Jim had a fine life, despite his family life. Him being in his 20s, he had a job, a house, and money to pay for the house. His mom was in prison, and he hadn’t seen his Dad since he was 11, so all he had was younger brother and sister. Jim was smart enough to know that it wasn’t a good idea to learn from his parents, and he taught his siblings that too.

Him and his siblings were nothing like their parents, they were middle class suburban residents. They all looked well. It was Thanksgiving and he had plans with his brother and sister. He had invited them to his house for a fried turkey dinner, and other side-dishes. They all showed up, sat on the back porch and waited for the food to be done as they talked.

When the food was done, they sat around the table and ate. Stephen and McKaela, his brother and sister, had finished and so had Jim. Stephen was showing sign of defeat to the food he had just eaten, and made up an excuse about a doctors appointment. Jim and McKaela were sitting on the couch watching TV making comments on commercials between shows.

McKaela had gotten up without saying anything, Jim only shrugged about it. After about ten minutes Jim called her name and there was no answer. He got up and looked around for her. The bathroom door wasn’t fully latched. He was about to say something but heard wet sounding noises. He tried to think of any other thing that could sound like that than what he thought it was.

He had an attraction to McKaela ever since she was fully grown. She had what he guessed were D cups, long blonde hair, a beautiful face. He had shamed himself for his attraction, so he thought this was a perfect chance to at least see her pussy. He walked in.

He saw her womanhood. His sister jumped. She sat and stared, and he stared back. She was dripping wet, and she looked down at Jim. He was rock hard, and it was very clearly visible. McKaela saw it, and kept going. She wasn’t thinking clearly, as she had been caught with her fingers inside of her. Jim stood and stared. He wasn’t thinking, until he looked down and realized he had taken his cock out.

He looked at his cock, then back at her. “Oh my god, McKaela, I am SO sorry!” He was about to put his cock away, then she said in a quick tone “No, wait!” Jim looked at her in confusion. “I know I am your sister but I have had a mini crush on you since I was 15.”

“W… What?”

“Do you know what I masturbating to?”

Jim said nothing. She held the phones screen toward Jim’s face. “This,” she said,”When we when to Grampa’s cabin that one summer, we were going to go swimming. I got overwhelmed with the though of you getting naked in the next room. I took pictures while you changed into your trunks.”

“I…. I don’t—”

“Don’t say anything, I am already embarrassed enough as it is…”

“I had a crush on you too.”


“Yeah. I mean I never went as far as invading privacy but yeah, I have” McKaela left her jeans and panties on the floor and walked over to Jim, reached into his opened fly and pulled out his 10″ cock. She started stroking him. Jim was thinking of what to do next. He couldn’t. He figured he had 3 choices: Take it, advance the act, or stop her from doing it.

Jim chose. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head and threw it to the floor. She smiled at him as he unhooked her bra, and Jim was right, two beautiful breasts fell from the confinment of the bra, with two perfectly sized pink tits staring at him. McKaela proceeded to kiss Jim, toungue and all. Jim kissed her back and fingered her wet pussy. She then dropped to her knees to get closer to his cock. She looked up at Jim, Jim looked at her.

She did it. There was no going back. She had wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and twirled her toungue around it. She continued with what was the best blowjob of Jim’s life yet. She finished and swallowed whatever wasn’t on her face, and wiped it off. His sister walked off with all of her clothes still on the floor. She walked down the hallway and Jim watched as she swayed her perfect ass. McKaela turned to open the door with her back, then looked at Jim with her arms covering her tits and vagina, and disappeared into the room.

Jim followed her into the room and she was laying on the guest bed with her legs spread. Jim came in and saw her. He stripped his clothes off and climbed onto the small bed. She whispered to him “Fuck me” and closed her eyes. He inserted his cock and she let out a small moan. “Harder” she said, and Jim went harder. Jim had come all over her breasts, and she kept it there.

She turned onto her elbows and knees. “Fuck my ass,” she said. McKaela was the best he had ever fucked, he plowed her ass hard, and came into her asshole. She loved it. “Um, Jim…”


“Am I the only one thinking we need to do this again sometime.”

“No. I needed this from you.”

“Jim, you have the biggest cock I have ever seen.”

“Yeah? You have the most perfect body I have ever seen.”

Jim leaned in and started sucking on her nipple and rubbed her thigh. McKaela bit her bottom lip and nudged Jim’s arm to finger her. He fingered her and sucked on her nipple until she had an orgasm.

McKaela spent the night naked wrapped around Jim’s body, one breast pressed warmly against him, and one sitting on him, and she moved a bit to gently scissor herself on Jim’s leg. They fucked in the morning, fucked before she left later, and they sometimes go to eachother’s house to have the best sex they have both ever had. They agreed never to tell anyone.

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

On a weekend Dad was traveling, I escorted Mom to the adult movie theater. It was the same theater I had ‘met’ Barbara Smith. (

Although it was still March, we had a bad case of spring fever. Mom wore sexy, low back, bib denim overalls, and a low cut tank top. I wore an old pair of shorts and a muscle shirt.

We stood at the top of the main aisle, watching a woman getting her ass plowed on the big screen, until our eyes adjusted to the darkness. We then headed to the middle of the theater.

Just as we walked by the couch I had sodomized Barbara on, Mom whispered, “Look! Is that guy sucking the other guy?”

I squinted at the far dark wall. I could barely make out a guy on his knees. He was in front of another guy, who was definitely thrusting his hips.

Mom and I watched the movie for a while, until two men and a woman, about twenty rows in front of us, stood up. The threesome soon became more entertaining than the movie.

One of the guys, moved to the next row directly in front of the woman and other guy. The woman, a young blonde reached out and grasped his shoulders to support herself.

The guy next to her, moved behind her, pushed down on her back, so that she was somewhat bent over, and lifted her skirt. It was quite obvious she had gone commando like Mom and I.

The guy vigorously battered her bare cheeks for a couple minutes and, apparently, came because the two men exchanged positions. The second guy pounded her, too.

After he came, the threesome abruptly left. The small crowd of men, who gathered to watch, dispersed.

About ten minutes later, the same men were seated around Mom and me. Although they maintained a respectful distance, they were close enough to watch.

At some point, I looked at Mom and nodded. It was time to play.

I unhooked Mom’s bibs, let them to fall into her lap, and then pulled her top down. Mom’s full, bare breasts never ceased to amaze me. I greedily cupped her ‘prizewinners’ in my hands and began suckling her erect tits.

Attempting to be cool, the man in our row moved closer and closer, until he was close enough to place his hand on Mom’s knee. When we didn’t stop him, he began gently rubbing her leg up and down, going farther up each time, until he reached her crotch. Not sure what to do next, he respectfully paused and looked at us.

Since he looked ‘okay’, I gave Mom our signal – a wink. Mom gave the guy a sexy smile as she slowly lifted her hips and pulled her bibs, just past her smooth cleft.

“You wanna eat my pussy? Be gentle…okay? And, no fingers…”

A couple of minutes later, I was about to ask Mom, “Is he doing a good job?” when another guy suddenly sat down into the row, directly in front of us. He immediately turned around to watch Mom receive cunnilingus.

About a minute later, another man sat down in front of me. His bare cock was sticking straight up out of his pants.

Mom’s eyes widened when I stood up, pulled my shorts down past my knees, and leaned against the chair behind me. My exposed cock was erect, too.

When I began stroking my cock, the guy in front of me shamelessly opened his mouth and leaned forward. Mom pursed her lips and then subconsciously rubbed her erect tits as she watched him blow me.

The man in the row in front of Mom stood up, exposed his hard cock, and began masturbating slowly as he continued to watch the oral confab in front of him. In no time, he was joined by at least two more guys.

I smiled as Mom’s eyed widened even more. She probably had never seen so many hard cocks at once.

“Go ahead,” I encouraged Mom.

Mom gave me a quick glance and then stood up, forcing the guy between her legs back. She stepped out of her bibs and pulled her top off.

Completely naked in the dark theater and surrounded by horny men with hard cocks, Mom was undeterred. She reached out, grabbed two cocks, and began jacking them, as one man began to squeeze and fondle her breasts, while another tugged on her nipples. A third man, who had slid into her empty seat, swept his hands around her thighs, and captured her pussy.

“Can I help you with that?” he asked.

Before Mom could react, he dipped a finger inside her wet pussy and began wiggling it around. In seconds, he wanted more than his finger wet. He began gently pulling Mom’s hips, attempting to coax her bottom down onto his hard cock.

When Mom saw what he was offering, she lustfully complied and then squealed as she guided his erection into her pussy. Mom’s writhing bottom caused the guy to cum very quickly.

The game of musical fuck chairs had begun. Without hesitation, Mom left his lap a slimy mess of cum, and easily slid her cum-filled pussy down the next seated guy’s hard cock.

As Mom adjusted to her penetration, the guy who had been eating her out stepped in front of her. He moaned, “Ooohhh goddd,” and started spurting semen, bukkake style, all over her titties.

Another guy standing behind Mom tapped her shoulder with his cock. When Mom turned, he leaned forward and pushed the hard cock into her mouth.

Mom was pretty busy at this point. She was still rocking back and forth on the cock she was sitting on, the man whose cock she had just swallowed was fucking her face, and some guy on her other side was fondling her tits as he masturbated. He came first.

He moaned loudly and as he began showering sperm onto Mom’s neck, cheek, and breasts. Feeling his sperm raining on her, Mom freed her head, and gave the guy a quick suck.

“Mmm,” Mom purred as she sucked the remaining cum out of his softening cock.

When Mom turned back to the cock she had been sucking, she reached her hands around the guy’s naked hips, grabbed his ass cheeks, and spread them open. I knew what to do.

I smeared my thumb with lube and pushed it right up his asshole. I thumb-fucked him and Mom sucked him, until he shrieked.

His orgasm was intense. Mom’s throat muscles bobbed up and down a couple of times as she swallowed mouth loads of warm cum.

Suddenly, Mom hollered, too. “Ooohhh…fuck me. Fuck me! SHIT!” as the man beneath her began pumping faster and faster inside her gurgling pussy. Then, with a gasping groan, he emptied his balls, too.

After Mom got off the guy, she slumped wearily down in the seat in front of me. She was breathing deeply, yet, managed to smile as she energetically said, “Oh Honey…that was the most fun…so exciting. Ugh. I must look and smell like a whore. Let’s get me cleaned up.”

Mom grumbled slightly when she put her clothes on. There were splotches of damp cum all over them.

When we walked back into the theater entrance, Mom saw her reflection on the mirrored walls. She stopped dead and looked at herself incredulously. Her hair was matted to her face and cum was everywhere on her clothes and skin.

“Jesus, I look like the biggest slut I’ve ever seen!” Mom exclaimed.

Since there was no one around, I took Mom to the ladies’ room. I figured Mom could clean up there and not be disturbed.

Mom removed her bibs and leaned against the sink to look into the mirror. I gazed down at her upturned, sexy ass. It looked so inviting that my cock immediately stiffened.

When Mom began wiggling her smooth butt in an exaggerated manner, I looked up to see her smiling at me in the mirror. We stared at each other, until her eyes drifted down to my bulge.

My sexual appetite had been wetted, intensely, for over an hour. I had not gotten any relief!

Taking the hint, Mom braced her hands against the sink top and pushed her ass out as I slowly pulled my shorts down, freeing my painful boner. I then reached into my pocket, removed my lube, squeezed a big glob into my hand, and generously applied it to her anus.

When Mom was ready, I positioned my cockhead against her anus and pushed my hips forward a couple of inches. Mom groaned as her slick, straining sphincter muscles gave way to my greasy, throbbing cock.

As I casually began fucking Mom’s snug ass, someone said, “Don’t be embarrassed…worried… I’m into that kinda thang, too.”

Flabbergasted, Mom and I turned and just stared. A black t-girl with long blonde hair and eyes adorned with light blue eye make-up was standing at the doorway. She was about six-foot-three and looked close to three hundred pounds. She was wearing purple, silk jogging pants and a pink tank that left little to the imagination.

“I know what you’re thinking. I’m not a guy,” she said as she raised her top for us to see.

Although her breasts were huge, they looked firm. She was sexy in strange way…just proportioned…super big!

Regardless, I know Mom and I were thinking the same thing. “But…was she a she?”

“No, I’m not a man. I haven’t been, since before I moved here. I’m transsexual. Take a look at this. I’m a hot-bodied woman with a man’s equipment…”

That was for sure. The t-girl had a very large, thick cock. Even limp, it was probably six inches long and it appeared to be at least two or three inches across in thickness.

As Mom and I stared at her horse cock, t-girl innocently asked, “You never see a black cock like this?”

I shook my head ‘no’ as my once hard cock eased out of Mom’s warm ass. I was very disappointed at this turn of events.

Unable to take her eyes off the huge cock, Mom exclaimed, “My God!” as she straightened up, and then felt her anus like someone would as if they were checking for cum.

“Want to touch it? Go ahead white lady. Touch it. It’s okay.”

When the black t-girl came forward, Mom and I reached out and tentatively felt the huge cock. It felt velvety soft as we moved our fingers around it squeezing and stroking it.

Then it was her turn to touch us. “You’ve got a great ass,” she whispered in my ear as she ran her hands over it and then did the same to Mom.

“I got what both you white kids need. HA. HA.”

The t-girl then turned to Mom and asked us if she could taste her pussy. When Mom paused, she smiled reassuringly and said, ‘I’m not going to hurt you white lady. I’m all about love!”

Mom and I looked at each other, smiled, and then simultaneously nodded. Without further discussion, the t-girl reached out, grabbed Mom’s hips, and easily lifted her up onto the sink top. Mom then leaned back as the t-girl lifted her legs and placed them over her shoulders.

“Mmm. Sweet. I love eating freshly fucked pussy.”

As I watched the t-girl bend over and begin eating Mom’s pussy, Mom panted, “Oh yeah… Honey, suck that big, black cock for me. Make it cum in your mouth for me!”

I dropped to my knees, grasped the black, one-eyed monster, jerked it a couple times, and then quickly put the soft cockhead in my mouth. T-girl’s cock was expanding rapidly and I wanted to get it into mouth before it got too big.

I opened my mouth wide, tilted my head back, placed both of my hands on her hips, and pulled her body forward. I easily swallowed about six inches of her cock, although semi-hard it was rubbery.

Knowing I could take more, I opened my mouth wider, sucked in a deep breath and pushed my head forward. Even though I gagged, I didn’t stop until my face was a against t-girl’s belly.

I pulled back slowly, making wet, sucking sounds, until her cock was almost out of my mouth. I then quickly plunged forward, again. I did this repeatedly, as t-girl lustfully slobbered over Mom’s pussy.

After about three minutes, t-girl reached down, grasped the base of her cock, and pulled it slowly out of my throat. “We must share sweet-tee.”

Her cock was now rock hard. Its weight prevented it from pointing straight up, like mine. It extended straight out.

T-girl then pulled Mom forward and pushed her glistening, nine inches into Mom’s sopping, wet pussy. Mom reacted immediately. She hollered, “Aaahhh!” several times.

The massive black cock was only in Mom’s stretched and wide open pussy a few inches and less than a minute before Mom proceeded to cum so hard – she squirted all over the t-girl. Twice!

“Jesus Christ!” the t-girl exclaimed. “You white girls are sum-ting!”

The t-girl then unexpectedly disengaged from Mom, grabbed our clothes, and motioned for us to follow her. Bewildered, Mom and I followed. We didn’t have much choice.

Mom and I were led down the dark sidewall toward the bright movie screen. Mom was naked from the waist down and I was semi-hard. If the theater had been crowded, Mom’s bare ass and mine would have been repeatedly sodomized, before we even reached the mid-point of our journey.

When we reached the end of the aisle, t-girl stopped and then took Mom by the hand, and parted a black, heavy curtain that appeared to cover a doorway. I would never have imagined what the panels hid.

Centered in the middle of the semi-dark room was a platform. I was about two feet up from the floor and about ten feet square. The only reason we could see it was because of the light from the adjacent move screen.

As we climbed up onto the platform, we quickly discovered that it was covered with soft carpet over what felt like several layers of padding. The platform had probably been designed to hold speakers.

“What you think?” t-girl asked as she stripped.

“I like your body,” Mom said. “You have a huge…”

“Nooo…about this place.”

“Nice…secretive,” Mom said as I walked up to her and began to caress her breasts. Taking my cue, t-girl moved behind Mom, and began massaging her shoulders, until she bluntly asked Mom to sit on her face.

After t-girl was prone, Mom mounted her face, and then held the t-girls head as she went to work on her pussy. It did not take this time for t-girls’ meaty tongue to make Mom cum.

Mom recuperated very quickly from her small orgasm and told t-girl, “I want your big cock inside me, again. Fuck me slowly…at first.”

As I sat patiently watching and stroking my cock, Mom got up off the t-girl’s face, sat down on the carpet, winked at me, submissively laid back, pulling her knees back to her breasts. Although Mom wanted her pussy fucked, she offering t-girl either wet hole, as well as enabling herself to see her cock enter her!

“Oh yeah!” t-girl exclaimed as she rolled over onto all fours, crawled on top of Mom, and guided his cock into her pussy. Mom groaned deeply, as t-girl’s fat cock stuffed her pussy.

“Like my man meat in you? Open that pink pussy up for me…feel me in your belly… Tell me you want my black baby…”

Although t-girl stopped talking for a while, she still grunted with every thrust forward. Mom just lay there. Her eyes were mere slits, no doubt from all the waves of pleasure.

When t-girl began fucking Mom harder, both women’s breasts began to bounce. T-girls breasts rhythmically swayed back and forth as Mom’s breasts danced wildly, slapping each other, and flailing around in every direction.

The t-girl just kept pumping Mom, until she erupted inside Mom’s bored out pussy, generously filling her womb with baby batter. Mom’s vocal response was definitely orgasmic.

“Yeah, that’s it,” t-girl said with a grin. “Your pussy is sum-ting else.”

T-girl then disengaged her cock from Mom’s pussy and crawled over to me. “You need some pleasuring, too…while I build my strength back up. Once I cum, it takes me a while to get hard, again… Now spread your legs!”

T-girl gave my cock a good workout. She swirled her tongue around my cockhead several times before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down the length of my hard shaft.

“Nice,” she said. “Do you like it?”

When I groaned and nodded ‘yes’, T-girl hollowed her cheeks and began to suck my cock harder. She stopped occasionally to suck my smooth nuts, one at a time, into her hot mouth.

Eventually, t-girl began to lick behind my scrotum. The closer she got to my anus, the wider I spread my legs for her, until like Mom; I had them pulled back to my chest.

I moaned loudly as t-girl began snaking her tongue all the way down the crack of my ass, before licking her way back up. Occasionally, she would stop to flick her tongue over my puckered anus.

Wanting more of her hot, wet mouth on my pucker, I reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart. T-girl grunted and then thrust her tongue right into my tight hole. Her tongue massaged the inside of my rectum for an insanely, enjoyable, few minutes.

I did not even know that t-girl had smeared lube on her forefinger, until she penetrated me. Her long, big finger went right to my prostate. As my ass squirmed, t-girl said, “I can make you cum like this, sweet-tee. Your prostate is much bigger than normal…very sensitive…”

Before I could respond, T-girl rolled me over onto my stomach. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rape your pretty, white ass…HA! HA! This is for fun…we’re both gonna love this! Your woman, too. Now, feel this,” she said as she laid her cock in my ass crease.

I looked over at Mom, who had rolled on her side to watch. She shamelessly smiled and made her yes big as her hand glided down to her pussy. Mom was going to masturbate as she watched the big, black cock fuck my ass!

“Feel how big it is? Just wait’ll I start rubbing your big prostate with the head of my big cock…fireworks!”

After pausing to lube my ass and her cock, t-girl said, “You need a lotsa lube to take me, sweet-tee… Okay! Here it comes, my darling!”

Without another word, t-girl straddled my ass, grabbed her massive, erect cock, and pushed it straight down into my greased asshole. She easily slid in a few inches, before I gasped loudly.

“Yeah…its big…and I am gonna pack your fudge tonight…your ass is sooo fuckin’ tight…feels sooo good and soft around my big cock…just like a woman’s. Squeeze those cheeks! Aaahhh! Keep squeezin’! Work it!”

When my ass tired, T-girl pushed her giant cock in deeper and began to grind it into my horny rectum. She made big circular motions clockwise and then counter-clockwise. I’m not sure who was more excited — Mom, me, or t-girl.

“You’re so tight…Momma…isn’t…going…to…last…long! Milk it…milk…my cum out! Yeah! Damn! I’m gonna cum…cum right in your sweet…white…ass! Aaahhh!”

When I felt t-girl’s cock go rigid in my rectum and then push forward, I did my best to squeeze it. I raised my ass, pushed back.

As the groaning t-girl’s warm ejaculations flooded my bowels, my ass shook uncontrollably and I began to wildly hump the carpet, as my own ejaculations ripped out of me. Somehow, I guess I had triggered a prostate driven orgasm.

After we were through cumming, Mom, with some concern asked, “Are you okay, Baby?”

“Ssshhheee…IT! White boy just came…his little ass just gave my big cock just a great fuckin’…”

“Oh Baby,” Mom cooed. “I…I loved it…watchin’ your…cute ass swallow that huge, black, horse cock!”

I think Mom was going to say “girlie ass”. I didn’t care. She had rolled over and was soothing me with exquisite, tender caresses. “I’ve never cum like that.”

Ignoring the loud squelching sound when t-girl finally pulled out of me, Mom gushed, “I’ve never…I’ve never been so filled, stuffed, and fucked in my life, either. You sure know how to use that…enormous cock!”

“Damn, bitches! That was fun…fuckin’ your pretty, white asses. Wish I could stay and party with you all, again, but I gotta go to work.” “Your turn,” t-girl said as grabbed her clothes and walked away.

Mystified, Mom and I looked behind us. Our eyes widened and our assholes clenched shut. There were three beautiful t-girls standing behind us.

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

CH02 C’est la vie

My new Stepmom or Mom was only fifteen years older than me. She had a firm, sexy body and shoulder length blond hair.

Stepmom was not only beautiful, but outgoing, too. She was the type of woman that could immediately enthrall anyone with her highly addictive, sweet smile, and sparkling green eyes. ‘Chauncey’ Olcott probably knew someone like Mom when he wrote “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.”

Living with a Mom whose green eyes were practiced at tantalizing any creature that came into contact with her and who had a body that would ensure the promise of the total fulfillment of your most erotic dreams – was very, very special. Sis and I were the envy of all our friends, neighbors, teachers…

Sis often told me that Mom had advised her that sex appeal starts with the little things….that it took little effort to adjust her appearance for everyday errand running.

Stepmom went onto explain that a woman doesn’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror or invest in pricey clothes just to look good. It was only necessary to wear clothes that made you feel confident and attractive – clothes that accentuated the best parts of your body.

Mom practiced what she preached. She often ran around in our house in a pair of tight short shorts and a t-shirt that fit a little too tight. Her firm, round boobs and ass were accentuated to the n’th degree.

Although Mom usually wore a bra, there were occasions when she didn’t. It was a real turn on to be talking to Mom and see her nipples harden, as she stood right next to you, looking into your eyes. Sis even experienced that!

I am sure Mom knew she gave my male friends hard-ons. If their shirts were tucked in before entering our house, they weren’t went they left.

My buddies often commented that they wished they could have a Mom that looked like her. I often wondered if their Moms ever derived that, there was always more cum on their son’s sheets the morning after visiting my house…

Eventually, Sis and I put two and two together. We began noticing that most of Mom’s provocative behavior occurred when Dad wasn’t around.

Dad worked a lot and was often away on extended business trips, leaving the three of us alone for several days at a time. During these timeframes, Mom’s interest in jogging on the beach usually peaked. She would often be gone for hours…

Since Stepmom treated Sis and I like royalty, we would never even dream about talking to Dad about her curious behavior. We really liked our vivacious Stepmom.

Last but not least, although Dad and my ‘new’ Mom had only been married for a couple of years, they seemed to have a respect for each other that was very deep. My Dad and my ‘real’ Mom didn’t have that. They fought a lot.

I remember one day, my parents had been arguing for several hours about Dad going out with his friends. Mom just wanted him to stay home…

Eventually, Mom retreated to their bedroom, after yelling at Dad, him and accusing him of not caring about us. Dad got more and more angry, yelling at her, “Shut the fuck up or I will give you something to squeal about!”

Mom continued yelling, taunting him, saying he wouldn’t dare. When she added that she would kick him in the balls if he tried, Dad went off.

“Try it! C’mon, try it. Damn bitch!”

We then heard a commotion and then Dad yelling out, “You’re gonna get it now!”

When we heard Mom start to cry, I got up to go to her, but Sis grabbed my arm. She shook her head ‘no’ when I looked at her.

Dad hollered out again, “Not so smart…. What? I can’t hear you with my big cock in your big, fat mouth.”

I hung my head in shame because I knew my Dad was abusing my Mom, and I did not want Sis to think that I was like that or would be like that, too. Sis knew what I was thinking and patted my hand.

“On your belly. Spread’em! Wider!”

Seconds later, we heard Mom shriek, “Ooohhh! Goddd! More lube you jerk!”

“Fuck you! I’ll teach you to fuckin’ yell at me. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your flabby ass! And, you better not get any on my cock!”

First, Sis and I just heard their antique bed violently creaking. However, as Dad got into it, we also heard the loud plop, plop sound of his hips slamming into Mom’s soft, ample ass.

I got hard. I couldn’t help it. I hoped Sis wouldn’t notice.

My parents forced anal copulation did not last long. After just a few minutes, which felt like hours, Dad let loose an uncontrolled roar and then everything was quiet.

Dad took a shower, locked the bedroom door, and left about thirty minutes later. He never commented about what had happened and we never asked.

After throwing their soiled bed sheets into the trash, Mom left an hour later. Unlike Dad, she never came back.

Experiences like this made Sis and I close. We had no one else to turn to.

Another day I’ll never forget was when Dad came kind of close to catching onto Stepmom. Ultimately, it was really no contest. Stepmom was way too clever and she had too many weapons.

Dad and Mom didn’t realize I was standing next to the kitchen doorway, so I heard and saw a lot. My ‘new’ parent’s interactions were important to me – and I was nosey. I had no guilt whatsoever – eavesdropping.

“Darling, don’t you think those jogging shorts are a little revealing?”

Mom’s camel toe was very prominent today. She had never dressed like that when Dad was around. Mom was getting either careless or hornier, I sarcastically thought.

Mom looked back at Dad boldly as she poured her coffee, smiled, and erotically wiggled her butt. Wow! I had never seen Mom do that. This was great I thought.

“Honey! Seriously! I mean the kids…what if they start getting ideas?”

“I’m their Mother, for goodness sake!” Mom said with a laugh. “They might want to have sex with kids their own age, but they’d never look at me that way.”

“Yeah right!” I thought. Sis and I could not keep our eyes off Mom’s camel toe, when she wore her snug jogging shorts.

In fact, Sis and I talked about it at length. For example, we could tell: when Mom’s genitals were swollen; that Mom shaved because pubic hair would have masked the underlying shape of her labia; and, that Mom most likely bought shorts that highlighted the outline of her genitalia. Last, and most importantly – we knew that Mom knew we knew these things.

Mom walked over to Dad, leaned down, and sexily kissed his cheek. “I thought I’d wear them for you,” she murmured in his ear. “To give you something to think about while you’re at work… I really enjoyed making love last night and I want you to do it, again, tonight…in bed…with lots of lube…but in my tight, little ass!”

As Mom spoke, I couldn’t help thinking about my hard cock being in Mom’s sexy mouth as I watched her lips move. I imagined seeing her lips wrapped around my cock…her cheeks concave…as she sucked my cock.

“Wow. That’s hot!” Dad said startling me out of my fantasy. Then he smiled, stood up, and slid his hands around Mom’s hips to cup her ass cheeks. I was sooo jealous watching him knead her silky, soft cheeks with his fingers as he kissed her good bye.

“It’s a date, then,” Mom said as Dad let her go with obvious reluctance and headed out the door. I knew and Mom certainly did, too, that Dad would be too exhausted, when he returned home.

I also knew or suspected – at the very least, that Mom had worn those shorts, specifically, to arouse someone other than Dad. Someone she would probably hook-up with somewhere on the jogging trails.

Sis and I had no allusions about Mom’s winsome personality. We knew she was not the moral equivalent of ‘The Flying Nun’.

Sis and I actually got a firsthand view one day of Mom’s sexuality in action. We were looking for our own secluded spot down the beach, when we heard voices nearby.

As we quietly and cautiously approached the voices, we saw a naked, black kid squatting down over something. We stopped, watched, and listened, before deciding it was safe to inch closer.

When we were about fifteen yards away, we crouched behind some thick shrubs and trees. We had an excellent view from our vantage point.

I also had an excellent view of Sis’s voluptuous breasts. She was wearing a golf shirt that wasn’t buttoned, so whenever she bent forward… the cleavage shots were magnificent.

Sis was also wearing the kind of shorts that revealed lots of her smooth, tan legs. Damn she was hot!

Putting my lust for Sis aside for a minute, I watched the black kid. He was humping a white woman. She was on all fours, head down, and ass up.

As more and more of the black kid’s long, black cock penetrated her, she would erotically twist and turn her hips, trying desperately to take more of his black cock into her white behind. It appeared she loved to get fucked.

I won’t forget how she repeated, over and over, “Oh, baby fuck me. I need your big, black cock in me…all the way. Fuck me good. Breed me!”

Sis and I could hear her sigh and moan as she reaped the benefits of her encouragement. The black kid was really going to town on her pussy. Soon, he began chanting, too.

“Gonna cum…gonna cum in your pussy…”

As they increased their frantic fucking pace, Sis and I couldn’t help discretely rubbing our own genitals. It was extremely stimulating to see the white and black bodies passionately slapping and slamming against each other.

The harder the black kid pounded his loins into the white woman, the more she urged him to cum in her. Check that, the more she groveled.

“Oh god …I love your cock…love the way it fucks me…so deep in my pussy…I want your cum, baby…want to feel it shooting into my belly… Oh yeah! That’s it…fuck me…fuck me…harder…ooohhh…I want to feel your hot cum inside me. Yes, yes, baby, do it. Fill me up. I want your cum in my hot pussy!”

Although the white woman’s passionate voice sounded somewhat familiar, Sis and I were too engaged with the physical action unfolding in front of us to dwell on it. The black kid was making his final, hard thrusts into the white woman’s pussy!

After several long minutes of constant in and out thrusting, we saw the black kid’s ass cheeks finally start flexing. You didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that he was unloading his cum, deep into the white woman’s hot pussy.

“That’s right…squeeze it hard. Milk that cum out of me.”

The white woman squeaked, “Yes, yes. Can you feel it?” I’m cumming, too!”

After the black kid finished ejaculating, we heard a loud pop as he abruptly pulled out of the white woman’s pussy. He then straddled his latest conquest and beat his chest as his still erect, black cock glistened in the sunshine.

“Gots to save some. I’m gonna fuck your pussy, again, lady.”

When the white woman turned her head back to look at him, our mouths dropped open. Mom’s beautiful white face was flushed in passion. She was panting, too. We could immediately tell that Mom had had some powerful orgasms.

As we continued to watch like immobilized crash test dummies, Mom turned over on her back and spread her thighs like a common whore. It was as if she wanted Sis and me to see the river of white cum dribbling out of her stretched, pink pussy.

As Mom lay there, Sis and I watched her full, tan breasts rise and fall with each deep breath. Mom looked so sexy that it was almost sinful.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, another black kid walks over to Mom. His big, black erection bobbed and swayed as he knelt down between Mom’s wide-open legs.

Mom pulled her legs all the way back, so that her knees were almost on her shoulders, reached down, and placed his huge, black head between her pussy lips, before guiding into her freshly fucked pussy. Obviously, Mom wanted that thick cock deep inside her, too.

As the kid shoved forward, we heard Mom gasp. She had gotten her wish.

Unbelievably, Mom started fucking first. She thrust back and forth – hard, too!

The black kid was soon thrusting his hips into Mom, driving his big cock deep into her abdomen. Their loins loudly smacked and slapped together as they passionately fucked.

Mom even began kissing him! To top it all off, she concluded their kissing by sucking on his tongue and lips like a mad woman.

I was throbbing hard. The way Mom was responding…the way she was being fucked…was far more stimulating and raw than any porn movie.

Apparently, Sis thought so, too. She looked at me with widened eyes.

We could tell Mom was quickly building to another fantastic orgasm. Her hips were rapidly rising and falling as the black kid drove in and out of her. However, the black kid came first.

He began wildly thrusting faster and harder, and then began moaning, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I am gonna cum in your hot pussy, lady.”

With a hard inward thrust, he completely embedded his huge cock inside Mom’s loins and then froze tightly against her as his black balls released torrents of hot semen deep into her belly. Mom sighed, and cooed as her body twitched in ecstasy.

Mom lay there for a couple minutes and told them both that they had given her the best fucking she’d ever had…she loved it…they made her feel like a woman again. Sis and I were stunned when we heard Mom disclose her intimacies to these strange kids.

Mom then said she had to pee. She got up, walked a couple of yards further away from Sis and me, and squatted down on her haunches. I had never seen a woman piss before…

Mom began pissing like a racehorse! I was amazed how strong her flow was…

As Mom was finishing, the first black kid walked over and stood before her. His huge black cock was fully erect, again. Mom reached out with her hand and just played with it for a while, checking it out as if it was the first cock she’d ever seen.

Impatient, the kid pushed his hips forward. Mom smiled, opened her mouth, and guided his cock all the way into her mouth! The entire black cock disappeared into her mouth, making her neck bulge. It was so stimulating watching Mom deep-throat his cock that I almost came.

It did not take the other black kid long to realize what he was missing. He quickly made his cock available and Mom took turns sucking their huge, black erections as she casually rubbed her clit.

After several minutes, Mom told the boys that they were now hard enough to ass-fuck her. They looked at each other, smiling like Cheshire cats. I couldn’t believe Mom wanted them to stick those oversized cocks up her ass.

Mom then went to retrieve a small bottle of baby oil from her running shorts. She bent all the over in front of Sis and me and she reached into short’s pocket. Her diamond puckered, pink star looked so sexy; I wanted to jump out of the bushes and fuck it myself!

After Mom lubed their hard cocks, she spread her legs, bent all the way over with her palms flat on the ground to maintain her balance, and then pushed her sexy, smooth ass back towards them. How I would love to smother my face in that sweet ass I thought!

As soon as I had thought that, I felt Sis’s eyes on me. Sis had caught me lusting after Mom’s ass.

It was my turn to look like the cat, who had just eaten the canary – or Mom’s ass. I forced myself to look at Sis.

Yup. Sis knew what had just crossed my mind. She let me know, too, by pointing her finger at me and then wiggling it sideways – as if warning me to stop.

Mom did not even try to suppress her loud moans as the first black cock worked its way into her asshole. She panted loudly; as though she was trying to push out a gigantic, you know what.

The kid halted halfway inside Mom’s ass and rested a moment. Mom seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and then quickly repositioned herself. Moments later, the big, black cock was battering its way deep into her rectum.

Later on, the black kids took turns rotating their hard cocks between Mom’s ass and mouth. Mom didn’t seem to mind sucking cocks that had just been in her ass. She must keep herself very clean I thought.

Mom ratcheted up the intensity when she simultaneously pulled the butt cheeks of the black kid in front of her forward as she pushed back on the engorged, black cock pummeling her white ass. Mom’s eyes bulged as she forced one cock all the way down her throat and other all the way up her ass.

When Mom started to gag, the black kid tried to pull back, but Mom just pulled him back into her mouth. There was a method to her madness.

From our vantage point, it soon became quite clear that Mom’s choking was causing her body to heave and her ass to bounce up and down on the other cock that had impaled her. Mom was using her orifices to fuck them! This was unbelievable!

After the kid had fucked Mom’s throat for a few minutes, Mom appeared to notice multiple ribbons of spit, stretching from her mouth to his cock. She took his cock completely out of her mouth, licked her lips, and then rubbed his wet cock over her face.

There was no doubt in my mind, that my Mom was a bona fide cock whore! In addition, I do believe Sis and I were somewhat jealous of Mom’s lust and that she was freely sharing it with these strangers. We wanted her to want us like that, too!

Nevertheless, Sis and I understood high-fives were necessary in this situation and had no problem, when the two homies joyously expressed themselves in-between gasps from exertion. We would have done the same.

Although Sis and I continued to watch the tableau and listen to Mom’s groans of pleasure, as she was butt-fucked and face-fucked silly a few yards away from her step-kids, our initial excitement was starting to wane as the seconds turned into long minutes.

Sis and I must have internally acknowledged, about the same time, that Stepmom’s mini-orgy was going to continue for a while, because we began alternating furtive glances at each other. As our glances became more frequent, they slowly turned to longing looks.

Summer. Hot and heavy, like the air was thick with moisture and tension. There was a smell of burnt leaves in the forest.

Nina was walking barefoot along the cool footpath, her sandals swinging in her left hand. She had black hair, shiny and long, hanging down her back and floating across her face. Ray thought she was beautiful. He walked next to her, stealing occasional glances at her staggeringly elegant cheek bones and dark, soft eyes. He had a cheeky, shy smile on his face and she thought he was impossibly cute. She had to stop walking and kiss his smile, running her hands through his sandy blonde hair. He had hazel eyes, wide and open. They stood still, gazing at each other for a few moments.

The trees were tall and green, their branches touching at the top, forming a canopy, like a jungle. There were purple flowers dotted among the blades of grass. Ray knelt down and gently plucked a few of the flowers, holding them in his hand, a tiny bouquet. He looked up and smiled at Nina, handing them to her. She blushed and laughed, and bent to kiss him.

It was quiet in the forest. They were alone. Her white shirt was sticking to her back with sweat.

“I’ve got to take this off,” she said, undoing the buttons, with a seductive smile at Ray. He felt an energy burning within him, in the base of his abdomen. He reached out to gently pull the blouse from her shoulders. She blushed and the energy grew as he saw the red patches blossom on her cheeks. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were more perfect than he’d ever seen. They were not too small and not too round, and impossibly soft. He reached out and caressed one of them in his hands. The roughness of his fingers made her shiver. Her nipples were a deep, beautiful pink, like heavy rose petals. He bent to kiss them, tasting the rich metallic scent.

Before he knew it, she’d pulled his shirt off his shoulders and was rubbing his biceps with her dainty, shapely hands. She felt the bulge of muscles and veins under the warm skin. She felt a twitch between her legs, a contraction, an awakening. He felt a stiffness, a heaviness, a growing tension.

They walked along, topless, a little further, off the main footpath and through the soft grass.

“You know my thighs are getting a little hot too,” Nina said, biting her bottom lip in a teasing fashion. Ray felt the bulge in his shorts harden and stiffen almost uncontrollably. He wondered if she had noticed. Of course she had, she was unzipping her tiny denim shorts. No bra, no knickers either. She wasn’t waxed and he was thrilled. All the other women he’d slept with had been shaved and smooth. This would be an adventure. Her thighs were long and muscular and tanned. She skipped a couple of paces ahead of him and he saw how perfect, how pert her buttocks were.

“I think I’m gonna have to take my shorts off,” he said and she laughed, running back to help him. He was amazed at her hunger, her boldness. She was wild and powerful. She pulled his shorts down, running her hands down his legs like she’d done with his biceps. She smiled when she saw the bulge of his cock. She pulled away his pants and his cock sprang free, bouncing slightly. She was on her knees, looking up at him with her wild, beautiful eyes and puffy lips.

There was no one around, and even if there had been, he wouldn’t have cared. He had her, finally, to himself. And she had him, finally, to play with and to pleasure her. She took his cock in her lips and poked her tongue against the end of it. He shuddered at the shocking brilliance of it. His cock felt heavy and energized, as though it were ready to burst at any moment. He let out a groan and reached down to touch her hair.

“Oh, Nina,” he whispered as she ran her tongue up the length of his cock, feeling the veins and heat. She started to suck, taking the cock in her mouth, and moving her lips up and down, up and down. The pleasure grew and rose, his cock throbbing with heat. He felt her hands on his balls, cupping them and rolling them in her fingers. It was too much, he pulled out and knelt down to kiss her. He had to save himself.

She opened her legs and lent against a tree, knees spread apart. He got down on his elbows to take a good look at her dripping pussy. He reached out his rough, warm fingers and touched her folds. He skimmed over the clit and she took a sharp breath. He pushed a finger inside her, relishing the warmth and smoothness. She felt electric, full of tension, full of moisture. He massaged her clit and she began to moan. The pleasure was intense, burning pleasure shooting up her spine. He pressed the clit, like a button and she felt her vagina twitch and throb. He sat back on his knees and pumped his cock for a few seconds.

She lay on her back and he knelt over her. His cock was painfully full. He pressed against her pussy and slid inside her. It was perfect, joyous even. He started to growl and moan, like a wild animal. His pelvis jammed in and out like a rock star and the feeling of her tight lips gripping his cock was incredible. She felt an intense pleasure every time he slid out and in, out and in. He put his fingers on her clit and rubbed it. With each rub and grind she moaned and wailed. She could feel her orgasm building, feel her juices slipping out, feel her pussy tightening and squeezing Ray’s cock. She started to pant, in time with his pulsing. It was perfect, she was climbing, her pussy was sizzling. Her clit throbbed and she squirmed as he rubbed it. She felt her pussy close around his cock and she came loudly and gushingly. He laughed as he pulled his cock out and it was soaking wet. She was out of breath.

“Keep going, I want you to cum in me,” she said, panting. He slid inside and he didn’t need much. With a few quick thrusts he could feel his orgasm flooding him. He groaned as he felt his balls tighten and his cock release its milky seed.

“Oh,” he said, pulling out. Her pussy was still pulsing, after-shocks.

They stood up and walked on naked, their clothes under their arms.

The story starts with Jim, a young 18 year old chub, working at a community pool. Check out Jim’s camping trip for part 1!

“Man this job sucks…” Thought Jim to himself as he sat at the receptionist’s desk at the community pool. He sat there every day, watching people come in dry and out wet. Jim would occasionally go for a swim, but felt self conscious about himself. He had gained weight in the past couple of weeks, but he hadn’t really cared about that much, but he didn’t want to be made fun of by the other his age.

So he started working the morning shift, when only older people came. It was not very busy at all either, on the weekdays he’d only have the women’s swim jazzercise class. But it wasn’t all bad, he got to work alone, only one lifeguard on duty, and him. So he just sat there every morning. He thought of the camping trip and how he felt weird about Adam.

On one hand, he wants to see him more often, but Adam said he wants Jim to expand his horizons past “an old fool like me!” But Jim strangely like the idea of older men, those kids his age were too immature and not deep enough. He stared into space as he pondered.

“Can I help you?” Said an older gentleman whose crotch Jim had been staring into space at.

Jim snapped up and said, “Oh, I’m sorry!”

He swiped his card and the other older gentleman behind the first said, “Thanks Jim, see you in an hour or so?” with a smile on his face.

Jim nodded, “You know where I’ll be.” smiling back. The older men walked by. Jim wondered where they found the courage to go swimming even though they weren’t really fit. The first one was short and pudgy and probably 250 lbs, while the other was a big black man, round at 320 lbs. Jim stared at them as they walked by.

About an hour passed and Jim was watching them swim. He thought he should be able to do that like them! He shouldn’t feel bad at all. So he went downstairs and changed into one of the bathing suits.

His bathing suit was tight, showing his big belly and large 275 lbs body, all clean and smooth. He went to take a shower before he went in the pool, when the 2 older gentlemen came in.

“Who’s upfront boy?” Said the tall black man.

Jim laughed, “I’ve been here two weeks, and you 2 are the only guys to show up for another 5 hours.”

The 2 gentlemen laughed. “That’s why we like it. Always have our privacy.” said the short man with a smirk. They both went into the sauna as Jim finished shower. As the two men walked inside, he noticed they dropped their towels on the way in, as well their goggles on the floor.

Jim walked over and picked them up and opened the door to return them to the men.

When Jim opened the door, he took a triple take, as both men were naked, sitting legs open, both of them slowly jerking off while talking! He stuttered at first, when the tall black man said, “Now you can see why we like our privacy,” while laughing.

Jim stood there, speechless with his mouth wide open as he stared at their cocks, one long and one fat! The short man look at the other and said, “Hey Marcus, I think the boy likes what he sees.”

Jim hadn’t notice the bulge in his towel! He quickly tried to cover up, almost dropping it entirely. Marcus said, “No need to worry son, Bob’s right. You are enjoying yourself!”

Jim stared for another second, and somehow found the courage to walk inside, close the door and drop his towel, and say with confidence, “Maybe I shouldn’t be the only one enjoying myself then?”

Marcus stood up, walked to him slowly and said, “I couldn’t agree more!” He held Jim’s head tightly while he began to kiss him, his hand making Jim seem very secure and relaxed. He felt even more relaxed when he felt a tongue on his cock!

Bob had moved over and began slowly licking his sausage, while Marcus pushed Jim up against a wall, held both his hands in the air and started kissing his neck. Jim was being teased and began fidgeting around, which Bob seemed to liked, because he began to play with Jim’s balls, sucking them gently, while Marcus licked and sucked Jim’s nipples until they were hard and wet!

Slowly Marcus worked his way down, until him and Bob were on their knees and Jim looked down as they both started to suck his cock! Bob was deep throating him with no problem, while Marcus was sucking his balls and giving Bob some helping sucking here and there.

Jim was still standing there mouth open feeling these two hot tongue rubbing his cock back and forth while he just laid there!

Jim put his hands on both of their heads as they both moved back and forth, slurping his cock in and out. At one point Bob began to suck just the tip, while Marcus like his shaft up and down! The suction these men created made Jim almost burst to the ceiling! But then they both stopped and got up.

They both went in and kissed Jim at the same time, pushing both of their tongues into Jim’s mouth! They slowly moved over to the seats. “Time for us to have some fun now!” said Marcus as he kissed Jim’s neck from behind.

Bob moved in front of Jim and said, “I got dibs on front, that good?” Marcus nodded, still sucking on Jim’s neck. Jim felt Marcus’s cock against his buttcrack as it was slowly sliding up and down, spreading precum all around it. Marcus then bent Jim over and positioned him in front of Bob.

Bob said, “Time to get fucked boy!” Jim saw Bob’s short but fat cock in front of him and tried to grab it with his mouth while Bob dangled it front of him. Just then he felt the tip of Marcus’s long cock enter his ass slowly. Jim moaned very loudly as it went deeper and deeper inside.

Then Marcus began to fuck Jim’s ass in strides, just as Bob shoved his cock into Jim’s mouth! Jim feels the sensation from the delicious taste of Bob’s meat in his mouth and the strong smooth cock massaging his insides while Marcus’s strong hands grab his chubby ass, occasionally smacking it!

Jim then felt Marcus’s hand reach down and grab his sausage, laughing at how wet it was. He stroked in tune with his pumps into Jim, and Jim in turn slurped Bob in tune as one chubby sexy orchestra.

Jim felt so good as he was held by the head and ass and just fucked until his legs were shaking for excitement. Bob started to moan faster and faster and Jim felt Bob’s cock get super hard and Marcus noticed this too, so he started to fuck Jim even harder!

As Jim screamed in ecstasy being ridden harder and harder while Bob let out loud moan as he came down Jim’s throat! Jim grabbed his balls as began sucking down this delicious juice as he massaged every drop out of his cock!

Marcus, still riding Jim hard, told Bob, “Let the boy have some of is , *ruff* own medicine, I bet he’s *RUFF* begging for it!!” woofing between pumps.

Marcus laid Jim on his back and fucked his ass as he lifted his chubby legs into the air. Bob bent over and suck on Jim’ s cum drenched cock!

Jim screamed “Oh my GOD! This feel, *pant* so amazing!” as he was sucked and pumped very hard almost unable to talk! Marcus began to shake and fuck Jim’s ass with clear definite pumps, until finally he barked loudly as he filled Jim’s ass with cum!!

Jim moaned loud enough to raise the dead when he was filled, and shot his own loud onto Marcus’s chest and all over Bob’s face! Jim laid there, cum drenched and shaking, while Marcus continued to slide in and out of Jim slowly.

Jim only panted, while Bob slapped Jim on the ass and said, “Man, we haven’t a good fuck like you in awhile!”

Marcus laughed, saying, “I think this job will be fun for you nowadays!” Jim laughed, still to shaking and turned on to move.

~2 weeks later~

Adam had had a hard day, with a lot on his mind. He spent it wondering if want he had done with Jim set him down the road of what had happened. He read the letter again:

“Dear Adam, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten in trouble. You heard about what happened in the pool locker room…5 times, and how I was fired. What you don’t know is that my parents flipped out and kicked me out of the house.

At first I felt scared, but now I think I know how I can get by. One of the guys told me a place where I may be needed. I don’t know what he means, but if it gives me some sense of purpose, or happiness, I’m going to do it. I don’t have a way to get there, so I’ve decided to hitchhike.

Don’t worry about me, once I’ve made something of myself, I’ll be ok. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. xoxoxo, Jim”

He sighed, hoping he would be ok, and looked at the business card that was in the note too, from “Chubby Heaven Productions.” He smiled, as he clicked the accept agreement to become a paid member of their website.

Continued as Jim’s Police Ride….

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Note: Baubo is introduced in my series, “Buffy the Shemale Vampire Slayer.” For those who may have missed this series (which is highly recommended), let me describe Baubo, for she is a most unusual individual. She consists of a pair of legs and a belly with a face. Her wide eyes are outlined in dark mascara, to make them stand out, and she has a pert nose above full, sensuous lips. The cleft in her chin is actually the opening to her vagina, since her chin is the same as her groin. Baubo has no arms, shoulders, neck, or head. Instead, her belly closes in a domed skull out of the scalp of which grows long, lush, curly tresses. According to Barbara G. Walker’s fascinating book, The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, Baubo was a clown who made the goddess Demeter laugh at her lewd jokes during Demeter’s fertility rites. In “Buffy the Shemale Vampire Slayer,” Baubo is Baphomet’s former consort, whom he had deposed in favor of making Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers his new companions. Baubo is such an unusual and, to my mind, at least, sexy character that she deserves her own series of erotic adventures. I start hers by recounting her experience with Buffy the Shemale Vampire Slayer, whom Baphomet brought to his demon dimension after Buffy had been transformed into a hermaphrodite as a result of having been bitten by a Feral demon. Buffy was being fucked in the cunt and the ass by a demon with a double-pronged penis when Baubo joined them to suck the Slayer’s cock. . .


As Baphomet’s consort, Baubo had appeared, to the other demons, at least, to live a pampered life. She had a bevy of handmaidens who prepared and administered her bath and toilet, combing the luxurious locks of her thick, curly hair; applying the dark mascara that framed her wide eyes; highlighting her full, sensuous lips with pigment that imparted to her mouth the color and fragrance of the rose; and powdering and rouging her belly-cheeks to keep her flesh smooth and glowing. She ate dainty delicacies, drank fine wines, and was provided her fill of chocolate bonbons. She wore satin panties, fine silk stockings with a bright red garter, high heels befitting a queen, and ribbons in her hair and pubes alike. She was always scented with expensive perfumes. She served Baphomet’s sexual needs, sucking his monstrous cock as best she could with her relatively small mouth, rubbing her petite pussy against its huge glans, submitting to the showers of urine and semen he splattered in her face and against her buttocks, and weeping rather than crying out in pain as he spanked her bottom until it was not merely red but black and blue with bruises and crimson with her blood. Each morning, upon awakening, she kissed his penis and his balls; each night, upon retiring, she kissed his buttocks and his anus, thereby exhibiting his superiority and her own servile worthlessness. Then, he’d watch her, sometimes gently, tenderly stroking her brow, her lips, or her labia, as she cried herself to sleep. She’d done nothing, ever, to earn his displeasure; always, she strived to please him in all things, in all ways, yet, at length, he had been displeased. He’d desired a new consort, and he’d relegated her to abject servitude as a mere minion among minions, to be used and abused as any of her fellow underlings saw fit–and to use and abuse them as Baphomet commanded.

Baubo had fled, with the rest of the demons, after her former lover, the repulsive, hermaphroditic Baphomet had commanded that they cease from their combined sexual assault upon the pretty young blonde woman. Baphomet’s minions had long ago found or dug avenues of escape from the devil’s throne room, so that, upon being dismissed, they could flee his hated presence. Being in the same room with his Infernal Highness was never safe, but it was most dangerous when he became bored with watching his underlings degrade one another by performing whatever humiliating and debasing sexual activities with one another that happened, at the moment, to strike Baphomet’s fancy.

Having no head, no neck, no shoulders, and no arms, Baubo was helpless except for the kicks that she could deliver with her strong, if shapely, legs and the bites she could inflict with her even teeth. Consequently, many of the larger demons would pick her up, hold her, as if she were a melon, and fuck her in the ass while a companion fucked her mouth. She would kick and writhe, while warm tears rolled down her belly-cheeks, mortified to be treated in such a manner, as if she were but an inanimate object–a pair of fleshly tunnels–to be used and abused as her rapists saw fit. She knew what it meant to be ill treated, and she’d sucked the hapless blonde’s cock with reluctance, sorry to be an instrument of her liege’s humbling and debasement of the Slayer.

Baubo’s means of egress led her to a basement hovel she’d fashioned from debris and discarded materials she’d managed to scavenge from various chambers throughout Baphomet’s fortress-castle. Transporting these materials to the underground chamber in which she hid from the other residents of Baphomet’s court had taken her years as she tugged and dragged and kicked the stolen lumber, seized metal, and hijacked plastic through the corridors and tunnels using nothing more than her teeth and her feet. She’d managed to bring a few of the larger panels to her miserable sanctuary by hopping here with them clutched tightly between her thighs. The rough boards had rubbed her pussy almost raw, and she’d sported ugly bruises and lacerations on her belly-face for days and weeks at a time before, finally, she’d completed her secret hideaway. Now, lying on her side, in the fetal position, Baubo wept, remembering her distant past as Baphomet’s consort and her more recent history as one of the many demons who’d helped to assault the Slayer and her friend, the redheaded witch, Willow. The images came to her mind clearly, as if she were reliving, rather than merely recalling, them:

On the floor, the Slayer moaned, tears spilling from her closed eyes. The demon had slammed even more of its cock through her asshole, and, now, its second prick–or, rather, the smaller shaft that branched off from the underside of the larger one–brushed the lips of her cunt. Another inch of the upper shaft penetrated the Slayer’s bottom; then, the smaller shaft slid past the petal-soft lips of Buffy’s pussy. More tears, of pain and shame, spilled from her eyes.

The tickling, flicking sensations that assaulted Buffy’s nipples sent delicious waves of pleasure through her breasts, clitoris, and balls. The suction cups that the demon had affixed to her tits were equipped with tongue-like appendages. Wet and flexible, these accessories licked and lapped the swollen buds of the Slayer’s nipples. More and more waves of pleasure swept through her, even as she felt mortified and ashamed because of the cock buried in her ass and the other one that continued to seek access to her cunt.

Something wet also licked the Slayer’s cock and balls. Buffy opened her eyes. A bright orange streamer of semen stretched from her left eyebrow to the bridge of her nose, partly obscuring her sight. She brushed it away with a fingertip. Looking down, past her dangling breasts, she spied the odd demon that Baphomet had identified earlier as his former consort, Baubo. The creature’s back was toward Buffy, so she couldn’t see the pretty face with the wide, mascara-framed eyes, the pert nose, and the bowed lips beneath the headless figure’s coiffed hair. All Buffy could see was the demon’s hair, which fell to its waist, and the smooth, shapely legs below its cute, dimpled buttocks. It was obvious, however, that Baubo was either sucking Buffy’s cock or had inserted the Slayer’s penis inside the cleft in its chin that was actually the entrance to its vagina. In any case, Buffy thought, it was damned disconcerting to see a human-like form that had neither neck, upper body, nor arms. Baubo, despite her pretty face, the cute labia-cleft in her chin, her lovely legs, her beautiful buttocks, and her stylish hair, remained but a caricature and a mockery of real women–no doubt, precisely as Baphomet intended her to be, looking like an armless, female version of Humpty Dumpty.

The demon with the double-pronged dick jammed more of the larger branch of his cock into Buffy’s asshole, and she shuddered, biting back a scream of pain and fear, not willing to admit her helplessness and her terror. The second, smaller branch of the fiend’s cock slid deep into Buffy’s pussy, and she felt her cunt juices rise in response, lubricating her pussy. Her asshole was not lubricated, however, and it was not meant to be fucked. As a consequence, the massive organ that filled it beyond its capacity was painful, as was every deeper thrust that it made into her rectum. Buffy was thankful, in an ironic, perverse way, that the clutching, stroking, licking sensations of the suction cups on her breasts and Baubo’s mouth and tongue on her cock and balls took the edge off the discomfort and pain that being impaled by a huge cock in her ass and a lesser one in her cunt caused her to suffer. The mixture of pain and pleasure was, she realized, titillating, despite the incongruity of the two opposing sensations and the conflicting feelings, both physical and psychological, that their simultaneous experience stirred inside her. Buffy knew that she was being abused emotionally as well as sexually, but she almost no longer cared; she would rather give in to the confusion, become friends with the chaos, and enjoy the mixed feelings of pain, pleasure, guilt, fear, revulsion, self-contempt, and sexual passion. She’d like to abandon herself to these delicious, conflicting, tormenting sensations and emotions, letting them overwhelm her and possess her. The pain of the cock-thrusts into her cunt and ass were not contradicted, but complemented, by the tickling sensations in her nipples and breasts and the waves of pleasure that dashed along her cock and exploded in her balls. Bitch! Slut! Whore! She no longer minded the words that shouted themselves in her mind. In fact, she rather liked being called such vile names. They were sexy.

Buffy’s cock slipped out of Baubo’s mouth, and she licked the smooth skin of the stiff, elongated shaft with her tongue. Baubo had no hands, but, even so, she was a superb cock sucker. More than once, she brought the Slayer to the brink of orgasm, then backed off, letting Buffy’s sexual passion abate before she mounted another oral assault upon the young woman’s perpetually hard prick, pausing to lap at the taut skin of the scrotum that surrounded Buffy’s risen testicles. The suction cups also intensified and then lessened the nuzzling-licking-squeezing-nursing-caressing-pumping actions that they performed upon Buffy’s cupped breasts, sending waves of pleasure undulating through her bosom and her cunt. These wonderful, delightful sensations both detracted from and enhanced the discomfort and pain that Buffy experienced as the demon’s monster cock lunged and plunged through the impaled anus between Buffy’s bouncing buttocks.

The demon’s balls pressed firmly against Buffy’s upper thighs, its matted pubic hair rasping against the cleavage between her buttocks, as both prongs of its cock shoved into their respective orifices, all the way to the root. She could feel the stiff columns touching one another through the thin walls that separated her pussy and her rectum; they slid back and forth against one another as the demon double-fucked her with its two-pronged prick, adding both to its own sensations and to Buffy’s as well. Back and forth, with greater rapidity and force each time, the demon rammed his pricks through Buffy’s asshole and cunt, the former remaining dry while the latter released a flood of her warm, rich cunt juices. Buffy had never had a cock up her ass at the same time that she was being fucked in the cunt, and the flood of sensations, confounded even more by the welter of sensations that she felt in her nipples, areolas, breasts, clitoris, cock, and balls, overwhelmed her. She gasped, moaned, and, finally, screamed.

“Buffy!” Willow cried in alarm.

Baphomet laughed, thrusting his cock into the witch. “She’s not hurt,” he explained. “She’s in the throes of ecstasy. “

Buffy had always thought the use of fireworks to represent orgasm was an exaggerated metaphor, but, now, in the grip of the greatest orgasm she’d ever experienced, the Slayer realized that, if anything, the metaphor was a pale visualization of the event. As her semen burst from her convulsing cock, into Baubo’s hungry maw, Buffy’s heart stammered, her breath came in gasps, her thighs shuddered, and her asshole trembled violently about the cock that penetrated her. She felt as if she’d died and come back to life a thousand times within the few seconds that it took for her to release the reservoir of sperm she ejaculated. At the same time, as Buffy reached orgasm, the suction cups fell from her breasts, and she felt the demon’s hips press hard against her rear; a shudder ran through the fiend, and he howled, jerking his double-pronged dick from the Slayer’s asshole and cunt to let the shafts spew his warm, viscid seed over her back, her ass cheeks, her perineum, her labia, and the backs of her thighs so that Buffy was kneeling in a pool of the thick fluid.

Baubo continued to lick Buffy’s semen from the Slayer’s still-stiff cock and the double-dicked demon wiped the dregs of his oozing semen over the Slayer’s cum-covered buttocks until Baphomet ordered them to desist. Reluctantly, upon their master’s command, the lesser demons withdrew, leaving Buffy with a sore, gaping asshole, dripping, like most of the rest of her, with cum.

Later, when Buffy had insisted that sex was about love, not power, Baphomet’s harsh, cruel laughter had filled the stone chamber. “Love,” he’d repeated, as if it were the punch line to a particularly funny joke. “Ask Baubo, my former consort, about love!”

Baubo had not heard her hated master’s mocking remark, for she had fled with the other members of his court when he’d bidden them to cease and to desist from their assault upon the captive Slayer’s body–and, through her body, her mind, for Baphomet’s intent in ravishing his captives was always the same–to humble and to humiliate, to debase and to demean and to degrade them, until they lost all self-respect and, broken in spirit as in flesh, became his eternal servants.

She’d come here, to her hideaway, to lick her emotional wounds and to gather her meager reserves of hope. If she could but escape the clutches of the foul Baphomet, she could, perhaps, regain her life and restore her soul. It was while she lay, recalling the most recent horrors of which she’d been a part, that she heard the crashing and the rumbling and felt the shaking of the foundations of the devil’s fortress-palace and her pitiful, long-repressed hope leaped within her as if fuel had been poured directly upon its dwindling, fitful flame.

A series of splintering sounds, enormously loud in the depths of the edifice, sounded and resounded, crashes of timber coming upon crashes of stone as great fissures opened in the walls and ceiling. Again, the vast edifice shook and trembled, and more masonry rained from the vaulted ceiling. It was obvious that the entire fortress was about to fall; in minutes, the palace would be in ruins, and Baubo, if she did not get out in time, might be but a mangled mess of flesh and blood and bone. Being a headless, armless parody of the female sex was a horrible fate, she realized, but even being a living travesty of her sex was better than being smashed to death by falling granite and oak.

Scrambling to her feet, Baubo fled, running down a long corridor that led up, through the planet’s cold, dark bowels, into either the bright, warm morning or the dark, cold night, depending upon what time of day it had become outdoors while she’d been so villainously employed indoors. If she were not lucky, she would die, but at least she would die trying to flee Baphomet’s brutal captivity, and, if she were fortunate, she’d escape with her life.

. . . to be continued. . .

Sherri Wynn left the country club two hours late. She told her husband, Bill, that she would be back at eight. It was ten o’clock when she got behind the wheel. She had two more gin and tonics than she told her husband she would have.

She didn’t care. She was having fun gossiping with her girlfriends and flirting with the college age sons of the rich men who were members there. Bill would probably have fallen asleep in front of the television by now. She could make it look like she was only 30 minutes late.

Her husband hated the country club. He only joined for professional reasons. It was good to play golf with clients and to be seen playing golf by partners at his firm. The truth was he hated golf. He was an introvert. Sherri was not. She was a social person, and she loved to spend time at the club. Staying two hours later than she told Bill was her way of declaring independence.

The only problem with the club was that you had to drive over poorly lit and unmarked roads to get there. It was kind of out of the way. But Sherri wasn’t paying much attention as she drove home. She was thinking about those dreamy college boys and their shyness around older women.

And then, in the space of a maybe ten seconds, things started to happen. First, she noticed that she was lost. Then, she realized she was driving on the wrong side of the road. Her car had drifted into the left lane, only it wasn’t a lane because the road wasn’t marked. Third, there were colored lights in her rear view mirror. A cop was pulling her over. The following thoughts raced through her mind as she slowed her car down and parked it on the right shoulder:

One. Bill, her husband, would be extremely angry at her.

Two. She had two recent violations: speeding and making an illegal left hand turn. She wasn’t sure but she was pretty sure that a third ticket meant they would take her license away.

Three. If she didn’t have a license then she couldn’t drive the kids to school. Bill would have to do it, making him late for work. He would be very mad.

Four. The gin and tonics! She had finished four of them. Most likely, she was legally blitzed. That’s not a ticket, or a suspended license. That’s jail. Bill would be- she could not complete the thought.

Five. There had to be a way out of this.

Sherri had the ability to distance herself from any situation she was in. Her friend Melanie had taught her a trick years ago. When something is so scary or confusing or chaotic that you can’t even think, don’t try to repress it or stifle the thought, that won’t work. Instead visualize it as “over there.” Near where you are, but not on top of you. Instead, in the next room, or around the corner.

It was just a way of tricking your mind but she found that it worked. As the cop got out of his car she took numbers 1-4 and mentally placed them on the side of the road, just beyond her headlights, in the tall grass she could barely see. “Over there.” She focused on number five. There had to be a way out of this.

Instantly, she relaxed a little. The cop was coming toward her. She was rolling down her window. By the time he got there, she had the beginning of a plan.

Sherri Wynn was an attractive woman, 38 years old, a brunette with long curly hair that always looked a bit wild, suggesting a woman that might be a bit unrestrained herself. She was voluptuous but not fat. And she filled a 38 F bra. She had been a D cup in the ninth grade and a 36 DD in college. She knew a lot about distracting men from their tasks.

The first thing she did when her car stopped was undo the seat belt. Then she tucked her white blouse in so that it stretched itself smoothly over her boobs. Then she undid a button, so that from the angle the cop would be at he could see a lot. Then she straightened her back and sat up in her seat. Then she smiled and waited for the words she anticipated.

“License. Registration. Proof of insurance, please.”

Here’s where Bill was a great husband. He had everything organized in the glove compartment.

“The registration and insurance,” Sherri said, handing them to the cop. A few seconds later she produced her license from the wallet in her purse. Then she waited. In her mind’s eye she was picturing the view he had as he leaned in from his position standing outside the car. By her calculations he could see a generous helping of cleavage, the top of her lacy white bra and the curve of her boobs as she inhaled a little to make them stick out more.

When she was satisfied with that image, she put on her best twinkly smile and for the first time looked right at the policeman who had stopped her. He was returning her registration and insurance card to her. As she extended her right hand to retrieve them, the top of her arm pushed her right breast in toward the middle, making her cleavage pop out another inch or so. And she made sure that when her hand took the papers, their fingers touched just a little.

The county cop was younger than she thought he might be: early 30s. He looked like he might be ex-military, or a former football player. Clean cut, square jaw, barrel chest, thick, muscular forearms. He did not smile, even a little. He did not explain why he had pulled her over. “Wait here, please. Turn the engine off.” Then he went back to his car, almost certainly to check her driving record.

Sherri knew she was scared, but her fear was “over there,” in the tall grass by the side of the road. She took the opportunity to dig into her purse and put on some lipstick. By luck she had some mints in there and she popped two of those in her mouth to take away the smell of gin.

She decided to take a risk and undo another button. Her white blouse no longer looked like anything a woman would wear in public. It looked like a blouse that had been partly undone for a lover. Much of her bra was now visible. She was putting out a statement. She was saying to the cop: “before you make a decision, have you considered– these?”

She saw him getting out of his police cruiser and coming toward her, and she noticed she was sweating. That’s when she got the idea to put the air conditioning on. The cool when it hit her would harden her nipples, heightening the effect she wanted.

The cop was now leaning down to talk to her again. “Miss Wynn, where are you headed tonight?”

“I’m headed home, officer. I was at the country club on Porters Road for a charity event.”

“Do you know you ran a flashing red light back there?”

“I did? Oh my god. No. I mean I did not know. Are you sure it was red?” She looked in the rear view mirror and she could see it, faintly.

“It’s always red. It’s a flashing red light. That means stop. You went right through it. That’s quite dangerous, Ma’am. There could be a car coming the other way.”

“I understand that, officer. The truth is, I got lost. If I could explain…” She looked straight ahead, as if wracking her brain for information. “I had to look at the street signs to figure out where I was. But it’s very dark around here. And some of the roads aren’t marked. I had directions to the club, but I didn’t have directions back, and I was trying to reverse them in my mind, and look for the street signs, and remember the route I took to get here. I just messed up. I must have been looking for the road sign when I went through the flashing red.”

As Sherri sped through her explanation she slowly angled her right shoulder toward the window and dropped her left arm imperceptibly. This opened her blouse up even more as she talked. Now she was practically inviting him into her bosom. She glanced down and saw what she hoped she would see. Her nipples were poking proudly through the stretched fabric and making a statement of their own. This gave her extra confidence to look up at the cop and say what she had been planning to say: “Isn’t there anything you can do?”

Her eyes were blazing as she looked up at him, but his eyes were locked on her chest. When she saw that, she thought for the first time that she might get out of this. Was this the time to push? How much was too much? Sherri decided to be a touch bolder. Her right hand came up and non-chalantly fingered her blouse pulling it even more to the side for him. “Anything….” she said.

This is where it got excruciating. Her heart was racing. Ten, twelve, maybe fifteen seconds of silence. She looked up at him. He continued to stare at her boobs. Her fingers continued to flutter over them, invitingly. No trace of a smile. No sign of weakness or sympathy. No expression at all, really. Maybe a narrowing in his eyes, but it was hard to tell in the shadows cast by his police car’s headlights.

Finally, he spoke. “You’ve had two moving violations in the last six months, Miss Wynn.” True. So she used the line she had ready.

“I understand,” she said, lowering her voice a little, looking straight ahead and arching her back so that her boobs moved forward a little. “But is there anything I can do?” She closed her eyes. Her breath was hot. Her bust was heaving. She felt him looking. In the dark, in the silence.

“I don’t know, Ma’am,” he said, in a kind of growl.

“Anything at all… that I can do… that I can do for you, officer…. since you obviously understand my situation…. anything?” And she turned to look right at him. She had used every tactic she thought might work. And Sherri noticed something. Her legs were shaking. Between them she felt the tingling.

There was another long pause. Sherri shut her eyes and felt the cold air blowing on her. And then the cop said, “Button up your blouse. Turn on your car and drive. I will be following you. Watch my car in your rear view mirror. I will signal when to turn. When I put my right turn signal on, you turn right at the next right. When I put my left turn signal on, you turn left. No signal means straight ahead. If you see my flashing lights, you pull over, just as you did before. If you cannot follow my instructions you are in a lot of trouble.”

Sherri had already completed his first instruction. She had buttoned her blouse up. “I can do that, officer, but where are you… We are we going?”

“Just do what you’re told,” said the cop. He turned and walked back to his car.

Sherri knew she was scared, but she also knew she was aroused. She had set something in play, and now the cop would decide how it ended. Before she pulled her car back on the road she “tossed” more of her fear in the tall grass with the rest of it. Then she followed the instructions, checking every few seconds in her rear view mirror, driving slowly and keep her focus only on operating the vehicle.

She took a left and drove. She took a right and drove some more. She took a left at a fork. She took another left down what felt like a gravel road. Finally, the cop had her turn into the driveway of what looked like an abandoned cement factory. There was nothing around for miles. But there was a single light in the parking lot, and it was on. She drove inside the plant and stopped under the light. He pulled ahead of her, turned around and came back so that their cars aligned but in opposite directions. He rolled down his window.

“Open your door and keep it open.” Sherri did that. “Now pull your feet out of the car and put them on the ground.” She did that. She was now facing him. He then opened his car door and left it open. The two doors formed a small pen. “Don’t move a muscle,” he said. A million things flashed through Sherri’s mind, but mostly she noticed the light. There was light. She could see him now. He had a flat top hair cut, a thick neck, steel blue eyes, that amazing jaw line, a movie star jaw, and a powerful build.

He was rising from his car. He was stepping toward her. He had told her not to move. She did not move. He positioned his feet just inside hers and stood so that his zipper was right in front of her eyes. And then in one easy motion, his left hand came forward to cup the back of her head and his right hand lowered the zipper.

Sherri knew what to do now. She also knew she had no choice.

In seconds her hands were digging into his underwear and finding his erection: thick like his neck, strong, incredibly soft skin on an incredibly hard shaft. This was no time to stroke, pet and tease. When it came free from his boxers Sherri already had her mouth open for the cop who had pulled her over. She was about to bend forward from her waist toward his crotch when he used his left hand to push her head down on it. Then he added his other hand to her head and gripped it convincingly.

She had started to bob, to give him a normal blow job. But he had other ideas. His feet moved forward a bit and he began to lean into her mouth, which was being held tightly between his big muscular hands. His motions signaled what he was going to do. He was going to fuck her face. She stopped trying to blow him and just opened up. Each thrust tested her willingness to take him in a little more. He would stop as he felt her about to gag, withdraw a little, and then plunge in again. His hands never moved from her head, and her head didn’t move because he had it gripped so tightly in his hands.

Sherri stopped thinking about what Bill would say. She forgot about the four gin and tonics. She forgot where she was, even. She sort of lost track of time. She only felt four things: The cop’s thick cock stretching her mouth and demanding to be let further down her throat. His hands on her head, telling her she was not to move, silently saying: “you asked if there was something you could do, this is what you can do.” And third, the heat rising from her crotch, which melted her fear. Fourth: the light in the deserted parking lot, flooding down on her, exposing her desperate actions to herself.

As the thrusting went on they all came together into one feeling- the cop moving massively in her mouth, his hands steady and strong on her head, the heat and wet between her legs, the wanton exposure from the light – and Sherri just gave in to it.

As she surrendered and blocked everything else out her concentration actually improved. She was conscious of not scraping him with her teeth, which was hard because he was so thick. She was trying to relax her gag reflex so she could take more. She was using her tongue to swirl around the most sensitive part. She was trying to prepare herself not to choke or cough when he came, because she had trouble with that sometimes and she didn’t want to make trouble. She wanted to be good. She wanted to get out of the jam she was in.

By letting this strong bull of a cop jam his cock into her mouth, by not just letting him in, but welcoming it, she was converting a potential disaster — a night in county jail, a big fine, losing her license, Bill’s rage – into something brutally real and undeniably exciting. She wanted the cop to gratify himself. She wanted him to take what he wanted. She wanted him to know that she was a willing pleaser, not just desperate to avoid charges but eager to get him off. She wanted him not to be anything like Bill!

Sherri added something a little bolder. She unbuttoned her blouse, and without losing her concentration on what she was sucking brought her big boobs out of the bra she was wearing. She lifted them so that they lightly grazed the bottom of his balls, and then she began a gentle massage.

This had an immediate effect. She could feel his legs tensing. His breathing changed. He altered his position a little so that his sweating balls nestled deeper into the cleavage she had offered. His hands clamped down on her head even more forcefully. And then the fucking motion stopped. Dead. His cock started throbbing in her mouth but it was not moving.

For a second Sherri didn’t know what to do. Was he going to resume? Was he going to pull out? Was she doing something wrong? Had she scraped him with her teeth and made him mad? Then all uncertainly was resolved when she heard him hiss at her these five words: “Suck it all out, lady.”

Sherri did as she was told. She sucked like a baby given a full and warm bottle while she coaxed the cop’s cum from his balls with her boobs. It did not take long. Ten seconds of suction, maybe, when the first power shot hit the back of her throat and his low, mean grunting began. Her tongue found the sweet spot and that made the second shot almost as big as the first. The rest came out in a hot stream that was too much for her to accept without gagging, so she opened her mouth and left some slide down her chin and pool around the base of his dick. She kept telling herself: “don’t stop til he says you can.” She continued to pump and swallow as he spurted six, seven, eight times in her churning mouth. When it stopped cumming he held it there for her to clean and polish.

Then he took his hands from the sides of her head and slowly removed his cock from her mouth, then just as slowly – he wasn’t done yet – began scooping up the cum on her chin with the cock head. Obscenely, he used his dick to spread the spilled cum over her cheeks and lips and nose and brow as she closed her eyes and silently accepted this “marking” of territory. He then guided the sticky cock back into her mouth for a second cleaning. All it took was a light tap on the back of her head with two fingers to indicate that she should suck it clean, which she did slowly and delicately. Finally, he took his softening cock back, zipped up, stepped away from her and got into his cruiser.

He spoke in a distant way, looking not at her but straight through his windshield into the dark. “It will never be any different. It will always be like this. But we will move the location around to various spots. If you want it again, you will sit in your car in the country club parking lot a week from tonight at nine o’clock. If I am not there exactly at nine, do not leave. I will find you.”

Sherri started to speak, to decline his offer, but he cut her off.

“Take a right out of the lot, do not make any turns and in 15 minutes you will be at state highway 78. Do not look in your mirror. Swing your legs into your car and drive away.”

Sherri did as she was told. The cop guided her correctly. On state highway 78 she found a convenience store and stopped to clean up, use the bathroom and get a drink of water. Also to think of what to tell Bill.

But before she did any of that, she drove to the back parking lot, where it was deserted and dark. And there, in her car, feeling debauched but also relieved, she masturbated furiously, thinking about the cop’s words. “It will never be any different. It will always be like this. If you want it again…”

This story contains explicit sexual content. It is not to be viewed by those under 18 years of age. The following story is fictitious. Any similarities to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Beth leaned over the bar, in between the two men. “Hey, Beth. What can I do for you?” asked Monday Night Mike. Monday Night Mike knew Beth very well. She was a very familiar face, among other body parts.

“Hi Mike, can you put all of their drinks and their tips on the tab for my table?”

“You got it,” he replied.

Bergen’s had two bartenders: Regular Mike and Monday Night Mike. All of the ladies who frequent Bergen’s are fans of Monday Night Mike for the obvious reasons. He’s an ex-fullback for the Redskins; drafted out of Florida State, he suffered a career ending injury in his first game. But that didn’t stop him from becoming a personal fitness trainer and bartender. The women adored his wavy hair, cutoff shirts that exposed his barbed wire bearing biceps and his tight jeans. Beth learned to appreciate him more fully in Bergen’s basement kitchen on several occasions.

This Monday night, Beth and her husband, Fred, came to Bergen’s for a quick supper. The tavern is festive and loud, as it is one of Washington DC’s favorite hangout for the college and political crowd. They were seated at a corner table, by the window looking out onto I Street. They couldn’t hear each other over the din. Monday Night Mike only plays “The Best of the Clash,” and he plays it as loudly as he can. Beth spied two young gentlemen sitting at the bar. She felt herself tingle. She excused herself, telling her husband that she would be right back. She made her way to the bar and stood in between the two men.

Beth placed her hands on both of their backs and said that she couldn’t help but notice them. She told them that they were making her very wet. She asked them if they wanted to go upstairs so that she could show them something. They agreed.

Beth leaned over the bar, in between the two men. She had Monday Night Mike charge all of their drinks to her table. Then the three of them made their way to the narrow staircase.

As they made their way to the mezzanine, she pointed out her husband sitting at the corner table. They continued up the next flight of stairs to the ladies’ room. All three of them entered and Beth locked the door behind them.

The two men immediately began to feel her, all over her body, through and under her clothes. It made her wet. It made her tingle. It started her orgasms washing over her. She had one of the men remove her panties and place them on the windowsill. Beth squatted. She began to undo one of the man’s pants, while the other began to excitedly open his own.

With a cock in each hand, she began by licking their heads. Taking turns on them; licking and sucking up and down the sides of their shafts. Beth fluttered her tongue underneath their heads. One man closed his eyes and groaned. She latched on to his cock with her soft lips. Drool ran down his cock as she bobbed her head on him with snorts and slurps. His butter precum coated her tongue and mixed with the saliva that was making her mouth glide on him. His cock was getting harder and harder and his knees were getting weaker and weaker.

Beth squeezed his rubber sack in such a way that his balls were pushed to the front. She knew he was going to cum. His stomach muscles clenched. He slumped forward. He grunted, and out came a flood of semen. Beth reveled in its flavor for a little bit and then swallowed it all down. She released his cock from her mouth with a pop, making sure to get it all. It would be her first taste of cum that evening, but it wouldn’t be her last.

“Go sit down, and get yourself hard again. You’re not finished yet,” she commanded him. The man sat down on the toilet, and started stroking his cock.

She began to blow the second man, when she looked up at him. “We don’t have much time,” she said, “I want you to cum in me.”

She bent over, leaning on the knees of the first man, and lifted her skirt. The second man slid into Beth easily and deeply. She sighed. It sent waves of pleasure through her body. His cock was thick. His balls brushed against her clit.

With every thrust, her scent delighted his nostrils. He knew she was cuming. Her thick white femcum coated his cock. He felt that tingle that started at the base of his cock and which quickly spread all the way up to his chest. She felt him get harder inside her. She squeezed her muscles at tightly as she could. She felt his hot cum spraying in her, coating her walls and leaking out of her. She squatted down and licked their mingled fluids off of his declining cock.

Beth turned her attention again to the first man. “I want you to cum in my ass,” she urged, motioning him to be quick about it.

He licked her asshole a couple of times, which made her squirm. The man hen pushed his head into her asshole. Beth’s breath was taken away in a moment of pain, but quickly regained her balance and the strength in her legs. Beth caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. His hands squeezed her hips. They were both sweaty and grunting like pigs. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and smiled.

The man could not contain himself and soon Beth’s guts felt warm and liquid. Her thighs began to tremble and Beth thought she’d nearly implode from the pleasure. She sucked the rest of the cum out of his cock. She liked the taste of her ass on him. Before they headed back downstairs, Beth asked a favor of the two men, to which they agreed.

Fred was curious when Beth returned to their table. She had been gone for nearly half an hour, but he was happy to have her back so that they could enjoy their dinner. Before Fred could ask her if she figured out what she wanted as her entrée, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up to see the second man for the first time. The second man placed Beth’s panties on Fred’s shoulder and patted him on the shoulder twice. “Your wife was great, man” the second man said. Then they both left Bergen’s.

Fred instantly felt the pit of his stomach sink and churn. He began to sweat. Tears welled in his eyes. He looked to Beth, who was giggling out loud. She placed her hand over her mouth so as to not draw too much attention.

“If he only knew,” Beth thought to herself.

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