Part One

I was driving down the highway in my cherry red convertible minding my own business, when I see flashing blue lights in my rear vision mirror. A highway patrol officer saunters up to the car with his tongue licking his lips looking at me with his cum fuck me eyes. My eyes run up and down his body checking out that sexy cop uniform.

“Can I see your license please miss, you were driving way too fast.”

I open my car door and place my feet on the ground with my arse slightly off the seat.

“Wait a minute before you get out of your car, you need to do a breathalyzer test.”

While looking at my tits, my barely concealed nipples in full view he gets the white tube and pushes it towards my mouth. I am looking directly at his crotch and see his cock in his blue cop pants move just a little.

“Blow in this, and don’t stop till I tell you.”

I look into his gorgeous blue eyes as I lick my glossy red lips, and then let my eyes slowly move to his cock while I am blowing hard, and see his face flush as he steps back and his hand move involuntarily to his crotch trying to cover his bulge.

“Ok, get out of the car now slowly, and bring your license,” I hear him growl.

I slowly lean over to the glove box to grab my license, and I hear him suck in a breath, letting me know he has seen what I have on under my dress. French knickers, sexy black and lacy, barely covering my arse cheeks. I get out of the car feeling my silky smooth stockings cause my red satin dress to ride up my sexy thighs. The one that hugs every curve, pushing up my pert tits, encased in a matching French lacy black bra.

As I stand up I am looking right at his very sexy mouth and I see his long thick tongue poke out just a little, sucking on his pen. I know what it can do, I swallow hard, my breath gets shorter, and my pussy is clenching and juicing at the thought.

I lean back on the bonnet of my cherry red car and let my dress hitch up a little further. His eyes travel up and down my body causing small shivers to run up my spine, my nipples becoming hard under his inspection and my pussy in need of a good fucking – I’m thinking.

The cop with the fuck me eyes grabs my wrists and raises my arms above my head as he suddenly has me sprawled on my back over the bonnet.

“I have to search you now for dangerous weapons,” as he looks into my eyes with a smirk on his sexy mouth.

He pushes my feet wide apart with his booted foot and then runs his hands up the outside of my body, up my to my tits, running them over my nipples hesitating a fraction too long, making them erect and hard, then down behind my knees; back up my silky stockinged thighs on the inside to my pussy mound. Both thumbs running between my legs caressing my slit, making me wet – a little.

He moans as he realizes the material of my lacy black French knickers has gone between my swollen pussy lips with my silky stockings, as he pulls his hands out looking at juice left on his thumbs. He raises them up to his mouth while his tongue pokes out moving towards the creamy white juice; changes his mind and raises them up to his nose instead, smelling my pussy sex before licking it off slowly as he looks into my eyes showing me his tongue before he swallows.

I am shaking from the pleasure of his erotic behavior and am panting from the sexual tension, my mouth going dry and my breathing becoming heavy, causing my swelling tits to jig up and down.

“I’ll have to give you a ticket, unless we can cum to some arrangement.” While looking directly at my tits, he starts writing the ticket as I grab his wrist.

“I’ll pay the ticket officer; Fuck me – NOW.”

He eases my tits out of my lacy French bra with one hand while tongue fucking my mouth. My pussy is throbbing from the need to fuck him and is juicing, as his other hand is going up under my dress; his thumb rubbing my throbbing clit, I gasp and moan and my knees go weak.

With his strong hands, he lifts me further up across the bonnet. I feel his hard body from my knees to my thighs as I run my hand down and open his fly, bringing out his throbbing swelling cock. I moan very loudly and stop what I am doing, listening to his voice in my ear.

“I’m going to tongue fuck your pussy before I cock fuck you with my pussy-fucker, you little cum slut.”

He slowly moves down my body and his tongue and mouth licks and sucks my slit; they are thoroughly fucking me as his hands move back and forth from tit to tit and around my arse cheeks, squeezing and kneading. His hands move back to my throbbing breasts causing them to swell and the nipples becoming harder under his attention.

He flicks his tongue tip over my clit through the silk of my stockings; I arch my back from the sudden sensations, my body starts shaking and my pussy is contracting and leaking more juices.

“Let me at that fucking pussy.”

Pulling my knickers down my legs and off my feet, he raises them to his nose and smells them before shoving them into his shirt pocket. He uses his fingers to rip at my stockings, revealing how very horny I have become through the opening.

My sex gets wetter and my cream is coating his fingers. His hands and fingers return to playing with my nipples as I spread my legs wider feeling his luscious licks up and down on my cunt, building my orgasm. I wrap my legs around his head, over his shoulders, writhing about from the exquisite sensations.

I am needing to orgasm and am ready to release my juices as he suddenly slides two fingers in; as I grab his hair my orgasm bursts and I grind my pussy into his face as I gush from my shuddering pussy lips; which is flowing down his hand as I’m writhing around panting and groaning.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me you bastard.”

While I moan even louder thrusting my hips, begging for his cock, he takes his fingers out slowly, looks at my juice, and sucks it off before taking his handcuffs off his belt, turning me around, pushing me back onto the bonnet, while pressing his body onto mine.

“I will have to take you back to the station for further checks.”

I can feel his rigid cock pushing into my arse cheeks and see his tongue snake out licking his wet lips with a small sly smile.

“Just as I thought, you need lessons on how to suck cock with your mouth and pussy, sucking it in deep, sucking it dry, and enjoy it.”

“Mm, I think I will make you my little cum slut toy.”

Out on the highway I was under arrest for speeding and now lewd behavior. My eyes widen as I see the handcuffs grabbing my wrists, cuffing them gently while at the same time caressing my skin, sending shivers down my spine. I feel my juice leaking out running down my legs, pooling in the dirt.

As I struggle a little, he pulls me closer and whispers in my ear, his breath causing my body to shake with pleasure.

“If you do not behave, I will have to use my glock as well as my cock on your pussy and arse.”

“You are a cock hungry wanton whore, who deserves to be arse fucked by an officer of the law, for trying to take advantage of him.”

As he touches his gun, I draw a sharp breath…He is fucking with my mind as well as my body…

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