My assignment was well underway. Things around here had taken quite a pleasant, yet unexpected, turn of events. I certainly wasn’t complaining. Since Holly’s visit, I found myself looking forward to a call during the day from Rose, my asian upstairs neighbor. She and I had started a sexual relationship almost before Holly was out of the parking lot. Rose was a contradiction in every sense of the word. In business, she was this demur nondescript business woman that I had seen for the two years she had lived above me. When she entered my world, she was an exotic beauty with an amazingly sexy wardrobe and an unquenchable erotic appetite.

I knew the gals in my building had been talking about the past weekends sexcapade that had taken place. It is how I had finally met Rose. Since Rose and I had begun our liaisons, I had seen Wendy and Debbie talking frequently. Wendy, being my youngest neighbor, always dressed so sexy. Debbie, who lived across the hall, had starting wearing much sexier clothes in the last few days.

My phone rang, “Hi handsome, are you going to be home later this afternoon?”

“Sure am, I’m just working away. What are you up to?”

“Well, I picked some things up for you and I wanted to drop them off.”

“You picked up what? You didn’t have to pick anything up.”

“Oh yes I did. I know something you don’t anyway. I’ll see you after I get off work.”

“I was just going to take some shrimp out of the freezer to make shrimp pasta. Wanna stay for dinner?”

“What girl could refuse that offer? I’ll see you after I change and get cleaned up.”

I smiled to myself and thought back to the sight of her cum filled smile last night. In reality, she was nothing I ever imagined her to be.

From my desk, I saw Debbie pull up. A few minutes later, Rose arrived. I knew she would want to freshen up before coming down. I had taken the time to get everything ready to prepare a nice dinner. I checked and saw that I indeed had an appropriate bottle of wine.

There was a soft knock on the door and as I opened it Debbie walked in wearing a thin white tube top and short white shorts. Her eyes were red and it appeared that she had been crying. As I was about to close the door, Rose walked in carrying some bags. She looked at Debbie and asked her what was wrong.

“That fucking prick. I am getting a divorce. He just informed me today that he is coming home to get his clothes and that he may or may not come back from Europe.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked her.

“I wanted to ask you what I should do. The lease is in my name, not his. I lived here before I married that useless piece of crap. Both cars are mine and they are paid for. The furniture is mine and we have no kids so that makes getting a divorce easy. I do not want to ever see him again.”

“When does he get home?” Rose asked?

“Ten days. I don’t want to move. I could but I really don’t want to. I can afford the rent easily on my own. I just don’t know how to handle it.”

“Look, it is Friday night. Do you have to work this weekend?” I inquired.

“No I am off this weekend.”

“Okay, let’s all have a nice dinner. I’ll make a few calls after dinner and I’ll have some answers for you. In the meantime, you look like you could use a drink.”

“Anything but beer.”

Rose started to laugh. “Don’t worry Deb, I know exactly what you need.”

I got up and saw the bags Rose brought in on the floor.

“What is all this?”

“Look inside,” Rose said with a twinkle in her eye.

I did and started to laugh. All the ingredients for many more Rum Runners were in there.

“Why did you buy me laundry soap?”

“I emptied the container last night when I washed the bedspread. I know you are going to need it again, real soon.”

Debbie looked at Rose intently and Rose smiled impishly and flashed a big smile.

I grabbed the bags and put the booze away. Debbie moved over to the bar and Rose joined her. I began to make the drinks and Debbie just starred at me.

“Damn, how much liquor is in there?”

“I laughed, “Enough to do the trick.”

Rose saw that I didn’t put the floater on. I handed Debbie her drink and she took a long pull on the straw.

“Okay, I saw it, I just don’t believe it. I know what the trick is. How the hell did you put this much booze in a drink and you can’t taste any of it?”

“You won’t taste it but you sure will enjoy it.” Rose quipped.

We talked about Deb’s situation and it was definitely apparent that she was still very upset. I left the women sitting at the bar and began to prepare dinner.

I looked over and Debbie was crying. Rose had her arms around her and was consoling her. Rose ran her hands thru Debbie’s lovely auburn hair and caressed her cheek. Deb hung on to Rose and sobbed. Marriage breakups are never easy but when you are the one wronged, it really makes it bad. Rose kissed her cheek as she held her tight. Debbie cried and Rose kissed her cheek, held her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. Rose stroked her hair and kissed her yet again.

I touched a few switches and the ambiance slowly changed from utilitarian to romantic. The drapes closed, the lights dimmed and the stereo began playing.

I poured the wine and brought the salads to the table.

Rose and Debbie came to the table, arm in arm. I could not help notice she had become somewhat excited from Roses soft kisses and her stokes of consolance.

“To new beginnings, good friends and a better life,” I toasted. We enjoyed the dinner and Debbie was still obviously quite upset.

After dinner, I made some phone calls and told her what I had learned. She was going to be protected. She came into my arms and I hugged her tightly. I held her as she cried into my chest. Debbie and I had been friendly for years but this was the most contact we ever shared. I tilted her pretty face up and looked at her.

“Don’t you worry one bit. You are upset right now. I’ll explain it all later but for now, you need to know that you are safe. You are with people who will take care of you. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

Debbie stretched up and kissed me softly. I held her as she calmed. Rose began to rub her back and shoulders as I held her in my arms. Debbie hugged me tight and felt both of us holding her, touching her reassuringly. She looked up again and kissed me harder, lingering on my lips.

Rose led her to the sofa and I finished up in the kitchen. As I did, the girls talked softly amongst themselves. I saw Debbie shake her head and Rose nodded affirmatively. I made more drinks and sat down with them. Rose ran her hands through her hair as she sipped her drink. I held her hand and felt the tension fade.

“I don’t know what I would do without you. You have always been so nice to me and I needed someone to talk to. You know what he is like. You know I am not exaggerating. He has treated badly for such a long time. I don’t think I have deserved it. I really don’t.”

I put my finger under her chin and raised her face upwards. I looked into her eyes, never saying a word. She looked into my eyes. Her gaze dropped to my lips and back up to my eyes. My eyes dropped to her lips as she moved slowly closer to me. I looked into her eyes and our lips touched softly, gently, passionately. As we lingered in our first real kiss, Rose ran her hand along Debbie’s leg which was pressed against her own. Debbie ran her hand up my chest as our exploration continued. She moaned softly as her lips parted and my tongue gently traced her moist lips. The sweetness of her lips fueled my desire and our heat rose. Debbie bit my lip and drove her tongue deep into my mouth. She shifted and Rose leaned over and kissed her neck. Debbie groaned loudly as she felt Rose’s soft hands and wet tongue. Rose pulled Debbie away from me, spun her around and kidded her deeply, lovingly and heatedly.

“Oh dear me, I don’t know what just happened. I have never done anything like this before but I don’t think I want to stop it either,” Debbie blushed as she took another long drink from her glass. “It has to be the drink. Yeah, that is what it is.” With that, she kissed Rose again and then pulled me back onto her delicious face.

“I was afraid to kiss you Debbie. I really was. I just had to and I am so glad I did. I am so happy that you didn’t get up and run away,” Rose said. “I have wanted that for a long time but never thought it would ever be under these circumstances. He is right and you have to know, you are with people who really care about you. We will make your worries go away and make you feel loved again.”

“I have kissed more in the last hour than I have in the last two years,” Debbie said breathlessly as she looked at me. “I have wanted to kiss you so many, many times but I never would. We are friends and I never wanted that to change. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about this.”

I slapped her nice firm ass and joked, “The only fantasizing I have heard about happened last weekend. Apparently I need to muzzle someone.”

“Okay, dammit, okay I’ll admit it. I got slightly aroused listening to her,” Debbie quipped.

“You lying bitch,” Rose blurted. “You told Wendy and I that you were so wet you could have floated a damned boat.”

Debbie burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. I grabbed her, tickled her and said, “It is good to see you laughing. That is the lady I know.” I kissed her again and bent to pick up our glasses.

“You’re going to get me drunk, you know that, don’t you. If I get drunk, there is no telling what I might wind up doing.”

Rose giggled, trailing her fingers across Debbie’s neck, “That is exactly the point. How do you feel right now?”

“I feel, um, I feel very, very mellow and very relaxed and honestly, I feel nice,” she said as she laid her head on Roses hand.

I took the drinks into the bedroom and returned to the girls. I offered Debbie my hand and pulled her onto her feet. She kissed me wonderfully and we walked arm in arm down the hall. Her head rested warmly against my shoulder. There was no resistance, only a soft murmur as we entered the bedroom.

“Make love to me. Please, oh please, make sweet, passionate love to me. I’ve wanted you for so long. You make me smile and you respect me. I know, in my heart, that you will never hurt me.”

I kissed her again as we lay on the bed. I quickly discovered Debbie loved to kiss and to touch. Her touch was soft and feather like. Her sensuous hands caressed my face, her fingers traced my lips and her heart poured from her lovely lips. She thrilled me as she touched my neck and pulled me down upon her. Her body fit perfectly and she felt it as well. The woman beneath me was not the focused business lady I knew. Instead, she was a tigress eager to be uncaged and set free.

Her moans became pronounced as my hands traveled along her body. Debbie was all woman. A lovely lady complete with her own flaws and deep desires. She was an auburn haired vixen with a lovely face, nicely shaped body and burning desire that had not been satisfied in ages. More valid was the fact that she was a friend.

My hand came up on her stomach and she inhaled sharply as my hand touched her exposed flesh. I ran my hand over her and up to the bottom of her tube top. She moaned again and I noticed her nipples were stretching the fabric of her top. Debbie kissed my neck as my hand slipped under her top. I now held her lovely breast in my hand. It was as firm as a twenty year old’s and highly responsive to my touch. I cupped her breast, my hand barely touching her stiffened nipple. With each wisp of a touch, she moaned and bit my neck playfully. I took her arms and raised them over her head as she lay luxuriously on the bed. I pulled her top off and her body looked so sweet as she laid there, waiting. Her hands undid my shirt and she removed it quickly. She grabbed my neck and pulled me greedily to her lips yet again. My hand touched her other breast and it reacted instantly. Her long nipples grazed the palms of my hands and sent shock-waves to every nerve ending in her body.

I leaned down and kissed her firm, sweet breast. She yelped as I tongued her hard nubs.

“Oh yes, oh yes, lick my tits. Kiss them, suck them. Oh yes, yes, yes!”

I held her breasts, caressed the sides and licked them hungrily. Debbie arched her back and shoved herself into my lips. I took a nipple in my mouth and closed my teeth over it. She went insane with desire. She began to thrash against my face. Pushing her breast harder and deeper into my mouth.

I slid my hands down the side of her body which dramatically increased her passion. She flattened her muscles, luxuriating in my firm touch on her soft flesh. I pulled her shorts down her hips and was rewarded with the sight of her lovely glistening body. She raised her hips and the fabric vanished. My hands traced her hipbones as I climbed between her attractive legs. She shrieked as she felt my breath on her hot pussy. I ran my hands down her hips and onto her thighs.

“I never thought…oh don’t stop! Don’t ever quit. Your hands feel so strong and so good. I never, ever, thought. I wanted to think, I wanted to know, I never thought I would…Oh dear…you make me feel so…,” Debbie rambled as my hands caressed her hips and her thighs.

When my tongue began to trace up her inner thigh, she flew off the bed. As I began to tease her, I felt Rose undoing my slacks and pulling them from me. My now naked frame began to lick her inner legs deliberately. I held her legs by the ankles and lifted them up. I kissed the backs of her knees and up her sweet thighs. The scent of roses wafted in the air as my face came into contact with her fantastically moist triangle. Her puffy lips screamed for release and her deliciously large clit demanded my rapt attention.

I grabbed her breasts with both hands as my tongue began to taste her wetness. I opened her folds gently and deliberately. I parted her lips and was rewarded with a taste as sweet as honey. With each unfolding petal, Debbie’s moans got louder and her hips gyrated lovingly against my tongue. When I closed my lips over her clit, she hollered loudly. My lip held her while my tongue stroked her and brought her to a miraculously wet orgasm. Debbie shrieked and wrapped her legs around my neck and rode my face so very hard.

“My pussy is on fire. Oh I’m cumming. I have never cum like this in my life. I’m gonna cum again. Oh yes I am. I’m cumming again. More please, more! Oh yes, yes, I want more. don’t you quit, make me cum again. I need this, I want this, I crave this. Damn, where did you learn this?”

I kissed her stomach and up between her tits. I licked her nipples and under her chin. My lips met hers as my hard shaft rode between her puffy lips. Her sopping wet pussy combined with the free flowing precum on my hard shaft created such perfect lubrication. Our lips clashed and I felt myself at the entrance to an almost virgin like tightness. My crown began to open her and she held me so tight. I slid into her, amongst moans, yelps and shrieks. She began to cum almost instantly. She squeezed me tightly, kissed me deeply and fucked me wildly. My cock slid in and out of her neglected pussy and she loved every bit of it.

My friends need became our mutual desire. Her wanton lust for pleasure drove my desire to fulfill her need completely. Our naked bodies felt so good, so right. Her tight sheath loved every stroke and she was cumming constantly. I set a pace and rammed her deep and hard. She met my every thrust and wanted more. I sank deep and felt myself bottoming out inside her. This set her off and I felt her entire body tighten. Her skin was damp and her breathing irregular. I kept driving and she began to cum.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming and I don’t ever want to quit. I want more, more, more! Fuck me darling, fuck me harder. Oh yes! I’m, I’m, Oh yes I am! Fuck me more…” she babbled as she became totally incoherent.

Debbie’s velvet sheath grabbed me and would not let go. As my spear sank deeper, she clamped tighter. Her tight pussy was holding on for dear life and her mouth was consuming my face. She began to cum repeatedly in rapid-fire succession. Each orgasm stronger and louder than the last. My cock was relentless as I was so intent on allowing my friend the release she had craved for so long. My hips became a blur, her pussy welded to my steel shaft and she kept cumming. I was relentless and she, responsive in the extreme. With each massive orgasm, the flood of her love soaked me and still I kept pounding into her. She screamed. She convulsed wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and would not quit cumming.

I looked into her eyes and saw them roll into her skull and I fucked her harder. She began to cum again, this time deeper than before and I drove myself into her so deliciously. When Debbie began this last orgasm, her eyes fluttered, they rolled up and her body was beet red. The years of denial had finally been erased and she rocked on me harder and more delightfully than I have ever experienced. Her breathing ceased, as every muscle contracted and she came. She came so hard and finally collapsed, spent, satisfied and close to unconsciousness.

Another extremely loud voice was heard in the midst of her own raging orgasm. I looked over at the easy chairs and a very naked Rose was hands deep in her pussy, writhing in her own pure bliss.

I stayed inside Debbie and I felt her every twitch, contraction and expansion on my slowly deflating cock. She slowly regained some semblance of normalcy and she held my hands tightly. She tried to look at me but was unable to focus. She attempted to speak but the words failed to form. Her chest was heaving. She was totally drenched. She had been ravished and she reveled in it. I stayed within her as she recovered. Her pussy sent sweet loving sensations onto my cock. Finally, she looked at me in disbelief.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?”

I leaned in and kissed her sweetly, lovingly and stroked her sopping wet hair.

Rose’s soft voice piped in, “Wow! Listening to you last weekend was wild. Fucking you is beyond wild but, watching you fuck is an incredible fucking turn on too.”

I rolled off of Debbie’s heaving body and began to stroke her gently. Rose moved to the bed, leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly. Debbie returned the kiss with passion and desire. Rose began to stroke her sweetly as well.

“Do you feel better dear?, I asked.

“Oh my God, I never knew sex could be that good. You have made me feel things I had no idea existed.”

Rose looked at me and then at Debbie. “I told him basically the same thing on Monday.”

“I mean it. That was beyond belief. I never thought an orgasm could be that intense. Hell, I never knew that a woman could have that many orgasms in a year let alone in one night.”

Rose was stroking her and so was I. I didn’t say anything. Rose cupped one of her sweet breasts and lowered her mouth and took her nipple into her soft mouth. Debbie inhaled and looked at me as Rose teased and pleased her firm breast. I watched as Rose drew a fine line with her tongue from her nipple to her neck. Debbie extended her neck and allowed Rose total access. I watched as Rose kissed Debbie’s neck, her chin and onto her lips. Their lips touched ever so softly as Rose and I continued to stroke and touch Debbie everywhere.

“That many orgasms in a year? Baby, the night is young and you have just begun.” Rose whispered.

Debbie came out of her trance like state instantly. She looked at Rose and saw this precious asian nod and smile. Debbie smiled broadly, “Barkeeper, one more round for everyone,” Debbie giggled.

“Only one more round? This place is opened all night,” I quipped as I grabbed the glasses and headed out of the bedroom.

“Is this a dream Rose?

“No Deb, this is as real as it gets.”

“Now I know why Holly was screaming.”

“Debbie, trust me, he has only just begun. I mean, seriously, he is amazing. I have never known a man so nice and so fucking sexy. I’ve realized one thing this week. No man has ever been this way with me. He told me he won’t fuck a woman until he has made love to her first.”

“No man Rose, I seriously mean this, no man has ever done to me what has happened so far tonight.”

Rose leaned over and kissed her sweetly. “It is only going to get better my sweet, delicious friend.”

“I’ve never kissed a woman before. I have never felt the hands of a woman on my body like this. Everything is so sensual, so electric. I can’t explain why I am so thrilled at your touch. I always thought he would be wonderful but I never imagined being with a woman. I want the two of you so much. I want the feel of both of you and I don’t want this to ever stop.”

“Are you two talking behind my back? I know you have been before so I guess I am right. I told you Rose, I can get in trouble without even being in the room. Now you know what I was saying,” I laughed and handed Rose a fresh drink. I leaned over and for the first time tonight, kissed her lovely lips.

Debbie had sat up and the two women were side by side. I handed Debbie hers and kissed her again.

“I need to know something. Are you for real or have I been drugged and this is the most erotic dream I have ever had?” Debbie smirked.

I leaned over and hit a switch on the nightstand and took a long pull from my drink. “Do you feel this is a dream?”

“Honestly, it sure feels that way. It feels like the best dream I’ve ever had.”

“We have been friends for a long time. I’ve always been attracted to you and apparently, you have had similar thoughts. I take that as a wonderful compliment. For a long, long time, I have watched a very sad friend endure a horrid marriage. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop myself from crossing the hall and punching his lights out. I never liked him and now, thanks to some very talented friends of mine, you are going to kick him in the balls harder than anything I could do and I get to watch. The cherry on top is that you are in my bed, in my home and hopefully, I have made you smile.”

“Made me smile? Holy fuck, do you have a PhD. in understatement? Made me smile? I am going to need one of those motorized carts to get around in after tonight. What you have done is made me feel more joy and love than I have ever felt before. You have also made me feel muscle groups I never knew existed,” she laughed. “Thank you.”

“You are welcomed. I have a cure for your soreness. I’ll get to that after you finish your drink.”

Debbie was sitting with her arm around Rose’s neck, her hand gently cupping her firm breast. Whether consciously or not, Debbie was running her finger over Roses rock hard nipple and it was apparent that Rose was enjoying this immensely. Rose was stroking Debbie’s thigh and I knew she would soon be touching her wet pussy. From my position in the easy chair, I saw that, even with her problems, Debbie was going to be alright.

I walked to the nightstand and hit a switch. Rose saw this and laid Debbie flat on her stomach. I straddled Debbie’s legs and began to oil her back. When the warm oil hit her skin, she moaned emphatically. Rose positioned herself in front of Debbie’s face. I handed her the bottle so she could begin to massage her shoulders and neck. I oiled and caressed her lower back and down her legs. Collectively we lovingly massaged her and eased her aching muscles.

My oiled hands fell between her legs to massage her cheeks. My fingers circled her tight ass. Debbie moaned deliciously and I lifted her hips to placed her on her knees. Rose, whose delicious puffy lips were only inches from Debbie’s face, kneaded her back sensuously.

The scent of Rose and the the sensation of four hot hands overwhelmed Debbie. Her fingers ran up and down Roses inner thighs, mesmerized and exploring.

My rock hard cock rested between her oiled legs. I slid inside her and she welcomed me warmly. I watched as Debbie placed her fingers into Roses glistening slit while slowly beginning to open her steamy petals.

“Oh Debbie, open my hot pussy. Pull my lips apart. Mmm, yes, this feels and looks so fantastic. Get your fingers wet and look at me. Isn’t my pussy pretty baby? Will you taste my wet, hot pussy? I have wanted your tongue inside me for so long. Can you smell my desire? Does it simply make you wild? Oh your fingers feel so good. Your fingers are getting me so worked up. Taste my pussy Deb, taste my sweet juices. Get your face wet baby. Do you want to run your tongue up and down my pinkness?” Rose slid forward and set her pussy before Debbie’s lust-filled face.

My cock filled Debbie as she dove into the honey that was Rose. I saw her tongue dart out and she took her first taste of a woman. I stroked deeper and Debbie began to lick and suck on Roses molten lips. Rose leaned back and watched her as I began to fuck Debbie with long, sensuous strokes.

Rose moaned delightfully as her sexual desires were being met in every way.

Debbie met my every thrust with enthusiastic wiggles. I stroked her deep but slowly. I felt every wonderful inch of her velvet glove as she welcomed my every stroke. Debbie was developing an addiction to love and she relished every last morsel of the pleasure she found herself in the middle of.

Her lips caressed Rose and tongued her clit hungrily.

I began to increase my speed and I felt her tighten and hold on to my every thrust. Her twat clamped hard and pulled at my shaft as I sank and retreated repeatedly. I placed my hands on her lovely oiled cheeks and allowed my fingers to begin to draw soft, sensuous circles around her hot, tight asshole.

Deb raised her face, “Oh my, that is so sexy. Fuck me harder. You are making me so hot.” With that, she dove into Rose yet again and licked and sucked with renewed fervor.

“Fuck my pussy with that hot, delicious tongue. Oh this is sweet. You are loving my pussy just the way I dreamed you would. Lick me. Suck me, Fuck me with your hungry tongue. Oh that is so good. Lick my hole baby. Lick my hot deep hole and make me cum. Will you make me cum baby. Will you let me cum on your face?” Rose screamed.

Roses words combined with Debbie’s grunts drove my cock into a fucking frenzy. I began to pound her pussy harder and deeper. I held her hips, reached over and stroked her clit with my oiled hand. She thrashed on my cock as she attacked Rose relentlessly.

Rose began to cum hard. She drenched Debbie’s face and loved watching her friend lick up all her delicious juices. My cock exploded, flooding Debbie with hot, sticky cream. She came excitedly as I pounded her. What we heard sounded like moans however it was hard to tell with her face was so tightly pressed onto Roses gushing pussy. Our massive orgasms lasted and lasted until they began to linger wonderfully.

I felt my shaft leave Debbie’s warm grasp while Rose reached down to kiss her lovely wet face. Rose turned her over and I left the bed and sat in the comfortable chairs.

Rose climbed between Debbie’s legs and began to expertly lick and suck my hot cum from her swollen pussy. I sat, smiling, watching Rose as she dug my sweet sperm from our friends pussy.

Debbie locked eyes with me as she reveled in the sensations Rose was bringing to her. She began to massage her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them so invitingly.

Debbie threw her head back and let the love flow from Roses lips straight to her heart. Her nipples taut, skin flushed and her breathing became erratic. Rose was an expert when it came to bringing another woman pleasure. Her talent was not lost on Debbie as she arched her back and erupted deliciously onto Rose’s hungry mouth. My cum flowed from Debbie to Rose who drank it all down. Debbie never had a chance to calm down when another long, hard climax wracked her body. Debbie was shaking furiously, cumming over and over again.

Debbie held out her hand to pull me to her. She stroked my cock with her soft hands then placed the tip of my soft cock between her lips. Her gentle hands cupped my balls and she looked at me longingly. She removed my cock from her lips.

“I never thought this day would arrive. I have daydreamed, had wet dreams and fantasized about this since the day I met you.”

She put the tip of my cock between her moist lips once again and her tongue swirled over and around it. I felt her teeth playfully scrape under the crown. Her eyes bore into mine as she allowed more and more of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue was amazing. Her lips caressing me with a longing and joy. Rose licked Deb and Debbie’s response was to take me even deeper.

I repositioned Debbie so that her head fell off the side of the mattress. Rose accommodated that new position. I stood over her face and dropped my hard cock into her hungry mouth. Her hands caressed my legs and onto my balls. She licked and sucked me wildly. Her hands fondled my ass while her wild mouth pulled, stretched and tantalized my overheated hot cock. I reached for her tits and felt the delicious, firm flesh in my hands. Her chest heaved with my touch. She sucked me deeper with each playful tug of her extended nipples. I pinched and she nipped my cock with her teeth. I pulled harder and she bit harder. Rose laughed into Deb’s twat and we all collapsed onto each other hysterical.

“What the hell was that all about?” Debbie giggled.

“Are you in some sort of hurry? I mean, do you have to be somewhere else? I can call you a cab.” I laughed as I grabbed the empty glasses to refill.

“Did you forget I just live across the hall?” Debbie giggled again.

Rose threw her arm around Debbie, “He is the worst tease in the world. He’ll take you right to the brink and then make you laugh which kills the mood but then he recreates the mood and you blow your fucking mind. I’ve never known anyone like him but I’m glad I do now.”

“I could just kick myself. Do you know how many times I’ve been in this apartment talking to him? Every single time, I wanted to just kneel down and suck him off. I’ve wanted to blow him and fuck him senseless. Then I would either go home to an abuser of a husband or to an empty apartment and cry myself to sleep. I should have said something years ago.”

“So why didn’t you? For that matter, why didn’t the two of you say something? I am getting a complex over here,” I said. “I don’t know if this matters to you two but I’ve been here, all alone, for the same two years. You two aren’t happy about it, I know that. Well, neither am I? What the hell are we going to do about it?”

Both women walked up to me and threw their arms around me. “We are going to make up for lost time starting right this minute.” Debbie purred.

“I know you do not want to make a commitment. I understand that and I, for one accept that. I can’t speak for Debbie, or for that matter Wendy, but I will take whatever time you want to spend with me and never complain,” Rose said.

“I second that,” Debbie agreed.

“Wait one freakin minute. What the hell does Wendy have to do with all this?”

Both ladies burst out laughing. “Wendy is so hot for you, we wonder how she can climb the stairs without slipping on her own juices. She has vowed to fuck you before tomorrow is over,” Debbie giggled.

“Damn, I thought Rose was pulling my leg about that.”

“Hell no. She is serious as a heart attack. Her husband is a useless piece of shit drunk who can’t hold his liquor at all. Two drinks and he is out. Hell, half of one of these and he’ll be out for a weekend.” Rose said, taking a sip of her drink. “She used to think you were just a nice quiet guy who lived downstairs but then Holly arrived and a sex switch was flipped on and she is seriously in total lust for you.”

“So tomorrow should be an interesting day,” I laughed as I was pulled down on the bed. With Rose on one side and Debbie on the other, I felt very content and loving it.

I closed my eyes as they began to run their hands all over me. Soft kisses rained all over my body. Long lines from multiple fingernails snaked around and the effect was exquisite. The scent of these two lovely wonderful women drove me wild. The warmth of their lips as they trailed over my body hardened not my heart, but my cock. I felt their hair as they kissed their way lower on my body. Their hands caressed my legs and my rigid staff stood straight and proud. I felt their hands on my hips and their lips on my flesh. My cock pulsed and they teased. They turned and looked at me and then they kissed passionately. I lay back and closed my eyes. I felt their approach as they caressed my balls and my ass.

I felt their breath and then one tongue followed by another. Their lips followed and my cock throbbed at the sensations lavished on me. Their warm mouths licked and sucked, nibbled and tickled, teased and pleased. Tongues licked up to the crown and traced around it. It felt so good. One slid over and took me in her mouth. As she released the other replaced her. They slid their lips down and kissed each other around my hard cock. In unison, they traveled up and down and I loved their expertise. One licked and sucked my balls while the other took me deep in her mouth. What a glorious feeling, a delicious glorious feeling.

Debbie moved up my body and kissed me deeply. Rose sucked me lovingly and climbed on my shaft. Debbie straddled my face, facing Rose. Debbie’s splayed pussy fell onto my hungry lips and I marveled at the pinkness and the beauty of her love. I held out my tongue and traced her puffy lips. She inhaled deeply and held herself just high enough to allow me free range of her body. I tried to give this lovely lady the feelings that had been denied to her for so long. I took my time, bringing as much pleasure to every part of her. Debbie craved the excitement of pure unbridled passion. My tongue flicked gently on her hard, protruding clit. She moaned and squeezed my shoulders while she watched Rose ride my hard pillar.

Rose slid up and down on my hard cock. Her tight twat clenched hard and she began to milk me so sweetly. Her slender hips and strong legs hugged my body as her pussy bathed my cock with her lust. Over this last week, her muscles had seriously increased their strength and I was the the happy beneficiary of her new and improving muscle control. Rose knew I felt the dramatic difference. She also saw the appreciation on my face and in my voice as she drove me to delirious, mind blowing orgasms. She would hold my gaze and vibrate her pussy somehow and create massive orgasms on both our parts.

I held my tongue deliciously still on Debbie’s clit. I did not move it but she felt its presence and it drove her nuts.

“Are you going to lick me? Lick me dammit! Oh fuck! You’re not, are you? You bastard! That feels so fucking good. Move your damned tongue!”

I held very still and I heard Rose giggle. Debbie was in a state. She didn’t want to move as I had the pressure just right but I wasn’t moving one bit. Rose held out her arms and Debbie took them for balance. She began to rock onto my tongue. Her pink slit slid up and down on my hard tongue. She was so intent on this one orgasm and she would not be denied. My tongue never moved. I watched her ass move past my eyes as her hot, dripping pussy rode my tongue harder and faster.

Rose rode me harder the faster Debbie rocked.

Debbie slid on my tongue and I felt her clit swell with desire. Rose had grabbed her tits and Debbie had her in hand. They leaned forward and were kissing as they continued their enjoyment. As their kisses became more passionate, their motions more pronounced. Debbie’s hips became a blur on my tongue. Rose rose and fell faster and harder on my cock. She clenched me so tight and I knew she was about to cum hard. Both women began screaming.

“Fuck me, Fuck my cunt hard. Oh don’t stop. Drive your cock into me. Fuck yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck me!” Rose screamed.

“I’m cumming! Oh God I’m cumming! Oh this is so sweet! My pussy is on fire! Oh here it is! Lick it you son of a bitch! Lick it and suck it! Oh Yes!” Debbie shrieked.

They both came wantonly still mashing each others breasts. As they unwound, Rose continued to clench and release my cock. Debbie fell onto my face and I playfully licked her clit.

“Oh you prick, now you lick my clit,” she wailed and moved it away from me. As she did, her ass fell onto my tongue and I began to lick and circle her tight hole.

“Oh dear, yes, oh yes! Lick me! Lick my asshole baby! I love this! YES, Lick my hot ass!” Debbie yelled.

“You like my tongue on your hot ass baby?”

“I do. Oh I do,” Debbie moaned.

“I love his tongue too but I prefer his hard cock up my ass,” Rose stated emphatically.

I reached into the nightstand and brought out two small bottles.

“Then I have a treat for both of you,” I told them as I handed them each a bottle.

“What is this?” Debbie asked.

I explained that they were poppers and that if she enjoyed my tongue, she will go crazy over it in a minute. I handed Rose the oil and then explained how to use the poppers. I felt Rose oil my cock and herself. The oil felt warm and wonderful.

Rose positioned herself over my hard shaft and took a long pull on the little bottle. The rush is instantaneous. She moaned loudly as she fell onto my cock. Her tight ass felt so good to me but my cock created animalistic moans and shrieks.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck me hard! Oh my God!” she bellowed.

Debbie took a long hit and sat her ass on my mouth. Her body flushed and she went wild as I licked and sucked.

“Oh I’ve never felt anything like this ever! This is so good! Lick my ass! Stick your tongue up my ass! Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Ram your tongue deep up my ass!” Debbie cried.

Rose took another hit and began to fuck my cock so hard. Debbie did the same and I drove my tongue as deep as I could. Both women went off like Roman Candles. Rose came so hard and so loud. Debbie set a record for volume and her pussy gushed as my tongue worked her ass deep. They collapsed into each other and attempted to regain their composure. They rolled off me fumbling for coherent words.

“Whatever that stuff is, I want to marry it,” Rose muttered.

“I second that,” Debbie smirked.

“What the fuck, am I chopped liver?”

“Darling, you didn’t cum again,” Rose stated.

“I wanted to hold off and cum in Debbie’s ass.”

“Mmmmmm that sounds fucking good,” Debbie purred.

Debbie knelt and Rose oiled her butt. She began to finger fuck her and Debbie really enjoyed what Rose was doing. Rose inserted a second finger as Debbie took a hit on her bottle. Rose grabbed my cock and began sucking me to rock hardness once again. She then inserted a third finger and began to stretch Debbie further. Debbie was riding the popper wave as she took Rose into her hot, tight hole.

When Debbie was ready, Rose guided my cock onto her tight pucker. I slid the head inside and Debbie took another hit. I felt her tight ring and stopped. She loosened and I pushed inside. I stopped and allowed her to adjust once more.

Deb took another hit on her little friend and yelled, “This is good. This is so good. Fuck my ass dammit, fuck it! Oh yes, oh, oh, oh, oh yes! Fuck my hot tight ass. I need your cock up my ass. I love your cock fucking me! Fuck my ass and never stop. Yes, yes, yes! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh don’t you ever stop fucking my ass!”

Rose held the bottle to Debbie one more time and she took a long draw on it. Rose took a hit and climbed under Debbie and began to tongue her pussy while my cock slammed in and out of her ass. Debbie went insane. It was all we could do to keep her on the bed. She had started cumming before Rose began licking and now, she could not stop. She threw her face onto Rose and began licking, biting, and tonguing her oriental dessert.

[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "Cherry Takes on the NFL" To avoid any confusion on my readers part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]

The sun fought its way through the blinds bathing the room in subdued occasional rays of brilliance. He made a mental note to fix that. When he slept, he wanted darkness. He was getting used to waking in the center of his bed with gorgeous on each side. He flashed back to just a few hours ago and the spectacular pleasures he received from the women who had stormed into his life.

The women wanted to please him as much as he wanted to satisfy them. Their lips were works of art. His eyes closed as he thought back to the wonderful feeling of tender lips sucking and caressing his hard cock. Each woman was different in her technique but so similar in the need to have him in her mouth. He could almost feel those luscious lips as they traveled over his crown. He felt her skilled tongue riding the ridge and licking the precum from his strong cock. Mmm, he must be dreaming, it felt so good. Wendy’s head was on his arm and Debbie’s hand was on his chest.

He smiled and looked down to see the sparkling eyes of his precious Rose as she slid those exquisite oriental lips over the head of his cock. His dream materialized in the form of an Asian hybrid, sensual in nature and visually exotic. He closed his eyes to feel the wet, wonderful mouth that was waking him so sweetly.

Rose took her time and loved every part of his body. During the past week, she learned what thrilled him. It was fast becoming her goal in life to bring him as much joy as possible.

For two years, this man had lived directly below her and she had no idea what a gentle, caring person he was. His sexual prowess coupled with his exorbitant appetite to give and to receive extreme pleasure had excited and thrilled her.

Her nipples tingled as her lips flowed over his broad, velvet crown. How can a steel bar feel so soft and subtle? Rose had no idea but she adored his substantial shape, the heavy veining, the ridges, and the addicting flavor of his pleasure producer.

Her mouth welcomed him warmly. The joy she felt embraced her racing heart with thoughts of love, lust and contentment. She had always dreamed of finding a man who would treat her like the woman she knew she was and the wild, wanton slut she fantasized of becoming. She had suppressed her wild side for way too long. She savored the width of his lovely cock and the fullness she felt as he sank deeper into her wet mouth.

She needed a man she could trust to handle the tigress that lived under her classy exterior. Her wet mouth loved the ridges. Her lips teased the large veins as she felt him expand. Her tongue began to lick along the base of his shaft bringing him maximum pleasure. She loved the power she held between her lovely lips. This strong man, handsome, funny and sensual, had won her heart in such a short time.

Rose took him in deep and her hands cradled his substantial balls. She loved the feel of his cock at the back of her mouth. Her tongue caressed and licked his length as she felt him enter her throat. His eyes spoke so well of the pleasure she was conveying to him; eyes that she wanted to see forever and a day.

She looked at him and felt her pussy tingle. When she held him in her lips, she felt the luckiest woman alive. The feeling was not just about sex, was it? No, she thought, it was ever so much deeper. Pure lust overtook her. She slid her face down filling her throat with his velvet spear. She knew she could live like this for the rest of her life. Her cheeks took him in and out and she loved the erotic feeling. She would attain her deepest, darkest desires with such a man in her life. She sped the motion of her tongue along the wonderfully sensitive underside of his cock as it rose and fell into her throat.

She knew he was close. She wanted her morning treat while everyone slept.

Greedy thoughts entered her mind and she rejected them immediately. There was no question in her mind that she was unique however, he is not exclusive to her.

Her hands felt his legs tighten; she saw his abdomen flatten. It twitched. She sucked harder and deeper. It flinched, lifting the mighty head to the top of her mouth and she began to fuck his cock with her almond shaped face. Her lovely lips tightened as she bobbed wildly. His cock was experiencing the best she knew to give.

He thrust and her tongue felt the rush as the bottom of his rod primed to serve the salty, sweet breakfast she wanted so much. He moaned and flash flooded her lips and tongue with a glorious load of morning cum. His push continued and she took him into her throat. Her lips and tongue held him there and began to milk every last drop from his tasty hose.

She held him in her wet mouth until he was soft and pliable. She never moved and he deflated slowly. She loved a soft cock in her mouth, as it was a symbol of her power over it. She could make it hard and she could please it soft. It was, after all, her most prized talent.

She rolled his soft cock around in her mouth and playfully nibbled on him. Rose heard the timer and went to the kitchen. She returned with a tray of fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. Wendy and Debbie stirred as the smell of coffee gently woke them. Rose kissed each of them and padded back to the kitchen. Wonderful aromas were wafting into the bedroom. Rose was a good cook.

Three very unsteady people stumbled down the hall and sat at the table. Rose had prepared a delicious breakfast and they were hungry from last night’s activities.

“Last night was terrific ladies. I enjoyed that so much. What would you like to do today?” he said as a loud clap of thunder rolled overhead.

Debbie looked out the window and saw the sky was black. “This looks like it will be around all day. I say we stay in and enjoy the day right here.”

Wendy agreed, “Yes that sounds like a good idea. I have some catching up to do anyway. We have everything we need and lots of films to watch. We could even copy some of the scenes and try them out ourselves. Until yesterday, I could only fantasize about doing that. Now I can try it. How does that sound?”

“I like it. I’ve been the same way myself,” Debbie said. “That definitely would work for me.”

The girls took an hour to put fresh sheets on the bed and do a load of laundry.

He sat back and contemplated how much his life had changed from just one visit from Holly. He laughed thinking back to a comment he had made to his friend Mark that Holly was a life-changing event all by herself. He never realized how prophetic that was.

How did he arrive at this place in his life? His parents and their best friends Robert and Maggie Carter had started a small company. Under his mother’s and Maggie’s direction, it had grown rapidly. Retailers loved their lingerie designs and the orders poured in. D’Orgasmic Lingerie was well on its way to becoming a top named fashion house.

Their son Jeremy and he were best friends. It was actually the three amigos. Mark Banner completed the inseparable trio. Mark had gone on to found one of the most celebrated sports representation firms in the world. These guys did everything together.

Jeremy, Mark and he had spent their teen years living the dream. They had money, they had looks and they had strong sex drives. The girls chased them in high school and more so in university. They paid very little attention to the local girls. A stable of willing fashion models demanded their attention constantly. That is what they grew up with and for the most part, still enjoyed.

His own parents had died several years ago in a tragic car crash and he inherited their fortune, which included half of D’Orgasmic, their mansion that he sold for top dollar, and all of their lucrative investments. He kept his fingers in the business but from a distance. He worked with the designers and approved or rejected additions to the product line. He supervised catalog creation from top to bottom. He had not actually been in the corporate offices in over a year.

He had tried many things, such as selling real estate in Ft. Lauderdale, owning a bar in Key West and writing. Today he wrote technical articles and erotica. His life was simple. He liked it that way. He knew that the day would come when he would have to take over the business but he wasn’t expecting it any time soon.

This business had been his life from as early as he could remember. Robert and Maggie shared CEO responsibilities but they concentrated on the PR end of the business when they had to. Most of the time, they worked bringing aid to war torn countries. They had put in place an excellent president and staff to run the company.

Jeremy, on the other hand, had gone on to work on Wall Street and made many bad decisions. Those decisions turned criminal. He made and stashed millions overseas before coming under SEC scrutiny. He fled the country just hours before they charged him with over one hundred and fifty counts of one sort or another. Convicted in absentia on all counts; Jeremy faced almost one thousand years in prison. He was never coming back to the states. He got into the porn business in Thailand and was quickly on his way to becoming a billionaire.

When the shit hit the fan regarding Jeremy, many legal things had to be done quickly. Jeremy would be ineligible to inherit anything from his parents. The government would immediately seize any money, property and investments in the event he would be named in a will.

The solution was simple. He had purchased their share of the company and all their assets including their mansion in the exclusive Isleworth subdivision on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Robert and Maggie enjoyed the lifestyle they had earned without having to worry about any complications. Their income from the company was substantial and what they did with it was their business.

Mark had graduated top of his class at Harvard. He was a sports nut. He had known the stats on every player in almost every sport played. Everyone thought he would wind up in Las Vegas running a sports book at a major casino. He had other ideas and started a law practice specializing in sports representation in, of course, Las Vegas. His personality had served him well and he began attracting clients. Mark had signed one football player and obtained such a huge contract for him that they came to him in droves for his services. He built the largest firm of its kind in the world.

He watched his own trio of lovely women as they made quick work of putting his place back into showroom condition. These women had been on the periphery of his vision for years and he never took the time to see them. He could be a fool at times. He never wanted for lack of company to be sure; he still maintained a substantial black book of willing and eager women and a few men interested in sharing his bed. Speaking of which, he needs a bigger bed now.

Wendy walked over to the sofa with a fresh cup of coffee for him. He smiled as he saw how this delicious blonde-haired woman with the Carmen Electra legs brought that robe to life. She was stunning. She sat the cup down and stroked her long nails across his chest. Her heart raced every time she touched him.

She is just getting to know who this man is and she liked everything about him. He is a kind, gentle man with beautiful eyes that actually looked at you when you spoke. He is funny and sweet. He made her feel special and that was something new to her. No man had ever made love to her and nobody had ever fucked her so deliciously either. In the space of just one day, Wendy had experienced emotions, sensations and more orgasms than she could ever recall. All of this occurred while she shared him with two other extremely hot, sexy women. What would he be like alone? Rose was going to get her ass smacked over hoarding him for almost a week.

Wendy turned his face and met his lips with the softest, sweetest kiss. She held his face in her hands as their kiss lingered. The feelings thrilled her and confused her as well.

The man she was unfortunately married to was a useless drunk. He was a mistake that she knew had to be rectified. The few trysts she had experienced were unsatisfying at best. Wendy wondered would she grow old with him. She did not know but she felt that she would. He returned her kiss equally tenderly.

“It is so hard for me to tell you how I feel this morning. So many thoughts are rushing through my head. Certainly, you will understand. I just want you to know that for the first time in my adult life, I woke up happy,” Wendy said. “You make me feel so wanted, so desirable and special. If this truly is the beginning of a journey, I am so happy to be part of it.” She kissed him once again and shivered as his presence in her arms tingled her being to its core.

Debbie came over and knelt at his feet as Rose was putting the bedspread back on the bed. She stroked his leg sweetly while Wendy’s nails caressed his chest. He looked at these lovely women and smiled broadly.

“Is this real Gary? I mean, is it?” Debbie asked. “I agree with Wendy. I woke up the last two days feeling loved and appreciated for the first time in years, even if Rose was getting first dibs on you today.”

“Oh shit, I was trying to be so quiet too,” Rose shouted from the bedroom. “I didn’t make a sound and that was fucking hard to do too.”

Wendy laughed, “You didn’t Rose. Did you forget, we were holding on to him at the time? My head was on his arm. I heard his heartbeat racing. That is what woke me up.”

“My hand was on his chest, I felt it,” Debbie said.

“Oh, okay, just checking, that’s all,” Rose, laughed.

“Debbie I’ve been living alone for so long and I enjoy that aspect of my life. Obviously, you know I am no virgin. I share my bed with many people. I always have and always will. You did not know about them because there are very few like Holly. As much as I care for each one of you, my life has to go on. I want you all with me every step of the way. There is a lot about me that you don’t know. You may like it or you may not. My guess is that, as we get to know each other better, that you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I do. It will be a sexy ride to be sure.”

“How long do you see this ride lasting Gary?” Debbie asked.

“Oh that is a question, isn’t it? I would hope a very long time. That is not up to me, it is up to each of you to determine. I am not going anywhere so if you’re into it, so am I.”

“The bedroom is back together everyone. All stocked up and ready to go. The toy box is open and the candles are burning. The Sybian is out because I know I want to play with it. Oh, you have to see the attachments I found. They are great. The big screen is up as well and I took the liberty of loading a DVD I think we’ll enjoy. Let’s get this party on the road. Bartender, Rum Runners please,” Rose smiled.

Debbie ran her hand up Gary’s leg grabbing his cock pulling him to his feet. “Come with us, you glorious piece of manhood. Today, you’re getting used, abused and you’re going to love it.”

“Fucking right you are. God, I’m wet just thinking about all the nasty things that we are going to do to him today. I am over flowing with years of unspent cum and I am damned sure going to get wild today,” Rose giggled.

“I had a guy say this to me once and he did exactly what he said he would do. Now it is my turn to say it to him. Baby, I am going to fuck your brains out. Debbie, drag his spectacular body to the bedroom,” Wendy commanded.

Everyone laughed as Debbie dragged him down the hallway by his dick. She threw him onto the bed and three naked, high-heeled women began to kiss and lick him all over.

Rose had lit several candles from the toy box and the scent was intoxicating. He giggled, as he knew they were pheromone candles. One would have been sufficient but she had lit four. It was going to be a wild ride for sure. He had used them sparingly because they were highly effective. Their effect more than doubled your sex drive. He hoped his own performance would be sufficient. He knew one thing; it was going to be fun finding out.

Rose hit play and the wall came alive as a very hot scene began playing. Wendy began kissing his face, lips, neck and shoulders. Rose was licking his nipples and scraping his chest with her lovely nails.

Debbie was exactly where she wanted to be. Her lips wrapped around his great cock. She filled her mouth with his hardness while caressing his balls. Debbie was in cock heaven.

The scent was having a wild effect and he found it hard to concentrate on any one woman’s attention. He felt as if he was floating in a sea of sensational softness. Each of his women had their own sweet style of lovemaking and that was so good to him. Each body was different in size and shape. Their hair lengths varied bringing a much different feeling as their faces traveled the length of his body. The touch of their hands felt different on his skin.

The one thing that amazed him is how similar they were while sucking his cock. Their level of expertise was truly a thing of beauty. Debbie’s years of abuse from Paul had suppressed her desire for physical contact with him. Unleashed now, she had years of gratification to make up for. She was making the most of it. She wanted closeness, warmth and love. Whether it came from his cock or the lips of her women lovers, she craved it.

Debbie was attacking him fiercely. His cock was bottoming out at the back of her mouth repeatedly. Her tongue was licking, tasting, twirling and slurping loudly. This was a fantastic, wet, sloppy blowjob.

The candles were definitely having the expected effect.

Wendy jumped on his face and lowered her gorgeous pussy onto his lips and she began to ride. She rode his lips. She rode his tongue and she rode him hard.

“Eat my pussy dammit, eat me,” she screamed. “Oh Fuck this feels so good. Eat me baby suck my pussy. Make me cum hard. Oh, that’s it right there, lick it darling. My pussy needs your fucking tongue. Lick my asshole. Yes, Rose come up here and bite my tits. Fuck this is so good!”

Rose straddled my forehead, her wet pussy leaving a nice wet streak as she held Wendy and began kissing while he tongued her deeply. Rose and Wendy were tit-to-tit and pussy-to-pussy on my face. They were touching, tugging nipples and riding his face hard. Debbie was sucking him furiously. Rose put her arm around Wendy and slipped a finger in her ass. Wendy rode back on her finger and began to ride his face harder and faster. She shrieked and began to cum. The finger opened a floodgate that drenched his mouth completely. She threw her head back and rocked hard on the tongue, which was planted, firmly in her vagina.

“Cum on that tongue you delicious bitch. Ride him and keep cumming my love. Flood his face. You like my finger in your ass don’t you baby. Soon his cock is going to be in your ass. You want that too don’t you? We all want his cock in our asses. Keep cumming, you delicious bitch. Oh yes, scream some more. You won’t bother anyone upstairs. Do it baby, cum again and again.”

She gushed, she flowed and with each strong orgasm, her pussy just kept cumming. He licked as best he could. Nevertheless, with Rose’s dripping twat on his forehead, he couldn’t move very well. He didn’t care. No matter who moved, all he saw was delicious, hot twats.

Debbie was on fire. She jumped on his cock and started slamming her pussy down on him. She was being brutal and she began to cum almost before she bottomed out the first time.

“Fuck, I am so horny, fuck me you gorgeous hunk of man. Slam your cock up my cunt and make me cum. I want to cum more. Feel my hot pussy baby. I am so wet my love. Fuck me. Ram that hot cock harder and deeper into me. Make me cum again. Oh, fuck me!” Debbie screamed.

She jumped up and down on his cock and then threw herself down and began to grind herself on him. She was cumming like an exploding fountain. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she ground herself senseless. She couldn’t figure out what had come over her and she didn’t care. She wanted cock and that is what she had. One more wild orgasm took her into orbit and she almost broke his dick off. She fell forward and her lips landed just inched from Wendy’s gorgeous ass. She pulled Rose’s finger out and began to lick Wendy’s ass.

Wendy went ballistic. Wendy became a blur on his face. She was cumming before Debbie started rimming her tight ass. Wendy was unstoppable. Rose had been kissing her tits and had her finger on her clit when Debbie’s tongue licked her asshole. Wendy came so hard she could barely breathe. Rose had to hold her upright to steady her as she began to calm down.

Debbie was lying on him and with every twitch of his still hard cock inside her; she’d flinch while trying to catch her breath. Rose helped Wendy off his tongue and laid her on the bed beside him. She was dripping wet. Sweat was dripping from the tip of her nose. Debbie still twitched as his lovely cock softened inside her. Rose pushed Debbie off his cock and onto the bed beside him.

Rose wondered why she was so damned horny. Over the last week, she’d had more sex than in many years combined and yet, right now, she felt she could take on the US Army and not be satisfied. Her pussy tingled with every breath she took. She leaned over him and kissed his face. His handsome face tasted exquisite with the combined flavors of both Wendy and herself. She needed to cum immediately. She lowered her pussy on his face and took his soft cock back into her mouth.

His eyes opened to see Rose’s perfect pussy as it descended onto his greedy lips. At the same time, he felt her talented lips take him into her soft mouth. This woman was vociferous in her need for satisfaction.

“Honey, I am going to get this fucking hot cock hard again. I need to shove it down my throat. You’ll let me do that won’t you baby. I need it. Oh, darling please lick my wet cunt. Oh fuck, I need it. Suck me lick my clit. Oh, that feels good. Your cock is getting hard for me. I love looking at your hot dick. I love it. Your tongue feels so good, that’s it, lick it, and lick my clit. Oh, yes!”

Her mouth inhaled him fully and she began to suck his cock wantonly. His tongue drove her wild. Debbie began to run her hands along Rose’s back and that excited her more. Rose began to cum and she locked her thighs hard against his face. Her body shivered as the flood gates were opening. She screamed on his cock as he relentlessly coaxed her clit into rapid-fire earth shattering climaxes that astounded her.

Rose knew not why her lust for this man was so great and she didn’t give a shit either. He was here, right now, in this place and his cock was in her throat. That was all that mattered to her. She loved the length, the breadth and the taste of his silky piece of steel. Every erotic thought she ever had came flooding into mind. Her well-hidden kink was showing itself and she loved the freedom it gave her. Rose focused her thoughts on her lips and the slutty way they stretched over his hard prick. She wished that she could stand beside herself and watch as his cock slid into her mouth. She was now officially a cocksucker and that had been her goal for so many years. Her fantasy has always been to suck as many cocks as humanly possible in a single day. He is a man who loves wild group sex parties and perhaps one day, she would get to live out her wildest desires. That thought set her off and her massive orgasms built further as she drenched this lovely man again.

She pulled her lovely Asian frame from his lips and slid down to impale her tight pussy on his extended manhood. He sliced into her and watched her spectacular ass rise and fall as he filled her pussy so well.

“Wendy baby, lick my clit while he fucks me. I want to feel your hot lips on my clit baby. Lick my hot twat while I fuck this huge cock. Fuck, he feels so good inside me. Fuck me my darling, fuck me and fill my pussy with that hard cock. Oh, yes!”

Wendy knelt on the bed between his legs. Her pussy flowed watching his hard shaft stretch Rose’s tight cunt. Wendy lowered her head and cupped his balls as he stroked into Rose repeatedly. Her tight opening welcomed him while her clit rode atop his shaft. Wendy put her mouth over that sweet nub and she began gently licking his cock and her clit. Rose’s insane desires erupted. The feel of his cock together with Wendy’s tongue set her off. Her hips jumped up and down so fast and furiously. Every bounce resulted in her cervix screaming and her twat gushing harder. Rose bounced so high that his cock flew from her and landed squarely into Wendy’s mouth. She licked it, sucked it and put it back into Rose’s aching pussy.

Rose looked down and watched as Wendy sucked him and put him back into her. That set her off again and she came so hard she almost passed out. Wendy backed off and Rose fell back onto his chest. Her hair flared over his face and the sweet smell of her made him smile.

He heard the blender and attempted so sit up. He looked at the bed and started laughing. “Rose, you wasted your time earlier. This bed is a wet as it was before you put everything in the dryer.”

She couldn’t answer him. Her eyes were crossed and her body was not responding to any cognitive functions at all. She was completely fucked up now.

Debbie came in with refills of Rum Runners. Without exception, brain freezes arrived as everyone drank like camels in a desert. The overdose of the pheromones and the utter horny causing beverage promised this would be a great day. It wasn’t even noon yet.

He laughed wickedly.

“Why am I so fucking horny this morning? I can’t get enough of everything?” Wendy asked.

“Blame Rose, it is all her fault,” he said.

“My fault, why is it my fault? Okay, sure, I got your cock first again but they have all seen me suck you many times. I’m just as horny as Wendy is and from the look on Debbie’s face, I know she is too so why is this all my fault? Mind you, I’m not complaining one bit. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Rose look in the toy box and get out a new candle. Read the label.”

“Oh shit, I saw candles, I thought it would be sexy to have them burning. I love candles. I didn’t know they were pheromone candles. No fucking wonder I can’t get enough. I didn’t know they even existed. I love them,” Rose giggled.

Everyone agreed that the candles were amazingly effective. They watched the action on the big screen and the comments were hysterical. There was one scene with a tiny white brunette and a huge black man whose cock most would describe as a physical deformity.

“There is no way that she can take all that. She is too tiny. She has big tits and a great ass but there is no way she is going to swallow that thing!” Debbie exclaimed.

Rose watched with rapt attention to the delicious way this girl’s mouth wrapped around this huge cock. Her jaw was nearly dislocated and her lips stretched tight as this liquorice log slid slowly between her teeth. “I don’t know about that. I’d like to try that one myself,” Rose said. “Who is this girl anyway?”

Everyone looked at Rose with some shock on their faces.

“It’s always been a fantasy of mine. I can’t explain it. I have always liked watching black men and Asian and white women. It’s sexy.”

“Her name is Cherokee. She is one of my favorite porn stars. She makes me drool,” he said.

They watched in awe as this tiny minx swallowed the entire black pipe.

“I’ve never been with a black man,” Wendy stated. “What about you?” she asked to no one in particular.

None of the women said they had. “What about you hon, have you been with a black woman?” Wendy asked.

“Yes I have; there are two in particular that I see occasionally. You’ll meet them eventually. They are amazingly beautiful and horny as hell. I know they will simply love you as well. Oh yeah, there have been a couple of guys too.”

“How was that?” Rose asked.

“It was filling, very filling. It was good though too. I’m going to bet one of these days, you all will have the opportunity to fuck many black men. When it happens, just don’t forget me. I’ll be the white boy with the little dick that loves all of you. Deal?” he said.

“Deal, I doubt that would ever happen but yes, you have a deal,” Debbie smirked.

“The men I’m talking about like white women a lot. I just had to be sure. From what I hear, they can be very addictive themselves,” he smiled.

“I’m fucking horny again!” Rose shrieked. “We better save our money because I’m going to light these candles everywhere.”

“This is me sulking now. I thought I was the one that turned you all on,” he laughed.

“You do darling, you definitely turn me on more than I can ever tell you,” Rose said.

“I second that,” Wendy said.

“Add me to that mix sweetheart,” Debbie said. “What bothers me is that I’ve known it was happening too for a very long time. I was just too blind to see it.”

“Okay Rose, you got it out. You’re going to be the first to ride it,” he said as he moved to the Sybian. “Let me explain this thing. For starters, there are a number of attachments. The first one is the flat one. You straddle this as if you are riding a horse except you put your feet towards the back. You want to have the front nub touching your clit. If it doesn’t touch, I have a slipper to put on it to make contact. Get on it Rose and let’s see how this fits you.”

Rose got on and saw that it needed no adjustments. He lowered the overhead handhold bar from the top of the bed to give her something to hold. Rose got on facing the end of the bed and he picked up the control unit. He turned it on to 15% and Rose smiled.

“This feels great,” she said as the vibrations started to course through her body. When the control was turned up to 30% she grinned. “Oh this feels so good. I like this a lot.” When it went to 40%, “Oh this is fucking good.” He set it to 50% and she started to shriek. “Ohmigod this is terrific.”

Rose began to cum and she came hard within the first minute. He adjusted it to 60%, she was holding onto the bar, and cumming like crazy. At 70%, her body was shaking desperately enjoying one of the wildest orgasms of her life. For the first time, he kept it at that setting and Rose’s body was cumming constantly. He slowed everything back down to zero and she just sat there stunned.

“Stand up hon; I have to change some things. If you liked that, you’ll love this,” he said. He changed from the flat attachment to the medium 6″ one. “Okay Rose, sit on this.”

Rose sat on the dildo and adjusted herself so that her clit rested on the front nub. He picked up the control unit and turned the other knob.

“Ohmigod, the dildo is turning inside me. That is wild. I love this. Oh damn, this feels so good.”

He adjusted it until it was at a very pleasant speed for her. He walked over to her and put a blindfold on her.

“I am going to bring the speed up slowly increasing it. I want you to concentrate on one thing and one thing only, orgasms. I don’t want you to think of anything else. You will begin to cum keep cumming. I will adjust the speed from time to time. All you need to do my dear, is relax and cum. Do not be alarmed if, from time to time, one or all of us begins to touch and kiss you. To heighten your orgasms, it helps to vocalize so moan, shriek and scream if you want. I am going to talk to you. You just listen to the words I say and react. Think of it as if it is me inside you. Make sure you keep humping your clit on the front nub. Are you ready?” he asked.

“Oh God, this thing feels good inside me and nothing is happening yet. Am I ready? Ohmigod yes I am!” Rose moaned.

He turned the rotation up and brought up the vibration speed. Rose began cumming almost immediately.

“I Love You Rose. Feel my hot cock moving inside you. You feel wonderful on my cock my darling. Squeeze my cock as hard as you can. I want you to let it all out. Cum for me Rose.”

“Oh yes! I’m cumming! So good, oh this is so very good. Yes! Yes! Oh fuck me!”

He adjusted the vibration upward and Rose kept cumming. The orgasms were unlike anything she had ever felt. Her entire body was on fire and deprived of any visual stimulation, she could only focus on the delicious sensations in her pussy and on her clit. She heard his words and they just made it better. Every time the vibrations increased, the intensity of the orgasms grew. She inhaled deeper and came more.

“You’re doing great. Fuck me hard Rose. Give it to me. You’re so beautiful. Hump me and let everything go Rose. Squeeze my hot cock, cum for me darling.”

“Oh fuck yessss! I’m cumming so hard. Cumming so hard! So good, oh, this is so good! Keep cumming! Oh, yes! I must keep cumming.”

He motioned for Debbie and Wendy to stand beside her. Rose felt four hands begin to touch her lithe body lightly. Her breasts, adorned with the hardest nipples she had ever felt, loved their tender touch. Wendy’s hands caressed her back and down onto her ass. When her finger slipped between Rose’s sweet ass cheeks, Rose unhinged completely.

He turned the speed all the way to 100% and the moans became so intense. She was white knuckling the bar that held her upright. Her body was in a constant state of climax. Her feet and toes were flinching.

“You are so beautiful when you are coming. Go ahead and scream baby. Keep fucking me hard. I love you Rose. It feels wonderful when you fuck me like this. Ride my cock, hump me Rose. Cum baby, cum hard for me.”

The shriek that came from her mouth would have brought the police if his neighbors had heard it. Oh wait, they did hear it. They were waiting for their turn too.

“I am going to stop fucking you for a moment Rose. Sit very still and keep your eyes closed. Enjoy the feeling of my cock moving inside of you. Don’t move and keep your eyes closed. You are wonderful, I love you Rose. You are doing great,” he said.

He smiled to himself as he instantly turned the vibrations off completely. The dildo kept rotating and Rose was still cumming hard.

“I want you to fuck me some more and I want you to let everything go this time. Don’t be holding back. Cum as hard as you can,” he whispered after about a half minute.

He looked at Wendy and Debbie indicating the vibration was going to start again. They stood beside her and he turned it all the way up again. Rose screamed loudly and her body shook and shivered as the orgasms kept happening, longer and more intense than ever. The girls held her tight and stroked her body as she was pulsed and twirled so lasciviously. Her pussy was gushing, squirting and clamping so hard on the cock inside her.

Rose signaled enough and they helped her from the machine. She lay on the bed, dazed, incoherent and smiling the brightest, widest smile, anyone had ever seen. She tried to speak. That didn’t work. She attempted to move her hands in a coordinated way and that too was impossible. The only thing that worked was the smile.

Wendy looked at him and asked, “Is that thing for real?” I’ve seen them advertised before but I never saw one in action.”

He took her lovely blonde head in his hands and kissed her so wonderfully. He looked into her eyes and saw the love and the lust within. He kissed her again and walked her to the machine. She mounted it and he checked to see if he had to make any adjustments. He put the slipper on and it was perfect for her. He kissed her again and put the blindfold on.

“You know what to do. Just let everything flow. Concentrate on nothing but your own pleasure.”

For the next half hour, the room was the scene of the most delightful yelps, shrieks and moans. Wendy was such a gorgeous woman who had been deprived of orgasmic pleasure most of her life. Unfortunately, he knew that kind of deprivation was common.

Rose lay on the bed, unable to move. From time to time, giggling was heard above the noise of the machine.

Debbie looked at her and laughed. She had never seen anyone that completely fucked in her entire life. She knew she was next and the thought thrilled her and frightened her at the same time. Debbie hung onto him, her arm wrapped around his shoulder. He loved the feel of her lovely breast on his arm. He handled the control that was sending Wendy into orbit.

“I know it is probably way too soon to say this but I really don’t care. You’ve been one of my closest friends and I’m just going to say this anyway, like it or not. I love you Gary. I really do,” Debbie said as she took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately. “I know no one will ever possess you. I can deal with that. I love these women as well and I want to be part of our collective lives. This isn’t a fling for me. I hope you know that.”

“I know that Debbie, I know it and I love it,” he said as he turned the speed up higher.

Wendy came hard so many times that she lost count. Her lovely legs wobbled as they removed her from the device. She was soaked from head to toe. Her pussy had flooded everything. When they laid her on the bed, she was as incoherent as Rose had been.

Rose was still giggling. A half hour after leaving the machine she still could not focus very well. She knew that she loved this man. Could it be that she felt an emotional attachment to this delicious toy as well? She giggled again.

Debbie looked lovingly at him again, “I’ve cum so much in such a short period of time. Don’t hurt me, just take me to places I’ve never been before.” She kissed him and mounted the machine. A half hour later, the silly putty that was helped to the bed belonged to Debbie, smiling and giggling profusely.

He smiled to himself. He didn’t put the device away. The day was young and he was beginning to know his women. They hadn’t learned a few things about this device yet. He laughed, a slightly wicked laugh, but a laugh, nonetheless.

Rose had recovered and she could not keep her hands off this man. She was hugging his naked body, kissing his chest and generally clinging to him like flypaper. In her mind, she had a wild fantasy life but nothing could compare to the insatiable cravings he caused her to feel simply by walking into a room.

Together they poured drinks and returned to the bedroom. Wendy and Debbie were slowly returning to some sense of normalcy. Considering that many women have referred to their experiences with the device as life changing, normalcy may not be the description to use.

“This machine will take a woman who has never experienced an orgasm to being multi-orgasmic and then, poly-orgasmic. It is here for one reason and one reason only, pleasure, your pleasure…and several of my other friends as well,” he told Rose as they returned with the drinks.

He looked at the bed and the worn out women struggling to sit up and laughed. “Gee, what are you going to be like when you see everything this little devil can and will do to you? I think I’ll need to have paramedics on hand.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? What more could it possibly do? I’ve had more orgasms today than I ever had collectively in my lifetime,” gasped Wendy.

“Oh, I’ve been told that this works very well,” he said as he held up an attachment that looked like a ball on a four inch attachment. “This rides on your G-Spot. I hear it is effective, extremely effective. Oh, then there is this.” He held up the dual penetrator. “Any of the dildos fit. Therefore, you can choose the size you want for your pussy and a different size for your ass. Then, this one I like too. The finger,” he smirked as he held up an attachment that looked like a human finger. “This one can get kinky.”

“Kinky, did this man just say kinky? Kinky, I’ll show you kinky. Do you, Wendy take Sybian to be your lawful wedded husband?” She burst out laughing.

The next morning, Linda and Holly met them in the kitchen. Mark staggered in demanding coffee. “Intravenously please, I’m tired. You went to bed and I partied for another two hours.”

“Excuse the fuck out of me, I went to bed with three hot, horny women who demanded, let me repeat that, demanded my complete attention,” Gary grinned. “They get hornier every day.”

“Are you two complaining?” Linda looked dumbfounded. “Well, that fucks up our plans Holly. I guess you’ll just have to let me lick your pussy instead.”

“More coffee,” Gary demanded. “Like either of us would pass up either of you, give me a freakin break.”

They spent the next five hours making cakes, pies, cookies, cinnamon buns and of course cheesecakes. They burned through several pots of coffee and took time for the occasional orgasm as well. Something about these two women, no one could resist.

Gary called his pool man and told him to go ahead on the balance of the pool. He told him to schedule the construction with Red, that he was going to be away for six weeks and hoped the pool would be complete on his return.

The girls were busy packing. Lori and Diane arrived. Diane helped Ronnie pack for the trip. Lori was flying on Gary’s jet and Mark was heading to Dallas to see Cherry and assist Ainsley is getting everything up and running.

Lori and Mark had a long meeting and they both came out of it smiling. She had great news for him. Their list of fresh contracts blew him away. He saw the list of names of models who had signed and he was stunned. Some of the biggest names in the business had signed on and the list of others who were waiting to sign was long and prestigious.

As far as the entertainers were concerned, the list wasn’t as long but he expected that. They had record deals, management contracts and tour schedules to work around. They would come but it would take time.

Mark told her that he was more interested in signing the new talent. With that regard, he authorized a talent search. He wanted four teams of two to travel around the country looking for talent for both clubs. They were to approach them, get to know them and find out if they had representation. He told her to instruct them to keep everything quiet and get their contact numbers. When the time was right, they would look at them and if they were worthy, they would sign them.

Mark read a report from research on the lawyers Lori wanted to hire. Of the initial ten, Mark approved eight of them. She was pleased with that. They went through many other details while Lori got her protein fix. Mark loved the contrast of his alabaster cock sliding into her gorgeous ebony face.

He told her to get Brenda signed to a friends contract. He said he would give her the details before she left. The contract was to begin immediately and it was to be a lifetime contract. She looked at him stunned.

“Are you sure you want to do that Mark? Who is our client on this one? Is Gary on board with this?”

Brenda is the woman who taught us how to make love. She is a Tony award-winning dancer, choreographer and the hottest piece of tail you’ve ever seen. Yes, Gary is onboard. I just want to verify the figures with him first.”

He told her to get together with Brenda and discuss the best way to find dancers. Brenda would be invaluable in that regard. He also told her that she would be in for a real treat as well. He didn’t elaborate but Lori got his drift. She smiled as he unloaded into her willing throat.

At the conclusion of the meeting, she had increased her department from herself to nine lawyers, nine secretaries and she was building her promotion department too. She was happy.

Gary walked into his wing and found his girls busy packing. He told them about his plan to give up his office and to work out of the house. He also told them that he wanted Jill to work out of the house as well. It would be much more convenient if she worked here instead.

“I’ll tell you what would be a hell of a lot more convenient,” Wendy said. “Why not finish the third floor and have her live here. She is family; I’d love having her here.”

Debbie and Rose agreed instantly.

“I’ll talk to her about that. Thanks my loves,” he kissed each of them. “Oh shit, did you meet her at the office today?

Debbie laughed hysterically, “Yes dear, this is exactly why she should be here all the time. She knew you’d forget to tell us. We took Ronnie with us too. We are going to blow everyone away. The new designs are phenomenal. I’m going to feel like a princess. I’ve never had such beautiful clothing in my life.”

“Good, I’m glad that is done. I completely forgot. I got thinking about Brenda and then baking and well, I never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes.”

“It’s okay,” Rose snickered. “We still love you.”

Gary walked into his office and got Jill online. “Sweetheart, I have a question for you. Did you just buy new furniture for your place?”

“Yes I did hon, why?” she asked.

“Well, the girls and I talked about this and we all agree that you should live here. I want to have the third floor in my wing done for you. When is your lease up?”

“I have the new lease sitting on my desk. I haven’t signed it because I was considering moving. The neighborhood is sliding and I was going to look once we got back from Europe. Are you sure, you want me to move in? I would love it but I don’t want to intrude either.”

“It’s a done deal darling. Don’t be surprised if they start calling you sis. They love you as much as I do. I’m going to grab Red and Nancy and head over to your place. Are you coming to dinner? We baked,” he grinned into the camera.

“I wouldn’t miss it. You have your key; let yourself in. I’ll meet you at the house. Is there anything else baby?”

“Actually, there is. Get in touch with Roy and tell him I am in the market for another jet. I’d love a Gulfstream 650 but I don’t want to buy new. They have only been out a short time but with so many companies failing, I know he can find me one at a good price. Whatever you do, don’t tell Mark. He’ll freak on me.”

“No shit Sherlock, if you do this, he’ll kill you. I’ll call him right away. I’ll see you in a while.”

Gary rounded Red and Nancy up and they headed to Jill’s apartment. As they expected, her apartment was elegant. Her new furniture was feminine, soft and sexy. They took photos and determined color schemes. They looked in her closet and Red whistled.

“Damn, she has more clothes than anyone I have ever seen.”

“Yeah, her closet is kinda small,” Gary, said. “Design her new closet at least twice as big. Spare no expense. She is family. Put fireplaces, in the living room, bedroom and bathroom for her. She loves to relax in a whirlpool bath and gaze at the fire. Make it spectacular. Her office should be like mine but only prettier. Once you’re done, call Dave and he will arrange the movers to move everything over here and take care of her lease arrangements. I’d like her moved in by the time we get back.”

“Well, I don’t know. It is a big job. We just had a new job presented to us this morning. It is going to take some time as well,” Nancy said.

“That is great. I hope it is a big job too,” Gary said.

“Oh it is, but the nice part is we can walk to it,” Red snickered. “Brenda has contracted us to completely redo her place. On top of having the best sex in years, she saw what we had done and wanted us to completely redecorate her place. The nice thing is she knows we are going to be busy so we can do it at our pace.”

“That works for me. Don’t keep her waiting too long.”

They returned to the house and Red and Nancy went up to the third floor. They had the plans and the measurements. They did a quick sketch and had a basic idea of what to do. They showed it to Jill and she was thrilled. The view from the third floor was spectacular and she was extremely happy with everything.

Linda and Holly had dinner ready and it was delicious. Everyone was waiting for desert. They had set up everything buffet style and people tried everything. They raved about the deserts. Gary and Mark smiled and sat back. Everyone loved the cheesecakes. Gary had made several turtle cheesecakes that they voted the best desert overall. They loved Mark’s chocolate cake but his carrot cake was amazing too. Every single item was a winner. No one, other than Holly could claim victory. They voted every item to be included in the bakery.

As they relaxed with a drink after dinner, Gary told everyone that they needed to apply and obtain their passports while they were in Europe. He didn’t tell them why, he just said that they were going to need them.

Lori told Gary that everyone was already in Rome. The photographers and their staff had been there for the last four days. The other models were arriving today. Gary looked at the list of the models on this shoot and was happy. He had worked with them all before and they were talented and gorgeous. They were also horny as hell.

“Too bad you’re not going to be there,” Gary said to Mark as he handed him the list. Mark looked at the list and then over to Lori.

“Every one of them is on my list. Each girl has her own horror story about Trainer. They love me and hate him. None of them is a client yet Mark. You should go. Hell, according to what I’ve learned, you’ve dated all of them so it wouldn’t matter. I’m going to have to put a stop to you guys fucking the available models or I’ll never make any money,” Lori laughed.

“Hey, I can fuck them anytime I want. I’m not bound by the Banner friends rule,” Gary giggled.

“This is true, Let me think about it. You leave in the morning. I am going to Fort Worth to help Ainsley and I’ll be at the hospital too. I’ll see how things work out,” Mark said.

“I’ve got an idea Mark,” Shannon said. “Once I get everything set for the daily shoot, all I do is sit back and watch. Bring Ainsley over and she and I can work on the new designs. It will put us six weeks ahead of schedule. You can stay in contact with the hospital. If there is any change, you’ll know immediately. Besides that makes it thirteen women and Gary. He’s fucking amazing but he is only one man. He needs you there. Fuck that, we need you there darling.”

“I don’t know if Ainsley has a passport,” Mark admitted.

Jill picked up the phone and called her. She learned that she did have a passport and that she had never been to Europe. Jill told her to pack and that Mark was coming to Fort Worth tomorrow. She filled her in on his intentions and then hung up.

“Call her when you are about an hour out and she’ll pick you up. You’re staying with her while you’re there. She is so excited about being included in the trip,” Jill told him.

“I’m going to hate getting my electric Bill,” Gary said to no one in particular.

Red looked at Jill and Nancy and grinned. “Chances are you won’t get a bill at all. I’m betting all you get is a check.”

“What are you talking about? This house is huge and we are burning electricity like crazy.”

“Oops, guess we forgot to tell you. Come on, it is better if we show you,” Jill said as she picked up a tablet and headed to the golf carts. They drove down a new path and into the back corner of the lot next to Brenda’s property.

“Holy shit,” Gary exclaimed as he looked at what appeared to be an acre of solar panels. “This shit isn’t cheap, who authorized this?”

“I did,” Jill said. “I had a study done on the usage and determined that this will pay for itself in just under seven years. Here, look at this.”

She showed him the tablet. He didn’t understand what she was showing him for a few minutes. She explained it to him and showed him that he was actually selling power back to Florida Power and Light everyday. On the breakdown, day by day, there were only two days where they used more than they made.

He looked at the numbers and smiled. “Thank God someone around here is fiscally responsible. Good job sis, good job.”

“Dammit, I want to check my condo doc’s. I get more sunlight in Las Vegas than you do here. My bill is atrocious,” Mark complained.

They headed back and Gary jumped in the pool. Red followed and they swam around looking at the areas that were going to be changed.

“This is really going to finish everything off perfectly. When it is done, you can do your photo shoots right here,” Red laughed.

“Not a bad idea,” Gary agreed, “Anything to help me pay for all this. I need a drink.”

Debbie had prepared a list of the major bars in the country. She handed the list to Lori. While Gary made drinks for everyone, Debbie explained that for a bar promotion to be successful, it had to be sexy, offer good value to the patrons and appeal to men and women.

“I’ve done these things for years. I know how the bar owners think. When we walked in to a bar, the girls we had were spectacular, hot and oozed horniness. We’ll have our dancers, which will bring the sexy. The value will be the catalogs and we should have discount coupons in them. Discounts for products and free cover charge admission to our clubs will give great value but one thing is missing.”

“What’s that dear?” Gary asked.

“Well, there is one thing that would put this over the top. We should put on a fashion show at each bar. I know that this will add a lot of cost but the benefit would definitely be worth it. I’m thinking five men and five women should be enough. The dancers would be wearing some of the line but their outfits won’t be our standard fare. The models would be wearing items they can go home and order that night.”

“If we did that, we’d also need an announcer. I agree that this would be a great idea,” Lori said. “We could use this to recruit new, fresh faces to the modeling side of the business. I may be wrong but if this works, we are going to need a lot of traveling groups. There are thousands of bars. I can’t see any one group covering all of them.”

“Okay, so wait a minute, are you saying we are going to need more than one set of professional dancers? This is going to escalate costs quickly,” Gary, mused.

“The first two clubs are in the top two destination cities in the world. In order to be successful, we have to promote them all over the country. National TV, radio and print coverage will be necessary in addition to the internet. Nonetheless, the best advertising is word of mouth.

I’ve had discussions with some of the country stars and they are interested in using our dancers in their videos. I’m sure the other genres will do the same. These people trust us. We could wind up with regional dancers and models plus the professional dancers. That is in addition to the club dancers.”

“We can’t afford models in each club. That would be way too much,” Gary said.

Wendy smiled and told him they had that covered. “Look at this house. We have big screen TV’s everywhere. We videotape a fashion show with our top models, and we play it in the main lobby and in the store. Everyone coming and going will see it. The only time we do a fashion show in our clubs is when we introduce a new catalog. Keeps the product alive and costs down.”

“That sounds like a plan to me. When you get over to Europe, we can work out all the details Mark. It looks like your new division is going to grow quickly,” Gary smiled.

Mark picked up a tablet and tapped the screen. Michelle’s pretty face appeared. Mark filled her in on what was happening. She was very concerned about Cherry’s condition and he told her what he knew. He said he was going to be in Dallas and then he was heading to Rome for the fashion shoot.

He told Michelle to get research on Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Miami, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco available properties. She had all the details of what they required. He wanted options available when they got back.

“Things are progressing here faster than we anticipated. Everything is falling into place nicely. This is going to be huge. We need to start obtaining properties as soon as possible. Have research look into the Arbitron stats for the top markets for all genres of music. I want to see what areas have strong ratings in both country and dance. We can filter out those cities that are weak on only one genre. Miami, San Francisco and Nashville will be strong in only one genre. We know that,” Mark said as he said goodbye.

Mark smiled as he turned to Holly and Gary, “My people will find us the absolute best properties. It is going to get busy if we are going to open two cities per month. I’m excited.”

“I’m going to have a stroke,” Lori whined. “I’ve got to call Dani. I forgot to tell her to hire the talent scouts. At this rate, we are going to need more jets. I’m going to stay in Europe until Mark gets there. I have too much to do to stay the entire time. Six months is not a long time with this project.”

Gary looked up and saw trouble coming. Rose started to laugh.

“Hey muthafucker, is it true that you’re going to be gone for six weeks?” Tammy demanded. He looked beyond her to see Linda, Bobbi, Tia and JoJo standing with their hands on their hips glaring at him.

“Uh, yes we are heading to Rome tomorrow. We’ll be there for two weeks and then we go to Paris for two weeks and we end up in Geneva, Switzerland for the last leg of the trip. Then we’ll be home. Why?” Gary stated.

“I know we are only the help but were you going to give us a going away fuck before you left?” Tia purred.

Wendy and Debbie started laughing so hard they could hardly breathe. Mark was hysterical and Tammy was deadly serious.

“Go ahead you son of a bitch, laugh. Laugh your fucking ass off and I’ll bite your dick the first chance I get,” Bobbi, giggled as she glared at Mark.

Wendy got up and walked over to them. She hugged and kissed each one and told them they were not going to be left out of anything. Since everyone was packed, there was no reason not to party.

“Damned straight we’re going to party,” JoJo said. “We’re gonna miss your sweet pussies as well so you’re in on it too girlfriends. My Aussie lips love your Yankee pussies too.”

“It’s not like we were going to leave you with no cock to fuck around here,” Gary smirked.

“Darling,” Linda purred. “They are nice, they are young and strong and they are great to fuck but they aren’t you two. Someday perhaps but they don’t even come close to you two right now. That is just the facts.”

Everyone laughed at that one. Jill had been listening but was on the phone at the same time.

“Thank you Roy, I’ll tell them. I’ll call you first thing in the morning before we leave.” She motioned Gary over to her and told him that Roy had found two incredible deals. They were in Greece. Two G650′s with less than a thousand hours on each. They were bought by the Greek Foreign Ministry. They have every option available and the government is broke. She told him the price and he just looked at her shocked.

“Are you serious? That is a third of what they are worth. I have to tell Mark. I know he wants one bad. This deal he can’t afford to pass up. Hell, we are going to be in Rome. It would be nothing to fly to Greece to see the planes. Let’s go talk to him.”

Mark was still bantering with the girls when Gary came back to the bar. He excused himself for a few minutes and pulled Mark away.

“What’s up bro?”

“I know you’ve been following the European financial mess as closely as I have. Jill talked to Roy today and told him to look and see if there were any G650′s available at a good price. Well, he just called. The Greek Foreign Ministry took delivery of two fully loaded G650′s and they are broke. They are screaming for cash and we can have them for a third of their regular price. They each have less than 1000 hours on them. They are brand new.”

“You have got to be kidding. Two of those are over $100 million.”

“We can get them for $30 Million cash. That is $15 Million each. They are in Greece and we are going to be in Rome. It is a hop, skip and jump to fly over there and take a look at them,” Gary said.

“Bro, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Fuck Obama and his crusade on corporate jet owners. He’s not going to be around for a second term anyway. I’ll buy one sight unseen right now.”

“Well, apparently they are identical,” Jill, grinned. “I’d hate to have my men fighting on the tarmac again. I’ve been there and done that, remember.”

“Oh shit, that’s not fair. For starters, that was a WWII fighter, there was only one of it, and we both wanted it. Yeah, I got a little emotional over that one.”

“Aren’t you glad you didn’t get it? As I remember, the damned plane crashed three weeks later. You pissed the owner off and he refused to sell it to either of you. The only good thing was he was able to bail out before it was too late,” Jill said smugly.

“Call Roy, ask him if we can see the planes on Saturday.”

“I’ll take care of it. Now, unless you want a fucking mutiny on your hands, you have some women who are demanding your attention. Gary, I now know why you love those girls so much. They are hilarious,” Jill, giggled.

They walked back to the bar and Tammy grabbed his hand. JoJo grabbed Mark and Wendy. Tia grabbed Rose and Debbie while Bobbi wrapped her arm around Jill. They headed towards their house.

“No one is going to christen this place but you,” Tammy grinned. “None of us have had sex in here. We were waiting for you guys to have the honors. Besides that, none of us has ever fucked you in our home. It has always been in your room or your house. Welcome to our house.”

Gary walked into a spectacular house, beautifully decorated, top of the line electronics and designed for orgasmic pleasure. The girls showed them everything Red and Nancy had done and Gary was so happy. The living room had two Tantra chairs as well as a full compliment of beautiful furniture. The bedrooms were perfect. Each room had a king sized bed, sitting area and ensuite bath with shower and whirlpool tub. The granite Red had selected matched each woman’s color palette and the rooms oozed sex appeal. Yes, they worked for him but they lived in total luxury and that made him happy as could be.

It only took seconds before clothes were flying, wonderful music filled the air and hands were caressing soft, sweet bodies. Tia and Bobbi grabbed Rose and Debbie. Linda and Jill went into Linda’s room and they went at it wildly. Mark and Debbie wound up in Bobbi’s room and they made sweet, passionate love.

Tammy led Gary back to her room and she was thrilled to finally, after all these years to have her man in her bed. She pushed her body against him as she removed the remainder of his clothes. She pushed him up against the wall and her hands ran over his tight frame sweetly.

“I’ve dreamed of this for years. I remember the night I finally came to you. I remember every sweet, wonderful thing you did to me. I’ve dreamed of doing you that way many times. Tonight, I am going to finally do you the way I want to.”

Tammy climbed up on her toes and she licked his lips. She nibbled on his neck and her hands stroked him everywhere. She licked his nipples and kissed his chest. Her arms went around him and she held him tight. She listened to his heart beating as her tiny breasts crushed his abdomen. She felt his cock harden against her tiny frame.

“I love your cock. I don’t know why I resisted for so long. I didn’t want to but I sure did waste a lot of time. I will never make that mistake again. When you want me, you have me. When I want you, I’m coming to get you,” Tammy purred. “Do you remember our last night together in Jacksonville?”

“I sure do, it was wild,” Gary sighed.

“Do me like that baby, I really need it like that,” she said as she threw him back on the bed and climbed onto his face.

He watched as her tiny, perfect black body ascended to his lips. Her body was amazing. She was perfectly proportioned, gorgeous hips and that pussy he craved for all those lost months. Her waxed lips puffed around an exceptional large clit that smiled sweetly as it fell onto his lips. She put her hands between her legs and she spread herself exposing her bright pink valley that he had become addicted to so long ago. She pulled herself apart and sweetly rode herself over his lips.

“Baby, lick my pussy darling. Lick me the way you know I like it. You’re the best in the world honey, Oh that feels so good. I love it when you lick me like this. Don’t stop darling,” Tammy purred as her fingers rode along her clit while he licked her senseless. “Muthafucker, you’re going to make me cum so soon. Holy fuck baby, this is so fucking good.”

Gary was just getting started. Tammy’s pussy had captured his heart years ago and he was not about to let it go now. There was something about this tiny woman and the orgasms she loved that drew him in. Because she was so small, her movements were exaggerated. Her body would begin a low vibration and build to massive convulsions.

His lips closed over her long clit and he began to gently suck.

She purred and cried. Her hips began to shake and her thighs gripped his cheeks relentlessly. She yelled and shrieked as he unmercifully kept her cumming. The harder she came, the wider she pulled her pussy apart. He had her clit in his mouth and his tongue loved it perfectly. She crushed her pussy hard onto his lips and she was wild.

His hands caressed her beautiful breasts and her nipples were like diamonds in his palms. Her body pounded his face and she came again. Tammy fell back laughing while he took a few more teasing licks of her engorged clit.

“Someday, that tongue should be enshrined in the Smithsonian baby,” she cooed.

She pulled herself up and rolled over to the nightstand. She pulled her mirror over and offered him two generous lines, which he inhaled immediately. She did a couple of lines herself and turned around, faced his feet and sat back down on his face. Her hands came around and she pulled her tight cheeks apart as the drug worked its magic.

“Darling, do my ass baby. Do me like there is no tomorrow. Ohmigod, my love, yes! Yes! Don’t stop. Lick my tight hot ass! You are so nasty. Fuck me I love how nasty you are. No one does me like you do baby. Oh, fuck yes!”

Gary wrapped his hands around her hips and he was stroking her clit while he sucked her ass. Tammy was on fire and her body was flailing uncontrollably. Her hands pulled her cheeks wide and his tongue dove right in. Her tiny pucker gave way as his tongue sank into her. Tammy was crying from pleasure as he tongue fucked her ass wonderfully.

She was cumming and watching as his long, thick cock stood at attention waiting for her to attack him soon. She looked at that cock and her mouth watered. She wanted it inside her. She wanted to taste it, to feel it, to experience it stretching her everywhere. She could make love to him anytime she wanted. Tonight, she wanted him to fuck her brains right out of her skull.

She couldn’t take it any longer. She reached for her wrist strap and took two long pulls on her bottle of Rush and dove onto his cock. As her face fell towards him, her lips opened and she nailed him expertly. His cock slid past her lips, over her tongue and straight down her throat. The massive cock in her tiny face stretched her lips and throat completely and she began to fuck her throat with his hard shaft. Every part of this man inflamed her and she was so far over the top tonight. Her dark lips crushed his pubes and her tongue drove him wild as she lavished him passionately.

His fingers slid into her pussy as his tongue lovingly ate her ass. She was in a constant orgasm as he pushed every button he knew and she loved him for it. Her throat closed over his cock and she swallowed wonderfully. Gary’s eyes widened, as she had never done that before. He wondered if she had been talking to Brenda. That was her specialty. She kept doing it and he knew he was right.

Tammy pulled herself off his face and she scooted down his body. She jumped on his hard cock and he slid in her tight twat instantly. Her body continued to rock and she rode him hard. Her hands caressed his balls as he fucked her. He watched her tight ass rise and fall as her pussy smoked his joint with lust and passion. This sweet ebony princess gripped him tightly and her soul pulsed dramatically as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her.

Tammy was slamming down on him and moaning loudly. Her pussy was soaked with her love and she gripped him with every muscle she could muster. She lifted herself and positioned his cock at the tight pucker he had just loosened with his tongue. She took another hit and she opened to allow his long cock to slide into her hot ass.

Her eyes rolled up into her head and she sighed sweetly. Her hands caressed her tits while she twirled her nipples sweetly. He stretched her ass wide and she loved the feel of his cock filling her fully.

“Oh fuck, yes darling, fuck my asshole. Nothing feels as good as to have your cock in my ass. I love it! Fuck me darling. Fuck my tight slutty asshole. I’m your little cocksucking whore darling. Fuck me forever. Oh, this feels so good. I love it.”

Gary raised his hands and cupped her breasts as Mark and Debbie walked into the bedroom. Gary pulled her back onto his chest as his cock slid in and out of her tight, hot ass. He looked at Mark who raised her legs and slid his hot cock into her very tight pussy. Tammy came unglued.

“Oh this is better than anything I could ever imagine. Oh, fuck. Yes my darlings, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt oh motherfuckers yes! Ohmigod, yes!” she screamed.

Gary reached for Wendy and pulled her to him. She leaned over and kissed him. He raised her leg and pulled her onto Tammy’s face.

“Darling, you don’t know this but Tammy is a wonderful pussy pleaser. I think she has learned a few of your tricks. That’s it Tammy, lick my sweet pussy. Your tongue feels sweet darling. That’s it baby; fuck my pussy with your tongue. Slide it deep inside me. Taste Mark’s sweet cum baby. Do you like his cock in your hot, tight pussy? Doesn’t Gary’s cock in your ass simply make you wild? I know I love it when they fuck me like this. Oh baby, I am going to cum on your tongue darling. Yes I am. Oh fuck, here it comes darling.”

Mark fucked her wildly as did Gary. Wendy came flooding her face and Tammy was breathless and lost in the lust of the moment. Her body had not stopped cumming and there was no end in sight.

Gary moved Tammy’s head and together they began to lick Wendy sweetly. Wendy went ballistic and she gushed all over both of them.

“I want that too,” Tia said. “In fact, we all do.”

Tammy was helped up and Tia replaced her. Debbie changed places with Wendy and lines were passed around. For the next two hours, each woman was double-teamed. They loved it.

“This is the most time we’ve had with you two in weeks,” Rose laughed. “I think we have to schedule this more often. So when are you moving in Mark?”

“I never left. I still have my old room. Gary and I can share the office. You’re going to be seeing more of me Rose. Trust me on that,” Mark grinned. “I just want to know how this ugly fuck could wind up with all these gorgeous women. I mean, seriously, I’m the good-looking one of the bunch.”

“Is your mirror broken asshole? You better check that again,” Gary, quipped.

“I don’t care about any of that shit,” JoJo snickered. “Just make sure you schedule us in too. That was fucking awesome. I swear I’ve never cum so hard in my life. The last time I came that hard, was in Jacksonville and you were the one making me cum Gary.”

“I’ll second that,” Bobbi said. “Over the years, your ears had to be burning baby. No one could ever come close to you and now, with two of you, holy motherfucker, nothing could compare.”

“I’ll put my two cents in,” Linda laughed. “I got kinda pissed off listening to Tammy tell me about this guy she knew and that she had never had anyone like him. I was so sure she was exaggerating. Dammit, I was wrong. If anything, she understated everything. I’ve never been so satisfied in my life. Actually, I’ve never enjoyed my life as I do now. Each one of you is special. Each one of you is wonderful and yes, I know I work for you but I have to say this. In a very short time, I’ve come to love each and everyone of you. The fact that I’ll fuck you anywhere, anytime and any place is irrelevant. It is going to be a long six weeks.”

“Well, the night is young and I just know there are a lot of people enjoying themselves. Let’s go join them,” Wendy giggled as she ushered everyone out of the house. “We can sleep on the plane and you can just relax and enjoy for six weeks. There will still be a ton of orgasms to be had while we are gone.”

“Like she is going to sleep on the plane,” Debbie snickered. “She’ll be in the cockpit blowing Jeff and Alan.”

“Well, she won’t be alone,” Rose, giggled. “I’ll be there too. I bet you will be too. It’s a long flight to Rome.”

“Well, if that’s the case, you’ll be blowing Mark and me,” Gary said. “I need to fly at least part of the way. I didn’t get to fly on the Bangkok trip at all. As a matter of fact, Jill needs to fly part of the way too.”

“I didn’t know she was a pilot,” Wendy said. “That is amazing.”

“We all started on single engine Cessna’s. We moved on to Twin engine and then we worked our way up the ladder. She is a licensed commercial pilot. We all are,” Mark told everyone. “Hey, I was just thinking, we are short a pilot. I can have Jack and Tom meet me in Dallas and come to Europe with Ainsley and me. That way, if we do what we are going to do, we can get them home.”

Gary burst out laughing, “What are you going to do, have those two cocksuckers fly commercial to Dallas? They will be arrested for sure.”

Mark laughed and nodded his head while hitting speed dial. “Well, there is an upside. Two more hard cocks to play with. The girls will appreciate it.”

Mark pulled Gary aside while everyone else went to party. He asked Gary what he was going to pay Brenda.

“I had planned to pay her three hundred thousand. Why, what’s up your twisted mind?”

“I told Lori to sign her to a ‘Lifetime Friend’s Contract’. I’ll match you dollar for dollar,” Mark, told him. “I can never repay her for all the love and pleasure she has given me.”

“I agree completely. You know how lucky we are. The things she taught us have been the best things we ever learned. People all over the world would kill to live our lives. Damn, I wonder is Jeremy wants in on this?” Gary mused.

“Let’s find out. He’ll either just be getting up or we’ll piss him off again. I can never get the damned time zones right,” Mark said as he dialed. Jeremy answered and Mark told him what they were doing.

“Damned right, count me in but I’m surprised at you two. Make it an even million and I’m in for a third. Just make fucking sure she is on every plane coming to Thailand. I miss her so much,” Jeremy said sincerely.

“Jeremy, I’m not shitting you, she is actually better than before. You’ll find out. She will be coming to Thailand soon. Thanks buddy.” Mark looked at Gary. “Let’s go blow someone’s mind.”

Jill was standing by the pool talking to Ronnie. Gary grabbed her, excused themselves and he asked her where Brenda was. She told him Brenda was in the house. She wanted to look at everything and that when Jill had left her she was speechless.

“Let’s go join her,” he said as he walked by the Tiki bar where Mark sat with Lori. “Brenda is in the house, let’s go find her.”

They walked into the game room and found her. She was, exactly as Jill had said, speechless. Her eyes were glazed over and everything she looked at boggled her mind.

Gary poured them a drink and they walked over to the poker table and sat down.

“Hon, we need to talk to you. We have talked and we need to tell you how our compensation package works. We will not hire anyone who isn’t represented by Mark. We know you are aware that he recently expanded to the entertainment sector. Lori heads that division and she is the best of the best. The dancers you are going to be training will be represented by the Banner Agency. I’m not talking just the professional dancers but the club dancers as well. You know as well as we do that the next superstar may well start out on a club stage somewhere,” Gary said.

“Oh that is definitely true. Hell, some of my best dancers started out working a pole in a strip club. I fully understand,” she said.

“Well, I need you to understand this,” Mark said. “The industry standard is for them to sign a fifteen percent contract. I don’t do that. I charge twenty percent but I give them so much more in value that it is definitely worth it. We don’t just represent them, we promote them and we handle their finances to build them a substantial retirement. We invest a lot of money in every client and we get him or her top dollar always.

The reason I need you to know this is that we have two types of contracts. We have clients’ contracts that usually run five years and we have friends’ contracts that are open ended. They don’t expire.

There are two major differences between the two. A friends’ contract is a special contract that gives the ‘friend’ everything that a clients’ contract gives the client except that we don’t charge a dime for our services. We represent you totally and we will never take a single dime for our services.

“Dammit Mark, that is so generous. How can you afford to do that?” she asked.

“Well darling, you are the reason I started this in the first place. I have a rule that I am strict about. Right now, it is going to hurt me a bit financially because of everything you taught us. We fuck our friends, not our clients. Everyone here has already signed a friends’ contract. They are all fair game. You will meet the rest of our friends and there is a hell of a lot of them. They include top athletes, models, actors and actresses. Hell, many of them you may already know. What you see here is pretty much what you will find when you get to Las Vegas. We learned from the best and our parties can’t be beat anywhere. We work hard and darling, thanks to you, we play hard too. I doubt there will be a day from now on, that you go to bed alone or at least unsatisfied.

Therefore, now that I’ve told you this, I have instructed Lori to draw up a special Lifetime Friends’ contract for you. You have everything that the people who pay me millions a year get free. If someone wants you on TV, or to do anything, we will handle the details for you. I will be personally handling your account so I think you’re in good hands there. This just doesn’t just apply to work related things. Anything that requires an attorney is handled. The same goes for your investments. My investment division is amazing. We’ll make you money.”

“Mark, I don’t know what to say. This is so fantastic. Yes darling, I know I’m in good hands. It’s a good thing I am getting a friends’ contract. I don’t want to think about not making love to any of you.”

Gary laughed and Jill blushed beet red. “We wouldn’t do that to you darling,” Jill said.

“Well, that’s good then. I’m glad we got that out of the way,” Mark said as he sat back and sipped his drink.

Gary looked at the smug look on his face and he stifled a laugh. Mark

Looked over at Lori and told her to draw up the contract.

“While you’re at it Lori, draw up a lifetime employment contract for Brenda Lutz. The employer is to be shown as D’Orgasmic Lingerie Inc., The Banner Agency and Bangkok Erotic Entertainment. The contract is to be effective immediately. This is a lifetime contract. In addition to the compensation amount, Brenda is to have full medical, dental and of course, all expenses fully paid. She will be doing extensive traveling.”

Jill looked confused, “I understand D’Orgasmic being the employer but why Mark and Jeremy?”

“Well, Jeremy said he wouldn’t mind having Brenda teach some of his people some new dance moves and I need to have my stripper poles tuned up from time to time in Las Vegas.”

“What is the compensation figure Mark?” Lori asked.

Gary looked at the twinkle in Marks eye and smiled. Jill saw that and sat there wondering what they were going to do. Brenda was sitting watching them and she had no clue what was about to happen.

“I’m sorry Lori, I left that part out. See, I have to negotiate on her behalf. Now it’s time for me to earn my keep. Well I don’t know Gary that is a shitty offer. You can do better than that.”

“No I can’t. What the fuck, do you think I’m made of money? You are one sick motherfucker if you think I am coming up with another nickel. I don’t care if she is the best piece of ass on earth.”

Jill started laughing so hard she slid from her chair. She’d been there so many times before.

Mark picked up his cell and screamed into the phone. “Jeremy. You vicious little cocksucker, you had better come up with more money. You can afford it. Don’t fuck with me; this is Brenda for fuck’s sake. What, well, if you say so, I’ll check with Gary.”

“Don’t even dare look at me for any more money. I’m worried where my next meal is coming from. You are such a prick Banner.”

Mark slid the phone over to Gary and he looked at it. He slid it back to Mark and nodded.

“Fucking pricks, you both are fucking pricks,” he said sternly.

Lori was sitting there stunned. She had absolutely no idea what the hell had just taken place. Jill was laughing and Brenda realized what these two bozos were doing.

“Lori, her compensation amount is One Million Dollars a year for life,” Mark stated.

Jill jumped out of her chair and started jumping up and down. Brenda sat there flabbergasted.

“Are you fucking serious? Did you say One Million Dollars a year for life? You three are fucking brain dead. I am not worth that much money,” Brenda blurted out.

“To us, you are darling,” Gary said. “You have no idea how you have enriched our lives. We love you today as much as we did when we were kids. You didn’t just teach us to make love baby, you taught us what love was all about. We’re gonna work your pretty ass off darling but you’ll have fun doing it.”

“Mark the date on the wall. Brenda is speechless. I don’t know what to say. Ohmigod, I am blown away. Thank you so much.” She stood up and kissed Gary and Mark so sweetly.

Jill sat there and she started to cry. She looked at Gary and then at Mark. “I’ve never loved you more than I do right now.” She got up and kissed them deeply. “You three really are the best men on earth.”

“I’ve got two questions Mark,” Brenda said.

“What’s that darling?”

“You said something I taught you was going to hurt you financially? I didn’t mean to do anything that would hurt you my love. What did I do?”

“Well you taught me to be the man I am and you know, you were there, I dated a lot of models,” he smiled. “Now, I represent a lot of models. It’s going to be hard for me to sign them to clients’ contracts now.”

“You only did that to keep everyone from learning about Jill. If you remember, you three wanted her all to yourself and, correct me if I’m wrong here, but if the three of you rejected her, no one would ask her out. You all dated models because you had full access to them. They were for show when I knew that each one of you was in love with her and that was just the bottom line. I’m sorry if you became an excellent lover. I’m sorry if you three learned your lessons well. Don’t blame me. Hell, they were lucky to know you three,” Brenda, said.

“My next question is very simple. Do you always negotiate naked?” she said as she started to laugh uncontrollably. “I love you guys so much. You have just secured my future. I’m so happy I could just fuck all of you till you can’t walk.”

“This is so much more fun that working for Trainer,” Lori giggled.

“Dave Trainer, don’t tell me you worked for that fucking prick. One of these days, don’t be surprised if you have to bail me out baby. If I ever have the chance, I am going to send his testicles to the moon. That is one vicious motherfucker. I hate that man. I have so many dancers that he has screwed royally. We should talk Lori. I know hundreds of dancers. They hate Trainer.”

“I have one question for you. Have you been talking to Tammy?” Gary asked.

“Tammy, I don’t know. Oh wait I know who you mean. She is the gorgeous black girl from Jacksonville. Isn’t she delicious? Yes, I talked to her. Why?”

“Teach her anything today darling?”

“Did you enjoy baby? Did Brenda have another success? Hmm, did I?”

“I’m glad you’re earning your keep baby doll. She surprised me wonderfully a little while ago.”

“She cornered me earlier today. She told me how important it was for her to become the best cocksucker imaginable. I kinda had a class while you were out at Jill’s place. By the time you get back from Europe, everyone will be better. There isn’t a single one of them that I don’t adore. I’ll teach them everything they need to know.”

“I’m going to have to find you a rehearsal hall. You are going to have a fairly large space to train the dancers,” Jill said.

“No baby, no you don’t. You haven’t been in my place in years. I built a three thousand square foot dance studio next door about five years ago. It is all ready to go. All I need is people to train.”

“That is perfect. Work up routines and train this group. If they are going to run our clubs, I want them to know everything,” Gary instructed. “Chances are, they will never dance but it is important that they know everything. Between the dance classes and the other classes, I can’t wait to get back.”

“Mark, I’m surprised that the lady you were with at the Pro Bowl isn’t here. I did some checking and learned a few things about her. She is a dancer and a damned good one. She looks like Ronnie. They tabloids said you two were an item. She is gorgeous,” Brenda asked.

Gary and Lori went back outside while Mark brought Brenda up to speed on Cherry’s status.

The party was in full swing when they walked out on the patio. Holly and Linda were having a conversation when they walked up.

“I’ll tell you this; we are going to be busy while you are gone. Linda and I have been working on the menus. We are going to have a complete menu designed and perfected by the time you get back. I know how much you like Country Fried Steak and that will be on there,” Holly smiled.

Gary filled Holly in on what was happening with Brenda. She was very happy to hear that. He told her that the architect would be contacting her this week as they had notified him that the permits had fallen in place at the end of the week for both clubs. Construction was to begin immediately. Michelle was handling everything in Las Vegas and Dave would be handling any legal matters in Orlando. Dani was hiring talent scouts next week and they would be traveling all over the country looking for fresh new talent to showcase. Overall, things were working nicely.

“It is too early to hire dancers and models yet but I have a list of people I am looking at. Brenda has a ton of dancers for us to look at. I will be holding auditions in Las Vegas and then again in Orlando. I haven’t seen it but Brenda has a dance studio next door so we can train them over there,” Lori said.

Mark and Brenda walked up and Mark looked down. Thinking about Cherry had not been good for him. He did put a smile on his face and he looked at Gary and Lori.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. Everything about Brenda’s contract is special and as a result, I am going to make one additional change. Brenda is going to be working with all the new people. I am lifting the ban on her playing with clients. Everyone here will eventually be spread out all over the country; the only people they will be associated with will be clients. That’s not fair to them. So, I’m dropping that requirement for them as well. I just can’t tell Lindsay or any of the others that they can’t play.”

“You’re a good man, Charlie Brown,” Holly said as she kissed him. Mark smiled.

Jeff and Alan arrived to pick up everyone’s luggage. They were going to do their preflight run through and fuel the plane. Gary told them that they were flying to Greece on Saturday.

“What’s in Greece?” Alan asked. “Is everyone going?”

“Lots of very broke people but some of them are very hot men and women. No, not everyone is going, just Mark, Jill, Jack, Tom and the three of us.”

“Only the pilots huh? What you got up your sleeve boss? Why aren’t Dave and Ron going if that’s the case?” Jeff grinned.

“Lori needs her jet and Michelle has Mark’s back in Las Vegas. Too many planes in one spot cause a problem. Besides, they have great food in Greece and Jill will be doing some flying herself this week. In fact, we all will be at the controls this week. Did you guys think that just because we pay the bills we don’t like to play with our toys? You know me better than that,” Gary laughed. “When you’re done, get your asses back here. It seems like there is a party going on.”

He walked over to Jill, “Make sure you have your documentation with you darling. You’re going to need it on this trip.”

“I’ve got my passport. Why on earth would you tell me that?” she looked at him askew.

“I was talking about your aviation papers baby. You’re going to be flying. It’s going to be fun.”

“Oh shit, I forgot. Just make sure I get to christen it first, my love. I hope it is pretty. I always love orgasms at thirty thousand feet. You do know Red and Nancy will have to retrofit it properly. They really can be quite kinky. I love it.”

They partied into the morning and Gary spent some time with Lindsay, Ashley and Halley. They told him they’d miss him. Gary and his girls headed for bed.

Everyone boarded the jets. Mark set out to Dallas while the rest were headed to Rome. Jeff and Alan were in the cockpit when Jill walked up and told them to relax. She was going to fly for a while. Gary took the co-pilots seat and looked over at Jill. She was all business when she contacted the tower. The controller heard her voice and he responded professionally to a point. As she was taxiing to the runway, air traffic came back on and inquired who was in the second chair.

Gary and Jill were laughing. The controller was one of their life long friends. Gary hit his mike and burped. The air traffic controller burst out laughing. “Welcome to the friendly skies captain, long time my friend. Your flight plan says you’re headed to Rome. Is it that time again Gary?”

“Yeah Frank, we’ll be back in six weeks. You do need to contact the G3 directly behind us though. Someone there might just like to say hello.”

They heard him use Lori’s call letters and contact the jet. Mark had heard their conversation and when the control tower called, he was ready. He gave his call letters and burped loudly into the microphone.

“There are only three people on this earth who would do that and one of them is in exile in Thailand. How are you Mark?” Frank said excitedly. “When are you going to be back here? I’d sure love to get together. It’s been a very long time.”

“We’ll be back in six weeks. You promise me you’ll stay away from hot sausages, pickled eggs and draft beer and we’ll consider it,” Mark laughed.

Frank gave Jill clearance to take off. She hit the throttles and the plane rolled down the runway. Just before the wheels were up, Jill hit the mike, “Air Traffic, he was serious about the damned pickled eggs. Take care Frank, love you baby. See you in a few weeks,” she laughed as she headed to the heavens. “See you in a couple of days Mark. Love you too.”

Gary hit the microphone and stated bluntly, “That is going to cost us a fortune in FAA fines.”

Gary heard his call numbers and responded.

“This is Air Traffic Control Supervisor Tom Reston. We just wanted to say thank you. That was the best laugh we’ve had in weeks. For your information, we understand fully about the pickled eggs. He’s addicted to them. Have a safe flight.”

The G3 was cleared for takeoff and all they heard was Mark laughing all the way into the sky.

Mark called Ainsley when they were an hour out of Dallas and she headed to the airport. Dave and Ron took care of the jet. They settled themselves in a hotel for a few days while Mark took care of business.

Ainsley kissed him and they headed to the hospital immediately. Mark met with Dr. Bowen and he took them into her room. Cherry was still comatose and there was no sign of her coming out of it any time soon. Dr Bowen removed her bandages and showed Mark the progress. It was remarkable. She still had scars but they were fewer and less severe than the last time he saw her. He held her hand and said a prayer. Dr. Bowen told him what he still had to do and told him there were still months of surgery to do.

“She is remarkable in that her healing ability is wonderful. She has responded to everything I’ve done so far. I am confident that when we are finished, this woman will be perfect. The implants were changed, as I couldn’t take the chance on the other one leaking. Look at her nipples and you’ll see there is no surgical scar at all. If you remember, she did have a very tiny scar here and here but I got rid of them. I wanted her to be perfect. I know how much she means to you Mark. She is lucky to have you.”

Mark thanked the Doctor and headed to the business office. He paid the bill up to date and then left to head to the factory. Ainsley was quiet and Mark was lost in thought.

Mark was impressed with the progress he saw when they got to the stockyards. People were scurrying around and equipment was being installed. She took him upstairs and showed him the second floor where the hat department was being assembled. He was impressed with the speed and efficiency Ainsley and her people had displayed. Gary would be impressed.

“We are going to be making hats for men and women. I’ve got a thing for men in hats. I like them racy, sexy and masculine. The women’s hats have to be playful, colorful and sexy,” she explained.

They went to the third floor where she showed him what was happening up there. “We are going to be making handbags and belts up here. I talked to Shannon and we decided that we could make matching handbags and purses for many of out boots. I know this will go over big.”

“Let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought about making leather luggage? I remember once in Butte Montana, I walked into a store and saw the most amazing set of hand tooled luggage with suit carriers. They were cowhide and they were expensive. At the time, I was in school and I couldn’t afford them. Now that I can afford them, I can’t find them.”

“Darling, I will make anything you want. I like the idea. I’ll talk to Shannon and Gary and see. Yes, they would be expensive but there is a market out there for that.”

“What is left to do?” Mark inquired.

“The balance of the equipment will be delivered next week. I have my people building boots now. Shannon loved our styles so we are not changing any of the existing line. We will be adding a lot more styles that is all.”

“Are you making chaps?”

“No, should I?”

“Definitely darling, take this from me, I want a complete line of chaps designed and ready to go. Let me tell you a little story that happened on Halloween 2003. Have you ever been to the Luxor in Las Vegas?”

“Isn’t that the pyramid?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s the place. I had met some clients for drinks. I walked out of the hotel and began walking down the big curved driveway. That is where the cabs line up. I saw a friend of mine. He and his wife were cab drivers. I saw him sitting behind the wheel but he was intently looking in the passenger side mirror. I looked past the cab and saw three of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen walking towards me on the sidewalk. They were stunning, dressed in suede vests, cowboy hats and chaps. They had on stiletto cowboy boots and they were fabulous. I started to laugh because that is exactly what he was watching too. As they got up to his cab, he could see them directly. He was drooling. Honestly, so was I. Las Vegas is full of gorgeous women and these three were spectacular. They walked past his cab and got closer to me. He saw me and got out of his cab. When they walked past his cab, he saw something that blew him away. He did a double take and they kept walking. I saw his reaction when they past me and I turned around and saw what had set him off. All they were wearing under the chaps were the tiniest thongs you ever saw. Just before he could say anything, his Nextel went off. It was his wife. She was farther back in the line. She saw them first. She also saw him sitting in the line up ahead. She was waiting for his reaction. She saw it and then she told him ‘you can screw your fucking head back on your fucking shoulders anytime now’. We both turned and looked and she was standing by her cab with about twenty other drivers, just waiting for his reaction. I got to tell you, those outfits were some of the hottest I’ve ever seen in Las Vegas.”

“What did his wife do to him?” Ainsley laughed.

“Oh she teased the shit out of him but I got the last laugh. She saw him talking to someone but she didn’t realize it was me. The line moved up and he had to move his cab up. I kept walking down the line and when I got to her cab, she was still talking to all the drivers. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her and started nibbling her neck. At first, she thought it was her husband but when she realized I was wearing a suit, she freaked. The other drivers recognized me and they were laughing. She spun around and saw it was me and she was all over me. He teased her about that until the day she died. She was quite a lady.”

“Chaps it is. I have many pairs myself. I don’t know that I would wear them with only a thong but I know that would be damned sexy. I just remembered Gary asked me about them. I’m sure Shannon and I can deliver some hardon popping chaps darling. You know, I know what you need. Let’s go to my place. Everything is under control here. You did bring your jeans and boots didn’t you?”

“Yes, I always have them with me. I wear suits when I have to. Other than that, I’m always in jeans and boots. Why?”

“Let me make a phone call and we can get out of here.” Ainsley picked up the phone, spoke for a couple of minutes and hung up. They jumped into her pickup and headed out of the city. They drove for about fifteen minutes and turned into a sprawling ranch.

“This was my dad’s place. I grew up here and I was just on the verge of selling it until you two came into my life. They pulled up to the barn and walked inside. A ranch hand met them with two fine looking horses in tow.

“I hope you know how to ride. It is the perfect evening. I want to show you someplace that is very special to me.” They rode for a half hour and crested a hill. They stopped and looked at a lovely winding river with a stand of oaks near the shore. They rode to the trees and Ainsley took a blanket from her roll and laid it on the ground.

The colors were amazing, wild flowers were blooming and the air was fresh and clean. Ainsley sat next to Mark and put her head on his shoulder.

“You’re in love with her aren’t you Mark?”

“I am Ainsley but she walked away from me. I didn’t walk away from her. She may come back but I doubt it. I can’t live my life hoping something will happen. If she comes back to me, then I’ll be the happiest man alive. If not, I’ll survive. Right now, I just want to do everything I can to make her well and restore her beauty. Nothing else matters to me.”

“I’ve met a lot of men in my life Mark. You and Gary are, without a doubt, the two best men I’ve ever known. It is funny, that first night at the restaurant and then again, at the bar, I heard all of the women say how much they loved you two. I thought that was a bit much. Now, I know that it was actually an understatement. I know why they said it. I know why they feel that way.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I feel the same way too,” she said as she turned his head to her and kissed him softly. “Making love to you two is heaven on earth. Singularly or together, you men bring more pleasure to a woman that anyone could ever hope for. I do love you, with all my heart, I do.”

She kissed him again and this time, the kiss was special. She looked in his eyes and breathed, “Make love to me Mark. This is my favorite place on earth. I’ve dreamed of making love here all my life. I never have. I know I am not Cherry. What I am is a woman who loves you very much.”

Mark smiled and held her sweetly. Their kisses were soft, sweet and lingering. He looked into her eyes and was mesmerized by her beauty. There was not one thing about her that, in any way, betrayed her true self. She was the real deal. Her dark brown hair cascaded over her slender shoulders and framed an angelic face that smiled back at him.

He kissed her softly again. His tongue traced her lips as she inhaled, closed her eyes and extended her lovely, long neck. Mark kissed that neck and his tongue traced soft, sensuous lines along her flesh.

“Nothing has ever felt so good,” she purred.

He brought his lips to her right ear and his tongue traced the outer edge of that beautiful ear. Ainsley was melted butter, soft, sweet and addicting. Her sweet moans were barely audible as he fueled her fire.

Her fingers undid his shirt and her hands crept beneath the fabric and onto his carved chest. Her long fingers traveled over his chest as he continued to kiss and tease her neck. Mark loved the sight and the scent of this fine Texan. She was everything a man thought of whenever someone mentioned Texas women.

Ainsley removed his boots and had him stand up. She knelt before him and undid his buckle. His jeans fell to the ground and she looked up and smiled. She wished someone would take a photo of this. A tall cowboy, wearing a cowboy hat, an open shirt and her kneeling before his perfect cock has been her fantasy from the moment she discovered her own sexuality.

She unbuttoned her own shirt and freed her breasts. Her nipples popped long and wonderfully as she looked into Mark’s eyes. Her hands rose to his flaccid organ and she held it gently. She began to stroke him and he hardened quickly. Her lips felt his flesh as she kissed him wetly. Ainsley’s heart raced as her ruby red lips opened and she took him gently into her hot, greedy mouth.

The sun was setting, the sky was golden and this moment in time would never be forgotten. Ainsley swirled her tongue over the massive head and she tasted the wonderful pearl on the tip. She pulled his cock straight out and still looked into his eyes as she took him deeper. Her lips stretched tightly as he sank into her lovely face.

Her breasts tingled and her pussy gushed as the act of love played out beneath the rugged old oak trees. The babble of the river and the taste of his cock sent this gorgeous dark haired woman over the edge. She pushed him into her throat and she held him there.

Her jeans were wet with her desire as she sucked him and tugged on her nipples. Her mind was racing but one thought kept pushing itself to the forefront of her mind. She was always sexual but the day these two men walked into her life, someone threw a switch and put her into overdrive. Her skin was more sensitive, her nipples had become highly reactive and her pussy was on fire all the time. Those years of repression had been set aside and all she could see for the future was wealth and insane lust. It was definitely worth it.

Mark looked down at her fabulous face and he smiled as she sucked his cock perfectly. Her lovely breasts heaved and her nipples were extremely long and lovely tonight. Every touch of her hand delighted him. Her lips were like the finest silk and her tongue felt like velvet. She epitomized hot in every way imaginable.

He pulled her upright and he kissed her deeply. His hands caressed her breasts and her tongue traced his neck. Mark undid her jeans and pulled her boots off. As her tight jeans hit the grass, she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. She kissed him and grabbed his hand. She walked him to the other side of the oak tree and they stood and watched the colorful sky. Ainsley leaned back against an old, low hanging branch and she hopped up on it. Mark looked at the vision and grinned.

“You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?”

“All my life Mark, I’ve sat on this old limb and wanted the perfect man to make love me here. This is the ultimate fantasy for me. Love me darling. Please my body and own my heart.”

Mark sank to his knees and kissed her creamy thighs. The evening glow bathed her in its golden hue and her body shone exotically. They made beautiful love that evening. Ainsley purred sweetly as he touched every sensuous part of her body. His lips caressed, his tongue explored and he drank her sweetness fully. When he entered her, it was passionate, sweet and loving. Their bodies became one in the fading evening light. With each long stroke, her heart sang out and she loved this man with every fiber of her being.

As the colors faded, they lay on the blanket and watched the moonrise. There was no haste, no panic, and no frenzy in their lovemaking. Simple, sweet, lovely love was exchanged and cherished as the chill of the Texas night wafted in on the breeze. They dressed and headed back to the ranch house. Ainsley’s ranch hand took the horses and as she walked up on the massive wraparound porch, she smiled.

“I hope you’re hungry,” she giggled. “After that, I know I am. How do you like your steak?”

“Food definitely sounds good. I like my steaks medium rare dear,” he said as he found her bar and poured them a drink. He walked into the kitchen and two of the largest porterhouse steaks he’d ever seen were being seasoned. The grill was being warmed and she was making a salad.

“That is a hell of a lot of food dear; I don’t think I’ll be able to finish all of it. That’s not a steak, that’s half a side of beef.”

“We have a long flight ahead of us. I have been known to make killer sandwiches. I never waste the beef baby. I know where the beef is and I use all of it. Trust me; you won’t be hungry on the plane.”

“That’s good because we are flying in Lori’s jet. Michelle has mine in Las Vegas. I have no idea if her jet is stocked. That reminds me; let me make a phone call.”

He called his pilots and asked if they had everything onboard.

Dave listened to what he asked and started to laugh. “Are you and Michelle permanently joined at the hip boss? She was on the phone before we went into the hanger. She gave us a grocery list of things that are mandatory on the G5. It’s a good thing she did though. We were missing lots of stuff. Rest assured we have it now. When are we heading to Rome?”

Mark asked Ainsley when she would be ready to leave. She told him she was already packed. Everything at work was being handled.

“I have to go to the factory in the morning and then to the hospital. Let’s shoot for wheels up at 10am. I want you to file a flight plan to Georgetown, Grand Cayman. We won’t be there long but since I am so close, I need rum. Gary will need rum as well.”

“Hey boss, Tortuga Rum is the best. That much we learned from you. If we refuel there, we can make it to Rome with no problems. How long do you want to be on the island?”

“We’ll probably be there for about five hours. If we leave at ten, we should be there by eleven thirty. We’ll be wheels up around five. It will be a nine-hour flight from Georgetown. That way, we should arrive in Rome around 7am., local time if my calculations are accurate.”

“That works for us; we’ll see you in the morning.”

Mark walked out onto the patio and asked Ainsley if she had the blueprints for the new building. She told him where they were and he went to get them. He was looking at them when she walked back into the kitchen.

He used his phone to photograph the plans. The entire front of the building was empty.

He made some notes and turned to her. “I am calling Red. I want her to design a nice reception area and I want to build you a very elegant office and lounge across the front of the building. We have certain electronics we need to install. You will be hooked up to our computer system and have direct satellite communication with all of our offices, our jets and our vehicles. You’re part of the family darling. You get it all. What is your favorite car?”

“I love my pickup. I’ve always driven F-150′s. I could never afford the car I love.”

“What car is that?” he asked.

“I saw one in Gary’s garage. The Mercedes 650 is one of the sexiest cars I’ve ever seen.”

“Just tell me you don’t want Silver Grey. Every damned car he has is that color. Give me a decent color.”

“Well, if I was ordering one, I’d want it in Red,” she said as she walked back out to check on the cow on the barbeque.

Mark picked up the phone and made two calls. He called Red and sent her the plans. He told her what he wanted and she was laughing. I forgot to ask you the dimensions. Nancy and I already started designing it. It is going to be western elegant. He told her he wanted a bed/sitting room with fireplace. He told her to design a full bath with whirlpool and shower and to do a number on it. Make it sexy as hell. Have Dave send her everything including a Sybian and all the toys and lotions.”

He called Michelle and told her to order Ainsley a brand new loaded Red Mercedes 650 Hardtop Convertible. He told her to have it put on D’Orgasmic’s lease.

“Have you talked to Gary about this?” she asked.

“No, he’s in Rome. We are heading over there tomorrow. I just talked to Red and she is designing and building Ainsley’s suite at the factory. I didn’t talk to him about that either. After what he and Jill did to me I don’t think I need to worry about it either?”

“Oh fuck, what did those two do? I think I’m afraid to ask,” she laughed guardedly. “Oh and what is this about Jack and Tom leaving me high and dry? They left for Dallas an hour ago. I am sitting here with a gorgeous Gulfstream and all I can do with it is fuck on it. I can’t fly it.”

“Don’t worry darling, Lori will only be in Rome for two days. She is flying back to Las Vegas almost immediately. She has way too much work to stay there for six weeks. You’ll be airborne soon.”

“That doesn’t explain what Gary and Jill did to you. It also doesn’t explain why Jack and Tom had to go to Europe.”

“Jill found two damned near brand new G650′s that the Greek government bought and can’t pay for. Well, let’s put it this way. Would you buy a brand new Gulfstream, fully loaded for a third of the cost?”

“I wouldn’t even blink. I’d do that deal blindfolded,” she responded quickly.

“So, my buying a new Mercedes for Ainsley doesn’t even come close to him buying me a G650 with my money does it?”

Michelle just laughed. “You two are fucking hilarious. I just thank my lucky stars I’m where I am. Having you two in my life makes life worth living. I’ll have the car ready when you get back to Dallas darling.”

“Good, one more thing. I am going on a Rum Run tomorrow. I am stocking four jets and having them ship tons of Tortuga to Gary and to Las Vegas.”

“You prick; you promised me you’d take me to Cayman the next time. You owe me Banner. How is Cherry?”

Mark filled her in on the progress and hung up as the two largest steaks he’d ever seen were put on the table.

The steaks were amazing. Mark was impressed. As he finished dinner, he told her that Red was going to have her office finished when she returned from Europe. He didn’t tell her about the car or the bedroom. He wanted to surprise her when they got back.

“Oh, we are making a side trip tomorrow. Put on your best Caribbean attire. In other words, Daisy Dukes, sneakers and a tee shirt,” Mark grinned.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re stopping over in Grand Cayman Island my dear. I want to make a Rum Run.”

“Is a Rum Run like a beer run? Why go to Grand Cayman? What is so special about that?” she asked.

“Did you enjoy the Rum Runners?”

“They were delicious. Honestly, I have had a few of them but none was like the one Gary made me. I’ve never seen so much booze in a drink in my life. He told me he won all kinds of awards with them in Key West.”

Mark laughed, “Yes, until he discovered they were illegal. There is too much booze in the original recipe. He made a fortune selling them though. Anyway, he got his hands on Tortuga Rum. It is a blended rum that is made in Cayman. For the longest time, it couldn’t be imported to the USA. ABC Liquors now has the distribution rights to it. It is, without a doubt, the best rum I’ve ever drank. I need more and so does Gary. I figure, since we are this close, let’s go, stock up and have lunch. We can spend a few hours there before we take off for Rome. Is it safe to leave your truck at the factory or do you want me to have a car pick us up in the morning?”

“It would be safer if we left it here. I have the name of a car service,” she said. “What time do you want to leave?”

“I want to go to the hospital and then to the airport. If we leave by eight, we should be good.” He dialed and ordered a car for the morning.

The flight to Cayman was smooth and hysterically funny. Jack and Tom kept everyone in stitches.

“You’ll find out one of these days Ainsley,” Mark laughed. “Maybe someday, you’ll get to ask Cherry about her first flight with these two idiots. It really was funny.”

They spent a wonderful afternoon walking the streets of Georgetown. They toured the Tortuga distillery and Mark arranged two extremely large orders to be filled by the US distributor. They also ordered enough Rum to stock the jets. Ainsley tried their world famous Rum Cakes and she loved them. They had lunch at an Oceanside bar and enjoyed the day completely.

“I’ve never been here before. I don’t know why but I always thought this place was nothing more than banks and places to hide your money,” she laughed. “I didn’t think it would be so pretty. I’d love to come back here sometime. Do you know about the place where you can swim with the sting rays?”

“Sometime, we’ll have to do that. It is called Stingray City and it is fun. They swim up to you and you can feed them.” They finished their drinks and headed back to the airport. The Rum had been delivered and stowed onboard.

Dave and Ron were in the cockpit when they boarded. Mark took Ainsley’s hand and they walked into the cockpit.

“Go relax guys, I’m going to fly for a while,” Mark said as Ainsley looked at him in total disbelief. He sat in the pilot’s chair and motioned Ainsley to sit in the co-pilots chair. When Dave and Ron walked back into the cabin, Jack and Tom were laughing.

“Well, at least this time, you’ve got your clothes on boss,” Jack quipped. “The last time you did this, at least we got blown.”

Mark’s eyes sparkled as he hit the intercom, “Suck em, if you’ve got em!” He switched over to the tower and received clearance to take off.

“I didn’t know you were a pilot. This is sweet,” she said as she looked over the cockpit. “It’s a hell of a lot more complicated that the single engine planes I’ve flown.”

Mark taxied onto the runway. “I didn’t know you were a pilot.”

“My uncle was a pilot. He was a rancher with a huge spread. He was a navy pilot in Viet Nam. When the war was over, he went back to ranching. He was always in the air checking the herds. He taught me how to fly. I’m certified for single engine only. I never thought I would be sitting in the cockpit of a Gulfstream.”

“Did you ever want to get certified for jets?”

“Isn’t that everyone’s goal? There is no way I could. I’d first have to be qualified for twin and then, well, you know. It would be very expensive and I have way too much to do,” she sighed.

“Yeah, that is what Jill said too. We convinced her that was bullshit so she went up the ladder. Today, she has a commercial pilot’s license. Actually, Gary and Jeremy have theirs too. We are qualified up to 747′s. If you ever want to go further, let me know. It’s not as if we don’t have other planes. I have a twin and so does Gary.”

The tower cleared him and Mark hit the throttles.

“Fuck me; this thing is fast,” Ainsley gushed.

“I plan on it but I promise I’ll be slower,” Mark grinned as they rose over the island. He flew around the island and plotted a course for Jamaica. The weather was perfect and the water was gorgeous. Mark ascended to 30,000 feet and Ainsley looked to the north.

“What is that? It’s huge,” she asked.

“That my dear is the one place we stay away from that is Cuba,” he said as he checked his coordinates.

The flight was smooth and they laughed and enjoyed the flight.

“Take the controls dear.” He switched off the autopilot and he waited for her to take over. He looked at her as she confidently had the jet in her hands. The smile on her face was pure joy.

Mark stood up and walked out of the cockpit. Four pilots stared at him but they also noted no change in the plane.

“This time, you left it on autopilot. The last time you did this Cherry almost crashed the plane,” Tom smirked.

“We’re not on autopilot, Ainsley is a pilot. She has a single engine license. She wants to eventually move up just like Jill, Gary and me. I wonder where I’ll find pilots to teach her.”

“If you didn’t sign our paychecks, I’d deck you for that one Mark,” Jack said seriously. “I know six pilots who would teach her in a heartbeat. Besides that, my brother Frank has the largest ground school in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex or did you forget about that?”

“You know something, I did forget about that. Make it happen Jack.”

Mark walked through the plane. It had been a long time since he had been on this plane. At one time, it was his baby. He walked into the bedroom and smiled. Lori had put her touch on the plane. He liked it.

He poured two Rum Runners using the good rum and he walked back into the cockpit.

“I just had a very interesting conversation. For starters, you are enrolled in flight school in Fort Worth and there are four former fighter pilots willing to train you all the way up the ladder. You’ll be flying jets in no time dear.”

“I can just see it now. This is going to make you two go grey very quickly. I can see it now, Jill and I in the cockpit. The passenger list would be spectacular including Wendy, Debbie, Rose, Red, Nancy, Holly, Cherry, Diane, Aleka, Kono, Lori and Michelle on board. Can you just imagine the shopping trips we could take?”

“You’d have to include Brenda. You haven’t met her yet but you will. Yes, I can imagine it minus my credit card. We’ll provide the planes but you girls are on your own after that,” he giggled.

Mark took control of the plane, put it back on autopilot and they left the cockpit. He refilled their drinks as Jack and Tom took control of their first jet Mark had bought.

Mark showed her the plane and they ended up in the bedroom. As the bedroom door closed, the intercom came on, “Welcome aboard the ‘Orgasms R Us’ airlines. We will make every attempt to keep the plane level if you promise not to scream too loudly. We have sensitive ears, we hear everything.”

Ainsley burst out laughing. “Now I know what I was supposed to ask Cherry. They are funny.”

“Darling, they are just getting warmed up. That was just an appetizer,” he laughed aloud.

The rest of the flight was unremarkable insofar as Ainsley joined the Mile High Club. They made love and then they fucked their way across the Atlantic.

“This has been a wild couple of days. Yesterday, I fulfilled my wildest fantasy by the oaks. Today, I am in the Caribbean and now I’ve joined a wild and wonderful club. I’m afraid to see what’s next.”

Mark laughed and kept quiet. He had a couple more surprises for her when she got back to Texas but he wasn’t saying a word about it.

They landed in Rome and headed out to the first location. The sun had risen and Ainsley was acting like the perfect tourist. Everywhere she looked, she saw things she had only seen on TV or magazines. The driver saw her reaction and he purposefully drove past the Parthenon and the other ruins. They arrived at the villa and saw a small city had been constructed. The building was more of a castle as opposed to being a villa. Tents were setup everywhere incorporating hair and makeup stylists, tailors and equipment. People were scurrying about in a highly organized frenzy.

“This is insane,” Ainsley, quipped.

“As wild as it looks, trust me when I tell you that Gary has everything under control. His photographers are the best in the business. Wait until you see the actual shoot and then the photos afterwards. They will blow you away,” Mark told her.

They walked into the building and looked around. It was an impressive structure. They heard voices coming from an upper level and made their way there.

At one end of the enormous corridor, lights and reflectors were set up. Mark and Ainsley walked up and saw Gary and Shannon in full force directing every aspect. They stood and watched silently. It always amazed him how much Gary had learned from his mom. She was the ultimate perfectionist and demanding as hell. Gary was never that way until a fashion shoot was underway.

Shannon was exquisite but beyond demanding. She had an incredible eye. As the natural light changed colors, so did the makeup. She had them switch from aluminum reflectors to white and then to shoot through’s. Her ability to see with the naked eye what only would be apparent in print always amazed him.

Rose came up behind them and kissed them both. “I’m seeing a side of him I didn’t know existed,” she said to Mark. “He is definitely all business, isn’t he?”

“Mark, Ainsley, welcome to Rome,” Diane yelled.

Gary turned and saw them standing there. “Hey asshole, glad you could make it.”

“You’re such a prick,” Mark laughed.

“He sure is and he better never change,” the models said in unison. “Hi Mark. We’re glad you could make it.”

“Do you know the models Mark?” Ainsley asked.

“Honey, let me introduce them to you. Ann, Greta, Julie, Megan and Jane, I’d like you to meet Ainsley Norris. She is part of the family. Ainsley is the Norris Boot Company. She is now part of the D’Orgasmic family so, treat her like family.”

Ann walked up to her and smiled sweetly, “I don’t know Mark; this is a pretty kinky family. Is she ready for that?”

Mark laughed, “Ann, she’s more than ready.”

Gary started laughing and so did Shannon.

Ann leaned over and kissed her sweetly. The other girls followed suit while Shannon yelled, “Makeup!”

Gary came up and kissed Ainsley sweetly. “I guess our secret is out huh?”

“I don’t know baby, nothing surprises me anymore. I think of you two and I get wet. Life is just so good now.”

“She’s such a delicious slut, isn’t she,” Wendy said to Debbie who agreed completely. Both women kissed Ainsley and Mark and turned their attention to the photo shoot.

Shannon didn’t like something and she barked orders loudly. People scrambled and things were changed.

“Damn, it is a good thing she isn’t into B&D,” Rose snickered.

Shannon was a good fifteen feet away and she spun around and turned on Rose with a wicked smile on her face, “Who the fuck said I’m not Rose. Keep it up and I’ll hogtie you to the wings for the ride home.”

“Put a Sybian on the fucking wing and you’ve got a deal,” Rose shot back.

That did it for Shannon. She collapsed in hysterics. This was going to be a great time.

Diane had gone back for a touch up on her makeup. When she returned, Ronnie was with her. Mark shot Gary a look and Gary smiled. The two women walked out onto the balcony. The view over the lake was amazing.

Shannon set up the shot. She gave the women direction on what she wanted and how it would be done.

“When did you make this decision? Ronnie looks perfect. She’s actually sexier this way. Damn, she looks great,” Mark asked Gary.

“Diane and I talked about it back home. Shannon had to tailor a few items for her but we never told her until this morning. She had no idea we were going to use her in this catalog. This will be her first time on camera. What we are hoping to do this morning is shoot the cover of the catalog. We’re not telling her at all so don’t say anything. She thinks this will just be a few test shots.”

The photographers went to work and Gary and Shannon watched the monitors. Diane was her usual spectacular self and Ronnie was amazing. She took direction like a pro and the camera loved her. When they finished the balcony shoot, the photographers were smiling.

Pierre walked up to Gary, “You brought me a ringer my friend. There is no way in hell that was her first photo shoot. I’ve worked with some of the most talented women on earth and this girl is a natural.”

Gary grinned, “You can tell the world, you took the first professional photos she has ever had taken. She is amazing, isn’t she?”

Isn’t she the girl Mark was with in Hawaii?” Pierre asked.

“Yes she is incredible and no, the girl Mark was with in Hawaii is in hospital in Dallas. She was savagely raped and left for dead. She has been in a coma for almost two months now. I hope that one day you’ll be photographing her too. Ronnie will be heading up the new Country Club Fashion Catalog. Lori told you about that, didn’t she?”

“Yes and I’m excited about it. I know I have a weird name for a down-home country boy but that is my first love. I can’t wait to see what Shannon designs. I do have a question for Mark though,” Pierre said.

“I can answer it for you,” Gary laughed. “They are all friends. Mark and I have been sleeping with the models for years. Ronnie is a special case. She is definitely a friend. Come with me, I see someone you have to meet.”

Gary introduced Pierre to Ainsley and told him that he would be working closely with her. When he told him that she was Norris Boot’s, he laughed, and lifted the leg of his jeans. Ainsley looked down and smiled.

“I’d say you need a new pair of those Pierre. That is our number one best seller. My dad designed that boot as a custom order for a two-bit actor from Hollywood. He liked them so much he ordered several pairs. Dad made me a pair and one for himself. They were the best design he ever did,” Ainsley told him.

“That’s amazing Ainsley, who was the actor?” Gary asked.

“Oh, hell, what was his name? I always have a hard time remembering his name. I remember riding with him on our ranch. He was a big man, great smile. What was his name? Dammit, Oh yeah, I remember now. It was Ronald Reagan. Nice guy, I think you two would have really liked him.”

Gary and Mark stood their with their jaw’s dropping. Ronald Reagan was their absolute hero and she knew it. She giggled as she looked at Mark.

“You rode with him?” Are you telling me that he stood in the barn where we were two nights ago? I can’t believe it. He was in your house. I am amazed.”

“I rode with him when I was just thirteen years old. We rode down to the river and had a picnic by this old stand of oak trees. He was such a wonderful man. We talked and laughed. He left me with wonderful memories and in my mind; he created one amazing fantasy that I never thought would ever come true.” She smiled and winked at Mark who sat there dumbfounded.

“Well, I’ve had these boots for twenty years. I’m just getting them broken in,” Pierre smiled. “Quality is hard to find anymore.”

His radio went off letting him know the next shoot was all set up. They walked to the next location and he went back to work.

This was the first fashion shoot Ainsley had ever been exposed to. It was organized chaos and it went surprisingly smooth. Pierre was a true professional. His staff anticipated his every request and any changes either he or Shannon wanted were done instantly. It was an impressive thing to watch.

“I had to clear something up for Pierre,” Gary said to Mark. “He wanted to know what client status everyone had. I told him that everyone here were friends. Sorry if I stepped on your toes but the models haven’t signed with you yet. We’ve been sleeping with them for years so I just told him that they were friends.”

“Is Pierre under contract with you Mark?” Ainsley asked.

“I have to ask Lori. He called me in Hawaii after the announcement was made. We’ve all been friends since we were teens. He worked as an assistant to the previous photographer. When he retired, Pierre took over the account. He saw my new division as a huge opportunity for him. If they haven’t signed yet, they will all be on ‘friends’ contracts anyway. Other than the local hires, everyone is fair game.”

Gary smiled, kissed Ainsley and went back to work.

Gary’s girls took Mark and Ainsley on a tour of the mansion. It was huge and every room breathtaking. Debbie took them to a suite that they would use while there. The suite was spectacular.

“When this catalog comes out, two women are going to be so pissed with us.” Mark laughed as he took his cell phone out and started snapping pictures of the suite. “Red will be impressed but Nancy will bite our dicks that we didn’t bring her with us.”

Debbie started laughing. “I can see her doing exactly that baby. She’s a biter. She bit my tit the other day. I’m glad she wasn’t licking my pussy when I wised off on her.”

“Well darling,” Ainsley purred, “if she had, we’d have kissed it and made it better. Your pussy is addictive. I’ll lick it while Mark fucks you anytime dear.”

Debbie giggled, “That works for me baby. My life has changed so much in six months. I went from living a sexless life to fucking and sucking myself silly every day. I love my life and everything that comes with it. I am so lucky. I just want you to know that I want to lick your pussy while Mark and Gary fuck you too darling.”

“There is going to be enough pussy and cock for everyone girls. The models are delicious and Pierre and his crew are as horny as any group you’ll ever meet. He’s hung like a horse and he knows what to do with it too,” Mark advised them. “He’s an ass man so be forewarned. He’ll stretch you wide but you’ll cum like a racehorse.”

The girls looked at each other and smiled. “I love having my ass fucked. Now that I have you two in my life, I’m addicted to it,” Debbie purred.

“All this talk has got me horny again. From the looks of those perfect nipples Debbie, you look like you could use a good fucking too,” Ainsley said as she walked into Debbie’s arms and kissed her deeply.

She undid her bikini top and freed her beautiful tits. Debbie returned the favor and four luscious orbs caressed each other sweetly. They kissed and pulled Mark to them. They kissed him and undressed him quickly.

Ainsley wrapped her hand around his cock and offered him to Debbie. She looked into his eyes and took him into her wet mouth. She sucked him deep and then offered him to Ainsley. Both women licked, sucked and swallowed him repeatedly. They kissed his shaft, licked his head and sucked his balls before throwing him on the bed.

Debbie began licking Ainsley’s tits and she loved the feel of her nipples in her lips. Debbie played with her clit and drove her hand into her wetness as Mark licked and kissed her sweetly. Ainsley stood and positioned her pussy over Mark’s rigid cock but before she could slide onto it, Debbie began to lick her deliriously. Mark’s hands caressed her breasts while Debbie sucked her. Ainsley lowered herself onto Mark and Debbie continued to lick his cock and her clit as she started to ride.

Ainsley was wet and Debbie was thirsty. Mark stroked deep and she began to moan. Ainsley loved his cock but having Debbie perfectly loving her clit made her wild with desire. She began to cum and the two doubled their efforts. Ainsley was flailing on Mark and Debbie was licking wantonly.

They changed places and Debbie felt his fabulous cock fill her completely. Ainsley went down on her and in only moments, Debbie was cumming like crazy. Ainsley navigated Debbie into orbit. Her hands and lips caressed her breasts as she tongued Debbie’s clit expertly.

Mark had Ainsley lay flat and Debbie crawled on top of her. Their bodies molded together perfectly as he slipped inside of Debbie. Her wet pussy felt sweet and he stroked her deeply. He pulled out and began to fuck Ainsley while he played with Debbie’s firm ass. Both women were moaning sweetly.

He positioned himself against Debbie’s tight ass and he slipped inside. She took him inside and attacked Ainsley’s face with so much lust.

“I love it when you fuck my asshole Mark, don’t stop baby. Oh, that feels so good. Stretch me darling, I love this baby.”

Ainsley’s hands roamed over Debbie’s sweet body and Mark fucked her deeper and faster. Debbie was cumming in massive waves as Mark pulled out. He grabbed Ainsley’s ankles and rolled her up. Debbie dropped her wet pussy onto Ainsley’s lips as Mark entered her ass. Debbie fell towards her long, puffy clit and she began to suck as Mark filled her ass spectacularly. Ainsley was cumming and licking Debbie passionately while Mark stretched and filled her fully.

Debbie’s eyes were only inches from Mark’s cock as he invaded Ainsley’s tight butt. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and toyed with Ainsley’s ass as he plowed into her. Debbie licked her clit and stroked her ass and his cock. Ainsley went off like a cannon and Debbie did not stop.

She felt Mark begin to twitch and she jumped off Ainsley and pulled her to her knees. His long, broad cock wavered before their eyes and they began to suck him. They stroked and sucked and Mark moaned loudly. His stomach flattened and his shaft began to swell. Their lips closed over his shaft and they tongued him wonderfully. He looked at these two gorgeous creatures, their breasts heaving and their mouths opened seductively demanding he give them their prize.

He moaned and they moved closer as his cock twitched and delivered long, milky ropes of cum onto their faces, lips and tongues. His cock erupted wildly and they drank him down. Ainsley’s tongue washed the base of his crown as Debbie took it in her mouth. Mark twitched again and she was presented with a final dollop of his love. Ainsley pulled him from Debbie’s lips and she swallowed him completely. Debbie, not to be outdone, pulled him away and swallowed him herself. Ainsley looked at the cum on Debbie’s face and she licked it clean. Debbie gave her Mark’s cock again and licked Ainsley’s tits and chin as well.

They looked at Mark who smiled down on them, “Thank you darling, we needed that.”

They dressed and went to see what was going on. As they rounded a corner, they stopped and started to laugh. Gary and Shannon were working with Pierre and his staff. The models were waiting and Rose and Debbie were sitting in directors chairs, being massaged by two gorgeous Italian men.

Rose saw them and burst out laughing. “What? Do you think we’re going to waste all this talent? Look at the bodies on these two. We haven’t found out yet but we’re sure they fuck as wonderful as they look.”

Mark looked at the models who were laughing hysterically. Ann had a gleam in her eye as she looked at Gary who was doubled over laughing.

“Gary, where the hell did you find these three gorgeous, horny women?” She turned her attention to Wendy, “Girl, where did you get those legs? I hope you know you had better be wrapping them around my neck soon.”

“Only if you wrap your legs around my neck first Ann,” Gary quipped. “Now girls, you know we work hard but we play harder. You also know we have a six-week long orgy going on.”

Greta giggled, “You’re such a party pooper Gary, only six weeks? I want six weeks with each of you.”

“And people call me a greedy bitch,” Rose snickered as she undid the zipper on the Italian hunk who was attending to her. She fished a very impressive shaft from his trousers and she began to stroke him to full size.

Not to be outdone, Wendy did the same to her stallion. Both men sported impressive cocks and those two women went wild on their cocks.

Pierre grinned and picked up his camera and started shooting. Gary looked at Shannon who shrugged and grinned. There was no stopping them and they knew it. Wendy dove on that cock and took him fully into her throat. Rose was already there and she sucked her man while playing with his balls and ass.

“Someone had better fuck me right now,” Shannon purred as her dress fell to the floor. Gary turned and kissed her lovingly. Her elegant Asian body glimmered in the perfect light as she undressed him quickly. She sank to her knees and held his rising hardness to her lips.

Ronnie sat back in her chair and spread her legs. “Mark, lick me baby. I want your tongue now darling.”

Pierre kept shooting while Julie undid his pants. As they fell to the floor, his long, heavy cock came into view. Julie wrapped her lips around his enormous head and she started to feed him into her mouth.

Megan and Jane felt the expertise of Ainsley and Debbie. Ann grabbed a lighting tech and she went down on him sweetly. Gary was fucking Shannon who cooed loudly ion his ear. Rose and Wendy were being fucked by those lovely cocks and Mark had impaled Ronnie’s ass sweetly.

Julie was incredible. Pierre’s cock had disappeared down her throat and she looked up into the camera as he kept shooting. Everyone was having wild, wonderful sex. Rose and Wendy were balls deep with two Italian men in their throat. Wendy’s man began to fuck her with long, thick strokes and she was cumming hard.

Mark started to fuck Greta and her tight hot pussy was superb. This Austrian beauty was vociferous in her desire and Mark filled her need perfectly.

Shannon loved the long, lovely cock Gary was bestowing on her. She adored this man with all her heart and he knew it. Gary whispered in her ear and she smiled wickedly. As he split her open, they watched as Pierre was still shooting. Every woman was in the throes of orgasm and the men were about to deliver their massive loads soon.

Shannon kissed Gary and began directing what they wanted. The suite they were shooting in was lovely and large. The lighting had already been set up and she instructed the men to line up the models and cum on their tongues. The men came massively and the women loved the bath they were taking. She looked at the models and smiled deeply. She herded them onto the bed and quickly set up the shot. Each woman sported that fresh fucked look on her faces and the remnants of their lovemaking. Pierre began shooting and the photos were amazing. If you want to sell a steak, you sell the sizzle. If you want to sell lingerie, you sell the orgasm. Nothing says orgasm better than fresh cum on ones lips.

“I didn’t expect that,” Gary said as they broke for lunch. He looked at the photos and smiled. His girls looked delicious with their lips wrapped around those nice cocks.

Shannon looked as well and smiled. “I like it. I would never have planned it but I like it. It’s elegantly sensuous. The product looks perfect, the women look perfect and I just want to lick that cum from Ronnie’s lips. Fuck, I like it baby.”

“Sweetheart, you can lick cum off my lips anytime you want. In fact, I’m sure I can get more if you’d like,” Ronnie smirked.

“Thank you Jim,” Gary said hoping he would hear him back in Orlando.

The rest of the day had been blocked out and Shannon had the girls redressed for the main shoot in that location. They wrapped up the day and headed out to a local restaurant for an amazing dinner.

Back at the mansion, Shannon and Ainsley got together and spent an hour looking at each other’s boot designs. Everything they saw, they loved. Shannon had amazing designs that Ashley just loved. Her boot designs included quarter and half boots with conventional and stiletto heels. Ainsley showed her a special pair of boots she had designed for Ronnie. They were black leather, thigh high western boots with platform soles and the tallest stiletto heels.

“If there ever was a pair of boots that said, ‘FUCK ME’ this is it. How many different leathers are in there?”

“The lower boot is top cowhide and the upper is black suede with cowhide pull-ups. I can also make them in snakeskin as well. These are black but I can make them in any color. I want Ronnie to stand out. She better have a huge closet because I will be making her so many different boots,” Ainsley told her. “Do you have any designs for chaps? I’ve made many for myself but mine are for riding, not raising cocks.”

Shannon started to laugh, “Mark told you the story about that night at the Luxor. He said it was one of the sexiest sights he’d ever seen in Las Vegas.”

“I want to show you something,” Ainsley said as she pulled up a website. “This company is Apache owned. They are friends of mine. They have made all of my jewelry and hardware that I use on my boots and belts. Their workmanship is impeccable and they never miss a deadline. I want to show you a design I worked on last week. If we take the ‘D’O’ from the logo and put ‘IT’ under it, we’d have a sweet logo for the Country Catalog. ‘D’O IT’ could become a household phrase. We would have it in silver on the boots, chaps and vests. We could also use it on buttons and belt buckles.”

Shannon called Gary and asked him to join them. He arrived a few minutes later and they told him what they had in mind. He loved the idea. ‘D’O IT’ really stuck with him. It had many meanings but it was the implication that struck him most.

“I don’t know, I’m going to have to run this past the Board of Directors.” He called Jill and Mark and told them to get up to Shannon’s suite.

They walked in and the meeting lasted less than a minute. Ainsley showed them her design and they smiled.

“I love it,” Jill said. “Wasn’t that our motto anyway?”

“It always was mine but not where you’re concerned. I wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole,” Mark laughed.

“Oh shut the fuck up, you’re going to make me late for class with all your sweet talk. I just have one thing to say, ‘D’O IT’”

“Ainsley, you’ve just been part of a Board of Directors meeting, I love the idea,” Gary said. “Is it me or is this getting too easy?

“It’s always easy with the right people in place Gar,” Mark stated. “I have one thing I’d like to bring up though. Something hit me like a ton of bricks earlier. For the Clubwear and the Country Clubwear photo shoots, why don’t we do something like the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video of how we shoot the catalog? We can sell that video online or in the clubs. We can have lots of nudity and make it fun. That will go viral and the response should be fantastic.”

“Nudity or XXX-rated, which is the question. We sure did some great XXX shots today.”

“I think suggestive nudity would work. Hell, we could shoot that entire catalog in Orlando. When the club is finished, we could complete the video with shots of the club and the models,” Mark suggested. “I can think of dozen’s of places to shoot some hot suggestive nude shots. The Cabanas, the Playhouse, the Glory Hole Room is amazing. Hell, shots of Ronnie walking out of the Darkroom covered in cum would blow peoples minds.”

“You’re making this sound like work asshole. So many decisions to make,” Jill smirked. “I vote for it completely on one condition. All those assholes who wouldn’t ask me out have to see Ronnie and me coming out of the Darkroom.”

Gary started laughing, “You got it baby, I completely agree.”

“Jeremy always says if you snooze, you lose. I think it would really piss off at least twenty guys to finally see you naked and covered with cum darling,” Mark said seriously.

“I know exactly who you’re talking about. Do you want to hear something funny? Each one of them is a web customer. We could send them complimentary copies. Their wives probably would not have a clue but they would and it would really piss them off,” Gary said evilly.

“I love the way you think,” Jill, giggled. “Let’s go find the rest. Meeting adjourned.”

Ainsley turned to Shannon, “Is that indicative of the way things get done around those two?”

“Oh hell, yes it is. They rarely make mistakes. They know what they want and they get it. Gary’s been that way as long as I’ve known him. Back then, Mark and Jill didn’t have much say in things but now, everyone considers them owners too. Let’s go party darling. The appetizer was good; momma wants the main course now.”

They walked into the great room and saw an orgy in full swing. Every piece of furniture was occupied by unbridled carnal lust.

Gary and Jill were standing off to one side and they were laughing hysterically. Shannon and Ainsley walked up, looked past them, and started laughing too. Pierre had Rose bent over an ornate sofa and her eyes were crossed. He was plowing her tiny asshole with his enormous cock. She knew people were watching but she was unable to focus on exactly who it was. Wendy and Debbie were closer and from the look on their faces, they had already experienced Pierre completely.

“I see a bobble head doll in the future,” Shannon giggled.

“If you can get one made with eyes that cross, go for it,” Gary snickered. “Damn, he’s not holding back. He’s reaming her hard. ‘D’O IT” Pierre.”

Wendy hobbled over and kissed him, “I think I just had a religious experience baby. He’s huge. Ohmigod, he’s fucking bigger than Chris is. I need a drink; I need a wheelchair.”

Gary looked over at Debbie and she was blushing and laughing. Rose was absent the constraints of gravity and her soul floated around the rings of Saturn. Blind eyes stared into the room and with each deep thrust; Pierre hit the booster rockets inside her. Rose’s body vibrated into hyper drive as he crammed himself into her hot, greedy ass.

“Here it comes baby, this is the best part,” Shannon giggled as she watched Pierre’s complexion darken.

He grabbed her hips and his thrusts were deliberate and strong. His eyes rolled up and he slammed his cock all the way inside as he unleashed a river of cum deep inside her.

Rose’s eyes grew huge as she felt him administrating a wonderful cum enema and she loved it. Her ass jumped on his shaft and she moaned deeply. Pierre kept thrusting and depositing his warm love into her. She pushed her ass deeper onto him and she milked every ounce from his cock.

He pulled her upright and his hands caressed her breasts as she turned to kiss him. His cock twitched again and she moaned once more. He pulled himself out and helped her to a seat. Her legs were wobbly and her eyes remained unfocused.

Gary sat next to her and stroked her leg. She looked at him and put her head on his shoulder, “I will never be able to tell you how much I love you. Words just aren’t enough to tell you exactly how I feel, my love.”

“Rose, you show me every day, you don’t need words. I know darling, I know. Jet lag is catching up with me, are you ready for bed?”

“Here’s a new one darling, take me to bed. I need sleep,” she smiled as Wendy and Debbie came to help her up. They quietly left the party and went to sleep.

The next few days went smoothly and the nights were a non-stop party.

Mark and Gary had been on the phone with their respective offices and all arrangements had been looked after. The State Department had been notified of the pending purchases and the only thing needed was their approval that the planes were, as described. Once notified, the Greek government would release the planes into their possession. This type of transaction was handled by governments and not individual banks.

Saturday morning arrived and the pilots assembled. People were stumbling around and looking at six men and one gorgeous woman in uniform. They did double takes when they realized the other three were in fact, Mark, Jill and Gary. No one had ever seen them in uniform and frankly, they didn’t know what to make of it.

They filed a flight plan for Athens and boarded the G550. Coffee was poured and Jeff and Alan took them on a smooth sweet ride. Jack and Tom walked up into the cockpit with the coffee.

“Could someone tell me what the fuck they are doing in uniform?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know. All Gary said was that they were going to be flying this trip. He also said that they wanted to play with their toys. He didn’t tell me anything other than they were going to Greece because there are many poor, horny people there. Your guess is a good as mine,” Jeff said.

Jill looked at the closed cockpit door and chuckled, “This is the quietest flight I can ever remember. We did it; we’ve blown their fucking minds.”

“What is going to blow their minds will happen about fifteen minutes after we land. Did we get hangar notification?” Mark asked.

“Yes, air traffic will direct them once they are off the runway. I brought my camera because I want to record the looks on their faces. They are going to think they hit the lottery. I know I think that way myself,” Mark exclaimed.

Jack and Tom came back out of the cockpit and told them they would be landing in fifteen minutes. They poured everyone more coffee and fastened their seatbelts.

“Are you going to tell us what this is all about? Seriously, when the fuck do you three wear your uniforms?” Jack asked.

“I’ll tell you what I told my guys, we get to pay for the damned jets, we fuel them, insure them and pay your salaries. Occasionally, we like to fly them too. I figured we’d get to fly on the return trip,” Gary stated emphatically.

The landing was smooth and they were directed to a hangar on the opposite side of the airport. Jeff taxied up to the hangar and he hit the intercom, “Boss, if you want to drool, look out the port windows.”

Everyone looked and saw two gleaming Gulfstream 650′s sitting on the tarmac.

“Oh, isn’t that a pretty sight,” Jill said as she snapped a photo of Jack and Tom with their faces pressed up against the window.

Mark look at Gary and he was like a kid in a candy store. If his smile had been wider, his face would have broken.

The ground crew came out and towed the G550 into position. The door was opened and everyone deplaned. They walked to the sparkling jets and looked at them.

“These are Government Jets. That is the Great Seal of Greece on the fuselage. Those are sweet rides. I wish I could see inside. I bet they’re gorgeous,” Jack said.

“They are beyond gorgeous. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Every upgrade imaginable was built into these jets,” the mysterious dark haired beauty told them. “I’m sorry; allow me to introduce myself, I am Gina Copopoulos, the Gulfstream representative in Greece. I didn’t know Mr. Edwards and Mr. Banner would not be here.”

“Oh, you were expecting Mr. Edwards and Mr. Banner?” Tom asked as Jill took photos of their astonished faces. It took a minute until the coin dropped and their expressions changed dramatically. Jill kept snapping pictures while Gary and Mark introduced themselves to Gina.

“I had no idea you were captains? That is convenient.” She looked at the G550 and said, “You already have a nice ride.”

“It really is a great jet. Our businesses are growing and we just need more planes,” Gary said. “Let’s take a look inside.”

She opened the jets and everyone went onboard. She wasn’t kidding the interiors were spectacular. Once inside, it was all business. The pilots went to work and checked out everything. Gina told them that each plane had just less than 1,000 hours on it and as a result, once she learned they were interested, she had the Greek government do the necessary maintenance.

“These are slightly different than the G5 and the G550. Gulfstream G650 has a range of 7000 Nautical Miles at 562 mph or 5000 Nautical Miles at 595 Fast Cruise. You get to go a bit faster but the fuel costs are extreme. They are powered by two Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR725 turbofan engines. They are powerful and quiet,” she told them. “I am assuming you want to fly them. They are fueled and ready to go.”

The pilots had completed their checklist on the first jet and moved to the second. They still had no idea what actually was happening. They checked the second jet and found it to be perfect. Both jets had been maintained beautifully.

“Did you arrange for the dogs?” Jill asked Gina.

“They are inside the hangar. I was just waiting to hear if you are interested before I brought them out. It is weird, using drug sniffing and explosive sniffing dogs to check out jets you’re buying from the Government,” Gina stated.

“Do you trust this government?” Mark asked her seriously. When she shook her head no, he laughed, “Bring on the dogs.”

Gina hit the button on her two-way radio and two handlers walked the dogs onto the plane. They checked the cockpit, the cabin, the heads, the office and the bedroom. Everything was clear on the interior. They took the dogs outside and they checked the cargo areas and the wheel wells.

The dogs repeated their search on the second jet and found nothing. Both planes were clean and Mark told Jack and Tom to fire up the plane. Gina contacted Air Traffic and obtained clearance to get in the queue. Everyone climbed aboard the jet and Jack taxied onto the runway.

“Am I flying this or are you boss?”

Mark looked at Gary and they both excused themselves and made their way into the cockpit. Mark took the pilots seat and Gary slid into the copilot’s chair. Clearance was received and Mark put the hammer down. The jet was fast and it was quiet when the wheels came up and the jet soared into the sky.

“Smile,” Jill said as they turned to look at her. She snapped some photos and returned to her seat. Mark loved the feel of the controls and the responsiveness astounded him. Gary took over and he loved everything about the plane. The electronics were better in the G650 and the readouts were easy to see.

Gary got up and Jill took his place. She was always professional and she loved the way the plane handled. Mark hit the intercom and asked Jack and Tom to take over. They literally ran to the cockpit and Jill was right behind them. She took more shots of their two beaming faces as they finally were behind the controls. They loved everything about the jet. Mark turned to Gina and told her buckle up.

“These four are former F-18 fighter pilots. Hold on, they are going to put this through its paces.” Mark smiled and told them to commence evasive maneuvers.

Jack went into fighter pilot mode and he tested everything on the plane. When they were satisfied, they told Mark this one was a winner. Mark told Jeff and Alan to head back to Athens. Gina handed Jill the camera as they headed into the cockpit.

They landed the jet effortlessly and taxied back to the hangar. They were parked and Gary told Jeff and Alan to get the other jet ready to fly. They looked at him but didn’t question him. Everyone deplaned and Mark and Gary talked to Gina on the tarmac.

“That one is a deal, let’s see if there are any differences on this one,” Mark said.

“It’s still not fair. Now I’ll have two and you’ll have three jets. The only thing this time, we’ll both have equal rides,” Gary quipped.

“Wait a minute, I have a deal and a half you just might be interested in. As you know, Greece is in a world of hurt. They have another jet they have to unload immediately. It is in perfect condition. We just did the maintenance this week on it as well. It’s a G3 with very low hours. I know it isn’t as fuel-efficient but if you need a smaller jet, this is ideal,” Gina told Gary as she handed them the specs on that jet too.

Mark was reading the paper and nodded at everything he read. This jet was identical to Lori’s jet and he never had a problem with it. He kept reading and stopped dead in his tracks. “Is this price in Euros or Dollars?”

“That is dollars Mark. They really are in trouble. This is a fire sale if I ever saw one,” Gina admitted.

“Let’s go fly this plane,” Mark smiled. “Where is the other jet?”

“It is inside the hanger. You can fly it today if you’d like,” she told him.

“Let’s fly this one first,” he said as he climbed onboard.

“You know, Holly, Red, Nancy and Brenda are going to need their own jet. This jet is the sister ship to my G3. Hell, we loved that plane,” Mark said to Gary. “I’ve got a plan; let’s see what this will do and then we’ll go fly the G3.”

This jet was a carbon copy of the first. The way it handled, its responsiveness and luxury were beyond compare. Jill sat the jet down and beamed as Mark took photos of her smiling face. They walked into the hangar and saw a sweet copy of Mark’s jet sitting there. They walked the plane, inspected it thoroughly and brought the dogs back in. Everything checked out nicely.

They took the plane up and put it through its paces. Mark and Gary smiled as it was just like their old friend sitting in Rome right now. Gary landed the jet and taxied to the hangar.

“Is there someplace nice to eat?” he asked Gina.

She took them to a lovely restaurant and they enjoyed a fantastic meal. He had made notes and he wrote a number on a piece of paper and slid it over to her.

“That is for two G650′s and the G3. Cash offer, money is on deposit with the State Department. We take possession today,” Mark told her.

Gina read the figure and was nonplused. The one thing these men had was a solid reputation. “I have to make a call,” she said as she excused herself from the table.

Ten minutes later, she returned and smiled. “Talk about Greeking the Greek’s. A little Vaseline would have been helpful. Nonetheless, congratulations, you just bought three jets. I have to call and have the seals removed.”

“I have a couple of calls to make as well,” Mark said as he dialed Michelle. He told her what they had done and had her call the State Department to add it to the paperwork. He wanted clearance papers emailed to Gary’s jet.

“Do you think State will give us a problem?” he asked Michelle.

“I can tell you exactly what they are going to say. Would you like it generally or verbatim?”

“I’ll play your game, give it to me verbatim.”

“Okay, here goes. You tell that cocksucking motherfucker that if he doesn’t fly to Washington and take me for a ride, I’ll kick his ass from here to Seattle.”

“What the fuck? Who are you dealing with at State?”

Mark heard a click and a male voice came on the line, “She is dealing with me you asshole. How are you boss?”

“Tony Hardin, what the hell? When did you move over to State? The last I heard you were working for that dingbat Senator I hate so much. How are you buddy?”

I’m great Mark. I hear that asshole is over there with you. Put me on speaker. Gary, are you there? Can you hear me jerk? Some friends you are. I move over to the Dark Side and you two drop me like a hot potato.”

“I don’t have any friends on the Dark Side. Who would have thought the toughest linebacker in the NFL would do that. Hmmm. I’m going to say this once and only once. It’s good to hear your voice asshole,” Gary laughed.

“Don’t tell me you have no way to Washington now. I expect to see you in one of these fabulous jets you just stole from the Greek Government. I’m serious. Don’t you laugh blondie; I expect your fine ass here too. From what Rashad and Chris told me, you’ve only gotten better. I didn’t think that was possible. It got so bad that Jamal had to call me to confirm it. And where is that gorgeous sister and I do use that term loosely?”

“I’m right here you gorgeous hunk of man. I’ve missed you too darling. If they won’t fly up there, you know I will. It’s been a while since I’ve jumped your fabulous black ass.”

“I take it you’ve got us covered Tony. Michelle will wire the balance first thing Monday,” Gary asked.

“Not a problem, you’re golden. I’ll see you when you get back to the States.”

Gina sat there listening to the conversation smiling. “I know who that was. I was a big fan of his when I lived in Seattle. When Gulfstream learned I spoke Greek they had me moved to Athens. I did very well with all the wild spending. That is over now. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t think of a better way to wind up a career than to sell three jets on my last day.”

“Is everyone packed,” Gary said as Holly handed him a Rum Runner. “We are heading into the sex capital of the world and I want our people turning heads every place we go. I can’t wait to hear the comments on Walking Street.”

Phil did a double take, “Are we going to go to Walking Street? I’ve heard about that place. I am told it is wild.”

“We are taking over a hotel at the end of Walking Street. Our friend Jeremy has it all arranged. I hope this little effort has gotten you in shape Phil. Jeremy is the world’s largest Asian porn producer. Every room will be filled with our people and his performers. Talk about a fuckfest. This is going to be it.”

“Ohmigod, is she one of his performers? That woman over there is magnificent,” he said as he nodded towards Shannon who had just arrived.

Jill laughed, “Shannon, hiya gorgeous.” Shannon walked over and kissed Gary and Jill. She hugged Michelle and Holly and turned to Rick and Phil.

“Hi there, I’m Shannon. Are you Michelle’s new pilots?”

“Shannon is the women behind my designs. She isn’t just the sexiest Korean Goddess on the planet; she is also one of the world’s best fashion designers. She’s always in demand but don’t worry, she won’t bite.”

“Oh quit your fucking lying Gary,” Rose laughed as the girls walked up to the bar. “She bites but it feels so good when she does it.”

“We’re packed; Tammy is a hoot though. She’s a storm trooper. She has her heels on, she has a clipboard in her hand and she is making certain everyone has their passports. She’s barking orders and organizing everything. Linda has made enough food to feed everyone for forty plus hours we’ll be in the air. There is enough booze onboard to keep everyone happy round trip,” Wendy reported.

“Two things come to mind, you say she is wearing her heels but what else is she wearing?

“She is wearing two wonderful smiles darling,” Debbie smirked. “God, I love that girl.”

“Remind me to thank Mark for the Rum Run he and Ainsley made in Grand Cayman. I love that stuff.”

Gina and Brianna came out of the pool and walked over to kiss Shannon hello. “You look absolutely stunning again dear,” Gina said to her.

“Delicious is a better word,” Rose said as she walked up to Shannon and put her arm around her waist. “The only problem with Asian Food is that you can eat your heart out and fifteen minutes later, you’re hungry for more,” she snickered.

“That, my friends is what I have to put up with. I have two of the sexiest Asians in my life and they never cease to let me know how special they are. I can’t win,” Gary whined.

“Yeah, like you’re complaining boss,” Shannon snapped with her sparkling eyes blazing. “Every man I know would kill to change places with you for just one day.”

“What time are we going to Miami tomorrow Gary,” Brianna asked.

“We can fly out around 11am. Everything is ready. We can be back here by 2pm., relax and spend the rest of the day and then we head out to Thailand. Diane is in Miami and we’re picking her up there. On the way west, we have to pick up Ainsley. We pick up Aleka in LA and we are going to have a layover for about two hours. Mark found us a property and Holly and I want to see it. Same thing is going to happen in Honolulu. Daniel and Kono found us a fabulous property on the water with great sunset views. We have to see that one right away. Then, it is on to Thailand.”

The jets were picked up, loaded, fueled and everyone was finally onboard. Gary’s jet stopped in Dallas and picked up Ainsley. The rest flew directly to Las Vegas. Phil and Rick taxied to the hangar where Mark, Dani, Lori, Jack, Tom and Jackson were waiting. Several of the gang jumped on Mark’s jet to equalize the load and they headed to LA.

Aleka was waiting and they took her to look at the property. Mark and Gary told her about the plans for Honolulu and she was thrilled. They told her they were going to see the property that Kono and Daniel had picked out and they wanted her to see it. She told them she had access to everything they needed. She had relatives who did authentic Luau’s and they would dearly love a full time job. She also had a long list of Hawaiian dancers that would blow their collective minds.

Everyone agreed that the LA property was perfect and Mark called back to Las Vegas and told his acquisition department to make the offer on the LA property as well.

When they returned, all the jets were fueled and ready to take off. Mark, Michelle, Jill, Gary and his women, Ainsley, Red and Nancy, Holly, Jim, Aleka, Dani and DeeDee climbed onto Mark’s jet. They wanted to pick Aleka’s brain as Hawaii had its challenges. Jack and Tom saw who was onboard and they went into high gear. The plane erupted repeatedly with their wisecracks. Many important details were learned and by the time they were on final approach, everyone had dressed and made themselves presentable. Well, not everyone.

Mark picked up the in cabin intercom mike. “Will the two cocksuckers please get dressed?”

A rousing chorus of, “We are dressed,” was heard throughout the cabin. Mark looked around and laughed at the many smiling faces grinning back at him.

“I think he meant us,” Jack came back over the intercom. “I don’t know why he would think we’d be flying in the nude. Sheesh boss, give us a break.”

Michelle flipped a switch and the main big screen switched to the cockpit view showing two stark naked pilots with massive hardons at the controls. She picked up the mike and purred, “We had the same electronics installed on here as on our old jet. You’re busted!”

“I want to know why they still have hardons.” Holly exclaimed.

Tom flipped a switch and the cabin was flooded with shrieks, moans and the sounds of one hell of an orgy going on.

“We’ve been monitoring Gary’s jet. Seems they know how to party on that jet. I didn’t realize we were flying the old farts this time,” Jack whined.

Gary and Mark got up and walked into the cockpit. “Get your ass back in the cabin. We’ll show you who is old or not.” They took control and landed in lovely Honolulu.

They walked out of the cockpit and Tom yelled, “You’re hired.”

Mark grinned and yelled back, “Good, you’re fired.”

Jack laughed, “Fifth time this week. It’s getting old boss.”

Aleka made several phone calls, “They will meet us at the property. The limos should be here in a few minutes.”

They arrived at the property and met Aleka’s relatives. They walked the property and they had a great meeting. The property was expensive but that was expected.

Daniel and Kono’s advice was important as was Brenda and Joy’s.

Mark called Las Vegas and told his acquisition people to start immediately to purchase the property. He called their architect and told him what they were doing. Mark was assured that no additional problems could be expected, as the general contractor they were using was also one of Hawaii’s largest builders.

They were good to go in Hawaii. If the property could be purchased reasonably, they had the Luau and dancers already in place. In fact, they had everything in place except for the chefs. Holly knew she was going to have to find someone who was used to Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine as well as everything else they were going to have. Honolulu would prove to be unique.

“If I have my way, it will also be “The Place” for Miss Hawaii’s to hang out. That, in and of itself, will draw millions of visitors every year,” Aleka said.

They boarded, happy as could be and headed for Thailand. Gary and Jill were at the controls and Mark and Ainsley were piloting Mark’s jet. Jeff and Alan were partying hard in the cabin of Gary’s jet and Phil and Rick were entertaining the crowd behind Mark and Ainsley.

Henry and Glen had the G550 under control and Gina and Brianna had Mark’s G5 well under control. Jill was talking to the other pilots and when she got Gina on the radio, she burst out laughing. She flipped a switch and asked Gina to repeat her last message.

“This is Orgy4, we are flying at 32,000 feet at a speed of 560 mph and we are experiencing extreme turbulence. There is a terrible sound coming from the cabin. It sounds like at least a dozen cats are being skinned alive back there.”

Gary started laughing, “I wondered which jet Holly was on. Thank you for the update Orgy 4, Orgy 1 out”

Gary laughed and told Jill to find out where Brenda, Holly, Dani and Michelle were. She talked to the jets and told them to have them meet with Gary and Mark on the tarmac when they landed.

“You know what’s coming, don’t you?” Gary asked Jill. “I can’t wait to see what outfits Nom & Phoc will be wearing. Brenda gets Jeremy first.”

Gary called Jeff and Alan to the cockpit and they handed over the controls. Jill went and changed and Gary shaved and put on a clean shirt. The jets landed and they were directed to a hangar on the far side of the airport.

They deplaned and lined up at the front of Gary’s jet. Two limos and two large busses pulled up to the hangar. The drivers opened the door to the first limo and a tall, good-looking man stepped out accompanied by four of the sexiest, airline pilots wearing micro-mini skirts and the tiniest tops you ever saw.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Gary said to Mark.

Michelle laughed, “I did.”

Brenda threw her arms around Jeremy, hugged, kissed him, and didn’t let him go. “You look so good Jeremy. Damn, I’ve missed you.”

The x-rated airline pilots walked into Mark and Gary’s arms and kissed them deeply.

“Damn girls, you are looking hot as hell. I love those outfits,” Gary said.

“Please thank Shannon for us. She did a great job on these,” Nom whispered.

“You can thank her yourself,” he said as Shannon walked up and kissed Jeremy lovingly. “Darling, you look good enough to eat.”

“I’ll hold you to that my love. Talk about looking good, holy shit, I didn’t think it was possible but you get better looking every time I see you,” Jeremy said as he kissed her again.

“Darling, you’ve never met Nom, Phoc, Filo and Jasmine have you?” he asked as they stepped forward.

“No I haven’t and I never thought my designs would look this good either. I’m going to have fun playing with you,” She smiled and kissed each one of them.

They hugged and kissed everyone. Jeremy kissed Jill and turned to Michelle. Their kiss was sweet and Holly walked up and grabbed him. She spun him around and laid a lip lock on him that was awe-inspiring.

He hugged Mark and Gary and suggested they get out of the 112-degree heat. The pilots went and assisted the rest of the group loading everything onto the bus. They headed out of Bangkok for Phucket. The pilots spoke perfect English and they would act as tour guides on the way to Phucket.

Jeremy spent a lot of time talking to Rose, Debbie and Wendy. He looked at Gary and asked, “How does one ugly motherfucker like you wind up with three of the most delicious women?” He turned and looked back at the girls, “The asshole hit the mother lode this time. You are spectacular. Welcome to the family.”

The ride to Phucket reminded everyone of a video arcade game. Bangkok traffic was beyond insane. The drivers somehow managed to avoid hitting people, bicycles and cars.

“I have a wonderful reception planned when we get there. All of my staff is there and they are all ready for a week of pure unbridled fun. I’ve a lot of new talent and they are wonderful. Did I see Jackson get off the plane?”

“Yeppers, you did. You had better warn them. He’s here for pussy and Thai food,” Mark laughed.

“Is he the only straight guy?”

“Yes and he’s afraid he might break some of your girls.”

Jeremy laughed loudly and told him he was going to be in for a surprise. “I’ll fix him up with a woman who will blow his fucking mind.”

When they arrived at the hotel, rooms were assigned and luggage was delivered. Every person had his or her own room and their own personal guide compliments of Jeremy. Not all but most of Jeremy’s performers spoke English and as the Americans walked into their room; they were greeted by the sexiest men and women in Thailand.

“Are you kidding me?” Debbie whispered in Gary’s ear. “Look at these people. They are gorgeous. I’m surprised though. Most of the women are Asian but the men seem to be from all over the world.”

“That is because they are honey,” Gary said as he kissed her ear. “You look absolutely delicious yourself darling. The women are from all over the Orient while the men are mainly European and Australian. They will keep you going non-stop baby.”

The rooms were luxurious and spacious. Every single room had been designed for one purpose and one purpose only. Hot, delicious, glorious sex was the only reason people stayed in this establishment. Tourists came from the world over to indulge in the forbidden fruits of the Orient. Thailand was renowned for its non-stop no-holds barred sex. Anything you could want was available.

Jeremy, to his credit, had never crossed the line. He produced some of the hottest porn on the planet but he never had anything to do with children or animals. There were many who catered to that market but it would not happen with him.

Rose and Wendy were escorted to the suite by two good-looking hunks who introduced themselves as Hans and Eric. Hans was from Norway and Eric was from Ireland.

“I hope everything is satisfactory darling,” Nom purred as she and Phoc walked into Gary’s suite. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. “You just get better looking every time we see you darling. I have something for you.” She unbuttoned his shirt and walked behind him. She slipped a gold thin necklace around his neck. It had an ID tag that read ‘Gary’ on it.

Phoc did the same to Debbie while Hans and Eric gave Rose and Wendy theirs.

“Darling, unless we are going outside, chances are everyone will be deliciously naked so Jeremy thought that these would help keep peoples names straight,” she said as she began to caress his crotch. “I know one thing I plan on keeping straight my love.”

Phoc started to laugh as he took Debbie’s hand, “Eric and Hans will escort these lovely ladies to their rooms. We have the four luxury suites on this floor assigned to you. Everyone will have their own room but most of the time, everyone leaves their doors open. We are planning to party a lot ladies. The reception will begin in an hour. Let’s go get you settled in to your suites.”

“Gary, is Mark alright?” Nom asked. “He seems to be distracted hon. I’ve never seen him like this. Jeremy asked us to keep him busy and keep his mind off things.”

Nom poured Gary a drink and they sat while Gary brought him up to speed on what was really going on. Nom and Phoc had been friends with them for years. Nom was upset at what she heard.

“We’ll look after him darling. He is too good a friend. I know everyone here is going to be fucking themselves senseless this week and that’s great but we’ll keep an eye on him and make sure that he smiling.”

“Just remember not to forget Jill, Dani, DeeDee or Michelle. They have been soaked waiting to get their hands on you,” Gary grinned. “I have a woman who is going to rock your world my dear. In fact, I want the four of you to do her and Mark, Jeremy, Jill, Michelle, and my girls and I are going to watch. I was thinking about this on the flight over. She is going to rock your world. Let’s go down to the reception.”

They walked out into the hall and heard Debbie in the suite next door. They laughed and walked into a scene Gary would long remember. Debbie was kneeling, her hands massaging Phoc’s spectacular tits and his nine-inch cock was firmly planted in her throat. Her thighs were drenched and she was having a fantastic time.

“My darling likes cock with her tits I see,” Gary giggled.

“Baby, she comes by it naturally. You love it too. Darling, where did you find them? They are gorgeous women. You hit a home run baby,” Nom purred.

Debbie looked up at Gary, took Phoc from her lips and smiled, “I want to do all of them. This is the wildest, kinkiest thing I’ve ever done and I’m just getting started. Holy Fuck Baby!”

Nom walked over, took Phoc’s cock and licked it. “Debbie, my sweet delicious Debbie. We have two hundred of the top Asian Porn stars downstairs and they all want to do you.”

She mumbled something unintelligible as she looked at her with fluttering eyes. She was cumming hard with that great dick in her throat.

“See you downstairs darling,” Gary said as he kissed her cheek and licked Phoc’s shaft as it slid into her mouth.

They stopped in and found Debbie cumming on Eric’s long hard cock. She saw them enter just as a massive orgasm overtook her. Eric had a great cock and he definitely was good at what he did. Nom walked over, kissed her, and told her they would see her downstairs.

Rose and Hans were just getting dressed when they popped in. “Gary, where did this spectacular woman come from. I’m a fucking porn star and I’ve never fucked a more spectacular woman in my life. Don’t let Jeremy get his hands on her. There will be bloodshed, I just know it,” Hans smiled.

“I’m just going to fix my makeup baby and we’ll be right down,” Rose said as she bounded across the room and kissed him deeply. “I love you, my darling.”

They walked into the banquet hall and the sea of beautiful people was amazing. Nom wasn’t kidding, there had to be at least two hundred people in the room with more arriving constantly.

Mark and Jeremy were standing at the bar and Gary walked over to get a drink. “It looks like business is good. You have a gorgeous crop of new talent. I see a lot of new faces. How have you been?”

“I’m doing okay; been busy as hell. Our production schedule is up almost 20% and the demand is amazing. Everything is high def and the new equipment is making all the difference in the world. It is also making it easier to recruit some of the sexiest women on earth. Speaking of that, how are you getting the fourth jet home? None of your people is leaving Thailand. I’m hiring all of them,” he laughed.

“Who are you hiring?” Jill said as she and Brenda walked up to them.

“Apparently, he is about to do his Donald Trump impression. He’s firing all of our people.”

“Oh he is, is he? What are we supposed to do to make a living if he does that?” Jill laughed.

“Well, it seems you are the new stars of Bangkok Erotic Entertainment. In fact, every one of our people is now a porn star,” Mark said in his best Ronald Reagan impression.

“Baby, are you going to film little old Brenda while she fucks everyone here?” She leaned over and kissed him. “You better have a lot of empty harddrive space my love. Brenda is going to fuck the crap out of everyone here, starting with the four of you. It’s been way too long since we’ve really let it rip.”

Jill had a tear in the corner of her eye. Mark leaned over and kissed her. Jeremy took her in his arms and held her close. “Brenda, you do realize how lucky we’ve been. I just feel blessed to have these three men in my life. I mean, to me, they are my husbands. I love them and I love you for teaching us. Thank you darling,” Jill said as she kissed Brenda passionately.

“Before this night is over, none of us will be able to walk, mark my words,” Brenda purred.

“That is why I’m here,” Gary said.

“Me too,” said Mark. “It’s not like we don’t get enough world-class pussy back home. I just want to go back to a time in my life where there were no problems, just pleasure with the two women I love more than I can ever tell.”

Everyone had apparently arrived and Jeremy grabbed the microphone. He spoke in Thai and then in English. He welcomed everyone and introduced Mark, Michelle, Gary, Jill, Brenda, Wendy, Debbie and Rose to the assembled group.

“I know that I have a real treat for all of you,” he said as he turned to Mark and Gary. “I’ve learned their culture over the years and they have learned a lot about America from me. One of the things they have become addicted to is the NFL.” He turned back to the crowd and continued. “I have a wonderful friend who has joined us and I want to introduce you all to former Cincinnati Bengal Center, Mr. Jackson Martin. Jackson stand up please.”

The crowd went wild, yelling and applauding as he stood up.

Jeremy smiled and in the native language, informed them that Jackson was straight. He told them that Jackson had worried that he might break the women. Everyone laughed at that.

“Don’t laugh girls; I know what he is packing. He just might. I told him I’d find him the perfect girl to break him in. Su Lee, please come up here.”

The room exploded in laughter as this tiny, woman walked up to Jackson. His massive 6’7″ body dwarfed her 4’9″ frame. Her body was perfect. Her jet-black hair, long black hair framed her beautiful amber face. Everything about this young woman was amazing. She looked up into his face and motioned for him to bend down. She threw her arms around him and she attacked his face instantly. He picked her up in his massive arms and she wrapped her tiny legs around his waist.

The crowd went wild. Mark and Michelle sat there with their jaws dropping as they looked at the contrast in the two people.

“Are you sure about this?” Michelle asked Jeremy.

He leaned over and giggled. “Her dildo is a baseball bat darling. She just might break him”

Mark and Gary roared at that.

Buffet tables were set up along one side of the room and people were helping themselves. The booze was flowing and the clothes were leaving bodies everywhere.

Gina and Brianna saw Shannon and they walked up to her. “Did you see those outfits Jeremy’s pilots were wearing? God, they are gorgeous women.”

“Honey, I designed those outfits. They do make them look spectacular don’t they?”

“Damn girl, I’d love a uniform as sexy as that.”

Shannon started laughing uncontrollably. “I knew you were going to say that. You won’t be wearing clothes in a few minutes but I have designed several fucking hot uniforms for you two. I guarantee you’ll be the whiplash twins tomorrow night when we go to Walking Street. If you think they look hot in those uniforms, you have to see them out of uniform. Actually, I was just going to corral Nom and Phoc. I love doing them. Care to join me?”

“Fucking right we do,” Gina said. They looked and saw that Jeremy’s pilots were talking to Jeremy and the rest of the group.

Gary saw them coming and he grabbed Debbie and whispered to her to say nothing. She saw them coming and grinned.

Shannon walked up, put her arms around Phoc, and kissed her neck. “I want you to meet two of our new pilots. This is Gina and Brianna. We’d like to play right now darlings.”

“Shannon, you sexy bitch, we’ve all been waiting to hear those sweet words. Where do you want to play?” Nom cooed.

Jeremy laughed. “I have an idea. We have other new pilots too. What do you say that all the pilots and a few friends start this party off right? I have an orgy room all set up. Get the rest of the pilots and their escorts and meet us back here in a few minutes.”

A few minutes later a wonderful assemblage of drop dead gorgeous people were taken up to the suite. Jill began laughing, as she knew what was going to happen. The pilots included Jill, Mark, Gary, Jeremy, Ainsley, Nom, Phoc, Filo, Jasmine, Jeff, Alan, Gina, Brianna, Henry, Glen, Jack, Tom, Rick, Phil, Dave and Ron.

Also included were Wendy, Debbie, Rose, Red, Nancy, Holly, Dani, Shannon, DeeDee and Brenda plus their escorts. Jeremy made a phone call and by the time they arrived at the suite, bartenders and servers were ready to make them anything they wanted. Mirrors were placed strategically throughout the suite and poppers were in abundance.

“Nom, Phoc, Filo and Jasmine please come into the center of the room my darlings,” Shannon directed. “Gina and Brianna were asking me about your uniforms. I’d like to have them inspect them if you don’t mind. Jill, Michelle, would you help demonstrate the clasps to everyone.”

Gary looked at Mark and Jeremy, both stifling laughter. Shannon could always be counted to get the party rolling.

The women walked up to the pilots and each woman was kissed hungrily. Jeremy’s pilots were lovely, sensuous and alluring in their tiny uniforms and ultra high slutty stilettos. Their kisses lingered and soon the women were fondling each other’s breasts. The pilots undid the women’s tops, leaned in, and began licking their nipples. Their long, slender hands with the ultra long nails teased each nipple and their lips kissed them gently.

The women undid the single clasp on the tops of the uniforms and the fabric sprang back revealing spectacular breasts and perfect nipples. The women dove on them and sucked them passionately. They kissed, licked and sucked each other’s nipples while the pilots undid their tiny skirts. As the skirts fell to the floor, the pilots caressed each woman’s legs and ass. Their thongs hit the floor and the pilots fingers began to slide into each of these gorgeous women. They knelt and in unison, they began licking their hot, sweet pussies. They licked them and then licked back up their tummies and back onto their breasts.

The women undid the sexy skirts on the pilot’s uniforms. Debbie leaned into Gary and snickered. He put his arm around her and kissed her as the skirts hit the floor. The women kissed their nipples, their tits and then onto their flat, sexy stomachs. They grabbed their thongs and pulled them down.

“What the fuck? Ohmigod, ohmigod! This is fucking wild, I love it,” Brianna screamed. Nom’s cock sprang into her face and that was all she needed. She swallowed that cock to the hilt as her hands caressed her sweet, lovely breasts.

Gina had a similar reaction and her absence of a gag reflex was apparent as her face fell fully onto Phoc’s hard shaft.

Jill and Michelle weren’t surprised to find a cock in there. They did love the size and shape of the two new pilots though. The room erupted and a full-blown orgy would prevail into the next day.

Jeremy grabbed Debbie and Rose and found a comfortable place. He welcomed them into the family wonderfully. Wendy grabbed Jack and she fucked his brains out. Everywhere you looked, cocks were being sucked, pussies were filled and assholes were accommodating cocks of every size and shape. Every orifice was filled repeatedly and lovingly.

Holly was loud but definitely appreciative of the three men who were doing her. Ainsley was sucking a long, hard cock while a spectacular Japanese woman was licking her into many hard, lovely orgasms.

Brenda was smiling and she grabbed Jill and they headed to find the guys. They went into a corner of the suite and they spent their time making love to each other.

Mark had her ass and Gary had her pussy. Jeremy slid his cock into her mouth and she swallowed him completely. Jill licked her nipples and her clit. Brenda was cumming like a racehorse at Santa Anita and the boys were relentless. Her athletic body was just as good today as it had been twenty-five years ago.

Her muscle control was awesome and she somehow managed to massage their cocks no matter where they were inside her. She began to erupt and they filled her repeatedly. Her body went into overdrive and she began to vibrate massively. That just spurred them on and they increased their stoking. Brenda was cumming non-stop and loving it.

They relented and allowed her to calm down. She was soaked and so was Jill. Jeremy grabbed Jill and turned her over. He filled her ass and then Mark began fucking her hot twat. Jill looked up at Gary and took him airtight. The next thirty minutes, Jill had more orgasms than she had had in years.

When she was exhausted, she lay back on the mattress and Brenda crawled next to her. These two women made love softly and sensuously.

Wendy and Rose experienced their first trannys and they loved it. Red and Nancy were in the middle of a pile of people and it was almost impossible to determine who was doing who but they loved it.

Jack had a cock in his ass and another one in his mouth while Ainsley was sucking his long cock. “Darling, I want you to cum so hard for me. I want you to blast a hole in my head with your delicious cum. That’s it fella’s, fuck him and make him cum for me.” One of the escorts was fucking her ass as she spoke. Ainsley was totally in heat and she loved it.

Dani, DeeDee and Shannon were each airtight and they were on fire as well.

Jeremy’s pilots did everyone in the room and they did them as well. Cocks were being consumed at a frantic rate and Holly was beside herself with lust. Ainsley had tackled the other pilots and she was sucking cock while they were being fucked. Nothing turned her on more than watching one man suck another unless it was her sucking them while they were being fucked. That would guarantee her an orgasm instantly.

Rick, Phil and Jack took Ainsley airtight and she came harder than she could remember.

DeeDee and Dani were completely caked in cum and smiling as they headed into the shower.

Brenda took on the pilots and they had her body glistening with desire. She was screaming with delight as they fucked her ass. She had one cock in her mouth and her ass was thrilled with the fabulous feelings of tits on her back as their long cocks filled her repeatedly.

Jill was stretched out while Jeremy licked her lovingly. “You know baby, I really have missed you,” he murmured.

“I know darling, I’ve missed you as well. If you keep this up, I’m going to cum all over your face again,” she smiled. “I am so happy today. I have my men back together. It is hard not having you all the time.”

Gary woke up to the feel of soft, Asian hands caressing his cock. He looked down and saw a very pretty young woman who looked up at him and smiled. He couldn’t read her name but he sure loved the attention she was giving him. Her hands were oiled and she slid along his shaft delicately.

She kissed his legs and stroked the life back into him. She pressed his cock against his stomach and her lips began to travel his length wetly and warmly. Her tongue was silk as she climbed his shaft wonderfully. Her caramel skin shone as her spectacular smile brightened the room. Her lips were bright red and her hair shone like polished ebony.

“Mr. Gary, may I please suck your cock? I want to give you as much pleasure as possible.”

“You certainly may suck my cock darling. You’re so beautiful. I can only imagine that you are amazing in everything you do. You truly are spectacular.”

“Last night, Wendy, Debbie and Rose told me that you were the best in the world and that they were your wives. Is that true Mr. Gary? Do you keep those women satisfied?”

“I try darling. I try. They can be pretty demanding but I do my best.”

“You have a lovely cock. I am a good cocksucker. Mr. Jeremy likes it when I suck his cock. I hope you enjoy.”

She looked into his eyes and opened her mouth. Her tongue twirled across the head of his dick and she moaned. “You taste so good. I know what Rose meant now.”

“I’m afraid to ask,” Gary chuckled.

“She said she can’t start the day without having your precum on her lips. It is so sweet.”

Her lips fell over the crown and she began to lick and suck him into her hot, sweet mouth. Gary moaned deliciously and his hands touched her face. Her oval eyes bore into his as she took him completely into her mouth. Her fingers caressed his balls and he loved what she was doing.

“Your cock feels so good in my mouth Mr. Gary. I am really enjoying this. They were right you are a nice man. I will suck your cock anytime you want.”

“I’ll let you too. You are amazing. Your mouth feels like the finest silk and your face is enchanting. I imagine the rest of your body is perfect as well.”

“My body is yours Mr. Gary. I want you to make love to me and then, I want you to fuck me. Miss Wendy told me that is what you do and I really want a man to make love to me,” she said as she took him deep into her hot throat once again.

Gary reached down and pulled her to him. Her small body was exceptional. Her breasts were full and natural. Their size and shape were as if a sculpture had created her. He brought her face to his and their kiss was intense and loving. His hands traveled over her body and he learned a lot. This woman was highly sensitive. His touch was soft and he found many places that triggered wonderful reactions. The small of her back sent her into moans of ecstasy from just a simple touch. Her honey colored skin thrilled at his touch and he took his time.

This women was one of the sexiest Jeremy had ever introduced. He lifted her up and he kissed the front of her neck. She moaned low and deep and he began to lick down onto her chest. Her breasts felt wonderful against his face. Their softness and fullness on such a small woman excited him completely.

She placed one nipple on his lips and he closed his mouth over it. He began sucking gently and the simple action of licking her nipple gave her a lovely orgasm.

“This is beyond description, Mr. Gary. No one treats me like this. It is good.”

Gary slid out from under her and reached for the lotion on the nightstand. He began to massage her and his every touch brought smiles and moans. He leaned over and kissed the small of her back and she exploded massively. Her body shook from the sensations of his lips on her skin. He looked at a perfect, firm ass and he began to massage her deeply.

“Oh, oh, this is wonderful. Everywhere you touch me it makes me feel loved. Oh yes!”

He massaged her legs and her feet. He pulled her to her knees and wrapped his arms around her. His hands caressed her breasts, her nipples and he began kissing her neck. She was moaning and cooing sweetly. He licked her ear and she shivered.

“Wow, Mr. Gary. That feels so good,” she said as his hands wandered over her body.

His hands slipped between her legs and he found a perfectly shaved pussy with long, lovely lips. Her clit was meaty and he knew he was going to love sucking her for hours.

She turned her head to his and she kissed him passionately. Their tongues danced and she began to suck his tongue with passion as his fingers began to play in her hot, wet pussy.

He turned her over and she fell back onto the bed. His hands caressed her, as she lay there open for his pleasure. He picked up her leg and he kissed her shapely leg. He kissed the back of her knee and she went wild. His face moved up along her thigh and she was moaning and smiling at his. He kissed the inside of her thighs and he spread them wide. He rolled her up and licked her ass and she shook as she came at his touch.

He rolled her up and put her legs on his shoulders. He looked down into a perfect pussy with lovely folds and a spectacular prize at the top. Bending his head, his tongue began to open her. She flowed sweet nectar onto his tongue and he marveled at the taste of this precious gem.

“This is so good. Please Mr. Gary, don’t stop. My pussy loves this, oh yes!”

He opened her completely and his face was drenched with the lust from this fine woman. He closed his lip over the top of her clit and he began to lick the sweet, sensitive underside of her clit very gently. She began to shriek and she started to cum. He let her flail on the bed but he wasn’t anywhere near finished with her. He continued and each orgasm was stronger than the last.

His hands cupped her breasts and he felt her hard nipples against his palm. His mouth coaxed each orgasm deliciously and her body was trembling with desire. He kept it up and she began to raise herself up with each successive orgasm. Her body spasmed and she raised herself completely off the mattress. She wrapped her legs around his neck and she came massively. Her body shook on his face, she was barely able to breathe, and she kept cumming. He held onto her and steadied her as she was in danger of flying completely off the bed.

Gary grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. He drove his tongue deep into her tiny, tight asshole and she went off yet again.

She looked into his eyes with barely focused eyeballs and pleaded with him to make love to her. His cock rode the pink trench of desire, teasing her, repeatedly until finally the head of his cock grazed the entrance to her lovely, tight channel of love.

She grabbed her tits and squeezed them as he entered her. She reached for him and pulled him to her lips as his cock filled her. She felt so good, warm, hot actually but loving and passionate as well.

“Mr. Gary, please fuck me. You have no idea how much I need this. Make love to me, fill me and make me cum again. I don’t want this to stop. Your cock feels so good in my pussy. Do you like my pussy baby?”

“It is a slice of heaven; you are so wet and tight. You look devastatingly beautiful as my cock slides into you. I could fuck you all day.”

His hips began to stroke in earnest and he fell fully into her. He felt himself hit bottom repeatedly and she loved it. His cock was flying in and out of her tight, wet twat and she was moaning and riding him with skill and determination.

Her hands caressed his face, her fingers slid into his mouth and he fucked her harder and faster. Her body began to tremble again and he felt her clamp down on his cock. She bore down on him and he felt her deep, luxurious orgasm wash over her. He fucked her through it and on to the next one. She was insatiable and there was no stopping him. She came again and he slipped a finger along her clit as he filled her. That simple touch sent shockwaves through her tiny body, she moaned and arched her back, and came ferociously.

He turned her over and brought her to her knees. His cock slid deep into her. He pushed her chest flat onto the mattress, grabbed her arms, pulled them back to her waist and he began to fuck her with everything he had. His cock pistoned in and out of her with blinding speed. She was moaning, cumming and shrieking with delight. Her body collapsed on the bed and he held her while she caught her breath.

She turned and lay flat, looking up at him. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever had happen to me. I have never had a man make love to me like that before in my life. I know I am a porn actress but none of these men have ever made love to me. I’m addicted to orgasms. I have to have sex every single day. I have it, I am paid to have it but I’m not a whore. I am just addicted to sex.

The customers who buy my movies want to see me being fucked and then they want to see the man cumming on my face. They don’t want to see a man make love to a woman. I wish I had that on camera because to me, that was the best I’ve ever had. Thank you Mr. Gary, thank you so much. I am not finished with you I hope you know that. Wendy told me that after you make love to a woman, when you fuck her, it is life changing. I believe what she said is true.”

Gary lit a cigarette and lay there with her head on his shoulder. He reached over and picked up her gold necklace. “Maya, is that your name?”

“Yes, Mr. Gary, Maya is my name.”

“Do you think you could do me a favor Maya? Would you please call me Gary? I don’t like being called Mr. Gary. How long have you worked for Jeremy?”

“I like that you want me to call you Gary. It is more comfortable. Thank you Gary. I have worked for Jeremy for four years. I am just about at the end of my career. When I returned to Thailand, I had two options. I could work on Walking Street or I could work for Jeremy. He took my sister and I in and he made a wonderful difference in our life. He has always treated us like queens. He is so nice and he talks about you, Mark and Jill all the time. I am honored to finally meet you.”

“Where did you return from Maya?”

“My sister and I went to University in California. Our parents had saved to send us to college. They passed away in our senior year. They died in the Tsunami. When we came home, we came home to nothing. We couldn’t stay in the US and we had no jobs over here.”

“What school did you go to in California? What was your major?”

“We went to USC and majored in Internet Design. We have different minors. Mine is in Communication and Tila’s is in Photojournalism. We both graduated at the top of our class. Unfortunately, web design over here is so cheap that it is hard to make a living. If we could have stayed in the states, we would have been all right,” Maya explained.

“Who is the oldest, you or your sister?”

Maya laughed, “I am the oldest by five minutes. We are twins Gary. She and I are identical.”

“Where is your sister now Maya?”

“The last I saw her she was spending the night with Mark. Jeremy grabbed us and told us to get to know you two men very well. He has always been so good to us. Mark seems like a wonderful man too. I can see why you are all friends. We haven’t met Jill yet but we have seen her. She is exactly how Jeremy described her, spectacular.”

“Did you two have student Visa’s?” Gary asked.

“Initially, we did but we applied for Green Cards while we were at school. We have them, now, all we need are jobs and we can go back. Maybe someday, we can come and visit you Gary. I know I would really love that.”

“Does Jeremy know you are thinking about going back to the states?” he asked.

“He told me to ask you if you might know anyone who could use our services. He doesn’t want us to wind up on Walking Street. I will always love him for that,” Maya smiled.

“I just might know someone Maya, I just might,” Gary laughed as he thought how spectacularly Jeremy had just set him up. “I have two women with me on this trip I would like you and your sister to talk to.”

Maya looked at him with those shining black eyes and she leaned up and kissed him deeply. “Oh Gary, I don’t know what to say. If you could help us find a job, we’d be so grateful.”

She kissed him again and slowly kissed his neck, chest and stomach. She took his cock into her lips and she gave him the sweetest blowjob she had ever given. She was an amazingly sensuous woman and her lips were wonderfully talented.

“Gary, will you let me do something please?” Maya whispered.

“Certainly Maya, what would you like to do?”

“When you cum for me, please let me take you in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth and not on my face. I want to look into your eyes as your cock erupts in my mouth. This isn’t a porn flick; it is real.”

“Darling, you can suck my cock anytime you want and yes, please let me cum in your mouth, on your tongue or down your throat. I want to look into your beautiful eyes while my cock slides into your spectacular face. You truly are beautiful.”

Maya smiled brightly and she attacked him with love in her eyes. Her body glistened, her nipples taut and her breasts heaved as his cock filled her pretty face. Her eyes never left his and she was in awe of this man, as she loved his cock wonderfully. Gary moaned, his stomach tightened and when his legs began to shake, she knew he was about to give her what she desired.

“Cum for me, my darling. I want you now please,” she said as she ran her tiny hands over his stomach. Gary’s hands caressed her cheeks as he stared into her eyes. His body erupted and she felt the flood of his hot cum flowing along his cock and into her lovely lips. She held his cock as her lips grasped him just below the head and she felt each massive blast of his sweet, milky cum flow between her lips. She sucked; she swallowed, and loved every drop he gave to her. Her body erupted in a massive explosion of her own as his cock unloaded the fantastic lust-filled load into her sweet, precious lips.

“That was fantastic Gary, I can’t tell you enough how much this morning has meant to me. I am going to have to attack Rose and keep her cumming for hours. She told me that there was no one on earth like you and I think she is right. You are so lucky to have those wonderful women. I love them.”

“I love them too,” Gary, laughed. “I hope they are having a great time.”

“I don’t know about that but I know I just had the time of my life. Now, I have to wait to discover what it is going to be like when you actually fuck me. I can’t wait. Wendy and Debbie told me I’d need an ambulance. I hope they are right,” she said as she attacked Gary’s face yet again.

“Girl, you can build an appetite, let’s go and find some food,” he said as he kissed her and they walked out of the suite naked and smiling.

The door to the suite next door opened and Mark walked out with Tila. Maya introduced Tila to Gary and he swore he was seeing double. Gary looked at the shit-eating grin on Mark’s face and he laughed.

“You don’t have to say a word bro, I know, oh fuck, do I know!” Gary exclaimed. “Tila, it is a complete pleasure to meet you. We are going to find breakfast. Join us please. I have to find Jeremy and Tina and Karen.”

Doors opened up and the finest collection of well-fucked people poured into the hallway. Debbie looked like she had had a successful run-in with the fifth fleet and Rose was wobbly but smiling. Debbie ran over, hissed them all and giggled. The girls kissed Tila and Maya sweetly.

“Well?” Rose asked each of them. “Were we right or what?”

Maya walked over to the girls and she kissed each of them. Tila was right behind her. They looked at them and Maya smiled, “The two of us are going to rock your worlds. I can only speak about Gary but this was my finest hour.”

“Mine too,” Tila said as she looked back at Mark and smiled sweetly. “You better get used to the fact that we are going to repay your kindness in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Gary looked at Mark and they both started laughing. “Here I thought Jeremy set this up,” Mark grinned.

“Who said I didn’t, “Jeremy said as he and Jill wandered out of his suite. “You fucks should know by now, I operate in many ways,” he laughed.

The elevator door closed and Jeremy hit the button. Jill looked at Gary and asked him if there was any reason he might like to talk to Karen and Tori.

“What the fuck, I don’t want to hear anyone complaining that I am a conspiracy theorist any more. This is living proof. I’ve been set up by fucking experts.”

The elevator erupted in hysterics. Maya and Tina didn’t laugh because they didn’t get the joke but Rose was laughing so hard she could barely stand. Wendy threw herself at him and whispered in his ear, “We love them baby, make this happen please.”

Breakfast was amazing, the food was delicious and the floorshow was even funnier. The banquet hall was filled with two hundred plus well-fucked smiling people.

“What is the deal?” Gary asked Jeremy.

“It’s simple. They are very special to me. I want them to have it all. They have so much talent it isn’t funny. I’m not talking sexual either. You have to see what they can do. They have their papers and they can leave anytime. I just want them to do a few things for me while they are there.”

“What’s that?” Gary asked.

“For starters, they are always a huge hit at Adult-X so I want them there. I also want them back here at least twice a year to shoot a series of films. That means, you fucks are going to have to bring them here.”

“I can live with that,” Gary said. Jill and the girls agreed as well.

Karen and Tori stumbled past their table and Gary introduced them to Maya and Tila. Karen had her laptop in her room and everyone went up to look at several websites they had designed.

Karen had a weird look on her face when Gary asked her what she thought. “If I tell you the truth, will I still have a job?”

“Do you want me to take you over my knee right here and now and spank your cute ass? You’re job is not in question one bit. Never has been and never will be. You are with me for life and you fucking better know it,” Gary said sternly.

“To answer your question, yes, I want you to throw me over your knee, spank me, fuck me and fuck my ass and never stop but that’s not what I really think you want to know. I can tell you this; those two are far more qualified for my job than I am. Those are some of the finest, high-tech websites I’ve ever seen. I have a million ideas just looking at them.”

“Maya, Tila, I want to introduce you to Tori Johnson and Karen Rivers. Usually, I let them handle things like this but since I am here, I want you to meet the two, sexy, crazy sluts you’re going to be working for when you get back to your new home in Orlando next week. Karen handles the Press Relations and Tori is the head of my Marketing Department. You don’t have to worry about a place to live. I have a small place over there and you can live there. I think you’ll be comfortable. Jill will get with you and explain the pay schedule and you’ll have full access to Mark’s investment department. He’s pretty good at growing your money.”

They were speechless; they jumped on him, kissed him and then kissed everyone repeatedly. They stopped and looked at Jeremy. He held out his arms and hugged them. He told them he wanted them at Adult-X and that they were to make a few movies for his a year. They kissed him and hugged him again.

“I need a drink,” Mark laughed as he kissed the girls again and welcomed them into the family.

Jill kept the girls a while and explained everything to them. Tori and Karen were happy as could be. They walked down the hall to the elevators with Debbie, Rose and Wendy. They went into the bar and after the drinks were poured, Jeremy got this wild look in his eye. Gary and Mark saw it and burst out laughing. They grabbed the women and walked up to the orgy suite.

“You know, Gar, you seriously hit the jackpot. These women are fantastic but they have really been deprived. I want to apologize to you ladies. Since you seriously are a part of this fine, wild family it is only fair that each one of you is welcomed properly,” Jeremy grinned.

“Jeremy Carter, are you insinuating what I think you are darlin?” Rose murmured. “If you are, we have a pecking order. I’ve waited the longest for this. Do me! Do me! Do me now!”

“Wendy, she is such a greedy cunt,” Debbie giggled as they sat back to watch the fireworks.

“This is one of the reasons I came to Thailand,” Mark snickered. “I have a feeling the three of you are going to blow his mind,” he said as he kissed Debbie and Wendy passionately. “Excuse us darlings; we will be back for you in a while.”

Four hours and many drinks later, no one was steady on their feet. Bets were taken as to the hour that Rose’s eyes would uncross. Wendy lay back panting; sweat dripping from her nipples and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Debbie was incomprehensible. Every word she tried to speak came out sounding as if she was speaking Romanian.

“I told you they were good,” Mark grinned.

“Allow me to do my Tony Tiger impression, “They’re GREAT!” Jeremy laughed.

They looked at Rose and everyone started to laugh. Her expression was as if she had snorted a kilo while driving across the McArthur Causeway wearing Red and Blue Crystal glasses. She was totally fucked up.

Jeremy smiled, leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You can star in my movies anytime you want darling. Fuck, you are wild. You all are.”

Debbie and Rose were coming back to normalcy, “What the fuck just happened?” Debbie managed to say.

A chorus of femine laughter wafted through the air. “My men just happened.” All heads turned to see Brenda standing there with Jill, Red, Nancy, Michelle, Holly, Shannon, Ainsley, Gina, Brianna, Maya, Tila and Ronnie.

“We’re fucked,” Jeremy, laughed.

“No darling, we are going to be fucked and the three of you are going to be doing the fucking,” Brenda laughed.

Jeremy grabbed Brenda and started.

“If they can do this, I’ll be more impressed than I’ve ever been in my life,” Rose whispered. “That really was the wildest time I’ve ever had. He does this everyday. When you think it can’t get better, you’re wrong!”

They knew this would happen. They were expecting it and they really did live up to their reputation. Each woman received her full, undivided, wanton, lustful attention and the hormone level was off the chart. Orgasms were exploding everywhere while they waited their turn with the masters.

“That’s our boys,” Brenda said to Jill who had just finished an hour of total unbridled bliss with the three men she loved the most. They watched as Holly went airtight and the room quieted dramatically.

Rose, Wendy, Debbie, Maya and Tila were happily licking every pussy and watching the action.

Ronnie was recovering and muttering, “Fuck me, motherfucker, fuck me that was wild.”

Maya and Tila were the last to experience the three amigos. These two may well have been top porn stars but today would be a day they would never forget. The men treated them to wonderful, serious lovemaking and then the fucking went off the chart. Their previous experience had not prepared them for these three men. Although they were new to this, they each knew that this was definitely the start of a wonderful new life.

Debbie poured drinks and handed them to the guys.

“Well, that was a nice starter, who’s next?” Jeremy giggled.

“Well, it seems we were left out of the party,” Lindsay said as she walked into the room with Gina and Brianna.

Gary doubled over laughing. He grabbed Lindsay and kissed her deeply, “Bring it on darling.”

Jeremy and Mark smiled and the three men spent the rest of the afternoon creating memories and warming hearts.

“Write this date down,” Jill said. “I am so used to these three that they seldom impress me but today, they have blown my mind. This is definitely a world record.”

“Take a look around you my love,” Gary said. “In this room right now you will find the finest, sexiest and most delicious women on the planet. What man would say no to one of them let alone any of them? We are the ones who are blessed here.”

“I’ll second that,” Mark said as he wiped the sweat from his body.

“Just don’t ask us to repeat this until we’ve had dinner at the very least,” Jeremy grinned.

“I have no idea how good they were at the beginning but I can tell you this,” Brianna purred. “They sure finished with a bang. That was wild. I was warned, I just didn’t believe it. Can we bottle these three? We’d all be billionaires by morning. Fuck that was amazing.”

“What time are we hitting Walking Street?” Wendy asked.

“I don’t go down there until after 10pm but that is just me. I’m sure some of the people are already there. You women are going to be propositioned constantly. The whores are going to be pissed. They hate it when I bring my people out. When you add the Americans to the mix and they will be pissed. By the way, no one is to pay a dime tonight. Just show the bartender your necklace. They will record the name and bill me,” Jeremy told them.

“WooHoo, someone is going to proposition me,” Holly yelled as the room burst out in uncontrolled laughter. “I’m expensive.”

Jeremy spit his drink all over the place. “Holly, you are such a delicious slut. Just remember, a Baht is worth 21 cents American.”

“Darling, if they offer you 50 they are really only offering you $10,” Gary laughed.

“I’m insulted already,” Holly, laughed.

“Walking Street, Oh sweet, we get to really get slutted up for you darling,” Gina, grinned. “Shannon made us new uniforms. I understand the pilots have to be in uniform tonight.”

“That includes you two,” Shannon said as she looked at Jill and Ainsley. “You’re going to be the hottest sluts on Walking Street my loves. The men already have their new uniforms. I have your uniforms in my suite.”

“Let’s eat,” Mark said. “I am famished.”

As they stumbled into the banquet hall, the first person they saw was Jackson. His eyes were the size of bowling balls. He saw Mark and flashed him the biggest grin. Michelle cracked up at the look on his face.

Shannon gave the women their uniforms. Gina and Brianna smiled and Jill looked at Shannon, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I have belts bigger than this skirt. The top is adorable, what do you call these, two pasties and a clasp?” she giggled. The cutaway jackets highlighted the bottom of their breasts, which would be plainly visible.

“I don’t know darling, I have never worn anything so heart meltingly slutty. I am going to enjoy wearing this,” Ainsley said. “Have you seen the shoes yet?”

Shannon smiled and handed each woman a pair of mile high white stilettos.

“Well, they’ve had dinner. After they see us in these uniforms, don’t be surprised if we have a repeat right on the sidewalk,” Jill grinned.

“Ohmigod, look at the thong,” Ainsley purred.

“That is just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen I love it,” Brianna laughed as she looked at the tiny thong embroidered with “D’O IT” on the front. Under the logo, it said ‘Then do me!’ “The exclamation point is a penis,” she laughed.

Jill was blushing as she looked at Shannon who was sitting in an easy chair giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Gary is going to lose his mind. Trust me, I know what trips his trigger and this will definitely do it,” Jill said. “I hope I can walk in these shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair this high before.”

“What are you wearing tonight Shannon?” Gina asked her.

“Oh, a little something I thought would look startling,” she snickered. She opened a case and took out a pair of gold hot pants and a gold top that barely covered her nipples. Her gold shoes were as high as the others were and she promised to look fantastically fuckable.

Mark had headed for a nap and Gary and the girls were spending some quality time alone. When it was time to get ready to go out, the girls left Gary and headed out to get dressed.

The clothes Shannon had designed for them was going to add to his astonishment. Her designs were ultra sexy and they were perfect for each woman. Gary was sitting in his suite, sipping a drink when they returned.

“Who are you and what did you do with my women?” he smiled. “All these years, I’ve known each one of you was gorgeous but even I couldn’t imagine you looking this hot. I don’t want to go out; I just want to stay in with you.”

“That, Mr. Edwards is why we love you,” Debbie purred.

“That and the fact that no man on earth is as good in bed,” Rose smirked.

“You should know,” Wendy giggled and ducked as Rose threw a coaster in her direction.

Mark walked in with a drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian on his arm. Everyone kissed Aleka, stood back, and admired her drop-dead sexy outfit. They headed to the elevators and joined Jeremy in the lobby. As they stepped off, Jeremy hung up his cell phone. Many of the group waited in the lobby. The elevator doors opened and the pilots walked into the lobby.

The whistles and catcalls were deafening. They walked into the center of the lobby, smiling and strutting their stuff.

“Okay, I’m speechless,” Mark, said. “If I was in Las Vegas right now, I’d swear I was looking at the stage of the Coliseum at Caesars.”

“I know one thing,” Gary grinned, “I’m commandeering your pilots Jill. WOW!”

“To hell you are,” she laughed.

“Okay, from now on, you have to wear that outfit 24/7. Your choice darling.”

“Screw that, you are all under house arrest. I am not letting any of you leave here,” Jeremy said. “Shannon, you outdid yourself girl.” He looked around and didn’t see her. “Where is Shannon?”

The elevator chimed and the place came unglued as Shannon stepped off the elevator. The vision in gold was breathtaking. Everyone began applauding as she walked to the rest of the group.

“Before we leave,” Jeremy beamed, “We’ve set a new mark for elegance and sensuality for this town. Shannon, every time I see you, you totally blow my mind. This is so far over the top I can’t even describe it. Thank you darling.”

Everywhere they went, people stopped, stared and drooled. The street hookers looked on in awe. As they walked into the bars, every head turned and the owners came over to welcome them.

“Jeremy, you bring these gorgeous women in here, you put me out of business. What did I ever do to you?” one owner said to him.

They danced, partied and had a wonderful time. The hookers were friendly and treated Jeremy with a lot of respect. The ladyboys were all trying to get the attention of Jeremy’s flight crew. They knew them and they all wanted to be them.

Diane walked up and hugged Gary and then Mark. “This is definitely one for the record books. I could be standing here naked and I’d feel overdressed. Shannon looks delicious, doesn’t she?”

“Sweetheart, you look delicious yourself. Damn girl, I just might hit on you myself,” Gary said.

“Oh is that right? If you do, I want written permission slips from my darlings,” she said as the girls cracked up.

“Well, you delicious slut, if he won’t do you, we sure will,” Wendy grinned. “I think you look spectacular.”

“Usually, I’m the one around here flashing my tits. I feel prudish.”

Mark grabbed her, kissed her and opened her top completely. “There, I do prefer seeing your tits myself. They are such lovely tits, don’t you think,” he said as everyone gave thumbs up all around.

Gina and Brianna walked up and sat at the bar next to Holly and Red. Gary and Mark were standing admiring their uniforms when Mark looked down and saw the thong. “What does that say?” he said as he nudged Gary.

Gary looked; Gina and Brianna spread their lovely legs and gave them a good view. Gary started laughing and almost choked on his drink. “I love that.”

“And we love you two too. What it says is what it means gentlemen. Jill’s says the same thing. We particularly like the exclamation Mark,” Brianna said. They looked again and that was all it took. Mark and Gary were hysterical. Mark found Jeremy and yelled, “Bro, get over here and look at these pussies”

Walking Street lived up to its reputation. Women, men and ladyboys were rented for short time and long time. The bar owners were paid and the whores departed. There was no shortage of customers. Men, women and couples from the world over were in Phucket for one reason and one reason only. They wanted to get laid and the kinkier the sex, the better.

Jill walked up and put her arms around Jeremy, “I have been propositioned so many times I’ve lost count darling.”

There was a commotion at the door and every head in the place turned and looked at the woman who walked inside. Jeremy’s jaw dropped and he shot a look at Gary. “Are you fucking kidding me? You brought Beyonce with you. Holy fuck, you know I’ve had a hardon for her from the first time I saw her. This is unbelievable,” he said as she walked up to Gary.

“Darling, are you ever going to introduce me to this gorgeous hunk of man?” she whispered loudly. “He really is a spectacular man, isn’t he?”

Mark and Gary were laughing. Jill was still draped across Jeremy’s back, her tits massaging him temptingly.

“Jeremy, we’d love to introduce you to this spectacular, talented and oh so loving woman but we’re afraid if we do, we’ll have to kill you,” Gary laughed.

“Jeremy, I’d like you to meet Linda Langford. She is my chef. Amazing isn’t she?”

“Ohmigod, Linda, you are her double. You are magnificent,” Jeremy said as he leaned over and kissed her. Everyone was looking at her and staring.

Eight people walked in the bar and Gary started to smile. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you,” Tammy said. She was with one of Jeremy’s men and she was smiling.

“Are you having a good time baby?” Wendy asked her.

“This is wonderful. I’m having a blast but wait till you hear this,” she said as she hugged him.

JoJo walked up and kissed everyone. “You’re never going to believe this one Gary. I’d like you to meet Trevor.” She introduced everyone to him. “Trevor was my neighbor in Canberra. We haven’t seen each other in years.”

“Well, I hope you’re treating my girl well Trevor.”

“I am mate,” he said as he flashed a bright grin. “She grew up to be a fabulous woman. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her.”

“I always knew he was hot, I just never thought he’d be a porn star,” JoJo grinned. “Thank you so much for bringing me Gary. I love you so much.”

Tammy walked up to Jeremy and told him straight out that they had heard about the party this afternoon. “We all want that too. This is not a request. Trust me, you’ll love it,” she smirked. “We will leave you breathless you gorgeous hunk.”

Mark laughed, “You still watch Star Trek buddy?”

“You know I do,” Jeremy laughed. “Why?”

Jill burst out laughing, “Resistance is futile Jeremy. You don’t say no to our little firebrand.”

“Ahhhh, well Tammy tell us when, we’ll be there,” Jeremy whispered as he bent over, picked her up and kissed her passionately. “Wait, I just figured this out. You’re one of the girls from Jacksonville aren’t you? I’ve heard all about you. Hell girl, I’ve been hearing about you for years.”

Their lips teased each other and Jeremy stroked her body as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as she kissed him again. “Jill told me what you were like and that I had to do the three of you at once. I can’t wait. These two send me to heaven all the time. I’m like Rose, greedy and looking for the trifecta baby.”

“Now you know why we love her so much,” Rose giggled. “Tammy, trust me, it will be better than you think.”

Jeremy kissed her again and winked at Gary. “You amaze me bro.”

They wandered in and out of the clubs and bars along the way. Rose was having a conversation with a tall, gorgeous ladyboy and it was obvious she was turned on. She was sweet, funny and definitely hot. Jeremy walked up behind Rose and whispered, “She’s hung like a horse darling.”

“Hello Jeremy, how are you darling?” the ladyboy purred. “Are you still angry with me?”

“Not as long as you stay away from my people. Have a good evening,” he said as he put his arm around Rose and steered her away.

She put her head on his shoulder and smiled. “I like a man who watches out for his girls. You’re a good man Jeremy. I can say this to you now and mean it. I love you too. We all do. Now that we know all three amigos, we feel much better. You’ve exceeded our considerable expectations darling.” She kissed him again and held him tightly.

Maya and Tila strutted into the bar. All the working girls knew them and everyone wanted their attention. The customers drooled at the familiar faces and they were propositioned constantly. They handled themselves with grace and style as they headed for the bar. The owner immediately told them he wanted them to work for him. They smiled and said something in their native language he obviously didn’t like. Maya blew him a kiss and walked over to Wendy.

“I’ll never doubt a word you ever say Wendy. You were so right. He made me feel loved for the first time in my life. You are so lucky. I can’t believe we are going to be living close to you. I hope we will get to see you once in a while.” Tila joined them as Maya was talking to Wendy. Wendy was looking at the two spectacular women and she started to laugh.

Rose and Debbie walked up and Wendy relayed Maya’s hope that they might get to see them occasionally.

“Darling,” Debbie said as she hugged both of them, “I think you misunderstood. There is a very good chance that you will see us every single day considering that you will be living in our home. We will see you all the time. We are going to be working together and playing together all the time.”

Tila was beside herself with joy. She looked at her sister and hugged her. “Maya, our prayers have been answered.”

“Now, we have a few house rules that we insist you follow completely. There is no discussion about this; it is just the way it is. For starters, we seldom wear clothing. House rules mean high heels are to be worn with or without stockings. Lingerie is always in fashion.

You are going to be living in total luxury. You will travel with us, play with us and we will love you more than you can ever imagine. I was the Asian princess but now, I have to share that title with you two and Shannon. That’s great because we all know how much people enjoy Asian cuisine. You are required to have at least three mind-blowing orgasms per day at a minimum. You can suck cock from the time you get up until you go to sleep. Pussy is always on the menu so I doubt you will ever go without. Any questions?” she giggled.

“Gary said we were going to be living in Florida,” Tila said. “Where in Florida will we be?”

“We live in Windermere, Florida. It is just outside of Orlando. It is a very exclusive area. You’ll like it.”

“Can we go to Disney World? We used to go to Disney Land in California. We loved it,” Tila asked.

“You know that sounds like fun. I haven’t been there in years,” Gary said. “We live there, we just never go. I’m game.”

“I just laid the law down Gary,” Rose said. “They know about the house rules and that they can’t have less than three orgasms a day. Since I lost the resident Asian goddess status, they’ve been told to be kind to me.”

You’re my Asian goddess darling. Always have been and always will be,” he said as he held her warmly.

“Gary, do you mind if we take the girls out tomorrow afternoon? We have a treat in store for them,” Maya asked.

“Sure darling, our dance card looks like it is going to be full all day. What did you have in mind?” Gary asked.

“We were going to treat them to a special massage, they will love it?” Maya grinned.

Jeremy’s eyes rose, “Are you planning on going to Jooms baby?”

“We thought it would be a real experience for them. Jooms is a friend, I know it is safe to go there,” Tila said.

“You’ll have fun. I think I’ll take Mark and Gary there later myself. They will enjoy themselves.”

Michelle and Nom walked in and headed to the bar. She waved at everyone and sauntered over. “Have you ever walked down this street with Nom? It’s wild. We’ve been lied to Mark. All these years we thought Jeremy ruled this town. We were wrong. Nom is number one around here. Everyone wants a piece of her.”

“That is understandable. When you’re that gorgeous, it just makes sense,” Mark quipped.

Back at the hotel, the parties were in full force. People were making their way back to get naked and have fun.

Holly was standing in the lobby when everyone returned. Ronnie and Nancy walked in laughing their heads off. Nancy figured she could have made a million on the walk back to the hotel. Men were throwing money at her as they walked.

“If this decorating gig doesn’t pan out, I know I could be a hooker in Thailand,” she cried. “I feel so secure now but we lost Red somewhere along the way. Has anyone seen her?”

“Add her to the list; I haven’t seen Jim since last night. The last time I saw him he was in the middle of an orgy that looked like it would last forever,” Holly grinned.

Jack and Tom led the way as the entire flight crew arrived. Jill had a grin on her face a mile wide. Gina and Brianna were giggling as Nom told everyone not to wait up for them. Rick walked up, put his arms around Ainsley and literally dragged her to the elevator.

Their people were pouring back into the hotel and the sweet sounds of pure unbridled bliss soon filled every floor.

Mark had wandered away and was talking on his cell phone. “Are you okay?” Gary asked him.

“Yeah, I’m okay. According to the Doctor, she is fine. The latest surgery went perfectly. He took the bandages off today and there is no scar at all. He has two more to go and she will be perfect again. I am happy about that but once she is released, I won’t even have these updates anymore. I don’t know Gar; I’ve never done this before. I really am in love with this girl. It’s probably better this way though. I am not going to change who I am for anyone.”

“I’m glad she is doing well. I really am. I am serious; I want her to sign that contract. What I will never accept is for you to change who you are for anyone. You’re a powerful, successful man. You are a man of principle too. We share the same values. Mark, there are millions of people who apparently believe what she believes. It is why this country is on the skids. You know it and so do I.”

“The report I saw just blew me away. Obama borrowed billions of dollars from China, then turned around, and gave China a fucking grant to do scientific research. That is simply fucking insane,” he said. “Anyway, I promised everyone, and I do fucking mean everyone that I would lighten up and enjoy myself.”

“Listen, when I get my ass chewed from Nom and Phoc, I get the message. Everyone is concerned. I get it,” Mark laughed.

“If it worked, then I did my job,” Jeremy said as he walked up on the conversation. “Usually, when they are chewing your ass something pleasurable is about to happen. They are worried, we all are and we are not going to let you sink into a pity party.”

“Thanks guys, I do appreciate it. What do you think the odds are of three guys getting laid in this establishment?” Mark laughed.

“I don’t know about that but I do know we can get a drink in here,” Gary said as they walked into the bar.

“There they are,” a familiar voice said as they stood at the bar. Lindsay, Ashley and Leeann walked up with three of Jeremy’s girls and three of his male stars. “We were hoping we’d find you.”

Lindsay kissed Gary deeply while Ashley grabbed Mark. Leeann looked into Jeremy’s eyes and purred, “My spies tell me you’re great in bed. Care to prove that, Mr. Carter?”

“I don’t know Leeann, that is a tall order,” he said as he turned to Gary and laughed. “Someday, I’ll have to teach you how to hire more outgoing people.” He turned into Leeann and swept her off her feet, picked her up, put her on the bar and spread her legs. Her tiny skirt rode up and he pulled her thong to the side. He looked at her lovely pussy and ate her right there on the bar.

“We all want to party together darling,” Lindsay said. “Jeremy’s people are wonderful and they fuck like minks. Can we please all play together darling? It will be fun. Of course, I’d rather grab you, take you to my room, and fuck you for days on end but I can do that at home. Have I told you that I love you today baby?”

“No you haven’t and frankly, my feelings were hurt,” he said as he kissed her lovingly.

Leeann sat on the bar with Jeremy’s face buried in her pussy, “He’s pretty fucking good Gary. You definitely have some competition my love.”

“Hey bitch, what am I, chopped liver?” Mark whined.

“”You know I love you Mark, I just realized something. Up until a few minutes ago, I had two men in my heart. Now I have three. I like a good return on my investment,” she laughed. “Oh Jeremy, get me off this bar and fuck me darling.”

“Don’t you just love a fiscally responsible goddess?” Mark laughed.

They decided to head back up to the orgy room. It would undoubtedly be in use but it was huge and they could have a place for all of them to play.

Ashley hugged Mark and pulled him down to her face. “You have always made me feel like a Queen and tonight, I am going to make you my King. You are the kindest, gentlest, sexy, loving man now that I know you so much better; I really want to see you being pleased tonight. Thank you for being you. I love you Mark.

With fresh drinks in hand, they entered the orgy room. Jeremy introduced his people to Gary and Mark. Lindsay directed Mark, Gary and Jeremy to lay flat on the mattresses. The Asian women were spectacular and the men were hung and gorgeous. Lindsay and her Asian friends began to massage Gary sensuously. Mark and Jeremy were getting the same treatment.

“You are the perfect man Gary,” Lindsay whispered. “We own your body tonight,” she said as she leaned in and kissed him passionately.”

Six hands teased his body, stroked his flesh and toyed with his cock. The Asian girl kissed him and licked his nipples. He felt a pair of lips take his cock and begin to lick his rapidly hardening shaft. Lindsay kissed him and her girlfriend did as well. The lips on his cock were good and he swallowed him completely.

The Asian girl dropped her pussy onto Gary’s lips and she tasted sweet. Her body was wonderful, beautifully proportioned and definitely sexy.

Lindsay licked her nipples while she rode Gary’s face. Lindsay licked her lips, her tits and her stomach as her hands spread her pussy got Gary’s tongue. She slid down and began kissing his chest and down to join the man with his cock in his mouth. Both sets of lips sucked him and she pulled Gary’s legs up and spread them wide. She took his cock back into her mouth while his ass was being licked and fingered. Lindsay grabbed his ankles and he felt a thick cock press against his ass. She sucked him gently as the long heavy cock filled his ass.

Lindsay leaned into his ear and whispered, “He fucked my ass earlier today. It felt so good. I wanted you to experience him darling. He’s good isn’t he?” She took his cock back into her mouth and sucked him while his ass was being stretched erotically.

“That’s it baby, fuck his ass. Is his ass as tight as mine is? It is so hot watching you fuck his ass, here, let me stretch his ass for you baby. Don’t you just love her pussy baby? I could eat her for hours,” Lindsay purred.

She pulled his cock from her lips and she felt his cock stretch her loving pussy perfectly. With each stroke in his ass, his cock jumped in her tight twat. She kissed the man and rode Gary hard. The girl on his lips was cumming and he drove her wild with his tongue. The cock inside him was great and Lindsay was her usually wonderful self.

By the end of the evening, every woman received the full three-amigo treatment. Each woman ended the evening airtight and incomprehensible. All the men filled every opening repeatedly and when Lindsay and Gary headed for bed, she told him something special.

“Tonight was wonderful. Every time I make love to you, it is always special but the best is yet to come. Tomorrow, I will have achieved a goal that I hope will be repeated someday.”

“What goal darling?” he asked as he kissed her passionately again.

“My one goal, from the first day I met you was to one day wake up in your arms. I want to hold you, love you, kiss you and fuck you forever my darling.”

They made love again and when they awoke, it was special. Lindsay loved this man with all her heart and she made no bones about it. The great part of this was that his girls knew exactly how she felt and they loved her as much as she loved them.

Gary lit a cigarette and passed it to Lindsay as the door to his suite opened and the girls walked in. They saw her lying in bed with the sweetest smile on her face. They kissed each other good morning and kissed Gary wonderfully.

“Holly is on the way up. We figured this would be as good a time as any to drop this bomb on Lindsay,” Wendy said sternly.

The smile vanished completely from Lindsay’s face. She didn’t say a word because she was scared half to death. Holly walked in wearing her heels and nothing else. She stood at the end of the bed with her legs spread and her hands on her hips.

“Girl, I’m not very happy with you. From the get go I’ve told everyone that if this thing was going to work that you had to be honest with me and not hide anything from me. I did say that, didn’t I?” Holly demanded.

“Yes, and that is exactly what I’ve done,” Lindsay said.

“Bullshit,” Rose said, as she got right into Lindsay’s face. “Why is it that we have to come half way around the world to find out that your lease on your apartment is up and you have to move in three weeks?”

“I’m going to kill Hank. I told him not to say anything until we got back. I know I have to talk to you about where you want me to be. I don’t want to sign a lease only to have to break it in a few months. I don’t know where I am going to be. I just didn’t want to bring it up while we were on this trip. I’m sorry, I should have said something earlier,” she said.

“You’re damned right you should have. Now we are going to have to find a place for you to live. It’s not as if we don’t already have a shitload of work to do. I mean this is serious,” Debbie said angrily. “Fuck Lindsay, what is the matter with you girl?”

Gary looked at her with a look of utter shock on his face. “This is going to be really hard to figure out. I’m not happy about this either. You should have told me. Dammit! Now the big question is second or third floor?”

“Second or third floor what? I don’t want to understand.”

“Do you want to live on the second or the third floor? The suites are similar but the view of the lake is actually better from the third floor. The choice is yours. I just need to know,” he said with an attitude.

“I’m sorry, I’m lost. I am not following you at all. I didn’t think this would be such a big problem. I still don’t understand about the floors thing though. Can someone help me with this?”

“Gary, I agree, she is smart. She is gorgeous. She is fucking phenomenal in bed but darling, I am thinking she is as thick as two short planks.”

“I think we scared the crap out of her, if you ask me,” Debbie said. “She seriously thinks she is in trouble.”

“We had a meeting yesterday when we learned about your little situation darling,” Holly said. “Yes, you can blame Hank. Few men can resist my ass baby. We had this decided two weeks ago but we were going to wait until we got back to Orlando to tell you. Orlando is going to be the first club to open. It is scheduled to be open on October 1. We want you to manage the Orlando Country Club. You can have any club you want but we hope you’ll take Orlando.”

It took a minute to sink in. She looked at everyone in total disbelief. “I definitely want Orlando. I can’t believe this. Ohmigod, I can’t believe this. Yes, I want Orlando. Yes, I want the Country Club. I’m confused though. Oh shit, ohmigod, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Thick as three short planks,” Gary said. “I am asking you if you want to live on the second or third floor of the house with us. We want you there. We are deadly serious about this too. The choice is yours. You can let us know when you get back. The suites are similar but not the same. You look at them and let us know baby.”

“Oh, and one more thing, actually several more but this one is the biggie. We knew about your goal of waking up in his arms darling. Was it as good as we knew it would be?” Debbie asked.

“Better than anything I could have imagined Debbie,” she stated with a huge smile on her face.

“Darling, you’ve been in our bedroom. You have seen the massive bed in there haven’t you?”

“Oh yes, I have, why?”

“Well here is the thing. Most of the time it will be the four of us waking up in that bed but occasionally, if he gets there too late, he’ll just have to find another bed somewhere. We may be busy and he’ll be shit out of luck,” Wendy laughed. “There is a better than average chance that you’ll wake up in his arms from time to time.”

“Yeah, sometimes we actually do get headaches,” Rose said.

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Gary laughed.

“Okay, now we have to pull this shit on a few more people. Hank is going to be offered the Dance Club and Dave and Ashley are going to Las Vegas. Mark and Ashley spent the night together. Now we have to go break the news to them. Throw your heels on baby. This should be fun. After that, we are meeting with Hank and Dave,” Holly said.

“Can I take the lead on Hank? I owe him a real shit kicking,” Lindsay grinned. “I mean, he shouldn’t have said anything about my lease. Then I find out what he said about Gary. I’ll kill him.”

“Hold on there girl,” Wendy said. “Hank is a great guy and we love him a lot. You know that Holly can be very persuasive darling. It was my ass that got the part about waking up next to Gary out of him and not Holly’s.”

Everyone laughed at that and they headed into Mark’s suite. Mark was waiting but Ashley was surprised as they just walked in. Holly told her that she had made a decision and asked her if she wanted to manage the Las Vegas Country Club. They explained that these two were going to be the flagships and that they were asking Hank to run the Dance Club in Orlando and Dave the Dance Club in Las Vegas with her.

She was ecstatic and she jumped out of bed, hugged, and kissed everyone. “I don’t know where I’ll live though. I don’t know Las Vegas at all.”

“That is already settled dear,” Mark said. “When you were at my place, you stayed in a nice apartment didn’t you?”

“Yes, the place was gorgeous Mark.”

“Well, you’ll be living one floor above where you were. That is where my executives live. The suites are larger and nicer. I think you’ll like it. I have a question. How well do you and Dave get along?”

“We get along great. We’re friends and lovers. Why?”

“Would you think he would want to share an apartment with you?”

“Baby, you give him that option and he’ll suck your cock for the rest of his life. He’ll love it.” Ashley grinned.

“Come on; let’s get this show on the road. One big prick is about to feel my wrath,” Lindsay said. “Don’t mind me, I was just rehearsing.”

They went down to Hank’s room and walked right in.

Lindsay’s dirty blonde hair was flying as she walked into the room. Hank looked at her and stood up. She pushed him back onto the bed. “You motherfucker, how dare you tell these people the things I told you in confidence? I am so embarrassed and pissed. Do you know what you did to me? Do you have any idea? Then you go and blab about my one true fantasy. I’ll never tell you another thing if I live to be a hundred. I am so very disappointed in you.”

Hank laid there and started to stammer. “I’m sorry Lindsay. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything I am sorry if I hurt you. I really am.”

“Well, this has just made a huge change in my life asshole. When you fuck something, you do a good job of it,” she snapped her head and her hair flew dramatically.

“Ohmigod, what have I done?” he asked sheepishly.

“I’ll tell you what you’ve done. You’ve forced our hand Hank. We had not planned on doing this until we got back from our trip but now we have no choice,” Holly said crossly. “As a result of your indiscretion Hank, we now have to offer you the Dance Club in Orlando and Dave; we are offering you the Dance Club in Las Vegas.”

“Well asshole, what do you have to say about this?” Lindsay screamed at him.

“Dammit Lindsay, I am so sorry. I really don’t know what to say. I didn’t mean to hurt you I really mean that. I’d never hurt you.”

Lindsay looked at Gary, “You call me thick as three short planks; this boy’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. Hmmm, I guess that settles that too.”

People were giggling on that one.

“I think you’re right darling, that can’t be an act. Hank, are you really that clueless?” Gary said. “You forced our hand Hank. Lindsay will be managing the Country Club and you will be managing the Dance Club. Sheesh! Now you two kiss and make up.”

Lindsay kissed him and smacked his huge weapon with her tiny hand.

“When is your lease up Hank?” Gary asked.

“I don’t have a lease; I am on a month to month basis. Why?”

“Because you are moving in to my place; Lindsay and you will be living there rent free. It will be easier for all of us. What is your lease situation Dave?”

They found out he was in a similar situation as Hank so that worked out very well.

“I have a question for you Dave. I have a lovely four-bedroom apartment one floor up from where you stayed at the party. Would you mind sharing it with Ashley?” Mark asked.

“Is Ashley going to be managing the Country Club?” Dave grinned as he looked at the auburn-haired beauty.

“Yes she is; does that work for you Dave?” Holly asked.

“Oh yes it does,” he beamed as he looked at her.

“Do us a favor, keep this quiet until we get back to Orlando,” Holly said. “Now, can someone find this girl something to eat?”

The hotel had out done themselves for breakfast. It probably helped that they too had enjoyed more sex than they usually would have encountered. Jeremy’s crew was legendary in Phucket and the Americans were a lovely addition.

As they were finishing their third cup of coffee, Maya & Tila arrived looking stunning as usual. Jeremy called them aside and told them he had talked to Jooms earlier and he was assured that they would receive the best of the best.

“The reason I called was to see how many people he had available. I’d like you to take several more with you. Please take Jill, Michelle, Lori, Aleka, Diane, Ainsley, Brenda, Ronnie, Shannon, Tina, Karen, Gina, Brianna, Lindsay, Ashley, Red and Nancy with you. I have three limo’s waiting for you. Jooms is happy for both of you. She’s sorry to see you go. Take Lindsay and Ashley please. Round up everyone and meet us here in an hour.”

Jeremy was waiting when they reassembled.

“Maya, Tila and I have arranged a very special day for you. I have Limos waiting to take you to an elaborate, wonderful experience that you’ll only find here in Thailand. This establishment is owned by a very good friend of mine. Her name in Jooms and she is a spectacular woman. She has promised me that you will receive the ultimate in Thai erotic pleasures. I know you will enjoy yourselves. Have fun everyone. We’ll see you when you return.”

Upon entering Jooms plaza, they were amazed at the opulence. Whoever Jooms was, she definitely had expensive and sensual tastes. They were met but a tall attractive woman who appeared to be Korean. She ushered everyone onto elevators and were taken to the third floor of the building. The main floor was gorgeous but the third floor was out of this world elegant.

Each woman was handed a flute of Champaign and subsequently introduced to a team of four attendants. Each of the two women and two male teams of attendants were spectacular people. The women were mainly Asian and the men had been internationally selected.

Shannon grabbed Rose and whispered, “When we get home, we’re going to have to work on our own makeup. These women are fucking insanely gorgeous.”

“The men are absolutely spectacular. Look at the bodies on these men. This definitely looks promising,” she grinned.

The women were taken to a lovely dressing room and their clothing was hung up. They were each given a silk wrap and escorted into a large, very dark room. Very special massage tables were arranged in a circular fashion and were barely visible in the darkness. The ceilings were extremely high and lovely silk sheets wafted in the air above their heads. The room was filling with the scent of orchids and other flowers. Smoke was wafting into the air and beautiful naked bodies were barely visible but they were there.

Their drinks were refilled by the attendants and each woman was directed to a massage table where they were asked to lie on their back. A male attendant attached a footrest to the bottom of each table and the tables were raised to approximately a forty-five degree angle. A female attendant lit a hookah and handed the women the mouthpiece. Music played a strong, sensuous beat and the lighting changed constantly giving the room a feeling of motion.

Whatever was in the pipe was having an immediate and dramatic effect on the women. The smoke went down smooth and their flesh became ultra-sensitive instantly. It wasn’t a normal rush; the effects were ever changing and long lasting. They were elevated and looking into the circle. The lights dimmed to black and the music became stronger.

A spotlight shone onto the center of the circle; a trap door opened and a vision of elegance rose into the room. The woman was Asian but it was unclear where she was from. She was wearing a gold choker, gold chains, bracelets and a gold chain around her waist. Her heels were tall and they highlighted her body in every aspect.

“Good day ladies, my name is Jooms. I will get to speak to each of you personally. It is my goal to make this day one you will never forget. We are going to explore every aspect of sensuality, sexuality, fantasy and kink that you could ever imagine. I want you to completely relax and leave everything to our wonderful attendants. They are skilled in the art of pleasure and they will insure your complete satisfaction and safety.”

The room went completely black, the music stopped and not a sound was heard. The spotlight came back on and Jooms was seated on a special stool. A spectacular woman stood to one side of her and an amazing man on the other.

The attendants filled and relit each bowl. The women enjoyed this new blend of smoke. The music came back on softly and each woman felt hands oiling her deliciously. Jooms sat in the center of the circle and it quickly became apparent that she was on a turntable. She turned to allow herself to speak to everyone directly.

“I was thrilled when Maya and Tila called me. They are two of my favorite people on this earth. When they said that Gary and Mark were here in Thailand, I had to meet the women who have captured their hearts. I’ve known them for many years and I consider them friends. Very hot, kinky, lovely friends. The fact that you are here with me today tells me something important. To be with those men, you have to be out of this world sexy, insatiable women. Today will not be a regular day at Jooms. Today, we play and hold nothing back. When you give your all to Gary and Mark, Jooms gives her all to you.”

The outer circle filled with gorgeous, sexy, naked men and women. The man standing next to Jooms turned and there was a collective gasp from the women. In addition to having a perfect body, muscular, carved abs and a handsome face, he possessed one of the largest, cocks any of them had ever seen.

The woman knelt and took his cock in her hands and she began to stroke him. Her strokes were expertly delivered and his cock grew quickly. As he filled, he displayed what could possibly be described as one of the most perfect organs ever created. She held it and showed it to everyone.

All eyes watched this display intently, paying no heed to the myriad of hands that were caressing their own bodies. The drug was intense and everyone felt as if they were floating in space and time.

“I have selected the finest cocks in Thailand to pleasure you today. As you can see, they are exquisite. They taste as good as they look and they feel even better. My ladies will please you everyway possible,” she said as her girl took his monster cock into her tiny mouth.

His cock passed her lips and he kept going. As this massive cock was sliding down her throat, each attendant picked up what appeared to be a rabbit dildo and inserted it into each of the women. The dildos were different and they felt spectacular.

The music came up louder and all eyes were still on the perfect Asian with the massive cock in her throat. Her hands cupped his balls that were resting on her chin and everyone could see her face beaming back at them as they watched. The dildos came alive and suddenly everyone noticed that the dildos were not just vibrating, they were vibrating to the beat of the music.

The outer circle people began every possible sexual act imaginable and the attendants refilled the pipes and began to lick and kiss the women. The dildos were amazing but the floorshow was out of bounds.

The male attendants oiled the female attendants and they climbed onto the footrest of the massage tables. Their oiled bodies caressed and tantalized the women. Their lips teased, tongues licked and bodies slid each other into a wonderful state.

On the circle, men and women were sucking cock, fucking each other in every combination. The women were being pleased with the dildos, the driving beat of the music, the hands and lips that were caressing them and the long cocks they held in their hands.

The massage tables stood upright and the Thai women stepped off. A male attendant took their place and they removed the dildo. Their cocks slid into the women and the table was put back to where it was. Their cocks slid in and out sweetly yet affording them a full view of the floorshow. The men were, as Jooms described, perfect in body and technique. Their hard bodies and long cocks felt absolutely wonderful. They had soft touches but rock hard cocks. The women were luxuriating as their bodies were filled with these long strong cocks.

The tables flattened and actually, the heads of the tables dropped. The headrests dropped and each woman looked at another long, strong cock waving in their faces. The cocks caressed their faces and the weight of each man’s balls excited them. Lips opened, tongues lashed out and cocks were kissed and licked hungrily.

These men had a rhythm and the women were floating in ecstasy. With each long stroke into their pussy, the cock left her throat. They built the rhythm and expertly fucked them. The female attendants were each licking and caressing their breasts and the women were experiencing huge orgasms. The people who had put on the floorshow scattered and joined in on the enjoyment.

Lori was in cocksucker heaven. She was not counting cocks; she was measuring her enjoyment by the mile. This Nubian beauty was positive that she had already swallowed five miles of cock on this trip and she wanted to double that figure today alone.

Muffled shrieks of orgasmic bliss were heard throughout the huge room and they were just getting started. The tables were placed upright and the men turned them around the tables went back to their previous position. The women, now on top, rode those long cocks deliciously. The female attendants made a few adjustments to the table and Red shot Nancy a startled look. The same thing crossed their minds simultaneously. Before they left, they wanted to talk to Jooms.

With their mouths full of cock and their pussies stretched so well, their asses were now available for play. Pipes were lit again with a different mixture, which was a lot stronger than the first two. The female attendants reinserted the dildos and chose a different setting. The music level became louder and as the man fucked her, the dildo not only vibrated to the music, it lengthened with the downbeat.

The women went wild. The sound level was intense but nothing compared to the total erotic bliss that washed over each one of them. The pipes were consumed and the fire that this stuff lit was truly amazing. Pussies were gushing and orgasms screaming all over and the men were relentless. The dildos were replaced by the other men and together the women were doubled in perfect harmony. The scent of flowers, the power of the smoke and the strength of the men had every one of these gorgeous women collapsing in total exhaustion.

The attendants help them from the massage tables. They took the elevator to the fourth floor that happened to have a huge whirlpool tub. The warm water stirred their senses and the sea of lovely, gorgeous sensuous beings brought them back to life. They spent a half hour in the tub, loving everyone within their grasp. The smoke was very strong and their desires were off the chart. Men and women loved them, kissed them, and did everything imaginable to them and they wanted more.

The attendants dried them off and walked them to an area of the building that was phenomenal. Luxury mattresses, draped in fine silks and tapestries created the effect of a sheiks harem. The women were used to luxury but nothing like this.

“This is like shopping at the perfect high end slut superstore. You, yes you. Please come and lick my pussy,” Brianna giggled to Gwen. “Remind me to fuck Jeremy, Mark and Gary for the rest of my life. I can’t believe how lucky we are. Do you believe those men?”

Jooms was going from tent to tent meeting and playing with each woman. She walked into Red and Nancy’s tent and found these two delicious women in the arms of two of her favorite girls.

“Jooms, thank you for a wonderful day. We’ve really enjoyed ourselves so far. I have a question to ask you,” Red smiled. “Where did you get the design for the massage tables?”

Jooms started laughing, “Gary and I have been friends for a long time. I don’t know if you know it but he is a writer and I read everything he writes. He wrote a story a long time ago about a party he was at. He described a fabulous fuck table that his friend had built and I just had to have one. I had several done until I got it right and I love it.”

“I told you, darling. That had to be where she got it. They are perfect,” Nancy said to Red.

Jooms sat there, stunned. “Ohmigod, your Red and you would have to be Nancy if memory serves me right. I thought you were fictional, actually. Ohmigod, you are real. I love that story. Tell me; was the Connie character really like that?”

Red burst out laughing, “Seriously Jooms, Connie was the sexiest, hottest, horniest women we’ve ever met. She is a real person and one of the wildest fucks we’ve ever had.”

She looked at Nancy and wondered, “In Gary’s story, you’re a submissive little slut. He sure described both of you perfectly. Darling, Jooms pussy needs your gorgeous face to pay attention to it. I just love Red meat. I don’t get that much of it in Thailand.”

Jooms spent a half hour licking Red and loving it. Her male attendant walked in and saw Nancy licking Jooms perfect pussy and he decided he wanted some of the little blonde. He began to lick her and then she felt his long cock slide into her.

“Oh fuck, this is spectacular, don’t stop. Give it all to me. I love it,” she cried.

The next four hours were spent with orgasms exploding, cum splashing onto waiting faces, tongues and teeth. Everyone was exhausted as they headed into the Limos. They kissed Jooms deeply and promised to see her the next time they were in Thailand.

“Don’t be surprised to see the three of them later,” Wendy said. “I know they want to come and see you.”

“That is if they can walk,” Rose giggled. “We’ve had a marvelous day. They, on the other hand had a line up a mile long to take care of. All Tammy could say this morning was uptight alright airtight.”

“What the fuck do you think I’m looking for baby,” Jooms said. “Let me tell you a not so secret secret. Those three men are the best I’ve ever had. Put the three of them together with one woman and she is in for the night of her life. I’m pretty certain you know what I mean,” she said as she kissed them goodbye.

Tammy was waiting in the lobby when they returned. She had the wildest smile on her face anyone had ever seen.

“Well, where is my camera when I need one,” she grinned. “I swear, you fucking look like you’ve just taken on the entire US Military Complex. It is up in the air if you survived though,” she smirked.

“Listen to little miss prude. Did you have a good time baby,” Debbie asked her. “Where are they?”

“Yes darling, I have had the best time and they are still at it. They can’t be stopped. All of Jeremy’s girls wanted the same treatment and they are giving it to them. Those three are unstoppable.”

“That is exactly how we trained them,” Brenda said as she helped a wobbly Jill to a chair.

“I’m glad they are busy, I’m going to lie down for a while,” Rose said. “I’m exhausted.”

Everyone looked at her in astonishment. She grinned and walked into the elevator.

Someone mumbled something and everyone turned to see Lori with a huge grin on her face. She tried to say something but nothing came out.

“Don’t mind her; she lost her voice in the hot tub.”

“She lost her voice or her vocal chords?” Aleka grinned. “Fuck that was wild. I’m going to lie down too. Lori, you had better get me another movie soon. My pussy is going to need a rest.”

Ronnie and the rest walked into the hotel singing, ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.’ “I’ll be fine, seriously I will. You’ll know it when it happens. Once my eyes straighten out, I’ll be fine,” she laughed.

Tori and Karen walked in with Maya and Tila. “We’re going to lie down for a bit, care to join us?” Tori whispered.

“Lead the way baby,” Tila cooed.

The next day was a very lazy day at the hotel. There was a lot of hugging, handholding and not much else. Ronnie had commandeered a cabana by the rooftop pool and she held court with Brenda and Diane. Jack and Tom stopped in and they compared notes. Everyone agreed that this was an amazing experience.

“Ronnie, next time we’re here, we’ll take you to some of the strangest places you’ve ever seen. What you’ve seen so far has been wonderful but there are so many off the wall kinky things going on all the time. Honestly, I don’t even want to think about them right now,” Tom said as he stroked her stomach. “I never thought I’d say this but if you told me to fuck you right now, I’d respectfully decline. Keep in mind, I love you dearly darling.”

“I know you do baby,” she laughed. “Trust me, I can relate.”

Mark, Gary and Jeremy walked out onto the pool deck carrying huge Bloody Mary’s.

“What is redder, those drinks or your eyes?” Michelle giggled. “Were you three going for a world’s record?”

“Michelle, I love you with all my heart. If you mention sex to me, you are going into the pool!” Mark exclaimed.

Red, Nancy and Jill arrived. They kissed the guys and sipped their drinks. “Jooms wants to see the three of you,” Red said.

“Hey, you knew you were going to get that message. I told you. You didn’t believe me but I know her too well,” Jeremy laughed.

“She is a real fan of Gary’s writings. Did you know she duplicated Bob’s table?” Red asked.

“Seriously, she did that?” Gary said. “I hear from her all the time. She is a harsh critic. Well, I can tell you this, we’ll go see her, just not today. We need a rest.”

“I am so glad to hear that,” Nancy smirked. “I’m surprised that Jill is even awake.”

“I do remember hearing about your triumphant return from the land of the giants,” Mark roared. “What’s the matter darling, did you finally meet your match?”

“I met something; I think it had MACK on the hood though. Get me a drink. Where are the girls?”

“Last I heard; they were snoring like lumberjacks. I think they had a good time,” Gary smiled.

The last couple of days, many great friendships were cemented. Jeremy’s people took the Americans all over and showed them so many wonderful sites. Jooms got a visit from her guys and when they left her, she was beaming with the adoration she held for each of them.

The jets were loaded and eventually they lifted into the air. They had papers to sign in Honolulu. The acquisition department had negotiated a very good deal and they eventually obtained the property at a price that made sense. Daniel, Kono and the girls were pleased.

They stayed the night in Honolulu. For most, it was their first time on the island. They loved it. The Hawaiian contingent took them to an authentic Hawaiian Luau and everyone had a great time. Holly and Linda were more interested in the food and presentation. Luaus were not something they had in their repertoire.

Time was marching on. Mark had a lot of business to take care of in Las Vegas. Gary and his crew had a ton of work ahead of them in Florida. Ainsley had to get back to Fort Worth and Aleka went to Orlando to work with Holly, Red and Nancy on the Hawaiian property.

Mark enjoyed his time in Thailand but upon his return, he was preoccupied with Cherry. His professional life was normal but his personal life was a mess. He lost weight constantly. When he wasn’t working, he sat online hoping to see her but she was seldom there. When he did see her, either she ignored him or mocked him. He knew he had to snap out of this but it was hard to do.

Construction was progressing well in Orlando, Las Vegas, Nashville, Dallas, Miami, LA and Honolulu. Everything was on schedule. The other properties were purchased and scheduled.

It had been over a month since they returned from Thailand when Mark received a call from Dr. Bowen informing him that Cherry was going to be released. Her face was perfect, as she had healed wonderfully. Michelle arranged to have Lori’s pilots Dave and Ron fly her and her parents back home. She took a couple of weeks to rest at home and she returned to the Peeler Palace the last week of July.

Brenda held auditions in Las Vegas and New York. The professional dancers were selected. Additional dancers were selected for first seven clubs. Training was ongoing and Orlando was a beehive of activity.

Shannon was pleased with the Country Club products. Ainsley’s boots, shoes, hats and chaps were spectacular. Gary approved the new lines and the factory was producing product at a furious rate.

Red and Nancy were working at fevers pitch and the illustrations they had prepared were spectacular. The clubs were going to be amazing.

Pierre arrived in Orlando and looked at the completely remodeled house. He agreed that it was perfect to shoot the Country catalog. He brought in his film crew and his photographers.

Everything was falling into place. Holly was working constantly. Jim was sharing the workload, which was enormous. The girls were interviewing candidates for the retail stores. Brenda and Joy were, of course, the first two to be selected to manage the Honolulu store. Their familiarity with the product was proving to be helpful in many ways.

Property was purchased on Oklahoma City at a very good price. New York was a different story. Mark had made the call and several properties were looked at. Gary, Holly and Mark had spent several days looking at prospective properties. New construction was out of the question due to costs however, many properties were available that would allow them the size and configuration they would need right in the Times Square area of Manhattan. Acquisition and remodel cost would be enormous however; the projected return would make this location a viable and highly visible return on investment.

Training had increased dramatically and they learned the computer systems that would be in place nationwide. The system would reduce the paperwork, increase efficiency and keep a close look on the bottom line in real time. The first nine centers had received their management assignments and everyone was pleased. Every aspect of starting this project presented serious challenges however; the problem-solving ability of these people was astonishing.

Help Wanted ads were run in the Orlando papers and the response was overwhelming. Each full center was going to need 476 employees, not counting the retail store. Centers such as Nashville, San Francisco and Miami would need 238 employees. There were over 8,800 jobs in total that would be created in the next year not counting the construction jobs.

Holly looked at the spreadsheet Gary created outlining the projections and when she read the bottom-line, all the color drained from her lovely face.

“This is much different from the numbers I had projected. How confident are you with these numbers?” she asked.

Gary explained that the figures were, at best, an estimate but if they turned out to be accurate, the entire project would far exceed her wildest expectations.

“You’ll notice I haven’t included figures from the retail store. Those expenses are mine, not yours. When I ran the numbers, I was shocked at the number of employees so I went back and redid the figures again. We better get cracking darling, the first two centers open in just over two months,” Gary explained.

“Has Mark seen these figures yet?” she asked.

“It definitely changed his mood somewhat. I sent him this file a while ago. He had run similar figures and they were very close to these. We told you darling, we work with large numbers. Now, we just need to get everything in place. We are going to have to set up a training facility right here. Jim might be the perfect person to put that together.”

“I think it is time to tell everyone exactly what is going to be required. When will Orlando and Las Vegas be ready? I was told we’d be in by the third week of August in Orlando. Is there any change to that?” Holly asked.

“According to what I’ve been told, everything is not only on schedule but it is actually a little bit ahead of schedule. This is a good thing.”

Later that afternoon, they held a meeting and broke everything down for everyone. To say they were getting excited would definitely be an understatement.

“I want to ask each one of you to think of someone, just like you, who we should be looking at. Each one of you are part of our family, you know what we want. We’re betting that you know at least one person who is so much like you that we’d be foolish not to bring them into the fold.”

“Do they have to be ‘certifiable’?” Lindsay giggled.

Holly burst out laughing, “You’re here because you were ‘certifiable’ darling. Of course, I want ‘certifiable’ men and women. We have to have our core people to know everything if we are going to be successful. The people you bring in will hold management positions. That means they will be spending time here and in Las Vegas. Raise your hands if you think sending a non-certified person to Mark is a good idea.”

Gary laughed as not one single hand was raised. “They’ve learned their lessons well,” he laughed as the big screen came to life in the playhouse.

“I was sitting here getting worried,” Mark laughed from Las Vegas. “If anyone of you had raised your hands, I wouldn’t have said a word. Dani is another matter though. She has been known to hold a grudge.”

Everyone laughed at that. Dani was a hellcat if ever there was one.

“I have some very good news though. Our talent scouts have been very busy. Currently, we have thirty-two new acts. We have already signed twenty-five of them and the rest will be signed within the week. We have also arranged for some spectacular opening night performers for Orlando and Las Vegas. I think you’ll be very impressed.”

Over the next few days, interviews were held and employees were hired in Las Vegas and Orlando. Holly and Ainsley had flown to Las Vegas while Jim and Lindsay took care of the Orlando interviews.

Holly called Gary to let him know that she was very concerned about Mark. “He’s lost a lot of weight. Jackson says he isn’t eating and he isn’t talking to Michelle or Dani. They are worried sick about his too.”

“He looked like shit when I talked to him yesterday and I chewed his ass out. He basically told me to go fuck myself that he was alright,” Gary sighed.

“This project is the only thing that is keeping him going. He is committed to making this a success. He won’t sleep with Michelle, Dani tried to blow him, and he snapped at her. I’m worried baby.”

“Thanks for letting me know darling. I’m here if you need me. Any change whatsoever, you call me immediately. I love you baby,” Gary told her.

Mark had just returned from the construction site. He was extremely pleased with the progress. The structure was enclosed and they were beginning the installation of the massive mechanical stages. Once that was complete, work could continue at a very rapid pace. He had driven up to In-N-Out burger and ordered a couple of burgers. He was actually hungry today and that surprised him a lot.

He watched a movie and went online. As usual, she wasn’t there. He looked at his watch and realized that she was at work. George had let him know that she had returned to work at the Peeler Palace last week. He wondered if she had received the package that he had sent her. The one thing he was sure of was that her views were so deeply entrenched that no amount of reasoning would ever change her mind. That saddened him but he had accepted it. He saw no other option.

He roamed around, restless and unfocused. He went to the game room and played video poker for a while. He tired of that and played some pinball. He poured himself a Snakebite, went, and watched the news. He had just decided to go to bed when his private phone rang. It was Ted from the Peeler Palace. Mark looked at his watch and realized it was the middle of the night back there. Ted told him that the detective who handled Cherry’s case had just left his office. They had apparently learned that the punks who had attacked her had put a contract out on her life.

“They what?” Mark screamed. “Ted, for Christ’s sake, what are they doing about this?”

“Apparently, the Gang Task Force discovered this about an hour ago. They contacted Detective Thompson immediately and he has officers sitting surveillance on her house right now. They haven’t let her know yet. Apparently, they don’t have enough evidence to press charges. A bank surveillance video shows her going into the alley of her own free will. I’m sorry Mark. She has to get out of here. I talked to George and he said she could come to Las Vegas and work at Sapphires. I wanted to let you know. You’ve more than proven to me how much you care about her. I knew I had to let you know.”

“Ted, I can’t thank you enough. Can I call you back in a few minutes? I want to make a few telephone calls. If she is willing, I have a place for her to stay. I do not want her to know I’m behind it but I have to get her to safety immediately.”

“I can tell you this, I’m not going to get any sleep so definitely, call me back. I’ll help with anything you want done. I’ll call George and tell him,” he said as Michelle stepped off the elevator informing him that George was on line one.

“Ted, I have George on the other line. I’ll call you back right away,” Mark said and hung up.

“Mark, what is going on?” George won’t tell me but he is nearly hysterical. “Tell me she is alright please.”

Mark filled her in, told her to wake up his chief investigator and tell him to get ten of his new security men he was training and get them to the airport.

“Wake Dani up and get her up here right away,” he said as he hit the button to take George’s call.

Dani came running into his office and he told her what had happened.

“Go get her, get her out of there and bring her here immediately. Her life is in danger and I won’t tolerate that for one minute. There will be heavy security on the plane, on the ground and in the club when she gets to work. I know that she is going to freak right out. Don’t mention my name; just get her ass out of there. I am calling Phil and we’ll take care of her house. Michelle will arrange to have everything moved here and put in storage. Put her in our nicest apartment.”

“I know what apartment I want to put her in,” Dani stated in a stern voice. “I’m tired of pussy-footing around this issue. I’ll go get her. You have a huge empty closet. Let’s put her clothes where they belong. Dammit, I want you back. I’m tired of watching you kill yourself. We want our man back and we want him back now.”

“I appreciate what you’ve said. For now, put her in our nicest apartment hon. Someday, it may happen but I’m not holding my breath. Just get her back here in one piece.” He gave her Ted’s phone number. Vehicles would be available when they landed.

Michelle was busy making rental car arrangements for the crew when they landed. Rick and Phil were in the car to the hangar. She had never seen them before and she might not make the connection. The security men were assembling. Jackson buzzed up and told him that Ralph Swanson, his head investigator was downstairs and he wanted to talk to Mark before he left.

“How serious is this threat Mark? I have a hell of a lot of contacts back at the FBI. They are good men and they don’t like threats like this at all.”

“You’ve seen the evidence Ralph. They don’t have enough to charge them but they aren’t taking any chances. What I would like is to have your friends put them under the microscope. I mean put them through the wringer. If there is anything, anything at all, I want them busted and put away for a long time. They think they picked a fight with a stripper. They have no idea who they are fighting. I want them fucked for the rest of their miserable lives. Anything your boys can do would be greatly appreciated. I think Detective Thompson and his police force would be most willing to help.”

Sherri spotted him in the receiving line.

There he was standing out like an African Adonis. He was moving slowly towards her. Sherri held her breath. She had to meet him!

“Sherri! Sherri! I’m talking to you.” Sherri’s attention snapped out of her dreamy fog. It was her sister, Veronica. It was her wedding. In fact, it was Veronica’s third wedding.

“I need you to find papa. I can’t find him,” Veronica said.

“I’ll check on him!” Sherri said. She knew where he would be. She found him in his study with three men. They didn’t look like wedding guests. With papa, it was always business first, she thought.

“Excuse me, Papa. Veronica needs you,” Sherri said as respectfully as she could. He nodded. Sherri hurried back to Veronica’s wedding reception.

A matronly woman stopped Sherri in the hallway.

“Pardon me, is this not Veronica’s fourth wedding?” She asked.

“Actually, her first was annulled. It doesn’t count,” Sherri said smiling.

“Oh, that’s right!” the woman said.

Sherri hurried back to the reception. She was right! The talk seems to be, “Why was Veronica wearing white on her third or fourth wedding? The simple answer was that Veronica has no shame!” Sherri thought.

Sherri found Veronica eating a slice of wedding cake. “Oh no, Veronica is going to put back on all of those 30 pounds she lost before she found Aldo,” Sherri thought to herself.

“Papa is in the office talking. He’s coming,” Sherri said and added in a sing-song voice, “You have cake on your chin.”

Veronica frowned and wiped it away.

Sherri looked around. She spotted him on the other side of the pool. He looked in his early thirties. He was taller than anyone her Italian family. Sherri guessed he was six-foot-four. He was trim and fit. He was wearing a neatly tailored black brocade African style robe that flowed down to his black patent-leather shoes. He was clean shaven and had a sexy Obama-style haircut.

“Are you with the groom?” Sherri asked.

“No, actually, the groom is with the bride. I’m just here as a friend,” he said smiling. “Pardon me. I’m joking of course. I am an old college chum of his. My name is James,” he said.

“I’m the bride’s sister. I’m Sherri.”

“Yes, I spotted you in the reception line. Then you were gone.”

Sherri laughed.

“It’s a long story,” Sherri said. She opened her purse and pulled out a blunt and placed it in her lips. He offered her a light. She lightly touched his hand and looked into his eyes as she set her blunt to flame. She took a deep toke and exhaled slowly.

“Do you think this will work out? Oh, I shouldn’t ask that question.” He looked embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed! The simple answer is: Does he have money?” Sherri laughed. She took another toke and slowly exhaled.

James laughed.

“A woman cannot be too rich or too thin. Isn’t that what they say?” James said.

“There are other factors.”

“I can only imagine.”

Sherri made a side step to put her body between the guests and James. She reached down and felt his manhood through his robe. It started growing.

“Some things shouldn’t be left to the imagination,” Sherri said looking into his eyes.

“I would love to discuss reality with you sometime,” James said smiling.

Sherri released his now fully erect member. She offered him the blunt. He took it and pulled in a deep toke. She reached into her purse and pulled out a business card and handed it to James.

He looked at it. It read simply, “Sherri A.” Her cell number was below.”

“I’ll call you,” he whispered.


Sherri got into the car with her husband, Stewart, 55. He was thick in the middle and balding on the top. He pulled out into the street and settled down to driving home.

“Why are you so sullen?” Sherri asked. It was an accusation. She knew that her accusations always made him angry.

“I SAW YOU TALKING TO THAT … THAT MAN BY THE POOL! You were throwing yourself at him!” Stew said.

“Settle down! You are always so jealous. He’s an old business associate of papa’s. Do you want me to tell papa you disapprove of his business associates?” Sherri knew how to get to Stew. He had no money. Papa set him up in business. Papa had to rein him in once before. Sherri knew it.

“There is no need to bring papa into this,” Stew said suddenly his voice was different.

Sherri had all the money. If she threw him out, he would be practically penniless.

“Let’s talk about something different. Don’t you think Veronica looked ravishing in white?” Sherri said. She was teasing him.


Sherri walked out on the patio and adjusted a chaise lounge into the sunlight. She was going to get some morning rays. She sat down and spread her long, shapely legs on the lounge. She was 39 and a mother of two grown children. Her body was fit. Her hair was dark brown. Her hazel eyes were wide set on her narrow face. Sherri placed a blunt to her full red lips and lit it. She took a deep toke and held it a while before releasing it through her nose.

She checked her cell phone.

“Why hasn’t he called,” she thought and added, “Maybe I came on too strong.” She dismissed the notion and put her cell phone down.

The phone rang. It was Veronica.

“Hi!” Sherri said.

“Hi I’m on the way to Jamaica!” Veronica said excitedly.

“Great! Are you having fun?”

“Yes! Listen. I met this gorgeous hunk in the ship’s lounge.”

“Already playing the field? Veronica!”

“I keep my options open. We went back to his cabin and had some fun if you know what I mean.”

“What about Aldo? How did you get rid of him?” Veronica had a sudden vision of Aldo being pushed overboard. Her mind watched Aldo splashing around as he was receding in the distance.

“He got seasick. He hasn’t been out bed.” She laughed.

Sherri laughed.

“Just to make sure he doesn’t suddenly get over it, I slipped him a sedative.” Veronica laughed again. “I got to go. Call you later!”

Sherri put the phone down and picked up the latest issue of Vogue and started turning the pages.

The phone rang again.


“Hi. This is James ….”


Sherri looked in the mirror and put the lipstick to her lips. She wanted her lips to be bright red. She wanted her eyes to be accented with mascara and a little bit of blush on her cheeks.

She slipped on a pair of stylish lacy-top hose, a thong, and a camisole not unlike those displayed in Vogue. Lastly, she put on a short miniskirt and a top that accentuated her 34DD’s.

She slipped into a pair of red patent leather pumps with micro stiletto heels. Lastly, she parted her hair and brushed it back so that it hung down off of her shoulders.

She got into her red SL-Class Mercedes and lowered the top. It was a 45-minute drive to the location that James selected.

It was a café in a business district. James met her outside and escorted her to a patio. He gave her a kiss before holding the chair for her.

“Glad you could make it,” James said smiling. He was dressed in a long flowing robe. It was tie-dyed blue and white. It was semitransparent. She got glimpses of his loose pants under his robe. The front panel was gold with embroidery around the edges. The embroidery design circled his neck, and the cuffs of his sleeves and trousers. He wore a similarly colored hat with gold embroidery around the base.

“Oh yes! I am too. This is very nice. Do you live nearby?” Sherri asked. She sat down and displayed her shapely legs for him while he sat down.

“Yes. I live in an apartment on the fourteenth floor.

The waiter came and James ordered red wine.

“The wedding was nice,” James said.

Sherri laughed.

“It more like a meltdown, you mean,” Sherri laughed again.

“I thought the repartee by the pool was very interesting. It’s been on my mind,” he said smiling.

Sherri’s ruby red lips touched the glass. Her eyes looked over the rim of the glass at him before sipping the wine.

“I captured an image of something I wanted to explore further,” Sherri said without changing the expression on her face.

They finished their wine, and James got up and took her hand. Together they got on the elevator. They stepped off on a floor and walked to his two-level condo decorated in African art and nude women. The women were in all stages of undress and engaging in sexual activities with African chieftains.

On the floor and the walls were more erotic objets d’art such as giant phalluses and women’s busts.

James dropped a DVD on the player. A 120-inch high-definition TV screen came alive with images of a tall African male and a classy blonde woman in a sensual modern dance to the rhythm of drums.

James brought her a drink in a metallic gray goblet. It was darker than any wine she had ever seen.

“What is it?” Sherri asked.

“It’s a special ceremonial potion used to prepare temple prostitutes for servitude,” James said, looking into her eyes. “It is derived from blood, wine, and some roots ….” His words trailed off as if there were other ingredients that he did not want to speak.

She put the goblet to her lips. The bouquet was wine. She let the liquid touch her lips. She let it flow through her lips to her tongue. It was chilled and tasted like red wine. She took a small sip.

“Take another sip and follow me,” James said. “… and then the novice candidate for temple prostitute is led to the first station.” James motioned for Sherri to follow. They stood before the mask-head of a temple priest-god.

“She takes another sip of the potion,” James said. Then she proceeds on to the next station. Sherri felt suddenly compelled to obey his descriptions as if they were commands. Again she put the goblet to her lips and sipped.

“Then she is adorned with the headdress of servitude,” he said as he placed the headdress of bones and beads on her head.

“Then she moves to the final station,” James said. His voice was deep and almost imperceptible.

It was a six-foot high erect phallus with the balls resting on the ground. A honey-like liquid began to ooze like pre-cum from a hole in the tip.

“She tastes the liquid on the phallic-god and takes a sip from the goblet.” James whispered.

Sherri was strangely compelled to obey. She touched her tongue to the golden-honey fluid on the phallus tip. It was bitter. Then she took a larger sip from her goblet to wash away the bitter taste.

James moved closer to her ear.

“Taste it again,” James whispered.

Sherri put her tongue on the honey-like ooze. It was not as bitter as before.

Take another sip,” he whispered.

Sherry again put the goblet to her lips and sipped the potion.

She was beginning to feel strange. Her peripheral vision was distorted and out of focus. She took another sip from the goblet.

“Place the goblet on the table,” he whispered.

Sherri tried to put the goblet down, but her vision was too distorted. It took three tries to put the goblet down.

Sherri turned to look around the room. When she turned back to James, she saw a black man in a hideous multi-colored tribal mask. She blinked and the vision went away. She saw James. He surrounded her with his arms and body. Their lips met. Her mouth was open to receive his lips and tongue. Their juices mingle.

Her body trembled as his hand roamed over her body at will. She gasped when he slipped her top over her shoulder and let it fall down. Sherri unbuckled his belt and slipped his zipper down. James unzipped her skirt in the back and let it drop to the floor. James gave a kick to rid his feet of his sandals and pants. Sherri unbuttoned his robe and reached her hands to touch his skin.

James reached around her body to unhook her bra, letting it drop.

His hand found her smooth slick cunt. His finger dipped into her love canal which was hot and wet like molten lava. He used the wetness to lubricate her clitoris.

Her tiny hand surrounded his 10-inch phallus and gently squeezed. His manhood responded by growing in her hand. Knowing that she had a sensual effect on this man, Sherri began to tremble.

James laid her on the wide circular sofa. Her svelte body contrasted with the black leather.

“Are you the African god who has come to possess me?” Sherri said teasingly.

“Yes!” James said. He was serious, Sherri thought.

“Then will you hang me on your wall as a trophy?”

“Yes, but you must complete the ritual.”

“I will satisfy my African god.”

“Will you kneel before me?”


“Will you obey my every command?”


James lay back. His enormous phallus was standing erect. A large drop of clear pre-cum glistened in the light like a jewel atop an idol.

“Be my fellatrix. If you please me, I will allow you to be in my harem,” James whispered. It was surreal.

“Oh yes master!” Sherri said.

She put her little hand around the shaman-lover’s black serpent. She pushed back the foreskin and exposed the one-eyed demon-snake ready to spit hot, sensual semen-venom.

“Suck it!” It was a command.

Sherri suddenly felt like an innocent temple virgin. “Will one taste change my world?” she thought.

Her mouth covered his cock head. She was producing an enormous amount of saliva which ran down his shaft and covered her hand. Her tongue traced the underside of his cock from the hilt to the tip. Her cheeks sank in as the pulled out and sucked.

“Oh!” James moaned.

Sensing James’ pleasure only heightened Sherri’s pleasure. She was deriving pleasure from giving pleasure. She felt James’ hand push her off. He pushed her back, spread her legs, and lay in her saddle. She felt like an unholy receptacle ready for the evil snake to enter her being and change her forever.

James positioned his cock at her nether lips. Her vulva was swollen and red. Her labia were extremely sensitive. Her clitoris was extended and erect.

It was like a dream or an illusion. Was it real, she thought? She imagined that he positioned his magical rod against her clitoris and rubbed gently.

“Oh!” Sherri moaned.

James worked his magic member against her clit head. His profuse pre-cum was providing more than enough lubrication.

“Oh, James please make love to me. Make me your slave!” Sherri moaned.

“Take it and guide me in!” It was a command.

Sherri took his magical morphing serpent and aimed it at the soul of her pleasure. James pushed. Both felt Sherri’s cunt release.

Sherri moaned as the torrid tool penetrated the depths of her pleasure pit. He began a rhythm which Sherri sensually mimicked with the thrusts of her pelvis. The tempo became faster and faster.

She felt it rising out of her clitoris. Like a vortex with her clitoris in the center. Swirling … spinning … like a whirlwind. Higher and higher she ascended. Her cunt was like liquid fire. Her mind suddenly snapped back to reality. James’s cock was exploding inside of her. It felt like hot liquid lava!

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” Sherri screamed. Her cunt was contracting.

James moaned.

Slowly her fire cooled from white to red hot. His cock remained stiff inside of her.

Sherri felt pleased. Pleasure is giving pleasure, she thought. Her only thought now was to give James pleasure with no assurance that he would reciprocate.

James pulled out and stood up. He reached for a blunt and lit it. He took a deep toke and exhaled slowly. Sherri rolled over on her back and closed her eyes.

“Get up and clean my cock!” It was a demand which Sherri was eager to obey. She got on her knees and placed his slick, slimy cock head in her mouth. The taste was a sensual mixture of semi-sweet cum and raw female cunt. The memory of this moment and taste of the sex was to be seared into her mind for a lifetime.

“Get dressed and fix your makeup, too,” James demanded. Sherri obediently dressed and fixed her makeup. She started to comb her hair.

“Comb your hair straight back!”

She combed it straight back, but it looked like a mess. James took a long, gray linen cloth from one of his art displays. He wrapped it around her head and over the lower portion of her face. Only her eyes were uncovered. James led her out. They got on the elevator and got off in the parking garage.

He walked up to his gunmetal gray Mercedes and stopped.

“Open my door,” he commanded.

“What?” Sherri said.

“You are my slave. Open the door for your master.”

Sherri obeyed. James sat down. She closed his door and walked around and got in the car. It seemed so natural. There was no other action she could have taken once she heard James’ voice give a command.

She got in and closed the door.

“Pull your skirt up and show me your cunt,” he said.

Sherri pulled up her skirt revealing her lacy top hose and her black bush. He drove for a while to a strange place and parked on the street.

“Open my door!”

Again she got out and opened his door.

He took her hand and led her into a tattoo parlor. James removed the portion of the cloth that covered her face below her eyes. They sat down and waited while the tattooist finished another customer. The other customers stared at Sherri. A reddish blush glowed on her cheeks.

“You look fresh-fucked. Do you feel ashamed?” James said to her loud enough for everyone in the shop to hear.

“No. I don’t feel ashamed of being fresh-fucked.” she said.

“What are we going to do?” Sherri whispered.

“Don’t talk. I will decide what you do. You will obey,” he said.

The other customers watched Sherri and occasionally glanced at James who sat stoic. Finally, the tattooist escorted her to the table which was in full view of all the customers.

“I want this woman to bare my mark. It will be a tribal mark on her lower back. I want a special mark on her back, and my initials on the back of her neck. I want a stud in her tongue and barbells through her nipples,” James said.

It was a veritable market basket of tattooing. The tattooist knew it was a big order that would make him a lot of cash. It was late afternoon before he finished.


James dropped her off at her Mercedes. Sherri drove home with her new skin illustrations tingling, her tongue feeling strange, her nipples numb, her cunt dripping cum, and her clitoris stiff and sensitive.

Sherri arrived home and went straight to her bedroom. She removed her clothes and stood before the mirror. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue. It was a stainless steel stud and was far enough back that it was not noticeable.

“Hi my name is Sherri. Hi my name is Sherri. My name is Sherri,” she said to test her speech with the tongue stud. It made her speech difficult. She was dropping syllables. It sounded sexy, she thought. “Now I’ve got to work on it,” She thought. She didn’t care if Stew discovered it or not.

She turned to get a look at her lower back. The multi-colored tribal weave looked sexy. She raised her hair and used a hand mirror to get a good look at the initials on her neck. She saw JM in green letters outlined in red. Then she noticed that further down her back was his special mark, “I Fuck” in vertical letters. The lettering went from between her shoulder blades to the center of her back!

“Oh! My god! How could I ever wear anything backless in public,” she exclaimed. Her mind retraced the event.

“Why did I do it? What was in that goblet? Was I drugged?” Sherri concluded that she was completely aware of what she was doing.

Her mind went to the wonderful sensual love making. She reached for a blunt and lit it. She took deep drag and exhaled slowly. As she thought back to James. Her hand went to her clitoris.


That evening Stew was absorbed with a baseball game and beer. She sat on the couch and read Cosmopolitan. She thought about showing him her tongue stud but decided against it. She went to bed at 9 O’clock. Stew came in at 10. He put his hand on her thigh in an attempt to cuddle. Sherri shoved his hand back.

Authors Notes:

Disclaimer: Celebrity appearances in this series are in no any way to be considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.


Jill had Cherry up early. They had left to go to the plant. Shannon was waiting. She measured Cherry and showed her the entire product line. Cherry looked at one dress and told her she already had it.

“I know hon. The minute I had your measurements faxed to me, I altered it and the next thing I saw you on the Red Carpet with Mark. I was so happy. Usually, I want to have you here to make sure I got it right. I’m getting better in my old age,” she laughed.

“Old age my ass,” Cherry smirked. “You are gorgeous. I’m thirty-three, how old are you Shannon?”

“We are the same age darling, we are just coming into our stride according to Brenda, Holly and Red. If that’s the case, we have many wonderful adventures ahead of us. Mark tells me there has never been a woman to trip his trigger like you do. Until I met you, that kinda upset me. Now I can see why. You’re delicious. I can’t wait to taste you myself.”

“Well darling, you had better be there tomorrow night. Apparently, I’m being ‘certified’. I can’t wait to taste you too,” Cherry said as she leaned over and kissed Shannon passionately. “Dammit girl, you’re fucking hot. Hold that thought, I have to get together with Brenda. I’m way behind the curve.”

“You have a date darling,” Shannon grinned.

“Is Gary always this straightforward? I mean, I just knew there was no saying no to him. He and Mark are different in that way. The way I saw it was that he was more concerned with having me work for him than for me getting back together with Mark,” Cherry said on the drive back home.

“Yes, he is always that direct but you’re wrong about this. No one knew what your true feelings were toward Mark. We were all hoping and praying that we were right. It was far more important to get the two of you back together than it was for you to be our model. That is the truth. Mark means more to us than you could ever know. We saw how much he was hurting and we knew how much he loves you. That was the only priority. To us, the rest was secondary,” Jill, told her.

Cherry sighed and then smiled broadly, “That is good to know. I can be a real bitch at times Jill, I’m working on it.”

“We are right here and we will help with whatever you need. Cherry, we’ve all welcomed you into this family. We are a very strange group of people. We aren’t related but we love each other more than any family ever does. There is nothing you can ever ask for that we can’t get for you. Money is not a barrier for anything. These three men are wealthy beyond your wildest imagination. Hell, I just found out how much I am worth and it blew me away. Oh, speaking of that, don’t be alarmed when I jump Mark’s bones and fuck the daylights out of him. I’m going to be doing that a lot anyway but after what he just showed me, I owe him one for the record books.”

“Why Jill, what did he do?”

“Mark handles all of my money. You’ll probably never touch your own money. You are on a full expense account. The money you make will be invested and he may just be better at making money than he is in bed.”

“I doubt that,” Cherry laughed.

“After Gary insisted I move in here, I made the comment that I felt like I was living like a millionaire. Mark informed me that I was a multimillionaire already. I had no idea. He had been buying me gold every week for the last eighteen years. I knew I was well off but I had no idea Mark had turned my money into over one hundred million dollars. I almost passed out when I found out.”

“Wow, I would have been speechless; that is amazing!” Cherry exclaimed.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re part of this family, he takes care of you. That is just the kind of man he is. The three of them are without a doubt, the three best men you’ll ever meet in your life. They will love you, make love to you and they will fuck you senseless but, more importantly, they will protect you with their lives.”

Jill explained Jeremy’s predicament and Cherry understood. She went on to tell Jill how pissed she was when she found out that Mark had a lot of money.

“He never once said a thing to me about that. All that time he was just a man who happened to be some kind of lawyer who I found to be a very likeable man. Then we go to Hawaii and I find out he has a private jet. I arrive in Las Vegas and discover he lives in the greatest bachelor pad on earth. I was pissed. Then I realized he wanted to make sure I felt the way I did because of him and not because of his money.”

“If the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t you do the same thing?” Jill asked.

The gates opened and they pulled onto the property, “Yes, I guess I would.”

“What the hell is it like to have more money than you could ever spend? I can’t imagine what that is like.”

“Cherry,” Jill said as she parked her car, “Everyone is screaming about the rich and how they have to pay their fair share. Some of them deserve it. Others, like Gary and Mark, are investing almost one billion dollars in the next year to improve the lives of nearly nine thousand people. Counting the construction firms, that number doubles but when it is over nine thousand permanent jobs will be created. Who knows how many careers will be launched. They aren’t borrowing a dime to do it. They are putting people back to work in spite of the current administration. Every one of the people you have met were working as waiters and bartenders when Gary and Holly met them. They were all graduates of Le Cordon Bleu. They were either Chefs or in restaurant administration. None of them could get a job. Gary met them. They became friends and then Mark met them and a plan developed to put them to work and give them a way to make a phenomenal income. Mark and Gary did this. No one else was involved, just them.”

Ut oh, the teacher is waiting,” Jill laughed as Brenda was waiting for them. “I’ll see you later.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Cherry learning several of the dance routines. Brenda was a good teacher and Cherry a terrific student. Cherry was two weeks behind and the rest of the dancers were very helpful. Initially, she and Ronnie worked with her at the studio and the rest of the dancers watched. Her body was athletic and her sense of presence on stage was a fabulous asset. Once she was comfortable with a routine, the rest of the dancers would join in. Brenda was a taskmaster and she demanded perfection. She always got what she wanted.

Gary called Gina and Brianna over and gave them a list of cities they had to fly to tomorrow. “I want you two to wear your Thailand uniforms. I want you to tease the piss out of those three but don’t go near them until they’ve ‘certified’ Cherry. I seriously want you to tease the living crap out of them though. Do not tell Cherry anything about this.”

The first day of Cherry’s training had gone well. Linda called over to tell them that dinner was ready. They walked over and Jim handed them a drink. A tall, handsome man was talking to Gary when they walked up. He turned and kissed Brenda warmly.

“Hello Pierre, you sexy hunk of man, how are you?” Brenda smiled.

“Damn girl, you just get sexier every time I see you. I’m well darling. Unless I am very wrong, I think I am looking at a legend. You must be Cherry. I am Pierre Langlois, Gary’s head photographer. Ronnie told me she looked like you but wow, the similarities are amazing. It is going to be fun working with you.”

“Oh don’t listen to him darling,” Gary laughed, “He’s constantly horny.”

“Well, we can’t have that, can we?” Cherry laughed. “Someone had better get this man a woman.”

“I’ll volunteer,” Rose yelled. “Oh hell, yes I will.”

Gary cracked up at that. He leaned over to Cherry and whispered, “Pierre is hung like a horse but be careful, he’s a real ass man.”

“I love it,” Cherry murmured as she kissed Gary warmly. “It just keeps getting better all the time. I love your women Gary. They are wonderful. What time is Mark getting in?”

“We’ll leave for the airport after dinner. I talked to him a while ago. He had been airborne for about an hour at that time. He has something to show you at the airport. Michelle, Dani, and Lori are coming here. You’re going to be here for about a month and he’s moving his operation here. Get used to it. This is one of your homes anyway. He’s here almost as much as he’s in Las Vegas. We are going to be very busy and he wants to spend as much time with you as possible.”

“I take it you’re handling me with kid gloves huh?”

Gary looked at her and wondered, “Why would you say that?

“I was told you’re more conservative than Mark is. Obviously you think I think you are evil.”

Gary sighed and poured her a Rum Runner. “Cherry, I don’t know what to think. I can tell you something about Mark and myself. We are never going to change our opinions no matter what anyone says. We are both independent. We are actually quite Libertarian by nature. We want less government. We want to be left alone to make our own decisions. We are smart enough to make a lot of money and we’ve never hurt a single person based on what we do. We don’t need an idiot in Washington, who has never had a job, never done a business deal in his life, to tell me how to run my business.”

“I started watching Fox News when I got to Las Vegas. We never had it back home. Some of their people on there are interesting. That O’Reilly guy makes sense. He keeps talking about $16 muffins and I’m sorry, I just don’t understand that.”

“It’s simple Cherry; this country has to borrow 40% of the amount we spend every single day from China. The Democrats want to spend more and tax the rich more. That is you and I. They refuse to quit spending money. The Justice Department had a meeting and they ordered 250 muffins for the meeting. They paid $4,000 for the muffins. That is $16 per muffin. That is insane. That is just one example. Anyway, I want you to know if you see or hear things you want to talk about, I’m always here for you.”

“I know one thing, you’re not evil. I’m opening my mind a bit,” Cherry said.

Dinner was excellent. Holly looked to Gary for his approval. The Country Fried Steak was delicious. “Linda you’re hired,” he yelled.

“Hot damn! Does that mean I get paid money now instead of just great sex?” she laughed.

“Yeah, you’re cut off from the sex now,” Gary giggled.

“Fuck this, I quit. If you’re not going to fuck me, there is no reason to stay around here,” she sulked.

Gary grabbed the keys to the Maybach and they headed to the airport.

“Now this is one hell of a car,” Cherry marveled at the pure white leather interior. “I’ve never seen one like this in my life.”

“What’s up with that? Did the Little Deuce Coup blind you Cherry? Mark has the same car in the same garage in Vegas. I haven’t driven this in a while. It is a little ostentatious for my liking. I love cars and I have many great ones but I only use this occasionally. I usually use this one when I am going to a premier or a fashion show.”

“Why drive it tonight?” Cherry asked.

“Michelle is coming. I need a big trunk,” he laughed. “Actually there are three more cars going too. Women don’t pack light.”

“I noticed Mark has a lot of clothes in his suite already.”

“Cherry, that has been his suite for twenty years. I know if you go through there, you’ll find jeans he wore as a teenager. He never throws anything away. He is a bigger pack rat than I am and that is saying a lot,” he said as he pulled into the hangar.

“Wow, would you look at that jet,” Cherry whispered. “That is the sweetest jet I’ve ever seen. I imagine Mark would love that one,” she said as she looked at Gary’s G650.

“It is pretty isn’t it,” Gary said. “That is the new Gulfstream G650. That is the top of the line; I bought it from the Greek Government a few weeks ago. The liberals spent Greece into bankruptcy and I was able to get a fantastic deal on it,” he said as Jack taxied up to the hangar.

“Ohmigod, there is another one of them. How sweet is that?” she purred. Jack positioned the plane so the ground crew could put it in place.

The door opened and the ladder came down, “Well, what are you waiting for, go see your new jet,” he grinned. She ran from the car and up the steps onto the jet.

“Ohmigod, this is amazing. Look at this leather. It is so soft. I love it,” she yelled as she ran into Mark’s arms.

“You like it apparently,” he grinned as Gary walked onto the jet.

“I think she likes it Gar,” Mark, laughed. “I know I do. Jack is wondering why I have him employed. I fly it more than he does.”

“Jeff said the same thing to me,” Gary laughed.

Gary kissed Michelle and Lori hello. Michelle grabbed Cherry and took her into the bedroom. She closed the door and all they heard was uproarious laughter coming from the bedroom.

The intercom chimed, “Orgasm One is ready for take off, Cherry, you’ve been warned girl. You go in there with her, you know what is going to happen,” Tom snickered.

“Nothing ever changes does it,” Gary laughed.

“Gary told me they bought them from the Greek government. Are these things standard,” she said as Michelle put the bar back in the ceiling.

“No dear, we had them installed when we had the electronics installed a couple of weeks ago. I knew you’d get a kick out of that.”

“If you’re under the bar darling, I’ll get more than a kick out of it,” Cherry said as she kissed her. “I’ve missed you Michelle.”

Gary threw Mark the keys and they headed for home. Linda had dinner ready for them and everyone else was relaxing. After dinner, Pierre met with Cherry and told her how he was going to do the catalog shoot. He explained the video they were shooting as well. Cherry liked the video immediately.

“That’s my little exhibitionist,” Mark grinned. “I knew she’d like that part a lot.”

“I noticed you seem to have developed an appetite again,” Gary smiled. “I am so glad to see that.”

“You’ll find out tomorrow night,” he laughed, “I am going to need my strength and so are you.”

“We’re going to need our strength, wait until she sees the surprise we have in store for her. Throw Pierre into the mix plus, we have all the professional dancers here and they need to be ‘certified’ as well. Brenda hired three of the Dallas Cheerleaders. She told the other two that they would be hired for next year. She didn’t want to fuck up things with the team by taking them all this year.”

“Wait a minute, are you telling me that we have three Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on the payroll?” Mark asked.

“Yeppers, we sure do.”

“Well, this will be a first for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to but didn’t dare,” Mark grinned.

“Come on, let me pour you a drink,” Gary said as he and Mark walked outside. “I am going to shove this up the guys’ asses. I told Gina and Brianna to wear their Thailand uniforms tomorrow when they go to pick them up. I told them to tease the living shit out of them as well. They won’t fuck my pilots huh?”

Mark was laughing so hard he could barely drink. Gary saw the three cheerleaders and called them over. “Mark, you remember Ann, Gillian, and Elaine don’t you? We met them at Billy Bob’s.”

“Aha the lovely Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, hello,” he said as he noticed they were observing house rules. “God you are gorgeous.”

“Hi Mark, it is good to see you again. Thank you again for this opportunity, we are so excited to be here,” Ann purred. “We are particularly excited about tomorrow night. All the Cheerleaders want to do you and from what we’ve found out, none of them ever has. We’re going to be the first.”

“Ann, this will be a first for me too. All these years, I’ve wanted to do every one of them but I never dared try. I like this. I like this a lot.”

“Do you want us to wear our uniforms? We have them if you’d like.”

“I don’t give a fuck what he says,” Gary grinned. “I definitely want you to wear them. That has been my fantasy all my life. Ohmigod, definitely wear them.”

“That settles that,” Mark grinned. “He’s not the only one who has had this fantasy. I have a feeling tomorrow night will be memorable for many people.”

“You mean the ones with dicks?” Elaine giggled.

“Not necessarily,” Gary said as Mark reached for the phone and Gary excused himself to find Gina.

Mark told Ainsley what was happening and told her she had to be in Orlando tomorrow.

Gary walked back and took the phone. “Gina will pick you up at 2pm. Wear your Thailand Pilot Uniform darling. You have three cities to hit before you get here. Do not play with the men you’re going to be picking up. They are going to try to charm the pants off you but they have to do Cherry first. Darling, you had better be horny because we have a treat for you. Nope, you’ll find out tomorrow night. Love you. See you tomorrow.”

Ann, Gillian, and Elaine stood there shaking their heads. “You two definitely operate differently than the men we are used to being around. I am going to love this job,” Gillian said. “Good-looking, handsome as hell and from what we’ve been told the best lovers a woman could ever want. We are paid to be here too. It just doesn’t get better than this.”

“Darling, there is good, better and best. Then there is oh my fucking God fantastic. You’re looking at them right there,” Holly said. “I don’t care how gorgeous you are or how many men you’ve done, you’ve never experienced anything like these two men. You will find out and you will thank your lucky stars you were at Billy Bob’s that night.”

“Oh I almost forgot,” Ann laughed, “Your cowboy still looks for you every night Holly. He says the same thing about you.”

Gary and Mark laughed. “She definitely is unequalled,” Gary said.

Cherry, Shannon, Pierre and Brenda returned to the bar. They had worked out the schedules for the catalog, the rehearsals, and the video. It was going to be tight but they were going to make it happen.

Cherry walked up to Mark, “Hello, my name is Cherry. I hope I might see you sometime. These people have me working a million hours a day,” she said as she kissed him.

Cherry turned to Ann, “Well, was I right?”

Ann laughed, “Yes Cherry, you sure were. Both of them demanded uniforms. You definitely had them pegged for that one dear.”

“Hey, I love the Cowboys too. I want them for me too,” she purred.

Linda came out with a tray of cheesecake for everyone. Tammy was flitting about making everyone laugh when she spotted them at the Tiki Bar. She ran over, breathless, “Where is Jim?”

“I haven’t seen him in a while honey,” Holly said. “What’s up?”

“I feel an orgasm coming on and I wanted him to see it,” she said as she kissed Gary and ran into the playroom.

Cherry was laughing so hard her mascara was running down her cheek. “That woman is priceless. I love her.”

Brenda was hysterical, “All those years when you told me about her, I thought you were pulling my leg. Damn she is a riot.”

“Yeah she is darling but she is also fantastic in bed,” Mark said. “I thought the same thing until I met her. Now I’ll believe anything he tells me.”

Wendy walked out of the playhouse shaking her head. She walked to the bar and asked for a drink. “That damned Tammy. She ran in and pulled Jim off me and exploded on his cock. She kissed me, kissed him and ran off. I think she didn’t want to interrupt either of you.”

Holly burst out laughing, “What did Jim do?”

“What could he do, he gave her a wild orgasm and then came back and finished me off. He’s such a gentleman.”

“Where are Rose and Debbie?” Gary asked.

“They were waiting their turn with Jim when this all went down. I think Jim is doing Debbie because when I left, Rose was still laughing her ass off.”

“Hey, I like that Glory Hole concept. You should do yours that way Mark,” Cherry grinned.

“Red and Nancy are already working on that,” he told her. “I agree this one is wild. I like it a lot.”

“Pierre said he has at least three separate shots he wants to take for the catalog in there. This is going to be one racy catalog,” Cherry said.

“It had better be, I’ve got the sexiest women on the planet in it,” Gary said. “The video should be a riot.”

“Did Pierre tell you about the ending of the video?” Jill asked her.

“Oh, you mean the part where the three of us come walking out of the Darkroom naked and covered in cum?” I love it. I do think this is something we should rehearse a lot first though,” Cherry grinned.

Mark roared, “That’s my girl.”

“Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. Take me to bed and wear me out you delicious hunk of man,” Cherry purred as she grabbed Mark’s hand, kissed Gary goodnight and wandered off to hours of orgasmic bliss.

Gary looked at his watch and grinned, the night was young. He got up and walked into the playroom with Ann. He poured her a drink and they walked into the theater. They selected a movie, sat back, and began to watch.

She put her head on his shoulder and she looked up at him, “Your women are alright with this?”

“Ann, I love them with all my heart. They love me the same way. We party with everyone here. We don’t need their permission and they don’t need mine. I love them and I love the fact that they are enjoying the men and women equally. Everyone here is bi and that makes it easy. No matter what you want, it is here for you.”

“You’re bi too?” she asked.

“Yes dear, I am,” he told her.

“That is so hot. Someday I’d love to watch that. I’m kinky that way. I should say that is one of my kinks. There is very little I don’t enjoy.”

“What turns you on the most?” Gary asked her.

“I was born to fuck and I’m good at it but I really love sucking cock. Sucking cock while being fucked is my favorite. I have never had three men at one time but I’m thinking that can happen soon. I know I’d simply love that. One of the things with the Cowboys was we couldn’t go near the players. All those gorgeous hunks of men and it is hands off. That sucked.”

“You like black men too?” he asked her. “We have some very nice black men around here. They are wonderful and hung very well.”

“Oh yes, I’ve met them. I haven’t played with anyone yet. I’ve just been trying to get the lay of the land so to speak. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. I know that no one was going to touch Cherry until after tonight. We heard about what happened to her and everyone understands. She is adorable isn’t she?”

“She is lovely. I just met her this week. I’m getting to know her and I like what I see already. Don’t worry about stepping on anyone’s toes darling. If my girls walked in on us right now, they would sit and watch. They love watching me make love to a woman.”

“Really, that is so hot. Where have you been all my life? I love sex and I love being watched. Are you going to fuck me Gary?” Ann asked as he stared into her bright green eyes.

“Not until I’ve made love to you first. I have a thing. I won’t fuck a woman I haven’t made love to first. I treat all my women the same way,” he told her.

Her hand went to his face and she turned him towards her, “Make love to me Gary. I really want to experience what everyone has told me. Make love to me please.”

Gary leaned over and kissed Ann delicately and passionately. Her dark brown shoulder length hair framed her angelic face perfectly. Her body was exquisite without a single ounce of fat anywhere. She looked into his blue eyes and sighed. She didn’t know this man at all but she felt a warmth and kinship to him she could not explain. Their lips met again and he felt her slender hand run behind his neck.

“I don’t know why but I want you more than any man I’ve ever met. Love me tonight and then fuck the daylights out of me tomorrow night Gary,” she purred.

Upstairs, Cherry lay wrapped in Mark’s arms. Her body glistened from the sweat of their lovemaking. His arms trembled as he held her tightly. He kissed the top of her head and she moaned sweetly. She looked up into his eyes and smiled that killer, drop-dead gorgeous smile he had grown to love so deeply.

“I was so stupid baby, I don’t know why you wanted me back,” she told him.

“For starters, I never wanted you to leave. I realized what was happening to me in Hawaii and I fought it with all my heart. You see, I was exactly like you. I had resolved that falling in love was something for someone else. I have a ton of people I love but there is a big difference between loving someone and being in love. All I wanted to do was give you the things you wanted out of life. I didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.”

“I know that feeling,” Cherry sighed. “My head has never been right. Most of the time I am good but when things go out of whack I can’t control anything. I say things I don’t mean and do things I know are wrong. I want to be normal but I don’t think I ever will be.”

“Don’t run away next time, stay, and talk to me. That is all I ask darling,” Mark whispered.

She leaned up and kissed him. The silkiness of her skin thrilled him and he held her close. “I am in love with you Mark. It took a while to sink in but it did. I can’t believe you did everything you did after the way I treated you. That told me more than any words ever could.”

“What did I do?” he inquired guardedly.

Oh nothing the average ex-boyfriend wouldn’t do like having Ralph and his team in the air within an hour of them finding me in the alley. Having them pick up Dr. Bowen and flying him to me. Then, flying the doctor and me back to Dallas for all the surgeries. As if you weren’t pissed enough at me, you paid for everything. Shall I continue,” she laughed.

“I am going to go ballistic on those three assholes the next time I see them. Motherfuckers, they knew I wanted them to shut the fuck up,” Mark growled.

“Honey,” she said as she rolled up on her hip, “Did it ever occur to you how many people actually do care about you. I think it is pretty amazing.”

“Cherry, they care about us baby, not just me. They care as much about you as they do me. Actually, it is very sweet. Annoying as hell but sweet,” he said. He pulled her to his chest and their kiss built into frenzy.

Cherry’s heart sang as their lips met. Her long manicured nails traced lines behind Mark’s neck as their tongues danced with pure pleasure. The heat from their bodies, the scent of her perfume and the pheromones were working their magic. The lust they felt unleashed and they loved each other with every fiber of their being.

Mark flipped her over and laid her flat on her back. Her skin glistened with perspiration and her breasts heaved heavily in anticipation. She knew what was coming and she couldn’t wait. Yes, that first night in Vegas had been lovely. He had made love to her but it wasn’t like tonight was going to be. He had made love to her once already. The Mark she knew and the Mark she loved was in this bed right now and that was all that mattered to her.

The glint in his eye and the lovely boyish grin told her everything she needed to know. He was going to fuck her brains out and then some. His manner had changed in just a couple of days. He was the man she knew again. He had his confidence back and his passion as well. If she was right, it wouldn’t matter that these suites had been soundproofed to accommodate Holly. The entire world would hear her screaming shortly and that thrilled her completely.

She started to say something but he put his finger on her lips and she gazed into his eyes and saw that the desire she had longed for was burning brightly once again. He kissed her forehead and then her neck. Her long black hair fanned out on the sheets. She turned her face and he took full advantage. He licked her neck tenderly and his tongue thrilled her. He worked upwards and toward her earlobe. She shivered with delight and her nipples sprang upwards like two towering diamonds atop great mountains. His tongue grazed her ear and she inhaled deeply.

The Maestro has returned, she thought. She giggled and he took that as a good sign. He could make a statue cry; he was that sweet.

“I love you,” he whispered.

Cherry moaned as Mark’s hands caressed her body deliciously. His touch was surreal. He knew her body and he played her in every octave available. Each touch was designed to extract maximum pleasure and deliver it directly to her aching body. God, how she adored this man.

His tongue kissed her neck and her shoulders. He moved his face back to hers and their lips met in a massive kiss that spoke volumes of love, lust and wanton desire. He kissed her chin and went straight down her neck. Her breasts were heaving massively and he kissed the tender flesh between her breasts. His hands gently stroked the sides of her chest. The fullness of her breasts barely grazing the sides of his hands as his face fell below the best set of tits money could buy.

He licked lower towards her navel as his hands began to touch the taut flesh of her rock hard stomach. He moved higher and his tongue drew a wet line up and under her right breast. His touch thrilled her and he began to lick the tender underside of that glorious breast. His breath was warm and inviting on her. He knew how to rev an engine. Her engine was explosive to say the least.

His tongue circled her nipple, barely touching her trembling flesh. That turned her on and he was playing her so well. The fingers of his other hand were circling her left nipple and mimicking what he was doing with his tongue. She arched her back to stuff her nipple into his mouth. He was ready for that move and he teased her by pulling back at just that moment. She bit her lip and smiled. He wasn’t going to make it easy was he? Well, just lay back, enjoy it, and enjoy it she sure was.

She moaned and he opened his lips and placed the tip of his tongue on the tip of her nipple. Her stomach flattened and her pussy gushed. This was so good. She realized the tip of his finger was touching her other nipple and they were synchronized. His tongue moved right and so did his finger. Her man obviously had new or different skills she had yet to learn. Her smile was broad as she thought that one over.

He closed his upper lip over her nipple. His tongue stroked upwards on her long, extended nipple seductively. His thumb was working its stroke in complete unison and her breasts sang with joy at the sexually enticing sensations he brought her. She arched her back and came slowly and sweetly. He looked up and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Their tongues danced deliciously as her orgasm subsided.

He broke the kiss, his face falling to her flat stomach. He kissed her sweetly and moved to her belly button. His tongue darted in and out of it and this positively thrilled her to no end. His hands caressed her breasts and worked down the sides of her lovely body. Each touch brought unbridled bliss and Cherry knew there was so much more to come.

Mark could feel her responses and that spurred him on. He wanted to give her the best night possible. She had suffered so much and she deserved the royal treatment she was due. In his eyes she was beyond royalty.

His face traveled along the crest of her hips and her stomach heaved deliciously with every teasing flit of his tongue. He loved teasing her. She loved it when he did.

Hands moved over her hips and down onto her thighs. Her soft skin covered the legs of a dancer and they were strong and gorgeous. His hands caressed her thighs and down her legs. He grabbed her ankles and raised them up. His hands massaged her feet and he held them up. He kissed the top of her feet and her ankles. He kissed the back of her raised legs. Kneeling before her, he held her legs straight up. He kissed the back of her knees and she moaned loud and long. His tongue teased her and she responded dramatically. He spread her legs and she became revealed in all her splendid glory.

“Every time I look at you, my heart stops. You are breathtakingly beautiful,” he whispered.

Her sweet smile betrayed the strongest of emotions as he began to kiss the insides of her thighs. The closer he got, the hotter his breath felt. He held her legs wide and she loved the feel of his cheek as he slid closer to his goal. Her pussy glistened in anticipation and the sight of that drove Mark’s desire into hyperspace. He licked closer and closer and her scent was intoxicating to him. Every part of her was perfect but nothing was more beautiful than the sight that lay before his eyes at this moment.

His tongue followed the curve of her beautiful cheeks and she inhaled sharply and sweetly. He rolled her up and kissed her ass and back down between her thighs.

He began deliberately to open her up with his tongue. The lovely, moist folds lay before him invitingly. His tongue opened the first petal slowly and deliberately. The sweet, soft flesh parted and he brought his tongue up teasingly from bottom to the very tip. He opened the opposite fold and descended slowly and carefully. She was moaning and writhing on the soft sheets. He was adamant he wasn’t going to touch it. He came close and she shrieked but his intentions were to make her wait. His tongue slipped out of her fold and he rolled her up. He licked between her legs and he teased and licked that oh so sweet area between her pussy and her ass.

“You son of a bitch. You delicious motherfucker. Oh yes!” she screamed.

His tongue inched lower and he rimmed her wetly. Her hips raised and she pushed her ass onto his tongue. He loved her ass and he sweetly licked her with all the love he had in him.

“My baby loves me, yes, he loves me,” she cried. “God, you have me cumming so hard.”

His tongue stiffened and he opened her ass. His tongue drove inside her and she came hard. His hands caressed her stomach and down onto her bare pubic area. His touch heightened what his tongue was accomplishing and Cherry went absolutely wild. He was tongue fucking her ass and she was on fire.

He pulled out and moved to the bottom of her folds again. He flattened his tongue and brought it straight up. Her shrieks were so loud and her hips rose to meet him. The taste of her sweetness was ambrosia to him and he couldn’t get enough. Cherry exploded on his face about half way up the passage and he licked the sweet dew with a hunger that he only had with her.

Just before he reached her clit, Mark stopped and raised his lips above her clit. He lowered his upper lip over it and slowly began to lick the base of her clit. She went ballistic. His featherlike licks drove her so far over the edge and he had absolutely no intention of stopping.

“Yes! Yes, you darling sweet man! You know I love this. Ohmigod, I need this. I’ve needed this for so long. Don’t stop darling. Please don’t stop. I’m cumming. Holy fuck this is so good baby! Yes!”

Mark didn’t stop and he took her to successively stronger and longer orgasms. His pace never changed. His position never moved. God could this man lick pussy. Cherry exploded again and it was wonderful. He kept it up and she was crying, cumming, and crying with joy. She came again, and again. Just when she thought she couldn’t cum anymore, he’d take her to another plateau, hold her there, and then take her higher. Her breath was ragged, her stomach hurt and he did not relent. She had much longer and far better orgasms still to come.

“Baby, baby, this is so good. Oh fuck, here I go again. YES,” she shrieked.

His tongue, that magic appendage he had trained so well took her off again and this time, she came off the bed. Her legs wrapped themselves around his neck and she exploded with a ferocity that he had never seen before even from her. He drank her down. His tongue never changed its pace and when she thought she was finished, she erupted again. Her legs shook; her toes curled and her pussy unleashed a torrent that simply took her breath completely away.

She collapsed. He slid up beside her and stroked her gently. She turned her face towards him but she couldn’t see anything. Her unfocused eyes spoke volumes. She gasped for breath and all she could do was hold his hand tighter than she had ever held it before.

He gave her a moment and then he lit her a cigarette. Objects were forming in her head and she realized her vision was returning. She took the cigarette and inhaled deeply.

She smiled and began to giggle. “We have a huge problem Mark. I don’t know which one of us is stupider. You for wanting me back or me for leaving you in the first place. If it weren’t so damned expensive, I’d beat my own ass after that. God, I’ve missed you darling. I’ve missed you more than you’ll ever know.”

She rolled up to face him. He threw her leg over his and his hard cock slid inside her. She moaned loudly, inhaled deeply and her eyes bore into his. Neither of them moved but Mark began flexing inside of her. His cock rose and began to massage her G Spot and she moaned deeply. Not one word was spoken. He built up a rhythm. He took the cigarette from her and kept up what he was doing.

“Oh I love it when you do this to me baby. This is so good. So very, very good.” She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. He continued. She built up a series of orgasms that crushed him tightly. Single-mindedly, he kept up and like before, her orgasms built exponentially. She threw her arms around his muscular frame and held on for dear life as wave after wave of unmatched erotic pleasure washed over her.

Mark flipped her over and began to thrust into her. His long strokes changed the pace wonderfully and she welcomed his strong cock with joy in her heart. His hips became a blur and he slammed fucked her into a breath stealing series of orgasms that almost sent her into a catatonic state.

He slowed and flipped her onto her knees. He took her doggie style and she screamed with pleasure.

“Fuck me Mark, Fuck me. Don’t stop you delicious son of a bitch, fucking shove that cock into me as deep as you can. I love you. I want your cock to ram me hard baby. Yes, oh fuck yes! Fuck me. Fuck me harder and faster. Don’t you dare stop.”

She clamped down on his cock and she had a stranglehold on it. He slamfucked her through another series of orgasms and the walls of her vagina had nearly succeeded in squishing his cock completely. She screamed, yelped, and begged for more. Her body and the bed were drenched completely but they didn’t care. He ran his hands along her back lovingly as his cock pulled from her tight, well-used pussy. He grabbed her arms and pulled them straight back.

His cock came to rest against her tight, lovely asshole.

“Oh you have no idea how much I need this darling. Shove that cock up my ass and take me to heaven. I’m cumming just thinking about having your cock in my ass. Fuck my tight ass baby. I want you more today than I ever have and you know what that means. Fuck my tight, hot ass and tell me how much you love me baby.”

His cock pressed into her and she opened up tentatively. It had been a long, long time since she had it this way. In fact, it had been a long time since any man had touched her. She didn’t care, she wanted her man in her ass, and she wanted it right now.

Mark’s broad head eased inside and Cherry relaxed as he slid inside. She moaned deeply. He held her arms and pulled her back on his cock.

“Motherfucker, I love you. Slam my ass. Shove that cock into me hard. I want it hard and I want it deep. Fuck my ass baby. Oh, yes! I love it. I love you, fuck, fuck. Oh mother I love this.”

Mark was fucking her harder than he ever had. Her ass was the most divine thing he had ever possessed and he cherished it. She was so hot. She was so tight and it was all he could do not to cum.

I can’t imagine not being with my lady, she is tall sexy and chocolate – and every time I am with her I think of how lucky I am. But the one thing I count myself most lucky about is that she is such a slut – now many people use slut as an insult but to her it is a title she wears with pride because she is sexually free and liberated and will never be confined by societal conventions. Besides she loves to get fucked and as her man I love to watch her get fucked as much as I love fucking her.

So one time we are at a club and I am dancing and laughing and having a good time with her – my hand on her ass – kissing and just enjoying her sexually as much as I could in a public place. I glanced around to see the how many guys are checking her out because I know that she is hot and bothered and ready to play right now – some guy or gal in her is about to get lucky.

I see a guy sitting nearby at the bar and he is stealing glances especially when she turns around – so I whisper in her ear – go get him. She knows the drill – she has a task and she will fulfill it because I have yet to see a man who showed interest willing to turn her down.

She walked over to him and held her hand out and introduced herself – then she asked what he was drinking and ordered him another – this was her way of taking control and let him know she wasn’t there to play with him. He took the drink and thanked her and then asked about the guy she was just with. I am still sitting in the same seat and as she points to me I raise my glass and nod my head. By now if he didn’t get it he would in a second when she moves close to him and pushes her tits on him and then reaches down and rubs his crotch. This is a turn on for most guys but for her this is her dick check – her way of knowing that she is not wasting her time. However, within seconds of reaching down and grabbing his crotch she felt his semi hard dick spring to attention and she knew that he would not be a waste of time – she barely could grab around it due to its thickness and the length was impressive as well.

She smiled at him and kept stroking him while he smiled back at him – she said well are you going to kiss me or what – he reached up and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her face to his and they began to kiss in a very hot and erotic way right at the bar – all pretense was gone and he started to feel up on her breasts -I knew her exhibitionist side was getting her wet as hell- though at that moment the bartender was about to say something until I called him over and gave him a sizable tip to look the other way.

So right at the bar in plain sight they were in a hot and heavy make out session that was quickly turning into more than that – his hands were on her ass and since she never wore panties going out, he reached under her dress and was feeling her naked round ass. He pulled her closer and then his hand now under the dress probed and found her soaking wet pussy and stuck his finger deep inside her and slowly moved it in and out until she let an audible moan.

She broke the kiss and whispered to him that she wanted his big dick inside her – he smiled and started to get up and she pushed him back down – without hesitation she unbuckled his pants and then unzipped him and reached inside to pull out his very large and thick dick – but because of how close they were and the angle they were sitting only a few patrons at the bar could see what was going on and of course the bartender who was having a very good night – with me continuing to tip him to theoretically look the other way though in truth he had a front row seat – to the whole thing =.

She went back to kissing as she reached into her purse pulled out some Astroglide – he lube of choice and begin to give him and very vigorous hand job right at the bar – he on the other hand now had two fingers in her pussy – what I could not see and what she later told me was that he was getting his thumb wet by sticking in her pussy with his two fingers and filling her pussy completely – then he would rub the juice on to her tight little asshole as she waited in anticipation for what he would do next – he teased her over and over again while she lift one leg onto to his lap giving him more access to her wet pussy and her tight ass.

When he finally slipped his thumb up her ass and worked his finger together with his thumb I knew the flood gates would open up – She stopped kissing him and said I want you to fuck me now – he adjusted in his seat took his finger out of her and lifted her off the floor and onto his lap and she grabbed his dick and slide down on it right there at the bar.

She just rocked gently back and forth on his dick not being to obvious but I could also see that he was enjoying the pussy and he wasn’t going to hold out fucking her like that for long – what I didn’t see as that while rocking back and forth he had two finger up her ass and she was wriggling on his hips and he finger fucked her big ass and fucked her pussy at the same time – she loved DPs and while not technically a DP it was close enough to get her off – - She started cumming on his dick and I could tell because she was digging his nails into his neck and she bit deep into his shoulder to stop herself from screaming – and she came hard and I could see her body shake – how he held on and didn’t cum himself I don’t know but he definitely was near the point of no return as she bounced her up and down on his dick in what was now obvious fucking on their part happening -

He stood up from the bar stool and holding her waist he turned her around so that now she was in the seat and he was standing up and he started long stroking her hard and deep into her pussy – a crowd quickly gathered to see this slut get fucked by this big dick guy at the bar – she wasn’t holding back her moans and screams any more and he fucked her long and deep and started to call her all sorts of names – telling her how do you like this big dick in you bitch – is this what you wanted – tell me what you want -

He was now pounding his dick into her and she was telling him more more and then for the second time she came on his big dick – but this time he could not hold out like before and he held her tight and then he pulled his dick out and started to cum all over her – she slid out of the chair and grabbed his dick and held it at her face and he shot load after load from his throbbing dick – ribbon of white cum streaked her chocolate skin as she grabbed the head of his dick and when he stopped cumming she started to suck his dick -

I thought damn that is a helluva finish but what I didn’t know was that they weren’t finished with each other – she sucked his big dick back to life and he lifted her up by the shoulder and turned her around – her round firm ass was bent over the chair and he effortlessly slide his huge dick into her wet pussy – she pushed back against him and he felt the softness of her ass for the first time – he grabbed her hips and began to fuck her deep into her pussy – With each stroke I knew that big dick was hit her “spot” that spot in her pussy where only big dicks can reach and that can send her over the edge in a matter of minutes – he was hitting it with now trouble based on the the way she was screaming -

Cellphones were capturing each and every moment of my slutty wife’s public debut – we have done this many times but nothing like this – I was so caught up that I didn’t think to take out my phone until round two also while he was fucking her from behind and making her his “bitch” so to speak – there was no doubt he was turning her out and she loved every second of it – he was showing no mercy and i heard comment from the crowd about damn and I wish i can get some of that – but they were both oblivious to anything but what they were doing and that was fucking the shit out of each other -

She grabbed ahold of the stool and screamed that she was cumming again – and her whole body shook in almost a seizure like convulsion – at that moment – i knew that there would be only one thing that she would want right then – a dick up her ass – she was in no condition to ask but when she came that hard – a dick in her ass took her to the next level and she would want his huge dick deep in her ass – so I decided to intervene and handed him the Astroglide on the counter and told him that she wants it – she loves it – give it to her – he looked at me and then looked at her ass – pulled his dick out that now looked at least 9 inches long if not bigger but the girth was incredible – and smeared the gel on her asshole and then lubed up his monster and slide it up her ass

The Crowd let out and audible Oh Shit as he slowly pushed his way deep inside her – She moaned herself back to semi consciousness as she pushed back against him and started her deep grunting she does when she is taking a big dick up her ass- he hadn’t cum yet so I know he wasn’t going to last long in her tight ass because she was groaning and grunting louder while he fucked her hard in the ass- however I noticed he slowed his strokes down from before because that ass was so fucking tight and warm that if he stroked too fast then he was going to blow his load and ain’t shit he would do about it – so he did like most guys and took baby steps in the ass – she on the other hand was just revving up and telling him to fuck her harder – she wanted to cum again – but this time I knew it would be different -

So following her commands he started to fuck her harder and harder – and as I predicted after about twenty hard strokes he blew his load deep into her ass – but that was all she needed – his big thick dick pounding into her and then feeling the of his load shooting into he — sent her over the edge and she came but this time she squirted and kept squirting as her body convulsed even more than before – the crowd didn’t know but I knew that her most intense orgasms came from anal sex and right now she was in another space and time as she came again and again and again – waves sweeping over her body -

He moved back and pulled out his dick and leaned against the bar – he look down at her – probably thinking who the fuck is this slut and where can I get one like her – but at that point that was my cue and grabbed her purse – and lifted her up – she was still cumming but I wanted to get her out of there so I said – she would thank you if she could but we have to go now – she – we had a great time – maybe we will see you around – I think he was too tried or dumbfounded to say anything so he just nodded – the crowd cheered as we walked out the club, the bouncer opened the door as I escorted her out and she sat down – as we drove out the parking lot she spoke for the first time and said – whew, well that was fun – let’s do that again tomorrow night – then she moved towards me and put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

I smiled to myself because I knew that she meant it and that I loved her for it – tomorrow here we come.

copyright Wingwagon 2012

8===> Storm clouds come with a silver lining

One thing we all quickly learned about Florida was, that especially during the summer months, you could expect at a minimum a short rain shower each day. Whether it was late morning, mid-afternoon, or early evening; some liquid sunshine was almost guaranteed daily. We had only been on the beach for less than an hour, when the daily thunder clouds moved in for a surprise mid-morning appearance. Grabbing our beach towels, mini cooler, frisbees, and tanning lotion bottles, we managed to make the dash across the sand to the motel before the sky opened up.

Once in the room, we dumped everything on the low profile dresser and opened the drapes to watch for when the weather moved on. We had been told sometimes it was only minutes and sometimes it lasted into the night…you just waited it out or changed plans. By the time the rain had been beating on the window for better than an hour, it was becoming painfully obvious that this one was socked in for the rest of the day. That fact was confirmed by the sky being dark in all directions and the weather report on the television.

“So what do we do now?” Trent finally asked. “I don’t feel like being trapped in here all day.”

“Me neither,” Ethan added. He was sitting on the bed scrutinizing the collection of tourist attraction folders he had acquired from the lobby display when we checked in. “Maybe we could hit a museum or drive down to Cape Canaveral?”

Greg and I were sitting at the little round table next to the window. I looked out and then rolled my eyes at the idea of going out in this weather at all. He looked up from the game of solitaire he was playing and quietly offered to me with a wink, “Or we could get rid of them and play strip poker.” I laughed but nodded my head at the idea.

I announced my decision with, “You guys go if you want, but I think I would rather just hang out here and veg to be honest.”

“Me too,” Greg chimed in with. “Maybe order a pizza and find some flicks to watch.”

“What a couple of party animals you two are,” Trent teased. “Maybe if you guys hadn’t been up and running around half the night, doing God knows what, you would have a little more energy.” The smirking look he gave me made me wonder just what all he was really imagining. Turning back to Ethan he added, “Let’s find something fun to do and let those two find a couple of blue-haired ladies to play bridge with.”

“Fuck you,” I joked along with flipping Trent the bird. I felt Greg’s foot brush up against mine along with a grin on his face that said the same thing I was thinking: With any luck, we would be ending up with the room to ourselves soon.

After a few minutes of discussion over the travel folders, Trent and Ethan decided on the Daytona 500 museum and were immediately changing into street clothes for the excursion. Trent announced as he laced up his sneaks, “We will probably be there all afternoon. Sure you guys won’t get bored being here all alone?” Once again, he gave me a sly smirk that I wasn’t certain how to interpret.

“We’ll find something to occupy us,” Greg answered. Along with his comment, his bare toes from both feet trapped the ankle of my left leg and slid up and down the bottom part of my calf in a motion duplicating his hands on our cocks from the night before. The smirk on his face needed no interpretation.

Thankfully our positions at the table hid everything that was going on under it. I boned in a heartbeat and snaked my free foot up to Greg’s thigh in a hopeless attempt at wedging a toe inside the leg opening of his board shorts. “We will be fine, Trent,” I managed to gasp out; hopefully without sounding like I was in heat.

Without any further attempt at getting us to go along, Trent joined Ethan who was already anxiously waiting at the door. “Guess we will see you around dinnertime then. Have fun,” was his parting comment, but it came with a final smirk and a wink also as he stepped over the threshold and pulled the door closed behind him.

* * * * *

The room had abruptly filled with a strange stillness after the door clicked shut. Only the soft background noise from the TV was in the air as Greg and I stared at each other across the small table. The very thing we had wanted…hours of privacy alone…were suddenly ours and neither of us seemed to know how to proceed. I eventually broke the silence with, “So, you wanna order a pizza and eat first or what?”

Greg grinned and stood without speaking. He walked to the door, took the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and hung it on the outside knob, and then slipped the security chain in place after double checking that the door was locked. When he got back to the chair I was sitting in, he leaned down and finally answered, “I think ‘or what’ first sounds like a very good way to work up an appetite.” His hand went to the bulge in my swim suit and squeezed as he added, “Sound good to you, Kevin?”

My hand worked up into the leg opening of his boardies and cupped the dangling balls it found. “Yeah and maybe finish what we really couldn’t last night?” I queried with hope and a large grin as I rubbed his juice makers.

“We started a couple of things I want to finish if you do too,” he shot back before pulling me up to my feet and folding me into an embrace. “Starting with this,” came next as his mouth moved in to meet mine.

The tentative kiss quickly turned passionate as I opened my lips to his probing tongue tip. My hands began running up and down his back and our hips started to grind together in lust. Greg’s hands slid down inside the back of my swim trunks and massaged my butt cheeks. I started to push his board shorts down while still sucking on his tongue like I had wanted to on the pool deck last night. I felt his fingers tugging at the waistband of my suit forcing it down when he inhaled my tongue into his mouth. We were still in the same embrace and lip lock when we kicked the swimsuits from our ankles and shuffled as one to the bed. We only broke off the long kiss when we fell onto the soft mattress. “Why didn’t you kiss me that way last night?” I asked as we cuddled up naked together.

“I wasn’t sure you wanted me to go that far, Kevin,” was all he said.

“We had just had each other’s cocks in our mouths…why worry about a kiss?” I answered with a snicker.

“Yeah…and speaking of that…”

It was all that was said before I was flipped to my back and Greg repositioned himself between my legs. He looked up across my torso, grinned, and then licked his lips as he held my dick straight up. I smiled back at him and pushed my hips up towards his face. “Suck me again like you did last night,” I pleaded.

“No…it will be better than last night,” he countered just before munching down on my mushroom. For the next five minutes, I watched intently as Greg’s mouth worked me with enthusiasm and a natural talent that made me moan on almost every slurp he took of my shaft.

I finally tapped him on the shoulder and stated, “What about my turn? Get that hot dick of yours up here so we can both enjoy this.”

Greg spit out my cock and stretched out beside me with a wide grin on his face. “If you insist, Kevin,” he joked as he waved his fleshy flagpole at me.

“You will be the one insisting on me not stopping in a few minutes,” I kidded back before leaning over his body. After seeing how large it really was, up close and in the daylight, I took a deep breath before beginning. My lips stretched over the helmet and my tongue teased his preeing slit. Over the next five minutes I was almost mercilessly slow by first casually chewing my way down his long, thick shaft, and then with my rhythmic bobbing on it. I used my hand to rub his nuts while I sucked him and the squirms and whimpers from him told me I was doing most everything right, so I was surprised when he pulled me off.

“Damn can you fuckin’ suck cock, Kevin! You have me almost ready to blow man,” was the explanation he gave before he took me in his arms and shoved his tongue back in my mouth. We stayed entwined together trading spit for several minutes, but the yearnings for more quickly returned. Greg’s only words were, “Let’s sixty-nine,” as he spun around in the bed again and took me back in his mouth without waiting for my agreement.

He didn’t really need it since his huge cock was now bouncing in the air about an inch from my lips. Like I was going to be able to ignore that temptation! I opened wide and took as much of it as I could without triggering my gag reflex too severely. It took no time at all for us to both have a good pace going that was being amplified by hip thrusts. That; along with hands caressing every inch of bare skin from the backs of our thighs, across ass cheeks, and up our backs; had us swiftly giving off the signs of pending eruptions. Just as I was ready to warn Greg how close I was, his knees pinned to my ears and his jabbing grew more pronounced. Deciding that and the increased furor of his mouth working me, meant he wanted to take this the whole way, I began humping his face harder and concentrated on bringing him off while still in me. When the near-simultaneous explosions ripped from our balls, our cries of pleasure were only barely muffled by the flesh and cum that was filling our mouths.

I was the one that made the next move after the final wads splashed over each of our tongues. A quick 180 spin in the bed had me face-to-face with Greg and I offered only “Off the fuckin’ uber chart, uber,” before pasting my mouth to his. We enveloped each other and spent the next couple of minutes making out and mixing our loads as if it was the most natural thing in the world. And at that moment, it was!

* * * * *

After a few minutes of cuddling and basking in the afterglow of satisfaction, the pillow talk turned to satisfying another need…food! Glancing over at the window, we could see the rain still beating against it. “Let’s just order a pizza,” Greg suggested.

“Fine with me. I sure don’t feel like getting dressed and going out in that shit.” I grinned and tacked on while fondling Greg’s wilted, but still very impressive cock, “In fact, I don’t wanna get dressed the rest of the day.” A quick phone call to the shop down the street was made and I was told it would be about 40 minutes for delivery. After hanging up, I crawled back in bed and snuggled up against his naked body.

“So, Kevin…was that really your first time too?” he asked with a combination of caution and confidence in his voice.

“Everything we have done this week has been my first time,” I answered. “Even though I was nervous as hell that first night when we jerked each other, what we have had since makes me so happy that you came along on the road trip. I needed to find someone like you.”

“I did too,” he responded softly as he draped his hand over my bare thigh. “I have had the feelings for so long, but been so afraid of saying it out loud…admitting….being…you know…being gay.”

The hesitations he made while getting that out reminded me all too much of my own internal fears I had fought with for several years. Now that the word was actually out in the open, I felt some of them come back but also felt a wave of relief. “I know what you mean, Greg. I have had a thing for guys as long as I can remember, but was scared to ever act on them,” I confessed.

“So you consider yourself gay too?”

I snickered and squeezed his cock. “Either that or the worst case of being curious that ever happened.” I leaned in and brushed my lips over his. “Jacking each other off and even the blow jobs are one thing, but damn Greg…I get hard as hell just kissing you. I think that says this is more than just a phase or experimenting.”

“Oh I think we have lots more ‘experimenting’ to do, Kevin,” he teased and then licked my lips with his tongue. “That is if you want to,” he added.

I smiled at him and took his jewels in my hand. “Do you?” I asked as I rolled his balls in my palm.

Greg looked down at his crotch and grinned. “Well you are boning me up again, so I guess the answer is a definite ‘yes’, Kevin.”

His hand had strayed from my thigh to my cock and the attention was creating a similar reaction in me. I moved my hand up to his still developing pecs and pinched a nipple. “We’ve only got about 20 minutes, you know,” I warned.

“Until the pizza gets here maybe. We have the rest of the afternoon and this is just good build up while we wait.” A large smile appeared on his face. “Plus I am enjoying just being with you and talking.”

* * * * *

For the next 15 minutes we had snuggled and teased and talked. Dreams and fears. Fantasies and serious plans. The immediacy of college in a few more weeks and the desire for someone to share life with afterwards. When the knock came at the door, we were still talking, naked and twisted together, and both with chubbies that weren’t going to magically vanish. Greg laughed and pushed me out of the bed. “You get it. You can hide yours easier than I can,” he declared with a great deal of truth.

I laughed back and quickly pulled on the board shorts laying on the floor and grabbed my wallet. I was still trying to adjust my obvious boner when I opened the door. The delivery guy was about our age and cute as hell. His eyes looked past me for a fleeting moment and then back to me. “Good number man. Total is $14.69 dude,” he stated along with a grin.

“My favorite one,” I replied with a snicker.

“Mine too,” came from behind me.

I turned my head and blushed as I saw Greg once again letting his exhibitionist fetish out…stretched out on the bed in all his naked glory with a giant smile on his face. Even from across the room, you couldn’t miss that damn big hard dick laying in his happy trail. I knew the pizza guy sure couldn’t have either. When I turned back to him, I noticed his eyes were checking the large lump tenting my swim suit. I handed him a $20 and said, “Keep the change. Thanks for coming out in this garbage weather, man.”

“No problem. Only wish I didn’t have three other deliveries in the car. You guys look like you could be a lot of fun.” The blatant statement was followed with, “Enjoy your pizza when you get around to it.” He added a grope to my crotch and a knowing wink before he spun on his heels and trotted off.

Greg was laughing his ass off when I sat the pizza box on the little round table next to the window. I jumped onto the bed and pinned my body to his. “You fucker! That stunt almost made me lose my hard on!”

“Doesn’t feel like it,” he teased as he humped his crotch up into mine.

I reached between us and squeezed his shaft. “I think you are hungry for something else right now,” I lustfully whispered before shoving my tongue in his mouth. My boardies got pushed down my thighs as we kissed passionately.

“Do you really wanna know what I’m hungry for?” he quizzed when I freed his lips.

“Special sauce that isn’t on the pizza?” I kidded back.

There was a slight hesitation and then, “Actually I was thinking maybe you could find a new place for that sausage of yours.” The grin on his face and sparkle in his eyes said he was being serious.

“You mean…” I let the rest of my supposition trail off wanting him to complete the sentence.

Greg’s hand wrapped around my cock and wedged it between his upper thighs. “Uh huh. I wanna find out what it feels like to have you in me, Kevin.”

Even without his thighs pinching tight on me, at that moment my cock became the hardest it had ever been. I kissed him tenderly and asked, “You sure, Greg?”

“Yeah I am. I want you to fuck my virgin ass, Kevin.” His thighs punctuated the plea with another firm squeeze on my trapped tool.

“But we don’t have any lube.”

“So use some spit and all the pre we are both leaking.”

“You are really sure?”

“Kevin…I am sure! Don’t talk me out of it! Fuck me!” The order came along with a smile and his long legs spreading wide.

I moved to my knees between them and looked down at my friend. As I rubbed the tip of my fat cock between his cheeks wondering if it would really fit, I thought back to the few times I had fingered myself while beating off. That would be the best way to start I decided. After soaking my index and middle fingers with spit, I pried his butt split apart and rubbed at his opening.

“Oh yeah…that’s it…get it good and wet and open it up some,” Greg moaned.

With that direction, I scooped up the puddle of pre above his pubes and smeared it on his puckering boy twat and took a cautious poke at his rosebud with a finger tip. It slipped in much easier than I expected. I dribbled some spit on the rest of my finger and pressed in a little deeper. He was so tight but also yielding to my probing.

Greg bit his upper lip and his hips raised a little. He gently shifted back and took the next inch of my finger all on his own. “Doing good, Kevin. Put in another one now,” he directed.

Instead of asking yet again if he was sure, I moved a second finger to his cave opening and pressed it through the ring. He flinched noticeably and I stopped; just letting both fingers lay inside him. “You OK, Greg?” I paused to ask.

“Yeaaaaah,” was all he answered before using his interior ass muscles to suck both invading digits in further. “More, Kevin,” was the newest demand.

After some wiggling from his ass and my fingers, I was soon in knuckle deep with both fingers. I took up a slow thrusting and leaned over him. “I don’t want to hurt you, Greg,” I whispered to his face.

He grinned at me and raised his head enough to give me kiss on the nose. “Don’t worry babe…you aren’t and won’t. Just another minute or two of what you are doing and then I want the real thing.” The expression on his face was one of pure pleasure.

I worked my fingers back and forth for several more minutes and then decided that his continuous squirming and moans were my go-ahead sign. I pushed his legs high, snugged up to his balls with my cock, and just as soon as I pulled my fingers free, I pinned the tip of it to his entrance. “Hope you are ready cause I sure am,” I announced at the same time I jammed forward enough to pierce him with the head.

Greg shuddered but also cried out, “OH HELL YEAH!” as his rosebud bloomed open for me. He grabbed his erection and started taking strokes as he looked up at me. “Give me a little more now,” he commanded.

“I’m gonna give you as much as you let me take,” I countered with as I pushed another couple of inches in. I was so worked up that I wanted to slam the last few inches in too, but fought the desire for fear of hurting him.

“Take all you want, cause I want it all!” The words were accompanied by a backwards hump from Greg’s butt that swallowed up most of the rest of me. “Now show me what a good fuck you are, stud,” preceded the clenching of his ass on my cock. “Give it to me good and screw the cum out of my balls for me,” followed.

The dirty talk spilling from Greg’s mouth was turning me on almost as much as the physical act was doing. I joined in with, “Oh I am gonna fuck you even better than you can imagine, baby,” flew from my lips. I leaned over his torso again and stared into his eyes. “Fuck you SO good that you will never want anyone else,” I promised as I covered his mouth with mine and increased the tempo of my hip motions.

Greg sucked my tongue into his mouth and chewed on it as his hand began working himself faster. Our hip thrusting kept meshing perfectly and even though we had gotten off just over an hour earlier, I soon felt that happy tingle in my nuts. I pulled my tongue free and murmured, “Getting so close, man.”

“Me. Too. But. Keep. Going,” was the reply said with short, forced breaths.

As I raised back up to my knees, Greg’s legs circled my waist and his ankles locked behind me. His fist continued to yank with fury on his huge cock as he stared into my eyes. My hands fixed on his knees as I began slamming even harder into him. My balls were spanking his ass on every drive now. “I wanna see you splatter your own face with that load,” I challenged.

It had all started one summer afternoon. I was 19 at the time and had lived at home while I had went to college and for the purpose of this story, so did my best friend Tyler. Me and Tyler had been friends since 3rd grade and I had gotten to know his family but things haven’t been going that great with his family for a few weeks. A few weeks ago, his mom and dad had gotten into an argument over his dad’s work so his dad had moved into an apartment not that far down the road. His dad (Jason) and his mom have started to get along greatly with each other since then and I think I heard his dad saying that he was trying to move back into the house before the summer had ended. A little bit about me, I had a nice body too with muscles big enough for me at my age and a nice six-pack. i had always thought I was straight until a couple of weeks ago at college that I had my first gay experience at a party which threw my sexuality off track and I was lost and now I’m just trying to find myself.

Well anyways, I was bored one Friday afternoon when I had decided to head over to Tyler’s house to see what he was up to. I had seen Jason’s truck out front of the house, which had to mean he was over for a visit as usual. After knocking on the front door and getting no response, I started to head home when something had caught my eye. I thought that I had seen two guys sucking each other off on the T.V. through the blinds, reflecting off of Jason’s rolled up window. After not knowing what to believe, I crept back up to the window in order to see that what I saw was true. There on the T.V. were two dudes naked, giving each other head.

I had to see who was watching this so I looked around the room to find Jason sitting on the couch, masturbating to this! I was surprised to what I saw because I had always thought that Jason was straight since he was married to Tyler’s mom. I also have to say his body wasn’t that bad either. I had never seen Jason naked before and he was very sexy! He had some big muscles and a six-pack since he worked out a lot. He also had a slight tan and had short grey hair which I thought was weird because he was 43 which seemed like a young age to me and he had short grey whiskers around his mouth and chin. But I say his best feature was his dick. It had to be at least 11 inches long and it was thick too! Jason was sitting on the couch, beating his meat furiously while the two guys on the T.V. started to fuck each other. After some time had passed, Jason had tilted his head back and started to moan and yell in pleasure. He was yelling and moaning so loud, I could hear him through the window.

“AH! Oh yes! YES!! Oh yeah! UGH!! Suck my dick, Clay!” Jason screamed.

I Couldn’t believe on what I was hearing! Jason was fantasizing about me! At that point, I was guessing Jason was about to blow his load because the guys on T.V. started to cum on each other and he started to tighten up. He started to moan loudly again as he started to cum all over himself. “OH YES! Drink my cum boy! Drink it all! EAT MY SPERM!!.”

After about a minute of this, Jason had released his cock and started to relax on the couch with his eyes closed. A lot of time had to have past when I had came back to reality. Once I came too, I realized that my cock was trying to grow to full length in my shorts. I also started to become paranoid, hoping nobody had notice I was staring into Tyler’s house so I quickly jumped away from the window and tried to hide myself until I had reached my house. Back inside my room, I started to strip down naked and fantasize about this sexy daddy since my parents weren’t home. Only a few things had ran through my mind as I thought about Jason sexually: How big that dick was, how badly I wanted him, how badly I wanted that cock in my mouth and up my ass, and how bad I wanted him to drench me in his jizz. As I jerked off, I knew at that moment I wanted that dick and I was gonna get it at all cost.

Later that day, I had returned to Tyler’s house but this time, in order to see Jason, who greeted me at the front door, just wearing shorts and smiling at me.

“Hey buddy, Tyler isn’t home right now. Him, his brother, and his mom all went to Newton Falls for a family reunion and won’t be back for the next 3 days” Jason explained to me.

I knew this was gonna be my once I a lifetime chance so I had quickly made up a lie in order for me to stay. “That’s alright” I started off, “But I was wondering if I could stay here with you for the night because my parents had left to go bail my sister out of jail in Columbus and they locked the door so I can’t get in my house and this is my last place to go to.”

Jason smiled a little bit bigger. “Sure you can stay” he agreed. “Come right in!.”

After Jason had let me into the house, he cooked us both dinner and we chilled out in the living room, watching T.V. until it grew dark outside. A wrestling commercial came on the television which then allowed for the night to start heating up.

“That reminds me” Jason started off talking to me, “I seen you and Tyler wrestling the other day in the front yard and you almost had him. I wanted to show you a few moves in order to help you pin him quickly if you don’t mind.”

“No, I’m cool with it” I answered laid back.

We both got down on the living room floor and we started to wrestle. We did moves repeatedly until I had gotten it down. Everything was going great for about a half hour until I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder.

“OUCH!” I yelled slightly as I grabbed my shoulder.

“What’s wrong” Jason asked a little worried. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, you didn’t.” I answered calmly, “It’s just my shoulder. It feels like it’s cramping up or something. Ow…”

“Let me feel” Jason said as he reached over and gently grabbed my shoulder, feeling around for the knot. “There it is. Your muscle must have knotted up. I can massage it in the shower along with the hot water beating down on it if you don’t mind” he asked me.

“I don’t really care, I just want for the pain to go away” I said.

And with that note, Jason urged me to head to the bathroom with him. In the bathroom, Jason started the shower water and we both turned away from each other and stripped down. Without looking at one another, I hopped into the shower first.

Jason started to talk to me from the other side of the curtain. “I’ll be back in a minute, I have something to do first” and with that, he was gone from the bathroom.

Being alone in the shower, I let the running water beat down on my shoulder which really felt great. a few minutes later, Jason had returned and hopped in the shower behind me. He grabbed my shoulder and started to massage which brought some relief and he started talking to me.

“So buddy, how have you been doing” he asked me.

“I’ve been doing good so far but, I’m really confused right now” I confessed.

“What’s been bothering ya?” he asked.

“Well, I feel confused about my sexuality. I always thought I was straight until a couple of weeks ago at college when I had this experience with this guy. I felt it threw my sexuality off and now I feel stupid for going through this at this age.”

“Hey…” Jason said in a caring way “Don’t beat yourself up over this. You can be whatever you want. You can be gay-straight-bi or whatever and don’t worry about what people think of you either. You gotta be you, follow your heart and you gotta make yourself happy. We are not here in order to please others, just live life wherever it takes you, and you’ll be satisfied. I had to learn the same too long ago.”

I was surprised. “You were confused about your sexuality too?!” I asked.

“Yes, I was” he replied. “But I know I made the right choice on what I want in this world, and eventually it will work out for you too.”

My shoulder has released the knot and Jason stopped massaging my shoulder. “There you go, all better” he told me happily.

I was so glad on what Jason had told me that it felt he started a love fire inside of my heart and I didn’t want for it to die out so I had to do something quickly. I pretended to feel light-headed so I fell back in to Jason’s arms, pretending to faint. Jason held me up and spoke to me curiously. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah…I just feel a little light-headed is all” I lied.

We then both looked into each others eyes and our hearts started to beat a little faster. Jason leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I was amazed at first but then I enjoyed it. The kiss was passionate but feisty. After we stopped kissing, I could feel his dick starting to grow and it poked me at the back of the leg. He then looked down at my 9 inch boner that was growing. We smiled at each other and I turned off the water. We hopped out of the shower and started to dry off. After a few minutes, I felt Jason picking me up and carrying me off to the living room like I was his bride.

In the living room, Jason had covered the couch in towels so that way if we were wet, we wouldn’t ruin the couch. Jason plopped down on the couch and I was laying in his arms still as he grabbed the remote and put the gay porn that I had seen on the T.V. earlier, back on. It started off with the 2 same dudes sitting on a couch, watching a gay porno of their own as they started to make out. Me and Jason looked at each other with a passion and we started to kiss. Jason had a hold of me with one arm and was moving his other free hand down my thigh and continuing down my leg. I had one arm around him and my other free hand was slowly going over his pecks and playing with his nipples. We teased each other with tongues and Jason started to rub my nipples with his thumb as I rubbed his biceps. Jason started to slowly lean me back and kissed me all over my neck. Jason started to move slowly downwards on my body. He started to lick and bite my nipples for a few minutes. He continued to head downwards still and kissed my six-pack while slowly stroking my cock. He finally reached my dick and started to go down on me.

He slowly bobbed his head up and down on my dick before taking it back out of his mouth and spitting on it. He rubbed the spit all over my cock before slapping it against his lips and tongue. He put my dick back in his mouth and started to go a little faster up and down on me. I looked back at the porno and saw one of the dudes feeding the other dude his dick and then slapping it on his face. Jason started to stroke me again and kiss above my cock and my stomach. He opened wide again and started to suck me off again. I started to fuck his face by forcing my hips up and down. Jason let me try to force my cock deep into his throat. Jason stroked me off while kissing my waist and stomach again. Jason wrapped his arms around both of my thighs and went all the way down on my cock, trying to get it all in without gagging. I put my hand on the back of his head and he held himself there for about 20 seconds until he came back up, grasping for air. He left a little spit trail from my dick to his mouth and then went back down for an even longer time.

Jason did this for about 15 minutes, choking on my dick for periods of time. Each time was longer than the last. He let go of my thighs and pulled me towards him and we started to kiss again.

“How-was-that?” Jason asked me in between kisses.

“It was-amazing-have-you-done it-before?” asked in between kissing his lips.

“Oh-yeah-I-had practice-before. Sometimes-with-buddies-at-their houses-or-sometimes-when-Tyler-and-his-mom-were-gone, I-would-go-down-on-Rodney-all-the-time” he explained.

We stopped kissing as I looked at him surprised again. “You had gay sex with Rodney?” I asked.

“Yeah all the time when Tyler and his mom were gone or I would whenever me and him went out somewhere. He was always dying to get his hands on his daddy’s dick” Jason explained.

I was puzzled on this new information when Jason got off of the couch and on the floor in front of me, wanting for me to join him on the ground. I got up too and sat down with Jason and he started to explain to me what he wanted to do next.

“Okay, Clay. Do you know how to 69?” he asked.

“Well yeah!” I said with an excited smile.

“Good” Jason said smiling back at me and he had me lay down on my back. He got on top of me and exposed his hole for me to rim. He sat on his knees so he wouldn’t crush my chest and then he lifted my legs into the air. I started to rim his ass as he slowly stroked and teased my cock. I stuck my tongue into his hole several time and I started to finger him. He let out little moans letting me know I was doing a good job for it being my first time. after a few minutes, he started to reward me by sucking my dick again. He got even more comfortable by putting my legs behind his arms and he started to play with my hole and he started to spank me lightly. He grabbed my ass tightly and fingered my whole with one hand, spanked my other cheek lightly with his other hand, and continued to blow me with his mouth, all in one! I started to feel like he needed some more treats for giving me so much pleasure so I started to tease his cock with my hands while I stilled rimmed and fingered him. After a few minutes he lifted up his back end to put his dick in my face and I started to blow him. His cock was so big and I tried my best to fit all of him that I could in my mouth.

His dick was too big in order to be right above my head so it went a little down my neck as I licked his shaft up and down. I had to do my best to get that dick all the way down my throat so I inhaled all that I could and took him all in until I touched his balls with my nose. I wiggled it around in my mouth, trying not to gag and trying to hold myself there for as long as I could. Jason started to moan louder and a little faster, which allowed for me to know I was giving him the works. I finally had to let myself breath so I took his dick out of my mouth and I coughed over and over, trying to inhale all of the fresh air I could.

“If you don’t feel that you can’t get it all in your mouth, I wouldn’t advise that you try to take me all in” Jason told me. “Just take in as much as you can.”

And with that, he went back to rimming my ass. I had to please Jason all I could so I took him all in again, up to his balls and I started to play with his hole again. He started to moan even louder than last time and I took him out of my mouth, trying to breathe again. He lifted himself up on all fours and turned himself around until his dick was facing me.

“Let me help you breathe if you want me all the way in your mouth” he said.

Jason lifted my legs up in the air and started to explain to me what to do.

“First, relax yourself” he started to explain, “You can get more in if you chill out. Breathe through your nose for air when you need it. Don’t try to take me in all the way at first. Just get in as much as you can and then try to take more of my cock in your mouth inch by inch. And finally, if you feel like that you need to get your mind off of gagging, hum. It’s quite difficult to hum and gag at the same time.”

I obeyed on what Jason wanted me to do and he slowly inserted his cock into my mouth. He had to at least be 5 inches in when I could feel him at the back of my throat. I started to breath in and out through my nose while slowly trying to get 6 inches in my mouth. After some time, I got to 8 inches in my mouth and Jason was enjoying it. He had tilted his head back and started to moan softly while holding my legs up. Eventually I got all 11 inches in my mouth and Jason was in heaven while I continued to try my best to relax.

“That a boy, Clay” Jason said softly. “Oh, suck my dick. Suck it. Your gonna get a big hot reward later on in your golden mouth.”

Jason started to stroke me off too but slowly so I could save my cum. Jason took his dick out of my mouth and looked down at me while he slapped it against my face. his dick was so big it reached the top of my head. He then stood up and I got on my knees as I went back down on him with something came up. I had gotten Jason halfway down my throat when he got stuck. I started to panic a little while he tried to calm me down.

“Oh a weak spot” he said with a grin. “It’s alright Clay, just open wide and I’ll do the rest.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could get it and Jason pulled out his dick, and I could breathe again.

“This happened a few times before with my wife and Rodney. They weren’t careful enough to stay wide open and they got my cock stuck in their throats. Its easy to pull right out once they open all the way again but I like to have fun with it” Jason teased. “You better inhale all the air you can and open up again.”

I inhaled as much air as I could and opened up my mouth as wide as my jaws would let me. Jason inserted most of his cock into my throat again and got stuck once more. Jason grabbed the back of my head one more and pushed his cock all the way down until my lips were touching his pubes. He looked down into my eyes that started to water with his pleasured face and moved my head back and forth quickly, even though he was stuck. He tapped the back of my head, which I knew was the signal in order to open wide again and he pulled himself out, leaving me to gasp for air and allow for the tears to roll down my cheeks. I wiped the tears away and looked back up at Jason again as he held his dick and instructed for me to open again. I opened wide again and Jason shoved himself back in again and stuck himself once more. I started to tear up again and looking at Jason, he left himself in his mouth as he talked to meet sweetly.

“You’re a good boy, Clay. You deserve to get my dick as a treat. Don’t cry” Jason said as he wiped my tears away. “You’ll get it in your ass soon enough.”

I felt like I was gonna pass out but at the last moment, Jason pulled himself out and I began to fill my lungs with fresh air again. This went on like this for about a half hour. Jason would insert himself, have a little fun with me and sweet talk before pulling himself out and I regained air again.

Jason finally stopped and helped me up off of my knees.

“Sorry I held my dick in your throat for so long, I just wanted that same pleasure again” he apologized.

Jason then turned towards me and hugged me tight to allow for me to know he wasn’t trying to be cruel. It was okay for me and soon enough he had me by the hand, taking me upstairs. We got to the master bedroom and he started to kiss me passionately before pushing me back on the bed. He got on the bed to, on his knees in front of me so we were at the same eye level, and he started to kiss me again. He stopped shortly after to explain to me what was gonna happen next.

“You did so good for allowing me to have my pleasure, you are going to get the best rimjob of your life! Turn around and on all four” he ordered.

I did what he told me to do being so thrilled about what was gonna happen next. Jason spread my cheeks open with his hands and started to rim my ass like never before. He poked his tongue at my whole and started to lick it up and down before opening it a little and sticking his tongue inside. He spit on my hole and then licked it up. He licked and played with my balls and started to tease my dick with his tongue while he was at it. Jason started to quickly taste my dick and then lick my ass and repeated that for a few minutes. After that, he took each one of my nuts into his mouth and massaged them too. He was licking my dick and started to spit all over my hole before licking it all up. He quickly ran his tongue from side to side all over my hole and then stuck his tongue back inside me. He started to tease my ass with licks and then he started to finger me. First it was with one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers, and then four fingers. He was about to fit his whole hand in my ass when I couldn’t take the irresistible pleasure anymore.

My wife Mickinzie and I are swingers. We don’t get jealous at each other if we fuck someone other than each other. We have known each other since grade school, but didn’t hook up until our senior year in high school. I wasn’t really what you would call a “hunk” or a “chick-magnet” in high school I was just known for my cock, but that’s a different story. Mickinzie is the cutest/hottest piece of ass I have ever laid my eyes upon. She’s about 5′ 3″ and has the tightest body imaginable with a delectable pair of B-cup tits. I stand at nearly 6 foot and am fairly well built being a runner not a weightlifter. Mickinzie and I are wonderful lovers, but since my sex drive and hard cock outlasts her mouth, ass and pussy she gave me permission to use my cock on anyone I wanted as long as she got to be there when I fucked that anyone. That’s how we became swingers.

We were at the grocery store stocking back up on food when I saw her. It was Taylor, one of my old fuck toys from high school. She still had an amazing body and I knew I wanted to fuck her again. I asked Mickinzie if I could invite her over to get the chance to fuck the two girls. She told me she defiantly wanted to get Taylor into bed with us. I walked over to where she was standing and just as I got to her she bent down to pick up something she dropped. When she bent down her ass was right in my crotch and I began to get hard. She must have felt my bulge on her ass because she bolted upright. She turned around and I just avoided a slap across the face. When I caught her hand she realized who it was.

A huge smile popped up on her face and she started to kiss me, shoving her tongue down my throat while her hand went down my pants. I almost forgot how much she loved me. We kissed for a minute longer as she fondled my balls and when we finally parted lips I wanted to attack her right there in the middle of the grocery store. Unfortunately I knew I couldn’t and an old lady witnessed what we just did and told us to get a damn room, so I asked Taylor over to my house. She said she would go home, put her groceries away and then come over on one condition. Her one condition was that she could bring a friend along to play. I agreed right away, gave her my address and kissed her goodbye. I found Mickinzie at the opposite end of the aisle and she told me she was getting so horny watching me with Taylor. We finished shopping quickly and headed home so Mickinzie could have first dibs on me.

When we got home we put the food away as fast as possible and as soon as we were done Mickinzie dropped my pants and engulfed my cock into her warm and moist mouth. She began bobbing her head down on my cock and massaged the underside of my cock with her tongue as she rubbed my balls with her hands. I began moaning in pleasure as she started to bring me to an orgasm. She sucked me off for about half an hour before I felt my balls really start to churn. Mickinzie felt it too and positioned her mouth at the base of my cock. As I began to unload down her throat I felt her try to swallow it all, but I unloaded rope after rope into her mouth and it was just too much for her. My jizz started to ooze out the sides of her mouth and I pulled out as the last ropes of cum landed on her tongue. She swallowed what she could then began sucking my meat again. This time it was to clean off all the remaining cum and get me ready for Taylor and her friend. Mickinzie finished polishing my pole and came up to kiss me. I could taste my own cum on her lips and tongue, but I didn’t care. I told her she had some cum on her chin and she told me to lick it off. I did as I was told. I left my pants off and we went to screw around in the living room while waiting for Taylor and her friend to arrive.

Taylor pulled into the driveway with Clay in the passenger seat and was welcomed in the house by Mickinzie who was naked as a newborn. She told Taylor I was waiting in the living room and that she had an idea. The girls agreed that since Taylor brought Clay the boys could play while they got fist deep with each other. Clay agreed with the girls and headed to where I was in the house while the girls headed upstairs.

I watched as Clay walked into the room and sat next to me. I kept my eyes on his as he reached for my cock. He picked up my soft cock and started rubbing it furiously to wake the beast. As I finally took my eyes from Clay’s I looked down to see his manhood growing in his pants. I started pulling at his pants button and zipper and he got the hint. He stopped jerking me and then stood up. I pulled off his pants and boxers in one and watched as his cock, which was nearly as huge as mine, sprung up and slapped his stomach. He stepped out of his clothes and sat back down next to me. Before I could do anything he began jerking me off.

Clay was one of my best friends from high school. We fucked each other in high school and had threesomes with each other’s girlfriends, but that too is another story. Clay had a great body in high school and from the looks of it still does. He had dated Taylor off and on during high school and I guess he is still with her now. I watched as he expertly handled my cock, pumping it with both hands as it was at full hardness now. As Clay continued to pump my cock I heard moaning coming from upstairs and thought maybe Mickinzie and Taylor were getting reacquainted with each other.

In fact they were. Mickinzie loves being fisted. Taylor was wrist deep in Mickinzie’s pussy and continued to push her fist in further. Mickinzie began playing with her tits as Taylor started pumping her fist through Mickinzie’s pussy. It’s a good thing we have sound proof walls because if we didn’t Mickinzie was moaning and screaming in ecstasy so loudly that the neighbors across the street would hear. Taylor finally pulled her fist out and began licking Mickinzie’s pussy juice from her hand. Mickinzie sat up and started to lick Taylor’s hand. When all the pussy juice was gone from Taylor’s hand Taylor began fisting herself. Mickinzie started kissing Taylor and forced her to lie down. Once she was down Mickinzie stuck a finger in Taylor’s ass and started pumping. She then put two fingers in then three. After three fingers she pulled out and went over to her dresser while Taylor continued to fist herself.

I reached for Clay’s head and forced him to take me into his mouth. Once my cock was in his mouth he began sucking and his tongue was going crazy on the underside of my cock. He was still as great at sucking cock as he was in high school. Slowly he took more and more cock into his mouth. Eventually his lips were at the base of my cock and I held his head there while his tongue slurped on my cock. I let his head go as he started to choke and my cock was now covered with his saliva. He told me he forgot how big my cock was and it would take a little longer for his throat to get used to it again. With my cock completely hard I decided it was time to stick it in Clay’s ass. I told him to bend over the side of the couch and as he did so his cock got extremely hard.

As he bent over the couch I snuck a few jerks of his impressive cock. When he was all the way bent over I began licking his asshole, priming it for my cock. He began to moan from my tongue motions on his hole and I finally stopped licking him and began rubbing my cock head against his ass. Clay told me he was ready for my cock so I slowly started to insert it into his ass. I got the head and about two inches in then I pulled out. I pushed my cock back in, this time I got about half way down my cock until I pulled out again. I put my cock head back up to his asshole and finally shoved my entire length into his ass. As I did so Clay screamed out in pain at first then as I started to pump my cock through his ass he started moaning in pleasure.

Mickinzie and Taylor heard Clay scream then start moaning and realized we were having as much fun as they were. As Taylor continued fisting herself Mickinzie started to put on the strap-on that she got out from her dresser drawer. The strap-on was strictly used whenever Mickinzie had a girl with her; she never once thought to use it on me. As Mickinzie finished putting it on Taylor looked over at the giant piece of rubber sticking from her crotch and a huge smile came across her face. Taylor knew since Mickinzie couldn’t get her fist up her ass that’s where the strap-on was headed. Taylor immediately got on her hands and knees in preparation for Mickinzie. Mickinzie grabbed a bottle of lube and started to rub Taylor’s ass crack and shoving the lube in Taylor’s ass.

Once she had a nice coating Mickinzie applied some to the head of the strap-on then placed it at Taylor’s back door. Mickinzie pushed in slowly until the entire rubber cock was in Taylor’s ass. Taylor moaned and groaned the whole time. When Mickinzie pushed all the way in she started to pull out then slammed back in after about half of the cock was out. Mickinzie held the rubber cock in Taylor’s ass for a few seconds then Taylor said that the boys should have used this lube because it didn’t hurt at all. Mickinzie responded by saying that it doesn’t matter how much lube he uses his cock is too big. Mickinzie started to pull out again then when she was about three fourths of the way out she slammed back in and heard a moan from Taylor. Mickinzie began pumping her rubber cock in and out of Taylor’s fine ass. As she did that Taylor stuck her hand between her legs and was playing with her pussy.

I could feel my balls begin to churn as I pumped harder and faster into Clay’s ass. I told him I was going to cum soon and he told me to cum in his ass. As soon as he said that my balls gave way and my cock exploded gallons of my sticky sauce into his ass. When my cock finally stopped spewing cum I pulled out of Clay’s ass and before he could turn around to clean my cock of his ass juice and my cum I grabbed him by the sides and threw my face into his ass. Licking off his asshole and tasting our combined juices brought me back to high school and I was in heaven again.

When I finished with his ass Clay turned around and started sucking my still hard cock. It didn’t take long until he started to deep throat me as it was clear he needed more of my cum. Clay continued to massage my cock with his throat just trying to milk more cum out of my cock. After about ten minutes of Clay deep throating me he finally made me explode into his mouth and as I did it leaked from the side and dripped down when I pulled out of his mouth. I was still cumming when I pulled out and I shot his face with my cum. As I finally stopped I let go of my cock and helped Clay clean off his face. He said he wanted to eat it all so I licked some off and I kissed it to him and repeated that process until he had a cum free face. I told him we should see what the girls are up to and he agreed.

When Clay and I entered the bedroom, still naked and hard, we saw Mickinzie furiously butt fucking Taylor with a rubber strap-on. I told Clay I wanted my wife’s ass and he said he was going to take his wife’s mouth. As we climbed up onto the bed the girls looked at us with huge smiles across their faces. Mickinzie said she was wondering when we were going to come and play with the girls. I told her right now. I positioned my cock up to Mickinzie’s cute little ass as best I could while she continued to fuck Taylor. Meanwhile, Clay had already shoved his meat into Taylor’s waiting mouth. I heard Clay start to moan as Mickinzie stopped pumping long enough for me to slide my cock into her tight ass. Mickinzie screamed in ecstasy as I began pumping my cock in and out of her. Then she started pumping into Taylor again so that when she pulled out of Taylor her ass was fucking my cock. We went like that for about ten minutes before I heard Clay start to unload into Taylor’s mouth. As Taylor tried to eat up every last drop of his cum Mickinzie pulled out of her ass and got onto her hands and knees as I was still fucking her up the ass. Just as Taylor finished cleaning Clay’s cock I felt my balls release my load and I poured everything I had into Mickinzie’s ass.

I pulled out of her ass and Taylor started sucking my cock. Clay began licking Mickinzie’s asshole to clean my cum from her crack. Taylor continued to suck my cock clean but wasn’t sucking my whole cock, which was a problem because my whole cock had cum on it. Before I knew what was happening Clay and Mickinzie came up on opposite sides of me and began licking the sides of my cock. By the time they were done licking I was ready to cum again. Taylor was doing an amazing job on the head of cock and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I exploded into her mouth as she kept sucking my cock. Finally she stopped and I pulled out of her mouth. Mickinzie began cleaning the cum from Taylor’s lips and kissing her to taste my cum while Clay cleaned my rod off. When he finished I told everyone I needed a break. I had already cum five times in the last two hours and I needed to recharge. Everyone else agreed they needed a recharge too and I said I would go throw some steaks on the grill. Not bothering to put clothes on we all headed downstairs to the kitchen.

I got the steaks from the freezer then headed to the back porch to fire up the grill. The girls were already out there trying to catch some rays while I talked with Clay and cooked the steaks. I could hear Mickinzie asking Taylor how Clay has been for her over the years. Taylor said something like about as good as your husband. With the steaks starting off frozen Clay must have realized that that was enough time to suck me off again. He got on his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth. My knees became incredibly weak the more he sucked. I heard the girls call Clay a cock whore and I told them I couldn’t agree more. By the time he finished with my cock I had the steaks all cooked and we were ready to eat.

After dinner I suggested we put in a movie and fuck in the living room. I turned the porno on and the girls began stuffing their pussys with their fingers almost immediately. I sat in between the two and started jerking my cock and Clay got down on his knees in front of me. I asked him how long until today has it been since he’s had a cock. He told me since high school when he had my cock. I asked him why he didn’t want anyone else’s cock and he told me that my cock fit his ass and mouth so well that he didn’t want to try. I said that was okay with me and stopped jerking my cock so Clay could take me into his mouth for the third time tonight. He began by just sucking the head of my cock. As he did so the girls reached simultaneous orgasms. I looked at Mickinzie and she was scooping her cum from her pussy and eating it. I told her I wanted some so she scooped some and shoved her whole hand into my mouth. I licked and sucked Mickinzie’s hand until her cum was gone and I was simply licking and sucking her hand. After Mickinzie removed her hand from my mouth Taylor inserted her hand and I licked and sucked hers until her cum was diminished.

Meanwhile Clay was sucking more and more cock into my mouth and reached my stomach with his nose. Mickinzie got up and turned the TV off since everyone was concentrating on me now. As Clay began deep throating me again Taylor climbed up the couch so her pussy was in my face. I sucked her pussy and held her up at the same time. I starting pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy and she almost fell off the couch. I was still holding on to her when Clay and I finally felt my balls start to churn. Mickinzie knew it was coming soon too and told Clay she wanted some. Clay told her he could share and I blew my jizz into his mouth. He pulled off my cock as I was still cumming and Mickinzie started catching the rest in her mouth.

When I was done jizzing I concentrated on Taylor’s pussy and Mickinzie and Clay shared a cum-filled kiss. I set Taylor down onto my lap as my cock began to grow again to full hardness. She said she wanted it rough so I threw her down onto the couch and shoved her face into it as I shoved my cock down her pussy and pumped into her like a madman. I fucked her pussy so hard the couch and the floor began shaking. She was screaming at me to just keep fucking her pussy and give her my cock. I screamed back at her that I was going to cum in her pussy. I did just that and she moaned all the way through it as Mickinzie began licking up the cum oozing out the sides of her pussy lips. While we did that Clay was licking my asshole and it felt amazing. I finally pulled my softening cock out of Taylor’s pussy and Mickinzie cleaned it off for me. Clay stopped licking my asshole and we all fell onto the couch completely exhausted. After awhile Taylor said they had to go but would love to come back like every day. Clay said he wanted to only ever fuck Taylor and the two of us. Mickinzie and I smiled as we both tweaked one of his nipples. They left and we went to bed. I fell asleep with Mickinzie playing with my cock. I guess she didn’t get enough that night which was one of the first nights she outlasted me, that slut.