Sunday morning

I woke up around nine. I couldn’t figure out which of my guys had let me down more–DJ for tying me up and leaving me at Joe’s mercy, or Steve for wanting sloppy seconds. After Joe had fucked me in the ass, no less. Last night I was pissed–this morning I was just disappointed.

But when I opened my door the smells of fresh coffee and Cajun cooking washed over me. Maybe I could muster up some forgiveness after all.

I walked into the kitchen to find Steve standing at the stove–as naked as me! “Steve, aren’t you worried about burning something important?”

He turned and smiled sheepishly, his beautiful pink half-hard prick bouncing in my direction. “I–I thought you’d be hungry.”

“You’re right about that,” I said, taking him in my arms. “A long juicy sausage would be really nice right now.”

So much for being pissed and disappointed.

His erection felt warm, pressed against my belly. “You’re going to hold me to my penalty, aren’t you?” I asked before kissing him hard.

He nodded and smiled as I knelt down to take him in my mouth.

“Mmm–I love a quick snack before breakfast,” I said, feeling my own juices stir as his cock grew hard in my mouth.

A minute later he moaned and grabbed my shoulders, and filled my throat with his semen.

When he caught his breath he sat down next to me, put his arms around me, and said, “I missed you last night, Susie. I–I’m sorry.”

“Steve, we’ve had fun together, but you don’t stand up for me when I need you. That’s what I’m sorry about.”

“That’s not fair, Susie. Who do you think talked Roxy into giving you your clothes back?”

“Y-you? Well, thanks for that, at least.”

“Me too!” a voice said behind me. I turned to see DJ walk into the kitchen-also stark naked and sporting a huge erection.

I’m a sucker for big hard cocks. Literally.

I reached out to fondle him. “So–you both know about this mystery thing I’m doing for Roxy this afternoon?”

“Sure. We can’t say anything, though,” DJ said, closing his eyes as I gently collected the fluid leaking from his tip with my tongue.

“Did you two know Joe was going to fuck me in the ass?”

“No,” Steve blurted, “DJ said he was going to do it.”

“What?” I glared at DJ and pulled my head away. “You–you were going to fuck me in the ass without even asking?”

“I–I was going to ask. I was just waiting for the right time.”

“And what time was that?”

“I–I was going to get you all hot and ready to come, then offer to take the butt plug out if you’d let me fuck you back there.”

“That’s not much of a bargain for me–stuff gets shoved up my asshole either way.”

“Come on, Susie. You’re used to us putting fingers and stuff up your anus–you even ask for it!”

I just shook my head. It just wasn’t fair. My brain was angry but the tingly feeling in my cunt as I gazed at his long hard cock with its soft purple tip told me he was right.

I pulled him into my mouth and thought about these past eight days and my transformation from a girl into a set of girl-parts and girl-holes living to be fondled, fingered, and fucked.

And how desperately my girl-parts and girl-holes needed to be fondled, fingered, and fucked right then.

I looked up at the guys to see if they were going to give me some relief but they pulled me up, sat me down at the table–and served me a delicious breakfast.

I appreciated that but every time I moved, my swollen clit sent shock waves through my middle. Finally I stood up, went over to the couch, and bent over. I spread my legs and stuck my bottom in the air. “Guys, I need you to fuck me now,” I begged.

I felt hands on my hips. DJ knelt behind me and pushed my legs further apart. He slipped two–or was it three–fingers into my very wet cunt. God it felt so good when he started moving them back and forth. I felt him slip them back out and replace them with his dick. Mmm–even better. With his fingers he smeared my juices around my anus and slid them in.

He was right. Playing with my asshole had become a normal part of sex, and hell–I did look forward to it.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Roxy’s screech penetrated my consciousness. “No fucking, guys. I can’t have her all gooey and sticky for this afternoon.” DJ pulled out of my holes, leaving me open and throbbing. “Hey–I like the gaping look. It’s very becoming, Susie. I tell you what, guys, keep her all fingered and warmed up for me. But don’t fuck her. And DON’T let her come. The wet and throbbing look is what I need today. It’ll go over big if she looks like she’s begging for it.”

I glared at her but she didn’t notice. She was standing just outside the screen door and seemed to be looking at someone outside.

“Oh all right,” I heard her say. “Go ahead and get one. I’m sure as hell not gonna give you one.” We heard rustling. “Yes, you have to take off everything. Oh for Christ sake. Do I have to do everything for you?” The door pushed open and in walked Roxy, pulling a naked Joe by his penis. “As if we all haven’t seen your dick before.”

She pulled him over to where I still lay bent over, gasping. “Go ahead, Susie. Joe wants a blow job.”

“This is a trap, right? The other time I gave Joe one, I paid for it for days.”

She pushed Joe down on the couch next to me. It’s amazing how docile he was as long as she held his dick. I’d have to remember that.

She slapped me on the ass. “Nope. I’m tired of him constantly bugging me to suck him off. And it will be a pleasure to watch a pro in action. Now both of you get busy.”

Slowly I moved over and knelt between Joe’s spread legs. Part of me–the part that was still pissed off at being fucked in the ass last night–wanted to bite off his stupid prick and spit it in his face. Or maybe Roxy’s. But the other part of me wanted to gently, carefully take his cock in my mouth, savor his taste, and swallow every bit of his seed. He did have a beautiful cock. As fond as I was of Steve’s and DJ’s, I had to admit Joe’s was my favorite.

As I began to caress him with my tongue and lips, Roxy pushed her shoe between my knees and spread my legs. Then she rubbed her toe over my pussy and asshole and said to DJ and Steve, “Remember, no dicks in these holes till after my party, but keep them swollen and gaping, got it? Use her mouth as much as you want to, though.”

“Does that mean I can invite Matt and Bret from the frat house over?”

“Sure, why not,” she said. I looked at her in astonishment but she just glared back and said, “Don’t forget to invite Lester. Susie needs to thank him for all the camera work he’s been doing for me. Tell him I said to come over for a blow job at least. He worked so hard, he probably deserves a fuck later, don’t you think, Susie?”

“You fuck him, Roxy.”

“Awww, suddenly Susie’s upset about guys using her holes.” She pushed the toe of her shoe into my anus.

DJ grabbed the phone and started dialing.

“Wait, DJ, please,” I mouthed around Joe’s dick. “I don’t know if I can handle–”

Roxy interrupted me. “Susie, stop whining. It’s not like they’re strangers or anything. Your mouth is the only hole they haven’t checked out yet.”

I groaned. It was going to be a long afternoon. I settled back into my routine with Joe’s cock. Just as Joe grabbed my head and spurted into my mouth, DJ said, “Lester’s on his way over, but Matt and Bret are at church.” That just seemed hilarious to a girl with a dick in her mouth. I laughed out loud, spitting semen all over Joe’s lap and getting it in my eyes, nose and even my hair.

Joe jumped up and pushed me off.

“Susie, look at the mess you made,” Roxy said. “Joe, go clean yourself off. That’s gross.”

I stood up and headed towards the other bathroom to get his cum off me.

“Wait, Susie,” Roxy said. “You look good with cum all over your face. Just leave it like that–”

DJ and Steve groaned. “That’s disgusting, Roxy. Go clean up, Susie.”

Wow–they actually stood up to her. I kept on going.

As I came back out to the living room, I could hear Lester’s voice outside on the back porch. “Do I HAVE to be naked?”

“Only if you want her to suck you off,” Roxy said helpfully.

Lester slowly opened the screen door and edged in, completely naked but with right hand firmly planted in front of dick and balls.

“Come on, dude. You can’t cover up like that,” Joe said. “Do you see any of us doing that? Now go back outside and try it again.”

No fair, I thought to myself. I never get a second chance like that–I just get more penalties.

“OK OK,” Lester sighed. He turned around and I noticed he had a pretty cute butt as he walked back out onto the porch. He dropped his hands and walked back in. Wow–his dick was cute, too, with a nice pink tip.

“Now walk over to Susie and tell her you’re ready for your blow job,” Roxy said.

Lester did as he was told, his hardening dick bouncing and wobbling as he crossed the room. Standing in front of me, he looked down and mumbled, “Can-can I have a blow job?”

“No, Lester!” Roxy yelled. “Don’t ask her-tell her! This is just the start of her thanking you for doing all the camera work yesterday!”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, Roxy. Thanks for being polite, Lester. That goes far with a girl,” I said as I pushed him down on the couch, crawled between his legs, and gently stroked his cock. He closed his eyes and breathed in. I couldn’t help myself–I smiled at him as I took him into my mouth and caressed the underside with my tongue. I knew this wouldn’t take long, and it didn’t. His breathing turned to panting, he grabbed

my head between his hands, and pushed his cock to the back of my throat. I’d done this so much I didn’t even gag as his semen filled my throat.

As I swallowed, my tongue and throat muscles milked the last of his juices out of the tip of his dick. I heard clapping in the background and Roxy say, “Congratulations, Lester–you’re a full-fledged member of the Susie group!”

With a groan I stood up and stretched. “Exactly what does that mean, Roxy?” As if I didn’t know.

“Why Susie, honey, we already talked about that. Lester’s done so much for us with all his camera work that we thought it was only appropriate he have full access to your private parts just like the rest of us.”

I sighed. Obviously they’d already told him he could start fucking me, too. It wasn’t like I had any say in the matter. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then came back out and picked up somebody’s football from behind the recliner. “I need some fresh air. Let’s go outside.” They all jumped up and yelled, “Great idea!”

Lester and Joe grabbed their shorts the porch as they headed outside onto the porch and slipped them on. But DJ and Steve walked right outside on either side of me–naked, since their shorts were back in their rooms. I smiled up at them–my guys–and gave their cocks a squeeze to show I appreciated their little show of support.

Out in the yard we chose up sides for a game. Naked people (DJ, Steve, and me) on one side, non-naked people (Joe, Lester, and Roxy) on the other.

“This gives a new meaning to shirts and skins, that’s for sure,” Lester said.

“Only this is shortsand skins!”

Roxy wagged her finger at her teammates. “I don’t want Susie getting so much as a bruise or a scratch, got it? And remember–no fucking!”

I had to play center, of course. I tried to stand sideways but they made me hike the ball between my legs. DJ wanted to be quarterback and–of course–put his hand on my crotch like the pro quarterbacks do, and even slipped his fingers in my cunt until Roxy complained I made the ball smell like pussy. Like it was my fault.

DJ and Steve weren’t really into it and our team was losing bad. The next time we had the ball we huddled and I said there was no way I’d lose to Roxy and promised them blow jobs if we won. DJ just laughed and said, “Hell, we can have those any time!”

I tried to kick him in the balls. Roxy of course overheard. “I tell you what, Susie. Your crotch needs a touch-up shave before my party. You guys are down one. Let’s say two more touchdowns and game’s over. Then the winners shave Susie’s–what Susie, what are they going to shave?”

“My cunt.” I mumbled.


“My asshole.”

The guys all woo-hooed and we got back to it but their side still scored two in a row. Since I had no choice in the matter, I just sat down on the chaise longue, the scene of so many of my indignities, and put my heels on the armrests, displaying my crotch obscenely.

I waited while they all ran inside. Steve and DJ came out wearing shorts, damn them. That left me the only naked one. Nothing unusual about that.

Lester and Joe came out with the shaving gear. Roxy held the camera and shot close-ups of my once-private parts as they took turns going over my labia, asshole, and everything in between with the razor.

Finally they wiped me up and Roxy said, “Lester, go over her one more time and make sure she’s smooth. He looked at her, then looked at me, then bent down and started caressing me gently with his tongue. Oh my god I wasn’t expecting that! I gasped as his tongue passed over my labia and grazed my clit before gently probing the entrance to my cunt.

I was so horny the stimulation nearly put me over the top. If only–if only–he did a little more! “Finger me, Lester. Fuck me with your fingers!,” I gasped.

He backed off with his tongue.

I gasped. “N-no-don’t stop!”

He slowly slid two fingers into me.

“Hell, Lester–her cunt takes four at least,” Joe advised helpfully. Lester quickly obliged, stretching my poor pussy.

“No-no, Lester-I want your tongue! Keep your fingers in me but put your tongue back on my cunt!”

He did, but something still wasn’t right.

“Put your fingers in my ass, Lester. Fuck my ass!” The words slipped out-was that me asking to be fucked in the ass? I started to say I only meant fingers when Roxy’s eyes caught mine and she nodded her head. Great. What had I become?

Lester obediently pulled his fingers out of my cunt and tongued my clit as he slid them easily into my throbbing anus. All four of them. I gasped again and just as I felt myself going over the edge–

“OK guys, that’s enough. We don’t have much time before the party.” Roxy pushed Lester away.

I let out a moan as fingers and tongue pulled out of me.

“Ooh-I sure do like that look, Susie. All three of your holes are so–hungry. Let’s do this again soon.”

I was so shaky the guys had to help me up and into my room. I stumbled into the shower and almost put a finger on my clit to get some relief, but I knew there would be big payback with Roxy if I came. Plus I’d probably keel over and hurt something.

Drying off, I opened the box Roxy had given me yesterday. The first item inside was a stunning Mardi Gras headdress made up of a gold sequined ‘Zorro’ mask and a huge cluster of long gorgeous feathers that framed my face like a halo.

I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life! Carefully I slipped all my hair into the stocking cap behind the mask.

I looked back in the box. The only other things in it were two spectacular and unbelievably high-heeled jeweled Roman sandals. The kind with straps for my shins and calves.

I strapped them on and carefully stood up to look myself over in the mirror. I had never felt so fabulous in my life. I looked like the girl in the final scene of ‘Story of O’–a woman completely exposed, openly on display–defiantly showing her womanliness for all the world to see.

I had no idea what Roxy had in store for me at this party but I knew that all eyes in that room, men’s and women’s alike, would stay riveted on my pussy–my cunt–and I wanted that with every part of my being.

Slowly, carefully, I walked out to the living room.

The guys’ mouths dropped.




Roxy had already gone next door to welcome her guests. DJ and Lester helped me out the back door and across to Joe and Roxy’s back porch. They held the door open for me but I went in alone.

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