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The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

Come on man! You need to get out from that hole you’ve been hiding in. Live a little!

Live a little he says, the Reapers are wiping out billions of people across the galaxy and he’s, seemingly along with everyone else on the Citadel, are all out partying. It has been a long time since I’ve socialized. I know Being hold up in the Human embassies all day and spending all night jerking off to Asari on Human porn isn’t exactly healthy, but with everything that has been going on in the galaxy, socializing has been the last thing on my mind. I keep going over all of that in my head as a competing, and rhythmic, bass tone resonates everything ahead of me. My eyes trail up to the sign that reads ‘Purgatory’. People are filing in through the doors and as my turn finally comes I find myself almost deafened by how much louder it is inside than out.

Although my friends had all suggested that I get out more they, at the same time, also suggested to stay away from Purgatory. Aria T’Loak runs that club, they would say. She used to run Omega and there are literally no rules in her club. They warned me that it is a little too wild and crazy for someone like me. Well to hell with them! They were the ones who kept badgering me so much to do something new for a change. I got it in my head that I was going to prove them wrong! I could handle it just as much as any of them. Well that’s what I was thinking until about fifteen feet further into the club, still just in the entry hallway. I very quickly picked up loud moaning and yelling. As I continued to follow others into the club my eyes were glued to a pair of individuals along the wall in the back in a dark corner. The ugliest Turian I had ever seen, not that I would know since all Turian’s are butt ugly to me, had what looked to be an Asari up against the wall and was pounding her into oblivion. The shock of that scene rattled me and I immediately assumed he was raping her, but upon closer inspection I could see that her arms and legs were wrapped around him tight and there was a look of pure bliss on her face. After tuning out some of the raging techno music I could hear her screaming and begging for him to fuck her harder.

What the hell have I gotten myself into!

Was the only thought that was going through my head as those behind me kept pushing me further into the club, everyone eager to get inside. Before I knew it I had been herded out into the middle of the club before everyone around me started dispersing and joining various huddled crowds. The place was absolutely packed. There were people of all races that I had ever seen, and a few new ones. Everyone was drinking, yelling, and dancing all over the club. Well I’m here, no going back now. Although I could easily just leave the club, I was determined to see this night through. It truly did look like everyone was having an absolute blast and I figured I didn’t want to miss out, even if things might get a bit crazier than I’m used to.

Looking over to the side of the club I could see an unusually spacious area, cordoned off by armed thugs. Behind them was a curved couch and I could see a solitary Asari sitting on it. That must be Aria. No wait she’s not alone, she is making a weird motion with her hand. What is happening? Then my eyes got wide again after one of her thugs shifted to the side and I could see clearly. There was a human woman kneeled down between Aria’s legs. The woman was dressed in a skimpy outfit and looked to be one of the dancers. Aria was just sitting there causally and looking off at the crowd as she held this woman by the hair and bobbed her head up and down in her lap. After a minute Aria looked to say something to the woman before pulling her head up and away. Then I saw it, there was a prick easily twice the size of mine, erect and bobbing, in Aria’s lap. She now holds the dancer, by the hair, directly under her sizable member and jerks herself quickly. Seconds later I can see the woman clenching her eyes shut as long strands of cum spray all over her face. I couldn’t believe Aria had a dick!

Not many people back home on Earth, which is now probably just a burnt up cinder thanks to those damn Reapers, know that not all Asari ‘function’ just like our human women. There are many of them that, since encountering other races, have come to like the idea of being on top when it comes to sex. With all the technology available in this day and age they can pretty easily have one hundred percent life like male genitalia surgically attached with minimum issues. They still can’t actually do any fertilizing of their own with it, but they even match their own blue skin tone and can be chosen to match completely with the real life counterparts of any male of the other races. The only reason I really know all this myself is because those ‘Asari on Human’ pornos that I have been jerking off to, all mostly involve the Asari packing something a little extra. It’s a fetish of mine that I’ve picked up, and also happens to be why I now find myself staring with a hard-on in my pants as Aria finishes up coating the poor woman dancer with her cum.

She releases the girl and quickly shoos her away now that she is done with her. As she leaves the girl actually walks right past me and gives me a wink as she is licking the juices from her face. I blush and look away from her, back over to Aria. Now with a clear line of sight I can see that she has chosen to go with the smooth and slender form of a Turian cock. Finding myself staring again, I can see some remaining jizz roll down her softening shaft as her prick starts to slide back up inside its Turian sheath. Turians have hard outer layers of exoskeleton and so their vulnerable pricks slide fully up inside their bodies when soft. Aria’s has withdrawn fully now and at first glance the slit makes it look like she has a normal Asari pussy. I am in awe at the sight and as my eyes trail up Aria’s body I reach her eyes, and find her staring right back at me with a smirk on her face!

My whole face lights up bright red and I can feel the heat in my cheeks as I stare back at her like a deer in the headlights of an old Earth car. She simply raises a hand and gives me a come hither motion with her fingers. It suddenly hits me that I have been standing here for minutes and just watching her and that it would have been actually quite difficult for her ‘not’ to notice me. Scared out of my mind I instinctively start to back up, but quickly meet solid resistance. Turning around I can see a large Batarian in body armor looking down at me with his four eyes. He chuckles at me before motioning his head back towards Aria. I have literally just arrived at this club and already have been granted a private audience with Aria!

Holy shit!

I say out loud to myself, which causes the Batarian behind me to laugh some at my predicament before he gives me a shove and I find myself walking on auto pilot over to Aria. My throat is suddenly very dry and I gulp hard as I approach the couch. I notice others in the club eyeing me enviously. Only women though as all the men nearby are chuckling to themselves. Her eyes are on me as I take every step and as I get closer she pats her hand on the spot directly next to her on the couch. I feel myself tremble as I now stand before her. She simply looks up at me without saying anything and pats the couch again. Nodding slightly I gather some remaining strength and turn to sit down with her. As soon as my butt hits the couch she raises her arm up and around me, holding me by the shoulder and pulling me up against her.

Such a small little human aren’t you?

I nod meekly. My stature has always been smaller than other men, and some women I know, and has always been a bit embarrassing. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the intimidating Asari who now has me in her arms.

I can see you enjoyed the show.

She states simply and motions with her hand toward my crotch. I quickly turn my head and look away in shame as I am still rock hard in my pants. The embarrassment only serving to cause me to throb against the fabric. This amuses Aria and she laughs at me for a moment. Her fingers have now trailed up to my cheek and are slowly caressing my red-with-humiliation skin. Her teasing of me seems to also be getting her aroused again as well because my eyes trail down some and I can see her pants are still unbuckled and her prick is starting to peak back out of it’s sheath ever so slightly.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in your desires little boy.

She turns my head gently towards her and I look up into her eyes, her finger now trailing lightly across my lower lip. As I look at her all I can think is how if my conservative mother from back home, if she’s still alive, were here she would be having a heart attack right now if she saw me at this night club, in the clutches of a beautiful transsexual alien crime lord, very likely about to be raped. Well it’s not exactly rape if you don’t resist. As she caresses my skin and my breathing increases I find myself now starting to look up at her with lust in my eyes. I see a little twinkle in her own eyes as she returns my gaze. Slowly sliding her thumb into my mouth. My lips wrap around it and start sucking on her digit.

You want me to fuck you.

I hear her ask me. Almost unknowingly I shake my head slowly up at her. Then it dawns on me that she wasn’t asking a question. She was simply stating to me what I want. The smirk from earlier returns to her lips and her hand now moves to the back of my head and grips me by the hair. Gulping audibly again my gaze shifts down as I’m lowered toward her, now at half-mast, prick as it continues to rise from its sheath. Her Asari-Turian hybrid cock has a bead of liquid at its peak and she presses my lips up against it. Hesitantly I stick out my tongue and lap up the liquid. The taste is certainly unique but not unpleasant. I throw all caution to the wind and widen my lips, ready to accept her girth. Turian genitals more resemble those of a lizard and is more narrow and pointed toward the head, instead of round, but then widens considerably more toward the base. Aria’s prick slides easily between my lips as I sink down onto her. I find myself closing my eyes and moaning as her cock eases into my mouth, filled with satisfaction at finally being given the chance to live out my deepest fantasy. The texture of her member isn’t what I imagined it to be either. There is a sliminess to the feel of it as it is forced deeper past my lips. Not having sucked a human cock before either I am left to guess, but I assume it is because of the Turian design. But it doesn’t turn me off in the slightest. That only serves to increase the perversion of the situation and further fuels my lust which causes my own, much smaller, prick to leak some liquid of its own into my pants, causing a visible stain on my trousers.

Aria’s vice-like grip on my head doesn’t let up and several more inches slide into me. Her prick is easily at least ten inches long now that it has fully hardened between my lips. The blue flesh of her sizable shaft is now stretching my mouth wide and I suddenly start to gag as I feel her head push against the entrance to my throat. She was so gentle to me just a moment ago, but she obviously has every intention of treating me like a simple cock sleeve now that she has me. My eyes are watering as I gag once more, but without stopping she gives a quick forceful push down on my head and, unlike the greater difficulty that a Human cock would likely have, the pointed head of her dick is able to easily push through my resistance and into my throat. Her Turian member in general does seem softer though than my own human one by comparison and, now that there is no resistance, she quickly bottoms out in my mouth and I can feel several inches more of her cock angling and sliding down my esophagus. My nose is now smothered against her hairless Asari crotch and the tears from my gagging episode drip down my skin and onto hers, along with an abundance of my saliva. I rest for a moment and adjust to the situation and the fullness of her cock as I’m deep throating her. Then she tugs on my hair and pulls my head back up half her length. This time without pause she pushes back down and I am once again forced to the base of her dick. Aria is now groaning lightly above me.

Mmm it’s been a long time since I’ve had a throat this tight.

She keeps this up at a steady rhythm, fucking my throat with her cock repeatedly. She surely must not have been lying because the tightness is incredible and it feels like she is stretching me more and more with every downward thrust of my head. Having swallowed so much of her meat I haven’t been able to breathe for a while now. This is becoming more and more apparent as my lungs start to burn and my hands are pushing on her thighs and my body starts to writhe in fear beneath her as my vision starts to get darker and darker. My eyes start to roll back in my head and I fear this is the end, being choked to death on the cock of a sadistic Asari crime lord.

Her grip on my head now loosens and I’m finally able to pull up for some air. But she doesn’t allow me to withdraw fully, making sure that her head still stays between my lips. My nostrils however are now capable of reaching my lungs and I suck in as much air as I can. Aria laughs above me as I breathe heavily in her lap. She now forces my head back down and resumes her rhythm, but this time allowing me to have the opportunity to take in a breath with every upward motion. She now relaxes back more in her seat and continues to force me to nurse from her cock but at a more leisurely pace, apparently now satisfied with the amusement she had toying with me. Aria must be truly insatiable, I think to myself as I picture back to the girl who was just previously in my exact situation. When she mentioned fucking me I assumed she meant my ass, which I know would have been painful but I still imagine would have allowed me more freedom and have been less humiliating than simply being next in what is probably a long line of other cock sleeves that most likely service her on a daily basis, due to the relaxed nature at which she is sitting back and observing her club while she face fucks me.

Then I hear a sound of clacking growing louder as some woman in heels is inevitably making her way over to Aria and me. I can see the legs of the woman as she approaches and then slowly sits down on the other end of the angled couch across from me. She is wearing some open-toed high-heeled footwear and a shiny black dress, with a plunging neck line that shows off ample cleavage, that only goes as far down as mid-thigh, which rises some even higher as she raises and crosses her leg as she settles down on the seat. My face must now be as red as a tomato from shame as Aria doesn’t even slow down from forcing me to suck her off in front of this new guest. It was already embarrassing enough knowing that anyone in the club could easily look over and see me, but now with such a direct observer to my actions I feel like I could die.

Always a pleasure Shepard. What brings you here?

Shepard! I nearly freeze in surprise and my eyes shoot up further to examine the new guest more closely. My eyes widen as I indeed see Commander Shepard sitting across from me while I suck Aria’s blue Turian cock. She is held as our savior and only true hope against the fight with the Reapers from destroying all life in the galaxy… and she is watching me being fed almost a foot of dick! She is now terribly scarred from her adventures across the galaxy and her cybernetic implants are glowing a very visibly bright red under these very dim club lights. The red is even more noticeable in her eyes, especially because they are now staring down into mine. I have followed her career since the beginning, and before the scars, and even though she is known for being ruthless towards her enemies and anyone willing to get in her way from stopping the Reapers, those implants have only served to fuel my lust for her and have resulted in many late night jerk-off sessions. Some regard it as a very intimidating and sinister appearance, but that was only fuel to the flame for me. Shepard takes a moment to pause and watch me closely before responding to Aria with amusement.

I see you are enjoying yourself.

Aria and Shepard share a chuckle between each other and proceed to talk about various gangs that used to have territory on Omega and how Shepard has now just finished helping Aria retake control over them from running wild here on the Citadel. While they talk I am very aware how the Commander keeps casually looking down to watch me while I’m face fucked by Aria. I have been such a huge fan of Shepard and to have her here now while I’m being used for pleasure by Aria is both hugely humiliating and incredibly arousing. My cock has been visibly throbbing like crazy in my pants since she sat down and I know there must be a very clear stain of pre-come. I’ve never had the best stamina and I know that this situation has me right on the brink of embarrassing myself that much more. Aria seems to be able to read me like a book and as soon as she is finished thanking Shepard for her help she casually reaches down and squeezes my small prick.

Looks like someone else is also very thankful that you are here as well Shepard.

Aria says casually. Fuck! I moan loudly around Aria’s cock and instantly explode inside my pants, releasing so much of my seed that it starts seeping out through my clothing and pooling at the tip of my now trembling member. My eyes roll back and my hands hold onto my Mistress Asari’s thigh for all that I can as I utterly and completely humiliate myself in front of them both. Aria is laughing at me, but I gather some strength to look up at Shepard and see that she is instead just looking on at me intently, with what I would only describe as lust in her cyborg eyes. Once Aria settles down from her amusement she shifts her purpose and picks up the pace on thrusting my head onto her prick.

I think I’m finished with this little sissy.

I cringe a bit at Aria’s insult but don’t have time to dwell on it as she lets out a casual grunt of pleasure and then holds my head down against her lap as she finally releases her own flood of sperm. Her cock is so deep inside me that her cum simply floods straight down into my stomach as she orgasms. I am nothing but a reservoir for her spunk and allow myself to be held limply in her writhing grip as she gets herself off in my mouth. I have never been in such a shocking situation in my life, but all I can find myself thinking is that I wish she would let me taste her cum on my tongue instead. Several moments later her flow has slowed to a small trickle and she then casually releases my head and pushes me off her lap and onto the floor. I land with a thud and cough up a small remainder of cum onto the floor at the feet of Shepard and Aria.

Here Shepard, take this sissy as more thanks of my appreciation of the help you’ve given me. Since I have owned him with my cock from the moment he stepped into my club I now give him to you to use and abuse as you see fit.

- – - – -

To be continued…

I arrived home that night at 10:43PM. I had been out at a local bar visiting with a friend who was celebrating his birthday and the launch of an exciting new business venture.

I walked inside with a smile on my face, excited to be home. “Magen, I’m home!” I greeted her with.

“Welcome home Alex, I’m glad you’re back safely. However,” she said with a look of disapproval, “You told me you’d be home by 10. I am very disappointed that you lost track of time. I cooked a nice dinner for us to both enjoy, and now it is ruined. You have displeased me greatly.” She walked into the kitchen and signaled me to follow. “Are you hungry Alex? I made your favorite.”

I nodded to her, “Yes mistress. I’ve been looking forward to having dinner with you. I’m starving!”

“Too bad Alex, the dog would be more appreciative of this food than you would be. You did not consider my feelings tonight, why should I consider yours?” She gazed straight into my soul with anger. “If you want this food you’ll have to earn it. Get down on your knees.”

I obliged and got down on my knees. “Mistress, I’m sorry I lost track of time. I did not mean to hurt your feelings.”

“Alex, my feelings are fine. You are the one that’s going to hurt tonight. You need to be taught a lesson. Hands behind your back. Now.” She said, crouching down to peck her lips against mine. “How much did you have to drink tonight Alex? Your breath smells of alcohol.”

I put my hands behind my back as instructed, “Four beers mistress. And one shot,” I said reluctantly, “It was my friends birthday, I couldn’t help myself.”

She scoffed at me and shook her head, “Alex, you’re really making this hard on yourself. Do you know what kind of punishment you’re looking at now? Actually, don’t answer that. I want you to keep your words to yourself until I say otherwise. You got to have your way at my expense, so I will have my way at your expense,” she said, “undo your pants Alex.”

I did so hastily, and resumed holding my hands behind my back afterwards. I was starting to worry just what she had in mind. She walked off and returned shortly after with a belt in her hand, and a small bag full of contents unknown. She positioned herself behind me, latching onto the waist of my pants and pulling them down, exposing my bare ass to her.

She spoke sharply, “You’re hungry Alex, you may eat your cold dinner now.” She placed my plate of food in front of me. She had been considerate enough to cut it up into bite-sized pieces. “Keep your hands behind your back at all times, though. Tonight you get to eat like an animal.” She pushed me forward, my face just inches above the plate. “Enjoy Alex. Maybe next time you won’t make the same mistake again.”

Without hesitation I lowered my mouth to the plate to pick up a bite of food with my teeth. Right as I got the food in my mouth she lashed me with the belt, hard against my bare ass. I flinched in pain before my face fell into the food. I heard her laugh at me, she was watching me in this humiliating position and being entertained by it.

“Alex, eat your god damn dinner or I’m taking it away from you,” She said as she struck me again with the belt, “You have one minute to finish before I take it away from you.” She struck my ass again, leaving blistering pain across both my ass cheeks. She wasn’t going easy on me like normal, these licks were near full force. I could feel my ass glowing with redness. I began to eat faster as she began to count down, but it wasn’t an easy task. “45…” She counted, and she continued to lay into my ass with the smooth leather belt. The sound of leather whipping my ass echoed through the room. The pain was too much to bear, tears began to roll down my face as I gave up.

I swallowed what was in my mouth and spoke up, “Please mistress, It hurts too much. Please stop,” I began to sob, “I’m sorry I didn’t follow my orders, I’m sorry you wanted to spend time with me and I wasn’t here for you.”

She abruptly kicked the plate of cold food away from my face. “Alex,” she spoke softly, “I told you not to speak until I said you could. The pain you’re feeling right now you deserve. You got yourself into this mess, not me.” She smacked my ass with her hand, and then rubbed it gently. “I do this because I care about you Alex. I want you to be better, and keeping me happy is important. Like I said before, you had your fun at my expense, and now I’m having my fun at your expense. You want to make me happy don’t you?”

“Y-yes, mistress,” I sobbed, “I want you to be happy.”

“Good boy,” She said as she reached into the bag she brought out earlier, “Open wide.” I opened my mouth for her, and she placed a ball gag in my mouth and secured it tightly behind my head. “How about I take a little piece of that ass now, Alex? We’ll try something a bit bigger than you’re used to this time.” I felt lube against my asshole as she pressed something against my entrance. My eyes opened wide, surprised and not knowing what to expect. She pushed it in slowly, about an inch inside my tight inexperienced asshole. “Hmm… this might hurt you a bit Alex. But you’re lucky I don’t do worse.” She pulled it out of me, and stuck two fingers inside of me. She curled her fingers to stimulate my prostate and got my cock hard as a rock. “It’s good to know you get some enjoyment out of this Alex, I know I do.” She pushed her fingers down, stretching my ass out a bit. “This is the only warmup your getting tonight,” She said menacingly, “Get the most out of it.”

I layed there, food covering my face, ass up in the air, feeling completely dominated by my mistress. I knew she would take good care of me so I was accepting of my punishment, even though I knew she was about to have her way with my ass. I closed my eyes and tried to relax my hole as I felt her pull her fingers out and began to push the strapon inside of me again. I could barely accommodate it with my tight asshole. She had to use a lot of force to get it inside of me. When she finally got it all the way inside my ass I felt completely full of her plastic cock. She grabbed onto my hips and began to work it in and out of me, about an inch at a time. I was so tight and my ass hurt from the stretching, but it felt good to me. Knowing that she was there and that she was willing to correct my mistakes was reassuring. She began pushing it in and out faster, giving me more of her length. I bit down on the gag and let out a long sigh. She was having her way with my tight ass. I didn’t want it to end. I felt myself close to orgasm from the friction against my prostate.

“You’re such a good boy Alex, look at you taking this big cock up your ass. I’m proud of you. Do you think you can cum without touching?” She asked me, releasing the gag.

“Yes mistress, please may I cum. I have learned my lesson tonight and I will not make the same mistake again. Please Miss Magen, fuck my ass until I cum for you. Please give me permission.” I pleaded to her.

“You may cum Alex, go on. Show me you can cum without touching your cock.” She said as she continued to thrust in and out of my tight hole. She reached down and caressed my balls gently.

“M-m… Mistress! T-thank you…” I moaned as I began shooting my hot cum all over the floor, spurt by spurt, “Oh my god Magen it feels so good, mmm,” My cock twitched as it fired off it’s last bit of cum.

“Eat your cum now Alex, you didn’t even get through half of your dinner before you fucked it up for yourself. Your cum will give you a few extra calories.” She ordered. With her cock still inside of me I backed up a couple feet and began to lick my cum off the floor.

“Good boy Alex,” She smacked my burning-red ass playfully and pulled her strapon out of me slowly. “Now, go clean up the kitchen and get ready for bed. Since you were good I will let you sleep on the floor by my bed tonight.” She picked my plate off the floor and tossed the remaining food into the garbage before walking off to her room and closing the door.

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All rights reserved, 2010


Maria’s story….

The colonel and I walked along the side of the huge building on the San Diego base.

I remember looking at the moon and giving myself an almost silent sigh wishing I had made a better choice in life, that I had never met the colonel, that I never joined the Marines, that I had the chance for a family… and yet, I knew that I could not change what had happened in the past, the present was following its own path, and for me the future was still unknown.

Passing through the numerous security checkpoints we finally entered the conference room deep inside the building. Aside from the obvious need of the on-site members, six huge flat screens spaced along the wall connected them with various commands around the world.

We had brought along the ranking members of the FBI and CIA with us from Malibu. He was not surprised to find copies of his earlier proposal on the conference table being read by a different group of ranking officers including one flag officer representing his friend, Admiral Woodrell.

Two large screens covered one entire wall showing huge container ships moving across the Pacific. Other walls gave locations of the new radiation detecting buoys strung out along the ocean’s surface. Several were marked in red and satellite photos were superimposed over the diagrams.

“Latest Intel has both container ships leaving Hong Kong and moving eastward toward us. Somehow, with everything else happening over there we missed them being shipped from North Korea.

The first has a scheduled stop at Honolulu which we believe will be a strike against Pearl while the other is heading toward Los Angeles. We have full sat coverage and will pick them up with Orions as they come into range. Colonel Crowell and Major Paras have been working closely with the FBI and the CIA on contingency plans if they get near the US coast. Our job is to make sure that won’t be necessary.

The president has decided that Crowell and Paras will determine the plan of action. According to the briefs that they have brought from Malibu they have several scenarios for situations like this. Major, it’s all yours.”

I stood up and faced all the west coast admirals sitting there.

“Our first line of attack will be coordinated through the Task Force 70 carrier George Washington of the Seventh Fleet, Task Force 71 which covers Special Warfare and Explosive Disposal, Task Force 72 with the P3 Orions for reconnaissance and Task Force 74 with the Los Angeles class submarine Corpus Christi.

Our second line will consist of the Third Fleet with the Task Force 37 carriers Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln and three Los Angeles class submarines now leaving from San Diego… Now here’s what we’re going to do…”

We left the conference several hours later and went outside to get some fresh air.

Moving over to a dark corner, the colonel took out his Blackberry and called Alessa. She must have answered rather quickly because he didn’t have to wait more than a few seconds.

Standing right there in the silence, I could not help but hear the conversation and he seemed to forget I was there.

“Are you awake? Yes, I know it’s two o’clock on the morning. Listen carefully… Get enough busses to evacuate everyone from our complex and head north on the 5… call Shenan and have him pick up the Gylers and meet you with his family at Redding… tell him you’re all going to the new property I just bought.

When you get to Redding, have Holly get enough food to last about a week, make that two weeks. Make sure you take all the SUVs… Tell Philip ‘code 7′, remember that, ‘Code 7′. Alessa, get everyone out now!”

The colonel was plowing through every protocol the Navy had in place regarding top secret information. Strangely, that had not bothered me as much as what he said next.

“I… I love you, Alessa, I loved you from the moment we had lunch that day… I needed to tell you that. Now, go!”

He knew that he had broken a huge number of security protocols but he didn’t seem to care. He couldn’t evacuate the entire Los Angeles area but he could get his people out… his woman out.

I had no family… the Corps was my family… he knew I wanted him to be my family and he would protect me as well as he could considering what was coming.

He sensed me coming up behind him and turned.

“Oh, it’s you, Major. Has anything changed?”

“Yes and no. We have to go back. The ships are still coming on schedule but they want us to fly out to the lead carrier and be on site.”

“What!!!??? You’ve got to be kidding! What can we do out there that we can’t do here? This is crazy. Who do I talk to about this?”

“It’s no use, I’ve already tried. Admiral Woodrell was adamant about it. He said that being on scene or at least much closer to the action would help us prove the system since we must stop those ships no matter what. You know that.”

He was so angry I could see it even in the dim light.

“Yes, I do… I just thought I was through with flying out to carriers and being in the military… I’m sorry, Maria, I didn’t include you in that. I’m not the young fool I used to be.”

“I have some other bad news for you. They’ve activated the IRR rules and you’ve been extended.”

“Ah, c’mon… what can I do in the Corps that I can’t do outside? This is ridiculous. Who do I talk to?”

“I’m sorry but with the war on terror, if you’re considered vital you’re called back… I’m hoping it might be a short duration duty.”

Damn it, I couldn’t believe it… if he’s back in the military even longer then there was no hope for me at all. I hated my life! I hated my life! I hated my life!

I turned half-away, not wanting him to the see the desperation in my face.

Crowell stood there in the dark, fuming. We knew that the eight year requirement had not been met yet and so his IRR status was still in effect. Stupidly, he must have thought what he was doing would require them to leave him in place in Los Angeles.

Now, breaking my heart once again, he had just declared himself to Alessa.

“Colonel, please, we need to get back. They’re waiting for us.” I walked away from him wiping the tears from my face with my sleeve.

He doggedly followed me back into building. His anger was barely under control when he met Admiral Woodrell and Major General Richard Church. Woodrell motioned us to take a chair, hoping as a friend, to break the news of his recall in the best possible light.

I had begun to worry. I was scheduled to get out early next year. If they called both of us for a longer contract, our enlistment could just last forever. If that had been the case, I would have gone over his head and transferred somewhere else. I didn’t care where so long as it was away from them.

“Jim… I’m sure that Major Paras has already told you the news. I know that this is very inconvenient for you, especially at this time of your personal life.”

The admiral leaned over and put his hands on the table, biding for time.

“Jim, I know all about Alessa and what this might do to your relationship with her.”

The admiral gave a wary sideways glance at me. My eyes were red and he felt he knew why.

“I’m sorry but the president has decided that you must be in the chain of command for this operation. He has the greatest respect for your abilities and told me to give you this.”

The Marine Corps general handed the colonel a large envelope embossed with the seal of the White House and a small jewelry box.

“Go on, open it up.”

Inside were general’s stars, shining in the room’s light.

Crowell carefully opened the envelope and pulled out a group of papers and began reading the cover letter signed by the president himself. He reread the letter four times, not believing what he was seeing. Not only was he being recalled to active duty but the president had directed that he be promoted to brigadier general and in charge of the mission.

At one time, I was sure, in his military career he would have welcomed this opportunity with both arms but now… with his business incredibly moving forward at such a fast pace… and Alessa… what about her? How was this going to affect her? Honestly, at the time I didn’t care how I was going to affect her but now, I’m ashamed how I had felt then.

“Major Paras, you have also been promoted to Colonel due to your work with Crowell.”

He handed me a similar small case holding colonel’s eagles but evidently I didn’t rate a letter from the president.

“We’ll need you to leave at first light. We’ve a couple of Hornets ready to fly you out to the Reagan. Major… that is, Colonel Paras, you’ve never flown to a carrier before so might as well make the trip during the daylight.

Without giving away the situation, General, you may call Alessa and tell her what’s happening. As far as how long… we don’t know but hope that it will be quick and to the point. I’m really sorry, Jim, I know you didn’t want this and could have done it without coming back in but the president thinks otherwise.”

Alessa’s story….

“Jimmy?” As quiet as the bus was, it was still a bus and I pressed the Blackberry hard against my head trying to hear him.

“Alessa, darling… I have some very bad news. My enlistment in the Marines has been extended for a while. Major… I mean, Colonel Paras and I will be gone for at least a week which is why I had you take everyone north. I’ll explain everything later.

I’ll be on the Reagan with Paras for that time; we’ll be out somewhere in the Pacific. I’ll call you each chance I get but don’t call me; it will break all kinds of security measures. Is everything alright? Where are you?”

“We’re just north of Sacramento and have joined up with Bill and his family. He picked up the Gylers and I’ve got them on the bus with me. Jimmy, what’s going on?”

“Darling, I can’t tell you now, maybe never but when you get settled in at the cabin, stay there… keep CNN on somewhere the whole time. I’ve got to go; I’m flying out to the carrier in a few hours… Alessa?”

“Yes, Jimmy?”

“Alessa, I love you and we’ll get married at Christmas in Hawaii if I get back.”

The phone call finished from his end.

Marry me!!! If I get back?!!! Oh, God, what was Jimmy doing? And what was he doing going to an aircraft carrier?

I felt like he was saying goodbye and I would never see him again; turning to the window I began to cry, not knowing at the time how right I had been.

Early morning, Sunday, July 22rd, 2007 Carrier USS Reagan, 280 miles west of Hawaii, Pacific Ocean


Leaving San Diego in a supersonic fighter plane held none of the fascination that it should have for me. The plane raced westward into the still dark sky and I gripped the side of the cockpit so hard that my hands were white. My breathing was so rapid that the pilot, Bob Osborne, turned down the cockpit communications waiting for me to calm down. It was a very quiet three hour flight to Pearl and then a half-hour more to the Reagan.

Although the general had made numerous carrier night landings, this was my first time in a fighter plane. Although I had calmed down a bit, I was sure Lieutenant Osborne could hear my still labored breathing as we approached the huge Nimitz class carrier.

“Colonel,” Osborne said, “if you look over at about two o’clock, you can see the Reagan. We’ll be done in a few minutes… please make sure that you’re still buckled in correctly. Thanks for flying Marine Air.”

The postage sized ship rapidly grew in size, until it was all I was interested in, wanting to get down on the deck and off the plane. I realized flying in a supersonic fighter was very different from flying in the general’s comfortable, secure Gulfstream.

As our plane caught the arresting cable, the stop jerked me forward, and my three hour 40 minute supersonic ride was over, thank God.

“Welcome to the Reagan, Colonel. Hope you enjoyed the ride.”

“uhhhh… yeah… thanks, Lieutenant. I’ll let you know when I’d like another.”

“That’s OK, Colonel… we’re to wait until you and the general are finished with your mission. Do you need any help unhooking your straps?”

But before I could answer, the support crew had already unhooked the safety belts and my oxygen connections. They told me to keep my helmet.

“Well, Colonel, how did you like your first landing on a carrier?”

“General… something not to be forgotten… something to not be repeated.”

“Kinda hard getting home, then.” He seemed to take a sly pleasure at my discomfort. It was ironic that a Marine officer was unhappy flying at a thousand miles an hour miles above the ocean.

A tall but strongly built officer approached us and saluted.

“I’m Commander Mike Hunter, General Crowell, Colonel Paras. Please follow me.”

He led us into the warren of decks and passageways that made up the interior of the huge floating city. More than 5000 men and women were living and working inside the ship. Eventually, we reported to the Captain of the ship, David Grande, and Admiral Vincent Woodrell who had preceded us by a few hours.

“General James Crowell and Colonel Maria Paras, reporting, sir!”

“At ease, at ease. The Lincoln is steaming toward our intercept sites. Hopefully, it won’t come to that but we still must get a boarding party onto those ships to make sure that your information is correct. The president, naturally, is throwing everything we have at this, although I’m hoping that it won’t be necessary… however, the Admiral tells me that you’ve never been wrong. In this case, that’s too bad.”

“Admiral, Captain… I’m sorry, too, if it turns out to be true. It means that our enemies have access to weapons that are impossibly dangerous and the means to obtain them. We’re going to stop them here and then take care of them there.”

“Well, until our Orions have the ships on sight, we’re relying on the satellites for their positions… by tomorrow, I believe, we’ll be able to take action. Why don’t you and the colonel get settled in, and I’ll see you at 0900 hours, tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, sir.” With two snappy salutes, we started to leave the wardroom.

Hunter spoke up. “Allow me to escort you to your cabins.”

As many times as Crowell had been on board Nimitz class ships, it still was a huge three dimensional maze to be crossed. I, having never been aboard one, would have been totally lost. Hunter and an ensign carrying our travel bags led the way to the cabins further in the rabbit warren.

A short while later, Hunter showed Crowell his cabin.

“You’ll have to share with me this trip out, General. Ensign Plooming will escort you wherever you need to go.”

“Yes, I’d like to take a look around, thanks.”

“Colonel, if you’ll come with me, I’ll show you to your cabin.”

He took my travel bag, letting me carry my laptop case. Several minutes later, he showed me to a cabin a little further in the ship.

“I hope that you’ll be comfortable. I’ll be your escort, while you’re here, if you don’t mind.”

Hunter was excited to meet me. As I eventually found out, since he was very young, strong women dominated his life. At first it was his mother and then his younger sisters.

When he had to join the Navy for the money, the discipline of military life continued his need. Every paycheck went directly to his mother in San Diego. And although he had risen through the ranks by correctly following orders, he knew there were still officers above his rank filling his need for direction.

His submissive behavior toward the women in his life would greatly impact both Alessa’s and my lives. To me, it had just been another insult to my personal life.

Now I had crossed paths with his, a Marine officer no less. Now I know that he was thinking if he could somehow convince me to allow him some time with me.

I probably should have jumped overboard, instead.

“Thank you, Commander. I’d… I’d like that. Please sit down while I put these away. What’s it really like, living on a ship like this?”

“Oh, it’s good and bad. You get a lot of clean air to breathe and when there’s an actual mission you feel like you’re doing something. Otherwise, you’re constantly training for a war you hope never happens. How about yourself?”

“It’s about the same, except onshore. Crowell runs a very tight ship with the military side of the installation but the business side is a little looser. Sometimes, we’re on duty 24/7 for days at a time until some crisis is over. The fact that no one knows there was a crisis is a testament to how he’s handled it.”

“But, there are a number of people working there, right? Or, does he take credit for the whole thing, moving his career along?”

“Oh, no! He never takes credit for anything! He had been out of the Marines for a while… at least until this morning when he was recalled. The higher ups acknowledge that he’s the prime mover but he’s done everything he can to help everyone’s career succeed and be financially secure in case something happens so their families are taken care of.

We’ve lost a few people over the years and he’s taken each and every loss personally, for he’s the one who decided to send them in.”

“He sounds like a wonderful man.”

“Yes, he is… enough about that… what about you?”

“I grew up in a small town in West Virginia, out in the coal country. My father’s family were coal miners. My mother told me to get out and join the Navy. This is going to be my last tour out here, though; I’d like to settle down with an intelligent strong woman to start a family. I would like to think I would serve her in whatever she wants.”

There should have been a loud alarm ringing in my head by that time but my unhappiness with the general clouded my judgement.

“So, you don’t have a girl?”

He was pretty smart and good looking. He seemed to like a structured life… hmmm… intelligent strong woman… serve her in whatever she wants… I still don’t know what I was thinking other than I was so damn tired having men control my life. At the time, Hunter seemed like a good alternative the way I was feeling.

“No… this life is not good for meeting someone or romance… too many military divorces because of separation and finances. I don’t want that to happen to whoever I would fall in love with… I want someone to give me guidance.”

He was dropping hints right and left and they sank into my subconscious, controlling what I did.

“Where did you grow up?” he asked. “There was something before the Marines, I’m sure.”

“I grew up in Los Angeles… it was fun but became impossible to do anything, after a while. You couldn’t afford a house, there’s still a lot of racism, you know, the usual.

I joined the Marines, more to get out from under my father’s thumb. He had some serious old world ideas that were crushing me… I didn’t want to get married at 17 and have five children. So as soon as I could I left.

Although I’m stationed in Los Angeles, he still doesn’t want to talk to me and it’s been fifteen years, now I don’t… uh… let’s talk about something else, shall we?”

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to bring you there. Please forgive me.”

His expression was the saddest I had ever seen that didn’t involve someone dying and for a moment it looked like he thought I was going to hit him.

“Well, may I suggest we could talk about tomorrow or we could take a walk around the deck… the view from the fantail is incredible.”

By that time I was so tired worrying about the fate of the world and my own life that I needed to do something away from all the military trappings present.

“Yes, let’s do that… I’ve had enough business for one day, and everything’s in place… nothing I can do now except wait. It’s up to others to keep track of things for a while.”

Hunter gave me a headset for ear protection and took me out onto the flight deck. After carefully walking around the various aircraft, he extolled the various features of each type.

Amanda told me during our first date that she was going to see other people no matter how serious we might become. I thought it was an odd comment and regardless of the truth in the matter it seemed like a topic one avoids on a first date, saving it perhaps for the second or third date. Then I wondered to myself how many second or third dates she actually got. To be sure, she was gorgeous and charming, witty and even down to earth so I let her comment go with just a smile while thinking to myself that it was a shame she didn’t want a serious relationship.

Despite the oddness of that comment and its lingering echoes in the back of my mind, we continued dating, seeing each other once or twice a week for the first month or so and then more often after that. By the time our third month of dating had rolled around we were officially considered a couple by our friends and found that making plans for the weekend required a phone call to one another to check calendars. Soon, she began spending the night at my place three or four nights a week and we fell into a routine that was comfortable and nearly perfect in every way.

Since I worked from home, when she arrived, which was usually around 7:00 pm, I would have already started dinner and would have a glass of her favorite wine waiting when she came through the door. And because she spent most of her nights here, we had made room for her things in the closet and bathroom and dresser drawers. I simply did her laundry with mine each Saturday afternoon and became rather adept at the care it takes in washing women’s clothes. I found too that I was adding to the shopping list items she needed for the house, from feminine needs to her preferred shampoos to the ice cream she likes during her monthly cycle. Like I said, we had fallen into a wonderful routine and I really couldn’t have been happier.

I still remember the Sunday morning when we first said, “I love you” to each other. I had made coffee and was bringing it to her in bed and as I handed her the steaming mug I kissed her forehead and said, almost without thinking and perhaps without realizing it before, “I love you.” She acted like it was old hat, took the mug from me and said with a small smile, “I love you, too.” Then she took a sip of coffee and returned to the morning paper. It was natural and simple, just like everything between us it seemed.

Later that day we went shopping in Union Square and I dutifully carried her shopping bags from store to store while she searched for the perfect pair of boots. Our last stop before heading home was a high end lingerie store where a black satin baby doll with matching panties and bra in the store window had caught her eye. I bought it for her as a special treat and as the woman behind the counter was wrapping it up and placing it in the bag, Amanda gave me a sexy smile then bit my lip when she kissed me.

She whispered, “It won’t be too long before you’ll see this again.”

I smiled and blushed, hoping my growing excitement wasn’t as obvious as it felt to me. I told her that the vision of her in those sexy things is enough to drive a man crazy with desire. She raised her eye brows and said, “That’s the plan.” We both laughed.

The work week passed uneventfully and soon the weekend was upon us. I called her on Friday afternoon and asked what she wanted to do that night. She said she had a work dinner and I should make plans without her, but that she would come over later that night. And so my evening passed quietly with a good book and a nice bottle of wine. I realized at one point that Amanda and I hadn’t spent a Friday night apart in almost two months and that the break was actually pleasant. Around midnight I finished my book and my wine and decided to turn in, a little surprised that she wasn’t home yet but not giving it any thought.

I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly and soundly and the only time I woke up was at 3:30 am when I felt Amanda slip naked into bed next to me. I remember glancing at the clock, thinking it’s awfully late, kissing her on the forehead and then rolling over with an “I love you.” She draped an arm around, kissed my shoulder and said she loved me too.

When I woke a little after 7:00 am Amanda was sound asleep, purring peacefully in the bed beside me. I have always loved the way she looks while she’s sleeping, sweet and innocent, but this morning she looked especially angelic. I quietly kissed the top of her head and got out of bed to begin my day. Over coffee with a perfect morning sun streaming through the window I made my list of things to get done that day. It was a typical Saturday filled with laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. I thought about dinner and planned our menu, realizing I had missed her last night so maybe something romantic was in order.

Much to my surprise she was up at 8:00 am, wandering into the kitchen to get coffee dressed only in a pair of my boxers and one of my Radiohead T-shirts. She still looked angelic despite her mess of hair and sleep still in her eyes. With coffee mug in hand, she came and sat down beside me on the sofa while I finished my list. I asked her about her night and she said simply that it was really fun. She contributed things to the shopping list, we discussed dinner and she agreed a quiet, romantic dinner would be lovely. She glanced through the morning paper while I finished my coffee and then went about my chores.

I was surprised when I found the black negligee, panties and bra at the top of the laundry pile. I thought she hadn’t worn them yet and had expected their first showing to be for me. I set them aside and continued sorting through the laundry, dividing things by color with the whites in one pile, bright colors in another and darker things in a third. I started with the whites, filling the basket and made my way to the laundry room. With the load spinning away, I hopped in the shower while thinking about the rest of my day.

When I stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, a towel wrapped around me, clean and refreshed, Amanda had crawled back into bed with her coffee and the paper. I came over to her and kissed her softly. She touched my cheek, smiled and told me she loved me. She watched me as I got dressed, an adoring smile on her face that warmed me all over. I heard the washing machine click off and I moved to pick up the next load of laundry, this time the dark colors.

She stopped me. “Honey, the lingerie needs to be hand washed, ok?”

I nodded my head and took the opportunity to mention that I was surprised she had already worn her sexy new things. She giggled slightly and responded with something like a playful sigh.

I collected the baby doll, panties and bra and carried them into the bathroom, setting them aside while I filled the sink with warm water and Woolite. I picked up the baby doll, feeling its silky softness and catching her scent before I placed it in the water. Her bra came next and lastly her panties. But when I picked up her panties, which were inside out, I couldn’t help but notice a deep, wide white stain in the crotch. It was still damp too. My heart raced and my mind reeled. I searched for explanations but I knew that only cum stains like this. I fingered it and recognized immediately the sticky and slick feeling of semen. I began to tremble, realizing she had been with another man last night and that they had had sex. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and I took a deep breath to collect my thoughts. She told me on our first date she was going to see other people but I guess I either hadn’t believed her or had forgotten about it since our relationship thus far had been nearly perfect in everyway. I wondered if I had done something wrong or if she didn’t find our relationship fulfilling. I asked myself if this was the first time or if she was in love with him and a thousand other questions swirled through my brain.

I dunked the panties in the water with the other things and began carefully scrubbing them, perhaps thinking that by washing away the evidence I could also wash the feelings of confusion from my mind. As I scrubbed the silky things I began to formulate in my head how I was going to broach the subject and when. I knew that a direct confrontation would not solve anything and so I resigned myself to holding my tongue and waiting until later this evening to bring the subject up. I left the dirty lingerie soaking in the warm water. When I returned to the bedroom Amanda gave me another adoring smile and I nearly lost my resolve. Somehow I managed to smile back as I collected the remaining laundry and continued on with my chores.

The day was long and draining, thoughts of her with another man never far from the forefront of my mind. I tried to gauge my emotions and weigh my thoughts, but they seemed to be all over the place, wavering between hurt, anger and something akin to curiosity. Still, I managed to keep myself together and later that day as I was washing up before preparing dinner I noticed Amanda had taken the lingerie from the sink and left it to drip dry on towels draped over the shower door. The fact that this too elicited from me an odd response — one of hurt and uselessness and failure — further added my confusion.

We shared a bottle of wine over dinner and opened a second as we curled up on the couch and made small talk. She placed her feet in my lap and I began massaging them unconsciously as had become our routine. As I massaged one foot, her other pressed almost unnoticeably against my crotch. Amanda seemed very happy and content, almost glowing, as we chatted and made plans for Sunday and yet there hung in the air a strange energy because we both knew a conversation about last night was to come. I didn’t know how to even begin the conversation and maybe I was hoping to avoid it all together. After all, I didn’t know for certain that she had spent the night with another man and even if she had, it seemed odd to me that she would seem so guilt free about it. And it wasn’t just that she gave off an aura of confidence as if she had nothing to hide, but that she seemed so adoring and loving and attentive. I began to think that maybe I had concocted the whole thing in my head.

As her foot worked a little harder against my growing cock tucked safely inside my pants, I refilled our wine glasses and she suggested with a sexy purr that maybe we should retire to the bedroom. I agreed, although my heart was pounding because I knew the conversation had to happen now or it never would. But before I could say anything, she rose from the sofa and headed toward the bedroom. I sat thinking for a moment and then took a deep breath, gathered the wine glasses and my thoughts, and then followed her.

She was already naked and under the covers when I entered the room. I handed her a glass and set the other on the night stand before getting undressed myself and crawling into bed. We each propped ourselves up on one elbow, looking at each other as our legs played together. Her hand wandered down to my cock and she began gently stroking it as we made small talk, discussing dinner, an interesting article in the paper and recapping our day. I was formulating my thoughts to ask her about the lingerie when she brought up the subject first.

“Thank you for hand washing my lingerie. It’s lovely and I didn’t want to risk having it ruined in the washing machine,” she added.

I smiled, my heart pounding, knowing that I had to ask then. But before I could she continued while squeezing my cock a little tighter.

“I met a man last night after dinner,” she said, her eyes watching mine for a reaction. I didn’t know what to say, my face flush, and simply prompted her for more with a non-committal “and” dangled like a question.

She kept her hand on my growing cock and spoke again. “We went back to his place and one thing lead to another…” Her voice trailed off. I was more than a little caught off guard upon noticing my cock had grown to full length and I was almost imperceptibly fucking her hand.

I swallowed deeply, “Did you fuck him?”

She stroked my cock a little harder as she responded, “Yes, I did. I fucked him all night.”

I was trembling, taken over by conflicting emotions of confusion and arousal and having seemingly losing control of my body, I thrust my cock into her hand a little harder and more obviously.

All the things I had practiced saying in my mind earlier in the day seemed to escape me and I found myself asking, “Was it good?”

She stopped stroking me, letting me instead simply fuck her hand, although she tightened her grip. She leaned forward, kissed me softly on the lips and then brought her mouth to my ear.

She whispered, “It was fantastic. He had a huge cock, long and thick, and he used it to fill me completely.”

I moaned and whimpered, amazed that I was becoming aroused.

She continued, “He was rough with me too. We weren’t through the door more than a minute when he grabbed the back of my head, forced me to my knees and demanded that I suck him off.”

An audible gasp escaped from my mouth and I closed my eyes, not knowing if I was trying to block her from my sight or ward off the incredible arousal that had overcome me. I tried to speak but before I could she kissed my ear and increased the pressure on my cock. Her voice became more seductive and the heat of her breath against my ear only contributed to the eroticism of the moment.

“It was the first time since we’ve been together that I’ve been with anyone else; but it won’t be the last,” she purred.

I looked up at her with confused and pleading eyes as she brought me closer to orgasm with her hand. I did not understand what was happening or why and any sense of outrage I may have harbored was belied by my swollen cock and furious pumping into her hand.

I could feel her mouth form into a smile against my ear as she continued. “I’m going to see him on Tuesday night and I expect we’ll relive the same passion we shared last night. I hope so at least because he made me cum five or six times in just three hours and even after I sucked his cock and he exploded in my mouth, he stayed hard and available for my cunt.”

I couldn’t take much more and I needed release badly and without even thinking about all that she had told me I simply blurted out, “Please Amanda please let me fuck you.”

She cooed in my ear, “Aw. Someone sure seems aroused. But no, you can’t fuck me tonight. I’m still a little sore from being so thoroughly used last night. Lie down on your back and we’ll finish you off this way.”

I quickly rolled on to my back and although her hand never left my cock, I wanted to stroke myself and placed my hand on hers. “No, no,” she spoke immediately, “tonight I’m giving you pleasure because you’ve handled this so very well and I’m proud of you.”

I let my hand slide to my side and began pumping into her with greater urgency. She began speaking again, “your cock is so hard and hot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it quite this way. Is it because you know I was so thoroughly fucked last night or because I’m going to be again on Tuesday night? Hmmm?”

I honestly didn’t know what or how to respond. It was true that I was harder and more aroused than I could remember being in a long time and yet it felt so wrong to be finding such erotic pleasure from this situation. The first spasms of a tremendous orgasm began building deep within me and I hissed through clenched teeth that I was going to cum.

Genuine happiness seemed to ring through her voice as she said, “Yes, Marc, you may cum now.”

Something about the control in her voice and the voiced permission to have the pleasure she was granting sent me over the edge and I exploded in violent tremors, shooting long and thick ropes of cum all over my stomach and chest. My orgasm continued for longer than I had ever experienced before and when the convulsions stopped and I opened my eyes, Amanda was smiling at me. It was a different kind of smile and at the time I couldn’t place its message.

She released my cock and using two fingers like a spoon, scooped up a large dollop of cum from my stomach and brought it to my lips. “Taste yourself,” she said and although the request shocked me, I found myself opening my mouth and sucking her cum coated fingers in.

As she removed her fingers and brought them to my chest for round two, she added more directly, “Swallow your cum, Marc” and I did before she forced her fingers back in again.

Before turning out the light she said, almost as if it was a foregone conclusion, “You should get used to the taste of cum as I plan on feeding it to you often. Now good night.”

To be continued…

Peeper wakes up restrained.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

That week, I gave my landlord a month’s notice so that I wouldn’t lose my deposit, and moved in with Alicia. Most of my furniture and kitchen stuff went into storage, along with my TV and stereo. Alicia’s were much better anyway. We combined our tape and CD collections. Gradually our two households became one.

It could be argued that I was taking a big chance, moving in with a woman whom I had been seeing for only a couple of weeks. But I never had a moment’s doubt, not after the weekend we spent together. Something about taking care of that woman and having her take care of and discipline me caused me to cross over into love for her and submission to her will. During the move-in phase, Alicia asked me, “Phillip, will you miss your apartment?”

“No, mistress. I’m right where I want to be. I know what I’m doing.”

Of course, there were financial arrangements to be worked out. I would pay half the rent on the condo, and half the utilities. Alicia would pay for the groceries. Entertainments such as dinners out, movies and other things we would play by ear.

In return, I would keep the house, do the shopping and cooking, and take care of Alicia.

We decided it would be best to keep our relationship a secret for the time being.

These details were worked out in the month prior to the actual dissolving of my household. Like most couples, we negotiated for our roles in the relationship. During that month, although I stayed at Alicia’s most nights, we had sex only once, and I didn’t get spanked at all. It was as if we were saving that part for later, when I had finally moved in for good.

I could already tell that Alicia would have a bigger adjustment to make than me. A bit passive and submissive by nature, I had no trouble melding my life to hers. I wanted someone to take care of, and I wanted someone to guide and discipline me. Alicia, on the other hand, was used to being alone. I was assigned just a small space in the closet, because her clothes had to be hung up just so. This I took in stride. After all, she was the dominant in the relationship. But when she began insulting me personally, or denigrating the job I did in the hospital, I had to protest.

For instance, one evening we were cleaning the last of my stuff out of my apartment. Alicia had been bitchy all evening, and she remarked nastily, “You know, you RTs are not much more than glorified knob turners. I mean, I’m glad that you’re there and all, but it’s the physicians that really make the decisions.”

That remark struck home. I’m not that sensitive, but I was proud of the job I did at the hospital. I considered myself one of the better respiratory therapists. “Alicia, I don’t know what has you so pissed off, but it’s no reason for you to say something like that. I always try to do the best job that I can for you, both here and at the hospital. And I try my best to give good patient care all the time.”

“You better watch your mouth before you make me really mad, mister. I could be turning those controls on the ventilator just as well as you could, Phillip. You know that I’m right. Granted, I’m grateful that you’re there to turn them for me, but you don’t carry the responsibility that I do.”

“It’s true that I don’t carry the same responsibility, but I carry my share. Having those respirators operating correctly is crucial. Most people in the RT department do a good job.”

“Yeah, but there are some real shits, as well,” she said.

We dropped it after that, but, I could tell she was still mad. Later, when we were at her condo, she handed me a pillow and said, “Take the couch for tonight.”

The next morning, I woke up first, pulled my tired self off the couch, and walked into the bedroom. Alicia was awake, sitting up in bed, reading a book. She saw me.

“Good morning,” she said, a little smile on her face.

“Good morning,” I said. “What would you like for breakfast.”

“Nothing right now,” she said. She patted the bed beside her and said, “Come over here.”

I walked over and got on the bed beside her. I especially loved the way she smelled in the morning. It was a combination of warm femininity and sleep.

I wanted her to touch me, to soothe me, to not be mad any more. My feelings had been hurt, but with a word or a caress, she could make me feel better.

Alicia put her arm around me and pulled me close. I snuggled in and laid my head on her breasts, and she stroked my hair. “I’m having a little trouble adjusting to having someone around all the time,” she said quietly. “Up to now, it’s always been just me. I’ve come to realize in the past few years that I really have a lot of repressed anger inside. Before, I could take it out on other doctors, or staff members, or even the diseases I was treating. But now, there’s you, and you’re available. Although I care about you, I still find myself taking cheap shots. I’ll try to do better.”

“I don’t really mind, as long as I can stay with you. Just don’t send me away,” I said.

“I’m not going to send you away,” she said. “Pull your underwear down. I want to look at your butt.” I did so, and laid across her lap. My cock was erect, and I was trembling in anticipation. It was not my place to tell my mistress what I wanted, but I wanted to be spanked good and hard, and then I wanted sex.

She lightly stroked my butt. “You are completely healed,” she said. “How long has it been since you were spanked?”

“Almost a month,” I said, pouting a little.

“Well, we’ll remedy that–once you’re in here for good.” She reached under me and grasped my erection. The pleasure exploded in my brain. “I bet you’re ready for sex, too. Well, I don’t want you to come yet. Don’t even masturbate. When the time comes, I’ll take care of both those problems. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I whispered.

She slapped me on the butt and said, “Now, get up and make me some breakfast. What is left to do at your apartment?”

“I’m almost done,” I said as I got up. “I’ve got to vacuum and scrub the kitchen floor, and the bathroom’s got to be cleaned.”

“Let’s see. Today is Saturday. Will you be finished over there by tomorrow afternoon?”

“I should be,” I said. “The landlord’s going to inspect on Monday, but there won’t be any problem. The place is in better shape than when I rented it.”

“When do you go back to work?”

“This is my long weekend. I go back on Tuesday.”

“Okay,” she said, looking up at me, “here’s what we’ll do. Finish up at your apartment today and tomorrow, and in celebration of your moving in with me, we’ll have a little party tomorrow night. How does that sound?”

“It sounds great, Mistress.”

“Good,” she said, gesturing me down to her. I leaned down, and Alicia put her hand on my face, pulled me to her, and kissed me with all the tenderness and promise she could muster.

It had been a while since she had kissed me like that, and for a moment, I lost myself in her hungry lips. In an instant, that kiss reaffirmed all the reasons I was with her in the first place. Her emotions and appetites were so profound that I felt myself submerging into her. Alicia was such a big woman in so many ways, that I felt that she could have folded me into her with no trouble.

“I hope you’re ready for tomorrow night,” she said, smiling a little.

“I am always ready for you, Mistress,” I said.

* * *

Alicia had to go into the hospital for a while that day, so I drove over to my apartment and worked hard cleaning it up. I got everything done but the bathroom, and I could finish that on Sunday. I got back at about three that Saturday afternoon to find Alicia listening to the stereo and reading a medical journal. Thankfully, she was in a good mood.

“What would you like for dinner?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” she said.

I took pork chops out of the refrigerator to thaw, then went over to the couch with a book of my own, to pass the time until it was time to cook dinner. After a while, she called me over to the couch where she was reclining. She was still wearing a blouse and slacks, and I suggested that she get into something looser.

“I’ll rub your back some,” I cajoled.

She agreed, padded into the bedroom, and came back in a loose terrycloth lounging outfit. I put my hands underneath the thin material of the top, and began kneading her shoulders. She sighed heavily and let her head loll back and forth.

“Phillip,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said.

“I am not easy to get along with,” she said. “But no matter what happens, stay with me. I want you to know that now, while I’m feeling relaxed and comfortable with you.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” I said.

She pulled me around and made me lie on the couch beside her. We kissed and petted for a long time. I was very, very hard, and she noticed it.

“Mmmm, you really are ready for sex, aren’t you?” she said.

“It’s been about two weeks now, mistress.”

She reached down into my scrub pants–I had changed after I got home–and began stroking me up and down. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.”

“Does that feel good, Phillip?”

“Yes Mistress, it does.”

“Do you want to come?”

“Only if you say so,” I managed to reply. “However, Mistress, I think that I should warn you, that if you continue touching me like that, I may not be able to help myself.”

She took her hand off me, pulled my pants up, and tied the drawstring. “We’ll save it for later, then, Phillip. Besides, I have something special planned for you tomorrow night.” She patted me gently down there, and picked up her journal again. I got up and went into the kitchen to check on the pork chops. They were thawed, so I made dinner.

Later that night, we went out to a movie. When we came back, she made me sleep nude with her, but didn’t touch me. She kissed me goodnight and we slept. The next morning, I got up, made coffee, made her breakfast, then went over to my apartment, where I finished cleaning the bathroom.

I was proud of myself. The apartment was spotless. I was a good respiratory therapist, but I was an excellent housekeeper. Alicia had also found that out once I started cleaning her condo.

It so happened that the manager was at the complex performing a repair. I saw him and managed to convince him to inspect my apartment then and there. It passed–of course–and we filled out the paperwork for me to get my security deposit back.

I returned to Alicia’s condo with a light heart. Once I had told her that I was officially separated from my old apartment, she said, “Good. Let’s go out to dinner this evening and celebrate. I’ve got to admit, Phillip, that I’m happy for us. I’m glad you are here with me.”

“Why don’t you let me do your body care this afternoon? I would love to get you ready,” I said.

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each other’s company. We put music on the stereo and sipped cold white wine while I bathed her and shaved her, did her hair and nails, and helped her pick out her clothes for the evening. A couple of weeks earlier, I had bought her a satin bra and panties for just this occasion. I brought them out and helped her get into them. Their deep teal color complemented her pale skin and red hair perfectly. For my sake, she wore a black lace garter belt and stockings. In her lingerie, Alicia was breathtaking!

We then spent a considerable amount of time choosing her outfit. She settled on a simple, mid-length silk sheath in a beautiful shimmery green. I added a string of small pearls and matching earrings, and the effect was perfect.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“You need shoes,” I said. I looked through her closet until I found what I was looking for: black high-heeled pumps. I knelt in front of her and slipped them on, then kissed the toe. “Now you look perfect.”

Alicia walked over to the mirror and looked. “I must say, Phillip, that you have excellent taste in women’s clothes. I’ve gotten more compliments in the month that we’ve known each other than in all the years I’ve been at this hospital. One of the interns even asked me out the other day. Of course,” she looked at me smiling, with one eyebrow raised, “I refused.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said. I got up and stood behind her, pulling the dress up a little, and straightening the hem.

“Stop fussing over me now. Go get dressed so that we can go.”

I went into the bedroom, chose a white dress shirt, burgundy tie, and my best dark blue sport coat. I put on gray slacks, and slipped on penny loafers. When I got into the living room, Alicia said, “You look nice, Phillip. But I think that we should go clothes shopping for you, soon. Come, stand with me in front of the mirror.”

We stood in front of the mirror. I thought we made a handsome, if slightly incongruous couple. There was Alicia, red-haired and beautiful, dressed in deep green and standing more than six inches taller than me because of the heels she was wearing. And there I was, sort of short and (I thought) nerdy-looking, quite a bit smaller than Alicia. She stepped behind me, put her arms around me, and rested her chin on the top of my head.

“We make a nice couple,” Alicia said, a bit wonderingly.

“I consider myself very lucky, Mistress,” I said quietly.

“Me, too,” she replied.

Alicia took me out to the swankiest steak place in town. She ordered for me, held my hand, and generally was at her most appealing all night. “If I didn’t know better, Alicia,” I said, “I’d think you were trying to seduce me.”

“You just wait until I get you home,” she said archly.

We had a full meal, but Alicia limited my alcohol, and insisted that I have coffee. “I don’t want you too drunk tonight to do your duty,” she said.

“There is no chance of that, I assure you,” I said.

After dinner, we walked the few blocks to her car in brisk autumn air. It was now late October, and the air was crisp and cool. Alicia took my hand and held it firmly. As we got near her car, I started to walk ahead and open the door for her, as always. She stopped me and said, “No, tonight, let me do it.”

She opened the passenger side door and held it for me. I slipped in, protesting a little.

“Hush,” she said, closing the door. She slipped into the driver’s side and buckled up, then started the car and pulled out of the parking spot.

“Mistress,” I said, “I feel that I should be doing more for you this evening. All this attention is making me uncomfortable.”

“Phillip, this is my way of showing you how much I appreciate you. I’m glad you’re moving in with me; I just want to do a little something for you.”

“But it’s really not necessary,” I said.

“Oh, shut up and enjoy it,” she said, a slight edge to her voice. “Let me do this thing. Besides, you’ll be doing something for me soon enough.” She reached down and squeezed my thigh.

It suddenly occurred to me that Alicia may have been trying to make up for what she had said to me earlier that week.

When we got to the door of our condo, she handed me her keys. I opened the door and quickly checked to make sure that nothing was amiss. This was something that I always did for Alicia, and I was glad she let me do it this time as well. We went in, I helped her off with her cloak, and as I was hanging it up, she said, “Now, I’m going into the bedroom. Don’t come in until I say so.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said.

I took my sport coat off and laid it across the couch, but kept my tie and shirt on. In a few minutes, I heard, “Come in, Phillip.”

The bedroom was dark and lit by candles. Alicia lay across the bed with her bra and panties on, and nothing else. Her eyes were shining in the soft glow of the candles. There was soft jazz on the bedside radio.

“Undress for me, Phillip,” she said.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it, so I started by kicking off my shoes, and slipping off my socks. Then I loosened my tie and removed it, draping it neatly over the back of a chair. I started unbuttoning my shirt. I got all the way down to the bottom, pulled my shirttail out, and slipped the shirt off. I started to loosen my belt, and Alicia said, “Come over here and let me do that.”

I walked over to her. She sat up in bed and moved to the edge. I stood in front of her. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, her lips parted. I could feel her warm breath on my belly as she moved in close and undid my belt. She unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. She put her arms around my waist and embraced me, nuzzling my erect cock through the material of my underwear. Then, she pulled my shorts down. My cock sprang out at her. I heard her sigh.

“Phillip,” she said quietly, “I love our sex together. It means very, very much to me.”

She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth, sucking on me hard. The sudden surge of pleasure made me groan out loud. Gently, gently, I touched my beloved mistress’ hair. She looked up at me and said, “Go ahead and touch my hair, if you like.”

I ran my fingers through her thick, slightly coarse hair. Alicia swallowed my cock completely, bobbing her head up and down, savoring me, as I savored the feeling. Then, she stopped.

She slipped back on to bed so that she reclined in the middle of it. She said, “Get across my lap, Phillip.”

I began trembling with eagerness. Quickly, I slipped out of my shorts and pants and, with my iron-hard cock jutting out in front of me, got onto the bed.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “Help me out of these things.”

I leaned over her and undid the clasp of the bra. Her large, firm, fragrant breasts fell free, and Alicia said, “That’s better. Now my panties.” I knelt in front of her and grasped the waistband of the satin panties. Alicia raised her butt off the bed, and I slipped them down and off. She was now gloriously nude. I couldn’t help it, and I buried my face in her pubic hair, breathing in the aroma of her sex, and kissing her fervently down there. Alicia stroked my hair and let me do it as long as I wanted.

I got into my usual place across her lap, with my cock wedged in between her thighs. I felt her caress on my bottom, and then she said, “Are you ready, Phillip?”

Overcome with emotion, I answered, “Yes, oh yes, Mistress.”

When the blows began, I was surprised that it wasn’t her hand that I was feeling. Instead, she was spanking me with a wooden hairbrush. She started on the backs of my thighs, just above my knees, and gradually worked her way up.

At first, it merely warmed me. But as she continued, the blows got harder and harder, and the pain began to mount. My cock got harder and harder, and began leaking pre-come. I squirmed under her, one part of me wanting to dodge the blows, another part of me wanting to accept them, embrace them.

Inexorably, the hairbrush came down again and again. The pain became almost unbearable. Each slap of the brush sent a burst of fire throughout my loins. I began moaning with pain, and eventually crying out. It wasn’t long before I had tears in my eyes. And still the blows came.

She had now worked her way up to my buttocks. She concentrated squarely on the fleshy part, before moving over to each side. Then, she moved back and spanked the fleshy part again.

At one point, the pain became so intense, that it was almost subliminal. I was aware that I was being struck again and again, but I could no longer tell precisely where I was being hit. My whole bottom was a mass of fiery hot sensation. It was impossible to pin down any specific area.

Finally, Alicia stopped. I was sure that it had been one of the worst spankings I had ever had. My ass throbbed with a heavy, burning pain that I was sure would be there for quite a while.

I heard her say, “God, Phillip, I spanked you until my arm was too tired to go on, and you were still crying for more. Here, lay on your side, honey.”

Gingerly, I got off of her and lay down on my side. Alicia looked down at me and said, “Is that what you needed, Phillip?”

Hot tears came to my eyes and I nodded silently.

Chapter 03: Slave Initiation

After arriving at the dungeon I had been stripped naked, humiliated in front of several unfamiliar Mistresses, and subjected to light physical torture during what appeared to be some kind of slave training. But I had a feeling that this was just the beginning.

“Look at you, slave,” Mistress said as she led me out of the private dungeon room into the corridor, “Being paraded naked down the hallway so everyone can see you!”

Despite being blindfolded, ball-gagged, and handcuffed, I thought I knew more about where I was and which way I was going than Mistress’s tone led one to believe. As I walked as slow as possible, being led by Mistress’s metal leash, I could hear the snickering of the other Mistresses, indicating to me that they were still there, following us.

Then I suddenly bumped into someone, evidently my Mistress who had stopped walking.

“You weren’t paying attention, slave!” Mistress exclaimed, slapping me across the face again. “I don’t think you’re ready to be our slave just yet. I think if we were to present you to our guests now they would be very displeased.”

What guests? I wondered. What exactly was she talking about?

“Looks like we’re going to have to train you a little more,” she said as she grabbed the leash close to my neck and pulled me around a corner.

Then I bumped into something else – what I quickly realised to be the inside of a cage. I heard the door slam behind me. I turned around to face Mistress, despite being blindfolded.

“In order to be a good slave for us and our guests later on you’re going to have to pay more attention,” she said angrily.

With that, I felt a zap to my right hip as Mistress struck me with the violet wand through the cage. I yelped and jumped away instinctively, banging my shoulder against the cage.

“You’re going to have to follow orders unconditionally.”

I felt another zap, this time on my shoulder. I tried to turn away.

“And you’re going to have to enjoy whatever we decide to do you.”

I felt a zap on my arse.

“Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I responded, but as I spoke I found I could barley utter the words as my throat was so dry, and all that came out was a small choking sound.

“Awww, is my slave thirsty?” she asked patronisingly. The other Mistresses had been relatively quiet for a while.

I nodded this time.

“Mistress, can you bring my slave some water, please?”

As the Mistress’s footsteps disappeared down the hallway my Mistress reached through the cage and gently pulled me towards her, my front was pressing against the cage bars and I could feel she was standing very close. She whispered into my ear.

“It’s ok, slave. I’ll look after you.”

As she said this she gently stroked the back of my neck and shoulders and as I stood there in that moment I felt an ironic comfort that I had never felt before. I knew that what was going to happen to me from then on was going to be more brutal than I ever imagined, but I knew that I was going to follow orders and enjoy it all because my Mistress was in charge. Already I felt a little closer to becoming her slave.

The other Mistress returned and my Mistress let go.

“Here you go,” she returned somewhat to her previous commanding tone. She placed the water on the floor of the cage and took out my ball-gag. “Drink,” she commanded.

By the fact I was still handcuffed, I figured that the water was in a bowl on the ground and that I was meant to drink it like a dog. I slowly kneeled down to the ground and when I landed I felt the bowl with my knee. I shuffled back and leant forward, hoping that I find the bowl and don’t start licking the floor. I couldn’t find it at first and I felt so awkward, kneeling over helplessly. I turned slowly and suddenly felt the bowl with my face and started licking up the water. Once again I felt so beneath the other Mistresses.

Just as my throat started to feel more normal, my Mistress gave me a forceful shove with her foot.

“Ok, stand up!”

As I stood up, some loud music started playing.

“Show us your dance moves, slave!” Mistress cried out.

I stood there stunned. I was not expecting this and I was completely embarrassed. But I wanted to serve Mistress well so I started slowly dancing by stepping to the beat without moving the rest of my body.

“Shake that arse!” Another Mistress yelled, somehow spanking me through the cage.

I started swaying my hips from side to side along with the beat. I wasn’t a terrible dancer, but I was still handcuffed and I felt that the type of music required arm movement; nevertheless I felt like a total idiot.

“Oh my god, you’re hopeless,” exclaimed Mistress. “Thrust your hips forwards and back.”

I did so, and as the image of what I must’ve looked like suddenly popped into my head I felt my penis start to harden.

“Faster!” they yelled.

With every swing, my penis grew a little more and in moments it was fully erect.The Mistresses started cheering and clapping their hands to the beat as I kept dancing naked in my cage, thrusting my pelvis and shaking my penis while they watched. It felt good to entertain them with my body in this way, and once again I felt some pre-cum fall out.

“Woo! Keep going, sexy!” They cheered. They must’ve either not noticed or didn’t care anymore.

I kept shaking my hard penis, whilst feeling the most embarrassed that I could ever remember being until eventually the music stopped and I caught my breath. My penis was still hard and someone suddenly clasped their hand around it.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Mistress said, pulling me by my penis towards her. She pulled me right up to the cage bars so that our faces were touching. “You are nothing but my slave, do you understand?” She said slowly and sincerely.

I was too scared to move.

“You are mine now. I own you.”

Then she kissed me aggressively, sticking her tongue in my mouth as if she were licking her ice cream. With a rough tug she let go of my penis and wiped off the pre-cum.

“And easily aroused.”

She shoved her hand in my face and I knew what I was meant to do. I licked my pre-cum clean off her hand.

“Good.” She said, impressed.

Then she took off my blindfold and undid my handcuffs. I noticed the other Mistresses were standing by. I was free to see, speak and move my arms, but I didn’t care. I waited for my Mistress’s instructions.

“Down on the floor now.”

I got on my knees again. Mistress stuck her leg in through the cage and stood on my penis. It was painful. I could feel it not only being squashed by the sole of her shoe but also being poked with the heel. I cringed but dared not make a sound.

“I want you to pledge your loyalty to me as my slave,” Mistress explained, releasing her shoe. “Repeat what I say: I kneel before you, my eyes cast down, my head bowed in Respect,”

I repeated, and followed the actions she described.

“My hands upon my thighs, their palms upturned in offering of my submission.. my back arches lifting my chest, my thighs part, exposing myself to you.. my body totally accessible to you… my mind open to be taught, guided and directed by you… I lift my voice and ask permission to speak… I submit to you, Mistress.. to mould me into the slave I am yet to be…”

As I pledged my submissiveness to my Mistress, I felt I connected with what I was saying and at that moment I truly didn’t look forward to anything else but serving her. Without saying anything she placed her hands inside the cage and held them there. I reached up and took her hands, kissing her fingers gently. She smiled and then placed her feet on the cage floor. I lowered myself to the floor and kissed her feet.

“You’re almost ready to be my slave. You need to complete one other task.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said willingly.

“You must pleasure me and make me orgasm. If you can’t then you will be punished and you will not like it.”

I swallowed hard.

Without warning, Mistress started undressing. She didn’t seem to mind that the other Mistresses were still standing around watching. She unzipped her corset so that she remained in her black lingerie. I noticed however that my penis was no longer erect, of all moments! I was surprised but I realised with pride that this is what it must be like to be a slave.

Lingerie clad, Mistress opened the cage door and picked up my leash. She didn’t tell me to stand so I crawled out towards her. She led me to a nearby couch where she sat down in front of me.

“When you’re ready,” she said.

With that, I pulled down her underwear over her stockings and I stared for a moment at her bald pussy. Other than a tiny landing strip on her pelvis, there wasn’t a single strand of hair – it was very enticing. I pressed my lips against her pussy and, without opening my mouth, gave it a single long kiss. I decided that the best way to achieve my goal was to not rush into it.

I shuffled forward so that I was close and kneeled between her legs. I placed my hands around her legs, below her knees and continued to kiss her pussy softly and slowly. She made no response. I moved my head so that I was kissing her inner thigh and then moved up to her waist. As I continued to kiss her in similar regions I stroked her pussy lightly with my fingertips, running my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy. Whilst doing this I quickly glanced up at her and noticed her eyes were closed and she had a pleasant look on her face. I took this as encouragement and continued. I gently squeezed and pulled on her lips and used my other hand to grab and caress her thigh.

I moved back downwards and started kissing her pussy again and then I slowly licked the lips of her pussy. Starting at the bottom and making my way upwards I slowly licked the different outer parts of her pussy including her clitoris. I tried licking on one side at the bottom, then up over the clitoris, then back down the other side. I tried several different licking patterns and added some slow sucking. All of a sudden, she let out a soft, slow, comfortable moan. It sounded so sexy, and for an instant I wanted to have sex with her, but I reprimanded myself, knowing that such a thing was beyond the scope of my servitude.

On the realisation that I was succeeding in arousing her, I decided to focus more on her clitoris. I gave it a lick and then moved back to other areas before giving a it a gentle suck into my mouth. I continued doing this in several patterns, maintaining firmness, and she continued with her pleasurable, high-pitched moaning but more regularly. I started getting nervous and felt the pressure to give her what she wants. I didn’t want to be punished, but that wasn’t the reason I want to do a good job.

I then decided it was time to finger. I continued licking a sucking her clitoris and I slowly inserted two fingers inside her vagina. This caused her to suddenly gasp with pleasure. I could feel that she was highly lubricated and her juices were now all over my nose and mouth, but I liked it. I slowly moved my fingers in and out as she continued to moan and gasp. I ran my fingers around her inner vaginal walls and went on licking and caressing her clitoris. She was surely close to orgasm now. I inserted a third finger and after a few seconds I tried inserting a fourth, it was tight but it was worth it – she yelped. I stopped for a moment, unsure.

“Keep going, slave!” She screamed.

I moved my four fingers in and out while I licked.

“Faster!” She gasped.

I quickly accelerated and stopped licking as it was impossible now to do both. Vaginal fluids were coming out onto my whole hand. She made several loud, very long moans; so I went the G-spot. I turned my hand around and felt her upper wall with my fingers and found it immediately. I rubbed hard with my fingers and returned to lick her clitoris. She screamed again with intense pleasure, pushed upwards with her hips, and clamped my head in place with her legs. She reached around and pressed on the back my head hard; pushing my face as far as it would go inside her. I felt so restricted and I felt like a true pleasure slave – my comfort was not important.

I rubbed her G-spot and licked her clitoris both as quickly as possible and after ten seconds I felt her body tense up and she grabbed my hair, pulling my head away by an inch or so. At that instant I felt an unexpectedly large and warm spray of cum splash over my face. Before I closed my eyes I saw it squirt out of her pussy like a hose but chose not to turn away. The cum somehow spread across my face, dripping over my eyes, nose and into my mouth. Mistress suddenly sat up and looked at me, smiling.

“Lick it up, slave,” she let go of my hair and I licked her pussy clean, sucking every last drop of cum off her. It was so warm and sticky and didn’t taste like any appealing delicacy.

With the cum in my mouth, I looked at her anxiously. She looked into my eyes and, whilst still smiling, nodded sternly. I closed my eyes and swallowed the cum; it required a few attempts until I had only the taste left in my mouth. It tasted disgusting, but I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed any other food or drink.

I looked up at her again waiting either for praise or instruction. Instead she stood up silently, put her clothes back on, looked down at me and said “You’re ready to be my slave.”


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