My loving owner and I share a beautiful home near a lake in a very secluded spot. It’s not all that far from the rest of our tiny neighborhood but, set apart quite a way. It’s one of two that we own. My handsome man chose it for privacy, which is good because, there are times that privacy is paramount in our lives.

I’ve stated before that my owner is a man of varied tastes when it comes to fun and this time was no exception. He enjoys taking the time to select specific temporary additions to our private routines. Temporary additions that have similar endowments as well as similar discretion’s. I don’t know the screening process my love initiates but I trust him with all my heart.

I feel the need to say that because, there are times when my love brings someone to one or the other of our homes and I have heard more than one gentleman express awe in how my love keeps every aspect of things exclusively, yet warmly private. They never truthfully know exactly where they are other than in one of our homes.

On this particular day, my owner and I had just finished breakfast when he got a call on the cell that he uses specifically for our special times. He gave me that sweet half lidded expression and secret smile of his that let me know something uniquely exciting was about to happen.

“I’ll be right back sweetie.” he whispered as he quickly kissed me and hurried out the door, phone to ear.

I knew he’d be true to his word and felt a thrilling tingle at what might come next.

I cleared the table from breakfast and began running the dish water when I heard my love pull into the drive. Knowing enough of how my beautiful owner likes to do things, I knew to continue with what I was doing until he bid me otherwise.

Sometimes, the thought of his control alone is enough to get me sopping wet.

My loving owner snuggled up behind me, sliding his hands up and down my sides and whispered in my ear,

“We have a guest pretty girl. I want you to be nice as can be okay?”

I nodded in agreement and went to turn when he stopped me.

“I want this to be a little different so don’t move until I tell you to.”

The bulge I felt nudging itself to my backside had me eager to please him so much! I had an idea of what he had in mind for this get together. We’d shopped online for a few new items and thought carefully about how we wanted to implement them and now, he was orchestrating a beautiful game for us!

I stood still as I heard him beckon someone into the room. I heard another man’s voice, low and rumbled in a tone of appreciation at my rather ample shape. I’m not tall, nor am I stick thin. I’m very curvy with long dark wavy curls. This being summer and our home being so near the water, I’m sure our guest thought of tropical fantasies come to life.

I stayed still as my loving owner breezed beside me to issue out a few of our standard rules while showing me off to our guest.

“As you can see,” he began, “I like it when my wifey wears precious little.”

With that, my love moved to stand in front of me, easing his strong hands over my curves. He kissed me and lifted my sundress so that my ample ass could be displayed through my lacy panties. I, in turn, caressed his lower stomach and massive bulge and revelled in watching his mouth drop slightly open.

“Wow! That is one impressive ass!” our guest exclaimed. His voice was deep with a pleasant resonance but I didn’t turn to see him… I could feel that this was part of the new game and I wanted to make sure I played to my owner’s satisfactions.

My handsome love smiled at the new found appreciation of his property as well as my centered attention on him, holding me in his strong arms, taking my breath away as he did so. His slight nod to me a wordless approval of my actions thus far.

“Like I said on the phone, there’s more.” he said over my shoulder.

“And, I just call her ‘wifey’ too?”

My owner’s face grew only faintly serious.

“No, you can call her ‘M’. And just to be clear,” his smile returning to his handsome face, “that stands for ‘mine’. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

“As you bid my love. Always as you bid.” I said as his smile grew even more.

“That’s my sweet girl. Now then, something new for you.”

He pulled a bit of cloth from his pocket and let me see it. A blindfold! And not any blindfold either, one that I’d been wanting for the longest time!

My thoughtful owner and I enjoy spending time going through online catalogs and shopping in out of the way adult stores to find just the right playthings. Sometimes, we enjoy custom creating things for one another.

This time though, he’d surprised me with the most beautiful brown suede blindfold decorated with lovely burnished paisleys and velvet inner trim. It was soft and delicate and I grew even more excited because I knew it was only one part of a very special set.

“Ooooooo!” was all I could muster when I saw it but the expression on my lover’s face was worth all the money in the world and then some.

He chuckled a bit at my reaction.

“I’m glad you like it this much. Now, hold still while I put it on you.”

I closed my eyes but could not close off the thrill of how it felt to have him touch my face after my blindfold was in place. Suddenly, the scent of him was more intoxicating than usual. I was aware of our newest guest coming closer and realized that perhaps, it was he who did not wish to be seen. Being so private, I sometimes forget that our temporary collaborators also have needs for seclusion and discretion.

I felt him kiss me once more, his hands roaming over my body. The desire to please my love felt even stronger than ever.

“It’s okay to come over now, she can’t see you. Can you pretty girl?”

“No love, I can’t.”

I could smell a man’s cologne, somewhat pungent. It reminded me of what high end bankers think money-men ought to smell like. As always, it was something small like this that made me inwardly appreciate the habits of my man even more. He’s not the cologne type.

“She’s really beautiful and what an ass!” our new collaborator muttered to my love.

“And that’s the only thing off limits. This ass is never shared, it’s exclusively mine. You can caress it and watch me go there but that’s all.”

“Good deal. I’m just happy to have found someone as private as me for this.”

I listened to the exchange of words between them with such happiness. It feels good to know my owner protects me so well. He does so much for me.

I heard a rustle of cloth. My owner guided my hand to his now exposed cock and had me stroke him slowly, his hand covering mine.

“Reach your other hand out sweetie. I want you to feel how fat you’re making our new friend’s cock.” he whispered to me.

Doing as he said, I reached out and heard a hasty zipper being pulled down before feeling a thick member touch my palm. I folded my hand around it and stroked it in tandem with my owner’s larger member. This new cock felt thinner and not quite as long as my owner’s but still larger than some. Rubbing my thumb over the head of it, I could feel the pre-cum leaking out. By the sighs and light moans, I could tell things were going well so far.

“Keep stroking his cock sweetie, I’ll be right back.”

I stood as bid and kept stroking while I heard my owner from somewhere in the living room behind me. In no time at all, he was back and had dropped something soft onto my feet. I could feel him take hold of my hand and arm and guide me gently downward.

“There’s a pillow for you to kneel on right in front of you sweet girl, let me help you down.”

Once I was comfortable on the pillow, my man kissed me deeply. I could feel his happiness and excitement in that kiss. He then guided my free hand back to the beautiful thick length of his cock.

“Open up nice and pretty sweetie.”

I tilted my head towards his voice and opened my mouth, my reward of course was his tasty cock. I could feel him pulsate in my mouth, breathing in his scent, I reached for his balls to caress while I sucked. I enjoy going slowly as I know this pleases him plus, he tastes so wonderful, I like savoring every moment. I switched things up a bit, pulling my hot, wet mouth from his hardness and licking each ball before sucking each one in to twirl my tongue around them. Hearing his groans and feeling his fingers through my hair got me even more wet than before. I went to suck more of his beautiful cock but he stopped me.

“Time for our guest to sample that pretty mouth sweet girl.” he said as he turned me around and kissed me.

I opened my mouth and took in our guest. He was smaller, as I’d noted, but muskier too. Not too unpleasant but certainly not my owner. Telling the two apart blindfolded just got much easier. I treated him to the same oral delight as I’d given my owner and this time, was rewarded with loud and heavy groans.

I was almost positive my owner was smiling at that.

I was drenched by this point. My juices slowly making their way down to mid thigh. I know my owner is very perceptive to my needs and knows just when I begin to get almost too wet to bear. He knows that when I get to that point, almost all my reason goes out the window and I’ve no more pressing desire than to see him pleased with his hard steel-like cock embedded deeply within me.

“Up and over pretty girl” I heard him say as he gently guided me by the arm to stand and bend over the kitchen table.

“Ohhhhh shit that ass is incredible!” our guest murmured low as my owner tenderly flipped up my sundress.

My dress was a pale lavender with tiny floral design while my panties, I’m sure my love was happy I wore that day, they were a deep grass green, a colour he loved to see against my light toasted copper skin. I could hear our guest draw in his breath at my love pulling my panties slowly over my ample ass. The stretch lace giving only the slightest of tugs against my flesh. The contrast in colours bringing to mind tropical delights. Still sopping wet, like honey through the lace, my wetness now being smeared along the insides of my thighs even further as my panties came off.

I could hear a condom being opened with haste and could feel my owner’s hand on the small of my back.

“Spread those beautiful legs open sweet girl, I want our new friend to have first dibs with that pretty pussy of yours. He ought to sink in easy with how wet you are. I want you to be nice and let him fuck that pussy as hard as he can, okay?”

I nodded my head as I felt hands on my ass, rubbing in circles and then stroking the sides of my upper thighs. The hands were long and smooth, very different from my owner’s more strong grip. These reminded me of someone who did no physical labor at all. They smoothed over my ass once more and I felt the tentative push of his cock to my hot pussy. Slowly, he eased himself in while my owner, at my side, held on to the small of my back.

Our guest gave a long slow push forward and felt as though he was in to the hilt. I could feel my ass being pried apart as he moaned very lightly, I imagine he was watching my hot wet box engulf his cock as he slowly began fucking me. He had a steady pace, not uncomfortable but not at all what I was used to. He felt good in my hot box but I yearned for more.

Much to my disappointment, he did not last long. I felt him jerk a few times, give a groaning sigh and pull out.

“Holy fuck, that was GREAT! Her cunt is so tight! I couldn’t last looking at that ass, just seeing that was amazing!” he exclaimed in satisfaction.

My owner knew, of course, that I was no where near being pleased. This new man may have been almost as big as my love but he had no idea how to cut loose and use what he had. That sort of animalistic passion was something he was very masterful of.

“You want amazing? Watch.” I love when my man says things like that! “Pretty girl, I want you to reach out and hold onto the edge of the table and don’t let go. Understood?”

I nodded, “Yes, as you bid.”

I did as I was told, grabbing onto the edge of the table as my owner slid around to my eager backside and slowly filled my drenched pussy with his cock. Thick , hard and throbbing, he let me take a few breaths before pulling nearly all the way out only to plow into me as hard as he could. Again and again and again, he pulled himself away from me only to slam into my pussy with such force that I could do nothing but scream my pleasures and hold on. Then he sped up, fucking me wildly. Soon, I felt a certain pace begin… he slowed a little, his breathing was different, I knew he’d gotten close to cumming and held back. Pulling his magnificent cock out of my pussy, he told me to stay put.

“Oh my God, she’s used to that kind of fucking? You hit pay dirt man!” I heard our guest say.

“Not done yet my friend!” my owner replied. “Right my sweet girl? We’re going to let our new friend know just how things get done around our household, right?”

“Mmmm, yes love!” was all I could happily say while catching my breath. I could sense my owner looking for something below me, something in his pants pocket on the floor. I heard a snap of plastic and felt something cool on my ass, slipping between my cheeks. He’d brought the lube! I wriggled about for him as he rubbed his huge cock over my pussy, into my pussy and back out to rub between my ample ass cheeks. He ran his strong hands over my cheeks, pushing them together to squish the lube everywhere. I could hear his low moans of appreciation at how slippery things were getting.

“You aren’t serious, are you? Can she take that much cock up the ass?”

“I’ve trained her well, it’s still a very tight fit but when she’s as worked up as she is now, yes, she can take all of me up her beautiful big ass, isn’t that right sweetie? You love how I fuck this ass don’t you? And you want the nice man who’s cock you sucked and who banged that pussy to watch me fuck you up the ass don’t you?”

I was delirious with passion at this point! “Yes my love, I do!”

“What do you want sweetie? Tell me. Tell me nice and nasty.”

“I want your hard cock up my ass! I want to feel your thick cock up my tight hole!”

“Do you want me to cum up that big pretty ass?” his grip on my ample cheeks tightened as he rubbed his cock between them. Swirling his thumb near my hole he added, ” Do you want me to stretch you open honey? You want me to open that ass fuck it like your pussy? Want me to fill that sweet ass with cum for you?”

I was beside myself with need! Tingling from his filthy-sexy words! “Yes! Please, please use my ass like a pussy! Stretch me wide open and fill me with cum!” I’m positive my owner was smiling at that! Slowly he pushed his cock against my hot hole. Slower still, my ass swallowed more and more of him, widening, stretching around his hard, thick cock.


I heard my love grunt loudly as he seated himself as deeply as he could go up my tight, hot, greased up ass. He began thrusting cautiously at first, gaining a stride to let me become accustomed to and then, when he knew I was ready, going for broke with everything he had, his heavy balls slapping my dripping pussy mercilessly with each heaving thrust.

Pounding faster and faster, his groans and my squeals of delight echoing through the room. Pistoning harder and harder into my eager flesh, his cock like a hot steel dowel, long, thick and probing. Leaning over me more than he already had, grabbing my hips harder for more leverage, tipping them up slightly for deeper penetration, plunging repeatedly in and out of my tight, slick and slippery hole. I imagined his cock gleaming with lube, shiny and masterfully taking utter control of my ass until at last, I felt him tense up, shooting his hot thick cum deep within me. He collapsed on top of my back, kissing my shoulders and neck, whispering how much he loved me while disengaging from my now sloppy hole. Pulling himself up, he pushed my cheeks together as I felt his cum ooze out, dripping over my pussy and down my trembling thighs.

“Wow… you were right, that WAS amazing!” our guest stated.

“Stay where you are sweetie.” my love called to me.

I could hear an exchange of words and a door opening and closing. My owner was right at my side after that, helping me up and removing the blindfold.

“I’m SO fucking proud of you sweetie! SO fucking proud! I’m going to get him back to where he needs to be and I’ll be right back after that, okay? You go ahead and get cleaned up. I love you so much!” He enveloped me in a massive bear hug and kissed me deeply.

After a few minutes, he and our guest were on their way. I cleaned myself up with a nice long shower and gave myself a treat of a bowl of strawberries. After a little while, I heard my love return home.

“He was really impressed with you sweet girl!” he said. “Though it might have been nice to have lasted longer, I’m glad it was quick. He didn’t seem to please you much. I’m sorry about that.”

Pouting like a petulant little boy, my lover’s blue eyes seemed to deepen with regret.

“Don’t let it bother you my love.” I softly said to him. “I doubt if anyone will ever measure up to how you feel inside of me. I don’t think anyone can ever come close to how good YOU make me feel.” His blue eyes once more held the happiness I’d come to crave and love.

After his shower, my love and I spent the next few hours wrapped in each other’s arms, talking over what had occurred, planning for what we’d like next, satiated by an extremely good breakfast.


(This story is a result of seeing the following personal ad)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh BOYS!!!!

It’s been a few days since I have gotten all Dolled-up and Slutty so I can get down on my knees in front of you!!! I have a brand new SEXY Leopard print…SKIN TIGHT mini dress and all the sexy Lingerie for underneath! Why not watch me slowly take off my dress for you and expose my sweet panty bulge!!!

Then turn me over and SPANK this Whore! Make me do NAUGHTY, dirty things! Feel free to use your imagination and to try any kinky fantasies! Just send me a picture, and a way to reach you. Then we can get the fun started!

OWWwwwww…Spank Me!

She included a couple of pictures – she was a hot blond. I had to respond! So I sent her a frontal picture and my cell number. Within an hour, she called me.

We talked for a good while – both sex talk and practical, including setting a safe word. Then I got a shower and headed over to her house, which was only a few minutes away.

As I walked up her sidewalk, the door opened partially to reveal a blond “lady” in a short leopard print dress. She looked hot and I could feel the beginnings of an erection, just from seeing her.

I entered her house and she locked the door behind me. Taking her into my arms I whispered, “Are you the naughty lady I was talking to, sweetie?”

Giggling in my arms, she said, “Yes sir, I’m naughty and horny, and I want you to do whatever you want to with me. I want to please you. And I want to take care of that stiffy in your pants!”

I realized I was almost fully hard as I ran my hand down her back and over her ass. She pressed harder against me and moaned softly. I could feel her erection as I held her ass with both hands and kissed her open mouth.

Nibbling on her neck I said, “You are a bad, bad little girl. Letting a strange man into your house and letting him fondle you. You know better than to do that, don’t you?”

She simpered, “Yes, I am bad. Are you going to punish me?”

“I have to honey.” I replied, “You can’t be doing things like this.”

“Is it going to hurt?”

“Yes it is. Otherwise you won’t learn. So yes, I have to make it hurt.”

Sticking her tongue into my ear, she said, “Good.”

Then, pulling back (though leaving her crotch pressed against mine), she said, “No. How dare you? I do what I want and you can’t stop me! Get off me you pervert!”

Grinning, I said, “The only way I am getting off of you is if you use the safe word. Are you going to?”

Hitting my chest with her fist she replied, “No! I’m not!! And the likes of you can’t make me say that word!”

I grabbed her ass hard with one hand while pulling her face to mine with the other as she struggled. I explored her mouth with my tongue then bit her ear lobe lightly.

She moaned and relaxed into me as I found the zipper of her little dress and pulled it down.

Stepping back smiling, she asked, “Do you want to see what is in the dress? Wannta touch my stuff? Are you going to feel me up”

“You know it!” I replied, “Show me – everything!”

She slowly slid the front of her dress down revealing a hairless chest and a lacy push-up bra. I could see her nipples, erect, through the material. Then her flat stomach was revealed to me, also hairless and also sexy.

She licked her lips again and slipped the dress down her hips, revealing a French-cut pair of red panties. Letting the dress fall to the floor she asked, “See anything you like, mister?”

“I like everything I see,” I replied, wrapping my arms around her now almost naked form. Hugging me back, we kissed some more as my hands wandered her form. I found that her panties were a thong when I felt bare ass cheeks.

Using both hands, I pulled those ass cheeks closer to me and found out that the panty-bulge she mentioned in her ad was even bigger and harder than before.

Remembering our role playing, I slapped one cheek and said, “You like this, don’t you, little slut?”

“No! I hate this you bastard! You cocksucker, keep your tongue to yourself and let me the fuck go!”

Feeling up and down her ass cheek I stared into her eyes and said, “Well, one of us is a cocksucker I guess the question is, are you any good at it?”

Giggling kind of sexily, she replied, “I’m real good at it. But I ain’t going to suck your dirty little cock!” Then she made as to bite my face.

Slapping her butt again, I said, “Bad girl! Bad answer from a bad girl. You are going to suck me, real good, cunt!”

Then I pulled over to the sofa and bent her over the arm, leaving her thong-clad butt up in the air as I pushed her face into the cushions.

She squealed and struggled but I was quickly in position to deliver a firm smack to her right cheek.

I watched it turn red for a moment before giving her a similar hit to the left cheek.

She cussed at me, kicked at me, and tried to get her hands down to protect her butt all at the same time. I held her wrists behind her back while pressing her hard into the sofa with my left hand. Staying to the side of her kicking legs, my other hand was free to administer some discipline.

Her bouncing and squawking were not enough to keep me from turning both of her cheeks, as well as the tops of her thighs red. I tried for a uniform color.

After about 30 smacks, I leaned in close and asked her, “You ready to do as I say, cunt?”

She turned her head to me and quietly asked, “Do I get more later?”

When I nodded, she said, “Then yes, I’ll do what you want.”

“Say what you are going to do.”

“You know what I am going to do for you.”

I smacked a cheek, hard and said, “Say it!”

“OWW!” she howled, “I’ll suck your cock! Real good! As much as you want and however you want it!” Then she hissed. “Now let me up, damn you!”

Grabbing her shoulders, I pulled her up and off the sofa, then immediately forced her to her knees in front of me. She struggled a bit as I rubbed her face over my crotch. Shortly, she was nibbling at my cock as we played.

“Okay,” I told her, “Open my belt.” She quickly complied.

“Now, pull my zipper down, then unbutton my jeans and slide them down.” Again I was rewarded by her quick response.

Staring first at my bulging underwear, she then looked up at me and licked her lips.

I smiled back at her and said, “Now the underwear.”

As she slipped them down, my hard cock bounced out, pointing at her. She immediately wrapped her hand around it while leaning forward to kiss the tip.

Then her mouth opened and she took in about 4 inches. I gasped at the heat and pressure on my cock while she slowly pulled back until just the tip was between her lips. Then she repeated her actions. Her mouth formed a hard suction, pulling at the skin of my cock as moved her mouth back and forth over me. Each time that she inhaled me, she rolled my balls around in her hand.

She made it feel great, and I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept it up. Pulling back so my cock slid from her mouth, I stripped off my pants and underwear, then I said, “Lick my balls baby!”

Without complaint, she lifted my cock out of the way and began running her tongue over my hairy bag. Soon she was slurping each ball in and out of her mouth while squeezing and stroking my erection.

I spread my legs more to allow her better access while just watching her suckle my balls. She moved more under me and worked both balls in her mouth at the same time. She never stopped fondling my hard-on and, using her other hand, she began to stroke up and down my ass crack.

Soon I could feel her warm, wet tongue on the back of my balls and then on my taint. She was licking as far back as she could reach.

Suddenly, she slapped the insides of both my legs and said, “Spread wider. And crouch down a bunch.”

I complied and then watched her turn around so that we were both facing the same direction. Her panty bulge was prominent, sucking me aroused her!

She bent her head back and inhaled both of my balls again. This time I could feel her tongue on the front of my bag.

Then she moved further back, kissing, licking, and lightly biting the bottom of my ass cheeks. I could feel her tongue moving closer to my hole, but she didn’t touch, just played around it.

Until, without warning, she rammed her tongue up my asshole. I moaned loudly and about fell over. My legs suddenly felt weak. I don’t know how deeply she got, but I felt not only the warm, firm slickness of her, but I felt my hole opening to admit her inside. It felt like a cock spreading me.

She repeatedly forced her tongue into me. This wasn’t a rim job, I was being tongue fucked for the first time in my life, and damn it felt good.

Moaning, I tried squatting more to open myself to her penetration. She giggled but didn’t stop trying to get her entire tongue in me. She continued for a few minutes, but then had to pull back. She said, “I’m sorry sweetie, but my neck is breaking.”, as she lay back flat on the floor.

I immediately dropped down next to her and held her, kissing as I caressed up and down her body. As I reached lower, she parted her legs, silently asking to be touched “there”.

My hand moved over her panties, feeling her arousal. There was a big wet spot where she had leaked precum while servicing me. I slipped my hand into her panties and held her cock. She moaned while kissing me as I squeezed and stroked her member.

She asked, “That was really dirty of me, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was you little slut. You are going to have to be punished again.”

“I thought so,” she sighed contentedly. “I’m ready.”

I got up and then pulled her to her feet. Going over to the sofa, I sat down and told her to come over to me.

She stood in front of me, big panty budge staring me in the face.

As I lectured her about being a bad little girl, she started shedding tears. They ran down her face and, sobbing, she began begging me not to spank her again. Paying no mind, I ordered her to lie over my lap. Eventually, she gave up and slowly slid her almost naked body across my bare lap. She did feel good as I adjusted our positions in preparation for her next paddling. My cock was trapped between my stomach and her thigh and I could feel her hard cock pushing down on my legs.

Her little butt looked hot laying there, the thin red thong between her cheeks, hiding her most intimate opening.

Pressing down on her back, I waited. After a bit she began to whimper and to wiggle. I softly rubbed one cheek and then smacked it hard. Then I immediately got the other one. She jerked and howled in pain as I kept the pressure on her back.

“No, no,” she cried, “Too hard. It hurts.”

Ignoring her cries, I proceeded to turn her cheeks red again. Sobbing louder, she began to attempt to dodge my slaps, moving her butt side to side as I paddled her lovely cheeks.

Tiring of that, I yanked her up in the middle and reaching under her, pulled her panties down. Then, with my legs parted, I pushed her back down and trapped her erection between my thighs.

“Now try to wiggle little girl,” I laughed as I continued her discipline.

“Oww! No, stop! Please. Oww.” Was intermixed with my steady slaps. But she wasn’t wiggling much! She was however, humping between my legs, and so on an upstroke, I pulled her throng string from between her cheeks and down her legs.

Clenching her cheeks, she squealed, “How dare you? You pull that back up right now!”

“I don’t think so! Relax your cheeks and spread your legs, bitch!”

“No! Fuck you!! Asshole! I didn’t say you could take my panties down!”

“I didn’t ask, did I?” I asked as I fondled her taunt butt cheeks and then slid a finger between her legs to find the back of her bag.

“Get out of there! That’s private!!

“Not to me. I am going to do everything that I want.” I probed deeper as we bantered.

Then I began pushing her butt down on my lap, and allowing her to pull back, making her cock pump between my legs. Spitting on my hand, I lubricated her so that her firm shaft slipped easily back and forth between my legs. Soon I could feel her precum dripping down my leg.

Getting into it, she began to fuck my legs, moaning softly each time I pushed her down. After a while she whispered, “You are going to make me cum all over you.”

“I know sweetie,” I answered, “Just not quite yet.” And, opening my legs, I left her cock dangling there, unable to get any friction.

“Uhh, uhh. Come on, don’t stop. Please baby, I’ll do anything. Just let me cum!” she begged.

Leaning down, I kissed first one cheek and then the other. “Soon honey. Soon you will get to cum. Just wait a bit longer.” Then I added, “Now relax for me.”

With a hand on each reddened cheek, I parted her and gazed at her hairless opening. Moving my hands inward, I opened her further and was rewarded by both a quiet moan and her lifting up to better expose herself to me.

Her hole was a small, wrinkled, tight-looking opening, just a bit darker than the surrounding skin.

I couldn’t resist leaning down and licking across it. Her cheeks felt hot against my face as I lapped at her wrinkled tunnel.

She giggled saying, “You really know how to treat a girl.”

I gently kissed her asshole a couple times and then lifted and turned her so that she was sitting on my lap.

Her cock was fully erect, sticking straight out of her crotch as I pulled her face to mine and kissed her other end. My hand closed around her pole and began stroking, causing her to moan into my mouth. Her ass felt hot against my lap.

Shortly, she climaxed in my hand, her cum spurting over my chest and stomach.

I whispered in her ear, “Baby, I need to fuck you.”

“I want you to, but you have to use a rubber, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay baby. Go get one and some lubricant.”

She licked my ear and said, “I’ll be right back, don’t run away.”

I watched her red ass sway as she walked away. Shortly, I watched her now-soft cock wiggle as she returned and sat back on my lap. Her panties were now missing.

After a little more kissing, I asked, “Are you ready to lay across my lap again, baby?”

She nodded, handed me the lubrication, and then moved into position. Legs parted, showing her hole, her cute ass looked so sexy sticking up at me.

I smeared some lube on one finger and parted her cheeks further with my other hand. Starting slowly, I just rubbed the goo over the outside of her asshole. Then, pressing slightly, I began penetrating her outer sphincter.

She moaned as I went deeper. Soon I had my entire finger inside her. Adding lots of lube, I began using two fingers to open her.

“Ready honey?” I asked her.

She answered, “Yea, I’m ready. I need to be fucked.”

I lifted her off my lap and draped her over the arm of the sofa. She made sure to spread her legs widely as she positioned herself for me.

I slipped a condom on, lubed it, and then moved behind her.

Moving in, I pressed against her asshole, and then I pushed just enough to slip the head in.

Holding still, I said, “That’s all you get.”

“NOOO!! Give it to me! You bastard, fuck me!” she squealed, then shoved her ass back to me, impaling herself halfway down my cock.

Her hot, tight, slipperiness made me groan and shove forward, burying my cock up her little hole.

She moaned loudly and said, “Yes, give it to me! Oh give it to me hard! Your cock feels good inside of me!”

I held on her hips with both hands and began to slide my meat in and out of her hole. She moaned in sync with my thrusts.

Looking down I watched my hard-on disappear and reappear between her upturned butt cheeks. Her little hole was so hot, so tight, and felt so good. I slid half way out of her and then pulled her back on to me. She loved it and began to throw her ass back to meet my thrusts as we fucked passionately. I was taking pleasure with her body, using her for my enjoyment. And she was doing the same with me. All she cared about right then was the pleasure that my cock was giving her.

I rammed her extra hard, putting my meat inside her completely while forcing her face down against the sofa. Her moans were muffled but I felt her ring contracting around my dick – she teased me by flexing her ass muscles on each stroke.

Spreading her cheeks widely, I pulled out completely – watching her hole gap open and then close slowly. I jammed it back inside of her completely, feeling her inner heat, only to pull out repeatedly to watch her opened hole.

Dropping down on to her body, I began pounding her with long, fast strokes. I could feel my orgasm building with each stroke in and out of her willing fuck-tube. It hit me fast, I screamed as I came deeply inside of her. She squeezed me again and more cum pumped out.

We were both breathing hard as I finally fully collapsed on to her back. After a many moments of just remaining joined, I slowly pulled my cock out and watched her hole close.

She just lay still on the sofa, mewing softly, as I cleaned up and dressed. Bending over, I kissed her lightly. She asked, “Will I see you again?”

I answered, “Of course honey.”

As I walked out, I knew I had to write this story….

This is essentially an intro, just setting up the background before the story kicks in. Sorry for it’s length, but I think it’s worth it to understand the situation and characters properly, stick with it! Thanks.


I slumped into my usual seat on the bus, staring idly out the window as the masses of people walked across the field towards their various forms of transportation home. It was 3 o clock, and although this was a collective sigh of relief from everyone else, for me it was an embarrassment.

I was 18, and had just started my last year at 6th Form College. The school I attended saw itself as one big entity; it saw college as being an extension of high school, grouping everyone together for simplicity. Classrooms, teachers, break-times, lunch, transportation, uniform – nothing changed if you decided to stay on for further education, you were still treated like a kid. I’d been here since I was 11, when I first started high school and, needless to say, I loathed the place. Now, of course, I wished I’d gone to a proper, separate college when I’d turned 16, but I’d always been a shy girl, and decided it would be better to stay on with what few friends I did have around me, than to leave and have none.

3 o clock was the worst time for me. Whilst nearly all of the 6th Form students piled into their cars, or got lifts home from friends or boyfriends, I was cursed with the shameful bus, surrounded by young, babbling school children. I might as well have still been in school. Richard – probably the only other kid in his final year who took the bus too – took his usual position beside me, with a polite nod as the bus began to rumble forwards. He was similar to me in a lot of respects – quiet and socially awkward. He also blushed when he spoke to people he didn’t know very well; like I did.

“Can I ask you something..?” He said quietly, but still managing to startle me a little – we were both generally comfortable sitting in silence.

“Oh..of course..” I replied, turning my head a little to face in his direction.

“Well..I just wondered why Jake doesn’t take you home..?”. He said it a little timidly, not wanting to seem rude, but still curious for an answer. He nodded his head towards the window as the old red Volvo my boyfriend drove sped off.

I sighed, looking back out the window and away from Richard “It’s…complicated..”.

And it was. Jake, was my first and only boyfriend. We’d been together since we left school, so just over a year. He was good looking, confident and popular…so automatically he was the love of my life. I could never quite understand why Jake chose me as his girlfriend, rather than one of the many gorgeous and slutty popular girls that hung around in his group of friends. Needless to say, I was not a part of this group. And yet…he was still with me. I was always grateful for that.

He’d recently broken my heart and told me his real reason for venturing out from his group of friends and seeking me out in the first place. It was during an argument, one of many about the same thing – sex – and his words still rang clear in my mind “I thought quiet girls were supposed to be the dirtiest..”. He denied it afterwards of course..he said it wasn’t true, and that he had only told me to hurt me…but at that moment, I knew that it was.

I knew that before being with me, Jake had been ‘active’ with several girls – I’d asked him for the details, which I instantly regretted. Nearly all the girls in his group had sucked him and his friends off whenever they pleased – sluts – but they would never go all the way. It had since become blindingly clear to me that Jake had sought out one of the quietest girls in the school – me – and arrogantly assumed I would do anything to be with him..or let him do anything to me. But he’d taken it slow. He’d made me love him first. And I really did love him.

Even though his original motives were now obvious, and no matter how much he hurt me, it was too late – I still already loved him. He got under my skin so deeply, I was simply besotted that a girl like me could be with him; when he was (in terms of school hierarchy) out of my league. I became terrified of losing him to someone else, that I didn’t deserve him, and so maybe this was why I could turn a blind eye to how he treated me at times. He said he loved me too – which I half believed, but it needn’t have mattered to me – I would have been there anyway. I think, deep down, he was right from the beginning – I would do anything to be with him, to keep him.

When I stopped giving it all too much thought, he was good to me. He was giving, thoughtful, and most of all faithful. The only arguments we did have revolved around sex. We were both virgins – to ‘proper’ sex anyway, and he always seemed to respect the fact that I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity yet, which surprised me. Throughout the year we’d been together, I’d tried to please him – often with my hand, very occasionally my mouth – but he was the only guy I’d ever been with – I didn’t have the experience or talent like the sluts he had been with. We both knew my clumsy attempts didn’t even compare, no matter how hard I tried for him.

But none of this seemed to matter to Jake. From Day 1 he seemed to have only one sexual agenda for me – anal. It was the ultimate taboo for me; probably for him too, maybe that’s why he wanted it so much. Whenever things got heated, it was the only thing he’d try and aim for, his hands always clinging onto my ass. We’d talked about it, but I’d always put him off – if I wasn’t ready for normal sex, how could I be ready for that? But he seemed to get upset, as though I wasn’t prepared to please him. He didn’t understand my reluctance.

The truth is; I was scared. I knew very little about it, and I knew if we tried it..I’d fail. Although Jake wasn’t the biggest down below, I knew my tiny, petite frame would struggle. It would be typical – I’d moan it hurt too much and have to stop. And then that would be it. I’d be good for nothing, a failure to him sexually in every way. I knew if that happened, he’d be gone forever.

But as of last week, we’d made a deal. A make or break deal with no way out. I’d either keep Jake, or lose him..and it would be my fault. This is why I was in such low spirits today. The bus slowed down near to my house, and I smiled a half hearted farewell at Richard as I climbed out into the rain, heading towards home.

To be my girlfriend you must accept that I don’t want to fuck your pussy. The only pleasure a woman should get is from being sexually submissive. This means that the only sex you’re going to be allowed to enjoy is getting your ass and throat fucked. You may play with yourself while I am using your other holes, but that is the only way you’re going to be allowed to cum. Even if you masturbate, I want you to have something in your ass and/or throat when you’re doing so. You’ll need to ask for permission every time you masturbate or orgasm if I’m fucking you. And I won’t always say yes, either. I want you horny and frustrated most of the time.

If you want to be my girlfriend, you’ll have to be prepared to have every aspect of your life controlled by me. I’m going to tell you what to eat, what to wear and what to think. One of your first symbolic acts of submission I want you to under take is getting your nipples pierced. I love torturing nipples and you’ll learn over time to take an overwhelming amount of pain. Your nipples will always be sore and aching as a constant reminder of your place as my whore while you go through the rest of your life; while you work, while you go grocery shopping, while you visit family members.

The second thing I’m going to train you to do is deepthroat like a good little whore. We’ll practice for an hour a day by me shoving my erect dick as far in your throat as you can take while you try not to gag. We’ll practice with dildos of varying sizes and I’ll finger your uvula like it were a clit, treating your face like the fuckhole it is. I like to fuck a bitches throat so she can’t talk the rest of the day (not like women should talk anyway).

Every time we have sex you’re going to have to swallow. I will never cum inside your ass, I’ll always pull out. And if any gets on your face or clothes or on the floor or your back, I’ll make you drink every last drop. It’s always awkward at first to be honest, but I love making a girl do it none the less.

Now I must say I’m on medication that makes it hard for me to cum. So you’ll have to get used to me fucking you in the ass for extended periods of time, an hour to an hour and a half on some particularly difficult days. And I’m currently saving up to get my 6-incher increased to a 7 or 8 incher, so you’ll need to, at some point, need to take a very large and thick cock as well. I’ll be frank with you. The reason I want the size of my dick increased is simply because I just like seeing a woman struggle. And I’ll fuck your ass vigorously enough that you’ll always struggle with it.

If it isn’t already clear by now, I like my women whores. I like them to act like whores and I like them to dress like whores. And at some point I’m going to make you dress up in some humiliating whore outfit and take you to a bar and show you off. I’ll let you be groped by strange, drunk men. Maybe if you’ve been a bad whore I’ll take you to the men’s bathroom, have you kneel on the disgusting floor, blindfold you and have you suck off any man who needs his balls drained. When I have my friends over you’ll need to be prepared to not only serve them drinks and snack, but to be ready to get on your knees and suck them off if they so desire.

You’ll get used to an increasingly degrading and humiliating lifestyle of total submission. Eventually you’ll be eating all your food from a dog dish on the floor and I’ll strip you of your name and replace it with something like “dumb whore” or “fuck slave.”

In time you will shed your ego and think of yourself as just meat. Meat that I own and that is only worth anything to me as place to dump my cum. It’s very zen in a way. But I’ll have your limits so abolished that when I tell you to walk down the street with my cum drying on your face you won’t even hesitate. You’ll be so used to the constant humiliation and degradation that those feelings will simply become a part of your new reality.

So that’s basically what I’m looking for in a relationship. I’ve abused my share of women before, but never to the extent that their entire lives revolve around me, being turned into egoless sex-zombies.

I love getting comments so please don’t be shy about them! You can send comments or questions.

Walking home from professor Summers’ office was one of the most embarrassing, humbling, humiliating and EROTIC experiences of my life. It was about a 25 minute walk through the south end of campus to my dorm and I was wearing only a short pair of blue mesh shorts which I had sweated through and used to wipe up multiple loads of cum. Professor Summers had kept my shirt and running shoes as bait so I had no choice but to visit him again privately.

I kept trying to wrap my mind around his explicit instructions. He had told me to walk straight home and to stop and buy a box of diaphragms at Discount Drugs and then to go home and open my email. He was very specific that even though my face and neck were still crusted with cum and sweat and my shorts (my only clothing) were cum and sweat drenched, that I was to walk into the drug store and get the diaphragms then check my mail…so I did.

After garnering about a thousand looks of shock in the drugstore I decided to sneak up the back stairwell to my room and sat down to check my email which read like this from Professor Summers:

Good Job Mr. Williams, a soon-to-be mutual friend of ours saw you in the drugstore and said you looked like you’d just left a cum spa, so I trust you did not shower first. Your eager nature and obedience impresses me, but we must still take the next step toward your total transformation. Tonight at 3am, be in front of your dormitory waiting for me. I will be driving a black Tahoe with tinted windows and you will then get in the back seat where you will be inspected before we depart for the evening. My two assistants will be inspecting you to ensure you fulfill two VERY specific instructions.

First, you must steal a pair of panties from the girls’ floor and wear them under your shorts, and second you must completely shave the following areas prior to our meeting at 3am: Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, Legs, Armpits, Pubic Hair, and any other hair on your body except your hair on your head and eyebrows. Don’t forget the film we took Mr. Williams, I am sure these tasks will be performed to my satisfaction if you’d like that tape kept between us :) See you tonight!

Mr. S.


It was already almost 1am at that point so I had to rush. I grabbed my razor and ran down to the shower to start removing all of the hair from my body (which really wasn’t much to begin with). As I shaved my pits, arms, and chest the water started feeling amazing on my skin. And then as I started my legs I looked at myself and had become SO smooth I was like a totally feminine version of myself. I finished shaving and discretely toweled off and hurried back to my room to get dressed.

230 rolled around and I still hadn’t managed to find any panties so I decided to hit the laundry room and sure enough, they hadn’t been washed yet but I found a pair of purple ass-less panties and grabbed them and darted to the men’s room to put them on before running downstairs. I barely had time to fit in a cigarette before the Tahoe had pulled to a stop at the curb in front of me. I gulped, killed the rest of my cigarette and walked toward the Tahoe as the back door slowly opened and I heard a female voice softly mutter, “Come on in sweetie.”

As I closed the door behind me we immediately pulled around the corner of the dorm and stopped. The two girls in back with me were both very attractive from what I could tell, but it was dark and I was already turned on beyond imagination so I can’t describe them in too great of detail. But as we came to a stop they ordered me to strip for the inspection. They stopped me when I was in just my panties and then the girls informed me of the next test I had to pass. They made me get out of the car and told me to come back when I could convince a girl to give me her bra because I was cold…

As I walked up to one group of smokers I got laughed at and one girl almost felt sorry for me and gave me hers, but her bf wouldn’t let her, so I kept walking in shame until two girls walking by asked me if I lost a bet. “Kindof” I said, but it’s not over, I need a bra to complete my outfit…and to my astonishment, the shorter blonde reached back, unclipped her bra and held it out for me.

“But if I’m giving this away I want a damn picture.” she said laughing. So I reluctantly agreed and put on her bra for a picture. It wasn’t until she showed me on her camera that I realized JUST how feminine I now looked in a bra and panties with a smooth shaven body.

I quickly walked back to the car where the girls let me in. “Very impressive,” came Mr. Summers’ voice from the front. “Enough tests for now, we have more transforming to do…”

The rest of the ride, 20-25 minutes was filled with the girls caressing my smooth legs and arms and constantly complimenting how sexy and girly I looked already…ALREADY? …


We drove until I wasn’t entirely sure of my surroundings anymore and we came upon a slight clearing in the woods where I could see a large sprawling mansion behind a gated fence. As we got closer I could tell that was where we were headed and started to get a little anxious.

“You ok honey?” asked one of the girls.

“Yeah,” I said, “Just a little nervous.”

“Well you have nothin’ to worry ’bout sweetheart. Mr. Williams is gonna take good care of you I promise. And Me and Allie here are gonna make you beautiful for him and his guests.”

(Holy shit, what had I gotten myself into? GUESTS??)

I sat quietly as we approached the front gate and watched as it slid open for the Tahoe and closed behind us. The Tahoe pulled up the driveway and into the roundabout before the doors opened and the girls escorted me up the back stairs and into the “dressing room” as they called it.

As we walked in the girls pointed to a massage table and told me to lay down and remove my panties and bra. I handed them to girls and laid down on the table face down. The next thing I felt was a torrent of hot wax being poured over my ass and down my legs. I could feel it cover my asshole as it trickled down warming my shaft between my legs. Before long, what seemed like 10 girls were gathered all around me applying paper strips, and right about the time I realized what was happening the first girl tore her paper off taking with it the last traces of manhood from my legs.

This process was then repeated on my back, chest, pits, well…everywhere but my actual hair…which was next to go…

After my freshly waxed and marble smooth body was finished I was instructed to stand and make my way to the barber chair, which I did obediently. My hair was cut just short enough to allow for extensions which Mr. Summers’ team of girls were about to attach to make me come even closer to that gorgeous blonde he somehow knew i’d always dreamed of being.

Finally it was makeup and wardrobe time. The girls made my face shine of sexy femininity as my golden locks fell down my back as i stood. Though shaven head to toe, my 8″ semi-hard erection still didn’t quite fit the scene. But that apparently hadn’t gone unnoticed, as two girls began removing a diaphragm from the pack I had bought and tied it off around my penis. They then used the excess material aside from the bladder they left by the tip to roll it all up in a pouch.

As my clothes were brought out one article at a time, the girls showed me how it all worked. They slid the ass-less panties on that they had amended with a frontal pouch and inserted my cock into it. When it was all over they told me to look in the mirror and I couldn’t believe it. They had even made paste-on silicone breasts that looked real without my bra!! I WAS a woman! I was so turned on that I didn’t even see them bring out the butt-plug insert for m new panties as they finished dressing me in my gorgeous red cocktail dress that showed off my legs and ass. As the girls slid it inside me it hit home that my cock was off limits, and I was to use my new vagina tonight.


Though I really had NO IDEA what was really in store for me tonight. Finally Allie, the girl that had inspected me in the car came over to me at the mirror and said, “So, Mr. Summers says that before the party you and I are supposed to go out and get an expensive dress for tonight.”

“Expensive?” I said. “But I’m just a college kid, I don’t have any money.”

“Well,” said Allie. “I guess you’re gonna have to improvise then honey.” Don’t worry I’ll be with you. We’ll go to this place up town that you have to buzz in to shop there. There’s bound to be a hottie you can seduce there.”


As we walked into the dress shop Allie walked up to the guy at the counter and whispered something in his ear that made him look at me.

“Come over here gorgeous,” said the salesman who was old enough to be my grandpa. “What can we help ya with today? Allie here tells me you’re a lil short on money but we’ll see what we can do here.”

“Oh Thank you sir,” I said instinctively and was surprised by the words when I heard them come from my mouth. “I’d do almost ANYTHING for that gorgeous green ball gown!”

“Oh really darlin’,” said the slightly overweight salesman. “Well we might be able to work somethin out if you step in the back we’ll take care of it today and you can walk out with that gown of yours sweetie.”

As we walked to the back Allie didn’t follow but stayed up front like she was the saleswoman. Once in back the man forced me to my knees and told me I was gonna suck the cum outta his cock or he was gonna call the cops for attempted robbery.

This caught me off guard and as I got up to run i tripped over my own heels and fell to the floor. I scurried to get up but as i turned over he was on top of me growling about how I was gonna love it and i better open my damn mouth or else, but it was all just a blur as all i could see was his hard cock, dripping pre-cum approaching my face and then SNAP, like that he was in the back of my throat, he pumped me uncontrollably until he came violently and grabbed my face – holding the head of his cock in my mouth and forcing it to fill and eventually overflow down my chin.

My makeup was smeared with cum as he forced me to swallow with a look and a scowl. I was totally and utterly humiliated as Allie helped me back to the car with the gown…

Back at the mansion, after reapplying my makeup, the girls all dressed me in my new lingerie and green gown and I was beautiful once more and ready for the party – whatever THAT would bring…

I guess word finally came they “they were ready for me” so Allie led me out of the dressing room to the ball room which was empty, but about the size of a basketball court, if the court itself were a luxurious ballroom, yet decorated by goths in dungeon-style. At the very center of the room was a small stage raise 2-3 feet with plastic stairs leading up to a clear fiberglass altar, that was empty.

“What the hell IS this Allie?” I was starting to get a little worried. I mean the dress encounter ended up being a lot of fun…but what on earth was my own professor involved with?!

“Don’t worry girl,” she said, “Just sit up on the altar and lay in the swing there.”

I walked up to the swing mounted to the altar and was then clamped in place by Allie.

“It’s just a ritual silly” she said. “To confirm your transformation to womanhood.” She winked and walked over to a table that had the diaphragms on it. She removed one and walked back to me and removed my panties. Removing the butt plug she inserted the diaphragm into my ass and pulled my panties back up.

It wasn’t until she left the ballroom that all of the lights went out. I saw all of the other girls there…they were naked now and lighting candles all over the ballroom illuminating all of the gothic design details.

I could hear footsteps growing louder and louder. It sounded as if a LOT of people were walking towards us! And all of a sudden, I was blindfolded and the doors burst open to loud chatter and drunken shouts of at least 70-80 men.

“Quiet down now folks, quiet down,” said professor Summers. “You all know why we’re hear tonight, but our young lady over here has still yet to put it all together. A day ago this “BOY” came into my office confused and slacking, and I taught him what he needs!”

I was growing more nervous by the second as he went on with his regime.

“Tonight, this young boy, will become a WOMAN!”

“And what do we do with young boys to ensure they stay WOMEN?!” Mr. Summers shouted.

“BREED EM!!!!” resounded the crowd of men.

At once they were on me. Mouths, tongues, cocks, hands, you name it. My clothes and new dress were immediately ripped off and thrown aside along with the blindfold and I counted 99 guys gathered just in front of me.

The next 5 hours were a blur of different men womanizing my mouth and ass as if I never had a cock to begin with. It wasnt until the fifth guy exploded inside my ass that I realized I was cumming and had already cum once previous. My bubble was starting to get tight by my cock.

Mr. Summers finally called a time out to my relief in order to change out diaphragms, but as he did i saw him tie off the one full of cum and hand it to Allie. But I was too aroused to care as Mr. Summers calmly said that “now it’s time for the real deal honey…me and my closest friends that are left are going to fuck your brand new pussy bareback, and I’m gonna breed that hot little hole first you sexy little track and field whore!”

As he finished he plowed his 9″ monster into me and forced me to further fill my diaphragm with a fresh load. I lost count at around 100 and started over and finished at 55…so around 155 men bred me that night and many fed me for round two. I filled two diaphragms with my own cum and theirs in my ass…and i filled 5 gatorade bottles with cum bareback straight into my new pussy.

After the girls had gathered up all the cum, they brought out a giant funnel that had a 4-foot diameter at the top and attached to the hole was a plastic tube. I knew what I was in for as Mr. Summers made the next announcement.

“Gentlemen, those of you that have it left in ya feel free to rub one more out onto our new girl Alexis as she DROWN! IN! CUM!!!!”

With that, they all gathered as they needed to shoot and most came on my face but my whole body was coated as Allie turned the knob to allow the 3.12 gallons of cum to begin to flow down the tube and into my waiting mouth.

I gulped at that tube for what seemed like forever, taking cup after cup of strange men’s cum into my stomach as i had my bare ass. As I stopped to catch my breath cum sprayed my entire face and soaked me before i could get the tube back to my mouth. I continued gulping and got about another 2 minutes into it without gagging and took a breather again. I went back one final time to gulp and on my 5 gulp it started to drip and there was a thunderous applause from the men in the ballroom.

I collapsed exhausted and cum-drunk as my stomach started to gurgle and churn. men were still cumming on me as Allie and her friends were picking up handfuls of spilled cum and throwing it on me and each other as they giggled “She’s one of us now!”

About that time my stomach rejected the 1.5 gallons or so of cum i had actually swallowed and I watched as the pure white jism flowed on the ballroom floor. Just when I thought it had all ended…Mr. Summers dragged me into the newly formed cum pool and threw me down soaking me again…

“You don’t move a muscle sweetheart…by morning i suspect you’ll be crusted quite nicely to that ballroom floor! Goodnight!”

And then there was nothing but candlelight as I laid my head back in the pool of cum that was to become my second skin.


Sometimes you have no recollection of the events leading to sex. Sometimes foreplay is forgotten and your animal brain just wants to rut, just wants to fuck another body and spread its seed. Sometimes the moments leading up to sex sparkle with intensity and shine brighter in one’s memory than any event leading up to or following it. This is one of those times, a time when nothing mattered more than how he encouraged my body to hunger for his in a deeper, more desperate way.

We were already naked, we were done kissing and caressing. It was his show now, the sub in me quietly turned over to let him play with me as he saw fit.

He pushed into me, but not all the way. Not nearly. He moved around just enough to open me up; just enough to make my muscles tighten and twitch. I rolled my hips forward hoping to force him in further but he pulled back ever so slightly and spanked me hard. I could feel my skin flush red hot as the sting faded.

“You’ll not get any more of my cock until you’ve deserved it.”

I whimpered softly into the sheets, I could feel my vagina aching for the full measure of him.

He started moving slowly around, massaging my ass that was so rudely in the air for him. He slipped his thumb in and back out around my asshole. Gently coaxing my sphincter to relax. He left his cock perched on the edge of my lips just waiting and teasing as he focused on my ass. Being a rotten little sub that doesn’t follow the rules, I pushed back onto him and for a glorious split second he filled me and stretched me. But I was all too predictable. He used my distraction to shove his thumb deep inside my ass and squeezed down his forefingers to grip my tailbone and force me away and off him.

As his fantastic manhood slipped away from me I became increasingly aware of the discomfort of his firm grip on my ass.

“What did you do to deserve me?” he demanded.

I whimpered again into the bed. He didn’t like that reply and smacked me hard. His fingers pulled away from my skin softly grazing the sting away.

“What did you do?” he asked slowly.


“Mmhm, that’s right!” He slapped me again to emphasize his last word.

“Now,” he started playing with my asshole again. His finger moved in circles forcing me to widen. I tried desperately to relax into the pain but I clenched suddenly when I received another sharp slap.

“Now, is this what you wanted?” He pushed in harder, deeper, and wider.

My only reply was a grunt into the sheets and a pleading whine. His finger training my ass wasn’t what I wanted, he knew that, but I also knew that what I wanted was of no matter in this situation. I was his to play with, to torture or pleasure at his whim.

Then he smacked me square on my wet lips sharply stinging the delicate flesh.

“No, no, this is what you want isn’t it?” He teased me as he smoothly moved two fingers finally inside my soaking wet lips.

I sighed heavily as my whole body relaxed into the elation spreading through it. My back arched sharply presenting myself to him even more openly than before! He answered this with a third finger and a fourth. My body was hot and wet and all too ready for him.

All while working on me in my favorite way he continued opening my asshole too. I love him for this; his attention to detail and incredible skill at multitasking.

My breath was getting heavy and my body was undulating of its own volition. I could hear myself screaming and moaning as he continued his nuanced and forceful work on me. I was quickly losing all ability to witness this amazing feeling. I was slipping under the ecstasy and fast.

“Ah, ah, shhh, how do you feel?” He asked me softly. He could always read me and pull me back just in time. His fingers pulled out slowly and continued to massage me, keeping me wet and hot.

I nodded a response, not sure if my voice would work and completely unsure of how to describe to him how… I… felt.

“Come on,” he urged me. He pushed his hips forward once more lightly pressing against me. I could feel his firmness pushing into the soft parts of me, I could feel his warmth surrounding me and it felt like home.

“How do you feel?”

“Good” I whispered.

“Good girl,” he said as he finally pushed all the way inside me. He leaned in with all his weight and surrounded me, his long arms reaching down beside mine. We both moved in sync. I felt him finally surrender to the ecstasy and fall into the primal, instinctual physicality of the moment. We breathed together we sweat together, and we came together. Both bodies completely tensed and full of potential for one perfect moment.

With a sigh we collapsed hot and exhausted and wickedly content within the company of one another.

The water was peaceful. Even though I was wrapped in heavy steel chains and was slowly losing all of my breath, I was calm.

I had been sitting under the water for a little over a minute, and was beginning to lose the last amounts of oxygen I had left in my lungs. When I knew I only had a few more seconds before I would pass out, I slipped out of my chains and swam to the surface of the pool.

Cheers greeted me as I broke the surface of the water. I wiped the excess water off my eyes, waved to the large crowd of people, and swam over to the edge of the pool where my assistant Amanda greeted me with a towel.

“Good job, Drew,” she whispered as I pulled myself out of the pool. “You almost had me convinced for a moment there.”

I tried not to grimace as she wrapped the towel around my shoulders. I did my best to ignore Amanda as I smiled and waved at my fans. I thanked my audience for coming to my show before walking away and into my temporary dressing room.

I sat down at the vanity table and began to dry out my brown hair while looking in the mirror. Once I had squeezed all the water from it, I took my towel and wiped off the excess eyeliner from around my chocolate eyes.

“You had a great show today, Drew,” Amanda said as she waltzed into the room.

“Amanda, knock next time. What if I was changing? And how many times do I have to tell you to call me either Andy or Andrew?”

“But everyone calls you Andy!” she whined as she came up behind me. She flipped her fake red hair over her shoulder before she leaned down to whisper into my ear. “I want to be different.”

Right as she was about to lay her hands on my shoulders, I stood up and turned around.

“Amanda, I think I’m going to have to let you go.”

Her jaw dropped and her blue eyes were wide. “What?”

“I’ve told you time and time again the rules, and yet you simply don’t listen.”

She chewed on her lipstick coated bottom lip before replying. “What were the rules again?”

I sighed and squeezed the bridge of my nose, closing my brown eyes. Once I had calmed down, I opened my eyes and turned around so I could look her in the face. She was wearing way too much makeup, even for being on stage. She reminded me of a Barbie doll.

I held up my left hand in a closed fist while looking into her blue eyes.

I put up my pointer finger. “One. No touching me unless absolutely necessary.”

I added my middle finger. “Two. I can be called either Andy or Andrew.”

I added my ring finger, which had a gold band around it. “Three. Absolutely no flirting.”

I put my hand down as Amanda glared at me.

“I was just trying to show you that you aren’t–”

“That I’m not gay?” I said while leaning back in my chair. “I can assure you, I most certainly am. Unless having another guy’s dick in my mouth is completely normal for the average heterosexual male.”

If Amanda had Superman’s powers, I’d certainly be a pile of ash from her laser vision.

“Well, why are you with that guy anyway?!” she asked, throwing her arms in the air in exasperation. “He orders you around and treats you horribly!”

My eyes narrowed and fury started to replace my frustration. “You better not be talking about my husband of three years, Amanda, or so help me God–”

“Drew. Enough.”

Shivers ran up my spine and I quickly stood up and turned toward the door.

There, standing in the doorway, was my husband Xavier. His coal black eyes were commanding me to join him and I could never refuse one of his commands.

I quickly walked over to him, stopping when I was standing directly in front of him.

“How can I be of service, Sir?” I said quietly so that Amanda wouldn’t be able to eavesdrop on us.

“Do people usually believe Amanda’s gossip, Drew?” he asked.

“No, Sir,” I said. “Her stories are often too wild for anyone to believe.”

“Then how about we give her a show?” he said with a smirk.

“Sir?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes pet?”

“How much did you hear, Sir?”

Xavier sighed, causing anxiety to run rampant through my system.

“We’ll worry about your punishment later, Drew.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

Xavier nodded and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, turning me around and pulling me to his side. We faced Amanda and her scowling face.

“See, this is what I mean,” she said with a sneer. “You let him order you around like a dog. It’s sick. I would treat you so much better than him.”

“Ho, did you ever think that he wants, no, needs to be treated how I treat him?” Xavier asked with a bored tone.

I was getting slightly worried for Amanda. Sure, she was annoying and I didn’t like her, but judging by Xavier’s voice and words, he was about to punch her. Xavier had never cared about not hitting women. He figured that if they got him angry enough to make him need to hold himself back from hitting them, they deserved at least a slap in the face.

I knew he was so angry because he was worried about what Amanda was saying earlier. He was always worried that I was going to leave him, despite my reassurances that I never would.

Right now, the only thing that could calm him down was me showing him that I was his, and always would be. This is probably exactly what Xavier was going for when he said we should ‘give her a show.’

I stood in front of Xavier and quickly dropped to my hands and knees.

“Master, I’m yours. Always and forever,” I whispered as I gently kissed his feet. The position made me feel so much better already; all of my tension from earlier was gone as I relinquished all of my control onto my master.

Xavier took a few calming breaths and began to run his fingers through my hair as though he were petting a dog. It felt wonderful. The combination of my master’s happiness, my submissive position, and Xavier’s fingers running through my hair was causing tingles of warmth to spread through my stomach. Butterflies joined the party and I sighed in happiness.

I had completely forgotten where I was, only to be reminded by Amanda.

“You’re both crazier than I thought!” she shrieked.

I jerk my head up and looked at her. Her mouth was gaping open and her eyes were wide. I whimpered quietly and shifted my body so I was sitting on my calves, head down and hiding slightly behind Xavier.

Sure, earlier I had snapped at Amanda pretty quickly, but usually I wasn’t like that. Normally I was much more meek and introverted. Amanda just happened to bring out the worst in me and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Having Xavier here calmed me down so I was acting like my normal self again.

“Now, I would suggest that you leave and never talk about this to anyone. After all, who would believe you?” Xavier said with a smirk.

Amanda huffed, grabbed her purse, and stomped away towards the door.

I tugged at Xavier’s pant leg.

“Sir? May I say something to her?” I quietly asked, looking up into his beautiful coal eyes. He smiled softly and nodded.

“Hey, Amanda?” I said right before she was about to leave.

She spun around and looked at me with disgust.

“Don’t use me as a reference, because I won’t say anything good,” I said sweetly, leaning into Xavier’s leg happily.

She made a face at me and left in a huff, slamming the door shut behind her.

Xavier peeled my hands off his leg and stepped away from me slightly. I fought off the urge to whine and looked up at him curiously.

“Have you already forgotten what you did wrong, Drew?”

I blanched and dropped my head when I remembered. “No, Sir, I remember now.”

I swore, was rude, and told someone else about my private life. Guilt was settling in and I felt horrible. I was also worried.

Not that Xavier would hurt me, of course. No, he only punished me when I deserved it and he always explained why I was getting certain punishments. It made me love him that much more.

No. I was worried because of how much I did wrong. I always tried really hard to do what I was told and to remember the rules, but I felt like I could be so much better. When Xavier praised me, my heart would soar and butterflies would fill my stomach. I wanted to please him so badly, but I felt like I was always doing wrong.

What if that last act of mine was the last straw? What if Xavier had grown tired of me and was going to find a new, better submissive?

I wouldn’t blame him.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I began to hyperventilate at the thought of Xavier leaving.


My head shot up and my brown eyes met his. “Please, don’t leave me Master! I’m sorry, really! I can do better, I promise!”

Xavier’s eyes softened and he came up to me before kneeling down to be at my level. I squirmed uncomfortably. Xavier should be above me, not on my level. It wasn’t right.

Xavier held my cheek in one palm as he pet the top of my head with the other. “I’m not leaving, Drew. It was an accident, and I understand that you’re not perfect.”

I snuggled my face into his palm, loving his touch. Hearing that calmed me down instantly, and I let out a sigh of relief.

“What will my punishment be, Sir?” I asked, opening my eyes to look into his.

He seemed to think for a moment on what would be appropriate. That was another thing I loved about him: he never made rash decisions. He always thought things all the way through before reacting to a situation. It helped me to feel like I could always trust him.

“Amanda always brought out the worst in you,” he began, hitting the nail right on the head. “That, and you reacted quite well to the situation, besides the fact that you didn’t need to be rude or swear. And you definitely didn’t need to tell her about what we do when we’re alone.”

I dropped my head in shame, knowing that I could’ve handled the situation better.

“That being said, I think nine swats will be sufficient. Three for each of your misdoings.”

I looked up and nodded. “I completely agree, Sir.”

Xavier smiled at me and stood up before walking over to the chair I was sitting on when I freaked out on Amanda. I followed him and, as soon as he was sitting, lay down across his lap.

I had automatically tensed up in anticipation for what was about to happen. Xavier ran his fingers through my hair and mumbled calming words, soothing me and letting me relax my body. Once I was relaxed, he raised his hand and quickly brought it down on my ass.


I flinched slightly, but after the first swat, the rest were much easier to go through. Xavier kept each smack at the same speed, causing them all to hurt in the same amount. It wasn’t unbearable, but it didn’t feel pleasant. It wasn’t supposed to. This was a punishment, and although it was supposed to be a reprimand for what I did wrong, it helped to soothe my guilt.

When he finished, he pulled me up so I was sitting in his lap and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled into his chest and listened to him give me soft words of praise, saying what a good boy I was and how happy he was to have me as a pet.

Once I had completely calmed down, I slipped off of my master’s lap and sat on my calves below him, leaning my head against his knees.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said with a sigh of contentment.

“For what?” he asked, petting the top of my head.

“For not giving up on me.”

He stood up and pulled me to him, chest against chest. I set my hands on his chest and looked up into his eyes. I could see the swirls of emotion in their murky depths.

“I will never give up on you. You will forever be mine, and mine alone.”

And with that, he kissed me.

It started out slow and sweet. His soft lips guided mine as we sensually kissed. My hands crept up of their own accord and wrapped around his neck. Xavier set his hands on my waist and tilted his head, deepening the kiss. This kiss had no lust, only love, and it made my heart swell wonderfully.

We broke apart for air and I laid my head on his shoulder.

“Let’s go home,” he said, and I couldn’t help but agree.


When we finally arrived home, my body was on fire. I had ridden shotgun, like always, but Xavier was much more… playful than usual.

His hand had started on my knee, and by the time we got home, he was rubbing my hard-on with the back of his hand.

I let out an involuntary whine as he stopped the car and lifted his hand away from me. I blushed furiously as he chuckled and got out of the car before going around, opening my door, unbuckling me and helping me out. I was still blushing as we went up the steps and into our home.

As soon as the front door shut, Xavier turned to me with lust in his eyes.

“Go to our room. Leave your bag of tricks here. Undress and lay on the bed,” he growled out.

I moaned inwardly at his commands and nodded before hastily making my way up the stairs. Once in our bedroom, I shut the door and stripped, throwing my clothes in the laundry basket. I glanced at the mirror on the wall quickly, running my fingers through my hair to fluff it up. I then ran over to the bed and lay down in the middle on my back, my head resting on the pillows.

Just then, the door opened and lifted my head to see Xavier carrying a small black drawstring bag. I was curious, but decided to wait and see. I trusted Xavier completely, and I knew he would never hurt me.

Xavier smiled at me and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs that I used during my shows.

“Sir, is everything in there from my bag of tricks?” I asked politely.

“Almost, but no, not everything,” he said with a smirk. My blood began to boil as lust ran rampant through my system.

He gently pushed me so that I was lying down again before he hooked up each pair of handcuffs to the headboard so that my hands were about two feet apart and above my head. He smiled at my blushing face before climbing off the bed and going back to the bag.

Next, he pulled out a violet blindfold and two small sets of silver keys that went with the handcuffs. He came back to me and blindfolded me. When I could only see purple, he kissed my forehead gently and, after a moment, kissed me deeply. I moaned and opened my mouth as soon as his tongue came knocking. However, once our tongues began to battle, I felt the cool touch of metal hitting the roof of my mouth. I scrunched up my face in confusion as Xavier pulled away from me.

He chuckled and I felt his weight leave the bed before hearing him dig into the bag again.

“Those are the keys to your handcuffs. Unlock yourself by the time I’m done preparing you.” he said.

I nodded and started right away. I heard the rustle of clothing as I separated the two different keys from each other in my mouth. I shuffled up the bed and leaned over to my left with one of the keys sticking out of my mouth. Right when I was about to try it, though, Xavier distracted me.

I felt him leaning over me before quickly swooping down and latching onto one of my nipples. I moaned loudly and froze in what I was doing. I had gone soft while concentrating on the keys, but was now at full attention again, eagerly awaiting Xavier’s next move.

Xavier nipped and licked at my left nipple until it was hard and sore, then moved on to the right one. I was moaning and twitching, my back arching up and pressing my chest further into his mouth.

“What are you supposed to be doing right now, Drew?” he chuckled as he kissed a path down my stomach.

‘Oh right,’ I thought. ‘Escape.’

I quickly moved into the same position I was in before. I tried to stick the key in and, after many failed attempts, found the keyhole.

That was also the moment that Xavier’s lips found my aching shaft.

I groaned and tried to ignore the growing fuzziness in my head and the need to thrust my hips desperately. I tried to shove the key into the lock, but it was to no avail. It was the wrong key.

I switched the keys in my mouth as I felt Xavier change his position. Once I had the correct key, Xavier was licking at my hole, causing me to lose all sense of thought.

He pulled away for a moment and I heard the pop of a cap. I took that moment of him lubing himself up to quickly shove the key in the lock and unlock my left hand.

The lock clicked open and my left hand was free. I reached up to my mouth and grabbed the other key.

Then I felt Xavier’s fingers press into me.

My hands fisted and my left hand slammed into the bed. My back arched and I let out a long moan, thrusting myself down onto Xavier. When I had regained some control, I reached up and unlocked my other hand. Pulling it free, I grasped the sheets and moaned loudly.

“Sir? May I take off my blindfold, please?” I gasped out, finding it difficult to take in much air.

Xavier pulled his lubed up fingers with a soft pop and said softly, “Yes, pet, you may.”

I reached up and yanked my blindfold off, eager to see what was happening.

Xavier chuckled at my eagerness and pulled my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and fisted my fingers in his hair, just the way we both loved it. Xavier lined himself up, leaned down to plant a chaste kiss on my lips, and slammed in all the way to the hilt.

I let out a groan of pain and closed my eyes, leaning my head back into the pillow and taking deep breaths. I relaxed my body as Xavier peppered my face with soft kisses.

When the pain had receded, I opened my eyes and nodded to Xavier, who smiled and settled into a slow rhythm. Soon enough, though, I was moaning and begging him to go faster, harder, deeper.

He responded to my begging and began to thrust furiously, making my arch my back and thrust against him, moaning his name and ‘Master’ constantly.

Suddenly, he tilted his hips and drove in deeper than before, hitting a magical spot that caused me to scream and release all over both of our chests. Xavier thrust quickly a few more times before releasing inside me with a groan of my name. He fell onto the bed, rolled onto his back and pulled me onto his chest. I snuggled into him, sighing happily.

“I love you so much, Drew,” I heard him whisper. “I don’t want you to ever talk or even think about me leaving you again, alright? You will always be mine.”

I smiled widely and kissed his chest before cuddling closer to him. “Yes Sir, I understand. I love you too, Sir, so very much.”

He kissed the top of my forehead and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Summary: A trip to the Amazon has sister submit to her nerdy brother.

Note 1: This is a 2013 Earth Day Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: A special thanks to MAB7991 for editing this and so many of my other stories.


Kevin slammed his hard cock inside my wanton pussy. My pussy tightened around his cock hungry to feel his hot seed explode inside me. “Harder, fuck me harder,” I begged, each forward thrust getting me closer to my own orgasm.

“Come for me sis,” he grunted, slapping my ass.

Obeying like I always did, I frantically rubbed my hard clit as he pounded me hard and fast.

“I’m cloosssse,” I moaned.

“Now slut,” he demanded.

“Fuuuuck,” I screamed, as my orgasm and his hit simultaneously. His cum exploded into me as my juices fought to get out.

A couple of minutes later as we both recovered from our orgasms, Kevin smiled, “Happy Earth Day.”

I laughed, “Happy Earth Day to you too.” As I waited for the traditional ass fuck that was too follow, I reminisced to twenty years ago when we started our incest relations in the Amazon rainforest…on Earth Day.


“You are not serious?” I asked, dad’s words so ludicrous that I was sure I must of heard him wrong.

“Yes, Kerry, it is time we get away from the twenty-four seven plugged in world you and Kevin are so obsessed with,” dad explained.

Sarcasm dripping from me, I retorted, “It’s not the eighties anymore, dad.”

“Well for two weeks it will be the eighties, the eighteen eighties,” he replied back quickly, with his usually corny humour.

“Mom!” I said, looking for help. There is no way she liked this idea. She hated camping, there was no way she wanted to go to Amazon rainforest.

“Your dad is right. It will be good for you and Kevin to go see another part of the world,” Mom answered, before adding, “your brother is excited about the trip.”

“Of course he is,” I quipped sarcastically, glaring at him. It was hard to believe that we had any of the same DNA, despite the fact that we were twins.

“Plus it will be a great way to celebrate Earth Day,” Dad added.

“What day?” I asked.

“Earth Day,” Dad repeated as if that made it clear.

“Earth Day is not a real thing,” I argued.

“Of course it is,” Dad said, clearly beginning to get annoyed by me.

“It’s not a real holiday if we have to go to school,” I pointed out.

“Well this year you will be missing school on Earth Day,” dad shrugged, smiling at his wit.

Twenty more minutes of futile protest landed on deaf ears and apparently instead of doing something cool like going to the mountains, or a beach in Mexico, we were going to the Amazon rain forests.

To make matters worse, I would be celebrating my eighteenth birthday on a plane on our way to a foreign country with my family….my life officially sucked.


The trip there was exhausting as flights were delayed, food was terrible, and I was on the tail end of my period. Because I was miserable and unhappy with this whole trip, I was a complete whiny bitch the entire time. I was clearly getting on my father’s last nerve and it made me try even harder to push him over the edge. My mother, meanwhile, just acted like the journey to hell was all fine and dandy.

To make matters worse, Kevin and I celebrated our 18th birthday in an airport. Mom and dad tried to make it memorable, but I wouldn’t let them. I was pissed off; I should have been celebrating my birthday with my friends not stuck at an airport while our flight was delayed by six hours.

When we finally got onto a plane, a day later, I wished I was back in the airport. The flight was on an eight-passenger plane and had me a nervous wreck. Clearly not the time to learn you may be claustrophobic. I actually held onto my brother and when we hit some turbulence, my hand actually landed directly on Kevin’s very hard cock. I quickly moved it away but two things instantly popped into my head: 1. Was he hard because of me? 2. Wow…by brother was well-endowed.

The look of embarrassment on his face was hilarious. I just shrugged and said, “Oops.”

He didn’t say anything, clearly mortified by having his hard cock felt by his sister. Somehow though it relaxed me as I was no longer worried about the tiny plane crashing as I became fixated on just how big a cock my nerdy brother had.

Deciding to entertain myself during this brutal day, I whispered in his ear, quiet enough no one else could hear, “Was baby brother hard because of me?”

When he didn’t respond, I pushed further, curious if I could provoke an even deeper shade of red in his cheeks. I asked, my tone soft and seductive, “Does my baby brother want to fuck his sister?”

Apparently there was another shade as Kevin’s eyes went big at the question.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you, baby brother?” I asked, very confident I was right, this time purposely allowing my hand to land briefly on his stiff cock.

He gasped as I gave his cock a solid squeeze. He finally spoke as he asked, “Kerry, what are you doing?”

“Just bonding with my brother like mom and dad suggested we do,” I smiled back, my hand still on his cock that just flinched in my hand. “Hmmmmm, am I getting you excited?”

“Kerry, stop,” he demanded quietly, although he never attempted to move my hand.

“So what made your snake come alive?” I asked, slowly rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“I-I-I don’t know,” he stammered clearly distracted by my teasing.

“I think I do,” I purred, as I began to rub his cock faster.

“Oh God,” he groaned.

“Come for your sister, baby brother,” I whispered in his ear, giving a quick nibble on his ear lobe.

A few seconds later he let out a strange, noise as he came in his pants the whole time biting his lip so as to not let out a sound that would make what he just did obvious to the other passengers and especially not to our parents.

I moved my hand away, put my headphones on and closed my eyes amused as hell. At that moment, I still had no intentions of fucking my brother, it was just harmless fun, but apparently, I had planted the seed for him to want to fuck me whether I intended to or not.

We arrived jet lagged, and each of us snappy and needing sleep. Yet, we still had two more hours to travel by vehicle with others. We were squished into a compact bus where I had to sit on my brother’s lap the whole time. It was like the Gods of incest where manipulating our situation from above.

Kevin and I were in the back with an older couple. Once we got started, the journey was a bumpy one and I learned rather quickly that my brother: 1. Has a quick recovery time. 2. Got hard having his sister on his lap.

It probably didn’t help that I purposely ground my ass onto his crotch every time we hit a bump. I wondered if I was wearing my cheerleader skirt right now, could I ride his cock during the long bumpy journey. As soon as the thought popped into my head, I realized I was thinking about fucking my brother. I shook my head at the silly thought and yet the slight dampness in my pussy was impossible to deny.

I glanced at the older couple and saw they were both asleep. Trying to drive my horny brother crazy, I leaned back into him and whispered, “They are asleep. Why don’t you just pull that big cock of yours out of your jeans and let me ride you, baby brother?”

I wasn’t being serious and was taken by surprise when he said firmly, “Get up.”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“Get up so you can touch it first hand, big sister,” Kevin ordered, his confidence coming out of nowhere.

“I was just teasing you,” I replied, suddenly realizing I may have gone too far.

His hand went directly to my crotch area and as his fingers touched my pussy through the thin fabric of my shorts as he said with a smug smile I had never seen him use on me before, “Looks like you were getting off dry humping me.”

“Stop, Kevin,” I weakly protested, even as I moaned lightly, defeating any pretense that I wasn’t getting turned on by my brother’s touch.

This time he whispered in my ear like I had him earlier, all the while his hand was firmly on my now burning pussy, “I think big sister wants her brother’s big cock in her.”

I stammered, “W-w-what, I-no-I.” Even as I protested, the sudden transformation of Kevin was an instant turn-on as I liked my men to be in control.

“Your words say no, but the wetness in that hot cunt of yours and the hunger in your eyes say yes, yes, yes,” he replied, a confidence and cockiness in him I didn’t know existed underneath his nerdy exterior. Also, hearing my brother who can recite verbatim every word of The Lord of the Rings movies saying cunt was shocking…and had my pussy literally ready to burst.

I tried to regain control of the strange power shift that had just occurred. “Do you want me to pull my shorts and panties to the side and ride your cock, baby brother?”

He laughed but a cocky laugh, “No, no, you need to earn my cock.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned stunned by his answer.

“Actually, for now you can straddle my leg and get yourself off like a good little slut,” he said.

“That is enough…” I began, but he put his finger to my lips.

“Ssshhhhh, my sister slut, you wouldn’t want everyone on the bus to know that you are cock hungry for your brother’s cock. Now stop pretending you don’t want this and get yourself off…NOW!”

I couldn’t believe the audacity of my nerdy brother, nor could I believe just how turned on I was. Part of me wanted to slap him silly, to let him know I am the one in charge; yet a larger part of me wanted to obey him and an even larger part of me was dying to get off. I felt my body reposition itself and lower down on his leg. After a brief hesitation, I began grinding my pussy onto his leg like the slut he said I was.

He whispered, “Good girl,” which both humiliated me and at the same time turned me on.

I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to enjoy the submissive task, ignoring who was controlling me, getting closer and closer to orgasm.

As my breathing began to increase my brother surprised me again as he held onto my hips. “Stop,” he ordered.

I did and looked back at him. “Why?”

“Because you need to earn your right to come, my slut,” he informed me, before adding as my mouth dropped open at his answer, “I think we are about to arrive.”

I turned to look ahead and indeed we were slowing down. I moved off Kevin’s leg, my pussy wet and still needy and glared at him as I whispered, “Don’t you ever call me a slut again.”

Kevin smiled, put his hand to my pussy and returned, “Big sister, you are a slut, my slut and I will call you slut and whatever else I want.”

I let out a moan at his touch, my pussy so close to eruption, and noticed the old man watching like a pervert. Impulsively, I winked at him and deciding to play along with my brother for the old man. I put my hand on Kevin’s cock and said, “May I come, baby brother?”

He chuckled, as he moved his hand away, “We’re here.”

The bus stopped and I was frustrated as Hell.

We got off the bus and mom asked me, “Are you ok, dear?”

“W-w-What? W-w-Why?” I stammered.

“Your cheeks are really red,” she said, concerned and felt my head. “You are a little warm.”

“I-I-I’m fine,” I struggled to get out, mortified that mom might catch on I was burning up all right, and explained, “the bus was a sauna Mom, just one more disaster on this trip of disasters.”

Mom sighed, as I acted like my normal bitchy self and went to dad.

Kevin walked up behind me and whispered, with a chuckle, “Nice cover, sis.”

“Fuck you,” I snapped back.

“All in good time,” he retorted smugly and walked away, leaving me with a thought I had never, ever seriously considered…until now…fucking my brother.


The next two hours was spent hiking and it was exhausting as the heat was unbearable. On top of the heat, my brother drove me nuts as he ignored me completely and was his usual nerdy self, talking to dad about the environment and what different animal species we may find on our trip. Finally, we arrived where we were staying that night…in FUCKING tents.

I asked, my tone implying my disgust, “We are not sleeping here?”

Kevin talked for the first time and it dripped with sarcasm, another thing I didn’t know existed in him, “No Kerry, the five star hotel is just over that hill.”

“Fuck you,” I snapped.

“Language,” my mother said robotically.

Dad said, “Just embrace nature, sweetheart.”

I quipped back, “I want to embrace my cell phone.”

Kevin suggested, his words full of innuendo our parents wouldn’t understand, “Yes, big sis, we are in a new world, embrace new things, try things you have never considered before today, just let yourself go and submit to what you really desire.”

My face went red at the innuendo as my dad agreed, “Exactly, just free yourself of all the crazy social expectations of home and just let go.”

I laughed softly as dad was vaguely agreeing that I should fuck my brother, which right now was beginning to seem like an increasingly good idea. My period gone, I was horny as hell. Kevin’s sexual teasing and shocking aggressive behaviour had me in a sexual state that hadn’t completely simmered.

I finally agreed, looking at Kevin, as I asked dad, “So I should try new things and allow whatever COMES to COME?”

“Exactly sweetheart, what a great philosophy, allow whatever comes to come,” dad agreed excitedly.

Kevin couldn’t hold back a laugh as he agreed, “Yes be sure to take everything that comes your way, no matter how big and hard the obstacle.”

Keeping up with the dripping innuendos, I countered confidently, “I love obstacles to be long and hard, to push me to places I usually wouldn’t go.”

“That’s the spirit, embrace the challenge,” dad said beaming with parental pride.

“Challenge accepted,” I said, staring directly into my brother’s hazel eyes.

“Challenge doubly accepted,” Kevin countered, his nerdy smile suddenly sexy.

“Rad,” Dad said, still stick in his eighties slang. “I knew you would get into it once we got here.” Dad went to get some food ready leaving Kevin and I alone.

“I can’t wait to get into it,” Kevin said.

Playing coy, I retorted, “I’m not sure you would know what to do if you did get into it.”

He moved towards me, sauntering confidently, as he continued, “So many holes to fill and so little time.”

“You’re bluffing,” I countered, my pussy tingling at the possibilities and his cockiness.

“Let’s go for a walk,” he said.

Calling his bluff, I said, “Lead the way, Master,” playing flirtatiously.

“Master, I like that,” he nodded, before turning to our parents, “Mom, dad, Kerry and I are going for a walk.”

“Sounds good, but stay on the paths and be back in an hour for dinner,” Dad said.

“Will do,” Kevin agreed, grabbing my hand and leading me to the path.

Once out of our parent’s sight, I asked coyly, “Are you taking me somewhere secluded to ravish me?”

“Something like that,” he responded, his tone implying duplicity.

I followed curious and horny, although I was still convinced he was just playing me, like I was him. As we walked along, I pondered, ‘What if he is serious? Would I actually commit incest with my brother? His cock sure seemed impressive hidden in his jeans, and I do love a big cock, but he is my brother, my nerdy brother.’

I was pulled back from my strange conversation with myself when Kevin eventually stopped and said, “This is perfect.”

“What is perfect?” I asked seeing nothing out of the ordinary I hadn’t seen the past ten minutes of walking.

“This place,” he said, surprising me once more as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. His hard cock outlined in his blue briefs.

“What are you doing?” I gasped, knowing full well what he was doing just not able to fully believe all the innuendo had been more than just harmless teasing.

“Making my sister, my slut,” he answered.

“Excuse me?” I asked, surprised by his frankness and name calling, even as my panties got undeniably damp.

“Stop playing innocent. Your mouth is literally watering, I can see it from here. Plus, your cunt is probably soaking wet like it was when you were humping my leg,” he confidently assessed.

“That was just playful teasing,” I said, even as I stared at his cock in his underwear.

“Was it?” He asked, “Your red cheeks and moaning seemed to say something else.”

“It was a sauna in there,” I defended.

“We’ll that could defend the cheeks, but not the moaning or the wet spot you left on my knee,” he countered.

“I did?” I asked, surprised.

“Want to smell?” asked, pointing to his knee.

“No, I think I am alright,” I replied.

“Now come and suck my cock,” he ordered, pulling down his shorts and revealing seven solid inches of hardness.

My pussy leaked slightly at the sight of my brother’s cock, but I pretended otherwise. “In your dreams.”

“No, in my dreams you and Carla are in a lesbo sixty-nine and I saunter in and make you both my cheerleading sex slaves,” he countered, slowly stroking his cock.

“You pervert,” I shot back. Carla was my best friend and cheerleading captain, and although she was gorgeous, we had never dyked out.

“You’re the one drooling over your brother’s cock,” he said.

“You’re the one who wants your sister to suck your cock,” I shot back, even as I imagined his cock shooting his load down my throat. Although common among girls, most give head because it is expected not because they like it, as for me I love it. I loved a cock growing in my mouth, loved the stiff warmth in my mouth and loved the unique taste of cum, every man different, even each load from the same guy subtly different.

“Funny how you didn’t deny you are hungry for my cock,” he continued.

“Funny how you can’t get laid so you think you can bully me,” I countered, trying to one up him.

“I have been laid many times,” he answered, surprising me.

“As if,” I quipped.

“I lost my virginity to Mrs. Sheets and the band trip at Christmas was quite the learning experience. Apparently that American Pie chick wasn’t lying about band chicks,” Kevin revealed.

I gasped. Mrs. Sheets was mom’s best friend and married to a handsome lawyer. “Bullshit,” I said, calling his bluff.

He shrugged, “If I had my cell I could show you some photos. She is an amazing cocksucker, you could probably learn a thing or two from her.”

“I have never had any complaints,” I shrugged.

“Well let me compare, on your knees my sister slut,” he ordered.

Part of me wanted to slap him in the face, but a bigger part of me wanted to obey. His cock looked so deliciously appetizing.

“This is a onetime offer, sis,” he said. “On your knees now or forever hold your peace.”

Letting go of my moral issues of incest, I moved towards him and dropped to my knees.

“Good girl,” he said, holding his cock for me.

“You are turning me into a bad girl,” I teased, reaching for his cock.

“My bad girl,” he firmly clarified.

“Mmmmmm, you are so naughty, Kevin,” I purred, his throbbing cock in my hand.

“You have no idea,” he smiled ominously. “Now suck your brother’s cock.”

Unable to deny the forbidden fruit any longer, I opened my mouth and took his mushroom top between my lips. The soft moan from his mouth made me smile around his cock as I shifted the power back to me. I was now in control and I revelled in that power.

I swirled my tongue around his cockhead, recalling his words that Mrs. Sheets was an amazing cocksucker and deciding to prove to him I was better. I realized as I began to slowly move up and down the first couple of inches of his cock that I was trying to prove to my brother I was a good cocksucker, but ignored the ridiculousness of it and focused on giving him an amazing blow job.

“Hmmmm, you are quite the tease,” he moaned as I bobbed slowly back and forth taking just over half his cock in.

I moaned on his cock as I began slowly taking his cock in my mouth. After I had half his cock in my mouth, I began slowly bobbing back and forth, each forward movement taking more of my brother’s stiff rod in my mouth.

“That’s it cocksucker, nice and slow, worship your brother’s cock,” he moaned authoritatively.

I obeyed, the name calling somehow triggering a wetness in my pussy I couldn’t explain. My left hand went to my wetness under my shorts and I began rubbing myself as I continued taking more of his cock in my mouth. A couple of minutes later, I had six inches of Kevin’s thick rod in my mouth and was determined to take it all.

Kevin grunted, “Do you think you can take it all slut?”

My fingers frantically rubbed my clit as I focused on getting the last inch in my throat. I leaned forward, gagging slightly as I took the last of Kevin’s hard cock on into my throat, my nose buried in his pubic hair. I lingered there impressed I had taken all of him and for some reason wanting to impress my brother.

“Shiiit, you did it cocksucker. Now get me off like the dirty incest cum slut you are,” he ordered.

I had always been treated like a princess so I couldn’t believe the litany of derogatory names he threw at me. I should have been furious, yet it only turned me on more for some unknown reason.

I hungrily bobbed up and down desperate to get him off, to taste his cum. Unlike all my friends, I liked the taste of cum, enjoyed the odd texture lingering on my tongue and liked the aftertaste that lingered long after the deed was done.

I was again surprised by my brother’s transformation from meek to mighty when he ordered, “Stop rubbing yourself slut. You only get to come after your Master does and only if I decide you deserve the privilege.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, yet I obeyed as I quit rubbing my needy pussy my building orgasm just below the surface, a volcano ready to burst on a moment’s notice. I continued my aggressive assault on my brother’s cock all the while trying to figure out why I was obeying him and why it was turning me on so much. The word ‘Master’ was also a shock that sent a chill up my spine. It was another ludicrous word out of my brother’s mouth and yet it again enhanced my eagerness to play, my hunger to come.

“I’m close, cocksucker, don’t you drop any of your Master’s cum,” he ordered, through stunted breathing.

My head bobbed like I was in the Olympics speed cocksucking finals and I was determined to win the gold medal.

“I’m coming,” he grunted before I felt his full load of sticky goo glide onto my tongue and down my throat as if my lips, tongue and throat were made perfectly for his cock. As rope after rope filled my mouth and slithered down my throat and into my belly. I continued my hungry cocksucking, wanting, no craving, more of his addictive cum, a taste like nothing I had ever tasted before…salty, sweet and bitter.

A couple more minutes of retrieving every last drop of Kevin’s cum, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. As he pulled his underwear and jeans back up, he said, not recognizing my need to come or of him acknowledging just how amazing I was, “We should probably get back before mom and dad come looking for us.”

I couldn’t believe it, I just blew my brother and now he was acting as if nothing happened.

I wearily got up and Kevin started walking back the way we came, leaving me behind. Pissed off and horny, but also worried if I didn’t follow him I may not find my way back to camp, I quickly composed myself and reluctantly followed.

As we silently walked back through the forest, I decided two could play this game. I would ignore him as well, I was the popular one, and he was the geek. Yet, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get my brother’s cock out of my head. Also, no matter how much I tried to cool down my fevered cunt, it kept begging for attention. I knew I had to come so I could focus and stop thinking of my brother’s yummy, hard, long, and thick, cock and how good it would fit fucking my needy, wet cunt.

Just as we were arriving back to camp, Kevin turned to me and finally spoke. “I know your cunt is probably leaking like a funnel, but don’t you dare come until I give you permission.”

Before I could respond to his condescending expectations, he turned and left me alone. I was furious at his treatment of me, yet another gush of wetness soaked my panties.

I again followed him and was about to yell at him when I heard mom’s voice ask, “Where is your sister?”

“Right behind me,” Kevin answered.

My frustration and anger boiled but I had to hold it all inside until I was again alone with him.

The rest of the night was exhausting as my pussy eventually cooled down but never completely, causing me lots of anxiety. Meanwhile, Kevin was his usual geek self as he and dad talked about the environment, the rest of the trip and eventually about how excited they were that they were making three more Star Wars movies. I gave Kevin a plethora of glares throughout the evening, but he seemed oblivious to my anger.

At bedtime, I learned much to my surprise, that I was sharing a tent with Kevin. I was looking forward to being alone so I could finally get the release my body had been craving for hours.

Kevin, a smug smile on his face, asked me, “Ready for bed, sis?”

Mom and dad, of course, didn’t notice the smugness. Wanting him alone to set him straight, I faked a yawn, “I guess so, baby brother.” I stressed the word baby as I tried to re-establish the sister-brother hierarchy that had been in place since birth. I was in charge, not him.

Ten minutes later, both of us in the tent, Kevin said, “Damn it is still hot.” He stripped down to his underwear and looking at me asked, “Does my cocksucker need a bedtime snack?”

I hadn’t realized I had been staring at his crotch area and his semi-erect cock outlined so well. Snapping out of my sudden hunger to suck his cock again, I said firmly, “This has got to stop.”

“What does?” He asked innocently.

“You fucking know exactly what,” I snapped.

He shrugged, as he lay on top of his sleeping bag, “I just thought you might be hungry.”

His casual attitude frustrated me even more. “We are never doing that again.”

“Whatever,” he said, closing his eyes.

“You are such an ass,” I shot back.

He opened his eyes, looked into my eyes and asked, “Did you say you wanted it in your ass?”

“Fuck what the hell has gotten into you?” I asked, super frustrated by his new attitude.

“The better question is what do you wish was in you,” he countered.

I gasped again not able to believe the complete cockiness of my usually quiet, meek brother.

“I am going to sleep, if you decide you need a bed time snack I will leave my cock out for you,” he said, tugging his underwear down and unleashing his still semi-erect cock. “Or if you need to relieve yourself of your hunger down below feel free to just climb on top and get yourself off.”

He closed his eyes, smiling, his cock now totally hard stood at attention causing another gush down below. Staying strong verbally, even as my body ached in longing. I said confidently, “That is never going to happen.”

“Your loss,” he said, not even opening his eyes. A few seconds later he said, “Good night, my slut.”

“Stop calling me that,” I snapped.

“Do you prefer cocksucker?” He asked, opening his eyes again.

“Enough,” I demanded, holding onto the last shreds of dignity I had left. “This ends now.”

“Whatever you say,” he said, again closing his eyes, although his smug tone implied he thought he was still in charge.

“I’m serious,” I countered. He didn’t respond and I closed my eyes, desperate to win this power struggle.

The next ten minutes were literally hell. Angry at my brother’s pretentious, confident attitude mixed with an undeniable and unexplainable lust for him. I kept taking quick glances at his still very erect and ready for action cock and cursed its beauty. My pussy was leaking, the fire was burning and my moral fibre was dissolving rapidly as my hunger for his cock was overwhelming my very being.

“It’s now or never, my slut. If you want to come tonight, Crawl over to your Master and get my cock ready for that cunt of yours,” Kevin said, never opening his eyes.

I looked at his cock, beginning to shrink and before I even knew what I was doing I was obeying my brother’s orders, verbatim. I crawled to him, leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth determined to restore it to all its erect glory. Even as I pleasured his warm cock I pondered why I was doing it. Yet, the answer was obvious; I wanted and needed his cock in me.

“Good slut,” Kevin moaned, “I knew you couldn’t resist.”

I could feel the heat in my cheeks, he was right I couldn’t resist. My insatiable hunger was all that mattered. Unlike last time when I was hungry to make him come, this time I wanted to tease him. I used my tongue and moved down slowly to his balls, taking each in my mouth individually, before returning to his stiff cock.

A couple of minutes later, Kevin asked, “So what does sis want to do next?”

Taking control, I straddled his cock pulling my panties aside and lowered myself onto his erection. “I want to ride your big cock, baby brother,” I answered, as I leaned down and kissed him.

As his cock filled me, I allowed myself to enjoy being filled so completely as my tongue explored Kevin’s mouth. For a couple of minutes, there was no movement other than our lips and tongue as we gave in completely to our sin.

Finally, he broke the kiss, again trying to take control. He put his arms behind his head and ordered, “Take off your t-shirt, I want to see my slut’s tits.”

I sat straight up, his cock going deeper into my wet cunt, and asked coyly, as I ground my pussy on him, “You want to see your sister’s tits, do you?”

He grabbed my hips and thrust upward forcing out an undeniable moan. “Now, slut.”

Overwhelmed with hunger and enthralled by my brother’s dominant power, I quickly pulled off my t-shirt allowing my firm breasts and hard nipples freedom. “Nice tits, sis,” he complimented as he pulled me down and my left breast went into his mouth.

The warmth of his mouth on my breasts sent chills up my back and sparks down below, my burning need to come becoming impossible to deny. My head was spinning, my body burning as my breathing became erratic. I began slowly moving my hips to fuck myself on his cock as he pleasured my breasts with his lips, tongue and teeth.

He whispered, “That’s it slut, fuck yourself like the little slut you are.”

Again such words should have been offensive and yet instead turned me on more. I whispered back, “You want your own personal live-in slut don’t you?”

“If you are worthy,” he quipped back, just as I began riding his cock faster.

Trying to take control once again, I leaned back, grinding my pussy on his cock and allowing myself to be filled completely. “Do you like my tits, big brother?” I asked, calling him big brother for the first time.

“They are very nice,” he nodded, as he watched me cup my breasts, as I bounced up and down on his cock feeling so full.

“Just nice,” I pouted.

“They are not as big as Mrs. Sheets,” he replied.

“You’re an ass,” I shot back, grinding my pussy on his cock.

“Soon I’ll be in your ass,” he smugly retorted.

“That is an exit only area,” I countered back.

“We will see about that,” he smirked, lifting me up and flipping me onto my back all the while keeping his cock in me.

“Oh God,” I moaned, as he manhandled me with such power and authority.

Looking down on me he said, his cock deep in me, “You are my fucktoy now sis. Your mouth, cunt and ass are mine, is that clear?”

“Just fuck me,” I replied, ignoring the question.

“Answer the question, my slut,” he repeated, his cock deep in me, but not moving.

“Damn it, Kevin, just fuck me hard,” I begged, moving my hips to fuck myself on his cock.

“Obey,” he said firmly, grabbing my hips and holding me in place.

“Please,” I begged, not wanting to give in to his absurd expectations, but desperate to reach my long delayed orgasm.

“Please what,” he smiled, his cock somehow flinching inside me.

So desperate to come, I heard the words out of my mouth before I had time to think about them, “Please make me your slut.”

“Real sluts take in the ass,” he clarified.

Again so desperate to please, to come, I responded without thinking, “My ass is yours, big brother.”

“Good girl,” he purred, which for some reason actually only made my submission to him hotter.

Getting into the role playing I responded, “I am here to serve my Master.”

His smile getting wider, he returned to slow hard strokes which continued kindling the flame but refusing to allow it to grow to a full scale furry.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, “Harder, fuck your sister harder.” Hearing the words made the taboo act even hotter.

“On all fours, slut,” he grunted.

I didn’t hesitate, so drawn into his world of submission and my need to come that it seemed natural to obey.

“Good girl,” he again approved of my obedience, my pussy juice literally leaking out of me in this position.

I felt his fingers slip inside my pussy and after three quick pumps, he pulled them out and moved to my ass. I instinctively tightened up as I realized his intent.

“Relax, slut,” he instructed as his finger teased my anal entrance.

I asked nervously, “Did you fuck Mrs. Sheets ass?”

“Of course,” he answered, “she was reluctant at first too, but true sluts have three holes and all three are meant to be used.”

Strangely in my erotic state that logic made sense, plus if Mrs. Sheets could do it so could I. In retrospect, a bizarre reason to do something, but suddenly pleasing my brother, my master, and allowing him to take my anal cherry seemed the right thing to do. “O-o-ok,” I stammered nervously, yet excited at the possibility of pleasing Kevin.

“Ok what my little plaything,” he answered, continuing to draw me deeper into his obedience web.

“Fuck my ass, Kevin, take my anal virginity with your big hard cock,” I replied, trying to shock him, trying to get him to just take me, my need to come all that remained.

“Quite down, slut, or Mom and Dad will be witnessing you taking a cock up your ass,” he said, his tone more amused than warning.

Remembering where we were and what we were doing, I obeyed and whispered, “Sorry Master, please make me your slut.”

He laughed as his finger penetrated my back door making my one way only rule no longer relevant. I winced slightly at the intrusion but was surprised how the slight pain faded almost as quickly as it came.

“Now I am going to prep your ass for my cock, sis. Just relax and this will be good for both of us,” he explained, his tone shifting from domineering to soft and soothing.

“Kkkkk,” I whimpered, his finger wiggling inside my ass.

“This is called gaping,” he explained.

The thought of my brother teaching me sex lingo would have been hilarious less than twenty-four hours ago, yet at this moment I was completely at his whim.

“Kkkkkk,” I again barely got out trying to get used to the strange, uncomfortable feeling inside my ass.

The next few minutes my ass was slowly widened as Kevin eventually slipped in a second finger causing a new burning that didn’t fade as quickly as the first. The whole time Kevin kept talking, explaining what he was doing, calming my nerves, relaxing me when I should have been anything but relaxed. Eventually I got used to the two fingers and although the burn never completely dissipated, as I relaxed I began enjoying the absurd submission to my brother.

Finally, wanting to feel his cock in my ass, I whispered, “Fuck my ass, Kevin.”

As his fingers left my ass, I suddenly felt empty. It didn’t last long as I felt his hands back on my hips, and his cockhead between my ass cheeks.

“Are you ready to give your ass to me, slut?” he asked, his tone back to authoritative.

I didn’t hesitate as I moaned, “Fill my ass with your cock, Masteeeeeeer.” He didn’t wait for me to finish my answer before sliding his cock inside my ass.

“Relax,” he instructed, as his cock slowly moved deeper inside me.

“It huuuurts,” I whimpered, the pain much more intense than his so-called gaping earlier.

“The pain will go away,” he promised, as he continued his slow intrusion in my no longer virgin ass.

“Shit,” was all I could counter with.

Silence persisted as I bit my lip trying to deal with the incredible discomfort in my ass as his cock went deeper than his fingers ever did.

I let out a gasp when he announced, “All in, big sister.”

“I am sooooo full,” I whimpered, shocked and yet proud to have taken all his cock.

“Just let yourself get used to a big cock in your ass, sis,” he explained.

“Kkkk,” I obeyed, the pain still blunt and yet the thought of Kevin fucking my ass turning me on at the same time.

A minute later, Kevin said, “I’m going to slowly start fucking you Kerry.”

Hearing my name after the name calling and sister references was startling and intimate. “Ok, Kevin, please be gentle.”

My whole body burned, a mixture of pleasure and pain, as his cock slowly pulled out and pistoned slowly back in and out again. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before, a feeling of hunger, of crazed desire, that made me want more. After a few slow strokes, I moaned, “Faster Kevin.”

“Tell me exactly what you want, slut,” he demanded.

Falling into the submissive nature that I didn’t really know existed before today, I responded, “My ass, Kevin, fuck my ass.”

Obliging, his strokes in and out of my ass picked up speed and the burning sensation began to fade as the pleasure pulsations began to increase. I wanted more, I needed more and begged, “Harder, Kevin, fuck your sister’s ass.”

“Who owns your ass, Kerry?” he grunted, as his cock slammed into me.

“Yooooooou do, Maaaaster,” I admitted through a long moan as a renewed sharp pain trembled through my body even as a new rush of pleasure cascaded through me simultaneously.

“And you will obey me at all times,” he questioned, pulling his cock almost all the way out of my ass.

“Yeeeessss,” I agreed, not even thinking how big a scope such an agreement may encompass.

“Your mouth, cunt and ass are mine to use as I wish?” as he continued his clear domination of me.

“They are all yours, Master,” I agreed, desperate to feel his cock back in my ass.

“Ready to come, my ass slut?” he asked, his cock just barely in me.

“Yes,” I whimpered, so hungry to feel him in me and to reach my long simmering orgasm.

“Fuck yourself, slut,” he ordered.

I didn’t hesitate realizing I was finally going to be in control of my own orgasm. I slowly backed my ass onto his cock, taking it all back in my ass. Once all in, I slowly moved back and forth getting used to fucking myself. Once in a constant rhythm, I began moving my ass back faster, filling myself completely, even reaching new depths in my ass, causing new sensations of pleasure and pain. The pain somehow enhanced the pleasure, making me feel dirtier, hornier and more desperate to come. My orgasm continued to build and bubble, just below the surface of explosion.

Frustrated, I realized what was missing, Kevin’s nasty words. I begged, as I began slamming my ass back onto my brother’s big cock, “Tell me what I am Master.”

I could sense his smug smile without looking as he assaulted me with names: “Ride my cock ass-slut; pound yourself like the hungry little slut you are; fuck yourself on your brother’s cock like the incest slave you are; your cocksucking lips are mine, your big titties are mine, your cunt is mine and your tight ass is mine.” The litany of names was the final pin that burst the bubble and my orgasm bubbled over the surface as my moans and whimpers began to rise as well. The eruption came when he finished his verbal assault with, “Now come sister slave, come for your Master, come now my cunt, my slut, my slave.”

(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Actor

Daniel Worth –Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley

Mary Harrison – Sister to Jake

Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, suitor to Mary

Kenneth Baylor Cassidy – Head of the board

*Gwyn Baylor Cassidy – wife of Kenneth, therapist.

Blake Black: Family lawyer, keeper of the Ritual

*Valentina Alexis – former supermodel and gf of Blake

The Chadwell’s

Lord Thomas Chadwell

Lady Catherine Chadwell

Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, fiancé to Daniela

Daniela – Frederick’s daughter, fiancée to Mason

Claudia Chadwell-Winston and her husband, Martin Winston

Braxton Chadwell and his wife, Tara

Carlton Chadwell and his wife, Carmen

Sylvia Chadwell-Sawyer and her husband, Adam Sawyer


Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley

Brian West – Assistant to Jake

Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

*New character


Valentina woke up the beginning of June and felt nauseous. Blake had already gone to work and Valentina ran into the bathroom and promptly threw up.

Valentina cleaned herself up and she smiled. Blake would be pleased because she was pregnant.

Valentina dressed and made a doctor’s appointment for the following day. Henry made her a light breakfast that she ate slowly. Valentina spent the day around the house reading and watching television. She wanted to be sure, before she told Blake. When he arrived home, she was waiting for him at the door. As she sucked his cock, Valentina was excited at the prospect of carrying her Master’s child.

When Blake asked her about her day, she told him that she felt like staying at home and told him about the book she was reading about Michelangelo. Blake was thrilled. In the evening, they sat together on the couch watching “Being There” with Peter Sellers. Blake told her that he had once met Mr. Sellers.

Valentina told him that she had done a modeling shoot with Beyoncé. Blake pulled Valentina towards him and she lay with her head on his chest. He kissed her neck and felt her breasts. “I thought tomorrow we’d go out to dinner. Would you like that?” Blake asked.

“Sir, tomorrow I would like us to have dinner here alone, if you wouldn’t mind?”

Blake took her face in his hand, “Is there something going on?”

“No. I just think that tomorrow I’d like to be home.” She said kissing the palm of his hand.

Valentina turned around and began kissing his salt and pepper chest hair. Blake had a feeling she was up to something and would tell him in her own time. His cell phone rang and it was Hayley asking if she could choose whom she would have at the wedding night Ritual.

Valentina continued kissing down Blake’s body. He held her head as she captured his penis in her mouth and began sucking. Without missing a beat, Blake continued his conversation, “Of course you can. It is in the contract on page seven, subsection 7d, “The heir may choose up to 20 family members to join him/her in the wedding night Ritual.”

Valentina licked along the sides of Blake’s penis. He stroked her hair. On the other end of the phone, Hayley asked, “I know that Daniela won’t be available but if she were could I have included her since she isn’t a family member?”

Blake fought back a moan, Valentina was really sucking him hard now, and “Yes you may include two non-family members as long as they know about the Ritual and/or are engaged to a family member and have gone through the Ritual.”

“Are you included?” Hayley asked, remembering Blake’s long tongue and how good he used it.

Blake chuckled and moaned at the same time. He moved Valentina’s head up and down on his cock. “Yes, I’m always included in everything and I have someone I’d like you to meet. In fact, I’m hosting a dinner party next Friday night to introduce her to everyone.”

Hayley laughed, “I received the invite. Jake and I will definitely be there, so is this new someone, a girlfriend?

“Yes, Miss Hayley and that is all I will say. Have a goodnight.” Blake said and hung up.

He continued fucking into Valentina’s mouth until he came pulling her all the way onto his cock. Blake was pleased that she had learned to relax her throat to take him all the way inside without gagging.

Blake turned Valentina over on his lap and bent down to kiss her tasting his juices on her lips. “That was very nice my dear. I’m learning a bit of control myself.

I think we should turn off this movie and get into bed so I can reciprocate by having my dessert in that lovely pussy of yours.” He said and taking her hand, he turned off the television with the remote and took Valentina to bed.


As the month of June rolled around, the wedding planning was in full swing.

Collin made the final preparations with Helen. One more month to go before the wedding of the year would take place. Bitzy had left on her cruise but not before sending a beautiful comforter with an exquisite hand stitched duvet cover as her shower gift. Daniela, Quinn, Denise, Mary and Samantha were busy with the planning for the bridal shower that would happen in two weeks. They met for lunch at Dos Caminos for tacos and tequila to discuss the final plans.

Samantha and Mary were helping Daniela who was busy with decorating a new house and preparing for the birth of her babies in the planning of the shower.

“You look so pretty.” Said Mary as Daniela who was wearing a Nicole Miller sleeveless twist front black and white maternity dress sat down at the table.

Everyone except Daniela drank tequila. Daniela nearly eight months along had sparkling water. They wanted to have a relaxed environment to decide how they would proceed.

“We have a guest list of thirty for the shower. We are going to do the typical bridal games and they have registered at Tiffany’s, Gracious Homes, Crate and Barrel, Saks and I’m sure Jake had a hand in this, Home Depot.” Samantha said laughing.

Mary laughed, “No that was Hayley. She says occasionally that she wants to build something. She says they are going to buy a house and she wants to build a birdhouse. My brother loves Crate and Barrel. He’s big on kitchen things and he can cook even though he doesn’t do it often. He said he had a good time with Hayley in the store with the scanner choosing items.”

Daniela added, “They made sure there was something for everyone.”

“My husband is coming from Thailand next week where he’s filming. He is looking forward to seeing all of you. He’s helping Nate with the bachelor party.” Samantha said as she took a sip of her drink. “We promised Hayley that the bachelor and bachelorette parties would be the week before the wedding. She doesn’t want either of them to come to the wedding drunk or dead tired.

“Especially since Jake and Hayley will chose the twenty people they want at the wedding night ritual,” Quinn said.

“What’s the wedding ritual?” Mary asked “And why twenty people?”

Samantha threw dagger eyes at Quinn who shrugged and mouthed, ‘sorry’.

Samantha covered for her, “When you become a member of the family we will tell you but it’s a secret until then; a secret celebration for the bride and groom.”

Daniela changed the subject, “I won’t be there.” She rubbed her belly, “Nor will Mason.”

Denise countered, “We’re just hoping you make it down the aisle!”

“So do I.” Daniela said.

Everyone including Daniela laughed.

Samantha squeezed Daniela’s hand, “We are sooo jealous of you. We all are looking forward to getting pregnant.”

Daniela pulled out a folder from the leather attaché case she brought with her. She and Samantha had found the venue, hired the entertainment and Collin had put it all together. It would be a very classy affair.

Mary was really wondering what all the secrecy about. Maybe it was like a cultural thing, she thought where there had to be witnesses to Hayley and Jake having sex behind a curtain. If that was the case, then, she blushed thinking about her and Stephen, she could deal with it.


Hayley and Jake were walking around Bitzy’s Mansion. “This is a really beautiful house. Is this what you had in mind?” Hayley asked Jake.

Jake burst out laughing. “Not exactly, I was thinking of something comfortable, not something we had to hire a staff of twenty to clean.”

“Thank God!” Hayley said laughing “We can look in the city or do you really want to live in suburbia?

“We can look in the city. I think that we can also buy a summer house.” Jake said pulling her close to him, “Besides I want to go to school in New York.

Hayley hesitated a moment before saying, “Jake, I’d like to buy the house in New York, you can buy our summer home.”

“We’ll see. I know you have a great deal of money and I know I can’t ask how much, but are we talking a million dollar house or a fifty million dollar house?” Jake asked.

Hayley closed her eyes, then opened one, and said, “Somewhere along that line. I have to see what’s out there, but I want you to be happy. I want to have the house of our dreams, so we will look together.

Jake took her hand and they continued to walk, “In a few weeks we’ll be getting married, have you thought about the wedding night Ritual?”

Hayley sighed, “Yes and this is the last time we’ll do this, unless Mason and Daniela pick us for their Ritual.

Jake grumbled, “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“And,” Hayley said, “If Mary and Stephen get married…” She let the thought hang.

“I don’t want to think about that at all!” Jake said. “Hayley, how are you feeling?”

Hayley knew he was asking about Eric and the rape, “I’m fine. I don’t have nightmares anymore, but I have been stopping into church to pray for Eric. I don’t want to know what happened to him, but knowing my family, it wasn’t pleasant. The formula healed my mind and my body. I feel very detached from it; as if it were a dream and I’ve been talking to Gwyn. Jake, I want us to get married and leave everything else behind. I love you.”

“If you ever want to talk about it, I’m here. I felt so helpless. I was so worried about you.” Jake said as he took her arm and looped it through his.

“I know” Hayley said leaning her head on his shoulder, “I’m glad I’ve got you.

Helen came outside, “Come let’s have lunch with Collin and go through the seating chart, one more time.”

Jake laughed, “Ah weddings, brings out the best in everyone.”


Valentina went to the doctor and got the news that she had hoped. She was pregnant with her Master’s baby; that and the fact that Blake wanted to marry her made her exceedingly excited.

They had been together for such a short time, yet Valentina felt safer with him than she had ever felt with anyone in her life. As she was leaving the doctor’s office she ran into her friend Ellen. “How are you?” said Ellen as they air kissed.

“I’m wonderful, are you coming to the party?” Valentina asked.

“Yes I received the beautiful invitation from your man. What’s he like? We haven’t had time to catch up.” Ellen said as she walked with Valentina. “Do you have time for lunch?”

“Not today, but let’s get together in a few days and Blake…He’s wonderful.” Valentina said blushing.

Valentina prepared everything when she got home. She was waiting in the bedroom with nothing on but a little blue and check baby bonnet she found in a costume shop and a pacifier in her mouth. She had decorated the room with balloons and candles.

If anyone else had been like this, they would have looked ridiculous, but Valentina looked very sexy.

Blake was annoyed when he entered the house and Valentina wasn’t waiting for him at the door. Henry told him she was in the bedroom. Blake stalked up the stairs and opened the door. His face was stern and angry, but then he took in everything in the room. He looked at Valentina lying on the bed with that cute hat on and that silly pacifier in her mouth and his expression changed.

“Valentina, come here!” He ordered.

Valentina was scared; this wasn’t the reaction she had hoped for. She got off the bed and came towards him taking the pacifier out of her mouth.

Blake took her in his arms and kissed her hard on the mouth. Valentina melted into his embrace. “When did you find out that you were pregnant?” He said as he released her and stared into her face.

Valentina grinned, “A few hours ago.”

“We will celebrate at the party with our friends, but tonight we’ll celebrate together. Get rid of that damn pacifier, I have something else to stick in your mouth.” Blake said.

Valentina threw the pacifier away and got on her knees, “Master please, may I have something to suck on, my mouth is lonely.”

Blake laughed, “Yes, baby, you may.” He said and Valentina took his cock out his pants and worshiped him.


Blake arranged a huge surprise for Valentina. Everyone arrived in their best dress for the party that was being held in a beautiful loft in Tribeca. The loft belonged to Blake. He had purchased it in the late sixties for fifty thousand dollars, now it was worth millions. He loaned it out for special events.

The room was full of flowers. The guests were asked to arrive by seven for a lovely evening of dinner and celebration. Cocktails were served out in the garden and a classical trio played romantic classical music.

All of the Cassidy’s arrived including Matthew and Helen. Blake walked into the room. He had the servers pass out glasses of champagne. “Everyone, gather around. I know you all think your here to meet my lovely Valentina, but that’s not all.”

Blake was beaming and Matthew said to Hayley, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Blake so happy.”

Hayley said, “I like this lady already if she could melt Blake’s cold exterior.”

“Valentina is on her way and she doesn’t know that she’s here for a marriage proposal and a wedding.” Blake said and everyone clapped and cheered. “I’m hoping she says yes because she found out several days ago that she’s pregnant and I am delighted. So please keep my secret and hopefully the woman of my dreams will say yes.”

Samantha and Brandon walked over to Helen and Matthew, “Blake’s getting married to a supermodel no less. Go Blake.” Samantha said.

Not everyone was happy, a few friends of Valentina’s amongst them, Ellen looked at Blake and couldn’t believe their friend was with this old man. She had suitors from Rock and film stars to billionaires. Ellen hoped that Valentina would say no to Blake’s proposal.

Valentina arrived wearing a spectacularly sexy white and silver V-neck sheath gown with beaded embroidery that Blake had selected for her. She sparkled as she walked into the room. She had diamond combs in her hair that was swept off her neck and piled on her head.

Valentina looked like the supermodel she was and all heads turned to look at her. Matthew whispered to Helen, “God, she’s gorgeous.”

Jake’s mouth fell open and his dick started to rise. Hayley said to him, “Down boy.”

Valentina walked over to Blake who took her hand. “Valentina, please meet everyone. I’ll let you meet them all individually, but I have something to say to you and something to ask you.”

“Yes Sir.” Valentina said her voice barely a whisper. She was nervous and a bit startled by all the people who were in this room.

“I know that we haven’t been together all this long. You’ve made me very happy.” Blake said and then he got down on one knee.

Valentina gaped at him, “Blake?” She asked.

Blake withdrew a box from his pocket. Valentina turned pale. Blake took her hand. Everyone in the room was holding their breath.

“Valentina Delaney Alexis, will you marry me?” Blake asked.

Valentina was speechless. She stared at Blake. She wanted to say yes, but she hesitated only because she couldn’t believe that he wanted her. Blake told her he wanted to marry her, but she didn’t think that he would ask so soon. She realized that everyone was waiting for an answer, “Yes, my dear Blake yes.”

Blake opened the box. Inside was a 5.68 caret pink pear-shaped diamond ring with two white diamonds on the side.

Valentina was again struck dumb as Blake put the ring on her finger, stood up and took her in his arms. He kissed her passionately as the room exploded in applause.

Blake released her and Valentina was breathless, “I still have something to say to you. All of your friends are here and I’ve brought your sister, Lacy and your mother, Gertie here to be with us today.”

Valentina turned around to see her very pretty twenty-one year old sister Lacy and her mother all dressed up and flown in from Montreal, Canada. Valentina hugged her family. She hadn’t seen them in two years and she cried. She turned to Blake, “Thank you.”

Blake took her arm, “They are here because we are getting married, today.”

It took a minute to register to Valentina. “Married? Today?”

“Yes darling, we have Judge Thomas Capland who is a friend of mine here to perform the ceremony. Everyone we know and love is here. Please say yes.” Blake said hugging her.

Valentina whispered in his ear, “I love you Master and of course I’ll marry you anywhere, anyplace. I am your slave.”

Blake kissed her again and they went into the next room where the room had been transformed into a beautiful place to hold a wedding.

Blake had enlisted only one other person to help him with this day, Gwyn. Gwyn took Valentina outside along with her sister, mother and her friend Ellen as everyone else took his or her seats.

“Valentina, would you like your sister to be your maid of honor or Ellen?”

“Both.” Valentina said.

Gwyn laughed, “Of course and would you like your mother to walk you down the aisle?”

“Absolutely.” Valentina said still in shock.

Gertie kissed her daughter and handed her a blue garter she had worn on her wedding day, “Mister Blake is such a wonderful man. I wish your father was here to see you.” She said tears in her eyes.

“Your dress is new, you have something blue, we need something old and something borrowed.” Mused Gwyn. “Oh Blake thought of the something old, she said handing Valentina her bouquet of white and pink roses. The bouquet was wrapped with a ribbon and on the ribbon was an antique broach. “This broach belonged to Blake’s grandmother I believe, it’s over two hundred years old.

“Now for something borrowed.” Mused Gwyn. It was Ellen who took off the diamond studs she was wearing. “You may borrow them, but I expect them to be returned.”

Ellen hugged Valentina, “Are you sure? Is he good to you?” Ellen whispered.

“Yes, he’s everything and more. I’m having his baby.” Valentina whispered back.

Ellen looked surprised even though she already knew, “Oh Valentina, I’m so happy for you.”

“Then everything’s ready.” Gwyn put everyone in their place and handed them bouquets of mixed flowers.

An isle runner with their initials was placed down the aisle. Ellen walked in first, followed by Lacy. A harpist appeared and began playing the wedding march.

Valentina looked lovely as she walked down the aisle. She was shaking and nervous holding onto her mother’s arm. Tears were falling from her eyes but she kept her eyes on Blake.

Blake had asked Kenneth to be his best man. Kenneth was honored and stood by his side. “You’re very lucky.” Kenneth had whispered.

“Yes I am.” Blake admitted.

He looked with pride as Valentina walked towards him. The Judge read the vows. Blake had bought two plain platinum wedding bands that Kenneth held until the appropriate moment.

The Judge pronounced them man and wife. They were married and Blake kissed his new bride as again the room erupted into applause.

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Actor

Daniel Worth –Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley

Mary Harrison – Sister to Jake

Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, suitor to Mary

Kenneth Baylor Cassidy – Head of the board

*Gwyn Baylor Cassidy – wife of Kenneth, therapist.

Blake Black: Family lawyer, keeper of the Ritual

*Valentina Alexis Black– former supermodel, wife/slave of Blake Black

The Chadwell’s

Lord Thomas Chadwell

Lady Catherine Chadwell

Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, fiancé to Daniela

Daniela – Frederick’s daughter, fiancée to Mason

Claudia Chadwell-Winston and her husband, Martin Winston

Braxton Chadwell and his wife, Tara

Carlton Chadwell and his wife, Carmen

Sylvia Chadwell-Sawyer and her husband, Adam Sawyer


Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley

Brian West – Assistant to Jake

Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

*New character


Daniela and Mason moved into their new house. The work on the house was completed in record time. They would keep the New York apartment. Daniela was still going to college, Mason was working late nights at the restaurant and he wanted the children to go to Dalton. So they would be spending time between houses.

The nursery was decorated in pinks and blues with Winnie the Pooh on the boy’s side of the room and ballerina’s on the girl side. It was a pretty room. The furniture arrived from England and fit perfectly. Mason couldn’t wait for his mother to see the room.

Mason wanted to talk to Daniela about their wedding. “Mother has enlisted the best planner in England to help with our wedding. I’m sure she will be phoning you. I want to thank you for agreeing to get married in England and specifically for getting married at the Castle because my parents are over the moon. We should go over in September to go over the plans. As soon as you have the babies you’ll be measured for your dress.” He said kissing her cheek.

Daniela couldn’t think about a wedding dress. At this moment she was feeling like a beached whale. Overnight, it seemed to her that she had grown triple her size. Mason or Millie had to help her put on or take off her shoes since she couldn’t see her feet and sitting on the couch was out of the question unless she had someone to help her up.

Millie, who was thrilled to be working permanently for Daniela had arrived and immediately took charge. After a week or so, Mason realized what a godsend she was. Their house and their lives were much more organized. They were in the process of hiring a nanny, Mason wanted two, but Daniela asked for one for now. They would be having a housewarming/baby shower to welcome their friends into their new home.

Sex was regulated to blow jobs for Mason because Daniela was under doctor’s order to take it easy. Mason didn’t mind. He was enjoying her pregnancy and was looking forward to meeting his children. Matthew was calling a great deal to see how Daniela was feeling, while Jake was just leaving them alone and Daniela prayed the babies were his.


Blake and Valentina were on their way to Paradise Island. The trip would take five days and during those five days, Blake intended to work on training Valentina and fucking her as often as possible.

Valentina woke up the day after their sudden wedding with a sore ass and Blake between her thighs. She was a little nauseous and noticed the crackers beside her bed. Valentina ate one of the dry crackers and felt her nausea suppressed, she also noticed that Blake had put two bands on her wrists.

Blake lifted his head from between her legs, “Good morning my dear. The bands on your wrist are to help with the nausea. Let me finish my morning breakfast and I’ll explain. You may cum when you wish.” He said as he dived back down between her legs.

Valentina lay back and let her husband feast on her. She came once, twice and before she could come again, Blake came up and lay behind her. He moved her over to her side and felt her ass. He checked to see that her ass was healing nicely. In the drawer beside the bed, he took out a butt plug, lubed it nicely, and carefully inserted it in her ass. Valentina groaned at the intrusion.

“The plug will remain there. When you have to go to the bathroom, you may remove it and I will reinsert it. Tomorrow I will fuck your ass again and put in a slightly larger one. Plus, I plan to take your ass nearly every day until you can take my dick easily and cum without my touching your pussy.”

The wristbands are to help you with the morning sickness. I’ve heard they work well if you just leave them on. I’ve bought several pairs in case you get them wet. Now up with you and let’s shower and get ready for breakfast. I’ve bought quite a few bikinis for you my dear and I’m sure you will want to get tanned. I want you naked and I will put lotion on you so you don’t burn. We don’t want any tan lines.” Blake said and he swatted her behind.

Valentina sat up slowly. The nausea was fading. She put her arms around Blake and kissed his lips. Blake pulled down her nightgown and twisted her nipples. He bent down and sucked on her breast. “If we keep this up we won’t be going anywhere and breakfast is waiting. I need my strength, but don’t worry my dear I’ll take you outside in the glorious sun of the ocean.”

Taking her hand, he took Valentina into the shower that was luxurious. Blake washed her body. “I want you to take very good care of yourself my dear. You are carrying my child. I expect you to eat well and from here on, I will be going to your doctor appointments. I want three children, so I plan to get you pregnant two years after this one, then two years after the second one.”

Blake rubbed her belly and kissed her there. “All clean now go get dressed while I shower.” He said.

Valentina asked him, “Master may I wash you?”

“Maybe later, right now I want you to dress in one of the bikinis and we’ll eat.” Blake said and Valentina left him to dress.

There was a beautiful multi-colored bikini with a matching wrap for her to wear. She put her hair up on a high pony and dressed. Blake came out the shower and dressed in shorts and a tee. He put sunscreen on her. Valentina helped him with his sunscreen and they went out to view the rest of the yacht.

Valentina was awed by the size of the yacht, which slept 19. There was normally a crew of 16 but for this trip, they used only 10. There was a hot tub and seating around the boat. Breakfast was served outside near the pool. Valentina was seated by a waiter and served her fruit plate. Blake joined her and his granola with yogurt was served.

“Sir, this is so beautiful.” She said.

“I had it renamed in your honor.” Blake said kissing her hand. His cell phone rang and he answered it. “Hello?”

“Oh Derrick, I’m on my honeymoon. Call Kenneth and he will take care of it. I’ll be back in the office in eight days.” Blake smiled at Valentina, “Thank you so much. I look forward to receiving it.”

“Derrick Cassidy Kennedy sent us a case of fine champagne to celebrate our wedding.” Blake said and dug into his granola.

Valentina ate breakfast and marveled at how beautiful the yacht was and how large. She was looking forward to relaxing and resting and she blushed as she thought of Blake fucking her.

After they finished eating breakfast, Blake showed her around the yacht and introduced her to the rest of the crew who congratulated the new Mrs. Black. One of the members of the crew was the chef, a beautiful black woman named Cela. She smiled at Blake and him at her. Valentina noticed, but said nothing. There was also a maid named Tantila who was Tahitian with long dark hair and olive skin.

Blake took her out to lie in the sun and Valentina lay down on the lounge sofa. Blake put sunscreen on her back and untied her bra. He untied her bikini and she lay naked with her clothes underneath her. Blake himself took off his shirt. He kneaded Valentina’s buttocks and legs. Blake pressed a button on a remote and a canopy came over them. “I’ll let you get your tan on in a little while, right now I want you.” He said.

Valentina felt the plug being pulled out her ass and then Blake’s fingers feeling her ass. “Yes you are healing nicely. Tomorrow I’ll take you back there. Right now your pussy is calling for me, up on your knees.

Valentina maneuvered herself. Blake took the opportunity to take a napkin and folding it placed it over her eyes. Blake eased himself into her pussy and began fucking her. Valentina moved on Blake’s cock. Valentina felt something in front of her mouth. First a thumb, which invaded her mouth, then a cock, was pressed to her lips. “Suck the cock, my dear, show the man how good you are with your mouth.” Blake ordered.

Valentina began to suck. The man fucking her mouth was much smaller than Blake was and she sucked him with ease. Blake continued fucking her. He watched as Scotty fucked in and out of his new wife’s mouth. Valentina was feeling very wet and moaned as she sucked.

The man she was sucking pulled on her nipples causing her to groan. “That’s right baby, you are doing so well. Suck that cock. I like seeing my little slave like this. You’ve been such a good girl.” Blake said fucking in and out of her. He spanked her ass once, twice, three times and Valentina sucked harder on the dick.

She wanted to please her Master. Blake pulled out and they exchanged places. She felt the familiar girth of Blake’s cock slide into her mouth and the smaller cock into her pussy. She missed Blake’s large dick and her pussy didn’t feel as comfortable around this much smaller dick. The man fucking into her couldn’t get enough traction so he mouthed to Blake to turn her over so that he could push her legs up and really get in. Blake agreed and Valentina was turned onto her back. The man bent down and licked her pussy. He was good and took his time. “Please sir, please may I cum?’ She begged.

“No my dear not yet but soon.” Blake said and stuffed his cock back into her mouth. Blake fucked her mouth hard while Scotty fucked her pussy. Scotty came soon after and pulled out. Blake replaced him at her pussy and began eating Scotty’s semen from Valentina. “Please Sir, please may I cum. I’m so, so, please.” She said and Valentina pinched her nipples.

She was moving her hips and Blake stopped licking her to look at her as he slid his fingers inside her pussy. “I love you like this. I love the way you look all spread out in heat.” Blake said and then sent back to licking her. Valentina knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on too much longer. Blake chuckled and said, “Mouth or cock!”

“Please Master, cock.” She begged and he slammed into her. “Cum slut cum for your Master” Blake said as he fucked inside her.

“Thank you.” Valentina said as she came hard onto his dick. Blake followed soon after and lay on her chest. He lightly kissed her nipple and then removed the blindfold.

Valentina knew better than to ask whom she had sucked and fucked. Blake wouldn’t tell her anyway.

Blake put more sun block on her body then left her to tan as he went to the kitchen.

Blake walked up to Cela and kissed her lips “Tonight you will join my wife and I. She needs to work on her pussy licking skills. She had her first muff diving experience with one of the Cassidy wives. I need you to teach her a few more things.”

Cela chuckled, “Can I fuck her?”

“Yes, but gently, she’s pregnant.” Blake said.

“Congrats, I’ll take it easy. So,” Cela purred, “Mr. Blake Black is going to be a daddy? How does it feel?”

Blake ran a hand through his hair. “It’s great I really love her. She’s my perfect slave, but I’m sure she’s going to challenge me and I will teach her what disobedience will get her and” He raised an eyebrow, “I will look forward to it, but not for a while, she’s pregnant and I’m still training her.”

Blake pulled Cela into his embrace. She laughed as he kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you later.” He said and released her.

Valentina fell asleep. She dreamed of Blake fucking her. Valentina shivered in her sleep and came. Blake watched her. He smiled, she was coming along very nicely and he knew she was dreaming of him.


Hayley and Jake had a wonderful time at their joint bridal shower. They received gifts ranging from an electric drill for Hayley to the complete line of Global Sai Knives for Jake.

Everyone had a good time playing silly games and Hayley wore her toilet paper veil with pride.

Hayley had given the list of 20 names for the wedding night ritual which she called the “Final Ritual Orgy” to Kenneth. She had included him and Gwyn and Daniela and Mason even though they wouldn’t be there.

Jake quit his job. The bank gave him a party and a choice of a gift, Jake had a hard time choosing because he had more money than he ever had and he didn’t need anything. In the end, he chose an iPad and gave it away to a young kid, he knew.

He had been home for one week and found that he needed to get out. In addition, he felt that he was underfoot with Marvina even though he spent most of his time in the office, but the best part was at night when Hayley came home.

She would enter the door and drop to her knees. He knew she was tired from work, but she would suck his cock before doing anything else. Their relationship was getting back on track, but Matthew warned him that Hayley would have one really big bout of rebellion the closer they came to the wedding.

Now tonight was the night for her Bachelorette party and his Bachelor party.

Jake and Hayley kissed each other goodnight. “Have fun, but not too much fun.” Jake said as he kissed Hayley passionately. “The same goes for you.” Hayley said.

Daniela, Samantha, Quinn and Tara who had flown in from London were all in the limousine waiting for Hayley. The party was being held at The Queen’s Club. A popular nightclub owned by the Cassidy family not too far from Hayley’s home. Already at the club were Mary, Denise, Gwyn and forty of Hayley’s friends from work and college.

From the moment she entered the limo, Hayley was handed a glass of champagne. She decided that this night since it was her party she was going to have a good time. They arrived at the Club and cheers went up. Glasses were raised. “Congratulations Hayley. Let’s Party” came from the ladies in the room.

Hayley greeted the crowd with fist pumping and she sat down at the table of honor. The Body Builders, a group of men in the Chippendale tradition all stood around the room. Three of them came up to Hayley and put a crown on her head. She laughed as they started dancing around her chair. Denise took Hayley’s hand and put it on the chest of a very brawly body builder. The dancer, a 6’2″ hunk with massive muscles bent down and locked lips with Hayley. She was in male heaven.

Hayley had fifty dollar bills in bundles of thirty passed around to each guests to put in the pants of the dancers. For herself, she had about fifty thousand dollars in hundreds. She was going to have a good time.

Samantha had been given the duty of making sure that Hayley didn’t go too overboard. She had one glass of champagne and for the rest of the night drank ginger ale. Helen warned Samantha that if Hayley did anything crazy she would be the one to be punished, so Samantha was watching Hayley like a hawk.


Brandon was in charge of Jake, but he had a feeling that Jake would be fine. Jake asked for no strippers. He wanted a nice quiet evening with just a few friends, the Cassidy’s and Nate. They had dinner at Mickey Mantle’s sports bar and then went to Jazz at Lincoln Center.

“Are you looking forward to the wedding?” Brandon asked amidst the noise at the bar.

“I’m looking forward to the day after the wedding and some reprieve from the Cassidy family.” Jake said.

“You’ll get some respite, but you know it won’t last long. You’ll have a few others to look after as Samantha and I did with Denise and Daniel and you and Hayley. The best time will be after Mary and when your kids are engaged. You’ll have a rest and will almost have forgotten about it.

Samantha and I are hoping that Jonah and Quinn get pregnant very fast so we can start.” Brandon said hopefully.

Jonah butted in, “the day after the wedding, Quinn is ready. She’s already bought some ovulation kit that tells her when the right time is to get pregnant. So you probably won’t have to wait long.”

Daniel joined the conversation, “All the women are jealous of Daniela. She is almost ready to burst and carrying twins, nonetheless. If my father had his chest poked out, anymore it would burst. He is so thrilled and so proud.”

Jake laughed; it would serve Matthew right if the twins were his. The proud peacock strutting his manhood, Jake thought.

The men hung out until one, and then Nate, Daniel, Brandon, Jonah and Jake climbed back into their limo and dropped everyone off. Brandon asked Jake if he wanted some company, but Jake declined, he wanted to just go home and wait for Hayley to arrive. He thanked the guys for the party and he realized just how much he couldn’t wait to get married.


Hayley was having the time of her life. She was passing out money like water to the dancers who stripped onstage. There were six men dressed in various uniforms; army, navy, police, etc… Two of them came down from the stage and dragged Hayley back with them to the stage. They bumped and grinded with her as Hayley who was now really drunk ran her hands all over their bodies. Samantha was watching, but she got a little distracted by a waiter who came over to ask if they wanted another bottle of champagne for the table. When she turned around, Hayley had disappeared.

“Where’s Hayley?” Samantha shouted to Mary.

“Hayley went backstage.” Mary shouted over the din.

“Shit!” Samantha said as she climbed on the stage and went backstage to find her sister.

She found Hayley down on her knees giving the brawly bodybuilder head while ten other guys stood around her jerking off and taking pictures. Samantha took her cell phone from her purse and dialed a number. She said into the phone, “Backstage, now!”

Five men burst into the room moments later and grabbed the phones from the men. “Hey that’s my phone.” Said one guy, but he instantly shut up when he was handed five thousand dollars.

“Did you text these to anyone?” Samantha said as each man handed her their cell phone.

“We didn’t have a chance.” Said one guy, before you and your goons burst in here.

“You’re lucky. Check all the phones and see what was sent out, delete all the pictures. If we find that anyone has received a picture of my very drunk sister sucking cock, it will be the worst for you.” Samantha said and grabbed the brawly bodybuilder.

“You keep your mouth shut,” She said thrusting an envelope with ten thousand dollars into his hand.

He said nothing just nodded. Samantha left security to take care of the men and make sure they understood the seriousness of any photos getting out.

Samantha was tempted to have all the phones destroyed, but she believed she had stopped it in time. Hayley nearly passed out, was still on her knees on the floor.

One of Hayley’s security scooped her up. “To the limousine, let me get the rest and we’ll meet you outback.” Samantha said scowling.

Samantha phoned her father and told him what happened. Matthew made a phone call and made sure that no one would buy any pictures of Hayley from anyone. He put his team to search the net to intercept any photos. He was thorough.

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