Joey Wildman wasn’t exactly sure at what point today things had turned just so wrong. When he had gotten up this morning everything had seemed so right. It was a sunny Thursday morning with the promise of almost Friday heavy in the air, along with the scent of warm almost-summer grass coming though his window.

“Joey it’s your birthdayyy happy birthday Joeyyy!” He sang lightly to the old “Simpsons” tune as he got out of bed.

Only one month left in the school year and today was his 18th birthday.

He smirked to himself, running his hands though his orange-red hair pausing to admire how hot he looked in his mirror. At 5’7 he looked pretty good, with some muscle tone-age going on coupled with a hairless body.

He actually frowned a little at that. He maintained that he just shaved to stay smooth for the ladies but oddly while puberty was right on track with everything else he never DID grow out any hair..

“ I need a hairy chest, chicks dig the Wildman.” Joey said and smirked to himself.

“Should we really let him go to school today?” Nick Wildman asked.

“He’ll know somethings wrong if we make him stay home!” Snapped Cindy Wildman.

Both of Joey’s parents were in their early 30′s and neither looked a day over 23.

Nick was dressed in a black suit as he was due at his job right away, while Cindy was in a pair of green shorts and a white tank top standing at the stove.

“We should of told him before this.” Nick said.

“I don’t see why. He’s had a happy childhood and we don’t even know if anything will happen.” Cindy snapped a silence hung in the air, and was broken as Cindy started to cry.

“He’s our baby Nick! This can’t happen to him!” She sobbed as her husband rushed over and took her in his arms.

Strolling out of the can after taking care of “natures call” Joey was all full of himself. Smiling and moving his head to music, apparently only he was hearing, he thought he looked styling in his spiked up hair school uniform combo.

“Listen parental units..I know Morning Wood is the best school and junk out there..but is there any luck that my big birthday gift this year can be to go to a school without a dress code for my grade 12 year?” Joey asked.

“And here I though you liked the black pants white shirt look.” His mom teased.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t argue with the idea of a uniform, but the whole long pants during math class after gym is killing me.” Joey said sitting down at the table. His mother seemed to stiffen at the stove and Joey raised a eyebrow.

“Whats up mother dearest?” he asked.

“N-Nothing.” She said but she sounded upset.

“Righttt..well OK..” Joey said rolling his eyes.

She came away from the shove and had a plate piled with ham, steak and french toast.

“Here’s my sweet little boys birthday breakfast!” she said.

Joey looked at his moms face in shock her eyes were red and puffy and she had tear steaks down her cheeks.

“Mom…have you…have you been crying because I’m getting older?” Joey asked with a grin.

“Y-yes dear. I guess it’s silly but I can’t help but feel like I’m losing my baby.” Cindy said, smiling and wiping at her eyes.

“Mom that’s just silly. You know I’m not going anywhere till at least collage. And if I get in that one me and dad have been looking at I can keep living at home. You’re not losing me anytime soon old lady.” He chuckled.

“ stupid of me.” She said and forced a laugh.

Behind his desk Adam Vandell frowned. He is dressed in a three piece white suit his office was bare save for the desk his computer sat on and some filing cabinets. The chair that sat across from his desk was actually more comfortable then his own but Adam had stopped caring about little things like comfort a long time ago.

Though he looked like a man of 40 with his short cropped hair receding just enough and some lines on his face Adam was much, much older.

“Swords 23, 24, and 25 please come in.” He said aloud. The door at the far end of his office opened and in stepped three men in black suits and gloves. Each of them were white though they had different hair colors and all were well muscled 6’1″ men.

“Sir.” Said 23, bowing his head his blond ponytail not flipping over for a change.

“What is it you ask of us?” asked 24, bald head shining a little in the office’s lights.

“How may we serve he who serves the world?” Finished 25 who looked bored and out of place with his silver mo-hawk.

“The boy is at the age of Awakening. The Wildman boy. I want you to watch him and if at all possible prevent his Awakening. I’d rather not have anther brat to deal with if it’s at all possible.”

“What about his parents sir? They may give us troubles if we try to remove him.” 24 said.

“They made the deal with me 16 years ago to keep their boy. They know if he Awakens they have no choice in the matter and he IS to be brought here or put down. That means 25, that I don’t want to have to call in all the Swords to search a tri-state area for a escapee because you went for a impromptu nap…again…” Adam said.

swords 23 and 24 snickered at this while 25 turned red in the face.

“Of course sir. I live to serve.” He said quickly.

“Then you are dismissed. I want a report about a normal human boy on my desk or i want a Monster Breed in my office dead or alive. Are we clear?”

“Crystal sir!”

“And that, my dear, is how I, the great me, scored the winning basket for our team.” Joey said sitting on the edge of Megan’s desk. The blond bombshell smiled back at him and for a split second Joey thought maybe he stood a chance..

“I’m sorry, what team was that for again? Was it your little pee wee team?” She asked and then gave him -such- a sweet smile but it was in pure mockery. “I know it wasn’t for the team THIS year because well, you weren’t at the Beer Bash I held last weekend for the true jocks of our school.”

“Alright, so you caught me in a lie. You’re good, but come on, You have to admit I tell a pretty good story.” Joey said still grinning.

She rolled her eyes then pointed behind Joey as a large shadow seemed to block out all light.

“You’re still going out with the missing link aren’t you?” Joey asked not turning around.

“He prefers to be called Brad.” Megan said with a bright smile.

“Brad. Bradly. Bradster!” Joey said turning around smiling and hold his palm open.

“Hows it going am-” The last thing Joey saw for awhile was a rather large fist heading for his head.

“Are we sure he’s supposed to Awaken? Cause that looks like the sorta thing a Monster Breed awakens for.” 25 said. The swords were in the school, each one invisible to anyone but another sword and standing on lockers. The boy was being carried to the nurses office by two other kids and 25 could almost see the stars floating around his head.

“Not all of them Awaken the first time they’re challenged, although this is a good sign for the boy.” 23 said.

“I’d rather not have to bring him’s always a shame to have to bring back someone so young.” 24 said.

“I disagree. While we didn’t have the the means to house everyone 10 years ago today I think we’re doing the right thing bringing in potential Monster Breeds before they Awaken.” 23 said stiffly.

“What a shock…do you hear that 24? 23 thinks the boss is doing the right thing.”

“Oh surprises of surprises!”

“You two can just shut the hell up.”

“Did anyone get the number of the jock who just put my lights out?” Joey asked sitting up.

“Sadly no, apparently you made the mistake of walking into a door Mr. Wildman…or that’s what the nice young jocks who brought you to me told me.” Said the school’s nurse, a good humored chubby lady who was more about home remedies rather than just handing out drugs which hadn’t made her all that popular to the pill poppers.

“uUgh..Is it too cliche to say that i hate jocks, and by jocks I mean the super ones they seem to have here. Honestly was this school built on top of a caveman’s ice cave and they thaw them out to be on the football or basket ball or whatever team?” Joey asked rubbing his head.

“That’s an interesting theory. I’ve heard that people they want on the team get steroid laced drinks.” The nurse chuckled. “How many fingers do you see?” She added, holding up a hand.

“Four fingers and a thumb.”

“Well, in my expert opinion you’re not concussed and are hereby cleared for class.”

“I happen to have math class right now…any chance you take a little longer? It’s my birthday!” Joey tried smiling brightly.

“I’ll have to watch you for 15 minutes just to be safe.” She said winking.

“That little punk has been hitting on her for how long!?” Brad exploded, sitting next to him in their English class, his friend Randy, smirked. Behind them a couple of nerds were doing their class work.

“I know man, it turns out she’s been trying to make him stop without telling you cause she doesn’t want you to get in trouble for fighting.” lied Randy.

Joey had been admiring Megan for awhile from afar but recently had been getting closer, though that recently was this week, not for the past month and a half like he had told Brad. The teen mentioned was turning red in the face as his anger mounted and Randy smiled even bigger.

“But I got some good news big guy, we have a joint gym class with him at the end of the day.”

“I heard someone say it was that runts birthday. I’m gonna make him sorry he was ever even born!”

“You’re aware that some bullies are planing on assaulting him right?” 24 asked.

“Doesn’t matter, we’re not allowed to interfere unless the boy awakens.” 23 said stiffly.

“But if he Awakens because of their assault and then we have to bring him in, and he wouldn’t of Awakened otherwise.” 25 started.

“We do NOT interfere with humans, only with Monster Breeds. Anyone who goes to do anything besides our mission will be cut down by me where he stands. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir!” 24 said snapping off a salute.

“This is insane. You want to prevent him from being a Monster yet you won’t help him from becoming it.” 25 muttered.

“Do you understand me!?” 23 asked him, looking him right in the eyes.

“Sir yes sir!” 25 said scowling.

Besides his mother bringing in a large cake at lunch time and actually getting half the cafeteria singing happy birthday, the rest of the day went by without any major incidents, though all day Joey heard rumors about a fight that was supposed to happen. Some dumb ass it seemed had been stalking a jocks girlfriend for months and leaving her creepy letters according to the rumors.

Joey was just glad that left him free and clear since he hadn’t ever sent Megan anything…

As the bell for last class rang Joey made his way though the halls towards the changing rooms. He smiled when he spotted one of his friend Bret..who had a very worried look on his face then rushed over when he spotted Brad.

“So have you heard anything about the big fight? Dude, whats wrong, you look like you’re talking to a dead man.” Joey asked laughing a little.

“…Then you don’t know…” Bret groaned.

“Know what?” Joey asked.

“You know the creepy stalker that the jock is going to pound?” Bret asked, gulping.

“I’m starting to get a very, very bad feeling about this…” Joey said joining in the gulping. “The jock is Brad isn’t it?” Bret just slowly nodded.

“And…Oh fuck..I’m the stalker aren’t I?” Joey asked, closing his eyes and putting his hands on his temples, rubbing them.

Bret nodded again, then looked behind Joey.


Joey turned around and the two most normal looking jocks (and by normal he meant not covered with muscles to the point that WWE wrestlers are jealous) and gave a weak smile.

“Kevin…Ben..I don’t suppose there’s any chance we can just talk this out?” Joey tried.

“We’re just suppose to make sure you go in.” Ben said crossing his arms.

“Come on guys, you both know there’s no way Joey would be the huge creeper everyone is talking about.” Bret whined.

“Doesn’t matter if we believe it..the problem is Brad does. And I’d rather have him pummel you into paste not me.” Kevin added.

“You know, that’s fair.” Joey said smiling.

“..Really?” Everyone else asked.

“Yeah, I don’t wanna get beat up but I wouldn’t want anyone else to take the beating for me. I’m sure I can calmly explain this all out to brad in a civilized fashion and we’ll all have a good laugh about this.” Joey said, putting a hand on Kevin and Ben’s shoulders.

“…Really?” Kevin asked raising a eyebrow.

“Hell no!” Joey yelled

He tried to bolt but they each grabbed a arm and lifted him up making his feet pump uselessly in the air.

“Bret! Find a teacher, any teacher…and get me help!” Joey yelped. They were walking towards the changing room now still holding him up.

“I can do that!” Bret said turning to run.

“And in case you’re late…maybe find a priest for last rites.” Gulped joey as they disappeared.

Bret nodded and started to run, then went right into Megan’s out sketched arm and was taken down with an awesome clothes line, flipping in the air.

“Whats going on?” She asked walking over him.

“Here he comes cap’n.” Randy said.

Brad was sitting on a bench..his 6’4 and 350 pound frame of muscle made him look like an ultimate fighter who had maybe gotten lost. He was in his blue gym shorts and a white muscle shirt with the schools logo on it, like almost everyone else in the room. Randy wasn’t changed but he was standing behind Brad and was rubbing his shoulders.

Naturally Kevin and Ben were’t changed either nor was joey.

“He understandably tried to run cap’n.” Kevin said.

“Would you believe I was late for a very important date?” Joey tried weakly.

“That’s the last funny thing you’ll ever say little man.” Brad growled standing up.

“That…doesn’t sound good for me.” Joey said.

Brad cracked his knuckles and the entire room went quiet.

Kevin and Ben set Joey down, but moved over to block the door out.

“I’m gonna show you what happens to little shits who stalk my girlfriend!”

“Ok, hold on…yes…yes, I did hit on her this morning big guy!” Joey said desperately.

He was backing away from Brad who had a hand up.

“But that was just this morning and you knocked me right the hell out! so….so, lesson learned alright!!”

“You think I’d let you stalk my sweet Megan and just walk away with a bruised jaw?” Brad asked.

“Aha! and then there’s THAT! I haven’t been stalking her!” Joey said.

He was backing into the showers now, Brad following slowly.

“And now your calling my best bud a liar!” Snarled Brad.

Suddenly the big man was RIGHT in front of Joey and Joey felt himself being lifted up by his shirt. He saw the fist drawing back….and shut his eyes tightly.

“This is insane! That brute is going to murder that boy! Just try and tell me he’s going to be happy with just pounding him and we all know it!” 25 said watching Joey move around the locker room.

“It’s not our place to interfere. We wouldn’t of even been here today to know about the fight if that boy wasn’t a risk.” 23 said.

“Again! he wouldn’t be a risk of awaking if we just got involved!” 25 exploded.

“23… I think he’s right, this Brad kid clearly has killer intent in those fists…I mean, even Adam wouldn’t expect us to watch a maybe Monster Breed get beat to death!”

“That’s the boss to you, not Adam.” 23 said. “And yes he would. We do NOT interfere with humans unless they’re trying to hide a Monster Breed. We do not deal with Monster Breeds until they’re Awakened. If you truly wish to blame ANYONE for this then blame the boys parents!”

“Wait what?!” asked 25 and 23 sighed.

The fist hit his face and Joey felt the pain explode in his face. He gave a groan and his hand wrapped himself around Brads fist trying to free himself.

“You honestly think you can get free?” Brad asked and gave him a shake. “I’m not even warmed up yet!”

“T-That’s what I was afraid of…” Joey muttered. He saw the fist drawing back again and tried to brace himself. Instead..instead he felt..odd. Like something was coming out of his pores!

More odd then that was the fact that Brads fist seemed to have stopped and his grip was relaxing.

Thinking maybe Brad was just coming to his senses, Joey wiped his mouth on his sleeve and noted his shirt was really damp at the armpits.

‘Well…I was about to be killed by a giant teenager so I doubt anyone is going to judge me for a little flop sweating.’ Joey thought.

Looking around now however he noticed that every guy in the room seemed to be looking at him odd now, like with a mix of confusion and love.

“Uh…right..So… Brad…” Joey said. He looked back to Brad who was blushing now and smiling at him.

“Ok…Listen…Brad…thanks for stopping before you killed me…that was really awesome of you.” Joey said starting to walk around the big guy.

Brad was blushing worse and sporting wood making Joey blush now, but he didn’t try to stop him.

“So…I’m just going to go and see the nurse…you guys…You have fun with gym class.” Joey said. Creepy didn’t begin to describe how he felt as the head of every boy in the room nodded slowly at him.

“Righttt…Well…You guys…have fun all acting the same..” Joey said then backed into Kevin and Ben.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Kevin said.

“What?! Come on, Brad let me go guys!”

“Yeah, he did.” Ben said as they held him tight and Joey’s heart rate spiked.

He could feel certain ‘parts’ of Ben and Kevin pressing against him and now Kevin was moving in.

“RAPE!!” Joey screamed at the top of his lungs.

It seemed to knock them out of whatever happened, with lips just inches away from his face, and Joey broke free and ran out.

“I think that answers the question about whether or not he’s going to awaken.” 23 said dryly.

“Damn it, we could of prevented this!” 25 bitched. They were dropping out of their shifted state guns appearing in their hands.

“What…what just happened?” Brad asked then turned around seeing 24 point a gun at him.

“Wait no!” He yelled then fell over as a hiss was heard.

“Relax hero, it’s only a dart gun.” 24 said with a smile. Anyone who had been close to the door was already knocked out and 23 was looking annoyed at 25.

“Please relax. We’re not bad guys. We’re here to deal with what just happened. Your classmate is a dangerous threat.” 25 was saying.

“T-Then why did you shoot them?” Asked Randy.

“This is a dart gun, the dart will cause you to forget about certain things and all around make your life a easier one, but it’s important to me that you know I’m not trying to hurt but just want to help.” 25 said softly.

“Yeah right! are you really gonna let this nut job just SHOOT you?” Yelled another kid who was hit in the forehead with a dart.

Within seconds darts flew all around 25 and the rest of the kids where out. 23 holding his gun up and looking annoyed.

“We will be talking about this later.” He said, then nodded toward the door. They had a Monster Breed to catch.

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