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David was thrilled, tonight was his step-daughter Elaina’s eighteenth birthday. After tonight, she could move out with her boyfriend like she’d been planning and he could be alone with his wife of three years. They’d not had many nights alone because of Elaina’s behavior. She’d been caught in some crazy predicaments and lost her mother’s trust. Kelly hadn’t allowed her much time outside of the house the past year because of her history.

They had a birthday dinner planned at six, followed by a night out with Kelly. She was a labor and delivery nurse and was on call often. He called for Elaina and they swung by the hospital for Kelly.

As soon as she emerged through the doors, he knew their night was going to be cancelled. She got in and proceded to tell them that after dinner, she had to head right back to the hospital to get cover for a very ill colleague. She would be working the late shift, not getting off til five the next morning.

David was pouting through dinner. He hated knowing he’d have another lonely night. They dropped Elaina off first, giving them about twenty minutes alone. He stopped off at their favorite parking spot when they had been dating, but his efforts failed.

He dropped her off, wishing he had more time before she headed back to work. His hard cock was almost at attention and her affections would have been nice. Pulling away, he knew tonight he’d be giving himself that affection. His cock was so hard it ached.

Pulling into the driveway, he saw that Elaina’s bedroom light was on. Of course, she was home to ruin his hand job too. He stormed up to her room, preparing to tell her off for ruining his night again. Instead, he found her curled up in a ball, crying her eyes out.

“Lainey, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing, just go away!” She was obviously upset about something.

He couldn’t leave her like that, so he sat on the edge of the bed. “Let me guess, Rich stood you up again? I wish you’d realize you deserve way better than him. Quit crying over him and find someone worthy of you!”

He left the room, closing the door behind him. His hard on was gone now, he figured a shower then he’d head to his office to catch up on work.

Twenty minutes later, he was in his office, wearing a pair of flannel lounge pants. His chest was bare, as were his feet. It was April, but felt like July. He settled in at his desk, scanning over reports and checking his daily mailings.

He didn’t even look up as the door opened. He heard the heels across the hard floor though. “Do you need something?” He asked without even looking up.

“Yeah, I think I need you,” Elaina’s voice replied.

He looked up from his work to see her for the first time, as a woman not a child. She wore her Catholic school girl uniform, only she’d made it sexy. She’d left it unbuttoned and tied the bottom in a knot. Her stomach was bare and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her pleated skirt was rolled up, making it super short. Her own added touch of black fishnet stockings and seven inch stilettos made her legs look longer.

She spun around, giving him a full view. He could now see her ass was barely covered. “Do you like it?”

He leaned back, almost shouting he said, “What are you doing in here like that?”

She was not to be deterred. She made her way to his desk, leaning over toward him so he could see her cleavage. “I came in here to be with someone who’s worthy of me.”

His eyes got big, she was using his own words against him. His first thought was to resist, but his cock was hard again and he couldn’t resist. She came around the side of the desk, stepping in front of him, her ass was right in front of him. He was closer than he’d ever been to her. She lifted one leg onto his desk, then the other.

She was now kneeling on his desk, her ass in the air. Practically begging him to want her. His cock was living proof he wanted her. It was hard against his pants. Practically begging to be let out to fuck her.

She wiggled her ass, “Come on David, I won’t tell if you don’t!”

He lifted her skirt, revealing her tiny thong. She slid it over her ass cheeks, allowing him his first glimpse of her pussy. It was bare, freshly shaved and wet. He leaned closer, smelling her sweet scent.

She wiggled her ass, “Come on big Daddy, you know you want it!” She used her fingers to spread herself open for him.

He knew it was wrong, that his wife would divorce him in an instant if she ever found out, but he couldn’t resist. Her bare pussy, right there on his desk. Spread open for him to enjoy. He was a man, no man could turn that down.

He tugged her thong down to her knees and buried his face in her sweetness. He lapped at her pussy like a dog drinking water. She was moaning, begging him to make her cum.

He came up from her snatch, she had tasted so delicious. She rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs wider. She grabbed her ankles and begged him more, “Make me cum, daddy! Make me cum!”

He smiled, she was enjoying this more than he was. She had never called him dad or daddy before. He had been just David. His cock could barely contain itself. He ran his tongue from her clit to her asshole. Tasting every tart little bite of her nakedness. He licked back to her clit, teasing her as he used one finger then two to penetrate her.

The faster his fingers and mouth worked, the louder she got. He was glad Kelly had went back to work. She would have never consented to sex in his office or letting him eat her out on his desk.

Finally, he felt her swollen clit between his lips, her back arched. She clamped down on his fingers and moaned loudly. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!! Fuck, fuck, I’m cumming!”

He lapped her juices, enjoying the satisfaction of making her cum. He lifted his face up and saw hers. She wasn’t done yet.

She sat up and pushed him back in his chair. She slipped off the desk, straddling him in the chair. Her tits were near his face, her breath hot on his neck. She ran her tongue over his earlobe, a shiver ran down his spine. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

His cock was pressed against her bare pussy. His pants were the barrier, but it wouldn’t be held back long. He wanted her, more than ever, he wanted her. “Yea, I want to fuck you!”

She slipped off his lap, kneeling on the floor between his legs. She tugged them down and sprung his hard cock from it’s confinements.

She gasped at the size, his cock was fairly large. At almost nine inches, it was the one thing Kelly never got enough of. Apparently, Elaina had never seen one this large.

She took it like a champion though, she nervously flicked her tongue over the head. Teasing him, licking his pre-cum off. Then she got into it, bobbing up and down. She massaged the ridges with her tongue, leaving him about to explode. He thought of anything he could to stop from filling her mouth with his juices.

One hand massaged his balls while the other rubbed the base of his cock. She was excellent at blow jobs, she must have been practicing alot. He used his hands to control her bobbing, wanting this to last forever.

Her methods were good, but he couldn’t control himself much longer. Her eyes met his, her innocence made him want to cum in her throat even more. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to explode inside of her.

It was his turn to beg her, “Oh fuck Elaina, I’m about to explode. Get up here and fuck your daddy!”

She was happy to comply. She straddled him in the chair once again. This time, the head of his cock was entering her before she came close to sitting down. She rocked her way down, allowing herself time to get used to his size. She leaned back, resting her elbow on his desk.

She was so tight and so warm, he could tell it wouldn’t take much to make him cum now. He watched her take him all in. Her fingers found her still swollen clit, rubbing it as she rode him. He pinched one nipple, then the other. Making them poke out, sliding his fingertips over her stomach. Finding her busy fingers, he joined in rubbing her enlarged nub.

She leaned forward, cumming again. He could feel her juice dripping on his cock. He pressed into her, lifting his ass from the chair.

He needed her to make him cum. She moved from his lap back to his desk. Spreading her ass cheeks wide, she begged him, “Come on, fuck me! Fill my pussy with your cum!”

That was all her needed to here. He entered her pussy. He gripped her hips and rabbit fucked her. His rhythm was faster and faster, deeper and deeper. She found her clit again, rubbing it. His ass tightened, he reached one hand out for her nipple. Tightening his grip, he exploded inside her.

Her fingers connected with her clit to force her into a powerful orgasm too. She screamed out and a shudder went through her body. A moment later they collapsed together. She was now face down on his desk with his cum dripping from her pussy.

Slapping her on the ass, he grinned, “You can stay here with us as long as you take care of me when your mother’s at work.”

She stood and kissed his cheek, “Anytime big daddy!”

I arrived at Tom’s house a little after two in the afternoon two weeks following our first encounter where he found me trying out self bondage. We had gone to eat that night where he acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. All though when he dropped me off at my house he told me be at his house on Saturday two weeks latter and if I didn’t show I would be sorry. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy that bluffs so I showed up at his place.

“So you agree to be my slave and perform all of the task that I give you without hesitation or argument?” Tom said.

“Yes I do, but what if I am unsure what you want of me?”

“Then ask. What I don’t want to hear is any whining or back talk.”

“I see. I must tell you I have a thing about pain and suffering.”

“And that is?”

“Well you see I come from a wealthy family and really don’t know what pain and suffering is. I want to learn. I want to find how far I can push my endurance and how far I can be pushed. I’m sure that sounds weird but it’s what I want.”

“Not too weird. I sure I can arrange something to suit you. Now for the ground rules. First you are not to ware cloths past this room unless I tell you. Second if you break any rules then I will punish you any way I see fit. I won’t hurt you bad or leave any marks but you will know you’ve been punished. Third when you arrive you will be clean shaven. If not, then you will proceed to the bathroom and shave. I want your pussy to be as bald as a baby’s butt every time you come over. We’ll come up with more rules as needed. Is everything agreeable so far?”

“Yes master. May I ask a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“You said if I didn’t show up today I would be sorry. What did you mean by that?”

“Simple, from the time you walked up to me in the back yard covered in mud we were being recorded. I had a break in last year so I put up a bunch of security cameras and anything that moves around the house is recorded.”

“So when you were washing me off…”

“Yes I got it all on video! I could have put it on the web but I think we don’t need to do that now that you’re my slave. So first things first. Strip!”

I began taking my shirt off. Then my bra came off exposing my c-cup tits. Tom was smiling while I disrobed. Soon I was naked. Tom looked at me like he was appraising a slab of meat.

“Spread your legs and put you hands on your head.” I did and he put his hand on my pussy. “Good. This is the way I want you at all times do you understand me?”

“Yes master.”

“Good now the first thing I want you to do is clean up my kitchen.”

I looked over and saw that Tom was not much of a house keeper. There was a pile of dishes in the sink and everything needed a good scrubbing. “Uh you’re kidding right?”

“No I’m not kidding and you just earned yourself some punishment. Now get to work while I decide what it will be!”

I went into the kitchen and began washing dishes. I must say it was the first time I ever washed dishes in the nude. It took me an hour to finish. I cleaned the counters off then swept and mopped the floor. I was pretty dirty when I got done. I went to his room and told him I was done. He went to the kitchen and looked it over.

“Looks good.” Was all he said then turned to me. “I have decided what your punishment will be, but first I must get a few things ready. Go stand in front of the window while I make the arrangements. If you go to bitching that someone may see you I’ll add another hour to your punishment.”

I went to the window and did as I was told. If anyone was walking or driving on the road and looked at the house they would see me. There was a part of me that was turned on about that. Unfortunately no on came by. After ten minutes or so Tom came back in and told me to put my shoes on and handed me a robe. I put it on fastening the front. I followed him out to the shop. On the north side was where his old car was and where I left the keys to my locks two weeks ago but on the south was where he kept everything else. He unlocked the door and led me in. It was hot in there. I looked at the thermometer on the wall and it was reading one hundred and twenty degrees. Tom told me to remove the robe and stand in the center of the shop and spread my legs. He quickly placed leather cuffs on my ankles then hooked the cuffs to chains that were attached to the wood floor. Then he placed the same kind of cuffs on my wrist. The cuffs were attached to the beam on the ceiling. I was spread eagle in his shop and already sweating my ass off. Tom took a strange looking gag that had a tube and ball that went into my mouth and put it around my head. I found that I could bite down on the ball I could draw air through it. He attached the other end to a water jug and when I bit down on the ball water flowed into my mouth. I swallowed.

“Good I see you have figured out how to get water. Now here is what is going to happen. I’m going in out of this heat. You are going to stay out here for one hour starting now. Don’t worry your pretty little head because I’m going to be watching you the entire time with this wireless camera.” He said pointing. Now I suggest you keep drinking the water because this shop will suck the moisture right out of you. Enjoy yourself.” He turned at left closing the door behind him.

I drank the water and wondered if I could stay out here in this heat. I thought about Tom. Since we met he had hardly touched me except to wash the mud off me that day. And while I was naked around him I hadn’t even seen him without his shirt off much less the rest of him. I wondered what his dick was like. Was is small or big, long or short, fat or thin? I looked at the cuffs. They weren’t cheap. These were expensive high quality cuffs. He had money that was sure. I felt the sweat dripping from my body and looked at the camera. I could see him sitting at his desk watching my body sweat. He probably enjoyed the rivulets of sweat rolling over my tits and dripping from my pussy. I felt turned on thinking of him watching me. I wished I could touch my pussy or at least my tits. I drank more water but the heat was getting to me.

I felt something on my leg and looked down. It was a bug. A beetle of some type was climbing my leg. I tried to shake it off but with the cuffs on I couldn’t move my leg much. The beetle reached my knee and stopped for a second. I could feel it sucking the sweat off my skin. It continued on moving to the inside of my thigh. “Oh God no don’t let it go to my pussy!” I thought. I could no longer see it but I could feel it getting closer to my crotch. Finally it stopped just inches away from my pussy. I could feel its antennae probing my pussy. It started crawling again. I felt it on my pussy and panicked. I tried to scream but it was muffled by the gag. I tried to shake it off but could hardly move because of the cuffs and chains. I must have moved enough because I felt it let go and it scurried across the floor. Tears mixed with sweat. I drank a few more gulps of water. Time seemed to stand still. I tried not to think of the bug and really wanted a shower.

The door opened and Tom walked in. He told me the hour was up. He unhooked the gag and unhooked the cuffs. I was spent and he helped me into the robe. He lead me across the yard to a small fenced in area opened the gate and let me in. It was an outdoor shower.

“I put this in so when I would be covered in crud from working on stuff or mowing the lawn I could shower without tracking dirt in the house. Looks like you need it.”

He took the robe off me and turned on the water to just warm enough to be comfortable. I stepped under the spray and began washing. I paid close attention to my crotch still trying to not think about the bug. I finished and Tom handed me a towel. I dried myself off. He led me through the back door and to his room.

“Now are you going to hesitate again when I want you to do something?”

“No master.”

“Prove it!”

“What do you want me to do?” I said weakly.

“Give me a blow job.” He said flatly. “Here sit on the bed.”

I sat and reached up to his shorts and unfastened the belt. Then I undid the button and unzipped the fly. He took his shirt off while I pulled down his briefs to reveal a large meaty cock. I took it in my hands and felt it grow to at least eight inches. I felt the thickness of it and smiled. I was going to enjoy my master’s dick.

“Well are you going to stare at it or stick it in your mouth?”

“I was just admiring it master! It’s so big!” I said taking the head in my mouth. I toyed with it for a minute then took more of it in. I began rhythmically moving my head, rolling my tongue around it and providing constant sucking on him.

He began to speak. “Don’t stop until I tell you. I don’t know if you have ever swallowed cum before but you will soon. If you refuse or spill any of it I will give you another hour in the shop. Do you understand?” I nodded and kept sucking. After a few minutes he grabbed my head and started moving his hips thrusting his dick deep in my mouth. He continued for a minute or so then began moving just the tip across my lips. I continued with my tongue action. He cried out as I felt hot blobs of cum shoot into my mouth. I began swallowing my masters cum tasting the saltiness of it. I licked the last of cum from his dick and looked up at him with a smile. He bent over and kissed me.

“That’s a good slave. Did you like my cum?”

“Yes master. I did!”

“Good because you’re going to get more of it. Now you’ve earned a rest. Lay back and go to sleep.”

I did just that and fell asleep almost as my head hit the pillow. I dreamed of sucking his dick and swallowing his cum.

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