How do I get myself into these things? Oh yeah, that’s right, once again I was trying to help out a friend.

Yesterday while I was writing out my to do list for another boring weekend full of errands and house cleaning chores, all the typical things that filled my usual weekend, all I could think of was that it was the last weekend of summer and I had spent mine working, at work and at home. I had had no time for fun. Then, my phone rang. It was my best friend Amanda. Mandy, being the total drama queen she was, told me that she was desperate for my help.

Her cousin Chris, whom I had met on many occasions and thought was the hottest thing around, had set her up with a friend of his. They were going on a weekend sailing outing and there was no way she was going out on a boat for two days with two guys and no other female. There was no solution other than I go with her. I just had to. It would be a perfect last hurrah to summer. Please?

The “please” did me in. I gave up and packed an overnight bag with swimsuit, cover up, sunscreen and other essentials and was ready and waiting when she picked me up an hour ago. With the top down on her convertible, we drove for the coast, tunes blasting and girl talk all the way.

Now, here we stood side by side in the middle of a posh marina, staring at the vessel we would be boarding; vessel being the appropriate term because this was no sailboat. This was, in anyone’s frame of reference, a yacht, a floating palace. Totally not what I was expecting and totally somewhere I did not feel like I belonged.

I leaned toward Mandy and whispered, “Is this what you were expecting?”

“Um, no,” she replied just as softly. “Too late now.” She reached out and took my hand, each of us comforted by the other’s touch and ready to face this on a united front.

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“Absolutely. Let’s go,” she replied.

We looked at each other and grinned like two little schoolgirls. Of course we did. We had known each other since first grade. Two of the most different children had become inseparable from the first instant. Where I am average height, Mandy is petite. I have long deep brown hair; Mandy keeps hers in a short, natural blonde bob. She is a natural at sports and I am a natural at logic and intellect. Mandy is an outgoing, born flirt; I am a mouse. People used to say that she steamrolled me into friendship, or, that I just hung onto her coattails for popularity. Truth was that we completed each other. We each had something the other was missing, plus, neither of us cared a lick about popularity.

We proceeded up the gangplank and looked around. No one was in sight. We picked a direction and headed toward the stern. Rounding a corner at the aft of the ship we found Chris sprawled in a lounge chair relaxing, drink in hand, eyes closed.

He must have heard our footsteps because he stirred enough to ask, “That you Josh? What time is it? I’ve gotta watch for the girls.”

When his question was greeted with dead silence he must have gotten suspicious because his eyes opened a crack. Seeing us standing there he leapt up, in the process, he spilled his drink all over his shirt. “Shit!” he exploded. Mandy and I started laughing. He glared at us. “What time is it girl? I was going to be waiting for you at the gangplank with Josh like proper hosts.”

“Don’t worry so much. We’re early by at least half an hour. Traffic was lighter than I expected. Sorry about your shirt.” Mandy said with an ill concealed chuckle.

Chris stalked toward her with an evil glint in his eye. “That’s ok, coz,” he said. He took her into his arms for a giant bear hug making sure that he got the drink all over her. I broke out into a hearty laugh until he turned his gaze on me. Letting go of Mandy I got my fair share of hug and drink too.

“Chris, damn it, you ruined my shirt,” Mandy screeched at him.

“I missed you too, Mandy,” he replied, chuckling. “Looks like we’ll all need a change. I’ll introduce you to Josh then show you where you’ll be staying so you can get cleaned up before we get under way.”

He walked over to a bar area and pressed a button on an intercom. “Hey Josh, get your butt out here. They’re here early. You can tell your captain to make sail.”

“I see that they are here,” said a voice coming not from the intercom but from the companionway, “and such visions to see.”

I rolled my eyes at the line. Guys never meant stuff like that. Mandy and I knew we were no visions. I glanced over at her. She was staring at the man who emerged into the sun. She had told me about her dream man many times, dark curling hair, tall, but not too tall, tanned, brown eyes. This man, Josh, was him, average, yet debonair. He walked straight to her, took her hand and brought it to his lips. “Welcome,” he murmured as his lips caressed her hand. Mandy looked like she had been struck by lightening.

He repeated the process with my hand but his lips did not linger. “The captain will be getting us under way. Ladies, if you will follow me please?”

He led the way down the companionway with us all trailing him. He stopped outside a door half way along the corridor. “Ladies, this will be your room. I hope you don’t mind sharing. My quarters are across the way here and Chris is in the next cabin along the hall.” He glanced at Chris. “You changing too I’m guessing buddy?”

“Yep,” he answered. “I’ll just be a minute,” and he headed down to his cabin.

“Take your time ladies,” Chris said to us, including me, but I had the feeling that he was speaking only to Mandy. “There is nothing to see until we round the point which will take at least a half hour. I’ll have drinks ready for you?”

“Yes, thank you,” Mandy answered. “Screwdriver please?”

“I’ll have a Fuzzy Navel if you have peach schnapps please.”

“Of course, your drinks will be waiting,” he responded and headed down the corridor as Mandy and I entered our cabin.

After closing the door behind us we dropped our bags and just stared at the luxury surrounding us. Granted, this cabin was graced with two twin beds, but that didn’t bother me! A flat screen TV on one wall, windows along the other, silk sheets on the bed, our own private bathroom, yes, this was nicer than any hotel room I had ever stayed in.

“Mandy, pinch me,” I said softly to her. Catching sight of her hand reaching for my arm from the corner of my eye, I quickly jumped away from her giggling. “Really?”

“You said…”

“I know what I said. It’s just a saying!”

“Whatever,” she said. “Swimsuits?”


“Hell to the yeah sister!” she said grabbing her bag and throwing it on a bed. I followed suit and quickly pulled out my bikini and a cover up. Turning I saw that Mandy was already out of her shirt and bra and was working her tight jean cut offs over her hips. As she wiggled them down I couldn’t help but appreciate the way her ample breasts jiggled. I resisted the urge to reach out and squeeze them. At that moment, she glanced up at me.

“Need some help with your top?” she asked sweetly.

“No, but looks like you need some help with those shorts,” I answered walking toward her. Reaching down I put my hands over hers and helped her ease them the rest of the way down. I let my hands caress her body on their way back up, a body as familiar to me as my own. As my hands settled on her breasts and began pinching her nipples, our lips found each other for a gentle kiss. My mouth opened under hers and our tongues began battling for supremacy. Her hands began tugging at the button to my pants and she quickly had them off of me. My mouth left hers to begin sucking at her breast while her hand began caressing my pussy, feeling the wetness there.

I stopped sucking and came up for air. “The bed,” was all I had to say. She moved over to sprawl across one of the twin beds. Who need anything bigger when one was on top of the other anyway? I quickly removed my shirt and bra. Moving to the bed I climbed over her straddling her face with my pussy as I settled my mouth at her opening. Wasting no time, we began sucking and licking at each other. Our moans were the only sounds in the room.

I could feel the pressure building in me and from the sounds she was making she was close to an orgasm herself. As my tongue laved her clit, I inserted two fingers in her soaking pussy and began pumping at her. She did the same to me and soon we were both exploding with our orgasms, moaning as we continued finger fucking each other. As the sensations began to subside, I slid off her to her side.

“Mmmmm,” she said. “That was good.”

“So nice,” I replied. “Perfect start to the weekend. We’d better get dressed though.”

“Unfortunately,” she sighed.

We both got up, found our suits, and shimmied into them. Then throwing on a sun cover up and grabbing towels we headed out the door and to the deck. When we got there, both Chris and Josh were at the bar. I hung back a moment drinking in the view that was Chris. He was tall enough to make me feel short, and muscular in a way that made me feel tiny. I knew he had a thing for working out and rarely missed a day. His hair was brown like mine but sun streaked with light highlights and his eyes were a deep, dark blue. I wanted to run my hands through his hair and swim in his eyes. My desire spiked as I drifted in my daydream.

“Takes both of you to make drinks?” Mandy asked, boldly approaching them and pulling me out of my fantasy.

They turned quickly, looking like they’d been caught at something. What? I didn’t know, but they looked like they had had their hands in a cookie jar.

“Your drinks ladies,” Josh announced, presenting us each with a crystal glass. “Mary, I’m sorry but unfortunately there was no peach schnapps stocked. Try this though, it’s made with peach vodka and orange juice.”

I took a sip. “Mmmmm,” I said. “Delicious. I could drink ten of these.”

“Have all you like. Let me know when you are ready for a refill. Shall we sit?”

For a while we sat and chatted, admiring the scenery as we sailed by. It was a beautiful day with wonderful company.

After we’d each downed our fair share of drinks, Josh turned to Mandy asking, “Would you care for a tour? I’d love you to see the rest of my ship.”

“Sure,” she answered. “You don’t mind, do you Mary?”

“Of course not,” I replied quickly. “Chris, you’ll keep me company, won’t you?” At his nod, Josh and Mandy headed toward the companionway and the fore of the ship.

“What would you like to do?” Chris asked me.

“Well, I hoped to get some sun,” I answered. “Would you help me spread my towel out please?” He took my towel from me and laid it out at the stern in the sun while I applied sunscreen. “Could you get my back please?” I asked him.

For some reason he looked like a deer in headlights as I handed him the bottle and turned around. I braced myself against the roll of the ship as I felt his lotion-covered hands begin caressing my back. I had never expected having lotion applied to be a sensual experience. Having Chris do it was though. He didn’t miss one square inch. As his hands moved up my sides to just under my breasts I felt my pussy getting wet. Lord I hoped he didn’t hear my sigh.

“Um, I think I got your whole back Mary,” he said moving back from me, and rubbing any remaining lotion on his arms.


“I’m just going to crash on the sofa over here in the shade for a while. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Okay, Chris. Catch some shuteye. No problem.”

As he settled on the sofa and I stretched out on my blanket, I was still totally aroused. Had his touching me done anything to him? Probably not, he saw me as a sister or another cousin. I had never seen him that way, although I had pretended to. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun.

After I had toasted on one side, it was time to flip. As I rolled to my back, I glanced over to where Chris lay unmoving, asleep. Since he was out, I decided to tan how I usually did and quietly slipped out of my bikini. I preferred no tan lines. I lay down again on my back with a sigh. It felt so good to be naked. With the sun warm on me I dozed off.

I must have slept for a while when some sound woke me up. I quickly looked at Chris seeing that he had shifted to his side but his eyes were still closed. Thank goodness. Just as that thought crossed my mind he stirred and began stretching. Not wanting to embarrass him, I reached out and threw my cover up on over my nakedness.

“Mmmmm,” he said. “How long was I out for?”

“I don’t know, honestly. I dozed off too.”

“Mandy and Josh ever come back?”

“No, they haven’t,” I answered. “Think we should go and look for them?”

“We don’t have to search the ship,” Chris replied. “Come here, I’ll show you. Josh has a state of the art security system installed. We can look for them from over here by the bar.”

We walked together to the bar and Chris raised a panel to reveal two monitors. Each flashed with scenes from around the ship.

After a few different views, the left monitor showed one I recognized. “Stop!” I ordered. He paused the monitors. “Go back one on the left monitor, can you?”

“Sure,” he complied with my orders and Mandy and my cabin showed up on the screen. “Oh, shit,” he mumbled.

“You watched,” I said, turning to him with fury burning in my eyes. Now I knew that their cookie jar had been our cabin. They had seen Mandy and I enjoying each other. “Damn you, Chris!”

“I’m sorry, Mary,” he looked at me, blushing. “It flashed on and I paused it. Josh had nothing to do with it. You two were so hot I almost shot my load right there watching you.”

“But he saw us too?”

“Yes, we both watched,” he admitted.

“You know I’m going to kill you, right?”

“We deserve it.”

“Let’s just find the other two please,” I ordered. He reset the monitors to flash through the various areas of the ships once again. He suddenly reached out and paused the right screen.

“I thought I saw something,” he said. “Look right there.” He pointed to the monitor that showed the bow area of the ship. It was set up with lounges and other comfortable chairs, some in the sun, some in shade. I looked and saw what he was showing me.

“Holy shit!” I said. Josh was sitting in a chair in the shade, his swimsuit at his ankles, Mandy naked kneeling between his legs. Her mouth was moving up and down on Josh. Even from this distance I could see how large his cock was. As we watched, he reached out and threaded his hands through Mandy’s hair encouraging her to take more of him into her mouth. Without sound we could only imagine the moans being dragged from his lips.

We watched on the monitor as Josh pulled Mandy up from her knees and kissed her. He stood and kicked his swim trunks aside. He then led Mandy to a chaise lounge and helped her recline upon it. His mouth moved to her pussy where mine had so recently been. I knew her taste. Watching someone else eat her was turning me on. I felt my pussy getting wet at the thought of being eaten myself.

Chris was standing somewhat behind me so I could not judge his reaction to seeing his best friend intimately eat his cousin. I felt his hands on my shoulders gently, sensually, massaging. I wished he would lower those hands and caress something else!

On the monitor, Mandy was thrashing and it looked like she was screaming. Could I hear her from here? I was sure she had climaxed. I could just imagine lapping up the juices from her drenched hole.

The scene before us changed, Mandy got up on her knees on the cushioned lounge. Josh came up behind her and smacked her ass. I could see the handprint he had left. It looked painful. Mandy didn’t appear to be in pain though. She looked even more turned on if that were possible. Josh smacked her again on her other cheek and her legs spread a little wider. I could tell she was ready.

Josh leaned down and kissed her ass cheeks; licked them sensuously. He used his hands to pull her cheeks apart to expose her to him. He stuck his pinky finger in her mouth to suck on it. I was surprised when he then inserted it in her ass! She threw her head back in apparent ecstasy. Behind me I could feel Chris’ hands traveling my body, lower and lower. He was now caressing my ass. I couldn’t help but lean back into his touch, encouraging more.

Josh had now pushed Mandy’s head down to the cushion and she was wide open to him. They were saying something to each other that we could not hear. Then he plunged into her, his huge cock slid right in. His hands were on her hips helping her rock back into him to meet his thrust. He pounded into her again and again. Unconsciously, I reached up to fondle my breasts. My nipples were erect, aching, needing to be touched. I could feel Chris’ hands slipping under my cover up.

“Do you know how much I wanted to take you while you were laying there naked?” he whispered in my ear.

“You saw!” I gasped, turning from the monitor for the first time.

“I didn’t want to spoil your fun, or lose such and enjoyable view.”

“I hate you!” I said, smacking him as I turned back to the screen to see what I had missed.

“No you don’t,” he whispered once more in my ear. His warm breath on my neck was sending chills throughout my body. “You want me to fuck you. You’ve wanted me since the day Mandy introduced us the first time. Guess what Mary. I’m even bigger than Josh. Think you can handle me?”

“Oh my fucking Lord,” I mumbled under my breath as I pretended to ignore him and concentrated on observing our friends. I must have missed a lot. They both must have cum. I could see white blobs on Mandy’s ass and now she was sitting on Josh’s face being eaten again. Once again, Chris’ distracted me with his hands, which were snaking around my body, pulling me back against him. I could feel his erection hard against my ass.

“Admit it Mary,” he whispered again, “you are totally turned on watching my best friend do your best friend. You can’t deny it.”

At that moment, one of his hands found my swollen clit as the other began tweaking one of my erect nipples. When he began kissing my neck I completely gave up on watching our friends and let my head fall back against his chest. He pushed two fingers up inside my pussy. I was so primed and ready that that was all it took. My pussy muscles clenched around his fingers and I cried out as my orgasm took me and I soaked his fingers and hand with my juices.

As I stopped writhing he whispered once more in my ear, “This is going to be fun. I’ve been waiting a long time for you.” He removed his hands from me and turned me in his arms. For one long moment his eyes held mine and I saw the truth of his words. Then his lips were on mine as I was shoved back against the bar and his tongue invaded my mouth. No one really believes me when I tell them how much I love to kiss. What a turn on it is. As his tongue attacked and plundered I moaned and attacked back. I was still tingling from just minutes ago and it was building once more.

I felt his hands at my hips. Without breaking contact, he lifted me onto the bar counter. His hands traveled at will under my cover up, squeezing my breasts, tweaking my nipples. His mouth left mine as he lifted my only stitch of clothing over my head and I sat naked before him. “God Mary, I need to taste you.”

I smiled at him and nodded, spreading my legs before him. He knelt before me as if in obeisance. I felt him placing kisses on my inner thighs, my mound. His fingers spread me. He breathed deeply of my scent and moaned just before I felt his warm tongue swipe me from ass to clit. My head fell back. No thinking, only feeling. His tongue swirled around my nub, his teeth nipped. I felt like I might explode. His tongue moved to plunge into my soaking shaft, tongue fucking me as his thumb continued to caress my nub. Oh God, so close. It felt like electricity was shooting up my spine.

Once again he readjusted and his tongue was once again flicking my clit. He cupped his hand and slid his fingers up my shaft. He found the spot and stroked. I was lost. I screamed out my orgasm as the world tilted and I saw stars. It kept going on and on as my pussy flooded and he lapped up my juices. He slowed his assault and slowly removed his fingers from me and stood to claim another kiss. I could taste myself on his lips. My arms snaked around his shoulders pulling him close. I could feel his cock at the entrance to my core. My brain momentarily engaged enough to wonder where his swim trunks had gone.

“Fuck me Chris,” I demanded, scooting my hips forward.

“My pleasure m’am,” he responded, inching his cock into me. I glanced down. He hadn’t been kidding. He was huge. I grinned and reached down to his hips to pull him deeper inside me.

“Slow, baby,” he whispered.

“No, now!”

He pushed into my pussy, inch by inch of his shaft disappearing inside me. I groaned.

“You okay baby?”

“More than okay. Don’t be gentle. You feel so good.” His cock was all the way in me now. I began to wiggle to get him to move. I was not in the mood for gentle. I had not been this full in a long while. He slid almost all the way out then plunged back in, solidly. I threw my head back and groaned again then wrapped my legs around him to coax him even deeper.

He began thrusting into me over and over, my breasts rubbing against his furry chest, the scent of sex in the air, the wrongness of me sitting on the bar having my dream lover fucking me senseless. I was close to coming. He sounded like he was ready too. I held him tightly to me.

“I need to pull out, I’m going to come,” he moaned.

“No, inside,” I ordered. “Come now!” I screamed as my orgasm hit at the same time as his. I felt his cum squirting into me driving me wild; my juices mingling with his creating slickness that kept my orgasm going and going.

He stopped moving and leaned his head on my shoulder. He was as sweaty as I was. “God that was good,” I said into his hair.

“Damn straight,” he responded gently, nuzzling my shoulder. He began to pull out of me and I right away felt empty. “One more thing though,” he lifted his head and smiled at me.


He just grinned as he once again knelt between my legs.

“No,” I groaned.

“Oh, yes indeed,” he answered as he began to “clean me up”. I immediately began to orgasm again before I could even think. I moaned as it hit a little more gently than before. This one about a six on the Richter scale unlike the ten we had just hit.

When he had finished, he once again stood and kissed me. This time I could taste us on his lips. We tasted good together. ” I think I need a hot shower,” I said, coming up for air.

“I do too,” he responded. ” I think Josh has a nice dinner planned and although I love how we smell right now, neither of us is presentable.” He stepped back from me and helped me into my cover up. I made my way to collect my swimsuit and towel.

“I’ll just wipe down the bar,” he winked at me. “You go on ahead.”

We gave each other one last grin as I headed down the companionway toward my cabin. When I reached the door, I saw Mandy turn the corner returning from the fore deck. She was grinning from ear to ear. I must have been too because when we caught each other’s eyes we burst into peals of uninhibited laughter.

“Have fun?” I asked her suggestively.

“Hell to the yeah!” she responded enthusiastically. “You?”

“Damn straight!”

“You and Chris?




“Going to tell me all about it?” she asked as we entered our cabin.

“First, where is Josh right now?”


“Just where?”

“He went up to the stern deck to the bar to get a drink.”

“Good,” I chuckled and pulled her close for a deep passionate kiss. Without questioning, she kissed me back. Our tongues danced together, discovering new tastes upon each other. I was getting turned on again. She pulled back first and looked at me.

“Now why the sudden burst of passion?”

“Come on,” I answered. “I need a shower. Join me and I’ll tell you.” I was pretty sure that the bathroom would not be monitored.

After sharing a hot steamy shower filled with scented soap, girl talk, and groping we reemerged from the bathroom naked with a plan. Knowing they very likely were watching us we took our time dressing, throwing a lot of kissing and fondling in. Let them get horny. They weren’t getting any tonight! Not after the monitor stunt.

Before leaving the cabin we gave each other the once over. We were wearing practically the same outfit; which surprisingly flattered each of our different frames very nicely. Mandy had on a stone washed denim skirt and red tank with spaghetti straps. It looked wonderful on her short frame and the tightness of the tank showed her large breasts just fine. I had chosen the same skirt and tank as she had but my skirt was black with a white tank. The outfit emphasized my curves, which I tended to not like but was prepared to show off tonight. My breasts seemed like they were trying to escape the confines of the tight tank, and, to top off our outfits, nothing underneath.

As we emerged on the deck, Josh and Chris were, as we had predicted, “making drinks” at the bar. There was no evidence of the monitor; the panel was down and firmly in place. Upon inspection, their shorts appeared to be bulging uncomfortably in a certain area. This should be fun.

Josh was the perfect host through the meal, which was delicious. We all talked and laughed enjoying the company, the sea air, and the clear sky full of stars. After dining, Chris put on music and we danced. I loved to dance although I often feel self-conscious when others are watching. Mandy and I took turns dancing with each of the guys, rubbing against them, caressing their firm bodies, kissing them intimately. Mandy even kissed Chris in a very uncousinly way.

As the evening was winding down, I found myself slow dancing with Chris. It felt heavenly being held tightly in his arms, our bodies pressed so closely together. I could feel his erection pressing against me. I loved feeling his hands caressing my back, lowering to cup my ass and press me even tighter against him, as if that were possible.

“Chris?” I whispered.

“Mmm hmm?”

“Do you want me?”

“I want you so badly Mary,” he answered. “I always have.”

“Well, sadly, tonight you can’t have me!” I said pushing him away from me and turning from him. I saw that Mandy had also disengaged herself from Josh and had turned toward me. We approached each other. Mandy pulled me in close for an intimate kiss and we began dancing. I felt her hands slipping under my tank as mine cupped her ass and held her tightly. We played together there on the deck. I could see out of the corner of my eye that both Chris and Josh were wearing astonished looks.

When the song ended, Mandy and I headed for the companionway arms around each other. Before disappearing, we turned back one more time.

“Take that for the monitor stunt!” Mandy said.

“Only one person is going to fuck me tonight!” I added. With that we headed to our cabin leaving them behind to deal with their raging hard-ons however they might choose. Only we knew that we had even more torture in store for them.

When we entered our cabin, I whispered to Mandy, “Think they’re going to watch us?”

“Hell to the yeah!” she responded. “After the parting shot you threw?” She slammed the door behind us and pulled me to her beginning to pull at the button of my skirt. “Get this off! I’m so damn horny and I want you now!”

I pushed her away and began stripping out of my clothes. I was so horny and wet I wanted my hands on her naked body. Once completely divested of clothing we came back together, locked in a tight embrace, lips tangling, breasts rubbing together. I felt her knee pressing between mine. I opened to her and she rubbed her leg against my soaking pussy.

“Chris turned you on?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as she rubbed against me harder. “I almost gave in out there. I’ve wanted your cousin since we met. This afternoon was a dream come true. Now I just want him even more.”

“Good,” she responded. “That’s what I thought.”

Her voice had an odd hitch to it. I backed off a bit to look at her. She didn’t meet my eyes. That was strange. Then she let go and turned from me going to her bag. When she turned back and I could see what she held I grinned. She walked to one of the twin beds.

“Come closer,” she said in invitation as she climbed on the bed. Still smiling, I joined her taking my favorite toy from her to turn it on. I loved it when we fucked each other with our double-ended rabbit vibrator. She laid back and spread her legs for me. I slowly inserted it into her pussy. She groaned pushing against me, impatient. I quickly got into position, my head at the opposite end of the bed, lying between her legs. I slid myself onto the vibrator giving a twin groan to hers.

We began pushing together onto the vibrator. Our skin was rubbing against each other feeling as if it were on fire. Oh God, I was so close already. The tingling was spreading through me.

“Fuck yeah!” I heard her yell. I knew she was at the edge. We exploded at the same time, both screaming as our orgasms hit us. We kept pumping at each other to keep it going.

As we both finally settled back to Earth, we pulled off of the vibrator. Mandy took it in her hand and gave me a wink. She lifted it to her mouth and began to suck the end that had been in me. I joined her sucking the opposite side. Mmmmm, I wanted to taste her juices. I set the vibrator aside and pushed her back onto the bed. I moved to straddle her face in a 69 so that I could get at her pussy. We licked and sucked each other until we climaxed again, soaking each other’s tongues. Delicious.

Afterwards, wrapped in each other’s arms, we began drifting off to sleep. “Mary?” she asked.


“I have something to confess,” she sounded worried so I pried my eyes open a crack.

“What is it Hun?”

“Josh and I set it up,” she said all in one breath.

“Set what up?”

“This whole cruise thing,” she answered. “I’ve known Josh quite a while. He is Chris’s best friend after all. He said Chris does nothing but talk about you. He hasn’t even been seeing other girls lately. So, we set up this cruise to try to get you two to come together, kind of break the ice? I’m sorry.” She gave me a tight hug. “Forgive me?”

“Honey, there is nothing to forgive. I should be thanking you. I’m so happy I’ve finally gotten some Chris! Now stop worrying and go to sleep. We need to make it up to them for teasing them tonight. I have plans for the morning.”

We drifted off to our own sensual thoughts of the man who haunted each of our dreams.

I slowly came awake in the morning, first noting the sun streaming in the window, and then realizing I was still wrapped in Mandy’s arms. I yawned and stretched taking care not to wake her. Something felt different. I looked out the window at the clouds floating by and felt the ship rocking me gently. Wait a minute, rocking gently? We weren’t moving any longer. Where were we?

“Mandy, wake up hun,” I shook her gently.

“What?” she asked, stretching cat-like.

“I think we are at anchor.”

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you? We were supposed to be stopping at a private inlet today not too far down the coast from home.”

At the mention of home I grimaced. What would things be like once we got home? I didn’t want to think of it. I would live out my fantasy while I was here and to hell with tomorrow, or even with later today at that.

“No, dear,” I responded. “You neglected to tell me that, among other things.”

“Would you like a little sarcasm with you breakfast today dear?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s get up. I have a little something for your cousin.” I hopped out of bed grabbed up my swimsuit and headed for the bathroom. Mandy followed a little more sedately, stretching and yawning as she went.

We emerged on deck a short time later dressed in our skimpy bikinis and carrying our towels. Josh and Chris were sitting on one of the couches talking quietly. Each was nursing an orange juice. When they saw us they started to get up.

“Sit back boys,” Mandy told them. They sat as well as any trained puppy. How cute. “Now,” she continued, “what I want to know is did you enjoy the show last night?”

“Very much!” Josh told her quickly with a hint of a smirk. “Was that all for our benefit?”

“No way,” I answered. “It was for mine, and I enjoyed every second.” I reached out and squeezed Mandy’s ass as she leaned into me for a quick kiss. I heard Chris groan. “Something wrong?” I asked turning to him.

“Mary, you’re killing me!” he answered. “Watching you two last night, oh Lord, I got so drunk trying to cool off, tried a cold shower, finally had to jerk off to relieve the pressure.”

He sounded so forlorn and pathetic that I had a hard time suppressing a giggle. “Aw,” I said. “That’s too bad. Did you learn your lesson about spying?”


“And you dear?” Mandy asked Josh.

“Yes sweetheart,” he replied, smiling. “What can I get you ladies for breakfast?”

I looked over at Mandy with a grin, “I know what I want, you?”

“Hell to the yeah, sister!” she answered as she sauntered to where Josh was sitting.

I strolled seductively toward Chris and, dropping my towel at his feet, I knelt down in front of him. Looking up into his eyes I told him, “I know exactly what I want. You!” I reached out and began tugging on the snap fly of his cut off jeans. When I had his snap open and zipper down I pulled him out. “Commando, nice!” I told him. He was already standing. This would be fun. “Get rid of these shorts,” I ordered him and he was only to happy to comply, lifting his hips and sliding out of them.

I reached out my hand to grasp his shaft. Oh yes, from this angle he appeared even bigger than yesterday. All that had filled me up very nicely. I moved my hand gently up and down, measuring his inches. A drop of clear liquid oozed from his tip.

“Yum, breakfast!” I announced and reached in to lick up the drop of cum. “More,” I said looking up at him as my tongue swirled around the head of his cock. Again and again I swirled around him before taking his head in my mouth to suck. I wanted more of him. Teasing time was over. He was so large though, how much could I take? As I slid my mouth down his shaft, he groaned in pleasure. Up and down I went, each time taking another inch in my mouth. I felt his hands thread through my hair encouraging me to take him deeper, holding me there.

The head of his cock hit the back of my throat and I started to gag. I relaxed my throat and took the last bit of him. He was so hard yet so soft and silky at the same time. I moved my hand up and down on his shaft helping my mouth along, my other hand cupping and caressing his balls. I could feel his cock swelling and increased the pressure and speed of my mouth and hand. He was groaning, his hands still cupping my head as I moved up and down on him.

I felt him try to pull my head from him and stopped briefly to look up at him. I shook my head saying, “Nope, breakfast!” With a grin I went back to work until I felt his body jerk under me and his cum spurt into my mouth. He shot spurt after spurt of hot cum. He tasted wonderful. I swallowed his entire load.

When he had finished shooting, I knelt back and grinned up at him. He met my mischievous look and reaching out grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me up onto his lap. I felt his lips on mine and melted into his kiss. I vaguely heard Josh groaning and knew that Mandy had also been successful. Breaking the kiss finally, Chris held me tightly to him, sighing as I nuzzled into his neck. It felt so right to be right there. I look over to Mandy who looked back at me. I held out my closed fist to her and she bumped it with hers.

I saw Josh glance over to Chris and with a shake of his head said to his friend, “Lord, what have we gotten into?”

“I don’t know,” Chris responded looking down tenderly at me, “But I will thank him every day that we’ve gotten into it,” and I felt his arms tighten a bit more around me. I smiled into his chest.

After enjoying the moment a bit longer, I stirred and sat up straight on Chris’ lap. “So, where exactly are we?” I asked.

“My place,” Josh answered.

“What do you mean, your place?”

“This cove, the beach, it’s mine, part of my property. My house is up the cliff, nice view from up there.”

“Okay then, do I get to see this house?” I asked in disbelief.

“Not today,” he chuckled at me. “Soon though I’m hoping. We’re staying down at the beach today. We only have a couple hours before we have to pull anchor and head for the marina to get you two home. I don’t know about Chris, but I’d like to take advantage of the time we have,” he gave Mandy a meaningful look.

“All right, that’s fine, rain check on the house,” I said. “What first then?”

“Take your suit off,” Chris ordered.

“Excuse me?”

“Take it off. You won’t be needing it. You don’t want to wear it anyway.”

“Fine, sir,” I said to him in my sauciest tone. “Don’t expect your way every time. I’m only taking it off because I want to.” He smacked my ass as I leapt off his lap. Mandy was already up and removing her suit. I took my time and wiggled my ass at Chris a lot as I shimmied out of my bikini. Swimming and sunning nude on a private beach with two desperately hot guys. I could deal.

Lost in thought I didn’t realize that Chris had come up behind me. As he scooped me up in his arms I shrieked.

“I’d hold your breath,” he whispered in my ear sending tingles straight to my pussy. He was walking toward the railing though so I decided I might want to obey. He paused at the stern rail only long enough to step up onto it before jumping down into the warm crystal clear water.

I came up sputtering, but smiling. I swam away from him and turned to splash him, catching him off guard and giving him a face full. Mandy and Josh were also in the water and we all splashed and played and swam and touched each other for a solid hour. I hadn’t had so much fun or felt so free in a long time.

When I started to feel the sun biting at my skin a bit I decided to head for the beach. Back at the tree line I noticed a hut almost perfectly camouflaged. I headed for it, the others following behind. What I found there, surprisingly, did not surprise me. Being around Josh must do that to a person. A large cozy futon covered in terry cloth and a banquet table with finger foods and a selection of wines, alcohols and juices dominated the area. I went straight to the table and grabbed a bottle of water and a handful of strawberries.

“Damn Josh,” I said, “only thing that could make this better would be if the strawberries were covered in chocolate!”

“The chocolate would have melted out here or you’d have them,” he grinned at me. “You shall have all you like at the house. Soon.”

I felt Chris come up behind me and he snaked his arms around my waist pulling me against him. I reached over my shoulder and popped a ripe berry into his mouth. I could feel his cock stirring against my ass; wetness that had nothing to do with swimming pooled in my pussy.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered to me.

As the tingles once again ran through me, I turned to him and asked, “Do you realize what it does to me every time you whisper like that?”

“Yep,” he laughed, “I think I do. You shiver every time.” He pulled me tightly to him and invaded my mouth. I stopped thinking and lost myself in his kiss. God the man could kiss. I was so lost I didn’t realize Josh had come up behind me until I felt his hands caressing my ass, his hands slipped around me and he began caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I could feel his stiff cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. I groaned into Chris’ kiss. Then Mandy was beside me reaching in to caress my pussy. The sensations overwhelmed me and I climaxed just standing there.

Dion kissed me! Dion kissed me! Dion kissed me! That was like a chant in my mind as we walked back to our cabin that night.

We sat by the fire until midnight just talking about everything and nothing. No more kisses — sigh – but I was happy for the one I had gotten. It was my first kiss! It made my head spin like nothing before.

Eventually I was dead tired and as I started to really fight to keep my eyes open Dion decided that we needed to call it a night. I wished the night could have lasted forever, but bed and pillow seemed awfully inviting too!

As usual Dion walked before me holding the light. I was only two steps behind him. I could have just reached and touched him, but I didn’t dare. After the kiss we had gone back to our juvenile water war as if nothing had happened… It was fine by me since I didn’t know how I should have responded — if any response was even expected!

The kiss really blew my mind, like TOTALY. My body had hummed with need – it still did, in a way. I never even imagined that kissing could be that thrilling. If just kissing felt like this, what would it feel to have actual sex with somebody? My eyes roamed on Dion’s slender backside. For some reason the idea about having sex didn’t make me panic like it used to when I was home. I swallowed a chuckle. Dion had only kissed me, once, and I leaped into ideas of S-E-X. Maybe he didn’t even want to have sex with me.

Before we got out of the woods Dion stopped in front of me and turned around. “Nemo.” He mouthed and pulled me close to him again.

My hands hung by my sides and I closed my eyes in a wait for a second kiss; I even pursed my lips. The kiss never came. What was he waiting for? I opened my eyes to narrow slits and found Dion just looking at me in with the tiniest smile on his lips. My eyes went wide when his tongue peaked out and he licked over his lower lip.

A groan escaped me and I couldn’t help myself as I pecked his lips with mine. That was all he had waited as he held me tighter and kissed me back. The kiss wasn’t perfect or like in the movies but it felt like heaven to me: wet and sloppy; full of tongue and teeth. I would have wanted the kiss to last an eternity and I was starting to grind myself against his lean body with high hopes of something more when he pulled off of me.

“I didn’t wanna give you a good night kiss inside the cabin or it might never have stopped,” Dion said with a grin and fast signs.

I grinned back at him then took his fingers into my hand and gave them a quick kiss. As I let his hand go I signed ‘good night’ to him. That was something I knew how to do, but had not felt comfortable doing before.

Now with Dion even signing felt intimate. For that I apparently deserved one more kiss from him. He had known how special it was for me to sign that! We smiled lips attached. My mood was giddy and light and it was so unusual since I’d felt like walking in a thick smog for the past year. I just couldn’t stop smiling!

After one final peck on my cheek he pulled me into a race to our cabin. When we got to the door I was completely breathless from the run and laughter.


Dion tried to shush me with no luck. The more I tried to stop myself from giggling the harder I laughed. Dion fought to keep calm too, but as we entered our humble home for the month we fell on to our beds and just let it all out in unison. We roared until our stomach hurt. Ouch.

The laughing made me feel perky for a second but then the tiredness simply hit me with full force. “Am I bad if I sleep with my clothes on?”

“Yes, that would be really nasty. Take them off!” Dion switched the light on by his night table.

“No lights!” I protest.

“But you can’t see my signings without it. Besides I want to look at you when you get rid of your clothes.” The Daredevil snickered in his bed folding his arms under his head as he lay on his back.

“Well I don’t see any signs now!”

“How’s this?” He stuck his tongue out at me and made a funny face that looked just adorable.

I was tempted to throw a pillow at him but then I remembered just where that led us the previous time. And I felt really tired now; exhausted actually. I blew out a wavering breath. Even a bigger yawn came from Dion’s bed.

“Will you please shut the light?”



I went under my blanket and started to undress there. How witty of me! When I was done I turned over slightly and signed ‘good night’ for the second time tonight.

Dion signed it back to me and blew me a kiss. Then he shut the light for the night.


The second week started with annoying, hard rain. That meant indoor activities which I normally wouldn’t object, but this time it meant I would have lesser possibilities to sneak out of sight with Dion, to share some stolen moments with my blue haired teen sex god.

We had not gone further than kisses here and there and some light touching with our clothes on and it was driving me crazy! I felt I would burst if something more wouldn’t happen soon. Talk about a sexually frustrated teenager…

At nights we just slept in our own beds. Gosh! I would have loved to sleep next to Dion and wake up with him. I was hard for half of the time when he was near me, especially if he “accidentally” brushed my hand or bumped on me then escaped before I could retaliate. I loved that; it made me feel daring and wild.

Dion had kept things very, very light between us saying he didn’t want to cross the boundaries as he was, after all, one of the camp instructors. Like I would have minded! Like I would have told a soul! I wasn’t exactly out – except to Dion. I have no idea how he knew I liked boys, maybe he just saw how I drooled after him from day one. Maybe he had a perfect gaydar which I obviously lacked.

Dion had told me he was out. Like really, really out. Apparently he was active in many LGBT organizations in his home town.

To me that sounded in a way really scary and at the same time strangely liberating. He was so brave to be who he was. I wondered if I was ever going to be having the same level of comfort with myself.

For years I have stayed awake at nights and pictured myself out of the closet. How it would feel to be out and proud? No matter how hard I had tried, I could never see that happening with me. Now with the hearing loss I didn’t want to cause any more pain or hardship to my parents than I already had.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would come out any time soon even with no hearing troubles.

S… indoor camp site activities. Sigh. That did not count reading my own books or painting in privacy. It counted Ping-Pong, sketching together, table games, making food in small groups; all kinds of stuff to keep us teens active and communicating with each other.

I hated it! And not really because of the doing stuff together, since it was kinda fun, but because it kept me and Dion more separate than together.

Lil’ Tia had decided to be my new best friend and after being annoyed at her at first, the tiny kid had me wrapped around her little finger. She had no troubles of making herself clear to me even with my limited interpretation skills. Her hands moved fast and just as eloquently as Dion’s and she followed me around the maintenance unit until Dion gave her a task in the kitchen or sent me on a mission to guide the younger kids.

Our time together during day time was limited, but every night Dion and I would lie in our beds and chat facing each other. Slowly I had started to use my fingers too with my words. It was like an accent that I picked up without even noticing it. The signing classes had become more and more fun to me as we started to have topics to discuss. Dion was always there to help me.

My first signings were awkward and tentative, but eventually I didn’t even pay much attention how my fingers moved and at first formed just words then complete sentences.

Dion encouraged me all the way, not so noticeably that I would get embarrassed, but enough to make me happy. Enough to make me blush as he signed me some naughty things and I so wanted to learn the meaning of those!


Wednesday morning we had a rare opportunity to sleep until nine. It was the chef’s day off and there would be an open breakfast. Everyone would be making one for themselves. I actually woke up finding out the sun was shining for the first time in days. The rays entered our cabin from the window above my bed and I was fully awake immediately.

I fumbled my bag and pulled my mobile out only to see it flashing a text message. Who would text me this early? I had checked my phone before we went to bed and the message had to have come this morning.

My heart jumped to my throat as I saw it came from Miles. What did he want?

I quickly glanced at the sleeping form of Dion with only a thick curl of his blue hair visible from under the blankets. He was facing to the wall, the curve of his side making me want to reach out for him… Then my mind traveled back to the text message.

“Hi Nemo! I miss u. My summer just doesn’t feel the same without u. Working for dad 3 days a week to get something really special. How’s the camp been? Miles.”

Wow. Miles actually texted me… We have not been talking or phoning for months and I have systematically refused to answer any of his calls for a while until he simply stopped.

What brought this on now? He misses me? That evoked something inside of me that I have been trying to push away hard. It shouldn’t matter. It was still Miles, just a friend from my past. Nothing more!!!

Miles had been a friend, and for a short time I even had hoped for something more than friendship. Yet he had turned his back on me just when things started to fall down around me.

ONE stupid comment from him and I just KNEW I could NEVER tell him about my hearing loss.

“See Nemo, a retard! Hahah, can you see him? There, the one wearing a yellow shirt!”

We had been at the mall just chilling in a small group of friends when Miles had spotted a boy with his family. The boy had signed and talked funny. His words had been hardly understandable and there’d been lots of unusual tunes in his voice. Our whole group had started to laugh then and the boy’s parents had quickly turned away from us and steered their son’s attention towards a bookstore. His little sister had thrown us a dark, judging look. I have never felt more EMBARRASSED or as SORRY as I did then. I had felt tears burning in my eyes and had made a sudden excuse to leave and go home then and there. I wasn’t able to face Miles then. I have been avoiding Miles ever since.

With a deep breath I pulled myself back to the present, to the sunny morning in the cabin, cold sweat still giving me the chills. What Miles texted me, should not matter at all — it should not have this impact on me. With that thought I threw my legs off from the bed and got up with few stretches. My eyes turned towards Dion again. He had turned in his bed and I could see his still sleeping face now. His cheeks had a rosy color on them and he was smiling like he was having a pleasant dream. I tip toed to him and fell to my knees on his bed side. I lowered my face next to his and blew just a little to his face. No effect. I blew again… This time I could see Dion’s nose wiggle. Cute!

I became bolder as he didn’t wake up. I let myself lean even closer and pecked his cheek with my lips. I even gave it a small lick too!

Then everything happened so fast I could not react at all!

Dion moved like a professional wrestler, turning to his back and pulling me on top of him; locking his arms and legs around me in a grip of death – all the time grinning at me wickedly. I swear the boy could move fast!

“Wasn’t this a nice surprise… I want this kind of a wakeup call every morning from now on!” His signs were morning-sloppy but I didn’t care.

“Dream on!” I tried to wiggle myself out of his grip without any chance of succeeding. I did however manage to rub our morning woods together. Not intended but oh-so-nice!

“Oh I will be dreaming about it after this!” Even a wider grin. “Your breath stinks…”

“Then let me go.”

“Mine stinks too…” With that he kissed me and loosened his hands at the same time. He didn’t need to hold me close since I was not going anywhere now! I was pudding in his arms and the kiss was hotter than anything we had done before. Haha! I swear, that’s how I always felt when he kissed me!


The full body contact had its perks too; as well as the horizontal positioning. I wanted to pull away the blanket still between us to get more skin on skin contact but my hands were busy trying to avoid his tickling on my sides.

“Di…ion! Stop, haha!”

He bit my ear and distracted me for a bit then returned to kissing me. I think I was in heaven! Until Dion started to chuckle too. He told me I had started making meowing sounds. I told him he was a liar! He told me it was cute. I bit his lip before kissing it better.

We probably kept kissing for minutes before I had to stop and go to pee. Darn nature when it calls in the most unwanted moment!

When I came back Dion was up too and brushing his teeth in front of our cabin above a water container. His boxer-shorts clothed butt was in the air and it looked so inviting. I walked next to him and gave it a slight slap then just started to brush my teeth like nothing had happened.

We grinned at each other the whole morning. I didn’t think about Miles message at all. ‘Liar’ my brain said every time it slipped back to my mind. I would not answer his message and that was my final decision.


The camp was on a commotion that day since we started to plan – to my horror – an overnight camping trip with tents and all. To sleep in the nature, in the wild! Oh Lord, take me now! The idea hiking for hours and hours made me wince but the sleeping in the tent was simply tearing my insides up. I would not get any sleep before or during the Hike of Hell if I was forced to go along. I was just so scared about everything in the woods!

And I was forced to go along with plan. Only if I developed chickenpox overnight or sprained my ankle I might be spared from the horrors of the wild.

They paired us with our cabin mates and the tents were divided accordingly. I would share a tent with Dion! That was about the only bright thing in the horrible event to come. The hiking trip would happen during the next weekend and I’d started to dread it already.

“Why? I don’t understand you.” Dion smiled and patted my shoulder. “It will be fun! You can see amazing stuff there… We’ll be going to the cliffs and see the river run from high above it! That was one of the best experiences I had last summer in this camp.”

“Well… I’m sure it will be beautiful once we get there, but I hate walking and carrying HEAVY stuff on my back while doing it. I hate the mosquitoes. I hate sweating and panting. I just hate everything about it.”

“Oh you are such a sissy.” He didn’t say it in a way that made me feel bad, besides he was right.

“And there will be snakes! I can’t stand snakes! And what about bears? Or cougars?” I was fake-whining now.

“Hahaaahhaa.” Dion then taught me to sign a cougar, a bear and a snake. He made learning so much fun for me!

In the middle of the sign class I felt a buzz in my pocket. I pulled my cell out and saw a text message. Another form Miles!

“Hi, just wanted to say I’m going to try and keep contact with u more. I hope u will answer to me — eventually. What did I do? I miss u. Miles.”

I blushed as I read it. I would not answer a thing. He was so not worth my time, not anymore.

“Was it your mum?” Dion signed me.

I just shrugged and put the phone back to my pocket. “Do you realize we will be sleeping much closer in the tent,” I winked to distract him from the message. I didn’t want to explain Miles to him yet.

“Gasp!” Dion faked shocked but then laughed out loud. “Very true. Something to look forward to during the trip, right?”

“Definitely one of the up sides.” I still didn’t feel light enough to joke more. “I’m gonna go to Tia now and find out what she has learnt about the hiking stuff.”

My mind wandered back to Mile’s text. He planned on keeping more contact with me. What did he mean about that?

“Nemo, are you alright?” Dion took my hand. “You sort of zoned out for a bit.”

“Yeah.” I forced a smile for the first time with him.

I don’t want to show him how hard things are. I always keep my battles to myself, like I did with Miles.

The phone burned a hole in my pocket. Why, oh why, did he have to contact me again?

Ch. 05 – Teen Swim Meet and Poolside Peek

Earlier that Friday Karen, Aline, and Andy competed as high school members of the area’s swim team. The meet was arranged so that Saturday’s events would conclude the meet with the hope that more spectators would attend. Those final events were a distance swimming event, diving finals, and the freestyle relay.

Karen and Andy were distance swimmers and would swim again on Saturday. They had swum on Friday, but the events were not their strength and they had not placed.

The last swimming event on this Friday was the medley relay. Aline was a good sprinter and she was on the girl’s relay with three college swimmers. Andy and Karen made sure to be there and support Aline but as the event neared, Aline began to withdraw and get herself psyched up for her leg of the relay, 100 yards butterfly.

Karen leaned against Andy in the bleachers. “I’m nervous for Aline. She gets wound up enough for individual events, but this time she’s on a relay with the college swimmers. She might explode.”

Andy leaned back toward Karen and grinned as he regarded Aline, “Yeah, look at her! She’s already intense.”

Aline was pacing and swinging her arms back and forth so that her arm muscles slapped against her side. Nothing in her body language showed even a hint of the shy insecure part of her personality. She was focused only on her race.

Just before the event started the coach announced over the loudspeaker that the local team was tied for the lead in the meet. Tomorrow’s three events and this medley relay would determine the winner.

As the backstrokers began the race Andy observed, “Aline’s really getting into it now!”

Aline was pacing faster and occasionally jumping up and down. She seemed to shake her head and almost snort.

The breastroke was next. As soon as that team member dove into the water Aline jumped up on the starting block. The swimmer came back toward Aline and another team member had to remind Aline that the breastroker had to swim two more lengths before it was Aline’s turn.

The race was close. Andy and Karen were getting excited along with everyone in the stands. “Aline looks like she did when that biker cursed at her!”

Aline was red-faced and furiously shaking her head. She jumped up and down on the starting block causing it to tremble, along with her bosom. She crouched in the starting position when her swimmer was half a pool length away. As her swimmer neared the wall Aline’s arms were trembling. She exploded off the blocks and into the water, long before her team member had touched the wall.


At first Aline did not seem to notice. She splashed through her part of the event gaining a significant lead, which would not count. Just for show, the fourth member of her team dove in as Aline touched the wall. As Aline got out it was clear that she realized the race was lost because of her.

Karen stood near Aline as the swimmers finished the race, with Aline’s team easily winning except that they were disqualified. The insecure side of Aline’s personality rushed to the surface. She hung her head to avoid eye contact, sniffling with occasional sobs of frustration. Her team members and the coach were very understanding and that seemed to make Aline feel a little better.

Aline turned to her best friend, “I need to get away from everyone.”

Karen led Aline by the hand through a brick hallway to the balcony stairs. The balcony almost totally surrounded the pool and it was deserted. The girls sat shoulder-to-shoulder in bathing suits with their backs to the building wall as the sky became dark. They could hear the decreasing pool activity over the balcony railing, but they ignored the rest of the world and didn’t even talk very much.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs preceded Andy’s head popping into view, “There ya’ll are!” The two girls smiled solemnly as he joined them. Even with all three in bathing suits, Andy and Karen looked small sitting on either side of Aline.

“How’s my favorite redhead doing?” Andy asked.

“I’m over it now. I just got myself overly excited and jumped too soon. Maybe everyone will just laugh it off.” Aline smiled to herself at the thought.

Andy grinned, “Well, for what it’s worth you kicked that other swimmer’s ass even though you did get a jump on her. And you were hot-as-a-firecracker to look at.”

“Oh shut up!” Aline laughed as she slapped Andy’s bare thigh causing his whole body to wobble. But it was clear that Aline knew he meant every word, and she liked it. Karen beamed with a pleased expression as she looked past Aline and gave Andy a wink of approval.

“Hey, lez’ eat!” Andy said impulsively. Apparently it was important to place his animal needs first.

Both girls cringed at his abrupt topic change. Then Karen’s face lit up, “Andy, go get the sandwiches out of the car and we can eat right here.”

The girls were happy to stay seated as Andy jumped up and hustled away. He returned in the warmth of near-darkness with food and took his seat next to Aline. He spoke with his mouth full, “I think we’re the last ones here.”

The three teenagers picnicked in the dark and simply enjoyed each other’s company. Afterward they stood up at the balcony quietly looking at the deserted pool when Andy broke the silence.

“So Aline, you don’t think Karen and I know what we’re doing when we have sex?”

Aline flinched so hard at the question that she took a step backward. She resembled a trapped animal and looked quickly between Andy and Karen. However, Aline settled down on seeing calm expressions from both of them. Apparently they really were curious to know what Aline thought.

Aline bowed her head in shame so that her red bangs fell over her eyes. “Oh, uh…Ya’ll, I’m sorry I said anything. It was none of my business. I should have just appreciated that I could watch ya’ll be sexual with each other.”

Karen caught Aline’s careful wording, and very gently asked, “But you don’t think we have actually had sex?”

Karen and Andy faced Aline with genuine interest. Aline’s posture straightened as she sensed that no one was angry with her. “No, I think his penis has to actually go all the way into your vagina. But that’s just me talking.”

Karen was still inquisitive, “Were you serious when you said you have used a dildo?”

Aline cringed and turned her blushing face to see Andy. He seemed just as curious as Karen.

“Yes, I have played with a dildo. It hurt the first time I used it, but it was fun after that.”

Karen innocently asked, “Is it as big as Andy’s thingy?” Andy and Karen looked at Aline with genuine curiousity.

Aline thought back to witnessing Andy rub his modest penis along Karen’s vaginal lips, and she decided to lie, “The dildo is almost as big.”

Andy and Karen looked briefly at each other and shrugged. Karen observed, “I just don’t see how it would fit.” The three teenagers seemed content to remain silent and think about this very sensitive conversation.

Suddenly Karen straightened wide-eyed, “Hey, we left our stuff on the bleachers downstairs! And the pool area is locked up.”

After a short animated discussion they just about decided they could get by without their gym bag contents. Then Andy volunteered, “Ah’ can jump down there and get our gear.”


“Yeah, ah’ can jump off this bannister into the water. Then ah’ grab our stuff and climb up the light pole back onto the balcony.”

Karen was especially concerned. “That’s crazy! You can’t make it to the water from here! And we must be fifteen feet above the pool deck. The fall could kill you!”

Andy was already climbing on top of the bannister. “Juz’ watch me!”

Both girls began to squeal their objections. “You don’t have to jump. You can climb down the light pole.” They reached toward him but held back for fear of making him fall accidentally.


With a huge swing of his arms Andy launched off of the concrete banister into the darkness. His arms and legs flailed during what seemed like a long fall. He made it to the water with a few feet to spare, causing a huge splash.

Andy surfaced and waived upward to the girls, probably expecting an ovation. Instead the girls just exhaled with relief and some irritation.

Karen leaned over the banister and screamed. “YOU’RE CRAZY! AND YOU SCARE ME!”

Andy simply grinned and hopped out of the water toward the bleachers.

Karen turned to Aline, “That lunatic bastard is going to give me a heart attack, and I’m only 18 years old!”

Andy appeared at the bottom of the light pole loaded down with their gym bags, smiling and waving the whole time. He was very agile and climbing the light pole was easy for him. As he approached the level of the bannister he stopped to hand over some of the baggage.

Suddenly a couple of lights came on and two voices echoed across the water. Sullivan and Sarah entered the pool area, unaware of Andy frozen in place on the light pole.

“Oh shit!” gasped Karen. “Don’t move!”

The three teenagers hid motionless in the shadows fifteen feet up, watching Sullivan and Sarah prepare for their back-dive lesson. They made it to the deep end of the pool before they both turned the other direction at the same time. Andy hustled up and over the bannister, and all three teenagers squatted out of sight giggling hysterically under their breaths.

The whispers were flying. “What do we do?” “Will Campus Police arrest us?” “We didn’t do anything wrong!” “Well, we’re not supposed to be here after they lock the building up. And we sure aren’t supposed to be jumping off the balcony into the pool.”

Andy, Karen, and Aline faced each other with excited expressions and could not have been having more fun.

Finally Karen spoke, “Wait a minute. What are those two doing here?”

All three carefully peeped up over the top of the bannister. The moonlight illuminated the two down on the pool deck, while the building shadows kept the teenagers in the dark. In addition, the sound of voices seemed to magnify over the water, and it was fairly easy to hear what Sarah and Sullivan were saying.

Karen spoke under her breath as their three sets of eyes took in the downstairs activity. “Hey, that’s Sullivan, the diver. Since he works here, I guess he can swim anytime he wants. My sister told me about a girl named Sarah in her swimming class that was getting lessons from him. That must be her.”

“She’s hot!” said Andy. Both teenage girls turned to frown at him. He whispered defensively, “What?”

Feeling secure, the teenagers took their time deciding what to do next. They eventually concluded that they could get out of the facility without being discovered, simply by climbing over a locked gate.

But none of them moved to leave. They were having too much fun whispering excitedly and occasionally peaking at the couple downstairs.

“Hey, check this out!” whispered Andy. The two girls joined him to peak at Sullivan and Sarah at the end of the diving board. Sullivan was helping Sarah to bend backward and from this distance it looked like their pelvic regions were mashed together.

“Damn! If I did that I’d get a boner.” The two girls giggled as he continued, “In fact I think I’m getting a boner right now!”

Andy made a point of looking down at himself and he really did have the beginnings of an erection. The two girls sputtered with silent laughter, pushing Andy away from them in mock disgust.

They watched downstairs for a while and started to get bored. There was a lot of swimming around and kissing that just got a little tiresome. Still crouched in hiding they discussed how they would get out of there, and even began to plan for the finals competition of the next day.

“You know,” said Aline, “we could just call out to Sullivan and tell him we got locked in. He knows who we are and he might not turn us in.”

After a moment of thought Andy responded, “That might have been a good idea when they first got here. But they’ll know we’ve been watchin’ them.” Karen and Aline immediately agreed.

The three started crawling out of sight along the balcony when Aline checked on the downstairs couple again.

Aline gasped excitedly, “They’re out of the water and they’re making out!”

In an instant Karen and Andy joined her. This was not boring! The downstairs couple was writhing around with enthusiasm. The moonlight accentuated his physique and her feminine curves, especially since they were only in bathing suits. And their suits seemed to be sliding around to meet the demands of their hands and squirming bodies.

Andy said with fake seriousness, “Ya’ll, we shouldn’t be watchin’ this. They deserve dignity and privacy.”

Karen and Aline turned on him with scowling expressions.

“Just kiddin’!” he snickered.

The couple’s grunts and groans got louder and carried easily over the water. The three teenagers’ eyes were riveted on every move.

“You know what?” Andy whispered, “We may get to see these two have sex!” He turned to Aline, “We’ll find out who’s right about how to fuck.”

Normally the girls might object to the use of the F-word. But in this setting it seemed appropriate.

The two teenage girls, Karen and Aline, became mesmerized by the activities of the downstairs lovers. The girls had a particularly good view of the diver, Sullivan. He was gentle and considerate in the movements of his upper body. His hands were tender and his lips were passionate. But urgency was more evident in his lower body. Sullivan was pushing his groin hard between the woman’s thrashing legs as she loudly moaned. The soft lighting gave a magical view to the image of the woman’s hands roaming across rippling muscles in his back.

Andy did not have as good a view. Although watching the two lovers was exciting, the woman, Sarah, was a little difficult to see. She was enthusiastic and somewhat vocal, but in general she was under Sullivan and it was difficult to see anything specific about her.

Andy shifted his attention to his two companions. Both girls were on their knees with their cute butts up in the air and with their fingers on top of the balcony peeking intently over the edge. Karen was to his right and her plump little ass seemed to be moving in concert with what she could see downstairs. Andy reached over and began to stroke Karen’s buttocks which she didn’t seem to mind. But when Andy tried to snuggle up to her she shrugged him off a little irritated.

Andy turned to look at Aline. Her torso was heaving with heavy breathing. Andy focused on her prominent right breast as it moved gently up and down with her breathing. It was the size of a large half-grapefruit and the nipple was particularly prominent even through her bathing suit. Almost absent-mindedly Andy slowly reached out and cupped his palm over her warm tit.

The move completely surprised Aline causing her to flinch violently and strike Andy in the face with her upper arm. She was a powerful girl and he was a small guy so the blow sent him sprawling.

Karen whipped around to glare at Andy and growl, “SHHH!” She continued to frown at him then offered, “Come look, Sullivan is lowering his bathing suit!”

Andy’s brow popped up between the two girls’ heads. Sullivan’s suit was down his buttocks far enough to expose the crack of his ass. And neither he nor Sarah was slowing down their thrusting and excited moaning.

The downstairs lovers were completely carried away. Sullivan was able to reach down and lower his swim trunks without ever interrupting the pumping motions of his body.

“We’re gonna see his dick!” Andy narrated. “Here comes the dick….Here comes the dick!”

Sullivan fully removed his suit and in the process rolled to the side, exposing his large engorged phallus to the view of the teenagers hiding on the balcony above.

“WOW!” said Aline.

“WOW!” said Karen.

After a moment in awe, Andy said, “Now THAT is a DICK!”

The downstairs lovers were eagerly grasping at each other. Now that they were more active they were rolling back and forth making it possible for the voyeur teenagers to see more of their bodies. Sarah’s suit bottom was now totally shoved to one side allowing an occasional vivid view of her swollen vagina. Of course most of the time the head of Sullivan’s straining dick was planted right at the entrance.

The three teenagers’ heads were frozen in position at the bannister. An onlooker would have been entertained to observe the three teens lined up in doggy-style kneeling positions. Unwittingly, their young butts moved with slight hunching motions to give “body English” help for the lovers fifteen feet below.

“She’s even louder than Sullivan is,” observed Karen.

No one responded as the lovers approached a crescendo. Sullivan was completely nude and exuded restrained power. He almost looked like a body-builder the way his musculature stood out from his arms, through his back, past his powerful clinching butt, to his bulky legs and calves.

Sarah was mostly naked, straining forward to meet Sullivan’s movements with brash groans of encouragement, “OH…OH!!!OH!!?OH!!??”

Each of Sarah’s expressions prompted a corresponding grunt from Sullivan, “UGHH…UNGHH!!?UNNGHH!!??” An orgasm came over him causing his entire body to clinch in an arch with his head pulled upward, “AAAHHHNNGgghh!!!!!”

The ardent couple rolled left and right with passion before Sullivan collapsed on top of Sarah in a heap. That rolling movement gave the teenage onlookers a vivid look at Sullivan’s straining and blood-darkened cock situated carefully at the entry to Sarah’s wet pussy. His large pulsing member was clearly not inside of Sarah.

“Wow!” said Aline.

“Wow!” said Karen.

“Jesus!” said Andy.

Sorry it’s quick, I just wanted to have a story out there, so please tell me what you think, and again, I know it’s to quick.

Jasmine was watching some dogs wrestle outside one day while she was grounded, even though she was 18, but according to her dad she can still get grounded until she moves out. Truthfully she was jealous of the dogs being able to go outside. She was sitting in her room, playing with her orange hair. She had cup C breast and grey eyes. It was very hot this day so she wore a bikini set and was still sweating.

She got up and stuck her head out her window to see if there was anyone outside, and lucky for Jasmine, there was no one. She jumped out of window, also lucky that her parents did not send her to stay in her room on the 2nd floor. She made sure there was no one out there, and still, there was no one.

She slid in the pool, being quite as possible, even though her parents had left a while ago her twin brother was still there ‘babysitting’ her. The water was nice and cooling, she sighed with pleasure and comfort. She was swimming for a while until it started to get cold, so she got out and laid on the warm concrete to dry.

Jasmine laid there for a while, and when she was almost dry she got shocked when from behind her, the voice of her brother said, “Look at this, who’s a naughty little girl?”.

Jasmine jumped and got up. “Don’t tell dad, please, he will kick me out”, Jasmine pleaded.

“I don’t know, I could get the bigger room,” James answered.

Jasmine, shocked, replied, “You would not do that… please don’t, I’ll do anything”.

“I don’t know, anything?”


“Okay, come in the pool with me”

Jasmine was confused but decided to go with it, she couldn’t be kicked out, so she hoped in the pool, James followed. They swam around for five minutes, and then James said,”Jasmine, come here”.

Once again, Jasmine was confused but did. When she had reached James, James immediately grabbed one of Jasmines hard nipples. She gasped and moved away from him, “what the hell?”.

“You said you would do anything”

“I did not think you meant touching my boobs”

James replied, “not just that”.

Jasmine was still confused and said, “No, I won’t let you.”

“Sweet, I get a bigger room”

“No… ok than, what do you want me to do?”

“Come here and take off your bikini set”

She did as he told her, embarrassed that she was completely nude in front of her brother who was now squeezing her boobs.

“Okay, now I want you to take my shorts off”

Jasmine did as her new master told her, and took of his shorts and found he had no other cloths on, but there was a large cock under her eyes.

“Okay, now go under and suck it”

“Come on James, this is wrong, we shouldn’t even be naked together.”

“Now Jasmine”

She obeyed, taking a breath and going under, wrapping her lips around the rod. Then she felt hands on her head controlling her. She did not mind at first but when she starting needing air, she really did mind. She struggled and the hold and then finally they let go of her head and she came up gasping for air.

“Come on, I have not even cumed yet”

“I almost suffocated”

“Your fine, come on, continue”

She once again obeyed, putting the thick cock in her mouth, back and forth, back and forth and then she was hit with a shot of cum in the back of her throat, and was easily aloud to come up.

“Now come and hope out and lay on the warm concrete”

She could not be bothered to argue now, so she just did it, she laid on the ground and her brother stood above her. He got down above Jasmine and started kissing her, Jasmine tried to stop at first but than liked it and then felt something enter her, she bit her tongue.

James wet body rubbing against hers, his dick hard inside of her and she liked it, oh boy did she like it.

She had an orgasm, but they continued, she was starting to really enjoy this. He cumed in her.

“Wow, you amazing” Jasmine said.

They did again that day and every time their parents weren’t home, eventually moving out from their parents, both with different houses, but they never stopped and never forgot that day in the pool.

After that very intense oral session in the shower, Bobbie and I more or less let things cool down after that one afternoon.

It wasn’t like we were both creeped out after the fact. We could have easily fallen into that sort of mind-set, I mean . . . hell! Since when does any pair of siblings engage in oral sex and not come away with a little mental baggage, I ask you?

Though it was hard to tell at first. After we’d cleaned up — by meaning we both shared a quick, cleaning shower — I didn’t get any such vibe from my younger sibling when I met up with her in the living room. Bobbie thanked me again for giving her those two, intense orgasms and after we made a little small talk on the couch. she left to return to our parents home and I was left to my own devices at my apartment.

At first I was worried that somehow — in some way — our parents would twig to what happened over here between me and my baby sister. But, a phone call from Mom a day later was as mundane as it usually was. She asked about my work and other typical topics and hung up after a motherly good-bye.

Things then shifted to a typical routine for about a week. I worked and Bobbie did her usual thing, while also making time to come over to my place, per usual. To my thinking, we seemed to have re-established an even keel to our relationship. Bobbie’s presence was palpable in my apartment, but she never stayed long. By the time I got home, all I found was a note from her, saying she’d popped in to watch TV, use the outdoor hot tub (one of the other perks of my apartment) and would see me later in the week. This didn’t phase me in the least, nor did it make me feel like my kid sister was trying to avoid me or anything.

In all honesty, I was glad Bobbie appeared to acting normal. Privately though, a small part of me was a bit sad she wasn’t trying to cop a repeat of our licentious afternoon together. Truth to tell, I think my little sister’s blow job in the shower DID spoil me for anyone else munching down on my dick. All that week, I caught myself from time to time daydreaming about her oral talents . . . and wishing that she’d someday want to have another taste of me.

But each afternoon when I got home, I was disappointed to see Bobbie wasn’t there, waiting for me so she could get another good pussy-eating or take another turn sucking my cock.

That Saturday, however, was a whole other kettle of fish!

* * * *

All of the nights passing without Bobbie there had gotten to me. In fact, the last couple were spent with little sleep and early risings that made me grumpy as all-get-out. Fortunately, with Saturday being the start of the weekend, I had the next three days off, so I’d gotten up later than I usually do.

I’d finished with my morning routine of a shower, shave and getting dressed in a comfy T-shirt and cotton lounge pants. Then I just sat down with a morning cup of coffee in the living room — scooping up the remote from the sofa to turn on the cable news channel — when there was a knock at the door. Grunting a bit in frustration, I got back up and walked to the front of the apartment, pausing to peer through the peep-hole.

It was Bobbie, standing out there on the stoop, looking dead-straight at the fish-eye lens like she knew I was looking out at her. “Jerry? You in there?!”

Somewhat surprised, I reached out and twisted the doorknob, throwing the door open. “Hey, kiddo,” I said. “What’s up?”

Bobbie didn’t answer right away. She breezed past me, heading for the living room where she stopped at the doorway and gave a quick look around. “Sorry, Jerry . . . I, umm . . . you don’t have anyone over, right now?”

I closed the door and looked at her. “Um, no one except you for the moment. Why were you–?”

“Good!” she said. Moving back to where I was, she grabbed me by the arm and practically dragged me towards the living room. “We need to talk.”

“Um, okay.” This wasn’t per the usual for my baby sister. In fact, looking at the way she was dressed was something of a surprise to me as well. Bobbie had on a pair of dark-blue cotton boy-shorts, a pair of flat, strappy sandals and a white, midriff style singlet top with thin straps which left her tummy and shoulders bare. A very un-Bobbie style of dress, as she usually was one to wear denim and T-shirts when she came over to visit.

Getting to the couch, Bobbie gave me a push to make me sit down before taking a seat on the opposite end. She crossed her legs in that lotus-sitting style, waiting for me to settle myself while she picked at some unseen lint on the cushion next to her. Again, not the usual demeanor for Bobbie. which gave me something of a knot in my middle. Something I really didn’t like feeling.

“So . . . what’s up, kiddo?” I asked.

Bobbie continued to look at everywhere but right at me for a few seconds, then she sighed and said under her breath. “Just do it.” She looked at me and said, “Jerry, I dunno how else to say this, but . . . it’s about last week.”

The knot became a full-blown ball of ice, as I stared at her. “Oookay,” I drawled. “What is–?”

“Jerry,” she said, cutting me off before speaking in a rush. “You have to know that . . . well, what we did really — and I mean REALLY! — wasn’t something that brothers and sisters should do to each other!” She paused, swallowed and then said more calmly. “Sorry, I’m trying not to freak or sound like I’m accusing you.” She scowled. “Though I really should be, since you started the whole affair.”

I decided to just take the bull by the horns, rather than try to stave off any accusations. “Yeah, I won’t deny it, or make excuses for what happened.” I offered both hands up in a helpless gesture. “But–?”

“But . . . now, I, um . . . .” Bobbie trailed off, looking down at her lap before saying softly. “Now . . . I can’t stop thinking about . . . it.”

“It?” I asked.

“Yeah, it.” Bobbie looked back up at me, and I could see a plethora of emotions in her eyes right then. Some confusion, a little bit of fear, but two most-dominant were longing and lust. “I think . . . what we kidded about, before? You know? About you spoiling me with the way you ate my . . . my pussy?” When she saw me nod slightly, Bobbie let out a big gusty breath. “Jerry, I think you really did spoil me. I’ve been trying to get myself off, back home . . . but, nothing’s coming even close to what you did to me.”

The ice ball in my belly practically melted on hearing those words. “Aw, kiddo . . . you can’t mean that–.”

“Jerry, I’m not lying!” Bobbie hitched herself up and scooted closer to me, holding up one hand to count off on her fingers as she said, “I’ve tried everything I could think of. My fingers, my vibrator, a cuke I swiped from the fridge . . . even–.” She cut herself off, blushing and ducking her head as she said softly, “Even my bedpost.”

I blinked. “Your . . . bedpost?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I came over here a couple of times, while you were at work. I went up and tried rubbing myself against the bedpost on my . . . well, your bed.”

That really floored me. “Wow!” I muttered.

Bobbie shook her head. “It’s damn frustrating, not to mention embarrassing! I can’t get myself off like I want, and the only thing that keeps coming up when I try to reason it through . . . is the way you munched on my cookie, Jerry.” She looked up at me, and that same lustful, pleading look was amplified in her dark eyes.

That little bit of hope I’d been nursing all week was now soaring in my chest. Yet, I didn’t want to push it and drive my sister away with guilt or loathing. I asked simply, “So, what do you want from me, Bobbie?”

Bobbie’s face scrunched up with a look of concern. “Well . . . there’s only one thing I can think of, Jerry, but I . . . I don’t want you to think I’m terrible–.”

I reached out and pressed one finger against her lips, before I gave her an encouraging smile. “Kiddo, don’t ever think that I’ll think badly of you. You’re my sister, and no matter what you need I’ll always be willing to give it to you.” I cupped her cheek and said, “It’s what I’m here for, after all. What sort of brother would I be, huh?”

Bobbie raised both hands to hold my wrist and hand, sighing with some relief. “I know, Jerry.” She nuzzled my hand and looked hard into my eyes. “But, I shouldn’t even think about what I want — no, need to ask you.”

I rubbed my thumb across her cheek softly. “Bobbie . . . are you saying, that you want me to eat your pussy again?”

Her eyes got all misty and moist, as she leaned into my touch and sighed once more. “Jerry, I don’t want to beg . . . but, I’m going crazy inside over this!” Before I could reply, Bobbie scooted closer to me, almost into my lap as she leaned in to wrap her arms around me. Ducking her head into the gap between my neck and shoulder, she nuzzled me there before whispering fiercely, “Jerry, I want you to eat my pussy like you did last week. I wanna feel as good as you made me feel then!” She tipped her head back to look up at me, a slight touch of frisky humor seeping into her expression of need. “If you say you will, I–.” She cut herself off, swallowing softly before saying, “I’ll suck your cock again.”

Feeling her that close to me, the need to be satisfied sexually vibrating from every pore of her skin, and coupled with that plea and counter-offer was more than enough to stun me to the core. Yet, in my mind, that part of me that had been longing to have my little sister’s pussy to please was flipping somersaults of joy.

When I didn’t reply right away, Bobbie leaned back with concern coloring her features. “Jerry?” She bit her bottom lip and started to get up.

I quickly got hold of my wits and pulled her back down and across my lap. “Bobbie, if that’s what you need, then I’m more than willing to give you that.” Hugging her close, I nuzzled her nose and grinned. “Provided you keep your end of the deal, too!”

Realizing what I’d said, Bobbie’s fear-touched look melted away into a tremulous smile. “Oh, Jerry! You mean it?”

“What did I just say, kiddo?” I gave her ribs a quick skittering touch with one set of fingers — something I used to do to her when we were younger. It did the desired effect; making Bobbie shriek with laughter and curl up into a tight ball in my lap. “Do I need to spell it out for you?” I asked, continuing to wiggle my fingertips along her side.

Giggling, Bobbie shook her head and, gasping as she laughed, said, “N-no, AH-HAH! T-tell me . . . eeEE! What y-yon mean, ex-aCK! Exactly!”

I let up a bit, giving her a moment to catch her breath, before I said gently, “Bobbie, your big brother is going to munch on your tasty, little pussy. I’m going to eat it up, until you go spare from all the orgasms that you’re going to get.” I stroked her flushed cheek, tucking some of her dark hair behind one ear before adding, “Then, little sister, you’re going to get a mouthful of my dick, and suck it so good . . . you’re going to spoil ME for all the effort I expect you to put into doing that!”

By now, Bobbie had got her breath back, looking back at me with such hope and joy in her face it made her cute face look practically breathtaking. “Ooh, Jerry! I can’t wait,” she said, nuzzling my palm before she twisted about, until her body was straddling mine. “I just hope I can live up to your expectations, big brother.”

I chuckled warmly. “Kiddo, if you do half as good as you did in my shower, I’ll have no complaints.” I gave her a reassuring smooch on her cheek, before I reached down to cup her butt cheeks with both hands and shoved myself up off the couch.

Bobbie squealed with delight as I picked her up and turned away from the couch. “Jerry! Where are you taking me?”

“Where we can do the best job in pleasing each other,” I said, nodding towards the back of the apartment.

Bobbie caught on, wrapping both arms around my neck as she smiled, all traces of uncertainty and nervousness gone. “Ooo! Back to the shower?”

“Ahh, maybe afterwards . . . I was actually thinking about that big, soft bed in my bedroom,” I said.

Bobbie’s breath caught in her throat, then she let it out in a single stream that flowed from her nose to paint the side of my neck with its warmth. Following it, she rubbed her face against me and said, “Mmm, that does sound better!” She gave me a soft peck with her lips, before saying, “Take me to our bed, big brother . . . .”

* * * *

Once in the relative safety of my bedroom, it was amazing how quickly Bobbie and I shifted from relatively expectant eagerness to a state of calm anticipation.

Standing by the big, four-poster bed, I put Bobbie on her feet and was about to strip her. However, my little sister stopped me with a heart-melting smile. “Jerry, I wanna do you first,” she said as she rubbed her hands along my arms, before reaching up to tug on the collar of my T-shirt.

I said, “Whatever you want, Bobbie.” I lifted my arms and ducked so she could pull it off of me. Straightening up, I watched as she pulled the drawstrings on my pants, before loosening them to drop down my legs. Standing naked before her, I watched as she raked her eyes over my body.

“Wooow, Jerry!” Bobbie looked up at me, her dark eyes lit up like two small moons. “Why is it I never noticed that you looked so . . . hunky?”

I had to chuckle at that. “What? You never saw it before?” I’m not vain, but I’m no slouch physically. I do my best to work out and such, so I’m reasonably toned if only for a bit of a belly on me (and I blame loving good food for that). I propped my fists on my hip bones, making my dick — which was slowly thickening under Bobbie’s open admiration — swing from side to side.

Bobbie giggled, before reaching up to brush her fingertips across my chest. “Well . . . no, not until now.” She blushed when she added, “I mean, my friends were always saying you looked good.”

“Remind me to thank them . . . but later,” I said. “Right now, I think you are wearing way too many clothes right now.” I dipped down and grabbed Bobbie around her waist, picking her up to plop her down on the edge of the bed next to us. As she gave a soft-yet-pleased shriek, I quickly knelt and loosened the straps on her sandals, slipping them off her tiny feet before caressing up her legs with my big hands. I skipped over her shorts, moving up her bare tummy to the cotton singlet, where I briefly toyed with the thin straps. “Ready for this, Kiddo?”

Bobbie nodded once, lifting up so I could lower the straps over her arms, before I whisked the entire, flimsy garment off and over her head. Now topless, she looked at me with an expectant quiver racing down her body. I gave her bare boobs a lingering glance, before smiling and moving back down to hook my fingers under the waistband of her boy shorts. Tugging them down over her hips, I skimmed them down her legs and tossed them away, before leaning back to give her entire bare body a thorough look.

From her round boobs down to her pussy to her toes, Bobbie was firm, fit with the right touch of soft curves and smooth skin. “Wow . . . Bobbie, you are . . . sooo beautiful!” I said softly.

Bobbie blushed, but the wide smile on her face was anything but bashful. She slid her legs together, arching her back to push her tits together to form an inviting cleavage. “You think so?”

I just growled, “Ab-so-floggin’-lutely!

That got me a swat on my arm from Bobbie, as she laughed. “Geesh, you are such a nut, Jerry!” Her admonition was quickly followed by an “EEK!” as I dove onto the bed, scooping her up to put her naked form right up against my equally-nude body.

“Yeah, but right now, I’m a horny nut,” I said, raising and lowering my eyebrows in a rapid wiggle. “Aren’t you?”

Bobbie wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling herself up so we were nose to nose. This close, I could hear her breathing — fast and heavy — and the warmth just radiating off of her skin. “Jerry, I’m so hot right now . . . I can’t wait.” She got a serious look on her face, as she dipped her head to trail several soft peck-kisses along my mouth. “I need you to eat me, bro. Please?”

I smoothed my hands down her back and smiled. “That’s part of the plan, Kiddo.” I twisted my mouth in a lop-sided grin, as I said, “However . . . I’ve got a better idea.”

Bobbie pulled back and looked at me quizzically. “What’s a better idea than eating my pussy?”

I said simply, “Eating your candy cunt, while you suck my cock at the same time.” When she didn’t reply right away, I added, “Ever heard of a soixante-neuf, before?”

Bobbie’s eyes brightened with understanding, then her smile became a mix of lust and shyness. “Well, yeah. I’ve just . . . well, never done it before!”

I gave her a soft kiss, before reaching down to cup both of her buttocks and squeezing them. “Trust me, sis, I think you’re going to like it, once you try it.” I looked into her dark eyes and asked. “You game?”

Bobbie hugged me tighter then, with her face close to the side of my head, she whispered, “Show me?”

“Just follow my lead, Kiddo.” I moved us up onto the center of the bed, putting myself with my head towards the headboard as I moved to put Bobbie on top of my prone body. “Turn around and slide your feet down under my arms.” She did as she was told, while I guided her body back until she was practically sitting on my chest. “Now, don’t worry about crushing me. Just sit back, and lay down so your head’s down where it needs to be.”

Bobbie complied, propping herself up with one hand on either side of my torso. Glancing over her shoulder, she said, “Geesh, I don’t believe I’m doing this!”

Putting my knees up to brace against the mattress, I said, “You don’t have to do it, but it’s sorta late to be backing out now, huh?” I reached up and put my hands on her butt, gliding them up over her back in a soothing caress.

Bobbie sighed, then looked down at me with a determined look. “I’m not chickening out, Jerry,” she said firmly.

“Good,” I said, continuing to rub my hands over her back, butt and thighs. “Then, understand this: you go at your own pace. Don’t think you have to inhale me. Just work with what’s comfortable with you, and above all else . . . watch your teeth, ‘kay?”

That got me an eye roll from her. “Duh, I know that much, Jerry. Just remember to keep up your end, down there. ‘Kay?”

I chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m planning on making you cum before I get mine,” I said.

With that, Bobbie reached over with one hand and wrapped it around my now-rampant pecker. “Oh, really?” she drawled. “We’ll see about that.” She shot me one last grin before turning around to face my groin. “Get to work, buster!” she said fondly.

I didn’t feel the need to reply with words. Shifting a bit so I could get my head close to her bottom, I spread her cheeks and zeroed in on her pussy. All of this anticipation had taken effect on my little sister, as I could see her pussy was glistening with her juices. I could also smell the toothsome, spicy aroma of her scent, and it got my mouth practically watering from the get-go. Swallowing once, I tipped my head up and put my mouth right onto her pussy and dragged my tongue from her clit hood to the bottom of her crease.

The result was instantaneous. Bobbie had been just about to lower her face to my cock, but the sensation of my tongue made her stop and suck in a deep, surprised breath. When I started on the down-stroke, her body quivered and she let out a moaning, “OoooOOh!”

Chuckling, I got into my work with relish. Slathering every exposed inch of her quim with saliva, I got back a virtual river of her cream. Savoring the taste, I was about to get really serious when Bobbie socketed her mouth around my dick . . . and it was my turn to groan with pleasure. While she’d been clearly a beginner the first time, she was proving to be a quick study at the art of sucking cock. She was only sucking on half of my dick, while using a slow, twisting stroke with her hand on the other half, but it was enough to really send sparks flying along every nerve ending. Add to that her tongue and lips were increasing the sensations ten- and twenty-fold.

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