super heroines

Authors Note:

This is the next chapter in the adventures of super heroines Parabella and Deepsix.This is fairly straightforward and contains no ‘serious’ content – rape, BDSM etc. and is just intended as a bit of fun. All characters are over 20 years old. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Parabella crouched on the gritty floor of the dark cavern and sighted along her multi gun at the creature lurking on the far side. The nanites that infused her entire system enabled her to see the beast clearly despite the lack of illumination. Its faceted green hide and towering, spired head marked the target as a Devouring Earth soldier, probably an advanced one.

Bella’s finger tightened on the trigger as the creature slowly moved in her direction. The girl’s stealth field should be up to the job of concealing her but it was best to be ready for the worst and a solid chunk of field accelerated lead doped with iron would put a halt to any danger the target represented. Unfortunately a shot down here would probably bring down enough reinforcements to finish her mission if not her life and that could not be tolerated, not this time, for Parabella was not in the mood to be distracted.

As she slowed her breathing to reduce the chance of being heard, the pale girl’s thoughts turned to the events of the morning.

The sun rose high enough to cast its rays across Parabella’s face by late morning, the light and gentle heat waking the sleeping super heroine from her deep slumber. Feeling a delicious languor, the white skinned girl stretched under the thin sheet, thrusting out her long legs and pushing her arms above her head as far as they would go so that her heavy breasts shifted up her lithe torso. Uttering a sleepy yawn, Bella flung aside the sheet and sat up.

At first she looked around at the strange room, puzzled that the surroundings were not those of her apartment in Steel Canyon. The antique furnishings were very tasteful but not really her style which ran more to glass and chrome with a gadget for every need. Looking down Parabellas confusion grew as she found her black top pulled up to her armpits above her tits, the only other thing on her body was the belt of blue and black modules that held so many useful devices. On the richly patterned carpet near the large four poster bed lay her thigh boots and skin-tight shorts.

Frowning, the girl reached up to feel her white hair in its bunches and smacked her lips together. What was I drinking last night? She thought. Nothing unusual by the feel of it, there was certainly no sign of a hangover. In fact, Bella felt fine, great even. She slid off the bed and stood, chest jiggling slightly, noticing the traces of grime that clung to her skin.

“There was definitely a fight,” she said, brow furrowing a little in thought. “But then…” She shrugged and strode over to an open door, hoping for a bathroom.

The white tiled room held a shower cubicle, a sink and a toilet which the heroine gratefully sat on and pissed contentedly, whistling a little tune. After finishing, Parabella walked in to the shower and turned on the water before squeaking with shock as the icy stream sprayed across her chest. She quickly turned the heat to maximum, the way she liked it. As the water became hot and her almost painfully taut nipples softened, the girl began to soap her body with the shower gel provided and tried to recollect the events of the previous day more clearly.

Standing under the almost scalding water the heroines mind drifted, seeking any hints that would unlock her memories. Her pale hands swept bubbles down both arms and across her belly, she reached up to remove the ties that kept her hair up and let the steaming water cascade over her face and head, damping down her hair so that it fell down her back. Squirting more gel from the bottle Bella soaped her jutting breasts, kneading the firm flesh with both hands and she felt a memory almost surface. She slid her hands down and back to clean the marble curves of her arse.

There had been a fight, that was for sure, and Deepsix had been with her. The girl’s right hand slid around her slick body and dipped down to between her legs, across her shaven mound, smooth as a cue ball. There had been something to do with stealing vital information on some research the Council had been conducting…Her index finger stole between the folds of her pussy without her volition. The two of them had got an emergency teleport out…to this place and…

Parabella gasped as she realised what her hand was doing and stopped. It was no good, the memory was too faint still. Something was there, confused impressions of heat and warm flesh like an erotic dream but without a solid image. Rinsing off the soap and halting the flow of water she stepped out, wrapping one large towel around her body and another around her hair.

Deepsix would know what happened, her friend was always so together and this place was bound to have comms gear.

Back in the bedroom the pale girl swiftly activated the imager in the dressing table and set it to call the last location dialled.

The image in the mirror cleared after a moment showing Azuria, one of Deep’s contacts with the mission room of Atlas Park’s town hall in the background.

“Hey Az,” said Parabella, “how’s things?”

The dark haired woman smiled, “Parabella, good to see you up and about again.”

“Yeah, about that. I’ve got a bit of a memory dysfunction thing going on here. Was I injured yesterday? And where’s Deepsix? I get the feeling she should be here for some reason but it’s all a bit mixed up.”

Azuria gave her a keen glance. “You don’t remember at all?”

“Nope,” said Bella, “not a thing.”

“Well you did get hit by some new kind of Council bioweapon. Normally we would have got you here for treatment but time was short so we had to get Deepsix to administer the, er…cure to you straight away.”

Parabella thought the woman was giving her a bit of a funny look, almost as if she was having trouble not giggling.

“Actually Parabella, I’m glad you called. I sent Deepsix out on an important task early this morning and she hasn’t called in yet, we’re getting worried. She said that she would leave you a note but can I give you the co-ordinates that I sent her? It could be trouble and I would be grateful if you could check it out as soon as you can.”

“Sure Az, I’ll get right on it. Sent the data to my belt comp and I’ll do what I can.”

“Thanks Parabella, over and out.” The mirror returned to its normal state.

Slightly worried now, the white skinned heroine discarded her towels and while putting her hair back up in her preferred bunches, retrieved her belt. A soft blue glow illuminated one of the links indicating that information had been received. Fixing the device around her naked hips so that the modules made contact with her skin, Parabella accessed the data, relaying it to the HUD that flashed into existence before her right eye. The co-ordinates indicated a sub cellar in Eden, one of the most dangerous places in Paragon City and Bella’s heart thudded as she felt a wave of concern for her friend.

Quickly casting around she found a folded note on the bedside table where she should have easily found it if she had been thinking straight, it said:

Bella, please forgive me for leaving you but I have to go on a mission of vital importance. This could be the end of one of our most bitter enemies otherwise I would stay to apologise. Please forgive me for what I have done; I felt it was the only way to save your life and I meant you no harm.

Your friend, Deepsix.

Puzzled, Parabella dropped the note and grabbed her clothes. What could be so bad? She thought. She felt fine.

Unlike her outfit as it turned out. The boots were okay but her top was filthy and her shorts were just…phew, they smelt like a wash basket in a gym changing room.

Time was of the essence and so the girl threw open all the draws and cupboards in the room in a whirlwind of activity, her urgency to find some thing to cover her nakedness driving her on until she had just enough to do.

Only just enough, she thought as she posed on front of the mirror. Most of the clothing was for men and there was no way she was going out in a dinner suit ten sizes too big no matter what. All that Bella had found was a set of dainty, black bikini briefs and a short black slip that stretched as it barely contained her full breasts, the slim shoulder straps biting slightly into her flesh. Those and her thigh boots would just have to do, she thought as she looked back over her shoulder at the reflection of her pearly buttocks in the mirror, there was not time to search the whole house. Thank god for the stealth field generator or the whole city would be watching some video of her barely covered arse and straining tits on U Tube within the hour.

Her gun!

Rushing downstairs, Parabella quickly found her most precious possession and hugged the huge, multi barrelled weapon to her chest, tits squashing against its hard length. Snatching up the targeting drone that she must have left there last night, the super heroine activated the stealth field and throwing the wide doors of the house open, flung herself into the sky to rescue her friend.

And here she was, thought Parabella. After a hurried journey including a few wardrobe malfunctions and a moment when a collision with a flying bird had turned off the stealth effect, exposing her to a bunch of office workers on the thirtieth floor of an office building for a moment. Then sneaking her way past more Devouring Earth than she liked to think about, she was almost as deep into the subterranean complex as a person could get. The towering sentry finally moved off, driven by whatever instincts the savage but not very intelligent creatures possessed, leaving a set of incongruously old oak doors free for Parabella to approach.

The problem here was that while Parabella was fully capable of evading any patrol or foiling any security system with her natural talents, cunning devices and nanotech wetware, she had to get through the doors. Down in these ancient caves there was a distinct lack of ventilation ducts or alternate routes to take advantage of and anyone on the other side of the entryway could not help but notice the doors open even if the person passing through was invisible.

What to do? Go in hard and fast or slow and sneaky and just hope no-one was nearby. Parabella’s brow furrowed with thought as she slunk across the stalagmite-ridden chamber. The doors did not seem to be encumbered with a modern security system although they were covered with ancient looking symbols. The pale girl hoped there was nothing magical about them, she hated magic.

Carefully, she pressed one pointed ear against the dark wood and listened intently. Nothing. Was it because there was nothing on the other side or because the wood was too thick? Bella tried too peer through the narrow gap where the two doors joined, wriggling with discomfort as the tight thong bit into the crack of her arse and eased it out with one hooked finger.

Well no point in waiting, she thought as she stood. There were no enemies behind that she could detect but delaying any longer would only increase the chances of a patrol coming in to the cavern and slowing her progress further.

Pulling at the straining camisole in an unconscious gesture of modesty, Parabella stood and readying the multi gun, pushed slowly at the door.

Surprisingly, the door swept smoothly open letting a bar of yellow light spill across the rough stone floor. Swiftly Parabella slide through the narrow gap and closed the portal behind her. She scanned the new area. This was not right, she thought. There was a wide corridor leading off about fifty meters, completely covered in polished wood, panelled on the walls and high ceiling and laid out in closely fitted planks on the floors. Looking very out of place, various items of tech had been bolted to the walls at many points as if installed with no regard for the nature of the surroundings. Clearly there was electrical power here as some of the bulky units made whirring sounds and most had lights glimmering.

Parabella took a deep breath, the cool air conditioned atmosphere containing a strong hint of furniture wax and ozone and driving the dank mustiness of the caves from her lungs. Creeping stealthily forward the girl examined the nearest unit, reassuring herself that it had no security function and was probably to do with a distributed signal network. Further down she came across the first sign that she was on the right track. There was a large splintered scar across the woodwork and one of the metal boxes had been half torn from the wall, a clear result of a glancing hit from one of Deepsix’s sonic blasts.

Pausing, Bella frowned, a memory almost rising to conscious level. Deepsix was here definitely and she must help the blue girl, that was more important than anything because Bella had to…give her something? Shaking her head and ignoring a sudden warmth in her loins Parabella reached the far door.

Again these were out of place, steel slabs with an electronic lock and small reinforced glass panels in each one. Carefully the gun girl peered through one hoping the stealth field would hide the lambent glow of her blue eyes from any observer beyond.

The circular chamber was massive, as wide as Atlas Park’s city hall and several stories high. It must have originally been a library as ranks and ranks of volumes covered the walls with walkways and ladders giving access right up to the ornately domed ceiling. Evenly spaced around were tall stained glass windows, illuminated from behind to show off the rich colours of intricate pictures. That was unusual, the pale girl thought, there must be lights behind because the chamber was at least a hundred meters below the surface. Scattered around were big leather armchairs and couches with lamps and small tables placed conveniently near for the convenience of readers using the place.

However, the ambience of the place was shattered by the many steel tables and benches dotted around occupied by large computers and wide monitors displaying reams of scrolling data and shifting charts. Attending many of these were human figures in sterile overalls and goggles, intent upon their work. Parabella’s eyes narrowed, they were Cray technicians. What the hell? She thought.

But then her gaze turned to the centre of the vast room and her face set with anger as her target was revealed.

Three conical shield generators were arranged in a circle four meters wide and pointed inwards. Armoured cables led from them to big high density batteries that must have been able to supply a staggering amount of power. Between the doors and the force field stood a tall, slim female figure wearing a long coat, her hands clasped together behind her back as she gazed straight forward.

Looking over the woman’s head, Parabella could not repress a low growl of anger. Suspended a meter off the ground by the spherical, green power field hung Deepsix. The heroine struggled mightily against its grip, breast heaving and long legs grinding together with exertion, arcs of electricity crackling around her clenched fists.

“The hell with this,” muttered Parabella, setting her jaw and stepping back, “no-one does that to Deep!”

She levelled the multi gun and fired a high-ex grenade straight at the join of the doors. The explosion was almost completely directed toward the towering chamber and blasted the twisted steel barriers twenty meters away. Charging through the smoke left by the detonation Parabella immediately laid down a barrage of fire at the enemy techs who after a second of surprise, snatched up their own weapons to defend themselves.

Parabella mentally disarmed the stealth field as it would not stand up to this kind of scrutiny and the energy could be put to better use. If the Cray staff were surprised by the tall, scantily clad heroine charging at them they did not show it.

Parabella fired a scatter shot burst at the closest group, barely pausing to watch them being punched off their feet in a shower of blood before nimbly dodging aside to avoid a cryo ray and putting a heavy slug through the torso of the man who fired it. Normally Bella, like any of Paragon City’s heroes, would use less lethal methods but the sight of Deepsix in such obvious danger fired her blood and swept away any inhibitions she may have had.

Continuing to run forward the pale girl swept her gun from left to right, delivering bursts of auto fire and explosive rounds, causing havoc in the enemy ranks. One Cray tech hit her with a volley of shots but the small calibre bullets slid from her soft but abnormally tough skin. It didn’t do much for her top though, ripping the flimsy material. Parabella sent a mini missile into the workbench next to him, shredding five men with the shrapnel.

Thirty meters in the gun girl paused, her berserk state not preventing her from sensing that the opponents were getting organised. The remaining techs were bringing up heavier weapons and the female figure, visibly quivering with rage and shouting orders over the noise of combat, seemed to be activating controls on one forearm although it was difficult to see as she was backlit by the force field.

The pale skinned super heroine sized up the situation instantly, bringing up a tactical program on her internal systems and dashed to one side, enemy fire blasting holes in the shelves of books behind her. Reaching the allotted position, Parabella flicked off the safety on her multi gun and braced herself, feet planted wide. She pulled the trigger hard and rocked back as a torrent of smart munitions ripped though the remaining lined up techs, the barrel flash strobing through the huge room. Equipment shattered and bodies were flung about as Bella hosed a wide area, a snarl of satisfaction creasing her pretty face. A second was all it took and she released the trigger, the echoing roar subsiding.

But Parabella knew it was not over. The female leader had been at the periphery of the assault and the girl’s enhanced senses detected a personal shield around her, some sort of kinetic absorption field it seemed.

Parabella strode forward through the cloud of propellant smoke, her long legs eating up the intervening distance. “Release Deepsix now and I’ll go easy on you,” she shouted. “Make a wrong move and I’ll put a hole in you so big I’ll be able to walk right through it!”

Closer now the woman was clearly visible. Although tall and slender she was still not up to Bella’s six foot four; the woman’s tight coat was buttoned from throat to waist showing the curves of her body. Her legs were clothed in dark trousers and knee length black boots. Her haughty, sensual face was young and pale skinned, her hair long and dark.

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate the unaccustomed ruthlessness with which you dispatched these minions, ” the woman drawled, “but don’t you think you are a little under dressed for the occasion?”

Looking down Parabella took in her torn slip, more suitable for the bedroom than the battlefield and plucked a deformed bullet from her pale cleavage where the garment pushed the ample tits together.

She flung the bullet to one side with a dismissive gesture.

“Whatever does the trick lady, now release her.”

The woman drew herself up, shoulders pulling back. “I don’t think so darling, you have no idea who I am, do you?”

Parabella looked over to Deepsix who, teeth clenched, seemed to be increasing her attempts to free herself and felt her insides churn with unexpected emotion.

“Lady, I don’t give a damn who you are. You got five seconds to turn that thing off before I take you down and do it myself,”

The woman sneered, “Of course,” she raised an instrument clad forearm and touched a glowing control. “This should do it.”

She flung her arm forward and there was a blaze of white light. Parabella felt herself lifted off her feet as if she had been hit by a truck and tumbled back over a workbench, crunching to the ground amongst scattered debris.

Shit! Bella thought, who is this chick? She shook her head to clear away the lights swarming in her vision before rolling to one side as the workbench exploded violently. Springing to her feet, breasts swaying, Bella fired a volley of rounds at the grinning figure, seeing the bullets drop to the ground as they had the energy drawn out of them by the woman’s protective shield and spun full circle to avoid another incandescent blast before launching a smart grenade straight at the smiling face.

The programmed munition detonated six inches from the force shield and blasted Bella’s opponent from her feet, sending her sprawling back, crying out in consternation.

“How dare you!” the woman shouted, her fingers returning to the controls on her arm. “You think you can just crash in here and ruin all of my work! Time for you and your ridiculous little outfit to go away forever!”

But Parabella was ready, neatly sidestepping a torrent of blazing energy she brought up her multi gun to sight along its barrels and activated the flame-thrower, dousing the area with liquid heat.

As expected the energy field stopped any of the energised particles from touching the outraged woman but the heat itself washed across her, obscuring the figure for a moment.

Keeping her gun raised, Bella watched as the woman staggered to her feet, flaming scraps of material falling from her.

Hell, she thought, she must have a secondary defence.

Standing now, the woman had lost her arrogance along with most of her clothing. Charred strands were all that remained doing little to cover her athletically muscled body. Her breasts were good sized; the small nipples were pink and she had a strip of pubic hair pointed toward the neat folds of her snatch.

“Well,” said Parabella, “looks like were both dressed about right now.”

With a snarl the smouldering villain leapt to one side toward an intact computer, the motion causing her tits to bob up and down and slammed her palm down on a control.

“Too bad hero,” she said looking back over her shoulder. Bent over and with legs apart her pussy and arsehole were difficult to ignore. “I’ve just overcharged your little friend’s prison and while you fail to free her I think I will be going.” Her hand reached for the arm controls.

“What?” cried Parabella turning to the blue skinned girl in consternation, thoughts of combat completely forgotten. The green glow of Deepsix’s encompassing energy field was becoming visibly brighter by the moment.

“I’m going to remember you, lingerie model,” the naked villain hissed. “Remember my name, it is Countess Cray and one day I will see you helpless before me!”

Bella rushed her, thoughts of forcing the woman to save her friend filling the heroines’ frantic thoughts but with a detonation of imploding air, the Countess vanished.

“Damn, damn, shit!” The pale girl cried, desperately tapping commands into the computer. “Hang on Deep! I’m gonna get you out!” But nothing was familiar, the system, the software, even the hardware was a type that Parabella had not come across before. Given even so much as ten minutes the girl was sure she could work it out but the green glow coming from behind her was getting too bright, too quick.

Parabella spun around, her heart a pain in her chest as she saw Deepsix held in place, eyes squeezed shut as the growing forces around her grew stronger.

There was only one chance. The pale girl dropped her gun, it would be useless here. Shooting the shield generators would likely cause a catastrophic explosion and there was another way…she hoped. She must save her friend at all costs.

Without another thought Bella sprinted straight for the glowing sphere and, when close enough, used all the strength in her nanotech augmented legs to spring at Deepsix. She sailed through the air and punched into the forcefield – it was only designed to keep things in after all – and collided with the other heroine, their combined impetus carrying them both out of the other side. Shocks wracked both of their bodies from the energy backlash but Parabella held on tight to Deep’s waist as the two fell back to the ground, good fortune blessing them as they crashed into the yielding cushions of a wide leather couch.

They both grunted as the impact drove the air from their lungs and Bella’s weight came down on Deepsix’s body. They shuddered against each other as residual energies discharged as electrical arcs, burning tiny black marks into the leather.

Head swimming, Bella lowered her brow to the angle between her friend’s neck and shoulder, breath coming in shallow gasps as started to recover.

At first hardly aware of anything except the release from the crushing light, Deepsix’s senses were returning. There was a soft weight pressed along the length of her body and warm breath tickled her neck, a thigh rested between her legs and slim but strong arms held her close. Without thought she turned her head and opened her eyes, bewilderment made her head swim as Deepsix saw her friends beautiful face so close to hers that their breath moved from one set of lips to the others.

“Bella?” she exclaimed with astonishment, “What..?” The heroine could not imagine how this had come to be, surely it was some delusion brought on by the nearness of death.

“It’s okay Deep, you’re safe now.”

But the pale girl was badly distracted; the memories of the night before that had been so elusive were stirring strongly. She felt her breasts crush against Deepsix’s and her leg press between the others thighs. She should move, get up and check the area but…

Then it came back. A battle and a shot, the teleport and a dimly lit bedroom…and Deepsix, crouched naked, face grinding against Bella’s throbbing pussy, her tongue driving the ailing girl to greater heights of ecstasy than she had ever believed possible. Sweat and pleasure and slick blue skin rubbing against her own white flesh.

That was what the note was about! Parabella realised finally, Deepsix had saved her life in the only way possible but had done so much more. The pale girl felt her body respond to the memories, her weighty tits growing hot and excitement pulsing in her belly and crotch. She grinned wickedly at the heroine beneath her.

“Surprised to see me? You left so early this morning; I didn’t even get a chance to say thanks for saving my life. So here I am, saving yours.” Her grin grew wider.

Deepsix blushed and dropped her gaze, shifting uncomfortably and trying to ignore the growing heat between them.

“We had better go,” she said, “there is no telling what re-enforcements could show up.”

“Don’t work about it,” said Bella, her voice growing husky, “I guarantee no-ones gonna show up for a while. I made a promise to myself before I went to sleep last night and now I’m gonna keep it!”

“I’m so sorry Bella!” Deepsix almost wailed. “I had to do it, Azuria said it was the only way and I was so worried! I did not want to take advantage, you have to believe me!”

Parabella drew in a slow, deep breath that pushed her swelling breasts harder against the white costume cupped orbs of her friend. The scent of the heroines blue skin and white hair strengthening her recollections of the previous night’s lovemaking with every moment, and she made up her mind.

“I don’t want you to be sorry Deep. I may have been a little out of it but you did the right thing.” She lifted Deepsix’s chin with one hand so that their eyes could meet. “And now I’ve saved your life I’m gonna ask you to do the right thing again!”

“What…what do you mean?” Deep asked, her eyes wide.

“The heroes reward,” said Bella.

“What is that?”

Parabella rose up on her knees and looked down at the reclining girl. Bella noticed that one of her stiffening nipples had popped out through a tear in her top. She grasped the lower hem of the slip with both hands; arms crossed to the opposite sides and slowly pulled the garment up over her head. Her perfect tits rode up her torso as, with raised arms, she flung the ruined scrap of material aside.

“It means I get too fuck you,” she said happily, grinning again.

Deepsix actually raised her arms across her chest, her big blue tits flattening slightly. “Bella! What would Statesman do if he heard you use such language?”

“I don’t know,” said Bella leaning over, placing both hands on either side of the shocked heroines shoulders so that their noses almost touched, her swaying tits brushing against Deep’s arms. “maybe he’d want to spank me for it. All I know is that I want to give you the same pleasure you gave me and you did it so thoroughly that I’m sure you’re not gonna say no.”

With that, she held Deepsix’s face between her hands and kissed the blue girl passionately.

Deep resisted for a second as her friend’s tongue slid between her lips and probed insistently at her teeth. Maybe she had been wrong; maybe she hadn’t taken advantage of Bella after all, perhaps it had just been embarrassment and self consciousness that had made her flee so quickly that morning and try to distract herself with work.

Without a thought the blue skinned girl opened her mouth and felt the invading tongue brush moistly against hers as warm fingers stroked her cheeks. Then another blush heated her body and she turned her head to one side.

“But Bella, we are not lesbians!” she groaned.

“Well you did a hell of a job in the safe house last night and I’m gonna try my best right now,” whispered the other super heroine as she rose slightly and gently but firmly moved Deep’s arms out of the way. “Are you going to seriously tell me you don’t want this?”

“But the others…what will Sister Psyche and Miss Liberty think?”

“I don’t care, all I know is that I want you so bad I could burst. I want to do everything to you and you to give it straight back, the rest can all just think what they like!”

Parabella’s hands stroked down until she cupped her friend’s breasts and brushed her fingertips over the protruding nipples. Deepsix gasped with unexpected delight and could not help arching her back to press herself against them. She felt a tide of moist heat erupt between her legs.

“Do it Bella,” she commanded, “do whatever you want. I need you so much.”

Sighing contentedly the pale girl pushed up Deep’s costume top until the perfect blue mounds bounced free and holding her gaze with her own, slowly closed her lips on an out thrust nipple and sucked on it hard. Deepsix cried out and clasped the head to her, Parabella’s provocative stare only heightening the bolt of sensation that slammed through her.

Sucking at the taut tip, Bella felt triumph. She didn’t know her exact feelings yet but there was certainly a great deal of lust, maybe there was something more but for the moment desire was plenty. Moving, she clamped her lips to the other quivering breast and gave it the same treatment, feeling her own tits brush against the firm, blue belly beneath. What to do next had seemed to be a problem but now a hundred highly erotic scenarios flashed through her mind.

Bella pulled them both upright so that she was practically sitting on Deepsix’s lap and kissed her deeply, the difference in their heights meaning that their tits squashed together, the friction of nipple against nipple driving her wild. Both girls cupped the others plump breasts and massaged them energetically, their breaths coming hard as their tongues twined.

Bella felt the angle was bad and for what she had in mind another position was called for, although keeping her heated thoughts on the right track was becoming more and more difficult as passion overrode everything else. Keeping her lips locked to Deep’s, she slid around the blue girl’s body until directly behind. Bella sat with each leg on either side of Deep’s hips and reached around her torso where she could grab the luscious orbs a lot easier.

Deepsix broke the kiss and flexed her body, feeling the other’s naked chest against her back and tilted her head so that it rested on Bella’s shoulder. She moaned softly as pale hands squeezed her tits, her nipples throbbing until Bella pinched them both between finger and thumb. How could she have doubted, she thought, this was heaven. Deep felt her heart pound as her friend’s hands slid down her belly and back up to her breasts again, she reached up to cover the white hands with her own to increase the pressure.

Finding the view to be magnificent; trim body sloping down to long legs, Parabella kissed a blue, pointed ear. The sight of her massaging those fabulous tits was so sexy and from this position her control over Deep’s body was total. Teasingly she moved her fingers down toward the tightly covered pussy again, pulling it back short of the target as she felt the girl she held tense with anticipation.

“Oh Bella, ” gasped Deepsix, feeling as if overwhelming ecstasy was only a step away, “touch me.”

“Touch you where?” Parabella whispered playfully, nibbling the ear and lightly scraping the fingernails of her index fingers across the straining blue nipples as she continued to caress Deep’s tits. She watched as the girl’s legs rubbed together with her arousal.

“You know where,” growled Deepsix. “I want your hand on my pussy, I want you too feel how much I want you.” She turned her head and reaching up with one arm, pulled Bella’s head to hers and kissed the full, pale lips.

Obediently Parabella reached down again with her right hand and laid it over Deep’s hot mound, feeling the moisture of her arousal and tracing the groove of the writhing girl’s vulva with one slim finger. She felt the heroine hum with pleasure through their kiss at the contact and began to rub gently, curling her fingers over the whole area as firm thighs parted slightly allowing full access.

Deepsix nipped playfully at her tongue and trapped Bella’s hand beneath her own, increasing the friction. She knew that she should feel like a slut, splayed out on this couch and letting her friend touch her wherever she liked but Deep had secretly been wanting this since the night before, denying it even to herself. The sensation of one of the pale girl’s hands massaging her breasts and the other exploring between her legs was so good that Deep was almost climaxing right now but the thought of what might happen next made her hold back on the roaring tide moving within her. She moved her lips from Bella’s and gasped, looking down at her body and feeling shivers shooting up her spine.

Bella felt the time was right. She sat up straighter and pushed the unresisting girl forward so that Deep knelt, smoothly muscled back almost horizontal. She settled, leaning against the couches wide armrest on her elbows, nipples brushing the soft leather and felt Bella position herself between her widely spaced ankles. Deepsix trembled with anticipation, what was the girl going to do to her?

The pale skinned super heroine crouched, her nose almost in the crack of the white clad arse and had to resist a strong temptation to bite it hard. She hooked her fingers in the top of the sheer fabric and slowly pulled the garment down; breath catching in her throat at Deep’s flawless blue behind was revealed in all its glory. With Deepsix’s body in this pose, arse outstretched and knees widely spaced, everything was revealed to Parabella’s avid gaze. The wide, rock hard buttocks coated in silky blue skin were parted revealing a smooth engorged pussy, a drop of moisture glittering in the subdued light. The puckered arsehole looking just the way Bella remembered from the last night’s striptease. She breathed in the scent of her friend’s excitement and gripped a firm cheek in each hand, marvelling at their texture.

Deepsix was trying to look back over her shoulder to see what was going on.

“Don’t look,” Bella commanded, “just relax.”

She pushed her face slowly forward, heat from the pussy bathing her face and kissed the glistening crevice. Bella pulled away from the shuddering girl and licked her lips before darting back in for another kiss. She ran her tongue over the puffy pussy feeling the buttocks beneath her hands clench in spasms and lapped at the copious juices that suddenly streamed forth. The taste was tangy and Bella closed her eyes, concentrating as she probed and teased with her mouth, hearing Deep’s breath come in gasps as the blue girl thrust back with her hips.

Deepsix could hardly believe what was happening. She felt her friend’s hands on her backside and Bella’s mouth working on her flesh giving her more pleasure than she though that she could contain. Deep threw her head back and pressed her throbbing breasts against the warm leather, the raw eroticism of the situation driving away any inhibition or restraint.

Parabella was getting up to speed now. She too could barely believe what she was doing but it felt so good, so right that she just went with her instincts. Never had she even contemplated doing anything like this, not to anyone but she was damned if it wasn’t the finest feeling in the world. Shifting her grip to Deep’s hips, the pale girl ducked her head slightly to cover as much of the dripping snatch as she could with her mouth and thrust her tongue in as far as she could reach, sucking with all she had. She felt an instant reaction and heard the other girl hiss and moan.

Opening her eyes again, Bella saw the end of her nose almost touching the writhing heroine’s wrinkled arsehole and without thinking, swept her tongue up and thrust it at the tight orifice.

“Ah!” cried Deepsix, her back flexing, her hands clenching the leather armrest so hard that it ripped. “Oh god Bella!”

Ignoring the exclamation, Parabella pressed the tip of her tongue at the tight hole as if her life depended on penetrating it. A wicked impulse made her bring up her right hand, arm brushing against her own dangling tits and slid a long finger into the sopping pussy before beginning to masturbate Deep vigorously.

The combined assault was too much for the blue skinned heroine, a sensual overload that made lights flash beneath her closed eyelids. She felt another digit slide into her vagina and rub at the core of her pleasure. Deepsix dropped her head and looked down between her tits to see the white hand thrusting in and out and that was all it took. Deeps vision whited out and she screamed in ecstasy, body bucking involuntarily as a massive orgasm swamped her with pleasure.

Only dimly she felt strong arms turn her over and hold her close as shudders continued to ripple through her, warm breasts slid over her own and soft lips kissed hers moistly.

“Hey, don’t pass out now;” she heard a voice say, “the night’s still young.”

Deepsix opened her eyes and looked at the smiling face that had almost killed her with pleasure.

“Where did you learn to do that?” she asked, chest heaving as she got her breath back.

“It just came to me,” said Bella, her glowing eyes dropping modestly. “I wanted it to be good for you.”

“Well you can do that to me any time,” Deep said and kissed the girl lingeringly. “And I think that from now on we are going to have plenty of opportunities.”

“You didn’t mind the thing with, you know, your…” Bella came as close to blushing as she was capable of.

Deepsix smiled and ran her hand down Bella’s side as the girl lay on her, plucking at the thong she still wore.

“Well I don’t eat much and honestly I never, er, I have never used that for anything before. It’s my mutant physiology so I am kind of glad really.” She grasped a pale buttock and squeezed it. “We have so much to find out it seems.”

“Yeah,” Bella grinned. “I think I’ve got a few new ideas already.”

With a swift motion, Deep spun them over so that now she lay on top, “My turn.” Parabella laughed and wriggled eagerly.

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