The late afternoon sun was fading behind some tall trees in the distance as Paul trudged home from his dreary office job. God, he was bored of his life. He often daydreamed during his walks to and from work each day. Daydreamed of something exciting happening to him…but what exactly, he didn’t know.

Paul became vaguely aware of an attractive, fit looking woman walking briskly just ahead of him. Long toned legs, shapely ankles and feet. She was fairly tall, her long brown hair was whipping against her back in the wind, she was wearing a clingy dress and casual sandals. Paul imagined those legs entwined in his own and became lost in thought until suddenly he was shaken from his dreams by the fact he had literally walked straight into the back of the woman.

“Hey, watch out!” she laughed in surprise. Paul saw that her eyes were a deep bluey-green and quite hypnotic. He looked around, gathering himself, and found they were now stopped at traffic lights. He really had to learn to not let his daydreams get him into awkward situations like this. Speaking of awkward, at that moment, while trying to appear casual and relaxed, Paul somehow managed to get his foot entangled in her’s and stumbled, almost falling. The woman grabbed him and steadied his clumsy body. Just as Paul was about to apologise profusely, he felt a tiny prick in the side of his neck. “What was tha…” he slurred, before everything in his world went black.


A low buzzing slowly woke Paul from his drugged slumber. His sore eyes took in his surroundings and saw a small dimly lit room, a lamp in the corner sitting on the floor, a cardboard box nearby and a door. No other furniture. Dirty floorboards. Paul took a deep breath. Where the hell was he?? Trying to get up, he realised with a sharp spike in apprehension that his wrists and ankles were chained to bolts secured to the floor. “What the fuck?” he murmured under his breath, trying to pull at the chains, but to no avail. He was not a large man by any means and not very physically strong. He also noticed with fear that he was naked…where were his clothes??

Suddenly the door opened and in walked a woman. Blonde, short and extremely buxom, with large green eyes. She was wearing a little pair of panties and nothing else. Her breasts were unbelievably large and fake looking.

“So I see you’re finally awake” she said in clipped tones of annoyance and impatience, “Took you long enough, worm.”

Paul’s mouth was too dry to speak properly and his words came out garbled, “What? Who are you? Where am I? What’s going on?”

“Shut up, moron,” the woman waved her hand at him dismissively, “You’ve got all the time in the world to ask questions. This room is your life now. You are here to serve us. Pretty exciting, right?” she flashed him a bright smile, showing rows of sharp teeth.

“What? What does that mean?” Paul stammered with anxiety as the woman circled slowly around him, staring at him. She intimidated him greatly and he didn’t like it at all.

“I think it’s time for your dinner.” She said, and proceeded to walk over to him and place a socked foot on his lower stomach, pressing down slightly, “Need to pee first, slave? We pumped you full of water intravenously while you were asleep” Sure enough, Paul noticed a small bruise on the top of his hand where a drip had seemingly been placed.

“Uh…yes” Paul said, embarrassed, as the woman placed more pressure on his stomach with her foot. He noticed her white sock was extremely dirty and almost completely grey with grime and dirt. Seeing him looking at her foot, she suddenly pushed down hard and winded Paul, who gasped loudly at the shock. His need to pee intensified and he was now desperate, “Can I please go to the bathroom?” He asked meekly.

“HAHA!” laughed the woman, throwing her head back, “This IS your bathroom, fool!” and with that, she stood on his stomach with both feet and all her weight. He couldn’t hold it anymore, and felt, much to his utter mortification, a pool of warm liquid exit his penis and pool underneath his thighs and buttocks on the ground beneath him.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you just pissed yourself. What a baby!” berated the woman in a cruel tone. She then slowly walked up his stomach to stand on his chest. Then she proceeded to remove her disgusting socks. Paul was confused and scared as she leaned down and brought both socks towards his mouth, “Open wide, dickhead” she sneered as she stuffed the socks in his mouth.

“Wha!??” Paul started to protest and turned his head, but the woman was too strong and slapped his face so hard it jerked towards her and the horrible socks involuntarily. His mouth was now stuffed with dirty, gritty socks, damp with sweat, and stinking so bad he gagged.

“Now, there’s a good boy” the woman purred, stepping down from his chest and standing so she was directly above his face. He tried not to look, but couldn’t help but see right up between her legs to those little pink panties. “Now here’s your drink to have with dinner” she continued, and suddenly Paul’s face was drenched in hot fluid. The woman was urinating directly onto him and those socks stuffed in his mouth were rapidly becoming saturated with her pee, as were her panties she was still wearing.

Once she had finished, the woman leaned down and squeezed the socks still stuck in Paul’s mouth. Paul choked as he partially inhaled and swallowed the torrent of urine that swam down his throat. While Paul was still spluttering, she sat on his face, smothering him with her ample butt, and began to wring out her drenched panties right onto his nose, drowning him with her liquid.

Paul couldn’t stop coughing through the socks, and the woman grew angry, “Shut up, fucker!” Stop complaining! Didn’t you like your dinner?” with that, she abruptly left the room, muttering, “You’ll see what we do to the ungrateful ones.”

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