As always everyone is over 18 and thanks to spikeandholly for editing this for me. This is the beginning to a new story line I’ve been playing around with and more will come soon. The story has both lesbian and anal themes, mixed with a tiny bit of reluctance. Also, thanks to Stacy (you know who you are) for the last bit of inspiration I needed. I hope everyone enjoys this story, leave comments and rate please.


Logan lay in his bed anticipating future events. It was almost two am, but for him that did not matter. The time was not what captivated his thoughts, but more so how truly awake he felt. He would only be able to sleep for a few hours before feeling fully rested. As strange as that behavior may sound,nothing about him was ordinary. All his life he knew something about him was different , but he dared not tell anyone or seek guidance about these thoughts. Instead he pretended as if he was normal, like he was unable to lift an astronomical amount of weight, or run faster than a fired bullet, or even fly. He had no explanation for any of it and had no real history on who gave birth to him or where he was born. He had no way of finding out anything about his condition that would possibly be helpful. For all he knew he was the only one with this “condition”. He had grave fears that someone would discover his secret, and gave too much time to these fearful thoughts. His nightmare would be to be discovered and quickly become a military experiment or trapped in a lab being poked and prodded surrounded by doctors. Instead Logan kept everything about it quiet. Not telling his friends or any of the teachers.

Logan attended a small private college where students had on-campus dorms. The dorms were obviously split between buildings, separating the males from the females. This was a decision from the faculty many years ago. It was an attempt to curb unnecessary pregnancies and limit drama. While it helped, this did not stop the events completely. The students always found a way to cohort with each other, which brings Logan to his current task. One of the hotter girls in this school, Jessica, had a tendency to escape from her bed late at night and sneak into the girls showers to play with herself. She would choose a toy or two from her secret collection under her bed, then take a long, hot shower while pleasuring herself for hours. At least this was the rumor around campus

Logan was determined to find out if this was true by sneaking over to the girls building and artfully get himself into the girls showers. There he would watch first hand. While plotting his mischievous plan, he reminisced when he first heard about this rumor.

While drinking from a water fountain after class, he noticed a group of girls standing nearby in one of their social circles. They were engrossed in the daily gossip, unable to remove themselves or focus their attention on anything else for fear of missing a juicy little piece. Being so absorbed in the conversation, they were talking much louder than appropriate for a campus hall. It didn’t matter to him if they were whispering or shouting as he could pick up conversations from extremely long distances and had to tune out most of the sounds he heard. Luckily it was a effortless task. The girls kept using the article “her” and he quickly realized they were not talking about each other, yet one of their peers. After a few moments he learned of the juicy rumors. His thoughts quickly moved to Jessica, naked, in a hot steamy shower. Once he heard this rumor, his mind was made up. He would see himself to the show. A live show.

Logan shared his dorm room with a rather particular person. His roommate was quiet, shy and rarely spoke his mind. A perfect person to keep his mouth shut if the nights events went sour. He was confident enough in himself that everything would go his way. He carefully removed himself out of his bed. His feet planting firmly into the floor. He distributed his weight gingerly on the old creaky floor so as to to limit any sound. as He opened the door without hitch. He had put much forethought into this and oiled the hinges earlier in the day to ensure it remained quiet. After closing the door, he made his way down the hall toward the exit. He could have just hovered his way over since he was able to levitate himself off the floor and even propel himself forward with great speed, but he would not use that ability with the chance of someone seeing him. Not even a inch off the ground to limit any sound from being made.

He quietly made his way down the hall, staying on the thick carpet that was laid over the wood floor. The walls were built from a rich expensive wood that he could not recognize and the floors the same. The dimly lit hallway was lined with elaborate timber doors that lead into more rooms. Two people to a room and the dorm was 4 stories High. The bottom level was the kitchen, living room and a study room. Logan’s room was luckily on the second floor. It only took him a few moments to reach the stair case, descend down it and find himself at the door that leads outside. Outside was the courtyard and at the exact opposite end of the courtyard was the girls dorm. The courtyard was rectangle with the furthermost points being the dorms. Normally this wouldn’t be a bother, but there were night guards that stalked the grounds. Not many, but enough to be an annoyance.

He took out his black ski mask and placed it over his head. Wearing all black was a prudent step to remain undetected. He had on Vibram footwear, black turtleneck, black gym pants and black gloves. Pulling out his watch, he placed his fingers on one of the timers and peaked his head out one of the small windows of the door. A few nights ago he slipped up onto the roof of the boys dorm and made extensive notes on the guards patrol routine. They were creatures of habit, and all of there routes were timed. His watch would come in handy. He had it placed on his left wrist, but in an reversed fashion. He looked outside again and at his mark, he opened the door and went outside.

He had fifteen seconds to hug the wall to his immediate right and keep flat until he reached his first checkpoint. The courtyard had many rectangle stonewalls that centered a flower bed, benches and bushes. This would give him sufficient cover while breaking into the guards lines. The first checkpoint was one of the stonewalls. They were about three and a half feet tall which allowed him to crouch behind the wall and remain hidden. He pushed his side into the wall and crouched as low as possible. He looked at his watched and waited for two minutes to go by before rushing to the next checkpoint. Once there, he stayed near the bush and allowed the lone guard to walk by. It was very dark out which is why the guards had flashlights. However, it was simple enough to stay out of the light.

The courtyard was littered with greenery and classic marble stone. Carved statues laid on pedestals and were placed symmetrically in the courtyard. Almost all the decorations were placed in a coordinated fashion. The guard finally made enough ground where Logan was able to go past him and reach the halfway mark between the two dorms.

Once he arrived at checkpoint three he poked his head over the stonewall to look at the guards. They seemed bored and docile. Blindly walking their routes without really paying attention to anyone. The dean decided to hire them after some of college students vandalized a few of the building walls with graffiti. The guards did prevent any future occurrences, but it seemed a tad extreme.. It was just a little paint on a wall, and there were other methods to halt the disorder that would be much less costly.

The guard closest to his proximity was turning around a corner on the stone bricked walkway. Once the guard made the bend, he hurled himself over the wall, landing discretely in some grass. He crouched and shuffled right behind the guard,momentarily thinking of how easy it would be to take him down. The thought instantly left his mind as fast as it had come. He went past the guard to his last check point. A cursory glance at this watch told him he needed to wait two more minutes before he would be at the door to the girls dorm. This would lead to the most difficult part of the erotic, covert mission he had embarked upon. The girls dorm main door was locked from the inside. He had already purchased a lock picking kit and practiced on a few locks he purchased at a local hardware store. The problem he faced was he had only a few precious moments to pick the lock and get inside.

One of the guards walks by a main door every minute and a half. It strangely seemed that it was enough time to pick a silly lock and gain entrance, but it hardly was. At his mark he moved over to the door. It was extremely dark out thanks to the heavy clouds that lingered in the moist air. Soon the clouds would pour rain upon the ground, but hopefully he had enough time to watch the show and get back to his room without getting wet.

He pulled out the lock picking kit and slid the tension wrench into the lock, then he carefully glided the pick into the locking mechanism. He easily found the first pin in the back. With a few simple vibrations, the first pin rested on the edge of the shear line. It took him thirty seconds to get the first pin and he was sure he had four more to go. He didn’t even bother looking behind him to check the guards. He just focused on the next pin. Forty-five seconds later he was able to complete the lock and turn it. He pulled the wrench and pick out of the lock abruptly, making the slightest amount of noise. He opened the door quietly and was able to slip inside without any notice from the guards.

Once inside he took a moment to gather his bearings. His eyes adjusted to the limited light indoors. This was the first time he was in the girls dorm room. Boys were strictly forbidden. If the design was the same for the boys dorm the showers would be in the basement. There was a locker room down there as well with access to a gym for the girls. The locker room should have direct access to the showers and again if it was similar to the boys dorm, there would not be shower stalls, but a room with shower heads that the girls take turns in sharing. He was getting closer to his prize, but he was hoping the gossip he heard earlier was correct. According to the reports Jessica would get to the showers around three am.

It was a strange notion to think he had super-human abilities, yet he was still a warm blooded male with raging hormones and just wanted to see some ass. After locating the stairs he traveled down each step with delicacy. He knew not if any girls were up or if he would accidentally run into Jessica. He just had to keep moving forward to get his reward.

It didn’t take long to get to the locker room. But his worst fear was starting to come into reality. He could not hear anything in the showers. Was this trip all for nothing? He hoped not. Still he kept pushing forward until he heard the sound of a bag being dropped. He instantly froze in place and looked around. The locker room was fairly large and to the right of it was where the showers were located. It didn’t take long to get near the entrance of the showers, but the layout was proving to be difficult. To get into the shower room you walked though an arched doorway that was about six feet wide. Once in the shower room there was no real place to hide. It was a square room with a horizontal wall in the middle that carried more shower heads. The only place he would remain hidden was up against a row of lockers that faced the entrance. That limited his visibility to only the horizontal wall that had about five shower heads. So if Jessica decided to do her little show anywhere except that wall all of this would have been for nothing. He would not be able to watch her, only hear her. Too bad he wasn’t able to see through walls.

He stayed at the far right corner of the locker room waiting for Jessica to present herself. Then he saw her, she walked right by and into the shower room. From his position, Logan heard her turn on one of the lights in the shower room. The show was about to start and his mind raced. He tip toed carefully to the edge of the entrance and peaked around the corner. From there he could clearly see Jessica’s back and on the floor beside her was a gym bag. She bent down and opened the bag by pulling the zipper fly to the opposite end of the bag. She ruffled though the contents until she found her towel and placed it on a small wooden chair. The shower walls were bright white tiles with a colorful flower design painted on them. He guessed this made the shower room more feminine and welcoming.. The wooden chair was accompanied by another chair right next to it. Only the second chair had nothing on top if it. Interesting he thought to himself.

Jessica had only turned on one light in the bathroom. . The light bulbs were positioned in a way that it created a spotlight on the wall where she was standing. This ensures that it would be burdensome on her eyes to look into the locker room where Logan was. He congratulated himself silently on his ideal planning and position and was confident that he could sit along the lockers and not be seen if she looked his way.. This theory worked well in practice as he moved over to the lockers and settled in for the show as Jessica turned around and let her bathrobe fall to the ground.

Logan’s attentiveness was instantly peaked. She was not completely naked yet instead had laced booty shorts that hugged her ass and a laced bra that pushed her boobs together. It was an amazing sight to behold. Jessica was medium in height, had wavy dark brown hair that flowed evenly down, just below her shoulders. She had dimples in her checks that highlighted her brown eyes and dark eye lashes. She also owned a very cute smile which was exposed as she unclasped her bra that was holding her breasts firmly together. The blue bra fell lightly on the floor which allowed her full breasts to fall to their natural perky position. She had a slim frame that made her breasts appear larger than they are.. When looking at her front her nipples were bright and pert. The areola around her nipple was just slightly darker than her skin color. It was obvious that when she tanned, she tanned completely nude.

Her chest cropped down to her stomach with a very cute belly button. Her hips were wide, but not overly wide and lead down to her legs that were unmistakably a huge asset to her already sexy body. She turned around so her back was to him and shifted her hips to the left as she slowly began to pull her panties down to her knees. She hesitated a little and turned her head ever so slightly, seeming to want to look behind her. She continued to look ahead and didn’t,pull her panties off, bending over as she did. Her legs were touching as this happened and her beautiful ass was in full view. She didn’t have a large ass, but it was full and shapely. Her butt had a tear drop shape that was very appealing. Her checks were spread apart once she pulled the panties under her toes. This allowed Logan to peer directly into Jessica’s pussy and her little rosebud. As quickly as he was able to gaze into her womanhood the sight was gone. She has stood back up and walked to one of the shower heads. The dial that allowed the water to start flowing was all digital. All she needed to do was pick a temperature and water would start shooting out. She would also be able to changed the spray settings if she so desired.

The water began to run out of the head and falling onto her naked body. It was very sexy to see water break off her body and steam begin to rise from the heat. He could barely contain himself and his thoughts started going to naughty places. She had her hair up and a messy bun to avoid getting it wet. Again her back was to the lockers where Logan was as which showed off her beautiful curves. The water slammed onto her chest, down her stomach, ran into her pelvis and cascaded onto her inner thighs. Just as he wondered when and if she was going to play with herself, her hands begun massaging her breasts. It was distinctively apparent through her motions that she was trying to slowly up work herself up. That and the hot water started to do the job in spades. She let go a small moan, that made Logan’s cock flex. Her hands went from her breasts down her side and over her ass. She bent over slightly and spread her cheeks apart. It was like she was doing it for him, but she had no idea he was there. At least he didn’t think so. Her right hand left her ass to be firmly placed on the shower wall. She braced herself as he other hand moved over her hip and into her mound.

From there it was hard to see, but he figured she was separating her pussy lips to lightly rub her clit. She moaned once more and arched her back. The events were elevating quickly as he could clearly see her stick two fingers inside of herself. He was about twenty feet away from Jessica in a straight line, but luckily he had enhanced vision. If he focused on a certain spot his eyes would enlarge the image like an optical zoom. He focused directly on her sweet pussy was able to make it out in better detail. From this angle her could see she did not have large pussy lips, but they were clearly visible unlike other pussies where you see just the slit. If she bent over even more, her clit would be noticeable too. And since her legs were together her rosebud was still still playing shy. She then turned around, placed her back against the wall and her hand quickly found her pussy. Her clit was very bold and very enlarged. It was burning red and Jessica’s fingers started to stroke it with more intensity. Another moan escaped her pretty mouth only this time more audible than any of the other ones. Almost like she was tired of trying to hold back and just wanted to express her passion. She looked down at her pussy as one hand squeezed her breast so tightly the cleavage protruded from the gaps in her fingers and the other hand massaged her clit with a technique that was clearly well practiced.

Logan looked up at her eyes at this point to see them going from being open and aware, to half closed and tired, but mostly in an absolutely pleasurable state. Her eye lids would flicker, and her facial muscles twitch. She would smile at one moment and make the “O” face right after and alter between the two. Soon her legs begun to shake and she slowly drifted down until her ass hit the floor. Her back was still leaning up against the wall, but she slouched a little to allow easier access for her hands. Suddenly her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed.


It was clear she was having an orgasm, and a very nice one at that. The best part was that he was starting right at it. It wasn’t until this moment he realized his cock was enlarged and wanted to escape the enclosed space it felt trapped in. He decided not to risk it and pull it out in case he needed to make a fast escape. He silently cursed as the show was making him extremely hard.

As soon as her orgasm subsided she was composing herself and lifting herself up off the ground. Logan braced himself as if it was the moment to leave, but Jessica walked over to her bag and pulled out two long cock shaped toys. She then grabbed a chair and placed it right in the path of the shower. Water splashed on the chair and she turned the chair so she could sit on it backwards. She hung her pelvis slightly off the edge. Her face was toward the shower and he wondered what was going through her head at this moment. Her ass was pointed straight at him and he could not anticipate what was going to happen next. She first took the purple vibrator and pushed it deep into her pussy. There was no hesitation and plenty of her juices to slide it in without restriction. The vibrator went all the way in and only the last inch or so poked out of her wet hole. She had great control over her kegel muscles. The second toy was a a tad larger and more flexible. She scraped some of the lingering juices from her pussy and did her best to smooth them over her ass. She widened her legs and flexed her rosebud as to warn it for the upcoming assault.

She turned her face to the side and Logan watched as she forced the dildo into her wanting mouth. She needed it lubed up enough to allow the toy to gain access to her sweet ass without resistance. She kept flexing her rosebud and it looked like it was winking at him. Once she was satisfied with the amount of spit on the dildo,she put the head of it on her ass and applied pressure. It might not have been enough grease as her face cringed and her eyes winced. Her mouth was open and it looked like she was saying “Ah”, but not in a pleasant kind of way.

After a little nudging she was able to jam the first two inches into her ass. Her face immediately changed to one of satisfaction. She smiled and tried to look behind her as to marvel at her work. Logan bet she secretly wished a mirror was there so she could gaze at her accomplishment and watch her toys invade her naughty parts. She then took a hearty grip on her toy and plunged it deeper into her ass. He could see the skin around her pucker hole stretch as the toy was immersed almost as deep as it would go. The same stretch was tested on her pussy. Her pussy lips hugged the circular shaped vibrator and the stretch was amplified by the wide toy that was placed so deep in her ass.

She started to push the toy in and out of her ass. It was incredibly sexy to watch her asshole accept and release the dildo so readily. The water was crashing into her body and running down her lower back. Her body was turning slightly red from the massive amount of heat from the water and steam that was flooding the shower room and creeping into the locker room.

It didn’t take long, but Jessica was already starting to exhibit obvious signs that she was going to cum a second time. Her breathing was heavy and direct, her moans loud and frequent, plus her body was quivering with excitement. It was only going to be a matter of moments.

“What is going on here!”

Logan’s heart nearly jumped out to the ceiling. The sound was coming from his immediate right. He turned to look and saw Ms. Turner, a teacher who entered the locker room and was approaching Jessica with haste.

Jessica’s eyes were as wide as deer in headlights. She was already trying to stand up and remove the toys from her body.

“No, no, no. You will leave them in there for the moment and explain yourself!”

Jessica was obviously in complete shock. She had no idea what to do or say. Here she was, fully nude, with a large dildo in her ass, a vibrator in her pussy. Ms. Turner had already walked to the shower control system and shut off the water. Jessica stared blankly into Ms. Turners glaring eyes.

Logan was very unsure what to do at this moment. He felt at unease and wanted to split, but he feared that he would be heard. Instead he stayed completely motionless. Luckily Ms. Turner did not turn on another light so if any of them looked over their vision would be impaired.

With the water no longer running there was a constant hum buzzing from Jessica’s pussy. The vibrator was still on and it was excessively loud with the only competing sounds of Ms. Turner tapping her shoes and the slurping sound of the water being drained from the floor. It was clear she was waiting for an answer. Ms. Turner huffed an annoyed sigh and then spoke to no one in particular.

“My dear girl!”

Jessica watched in horror as Ms. Turner walked over behind Jessica, placed one hand on Jessica’s back to keep her still while her thumb and index finger grasped at Jessica’s pussy to capture the buzzing vibrator. Ms. Turner removed the toy from from her wet hole and was holding it at a distance, almost like it was infected. Jessica’s juices were all over the vibrator and some dripped out of her pussy onto the chair.

“Nnnggg” moaned Jessica as the toy was taken out of her. Logan couldn’t help but think how empty she must feel after being so full.

Ms. Turner turned off the vibrator and looked right at Jessica. She wanted a response, and quickly. Jessica however looked like a lost puppy. She was exposed and unsure on how to adequately respond.

“My dear girl! A response from you is crucial!”

Ms. Turner spanked Jessica right on the ass after finishing the last syllable. Her cheeks made a small wave and the dildo lodged in her ass swayed a little.

“Ms. Turner!” Jessica yelled seemingly embarrassed. Her face was red and her eyes watery.

“Well finally! The girl with a fake cock in her ass speaks.” Ms. Turner snapped back

“Ms. Turner.” Jessica let the “er” linger a bit. Any confidence that Jessica would be able to muster to salvage the situation had left.

“This sort of behavior should be limited to a private shower my dear. Anyone could have been here watching you. Enjoying this show of yours.”

Logan almost chocked on that last statement, but was able to stifle the urge.

Jessica made no attempt to speak so the teacher continued.

“Unless you this display of public eroticism excites you.” Ms. Turner looked directly into the eyes where she saw Jessica’s pleading expression.

Jessica’s head bobbed down in shame.

“Now, now dear” Ms. Turner cooed as she started to caress Jessica’s hair.

This was all so strange Logan thought to himself. Here was a student girl, in her very early twenties, naked, and has been recently caught playing with herself in the women showers. A teacher catches her and instead of covering up her body, she keeps her in the exact position she found her. Ms. Turner had some unusual motives that Logan was only beginning to understand.

“What do you suggest we do now?”

The question was quite brilliant. It put all the responsibility on Ms. Turner on how the next few moments would proceed. Ms. Turner smiled at the evident attempt to put her behind the wheels. She proceeded as all of this was by design.

“Well my dear I seemed to have prematurely ceased your orgasm with my unexpected entry into the shower room. We should continue your erotic behavior and fully satisfy your hunger to climax. However, I noticed I am way over dressed – help me undress?”

Logan almost couldn’t believe what was happening. Ms. Turner was trying to seduce Jessica, only Jessica seemed unsure of herself. She started shaking her head a little, clearly uncomfortable with the entire situation.

“I think I would just like to put my clothes back on and go to my room now.” Jessica pleaded

Ms. Turner nipped any uncertainty in the bud.

“We could do that if you so wish Jessica, but that would require me to file a full report on what transpired here. I would be obligated to explain in abundant detail Jessica. From a fake cock being rooted into your asshole to hearing loud moans from down the hallway. It would be very embarrassing for me to have to describe the smells that were present.

Ms. Turner offered a no sympathy look while delivering that last statement and Jessica’s expression was a pout face. She clearly was in way over her head with negotiating with Ms. Turner. Logan watched in pure bliss as the matter developed more.

“Other teachers would become aware, your friends would know, your parents would find out and this might even escalate to the school board.” Ms. Turner affirmed placing the final nail directly into it’s target.

“No Ms. Turner. What must I do.” Jessica accepted in defeat.

“Remove the toy out of your ass and undress me” Ms. Turner demanded.

Jessica huffed from the request and started to take the toy out her tight hole, but Ms. Turner declared an appeal.

“I will have none of that missy! I am offering you a chance to redeem this situation and you ungratefully show your annoyance toward me. You will not remove the fake cock, but instead insert it all the way until it is completely in your ass!”

“But Ms. Turn.” Jessica started to voice her concern and was immediately curbed by Ms. Turners stare. It screamed “how dare you” and Jessica’s tongue retreated back into her mouth. She then turned her neck to glance at her ass while she took hold of the dildo and begun to push it deeper. Luckily it was not extremely long, but a solid six inches or so. Logan wondered if it was dangerous for Ms. Turner to have Jessica keep the entire sex toy in her ass. Could it get stuck?

Jessica made some funny faces while attempting to stick the entire dildo in her ass, but somehow she had managed. Logan’s cock jumped at the sexy sight of Jessica’s hole swallowing the toy. He imagined if she would be able to take all of him, but his thoughts dispersed as he wanted to focus on the events being performed in front of him.

Once Jessica accomplished what was asked of her, she was told to stand and undress Ms. Turner.

Logan watched in awe as Jessica stood up. He started to pay attention to how attractive Ms. Turner was., and he was sure this act was making her hotter than she already was. Ms. Turner was taller than Jessica and bleach blonde. She sported sexy glasses and a casual dark blue blouse that was very low cut. The combination of her bra and blouse exaggerated her breast size substantially. Her long legs and apple ass were enveloped in skin tight yoga pants that left nothing to the imagination.. You could almost make out her ass cheeks because the fabric was so thin.

Ms. Turner was in her early thirties, but her body was taken care of. She didn’t have the type of face that would allow her to pass for an earlier age, but she made up for that by keeping fit. Running must have been her exercise of choice because Jessica started by taking off Ms. Turners yoga pants and her legs were well maintained with sexy muscle definition. The top of her thighs right above her ass had a creamy look that melted into the back of her knees. The muscles in her thighs were clearly visible when she started to stabilize herself, holding her balance in check as she lifted one leg at a time to allow the pants to be completely removed.

With the pants gone her panties and top were all that remained. The shoes must have been taken off while Logan ogled at her legs because they were off and on the floor. Jessica then started to removed Ms. Turners silk panties that were completely black, but Ms. Turner shook her head almost obnoxiously at Jessica and looked at her chest to overtly hint at what she wanted taken off next.

Jessica obliged and put her hands around the bottom of Ms. Turners blouse and commenced removing her shirt. She placed it neatly on top of the yoga pants already laying on the floor. It was noticeable that Jessica was on edge and did not want to offend Ms. Turner again.

Jessica’s face was practically in the bosom of Ms. Turner and her breasts were basically pouring out of her bra. Jessica’s cheeks turned beat red once the bra was unclasped from Ms. Tuners back and her breasts sprung free from their restraints.. They were perky and straighter than Jessica’s breasts, but well proportioned and medium in size. They were the perfect balance between large and cumbersome and itty-bitty. They were big enough to hold on to and small enough to enjoy the nuances. They hung well from her chest and they created a nice shadow directly on her smooth abs.

Jessica’s head turned when Ms. Turners exposed boobs were almost being mashed into her face by the advancing teacher. Ms. Turner then spoke very clear directions to her subject.

“I want you to lick my boobs without touching the nipples. Do you understand?”

“Uh.. yes” Jessica offered.

“Yes Ms. Turner” the teacher corrected.

“Yes Ms. Turner” Jessica revised.

Ms. Turner gently guided Jessica’s mouth to her swelling breasts. There was tons of heat coming from the shower still as they didn’t seem cold at all. Looking in more detail Logan wasn’t able to make out one goose bump. Jessica’s mouth opened up slowly and her tongue went wide and it was laid on the bottom side of the teachers left bosom. Ms. Turner arched her neck, then returned it to watch the young girl slide her tongue under her breast and back to the top, making a full circle around the nipple.

“There we go” Ms. Turner encouraged.

Jessica’s puppy eyes gazed up to look at Ms. Turner for approval. She had moved to the next boob and lathered it up nicely with her spit.

“Now suck, gently at first, but then really pull like you are trying to milk me” Ms. Turner

Jessica’s eyes changed and she almost tried to pull away. It was a strange request, but what choice did she have. It was either do this until Ms. Turner seemed satisfied or get in huge trouble. She didn’t want to be the center of some serious gossip for the rest of her college career. This was a small price to pay for her behavior. Then again maybe she was asking for this all along?

Jessica reluctantly shaped her mouth like an “O” and placed it directly on one of the nipples. She sucked moderately at first, but deliberately inhaled more of the tit into her mouth until the point where she felt that if she sucked any harder milk would actually start squirting into her mouth.

“Yes. Yes. Now the other. Hurry” Ms. Turner told Jessica.

Jessica switched nipples and played the same game on this one. This time it went on for a longer period of time and Ms. Turner’s hand went to the back of Jessica’s head and pressed it in more.

“Gah!” the Teacher squealed

Jessica has making a humming sound and Logan wondered if she having a hard time breathing with the teachers boobs being compressed into her nose and the fact that her mouth was instructed to suck intensely at the teachers nipple.

Finally the teacher pulled the young girls lips away and gave her the next set of instructions.

“I am going to sit down on this chair and you are going to do that exact thing you did on my nipples, only this time on my pussy.”

Jessica’s mouth dropped.

“Ms. Turner I am not a lesbian, I don’t think I can let this go further.”

“If that’s how you feel than fine, but remember I have more information I would have to report now. That you had undressed me, sucked on my nipples and licked my boobs – all to save yourself from getting punished. I don’t think that’s the route you want to go is it?”

“No Ms. Turner” Jessica said again in agonizing defeat.

“Good girl. Plus, there is nothing to it. I am going to help you eat your first pussy and after I am going to show you how pleasurable it is when you have a woman preform it on you.”

Jessica’s eyes went alert with that statement and wondered how much longer this would Go on for. Ms. Tuner sat down on the chair, her back against the back rest and she slouched to give Jessica ample room to lick and suck her smooth pussy.

Logan focused on the teachers pussy and saw that it seemed much more delicate than Jessica’s. Ms. Turner had no vaginal lips or at least not until you opened it up a little bit with your fingers. Also, the clit was completely hidden by the clitoral hood and would only be visible if you pulled it down from it’s harbor. The whole area was also noticeably pink, where as Jessica’s had some darker shadows around the lips.

Jessica knelt down in front of the teachers exposed pussy and the Ms. Turner placed Jessica’s hands on her hips.

“I might buckle when I orgasm so I am going to need you to hold on tight. This is where I want your hands when I tell you I am about to cum. Otherwise you will play with my tits. I want you to fondle them, and circle my nipples with your fingers. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Ms. Turner.” Jessica replied.

“Good girl. First, I want you to start licking around my pussy every so softly. Also you better get used to my scent, your going to be down there for a while. It’s lovely once you start to divulge yourself in my sex. Do that now.” Jessica bent at the knees and placed her shins flushed to the ground. From this angle Logan was not able to see Jessica’s face. He was able to see her ass very well however. Logan watched as the back of Jessica’s head went down, bringing her mouth closer to Ms. Turners aching pussy. You could see she desperately needed licked and sucked. Ms. Turner’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her right hand reached to grab some of Jessica’s hair. Her fingers were intertwined between Jessica’s hair curls. Logan was able to focus on Ms. Turners hand and fingers, seeing her knuckles bend as she carefully guided Jessica’s mouth where she wanted it.

The time was passing quickly and Jessica continued to lap and suck on the teachers pussy. At a few points during the eating out session the dildo started to poke out from the young girls butt. The purple color peaked out from the pink hole and Jessica would make tiny audibles when this occurred. Ms. Turner mostly likely thought the poor girl was moaning from eating pussy. Then again it could have been a mix of both.

Soon the teacher was almost yanking Jessica’s head by her hair, moving it side to side and up and down. Ms. Turner was getting more and more vocal with every minute that passed. She was squirming in her seat and Jessica was having a hard time keeping up with the teacher. Poor Jessica was panting and breathing hard like her tongue had never been exercised like this before. Her hands were on each one of the teachers boobs and her fingers would go between grasping them to circling the nipples. It seemed to be working well because Ms. Turner let out a loud groan and grabbed the girls head and pushed it further down.

“Lick my ass before I cum all over your pretty face”

“I don’t think I can do that Ms. Turner. Isn’t eating your pussy enough?” Jessica petitioned.

“No. It simply is not enough my dear Jessica. Now since you have once more resisted my wishes, you will eject the toy from your ass without using your hands and stick it in my ass while you rim me. How’s that?”

Logan could not see Jessica’s face, but I bet if he could he would see the face of regret and reluctance. The teachers face however he could see. Her face beamed victory and amusement. She was truly enjoying herself and showed no sign of giving the exhausted girl a break.

Jessica seemed to accept her fate and her head bobbed a bit in defeat. Ms. Turner lifted her legs to give Jessica better accesses to her pink pucker hole. Ms. Turner’s tongue spilled out of her mouth as the ecstasy of having her ass lick was overwhelming. Soon however the tongue rolled back into it’s hole allowing Ms. Turner to speak.

“Now Jessica. Push the toy out and insert it into my ass. I will not ask again.”

Logan heard Jessica make a small grunt as she flexed her anal sphincter in hopes of removing the toy. The first grunt delivered not promising results and Logan wondered if it was stuck inside. The teacher encouraged her to push harder.

“nnnggguhhhh” Jessica cried.

“There you go dear. Keep doing that.” Ms. Turner assured.

Once again Jessica groaned, but nothing was happening.

“You need to relax Jessica” the teacher instructed her student.

Jessica seemed to try as her back arched more naturally like she wasn’t forcing it. The muscles in her back were relaxed and she placed one hand on her butt check and pulled at it a little bit. Logan liked this view. Here was Jessica sticking her tongue in another woman’s butt who was coaching her on how to pleasure a woman.

Jessica attempted once more with an audible moan, only this time the effort landed results. The toy made it’s appearance, but it still had not breached out of the hole. It looked like her anus was just opening up to begin the evacuation. With another moan, another two inches poked out of her ass.

“See dear. Just relax, but keep licking, don’t stop.” Ms. Turner said

“Errrrr. Ahhhhh!” Jessica cried as most of the dildo was finally forced out of her ass. Jessica stopped licking the teacher and turned around to watch the crowning moment as the dildo expelled from her butt and slapped hard onto the floor. It appeared extremely shinny and lubed up enough to put in another women.

“My ass feels so raw Ms. Turner. I think we left it in there too long.” Jessica explained

“You just need to get used to it my dear. I will have butt plugs in my ass all day while I teach class. Now put it in me. This exchange has already taken too long and I want to cum soon.”

Jessica quickly got up, grabbed the toy and got right back into place. Logan was a bit worried that again he would be noticed. Considering if Ms. Turner looked hard enough she might be able to see him right in front of her.

With Jessica back in place, she placed the head of the dildo on the star of the teachers butt and started to thrust it inside. All the rimming must have loosen her up because it went in without hesitation.

“Yes! Now back to my clit you bitch and finish me off!”

Ms. Turner escalated the verbiage to a new level which was set off by the high arousal the teacher was experiencing. She was getting cranky from the lack of release and the built up tension her pussy was unbearably holding.

It didn’t take long as after a few pumps with the dildo in her ass and the licking on the clit Ms. Turner screamed in passion.

“Put you mouth over my clit and suck! Now!” shouted the teacher.

Jessica must have done it right because in no time Ms. Turners body began to shudder and convulse. Liquid squirted from the teachers pussy all over Jessica’s face, neck, hair and the last few gushes fell onto the floor.

“Drink it!” Ms. Turner demanded as orgasm juice flew onto the girls face.

Ms. Turner collapsed hard into the chair. Her arms falling wide to the sides, all muscles in her face relaxed, the tongue out.

“Oh my gosh! That was amazing!” Jessica shouted.

“Mmmm” Ms. Turner acknowledged

“How did you do that? I’ve been wanting to squirt for a long time. This is why I come here to masturbate! I’ve been trying to spice up my solo play to achieve a squirt like that.”

“My poor dear. If you only told me. Please sit down and I can show you how.”

The teacher stood up and Jessica became a much more willing participant in the exchange. They switched places and Jessica lounged in the chair while Ms. Turner got on her knees. Now Logan was able to see Jessica’s face well and the sweet sight of Ms. Turner’s back side. Her ass curved so well into the back of her thighs. Her skin looked so creamy and soft. She arched her back a little and lifted her ass almost like she was doing it solely for his enjoyment. Jessica’s mouth and chin were covered with a mix of saliva and the teachers juices. It was an incredibly sexy sight.

“You see dear. Female ejaculation is uncommon only because boys lack the proper equipment to set a woman off. This is a method I developed while learning female anatomy during my youth. Also, this is going to be much easier with a partner.”

“Okay” Jessica offered.

“First thing is when going down on a lady, you really need to spend the extra time to work them up. Boys can go from zero to coming with minutes. Girls are much more involved and need some play time. Once we are all revved up, the clit becomes the most important trigger for female orgasm, but you cannot neglect pressure inside the pussy.”

“Makes sense. Keep explaining” Jessica politely asked.

Ms. Turner smiled.

“Second thing is many girls don’t like their clit being flicked with a tongue. Think of it like a tiny penis. It likes to be sucked. So you placed your mouth in the shape of an “O” over the clit, making sure the hood is moved away and you simply suck. For pressure in the vagina instead of jabbing with a finger you place two fingers in palm down and press downward. It feels more like sex than the jabbing of fingers. Now every girl is different, but lets try this on you so you can see. Tell me if you want anal play.”

With that the teacher lowered her head down and placed her mouth firmly on the young girls pussy. Jessica’s watched intently as the teacher started eating her out. Jessica’s reaction suggested that Ms. Turners methods of eating pussy offered a new class of pleasure to Jessica. She was tweaking her own nipples and was already making small moans.

“My gosh Ms. Turner. Please keep doing that.”

Minutes were going by with Jessica’s moans growing louder and louder. Her neck and chest were beginning to evoke a red tint in her skin color. The breathing was becoming irregular, sweat beading from her forehead, and her legs shaking. Ms. Turner was undoubtedly gifted at eating a pussy and she started to show off as she would bring Jessica to distinct highs, only to variate to a more laid back approach to her licking. Jessica would be practically moaning and groaning constantly for minutes only to be brought back down from her elevated state. Ms. Turner was building up the tension, which would create such frustration for a release on Jessica’s side. Logan only assumed this was by design to generate a intense orgasm that would spark an ejaculation.

“Ms. Turner. Oh, Ms. Turner. Please. Yes! Oh gosh. Uh. Mmm. More! Oh please more!” Jessica moaned frantically

Ms. Turner placed her hands on Jessica’s legs to help keep them steady. Her legs were were wiggling and bouncing in a frenzy. Jessica’s hands were placed on the teachers head, her knuckles baring white as she squeezed hard into her hair trying to relieve the anxiety. The young girls eyes would shut down super tight and her nose would scrunch up, then the eyes would open wide and her tongue would pop out of her mouth.

“Ms. Turner!” Jessica squealed

Then it happen. Jessica exploded with a huge gush of liquid shooting out of her pussy right into the teachers accepting face and open mouth.

“Gah!” Jessica continued as the second discharge blasted. Ms. Turner had stopped sucking on the girls clit and was now moving her fingers across Jessica’s clit in a very fast motion. This must have helped the ejaculation Logan thought.

“Uh. Uh. Ung” Jessica panted.

A few more tinier squirts and Jessica’s wailing turned into hard breathing. All the clear liquid had ceased from the girls pussy and Jessica’s head went back. She pushed the teacher’s head away, but she went down to either try and kiss it or suck on it more.

“Oh no please. I feel so worn out and raw. That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced.” Jessica said tenderly.

“Well if that’s how you truly feel perhaps we can try this again my dear?”

“I think I would like that Ms. Turner.”

Logan’s mind was blown. Ms. Turner had totally converted that girl. It was quite amazing. Jessica was reluctant to a lesbian experience even though she obviously had an interest in adventurous escapades. Ms. Turner had executed a masterful maneuver that persuaded a young student girl into being a future partner in another lesbian sex entanglement. Maybe next time they would rub their pussies together or even use a strap on. He would have to watch the both of them over the next few days so he would sit in on that scene as well.

Logan looked down at himself to see that his cock was raging with dark spots in his pants. Precum was oozing out of his cock and it was begging for air. He grabbed a hold of it and gave it a little squeeze. It responded in turn with a flex and Logan knew he would have to relieve himself when he got back. This was too much for him to just watch and go back to his room only to sleep. He needed more than that. He needed his own climax.

“I want you to get dressed and get back to bed quickly. I will clean up here dear.” the teacher instructed.

“Yes Ms. Turner.” Jessica quickly answered

“Good girl”

Jessica started putting her clothes back on. She first grabbed her bra, bending down to get it and placing the straps on her shoulders as she got back up. She flicked her hair to go over her right shoulder and down her front to make sure when she buckled the strap her hair was not caught. With the bra on, she put her feet in the openings in her panties then lifted them straight into her crotch. The view of the beautiful pussy was gone. Soon the shirt and skirt was on too and Jessica looked mostly presentable minus ruffled hair, red face and moisture on her forehead. Jessica gave a small kiss on Ms. Turners cheek and stated to walk out of the shower going straight towards Logan.

Logan laid down as quickly as possible to try and blend in with the darkest areas on the floor. Luckily Jessica did not turn on another light and just walked out of the showers, right by Logan and into the locker room. It was not just Logan and Ms. Turner. Logan watched as the teacher turned on the shower to wash away all the juices that gathered on the floor and even splashed some of the hot running water into her face.

Once she turned off the water the teacher gathered her clothes and kicked them into a small pile. At first Logan thought she was going to put them on, but she didn’t. Instead she stood there and pulled out her phone from the bunched up accumulation of apparel. She played on it for a little bit, using her thumbs to text something or take notes. Maybe even share the events with someone. Soon the phone was placed back down on the top of the clothing and she spoke.

“I am good.” she said, marveling at her success.

“But then again there is something to be said for someone who can watch two sexy ladies go at it without barging in for a piece himself.” Ms. Turner spoke in a different tone.

He was caught. Ms. Turner walked over to the light switches and turned all of them on. Logan stayed laying down not sure what to do. He wondered if this is how Jessica felt. His eyes were large and his mind racing. What would he say? What would happen? Would he get in trouble? The more he thought about it, the more he figured his punishment would be more or less the same as Jessica’s.

“I see we have a boy pervert who is spying in the girls locker room. Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in?”

“Uh.” Logan slurred.

“Well stand up and say something coherent!”

Logan shot up. Standing as quickly as possible.

“Ms Turner. Uh, I really don’t know what to say.” Logan offered.

Ms. Turner started to close the gap between them. She was taking careful steps closer to him. Each foot going right in front of the previous. Logan wanted to explain himself, but what really could he say? He really had nothing to explain his actions. He was almost quite literally caught with his hands in his pants.

“My my. You don’t know what to say? How about the reason you are here?” The teacher commanded

“To watch Jessica” Logan said defeated.

“Well that much is obvious, but why not include yourself?” Ms. Turner asked.

“My intention was only to watch then go back to my room to…” He started, but did not finish.

“Go back to your room and masturbate?” Ms. Turner sternly asked.

Logan did not answer, but noticed his cock was still enlarged and he slowly tried to cover it up by advancing his hands to his region, shifting the hard-on sideways so it wasn’t poking straight out. It didn’t work and it only made his efforts that much more obvious. Ms. Turner had finally breached his personal space. In a flash her hands were at his pants and pulled them down past his manhood.

“Ms. Turner!” Logan growled.

“Don’ even try that on me Mister!” The teacher snapped back.

Logan could have easily physically stopped her, but he did not want to. Instead he feigned he was trying to stop. The teacher successfully brought the pants down far enough to allow his cock to hang out and breathe. She gasped.

“Oh my dear. This is…” Ms. Turner muttered

She didn’t finish. Her jaw was dropped and her eye’s stared at his cock with a mix of amazement and shock. Her fingers held on and squeezed his member, which would result in a involuntary flex. He looked down with her and noticed his swelled member did not look as big as it normally would if he was worked up.

“This has to be the most masculine penis I have ever laid eyes on.” The Teacher expressed.

She had placed her other hand on his cock, almost trying to use her fingers at a measurement tool. She struggled to touch the top of her thumb and middle finger when she wrapped the fingers around the girth. Her face lit up. Without noticing she removed her hand from his cock and grabbed his balls. Her body language changed and her face was much more serious than before. Her fingers collapsed on his two testicles and she applied pressure. For a normal guy this would probably be very uncomfortable or even slightly painful. For Logan it was almost laughable. His tolerance to pain would be inconceivable to any humans mind. Again he pretended.

“Ms. Turner!” Logan exclaimed.

“Listen very carefully. You will not tell a soul of what you are tonight. Understand? And for your silence I will treat you to a blow job. Only if you promise not to breathe this to anyone. Not even your best friend. Okay?”

“Okay” Logan replied.

After his agreement, her grip loosened and she started to get down on her knees. Logan was in awe. This was going to be his first experience with a woman’s mouth engulfing his cock. He gazed downward to see her head lower toward his center. He wondered what to do with his hands. He felt his palms begin to sweat and pondered if she would mind if he grabbed her hair or something. Also what would he say? Should he moan or call out her name?

He was over analyzing this. Logan just had to enjoy it as much as possible. It’s not everyday you sneak out of your dorm room to watch a female student play with herself and then get taken advantage of by a female teacher. Furthermore, you wouldn’t expect it to end with an amazing blow job from the same teacher. . Logan relaxed himself and waited.

Her tongue swiveled around his large tip and he let out a small sigh. Her left hand held the base of his cock, keeping it aligned with her mouth, while her right hand was placed on his thigh. She looked up at him and licked the bottom of his tip while their eyes locked. She then continued licking him to the base of his member, making her tongue as wide as possible during the stretch.

Her tongue returned back to it’s original position around his tip, then the tongue retreated into her mouth right before she opened her lips enough to get the enlarged tip in her mouth. It felt amazing. Her hot, wet mouth had a welcomed sensation that was very pleasing to Logan.

With the tip in, she begun to slowly slide her lips further down his shaft. At first it proved difficult, his thickness must have been a first for her. She struggled to acquire more of his length in her mouth. Her lips were being stretched out and the procedure was becoming cumbersome. She took the penis out of her mouth and held onto it.

“This is simply a huge cock” Ms. Turner said.

Logan said nothing. He did not wants to discourage her and have her stop, but he also had no idea what to say to keep her going. So he decided to stay silent. The teacher accumulated her bearings, taking a deep breathe, then went back to placing the tip in her mouth.

She forced herself down on him this time. Her eyes were shut tight, her hands placed on each side of his hips and her mouth opened as wide as possible. Soon a good four inches had disappeared into her mouth. Her eyes had opened at that point and they locked onto Logan’s eyes. The mouth was almost completely full with cock so the member started to invade the teachers throat.

At first the cock evoked a gag reflex within the teachers larynx. It was completely involuntary and it caused her to slightly choke. Luckily she was able overcome the abrupt gag and regain control of her throat muscles. She just relaxed her passage and that allowed her to inhale more of Logan’s cock in her mouth and ultimately down her throat.

Once she found a comfortable spot for cock to stay lodged in her mouth she commenced in using her tongue to lather the underside of his member. Logan closed his eyes and placed on of his hands on her head. His fingers laid in between her hair as she used her talented tongue to entice and slowly stir up the young strapping man.

After a few moments the teacher added a back and forth motion while continuing her tongue action. The speed she was going up and down on his shaft was gradually increasing. Her hot, wet mouth moved from side to side ever so slightly as the tip would rub against the inside of her cheek. This was a very stimulating technique as all sides of his cock was getting pleasure.

The teacher was vigorously trying to take more and more of him inside of her. While it was difficult for her to swallow such a large cock, she was somehow managing quite well. Soon it almost seemed like it Logan’s size was perfectly suitable for the teacher. Taking him in and out of her mouth was becoming a little easier on the teacher. She had somehow adjusted her approach and was executing several pleasurable moves that made Logan’s balls churn with anticipation.

Ms. Turner was becoming increasingly resilient to Logan’s massive size as she was able to deep throat him. Logan was in the throws of passion as he watched the teacher almost devour his cock. She would go down as far as she could handle, hold it there while swiveling her tongue around his cock, then come back up. Her gag reflex would still kick in every once and again, but she was doing well at overcoming his size.

Ms. Turner pulled the penis out of her mouth, brought her tongue to his balls and her right hand begun to jerk him off. The sensation was proving to be intense for Logan as he groaned when his balls were being licked by that capable tongue. Once she was satisfied, she popped his cock back in her mouth and really started to go up and down the shaft with speed and precision.

“Ms. Turner if you keep doing that I’ll cum”

The teacher decided to keep her rhythm consistent and not change anything. Logan was groaning deeply and was really pulling at her head. He felt his balls give the signal that he was moments from orgasm. The tip of his cock was experiencing an intense amount of pleasure.

“I am about to cum. You should get off so I don’t make a mess.” Logan warned.

She didn’t stop and Logan offered nothing else to try and discourage. It appeared as she was going to swallow everything he donated. The pressure had been building for a very long time and the bridge was about to collapse. Logan tried to hold it back for as long as he could. Ms. Turner went down pretty far on him and that was it. His eyes squinted, his fists were clenched and his blood veins enlarged. The first rope of semen blasted.

The teacher was able to consume the first wave of cum without hitch, but the second pump of Logan’s cum was much larger than the first. It coated the back of Ms. Turners throat and started to seep down her esophagus. Her gag reflex was triggered and she gargled while his cock was still lodged in her mouth. Before she had time to recover from the second pump, the third was already shooting out of Logan’s cock. It was enough to fill a large portion of her mouth as it was no longer going down her throat. She didn’t want to choke, but this only made it worse.

The fourth rope of cum was not any smaller than the third, and more semen was pouring into her mouth without anywhere to go. She literally had a complete mouthful and the next wave was not going to be delayed. Ms. Turner tried to take a gulp, but it was only half successful. While she did manage to drink some of the excess cum, she was unable to get enough cum to go down before the fifth and last ejaculation. At that point too much cum was already in her mouth and it was competing with the room already occupied by his cock. Cum started to squeeze it’s way out of the corner of her mouth dripping down her chin.

Logan’s cock was being slowly removed from the teachers mouth allowing her the time to swallow the remaining amount of cum still left. Ms. Turner was making gulping sounds and her eye’s kept rolling around as to comment on how much was still in her mouth. The cock was finally removed and a small amount of cum continued to leak onto her chin. She used her tongue to salvage the last few drops before standing. She looked Logan square in the face before speaking

“If I didn’t know any better I would have thought I was being fed.”

“Sorry Ms. Turner.” Logan said

“Do you always come so much?” She asked

“Pretty much” he replied.

“Well as long as this keeps quiet like you promised we might try something likes this again. For now, go back to your dorm room in the exact manner you came. Now!”

“Yes Ms. Turner.”

With that he buttoned his pants. Looked at the teacher, and left without saying another word. He felt like he got away with a bank robbery he wasn’t invited to, and instead of getting arrested, the cop gave him a blow job.

Logan made his way out of the showers, back at the main door way and looked outside. The guards were still there making his rounds. He quickly made adjustments to sneak past them since he was coming from the girls dorm and not the guys. He made sure to re-lock the door before leaving.

He was able to covertly make his way back to the guys dorm without being spotted. Back in his room he laid down and evaluated what had just transpired. He had secretly removed himself from his dorm to spy on a girl, actually, to watch this girl pleasure herself. Instead of cumming and leaving, she gets caught by a teacher who blackmails her to partake in a first time lesbian experience. He also got himself caught, which lead to the teacher going down on him. What a night he thought. The weird thing about it is he did not feel fully satisfied from the orgasm. Like he still had much more in the tank.

Logan had a half day of classes tomorrow, then he was going to leave the town limits to exercise. Lifting weights in the school gym was no more effective than a normal guy lifting straws and expecting to build any strength. He had to lift huge amount of weight to get any sort of burn. Luckily he knew a great place that was completely abandoned from humans and there were very large and heavy objects for him to utilize. The next day Logan was able to make it to his sociology class on time. He spent the remainder of night working on his homework for the class and study for the test. He was able to retain large amount of information with ease. Although his physical body was beyond superior, his intelligence was just shy of genius. He was considered super intelligent, but even some topics escaped his comprehension. He always wondered if there was someone out there with enhanced abilities like his own, only with intellect rather than strength.

He sat down at his desk and started tuning everyone’s voices out. He could hear everything! It was very annoying almost to the point of affliction. He wished he had a better handle on controlling the amplified hearing, but like most of his abilities it consumed time to acquire complete authority. The teacher entered the class and he wished it was Ms. Turner. He has not seen her at all today, but was looking forward to the reaction he received, if any.

Right before the bell rung Jessica came into the class. Logan’s eyes opened up a bit, but he tried to stay cool. He was the only one aware of the actions of last night. He almost wanted to say something to her, like: “How was your night?”, but he ultimately decided against it. He was not well acquainted with Jessica and most likely would fail at asking such questions without tipping her off. So instead he just watched her place that butt on the chair, knowing full well what it went through last night. The moment her tush touched the chair Logan could see a slight sliver of discomfort. She was still very much raw. Logan smiled and turned back toward the teacher.

After the test the teacher made an announcement that the entire class would be departing on a field trip next week. They were going to visit a shelter, a police station and a day care. It would take up the entire day and obviously there would be a test. Most of the students made low groans and sighs. Logan was sure the teacher appreciated that.

Class ended and the students rushed out of the room. Logan hung back a little, again feeling the urge to say something to Jessica, but she walked right by him and exited the class. Logan shrugged it off and made his way to the door as well.

The hallways were outdoors with ample room to limit student contact and therefore conflict. The weather was always warm enough to prohibit anyone from being cold. Although it didn’t matter for Logan, while he hasn’t completely tested it fully, extreme temperatures didn’t bother him in the slightest.

Logan made his way out of the classroom building section and found himself at the school parking lot. He was going to drive out of the town limits to the secluded area where he could workout. He pressed the button on the car keys that unlocked the car door. With the door opened, he sat himself down, and turned on the radio. The engine fired up without delay and Logan was able to pull out of the school parking lot and make his way onto the road.

He turned onto a street that went north for a very long time, then at the end of the road he turned east. Fifty miles east, there was a small dirt road that again demanded he go north. The dirt road lead to an abandon junk yard with boats, vehicles , train cars, and other large items that he could use for his work out.

He had arrived at his destination and pulled his car in front of the gate. The gate was always locked and he did not have a key. It made no difference to him though. He got out of his car. Lifted the car up over his head and jumped clean over the gate. He landed fifty feet inside the complex and gently lowered the car down back on the ground. Logan the jumped two football field lengths to the opposite site of the junkyard and scanned the horizon for anyone wandering around. He could see for miles and once he was happy with the results he jumped back into the junkyard.

First thing he did was grab one of the train cars for over head shoulder presses. His grip was unmovable and he started with reps. To add difficultly he would do squats in between the reps. He let go of the train car and it made a large crash as it it ground. Next he had two condensed cars that he crushed together, to create a crude dumbbell that he could use for bicep curls. He did as many as he could on each arm before dropping them for the next exercise. He worked out for about forty-five minutes before he felt happy with his efforts. He had been training himself to fly, but getting mixed developments. Some times he would only be able to get a few hundred feet of the ground, others just a few, once he made it to the point he felt super nervous and brought himself back on the ground. He wanted to be able to shoot himself from ground like a bullet and cruise though the air effortlessly. He never had enough time to practice though as coming all the way out here by car was a drag.

Without thinking more about it he propelled himself off the ground and held himself thirty feet above ground. Logan started doing flips, barrel rolls, and other crazy maneuvers in the air. It was easy to get disoriented, but he did his best to stay acclimatized. He felt more comfortable with himself and pushed his abilities further than he has before. He flew straight up at a constant speed, weaving in and out, pulling at himself in a groove. The ground was drawing away from him and the junk yard looked small from the height he was at.

He let his flying ability go. Almost like he turned it off completely. He started to free fall, extending his arms out and picking up some serious speed downward. Logan only had a T-shirt and shorts and if any one was watching it would have looked very shocking. Logan twisted his body sideways and he started to spin while he fell straight down back toward ground. The land was approaching fairly quickly so he engaged his flying ability and propelled himself faster toward earth. In moments he was going to crash into the earth, but at the last moment possible, he pulled back hard, landing very hard on the ground.

He planted his right foot into the ground, while his left knee established on land instead of his left foot and his right hand extended to brace himself. Dirt blasted up into the air around him, flooding the nearby vicinity with a brown haze. Once all the dust settled Logan stood back up. He looked back into the air and wondered what he was doing with his life. He had such a gift, but felt he was wasting it because of fear. Fear of the unknown and what would happen if he became a superhero or something like a superhero. He had a hard time with that title because of how ridiculous it sounded.

He sighed deeply as he felt completely unsure of how to handle his life. Logan decided to head back to the college and call it a day. He needed to prepare for the class trip and finish any homework he had left. Plus he wanted to see if he could run into Ms. Turner. Logan picked up his car again, jumped back over the gate and got in his car to drive back home.

Back at the college Logan carried himself up to his dorm. His roommate was not present and Logan was secretly pleased. He needed to be alone to processes and think about things.

The day of the field trip:

Logan and his fellow class mates met at the first location for the day. Some carpooled together, others rode with the teacher, but a majority came in their own transportation. The first stop the class made was at a shelter. The teacher had made arrangements for each member of the class to participate with helping at the shelter. Some had duties for cleaning, helping with giving out clothes, feeding homeless or painting some of the rooms. Logan was put in charge of painting one of the larger rooms. All the supplies were laid out for him. He would have to tape off the edges and just roll paint on the old walls.

“Exactly how is this a sociology field trip again? If I wanted to do manual labor I wouldn’t have bothered going to college.” said one of the males students to no one in particular, but out of ear shot of the teacher.

Logan looked over to the student who made the comment. He was snickering along with a few other males students who found the joke funny. Next to the guys who were laughing was a small group of girls who were looking over at the direction of Logan. Curious he looked behind himself to see what they were staring at, but saw nothing. He turned back around at the girls who started giggling as soon he looked at them, they looked away and at each other. One of the girls,Stacy, took one more gaze at Logan before smiling and turning back into the circle.

Logan shrugged it off and walked inside the building when the teacher started telling the students where to go. One of the volunteers for the shelter brought him into the room he was assigned to paint. By the looks of things, the original paint was still on the wall and it showed. It didn’t help that there was a lack of decent lighting as well. Logan sighed and grasped the paint roll, dunked it into the paint and started laying it on the wall.

“You need to tape off the door frame and the window frame.” the volunteer offered.

“Yep, Typically that’s how you do it.” Logan responded.

“Well you should do it now then right?” the volunteer snapped back.

“Well. Since I am the one painting I rather do it my way. If you feel so strongly about it though feel free to take over” Logan said more sarcastically then the first response.

The volunteer finally left Logan alone, obviously the conversation was no going anywhere and Logan couldn’t understand how the guy could complain. He was painting the room for free basically. With the volunteer gone, Logan painted as much as he could with the painting roll. He used wide maneuvers to get as much surface area as he could. He hoped he could finish quickly and duck out before having to go to the next location, but taping the edges was going to take time, then even more time to paint the tedious spots in corners and such.

Logan was already forty-five minutes into the job and the room was blazing hot. He even considered opening the window just for a light breeze. As he walked over to the window he heard someone approaching the room he occupied. The steps were light so he figured it was one of the girls going past his door, perhaps going to the bathroom or something. Instead the foot steps stopped right at his door. He turned around to see Stacy standing in the doorway, her hips on one side and her head kinda cocked. It was an interesting pose, but it did the job of showing off her figure.

“Yes Stacy?” Logan asked.

“There has been some interesting rumors going around about you Logan” She teased.

“I doubt there is any excuse for people to be talking about me” Logan said curious to what her game was.

“Not according to shower talk with the girls. A lot of information can travel quickly in a week. Like the one about your penis being rather large.”

Stacy didn’t waste her time with what was on her mind. Logan didn’t show any outward shock, but he did wonder how in the heck Stacy, of all people, found out. Stacy took a few steps into the room. Logan placed the paint roller down on the ground. Logan had to think of something clever that would not deny nor confirm the rumor.

“That’s great. What does any of this have to do with you?” Logan asked.

“I want to see it. Pull it out.” Stacy commanded so confidently.

“What? No. Not here. We are in the middle of a field trip. Are you crazy?” Logan recoiled

“I am not leaving until I see your cock Logan. If you feel more comfortable we can do this outside. I didn’t realize you were such a prude.” Stacy shot back.

Stacy was purposely attacking his ego. Trying to evoke a response with a type of reverse psychology. It was partially working, as Logan let out a small snarl shielding himself from the ego assault. Stacy opened her eyes a bit more and slightly shook her head at him. Her forearms turned outward with her hands going palm up. The universal signal of well?

“Fine. Where? Outside?” Logan humored.

Stacy grabbed his arm and pulled at him to follow. They exited the room and made a few right turns before coming to a door that lead outside. The door opened and bright light shined down forcing Logan’s eyes to adjust from the darker interior. Stacy had brought him the the back of the building. There was little room behind the structure as it was almost up against a small mountain. It provided just enough space for two people to walk side by side, with a steep incline up the large hill. The outside exit was either for an emergency use or to get access to the garbage dumpster, mostly likely both.

Once they were outside Stacy turned left to go down a few steps on the edge of the building. It provided a little cover as the corner of the building was blocked off by a large green fence. It was impossible to see though which gave them some privacy. As long as you ignored the fact that anyone else could walk out the door and clearly see them. The palette of colors outside was rather boring with brown occupying most of the surface. The ground was brown, the mountain behind them was brown, with a mix of a few green highlights from small plants. Even the building was brown on the outside. The only color was coming from the green fence and Stacy’s yellow jacket.

“Okay show me” Stacy said

Logan rolled his eyes slightly and started to unbutton his belt buckle and jeans. He gave himself just enough room to allow his cock to come out without pulling his jeans down. Once Logan pulled the opening in his boxers open he reached in with a few fingers and grab his penis and pull it out.

Stacy watched in anticipation as the cock was removed from it’s hiding spot and hung magnificently in view. Logan looked up at Stacy who was practically drooling over the sight. She was utterly admiring it for being one of the most attractive male cocks she gazed upon. In fact she decided it was the best one yet.

“Great. Now I want you to do me.” Stacy said once again confident in herself.

“Here?” Logan questioned..

“Come on Logan stop being this way. How often does a girl ask you for sex with little warning? I’m going to bend over and lean against the wall. You are going to drill me from behind. That monster of yours is going to be a delight.”

With that, she threw her jacket on the floor and unbuttoned her jeans. She pulled them down to her ankles, then did the same to her panties. She turned around, placing her arms on the wall and bent over. Her back arched and she flicked her hair to one side.

“Well? Lets go! We don’t have much time” Stacy said urgently.

Logan pulled his jeans down further and stepped up behind Stacy. Her ass looked fairly wide from this angle and her hips helped highlight her butt cheeks. Her waist was small and tight. This might have been from cheer and her career as a runner. Needless to say she had a spectacular backside. Stacy kept her shirt on so Logan was unable to view her breasts, but at this point he wasn’t going to complain.

He pressed himself into her to encourage his cock to grow harder. Her skin was very soft and she had recently shaved. Her entire area was shaved. Even the spots around her little pucker hole was completely hairless. Logan wasn’t sure, but it also seemed that Stacy had bleached her forbidden hole as it was completely pink. Strangely Logan found it attractive.

“What is taking so long?” Stacy asked impatiently.

“My cock isn’t wet.” Logan replied.

“Then spit on it. My pussy is super wet right now.”

Logan spit down on his cock, hitting the tip of his head directly. His cock was getting larger and larger. For some strange reason his penis looked bigger than it did when he was with Ms. Turner. Interesting.Logan thought to himself. Hopefully Stacy would be able to take it.

Logan placed the tip on the walls of Stacy’s pussy. Once Logan felt comfortable that he would be able to push it in without much difficulty, he pushed himself into her.

“Unnnggggg” Stacy moaned.

Logan went halfway before slowly pulling himself outward. The tip was the only part that still remained in so before exiting completely Logan pushed back in. He went deeper this time.

“Oh my gaaawwwddd” Stacy squealed.

Logan smiled at himself and practiced the same motion as before. He pulled himself mostly out, but right as the head started slipping out he slammed back in. This time going as far as possible. He could feel his head hit the hilt.

“Ahhh! You are so big. Let me stretch out a bit Logan. Damn.” She let the last word hang a bit in the air. She was breathing heavily. Liquid was running down Stacy’s right inside thigh.

“I think I might be bleeding a bit” Stacy said half concerned.

“You are not. You just haven’t been real wet before” Logan said squashing her burden.

Stacy looked down between her legs and saw that Logan was right. Her pussy was expelling tons of self lubricant. It was an attempt to help with the rather large object penetrating her. Stacy lifted her head back up and looked behind her.

“Do it. Slow and steady.” She said.

Logan did just that. He dragged his cock back, then right back in. He was going at a consistent, but manageable speed. This allowed Stacy’s body to acclimatise to the large penis invading her pussy. Stacy would make small moans every once and a while as Logan kept his momentum. His hands grabbed at her ass and his fingers clenched into the meat of her hips to pull her into him.

“Oh. Ah. Ung. Eh. Ung. Ah.” Stacy would gasp in between huffs of breathing.

Logan slapped her ass fairly hard and it seemed to trigger something in Stacy.

“Faster. Screw me.” She voiced.

Logan accepted her wish and granted it immediately. He took one hand off the girls butt, reached for some hair, grabbed enough for a hand full and banged into her harder. Her ass was now making small waves across her skin each time Logan’s pelvis crashed into the girls behind. Stacy was moaning a little more loudly at this point and Logan decided to test the limits by pulled on the girls hair a little. Stacy’s head strained back a bit, but it was met with resistance as Stacy had not been expecting that. Logan slapped the girls bottom harder this time, leaving a red mark on the ass, but at the same time going faster than he had been before. The mixture of pleasure and pain was a fine line. Stacy might have been the aggressor in the beginning, but Logan was allowing himself to turn the tide. He felt more in control at this point and the sexual position helped facilitate that. She was in a submissive position, while her boy toy was in the dominating one.

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