shocked when her secret work-nemesis Casandra butted in on a conversation with her friend Sam with the offer of a blind date with a hot acquaintance of hers. She had overheard Lucia’s woes of finding a guy who wasn’t intimidated by her high-powered job at a top law firm, and quickly jumped in with a wide and seemingly sincere smile to offer up hr friend’s number. Though they feigned friendship while in the office, Lucia secretly hated her equally talented and beautiful co-worker, and knew deep down that the feeling was mutual. Though trepidatious at first, Lucia warmed to the idea as Casandra extolled his many virtues.

“He’s a very traditional guy.” Casandra said with a grin. “A gentleman who knows how to treat a proper lady. He has a great job, lots of money, confidence, and a great smile.”

“Sounds like quite the catch!” Lucia replied.

Casandra laughed her deep hearty laugh, conveying genuine joy.

“I haven’t even told you about the rumoured size of his ‘fishing tackle’ yet.”

“I don’t really care about that.” Lucia said, blushing slightly. She did care of course, but was loath to admit that in front of Casandra and Sam.

“Well I’ll bet Adam changes your mind. He dated a friend of mine in high school, and she told me he was hung like a damn moose!”

Lucia laughed dutifully and pretended the flush of colour on her cheeks was embarrassment rather than arousal. Cadandra grinned when Lucia replied that she would give him a call.

Adam seemed utterly unsurprised by Lucia’s call out of the blue, and quickly agreed to meet her for dinner at a local gastro-pub. Though he was not talkative on the phone, he voice had a deep, manly tone, and he was both polite and gracious. Lucia excitedly dressed to the nines in a tight blue cocktail dress and tall black heels. She curled her long brown hair, and applied sultry makeup that accentuated her dark brown eyes. Looking at herself in the mirror, she knew she looked like an overdressed and high maintenance woman, but she didn’t care, knowing her curves would leave Adam in awe of her. She decided to forego a bra or panties in the tight dress, counting on her good genes to keep her tits perky.

If she expected Adam to be awestruck by her when she met him, she was disappointed. Adam seemed rather nonplussed throughout the evening in fact, talking very little, and asking only a few simple questions about Lucia’s education, work, and hobbies. He had seemed almost disgusted when she admitted she couldn’t cook, but his otherwise friendly demeanour, good looks, and charm kept her interested enough to carry on. Lucia talked nearly non-stop throughout the date, getting worse as she poured several glasses of wine into herself. Adam seemed to go the opposite way, growing more quiet as the evening wore on.

At the end of the night, Lucia realized that she had far too much to drink to drive herself home, and accepted a gracious offer from Adam to see her there. As they drove, she grew sulky, disappointed with her apparent inability to seduce Adam and make him a puppy dog panting for her pussy. Unable to contain her emotions, she began to passive-aggressively lash out at Adam, nagging him about his apparent distate for beauties such as himself, his driving, and even his choice to take the scenic route to her place just outside the city. Finally, after she commeted about the likely embarrassing size of his genitals, Adam snapped.

“Okay, this shit has gotta stop.” Adam blurted out, the anger in his voice palpable.

“What the…?” Lucia demanded, a haughty look on her face, as Adam pulled the car over onto the shoulder of the deserted country road.

“I’m sick of you flapping your god damn uppity lips. I’ve got a better use for them.” Adam replied as the sound of the tires on gravel died and he rolled to a stop.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Lucia demanded, her eyes bugging out in horror as Adam unzipped his pants right in front of her, pulling out a massive yet still flaccid cock.

“Fucking your stupid whore mouth.” He replied.

With an iron grip he reached over, grabbed and handful of her hair, and jerked her head down towards his lap. Guiding his cock in his free hand, he stuffed it into her mouth before she could say another word. Now using two hands, he began to jerk her mouth up and down on his shaft, jerking himself off with her drooling mouth, stretched wide around his thick shaft.

Lucia screamed aloud, muffled by his meat in my mouth. Her hands slapped ineffectually at his arms, but she was unable to drive him away, or pry his grip from her head. Rhythmically, inexorably, her mouth traveled up and down his hardening shaft in spite of her struggles. Breathless from her attempts to scream, Lucia’s nostrils flared wide for air, which she soon found harder to come by as Adam’s cock expanded further and began to plunge in and out of her throat. She gagged and coughed profusely, lubricating his entire length with her saliva as Adam mercilessly maintained his slow but deep pace.

Short of air, and exhausted from her attempts to resist, Lucia let her body go limp, and focused on relaxing her throat to avoid unnecessary and painful gagging. Adam seemed to take this sign as a provocation, and immediately pulled her down until her nose was buried into his stomach, holding her there, his cock deep in her throat. He held her till her eyes streamed with tears, her whole body was wracked with gagging, and her hands slapping at him once again.

Satisfied that she was struggling again, Adam now held her head firmly in place while he began to thrust his hips up and down, fucking her mouth hard and fast. Grunting with exertion, the head of his cock suddenly exploded in her mouth, shooting cum alternately into her throat and mouth as he continued to thrust unabated. Lucia gagged hard, and felt warm, burning cum shoot from her nose onto her upper lip. Eventually, with no other choice, she swallowed as Adam paused for a moment to pull his pants down to his ankles, one hand firmly holding her head in place. Kicking off his shoes, he removed his pants entirely, and settled into his seat more comfortably.

Lucia quickly realized her ordeal was far from over as Adam’s cock never flagged at all. If anything, it grew more steely hard following his orgasm, and she soon found herself gagging on its wide head once again. He did not start slow this time, but rather pulled her head forward till he was in her throat, and then rocked his hips quickly back and forth, pausing only occasionally to remove himself from her airway to let her take a few breaths before pushing her back onto him. After only a few more minutes of fucking her tight, squelching throat in this manner, Adam groaned again, dumping a second thick, salty load into Lucia. This time he shot it all right down her throat, holding her deep until he stopped convulsing. He let his angry-red and half-hard cock fall sloppily from her mouth, where it slapped wetly onto his belly. Pulling her head back by the hair with one hand, he grabbed her throat with the other, forcing her eyes to meet his as she gasped for air.

“Learned your lesson yet, you mouthy bitch?” Adam asked, eyes gleaming.

Lucia gasped for air, trying to calm herself and find something to say that would get her out of the hellish situation. She opened her mouth to speak, and found it suddenly filled with his sticky, salty, leaking cock again. She gagged instantly on the taste.

“I guess not. You Don’t fucking speak you whore!” He yelled as he began to thrust into her mouth once more in earnest.

In short order, Adam was rock hard again, and he pounded away on her mouth without pause this time, leaving Lucia dazed and listless, unable to fight back anymore. This no longer seemed to phase him, as he appeared more than happy to simply use Lucia’s mouth like a well-worn pussy. He throat now well broken-in, she gagged less often, though she still drooled profusely, soaking the car seat under his ass cheeks. Eyes red from lack of oxygen, and back growing sore from the twisted position he held her in, Lucia glanced up as he felt Adam begin to tense an impossible third time in less than an hour. His balls were so tight not that her chin bounced off them as he pulled her in on each down stroke. Finally, he pulled out, and rubbing his cock’s length up and down her cheek, proceeded to cum all over her hair and left ear.

Lucia stayed silent this time, scarcely wanting to breathe as she waited to see what Adam would do next.

Dedication: To one of my Best Friends – Babe you are truly my inspiration for this one. Thanks


Today is an unseasonable warm April day. I’m sitting at work looking at the weather. “Wow it might be in the 80′s tomorrow.” I think to myself. It’s usually in the mid 50′s on Earth Day I realize. I begin to daydream about what I will be able to do on my day off when my e-mail alert sounds, startling back into work mode, and I check my e-mail. What a nice surprise it’s from you, after seeing the weather you can up with the great idea of going for a ride to enjoy the great weather. “What a fantastic idea” I thought, so I respond to you “pick me up at 10am.”

So, I finish the day’s work and go home. My night is fills with anticipation for the following day’s events. I spend the evening going thru my closet to find the perfect thing to wear. I finally decide on a low cut tank top and a pair jeans. By the time I head off to bed I’m so excited I can barely sleep.

Here it is the morning of April 22nd and I’m sitting in my kitchen just waiting for the tell tale sound of your Harley pulling up the drive. I’m so excited by the time I hear your bike, I dam near jump out of my skin. I grab my jacket and head out the door to great you. There you are, getting off your bike, looking sexy as always. You greet me with a long passionate kiss, hand me a helmet and say “where to?” I reply “Any where”. We hop on your Harley and off we go, riding down the highway with my hands on your thighs and my breast against your back, I am totally relaxed.

After riding for about an hour, you say “Why don’t we take a break?” I agree and minutes later you pull off into the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth and park the bike. “Let’s take a walk” you say as you take my hand. I look around and being the middle of spring the place is deserted. You lead me up one of the marked paths, thru the woods. We spend about 30 minutes walking hand in hand and talking about the different plants and animals we are seeing. When suddenly you stop, pull me close and kiss me with such passion and intensity that it makes my legs tremble. The just a suddenly you break your embrace and lead me off the path into the woods.

After walking about a 100 yards in, we come across a fallen tree where we decide to sit for a bit. We start kissing again with the same fever as on the trail. Your kissing has me so worked up I can’t keep my hands to myself. I reach over placing my hand on your thigh. I start working my way up your leg to you crotch. When I reach it I feel that I’m not the only one getting excited, you are rock hard. Your erection seems to be straining against your jeans. So it seems to me that the best thing I can do is to release your cock from its confinement, I undo you pants allowing your magnificent member to be free. I slowly and lightly caress the underside of you penis starting at the base working my way to the tip, my touch causes your dick to twitch in anticipation.

While I am completely mesmerized by the feel of your cock in my hands, you remove my shirt. My nipples harden to your touch. You lean over give each of my nipple a quick lick while fondling my breasts. At this point I am in a state of complete bliss.

I begin to stroke you cock with a firmer grip, causing a drop of pre cum to be release from your tip. I just can’t resist the sight of it, I have to taste you. So I lean over and while looking into your eyes, I slowly take my tongue and with one slow lick I take that drop of cum into my mouth. The taste is just amazing and all I can think about is getting more. I slide myself off the log and onto my knees in front of you. I proceed to run my tongue up the base of you shaft then with one smooth motion I take you cock into my mouth.

I’m thrilled by the feel of it. The thickness of you causes my mouth to stretch to accommodate you. I slowly take every inch of you deep into my throat and I hold there to savor the moment, as you let out a soft moan. I slide my lips back up you shaft to the head where I lick all the way around before swiftly sucking it back in. I begin sliding you in and out of my mouth while massaging the underside with my tongue. I then take my hand and begin fondling you balls; they feel so soft and heavy in my hand. I am so insanely turn on by the feel and taste of you cock that at this point I am soaking wet.

I just love the feel of your thick hard member sliding past my lips so much, that I just can’t stop. I want; no I need to taste more, to feel more. So I begin to pick up my pace. I am so focused on sucking you cock that I can’t hear anything except my heart pounding and your moans. With every sound you make I increase my intensity. All of a sudden I feel you balls tighten and I know that you are getting close and that turns me on even more. I just can stop myself I continue to deep throat you until you explode in my mouth shooting you hot load down my throat. I continue slowly sucking until I have swallowed every last drop of your cum and you cock begins to go soft in my mouth. With that, I release my hold on you, I resume my place on the log next to you, and I look into your eyes and say “Now that’s my idea of a perfect day.”

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