When Danielle woke the following morning, she immediately sensed the presence of two people. She quickly sat up in her bed, expecting the worst, but was relieved to see only Jenna and Russell in the room with her. She let her guard down, letting the white linens fall from her breasts and pool on her lap.

“Good morning, Danielle,” Russell began.

“Hi,” she responded.

“Danielle, I know what happened last night,” Russell continued. “Jenna saw Andrea and two guys carrying you away last night.” Danielle turned to Jenna, looking for confirmation. Jenna obliged, nodding silently.

“Russell, please,” Danielle pleaded, “Don’t do anything to her. I felt that girl’s hatred, and do not want to do anything to piss her off even more.”

“Danielle, that bitch is not going to bother you any more. She is in the basement right now serving a punishment that will last all day.”

“What is in the basement?” Danielle asked.

“Our own little S and M set-up,” answered Russell. “She will be the frat sex slave for today, and I am giving you off. The day she serves will count as one of the days you would have had to.”

This was starting to sound a little better to Danielle. At least Andrea’s assault last night had earned her a day off today.

“Tonight, Danielle,” Jenna started, “Russell wants to dominate Andrea with your help. You will serve as her master, and she will make you cum before the night is over. How does that sound?”

“Well, it would be nice to exact some measure of revenge,” Danielle admitted. “But I do not know how to be a dominatrix. I will probably just fuck the whole thing up.”

“Just do what comes naturally, Danielle. Remember everything she did to you last night, and late your hate flow out of you.”

Danielle considered how her ass felt even now, slightly throbbing from last night’s fuck-a-thon. She recalled how it felt like her asshole was getting fucked with sand paper because the guys were so brutal. Memories of cocks jammed in her throat and butt flooded her conscious. She gulped and nodded in an understanding notion.

“OK, I’ll do it.” she consented.

“Good,” said Russell, rising from his chair and dropping his shorts. “Now I want you to show me some appreciation.” He knelt on the bed next to her torso. Danielle stared at his throbbing erection and knew what to do.

As she lowered her lips to his dick, she considered the irony that he had just told her that he was giving her the day off, and now he was asking her to suck him off. Still, she at least appreciated that he was doing right by her, letting her have her revenge against Andrea.

She gripped his slab with her left hand and tickled his tip with her tongue. He did not want to be teased, though, and pushed the back of her head down a bit, sliding his head into her moist mouth. As Danielle sucked on his knob, he reached past her head and gripped her left breast. She flinched, as her pierced nipple was still a little tender, but bore the pain. She was getting used to coping.

Russell continued to massage her supple, malleable flesh as Jenna slipped under the covers. Danielle had turned onto her side to better service Russell’s cock. Jenna lifted Danielle’s left leg a bit, and slid between her legs from behind Danielle’s ass.

Danielle jumped as Jenna’s tongue slipped into her pussy and started lapping at her hole. She realized that Jenna was trying to compensate for the brutality that Andrea had inflicted on her, but the thought of being with another woman was still a bit of a turn off to her. Regardless, Jenna’s tongue was doing wonders on the folds of her pussy, and she was soon glistening with excitement.

Russell had Danielle half-way down his cock, savoring the moment, when Jenna spoke from between Danielle’s thighs.

“She’s ready,” Jenna said.

Russell pulled out and moved his way down the bed. He pushed Danielle’s legs apart and knelt between them, his penis resting against her warmth. Jenna now grabbed his cock and directed it towards Danielle’s wet hole. He slowly pushed in to her, and Danielle gasped at the mix of surprise and pleasure.

As much as she wanted to hate him, and at times she certainly did, when the walls of her pussy spasmed around his enormous, thrusting fuck tool, she forgave him everything. She had sought out a man on-line for no other reason than to fuck her senseless, and she found that in Russell. She knew that, physically, she never felt better than when his cock was buried inside her.

Russell slowly increased his rhythm as he felt her open up to accommodate him. He could tell by the way she thrust her hips off the bed to meet him that he had complete control of this bitch. He wondered how far he would be able to go with her, and knew that if he would have her complete compliance, he needed to win back her confidence now. Andrea could not be a factor in her development.

He held still above her and marveled at her willingness to hump against his cock from beneath him. Danielle did not care in the least. He felt so good inside her, she was willing to do all the work here. She planted her feet on the bed and rocked her hips upwards, forcing more of Russell inside her. She moaned uncontrollably, biting her lip at the sounds escaping her whorish mouth.

Danielle turned her head to the side and saw Jenna on the recliner, her legs swung up on either arm rest, vigorously rubbing her clit. Danielle was glad that her friend was able to get herself off by watching her get fucked, as opposed to being abused, the way Andrea preferred.

Russell turned her head back to face him and started kissing her passionately. Danielle responded in kind, opening her lips to his and tickling his tongue with her own. This level of intimacy drove Russell wild, and he started humping faster and faster. Danielle thrashed in ecstasy beneath him, and soon erupted in climax.

It was all Russell could do to hold out as her pussy vibrated all over his erection. He sensed his load at the tip of his cock and pulled out.

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed, realizing that he almost came inside her. Cum was shooting out of him from the moment he exited her. He aimed his dick at her stomach, coating her in sticky goo.

“Very good, babe,” he said. “I will see you later tonight.”

With that, he got up, got dressed and walked out. Jenna had finished herself off in the recliner and was idling until Danielle came down from her high. Danielle was absentmindedly fingering herself in postcoital revelry, when the stillness of the moment was split by a blood-curdling scream.

“What was that?” Danielle asked.

“That is undoubtedly Andrea,” answered Jenna. “She’s probably strung up in some apparatus in the basement, serving her punishment for what she did to you.”

Danielle got wetter just thinking about it. The fact that Andrea was being punished for brutalizing her made her feel protected, like there was a group of men watching over her. She continued to stroke herself at the thought of Andrea suffering, and she forgot about the company in the room. Jenna came over to her on the bed and grabbed her wrists.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m still your friend.”

Jenna guided her wrists above her head and secured them to the head board.

“I trust you,” Danielle said lustfully.

“Spread your legs,” Jenna replied. Danielle let her knees flop to the side, exposing her soaked, well-used pussy to her companion.

Jenna began fingering Danielle, and while her intent was to start slowly, she realized quickly that Danielle did not have to be warmed up. As her right hand caressed Danielle’s mound, her left hand squeezed at Danielle’s un-pierced right breast. She lowered her mouth to the nipple and lightly sucked at it.

Danielle responded very well, lifting her hips towards Jenna’s caring fingers. Jenna quickly had Danielle on the verge, but wanted the fun to last a little longer. Every time Danielle was on the precipice of cumming, Jenna lifted her fingers off her clit. Danielle giggled and pouted simultaneously.

“Please, Jenna. Make me cum!” Jenna smiled, enjoying the gentle teasing of her friend. She was holding her hands about two inches above Danielle’s pussy, and enjoyed watching Danielle try to thrust her hips up to graze against them. She sporadically tapped at her clit, just to keep her on her toes, but refused to let Danielle cum just yet.

Danielle had her eyes closed and back arched in euphoria, so it came as a surprise to her when she felt Jenna’s lips press against hers. Her eyes shot open in shock, but took Jenna’s tongue inside her mouth. She had never kissed a girl before, and found it moderately humorous that she would have both given and received oral from a girl before kissing one.

Somehow, the pain inflicted by Andrea and the atonement by Jenna had not registered to her as lesbianism. But now that she was locking lips with another female, it all felt more real. She had never self-identified as bisexual; she never had a reason to before this week.

As Jenna’s tongue swirled inside her mouth, she considered whether she would be so receptive to this if she were not tied to the bed and so close to cumming. She had to admit, it felt great. Jenna was soft and loving in her kiss, and her hand had returned to her clit. Despite the whirlwind of confusion this caused Danielle, she found herself about to erupt again.

Sensing her crescendoing enthusiasm, Jenna rubbed harder and faster, and reached her desired result. Danielle lifted her hips as high as she could off the mattress and pressed hard into her hand as she came for the second time that morning. Jenna felt juices ejecting from Danielle’s hole as her motion slowed to a halt.

Jenna bit Danielle’s lower lip to help her come down from her high. Danielle was on cloud nine, and even after Jenna released her she lay sprawled in the bed, her hands above her head. Jenna stood up and prepared to leave.

“I will see you tonight, babe. I want to see you punish that bitch.” She kissed her on the forehead and left Danielle alone.


Danielle took the rest of the day easy, trying to revive her abused body. Her breasts had returned to their pre-tortured state. She was growing accustomed to her pierced nipple. Her asshole was no longer burning from the gang-fuck the night before. She was starting to feel herself again.

She only left her room once, to grab some lunch from the kitchen. On her way down the stairs and through the living room, she was ogled by at least four guys, but she was getting used to it. She had been exposed to so much in the last four days, being started out while naked was nothing. She now felt flattered at the attention instead of appalled at their lewdness.

After finishing off a salad and fruit, she started back for her room, but was drawn off course by sounds emitting from the basement. She approached the door and put her ear to it. It was difficult to make out, but she thought she heard the sounds of leather against flesh, followed quickly by the moans and yelps of a woman.

Danielle let her imagination get the best of her, envisioning Andrea tied up, or shackled down, serving as a target for a whip of paddle or strap. Danielle wanted to know how hard they were taking it on her, but dared not enter the door. She did not was to test her boundaries.

One of the frat boys approached her from the side, and startled her out of her imaginative state.

“Hey babe,” he addressed her. Danielle turned to see the guy who had punished her breasts so thoroughly two nights before. “I just want you to know that we all think what Andrea did to you is deplorable. She was way too rough on you, and had no right trying to claim you for her own.”

Danielle raised an eyebrow at this. “And what you did to me wasn’t too rough?” she cracked.

“Well, that was all part of the initiation. There are benefits to you for getting through the week,” he said. “I just have to make sure you earn it. Andrea stepped outside the routine and tried to change the game. She is paying her dues for it right now.”

Danielle listened to him out of one ear while she listened to Andrea suffering with the other.

“Hey,” he continued. “I am sorry I didn’t get you off. I usually am able to keep a girl right on the line between pain and pleasure, but I think with you I tipped too far into the pain half of the affair.”

Danielle could not explain what was coming over her, but somehow his words turned her on. She felt her juices start to flow, and needed to be satiated.

“Would you like to atone for it right now?” she asked, her eyes full of sin. Before he could even reply, she had grabbed his cock through his shorts.

“Right here, or up stairs?” he asked.

“Right here,” she said.

She yanked on his shorts until they hit the floor and gripped his firm erection in her left hand. As she started jacking it, she guided his right hand to her pussy, already wet with excitement. They worked each other manually, which proved slightly awkward as they were both standing. Any slight reflex of pleasure nearly caused them to buckle at the knees and fall.

To help him keep his balance, he grabbed her ass with his left hand, squeezing her right cheek hard into his palm. His pointer finger rested against her asshole, bud did not penetrate it. Danielle bucked back and forth against his hands on either side of her body, humping hard as she tried to get off.

He pushed her back against the door to the basement and kissed her hard as she kept pumping his dick. Danielle was ready to cum, but was waiting for some kind of trigger. She found it when her ears were filled with the sound of a particularly hard slap, and the sound of Andrea bellowing in pain.

Danielle climaxed at the sound of Andrea’s scream piercing the still living area. In her elation, she squeezed the boy’s dick really hard, and his jism shot onto her thighs and legs.

“Thank you,” Danielle moaned, sounding more and more like a slut every minute. She smeared the residual ejaculate that was stuck on her fingers onto her legs, and left the boy to his lonesome.

When she got back to her room, she realized that despite all she had been through with that guy, she did not know his name. It only made her feel dirtier, like her inner self was starting to crave this kind of depravity. She set her mind to what she might do to Andrea that night.


Later that night, Russell came to her door and knocked it gently. Danielle answered, looking glorious in her pure nudity, and quickly noticed that Russell was fully nude as well.

“Let’s go,” he said, taking her hand. Danielle followed him down the stairs, through the living room and to the door to the basement. She blushed, recalling her escapade at this exact spot just a few hours ago. The hinges on the door creaked as Russell pulled it open.

“Everyone is downstairs, waiting for us,” he explained. “Andrea is in a compromising position, and you can have your way with her for a few minutes. Then, you and I are going to punish her together. OK?” Danielle nodded in understanding.

They made their way down the straight, stone staircase, and Danielle was astonished at what she saw. In the middle of the room was Andrea, a hood on her head, and arms tied to a hook in the ceiling. Sitting against the walls on every side were members of the fraternity, dressed in some kind of ritualistic robe, like monks. That sat in silence, as if they were awaiting instruction.

Danielle noticed four or five different stations in the room, each with some kind of twisted set-up with deviant intentions. A heavy, medieval chair with a phallic protrusion extending from the seat, for instance, and a pommel horse with chains and restraints nearby. There was much more, but Danielle did not take it all in immediately.

She looked at Andrea, and surmised that she had run the gauntlet today. She recognized the marks on her body from having examined them herself in the mirror the last couple days. But as used as she looked, Andrea maintained a stoic pose. Her legs were together, feet flat on the floor, her chest out proudly. Danielle sensed from this pose that this was not the first time Andrea had been put through this. From there, she surmised that this might be in line for her later in the week.

“Pick your implement,” Russell instructed Danielle, pointing to a wall with all kinds of gadgets hanging from it. Danielle, giddy with the anticipation of revenge, nearly jogged to the wall. The frat quietly leered at her bouncing tits and perky ass as she moved across the room.

Having a choice of all kinds of whips, candles and chains, Danielle opted instead for a large, leather-covred paddle. It was one of the few things on the wall that was not stained with sweat, so Danielle presumed that it had not been used yet today.

Russell joined the circle of frat guys and gestured for her to proceed. Danielle tested the leather paddle against her palm, making sounds loud enough for Andrea to hear, but Andrea did not flinch.

Danielle pulled her arm back and brought the paddle half-strength down on Andrea’s ass. Andrea barely made a sound, other than a quick, muted gasp, and Danielle could not help but admire how little her firm ass giggled.

With greater force, Danielle brought the paddle down again on the other cheek, but again Andrea would not give her the satisfaction of a scream. Danielle knew she was not a very good dominatrix, but she hoped that she would be able to inflict a little pain.

She continued to assault Andrea’s ass with the paddle for several minutes, and over the course of that time the only sounds in the room were the whiz of the paddle through the air and the strike of it against flesh. The guys made no reaction at all, and Andrea barely even whimpered. Danielle had no way of knowing if this was tradition, or if the guys were quiet because she was not performing well, which is what she assumed.

Her assumptions were confirmed when Russell rose from his seat and approached the two women.

“That is good enough for now, Danielle. No go lay on that table,” he said, gesturing to a table a few feet away. Danielle laid on the table, which was only about three feet long, but she got the gist of it. At one end of it was a medieval stock set-up with two planks of wood coming together to form three holes. The middle hole was for a neck, and the wider two holes for wrists.

Russell released Andrea’s hands and pulled her to the stocks. One of the other frat guys lifted the top piece of wood, and Russell bent Andrea over at the waist and positioned her neck in the middle hole. Andrea did not protest as he moved her wrists to the proper location as well. Russell’s assistant locked Andrea in place and secured the wood with a lock.

Andrea’s face was right in front of Danielle’s pussy, although it was still covered by the hood. Standing behind Andrea’s ass, Russell explained to Danielle:

“You can take her hood off now, Danielle. I am going to fuck this whore in the ass while she eats you out. Her punishment ends when you cum, and not a second earlier. Now get to it.”

This did not thrill Danielle, as she was still not in love with the idea of another girl eating her out, but she remembered to consider her hatred of Andrea and let that guide her. With a snarl, she grabbed the top of the hood and yanked it off, expecting to sneer down at her former owner. Instead, she almost cowered at what she saw.

Andrea was glaring straight into her eyes and smiling. But it wasn’t a smile that said she was enjoying this. It had a deeper meaning, and Danielle could read it clearly. This smile showed that Andrea could handle whatever they were going to dole out, and when it was over, she still had control over Danielle. Whatever rules Russell wanted to create, she still had the blackmail photos, and Danielle would always have to do her bidding.

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