Kinky Criminals CH 2

The Baldemistress Revenge

“Surrender evil doer” a blond woman in a oversized cape challenged.

“You won’t stop me Blademistress” the man laughed.

“You are right” she said. “why don’t you fuck me?”

Clyder Darrow the Third lifted his partner/lover Bonnie up and began kissing her passionately.

“You ruthless criminal,” she sighed.

“Don’t you ever get tired of wearing her cape, Bonnie?” He wondered.

“Nope! I love the fact that we put the big dumb crime fighter out of business.”

She was right in that. Humiliated the Baldemistress had disappered in disgrace. The superhero community had shunned her as a failure.

“Since we are going to play the game” Clyder suddenly handcuffed her to the bed. “I am going to have my wicked way with you.” He starting licking her pussy.

“Yes make me cum!

“Not till I say so you crime fighting bitch!

“Ah! Now fuck me!” She demanded.

Clyder plunged in while the blend’s legs encircled him.


Still naked, Bonnie perused the internet for possible targets. “I think that wine and spirits store might be a good one., we are out of Bourbon anyway.”

“Yes since the grocery still can’t deliver booze, we have to pick it up or steal it.”

“Why don’t you case it, while I wait for the food delivery.”

‘Sounds like a plan” he responded as her left.

“As the Porsche sped away, the delivery truck arrived./

A tall very thin man came up to the door. “Where’s Frank?”

“Family emergency” the stranger responded.. “I’ll have to make two trips with your supplies.” as she brought the box into the kitchenette.

“Let me hold the door” she offered.

“Thanks Bonnie”

The criminal turnaround’ How did…. As the driver punched her in the jaw.

“Bet you were expecting to see me again!” an angry female voice said.

As Bonnie tried to rose she was tackled. Two obvious female legs entwined her ribs squeezing.

“Who are you? As a rag went over in her face.

“Your creation,” was the response as she lost conscious.


Bonnie awoke with a splitting headache. Her arms were tied above her head to a railing and her legs were attached to a spreader bar.

Coming in eating an apple was a naked caped figure.


“Blademistress is dead thanks to the two of you. You may address me as Mistress”

Bonnie laughed, “I know you heroines you won’t do anything to me.”

The larger woman spit the apple in her face. ‘I am not a heroine anymore” she said angrily. “Do you know what’s its like with nothing to do all day. People never understand the amount of time it takes to be a crime fighter. Training, researching. And now I have nothing to occupy time.”

“You could a job” the blond quipped.

She instantly regretted it, as the famous whip hit one of her breasts.”

“Good to see I haven’t lost my talent.” The woman’s eyes were crazed.” My job for now is revenge.” The beautiful brunette began whipping with tremendous accuracy every part of Bonnie’s body.

Bonnie felt her body was on fire but at the some time was aroused.

Her torturer saw it, dropped her whip she grabbed a vibrator. Placing on her pussy she began kissing the helpless criminal.

“You are my bitch” she whispered.


The former Blademistress stuck her tongue down her throat. Dominating her.

“That’s the warm up” she said. Releasing her hands. Bonnie tried to attack. But the brunette only laughed tossing her to the floor.

“You never did understand We have to be nice as heroes’ But I am not one anymore.” She grabbed her wrists and tied them behind her back. Removing her cape Bonnie was horrified to see her wearing a strap on. “You know what to do.”

Bonnie nodded fearfully, “Yes Mistress” as she began sucking

“That better, I should thank you I feel so free to be self indulgent.” She pulled out the dildo and rammed in Bonnie’s pussy.


“You kinky bitch! You like being dominated.”

The Brunette whose real name was Karen was having the time of her life. But finally released her quarry who flopped to the floor.

“Now for information.”


Karen produced a crystal which she placed on Bonnie’s forehead.” It’s called a truth/obedience crystal.. I got it up from a criminal I picked up in my glory days. Fortunately I never turned it in”

She paused, “I want the codes to your bank accounts and than tells me sexually turns Clyde on?”


Whistling a cherry tune, Clyde return with a premium bottle of bourbon.

“Darling,” he called.

He stepped into the living room and stopped.. A nude Bonnie was tied to a chair, ball gagged with a blade at her throat.

“Don’t drop the bottle” the brunette advised.


“Just Mistress” she ordered. And strip for me.”

Clyder took off his clothes, “Please don’t hurt her.”

“Don’t like not being in control?” She taunted.

“But you’re a good heroine.”

“I was” she said quickly shooting him with a tazer.

Karen untied Bonnie, “Now slut help me drag him to the bed.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“In case you were wondering, Bonnie is my helpless slave.”

The two beauties tied the helpless banding to the bed.

Karen started kissing him


“You are no position to make demands. She told him. “I am going to make you my sex toy as well. You have no idea what you have unleashed.” Looking at Bonnie, “give him a hand job.”

As the blond obeyed, Karen sat on his face. “Eat my pussy.”

Clyde was getting hot, “This was a fantasy, two beautiful woman dominating him.

“Enjoying it slave?”

“He is ready” Bonnie announced.

“Switch as Karen mounted him reverse Cowgirl. “Fuck me!” She started rocking back and forth as Clyde shot his load.

“Now watch” she said cruelly. “On your knees cunt.”

Karen began fucking Bonnie as the helpless Clyde watched.

“You are nothing but a fuck slut Bonnie.” Taking off the crystal. “Whose your Mistress?”

“You are Karen.”


Mistress Karen had tied her prisoners back to back but had their legs spread apart for maximum humiliation and she attached chastity belts.

“Revenge is sweet”, as she enjoyed a glass of the bourbon.

“Let me give you two an update. “I have transferred all of your accounts, so you are broke. I could turn you over to the authorities.

“Please Mistress Karen” Clyde pleaded.

“Say it again.”

“Mistress Karen.”

“Now you Bonnie”

“Mistress Karen.”

“The other alternative is we become a trio under my leadership. You two continue your thieving ways but I take 50% and I get as much sex as I want and how I want.”

“Agreed, Clyde said.


“Yes Mistress

“As she untied them” I have a safeguard code which must be entered periodically or the cops will be on you two.”

“Smart” grudged admitted.

“Yes now tie up Bonnie and take off your chastity belt. I want you to satisfy me.”

The end

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