It was nearly sunset in the tiny (though not as tiny as some) village of Kusta when a barefoot, ivory-skinned, steely-eyed girl walked through the very outskirts and farms on her way to the center. The village that the strange girl had come from was so tiny, that market had only been held one day a week. Kusta was large enough so that market was every five days, and a small trading post was open at all times. The population of Kusta was just over five hundred. Six hundred if you counted the far-away farms and a small bachelors community of laborers some six miles from the center of the village.

Helen drew eyes as she walked. Her clothes were ragged and dirty, though her face and hair were well-groomed. Her skin was pale and creamy, and her eyes were bright poison-green. Her features were feline, and her movements were brisk and businesslike. More like a catamount’s lope then the stride of a woman on her way to market.

She carried some meat wrapped in the raw hides of the animals the meat had come from. She carried a bundle of fabric rolled up tight. She had a small pouch at her waist. Otherwise, the strange girl had no possessions. She looked neither right nor left as she blazed down the dry road with her bare feet raising small puffs of dust. She ignored the weight of the villager’s stares.

The villagers who lived in Kusta knew that the girl had come from the narrow rarely-used track that led to an unnamed backwards little commune on the edge of the great forest itself. She was strange in every way, and something about the determined set of those slender shoulders and the steel in those bright tilted eyes discouraged the villagers from trying to slow her down.

Helen stopped in front of the little trading post. All of the buildings on the main street of Kusta were dusty and small, with some business, but not much. A pub, the trading post, and large stable that housed oxen, mules, and horses. Kusta was too small to need any large amount law enforcement, so there was a small stone building that was the head peacekeeper’s office, courtroom, and gaol all in one. The rest of main street just held the large homes of the town’s wealthiest.

Helen entered the open doorway of the little trading post. The room was small, and she could survey the store in a single glance. Bins of seed and flour across one wall. Open barrels with tongs so you could take out whatever was within. One had pickles, one had salt pork, another salted fish, and the last had coarse brown sugar. A few bolts of cloth hung on a shelf, and another wall was devoted to farming tools and shears and plow blades and the like. The last wall was divided into three sections. One was horse tack, the other was a small grocery, with a small supply of fresh eggs and butter and dried meat and vegetables, and the last was taken up with the shopkeeper.

Helen sized up the shopkeeper in a glance. He was an older man, the hair that was left on his head was iron grey, and he covered his bald pate with a soft cloth cap. He had a heavy grey mustache, and his face had both smile lines and heavy crow’s feet, though he couldn’t be older then fifty-five. He wore a simple white shirt and wool breeches, and over that a leather apron. He had been writing some figures down on heavy coarse brown pulp-paper with a carved ink pen that had the look of something made in the capitol.

He looked like a kind man, Helen thought. And he looked like a lonely man. He smiled at her, and waved.

“Hello young miss, you’re from out of Kusta, aren’t you?”

Helen had a bit of flair for acting, she would discover. Her clever brain was already ticking away on how to turn her bare assets into something a little more substantial.

Helen looked around the store and outside the dusty window. She flinched a little when he spoke to her, as if startled, and gave him a wide-eyed rabbity look. She took a moment to answer him, as if so distracted that she didn’t know what to say.

“Ah… Y-Yes. I’m from u-up the road.”

Helen had never stuttered in her life. Or spoken in such a strained, frightened voice. Already the shopkeeper was looking at her with his innocent, concerned eyes. Helen felt a pang of guilt, but it was small, and she needed his help.

“Young miss? Are you alright? Come here miss, sit down and I’ll get you a dipper of water.”

He got up out of his rocking chair and ushered her to sit in it, barely touching her. Helen saw his eyes briefly dart to the hint of cleavage at the top of her chemise. He didn’t have a wife, she knew that out of a pure intuition, or perhaps some low-grade sixth-sense from her heritage. Either way, now she knew that he was interested in her, and that he was kind, and that he had no obligation to some wife. Now Helen only wished that she had loosened her vest and pulled down the chemise.

He scooped up a dipper of cool water from the bucket near the door and came back to her. She drank very deeply (she really had been thirsty) and then wiped her mouth with a slightly shaking hand.

“I’m so sorry Sir, I j-just… I just…”

Tears welled in her eyes. Helen just had to think about her mother, not even a full day dead, and act distraught. The shopkeeper’s eyes crinkled up with concern. Helen started to sob into her hands.

The shopkeeper hobbled (he had a slight limp) to the door to close it and he rushed back to her, pulling a crumpled (but clean) handkerchief from the breast pocket of his homespun shirt.

“There there miss… Please miss, what happened to fret you? Are you hurt?”

He was so kind. Helen hoped that things would go well. “I… I’m so sorry Mister, I shouldn’t b-bring you into this. I’m j-just so scared!”

Helen’s mind raced, thinking of the perfect story, while she broke into another volley of sobs and the shopkeeper worried around her, patting her shoulder with his hand, afraid to touch her too intimately.

“Miss, if you don’t have anyone waiting for you, please come back with me. I don’t mean you any harm, but perhaps I can make you a cup of tea, and you can tell me what is fretting you so?” He sounded curious, and hesitant. Despite that glance at her breasts, this was really a kind man. Perhaps even too kind.

Helen let her voice tremble, and she looked up into those gentle blue eyes with a look of pure gratitude and devotion. “W-Would you? Oh, thank you Sir! Thank you so much!”

Helen stopped sobbing, but she did her best to look and feel fragile. The shopkeeper was named Carter, and she didn’t tell him her real name. Instead, she invented a person to be. She did her very best, and soon she wasn’t acting. She felt the fear and loneliness and betrayal of a girl named Elle.

Carter sat on the other side of a small wooden table, sipping tea from a chipped ceramic mug and listening to ‘Elle’ as she told him what had happened.

“Penelope? She always hated me. She hated me more when Andru, this man in the village, started courting me.”

‘Elle’ choked a weak little sob into the well-dampened handkerchief and continued.

“One day, when I was bathing in the stream, she saw me.” She saw Carter blush a little, and felt more confident. “I have, a birthmark on my thigh, right here?” She drew her finger along the line of her thigh through the skirt, making the fabric dip between her legs to clearly show the shape of them.

Carter would only look out of the corner of his eyes. He looked flustered, and his voice was a little hoarse when he whispered.

“So what happened then?”

“She started spreading lies to Andru, and to all of the villagers. She said that she saw me speaking to animals, and that she saw that I had the devil’s mark on me. She turned enough of them on me. Th-they t-t-tried to have m-me b-burned at the st-stake!”

‘Elle’ dissolved into sobs, and Carter moved forward and hugged her into his arms. She threw herself at him and hugged him tight, pressing her body fully and frankly against him, so he could feel her breasts and so she could feel something against her thigh. He pulled from the hug with a little bit of panic, his cheeks flushed.

“That’s terrible!” He whispered.

“I need to get to the next village, they will chase me here! How many miles is it?”

“It’s nearly forty miles to Patras!” Carter murmured. “You will have to spend two, maybe three nights in the wild if you walk…”

Helen took a few deep breaths. “Mister Carter? I need supplies, but I promise to pay you! I can work hard…”

Carter looked frozen. His eyes darted to her breasts, and then back. Helen knew that she almost had him. She was like a fisher, and he was the fish. She played him gently, carefully. If she played him right, she would have a bedroll and perhaps another set of clothes.

‘Elle’ looked down, a blush reddening her pale cheeks. “I… I am a virgin Mister Carter, but Andru and I…, he didn’t want to make me pregnant.” She lowered her voice to the softest little whisper, and Carter leaned in, his eyes wide and full of need. That look of lust was so strange on his mild kind face.

“We did things.” She whispered. “He taught me how… If I show them to you, may I please sleep here for the night? Please Mister Carter! I will do whatever you say, just please don’t put a baby in me!”

Helen was worried. She had tried to go for just the right mixture of humiliation and naivete and desperation. Carter was looking down, and she couldn’t see his face very well. If he tried to insist on fucking her, things would be ruined. She was too sore to take him there for one, and he would also feel that she wasn’t a virgin.

His voice was strange and a little choked when he spoke. “Go through that door and into the bedroom miss. Close the curtains and blow out the lamp. I need to lock up the shop.”

The shopkeeper fled to lock up the door, and Helen breathed a massive sigh of relief as she stepped into the narrow bedroom. Out of curiosity, she reached under the waist of her skirt and the shorts she wore under it, and she was soaking wet. Part of her was eager and ready for this man, the part of her that the circle demon had unleashed.

She blew out the lamp, singing her fingertip slightly on the hot glass surface. In the darkness she slid out of her vest and chemise, feeling the cool air bring up goosebumps on her sensitive breasts. Her nipples were like hard pink marbles.

The door opened, and the shopkeeper slid into the darkness. Helen slipped forward, and reached for him. She could hear his breathing, ragged and fast.

“It’s okay mister.” She whispered, making her voice soft and innocent. “It’s okay. I’ll do all the work mister.”

She licked her lips in the dark. She reached out and found his hand. She placed it on the firm young skin of her breast. He let out a wounded little moan and his hand began to squeeze eagerly. Helen moaned at the exciting feeling of his clumsily groping paw.

He started to use both of his hands, squeezing her firm tits together, holding them up and letting them swing down, pinching the rock-hard nipples. Helen hissed softly with pleasure.

“Oh mister!” She whispered innocently. “Oh, that feels so good, Andru never made me feel this way!”

She was lying, Andru was real, but he had never touched her. Helen didn’t feel the least bit guilty for leading this man on. It was really just a business transaction. He wanted something, she wanted something. He just needed a little convincing.

He moaned with lust and buried his face in her chest. He was kissing and sucking, and it did feel very good. His tongue moved between her breasts like a slick worm. He was breathing loudly, and hoarsely.

Helen hissed softly as he bit her nipple with his teeth, and she cradled his head in her hands, feeling the smoothness of his bald pate. She reached out to touch his chest, to feel his shoulder through the cloth of his shirt.

He was gasping, mewling, caressing her breasts. Helen had to gently nudge his head away, so she could carefully drop to her knees on the dull carpet. He moaned and was unbuckling his belt and removing his apron. He was such a kind man, but his arousal turned him into something of an animal. His breath was very nearly a sob.

“Mister?” Helen whispered, feeling guilty and aroused in equal measures. “Are you okay?”

He moaned guiltily and shoved his erect cock into her face. Helen took ahold of his member and felt it with careful light hands. His cock was long and slender and smooth, she could feel the slightness of his circumcision scar. Precome oozed gently from the tip.

Helen snuck her left hand under her skirt, and carefully nestled her first two fingers on either side of her wet swollen clitoris. When she leaned forward to wrap her lips around the slender turgid head of Carter’s cock, she began to move her fingers in slow luxurious little circles.

So with a hand between her legs and a hand resting on the slender shaft of his member, she continued to suck his hard throbbing cock. He was groaning loudly, the sounds were nearly comical, and she had to do her best not to choke with laughter. Maybe it was mean-spirited of her, but the shopkeeper just seemed funny to her. Her fingers started to move faster under her skirt and she moaned, slurping up and down on his cock.

He tangled his fingers in her hair and started to shove her mouth up and down on his cock. The rough treatment turned her on, and she moved her hand so she was fingering her cunt with her first two fingers, still rubbing her clit with her thumb.

He didn’t last very long, she sensed that he was about to come, so she pulled away and continued sliding her hand up and down his cock in fast twirling motions while she vigorously rubbed her clit.

Then the wet warmth of his come splattered on her face. Carter moaned. “Ooohh… Ooooohhh!” Sounding like a man in pain.

Helen rubbed faster, panting softly. She stopped, startled when Carter thumped onto the floor next to her. In the faint light of the door, she could see the furrowed guilt and lust on his face.

He pushed up her skirt and lowered his head. Helen grinned and yelped when he roughly pushed her thighs apart to attack her with his mouth.

His tongue was warm and slick. Using far more pressure than her fingers. He pursed his lips to suck on her clit and Helen squeaked with pleasure. Helen leaned back so far that she fell onto her back and spread her legs wide. Carter moved so his hands were squeezing and massaging her inner thighs and he had unrestricted access to her sopping pussy.

He flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt. He sucked and pummeled her clit, he even lowered his head to lap at her taut little asshole. Whatever guilt the kindly man had felt, it had not stopped him from his nearly feral assault on sweet virgin ‘Elle’.

Helen arched her back and screamed.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Helen lifted her head from she was resting on the floor. With a bit of guilt and a lot of annoyance, she observed that Carter was crying. Consumed with his guilt and his lust.

She sighed, and put on her ‘Elle’ face. Wide-eyed, sweet, worried. Carter was sitting on the floor, naked, rocking. His limp cock drooping sadly in a thatch of thick grey pubic hair. He was surprisingly frail. His skin soft and wrinkled, no spare flesh save a small fleshy tummy.

“Mister?” ‘Elle’ whispered. “Mister, are you okay?”

Carter looked up. Helen’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness, but his eyes were searching.

He can’t see me. Helen realized. She suddenly had reason to wonder if she didn’t have a bit of night vision as well. The thought pleased her immensely.

She cuddled into him, pressing her small breasts into his chest. “You made me feel so good…” ‘Elle’ whispered. “Much better than Andru… Don’t cry.”

He sobbed into her shoulder, and Helen rolled her eyes.

Carter was asleep. Helen was tired of the charade.

Quieter than a mouse, she slipped down into the store. Light no longer leaked through the cracks on the tightly closed wooden shutters. She scooped up a thin linen sack of oats. Five big potatoes, some apples. She inspected a long bone-handled dagger, and exchanged it for her four-inch knife.

Then a tinderbox, a cake of soap, and a woolen blanket that she rolled up tightly to tie under the rucksack that she put on her back. The weight was evenly distributed between the two canvas straps on her shoulders, and the canvas weight-bearing strap on her forehead. The wood-frame back had room for more.

Before leaving, she caught a glance of a thin charcoal taper-pen and a ledger. She took the taper and wrote a brief note on the back of the ledger.

‘If you want a woman so badly… You should go three miles up the road to my village, and then five mile directly to the left of the road. Directly west. You’ll find something better. Make her promise not to hurt you, and promise to let you out after an hour. Otherwise she will fuck you to death.

Tell the circle demon I keep my promises’

She signed ‘Elle’ with a flourish, and slipped out of the store. It was evening, and the streets were near-empty. The eyes that were there were curious. Too curious for her liking. She barely had to walk for half a mile before she was out of the town and into the sparse farmland that Kusta had to offer.

A kindly older couple saw her ragged appearance and insisted that she stayed with them. Helen donated the rabbits, which honestly would go bad soon if they weren’t eaten. The couple mixed them into a creamy stew full of leeks and potatoes. It was the best meal Helen had eaten since before her mother died. They gave her a place to sleep in the hayloft.

Helen bolted upright in the middle of the night. The pull. She could feel it.

Had the circle demon escaped? Could he pull at Helen from so far away? She sprang awake. She wore her loose chemise but the vest was in the straw. So was her green skirt. The chemise hung just below her hips as she sprang lightly down from the hayloft like a cat. The knife was steel, no good. She snatched the hoe from the wall. Hefted it appreciatively.

She hated iron. Touching it gave her a light rash. Now she knew why. The hoe wasn’t shaped like a rectangle, like the hoe back on her farm. This hoe was shaped like a triangle. It had a slightly blunted but sharp point. She practiced a hooking swing with the hoe, and went towards the pull.

She looked out into the turnips and leeks. Every hair in her body on end, her eyes wide and cat-green. The tendons on her slim forearms stood out in sharp-sharp relief from gripping the splintered ash handle of the hoe.

It was magnetic. She jerked her head to the left and saw a single eldritch light. Suddenly, she saw through the light. It was a disguise, a skin, like when she turned herself into moss, or wood, or stone. When she spent hours subtly changing the appearance of her face in the reflection of a bronze pot. She looked through the disguise of the line of floating blue lights.

“You’re not fooling anyone. I can see you.” She growled.

The lights didn’t dissipate or flash out, they simply disappeared while a small swarthy man appeared in their place. The man had a long horsey face and bright yellow goat-eyes. They made him look wall-eyed and bizarre.

“Humans never escape him-from-the-circle. Now this one sees why this human could. This human is not quite a human at all, now is it?”

The man appeared short not because of his normal sized torso, but because of his short muscular goat legs. Covered in thick matted red hair, and tipped with shiny black hooves. The hooves were polished and demon faces were carved into the surfaces. Gold rings hung from both of the large goaty ears that drooped from either side of his long face. His short bone-colored horns were polished and carved with a spiral pattern that went up each one.

Helen hefted the hoe, spinning it in her hands. The goat-man bleated with displeasure, the frown making his long face even longer. “The half-breed does not fight honestly. The half-breed fights with bitter iron, not honest bronze, or sweet steel. Not with bone, or stone. The half-breed fights with lies and tricks.”

Elaine was once a normal woman, young and free willed, as was often the case. And, as is also often the case, one day came where she had to pay the price for her free will. She had decided to go to a new club in town, an underground club that moved from location to location every night. The club had no name. It had no permanent address. You had to be invited by someone who knew someone.

Her friends and family had all urged her not to go. But she was free willed. She made her own decisions. And, if those decisions seemed to be made simply to spite those who would think to give unsolicited advice, then so be it.

She went to the club. She had fun at the club. She did not see the man at the club who was watching her closely all night. She did not notice the vacant stare and empty faces of the other club goers. And even if she had, she would have written it off and drug use, too much alcohol, or possibly the simple throbbing of the music putting them into a trancelike state.

She never realized that she was marked from the moment she entered the warehouse that housed the club that night. Little did she realize that her life, as she had known and enjoyed it, was effectively over. But she did see the men who were following her as she departed, on her way home.

She glanced over her shoulder, nervously. The men were huge, hulking brutes that barely seemed to fit the description of human. They had a mad gleam in their eyes, a look she had often seen when she had been forced to attend church with her parents as a child. She picked up her pace, knowing it would be bad if these “men” caught up to her.

Soon she was running, her heels clacking along the sidewalk loudly. She was breathing hard and her heart was pounding in her chest, threatening to break free and escape on its own. She glanced over her shoulder and, much like any damsel in distress in any one of thousands of clichéd horror movies, she tripped and fell.

The brutes came nearer, evil leers crossing their faces. Their builds reminded her more of wild, savage gorillas then those of men. She scrambled for her purse, searching desperately for the pepper spray that she usually carried, but had left behind this night because of the unsightly bulge it left in her tiny, expensive purse.

Suddenly, a man stepped out from behind the brutes. She had never seen him before, but the darkness in his eyes seemed to eat away any free will she had. She found herself standing, head bowed, unable to meet this dark stranger’s eyes. He nodded and beckoned her to follow him with a crook of a finger.

Strangely, unable to determine why, she found herself following him, the world fading into darkness as she stumbled behind him.

She regained consciousness some time later. How long had lapsed she would never know. All she knew was that she was naked and chained to a wall. She struggled against her bonds. But as delicate as the chains appeared, her struggles were all in vain.

Stop struggling, child came a voice that seemed to reverberate through her very being while simultaneously seeming to be no more than a whisper. There is no escape from here. You belong to us now. You are ours to do with as we wish.

Fear shot through her entire being, suffusing her very being with a sense of panic she had never before felt. She tried to struggle, but found herself unable to resist the commands whispered into her very being. She whimpered, the reality of her situation finally fully hitting her.

She watched as one of the ape-like brutes escorted a short, skinny blonde girl into the empty room before her. The girl was naked, and her spirit quite obviously broken. Her eyes never left the floor. She never struggled. She moved meekly, as if afraid of retribution for even the slightest wrong doing.

Dance. It was a single whispered word. But the command it carried was powerful and irresistible. Even chained against the wall, Elaine found herself striving to dance, to please the unseen speaker, despite the command not be directed at her. But the blonde girl had nothing chaining her in place, nothing impeding her movements. So she danced.

It was a sensual, lithe dance, the first time that true life seemed to exist within the beautiful shell. There was no music, but Elaine could almost hear music in her mind, music that the tiny blonde kept in time with. Elaine felt herself getting wet. It had been quite some time since the sight of a woman had affected her quite this strongly but she found herself struggling against the bonds that chained her to the wall in order to be nearer to this vision of beauty.

Suddenly, the half heard music in her mind stopped. The blonde stopped dancing and resumed her meek position, hands clasped before her and head hung low. Three more of the brutes entered the room, all naked. Elaine gaped at the image before her. They were huge, solid muscle cording all over their bodies. Their thick bodies were covered in thick, fur-like hair. Their cocks were all erect and throbbing.

One of the men laid down on his back. The blonde suddenly resumed life and a hungry look filled her face, crazed desire flashing in her blue eyes. She straddled the man quickly, taking his full length in one thrust. She leaned forward to take the cock of another into her mouth and the third slid in behind her, his engorged member slamming home into her ass.

Elaine could hear the moans coming from the petite blonde, the thrusts of the men penetrating her matched only by the lewd grinding of her body against theirs. She moaned around the turgid cock in her mouth, her hand sliding down its length. Not one sound escaped from the men.

Suddenly, she jerked as her orgasm struck. Wave after wave, she came. All three men began to jerk as they unloaded their seed into this poor girl. She swallowed every last drop that entered her mouth and her body, her pussy and ass, milked every last drop from the men.

When the men had finished, the pushed her free and stood. Without a sound, without a glance at either the girl or each other, they walked off. The girl struggled to her feet, obviously sore and exhausted, but a look of pure rapture on her face. She stood there, next to the man who had escorted her in, cum dripping from her in streams down her legs.

Elaine stared, lost in fear and desire. Her emotions raged within her, fighting for control and yet completely out of control. Slowly, a man materialized from the shadows. He was the same man who was there when she was abducted.

“Worry not, little child. This display you witnessed is not intended for you. It was intended to inform you of what lay in store should you not cooperate with us. You belong to us now, child.”

Elaine recognized the man’s voice. It was the same voice she had heard whispered in her mind. “What are you going to do to me?” she whispered, ashamed at the fear that filled her voice.

“Why, we are going to prepare you, child. Prepare you for the coming of the Elder One. He feeds on broken spirits and fallen desires. He feeds on those who have been broken of their will. And you will soon be broken, begging to be taken by the Elder.”

Elaine sobbed, trying so desperately to fight back her tears. “Are you going to kill me?” she asked.

“Of course not. You are a present, child, a gift to our god.” And with that said, the man disappeared and Elaine cried herself to sleep.

Over the next few days, the scene with the young blonde was repeated in front of Elaine. Each time it was a different woman. Each time she was taken by three or more of the brutes. Each time she was left, begging for more until the brutes left and she returned to her meek, submissive pose. Each time, Elaine was left hungry to be filled.

One of the displays before her, Elaine recognized. It was one of her college friends. Elaine called to her, screamed her name. But recognition never dawned on the poor girl. She never made eye contact. Didn’t even recognize her name.

Elaine burned with shame at the desire that had begun to consume her. She woke aroused and slept fitful dreams filled with erotic images that she could never quite remember when she awoke. But she fought. She fought to control the desire raging through her. Fought to control her fear. She refused to die a meek sheep. If she were to die, it would be in a manner of her choosing.

One day, the man returned with a smile on his face. “I am pleased that you have not broken.”

Elaine spat at the man, her mouth dry and her lips brittle. “I thought you wanted me to break, wanted me meek and subservient. I thought your god fed on that.”

“Oh he does. But all these women paraded before you have been broken. With each… coupling they undergo, they feed the Elder. Each woman was tested and each has failed. You have not. You are ready.”

“Ready for what?” Elaine demanded. But she received no answer. Three brutes came and undid her shackles, half carrying her to an altar that she had never before noticed. They laid her down, gently, almost reverently, on the stone edifice and quietly stepped back.

Elaine tried to sit up, tried to run, but her body was exhausted and would not oblige her. Abruptly, the temperature in the room dropped and shadows began to coalesce from nowhere. As the shadows began to take shape, Elaine tried to scream but her throat caught at the man who stepped from the pool of shadows.

He was handsome. With long black hair that fell past his shoulders and dark eyes that could have been anywhere from brown to black. He wore a cloak made of shadows that shifted revealing glimpses of skin but nothing more. A hungry fire lit his eyes and he smiled, a thin, evil looking smile.

With but a thought and a shrug, he made the cloak disappear and revealed himself to Elaine, fully. And this time she found her voice and screamed. Her scream ripped through the night and his smile grew larger.

His skin was deathly pale, alabaster white and glowing with a faint luminescence. He stood before her, naked, his manhood throbbing and erect. She knew what was in store. But that was not what made her scream. Protruding from his back, long and with a life of their own, were two long tentacles that resembled nothing more than gigantic, prehensile penises. As she looked closer, Elaine came to the conclusion that penises were exactly what they were.

He grinned again and approached her. His normal penis slid into her pussy, suddenly wet and ready for him. Elaine felt the desire return and tear through her as his cock tore into her pussy.

Against her will, she moaned. She did not want to be this turned on, did not want to enjoy this but she could not control herself. His penis was not extremely large, maybe just a bit larger than average but it was not the size, it was not even the motions, which were more than adequate. It was his presence.

She was a religious person. She had not attended any church services in years. Yet she knew, deep down, that this was no true god. This was an incubus. A demon of lust and sex. She knew she should be afraid. The incubus was legendary for draining the life of those he chose to lay with. Yet she did not care.

A slithering sound presaged a pressure on her ass. She moaned even louder as one of his prehensile phalluses enter her, penetrating her doubly. As it finally made its way into her, fully penetrated her, she exploded into orgasm. She screamed. A sound as primal as a hunting animal ripped its way from her throat and she began to thrash, not to escape this impalement, but to impale herself further.

As her scream wore down, she felt something touch her lips. Without conscious thought, she opened her mouth wider, allowing in the last of the appendages from this, her demon lover. She choked, at first, as it slid into her mouth. But then she eagerly accepted it, her hands, now free to move, reached up and began to stroke its length. She moaned around the presence in her mouth and felt another orgasm rip through her.

She did not know how long it lasted, how long one cock slid into her pussy while another slid out of her ass, alternating strokes. Did not know how long she sucked and licked the muscle that rested upon her lips and tongue. Nor did she care. All she knew was the ecstasy she felt was unrivalled by any experience she had ever had. She was in a constant state of orgasm and she loved it.

She felt his thrusts become more urgent. She felt the throbbing in her mouth and knew what was to come. She was eager to please this lover and to heighten his pleasure. She began to grind back upon him, increased her pressure as she sucked. Within minutes she was rewarded as he came. He exploded from all three cocks at once. She struggled to swallow every last drop as she felt herself be filled with his seed. For the first time in her life, and she desperately hoped not the last, she felt herself filled in all her entrances simultaneously.

The demon, the Elder One, withdrew himself, a satisfied look on his face. A look that matched the one on hers. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, gently, lovingly. She was his now. His and his alone. He left, then, knowing that the seed had been planted and the change was swiftly underway.

Two weeks later, Lasciel, as Elaine now called herself, stood in the latest location for the club where her life had irrevocably changed. None who had known her in her previous life would recognize her now. Her eyes were darker, colder. She wore leather and lace and steel like many would wear silk. Her eyes scanned the crowd, searching. Until they fell upon a mousy little red head at the bar, shyly conversing with a man she had never met. Lasciel smiled, wickedly. Yes, that one would do just fine…

PamTo Pam’s disappointment, though, most of the young men remained fully clothed. Even when the four men on the couch fed their cocks to the talkative girl, they did so through the fly of their pants.

Pam was surprised to see all of the girls had shaved or waxed their pubic hair.

She thought she was being risqué when she waxed around her labia and the sides of her pubic mound, but she never thought of removing her pubic hair completely.

About three hours into the party, everyone was completely naked.

Everyone, except Pam, that is.

She had taken off her high heels, showing off her pretty feet in an effort to tease anyone with a foot fetish. She had been very uncomfortable being around so many naked people in various stages of sexual interaction, but by her fourth drink, she found herself getting used to her surroundings.

Two young black men approached her and asked if she was enjoying the view. She was startled because she had just had a political conversation with these two young men only an hour ago. She had no idea they could be so well hung. She had never seen a black man’s penis before, and now she was seeing two of them.

“You’re all very attractive.” Pam managed to mumble.

“It’s not all for looks, Pam.” One of the young black men said as he lifted his long dick.

Just then, Terry walked up behind Pam and reached over her shoulder to give her another drink. His bouncing cock rubbed against her right ass cheek, leaving a smear of pre-cum.

“Oh, sorry Pam. I got a little come on your beautiful dress. Why don’t you take it off and I’ll clean that off for you?” Terry said.

“Pretty slick, Terry. If you wanted to see me out of this dress, all you had to do was ask.”

Pam looked back and forth between Terry and the two black men, and then slid her arms out of the dress, pushing it down over her hips, finally letting it drop to the floor. She stepped out of the dress and walked between Terry and one of the young black men. She turned like a model on the catwalk and paused.

“Well?” Pam asked, hoping she wasn’t about to be mocked or ridiculed. Her pussy instantly felt warm and wet, as the two black men looked her over.

“You look good enough to eat,” Terry said excitedly. His erection was slightly raised and bounced in front of him, as he looked Pam over. “May I go down on you, Pam?”

Pam was only briefly shocked at the proposition, but given the fact that she just removed her clothing — what did she think was going to happen? She had a moment of self-acknowledgement that she must be drunk. She was no longer sober enough to do anything about it, though. She felt young again, and the idea that a man half her age was lusting after her made her feel particularly sexy.

She looked around and found an overstuffed chair to sit on. She put her feet on the glass coffee table, spreading her legs slightly. Her toenails were perfectly painted, and she took a moment to admire her pedicure even if nobody else would.

“I’ll be back, Pam,” one of the two young black men said as one of the girls grabbed both of them by their long dicks and led them into another room. She was barely five feet tall and Pam wondered where she thought they were going to put those things.

Pam looked up at Terry as she seductively slid a finger along her pussy lips.

Terry leaned over Pam and gave her a long tongue kiss.

Pam’s pussy was practically gushing. He reached up and squeezed one of her large tits and pinched the nipple hard. Before she could object, he sucked the nipple into his mouth as his hand went lower, down to her pussy. There, he slid three fingers inside her and practically lifted her from the chair. She pushed the table back with her feet, and Terry knelt between her legs. He licked her inner thighs, out to her feet, and then back to her pussy. Finally, he let his tongue explore her depths until she shook with her first wave of orgasm.

Before she could recover, he stood up between her legs and pulled her head to his crotch.

He was being a little rough, and Pam was beginning to be afraid, but he let go of her hair as soon as she placed his cock in her mouth.

His cock wasn’t the thickest she had ever seen, nor was it the longest, but it was big enough for her to practice old tricks. She had his entire length down her throat within seconds, leaving a faint ring of lipstick around the base of his erection. He came instantly.

Embarrassed, he pulled his dick from her mouth and said he was going to get another drink. Pam, satisfied with still being able to suck cock like the best of them, took a big gulp of her Scotch and soda, and swished it around her mouth before swallowing.

She hadn’t planned on swallowing Terry’s come, but he came while he was down her throat and there was nothing she could do about it.

She sat back it the overstuffed chair, putting her feet back on the glass table, and sipped more of her Scotch and soda. Terry quickly returned with another drink for Pam, followed closely by another young man. The young man was still dressed, and obviously very shy.

“Pam, this is Drew. He’s in one of your classes at school,” Terry said.

“Hi, Drew” Pam said seductively as she leaned forward to shake Drew’s hand. “Can Terry get you a drink?”

“No, n-n-no thanks, Pam. I don’t drink” Drew stuttered.

“Drew, here, has had a crush on you since you came to our school. I’m sure seeing you naked right now is almost enough to make him come in his pants,” Terry kidded.

Pam looked the 19 year-old over. He was cute. A little skinny, but he had a great smile, and Pam was always a sucker for great smiles. She knew she was the subject of his fantasies while he masturbated. Being the giving person that she was — and because she was drunk — she decided to give Drew a treat.

Pam stood up and walked over to Drew. She took his hand and placed it around her waist as she leaned in to kiss him. Drew practically froze in place. She pulled his head down to her neck and he inhaled her perfume deeply. His hand dropped from her waist to the top of her thighs and she pushed it down further until his fingers were in the crack of her ass.

“Would you like to sit down, Drew?” Pam asked. Drew nodded and Pam removed his had from her ass and led him to a couch overlooking the large garden behind the estate. Terry half-heartedly bowed and walked toward the kitchen for yet another drink.

“Do you fantasize about me, Drew?” Pam asked sweetly. “It’s okay. You can tell me. After all, I am naked in front of you, aren’t I?”

“Y-y-yes, Pam. I think about you.” Drew answered.

“What do you think about? Do you think about touching me?” Pam asked as she gently took his right hand and placed it on her left breast.

“Y-y-yes!” Drew answered excitedly.

“Do you think about kissing me?” Pam asked as she took his other hand and gently put it on her thigh. Drew nodded and began to squirm slightly. Pam thought she might make him come before he even took his clothes off.

“Would you like to kiss me, Drew?” Pam asked as she slid away from him and got up from the couch. She was letting Drew see her entire body, and could see him practically salivating in the reflection in the glass of the over-sized windows.

“I would like to kiss you all over, from your head to your…”

“Then do it, Drew!” Pam interrupted him. “Start at my head and end at my toes, and kiss every inch in between.”

Drew seemed to momentarily go into shock. Pam snapped him out of it when she quickly straddled his lap and pulled his mouth to hers. She kissed him hard and swirled her tongue inside his mouth. When Drew was practically out of breath, Pam leaned back on the couch as if waiting for Drew to mount her.

Still dressed, Drew leaned over Pam and began kissing her forehead. Pam closed her eyes and allowed Drew to take his time kissing her face, ears, and neck. She let herself relax further as he kissed her arms, hands, and fingers. He worked his way back up to her breasts, kissing them softly.

As he worked his way up and down her legs, it suddenly occurred to Pam that Drew was a virgin. As he worked his way down her belly, Pam pulled her legs back and spread them wide. When he placed his mouth on her clit and pussy, he may as well have been kissing her arm. But when his tongue momentarily — and accidentally — slid over her anus, her heart skipped a beat. She turned onto her stomach so he could kiss her shoulders, back, and ass cheeks, and she found herself trying to spread her legs to see if he’d slide his tongue over her asshole again.

When he did, Pam shivered and quickly sat up.

“Stand up, Drew, please.” Pam asked. “This would be better if your clothes were off, too.”

Drew stood in front of Pam, between her legs. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Pam undid his belt. As she leaned forward to pull down his pants, Drew began to shake slightly.

“It’s okay, sweetie. I’m not going to hurt you.” Pam assured him.

“I-I-I just don’t want to hurt you, either.” Drew said softly. He slowly pushed his pants and underwear down until his fat, pre-cum covered cock sprung out inches from Pam’s face.

“Oh, wow!” Pam said in disbelief. The head of Drew’s cock looked rather small compared to its shaft, which seemed about as long and thick as a Coke can. Pam gasped again, as she realized he wasn’t fully erect, yet.

She couldn’t help but stare at Drew’s thick cock bouncing in front of her face. A few seconds later, Drew stepped out of the rest of his clothes and unknowingly allowed Pam to look him over. He had a very slender build, but he wasn’t unattractive. What he lacked in muscle elsewhere, he made up for between his legs.

“Would you like me to give you a blow job, Drew?” Pam asked as she looked up at him. She pushed him to the side so she could kneel in front of him.

Drew nodded without saying a word.

“Tell me, Drew. Tell me to suck your cock. I want to hear you say it.” Pam said, admiring her reflection in the glass. The sight of her feminine frame next to this skinny young man with a large cock seemed to arouse her in a way she hadn’t expected. “Suck my cock, Pam. Put my dick in your mouth and suck it.” Drew said with false confidence.

Pam licked at the head, tasting the pre-cum and absentmindedly swallowing.

“Mmmmm, tastes like boy,” Pam said. “But I’m not convinced you really want me to blow you. Make me suck it, Drew.” Pam could barely keep her balance, and realized she must have become very drunk. She began to worry what might happen to her tonight, given her lack of inhibition. Her thoughts were interrupted, though, when Drew grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed the head of his cock in her mouth.

“I said suck my cock, bitch!” Drew said loudly. He must have startled himself because he instantly felt ashamed and Pam began to feel his dick soften in her mouth.

Afraid she may have ruined the moment, she tried to salvage the situation by obeying his command enthusiastically. She quickly deep throated Drew’s meat until her nose was pressed firmly against his pubic mound. His cock seemed to inflate in her throat and she began to choke. She did her best to maintain her composure as she pull her mouth off his thick dick.

“Have you ever been with a girl, Drew?” Pam asked, already knowing the answer.

“Just my second cousin, but we just kissed and touched each other.” Drew answered ashamedly.

“Would you like me to be your first?” Pam asked before looking up at him and putting the head of his cock back in her mouth. She sucked hard, and then let her tongue roll around the tip. She knew sex with Drew would be quick, but she also knew that his would be the fattest cock to ever enter her pussy. Just the thought of it was bringing her to the brink of orgasm.

Without waiting for Drew to answer, she moved back onto the couch and made herself comfortable. Drew kneeled on the couch between her legs and she reached for his rigid cock. It had grown to about six inches in length, but the width of the shaft had swelled to the point of looking like two of Arthur’s cocks side by side. Pam had never seen or felt anything like it.

Drew bent down and sucked on her nipples before kissing her neck and earlobes. Pam turned her face until her mouth met his and kissed him hard as she rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy lips.

Drew leaned in further, but only managed pushing in the head before the shaft of his cock began to bend. Pam was only able to get her hand around half of his shaft and turned it slightly. Drew pushed in further, this time meeting less resistance.

“Oh God, you’re big!” Pam said under her breath.

Drew pushed in further until his full length was inside her. Pam shifted on the couch, turning slightly on her side and lifting her right led onto Drew’s left shoulder.

“Now, take it slow at first so we can both enjoy it, okay?” Pam said between deep breaths.

Drew nodded and began to slowly pump in and out of Pam’s pussy. His cock was getting harder than he ever remembered, and he could almost swear it was getting longer. Pam felt him getting longer and harder, also. He had to move farther back before each thrust, and each plunge seemed to go deeper than the last.

It may have been the slowest Pam had ever been fucked, but it didn’t stop her from coming.

Within three minutes of Drew sliding into her, Pam’s pussy convulsed around his cock. Drew continued a slow, rhythmic thrust as Pam’s waves of orgasm rose and subsided.

Pam was certain Drew was going to come any second and waited for him to show some sign on his face that he was close.

But Drew’s expression didn’t change. It was a look of pain, shock, and disbelief, but he assured her it was the best feeling of his life. Pam moved into several positions on the couch, eventually ending up on his lap, straddling him. In this position, his girth was spreading her pussy wider than it had ever been spread, but she was able to control the speed.

Her pussy was beginning to get sore. The gym had paid off and her legs showed no signs of tiring and she bounced up and down on Drew’s cock. Her tits bounced in his face and he held her ass cheeks tightly, occasionally spreading them as if showing her asshole to the rest of the world. She thought this would have been over in less than five minutes, but that quickly turned into fifteen, then twenty.

“Drew, are you sure you haven’t done this before? You’re wearing me out!” Pam said with an exhausted half-smile.

“I never imagined it would feel this good!” Drew exclaimed.

He began to breath quicker as Pam bounced on him faster. She could feel his thick cock swelling and knew this time he was ready to come.

She sat up and lifted herself off his cock, then quickly kneeled between his legs.

Pam stroked his cock with both hands, guiding the tip to her lips. She doubted she would be able to get his thick girth down her throat without hurting him with her teeth. Instead, she fit as much of his member in her mouth as she could and pumped with her hands feverishly.

“I’m going to…” Drew said as he looked past his cock into Pam’s eyes.

Pam looked directly back into his as she stroked and sucked as hard as she could. She took one hand from his cock and placed it under his balls. She pushed her hand further between his ass and the seat cushion, then carefully slid a finger against his anus, rubbing firmly.

Pam’s mouth filled with come almost instantly. She was surprised at how much he was ejaculating down her throat. She had planned to spit out his semen into her glass, but his come was surprisingly palatable and she swallowed effortlessly.

Unexpectedly, Drew pulled her up and onto his lap, and kissed her deeply. She couldn’t help but rub her pussy along the shaft of his flaccid, wet cock. His kissing was more passionate this time, and she felt her pussy throb as if it had a mind of it’s own.

“That was incredible.” Drew whispered. “Did I do okay?”

“You did great, Drew. Oh my God, you did great.” Pam answered and put her face into his neck. After catching her breath, she kissed him on the cheek, then stepped of off the couch to stretch.

She looked at her reflection in the window. Her hair was only slightly mussed, but her make-up still looked good. The reflection of Terry caught her eye and she turned as he presented her with another drink.

“Having fun?” Terry asked.

“Where did Drew go?” Pam asked as she turned to find the couch empty.

“He’s very shy and hasn’t quite perfected his social skills.” Terry answered. “It looks like he’s on the right track in the bedroom skills, though.”

Pam felt embarrassed as she suddenly realized several of the young men and girls had been watching her and Drew the entire time. She was quickly reminded of Drew’s girth as the soreness in her pussy returned.

“I think I’ll take another drink, Terry. If you don’t mind, that is.” Pam said. Maybe another drink would dull the pain. She felt exhausted and figured it was time to go home. One more drink, a short rest on the couch, and she would leave.

“No problem, Pam.” Terry said. “Scotch and soda, right?”

Pam nodded and carefully sat down on the couch. She pulled the glass table closer to the couch so she could put her feet up and stretch her legs out before her.

A woman in a traditional maid outfit suddenly appeared with a cleaning bucket full of paper towels and a spray bottle. She must have been only 10 years Pam’s senior, attractive, and physically fit.

“Excuse me ma’am.” The older woman said.

Pam lifted her legs so the woman could clean the floor between the couch and the table. The woman cleaned all around Pam, respectfully wished her a good night, and then quickly disappeared to some other corner of the mansion. There was something vaguely familiar about that woman, but Pam couldn’t place it.

While Pam pondered the novelty of what had just happened, Terry arrived with a fresh drink. Pam accepted the drink with a wide smile as Terry sat next to her on the couch.

“You’re an amazing woman, Pam.” Terry started. “Why aren’t you married or have a boyfriend, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Pam paused for a moment, took a large sip from her drink, looked at Terry, and then paused again. Terry wasn’t sure what to think, so he smiled uncomfortably.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend, Terry?” Pam asked with piercing eyes.

“I think most of the guys here would kill to be your boyfriend, Pam. You kiss and suck dick better than any girl here.” Terry said. “Family gatherings might be a little awkward, though.” Terry added with a smile.

Pam smiled, but the smile quickly faded.

“So is that it? You guys invite girls here and take turns with all of them? You get them drunk so they put out and then what? Do you compare notes or something?” Pam looked almost angry.

“Something like that.” Terry said. “But let’s not kid ourselves. The girls are here to hook up with someone that might give them a better lifestyle down the road. But the chances of that happening are slim to none. They know that.”

“But they show up, anyway?” Pam asked.

“Yes. They show up, anyway.” Terry answered as if both admitting guilt and triumph at the same time. “They show up to drink, dance, laugh, and have sex with wealthy, disease-free college guys. The few that end up with one of us are usually from money, already.”

“Like me?” Pam asked.

“Like you.” Terry answered. “You’re definitely a keeper.”

Pam’s anger began to fade as Terry continued to caress her ego. He explained that she should have sex with as many of them as she wanted, and that anyone she preferred would be happy to be her personal boy-toy. To be fair, though, he thought she should give everyone a fair chance to please her.

Pam’s judgment was too cloudy to realize Terry was asking her to willingly allow herself to be with any young man that approached her that night. The idea of a personal boy-toy seemed funny to her at first. The more she thought about it, though, the more she felt like a queen surrounded by servants in this mansion that felt like her castle.

“What did you put in my drink?” Pam asked, then giggled.

Terry was barely able to conceal his surprise at this question. He smiled and said the brand of Scotch had to keep changing because she and several other guests had gone through several bottles.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Pam said as she smiled and closed her eyes.

She woke up to the feeling of a tongue in her mouth and another in her pussy.

She kicked and pushed away on the couch, and then realized she was still at the party. Kissing her mouth, face, neck and breasts was one of the young blonde girls with small tits and a really dark tan. Another girl, shorter and with well-rounded hips, was busy fingering and licking Pam’s pussy.

“What the hell are you girls doing?” Pam asked, her head feeling dizzy.

“They told us we had to go down on you if we wanted to get fucked tonight.” The blonde said from between Pam’s tits.

“Am I doing this right?” The girl between Pam’s legs asked sheepishly.

“Not really.” Pam said, disappointed.

“Well, I really like this guy, but he won’t even touch me unless I get you off.” The hippy girl said desperately. “Could you at least show me how to do this right?”

Even in her drunken state, Pam remembered what the girl in the library said about these parties being full of manipulators. She felt sorry for the girls having let themselves become manipulated into pleasuring her.

What she didn’t realize was that the girls were actually manipulating Pam into eating their pussies. The skinny, tan blonde was first to sit on the couch, spreading her legs wide for Pam.

Pam moved the glass table far enough back to allow her plenty of room between the blonde’s legs. The short, shapely girl knelt beside Pam, acting like an attentive student.

Pam proceeded to show the short girl how to kiss the area around the pussy before diving right in. When it came time to put her mouth on the blonde’s pussy, Pam wanted to make sure she did it right. The short girl was in awe at Pam’s technique and couldn’t help but finger herself as Pam brought the blonde to orgasm.

The blonde had just enough time to catch her breath when Pam told the girls to switch places. The blonde wasn’t nearly as attentive because secretly, she was already a very good pussy eater. Pam licked the short girls hairless pussy, anyway. The short girl orgasmed almost immediately, but the blonde girl said it happened too fast to see what Pam had been doing.

Frustrated, Pam let the short girl relax for a moment before repeating the process. The blonde, in the meantime, repositioned herself behind Pam and began kissing Pam’s ass cheeks.

Pam wasn’t sure if this was part of the manipulation, so she allowed to blonde to kiss and lick her back, ass, and legs while she continued to lick the short girls pussy.

The blonde pushed down on the small of Pam’s back, making Pam’s ass cheeks spread and angle upward. Suddenly, Pam felt the blonde’s tongue in her pussy, and the blonde’s nose in her asshole.

Pam shuddered, but wasn’t quite to the point of orgasm. It was unexpected, but it felt good.

She angled her ass downward and the blonde’s tongue slipped into Pam’s asshole.

The short girl began bucking under Pam’s mouth as Pam brought her closer to another orgasm.

Pam’s ass cheeks began to shake as the blonde’s tongue swirled deeper into her anus.

The blonde slid three fingers in Pam’s pussy and began to pump them in and out as she continued to lick Pam’s asshole.

The blonde moaned into Pam’s asshole as a young black man came up behind her and penetrated hers.

“Oh fuck, yes!” The blonde said through gritted teeth.

Pam was shocked at the savageness of the young black man. She continued to eat the short girls pussy despite being hit in the ass several times by the blonde’s face. The short girl had another, more intense orgasm and collapsed on the couch.

Pam sat on the couch next to the short girl.

“Think you got it?” Pam asked.

The short girl looked up at Pam and smiled. The girl then slid to the floor and got between Pam’s legs. “I guess I better try out what I learned, right?”

Pam moved over on the couch so the short girl would not get in the way of the wildly ass-fucked skinny blonde next to her. No sooner did the short girl put her mouth on Pam’s pussy than another young man appeared behind the short girl.

The second young man was white, but incredibly muscular. He bent down behind the short girl and tongued her asshole. She responded by arching her back and angling her ass higher. She licked and fingered Pam’s pussy like a professional, and Pam couldn’t help but find herself approaching another orgasm.

As if to make sure Pam had a clear view, the young muscular man stood up and spread his legs. His cock was average in size, but looked small compared to his large frame. He bent his knees and squatted, pushing his cock downward. He squatted lower and lower until the head of his dick disappeared into the short girls asshole. He looked up at Pam and smiled as he stood up slightly. He then squatted, entering the short girls asshole again.

“Oh fuck, finally!” The short girl mumbled into Pam’s pussy.

The muscular young man’s squats became lower and lower, causing more of his cock to disappear into the short girls ass with each thrust. He pushed the full length of his dick into her ass and leaned forward to hold the short girl’s shoulders. Once he found his footing, the young muscle man began to pump furiously into the short girls bottom.

He looked into Pam’s eyes. “Do you like that, slut?”

“Yes.” Pam and the short girl answered simultaneously.

Pam reached down and pulled the short girls head toward her pussy, smashing the girls nose and mouth against her clitoris as she rode her first wave of an intense orgasm.

The short girl groaned as she felt the muscle boy unload his come deep in her bowels, triggering her own orgasm.

“Holy fuck, that was hot!” Danny said from behind the couch.

When Pam caught her breath, she quickly stood up and asked Danny to show her to the restroom. She really had to go, but it didn’t stop her from glancing at Danny’s long, thick cock bouncing in front of him as he walked. She momentarily looked over her shoulder and could have sworn she saw the blonde and short girl sucking the dicks that had just been in their butts.

“Gross.” Pam thought to herself.

The bathroom was very elegant, and Pam thought she would really enjoy taking a bath in the huge tub.

“Maybe some other time.” Pam whispered.

As Pam sat on the toilet, the skinny, tan blonde suddenly appeared. The blonde reached in the cabinet under the vanity for a small overnight bag. She pulled a toothbrush from the bag and began brushing her teeth before looking in the mirror and seeing Pam sitting on the toilet behind her.

“Holy shit! You scared the fuck out of me!” The blonde said with a mouth full of toothpaste.

“Sorry. Nature calls.” Pam said sheepishly. “Are you brushing your teeth because you performed oral sex on the guy that was just in your butt?”

“Yeah,” The blonde answered, still brushing. “That, and because I had my tongue up yours.”

Pam was a little surprised. She always thought she kept herself clean down there, although today was the first time anyone put their mouth on her anus.

“Wasn’t it clean?” Pam asked. She almost forgot where she was when several plop-plop sounds came from beneath her.

“Well, cleaner than it is now.” The blonde smiled. She spit the rest of her toothpaste out, rinsed her toothbrush, and then touched up her make-up and lipstick. Pam recognized the brand as she had the entire collection at home.

When the blonde was finished, she packed up her little bag and placed it back in the cabinet under the vanity. She pulled something else out and handed it to Pam.

“An enema kit?” Pam asked.

“Hey, you never know when you might want to be really clean down there.” The blonde said cautiously. “Follow it up with this and you’ll be ready for anything.”

“Flavor gel?” Pam asked. “What’s this?”

“You rub it on a guy’s dick if you don’t think you’ll like his taste. It also works great as a lubricant.” The blonde said as if she was selling Mary Kay. “Squirt it up your ass and you kill two birds with one stone.”

Pam had never heard of such a thing. In hindsight, though, she figured that’s why the girls didn’t mind sucking the dicks that had just been in their butts.

She wasn’t ready to be poked or prodded in the ass, but she liked having her asshole licked.

She liked it a lot.

Pam waited for the skinny girl to leave before wiping and flushing.

She decided the enema would make her asshole as clean as it could be, and she might use just a touch of flavor gel as a surprise for any tongues wandered down there.

She followed the directions on the package and within 15 minutes, felt completely refreshed.

Pam took a quick shower, making sure she didn’t get her hair wet. She reached under the vanity and found enough make-up to touch up her face. She decided to go a little heavier on the eye shadow and before she knew it, she went from pretty, to undeniably sexy. Maybe even slutty.

Danny was waiting for her outside the bathroom door.

“What takes you girls so long?” He asked.

“Just had to freshen up a bit.” Pam smiled as she gazed at his semi-erect cock.

“It’s not polite to stare, Pam.” Danny kidded.

“Sorry, but your cock is very attractive. I’m not an expert on them — even after tonight – but for some reason, I can’t stop looking at it. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” Pam said.

“That’s okay. As long as you’re looking at it because you like it.” Danny smiled. “Are you glad you came?”

“To the party?” Pam giggled at the pun. “Yes, it’s been very… enlightening.”

“Pam, would you like to go somewhere more private?” Danny asked.

Pam found Danny very attractive. He had an excellent body. Tan. Nice hair. Great smile. Beautiful cock.

“Is there anywhere private in this house?” Pam whispered in Danny’s ear. She reached down and stroked his cock lightly as his hand found the crack of her ass.

“Follow me.” Danny said excitedly.

Danny led Pam down one hall after another. They climbed a flight of stairs and walked down two more halls. He opened a set of French doors, revealing an ornate bedroom that could have been decorated in the 1700′s.

“Wow! Are we even supposed to be in here?” Pam asked like a little schoolgirl.

“It’s reserved for our special guests and special occasions. I think this qualifies for both.” Danny said expertly.

He picked up Pam like a husband carrying his bride and gently placed her on the bed.

He kissed her deeply, and she kissed him back. His cock became immediately erect and Pam wasted no time engulfing it her mouth.

Danny positioned Pam on top of him while he moved between her legs. Pam’s head quickly moved up and down, taking the full length of his shaft down her throat. Danny wasn’t sure where she had been hiding her newfound energy, but he wasn’t about to ask her.

He pulled her ass down to his face and allowed his mouth and nose to be smothered by her pussy. He licked, nibbled, and sucked at her pussy lips and clit until she began grinding her ass into his face. Danny was sure that Pam was trying to break his nose with her pussy, but the grinding stopped as she rode out her first orgasm with him.

“I’m going to come!” Danny said to Pam from between her legs.

“Mmmmmm!” Pam hummed as she swallowed and sucked the come from his cock.

“I could suck this cock all night, Danny!” Pam said.

“Don’t you want to fuck?” Danny said, almost disappointed.

“Of course, Danny. What position would you like me in, first?” Pam asked as she scooped the last of his orgasm into her mouth. “I hear there’s sixty-nine of them.”

Danny smiled at her and pushed her onto her back. His cock remained stiff enough to guide itself into her cunt as he mounted her in the classic missionary position. Pam smiled as his cock felt as good as it looked. He fucked her at a steady pace for close to ten minutes, bringing her to orgasm twice.

He turned her over and fucked her doggy-style for several more minutes. While not as comfortable as the missionary position, she took delight in the fact that Danny was enjoying the incredible view.

Danny spit on her asshole and rubbed his thumb around her anus. Pam enjoyed the feeling, but shrieked when he pushed his thumb into her ass.

“Ouch! Danny, no!” Pam yelled.

Danny, who was not used to hearing the word ‘no’, became both angry and embarrassed.

He pulled his cock from Pam’s pussy and climbed off the bed.

“Wait, Danny!” Pam cried out. “I’m sorry. I just wasn’t ready for that! Danny?!?”

Danny had already left the room. He walked briskly down the hall, to the stairs, and back to the main party room.

Pam sat in the bed feeling sorry for herself.

She really liked Danny. She could see herself fantasizing about him the way that Drew fantasized about her.

“What’s my problem?” Pam asked herself. “It’s just my asshole. All the girls are doing it.” She chuckled to herself.

She lay back on the bed and raised her knees. She reached under her ass with one hand and carefully slid a finger into her asshole.

She liked the feeling.

She slid a second finger into her ass and pushed the two in a little further.

Not too bad.

She pulled her fingers out and brought them to her mouth. She was going to lick them to see if she could push them into her ass further with the help of saliva, but paused to sniff them, first. Surprisingly, they didn’t smell.

She put her fingers in her mouth, not sure what she would taste. There was a faint taste of the flavor gel she had rubbed on her anus, but that was all.

Pam climbed out of bed and walked aimlessly down the halls looking for the stairway.

It took her twenty minutes, but she finally found her way down to the elegant bathroom.

She found the tube of flavor gel the skinny blonde introduced, and squirted the entire contents into her anus.

She walked out of the bathroom to the main party room, and walked directly up to Danny.

“Fuck my ass, Danny!” Pam said in front of at least a dozen people. “Fuck me in the ass right now!”

Danny had been talking to another girl who was sitting on his friend’s lap — no doubt with his cock up her ass — when he turned to see a very excited, and somewhat crazed Pam.

He walked towards an overstuffed chair and she met him there.

“I’m sorry, Danny.” Pam said. “I didn’t mean to yell at you upstairs.”

“It’s okay, Pam. I over-reacted.” Danny smiled nervously. “Can I get you a drink?”

“You can get me that cock, Danny.” Pam said as she rubbed up against him. “Fuck me any way you want, okay?”

“Anyway?” Danny asked menacingly.

“Any. Way.” Pam said as she dropped to her knees and coaxed his cock to erection.

Danny sat Pam in the chair and eased her legs back as he pushed his cock in her pussy.

Pam was quick to orgasm and locked her legs behind his back as she rode wave after wave.

When she unlocked her legs, he knelt between her legs and nibbled at her clit, causing her to spasm uncontrollably.

He let his tongue wander lower and lightly flicked at her asshole.

Pam absolutely enjoyed having her asshole licked and Danny didn’t disappoint.

When his tongue became tired, though, he stood up and had Pam spit on his dick. He then pushed her legs back and pressed the head of his cock against her sphincter.

Pam looked Danny in the eye. “I’ve never done this before, Danny, but I want you to be the first.”

Danny pushed the head of his cock past her anus and Pam gasped in pain.

“Relax… relax.” Danny whispered. “Breath.”

Pam took a deep breath, and as she exhaled, Danny pushed in a little more.

“Does it get any easier?” Pam asked.

“Yes. Easier – and – more enjoyable.” Danny assured her and pushed another inch inside her.

Once he had about four inches buried in her ass, he pulled back slowly, and then eased back in. When he discovered Pam had lubed her asshole, he moved a little faster and a little deeper.

Pam grunted and groaned, but didn’t complain.

Danny pulled out of her ass and stood up.

“Suck my cock for awhile.” Danny said as he looked down at her.

Without hesitation, Pam dropped to her knees on the floor and took his entire length down her throat. She sucked his cock for several minutes before Danny pulled her back onto the chair.

“Let me fuck your ass some more.” Danny directed.

Pam pulled her legs back and watched as Danny guided his dick back into her asshole.

He pushed further into her ass until the entire length of his cock was inside her.

Pam rubbed her pussy feverishly as Danny began to pump his entire length in and out of her ass.

Danny pulled out of her ass and stood up again.

Pam instinctively dropped to the floor on her knees and engulfed his throbbing member.

She deep throated his cock and squeezed her tits until he pulled her back onto the overstuffed chair.

Pam pulled her legs back again, and watched with incredible curiosity as Danny shoved the entire length of his cock into her ass. He held it there motionless for several seconds, and then pulled out completely. A few seconds later, he pushed the entire length back inside her, repeating the process five or six more times. When he pulled out and stepped back, Pam knew it was time to suck his cock again.

This time, he filled her mouth with come, but she didn’t swallow. Not at first.

She opened her mouth to show Danny how much he had spewed in her mouth, then swallowed hard. She opened her mouth again, to show Danny that she swallowed everything, and then proceeded to suck his cock back to erection.

Danny alternated between her ass and mouth over the next twenty minutes, coming in her mouth three more times.

Finally, Danny was worn out.

“Pam, you’re incredible.” Danny said, exhausted.

“You need to take a break?” Pam asked. “I think it’s getting easier AND enjoyable, just like you said!”

“I’m glad you like getting fucked in the ass and swallowing my come, Pam.” Danny said.

“But I think it’s time for me to say goodnight.” He leaned over and kissed Pam on the cheek, then the forehead. He shook hands with the other remaining young men at the party, and kissed the remaining girls on the cheek. A butler appeared and handed Danny his clothes, then quickly left the room.

Pam watched as Danny dressed and waved good-bye.

Terry was quick to bring Pam another drink.

“Cheers!” Terry said happily. “You are one incredible woman, Pam.”

“Oh Jesus, you saw all that?” Pam asked, embarrassed. She took the glass and thought twice about sitting down.

“Nothing to be ashamed of, Pam.” Terry assured her. “You looked beautiful the entire time.”

“Terry, I’d ask if you were trying to get in my pants, but I’m not wearing any.” Pam giggled.

“Well, I think a few of the other guys wanted to be next, if you’re willing to let them pleasure you.” Terry smartly answered.

“Really? They want to pleasure me?” Pam asked. “Terry, are you sure it’s not the other way around?”

“Pam, you pick and choose who you want to be with.” Terry said. “Remember, we’d all like to be your boyfriend.”

“Do they teach you to say things like that?” Pam asked.

Terry just smiled and introduced a few more of his friends to Pam. Some were black. Some were white. One was Asian, and another could have been Samoan. Some were circumcised and some were not. All of them were well groomed and very handsome.

She stood and talked with each of them. She secretly decided the Asian was too small and the Samoan was too big. The cock on one of the white boys looked unusually crooked and thought that might be too painful for both of them. Another white boy’s cock wouldn’t stop dripping come on the floor. The maid repeatedly appeared to clean up the small puddle in front of him as if she was trying to avoid a lawsuit.

The drip reminded Pam of the condoms, so she asked the four or five remaining young men if they had any. One of the black boys did, as did two other white boys.

Pam pulled the black boy with a condom to another corner of the room and carefully sat next to him. The extra strong drink Terry had given her seemed to dull the pain of her stretched asshole.

The other young men watched from the opposite corner of the room as Pam engulfed the black boys small penis, transforming it into a long black rod. She looked bored as the black boy tried to return the favor by going down on her. Out of obligation, Pam pulled the black boy on top of her and waited patiently for him to reach orgasm. Less than ten minutes later, Pam escorted the black boy back to his friends.

The black boy was embarrassed at how pathetically he performed. He quickly said his goodbyes and left the room with his clothes under his arm. The Asian and Samoan soon followed. The party seemed to be dying down as only a few people remained.

Pam looked around and found one girl jerking off two guys at once while another guy was underneath her, licking her pussy. Another girl was bent over the couch having her ass pounded by a black boy. She looked around some more, but didn’t see any other girls.

More of the young men said their goodbyes, and Pam returned to the bathroom to touch up her make-up.

Pam didn’t think she had been in the bathroom for very long, but when she came out, the lights were out and the music was off.

“Hello?” Pam asked quietly. “Is anybody here?”

“Just a few of us, Pam.” Terry said quietly. He was fully clothed.

“Are you leaving already?” Pam asked. “Can I catch a ride with you?”

“I’ve already called for a taxi for you, Pam. Your dress and shoes are in the foyer closet.” Terry smiled at her. “Taxi should be here in about an hour.”

Pam smiled and leaned over to kiss him, but Terry turned his head causing her to kiss his cheek. He smiled again and waved goodbye as he closed the door behind him.

Pam was beside herself. She had an hour to sit around and wait. She wondered who was left, not necessarily to fuck, but to talk to. With the lights out, and music off, the mansion seemed a little scary to Pam. She wandered into the kitchen to make herself another drink but couldn’t find any bottles of alcohol. She looked in the trashcan and found several empty bottles of the cheapest Scotch. She also found an empty prescription bottle.

“Had they been drugging us all night?” Pam thought. “Or were they just drugging me?”

One of the remaining young men stepped in from the back terrace, startling Pam.

“Sorry.” He said. “I didn’t know anyone else was still here.”

“I’m waiting on a taxi. I’m Pam.” She said and held out her hand.

“Hello Pam. I’m Stephen.” He said, shaking her hand.

Stephen was dressed in a bathrobe, but offered to take it off if it would make Pam feel more comfortable.

“Actually, I should probably just get dressed — in case the taxi arrives early.” Pam said.

She walked toward the foyer, but didn’t see any adjoining closets. Stephen offered to help her look in several other rooms, in case she had misunderstood what Terry had said, but her dress and shoes were nowhere to be found.

“Maybe the maid took my dress.” Pam said.

“She might have, but she’s gone for the night. She usually takes the dry cleaning with her and brings it back the following weekend.” Stephen said.

“The following weekend?” How am I supposed to get home? In a bathrobe?” Pam was becoming frantic.

“Look, I’ll pay the taxi driver to be very discreet, okay?” Stephen calmed her. “In the meantime, what do you say we enjoy each other’s company on the back terrace?”

Pam walked with him to the back terrace. It was a beautiful night. He took off his bathrobe and spread it on a stone bench overlooking the estate garden. A cool breeze caused Pam to sit a little closer to Stephen to stay warm. He rubbed her shoulders and her arms, and she rubbed his toned stomach and legs.

Before she realized what she was doing, she had his cock in her mouth and his fingers in her pussy and asshole. She had no idea what came over her. She hardly knew any of the men she had been with tonight and they had done more to her than any man she had ever known.

Stephen pulled his cock from her mouth and moved between her legs. He lifted her feet to his mouth and licked her toes as he buried his eight-inch cock in her pussy.

Pam felt like she was in heaven. His cock felt fantastic and he knew exactly where to place it to make her come.

He continued to fuck her through her orgasm and Pam yelled with delight.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Harder!” Pam shouted.

“Do you like anal, Pam?” Stephen asked.

“I’m starting to love anal. Do you want to fuck my ass, Stephen?” Pam asked with sweat beading on her forehead.

“Doesn’t everyone?” Stephen answered as he pushed all eight inches into her asshole.

Pam gasped, but quickly relaxed. She guided Stephen in and out of her ass at the speed of her choosing.

“Oh yes! That’s it! Fuck my ass!” Pam was feeling faint.

Stephen fucked several of the girls in the ass earlier in the evening, but Pam was definitely the most animated. She was also lucky to have caught him right out of the shower, as the other girls had to contend with sucking his dick right after it had been in someone else’s ass.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to come! I’m going to come from you fucking my ass!” Pam yelled.

And she did come. Hard. She came so hard she was practically crying.

“I’m close, too.” Stephen whispered.

“Come in my mouth. Come in my mouth!” Pam sounded crazed.

Stephen pulled his long cock from her ass but before he could wipe it off on the bathrobe, she was kneeling in front of him and jerking his come onto her tongue.

When it looked like the last spurt had left his cock, she swallowed and placed as much of his cock down her throat as possible. She held it there for several seconds, and then pulled it out.

Stephen pulled her up onto her feet and kissed her fully on the lips.

“That was a perfect end to a perfect evening, Pam.” He kissed her again and quickly stepped inside.

She watched as he disappeared from view, and then wiped her mouth on the sleeve of the bathrobe he left behind. A brown streak smeared the bathrobe.

“Oh god, is that shit?” Pam asked herself.

There was a rustle in the bushes and Pam jumped.

Was someone actually hiding in the bushes watching her?

“Relax. I was just taking a leak.” A voice said from the bushes.

One of the remaining young men — a black boy — stepped out from behind one of the taller bushes. He had seen her swallow Stephen’s load without skipping a beat and that apparently had turned him on. His thick erection stood out in front of him nearly ten inches.

“Come here, Pam. Let’s go for a walk.” The young black man said.

Pam started to feel the effects of the seven or eight drinks that Terry had made for her wear off. She stood up and followed the young black man out to the patio. She wasn’t really sure where she was going, but she had a feeling she was about to get fucked and that long black dick looked painful.

He stopped on the darker side of the patio, not visible to the grand room, and Pam leaned over to kiss him. He quickly turned her around and bent her over, holding her arms at the wrists.

“I didn’t bring you over here to kiss you, Pam,” the young black man said.

He kicked her feet apart, almost as if he were a police officer conducting a search. He pushed her further down, holding her arms up and behind her back. As drunk as she may have been earlier, she instantly sobered and became afraid.

The young black man shifted his hips slightly and she felt his long shaft enter her pussy.

She let out a little moan and he pulled her arms up higher, causing Pam intense pain.

“Shut up, bitch. Don’t you get off on my dick. You better not get off, yet,” he said.

But it was too late. His long, deep thrusts into her pussy felt so good, she began to shake and her pussy tightened around his shaft.

“I fuckin’ warned you, Pam,” he said, and then removed his long dick from her pussy and quickly pushed it into her asshole.

Pam cried out in pain, both from his long dick in her ass and from her arms being pulled up behind her. He fucked her asshole hard and fast. Her tits hung like udders. He’d occasionally let go of one arm to slap or squeeze one of them. He slapped her ass several times, leaving red handprints all over her ass cheeks.

Just when she was sure she would pass out from the pain, another young man stepped in front of her. His cock was smooth and thick, and his balls looked like they had been recently shaved. There was something very familiar about his dick, and as she looked up, she froze in terror.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” David asked, knowing full well what she was doing.

Pam couldn’t speak. She was being fucked so hard that her tits were swaying all over the place and she could barely stay standing.

The black boy in her ass pounded harder and Pam could feel his dick swell inside her. Within moments, she could feel spurt after spurt of his come leaving his body, traveling through his cock, and filling her bowels. He paused momentarily as he let his balls drain.

Pam panted, somewhat relieved that it was over, and smiled as she waited for the black boy to remove his long cock from her ass. Her smile quickly faded as he began to thrust into her ass again. Pam grimaced as she felt his long tool throb and stiffen.

“No more! Please!” Pam begged.

“Don’t worry. We’ll talk later.” David said as he stepped forward and put the head of his dick in Pam’s mouth. He took another step closer, forcing more of his handsome cock in her mouth. She was not in a position to object, and reluctantly deep-throated David’s cock for almost ten minutes. David watched as she easily inhaled his full length, held it in her throat for several seconds, and then allowed him to pull back out.

“Mom, you always did suck a great dick, didn’t you?” David said.

She wasn’t being worshiped like a queen. She was being abused. Even though both of these young men were incredibly attractive, they had no respect for her. She had become their plaything, and Pam worried that they didn’t take care of their toys. She looked at David with his dick down her throat. Her eyes showed just a hint of fear, although Pam tried to remain expressionless. No matter how good his cock tasted, she was still afraid.

The young black man finally stopped for a few seconds to let Pam catch her breath, and then pulled her up with her back against his chest. His long dick was still firmly seated in her bowels as he lifted her from under her legs and began raising and lowering her on his long shaft. Pam’s arms fell limp at her sides. They were completely useless and Pam felt completely helpless.

David stepped forward and pushed her legs back farther, rubbing his dick against her clit.

He guided his cock into her pussy and Pam shrieked from the sensation of both cocks being inside her at the same time. He quickly put a hand on her throat and squeezed firmly.

Pam was afraid for her life. She began to squirm, but he only tightened his grip around her throat. She thought she was about to pass out, but David relaxed his grip in time for her to come back to her senses.

Her legs flopped wildly as the two young men slid her up and down on their shafts.

Something about this position triggered an unknown pleasure for Pam, but she fought to conceal it. There was no doubt in her mind that her stepson and his friend were raping her. But at the same time, the two cocks, separated by the thin membrane between her pussy and asshole, felt incredible sliding in and out of her.

“Oh, fuck!” Pam blurted out. She was ashamed as soon as the words left her lips, but she couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I told you she’d like two dick in her at the same time!” The black boy said. “Didn’t I tell you?”

“Is that true, mom?” David asked. “Do you like riding two cocks at the same time?”

“I hate you, David!” Pam said hoarsely. “Fuck! Oh fuck! Fill me up with your cocks, damn it!”

David put his hand on Pam’s throat, but this time he did not let go. She felt as if she was going deaf as she felt David fill her pussy with his come. Seconds later, she felt the black boy shooting another load into her bowels — and then she blacked out.

Pam woke up several hours later. She was naked, but in her own bed. She smelled of lilacs, which was the fragrance of the body wash she frequently used.

She tried with great difficulty to get out of bed and was shocked to see bruises all over her body. Many of the bruises were between her legs.

She hobbled to the toilet and was surprised to see blood in the crotch of her underwear. She still had periods, but they occurred less frequently thanks to her doctor’s prescription. She wasn’t due for two more weeks. As she sat and peed, she realized the blood had been coming from her asshole, not her pussy. She stuffed several pieces of toilet paper in the crotch of her underwear and stood up. She looked in the bathroom mirror and thought she looked like she’d been run over by a truck.

Pam walked into the living room and couldn’t believe what she saw. The room was full of flowers. Many of the arrangements were designed for Mother’s Day. They were all fresh and beautiful. She pulled one of the notes from a bouquet.

“Thank you for sucking my cock after I fucked you in the ass. Love, Stephen.”

She pulled another note. This one was very similar, but from Danny. Another from Terry, and yet another from Drew. There were at least thirty flower arrangements. She only remembered fifteen boys at the party.

“Could some of these be from the girls?” She wondered.

She looked at several more notes, and there were names she didn’t recognize.

One bouquet stood out, though. The note was from David.

“Dear Pam,

You put on quite a show last night, and I though you’d want to remember it, so I video recorded every minute. I even recorded you wiping your ass. Very sexy, Pam.

My mother — my REAL mother — and I think you’ve enjoyed dad’s money long enough, and now we think my mother deserves her share.

Whenever it’s convenient for you, please make a donation in the account listed below and we might forget last night ever happened. But, please don’t take too long thinking about this, Pam. If mother gets upset, she’ll be tempted to send out a DVD of your escapades to all of your friends and relatives whenever possible. Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day… you name it. If you think we’re bluffing, we left a copy in your machine. Just press play and enjoy.

Remember to make the donation substantial.

Thanks “mom”!


Pam was furious, but also helpless. She walked to the 60″ TV in the living room and found the remote for the DVD player. She pressed play and watched as she walked away from the taxi and bounced up the stairs to the front door of the mansion.

She pressed the fast forward button and watched as she went down on more guys than she remembered. David even had a camera inside the toilet. She felt sick.

She pressed the menu button on the remote and could see that David had categorized the scenes by blowjob, fuck, anal, ass-to-mouth, girl-girl, MMF, and bukake. He also numbered the scenes. There were thirty-five of them.

Pam ran upstairs to her bedroom closet and rifled through some of her late husbands old shoeboxes. There, in one of the boxes, was a picture of his ex-wife. She dropped the photo and began to laugh and cry at the same time.

“I thought I recognized that maid from somewhere.” Pam said to herself. “I thought I was fucked last night, but guess I’m really fucked now. That son-of-a-bitch!”

LindieLindie had no trouble finding a boyfriend. Boys were practically drawn to her. Some would even say helplessly drawn to her. Some of the boys were the boyfriends of her girlfriends. Girls she had known since kindergarten began to keep their distance for fear of losing their next boyfriend, or the next, to Lindie. They knew it wasn’t Lindie’s fault. It wasn’t like she pranced around like a tease to get their attention. The girls just knew it was something else. Something… different.

Before Lindie graduated from high school, her parents, both in their fifties, passed away within weeks of each other. They both died in their sleep. Her mother, a schoolteacher for twenty-five years, and her father, an expert carpenter for thirty, both died knowing they raised three lovely, smart, and special girls.

Lindie was traumatized by her loss. Her oldest sister was now remarried and getting on with her life. The middle sister was somewhere in Europe on what seemed to be a never-ending vacation. Her parents left her enough money to finish college, but not much else. She knew she’d survive, but for the moment, Lindie felt very alone.

The town being as small as it was, felt Lindie was mature enough to take care of herself after her parents died. The mayor and sheriff knew Lindie’s family for years, and thought it would be less traumatic if they let her finish school without having to be pulled from her home and placed in foster care until she was eighteen. Lindie didn’t make them regret their decision. On the outside, Lindie was “business as usual.” On the inside, she felt more changes coming on than any of her friends would ever experience.

She began dating at the age of eighteen. Her mother had asked her to wait until she was eighteen, even though she knew Lindie’s friends had been dating much earlier.

Lindie honored her mother’s wish, but when she finally started dating, one would have thought she was making up for lost time. Lindie had a date almost every night of the week — and sometimes two dates in one night.

To the dismay of the first few dozen boys that dated her, Lindie did not put out. They were lucky just to get a kiss from her — at least at first. Kissing so many boys taught Lindie how to be an excellent kisser, and for most of the boys, that was enough. More determined young men introduced Lindie to alcohol in its various forms, and Lindie obliged them by drinking like a fish. The odd thing, though, was that Lindie never got drunk. Ever.

Lindie found the female form much more attractive than males, but figured it would be a long time before she pursued another girl. She knew she was already somewhat of an involuntary celebrity because she never had a period (although she tried to fake it once a month by buying tampons at the busiest times). Her avoidance of the sun was putting her on the path to becoming the town outcast. She didn’t want to run down that path any faster by coming out as a lesbian or bi-sexual.

As strange as Lindie had become, it didn’t stem the flow of boys (and even some older men) wanting to be near her, with her, and inside her. For several months, she had dozens of boys and young men masturbating within minutes of finishing their dates with her. She’d let them feel her breasts and even let them slide a finger or two into her tight pussy, but that was it. She’d grope at their groins through their pants, but if they made any attempt to take their pants off, the date was over.

That all changed with Trevor Jones.

Lindie was asked to tutor Tammy Jones, Trevor’s younger sister, so she wouldn’t fall behind the rest of her class. In addition to being the next generation’s party girl, Tammy was also very cute. Lindie couldn’t say no.

As his girlfriend feared, Trevor eventually came around to taking an interest in Lindie.

Trevor was the star high school quarterback and was being offered partial scholarships to several colleges. He was also used to getting what he wanted, and for now, he wanted Lindie.

Lindie showed up at the Jones’ residence three hours earlier than her scheduled tutor time.

Trevor said that he had something he wanted to show her, and asked if she could come over early.

Lindie knew he wanted to make out with her, and most likely feel her up, which she recently began to enjoy. What she didn’t know was that Trevor had finally figured out the combination to his father’s tool chest where he suspected his father hid various forms of pornography.

Trevor’s suspicions turned out to be true. His father, a part-time fireman and part-time town handyman, had several videotapes and magazines hidden under the top tray of his toolbox. Over the course of several days and nights, he sampled each of the tapes, and made copies of the scenes he wanted to show Lindie.

Lindie was surprised to find Trevor home alone and wondered how much trouble he would get into when his parents found out he had a girl alone in the house with him. Then again, she reminded herself, this was “Trevor Jones, star quarterback” and he could do no wrong.

Although she had gone on dates with Trevor for almost three weeks, she had never been in his bedroom until now. As expected, it was full of sports paraphernalia, dirty socks, and posters of girls almost as pretty as Lindie.

Something caught Lindie’s eye, though, as she walked into his room and she froze in place. She stood there, motionless, like a wolf hearing and smelling it’s next meal far off in the woods.

Trevor was too busy fumbling with the video recorder to notice the momentary loss of color in Lindie’s face, hands, and arms.

But she noticed.

If someone had scanned Trevor’s room with a black light, they would have seen the same semen stains that Lindie was able to see with her unaided eyes. His sheets. His underwear. His socks? Lindie could also see a faint glow on the jeans Trevor was wearing. Was he masturbating before she arrived? She could not only see the semen, but she could smell it. To Lindie, though, the smell was not foul. Instead, it smelled like cold, fresh air after a spring rain.

As Trevor was looking for the remote to the VCR, she took in another deep breath. As she did, she watched as the blue-green veins in her arms turned a deep purple and her tan skin turned porcelain white. She exhaled quickly and her color returned. “No more deep breaths,” she thought to herself. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her, but she knew it was probably going to be something weird.

Trevor was not only easy on the eyes, he also knew how to finger a girl to orgasm. He had brought Lindie to the brink of orgasm twice in the last three weeks, but either his arm became tired or someone interrupted them before she could experience the sensation of climax. She told Trevor that if he were able to get her off, she’d be willing to try and return the favor.

Knowing that Lindie was a virgin (as everyone in town seemed to know), he figured she might need to watch a training video to see how the “pro’s” did things. As he pushed the tape into the front of the VCR, Lindie could see two sets of semen-tainted fingerprints on the face of the tape. Apparently, father and son had similar tastes in porn.

Lindie watched the tape with great interest. The semen on the video did not have the same shimmer as the semen she could see in Trevor’s room. Was the porno come fake?

When she was much younger, she once watched a piano player in a fine restaurant with similar fascination. When the piano player finished his set, she asked him to explain how he knew which keys to press and when. By the time the piano player finished his next set, she left her oldest sister and her sister’s first husband at the table and asked if she could try.

To the embarrassment of the piano player, Lindie played flawlessly.

She had a similar experience in art class only a year ago.

She avoided publicly playing the piano or painting for fear of drawing further attention to her unique abilities.

Forty-five minutes later, the tape was over.

“Do you want me to drink your come, Trevor?” Lindie asked as if she was waiting for Trevor to ask her for a favor. The tape showed various forms of traditional and non-traditional sexual positions and situations, including double-penetration and anal sex, but the majority of the selected scenes involved men coming in women’s mouths and on their faces.

“Do you have to put it that way?” Trevor asked, taken aback by Lindie’s forwardness.

She smiled as she stood up from the bed and raised her denim skirt.

“I wore this so your arm wouldn’t get so tired so quickly,” Lindie said with a grin. “Remember our agreement?”

Trevor nodded as he watched Lindie hook a thumb on each side of her panties and slide them down her legs. She turned, giving Trevor a clear view of her pussy and asshole as she stepped out of her panties. She let her skirt fall back down around her waist, and then hopped onto the bed.

“Do you think you could put your mouth on me the way the men put their mouths on those girls in that video?” Lindie asked. Trevor nodded. He trembled with anticipation knowing he was about to put his mouth where no other man had been before.

Lindie lifted her butt and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She slid a finger into her pussy, swirled it around, and then put her finger in her mouth, purring exactly the way the actress did moments earlier in the video.

Trevor kissed her as patiently as he could manage. He was no stranger to eating pussy, or having sex, but he was fairly certain that he hadn’t been with any virgins — except one. He didn’t want to rush right in. He knew if he took his time, she’d be begging him to do this in the future.

When Trevor’s tongue finally found Lindie’s clit, she was beside herself. She allowed him to slide his middle and ring fingers into her pussy, and his pinky into her asshole. His mouth felt like it was on fire compared to her cold skin. He pinched her clit between his teeth and quickly flicked his tongue over it, pausing occasionally with the firm pressure of a flat tongue before flicking it again. The muscles in her legs became hard as steel and her toes curled as she felt her orgasm building.

Trevor pumped his fingers into her more rapidly as he continued to suck and nibble at her clitoris.

Lindie took several deep breaths and then let out a deafening, unearthly scream. Trevor felt the bones breaking in the three fingers in her pussy and anus as she spasmed with each wave of her orgasm. He would have heard glass breaking and car alarms going off it hadn’t been for his busted eardrums.

As she calmed down, Trevor tried to read her lips, but knew she was saying how sorry she was about his fingers. She looked worried, too. Blood was coming from his eardrums and his eyes were both bloodshot. She thought she should call an ambulance, but even in his current condition, Trevor would not be denied his blowjob.

Lindie was certain Trevor was in shock. She tried to calm him down, but he kept grabbing her head with his good hand, ordering her to fulfill her end of the bargain. There was no consoling him. She kneeled at his feet as he sat on the edge of the bed.

She quickly undid the fly of his jeans, watching as the denim shredded before her eyes.

Her nails had momentarily become razor sharp and his jeans simply fell from his waist. Her claws scratched deep enough to draw blood as she pulled down his underwear, exposing his handsome, eight-inch member.

Trevor stood up and she carefully placed his cock in her hand, taking a closer look at it. It shimmered in her eyes as it was covered in pre-come. She sniffed at it, and could smell every girl or woman he had ever been with. Five of them. Four of them she knew. One of them was very familiar. Before she could place the scent, Trevor pulled her head back with his good hand.

“After all this, you better fucking swallow, Lindie.” Trevor said as he hit her in the nose with his wet cock.

They were both startled by a growl, and were both startled again when they simultaneously realized the growl came from Lindie.

Lindie took a deep breath and began salivating in anticipation of sucking Trevor’s cock. She released his member from her hand and opened her mouth invitingly. Trevor, now in a trance, carefully placed his dick between two razor sharp sets of teeth. She closed her lips around his shaft and gently caressed the underside of his cock with her tongue.

She reached behind him and gently squeezed his ass cheeks in her hands.

Lindie was performing this blowjob like she had been doing it all eighteen years of her life.

Trevor froze for a moment as he felt something swirling around his anus. He looked down to see Lindie still sucking his cock slowly but wonderfully. Her hands were still on his ass cheeks, now spreading them farther. Her tongue slid from under his shaft to his balls, and then penetrated his asshole.

He looked down at Lindie’s pale face and she smiled, baring razor sharp upper teeth. His heart raced and he began to shake as he orgasmed uncontrollably. Lindie sucked like someone gasping for air, and swallowed as much semen as Trevor was capable of producing.

Trevor fell back on the bed, his arms and legs numb. His breathing was slow and shallow, but his heart was racing. Lindie leaned over him to see if he was all right. She tried not to breath too deeply, as she kissed his forehead lightly. She straddled his bare left leg, rubbing her wet pussy from his thigh to his knee.

“You have no idea how much I enjoyed that, Trevor,” Lindie said with a pretty smile. “Did I fucking swallow to your satisfaction?”

Trevor was unable to answer. He could barely move his jaw and seemed to have lost all control of his tongue. A part of Lindie told her to stop, but like Trevor, she was incapable of listening. She continued to rub her pussy up and down Trevor’s leg and he unwillingly regained his erection. He felt paralyzed, yet totally aware of his surroundings.

“Is this the second course?” Lindie asked, knowing Trevor was unable to respond. She turned around and straddled his face, giving him a clear view of her pussy and asshole.

Trevor’s cock twitched and rose higher.

“You are a bad boy deep down, aren’t you, Trevor?” Lindie asked. She leaned back and nestled his nose between her labia. Trevor had stopped breathing through his mouth minutes ago, and was now being suffocated by Lindie’s pussy. She leaned forward to engulf his cock in her mouth and Trevor began to breath quickly again. Although he managed to stay calm while suffocating, he began to panic knowing Lindie had no smell, no temperature, and no feel. It was like she wasn’t even there.

She reminded him of how real she was when her razor sharp teeth cut into his foreskin. Even under these circumstances, Lindie was surprised Trevor was able to maintain such an erection. She stopped sucking his cock for a moment and stepped off the bed. She walked back and forth, eyeing his teetering cock, her skin changing from pale white to golden tan with each step.

In a blur, she was on top of him again. This time, lowering herself onto his throbbing, bloody cock.

“Look familiar, Trevor?” Lindie asked. “Your big cock going into a tight, bloody pussy?”

She rode his cock for a few minutes, making his entire length disappear inside her. Pleased with the sensation, but afraid he might come inside her pussy; she quickly hopped off and resumed her position between his legs.

Trevor’s eyes watched as she bobbed her head up and down on his dick so fast, she seemed to blur. He remained motionless as he released his seed down her throat. Lindie sucked harder and harder, determined to extract every drop of semen from his young, strong body.

When the taste of semen was replaced by the taste of blood, Lindie continued to suck until Trevor’s pulse slowed to a stop.

As his bowels evacuated, Trevor realized he was seconds from death. He tried to ask forgiveness for all the terrible things he had done, but darkness fell over him before he could finish.

“That’s right, Trevor. You’ll never touch her again.” Lindie said as she lay down on the floor, inches from his excrement.

Lindie was awoken by the screams of Tammy, and then Tammy’s mother. Trevor’s father called 9-1-1 and the police and paramedics were in the room within minutes. Trevor was pronounced dead en route to the hospital, and Lindie was given a post-rape examination. She remained silent for several days, until she was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The official cause of Trevor’s death was listed as a heart attack, but what the coroner intentionally failed to put in the report was the substantial fluid loss and point of evacuation of the fluids. The official story was that Lindie was raped and did what she had to do to defend herself.

The mayor and sheriff thought it best that Lindie leave town as soon as possible, for her sake as well as theirs.

Lindie was permitted to graduate from high school early and quickly packed up her belongings. She agreed to leave town on the condition that she be allowed to keep her parent’s house (it was paid for years ago), and return when things quieted down.

Everyone agreed, and Lindie headed for Seattle.

She heard that it rained a lot in Seattle, and that suited her. She took a few college classes to occupy her time, and eventually answered an ad for a bartending job. “No Experience Necessary — Will Train” worked for her.

Within a week, she had memorized the recipes for over one hundred libation combinations. Within a month, the owner asked her if she wanted to be a co-owner (even though he knew her ID was fake and she was really only nineteen).

Before she knew it, the owner practically gave her the tavern so he could start another business. She thought it best for him that she pretend to be a full-fledged lesbian.

He seemed like a nice guy, and wanted to keep it that way.

The bartending job was supposed to be temporary, but a month turned into six months, and now a year. When she wasn’t tending bar, she tried to spend time with her college friends. Drinking alcohol still had no effect on her. Neither did pot or coke. Young men’s come, on the other hand, made her euphoric.

Several of her friends opted for tattoos, and Lindie succumbed to the peer pressure. To her surprise, though, within a week, the tattoo was gone. At first she thought it was just one more thing that made her weird, but then she was mildly perturbed because some of those tattoos were expensive.

Lindie experimented with girls as soon as she arrived in Seattle, in hopes of being a convincing lesbian around her boss. As with everything else, she was very good at pleasuring another girl, and learned to control herself when her partner reciprocated.

But the taste of come was something she knew she could not live without.

She could easily change her look from Goth to Grunge. The Classy look, surprisingly, took a lot of effort. In that respect, she wished she could have been more like her oldest sister. She looked classy all the time.

Lindie became a very good judge of character, and intentionally sought out nice guys at bars and parties. A movie, dinner, and blowjob was her idea of a great evening, and as long as they treated her nice, she would be around for a second date. And so would they.

A year of tending bar and swallowing come like it was a recreational drug was taking its toll on Lindie. As with any recreational drug, there are limits and there are dangers.

Just two weeks prior, she attended a grunge party where, by the end of the evening, she was the only girl amongst five guys. They were drunk and high, but seemed like a nice group of college kids. She took turns kissing each one, and allowed them to take off her clothes. She asked if she could blow each of them – but nothing more – and they all agreed. They stood in a row, naked, with waiting erections bouncing in front of them. Lindie squatted before one, then the next, and then the next. Unfortunately, after the second and third blowjob, somebody wanted more. Letting down her guard, Lindie offered up her pussy and ass on the condition that they promise to pull out and come in her mouth – only.

Within fifteen minutes, though, she could feel the promise being broken as one of the guys filled her bowels with come. Her skin began to pale, and she fought to maintain control.

“Guys, you promised!” Lindie cried out as one of the boys filled her pussy with his jism.

“Fuck you, bit-” was as far as he got before his mouth was sliced from cheek to cheek.

She squatted slightly, holding her hand under her ass. She pushed several globs of come from her bowels into her hand as more come dribbled from her pussy.

“I warned you,” Lindie said between long, sharp teeth. She had turned completely pale and the floor crumbled under her feet as if she weighed a ton. The five young men froze in terror. She walked to the first of the group and sniffed.

“Ten girls, all willing.” She whispered. “You may live, but I’m keeping your eyes.” And she plucked them from his face with the precision of a surgeon. He fell to his knees and prayed she didn’t take more as she walked to the second.

“Eighteen girls. Five unwilling.” She whispered with a hiss. His head was at his feet before he could even think about kneeling.

“Seven girls. Two boys. All willing. You were taken unwillingly by two men.” She paused for a moment. “But I told you not to come in my ass.” She said with a roar. In a blur of motion, followed by a quick spurt of blood, she handed the third man his half erect cock.

He collapsed, dying from blood loss minutes later.

When Lindie stood before the fourth college guy, she sniffed long and hard.

“I’m your first?” Lindie’s color briefly returned. “You have a girlfriend? You did this because she doesn’t put out? I think I’d like to meet her.”

“Oh no you don’t, you –” the lower half of the fourth young man’s body fell to the floor. The upper half was suspended by Lindie’s tight grip around his neck. She looked into his still-open eyes and laid his upper torso carefully on the floor.

The fifth man was still holding his face, trying to slow the flow of blood. Lindie paled to almost full white.

“Bitch?” She hissed. “I let you come in my mouth — something I hoped would be mutually beneficial — you renege, and I’m the bitch?” She sniffed briefly.

“Twenty-three girls. Fifteen unwilling. Five of the unwilling were unconscious.” Lindie snarled and sounded exactly like a tiger. The fifth man defecated on himself immediately.

“Four boys. All unwilling.”

“Gutlesssss” Lindie hissed. Before she had completed the word, the fifth man’s intestines were on the floor in front of him.

Unlike in her hometown, Lindie was not about to wait for the police and paramedics to arrive. She quickly washed what little blood managed to spatter her body, then dressed and walked home.

This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. She wasn’t sure what she was, or what her place was in life, but headache or not, she thought she knew where to find the answer.

She walked a few extra blocks and found a church. It was late, but the doors were unlocked so she decided to go inside. She sat a few pews from the front, and was quickly approached by a young priest. She watched her arms, and when they retained their golden tan, she relaxed.

“Do you need to confess?” the young priest asked.

“No offense, padre, but I think this talk is between me and the Big Guy.” Lindie smiled.

The young priest patted her on the shoulder and quickly walked away. His hand felt like it had frostbite as soon as he touched her, and he did his best to hide the tears as he sought warm water.

“Well,” Lindie looked up at the cross above the altar. “Why did you make me this way?”



And then her cell phone rang.

She jumped out of her seat and quickly turned off the phone, embarrassed.

“I’ll be back.” Lindie said as she walked to the back of the church. The sun was just starting to come up when she checked her cell phone’s caller ID.

“Pam?” Lindie seemed surprised that her oldest sister would be calling her this early.

“Five minutes ’til midnight” Lindie whispered to herself. “I’m closing early tonight.

I have a plane to catch… The redeye to the east coast… Pam needs me…” Lindie spoke with purpose, but also as if she was in a trance.

Her sister was scorned and humiliated. After being blackmailed into handing over nearly three million dollars to her late husband’s first wife, the first wife’s son carried out his threat, anyway. DVD’s of Pam’s drug-induced escapades were being sent to relatives all over the country. Lindie watched every scene, frame-by-frame, and memorized the faces of everyone that did Pam harm.

The door alarm chimed.

“Damn it!” Lindie said to herself. But it was only Allen, the bus boy/bartender-in-training. He was going to give her a ride to the airport, and a little going away present.

Lindie locked the door and followed him to the back office. His pants were already around his ankles as she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her top. He wasn’t smart enough to run the tavern (she hired another woman to do that), but he was young, strong, and could come four or five times an hour. He also had a good heart.

He could keep a promise, and could keep his mouth shut, so she paid him well — plus fringe benefits. She had blown him almost every day for the last six months and he never said a word about it to anyone. He also asked permission before coming in her pussy or ass, which, surprisingly, she allowed him to do quite often.

Tonight, however, it was strictly blowjobs. Two, maybe three, and they would have to go.

“I have a plane to catch… The redeye to the east coast… Pam needs me…” Lindie thought to herself as another shot of come passed down her throat. She closed her eyes, stood up, and kissed Allen deeply on the lips.

“I’m gonna miss you, Lindie,” Allen said.

“I won’t be gone, long.” She kissed him again. To him, she was his incredibly hot, somewhat slutty girlfriend. To her, he was her fountain of youth.

“One for the road?” he asked as he grabbed her luggage.

“If you can drive safely with your cock down my throat — absolutely!” Lindie grinned.

DavidPam’s shivering slowed and eventually stopped as Lindie explained how those who had wronged her would feel retribution. Their punishment would be more swift and justified than any mortal court could provide.

Lindie allowed Pam to tell her what she already knew.

On the first day after the college party, Pam had sought legal counsel and thought she could put David and his mother in prison, or at least make them pay for what they had done to her, but David had gotten to them, first.

When nobody would take her case, she liquidated as much as she could in three days, hoping she didn’t take too long in making her decision.

Pam had never done anything wrong to anyone. She could not believe this was happening to her, and just wanted it all to go away.

She transferred the funds as instructed, and prayed that David would keep his word and not ruin her in the eyes of everyone that she knew.

On the fourth day, the phone calls started.

Friends, colleagues, and distant relatives received a DVD featuring Pam in some of the most intense sexual situations imaginable.

She tried to explain to everyone that she had been drugged, most likely with pentobarbital, but she wasn’t convincing. In almost every scene of the DVD, she looked like she was enjoying herself and the man, men, or women she was with.

Some less-scrupulous colleagues even told her that she looked good with a cock in her ass. Others asked where they could buy more copies of the DVD, or if she was going to make it available on a website.

She spoke with the local police, but they wouldn’t take her seriously — most of them having already seen the DVD. To them, she was probably an aging porn star looking to make a comeback, making and sending out the DVD as part of some promotional campaign. They figured she was high on something while the DVD was being made, but changed her mind about the deal after she sobered up. It happens all the time, they said. They threatened to charge her with promoting indecency if she didn’t vacate the premises.

Fortunately, Pam didn’t liquidate everything.

She had money, but not enough to start a new life. Her former friends and colleagues treated her like an outcast, and made every effort to distance themselves from her.

She had nobody.

Pam didn’t think of her little sister, Lindie, until the night before last.

She tried to think of how she could get to David, the sexual deviant that he was. She didn’t think Lindie would let herself get into a precarious situation with him. Pam thought Lindie would be the only one she could count on to get close enough to hear him say something incriminating, or if necessary, to hurt him.

Pam knew of Lindie’s trouble with Trevor Jones. Even if it was only self-defense, she knew Lindie was capable of seriously hurting someone. It wasn’t until she had seen her grown-up little sister in the flesh, that she realized how Trevor met his demise.

Hours passed and Pam slowly regained her composure. Within days, she was optimistic. Within a week, she almost seemed hopeful that her life would return to normal. Pam had no recollection of her little sister tonguing her pussy and asshole. The events of that first day were completely removed from Pam’s memory, but somewhere in the back of her mind, the image of Lindie with bat-like wings remained. Pam would feel soreness in her shoulder and breast for the rest of her life, never knowing what had caused it.

Lindie, meanwhile, decided to visit David’s college.

She learned, early on, the importance of quality fake IDs, sometimes using multiple aliases in one day. She wasn’t interested in furthering her academic education, but she felt there was still a lot to learn in this school. She made sure the temporary clerk in Admissions was receptive to her desires. A hypnotic stare, followed by a mind-bending deep-throated blowjob enabled Lindie to attend four classes a day, four days a week — if she so desired.

His name was Roger, and he only worked part-time, but was a full-time junior.

He intentionally made typographical errors on her forms, knowing it would be months before anyone would be able to figure it out.

She was given another ID card, and her name appeared on class rosters, but once everything was sorted out, she would never have existed.

Roger had never experienced a blowjob until he met Lindie, and never imagined a girl would eagerly swallow his come until he met Lindie. He was a sweet boy, with a good heart, and felt guilty that he couldn’t do anything for her in return, other than making sure she stayed in school. That’s all she asked for, and as far as he knew, that’s all he provided. Lindie, however, enjoyed sucking his cock as much as some people enjoyed a chocolate shake.

It didn’t take long for Lindie to get noticed by the same young men that took an interest in Pam. Lindie, however, fit right in with the college crowd. They viewed her as one more college girl destined to be dominated.

Lindie was nineteen, and looked her age. She kept her hair in a long ponytail, and only applied very modest makeup. Her pretty face could turn the heads of the most devout boyfriends in high school, and it was no different in college.

Her body, however, was well developed as if she was in her late twenties. Her breasts were round and full, but not quite D cups. She wished they had remained more manageable B’s. She knew her breasts would never really sag, so Lindie rarely wore a bra.

Her hips were full and wide, and looked as if they were designed to procreate. But she knew she would never be allowed to have children.

Her pussy hair was perpetually short but unshaven. Lindie attempted to shave her mound, as was the trend. Within a day, the hair grew back exactly as it was prior to shaving. It never grew any longer, and it was always short and soft.

No matter what color she painted her finger and toenails, the polish would be gone and the color would return to their natural skin tone by the following morning. She kept her fingernails tastefully long, and her toenails short and well groomed. Like her older sister, Lindie enjoyed having pretty feet.

To say that Lindie was no longer a virgin would imply that she had once been one. From the time she reached puberty, she had never had a period. Several doctor examinations also determined that she never had a hymen. It was almost as if she would never have a reason to bleed down there by design.

Beyond the age of fifteen, she would never have a cold, or a broken bone. She would never bruise, and cuts and scratches would heal before she could apply a bandage.

From head to toe, Lindie was both unusually attractive and arguably perfect.

By the end of the first week, Lindie had Pam laughing at almost every meal. She helped Pam set up several aliases and began selling her local real estate so she could buy elsewhere. Although she thought it would be too hot, Lindie convinced her to look at starting over in Sedona, AZ.

With a new location, Lindie recommended a new look. Pam’s hair was going to get cut short, and she was going to start looking more “earthy.”

Each night of the first week, Lindie would wait for Pam to fall asleep before going for a late-night stroll. Pam wasn’t sure how long these strolls would last, but Lindie was always in bed in the morning. Soon, the rude phone calls stopped, as did the stares and grumblings.

Pam couldn’t remember the last time she had been to church, and was surprised when Lindie recommended it. Lindie borrowed an outfit from Pam’s collection, and her persona instantly changed from introspective girl to sophisticated woman. Lindie felt more comfortable sprouting wings, but she kept that to herself.

The two looked radiant as they walked down the isle the following Sunday morning. Confident that it would be extremely unlikely that any members of the congregation had seen her stepson’s movie, Pam relaxed and enjoyed the service.

Lindie looked at Pam for a long time as Pam sang hymns and participated, from memory, the calls and responses of the service. Pam looked happy. She looked at peace. Lindie was thankful that she would be allowed to have that memory of her sister.

Lindie spent the first week making initial contact with each of the young men that had ravaged her sister the week before.

All except David.

For some reason, he hadn’t been at school, or the usual hangouts with the rest of his friends.

Everyone else, though, was very receptive to Lindie’s sexual invitations.

Her plan was to have sex with at least five of the young men each night (and sometimes during the day at school), until she had been with all of them. With the exception of David, she did everything as planned, sometimes going back for seconds with some of the better looking and more well endowed boys.

Danny fucked her in a janitor closet, then again in a science lab. Lindie felt her performance was Oscar-worthy.

Drew filled her ass with come three times before she couldn’t take it anymore. She made a point of swallowing his fourth and fifth orgasm. As expected, Drew was beside himself and went home and masturbated three more times after the encounter.

Terry was as charming as ever, until he had Lindie alone in a wooded area near school. She sucked his cock several times, swallowing each time, but for some reason, Terry became violent.

He slapped her in the face several times, and pushed her half-naked body hard against a giant oak tree. Lindie fought to conceal her smile, and again played an excellent victim. He bent her over near a park bench, making her kneel on the concrete. He pressed her chest down onto the bench seat, and then pulled off his shoes and socks. He placed one foot on the bench next to her face and told her to suck his toes while he fucked her ass. She did as she was told, and secretly enjoyed the painful thrusts. Moans of pleasure where not the result Terry was looking for. He kicked her in the face with the foot she had been sucking, then stepped on the side of her head, pressing her face hard against the bench seat.

Lindie tried her best to whine and cry, and was rewarded with a fresh load of come in her bowels.

When his orgasm subsided, Terry pulled Lindie up from the park bench and looked at her face in the moonlight.

“Good,” Terry looked her over. “You don’t bruise too easily.”

“I love being fucked like that,” Lindie slurred.

“Well, what do you think about being pissed on?” Terry asked, not waiting for an answer.

A warm, yellow stream was being aimed directly in Lindie’s face. She turned with an open mouth, which prompted Terry’s fist to contact her head just above the temple.

Lindie acted dazed.

“Hit me again. Shit on me if you want.” Lindie slurred again. “I don’t mind if it means you’ll fuck me again.”

He hit her again, and this time she fell to the ground, waiting to see what he would do next.

When he put his fingers on her neck and felt no pulse, he punched her in the face.

“Damn it. Now I have to drag you to the car.” Terry said mostly to himself.

He unceremoniously grabbed Lindie’s feet and dragged her the twenty yards to his parked car, her face shredding along the concrete, gravel and dirt along the way.

The trunk of Terry’s car was lined with a tarp. He easily lifted Lindie’s body and placed it in the trunk. He took one last look around the area, and then drove for nearly an hour before coming to a stop near a river.

Lindie knew he had done this before, but wanted to experience it for herself. Three other beautiful girls were disposed of in this exact same way, and Terry was never caught, and never a suspect. “Best to stick with what works,” he would say to himself.

Lindie’s face had healed during the hour-long ride in the trunk, and she worried that Terry might notice. Luckily, he didn’t. He only had a few hours until sunrise, and fishing boats were already on their way out. He tied several bricks that he kept in the trunk to her feet, and a large garbage bag around her neck. He stripped naked before carrying Lindie into the water. When she was far enough off shore, he let her float downstream.

Terry quickly swam back to shore and retrieved a BB gun from the trunk. The black garbage bag was especially hard to see, and he had to take aim several times before puncturing the float.

Lindie’s body was out of view within seconds.

Lindie had been an excellent swimmer as a child, and could hold her breath for almost three minutes — even before she started changing. She quickly removed the bag from her head and bricks from her feet as soon as she was under water. Whatever clothing remained on her battered body was quickly shed as she began to swim for the ocean. She felt herself moving through the murky water faster than she had ever swum before. She looked to the left and right and realized her wings were propelling her so fast; she could barely keep up with the obstacles in front of her.

Dead fish floated to the surface, forming a trail behind her.

When she thought she couldn’t navigate the dark water any longer, she shot high into the night sky. It was quiet and peaceful several hundred feet above the water. Lindie hoped she would remain invisible so far off shore, and she did.

Her wings flapped gracefully, carrying her back to Pam’s home, unseen and unheard, in a matter of minutes.

Terry, his sick desires satiated, put on a pair of swimming trunks before driving another hour up river and taking a morning swim.

One by one, Lindie allowed herself to be used, abused, and in this case, disposed of by the young men that had defiled her sister.

She did nothing to change her appearance, but she looked different to each young man. She used different names, and different accents. If they exchanged stories, they would never know they were talking about the same girl.

Except, David knew.

By the second week, Lindie took her late-night strolls earlier, returning long after sunrise.

The young men that thought she was still alive were treated to more incredible blowjobs, as well as several more turns with her pussy and asshole.

She found the girls from the party working at a nail salon. Within five minutes of walking in the establishment, the “be back in fifteen minutes” sign was on the door, and the girls were on the floor. They fought over who would get to lick Lindie’s pussy first. When the skinny blonde won, the shorthaired brunette masturbated with an eight-inch dildo while she waited for her turn. The girls agreed that Lindie’s pussy would look and taste much better bald, and offered a free waxing, which Lindie accepted happily.

Lindie found both of the girls attractive and allowed them to bring her to orgasm several times.

The skinny blonde was especially good at licking pussy, and Lindie struggled to keep her orgasms to a murmur. When it was Lindie’s turn to return the favor, she had the blonde sit in the pedicure chair, and then had the shorthaired brunette sit on the blonde’s lap.

Lindie kneeled between their legs and sniffed deeply. “These poor girls,” she thought to herself.

The girls were writhing in anticipating of being eaten out by such a good-looking girl.

Lindie didn’t disappoint as she went from pussy to asshole, and pussy to asshole. She alternated between using her tongue and the eight-inch dildo in each of the holes, and the girls were panting within minutes.

The shorthaired brunette came first and practically fell off the skinny blonde. She did her best to cover Lindie with kisses and light bites while Lindie continued to lick the blonde’s pussy and fuck her ass with the dildo.

“Oh fuck!” the skinny blonde moaned. “You could make me write off boys for good!”

Lindie had heard of female ejaculation, but had never actually seen an example until that very moment when the skinny blonde’s pussy sprayed water in her face. At least, she thought it was water.

They could have carried on all day if it hadn’t been for the knock of an angry customer needing her nails done before a dinner engagement. Lindie kissed both of the girls deeply, dressed, and then walked out the door with the elegance of a runway model. Even the angry customer took a moment to admire Lindie’s bouncing breasts and swaying hips as she walked past her.

The invitations came later than she expected, but Lindie didn’t mind. She had all the time in the world, and they had all the time somewhere else, they just didn’t know it, yet.

Danny gave Becca directions to the mansion. Drew gave Pauline the same directions, and the girls were nice enough to invite Beth, also. Lindie wondered why David had been so hard to find, but assumed she would meet up with him at the party soon enough.

Pam was beside herself when Lindie told her she was going to the same mansion where she had been unconsciously raped several times. Lindie said something in what sounded like a foreign language, and Pam immediately became calm. She helped Lindie pick out a nice skirt and top, and completed the ensemble with some of her best jewelry.

By the evening of the party, Lindie exuded sex appeal. Pam initially felt like she was throwing her little sister to the wolves, but for some reason, she knew it was probably the other way around. It didn’t make any sense, but she knew Lindie would be all right. She had no justifiable reason to think it, but she just knew.

Lindie kissed her oldest sister on the cheek, and trotted down the steps to the waiting taxi.

She gave her sister a smile, and Pam smiled back, knowing Lindie would make everything better, somehow.

The taxi driver was a disgusting fellow, and mentally raped Lindie repeatedly as he drove her to the mansion. She wasn’t surprised, with the way she looked, but thought he deserved some relief when it came time to pay her fare.

“Don’t worry about the fare, missy, you gave me something to think about that’s worth more than the twenty bucks.” The cabby chuckled.

“Well, maybe I can give your filthy mind a little something more to think about,” Lindie answered, “like some filthy pants?”

Before he could ask her what she meant, his bowels filled and released, causing him to defecate uncontrollably as he sat in his taxi. He floored the accelerator leaving a streak of rubber on the road as he sped away.

Lindie smiled and licked her teeth, coaxing them to appear normal again.

Lindie knew exactly what was going to happen, but she didn’t know how, when, or how long it would take. Unlike any other time in her life, she was coming to a place specifically to kill people. “People” was too strong a word for them, though, and “kill” too weak for what she was about to do.

Danny opened the door for her before she even had a chance to ring the bell.

“Becca! I’m so glad you made it!” Danny said happily.

“I’m so glad you invited me, Danny.” Lindie said with equally false enthusiasm.

She tried to appear as if she didn’t know her way around. Pam’s memory, though clouded in other areas, was accurate this time. The front door, unbeknownst to anyone else, welded shut as Lindie walked through the foyer. Lindie was the last to arrive and fashionably late. Several of the girls were already in various stages of having their mouths, pussies, and asses filled with beautiful cocks.

As Lindie was introduced to Drew, and Terry, it became apparent that everyone in the room had fucked her. Terry maintained his cool, but Lindie knew his mind was racing. He watched her die. She had no pulse. He watched her body sink to the bottom of the river.

“So how does this work, Terry?” Lindie asked. “Do you start drugging the drinks right away, or do you wait awhile?”

Danny had a surprised look on his face and turned to ask Terry what she was talking about.

The skinny blonde and shorthaired brunette were also interested in Terry’s answer.

“You’ve been drugging us?” the shorthaired brunette asked sheepishly. “What kind of drugs?”

“I don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s obviously a liar. We don’t even know her real name.” Terry retorted.

“My name isn’t important, Terry.” Lindie said quietly. The lights in the room dimmed for a moment, then brightened. “What do you say you get me a drink and we get this party started?”

“Fuck you! You’re supposed to be dea-” Terry fell silent as his jaw collapsed under Lindie’s fist.

She hadn’t turned pale. Her teeth were normal. No wings.

Her hand hurt like hell.

A black boy came up behind Lindie and grabbed her by the neck.

“Okay, bitch, let’s play!” He said as he threw her towards a couch.

Pam’s clothes were ripped from Lindie’s body as several young men formed a circle around her.

Two men grabbed her legs and pulled them apart. The black boy hit her in the face several times with his long, shiny dick before thrusting it deep in her pussy. His thrusts were initially met with resistance, but as he pushed harder, Lindie felt something tear within her.

Blooded dripped from her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

“Did you just tear up some virgin pussy, Dawg?” Another black boy asked. “You got to let me get in on that!”

Lindie was helpless as a line formed in front of her. When all twenty-two young men had their turn in her pussy, they turned her over and fucked her tiny asshole. Blood dripped from her anus as they literally ripped her apart.

Something was wrong. David wasn’t there. Where was he? Pam?

She heard a woman laughing in another room, on another floor. David’s mother cackled.

“Enough!” Lindie shouted. Drew cried out in pain as Lindie tightened her sphincter, causing him to withdraw a one-inch bloody stub from her asshole. She stood up and shit out the remaining seven inches of his once-beautiful cock. The skinny blonde vomited at the sight.

The walls seemed to swell as Lindie exhaled. Nobody could move, and the woman in another room, on another floor, stopped laughing.

“You all know what you did to Pam.” Lindie said softly. “There are consequences for such actions.”

“It wasn’t our idea!” Danny panicked.

“You could have said ‘no’ Danny,” Lindie scorned.

Lindie barely felt the tip of the knife pierce the skin on her back before it fell to the floor.

Terry screamed as Lindie turned to face him with glowing eyes.

“Terry. I had so much fun in the park. Why did you have to go and ruin it?” Lindie hissed.

Lindie’s skin whitened until it almost glowed. Her teeth began to sharpen, and she could feel the itch between her shoulder blades. Her fingernails grew another two inches, and her toenails extended outward like claws.

Everyone in the room was horrified, but still, nobody could move.

“If you’re gonna kill me, bitch, go ahead and kill me!” Terry cried.

“Terry, Terry, Terry. You’re the only one I won’t kill tonight.” Lindie frowned.

This last statement was met with cries of terror from the thirty other young men and women in the room.

Terry, still unable to move, watched as everyone scrambled for doorways, unable to exit. Lindie walked up to Terry and removed his necktie. She tied it around his right forearm, just below the elbow, and tightened it until his hand turned blue.

“I need to borrow this for a moment,” Lindie said as she ripped his right hand and wrist from his forearm.

Lindie picked up the knife Terry had attempted to use on her and placed it back in his right hand. She then used the knife in Terry’s hand to slice, dismember, disembowel, and otherwise eviscerate everyone else in the mansion. Everyone, that is, except David’s mother.

Blood spattered the walls, ceiling, and furniture throughout the large house as Lindie’s victims fled but did not escape.

Terry immediately went into shock, but he didn’t die. He fell to his knees, clutching his right forearm. He screamed at the top of his lungs, and he was still screaming hours later when the police arrived.

David’s mother had been watching everything on closed-circuit television. At the first sign of trouble, she went to a side exit but the door was jammed. She went to the front door, but the door wouldn’t open. She ran to the upstairs front terrace and decided it was too far to jump.

So, she waited.

Lindie found her in the special bedroom reserved for special guests.

“You are so beautiful, child!” David’s mother said.

“Do you want to be saved?” Lindie asked.

“So beautiful!” David’s mother continued.

“Where is David?” Lindie asked.

“Come closer, dear. You are so beautiful!” David’s mother said softly.

“Do you want to be saved?!” Lindie demanded an answer.

“Come closer and I’ll tell you.” David’s mother responded.

Lindie sat naked, next to David’s mother on the bed.

“You’ve had sex with your son.” Lindie whispered as if she was saying something that should never be said.

“Yes, he’s very much like his father-” David’s mother was interrupted.

“Seven hundred and thirty-nine times.” Lindie finished.

“Sweetheart! It doesn’t have to be like this.” David’s mother smiled. “I think once you gave him a chance, you’d see that you and David have a lot in common!”

“Do you want to be saved? I will not ask you again.” Lindie’s voice thundered.

“Good. Then ask something else.” David’s mother said with a grin. “You think you’re so smart coming here… to do what? Tie up loose ends? Get revenge? Well I have news for you, sweetie. My David is tying up some loose ends of his own right now.” She began to laugh again.

Lindie was immediately filled with rage. How could she not see this? How did David’s mother anticipate this?

Lindie cried out with tears, and then with a roar. Her jaws opened and in one swift lunge, she had David’s mother’s face in her mouth. Flesh and bone crumbled as her lower jaw pressed on the woman’s left cheek, and her upper jaw pressed on her right temple.

Lindie roared again, closing her jaws on the woman’s face until one-third of the woman’s skull had been removed. Grey matter poured out from where her right eye socket had once been.

Lindie spit out fragments of bone and brain, grabbed the tape from the security camera recorder, and jumped through the bedroom window, leaving the woman’s brain-dead body twitching on the bed.

Lindie instantly spread her wings and flew to Pam’s house. Lindie’s heart was filled with dread. It had taken her less than a minute to fly from the mansion across town to Pam’s house, but she was still too late.

She came in through the master bedroom terrace. She walked downstairs to the grand room to find David videotaping himself fucking Pam in the ass. Pam was slumped over a sofa with her feet on the floor and her face in the cushions. A syringe lay broken on the floor a few feet away.

“Having sex with your mother wasn’t weird enough? Now you’re having sex with the dead?” Lindie asked, holding back her tears. David looked surprised, but continued sliding his thick cock in and out of Pam’s body.

“She’s just taking a nap.” David replied. “You’ve seen the first video, right?”

“Yes, I’ve seen your filth, David.” Lindie whispered. The floor cracked under her feet as she approached him. “She’s been dead for five minutes.” Lindie looked at the syringe. “You used too much.”

Lindie didn’t care about Pam’s body anymore. That wasn’t Pam. Pam was waving goodbye to her from the front door. Pam was in church, singing hymns and smiling. Pam was bouncing her on her knee before Lindie could talk.

Pam was gone.

Lindie stepped closer to David, almost as if attempting to separate him from her sister’s body.

“I’m sorry. You’ll have to wait your turn.” David smiled, even as Lindie’s wings materialized behind her. “Almost finished.” He continued to thrust his long, thick cock into Pam’s corpse.

“I almost didn’t recognize her. You tried to make her look like a dyke, huh? Sedona?”

Lindie slashed out at him, but he easily deflected her attack and threw her to the floor. He thrust into Pam’s anus several more times before finally releasing his seed into her deceased bowels.

“Ahhhh!” David sighed.

The floor vibrated under Lindie’s back. How could this be?

Within seconds, David was standing next to her. She looked up and found it difficult to look past his impressive cock — even if it was still covered in her sister’s blood and feces.

In another instant, he was kneeling next to her, whispering in her ear.

“Where do you want it first? Hmmm. If I know you as well as I think I do, you want it in the mouth, right?”

She reached up and grabbed hold of his throat. Her fingernails dug into his skin, but he did not bleed.

David reached out and put his hand around Lindie’s throat. She felt her windpipe constrict as he tightened his grip.

“Your work here is done, little one.” David hissed. “Go back to your tavern and your boyfriend, and don’t come back.”

“It’s not over, David!” Lindie cried out.

“Oh, it’d better be.” David frowned. “Unless you’d prefer that I have little Allen castrated.”

Lindie remained silent.

She couldn’t fight him. Not now. She just needed to survive this.

“Now, how about that pussy of yours?” David looked over her naked body. In an instant, her arms were pinned behind her head and he was inside her.

She gasped at the size of his cock. It filled her and stretched her unlike any other. He rubbed her clit expertly as he continued to thrust hard and fast. She felt like throwing up, and thought he might stop after she defecated, but he continued, undaunted.

She lay beneath him, helpless, for nearly two hours as he pounded his large cock into her body. She tolerated him pounding her ass and filling her mouth with his shit-covered cock. But when he was inside her pussy, she found it increasingly difficult to hide her enjoyment.

She fought her desire to orgasm, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing he pleasured her. But this time, he was stronger.

She shook as her pussy convulsed around his shaft. David laughed, removing his erect cock from her pussy, and then squatted over her face. Come dripped from his cock into her mouth. She gagged.

His come tasted like bile.

“I don’t get it.” David said. “I thought doin’ it with your sister was supposed to be a bad thing. It felt pretty fuckin’ good to me!” David laughed so loud, all the windows in the house shattered.

Then he was gone.

Lindie sat up slowly. One of her wings had broken, and the pain to retract it was excruciating.

She prayed that she would heal quickly, and within the hour, the wing was mended. While she waited, she sat on the floor, looking at her sister’s body.

“I was wrong to think I could do this alone. We should have worked together. I’m sorry, Pam.” Lindie said.

As soon as she was able, Lindie picked up Pam’s body and took flight into the night sky. Pam’s official cause of death was heart attack, thanks to Lindie’s persuasiveness. She made sure Pam’s body had a proper burial next to her parents, and then returned to Seattle.

Lindie was sad to not see her remaining sister, Sarah, at Pam’s funeral. Weeks went by with Lindie unsure how, or if, to proceed. She wasn’t strong enough to handle David, alone. She wasn’t sure how they could be brother and sister, either.

Lindie was so happy to see Allen; she practically pulled his clothes off before they left the airport. He struggled to stay in his lane as she swallowed several loads of his come on the way to her apartment above the tavern. She was relieved to find she still enjoyed the taste of Allen’s come, specifically.

Allen searched the newspapers, libraries, and the Internet for any sign of Sarah. They had several leads, but they weren’t sure if she changed her name, or was even still alive.

They heard nothing all winter. In the spring, Lindie had all but given up on ever settling the score with David.

Lindie considered telling Allen about her unique abilities, but when months went by without the slightest paling of her skin, she wondered if her work really was finished.

Finally, a postcard came in the mail. It was from a small town just outside of Chicago.

Lindie’s thumb and forefinger paled as she looked at the picture of the ‘Windy City’ on the front.


I know you’ve been looking for me. Well, here I am. I have a husband, two kids, two cars, and a mortgage. Not as glamorous as touring Europe, but still rewarding.

I’m sorry to hear about Pam, and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to any of the funerals.

We’re going camping over the next holiday weekend.

I think that’s enough for you to find me. I think we both know it would be better to meet somewhere undisclosed. I look forward to seeing you all grown up.



“Allen?” Lindie called early the next morning. “How would you like to go on a little road trip with me?” There was a slight pause as Allen struggled to wake up. “Chicago.”

“I’d hardly call that little, Lindie.” Allen wasn’t amused but knew better than to complain.

“Look, I’ll blow you the whole way-” Lindie continued to try to sell the idea.

“You’d blow me every day here in Seattle. You’re asking a lot, Lindie!” Allen said.

“I really need to go there, and I think I’ll be there for awhile. I’d like you there with me, Allen.” Lindie added. “I’ll do anything if you just say ‘yes’!”

“Anything?” Allen asked.

“Anything!” Lindie answered, exhausted and desperate.

There was a short pause, but before Lindie could say anything else, Allen swallowed, and then chose his words carefully.

“Will you marry me?”

JackieHe made a point of not being early. He didn’t want to appear too eager, but whom was he kidding?

When Jackie answered the door, she was wearing a very thin summer dress — something she normally wore over a bikini — except this time, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her shiny black hair was up in a ponytail and she wore cute little flowered flip-flops that looked like they were meant for a girl half her age. Her face, however, had all the sex appeal and confidence of a young woman who knows what she wants.

Allen could feel the wetness in his briefs spreading.

She hurried him inside and told him to go downstairs into the basement. He could barely see where he was going and almost fell down the stairs. Jackie had lit several candles at the far corners of the room, but they cast very little light on the table and futon in the middle.

“Allen, sit on the futon” Jackie instructed.

Allen did as he was told, trying to conceal the wet spot forming at the end of his semi-erection.

Jackie sat on the table in front of him and spread her legs. She placed her feet on the futon and slowly raised her summer dress as if putting on a show for Allen. Her small frame, small tits, and hairless pussy made Jackie seem years younger than she really was. Allen dropped to his knees between the futon and the table, being careful not to slip and smash his face into her pussy this time.

“Kiss me first,” Jackie said. Allen bent down. “On the mouth!”

Allen sat back up and kissed her as he had always wanted. He held her close as their tongues swirled around, and for a moment, Jackie thought she knew what it was like to be loved.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Jackie said as she caught her breath. “Do you want to learn how to eat pussy or not?” Allen nodded, licking his lips.

She appreciated his enthusiasm. She didn’t want to tell him he had almost made her orgasm just by kissing her. She didn’t know how long she was going to last once he put his tongue to work down there.

“Start slowly. Kiss my thighs and legs, then work back up to my pussy.” Jackie instructed.

Allen immediately did as he was told.

“Good. Now, do that again. But don’t be in a hurry, unless I tell you to.” Jackie sighed as Allen softly kissed her calves and inner thighs.

“Now, lick around my pussy. Just the outside, for now.”

Allen did as he was told. As he exhaled on her clit and lips, she caught a chill and her nipples instantly hardened.

“French kiss my pussy. Put your tongue inside and swirl it around, then come back to my clit.”

Jackie began breathing more deeply, and found it difficult to talk.

“Now, uhhh, put two fingers inside me and press upward like you’re trying to lift me, uhhh, up.”

Allen did as he was told. She began to gyrate her hips around his hand and she guided his third finger into her slit. She began to moan as Allen began to push his three fingers inside her more deliberately. She bucked against his hand, and in doing so, caused Allen to accidentally slip his pinky finger into her asshole.

“Oh shit!” Jackie called out. “Fuck, yeah!”

The look on Jackie’s face was a mixture of incredible pain and intense pleasure as she held onto her orgasm for as long as she could.

“Get on top of me, quick!” Jackie cried out.

Allen pulled down his pants and Jackie immediately reached for his wet cock.

“You can come inside me. I’m on the pill.” Jackie explained.

It was a good thing, because as soon as Allen was inside her, his orgasm was immediate.

“Oh fuck, that felt good!” Jackie sighed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t last very long.” Allen said, embarrassed.

“That’s okay. I came! You just have to do it some more, and you’ll last longer.” Jackie said as she sat up and pushed Allen back onto the futon.

Jackie stood in front of him and lifted her sundress over her head. She turned to show off her round ass and firm legs, moving her head to make her ponytail sway.

“Do you like my body?” Jackie asked, knowing from his returning erection that he did.

“How many times do you think you can fuck me before my parents get home?” Jackie asked.

Allen almost came again just thinking about it. He never imagined Jackie or any other girl ever asking him that question.

She knelt between his legs and engulfed his half-erect cock. The taste of her pussy mixed with his come made her mouth water. She didn’t want him to come in her mouth, even though his come was surprisingly palatable. She wanted his cock in her pussy, and maybe even in her ass if he was up to it.

Something about being his first lay and personal sex trainer made Jackie unbelievably wet.

She straddled Allen, pushing him down on his back, and guided his thick cock into her pussy again. This time, she was careful not to show too much excitement.

She raised and lowered her ass slowly, as if trying to feel every vein in his cock with her pussy. Within two minutes, he was filling her with come, again.

“Okay, a little better.” Jackie said, somewhat frustrated.

She knelt between his legs again, and coaxed his sophomoric cock back to erection.

This was one form of remedial education that Allen couldn’t help but enjoy.

Over the next two hours, Allen filled Jackie’s cunt at least ten times, and she wondered how she was going to explain all the come stains on the carpet and futon. He had licked her pussy three more times, bringing her to orgasm easily. Jackie was a good teacher, apparently.

She knew her parents would be home within the hour and decided to push the envelope while she still had time.

She wanted to see if he was interested in her ass.

Some guys weren’t, but her last boyfriend, Bill, was obsessed with it.

She liked having her asshole fingered while a guy went down on her, and even thought about letting some guys fuck her in the butt. Bill’s cock was too big for her tiny asshole, though, no matter how much they both lubed.

Even though she really wanted to feel Bill’s cock in her ass, she thought it was physically impossible. Every time they tried, the pain was too severe, and her asshole just wouldn’t stretch enough to accommodate him. That didn’t keep Bill from trying, though. He knew she liked his fingers in her ass, and thought if he forced three of his large fingers inside her anus, she would be willing to take in his huge cock. She repeatedly said ‘no’ and he repeatedly whined about it until she took his cock in her pussy or mouth and fucked him hard enough to satisfy him. She even let him slap her around in a playful, kinky way, just to keep him from tearing apart her asshole.

She thought he was being stubborn, and he thought she was holding out. Some of the other boys she had been with bragged about what a good ass-fuck she was, but she swore to Bill that she had never had anal sex with anyone.

Even though their sexual relationship was great otherwise, Bill wouldn’t leave well enough alone. After he hit her too hard to be considered playful, she couldn’t hide the bruises anymore. Her parents called the police, putting a restraining order on Bill, and then forced her to end the relationship.

Jackie looked hard at the shape of Allen’s handsome cock and licked her glossy lips.

It was smaller than Bill’s, but still a respectable size. It might hurt a little, but Allen was more patient and gentle, and if she couldn’t handle it, she knew he would listen if she told him to stop. Besides, she didn’t want him to be the only one losing a cherry today.

“Do you want to lick my butt hole?” Jackie asked bluntly.

“Do you want me to?” Allen asked, sheepishly. He knew she liked having his pinky finger in her asshole, even though it was by accident. But he never considered intentionally putting his tongue in her ass.

“Yes,” she answered, “if you think you might like it.”

Allen sat up as Jackie stood at the edge of the futon and turned around. She bent over, spreading her legs, and pulling her cheeks apart.

“I’m clean. Trust me.” Jackie said as she felt Allen’s breath on her asshole. Her ass cheeks became covered in goose bumps.

He remembered what she taught him about eating her pussy and tried the same approach to tonguing her asshole.

It had an identical effect. She had him spit on her anus, and then he slid a finger inside while kissing her ass cheeks. He alternated between his finger and his tongue until she made him push two fingers inside her tight, pretty pink hole.

Jackie was almost embarrassed that she was so quickly on the verge of anal orgasm.

After only a few minutes, Jackie turned around and pushed Allen back onto the futon.

She pulled a small tube of KY from the drawer of the table, and rubbed a large amount on Allen’s rigid cock.

She stepped onto the futon, being careful not to hit her head on the ceiling. She then turned around and squatted, guiding the tip of Allen’s glistening cock to her tight sphincter.

“This will be a first for me too, Allen.” Jackie said as she looked over her shoulder.

She lowered herself until the head of his slick cock popped into her anus, and then took a deep breath.

The pain was immediate, but short-lived, and Jackie lowered herself a little further.

“So far, so good, huh?” She asked.

Allen was speechless. He was doing everything he could to not come and end the experience prematurely.

Jackie lowered herself further, exhaling as more of his cock disappeared inside her.

To Allen, the sight of Jackie’s back and ponytail was a thing of beauty. The view of her round ass and full, toned legs was a work of art.

She began to move up and down on his shaft and quickly brought a hand to her clit. Her other hand groped at her small tits as she carefully maintained her balance and continued sliding his dick in and out of her ass.

Allen felt Jackie’s asshole tighten around his shaft as she brought herself to orgasm. It was almost painful at the onset, but as her sphincter relaxed, the pressure in his loins began to build. She sat fully on his dick, pushing it deep into her bowels.

She remained motionless, but he could still feel the spasms deep within her. Her head fell back and she felt his warm come fill her asshole, making her sphincter tighten again.

She sat on his lap, motionless, for a moment. They both quietly reflected on what had just happened, and Allen’s dick began to harden inside her.

“Okay, one more time, but that’s it for today.” Jackie looked over her shoulder and smiled.

“I don’t want to get too sore down there.”

She raised herself slightly and swung her legs around so she was straddling his lap, facing him. He kissed her hard and she pushed herself down onto his lap, forcing his cock inside her as far as it could go. The head of his cock squished deeper in her bowels as it became further lubricated with his previous orgasm.

This time it was Jackie’s turn to orgasm quickly.

“Oh fuck! I never knew it could feel so good,” Jackie sighed and covered Allen’s face with kisses. A few minutes later, Jackie slowly sat up.

“It might be a little gross down there when I get off of you.” Jackie warned.

“It’s okay. It comes with the territory. Do you have a shower down here?” Allen asked.

“No, but I can get a couple of warm washcloths, if that’s okay?” Jackie answered.

“Sounds great.” Allen smiled, proud of being able to make this sweet, gorgeous, reputed slut sexually satisfied.

The sound of slow, loud clapping filled the room.

Barely visible at first, Bill stepped out of the shadows.

He was completely naked, his thick, semi-erect, nine-inch cock bouncing before him.

“Great show. Congratulations on finally getting your asshole cherry popped, cunt!” Bill smiled maniacally.

Jackie quickly sat up and reached for her sundress. The smell of sex filled the room.

“How the hell did you get in here?” Jackie asked.

“You gave me a key, remember?” Bill laughed and began stroking his rigid, fat cock.

“Well, you shouldn’t be here. We broke up, Bill. You need to go.” Jackie said, practically crying. Allen sat up, not sure what Bill was doing there, either.

Bill was over six feet tall, 220 pounds of muscle, and had a bad temper. Allen was no match for him, and he could see the situation was getting worse by the second. He just didn’t know what to do about it.

“My parents will be home any minute, Bill. You really need to go. They put a restraining order on you, remember? You’ll end up in jail if they find you here.” Jackie pleaded.

“Well then, I guess I better make this worth it!” Bill said as he charged at Jackie.

Allen stood up, and tried to stand between them, but one swing of Bill’s fist sent Allen falling to the floor, barely able to breath. Blood filled Allen’s mouth as he began to lose consciousness.

Jackie turned to run up the stairs, but Bill was faster.

“I don’t think so!” Bill said as he grabbed Jackie around the waist and pulled her against his lap. He yanked the sundress from her hands and tossed it aside.

“What’s it gonna be? Your pussy… or your maybe your ass, this time? Looks like it’s stretched some since the last time we tried, huh baby?”

“Ouch! Bill, you’re hurting me!” Jackie cried. Allen felt helpless in his state of delirium. He watched as Bill held her close to his chest, lifting her legs, and shoving his large cock into her pussy. Jackie kicked her legs violently, sending her flip-flops flying across the room. Bill ignored her movements as he forced her legs apart and thrust deeper from behind.

“Oh yeah! That’s better. Just the way you like it, remember?” Bill asked.

Allen’s head was pounding. He didn’t even have a chance to pull up his pants when Bill hit him. He tried to move as little as possible while he looked around the room.

Allen managed to catch a glimpse of an old, wooden baseball bat less than five feet away.

Jackie, knowing there was nothing Allen could do to save her, began to weep as Bill continued to pound his massive cock inside her. Her arms and legs went limp as she tried to make her mind distance itself from her body. This wasn’t the first time he had done this to her, but she silently prayed it would be the last.

Bill was right. Jackie’s asshole had been stretched a little and Allen’s come dripped from her ass onto Bill’s thick member. He forced the head of his giant cock into her ass. It was more than he was ever able to fit inside her before, but she still screamed as she felt something tear inside her.

A moment later, she heard the swoosh of a swinging baseball bat near her head. Splinters and the tip of the bat bounced off her neck and shoulder as Allen’s swing made direct contact with Bill’s skull.

Bill collapsed on top of Jackie immediately.

It had been a good hit.

Bill’s cock slid out of her asshole as Allen pulled him off of her.

Allen expected Jackie to hug him, kiss him, or at the very least, thank him.

Instead, without saying a word, Jackie slowly got up and began searching the dark corners of the basement. Blood dripped down her legs from her inner thighs as she hobbled.

When she returned, she was holding two five-pound weights from her father’s bench press.

She checked Bill for a pulse, and then proceeded to roll him onto his side.

His large, half-erect cock jutted out from his body. She slid one of the weights under his large member, and then kneeled next to his face with the other weight. She knelt there, motionless, waiting. Allen was still shaking from what he had done, and was thankful that he hadn’t killed Bill, whether he deserved to die or not.

It may have only been two minutes, but it felt like an eternity before Bill began to regain consciousness. Jackie swirled her fingers over his face as if caressing a lover after a wonderful orgasm.

“What the… what happened?” Bill asked slowly, not yet moving and not yet opening his eyes.

“Sweetie… you raped me again. Remember the last time you did that? You almost killed me. You thought I was getting into it, and you decided to play rough. I spent a week in the hospital. You said you would never do anything like that again. Remember?” Jackie asked pleasantly.

“Yeah, but you loved it. Who are you kiddin’?” Bill answered incorrectly.

“Well, it’s my turn to play rough, Billy!” Jackie said as she raised the weight above her head.

Bill opened his eyes in time to watch as Jackie brought the weight down, edge first, onto the weight beneath his flaccid cock. He quickly shifted to avoid the blow, but he wasn’t fast enough. Blood spurted in several directions as she crushed the shaft of his dick between the weights. Bill screamed in agony, which only seemed to make Jackie smile more.

She raised the weight again, bringing it down harder, and this time causing sparks to fly and the head of his cock to be partially severed from the rest. Bill had passed out shortly after the first blow, but Jackie continued to smash his cock between the weights until what was left no longer resembled any part of the male anatomy.

Allen pulled the weight from her hands and she threw her arms around him and sobbed heavily. He held her tightly for several minutes before realizing that Bill would most likely bleed to death from his wounds. He had Jackie tear strips from her sundress, and then made a makeshift tourniquet for what was left of Bill’s cock.

“Get out of here.” Jackie quietly said to Allen. “This is going to get complicated. No point dragging you into this.” Jackie was shaking.

“I’m really sorry. I meant it when I said you’re going to make some girl really happy someday. I wish it could’ve been me, but this is fucked up. I’m fucked up.”

“Jackie, it’s okay. You’re bleeding. We need to get you to a hospital. We can still-” Allen tried.

“No, we can’t.” Jackie stopped crying for a moment. “Just go, please. I’ll be alright, I think.”

Allen left that afternoon and never tried to see Jackie again. Her parents arrived minutes after he left, and the police and paramedics shortly thereafter.

He heard rumors of Jackie being sent away to an institution, becoming a lesbian porn star, and even marrying a preacher. But they were only rumors.

He also heard rumors of Bill being in a coma or going to jail. Both would have been fine with him.

Nobody ever came looking to ask Allen any questions about the events that happened that afternoon, though. Jackie had kept him out of it.

Concussion and violent attacks aside, Allen thought he learned a lot that afternoon. If Bill hadn’t shown up, he thought he’d still be with Jackie, today. As difficult as it was, he respected Jackie’s wishes to not try to see her. He would spend months wondering what could have been, and swore he would never let anything like that happen to anyone he cared for, ever again. He had to be smarter.

AllenWhen she felt his shaft throbbing, signaling he was about to explode, she would push him back just enough to ensure his gobs of come would land on her tongue before flowing down her throat.

That was the three hundred and twenty-second time she coaxed Allen to come in her mouth. She secretly looked forward to three hundred and twenty-two more. In the last two years, she had sucked or been fucked by over a hundred cocks. Less than half of the men to whom they were attached were still alive. She was sure Allen would be around for many years to come, and giggled at the pun as he spasmed in her face. She never tired of the taste of Allen’s come. She had even gone so far as to squat over a wine glass after he had orgasmed several times inside her pussy. She considered trying to salvage the loads he deposited in her rectum, but worried about his reaction if Allen were to ever see her doing that.

He was no expert at lovemaking. But what he knew was enough to satisfy Lindie on a regular basis, and Allen was always eager to please her.

To Allen, every time he made love to Lindie, it was a new adventure. To Lindie, their lovemaking was not only a pleasurable experience, but also a necessity to her existence. The fact that Allen could come so frequently made her thankful every day that she found him. Some creatures fed off the flesh or blood of others to survive. Lindie had a thing for come.

She swallowed slowly, savoring the flavor. Within minutes, he was sound asleep.

Allen slept peacefully next to his wife as she read his dreams. A tear ran down Lindie’s cheek. She shifted slightly under his arms and felt an unfamiliar pain overcome her. It felt as if her skin were on fire, especially on her forearms and shoulders. She even felt the pain on the back of her legs. The desire to cool her skin was almost maddening. She had never felt anything like it.

She smiled awkwardly as she realized it was her first sunburn. “Why now?” she wondered.

Over the last two years, Lindie had transformed from an odd, but pretty girl to a sexy young woman. She had also transformed — on more than one occasion — from a woman into something else. She hadn’t figured out ‘what’ she was, but she thought she was beginning to understand ‘why’ she was.

It wasn’t long ago that a simple question in church led her to her oldest sister, and someone claiming to be her brother. Pam died at the hands of her alleged brother, and Lindie was helpless to prevent it.

She was also helpless, initially, to keep from being gang-raped by two-dozen college boys. It wasn’t until they had each taken her that she was able to prevent them from repeating the performance.

Later that same day, she was forced to watch as David, her alleged brother of whom she had no memory, mercilessly fucked her sister’s lifeless body. When he finished with her sister, he effortlessly held Lindie down and brutally fucked her for nearly three hours, and she was unable to stop him. She had transformed into something non-human, full of incredible strength. But she could not — or would not through any will of her own — stop him.

From the time she was thirteen, Lindie could draw upon her newfound, unexplainable abilities. They had always been there when she needed them. She just couldn’t figure out why her powers left her when they did — making her so vulnerable. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t foresee David’s plan or save her oldest sister. So much had happened, and so much had gone wrong.

She had to be smarter.

Life had suddenly become more complicated for Lindie. She had feelings for Allen, the young man she had hired to help at the tavern she managed. Her feelings for him were strong enough to say “yes” when he asked her to marry him, but his companionship and never-ending supply of semen were the true reasons she initially agreed to marry him.

As with most girls her age, her comprehension of love hadn’t fully developed, but that — as well as her own physical being — began to change as they embarked on a road trip halfway across the country.

It had been almost three months since Lindie last “transformed” and she wondered if the curse (if that’s what it was) had been lifted. She avoided populated areas, fearing what she learned when reading people’s minds would send her into an uncontrolled rage resulting in the violent deaths of everyone around her.

Hearing what people thought before they said it was an ability she struggled with daily. She stopped herself on several occasions from asking Allen to stop repeating himself, realizing he was just thinking about what he was going to say before he said it.

Lindie also struggled with keeping her “condition” a secret from Allen. She knew she could trust him, but she feared his knowledge could be used against them. She suspected he knew something was different about her, but out of respect for her, he never pursued it.

He never questioned her when she was late for a date, or disappeared for days at a time.

She would simply say she “had work to do” or she was “taking care of business” and that’s where it ended.

If he still felt sad or hurt, she would try to make up for it by blowing him wherever they stood. She once blew him in a public park, amongst hundreds of people, in the middle of the afternoon.

Nobody noticed.

While his dick was in her mouth, he would look around and wonder why nobody stopped and stared. But minutes later, he would have no recollection of the act — just a sense of acute fatigue — and no memory of her being late or missing. She particularly preferred that outcome.

One thing that convinced Lindie that she was still “different” was her lack of a requirement for sleep. She had stayed awake for almost two weeks after Allen asked her to marry him. She couldn’t remember ever staying awake so long, but she didn’t physically suffer from the effects.

No dark circles under the eyes.

No irritability.

Just a slight nervousness.

Deep down, she was afraid David was coming back, and this time he would take Allen from her.

Several weeks would pass before she would sleep more than three or four hours a night.

Now, only a few hundred miles from her remaining sister’s campground in southwest Michigan, she felt nervous again.

They packed like campers and only used a motel room when the weather was too wet and windy for a tent. The temperature consistently dropped fifteen to twenty degrees everywhere they went, but Allen didn’t seem to notice. It had been a warm summer, and everyone welcomed a break from the heat.

Lindie carefully slipped out of the connected sleeping bags and put on a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt. The lodge had relatively clean showers and toilets, and Lindie suddenly felt the need to use them.

Although it was pitch black outside, Lindie easily found her toiletry items and quietly unzipped the tent and headed for the lodge.

There were very few campers at this campground. Twenty years ago, the place would have been packed with tents and RV’s, but times had changed. She counted three RV’s and five other tents.

Everyone was asleep.

Lindie placed her towel and clean clothes on the counter in the lodge’s women’s room, undressed, and found a clean stall. While she sat on the toilet, she heard a man’s voice cursing, followed by footsteps moving in her direction.

She tried to be quiet, but realized her towel and clothing were still on the counter. She tried to quietly wipe, but knew as soon as she pulled off several sheets of toilet paper, he had heard her.

“Hey, there?” the man said.

“I think you’re in the wrong bathroom.” Lindie answered.

“Pipe’s broken. I’m just gonna use the shower over here, if that’s okay,” he said, not caring if it was okay with her or not.

“Can you wait a few minutes?” Lindie asked.

“Can you?” he replied. He walked toward the counter and looked at Lindie’s things. “Two pairs of shorts and two t-shirts. How many of you are there?”

“Just me.” Lindie sighed.

“Well, I can’t wait to see if you look as good as you sound,” the man chuckled.

Lindie wiped again, then flushed the toilet. She wasn’t about to sit on the toilet all night. She sighed, and then opened the door to the stall and stepped out wearing nothing but flip-flops.

“Satisfied?” Lindie asked.

“Lord have mercy!” the man said happily.

“Don’t worry. He does.” Lindie answered, smiling. She walked toward the counter and grabbed her soap, shampoo, and towel. She was amused at his small frame. He looked to be in his fifties, complete with grey hair and large belly, but with small, muscular arms and legs.

“What do you say we shower together?” the man asked. His shorts formed a tent in front of him. The sight was almost comical. Lindie found it difficult not to laugh, but made a point of not being cruel.

“And then what? Do you want to fuck me while I bend over for the soap?” Lindie asked.

“If you want!” the man said excitedly.

“I’m married.” Lindie said apologetically.

“Me too. But it’s okay. My wife and I swing. She would totally get into it if she knew I was screwing you!” The man pulled his shorts down to reveal an abnormally large cock for such a small frame. Lindie breathed in deeply. Her sixth sense of being able to know every detail of every sexual experience from the smell of someone’s sexual organs suddenly kicked in.

Forty women. All of them willing, and all of them repeat customers. This guy was very good in bed. Her pussy instantly became warm and wet.

Without saying a word, Lindie walked past him and hung her towel on a hook next to a showerhead. She put her soap and shampoo on the tray sticking out of the wall, and stepped aside as she turned on the water.

When it was warm enough, she stepped under the showerhead. She reached for the soap, and then dropped it, looking over her shoulder at the little old man.

“Well?” Lindie asked.

He almost slipped as he quickly walked to her, taking off the rest of his clothes. Lindie had to look away as she giggled. When she looked back at him, she was shocked at the size of his cock.

It was the size of her forearm and stuck straight out in front of him.

His kisses on her breasts and back tickled, and she wasn’t sure she would be able to stand the feeling of his beard on her ass or legs. She bent down and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth before squatting and examining his long, thick dick.

She was in awe. She could barely get her lips around the shaft. She wasn’t sure how that was going to fit in her pussy.

She stood back up and wet her hair so it would stay behind her head. She paused for a moment, as she remembered she was married, and this wasn’t the sort of thing normal married women were supposed to do. But then again, she wasn’t a normal married woman. She knew she would probably struggle with this later, but for now, she wanted to feel what forty other women felt and made them come back for more.

She spread her legs and bent over, giving the little old man a perfect view of her glistening wet pussy and asshole. He caressed her legs and thighs as he pressed the head of his cock against her pussy. She leaned back and groaned as she slid onto his shaft.

It wasn’t so much painful as it was uncomfortable, at first. She wondered why so many women would come back for more — of this. Then, the little old man shifted and began gyrating his hips as his thrusts became faster and deeper.

Her legs instantly became weak.

His girth completely filled her, and without even touching her clit, he brought her to orgasm within minutes.

She leaned against the shower wall, bracing herself as he fucked her harder. Even after fifteen minutes, the little old man didn’t stop thrusting. Instead, he fucked her faster. Lindie’s ass cheeks shook as she slammed back against him, meeting his thrusts, and forcing his large cock into her as far as it could go. She hadn’t been fucked so hard or so well since that son-of-a-bitch David had his way with her.

“Uhhhh, would you, uhhhh, mind coming, uhhhh, in my mouth?” Lindie asked as her tits swung wildly beneath her.

“Oh, aren’t you the sweetest thing?” the man said as he continued to pound into her pussy. He could feel her vaginal walls tightening around his shaft and knew she was riding another of possibly several orgasms. “Don’t worry dearie, I’ve been shooting blanks for years. I won’t get ya’ pregnant.”

Shaken, Lindie pulled away from him, stood up, and looked down to face him

“Didn’t I ask nicely enough?” Lindie whispered with a hiss.

“A hot little sweetie like you? Who knows, maybe you might tap the bottom of the barrel?” the little old man replied as he stood up and proudly displayed his long, thick member now covered in her wetness.

Lindie pulled his face to her tits. She reached down and took hold of his cock and stroked it softly, then knelt in front of him and rubbed his cock on her face. His thick tool spasmed and thickened, and the old man looked as if he was in intense pain.

She licked the underside of his balls, rolling her tongue around his hairy sack, and then returned to his veiny shaft. He was a very good fuck, and he had a very talented dick, she would have to admit. He didn’t know it, but he made her come three times in ten minutes. But he was denying her what she craved the most — a mouthful of come.

She placed the mammoth head of his dick in her mouth and did her best to relax her jaw and throat. The more she managed to slide down her throat, the easier it became to take in more. Within seconds, her nose was pressed hard again the little old man’s white, sparse pubic hair.

She tightened her lips around the base of his shaft and slowly pulled back.

“Oh dear Lord! What kind of girl are you? Nobody has ever been able to take my dick down their throat!” the man exclaimed. “That can’t be possible!”

Lindie sucked his full length back down her throat, and slowly pulled back again. Her fingers were caressing his balls and occasionally probing his asshole.

She could feel his cock throb in her mouth and down her throat, and the feeling excited her even more. She could taste the pre-come dribbling from his cock, and pulled back so she could taste the real thing on her tongue.

Lindie kept a tight lip-lock around his shaft as her hand stroked feverishly. The old man began to howl, but Lindie was too focused to notice.

Just then, a middle-aged man with a flashlight came running into the shower area.

“Dave, what are you doing with that girl?” The middle-aged man asked, seconds before being covered in a spray of blood.

Lindie’s teeth had turned razor-sharp as soon as she heard the name. She instantly ripped the little old man’s cock from his body at the base of the shaft and vomited his flesh between his feet. Her nails had turned to claws as she reached through the old man’s chest and crushed his spine. Before his body hit the floor, she had reached up and separated the old man’s jaw from his skull, tossing it aside the way the old man used to toss his hat onto a rack when he was younger.

The middle-aged man cried in terror and turned to run away, but the sharp tip of one of Lindie’s bat-like wings pierced his calf and pinned him to the ground.

Lindie stood up and walked toward the middle-aged man. As she moved closer, she noticed her reflection in the mirrors near the porcelain sinks. She had never seen her reflection in this state, and she paused momentarily to admire the savage beauty of her transformation. Her skin was almost as white and porcelain as the sinks next to her. Her wings looked majestic. If it weren’t for the small spatters and sprays of blood on her body, she would have guessed she was the most beautiful thing ever created.

“Help! Somebody help!” the middle-aged man cried, startling Lindie.

He was instantly silenced as the tip of her other wing came up through the bottom of his jaw and through the top of his skull. She was getting better at this.

Unfortunately, her rage at the very name “David” caused her to kill two mostly innocent men.

Her heart suddenly felt heavy. None of this would have happened if she had kept her vows.

The sin was not finished, though, as she realized the torment experienced by the wives of these men would be maddening. As quickly and quietly as the wind, she passed through the campground, found the unsuspecting women, and painlessly and mercifully sent them to join their husbands in eternal peace.

When the bloodletting was finally over, she realized that her human nature would always prevent her from being perfect. She was a near-perfect being, but she was a near-perfect being that now liked to fuck — maybe a little bit too much.

Retribution for this sin would be severe.

She returned to the lodge and picked up as much as she could of the remains of the two men, and deposited them in the thick woods. She wasn’t interested in concealing the crime.

She wanted to buy herself and Allen time to be far away from this place when the bodies were discovered. She cleaned the showers quickly but effectively, and then, two hours after she initially walked into the lodge, she took her shower.

When she returned to the campsite, the sun was just beginning to rise. She started a small fire for breakfast, and burned the campground’s registrar’s log and the fake ID she used to register for the weekend camping permit.

Allen crawled out of the tent, blinking hard, and displaying a partial erection.

“How’s the missus this morning?” Allen asked with a yawn.

She looked at Allen and smiled, secretly worrying if she had just put his life in jeopardy because of her infidelity.

“She’s thinking about desert before breakfast” Lindie said as she pushed him back into the tent. She pulled down his shorts and lovingly sucked his cock until he filled her mouth with come. She held the come in her mouth for several seconds, the way a drunk makes the most of a shot of whiskey, and then swallowed.

A few hours later, Lindie and Allen packed and headed into town for an early lunch. They made love through breakfast, and Allen was afraid they would fuck through lunch, too, if they didn’t get back on the road.

Allen drove all day and most of the night. A storm seemed to follow them, and Allen was adamant about getting a motel room. He thought they would have plenty of time to “rough it” the following day when they went to her sister’s campground. There was no point in weathering a strong storm when there was a warm, cozy motel room right up the road.

Lindie conceded but they had to go through several rooms before she felt comfortable spending the night in one. She could sense every customer that had stayed in each room, and everything they did, and she didn’t like it.

Husbands cheating on their wives.

Wives cheating on their husbands.

College guys trying to get in the pants of college (and sometimes high school) girls.

Husbands arranging for their unsuspecting wives to be fucked by several men.

Wives arranging for their unsuspecting husbands to be fucked by several men.

Straight porn films.

Gay porn films.




Lindie could see and smell every detail, filling her memory as if she were there when it happened.

She finally settled on a room were very little happened at all. As usual, Allen didn’t question her strange behavior. He loved her no matter how weird she was at times.

Lindie took a quick shower and put on the nicest clothes she packed. Allen showered after her, coming out of the small bathroom naked.

“Why are you all dressed up? Are we going somewhere?” Allen asked, unaware of his growing erection.

“We’re going out to eat somewhere nice, tonight,” Lindie answered.

“There’s a nice Italian restaurant nearby. A dress-up place. My treat.” Lindie smiled.

Allen wasn’t sure what to wear, but Lindie produced freshly pressed pants and a shirt, silk boxers, designer socks, and very expensive-looking shoes. He looked at the clothes in disbelief.

He had never seen them before.

“Where did all this come from?” Allen asked.

“I picked them up a few days ago. I think they’ll fit perfectly. Just wear them for me, please?” Lindie said as she caressed his growing cock.

Moments later, Allen was blinking his eyes as Lindie licked a few drops of semen from her fingers.

“Finish getting dressed, sweetheart. I want to go to bed early, tonight!” Lindie said as she looked in the mirror and adjusted her breasts in her dress. She didn’t have to tell him twice.

Allen drove, following Lindie’s strange directions, but he didn’t think they were getting anywhere. He wasn’t sure if he had been driving 20 minutes or two hours. When they arrived at the restaurant, he was completely exhausted.

The restaurant was dark but elegant. It seemed out of place for its location, as the area was mostly unincorporated. The clientele was generally well off, consisting of doctors, lawyers, and a few wise retirees. Allen was immediately uncomfortable, but Lindie held his hand tightly and said they “fit nicely.”

Her words startled him, but she acted as if she didn’t know why.

An older gentleman sat them at a quiet table with a wrap-around booth, noticeably separate from the rest of the tables in the restaurant. Moments later, a beautiful girl appeared in a waiter’s uniform. Lindie was the only one in the restaurant that could see a faint shimmer on the girl’s lips and neck. Her last blowjob was a little messy. Lindie was further amused when she smelled the faint odor of pussy on the girl’s breath as she spoke.

“Hello. My name is Jacquelyn. I’ll be your server this evening. Would you care to start out by looking at our wine list?”

Allen’s jaw dropped as he reached for the wine list. His heart felt like it was going to explode as he turned and looked at Lindie.

“Why did you do this?” Allen asked, desperately. “How did… how did you find her? How do you know about her?” He had never mentioned anything about Jackie to Lindie, other than she was his first girlfriend, if he could call her that. Other than in his dreams, Allen never thought of Jackie, and for a moment, he thought this must have been a dream.

Jackie dropped the wine list as her eyes widened.

With lightning-quick reflexes, Lindie caught the wine list before it could knock over their goblets of water, then reached for Jackie’s wrist and held it firmly.

Jackie’s eyes shifted from Allen to Lindie and back to Allen again.

“Jacquelyn, you’re going to be our server this evening. Understood?” Lindie asked. She opened Jackie’s hand and placed a small note inside, then closed her hand and released Jackie’s wrist.

Lindie called out the name of a rare wine, and Jackie quickly left to retrieve the bottle.

In the wine cellar, Jackie looked around nervously, and then read the note.


My husband, Allen, dreams about you quite often. I have no doubt that you dream about him, also. I love him very much, although maybe not as much as he loved you. I want him to be happy, but I also want him to let go of you after tonight. I am inviting you to be with us, tonight only, to experience whatever the two of you have been longing for.

After tonight, you will never see us again. I promise.


Jackie stuffed the note into her pocket, found the rare wine Lindie requested, and returned to her table.

“I get off work at eleven.” Jackie said to Lindie.

“You’ll leave when we leave.” Lindie replied calmly. “Your girlfriend will be alright without you for one night.”

“But what about my -” Jackie began to ask.

“Your boss understands that you’re leaving early tonight, and you’ll be here an hour early tomorrow for an extra-long blow job, and maybe you’ll lick his asshole.” Lindie whispered.

Jackie looked at Allen, ashamed, but helpless to not be with him at least one more time.

Lindie was right. She did dream about Allen. He was the sweetest boy she had ever known. As a young man, he was even more attractive than she could have imagined. How many years had it been? Two? Three? She had completely lost track of time after leaving the institution.

“Are you ready to order?” Jackie asked in a daze.

“Yes, I think so…” Lindie’s voice trailed off.

Over the next two hours, Jackie brought out plate after plate of some of the best food the restaurant had to offer. Allen ate like he hadn’t seen food in days, and seemed completely oblivious that his pants were around his ankles. Lindie held his cock in her fist and occasionally pumped it to erection whenever she needed a “stiff drink.”

Jackie seemed unaffected when she brought more wine only to find Lindie’s head bobbing up and down on Allen’s rigid cock.

“May I…?” Jackie started.

“When we get back to the motel room.” Lindie interrupted.

“… get you anything else?” Jackie continued.

“The gentleman at table seven that frequently fucks your manly bartender will be getting our check this evening. Let him know I said ‘thank you’ please.” Lindie answered.

“Yes ma’am,” Jackie nodded and began clearing the plates from the table.

When Lindie stood up from the table, Jackie pulled the table out so they could exit more easily. Allen pulled up his pants as if he was getting up from the toilet, and put his arm around Lindie. Jackie disappeared for only a minute, and then reappeared with her purse, another bottle of wine, and three glasses.

The drive to the motel room seemed to take only minutes. Jackie sat in the back seat, looking from Allen to Lindie and wondering what might happen, next. Allen drove in a trance, and it seemed he wasn’t even aware that Jackie was in the car with them.

When they finally arrived at the motel, Allen and Lindie stepped out of the car.

“Wait here. I’ll let you know when it’s alright to come inside.” Lindie said to a half-awake Jackie.

Allen opened the motel room door for Lindie, never looking back to the car and Jackie inside it.

Lindie turned the water on in the shower, and quickly undressed herself and Allen. They held each other closely under the warm spray of water, and Lindie kissed her husband deeply.

“Allen, I have something to tell you.” Lindie whispered in his ear.

“I love you.” Allen said softly. His cock hardened and slowly rose up between her legs, separating them slightly.

“Allen, I fucked another man.” Lindie added.

“That’s okay. I know you fucked a lot of other men, but we’re married now and that’s not important.” Allen assured her.

“No, I mean, I fucked another man after we were married.” Lindie felt his erection fade.

He pushed her back. His face was emotionless, but Lindie could see his tears mixed with drops of water from the shower.

“Why? How could you?” Allen asked. “When did you even have the chance?”

“I don’t know. I’m not like everyone else. Haven’t you noticed something different about me?”

Lindie asked painfully.

“No. Yes. I mean… I’ve always known. You’re something different. You’re someone special.” Allen answered with clouded eyes. “I’m here for you. I’ve always been here for you. That’s my purpose in this world.”

“Allen, I fucked another man and it was good. It was very, very good. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done it. I can’t take it back. I know that two wrongs don’t make things right, but I thought if you slept with someone else, we’d be…” Lindie paused. “Even?” Allen finished for her.

“I knew the only girl you ever wanted as much or more than me was Jackie. You dream about her more than you dream about me. I’m not jealous. I just knew if there was anyone you would not pass up the chance to be with, it would be her.” Lindie sighed. “I feel bad about what I did, but I can’t promise I won’t do it again. It’s not me — this — that wants to fuck all the time.”

“Are you going to see ‘him’ again?” Allen asked.

“No, Allen. I won’t see him ever again. At least not in this life.” Lindie added.

“So, you’re telling me you want an open marriage?” Allen asked.

“No. I’m telling you that what I’m doing with other men could hardly be considered sex. I’m not doing it for my own orgasmic pleasure. You satisfy me more than you could imagine.” Lindie answered, realizing that what she just said was no longer true. Just thinking about the little old man’s large cock made her clitoris throb.

“Then why are you doing it?” Allen asked, pushing himself as far away as possible without leaving the shower.

“I do it for their semen. I do it for their come. You won’t be able to understand it, but I think it’s what keeps me alive. I liked you, and now I love you, but I’m also using you, Allen. I’m using you because your come tastes so incredibly good and you have plenty of it.”

There. She said it.

Allen felt sick. He wanted to slap her. He wanted to cheat on her a dozen times over. He wanted a divorce. All in due time, though. At the moment, he just wanted to get out of the shower.

He threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and then ran out to the car to get Jackie. The rain was coming down strong and they were both soaked by the time they returned to the motel room.

Lindie stood in the middle of the room waiting for them. She was dressed in high heels and an elegant, sheer evening gown.

“You’re so beautiful.” Jackie said, eyeing Lindie’s full breasts.

Jackie developed an attraction to women while she was institutionalized. The male nurses and janitors had raped her over a dozen times before anyone realized what was happening to her. She was raped a dozen times more before they transferred her to another hospital several hundred miles away.

The only lesbian porn she had ever made was done without her knowledge. The same janitors and male nurses that abused her also drugged her and put Jackie in the same room with vibrators, dildos, and eventually other attractive female patients. When the ecstasy and other illicit drugs kicked in, the cameras started rolling. After awhile, she didn’t need the drugs to derive pleasure from kissing another semi-attractive girl. They continued to drug her, anyway.

A Baptist minister, making routine visits to clinics in the area, stumbled upon evidence of abuse and immediately had Jackie transferred. She eventually received the care she needed and, as she recovered, she fell in love with the man that came to her rescue.

They married, but her marriage was cut short when Bill was released from prison and came looking for her. It didn’t take Bill long to find her, as her wedding picture was proudly displayed in their neighborhood newspaper — which was also accessible on the Internet. A simple search brought Bill to their home only weeks after the honeymoon.

Her husband tried to reason with Bill as he broke down the door to their beautiful home, but Bill was out for revenge. He broke the preacher’s neck before Jackie could shoot him with her husband’s hunting shotgun. It was an act of self-defense, and Jackie was cleared of any wrongdoing, but her hopes of a family and a normal life seemed shattered.

She traveled around the country looking for a place to start her life over. Her husband’s life insurance money was enough to modestly take care of her for the rest of her life, but she hated being alone.

Jackie met a waitress at a fine Italian restaurant. They became instant friends, and eventually lovers. Even though she didn’t need the money, Jackie took a job at the restaurant.

When the owner of the restaurant caught Jackie and her girlfriend kissing, he threatened to fire them both. When she asked what it would take to keep their jobs, the owner simply stood up and dropped his pants.

Jackie sucked his cock eagerly, thinking if she pleased him well enough, their jobs would be spared. She had no idea that she and her girlfriend would have to blow him before their shifts started from that day on. After several weeks, she got used to the arrangement, and was thankful that his demands never elevated to fucking her or her girlfriend.

“I can see why Allen would want to marry you. What guy wouldn’t?” Jackie asked Lindie.

“Thank you, Jackie.” Lindie said softly. Her eyes appeared to glow momentarily.

Allen took the bottle of wine and glasses from Jackie and set them on the table.

He looked in the closet and found two terrycloth robes.

“Let’s get out of these wet clothes, huh?” Allen smiled as he handed Jackie a robe.

Jackie walked in front of Lindie and slowly undressed. When she was completely naked, she pulled the robe over her shoulders, and then let it slide down her back.

“I won’t be needing this, will I?” Jackie asked.

“No, not really.” Lindie answered, stepping closer to Jackie. Their difference in frame was startling to Jackie. With heels on, Lindie was almost twenty inches taller than her.

Lindie took another step closer to Jackie, bent down, and waited.

After a brief pause, Jackie leaned up and kissed Lindie on the mouth — first as a friendly greeting, and then as a lover’s kiss.

Lindie’s hand reached down between Jackie’s legs and felt her wetness.

Jackie pushed two of Lindie’s fingers inside her wet slit and opened her mouth as if to show Allen their tongues swirling around each other.

Lindie pulled her fingers from Jackie’s wet pussy and brought them to her mouth.

Lindie’s expression turned to agony and despair.

“You poor girl.” Lindie whispered. Tears slowly began to fall down her emotionless face.

“Thirty-five men have taken you.

Only three were welcomed.

Fifteen women have taken you.

Only two were welcomed.

Three lovers in your entire, short life.

Your soul is pure even though your body is not.

You loved the preacher, but you never stopped thinking of someone else…


Jackie began to cry, also, and for one brief moment, she realized what Lindie was. During that moment, she silently prayed that Lindie would take away the pain and give her peace, and Lindie heard her.

Of Lindie’s powers and abilities, her ability to read people’s thoughts was her least favorite.

Allen was struggling to maintain his sanity at the moment. Her infidelity, her reason for marrying him, seeing Jackie, and all three of them in the same room were almost too much for him to comprehend.

“Allen, would you pour us all a glass of wine?” Lindie asked sweetly.

Allen didn’t move.

“I guess the spell is over.” Allen said. Lindie looked shocked, for a moment forgetting that he was speaking figuratively.

“Jackie, I love you. But if your life is set right now, the last thing I want to do is turn it upside down on you. Lindie dragged you here because she wants to make up for cheating on me. She figures if I sleep with you, we’ll be even, but I don’t even know what that means.” Allen paced.

“Allen, it doesn’t matter.” Jackie spoke up. “Lindie promised that I would never see you again after tonight, and I believe her. I’ve missed you so much, and if she’s willing to let us be together one more time, I don’t want to waste another minute talking about it.”

Jackie ran to Allen and they held each other tightly. He kissed her deeply and she pulled herself up and onto his rigid cock, locking her heals behind his back. His cock slid easily into Jackie’s pussy. He looked at Lindie while Jackie moved up and down on his shaft.

Lindie helped herself to a glass of wine while Allen carried Jackie to the bed.

Allen proceeded to fuck Jackie in every imaginable position, causing her to orgasm three times to every one of his. Lindie had finished the entire bottle of wine by herself as she watched her husband fuck his former girlfriend in the ass for almost thirty minutes.

Jackie was impressed with Allen’s staying power, but not nearly as impressed as Lindie.

Lindie kicked off her high heels and sat on a chair next to the bed. She subconsciously pulled up her legs causing her pussy lips to open, and slid two fingers inside. She fingered her pussy in rhythm with Allen’s thrusts in Jackie’s ass and soon brought herself to orgasm.

Jackie, bent over on all fours on the bed, motioned for Lindie to join them.

“Lindie, would you like me to lick your beautiful pussy?” Jackie asked.

Lindie felt dizzy. She knew it wasn’t from the wine, because she never got drunk.

Up until a few days ago, she never got sunburned, either. Could she really be inebriated?

She looked at herself in the mirror and realized that her sunburn had already turned to a golden tan with the faintest tan lines.

Lindie stood up and removed her evening gown, then positioned herself in front of Jackie on the bed. Within seconds, Lindie was coming again from Jackie’s expert tongue.

Lindie carefully slid under Jackie so her face was beneath her pussy, forming a ’69′ with her.

Jackie once again buried her face in Lindie’s snatch and licked feverishly, sliding her fingers in and out of Lindie’s pussy and asshole.

Lindie returned the favor by licking Jackie’s clit while Allen’s cock hammered Jackie’s asshole.

“Come in my mouth, my husband.” Lindie said to Allen.

“No, don’t! I’m not clean. I wasn’t planning on having anal sex tonight!” Jackie pleaded.

“Come in my mouth, my husband… please.” Lindie whispered sternly. “It’s okay. Jackie is cleaner than she thinks.”

Seconds later, Allen pulled his cock from Jackie’s asshole and placed it in his wife’s mouth.

“Mmmmm.” Lindie purred. Soon, Allen filled Lindie’s mouth with what she’d been waiting for. Lindie reached up and unexpectedly jammed a finger up Allen’s ass, causing him to produce several more spurts of semen.

“Even better.” Lindie mused.

Jackie thought she was going to be sick. She could smell her shit on Allen’s dick when he pulled out of her ass, but when she turned to look at Lindie sucking his cock, it was clean.

Lindie licked her lips, and licked her teeth, turning to smile at Jackie.

“See, all clean.” Lindie smiled baring perfectly white teeth. For a moment, Jackie thought the teeth were pointed, but the very next second, they looked like any Hollywood starlet’s teeth.

To make Jackie feel better, Lindie got up and brushed her teeth. When she came back to bed, Allen and Jackie separated, leaving a space for Lindie in the middle.

The three kissed each other briefly, and when Allen was ready, he mounted Lindie from behind while Jackie slid underneath her. When it came for Allen to come, Jackie was in the middle of an incredible orgasm provided by Lindie’s mouth on her pussy and Lindie’s fingers in her asshole.

Jackie’s mouth was opened wide, which Allen mistook as an invitation for his cock.

He pulled his dirty cock from Lindie’s ass and shoved it into Jackie’s mouth.

She began to gag as soon as she saw Lindie’s shit on his dick, but her mouth was soon filled with Allen’s delicious semen. She swallowed and continued to let him pump his cock in her mouth.

“Allen, put it back in my butt.” Lindie asked from between Jackie’s legs.

He did as he was told, thrusting several times before Lindie spoke again.

“Now, put it back in her mouth.” Lindie directed.

He pulled out of Lindie’s ass and waited. Jackie helplessly opened her mouth invitingly. She wasn’t sure why, but there was no taste or smell of shit on his thick dick. She could have sworn she had seen it, though.

He alternated between Lindie’s asshole and Jackie’s mouth several more times until he once again filled Jackie’s mouth with his orgasm.

“Holy shit!” Allen exclaimed.

“You could call it that.” Lindie said under her breath.

“I need to take a shower.” Allen said as he hopped off the bed.

Lindie turned around and got on top of Jackie, kissing her fully on the mouth and pushing several fingers inside her pussy. Jackie came instantly and rolled Lindie onto her back. She sucked Lindie’s nipples into her mouth, squeezing her full breasts hard, and finished by sliding her entire hand inside Lindie’s pussy. Lindie cried out just before an intense orgasm and pulled Jackie’s hand from her tightening pussy before possibly breaking her wrist.

They kissed some more, and when Allen returned from the shower, they positioned themselves in such a way as to allow their pussies to rub against each other. Their heads were hanging off opposite sides of the bed, and Lindie was the first to request his cock in her mouth.

Allen was amazed at how well they each took turns sucking his cock, but he knew when he came, Lindie would expect the prize. He filled her mouth, then withdrew his limp cock as the two girls once again repositioned themselves into a ’69′ and brought each other to orgasm.

After a brief rest, the girls hopped off the bed and showered together.

Allen turned on the TV while he heard the girls giggling, kissing, and bringing each other to orgasm in the shower. While he waited, there was a special report on a mass murder that occurred in the campground they had just visited.

Twenty people — men, women, and children — dismembered and their body parts scattered about the campground.

“Lindie, come here and look at this!” Allen called out.

The girls came out with wet hair, towels around their waists, and bright smiles. Lindie’s smile quickly disappeared as soon as she looked at the television.

“Oh my God.” Lindie spoke quietly. ‘He’s following me,’ she thought to herself.

“We’re lucky we left when we did! They say this happened this afternoon.” Allen said excitedly.

“Turn it off.” Jackie demanded. “I don’t want to know any more about it.”

“Probably a good idea. We don’t want to have nightmares, right?”

Allen turned off the TV and crawled back into bed. The girls joined him and, one-by-one, they each fell asleep. Lindie had no idea why her eyes closed so easily, but within minutes, she didn’t care.

For the first time in days, Lindie began to dream.

She could see a beautiful black girl wearing some kind of Egyptian jewelry, and little else.

She was so beautiful and so elegant; she could have been a princess.

In a flash, a disgusting, winged figure appeared in front of the girl, but she wasn’t afraid of him.

Instead, she displayed a playful attitude as she watched his groin morph into a large, rigid, cock. His bat-like face yelled at her in some unknown language, but she held out her arm and placed her hand on his chest, answering him in what must have been a warning to be patient.

The black girl turned away from the creature, bent over, and spread her ass cheeks, waiting for his approval.

The creature mumbled something else, and the black girl turned and dropped to her knees as if worshipping the creature. The creature stepped forward and brushed the girl’s lips with the tip of his large, disgusting cock. She opened her mouth and used her tongue to lick the shaft and head of his large member. Lindie giggled in her sleep as she realized the creature was without testicles.

The creature and black girl suddenly stopped what they were doing, almost as if they realized Lindie was watching them. Lindie held her breath.

After a brief pause, the black girl continued licking and kissing the creature’s large, porcelain cock.

Within minutes, the creature’s wings had completely disappeared and his bat-like face began to look more like that of a young man. His cock, however, remained abnormally large for his frame.

The creature then lay on the ground, and the black girl positioned herself on top of him, carefully inserting his large cock in her pussy. She leaned forward and kissed the creature’s face as her ass moved up and down, sliding his long shaft in and out of her tight pussy.

Her playful attitude quickly disappeared as she brought herself to her first orgasm on the creature’s cock. As she continued to ride his large dick, he continued to look more like an attractive young man.

The creature mumbled something else, and the black girl hesitated.

The creature repeated his mumble, and his transformation into a handsome young man was suddenly reversed. His skin paled and his wings began to materialize.

The black girl sat up, turned around, and quickly attempted to fit the head of his large cock in her asshole, but his cock was too big — and for her — it was too late.

She looked worried as the creature’s clawed wings dug into her shoulders, and she cried out as he forced her down onto his stone-like cock.

Terror covered her face as he pushed her down further, and she began to chant what must have been a prayer her people said when on the verge of death.

“Let her go!” Lindie shouted in her sleep, although in her dream, the words were in the tongue of the creature. The creature paused for a moment, then looked directly at Lindie and smiled. Lindie recognized that smile. It was the sinister smile of her alleged brother, David.

The smile quickly turned into a snarl as the creature pushed the beautiful black princess down farther, crushing her internal organs. Blood poured from the girl’s mouth as she silently screamed.

Lindie lashed out and severed the black girl’s head, attempting to end her misery, and the creature began to laugh.

“I know who you are. I’m going to kill you, you son-of-a-bitch!” Lindie roared.

The creature continued to chuckle and said something that Lindie understood as “only after you kill everyone else, first.”

Lindie was suddenly awoken by Jackie’s screams. Jackie was curled up in a corner of the room, farthest from the bed. Lindie tried to read Jackie’s mind, but the poor girl seemed to have gone insane.

As Lindie rose from the bed, she was confused to see blood splattered and sprayed all over the walls and ceiling. She looked in the mirror across from the bed and could see she had transformed into the near-perfect being she so admired. When she turned to look at the bed, however, her face turned colder and her eyes burned brighter than they had ever been.

There, on the bed, were the remains of her husband, Allen. His head was severed from his body. His body was pulled apart from his groin to his chest. His eyes and mouth were still open as if calling out “why?”

“Please.” Jackie spoke softly.

Lindie turned around quickly, just missing Jackie’s face with the razor-sharp tip of one of her wings.

Jackie was standing before Lindie, calm and coherent. Lindie was able to read her mind for a split second and could see what had happened.

She had transformed while in her nightmare of a dream, knocking Jackie out of bed, but also ripping apart her husband in the process.

Jackie’s one, true love was gone. Her mind was finally broken. She knew she was destined to spend the rest of her life in an insane asylum. She wanted it to end, now.

“Please take away the pain. I know you can do it.” Jackie said. “Let me be with Allen, again.”

The sight of Lindie like this, and the unintentional slaughter of Allen were more than most mortals could handle, including Jackie.

Lindie spread her arms and wings, and Jackie stepped forward, resting her face on Lindie’s bosom.

She held Jackie in her arms with all the love one being can have for another, and kissed her gently on top of her head. Jackie’s body instantly fell lifeless.

“No more pain, Jackie.” Lindie said between pointed, razor-sharp teeth.

“Tell Allen I miss him already.”

She carefully laid Jackie’s body on the floor.

Miles away, Jackie’s girlfriend’s dark-skinned body cooled. Her Egyptian jewelry sparkled in the early morning sunlight. A stray dog licked her face, paused, then trotted several yards away and licked her hand.

Lindie’s wings folded as she walked to the car. The concrete sidewalk crumbled beneath her feet. She effortlessly pushed her hand through the glass of the car, reached in, and grabbed whatever clothes and camping gear she thought might be useful, stuffing it all into a large backpack.

The sun was only minutes from rising.

She looked at her reflection in the window of an adjacent motel room. She looked like a white marble statue, spattered with blood. She once thought of herself as angelic. Now, covered in Allen’s blood, she looked and felt farthest from it.

“To what purpose, God?” Lindie asked quietly, staring at the ground.

“To what purpose?” She asked again, slightly louder and looking skyward.

She was overcome by several emotions as she looked at Allen’s car.

They were on their way to finding her remaining sister so she could find out where she came from, and maybe why she was so different from everyone else in her family.

When it was quiet, and when she really concentrated, she could see into the not-so-distant future. She had meditated long and hard before they started their journey to make sure she was doing the right thing. It was going to be an adventure, and it was going to be fun.

Allen wasn’t supposed to get hurt. He wasn’t supposed to die. How did this come to be?

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way!” Lindie yelled. An unearthly roar replaced her soft, feminine voice. Within a half-mile radius, windows shattered, eardrums bled, and birds and other small animals fell to the ground, dead.

Lindie grabbed the backpack and took to the skies, heading indirectly to her sister’s campground. She knew she was being followed, but she had no idea how close he was.

A handsome young man stepped out of the shadows of the motel room.

“Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. What has become of you?” David said as he stood over her corpse.

“Bill sends his love.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you to a hospital or somethin’?” the taxi driver asked.

“No. I’ll let you know when to stop.” Lindie replied.

The cab driver looked at her in the rearview mirror. “Are you sure?” the taxi driver started.

“It’s not my blood!” Lindie said sternly.

The taxi driver remained quiet for the next hour, trying his best not to look at her.

He finally broke the silence as he wondered if she’d even be able to pay the fare.

“Look, we’re about as far as I can take you. I need to get some gas and something to eat, and then I’m heading back. You can call another taxi from the next rest stop.”

“Just a little farther. Drive to the next exit and I’ll throw in an extra hundred.” Lindie was persuasive.

The taxi didn’t make it to the next exit, though. The engine sputtered and died, and the driver carefully coasted onto the shoulder of the highway. He kept a one-gallon plastic jug full of gas in case of situations like this, but he wasn’t sure how good the gas would be after sitting in his trunk for several months.

When he closed the trunk, Lindie was gone.

Before he could curse her, though, he looked at the back seat and found $400 in large bills.

The taxi driver looked down the road to the north, and then again to the south. Not a car in sight, and no markings of any sort.

“Girlie, why in the world would you want to get out here?” He thought out loud.

Lindie found a secluded area of forest and a shallow creek. The water was clear, but cold. She had a few sets of clean clothes in her backpack, but no towel. She would just have to air dry, if that was even possible.

It rained for most of the day. The temperature had dropped almost 20 degrees in the last few hours, and Lindie had second thoughts about making the effort to clean up. She shivered as she undressed and stepped knee-deep into the creek. Her husband’s blood washed off easily, but she continued to rub and scrub until her skin was raw. Her reflection in the water reminded her of what her husband would see every time he looked at her. It was a stark contrast to the way she pictured herself.

If he didn’t know before, he must certainly know now.

“I’m sorry Allen. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you.” Lindie said softly. She allowed herself to cry as she made a half-hearted attempt to wash the blood from the clothes she had been wearing.

When she felt completely free of blood, dirt, and sweat from hours of hiking, Lindie did her best to dry off before getting dressed. As she walked around the forest — naked except for her flip-flops — she wondered if Eve felt the same freedom thousands or millions of years ago. The light drizzle that had persisted all afternoon was becoming heavy rain, and Lindie quickly dressed and packed all of her clothing. The wet clothes were heavy in her backpack, and for the first time in her life, her shoulders began to ache.

Lindie had been walking for the better part of the day when she finally exited the forest.

She turned north along the highway and walked for several miles before she came upon an old service station.

Looking at the advertised gas prices, she assumed the place had been closed for some time. She walked around the building, but all of the doors were locked. About the only thing that was of any use was the pump station overhang, which kept the rain from falling on Lindie directly.

She was cold, she was extremely tired, and she was hungry. She wondered why she didn’t think to blow the taxi driver. He was probably capable of at least two orgasms for her to swallow. For some reason, the thought of blowing someone besides her husband made her feel overwhelmingly guilty. The guilt had made her feel weak all over. Her hands dropped to her stomach as she began to cramp. She had never felt anything like it.

The rain seemed to be at it’s heaviest when a tow truck appeared from the south. The sky was a dark grey and the clouds seemed to follow the truck as it approached the service station.

Lindie worried that the driver wouldn’t see her and drive right on by. She unbuttoned her shirt enough to show some cleavage, and took off her jacket allowing her shirt to get soaked. Having left off her bra after her bath in the creek, she was worthy of at least a glance, if not several stares.

She stood just outside the protection of the overhang so she could be a little closer to the road. She knew she was solid as rock while she was not her usual self, but she couldn’t help but feel vulnerable while she was just cute, little, twenty-one year old Lindie. She didn’t need to get hit by a truck today.

As the tow truck pulled off the road and alongside Lindie, she read Randall’s Towing on the door.

“Did you break down somewhere around here?” The driver asked.

“No. More like broke up. Can I get a lift to the nearest town?” Lindie asked as she leaned over, giving the driver a full view of her nipples through her wet shirt.

“Sure. Hop on in!” The driver answered excitedly. “Helpin’ people’s what I do around here.”

“Are you Randy?” Lindie asked.

“Have you heard of me? How’d you know my name?” Randy asked. His right eye twitched slightly. Lindie could tell he was nervous. His face looked young, but his hair was starting to grey. “Just a lucky guess.” Lindie answered. He was simple, and so far, he was nice. “Actually, I just figured you might go by Randy instead of Randall. This is your truck, right?”

“Yes, ma’am. Paid in full. They changed too many options on the later models, but this one has everything I need.” Randy said as if Lindie was really interested.

The heat felt good on Lindie’s legs. Her clothes were soaked and the rest of her shivered.

“I really need to get out of these wet clothes.” Lindie whined. “Do you mind if I change real quick?”

“What? Here? The town is just about ten minutes up the road.” Randy almost looked panic-stricken.

“But then I’ll have to find a place to change – like a public restroom. You know how dirty those places are, don’t you?” Lindie said, convincingly. “You seem like a nice guy. I can trust you not to watch, right?”

“Yes, ma’am. If you have to change, you have to change. Some people change when you least expect it.” Randy said with a boyish grin. He looked all of twenty-five years old, with a big smile to match his big frame. He was at least six feet tall and three hundred pounds of corn-fed muscle.

Lindie reached into her backpack and pulled out a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. She knew she would have to put on her last pair of jeans later, but for now, the shorts were in order. She pulled off her hiking boots, and then pealed off her socks. She put her feet on the dashboard, stretching her legs toward Randy.

“Oh, it feels so good to stretch my legs. They’ve gotten quite the workout the last few days.” Lindie said as she leaned against the door.

Randy looked at her shyly, and then turned back to the road. “They’re very nice legs.”

“Thank you, Randy. It’s nice of you to notice.” Lindie caressed her calves before removing her feet from the dash. She unbuttoned her wet hiking shorts and struggled to pull them off. They were stuck to her like glue. When she finally slid her legs and feet out of the shorts, she paused for a moment. She could tell Randy was struggling to keep his eyes on the road. She set her dry shorts to the side for a moment, and slowly unbuttoned her soaked shirt.

Randy was perspiring and reached for the heater control.

“Please don’t turn the heat off.” Lindie purred. “It feels so good in here.” She caressed her bare breasts and slowly pulled her arms out of the shirt.

“Do you want to look at me?” Lindie asked as she reached her hand behind his head.

Randy nodded.

“Pull over. I don’t want to distract you from driving any more than I already have.” Lindie said as she backed up against the door and spread her legs.

Randy pulled off the road as carefully as he could without looking at her. She was obviously naked, in his truck, and very ‘open.’ His girlfriend had broken up with him over a year ago, and he wondered if a pretty girl would ever give him the time of day again.

“Now what, missy?” Randy asked as he kept his eyes forward.

“Can we just sit here a bit while my clothes dry?” Lindie asked.

“Sure, ma’am.” Randy said.

“You can call me Lindie, okay?” Lindie said as she slid closer to him.

“O-Okay,” Randy stuttered. “Lindie.” It sounded nice when he said it.

“Would you like me to turn on the radio?” Randy asked.

“Sure. Would you like to touch me?” Lindie asked as she placed his large right hand on her left knee.

It was soft. It felt nice. Lindie pulled his hand up to her inner thigh, and it felt even nicer.

“Town’s just up the road,” Randy said nervously.

“I’m so glad you picked me up, Randy. I’d really like to thank you for not leaving me out in the cold rain.” Lindie said as she put her left hand on Randy’s right knee. He jumped slightly.

“That’s okay. I was headed this way, anyway.” Randy said shyly. Lindie felt her pussy become warm and wet.

“Look at me, Randy. It’s okay.” Lindie pulled his hand all the way to her pussy as he looked into her eyes.

“My hands aren’t clean.”

“They’re clean enough.” Lindie smiled as she reached for Randy’s pulsing cock. She carefully unzipped his coveralls as he raised the steering wheel.

Randy’s cock smelled like it hadn’t been washed in days, but it was rigid and ready.

His cock had fucked only one girl, and she had been his high school sweetheart. Lindie swirled her tongue around the tip before taking his shaft all the way down her throat.

Randy was quick to come, much to Lindie’s delight. He filled her mouth as if he hadn’t ejaculated in months. Lindie gulped and almost choked, but she swallowed every drop before sitting up.

“Did you like that, Randy?”

“Oh yes ma’am… Lindie!” Randy said nervously. Lindie smiled as if she was just given the ultimate compliment and leaned back down over his crotch.

“Do you mind if I do that again?” Lindie asked between licks of his shaft.

“Lindie? Are you sure you don’t want me to do anything for you?”

“Oh, you’re doing a lot for me, Randy. This is just what I needed!” Lindie said before deep-throating his growing, thick shaft again.

Randy looked down at Lindie’s beautiful body as her head bobbed up and down on his dick. He reached down and as he caressed her back, he wondered if he had ever felt anything so soft. He let his large hand drift down further to her ass and gently squeezed her cheeks and thighs.

Lindie reached back with a free hand and guided one of his thick fingers into her asshole.

Randy was a little shocked at first. He never fingered a girl’s ass, and was a little bit disgusted by it. That feeling changed when Lindie moaned, and then he pushed his finger in deeper.

Randy came again, filling Lindie’s mouth with come, though not as much as the first time. She once again gulped, suppressed a choke, and then ran her tongue over her teeth to show him she swallowed it all. As she sat up, she pushed her ass back onto his hand and rocked back and forth. Her full breasts jiggled as her backward thrusts on his hand became more abrupt.

“I have to go, soon.” Lindie said unexpectedly. “Do you want to have sex with me before I get out?”

“Regular sex, right?” Randy was almost afraid to ask. The thought of putting his dick in a girl’s ass never crossed his mind.

“My butt, my pussy, both… whatever you want. You deserve it. But you have to be quick.” Lindie said as she sat up and off of his hand. She put her left foot behind his head and her right foot on his wet dick. Her feet were soft and felt cool against his warm skin.

“Shouldn’t I use a condom?” Randy asked, mostly out of concern for his own protection.

“Do you have one?” Lindie asked, surprised.

“No.” Randy answered, embarrassed.

“Well, I think we’ll be okay. But if you don’t want me…” Lindie said as she started to pull her legs back.

Randy grabbed her legs and pulled himself on top of Lindie. He kissed her deeply and groped at her breasts with huge, unskilled hands. He pulled his arms out of his coveralls and pulled his uniform down below his thighs.

His cock was inside her within seconds.

She brought her legs up around his waist, and then onto his shoulders. He kissed Lindie all over her face, and then kissed and licked her feet and ankles.

As Lindie expected, he didn’t last long. Something strange had happened as he completed his last few thrusts inside her. She felt a very slight pain, followed by a feeling that something was being torn inside her.

She looked down and gasped as Randy withdrew his cock from her pussy. It was covered in blood. She hoped it was her blood and not his. Randy was practically in shock.

“Are you a virgin or something?” Randy asked, realizing that if she was before, she wasn’t now.

“No, I mean yes… I mean… not exactly.” Lindie answered, flustered. It was more blood than what her girlfriends described when they talked about losing their virginity. It had to be something else.

“Um, I don’t mean to gross you out, but I think…” Lindie started.

“You’re having your period?” Randy asked in disgust. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know!” Lindie exclaimed.

“All over my truck! I’ve got to work in this thing. Now, there’s blood everywhere!” Randy was beside himself. He made it out to be worse than it really was, but Lindie wasn’t going to argue.

“I’ll help you clean it up.” Lindie smiled, trying to calm him. She leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, but he moved away.

“That’s okay. I think you’d better just get cleaned up.” Randy said as he reached behind the bench seat for a roll of paper towels.

They cleaned themselves as best as they could, and then Randy pulled back onto the highway while Lindie dressed.

Lindie only had a few hundred dollars left, but she hoped it would be enough to get her to her sister. Randy had dropped her off at one of the nicer motels in town, and Lindie quickly showered and changed into warmer, drier clothes.

She was only fifty miles from her sister’s campground. The postcard said she would be there the following weekend, so Lindie thought she might spend a few days in this quaint little town.

The old woman at the front desk was nice enough to lend her an umbrella as Lindie set out for some dinner. The town square was small, and Lindie’s dining options were presented rather quickly.

Of the diner, a coffee shop, an Italian restaurant, and an ice cream parlor, she opted for the diner.

Lindie had brewed plenty of bad coffee while managing the tavern back in Seattle. She was almost comforted by the familiar smell and taste. Those were less-complicated times.

The bell on the door brought her out of a trance as she watched a group of rough-looking men taking their seats in the booth across from her. Three black men, two white, and all with bizarre tattoos. They didn’t look like they were from this town.

They eyed Lindie as much as she eyed them, and drew the same conclusion about her.

“You just passing through, too, slim?” One of the rough men asked Lindie.

“Yeah, just passing through.” Lindie said before taking another sip of coffee. At five feet, seven inches tall, and 135 pounds, the soon-to-be twenty-one year-old hardly felt slim. Her calves and hips were muscular, and her breasts were full, yet firm. ‘Slim?’ she thought to herself.

She felt an unusual tenderness in her breasts and brought her arms in front of her, elbows close together on the table, and held the coffee mug to her lips.

“You need a ride? You look like you need a ride.” The other men chuckled at the statement.

“No thanks. I’m not sure when I’m leaving.” Lindie said nervously. She clenched her coffee mug, hoping she had the strength to break it — and possibly their skulls — but the mug survived.

“Maybe you’re looking for a date?” One of the black men in the group asked.

“No. I’m not interested. Sorry.” Lindie was getting increasingly uncomfortable. By now, her skin should have paled and her teeth and nails should have turned razor-sharp. Instead, she felt cold and vulnerable.

“What? You got a problem with dark meat?” One of the black men asked.

“No, I’ve been with a lot of…” Lindie stopped. That was a poor choice of words.

“She’s been with a lot of dark meat! All at once? Lucky us! She’s used to pulling trains!” Another black man hollered.

“I didn’t say that. You’re putting words in my mouth.” Lindie stopped again, realizing she wasn’t helping the situation.

“Would you rather we put something else in your pretty little mouth?” One of the white men asked, mockingly.

Since puberty, Lindie had developed an ability to read people’s minds. That ability, at it’s strongest, was almost maddening as it was difficult to not listen to everything that everyone around her was thinking. Her sense of smell allowed her to know the sexual history of everyone around her, down to the minutest detail as if written on his or her bodies for her to read at her leisure. In this diner, though, she knew and felt nothing but fear. Her fear.

The little old man behind the counter looked worried for Lindie, and she knew there would be nothing he could do if they tried anything with her. She thought it best to take her chances outside.

Without looking at them, Lindie stood up and left a few dollars on the counter, then walked out of the diner. Her stomach cramps stopped hours ago, but now she was afraid she was getting an upset stomach from being nervous.

The rough-looking men waited less than a minute, and then followed.

Lindie looked over her shoulder to see the three black men walking quickly behind her, closing the gap between them. She realized she had forgotten the old woman’s umbrella at the diner as it started to rain again. The men behind her were laughing at her, calling out obscenities, making Lindie even more frightened. She thought there had been five of them, but when she turned around, she could only see three.

Suddenly, a panel van screeched to a stop next to her. The side door slid open and she was pushed inside. She bumped her head on something, and then someone held a cloth to her face. Everything went dark.

Lindie pretended to still be unconscious as she heard one of the rough men position himself between her legs. Whatever drug they had used on her, she may as well have still been unconscious. She was unable to open her eyes or move any other part of her body.

But she could breathe, she could smell, and she could hear the squirmy noises her body made as someone filled her orifices.

“Hey J.J., what do you want me to do with her clothes? They smell like shit.” One of the men called out.

The man between her legs paused for a moment and called back. “Toss them in the furnace with the rest of her stuff. We’ve got new outfits for her. She won’t be needing those anymore.”

J.J. went back to fucking Lindie’s limp body, talking to himself. “I told Tyrone not to use so much. They always shit and piss all over themselves when you use too much.” She could feel his come leave his body and enter hers. Her pussy twitched and she hoped he hadn’t noticed.

“Hey J.J., let me drop my dick in her ass, now.” One of the black men called from another room.

“In a minute!” J.J. replied.

“You better not be tapping her ass, J.J. I got first dibs on that today ’cause I cleaned the bitch up. That ain’t fun you know.” The black man continued.

“I haven’t fucked her ass, today, Tyrone. If you didn’t have such a big dick, you wouldn’t have to go last all the time!” J.J. called back as he withdrew his limp cock from Lindie’s pussy.

She felt a cool breeze on her skin as she heard the door open and close. She wondered how long she had been out. She also wondered how many times she’d been fucked since she had been pushed into the van. She tried desperately to open her eyes, but the room was dark and she couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or not. Seconds later, she was asleep again.

Lindie wasn’t sure if it had been seconds or hours since her last visitor filled her pussy. She heard the door open and close again. This time, it was Tyrone, as she recognized his voice from earlier.

“Girl, you sure are fine.” Tyrone said, admiringly. “Most girls would be wore out by now, but your shit is tight as hell, even with all that jizz in you.”

He pushed Lindie’s legs back and placed the tip of his cock at her asshole. Air and come bubbled out of Lindie’s ass.

“What the?!?” Tyrone cried out. “Who the fuck filled your ass already? Shit.”

If Lindie could have laughed, she probably would have.

“Oh hell, you’re ass is still tight, girl.” Tyrone said as he pushed the head of his long cock into her asshole. “That’s better. Even with a load or two in your ass, you feel damn good, girl.”

Lindie heard Tyrone quickly approaching climax. She could barely feel his thrusts at first, but soon felt his full length unload inside her rectum. She tightened her asshole around his long black shaft.

“Oh hell yes! That’s worth cleaning your shit up every time, girl!”

Tyrone was replaced by another, and another. Each time, Lindie was becoming more and more aroused, even to the brink of climax on several occasions. Eventually, J.J. was visiting her again, moving between her legs. From the corner of her eye, she was beginning to see again.

Even though her vision was still blurred, she was certain the tattoos all over J.J.’s body were moving. Shifting. Almost dancing. His cock was thick and veiny, and she could feel every bulge as he plunged into her pussy.

J.J. sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. As his teeth closed on her nipple, his fingers pinched her clit tightly. Her stomach tightened.

“I thought you were awake, bitch.” J. J. said as he pulled her arms from their restraints.

Lindie tried to speak, but her mouth still didn’t move quite right. What sounds she did make sounded like moans.

“Jimmy, come take this IV out!” J.J. yelled. Lindie felt her body being shifted, then carried. The room became bright, and then dimmed again. She heard the springs of a bed compress as they threw her down, and she suddenly felt an incredible aching in her shoulders. She was still unable to lift her arms or legs, but she could move her head slightly.

“Now, we’re really gonna have some fun, girl.” J.J. whispered in Lindie’s ear. She barely noticed the needle sticking her in the ass.

Sarah packed the last of the food in the cooler, then rifled through her closet for her camping clothes. During the summer months, she would’ve been content wearing almost nothing at all, as their part of the campground was very secluded. Shorts, t-shirts, and bikinis were all she ever needed when it was warm, but now that summer was over, she had to look the part of the average camper.

Kenny grabbed the food cooler and tossed it in the back of the pickup with all the other camping supplies. They didn’t need to bring much as he kept the trailer at the campsite fully stocked with non-perishables.

Kenny’s parents took his kids for the weekend, promising a fun-filled weekend at the up-state amusement park. That left Sarah, Kenny, and Andi to enjoy each other’s company a little more freely at the campground.

Sarah and Kenny were in their late 30′s, and had a very good marriage, and an equally adventurous sex life. Andi was an ex-girlfriend of one of Kenny’s friends that grew close to the couple during a partner-swapping weekend. Kenny lost touch with his friend, but not his friend’s ex-girlfriend.

Andi, twenty years old and a part-time veterinary student, became very close with Sarah and Kenny. She spent so much time around them; she was practically a member of the family.

When her boyfriend moved out of state, she continued to visit Sarah and Kenny, and she was always their first choice for babysitter. Even though she had a car, she’d have Kenny pick her up and take her home for her babysitting jobs. Sarah knew Andi was blowing her husband in the car during both trips, but she didn’t mind.

She had watched them do much worse, and the sight of her husband’s fat cock wedging it’s way into Andi’s tight, young cunt made Sarah’s pussy wet every time. When he stuffed it into Andi’s cute little asshole, sometimes it would be enough to send Sarah over the edge. They enjoyed each other’s company so much; they found it unnecessary to swap with anyone else.

Sarah still secretly longed for Andi’s ex-boyfriend, but knew she would never be with him again. He was young, fit, and very handsome, but Kenny’s cock was much bigger, and she spent at least an hour each day being reminded of that fact.

Kenny parked Andi’s car in the garage, then joined Sarah and Andi in the pickup. Andi positioned herself between Kenny and Sarah, kicked off her shoes, and then put her feet up on the dash.

“Do you think she’ll even be there?” Kenny asked. “You don’t even know if she got the postcard.”

“She’ll be there.” Sarah replied. “You don’t know her like I do.”

“How could you know her? You haven’t even seen her in over ten years.” Kenny said.

“I know her.” Sarah said, almost disappointed. “She’ll be there no matter what. She wants to know where she came from. I’m the only one left that can tell her.”

“And what do you think she’ll do after she finds out?” Andi asked as she unbuttoned a few of the top buttons of her shirt.

“That’s what scares me.” Sarah said, ignoring Andi’s hand groping at Kenny’s crotch.

AnathemaTyrone looked around, and then unzipped his fly. Lindie reached up and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. She tried to engulf his cock in her mouth, but she gagged as soon as she sealed her lips around his shaft. She had no energy to move her head back and forth. Instead, Tyrone held her head firmly, and slowly fucked her throat with his semi-erect member. As he looked down, he couldn’t believe how pretty she looked with his black cock in her mouth.

For a moment, he wondered if there would be any way he would be able to keep her for himself. If he tried to run away with her, J.J. would eventually find them and kill them both.

‘No’ he thought to himself. ‘No bitch is worth dying over’ and he pulled his dick from Lindie’s mouth and pulled up his pants.

“Get up, bitch.” Tyrone said as he struggled to stow his hard-on. “It’s show time!”

Kenny pulled up to the trailer two hours later and wished he had brought more beer. It was going to be cold the first night, and he was going to spend most of the evening outside, looking for firewood. Beer made everything better for Kenny.

Sarah and Andi unloaded the pickup, and then cleaned up the trailer. It had been about a month since the last time they used it, and they wanted to make sure there weren’t any unwelcome guests hiding somewhere. When the coast was clear, Sarah turned the heater on and removed her top. Andi followed her example, then leaned forward to give each of Sarah’s large breasts a kiss.

“I’ve missed you” Andi said to Sarah’s breasts, although she was referring to Sarah.

“I’m sure they missed you, too.” Sarah smiled as she cupped Andi’s small tits.

“Do you mind if I go first, tonight? I’m a little tired.” Sarah asked.

“Sarah, he’s your husband. You call the shots. You always will.” Andi answered.

“Are you trying to get in my pants?” Sarah asked jokingly.

“Always.” Andi smiled and helped Sarah step out of her jeans.

Sarah’s pussy was perpetually hairless. Andi wasn’t sure how she did it, but it was always soft and smooth. Never any razor stubble or bumps. Andi did her best to keep her pussy trimmed if not waxed, and she was glad that her last tan still showed her tan lines. Andi’s tongue was in Sarah’s mouth as soon as they fell on the bed. Within minutes, they had positioned themselves into a ’69′.

Andi was the first to orgasm as Sarah’s tongue swirled around her clit. Andi practically had her entire small hand inside Sarah’s pussy while she groaned through her orgasm. Sarah carefully pulled Andi’s hand from her snatch and replaced it with Andi’s face, grinding Andi’s nose into her pussy.

Sarah turned over and arched her ass into the air.

Andi stood behind her, spreading Sarah’s ass cheeks and tonguing her asshole deeply.

Finally, Andi slid three fingers in Sarah’s wet pussy, and her thumb in Sarah’s asshole and finger-fucked her furiously. Andi’s pinky rubbed Sarah’s clit and within seconds, Sarah shook through her first orgasm of the evening.

“You know I hate it when you two start without me” Kenny said with a sweat-covered smile as he poked his head in the bedroom.

“Let me take a shower and I’ll be right there!”

The room Lindie was led to had only one door in or out. There were rings cemented into the walls, and benches under the rings. The far wall had one giant mirror that seemed to take up the entire width of the wall. There was only one light hanging from the ceiling. There were a few rings in the floor, and two chairs against the far wall.

She was in an interrogation room.

The table in the center of the room was converted into a small, stilted bed. Lindie was directed to sit on the bed and wait. She did her best to hop onto the bed, crossing her legs and looking into the mirror. She barely recognized herself.

Her tan appeared to have vanished. Her arms and legs, while still attractive, looked much thinner than they had ever been. Her face was done up in make-up which made her look the part of the whore. Her hair had been dyed and cut. She was partially relieved that nobody would have recognized her. Then she realized that, with few exceptions, anyone what could have recognized her was already dead.

A speaker broadcasted static above the mirror. She looked at it, and then looked back at her reflection.

There was a second of feedback in the speaker, and then a calm voice spoke.

“This is J.J. I’m your father, brother, husband, and god from now on. You’ll do as I say — for as long as I say — or there’ll be hell to pay. Plain and simple. Any questions?”

Lindie shook her head from side to side.

“Good. Before you think about running away, you should know that I own this town. I own this county, and everything and everyone in it. The sheriff and his deputies will not think twice about throwing you in jail if you so much as fart the wrong way. Do you understand?”

Lindie raised her head up and down.

“Last thing. While you were drugged up, you said some weird shit, and you spoke some crazy language. I don’t know where you’re from, but I know you’re a loner. Nobody is gonna miss you, girl. Enjoy getting fucked in every way imaginable. It’s the only attention you’re going to get for awhile. If we don’t like your performance, we’ll drug you until we do.

If we still don’t like your performance, well… Let’s hope you keep us entertained for your sake.”

The speaker went silent.

The door to the room opened, and several young men walked inside wearing bathrobes. They looked like they could have been the varsity football team of a local college. Lindie could see they were all handsome, and all very large and muscular. By the time the door closed, each of the men stood against three walls of the room, shoulder to shoulder. She counted twenty-five.

She could neither read their minds, nor smell their sex to gain insight as to their histories. She reached down to her shaved pussy and was surprised to feel how wet she had become.

Lindie looked around, not sure what she was expected to do first. As she looked at the ceiling, she noticed several small red lights that she had not seen before.


There were also several small red lights emanating from the dark corners of the room.

‘I guess we’re rolling,’ Lindie thought to herself.

Kenny filled Sarah’s cunt with his first orgasm of the evening, and then moved onto Andi.

Sarah was shorter, but heavier than Andi, with curves in all the right places. She maintained a fit body and retained her large breasts even after having two kids. Her strawberry blond hair was long and curly, and her body freckled as much as it tanned. Her feet were small and pretty, and her face was smooth and beautiful. When Sarah smiled, she could light up a room.

Andi was tall and lean. She had played soccer in high school, and she had also been on the swim team. Her legs and ass were model quality, and her breasts, though small, were firm and cute. She was the complete opposite of Kenny, who was short, hairy, and a little overweight. His bald head seemed to be the only place on his body not covered with hair.

Kenny’s cock, however, was unnaturally fat in the shaft, and small at the head. His dick wasn’t very long, but it was long enough to keep his wife and their girlfriend coming back for more.

Andi licked the taste of Sarah’s pussy from Kenny’s dick. Kenny stood up and let Andi suck on the head of his cock for a few seconds, and then pulled her up to him so they could kiss. Andi had to look down to kiss him, but Kenny didn’t mind. In a swift motion, Kenny picked up Andi and flipped her so her legs were on his shoulders and her pussy was in his face.

Andi’s face was eagerly sucking his cock as the blood rushed to her head.

Kenny walked toward the bed and Andi reached out, walking on her hands. Kenny lowered her waist until it was even with his thick cock, and then pulled her onto it. She let out a yelp as his fat cock spread her pussy; her legs still suspended by Kenny’s strong arms. He slowly let her knees rest on the bed and she arched her ass upward, causing her anus to open invitingly.

Andi would spend days leading up to these weekend getaways eating special meals so her ass was cleaned out for the first night. This weekend had been no different. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Kenny. “Fill me up, please.”

Kenny pulled his fat dick from Andi’s pussy and twisted it as he pushed the head into her asshole. She lunged forward for a moment, and then eased herself back. It had been almost a year since the first time he deflowered her asshole, but she still wasn’t used to the initial pain.

As air escaped around her sphincter, she relaxed a little more until half his length was inside her.

Kenny relaxed his grip on his cock, allowing it to straighten and spread her anus wider. He pushed another two inches in, and then began a slow rhythm in and out.

Andi was turned on by the fact that Sarah and Kenny were both turned on, but the ass play alone rarely made her come. She rubbed her clit in time with Kenny’s thrusts, and within minutes, farted around Kenny’s cock as she shook through an orgasm. Seconds later, she felt Kenny’s warm come spurting inside her bowels, triggering another wave of orgasm.

Sarah fingered herself as she watched Andi turn around to take Kenny’s cock back in her mouth. ‘It’s going to be one of those nights,’ Sarah thought to herself.

One by one, the young men around Lindie came forward to kiss her, touch her, to feel her breasts, neck, calves, and ass. Her pussy became uncontrollably wet with excitement.

She prepared herself to be gang-banged by all twenty-five of these young men, but was surprised to find that only five were taking turns filling her pussy, mouth, and ass. The rest of the men stepped closer, stroking themselves to the sight of her. The thought of them covering her with their semen aroused her like she had never been before.

The first young man kissed her deeply, and she was surprised at how well he kissed. The second and third kissed her neck and arms, while the fourth and fifth each kissed and licked her legs and feet. When the first set of fingers entered her pussy, she willingly spread her legs further. Within seconds, she was groping for a cock to put in her mouth.

A tongue licked between her thighs, but was soon replaced with a thick, hard cock.

Lindie couldn’t believe how good the cock felt inside her and tried to spread her legs farther. She pulled her legs up and two of the men sucked her toes into their mouths.

The cock in her mouth was withdrawn and another young man squatted over her face. He carefully guided his handsome dick to her lips and she eagerly stroked him into her mouth.

Before he could come, the men rotated positions, each stretching her pussy and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

She held one of the cocks in her hand and stroked it quickly. She could feel it begin to spasm in her hand. She tilted her head back and pulled the rigid cock to her mouth. The young man stepped forward and sank his cock down her throat. Lindie moaned as another man pinched her nipples and caressed her talented neck.

Within minutes, her mouth was filled with come.

Lindie gagged, then choked, and finally vomited.

‘Something’s wrong,’ Lindie thought. ‘I used to love the taste of come. What’s happened to me?’

The red lights instantly went out and the door opened. The young men pulled on their robes and quietly walked out. Her legs were dropped and her pussy ached from having been fucked so well but not finished.

“What the fuck’s the matter with you, you stupid cunt?!” J.J. asked as he slapped her hard enough to send her to the floor. She slipped in her vomit and began to cry. Tyrone appeared moments later with the make-up woman.

J.J. looked at Tyrone. “Clean her up. If she pulls that shit again, I’m getting rid of her.”

Tyrone ran out of the room to grab some paper towels, and ran back in to clean up the floor and bed. The make-up woman lit another cigarette, walked out, and returned with a tackle box full of beauty supplies. Within minutes, Lindie was ready to be fucked again.

“I’m sorry, girl, but you brought this on yourself.” Tyrone said as he stuck a needle in her arm.

“When J.J. gets pissed, he throws you to the wolves.”

The room began to fill with smoke; at least it did in Lindie’s eyes. Tyrone and the make-up woman were gone. She felt alone and cold. She curled up on the bed and closed her eyes, wondering if this nightmare would ever end.

The campground was covered in frost the following morning, but the frost quickly disappeared as the sun came up.

Kenny woke early and started a campfire. Sarah and Andi set up the grill and pulled some bacon and hash browns from the cooler. Andi wanted to go for a walk in the woods, but Sarah knew she had better stay put. When they had finished breakfast, Kenny and Andi kissed Sarah, then walked off toward one of the many nature trails.

Sarah smiled, knowing Kenny would probably fuck Andi at least a dozen times before they got back. Andi was a bit of an exhibitionist and Kenny couldn’t say ‘no’ to her pretty little pussy. At least he wasn’t going behind Sarah’s back during his mid-life crisis.

Sarah cleaned up the cooking utensils, put out the fire, and then settled into the camper with a mug of hot cocoa. She turned on the radio and eventually fell asleep listening to old time classics.

Lindie woke up feeling very cold. She had gotten used to her nakedness days ago — at least it felt like days ago. She had no concept of time. She sat up on the bed and looked into the mirror. She looked pale and sickly. She couldn’t remember the last time she ate. She looked around for any red lights and could not see any.

“Hello?” Lindie called out. “Is anybody there?”

She hopped off the bed. The floor was freezing. The single light above her head flickered and she thought she would go insane if it went out. Her pussy ached as she walked, and then she noticed the bruises. She was covered in them.

She reached behind her and found that she had been bleeding from her asshole. She wasn’t sure how long she had been in shock, but she came out of it when a dog licked her feet.

At least she thought it was a dog.

As she walked back under the light, she could see the animal was larger than any dog she had ever seen. Its coat was grey and shiny, and its paws were huge. She wondered if Tyrone was speaking literally when he said that J.J. would throw her to the wolves.

The animal nudged its cold nose into her ass, pushing her toward the bed. She took a step toward the center of the room, and the animal nudged her again. She turned with her ass against the bed, and the animal pushed its snout under her pussy, trying to lift her.

Lindie hopped on the bed and the animal licked her feet for a moment, and then moved to one of the dark corners of the room.

Lindie started to step back off the bed, and she heard a low growl come from a corner of the room. She slid back onto the bed and the growling stopped.

“What do you want from me?” Lindie cried out to the animal. “Do you want to fuck me?”

Lindie got on her hands and knees and arched her ass upward.

“Come on, goddammit! Tear me up!”

The animal lunged at her with one swipe of a paw, leaving four slashes in one of her thighs.

Lindie rolled onto her side in excruciating pain.

Two red lights appeared in one of the corners of the room.

‘Finally,’ Lindie thought. ‘Some sick bastard wants to see me fuck a wolf? Is that what this is all about?’

But as Lindie watched, the two red lights became brighter and closer. Soon, she could see that the red lights were not from cameras, but the eyes of the animal in the room with her.

And they were getting closer.

Lindie closed her eyes and prayed. She couldn’t remember the last time she prayed, and it seemed awkward at first. She could hear the animal getting closer, and as she finished her prayer with “in Jesus name,” she opened her eyes.

Standing before her was something out of a nightmare. The wolf had stood up on its hind legs, standing nearly ten feet tall. Its chest was heaving, and its teeth were large and jagged. Its paws were twice the size of Lindie’s head.

Lindie wondered if this was just another effect of the drugs they had been giving her, but when the creature roared at her, she could smell the rotting flesh on its breath. Drugs or not, she was more frightened than she had ever been.

The creature roared again, this time sending its saliva onto Lindie’s legs. It took another swipe at Lindie, but missed — intentionally. Lindie cried and screamed and the creature roared louder.

Then, in a blur, Lindie lashed out at the creature’s face, barely slicing the whiskers from its snout. If the creature hadn’t expected it, Lindie would have removed half of its skull.

The creature’s right eye began to twitch, and it was Lindie’s turn to roar. The mirror shattered and Lindie could see slashed bodies strewn about in the next room. J.J., Tyrone, and the make-up woman were among them.

What was left of the mirror convinced Lindie that she had once again transformed. She eyed the creature up and down, sensing something familiar about it. She thought of David and instinctively lashed out with blinding speed. A chunk of the creature’s flesh was slung to the wall, stuck, and then fell to the floor. The creature howled in pain, but made no attempt to attack her. This wasn’t David. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it showed incredible restraint.

She looked at the bloody creature one last time before screaming up at the ceiling. The roof collapsed around them, and for the first time in several days, Lindie could see the sky. Her wings spread wide, flapped, and then lifted her into the morning sky. As she flew south, she didn’t notice the tow truck parked down the street.

They were barely out of view from the campsite when Andi eagerly undid Kenny’s pants.

“Already?” Kenny asked.

He really didn’t mind that she wanted to blow him so often, but he was afraid one day they would get caught. That would be embarrassing for Sarah, as most mothers of two didn’t allow their husbands to be blown by college students.

“I’ve been wanting to taste your come since breakfast!” Andi giggled.

“Alright, alright,” Kenny conceded. “But just a blow job for now. There are still people around here.”

Andi smiled and squatted in front of Kenny as his fat cock flopped out and hit her in the nose.

Some cocks seemed to be made for blowjobs. Kenny’s wasn’t one of them.

Andi did her best, though, and just the sight of his cock fucking her pretty face was enough to make Kenny come. He filled her mouth and she smiled as she swallowed. His silvery come seemed to sparkle against her tanned skin.

“That was awesome,” Andi smiled. “I can’t wait to have you inside me again. Come on, let’s find somewhere, quick!”

Andi took off running and skipping through the woods. Kenny knew better than to run after her. Even though he was strong enough to throw an axe and fuck for several hours, he knew his limits. The extra 120 pounds he carried prevented him from being a runner. He’d catch up to her, eventually.

Kenny buttoned up his jeans and started walking in the general direction of Andi’s voice.

The wind suddenly kicked up the leaves on the ground. For a moment, Kenny could hardly tell which direction he was going. He felt as if he were standing in the middle of a small tornado. He moved closer to one of the trees for something to hold onto.

The wind slowly died down. Before the last of the leaves could fall back to the ground, a blur of a white object brushed past Kenny, knocking him to the ground.

“What the hell?” Kenny called out. He wasn’t hurt, but he was certainly startled.

He could have sworn that he was knocked down by a winged statue, but that didn’t make any sense. Andi called out from deep within the forest.

Kenny took off after her, forgetting almost immediately what had just happened.

David sat quietly in the camper, watching as Sarah slept. In his human form, he looked like any other handsome young man in his mid-twenties. The battery-operated clock on the wall ticked and ticked as Sarah slept deeply.

He thought about tasting her flesh as she slept, but knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

He quietly stepped out of the trailer, and breathed in deeply. Somewhere in the woods, there was a bitch in heat. He could smell her warm pussy, and he could hear her heart beating faster. He walked quietly through the woods, pausing to breath in the cool air.

He turned his head, inhaled deeply, and then walked toward the path Andi and Kenny had taken.

Andi was taking off her clothes and tossing them as she walked through the forest. She was leaving a trail for Kenny to follow, as she had done several times before. Kenny’s prize, when he found her, would be a young, lean, lust-filled woman, ready to succumb to his every whim.

Except this time, Lindie was the one that found the trail of clothes.

Looking like a normal, naked girl again, Lindie quickly snatched up the denim jacket. She put it on, only to have to take it off again when she found Andi’s sports bra. She stretched the top to its maximum capacity. She tried to put on Andi’s jeans, but they were too tight around the waist and too long in the legs. She threw the jeans back on the ground, and walked a little further until she found Andi’s panties.

Lindie held the panties to her nose and inhaled deeply.

The girl that last wore these panties was very sexually excited. She had been with less than a dozen men in her life, and she let them all take her willingly. There had been no trauma and no drama. Lindie was relieved the owner of these panties was not a troublemaker.

Lindie walked a little further, but couldn’t find any more clothes. She circled around, wondering if she missed anything, but found nothing. She looked down at her dirty feet and realized the polish on her nails was gone. She wished the girl had discarded her shoes as the small sticks and rocks were getting uncomfortable. Her hair seemed to grow several inches since her escape, but it was still lighter than her usual color.

Lindie heard someone behind her, but remained calm. She didn’t want there to be any more innocent blood shed.

“Long time, no see.” The voice said behind her.

Andi felt as if she was being watched, and this excited her even more. She was completely naked except for a bandana she had tied around her neck and her hiking boots. Although the air was cool, the sun felt warm on her bare, slightly tanned skin.

She found a large, smooth rock in a clearing and ran toward it. It took some effort to pull herself up to the top without scuffing her bare legs, but she managed to scale the sloping, tall rock skillfully.

She stood on the rock and looked in all directions. She figured Kenny was hiding. Maybe he was spying on her. She knew he liked to watch her masturbate.

Andi untied the bandana and spread it out on the rock. She sat down facing the sun — if for no other reason than to work on her tan — and licked her fingers. She wiped her fingers on the bandana, and then spread her legs invitingly. She wanted to give Kenny one hell of a show.

Andi was lean, but very attractive. She had been worried that her barely B-cup breasts would not be enough to interest men, but found the complete opposite to be the case.

Any man that wanted to be with her thoroughly enjoyed her small breasts, as well as the rest of her body. The few that had actually been with her had always been very satisfied with her. She seemed to ooze sex appeal, especially in a bikini or cut-off shorts and a half t-shirt.

Andi’s long legs were well toned without appearing too muscular. Kenny had spent one afternoon covering every inch of her legs with kisses, before licking her pussy to orgasm. She remembered that afternoon as one the best of her life. She was thinking of that afternoon, as her hands glided over her small breasts, legs and inner thighs.

She removed her hiking boots and thick, wool socks and set them aside. She was completely naked on the large boulder, gently caressing her body. Any heterosexual male would have found it very difficult to takes his eyes from the hypnotic sight of her.

Even David was intrigued.

Lindie turned and looked at Kenny — or more specifically — Kenny’s cock, which was being proudly displayed beneath his large beer belly. From a distance, he though he had found Andi.

“Trying to work on your tan?” Lindie asked with a smile.

Kenny felt embarrassed but also excited at the sight of this strange girl. Her breasts were larger than his wife’s, but her face looked liked the face of…

“What are you doing out here?” Lindie asked.

“Looking for my girlfriend. I think you’re wearing her clothes.” Kenny said, confused.

“Some of them, yes.” Lindie stepped closer to him. “Some didn’t fit, obviously.” Lindie stretched out a bare leg and Kenny’s cock twitched.

“What are YOU doing out here? Are you lost? Did you get hit on the head or something?” Kenny asked, trying to be more responsible than lustful.

“I’m looking for my sister, if you must know.” Lindie smiled and put her hand on Kenny’s shoulder. The tip of his cock, just inches from her leg, dripped pre-come on her foot.

“Hmmmm, I’m parched. Since you’re offering, you don’t mind if I…?” Lindie squatted in front of Kenny and only spent a few seconds inspecting his fat member before placing the head in her mouth.

He was a frequent fuck for the owner of her panties. He was also the frequent fuck of someone she knew. Someone she hadn’t seen in over a decade. Someone that was… her sister.

Kenny came in Lindie’s mouth sooner than she had expected. While the taste wasn’t repulsive, it didn’t taste nearly as good as her late husband’s, or as good as the tow truck driver she had blown days ago. She swallowed and paused, waiting to see if she would heave between his feet.

When she knew she’d be fine, she stood up and carefully eyed Kenny’s face.

“Kenny?” Lindie asked.

“Yeah, but how did you-?” Kenny started.

“Sarah’s Kenny?” Lindie’s smile faded, but she remained calm.

“Yeah, but it’s not what you think. We have a… Oh my God! You’re Lindie!” Kenny’s erection faded as quickly as Lindie’s smile.

“I’m not here to judge you, Kenny.” Lindie gently stroked Kenny’s large, flaccid cock. “But I really need to talk to Sarah. I’ve gone though a lot to finally meet her after all these years.”

“Sure, sure. The camper’s just a mile or so down the path. But we have to find Andi, first. She’ll be wondering were I am. You have most of her clothes, so she can’t be far.” Kenny looked at Lindie nervously. “It’s okay. Sarah’s okay with us.”

“I know she is.” Lindie smiled as she gently squeezed the shaft of Kenny’s growing dick.

“Ouch!” Kenny jumped.

Lindie hadn’t meant to hurt him. In fact, she was considering blowing him one more time before they met up with Sarah. Her skin had paled, however. Her nails grew razor sharp and she felt her feet sink in the dirt. She could hear Kenny’s heart racing and worried he would have a heart attack. The sight of her transforming almost made Kenny faint.

“What’s happening to you?” Kenny asked, almost crying in fear.

“Something that needs to happen, apparently.” Lindie said calmly. Her voice was a mixture of the pretty, feminine girl she had been moments ago, and the statuesque unearthly being she was becoming. She wondered if Kenny would be the first human to watch her transform from one to the other and live.

“Go find Sarah. Get as far away from here as you can. I’ll find your girlfriend.” Lindie paused for a moment at the strangeness of what she had just said.

Kenny buttoned up his pants and ran toward the campground. Surely he could run a mile. His wife’s life might depend on it.

Lindie’s skin turned white as chalk. Her nails were black and long, and her teeth cut into her lips. She had never before transformed into this extreme state, and wondered why it was happening now. Had it not been for her breasts, she would not have thought of herself as being even remotely human.

Her wings spread wide, then tall, and then back, looking like a majestic robe caught in a strong breeze.

Lindie inhaled, but smelled and tasted nothing. She closed her glowing red eyes and made her own heart stop beating long enough to hear every living thing around her. In the distance, intentionally masked by some unknown force, she could barely hear the sound of a girl’s heart beating faster and faster. The girl’s fear had been overcome with lust, but her body was not equipped to handle what was happening to her. Her heart was about to fail.

Lindie flexed her wings once and swiftly rose into the air, snapping trees and branches in her wake.

David was surprised at how quickly Andi offered herself up to him.

She was startled at first, as he expected. She even thought, momentarily, to cover herself up, as he also expected.

But when he undressed as he approached her, her demeanor instantly changed. His body, in its human form, was that of an attractive, young, muscular male with extremely well endowed manhood. His long, thick member was as wide as Kenny’s, and a few inches longer. His testicles, though, were almost non-existent in comparison.

Andi, already aroused from her self-stimulation, was aching to be fucked. David’s charms were scarcely needed as he placed his mouth on her pussy without either of them saying a word.

Andi came almost instantly, but her lustful desires were not yet satiated. She didn’t notice when David effortlessly hopped up onto the tall boulder. She couldn’t take her eyes off his unnaturally large cock. She kneeled before David, stroking his huge dick with both hands, licking and kissing it, wishing she could fit it in her mouth.

David pulled her up and kissed her face and neck. She kissed him back, holding his head and strong neck, and lifting her body so he could enter her. She locked her legs behind his back as his cock guided itself to her wet pussy.

Andi’s eyes widened as her pussy stretched to accommodate David’s thick shaft. He stood motionless as Andi raised and lowered herself on his manhood. Blood trickled down his shaft as she tried to get more and more of it inside her.

David was pleased with her performance and allowed his girth to shrink, slightly. Andi could instantly feel the difference, and although less painful, was fearful that his erection would disappear completely. She doubled her efforts and bounced on his shaft even faster.

David smiled, bearing a set of razor sharp teeth. He lifted Andi off his cock and laid on the flat rock. The blood on his cock glistened in the afternoon sun, but she hardly noticed.

“Please, have a seat.” David gestured to his rigid tool.

Without hesitation, Andi positioned herself so she was standing over him.

“Do you want me to face away from you?” Andi asked, shyly.

“Only if you’re embarrassed to show me the pleasure on your face.” David grinned.

Andi straddled David’s legs and then squatted over his cock. She knew the pain that accompanied anal sex with Kenny, and she though she was prepared for the pain she would feel with this huge dick in her ass.

But it wasn’t painful at all.

Neither were the bites he had taken out of various places of her body. They had felt like soft, sensual kisses. She didn’t notice the streaks of blood that resulted from these bites, or the puddle of blood that was forming beneath her asshole.

Andi smiled and laughed as she bounced on David’s cock. David laughed, too.

She swooned as he gently pinched her nipple, not realizing the hole he had just left in her breast.

A thunderous roar filled the air. The ground vibrated, then shook as if a stampede were approaching. David paled and Andi stopped bouncing as his cock became as rigid as stone.

She looked down and observed her blood in contrast to David’s bone white skin. She looked at her arms and legs and could now see the bite marks and patches of flesh missing from her body.

Andi instantly went into shock.

A second roar echoed farther, and then the ground shook enough to send Andi falling off of David and the tall boulder.

As Lindie descended upon David, a large wolf-like beast burst into the clearing and snatched Andi before her body could hit the ground. Lindie could hear Andi’s collarbone crunching in the beast’s jaws. The beast shifted Andi’s bloody body in its mouth, turned for a split second to look at Lindie, and then disappeared into the forest.

By the time Lindie looked back at David, his left hand was already around her throat. He squeezed tightly, hoping to snuff her out quickly, but she simply looked at him, expressionless, with glowing red eyes.

David’s body hair seemed to evaporate as his muscles swelled. His grip on her neck tightened.

He attempted to pierce her throat with his growing claws, but Lindie’s skin remained intact.

She inhaled slowly, exhaled, and then inhaled again, making her neck swell in the process. His grip loosened and she seized his left forearm. With her other arm, she reached out and found David’s neck. She squeezed gently, allowing her claws to slowly sink into his neck.

The expression on David’s face was one he had never made before. Fear.

Black blood poured from around her fingertips. She lifted David from the ground and held him up by his throat, waiting. His blood dripped from her elbow onto the smooth boulder.

“This isn’t going to end here, sister.” David said with a gurgling voice.

“Wanna bet?” Lindie said from between clenched, razor sharp teeth.

“Sarah! Sarah!” Kenny cried out as he approached the camper. “Get dressed. We’ve gotta go!”

Sarah stepped out of the camper, naked except for her flip-flops. She was still half asleep.

“Did Andi finally get carried away and bite your dick?” Sarah asked as she pointed to the small patch of blood in the groin of Kenny’s pants.

Kenny finally made it to the camper. His chest ached.

“Andi didn’t do that. Lindie did.” Kenny clenched his chest and fell to his knees. “Your sister said we have to go.”

“What about Andi?” Sarah asked as she threw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

“Lindie said she’d find her.” Kenny fell over, barely able to keep his head up. Sarah quickly got under him to get him back on his feet. She helped him to the truck, and then ran back inside the camper for her purse. When she returned to the pickup, Kenny was barely conscious.

“Kenny, I think you’re having a heart attack. I’m going to get you to a hospital, baby. Just hang in there.” Sarah drove quickly, but responsibly.

“Sarah…” Kenny whispered. “Lindie’s not…” Sarah could barely hear him. “She’s…”

And then he was out.

Sarah sat quietly in the waiting room.

A doctor approached her with a grim face.

“Your husband will live.” The doctor said. “He suffered from a mild heart attack, but he should be released from our care within a day or two.”

“Thank God!” Sarah said, relieved. “Thank you!”

“I’m afraid there’s some bad news, though.” The doctor continued.

Sarah was guided to a more private area of the waiting room, where the doctor’s voice turned to a whisper.

“A girl, or young woman, was brought in about twenty minutes before you brought in your husband. She’d been raped and mauled. We didn’t think she would live, but so far, she’s hanging on.”

The doctor looked around as if someone were watching them. “Given the nature of your husband’s injuries, one of our doctors ran a few tests and it looks like your husband was with… you know… this woman, within twenty-four hours of her attack.”

“Her name is Andi. She’s a friend. A special friend. Kenny would never hurt anyone, especially not her.” Sarah said sternly.

“That may be, but I think the police will want to talk to your husband once he’s up for questioning. Until then, you may sit with him.” The doctor led Sarah to her husband’s semi-private room. “He’s under a heavy sedative to help him sleep, but he may come to for a few minutes before he’s out for the night.” The doctor closed the door behind him as he left.

Sarah held her husband’s hand and began to cry.

The door and windows were all closed, but a breeze caused the privacy curtain to shift slightly.

Other than the twelve stitches on the shaft of his fat dick, the doctor expected Kenny to make a full recovery.

Sarah patted his hand and kissed Kenny on the forehead before stepping out of the room.

In the waiting area, another young woman sat. She seemed to be wearing Sarah’s clothes from the camper. Her hair covered most of her face, but Sarah could still see she was beautiful. Sarah approached her cautiously.

“Lindie?” Sarah whispered.

“Yes, Sarah.” Lindie looked up. “Long time, no see, huh?”

Lindie stood up from her chair and hugged Sarah for what seemed like several minutes.

When Sarah finally pulled away, she looked at Lindie from head to toe.

“You look pretty good, especially in my clothes.” Sarah joked.

“I hope you don’t mind. I’ve been traveling kinda light these days.” Lindie said, embarrassed.

“You left your camper unlocked, so I took a shower and changed into whatever I could find that fit. Don’t worry, I locked up behind me.”

“I can always get more clothes.” Sarah smiled as she looked at Lindie’s backside. “Yeah, you turned out very nice. Let’s go down to the cafeteria and get some coffee, okay?”

Sarah could see that Lindie was using an incredible amount of restraint. “Don’t worry. We’ll talk.” Sarah assured Lindie.

The hospital cafeteria was deserted, but someone was nice enough to make a fresh pot of coffee. Sarah and Lindie each grabbed a cup, found a corner window booth, and sat down.

Sarah caught a chill and Lindie moved to her side of the booth and put her arm around her.

“I don’t know everything, Lindie.” Sarah sipped her coffee. “But I know some. Maybe you can tell me what you’ve been up to since I left home.”

Lindie told Sarah as much as she could remember, from her awkward teen years, to her first boyfriend. She spoke about Pam’s strange predicament with David, her revelation in church, and her blessing or curse of transforming into a winged creature, sometimes seemingly without cause.

Then she told Sarah of the most recent events, the loss of her new husband, her appetite for semen, and how she sometimes had no ability to call on her powers when she thought she needed them most. Sarah was particularly interested in Randy, the tow truck driver.

For some reason, Lindie subconsciously avoided elaborating on him.

“What happened to David?” Sarah asked with a worried look on her face.

Lindie finished her sip of coffee and put the cup down.

“I’m not sure.” Lindie looked confused. She wasn’t able to find the words. “I think he’s gone. He tried to kill me.”

“I doubt that, Lindie.” Sarah said. “You’re not allowed to kill each other. It’s some kind of rule with your kind.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure he broke it.” Lindie frowned. “So, I did, too.”

Lindie described how the wolf beast charged into the clearing seconds before she descended upon David. Andi was thrown from a tall rock, but the beast caught her and ran back into the forest clutching her in its jaws.

David had every intention of ripping out Lindie’s throat, but his grip was too weak. Lindie’s grip, however, was stronger than it had ever been. David cursed at her and Lindie tightened her grip until her clawed fingers sank into his flesh. She cut whatever vocal cords he had left, and his cursing finally stopped.

David managed to free himself from Lindie’s grip, but not without giving up most of his neck.

I tried to inject a little bit of humour into this chapter, as the last one was a bit heavy. It’s hard to write ‘funny’ without going overboard. The perspective jumps quite a bit, for which I apologise, but it’s necessary for the story to develop. I’m not entirely sure where the story is going because I like to write as I think rather than plan, so it might seem a bit disjointed.


Time flashed past and before any of them new it; the baby boy had grown into a man. On the dawn of his eighteenth birthday, he was awoken by clattering noises from downstairs. He rose sleepily from bed and shrugged on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt that stretched over his wide shoulders. His bedroom was still dark, the curtains blocking out the majority of the early morning sun. The gloom didn’t impede his movements as he walked to the curtains and pulled them wide, letting the blinding rays fall into the cramped space.

The light came to rest on a typical teenager’s room. It was messy with clothes strewn over the floor. A small pile of dusty schoolbooks was laid against a wall and next to those a vast array of CDs and DVDs stood on racks piled to the ceiling. The carpet was a clean navy blue and it was warm under his bare feet. Posters of his favourite musicians and films were dotted around the yellow walls in a seemingly random pattern.

He padded softly into the corridor outside of his room and scratched at the stubble on his cheeks. He slowly made his way downstairs, hearing the hushed voices get close and closer. As he neared the kitchen, he stepped on a squeaky board and suddenly the voices were silent. He continued to trot towards the closed kitchen door and as he turned the handle, he readied himself to pounce on any intruders.

“SURPRISE!” cheered the small crowd gathered around a large chocolate cake with eighteen lit candles sticking out of it. “Happy Birthday Owen!” His mother swooped down on him and began showering him with kisses that bruised his cheeks. Through the haze of maternal embarrassment, he could see his father shaking his head and laughing. They said it was his birthday when in fact it was just the anniversary of being brought home by his Dad, but no one else knew that.

“Come on Elaine, you’re strangling the poor boy. Let him come up for air.” He said as he attempted to pry the mother away. His salt and pepper hair was thinning and he had wrinkles around his eyes, but the lines on his face were formed from laughter rather than tears. “I think he knows you love him.”

Elaine had tears in her eyes as she pulled away. Her little boy was all grown up and he was going to leave for university the next day. This was one of her last opportunities to tell him she how loved him before he was hundreds of miles away studying in the seaside city of Plymouth. As wonderful as it was to see him moving into the world of adulthood, it was still painful for his mother to let him go. Her inability to have children had made his arrival all the more special and Elaine’s catholic upbringing told her that he was a gift from God.

In truth, he was just the opposite.


In a dark chamber deep beneath Vatican City, an ancient werewolf was meditating. He was desperately trying to foresee the next great evil before the other two had visions of their own. It was a secret competition they had and Caesar was beginning to trail behind. The golem was so old and powerful that he had snatches of possible futures lining up to wish him good morning, and the vampire was so deeply immersed in shady dealings of his own that he was more attuned to the darkness than either of his colleagues.

Just as Caesar was about to call it and go to sleep, he felt it. A tingling that started at his temples and then intensified until it was burning his retinas. He blinked slowly and the clouded-grey eyes were replaced by orbs of shining white. The voice of the Creator flowed into his mind and shaped his thoughts into images that flickered like old film.

An old man stood in a doorway with tears in his eyes. A lonesome road curled between the hedgerows of a country lane. A girl screamed in violent fury. A knight in black-plated armour rode a steed of boiling shadows. A fire grew and grew till the smoke blotted out the sun. A giant wave rose from the sea and engulfed a city. The earth was cracked by a light from the sky.

The light faded from Caesar’s eyes and despite his horror at the flashes he had witnessed he felt a moment of triumph. There came a thumping at the door, but he was sure that nothing could ruin his mood.

“Enter.” He called out to the noisy intruder.

“Lord Caesar” an acolyte burst into the room and began to breathe deeply as though he had run a marathon. “Lord Oberoth has just received a vision of the future! He says he has information regarding the new threat!”



Owen’s birthday was going off without a hitch. The guests laughed and sang at all the correct moments, the gifts were thoughtful and the cake was delicious. But there was something nagging at the back of his mind. He had a feeling that someone else should be present at his eighteenth birthday. He had often wondered who his real parents were. Had they died in the explosion he had miraculously survived? Had they abandoned him? Were they, even now, searching for him? His adoptive father held no answers for him as his efforts to locate them had been fruitless.

He could not remember their faces but that was unsurprising, as he had only just been born when the Police Chief found him. Sometimes he dreamt of voices and faces that seemed muffled by shadows, but these dreams were just as unhelpful.

At 6pm, the guests began to leave. The house felt strangely empty without his friends making loud noises, he could finally hear his own thoughts but he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to. His father clapped him on the back, looked him in the eye, and in that brief glance he seemed to see the confusion his son felt.

“It’s okay to miss them Owen. Even if you never knew them, you won’t ever forget them.” He said in an understanding tone of voice.

The problem was that Owen didn’t want to be understood. He wanted his Dad to shout, to tell him that he should forget about his biological parents and move on. That he had a loving family and that was all that mattered even if they weren’t technically related. But the Police Chief was too kind to say such things; he knew that Owen would have to come to terms with his real parents on his own.

“I know it’s stupid Dad, but I miss them at times like this. I don’t even know what they looked like but I miss them.” Owen had his head in his hands.

“It’s not stupid Owen. Just don’t forget to stay in the present instead of worrying about the past.” His Dad smiled a toothy grin and mussed his black hair out of shape. No son was too old to be irritated by his Dad. “Right, your mother and I are going out for dinner. You should pack before we get back so that she doesn’t have a chance to persuade you not to go to uni.”

“Okay Dad. See you later and don’t be back too late. Wear your seatbelt and check both ways before crossing the road.” He hugged him and tramped upstairs to find his clothes.


“You can’t be serious!” cried Malus, the Vampire Elder, in outrage.

“He’s got to be dead! Nothing could survive the Summoner’s final attack, otherwise we would have gone to deal with her ourselves.” Agreed Caesar.

“Unless it was that final act that allowed the Pit to tear itself a hole in the fabric of reality. The energy requirements would be so large I can only think of one possible power source.” Oberoth was certain of his conclusion.

“Raw magic.” Caesar slumped back into his throne and bowed his head.

“But that doesn’t explain why we never received the visions again. What changed?” Asked Malus in confusion.

“We sent the two assassins after her. She was weakened enough that the child did not have the entirety of its powers. It would have to wait until it had matured sufficiently, that is if it even knows its purpose. The Summoner would have tried to channel her power more efficiently had she not been interrupted so the devastation may not have occurred but for our interference. Perhaps she had an accomplice ready to train the child in her absence?” This explanation was alarmingly rational and Oberoth’s fellow Elders were stunned into silence by the realisation that their actions had done nothing but delay the inevitable.

“We MUST find the child!” shouted Malus in horror.

“But he won’t be a child anymore. It’s been eighteen years since that day. We have only received this vision because he has finally matured enough to wield his full power.” Countered Caesar.

“We will have to send a Hunter after him.” Said Oberoth.

“We can’t do that! They’re too unstable; they can’t be trusted with something like this. They are my kind and even I can’t control them.” Caesar, for all his magic and wisdom, was wary of the Hunters. They were werewolves of unimaginable skill and were nearly impossible to defeat one-on-one. Their mountain home was deep within a silver ore mine and they had grown total resistance to its ionising effect on werewolf cells.

“How will we contact them? They are too secretive to come out of hiding, even in the face of the Apocalypse.” Malus asked, though he thought he had an inkling as to Oberoth’s plan.

Sure enough, the golem held a silver dagger behind his back. He struck with the impossible strength of tectonic plates and Caesar was thrown onto the floor. The silver in the blade reacted to his werewolf DNA and began to release toxic radiation that killed his cells one by one. He died slowly and in agony and he stared into Oberoth’s eyes with sadness and confusion.

“I am sorry my old friend. But this is the only way to reach the Hunters and save the world. I will miss the times we spent together, but I know your death won’t be in vain.” The golem held his dying friend even as the werewolf’s body began to burn with the white heat of magic.

Oberoth released him and braced himself against the wall of the chamber. Malus was not quick enough and as the magic in Caesar’s body escaped, he was thrown against the wall with enough force to crack every bone in a human body. The worst was yet to come however; at the moment of the Elder’s death, his power of foresight was also released. A mental shockwave rushed out of his lifeless corpse and crashed over the whole world at the speed of thought. For one agonizing moment, every mentally attuned creature the world over had the psychic equivalent of a blue screen of death. Their minds shut down to protect them from the forces attacking them.

The message was received by every werewolf the world over, even the Hunters. Caesar was dead; they must go to pay their respects to their former leader.

Unknown to the other two members of the Triumvirate of Blood, Caesar had seen his death already and had long ago enacted a curse that would be the downfall of his murderers. At the moment of his demise, his consciousness screamed through the sky and lodged itself inside the mind of one of the Hunters. Unfortunately, his aim had been a little off. So instead of inhabiting the mind of the Alpha he was suddenly sharing the same head as one of the Alpha’s offspring. He was disconcerted by the sensation of having another’s thoughts swirl around him and he almost lost his mental grip.


Fenris McAgnus was the runt of the litter. He knew it, his father knew it, his brothers knew it, and everyone in the underground network of Krakarov Mountain knew it. His position as Angus McAgnus’ son made him immune from most of the bullying he would have received otherwise, but it didn’t make the pain of being such a disappointment any less intense.

He knew his father despaired of him and he knew that he was butt of many a joke by the members of the pack. He didn’t know why he didn’t just leave. “Oh, now I remember!” he thought. It was because they were in the middle of the Siberian Tundra, miles underneath the ground and living in a dormant volcano. There was literally nowhere to go.

Why couldn’t he be more like his brothers? They were tall and strong and they were born leaders. He was barely 6’5″ and only 240lbs, which was nothing compared to them. He was also severely let down by his werewolf form. His nine-foot fully transformed werewolf body was as a child compared to the majestic altitude enjoyed by his father and siblings.

When he had been young his mother had always told him that he would grow up to be bigger than all of his brothers, but as the years progressed he realised that there was no way he would ever even hit seven feet as a human, and he could forget about being a giant werewolf like the rest of them. He would just have to settle for being called “short-stuff” “half-pint” “hobbit” and “pup” for the rest of his natural.

Fenris was the runt of the litter in all but one sense. He could out-think the lot of them. He was the cleverest wolf in the mountain and had at least 40 IQ points on everyone. Despite his embarrassing stature, he could cling to that lifeline for the rest of his life. Fenris’ brain was a shining beacon to all that felt his psychic presence outside the mountain.

This was probably why, hurtling through mental subspace and unable to see his target’s unfortunate relative lack of size, Elder Caesar had thought that he was the pack Alpha. The wonderful mind he had caught a whiff of had to belong to someone important in the pack. So it was that, while everyone else in the entire mountain was clutching their heads in pain, Fenris McAgnus suddenly felt better than he had in years.

“Pa? Pa what’s wrong?” he asked fearfully as he watched the great and powerful Angus McAgnus writhing on the floor. Psychic attacks always fell hardest on those with weak minds, and Fenris’ family were some of the biggest knuckle-dragging brutes in the known universe. It was the medical equivalent of ten epileptic seizures happening at once, so it was no wonder that they were brought to their knees.

“You can’t help them boy,” the voice seemed to emanate from within his own mind. “It won’t last long, but it’ll hurt like fuck till it’s over.”

Caesar was surprised at himself. Where had that come from? He thought for a moment and realised that the strength of the mind he was cohabitating was such that his own essence was being altered. He was in no danger, he was not fading away or losing his memories, he was just becoming more and more like a grumpy teenager.

“Who’s there?” Fenris asked out loud.

“I’m not out there, I’m in here.” This baffling statement was accompanied by a sharp stinging near his temples. “In your mind, as it were.”

“You’re a figment of my imagination?” This time Fenris thought the words rather than said them.

“Yes and no. Yes in that my presence is being changed by your imagination, but no in that I am very much real.” Caesar tried to simplify but the science behind the magic was too complex.

“Great. So now that there’s no hope of me becoming of any use to anyone, I’ve gone crazy.” Fenris mentally rolled his eyes.

“I saw that! Honestly, kids these days have no respect for their Elders. Huh? I just made a joke. I haven’t made a joke in four hundred years.” Caesar focused for a moment.

Suddenly there was an old grizzled werewolf standing in front of Fenris. His fur was pale white and he was muttering to himself. He seemed very short, not like any of the werewolves Fenris knew.

“Well I would wouldn’t I. Not everyone’s a giant you know. I’m considered quite tall where I’m from. Or I was, before my physical body died. Christ! They grow them big where you’re from.” Caesar had a direct connection to Fenris’ thoughts and could hear them as clearly as a voice.

“How are you standing in front of me? You just said your physical body… Oh! You’re projecting an image of yourself through my eyes, that’ll make communication easier I suppose. But won’t I look a bit odd talking to myself?”

“I thought of that.” Caesar grinned smugly. “I’ve done a teensy bit of rewiring of your perceptions. When you ‘speak’ to me, you’re actually just thinking. Don’t worry it won’t affect anyone else. You’ll just have to be careful not to keep looking at me during conversations.”

“What’s happened to all of them?” Fenris asked.

“Unfortunately, I happened. A side effect of me vacating my mortal shell is that all of my considerable magic escaped my body; it’s causing some… difficulty for the psychically inclined.” Caesar gave an apologetic shrug and held up his hands in a show of ‘mea culpa’.

“Why didn’t it happen to me?” Fenris asked in a more curious voice.

“Not entirely sure. At first I thought that I was somehow shielding you, but they started having fits before I landed in your head. You must be powerful to stop such an attack. Either that or…” He trailed off and started muttering. Fenris began to get irritated; it was unfair that the sharing of thoughts could not be a two-way street.

“It is. You just have to focus on the part of your mind that I inhabit. Think of your mind like a big multi-storey hotel. I’m in one of the rooms. Try to picture the room.”

“What does it look like?”

“Well…” Caesar began. He turned around on the spot where he was standing in front of Fenris. His body seemed to become more translucent than before. He regained opacity and grinned with one eyebrow raised. “Well… I’m not sure I should say.”

“You don’t mean…” Fenris’ eyes widened both externally and internally. He flushed red with embarrassment.

“Yes, that room. You could probably move me to a different room if you like, but I quite like it in here and you might dislodge me from your mind entirely if you try. Besides, at least now I know you’ve got some imagination.”

“Okay, I’m coming in.”

It was as if he had stepped into another world. He was standing in front of a red door floating in darkness. He groaned as he saw the room number on the door. XXX. Hopefully that just meant room 30. He opened the door and he was pulled inside by Caesar. He clamped his eyes shut.

“It’s not really to my taste. But, whatever floats your boat and all that. Maybe if I spend enough time in here I’ll start to like it.” Caesar had an expression of sheer enjoyment on his lupine face.

Fenris turned as he opened his eyes and was half expecting to see some sort of leather harness or handcuffs or ball-gag hanging from the ceiling. Instead, he found he was looking at a small table on top of which was a bottle of wine and a half melted candle sticking out of an empty balsamic vinegar bottle.

“Not much of a deep dark fantasy really. Seems a bit tame to me. So your deepest sexual desire is romance?”

Fenris muttered darkly about “interfering old men” and “perverted ancient dogs”. Then to his surprise, he found that he wasn’t really upset, it was nice to share his secret with someone, especially someone who could never tell anyone else. He waved his arm and one of the empty seats by the table was filled with the silhouette of a man. First, he was tall and broad chested, and then he was petite and slim. The silhouette seemed to shift and change, never taking one form over another.

“Ah… so that’s why you’ve buried your romantic side in here. I know werewolves aren’t the most accepting of critters out there. But it’s much better than it used to be. Why, in my day, you’d be castrated and every male in the pack would fuck you till he came in your ass. That was the punishment for the sodomite, provided of course that the Alpha remembered to castrate him. They forgot that bit sometimes you know, quite often in fact. More often than you would…” Caesar stopped for a moment and seemed to consider what he’d just said. “Now I think of it, it just sounds like an excuse for a bunch of randy dogs to fuck someone for free. I expect the ‘victim’ was in on the whole thing.”

I AM NOT SURE that you can hear me. I am not sure if you are still near to me, somewhere in the dark. I am not even sure that you are still alive. Last night, I heard you sobbing. The night before, I heard you scream when they came for you. Perhaps it was your screams, later on, that were punctuated by my own. Perhaps you cannot hear me, perhaps you will not comprehend the words that I am using. Perhaps you are not there at all. Still, I will continue to shout out my confession, to you and to the One God, as long as my voice persists. Would that I could write, but there is no vellum, no ink, no light. My arms are chained to the prison wall, spread above me. It is futile, futile. But, perhaps, if you can hear me, perhaps, if you can comprehend, my memory will live on for another year, another day, another hour. My time grows shorter now. I can hear the drums beating, the drunken peasants cheering. Even in this dungeon there is the sickening smell of burning flesh. They have already begun their festival day. Soon, perhaps, I may be served up for their amusement.

Are you astonished at how I address you? Are you amazed that a simple peasant girl should use such flowery language? Ah, but then, my mother was a very learned lady. She instructed me in reading, writing, Greek, Latin, the proper usage of our own crude tongue, and all the arts: mathematics, philosophy, medicine and rhetoric. She had a library, oh, such a library, of ancient, secret texts: Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Virgil, Ovid, all those worthy men and more, and Sappho, lovely Sappho, the sweet voice of the Goddess. All those lovely books, waiting to be read some day. They used them for kindling, when they burned her.

What they did to my mother was unspeakable, and yet, if we do not speak of it, how will we ever know, ever learn, ever stop that horror? So I will speak of things that should not be spoken, tell of things that should not be told, reveal the mysteries that must remain forever hidden. And you, hanging in the cell next to me, my unseen, unknown companion, you cannot run away from me, you cannot cover your ears. You can, perhaps, scream loudly enough to drown out my exposition. But, I pray you, do not be too hasty to condemn, too quick to turn away, too eager to avert your sensibilities from what I am about to say.

Let me begin, then, with my mother, for is that not how all of us begin? Well, I know, before that, before my birth, there must have been some dark deed, some act of love or passion, rape or seduction, or perhaps a ritual coupling. I never knew who my father was. Oh, there were men who came to my mother’s bed, not the rude peasants from the village, not the crude swordsmen from the castle, but huge men, terrifying in dark hooded robes, terrifying even more when they shed those robes to reveal gaunt, pale bodies. They were tall, almost skeletally thin, with gigantic hands with nails like claws, and enormous phalli. Does it shock you that I should speak of them thus? What could shock either of us, after what has been done to us? Has not every crevice of your body been probed with flesh and iron, strained to the breaking point? Have they not poured their semen, their urine, their bile, into every cavity, have they not attempted to burst you with their passion and disdain? Can there be any secrets of our bodies that remain any source of pain or pleasure that has not been exposed? We have been rendered up as an entertainment to stoke or sate their dark desires. Soon, our broken bodies will be consumed in the pyre of their hypocritical self righteousness.

But I digress. They would send a messenger, these tall pale men, a crow, perhaps a raven, which descended with a black ribbon attached to its foot. My mother would detach the ribbon, replace it with a white one, and prepare herself for them. When they departed, there would be gold coins upon my mother’s bed, coins with strange patterns, pentagons and cosmic eyes and inscriptions in a language that was neither Greek nor Latin. She would laugh bitterly at those coins, for she could not spend them in the village. So she secreted them away, in a jar kept hidden in the floor beneath her bed. I did not understand, if she could not spend the coins, why she continued her dark commerce.

Sometimes, when it had not rained for weeks, the elders from the village would come to visit us. She would summon a dove, calling in a special way, and tie a white ribbon around its leg. The next night, one of those gaunt, pale men would come, perhaps two or three of them, and the next morning my mother would be sobbing just as we now sob,. But then the rains would come.

Real coins she garnered as a midwife and a healer. She took me with her on her rounds and I saw many a tiny, wrinkled head emerge from between a peasant’s thighs. She taught me the secret ways of roots and herbs, of bark and skin. She taught me how to fashion a poultice from moss, how to wash a wound with honey and urine from a donkey, how to seal flesh with fire and to cut it with stone. Iron she disdained; her blades were made with black obsidian, so sharp that they could slice through bone without resistance. Sometimes, when our larder was becoming emptier than usual, she would go into the village on an evening and return inebriated, singing, her clothing in disarray and with a bag full of the copper coins that would buy us foodstuffs for the winter.

I never celebrated birthdays. I would not even have known about the custom, had it not been mentioned in some of the tales that I read. My mother never spoke to me about my age. I asked her once and she refused to answer. After that, I never questioned her. I had friends, among the peasants, who seemed to be the same size, the same age as I. But their bodies began to swell into womanhood, and mine remained childlike, taller, perhaps, than any of the others, but not as rounded. Boys found my friends, and they would whisper, giggling, of what they had done, or attempted to do. It was no mystery to me. I had seen what those strange men did to my mother, and I was ready, more than ready, to part my flesh. But no boy came for me. My friends drifted away, no longer children. I withdrew then, to my mother’s books and to her garden.

But once, one of the men who visited her, one of those strange, pale men, caught me watching him as he impaled my mother. He caught me with his eyes and I could not look away from him. He caught me with his eyes and I started to walk into that room. I was only wearing one garment; a shift made of roughly woven linen and I removed it. I stood there, naked, caught in his gaze. I wanted to see how he had buried himself in my mother’s flesh, how she was stretched around him, strained as wide as those peasant women giving birth but I could not tear my eyes away from his. I walked forward and he touched me with one of those great, clawed fingers. It ran across my nipples, searching for some hint of breasts and I could feel them harden. It ran down lower, to the bottom of my belly, and I opened my legs for him in invitation. My mother screamed. In a blink, one of her very sharp knives was poised against his testicles. He laughed. “Soon enough.” I remember those words now with a shudder. It was the first time I had ever heard one of those strange men speak. His voice was no more than a shrill whisper, like the rustling of dry leaves — a tiny sound to emanate from such a huge body. “Soon enough. Will you observe us, little one?” I watched. I understood at last that it was not for coin that my mother invited those demons into her bed.

* * * * *

IT WAS THAT SUMMER that my education truly began. The priest in the village, that stupid, foolish man, claimed that we could fly, that we flew on broomsticks, or some such silliness. I am sure that some of us may have confessed to such a thing, under torture or the threat of torture, but it is not true. Our magic cannot defy the laws of the One God. But one night in midsummer, when the moon was full, the night air still and warm, we could shed our clothes, my mother and I. We could walk naked through the meadows, the damp flowers caressing our thighs. Oh, the pleasure to walk like that, to let the fertile Earth make love to us with her springtime bounty! Then, standing in the middle of the meadow, waist deep in the cool wet grass, my mother called, a silent call that she tried to teach me but I never learned, and the mares came, the night mares. Yes, there is such a thing — great black horses, larger even than the ones that carry knights in armour, but not plodding like those stolid beasts — terrifying in their speed and power. We rode the mares, clinging to their thick, knotted manes, not directing them, letting them go wherever they would take us. Did we fly? The meadows rushed by so swiftly, there was such a confusion of earth and sky, that it seemed like flying. Once, it seemed we leapt off of a tremendous height and floated above the valley, suspended by some unknown force until we reached the hilltop on the other side. But it could not have been. It must have been my fear and my exhilaration that made them seem like Pegasus.

It was only as the sky began to brighten, and the pace of our steeds began to slow, that I realized that we were far away from that meadow, naked, with no control over our destination. I felt a sudden, uncontrollable panic. At that very moment, my horse reared up and cast me off into the mud, and my mother jumped down to see if I had been injured. The horses fled then at the threat of dawn, galloping away as they called to us with shrill derision. My mother tried her silent summons, but to no avail. We were left alone on a muddy forest path as the summer sun announced its return. My mother sighed and grumbled that we would have to walk the rest of the way. I was filled with questions. The way to where? It had not occurred to me that our wild midnight ride might have some destination. Was it my doubt, or the arrival of daylight, that had spooked our steeds? After all, it would not seem proper for a night mare to be present in the day.

Then, just when all seemed lost, a unicorn appeared. Yes, I know that these are considered beasts of fable only. But there it was, as white and lovely as ever I saw in the illustrations in my mother’s books. My mother gave me a look that was somewhat sceptical. Blushing, I approached the beast. It bowed its head and let me mount it. But it would not let my mother come too close. So we went on that way, my mother walking boldly through the woods, proud in the perfection of her body, like a Grecian goddess, and I trailing at a sufficient distance to shield my mount from her total lack of virginity.

It was only when the road began to climb that I comprehended our destination. The woods were so dense, the trees so enormous that they obscured the mountains that lay beyond. But suddenly we went around a bend and the woods were gone. There was no foliage at all except for a few patches of moss softening the rock. There, ahead of us, not far away, was a structure made of a stone that seemed to absorb all of the daylight around it.

I call it a structure, because I do not have a word to describe it as a building. A castle, perhaps. Our poor town had a little castle to guard it, one tower and a pitiful walled court barely large enough for all to crowd into in case of danger. It was, as my mother grumbled, a place to assemble to be raped and slaughtered. Every year, the swordsmen from the castle would run drills. The peasants would grab pitchforks or scythes, the women and children would huddle in the square. We would spend the night guarding against some imaginary enemy. It seemed quite clear that a band of a hundred armed men or less would overwhelm us.

But this was a structure of a different order altogether — not cobbled out of brick and boulders from the river, but made of massive, cubical blocks of stone, each larger than I. They were unimaginably heavy and placed together so finely that there was no hint of space between them. I could not comprehend how those stones had been brought together to make those walls. When we came closer …. I am sure you have seen the cathedral to the One God that graces our miserable capital city, that building with a beauty that belies the depravity and hypocrisy of its occupants. Yes, you must have stared in wonder at the vast chamber of stone, the roof floating so far above. This hall was vaster still, so large that the eye could not comprehend how large it might be. Beyond, those great stone walls stretched forever, crawling up over the ridges of the mountains.

There was no moat. There were no guards on battlements, not even battlements where guards could have been. There was just a large, flat meadow — a vast expanse that might have been green grass later in the season. The unicorn refused to step out onto that field. My mother went on ahead, impatiently. I started to dismount, but she stopped me. It was important, she assured me, that they see me seated upon the beast.

They? Who were they? Why would it matter if they saw me on the unicorn? If there were answers to be had, it would be at the other side of that forbidding meadow.

But getting across that broad, open stretch was going to be a problem. My mount showed no enthusiasm for moving forward. I gave the reluctant beast a little kick of encouragement and it took a tentative step or two onto the withered turf. It felt as if a storm was approaching, even though the sky was clear. Once, I had felt my skin tingle like that. My mother had screamed, and pulled me away, to watch a bolt of lightning strike the spot where I had been standing.

“Don’t worry,” my mother muttered. “If they were going to kill us, they probably would have done it by now.”

Yes, I remember those exact words, especially her use of “probably,” and my timid suggestion that perhaps they, whoever they were, had decided to save us for later. That merely blasting us on the meadow was too boring for them. I remember the laugh my mother gave. She wanted to hug me, to reassure me, but the unicorn would have none of it. It nearly bolted back into the heather when she approached it. So my mother got behind it and herded it closer to that strange, sinister citadel.

But we reached a point of impasse about halfway across that desolate field. The unicorn’s loathing of my mother had reached a balance point with its fear of whatever lay in the center. My mother came closer and closer, careful to keep herself directly between the unicorn and the citadel — finally, she was right upon us, almost touching the beast. Even that was not enough to make it achieve any further progress. It simply knelt down, with me still on it and refused to move.

It had been a long night, a long ride. We had not stopped to relieve ourselves. I was tired, trembling with fear. There was no end in sight. I had needed to urinate for a long time, a very long time, but there had been no opportunity. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a loud, sinister snarl, a terrible noise that I only later realized was a burst of laugher. It was too much. There, in that open meadow, in view of my mother, in full view of the citadel, in full view of whoever had emitted that awful roar of derision, I lost control. I defiled the unicorn.

That was the last straw for the poor beast. It tossed me off and ran back into the shelter of the boulders. No amount of magic was ever going to make it return. I lay there, naked, on my back, in the mud that I had just created and the laughter came again. Except that it was shortened by the sound of a loud slap, then a scream of pain from my mother.

I had closed my eyes when things started to go wrong and I had kept them closed. Somehow, not seeing my own humiliation made it less humiliating. But now I opened them to see my mother rubbing her wrist, and one of them standing next to her, on guard, it would seem, to fend off the next attempt at a blow.

I should not have been surprised — it was, of course, one of the huge, gaunt creatures who had followed the raven to my mother’s bed. However, this one was not so large, no taller, really, than my mother. His attitude showed that he took her as a serious threat — his nose was bloody, it would seem, from the result of the first blow that she had delivered.

“You have no right!” They both shouted the same thing, almost in unison.

“You have no right to laugh at us!” My mother got in the next word.

“You have no right to hit me,” the boy, for such it was, replied. He rubbed his nose, then looked, startled, at the blood on his hand. He had not realized how much damage my mother had done to him.

“I have brought my daughter here for the festival, as I was summoned to do.” My mother drew herself up so that she was a bit taller than he.

“For the festival.” He did not seem so much a boy, now. Perhaps, like I, he was much older than his body would have indicated.

“You are late.”

“Late?” My mother seemed perplexed. “Midsummer is tomorrow.”

“Yes but there are preparations.”

“The mares would not run before tonight.”

“Perhaps. It has been a while since we have performed the ceremony. It is difficult to find someone who might be suitable.” He frowned at me. “I fear that you have inconvenienced yourself for nothing.”

“Not so!” My mother was indignant. “You saw that she rode the unicorn.”

“Not into the temple square.”

Now, you can imagine how I felt, lying in the mud of my own making, listening to this conversation. I had read somewhat of midsummer festivals and the role that virgins played in them.

“In any case,” the boy added, “I have come to settle the matter.”

“You?” My mother seemed very dubious. “They sent a boy?”

“Yes,” he sneered, “a mere boy.” He shed his cloak then, and it was obvious that he was nearing the end of his boyhood. He was erect, engorged, not as huge as his elders, but big enough, larger than any of the peasant boys.

“Just what do you mean to do?” It was I that asked the question.

“Why, my little one,” he sneered. It was an odd choice of phrase. We were about of equal stature, he nearly as slender. “My little one, I am going to settle once and for all the question of your possible virginity.”

“This is not proper!” My mother moved towards him and the air around her crackled. She gasped, and sat down abruptly on the hard, bristly dirt.

“Proper?” he sneered. “You have brought her here and you dare ask what might be proper? In any case, I will do nothing without your daughter’s, do you have a name, my dear, consent.”

“Fiona,” I said, and my mother echoed the word consent at the same time.

“Fiona,” the boy repeated, “ask your mother what is going to happen to you inside that temple.”

There was a long silence. I thought about getting up. I thought about what I had seen my mother do. The boy had taken a few steps towards me, so close now that he was standing astride me, and I sat up, so close to him that he was almost brushing my lips with that improbably large erection. There was a little drop of fluid, just at the tip, and I could smell how it was chalky and sweet at the same time. I reached out my tongue and gave it a little lick, but another drop appeared almost at once. I licked off that one also.

“No!” my mother snarled. “Stop it! If you require satisfaction, I will provide it.”

“Ask her,” the boy repeated. But it was difficult to ask, at that point. He had put his hands on my head, very gently, and urged me closer to him. I was amazed how he could be hard and soft at the same time, like cushioned steel. My teeth parted to let him enter, but I let them scrape enough that he winced a bit as he slid back toward the base of my tongue.

“I do not know,” my mother said, sparing me the effort of removing him from my mouth. “Do you?”

“See!” the boy was triumphant, “I’m doing her a favour.” But then, just at that moment, he exploded up into the roof of my mouth.

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