This is the second part of a mini-series. It is based in the UK and is entirely fictional. I would recommend you read the first chapter of “Birthday Surprise” to familiarise yourself with the characters.

Anyway, a quick synopsis of Birthday Surprise – Chapter 1:

The story is written in the first person (“I”). This main character is a female professional in her mid 30s. To celebrate her birthday, her boyfriend (Mark) takes her to a luxury country hotel for a weekend of sexual fun and adventure. He surprises her by inviting a mysterious female to share their bedroom for the night. This is the first time the main character has had a threesome with another woman…

I hope you enjoy this story!


It had been a breath-taking hour since my unexpected “gift” had entered our hotel bedroom. My head was still swirling with crazy thoughts, feelings and ideas. This sort of thing didn’t happen to people like me? Yet, here I was, adjusting to the reality of sharing an evening with two gorgeous lovers. The only time I’d imagined being involved in a threesome was when I was alone at home and had the urge to play with myself. But that was pure sexual fantasy, wasn’t it? How could it actually be coming true?

I was still trying to fathom out what to say or do. I eventually managed to summon up the words to ask the girl for her name.

With a glowing smile and great confidence she made her formal introduction, “I’m Joanne. But you can call me Jo.” Jo’s accent suggested she originated from one of the Home Counties. Her voice spoke of elegance, manners and good education.

I was relieved to finally have a name. I guess I should have delved deeper at this point, to find out exactly who Jo was and what her motivations were. But for the time being I was content with the briefest of information. By keeping Jo as a mysterious stranger figure somehow made her more alluring to me.

I had a few pangs of uncertainty about what might happen now. But those inner doubts were doused by the presence of Mark snuggling up beside me.

Jo turned onto her side and rested her head on her bent arm. I found myself looking directly into her hazel coloured eyes and sensed a warmth and genuineness in her. I was close enough to see her skin had no unsightly blemishes, lines or wrinkles. God she was irritatingly perfect!

Jo smiled wickedly as she posed a rhetorical question: “I feel distinctly overdressed in these knickers and stockings. Do you think I should take them off?”

An imperceptible nod of my head confirmed I desired to see her naked. Jo reached down and delicately slipped one of the hold-ups down the length of her toned leg. She repeated this process with the other hold-up until it too had been removed. Jo then brought both her hands up to the waistband of her black knickers. I was eagerly waiting the unveiling of her full nakedness. Jo paused as she realised the effect she was having on me. She wanted to prolong the agony!

For maximum impact, Jo stood up and turned her back to me. I surveyed the outline of her figure. Whereas the front of her underwear had a silky appearance, the rear consisted of a floral lacy design. Jo looked back and smiled into my eyes as she began to seductively lower her knickers inch by agonising inch. I inhaled deeply and almost forgot to carry on breathing. Jo’s bottom was pert and I guessed she must have worked out regularly at a gym or been an enthusiastic sports participant. As she dragged the underwear down the leg line, she had to bend forward. Jo ensured that she bent at the hip so I waited for her pussy to make a tantalising appearance between her legs. Finally, the knickers were on the floor and Jo spun herself around and proudly showed off the front of her body to my eager eyes. I glanced at Jo’s pubic hair and saw that it was neat and well groomed.

“Right, to get the most out of this weekend, you’re going to have to trust me and Mark. If you think you were pleasured before, just wait for this next bit.”

“Ok”, I replied meekly.

In my day job, and for most of my home life, I was used to being in control. I felt confident making decisions and planning what I would be doing next. This felt like a complete role-reversal. I was yet again entering a situation where I would be at the bidding of Jo and Mark. I would have to entrust them with what would unfurl. Although I had some natural anxieties, I was also pumped with anticipation of being sexually stimulated by two other people.

Jo ushered me to adjust my head so she could remove the crisp-white pillows that I had been resting upon.

“Now I want you to turn onto your stomach, so you are lying face down. I then want you to put your hands together above your head. Stretch your arms up the bed, so your fingernails are touching the headboard.”

In a matter of moments I had followed these instructions to the letter and found myself completely stretched out in a long line. As this was an exceptionally large bed, there was plenty of room for me to do so.

Jo surprised me by using one of the discarded hold-ups to bind my wrists firmly together. I was about to protest, but was given lots of reassurance from Mark that all would be well. Jo used the second hold-up as a further bind; fastening my wrists to an available spindle on the headboard, above my head. She had tied the knots firmly so I knew I would not be able to release myself from the bed without assistance. Luckily, as the binds were created from soft nylon, I felt no physical discomfort from being tied up in this way. Lying in this prone position had the instant effect of restricting my ability to see what was going on immediately behind me.

Jo urged me to raise my body so she could slip two soft pillows underneath my stomach. My knees were now bent, with my bottom elevated higher than my head. Strange as the position was, I did not feel too uncomfortable, as the soft items beneath me provided good support.

I became aware that Mark had briefly moved away from the bed. He returned to my side with a small black hold-all bag, that I had not noticed before. He unzipped the bag and handed a small bottle to Jo, who was perched on her knees, on the opposite side of me. I could not discern what the contents of the bottle were, or see the interior of the bag, due to my restricted range of vision.

As my sight was being curtailed, I found all of my other senses working overtime; trying to provide me with an idea of what was happening around me. My nose detected an aromatic smell surrounding me. The next sensation to hit me was when an oily substance dripped into the centre of my back. I jumped slightly as I had not expected this to happen. The oil was thick in consistency and warm on my skin. Jo proceeded to use her open palms to spread the oil higher up my back. Once my back was covered in a thin layer of the oil, she embarked on a thorough massage of my back, shoulders and neck area.

She pressed her thumbs down firmly into my lower back and made vertical motions to the top of my spine. She would then vary the massage by making circular movements with her thumbs and base of her palms, to target a particular area. There were times when it felt as though she was kneading bread on my back. The oil eased the passage of her hands. It was mesmerising to feel the tenseness within my muscles dissipate under the repetitive motions of the massage. All this indulgence had a soporific effect on me. My eyes closed and I felt myself drifting towards sleep. I can’t recall how long the massage continued for, as I fell into a semi-conscious state of relaxation and pleasure.

I became alert once more when I sensed the proximity of someone near my legs and bottom. I realised that Jo was continuing to apply the back massage, so guessed it was Mark that had moved behind me. I felt Mark’s warm breath as his face got closer to my rear. He placed one hand on each of my buttocks and gently eased them apart. He leaned forward and completed a lengthy lick from one end of my bottom crevice to the other. He repeated this process of worshiping my bottom with tiny kisses.

It was an area of my body that wasn’t routinely touched in such an intimate manner. But my brain registered that it was stimulating and I happily allowed Mark to continue his ministrations.

He focused his full attention on my anus. After some longing kisses, he covered his lips around my special bud and began flicking and darting his tongue into my anus. It was tickly but at the same time it triggered off nerve sensors I wasn’t used to feeling!

Mark traced his fingers forwards, until they reached my clit. He began rubbing his finger tips in synchronisation with his tongue teasing. My body started to respond again. I felt the hedonistic rush of sensations across different parts of my body. The soothing back massage was contrasted with the electrifying pulses of being masturbated, whilst simultaneously feeling a tongue intruding into my back passage!

Mark kept the tip of his tongue nestled as far into my body as my sphincter would allow. He was relentless in flicking his finger over my engorged clit. I felt the dampness increasing between my legs. My breathing was becoming faster. Things were building up to the big “O”.

Jo slipped away from the bed, leaving Mark to continue unabated. The cessation of the back massage merely focused the loci of my attention on the sexual gratification I was getting from both my anus and my pussy. I began rocking on my knees, trying to maximise the contact with Mark’s darting tongue and fast moving fingers.

I called out, with an edge of desperation in my voice, “Mark, Take me from behind! I need your cock inside of me now!”

Mark did not respond immediately to my urge for penetrative sex. Instead it seemed to intensify his efforts with his tongue and fingers. Still the sexual energy within me kept building. I was wet and feeling hot. I knew it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge. How much longer could I endure this without orgasming?

Frustratingly, and without explanation, Mark removed contact of his hand from my pussy whilst also retracting the tongue that had been inserted into my bottom.

“Please don’t stop. I’m so close. I need you to fuck me good and hard”, I growled through my teeth.

I tried to turn round to see what was happening, but with my hands tied tightly to the bedstead, and the pillows beneath me, I was unable to look backwards.

I only had to wait a matter of seconds before I realised things had not stopped, but merely been delayed. I felt the tip of Mark’s penis pushing at the entrance to my love tunnel. My vagina lips, already soaked to excess, greedily accepted this visitor into my body. Once more, I felt the plunging motion, as it moved further inside of me. For me, the doggy position was one of my favourite ways of having sex. This time, the pressure on my inner walls seemed greater, almost as though the girth of Mark’s prick had swelled. I closed my eyes as the sweetness of being fucked hard started to become a reality. I readied myself for the inevitable contact of Mark’s balls against my inner thighs, to signify he was completely inside me. But the expected impact didn’t happen. I continued to feel the cock creeping deeper inside me. It started to reach places than I never thought possible.

“Jesus”, I gasped. “That feels so fucking good.”

Then it dawned on me. The penis inside me didn’t feel quite right. Surely it was wider and longer than the dimensions I was used to, when having sex with Mark? It was verging on painful to have such a formidable phallus inside my vagina.

Had another stranger secretly entered our bedroom and immediately sought sexual intimacy with me? That didn’t seem plausible as I hadn’t heard the door open or footsteps across the room.

Mark, sensing my anxiety, re-appeared next to me on the bed and sought to reassure me, “Don’t worry. Jo just wanted to show you what a woman can do.”

The penny dropped. It all made sense. Jo must have been using a life-like dildo on me! To say I was shocked was an understatement!

The dildo finished its journey into my inner body. Obviously I hadn’t been able to examine the dildo with my eyes to ascertain its size. But based on the sensations it was producing, I guessed it was probably two or three inches longer than Mark, and an inch wider.

Jo began withdrawing the dildo, until it was almost completely out again. So began a pattern of agonising, yet pulse-raising, thrusts. From an initial slow pace, Jo began to crank up the frequency. She kept pushing hard, in and out of me, with gusto. Every so often, she would twist the dildo slightly or make minute adjustments to the angle of entry, to send my pussy into over-drive.

My body had a mind of its own, and I couldn’t resist the groans and moans emanating from my mouth. My hips pushed back in eagerness to receive Jo’s love truncheon. I found my mouth becoming dry as all of the wetness headed southwards. This was surely going to be one of the strongest orgasms I had ever experienced?

Mark changed his position to sit down directly in front of me, with his knees either side of my head. All I could do was look forward. There, before me stood his proud erection and balls.

From this close proximity I could closely examine the veins snaking their way up the shaft. The head of the penis was dark crimson in colour and seemed to be pulsing by itself. As I inhaled through my nose, the distinctive musky smell of Mark filled my head.

My jaw opened as I desperately sought to consume his cock within my mouth. I so wanted to smother his length with my saliva. But to my disappointment, Mark’s cock was a few centimetres out of reach of my tongue or lips. I called out in frustration for Mark to stuff his rod into my mouth. God, I could talk smutty, when fully aroused!

As earlier, Mark didn’t follow my request. My lack of control over the situation was decidedly annoying! Instead, Mark lifted his left hand to his penis and started to squeeze his foreskin; as if squeezing out the remnants of a toothpaste tube. Mark was having a wank in front of me for my visual pleasure!

He grasped his cock firmly and then released it. He sought to stretch his penis with each upward gesture. But the pressure and pace he was applying was such that he could keep aroused for hours, but would not ejaculate.

I could not resist growling and making further attempts to push my face forward, to make contact with Mark. But with every effort I made, Mark ensured he stayed close, but agonisingly, just out of reach. This was truly tortuous and the sadistic element was that Mark realised this!

Jo continued to fill me with the dildo, while Mark stimulated himself to my rapt attention. I could take no more. I made one last shriek of pleasure, as the onset of the orgasm struck me like a gale force ten. My torso and legs shook. My nerve endings jangled from head to toe. My voice now became mute as I was unable to process any more sensory information. This was definitely sexual satisfaction at its best! I could not remember the last occasion when I had come three times in the same night. My body must have been releasing all the chemicals in the world tonight – Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin – you name it, I was feeling it!

As I began to relax, Mark assisted in releasing the binds. I fell into his arms and we held together in a loving embrace. I didn’t want the hug to end. This had been one special night. If only everyday was a birthday! We kissed each other, re-affirming our intimacy. From this tender moment, I couldn’t prevent myself from drifting off into a deep, but very contented, sleep.

I knew that Anita was in a rut but I did not expect her to do something so drastic. She had seen one of those ads on late night television for one of those new transmogrifying firms. You know the ones that promise a “new you in hours.” The ones with obese women walking in and models walking out. Bad teeth banished as well as moles and skin problems. Hairy chests for men or hairlessness. Muscles and even height. Almost anything you could imagine they claimed to be able to do. She seemed fascinated by those commercials. I told her that i liked her the way she was, and anyway I didn’t see how either of us could afford it.

And I really did love Anita as she was five foot six slim with long flowing brown hair great legs and nice tits. Most other women wanted to look like HER. But Anita was especially self conscious. When I told her sincerely, and repeatedly that she was beautiful she called me a liar. Still the sex was great and our lives melded nicely. Anita had a bit of a submissive streak which I liked but was careful to not push too far. In short I was very happy with her.

“That’s not for you,” I said when I caught her watching one of those commercials for the umpteenth time. “Its for unattractive women or aging movie stars who want to stay young or weirdos who want to stand out in a crowd.”

“What do you know!” She would shout back at me.

I decided to drop the subject and did my best to ignore her rapt attention every time one of those commercials came on. About three months later with Anita still in her rut Her grandmother died and left her some real estate. Anita didn’t even look at the property, she liquidated it immediately. Instinctively I knew what she intended to do with the money. I did my best to try and talk her out of it.

“If you were a supportive boyfriend you would encourage me and not cast aspersions on me. For now I will hold onto the money but if I make a change don’t act surprised.”

Two weeks later I came home from work to find an empty apartment. Usually Anita got home an hour before i did. I called her cell phone. No answer. I tried calling her work to find out from the evening staff that she had punched out at noon. I braced myself for what would be coming home.

I expected something minor. Her nose perhaps, which she thought was too large, maybe a bust lift or a tummy tuck even though she needed neither. I just hoped it wasn’t too drastic. Anita liked to tell me that she wished that she were my dream woman. I told her that she already was but she just laughed and said. “What do you know? You don’t even know your own tastes in women.”

I had no idea what she was talking about. I’m like most guys with taste comparable to most other guys. I did like more fantasy and science Fiction films and TV shows than most guys but I didn’t think I was too much of an oddball. I was a bit of a geek in high school and I have a geeky job but I like to think that I am pretty normal, even if you include my going to Sci-Fi conventions; I’m not THAT geeky.

Around seven thirty I heard Anita’s footfalls in the vestibule outside our apartment front door. I had the TV on but the volume was off while I surfed the net. I heard her key in the lock and turned to face the door as she closed it behind her. What ever I had prepared my mind for what I saw was still a shock.

She was Green! Green like a frog or a plant. My jaw dropped open and I could muster not a single sound at all.

“Now I look like those slave women your favorite captain on that show you like so much fawns over. The one’s you can’t keep your eyes off whenever they are on TV!”

She took off her coat and hung it up. Underneath she was wearing her work clothes. I noticed that her brown hair was now a shiny black and that all of her was green. She began to strip off her clothes, Beneath her blouse her white bra restrained two green orbs, She took off her skirt and kicked off her shoes. Every inch of her long legs was green. Even her toenails were the color of grass.

She took off the bra and I noticed her nipples. The areolas were lighter green which faded to almost pink on her nipples. I had to admit that, despite myself I found it quite arousing. She slid off the panties revealing a neatly trimmed dark black triangle.

“I couldn’t make up my mind about the pubic hair. I told them that if you didn’t like it you could just shave me. You don’t have to make up your mind right away.”

She approached the still stunned me and knelt before my chair. With her legs spread wide she announced.

“I am yours to command Captain. Use me as you will.”

Despite my shock I found myself with the most raging hard on I had ever had. To be honest, I often imagined myself as the captain. In all honesty I WANTED an Orion slave girl. Never in a million years did I expect to encounter one. It was all the encouragement I needed. I stood up and took her hand to escort her to our bedroom.

It did not take me long to discover, after examining her every millimeter, that parts of her were still pink. She preformed like a totally different woman in the sack. She loved it when I ordered her around. She gave me a couple of blow jobs and I fucked her every way imaginable. I was thoroughly worn out by the time I had taken her asshole a third time.

“You see,” Anita told me. “This is the woman you really want. Don’t think I didn’t catch you jerking off to pictures of women like me. But those are just actresses in make up. This won’t come off, nor do I want it to. I feel like I am the person I always wanted to be. You fucked me in entirely different ways tonight tonight so I know that it is what you want as well. You know that I have a submissive side but as I am now I can completely embrace it. As an Orion slave woman I will only wear clothes to work. I expect you to keep me naked when I am home. Face it captain you have hit the jackpot and you know it,”

I smiled. There was nothing else I could do. Anita did know me better than I knew myself. Later we took a shower together It was wonderful and proved to me that her color would not wash off, Despite the lateness of the hour I took out the captain’s uniform I sometimes wear to conventions and we re-enacted all of my favorite scenes. Anita was really into it. She really did need this change to fully embrace her submissive side. I knew that we would be calling out sick from work tomorrow to spend an entire day messing around. And to think the day had started out normally.

“Now for dessert,” she says with a grin.

“Christ! I can’t imagine what you could possibly still have in store for me…” It had already been an amazing birthday – Vince’s 34th.


This morning, Grace had woken him up with a soft and gentle blowjob. As Vince hazily came to consciousness, he remembered that it was his birthday, and his wife was once again giving him exactly the one birthday present he really wanted… every year. Once he was fully hard, he pulled her up to kiss him, and he guided her body over his and brought her pussy down on his cock. For a while, she rode him, but eventually, he just grabbed her waist and started pounding from below. “Give me that birthday cum,” she said through a clenched jaw, and she shouted with pleasure as he came into her pussy. She collapsed down onto him in a heap. After a few minutes of catching their breaths, she chirped, “Happy birthday, baby! Let’s take a shower! Yay!” With a peck on the cheek, she hopped out of bed and started running the hot water.


And just an hour ago, when he got home from work, Grace greeted him at the door in a pretty house dress which accentuated her curves, sheer stockings, and high heels. As Vince walked in the kitchen, he could smell dinner in the oven – roast chicken – and when his sexy wife opened the oven door to take a peek at the bird, he was overwhelmed with the sight of the bare tops of her thighs which he could glimpse under her dress. As soon as she shut the oven door, he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass tight against his crotch. Grace knew what was coming. She grabbed onto the counter for support. Vince hiked up her skirt, and slid his hand under her panties.

“Oh, you’ve shaved, have you?”

Grace looked back at him and smiled. “Yes, Sir. Do you like it? It’s for you.”

Vince loved when she called him “Sir.” “You know I do, my good little wife.” With that, he slid his middle fingertip into her moist slit. She was dripping wet. Vince knew that she got off on playing the dirty and obedient housewife just as much as he got off on playing the demanding and in-control husband. He spread some of her wetness around her smooth pussy lips.

Without any more delay, Vince dropped his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and, pulling aside her lacy panties, pushed his entire cock inside of his wife’s waiting cunt. He fucked at full speed. He was worked up; Grace had been sexting him all day at work. After five minutes of this hard pounding, Grace’s cunt was clenched around his cock and she was shouting with every thrust.

“Touch your clit,” Vince commanded. Grace immediately took one hand from the counter and brought it to her clit. Her shouting leapt up a major third. “Cum on my cock.” Just as the word “cock” escaped his lips, he could feel her body beginning to climax. Her shouting turned into that high-pitched whine that he knew and loved so well. He drove his cock deep inside her spasming cunt and pulled her hard against his body.

As her orgasm subsided, he began fucking her again at top speed, and after another thirty seconds of fucking, he shouted at her, “On your knees!” Grace immediately turned around and dropped to her knees, and Vince shoved his cock into her open mouth. She grabbed the base of his cock and his balls and sucked hungrily at his cock which was covered in her own taste. He gripped the counter and shuddered as he came directly down her throat. She kept his cock gently in her mouth until his cock stopped pulsing. She pulled away, gave a playful lick to his now semi-flaccid cock, and said, “Dinner time!”


“Now, after all that, and an amazing dinner to boot, she’s telling me that there’s more?” Vince silently mused. “And by that smile, I know that there’s more than just cake.”

“Here, have a seat on the couch, and I’m going to bring you a scotch.” He took up a comfortable position on the couch, and turned to watch his wife pour the drink. Vince had always thought that there’s nothing quite like the sight of a woman in heels pouring and serving a drink. He gratefully accepted the glass. “Now, I have a special birthday dessert surprise for you,” glancing at the clock, “and it’s just about time. You just wait here and listen to some music while I get it ready.”

Vince settled into Beethoven’s Seventh and Ardbeg. He could hear Grace walking to their bedroom and closing the door. After about ten minutes, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” shouted Grace from the other room. “You don’t move an inch, Birthday Boy!” He happily obliged. He heard her open the door, and exchange a few words, and then he heard the door close. “It was just Cara, wanting to borrow some eggs, but I told her we don’t have any,” Grace shouted as she walked down the hall. He heard her go back into the bedroom. Vince turned his attention back to the speakers and the glass.

Just at the end of the first movement, he heard Grace open the bedroom door. “Turn off the music and close your eyes!” she shouted down the hall. He complied, and heard her heels click down the hall towards him. Then, Vince heard a sound that made his heart pound nearly out of his chest: a second set of heels clicking down the hall. But, as a man who loved surprises, he did as he was told and kept his eyes shut.

“Happy birthday to you,” he heard his wife sing along with another woman, “happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Vinny. Happy birthday to you!” He felt his wife’s lips at his left ear. “Open your eyes.”

Vince opened his eyes and his face broke into a huge smile. Their friend Aviva was standing in front of him, wearing a corset, stockings, and heels, and holding a wedge of birthday cake with a single burning candle stuck in it. Grace was kneeling on the couch next to him, wearing just a pair of sheer black thigh-highs and a pair of sheer black opera gloves.

Vince sighed. “This is a great fucking birthday.”

“Don’t forget to make your wish,” Aviva said coyly as she bent at the waist to bring the cake to Vince’s face. He looked right past the cake and at her cleavage, amplified by the tight corset.

“I have no idea what I could possibly wish for,” he lied. Silently wishing for this night to be a very long one, he took in a small breath, and while looking into Aviva’s eyes, blew out the candle.

Aviva handed the plate to Grace, knelt between Vince’s legs, and began to run her hands up his thighs and over his belly. Grace smiled at him, and said, “Baby, you just sit there. I’m going to feed you your birthday cake. And lovely Aviva here is going to suck your cock.” And with that, Grace got a forkful of cake ready, as Aviva pulled down Vince’s pants and boxers, and threw them aside.

Grace brought the fork to Vince’s mouth, and paused a bit, teasing him. At the same time, Aviva was holding her open mouth an inch away from Vince’s erect cock. Aviva and Grace paused a moment as they watched each other closely, daring each other with their eyes in a game of chicken. Aviva broke first, and brought her wet and rouged lips gently to the cock in front of her. She kissed and exhaled and just barely grazed the underside of his cock with her tongue. While Vince was reeling from the teasing that his cock was getting, Grace fed him his first bite of cake. “MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm…” Vince moaned and savored the bite in his mouth.

Both girls laughed. “Must be good cake,” Aviva joked, as she took the cock’s head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head in circles, and wiggled it up and down every time it got to the underside of the head.

“Oh my god, you’re incredible at that…” Vince muttered.

Grace fed Vince another bite of cake. She cooed in his ear, “Do you like your birthday present, baby?” She began to lick his ear gently. The combined sensation of the cock teasing, the sweet cake, and the ear licking was overwhelming. All Vince could do was groan.

Aviva began to start sucking more and more of Vince’s cock into her warm and wet mouth. As Grace continued to feed him, he began exploring her nearly naked body with his hands. Everything began to blur… cake… cock being sucked deep in between red lips… birthday cake… fingers inside smooth wet cunt…nylon gloves on skin… cake… balls being licked… sucked… licked… cake.

Soon the cake was gone, but Grace stayed at his side, letting his hands grope and squeeze and fondle every part of her. She lightly stroked his chest while watching another woman happily suck her husband’s cock. Aviva stuck to her task, frequently interrupting her head bobbing to lick, kiss, and tease the underside of Vince’s cock, his balls, and his taint.

Vince began to feel himself getting close to orgasm. He wasn’t ready for this night to be over. “Slow down… I’m getting close.”

Aviva smiled at him, and then flashed a knowing smile at Grace. “Please, Sir. Please go ahead and come. I’ll get you hard again, I promise.” And with that, she continued at her previous pace, and slowly built up from there.

“Where do you want to come, birthday boy?” Grace purred into his ear as she kissed his ear and neck. “Down her throat? On her face? On those pretty tits?”

Aviva picked up her pace. She wanted Vince to come. She took the cock out of her mouth and started rubbing it on her lips and her cheeks. “Sir, I’ll take it wherever you want to give it to me.” She started bobbing her head furiously up and down, taking his entire length into her mouth and down her throat.

“Just don’t stop, Aviva. Please don’t stop. Take my cum down your throat.”

Grace straddled Vince’s chest, burying his face in her tits. His body began to tremble, and Aviva knew he was close. She gently pulled on his balls with her hands as she continued to fuck his cock with her mouth. His trembling built until he shouted, muffled by Grace’s body, and released several spurts of sweet cum into her throat. She pressed her mouth all the way down, her lips touching his balls and pubic hair, allowing him to come directly in her throat.

As his orgasm died down, Aviva rose from her knees and climbed on the couch with Vince and Grace. Vince was laying back, completely limp. Grace kissed Aviva deeply, tasting her husband’s cum in her friend’s mouth. They began to nuzzle his neck on both sides, while stroking his chest, Grace’s hands still gloved.

Grace smiled at Aviva across Vince’s inert and quivering body. “You know, Aviva, we didn’t get our cake yet.”

“Honestly, Grace, when it comes to cake, I’m really just a frosting whore.”

“Me too! Let’s have some frosting! There’s plenty left over!”

After sliding off her gloves, Grace walked to the counter and grabbed the frosting container, and brought it back to the couch.

“Should we use spoons?” asked Aviva?

“No, I had another idea…” Grace popped off the cover, stuck her hand inside, and brought out a fingerful of creamy chocolate frosting.

When Vince felt her chocolaty finger drag up the entire length of his shaft, he knew that his birthday wish was about to come true. This was going to be a long night.

I had been sat in the hotel lobby for a couple of hours, bored, just watching people come and go. I hated these business trips. There I was in a strange city, knowing nobody, hanging around waiting for business meetings. Out of all the people I had seen there were such a variety of people. Pensioners, young newly married couples, “Mr and Mrs Smith”, and there were lots of those and other business types. Men and women of all shape and size all going about their daily lives.

I ordered another double brandy, determined this was going to be my last, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of her. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was about five feet ten inches tall, long flowing brunette hair and a figure any man would love to get to grips with. She was wearing what looked to be a designer business suit in a champagne colour. The skirt came to just above her knees, showing of her shapely calves. The jacket was tight, but not overly, accentuating the shape of her breasts.

I sat there transfixed by the beauty that stood not twenty feet away from me. Could I honestly hope that she would come and sit by my side? As I stared she turned her head towards me, and I quickly turned away, just not quickly enough. The next thing I knew she had sat at the bar next to me.

“Can I get you a drink? I politely asked.

“Thank you. I would like a dry white wine please.” She replied.

Calling the barman over I ordered the ladies drink, realising I didn’t even know her name. I thanked the barman and turned towards my new drinking companion.

“I am sorry let me introduce myself. My name is Darren, “I told her.

“That is alright, I am Kate. And thank you for my drink.” She replied.

“Are you in town on business as well?” I enquired, feeling a bit tongue-tied.

“Well I am on business, just not in this town. I have an overnight stay before moving on.”

“Are you here alone or do you have someone with you?” I asked.

“No, I am alone.” She replied.

We sat for quite a while, just chatting about life, drinking more and more. Eventually I noticed it was almost seven o’clock, and I was beginning to feel quite hungry. Looking at Kate and feeling as though we were getting on really well I asked if she would like to have an evening meal with, my treat. She agreed and we made our way into the dining room. Whether it was the drink or whether it was Kate’s sheer beauty I was starting to have very erotic thoughts about her. Wondering about things like how good she was in bed, did she like foreplay, was anything out of bounds and just how far she would go sexually? No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t shake the feelings. I desperately wanted to take this woman to bed.

We had a full three course meal, and I noticed that Kate was very picky and didn’t seem to want to eat much. She definitely didn’t need to go on a diet. Maybe eating with someone she met only a few hours previously was making her nervous. We finished our meal, and yet another bottle of wine, before I asked for the bill, paid and invited Kate for one last drink in the bar. It was almost ten o’clock and we had been drinking, eating and chatting for five hours.

We sat in the bar area, this time away from the bar in the comfortable seating. I couldn’t believe how horny I was feeling for this woman, I just wondered what she was feeling.

“What room are you staying in?”I enquired. “I will walk you back when we finish.”

“Well I was actually hoping I would be staying in yours.” Her reply stunned me.

“I-I-I would really like that. “I stammered back, feeling slightly foolish.

“Well drink up and let’s go then. “She smiled at me, winking.

We almost ran up the stairs to my room, both of us desperate for each other. No sooner had we got through the door Kate started ripping my clothes off.

What happened next really confused me, because there I was stark naked, yet she had only gone topless.

“Is there something wrong?”I asked.

“No why?”

“It is just I am naked and you are only half naked that’s all.”

“Don’t worry about that just lay back and get ready. I will blow your mind.”

I didn’t need telling twice, and lay back on the bed, my throbbing penis aching for Kate’s lips to encircle it. I wasn’t disappointed as first she wrapped her elegantly manicured fingers around the shaft, before lowering her head and, finally I felt the moisture of her mouth close around me. Slowly I could feel her moving up and down, occasionally flicking the tip with her tongue. I was in absolute heaven. Then all of a sudden I received a shock. Without warning Kate inserted her finger into my ass. That’s never happened to me before. I thought. But it was nice and I wished I had tried it before.

Kate carried on sucking and probing my ass, and I could feel my cock starting to twitch, but I didn’t want to cum. I moaned Kate’s name and asked her to stop as it was too early and I still hadn’t even touched her. She raised her head and looked at me, smiling. I took my chance and lowered my head to her breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth alternately. She smelled absolutely gorgeous and I desperately wanted to make love to her, yet she seemed to be holding back.

“Kate, please let me make love to you.”I pleaded.

“There is one thing I want from you.” She replied. “Just fuck my ass.”

“If that’s what you want, of course I will.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. Here was the most gorgeous woman I had ever met and all she wanted was anal sex. I was in heaven.

Kate got onto her hands and knees offering me her ass. I raised her skirt and went to remove her black, lacy panties, but she stopped me.

“Just pull them to the side. I love it like that. “She told me.

“Okay baby. If that’s how you want it your wish is my command.”

I slowly pulled her panties to the side and gently eased my throbbing penis into her forbidden zone. It was so tight that I almost came after a couple of thrusts, but managed not to. As I pounded away at her ass, my balls slapping against her, she screamed my name over and over. It was becoming too much for me and I reached around to feel her pussy. Instead of a beautifully trimmed area, I found myself holding a massive nine inch erect penis.

“Jesus. What the fuck is going on?” I shouted.

“I’m sorry. I know I should have said something but you were so gorgeous I had to have you.”She said, almost sobbing. “You see the meeting I am going to is a transsexual convention.”

“I really wish you had said. This is totally new to me.”

“Are you enjoying it though?”She asked. “Be honest with me.”

Although afraid to admit it I eventually confessed that I was. With that she pushed her ass back really quick, and before I could stop myself I had cum deep into her. At exactly the second I did I felt her/his Cock twitch and cum came shooting out all over my fingers.

Clare was waiting nervously for her husband to return from his long day at work. Clare and Mike had been married for 5 years and today was Mike’s 30th birthday. Clare is 28 and has a larger than average figure which Mike loves, saying they do not call them ‘love’ handles for nothing! She has mid length naturally blond hair and vibrant dark green eyes, which sparkle when she has naughty thoughts.

She had spent all day preparing for Mike’s special night. An early start was necessary as Mike believed Clare had to work her usual shift as a receptionist for a large retail company. She awoke at the usual time and went through the motions as like every other day. This time however she did not go to work but rather to the local shopping centre to pick up all the essentials for the night ahead.

These included

• Whipped Cream

• An assortment of fruit and chocolate

• Lube

• A couple of bottles of wine

• A new thong

• A pair of nipple tassels

She also had her hair done and got a manicure and pedicure. When she returned home she checked Mike had left for work and once she was sure he was gone she went in.

Her day was spent cleaning and tidying the house, she wanted it to be absolutely spotless. Once the house was tidy she cut the fruit into slices and placed it in the fridge. She wrote out three notes and placed them in various key areas which she knew Mike would see when he came in from work.

Once she was happy with her efforts she went upstairs to their bathroom and went through the routine of waxing, shaving, showering and moisturising. Clare did not like having hair in any areas, ensuring that every strand had been removed from her pussy lips. She checked her handiwork with a mirror and was happy with the sight of her clean, white, smooth pussy.

She slipped on her new thong; it was made from black lace and had a white ribbon running around the waist band. She fondled her breasts and played with her nipples; she was very proud of them and felt that they were her best feature. She applied the tape to the back of the black nipple tassels and attached them to her now erect nipples. She practised swinging the tassels round in a circle and found she had not lost the knack, moving to the dining room she set the scene for the exciting night ahead.


Mike was knackered; he had had a long day at work and was looking forward to spending a quiet evening in with his beautiful wife. He had been angry that she could not get the time off from work for his birthday and had decided that if she was working then he may as well go to work too. Mike is a veterinarian and had had his fill of cats and dogs for the day.

He parked in his driveway and opened the front door, on the stand where he always left his keys was a note “you must be tired, go and have a shower and then grab some wine”. So he did as the note said, all the time wondering what Clare had planned. He was no longer tired but excited. He washed his dark hair and ran the sponge all over his olive skin, paying special attention to his penis and testicles. He was hoping that he may get a ‘treat’ for his birthday if he was extra clean.

He made his way to the kitchen to fetch the wine and found another note propped up against the wine standing on the kitchen top. “I think we should skip dinner and go straight to dessert, come and join me in the dining room”. Mike’s mind was whizzing with ideas as he rushed to the dining room.

He opened the door and found his wife lying on their table, covered in whipped cream and fruit from top to toe. She was blindfolded and had one final message on her stomach. “Enjoy me in any way you please, I am your present to play with as you see fit”. His face lit up and his cock stiffened against his tight fitting boxers as he thought of all the things he has ever wanted to try with Clare. He spotted the lube sitting on the side table next to her and everything had come together. Mike had been asking Clare whether she would like to try anal sex for a while and she had always been unsure, it seems she had been saving that particular pleasure for his big birthday surprise.

Mike walked to the top of the table and leant over Clare; he started by licking and kissing Clare’s right cheek and slowly moved towards her ear. He worked his tongue over her ear lobe and nibbled it lightly; this always sent shivers down Clare’s spine and today was no different. He kept going with this technique until light moans left her lips and her hips started to rise.

Mike decided this was a sign to move his attentions down to her neck and across to her breasts. It was at this point that he noticed the shiny black nipple tassels, he was glad that she had decided to wear some as it reminded him of their wedding night when she wore a sequined white pair. The nipple tassels meant he had no choice but to keep moving downwards in the exploration of his wife’s beautiful body, only stopping to nibble on some fruit or chocolate.

Once he had cleaned Clare of cream and fruit from head to toe he started to touch her with his fingers. Running them up and down the sides of her body, feeling the goosebumps rise on her smooth skin. He moved his hands to her breasts and cupped them, squeezing her huge mounds and playing with the tassels, twirling the lengths of string in his fingers, wishing he could lick and suck on her hard nipples. He could hear Clare’s breathing increasing with every touch; this caused him to pull her knees up and spread her legs apart. He stated that he had not eaten all of his dessert yet. This statement caused Clare to gasp and her breathing increased further with the excitement.

Mike started by kissing her toes on her left foot and slowly moved his kisses up her leg until his warm breath could be felt against the lace of her black thong. He could feel her stiffening from the anticipation and this caused him to stop and move back up to her right foot, completing the same routine. This time however when he reached her panties he started to blow on them and run his fingers up and down her inner thighs. The action caused Clare to start squirming, wanting to make contact between his mouth and her clit. He continued the rhythm of his fingers and the blowing on her thong until he was done watching her squirm. Within a second he had moved his fingers from her thighs and used them to move her thong to one side so that he could instigate an assault of pleasure on Clare’s clit with his tongue.

He ravished her clit, licking and lapping it like a wild animal. He then slowed and moved his tongue in very slow circles around her clit, he could hear Clare moaning with pleasure but he was waiting for the begging to start. He changed tactic and started to suck on her clit holding the whole thing in his mouth and used his finger to outline the circle of her vaginal entrance. It was at this point that he heard what he had been waiting for. “Please Mike; please fuck me with your big hard cock”. He answered her by stopping everything he had been doing and moving up towards the top of the table, causing Clare to release a whimper of disappointment.

She felt the pressure of Mike’s hand on her cheek pushing her head to her right side. Mike said “open wide” and she obeyed. He slowly pushed his hard cock into her open mouth and started to pump it into her mouth holding the back of her head with his hand. It was his time to start moaning as Clare used her tongue to lick at his shaft as it pumped in and out of her mouth and she moved her hands up so that she could cup and play with his balls.

Before Mike came he pulled out of Clare’s mouth and told her to get on all fours and move to the edge of the table. He went and grabbed a condom and some lube, rubbing it over his now secured cock and all over his lovely wife’s perfect arsehole. He felt her tense up and told her to relax as he started inserting a finger. She did not seem to mind the finger and so he added another finger to the mix and judged how she reacted to it. She moaned and he decided that it was time to try inserting something a little larger.

He lined up his cock against her tight ring and started to apply some pressure. She moaned a little and he continued to push against her virgin hole. Little by little his cock started to disappear into her and she continued to moan as her arse was stretched. Eventually his entire cock was inside his wife and he started to slowly move in and out of her hole. He knew that Clare liked it as she started to match his rhythm and moan with pleasure as he pumped her arse. The movement caused her large breasts to sway and the table shake.

He continued with this until he felt he was very close to cumming and he pulled out, ripped off the condom and plunged his cock into her soaked vagina. She moaned with pleasure as he fucked her hard, cupping her breasts as he thrusted. Clare started playing with herself and Mike picked up the pace and strength of his thrusts. Both of them could feel their passions growing, moaning and breathing heavily, Clare moaning Mike’s name.

Clare felt her orgasm building with each thrust, Mike sensed this and started fucking the fastest and hardest he could, this change in pace pushed Clare over the edge and she enjoyed one of the strongest orgasms she had ever had. The clenching of Clare’s pussy caused Mike to cum himself and he filled her with his cum.

Once Mike was spent, Clare rolled over and Mike collapsed on top of her into her outstretched arms. Mike pulled off Clare’s blindfold and said “that was the best birthday present I have ever had, thank you so much hunny”, Clare replied with “that was nothing, stick around for our tenth wedding anniversary and then you will know what a real present is!”

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